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— -— - ■ • - ■■ ■ y» USS FANNING FF1076 ■=Her gm FANNING THEN AND NOW The ship Is named in honor of Lieutenant Nathaniel Fanning, United States Navy. Lt. Fanning was a privateer during the Revolutionary War and was captured and was wounded during the war. but continued to return to fight the British. He became a Midshipman and the personal secretary of John Paul Jones on the BON HOMME RICHARD. During the battle between the RICHARD and H.M. SERAPIS, Fanning was appointed captain of the maintop. After the battle, Jones cited Fanning as " one cause am ong the prominent In obtaining victory. " Fanning went on to command the French privateer COUNT DE GUICHEN and the French brig RANGER. The first FANNING (DD-37) accomplished much, including pioneering modern techniques of fueling at sea with the fuel ship JASON and with the assistance of USS NICHOLSON (DD-53) sunk the German submarine U-58, the only enemy submarine sunk by U.S. forces during World War I. The second FANNING (DD-385) had a distinguished career In World War II from the beginning when she was at sea with the USS ENTERPRISE when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The present FANNING was commissioned 23 July 1971. She is equipped with two of the most up-to-date long-range underwater sound detection devices (SONAR) as well as highly sophisticated radar, communications, and other sensors. Her armament Includes rocket boosted (ASROC) and tube launched torpedoes, a dual-purpose 5 Inch caliber gun, and a Basic Point Defense Missile System (BPDMS). FANNING is also a LAMPS, helicopter support systems, platform. She is propelled by a single screw, driven by two steam turbines which receive 1200 PSI steam from two propulsion boilers. FANNING Is homeported in San Diego and Is assigned to Destroyer Squadron THIRTEEN and Cruiser Destroyer Group ONE. FANNING ' s previous WESTPAC ' s include: December 1972 to October 1973. April 1974 to October 1974. and September 1975 to May 1976. Each cruise was unique In Its own way. with difference caused by military operations, administrative policies and even the personalities of the command and the many crewmembers. This book depicts the Fourth Cruise of FANNING. FANNING, after completing the third deployment, entered Triple ' A " Shipyard at San Francisco, California on 10 February 1977 for a baseline overhaul which was completed on 21 June 1978. FANNING returned to San Diego, California on 29 June 1978. Upon return to San Diego, preparations were made for the Change of Command which occurred on 31 July 1978 whe n CDR Thomas O. GABRIEL, U.S. Navy relieved CDR Melvln W. WIENANDT to become the fifth Commanding Officer of FANNING. The next three and one half months were spent primarily preparing for and satisfactorily completing an Operational Propulsion Plant Examination (OPPE), as well as undergoing a Training Reading Evaluation In preparation for Refresher Training. FANNING entered Refresher Training (REFTRA) on 13 November 1978. During the next four weeks, FANNING significantly Increased her battle readiness with the assistance of numerous Fleet Training Group observers. The final battle problem was satisfactorily completed on 8 December 1978. During 1979 FANNING participated in many exercises and Inspections to ready her for her fourth WESTPAC, due to commence 8 September 1979. The most significant of her operations were COMPTUEX 3A-79, READIEX 2A-79, COMPTUEX 4-79, and COMPTUEX 5-79. Successfully completed inspections Included: a 3-M Inspection, Nuclear Weapons Acceptance Inspection, and an INSURV Inspection. Perhaps the most noteworthy event this year was FANNING ' s achievement as COMDESRON THIRTEEN ' s LEADER In command retention for four consecutive quarters, thereby earning COMCRUDESGRU ONE ' s nomination for the CINC- PACFLT ' s Golden Anchor Award. During 1979. FANNING also proudly carried the following recognitions earned 31 December 1978: The Green " C " and " E " for communications excellence and operational excellence respectively, the Red " DC " for Damage Control and the Blue " E " for her third consecutive award in Supply Excellence. The most recent WESTPAC, some of the memories of which are captured In this cruise book, was of historical Importance. Brief visits in Hawaii, Midway, and Guam were a prelude to unusual contingency operations In the East China Sea and the Indian Ocean. The assassination of Korea ' s President PARK prompted a U.S. Naval response, of which FANNING was a part. Shortly after leaving Korea, FANNING was again called upon to support U.S. Interests abroad, this time In res ponse to the Iranian capture of the 50 Americans and their retention as hostages In the U.S. Embassy. While In the Indian Ocean, FANNING ' s Engineer Officer brought worldwide acclaim to his command by responding to a Soviet Inquiry concerning the where abouts of the USS KITTY HAWK: " KITTY HAWK is a small town In North Carolina, " he rejoined. Just prior to leaving the Indian Ocean, the officers and crew enjoyed a brief stay In Mombasa, Kenya. The " home stretch " of the cruise included a drydocking In Subic Bay, R.P., a brief but memorable visit In Hong Kong, stops in Guam and Honolulu, and a very enjoyable " Tiger Cruise " from Hawaii to San Diego. During this WESTPAC. FANNING was honored to uphold the highest traditions of readiness, support and service of her country, and her crew was awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal for their loyal and dedicated efforts. COMMANDING OFFICER Commander Thomas 0. Gabriel was born in Encinitas. California on 2 April 1938. He was graduated from the University of Southern California in 1961 and attended Officer Can- didate School immediately after graduation. Following Commissioning as Ensign in No- vember 1961, he served in USS INTERDIC- TOR (AGR-13) as First Lieutenant and Gun- nery Officer homeported in San Francisco until June 1963. He then served in USS CAVALIER (APA-37) as Boat Group Commander homeported in San Diego. His tour in CAVALIER was fol- lowed by a tour in Vietnam as Executive Offi- cer in PTF-6. Following his tour in PT ' s, Com- mander Gabriel then served as Executive Of- ficer and Navigator in USS PLEDGE (MSO- 492). He attended Destroyer School from June to December 1966 and was then as- signed to USS RADFORD (DD-446) as Engi- neer Officer homeported in Pearl Harbor. Commander Gabriel was an Instructor at- tached to the Department of Naval Science United States Naval Academy from January 1969 to January 1972. He taught Naval Fun- damentals and Tactics. Following his tour at the Naval Academy, he served as Main Pro- pulsion Assistant in USS RANGER (CVA-61) and as Executive Officer USS GRAY (FF- 1054). His last assignment was at the Human Resource Management Center San Diego where he served as Team Leader from June 1976 to May 1978. Commander Gabriel has been awarded the Navy Commendation with Combat " V " and Two Stars in lieu of subsequent awards, the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat " V " , the National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for Korea, the Vietnam Service Medal with 7 stars and the Vietnam Campaign. Commander Gabriel is the son of Dr. Mrs. O.L. Gabriel of Encinitas, California. He and his wife, the former Judith Greeley of Vista, California, reside in San Diego with their two children, Richard and Kristine. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lieutenant Commander George A. Klein III was born in Baltimore, Maryland on 18 Oc- tober 1942. He attended 1 year of college at the University of Maryland, College Park and in June of 1962 went to the Unit- ed States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. Following his commissioning as Ensign in June of 1966, he served as DCA on the USS COGSWELL (DD-651) until May of 1968. Then in February of 1969 he attended Sur- face Warfare Officer School, as a student. In April of 1969, Lieutenant Commander Klein became the Engineering Officer on board the USS HENRY W. TUCKER (DD- 875). Following his tour on the USS HENRY W. TUCKER Lieutenant Commander Klein, in June of 1971, took over as Commanding Officer of the USS SIOUX (ATF-75). From November of 1972 till August of 1975 Lieutenant Commander Klein was sta- tioned at BUPERS as J.O. detailer. Then he was stationed at OPNAV (OP-03), as aide to OP-03, until November of 1976. He at- tended U.S. Naval Postgrad School from December of 1976 till June of 1978. Lieu- tenant Commander Klein reported on board FANNING for duty as Executive Offi- cer on 13 October 1978. Lieutenant Commander Klein has been awarded the Meritorious Service Commen- dation, Navy Commendation Medal, NUC, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Viet- nam Service Medal with 5 stars, and The Vietnam Campaign. Lieutenant Commander Klein is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Klein, Jr. of Balti- more, Maryland. He and his wife, the for- mer Terry Owens of Greenfield, Ohio, re- side in San Diego, California. J5M2 ALU SN ARTHUR EM2 BACUETES STGSN BAILEY TMSN BAKER SN BANNISTER RMSN BARGER SN BARNETTE RM2 BARRAZA BT2 BARRERA MSI BARRION STG1 BELCHER GMG2 BATES EMFN BATES RM1 BECK DS2 BILLINGS SN BLAIR BTFN BOEGEMAN MS3 BOHANNAN GMGSN BOSTON BTFN BOUCHARD HT2 BRADWELL RM2 BROWN OS2 BRUNETTO BT2 BUSH EM2 BUSHMAN BTFN CADY QMSN CAFFERY OSSN CASE BT3 CASEY SN CELMER ETRSN CHAKOS FTM1 CHAPLIN STG2 CHIONE FTGSN CLARK FR CLOPEIN BT2 COOPER MS2 CORPUZ FTG3 COWAN AW3 COSMAKOS BT2 CUEVAS QM3 CVEK ET2 DAGEFORD FTM2 DAVID SHSN DAVIS SN DAVIS SN DELOACH DK3 DELOSSANTOS SH2 DENAULT BTFN DENHALTER EMFN DORSEY FTG2 DOWNEY MMFN DRAKE BT1 DUMOLT PN2 EAKLE SN EATON BTFN ECKMAN MM2 EDWARDS MSI EDWARDS SN EVEARD 051 FARMER MM1 FERGUSON SMI FERRIER MM2 FORBES OS3 FRANK AT3 FUENTEZ OS3 FULLER ET1 GABRISCH RM1 GABRIELSON BT2 GALAC 052 GARCIA HT3 GARNER 053 GARSO MM3 GILCHRIST SN GOFF EW2 GOLDBERG BT3 GOOSSENS BM1 GRAMER BTFN GRAY HTFN GREEN STGSN GREER SMSN HAGAN MMFN HAGMAN OSSN HAROIAN SMI HALL ET3 HANCOCK RM3 HARVEY SN HARRISON EN3 HEITZ BTFN HERGENROEDER ET3 HILT FTG1 HIXENBAUGH MS3 HOGAN SN HOUCHINS BTFN HOUGHTON HT3 HOWE SMSN HAMILTON DS2 HILL STG3 IGNOWSKI EMFN INGRAM MM3 JACKMAN AMH3 JABER OSSN JACKSON AMH2 JENNINGS JELINEK NKINS_ HNSC FN KAD1NG BTFN KANEFF GMG2 KARST RMSN KAZMERSKI SN KEISER MM3 KLEIN IC1 KNOTWELL MM3 KOSTEK ET2 LABRADOR SN LANG EW2 LAVELLE RMSN LEPLEY STG3 LETTUNICH SN LIVINGSTON BT3 LINGENFELTER AD2 LEININGER HM3 LITTLE GMT3 LOAN OS2 LONG MM3 LONGLEY STG2 LUCITT FTM3 LUNDE MMFN LYONS SHI MACADAAN BTFN MAINHOOD GMG3 MCELVIAN MSI MARCOS OS2 MARTIN PN3 MARZO AWAN MEANS FTM2 MCDANIEL ET3 MCGUIRE EW2 MCMAHON MM3 MCNAMARA ETSN MEIER IC2 MEIER MM2 MELEGI RM3 MICK BM3 MIRANDA PC3 MONTAGUE YN3 MONTANEZ HM3 MONTEFORTE FTG2 NOLAND FN NOLEN EW2 OATMAN STG2 O ' BRIEN STG3 OLDING EN3 OLIVAS EMFN OLSON BT2 ORARA MMFN ORE MSSN OTT MSI PARKS MM1 PARKS SN PARKER MSSN PARRISH EW2 PAYNE MS3 PELLAS ET3 PETERSON EM3 P1EPLOW BM1 POWLEDGE SHSN PRATHER YNSN PRICE SM3 RALL MM2 RAUCH SN REED FA REEVES RM2 REITMEYER SK2 REYES SN RHODES BM3 RIEGER SH2 RINGO SKI RIVERA STG3 ROBEY AE1 RODRIGUEZ SN RUST STG2 SAMMS AD3 SALCIDO HT2 SCHLIEF EN3 SCHRADER STG1 SCHOLTZ ICFN SEELIGER IC3 SERRATO RM1 SHANBECK YN1 SHANI BT2 SHOW! BTFN SIEbI MMFN SIM? MR3 SINGLETON OS3 SKINh ET1 SKIVE GMT3 SMI] SHSN SMlf SN SMOCK BM3 SOUZA EM3 S PADA OSSN SPEAR STG2 STEPHENS MR2 SWANSON SN SZOKA MSSN TARASOW MM1 TAVENNER SN THOMAS BT3 THORINGTON FA THERIAULT HTFN TINDALL QM3 TOBIAS AE3 TURNBOW FTM2 VANDENBURG SN VAUGHN ENFN VINCENT STG3 WAKEFIELD GMG2 WALTON MM3 WATERS SR WEAKLEY FN WEAVER STG3 WEILAND SN WELSCH QM1 WELTER STG2 WHEELER RM3 WHITT MMFN WILD BM2 WILLIAMS MM1 WILLIAMS STGSN WILSON EW3 WINKELMAN EMI WITMER FTGSN W1TTMAN HT3 WOINAROWICZ RM3 WOLFER MM3 WOOD FTGSN WORTHY QMI YARDLEY AX2 YEAMAN STG2 ZACHRITZ MMFN ZIMMER DEDICA TION The Officers and men of the USS FANNING wish to dedicate this Cruise Book to the many families and friends who through their love and support, both at home and through letters, made many long hours underway all worthwhile. Thank You. THAT WHICH MIGHT HA VE BEEN 8 SEP 14- 17 SEP 18- 20 SEP 21 SEP 22- 25 SEP 25 SEP 25 SEP - 2 OCT 3 - 19 OCT 20- 23 OCT 24 OCT - 4 NOV 5 - 11 NOV 12 - 15 NOV 16 - 19 NOV 20 - 28 NOV 29 NOV 30 NOV - 3 DEC 4 DEC 5 - 9 DEC 10 - 14 DEC 15 - 18 DEC 19 - 20 DEC 21 - 26 DEC 27 - 28 DEC 29 DEC - 5 JAN 6 JAN 7 - 10 JAN 11 - 15 JAN 16 - 19 JAN 20- 29 JAN 30 JAN 31 JAN - 11 FEB 12 - 13 FEB 14 - 17 FEB 18- 19 FEB 20- 24 FEB 25 - 29 FEB 1 - 11 MAR 12 - 20 MAR 21 - 22 MAR 23 - 28 MAR 29 MAR Depart San Diego enroute Hawaii Inport Pearl Harbor Hawaii Area Operations Inport Pearl Harbor Underway enroute Midway Island Inport Midway Island Underway enroute Guam Inport Guam for Upkeep Enroute to Okinawa Okinawa OPAREA Inport Sasebo, Japan ASWEX Jl-80 Enroute Subic Upkeep Subic Enroute San Fernando Visit San Fernando Enroute Subic Bay ASWEX J2-80 NGFEX Tabones, RP Inport Subic Underway enroute to Hong Kong Visit Hong Kong Underway enroute to Subic Upkeep Subic Operations in the South China Sea ASWEX J6-80 Visit Phattaya, Thailand Group Sail to Subic Upkeep Subic Operations in the South China Sea READIEX 1-80 Okinawa OPAREA Group Sail to Subic Inport Subic Underway enroute to Hong Kong Inport Hong Kong Underway enroute to Yokosuka, Japan Upkeep Yokosuka Group Sail to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Inport Pearl Harbor Depart Hawaii enroute San Diego Inport San Diego 10 • • • 8 SEP 8 - 13 SEP 14 - 17 SEP 18 - 20 SEP 21 SEP 22 - 25 SEP 25 SEP 25 SEP 26 SEP 26 SEP - 2 OCT 3 - 9 OCT 10- 11 OCT 12 - 19 OCT 20 • 24 OCT 25 - 26 OCT 27 - 28 OCT 29 OCT ■ 9 NOV 10 NOV 11 ■ 15 NOV 16 18 NOV 19 20 NOV 21 28 NOV 28 NOV 28 NOV 7 DEC 8 24 DEC 25 DEC 26 ■ 28 DEC 29 DEC ■ 8 JAN 9 - 13 JAN 14 - 18 JAN 19 - 23 JAN 24 JAN - 2 FEB 3 - 12 FEB 13 - 27 FEB 28 - 29 FEB 1 - 6 MAR 7 - 11 MAR 12 MAR 12 - 19 MAR 20 - 22 MAR 23 - 28 MAR 29 MAR THAT WHICH WAS. Depart San Diego enroute Hawaii Enroute Pearl Harbor Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Hawaiian area operations Inport Pearl Harbor Underway enroute Midway Island Inport Midway Island Underway enroute Guam Crossed the International Dateline Underway enroute Guam Inport Guam Underway to avoid Typhoon TIP Inport Guam Underway enroute Okinawa OPAREA Underway MULTIPLEX Okinawa OPAREA Underway enroute Korea Korean Contingency Operations East China Sea Inport Sasebo ASW Exercise Jl-80 Joint US Japanese Navy Underway enroute Republic of the Philippines Inport Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines Underway enroute Indian Ocean Crossed the Equator Underway Indian Ocean Kermit Station, Gulf of Oman Christmas Day, On station Gulf of Oman On Station, Gulf of Oman Underway Arabian Sea Underway enroute Mombasa, Kenya Inport Mombasa, Kenya Underway Indian Ocean Gonzo Station, Gulf of Oman Enroute Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines Inport Subic Bay, drydocking Underway enroute Hong Kong Inport Hong Kong Underway enroute Guam Inport Guam Underway enroute Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Inport Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Underway enroute San Diego Inport San Diego 11 UNDERWAY On the morning of September eighth, nine- teen hundred and seventy-nine the USS FAN- NING made final preperations for deploy- ment on WESTPAC 79-80. Crewmembers, families, and friends were on hand to say goodbye and wish us a safe voyage. A short time later the brow was lifted and the Fan- ning departed on WESTPAC. 12 13 TURN TWO QMSN Caffery plots our course . . . while MMCS Sieving ensures the engines keep us moving and HM3 Little and HMSN Arthur keep us healthy. 14 Engineers on the inhaul line MM3 Klein standing at taut watch 15 WHAT CONTACT? COMNA VSURFPAC COMCRUDESGRU ONE AND COMDESRON THIRTEEN HAVE RECOGNIZED USS FANNING (FF-1076) FOR I EXCELLENCE DURING THE PERIOD 1 JAN 1979 TO 30 JUN 1980 IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS E BATTLE EFFICIENCY AWARD E ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE DC DAMAGE CONTROL EXCELLENCE E GUNNERY EXCELLENCE E MISSILE EXCELLENCE E CIC (OPERA TIONS) EXCELLENCE These awards are positive proof that our diligence and teamwork have been recognized. Let us continue to persevere in our tradition of professional excellence. 17 ALOHA HA WAII ALOHA Pulling in on a warm evening, FANNING land-lubbers sighted the city lights of Hawaii off the shores of Makapuu. Our eager- ness to visit the island for the weekend after spending nearly a week at sea was hard to con- trol. We won ' t forget Hawaii with its many cultures and life- styles or the experiences we had, or the beaches such as Hanauma Bay, where snorkling was a must, the North Shore and golden sands of Waikiki, where we got our Hawaiian tan. The Ala Moana Shopping Center with over 100 stores and res- tuarants, the International Mar- ket Place in the heart of Wai- kiki. 18 HAWAII A weekend stay at Pearl, known as the " Gathering Place " where high risers and busy streets that some of us thought only existed in places such as California. We won ' t forget the everlasting mountains with ridges that touched the clouds, and the wa- terfalls that led into the Seven Pools of Wonder, and much, much more. It was too short to stay to say " Aloha " and too ex- pensive to wait for the next pay day to roll around. We won ' t for- get the solemn cruise around Ford Island as we departed Pearl Harbor, remembering why we came, before steaming out for more adventures like the men before us did. 19 HOUDA Y ROUTINE 20 MIDWAY ISLAND As our journey continued we found our way to the habitat of gooney birds, Midway. Our brief stay of four hours to refuel and pick up needed mail was highlighted by a swim call and the discovery of beer on the small pacific island. 22 23 FLIGHT QUARTERS - B w ' » ' Flight Quarters Flight Quarters All Hands Man Your Flight Quarters Stations. " W M " 6V 25 GUAM GUAM, a small tropical island located at the southern part of the Mariannas island chain, was the Fanning ' s next stop. Here the ship re- ceived three weeks of upkeep at the Naval Sta- tions Ship Repair Facility. The entire crew, working side by side with Guamanian yard workers, completed the many jobs required to ensure a safe and trouble-free voyage. Our teeth were even overhauled since it was going to be our last chance to conveniently visit a dentist for many months to come. Half way through our stay, typhoon Tip forced us to put to sea again as high winds and rain hit the island. Our stay was not all work and no play, of course. On Columbus Day the ship threw a par- ty for the crew at GAB GAB beach. The USO also sponsored tours and Boonie Stomps, as they called them, through the jungle to the crystal clear swimming holes of TALAFOFO FALLS. The Fanning was the center of attraction on the Navy ' s 204TH Birthday as more than 600 guests came aboard to tour the ship and the MAGUS 31 helo that accompanied us on West- Pac. It was a unique experience for many of the guests, and the crew displayed both pride and pleasure in showing off the ship. 26 27 ITALIANS Upon leaving Guam we had the privilege of work- ing with two Italian Naval ships, the ARDITO and the LUPO. Joint exercises were performed in ma- neuvering drills, high line hook-up and helo ex- change. After completing the exercises, we ex- changed gifts and bid each other farewell. The Italians continued on their world cruise and we headed off towards the South China Sea. ARDITO 28 DIVE DIVE! DIVE! 29 LETS ALL GO TO SASEBO Upon completion of operations off the coast of Korea, Fanning was directed to enter the East China sea, destination JAPAN. The ship moored in SASEBO, a city and seaport on the western side of KYUSHU, the southern most and third lar- gest of the four islands of Japan. Haste was made as the crew prepared to make the best of their short stay in the land of cherry blossoms. A bow of honor was directed toward the city of Sasebo and her fine people as we departed on still another leg of our West Pac journey. 30 31 L - mm- JL ' -fl ■ ' ■ !S9 ■ — » ». . fffi ■•••» BMBLQI ?!? CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE SOVIET KIND 5 33 THE POLLYWOG ' S PRAYER The schellback is my oppressor, I shall not sleep, He maketh me to lie down in garbage piles. He leadeth me beside the great judge. He curseth my name. He leadeth me in the paths of degradation, for the hell of it. Yea, though I walk in the valley of the shadow of the schellbacks I will feel no pain For my ass is padded Thy shalalies and persuaders they pound me. Ye preparest a torture before me in the presence of NEPTUNES REX Thou annointest my head with mechanical foam, My stomach heaves. . . Surely pleasure and fun shall follow me the rest of my enlistment, AND I SHALL LIVE TO BEAT THE NEXT BUNCH OF POLLYWOGS TO DEATH!!! 34 35 (gnnzo Station aih fy wce 70 23 flew, ZO While performing contingency operations in the Indian Ocean, FANNING was assigned to GONZO Station. First we steamed with the Carrier Battle Group consisting of the USS KITTY HAWK, USS BERKELEY, USS DAVID R. RAY, and the USS JOUETT. Later, we worked with the MIDWAY and her Battle Group which consisted of the USS STEIN, USS BAINBRIDGE, USS PARSONS, and the USS KNOX. To keep the Battle Groups well sup- plied with food, fuel, repair parts and most important of all - mail, there was a replenish- ment unit consisting of the USS WABASH, USS SAN JOSE, USS WHITE PLAINS. USNS MISSPILLION, USNS PASSUMPSIC, and the USNS NAVASOTA. Joining to relieve the KITTY HAWK was the Nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS N1MITZ and her two compan- ions. USS TEXAS and USS CALIFORNIA. All total there were over 18,000 crewmembers on 19 different ships. There also were numerous Russian combatants and AGI ' s following the Battle Groups to find out just what we were doing. Though the time was tense, the hours long, and we were miles from our loved ones, it was a time when we were privileged to contribute to the strength of our Great Nation. 36 -Jf 37 THE FINE FIGHTING SHIP FANNING PROUDL Y PRESENTS There was this traveling salesman. s f m Screening mast with the SAMURAI XO. Let him have it Doc. Taste good buddy? Try it, you ' ll like it. 38 Come alone or bring a date, but beware of the smooth talkers. They ' ll take her away from you. Live from TERHAN, " THE HOS- TAGES " featuring Tom Terrorist their captor. An afternoon in the chief ' s quarters or how many pillows does it take to make an 0-3 an E- 8. A special limerick for the XO. And who can forget that gift from PI. m M m — Y 1 They GONGED the Iranian nose player ... he had a head cold. REAL TALENT: " Oscar THE ECHOS " entertain the crew. 39 NEED A TANK OF GAS OR A LOAF OF BREAD? NO 7-1VS OUT HERE 40 500 GALLONS OF MILK PLEASE i 41 MERRY CHRISTMAS Even though we were many miles from our loved ones and homes, our Christ- mas wasn ' t a total loss. Many members of the crew got into the spirit of the holiday season by decorating their spaces. Others gave a presentation on the birth of Christ. We even had a sur- prise visit from Jolly Old St. Nick, who talked with the crew and passed out gifts. HAPPY NEW YEARS « 43 USS KITTY HA WK CV-63 After operating with the USS KITTY HAWK from 21 November 1979 in the Indian Ocean, an air show was put on for the ships in the Battle Group. We were all shown just a fraction of the Kitty ' s fire power. 44 45 MOMBASA MOMBASA MOMBASA What is there to do in MOMBASA you ask? Let me tell you what you can do in Mombasa. After you go into the steaming jungle on the ACAMRA SAFARI, or helped the missionaries build a school you can still barter with the na- tives for wood carvings. But wait! Thats not all! This international port provided conversation with people around the world. While one crew member was over here trying to figure out what the merchant sailor from India was say- ing, another one was on the other side of the room trying to understand what the French tourist was saying. But we all knew what Tusker Lager was. I 1? V P; £ ¥$ 46 _ au jfe - : " r- : ' ' ■ H ' .- yL -j m r. 1 :;:- ' , « i:4Wfc « ' ■ 47 MIDWAY CV-41 While operating in the Indian Ocean, we had the chance to work with the USS MID- WAY CV-41. The Midway is homeported in Yokosuka Japan. We performed many ex- ercises, received fuel, repair parts and most important of all, mail from the carrier. We escorted Midway out of the Indian Ocean and back to the Philippines, where our paths parted. Midway returned to Ja- pan and we went on to Hong Kong. 48 THE PHILIPPINES ' id. Much of our time in the Philippines the Fanning appeared helpless. She was raised from the water and put on blocks to have the hull and sonar dome worked on. But this did not mean the crew was help- less. The colorful jeepnies and trikes that provided the unique form of trans- portation could get crewmembers any- place they wished to go at a price that could be bargined for. The crew enjoyed the many activities provided on the base and the Honey- Koes, MO-Jos and San Miguel beer off base. The Phillippines was a sigh of relief after being in the I.O. and everyone enjoyed our long stay. Wff : .0 - " S fj£g |PS-55L ■ JjH CALAPANDAYfliJ 50 I . ' II I « l III 1 1 II M ' - JkJ i 51 PONY EXPRESS A LA LO. -4k«£ « i 52 A FISH OUT OF WA TER A Side Of Fanning We Seldom See 53 TtTT VI (BE ' I ■ . ■ j HOJVG Leaving the Philippines with fond memories, we found ourselves en- route to Hong Kong, an island city located in the South China Sea, where traditions of the Far East con- trast with Western technology. Crewmembers found the many lifes- tyles and cultures of Hong Kong to be intriguing as they explored the many shops and bartered with their ■:, y- . i£ -. " MS. h KONG owners, took tours that led to Victo- ria Peak and Repulse Bay or just a short ferry or subway ride to How- toon and other free colonies on mainland China. After a full day of sightseeing the hungry sailor could stop for a six course Chinese dinner or a Big Mac from McDonalds. Then back on the streets for some nitelife a la Hong Kong. USS FANNING ' S TIGERS 56 Most people think of tigers as the largest of the cat family found prowling through the jungles of India. To FANNING sailors, however, Tigers meant thirty-six lucky relatives of crewmembers who rode the ship from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to San Diego, California. Braced by stiff winds and salt spray, our Tigers withstood the rigors of rough weather and quickly were assimilated into the FANNING team. From truck to keel, stem to stern, the Tigers were exposed to the intricacies of shipboard operation and the zest of life at sea. Likewise, they brought aboard a contagious en- thusiasm and wealth of experience which allowed all of us to learn from them. The transit include a gun shoot, underway replenishment and multi- ship maneuvering — a first-hand look at " their " ship in peak performance. Like all of the FAN- NING Crew, the Tigers shared in the joy of home- coming but one can not help but feel most of our new shipmates were ready for more sea duty. " REEF POINTS " ' 79- ' 80 WESTPAC Cruise: 9 SEP 79-29 MAR 80 DAYS: 210 Days u w: 159 Days Drydock: 9 % of days u w: 75.7% HRS u w: 3580 Hrs Aux. Stay: 595 Hrs. C.I: 865 % of time u w on Aux. Stay: 82.9% FUEL CONSUMPTION Total gals, used Approx. total cost DFM 2,696,255 $2,316,650 JP-5 146,362 $ 120,930 WATER distilled by Evaporators: 1,890,000 gals. FOOD CONSUMPTION 4,485 pounds of bread 5,084 dozen eggs 6,180 pounds of flour 1,886 pounds of coffee 528 pounds of sugar 4,552 gallons of milk MEDICAL: 887 Patients treated 861 Prescriptions filled LAMPS DATA: 210 Flights 151 Passengers transferred 840 Flight Quarters 506 Landings 462 Flight hrs 154 Sonobuoys deployed NAVIGATED OVER 53,000 MILES MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 57 WELCOME HOME 58 59 USS FANNING (FF-1076) MEMORANDUM FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER -J Reflecting back on WESTPAC 79-80 I am extremely proud to have served with the professional can-do crew of Fanning. You have met every commitment on time and with great skill. Flexibility and responsiveness have been the key words and you ' ve proven yourselves extremely flexible both personally and professionally and responsive to any tasking. Fanning operated in support of contingency operations in the East China Sea and Indian Ocean operating for 108 days out of 116 from 19 October 1979 to 13 February 1980, maintaining all propulsion and combat systems in a fully ready state. Not only were you able to support our own parts requirements but you also supported other members of the Battle Group on 26 occasions. This effort was surpassed only by the assigned support ships. I ' m sure we will remember our days on Camel Station and the days with the GONZO gang as we became a part of history. The many underway replen- ishments, countless flight hours, the anti-submarine and anti-air operations, the multitude of operations and exercises conducted with both Battle Groups ALFA and BRAVO. The espirit de corps and comradeship displayed by all during this arduous period is noteworthy and reflects the teamwork which enabled us to perform in a superior manner. This espirit was also manifested through the variety of entertainment provided by many shipmates which served to break the routine and provide a laugh or two along the way. We travelled over 53,000 miles as we made our way more than halfway around the world. Operating in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the East China, South China, Philippine and Arabian Seas, the Sea of Japan and the Gulf of Oman. We also visited a few good liberty ports along the way such as Sasebo, Japan; Mombasa, Kenya; Subic Bay, R.P.; Hong Kong, B.C.; Guam, and Honolulu, Hawaii. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for a job truly well done. I stand ready to steam anywhere at anytime with you shipmate. Thank you for your unfailing support and one thousand percent effort. T. 0. GABRIEL 60 9 .;;..■: OUR FEARLESS LEADERS 62 63 YOU DRAFT IT WE ' LL SEND IT 64 65 IN GOD WE TRUST ALL OTHERS WE TRACK 66 Bh 67 TWIDGET POWER! 68 69 PENCIL PUSHERS NEEDLE BENDERS STAR GAZERS 70 71 HEY BOATS 72 73 HA VE GUN WILL TRA VEL 74 75 PING JOCKEYS 76 77 THE SCREW MUST TURN ec " %m 78 " " HA VE STEAM WILL TRAVEL! 80 sv IF WE CAN ' T FIX IT DEEP SIX IT 82 8J FANNING TELEPHONE AND 84 ■■»!■■ A 85 THEY FEED US PAY US AND MAKE US LOOK GOOD 86 i $ r r j 87 THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN AND THEIR FLYING MACHINE • , " . 89 m I wish to extend my sincere appreciation and congratu- lations for your consistantly outstanding performance during recently completed extended operations in the Indian Ocean. Through your efforts Battle Group Alfa has demonstrated that the U.S. Navy is ready to re- spond when called upon anywhere in the world In sup- port of national objectives. Your good spirit and fine sense of duty throughout extended contingency operations which Included spending the holiday season far from loved ones are most commendable. Your personal sacrifices are ap- preciated by your fellow Americans, and your comple- tion of this arduous assignment with such great suc- cess Is In keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. Well done and Godspeed as you return to your home- ports and well-deserved reunions with loved ones. It has been an honor and pleasure for me to have served with you. RADM W.A. GURECK CTG 70.1 I wish to extend my personal congratula- tions and appreciation to all members of Midway Battle Group for their outstanding performance and dedication during the cur- rent extended deployment to the Indian Ocean Arabian Sea areas. The presence of the Midway battle group was a significant contribution towards peace and stability in an area of the world which is vital to U.S. interests. I am keenly aware of the many hardships and sacrifices involved in pro- longing an already significantly extended deployment which included an absence throughout the Holiday season. In the face of these difficulties, the professionalism of those involved is all the more commend- able and reflects the highest traditions of the United States Military service. ADM. R.L.J. LONG COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF CIFIC COMMAND PA- -■■ : I . ' ..;.■■,. . ■ Since we of Battle Group 70.2 will have de- parted " CAMEL STATION " when you return and become a part of battle group 70.1, I want to pass to you and your entire crew a well deserved " BZ " for your entire perfor- mance while operating as part of Battle Group " B " (TG 70.2) and for the profession- al manner in which you were able to get underway on short notice for these sus- tained operations. I am extremely proud of FANNING ' s ability to maintain the ultimate in operational readiness and sustained per- formance. You have added great credit to the professional reputation of FANNING and the Black Cat Squadron, DESRON THIRTEEN. My thanks and appreciation to you and your crew for the superb job you are doing in Seventh Fleet. Well Done! COMMODORE ALLEN, COMDESRON THIRTEEN I echo those comments and again wish to express my sincere appreciation and ex- treme pride in the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by our Indian Ocean battle groups. Once again you have demonstrated the responsiveness of the U.S. Navy in supporting national require- ments and the ability to quickly provide a wide range of military capabilities without political constraints. Your presence has been a key factor in our national policy dur- ing these troubled times. D.C. DAVIS, Admiral, U.S. Navy As you complete this final leg of your long transit home, I want to express my appreciation to all of you for your out- standing service in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea area. Your quick response to our nation ' s needs for a display of determination in that region ensured that our message was received and clearly understood. You have demonstrated unmistakable strength clearly perceived by all our potential adversaries and friends. In a complex situation, you have stood forth as an example of reliability, combat readiness and steadfast dedication to duty. It has been widely reported In the press that the Soviets, upon Inquiring as to the whereabouts of the USS Kitty Hawk were told " Kitty Hawk is a small town in North Carolina. " I think the Soviets, after observing your operations, have learned that the Kitty Hawk (and her escorts) are indeed that and a great deal more. Your nation Is grateful for the sacrifices you and your fam- ilies have endured in order to accomplish your mission. EDWARD HIDALGO, SECRETARY OF THE NAVY. As you are relieved and head home, I know you do so with much pride in your work in the Arabian Sea. You can be sure that your pride is shared here, where impressive potential and high daily state of readiness of the ships, squadrons and personnel of the Kitty Hawk and Midway battle groups have not been overlooked. You have shoul- dered the load of U.S. military capability in the Mideast and your efforts are greatly admired and appreciated by all of us here at home. As a measure of that appreciation on behalf of your grateful countrymen, I am pleased to advise you that the award of the NAVY EXPEDITIONARY MEDAL has been approved by the Secretary of the Navy for units of your task group and other units participating In these operations. You and your families have waited long and persevered in the face of our nation ' s need to demonstrate a show of visible strength and determination In a troubled area. You have done so with excellence and skill, with stamina and dedication. Your voyage home is well earned and your return much awaited. Well done. ADM. T.B. HAYWARD CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS THE STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF ET3 BOB HILT LA YOUT EDITOR OS2 CLIFF ALLEN COPY EDITOR EW3 DON WINKELMAN PHOTOGRAPHERS FTM2 CURLY VANDENBURG STG2 MARK LUCITT OS2 JOHN GARCIA BUSINESS MGR ' S PN3 DAN MARZO YN3 GERARDO MONTANEZ ADVISORS ENS ROGERS LTJG BOYTER CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS EW3 Oatman, ET2 Dageford, EN3 Olivas, ET1 Skiver, MM2 Jelinek, ENS Childers, LT Coy, LT Peart, ET2 Labrador, SN Rhodes, 0S2 Skinner, MM2 Gilchrist, SMS N Hamilton, AE1 Lenninger, GMGSN Boston 96 , ■■■ ' Jtk ._ - »

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