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 - Class of 1944

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M5-ig sg ' M M N, x Q we "' A 9 5 www 5 ,Q v ..r"' ex 'NNN wa ,,., 'Wa X we Sk'm, ' X X-. N.. JK'-my.XWQNXXNWKQQL"'3f:ffj1QQN XX X , M. .NN-xwwenwqgmsxx... .W-.+-...,x,4wMm B .. ,N,,,N .. . . . . . . Q . . ',-, - U11-My-gg. Q X SSS N '. ' " ,. " -ma' K ':"':':i'- " XIIIEEIEI:-:-I-l':1:-: n f- .,,.4.,.g.., ,,.. ,. " .. :QQ-35Eg :3g:E.g31E' " -,E,E,,.555.E:k.,.::,g,, ,..:4N A 4:AA::: ,: m .Q:,9c.N 2 Xg Y . . .,,, .. wmmwwxx www-ff . ,. K A . ' Q M . x M .,.. . K . RBXSQNN ' ' ':"-: . . .Hia xx-wi: , x eiswasm . ...... .. ' .:1.: .. Q . .. ..,. X N, ...N 1.3, -V .1 .M WM ww xtagwwm., . Xi.-ff X ' ZS.. .......:.:.-A X " X K' - - AN ai.. . Q . ,A Q .,. ,M H Z.. X -c-.awww W, x . Q ' 'ff' 1 X -Q.. mx N. X. K lim- X N L " w, M V M 4 Q J ga K 5 My W, WMff2m?jy+"w'2w??'j Jjff"ff7,QfWfWf7 QWWWWWM' WMV Mgwggw YM W SY iffy? MW M Zjwff XWHQ kj? 553 L YMMWQ wx vi! W' Nfwfwmgj sfiyggjgcw My q 0Z:fm f P-X X fp , ,AJ X Q XX N' K A'- X X QQ Q-v qv Q Q ix XX' 'Q I , Y... Jw X E y V' 9 4 gifs wi if DUEVSHGJE-fgfgggi ly Thelumiellas' Of CENTRAL HIGH SCHQQL FAR6 QNGRTH DAIQQTA rf H1 fxvpfrv vryf ' I' -s.,x ' X , ,u .- v '00 Y 1 Z r", fb K B A X 0 I ,. - , I 3i,g1..f!2l,i - 9 1 , ' s f We W h 1 alfa? , iLwnllklil! ' ' Cc 'W vii, xfzqxccf-is I X Every phase of community life has been affected by the present ' A world turmoil. Because of the all out efort for victory, activities of the e modern high school have been greatly acceleratedg therefore the effect of the present war on Fargo High School is portrayed through the pages i of this annual. ' ' . ,iffy r, fha 1 M www , swf t l pr l p If-XPM X it 1 1 Svc ,v21w'Z?fv4f41lfmh: h nifgwaw BJ-JL-,x DAL!! 'if Q' h 4. man. .mqld--9-ww'-1 WW Til 'E , pM Z!,Q," ff0-ff? M' 6 9?fj wk LW wg ff , . 2 0 , 1 - To the students of Fargp High - Shl h ' h ' f h y h blydd h 1 hwkiififin gym 'MW h ,f'f'75 V, - , - , 1 .rg -H, V :ff A , ,X My xg Jffiifffiw gjpff5wi M2515 Rf ' 414 ' ' fddmifzi f f WM M Cl my lf ' N I 01' amkatz Ygwwqyg, is X Xfyjw N wg- U .I K x . . , xy x f.m7N!g' Q . v, mv. .Q b T Hwy- X 3 , xv, , ,A 1 ,Q , 1 wg, . . ' xl V X -xxx N Q 1 b . X . .5 x, - gif, ,. 3, xws. E f 11" Y . 1, f Q ' v . x , xi X 1 ,' X 'Q V, R ,- N, . " 4 - V . L 1 X Y lx I N - . 1 'Q ' 1 L , SVXQ Q KQ1 gf Y I , 5 if KX4 En iiilf ii jx is isifii 5 Se Sm WWMXVW MW GW Aimmuudzan Nme I H. H. KIRK Superintendent of Fargo Public Schools B. A., Ohio Wesleyan University M. A , Columbia Teachers College ELSABE JESS Secretary to Superintendent Dakota Business College J. H. BRICKER Dean of Boys B. S., James Milikin University Ten B. C. B. TIGHE Principal of Central High School Ph. B., Ph. M., University of Wisconsin RUTH I. RAMSTAD Secretary to Principal Moorhead State Teachers College Interstate Business College l i E lcuen Q. GLnYS C. CARNEY Dean of Girls B. S., University of North Dakota M. A , Columbia University aww, EDNA H. AKRE Social Science American History B. A., M. A., University of Minnesota MRS. RAYMOND ANDERSON Bookkeeping Typing B. S., University of North Dakota JOHN BENSON World History American History B. A., Mayville State Teachers Collegeg M. A., University of North Dakota HARRY R. BRIDGEFORD Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Football Coach Track Coach B. S., North Dakota State College MRS. CALHOUN Geometry Arithmetic B. A., Carleton College DAGMAR CARSTENS English B. A., M. A., University of Minnesota DELIA CROTHERS Latin English B. A., Vassar College GRACE M.'DONEHOWER English journalism B. A., Jamestown College DENA EIKENES English B. A., Concordia College Twelve 1 MARVEL S. ELLISON English B. S., M. A.. University Minnesota SIGNE A. EUREN Vocal Training Girls' Glee Cluh Puhlic School Music Superviser MARY A. FLUWLER American History Psychology B. A., M. A.. University of North Dakota FRANCIS GALVIN Bookkeeping Social Science B. S.. University of North Da' kota C. E. GATES Chemistry Mathematics B. S., South Dakota State School of Mines LAUR . GRETZINGER Latin English B. A., University of North Da kota MRS. MARGARET HELFERTY American History English B. A., Valley City State Teach' ers College GLENN B. HORLOCKER American History Geometry B. A., University of South D kota RAYMOND P. KRUEGER Director of Vocational Guidance and Research B. A., Ripon College Tlinf few! of 1 EMMA LUDWIG German English B S., University of Minnesota , f A. H. MACYNUSON I V Biology ' B. S.. Gustavus Adolphus B, C. MAXEY Physics Reserve Basketball Couch B. S., McKendree College M. S.. Illinois University P. E. MICKELSON Physical Education Instructor and Superviser Hockey Team Coach B. A., Morningside College PAUL T. NERHUS X Chemistry B, A., St. O1afCollegeg M, S., University of No kotzi J Q MARY A. NOWATZKI Social Science American History B, A., University of North Da' kota MARGUERITE E, PERL Lihrarian B. S. in Lihrary Science from College of St, Catherine MARY C. PFEFFER Home Economics B. S., College of St. Benedict CHRISTINE POLLOCK Spanish M, A.. University of Wisconsiii Fourteen HENRY RICE Mechanical Drawing Baskethall Coach Bratlley Polytechnic Institute IRENE E. RISA Twin: Secretarial Practice B. A.. Valley City State Teach' ers College HUGH M. ROBINSON Chemistry Biology B. S.. M. S., North Dakota State College KATHRINE G. ROWLANDS Home Economics B. S., University of Wiscorisin GLADYS L, RUTTER English B. A., Mayville State Teachers College GRANT SIFRITT Mathematics B. A., Ohio Wesleyzin University LOIS SIMPSON Stenography Tvpms B. S.. University of North Dakota THEODORE SKONNARD Woodshop Mechanical Drawing B. A., Valley City State Teach' ers Collegeg M. A.. University ot Montana. 1 LEON C. SORLIEN Music Director B. A.. Luther Collegeg B. M.. Concordia College Fifteen ALICE TIBERT North D1kotiStz1tc College RICHARD M. STILL Printing RICHARD I7 VOTH B S St Cqoud Tcirhers College THEODORE bl. VAVRINA Ivloilcrn History French B. S. E., University of No, Diik.g M. A., University of Pzirisg Graduate Fellowship, Charles University. Europe? FONSTANFE WEST Puhhc Sptiliing B S North IDikot1St:itc College STELLA C. WEAVER American History B, A., Liwrcnce Colh-gc MABEL E WILLIAMS B A Iimu Mihkin Univcrsityg M A Unixcr itv of Columhiai ROLLAND L, WHEDON Art Minneapolis School of Art KATHARINE ZARLING Phy 1L.ll Education - B S Moorht id Stite Teachers LCYCE OLSGAARIJ Puhhc Health Nursc Umduaitc of St. -I0hn's Hospital Sixrrcvi Le-fi to vxglu: George VV. jensong Norman G. Tcnnesun, Mrs. VU. E. Brrnrzclg George A. Smile: .l. l. Brady, Pvexnlentg H. H. Kirkg Mrs Alice F. Olsen, Secvetavyg Mrs. Emma C, Finsandl VVilli.un E, Vvlrighr. Nur IN Picrlinr: Vklard D. Briggs. Vice-President. Eaamf of gcfacalaan amf pafzenl- '7eacfa014 Macialaon The members of the Board of Education are elected representatives of the people. They meet once a month to carry out their duties: taking general charge over the adminisf tration and equipment of the schools, setting the course of study carried in the schools, seeing that there are sufficient funds to run the schools, seeing that this money is spent wisely, and the appointing of principals and teachers. The ParentfTeacher Association of Fargo High began its activities in Cctober with "Back to School Night". Through the Association many varied programs were present- ed, including musical numbers and an open forum on "juvenile delinquency". At the last meeting of the year installation of oflicers was held. Through the programs sponsored by the ParentfTeacher Association a closer relationship between our homes and our school is established. ' Lefz in iight, B. C. B. Tighrg Mrs. E. A. liowcrs. Council Rzpre.rewiruru'eg Mrs. C. Plbilstickcr. Srcrermx-V Mrs. W. H, Tuussauir, I'-'e.u.lmr, M. E. Rudd, Treasurer. Nor IN Picrrarc Mrs. Al Seversong Mrs. C. Herdcg. Cuzmcll Ruprcseviturue. Seventeen ' 2 . :: Row I : jean Hoverson, Murl Bee Carr, Joyce Gunvaldsen, Ruth Johnson, Mary' Jayne Reed, Sally Crncs. Row 2: jim Norby, Paul Enlow, Willigxm Toussaint, Gordon Rothrock, Charles Barrel, Don Quam. lvlurl Bee Car, Bob lvlansnn. Nlary Herbison, Charles Berrel, Gloria Nelson. Sbacfenl' enamel! Nineteen hundred and fortyffour finds the Student Council celebrating another successful year as the body which governs and promotes student and school activities. With the help of a faculty adviser, the Student Council may discuss any problem which the principal, on behalf of the faculty, may bring before them. Among its other activities the council sponsered the successful Fargo High School Wair Bond and Stamp drive of the Fourth War Loan. They also sponsered the dances after the basketball games. Seniors are represented on the council with three girls and three boys, juniors with two girls and two boys, and sophomores with one girl and one boy. The representatives are elected by the student body. When laws which govern the student body are violated, the offenders are brought before the Student Court. This committee tries the cases and imposes sentences. Due to the cooperation of the students, violation of the laws seldom occur. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President ,.,..,. Joyce Gunvaldsen Secretaryfreasurer. ,jean Hoverson Vice-President ........ Paul Enlow Adviser ..,......, Paul T. Nerhus Eighteen Row 1-'Miss Rutter, Miss Fowler, Mr. Tight, Mr. Mzignuson, Mr. Still. Mr. Benson. Row r f -Recd. Bolton, Miss Donchower, Hooper, Bcrgcson. Row 1 fMr. Still. jones. Mr, Bricker. Row I WE. Fredricksnn. Mr. Galvin, Nor is Picruuz Bakke. ' Baafulofp ' ' Improving the quality of Fargo High's publications, the Cynosurc BifWeekly and Cynosure Annual, is one of the main duties of the Board of Publications. Its other duties include the appointment or dismissal of staff members of both publications, the appointment of executive heads, and the giving of recommendations for Quill and Scroll. Membership is composed of the editors, business managers, literary and business advisers of the Cynosure BifWeekly and Cynosure Annual as well as the printing adviser and the head of the English department. 1411105660-01 " One of the main duties of the Athletic Commission is to award the to the athletes of Fargo High School who have excelled in interscholastic and intramural sports. In doing this the commission strives to encourage participation in sports. Taken into conf sideration when awarding the letters are the ability of the athlete, his scholarship, general sportsmanship, and his observance of training rules. The commission interests itself in all phases of sports and endeavors to promote good sportsmanship and competition in school activities. Nmeleen Row 3fHermann, Morgan, Jacobson, Gunvaldsen, Johnson, Olsen, Reed. Row 2-Edhlund, Evanson, Hudson, Lce. Sebens, Ornes. Row IYGYOSZ, Harrington. Wilhan, Miss Carney. Martinson, Morse, Christiansnn . . f - To foster a friendly spirit among the girls of Fargo High School, to serve others, and provide entertainment for its members are the ideals of the Sistocratic League. It accomplishes these ideals through the work of its council, committees, and through the work of its members. The Sistocratic Council is composed of four officers and the chair' men of these committees: Service, Friendly, Scholarship, Senior Little Sister, Art, Mem' bership, Publicity, and Party. All the girls of Fargo High School are automatically enrolled in honorary membership and are eligible for becoming active members. In its monthly meetings the council directs the activities of the league. As is customary, the annual Senior Little Sister party was held in September for the new sophomores and new girls of Fargo High School. On November 30, IQ43, in honor of the Moorhead Sistocratic League Council, members of the Fargo group gave an exchange tea. The purpose of this gathering was to introduce new ideas for both clubs and to foster intercity friendship. This is an annual affair between the two Sistocratic League Councils. Entertainment was provided for the members by a series of various parties. At Christmas the girls entertained at the Bethany Rest Home. Christmas carols were sung and entertainment and refreshments were provided. Through the work of the Scholarship Committee, recognition was given to the girls who made the greatest improvement in their scholastic standing. Arrangements were made with the Service Committee for the distribution of the school announcements. Many of the girls assisted at the P. T. A. "Open House Night." . The above mentioned are just a few of the many wide spread activities of the Sistof cratic League and Council. Through its work it endeavors to work toward the welfare of the school girls as a whole and to bring cheer and enjoyment to people outside of school. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President ..........., Joyce Gunvaldsen President ............ Mary Jayne Reed VicefP'resident. . . . . .Mary Jayne Reed VicefPres1dem .... ....... S ally Ornes Secretary ...... , ..... Mary Jacobson Secretary ...... . . .Donna Evanson Treasurer .... , . .Shirley Ann Morse Treasurer. . . .... Ruth Wilhan Twenty Tu enrymxr f , 1 am 416,11 1944 fewmwzazm szmeew ,. . 'A ' l V' A .le- f I 1'-l' ', l Q A " L l 1 l , , .V 'ff 1. I 1 I r ,I xl lf N U I f ,, ' James Dunlevy I ' 5 x I' ' x 1 v M l N V 4 E x ' , X 1 ff fx , , fi 4" qlll 1 f ll, , llfwglgilw Allie Lu Phelps ' 1 f Senicvz 81644 OFFICERS President ....., ........,.. .,.,. D a n Moe VicefPresident .... . . .Mickey Jones Secretary ..... . . .Delores Saue Treasurer. . . ...... Janice Eddy Adviser ...................................,..,,,.. Miss Willizims In the fall of 1941 our class set sail upon the Sea of Learning in the good ship "Fargo High." Led by Captain Gordon Rothrock and our adviser Miss Tibert, we hoped to gain success and fame before our voyage ended. As sophs activities were restricted, we distinguished ourselves in everything open to us. It was during this year that war came to the United States and we all increased our determination to prepare 'ourselves for the future. In our junior year Charles Tighe became Captain and our adviser, Miss Simpson. This year many shipmates joined clubs and some became members of honor organizations. From among our crew came outstanding athletes, musicians, and actors. We joined journalistic organizations and displayed our talents by putting out a Hne annual. In conf nection with the war effort the Victory Corps was organized in which we took an active part. As a Htting close for our junior year we entertained the seniors at the annual junior' Senior banquet and prom. As we began the last lap of our trip, Dan Moe sat behind the wheel and our adviser was Miss Williams. At the end of our threefyear journey we felt worthy of being enterf tained at a banquet and dance given for us by the junior class. The final entertainment on board before we docked was our class play, "The Admirable Crichton." As We look back upon the course which we have followed, we are reminded of our many good times and of the achievements of our classmates, many of whom have joined the armed forces of our country. Therefore, wishing the best of luck to our successors, we take our place among the alumni of Fargo High. Mickey jones, Delores Sane, Janice Eddy, Dan Moe Twenryfzhree BETTE JANE ACTON Lntemry Thcsp1.IIIg Eutlml-IIIQSL SIsrorr.IIIe Lc.IgIIv3 Psp Cluh. JAMES RICHARD ALIIRIGIIT Sczennfic Brmdg Orchcstm. HELEN LOUISE ANDERSEN Llterary Entcrml from Ulwrron High School, Olvcron, North Dzlkn vm. JALIIQSI C. ANDERSON Indusztrxal Boys' Athlcuc Clulwg SwIInIIIing 'l'c.IIIIg Ap- p:II'.IrIIs. LA IDONNA ARCHER Lsterary Elnurml from llmlfv Hlgh School, FIIIlvy, North D.Ikor.v. DELORES BARKER Litemry P.III Amcrxcnn Lc.agIIug Rul Cross Connell Slstocmtxc Lcaxguyg N.1t'l. Honor Society B.n.IJg Glrls' Glu'CIIuhpTwIr1mg Corps. GEORGE P. BARRETT Scxenrlfc JOHN WILLIAM AKRE Literary H.Irl:rIuin, Sccxxg ThIIlI.Ing A'Shv Stoops to Con- ouqrf' Cagtg Boys' Glas Cluhg A C.Ipprll.Ig Cynosure Annual, Art Staxflg Cheer Leader. BEVERLEE ANDERSON Literary A Sistocrzmc Councilg Pep Cluhg Thzllmn. Sccyg "Unt,l Chirlottc Comes Hone, "C:IStg "Letters to Lucerne". Cnstg Girls' Glec Cluh. DOLORES ANDERSON Literary G. A. C.: Pep Cluh: Sistocraxtic Lengueg Th.Ilf i.mg GIILSL Glas Clulw, NBWELL NORLIN ANDERSON Literary Haxrlcquing Boys' Glec Cluhg A Cuprcllng All' TAIL-ntg Footlmllg lnrrzlmurzxl Sports, MYRA GENE ARRINCTON P'refVocational Trifolmn. Clerk, MARJORIE ANN BARNES P'refSecretarial H.lYlCxlUll1Q Psp Cluhg Sistucrzmc Lcxlguc. REI., TIIEODORA COLLEEN BA RSGAARD Literary Euthcmcsg SIstoerIItic Luaxgucg Pup Cluhg Cynosurc BIfWcekly', Collector. Twenty-four RICHARD BAYLEY Literary Poys' Glcc Glulwg A Cappellag Boys' Athletic Cluhg Science Gluh: Nat'l. Athletic Scholar- ship Socictyg Swimming Tcamg Intcrscholas- tic Foothallg Archery. HELEN L. BI:AucI-IAMP Literary Kcnt, Prrosms ELIZABETH ANN BBRGE Classical Girls' Glec Gluh. Prcs.g Orchestra: A Cappellag Sistocratic Councilg Nat'l. Honor Societyg S. P. Q. R.. Sccr.: All-Talcntg Girls' Triple Triog Sportsmanship. RICHARD J. BENGSTON Literary W.ALTI5R BLILIE Literary Intramural Baslcctlxxll. Lois BOGENRIEF Literary jr, Red Crossg Tripolitang Pep Club: Sistof craiicg G. A. G1 Band: Girls' Glas Club. BRLLE D A BRAATEN Pre Vocational Iriiramural Sri rts. .. 'l'u'ev1tyfji1'e -A: 5' ' RODNEY MARMON'BgAB' 'i Sqig ifc J' .1 1 Phosrcrian. Trc' o Clulnf' lntrr scholastic Fo tiny 1 'H ' f f vf' ,.s- 1 ' M, H P Is." v 9-' A LV PATRICIA JOY Brzcrcsrnom Literary Pep Clubg G. A. C.g Sistocraticg Kent. Secy.g jr. Class Tre:-Is.g "Letters to Lucerne". Cast: Girls: Glee Cluhg All'Talentg Intramural Basker- hall C! Volleyballg Sportsmanship. DOROTHY D. BEILGESEN Literary Pep Clubg Sistocraticg Thalian, Trcas., Prcs.g Cynrisure Bi-Weekly, Business Manager, Ad- vertising Statfg "Trysting Place," Production Stalfg Quill Er? Scroll. ELEANOR BERTCH I 1 GLENN G. B Ii Litfr I , A JEAN BOL, Q Literar ' Nat' 0 or Society: Pup Glubg Sistncraticg Qui E? Scroll. Vicc'Pres.g "Sun'Up", Produc' tion Staffg "She Stoops to Conquer". Produc- tion Statfg Girls' Glee Cluhg A Cappellag All- Talentg G. A. C.g Cynosure BifWeckly, Desk Edimrg Gynosure Annual, Editorfin'Chicf. KONRAD E. BRAATBN Literary Science Clulwg Intramural Sportsg Intcrschnlastic Hockcyg Gynosurc BifWcckly, Printing Stalfg Comp. Education. 'D CQUELINE MARX'EL BRADY - Literary Sist' ratic Cog g Thaliang Pep Clubg Quill crollg Sports ipg Nat'l. Honor Societyg hl' ic Commissio "Lett tn Luccrnc". 0 'on Staffg Ulvlids mme ight's Dream," Produc ' S 1 Bamlg Girls' Glee Clubg All' Talentg 1 rc Bi- kl ports Editor and rterg , sure nu' ts Editor and S Assistant. Y , r 6, NOR BRU LD N' Sciertti Intramural Football. 'C K A X RICHARD STEPHEN CHRISTIAN Literary Intramural Football, Basketball, and Hockey: Cynosurc BifWcckly', Distribution Statf. I 5 . . , - - , - ' .: ' 19. . 'l , - 4: 4: . . s- ' ' i ' . xi . BLANC!-IE CORNWALL Classical Red Crossg S. P. Q. R.: Science Clubg Sisto' cratic Councilg Natl Honor Socicryg Orches- trag Girls' Glce Club. SALLY COLLREN COXVERT PrefVocational Girls' Glas Clubg A Cappcllag Allf'l'alcntg Tripolitan. Sccy, KENDAL CHARLIzs CUMMINGS Literary Nature Clubg Science Clubg N.It'l. Honor Society. LLOYD DALE Literary JRANNE CONSTANCI1 BRUNSKILL y I , . Literary Phosteriang Sistocratic Lcagucg Pep Clubg G. A. C.,' Vice-Pres.g Girls' Glen Clubg A Cappellag Intramural Sportsg Sportsmanship. ILA MAE CHRIS1-I:Ns3:N Literary FAITH CONMY Literary Pep Club. Secy., Treas.g G. A. C4 Girls' Glee Club, Pres.g Sportsmanship, Vice'Pres.g Sis' tocratic Leagueg Thaliang Quill and Scroll: Nat'l. Honor Societyg Cynosure Bi'Weekly Associate Editor and Sports Reporterg lntraf mural Basketball and Volleyball. 'LUCILLE WIBURTA COURTEMANCHE Literary Tripnlitan, Treas., Vice-Pres., Secy.g Sistocratic Lcagueg G. A. C.g Pep Clubg Intramural Sports. ANNE CULLEN Literary Sistocratie Coimcilg S. P. Q. R.: Pep Club. NORINE E. CURFMAN PrefSecretarial DONALD C. DARGAN Literary Red Crossg Thaliang "She Stoops to Conquer." Production Staffg Boys' Glcc Cluhg lntcrscholasf tic Foothallg Intramural Baskctballg Track Sophomore Class, Treasg Cynosurv Bvwcclcly, Distribution Staffg Sportsmanship. Tweutyfxix MARLYS VIRGINIA DAVIS PrefSecretarial S, P. Q. R.g Twirling Corpsg Sistocratic Leagueg G. A. C5 "Sun Up". Production Stalfg "Letters to Lucerne", Production Stalfg Girls' Glee Clubg Allf'l'alentg Cynosure BifWeekly, Reporter. JOYCE E. ECKLUND Literary Cynosurc Annual, Salesman. KATHRYN PAULINE ENGELSTAD Harlequin: Pep Cluhg Sistocratic Leagueg "Sun Up," Production Staff, Girls' Glee Clubg Basketball. o BEVERLY ERICKSON Home Economics Art Clubg Nature Club. ROBERT EDWARD FEENEY Scientific Kent. Treas.g "The Trysting Placc," Caslg Nat'l. Athletic Scholarship Societyg Boys Glcc Clubg A Cappella, Swimming Teamg Intramural Sportsg Cheer Leadcrg Sportsman' ship. KENT MANVEL FESTE Literary Intramural Basketball. WILLIAM Joi-IN FORD Literary Tripolitan, Trcas.g Debate, Secyg Thaliang lntramural Baskctballg Cynnsure Bifweekly, Distribution Staff. Tweiityfseveri JAMES HENRY DUNLEVY Scientific Kent, Nat'l. Honor Societyg Nat'l. Athletic Scholarship Societyg Sportsmanshipg Orchestra. Prcsg Football, Co'Captaing Bandg Boys' Glec Clubg A Cappella, All"l'alentg Football: Basketball, Trackg Cynosure Bi'Weekly'. D15- tribution Staff. f' JANICE L. EDDY - Literary Thaliang Natl Honorusociety, Pcp Club, Sis tncratic League, Senior Class, Treas,g Girls' Glee Club: Cynosure BifWeekly Reporter: Cynosurc Annual Assistant Advertising Mami' er. I I A -... Xl PAUL M. ENLOW Literary Hubby Clubg Kent, Nat'l. Honor Society: Vice'Pres. Student Council, "She Stoops tr Conquer", Stage Committceg Cynosure Annual. Association Editorgg Sportsmanship. . t AX -., "' .1 ., Y '-' -f WALLACE R. EVENSTAD Literary History Club. Pres. WILLIAM EUGENE FENsTAn Literary Boys' Athletic Club, lntramural Sports. DARLENE MARIE FINDSEN Literary Red Cross, Vice-Presg Harlequing Quill E1 Scroll, Natl Honor Society, Girls' Glee Club A Cappellag All'Talentg 'kShe Stoops to Con uucrf' Production Stalfg Cynosurc BIfWer'kl'.' Exchange Editor. MARGARET FLORENCE FRANSON Pre-Secretarial Euthenics Club, Vice'Pres.g Cynosurc Annu. Potographer, EUGENE EDWARD FREDRICKSON Literary Athletic Commissiong Intramural Football lnterscholastic Football and Hockcyg Sports- manship. RONALD LEE FREDRICKSON Literary Natl Honor Society, Vicc'Pres.g Hobby Club, VicefPres. THOMAS H. FUGLE Literary Entered from Lisbon High School, Lisbon, North Dakota. MARIAN L. GETSZLER PrefSecretarial Bandg Entered from Ashley High School, Ashley. North Dakota. RAY ALLAN GOLDBERG Scieritifc Natl. Honor Societyg Quill E99 Scrollg Trip olitan, Prcsq Stamp Clubg "Sun Up", 'iUntil Charlotte Comes Home", "Midsummer Nights Dream", "She Stoops to Conquer", and "Letters ro Lucerne". Production Statfsg Debate, Pres.g Cynosurc BifWcckly', Reporter. HENRTETTA GREss Literary Entcrcd from Felton High School, Felton, Minncsotal. ELIZABETH ANN GROSZ ' Literary Sistocratic Councilg Science Club, Secy.g Natl Honor Societyg S. P. Q. R.g Girls' Glee Clubg AllfTalentg "Sun Up", Production Stalf. ROBERT WAYNE FREDRICKSON Literary Sportsmanshipg Phosterian, Treasg Boys' Glec Clubg Interscholastic Foothallg Reserve Basket' ballg Intramural Basketballg Track. CLINTON FREEMAN Literary Boys' Glee Cluhg Footballg Basketball. GAIL FLORENCE FURos Literary Philomathean, Secy.g Sistocratic Councilg Girls' Glee Club, All'Talentg Pep Club. BETTY JEAN GETMAN Home Economics Sistocratic Councilg Pep Club, Art Club, Pres.g "Letters to Lucerne". Production Staffg Girls' Glee Club. 74-C ' Wl I M ,Ol 4621 0 . Ru is GCR 1 Sistocratic League, Pep Cluhg T irling Corpywx Thespian, Sec.: "Letters to Lucerne", Prodllc- tion Staffg Intramural Sportsg Cynosurc Annual. Salesman. ' RAYMOND GREUEL Literary History Club. STARKEY GROVE Literary Track. Entered the Service. Tuaeriryfeight JOYCE ADELE GRUND Home Economics Sistocratic League: Art Cluhg Euthenicsg Pep Cluhg Girls' Glee Cluhg All'TzIlenrg "Letters ro Lucerne," Production Staff, Intramural Sports. DOROTHY E. HAARENSON Pre-Secretarial Entered from Page High School. Page, North Dllrntai. fwfu ' " . s 1 RICHARD lh ov A N , ' iter rv I lIItI'.II t4 :I , Bziselmll, Hoekf cvlyu eyhzq ' imming Teximg Debate, V o X , if ,fg,.,,- BARBARA ANN HAMMER Literary Nail. Hunor Society, Tre.is,g Pep Cluhg Sistof :mme Leugueg Garrick Cluhg "She Stoops to Conquer," Costume Committee, uLctters to Lucerne," Czistg Intramural Sports, ADELB T LAVERNE HANSON I Lite ry , f Kem, Band, Boys' ee Cl g A Cnppellag lntm ml Basket . l 'J 1 A 3' ' J l 1 . J -- l .' . AD! S Y L ' T -'I .JJIVIAR OUISE RRINGTON O , Lit, ry Kent, Qkfll fs' Scrcygx N-lfll. nu Society, Prcs,g, Sistoc tie Cc mal, Girls. Tle' Club, A Cngfnryllag fnosure B1'Wnxkly', Aireulution Mn .gerg Cyn' re Biawebklyf Distribution SQ4fl'gCynus:y AI uIil,Aspoc!' cliditor. O It , V, DORIS MAY HEADLAND Art Kentg Pep Cluhg Sistocmtle Lengueg "Form" Swimming Meet, Second Place. Truentyfriirie JOYCE MARGARET GUNVALDSEN Literary Pep Cluhg G. A, C.: Kemg Student Council Pres.g Quill Es? Scroll, NIIt'l. Honor Society Girls' Glee Clubg A Cappella, Secyg Viee'Pres Sec., Intramural Sportsg Cynosure BifWeckl5 Sports Writerg Sportsmanship. ANDRE CALVIN HAGIIERI: Scufnrxfic I Entered from Cnncortlm Academy. SI. l.IuI Minnesota. DORIS LOUISE HAMILTON Lztemry Msun Up", Prmluctiwn -Sully, "Letters t. Lucerne", Production Stuff. MARSHALL HANNA Literary Th:ili.in, Fourlmll. Entered the Service, SIGNE MAvIs HARDEN Literary Natl Honor Society, Art Cluh. ROBERT HASTINGS Scienri c Ar iencc Clu , In uml Sports Cx sure 'ekl , Et' 3 lr.-Sr. rom Cfwmm' teeg S orts .ns p. . CLARA MARIE HE Pre Vocauon rw? Sophomore Classg Sistocratie Council, Pres.. MARY PEARL HERBISON Literary Quill Ei Scrollg G, A. C,g Nat'l. Honor Societyg Sp-vrtsmanship: Phosterian, Seey.g jr. Class, Secyxg Sistocratic League, Seeyg Student Court, Prcs.g Band. Secy., Treas.g 'iShe Stoops to Conf qucrf' Cast: "Letters to Lucerne", Production Statfg Girls' Glee Cluh: A Cappellag All-Talentg Pep Bandg Intramural Basketball, Volleyhallg Cynosure BifWeekly', Desk Editnrg Cynosurc Annual. Sophomore and jr. Class Editorg xlrf Sr. Banquet Chairmang Senior Announcement Cwmniittee. ' 1 PHILIP NORDEL Hass Scieritijc N.rt'l. Honor Soeietyg Hohhy Cluh. Pres., Vicc'Prcs.g "She Stoops to Conquer", Czistg lntramural Bziskcthiillg Track: Archeryg Soft' mill. . J . I , ,J 'A-. f ,J ,BN sf V JOHN E. HINKLI: XX 6 Sfientijic .J ,gnu "Letters to Lucerne", Production Strrffg Handy Orchestrag Pep Bandg Boys' Glee Cluhg All-Talentg Intramural Sportsg Bzrskcthzrllg Archery: Cynosure Bi-Weekly', Reporter. GOODWIN AMRRY HOFF Literary Slence Cluh. MAR-IORIE MAE HOLLAR Pre- Vocational Sisroeratie Leagueg Pep Clulwg Thespiang G. A, C.g Swimming Meet. Third Place. Lois C. HOOPER Literary Quill Ei Scroll. Pres.g Thalian. Vice-Prcs.g Nafl. Honor Soeietyg Girls' Glee Cluhg All' Talentg Sistocmtic Leagueg Pep Clubg "She Sroops to Cnnqueru, Publicity Chairman: Cynosurc Bi-Weekly, Eclitorfin-Chief, Head' iznc Editor. and Reporter, EMIR J. HOUTKOOPER Pi-efVocatio-nal Psp Cluh. . I VERNON MARVIN HERMAN Literary Il' DONALD C. HILL Q' Literary b' , Tripolitang Philomathean. J' N - N U IJAY Com' HJORTLAND ' Literary -, Science Cfluhg 'Thaliang Intramkal Sporrsg Basketball. . x, " 'MK 4 , X .., X s N . I 0 XXI ll W 1 x i I SLRLTTA HOFFMAN Pep, Clubgxgiigtocratic Leagueg Phosterinng "Letters to .Lucerne", Makefup Chairmang Orchestra. ' ,nib I I re M",1 4 X, 1 , .. 4-4 , . J I 1 .1 ,f ff 5' ' ,gems RILHQIQHOLMES Lf' Literary . " Pep Cluhg li n, Secy.g Sistoeratic 'Lefgueg G. A. C.: ntralnural Basketball, Volldfyall. I . Q, yi ' , W v- i I n Lf I !, up 1 I 1 I I' V ,, I ' P A l 1 r' x I L PI-Hyip' ARION rib KAf I refSecvqQrial I . 1 If ff r if I ,I ! 12 i 1, 'f V . I lv pl . I nf I I DOROTHY Howie Literary Pep Clubg Sistocratic League. Thirty 1 JOYCE MARION HUDSON Literary Nat'l. Honor Socictyg S. P. Q. R.: Pep Cluhg Sistocratic Councilg Girls' Glce Clulwg All- Talent 9:3053 X.:-NSY, We W s x X 1 ARY JBA . G' N , ,--SQ'0pg1a!iU 4. Eut cnics , - A "1 e X , E X if C, X IRENE Louise JACOBSON Home Economics Open Forumg Girls' Glec Cluhg A Cnppcllaig All-Talent. RUTH L. JENNER Literary Entered from Lchr High School, Lchr. N. Dali. Sistocraticg Jr. Rcd Cross. LELAND THOMAS JENSEN Covoperative Education BONNIE JOHNSON Literary Orchcstrag Girls' Glce Clubg A Cappella. 'I'hirty'one Z L M. LE ',1'.gA WP Q 1- Q ls' G eil, 1 Ggypfxblbg ll'Ta . U . l ep P rfffrf JOHN LELAND HUSTAD Literary W MARY ADBLE IVERSON S. P. Q. R.g Phosterizmg Sistocrnticg Pep Clubg Dramaticsg Cafit, "The Trysting Place" E? "She Stoops to Conquerug Girls' Glee Clubg A Cap- pellaig All'Talentg Cynosure Bi-Weekly, Re- porter: Declnmatioh Contestg Sportsmanship. MARY KATHERINE JACOBSON Literary Pep Cluhg Thaxliang Sportsmanshipg Quill Ee? Scrollg Sistocmtic Council, Secyg "She Scoops to Conquer", Production Stailg G. A. C4 Cy' nosure Bi-Weekly, Advertising Stntfg Cynosure Annual. Advertising Manager. ILA JENSEN Literary Entered from Rutland High School. Rutland, North Dakotzig Pep Club. BEVERLY JOHNSON Co-operative Education S. P. Q. R.g Kentg Pep Cluhg Sistocraiticg "Sun Up", Production Stnifg Girls' Glee Clubg G.A.C. ELLEN CLARICE JOHNSON Literary Entered from Bertha. Minn,, High Schoolg Girls' Glee Cluhg A Cappellag All'Talent. EUGENE L, JOHNSON Cofoperative Education HARRY A. JOHNSON Literary Intramural Vollcyhallg Apparatus, ROBERT A. JOHNSON Scientific Science Clulv, VIcc'Prcs.g Apparatus. BARBARA JEANNE KIBLER Literary Pep Clulag Sistocraticg Thziliang lIItr.IIIIural Sports. DONALD LLOYD KING Literary Boys' Athletic Club. V . J D 1 . i U ' x. lx I , K V If is l ' X1 S l PAUL KORNIIERG Literary Bantl, Prcsg Orchestra. VIo:'l"rcs, NICK R. KOROI. Literary Cofopcrativc Erllicatmng Wluiirlshivp Clulig Baml. INEZ C. JOHNSON Home Economics Sistocraticg Art Club, Sscy., Trs:as.q Girls' Glce Clubg A Cappellag All'Talent. KENNETH JOHNSON Literary Natl Athletic Scholarship Socictv. WILLIAM MICli.AEL JONES Literary Sportsmanshipg Phpstcrian, ViccfPres. and Pres.: Athletic Commissiong Boys' Glce Club, Pres.g All'Talentg Intcrscholastic Fontlmll, CufCaptaing Basketball and Trackg Vice- Prcs. uf Senior Class. 4- J V rp V' ll iw" ' .91 pflllb Lu, '01 f ,'9""7T1' f J , A it JJ- I KV. 1: . I f,r,Lf-' f,,.,..,:--Ibvl' ,HJ MARIAN ELEANOR KIENHOLZ Literary Thaliang S, P, Q. R4 Sistocraticg Harlcquing Orchestra, Secy. and Prcs.g Cast, "Dust of the Roadug String Quartetg All-Talentg State Music gontcstq Dcclamation Cnntekg "Senior Play," ANY. ETA M. KITZMILLER Literary Thalian, Vic-:-Pres.g Sistocraticg Pep Clubg Girls' Glue Clubg All'Talentg "Sun Up", Production Statfg Cynosurc Annual Staff. JOHN KOROL Literary CARL NORTsi.-KN KORSMO Co-operative Education Banel. Thircyftwo Roy KROGEN Cofoperative Education BRUCE A. LARsoN Literary Thalirm. VlCC'PICS,Q Natl Athlctic Scl'1ol.u'- ship Snclctv: lntcrschnlastic Bzxskctball, Track. and Fwwtlmllg Sportsmanship. FRANCES MAE LARSON PrefSecretarial Baton Curps. .I , L' ,rf , .f 1 I J 1 1 1 i M, 1 1 , ff 1. ,, , 5 fill.. GWEN LEE l Literary Kcnr. V1ccfPrv:s.g Pop Cluhg Sistocrnticg Sports- m.-inshipg Quill if Scmllg "Sun Up." Production Staffg Intramural Baskcthzillg Cynosurc Bi- gVc5kly, Business Srziffg Cynnsurc Annuzil Ll . joy ANNE LEPIRD PrcfNursing H.xrlci.1u1n: Sistocraticg Pep Clulwg Twirling Corpsg lnrmmuml Sportsg Cynusurc Hi-Xvcclily, St.-iff. MERT LETOESRY Literary Swimming Tcixmg lntmmunil Spurrsg Buys' ArhlcricClul1. GLORIA MAE LIEN Literary Entered from Twin Vrillcy High Sch--nl, Twin Valley, Minn. Tlnrryfllnree WALTER LAWRENCE KRUECER SCiC'I1Iff'iC Nillll. Honor Sucictyg Scicncr: Clulw. Trois. .xml PrCs.g Orchestmg All'Tallcm1 Intramural Sportsg lntmmurul und lmcrjschulnstic Drlutvg Cy- nusurc Blflxlcclrlv Stall. FLAVIA MAXINE LA RFON Literary Arr Clulw. Vio:'Prcs.g Sismcrnricg lr. Ri-ri Cross, Trc.n5.g uShc Smups to Conquer". Pm' iluctinn Smtl. JEAN MARIE LARSON Literary Psp Clulwg Phustcrmn, Sccyg Quill E Semll: Girls' Glcc Cluhg A Cnppcllrx. Tnnisg All' Talcntg CMR. "Until Chairlor Comes l"lunw'A. and "Lowers Tu Lucrrnchg Intramural Bnskvrf lmllg Cynusurv B1-Vvlcckly, Business Smrllg Cynusurr Annual. Business Smflg Dccl.im.nrurn Cuntcsk. DONNA ELAiNE LEGGIZTT Literary Art Clulvg Sistucmticg hlr. Rell Cmssq Pep Clulw. DAX'E LETOFSRY Literary CHESTER M. LEVERSON Literary H.u'lc,1uin. W1LN10RE flEORGF LINIE Literarv lnKr.imur.ul Sports. BARBARA JEAN LOOMIN Literary TrIpulIt.In, Trois., Vicv-Pres.: Sislufmtlc Cuuncxlg lntr.ImurzIl Sr-urfsz "l.fttcrs tu Luf ccrncu. PrmlIIct1un Stilllg CvI1usIIrc BIfW'L'cklv, Rcrvurtvr. JOHN WILLIAL1 LUNDE Literary Thilmng lntr.unur.Il Sports. RICHARD W. IVlcCRACIQIiN Literary Jr, Rml Cnwssg Buys' Glcv Clulwg lntr.unur,Il Fulvtlmllg Cvnusurc B1'NVrckly, Cullfctur. JO ANNE MCELROY' Scnentufc Hulcquing SISIUUFIIIICQ Pep Clulwg "Shu Bumps ln Cunqucru, Pmdnlcmm Surf. HEI,EN -JO.-XNNE IVICPIIAIL Literary Th.slI,Ing Sislucmtxcg PI-rw Club, Ron RT lAxLL.-KN WIA N Lxterary' N, t'l. ur Swclvtyg Stu nr Cuurrg Hulwlv, C111 rcs,3 Stamp Cl-'lu' rss f I . ., x N' . ff A ,. f ' I I I .J ' , Q I ' f AJ ,V IJ DELORESKANN MARTINSON Literary l'cp.Qmlu Caulucilg Skgvcraitlc CounCilg'Rhus Iigyn Prcsg NaIt'l.J7HuI1ur Sucicty: J in i 'Prunxwhummlttcsg "Sun Upf' Prudllctmxl glxtfg ' , GIrls' blue Club: A Clppcllag All5T.IlQnt Intmmuml Spdrrs. "fl L E5 MARVIN LOWELL LUIIENOW Literary N.It'l, Honor Societyg Hobby Clulm Sccy. Trc.Is.g Buys' Glce Club. RUSSELL MCCALLEY Literary Fmvs' Glcc Clulwg A Cnppcllgxg Bamul, Pres: Orchcstrzxg Buys' Qxlzxrtcttcg Brass Quartcttcg Intr.ImIIr.ll Sports, Intcrschulastn: Huckcy .Ind Tmcli. ENID IVICDOWELL Literary Pop Clulwg Slstucraxticz Tlmlinng "Suu Up". Prmluitxun Stull. JAMES ALFRED MCGOX'ERN Lfra Hulvlwy Cluhg B 'S' A! ctic la. Sissy: Trmsg lntr ' Sports I EVERLY MILLICENT MALME PrefNursmg I p Cluhg Harlequin, Secyg Girls' Glas Clulw, Sfcyg Naxtll. Honor Sucictyg Sistucrntlc Cuun' cxlg "She Stnops to Conquer," Production Stull: "Lettcrs to Lucerne," Caitg lntrxumuml Spurtsg Cynusure Bifwcekly. Distribution Stntfg Cy- nosurc Annual, Salcsmzmg Dccl.ImaItiIwn Cuntut. SHIRLEY I. MARSII Cofoperative Education Psp Clulwg Sistucrntlc. RICHARD D. MAYNARD Literary Hxitury Clulwg Cynosurc BIfXVcckl5'. Prlntmg Staff. Thnvly-four Jtm,llLr ' E ROBERT LEONARD MEISTER Literary Kentg Buys' Ulee Cluh. Vice-Pres.: A C.Ippell.I lnterschuhsti: Truck .Intl Fuotlmllg All'TIIlent LOTIS CSALEN MILLER LIterary Huhhy Clulwg Buys' Athletic Cluh, Pres. lnterschulnstie Hockeyg lmmmurzil Sports. LDANIEL TROEN MOE Literary Natl Athletic Scholarship Socletyg Harlequin. Pres.: Pres. of Seninr Clnssg A'Sun Up". Pm' duction Stating "TrystIng Place," Cziftg Bnndg Orehestmg Boys' Glee Cluhg A Cxppellng All- Tzilentg Buvs' Quartetteg Mixed Oetetteg Intru- mural Bnskethzillg Interschrwlnsric Track .Intl Fourlmllg Sportsmanship. FREDRICK W. MOHR Literary Nature Clulwg Science QlubqB.IIILl. If g-1- yy' .I '-x W i I NN x X! - " - . J! x I if f ew if 57.ff4 4-f I li J A BER1 G. ONSON ,IJ 4 ' E l ' .5 , P- - Elap:IelD,VI1xe ' 's' ii. reg, S "Ld Oetetg Bundy Sphrt m hip. V: A ll 'X J 7 1,1 lj i. 1' RICHARD VERNON MOORE Literary Science Clulwg Hnhlwy Clulwg Intr.Imur.Il Fum- lm . ELAINE MULHOLLAND Pre-Secretarial Nature Clubg G. A. C.g lntrfimunxl Basketball. 'fhirtyfjive FRANCES IRENE MIDTGAARD Home Economics Nature Cluhg Art Club. RUTH LEE MILLER Literary Art Clulwg Pep Cluhg Sistucmtieg Thespmng G. A. C.. Pres.g Quill E95 Scroll. Secyxg Seniur Pl.Iyg Girls' Glee Clulwg A C.Ippell.Ig All'T.Ilent3 Girls' Triple Trim Intr.Imur.Il Spurtsg lhtivn Curpsg Cvnusure Bi'Wecklx'. Atlvertlsing him' .Iger. Mpeg .b XLASXL 154 Mall URI L EILEEN MOEN r s dmc Economics ffylfg' .In Americinn Cluhg Art Cluhg Sistocrnieg Girls' Glse Clulwg A Cnrpelliig AllfT.Ilent, ROIIERT THOMAS MOIILAND Literary Entered from Nome High Sehwl, Nurue, Al.Isk.I x'Letters To Lucerne". Ciistg -lr. Rell Cross. PAT MONTl'L.4ISER Literary Kentg Th.IlI.In. MARLYS MUEIIRINO PrefSecretarIal MARY LOU MYERS Literary Ph1luIn.Ithe.uIg Sistucrnticg Pep Clubg Girls' Glec Club: A C.IppcllIIg All-T.Ilcntg Girls' Triple Tnng Mixed Octet. DALE V. MYHRA Scientific Kfntg lmmmurzrl Sports. DALE NELSON Pre'V0cat1orml Phostcrinng Archrryg lntcrschulastic Fmtlmll. GAIL MAUREEN NELSON PrefSecretarial Pan American Clulv, Say.: NIIt'l. Humor Society: jr. Rctl Cmssg Srstotzmtie Cmxncrlg Girls' Glcc Clulwg AllfT:IlcIItg lnrr1InIIIr.Il Baslxct' ball. JOHN A. NELSON Literary Naturv lllulvg Intrrrmuml Sportsg Track, LOIS NAIIENE NELSON Prefsecretarial G, A. C., Prrs.g Intramural Sports. ORXVILLE STANLEY NELSON Literary AUIIREY LOUISE NORls1AN Home Economics History Clulwg jr. Rui Cmssg Slstnirntic. 'aff' CARROL WANDELL NELLERk4OE Scientijc Hubby Clubg Nail. Honor Socictyg A Cappella: Boys' Glcc Clubg All-Talent. DORIS ELIZABETH NELSON PrefSecretI1rIal Pip Clutwg Typing Clulv. GLORIA NELSON Literary Tlralrrmg Student Court. LEO D. NE LNON Literary Hulwlwy Clulvg lntrxxmzxml F ntlmll .Intl Vulley' hall. MILTON JAMES NELSON L1f5TdTfJ Nrturc Clulwg Thalrm Clulv jr. RctllCrOssg "She Stuups ro Cu.I'.1IIcr", Crfitgllntrrrmural sports. EDITH LOUISE NOEL Lrtemry Psp Clulrg Srstucrritrc CO'InQIl3 Quill if Scrollg "SunfUp". Pmtluctiun St.It'l': Cynosur-: Bi' XN't'tlLl3'. Ati Solicitor, L. PATRICK OADAY Literary Dclmrc Clulw. Trc.Is.g Tripnlimrr, VlCC'PfC5.Q Thaliang Nlvirdslrmmcr Nighfs Dream". C.IS'tg "SiInfUp", Production Smtfg Intcrscholnstic Fuutlmllg Intramural Spurtsg Cynusurc Bi' NVQ-zkly. Distrrlvutiun Stgxtf. Rcportcr. Thirtyfsiz IVIILDRED CORRINB OIINSTAD Literary All flulw. Prcsg Psp Clulig Sisrucmticg Bziml. SALLY CLAIRE QRNES Literary Kcntg Pr-p Clulw Councilg Quill E! Scmllg NaIt'l. Hiiniur Sueictyg Sistocmtic Council, VIcc-PIes.g Student Councllg lntmmuraxl Bxxslrctbaillg Thrcc Onc'ArI Plays. Production Stzxtfg Cynosure BIfXX'r-ckly. Assistant Circulation M.Inaxgcr. AJ SOIIQIIOI. Reporter. ROBERT REED OLSON Literary Hubby Clubg Sportsmanship: Intcrfschuliisric Foutbillg Tmclag lntr.ImuI'.Il Himkcyg lnrmf mural Basketball. WARREN OPPERNQAN Literary 1mm:I:ur.IlSpnns, DOUGLAS D, OSTRENI Literary Holilxy Clulvg Nature Clulig Buys' Arhlcrie Club: lntr.Imur.ll Athlcticsg CI-niisurc BI' Xvcclcly. Home Room Cullcctcr. ROBERT DONAVON OX'ERBY Literary Holrby Clubg History Clulwg Buys' Glcc Club. VIRGINIA PAULSON Literary Slstocmtic Cuuncilg Kcntg Pap Cluliq N.lI'l. Honor Sucictyg Intramural Sports. Thrviyfsei-en WILLIAM E. OLSEN Literary Hulwlvy Clulwg AllfT.IlcnIg Banilg Orelicstnig lIItI.xnIur.Il Spurtsg lm-:rschnl.IstIc Huekcv, LORRAINE F. OLSON Pre-Vocational H.IrIImIuIng Sisrruunitxc. JEANNE ADELINE OLNNIN Pre'Secretarial Sistocmticg Psp Clulw, bIOI'cE ELAINE OLSON PrefVocatio1ial Pup Cluli, DALE VICTOR Ov.-I Literary l3.InIlg lIItcIsI3hOl,IstIc Biiskvrlmill, BETTY PAPERMASTER Literary PhiliIIII.IIlw.III1 Sistucmric Cnuncxlg S. P. Q. R4 "Sun'Up". Pnxluctimi St.IrlAg x'Luttcrs tu Lu- ccrncu. Prorlucrion Smtfg All'T.IlsIIt. Stags Cnniniittrcl Cynusurc BI-XNI:v:kly, R-zporrcrg lTvIIIvsiIrc Aliniml, Assistant Business M.II1.Igcr. DUANE PEDERSON Scientific Th.IlI,In3 Kcntg Quill if Scnillg Natl Honiir Sncictvg A C.Ippcll.I, LIlwr.IrI.IxIg Boys' Glue Clulwg CynOsxIrc BifXN'ccklv. PhOtOgr.Iphv:rg Cvliusurc AIIIIu.Il, AssOcI.Itc Erlitnr. ROGER PEET PrefV0cat1o'naI Buys' Atlilctic Glulv. ALBERT CLINTON PETERSON Literary Kent, Trcasg Foiitlwallg Track. ALLIE LU PHELPS Scientific Kent, Pres.: Sistncratic League. ViccfPres.g Student Council, Vice'Pres.g Natl Honor Society, Secy.g Pep Clulvg Quill Ei Scrollg G. A. C., Secy.g Sportsmanshipg "SunfUp", Production Staff, "Letters to Lucerne". Caeft: All-Talent, Intramural Sportsg Cynusure Bi- Wt'ckly', Reporter, Cynosure Annual, Senior Class Editor. VIRGINIA POIRIER Literary Concert Band, Girls' Glcc Club, A Cappellag All-Talent. DONALD W. QUANI Lnerary Philomatlieang Student Council: Band, Orchesf tra, Pep Band: All'T:ilentg Intramural Football C? Baslcetlwallg Cynissure I3ifVi'eckly, XVriter: Cheer Leader. MARY JANE REED ' Literary Sportsmanship. Sccyxg Quill Ei Scrull. Trois., G. A. C. Sccy. E99 Trois., Pep Clulv. Treas.g Thalliang Sistcwcrtitie League, Pres. E3 View Pres., Student Council, Secytg Natl Honor Society, Girls' Glec Club, A Gappellag All- Talentg Intramural Spiurtsg Cynrvsurc Bifvvleelt' lv, Advertising, Cynusure Annual, Business Manager. AUIUREY IMO REMME Literary Sistiueraric I.e.igue3 Harlt-quing Pep Clulv, Pres.g "Midsummer Nxuhfs Dream." Czwtg Girls' Glue Clulw' A Ftppclli' All Twltnt 9 Ortsf ' 5 H if ' ' ' i -II manship. .s- :E as :- DALLAS PERSON Literary E. HARRIET PETERSON Cofoperative Education Pep Club, Red Cross Club, Sistncratic League HAROLD ZEPH PLATH Literary Apparatus. THOMAS LEE POTTER Literary Hobby Club, Intramural Basketball E? Volley- ball, Captaing Intramural Football. CARROLL FLORIAN RAAUM Scientific Kent. Secy.: Band, Boys' Glee Clulag A Cappel' lag AIl'Talentg Football. RUSSELL ALFORD REEF Literary jr. Red Cross. JOHN M. RHODE Literary Bovsi Athletic Clulvg Intramural Football E5 Basketball. Thirty-eight VIYIAN RICKERTT Literary Jr. Rod Crossg Nail, Honor SoCiCty1Si5Iocr.IlIC Lcagucz All'School Plays, Production Statli, HENRY POWELL ROBERTS Literary SCIENCE Cluhg A Cappcllng Boys' Glen Club: All'T.-Ilcnt, FLORENCE J. ROGERS Literary Enrrrvd from Plllllgil' High School. ARLENE ELIZABETH ROSLEY PrefSecretarial slSl0Cl'.lllC LcagIIr. ROI-IERT JOHN RUE Scientific Thaliang Boys' Glen: Clulvg lntramurzil ff lnrcrf scholastic Foothall, BERNARD RUsNEss Cofoperative Education Nature Cluhg Swimming, ROIIERT WALTER SALZWEDIL Literary Entcrul from l.conard Hlgh School. Tliirlvnnie Qc IRENE RINGWALD PrefVocational Entered from Cassclton High School. Casscllon. North Dakota. A Cappcllag Girls' Glcc Cluhg Thcspiang Psp Cluhg Sistocratic League. ilfllfdfm . ' ,f 'X '."'5"'-f ,ffrvuibi A' f',JOHN ROEL i' 'x X 'X if J 'Ncbiterary X-ff' Kjii' Sports Cluhg lnrramural Baskctl'i.Ill. , I Y ' 'P -. .1 lJ"" Jr 'VO VJ! 'xl'J"LLC'!Q A ' ' , 4 ' V K x "f"wJQf, M .Ja VERNON S, RONNING Literary Boys' Glcc Cluhg A Cappcllag Bnntl. GORDON QiIBSON ROTHROCK Literary N-llql. Athletic Scholarship Society. Prcs.g Phostcrian, Swv.: Sportsm.InshIp, Prcsq Soph- omorc Class, Prcs.g Basketball Carprzung Foot- liillg Trackg Cynosurc Bi-Wcckly', Distrilwxmon Stalffi Feature Wrltcr. VIRGINIA RUNNING Literary Sistocratic Lcagucg Psp Cluhg Tripolitnng lntramllral Sports. LOIS KATHERINE RUSTVOLD Home Economics Sistocratic Lcagucg A Cappcllag Girls' Clcc Clulwg AllfTalcIIt. ALFRED JOHN SANDBERG Industrial Hohlwy Cluhg Urchvstriig All-Talent. WILLIAM H. SANDER Scientifc Phostcrmng A Cnppcllng Boys' Glu- fllulu lIItcrschol.IstIr' Footlmllg B.Iskvtlmll Reserves' SARA C. SAUMNNEBER PrefSecretarial Nilfll. Honor Socrvtyg l3IIskrtlw.Illg B.ILlminron Vollr-ylmllg PIngfPong. CONSTANCE MARIE SCHRUNK Literary SIstocr.ItIc Council. LEIGH SCOTT Literary Boys' Athletic Clulwg Phosteriang Football Stutlcnt M.uII.Igrrg B.xslretlw.Ill, Sturlcnt M.II1.Igcr LYLE WALTER SELIIO Literary Th.IlI.mg N.lfll. Axhlt-tif Scholuship Society. VIcc'Prr:s.g Sophomore Class, Trczxsg junior Class, VlCD'PYUS.Q Bzlskcrlwaxllg Foorlullg Traclrg Sportsmanship. ROBERT W. SHIRLEY Scientlfic Kcntg Bnndg Inrr.ImIIr.Il Footlmll E! BaIskr'tlu.Illg All'School PLIV, Cast. STANLEY ARDELL SKOGLAND Industrial Concert Bnmlg Orchcstmg AllfT.Ilcntg lntmf mural Sports. DELoREs MAE SAUE Literary N.ItAl. Honor Societyg Pep Club Councilg Kent G. A. C.g Senior Class. Sccyxg Sxstocmtic League A Cappella, VlCE'PfCS,Q Allffalentg Girls Clic Clubg "LI:ttcrs to Llxccrncn, Cnstg Basket lull. PHYLLIS MARIE SCHMITZ PrefSecretarial All'T.Ilcntg Basketball. ROBERT SCHUCI: Literary Boys' Athletic Cluhg Typing Club. MARJORIE LOUISE SEBENS Literary N.lI'l. Honor Societyg Pep Cluhg Sistocratic Councilg Quill E? Scrollg Thuliang Red Cross Clulug Orchestmg Girls' Glee Clubg A Cnppellag AllfT.Ilcntg Cynosurc Bi-Vkleckly, Associate Editor: Bqskctlmll. ROBERT GENE SHANKS Literary Thnlmng N.It'l. Athletic Schulxxrship Socictyg "She Sronps to Conquer", CAR: Band: Hockey. MARVIN T. SKODJE Literary Holrlwy Clulwg Bnndg Orchcstmg Pap Bmd. RALPH SMITH Literary Forty Phostermng Tripolitang Sistocmtic Councilg Pep Clubg Girls' Clee Clubg A Cappella: SHIRLEY SMITH PrefVocational BEN F. SORENSEN Literary National Athletic Scholarship Societyg Swim- ming Tenmg Intramurzil Activitiesg Entcretl from Wntcrlrvu. Iowa. CLAUDE A. STALCUP Literary RICHARD STEIDL Scientific Kcntg "Sun'Up". Cnty A Cappellxig Bnys' Glee Cluhg lntr.ImIIr.Il Activities. VERNON STRONG Literary Thnllxin, SeI:y.g lntcrschulastic Baxslccthxillg Intcrscholnstic Foirtlmllg Reserve Baskcthall. DONALD WESLEY SWIGART Literary I Band. MARIAN AUDREY TEICHMANN Literary Harlcqiring Sismcrziticg Girls' Clee Clubg A Cappella. Librnrinng Mixed Octetg Girls' Triple Triug Girls' Scxrctg G, A. C.: AllfTzIlent. Forty-fone ETHEL MAE SOLDERG C0-operative Education l'.In American Clulw. JAMES LEON SMITH Literary Philwnmtheain, Presg National Athletic Schular ship Society: Boys' Glee Clulwg Hnckeyg Re serve Baskcthxill. LEWIS STARKENBERG Commercial RICHARD E. STILL Literary Buys' Glee Club, Lihrgirizing "Letters In Lu' ccrne", Production Staifg "She Stoops to Con' quern, Production Stzilfg i'Sun-Up", Production Staitfg Boys' Glen: Club, Lihrzlrmng AllfT.Ilent: Cynnsure Bifweekly. Printing Stall. ...- "" ' ' W AW .3 LEOLA JEAN SWANSON Literary -rl '-r"v:ffW 1.2" ff: ..,, 1.- .yi :- HI1l1hyClI1hgN.ItIIrc Cluh. - . Y , .,.. LORETTA IRENE SWISHER Scientific Art Cluhg Pep Cluhg Sistueratic Chrirncilg S. P. Q. R.: Thnlizing Ntlfll. Honur Soeietvg Girls' Glee Cluhg All'T.Il-:ntg Deel.Im.Itury COnte4t. PETER TENNEFQS Scientific LORETTA THOMAS Literary Slstncraticg Phnstcrmixg Girls' Glue Clulrg "Smurf Up". Prmlilrtiim Staflg AllfT.1lcnt. F. WILMA THORSTENSON Prefserretarial Entcrcd from lvhnnzwziulum, North Dakota. Baton Corpsg Sistncmticg Intramural Basketball. GLORIA EDNA TIETGENS Literary slr. Red Cross. DOROTHY MILDRRD TOLLEFSON Literary Sisrocmticg N.ut'l. Honor Socistyg S. P. Q. R LEON BURTON VANGERUD Lrterary Cn-np. Education. MA RY LOUISE WENBERG Literary Girls' Glo: Clulig Natl Honor Sociutyg A Cappellzxg Psp Clulwg Phostclmng Sislucraticg All'T.ulcn!g Dccl:im.ution Cixntrit. BETTY LOU WHEELER PrefSerretarial Typing Cluli. COREBN CORA THORT-R PTC'VOCaIiOTldl Girls' Ulec Clulwg intramural Balskctlmllg Cy- nosurc Annual, Fmturc Editor. JAMES TIERNEY Garrickg Tripolitang "She Sroops to Conquer", Castg Apparaiusg Inrcrscholnstic Fonrlmll. BERNARD CHARLES Ticmz Literary Thnlmng Nzxt'l, Athletic Scholarship Socictyg jr. Class, Pres.g Track: Intcrscholnstic Footbnllg lnterscholastic Basketball. FRANCES TRIHEY Literary' Entered from Lincoln, Nclor. Pop Cluh. PHvLLis ALINA Vick Literary Hubby Clubg Nature Club. WANDA LAV WEWT X I Pr Voca anal Arr cumin jf ir J x X if Qi AE Lgiaig WIIG 5 Literary Natll. Honor Society: Phostcrmn. Sccyg Sistocmtit, Trczusg Girls' Glcc Club, Sucy.. Treasg Pup Clulwg Quill E? Ssrnllg "Sun'Up' , Production Stzilfg "Midsummer Nighfs Dream". Production Stnffg Orchestrng All-Tailenrg Cy- nosurc Bi-Weekly, Hczidlinc Editor. Furrv-two BETTY WILDE P1efV0cational WILLIAM ROY WINN Literary Phllumrmthcan. 'l'lIIIlI.In. Fm zyfzlrrce DOREEN WOODLEY Literary MAURICE J. ZWACK Literary SENIORS NOT HAVING PICTURES IN I-IIE CYNOSURE. YVONNE LACROSSE STANLEY PARKER OSBORNE Litera ry Thcspiaxng "Lcttcrs tu LLICCYIICN. Crstg Boys' Glcc Clubg A Clrppcllug Octet: lntr.ImIIr.Il l'5.IskctlwaIll. ZOE ROBERTS DONALD W. SCHULENBERG Litemvy Science Cluhg Gcugrzrphy Clulw. !,"j4,,.1 ., , J., r A . -1" liurlr HAflRlETlT MYILIIJNLV f ' K .zxljlastrffdf A Wy' ' ' I Pep Qlurhg-1 N.Ir'l. H7m5f's0NfIN'L4'Q2 Ill. 3' f ' Scrollg ,8istOcratI1. gcayfg .LUIIIIIL CEllI.xrlff L l I K Com mthfalitg "Shel Stniayb-to Crwrlgnlcruh CAM " un-Up"Q1vq4dM u Stuff: 'lgclcrs 10" "l.I1ccir3e",,l'rmlLIctiun Sm 3 A l7'nppdl"hg Girls' ' x Gljev Cluhg Dclwxtgg ccl1InI.IrIInI Cr-ntcstg JfLCynosIIrc BVWNRIV, Crfcaturg Erlrrurg Cu IIfyrv,4X-nhual, Ad Selle df' ' x , C, JJ ' 1- -,,!!v I N IJ xr ALAN H. WONDERLICll Industrial Boys' Athlctic Clulvg Archery. DELORIS E. ZEHREN Home Economics Euthcmcs Cluhg Girls' Glcc Clulwg All'T.IlcIIr. PHYLLIS Y. DALEN Commercxal Entcrcd l'rOIII G.Ilcsl1I1rg, North Drrkrrm. R. vw wiv 4 v S . , 2 44 125.5 1 x V 83551, wg? Q .......... : 4? Ax gf 4 for ' Z ag Hi AA . 'Q I g xv 5? , f 2 . 9 gig: Wifi : .:. .:::. .:g::::.::5:a:x:. -:rf-:-., :-2. :f gg .:g:,:,sgsg 4 ,kgs -Q 3: j :Q-::gsQ.5ggE5: ,. me MM M., ,WW My V- , mm... ' Q 9 y x Q -ff1 ":' afgj, 4 W fx "" ffzzf Q .--,, -. .,.: . I W. 1 f' :1':. 4 ' an ' Gag W4 F X W .S s4:.......,A. Lx' N X VY' .4 Sz 1sMrQ9 w ww -wr n-cumin-q , - x v... t- 214 ,a Mi. .Ms 1 , ii: ' .ig W ' Q 2 y me WE , ' 35 X x X i QR gms 3 X f 5 gg 25222 we Q QM f 'Q 'Q M WS X Q z 9 Q-gm 'Ni t W v Q Q X S ,939 ' as 43: gg: Q Q- xv :,. if me fxsWKvwgy1W6, . QW " Aw Q X wx ,KW x -we 1 L.. -ada 'dxf ' :X xx QW. N xx 'Q NNN W ,A .. wx Wm QQ. +A wx Ni wi wx ii NNN 5 X X x X QQQ xx an Q xxx XX if SQA, by X Q xxx N X X x 1 px wx SSZNMS Sz, vm X e xx ww 'Ex SSX Q YQ b X W RNS sk a Q as WE' S mm Glau OFFICERS President ,...... ........,.... .,..,.... J o e Phelps VicefPresident ..... .,.. M ary Lee Paulson Secretary ....... ...., R uth Robinson Treasurer ...,.,,...... .,,.. B ill Alford Athletic Commissioner .......,..............,...,.... Merton Jones As newcomers to Fargo High School in September, 1942, we tried to lit ourselves to the role assigned to us, that of "lowly sophsll, and we realized that we were only minor actors in the drama of high school life. During the first year we were such excellent train' ing that we felt capable of doing bigger and better things as juniors. Some of our memf bers began to be noticed and others showed flashes of brilliance which would take them to future stardom. This first portion of our production was directed by Mr. Ivlyers and assisted by Donna Evanson. ln the second act many of our members distinguished themselves in their clubs and societies. Some of our members were reporters on the Cynosure BifWeekly and later became members of Quill and Scroll. Others were elected to the Sportsmanship Club and the National Honor Society. Dramatics and debate also attracted some. Many of our boys starred in football, basketball, and track. The social climax of the year was reached at the JuniorfSenior banquet and dance. We also published the IQ44 edition of the Cynosure Annual, using as a theme the boys who are in the service of our country and dedicating it to the boys and men from within the walls of Fargo High School who are now lighting for their country or those who have given up their lives in this war. Act two was directed by Miss Zarling and Mr. Rice with the aid of our class president, Joe Phelps. We are looking forward to next fall when the curtain of act three will rise on our Hnal year which will be Hlled with adventure. In this year we will be the important actors in the final scene of the production of 'lHigh School Life." Bill Alford. Ruth Robinson. ,lc e Phelps, Mary' Lee Paulson. Mart jones. Fovryfnx .fnl'x A, 1' A 1 - I' 'L ' j J, N , -, I -- umaad 4 I . ,J GLORIA AAS xi X L X BETTY ACRERMAN I ld , BILL ALFORD X I ' I , r I . Q BETTY LOU ANDERSON ! 'g - BETTY MAE ANDERSON A n . , . I i 8 I, I I' PAVID .ANDERSON LJ s - . KENNETH ANDERSON ' J LENNE ANDERSON I J ' If XII ,- J RODNEY ANDERSON ' -- xx ' A BETTY SUE ARMSTRONQ 1 JA " I KN I YL ui N . . N A X,'lILORI.-X BACHNIAN K I ' I 5' NI.-XRY LOU BALDWIN s 'A - I HAROLD BALE Y, I, , I HAZEL BEAUCHAMP b ' ' CHARLES BERTEL I 'I - I.. ' L i , IOYD BJIORDAHL 1 . BURTON BLOOM ' JOYCE BOLNIEIER x I , ELAINE BRENDEN JERRY BRIDGEFORD , X. ,IUANITA BROWN EVANOELINE BROWNINI: JOYCE BUTTS MARGARET BUTLER Q TOM BYEIELD Q1 RIORIE CARLSON I RIIJRL BEE CARR ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN I DONNA CHRISTENSEN DONNA MAE CHRISTIANSON QR RICHARD CHRISTIANSON ELIZABETH CLAY DONNA JEAN CREIMAN JIM CROKETT LEONORD CRONK EARL DAVIS AIOAN DAVIS JUNE DAVIS BEVERLY DELGER IRENE DESHAIES TIIENORA DORFF JOAN EDHLUND F,my,,,UIL , GENEVIEVE ERICKSON ORVILLE ERICKSON DONNA EVANSON in W K 'lf C 1 N ., N . ,. 3 J N S . .Y S 3 Mir' .Ang ,Q , ..J. W J fr f if W In " ,- A. 321 'lim-M ,W gf , 3 K -r-xx x iw E X If xi A If 6,14 Jiswiw I WHY 5 Qi ,Q hy., 1 53:4- 2 . A F E, I Y, SQ , I I :'..:: Q. LW 'uqu' f :,, I ,,,: 5 I ..., 2: F Sw 2 5? gf ! I ELAINE FERBER PAT E1s1cE MADELINE FORSYTHE LOREN EORTHUN JAMES FRANKE JACK FRENETTE MERLIN PETERSON ARLENE FROMDAHL MILDRED GEHRING MARJORIE GELDER HARRY GELLER EUGENE GERRELLS ANN GESTIE BEVERLY GINGREY RICHARD GOEHL DUANE GREEN HOPE GROEE JEANETTE GRUND ELODA GUST JEAN GUTTERUD DALE HAAKENSTAD GLENDA HAAKENSON ART HANSON MARJORIE HANSON DONALD HART MIKE HELLER JOHN HERMAN ALICE HERMANN AUGUST HOEGAR HERBERT HOAGLAND DON HOLLY CLAIR HOUGLUM BONNIE HOUSER JEAN HOVERSON ALDEN HVIDSTON .N CAROL JOHNS BETTY ANN JOHNSON DICK JOHNSON ERNEST JOHNSON BEATRICE JONES MARLYS JONES MARY HELEN JONES MERTON JONES MARION KRAGELAND GORDON KARTENSON 6 .C Fmzyzigh: glfy .fr 1 1 , ,mfg - .w I fmzymm KENNETH LA RSON RAMON LARSON BETTY LEE HARNVOOD LONGXVELL BOB LOWE I , K.: ,, I ,'.v"- . PAT LUDWIGSEN STAN LUNDE BARBARA LUSK EINAR LYNG DORIS MAHAR BETTY LOU MARTIN WALTER MCCLURE RUTH MCGUIGAN JOYCE MCLAUGHLIN ROGER MEINTZER PAT MICKELSON MARILYN MIELKE DON MILLER SUZANNE MINNIS RICHARD MOE ,f. ' 1 11' if' ' . L. ,- If 'V I V ' ' , A K c. .Lpriint 1, VV I , M, rgsl MARILYN MOORE t ' JUDY MORGAN SHIRLEY MORSE EERNIOE MYHRA DONNA jEAN NELLER BETTY JEAN NELSON DOROTHY NELSON RAMONA NELSON BILL OQCONNOR OLADYS OHNSTAD ELOISE OLSEN MARION OLSON N RACHEL OLSON TED OTTESON MARY LEE PAULSON DOUGLAS PAYNE SHIRLEY PEAKE NATHAN PERSELLIN HELEN PFEILSTICKER JOE PHELPS ANITA QUICK ARDIS QUIRING CONNIE RAISLER BOB RINTOUL WANDA ROBERTS MOE I :I , H .Lu 3: S? Y I .D. pf ' SQ I ,. E' I W x if .. .1 . ,'i,f'w'Ia .I jxgffl in , X 5 .I fp it . -KS' 'Jig-Q SZ.. 5, . . V 8 xx V ',:.,..' Q , If MX Q N X I N A O YN SR' Q' K N N iw MXN E1 -1 w, .... Eg: ii: .. N I X Q W -- l .. L. A, E X .M I QP' an if 'S 3 Q X W .. ., Q final' ma-U Q .. i ':': E : '-""" ...'.- I :" Q A '.:,.::,. :.,. M P' gi 0 fstwf SE ,J A If 51a,:!Ea"'k' 3' . W -I AIM, .... , .Wg , Q Q RUTH ROBINSON LOIS ROSE ELAINE RUDD EUGENE RUDD DICK RUE BURTON sANDEEcIc JANE SAYLOR GLORIA SCHRIENER CHARLES scHWARTz SHIRLEY SCOTT JOHN SGUTT DOROTHY SHERMAN GXVENDOLINE SHORT CLARICE SMITH BOB SOLBERG DICK SORLIE MARILYN STAFNE PAT STORY GILBERT STOUT DONNA STROMMEN DONNA SWAIN BETTE SWANSON GRACE SWIGART BILL TAAFFEE EMERY THOMAS PAUL THOMPSON HOWARD THORSON LOIS TOLLEFSON ARDYCE TOOHEY BILL TOUSSAINT JEAN TURNER DON VOGELSANG EUGENE VOLL DOROTHY WAGNER ALICE WALLA DONNA WALLUM JOHN WANEERG BRUCE WARNER WINNIE WAYNE NEAL WILLIAMS MARY WILLMING HAROLD WITHERS BILL SWANSTON Fxfzy Sopfaamafze efadd SoPHoMoRE Crass Orricaas President. ..... ...,................,,,......... J erry Gregory VicefP'resident ,...... ...,,. L aura Dixon Secretaryflaeasurer ..., . . .Eunice Lundquist Do you remember those meekflooking children who were wandering around the halls at the Hrst of the year? They were Sophomores. Thinking back, can you still see that poor little soul who was standing by the oilice door, ticket in hand, waiting for the elevator? He was a Sophomore. There was another little fellow who came dashing into assembly one bright morning, trotted over to the Senior section and seated himself. When he was asked his reason for invading the Senior section he produced his reserved seat ticket. Ah, sweet innocent bliss! The truth of all this may be challenged because of the progress this class has made, but even they had to learn. As a matter of fact they have been the youngest, smallest, and least important members of the student bodyvthat at least is what the juniors and Seniors say. This year, however, they seem to be improv' ing their standard. Have you heard the "Solid Sophsn, the notorious Sophomore swing band? Well, you should. They're really on the beam. The Sophomores do very well with the more classical numbers too. The other and probably most spectacular achievement is entirely original with this year's class, they have an A Cappella choir. It is directed by Mr. Sorlien and is giving stiff competition to the older body. Crass Orflcras-Laura Dixon, jerry Gregory, Eunice Lundquist. Fnfzyfonc iii? ""' ' 1, , N , if VI., I ---' ' . :QQ ' ' 'Di ,::-- V ...,..,, i . 3-.E ., f:-1: :sl f 1 """ f !"Q'N ' is -ii':'l. .:-.,--. 'I I xr ., Q ,Qs R RQ .,..,i'.A:... Q A 4 Y' ! " .:-s:1::3::- 51 2 2 ,,., ,555 . . -155 5--I 1.35: V Q LJKT . ET TT Q1 A ABEB I L 'C Azzlzzi' . I 2.,.,., li Kin. I Sa DIANE AAMOTH CURTIS ABRAHAMSEN LOIS ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALLEN GORDON AMES DOROTHY ANDERSON GLORIA ANDERSON LAWRENCE ANDERSON LLOYD ARMSTRONG LORRAINE ARMSTRONG ANN ASK DONALD BAKKE BARBARA BALTHAUSER JOYCE BARKER BEVERLY BARLINDHAUG ROBERT BARTELS DOROTHY BECKSTROM SELMER BERGE MARILYN BERGREN MARY BJORGEN RUTH BJORGEN DONNA BORMAN JACK BRIDGEFORD PAT BRIGGS SHIRLEY BRUA MARGO BRUNSKILL JOYCE BUCHHOLZ JESSE BYE GORDON CHRISTIAN MARGARET CLARKE CHARLES CLEVELAND PAT COOK MARELYN COOKE CHADWICK COOMBS KEITH CORNELL NORMA CUMMINS ALTON CURFMAN CECIL CURFMAN 1 5 Y. SYLVIA DALEN ,CP ' y J HERBERT DAUL gi J' , N ' t :?- XX: I Yr . cf J CHARLES DAVENPORT "' , ,VA N :N MARION DEEDE Q-" QV 2 DARLENE DELGER , Ml- fx CN ' 1 ALBERT DESHAIS I ' X' -7'-' JUDITH DEZIR LAURA DIXON DONNA DREW CONNIE EIDE Flfw-:wo BARBARA ELSHOLTZ MARILYN ENZINGER BERNADINE ESSER RONALD FAVORIT JANE FELTIN DONNA FANSTAD CHARLES FESTE SALLY ELEOR EETTE FORD RICHARD FREEMAN ELENOR FRYE JEAN GEORGE ROGER GEZELMAN ELIZABETH GLENN MARILYN GRAN BILL GRAY MARLENE GREENHECK JANE GREENSHIELDS GERALD GREGORY ARLENE GRUEL DOROTHY GUNTHER VERNON GUYER MARY ELIZABETH HAGAN SHIRLEY HAGEN BEVERLY HAHNE MARILYN HAMMERUD LOIS HANSON MARJORIE HANSON ARLAINE HARKER JERRY HAY ROBERT HEISLER RHONDA HEKTNER DICK HELGESON AVIS HELLING DAVID HENDERSON EVANGELINE HERTEL JOHN HESSE LUCILLE HINSPERGER KENNETH HOGEMAN JOYCE HOLLAR BETTY HOLM HAROLD HOLM DAVID HORLOCKER JAMES HULEBAK BEVERLY JOHNSON GRACE JOHNSON RUTH JOHNSON WILLIAM JOHNSON ROBERT JORDHEIM Fdfvfrhfff ROBERT KATZ DAVE REGEL GEORGE RNUDSON S 4 KA. TT? x ,-S. K ll If Pfffa CJR If 5 I A A ww N N, ,.,, A 5 , I ,, ,.,: I I :" "-: I ' . L.: -:f-W-zsaz:i::: . ' H 'JI if 'QAM f Mi ' msg' 'Z .. 211 . 'V I 1 V MAI -v-L W 5 .:,,.- Q .- :f-2s?',:...,,:,. B . I , 1 4 . , 7 W , my , ,:::A,:. . - ,Lffg gi -:'V:"E I ' M - f ,,' 5 -2 W IEEE A U' R8 2 :1-.:2fIf,:: A. .AEI I for , If' -J H nt . . 'QE- J f ""' ' WW , ' ff ELM . 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I 'RWE A :1,: Q ,. .,:4.. , ,I NZ. ,,,. Iz. I ' S .. -::,:'.::: f-Qs -"'f Lg , , Qfmxxs f EIS: ...: 5 :,.,. A E315 V8 V gf Q kgfkf z zz, ,. me 2 is wr Q Rf- x AVA WITHERS ' .,.. ,. SHIRLEY WITHERS ' "" ,,,.- - I gf- -g.. "" ' """ T51 .iff E. Flffym GERALD WOODSTROM H qqvl - JACK WOODSTROM . MARLYS YODER R. ' i ,.,:- t ,I-I Q f- ,sg , . ,.N.-Ny 8 Q .fx S .- fy. , b, fm 1 ,, fb mug 4. ,ff A 'QAM wbpg n-:anim 'S W? ., P. M-.. fiwfmi Cannon r-FWS 1 S , 8 x Fxfiyfsn an qw Row ofQuick, Willming, Riclcertt, Tollefson, Gunvaldsen, Dunlevy, Fredrickson, Manson, Luhenow, Enlow. Row sfM. Paulson, V. Paulson. Carr. Wenberg, Swisher, Krueger, Goldberg, Williams, Pederson, Thomas, Cummings, Row 4fFmsend, Conmv, Kienholz, Eddy. Wiig, Sebens, Sayler, Hoverson, Sane Row 3fBrentzel, Nellermoe, Hess, Wilhan, Swigart, Browning. Hammer, S. Ornes. Row 2fCornwall, Bergc, Grosz, Iwiartmson, Deshaics, Harrington, Brady, Nelson. Row 1--Barker, Hudson, Harden, Smith, Bolton, Stafne, Herhison, Phelps. Nor IN PIr'TL'raE: II. Ornes, Sandberg. Succeeding the Marcelleans, former honor society of Fargo High school, is the local chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools. The purpose of the society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to prof mote leadership, and to develop character in the students of American secondary schools. To be eligible the student must pass these requirements: he must have spent at least one' year in the school electing such students, and he must rank in the top third of his class. Because of the small number eligible for entrance, it is a great honor to be accepted. An' nually only fifteen per cent of the graduating seniors and five per cent of the junior A class are nominated by a faculty committee and elected by the entire faculty. OFFICERS President ...,.. .... M ary Harrington VicefPresidem. . . . , .Ronald Fredrickson Secretary ..... .... A llie Lu Phelps Treasurer. . . . .Barbara Hammer Adviser, . . . .Miss Alice Tibert Fifty-eight sq Row s-- lvlonson. Selbo, Dunlevy, Rothrock, Solberg. Enlow, Mick jones. Law, Wanrner. Row 4--Alford. Horgcr, Bolmvivr, Toussaint, Uunvaldscn, Larson. Mert jones. Dargan, Mr. Silrltt. Row 3- fflieckstrom. Recd, jacohson, Iverson, Rohr. Feeney, Moc. Frcdrickson, Row 2" fLcc, Conmy, Paulson. Hoverson, Szxyler, llCSIlL', Orncs, Brunskill. Row 1 ff-Hcrhison, Remmc, Barge, Brady, Robinson, Phelps, Morse. Spam This honorary club, organized in February 1923, is composed of five per cent of the Junior and Senior Classes nominated by the students. The nominees' names are sub' mitted to the faculty who accept the list or add additional names, if desired. The list is then voted on by the student body. The qualihcations, as submitted by the students, are: Obedience to all school rules, selffcontrol, fair play in all curricular and extra-currif cular activities, punctuality in keeping appointments and meeting financial obligations, courtesy and consideration for others and respect for their property, honesty, modesty as winners, courage and courtesy as losers, nonfuse of alibis, accuracy in statements, and a sincere endeavor to keep the good name of Fargo High School untarnished. Members must remember that the sportsman to be honored is one who not only believes in, but practices the square deal in the biggest of all games--the game of life. OFFICERS President .,.... . . .Gordon Rothrock VicefPresident. , . ...... Faith Conmy Secretary .... ...Mzlry Jane Reed Treasurer. , . . . .james Dunlevy Adviser. . , . . .Mr. G. E. Sifritt Fifxyfmue Row if Willming, Goldberg, Quick, Gunvaldsen, Pcrsellin, Noel, Larson. Rudd. Row 4fHooper, johns, Finsendt Conmy, Jacobson, Alford, Thomas, Wiig, Baldwin, Pederson. Row 3ffStafne, Wilhan, Bergeson, Sayler, McGuigan, Morgan, Lee, Sehens, Reed. Row 2, flkshaies, Harrington, Smith, Swigart, Robinson, Ornes, Phelps, Bolton. Brady. Row if- Edhlund, Paulson. Toohcy, Hoverson, Miller, Nelson, Carson, Herbison, mlllamlfswall Fargo High School's journalists become members of Quill and Scroll providing they have the following qualihcations: they must be members of the Junior or Senior Class at the time of their electiong they must have done superior work in some phase of journalis' tic or creative endeavorg they must be in the upper third of their classg they must be ref commended by the supervisor and accepted by the Board of Publicationsg they must be approved by the secretary of the International Honorary Society of High School Journalists. At their first meeting this year officers were elected and plans made for the spring banquet and initiation. The highlight of the annual banquet is the announcement of the editor and business manager of the bifweekly for the coming year. This year thirtyfnine new members were elected, tvventyfseven from the Cynosure BifWeekly and twelve from the Cynosure Annual Staff. OFFICERS President ...... . . .Lois Hooper Vicefllresident. . . .,.. Iona Bolton Secretary .... .,... R uth Miller Treasurer .... ........ M ary jane Reed Adviser. . . ,... Miss Grace Donehovver Sixty Row 1'JOl'1C5. Bayley. Selbo, Solberg, Rothmck. Dunlevy. B. Larson. Row zflvieintzer, Hoeger, Hvidston, South, Tighc. R, Larson, Row 1-Shanks, Fredrickson, Bale, Gochl, Moc. It is indeed an honor to belong to the National Athletic Scholarship Society for the requirements are very high. To become a member, a boy must have been in the upper half of his classes in all subjects for three semestersg he must have earned an athletic letter in a major sport or two letters in minor sportsg and he must have the recommendation of the coaches. The insignia of membership in this honorary organization is a key, which is the same for all chapters throughout the country. The Fargo Chapter was, in IQZS, the second of ISOO to be organized, the hrst being in Springheld, Illinois. Mr. Tighe is a past national president of the society and is the national treasurer at the present time. Twentyfone boys were accepted this year, each one having received at least one letter in basketball, football, track or swimming. Adviser. . 4 .... Mr. Bridgeford Sxxtyume Row Row Row Raw : Enlow, Quick, Enger, Hinkle. Dunlevy, Gunvaldson, Bolmier, Pederson. : Mrs. Carstens. Anderson. Beckstrom, Barlinghaug, Willming, Peterson. Swanson, Headland. Phelps, Harrington, Deshaises, Lee, Davis, Dezik, Ackerman, Leary, Heisler. Lundquist, Nelson, Stahlem, Paulson. Sllyler. G. Lee. Krzxgelzmd, Briggs. Kent' Kent is proud of its being the oldest literary society in the school. It is unique, too, in that it requires its members to hand in original literary contributions to the "Kent's Kan" each semester. The prizefwinning contributions from each class are put into a semifpuhlication. At the end of the year the two annuals are presented to the most repref sentative boy and girl of the club. The Kent program has an original skit, a musical num' ber, book report and discussion, and ends with a using." Each spring the club has a picnic and baseball game with its 'ifriendlyn rival, the Phosterian society. iw -N 4. President .... VicefPresident . . , Secretary .... Treasurer. . . Adviser. . OFFICERS , . .Allie Lu Phelps ....,Gwen Lee . . Patty Beckstrom . . , . , . . ,Albert Peterson Mrs. Dagmar Carstens Sixty-Iwo Row 4: Wayne, Gelder, McLaughlin, jones, Bassett, Winn, Byheld, Moore. Row 3: johnson, Mrurgzin, Gestie, Clay, South, Bolton, Evanson. Furos, Mauser. Row 2: Thompson, Fleck, Carson. Edhlund, Paulson. Stafne, Gingery. Nlyhers. Papermastcr. Haalcenstad. Row 1: Cooke, Otteson, Fuller, Rue, Quam, Schnell, Mickelson, Houglum, Mhyra. The youngest literary club is celebrating its fourth birthday this year, having been started in 1940. The purpose ofthe society is to promote the interests of students talentf ed in writing, dramatics, music, and literature. This is accomplished by participating in the programs in which readings, poems, original skits, book reports, musical quizs, the PHILOMATHEAN Nnws, and selections by the band are included. From the very Hrst the society has had its own band organized from among the members, and also its own news' paper, PHILOMATHEAN NEWS, featuring club gossip. Failure to participate in at least one program a semester means exclusion from the society. The new members this year were initiated in an impressive candlelight ceremony followed by a strictly informal initiation where the candidates were required to sing, dance, give nursery rhymes, one minute speeches, or even propose to a iiellovovmeiber. They have plenty of talent as the success of the society plainly shows. OFFICERS President ..... . . .James South VicefPresident. . , . .Judie Morgan Secretary .... ..,...., G ail Furos Treasurer. . , ..... lviary Lee Paulson Adviser. . . . . ,Miss Ivlabel Williams Sixtyfzlnee fi llAM7j",'j.1f ,Af wit ii '19 if Wff f fl i'2f5iiW l wiriinfrfvi " Row 4- Lundc, jones. Sander, Franke, Iverson, Baldwin, Wenberg, Larson. Row 3 -Miss Ellison, Ruud, Davis, B. jones, Martinsnn, Gronluncl, Robinson, Herhisnn. Row 2 Scott. Swigart, Tollefson. Ludwigsen, Schreiner, D, Martinson. Row iff-Schmidt, Thwmus, Wiig, Wallum, Nelson. Axis. M. jones. adlmian Phosterian is one of the three literary societies in the school, the others being Kent and Philomathean. The purpose of the six programs given during the year is to encourage leadership by participation in the planning and staging of these programs. Beside the regular business meeting of the club the members often give plays, readings, book reports, and musical numbers. The social part of the yearly program, as in any club, is of great interest to its members. The main event is the annual picnic given with the Kents in the spring of the year. Still the standing mystery to outsiders is the identity of the "Phos Snoop." OFFICERS President ...... . . .... Dolores Martinson VicefP'resident. . . ....,.,, Gloria Aas Secretary .,..., ....,. B eatrice jones Adviser .... . , .Miss Marvel Ellison Slxtvfuuv O 'L fra ,aw Row 2-Dezik, Weaver, Mr. Krueger, Krueger, Goldberg. Row I-Swigarr, McGuigan, Minnis, Turner. lainie One of the very few organizations in Fargo High School open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors equally is Debate. Having the longest span of operation during the school' year, it is active from Thanksgiving to Easterg and sometimes longer. This year the national question was Resolved: that the United States. should join in reconstructing the League of Nations. Every high school debate team in the country works on this same questiong thus enabling any two to meet for a discussion. Fifteen interscholastic debates have been held this season with towns of three states participatingg Jamestown, Valley City, and Wahpeton in North Dakotag Breckenridge and Moorhead in Minnesotag Sisseton and Watertown in South Dakota. A tournament February 9 was held between Breckenridge, Fargo, and Moorhead with Fargo winning five of its debates and tying with Moorhead for first place and best speaker. A trifschool debate in which no decisions were given was held April 13, with Valley City, Jamestown, and Fargo participating. A meet was held April zo with Breckf enridge, and the members closed the season with a debate at Jamestown. Orricnxs President ..... .......,. ,,.. R a y Goldberg VicefP'resident, . . . ..,. Walter Krueger Adviser ...,.. .... M r. Krueger Sixzy-fire 5' Row 4-' fMycrs, Cornell. Gompf, Hess, Helgeson. Thompson. Row 3--Miss West, Kxenholtz, Mather, Carr, Houkcm, Toohey. Hovcrson Row 2 fhlammcrud, Browning, Hilmo, Rcmmc. Minms. Row I Tcichmann, Wzxgner. Vvhlhan, McElrn3', Gran. Brua. To foster the ideals laid out by the Little Theater movement, to provide study in production and in dramatic expression are the main ideas behind the Harlequin society. Harlequin is the oldest dramatic society, having been organized in 1920. The club welf comes only those who are seriously interested in developing dramatic talen and in learning about the theater. Their programs consist of skits, readings, musical numbers, one act plays, demonstraf tions on make up, reports on current Broadway productions, great stage and screen per' sonalities, and various phases in stage production. Their black and gold pin represents two Harlequin masks hanging on an actor's sword. The new members are initiated in the fall at a court trial where their cases are heard by a judge and jury. The initiates then enter the gates of Harlequin and become fullffledged members. Through their prof grams they endeavor to further dramatic interests. CFFICERS President ..... . . .Ardyce Toohey Vice-President ...... , . .Suzanne Miniais Secretm'yfT'reasurev. . . ....,... Jean Hoverson Adviser ..,..,.... . , .Miss Constance West Sxxryfxxx -pe-nusrw-. Row 4: Sorlie, Wearxrer, Harris, Monson. Gordon, Hagen, Heckner, Clark. Row 3: Mrs. Crothcrs, Otterson, Withers, Allen. Williams, Smiley, Ranney, Thomas, Row 2: Loomis, Titsworth, Vlendorlf, Martin, Gruehl, Quam, Bergen. Row r : Knutson. Leehy, Bergren, Aamoth, Peterson. The aim of the Thespian society, one of the three dramatic clubs in the school, is to encourage interest in worthy plays, and to gain knowledge of the theater of the past and present. It was organized in the fall of 1940 and since then has fast gained popular' ity. Their meetings consist of skits, onefact plays, readings, contests, reports on actors of the theater, and they sometimes rewrite magazine stories into plays or skits. Each member appears on a program once a semester. One of their original ideas this year was a contest to pick motion picture Academy Award winners before their "oscars" were awarded to them. The society's colors are blue and navy, and it is determined to keep these colors out in front. OFFICERS President. .N ..., . . .Bob Monson VicefPresident. , . . .Gordon Harris Secretary ..... . . .Ruth Gordon Treasurer. . . .....,... Dick Sorlie Adviser. . . . . .Mrs. Della Crothers Sixty-sei en Row 3: Pownecl, Stout, Goldberg, Pcrsellin, Bridgeford, Ornes, Courtcmanche. R 2' M.V .,Rt't' Ml' D A h'b.lclL 'S.d ld X ow . r avrim 'i an, away, raw, rc 1 1 , oomis, Iran vo . sv J Row 1: Brentzcl, Smith, Crimcn, Hauser, Barker, Butts, Aask. ,J X2 Q Q .R RW - 's - ' X 1 Q 'Z V RTCC, , 6 . . -Q1 . yt ,V Kpjffg, guyz! 1 33441 Cu vi parolas Esperanton? Now, if you were a member of the Tripolitan Society, you would know exactly what that means, for the rudiments of Esperanto are one of many features of their programs. Included in their meetings are skits, speeches, quizfprograms, jokes, travel talks, and songs in French, Spanish, and German. The participants in the best program of the year are awarded with prizes at the spring picnic. The new members are initiated at the AllfSociety Party by a beautiful candlelight ceremony at which time the purposes of the club are revealed by the president. This part is followed by an informal initiation so strenuous that only the strongest survive. Tripolitan has its own pin of special design in gold and blue, the club colors, with the name across the middle. It also has a club banner in the same colors. A party is held at Christmas and a picnic in the spring. OFFICERS President ,..... .,..,..... C larice Smith4Ray Goldberg VicefPresident, . . .............. Barbara Loomis Secretary ..... . . .Lucille Courtemanche Treasurer ..., ....... B onnie Hauser Clerk ..... .... G ilbert Stout Advisor, . . .... T. Vavrina Sexlyfexglir Row 4-Miss Weaver, Welton, Tennyson, Norman, Molland Rickerett, Starkenburg, Williams, Frye. Row 3-Andersen, Finsend, Withers, Beckstrom, McCalley, Armstrong, Alexander, Hansen, Sathcr. Row 2--Lindquist, Gust. Barker, Bachman, Cummins, Nelson, Nellermoe, Christian. Row 1-Greenshields, Sandbeck, G. Anderson, Gchring, Korthal, Freeman, Roberts, Fiske. 14 ' ' Real 04044 The annual enrollment in November of Fargo High School students in the American Red Cross was the Hrst task undertaken this year. A council was then organized consist' ing of one member from each fourth hour home room. This council is known as the junior Red Cross club and is responsible for the planning and carrying out of the Junior Red Cross activities in Fargo High School. During the school year two hundred dollars from voluntary student contributions has been sent to the National Children's Fund, which is used for the relief of children in warftorn countries. Council members have turned in one hundred hours aiding nurses at the Fargo Health Center. They distributed posters to the downtown area during the War Fund Drive of the Red Cross, and they prepared material for the block workers in the city. They also prepared a junior Red Cross window display. They have brought in large amounts of waste paper and placed boxes on each floor of the school building for waste paper from students. This large list of projects shows that Fargo High school is not letting down in its war effort. All the students are soundly backing the junior Red Cross. OFFICERS President ...... ............ M ildred Gehring VicefPresident. . , .............. Darlene Findsen Secretaries .... .... R alph Smith, Gloria Bachman Treasurer. . . ....... Donna Jean Nellermoe Adviser. . . ..,. Miss Stella Weaver Sixty-nine Row 3-Grund, Erickson, Larsen. Carlson, Swisher. Gctman, Ohnstead. Row 1' WML Whedon. Leggct, Moen, Kricgc, Harden, Millcr. Row r-ewzirner, Hulcbak, Hastings. Mitgaxard, johnson. 1441 GIA The Art Club again became active last year after a period of idleness for several years. Under the direction of Mr. Whedon the monthly meetings are spent drawing. The new members this year were initiated during the All Society Party by an impressive candlelight ceremony. Here the byflaws of the society were explained and the initiates signed pledge cards promising to abide by these laws. They received ribbons in the club colors, blue and yellow, to wear at the following dance, indicating their membership in that particular club. Their other party this winter was a potluck party at Christmas with a program including piano selections and singing. OFFICERS President ....,. .... M ildred Ohnstead VicefPvesident ...... ..... F lavia Larson Secretaryffreasurer. . . . . .Inez Johnson Adviser .,,...... .... M r. Whedon Scvcnt y Row zz Miss Pfcffcr, Grund, Hanson. Olsen. Berg. Row 1: Hclling, Weed. Punton, Quam. Grohe. Eu ' Euthenics is the home economics society of Fargo High school. Its object is to prof mote interest in home economics not only at home hut at school as well. Have you ever noticed how clean and shinny the trophies in the front hall are? Of course you have! All your thanks go to the members of this club who take it upon themselves to polish them each year. The Euthenics members have made articles of clothing and also pies and jams which have won them honors at the A. C. May Festival. To complete each year of fun the girls have a traditional spring picnic. Adviser. . . . . .Miss Pfeffer Scvcntyonc Row 3: johnson, Herman, jordheim, Kreuger, Mr, Robinson. Row 1: B. Gmsz, Santrizos, Rott, Bye. Row r: Moore, E. Grosz, Abrahamson. S ' Glad Poof! Through the smoke came a voice, "Wrong again", but the "diefhards" of this club, like true scientists, try and try again. This is a typical meeting of the Science Club. The purpose of the Club is to promote scientific research among students who are ref quired to have one year of natural science. The monthly meetings give members a chance for experiments on their own, field trips, moving pictures, special reports and discussions among other things. Organized twenty-four years ago, in 1920, the club has risen to Hrst place in North Dakotag and is now one of 2,600 affiliated with the American Institute of Science and Engineering Clubs. This national organization, sponsored by the Pennsylvania State College, sends out a monthly magazine, Scirmcn GBSERVER, and various other articles of information for their discussions. OFFICERS President ...... ..., W alter Krueger VicefP'resident .... ...... B ob Johnson Secretary .,.... . . ,Elizabeth Grosz Treasurer. . . ...., John Herman Adviser. . . ,... H. M. Robinson Seventy-rv.-u --.---1--- tore--H iv?-f Row jlflircdrickson, Manson, Vogelsang, Olson, Luhcnow. Row 2-Mr, Gates, Potter, Forthun, Skodjc. Row lfhlcss. Nellermoc, Gcrrclls, Rudd. arm., em Originally the Radio Club, this society in January 1939 was changed to include all hobbies. The club, formerly interested in model airplanes, photography, and radio, now confines itself largely to radio and stamps. At their meetings, the boys practice sending and receiving code, discuss stamps, different radio apparatus, and other interest' ing problems and facts pertaining to radio and stamps. There are two licensed operators in the group, Bob Manson and Philip Hess. The school has a iso watt short wave sta- tion, WQGTB, located in the ofiice adjacent to the physics laboratory, however, it is not permitted to operate during the war. The new members this year were inducted into the society by an informal initiation. They did everything from receiving shocks to eating garlic, this latter produced particular' ly pleasant effects at the dance following the initiation. Crrrcsas President ....., .... P hilip Hess VicefP'resident ...... ...,.. B ob Manson Secretavyffreasurer .... . . ,Marvin Lubenow Adviser ....,..... ,... M r. C. E. Gates Sermty-t live: Row 3: Rnthrock, Hanson, Rolic, Bayley, Sander, Schriber, Green. Row 2: Anderson, Ostrem. Smoot. K, Anderson, Ebsen, Lawrence, Mr. Mickelson. Row r: johnson, Swartz, Miller, King, Myers. ew' ,azztzaza em The Boys' Athletic Club was organized in 1941 to develop in its members a spirit of fair play plus giving the boys a free period with the gym equipment or the swimming pool, as the case may be. The boys are given different problems in gymnastics or swimming, then are turned loose in the gym or pool to strain a few muscles or swallow a little water in Hguring them Out. There are some very accomplished athletes among the members who can show the rest of them a few tricks on the parallel bars or the diving board, and who then let the rest break their necks attempting to imitate them. However, the boys do learn, and really have a good time as shown by the membership. OFFICERS President ...... .... G eorge Lawrence VicefP'resident. . . ...... Dick Bayley Adviser ....... . . .P. E. Mickelson Sevcntyffouv Scvcnfyffrt ' X .1 . - X, x 14 x , 1944 CY N . , 5 Yi N J V, Q.. I Q X' ,V Q:,'1"ffX EUGENE RUDD JEAN HOVERSON RUTH ROBQNSON MARY WILMING PHOTOGRAPHY Samoa CLASS OR CLASS Sovuomonz CLASS DI R EDITOR. E ITOR EDITOR.. N-M, ,C.. Y, W X Q rf? aa f' ,-35 5 ' s XX 2 N' E s 4 W ' 1 I . i '63 i ,, 7!g::sx K XX iw J' Q' 5 ' .s,' 5 dm X ' X ' V y Y ' ' Q i 'Q If 3 'V V X ' DUANEPEDERSON ASSOCIATE EDITOPC EMERY THOMAS Y EDITOR MARILYN STAENE MARY LEE DAULSO N J U DY MORGAN ORGANRZATIONS ATH LEUCS FEATURES Eoarorz EDITOR Cowon. ANN UAL STAFF RUTH VICGUIGAN HQENE DESHAIES JANE SAYLER QAMONA NELSON Acwwmes Aovemusmca ADVERTISING Aovekrxsme eo: Ton L7f""'jA ZZ? CW M' ' 1225 AQDYCE TOOHEY A BUSQNESS MANAGER CAROLJOHNS ADM1NnsmAT1oN EDITOR MR. BENSCDN EDITORIAL Aovnsolz VHLDRED GEHRING DVERUSING MANAGER MRMAGNUSON BUSINESS Aovzsov. Row 24Herhison, Finsend, Engcr, Pederson, Alford, Brady. Row l'W1lh2lD, Wiig, Hastings, Sebens, Bolton. 0 gi- Zifeekly There's nothing lazy about these eager beavers who contribute most of their extra curricular time to the editing of the Cynosure. With the careful advisement of Miss Donehovver the staff has been more than successful this year, putting out some of our Hn' est issues. Editor i'Hoop" has been on her toes along with Margie, associate editor, and the rest of the capable staff. Bob's cartoons, although he doesn't mention it himself, appear in every issue adding humor and gaiety to the Cynosure. Mr. Still is not to be forgotten, who never places himself in the limelightg but is one of the most essential persons for production of the paper. He is found in the print shop where he excepts last minute copy goodfnaturedly and without complaint. Many hours of work have been put in by the feature, sports, desk, and headline edif tors, and the photographer, all of whom did a grand job deserving much credit. CYNosuIu3 B1fWEBKLY EDITORIAL STAFF Lois Hooper, Editor EditorfirifCl1ief ..........,,.. Associate Editor .... . . . Desk Editor .... Desk Editor. . . Sports Editor ..., Sports Editor. . . Feature Editor. . Feature Editor .... . Headline Editor. Art ...... ..... , .. Librarian ..... Photographer . . . . . ,Lois Hooper Marjorie Sebens . . . .Iona Bolton .Mary Herbison . . .Jackie Brady . , .Bill Alford . , . . .Paul Enger . . .Ruth Wilhan ..,...RaeWiig . . Bob Hastings Darlene Finsend .Duane Pederson Seventy-eight Kb 3fSayler, Carr, Baldwin, Larson, Willming, Noel. 1-Swigart, johnson, Nelson. Reed, Lee, Wcnclorff. Shoemaker. Row IfOrneS. Harrington. Nor IN Prcruarz Ruth Miller. Row Row , Silent but active partners are the members of the business staff for the Cynosure. Under the direction of their adviser, Miss Fowler, this allffeminine staff has accomplish' ed everything necessary for the success of the paper. The business staff is divided into three departments each managed by a member of the student body. Business, headed by Dorothy Bergeson takes care of all money matters including subscriptions, bills, and keeping the books. Ruth Miller has charge of advertisf ing with some seventeen ad soliciters this year. As well as distributing the papers and mailing to outfofftown subscribers, the circulation staff, headed by Mary Harrington and assisted by Sally Ornes, take charge of the campaign in the fall for new subscribers. With headquarters in the laundry or "dugout" the members of these groups work hard enjoying themselves at the same time. They learn much about handling the business involved in the production of a good paper. Often too little is said of the business staff, its members, and the important work they do for the paper. CYNOSURE BPWEEKLY BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager .......... Dorothy Bergeson Advertising Manager. , . ...... Ruth Miller Circulation Manager ....,... Mary Harrington Assistant Circulation Manager ..... Sally Ornes CYNOSURE BIfWEEKLY ADVERTISERS Mary Lou Baldwin Ramona Nelson Murl Bee Carr Edith Noel Charlene Carson Mary jane Reed Ellie Eidsvold jane Sayler Mary Jacobson Betty Shoemaker Grace Swigart Mary jane Wendorff jean Larson Mary Ann Willming Gwen Lee Scvcnrv n ne Dorothy Bergeson, Business Manager Row 4 Hinkle, D. Quam, Skogluntl, Olson. Frylield. Bassett. Peterson, Cornwall, Voll, Ssverson. Dunlevy. Row 3 l.,ine.ister, Glenn, Herman. Fuller. l.arson, Uthus, Doon. Hermann, live, Longwell, Hanson. Hoeger. Kornbvrg. Mvlnrzer. Row 1 Wlagner. YVilliams, Rue, Grnsz. Ferber, Bnorgen. Tollelson, Krueger, -Innes, Behlmer. Row 1 Kivnhwll. li. lnhrisun, Kegel, R. johnson. P. Thomas. Lusk. Eidc. E. Quim. 0 The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Sorlien has made several splendid appearf ances this year. As well as contributing many numbers before and between acts of our all-school plays, they have made appearances at the Emerson Smith School and the -Iefferf son School. They have also played in one of Fargo Hi5h's assemblies. During practices this year the group has striven for all things essential to good musicianship which include proper balance, intonation of instruments, and baton discipline. Some of the accomplishments of the orchestra are, i'Pique Dame Overture" by Von Suge, "Aragonaise" from "Carmen" by Bizet, "Oriental" from "Folk Dance Suite" by Guenther, and "l'vialoquena" by Lecuona. Officers are elected each semester and the music is distributed and collected by appointed librarians. Some of the members of the orchestra were selected to play in the Allffalent or' chestra which along with the vocal groups ofthe music department f presented several numbers April 25, 26, 27 28, numbers were also given by this group alone at that time. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMEsrER President .....,. . ,blames Dunlevy President ..... . . .john Herman VfCE'PT6S1dC71I. . . . . ,john Herman VicefP1'esident. . . . .Paul Kornberg Secretary .... . .lvlarian Kienholz Secretary ..... . Alice Hermann Treusiwef. . .james Fuller Treasurer. . . .Art Hanson lfigliiv Rim' 4 Lee. Hinkle. Olson. Heisler. Schmidt, Toussaint. Olson. Rolie. Curfman, Fugle. Breyer. Hanson, Vt-ll. Skodle. Durlevy. Run' 3 Knrnberg, Hoeger. T, Thompson. R. Thompson. R. Kegel. NVerre. lvlurud, R. Anderson, Baillie, llthus. Dixon. Hagen. llw Lnngwell. Lindquist. Forthun, lvleifallev. Row 2 Glenn. Lancaster, Tollefson, Serge, Bfvget1riel', Onstad. Roshau. Davis. Thonn. Peterson, Davenport. D. Kegel. Herbison. llalrlwm Row 1 Herman, lvloe. Fuller, Krageland, Larson. Leary. Smillie. Nordstrom. Armstrong, D. Barker. Anderson. kl. Barker. Bam! Cur largest musical organization--and perhaps the most active'-his the band with a record number of seventyfhve members this year. Although the usual marching was omitted, no splendor is lacking to this group under the direction of Mr. L. C. Sorlien. This year they made appearances at our basketball and football games and on M2lfCh 1.4, presented several numbers at our Grand Concert. Among those played were, "New Moon Cverturev by Sigmund Romberg, "Deep South Rhapsody" by Lilyia and Isaac, and "Three Blind Mice at the Floor Show" by Frangkiser. Programs were also given at the Emerson Smith School and the Roosevelt School. The Pep Band, a division ofthe Concert Band, is directed by Dan Moe. This group plays for all our pep assemblies giving forth much lively music. Another group, the second band, is made up of twentyftvvo members, some of whom became members of the Concert Band at the end of the first semester. A number of the students in the band make up smaller groups which have made appearances in assemblies and at various other programs. 0EF1cERs or THE BAND Fnxsr SEMESTER SEcoND SEMESTER President ...., . . . ..,. John Herman President ....,..... ,... P aul Kornberg V1C6'PT6SfdC7ll. . . .August Hoeger VicefP'res1dent. , . . Dan Moe Secretary. , . . . ,Marry Herbison Secretary, . . . .,... Laura Dixon Treasurer. , , . . .Don Quam Treasurer, . . . . Adelbert Hanson lfiqluvfam 4901211 A Cappella is made up of selected voices from the Boys' and Girls' glee clubs. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Sorlien they have practiced to achieve quality, blend, correct interpretation, and ability to sightfread, all requiring hours of diligent practice for the choir. As well as striving for finer music they have made many public appearances. Before Christmas they entertained for a special P. T. A. program at the Emerson Smith School. At the Gardner Hotel they sang for the Rotary Club. They also sang at the A. S. T. P. unit program at N. D. A. C. along with other musical groups of the school. Two radio programs are on the credit list of the choir both heard by transcription. Once for the Public Schools Program and again on the Meet Your Neighbor Program. Much hard practice on the part of all members was needed during the Christmas season when the Music department presented a Christmas assembly. Nor was the traditional caroling in the halls omitted, placing addf ed emphasis on that Holy Season. In the spring A Cappella took an active part in the AllfTalent production. As well as making an excellent auditory impression Row Row Row Row Row -Olson, Davenport. Sorlie. Roberts. Martin, -Franke, Osborne. Orteson. Anderson. Running. Gunvaldsen, Beeksrrom, Christianson. Larson. Sayler. Hermann. -Brunskill, Hoverson, Rustvold. Jacobson. Nloorc. Nelson. Ringwald, Remme, Robinson, Miller, Teichman. this group looks as neat as it sings, for the wellfknown choir robes with the white trim and the on them bring the choir to perfection. September opened the doorway of another successful season for the two Girls' Glee Clubs under the leadership of Miss Signe Euren. New members were taught the fundamentals of group singing while the Row Q - Brunskill, Bcekstom, Swisher, Hulehaek, Wenberg, Gunvaldsen, Hanson, Strummen, Iverson, Quick. Row 4f'B, johnson, Hooper, Saue. Larson, Christianson, Wilhain. Findsen. Jacobson, R. Nelson. Row 'ffSebens, Schmitz, Rustx old. Covert, Zehren, Mickelson, Grund, Vv'i1g, Kitzmiller. Gertman. E. Johnson. J Row 1 -- Teichman. Berge, Barker, Miwen. Bolton, Hudson, Hoverson, Furos, l. johnson. Hcrbison. G. Nelson. Row i fCornwall, Grosz, Davis, Remme. Krageland, Miller, Robinson. Martinson. Exhlhryftwo Fin dsrn Row s Row 4 ll, Nloe. Nlelster. Rout' Row Ri w xr old members prepared numbers for approaching programs. Numbers were sung for the ParentfTeachers Assof l ciation early in the season. With the nearing Christmas season songs were prepared for the annual Christmas prof gram featured by the music department. "C Holy Night" with Phoebe Berge as soloist and "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" were sung. In the evening of Mzirch twentyffourth the Glee Clubs contributed numbers for the Grand Concert. The third hour Glee Club sang the "Nations Prayer" and 'iOpen Thy Blue Eyes" and the fifth hour group sang 'LI-Iomeland" and "God Bless Our Boys" with Mzlry Lou Baldwin as the soloist. The climax of the season was reached late in April when the AllfTalent group under the direction of Mr. L. C. Sorlien presented four performances. The two Girls' Glee Clubs together with A Cappella Choir and the Boys' Glee Club made up the vocal section of the production. V The members of the glee clubs aim at better harmony and quality as well as developing proper tone placement, intonation, breathing, and resonance. Meinbers for the clubs are selected by tryouts, the total for this year being over loo voices. Hoeger, Rohe. Pederson. D. Moe. XVill1arns. Akre. Rintoul, lvlonson, Bavlev. Covert, Ivliekelson. jones, Iverson, Hulebak. Qrick. E. johnson, Schmitz. Sebens, XVilhan. B. ohnsun. Sane. Men-rs. Nloen. Herlvison, Bolton. Krage and. .l 1 Girls' Glee Clubs. The Boys' Glee Club of well over forty members under the capable direction of Mr. L. C. Sorlien Thus the door closes on this year's season of the appeared at the annual Grand Concert as well as singing at a Pep Assembly during the football season. For the exhibition they sang "Land of Hope and Glory" with Fargo High's Band. They also made an appearance with A Cappela Choir and the Girls' Glee Clubs in the AllfTalent of 1944. Row sr Baldwin, Swanson, Johnson. Bolmeier, Sayler. Toohey, Armstrong. Plslie, Bow .4-f-Lusk. W.xllx1m. Roberts, Hollar, lviorgan, Srahlem, jones, Wlalla. Row 3 A lv1cGu1g.m. Christianson, Thompson, Peake. Hermann. H1lmo.Christ1an, Storey. Row 1 Manrtiii. Edhlund, Nellermoe. Ivlyhra, Creiman, Tollefson. ,lune Davis. Tvioore. Row 1 .loan Davis, Lutlwlgson, Gingrey, Erickson. Nelson, Mfwrse, Hauser. Quiring. lfighryfrlnee ' lv llxlfwy " f-'ls J . Q as e . v Y' ' A. N Nl" V3-,S,lFll XX . I R., W, JL b'Yvk57 . 1 I . N ii I 9, 5 ,yr ll,s.fWvXi, .M 1, A , ,M f ,N,,N,q,, , fy fr' 'N' l JJ ,, J,.,' ,JIT Bag! ee Glad .P -1. rl iw ll ' .J X 'I gf! l ,v Q -f-Left to right: Lnlwenow, Rintoul. Olson, Rohcrts, Solberg, Mickey jones, Merton jones, Still, Monson. Akrv, Davenport, Free' m'll1 -Riille Moore, Fninkc. johnson. Bridgeford. Hmlclc, Bnylcy. Sanders, Rue, Tnzirfc, Martin. ' - Row Y , Row W'.xnhv:rg, Bowers, Hocger, Rudd, O'Conner. Green. Williams. Heller, Pederson, Osborne. , Row Ruud, Moc. Orncs. McCallcy, Otteson. Anderson, Meister, Ronnmg. W ' r . . 3. Bes1des the Band and the Orchestra there are four other musrcal groups made up of N A students of the Sophomore, junior, and Senior classes. They are: the Octet, the String ' V 1 . - . . . . it 1 ' Quartet, the Boys Quartet, and the Girls Tr1ple TFIO. 1 A , Q, X. 1 1 'i Y Y x., Sl . l KS 'V " X ' 1 1X .. 3 - a - ' l 5 s 1 Q 'I will if U Bovst Qnmrtrr, lllpperl Row I Running. Mus. McCullcv, Octet. fUpperl Row 2- Running. Mcwc. Akrc. Monson. Q X - ANlurswn. Row rfjones, Robinson, Meyers, Rcmmc. Tcichmzm. Girls Triple Trio. lLmvevJ Row 1 -'-f Miller. Flndscn. Recd. String Quartet, Clmwerj Row I XX'ngn-'r, Thomas, Kxcnhol 5 johnson. NOT IN Plcrunfz Lusk. Row x Rolvlnsun, TxXlChH12lI1, llcmmc. Barge, b 4 l Nor IN Pxrrl xr: Lusk. Enghryflmrlv ' w P 4 H.-gfze 5200714 la 00-447612, ' CAST Squire Hardcastle. . . ...... .... P hilip Hess Mrs. Hardcastle .... . . .Iviary Iverson Tony Lumpkin. , . ..... Jack Akre Kate Hardcastle ....... .... . . . .,,.. Ruth Wilhzxii Constance Neville ...........,..,... .A.. .I ean Hoverson Stingo, the Landlord of the "Three Pigeons" . . ..,. john Herman 'Young Marlow .........,,...,..... .... R obert Shanks George Hastings. . . . . .Clarke Bassett Dick ,........ . . .James Tierney Diggory. . . ..,..... Paul Enger Roger. . . ..... .... W illiam Hunsader Maid ....,........ .... M ary Herbison Sir Charles Marlow. . . ..,. Milton Nelson Row zfhassclt, Hunsader. Hess, Herhisnn, Enger, Herman. Row 1AeLejr in right: Akre, Hnversnn, Iverson, V'1lh.m, Shanks, Nelson. Based on the author's personal experiences while traveling near London, the first all school play 'iShe Stoops To Conquer", was presented by Miss West early in December. The time is the eighteenth century and the scene is the country home of Squire Hardf castle. The Squire had planned to marry his daughter to the son of a friend, hut this was easier planned than done. The plot evolves around this idea and is further complif cated hy a second romance in the same house. The line acting on the part of the cast made the humorous incidents constantly entertaining, and the exciting plot kept the audience in suspense to the final curtain. Exghryffii-e ufelllmd lfa .fuceane " CAST Olga Kirinslqi, a Polish girl .,.. ..... Gustave ,..4.....,.,...,......,. Erna Schmidt, a young German girl ...,, Gretchen Linder, a young school mistress. Hans Schmidt ...,.,,............... M argarethe .,.........,........,,.. Mrs. Hunter, head mistress at the school Bingo Hill, a young American girl .,.,.. Felice Renoir, a young French girl ...., Sally jackson .,.,...,.,............. Marian Curwood, a young English girl. . Francois, the postman ,........,.,... . . . .Beverly Anderson . . . . .Ernest johnson . . .... Beverly Malme . . . .,..,. Dolores Saue . . . . .Stanley Gsborne . . .... Marilyn Stafne , . . ...... Barbara Hammer Madeline Forsythe . . . . . . .jean Larson . . . .Allie Lu Phelps . . . . .Patty Beckstrom , . . .Richard Gompf Koppler, a policeman .... . . .Robert Molland Raw 2 slams,,iiihnsi-n.c:ampi1M011.ma.Ana ffsf i n, osbomf. aww i Mziln iiv. Hi iiii n iff, Forsythe. at-as fff. m. Larson. Phelps.Saue. April ist, 1944, saw the Hnished production of Fargo High's second allfschool play, "Letters To Lucerne", directed by Miss West. The story takes place in the fall of IQBQ at a girl's school in Lucerne, Switzerland. Among the students are girls from various countriesftwo American girls, a German girl, a French girl, and a Polish girl. Although Mrs. Hunter, the head mistress, attempts to shut out the war, letters come to the girls telling them about the brutal activities of Germany. This knowledge of Gestapo activities soon influence the girls to dislike Erna, the German student, but later they are reconcilled, realizing that the doings of her country are not her fault. Ernzfs brother, Hans, is a German pilot in love with Olga, the Polish girl. Hans is sent on a mission over Warsaw, Olga's home, and in order to save the homes and lives of those he loves he makes a crashfdive which causes his death. Exghfyfsix Nddelia Row 3: Moe, Hoegcr. Rintohl, jones. Hanna, Rothroclc, Tighe, Selho, Phelps, Nelson. Row 2: Coach Bridgeilvrd, Rolie, Peterson, R, Fredrickson, Dargan, Dunlevy, Solberg, Olson, Larson, G. Fredrickson. Coach Rice. Row I : Law. Bale. Freeman. Sanders, Raaum, O'D:iy, Anderson, Bridgcford, Meister, Bean. Nor IN PicTuimr:: Mert jones. Mickey jones. cafcapramg Bob Law, xzulcnr manager: jim Dunlevy, cufsapraxn. Harry Bridgeford, Henry Rice, Grant Sifritt, and Basil Maxey, and captained by jim Dun' levy and Mickey Jones, the Midgets won seven out of eight games. Because of snow at the last three games the ground became frozen N and hard. On November 16 the State Champ' ionship game with Bismarck was to be played, Bismarck, the winner of the Western half of the state, Fargo of the Eastern half, however, the officials declared weather conditions too un' favorable, and the game was cancelled. Fargo and Bismarck were named cofchampions for the season. The home games were well attended, by adults and junior high students as well as Fargo High School students. The band was out for all the games and led the spectators in their cheers and songs. Candy, pop corn, and carmel corn were provided and sold by the Student Council. It was at the Jamestown game that five former Fargo High fellows, two now in the Army, two in the Navy. and one in the Marines, came through to lead the Fargo section in a few yells. The other games had the regular cheer leaders. The Fargo High Midgets began a successful football season in September. Coached by Cofxcuiis: Mr, Marley, Mr. Sifrirt, Mr, Bridgefnrd, Mr, Rice. Eighryfeight Tor: Hoeger sweeps around Whxhpetotis left end for .1 first clown. BOTTOM: Cofeaptain jones breaks up Moorhead attack. Each year several different coaches get together to choose what they call the All- State team. There are both a lirst and second team. This year Fargo placed two men on the hrst team and two on the second team. On the first team were joe Phelps, a junior, at guard, and Bob Fredrickson, a senior, at center. jim Dunlevy, at blocking back, and Gordon Rothrock, at halfback, both seniors, were chosen on the second team. J It has been the custom to announce the lettermen and ofcaptains for thejhgaming - , season at the Pep Club banquet. This year, however, ' xsexmore eoplefwouhd at the dance, these names were announced there. Th ere t ewntyfgtternkql cblosen, fourteen seniors and six juniors. Also recei i a letter W. s B wf the Stu t f er. The war caused a few chan e X' K strib io of ' ers. The both Kg D 5 ' letters and gold footlialls are halgliialget, so theirgggn ation wa stiuo er MW ditt and certificates were givtn out Theglpyfins for s yearvyr ji 1 evy W ' Lf 'K . ', K 3 ' e e 3 ' 3 . 1 e K ! S and Mickey jones. The newly elected Row 3: McLaxl1ghl1n, Smith, Roshow, Rnthroek, lvlartxn, O'Conner, Gnehl, Vfarner, lvlonsun, Sander. Row 1: Coach lvlaxey. Gray, Tcwussamt, Hart, Chrisriansun. Sorlie, Persellin, Katz. Norbv, Berlel, Asst. Coach Rorhmck. Row 1 : Davenport, Alford. Smout, Strung. johnson, Heisler. Porter. Herdig. Schnell, Rust. W .WM Z- 519' 'Q 4.1-xA!' Y.- fs K, The opening game of the undefeated and only once tied 1943 football season took place on September 17. The Fargo High School Midgets came out on top of a 27 to o score against the Sacred Heart Deacons. The following week Fergus Falls came to Fargo to meet the Midgets. They played well, but not well enough. for they too were beateng the score this time was 21 to 14. On October 1 Fargo crossed the Red to meet the traditional foe, the Moorhead Spuds, in a game that will be long remember' ed. Especially was the finish exciting, for, with but a few seconds left to play and the Midgets on the short end of the score, Rothrock stole the ball from a Moorhead player and sped Fargo High to. an IS to 18 tie by virtue of a sensational touchdown. Next, on October 8, the Midgets did a little traveling again, this time to Valley City. There the HifLiners fell before the Purple and White in a night game, 31 to o. Sept. 174-Fargo. . . . , . 27 Sacred Heart. . . . , o Sept. 244-Fargo. , . . . . 21 Fergus Falls. . . . . . 14 Oct. 1fFargo .... . . . 18 Moorhead. . . , . 18 Oct. 8ffFargo ..,. . 31 Valley City, . . . , o Tor Row: Left to Right: Mickey jones, Fullbackg jim Dunlevy, ,Quanzrbackg Dale Nelson Gum! Bob Rintohl. 'Tackle Sinn Row: Alhert Peterson, Guardg Eugene Fredriekson, Halfbackg Marshall Hanna, Fullback Gr Halfback BOTTOM Row: Rodney Bean, Tnckleg Bob Solberg, Endg Ramon Larson, Tackle. October 22 saw the Moorhead Spuds and the Midgets resume their feud, each determined to win. After a long hard battle, with both teams in top form, playing their very best hall, the Midgets finally triumphed I4 to 6 and the score was settled between Fargo and Moorhead. Came then the usual tough game with the Wziliibetoii Wops on October zo. The players lived up to the expectations of the fans and after a really exciting game, the Mighty Midgf ets showed their might with another win, I4 to iz. Well on the way to an undefeated season the Midgets next marked up their sixth victory, downing Jamestown on November 5, 34 to o. As the last preftournament game, held on Armistice Dav, Novemher 11, the Satans from Devils Lake went down to defeat. Fargo won, 26 to o. Fargo, as champion of the East half of the state, was slated to play Bismarck for the State Championshipg but, due to bad weather conditions, the Championship game couldn't he playedg therefore the two schools shared the championship. O l Oct. 22 Fargo Moorhead .....,....,, 6 Oct. 29 Fargo Wahpeton. , . . . iz Nov. S Fargo Jamestown. . . . Nov. ii Fargo. . . . . Devils Lake, . . o Toi' Row: Left In Right' Don Dargan. Emlg Lyle Sellm, Eudg Boh Olson, Tackle: Gordon Rothroek. Halfhack. Smr Row: Merton jones, Fullback CE' Halflmckg joe Phelps. Gmivdg Dan Moe, Qilarlcvhack. Bmtroxc Row: Bula Fredrieksun, Center, August Hoeger, Halflmckg Charles Tighe. End. Nnielyfmie "Wu tx 35 Row 1 fCoach Rice. W.1rr'er. Dunlcvy, Rorhrock, Selbo, Larson, Row I -Rollv, Lybrck. Solberg, Davenport, Hoeger. B With only four lettermen returning, the success of the IQ4:7,'44 basketball season seemed rather dubious. However, after fifteen years of coachingfhve of them seeing Fargo win the state tournament-"Hank" Rice didn't worry too much about the boys. All in all the season was very successful, despite the doubts of the fans, the Midgets lost only three games and won twentyfone. At Bismarck two AllfTournament teams were chosen. Fargo High School's captain, Gordon Rothrock, was selected captain of the hrst AllfTournament team. Bruce Larson, Fargo forward, was also chosen on the Hrst team. Gordon Rorhrock, Captain The Midgets began a successful season on December third against Sacred Heart. Fargo won 5225. On December 2829 the traditional Red River Valley tournaf ment took place at Breckenridge. Fargo won the tournament by defeating Moor' head 32'3O on the first night and Wahpef ton '2,2'27 on the next night. Fargo played Grand Forks at the District tournament on March 3, and won 24fo, which assured Fargo a berth in the State tournamQ1t. At Bismarck, Fargo first played Willistoxa and won 7314. Next the Midgets play' ed Minot. The fans expected a tough game and that's what they gotg however Fargo triumphed 26'23. The final game was with Wahpeton which Fargo lost, 3rf38. The start of another thrilling battle with Moorhead Nmeryftwo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo ...., Fargo .... Fargo ..4., Fargo ...., Fargo ,..., Fargo ...., Fargo ..... Fargo ..... Sacred Heart. Fergus Falls, Ivloorhead . . Grand Forks. . Moorhead . . Wrxhpetora . . Detroit Lakes Bismarck ..., Grand Forks. Devils Lake. . Breckenridge bcllm strl vmg lu r tlx l xll rgnnst Erickson. Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo Fargo ..... Fargo Fargo .... Vkfahpeton . . Valley City. Moorheznd ....,. Detroit Lakes. Jamestown ....., Sacred Heart. Grand Forks, Willistoii . , Minot .... Wxlhiuctoll . . West Fargo ...... 'w- ll! s ,as wg Row 2 Paulsen, Tuussa1m,Fhclps, XX'xmlorn, jones, McClure. Englunrl. Coach lvl.v.ev. Row I f Hcislvr. Chrlsllanson. Alford. Borgir. XX'e1ler, Smith. 'Q11lL'Ivtl1vur .-' pbanf, fu, .,f' - fnV'l frvvdh, J' X M' -ai' D moo! L Cv ,R 4 Q? D O 'Y' .... ,, . Y , 3 W F KX I. ,.'v b ,,,,, ,,L,. 'N N DAVENDOQT QOT1-IROCK CENTER CENTER HOEGER ROME SOLBEQG FORWARD FORWA RD GUARD fx CENTER Q 9 iq Off. 'H- R' if Z.., . l luxv I: A q b R q A V.:q ::' R A-,, LYBECK D R GUARD LARSON FORWARD R WAQNER SELBO DUNLEVY FORWARD FORWARD GUARD X4 GUARD DEFENSE Meintzer Bakke Schnell Bale South Holly Holm Fredrickson Schnell O'Connor Goehl dqdckef CENTER Shanks Bridgeford WINGS GOALIE Hvidston McCalley l Fuller all Miller Holly a Christianson Olson B. Olson Y Standing: Holm Meintzer, Fredrickson. Shanks, Schnell, O'Connor, South, Bakke, Bridgeford, Bale, Goehl, Miller, Holly. Christianso Olson. B. Olson, Coach Mickelson. Kneeling: Hvidston, McCalley', Fuller. Fargo's hockey team, coached by Mr. Mickelson, did not have as completely a success' ful season as the basketball and football teams, due mainly to injuries and illness. This year Fargo played seven games, including the tournament at Thief River Falls. At the tournament Fargo was first scheduled against the Crookston Cathedral team. This team had defeated Fargo twice before and was rated as one of the stronger teams while Fargo was a weaker one. The game was a close one with a ten minute overtime called. It was during this overtime that Crookston made the other two goals. Nmetylfnvc S' . 'Jax ff? l y . li ix if . X J Row 1fCrockett, Hagen, Todahl, Bayley, Sorenson, Swanston. Row 1- Schulenberg, Smoot, Davis, Fceney, johnson. 8 . . Fargo High began giving out swimming letters just last year. This year there were seven letters awarded. The first meet, which Fargo lost, was with the Air Corp men of the Moorhead State Teachers College. Next the tankmen swam against the Northwest School of Agriculture at Crookston and won. Finally Fargo held a telegraphic meet with Casper, Wyoming, on April 6. This type of meet enables teams to swim in competition without the expense of a long trip. Both boys' and girls' teams entered this event. Fargo captured the meet by totaling 65 points to Casper's 49. 'hack Spring in IQ43 brought the track season around once more. Fargo started the season with only two lettermen. On May first in the first meet, a dual meet with Moorhead, Fargo won 72 to 45. May eighth saw the meet at Fergus Falls, which Detroit Lakes won with Fargo coming second. The District meet was held on May Efteenth at Fargo. Fargo won this meet with 95 points. Fort Yates won the State meet at Bismarck, May twentyfsecond, while Fargo came in sixth. Seven men received track letters: Duane Baglien, jim Dunlevy, Gordon Rothrock, Mickey jones, Starkey Grove, Marsh Hanna and Bernie Ness. F Bernard Ness, Starkey Grove, Duane Baglien, Gordon Rothrock, Jim Dunlevy. Nor IN PICTURE: Mzirsh Hanna, Mickey Jones. Nmctyfxix Eaqfi' am! Qhh' 3710414 1 A mils' gxm fl.uss1n.11uhc:1 Im tht cnhxhlllrm. 1 Phil Hcss ,ami lnfxr N11Hrr xxnh thnx hwwf and .uwxw 1 l5xl.uw Uvrrn X rxxlstml ,A hw. hut hw! un rhu p.u.xHc1 T-.urs 4 lr l.1Rus.l Shaw cxs.u1.l.4 mlghtx hnwv my lxuyscihwcs I klxm XY1ls-vvfs ummm ,um rw th: hwlsr, fx E-,hmhxtnwn ,1g,un. rhls mms hwvs' pxl.mx:.ix ' Gr.xqftx1W. Pzrlixz Ihr sguls' Iwhft -wt Ihr nxhlhzlmu R Phd Hnes phnz-h1Qm11ksl1mmP'p. Q, Sprmg1'r'lur wlll-1 Qkmlwg nv Thx cfhxhmf-n 1 linh.4r.x I.mvv1x:s,nxJ lun tfwlxrrvlmmclmv hwx. Yr :wx h xxxh hx xx naw' U Top Picture, Row 4fAllen, Eddy, Bolmeier, Cooke, B. Anderson, Baldwin, Aas, Armstrong. Row 3fCullen, Hastings, Conmy, Clay, Clarke, Courtemanche, Dalen. Row 2fCuoke, Evanson, Aamoth, Erickson, Creiman, Edhlund, Christianson, Deshaies. Row r-Bergren, Bruzx, Bjorgen, Andersan, G. Anderson, Eide, Dixon, Davis. Bottom Picture. Row 4 -fllehring, Hermann, Hagan. Gunvaldsen. Ford, Gordon, Brunskill, Hulebak. Forsythe. Row 3 -Gran. Gestie, Borman, Hektner, Bjorgn. Henschburger, Enlow. Row 2fFuros. Hahne, Glenn, Hoverson, Holmes, Hammer, Fiske, Hammerud, Row i--Carson. Fleck. Cruel, George, Beauchamp. Herbxson. Brady, Bolton. pep- 61446 The Pep Club is composed of the girls of Fargo High School. This year there are about no members, advised by Miss Rowlands. The Pep Club Council is appointed by the officers of the club and is composed of three seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores. It is their duty to organize committees for publicity, for programs, to sell candy at games, and to have pep assemblies. This council was organized last year. Its object is mainly to keep cliques from forming in and about the school. Each year the Pep Club gives one, very special, pep assembly. This year it was in the form of a skit, dramatizing the action of live girls at a basketball game. After the game the girls sang an original song to the Midgets. At the tournament in Bismarck a grand pep rally was held on Friday morning. There, these girls were asked to give their little skit again, Audrey Remme also played and sang a few numbers. OFFICERS President ....,. .......,.. . . ,Audrey Remme Vicefljresident ..,.. ,....... S ally Fleck Sec1eta1yf'l'ref1surer. . , . .Donna Christianson Nmerylenghn january eighth saw the annual Pep Club banquet and dance given in honor of the first two football squads. Toastmistress of 'this year's dinner was Audrey Remmea President of Pep Club. A short speech of welcome given by Joyce Gunvaldsen was answer' ed by Jim Dunlevy on behalf of the football team. The boys' Hfootballfshowerbath quarf tetnfcomposed of Dan Moe, Mert jones, Jim Dunlevy, and Mickey jones--sang a few numbers. Following the quartet, the guests, led by Audrey Remme, also had a chance to sing. After the banquet a dance was held in the gym, which was open to any high school student. Decorations consisted of huge pictures of "Zoot men". The football awards were given during the dance instead of at the banquet. Twenty letters were to have been given out, but the war has made these rather diflicult to obtaing therefore certificates were given alone with the promise that letters would come later. The presentation of the gold footballs was postponed until a later date. Row 1---Meath, J. Peterson. Wiig. Maher, W:xy'ne, Miss Rowlands, Row 2-MLudwigsen. Nellermoe. Morse. Lee. Kmgeland, Yoder. Row 3fSmith, Rudd, Wendorff, Wilman, Sandheek. Row 4-johns, Stafne. Leeby. Vogel, R. Nelson. Row 1-A-G. Nelson, Beckstrom, R, johnson, Weaver, Willming. Kibler. jacohson. Myhra. Row 1fSehens, Bergeson, Mzirtin, Lusk. Quam, Ruud, Phelps. Row 3fPeterson, Smiley. Thompsrn Morgan, Otterson. Lundquist, Row 4+RBmmC, Martinson. Sayler. Paulson, B. jones, Loomis. Iverson. blurry in e Q. 14. G., Glneealeacfmfi, anal Eden 0aap4 G. A. C, Orifivrnsz Miss Zarling, Phelps, Tvlnrgan. Ivliller, Brunskill. The Girls' Athletic Club is composed of girls who have earned zoo points which entitles you to become an honorary member, While goo points will give you an active membership. Points may be earned in intramural sports such as soccer, basketball, volley ball, or dancingg and in individual sports like hiking, skiing, skating and bicycling. Fargo High School has four cheerleaders. These boys try out in the fall and are chosen by the faculty and student body. This year they were Bob Feeney, jack Akre, Bud Peterson and Don Quam. They lead all the cheering at football and basketball games and at Pep assemblies. The baton corps is a group of girls under the leadership of Ruth Miller. Bm x lievliev. Row 2 llvgrcn. Deeds. Hahne. lnlinsfwn, Rfnney. Row i '-George, Quinn, Miller. Helm. Barlsrr Om' lnnnlvel Ons humired one Y' f 953' . 3 , Q ., ,,.x 55.2, an i K 'i 3 2' gs 15, . A? gig? , :-- ::.:: , Wag., 'TQ EQ! 16222513 . if s A '26, f5 y SX J' 4 l 5' dl W ..,. un We., ww? 'fits uw .,.. Eli ' ' ,1aS9?,. .H Q M ., f 95 ' - , ll!! gl 3 .25: , x X Ewa Wmiiwb and' In M ' + if 3 Kieiyu V,.2 'gy f 2 3 AFTERMATH The biting wind is past An icy stillness reigns Where stinging snow fell fast Pelting the window panes. Dirt ingrained like sin Crusts the snowy knoll And where the crust is thin It shows a sinless soul. -PAUL ENGER MY ERROR One day I got decked out for spring, New hat, new gloves and everything And as I stepped into the street, A little snow flake my face did greet. But I would not give up as yet, Cuz with a friend I'd made a bet She said spring-time had not come round No one else in such a garb, no one else would be found. But I on the contrary claimed spring had come And old man winter was gone, the bum! Then I began to fuss 'n frett- Guess my feet got a little wet. And snow flakes came with dreadful furry. I ran home in a quick fast hurry- To do-that's right-you've guessed the thing- I ran home to wait for spring! -JOYCE BOLMBIER WAR AND YOUTH Perhaps the most disastrous aspect of war is its effect upon the station of the world's youth. For though war is caused by the blunders of one generation, it is fought by the members of the following generation. The people who held the reins of national policy when the storms of war were brewing are now too old to suffer the supreme One hundred three consequences. They are now too old to fly the planes, to fire the guns, and to man the ships that are righting their wrongs by might. These jobs naturally fall to their children. These children do not have the privilege of entering society under ordinary circumstances. When they approach the age at which they would usually pick their life's work, they find that war conditions prohibit the planning of one's future. Today's youth, and any day's youth who are such in warftime, cannot choose the course of their immediate future. They cannot call their life their own, at least not until the existing war is over. That is a tragedy. It is a dangerous condition. The young person Ends himself with the next few years of his life cut out for him in the service of his country. He knows that he must do as he is told, so he ceases to worry about what he wants to make of his life. He may lapse into a condition where he doesn't care much about himself or his future. All he knows is that he wants to enjoy himself before entering Army routine. He becomes a little lawless and joins a general trend which has been termed "juvenile delinquency." Some people may say that youth does have a future. They claim that the world after this war will be a wonder land of new inventions and a dream land to live in. Perhaps so. But I had a friend with whom I played when I was small. He was older than I was, so joined the Armed forces about a year ago. This week he was listed as killed in action in Italy. He will get none of the glorious future after the war. Others may want to become surgeons, artists, etc. How do they know but what they might come out of the war with a hand shot off? No, youth does not have a very rosy future in war time. They do have the one airy dream that may be the postwar world will be a fine place in which to live, if they do live. The sad part is still that this generation's needs be sacrificed for the mistakes of the last. Maybe in some future form of civilization we will develop a system under which the old men, and those whose fault the war really is, will ac' tually fight it. That should be better than killing the cream of our manhood once every twenty years. -Jim DUNLEVY L ' 4 3 'Q xg an I P A , . 3 Q Q Q, v w X 9 s 69,8 Q Sie K ,lv ':g:: :gEsf1ff:' Q. , ., A 1 X gig 2359 QW ' , .... ,, - ..,..' " --.,:. --.xwf Mx Q: -:FI-""i:. -I' 1:: ::'. PW ' Q f Ya is f W f 3 A 2 .. 8 NWN..,,.MM-MN' N ,wqvw M "'gz,w my mv- , ,S , 'nw-rfw ' Nfwv N-W is f ., v Q 1 af Q ,E Eff." Q f luis Q I QS ff Q 'fi 24 Q .:' vgx ivvlnq-n -I ., X!! ' Q ' ,r , AJ. . ,fwfzfv ,,,f,.,Maf.f, Aa -41 .fig I I K X , -f ,QVI 5741- ,,4..Lg1fy,Q C, fc-.1 ,4,,,, ,ff I., tg ', L 4,-4 . A. 5 ff.: ' Twig! pf' , ,Qr L' 7 'Q' .., WEATHER I L " I ' " THESE I LIKE The dictionary says weather is the combined These I like: fi A , conditions of the atmosphere, the encyclopedia The Smell of rain on a dusty Street, gives a very scientihc explanation of the elements, but I know differently. I really know what causes weather, having just returned in my rocket ship from my explorations of the universe. Therefore I will impart for the benefit of posterity my knowlf edge of the weather. In the following journal I report my Endings. LEFERDGEWORTH AND His FRIENDSN Ferdgeworth is a dwarf who lives with his friends up on the top of the sky. Ferdgeworth and his friends all have a special duty to perform. For instance Ferdgeworth, really a fine fellow, sometimes forgets to light the big lamp, then the sun doesn't shine and all is dark until Fergeworth wakes up, and all of a sudden the sun breaks through. Of course there's Wasooh, poor fellow, he has a horrible case of hay fever and always sneezes, especially during March, when the quackfgrass grows. This is the reason for windy March. Besides Fergeworth and Wasooh there is Omelet and the nameless little dwarf who has a special press through which he passes big sheets of ice, cutting every tiny piece into a different shape and dropping them through the cracks in the blue ceilf ing, these are the snowflakes. Now Omelet has a terrible passiong he loves to fry eggs. But Omelet is very poor and lives in a house with cracked floors and a smoky stove. Every time he frys eggs the smoke pours through the cracks in the floors, causing smoke and fog. The last of these dwarfs is Weepy, a sad little begger, always crying. His tears run down in big sheets, known to us as rain. Now, each in their own place these dwarfs and their helpers are very fine. But every once in a while they all get together and have a big party. Then it snows, sleets, the wind blows, the sun is out, and the earth is a dismal place until they all go back to the earth. l Having imparted my findings, my pen is stilled until I retum from my next trip into the stratosf phere, having imparted to the world my vast knowledge of the weather. -PAT BRIGGS One hundred five The uncertain patter of a puppy's feet, The feel of the west wind in my hair, The friendly creak of some friendly old stair, The ringing of church bells all together, A wisp of blue smoke like a wind blown feather, The feel of contentment deep within me, The buzzing briskness of the busy bee, The thin blades of grass appearing in spring, And the birds, when they begin so blithely to sing I These, not only I like, but many more, If written all down, they'd be counted by score. -RAMONA NELSON IN CONDITION You'll be in condition, in a little while. That's what our gym teacher said with a smile. So, we beganw-a oneftwo-three, Touch your toes! ' Don't bend your knees! S Q I Hands up' high! J b QQ . Reach for the sky- K I V -V A h b k- ' rc your ac , 1 N Oh! I thought I'd crack! . Then, I stopped and you can see, The condition it has made of me. - My arms, they ache, My neck, it's sore, 4 My head, why it throbs to the count of four, Rx ? X My legs are stiff as old fencefposts, no But my back's the place, that hurts the most. If you can do exercises 'n stuff like th , 5 XI Till you're tired and have worn off a g al mia N And your muscles are like an iron an Nuts--You re just a superman l lzfi iii!! VR 5: A , , X W + , fd Wa, A-vi W Q V " " im 'if .X Xa 9 f. A -. .. M-:4:,.1,. -' .,,: x . ,. 5 ww 'f , l -l x. - Wx A wut ., wwf, , 2' i W x .. gi ,S il ,. ik. H2 b amz? W' 1'-W 11 1 is gb K i 3 , Q X an .7 . few! . M fwnvdf WW? T Vt ' M 0 we fr' oss WHO?" W1-W? II A is for Ann, who says, "What's News?" Click on, on, on, that ooming ww B is for Barb, she plays us a tune. Until the hour hath run. C is for Clarice, boy, isn't she smart? D is for Dapper Don, who gives us a start. E is for Eugene, the football hero. F is for Freddie, who gets many zeroes. G is for Gwen, w,ho's so good at art. H is for Herdeg, who loves to park. Then I for Isaac, who's really Dick. J means Jane, who really clicks. O, would that my pen could spatter out Those thoughts that will not come. Oh, well for the studious youth Whose mind is in good repair, But woe to the luckless one. Let him chew his pen in despair, And the hurried minutes pass, Soon shall we hear the bell. M 5 Wy . . ' I K is for Kertie, a bald young soph. But, ah for the hint of a vanished though L is for love, . . . . . . don't scoff ! Or the dates I can not tell. . 1 Q M is for Mons, who's got a voice. Click on, on, on, O terrible clock. I ' . O and K for going with Joyce. Thine 'hour hath nearly run. di - P is for Polly and also for Phelps. My chance is gone, P ' Quezon . . . we learned that in history, T' will ne'er return. help! For now the test is done. ! ly R is for Mona, who is so grand. S is for solid-our AllfTalent Band. t . ' . . SO, WHY NOT LAUGH? NV . Tom plays the strings, but makes it hot. Q M ' . . . 5. P Umm, it really sounds good, does it not? Laugh, and the world laughs with you. X I li ' -. V is for Victory, for which we all stand. Laughaand you laugh alone, I gg Whls for Wmnef, SWB the PPYS 3 hand- The first when the joke is the teacher's, i' Q 'I X is for something, but don t ask me. . . ' 1 . . . The last when the joke is your own. . t Y is for young, which all girls seem to be. Q- rx. Z is the end of my oration- . K - Q, Isn't it good that some things are ration' By ordering spring lamb in a restaurant ' ' lf ed? these days, you realize how tough it is to a X X mx 'JUDY MORGAN die young! . , ' , . If . . I A, x A C ,. y " N And those Senior Snaps identifications. I forgot to put them in, but .... those seniors get too much I lax ' i U glory anyway. We'll make them do a little work to look back and see how these check with the pictures. t Q- ' I 5 . - i - K .f N Senior Snaps-Page 44 r. Moorhead girls at Sistocratic League tea. 2. Senior class programg pretty, aren't they? 3. Sadie Hawkins .... quite a time. 4. Busy Duane. Will they ever get in the right order to snap? 5. Mick and Jeanie have a whirl at Sadie Hawkins Day dance. 6. Bond show and Rocky. The lovable pinfup boy of F.H.S. 7. All that trouble in posing him and now look at him! 8. We do turn out for a football game, don't we? 9. "Marryin' Sam" Hinkle with two prospective customers. ro. Don Hill and Marian Kienholz certainly look dramatic. 11. Game room of All-Society party. 'Who won, Neal or Ray? iz. Going somewhere? 13. Marian Kienholz playing a selection on her violin. 14. Pep Club banquet .... they look contented. Senior Snaps-Page 45 r. Old time dancing at the All'Society. Looks fun, doesn't it? 2. Cafeteria scene - - ' where did they get those dixie cups? . Sp ' p ah spring! Say, who's the center of attraction? 4. Why, Mr. Gates, aren't you the leak bit curious? 7. We surely did our are ' e paper drive, huh, HifY boys? 6. Swinging out at the Pep Club banquet. 7. lnitiationvthis happens every year. 8. T e r of ' f befforgotten minstrel show f - f oh, man! 9. Cute pep club girls at a pep assembly. X One hundred seven wwwiewi 1 ig, f' if t hi Vwwwvgigdf Dif1'j"Lf,,f5 ff Mfr . i.- . f f . , M55 'WM W jffffliifjwwwffh if? 1 fcif Wfwfff hw ' f if 'X f jf I Mfr Cf if WMWWNT 5 4724 i fi ff if' if 9 si f J if THfifil1flff1flfZT fgiiiftgifzigi?3231232 39 'X' 5' 5 MA! AX! .FJOIIIPPIDYQ Mi. A. w. Schillh, ofthe Pi erce Ptihtiiig COID' QB ij? Q! I f X V ' paiiyg the s K Smith com ah of Chicaghmg Epkog and Q W , -' ,ji seheiiiiig f h ance they have X rf Q ,O v . ,K A J re wledge time aid given Teo ,X Y, OR! vii' but mgti3fit3t5iezit1?St T52 gi XX i Y . , . I tif My JU? wb , m many ways helped us through o I v s I ewflgfjlfiffik if My wifi W ne hundred eight im QCVWMX My Fix My WM 1 Q. vp.. sf x. -va K . , r . , - , in - l I Ag ,N -Nd 'L . - 1 5 v 'f N.. sl H . W ' .N Z . I l " ' I ' A . ,.,,LL-A' ' fl i by Mc ' v S XT xi hx . I N, A. 1 I VJ 'AJ' 'I Q X -I C-' wil- M 'PIM f"""'c"L 4", if f- ' if ,L PX' A 1 ., 1 'V sr f kg 2' T' -1 A i Jlonaa I' W he 5 ' ' , RL .X ,K N The Cynosure Annual Staff of IQ44 wishes to extendvrtheit sincerest thanks to the fi' following business firms, for without their financial support the successful publication of ' I 'f' this book could not have been possible. A y .f " ,lx .' I It II A , ' fp? N 'AwY7'l.4,4'l'Y..j lo. K , Z. , O BUTION- If Aan. O Im, LJ X ' U mit tudio 'f"'I'- rv- 1 Q, W ti. ,I Y, ,Q 'ffl J, Z2 Ju, -N' ' o I , . MM: 4 'VJ' S15 CONTEKPQU- ION .fig ' - R6 if f - 'X' "f'f'51Yl " fm. JP ' Qlioss Studio I "K ' ' 01 Q CONTRIBUTIONS I - J' CassfClay Creamery J Pierce Printing Co. M Qu! Fargo Lodge, B. P. O. E. Scherling Studio M , j. C. Penney Co. Sears Roebuck , Northern School Supply Standard Oil Co. H, ' ,4wL4gd Northern States Power A ' A p sg CGNTRIBUTIONS 91 ALEX STERN E? CO. HERBSTQS . BERGSTROM Es' CROWE FURNITURE CO. BRADY MOTOR Co. p CHESLEY LUMEER CO. ' DAKOTA CLINIC O. J. deLendrecie Co. FAIRMOUNT CREAMERY Q O FARGO GLASS Er? PAINT CO. FARGO NATIONAL BANK Mi ff FIRST NATIONAL BA FLECK CHEVR LB X6 N GOPHER G RAVE OTEL O E G GR STUDI A NGTON E99 HOUG ON I' T red nine HOENCKQS FUR STORE HUGHES STORE INTERSTATE BUSINESS COLLEGE ovvkf A- JOHNSON,S SHOE STORE - A' S. S. KRESGE Co. . MATT SEIGEL CLOTHING CO. M MERGI-IANT's NATIONAL BANK MCCRACKEN STUDIO pal MODEL LAUNDRY 'Lf MOORHEAD DAILY NEWS W MORGAN CREAMERY me NEWDAY SEED Co. SHOTWELL FLORAL CO. ' Q WALLWORKSS 4 jjfyzfuf f lk 77 ,A 7. 7 Va v ' ' In . T f ,7g529' 7 7l'aVb6i7?f, Wids?'8sf',1 wa ww M M .J K -Kent .,... ' ..... 62 .....108 W Art Club ........................ . 7 "Le ucernen ...... ,.......... 8 6 Athletic Commission ,..,.... .3 ..., . 9 I d U -National Athletic Scholarship Society I . B -Ban ""4" " ' ' "" ' A ' ' I ' National Honor Societv ..... . . . .X . Baslietllallx. . .baba . ..... W .,..... 92' . A x.- 7 Poard of Education. ..... f ....... n. . I7 O.-Octet. D D 7 I Q A Q D I J: A 7 D ' Board 0fPHb1ifHi0HS """"' T ' ' ' ' ' O stra. . . ........... . Q . . ic 80 5 vi Boys' Athletic Club ........ , . . . . , 1 Ur' 7 'V A . M 'I 'X 4 ' . ' . , 7 J b Nj NBoys.Glee1Club ...... .. ..... e Club..-H 98,99 lf' BOYS Quiftet ---- - - " ' ' Philomathean ..,..,,.... lf! ..... . 63 , 1 ' . 1 . - ' J I Q . C--Cheerlvefaders... . .. .100 Ehisirmn'!'."'AQ'7JJt"iA" 84 yvax A Jifqnteeks ........ . . 8 " ' "-'--' ft '-"-'- "" 5 yryesure Annual ..... . . . ..... 76 7 g I el . Q4 Cyysure BifWeekly ..... .......... 7 8 S6011 """ """""""' E W' 7 W have .'I..' "... ed Cro . ,.......... ..... . .. 69 xx-5 f ' xyedfcation DADI- ....-- I Y Re sentative t ts .,....... ..... 2 2 - I - Eghfbfthenfcs .... s SQCQ ciub-:K ........... f ......... 72 S' ,QI 1 Seni ss.,. . . ............... 24043 I 7 ll Twiaculty """""""""' ""' i Cla icers. . ............... 23 'g l Feature "Snaps" and Copy .......... IO2'IO'7 ' Sem apshotst 7 U V U 7 7 7 7 Q 7 7 Q 7 44,45 8 7 Football ........................... 88f91 6 Stoo O Conquer 7 ' A . 7 7 7 7 I 7 85 V X8 Foreword "" I ' L56 S1 ocratic 'l ..,.... ......... 2 0 - . - , - Sna ....... ...... 102, 104, IO6 . G-G.A.C. .....,.... . , . W C Girls, Glee Clubwyd I' 7 7 7 A 7 2 e Cl . .fu ................ 59,55 Girls' Triple Trio ................, ... 84 Soph e assh 'cfm' p omore is ots ...... ...... .... 5 NN, H-Harlequin ..,,,. .--. 66 Sportsmanship .... .................. 5 9 W Hobby Club llbu, ',., 7 3 String Quartet ........ ......,....... 8 4 A Hockey llbbbh hlll 9 5 Student ncil ........... . . . 18 ga Honor ..'.. .-,. I O9 Stu urt ........... . . . I8 it Sw g Team ...., ..... 96 ' . L-.Il Qritramural Sports. . . . . . . 97 ' ' -T iaflf ......... .... 6 7 ,, I Class. . ...... ...... 4 - tle, e. .......... . . . 3 :A ,fluwass Officers .... ..,... . Tr c .... .......... ..... 96 jg A Qgjfknior Snapshots ........,..... . . . . . 56! 'pig i . . ................ . . . . 68 f A -.X i. 41 4 ti LJ One hlmdred :cn 7 1 at ,if fi- qrm 1 ,. n 5 L. P-- W, ,e, , . QM 4 , VL- W i ' ' 5 Ziff i la, x .,4".' V ig I if A 'lg 3 VZJWKQOQI Q wg WM 7 f 5, 33 w y , ' a , X v M is 4 U' FQJSQ' mf! 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Suggestions in the Fargo Central High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Fargo, ND) collection:

Fargo Central High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Fargo, ND) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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