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r 1 ,DX ff? L'-2 1, rl-. of 51' V. W. 1 THE TIJEEFIRU RI-WN IGI 5'-f THB LE OF CO NTENTS I nnfurwrsrfmrrofv FH as If SEIVIDRS PHGE I0 .1-um: ons pnes 25' sopuomofess PHCFE 26 RCTIVITIE5 PHC-FE 2940 awvroa HIGH pn as 41 MEMORIES PFI GE lib PHTHDIVS' PH6-E 52 HDVERTISEM ENTS PH GE 53' PuBa.rsHEo BY THE SENIOR c:L.Hss DF Hsu FHNNETT-METFYL. SENILJR HIGHSCHUUL DRY RUN, FENNSYLVHNIH In Memoriam MISS ROSE HILL And on that cheek and o'er that hrow So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all helow, A heart whose love is innocent. It may be said of her: She grew to maturity in her native community of Path Valley. She was graduated from Millersville Normal School in 1915. She taught in various districts of our Commonwealth for a span of thirty-seven years, twenty-one of which were in the first and second grades of the present Fannett-Metal joint System at the Fannetts- burg Building. Peace of mind is a pearl Of great price, its worth is Beyond measurement. It can Never be found by seeking, It comes as a consequence. When the heart is sound, When the attitude is right, When relationship is proper, Peace of soul is found. It runs like a living stream From the Bible, from Psalm and gospel. Peace of mind springs from Friendship and comradship. Its breath is prayer, Page 2 Adoration and thanksgiving Confession and commitment Peace of soul is a gift From the grace of God. It is calmness of spirit, Serenity of being, Unification of self. In the New Testament it is Called the peace of God Which passes understanding For peace of soul a Person does well to Sell everything and buy it. Truly this was Rose Hill. Alimininlraiin f 'V X kff f, , , 1 ff if 'fi-f QP X' Wf Yf f ff " ' .P if 1 X f X Q ' ' f .. -is .fsssf 5 :1511 Xl age 3 Board of Directors President Autive V. Miller Secretary Treasurer Clair W. Hammond Harry K. Geyer Page 4 Ralph Miller james Goshorn Mrs. Venus Thompson Kenneth Doyle Albert Price Russel Harry M. E. Bobb Page 5 'NN 1111? Vikki imma hi RMB L' SEV U24 116.4791 wzieti 3916215 if ithwitifslqzgfttitiziii A fm b at tw M awww me RsYl:Hws?A'1LZZ5W'i 3 5, s.,i2,2aQtZg exgftqggtk-wt.f1KzfQ 5:15128 mf W ' 3 "M .A , K.. i ,.'...-iiafwm t.2cm12ff.L?2.x15t it 1513525252 :iii .Ag v .gt S iifngil ' 1 H 5. 57 N M... , W... . ,,... ,, li t f Y Wat aw w! sam? it vw B 1. ,.l,,.,K,,,..,.f ,Vw i,..w5,,w,,.g tim ff ..r.ptQl ., t,..,,.s2.Ex K .t:.,.-..w..,g. ,aw at .m."z,nf, . I X st Q K A-'sw . tieiwil'r:7:g'f1ff5v31 29:16 .. J., fi V, ,..,,.,7,,1, gy., 1: if . L, g,,,.',.f.rr M I . rf? ffl 1 2 V ,a.f13j,1Lt,-jw'w,. x 4 1 , N., -,Ag,w,g.y,t,,3,,,f.,7,.iA,.i, ,Q M.. gm.. ,, .,4.fQ511,s51j.zt" wtrthgigz 3523, wcwkfafi H upasJywfmgcegctyvanytwig- Jmg,1,,i in 'ia pififiww 1 I '-'52':5::'5'.1.:- if 4 1 -'if'-fv ,Rt ,iff AS' il it M499 i'i2't3qaQt1ig2:5Sg?lX t 'Q . 'N . i ui tsl1l.s'5fad,iHt2fiawia5v6WWE WMMW' H 2- 2 WWE Wa Wit YE 'Tl 5 A . z i kE:?5!vilE: lz"iWZ9f'Wet5"Y'ffflitifi1 w i,.,w.8f, ml A ,yi , . .,,. ,,. , ,.5m,tu. .t..3w1,tw.a aww 5 gm, 2 IQ t. ,iggwgh2El 1... .,.., .S T-1-5,55 ggxgtgggggfpikbtw3Qs5ggh?t:i,f.,r HJ tggmwaiti f X f"'-1 that.atzxtfmwu,iq.t.f,zw an tail . 'S' itg if aifttfflttiitihtlf Ma. 11- . ... .,., . . . isttftuil.'t252l1latlft 2, . ..,,,. , .. I , , 1 .. ' ' .few , ' ' -it ' 1 " 1 zfgizzzwxwzfafkzt wgtzv' I E. Blackburn, B. S., A. M .5.twg,..,wa 'wwf 1, , at ,.,. 1523a1zgg1?11,0,Vffy sl'i.wi?5'sia,g.w '-" f V iw. .' --'-- 'auf .1.twiefmifaalsftfw Qhlfiiiliaiaxfig 'f fl, H , . Penns lvania State Colle e .5,:,a'3f?g,Qgtgi3.zE, 15: -ff 1, 251311iaa,giwgfgfuf,g Q we -' givin '1 sl ' Y'..sW HW 1 ' ' ' ' Y ff? fr I 5- Surefvlsms Pfmclpal iiiqfigaflfaftlti 'tiff . ' 'W f W wig, ,tv if , 3 A W V' , . .... . .,tta3.t.3,tglgh.w5?i1ht5v.t I I . - 3 if , 5 1'4" Q A :ww u i.QQ 1'Wi0E i f it , :sf-it' ...V : Wi 5555 'ii tg? fl.-3' kwa -,,'- I 1.-zz 'Y ,-f-'g'-:aff:se-2t::2:-t:!:.5f5,3:t?a - , ' 3 ilf:f,?..if'Wf e"": 1 E it " ' 5 g?g-uf., in ' i' i' - -tg- .-.. I - . -psf' , 1 , ,:f,eg,::.::.': g To the Class of 1954: Greetings, Many agencies aim to put themselves out of business, for example: hospitals to eliminate poor health, the police system to eliminate crime, but the job of the school, in its very nature, can never be finished. Its role is positive, not negative. It denotes its entire energy to educational goals, and it is the agency which accepts particular responsibility for the formal educational development of all the people of the community while striving, with other agencies, to aid the community directly to improve itself. It is the one agency of the community which need not recognize the demands of the vested interests. A most distinguished characteristic of the school is its continuity. As I see it a community has a constantly changing sphere of influence. Its boundaries may be fixed geographically for certain purposes, but the schools are ever changing as the school personnel changes. Hence our school communities are similar in that they have similar types of resources. These resources consist of people, natural and physical resources, and various kinds of social organizations. Our view is that communities are improved to the extent that their resources are improved. If only one of the resources be improved then that community is improved only partially. Improvement of the soil, for instance, without the improvement of the people who inhabit it is futile if the aim is real growth. That is possible only when effort is directed simultaneously' and continuously at all resources. May I emphasize that it is our belief that the growth and development of the individual is basic for any community improvement, at the same time recog- nizing the interdependence of the individual and the community. The school is a member of the community family of agencies. The major task of the school is to help improve its own community. The main program of the school is found in doing what is necessary to improve three kinds of resources all communities have - people, social organizations, and natural and physical resources. To achieve real and natural results all resources must be improved. The growth and development of the INDIVIDUAL is basic to community improvement. To this end we, in charge of the schools of Path and Amberson Valleys, devote our sincere thought and action. To the sponsors of this Annual, the graduating class of 1954, our sincere congratulations on having completed another milestone on the voyage of life. May success crown your every effort. Sincerely, E. E. Blackburn, Supervising Principal Page 6 Robert W. Kochenour, M. A. Columbia University To the Graduating Class of 1954: You are reaching a transition period of your lives - a period in which many, but not all, of the responsibilities and privileges of adulthood will be yours. Some of you will spend the period in college, business school, or other institutions of somewhat familiar pattern in which education is promoted as a formal process. Others of you will enter the "college of hard knocks." While not nearly so formal, educational processes do take place there - sometimes more rapidly than in the former case. Regardless of which of these you choose, remember that no matter how much you may have learned to date the ratio of that portion of human knowledge which you do not possess to that which you do, is an exceedingly large one. Opportunities for further learning will present themselves daily through personal associations, newspapers, books, television, and other educational media. If you are not to be- come quickly outdated, accept these opportunities to improve yourselves instead of dreaming of the "good old days" which were probably never so good as their memories have them. Accept, too, the inevitability of change, and when change seems to be desirable, join with those trying to make your world, your country, and your community better. It is regrettable that there are still those who would ask youth to bear arms in defense of its society without giving it the proper voice in conducting that society's affairs. Rather than merely gripe about this situation, accept every opportunity to learn more about this world of ours. In that way, when the time does come for you to raise your voices in adult circles, they may be raised for worthy causes. In the meantime it may be well to remember that the quotation, "There is no substitute for workf' is just as true today as when the Wizard of Menlo Park first uttered it. You are to be congratulated upon completing the last phase of your public school education. May there be even greater achievements for each of you in your life's work. Very sincerely, Robert W. Kochenour Page 7 Facult ,, f H -H- Mrs. Kathleen Yocum, B. S. Mrs. Kathleen Shoop, A. B. English, Social Studies English, French, Dramatics Shippensburg State Teachers College Bucknell University Mr. W. W. Shearer, A. B. English, Social Studies Susquehanna University MIS- Lois UOYCI, B- S- Miss Virginia Reimensnyder, B. I Music Bloomsburg State Teachers College PCUUSYIVHHH State College Secretarial, Social Studies Page 8 ,ff r - Qs- ' 9 PIIIUYB I x I me Ss' 3,11 F . fri ill X If Xl A ! ,p f wif 1 "' if fl, J H , 'X 1 X 5 1 x" s a 'I . , U . V". 1 . A 1 V U ra ' ' f All f1 1 3: . I ., , , 'lx T I A at M f ' fl W , x .v . ' 5' fx J' QR X W N :lj N W , 4 1011 it 4 " HL Seniors Lyle Adams "Bub' Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 5, 49 F. F. A. 1, 2 Student Council lg Class Officer 1, 5, 4 3 Dramatics 2, 3 Safety Patrol 13 Yearbook Staff. B rilliant personality U uncertain future B usy at all times Grace Bock "Grace" S' 58' 3' Fr:- :QE ENT' AN IPFUCD Za' wb" Ph 2:5 -4: 299 -+o Sv-n -.E ff.- QP 22 f-.QP D 94:5 :O SP1 BCE 2. N? J' N 1110 ets along with anyone eady to go anytime lways cheerful lever at pitching xcellent roller skater -if Galen Book "Book' Student Council 4. B oasts of his driving O pposes discipline O vercomes obstacles K nows his history Page 10 William Book "Bill" Soccer 2, 33 F, F. A. 1, 2, Safety Patrol 1, 2. ooks aren't his worry nterested in hunting ikes to trap ikes to play hookey Elaine Bricker "Elaine' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Softball 1, 23 F. H. A. 1, 2 39 Dramatics 25 Safety Patrol 1, 2. E ver ready L oves to talk A lways on the go I nterested in television N ever alone E aget to help ,,.. james Brown "jim" Baseball 2, 3, 4g Soccer 2, 5, 45 Chorus 1, 25 Class Oliicer 1, 2. J oins in fun I nvites trouble M eans what he says Page 1 1 Arlene Campbell Chorus 1, 5g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. A lways talking R eliable L ongs for Calvin? Lawrence? E verybody's friend N ice to be with E ncouraging w J Joseph Burd "Burd" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 52 F. F. A. 1, 2, 5, 45 Dramatics 1g Safety Patrol lg State College 2g Yearbook Staff. B ill is his best friend U sually on the ball R eady to go D rives a Nash "Arlene" Glenn Campbell "Glenn" Class Officer 2, 3, 4. G rumbles occasionally L ongs for Betty E ager for graduation N ever dull N eeds no help Page 12 Wayne Campbell Class Oilicer 5g Yearbook Staff. illing to cooperate lways a l1tt1e bashful es, Diane catches h1s eglects most girls xcels rn all subjects "Wayne" ee Ann Crlder AUD alll 25 Chorus1254 FHA Bandl 2 5, 4 Safety Patrol 1 2 Mary jane Felmlee Mary Jane G ,. 'rw Nc' O E :M bf! RFU bv-1 KT! 5 Band 1 2 Class Oiiicer 3 4 Student Coun H1 Y 5 4 L1brar1an 3 arrrage follows graduatlon lwa s busy omannc nature earns for her beautxful farm house ealous of Norman lways well dressed ever wlthout frlends xcellent dnver Page 13 A ble to smg well N 1ce personahty W A . Y . . y N . E . . Softb 1 : 3 9 y 9 Q . N ever without Elaine . ST.. A. , z . i ' 1 ' Y . N . . Raymond Harry TEX Student Council 23 Band 1, 25 Baseball 3 4 Class Oflicer 2, 4. T roublesome E njoys hunting X cels in mischief Wayne Harry o o Soccer 2 3 4 Baseballl 2 3 4 ealous of Sara Mae wns a Model A orns rn all dev11ment rnery' That s hun l joseph jones 01165 NJ J H' J O J . O . ' ! F. F. A. 1, 2, 5, 4g Soccer 1, 2. J My O . N . Page 14 o ut for a good t1me ever studres speclally mrschxevous S hrrley IS hrs grrl Betty Kling "Betty" Tri-Hi-Y 5, 45 Student Council 5g Class Ollicer 4. B eaming personality E xcels in history T ommy is in the past 'I' ime spent listening to baseball games Y earns for Glen Wilma Leatherman "Wilma Chorus 3, 4. W eary without Shirley I is willing to help at all times L oves to read M agic artist A lways on the ball Donald Leedy "Don" F. F. A. 5, 4. D oesn't like school O fren stays home N ever works hard Pcrge 15 Marilou Howard "Marilou' Band 1, 2, 5, 4, Chorus 13 Brass Ensemble 1, 2, F. H A. 1, 25 Dramatics 2, Class Officer 1, 2, Safety Patrol 2 M ovies are her hobby A lone without Grace R eplies to anyone's request I nterest, Jody L oves to make people laugh O utstanding in French U tterly silent at times George Jarrell "Sonny" Student Council 25 Chorus 1, Class Officer 1, 2. S enior pest O ften seen talking to Marlene N ever dull N ever lets his Chemistry undone Y earns for Roberta Nancy McAllen Nancy Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2g Brass Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 5, 45 F. H. A. 1, 2, Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Safety Patrol 1, 23 Dramatics 1, 23 Forensics 2g Year- book Staff. N eat with work A' lways willing to help N othing but a "Ford" C onstantly with Rose Y earns for the future Page 16 Jesse Middaugh "Jesse" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3. J umps at a chance to tease E xpects to be a big leaguer S urely likes sports S plendid personality E velyn is his weakness l Mary Ann Park "Mary Ann" s-nm ' ...o N213-W WMS-E :ye P5 ?fn5"" 32 ,sv O -. wr:-wp, uno' A QWAW . Q5 Q mf'd':r' 3 9. E155 3?-"' 'B N Fl?" fb LN N. .!""35 fp?-fi .ASQ 2323 SEE- mmm .-. -ev.-N Loww Q c one ...,... :BZ ajor in all subjects lways ready for mischief R eading is one favorite pastime Y esterday is not her concern A lert in band N ever wastes study hall N eedless of a worry Page 17 Mary Morton Mary Class Officer 2, 33 Softball 2, 34 Tri-Hi Y 3 4 Librarx an 3, Yearbook Staff. odel typist cme of perfection e-adjusts easily ells at Raymond Robert Piper Bo Baseball 5, 4g Soccer 45 Chorus 1, 2. B ooks never worry him O nly interested in Dolores B rilliant in Trig. Edgar Rosenberry "Rosie" Band 1, 25 F. F. A. 1, 2, Soccer 3, 4, Baseball 5, 4g Dramatics 2, SQ Safety Patrol 1. R eally noisy ften out ense of humor n trouble often O S I E xcellent hunter Lewis Shearer Lew Baseball 1, 2, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 5, 4g Band 1 2 5 Student Council 4, Dramatics 2, 5, Forensics 2 5 Class Officer 2, 5, 43 Yearbook Staff. Page 18 L ives an easy life E verybody's friend W illing to help Betty Traxler "Betty" Softball 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 53 Band 1, 2, 54 F. H. A. 1, 2g Dramatics B E T T Y 2 5 Class Officer 5, Safet ooks aren't her worry njoys reading eams with Shirley alks a lot in study hall es, she's a western fan y Patrol 1, 2. Rose Umbrell Rose Band 1, 2, 5, 4g Chorus 1g Brass Ensemble 1 2 3 Softball 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. lg Class Oflicer 2 5 Safety Patrol 1, 2. R oams with Nancy O bjects to history tests S E Fred Wilhelm "Fred" F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 33 Safety Patrol lg State College 3. F irst in Vo-Ag R uns a Mercury E D arly to rise oesn't go for girls Page 19 hares with everyone njoys driving a Studebaker History of the Class of I9 4 Freshmen September 8, 1950 - Eighteen scared but proud freshmen entered the high school doors of Metal Township High School. The members of our class were: Joe Burd, Lyle Adams, Russel Gipe, Joe jones, Fred Wilhelm, Eddie Rosenberry, Lewis Shearer, Adin Witmer, Grace Bock, Elaine Bricker, Marilou Howard, Nancy McAllen, Mary Ann Park, Eileen Wiser, Betty Traxler, Rose Umbrell, Ann Crider, and Ruth Runk. Mr. Kochenour was our adviser. Although we were the youngest group in the high school, we still partici- pated in different activities in the school program. Eleven members of our class were in the school band. They were: Nan- cy McAllen, Marilou Howard, Grace Bock, Elaine Bricker, Ann Crider, Mary Ann Park, Betty Traxler, Rose Umbrell, joe Burd, Eddie Rosenberry, and Lewis Shear- er. There were nine freshman girls in the high school chorus. At our first class meeting we elected the following ofiicers: President ............. Mary Ann Park Vice-President --- ...... Lewis Shearer Secretary ...... --- Marilou Howard Treasurer ................ Lyle Adams Historian ............ Marilou Howard Sophomores September 5, 1951 - Fourteen sopho- mores returned to the high school rooms of Metal Township High School. We soon became known as an "on-the-ball" class. Mrs. Yocum was our adviser. November 9, 1951 - Our class held the first, but very successful, roller skating party of the year at Blue Mountain Roller Rink. November 16, 1951 - Our class was well represented in the school play. "The Night of January Sixteenth." joe Burd played the part of the judge, Lewis Shearer the part of a gangster, Marilou Howard, Lyle Adams, and Betty Traxler were wit- nesses to the murderg Nancy McAllen! played the part of the murdered man's wife. December 18, 1951 - The happy group of sophomores selected and ordered their class rings. january 12, 1952 - We held one of our successful bake sales. March 14, 1952 - Our class was well represented in Forensics. We met our com- petitors, Lemasters and Mercersburg, at Page 20 Penn Hall in Chambersburg. Those repre- senting our class were: Mary Ann Park .... Serious Declamation Nancy McAllen ............... Poetry Lewis Shearer .................. Radio Mary Ann and Lewis walked away with honors, later to participate in the district competition. May 29, 1952 - Happy Day! The high school doors were closed for another year. Juniors September 4, 1952 - Fourteen jolly juniors found their desks in the rooms where we became upper classmen. We were very happy and more ambitious to do things because we had now the oppor- tunities that upper classmen have. We welcomed Wilma Leatherman from Phila- delphia and Don Leedy from Hagerstown, which made sixteen in our class. Seven of our girls went to Dry Run to take French I. Those taking the afternoon class were: Grace Bock, Ann Crider, Elaine Bricker, Marilou Howard, Nancy McAllen, Betty Traxler, and Rose Umbrell. October 7, 1952 - We began selling ice cream at lunch time. October 14, 1952 - Our class decided to sell Christmas cards. Since we got an early start, we covered a lot of territory and really profited from our hard work. November 1, 1952 - No school! Why? Everyone wanted to get their limit of small game the first day of hunting season. There were exciting reports of hunting ex- periences when we returned to school the next day. February 2, 1953 - We planned to have dancing classes for the following Thursday evening. Mrs. Shoop was our in- structor. Our class sold cokes and ice cream during intermission. We continued this practice for a month. May 1, 1955 - Our class gave a banquet in honor of our friends, the Seniors, at College Inn in Chambersburg. The faculty members were present with their wives or husbands. Lewis Shearer was our toast- master. May 22, 1953 - The ice cream stand was closed and the profit counted, amount- ing to 36434. May 26, 1955 - A glorious day it was! Our class was invited to go to Hershey with the Sophomore Class of Dry Run. The reason for going was that our class and Dry Run Sophomore Class won the attendance banners for the year, so we decided to celebrate by going to Hershey. We had a very nice time touring the choco- late plant and putting in the rest of the day at Hershey Park. May 29, 1953 - At the Commencement Exercises in the Dry Run High School, four girls from our class-Rose Umbrell, Marilou Howard, Nancy McAllen, and Grace Bock-were ushers. The high school chorus, in which some of the members from our class participated, sang at the graduation. Seniors August 31, 1953 - We began our Seni- or year at the Senior High School in Dry Run. There were thirty-two members in our class. October 14, 1953 - We had our first joint class meeting. Glenn Campbell be- came our President and Lewis Shearer our Vice-President. We decided to have some separate activities along with joint projects. October 20, 1953 - The Year Book Staff was elected by the group. Those elect- ed were: Lewis Shearer, Mary Ann Park, Wayne Campbell, Mary Morton, joe Burd, Lyle Adams and Nancy McAllen. November 5, 1953 - A movie, "Foot- light Serenade," was sponsored by our class at the Fannettsburg junior High School. We decided to continue to have a movie every month until the end of school. November 23 - December 2, 1953 - Everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving and deer season vacation. February 2, 1954 - Groundhog Day! The day has finally arrived that ends four months of industrious work on our year- book. Today our worries are handed over to Mr. Beachley's office for the final touches. Before we say adieu, we should like to give our thanks to those who have made our yearbook a success. Above all, we thank Mrs. Shoop for her endless ef- fort which she gave us in our yearbook. FANNETT SENIOR HISTORY We Enter F. T. H. S. September 5, 1950 - Twenty-one back- ward, but nevertheless somewhat proud, Freshmen entered the doors of F. T. H. S. Class Officers Elected We organized with Mr. Shearer for our class adviser and elected the following class Oiiicersz Page 21 President ...... .... G eorge jarrell Vice-President .....-. ---- J ames Bf0Wn Secretary ........... ------- J Can Ffeet George jarrell later resigned and James Brown became President with 'Glenn Campbell being elected as Vice-President. During this term our class did not ac- complish much, although several joined in school sports and we took part in the school Magazine Drive, through which we made some money for our treasury. The Term Ends The class, as a whole, welcomed the end of the school term, not only because we no longer had books to study, but we could now look forward to several weeks vacation before entering school as the sophomore class of '51. We Return to Dry Run High School September 4, 1951 -- Our class again entered the doors of Dry Run High, but this time we were sophomores and proud of it! We reorganized with Mr. Shearer as our class adviser and elected the follow- ing officers: ames Brown President ...... --------- J Glenn Campbell jean Freet -- Mary Morton Raymond Henry This year, we added some more funds to the class treasury by again 'joining the school Magazine Drive. And in order to add still further to the treasury, we chanced off a turkey near Thanksgiving. Vice-President --- --- Secretary .... ---- ------ Treasurer ...--- - ---- - - Historian - ..... -- ---- - We Go to Hershey Park june 3. 1952 - The sophomore class rented a bus and went to Hershey Park. The class enjoyed the whole day and thus officially closed the doors on another chapter of our school life. Our Last Return to School August 31, 1953 - We returned to good old F. T. H. S., which is now changed to Fannett-Metal Senior High School. The 21 has now been reduced to 16. We had a joint meeting and elected officers. December seemed like a pretty good month for the Seniors. Some of our class obtained their driver's license. The class made some money having a Bake Sale and almost everything turned out to be in our favor. Signed: Class of '54 The Last Wlll and Testament of the SENIOR CLASS of Fannett Metal Senror Hrgh School rn the County of Franklrn and the State of Pennsylvanra made and publrshed thrs Frrst Day of janu ary rn the year of our Lord One Thousand Nrne Hundred and Frfty Four IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN We the SENIORS of Fannett Metal Senror Hrgh School do hereby make publrsh and declare thrs our Last Wrll and Testament rn the manner followrng We grve to the Class of 55 our candy sales To the Class of 56 we grve our room We wrll to Mr Shearer all our sports abrlrty To Mrs Yocum we grve our cookrng abrlrty To Mrs Shoop we wrll the success of our yearbook We wrll our mathematrcal abrlrty to Mr Kochenour To Mrss Rermensnyder we grve our typrng abrlrty Lyle Adams wrlls hrs baseball abrlrty to jrm Rosenberry Grace Book wrlls her prtchrng abrlrty to Betty Lou Prper Galen Book wrlls hrs name Froggy to Brll Campbell Wrllram Book wrlls hrs Muskrat and Trapprng abrlrty to Glenn Doyle Elarne Brrcker wrlls her shortness to George Taylor rm Brown wrlls hrs baseball abrlrty to Art Hampton joe Burd wrlls hrs wrgglrng ears to Tom Shearer Arlene Camggaell wrlls her abrlrty to talk to Darlene Umbrell Glen Camp ll wrlls hrs drrver trarnrng road work to Nobody Wayne Campbell wrlls hrs Explosrve Chemrstry to Robert Prper Ann Crrder wrlls her tallness to Davrd junkrn Mary jane Felmlee wrlls her date book to Nancy Gerlach Raymond Harry wrlls hrs srze to Donald Coons Wayne Harry wrlls hrs abrlrty to study to Jim Peterson Marrlou Howard wrlls her knowledge of French to jane Stewart George jarrell wrlls hrs behavror to Clarr Zergler Joe Jones wrlls hrs love for Vo ag to Bob Rosenberry Betty Klrng wrlls her shortness to Grace Bryan Wrlma Leatherman wrlls her herght to Shrrley Keadle Don Leedy wrlls hrs oompha to Bob Brrcker Nancy McAllen wrlls her trumpet to Jane Crrder Jesse Mrddaugh wrlls hrs prtchrng abrlrty to Art Hampton Mary Morton wrlls her typrng abrlrty to Beatrrce Stewart Mary Ann Park wrlls her tall tales to jo Mort Robert Prper wrlls hrs love to Dolores Brrggs Ed Rosenberry wrlls hrs dumbness to Fred Stewart Lewrs Shearer wrlls hrs wrrtrng abrlrty to Earl Parker Betty Traxler wrlls her abrlrty to talk rn study perrod to Janet Serbert Rose Umbrell wrlls her hrstory knowledge to Bob Rosenberry Fred Wrlhelm wrlls hrs wrestlrng abrlrty to Donald Coons In wrtness whereof we have set our hand and seal thrs Frrst Day of january rn the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nrne Hundred and Frfty Four Page 22 O . . . . - . . . . . . ' - ' J 5 ' . . . . 9 . . ' Y , ., . . .. I ' a ll . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . . .. . ' ' ll 73 ' .. . . . .. . . . . J. . . .. . . . . . . .. , . . . . .. - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - .. f . 0 0 - ' n . . . . . . - . ' . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . .- . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . .. . . r . . . . . . . .. . . . 9 3 . . . Uuninrn 371 Q" 1 Alf" f V 44 1 -. 1, G, 4... ,few-S7 J f A1 -fi-"L -.-11T"AW.3V6f7 af A 4 ' A 'I' r 'lihJs:Q iW01 ' --+ ff 'f ff! FiiiiTin f ii' ' 7 QJJ W Sgr" I fx X "2 --.X V fix, N 'vfwlfh " QZQJII X Jiri' x xxxxxxm... X X" t X: X' :Q iafgm ' QMNHVW XYEVHYXH ,M Q' if .Mrk M fl, W! 'zfsff z 1, ,,: i " 411, ' K- A 4 1 ? ,J 3' V - MJ , I ,h -Kd" ' ' X X'fv0 ix. W ix ' E-ifs U F Wm 4 f 2 A : 'T' .X .-fi . .-,,W,f 3 N- w a., .,-fig-" f Z zijn' i -,eg i G'-Enfgj. H ...:.f"T ,... -Q---:Pg-is J Page 23 Junior Class Front Row Mrs Shoop Vxvxan Harry Lllllan Plper Davxd Crouse Shrrley Nell Janet Prper Shlrley Long Second Row Larry Yocum Anna Jane Campbell Lorrame Slmpson Carl Stewart Patsy Garner Ray Coons Earl Parker Thxrd Row Robert Rosenberry Peggy Campbell Thomas Shearer Hannah Felmlee Harold johnson jtm Rosenberry Helen Hockenberry Lols Ntmmon Betty Lou Pxper Patsy Murray Back Row Arthur Hampton George Taylor Fred Stewart Jack Campbell bmed forces to begm the 1955 54 school term When the roll was called, 27 Jumors answered the call to duty Mrs Shoop was to be homeroom teacher, and room FIVE our homeroom On October 22, we elected Fred Stewart, Presxdent, Anna ane Campbell Vrce Presrdent Lorrame Slmpson, Secretary Betty Lou P1per, Treasurer, and Larry Yocum, Hlstorxan Our student councrl members are Betty Lou Prper and George Taylor The class wrth the hrghest attendance was rewarded by bemg grven permrssron to attend the Farm Show Our class won and on Monday, january 11 1954, we were bound for Harrisburg and the Farm Show Our class IS very co operatrve and we all want to make It the best Although we are a lxttle norsy, we know we are pretty good We expect to prove our ments from now until we graduate Page 24 O On August 31, 1955, the Junior Class of Fannett-Metal joint High School com- ? . - ' Q S ' 9 , 9 Q gf gs Q Q5 Q 6 'Q f' ' ' N Q 93 64 QL f 4 1 !f 4 X W , ff it 47 eZ5 UL Sophomore Class Front Row Guy Fxx Mrs Yocum Shxrley Keadle Jane Crouse Eva Miller Darlene Umbrell janet Serbert Audrey Sxmpson Linda Burd Davrd Se1bert Mlss Relmensnyder Second Row Clalr Zexgler jrm Campbell Marlene Parson Vlrglma Luckett Marlene Umbrell Dolores Briggs jane Stewart Nancy Gerlach Marcra Varner 'lhgnxrd Row B111 Campbell Beatr 1ce Stewart Shlrley Kllng jane Crlder Dlane Parker joan ort Fourth Row Grace Bryan Lyle Crouse Beverly Gallagher Thaddeus Book B111 Flemrng Joyce Campbell Helen McClure Lula ODonne1l Fxfih Row Larry Adams Jrm Peterson Donald Coons Davxd junkm Robert Plper Drck Shoe ma er Back Row Darlene Jones Barbara Besecker Shlrley Sm1th Raymond Burdge Robert Bryan Ralph Thompson Jxm Breckenrldge Lvnn McCurdy Robert Brlcker Harold Goshorn WllllS johnson Rhea Mxller Gray Hockenberry On August 31 1953 fifty three ambmous sophomores entered Fannett Metal omt Sen1or Hlgh School Our class had xts first class meetlng on September 29, 1955 at whlch tlme we elected our class oilicers On the evenxng of November 13, 1953, we held a roller skatlng party for both the junror and senlor hxgh pup11s As a reward for the class attendance durmg the month of December, the mem bers of our class in room 2 had the opportumty of golng to the Pennsylvanla Farm andF F A boys CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Sh1r1ey Sm1th V1ce Pres1dent Darlene Umbrell Secretary Dolores Brlggs Treasurer Rhea Mtller HISIOIIHU Jane Crxder Page 26 . 1 I , . ' .f ' J . 2 . ' 1 ' , Q 1 1 , , , 1 1 1 . .Z 7 5 I 5 l 7 1 1, , 1 u , Q 1 I 1 1 : 5 I 1 3 3 ! : ' ,J 9 9 . I l 1 , 1 , ' 1 1 1 1 3 s 9 s Q 1 ' 2 I , I , ' ' , I , I I, 3. 7 , 3 3 I 3 - 1 - J u n 0 , , I . . 1 ' - 2 Show on the opening date, January 11. We were accompanied by the Junior Class Ariiviiira QE fwww Whxnklmyf? 4 QM' il Ulu , JET' ' - w V: H1 lx LQ, 124 Q14 ' 'v WW C I T QziQE3,,6 : is El J 'FA V? Q. N" -' 6 IN rx' ,.. x . MK - . "" I-1 , Q E ' .' " ' , W I XXV ' 5 L A Y QJQE-Ev 'lx I ' 1 X Shim' s l 7, Z f Q, A S A ' Sv , 2 f Q, 29 Q I ' fm' I Year Book taff Joe Burd, Mary Ann Park, Lyle Adams, Mrs. Shoop, Wayne Campbell, Nancy McAllen, Mary Morton. We have finished the Fifth Volume of the Tuscaroran. This is the second year we have joined forces in making our Year Book a success. It is an honor to be on the staff, even though there is plenty of work required of each individual. It is also a privilege because, after our edition is turned over to the Printing Press, we, the staff, have the privilege of touring the Craft Press Building and learning exactly how the year book is put together. We sincerely hope that you enjoy our year book, The Tuscaroran of 1954. Those on the staff are: Editor ............ ...................... L ewis Shearer Assistant Editors --- .... Mary Ann Park, Wayne Campbell Business Editors .... ........... M ary Morton, joe Burd Art Editor -.- ........ .................. M ary Ann Park Assistant Art Editors --- --- George Jarrell, Wilma Leatherman Advertising Editors .... ...... N ancy McAllen, Lyle Adams Adviser ............ ................. M rs. Shoop There is an old saying that if you do not progress you must retrogress - that is, go backwards. That means we must look to the future, for if we do not, we will be looking to the past. That saying is just as true as it ever was. In almost every field we can be proud of the progress we have made. Look at the progress we have made in aviation. The Wright Bros. started flying under a hundred miles an hour. Now we are flying faster than sound, with any point on the earth just a few hours away. In medicine the same is true. We have progressed from the time where a shot of brandy was the cure for almost everything, to the miracle drugs of today. In education, we have made remarkable progress also. We have progressed from the "Little Red Schoolhouse," with all eight grades in one room, to our large consoli- dated schools with their many windows and attractive colors. The school no more teaches the three R's, but has other classes to broaden the students' knowledge. In our valley, we have progressed with the rest of the world. We have come from the "Little Red Schoolhouse" of our grandfather's day, to the time when we are looking forward to a high school combining both townships. just as the little red schoolhouse was adequate for our ancestors, so are our present schools adequate for today. , But what of tomorrow? Will present needs be suitable for tomorrow, or will progress bring something new? If we are to progress, we must look to the future. Lewis Shearer Page 28 Student Council Sitting: George Taylor, Galen Book, Miss Reimensnyder, Rhea Miller, Marlene Umbrell. Standing: Betty Lou Piper. The first of the year we reorganized the Student Council with two representa- tives from each class: one from Fannett Township and one from Metal Township. The Student Council meets the last Tuesday of every month. The Student Council is selling ice cream and chocolate milk at lunch time to raise money for the benefit of the school. The Student Council purchased the four plays for the Dramatic Club, which were given in the assembly. We are now buying feature movies for the student body, and, with the aid of the PTA, have acquired indoor game equipment such as: Touring, Table Tennis, Canasta, Five Hundred, Sorry, Rook, Meet the President, Finance, Pit, and Rubber Horseshoes. Officers of the council are: President ........... --- Lewis Shearer Vice-President --- ..... George Taylor Secretary ...... .... B etty Lou Piper Treasurer -- -- Marlene Umbrell Page 29 Dramatic Club Front Row: Dolores Briggs, jane Stewart, Mary Ann Park,,'Linda Burd, Marcia Varner, Mrs. Shoop. Second Row: Anna jane Campbell, Joyce Campbell, Diana Parker, Shirley Keadle, joan Mort, janet Seibert, Rosalie Collins, Darlene Umbrell, Marlene Umbrell. Third Row: Fred Stewart, Larry Yocum, Ralph Thompson, Eva Miller, jane Crouse, Betty Lou Piper, Shirley Neil, Lillian Piper. Back Row: Lorraine Simpson, Beverly Gallagher, Barbara Besecker. This year, our Dramatic Club is also our Speech Club. With this advantage, we expect to produce a very good play later on this year. In the Fall, the Speech Class gave a choral reading at a Parent-Teacher meeting, and at Christmas, an Assembly program in the Senior High School. This program consisted of singing, appropriate poems, and presenting three one-act plays. The first play, "Herbieis Christmas Present," presented the amusing problems of a newly- adolescent boy trying to give his girl a suitable present in spite of his sisters' schemes. The second, "Christmas Bazaar," was warmly human. The third, "A Merry Christmas," was taken from "Little Women," and gave a pleasant picture of an old- fashioned Christmas. Page 30 Forensics A lar e rou from Fannett-Metal Hi h School entered Forensics last ear, S S P S Y and, fort the size of the school, the victories were numerous. Lynn McCurdy, Linda Burd, and Mary Ann Park made Wild Life posters which had no competition in either County or District, and therefore went on to State. Mary Ann also gave Serious Declamationg jolinda Hoopert, Conservation Original Orationg Shirley Campbell, Poetryg jane Stewart, Humorous Declamationg Karl Thompson, Radio and Original Oration, and Lewis Shearer, a conservation essay. At County, which was held in Chambersburg High School, Mary Ann placed first, Shirley placed first, jolinda, jane, Karl, and Lewis had no competition and therefore went on to District. At District, which was held in Hershey, Mary Ann placed first, jolinda placed first, Karl placed second, Shirley placed third, and jane placed third. Lewis had no competition. With reservations at Hotel Roosevelt in Pittsburgh, the teacher, Mrs. Shoop, accompanied Mary Ann, Jolinda, Jane, and Karl to the State Finals, in which Jolinda placed third. During our free time we shopped, went to see the Pirates play, and attended our first 5-D movie. We were also able to ramble through the halls of the beautiful University where all of the contests were held. We were made to feel at home by Juanita Wagaman, a former Metal High pupil, who is a student at the University. Page 31 Senior Band Woodwind Brass Percussion Martha Wineman Rose Umbrell Rose Adams Linda Burd Nancy McAllen Marcia Varner Grace Bock Diane Parker Shirley Keadle Ann Crider jane Crouse Wanda Simpson Helen McClure Vonnie Arnold Marilou Howard Kay Baker Carol McClure Connie Arnold Elinore Gipe Patsy johnson jane Crider Dolores Briggs Jim Park john Walker Audrey Simpson Agnes Fleagle Alex Shearer Darlene jones Mary Ann Park Lois Nimmon Lorraine Simpson Joyce Campbell Leader - Mrs. Lloyd The Path Valley Senior Band made its first public appearance for the year at its annual Christmas Concert held at the Fannett-Metal High School, December 17th and 18th, 1953. The band is planning three more concerts. The money contributed at these concerts will go toward the new uniforms that the band soon hopes to have. The band also furnished the music for some festivals during the summer. The ofiicers of the band are: President ............. --- Lorraine Simpson Vice-President ...... --- Nancy McAllen Secretary-Treasurer --- -- Dolores Briggs Librarian ......... --- Patsy johnson Page 32 Soccer Front Row: Carl Stewart, Ed Rosenberry, Robert Bricker, jim Brown, jim Peters-on, Lyle Adams, Ray Coons, Robert Piper, Larry Adams, Ralph Thompson. Second Row: Fred Stewart, Harold Goshorn, joe Jones, Wayne Harry, George Taylor, jesse Middaugh, jim Rosenberry, jack Campbell, Joe Burd, E. E. Blackburn. The Fannett-Metal Soccer team had its most successful season, with a record of 3 wins, 4 defeats, and 3 ties, giving them a third place tie in the Franklin County League. The scores are as follows: Fannett-Metal --- -- Fannett-Metal --- -- Fannett-Metal --- -- Fannett-Metal --- -- Fannett-Metal --- -- St. Thomas Quincy --- Buchanan - Scotland -- Greencastle Fannett-Metal - - - - - St. Thomas Fannett-Metal --- -- Buchanan Fannett-Metal - - - - - Quincy - - - - Fannett-Metal - - - - - Scotland - Fannett-Metal --- -- Greencastle Center ........ Inner Right --- Inner Left --.. Ring Wing .... Left Wing .... Center Halfback Right Halfback Left Halfback .... Right Fullback --- Left Fullback -- Goal ......... -------- joe Jones jim Rosenberry - Lewis Shearer - - - - - jim Brown - - - - George Taylor - - - - jack Campbell ----- Joe Burd --- Lyle Adams --- Wayne Harry -- Robert Piper Jesse Middaugh Substitutes: Robert Crouse, Ed Rosenberry, Carl Stewart, Larry Adams, Fred Stewart, Lynn McCurdy, Ralph Thompson. Page 33 Baseball Front Row: jim Brown, Lyle Adams, Jesse Middaugh, Jim Rosenberry, Rhea Miller. Second Row: Arthur Hampton, Ed Rosenberry, Raymond Harry, Wayne Harry. Back Row: Bob Piper, George Taylor, joe Burd, jack Campbell. The Fannett-Metal Baseball Team in its second season captured the Franklin County Championship with a record of 15 wins and one defeat. Coach Shearer formed a hard-hitting team behind the pitching of Art Hampton Q6-Oj, Dick Camp- bell Q4-OQ, and jesse Middaugh C5-lj. Fannett-Metal - - 10 Scotland ......... - Fannett-Metal - - 1 Washington Twp Fannett-Metal - - 1 1 Greencastle ...... - Fannett-Metal - - 5 Buchanan ..... - Fannett-Metal - - 14 Quincy ...... - Fannett-Metal - - 1 Waynesboro - - F annett-Metal - - 1 1 St. Thomas ..... .... - Fannett-Metal - - 12 Scotland ......... - Fannett-Metal - - 14 Washington Twp. - - Fannett-Metal - - 1 7 Greencastle ....... - Fannett-Metal , - 8 Buchanan - - - - Fannett-Metal - - 1 1 Quincy .... - Fannett-Metal , 6 Waynesboro - - Fannett-Metal - - - 7 St. Thomas - - - 126 Catcher - - - jack Campbell 1st Base -- - 2 nd Base .... .... L yle Adams 3rd Base .... Outlielders Left Field ..... Center Field --- Right Field --- -- 0 -- 0 -- 6 -- 0 -.. 7 -- -- 15 ---- -- 6 -- 3 -.. 0 -- 1 -- 4 -- 2 -- 0 -- 0 44 George Taylor Dick Campbell jesse Middaugh ------------------------------------ Jim Brown - - ---- Jim Rosenberry, Wayne Harry, Bill Shearer Page 34 Softball Front Row: Grace Bock, Nancy McAllen, Betty Lou Piper, Beverly Gallagher, Lillian Piper. Second Row: Hannah Felmlee, janet Seibert, Shirley Neil, Mary' Ann Park, Marcia Varner. Back Row: Mr. Blackburn, Patsy Murray, Grace Bryan, Marlene Parson, Helen Hockenberry, Beatrice Stewart, Vivian Harry. The Girls' Softball team enjoyed a very successful spring season, winning three out of four games. Joining with Fannett Twp., we accomplished much as one unit. Infielders Nancy McAllen, Hannah Felmlee ..... -- 1B Jean Peterson, Jean French ............ -- LS Rose Umbrell, Patsy Murray .............. -- 2B Delores Hockenberry, Beverly Gallagher --- -- RS Patsy Smith, Vivian Harry ......,....... -- 3B Outfielders joan Geyer, Mary Ann Park ............. - RF Ann Crider, Shirley Long .......... - CF Mary Morton, Janet Seibert ........... -- LF Substitutes Marlene Parsons Marcia Varner Shirley Neil Helen Hockenberry Beatrice Stewart Pitchers Grace Bock Betty Lou Piper Scorekeeper --- --- --- --, Elsie Cornelius Fannett-Metal --- -- 14 Quincy ------ 5 Fannett-Metal --- -- 12 Quincy ..... ---- 8 Fannett-Metal --- 5 Houstontown --- -- 2 Fannett-Metal --- 6 Houstontown --- -- 14 57 29 Page 35 Cheerleaders Marcia Varner, Darlene Umbrell, Marlene Umbrell, Peggy Campbell, Rosalie Collins. The Fannett-Metal joint Cheerleaders of 195311954 accompanied the soccer team to two games during the season. In the future the Cheerleaders would like to purchase red and white uniforms. During the fall of 1955, the Cheerleaders held two pep sessions, which were attended by the entire school. These pep meetings gave everyone a chance to yell to their hearts' content in study hall. Our pep sessions have proved very successful. They gave the team lots of enthusiasm just before going on the field. Library Club Sitting: Darlene Jones, Joan Mortg Shirley Long, Linda Burd, jane Crider, janet Piper, Hannah Felmlee. Standing: Anna jane Campbell, Eva Miller, Joyce Campbell, Jane Crouse, Patsy Garner, Lorraine Simpson, Patsy Murray, Grace Bryan, Helen Hockenberry, Marlene Parson. Page 36 F. F. A. Front Row: Dick Shoemaker, John Long, Norman Locke, Sam Crider, Luther johnson, Donnie Hockenberry, Donald Coons, David Junkin, Robert Rosenberry. Second Row: Robert O'Donne1l, Bill Geyer, Gray Hockenberry, Raymond Burdge, Harold johnson, Harold Goshorn, Mr. Blackburn. Third Row: Bill Hogan, jim Park, Willis johnson, Harold Taylor, Clair Zeigler. Back Row: Ronnie Neil, Paul Carlin, Ed Rosenberry, Robert Bricker, Joe Jones, Fred Wilhelm, Lynn McCurdy, Paul Walls, Mac McGee. Oflicers of the F. F. A. for the school year of 1953-54 are as follows: President ................................. Harold johnson Vice-President --- ...... Fred Wilhelm Secretary ...... --- Robert Rosenberry Treasurer -- .... Harold Goshorn Reporter ..... --- Matthew McAllen Watch Dog ................................ Robert Bricker There are 20 members in the group. Their work consists of handicraft in the shop and judging cattle. We have meetings twice monthly. Fred Wilhelm and Harold johnson attended the convention last summer at Har- risburg, Pennsylvania. The entire group attended the Pennsylvania Farm Show to see new develop- ments in farm machinery and the prize animals. Jim Park was a member of the State F. F. A. Band. Page 37 Driver Education Front Row Nancv McAllen Mrs Shoop Rose Umbrell Rosalie Collrns Arlene Campbell Marllou Howard Grace Bock Ann Crxder Peggy Campbell Lyle Adams Fred Wilhelm Robert Rosenberry Joe Burd Clair Zelgler Shlrley Nell janet Plper Back Row Raymond Harrv Wayne Harry Robert Plper Mary Ann Park Betty Klmg Mary: Jane Felmlee Mary Morton Wrlma Leatherman Betty Lou Prper Betty Traxler Llllran Plperg Jesse Mxddaugh Wayne Campbell Glenn Campbell jrm Brown Galen Book Joe jones George In the Car Shlrley Smrth Drrver Educatlon was added to the school currxculum 1n September 1953 Since the course has been provlded, many enthusrastlc students have been enrolled The first semester all senrors were requlred to take lt However, several lumors and sopho mores who were just turnmg 16, were g1ven the prrvtlege Through the courtesy of Shrvely Motors, Chambersburg, a Dodge was furnlshed for the Driver Education course The best way to become a competent drrver 1S to develop self control, correct ln formatlon, hrgh qualxty skrlls, and good soclal attrtudes from the start We appreclate the fact that our Board of Dlrectors realrzed th1s and provnded the puprls w1th the opportumty of takmg Drrver Educatlon Page 38 0 0 I ' Z . .1 - . 1 s l . J . 1' 3 I ' l 1 I l Y . Q l 3 3 I 5 . Y ' . : . 5 . S A 5 . 9 , l 7 I . . 9 7 7 I 9 S 5 J 3 7 I 3 jarrell, Patsy Garner, Lorraine Simpson. . Tri-Hi-Y Front Row: Betty Kling, Shirley Keadle, Dolores Briggs, Lillian Piper, Virginia Luckett, Marcia Varner, Rosalie Collins. Second Row: Mrs. Yocum, Arlene Campbell, Nancy Gerlach, jane Stewart, Diane Parker, Joyce Campbell, Grace Bryan, Lula O'Donnell, Miss Reimensnyder. Third Row: Linda Burd, joan Mort, Helen McClure, Vivian Harry, Hannah Felmlee, janet Piper, Helen Hockenberry, Marlene Parsons. Fourth Row: Patsy Murray, Shirley Kling, Peggy Campbell, Audrey Simpson, Beatrice Stewart, Shirley Neil, Lois Nimmon, Betty Lou Piper. Last Row: Anna jane Campbell, Mary jane Felmlee, Mary Morton, Beverly Gallagher. Page 39 Senior Chemistry Lab Wayne Campbell George jarrell B111 Book Fd Rosenberry Bob Piper Lyle Adams joe Burd Mary Ann Park Wxlma Leathe man T ping II Front Row Bob Piper Rosalle Collms Second Row jesse Mlddaugh Arlene Campbell Mary jane Felmlee Back Row Glenn Campbell Galen Book Wayne Harry Betty Kllng Page 40 0 1 x s ' y s 1 r . , - . 0 : , . ' : s a ' Z a : 9 ' 1 pq my inth Grade Seated: Doris Campbell, Robert O'Donnell, Phyllis Hockenberry, Mac McGee, Wanda Simp- son, john Long, Virginia Goshorn, Donald Hockenberry, Caroline Simple, Norman Locke. Middle Row: Mr. Troy, Agnes Fleagle, Paul Carlin, Kay Carlin, Bill Hogan, Martha Wineman, Harold Taylor, Doris Allen, Ronnie Neil, Fay Hockenberry, Shirley Miller, Rosie Adams. Back Row: joyce Neil, Elinore Gipe, Sam Crider, Kay Campbell, Bill Geyer, julia Hammond, Homer johnson, Gladys Rowles, james Park, Louise Yocum, june Rowles, Edwin Rosenberry. Eighth Grade Kneeling, Front Row: Phillip Hammond, Ronald Parmer, Garry Rowles, Larry Shearer, Harold lGoshorn, Edward Seibert, Ralph Crouse, Edward Miller, james Woods. Seated, Second Row: john Stewart, Phyllis Dague, Charles Luckett, Geneva Boggs, Russell Igliley, Rachel junkin, George Hampton, Loretta johnson, Donald Ile, Joann Greene, Arthur rpe. Standing, Third Row: Rachel McLaughlin, Nancy Johnson, Janet Rosenberry, Mary Book, Connie McGown, Carol jean McClure, Rosetta Naugle, Barbara McAllen, Louise Lynn, Vonnie Piper, Martha Traxler, Patsy Neil, Martha Fleming, Vonnie Hockenberry. Standing, Last Row: Bill Fleming, Mary junkin, Owen St. Clair, Beverly McGee, Robert Thomas, Patricia Hammond, Richard Miller, Dorcas Thompson, Alex Shearer, Joan McAllen, jack Neil, Sara Mae Kling, Mr. Lloyd. Page 42 Seventh Grade Kneeling, Front Row: George Guyer, Donald Seibert, Larry MdGee, Samuel Neil, Donald Miller, john Walker, Richard Woods. Seated, Second Row: William Gallagher, Carl Florie, Norman Curfman, Harry Runk, Connie Arnold, Mary Crouse, Bonnie Groce, Kay Baker, Vonnie Arnold, Lula Belle Gipe, Ruth Henry. Standing, Third Row: Miss Skinner, Shirley Seibert, jerry Campbell, joe Allen, Marvin Adams, jay Lehman, Patsy Miller, Calvin Piper, Miriam Diller, Raymond Shoemaker, Kenneth Yeatter, Ray O'Donnell, Mr. Baker. Standing, Fourth Row: Norma Campbell, Betty Guyer, Barbara Gamble, Beverly Umbrell, Margaret Umbrell, Patricia johnson, Dorothy Hampton, Donna Goshorn, Joann Locke, Nancy Coons, Betty Hockenberry, May O'Donnell. Bonnie Rosenberry, Mary Devinney. Junior High tudent Council Seated: Julia Hammond, Dorcas Thompson, Ed Rosenberry, Louise Locum, Richard Miller. Standing: Philip Hammond, Mr. Baker, Sam Crider, Connie Arnold, john Walker. Ninth Grade Eighth Grade Ed Rosenberry Phillip Hammond Sam Crider Richard Miller Louise Yocum Dorcas Thompson Julia Hammond Seventh Grade john Walker Connie Arnold Page 43 F. H. . Sitting, Front Row: Shirley Miller, Fay Hockenberry, Phyllis Hockenberry, Virginia Goshorn. Sitting, Back Row: Caroline Simple, Joyce Neil, Louise Yocum, Wanda Simpson, Rose Adams, Doris Campbell, Kay Carlin, Agnes Fleagle. Back Row, Standing: Elinore Gipe, julia Hammond, Gladys Rowles, Mary june Rowles, Kay Campbell, Doris Allen, Martha Wineman, Mrs. Kochenour. The junior F. H. A. is an entirely new organization in this school district. It is the first junior chapter in Franklin County. We are affiliated with both the state and national organizations. The 65 members are drawn from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade Homemaking Classes. The oiiicers are: President ...... --- Martha Wineman Vice-President --- --- Wanda Simpson Secretary .... .... P atricia Hammond Treasurer -- ..... Phyllis Hockenberry Adviser ............................ Patricia B. Kochenour ' Since this is a new organization to all of its members, the girls have been spending most of their meeting time in becoming better acquainted with the pur- poses and ideals of F. H. A. The motto is: "Toward New Horizons." Page 44 Junior Band Seated, Left to Right: Marvin Adams, Wanda Simpson, Alex Shearer, Joan McAllen, .George Guyer, Patricia Hammond, John Walker, Dorcas Thompson, Philip Hammond, Virginia Gos- horn. Standing, Left to Right: Rosetta Naugle, Carol Ann McClure, Vonnie Arnold, Donna Goshorn, Ruth Henry, Nancy Coons, Mary Crouse, Connie Arnold, Kay Baker, Patricia Johnson, Vonnie Piper, Mrs. Lloyd. The junior Band, formed during the 1951-1952 school year, received many additional members this year from the new Fannett-Metal Junior High School. The Junior Band holds its weekly rehearsals at the Junior High School in preparation for one of the concerts presented during the school year by the Music Department of the Fannett-Metal Joint School District. Safety Patrol Front Row: jim Park, Joyce Neil. Second Row: Bill Geyer, Sam Crider, Elinore Gipe, Norman Locke, Rose Adams. Back Row: Wanda Simpson, Kay Carlin, Bill Hogan, Martha Wineman, Agnes Fleagle, john Long. This year the Safety Patrol is in operation only in the Junior High School at Fannettsburg. There are 12 members, all from the ninth grade. They are on duty at lunch time and in the evening. The captain is jim Park and the lieutenant is Joyce Neil. The patrol is provided with badges and shoulder straps by the A.A.A., which in the past has also furnished us with an outing in the Spring. Frequently the group is taken on an education tour through Letterkenny Ordnance Depot. We hope they continue the custom this year. Page 45 mgm fiff fx Baby Pix Page 47 Senior Snaps Junior and Sophomore Snaps Page 49 baud 'SQ NUEWZ was 5-Him :Nm madgw Ea REOP. 3252 on 3-ADEQ gmmpm SOM :E HO Bum 02934 -E20 VE! EWG Ea 3502 Sew -:Pen Em. gsm SNEHOZ DEN-MH :UW asm BAA MENU-hm EOF bam NCES? ,EQ gag-w Em 05934 50:32 SCO! DOH EHS? FAHHQDWD miami 023350: EEUUWED HVUEUUFED Ugg-U02 Beam Uwo--OU iwgbww :Baum Umaggom 2: req gammwuv UEESU 53803 -SEUSH age EEE: -P .YH were-W HBE! E-SSN M5302 mags: ME:-Em Ummsz 5 -'H EEEUEU 9 MECUEA 3152 w-S32 32 wigs? 3152 3155 9 w-HOU get .W .D MSE-E EEZ U3-HOU wind-WOR:-E -0192 MVOEUQHED 3162 355902 Q68 OH wen-ami wixksvp wing-W igggw .P H 3-EZ Ib .YH Um!-Ou megan -VOEUQFED MEQUBW 023356: EEOQ wana!! Exams -SEE-82 gas MER?-Q new EEO? wg-I-CDM HOHEUQO UGO-KEBUH 31,02 N?-Nz lb .H Eggs:-D mais? EEUUHED was-m 5-MOM ag-Ov wigmzm ZOHIEMHEQ mzalmda mismobqm V-EB -Gaim beam 8-'sum' -Swim mg-tab 3553: 22-USF U-mga 0-:ow 85cm 'Bdsm 23:35 Lgaaw Beam NQEEMEQ saga 1UU2,oa,H 5509, W-:U asv-HODNW 2553: Seem OU!-Dum Hom-Bm 335250 582 -we QUHEEQD Sgzm 821 :NEW Icom 8-Bmw Swim Seem QHEUSH w-it Nh-:Nm 332 WWVHSQQ N X xl! lx 1 1 xl!!! F6332 ME?-A EMU get zoos mwah wv-Ummm -Hmw EEUU 4 UMW-JE Hamm 3162 Exam Exam m-Hmm Eagan mga Q-JE :Quiz EU UEHE was :Q H5 OH :Naam 8: HOOESO 3152 Shaw 9-com was-Nm whom gi-ww 38 1 avec? 85 OEM! im EE 95 IES: wing KEN megs: mu-:am mcomm mwvzwm W :mm m M E-ME-S? USM! :an-ED Dmoz no-MASH asm agar-m Eau!! Rcgggmom awww 'SAE :MESH v-:E -:JN id: C232 DN: am-5622 33-I 5-262 RUEWZ bug!! ESQ :N-:HUF-NMDA we-M bum SCO! UO!- :Qai 03009 2630: 50-ENE Eg: Ugg? bg: HEOENA-Wm 025-Um Nag. EEZ 'SEMO E24 :MXEENU Ugg? :UAAENU E5-U :Qaeda EU-:N Elm UOF- EPOHQ gag. we-Him GENE JOOMH EE-E5 MOON! C369 iam 3-EU maxim 0-NS WEQZ Page 50 ki CT? 7 'P , , X " A 'N 6 X5 XX E E W 5653 ., XX X X. fs?-401, O! , yt X -' 3 E avi! 1 u M Q 5.11.5 k P g 51 Gur Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Miles Adams J. L. Agett john Baker Harry Bock Roy Bricker Janice Bricker Caroline Bricker The Rev. and Mrs. Boyd S. Burd Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eugene Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. Ray Mr. Mr. Roy and Mrs. F. H. Campbell Carlin, 2nd. grade Ray Chamberlin Christian L. Curry Richard Doyle William Elliot Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. L. Eyster and Mrs. Glen Felmlee and Mrs. Donald Flood S. Gamber I Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Groce Milo V. Harry Mr. and Mrs. Earl Horsley Mr. and Mrs. E. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Arthur james The Rev. and Mrs. J. T. jarrell Junior Class of 1955 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Kling Mr. and Mrs. W. Lloyd Mrs. Donald M. McAllen johnny Miller Neil's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Park Blanche B.. Parson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pepley Russell Portrait Studio Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shearer Mr. and Mrs. Roland Shoemaker Sophomore Class of 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wineman Mr. David Umbrell Willard Workman Page 52 ia: iuiaioioioioioiaioioioio BINKLEY BROS., INC. Dry Run, Pennsylvania Agricultural Pulverized Limestone Bagged, Bulk or Spread Crushed Stones of All Grades Compliments of SAMU EL W. WORLEY "Insurance" 52 Glen Street Chambersburg, Penna. Phone 1731-R qiuioinioioioirlioioioioiod 010 Page 53 BRENER'S Furniture ' Floor Covering 0 Stoves Chambersburg, Pa. Waynesboro, Pa. Shippensburg, Pa. Martinsburg, W. Va. Happy Cooking Gas Service JOHN A. FRANKLIN 85-87 West King Street Shippensburg, Pa. It's Metered For Your Protection Telephone 640 BLUE MT. ROLLER RINK and RESTAURANT Compliments of F L O O D ' S R CLOVER FARM STORE oxbury, Perma. Eni9Y U Nife out Fannettsburg, Pa. With Your Friends Phone 15-R- 1 3 ini 10102 1 1 Z 201 ininininioiniai Z ind-ni Inininininini Page 54 FAHRNEY STUDIO and PHOTO CENTER 62 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 1437 Fascinating Portraits Camera, Film Movie Cameras Projectors View-Master Picture Reels CHAMBERSBURG MOTOR CLUB 230 Lincoln Way East Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 1106 Join over 4,000,000 A A A members who have Advantages Privileges Protection As They Drive KLINE'S GROCERY "You'll find low price bargains galore At KIine's Grocery Store." Dry Run Pa. Phone: Dry Run 15-R-11 Page 55 liaioioiaiaiuioiniubaiuioio Compliments of 19141201 inibihihidinilliuidihl of l THE C. R. McCUNE Lumber - Millwork - Builder's Supplies MERCERSBURG "Your Home Town Dealer" Shippensburg, Pa. OHice Phone 71-J MYERS and TRITLE PENN APPLIANCE C Frigidaire Sales Your Family Department Store Gnd 5efViCe Mercersburg, Pa. Obaioioiaiuioioioioioioiaioioioioio Page 56 Mercersburg, Pa. Phone: Mercersburg 184 301010101 oioi0ioi Compliments of ALEXANDER'S I. G. A. SUPER MARKET "Low Prices Every Day" Phone Dry Run, Pa. : Dry Run 14-R-2 FORT LOUDON STATE BANK Fort Loudon, Pa. We Invite You To Do Your Banking With Us All Deposits Insured Up to 510,000 iuinioioi 1 1:11:11 1niu1oiui01n1o Page 57 Compliments of THE CAPITOL and ROSEDALE THEATERS Chambersburg, Pa. ini inincninininioininioi TYPEWRITER L' R' KREMER AGENCY Sales - Service - Rentals General Insurance office supplies 57 Lincoln Way West 5 North Second St. Chambersburg, Pa- Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 3 145'R Phone 101 L Office Machines and Furniture Our Specialty Jon-IN z. MARTIN, Jeweler C0mP1imemS of 126 S. Main Street Chambersburg, Pa. Farmers 81 Merchants Trust Co We Service Every Item We Sell of Chambersburg' Pa' n1n1n:o1n1r3n1r1 ini:113u1o1lx3u1ir1n1n1ni4C111103111111 19103 Page 58 1 101:11 ini 1 1030302 1 ioininiuiui :trivial 10101 inini 101 iuininini 101011115103 luininioiniuiui 3 101010102 Z JOHN S. HEBERLIG Dealer in Farm Implements and Supplies North Seneca Street Shippensburg, Pa. Compliments J. FRANK PUGH of Farm and Home Supplies V l E N N E R ' S Allis-Chalmers ' General Electric DEpARTMENT STQRE Shippensburg, Pa. Phone 660-W 445 East King sf. 5hiPPenSbufS Pa. Page 59 ilihoioioinioi in-ioioiuinioi Zoinioioioioioiod KIRSSlN'S KUHN'S STUDIO for Clothing Portraits, Cameras, Gifts Shoes Shippensburg, Pa. Sporting Goods 32 E. King St. Shippensburg, Pa. J. P. ROSSI NATION-WIDE CHARTER Wholesale and Retail BUS SERVICE Fruit and Vegetables Imported and Domestic Groceries , POTOMAC MOTOR LINES, INC. Bananas and Peanuts a Specialty Phone 129 Hagerstown, Md. 62 Main Sf. Phgne 5634 Chambersburg, Pa. Page 50 io Doi Compliments For The Best in Mens' Wear of WEAVER 81 GATES VALLEY BAKING COMPANY Sh' b , P . Shippensburg, Pa. lppens mug a The National Bank of Chambersburg "THE OLD NATIONAL" Founded 1809 Second Oldest Bank in Pennsylvania Thirty-first Oldest Bank in U. S. Page 61 GALE DIEHL Sporting Goods Store 12 West King Street Chambersburg, Pa. Spalding, Wilson, MacGregor CHAMBERSBURG IMPLEMENT CO. 449 Lincoln Way East McCormick-Deering Farm Machines Tractors and Refrigerators Hardware and General Electric Supplies Ford Tractors and D. H. WEBSTER, JR. Dearborn Farm Equipment Genuine Parts Telephone: 1583 CHAMBERSBU RG FORD CO. TRACTOR DEPARTMENT Wholesale Confectioner 168 E. North St. Carlisle, Pa. niniuinini ininiuiui iuiiliilioininiuinilli 1111121 1 1 1 111101 Page 62 ioxeiainx zoxuzoionniuzaxo Compliments of TOBEY'S McCORMICK'S BARBER SHOP Fannettsburg, Pa. Open: Evenings 6 to 8:30 Saturdays 8 a. m, to 7 p. m. Closed Thursdays Famous Fashions 65 S. Main St. Chambersburg, Pa Compliments of DRY RUN HOTEL Dry Run, Pa. MRS. M. K. MILLER Dealer in General Merchandise Texaco Gas and Oil Willow Hill, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 15-R-15 Page 63 GOODHART'S SHOE STORE 51 East King Street Shippensburg, Pa. Read THE NEWS CHRONICLE o A community newspaper that consistently carries News of and by the Folks of Path and Amberson Valley 6-8-10 North Penn Street Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Phones 81-82 Compliments of THE CHAMBERSBURG TRUST CO. Chambersburg, Pa. GLENN C. ROSENBERRY Hard and Soft Wood Lumber and Pulp Wood Fannettsburg, Pav. Phone: Dry Run 15-R-16 Page 64 WAYNE F. CRAIG Dealer in Livestock Shippensburg, Star Route Phone 507-R-2 W. F. CORNELIUS Pool Room Fannettsburg, Pa. Candy, Ice Cream, Tobacco Soft Drinks, Cakes, Pies Open: 8 A. M. to 12 P. M. Phone: Dry Run 16-R-25 Compliments of O. R. PARK Agent New York Life Insurance Co Fannettsburg, Penna. ioioioioinioioibioinioiuinitlioitlioioioirini Page 65 ic oi Compliments Patronize Your Own of C. V. COOPERATIVE ASS N TH E VALLEY NATIONAL Old Reliable Feeds and Fertilizers BANK OF CHAMBERSBURG Chambersburg P Shippensburg Pa ROTH S FURNITURE STORE 51 East Kmg Street Sh1ppensburg P Fine Furniture and Rugs Frrgrdarre Refrigerators Electric Ranges Deep Freezers Washers Water Heaters Page 66 HARMON S FURNITURE STORE Reliable Since l906 Chambersburg Pa I , . , 3. - . I ' I 9 9 a' -1.1 . . . . . s -.1 s , . maintain: 1 in:nic1:11:11nxozuxnxoguxarnxnioaoinioxnioioioioioif Compliments G. E. RHINEHART 81 SONS of KING BOILER 81 FURNACE CO. Manufacturers of Heating Equipment Shade Gap, Penna. 33 West King Street Shippensburg, Pa. T elephone' 322 Hotpoint Appliances E. and Hallicrafters T McCLEARY BROS. Studebaker Dealers Automobile Accessories, Etc. 15 - 17 West King Street Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 659 STANLEY STECK Willow Hill, Pa. Dealer in Pulverized Lime - Crushed Stone Zaioilioioioinioiulboininioinininini iniodniniuioibibibi Page 67 1 1 1 1 14:1 ioioinloioi Compliments of ORRSTOWN BANK The Bank of Service Orrstown, Pa. ' Page 68 010101010101 R. B. MILLER Compliments John Deere - New Holland Soles and Service Shippensburg, Pa. of BOGAR LUMBER CO. Shippensbung Penna. Compliments FlSl'lER'S FLOWERS Shippensburg, Pa. TOWN STATIONERY SHOP 55 East King Street Shippensburg, Pa. School and Office Supplies Page 69 Compliments of JOHN H. WENGER Insurance and Bonding 25 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. Compliments of ioioqb McALLEN'S RESTAURANT Fannettsburg, Pa. Good Eats All The Time BRUCE and LOIS HENRY General Merchandise Doylesburg, Pennsylvania Page 70 Compliments of H. 81 H. CHEVROLET Shippensburg, Pa. ininililinioioilbinlninluibllo TOWNE CLEANERS CRESSLER'S FRUIT MARKET . 209 West King St. Shippensburg, Pa. 3-Hour Service O WHOLESALE - RETAIL Phone 77 30 N. Fayette St. Shippensburg, Pa. Compliments of THE PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK OF SHIPPENSBURG Every Service Consistent with Good Banking The Bank with the Drive-In Window Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporati 0301030101 if-10101 Z ininiuinicioioi Znindcinibinicidibili Page 71 ioboinioioi lnioinioicdlniuiniuinioioialii Compliments PEGGY SHIPPEN CARD f 0 and GIFT SHOPPE CROWNOVERS' CLOTHING 44 W Ki S. Shippensburg est ng t Shippensburg, Pa. Penna. Congratulations Compliments to The Class of 1954 of ED NAUGLE P. A. VAN ALLMAN Druggist Your Dodge- Plymouth Dealer Shippensburg Phone 312 Page 72 Shippensburg, Pa. Compliments of FRANK B. HARTZOK Bulova - Hamilton - Elgin IRA A. LONG, Jeweler Insurance - Real Estate - Bonding 44 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. 135 South Main Street Chambersburg, Penna. Diamonds - Jewelry AIRSTEP ROBLEE Shoes for Women Shoes for Men BUSTER BROWN Shoes for Boys - Girls FRAVER'S SHOE STORE 127 South Main Street Chambersburg, Pa. EYSTER'S Yard Goods and Notions Rosedale Building Chambersburg, Pa. Page 73 oiM. 10101 iaialiaioioioinioloioii . Comphments of D E N T L E R S KELVINATOR Sales and Service 235 E Kmg Street Shxppensburg P Congratulations Graduates of 54 TOWNE SHOPPE INC. 49 IN. King Street Slnppensburg P GOODHART 81 RICHARDSON Comphments of Floor and Wall Tlle Contractors 63 W West St BU RKHART S RESTAURANT Phone 1502 Shlppensburg Pa Sh1PPen5burg Free Estimates Perma Page 74 9 D I I 'V T' , a. . U- , a. . . I . . , . , . . Dbiliilii l0Qflll'l1Dll'li illll1ll1BQllQOQ0ilIlBi0lUZllQllQD10il'lll1DQ01DD Compliments of CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 24 West Garfield St. Shippensburg, Pa. Phone 557 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Shippensburg Shippensburg, Pa. Every Service Consistent with Good Banking Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 75 AMBROSE JEWELERS 61 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. Glassware Elgin Watches Fine Jewelry 1o1n1oia1aia1aio VALLEY AUTO CO., INC Prompt and ' Courteous Service ,, Buick Sales and Service Lincoln Way East Chambersburg, Pa. Telephone 249 THE BOYS' SHOP Clothing and Furnishings Regular and Chubby Sizes 3 to 20 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. ROYAL JEWELERS 31 South Main St. Chambersburg, Pa. Nationally Advertised Watches Jewelry Silverware Diamonds "Use Your Credit" Page 76 Compliments of BENDlsR's DRY Gooos and NOTIONS Dry Run, Pa. COLLINS AND SON GARAGE Gas - Oil Batteries 24-Hour Towing Service Cars Bought and Sold General Repairs Fannettsburg, Pa. NORMAN D. CLARK "Oliver and New Holland Farm Machinery" Honey Grove, Pa. J. A. HARGLEROAD 81 CO Wholesale and Retail Dealers Meats and Meat Products Frozen Foods Shippensburg, Pa. Phone 215 Page 77 1K Compliments ALPI N E TH EATER of Orbisonia, Pa. DRY RUN POOL ROOM Prop. G. A. GAL'-AGHER The BGSI' in H16 vdlley Compliments Compliments of of DRY RUN BARBER SHOP Prop. PAUL E. HOCKENBERRY A poinioiuinioioini 10111inininioiniuioioinind-Bimini iuinini Page 78 ioioioioiuioiaiuivboioiaioioi inininisiuiaiaioioiniojoio ioinininioioioioiuioinioioioioiaioiniocoioinininioioi Education prepares one for future responsibilities and learning to save money regularly through a savings account prepares one for future necessities. THE PATH VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF DRY RUN "Be Thrifty and Be Happy" Being at Your Service ls Our Business Page 79 BYER BROS., Florists Groceries - Meats - Produce Opposite P. R. R. Station Chambersbnrg, Pa. -WHOLESALE and RETAIL- CARL'S MARKET Flowers for All Occasions non the Square" Chambersburg, Pa. ws TELEGRAPH FLOWERS ANYWHERE 'phone 369 R O 5 S Everything Photographic GENERAL TIRE SERVICE, INC POWELL'S PHOTO SHOP 130 Lincoln Way East Chambersburg, Pa. 110-112 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 1990 Page 80 4 M, -. vw .2-. ,Nr N L- A an .4 1- ml, WD fi' 1 if 1: :L 'Al gps -hi 'QE 1- M 51 v 'lw ve 1-, Ig r -r XL

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