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A-Tefv ' ' '- ' ' S- "MN-.' 5--5 lar. 1 .3-.',..1-JJ-4 'ff ","'-1 -'-A '- - ' 4, .-YF-a5..1'l ...,. .--gr nf--,g.,"',A ,.,- , . V- V I II .I . I . III,II V I A 4, V-1 -V.. 'K V, Lg Y,-V-,V, . A I-,QI I- 9... V I : I IN V n. . V, .g,..q, . I-Ay ,EI V,I3.I Y.. V V! 1 r. ,- II VII, VIV .,. --4 , gg, ,VV VV1 -Q I I ww. Lug --I is an-I,'V -IV-A I f-,VVL 5- -, - '- ' .Viv f' I- - V , -' ' --P 1-. -1,- -IMI V. '1' j' - 5.3: :my '-I V,,m'5 V+'--,QI III- .- 51' .' , . VI VIIV.,.f.i.g,. 1 1' V '. V ' V - --4,, -'. ff,-,M-o, -, 'f -4 -V- ..j-' - 1- w , 1 - V w 'V .- 5 "'- ', X 1 -', 1 ,"gS.'r ,, V f nl VL! In ' 1' . .- ' . " . ., -- .J - -mf , -gg 1---.-+ .,.fS?-- -. F-HL-72f1:"' w -- ,. Q . R ' G: arf' M,-' 1 ' -5 'FF' - KU'-"' '- fp "1 1... " My - . 1. VJ Al -vfwfi-i,--.-1'-V-,, - - . - . 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" "ff -41 W-'f"i?fA'1i' ' ' - .f -'Kr-if "f-- '.-A-' '15-,-f. '- 1 , . - " ' xi" .. ' "-' -'.-Fit' lf-'U----. --5 .pi .. 'g.1p:f- f ' 7- -1--'S-fu - g",-1' f 4: ,1-- '??1 .. .,-" ' .:.gf,. ".'-'. 1a.a'Ln ,---1.1 f f-?:n'-1-1 , ' " IV r - ' 4. 49 ,' I- .g-V I , .JIII I . V, .V I . V ' 9 uf -, . . . , 5 . ' Y ' 1 ,na .' . - ' : '- r J. ' - V -- Vg M-'I . JV-.' 1 -. ,Q , Y - ..f -. ,f- , . V V .1 f I - 'P 1f','.-' " ,--QSM S11 .'. ., ' - : I, ' , w n , , V , I I qf.'.I,7.- I I I 4' I...I V I I , . IK ,I 'V ' . ' L, VAN... " ' . VL.: L , gh, 5 . .,- ,. - I,g THE DULPHIN TUNE, 1943 VOL. 39 No. 1 I-'HH HUCHHWHY HIGH SCHUUI. MONICA D. RYAN. Principal GAIL ROBBINS, Senior SYDELLE RESNICK LEO SELIGSOHN ELAINE SANDHAUS NAT FRANKEL PAULINE NEWMAN IRA GREIFF JOSEPH FISHER JERRY ADELMAN ROSLYN BABBIT ALLAN BERGER RHODA BE-RGMAN ADRIENNE FRESHMAN JOYCE FLEISCHER EVELYN SCHROEDER STAFF Edizow-in-Chief Axmciate Editom .JOAN COOPER Axroriale Board EDWARD GOLDSMITH JACQUES ZAKIN BENSON SOFFER ADELAIDE SCHIFF DAVID SEGAL Photography Slaf An Stag Bufifzeu HARRIET BRODEY Farully Advixery ELAINE SANDERS, Lilerary CLAIRE SCHWARTZ GERTRUDE KAPLAN ALAN BERGER ROBERT BERNEN PEGGY SULLIVAN BETTY KATZEL MARTIN HITZIG JERRY ELACKMAN BARBARA KANIGEL MARTIN LOWENSTEIN PAULINE NEWMAN JOANNE SCHWARTZ ROSALIE WEISBERGER BERNETTE KLEIN MARIE J, FOLEY, Literary FREDERICK G. KISER, Financial DOROTHY NEVINS, Art Staff , . . Contents .. ,r.., Dedication ..,.... Hildegarde Liebich . , . To the Class of 1943 . Monica D. Ryan . ., Senior Will .A.. .Senior Officers ..., Senior Personalities . 4 . Our Boys in Service . . .Senior Mirror . . . . . P School Highlights . Literary .....,..i,. African Interlude .. . Gold and Wheels .,.. Home of Today . . . . The Decisive Moment Susie,s Dilemma ...,. Souvenirs .....,.... Simplified Philosophy iMoods .i.......... Kid Stuff . . , Expandable ,....... From the Souplime to The Tramp ...,...., A Soldier Speaks ,.... Fifteen ...4.,....,. Life's Darkest Moment Song of Two Loves . . Dolphin Patrons . , . Advertisements . . CONTENTS the Ridiculous .... . Page . Page . Page . Page . Page . Page . Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page TO MISS HILDEGARDE LIEBICH who for four years has guided us with wis- dom and deep interest in our welfare, the Senior Class of June 1943 gratefully dedi- Cates this issue of the Dolphin. un ,J W 'Yr June, 1943 Dear Graduates of June 1943: A class marked by such divers- ity of talent, such scholastic attain- ments, such ability to work together for a common goal, as yours is, has even now claims to distinction. For the future, the faculty of Far Rock- away High School and your fellow students expect great things of you. It will not surprise us to hear that in the realms of orchestral, instru- mental and vocal music, of tennis and swimming, of scientific research and study, young men and women from your group will win fame for themselves and for their school. We wish and expect the best of you and for you. But you have other claims to en- viable recognition. Many of you are members of Arista, others have proved efficient leaders in school or- ganizations, all of you, your grade adviser declares, have worked well together. You have been a happy class, have enjoyed your high school associations, have appreciated what the school has tried to do for you, have got something of what we have tried to give. This in itself is success in terms of every-day living. One of the chief aims of an edu- cation is to help one out of a diffi- culty. When we come to a fork in the road, the training in judgment and reasoning, the foundations of character, the sense of values, personal and ethical, which we have built for ourselves during years of schooling, should enable us to take the right turning, not only for our- selves but for the group, the com- munity in which we live and serve. May the foundation in knowledge, in high purpose, in integrity of character that you have built in your years at Far Rockaway High School guide each of you to the right turning when you come to the fork in the road! May you be true to the best in yourself and in your heritage as an American citizen! Very sincerely yours, MONICA D. RYAN, Principal 7 SENIOR WILL Far Rockaway we love you dearly Perhaps that's why we've come back yearly And to our teachers despite all crimes We do dedicate these lines. For four long years we've done our best To see that you would get no rest. But now we're through and duly repent And we'd like these tokens to present. To Miss Liebich who's worked so hard We leave an extra special commendation card To Mrs. Reilly we bequeath something new A Senior who gladly pays his debts when due To Mr. Luft, our commencement driller We leave a box of Havana Filler. And to Mr. Franzen we leave a bell Which rings 12 gongs and all is well. To the Q'Blonde Adonis" or Mr. Tietze We leave size 15 shoes for his dainty feet. To Miss Ferguson and her cooking class A 4 dimensional plate of unbreakable glass To old B,., while he's in his prime Goes a "Chat" press day that ends on time For Mr. Wollrab who always Smiles A bike for him to ride many miles. To'Mr. Seiden who watches the yard We leave a big strong G.O. guard. To Mr. Shniper, our history teacher We leave a ticket to a double feature. To Mr. Sessler who's always calm We leave him his wish, an extra arm. To Mr. Starke and his gallant band We leave a baton with an automatic hand 8 And Too For Dr. Moore who teaches us to navigate We leave a Corsair and a P-3 8. To Miss Boardman and your library crew We leave a set of first editions to you. To Mrs. Markham who taught special history A new world map that's not a mystery. To Dr. Greiif and her scientific knowledge New students to train for entering college. Miss McGorry is really hep To her we leave a new jitterbug step. Miss Gussow has put on many a Hesta To her a 24 hour siesta. To King Louey and his mighty reign We leave a big black ball and chain. To Mr. Rivkin and the Victory Corps We leave volunteers forever more. To Mr. Hamburger who preaches Vitamin B We leave guinea pigs C.O.D. To Mr. Rathjen object of many a crush A screen to hide behind with every blush. To Mr. Blau, a killer-diller A book that's written by Joe Miller. To Mlle. Green, qui retire a cette fois Nous souhaitons sante et beaucoup de joie. Mrs. Gumpert's real true blue A quiet study hall we leave to you. To Mr. Dann Whom we all admire We leave a brand new rubber tire. to you other pedagogues numerous to mention We leave an extra curricular activity Known as "Five Days Detention." SENIOR lFlFlICClERS STANLEY MISHKIN President of Senior Class: Honor Society, Stage Crew: Football: Varsity Baseballg Swimming Certificate: Latin Certificate, Editor-in-Chief of English and Latin Class Papers. AFTER GRADUATION: City College. ADE LE lxANE Secretary of Senior Class, Arista, Honor Society: 60, 80. 100 Wimrd Gregg Certifi- cates: Pan-American Cluh, Sec'y., Vice-Pres.g All-Citv Spanish Fiesta g Assembly Program: Sec'y to Mr. Kap- pel, Miss Bernis: Secretarial Club: Carnival: Secretarial Service Club, Vice-Pres. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. ELAINE GREEN BERG Treasurer Of Senior Class Arista, Pan-American, Presi dent, Sec'yg Sec'y to Mr Kappelg Morale Kit Repre sentativeg Dolphin Represen tativeg Red Cross Representa tive: House of Representa tives: Bryant Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Syracuse University. XVINIFRED L. BURKE Vice Pres. Senior Class, Swimming Team: Senior Life Saving Certificate and Pin: jr. Councilor, Silver Medal Award: First Aid Leader, Instructor for Handi- capped Swimming Classg Car- nival, Aquacade, Cheer Lead- er: Sec'y Miss Haynes, Mrs. Schiller, Program Committee. AFTER GRADUATION: New Rochelle. lNlll.DRlfD ACHNSKY French-American Club1 Serv- ice League-3 Sec'y to Miss Muller, Teacliers' Wllfkf.ltPlllQ Theatre Clubg Bryant Club. Al-"HER CHQADIIATIONZ Cornell. l.ll.l.lAN Al.'l'SCHlll.lfR Se-by to Miss l.iebich. Al"'llili GRADIVATIONZ Business. MARGARli'l' ANGLIM Swimming Team, limer- gency Ruuing jr, Life Savirigg Shell Pin fl'.S.A.l..l1 l.eacl- ers' Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Reilly: Service League, -lr. Cnuncilurs. In AFTER GRADUATION: Husintss. liSSlli BAILEY Gregg 80 Vifivrtl Cert., Seey to Miss Frencli, Miss Murphy, Miss Zietz AFTER GRADUATION: Civil Service Typist. Mllllllil. BAUMGAR'l'liN Chemistry Clubg Sec'v tu M iss Murphy g Emergency Rtmmg l'.S.A,l.., Volleyball, Basketball, Red Cross Repre- sentative, Defense Stamps Rep.g Bryantg Leatlers' Club, Bible Reading. Alfltlik GRAnuATioN: Mnunt Sinai Scliuul of Nursing. DOROTHY BELL Program Comm., Emer- gency Rnum, Sec'y to Miss Becker, Mrs. Rice, Mr. Hur- leyg G.G.O, Guard, P.S.A.L. Shell Pin. AFTER GRADUATIONZ CI.C.N,Y. SlfYlXlOllR Al.'l'lNlAN liiolugv l.ab,g Sec'v tu Mr. Luft, Mr. Grub, Camera Clubg G.O. Guartls. AFTER GRADIIATIONZ New York University, HOWARD AMRON G.O. Council, Vice-Pres., Thirtl Year Rep, Rifle Team, N.R.A. Teamg Glee Clubg Musicana llg Theatre Club, Pres.: Assembly Pmgramsg Carnival Nightg S.W.A.C.g G. O, Guards, Swimming Cert. for Graduation. AFTER GRADUATION: Rensselaer. ROSLYN G. BAHl'llT Dolphin Art Staffg Poster Clubg Sketch Club: Girls' Athletics, SeC'y to Miss Hirsclibergg Reel Cross Sew- ing, Library Squaelg Sec'y to Mrs. Nevinsg l.k'.lklL'I'Si Club. AFTER GRA1muATioN: Carnegie Institute wt Tech' nnltlgy, DOROTHY HARIN Secretarial Training Clubg Secretarial Service League: 60 and S0 Wtwrtl Gregg Certiti- Cates. AFTER GRADUATION: liusiness, EMILY HEBAN AFTIER GRADUATTQN: Drake Business Sclmul BliT'l'Y BliNliDlX Service League: Chat Typist' A Q , Attendance Otbceg Camera Clubg. 60, 80 Wirral Gregg Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION! Marines. II MORDECAI BERKUN Service League: Honor So- 'cietyg Senior Mathematics Clubg History Clubg Current Events Club: Bryant Clubg Chess Club: Stamp Club: Tennis Squad: First Place Se- nior Tennis Tournament '42g Latin Class Newspaperg Car- nival: Program Committeax Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia University. SANDRA BERNSTEIN Senior French: junior Thea- treg Library Squad: Service Leagueg Chamber of Com- merce Essay Prize: Honor So- ciety: Bryant Clubg School Oratorical Contest. AFTER GRADUATION: Barnard. MORTON BISHOP Sound Crew: Chemistry 'Cluhg Biology Lab. Squad: Chem. Lab. Squad: First Year Rep.: Service League. AFTER GRADUATION: Navy Air Corps. ALFRED BOCKMAN Minor "R" for Basketball: 'G.O. Guards. ,AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Marines. HARRY BOND Honor Societyg Certificate for Excellence in Latin and Spanish: Arista. .AFTER GRADUATION: M. I. T. BERNARD BORISKIN AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Army. 12 JANICE BERNSTEIN General Otiice: Glee Club: Sec'y to Mr. Luft. AFTER GRADUATION: Women's College of North Carolina. RUTH R. BERRY Sec'y Pan-American Club: Bryant Club: History Club: Swimming Team, Aquacade '41, '42, Jr. Life Saving Cer- tificateg Glee Club: Musicana Ig Honor Society: Chemistry Club: Latin Certificates '59, '40g Service League: Assembly Programg Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. DONALD BLAKE G.O. Council, President. Vice-President: Arista, Boy Leader: Honor Society: Pan- American Club, Vice-Presi- dent: Bryant: Health Ed. Of- fice: Assembly Programs: Carnival, 3121 Fiesta: Victory Corps: Rifie Team, '39, '40, AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Army Air Corps, WALTER BOLAND AFTER GRADUATION! Notre Dame. JEANNE BORISON Pan-American Club: Red Cross Knitting Clubg Spanish Stenographers' Clubg Service Leagueg 80 Word Gregg Cer- tihcateg Dance Club: General OHice. AFTER GRADUATION: Civil Service Examination. WARREN BORNHOEFT G.O. Guards. AFTER GRADUATION: Navy V-12, MARION BRABAND Secretarial Cluh, Leaders' Cluh, AFTER GRADUATION: Business. HARRIET BRODEY ,lillCAlfl'L' Club, Stage Crew, Advertising Mgr.: Pwerrv Club, Secretary, jr. Theatre: Chat, Dolphin, "Skylines," Musicana, Glee Club, 60, 80 Wrvrcl Gregg Cert., Radio ln- structor. AFTER GRADUATION: Latin-American Institute, -IAMIZS BROWN Dance Band: Mixed Cho- rus, Victory Corps. AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Army Air Corps. ROSLYN CAHN Sec'y to Miss Cutts, Mrs. Reilly, House of Rep., Bry- ant, 60, 80, 100 Wlord Gregg Certificate, Chat Typist, Secre- tarial Cluh, G.O. Rep., Wair Stamp Rep., Poetry Cluh, Red Cross Knitting Group, Sewing Group, Dolphin Rep. AFTER GRADUATION: W.A,A.Cl. STLTART CANIN Musicanag Orchestra, junior Honor Society, Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: Professional Violinist. lilJGlZNli CASS G.O, Guard. AFTER GRADUATION: Navy Air Corps, ARTHUR BRACKMAN Orchestra '40, '41, '42, V131 Chorus '42, '43, "Skyline-s," Musicana, Pres. S.W,A.A.C., Leader Dance Band, Sec'y Dr. Caplan, Feature Editor Chat Staff, Dolphin Rep., House of Rep., All City Symphonic Band: Carnival, Swimming Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION: Cornell. HAROLD BRODSKY Swimming Certificate for Graduation, History Cluh. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens College. CLAIRE BUTOXW Secretarial Club, 60 Wiwrtl Gregg Certificate, French- American Cluh, Sec'y to Mr. Kappel, Bryant Cluh, AFTER GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. BRUNO CAMPA AFTER GRADUATION: Fordham. -IOSEPHINF CARDFA Dolphin Rep., Attendance Othce, Sec'y to Miss Liehich, Miss Haynes, 60, 80 Wmirtl Gregg Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION: Hefiley Business School. FLVIRA CIESTRA -60, S0 Wirral Gregg Cer- tificate, Girls' Athletics, AFTER GRADUATION: Collegiate Secretarial School, 13- THIZLMA CHAllNlOWl'1'Z 80 Wisrd Gregg Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION: Catherine Gibbs Business SCl10Ul. BERNICE CHARKIN Arista: Chat Typist: His- tory: Social Usage: Secre- tarial: Morse Code Club: Service League: F. R. Letters: Bryant. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. VITO CHIARELLO Tennis Team, Capt. '-li: Tennis Medal: G.O. Guard: Major Letter. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. KENNETH COHEN Chemistry Club: Physics Club: G.O. Guard: Pre-Mili- tary Club: Camera: Chemistry Squad. AFTER GRADUATION: Georgia Tech, NORIVIAN COHEN Guards: Chess Club. AFTER GRADUATION: R.C.A. Institute. BERT CRYSTAL Orchestra: Dance Band Varsity "Rn: G.O. Guards: Chemistry Club: Musicana: "Skylines." AFTER GRADUATION: United States Navy. 14 HARRIET CHAITKIN General Ottice: Emergency Room: 60, 80 Wtwrd Gregg Certilicate: G.O. Rep.: Red Cross Rep.: Dolphin Rep.: Secretarial Training Club: Red Cross Knitting and Sew- ing Groups. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. PI-IYLLIS CI-IIERIFF Sec'y in Emergency Room: Bryant Club: Iunior French Club: Basketball Club: AFTER GRADUATION: Temple. BEVERLY COHEN 60, 80 Wford Gregg Certifi- cate: Sec'y to Mr. XX'olfeld. Mrs. Reilly: Musicana: Glee Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. IRVING COHEN Choral Training: Victory Corps. AFTER GRADUATION: ll. S. Army. SOI. COHEN AFTER GRADUATION: Annapolis. EDYTHE DANILIN Service League: French- American: Swimming Team: Receptionist: SeC'y to Miss Young, Mr. Wcwllrab: Attend- ance Othce: Dolphin Rep. AFTER GRADUATION: Pratt Institute. CONSTANTINE IJAVANIZIS Swimming Team, Swim- ming and Life Saving Certiti- cate for Graduation: Red Cross jr. Lite Saving Em- blem: Honor Society. AIfTIzR GRADUATION: Columbia L'niveI'sity. HELEN EDELSTEIN French Club: Bryant: Art and Sketch: Dolphin Art: Symphonic: Orchestra: Musi- cana I and II: G.O. Rep.: Orchestra Librarian: Sec'y Mr. Edelstein : Library Service Sqllllkll XX'ing Course. AIfTI2R GRADIIATIONZ Queens College. RHODA EILEN Girls' Athletics: Dolphin Rep.: Bryant Club: Current Events Medal: Sec'y to Mrs. Steinmann: Sugar Rationing: Pan-American ClIIb. AFTER GRADUATION: University of Illinois. HAROLD ELSON G.O. Guard: Chess Club: Stamp Club, Vice-Pres.: G.O. Rep.: Pan-American Club and Assembly: English Class Paper, Assoc. Editor: Latin Class Paper: Red Cross First Aid Course. AFTIQR GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. DONALD FELSENTHAL First Aid Squad. AFTER GRADUATION: N.Y.Il. JOSEPH FISHER Arista: Service League : G.O.G., Lieutenant 3 Pan- American Club: History Club: Current Events Club: Camera Club: History B Award: G.0. Rep.: Dolphin Rep.: Carnival: Pan-American As- sembly Program. AFTER GRADUATION: Navy. El.IZABETH DRIBBEN See'y to Dr. Caplan, Miss Young: Clerk in I.ll3l'.II'YQ G.G.O. Guard. AI"'I'I?R GRADUATION: Pratt Institute. BARBARA IEEFROSS Biology Squad: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Spanish Assembly: Carnival: Girls' Emergency Room: Tennis: Bryant Club: Biology Club: Ir. A,W.V.S.2 Teachers' NX'orkroomg Sugar Rationing. AFTER GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. BENHIAMIN ELSON Biology Lab.: General Of- fice: Ass't to Mr. Augsburyl Ass't to Miss Liebichg His- tory Club, Vice-Pres.: Current Events Club: Pan-American Club: Sr. Math. Club, Vice- Pres.: Chess Club: Hon. Men- tion, Second Wfestinghouse Science Talent Search: Stamp Club, Sec'y and Vice-Pres.: Bryant Club: Spanish Certifi- cate: Prize-A.A.T.S.: Arista. AFTER CTRADIIATIONI Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology. MARVIORIE E. FELDMAN Honor Society: Chat: G.Q. Rep.: Bryant Club: Member House of Representatives: Teachers' vUUI'liI'UUIIIQ I.e Parnasseg French-American: Secy Poetry Club: -Ir, Forum: Leaders: Dolphin: History: A.W.V.S. AI-:TER GRADUATION: Queens Colleg.: RALPH FEUERMAN History Current Events: Pan-American, Pres.: Carnival Night: G.O. Guard: Pan! American Assembly. AFTER GRADUATION: Pratt Institute. MURRAY FOX Art Staff: Art 5 Honors. AFTER GRADUATION: Technical Courses. 1 5 NATHANIEI. FRANKEL Honor Society: Pan-AITIer- ican Assem. Prog.: Chat, Sports Editor, Associate Edi- tor: Dolphin Sports Editor: Pan-American Club: Vice- Pres.: Fiesta: G.O.G.: Chess Club: French-American Club. AFTER GRADUATION: N.Y.U. . CAROL FRIEND Sec'y to Dr, Betz: Teachers' Vfforkroomg 60, 80 Wlord Gregg Certificates. AFTER GRADUATION: Business, IRWIN GARFINKEI. Ir. G.O.G., Lieutenant 1 Sec'y of Pre-Military Train- ing Club: First Aid Squad: Emergency Fire Squad: Sec'V Boys' Emergency Room: Ra- tioning. AFTER GRADUATION: M.I.T. H ELEN GAVENDER Pan-American Club, Sec'y: Assembly Program: Carnival: Fiestas: All-City High School Chorus g Musicanag Glee Club: Sec'y to Mr. Hamburg- er, Mr. Starke: 60 Wswrtl Gregg Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION? Business. ROSE GENTI LE Service League: P. S. A. I.. Basketball: Baseball: Letter, AFTER GRADUATION: Business. BETTY GLANTZ 60, 80, 100 Wford Gregg Certificates, 60, 80 Word Gregg Medals: Bryant Club: Glee Club: Musicana: Secre- tarial Clubg Girls' Athletics: Dolphin Rep.: Red Cross Sewing Group: Sec'y to Mrs. Reilly: Secretarial Club, Pres.: Honorable Mention in City- wide Speed Contest. AFTER GRADUATION: W.A.A.C. 16 ROBERT FRIEDMAN Arista: Dolphin Rep.: Teachers' Vlorkroomg War Stamp Rep.: Chat Humor Editor: Red Cross Rep.: Biology Club, Stamp Club: Lieutenant, jr. G.O.G.: Mimeographing for Principal: Senior G.O.G. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. EDITH FOX Honor Society: 60, 80 Word Gregg Certificates: Secretarial Club: Bryant Club: Sec'y to Mr. Franzen, Mrs. Reilly, Miss Bernis: Dolphin Representative. AFTER GRADUATION: W.A.A.C.S. IRENE GARGUILA Alexander Medal: Dolphin Art Staffg Girls' Athletics. AFTER GRADUATION: Cooper Union. JAMES GELL Dance Band: Pan-American Club: Rifile Club: Marksman Award: Activities in Town- send Harris: Aristag School Paper: Art Society: Treasurer and Publicity Manager of Classical Society: First Prize in Classical Association of Atlantic States: Editor of Kalendae: Deutscher Verein: G.O. Rep. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia University, BABETTE GERSON Morale Kit Rep.: Morse Code Club: Secretarial Club: 60, 80 Wtmrd Gregg Certifi- cates: Attendance OfEce: Gen- eral Ofiiceg Sec'y to Mr. Riv- kin: Chat Type Staff: Pro- gram Committee. AFTER GRADUATION: Boston University. EDITH S. GLOVER Sec'y to Miss Hirschbergg Health Ed. Department: 60, 80 Wford Gregg Certificates. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. FRED GLLTCK Fire Guards: Pre-Military Club: jr. Guard: jr, Guard, Lieutenant, Captain, Inspec- tor: Sr. Guard: Sr. Guard. Lieutenant: Swimming Cer- tificate: Marksman Course. AIfTER GRADUATION: ll. S. Air Corps. JANE GOLDBERG Theatre Club: Assembly Programs: "Skylines": Chem- istry Club: Symphonic So- ciety: Service League, Sec'y to Mrs. Cremin, Sec'y to Miss Beeman : General Omce: Teachers' Wforkroom: Chat Newsboard: Dolphin Pub- licity and Advertising: Sugar Rationing: Red Cross Repre- sentative: Glee Club: Musi- cana: G.O. Representative. AFTER GRADUATION: Mount Sinai Nursing School, ,IOSEPHINE GRECO 60 Wiird Gregg Cert.: Sec- retarial Club: Secretarial Serv- ice Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Business, BEVERLY GREENBERG Service League: Attendance Office, Sec'y to Mr. Wtill- rab: Pan-American: Bryant Club: French-American: Dol- phin Representative. AFTER GRADUATION: University of North Carolina. ROBERT HANSON Arista: Sec'y to Mrs. Schnier, Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Groh: Speaker of House of Representatives: Victory Corps: Chess Club, President: G.O. Guards: History Club, President. AFTER GRADUATION: Missouri. IEILIZISN HENNINGSEN Shell Pin: Musicana: Glee Club: Sec'y to Miss Becker: Leaders' Club: Sec'y to Miss Boyle: Class Sec'y to Mrs. Nevins. AFTER GRADUATION: Pratt lnstitute. ARTHUR GOLDBERG AETER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. SIDNEY GOIDBIZRG Pre- Military Training: Chemistry and Physics Club: jr. G.O. Guards and G.O. Guards : Varsity Baseball Team: Sound Crew: Camera Club: Rifle Club: Pan-Amen ican Club: Laboratory Prep- aration Squad. AETER GRADUATION: Carnegie Tech. BURTON GREEN French-American: Chemis- try, Carnival: lr. G.O. Guards. AFTER GRADUATION: ll. S. Marine Corps. GLORIA GRlilfNFllil.D Service League: Attendance Office: Library Squad: Carni- val: Secretary to Mr. Thom! Bryant Club: History Club. AFTER GRADL!A1'IONI Queens College. RICHARD H. HAUCK Assistant in English Dept.: lr, G.O. Guard: G.O. Guard: Library Service Squad and Stamp Club: English Class Paper: Swimming Certificate: Student Volunteer Farm Wtwrk: Chess Club: Assistant in Typewriting Room: l-ilflfl Class Paper: Mathematics Club: 60 Wiwrd Gregg Certin- cate. AFTER GRADUATION: City College, New York SHERLE HIEARST Speedsters Aquacade: lr. Councilors: Jr. Life Saving Certificate: Carnival: Girls' limergency Room: General Office: Switchboard Operator: Service League : Program Committee: Grade Advisers Office: Secretarial Club: 60, 80 XVord Gregg Certificates: Girls' Athletics: Bulletin Board: Secretary to Mr. Thom, Mrs. Davidhoff, Mrs. Reilly, Miss Foley, Miss Cutts. AFTER GRADUATION: Merchants and Bankers. 17 ROSE HERBST Bryant Club: Pan-American Club: Girls' Athletic Clubl Attendance Office: Sec'v to Mr. Sessler: 60 and 80 Wford Gregg Certificates: Sec'v to Mr. Silberstein: Sec'y to Mr. Goodman: Secretarial Service Club, AFTER GRADUATION: Business. BENJAMIN HOLZMAN Dance Band, Ass't Man- ager: G.O. Guard: Choral Training: Chat Sport Staffi Defense Assembly, AFTER GRADUATION: Army Air Corps. VICTOR HOROWITZ French Club: Bryant Club, Theatre Club: Glee Club: Or- chestra: Musicana I: Musi- cana II: Dance Band: Swim- ming Certificate: Red Cross: Jr. and Sr. Life Saving Fm- blems. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens College. VILMA JOHNSON Glee Club: Musicana, I and Il: G.O. Rep.: Dolphin Rep.: Sec'y to Mr. Starke: 60 XWord Gregg Certificate: Secretarial Service Club: Switchboard cypifdfllfl Girls' Athletics. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. JOSEPH JONES Swimming Team: Life Sav- ing Certilicateg G.O. Guard. AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Coast Guard. HELENE KALMOWITZ Honor Society: Service League: Glee Club: Musi- Cana: Symphonic Club: Pan- American Club: History Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. 18 PAULA HOBERMAN Arista: Honor Society: Re- ception Committee: Chemistry Club g Junior Councilor: Swimming Team: 'Bryant Club: Junior Life Saving Cer- tiicateg History Assembly: Sec'y to Mrs. Nevins: Pan- American Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens College. EMILY-MARIE HORN Swimming Team: Jr. Coun- cilor: Aquacades: Carnival: Leader of Aquacades: Swim- ming Coach for Handicapped Class: Artist for Pool Deco- rations: Junior Councilor Gold Medal Award: Wing Course. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. PETFR ISAACS Senior Math. Club: Ass't to Miss Boardman, Miss Craft, Miss Liebich, Mrs. Davidhoff: Program Commit- tee: Tennis Team, Manager: History Club, Vice-Pres., and Pres.: Chess Club: French- American Club, Vice-Pres.. and Pres.: Arista: Jr. Theatre Club: Bryant Club: History and Math. Assembly Pro- grams: Latin Certificates: Car- nival: Honor Society: First Prize in Chamber of Com- merce Essay Contest. AFTER GRADUATION: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. LEONARD :JALEWSKY AFTER GRADUATION: Michigan Normal. PAULA KABAT Bryant Club: Pan-American Club: Girls' Athletics: French- American: Sec'y to Dr. Greiff. AFTER GRADUATION: Penn. State. GABRIEL KAN ARIS AFTER GRADUATION: N .Y.U. FLORENCE KANDEL Sec'y to Mr. Wfollrab. Mrs. Reilly, Mrs. Davidhoff: Bry- ant Club: 60, 80 Wtird Gregg Certificates: Secretarial Club: Swimming Certificate for Grad.: Girls' Athletics. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. MARTIN KARP Tennis Tournament: G.O, G.: Art Club: Pre-Military Training: Physics: Math Club: Bryant. AFTER GRADUATION: R.P.I. VERONICA KELLY Speedster Swimming Team: jr. Councilor Coach: Aqua- cade, Carnival: Shell Pin: 60 Weird Gregg Certificate: Sec- retarial Service Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. GERTRUDE KOLODNY Secretarial Club: Pan-Amen ican Club: 80 Wtmrd Gregg Certificate: Sec'y to Miss Haynes. AFTER GRADUATION: - Business. li LI KRALIS Pres. Radio Club: Pres. Sound Crew: Chemistry Squad: Honor Society: Arista: Camera Club: Biology Squad: Radio Code Instructor: Assem- bly, Supervision of Sound: Theatre Club: Musicana: Car- nival: Swimming Certificate for Grad.: Sec'y to Mr. Luft. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn Tech. VIRGINIA LANG Social Usage: Secretarial Training Club: Morse Code Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. HERBERT KAPLAN try Club: Carnival. AFTER GRADUATION: Purdue llniyersity. JOSEPH A. KATZ G.O.G., Lieutenant: Pre- Military Training, Pres. L Chess Club: Theatre Club: Chemistry Squad: Swimming Certificate for Grad.: Victory Corps: Sec'y to Miss Haynes, Miss Merrell, Mr. Barry: N.R.A. Sharpshooter Medal: Fire Guards. AFTER GRADUATION: Florida University. EMILIIS KLIGIISRMAN Arista: Honor Society: His- tory Club: Senior Math. Club: French Club, Pres.: Spanish Certificate and Medal, AFTER GRADUATIONg Brooklyn College. KENNETH KOSMACI-IFR Senior GO. Guards: Iunior G.O. Guards: Boys' limer- gency Room: French-Ameri- can Club: Dolphin Represent- ative. AFTER GRADUATION: l'le'I'Ii1fSj'lX'.IFll.l. HOWARD KRAUSS AFTER GRADUATION: Cooper Union. NAOMI LAZAN Bryant: Service League: Honor Society: Biology Club: French Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Penn. State. 19 History Club: G,O.G.1 First Aid Certificate: Chemis- BEVERLY LAZAR Service League: French Club: Pan-American Club: Sec'y to Mr. Vifollrabg Attend! ance Othce: Bryant Club: Swimming Team: Dolphin Rep. AFTER GRADUATION: Highland Manor -lunior College. ELAINE LEVANDER Camera Club. AFTIQR GRADUATION: Busin .ss. MILDRED LEVINE Bryant Club: Pan-American: Girls' Athletics: Radio Club, Sec'y: Library Squad: Teach- ers' Xworkroom: Sec'y to Miss Merrell 1 Current Events, Bronze Pin: Wiimg Course. AFTFR GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. XWILLIAM l.liWIS G.O.G. AFTER GRADUATION! New York University. HARVEY LIPTON G.O.G., Lieutenant: lr. G.O.G,, Captain, Lieutenant: Glee Club: Musicana: Sound Crew: Camera Club: Fire Squad: Chemistry Club: Car- nival. AFTFR GRADUATION: Queens Colleg:. ROBERT LISLE Certilicate for Excellence in Latin: First Prize Latin Vocabulary Contest for Queens: Third Prize N. Y. Classical Club Scholarship: Spanish Medal: Spanish Cer- tificate: Theodore Roosevelt Medal: First Place American Legion Oratorical Contest: History Club: History Assem- bly: Parents' Night: Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia. 20 COLEMAN LEFFLER Pan-American Club: Carni- val: Assembly Program: Cur- rent Events, Vice-Pres.: Hon- or Society: History Club: G.O.G.: Chemistry Club: Parents' Night. AFTER GRADUATION: Centenary junior College. DANIEL LEVIN Chess Club: Tennis Tourn- ament: Bryant Club. AFTFR GRADUATION: University of Penn, PHYLLIS C. LEVY Exchange Editor of Chat: Senior French Club: Attend' ance Office: Carnival: French- American Club: Pan-Ameri- can Club: Bryant Club: Cur- rent Events, Bronze Pin: Red Cross: Knitting Club: Recep- tion Committee: Sec'y to Mrs. Cremin. AFTFR GRADUATION: Queens College, RITA LIIEBOWITZ Glee Club: Musicana: Sec- retarial Club: G.O. Rep.: 60, 80 Wcmrd Gregg Certificates: Shell Pin: Sec'y to Miss Bernis, Mr, Edelstein, Miss Schapira, Mrs. Adelsberg: Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. RUTH LISANSKY Glee Club: Musicana: De- fense Stamp Rep.: Secretarial Club: Leaders' Club: 60 Wiird Gregg Cert.: Volley- ball: Service League. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. ALFRED MAGIDA Chemistry Club: Chess Club: G.O.G.g Ir. Guards. Lieutenant: Pre - Militarv Training: Bryant Club: G.O. Rep.: History and Civics Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Utah State Agricultural College. ALPHONSE MALZONIT Radio Code Instructor. AFTER GRADiiATioN: Army Air Corps. SYLVIA MARCUS Pan-American Cluhg Assem- hly Programg Sec'y to Mr. Rivkin, Mr. Silhersteing Car- nivalg Chat: Dolphing Bry- antg Spanish Certiticatesg lun- ior and Senior Theatre 3 Poetryg Hiologyg Knitting Cluhg Medical Society: Dol' phin Rep.g Sugar Rationing. AFTER CvRADIlA'I'lONZ Queens College. Vl0l.A MANGANO 60, 80 Wtrrtl Gregg Certiti- catesg lwimeograph Squad. AFTER GRAnirATioN: Civil Service Examination. WAl.l.ACli MliRl.lfS Hasehallg Baskethallg Serv- ice Leagueg Swimming Cer- tificate for Graduation. AFTER CTRADIVATIONI N.Y.l'. Slfl.lNIA MliYROW'lTZ 60, SU, 100 Wiird Gregg Shorthand Certilicatesg Bryant Cluhg Service League: Sec'V to Mr. Sesslerg Sec'y to Mr. Hamhurgerg Girls' Athletics: Sec'y of Secretary Service Cluh. AFTER GRADIYATIONI NXf,A.A.C, XVll.l.lAM MORIN G.O. Guardg l'.T, Secretarxx AFTER GRADUATION: St. Francis. MARVIN MANDliL G.O.G.g Chemistry Cluhg Stage Crewg Pan-American: Pre-Military Trainingg Aid in Sugar Rationing, AFTER GRADUATION! U. S. Coast Guard Academy. RALPH MARTINEZ Swimming Teamg Varsitv R Cluhi Attendance Otliceg Swimming Certificate for Graduation, AFTER GRAnimTioN: Army. MARll.H'N NIAYER Secretarial Cl uhg Morse Code Club: Social Usage Cluhg Attendance Otticeg Ser- vice League: History Cluhg Bryant, AFTER GRAimimTioN: Katherine Gihhs Business School. MARGARET MIZTZGISR Service Leagueg Honor So- cietyg French Cluhg Ir. Coun- cilorg l'.S.A.L. Shell Pin GU. Representativeg Arista. AFTIZR CiRADllA'l'l0NI Business. RUTH MILLER Service Leagueg Social Usage Cluhg Morse Code Cluhg Hry- ant Cluhg Sec'y Service Cluhg Chat Typist. Ai-'TER GRADUATION Brooklyn College. PAUL MOSES Sound Crewg Theatre Cluhl Honor Societyg Stage Crew: Pan-American Cluhg Spanish Certihcateg Civics Award: G,O. Guardg Assemhly Pro- gramsg Swimming Certiticate. AFTER GRADUATIONZ University of Southern California. 21 ANNE INIURRAY 80 XX'ortl Gregg Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION: Catherine Gibbs Business School, ROBERT NIEIDICH Sec'v to Mrs. Rosenmang Rifle Clubg Sountl Crew: Pan- Americang Stzige Crewg Thea- tre Clubg Assembly Program. AFTER GRADUATION: Corn.ll University. AIILLICFNT NEWBIAN Secretarial Clubg 80 Wirrtl Gregg Certificateg Reception- istg G.G.O. Guartlg Chat Typist. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. RUTH OCHS Bryantg Service Leagueg Honor Societyg French-Amen ican Club: Biology Clubg Ratlio Conley Vlr, A.W.V.S. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia. DONALD PALMER Dolphin Business Staff1 Printing Squad: Varsity Bas- ketball '-ll, '43, P.S.A.L.g Seey to Mr. Thomg Swim- ming Certibcate for Gradua- tion. AFTER GRADUATION: Photo Engraving Course. RAYRIOND PBARLSUN Glee Club: Printing Squad: Theatre Club, "XXfhere the Cross is lX'fatle," "Snow WlTite .1HLl the Seven Hepcutsf' "Musicana." AFTER GRADUATION: Syracuse. 22 EILEEN MURRAY Reception Committeeg Sec- retarial Training Club: Lead- ers' Club: 60 and 80 Weird Gregg Certificates 3 Social Usageg Shell Pin, P.S.A.L., F.R.H.S. R's. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. ' AMOS NEIDLE Alexander Art Medal 1 Chemistry Club, President: Science Assernblyg Musicana, Chorus: Chess Club, Vice- Pres.g Carnival. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn Polytech. BARBARA NODDELAND Dolphin Art Staffg Musi- canag Glee Clubg Pan-Amer- ican Clubg Carnivalg Assem- blv Program. AFTER GRADUATION: Commercial Art School. JANE O'NEILL 60, 80 Wtird Gregg Cer- tificatesg Service Squad. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. HELEN PAPOUCHIS Aristag 60 and 80 Wfvrd Gregg Certificates: Sec'v to Mrs. Davidhoffg General Of- fice, Switchboard: Sec'v to Miss Haynes. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. MATTHEW PERLINGIERI Chess Club: G.O, Guard: Swimming Certificate for Gracluationg Red Cross 'Iunior Life Savingg Victory Corps. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens College. SIDNEY PERLMUTTER Orchestra: Pan - American City Wiele Fiesta '-12: Carni- val '-IZ: Spanish Assembly: Marksman Course. AFTER GRADUATION: City College, New York. CHARLOTTE IJOLAN Social Usage Club: Secre- tarial Cluh: Morse Code Club: Sec'v to Mrs. Marshak: 60 and 80 Wcsrd Gregg Cer- tificates: Bryant Club: Chat Typist. AFTER GRADUATION: N.Y.U. HENRY PREINI Arista: Honor Society: Chess Club: Parents' Night: Swimming Certificate for Grilclllilliofl. AFTFR GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. LOUIS PROCOPS Mimeograph Squad: Serv- ice League. AFTER GRADUATION: li. S, Marine Corps. MISLBA REICI-I Sr-c'y to Miss Haynes, Mrs. Davidholf. Mr. Wmxllrxibz Ir. Theatre Club: Secretarial Ser- vice Club: Gregg 60 and 80 Wimrtl Certificates: Dolphin Rep.: Girls' Athletics: At- tendance Otiice: General Ot'- ticeg Switchboard Operator: Dolphin Typist, AFTER GRADUATION: American Academy of Dramatic Arts. AUDREY RIVKIN Service League: Attendance Olliceg Sec'y to Mr. XXfoIlrab: Bryant: Spanish - American Club: French-American Club: Swimming Team: Sec'y to Mrs. Cremin. AFTER GRADUATION: Adelphi. RUTH PLATT Glee Cluhg Musicana: Chat Otliceg Secretarial Club: French-American: Red Cross. AFTER GRADUATION: Pratt Institute, MARTIN POLAN Honor Society: Seev to Mr. Barry. AFTER GRADUATIoN: N.Y.U. JOHN PROCQOPS G.O. Guard. AFTER GRADUATION: II. S. Army. I-II5RBIiR'I' RAY Chat, Sports liditorg I..Ih. Squad: Chemistry: Sound Crew: Capt. 6th Term Intra- mural Basketball : Stage Crew: Sec'y to Mr. Luft: Iiryant Club, Vice-President. AFTER GRADUATION: University of Alabama SYDELLIZ RESNICK Arista: Service League: Chat Editor, Associate Iiditor. Iixchange Editor: Dolphin Associate Editor: Theatre Club: jr. Theatre Club, Sec'v: Honor Society: Pan-American: Master of Ceremonies, Span. ish Carnival: Teachers' Wixrk- room: Pan-American Assem- bly: Assembly Programs : Sugar and Gas Rationinqg IUVHUF A-W-V.5.: Bryant Club: FrenchAAmerican, AFTER GRADUATION: Barnard College. GLORIA RODOMISTA Sec'y to Miss Ferguson, Miss Cutts: 60, X0 Wcwrtl Gregg Certificates. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. 23 MILDRED ROSEN Poetry: Red Cross Sewing: Red Cross Knitting: War Stamp Salesman: Red Cross Representative: Chat Typist: Sec'y to Mr. Hamburger: Bryant Club: Girls' Athletics. AFTER GRADUATION: W.A.V.E. JEANNE ROSENBERG Sec'y to Mr. Dollard, Mr. Sessler, Mr. Kappel: General Office. AFTER GRADUATION: Parsons Art School. ROBERT ROTHSTEIN Swimming Team: Camera Club: Red Cross, Ir. Life Saving Emblem: Swimming Certificate for Graduation: Orchestra: Band: Chess Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Cornell College. LOUIS RUBLIN AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Army. ELAINE SANDHAUS Grade Advisers Otiice. Assistant to Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Rivkin, Mr. Levin: Hon- or Society: Bryant Club: Poetry Club: Dolphin Staff: Choral Training: Pan-Ameri- can Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Cornell University. SYLVIA SCLAFIN Pan-American Club: Carni- val: 60 Wtmrd Gregg Certifi- cate: Morale Kit Rep.: Sec'y to Mrs. Reilly, Miss Young, Miss Shapira: Library Squad: Principals Othce: Social Usage: G.O. Rep.: Victory Assembly: Theatre Club: Red Cross Rep, AFTER GRADUATION: Pratt Institute. 2 4 BLANCHE ROSENBERG Chat: Bryant: Sec'y to Mrs. Cremin: French-American Club: Theatre Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. CHARLOTTE ROTHMAN Honor Society: Bryant: French-American, Sec'y: Le Parnasse: Radio Code: Serv- ice League: History Club: Leaders' Club: History As- sembly: Red Cross Sewing: French Certificate: Open School Night. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. HENRY RUBIN G.O.G. AFTER GRADUATION: Alfred University, ELAINE SANDERS Dolphin, Literary, Editor- in-Chief, Associate Editor, Editorial Board: Honor So- ciety: French-American Club: Senior Math. Club, Sec'y: Teachers' Wlorkroomg Biology Lab. Squad: Bryant Club: Girls' Athletics 1 Service League: Red Cross Sewing: Program Committee. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. EDWARD SANGER AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn. ARNOLD SCHENKEL AFTER GRADUATION: New York University. ADIiI.AIDE SCHIFF Bryant Club: Theatre Club: Spanish Certificate: French- American: Chat: Honor So- ciety. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia. MYRON SCHONCEIT G.O.G., Lieutenant 3 lr G.O.G., Lieutenant: Pre-Mili- tary Training: P.T. Sec'V: Manager, Basketball Tourna- ment: Current Events: Marks- man Course: Swimming Cer- tificate. AFTER GRADUATION: U. S, Coast Guard. DORIS SCHWARTZ Honor Society: Bryant: Sec'y to Mrs. Adelsberg: Teachers' Wlorkroomg Pan- American Club: French-Amen ican Club: Biology Certifi- cate: Theatre Club: Sec'y, Mr. Bruno: History Assemblv: Biology Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Michigan. EDITH SIZGAI. General Office: Switch- board Operator: Chat Typist. AFTER GRADUATION: Katherine Gibbs Business School. DORIS SELIGMAN Attendance Othce: Ration- ing Program: G.O.G.: Swim- ming Team: Sr. Life Saving: Swimming Certificate for Graduation. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. HOWARD SHERNICOFF Pre-Military Club: Ir. G.O.G.: Sr. G.O.G.: History Club: Camera Club: Chemis- try Club: Chemistry Squad. AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Army. FLORENCE SCHLIECHTER Sec'y to Miss Rapport. AFTER GRADUATION: Business, CLAIRE SCHXVARTZ Biology Club, Pres., Sec'v: French-American, Vice-Pres.: Orchestra: Musicana: Parents' Night: Dolphin, Associate Editor: Library Squad: French Club: Symphonic: Bryant: Honor Society. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens. JOANNE B. SCQHWARTZ jr. French-American: Post- er Club: Sketch Club: Teach- ers' Wforkroomg Sec'y to Mrs, Steinmann: Receptionist: Sec'y to Mrs. Nevins, Mr. Thom, Mrs. Glenn: Chat: F. R. for Basketball. AFTER GRADUATION: Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology. RALPH SELDEN G.O.G.1 Pre-Military Train- ing: Service League. AFTER GRADUATION: Navy V-12. PHILIP SHAPIRO P.T. Sec'y. AFTER GRADUATION: De Paul University, PATRICIA SHERXWOOD Sec'y to Mr. Luft. AFTER GRADUATION: St. Vincent's School of Nursing. 25 XWALTER SHETTLER Choral Training, Musicana ll: Pre-Military Trztinirlil Club: Health Ed. Sec'y: Ilr. Honor Society: Swimming Certificate for Graduation: Capt., jr. G.O.G.: Arista. AFTER GRADUATION: M.l.T. OSCAR SIEGEL G.O.G,: Lieutenant of G.O.G.: Fire Guards. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. ARTHUR SNYDER Orchestra: Bryant Club: Chemi:ztry Club: French- American Club: Camera Club: Honor Society: Sec'y to Mr, Goodman: Musicana: Sym- phonic Society: Biolonv Squad: "Skylines": Swim- ming Certificate for Griidua- tion: Arista. AFTER CTRADUATIONZ johns Hopkins University. RHUDA SONDAK General Oftice: Sketch Club: Bryant Club: Biology ClIIb: Pan-American ClIIb: Honor Society: Dolphin: Sci- ence Club: Parents' Niszht: Library Squad: Poetry Club: Wfings Club: G. O. Rep. AFTFR GRADUATION: Queens College. BENSON SOFFER Current Events Club. Pres.. Vice-Pres.: Brooklyn Eagle Current Events Medal: His- tory Club: "Skylines": Stage Crew: Honor Society: As- sembly Program: Pan-Ameri- can Club: l.iterary Dolphin. AI-:TISR GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. HERBERT SPERLING jr. G.O.G.: Sr. G.O.G.. Lieutenant: G.O. Rep.: First Aid Squad: Emergency Fire Squad: Orchestra : Musicana: Ass't to Mr. XX"ollrab: At- tendance Office: Swimming Certificate for Graduation: First Aid Certificate: Red Cross, jr. Life Saving Em- blem. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia University. 26 ROBERT SHEVETT Stage Crew: Theatre Club: Glee Club: Musicana: Sound Crew: G.O. Guards: Ass't Mgr. Football Team: Centen- nial Play: Assembly Pro- grams: G.O. Rep. AFTER GRADUATION: Annapolis. RENEE SINCOFF Pan-American Club: Bryant Club: Vice-Pres. Symphonic Society: Theatre Club. "Sky- lines," "Snow Xtifhite and the Seven Hepcatsf' "The Show- off": Chat Editor and Assoc. Editor: Chat Assem- blies: Dolphin Adver. Mana- ger: Switchboard Operator: General Ofhce: House of Rep.: Sec'y of Students' XX'ar Activities Council: Sugar Ra- tioning. AFTER GRADUATION: Mt. Sinai School of Nursing. JUDITH SOl.l.liNDER Vlr. Honor Society: Bryant: "Sltylines": Dolphini Chat: Srciy to Mrs. Kendall, Miss Cutts: Library Squad: Dol- phin Rep.: Symphonic Society. AFTER GRADUATION: l.atin American Institute. BIARIAN SlNllTH Sec'y to Mr. Hamburger: Miss Farquhar: Honor So- ciety: Vice-Pres., Symphonic Society: Spanish Certificates: Dolphin Art: "Skylines"g Bryant Club: Spanish Tutor- ing: Red Cross Rep.: Sketch Club: Chat. AFTER GRADUATION: Queens College. MAY SOLOMONS Honor Society: General Of- fice: Teachers' Xliforkroomz Pan-American Club: French- American Club: Bryant Club: French Tutoring: G.O, Rep.: Sec'y to Miss French: Assem- bly Program. AFTER GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. ALINE STAPPLER Pan-American Club: French- American Club: Dolphin Rep.: Chat: Wforlcroomg Bry- ant: Medical Society: Sec'y to Mr. Silberstein. Mrs. Stein- mann, Mrs. Cremin: Bible Reading: jr. and Sr. Theatre Club: Sec'y to Miss Herts. AFTER GRADUATION: C.C.N.Y. MYRON STARK Tennis Team: Dance Band: Mr. I.uft's Otlice: G,O. Reb.: Carnival: Modern I.anguaz:e Assembly: First Aiel Certifi- eate. Ai-'Tritt GttADUA'rloN: Illinois. ARLINIZ SCSSMAN G.O, Rep., House of Reb.: Service League: Chemistrv Club: Bryant Club: Sr. French Club: Chat: Theatre Club: Secretarial Training Club: Dolphin Staff: Dolphin Ren. Aifrna GaAnuATioN: New York University. DOLORES Tlfl.l.IfR Bryant: I.eatIers': Basket- ball: Hockey: Library Squad: I.os Taquigrafos: Spanish Certificate: NX'ing Course: As- sembly Program. Aifrrfa Gimiiiwriowz Queens College, PISGGY TBNIENBALIIXI Arista. Girl Leatler: Le l,lll'Ui!N5L'. Sec'y: Historv, Se-e'y: Chess: Bryant: Sym- phonic Society: Chat: Dol- phin: Service League: French- Ameriean: Honor Society: Latin Certificate: First Prize Baird Memorial, Latin Sight Translation. Aifriia CiRAlllIATIONI Xxfellesley. ANTON TOMAN Photography Club: G.O.G.: Re-tl Cross Certificate: Chem- istry Club: Stamp Club. Ai-"tra GRADUATION: Marine Air Corps. MILDRISD TRVSTMAN Swimming Team: Aqua- caele: -lr. Councilor: Sr. Life Saving: P.S.A.I.. Shell Pin: Chorus: Musicana: SeC'v to Mr, Starke: Girls' Athletics: Switchboard Operator. AFTER CiRADIIA'I'IONZ Civil Service Exam. HARRIIiT STRAIISS Aifrizit CiRADlIA'I'ION1 Business, FRANCES SWAIN Chat, Dolphin Typist: Girls' Iimergeney Room 1 SeC'y to Mr. Kappel: 60, HU Wimrtl Gregg Certiticates: G,O. Rep.: Reil Cross Rep.: Girls' Athletics: Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball. Leatlers. P.S.A.I.. Aifriza C,iRAIlIIA'I'lONZ Business. APRII. TIiMPI.IT Historv Club: Ifreneh Club. Vice-Pres.: Dolphin Art Staff: Poster Club: Pan-American Club: Bryant Club: Arista: See'y to Miss Muller. Miss Gussow, Miss Beeman. Mrs. Harrison: Carnival: Assembly Program: P.S.A.I.. Shell Pin. Aifrifn GizAnirA'rioN: Swarthmore. CATH IiRINIi THK JR! JGOK JD Aifrtiit CiRADlIA'l'IONI Delehanty Institute. CICIiI.Y TRIiBI.Ii Arista: Honor Society: His- tory Club: Bryant Club: Retl Cross Rep. AIf'I'IER CiRAIJllA'I'IONI Queens College. SEYMOUR VAI.I. Bryant Club: Ratlio Club: Victory Corps: Marksman Course: Swimming Certiti- Cafe. Aifrizia GIIAIJIIATIONI Brooklyn Polytechnic ln- stitute. 27 Wll.LlAlNi VILARDI Baseball: G.O.G. AFTER GRADUATION: Naval Air Corps. CLAIRE WEINIQR Red Cross, Pres., Rep.: 60, 80 Wimrd Gregg Certificates: Morse Code Club: Sec. Training Club: Assemblv Program: Sec'y to Mrv. Cremin: Pan-American: At- tendance Otlice: Social Usage: Sewing Club: History Club: Bryant Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Rollins. GLADYS WEINSTEIN Emergency Room: History Club: Xwatercolor Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Nurses' Training School. PHYLLIS WElNS'l4lilN Attendance Otlice: Teach- ers' Wforkroomg G.O. Rep: Pan-American Club, Treas.1 Bryant Club: Glee Club: Bi- ology Club: G.O.G.: Assem- bly Program: Ir. A.W.V.S.1 jr. Theatre Club: Sugar Ra- tioning: Sec'y to Mrs. Schnicr. AFTER GRADUATIONE I University of Wisciwnsin MIRIAM WEISSBLUM Honor Society: G.O.G.' Service League: Biology Club: Sec'y to Dr. Betz. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. JUNE WERNERSBACK AI-'TER GRADUATION: Business. 28 jANET WALCHER Sec'y to Miss Craft, Miss Beeman, Mrs. Shniper: Chat Typist: Bryant Club: Theatre Club: Spanish Certificate. AFTER GRADUATION: Michigan, SEYMOUR WEINMAN jr. Cr.O.G.: History Club: Chemistry Club : Camera Club, Vice-Pres. : Chem. Lab.: Service League: Stamp Club, Sec'y: Pre-Military Training: Sugar Rationing: First Aid Certihcate. AFTER GRADUATION: U. S. Naval Academy. HOWARD WEINSTEIN G.O.G.: P.T. Sec'y: His- tory Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Brooklyn College. SYLVIA WEISS Chat Typist: Girls' Ath- letics: Sec'y to Miss Hirsch- berg: 60, 80, 100 Wiird Gregg Certificates: Secretarial Service Club: Sugar Ration- ing: Bryant: Sec'y to Miss Beeman. AFTER GRADUATION: Business. ABBY WEISMAN Service League: Teachers' Vforkroomg Attendance Of- hce: Receptionist: Biology Office: Sugar Rationing: Red Cross Rep.: Leaders' Club: Poetry Club. AFTER GRADUATION: Barnard College. ANN WHITEHILL Sec'y to Mrs. Rosenmani History Club: Pan-American Club: Assembly Program: Carnival: Chemistry Club: Symphonic Society: Biology Club: Bryant Club: Current Events. AFTER GRADUATION: Columbia University. MONROE XX"INI5IlfI.D Ir. CIOC.: Chess Club: Fire Squads: Pre-Military Training: jr. Life Saving Certificate, Swimming Certiti- cate: First Aid Certificate: Biology Squad: Marksman Course. AFTER GiaAmiA1'ioN: Texas A. 81 M. BETTY XXXOLF Secretarial Service Club: Conservation Monitor. Aifiian CiRADllA'I'lONZ W.A.A.C. I IENID XVOLPIN Pan-American, Sec'y: Carn- ival : Assembly Program : Sec'y to Miss Gussow. Mrs. Cremm: French-American 1 Flryant: "Skylines": Program Committee. Aifrrit GitADuATIoN: Latin American Institute. IiSTIEI.LIi YANOVIER AFTER GRADUATION: Traphagen Art School. JACQUES L. ZAKIN Pan-American Club: Fiesta: Spanish Certiticate: Spanish Medal, First Prize 2nd Year A.A.T.S.: Assembly Program: Senior Math Club, Pres.: Honor Society: Chemistry Club, Vice Pres.: Carnival: French-American Club: Senior French Club: Bryant Club: Tennis: Chess: History Club: Current Events: House of RYP.: Biology Squad: French Tutoring: Sec'y to Miss Gus- sow, Miss Liebich, Mrs. Reilly: Marksman Course: Arista. Aifriiiz CiIiAI3l'ATIONS Columbia, DONALD XVITKIN Radio Club, Vice-Pres. Physics Club: Camera Club: Physics and Chem. Squad: Represented School in "This Wfonderful XXforld" Quiz Pro- gram: First Aid Squad: As- sembly Program: INlarksman Course: Swimming Certihcate for Graduation: Red Cross lr. Life Saving. AMER GRAlJIlA'I'ICJNZ New York University. ELAINE XWIIESENFCK AFTER GioxnuA'rioN: Katherine Gibbs Business SCl1ool. RACHEL XWUODIFY Arista, Sec'y: Honor So- ciety: Swimming Team: Han- dicap Class: jr. Life Saving Certificate: Jr. Councilor Gold Medal Award: Head of Air Raid Precautions: Orchestra. Librarian: Musicana: Chem- istry Club, Sec'yg Teachers' Vlforkroom: Spanish Medal: Honorable Mention in Science Talent Search: Math. Club: Pan-American Club: Sym- phonic Society: Wing Course: Carnival: Assembly Program: Bryant Club. Aifrmt GRADUATION: Dulce University. XWILLIAM YOUNG G.O.G Aifrmt GRADUATION: Pratt Institute. DAVID ZIZNILMAN Spanish-American: Spanish- Certilicate: Carnival: Current Iivents: History: Chemistrv Club: Honor Society: Spanish Fiesta: Sec'y to Mrs. Stein- mann, Miss Dalberg: Marks- man Course. Aifrmi GitAniwi'ioN: Queens College. 29' SENIOR PERSONALITIES MOST POPULAR GIRL . . . MOST POPULAR BOY .... BEST DRESSED GIRL . . . BEST DRESSED BOY ..,S PRETTIEST GIRL ..... HANDSOMES'T BOY ..,S MOST ATHLETIC GIRL .... MOST ATHLETIC BOY . . . WITTIEST GIRL .1,,., WITTIEST BOY . . . JOSIE COLLEGE .,., JOE COLLEGE . . ,S.,.,,S.. . .. MOST INTELLECTUAL GIRL MOST INTELLECTUAL BOY TEACHER'S PET GIRL . . . TEACHER'S PET BOY ....., DID ROCKAWAY FOR MOST DID MOST FOR ROCKAWAY MOST LIKELY 'TO SUCCEED 30 . . ,Judith Sollender . . .Howard Amron . . . .Elaine Greenberg . .Arthur Brackman . . . .Winifred Burke Matthew Perlingieri . . . . .Frances Swain . . .Stanley Mishkin , . . . . . .Rhoda Eilen . . .Howard Amron . . . . .Edyth Danilin . . , . . .Herbert Ray Peggy Tennenbaum . . . . . . .Robert Lisle . . . . .April Temple . . , .Robert Lisle . . . .Robert Shevett . . Donald Blake I . . . Robert Lisle X Q, .ZZ Cx, Ji T' wing lv: ,, X x QR . WJ -4.-V X 3 g QT M,-A - T. ' 1 A if .A X . 7, ,, 1 'zv Z , Xlxtfxfhx 5 A Im: ' - 4 1: fr, ,Aff 1 N-A , ,. , , ' 'w Q2 P ' .A "" "' fx' ' ' X ,Q j ' .3 ,yy,.,, A N . b E Y asf '19 Ya f xl 583' 1 X ' Q, '2 Z QM! I . H Q .VW ., ff U V ' Y Y xxx 'lf W ' ffl M V A' avixx L W X Sf E' I i VA, Q I W I ' , inf! ' bm 'l mx , 1 u. ws 9 1 . 1 If 1 Q I 1 'L 1 ' V I X I , , A - If A M 5 v , r Q , , x t 1 Q nl. V if fa' Ag X 3 , E N V N 1 Q V Y' I X NW I I ,x t f SK 1? xx X wr 1 K QL W Q18 ' 3. I QV Euq . - Q X ,. A ' Ahly S I 2 ,fi 1.3 ' E-'fx Y ' 'X I . X x fr A I lf 4 f f 5 5 hu A 4 M fn f I EEA L . ...' t A, ml i .1 E' I h Jzu '1 P .Q -., V .x Q sh M 4 M X 2 A ' ' 'fu 42 , x ' ' 'K 5' x -' 'ri W 7 FM AP V fffkvcb 1 ,J ?3-HEX' N ff X3 f 7 92 ' V2 f '4 ' Q ,J , ,lil N Q NL!! rv V 4, 'V if Ax, 1, A ' 3 S. age! 'v N4 4? X-NK N r" T' Q , u A x J W 0 ima x x We dedicate these pages of the Dolphin to the members of the Senior Class of June 1943 who are now in the armed forces of our country. 32 I LIQONARII GI.ADs'roNIz 1y1,C,,Mf,4 MAKF NAVY ARMY MICIIAII. SIMMONS HAROLD NIFWMAN NAVY NAVY DAVID Bmw 1 GEORGE F. CORNISH AIAMIIS SMITH ARMY ARMY ARMY AIR Cows KNOWN TO WHEN OFF AUTOGRAPH STAR FANS AS STAGE HUNTED BY NEXT ROLE Mildred Aginsky Millie Far Rock Sammy Heart-breaker Seymour Altman Thomas In gym R. D. The Thin Man Lillian Altshnlef Lil Dreaming Herby S, Still dreaming Howard Amron Howie DerHPSey's loan End-man in minstrel Margaret Anglim Marg Swimming Pool Lite Guards Mermaid Essie Bailey l Essie Next door B. T. To make some man happy Roslyn Babblf Ros Kets A sailor boy Designing battleships Dorothy Bafln Dotty Inwood A certain soldier' Well ? ? ? ? Muriel Baurngal-ten Mickie Gabbing Kayo Still talking Emily Beban Mimi Wherever found Mike T- AFC YOU lCiddin'? Dorothy Bell Dottie Vinnie's house I. H, She knows Betty Benedix Bubbles Emergency Room Eddie, U.S.M.C, Mrs. Eddie Mordecai Beflnm Mordy Tennis court Einstein Mr. Augsbury's Sec'y Janice Bernstein Monk Carol's house Murray "The Powers Girl" Sandra Bernstein Sandy Laurelton ? ? ? "Dr. Gillespie's new assistant Ruth Berry Ruthie With Adele A Soitin Private Private Property Morton Bishop Mortie Lawrence lean "Wolf-Man" Donald Blake Donnie G. O. Office Adele "Citizen Kane" Alfred Bockman Stretch Basketball court Wlw Knows 5CC0lld Harry Boykoff Walter Boland Pappy 92 St. Scarlett "Gone With the Wind" Harry Bond Shortie Behrens' R. S. Famous Bernard B01-jskin Bernie Bernie's Billiard Room NOW- HOW, girls! Another Iohn Grimek Jean Borison Coach Auditioning Ellery "Footlight Serenade" Warren Bornhneft Bornie Anywhere G.U. U. S. Navy Marion Braband Marion Broad Channel Ed W.A.V.E.S. Arthur Brackmgm Artie Sax-fiend Audry "Syncopation" Harriet ,Bl-odey Mahatma Learning Something Gypsies Learning "Passive Resistance' james Brown lim You guess Any cute blonde Army Air Corps Winifred Burke Dolly Ross's Artie .B, Miss America Claire Butow Auntie Claire Empire Ave, L. S. G. A wife Roslyn Cahn Rossi With Betty M. Managing Mel Bruno Campa lunior Listening tol-Iarryjames Draft B0afCl uBUClf Private" Stuart Canin Stuie Fiddling Benny and Allen "Interrnezzo" Josephine Cardea Io Louis Sherry's MiClf6Y Dflfllfirlg 50d2lS Eugene Cass Gene Oak Street O. come now, boss' A Clfaflfe, llflfUl'2llV Elvira Cestra . Vera Handball court G- W. Arizona Thelma Chaimowitz Shamie Writing letters A Certain fella ? ? ? ? Harriet Chaitkin Hud With the girls I. H. Still laughing Phyllis Cheriff Phyl lo's house Gene Dietitian Vito Chiarello Vito Tennis Courts Barbara Bobby Riggs II Beverly Cohen Bev Edie's house Some guy Well -1 Irving Cohen Red Art Academy W0n't Say Coast Guard Kenneth Cohen Kennie "Green Room" I03l'l Main Of Leisure Norman Cohen Clipper jacobus' Anything with a skirt S0meb0dv'S l70V'f1'if-'l'ld Solomon Cohen Sol Talking baseball Beverly Mf- 2-by-4 Bertram Crystal Bert Marilyn's house MafllVH Band Leader Constantine Davantzis Gus Vogel's Lana Turner Great Lover Edythe Danilin Edie Uzbeck's Men "Something for the Boys" Elizabeth Dribben 'Liz Rhoda's Iimmy S. "Wife Takes a Flyer" Helen Edelstein Helen Grade Adviser's Office Frankie "A1'fl'lY Wife" Barbara Effross Effie With the Toppers Chick "Topper Returns" Rhoda Eilen Rho Uzbeck's W. I. L, Waiting for him Benjamin Elson Ben At Dave's ' G. K., S. F. etc. 7:31180 Artist Harold Elson Hal R.K.O. Strand R- 5- PreSiClCrlf of R.K.O. Mariorie Feldman Margie U.S.O, Phil We'll bite Donald Felsenthal Meutche With Troop 112 Pearl C. Scoutmaster Ralph Feuerman Ralph Pan-American Club Mililflrl' 5eCret EClil'0l' Of P.M- joseph Fisher Ioe With Donnie MF- T. TeHCl'1Cr Edith Foy Edie U.S.O. l Vic W.A.A.C. Murray Fox Foxxy Berger's A Brooklynite Fox-hunting Nathaniel Frankel Nat Don's house E. G. Press Seats at all games Robert Friedman Bob In Eddie's cellar Humor Column Fans Pipe C0lleCt0r Carol Friend Ca Ianice's . house Marty Private S-'?C'V Irwin Garflnkel Garf L.I.R.R. Herbie "Tin Pan Alley" Irene Garguila Irish Any art exhibit Any SCHSCHPE 2l'tiSt W.A.V.E.S. Helen Gavender Helen Miss G-'s room It's a secret Singer James Gell Iimmy With Miss Ferguson Any "S8" Another DuCl'lir1 Babette Gerson Bobby Vogel's R. E. In love Betty Glantz Betty Mrs. Reilly's Oflice Frank Sinatra Managing DO'-lgefs Edith Glover Edie Iitterbugging Buddy Gal about town Fred Gluck Freddie 116 st. The girls Still with the girls George Godfrey George In a quiet corner Silence Disturbed Arthur Goldberg Bindy Generally around lean Army jane Goldberg lanie Dr. R.'s Olhce A Ca1't00l'll5f "Angel Of MCICVN Sidney Goldberg Sid Academy A. S. General Josephine Greco lo Tasty Shop Tom, Dick and others Ouieter than ever Burton Green Bert With Bert Gloria Drafted Beverly Greenberg .Bev Uzbeck's G. C. Tell us, Bev 34 KNOWN TO WHEN OFF AUTOGRAPH STAR FANS AS STAGE HUNTED BY NEXT ROLE Elaine Greenberg Greenberg Uzbeck's G0l'lCV On 3 farm Gloria Greenfield ,Ieep Lee's house B0l7'l7Y G- F amo'-15 Robert Hanson Bob Ross' Maude History teacher Richard Hauck Richie In Victory Garden M0fllfff Nature H0l'flCUlfU1'iSf Sherle Hearst Sherl The Post Ofhce Waffen Wearing Silver Wings Eileen Henningsen Eileen Tennis courts lOl? Afclllfeff Rose Herbst Ruch With P.K. N- R- lllffflflf dCC0r1it0r Paula Hoberman Paula Paramount Theatre Sailfvr Joe I Cvlmcillor Benjamin Holzman Ben "Times" Building l- R- In fhe NHVY Emily-Marie Horn Em With Ray Jimmy Interior decorator Victor Horowitz Vicky Meals at Richie's Glflss girls, KlflS MD- Peter Isaacs Pete With M.S. Sll'll'l'l'l'll Math gf?llll1S Leonard jalewsky Lennie At Sabu's F- K. Admiral Vilma johnson Vicky Room 316 Vincent Wife of an Irishman joseph Jones Ioey Levy's U. S. Coast Guard Sailing, sailing Paula Kabat K With R.H. A flyer SPHI'llSh Stenographer Helene Kalmowitz Kalmo Spanish book M. K. Spanish linguist Gabriel Kanaris Gabby Around Cushman's l-lla A- A11'Plane designer corner Florence Kandel Fay Ellie's house Al M.M.'S missus Adele Kane Sugar With Ruth Don The Pefffff SCCIHHFY Herbert Kaplan Kap At Stan's house The Yanks Fafmef Martin Karp Marty P.S. 114 Toby We wonder joseph Katz Ioe It's a secret Sheryl UAS-M-C iCHPf-l Emilie Kligierman Emmie Rm. 311 ? ? ? ? Writer Gertrude Kolodny Gerry With Gene Blond sailor Sailin', sailin' Kenneth Kosmacher Kenny About town Invisible woman A' bHCll6l0r Eli Kraus Iggy Backstage Any dame Electrical nfnius Howard Krauss Tex 74 St. Ioan PifCl1Cl' fOr Phil. Phillies Virginia Lang Ginny The movies A red head Career gal Naomi Lazan Na Arverne Guess who? C0-Cd Beverly Lazar Bev Uzbeck's Barney Deb Coleman Leffler Klud Viejitos A. L. Admiral Daniel Levin Sloane Resting ? ? ? Minerva ? ? P ? ? Mildred Levine Milly Ebbets Field Any Dodger fan Manager of the Dodgers Phyllis Levy Phil Chat office B05 l0U1'll8liSt William Lewis Billy With the gang All the gals A lady's man Rita Liebowirz Ri Zelda's house Marty You never can tell Harvey Lipton Yutz Gallagher's Wilma SCh0lar Ruth Lisansky Carrot 67 St. Jack W. Mrs. Yakie Robert Lisle Bob Charming The great Philosophers A man with a future Alfred Magida Alf Schur's Green Room V-12 Aflmlfal Alphonse Malzone Mass Whelan's R. K. flflflfllff Willie HOPPC Marvin Mandel- Marv In the village That lovely brunette Cute Viola Mangaho Vi Movies Bob Stenozrapher Sylvia Marcus Luscious 25 St. I. S. Enzlish teacher Ralph Martinez Precious At her house V. C- Ovel' Tvkio Marilyn Mayer Lynn W. 74 St. Air Corps cadet Well-liked Wallace Merles Wally With Ray Dotty Edinburgh Margaret Metzger Peggy At the movies T- 5- R- Nursing Selma Meyrowitz Waac Everywhere Alan L. W.A.A.C. Ruth Miller Baby C's house A 6-footer Heart-breaker Stanley Mishkin Pancho Milty's Esther Biz-time something or other William Morin .Bill Ross's E, H. ? ? ProPriCfOr Of ROSS'S Paul Moses Effendi Dapper's The Coach Young Bullet Anne Murray Anne Edie's house A tall blonde A secretary' Eileen Murray I Mailbox Iimmv Piarw plavefs wife Robert Neidich Bob That's the question Mr. Wollrab U. 5- NNY Amos Neidle Amos Chem-lab IOVCC ChemiSt Millicent Newmon Millie At Zelda's Servicemen Patriotic Barbara Noddeland Bobby Waiting for mail ,l- S- FH5l1i0I'l fleSlRHCl' Iane O'Neill lane Regina's An aviator . Aviatrix Ruth Ochs Rudi Tennis courts A man! Lab technician Donald Palmer Wimp Smyth's Basketball scouts U. S. Marines Helen Papouchis Helen Typing Executives and guess who else Model secretary Raymond Pearlson Ray Malverne Marjie Editor of "N, Y. Times' Matthew Perlingieri Mattie 77 St. Elaine Dentist Sidney Perlmutter Sid Beating the skins S. B. Second Gene Krupa Ruth Platt Ru Irma's Marv Married Charlotte Polan Sheeky P.L.P. F. B. A.W.O.L. A Martin Polan Marty Playing chess R. B. P. Aeronautical engineer Henry Prem Hank Rosedale Lenny Collegiate lohn Procops Atlas Playing baseball Mel Ott Giant Ere baseman Louis Procops Lou With the gang U.S.M.C. A Marine Herbert Rav Boot Ilene's Ilene Seaman Melba Reich Scarlett Times Square Larry M. Another O'Hara Svdelle Resnick Sy Chat Office Larry Editor of her own paper Audrey Rivkin Audie Uzbeck's Artie Mrs. Artie KNOWN TO WHEN OFF AUTOGRAPH STAR FANS A5 STAGE HUNTED BY NEXT ROLE Gl01'i3 Rodomista Glorious Drawing ' Still lookin rett Mildred Rosen Mi1lY' KGS giiiihe Mrs. W. P y Blanche Rosenberg Cookie Uzbeck's A military Secret Waiting for suggestions Jeanne Rosfnbfrg leafllff ROSS? The Admiral A surprise Charlotte Rothman Charl ' In Jersey Mi.. X Hattie Carnegie the Second Robert Rothstein Bob ln the ,pool Iohnny Woismniier Olympic ehamo Henry Rubin HCUFY Af .kg 5 Laurel in the Pines A bell-hop Louis Rublm Louie Movies Ioan Eggqnan Elaine Sandefs sandy Kets A sailor "Sailor's Lady" Elaine Sandhaus 'E". Nat's house S. H, Another Dorothy Thompson Edward Sanger Eddie with Bob Carol Killer-diller Arnold Schenkel Amy Playing pmochle A reel.l-,earl Corel shark Adelaide Schiff Addie PUVHTC Canteen Bobby, Stevie, etc. "Kiss the Boys Good-bye Florence Schlechter Flo In the store Customers stenographer Myron Schonceit Mike G.O. Guard Office Lila-we think!! Coast Guard Claire Schwartz Clay- Practicing Bass-Viol Danny Violinist Doris SCl'lW31'fZ P0151 H 'IOPPQIS Jerry Millionaire Joanne SChW8l'tZ I0hfmY Ketsl "Stan" Mrs, Stan Sylvia Sclafin SVI' DUNS' h011SC' Harold L. Beautician Edith Segal Edie 92 Sf. There is safety in numbers Still smiling Ralph Selden TCH Basketball center Iris Basketball champ Doris Seligman Dottv with Beverly Tommy G.O.G. Lieutenant Philip Shapiro Phil . About town Lana ? ? Owner of the A 8: P Howard Shernicofl HOW1e ,Ierkmg sodas Julie Buck private Pafflcla Sl'lCfWOOd Pat Sml-ling It'5 a Secret cuter Walter Shettler Walt Springfield R, S, Engineer Robert Shevett Bob GFCCU rO0m Miss Liebich Financier Oscar Siegel Oc Central Ave. Bargain hunters Grocer Renne Sincolf Red Chat Office A second Louie Angel of Mercy Marian Smith Smitty Roller Skating Rink A boy in khaki A girl in lace joseph Smyth Deacon At. the Chateau Peggy Annapolis Arthur Snyder Artie Salliflg Jocelyn S. Calling Dr. Snyder Benson Soffer Benny With his piano Thomas Jefferson Historian Judith Sollender ludy. Uzbeck's Howie Sweeter than ever May Solomons Maisie Arlene's house Somebody tall With him Rhoda Sondak Rho . Bobby's house V. K-. Another Madame Curie Herbert Sperling H. Lionel With Garf Connie Executive Aline Stappler Stappy Long Beach U.S,O. Dick Keeping his morale up Myron Stark Little Deacon Held's Phyllis Out of school? Harriet Strauss Harriet Any shopping district That's personal You never can tell Arlene Sussman Arlie With Bert Bert "Quiet Wedding" Frances Swain Sis In the gym The U.S.A.C. Batting a ball around Dolores Teller Dollie At Miriam's Marvin Fortune teller April Temple Apie Busy as a bee Marty With Marty Peggy Tenenbaum Peg Grade Adviser's Olhce Vassar "Woman of the Year" Catherine Thorogood Sis At a show A certain fella A secretary Antgn Tgman Tony Arverne Outlet Shop F. D. R. Photographer Cicely Treble Ciss Reading Maine Writing about Maine Seymour V311 Dictator 123 St. R. B. Henpecked William Vilareli Willie Ross's Naval Air Corps Keeping 'Em Flying janet Waleher lan Central Park West D. I. T. H. Iournalist Claire Weiner Claire At Chick's Harold W. Technician's wife Seymour Weinmgn Yosh With the women Sorry, girls Politician Gladys Weinstein Gladys Mickey's house One of Uncle Sam's boys Darned of we know Howard Weinstein Rugged Ebbets Field Red Cross At the Blood Bank Phyllis Weinstein Phil At Toppers G. H. Pres. of Toppers Abby Weisman Ab Sel's house A. and B. Housewife Sylvia Weiss Syl In the city Air Corps W.A.V.E.S. Miriam Weissblnm Mimi 116 St. L. H. Information, please? June Wernersbach Iunie Air Raid Headquarters Iohn "When Iohnny Comes Marching Home Again Ann Whitehill Ann Canteen U, S. Navy Designer Elaine Wigseneck Elaine Laurelton The more the merrier Looking pretty Monroe Winaeld Woody At the Fire House B. M. Fireman Donald Witkin Don Hanging around ! ! ! Airplane designer Enid Wolpin Enie Pan-American Club A. H. Spanish stenographer Rachel Woodley , Ray Paula's Mel Southern belle Betty Wolf Brigham L.I.R.R. M. H. Conductor Estelle Yanover Kid Wolf At the center R. R. Executive William Young Stelle Backstage Margaret ' ' Tank Corps Iacques Zakin Zeke Miss Liebich's Ofiice Hier0glVPh1C5 CXPCNS Caballero David Zenilman Dave Park Inn No. ? West End Ave. Town Hall crier 36 SENIOR MIRROR COMMITTEE Nat Frankel, Chairmang Rhoda. Eilen, Morty Bishop, Elaine Sanders, L Paula Kabat, Ralph Feuerman, Carol Friend, Blanche Rosenberg, April Temple, Judith Sollender, Mildred Aginsky, Edith Fox, Betty Glantz, Florence Kandel. Q f?ZQ3472f3294 SUH00 'E VlL'f0I? B - r com QA 4,,'1E5ff?L" x EEEEEEEEQQPF N femn My Sclmoh Q? 'Z?Wff62ff ....igTa,,'. 4 Q GI'-8' cAmouFlAGE A MECHAN CI. O. Cnzz111'1'f QfY1'1'.vff1 T11 fx f 1.1 '11 f1'0!l,s' fB1'l'rIlIf D11fpf11'11 ufrf Q. 0. cz. l,1'v1m'f11111l.v 39 C!It'llll..x'f1ll' H1'.X'ffll'1' 5-9 5,011 11111 ' rjsalffl 'v1'1'vh11'1'11f T1 '1 1 1.11 fllkgf Suu l'l1l' 71 1 '111 'f1 S-1c'1'111 111 ing 41 Qluffx ' S-1c'1'111 Ill ing R 1' f f 4 ' 42 I , Zyl ra 1 'x Syzmn' R 4 'lf C1 'l!,Y,Y Smr'1'1lg 5, ,..,. mv-Q1 F-:f"""'F"" jg 1111 QAf1114'1'1'1'1111 R 4 'ff Cyl 'f!.x',v ,XVII if I fflkg' 43 jar poclaway B 0 Il P H I N 5560017 I "Far Rockaway, You Are the Only One jd? QOCLCIIUCIIJ D 0 ll P H I N SCAOOX ghiifw For You We'll Always Carry On 45 poclahlcfcfy D 0 L P H I N SCL There Are Other High Schools Laura? n u L P u 1 N JM SA It Is True, But for Us gal' QOCLl1lUl1y D 0 L P H I N SCAOOK There's Only You" 48 Z4 'Q 3 .. X. , , K" L IZRARY AFRICAN INTERLUDE BY ALLAN BERGER tv! Across the river the Germans had ceased Hring. The battered remnants of their tank force turned back toward the town from which, only a short while before, they had so confidently sallied forth. Soon all that remained on the recent field of battle were the burnt-out wrecks of destroyed tanks and the dead. We who had taken part in the engagement lay exhausted on the African soil and stared with unseeing eyes at the wounded as they were carried away. Overhead, framed against the clear blue sky, our aircraft droned peacefully. For many of us this had been our first taste of actual fighting. It would take some time for the effects of it to wear off. As I gazed around at the men with whom I had so recently fought, I couldn't help thinking back to the time when they and I 50 had first met. It seemed a long while ago. Then most of them were just names, Polish names, Russian names, Irish names, names that the corporal had a hard time pro- nouncing when mail arrived. Now they were more than names, they were men, men of flesh and blood, with whom I had lived, eaten, joked and fought. When we went out there today, some of us never to return, there was a bond of companionship be- tween us as strong as any force on earth. We were buddies. I thought of the day I enlisted. It seemed a long time ago. As I stood on line, I almost changed my mind. What would they say at home when I told them I'd en- listed? When I did tell them, they didn't believe me until I showed them the red crayon marks the army doctors had made on my chest . . . I got up to stretch my legs. As I did so I spied Hank stretched out on his back, smoking. I remembered the time he'd played a trick on me and my revenge nearly caused his death. He had come in late one night feeling very gay and decided to throw my shoes into the stove. I was so enraged I gave the poor guy a blow that sent him sprawling on the snow outside. It was pretty cold and I was sorry for it later but there he lay in the snow all night until we woke him up in the morning. Hank was nice about it, though, and even offered to make me a present of a napkin holder he had undoubtedly swiped from some restaurant to make up for what had happened. However, I declined the offer. What would I do with a napkin holder in the army? . . . I leaned on my elbow and looked down the road where I could just make out a sergeant talking with some officers. Seeing him brought to my mind a dressing down we once got from a sergeant: "You stupid idiots! Haven't I been able to get anything through your thick skulls since you got into this army? Giving up your guns when you were on guard duty! What if it was an officer? Suppose it had been an enemy in an ofIicer's uniform! What would you do, you guys who are supposed to be guarding this camp? You'd politely hand over your gun to him and immediately be shot with it! Why, you nin- compoops! Get this straight! When you're on guard, don't hand your gun over to the general himself !" It's funny, I thought, that at a time like this it's the little things that come to your mind. And as I looked around at the men near me - Red, the college graduate who was so fond of comic books, Joe, the guy that blew in all his pay for months back to fly home to see his folks, Tony, the cook who used to be the most popular man in camp when he gave out extra pies and cakes, Hank, with his fondness for practical jokes, and all the rest-thinking about these men who had come from all walks of life, from all parts of the nation, made me realize for the first time what really makes America great . . . As we marched off that field of battle, as glorious as Valley Forge or Gettysburg, there came to us, through the gathering dusk, the clear notes of a bugle, sounding over the graves of those who had died there that day. Sl Across the rolling waves they came, Hard pressed hy tyrants' tyranny, And fought a fight that we still fight, A struggle for Democracy. A fight once won, Yet just begun. Across the rolling hills they toiled To till the soil, and reap the grain, To feed the child for greater gain. The harvest reaped, The seed just sown. Across the rolling plains they came, On rolling wheels in search of gold, And some grew rich and sonze grew 0 ld, Few found gold, and none found gold, Yet all found gold. Wfatch the gently rolling furrows, As the plowman swiftly burrows Through the rich hlacla heavy soil. Watch the golden grain now growing, Rippling in the hreezes hlowing Row on row of yellow corn. An-rl' the hlood -red sun now setting, brings to all A call to arms. See them come from east and west, From many different places, Withoiit regard for race or creed, To fill our country's greatest need, For men to fight for freedom. Across the rolling waves they came, Hard pressed hy tyrants' tyranny, And fought a fight that we still fight, A struggle for Democracy. A fight once won, Yet just hegun . . . S2 GOLD AND WHEELS BY SEYMOUR VALL M I s 'A .na .1 -us , , 1,2 5. E f i Aix so . , 2 ' HOME OF TODAY BY ADELAIDE SCHIFF What has become of the home that we knew? The boys are of to war, and Dad grows restless, too. I guess I'm not the soldier I promised them I'd be I know the way I'm crying, they would not be proud of me. But, Oh, I miss the banging door, and the laughter on the stairs, And the way they used to go for my special chocolate layers. I even miss the muddy footprints they left on the rug, And the way they had of stealing up and giving me a hug. I keep their pictures close .to me, and save their every letter. Sometimes I read them over and it helps me to feel better. I just ean't help remembering when they were little tots, And we were all together, Oh, it ties my heart in knots. Dad says if he were younger hefd help them fight this war, And though I don't dare say it, I'm glad he's 54. Standing in the boys' room, I try hard not to mind, 'Mid the trophies and the banners, there's comforlt here, I find. For they left this without grulmbling, only a brave, sweet smile, And, "Don't worry, Mom, remember, it,s only for a while." So I'll keep right on smiling, and wait for that day when I'll hear the front door banging, and the boys walk through again. THE DECISIVE MOMENT BY EVELYN GOLDMAN His face was torn with anguish, With sorrow and with fear, The time of great deeision Was definitely near. The erowd became impatient Would he cofmmit this sin? He gathered courage, though, "Say, Bud, can I cut in?" and said, 53 f SUSIE'S DILEMMA x BY ROSLYN CAHN 94 Clad in a short blue and red plaid skirt, a green horizontal striped long-sleeved blouse, an orange vertical-striped cardigan flung over her shoulders, brown loafers with yellow and pink argyle sox, she walked along the street. She had lipstick all over her face, curlers in her hair, and a sign on her back reading, "Babies cry for Getsom's pills. Why don't you get some today?" Her name was Susie. She was pledging for the "Happiness Girls Without Fellows A. C." They were the smart girls around school, who liked poetry. In fact, the A. C. that they added to their name stood for Admirers of Cipling. She was cute, and seventeen. She didnlt look her age. People thought she wasn't older than fourteen. She was walking along swinging her books. Her only care was whether she'd get into the club or not. Besides that, she was very happy, life was wonderful. She had got a picture of Windy, and the girls at school had admired it. Yes, he definitely had "oomph.', If only she were four years older, or three years, or two, even if she were eighteen. Why there was a difference in one year. Oh, life was awful. She opened the door and noticed a sailor's cap on the inside hall table. It was probably jimmie's friend's brother's cap. Jimmie was Susie's brother. His friend's brother was home on a forty-eight hour liberty. He wanted to meet "that cute little girl," but Susie was too intent on joining the Happiness Girls. She couldn't get away from the corner where she had to stand, dressed up, for her initiation. She walked up the steps, dismissing the thought from her mind, when she heard a click. The third step was probably loose. Opening the door of her room, she threw a kiss to the photograph of Alan Ladd, and put a Frank Sinatra record on the phono- graph. Life was beautiful, she decided as she lay on her bed. But, oh, Windy was coming home soon. If only she were a little more sophisticated. If only she were a few years older she'd really welcome Windy when he'd come home. If only her mother had bought that black dress for her, the one she had seen in a window downtown. Life was disgusting. Perfectly flat. She got up from the bed and sat down in front of her dressing table. She gazed at the Alan Ladd photo. Oh, he was beautiful. She must see his new picture. Yep, he had "oomph." She changed the Frank Sinatra record. He was good also. So was life. fCont. on P. 652 54 SOUVENIRS BY EMILIE KLIGIERMAN The author of this essay writes from personal experience. She came to this conu- try from Belgium three years ago, and has attended Far Rockaway for two years.-- Ea'itor's Note English homework . . . how many more words would she have to look up in the well-thumbed dictionary? M. Edmund Burke certainly spoke fancy English! Wearily, she wrote down the meaning of "incubus," put away "The Landmarks of Liberty" and took up a history book. Funny how reading history late at night made you feel drowsy! Impossible to concentrate . . . a few words: "General Giraud . . . DeGaulle." How queer these words sound in the mouths of Americans! With a smile, she repeated them easily, in her musical language: "DeGaulle, Giraudf' Oh yes, it still seemed like a fantastic dream. She thought of the questions that still made her laugh. "Belgium? Oh yes! They speak Belgian there, don't they?" And when she had said they spoke French there, the almost spontaneous: "Par-r-r-llay vous Francais?" Or else the puzzled ones asked, "Did you wear wooden shoes? How did it feel to live in a little village, always Wearing a costume?" They were still more amazed when they learned she had lived in a big city, worn clothes "a la Americainef' and even gone to high school. There were also those with a lot of patriotism who said, "Didn't your heart beat when you saw the Statute of Liberty?', Yes, her heart did beat, not because of the majestic chef-d' oeuvre of Bartholdi, but at the thought of finally getting to this new country, far away from the threat of Nazi tyranny. It felt nice, thinking of it all. It gave her a queer sensation at the pit of her stomachg she was relaxed, the way people are after they have sighed deeply. just im- agine! The first few days, she was even afraid to go down to the candy store Camaz- ing place, selling ,many, many things besides candyj and buy stamps. And the first day in high school Uames Munroe High Schoolj . . . it was big, so very big, so very American. That day, she had gone in the elevator with her guide, but afterward she walked through the big halls, trying to find the rooms, after another look at a little white card always clutched in her hand, what "they', called "program card." Why were the rooms so oddly numbered, 312 or 411, instead of 8 or 9? But everything was big, even numbers. In her classes it was pretty tough to get along, always saying, "I do not know any Engleesh!" every time people rattled off, speaking so fast, with accents that sounded all alike, and intonations that made a funny little song to her ears so used to the French language. The students, too, were amazin . Bo s wearin om adours, and those funn I 1 , g Y g P P , Y suits, some one said were "Zoot suits"-no more of those now! As for the girls, they were a pretty sight, wearing gaily-colored clothes, and wearing make-up and oh, such fC0l1f. on p. 665 S5 Nature is a paintboxg God is just a boy 5 And this world at which we marvel Is just His little toy. The clouds above are whipped cream Srneared across blue silk. The deep brown bay u covers SIMPLIFIED PHILOSOPHY Is rippling chocolate milk. Q BY LEO SELIGSOHN Heaven's little windows Are the stars we see at night. The moon is heaven's beacon Guiding angels with its light. Meteors are spitballs That the angels throw around. And valleys are the wrinkles In an old and tired ground. I The morning sun reflects the gloom of night Ana' day is but an eternity of emptiness. There are a million voices shouting, "The world is good"- But I will always laugh a cynic's laugh For I know differently. A cloudless sky will not free me From the inner clouds Which blot out all laughter and gaiety. The path I leave behind is somber BY Where before was light. There can be no joy SANDRA BERNSTEIN' For I am md. II What does it matter if the earth tells of some future storm? The sun shines through a thousand clouds And rain speaks not of tears but laughter, overfull. The world may cry that it is sad and often hurt, And I will smile and think how wrong it is As I know naught of grimness or of pain. The path I leave behind is light Where somberness once was. There can be no sorrow For I, today, am glad. S6 ,- ' KID STUFF fav '95 TX. BY DAVID SEGAL Q f I'm not excited. I'm perfectly calm and collected. just because my face is purple -well, how do you like mothers who bring five-year old children to concerts, and park them next to you? Ihad expected to spend a quiet, restful evening until I saw faim there. He had a martyred look on his face that spoke of deep inward suffering. Later in the evening that look was transferred to the audience immediately surrounding him. During the first number he was rather calm. He just kept time to the music by banging his heels on the back of his seat. That would not have been so bad if he had kept time accurately. Or even inaccurately! But, no, his diabolical mind conceived of a far more hideous plan. His time was almost, but not quite, accurate. It was just enough off so that you were brought up with a start after every measure. He kept this up so pugnaciously that finally I found myself wondering who was wrong, the Boston Symphony Orchestra or my young neighbor. In the middle of the next number, which was a particularly heavy one, he asked his mother fin a loud, clear voice that reverberated through the hall, and awoke the man sleeping in the last row of the second balconyj "Where's the drinking fountain?" Half the audience screamed "Shhhh," then the other half "shhh,d" the first half. By this time the boy had climbed through the aisle, gone to the rear of the hall, climbed back to his seat and Whispered, "I can't find it." His mother got up, showed him the way, then returned and sat down again. Shortly, but not quietly, the lad returned. Then came the intermission. What a look of rapture spread over his face! "Time to go home?" he asked hopefully. I took a sadistic pleasure in watching his face fall when he learned that his suffering was only half over. Durin the second half he chan ed his tactics, and contented himself with 'ust I g 1 u g I u I being bored and chanting in a low monotone, "Time to go home, time to go home?" Soon his unfortunate neighbors were wishing with all their might that it was "time to ,, go home. At long last his mother looked at her watch, bundled him up, and yanked him off. Now I could listen in peace. I slumped back and comfortably prepared myself for the joys to come. At that moment Dr. Koussevitsky lowered his baton. The con- cert was over. P S7 EXPENDABLE BY DAVID I-IoF1-'MAN Ill fff LONE Q 1 Q 5 Six words stood out on the front page of a large metropolitan newspaper. 'tUnited States Forces Retire on Luzonf' The sun beat down without mercy on the fox holes and slit trenches. Now and then a Japanese sniper,s bullet would whine over the head of an unwary American. "The Japs are gaining on us. Prepare to retire to rear positionslv The order was passed from mouth to mouth, from slit trench to slit trench, from fox hole to fox hole. It was an order which was very often heard, perhaps too often. "Break for the road!" At the command, figures of crouching men darted up. The earth around them was being hurled high into the air. They made for a road that was impassable on both sides. When the last man had reached the road, an officer addressed a subordinate. "Cover the road with a machine gun. Hold them off for as long as you can. Per- haps it will be a few minutes, or an hour, maybe . . . well, anyway, hold them. Any questions?" S8 "Yes, sir. When do I rejoin my outfit?" The officer did not answer. It became apparent to Private First Class Johnny Hil- ton that he was expendable. He was to hold his position for as long as Heaven per- mitted. His was to be the supreme sacrifice. Private Hilton settled behind the trigger of his .30 calibre Browning machine gun. "Good luck, fella," his commanding officer sputtered, trying to clear his throat at the same time. "Good luckln In a few moments johnny's outfit was gone. He was alone, alone with his machine gun, waiting for the first enemy to appear. He was alone with his machine gun and his thoughts. "I never thought it would end this way. Here I am, P. F. C. Johnny Hilton, ex- pendable. It looks as if they won't come for quite a while. Nothing to do but wait. "I wonder how Ma and Pa and all the other folks are doing back home. Might as well read their letter again to quiet my nerves. I'm getting jumpy. Let's seeg where did I put that letter? Ah, here it is. Mom wrote this part. I could tell her writing anywhere. She writes that joey is due to graduate from high school. It won't be long now before my kid brother is the best doctor east and west of the Mississippi! I-Ie's got what it takes . . ." The birds were singing, yet there was something strangely sinister about the whole scene. Overhead, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Now and then a multi-colored bird would flash over the treetops, winging its way to its nest. The beauty of nature was everywhere. Private Hilton knew that this scene was soon to be blotted out. His thoughts again wandered . . . "There's nothing like a letter from home. Home, that sure sounds sweet. I sure miss the gang at the corner drug store. Barty, Mel, Lenny, Marylin . . . Marylin's brother, my best friend, killed at Pearl Harbor when those yellow devils . . . That was the reason I enlisted. I was so burning mad. At first Mom didn't relish the idea. I guess it was because she lost two brothers in the last war. We talked it over almost every night, and soon she came over to my side." Private I-Iilton,s thoughts were interrupted by a sharp rustling in the under- growth. There, silhouetted on a rise in the road was a surging, bobbing mass of men. Fixed bayonets glinted in the sunlight. Johnny's finger inched toward the trigger of his machine gun. His sights up, he squeezed it. The late afternoon sun cast weird shadows among the palms. The atmosphere was peaceful save for the spasmodic roar of a machine gun. Soon there was complete silence. Six words stood out on the front page of a large metropolitan newspaper. "United States Forces Retire on Luzonf' S9 J X: qi dli Q if i I if wif-. 4? :- Nx' ' FROM TI-IIE SCOIUIPILIMIE TCO TIHUE RIDICCIUILOIUS BY PAULA HOBERMAN Soup, as defined by that inimitable answer to an English student's prayer, Mr. Noah Webster, is a sort of broth prepared by boiling meat or vegetables with various other ingredients. To my hungry eyes it is the quickest mean proportional between my eager mouth and my more eager stomach. But since both of us agree that it is a food, let us get quickly to the main problem and its solution. Soup has been a provoking source of man's under- nourishment ever since its accidental discovery by the Royal Dishwasher of one of the ancient Pharaohs. The trouble has not been with its content but with the extraordinarily diflicult job of getting it from the plate to the spoon to the mouth intact. Crude as it may seem, by means of my invention, one can elim- inate the middleman. To people in the lower-intel- ligence brackets, this plan will seem entirely plausible. I think it's wonderful. Those in the higher I.Q.,s probably have a full set of teeth and consequently do not have to worry about a liquid diet. But now for the unveiling. I first conceived my device while watching my younger sister playing at the beach some twenty odd years ago. Odd? It's amazing! The object of her destructiveness was a toy pump. Filling it with water, she would press the handle down and the water would shoot out. We might have ended the day without any mishaps, had her aim not been so if N good. That day, however, she bowled over 300 people. As I opened my mouth to reprimand her, I became the 301st victim. At that moment, I knew my problem was solved. Realizing the full extent of the paper shortage, I now hasten to explain how to eat soup gracefully, noiselessly, and economically. cC0l1f. on P. 661 THE TRAMP BY BENSON SOFFER John got up slowly, a look of astonishment stamped on his face. "Good heavens, Yaroslavf' he said, in his big, hearty voice, "why won't you paint the picture of my children?" ' For once the mask faded from Yaroslav's handsome face. He paled visibly and tightened his hand into a hard fist. Turning toward the window he spoke to the open skies he loved so much. K! You have been very kind to me, John. You could not possibly understand." "You like the children, don't you?" John asked. ll I love them very much." "Then why don't you paint them-?', ll No, I can not," Yaroslav interrupted. John sank slowly into his seat as Yaroslav turned to him. "That cold night you found me lying by the road and brought me, whom you thought a tramp, to your home, and gave me shelter and food, you felt sorry for me. You did not ask and I did not tell you, about my past. Now I must tell you. I was born in a Bohemian village, the son of a college professor. It was a beautiful country, and I was happy until my father moved to Prague. There I attended the University and later entered the Austrian army as an ofhcer. In 1917, after our troops were de- feated and our lines broken, I, with many others, heard the news of the revolution. Knowing what would happen to us, we fled. You remember the story of the Czech detachment that made its way from one end of Siberia to the other? I was with them. I fled to America with my paints, and lived on the beaches, eating just the ish I caught, and painting everything I could. I was happy then because I wasn't running awayf' John looked more puzzled than before. "What has this to do with my children?" "Everything" Yaroslav answered. "How could I paint the pictures of your chil- dren? I have seen the empty stare in the eyes of thousands of starving children. If I were to paint your children, could I paint what I see? No, I would be putting down those horrible things I have run away from. God made me love his creatures. I lived in their lives, rejoiced in their joy, sorrowed in their tragedies. I loved so much that I painted. Where people are murdered and starved I can not live. I have seen too many fine families shattered. I have seen too many unhappy children. When I watch your children, I remember how the others were before. I can not stay here. Perhaps CConf. 011 Page 66D 61 When I was just a local guy, The girl that I adored In my presence yawned away, And seemed completely bored. Knee-deep in sundry other heaux, She gave me not a glance, But flashed her smile the other way 5 I didn't have a chance. The "busy line" I always got, W'hen I pleaded for a date. Every time I asked her out, It seemed I was .too late. And thus I worshipped from afar, Worship ped all in vain. Others may know joy in love, I only knew the pain. Then came the draft, away I went, To march and drill and train, Then, trim in army olive drah, I went hack home again. I chanced to meet my lady love, This time she was not cool, My unifonm intrigued the gal, But I, I was no fool. I saw her eye my three proud stripes, The insignia I sported, And suddenly I scorned ,the miss I once had vainly courted. Love me not just in khaki, For when we've won this war, And I'm only a civilian, You will drop me as hefore. Beware, oh fickle lady Who goes for things G. I. For the girl who's khaki-wacky Will he left alone to cry. A SOLDIER SPEAKS BY ADELAIDE SCHIFF 'i Q., - " yf., . .,, W , :I ,N f UP I: l ml .I ff 7 f . f ff 11""'m"'Iu 1 K ie Z 'I wf""h'N fs 5 A " NN , ,, I I A 1 I 1 'fx X k AL 'E A lf, y K W 4 -. as C Z sq I I I W ki 'xv X , A x , X - I , I ' , amy " f 1 1 IL D 'figagf I "ily X f R xg -V' A i.. j I K H 1, ll 0 0 .. A IFIIIFTJEIEN BY PAULINE NEWMAN I am an impotent Fifteen, .imprisoneil by Time Only fifteen, when the Wforlcl fries for men anzl women, Cries, sereams, falls to heazfen For men anal women. Hel pless, hapless ffteen: Not young enough to he im mersea' in play Ohlizfio-ns to reality 5 Not olil enough to grasp with firm hanzls The sworal of Liberty Or Death. "Come, dear, anal knit this soek, Anal folfl this gauze" The while the clock Withozit a pause Tielzs off the livesg Perhaps my hrother's among the others. Fifteen, I sleep alt home in down-y quilts, My table ileelzea' with Copeland ware: While Twenty sweats and thirsts and burns In roaring hell of gas anel flame No matter where he turns, Ami fights and flies, In seas and jungles Over There. Fifteen, and all I do is prayg Dear God, at last when vietor3"s come, At last, when Liberty is won, Wloezz Peace and Brotherhood are true, Not mere aspirings of a dreaming few, Give me strength to Cherish with nz y life This Freedom bought with worldtorn strife. air if 'I xr 3 K -" ,v A 1 X t' Y 1 y X J iii X -,,-4-'5 'O S 1 F, V!-A 1 X I . s X5 I 1 .I 'Q ff? S. , W al-f ?T-:4Tg' . Q - : T - 1 r , 'V I-1 ' i - fg"'L s Q iff' :Et ,Q 45 1 Q J - i' v .4 I 5 C , ' ' Ar," A T ie TT 6. :'g1RlII:iAuiiu- 'T' 1.2, ,kr I muuf ss ll! L 1 f'f-- - '3' EY! IKA 3 213: e, , if ,nl 'T ' - .'.4 l4f .2 " ' IW' .5 , C S - Li -.N XX xl X N YU f ' . fn' - m 4 i I Q misfit f im. ll , W f LIFE'S DARKEST MOMENT l ' 17 ii a Agia ' J il BY MARTIN POLAN Once in every term comes the dreaded day when teachers have their troubles get- ting senior classes to order, although bells may ring and salmons wave. Everybody is hanging on somebody else's neck, yelling, "Let's see yours" or "Mine are awful! How are yours?', All students despise Regents and detention, but something more terrify- ing than either of these awaits every senior-the taking of senior pictures, and getting back the proofs. The photographers are confronted with many types of seniors. First, there's the one who poses a la Napoleon, and try as he may, the photographer is unable to change the pose. Then there are the glamour girls who experiment with new hair styles re- sembling the Empire State or the Chrysler Building, coiffures which usually topple over at the strategic moment. There's, always the bright boy who decides to grow a mustache or get a crew haircut for the occasion. Whatever your particular mode of preparation has been, when you enter the room fthe boys' emergency room generously donated by Mr. Luft and magically trans' formed into a studioj you are met by a barrage of cards to be filled out. You want to cooperate, but you are so excited that you can't hold the pen. Having completed the job by hook or by crook, you are told to relax and be yourself - as if that were possible. You are then seated on a piano stool behind powerful white lights and in front of a white screen, which makes you feel as though you are about to receive the third degree. The great moment has come. The photographer puts the black hood over his head, tells you "Hold it!" and snap! It's all over, for better or worse. Now you can go back to history, physics or English, and worry about fbem. Some Hne morning in section, after about three weeks of suspense, you are handed a small booklet which reads "Blank Studios." At the first glance inside, you are sure a mistake has been made-but no. You discover a family resemblance to yourself. You have no time for careful contemplation of your portrait, you are soon mobbed by your classmates screaming "Let's see!', The class bursts into hilarious mirth. You aren't too much disturbed, though-you'll have your chance at them later. No, you're not alone in your glory. Some of the remarks you hear aren't overenthusiastic: "The camera wasnlt in focus", "Look at that awful shadowing", "Which,ll I choose for The Dolphin?" A little comic relief is always afforded by the joker who manages to borrow some of the pictures and decorate them with mustaches and vandykes. However, if this ordeal is part of your future instead of your past, be not dis- mayed, it is one of life's great experiences! 64 SONG OF TWO LOVES BY KENNETH COHEN He sfopped bmi once in fbe ligbi of fbe moon Tbai played on ibe sea by fbe way, Wbere zfbe eresfs, like glass, would sbaiier and sfnasb, Wbere eyes would dance in fbe spray. Tben be followed ibe sand fo tbe knoll by ibe strand Unnzinding tbe breeze from ibe sea, And bis stride was long, bis sfep was sfrong To wbere bis darling would be. Wbile ibe sky looked down on ibe billoel2's crown He siood wifb bis love and ibe sea. Wbere ibe moon laid ber beams across .ibe sound He was happy-I know- I was be. Susie's Dilemma CCont. from P. S45 She grabbed a tissue and took the make-up off her face. Her mind went back to Windy and her age. Life was terrible. To be or not to be. She undressed and slipped into an old flannel robe. She'd go down to the kitchen and have a snack. She went into the kitchen, and there was her mother with a sailor. Oh, he was cute, he had uit." "It" was much better than "oomph." "Susie," her mother said, "This is Wally." "Wally, did you say Wally? Are you sure it's not Windy?" "No, ma'am, my name is Wally. Wallace Rebenton Jones, to be exact. I'm Rickey's brother." Rickey was Jimmie's friend. This was his brother, the one who wanted to meet her. They were baking a cake, her mother and he. "Would you like to join us, Miss Susie?" Wally asked. "Yes, I'd like to, very much," said Susie, with a glint in her eyes. Who was Windy? Who was Alan Ladd? Who was Frank Sinatra? "This is Wally," Susie thought. Life was wonderful. 65 Souplime to Ridiculous QCont. from P. 60D First tip the soup plate toward the rear so that if anything goes wrong, the liquid will spill either on the tablecloth or into the unwilling but dependable lap of the person sitting opposite you. Now come exhibit A, the pump, and exhibit B, the drill. The latter is used for drilling holes in the soup plate. Considering the size of the average pump, it would be extremely diiiicult to manipulate it by hand, especially if your neighbor is lefthandedg therefore, pipes and pedals are connected to the pump which is operated by the foot like an old-fashioned sewing machine. CEd. Note: This article was written before shoe rationing.j The pipes in the pump are adjusted in the holes made by the drill and the machine is now in working order. Of course all of this pre- liminary work is done before the hot soup is poured into the plate, otherwise the soup may pass down into the pipes, thereby giving the innocent diner what is commonly called a "hot foot." If the apparatus is correctly employed, as the foot treads upon the pedal, the liquid in the plate is forced up into the pump by pressure, and the soup squirts out through a special nozzle. Obviously, the mouth of the person must be placed at a 1800 angle to the mouth of the pump or else the soup will, unfortunately, not reach the desired destination. Happily, one does not need a complicated mathe- matical equation for the best results, the sole essential tool being a 12-inch Board of Education ruler which one of the art teachers will gladly donate for this use. If, by chance, a ruler is not obtainable by this method, I possess one which I shall gladly lend for one package of dehydrated soup. s , In conclusion, I offer humble apologies to Orson Welles and the manufacturers of Cambellis Soups for any sales losses they may suffer as a result of the wide-spread use of my invention. Sozwenairs CCOnt. from P. 555 fancy hair-do's. All of it seemed a dream. Even when she walked home from school, the houses all alike in some streets, the numbers at the corners, the square, flat side- walks, all seemed imaginary. How could she be here? No, she would wake up any minute. But how silly! Of course it was all real. The ocean separated her from the objects of homesickness, and it was no use hurting herself, recalling them. That history homework! What! Already 11:30? She closed her books. To- morrow, in section and lunch, she would catch up on the rest. It wasn't three years ago any more. Now, she could read and write easily, and even, in casual talk, be some- times mistaken for an American, which gave her a great thrill. Oh, yes, now she knew why the Statue of Liberty made her heart beat . . . .51 'PLAY The Tramp CCon1f. from P. 615 I can not stay anywhere, but I must go. You have been very kind to me these last three weeks, John. Good bye." isl- U -',' Yaroslav turned to the closet, took out his box of paints and walked out, closing the door slowly after him. 66 DOLPHIN PATRONS MRS. J. SMITH MR. MRS A. H. COLBERG . J. BRUST MRS. P. BAYSEN MRS . T. ORNSKY MRS. P. BEHR MRS. G. SHIRER MR. L. BUSH MRS. MR. MR. MR. C. BOHNE AND MRS. ROSENBERG GEORGE RIVKIN AND MRS. SCHAFHAUTLE SEYMOUR WEINSTEIN JAN MR. MR. MR. MR. E ABBEY WEISS A. L. TREBLE AND MRS. MAX WEINBERG ARNOLD KALMOWITZ M. GREENBERG MR. AND MRS. FRANK MR. MR. HENNINGSEN AND MRS. W. HORN AND MRS. LOUIS RENNER MR. AND MRS. B. GREENBERG MR. AND MRS. HARRY D. HOBERMAN MR. ANID MRS. LOUIS GOLDBERG JUDY GOLDBERG MR. AND MRS. S. w. LEVY MR. AND MRS. S. SANDHAUS MR. AND MRS. M. J. BELL AND MRS. MORRIS Fox AND MRS. EDWARD BRABAND MR. MR. MR. CHARLES TAYLOR MR. AND MRS. HARRY KOLODNY MISS H. LIEBICH MRS. J. GUMPERT MISS H. BERNIS MR. AND MRS. S. C. MAYER MR. AND MRS. HARRY LUFT MR. AND MRS. DENNIS HURLEY MR. AND MRS. H. GELLER MR. AND MRS. JESSE LEVITT MR. AND MRS. H. BLUESTEIN 67 was al 5 o I , o X o WI 5L We S ar vl7 JOHN STREET 4 i ""' NEW YORK,N.Y. Jlfanufczcturing Speaiazlgf fewelers 7 School ancl College Jewelry Club Emblems Medals, Cups, Trophies and Plaques T Official Jewelers +o The Class of June I943 Far Rockaway High School Patronize Our Advertisers Purchase your Portraits Bl P26165 They will perpefuafe a memory fha? will be 1'reasured by fhose who love you and mean mos? +o you X Oficial Photographers 1942-A13 Dolphin .!4l926!a .S?ucbo, .9nc. 2l2 WEST 48+h STREET NEW YORK, N. Y Telephone: Clrcle 6-0790 Patronize Our Advertisers Roclrawa Compliments Of ROCKAWAY PLAYLAND The fine flavors, smoofh 1'exIure and pure ingredienI's in HORTON'S ICE CREAM I1 a v e m a d e iI' America's favoriie since I85I DALSIMER FLORIST FAR ROCKAWAY ROCKAWAY PARK CEDARHURST Ulllfl Smar-I WEARING APPAREL SPORTSWEAR and BEACHWEAR "for Ihe Well-Dressed Girl" I028 CENTRAL AVE. y New York Keep 'Em Smiling With Good Ice Cream ff j' XXXY al-ways ICE CREAM ,XV 77 Q f ,gf ,-4? sa: if ef - X BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY, Inc. 34-09 Queens Boulevard Long Island Cify, N. Y. STIIIweII 4-5000 Patronize Our Advertisers WILLIAM B. FELDSTEIN 0 I Riverside Memorial Chapel Cedarhursl 56I8 Flowers For All Occasions ASCHETTINO Florisl' 8: Greenhouses TREES - SHRUBS OUTDOOR PLANTS I2 Cenfral Avenue Cor. Doughly Boulevard Lawrence, L. I. Rockaway Savings Bank Cenlral and Cleveland Avenues FAR ROCKAWAY, N. Y. The Only Savings Bank in The Rockaways 0 0 0 DEPOSITORY OF THE SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK Are You a Member? O O 9 57.500 IS THE LIMIT. BUT NO AC- COUNT IS TOO SMALL TO HANDLE 0 0 O Every Monday Is School Bank Day McCARTHY 8: SIMON, Inc. MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS 7-9 Wed' 36+h Sfreel, New York Jus? off Fiffh Avenue Specialisls in CHOIR VESTMENTS PULPIT GOWNS CAPS, GOWNS, HOODS for All Degrees Oulfillers Io over 2500 Schools, College and Churches S ROCHE'S BATHING PAVILION Patronize Our Advertisers MILK BUILDS WINNERS PATRONIZE YOUR G. O. STORE Esfablished I893 A. C. HAYNES Real Esfaie and Insurance SMITH BUILDING Cor. Moif and Cenfral Aves. Far Rockaway New York PHONE-F. R. 7-4679 SCHWARTZ'S BEAUTY SALON Specializing in PERMANENT WAVING EXP ERT BEAUTY SERVICE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES ' T Specials Monday to hursday Corner Mott Ave. 1901 MOTT AVENUE and James St. FAR RDCKAWAY, N. Y. LOUIS ADELMAN SY HELFANT Class of Jen. '33 DELFANT SHOE SHOP I026 CENTRAL AVE., FAR ROCKAWAY Phone FAr Rockaway 7-68II HIGHLY specialized publishing service 1' 01' discriminating editors of college yearbooks. The unqualified approval of more than one hundred Eastern schools and colieges is your guarantee of the ultimate in hooks finely made. The Schilling Press, Inc. 137 East 25th Street New York Patronize Our Advertisers

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