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V AntT •t5PC ' IDIAM LEGEt 1 1948-1949 VOLUME S even Published bu the Senior Cl ass o f FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Falmouth, Virginia Central kajj nuniiocK Ktgjonai Lit. ’v 1201 Caroline Street _ Fredericksburg, VA 22401 TABLE OF COhTEhTS Foreword. 5 Dedication. 7 Administration and Faculty.8-10 Seniors.11—20 Senior Summary. ...21 Senior Register.22—23 Last Will Testament.24—25 Senior Autographs.26 Juniors.27—28 Sophomores.29—32 Freshmen.33—36 Paul Aaron.36 Eighth Grade.37—38 Mr. Heflin.38 Snap Shots.39—40 Sports.41—50 School Activities. 51—64 Sixth and Seventh Grades —Faculty and Students. 65—66 Advertisements.67—80 FOREWORD A respect for tradition, a belief in progressiveness, and a desire for truth have been our guides in the creation of this volume. Trusting that it reflects spirit, strength, and youthfulness of our school life, the editors present the 1949 INDIAN LEGEND as a record of this year at Falmouth High School. DEDICATION MISS DOROTHY KEHOE MRS. BESS HOSKINS Because they represent the true spirit of tolerance, growth, and in¬ telligence, Because they are living examples of the spirit of Falmouth High School, we, the staff of the 1949 Indian Legend, feeling that we ex¬ press the desires of the student body, are honored to dedicate this Volume to: ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Mr. T. B. Gayle, Superintendent Mr. R. W. Snead, Principal Members of the School Board Left to Right: Mr. Ratcliffe, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Chinn, Mr. Green, Mr. Gayle. Mr. Snead and Mr. Edwards plan the day’s work Miss Dorothy Kehoe Miss Kathleen Goodloe Mrs. Alice Peirce Mr. Franklin Wyne Miss Vashti Hammett Mr. Stuart Hoskins Mr. C. A. Edwards Mrs. Stuart Hoskins Mrs. Lee Cooper Mr. Leonard Muse Miss Mabel King Mrs. Ruth Cannady Mrs. Barbara Castle J " ttX XJsT‘Crv Y frfl SCNICCS geo % a £ 0 Z amer - p ' ' ' Hello thar” AUC “. Vfc. President " I swany” BAR A bJ®. G,NIA SN UNGS, " % goodness” Secret ary ELEN ANN PORTER, Tre ,,“appy” Holy St. Peter” PAUL WILSON AARON " Paul” " Beats me” ROBERT ARTHUR BUCHANAN " Buck” " Yeah man” HANSFORD BOUTCHYARD " Brawny” " Oh! Yeah” CHARLES LEE BURTON " Charlie” " Howdy, ma’am” LOIS MARIE BOUTCHYARD " Butch” " And you know it” ALICE GLORIA CALLAHAN " Wiggins” " I declare” PEGGY ANN BROOKS " Peg” " Yeah, you know it” DELORES MAE CORBIN " Dee” " It did?” JO CE ANNE CROPP " Cropp” " Heaven to Betsy” JACQUELINE FAY DOBSON " Jackie” " I don’t know” LOIS JEAN CURR ' i " Sis” " You don’t know, do you?” BENJAMIN ALEXANDER DYE " 3. J.” " Play ball, son” THOMAS JACKSON CURTIS " Jack” " Do tell” JAMES GARLAND DYE " Jimmy” " See” HOWARD BRAY DAMRON " Bud” " Oh, is that right?” PAULINA JEAN DYE " Perlina” " Chicken” ANNA ISABELL FLEMING " Anna” " I’ll be John Brown” THELMA LUCILLE HAMMONS " Tinker” " Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see” BERT JUDSON FULFORD " Judson” " Ah! Women” FRANCES GAYNELL HARDING " Frannie” " Here we go again” BARBARA DELORES GALLAHAN " 3abs” " Hey, Girl” PHILLIP McCHONCHIE HEFLIN " Phil” " Do which?” AGATHA DELORES GRACIK " Aggie” " I love that man” CHARLES FISHER HOUCK " Charlie” " Crazy Kelly” JOYCE CLAUDETTE HUFFMAN " Huffy” " Go on, girl” STEVE WILSON KUKRAK " Stevie” " Oh! Yes” RAYMOND WILLARD JAMES " Raymond” " I see” VERNON DONALD KURZ " Bernie” " Oh! Golly” ANNA MAE JETT " Muggins” " That’s not dignified” BARBARA JEAN LAYTON " Jeanie” " That’s a good ’un” IRENE ELIZABETH JONES " Rene” " Don’t know, do you?” RESTRESS MERTAIN LOVING " Buster” " Go on boy, I see you” MARY ANN McWHIRT " Short Stop” " You know better” CHARLES LEE MOORE " Horse” " Did you say something?” JAMES ALLEN MEAD " Deamer” " Reff, don’t you know anything?” RACHEL WARE NEWTON " Popeye” " Oh, my gracious” WITHERS WALLER MONCURE " Stout” " All the way Choo-choo” VELMA ANN NEWTON " Sis” " Quit it, will you?” BRADFORD LANE MONROE " Bradie” " I can’t hear you” HOLMES DELANO PATTON " Homus” " I’m with you, Dallas” MARY ALEEN PATTON • ' Pat” " Mo-Fun” RAYMOND LARRY PAYNE " Raymond” " I ain’t lying to you a bit, little buck” WILLIAM GRANT PATTON " Pat” " Let’s hear her chirp” PALL VERNON PEREGORY " Paul” " It ain’t so” CHARLES CLINTON PAYNE " Bannie” " Now you’re ready” NORMA JEAN POFF " Polly” " Gee, Gosh” MENNIS LARSON PAYNE " Mennie Pearl” " Let’s go over to the store” FRANK AUGUSTUS RAMER " Gus” " Who?” ROBERT BROOKS RESIO " Bobby” " How about that?” CHARLOTTE MARLENE SNELLINGS " Snell” ' ’My cow” ELIZABETH ANN SHACKELFORD " Shack” " That’s cute, too.” JEAN JEANETTE STEVENS " Wolfie” " Doggone it” JOHN DOUGLAS SKINNER " Johnny” " I’m coming” ROBERT A. STONE " Bob” " Oh, Bertha” TA GARNETT SNELLINGS " Half-pint” " Gosh” DAVID HASTON SULLIVAN " Lolly” " What are you talking about, good boy?” DWIGHT MURRAY SULLIVAN " Knucks” " You ain’t got nothing on me.” LORRAINE SULLIVAN t ( « ( Tippy " Don’t rush off mad. 9 9 HAZEL MARIE SULLIVAN " Hazel " " You’re foolish " MAMIE VIRGINIA TRUSLOW " Snowball " " I can’t do it” JOHN SULLIVAN " Long John” " Boy, don’t give me no neck” PHYLLIS LORRAINE TRUSLOW " Fuss” " Oh, Blue " NETTIE MARIE SULLIVAN " Wee-Wee " " I get so aggravated. " ESTHER MAY WAY " Froggy " " That’s sweet, too.” SIDNEY SANFORD WAY " Sid” " Hello, Baby” DOROTHY GRAY WRIGHT " Dottie " " Oh, boy a square dance. " MABLE LEE WILLIAMS " Frollie " " For Pete’s sake. " WILLIAM WADE YOUNG " Dot " " I’m here " enior u ass 1949 Class Register.72 Class Colors...Red and White Class Flower.Red Rose Class Motto. " Ready to accomplish” f avorites Favorite Song. Favorite Pastime Favorite Book.... Favorite Actor.... Favorite Actress. Favorite Play. Favorite Film. " Slow Boat to China” .Day dreaming ....Gone With the Wind ..Tyrone Power .Lana Turner .Showboat .Leave Her to Heaven Our " Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” " Little Miss Somebody” " Adventures of Tom Sawyer” " You Can’t Take it With You” " Alice in Wonderland” " Slow Boat to China” " The Snowman Who Wouldn’t Melt” " Tomorrow the World” " Who Wouldn’t be Crazy” " Rise Up and Cheer” " Kilroy Was Here” " The Imaginary Invalid” " Lost Horizon” " Lady in the Dark” " Great Expectations” PlcnjU! Before we entered F. H. S. A Senior, of course! Freshman on Senior Day Copied homework First day at school Four years at F. H. S. Dad on report card day A Senior’s dream With so much homework Our basketball teams I can’t find my pencil The absentee Algebra class History exam Graduation Day Senior l eaist egisler NAME 1. Aaron, Paul 2. Boutchyard, Hansford 3. Boutchyard, Lois 4. Brooks, Peggy 5. Buchanan, Robert 6. Burton, Charles 7. Callahan, Gloria 8. Corbin, Delores 9. Cropp, Joyce 10. Curry, Lois 11. Curtis, Thomas 12. Damron, Bud 13. Dobson, Jackie 14. Dye, Benjamin 15. Dye, James 16. Dye, Paulina 17. Fleming, Anna 18. Fulford, Judson 19. Gallahan, Barbara 20. Gracik, Agatha 21. Hammons, Thelma 22. Harding, Frances 23. Heflin, Phillip 24. Houck, Charles 25. Huffman, Joyce 26. James, Raymond 27. Jett, Anna Mae 28. Jones, Irene 29. Kukrak, Steve 30. Kurz, Vernon 31. Layton, Jean 32. Loving, Restress 33- McWhirt, Mary Ann 34. Mead, James 35. Moncure, Withers 36. Monroe, Bradford ADMIRED FOR Helpfulness Unselfishness Good nature Sparkling enthusiasm Thoughtfulness Southern Accent Ambition Earnestness Captivating smile Business ability Good manners Willingness Dutifulness Athletic ability Ability to tease Determination Wholesomeness Athletic ability Appealing dignity Cleverness Unassuming ways Kindness Courtesy Neatness Cheerfulness Masculinity Soothing voice Soft smile Quietness Sociability Good fellowship Pep Neatness Stateliness Good fellowship Friendliness POLL Best photographer Most energetic A swell pal Most responsive Best groomed Calmest Jolliest Cutest Most easy to please Most sophisticated 3iggest tease Most versatile Most school spirit Most patient Tallest Most talkative Most cooperative Handsomest Kindest Most attentive Most innocent Most generous Most popular Best driver Happiest Most masterful Sweetest Best alto voice Most quiet and retiring Most brunette Most popular Most " restless” Best groomed Most efficient Great athlete Best natured Senior Register (continued) 37. Moore, Charles 38. Newton, Rachel 39- Newton, Velma 40. Patton, Holmes 41. Patton, Mary Aleen 42. Patton, William 43- Payne, Clinton 44. Payne, Mennis 45. Payne, Raymond 46. Peregary, Paul 47. Poff, Norma Jean 48. Porter, Helen 49. Ramer, Frank 50. Ramer, George 51. Resio, Robert 52. Shackelford, Ann 53. Skinner, John 54. Snellings, Barbara 55. ' Snellings, Ivy 56. Snellings, Marlene 57. Stevens, Jean 58. Stone, Robert 59. Sullivan, David 60. Sullivan, Dwight 61. Sullivan, Hazel 62. Sullivan, John 63. Sullivan, Lorraine 64. Sullivan, Nettie 65. Truslow, Mamie 66. Truslow, Phyllis 67. Verburg, Alice 68. Way, Esther 69- Way, Sidney 70. Williams, Mable 71. Wright, Dorothy 72. Young, William Good nature Pretty hair Quietness Intelligence Charitableness Good appearance Comedian antics Cleverness Quietness Blue eyes Brown eyes Willingness Cheerfulness Athletic ability Sociability Silence with a smile Self sufficiency Helpfulness Courtesy Pleasantness Daintiness Curly hair Earnestness Fun loving Courteousness Strength Earnestness Refinement Thoughtfulness Determination Sportsmanship Fun loving Congeniality Quietness Her willingness to try Dimples Most in love Most easy going Quietest Class scholar Biggest appetite Most romantic Wittiest Slowest Most timid Most unassuming Most artistic Most scholarly Best humored Most influential Best dancer Most dignified Most vitality Bound to succeed Most petite Most imperturbable Most businesslike Most sincere Most confidential Most amusing Most dependable Most skillful Most keen Most efficient Most sincere Most keen Prettiest girl Most amusing Most polite Most appreciative Merriest smile Most successful with girls LAST WILL AMD TESTAMENT OE THE SENIOR CLASS OE 1949 Wc, the graduating class of 1949, having finished our long and successful task of school life, and being of sound minds and memories, do hereby will and de- dare our valuable possessions to our classmates and faculty. 1. To Mr. Snead, our principal, we leave our appreciation for all the privileges and kindnesses you have given us, the Senior Class of ’49. 2. To Mr. Edwards, our assistant principal, we leave much happiness and success with your glee club. 3. To Miss Kehoe, our senior sponsor, we leave fnuch love for all the kindness you have shown us in the past year. 4. To Mrs. Hoskins, our annual sponsor, we leave a new group of efficient com¬ mercial students who will like you as much as we do. 5. To Miss King we leave a class room filled with quiet girls. 6. To Mrs. Cooper we leave a whole class of A students in history. 7. To Miss Hammett we leave even more success in her promising years. 8. To Mrs. Peirce we leave a girls’ basketball team who will win every game. 9. To Mrs. Cannaday we leave a more intelligent group of students. 10. To Mrs. Castle we leave a Beta Club consisting of every student at Falmouth High School. 11. To Miss Goodloe we leave more students to take up Home Economics. 12. To Mr. Wyne we leave the best of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. 13 To Mr. O’Hair we leave an outstanding class always. 14. To Mr. Hoskins, our coach, we leave an undefeated basketball team. 15. To Mr. Muse we leave a successful and progressive group of agriculture boys as future farmers. 16. To Mrs. Hammon, Mrs. Chinn and Mrs. Henderson, our grade teachers, we leave our greatest appreciation for all the kindness you have shown us. 17. To the Seniors of next year we leave a smaller class with more privileges and a year of success. 18. To the Juniors of next year we leave much luck and success. 19. To the Sophomores we leave the wonderful fact that they will be Juniors the next year. 20. To the Freshmen of next year we leave our sincere hope that they will have happiness in the years to come. 21. Paul Aaron leaves his photography to Sidney Snellings. 22. To Charles Jubb, Hansford Boutchyard leaves his dimples. 23. Robert Buchanan leaves his motor scooter troubles to Bill Poyck. 24. Charles Burton leaves his skipping school to Sidney Monroe. 25. Jack Curtis leaves his farming ability to Francis Sullivan. 26. Jimmie Dye leaves his flirting with the girls to Joe Sullivan. 27. Judson Fulford leaves the best of luck to the one who is May King next year. 28. Sterling Hall leaves his football career to Dike Hooe. 29 Phil Helfin leaves his quiet and bashful ways with the girls to Charles Abel. 39. Charles Houck leaves his car wrecks to some unlucky person of next year. 31. Raymond James leaves his curly hair to Lauman Schooler. 32. Steve Kukrak leaves his typing ability to Robert Henderson. 33. Vernon Kurz leaves his black hair to Brad Perkins. 34- Restress Loving leaves his singing ability to Carthage Prince. 35. James Meade leaves his ability to stay in Coach’s office to Richard Carpenter. 36. Withers Moncure leaves his ability to talk to girls to Milton Powell. 37. Bradford Monroe leaves his horse laugh to Temple Brooks. 38. Holmes Patton leaves his shortness to Elmo Brown. 39- William Patton leaves his handsome looks to William Futrell. 40. Clinton Payne leaves his Prince to some lucky boy next year. 41. Mennis Payne leaves his pretty freckles to Scotty Fulford. 42. Raymond Payne leaves his blue eyes to Billy Barber. 43. Paul Peregory leaves his D. 0. classes to Walter Hunter. 44. Frank Ramer leaves his buying of cherry candy to Richard Shacklette. 45. George Ramer leaves his athletic ability to John Lewis Way. 46. Bobby Resio leaves his dancing to Graham Monroe. 47. John Skinner leaves his telling of jokes to Franklin Brown. 48. Robert Stone leaves his careful driving to Wayne Skinner. 49. To Willard Latham, David Sullivan leaves his quiet ways. 50. Dwight Sullivan leaves his getting around the teachers to Clinton Watts. 51. John Sullivan leaves his neat looks to Vanice Dickinson. 52. Lorraine Sullivan leaves his many shop classes to Elmer Sullivan. 53. Sidney Way leaves his good times with the girls to Frank Tulloss. 54. To Curtis Dickinson, William Young leaves his lumber hauling. 55. Charles Moore leaves his light complexion to Robert DeBruyn. 56. Bud Damron leaves his chaffeuring for Coach Hoskins and Franklin Wyne to Donnie Freeman. 57. Lois Boutchyard leaves her typing ability to Zelma English. 58. Peggy Brooks leaves her personality to Margaret Brooks. 59. Gloria Callahan leaves her brown hair to Lillian Bullock. 60. Delores Corbin leaves her ability to run off stencils to Elinor Beach. 61. Joyce Cropp leaves her nice ways to June Harding. 62. Lois Curry leaves her ways with the boys to Catherine Curtis. 63. Jackie Dobson leaves her position on the basketball team to Helen Verburg. 64. Paulina Dye leaves her singing ability to Lois Dye. 65. Anna Fleming leaves her captaincy of the basketball team to some lucky girl next year. 66. Barbara Gallahan leaves her pretty hair to Frances Courtney. 67. Agatha Gracik leaves her flirty ways to Barbara Timmons. 68. To Frances Boutchyard, Thelma Hammons leaves her red hair. 69. To Bettie Sullivan, Frances Harding leaves her ability to get along with people. 70. Joyce Huffman leaves her diamond ring to Lois Gallahan. 71. To Hazel Duerson, Anna Jett leaves her v. luning smiles. 72. To Mary Frances Olive, Irene Jones leaves her laughing ways. 73. Jean Layton leaves best wishes to the girl who will be maid of honor next year. 74. Mary Ann McWhirt leaves her blue eyes to Virginia Blake. 75. Rachel Newton leaves her " Loving” ability to Margaret Newton. 76. Velma Newton leaves her pretty black hair to Frances Powell. 77. Aleen Patton leaves her flirting ways to Bernice Poyck. 78. Helen Porter leaves her Beta Club membership to the lucky person next year. 79. Norma Jean Poff leaves her sales ability at Woolworth’s to Gloria Foster. 80. To Betty Lou Snellings, Ann Shackelford leaves her quiet and bashful ways. 81. Barbara Snellings leaves her ability of getting A’s to Virginia Mizelle. 82. Ivy Snellings leaves her slim waistline to Joyce Gray. 83. Marlene Snellings leaves her alto singing to Shirley Chaplin. 84. Hazel Sullivan leaves her worries as Editor of Indian Smoke Signal to any one who wants them. 85. Jean Stevens leaves her laughing ability to Madline Allen. 86. Nettie Sullivan leaves to Coach Hoskins an efficient secretary. 87. To Mary Frances Corbin, Mamie Truslow leaves her good grades in history. 88. Alice Verburg leaves lots of success and happiness to the girl who gets May Queen next year. 89. Ester Way leaves her typing ability to Marie Dobson. 90. Mable Williams leaves her bookkeeping grades to one that is crazy enough to take bookkeeping. 91. Dorothy Wright leaves her hill-billy songs to Lucille Patton. SIGNED: Nettie Sullivan Mamie Truslow Barbara Snellings WITNESS: Aleen Patton Hazel Sullivan J u M I O R JIJNICCS ONE MORE YEAR TO GO” Scottie Fulford Frances Powell Zelma English Elinor Beach Lucille Patton Robert Henderson Lauinan Schooler Donnie Freeman o p H O M O R §CPIi€MCCES " THERE’S A LOISG, LOMG TRAIL A -WIMDIMG” Jean Allison Robert Headley (Presidents) Edith Truslow Strother Newman Connie Payne Bill Poyck (Secretaries Treasurers) (Vice Presidents) Allen Blake Boutchyard Burton Corbin Courtney Duerson Dye Gallahan Gray Harding, J. James Harding, J. Miller Mizelle Newton, M. Newton, S. Olive Rankin Sullivan, A. Snellings Sullivan, B. Synan Barber Beverley Cooper Curtis DeBruyn Hall Latham Lenox Limbrick Marsh Monroe, G. Monroe, S. Shacklette Shelton Sullivan Way Wine fCESHMEN " JUST BEGUM ” Newton, June Dempsey, Steve Dye, Oliva (Presidents) Patton, Jewel Pitts, Julian Sullivan, Elmer (Vice Presidents) Verburg, Helen Patton, Dolan Chaplin, Shirley (Secretaries) Timmons, Barbara Dickinson, Curtis English, Yvonne (Treasurers) Curtis Allen Gallahan Crane B each Bell Corbin Frost, G. Dobson Smith Spoon Limerick Beverley Frost, E. Hedrick Staples Sullivan, P. F inPQ Bowie Jones Krieger Sullivan, J. l me o Bourne Brooks Cutrigbt Wheeler Hicks Synan Price Newton, B. Moore Sullivan, D. Payne Patton Sullivan, P. Kendall Quann Stevens Kulp Rose McWhirt Jones Nicholson Gallahan Skinner Berry Perkins McCormick, M. Hall Olive McCormick, T. Silver Brown Futrell Grinnan Christy Patton Powell Kurz Shelton Bradshaw PAUL AARON ' The annual staff would like to express its deep appreci¬ ation to PAUL AARON for his tireless effort and patience in photographing the various activities about the school for the 1948—49 " Indian Legend " . EIGHTH GRADE Sponsor.Mrs. Castle President.Sidney Snellings Vice President.-Laura J. Thomas Secretary.Frances Raines Treasurer.Mary Ann Skidmore Homeroom Rep.Burrel Sullivan Secretary.Mack Boutchyard Treasurer.Marie Boutchyard Homeroom Rep.Mable Bourne Sponsor.Mrs. Cannaday President.Florence Barrett Vice President....Charles Chilton Sponsor.....Mr. O’Hair President.Dorothy M. Hamons Vice President...Lillie Nicholson Secretary.Vera Morgan Treasurer.Vera Morgan Homeroom Rep.John Kurz WHO KEEPS OUR SCHOOL CLEAN? MR. HEFLIN, OF COURSE! SPORTS ost Success ful G pi dS eason Falmouth High Indians had a most successful grid season this year. Broken field running was led by Judson Fulford and Withers Moncure, while line bucking was paced by Sterling Hall. Although it takes eleven men to play a game without Charles Moore, a blocking back, our plays would not have been very successful. The line led by George Ramer and Thomas Brown, was always plugging, through victory and defeat. The left side of the line was lead by Brown, Ramer, and Damron, while Resio held the center. On the right side was Freeman, Limerick, and Meade. Our capable and well assisting reserves were: in the backfield, Perkins, Hooe, Brooks, Shacklette, Way and DeBruyn; on the line, Hamm, Dye, Monroe, Cooper, Grinnan, Latham, Sullivan, H. Burton, C. Burton, Jubb, Limerick, Prince, Schooler, and Watts. Head Coach Stuart Hoskins and Assistant Coach Fitzhugh Heflin. OPPONENT SCORE HOME SCORE DATE 1. Orange 0 Falmouth 35 September 24 2. Mt. Vernon 35 Falmouth 0 October 1 3. Matthews 0 Falmouth 40 October 8 4. Varina 0 Falmouth 58 October 15 5. Osbourn 0 Falmouth 27 October 23 6. Fluvanna 18 Falmouth 19 October 29 7. Louisa 6 Falmouth 53 November 5 8. Caroline 0 Falmouth 40 November 13 9. Falls Church 13 Falmouth 34 November 20 FOOTBALL SQUAD Moncure Ramer Prince Fulford Burton Brown Hall Cooper Damron Brooks Shacklette Hooe FOOTBALL SQUAD Freeman Resio Sullivan Meade Schooler Watts Limbrick Monroe Dye Jubb Moore DeBruyn CHEER LEADERS Sponsor.....MRS. ALICE PEIRCE Left to Right: McWhirt, Dobson M., Dobson J , Timmons, Harding F., Verburg, Patton, Harding J., Brooks P., Krieger, Brooks M. Helfin and Fulford are at it again IN I AM MIS Of the fifteen members of the girls’ 1948-49 basketball team, there are six who will be in the June graduating class. They are Anna Fleming, Alice Verburg, Joyce Cropp, Jackie Dobson, Agatha Gracik, and Frances Harding. These play¬ ers will be greatly missed. Six freshmen were accepted in the varsity squad. They are Shirley Hedrick, Yvonne English, Jewel Patton, Helen Verburg, Barbara Timmons, and Ella Allen. Charlotte Rankin, a sophomore, was a newcomer in the guarding lineup. May the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play that has been ever present in this year’s team prevail in Falmouth’s varsity squads that are to be. Girls’ V apsitij Bas a II T Gam L. to R.: Verburg A., Dobson, English, Allen, Harding F., Gracik, Harding J., Rankin, Verburg H., Hedrick, Allison, Timmons, Patton, Cropp, Fleming. Man¬ agers — Beverley and Bullock. : Boys’ V arsitij Baske tUI T cam COACH STUART W. HOSKINS Left to right: Coach Hoskins, Moncure, Payne, Dye, Brown, Cooper, Fulford, Rame Heflin, Hooe, Resio, Manager Meade. IMDIAMETTES IMDIAMS OPPONENT SCORE HOME SCORE OPPONENT SCORE HOME SCORE Spotsylvania 27 Falmouth 19 Spotsylvania 14 F almouth 60 Thomas Dale 13 Falmouth 20 Ashland 27 Falmouth 62 Stafford 26 Falmouth 55 Thomas Dale 24 Falmouth 41 Culpeper 9 Falmouth 32 Stafford 27 Falmouth 62 ■ Spotsylvania 10 F almouth 29 Varina 29 Falmouth 68 Culpeper 23 Falmouth 26 Spotsylvania 21 Falmouth 73 Thomas Dale 20 F almouth 12 Falls Church 32 Falmouth 43 Osbourne 24 F almouth 3 6 Varina 39 Falmouth 61 ♦Stafford F almouth Glen Allen 38 F almouth 55 ♦Osbourne F almouth Ashland 28 Falmouth 45 Highland Falmouth 40 Springs 34 Culpeper 27 Falmouth 40 Culpeper 34 F almouth 55 Thomas Dale 20 F almouth 44 Manassas 29 Falmouth 39 ♦Glen Allen Falmouth ♦Falls Church Falmouth ♦Stafford Falmouth ♦Manassas Falmouth ♦Highland F almouth Springs The games starred are games un-played Girls’ Ju niop Vapsitu Bdskc tUI T Gdm Left to right: Sullivan, Bowie, Truslow, Patton, Mizelle, Dye, Dobson, Poyck, Coach—Mrs. Peirce. B OLJS Juniop BdsUU! T Gdm Front row: Poyck, Burton C., Way, Watts, Barber Back row: Coach Hoskins, Way C., Burton H., Latham, Shacklette. AND ANOTHER RUN COMES IN FOR FALMOUTH Left to Right: Harding, Bullock, Mizelle, Fleming, Verburg, Dobson, Beverley, Cropp Girls’ Physical Ed. Gl lass ' AA.r f ootball Squad 1st. Row: DeBruyn, Meade, Damron, Fulford, Ramer, Moncure, Moore, Hall, Freeman, Brown 2nd. Row: Coach Hoskins, Hooe, Limbrick, Prince, Schooler, Brooks, Resio, Shacklette, Way, Watts, Burton, Coach Heflin. 3rd. Row: Perkins, Hamm, Dye, Monroe, Cooper, Grinnan, Latham, Sullivan, Burton, Jubb. Beta CU Sponsor.......MRS. CASTLE Left to Right: Dye, Ramer, Mrs. Castle, Way, Payne, Schooler, Poyck, Sulli¬ van, Porter, Jubb. S. C. A. Sponsor.MR. O’HAIR Left to right: Verburg, Allison, Ramer, Jubb, Brown, Boutchyard, Dobson, Kri- A(V OOoo AOO ooooo GLEE CLUB 1st. row: Matheson, Hicks, Bishop, Quann, Sullivan, Nicholson, Snellings, Goodwin, Payne, I. Snellings, Thomas, J. Payne, Hamons, and Mr. Edwards. 2nd. row: Hedrick, Harding, Patton, Moore, Blake, Dye, Gallahan, Smith, Payne, Torrice, Miller, Chaplin, 3rd. row: Dobson, Olive, A. Sullivan, Bowie, B. Dye, McCormick, Christy, Futrell, Price, Allen, Bourne,,E. Snellings, 4th. row: B. Gallahan, Synan, Armstrong, Crane, Spoon, Mizelle, P. Sullivan, Allison, Stephens, G. Frost, E. Frost, T. Olive, M. Snellings. IMDIAM LEGEMD” STAFF Sponsors. Editor In Chief. Assistant Manager.... Business Manager.... Subscription Manager Literary Editor. Photography. Advertising Manager.. Art Editor. ........MRS. HOSKINS MRS. PEIRCE ....GEORGE RAMER THELMA HAMMONS ...ALICE VERBURG ....JACKIE DOBSON .JEAN LAYTON .PAUL AARON .PEGGY BROOKS .BUD DAMRON iFuture H omema Vers of A mcrica Sponsor, MISS KATHLEEN GOODLOE President........JOYCE CROPP Secretary.. BARBARA SNELLINGS Reporter.ALEEN PATTON Vice-President.ANNA MAY JETT Treasurer.SHIRLEY NEWTON Historian.FRANCES HARDING UPG Farmers o merica Sponsor MR. MUSE President Secretary. Reporter.. .BANE CURTIS .JIMMIE DYE RICHARD SHACKLETTE Vice-President, Treasurer........ Sgt. at Arms ... ...CHARLES WAY FRANK TULLOSS ,..BILLY BARBER Sponsor.MRS. HOSKINS President.NETTIE SULLIVAN Vice-President.ESTHER WAY Secretary.DELORES CORBIN Treasurer.JACKIE DOBSON Sponsor.........MRS. COOPER President....... Vice-President, Reporter. GEORGE RAMER ..JEAN ALLISON JEWEL PATTON Secretary. Treasurer .HELEN VERBURG RICHARD CHICHESTER LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor..............MISS DOROTHY KEHOE Front Row: Allen, English, Porter, Burton, Miller. Back.Row: Curtis, Verburg, Miss Kehoe, Dobson, and Dye. IMDIAM SMOKE SIGMAL STAFE Sponsor. Editor... Assistant Editor Business Editor. Chief Typist. MRS. LEE COOPER .HAZEL SULLIVAN .ANNA FLEMING .DELORES CORBIN -JEAN LAYTON rtt F |trr ftysr ■H» vMr »t ELECTRICITY CLASS Sponsor.....JMR. FRANKLIN WYNE Front row, sitting: Barber, Monroe, Kurz, Nickolson, Moncure, Damron, Heflin, Carpenter, Second row: Boutchyard, Shacklette, Curtis, Latham, Newman, Hall, Jones, Sullivan, Way, Sullivan. Top row: Moncure, Way, Dye, Payne, Hamm, Sullivan, Dickinson, Quann, Brown, Dempsey, and Wheeler. iii w oodvvor k and PI umbincj Cl asses Sponsor.MR. FRANKLIN WYNE Front row: Sullivan, Heflin, uamron, Patton, Monteith, Brown, Boutchyard, Sullivan, Quann, Sullivan, Second row: Marsh, DeBruyn, Fulford, Payne, Sullivan, Shelton, Sullivan,Curtis, Monroe, Barber, Monroe, Third row: Prince, Beverley, Fulford, Kukrak, Dye, Olive, Powell, Sullivan, Dye, Limberick, Skinner. LthG radc Cl asses Sponsor.MR. WYNE Front row: Kurz, Hunt, Posey, Jubb, Perkins, Hunter, Chilton, Boutchyard, Snellings, Snellings, Truslow, Jett, Sullivan, Sullivan, Nave. Second row: Rose, Hiltner, Snellings, Ellis, Jefferson, Peregory, Ferris, Alsop, Brooks, Hamm, Rose, Quann, Cooper, Stevens, Cox. Third row: Heflin, Newton, Jett, McGhee, Wheeler, Hicks, Carter, Flack, Way, Duerson, Able, Sullivan, Boutchyard, Williams, and Pierce. Genera Sponsor.MR. FRANKLIN WYNE Left to right: Brooks, Boutchyard, Patton, Carpenter, Payne, Dye, Sullivan, Moore. Tijping Studen ts Get Tl Teir Budgets Off Mrs. Castle Perf eplorms an Lxpepimen t Our Bus D PIVGPS Year ALICE VERBURG.. JUDSON FULFORD, JEAN LAYTON.. CLINTON PAYNE... .Queen .....King ,Maid of Honor .Prince WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT MR. WYNE’S STORE? DELORES CORBIN, LOIS BOUTCHYARD, AND HAZEL SULLIVAN PREPARE THE DAILY REPORT Front row: Gallahan, Marchal, Kurz, Ellis, Skinner, Carroll, Kendall, Loving Second row: Talley, Brent, Surles, Sebastian, Krollman, James, Way, Monroe Third row: Mr. Neill—Co-ordinator, Cloe, Bird, Loving, Peregory, Stone, Young, Houck, and Patton. Mrs. Elizabeth Henderson Mrs. Louise Hamman Mrs. Grace Chinn THE LOWER SCHOOL BUILDIMG SEVEMTH GRADE Teachers.,.MRS. HENDERSON MRS. CHINN Teacher SIXTH GRADE MRS. HAMMAN - v? " ' - yy y y yy -O ' . ss r.- -, v v -. , , v v y -.K -.- r. v v J o r - -ts -O r - National Bank Of Fredericksburg “OLDEST BANK IN THE CITY” MEMBER F. D. I. C. MONTHLY PAYMENT LOANS COLLATERAL AND MORTGAGE LOANS 900 PRINCESS ANNE 10 § § § § § § § § § § yy-‘ - sy ss VjT,- •, COMPLIMENTS OF Judson Smith Gwaltney ’ s Service Center tssa YOURS FOR HAPPY MOTORING Jewelry, Class Rings, Pens, And Other Jewelry MR. WALTER ANDERSON Representative Richmond, Virginia The Colonial Press, Inc. 307 William Street M. N. Beales, Mgr. Fredericksburg, Va. We Specialize In School Printing, Including Annuals, Programs, Tickets, Etc. COMPLIMENTS OF Dan Watson Farmers Creamery Co., Inc. Distributors of Superior Dairy Products Grade A Pasteurized Milk Golden Guernsey Milk Vitamin D Homogenized Milk, Buttermilk Ice Cream Butter Cream Phone 716 Wolfe Corner Jackson Street Fredericksburg, Va„ COMPLIMENTS OF F.W. Wool worth FRED’S ELECTRIC SHOP Complete Line Of General Electric Appliances And Radios Franchised Dealer For Stafford Prince Wm. Counties Lionel Trains Accessories Year Round Owned Operated By Fred Kitchener TRAVELERS DRIVE - IN RESTAURANT, INC. Sea Food-Chicken In The Basket Delicious Home Made Pies Orders Filled To Take Out Call 1599W Open 8 A.M. to 11 P.M. sy sy. ss - ,s v j SOUTHERN STATES Quality ; Feeds Seeds Fertilizers Farm Supplies | Roofing Paints | Prince Ed. Frederick - 182 For A Quick Snack ' § Drive Out To j « FALMOUTH § FOUNTAIN SERVICE f A Good Place To Eat ! Cosmetics And Patented j $ Medicines j § Phone 2344 WX j | | WHITE WEEKS EARLS j | | Furniture For Every FOOD MARKET J Room Staple Groceries Fresh Meats! § | Quality Products At Reasonable And Vegetables | Prices Chatham Heights | Cash Or Credit Phone 1072 -J | ? 800 Caroline St. Phone 168 ' Fredericksburg, Va. j | Compliments 1 lynn perkins fashions | ? of BOND ' S j REXALL DRUGS Caroline William St. § 909 Caroline Street § j Fredericksburg Virginia | Phone 2200 1 Fredericksburg, Virginia § i k WALKER ’ S GARAGE • For A Good Snack Johnson’s Sea King Outboard Stop At j | RALPH ’ S GRILL j $ Motor Auto Repairs Sophia Hanover St. Phone 856 Curb Service Bar B Q’s ? Hours 6 A.M. to 12 P.M. § | Fredericksburg Virginia Located 2 Miles North j $ Of Fredericksburg j § -Cr x .i v i ... COMPLIMENTS 1 COMPLIMENTS OF OF FALMOUTH SHELTON BROS. CLEANERS Prompt Pick Up Delivery SHOE REPAIR Service Phone 679 W i COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF j BELLS FURNITURE CO., INC. 1 FINE FURNITURE Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. : Since 1897 9 PEDAN COMPLIMENTS j EQUIPMENT CO. OF | Oliver And Massy Harris W. H. SIMPSON Farm Machinery SON j Compliments j of | j VAUGHAN ATLANTIC Route 1 SERVICE STATION Falmouth, Virginia Phone 8055 100 William St. Wholesale Lumber Fredericksburg, Va. Phone 1727 BECK i SNELLINGS MINOR CHEVROLET CORP. Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac Wholesale Grocers 319 William Street j Expert Body Work Painting 614 Princess Anne 2520 Fredericksburg Virginia j YOUNG MOTORS, SOUTHERN DINER INC. Open 24 Hrs. Steaks, Chops, Hamburgers Chrysler Plymouth Texas Chili Con Came j Fredericksburg, Virginia 1017 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, Va. FRED A. PAYNE MORTON’S DRUG STORE Electrical Appliances Drugs, Cosmetics Phone 188 And 1709 Princess Ann St. Fountain Service Fredericksburg, Va. | E. C. NINDE Furniture Fredericksburg’s Oldest Furniture Store j RICHIE’S TYPEWR ITER SALES Compliments of AND SERVICE | Royals, Portables, Standard SULLIVAN SHOE SHOP Typewriters Allen’s Adding Machines 913 Caroline St. | 913 Caroline St. Phone 2354 Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg, Va. JETT HUDSON PATRONIZE | REAL ESTATE j OUR Bradford Building ADVERTISERS Telephone 2143 Fredericksburg, Va. Office Entrance: 915 Princess Ann St. ’- ?-• ' COMPLIMENTS OF FREDERICKSBURG HARDWARE STRATFORD HOTEL : DELTA POWER TOOLS Richmond-Washington Hy. DES PAINT “Fredericksburg’s Newest And Finest” 311 William Street Fireproof Dining Room - Garage Fredericksburg Virginia Phone 1100 KENMORE COFFEE SHOP GEORGE S. BERRY Specializing In Home Style Cooking PLUMBING HEATING | Unjointed Fried Chicken Phone 1041 Grade A T-Bone Steaks Res. 1754 Homemade Pies Rolls ALL WORK GUARANTEED | 1200 Princess Anne St. 205-207 Charlotte Street Fredericksburg, Va. Fredericksburg, Va. j Phone-99 5J GOOLRICK ’ S 11 MODERN PHARMACY Registered Pharmacists Always On Duty Call 33 901 Caroline St. LAND’S JEWELRY BOX ‘ ' Jewelry Of Distinction” Fine Diamonds, Watches Jewelry, Gifts Authorized Dealer Gorham Sterling 208 William 1144 FARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK Loans Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone 2100 1001 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, Va. LINCOLN MERCURY PARKER MOTOR CO. 2508 Princess Anne St u Fredericksburg, Va u Phone 2500 G. L„ Parker 1 § Compliments f | of B. GOLDSMITH SONS 1 920 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, Virginia Compliments of | COCA - COLA j BOTTLING CO. j 2011 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg Virginia j It Pays To Shop At J.C. PENNEY DEPARTMENT STORE 825-827 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, Virginia WALSH JEWELRY CO. ' 206 William Street Fredericksburg, Virginia Jewelry-W atches-Diamonds Jewelry Repair | Compliments of YOUNG MEN ’ S SHOP 913 Caroline Street Fredericksburg, Virginia SHELTON TRl SLOW CLEANERS j Prompt Call For And Delivery Service Phone 523 1006 Caroline St. HERBERT BRYANT, j INC. Seeds Feeds Fertilizers Prince Edward Frederick Call 867 Fredericksburg, Va. H YOUNG - SWEETSER CO., INC. Grain Hay Better Feeds 403 Charles - 182 C yyyyyy yyyy yy yyyy yy-yy ■■ yy yy yy yy yy ■ sy-yy yy yy. yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yy yr - yy s 1 - - - -- - - E.E. VAUGHAN S.S. KAUFMAN General Merchandise For Fine Jewelry J Fresh Meats Fruits A Specialty For Everyone j Falmouth, Virginia Phone 1075 J I J Fredericksburg i ; MAC GREEN’S PLACE i HOPKINS BAKERY j 622 Caroline Street Home Made Pies Cakes Fredericksburg, Va. Southern Dairy Ice Cream Fruits, Groceries Luncheon Meats Open Until 11 Nights 715 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, Va. Phone 289 W.C. HEFLIN j J . W. MASTERS I General Merchandise Dry Goods Notions Lumber Building Supplies Phone 3K2 j Berea, Va. i Fredericksburg, Virginia SINGER SEWING SKINKER BROS. MACHINE CO. MOTOR CO. Kaiser - Frazer j | 814 Caroline Street Sales - Service j 600 Lafayette Blvd. j Fredericksburg, Va 0 Fredericksburg Virginia j Phone 789 j ' yy yy-yy-yyyyy yy . THRIFT AUTO SUPPLY INC. 1023 Caroline Street Diamond Tires Everything Automotive Use Our Budget Terms FREDERICKSBURG ! HOME I § AUTO SUPPLY Your Firestone Store 1003 Caroline St„ Fredericksburg Virginia Parts Wholesale Accessories Retail GAYLE MOTOR COMPANY De Soto Plymouth General Motor Trucks John Deere Farm Implements Phone 608 Fredericksburg, Va. JOE ULMAN Feminine Fashions 822 Caroline Street Fredericksburg Virginia Compliments of BECK FURNITURE ELKINS FUNERAL HOME FLOWERS 613 Caroline Street Fredericksburg Virginia Your Shopping Center BRENT’S STORE 826 Caroline Street Virginia Compliments of SOUTHERN GRILL 1013 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, Virginia BERRY’S MEAT MARKET Specializing In Home Dressed Meats And Poultry We Deliver Falmouth, Va. 158 Compliments of BLANTON’S BY PASS u. s. i Fredericksburg, Va. Compliments of CITY BAKERY, INC. Phone 1250 416 William Street Fredericksburg, Virginia ■: -O ' THE LMA BULLOCK WHITE DINER Our Motto Quality And Service Phone 9277—J Falmouth Va. A.T. EMBREY, JR. | f Insurance Real Estate Auction Sales I § Fredericksburg, Virginia EDGAR M. YOUNG I SONS, INC. Lumber And Building Materials Fredericksburg, Va. ULMAN’S Lifetime Jewelry 903 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, Virginia Compliments of ALLEN’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of Compliments j jRECREATION CENTER J. J. NEWBERRY | j J § j WEST END SNACK BAR j l 11 Prop. Joe Gertie Adams j § FOUNTAIN SERVICE 807 William Street Sandwiches, Sodas, Drinks, Candyj | Phone - 2250 Cigarettes Magazines j ? 907| Caroline Street | Compliments KEZZELL’S } | of SHOE STORE j PRINCESS ANNE HOTEL | Quality Shoes For The Entire Family | 1017 Caroline St. | | Fredericksburg Virginia ( 5 fi. WARING ■ Compliments § of ! | REALTY CO. THE COMMERCIAL 1 $ 307 Hanover St. STATE BANK ! City Property Colonial Estates j Farms and Lots Fredericksburg Virginia | Compliments of BURGESS AND FATTA BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP | Compliments of | GEORGE R. WRIGHT PLUMBING HEATING 310 Hunter St. Phone 1570 j Fredericksburg, Va. MAXFIELD BROWN RICHARD HARDESTY) APPLIANCE CENTER Norge Dealer Norge Gas And Electric General Electric Ranges Radios 405 William St. Phone 1095 316 William - 1834 Fredericksburg, Va. CHRISMOND’S Compliments of HALL’S SHOE STORE j Shoes Hosiery Bags HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS 911 Caroline St. Fredericksburg Virginia 411 William St. Phone 75-J Fredericksburg, Virginia _ ECONOMY JOE ’ S PLACE FOOD MARKET Quality Service Store Complete Line j Food Center General Merchandise Delivery Service Meats Groceries 1806 Fall Hill Ave. - 665 Gulf Products Tire Service Fredericksburg, Va. War rent on Road - 47-J-4 Compliments of BAYLOR’S BARBER SHOP 1027 Caroline St. FREDERICKSBURG u OFFICE SUPPLY All Office Essentials 1108 Caroline St. Fredericksburg Virginia Compliments of MILLERS SPECIALTY SHOP 818 Caroline St. WEST END SERVICENTER Hanover And Little Page Streets Texaco Products Richmond Tires Phone 9179 COMPLIMENTS OF Imperial Men ’ s Shop Men ' s Wear Of Distinction McGregor Sport Wear 422 William Street Fredericksburg, Virginia BURRELL MOTOR SALES Buick Sales And Service 2015 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg Virginia ■ yy-yy -yyyy yy yy yyyy-yy yy yy yr. A. P. PERSONS Wholesale | | Candy, Chewing Gum, Cigars, j | Potato Chips, Cigarettes Peanut Butter Sandwiches Phone 52-J Quantico, Va. Infant And Children’s Wear § TOTS TEENS SHOP 816 Caroline St. Fredericksburg, Va. KLOTZ’S Scrap Dealers And Auto Wreckers “Used Cars” Phone 119 310 Charlotte Street Fredericksburg, Va. Compliments of carl’ s FROZEN CUSTARD Vanilla, Chocolate, And Strawberry Flavors BLANTON MOTOR CO., INC Genuine Ford Parts Wrecker Service Phone 912 Night Phone 685-M 613 Princess Anne St„ HIGH WAY FRUIT MARKET Fruits Produce 1914 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg, Va. Packard Pontiac § BURKE MOTOR SALES! Sales Service Used Cars Phone 1600 508-510 Lafayette Boulevard ' -c? " 5 - y yy yy yy yyyy yy yy yy yy yy«yy yy yy yy yy •„ UNIVERSITY SUPPLY EQUIPMENT CO. I IicjK School and College Annuals 1204 Mackeij Street Ft. Worth, T exas PUBLISHERS OF THIS ANNUAL

Suggestions in the Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) collection:

Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 109

1949, pg 109

Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 78

1949, pg 78

Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 27

1949, pg 27

Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 57

1949, pg 57

Falmouth High School - Indian Legend Yearbook (Falmouth, VA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 72

1949, pg 72

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