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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1957 volume:

QQSCARORAN Inf k Il. PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FANNETT-METAL HIGH SCHOOL 'A ,NW - . R Q. 1 'N m P'f"N"v'v:-m . K, w -W W ,. A N, this W-.,.Av-wwQk5m .awww flgilm- ':e5,?hxsF1ffS1f-6g5w6'hWf- - g5t.M.+s, ffsifgwamwmx ' H - A .- V,.-'W-gnfm '1":wg'P.4a-'ss'--'RQ ,,A." .ff 41-v - "W ' " ' ' x"!""""""?'I"""""7i'Qvf-lr "VA ph X' ' . ' "' 4, ' -,, 4-af' - ',, lj' " , ' H , '- W i ' 'wwf A " gn " -y . ' - an f."'1v7's,JFs.!f4.f Avuwa-Wu ,ff-F, ':l'.,.',f.'fnd5 M P' iw' 'K' 'F ar :""f -Y' " ' 4-wr f..1' 'Vw flwz, 'f'-wwf . 'ff 2"""'X' A 44 K it .wr kya' V 2. , ' Q- A . K if ,DM 4 'Z ',w!mg,, J gi :gil ' .sg 1 f' 9 fm- Y 1L.'w2-. SJa:!.'!"f ,fx 3 4 "QP ' T M ,Ash Now as never before people are turning to the theatre. It is not merely because they want to be entertained. A new and deepening appreciation of the stage as a cultured factor in any community is making itself felt throughout the country. Alive to these possibilities in the theatre, many of our classmates became enthusiastic players, producers, and technicians when they entered high school. They sought practical instruction in the ways of appreciating and developing the many forms of art that go into "putting-on" a play successfully. It was our classa mates who built the props and flats for our new stage. We like to feel that it was our "actors" who made the productions true hits. We do not assert to have produced a hrst, or in any sense of the word, extraordinary book. We do, however, claim the right to have rehearsed the activities of the entire school and to have detailed, as much as possible, the personal traits of all the graduates. In the years to come, if this annual renews memories of our class to those who follow us and to the class itself, we shall rest assured that we have attained our goal. Edwin Rosenberry Albert E Prxce Venus Thompson Russell K Harry Presrdent V1ce Presldent Secretary -nin- an-"""' if Wh.. 'ix MR W Q IP .TU U Q 'U U llll UU DU C3 v-3 C 'FU Merle McGee Ralph S M1ller James Carlm Member Treasurer Member 4 Robert W Kothenour BS M A Sluppcnsburg., Sfwtc Tmtlurs College Columln 1 Umvt rsltv Supt rvxsmg Prmtrpfxl To the Graduates of 1957 It IS very approprmate that you the graduates of 1957 should turn your attentxon to the new unlt of our sthool sys tem the kmdergarten lt would seem to mdlcate a maturxty and socral conscrousness not al ways possessed by h1gh school senxors Whrle to us kmdergarten rs quxte new rt represents an educatxonal concept that has been growmg for many years Durmg the Amermtan Revolutlon rn a lmttle German vrllage named Oberwe1ssbach was born the father of the kmdergarten Frredrrch Wrlhelm Frobel accordlng to hxstorxcal accounts was not a popular boy Hrs chlldhood was most unhappy and perhaps because of this he endeav ored to establxsh a school that would brrdge the gap between home and the usual first grade class At that trme the gap was qune large even as lt IS todav rn many places There IS some evrdence that Frobel learned much from another great educator whose name IS fammhar to all students of educat1onal hxstory Pestalozzx Frobel apparently belreved that Pestalozzx had done a great deal but that he F robel could do much better Wxth a few frxends he establxshed a vxllage school at Ke1lhau Th1s school was called The Universal German Educatlon Instrtute and was at trmes under severe attack Frobel s dream of' an xdeal school led hmm to develop rn hxs mmd the klexnkrnderbeschaftmgungsanstalt whxch ln German IS small chxldren s occupatlon mstltute We may well be thankful that Frobel s mmd was practical enough not to saddle the ldeal school wxth such a cumbersome tltle He accordmgly changed the name to kmdergarten lkmder for chlldren and garten meanmg garden hence a garden of chxldren' D My vrsxts to our kmdergarten umts mdrcate that they are truly that These students by means of dances games and other act1v1t1es have developed a readmess for formal school work seldom found among youngsters of therr age Recently on a v1s1t I asked one of the chxldren to show me the number xndxcated by a certam number of objects Much to my surprrse every one of the students then proceeded to prove that he could show assoclatron between the cardmal numbers and a hmte number of objects up to and mcludmg the number ten In addxtxon they were learmng to ldentnfy cxrcles squares and trxangles Thrs w11l prove of mestrmable value to them m thexr future educatxonal work Truly our two kmdergarten classes would Justrfy Frredrxch Frobel s belmef rn the xdeal school It mxght be of some mterest to you to know that whxle the kmdergarten was establmshed xn Germany rts concepts are certarnly not Prussxan As a matter of fact, the Prussran government once banned the establxshment of the kmdergarten belxevmg It detrrmental to the Prusslan sys tem It mxght also be of mterest to you to know that thxs addxtxonal servxce not only does not cost the local taxpayers anythmg but by a queer qumrk of the law mt may actually support the remamder of the school system by several thousand dollars per year If there rs one final word to add to thms page whxch IS already becommg longer than mtended, xt would be ask you to turn your attention now to the extensron of the educatronal system upward to mclude at least grade 13 There is no reason not to assume that 1f the proposed reorgamzatlon of the mtermedxate unrt takes place there cannot be one or more Junxor colleges establlshed m the Frankl1n Fulton Adams area Above everythmg else let us endeavor to capture the spxrrt of the kmdergarten and endeavor to make every part of our educatlonal expermences outslde that system a Joy That IS not to say that school xs not work however for surely there IS Joy ln accom phshments that come as a result of hard work As Robert Browmng has sa1d Thxs the taught already that profits by teachmg May we always be among the taught' Y ix 'F if TNIN. W. WiIlL'IY1flIl Sew' llllx rn-tary totl1c'SLlpvrVisir1g Prinri 1 I'r1m'1p:1l Mr, Thomas Bnkcr, M. Ed Somnl Stuciivs, G1-wgmphy P1'IXIlSy'1X'lll1i1l State Collvgc Prinvipzxl Q ,uk Mrs. Kathleen Shoop, A.B. English Literature, Dramatics French, Driver Education Bucknell University CULTY Mr. Berk B. Meredith, B.S. Commercial Subjects Shippensburg State Teachers College Mr. Robert Stewart, B.S. Chemistry, Science, Biology Shippensburg State Teachers College Mr. Gerald Stewart, B.S. Mathematics, Commercial Shippensburg State Teachers College QP' is. 'Nu Mrs. Kathleen Yoeum, B.S. Mrs. Patrieia Campbell, B.S. English, Speech English Shippenshurg State Teachers College Shippensburg State Teachers College Miss Mary Skinner, B.S. Social Studies, English, Art Shippenshurg State Teachers College Mr. William W. Shearer, A.B. Mr. Glenn Miniek, B.S. History Mzithemzities, Science Susiluehzinnn University Shippenshiirg State Teachers College The class of 1957 is now departing from Fannett-Metal High School. Some of us may never meet again, but we will always cherish the memories of being together in the years past. We have come a long way since September, 1945, when we first started to school: From the one-roomed school to our present, modern building. From first grade to our present senior year, the year of graduation, which was far beyond our comprehensive powers to conceive when we entered our first grade. Finally came that glorious day when we entered the doors of the senior high school. At first we felt a little timid, but then we became acquainted with our new surroundings and settled down to four years of work. Our first move as an organized group began with the election of officers. We elected Ronnie Neil as Presidentg James Park, Vice President, Joyce Neil, Secretaryg Louise Yocum, Treasurer. Edwin Rosenberry and Julia Hammond were elected to represent our class in the Student Council. Our class adviser was Mr. Dale Troy. We sold ice cream as a class project. Then came the happy ending of our first year of high school. On August 30, 1954, we returned to school as sophomores, still the underclassmen of Fannett- Metal High School. We elected as officers James Park, President, Kenneth Stake, Vice President, Phyllis Hockenberry, Secretary, and Louise Yocum, Treasurer. Edwin Rosenberry and Julia Hammond were again our representatives to the Student Council. Mrs. Kathleen Yocum was our class adviser. During our sophomore year we purchased our class rings and sponsored several roller skating parties at the Blue Mountain Roller Rink. The much-looked-for day, the last day of school, finally arrived again. On this day the Student Council sponsored an outing at Cowan's Gap State Park. We all had a very enjoyable time eating hot dogs and everything that tastes so luscious when one is out-doors. The day was a grand climax to a successful school year. On August 30, 1955, we had the honored pleasure of entering the new Fannett-Metal High School as juniors. At our first class meeting, James Park was elected Presidentg Phyllis Hocken- berry, Vice Presidentg Doris Allen, Secretaryg Agnes Fleagle, Treasurer. Edwin Rosenberry, Kay Carlin and Sam Crider were elected as Student Council representatives. Mrs. Kathleen Shoop was our home room adviser. During this year we had seven members of our class in band, eight in mixed chorus, three in girls' chorus, and five in the Dramatics Club. Our projects for the year were selling Christmas Cards and sponsoring roller skating parties. On November 10 we sponsored a card party. We had a wonderful time and decided to have a similar one on Valentine's Day. The most important event was our annual Junior-Senior Banquet. For a change of custom, we entertained the Seniors in the new gymnasium of our new school with the Blue Notes Dance Band furnishing the music. It was the first that any class had had LIVE music for such an occasion. Another first in Fannett-Metal history! Everyone enjoyed himself and considered the event a real success. Because our class won the attendance banner for the year, we were permitted to take a trip to Hershey. There we toured the Hershey Chocolate Plant and visited Hershey Park. This trip and the annual picnic at Cowan's Gap climaxed another school year. The last week of August, 1956, we entered the doors of Fannett-Metal High School for the last first-day of school. Our long awaited year was here. Somehow with the pleasure there was also a nostalgic feeling. This was our last year to be with the old group. At our first senior meeting we choose these people to lead our class through our last year: james Park, President, Phyllis Hockenberry, Vice Presidentg Doris Allen, Secretary, Doris Campbell, Treasurer. Ed Rosenberry, Kay Carlin, Sam Crider, and Virginia Goshorn were representatives to the Student Council. We sponsored many money-making projects to aid us in our senior class trip. We sold candy, Christmas Cards, furnished hot dogs and cold drinks at the basketball games, and had one major food sale. The senior activities filled the last month of school. The Prom given us by the Juniors and the class trip were soon things of the past and Baccalaureate and Commencement were here. In time the memories of the class events may fade, but we will never forget the friendships we have shared. - Y 7-0 Editor-in-Chief .....A,............. ..., P hyllis Hockenberry Associate Editor and Photography ..... .... E dwin Rosenberry Assistant Editor ....4.,..,,,..... .,,,,,,, J OYCC Neil Business Editor ..,. .... K ay Campbell Art Editor ..... ...,. R ose Adams Sports Editor ..........,.... '-.A H arold Taylor Music and Dramatics Editor. . . ..,, ...,..,. J ames Park Advertisement Editor .i.... ,..,..,...., M artha Wineman Typists. . ,.i.,.i,i.,4. ..... A gnes Fleagle, Doris Allen Wanda Simpson, Kay Carlin I should like to express my appreciation to the following for their unlimited assistance in the making of the Tuscaroran: Mr. Robson and Mr. Kay, our publishers who helped us organize our Yearbook in a very artistic wayg Mr. Andrews, our competent photographerg Mrs. Shoop, who without her assistance, we could not have managedg to the Yearbook Staff-who put forth their whole effort, and especially to our advertisers and patrons. Phyllis Hockenberry '74 143 5 ROSE ADAMS i' - Q' ,-I "Rosie" . . . petite, quiet . . . sports a fgilfy sparkler on the thirtl finger, left hand A'-" Coniitles in Julia. f FHA l, lg Band l, 2, 3, 11Snfety Patrol lg Chorus 1, Z3 Hockey J, 3. "A picture is ai poem without words." Horaee DORIS ALLEN "Doris" . . . often seen in ai lwlzifk Plymouth . . . prefers the eolor lwluc' . . . enjoys square tlanving . . . likes to he with Raymond. FHA li Photo Cluli 2. il: lntrzininrzils 3, 'lg Hockey 2: Softlinll 3. lg Clziss Officer 3, -11 Girls' Chorus J. lg Mixetl Chorus 2. -33 Lilirzirinn -lg FTA 11 Corn mercial Clnli Z1 Stuclent Seeretziry '11 Yearhook Staff. "Sing, for faith anal hope :ire high Love like ours van never die!" Kipling ALFRED BUCK "Buc'k' '... short . . . tzilkzitive . . . wears grin . . . "Burk clitl it" . . . eonviet haireut, FFA l, 2, 3, 'lg Photo Cluh -lg Intra- niurzils 3, -1. "I will tlie in the lnst clitehf' William of Orange R' 2:1 5. M DORIS CAMPBELL "Doris' '... tornluoy . . . asset in sports . . .seen with Kay . . . ready for rnisehief. FHA l, Z, 3, 43 Photo Cluli lg Intra- n irfils 3 -1' Hockey il' Softlrill 3' Cliss Officer -l' Student Seeretwry -1' FTA 4. Who dqres nothing neul hope for nothing Sthiller qw . F '1 FHA 1, 4g Photo Club 4, Intramurals 3, 4, FTA 43 Student Secretary 4: Yearbook Staff. "A true friend is one soul in two bodies." KAY CARLIN "Katie' '... vivacious . . . likes a Ply- mouth . . . learning to ski . . . double- dates with Martie. Class Oflicer 43 Photo Club 2, 4: Intra- murals 3, 41 Hockey 2, 3, 4: Softball 33 Draniatics 2: Mixed Chorus 1. 3: FHA 1, .33 Student Council 3, 4: Student Council Ollicer 43 Safety Patrol 1 3 Com- mercial Club 21 FTA 43 Intramural Representative 43 Student Secretary 43 Yearbook Staff. "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Syrus KAY CAMPBELL "Kay" . . . Bub is her man . . . manages Yearbook money . . . blushes easily . . , talkative. Aristotle ii,- wx, BARBARA COLE "Barb" . . . Hess's assistant . . . likes to polka . . . "hold her, Newt" . . . happy-go-lucky. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 3, 43 Photo Club 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 43 Science Club 2, 33 Commercial Club 23 Softball 3, 4, FTA 4. ' "One good turn deserves another." Beaumont and Fletcher "Barkis is willin'." Dickens PAUL CARLIN "Paul" . . . cowboy . . . outdoor type . . . pilots a Merc' . . . has an interest in McConnellsburg. Baseball 2g Intramurals 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, T if 459 SAMUEL CRIDER "Sam . . . crewcut . . . never one to hurry . . . popular with his classmates . . . neat . . . friendly. FFA l, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 3, 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Photo Club 43 FFA Officer 3, 4. "Blessed be agriculture! if one does not have too much of it." Warner fi' AGNES FLEAGLE "Agnes" . . . studious . . . always out for a good time . . . plays a hot sax . . . close friend of Martie's. FHA 13 Class Ofhcer 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Band Ofhcer 43 Safety Patrol 13 Library 33 Softball 3, 43 Hockey 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 23 Intra- murals 3, 43 Photo Club 2, 3, 43 Science Club 2, 43 Commercial Club 23 Dramat- ics 2, 3, 43 Forensics 2, 3, 43 FTA 43 Yearbook Staff. "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." -'fDavid Crockett WILLIAM GEYER "Bill' '... hasn't a worry in the world . . . rather bashful . . . "Rich" is his pal . . . drives a Ford. f FFA l Intramurals 3, 4. A 3 N JS, "He who desires naught will always be ' free." Laboulaye GLEN DOYLE "Bub" . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . dislikes Shakespeare . . . likes base- ball . . . yearns for Kay. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Soccer 2, 3, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 3, 4. "I'll make the fur fly 'bout the ears of the old cur." Butler Z' p Y5 VIRGINIA GOSHORN I ll M I Band l,2,3,-1gPhotoClub41FHA 1,35 Intramurals 3, Al 3 Hockey 2, 3, 4 3 Softball 35 Dramatics 23 Student Council 43 Student Secretary 4, Commercial Club 25 Science Club 2. "Be true to your own highest convic' tions." Channing JULIA HAMMOND "julia" . . . blonde , . . sits with Joe in Library . . . mischievous blue eyes . . . spends spare time reading . . . a great "Braves" fan. FHA l, -lg Student Council l, 2. "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Tennyson "Virginia" . . . "Deadeye" . . . nice to know . . . neat . . . handles a Chevy well . . . sleeps in P. O. D. 19' DONALD HOCKENBERRY "Buckie" . . . seen with Buck . . . could do without school . . . likes to pester teachers . . . goes square dancing. FFA 1, 3, 413 Photo Club 43 Intramurals 3, 4. "Better a bad excuse, than none at all." Camden FAY HOCKENBERRY "Fay" . . . tall . . . loves square dancing . . . another future nurse . . . usually with Sambo. FHA 1, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, "They who love dancing too much seem to have more brains in their feet than in their head." Terence TQ, din 1 X? QP 0 '1 Y 436, PHYLLIS HOCKENBERRY "Suze" . . . blonde pony tail . . . meticu- lous . . . prefers pink and white Dodges . . . voted the prettiest in the class . . . hopes to be a secretary. FHA 13 Softball 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 3, 43 Commercial Club 23 Photo Club 2, 43 Librarian 43 FTA 43 F cs s 0 A eff, r, SHIRLEY MILLER "Sliirley" , . . independent and reserved . , . very nice wardrobe . . . blushes easily . . . likes good looking men. Photo Club 2, 3, 43 Science C Cvirlrs' Chorus l, 2, 3, lg Mixed Cho J, 3. 13 Hockey 23 Commercial Clu FTA 43 Intramurals 33 FHA l. "A penny for your thought." Lyly JOYCE NEIL "Wrinkles" . . . studious . . . devoted to "Beauty is a powerg a smile is its sword." Reade Student Secretary 43 Yearbook Staff. RICHARD MILLER 'lRich" . . . seen but not heard . . . black wavy hair . . . Chrysler Products ean't be beat . . . blushes quite often. Photo Club 2, 43 Commercial Club 23 Intramurals 3, 43 Student Secretary 4. "God's mills grind slow but sure." Herbert ua. T I f Chambersburg . . . gets along with teachers . . . likes to eat . . . conscientious. Safety Patrol l3 Science Club 43 Student Secretary -13 Librarian 3, 43 FTA 43 Yearbook Staff. "Hitch your wagon to a star." Emerson Jixivies PARK F "ParkV" . . . main interests are in music ' 5 n . J . . . tlrives a hot convertible . . . mouse ff QQ trap salesman . . . wine, women, and 1 A., song. Bantl 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA Bands 1, 2, 39 Science Club Presitlent 2, 43 Dramaties J, 3, 4, Class Otlicer 1, Z, 3, 43 Basket- ball 31 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol Captain lg P. M. E. A. Orchestras 43 Chorus 2, 3. 43 P. M. E. A. Bantls J, 3, 43 FFA l, 2, 33 Intramurals 3, 45 Forensics 3, 43 Yearbook Staff. "Such sweet compulsion cloth in music lie." Milton EDWIN ROSENBERRY "Ftl' ',.. ilislikes cotliee :mil women 1?l ...too big to tangle with . . . Hail! West Chester . . . sharp tlresser . . . 'Doilges' around. FFA lg Basketball 33 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Soccer J, 3, 41 Banil 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, -lg Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics J, 3, 43 Photo Club 2, 3, 45 'hi Science Club J, 4, Commercial Club 25 Wg Intramurals 3, 4: Forensics 3, 43 Year- book Stzllli. "That favorite subject, myself." Boswell GLADYS ROWLES "Gladys" . . . lover of poetry and hill- billy music . . . passion for cops . . . likes Fords . . . usually with june. FHA 4. "With me poetry has not been a purpose but a passion. Poe MARY JUNE ROWLES "June" . . . possesses a friendly smile . . . wears class ring with the initials chews gum in shorthand class. - man s as true as steel P '1 Shakespeare CAROLI N12 SEMPLIQ ,JN if P 'H N 'iid' "S111111111" , , . 11 1'1'11'1111 11'111'11111111'111g . . 1 11111511111 11 1111111111111 111s111111111 1511 ILUMHJBTAYLOR 111111111 . . ,11g1'1111 s11111'1s11111. , .Q-1111111 11111111111 , , , 11111111-1111' "1111" 111115 11111111111 11111 111-1111111"fi 11111: 1?11Q1 11111,'..S. 1gS111'1'11'J,,1, 11171711-1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 111111 s1'11111s11'1ss , , . Z1 1110111 S11111L'. FHA 11 11111'1111111r111s 11, 11. 'XP111111-11155 111115 1-2111 111 1'11s1s 1111111111g." S111111's VVANDA SIIVIPSON "VV111111:1" . . . 1111111181111 1111'1L11L'91 111111K 11111111' SQ'1'1'K'1i11':1' . . . 1111118 1111 11111 1-111581111111 . , , ,, ,, , 1x1-11 L11111'11s I. 11. 13 11111"l 1 5111111111 b11'1'11111'1' -1 X 111111111111 S11 "S111-111-1'1g11'1's1'1111s1'111." J, A, 3.1J1111111C'11111 lg II111'ZlII111l'l11S 1 1 Y1 1111111111i 811111. "XK'111111'.'11'1s11111'111111111111111 :1111s 1 111111111 '1X111.H C111-S1 1'1'111'111 1X1-XRT11111 VVINEIXTAN "1X1111111'H . . .1111111 111'1'ss11'. , .1'1111w11111111' 1x11lXX111L'i'l1111. . .111-11111'1'11111:1:1111l111111 Y1114111 11111111x 13111s11111111 11111111111 G111s C1111111x .. 11. Q11111111111 .111 c11111 ., 5111L111lC11l11 ' ' P1111 c1111l ' 1 1 I 11 if 1 QP 1, ., .,1R W I1S1N FHA 1 11. 1113111111 1, J, .11G111S1 C11111'11s 111111111s 11. 11111111111 . , .1. 1. C 1.155 011111111 1 1111 D CLASSES KN , 4: 5 Q ff x MW 4: , yu--shnllhv 1- Bottom Row Sara Mae Kling Martha Fleming Wanda Gibbons Louetta johnson Nancy Johnson Vonnie Hockenberry Barbara McAllen Louise Linn Rachel Junkins Second Row Mary Junkin Vonnie Piper Janet Rosenberry Patsy Neil Carol McClure Geneva Boggs Patricla Hammond Beverly McGee Third Row: Edward Miller, Robert O'Donnell, Larry Shearer, Philip Hammond, Phyllis Dague, John Stewart, Gary Rowles. Top Row: Harold Goshorn, Arthur Gipe, Alex Shearer, Richard Miller, Richard Hurley, Norman Locke. JU IOR The class officers of this year are: President ....., i i .... Beverly McGee Vice President. . . ..... Alex Shearer Secretary ........ . . . . . .Sara Mae Kling Treasurer .... ........,....i...... P hilip Hammond The class projects for 1956 were selling sweat shirts with school emblems showing movies for the public, and selling fountain pens. Bottom Row: Samuel Neil, Kay Baker, Patsy Johnson, Mary Crouse, Norma Campbell, Barbara Gamble, Donna Goshorn. Second Row: Joe Yohe, Owen St, Clair, Jay Laman, William Felmlee, Larry McGee, Richard Woods, Norman Curfman. Top Row: Donnie Seibert, Robert Armstrong, James Woods, joe Allen, Marvin Adams, Ralph Crouse. SOPHOMORES Forty-five eager sophomores entered their home rooms this fall. Their ap- pointed advisers were Mr. Meredith and Mr. Gerald Stewart. The class otlficers were as follows: President ,,... ,....... .r.. D o nald Miller Vice President .... .... L arry McGee Secretary ..,... , , , ........ Barbara Gamble Treasurer ...,...r......,..,.... Bonnie Rosenberry Student Council members were Larry McGee and Jane Kling. We had eight members in the band, eight members in the girls' chorus, and four members in the mixed chorus. The sophomores were very proud of their basketball playersee Norman Curf- man, Larry McGee, Ralph Crouse, and Joe Allen. We have had one casulaty this year: Richard Woods broke his leg. Bottom Row: Margaret Umbrell, Connie Arnold, Vonnie Arnold, Nancy Coons, jane Kling, Betty Geyer, Shirley Seibert. Second Row: Raymond Shoemaker, Lawanda Morris, Bonnie Rosenberry, Martha Traxler. Top Row: Don Miller, jerry Campbell, Carl Geyer, Kenneth Yeatter, Calvin Piper. Bottom Row Dorothy Laman Jean Collins Marlene Boggs Nancy Hammond Thelma Collins Mary Crouse Shirley Varner Virginia Gibbons Della Woods Second Row Edward Hockenberry Nellie North Louise Wood Fay junkms Julia Shaffer Nancy Brown Emily Snow Robert Price Top Row David Henry Warren McGowan Frank North Arthur Heaton Patrick Junkins Sidney Murray FRE HME Bottom Row: Allan Piper, Ruth Wilson, Joan Locke, Sally McClure, Patsy Campbell, Ralph Campbell, Walter Dague. A Second Row: Ronald Eaton, David McClure, Erwin Gamble, Wilbur Long, Charles Maxwell, Stanley Burdge, Robert Hockenberry. Top Row: Samuel Mowery, John Semple, Larry Clayton, Ronald Thompson, Marvin Miller. .4 Bottom Row: Velma Campbell, Grace Fleagle, Shirley Neil, Mary johnson, Nancy O'Donnell, Peggy Hockenberry, Maxine Geyer. Second Row: Marvin Hammond, Larry Crouse, Ronald Varner, Shirley Miller, Anna Fay Shoemaker, Jane Kling, Connie Bruck, Betty Parmer. Top Row: Bill Coons, Teddy Fleming, Carey Shearer, Ronald Wilson, Carl Lauthers, Dwain Dorty, Glen Taylor. EIGHTH GR DE Bottom Row: Loretta Burkholder, Shirley Parks, Nancy Campbell, Mary Mowery, Lena Peterson, Phyllis Johnson, Glenda Miller, Anna Mae Ecken- rode, Jean Campbell. Second Row: joe Souders, Larry Miller, Norman Davis, William Thomas, Robert St. Clair, Terry Simpson, Frank McAllen, Paul Freet, Lawrence Briggs, Ed McAllen. Top Row: Dennis Freet, James Byran, Floyd Gibbons, Matthew Felmlee, Kenny McGee, Paul Long. Bottom Row: Beverly Morton, Kay Johnson, June Piper, Karolyn Hammond, Nancy Piper, Ruth junkin, Susan Crouse, Jane Coons, Brenda Umbrell, Doris Rowles. Second Row: Graydon McMullen, William Hockenberry, Allan Opilo, Joseph Eckenrode, Donald Miller, Kenneth Gipe, Dorothy Hammond, Betty Hocken- berry, Shirley Johnson. Top Row: Edward Cornelius, Peter McHenry, Harvey Burkholder, Ralph Campbell, Tommy Baker, John Leatherman, Robert Felmlee, Harvey Yocum, Kenneth johnson. SEVE TH GR DE Bottom Row: Mac Groce, Leona Runk, Esther Dorty, Bonnie Pechard, Carolyn jones, Judy Smith, Ed Locke, Nancy Rosenberry, Doris McGowan, Mildred Neil. Second Row: George Book, Ronald Fleming, Peggy Johnson, Grace Yohe, Sandy Carlin, Jane Wineman, Betty Fleagle, Norman Hampton, Fred Johnson. Top Row: Glen McGee, Melvin Neil, Ed Crouse, Robert Miller, Charles Felmlee, Sidney Rosenberry, Jewel Umbrell, Arthur Clayton. D ACTIVITIES 4.,,a- Sitting: Sally McClure, Kay Carlin, Virginia Goshorn, Elinore Gipe, Beverly McGee, Ed Rosenberry, john Stewart, Larry McGee, Betty Parmer, jane Kling, William Thomas. Standing: Mr. Meredith, Samuel Crider, George Book, Donald Miller, Charles Maxwell. STUDE T COUNCIL At the beginning of the 1956-57 school term, the Student Council was organized with four representatives from the senior class, three from the junior, and two from the sophomore, freshmen, eighth and seventh, grades. The Student Council has been selling ice cream during the lunch period to make money to provide assemblies and movies for school entertainment. At the end of the term it sponsors a school picnic at Cowan's Gap for all students and faculty members. The members of the Student Council have decided to have the school jackets the same as the school colors, red and white. President. , , Edwin Rosenberry Vice President, . . , . , . . .john Stewart Secretary-Treasurer. . . , . .Kay Carlin Adviser . . . , . , . .Mr. Meredith Seniors Juniors Sophomores Eighth Grade Samuel Crider Beverly McGee Jane Kling Ronald Vzirner Edwin Rosenberry John Stewart Larry McGee William TIIUIUUS I5?y,C.ar2,n h Elmore Gipe Freshmen Seventh Grade lfgmla OS Om Charles Maxwell Georg- Bmfk Sally McClure Donald Miller ,,,, -fe N' S-tv i N., The present Senior class has been interested in Forensics since they entered high school. In 1956 the Franklin County Contest was held at Shippensburg State Teachers College. The contestants were: Jane Stewart .... ,.,. S erious Declamation Delores Briggs. . , .,..,....., Discussion Agnes Fleagle, .... , . . ,Poetry Martha Wineman ..,. . , .,.,.,...,.. Radio Edwin Rosenberry A... . , . , Original Oration The District Meet also was held at Shippensburg State Teachers College, and every- one except our poetry reader was a contestant. However, Martha Wineman was the only one to return with a SUPERIOR rating. jane Stewart and Edwin Rosenberry each received EXCELLENT ratings. This gave Fannett-Metal the privilege of being represented at the State Contest which was held in Pittsburgh in May. Martha Wineman was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. F. W. Wineman, Mrs. Raymond Shoop, her coach, and Jane Stewart. They stopped at the William Penn Hotel and enjoyed themselves immensely. One ofthe many high- lights of the trip was seeing Cinerama. Although Martha did not receive a Superior rating because of competitors who were student-announcers and had had previous experience, her rating was good. The ex- perience was well worth while and one that will always be remembered. DRA .1-.n-8.41111 Front Row: Tommy Baker, Allan Opilo, Martha Wineman, Linda Wineman, jim Park, Edward Locke. Second Row: Sara Mae Kling, Ed Rosenberry, Elinore Gipe, Alex Shearer, Beverly McGee, John Stewart, Dorcas Thompson. Top Row: Mrs. Shoop, Larry McGee, Mary Junkin, Norman Curfman, Agnes Fleagle, Philip Hammond, Phyllis Dague, Norman Locke. The present Senior Class has had members in the dramatic club for the last three years. In our Sophomore year the club presented The Night of january 16. Kay Carlin, Agnes Fleagle, Martha Wineman, Ed Rosenberry, and James Park all had leading parts in this production. During our Junior year Agnes Fleagle, James Park, Ed Rosenberry, and Martha Wineman appeared in the comedy, Father Knows Best. Agnes Fleagle was also the student director of this play. In our Senior year we presented The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker. Although this was a very difficult play, our club presented it with enthusiasm. To the director and to the cast it will remain the culmination of their high school dramatic career. This surpassed the peak they felt they had reached in the production of The Night of january 16. Never will we forget Mr. Pennypacker's consternation when he gave the line: "Boy, you belong in Philadelphia." Because of the superb portrayal of Grandpa by Edwin Rosenberry, many thought this should have been entitled, The Remarkable Grandpa Pennypacker. His subtle remarks so cleverly given held the audience's attention throughout. His philosophy was very well expressed: "Keep your soul out of hell, your body out ofjail, and your name out of the newspaper." Ma Pennypacker's "God forgive meg maybe half of your father was all I was ever entitled to" was her attitude toward her husband. Our dramatic club plans to present the one act play "The Valiant," at Forensics this year. This will be on a competitive basis. as 4 fa -lit. N ' ww ' Fl f , fy .X F1 F if 4 A 'H' xJ fi fi?- rg El! CHORUS Bottom Row: Shirley Miller, Agnes Fleagle, Barbara Cole, Barbara IVICAllen, Martha Winenian, Elinore Gipe, Margaret Umhrell, Patsy Johnson, Mary Crouse, Nancy Coons. Second Row: Beverly McGee, Rachael junkins, Rozetta Naugle, Nancy johnson, Louetta Johnson, Patsy Hammond, Wanda Gihhons, Sara Mae Kling, Doris Allen, Wanda Simpson. Third Row: Dorcas Thompson, Donna Goshorn, Connie Arnold, jane Kling, LaWanda Nlorris, Vonnie Arnold, Betty Guyer, Beverly Uinhrell, Shirley Seilwert, Vonnic Piper. Top Row: Mrs. Hartz, Connie McGowan, Patsy Campbell, Sally lVIt'Ch1re, ,Ioan Locke, Ruth Wilson, julia Shaffer, Shirley Varner, Eniilv Snow. 1 ' 3 'gi gy ' ': 'Fi t Q ix ,M Q K " 9 is NDA Bottom Row: jane Wineman, Marthe Wineman, Bonnie Rosenberry, Nancy Rosenberry. Second Row: Wanda Gibbons, Nancy Coons, Mary Crouse, Vonnie Arnold, Kay Baker, Philip Hammond, Mr. Meredith. Third Row: Vonnie Piper, Donna Goshorn, Connie Arnold, Patsy johnson, Sally McClure, Bonnie Groce. Fourth Row: David McClure, Edwin Rosenberry, john Stewart, jim Park, Virginia Goshorn, Marvin Miller, Top Row: Alex Shearer, Agnes Flcagle. Bass Horn Bonnie Groce Alex Shearer Percussion Rose Adams David McClure Marvin Miller Trombones Vonnie Piper john Stewart Baritone Horn Bell Lyre Ed Rosenberry Wanda Gibbons French Horn Flute Jim Park Sally McClure Cornets -E196 C0235 Tenor Saxophone more ipe A Fl 1 Virginia Goshorn gnes Sag C Marvin Hammond Clifmefs A ld n e Alto Saxophones Kgyngakgpo Connie Arnold Donna Goshorn Patsy johnson Dorcas Thompson Nancy Coons Mary Crouse Philip Hammond Martha Wineman Our band becomes more active every year. This past summer and fall, we performed in parades at McConnellsburg, Cleversburg, Shippensburg, and Chambersburg. We played for festivals and block parties throughout the valley and at Roxbury, Mercersburg, and Lemasters. Our band entertained at the Path Valley Picnic and at the Speer's Grove Picnic. We plan to present an assembly program in December and to present a public concert in May. There will be members of our band participating in the Franklin Music Festival in March. Jim Park was selected through tryouts to play in the Southern District P. M. E. A. Band in February, 1957, at Gettysburg and later was informed that he was selected to play in the Southern District P. M. E. A. Orchestra at Pequea Valley in April. Our band has gained two new musicians, Jane Coons, Marvin Hammond, one ma- jorette, Bonnie Rosenberry, and two bearers, Nancy Rosenberry, Jane Wineman to dis- play our new banner which was purchased at the beginning of the year. Our new director is Mr. Meredith. ,M ...J ::,""':f' ig 2 f 1" W ii3""1 'H G 5 . HIGH SCIIIIII. Bllll f S Y . , WSw.m kb' -4-'ll 1-Q.---,f 4-A Q-W-.:,,, ...gegflggvgiitxvvl H 2 If X-if mwem t, J . i Left to Right: Barbara Cole, Martha Wineman, Kay Carlin, Joyce Neil, Shirley Miller, Mrs. Campbell, Agnes Fleagle, Doris Allen, Doris Campbell, Kay Campbell, Phyllis Hockenberry. THE FUTURE TE CHERS of AMERIC A new club which was organized at the beginning of this year for the first time has become very successful in our school. It is called The Future Teachers Club and the adviser is Mrs. Patricia Campbell. This club has become very popular among the students. It is good experience for anyone desiring to become a teacher. It also enables the student teachers to come in contact with the teachers and provides better relationship between the students and teachers. This year the group of girls substituted for teachers in the junior-Senior High School when there was illness or when the teachers were in meetings. The majority of teaching was done in the elementary schools where the student teacher took complete charge in the classroom. Kindergarten became the most popular group for the student teachers. 'N-N.. . On September 15, 1956, we had the grand opening of the Fannett-Metal High School library. All students and teachers were invited to take part in a guided tour of the library. Mrs. Shoop and the librarians greeted the guests at the door and then showed them through the library identifying the different sections of book shelves, explaining the use of the many library utilities, and answering questions concerning the library. Mrs. Shoop, with the help of the librarians, worked out a regular library schedule with at least three library periods a day. We have a very adequate selection of books. The school purchased 375 books this year. We have 28 current magazines in the library. We have four librarians: Phyllis Hockenberry, Doris Allen, Joyce Neil, and Phyllis Dague. Bottom Row: Donnie Seibert, Donald Hoclcenberry Bill Felmlee, Alfred Buck, Glen Doyle, Harold Taylor, Richard Hurley. Second Row : Ralph Crouse, Samuel Neil, Marvin Adams, Sam Crider, Owen St. Clair, Norman Locke, Mr. Fitzgerald. Top Row: Robert Armstrong, Jay Laman, james Woods, joe Yohe, Harold Goshorn, Arthur Gipe. FUTURE FARMERS of AMERIC Officers of the F. F. A. for the school year of 1956-S7 are as follows President ..... Secretary ,... Treasurer. . . Reporter ...,, Watch Dog. . . ......Sam Crider Vice-President. . . . . .William Campbell . . .,... Harold Taylor . . .Owen St. Clair . . . . . .Glen Doyle . . .Marvin Adams Our group had three important projects this year. We raised a large field of corn which we sold and the proceeds went into our treasury. We also built a brooder house and made speaker boxes for the elementary schools. We attended the South Mountain Fair and the Pennsylvania State Farm Show Suvoricl Row: Top Row: Bottom Row: Miss Reid, l3:irlmr:i McAllen Waindzi Gibbons, Szirzi Mac Kling, Nancy Johnson, Gladys Rowles. Mxlry junkins, Waiiidzi Simpson, Phyllis Dzigue, Fziy Hockciiberry, Kay Campbell, Julia Hammond. Mairy June Rowles, Doris Caiinplmell, Judy Shaffer, Rose Adams, FUTURE HOME RS of AMERICA Adviser . . . Miss Reid President . Mary junkin ViceAPresident. . . Sara Mae Kling Secretary ..,.,. , . . . Barbara McAllen Treasurer ,,.,. .,..,..., . .Wanda Gibbons Dorcas Thompson and Wanda Gibbons were selected to take part in a county wide F. H. A. meeting at Selinsgrove this year. The County F. H. A. Council met on November 18, to plan the next meeting. It was decided that the meeting would be held in February. The F. H. A. ofhcers are planning to attend the F. H. A. meeting at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show this year. 0 DRIVER ED CATIO Driver education is offered as a required subject for all students who are sixteen, mir who will be sixteen before the school semester is finished. The ear is furnished through the courtesy of the Chambersburg Ford Company. Martha Wineman was appointed chairman from Fannett-Metal High School to attend the Teenage Driver's Conference. Philip Hammond, Elinore Gipe, and Richard Miller accompanied her with Mrs. Shoop, their adviser. In May. l056, Richard Miller, Doris Allen, and John Stewart attended a Drivers' Road-eko at Waynesboro. Richard Miller tied for hrst place in driving. Richard, john, and Doris all came in among the top ten. 93 ,K gf' A 'iii SX 'H X A 1 . , ff ..,,.,, ,. -9 sf F' 'SNK 'K QT: XE A-' ""'-'linuq FORDC Q Ai rt.. f ,X ,.,' i.-- we Q 09 1 1 ,wg 53 4 J Wil! ,. -.Ag Intramurals are sports played within the school between grades. We had Intramural Teams this year for the hrst time. We play on a grade and home room basis. We have three leagues: Senior High Boys' League, Junior High Boys' League, and Girls' League. Last year the intramural program was won by: Senior High League 12A Boys. junior High League 8A, and Girls' League 11th grade. Approximately seventyrfive percent of the student body participated in intramurals. This year the following activities have been offered: Girls: Speedball, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Softball. junior High Boys: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, and Horseshoes. Senior High Boys: Touch Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Horseshoes, and Badminton. 4:1 i CHEERLEADER This year the cheerleaders have given outstanding support to the teams of our school. They are a lively group and deserve much credit for their excellent cheerleading and pep rallies. This year, the second active year, the cheerleaders became the proud owners of letterf sweaters which were purchased through the help of the Student Council and P. T. A. They held a roller-skating party in the fall, in order to make funds to purchase two more skirts. Try-outs were given at the beginning ofthe year to every one interested, and three girls were selected. This year they cheered for soccer and supported our team at home games. They have learned many new cheers and yells which are being used for basketball games. Mrs. Patricia Campbell is the adviser and the captain is Martha Wineman. The members are as follows: Patricia Hammond Sara Mae Kling Bonnie Rosenberry Connie Arnold Joan Locke Fannett-Metal. Fannett-Metal ..... Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal. Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal. Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal . McConnellsburg ..,. 2 Blain ...,,..,..... 3 Hustontown ,...... 5 McConnellsburg ..., 5 Greencastle ........ 2 St. Thomas .4., . . 3 Buchanan ,.,. . . 4 Scotland. . . , . 3 Quincy .,...,A . . 2 Greencastle .... . . 2 St. Thomas ,.,, . . 0 Buchanan .... . . 4 Scotland. . . . . 3 Quincy ..... . . 1 39 Our best players were seniors, but due to the inexperience of the other players we did not have the team we had expected. With a little more experience we hope to have a better team next year. The players are: Left Wing ....,.. Left Inner. . . Center ...... Right Inner. . . Rivht Win D g .... . . Left Halfback ...... Center Halfback .... . . . .Bill Felmlee . . , .Harold Taylor ... . .Don Miller .......jimPark . . .Richard Miller . . .Norman Locke . . . . .Ed Rosenberry Right Halfback .... .... R ichard Hurley Left Fullback .... ..... J ohn Semple Right Fullback .... . ........ Glen Doyle Goal ........... ............... N orman Curfrnan Arthur Gipe Mack McGee, Robert O'Donnell, Alex Shearer, Joe Allen Jerry Camp bell Ralph Crouse, Larry McGee, Ray O'Donnell, Richard Woods, Ralph Campbell Robert I-Iockenberry, Marvin Miller and Sidney Murray. The players on the Junior Varsity are: Stanley Burdge David McClure Robert Price Erwin Gamble Sam Mowery Dennis Seibert Allen Piper Frank North Ed Hockenberry Robert St. Clair gi ERS XXGEHS xl ERS RXKJERS XXGER QGERS 09595 First Row Larry McGee Richard Hurley Norman Locke Philip Hammond Second Row Mr Hess John Semple Alex Shearer Norman Curfman Richard Miller Larry Shearer ARSITY BASKETBALL Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal . . Fannett-Metal , Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal . Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal. . Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett'Metal, , The players are: 30 30 30 18 29 22 24 26 23 2l 26 13 30 26 34 McConnellsburg Green Hill. . Blain , McConnellslJurg Buchanan St. Thomas. , . Greencastle Scotland . Quincy. . Buchanan St. Thomas. . . Greencastle . Scotland Quincy. . Green Hill. Blain Richard Miller, Richard Hurley, Norman Locke, Alex Shearer Philip Hammond Norman Curfman, Larry McGee, and john Semple. We lost six seniors from last year's team. There are no seniors on the team this year We are rebuilding with last year's junior Varsity team. We have extended our schedule from 16 games to 20 games this year. First Row: Charles Maxwell, Ronald Eaton, Frank North Marvin Miller Stanley Burdge, Robert Hockenberry, Larry McGee. Second Row: Mr. Hess, Larry Clayton, Sidney Murray, Joe Allen Ralph Camp bell, Ralph Crouse, Owen St. Clair, Allan Piper. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal ,..,, Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal The players are: McConnellsburg Green Hill ..,., Blain ,.....,.. McConnellsburg Buchanan ..... St. Thomas ,... Scotland .... Quincy .... . Buchanan ...,. St. Thomas ..., Greencastle ..., Scotland .... Quincy ...... Green Hill .,,.. Blain ..... . Robert Hockenberry, Charles Maxwell, Joe Allen, Larry McGee Larry Clayton Marvin Miller, Ralph Crouse, Sidney Murray, Stanley Burdge Frank North Ronald Eaton, and Ralph Campbell. The team is made of mostly freshmen with two sophomores First Row: Doris Campbell, Beverly McGee, Joan Locke, Agnes Fleagle, Barbara Cole, Kay Carlin, Barbara McAllen, Wanda Simpson, Martha Wineman, Virginia Goshorn, Vonnie Arnold, Jane Kling. Second Row: May O'Donnell, Jean Collins, Mary Crouse, Connie Arnold, Nellie North, Julia Shaffer, Sally McClure, Ruth Wilson, Nancy Hammond, Patsy Campbell. This was the second year for hockey as a part ofthe school activity. The teain pracf ticed every evening after school, if weather permitted, with the assistance of Mrs. Kockf enour, the coach. Our hockey team played six games this season: two with Scotland, two with Green- castle: one with Penn Hall, which we won with a 3-0 victoryg and one with Shippcnsliurg, which we won 5-0. The team went to Shippensburg State Teachers College for a practice game, and they also went to Wilson College to watch experienced palyers. Kay Carlin was elected captain of the team. Positions were played as follows: Barbara McAllen, . , G jane Kling. . RW Barbara Cole. . LFB Elinore Gipe. . . . , RIF Virginia Goshorn ,... . RFB Martha Wineman. CF Beverly McGee, . . , RHB Vonnie Arnold, , LIF Kay Carlin .... . . , . CHB Wanda Simpson. . , LW Agnes Fleagle . , . . , . , . LHB Substitutes were Doris Campbell, Connie Arnold, Joan Locke, Dorcas Thompson, Julia Shaffer, Ruth Wilson, Sally McClure, Mary Crouse, Mae O'Donnell, Nellie North, Nancy Hammond, Patsy Campbell, Jean Collins. Front Row: Harold Goshorn. Second Row: Lyle Crouse, Gray Hockenberry, Harold Taylor Robert Bricker Jim Peterson, David Junkin, Rhea Miller, Glen Doyle Larry Adams Arthur Gipe. Third Row: Mr. Shearer, Philip Hammond, Joe Allen Richard Hurley Ralph Thompson, Ed Rosenberry, Alex Shearer, Donald Coons Ralph Crouse Norman Locke. Fannett'Metal ..... Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Fannett-Metal Scotland Green Hill. . Greencastle. Buchanan , Quincy. . . , . St. Thomas. St. Thomas. Scotland , Green Hill. . Greencastle. Waynesboro Buchanan . Quincy. , r Waynesboro The Fannet-Metal Baseball Team, after losing six seniors tinished the season with a retord of 5 wins and 9 defeats. The players were: Pitcher Arthur Gipe 3rd Base jim Peterson Catcher David junkin Short Stop Rhea Miller lst Base Norman Curfman Left Field Robert Brinker Znd Base Harold Taylor Center Field Lyle Crouse Substitutes were: Right Field Glen Doyle Gray Hockenberry, Larry Adams, Ed Rosenberry, jim Park Ralph Thompson Richard Miller, Richard Hurley, Matthew McAllen, Joe Allen Donald Coons and Alex Due to our softball team getting organized rather late, we played only one school, which was McConnellsburg. We won our home game, but we lost on their held. Miss Reid was our coach. We hope to have a better team this year. The players were: Pitcher Martha Wineman Catcher Barbara Cole lst Base Marcia Varner 2nd Base - Diane Parker 3rd Base Kay Carlin Short Stop' Beverly Gallagher Left Fieldrf Agnes Fleagle Center Field Phyllis Hockenberry Right Field Connie McGowan Substitutes were: Virginia Goshorn, Doris Campbell, Vonnie Arnold, Connie Arnold, Kay Campbell, and Doris Allen. wg, is o -3v.'k'Q I -QM AW: GUESS WHO 9 ' - .ff -, 55- 4Q Q d "c 'WJ YK -yupvrvrn X V l if fre y-qu J' 1'5" u. igghi. v ,. ..,' 'bt ugh if N it 3 is .ri lj'-s 'R wc, -M qi! 5815 -Q, I ' x ll ' "' 1 9 2 'fy , . ' ' .4f f- sr M 1 . wg' - ' E N. xf is .4 6 Q , - f . J."-,J 1 X 31 . . :uf , S , X, f Y 5' Y ,. X . K ff A '- V if ' I ' .-.x X .. V' . MN, A . :U " f-0. . .r . . , ,B I + T . .. 'Q' -' . "-X, - W", " f 'iv '.- g Q '.1 ' .gr 1 l K-,. 2. - 4 ,px ,kg ' Y-' --nv" .X ' -4 Q 1 M. 'xi' !M ',, 5 : . . 'Q ' .J vs. 3 F, b .,, , X . ty ' ' ,4 ' FI 'U ,w 0 N ' 'aff as A, . 1, . . - 2 X rg , .' 'ff x 'fn.,.K. grx ' 721, .1"t."" - -K - ' , 9 . L w - -'J'-1, - 4 P - P, tg! J h t A -it K I lrlimfjbaikgyi gf . . , 'Q - 'L , - ,U-,f ghd :..L,,r,,3.,, ' ' . . " Gif.-. "-1, - 3 'Q' ,ft . - A ' X Q1 1. Rx F .5 f' a".'.p'a'xA,. W' X ' 'V -Eiwfk 5 ' , - - Q ' -' ' , - . ' vu 1' ' 1 , Etqfg' .gf .,, . Jia! 4!J.,11.i4' 'l , K s- . I' r - ,cm-.. ,ac ,,,,f-5' - g 1 - 4- " - I ' iY Q. 5, 9 ' 'ff' vs , . - ,Q i l . x I . - . H ,, X, 1 - , .K l ' K x ' WP: Y it -f.-N ix. -N is K Fr b . N. K, , -- x ,S X f ' x ' ' any 'M X lu W . . Q. K . - -1 'K 4 " . ', -- 5 ' A .zkwfk I f S . f, x MQ 1 .' ..--eu 5 A I M 2-9 x t k':'S4'e N .. . , ,. . ,. X-N.. F t ' K ,, ,. N P , 1 v " ' 9 3 Vw-24g L ' eff'-"2' '." ' 'N' W xv- - " , . .f-u ?".wis' if '- " i':. "' - f' ' A. .. A. , , . x ' . . e. . .e 'WF f" ' - , xv' ' , , ' 1'-if -Af F Qbq I -4 , ug I . ii- ,. , Q ., A ' A, Q-xxx , F, LA . X , . , X' 4 .1 ,. .I ss ' A 1 I L. X V 5' 'ff , be M- f L x f N , .jx f . K 1 LL . if X X - x' ' 5 x I " ' Av , 1 ,K 'yi x K - Q KY, . Qx x . MISCELLA EOUS PICT RE ix H . V' -3 fL"f Q1 Luft.- , J t . M. , if ,J X ,....,, N..ivg:P'M YW 1-. Q .Am 4' 'Nu' 'Q . W A , -Q 4 A Q' x 'fx wi W' Qu.. L-U OFFICE PR CTICE Office Practice is the polishing touch given to all Commercial Students during their Senior year. Students learn to integrate the knowledge learned in all commercial subjects and use this knowledge in the oftice while acting in the capacity of Student Secretary. We learn how a Secretary should act and how to operate a few machines, such as the calculator, the mimeograph, the spirit du- plicator, and the Stenorette. We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-seven, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare and affirm this to be our last will and testament. Rose Adams wills her pony tails to Barbara McAllen. Doris Allen wills her soprano voice to Patsy Johnson. Alfred Buck wills his ability to get out of work to Lula Bell Gipe. Doris Campbell wills her athletic ability to her sisters. Kay Campbell wills her Bookkeeping to Rachel Junkins. Kay Carlin wills her athletic ability to her sister. Sandy. Paul Carlin wills his nerve to Owen St. Clair. Barbara Cole wills her athletic ability and her hockey stick to Shirley Miller. Samuel Crider wills his Project books to Mr. Fitzgerald. Glen Doyle wills his books to Arthur Gipe. Agnes Flcagle wills her mathematical ability to Richard Miller. Bill Geyer wills his procrastination to Philip Hammond. Virginia Goshorn wills her ability to play hockey to her sister, Donna. Julia Hammond wills her love of Elvis Presley to Miss Reid and Mrs. Shoop. Donald Hockenberry wills his P. O. D. to Harold Goshorn. Fay Hockenberry wills her height to Velma Campbell. Phyllis Hockenberry wills her love of "Jim" to anyone who wants it. Richard Miller wills his adoration of Dodges to his brother, Ed. Shirley Miller wills her French knowledge to La Wanda Morris. Joyce Neil wills her Shorthand to Bob O'Donnell. Jim Park wills his ability to drink hard cider to Norman Locke, and his musical ability to Susan Crouse. Ed Rosenberry wills his ability to play basketball to John Semple, and his acting ability to John Stewart. Gladys Rowles wills her pierced ears to Mrs. Shoop. Mary June Rowlcs wills her shorthand to Vonnie Piper. Caroline Seniple wills her rock 'n roll pins to Mary Junkin. Wanda Simpson wills her hockey stick to Connie Arnold, Harold Taylor wills his baseball ability to John Semple. Martha VVineman wills her acting ability to Beverly McGee, and her baton to Bonnie Rosenberry. I now appoint in the presence of the following witnesses. Beverly McGee, president ofthe class of l958, to serve as legal executor of this sacred document. Witnesses: Mr. Robert W. Kochenour Mrs. Kathleen Shoop "Class of 1957" James Park, President Tallest. . Harold Taylor Shortest. . . . . . Alfred Buck Most studious girl. . Joyce Neil Most musical ..... ,.... J ames Park Athletic boy . Harold Taylor Athletic girl . . . . ..... Kay Carlin Best personality: boy ..... Samuel Crider Best personality: girl Phyllis Hockenberry Neatest boy ..,. ...,.. S amuel Crider Neatest girl .... , . . . Martha Wineman Most ambitious girl . ....... Joyce Neil Most ambitious boy Edwin Rosenberry Bashful Boy ...., . Samuel Crider Richard Miller Bashful girl, . Shirley Miller Actress . .Martha Wineman Actor. . . Edwin Rosenberry Lady ..... . . , . Rose Adams Gentleman. . . . . Samuel Crider Most handsome. . . , . , James Park Paul Carlin Prettiest. , . . . .Phyllis Hockenberry SENIOR SNAPS P, A 3 , ,,-1..51 V qbz ? '-Q , wwf Nw, 55 22 " 'I' 5 q Av- ,. x Nl' s ' 6 x xx J QM .Q-F, 9' r 'S A ' 1 1' ,A i--- . 41" vw4vU'1e4"P 0--T1 "1 MT T 145 .I xi! FINALE f 2 Q Q X I KI DERGARTEN T2 Mlldrens Sterrett Sh1ppensburg Parr s Sportmg Goods Royal jewelers John S Martxn Powell Photo Shop Pensmger s Texaco Mrs M K Mxller Mrs W W W1neman Mrs and Mrs J Frank Ile Complmments of Ludwlg s of Chambersburg Roberts 85 Meck Inc Mr and Mrs P E Hockenberry Mr and Mrs James Goshorn Mr and Mrs Paul Pxper Mr and Mrs Martm N Hammond Mr and Mrs Robert Kochenour Mr and Mrs Samuel Campbell Mr md Mrs R1chard Campbell Mr and Mrs Gerald Stewart Mr and Mrs Glenn M1H1Ck Mr and Mrs W W Shearer Mlss Anna Mae Rexd Mr and Mrs Walter Sxmpson Mr 'ind Mrs Leshe M Park Mrs Hartz Mr and Mrs Ke1th Hess Mr and Mrs Bryan Rowles Mr and Mrs Earl E Cole Mr and Mrs Henry Handley Mr and Mrs Earl Fltagle Chambersburg Dalry Products Co Mr.. and Mrs.. Frederick Campbell Compluments J PAUL FOGELSANGER Insurance Agency Shxppcnshurf, P1 G E Y E R S CLOVER FARM STORE Fresh Meats and Grocenes lmncttsburfi pl E RHINEHART SONS XX ut king., Strut Ship wumshurg, P1 f Hotpoint Apphances Electrncol Controchng JCHNSON S INN Fannettsburg Pa Open 7 AM to I2 PM Phone Dry Run 451 of . ' I ' . 41, 1. Plmlc 52.2 H XYcsr King Strcct .1 n . 7, 1, I I I , . Phunk' Urx Run RSI 3 ' 54 , 'A 1. omphmcnts LOUIE PYLES Grunge E B KLING 81 O Self Scrvlce Grocery McCuIIock Cham Saws GEORGE V GOSHORN Post Offlcc m bcmrxl xILI'LhlIlll1SC Nec-lx ton P1 Compliments GOSHORN S RESTAURANT Illurs Mnlls C ' J . of , , lil.1i1w Nlillx, PA. lxfcclyton. PQI, IJIIIYIILT lbry Run mn of 1 d I X' ig 1 ' ' 4 4' I ' ,, pil. Y . , TUSCARORA STATE BANK I i,mI,,,mm ms ills mlwcr of lulnml UL wo IIINLIYIIILC forpormon cjfgjllllllll 1808 GIBBON S STORE on ord om Drx Run OIIIIHIIIIILIIIS HOCKENBERRY S 'ost Offuc mc cncrll Ix1LfLl1ll1dlSC Concord P1 P one Drx Run 717 omplmu nts M GOSHORN cncrxl Store. 'Nlcclston P1 of Ulf' IN ' IL, l'.l. NIL' 'Q si! i 1 Co ' , PA. . Ph ': I' "-il C ' ' . of If A ' I of I . E. . 1 l G . f x fix 1 f ' 1 - I 1 1' . 4. h : 4' 1 - BILLS SELF SERVICE R ROSENBERRY 8. SONS C rourlcs Nic-its Iroduac umhcr Pulp XX ood It Loudon P1 IIIIILIININIFQH I 1 IL Drx Run C CROUSE 8' MCGEE H 81 H CHEVROLET Chevrolet Shovels Oldsmobile Bulldozcrs Cadillac Back Hoe TWCIUHS Sales and Service Slnppumslmlg, pl I I I 4 I I 1 D. . I I 'I D I, I 4 J, D ' I. ' 4 I' If. ' Y, ,LL Phone: ISM-422271 PI ox 1: 1' 151 I,IIHIIL'I Iirx Kun 'ft' or .266 . ' . ", L, 4 ,ml mm ,ts KOIIIPIIIHLIII FRED W WINEMAN MALONES SERVICE STATION Imncttsburg, P1 If Ioudon pl C omplxmcnts LAKE VIEW MOTEL BOGAR LUMBER CO Imncttsburf, P1 Nl il l I fm w' -r. f V' 5 of of I :L K ,u 3. '. . . A. C:fHNl111fTNCITt5 of cvf :A I Y, 1. X 1iV'L'I1NWlIIAQ. '.1. C V CO OPERATIVE Feeds Farm Bureau Co operahve Dlstrlbutlon Assoclahon Fcrhhzor Farmer owned Farm Supply 511 u IL f C ll :mba rslmxga 4 5 1 farmer operated um., R Il ' Top Qualnty Seed Ferhllzcr Farm Supplues GOODHEART S SHOE STORE 'll f0Il1PllINLI1IS HAROLD U CROUSE Sp" K' u , l.1. l'Imm' Hrx Hun .ISI . I 'plwl1xlwnxl'g, l'.1. U 1 Feed Ph I ': Klf 2--191 i . V 'Km I'.1. C0-Q7 HIC I of Him' 1 N'llNhllIg, IH, KUHN S STUDIO Portraits Cameras Gifts Fulms Developed an Prunted F SEIBERT Fuel Oul Coal and General Houllng X ul NI! II n WLIINIHII ARTHUR YOCUM lumber mduuts omord I D JONES MOTORS INC Sales IORD Sgruce Sluplwcnshurg P1 Pham Drx lun 7 Wm INCIIULS, 7 115' ' J. . . d - A4-1 XM- IIIHIIISQL' f 'cut 5IIII5I1L'llSITlII'g, P41. 51 All ' I,"- J, S. . , . If - 1 J T " C N , ,LL I I '. 1- ': 1' I 46 PI '5 r K" -" PECKS FEED MILL ms N111 s SEED GRAINS FERTILIZERS Ultra Llfe Feeds an Purlnc Feeds BRUCE B GAMBLE Feed Seed Ferhllzer x I nn Concord pl I Bla ' 1 ' l. , PA. ll s ll d ll ' ll Phunv: Dry Run -111 I'hunc: Dr' in S57 Compliments A B KLING Ceneml Merchfmdlse CRESSLERS FRUIT MARKET Grocerues Fruufs Produce Meats WHOLESALE and RETAIL SIIIPWLIISITLIILN I 1 WARREN M SHOOP Sprmg Run P1 Cesspool md Septic 'lfxnk CICIIIIIIE, Phone Dry Run 366 C OITIPIIDICFIIS of CARL SHOEMAN I of ' ' I 1 l - IIIIUIIC '7 :HMI 78 Nossville, Pa. 209 XY'cs1 King Sm.-ct K, . I I D AJ' ml. a 4- ' ' . I , 1 ' 1 GROCFRIFS That Are Fresh And At Reusomble Prices Alxmys JOHN F HOLTRY Roxbury Pa Phone Kelogg 2 6117 Complxments CECIL C FELMLEE Electrlcal Wiring Electrical Repalr Senxce Fnxtures 81 Suplxes Dr Run Pa Phone STOUFFER S GARAGE Automobxle Acessornes Car 'md Tmctor Tlres OFFICIAL AAA SFRVICF Inspectlon Smtxon No 6037 Lurgan Pa Phone Kellogg 2 5632 CECIL C FELMLEE Agent for NATIONWIDI INSURANCF CO Auto-Lnfe I'1re-Health 8: Accldent Insurance Dry Run Pa Phone 651 of 4 V, . 1 ' . I - y , . 651 Compliments I of : 1 - F , . Compliments VALLEY VIEW RESTAURANT DR BROWN Store and Service Stitlon Dry Run P On Route P575 Stop at the sxgn of frxendly SCFVICC PORTERS WEST END ATLANTIC Aproved Car COHdlIlOnlng Serv Ice VALLEY VIEW Lawn Mower Sales 8. Seruce SERVICE STATION 8: GARAGE Dry Run P If we dont have what you need well get If Lawn Supplles Shlppensburg Pa Phone Ixl 29856 North Morrls Street of 'G ' I ' , a. DEAN G. KELLER Chain Saw Rentals , 3. I Q , . Q um mc Iii md H1 IN XXLII' GALEN GATES 8. SONS Complnments BURKHART S RESTAURANT Shui I Ln hllfg, un hulk I Lmsxl mn SHIPPENSBURG GLEN C ROSENBERRY ICE 8. COLD STORAGE Lumber X Chun Sn-ss I ogka rs I mncttsb xrg, I 1 Phona Dry Run 359 IIIIIL' Sim" XYIIII I". ou of NJ ' 1 s ' IL'll's "H I .1 'mu' s 1 Shim I s ", DLI. P-1 va In - - C' 11' 1 K :A Q L Y, 33. ps V 1 JOHN S HEBERLING Dealer un Form Implements and Supplues X nth Nu ul Strut Compliments ROTH S FURNITURE STORE l l ut lung, Str Cr Shlppcnsburi, P1 fm' Sl1iIwlwl1slmI'g, l'.l. of I A i. " 1 f C ' . Y, 1. CHAMBERSBURG IMPLEMENT CO fi 4 Imwln XX IX I st IX L 0fIIHLhljLLllI1f, llrm PLILLIIIILS X LYILIOTN ox C B us P11 t llxrdw url. cncxnl Ilutru Applum s Mutnrul C IS Snrxnc md lilrmgu Phone CO 46177 MERCERSBURG BUILDERS SUPPLY CO INC um X Pluxnm X FX 1 H11 Telephone Mercersburg 55 Mercersburg Let ue have your mqumes ffl .I ' Wai' fu. if 1 fa 1" '.C"'r L I. v r fn -- 1 4 - CI, u I 'ce i'x Lx' vlqxl lt'h. I ., . Lumber, Millxxork, Roofing X Uuilnlcrs Supplius lllint, IL.lI'lLXXOI'Li,LLL'Il1L'l1L, XY'.lIL'I4Pl'1 fing C ' md. "L 'L' -rl ing frm l"uuml.ltim1 In LLLILIIIHCL Twp" THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK G S BLACKBURN AND RUSSELL BCH Cl P I Shippcnslmrg, Pm. Complrm nt of 1 nur , 11. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SHIPPENSBURG Ship ucnsburg, I 2 Interest Pond on Regular Savmgs Accounts Every Servlce Consistent with Good Banking MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COIIIPIIIIILDIS Baked Products Vallcx IIlIxlflL, Ko Im ilnppcnshurg P1 xx A I . Y. Dil. of VALLEY PRIDE MIKE BILLIES SHOE STORE Shoes mmm cl N sr 1.,L RL, mm 1 L mshurg, QOIIIITIIIIILIIIS of McCLEARY OIL COMPANY Sl ' gg Qmd f - 'x' ' 1 16 lf. King Struct Slflwp-1 'ty Ill. Cornplinu nts CROWNOVER S Ccumplnmcrwx GALLAGH ER S MOTEL I I C THOMAS S BAKER Esso Standard Oll mpln nn VAL E RESTAURANT SERVICE STATION l XXNIJ MAN HIM II IJ I H uf I of XX 'I uw IIiII, IU, ' I'Imm-. Ury Iilm 010 IIIUI' Cv A MXILAQIIIIIQ Cu 1 wt-I CUIUIWIIINCITIKS OI of ' XX 'Hmm IIiII, I'.1. , Vv-rw: .r1.IL?g-wv,M.I Im MINIR IXI AN 'wma rx hm UO- CompIlmCr1TS BENDER S STORE Dx in HARVEY S STORE f'0I11PllIl1CI'lfS JOHN L AGETT FUNERAL HOME Drx Run Pa Q mcwts r BEST S STORE C Xrwwwiwrwwvww rw? of I 1 lr' I n, Pal. llmlcxlmxg, lin, Plhvllt' 35- I CD01 lu I wf of I liuylcslwurg. Ill. 1' ' ' C omphmcnts of THE PATH VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF DRY RUN Your Locol Bank Stlmulote The Growth of Your Community Be Thnfty And Be Happy Your Bonking Business ond Your Money In Compliments of ABCO INC MCKEESPORT PA NEW ENTERPRISE STONE 8. LIME CO INC Dry Run Pcnnsylxanll AGRICULTURAL PULVERIZED LIMESTONE CORRUGATED PIPE CRUSHED STONES OF ALL GRADES Home Office New Intcrprxsn Pennsxlmml Bagged, Bulk or Spread THE NATIONAL BANK OF CHAMBERSBURG THE OLD NATIONAL 1 Second Oldest Bank In Pennsylvanlo Branches at Fort Loudon and Guilford Hllls Me be ot Fede al Depost l su a ce Co porat on Compliments Farmers and Merchants Trust Co ot Chambersburg A Good Place To Do Your Banking Mc be Fedc al Dcpos t lnsu ance Corpo atnon lfmlmlusl H119 Thirty-First Oldest Bank in United States m r r i n r n r i of m r r i r I . Comphmcnts ELDON POMEROY PINES TAVERN Congratulations Fannett Metal Class at 1956 ALEXANDERSI G A SUPERMARKET tAIumnn Class of 427 of to I Ury Run, Pal.

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