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lv' R ,V ,A 5 - JW, SE? 14 ..4, '.i f .N ,, T.. 15:31-rl ,, .,,.w 5 44, ,W w .a W, .V 12 X .: X. ni ,, .I l FE I' ffl' A ' , , fs, A . Z ,, Y I 53 ,, . ,. A. . .11 , , .g,, . 3 ' ' A 1. . , A, .W f -, yi V 1 51 , 'Q X f . N gy Q ,, kin QI' 2 Y., , 1g A , , Vx., ' A 'fs ,Mi , .-. . H"f34?1'h. ,. M , ,, X' 4 1111: , ., 1.f:41 X" gs' 4.1 I. - -'Ip X, , ' - 1' ' Lp, -xyjg k . X, . . ,,, , V,,,,A... ,v W ,V gf . A - ,,., 3 2 i 1 1 2 1, 5 i 5 a 1 . i 4 ,. in 5 5 3 5 5 1 ki N W sg' L Q: K 3 i Q U a 5 fl S 1 Q 4! i s 1: S 4 13 3 x 3 ii 1 a 'a , 2 E X THE TUSCARCDRA I9 I Table of Contents Dedication ..... -- Board of Directors -- Faculty ...... -- S . eniors ........ -- Underclassmen -- -- Activities .... , , Snapshots .... --- - - Alumni ..........,.. - - Wh0's Who ........... ,- Senior Class History .... -- Farewell ...... ...... - , Patrons ............. -- Advertisements ........ - - Who's Who and Key .... -- Published by the Senior Class of I95l Metal Township High School Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania TIIE S PRESS Xs 71 ,55,oA4fff2fJA,r1v W Q Mfzwfj 'W WMI 4,421 ,fzw4,QQ,5,J4Jv24f ,,.m....,,,,Z',g-L..,.." a.- -J G--.---.1 A-4-r 32,22 ,axQ uAQfjffwAwJAp ,zuw MMQUMJA Mm ff. ,,f4,,4z:.,A,4..1:.,445,,.f4.,,,.f,,,..j4 4.Jl..z474,,,,,6,,ff,,,4fj"g',1g, If Qt., jf School Board Harry Glass President Harry Geyer Vice-President john St. Clair Secretary William Curfman jacob Winreman Treasurer Page 4 E. E. Blackburn, B.S., A.M Pennsylvania State College Supervising Principal . "I believe in boys and girls, the men and women of a great tomorrow, that whatsoever the youth soweth, age shall reap. I believe in the curse of ignorance, in the efhcacy of schools, in the dignity of teaching, and in the joy of serving another. I believe in wisdom as revealed in human lives as well as in the pages of the printed book, in lessons taught not so much by precept as by example, in ability to work with the hands as well as to think with the head, in everything that makes life large and lovely. I believe in beauty in the schoolroom, in the daily life and out-of-doors. I believe in laughing, in all ideals and distant hopes that lure us on. I believe that every hour of every day we receive a just reward for all we do. I believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, and in the divine joy of living." The above expressed philosophy expresses fully the desires of a life which is well disciplined, lived courageously, without fear of consequences and fully confi- dent of attainment. Education for the common good does not mean incompetent individuals. It means competent individuals dedicated to the welfare not of self alone but of all. We cherish for the students under our supervision the expressed philosophy and hope, in the attainment they may realize. To the Class of 1951, sponsors of this yearbook, we express our fervent desire for your continued success in your varied pursuits. Page 5 Facult Mrs. Kathleen Yocum, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Home Economics, Social Studies Robert W. Kochenour, B.S. Mrs. Kathleen Shoop, A.B Bucknell University English, French Shippensburg State Teachers College Science, Mathematics Mrs. Vena Jones, B.S., M.S. Mrs. Elizabeth North, R.N Juniata Cnllege Chester County Hospital Music School Nurse Page 6 U ffpfjf 47, ,f""" -14" L ,f""" I ff" if fifv U 'Y 'S 4f',',..r 1,51 T i fl' 1' Adv' J I - .f" ,,,,.. af" av P 7 i Doroth Flea le Y 8 Mixed Chorus lg Band 1, 2, 3, 45 F. H. A. 2, D oesn't like school. O rdinarily busy helping someone. T alkative. Lynn Adams Baseball 1, 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, Dramatics 2 3 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 4g Science Club 25 Student Council 3, 4g Newspaper 1, 2. L earning comes easily. Y earns tor a life of ease. N ice looking, with black, wavy hair N ever worries. 3, 4. 7-'J o :z N D1 :L if I1 fb . ae N D n. CD P1 yum A GJ Ugg EW QAU' wal UI D-I 'O 5'1" Oo Elggv gm '1 '8' P-I r' A A-. N.. mg' SN' R -A712 .. ,- m?' 2. N sf' U4 Sy' Owl? Elm. W LTU, N'-QB HND- B um:- gs. QJZI' 0 Brow ZO7-1 m,..Z Council 3, 4. Page 8 eally a good ball player. rderly and neat. ights out are frequent. ice looking. nterested in Roxbury. arnest worker. Mabel Hammond Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 43 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4g Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4g Science Club 23 Music League 2. M iticulous. A ctive in sports. ooks don't worry her. E asy going. L B ikes to play hooky from school. Mary Price Softball l, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g F. H. A. 2, 3, 43 Science Club 23 Trio 2, 3, 43 Music League Z. M erry all the time. A lways out for a lot of fun. R eally doesn't take books seriously. Y en for Business College. john Glass Baseball 3, 43 Soccer 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4g F. F. A. Representative at State College 33 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4g Science Club 23 Student Council 3, 4g Newspaper 1, 2. J olly and gay. ' A ble to handle a Ford quite well. C areful of his appearance. K ind - always ready to help. Page 9 Howard Shearer ' F. F. A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Science Club 23 Class Officer 3 Juanita Wagaman F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Forensics 2, 3g Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 25 Student Council 3, 44 Librarian 2, 3. 4. 'Jw-Iv-ZbC1u. ocund. sually studying. ble to think for herself. ice to know. nterested in nursing. akes school seriously. lways drives a Ford to school. ver ready for some tun. right shirts are his speciality. ven likes to annoy teachers! eadin, 'writteng and 'rithametic Don't worry him at all. CLASS MOTTO: He conquers who conquers himself. CLASS COLORS: Maroon and white. CLASS FLOWER: Rose. CLASS THEME: Freedom of the press. Page IO 1 viii, 'S 4 S ffl 1 , -f HW Q' x ....... ' i WN E Page 1 1 RS!5!.QQ3kM Junior Class Back row, left to right: Sherman St. Clair, Donald McAllen, Paul Shearer, jack Umbrell, Floyd Baker, Mrs. Shoop. First row: Shirley Woods, Nancy Mutersbaugh, Josephine Keadle, Sylvia Rosenberry. In September, 1950, the class of "SZ" entered the upper room of our high school. We were Juniors! Here we acquired the idea of growing up. We became more mercenary than ever, and began to serve lunches at noon. We also sold Christmas cards. Two of our girls entered into Girls' Chorus and five of our class were accepted as members of the Mixed Chorus. Sylvia Rosenberry, Floyd Baker, and Josephine Keadle were in the band. Sylvia and Josephine, along with Mary Price, joined to form a trio called, "The Three Notes." Josephine was selected to attend P. M. E. A. Chorus held in Columbia in January, 1951. Our class is not too cooperative now, but we hope to do better for the remainder of this year and our senior year. Perhaps this is due to a feeling of shy- ness and inferiority to the Seniors. Our newly elected officers are: President ......e..,.. -- Shirley Woods Vice-President --- .,..,, Floyd Baker Secretary 1...... 1,,,,., P aul Shearer Treasurer .... --- Sylvia Rosenberry Historian --- --- Josephine Keadle Class Historian, Josephine Keadle Page 12 1 QS-z. Q C? 'KP B' 4 gr. - X QQ , ,E L Nu 1 . -'W 5 wi ' ' Sophomore Class Back row, left to right.: Donald Wagaman, Tom Mort. Second row: Mrs. Yocum, Karl Thompson, joe Crider, Donald Schooley. First row: Carrie Ludwig, Elsie Cornelius, Patsy Smith, Peggy Gipe. In September, 1949, our class of fourteen members entered high school as freshmen. This year, we have only twelve members. Three members were in the band last year. They were joan Geyer, Karl Thompson, and joe Crider. This year, Karl and joe are our band representatives. joan Geyer and Bill Book left us to take the commercial course at Dry Run High School, but in exchange we welcomed Carrie Ludwig from Dry Run to take our vocational course. This year, our class officers are as follows: President ,................,....... Karl Thompson Vice-President ..........,.,...... Donald Wagaman Secretary ...... ..... P atsy Smith Treasurer .,.. ..,., T om Mort Historian -- --- Elsie Cornelius Page 14 O 4' if 'fi' 7' W f 1, ,,,, ff: mf' Freshman Class l Back row, left. to right: Lewis Shearer, Mr. Kochenour, Adin Witmer, Joe jones- Third row: Fred Wilhelm, Edward Rosenberry, joe Burd, Lyle Adams. Second row.: Russell Gipe, Ruth Runk, Mary Ann Park, Elaine Bricker, Ann Crider, Nancy McAllen. First row: Eileen Wiser, Rose Umbrell, Betty Traxler, Marilou Howard, Grace Bock. On the fifth day of September, 1950, we entered the Metal Township High School as freshmen. Although we were the youngest members of the high school, our class participated in the different activities of the school. Eleven members of our class were in the school band. They were: joe Burd, Eddie Rosenberry, Lewis Shearer, Grace Bock, Elaine Bricker, Ann Crider, Marilou Howard, Nancy Mc- Allen, Mary Ann Park, Betty Traxler, and Rose Umbrell. Nine of the freshman girls were in the girls' high school chorus. Their names were: Grace Bock, Elaine Bricker, Ann Crider, Marilou Howard, Nancy McAllen, Mary Ann Park, Betty Traxler, Rose Umbrell, and Eileen Wiser. At our first class meeting we elected the following officers: President ........................, Mary Ann Park Vice-President ..... ..... L ewis Shearer Secretary ..... --- Marilou Howard S' Treasurer --- ...... Lyle Adams Historian --- --- Marilou Howard Page 16 Seventh and Eight Grades in - ' .W A 4 'N 9, A , I 1 ', , ,wa .,, .. ,. -- +."" Y ' A ' '-ef. Back row, left to right: Merle Gipe, Shirley Long, Alice Traxler, Darlene jones, Eddie NVoodal, Patsy Garner, Lorriane Simpson, Kathaleen Guyer, Marlene Umbrell, Darelene Umhrell, Mr. Wiser, Shirley Smith, Lois Nimmon, Linda Burd, Pauline Hampton, Barbara Biesecker, George Taylor, john Barrick. Second row: Harold johnson, Arthur Woods, Patsy W'itmer, joan Mort, Virginia Luckett, Robert Rosenberry, Westly Park, Norman johnson, Ola Park, Marie Miller, Billy Hogan, Lynn McCurdy, Ralph Thompson, jane Miley, Roy Briggs, Richard Schooley, Arthur Hampton. First row: james Miller, Kenneth Briggs, Shirley Keadle, Ronald Arnold, john Long, Richard Shoemaker, Duane Diller, Pearl Guyer, Dorothy Cornelius, Vonnie Runk, janet Seibert, jane Crider, Guy Boggs, Audrey Simpson, Robert Bricker, NX'alter Runk. Fifth and Sixth Grades tg. - kly,:-are-,Xp My .. W , . i N 1' V ' H ,nm t ,Q my ' k ,Wt t K W, , N 3, ,W , , , .M . l .V , ,c. W.. A . ,t ,V , N in W K, . . V, WAV',,.M:. ,. I Back row, left to right: Henry Hammond, Charles Luckett, Harold Taylor, Luther French, Norman Locke, Edward Bell, Martha Wineman, Miss Lytle, Kay Carlin, Glen Doyle, Paul Carlin, Donald Woodal. Second row: Shirley Miller, Ronald Williams, james Park, Agnes Fleagle, William Geyer, Samuel Crider, Joann Rosenberry, Billy Gallagher. First row: Edward Miller, Nancy johnson, Edward Seibert, james Woods, Ronald Parmer, Rosezetta Naugle, john Witmer, Owen St. Clair, Alexander Shearer, Richard Miller, Elinore Gipe, Wanda Simpson. Page 17 Third and Fourth Grades Back row, left to right: Patricia johnson, Kay Baker, Margaret Umbrell, jeanette Geyer, joan Locke, Bonnie Groce, Mrs. Behel, Marvin Adams, Connie Arnold, Beverly Umbrell, Carl Geyer, Larry Gordon. Second row: Warren Miller, Ira Runk, Duane Dorty, Virtor Barrick, Raymond Shoemaker, Sandra Fogelsanger, Bethline Schooley, Clyde Hammond, Miriam Diller, Vonnie Arnold, Donald Seibert, Kathyrn Gordon, janet Runk, Norman Curfman, Richard Wfoods. First row: Donald Guyer, Marilene Boggs, Barry Hogan, W'ilber Long, Glenna Miller, julia Shaffer, Della XVoods, Louis Wtmtmds, Nellie North, junior Gipe, Carolyn Miller, Nancy Hammond, Frank North. First and Second Grades My ,.rf,kYJ.,l- .K I k , , K I , Back row, left to right: Gail Hammer, jeanetta Wtmods, Dorothy Hammond, Phyllis johnson, Esther Dorty, Betty Parmer, Peggy Rosenberry, Miss Hill, Mildred Neil, Mary Miller, Billy Gordon, Barry Witmer, Stanley Runk, Paul Long, Terry Simpson, Warren Hammer. First row: jane Wineman, judith Smith, Anna Fay Shoemaker, Sandra Carlin, Carolyn jones, Brenda Umbrell, Betty Runk, Thomas Baker, Mac Groce, Kenneth Gipe, Donald Miller, Robert johnson, Robert St. Clair. Absent: George Book, Eddie Locke, Norman johnson, Alfred johnson, Margaret Burkholder, janet Garner, Glen Taylor, Mark Williants. Page 18 ACTIVITIES ,A .PYP 1 'S' Egg' i NSI? X QQ W X za? M Slc. f.,.,.,sv0-Q-os-D-ofh , ,4,o-0-""'L ,,-vufaf'f"""'L .f-g,,....--y...-4 YJ- -? O ia RA 5x ff? FB film 'x , wg x Page 19 Band x Our band, still under the baton of Mrs. Howard M. Jones, has not given many concerts. We have played at festivals, and on holidays at Hammonds Grove. The concert work was done mostly in january. In the spring we held our Music Festival. Several of the members went to Waynesboro for the County Music Festival held in March. There are over thirty members in the band. Percussion: 1 Bass Horns: Josephine Keadle Lynn Adams Mary Ann Park Joe Burd jack Glass Merle Gipe Karl Thompson Clarinets: Sylvia Rosenberry Trumpets: Mary Price Ronald Alexander Grace Bock .Floyd Baker Linda Elsie Burd joe Crider Ann Crider Nancy McAllen Betty Traxler Lewis Shearer Martha Wineman Rose Umbrell Marilou Howard Dorothiy Cornelius Saxophones: Edwar Rosenberry Darlene jones Robert Rosenberry Lois Nimmons Ralph Thompson Dorothy Fleagle Page 20 Alto Horns: james Park joan Mort Baritone : Barbara Beesucker Girls' Chorus The Girls' Chorus has already participated in several events this year. It represented the school over WCHA on October 6 by singing a series of folk songs. On several occasions the chorus sang at the Presbyterian church in Fannettsburg. On December 21, the chorus sang a Christmas Cantata, "The Music of Bethlehem," by Holton, and "The Nut Cracker Suite," as part of the annual Christmas program. The Christmas Cantata was presented again at the United Brethren and Presbyterian churches in Spring Run on December 24. Seven members represented our school at the County Music Festival held at Waynesboro on March 6. Josephine Keadle was selected from the chorus to go to Columbia in january where she participated in the Southern District Chorus Festival. The chorus members are: First soprano - Elaine Bricker, Sylvia Rosenberry, Betty Traxler, Rose Umbrell, Eileen Wiser. Second soprano - Grace Bock, Ann Crider, Mabel Hammond, Mary Price. Alto - Josephine Keadle, Nancy McAllen, Mary Ann Park. Mixed Chorus Page 21 Dramatic Club The acting careers of the seniors began during their sophomore year. Lynn Adams and Jack Glass were selected as members of the cast for "january Thaw." The play was based on what might happen if two families, one modern and the other old-fashioned, have to live in the same house. Lynn Adams portrayed Uncle Walter, while Jack Glass was Paul, a member of the Gage family. The next year brought us the hilarious comedy, "The Sunshine Twins." Lynn Adams, Juanita Wagaman, Ronald Alexander, and jack Glass each had leading roles. The 1951 season seems to be arriving too abruptlyg our plans are dragging. However, the club is seriously considering the three-act play, "The Night of January 16." It is quite different from the run-of-the-mill high school plays. The scene is laid in a court room with the audience making up the jury. All of the witnesses are pulled from the audience. The two h-eavy roles, that of the district attorney and the attorney for the defense, will be portrayed by those two veterans, Lynn Adams and Jack Glass. Parts look promising for many of the other members of the senior class. Mrs. Shoop supervises all of the dramatic productions. Page 22 F. H. A. Back row, left to right: Marilou Howard, Nancy McAllen, Ann Crider, Carrie Ludwig, Dorothy Fleagle, Mary Pric,e, Elsie Cornelius, Mary Ann Park. Second row: Betty Traxler, Grace Bock, Elaine Bricker, Rose Umbrell, Eileen Wiser, Nancy Mutersbaugh, Peggy Gipe. First row: Mrs. Yocum, Shirley Woods, Sylvia Rosenberry, Josephine Keadle, Juanita Wagaman. This year our F. H. A. interest has increased. Nine freshmen entered our club, and we had eleven members. We elected the following officers: President ................ -- Josephine Keadle Vice-Presdent .......... .... M abel Hammond Secretary ---. --- Sylvia Rosenberry Treasurer ....... ...... S hirley Woods Historian .......... --- Nancy Mutersbaugh Council Member ................. Juanita Wagaman On October twelfth we initiated the nine new members, and then had a weiner roast in their honor at the school building. A member from each chapter in Franklin County was chosen to go to a Region B meeting in Pittsburgh. Mabel Hammond was our representative. The girls from Franklin County put on a demonstration of the Degree Ceremony. The same group gave the ceremony at the State Farm Show in Harrisburg. A Christmas party was held on December twelfth at the school building, where the girls played games and exchanged gifts. Boxes were packed to give to the needy families at Christmas time. Plans are under way for a banquet for the parents of both F. H. A. and F. F. A. members. Page 23 F. F. . Left to right: Lyle Adams, Edward Rosenberry, Paul Shearer, Donald Wagaman, Mr. Blackburn, Floyd Baker, Karl Thompson, Joseph Crider, Howard Shearer, Sherman St. Clair, joe Burd, Fred Wilhelm, Russel Gipe, jack Umbrell, Adin Wit.mer, Donald Schooley, Donald McAllen. Officers of the F. F. A. for the school year of 1950-51 are as follows: President ...................... Sherman St. Clair Vice-President -- -- ........ Floyd Baker Secretary ..... ...... P aul Shearer Treasurer --- ........ joe Crider Reporter .... --- Karl Thompson . Watch Dog --- ........................ joe jones There are nineteen members in the group. Their work consists of planting trees, handicraft in the shop, and judging cattle. Three members attended the week-long convention at State College. The members at the convention last year were Paul Shearer, jack Glass, and Carl johnson. In the last Jamboree of the Adams and Franklin County F. F. A., the boys came out on top in boxing and wrestling, and placed high in the other events. Page 24 Baseball The M-etal Township baseball team played independent baseball during the last season. Last year the team had a fairly successful season, having won 5, losing 4, and tying one. Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Hustontown .... - - McConnellsburg McConnellsburg Green Hill .... Fort Littleton - Dry Run ..... Hustontown -- Fort Littleton - Green Hill .... Dry Run .... t Infielders: Jack Umbrell, Sherman St. Clair, Robert Sechrist, Lyle Adams, Lewis Shearer, jack Glass, Ronald Alexander. Outfielders: Tom Mort, joe Burd, Floyd Baker, Donald Wagaman, Donald Schooley, Karl Thompson. Pitchers: Paul Shearer, Donald McAllen. Mr. E. E. Blackburn, Coach Page 25 Softball The girls' softball team enjoyed a vet? successful fall season, winning each of four games. They also had a very success ul team during the summer, winning eleven of twelve games. Infielders: first base, Nancy McAlleng left short, Sylvia Rosenberryl-g second base, Rose Umbrellg right short, Carrie Ludwigg third base, Patsy Smithg catcher, Betty Traxler. Outfielders: Mabel Hammond, Shirley Woods, Mary Ann Park, and Ann Crider. Substitutes: Grace Bock, Marilou Howard, Ruth Runk, Peggy Gipe, Elsie Cornelius, Elaine Bricker. Pitcher: Mary Price." ' Scorekeeper: Josephine Keadle. Metal Township .............. 15 Dry Run .... 7 6 Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township 4'-Captain T-Manager Dry Run .... Dry Run .... Dry Run ..... Fort Littleton - Fort Littleton - East Waterford East Waterford Mercersburg - - Newville ..... Newville .... Port Royal --- Port Royal ,-- Mr. E. E. Blackburn, Coach Page Z6 Soccer The Green and White Soccer Team ended in last place this year, although the record shows a definite improvement in this year's team over last years. This year we won one, tied two, and lost five as compared to last year's one win and seven losses. Also, we scored five goals this year and our opponents s-cored fourteen as compared to last year's one goal scored and thirty-four scored against us. This year's record is as the following: Metal Township --- Metal Township --- Metal Township --- Metal Township --- Metal Township --- Metal Township Metal Township Metal Township --- Center ......,.. Inner Right Inner Left Right Wing Left Wing .... Center Halfback .... Right Halfback Left Halfback .,.. Right Fullback --- Left Fullback --- Goal ......... Substitutes .... -. 1 Dry Run ......... - 0 McConnellsburg --- - 1 Hustontown .... - 0 Greenhill ..... - 0 Dry Run ......... - 2 McConne1lsburg --- - 1 Hustontown .... 0 Greenhill ..... - 5 Page 27 Lynn Adams Donald McAllen Floyd Baker Lyle Adams Sherman St. Clair Thomas Mort Jack Umbrell Ronald Alexander jack Glass Karl Thompson Donald Wagaman Lewis Shearer Adin Witmer Fred Wilhelm Ioe Jones Robert Sechrist Student Council The Student Council of Metal Township High School was formed on May 11, 1950, under the leadership of Mr. Kochenour. The purpose of the Council is to romote harmonious relationships between the administration and the student bocly, to maintain an extra-curricular program for the students, and to recommend and carry out any projects deemed worthwhile by the members, not in conflict with the administration. The members consist of delegates elected from each class in the high school and one member from each high school organization. They are: freshman class, Lynn Adamsg sophomore class, Karl Thompsong junior class, Sylvia Rosenberryg senior class, jack Glassg athletics, Sh-erman St. Clairg dramatics, Floyd Bakerg news- piper, Juanita Wfagamang F. H. A., Josephine Keadleg F. F. A., Ronald Alexanderg nd, Lynn Adams. The members are 'elected in May and stay in office until the next May. The officers elected were: President ......... ....... J ack Glass Vice-President --- ....... Lynn Adams Secretary ...... -- Juanita Wagaman Treasurer ....................... Ronald Alexander As a means of making money the Council voted to sell candy during the lunch period. Projects the Council discussed for the year of 1950-51 were painting the high school, installing an em-ergency lighting system, and increasing the sports activities at noon. Page 28 Tuscaroran Workers All eight members of the class helped with the write-ups of the different or- ganizations and activities for our yearbook. Ronald Alexander was our artist, Juanita Wagaman did all the typing, and Mabel Hammond wrote our class history. Lynn Adams and Mary Price collected the photographs. The dedication and farewell was written by jack Glass, who was also business manager. Even though we are a small class, we had the advantage of being very co- operative in every undertaking. This factor was very important in making our high school years as successful as they were. We each had our individual interests and ideas, but we united for the good of the class. We hope that this spirit of co- operation will remain with us in later life. Page 29 SIIAPS m 5 V?- Q WLfaT Page 30 Page 31 ,QW Page 32 Q 9 Walter Bricker and wife John Bock Wilson Bock Joan Latimer Gift and husband Harold St. Clair Nancy Wineman Toscano Frances Wilhelm Watson and husband Lois Wilhelm Violet Price Cowan and Eugene Cowan Louise and Delores Shoop Lena and Karl Rosenberry Charles St. Clair Karl Rosenberry Sara Lee Miller Donald McCurdy Pat Cowan Wayne St. Clair janet Shaffer Betty Shearer Janice Bricker Nancy Rodeniser Carl johnson Betty McAllen Page 34 Who's Who in the Class of I95I Pg35 History of the Class of I9 l Twelve Students Enter M. T. H. S . Sept. 9, 1947 - After having passed the county eighth grade exam, twelve in- significant freshmen enrolled in M. T. H. S. They were: Lynn Adams, Ronald Alex- ander, Dorothy Fleagle, Mabel Gipe, jack Glass, Mabel Hammond, Mary Price, Howard Shearer, janet Traxler, Mary Lou Umbrell, Juanita Wagaman and joe Wit- mer. The Class Elects Officers Sept. 15, 1947 - The freshman class elected the following officers for the year: President ..........,..... Lynn Adams Vice-President ....,,..,,,,,, -jack Glass Secretary ............ Juanita Wagaman Historian ............ Mabel Hammond Members also joined various activities around the school. Lynn Adams, Ronald Alexander, Dorothy Fleagle, Mabel Ham- mond, Mary Price and janet Traxler joined the ball teams. Mabel Hammond, Mary Price, janet Traxler and Mary Lou Umbrell joined the Girls' Chorus. Because of so many being represented in the school activities, a very promising class is now started on its way. M. T. H. S. - Halloween Party Oct. 28, 1947 - The freshman class held a Hallowe'en party for the high school. Prizes were given to various per- sons for the style in which they were dressed. Games were played and refresh- ments served. Everyone had a super time. Ghosts appeared frequently during the party Freshman Christmas Party Dec. 19, 1947 - Christmas party was held at the home of Mabel Hammond for the class. Gifts were exchanged and guests of the class were Miss Poe and Miss Gutshall. Skating Party May 28, 1947 - A roller skating party was held at Red Bridge in Chambersburg as a farewell party for the class. After skating, the class enjoyed dancing and re- freshments at the Old Mill. Page 36 School Bells Ring Again at Metal High Sept. 8, 1948 - On this brisk Seplt. morning eleven sophomores entered t e doors of M. T. H. S., a little more certain of what they would be doing in the year ahead. Sophomores Organize Sept. 18, 1948 - The Sonphomores met and elected the following o cers: President .................. Jack Glass Vice-President ...... Ronald Alexander Secretary ....... ....... L ynn Adams Treasurer ..... --- Juanita Wagaman Historian --- .... Mabel Hammond Sophomores Hold Bake Sale Oct. 14, 1948 - The Home Economic room lured everyone with its enticing aroma of delicious cakes, pies and candies. This was the sophomore's first bake sale. The food proved so tasiy and the pro- ceeds so great that they ecided to make it a monthly project. St. Nick Greets Sophomores Dec. 20, 1948 - The sophomores held their Christmas party at the home of Dorothy Fleagle. St. Nick entered about ten o'clock and showered everyone with gifts. Suddenly Old Man Weather inter- vened and the lights went out! Fortunate- ly we were just sitting up to the table decked with candles. Guests of the class were Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn and Mrs. Shoop. Sophomores Make Hit Nov. 18, 1948-Last night at the open- ing of the school play, "January Thaw," Lynn Adams as Uncle Walter took the audience by storm with his peculiar dialect and his excellent portraya of character. Jack Glass added to the comedy with his rendition of a little boy. Biology Field Trip March 21, 1949 - The biology class, accompanied by Mrs. Jones and Mr. Ko- chenour, traveled to Huntsdale to visit the fish hatchery. Sophomore Enters Forensic April 15, 1949 - Juanita Wagaman placed second last night in the serious declamation contest with her presentation of George Washington Carver by Clare Booth Luce. The annual Forensic contest was held in Thompson Hall at Wilson College. Surprise Party May 17, 1949 - To end a successful year the sophomores accepted invitations to Juanita Wagaman's surprise birthday party at her home. Mrs. Wagaman plan- ned a weiner roast and various party games for the evening. Juanita was the lucky recipient of many useful gifts. The telling of ghost stories brought the party to a hair-raising conclusion. A Jolly Juniors Return to School Sept. 7, 1949 - Nine juniors caper back to M. T. H. S. All are eager to begin classes because it is the first year they are combined with the seniors. New Officers Step Into Action Sept. 15, 1949 - Class voted the fol- lowing to be their leaders for the year: President .................. Jack Glass Vice-President ...... Ronald Alexander Secretary ....... .... H oward Shearer Treasurer ..... --- Juanita Wagaman Historian ............ Mabel Hammond Junior Lunch Program Starts Oct. 5, 1949--The Juniors served their first lunch to the school today. The menu topped all those of other years because it consisted to delicious hot beef sandwiches, fluffy whipped potatoes, and twangy lem- on meringue pie. Nurses and technicians from the Franklin County Tuberculosis Society ate at the school. Dramatic Club Presents "Sunshine Twins" "The Sunshine Twins" was presented to a packed auditorium. Juanita Wagaman and Lynn Adams captured the hearts of the audience with their leading roles of mother and father. Outstanding support- ing roles were played by Ronald Alexand- er and Jack Glass. Page 37 Juniors Introduce New Dessert Nov. 27, 1949 -- Jolly Junior Cherry Delight held the schoo! in suspense until everyone was served today. It'went over great and the class plans to serve it more frequently. Recipe given upon request! Christmas Card Campaign Ends Juniors closed the card sale. Attractive wrapping paper and appropriate cards were sold in the community. The class worked diligently to make these sales and are pleased to report a profit of S87.00. Christmas Dance Big Success Dec. 15, 1949 - Last night the Juniors welcomed students teachers, parents and outside guests to their Christmas dance. The high school auditorium was colorfully decorated with tinsel, pine, and mistletoe. Door prizes were given as well as prizes for the lucky spot dance, and the balloon dance. Juniors Entertain Seniors May 19, 1950 - Last night the Juniors held a banquet in the ball room of Hotel Washington in honor of the seniors. The girls were dressed in evening gowns and the boys in dress suits. Corsages were given to all girls present and bouton- nieres to the boys. Dancing and playing cards filled the evening with jolly enter- tainment for all. The banquet proved to be the hit of the year. Senior Class Festival July 1, 1950 - The senior's first festi- va proved to be a success. The school band furnished the music. The girls' ball team playing against their fathers pro- vided much entertainment. Delicious home made ice cream, cakes, candies and soft drinks were slated on the menu. The class had lots of fun etting everything in order for this-their Erst senior event. Seniors at Last! Sept. 5, 1950 - Eight seniors strut so- phisticatedly back for their last year in Metal High. They are joyous, but sad that their happy high school days will soon be drawing to a close. Jack Glass Elected President Sept. 27, 1950-jack Glass is elected class president for the third consecutive year. Other officers are: Vice-President ............ Lynn Adams Secretary ........... Juanita Wagaman Treasurer ........... Ronald Alexander Historian ............ Mabel Hammond The class selected for their colors ma- roon and whiteg class liower, red and white rosesg class motto, "He conquers who conquers himself." Class Starts Work on Tuscororan Oct. 16, 1950 - The senior class voted todaly to have a yearbook. This will mean muc hard work for them. Seniors Christmas Party Dec. 20, 1950 - The class met last night at the home of Mary Price for their Christmas party. The decorations were very much in keeping with the yuletide spirit. The gifts were placed nder a beau- tifully lighted tree. Playing cards and dancing filled the evening with jolly enter- tainment. After delicious refreshments, the class rush to the dam in Fannettsburg for ice skating in the moonlight. Year Book Goes to Press Feb. 1, 1950 -- After four months of hard work the senior class, with the able assistance of Mrs. Shoop, has their year- book ready to go to press. Everyone worked earnestly to have it finished to- day. This is a great day for the dignified seniors. Page 38 Farewell "He conquers who conquers himself." As we look back over our twelve years of school, have we truly conquered ourselves? The answer is, "No." School is only the first proving ground of life. Ahead of us lies the hardest trial of all, that of making a place for ourselves in this fast-moving world. Some of us are looking forward to college life, some to careers in the armed forces, while others have jobs waiting for them aft-er school is over. To those who will follow us, we leave our best wishes. We hope that they will enjoy their high school years as much as we enjoyed ours. We should like to thank the teachers for their excellent guidance, and we hope that we leave a feeling of good will and happiness behind for those who will follow in our footsteps. Jack Glass Safety Patrol Page 39 1961 VFW Q iw I 5 o vvbefgifeogh Z f Page 40 0ur Patrons Mr. john Baker Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shoop Mr. Ray Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cornelius Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rosenberry Pauline Glass Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Doyle Dr. William B. Grove Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Glass Mr. H. J. Shoop A Friend The Rev. and Mrs. Boyd Burd Miss Lucy Noble Mr. Samuel Noble Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wineman john W. Holden Nevins Cut Rate Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rosenberry Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fleagle Mrs. Louella Bashore Brezler's Gift Shop Roy S. Gamber Sophomores Poge 41 JAsLow's g ARMY 8. NAVY STORE 123 S. Main St. Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 1571 When in Chambersburg we invite you to attend CAPITOL OR ROSEDALE TH EATRES "Movies Are Better Than Ever GEORGE E. SMALL Well Drilling Water and Blast Hole Drilling Richmond Furnace, Penna. Phone: St. Thomas 39-R-11 niniui ri ui 111111134 piiniuxoinioioiai 1 xiuiniuioinioi in Page 42 THE NATIONAL BANK OF CHAMBERSBURG THE OLD NATIONAL Founded 1809 Second Oldest Bank in Pennsylvania Thirty-first Oldest Bank in U. S. Page 43 LEITER BROTHERS Apparel for Women Juniors Teenagers Chambersburg, Pa. BYER BROS., Florists opposite P. R. R. station Chambersburg, Pa. Flowers for All Occasions We telegraph flowers anywhere H. R. GEYER International Harvester Co. and Fafmettsburg' Pa' New Idea Farm Equipment LUMBER " WOOD Soles cmd Service Phone: Dry Run 15-R-11 E. C. CROUSE Spring Run, Penna. Page 44 10101 1n1n1n1n1n1n1-1 1 1 111: 1 11191 ALEXANDER'S I. G. A. SUPERMARKET "Every-day Low Prices" Dry Run, Penna. Phone: Dry Run 14-R-2 BLUE BIRD RESTAURANT Compliments Home Cooking of Steve Moroites, Prop. J. C. PENNEY CO., INC 145 S. Main Street Chambersburg, Pa. Chambersburg, Phone 545-R Pa, 1v1el1apo1u10101 n1n1 11 1 1: 1: 1 I1 ui 101 Page 45 Typewriters, Adding Machines School Supplies Loose Leaf Binders DANIEL s. cuLP Memorial Square Chambersburg, Pa. Phone: 466 Compliments of GUY TIMMONS Dealer in Livestock Poultry - Eggs Roxbury, Penna. Bulova - Hamilton - Elgin C0mPlimemS of IRA A. LONG, Jeweler EDWARD L. BELL 135 South Main Street Chambersburg, Perma Diamonds Jewelr Page 46 a :A Q.. ! 0.0 ci na u i oxoici ici u u u an u u u av o e u u u u GAMBLE 81 DOYLE Compliments of FEED SERVICE Dairy Poultry I-Iope Chest B-, Hosiery direct from the mill Feed Feed Custom Farming Chambersburg, Penna. Concord, Penna. Phone: 18-R-24 THOMAS S. BAKER Wholesale Dealer of Esso Products Gas - Kerosene - Diesel and Fuel Oils Phone: 16-R-35 Dry Run, P3- Pcige 47 Your Yearbook Photographer THE PHOTO CENTER 62 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, Pa. Phone: 1437 101 11,311.1 gpnini 31101 111110: M I L L E R S Furniture Draperies Housewares Jewelry 28 N. Main St. Chambersburg, Pa. Compliments of Bender's Clover Farm Store Dry Run, Pa. Page 48 DONALD C. FLOOD General Merchandise GAS - OIL wiuow Hill, Pa. Phone: Dry Run 15-R-4 1 ill illllilinl il 1 C20-Dill CROUSE AND McGEE Lime Spreading Shovel and Bulldozing Work Telephone: Dry Run 11-R-6 Be happy with music-It helps. Those who purchase our high-grade instruments are always happy with their choice. Wurlitzer Organs Spinet Pianos Band Instruments Everything in music since 'l9'I2 DUFFIELD MUSIC HOUSE Chambersbur, Pa. Home of the Steinway Page 49 Quin Compliments of KUSTARD KITCHEN 857 Lincoln Way East Phone 1273-M 34 Lincoln Way West Phone 9368 CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. 1010101 11010101 HOM-TASTE BAKING CO. Bakers of Quality MT. UNION, PA. Telephone 30 HUNTINGDON, PA. Telephone 1 148 W Chambersburg Livestock Sales l l Auction Sale Every Thursday Live Stock of All Kinds Chambersburg, Penna. Office Phone 9347 Res. Phone 877-I M. 8- K. PONTIAC Sales and Service 316 S. Park Ave. Telephone 190 Mercersburg, Pa. Let your car worries be our worries. Compliments of PENN APPLIANCE C0 Frigidaire Sales and Service M ercers burg, Penna. Phone: Mercersburg 184 nininiaiuinic ioiuioioioioioioin Page 50 CARR 8- PHEIL Electric Refrigerators Radios and Appliances Television Chambersburg, Pa. Phone 120B-J You con depend on Sherk's for tested garden seed, nursery stock - everything for the garden and Iown. Fine hordwores. HARRY H. SHERK Successor to A. L. Sherk 81 Son Established 1890 Chambersburg, Perma. H. W. BAKER Spring Run, Penna. ESSO PRODUCTS Gas - Kerosene - Fuel Oil Phone: Dry Run 11-R-13 -0-0 0-0-u.n1w!1f- - - --- - - - -0- - o1oiniu11n1n1 n I' V. T. ANGLE SONS Chrysler - Plymouth Lifetime Guarantee Used Cars 901 Lincoln Way East Phone 1480 I I-ni is iaioiaioiuioi 103130 HOUSER'S POOL ROOM Fannettsburg, Penna. Candy - Ice Cream - Tobacco Soft Drinks - Cakes - Pies Open: 8 A. M. to I2 P. M. 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Pepsi-Cola Beverages I Every Monument Guaranteed Forever 512 Elm Ave. Phone 163 Newville Pennsylvania Chambersburg, Pa. C. L. Heffletinger, Owner KEY TO WHO'S WHO 1. Best actor-Lynn Adamsg best actress-Josephine Keadle 2. Best citizens-Juanita Wagaman, jack Glass . Best all-around sports-Mary Price, Paul Shearer . The short and long-Thomas Shearer, Lewis Shearer . Most romantic-Ronald Alexander . Most bashful-Nancy Mutersbaugh, Donald Schooley 7. Best drummer-Karl Thompson 8. Neatest-Mabel Hammond, jack Glass 3 4 5 6 KEY TO BABY PICTURES 1. Juanita Wagaman 2. Mabel Hammond 5. john Glass 4. Dorothy Fleagle 5. Howard Shearer 6. Lynn Adams 7. Mary Price 8. Ronald Alexander 10101 1 1 ini i 1:11:11 iuirbninioinini 1111411 iuinioinioinioioir Page 64 siwfw-" LKML' ' rw: Keir ti, :f- A ,55??LiHi' L 'gt 1 - , ,J ,,.AA1 .M Q 'gi , tif ' - '4 4113.4 , A 42933. ig . N +155 . ,,,A, , . H kwf,': , , it .gf , Q 2 ' , wr-, f Q gig i'-QQ! ' 1 ' 'N' 1 I 7 ' ' . in Jwgf -qw. - .Q 1. M, jx HL .NA . ,Wm fi, 45:32, Aw. '..- wr, img. wp RE ,' .' A k Q", 4 'it-I Q 1 v 5Q,'113'1EL. , QA xi.: '- :A "ff 3 331, iw if fr 5 f i L YI, 'I Y' 9:5 K, 5 ..m2-mln. 25 4 e '31?'f'- Qi L 1 - A 'f ' gr A fiiixsi '5'2,.'L. "3 . t . .2 ' Aa '11 E3 fwmg I ' ff' 1. MP . LQQ' .gg- gq.4.3g f' 9 3' ffl . 1, ' ,512 ' V, , 413 - ,.,' N -' I 5 ,T Q wi X,,:ii5Q . Jigw , ,vw M- . f f - fm-f Sli! 'l-3 ' 'ff . - jg . Q ,A 1 K.. 4. Q I' if 5 su ' -e ' ,Ji f". 'avg wt 5 Af ws 1? i" 3 , M? -F diff Hg, N - -ga-1 if 4 V 13 4 i' 'P 45 Q 'Qi Mm ,, ,rw , Q . Ei .YA " - fh , A 'A Az X . , ,i V, , .m,:. , 1 -f TL ,-' , Q ..Q.-3 .- , . . g X - ,gi- , V , x A. -ff V, ,' 4 , N ,Q-,N . - , K,,,, ,. k :N ' ,. ,,.'- ,, 1. .- ...W , ,P x. , Jr, , hiv, , IA..-4, 'g 2 -iz, .. , , , Q T ' L 1 , 722533 . M-',,Q5gs lg ,wr 55Q,,,.x -,. V 1 . ls M545 ' 'wig-R 34: . U: ,. A 1:44513 N f'l,L.. A 'fffgi UP? 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