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, ,, A Q f, 5 545565 ' , ,Aw 4 ' fx.w"r , Yin ":zv6eF'V' " Q x5XH?2fflw fRv"5f"v'ii?'-34" Q 99.55 iff- fv- f ' A' aff-,X A ,, - 4 ,vw ia 71:5,,:,L.: A I . 1:l. . K-Qxgvsb afffrtl glgfggm, 1, ff-3.-12525, ,f 1 , Q , ,ti X I w W , x W .. tx. ,O-i 4 1, 4 WM, gg- ' -'ww f,,,N, A-.,,.N,-M my M ,- A-M Y 1-f....,.x,, Mm ? wr" W. M., ,gg L K M Y Y ff? M 3 1 ,,,, .. , , W' 'W all ,JAY a9f:fQ+ yifggkx' vga 'IHC' ,V , ,Q x ' , Q ' V ,J ' W! 'V V' , Vw, Wm +,,N..,,,,,, F TUSCARORAN Www my ,,, fw Volume V1 11 1958 "We are the dreamers of dreams Published by the Senior Class of Faunclt-Metal High School .1 5 2 fo., ' Tm?-QQ FOREWORD "If you can dream and not make dreams your master." This year we have set dreams as a guide and theme for our year- book planning. Although dreams are only figments of the imagina- tion, they give men a creative power to build and to advance. This power in turn gives men something for which to strive. Our ambitions and dreams range from farmers and housewives, to schoolteachers and engineers. We are growing up now and are willing to accept responsi- bilities instead of having someone else accept them for us. It is now that we must accomplish our dreams. Perhaps all of our dreams and ambitions will not be fulfilled, but if we succeed in a portion of them, we will have proved that they are not useless. Philip Hammond BOARD OF DIRECTORS 'President Vice President James Goshorn Merle McGee N Secretary Treasurer Member Russell Harry Bruce Small Venus Thompson To The Graduates Of 1958: In 1956 a dream came true for Dr. James B. Pritchard. For years German and American archeologists had disagreed as to what city was buried under el-Jib- - the Germans maintaining that it was Beeroth and the Americans Gibeon. By two summers of careful planning, Dr. Pritchard has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the buried city is indeed Gibeon. Those of you who are students of Biblical history may recall that it was at Gibeon that Solomon had his famous dream in which he asked for wisdom in preference to riches. You may recall, too, that a dream was responsible for Solomon's building his famous temple according to the plans of David, his father. Recorded history is full of similar accounts in which dreams have altered the events of the times. Youth have sometimes been accused of being too prone to "day-dream". I submit, however, that you should not be discouraged from dreaming. It is only by dreams - - visions, if you prefer - - that mankind has been able to lift himself above the level of the other animals. Youth somehow seems to have the ability to dream to a greater extent than older people. Walter D. Cocking, writing in the February 1958 issue of The School Executive, has said, "It is a hard yet real truth that vision, courage, and creativity are characteristics which only those who are young in years possess in large abundancey. just one word of caution, however, in your dreaming. It must be accompanied by much hard work. It was fine for Dr. Pritchard to dream of finding the lost city of Gibeon, lying buried for over two thousand years. But before he could carry out his dream many months of detailed planning were necessary. There is a common tendency to call results of such a dream "luck." One of the greatest dis- coveries of modern time, the discovery of vulcanization of rubber, was attributed to luck. Charles Goodyear, never attributed this discovery to luck. He had already worked for over five years on the problem when he accidentally threw his mixture of gum and sulphur on a pot-bellied stove, thereby ushering in a new era in transportation. About this accident he stated that like Newton's falling apple, it had meaning only for a man "whose mind was prepared to draw an inference." Have your dreams then. We do not discourage you from having them. But be certain that you are prepared to pay the price in terms of hard work that is necessary to put them into execu- tion. About everything else make certain that your minds are "prepared to draw an inference" when luck does come as a result of your dreams. We trust too that there will be a new interest in the dream that Gibeon's re-discovery has brought to our attention, and that you will choose as Solomon did. If you do, you will undoubtedly agree with Edward Markham that "Great it is to believe the dream When we stand in youth by the starry stream, But a greater thing is to iight life through And say at the end, 'The dream is truel' " Very sincerely, WMJWWLM Robert W. Kochenour Supervising Principal W Mr. Thomas Baker, B.S., M.Ed Social Studies, Geography Pennsylvania State College Principal "'All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" Mrs. J. W. Wineman Secretary to the Supervising Principal and Principal FACULTY G' 'W - a Mr. Robert Stewart, B.S. Mrs. Patricia Campbell, B.S. Chemistry, Science, Biology English Shippensburg State Teachers College Shippensbllfg State Teachers College Mr. Glen Minick, B.S. Miss Mary Skinner, B.S. Mathematics, Science Mr, Berk B. Meredith, B.S. Social Studies, Art Shippensburg State Teachers College Commercial Subjects Shippensburg State Teachers College Shippensburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University FACULTY Mrs. Anna Mae Bock Mr. Gerald Stewart, B.S. Home Economics Mathematics, Commercial Subjects Juniata College Shippensburg State Teachers College Mr. Keith L. Hess, A.B. Mrs. Kathleen Yocum, B.S. Mr. William W. Shearer, A.B Health, Physical Education English History Basketball Coach Shippensburg State Teachers College Susquehanna University Shepherd College FACULTY Mrs. Kathleen Shoop, A.B. Mr. Millard Fitzgerald, B.S. English Literature, Dramatics, Vocational Agriculture, Science French, Driver Education Pennsylvania State University Bucknell University Mrs. Mildred Hartz, B.S. Music Education Lebanon Valley College Mrs. Elizabeth North Standing: Left to Right. Richard Hurley, John Stewart, Elinore Gipe, Mrs. Shoop. Seated: Left to Right. Gary Rowles, Larry Shearer, Richard Miller, Nancy Johnson, Beverly McGee, Philip Hammond, Dorcas Thompson, Phyllis Dague, Geneva Boggs. YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief .......... . . Associate Editor .... Assistant Editor .... Business Editor. . . Art Editor. ..,.,.......,. . . Sports Editor ..........,....... Music and Dramatics Editor .... Advertisement Editor ...,..... Photography ....,. Typists ....,. . .Beverly McGee . . . . .Elinore Gipe .Philip Hammond . .,.. Gary Rowles . . . . .Phyllis Dague . . . .Larry Shearer . . . . .Elinore Gipe Dorcas Thompson Richard Miller . .Richard Hurley John Stewart . . . . .Geneva Boggs Patsy Neil Nancy Johnson "We are such stuff As dreams are made on." It is my desire to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to all those individuals who devoted their time and hard work in order that this publication of the Tuscaroran could be completed. Those who especially deserve recognition are: Mr. Robson and Mr. Kaye, our publishersg Mr. Andrews, our photographerg Mrs. Shoop, our adviserg the Yearbook Staff g and our advertisers and patrons. Beverly McGee GENEVA BOGGS MARY BOOK "Geneva" . . . Main interest is Tim . . Mary Interested in Blain mischievous but innocent . . . listens to always with Janet qulet type Rock 85 Roll . . . great 'Elvis fan . . Safety Patrol lg Intramurals 2-3-4g In tramural Representative 43 Chorus 1 Librarian 43 Photography Club 3-4 Student Secretary 4g Yearbook Staff 4 PHYLLIS DAGUE MARTHA FLEMING "Phyllis" . . . A most studious individual Mart Paul s her one and only . . . artistic instincts . . . seldom heard cute small and promised pilots a . . . delights in a good laugh. Ford talks to Vonnie in P O D Class Officer 1-2g FHA 1-3-4g Dramatics FHA 1 2 Intramurals 2 3 4 Photo 3-45 Yearbook Staff 4. graphy Club 3 4 Student Secretary 4 nm I ELIN ORE GIPE "Elinore" . . . Jim really sends her . . . has a ball in study hall . . . makes her "Chevy purr" . . . Bev straightens her dates. Safety Patrol 13 FHA 13 Chorus 1-23 County Chorus 23 Band 1-2-3-43 County Band 2-3-43 Photography Club 3g Dra- matics 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 Student Council 3-43 Student Council Officer 3-43 Intramurals 2-3-43 Hockey 2-33 Com- mercial Club 23 Science Club 33 Year- book Staff 4. S E N I 0 R S PHILIP HAMMOND "Phil" . . . Has an interest in Big Spring . . . likes horses . . . aims high and mighty . . . enthusiastic reader. Class'OHicer 2-3-43 Intramurals 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 Soccer 23 Track 3-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Varsity Club 3-43 Science Club 3-43 Photography Club 3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 County Band 2-3-43 Dramatics 3-43 Forensics 33 Yearbook Staff 4. arg:-E-m15Z?:Q53-5235 'S ,N-L15 f i 1 -I HAROLD GOSHORN "Son" . . . Walks the line for Lula Bell . . . Senior hero . . . likes to be coaxed . . . torments Mr. Stewart. FFA 1-2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-43 Soccer 2-43 Photography Club 33 Varsity Club 43 Band 13 Intramurals 2-3-4. VONNIE HOCKENBERRY "Vonnie" . . . Always neat . . . never ready for 7th period . . . fights with Ed . . . hair always curly. FHA 1-23 Intramurals 2-3-43 Photo- graphy Club 3-43 Student Secretary 4. WYE SQQETTE5 ' if RICHARD HURLEY "Dick" . . . Excels in sports . . . oh! the girls he knows . . . policemen really go for him . . . neat crew cut. Intramurals 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball 2-3-45 Soccer 2-3-45 Track 45 Photography Club 2-3-45 Science Club 3-45 FFA 1-3-45 Varsity Club 3-45 Intramural Representative 35 Yearbook Staff 4. is NANCY JOHNSON "Nancy" . . . Loves to square dance . . . seen often with Fred . . . alert in Office Practice . . . yearbook typist. Class Officer 45 Chorus 1-2-35 Intra- murals 2-3-45 Student Secretary 45 Safety Patrol 15 FHA 1-2-35 Photo- graphy Club 2-3-45 Yearbook Staff 45 Science Club 45 Photography Club Ollicer 4. SENIORS MARY JUNKIN RACHEL JUNKINS "Mary" . . . Voted Queen of F.M. . . "Rachel" . . . Future Nurse . . . enjoys sweet, demure, and naive . . . rides to a good book . . . a friendly smile, a school with Sadie . . . easily worried. cheery hello for everyone . . . faithfully FHA 1-2-3-45 FHA Officer 2-35 Class helps Mom- Oilicer 15 Science Club 35 Photography Intramurals 2-3-45 Chorus 1-2-3-45 Club 35 Softball 25 Dramatics 3-45 Nurse's Club 35 Nurse's Club Officer 35 Intramural Representative 3. FHA 15 Student Secretary 4. ...nm iq if fl , SARA MAE KLIN G "Sadie" . . . Has an outstanding feminine trait-talking . . . chief permission- getter of the class . . . bothers Mr. Minick in Math class . . . operates a '38 Plymouth. Class Officer 1-32 Intramurals 2-3-4Q Intramural Representative 23 Chorus 1-2-3g County Chorus 1-3Q Cheerleader 2-3-41 Cheerleader Captain 4g FHA 1-2-3g FHA Officer 33 Dramatics 3-43 Softball 23 Science Club 3-43 Photo- graphy Club 3. S E N I 0 R S BEVERLY MCC-EE "Bev" . . . Constantly kidding sopho- more boys . . . likes to roller skate . . . often seen talking to Dot . . . another typical teenager . . . Class Officer 3g FHA 1-23 FHA Ofiicer 33 Chorus 23 Hockey 33 Science Club 3-43 Dramatics 2-3-43 Forensics 33 Stu- dent Council 2-3-43 Student Council Officer 43 Intramurals 2-3-4g French Club 3-43 Yearbook Staff 4. fi' v BARBARA MCALLEN "Barb" . . . Haunts Home-ec. room . . . has a deep dimpled smile . . . plays hooky frequently . . . happy-go-lucky. Class Officer lg Hockey 2-33 Softball 23 FHA 1-2-3-43 Chorus 23 Photography Club 3-4g Intramurals 2-3-42 Safety Patrol 1. MACK MCGEE "Mack" . . . Teachers don't worry him . . . books aren't his interest . . . loves to cowboy . . . always with Bob. Intramurals 2-3-42 Soccer 2-3-43 Track 43 Baseball 2-3-4Q FFA 1-4g Varsity Club 3-4Q Varsity Club Officer 4. N CONNIE MCGOWAN "Connie" . . . Never says much . . . Rachel keeps her company . 3 lessons always prepared . . . outdoor type. Intramurals 2-3-43 Chorus 33 Softball 23 Nurse's Club 3g Student Secretary 4. RICHARD MILLER EDWARD MILLER "Ed" . . . Likes to start trouble . . . never studies . . . sleeps in class . . . enjoys going to St. Thomas. Baseball 3-43 Varsity Club 43 Intra- murals 2-3-43 Student Secretary 4. SENIORS "Dick" . . . Has his own individual laugh . . . has a special spectator at every game . . . pass word, "oh yeah" . . . enjoys the company of girls. PATRICIA NEIL Class Officer 2-32 Varsity Club 3-42 "Pat" . Likes Sam's CQIHPHQY - - Varsity Club Officer 33 D1-amatics 35 excellent librarian.. . . tops in typing . . . Intramurals 2-3-41 Photography Club 3g Heat With CVefY'Chmg- Science Club 33 Baseball 23 Basketball Chorus 13 Librarian 43 Science Club 33 2-3-43 Soccer 2-3-4. Yearbook Staff 43 Student Secretary 4. 0S X, ,f 3 N W ROBERT O DONN ELL VON NIE PIPER Bob Tardy every morning "Piper" . . . Promised to Ed . . . enjoys never worries d1Sl1k6S Orb1son1a getting in devilment . . . makes a piano drives a Ford talk . . . real speed demon. Soccer 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 3 Band 1-2-3-45 Chorus 1-2-3-45 FHA 15 Varsity Club 3 4 FFA 4 Intramurals Intramurals 2-35 Librarian 45 Student 2 3 4 Secretary 4. GARY ROWLES "Gary" . . . Steady silent type . . . manages Tuscaroran finances well . . . likes to hunt . . . hasn't discovered what girls are for. Intramurals 2-3-45 Chorus 2-3-45 Class Officer 45 Science Club 3-45 Photography Club 3-45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Secretary 45 County Chorus 2-3-4. ,fit J- '- lr I ALEXANDER SHEARER "Alex" . . . Tall, dark, and handsome . . . enjoys teasing Sadie . . . portrays priestly dramatic roles well . . . always hungry. Class Officer 3-43 Intramurals 2-3-43 Baseball 23 Basketball 2-3-42 Soccer 2-3-43 Track 3-43 Forensics 33 Dramatics 2-3 -43 Science Club 3g Varsity Club 3-43 Varsity Club Officer 33 Student Council 43 Student Council Officer 43 FFA lg Safety Patrol 13 Band 1-2-3-43 County Band 23 French Club 3-4. JOHN STEWART "John" . . . Intelligent conversation- alist . . . a betrayer of the Ford . . . enjoys 7th period date . . . efficient manager and timekeeperf Class Officer 2g Varsity Club 43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 County Chorus 1-3-43 Intra- murals 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 Photo- graphy Club 3-43 Science Club 3g Band 1-2-3-43 Student Council 2-3-43 Student Council Officer3-43 Track 3-43 Soccer 2-43 Yearbook Staff 4. ' X , ,A-,I ' I-A LARRY SHEARER "Larry', . . . Another Concord man . . . assignments can be done tomorrow . . . helps coach Hess manage his quintet . . . travels to Blain often. Varsity Club 43 Chorus 2-3-43 Basket- ball Manager 3-43 Soccer 23 Dramatics 2-3-43 Science Club 33 Photography Club 3g Intramurals 2-3-43 French Club 3-43 County Chorus 2-3-43 Yearbook Staff 4. ' S E N I O R S DOROAS THOMPSON "Dot" . . . Gets her 40 winks in P.O.D. . . . pals around with Bev . . . teases the teachers . . . quite unattached. Class Officer 1-33 Band 1-2-3: Chorus 23 FHA 1-3-43 Hockey 33 Intramurals 2-3-43 Dramatics 2-3-43 Photography Club 3-43 Student Council lg Yearbook Staff 43 Science Club 4. 1- lift! 4 l Q ,V K -az EHSQEZRXQESBEESY EPITAPH A Our happy school days are swiftly coming to a close. We have shared friendships and adven- tures for the past twelve years. When we leave Fannett-Metal we will take with us the memories of these events. Our class began at various schools. Many of our happiest days were spent in these small groups, but the eighth grade brought us all together at Fannettsburg. To guide us through our first year of high school, we elected the following officers: Phil Ham- mond, president, Sara Mae, Kling, vice-president, Mary Junkin, secretary, and Pat Hammond, treasurer. During the year we sold ice cream and candy to raise funds for an outing. At the end of the year, we visited the Hershey Plant and had a wonderful time at the Hershey Amusement Park. Later in the evening the entire group and our chaperons had dinner at Howard Johnson's Restaurant in Mechanicsburg. Our treasurer picked up the tab. This was the happy ending to our first year of high school. On September 8, 1955, we, as sophomores, entered our new high school. Our class projects were selling sweat shirts, showing movies, and sponsoring roller skating parties. This was the year we purchased our class rings. For officers we chose: Richard Miller, president, John Stewart, vice- president, Dorcas Thompson, secretary, and Phyllis Dague, treasurer. This was the first time that we were invited to the annual school picnic at Cowan's Gap sponsored by the Student Council. On August 28, 1956, we came back to the school as juniors. Our officers were Beverly McGee, president, Alex Shearer, vice-president, Sara Mae Kling, secretary, and Phil Hammond, treasurer. This year we were proud to be so well represented in the various activities of the school. We had ten members in the Dramatic Club, eight in the band, four on the hockey team, thirteen in the Chorus, six on the Varsity Basketball team, five on the soccer team, two cheerleaders, and Arthur Gipe was the star pitcher for the baseball team. Beverly McGee, John Stewart, and Elinore Gipe were our Student Council representatives. At our first class meeting we decided to sell Paper-Mate pens, and salt and pepper shakers. In May we presented the best assembly of the year. May 9th, we honored the seniors at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. Bob Franz and his Rythmaires fur- nished the music for dancing. The food was prepared by our mothers and served by twelve sopho- more boys. The gym was gaily decorated around the theme of "Gay Paree". This was an occasion which will always be a highlight of our high school days. On August 28, 1957, We were SENIORS at last. We were happy that we were nearing our goal, but sad to realize that this was the last year that we would be part of basketball games, plays, and dances. The following people lead us through our senior year. Alex Shearer, president, Richard Miller, vice-president, Nancy Johnson, secretary, Phil Hammond, treasurer. October 7th, 8th, 9th we had our pictures taken at Andrew's Studio. In November the cheerleaders sponsored a dance, at which Mary Junkin and Gary Rowles were voted King and Queen of F annett-Metal. After Thanksgiving Mrs. Shoop nominated three eligible people for the yearbook editor. Elinore Gipe, Beverly McGee, and Philip Hammond were the nominees. Beverly was elected by the class as editor-in-chief. She and her staff immediately went to work, and finally in February, The Tuscaroran went to press, the result of much hard work. In December we presented a Christ- mas assembly for the student body. We sold candy and sponsored other money making projects to raise funds for our class trip. The class trip, Baccalaureate and graduation were the events that climaxed twelve happy years. When we leave Fannett-Metal, taking with us these memories, we hope that those who follow will carry on the ideals and traditions that we have set for Fannett- Metal, our school. "The days may come, the days may go, ' But still the hands of mem'ry weave The blissful dreams of long ago? g Elinore Gipe CLASSES K I n w w Seated left to right: Bonnie Rosenberry, Margaret Umbrell, Shirley Seibert, Dorothy Hampton, Lawanda Morris, Lula Belle Gipe, Bonnie Groce, Kay Baker. 2nd row left to right: Mrs. Campbell, Donald Miller, Nancy Coons, Vonnie Arnold, Calvin Piper, Marvin Adams, Larry McGee, Joe Yohe, Jerry Camp- bell, William Felmlee. JUNIORS This year there are thirty-five Jolly Juniors. Their appointed advisers are Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Meredith. The class officers are: President .....,......... . . . ..... Larry McGee Vice President .... ...... O wen St. Clair Secretary .................. . , . ..... Norman Curfman Treasurer .......,..............,...,... William Felmlee Our Student Council members are Jane Kling, Donald Miller, and Larry McGee. Our class is honored to be so well represented in the school activities. We have nine mem- bers in the band as well as Bonnie Rosenberry, the band majorette. We also have four cheer- leaders, six soccer players, three basketball players, and eight members of the F. F. A. We began our activities of the year with a Halloween dance. Seated left to right: Emily Snow, Ruth Wilson, Sally McClure, Nellie North, Julia Shaffer, Nancy Romig, Frank North. 2nd row left to right: Miss Skinner, Irwin Gamble, Patsy Campbell, Edna Stephens, Charlotte Barton, Charles Maxwell, John Semple, Marvin Miller. 3rd row left to right: Robert Price, Robert Hockenberry, Stanley Burdge, Joan Locke, Nancy Hammond, Walter Dague, Ronald Eaton. 5 W , 2. n , Seated left to right: Betty Guyer, Jane Kling, Connie Arnold, Donna Goshorn, Barbara Gamble, Norma Campbell, Patsy Johnson, Mary Crouse. 2nd row left to right: Norman Curfman, J ay Lehman, Ralph Crouse, Ray O'Don- nell, Joe Allen, Carl Guyer, Samuel Neil, Donnie Seibert, Owen St. Clair, Mr. Meredith. SOPHOMORES Forty ambitious sophomores returned to Fannett-Metal High School August 26, 1957. Their ollicers are as follows: President ......... ............l......... R onald Eaton Vice President ..,. ...... M arvin Miller Secretary ...... ........ L arry Clayton Treasurer .......,................,........ John Semple Historian ......................,... Robert Hockenberry Student Council members are Sally McClure and Charles Maxwell. We have two cheerleaders, four members in the band, six soccer players, and ten players on the Junior Varsity Basketball team. Seated left to right: Anna Neil, Fay junkins, Marlene Boggs, Louise Wood, Nancy Brown, Virginia Gibbons, Della Woods. 2nd row left to right: Arthur Heaton, Dennie Siebert, Thelma Collins, Mary Crouse, Warren McGowan, Shirley Varner, Mr. Minnick. 3rd row left to right: Edward Hockenberry, Raymond Shoemaker, Ralph Camp- bell, Samuel Mowery, Allen Piper, Sidney Murray, David McClure. Seated left to right: Nancy Campbell, Anna Mae Eckenrode, Mary Mowery, Peggy Rosenberry, Connie Bruck, Betty Parmer, Velma Campbell. 2nd row left to right: Mrs. Bock, Bill Coons, Floyd Gibbons, Larry Miller, Paul Freet, Teddy Fleming, Matthew Felmlee, Carl Lauthers. 3rd row left to right: Donald Reed, James Bryan, Jean Campbell, Lena Peterson, Phyllis Johnson, Jane Kling, Nancy O'Donnell, Grace Fleagle. NINTH GRADE Seated left to right: Glenn McGee, Jeannetta Wood, Doris McGowan, Leona Runk, Mildred Neil, Karolyn Hammond, Melvin Neil, Robert Miller. 2nd row left to right: Mrs. Yocum, Charles Felmlee, Mack Groce, Peter McHenry, Fred Johnson, Arthur Clayton, Kenny Gipe, William Hockenberry, Ralph Campbell. 3rd row left to right: Anna Shoemaker, Jane Coons, Ruth Junkin, Betty Fleagle, Peggy Johnson, Grace Yohe, Sandy Carlin, Jane Wineman. M 4, 3 6m NINTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Seated left to right: Shirley Miller, Larry Crouse, Ronald Varner, Norman Davis, Edward McAllen, Melvin Shipley, Patrick Junkins. 2nd row left to right: Robert Snyder, William Thomas, Robert St. Clair, Frank McAllen, Terry Simpson, Duane Dorty, Paul Long, Mr. Gerald Stewart. 3rd row left to right: Shirley Neil, Shirley Parks, Althea Robinson, Maxine Guyer, Mary Johnson, Glen Taylor, Carey Shearer, Charles Devinney. EIGHTH GRADE Seated left to right: Thomas Baker, Nancy Piper, Susan Crouse, Doris Rowles, Brenda Umbrell, june Piper, Kay Johnson, Norman Hampton. 2nd row left to right: John Leatherman, Graydon McMullen, Robert Felmlee, Donald Miller, Ronald Fleming, joseph Eckenrode, George Book, Betty Hockenberry. 3rd row left to right: Judy Smith, Carolyn Jones, Bonnie Peckart, Glenda Miller, Esther Dorty, Dorothy Hammond, Peggy johnson, Beverly Morton. 3144 1 rms ,,nQ.,,ati ,""'f"". QELA' f ' M , Le .um Mv"Hg2,,v ex Vvxiff 'FQQWZW' First row left to right: Maxine Robinson, Jane McAllen, Patsy Tolbert, Joyce Hatcher, Donna Bruck, Dale O'Donnell, Judy Rosenberry, Nancy Miller. 2nd row left to right: Mrs. Shoop, Jerry Clayton, William Baker, Galen Stewart, Robert Johnson, Carl Devinny, Robert Neil, Sandy Wiser. 3rd row left to right: Elizabeth Barton, Carol Thomas, Goldie Gamble, Sara Jane Bricker, Julia Piper, Bonnie Johnson, Constance Ace, Levonda Neil. SEVENTH GRADE First row left to right: Wanda Cornelius, Linda Parmer, Jacquelyne Peterson, Elaine Eckenrode, Peggy Fleagle, Linda Hammond, Peggy Burkholder, Connie Goshorn. 2nd row left to right: Robert Jarrell, Edward North, Fern Dorty, Betty Taylor, Carl Yocum, Glenn Harry, Edward Price, Alfred Johnson. 3rd row left to right: Charles Mowery, Betty Runk, Bonnie Neil, Arlene Guyer John Woods, Joseph Sherman, Willard Rosenberry, Robert Harris. 9 W x W if ' ff '5 G 'L KWSN 'i .flaislx-no 'A f3 iTkEl1ExtQ ., ,i A ACTIVITIES Left to Right: Donald Miller, George Book, Edward North, Ronald Vamer, Charles Maxwell, Elinore Gipe, Mr. Meredith, Larry McGee, Beverly McGee, John Stewart, Alex Shearer, Donald Miller, Terry Simpson, Jane Kling, Sally McClure, Wanda Cornelius. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was organized eight years ago. This organization has functioned very successfullyg therefore, our school is more .lemocratic and more progressive. Many of the Student Council's activities have dealt with attempts to stimulate student interest. More than ever before, the members have offered suggestions as to how the Student Council and an understanding faculty might work to gether to better the lives of our students. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Meredith, the organization has completed many worth-while projects, bringing credit both to the organization and the school. Again this year the council is selling school jackets, which are red, trimmed with white, with a white tiger on the back. It has been a tradition for the Student Council to sell ice cream, but previous to this year, the seniors have sold it for them, however, this year they have been separated, and the Student Council members now sell it. The Student Council sponsored a Christmas dance. Bob Thomas's Band furnished the music. There was no admission for the dance. This governing body consists of four representatives from the senior' class three from the junior class, two from the sophomore class and two representa tives from each of the Junior high classes. ' The officers are: President .,...... .... J ohn Stewart Vice President. . . . . . .Larry McGee Secretary ...... . . .Beverly McGee Treasurer .... ..... .... E l inore Gipe Parliamentarian .... .... A lex Shearer MIXED CHORUS At the Piano. Margaret Umbrell . . . Director: Mrs. Hartz. First Row: Left to Right. Peggy Rosenberry, Ruth Wilson, Julia Shaffer, Rachel Junkins, Kay Baker. Second Row: Left to Right. Vonnie Piper, Jane Kling, Connie Arnold, Larry Shearer, Charlotte Barton, Emily Snow, Patsy Johnson. Third Row: Left to Right. Larry Crouse, Connie Bruck, Mary Crouse, Lawrence Briggs, Edna Stephens, Sally McClure. Fourth Row: Left to Right. Betty Geyer, Jane Kling, John Stewart, Vonnie Arnold, Jane Coons, Bonnie Groce, Gary Rowles, Patsy Campbell. A Junior High as well as a Senior High Chorus was organized by Mrs. Hartz, the music director. The first highlight of the chorus was a very beautiful Christmas Pageant which was presented on December 23. The Secondary County Chorus Festival was held at our school on March 11. The guest conductor was Donald Johnson from Juniata College. The Elementary County Chorus Festival was held at Greencastle on March 4. The guest conductor was Francis Nogle from Waynesboro. The schools that participated in both the County Music Festivals were: Quincy, St. Thomas, Scotland, James Buchanan, and Fannett-Metal. In May the Chorus will combine with the band to present the annual spring concert. CHORUS First row: left to right. Peggy Burkholder, Maxine Robinson, Betty Taylor, Peggy Fleagle, Linda Hammond, Carol Thomas, Elizabeth Barton, Linda Parmer, Donna Bruck, Judy Rosenberry, Bonnie Peckart, Glinda Miller. 2nd row: Jane Coons, Doris Rowles, Karolyn Hammond, Jane Wineman, Bonnie Johnson, Judy Smith, Julia Piper, Fern Dorty, Sara Jane Bricker, Sandy Wiser, Constance Ace, Nancy Rosenberry, Joyce Hatcher. 3rd row: Caroline Jones, Grace Yohe, Brenda Umbrell, Nancy Piper, Susan Crouse, Elaine Eckenrode, Patsy Tolbert, Jane McAllen, Dale O'Donnell, Nancy Miller, Wanda Cornelius, Ruth Junkin, Beverly Morton, Anna Shoe- maker. JR. HIGH GIRLS' CHORUS - Although our organization is small, we have enthusiasm and vigor. We presented a Christmas Assembly for the school, and, in conjunction with the chorus, a spring concert in May. Six of our members represented us at the County Band Festival at St. Thomas. We performed in the Memorial Day Parade at Chambersburg and provided the music for the Memorial Day services for Path and Amberson Valleys. In September, Mrs. Hartz became our new director. Under her capable baton, we marched in the Home-coming Day Parade at Shippensburg State Teachers College, and were guests of the college at the foot-ball game. Clarinets ' Kay Baker Mary Crouse Nancy Coons Vonnie Arnold Susan Crouse Phil Hammond Trumpets Jane Coons Marvin Hammond Elinore Gipe Flute Sally McClure Saxophones Connie Arnold Donna Goshorn Pat Johnson Trombones John Stewart Vonnie Piper Percussion Marvin Miller David McClure 'maya 'M-Q. Ll -E- S -1 M ,f,, 5 4ND'X x. N Q A n Q-fr FANNLTT MI IA1 HIGH sstuunl. ring' DRAMATHI CLUB Seated on Floor. Beverly McGee, Susan Crouse, Philip Hammond, Elinore Gipe. Second Row: Left to Right. Vonnie Arnold, Charles Maxwell, Sara Mae Kling, Jane Wineman, Alex Shearer, Jane Coons, Ruth Junkin, John Stewart, Connie Arnold. Third Row: Left to Right. Raymond Shoemaker, Kay Baker, Bonnie Groce, Emily Snow, Norman Curfman, Edna Stephens, Mrs. Shoop, Dorcas Thomp- son, Larry McGee, Mary Junkins, Phyllis Dague, David McClure. Our class has been well represented in the last three productions of the Dra- matic Club. In 1955 Elinore Gipe portrayed Magda Svenson, a Swedish maid, in the three- act murder mystery. The Night of January Sixteenth. In our Sophomore year, Beverly McGee, Alex Shearer, Dorcas Thompson, and John Stewart appeared in the comedy, Father Knows Best. The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker was produced during our junior year. Beverly McGee, Elinore Gipe, Dorcas Thompson, Sara Kling, Mary Junkin, Alex Shearer, John Stewart, and Philip Hammond each helped make it the success it was. Phyllis Dague was the student director of this play. In April the Dramatic Club will present Penny, a three-act comedy based on the New York Herald Tribune, Inc. comic strip "Penny,' by Harry Haenigsen. Five seniors have roles in Penny and Phyllis Dague is also student director of this production. Penny .... Mother ..,, Father. . . Doodie ..... Elwood .... Aunt Ellen ..... Mr. Jackson Alice....... Kay. ...... . . Norma ..... Mr. Dawson .... Cedric ..... . PENNY Cast of Characters ......................,Bever1yMcGee . . . .Elinore Gipe . . . . . .Alex Shearer . . . .Philip Hammond . . . , .David McClure ............KayBaker . . .Raymond Shoemaker . . . . . . . , .Susan Crouse . . . .Ruth Junkin . . . .Jane Wineman . . . .Charles Maxwell .............................JohnStewart The Dramatic Club presented "The Valiant" as an assembly for our school, at Waynesboro under the Exchange Assembly Program sponsored by the Stu- dent Council, and as entertainment for a P.T.A. meeting. f ll! if 2 L, I that M I 71' 'gif "' xi- ,...H.FORENSICS 1.1. Seven students represented Fannett-Metal at Forensics, three as speech contestants and four others in the dramatic production. The speech contestants were: Agnes Fleagle ..... ....... ............,, P o etry Ed Rosenberry .,,.....r..........,. , . .Serious Declamation Philip Hammond .........................,.......... Radio The County Contest was held at Shippensburg State Teachers College, and the District was at Carlisle High School. Agnes and Ed went on to District. For the first time we took a play to Forensics. "The Valiant" was presented in County competition. The following students very capably handled the roles assigned them. Beverly McGee ,... ...... T he Girl Ed Rosenberry .... .... T he Prisoner Jim Park .......,,. ....... W arden Philip Hammond .... .... A ttendant John Stewart ...... ......... J ailer Alex Shearer ..... .... F ather Daly First Row: Left to Right. Nancy Romig, Nancy Hammond, Joan Locke, Galen Stewart, Karolyn Hammond, Jane Wineman. Second Row: Left to Right. Nellie North, Emily Snow, Beverly Morton, Char- lotte Barton, Edna Stephens. , Third Row: Left to Right. Vonnie Piper, Geneva Boggs, Barbara McAllen, Kay Baker, Norma Campbell, Barbara Gamble. LIBRARY The library, this year, has progressed to a point where it not only contains material for individual entertainment, but there are many new and extremely good reference books to be used in regular studies. The total number of new books the library has bought this year is 420. In addition to the many already owned, they will render valuable service to students and teachers. We get 50 periodicals and two newspapers. The number of students volunteering as librarians is at an all-time high. These students work during any free time they may have, learning all the various phases which make up a well-run ellicient organization. The librarians, under the supervision of Mrs. Shoop, are as follows: JUNIOR HIGH Edward Crouse Dale O'Donnell Richard Tolbert Karolyn Hammond Linda Parmer Jane Wineman Beverly Morton Galen Stewart SENIOR HIGH Kay Baker Barbara Gamble Nellie North Charlotte Barton Nancy Hammond Vonnie Piper Geneva Boggs Joan Locke Nancy Romig Norma Campbell Barbara McAllen Emily Snow Phyllis Dague Patsy Neil Edna Stephens All in all, during the three years the library has been in operation, it has become an efficient organization, which keeps forging ahead in order to obtain an even higher degree of service to everyone. r "' m.-.1-.QKQEQ INTRAMURALS Intramurals is competition within the school, played between the home rooms of the junior-Senior High School. The competition is on a grade and a home room basis. This year there are four leagues: Junior and Senior High boys and Junior and Senior High girls. Intramurals have become a highlight in the lives of ninety per cent of the students. If a certain team is not competing on a particular day, its class are spectators watching the competition they will face in the future. The students serve as referees. The games are fun and create a better understanding of the sports and school activities. .J ' st ln l ' Each time a team wins a game, the class is given acertain number ofpoints. At the end of the year, the team of each league having the highest number of points, is presented a plaque stating they are the intramural champs. This plaque is placed in the home room of the winners and remains there for a year. A variety of sports are offered: junior High Girls League: Speedball, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, and Badminton. Senior High Girls League: Speedball, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball and Softball. junior High Boys League: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Softball. Senior High Boys League: Touch Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, and Badminton. Last year both Senior High plaques were won by 12th grade, and the 9B boys won the Junior High plaque. JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Left to Right. Susan Crouse, Sandy Carlin, Beverly Morton, Peggy Rosenberry, Jane McAllen, Shirley Miller. Second Row: Left to Right. Jane Kling, Joan Locke, Bonnie Rosenberry, Sara Mae Kling, Connie Arnold, Vonnie Arnold, Nellie North. CHEERLEADERS Three new cheerleaders have been added to the group this yearg one as an alternate. The girls put forth extra effort to support the boys whole-heartedly. They try to give pep rallies frequently in order that the students may become acquainted with the new cheers and obtain better school spirit. Their activities for the year were, a semi-formal dance with Freddy Lesher furnishing the music, and the selling of cookies, sweat shirts, and hats. They hope to have more activities of this kind in the near future. Sare Mae Kling very capably serves as captain of the cheerleaders. The cheer- leaders are: Connie Arnold Bonnie Rosenberry Vonnie Arnold Joan Locke A Jane Kling Nellie North SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Jane Kling, Joan Locke, Bonnie Rosenberry, Sara Mae Kling, Connie Arnold, Vonnie- Arnold, Nellie North. fl, , ,H A-v gm I ,Xl vbzz H JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Left to Right. Susan Crouse, Sandy Carlin, Beverly Morton, Peggy Rosenberry, Jane McAllen, Shirley Miller. 5 5' 1 1st row left to right: Mack McGee, Philip Hammond, Norman Curfman, John Semple. 2nd row left to right: Charles Maxwell, Larry Clayton, Bob Hockenberry, Bill Felmlee, Larry McGee, Richard Hurley, Mr. Hess. 3rd row left to right: Allan Piper, Richard Miller, Alex Shearer, John Stewart, Joe Allen, Larry Shearer, Ralph Campbell. 4th row left to right: Ed Miller, Bob O'Donnell, Jerry Campbell, Owen St. Clair, Ray O'Donnell, Ed Hockenberry. VARSITY CLUB Under the leadership of Mr. Hess, the Varsity Club was organized in 1957. Membership is limited to all boys who have lettered in any sport. The purpose of the club is to further and promote athletics in the school, to work alone and with other organizations in promoting various awards, to afford opportunity for the purpose of purchasing awards, to afford opportunity for letter men to have a voice in the administration of athletics, to promote good fellowship, to foster good sportsmanship, and to encourage good school spirit among the students of the school. The Varsity Club furnished the cookies for the dance which the Cheerleaders sponsored. Since many of the members were basketball players, the ones who were not, very agreeably sold hot dogs and soft drinks' at the home basketball games. The oilicers are: President ....,. . .... Norman Curfman Vice President .... ....., M ack McGee Secretary ....... .... P hilip Hammond Treasurer .... ....... J ohn Semple Standing: Left to Right. Elinore Gipe, Rachel Junkins, Barbara McAllen, Dorcas Thompson, Mary Junkin, Beverly McGee, and Mrs. Bock. 1 Sitting: Left to Right. Phyllis Dague, Sara Mae Kling, Geneva Boggs, Nancy Johnson, Mary Book, Connie McGowan, Vonnie Piper, Vonnie Hockenberry. HOMEMAKING The Future Homemakers of America is a small, but mighty organization in our school. It consists of ten members, including the adviser, Mrs. Bock. On November 19, 1957, they elected oHicers for the '57-'58 term. President ........................,........... Phyllis Dague Vice President. . . . . . .Patsy Campbell Secretary ....... ...... R uth Wilson Treasurer ................................. Charlotte Barton Sara Kling, Geneva Boggs, Phyllis Dague, Barbara McAllen, and Dorcas Thompson entered the clothing exhibit at the Farm Show in January, 1958. Phyllis Dague won second prize with her wool sport jacket. The few members are working hard and setting high goals which they hope to reach. Left to Right: Mr. Fitzgerald, Samuel Mowery, Warren McGowan, Raymond Shoemaker, Robert Price, Ralph Campbell, Stanley Burdge, Allen Piper, Robert Hockenberry. F. A. This year the F. F . A. is a very ambitious group. The officers are: President ,..... .... R alph Crouse Vice President ..., .... M arvin Adams Secretary .,.... ........ J oe Yohe Reporter .... ,,........ , ..,. O wen St. Clair Sentinel .......,..................,..,..,,. William Felmlee The F. F. A. had the privilege of attending the South Mountain Fair and re- turned with many prizes. It was indeed an honor when Robert O'Donnell won second place in the county for dairy judging. The boys attended a Co-op Tour given by the Franklin County Co-ops. During this tour they were taken through all the Farm Bureau Co-operatives. Later they toured the Adams Electrical Co-op and were treated to a free luncheon. The projects for the year were the raising and selling of corn and onions. "1'-nm., First row left to right: Kay Baker, Bonnie Rosenberry, John Stewart, Alex Shearer, Richard Miller. 2nd row left to right: Connie McGowan, Phyllis Dague, Mr. Stewart, Sara Mae Kling, Mary Junkin, Philip Hammond. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The science department has increased from one to three clubs. It is composed of The Senior High Science Club, The junior High Science Club, and The Weather Club. Each of these organizations exist in order that students interested in the lield of science may become acquainted with new and exciting projects. Members of the clubs pay dues which are used for purchasing extra equipment, as well as to sponsor social activities. Left to Right: Richard Hurley, Geneva Boggs, Philip Hammond. DRIVER EDUCATION Driver Education is offered as a required course for all students who are sixteen when the term opens or who will be sixteen sometime during the term. Classroom work is given throughout the year to all those enrolled. When the student becomes sixteen, his practical driving instruction starts. The adviser, Mrs. Shoop decides when the student is ready for his examination. At that time an officer from the Chambersburg substation comes out to the school and gives the examination over a pre-determined course. The car is furnished throughthe courtesy of Mr. Ray Lewis of the Chambers- burg Ford Company. The school has been given two new cars each year. Several meetings and conferences were attended by Mrs. Shoop and some students. An interesting Safety Conference was held at the Holiday Motel at Carlisle. This conference covered all phases of safety education from rifle safety to farm safety. Mrs. Shoop was accompanied by two pupils, Edwin Rosenberry and Philip Hammond, who helped with registration. Instructors were there from every school in Pennsylvania with Driver Education. Five boys from our school entered the Teen-age Roadeo held at Waynesboro in March, 1957. Jim Park won first place, a plaque, and an expense-paid trip to state finals at Hazleton. There he placed tenth. Edwin Rosenberry won third place, and Richard Woods, Norman Curfman, and Owen St. Clair all placed high in the County Roadeo. Another Teenager's Driver Safety Conference at Shippensburg State Teachers College was attended by Larry Shearer and Gary Rowles. When the boys re- turned they gave a report to the class on everything they had learned. , ,J SERS was szwfgefs wi mg- .- ':':-::.. First Row: Left to Right. Janet Rosenberry, Mary Book, Edward Miller, Gary Rowles. Second Row: Left to Right. Vonnie Piper, Nancy johnson, Geneva Boggs. Standing: Left to Right. Mr. Meredith, Vonnie Hockenberry, Martha Fleming. OFFICE PRACTICE Oilice Practice is a required subject for all commercial students. It prepares each student for the many different phases of work, in the commercial field that he will face in the future. Each student is given the opportunity to work in the office as a student secre- tary and thereby become better acquainted with the actual working conditions of a secretary. The students are also instructed how to use the calculating machines, mimeo- graph, and the spirit duplicator. SPORTS VA First Row: Left to Right. Larry Shearer, Richard Hurley, Owen St. Clair. Second Row: Left to Right. Richard Miller, Philip Hammond, Larry McGee, and Mr. Hess. Third Row: Left to Right. Norman Curfman, Alex Shearer, John Semple, joe Allen. RSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY PROVES A TOUGH OPPONENT Coached for the third season by Keith Hess, the Tiger quintet hopes to improve last year's record of thirteen wins and seven losses. This is quite an improvement over the first year's season in which the Tiger's records were no wins and sixteen losses. Last year in the Franklin County Athletic Conference the red and white quintet won live games and dropped live. The boys played hard and fast games with praiseworthy teamwork. Leading the team was john Semple, high scorer of the Franklin County Athletic Conference. 1957-1958 Fannett-Metal Opp. Opponent 38 36 Tuscarora Valley 41 40 Blain 34 43 Orbisonia 44 30 McConnellsburg 37 33 Orbisonia 51 11 St. Thomas 25 46 Quincy 50 52 Greencastle 33 54 Scotland 37 38 Buchanan 72 30 St. Thomas 46 40 Quincy 53 33 Tuscarora Valley 33 30 Greencastle 33 50 Scotland 46 44 Buchanan 55 49 Green Hill 63 49 Green Hill 48 61 Blain 41 35 McConnellsburg I Kneeling: Lett to Right. Sidney Murray, Mr. Hess, john Stewart. Standing: Left to Right. Edward Hockenberry, Allen Piper, Marvin Miller Charles Maxwell, Glenn Taylor, Ronald Eaton, Frank North, Stanly Burdge Robert Hockenberry, Ralph Campbell. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL JAY VEES PLAY THRILLING BASKETBALL The little Tiger's played fast and aggressive games, and consequently won eight games and lost twelve. The games were both enjoyable and exciting Most of these boys were freshmen and will either play Junior Varsity ball or move up to the varsity team this year. 1957-1958 Fannett-Metal Opp. 20 12 31 23 10 21 9 31 18 39 18 1 7 19 43 16 40 14 59 26 38 34 22 29 23 33 29 23 59 27 43 1 7 49 33 24 33 25 24 25 29 30 Opponent Tuscarora Valley Blain Orbisonia McConnellsburg Orbisonia St. Thomas Quincy Greencastle Scotland Buchanan Tuscarora Valley St. Thomas Quincy Greencastle Scotland Buchanan Green Hill Green Hill Blain McConnellsburg JUNIOF HIGH VARSITY Front Row: Left to Right. Ronald Vamer, Terry Simpson, Paul Long, J im Byran, William Thomas. Second Row: Left to Right. Arthur Clayton, Robert Snider, Glenn McGee, Frank McAllen, Matthew Felmlee, and Mr. Minick. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL The 1957-1958 school year marked the first year that Junior High School Basketball became an integral part of our school's athletic program. Thirty-three players reported for the first practice on December 5, 1957, and of these, twenty- four became members of the team. Our hrst year was not what could be called a successful season, but we did gain much knowledge and experience and will, in the future, prove ourselves worthy opponents to our Conference leader. Front Row: Left to Right. Mack Groce, Graydon McMullen, Robert Miller, William Baker, Edward North, Ronald Fleming, Carl Yocum, jerry Clayton. Second Row: Left to Right. Dwain Dorty, John Leatherman, George Book, Donald Miller, William Hockenberry, Robert Felmlee, joe Sherman, Thomas Baker. and Mr. Minick. JUNIOR HIGH JUNIOR VARSIT3 VARSITY SOCCER First Row: Left to Right. Marvin Miller, John Stewart, Harold Goshorn, Donald Miller, Robert Hockenberry, Larry McGee, Richard Hurley, Ralph Crouse, Ralph Campbell. Second Row: Left to Right. Glen Taylor, Edward Hockenberry, Ray O'Donnell, Alex Shearer, Mr. Stewart, William Felmlee, Mack McGee, Richard Miller, john Semple, Jerry Campbell. After losing only four seniors, our team finished the season with a record of 2 wins and 6 losses, and tied two games. Fannett-Metal played two night games at Henninger Field on October 8 and 18th. For the first time this year we had a Junior Varsity team. They had a record of 2 wins and 2 losses, with 2 games postponed. 2 1957-1 958 Fannett-Metal Opp. Opponent 5 1 Quincy 2 1 McConnellsburg 0 6 Buchanan 1 1 St. Thomas 1 3 Greencastle 1 3 Quincy l 1 McConnellsburg 0 2 Buchanan 1 St. Thomas 0 1 Greencastle JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Front Row: Left to Right. Edward Hockenberry, Ronald Varner, Matthew Felmlee, Ralph Campbell, Charles Devinney, Warren McGowan, Frank North. Second Row: Left to Right. Glen Taylor, Ray O'Donnell, Edward McAllen, Dwain Dorty, Harold Goshorn, Raymond Shoemaker, David McClure Robert Snider, Charles Maxwell, Terry Simpson, Frank McAllen, and Mr Stewart. 7 SOCCER BASEBALL The Fannett-Metal team, after losing eight seniors, Finished the season with a record of four wins and seven defeats. The team was built around the fine pitch mg arm of Arthur Gipe. 1957-1958 Fannett-Metal Opp. Opponent 9 1 4 Positions of the players: Catcher .... Shortstop ......... Third Base .... . Pitcher .... Second Base .... Center Field. . . Outfield. .... . First Base . . Outfield ........... Substitutes : Richard Woods Ralph Crouse Harold Goshorn Jim Park Greencastle Buchanan Quincy Scotland Greencastle St. Thomas Buchanan Quincy Scotland . . .Bob Hockenberry Larry McGee John Semple Arthur Gipe Ed Miller . .......... J oe Allen . . .Robert O,Donnell Ed Rosenberry . . .Norman Curfman Carl Guyer Richard Hurley Marvin Miller For the first time in the history of Fannett-Metal High School a track meet was organized. The various events in which the boys competed were: The hundred yard dash, 220, 440, 880 and a mile rung 120 yard low hurdles, shot put, high jump, an d a relay team. During the 1957 season Fannett-Metal participated in four track meets. The track team journeyed to James Buchanan for two of those meets. James Buchanan. . ................................... . 52 Quincy ......... St. Thomas ..... Fannett-Metal. . . Greencastle ..... Quincy ,.,...... Fannett-Metal. . . Fannett-Metal particip held at Mercersburg. Scotland ........ Greencastle ..... james Buchanan. F annett-Metal. . . Quincy ......... St. Thomas ..... . .... 315 ....16 . ...40M ated in the Franklin County Track Meet which was . . .87M 37 245 215 11 65 The outstanding winners of our team at that meet were: Jim Park, second place' in the mile run, Don Miller, third place in the 440 yard dash, fourth place in the 220 yard dash, and second place in the 4-5 mile relayg Bill Felmlee, fourth place in hurdlesg Philip Hammond, fifth place in the 440 yard dashg John Semple, third place in the mile run, and fifth place in the high jumping contestg Richard Miller, fifth place in the shot put. Fannett-Metal's relay team, consisting of Jim Park, Don Miller, Bill Felmlee, and Dick Miller, placed second. TRACK WHO S WHO xii' X X MM -v Y Z -, L., Kim, X S. -out K A. ' 15. GMS .,,, X, 'W vm V, xx Via m New yan, S Q ,Q- wi' Q , N V - Qs' mpwwf wnmlvlllllin CAN YOU IMAGINE ? ? Beverly McGee without her French done? Sara Mae Kling being quiet? Barbara McAllen without a date? Gary Rowles with his hair not combed? Dick Miller driving slow? Alex Shearer five feet tall? Vonnie Hockenberry staying on her feet inigym class? Mary Junkin driving a Ford? Martha Fleming without ,a diamond? Richard Hurley on the bench? John Stewart not blushing? Elinore Gipe not wanting Jim? Larry Shearer remembering something? Janet Rosenberry not clowning? Vonnie Piper with a pony tail? Rachel Junkins not being polite? Mary Book not being serious? Connie McGowan talking to a boy? Mack McGee with a date? I Dorcas Thompson home at night? Geneva Boggs not jitterbugging? Pat Neil not an efficient librarian? Harold Goshorn without a joke? Bob O'Donnell without a guitar? Ed Miller with a crew cut? Phil Hammond without his home-work done? Nancy Johnson without Fred? Phyllis Dague not studying? MIQCELLANEOUS SNAPS 'f""" 5 1 .X We www . ff1 QMQ 1 EM sbt I www! PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS OUR PATRONS Modern Home Appliance John Martin Blue Bird Restaurant Royal Jewelers Bud Ile Mr. and Mrs. William Boggs Long Jewelers Mrs. David Johnson Ludwig Zammito's Men's and Boys' Shop P. E. Hockenberry Gale Diehl Powell Photo Shop Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Thompson Mrs. Roland Stephens Martins Optical Co. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hockenberry Mr. and Mrs. Harry Book Kuhn's Studio Dr. Baumgardner Goshorns Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Paul Junkin Goss Furniture Store Mr. and Mrs. John Bock Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Rowles John F. Holtry Mrs. Homer Rosenberry Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fleming Varsity Club campnmenis of I.. C. AND BETTY l. SHOOP F Qnne nsburg, Pa. Compliments of C. R. MURRAY Massey Harris U Sales and Service Doylesburg, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 676 Compliments of GEORGE E. SMALL Well Drilling Richmond Furnace, Pa. COLLINS' and SON GARAGE General Repair Service Tires-Gas-Oil-Paris 24 Hour Towing Service Fannettsburg, Pa. 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AGETT FUNERAL HOME Dry Run, Pa. . B. KLING 81 CO Self Service Grocery McCulloch Chain Saws Blnirs Mills, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 464 NEW ENTERPRISE STONE 8. LIME CO., INC. Dry Run, Pennsylvania AGRICULTURAL PULVERIZED LIMESTONE Bagged, Bulk or Spread CORRUGATED PIPE CRUSHED STONES OF ALL GRADES Home Office New Enterprise, Pennsylvania TUSCARORA STATE BANK Blairs Mills, Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Organized 1898 Compliments of HOCKENBERRY'S Post Office and General Merchandise Concord, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 742 MIKE BILLYS' SHOE STORE Shoes Sporting Goods Shoe Repairing 16 E. King Sireef Shippensburg, Pa. Complimenis of ORRSTOWN BANK Orrstown, Pa. "The Bank of Service Compliments of SNYDER'S SALES AND SERVICE Hanover, Po. CONGRATULATIONS to FANNETT-METAL Class of 1958 BRUCE B. GAMBLE Feed-Seed-Fertilizer Phone: Dry Run 557 Concord, Penno. The Public Appreeaeree Service COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND THE PATH VALLEY NATIONAL BANK of DRY "Learning to properly handle money and administer your financial affairs usually comes through the hard, and sometimes, expensive method of experience and self- teaching." "Your local bank is one of the best sources of information and assistance." "Be Thrifty And Be Happy" ANDREWS PHOTOGRAPHERS Portraits Commercials Weddings Babies Studio Located at 649 Philadelphia Avenue Telephone CO 4-4323 Photographs for four Tuscarorans All year book negatives on file for two years. Satisfaction Positively Guaranteed Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andrews Compliments of SWOPE JEWELERS Compliments of RICHMOND ELEVATOR C0 Keepsake Diamonds-Watches Richmond Furnace, Pa. Watch and Jewelry Repairs Shippensburg, Penna. Compliments of 1. W. MYERS and COMPANY, Inc. Wholesale Distributors Chambersburg, Pa. Phone: CO 4-7178 C0mPliments BLUE MOUNTAIN ROLLER RINK of George A. Garman HELEN K. MILLER Restaurant and Service Station General Store Roxbury, Pa. Willow Hill, Pa. Phone KE 2-5017 ugqnh ' 3 C gfaagow A agric enfer 1650 Lincoln Way East Chambersburg, Penna. Sewing Machines-Yard Goods-Patterns Your one stop for every sewing need. H. 81 H. CHEVROLET CROUSE 81 McGEE Chevrolet Shovels Oldsmobile Bulldozers Cqdillqg Back Hoe Trucking Sales and Service Phone: Dry Run 366 or 266 Shippensburg, Pa. Compliments of BLACKBURN AND RUSSELL Bedford, Pa. Compliments Compliments of of CECIL C. FELMLEE Agent for CROWNOVER'S NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Auto-Life-Fire-Health 8: Shippensburg, pa. Accident Insurance Dry Run, Pa. Phone 651 C l' t Compliments Omp 'men S of of GALLAGHER'S MOTEL THOMAS S. BAKER Willcxw Hill, Pa. Esso Standard Phone: Dry Run 629 Compliments of FRED W. WINEMAN Funeral Home Fannettsburg, Pa. C RESSLER'S FRUIT MARKET Groceries - Fruits - Produce Meats WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone Kellogg 2-2161 209 West King Street Shippensburg, Pa. Compliments of J. PAUL FOGELSANGER Insurance Agency 54 West King Street Shippensburg, Pa. G. E. RH INEHART SONS 33 West King Street Shippensburg, Pa. Phone Kellogg 2-6113 Hotpoint Appliances Electrical Contracting J. ARTHUR YOCUM Lumber Products Concord, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 746 S. D. JONES MOTORS, INC. Sales FORD Service Shippensburg, Pa. Phone: Kellogg 2-4151 Compliments of DR. BROWN Compliments of BU RKHART'S RESTAU RANT shippensbnrg Pennsylvania Compl iments of SHIPPENSBURG RECREATION CENTER VAL - E - RESTAURANT SERVICE STATION Roller Skating-Bowling Willow Hill, Pa. Owned ond Operated by GENEVIVE AND IVAN EHMAN 418 W. King Street Phone: Dry Run 872 THE NATIONAL BANK OF CHAMBERSBURG "THE OLD NATIONAL" Founded 1809 Second Oldest Bank in Pennsylvania Thirty-First Oldest Bank in United States Branches at: Fort Loudon and Guilford Hills Wayne Avenue Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1.1 lm R 'HY A . - if Uillf'-"t' ,x. My ., LY M .nf , .. , X 575' "' if a 1' " W. 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Suggestions in the Fannett Metal High School - Tuscaroran Yearbook (Willow Hill, PA) collection:

Fannett Metal High School - Tuscaroran Yearbook (Willow Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Fannett Metal High School - Tuscaroran Yearbook (Willow Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fannett Metal High School - Tuscaroran Yearbook (Willow Hill, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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