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Falmouth High School - Crest Yearbook (Falmouth, ME) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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is x xxx.- N t f f' , Xxx KN X-.fxb .xxxx Q if , ,J -x 51-gag ...,. , 45 VM, Mfg-I 1 ,f K. f. . www .f - - sf? ff 4 ,f,5'-viii' :. ' +- 'FY 522' LIL' , :rf i . 4l.. yg1!,.g5,n,p,,,,qk,s.Aw. - ml, W - 1-.sf nj " ., N ..::ffvu-gl1:i,f- M V W 1 - f .ma Law 'jffzfwze A .x Clic' 6l'6'5f of '60 Zfhirfiklh Sditiau , Pwirxm llndcr the Direction of the Senior C7fl1.S'S of Zzlmaulh High Salma! Zzlmaulh, ,Maine Zfrcwvrd Che Home af the llachfsmeu The pages which you are about to look through, perhaps over and over again through- out the years, are the Class of 1960's way of saying good-by to Falmouth High School and all that it stands for. We sincerely hope that you'll find it to be a worthy representation of what a school year at the home of the Yachtsmen is like. On each page you will find pictures depicting scenes every student is familiar with, scenes that will recall countless memories for seniors and freshmen alike. We hope you'1l enjoy yourself from cover to cover of this 1960 edition of "The Crest." Your editor, ..JJ,oooQ1z. Salma! Klzcer Yachtsmen, Yachtsmen, yes, we are the Yachtsmen, And we are from Falmouth, that's right. Fighting, fighting, we are in there fighting, And we'11 win this game tonight. Better, better, yes, we are by far, That's why we want the whole wide world to know who - we - are. Yachtsmen, Yachtsmen, yes, we are the Yachtsmen, And we are from Fa1mouth-- We're from Falmouth--rah, rah, ra.h. A life on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered waters wave, And the winds their revels keep. -Epes Sargent fxz Tabla af Cfolfzfcufs Q91 Ded lcatron Admmrstrauon Faculty The Crest Staff Calendar Semors umors Sophomores Actrvrtres Sports Alumnr Here and There Advertrsmg Acknovs ledgments Qiisxi R 112. ffy 'MMF x5 ' 'e' Qvdnhj I Page . , uuvb "v' w. , Yw qw A, -- - -VY-'V qniu -ww - -w --A-----.b -b. A ----q,-w'. - - D Y Y - 5 ' ' ' ,,,,,,,,r ,,,,,.e,,ree rr,Yree,.erre ee.eerrr,,eeee..,....,.e.,,,,,,.w...,rY..,,, . 7 6 . , b b-A.,b----,.w qi V-A wY' ---Y , A AA ,A ----V--,-,A ---,-- Q---Qw--v VQVV--A V,,' A ----,A,A 1 1 " H ..A......ee eV7V....e....Y, .V..Y...VV...V7...V7.77VVV....V..V.V.....,vY..VVVVV..VAV-.,VV---- - 1 9 ' ---,AA,7,,, ,,,,,.w,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,r,,rr,,r r,,,,-,,,,,, , ,,r,,e,,,,,,r,,,,r,,,,,,.,,.,rr,.,,..,...... 2 3 J ' ,,,,,,,,,r,,eer..,r.er.er e ,,...r.e,,eeeeee.eeeeeee.....re,e,.ereeeeeee.....e..,.eeee..........er......,..rr. 43 Freshmen .r.....,.........e.............e.......eer....,..,................,.--.,----,,----,,--fe4,-,---,f'-f'-,--- 55 . .. --------',----b.-.Y'----. '.-' ---------' Y- - b -I---qq..V-,'Yw ----------kv lbvnvvl------',--.------------ - 6 3 ' -D--VVV'-----------.-A,------------,----.-.,,'VY-------.-,,w,---,-,,,,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,..,...... 81 ' ' h,,A-------A-7Y7-----nn-AAA.---,---,---,-,----,,-.,,,,,,-,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,....,.,,,,,,.... 85 , - --,Q---,,,------v7V7---,-,-----,q,-,rrre,,,,,,.,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,...,.. 86 .- I, WV , Q Mmm : . ' X13 V. 5' A 'Qld if ' P ...I- Q Our Salma! Hammiffee MRS. MARGARET MARTIN Chairman Term: 1957-1960 Ofrupalion: Housewife Civic Orgmzizatiomi' Child and Family Services Board Children's Hospital Visiting Board Nurses' Advisory Committee-Maine Medical Center School of Nursing Term: 1959-1962 mittee MR. A. ELLIOTT SMALL, JR. Orcupalion: Bank Vice-President Civic Organizationi' Falmouth School Survey Committee Chairman-Falmouth Building Com- MR. HALSEY SMITH Term: 1958-1961 Occupaliorz: Bank President Civic Organizatiom: Chamber of Commerce United Community Services Child and Family Services ui ' wvmbwff' o 4 IE "Yours is the opportunity to acquire a education." if A W fi MQQ, 'W vu, .fi W y .57 . oi o on V I f..J' t' on wx ' 4f"'M5446ow..1i3-5 h o S E L. A N JW, V A'i,'?TV ak. 4 'W' N possession-an Q v Zzculfy From their knowledge we learng From their experience we profitg From their service we benefit. 'iCc11s'ure is' the reward of Azhar RUTHEREORD M. DRUMMOND Prizzfipal "Now for your morning bulletin"g lobstering with Mr. Masong assemblies l MISS ROBERTA F. ROGERS Business Education "Let's try it againng twinkling eyesg continually busy GARDNER C. POPE Submaiter Science Science fairsg truly interested in his studentsg "What was the ending of that compound?" MRS. MARIA P. HURLEY English Remedial Reading Businesslikeg zealousg follows school rules Our Zzculiy MISS MADELYN E. BUCK English "My freshmen have good potentialug locating stage propsg determined MRS. GLADYS A. HAGER Latin "Virgil, Caesar, and the boys"g bottle of milk during classg school spirit JOHN KOSTOPOULOS Boys' Physical Education T-shirtsg one-half of "It"g horn-rimmed glasses MRS. JANE B. HOUSUM Home Economics Skiing enthusiastg joking with Mr. Halping irnpish ALFRED H. STADDEN Driver Training Social Studies Always JOHN Guidance Director "So you want to go to college"g information galoreg statistics MRS. PHYLLIS P. BEMISS Business Education Social Studies Ever-present smileg "Skipper" meetingsg patience JAMES B. HANSON Music Tolerantg perseveringg cordial friendlyg politeg loyal basketball fan M. GILLIS Our Zzculiy MRS. CAROLYN L. KOSTOPOULOS French Part of a teamg energenticg neat RICHARD j. HALPIN Social Studies Preciseg clebonaireg patriotic r WALTER T. CAHILL English Quizzesg "Get the little book"g water from Walden Pond MRS. JOAN H. TAINTER English Social Studies Librfzrifm "Too much talking in here, peopleng cleverg good- natured M. ROBERT M. BERRY Mathematics Mastermindg different suit every dayg tall-dark- and handsome ROBERT C. CLUNIE Mathematics Plaid necktiesg detentions for those problem Seniorsg twins MRS. KATHERINE N. SMITH Girls' Physical Education Tailored clothesg black tightsg "Ready for skipping- one, two I" JOSEPH L. GREGOIRE Science Affableg "Be there on time"g even-tempered Our Zzvulfy MRS. HELEN O. KEEGAN English Guidazzfe Helpfulg understandingg enthusiastic JEROME W. BLACK Industrial Arts Moderateg thriftyg versatile DR. ARTHUR WOODMAN Sflmol Physician Sincereg amusingg fatherly MRS. KATHERINE G. DUNLAP Srlaool Nurre Professionalg cheerfulg sympathetic MRS. HELEN S. LOWELL Speech Tbempirl Preciseg calmg obliging MRS. GRACE H. DUFFY English Guidance Newcomerg artisticg fashionable Teachers who dwell on the Duty of Happiness as well as on the Happi- ness of Duty make the world better and brighter, for we ought to be as cheerful as we can if only because to be happy ourselves .is a most effectual contribution to the happiness of others. Sir john Lubbock Lord Avebury 5 if if .iff - 3' ML: 1 Qvfjlg ' 14'-.5 ,, ff , N, .kk . , N. ' es A, 'gs' . id- EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ..,.., ASSISTANT EDITOR .,A,,. ,.....wS,.,... SwS......S. SENIOR EDITORS Feature: Cynthia Proctor Activities Daniel Woodman ART EDITORS .,,,,, ..n,...,,w, o.,.,..,,,.,.,no..Y,,A. ...... PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS ....YwA. .o,,.. ALUMNI AND EXCHANGES .v,w.I. FACULTY EDITORS .,o,.. ,...,, ACTIVITY EDITORS .,,...,. CLASSROOM EDITORS .,o.,,.. SPORTS EDITORS Susan Shaw Ann Haley Robert Jordan Nancy Smith Susan Fortune Elizabeth Heinonen Wayne Sullivan Walter Libby Susan Daley William Anderson Dorothy Davis Nancy Bradford Martha Field Lorna Hart Charlene LaPlant Anne Lunt Nancy Nickerson Diana Dunlap John Amato Ann Brown Donald Smith Jack Buckley Paul Berry Karl Robbins jan Atherton Paula. Clough Ann Siegars Elizabeth Norton Robert'Mangion Francis Laney CO-ADVISOR .sess I .....s. Mrs. Maria P. Hurley v Business Stay BLSINESS MANAGER H, ,,,,,,, , U CO-ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS ,,s,. CIRCULATION MANAGER , ,s,,s , SENIOR CLERKS , ,, ,,,,,,. .A.. . G, JUNIOR CLERKS , BUSINESS AD SOLICITORS .,,,.,Y john Amato Robert Carlson Susan Alling Robert jordan Ann Siegars Doreen Walton Susan Shaw Cynthia Proctor Cynthia Young Timothy How Peter Haley Patricia Jenkins Daniel Wfoodman Robert Mason Charlene LaPlant Elizabeth Norton Scott Hovey Diana Dunlap Susan Daley Nancy Nickerson Robert Mangion Martha Field Paul Berry Kenneth Mills Gail LePage jane Record james Beal john Buckley Linda Jordan Shirley Maguire Nancy Lowe Donald Vining William Pollard Laurence Perkins ,, David Abbiati William Reichert , Cynthia Young G Judith Norton Betsy Marshall Lucille Littlefield , Sandra Burnell Carolyn Gates Donna Thoits Edythe Alling Sylvia Adams Pamela Dobson Robert Lawler Richard Lawler Ann Hatch Anne Brown Norman Stiles Sandra Dunlap Rebecca Knight William Goddard Donald Smith Carole Siegars Philip Eames Priscilla Blanchard Galyn Shaw Diane Proctor Michelle Benoit Stanley Wentzel Harvey Wheeler Geoffrey Titherington Hzzlendzzr 'Nos Round Robrn Nos w One Act Plays Dec Chrxstmas Assemblx Dec Pops Concert Sept 8 Regrstratxon 75 Freshman Receptron Oct Vu Trrplc C Smm Meet june 9 junror Prom JUHC16 Last Chapel Jan 1821 lNllCly621fS June 17 Gracluatron fli t, 1 Mt -Z April v State Scrence Farr Feb Basketball Tournament A 116 F S h pn ame peec Festnal Nlarch 1 Natronal Honor Socrety As Klan Baseball Track Sfmbls N131-ch 7 Future Teachers ofAmer1c1 Installatxon March 11 Facultx Game 22 ll '. 15- A . a ' ' ', 21-f ' Sept. -qi I V. ' h .' I fl A K T i' td i I . Nm xt: 9 Q: -- -T i up .1 il - iz, . 5 P2-v Q Z' xlv 144 x , I 1 2 2 ? ig B Z3 he a SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: K. Graffam, J. Clunie, Treasurerg J. Amato, S. Hovey, Vice-President, Robert Mason, Presidentg J. Clunie, Secretaryg S. Alling, U16 Scniar year As we begin our senior year at Falmouth, we are taking one more step up the long ladder of life. Being in our last year of school, we pause to look down the ladder at the great many steps behind us. We remember that first day in subprimary and the long years in grammar school. Then there was junior high school, bringing about many ad- justments associated with adulthood. Finally we took the big step into high school. How we remember our freshman year filled with wonder and excitement-the opportunity to accept responsibility and to be dealt with like adults! As we look back on it, we realize how great an admiration we had for the Senior Class. We looked to them as leaders and saw in them a goal which at that point seemed out of our reach. But the weeks turned into months and the months into yearsg and we moved steadily, step by step, up the long ladder. Now, as seniors, we realize how fast that time has passed. Some of us look back on it with regrets for lack of preparation in our studies and participation in activities. We beseech the underclassmen not to make these same mis- takes. The biggest regret seems to be that in a few short months, we shall leave for a rather doubtful and less secure life in the world outside. How can we ever express our feelings for F.I-I.S.? How could we ever forget the memories of these priceless years- participating in school organizations and activities, uniting with one another in school spirit to cheer on our teams, and working with one another in class and on special proj- ects. Now that the time to leave is drawing near, we realize our high school life will always be a part of usg and we hope that we shall be remembered by both students and faculty in the years to come. SUSAN ELIZABETH ALLING "Sue" Ambition: To become a private secretary Favorite Exprerfiorzr "Oh! I forgot!" Favorite Paytime: Reading Aetivitief: Head Bank Clerk 25 Chorus 15 Class Executive Committee 45 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 15 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 3, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Office Secretary 2, 35 "The Skipper" Staff 2, As- sistant Editor 35 Editor-in-Chief 45 Student Librarian 2, Assistant Librarian 35 Teacher's Secretary 2, 3, 4. Efficient, sincere, "The Skipper" deadlines. JOHN ROBERT AMATO "Tiger" Ambition: To get to a good college Favorite Expreffiorzs "Meet us at Angie's" Favorite Paftimex Driving the Corvette Activitie.r.' Chorus 25 Class Officer-Vice-President 35 Executive Committee 2, 45 "The Crest" Staff 3, 45 French Club 25 Science Fair 25 Ski Club 2, 35 Stu- dent Council 1. Argumentative, last-minute homeroom rush, Cafe Espresso JOHN EDXVARD ANDREASEN "Andy" Ambition: To be a game warden Favorite Exprefiiorzf "Got to tell you something I" Favorite Paftimef Hunting, fishing, and Working on cars Quiet, model trains, shotgun PAUL LESLIE BERRY "Paul" Ambition: To major in English Favorite Exprefrion: "You don't say!" Favorite Partimef Music Artivitie.f: Baseball Manager 25 Cgmera Club 25 "The Crest" Staff 45 French Club 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 2, 45 Honor Roll 1, 25 National Honor Society 3, 4g Student Librarian 2, 4, Head 45 Latin Club 4. Green "Chevy," gum, pink candy MARGRETTA LOUISE BRINK "Peggie" Ambiliofz: To go to art school Fazorite Exprefriofz: "Cotton pickin' " Fazorile Pariime: Sewing AfIiz'i1ief.' Basketball 1. Co-operative, nervous, babysitting SANDRA JEAN BURNELL "Sandy" Ambilionf To have a happy and successful married life Fazforile Exprefrion: "Is that right!" Favorite Partimef "Larry" Acziifiliers Chorus 15 "The Crest" Staff 2, 4g Dramatics Ig Office Secretary 4g "The Skipper" Staff 3g Teacher's Secretary 3, 4. Energetic, Larry, big day in June JOHN SIMPSON BURRELL "john" Ambition: To be a technician Favorile Expression: "How come?" Favorile Paitime: Bothering Mrs. Hurley Arlizfitief: Baseball Manager 2g Camera Club President 2g French Club 2g Hi- Lions Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 4. Likeable, terror to Mrs. Hurley, hunting ROBERT ARTHUR CARLSON "Bob" Ambilion: To be an engineer Favorite EXP7'E.f5f0J1.' "All right!" Favorite Paxtime: Reading about automobiles Artifitier' Camera Club 25 Class Officer-President lg French Club 2, 35 Hi-Lions 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 35 Science Club 3, 4g Student Council 3. Thoughtful, intelligent, likes cars CONSTANCE MAY CHAPPEL "Connie" Ambiliou: To have a successful marriage Famrite Exprefriozzs "I just can't do history." Ffzrorize Paftime: Talking to Sandy Aftiz'itieJ: Basketball 1, Chorus 1, Majorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Secretary 3. Woolworth's, sweet, dances JEAN CLUNIE "Jean" Ambition: To go to college Favorite Exprerrionx "Why, sure!" Favorite Pfzrtime: Going to Massachusetts Arriz'ifief.' Transferred from Lincoln Academy 4, Career Day 2, 33 Cheerleading 2, 3, Class Officer-Treasurer 4, Drarnatics 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. 33 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Science Club 3, Science Fair 2, Student Librarian 3, Art Club 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3, Junior Prize Speaking 3. Character, older, amicable JOAN CLUNIE "J0an" Ambition: To go to college Fazforile Expreryion: "Oh, no!" Fmforite Parlimes Writing letters Actiz'itier: Transferred from Lincoln Academy 4, Career Day 2, 33 Class Of- ficer-Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4, Debating 3, N.F.L. 3, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Club 35 Science Club 3, "The Skipper" Staff 4, Student Council 3. Willing, younger, cordial MERLE ORIN COLLINS "Merle" 4mbilio11.' To get out of school Ffzz mile E.x'pre55i011.' "I'll bet!" Fmorile Pfzftimex Sleeping Happy-go-lucky, curly hair, a tease S? DONNA LOUISE CRAWFORD "Donna" Ambition: To have a successful married life Favorite Expreuion: "Has anyone seen Patty?" Favorite Pattime: Going out with Brad Artivitiet: "The Skipper" Staff 3, 45 Student Librarian 15 Teacher's Secretary 5, 4. Worker, cartoonist, hot-rod VICTORIA DIANE DAGGETT "Vicki" Ambition: To spend a summer in France Favorite Exprertiozz: "Not really !" Favorite Partime: Writing Artivitier: Chorus 1, 2, 35 "The Crest" Staff 2, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, 45 F.T.A. 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 15 Office Secretary 2, 3, 45 Science Club 35 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 35 Student Librarian 1. Conscientious, actress, hairdos SUSAN GUILFOIL DALEY "Sue" Ambition: To become proficient at skiing, diving, and public speaking Favorite Exprerrion: "How about that !" Favorite Partime: Skiing, skiing, and more skiing Artivitier: Chorus 15 Christmas Pageant 25 "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 De- bating 1, 2, 3, 45 N.F.L. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 25 French Club 2, 3, 45 Swim- ming 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Honor Roll 15 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 35 Student Council 45 Variety Show 1. Athletic, thoughtful, pleasant PATRICIA ANN DIONNE "Patty" Ambition: To be a success Favorite Exprerrion: "Well, that's Donna for ya!" Favorite Pd.ffi77l6.' Dancing and roller-skating Artivitier: Class Executive Committee 1, 35 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 25 Office Secretary 3, 45 "The Skipper" Staff 25 Student Librarian 25 Teacher's Secretary 3, 4. Helpful, likeable, top-notch secretary STEPHEN WILLARD DOREY "Steve" Ambitious To be a ships captain Favorite Exprerriozzr "Oh, yah!" Favorite Partimex Loafing Artivizier' Transferred from Housatonic Valley Regional High School 4. Easy to get along with, reserved, interested in science MARIANNA DUNI-IAM "Penny" Ambition: To get ahead in this world Favorite Exprerrions "All that homework tonight? ? ?" Favorite Pezrtime: Having fun Artivitier: Chorus 15 "The Crest" Staff 2, 45 Office Secretary 3, 45 "The Skip- per" Staff 35 Teacher's Secretary 3, 4. Dependable, clever, car-crazy DIANA MERRILL DUNLAP "Diney" Ambition: To graduate with a B.S. from college Favorite Exprerrionf "Who's on the phone, male or female ?" Favorite Partime: "Frat" parties at Bowdoin Aftivitier: Career Day 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Head 45 Choms 1, 35 Christ- mas Pageant 15 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 Debating 1, 2, 35 N.F.L. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 3, 45 Swimming 15 Honor Roll 1, 25 National Honor Society 3, President 45 Science Club 35 Science Fair 25 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 45 Softball 25 Variety Show 15 Easter Pageant 1, Sociable, Bowdoin, rallies ROBERT EARLE DUNNELL "Dunnell" Ambition: To make 350 an hour Favorite Expr'erJion.' "I didn't say anything!" Favorite Partime: Bothering people Artivitierx Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 25 Cross-Country 1, 3, 4, Manager 25 French Club 25 Maine Interscholastic Track Meet 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Science Fair 39 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Kitchen Aid 3, 4. Neighborly, cross-country, fishing CHARLES EUGENE EATON "Chuck" Ambition: To own a construction business Favorite Expreuion: "Oh yeah!" Favorite Paytime: Playing basketball Artiz'itie.r: Hi-Lions Club 4. Loyal, basketball, boatbuilding MARTHA WIGGIN FIELD "Marty" Ambition: To ski thru Europe Favorite Exprenion: "Hey, terriff-l" Favorite Paflime: Skiing, sewing, modeling Activitier: Basketball 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 1, 25 Class Officer -Secretary 1, Secretary-Treasurer 3g "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3g "The Skipper" Staff 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show 1. Clothes, poised, quiet SUSAN FORTUNE "Susie" Ambition: To graduate from college Favorite Expreuion: "Come on, let's go!" Favorite Partime: Sailing and traveling Activitiexx Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, Honor Roll 1, Science Club '35 Ski Club 3g "The Skipper" Staff 23 Softball 2, 3. Impish, shrimp, Volkswagen WAYNE RUSSELL MQANKLYN "Franky" Ambition: To make a career in the Air Force Favorite Exprerxion: "Don't sweat it!" Favorite Paxtime: Working with radios and electricity Friendly, co-operative, soft-spoken DOROTHY JEAN FREDRIKSEN "Dottie" Ambition: To be Perry Mason's secretary Favorite Exprerrion: "Are you kidding?" Favorite Partimex Listening to semi-classical records and working with flowers Activitier: Bank Clerk 2, Head 3, 45 Chorus lg Fencing 35 F.H.A. 1, Office Secretary 4, Student Librarian 2, 3, Teacher's Secretary 3, 4. Fencing, studious, pleasant KENNETH EVERETT GRAFFAM "Kenny" Ambition: To join the Army for 20 years Favorite Exprerrionf "Yardy l" Favorite Partime: Friday night Artivitierr Class Executive Committee 4. Amiable, persistent, loyal PETER BRIAN HALEY "Pete" Ambition: To graduate from college Favorite Exprerrion: "How about that !" Favorite Partimes Fooling around with my car Aetivitier: Transferred from Dedham High School 2g "The Crest" Staff 45 French Club 25 Maine Interscholastic Track Meet 2, 4g Cross-Country 4, Track 1, 2, 5, 4. Looks like Ricky Nelson, shy, track CAROLE HANDLON "Carole" Ambition: To travel around the world Favorite Expresrion: "You'd be surprised!" Favorite Partime: Waiting for Stan to come down Aetivitier: Transferred from St. Marv's Academy 45 Dramatics Club 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 2, Class Play 3. Co-operative, smiling, quiet LORNA RUTH HART "LOrn" Ambition: To be a missionary nurse Farorite E.rpre.r.rior1.' "Hey, Vicki-I" Fazorile Paftimex Roller skating and walking through the woods Artizitier' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4, "The Crest" Staff 3, 4, French Club 3, Office Secretary 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Congenial, devoted, talented SCOTT WIN FIELD HOVEY "Scottie" Ambition: To graduate from college Favorite Expreuion: "Ridiculous 3" Favorite Paytime: Friday and Saturday nights Artizfitief: Camera Club 2, Career Day 3, Class Officer-Treasurer 1, Vice- President 4, "The Crest" Staff 4, Dramatics 2, 3, President 4, Fencing 2, French Club 2, 3, Hi-Lions Club 3, 4, Office Secretary 2, Science Club 3, 4, "The Skipper" Staff 4, Track, Assistant Manager 2. Dramatics, inquisitive, excitable TIMOTHY DEXTER HOW Ambition: To be an electrical engineer Favorite Expreyfiorzx "Oh, that's just great!" Favorite Partimes Skiing, summer and winter Artiziitiefx Basketball 1, 2, 4, Swimming 1, 3, 4, Class Officer-Vice-President 1, "The Crest" Staff 4, French Club 1, Ski Club 3, Soccer 4. Blond hair, swimming, "The Red Bug" PATRICIA ANN JENKINS "Patty" Ambition: To teach algebra and geometry Farorite Expression: "What did you say?" Favorite Pastimes Collecting stamps Arlivitiefs Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, "The Crest" Staff 2, 3. 4, French Club 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Majofettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Secretary 1, Pre-Nursing Course 2, Science Club 3, "The Skipper" Staff 33 Student Librarian 1, 4, Variety Show 1. Friendly, F.T.A., majorettes ROBERT KENNETH JORDAN 'iBObi' Ambition: To take a first place at Sanford Farorite Exprerfioiz: "What do ya say?i' Faforile Parlime: Cars, girls, and the A8cW Arliz'ifier.' Swimming 45 Camera Club 25 Chorus 45 Christmas Pageant 35 "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 Hi-Lions Club'2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3g Science Club 3, 45 Student Council 2, Presi- dent 45 Track 2, 3, 4. Red '37 Pontiac, King Teenager, the A8cW CHARLINE LaPLANT "Charm Ambition: To be an art teacher Favorite Exprerriofzx 'Good shot! Straight arrow I" Favorite Partimef Swimming Arlizfitier: Chorus 1, 25 Christmas Pageant 15 "The Crest" Staff 3, 45 Dra- matics 2, 3, 45 French Club 1, 25 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Pre-Nursing Course 2, "The Skipper" Staff 25 Student Librarian 45 Variety Show 1. Individualistic, Stevens Avenue Armory, actress GAIL LOUISE LCPAGE "Gail" Ambition: To become a nurse Favorite Exp1'eJJiofz.' "'lazzy!" Fozforile Parfime: Listening to the radio Artirilierx Chorus 1, 25 "The Crest" Staff 45 French Club 1, 2, 35 Honor Roll 15 Office Secretary.4. Cheverus, '38 Olds, pixie hairdo LUCILLE MADGE LITTLEEIELD "Lucy" Ambition: To be the Voice of the Boston Red Sox Favor-ile Exprerrioiz.' "Nonsense and Tornmy-Rot 3" Fizz-orile Przrtimex Collecting Stereo Records Artivilier: Transferred from Cony High 35 Cony Commercial Club 2, 31 Volleyball Playday 1, 25 Chorus 1, 25 "The Crest" Staff 45 Office Secretary 45 "The Skipper" Staff 45 Teacher's Secretary 4.- Friendly, door prize, 500 bags of potato chips ANNE LAWTON LUNT "Annie" Ambition: To see the Seven Wonders of the World, and to be the Eighth Favorite Exprerrions "Oh, well!" Favorite Partimex Playing court jester to my classmates and eating Artivitier: Band 35 Chorus 45 Christmas Pageant 25 "The Crest" Staff 45 De- bating 25 Dramatics 2, 45 Fencing 35 French Club 3, 45 "The Skipper" Staff 3. Argumentative, drummer, college boys ROBERT BARRY MAN GION "Bob" Ambition: To find something good in everything-even French Favorite Exprerfion: "Let's go!" Favorite Partime: Playing ping-pong Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pageant 25 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 Cross-Country 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 Hi-Lions Club 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 25 National Honor Society 3, 45 Science Fair 35 "The Skipper" Staff 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 4. Admirable, president of Hi-Lions, baseball ROBERT HINDS MASON "Ma" Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer Favorite Exprerrion: "No sweat!" Favorite Partime: Girls Artivitief: Camera Club 15 Christmas Pageant 35 Class Officer-President 2, 3, 45 "The Crest" Staff 2, 45 Dramatics 3, 45 Fencing 25 French Club 35 Hi- Lions Club 45 Science Club 3. President of class, girls, cheerful KENNETH XV ALTER MILLS "Kenny" Ambition: To get a 100 in a trigonometry test Favorite Exprerrion: "Your dime-go ahead !" Favorite Pastime: Going to the Brunswick Skating Club Activitiers Camera Club 25 Career Day 35 Chorus 45 Christmas Pageant 35 "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 Hi-Lions Club 45 Science Club 35 Track 3. Conservative, South Portland, skating PETER FREDRICK NIISENOR "Pete" Ambitiorz: To be my own boss Favorite Expreffiozzf "Oh, devil!" Favorite Poitimex Killing flies Activities Swimming 1, 2, 3, Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4, Maine Interscholas- tic Track Meet 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Track, hunting, "the camp" NANCY LEE NICKERSON "Nicky" Ambition: To travel around Europe with my millionaire husband in our red Ferrari Favorite Exprerfionx "Man, what a blast!" Favorite Partime: Going to sports car races Artivitief: Chorus 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 2, Class Officer-Secretary-Treas urer 2, "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Science Club 3, 4, Science Fair 3, 4, "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Student Librarian 4. Brainy, blue Fiat, sportscar rallies ELIZABETH BENNETT NORTON "Chris" Ambition: To ski the Headwall Cfeet firstj and to design a better building than F. I.. Wright. Favorite Exprefrionx "Maybe I will and then again-maybe I won't" Favorite Paftime: Bowdoin and B.U. Actizfitier: Basketball 1, Cheerleading Manager 2, Chorus 1, 2, "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, French Club 2, 3, F.T.A. 2, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, Ski Club 2, "The Skipper" Staff 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Variety Show 1. Shoeless, fingernails, frank LAURENCE ELWIN PERKINS "Perky" Ambition: To become controlling stockholder at Shaw's Fazforite Expreyfionx "Cut the malarky" Favorite Partime: Saving money Artiz'itie5.' Camera Club 2' Christmas Pa eant 1' "The Crest" Staff 1 2 As x g 1 a v ' sistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Hi-Lions Club 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 1, Science Club 3, 4, Ski Club 3. White curly hair, money-minded, Shaw's CYNTHIA CRIPPS PROCTOR "Cindy" Ambition: To graduate from Cornell School of Nursing with a B.S. degree Favorite Expression: "Don't look at me in that tone of voice." Favorite Partime: Watching Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo! Artivitier: Career Day 33 Chorus 1, 2, Christmas Pageant 2, 3g "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 43 Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, 35 Pre-Nursing Course 2, Science Club 3, 4, Science Fair 2, 4, "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 4, Softball 33 Student Council 1, Variety Show 1. Exhuberant, circle pins, informative CLAIRE JOYCE RICKER "Claire" Ambition: To be a good housewife Favorite Exprerrion: "That's ridiculous !" Favorite Partime: Listening to the radio and going to parties Artivitief: Basketball 1, 3, Honor Roll 1. Quiet, agreeable, diamond RICHARD CHARLES ROGERS "Rick" Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer Favorite Exprerriofzs "Wow!" Favorite Partime: Girls, sports, and cars Activitiet: Transferred from Freeport High School 3, Baseball, Assistant Man- ager Zg Basketball, Assistant Manager 23 Swimming 4. Easygoing, friendly, good singing voice SUSAN JANE SHAXW "Sue" Ambition: To receive a Masters Degree in journalism Farorite Exprersionf "What a panic!" Favorite Paftimef Skiing and skating Artiviliets Chorus 1, Christmas Pageant 1, Class Executive Committee 1, "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Debating 2, 3, Fenc- ing 2, French Club 2, 3, Majorettes 25 Science Club 39 Science Fair 33 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 43 Softball Manager 2, Student Librarian 3, 4. Excitable, plaid poncho, Prout's Neck ANN BERRY SIEGARS "Siegie" Ambition: To go to the Olympics Fazorite Expre55io11.' " 'S wonderful 3" Favorite Paftime: Swimming, skiing, and dancing Ar1ii'itieJ.' Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Christmas Pa eant 1, 2' 8 , "The Crest" Staff 1, 2, 4, Fencing 2, 3g French Club 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. 2, 4, Swimming 1, 21 3, Co-Captain 4, Ski Club 2, 3, 4, "The Skipper" Staff 3- Softball 2, 3g Student Librarian 4. Mermaid, diets, determined 1 NANCY MARY ANN SMITH "Smitty,' Ambition: To be Dean of Women at Smith College Favorite EXPl'6J'Ji07Z.' "Who, me?" Favorite Paitimes Spending money Artivitiefs Transferred from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School 33 Bas- ketball 3, 4, "The Crestu Staff 4, French Club 3, 43 F.T.A. 3, President 4, Science Club 23 "The Skipper" Staff 3, 4. White Galaxie, gregarious, pleasant DOREEN ELIZABETH ANN WALTON "Dodi" Ambition: To find success and happiness helping other people Favorite EXP7'6J.fi07Z.' "Why not?" Favorite Paftime: Dancing, boys, and working at Shaw's Artivitief: Cheerleading 1, Manager 43 Chorus 1, 25 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4, Fencing 2, French Club 2, 35 F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Majorettes, Head 2, "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 4. Coquette, Shaw's, talkative JUDITI-I ANN WILSON "Judy" Ambition: To ski down Pleasant Mountain backwards Favorite Exprerrioiis "Tough break!" Favorite Partime: Writing letters to jere Activitier Majorettes 1g Student Librarian 1, 2g Teacher's Secretary 3, 4. Effervescent, gum, "Sassy" LAURABELLE WING "Laurie" Ambition: To be a successful woman Farorite Exprefrionx "What's new?" Fawrile Parlime: Listening to the radio and going to parties. Arlizifief: Chorus 1, 2g F.H.A. 13 Student Librarian 3. Congenial, English speeches, spry SANDRA JEANNE WITHAM "Sandy" Amlfilion: To drive my own T-Bird Famrile Exprerfiofz: "Hey, there!" Farorile Pfzrlimef Bowling with Stubby Aciivifier: Basketball 1, 2g Chorus 1, 2g Majorettes 15 Office Secretary 3, 4. Likable, "Stubby," "Candy Haven" DANIEL RALPH WOODMAN "Doc" Ambifimz: To disprove a law of physics and make a name for myself Favorife Expreffion: "Hey V' Farorile Paffime: Listening to Broadway music and driving a convertible Aftiritierr Camera Club 2g Career Day 3g Christmas Pageant SQ "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Fencing 25 French Club 2, 33 Hi-Lions Cluli 2, 3, 4g Honor Roll 1, 2g Maine Interscholastic Track Meet 15 Science Club 3, 4. Excitable, bandbox look, questioning STEPHEN ANDREW' XVRIGHT "Steven Ambition: To be an architect Famrile Exprefriolz: "I'll clue you." Farorile Parfimex Going to the Armory Generous, genial, skillful CYNTHIA JUDITH YOUNG "Cindy" Ambiliofz: To grow two inches taller Fnrorite Expre55i01z.' "What a riot Y Y" Farorile Paflimex Watching "Huckleberry Hound" Acfizdfief: Chorus 1, Zg Christmas Pageant 1, 2g "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 45 Fencing 25 French Club 2, 33 Office Secretary 4g Pre-Nursing Course 23 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 45 Variety Show 1, Redhead, peppery, artistic This is the highest learning, The hardest and the best: From self to keep still turning, And honor all the rest. George MacDonald ffm Aim I' f 1 , is V e e ' 'div lr. 5 I 5" ' it 1 A K l lg QE' .g A Nw. l l Smivr Superlafives Mr. and Min Senior Clan BH! Liked Ann and Tim 1 'Ill Q Hoff Afhletzf Susan and Bob Handmmefl and Pfefflfff Martha and Peter ' Nancy and Bob 11051 Flntatzouf Chr1s and ohn a x X 'Q . 5 , . ' N Ziff :ai f"'ff Khaseu by the Sewers Bef! Danrerf Ann and Kenny qugwggkm ff" I M051 Talkfzizze Judy and Chlppy X Sue and Tlm ---n?,- 'Y' 2...- -K? sk! Mgff 51145110145 Moy! Lzkelj I0 Szzcfeed Sug and Bob S116 and Bob ' f 'Q E-Zi," ,ii ., iii? .vi g ll ' 5 !! wx 2.-J X , I . f Wx - 5 - A ' f - Bef! Dreffefl ix ,V 3' -, , :M w- ji' 5 . in rf N F' 1' E 2 'J- Svplzisticafed Se11ivrs?? 3- lqe- Pfw LL 1, Q ann f :Xi ' IP P ner- r Jotnpaete SM1 e fi L O13 WQPJ "'1'f' atv lg wi? Ulm-ess-un X. 1' 4- 'Q , inislnfiiiix P 1619 , fn e ' u 'xiture -,NH +598 CQ A 03' TDR , I ity? fu -F G, "inf:'s it 4 , .' ' N 1 rms or worcs J, " 1" Inf' 1 1 A , . ... F a gf, A ' 9' l 5 2 ,se , 5 I h 1 1. N gr ,X L , .Q 'I Q ll 1 :fsufwa ffm' 5"-,f"'-ieffwzf , T' 1' . J N-1' ? Q L ri 'nt M1 'f ga gi ' mn'ewi H Y h tl . m f' 'ne ' In 1 , . E ffm wiic Qe-i iivvs aw .. S ' H .l 3- ' , v Q , 111- .Am A 4 Q ,, S F A - J . fi 1 . 2: A 1 X dl ' A ' N L X , , , 1 Q gg- ' ,el, X, , I if w I fx - ' V A ,, 1 . . - . 1 fs W , l, 1' , . -X, .' '54 ' , 1 -,wjwrf A npr. 1.: . " .nj F, A qwoe A J 5. x 5 ...... . . A P f L ' N Y ' .,- .Q. 3:54 " 5 . 1 1 , IA A, ,. 1 my A A I v I . 1 M' 1 A. .' -. , 1 1- , I ,- F-4: , i In : -Q -7 m ...- fl K ,. mg A L., Eg. f , . 1 :,:f Film .1N'i 'WUf1HS -mTi 'Q' V W '3'i1 fwpjs QRS USP 'lYWP 'H A N fi f .449 S5 9' fyspgg 4: 5,5 rigs 0' 1 ,iii- 4? ,, w X I "Sq-Near buf llc! Sa .7ar" .Na , , N X XA Qncx wit , , vt. ei xll'NIOR CLASS AND EXECVTIVI2 CfOXINII'Ii'I'liI3 Left to right: S. Ricker. D. Vining. J. Record. W. Anderson. S. Dunlap. D, Verrill. A. Brown. P. Zacharias. U15 jurzirfr year So you're ft luniorf Youre lucky. for many wonderful things happen during your tumor year. First. you receiye your long-awaited class ring. You may haye forgotten it during your summer yacation: but when it arriyes you soon remember. Because your class ring surpasses those of all preyious classes. you may want to share it with your "best friend." Ney er before did you realize that so many things happen at lil-l.S. Now that you are a iunior you can partitipate in many things-varsity basketball. swimming. baseball. or track. or as the case may be. yarsity cheerleading. syyimming. girls' basketball. or soft- ball. You also may take part in the more serious actiyities -National Honor Society. Student Council. chorus. iunior plays. or Last Chapel. But along with these priyileges tome responsibilities. noyy that you are truly an uyperclassman. XVhile getting used to all these things. the year has been whistling by and mid- years haye to be passed. Yi'ith mid-years oyer. you are suddenly struck with the thought that the junior Prom is only lfOl'R months ayyay. Soon the yyhole class is scurrying like m.td to make the prom a glorious one. After a perfect prom. hoyyeyer. come finals. for which everyone has forgotten to study. Finally the day of graduation comes. making you the seniors of F.H.S. As you reflect over this golden year. you will find it the rnost memorable eyer. 'J M Q ea I6 lf , PJ? T FIRST ROXX' left tu I'lQl'lI' I C1 clluti 9 Dnuuhtv C Cb clmd 9 Dunlrp XY' Antlerwn A. Brnwn. J. ll-rguwn. I.. Ilrrnicr. T. Bwrxtql. MM Buglx. SECOND ROXY: N. Barley C. Ashley. D, lhkcr. C. Dyer. M. Farwell, D. Comes, C. Dipictmntunin. C. Ayers. S, Chipnmn. D Alubmti. 'If Crwar. D. XY'wml1n.1n. THIRD ROXY: A. Atwutcr. B, Bratlfortl. C. Abralmnisnn. 1 Butltlcy. P. Clough. D. Curry. D. Amlcrmn. R. Enicrwn. C. D.1Yl5. Beal. Jfvmcrcwm 611155 af I 9 I ffvmeravm FIRST ROXY. lt-ft tu rlglmti Rl. H.1lcy. A. Hriglup ul. Lyuni, V. XIUt'g.tn. lf. Little. R- Kttlfllit, J Fisher. J. Grant. IS. Marwlull. Mr. Berry. SECOND ROXY: S. I.Q-tldy. A. Haley. tl. Guinartl. N blurtlan. S. Griffin. Ii. Hcinuncn. D. Huln1cS. A. H.tttl1. N, l,4m'. l. hltmrdan. S. Nhgufrc. D. Letldy THIRD ROW: N. Lciglmwn. VI. Fulcy. XY. Lunt. D. Frcdrikwn. R. Higgins. XY. Lmctt. H. Fields 9 Mitchell. C. MtPlmil. XY, Kcniiton. :ap -f C30 . .3 3 FIRST ROXY. left to right: K, Robbins. S. Smith. C, Tuppcr, S. Rickcr. J. Ruby. M. Turtuttc. I Rfcwrtl. VI. Norton. DI. Leighton. Mrs. Bcmiss. SECOND ROW: N. Stiles. L. Thoits. I., Pcntllctun. D. Vcrrill. R. Podufaly. R. Sahcuchvcr. T. Richards. XY. Pollard. E. Pinlws. P. Zacharias. XY. Shicrs. T 'll-riwn THIRD ROXY: R. Richards. R. Lawler. R. Iniwler. M. Spruce. N, Lamb. D, Smile. XV. 'lliurlmxg D. Vining. NW. Rcitlicrt. B. Titcnmh. VI. Serber. ffomerovm I I 614155 af 1961 t 'lf I win ruin! f ZLS. J-lzsiarg FIRST ROVU. left to right: D. Holmes. L. jordan. N. jordan, VU. Reichert, SECOND ROV? A. Haley. A, Hatch. E. Heinonen. K. Robbins. S. Smith, THIRD ROVU: P. Clough. D. Soule. I Guinnrd. I.. Hart. N. Stiles. STANDING: Mr, Halpin. q..4..,L...5-1-" " N'-' if I 'QQ 'QA -41 i . Laing, ,wr W V 'fg2i?'Pf" - J V V? Tu? ,. J ,fur fffazvig 'I' f ,ml ,- L 'M-' ALF: 'fa-:L '- -W -we-f . V- , ,Q V- L .fa f, 1 - f 1 --,.- .:: x I I 'V , gag , 5,-1 L' ' 'QM f ' 1 ,fcfy Lf , zz'55M,fgy , ' V --ww-,,,"m,,,1 Ep: .lf591'6'T'5,?'e:1g in ,grwvwl ,W ., 45? 45? .rm f nvffb .Vu-ru, V , ff ? . WH? wp. Q 30, 4 .. , 'wx QQ? , -1 Y. 'Wx-.xxx-sw 1 , 4-...mai 9"4'f , Q - -L 'ue- ff U16 baffle lv haf over " 49 M -5 K'- SOPI-IONIORE CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECVTIVE COMMI'I"I'IiIf SEATED, left to right: C. Siegurs, IS. Iflynti P. I5l.1mh.1rtl. 5. Yorlc. R, Iioxvtloin, If. Yorlc. S. Atlums. STANDING: G. Slmw. U15 Svphvmvre year XVe stutlents .ire exteetlingly proud to nuke up the Sophomore Cl.1ss ol' 19611. Al- though we tire still in the embryonic stage of dex eloping ch.1r.1cter. scholurship, fUlCl'.1IlL'L'. .mtl leulership. we hope our ",8rovcing pains" Are not too intolerable. XVe .Ire tleterminetl to excel in sportsmtlnship. helpfulness. Ariel thoughttulness So that our elgss muy he rememheretl .ls one heing .1 Credit to our Iurents .IIIkl teauhers .intl .zn .tsset to the sehonl of the Hhlue .intl the gold." The sophomore year is the year when we rexlly beeome .1 true p.1rt of various sehool .1r't'.1irs. XVe .intitiiute with great excitement the selecting of our cl.1ss rings .mtl the p.xrtitip.1tion in extr.14urritul.1r tlctixities such .IS luntl. ehorus. tleluting. sports. .intl the x.1rious tluhs. We hope to m.1l4e our mark high up on the l.1tltler. in these tieltls. .ls true sophomores ol' If.1lmouth High School. 1 wuz 2 , , -we , 1 7411? fa? " -' , 1 S ' ' ' X , J AV J W 1 Q 4' I' xii! 4,4 , at I .3 f 45257 N ' ' V 1 h 2, 5 , ..: . Q vi V' F ,ff 'L' N9 ., 9 2 Q 'L 1 ,Nj Kg, 4 364 , ,,,Y,' V, gym K, t wg., W: A22 89' f gt- - 'llllu.,, .W , "" "w,,,,.. .4 .J """"""ln-- '2'r'25"?'7'i5iaQfQ K 1 Y . ,,,, 53 'V . ,, kb .3 .4 -iiu,.,..a':-.s,l ff' , , 5'rl1 cu - O is '- , 4 1. 3 . .1-, - I 'W!::l t v I ? 1 f af X ? i tile. .4 1010 - Gun' , f 9 fi i ' Chase are any zz few of the 50015 gnu -at xi nf ' 50 ERESI-IMAX CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: P. Burner, D, Davis, D, VC'ilson, H, Wheeler, N, Goddard, E. XX'illey, P. Logan, C. McDevitt. E716 ?resl111f1a14 year XY'oe to the lowly freshmen! They are and probably always will be the most looked- down-upon novices in high school. But after all. what is a high school without the get- up-and go of freshmen? The first few days of school appear to be utter bewilderment. As the days become weeks, though, we become accustomed to the daily routine. Then there are the xarious activities and clubs to join. The teachers tell us we have to make .1 choice of three actixities. We decide to take basketball and then along come dramatics. Also, there are lf,T,A.. debating, and chorus. XY'e simply can't take all of them, Decisions, decisions, decisionsf As a freshman, the homework seems to be double what it was in junior high, but since we know it has to get done, it always does, thanks to period O, XY'ith a great deal of envy we notice the sophomores as they casually step in front of us in the lunch line, Then there are the iuniors. "Boy, l cant wait until we get our class rings," we say to ourselx es. On the top of the pile are the seniors. Three more years after this one to go, XVill we be able to stand it? For answer, we turn to the upperclassmen. They will probably tell us that although the homework is cluite heayy at times and the .Ns rather difficult to acquire. high school can be .1 lot of fun if we make it that way. XY'e comfort ourselves with the thought that the day will tome when we shall reach the high and lordly positions of seniors. Ifntil then. we shall haxe to be content to be freshmen, trying though it may seen at times. .- 4 1 ,, - 1fd' , f ,, frrwfmn. if 5. 4 gf """f gf"- 5,5 H -Q :n h 1. , gy g fv f 1 -,3fz.vv+4gs. 1:1 :M A wwiwsy f f ,-, ,bf - , . .,,,,, +5 5 , Aigr, .7 A' ' : 2 . f V ,-1+ . -'w ,fmwfmf ' W A' f'kJ'3f . Y 1 X-nw 5 Q. lib 'ew f f ' V 2- 3' f ' H , la! r 0 6 !'3'! 4le,,, 'Foo 4 f-- .5 7f'G "1-. Ora, 1 Q' 4' 1, fl- 3 sr. ,,. lv- Ffov' ...L MP9 ' .Q L 3' ..f' ,Qty-.!4 , . ,-, 8 'v' YM! Y'-if A 8 4. Q I Q "Ik 'Q , 322' "S Ii? 1 Q , ,nm- . it Aa L ,,,,g, surf" . 1 , :ir W 4 I Q?5fff221iifzQssg-.14 . .N.,,,MmL,g:3,,fg,, 3354 .sq 4 .. ,., , ' ' " f.zaQfr'2 mage, ' MF 'Mai 'tl v:- "Yi ' -www Q .,.,,,,,,,,,,,4 mn... "Nw, , Y - 2:3541 -1 .ff 1 ' ' if nf ,MV , 4, X , ,xy , Ziff , 723 - " 'A , JA T fiigffigb 'W A 1 1 " . -N-...4..,-., . '42 -r '4f" a'Ai if f -A, ., . ff N g ' ' Y A :ff ixyw, . 'cg 4ll 1'-' J T . 5' .,..f:rs7 iw , - 1- 52 K4 1 1 5' '5 K. ,, fs- r ' v 4 L3 W5 . 57, ,bg N ' ,,., '25 AJ - ' , 4 ,,-V: . . K . V, Q vi,-4 v 1734, . fff5a ff . M 1 'P'-"ff .ill 'f45P432f' . :QA , ,M i NAV 9 ..,,,,-.im ,ki -M ,. - - f 'L'-, ' x f'x9 -v:,, ,V . 'D I A ,. 5 I ' 5' Cie Q' ' -N ZW Af in Q' 6 Nl XX 1 mt IS lS11Jfurd.f,, I..lI,l.lI'1I. f, Pructur, SIQCONIJ ROV: N XIIILN. I. 'icl-zcrwn. THIRD ROXV: X, Smith, X .Ik11'ki.lf1. Il. liugklu. mght, POI RIH ROXX: A. Hnnlm. S Slmw. R, I..m'lc1'. R. I..1wl1.'r. Hr, f,.1h1Il. NDINC D, Nrulc. D. Abbi. '. XV, Reichert. XV. Andurwn. P, Bury. , J Guidance Great l6'00ks Y ..-Q O Left to right: Mr. juhn Gillis. .md Mn. Helen Kwgm, guzdgmcc diruturx. - ,WM f,: ! . K 432. .f.gg1r5:f?rvv K Our Eypanded Kurrzkulum Drafting I'IR5I ROXX: P Nlmmw, R Mm-Xn SILOND ROVV: I., Pcrkinx. R. ,Iurd.1n. A. I.ur'1t. If Xwrtwn I'HIRD ROXY: S. Hmm. R Clulwn. K. Mills STANDING' Mr. lilmk. S, XYright. O. Dxcr lfafzh III SEATED: J. Guinard, B. Brmifurd. P, Clough. X. Stiles. D. Vcrrill. S DLIDIJP. STANDINC Hrs. H.1g1cr. P. Berry. ,Mafh and Science NLATILD. In-ft to ight A H,1t.h D livlzgw. R -I-mfgn, R Xhwn. R Qxriwn, D XXLudrzi.in, P lx W Lntnx. I, Pu-rkxni, .I lihru.. 62 4-J Um 'nn-H 'Www 1--. fi A F S 4' , ,,fff5?',.,'.'i ' 35. 6 . 41,-.A ' A' , , .g ' it ,JY " -A - ' " . A. 4 1: af ' f' . f ' . ,, Y All - .V jf 2' , f f - 1 I Y: - If ng- 53 a- , .. . -5 ' : Q, , - 'Uv-1 Q - X We 7 I If ay :Rf 2' 111 I I 1 A 4 H M Sly-Xllzll lc!! tw rxluht 8, XXLHULI. D, Ixlzxull. D Prmtwr, I: Lam-y, R VlUl'k!.lIl. N DAIL3. I HL mmm-n. I5 Clwuxulu NIANDINC1: MIN Hurlu. Hx' Dmxwltzund 'Nrbitrkxrnrs between pupils .md tcnuhcrs tin VV.1I'.1flkl pmiccj. indent Uwzncil Natirfmzl J-frwvr Saciefy "Rcprcscnts thc ideals of the school." SEATED. lufr IU right: Kiwi Buck. S, Alling. R Manggun. D. Dunlxp, P4 Berry, -T. Clnznfc. Mr Hurley. STANDING' A. Hllcy. D, Hwlriicx K, Rvbbini. D. SOUIC. R wlurdan. F. HL'fHLHHCU. P ,Tcnkini Qui -an-pq ., ., , -- , f9x 1 Jn- In the group: Mr. Pope, A, I-Lmh. M, Spruce. VV. Andcrxon. IT. Norton, S. Fortune. K. Rolvlwinx "They didrft spum thc ull of the sputnilcsfl Debating Sczmve Zu? Argument, fact, and rc.1son make 11 Llcbutcrf' Loft to right: S. Vflritc. N, Iirallford. D. Holmw. I.. 'Io1'd.1n. -I. AIOI'flt.'.lLllf. I.. Hill, M. Iimoit. I? Clough. D. Proctor, STANDING: Mr. Gillis. Q gy 'W 1 2 C O 'f 1 xl IJ NIfA'IIfD: loft tu rigglitz P. I5l.incli.iiml. If. Hninwmn. D. Hiilmcm. rl. Iiixlici. I.. Hill. 'lf Iiwtcl. NIANDINCQ. lui! tw riggliti D. Dunlnp. S D.ilcy. R. Knfulit. IJ. Cluiigli. tl llmml. 9. Di:nl.iy. IJ. IIIMLIIHF. "Dcb.1tcrS' clitc club." N. ZZ. Dramafzks glllb "Tuil.1y's amatcursvtoniorroxfs stars? ITIRYI' ROXY. lcfr In right: K. Mills. D. -I-IWUQCIFUU. R. vlwrdan. D. XYoodin.in. R, Mason. If. Lanuy. P. Cliiugli. D. Alwlwiati. SECOND ROXV: A. Ryan. 9. Hulnies. I.. Perkins I., Hill. S. Huxley. A H.1lq. S. Smitli. I.. Punta-r. P. Lynch. Miss Burk. THIRD ROXV: I.. Edwards. C. Pliimmcr. BI. Pliner. I.. XY'ilIcinS. I Ferguson. B. Flynt. D. Holmes. D. Farwell. 1. Smith. A. Lum. D. Daxix. XI. I.iwrmiifC, 1f0L'R'1'H ROXXQ G, Hmvisnn. J, Swanson. V. Morgan. J. Morgan. T. Bnritrl. A. Bn-xxn. C I..1Pl.int. -l. Vfliitc. P. Ifwitgr. R, Hmvurd. B. XYcntworth. o ,Left tw rzyht. X. Smith. D. Vililtwn. lf. Alling. If. Hcimfmn. 5. Nh.t'.x, D. XX'zIwn. D. f.r.txxr-ml. I. Ifdxmrdw. D. lJLll"ll.lP, 9 Hw'.Lj,. R Nlangi-ln. P. Clwugh. D. Smith. N. ,It1t'.l.xn. Cmnt. tl, Cltxrvc. N Xitl-ccrwn. C. Prmtwr, F. I.zttlc. C. Ficggirx. C, Ywttng. C, G.1tt-N. D Prmtwz' IN IIROXT N Allxng. NIM. Ht-nitw. li. AI.lI'wh.lIl, "Timo pnicncc, and workg but it's all our own." E715 Skzppcr lafzh glllb "1Ext'cIsmr1" I.mtt tw mght. lx. Hununm. -I. Cjtxxnard. D. Xlfllll. I, lSi.4r1t,l1.a1m1. la. l4:.1t1tw1'-1, ,I, Iuztzwn. fx Knight. Mrs. I-hgcr. SECOND ROXV: Douglgs. E. Klwth. I., Iltrmcr. P. Cuhh. If Clkiklllll. 15 Fmkcr. -I. Fishcr. S. Dunlap. S. Vcencndaal. THIRD ROVCY G, ,Turn-Q. N Stilcs. B. 'I'1ttwh1h, XX' Rcichcrt. D. Ahhidti. P. BL-fry. D. Smith. 'll ff' A ,UQ , N 4 N- ..,- C Q 1-.ff 9 .r fr I -.iw ,, . ' YlfA'lIiD, ln-ft tw iight: li, Al.lI'Nl1.1ll. N NIU Ira ri sun A ng Lfinld ur wttr. S. Al.lj.fLIlI'L',Yl,f-.lPCllL1f1. SIAIXDINC Ictr ti right l Wil in D fri turd l liiiincll. nl. Rulwy. XI, H.ilu'. If, Ijttlc. 9 Riilxnr Xl I' my Xli s Riu r Zfczzclfers' Secrefarzes Hlfricmlly li.1LiL'S .mil I-.ll7UlOL1S music FIRST ROXY. lcfr tw right: P, Bl.1m 0 xx cn Yiilwy. G, Owiny NI, Amlcrwn. S, S11 ith I Iixlicr QECOND ROXX P Do Non E Alling Gmcc. C. Giitw, -I Sxuinsiwn. B, Flyn Xor R jim in N Qoulc I Athgrton 'I'lwgcrsivn. THIRD ROXY: I.. Hill, C1 Hmxison T I'er2uwn A Halex P Login NI fullgr D Alwlwiati, R, Mnrggin. K. Mills. FOVRTH ROXX E 'lorlx E Klotli Douazlis R Qclicuchzcr 1 if f i, 1 l' fr 'L l- .VL lf' 14' R. Himmloin. D, Ktnip. G, -luntf. X 1 NI5A'lIiID, Id! tu right' XX, I'11lI.11'd. D, Ilxrxvcll, L, IJIKJIIQIQIHLH. P. Cuhlv. N. Merrill. ,I Ibluy '. IlILII!2II.k.I'. .I Athcrrwn, ID, 5r:,.tI1 . Iiml. SIANDIXC1: . IDUUQIJSS, P. IfI.1HII1.lIKI. Il Ilurgu' I J 1 J ' ' vm, I. Hut, IJ Curry. R Dumnn-ll. -I. I,1IkfwrII, I. I7.m1L'S. XX. Imw-rt. XY, Ilwnnirn. If AN'wtt Thcy nuke Bonny fIO4JxI1N.1Il look SITI.1II.H Our dfrfks Hand "To c.1tiShum.mg to dine is dixincf' I1-fr tw right: BIN XYI!H1fI'k.xI I'5r'mxn. Mrs Elizabcth XYiImn. Mu Marie I.L.nJ. .2 "w""""""'f ..JiQ ig, XS' 9 5 2 X 72 HM-'W 32: s K 4 . 3 3. K ,rf er fi? 2 at 'ki 5 . i 2 i M Q-5:,...R.,,,,fq,., ,,,,.. ""'vmr vw" "r . --4 .wr 5,i,.......,.g, af,-.... .. A ??"..L!""?2'21'f1""""+' Q 7 ., ,NJ U W ...W 41 FIRST ROXY. left to right: A. Hatch. DI. Fisher. L. jordan, .l, Record. C. LaPl.1nt. A. Sicgnrs, S. D.1lu'. E. Norton. C. Proctor. SECOND ROXV: G. Owins. M. Fuller. J. Guinard. M. Benoit. -I. Atherton. D. Farwell. C. Siegars. P. Logan. G. Howison. D. Proctor. "Our near-Triple C Champs." Girls' Swimming Hogs' "Our four-year Triple C Champs." FIRST ROXY. left to right: H. XY'heeler. C. Logan. R. Copeland. lf. Richards. R, Scheuchzer. T How. R. Rogers. XY. Anderson. -I. Leighton. SECOND ROXV: Mrs. Kostopoulos. XV. Sullivan, D Dzuis. R. Fortune. R. Richards. T. Richards. N. Lamb. R. jordan, J. Beal. Q Q QQ Xa X! 91' FIRST ROVU. left to right: XV. Sullivan, B. Cleayes, R, Mangion. M. Spruce, D. Leddy, E. Dunnell, XY. Anderson, D. Verrill, C. Olsen, M. Serber. SECOND ROXY: Mr. Clunie. 1. Switzer, R. Dun- nell. J. Buckley. P. Haley, P. Zucharias. N. Leighton, D. Davis, P. Misenor, 1. Foley. 'Everyone doing his best in his best event." Crack Cjrrfss Kouufry "Long-winded men enduring the elements." FIRST ROVV, left to right: XV. Sullivan, P. Misenor, K. Robbins, R. Lawler, P. Haley, R. Lawler, S, Chipman. D. Verrill. SECOND ROXV: Mr. Pope, J. Foley. J. Buckley, T. Richard, J. Beal, M. Spruce. B. Cleaies, R. Dunnell. ..,q:i 5 I ,. ,7 'fi' lc 1 73 , , Q? gf Q ',,f,4-i m: ' A L 757 ' .ffgiffw ip,--.1 -A 'HT 1-4 if . fi I ij, W, 55 3, fa- Wh F , I eg 1 4 V . ,J ,Q rf-A K1 -t sf,- m ,4-. 1 s .1 nw 23? gf. wi ' K . ,QQ W 7 8 5 P- ' 6 G 9 Q. ., .. - , z-4 3 4 1... ,, . Q ITIRST ROXV. left to right: B. Flynt. B. Marshall. M. Field, S. Fortune. 1. Atherton, 1, Norton. SECOND ROXV: S. Griffin. D. Small. N. Soule, M. Porter, C. Copeland, M. Farwell. P. enkins J . I.. XX'ilkins. I.. Edwards. L. York. S. Veencndaal, THIRD ROXY: J. Lyons. C. Hoffses. M. Fuller, I-I. I-Iall. P. Clough. D. Farwell. J. Guinard. P. Logan, I Douglass. D. Hoffses. The best sextet in the Triple C." Girls' Huskefball ,flfiajareffcs "The forerunners of the parade. In the group: N. Lone. S. Maguire. j. Fisher, P. Jenkins, C. Chappell, M. Haley, J. Lyons, C. McDevitt. C. Heikkinen, N. Goddard. P. McCann. D. Libby. M. Brink, 1. Morgan. S. Vifitham, K. XY'illii1ms. P. Foster C7 i FIRST ROXW, left to right: A. Brown, N. jordan, A. Siegars. C. Proctor, M. Field, S. Fortune gl. Guinard, J. Record. SECOND ROXV: B. Flynt, C. Copeland, E. Little, L. Wilkins, J. Atherton M. Porter. D. Proctor. L. jordan. S. Maguire. P. Blanchard, S. Veenendaal. Svffbzlll "A fighting nine." "A coach's dream team." lafaseball FIRST ROW: D. Vining, R. Mangion, P. Zacharias, S. Chipman, B. Bradford, F. Laney, T. Teri son. SECOND ROW: Coach Kostopoulos, M. Spruce, R. Rogers, B. Titcomb, N. Leighton, D. Abbiati. P. Clough. D. Soule, C. Davis, N. Lamb I 11 ll I' XIDCX fX1l1 s lx1r111 'XIIIIIII1 Sh1rlu -Xtxx 1tcr D1.111t B1111l11rl Xlzrgarct Ij1IIIClS ljhflllal D1 son B1'111c Doughtx l1rlc Doughm 'Nancy I111trs1111 XX 1 1l1111 C utr 11111 C1 1 1 l1l111ur11l C omts 1r1l11cr C1r1ll1r11 XX1ll11111 from Irc1lLr11l1 H1cx Hms H1r1sc11 M1r1l1,11 I-l1111So11 Do111l1l H1rds 'Nancy Hc1l1L111c11 'Wmq HCUDIDLS Dale I-Ioxxcll Donnelly Hurd Dcnms exxett Phyllu ohnston Robert I11CII'dITl Anna I 1rscr1 Clfl I.1rsc11 MCJfFlll M1rl1s 11111 Mtflroy P1tr1111 NICKCIIIILX Ccr1l1l111c Pcrlom C 1thcr111t Pcrr111 PLCYICII R11 1111 11111 Rohhlns rmt loos R11hcrt1 Shm Stcphtn Sflllfli Clllfll St1llm111 C l1rl1 T1ylor M11111 Tcr15o11 C lflllllll Tl1o1ts lxcnncth XW1111, I P1ul1nc XX'11lto11 P1tr1111 Woods Donru York NI NCJIIS Cx 1 Cllll Int l11s11r111ct IXLFSIIX XI1 X 1111c XItl111l C tmtr utr IIX X 1 X X TI Xt H1 111 XIIIIIC XI1r1t1111L X111lc111x X X Tl 1111 I c 1 X 1rt1111 H1 1 S1 1 os CI'1lLlLllIC crsm I wr 111 H1 hxx IX 'I'r.111s111rt 1 M1111 LIIIX f llo IC Allen s Mm LIIIXLYSICX ot IXl11r1t IX of XI11111c Port 1 Plummcrs IHSLIFUICC Agcmx SIIIIIIICJUS Colle Q At Homc N 1 At Home XX csthro11l1 Ir Collage Xloxul to Co1111tct1cut r s B11s111css C 1 aft 111 Colluc A tcrson Br1111lus Collars LStl71'o1ml1 I' C C lXl7lf 1 r11 111111 Bc IL ty C Ll IX 11111 Xl 1 son X Ntl7ro11l1 L11or C1 L IX IXI1111L Port 1111 Xtrq Hosp1t1l Imxcrsltx ol IX 1 Q C11mmcr111l D1str1h11t111'w X18 X IFICCX orc S Armx L111xcrs1ty ot Mum Corh1111 St11tc Tcuhtrs Collc t I'lOL1LlIlC1Fl 'Xrr1ol1l Im EXCHAXGI S T 6 W.1ut1lu5 Cape El1z1beth Hxgh Snhool e Schola Gorh1m H1K1,h School e Four Corners SC1rboro Hlgh School The Cr1msor1 Rambler St.111d1sh H1Lh School 1XI1l 'M1' f ' f. SU Sr. l-1 sl fXlUl111tI B111 - Cnllgrgg 1 '1 1 .111 lvlll -11 Mu 1 1' 7 1 -C11 '- ' 1 1 Ifn' A 'I' or' 1 1111: C ' 1 I 1 IQ11' -Q' ' ot' 1l1111c 1-L" -1I,'... 1 Clif 1 DI ' 1I' I' 2 -i M11' 4 f11lAl1ty I.ll-C lm, CQ1 ".l If 1 X111- l 111ll11rl P1 l1 l ' vyl .I l1111 l P .C 1 1 A f I IIIIIX' A." ' ol, M11111c, 71 tl. tl C11 A S 1 QQ 1 1111111 CQ11. "C A1 1 1 -A B1 ' , -Ir. Cqollcgc A' A A ' ' 1l Xt II A 1 1 1' If11' , A 1 " l1111l in -, ,',,' A l .A ,A ,, Stanley Hill Lf of IXI.1ir1c, Portl11h1l ' ' If. S. 1 '11 '1' 1 Af , L A 1 I4 A 1 '. A -1 CQ111 ".' " A.',' S1llA?1A Q1 1 D11 1 I ',1A ' L l l A T . ' 1 AKQA ll 1 'z ' XX' ' 1 foll 'gc 1 A '1 ' A A' Clr..' 1 Iilc-1' C111, IA1 ' A "A lf of N. ll. it A A ' A ' If ol' N, ll. 1 ' "1 ' ll CQ11l1ltA11 S' 1 l of A1 11' Q lturc 1 I T U. ol' If A pl. A I 1' H. 1 . P.yf N CQ11. ' 1 1 1 ' X'c.' ' 1 1 fc llcKgA 1 A A 1x ' l'11' A of 1' -, l. l 1 lk 1 I 1 I I ' ' I I 1 Q1' 4' A I1111A 1 A ' 5 D11 '," '1 ' A I' St A C' ' ",'. ir. If 11 .' , Q K Q, I ul A T f Donald Beaumont lr Mary Blanchard Patrrcra Blanchard Dorothy Botkrn Alfred Bruce Buhelt Vlekr Cahlll Mary Eleanor Chaplrn Phyllrs Clemens Bettrrce Collms Charlotte Conant Almxra Cram Robert Curran Robert Dyke Kenneth Emerson C trol Iredrrksen Iulre I'reneh Israel ohn Gardner Agnes Catcomb Ceoree GCUOCIHS Brute Hlmrlton C eoree Hamilton Ilxyrn Hansen lane Hlrdy Harold Hudson M lrtha Hurd Andrevs Iyerson Ixendrt Knovsles llorence Lewrs DIXICI Llttle I'dxx ard Lowell Ietneen McCann Stephen Mercer Ruth Mlsenor loanne Norton l le tnor Nottage Carol Olsen Herbert Olsen r Peter Pelletrer Brxan Perry Rrchard Prper Paul Potenzo Wall ace Rrchard Poty ln Stephen Randall lames Read Ntney Record Mtlln Roberts lxerth Sadler Clrra Linda Sanborn Phllrp Sanborn Benyamnn Seyern larry Shaw Stephen Shan C eorgce Skrllrn r Stndra Thurston Robert Tureotte Dtyrd Verrrll Irnn Wrlhelmsen Sylxra Worster flrzabeth Young, ALL MNII NOTES 58 Tlemtronlcs at MVTI NW A I Hartford National Bank Irsher unror Collexee L S A I Trunm It Deaconess Hospltal ackson College Mrs P Clemens Luce Canal Natronal Bank Mrs ay Edwards Lnryerslty ot Marne L S A I N T Fox Co U S A I Westbrook umor Collelce Neyx England Tel 8. Tel Co Carpenter Mrs Earl Levxls Southvyorth Maehme Co U S Coast Cuard Working at Hxmlltons Serxlee Statlon ltrmmc mth hrs father Corhrm State Teachers College U S A I Mt Holyoke College Bovxdorn Iasell unxor Colleiee Mune Medlcal Center U S A I U S A I Corhtm Stlte Teachers Collegce Sunoeo Orl Company Mune Medical Center Marne Bondrne and Casualty Co Corham State Teachers College Lnnersrty of Marne U S Marme Corps L S Army U S Marrne Corps Marne Marrtrme Academy Unrxersrty of Marne Portland U S Coast Guard U S Nayy U S Coast Guard Colby College U S Army Calrtornn Secretary tt Hartford National Bank Mechanlt at Portland Press Herald Caraee The Cltadel I S Ar y Calrfornra Workmie at Illlot Addressmie Maehlne Co Mrs ohn Sterlmg, Commumty Orl Company rn Portland Unrxersrty of Marne Portland Flectromes rn U S Coast Guard Employed IS tudrtor rn Paterson New ersey Irrst Portland Natnonal Bank r I Ar . ' , ,' 7' . ' ,. . J I 7 L A .' ' RQ . tg' ' It , , L ' . I .,. I T .Y Ak YJ . A l ly' - ' ' ' ' ' 1 lt. . ' . . I' 1 1 . '.. 5. ,. ,' , - ' , I I A I . , 1 1 9. , ' I ,L 1 ' ' ' 2 y. t KL :L . V Y. . i A . It . A , y K K A . . 4 r,, . , , Ir, . . F. I ' , ' ' I' f. 1 , 1, , J ' ,, I . 1 A I lh . J ' . .lose-phine Libby' Waitress at Allen's Acre f Yr f I 1 I w -, 1' 1 4 4 ' 't "' A .A ' ' ' L ' , -Q -. v 1 . 4 ' 1 te lrl .. . .4 , ,. " , '- . t .- .V I y. , v f Y. . m' , 1 J ' v LU ' ' V, ' f ' y 1 ' Y I I . v V flew and Zfl6'l'6' ,Ailm- Q- W--. , xxx X -if X5 .QQ i u n ,, K' uw, an I 'f 5 W M gl ,g W I . EV V mf . ff ' -. 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'- g- 1-l"'g1 ' '11 k ' XO, C'Za4.a.z-af Inm pl e of AMATO S 7l INDIA STREET OWEN MOORE 81 CO SI1op WIII1 Ease and Convenience In Our NEW MODERN STORE Malnes Largesi' Selechons of COATS Suns and DRESSES APPAREL for Ihe Enhre Family CompInmen+s A B C CLEANERS CUMBERLAND MILLS W fb In UL 4 5bI CERINO 81 SONS 234 Federal Sfreei' FINEST SHOE REPAIR IN TOWN BIG 20 Bowling Cen+er SCARBORO ME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 480 Congress S+reeI' PORTLAND MAINE M C PERRYS MKT BARKYS Mea+s and Groceries ph SP 249l2 FALMOUTH MAINE of es roo -4 Compliment of cAsco HOMESTEAD u ll I Tele one - ESPAN S QUICK LUNCH PorI'Iand s Fmesf Hamburgers PORTLANDS LEADING SHOE SERVICE SHOP FINKS BROS sl-:oe REPAIRINQ COMPANY Men s Shoes Shoemalcers for Generahons Esiabllshed I898 245 Mddle Sfreei' Porfland Me CRESSEY 81 ALLEN Muslc Shopping CenI'er HI Fl Musical Ins+rumen+s 92 Oak S'IT66'I' PORTLAND MAINE Spruce 3 8I3I CompIlmen+s of DEERING REALTY CO I04I Washlngion Avenue PORTLAND MAINE CompIlmenI's HAY 81 PEABODY OAKHURST DAIRY 364 Foresi Avenue PORTLAND MAINE AL S MEN S SHOP CLUB JACKETS EMBLEMS SWEATERS Our Spec aII'y 437 Congress S'I'reeI' Phone SP 2 I3l4 SCOTTS PARKING SERVICE INC I34 I36 Free SI'reeI' Nexf Io Chamber of Commerce PARKING DAY OR NIGHT I I , , . Records - Sheei' Music ' of I I I - 1 i u HERCULES-CAMPBELL BODY COMPANY OF NEW ENGLAND, INC. WAYNE SCHOOL BUS Sales and Service ROUTE I FALMOUTH. MAINE Besi' W I1 CLASS 60 CIRCUS TIME POTATO CHIPS ATHERTON FURNITURE Fme Furniture SINCE I898 MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH AND ACCIDENT ASSN O h UNITED BENEFIT FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY O h HOWARD A PEARCE ASSOCIATES 4I5 Cong ess SI' P r'II d Mane TeI SP 4263I is es +o I UNITED BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY-Omaha '1 ma B r . o an , I PLUMMERS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance S G CHASON C E ABBOTT Res Phone SP 3 IOI7 Res Phone SP 5 2868 Office Phone SP 3 3838 I8 CASCO STREET PORTLAND MAINE IVER R IVERSON Pres ANDREW P IVERSON Treas Compliments of SCRIBNER 81 IVERSON INC Plumbing and Heating 64 Umon SI'ree+ PORTLAND MAINE Telephone SP 3 7682 PORTEOUS, MITCHELL 81 BRAUN The Cenfer of Marne Llvmg PORTLAND MAINE I o I o o I I 0 I H . a u ll I PERFORMANCE MOTORS INC Foreign and SporI's Cars US ROUTE I FALMOUTH FORESIDE PORTLAND 99 MAINE Tel SPruce 432I7 SHAWS SUPER MARKETS In Porfland Wesf Gafe I364 Congress SI'ree+ Nor+h Gafe 9I Auburn S+ree+ Congress Sq 585 Congress S+ree+ In SO PORTLAND MII Ceek Shopp ng Cen'Ie CompIlmen+s of BLUE ROCK QUARRY CompIlmen+s of FULLER BRUSH COMPANY 405 Congress Bulldmg I42 Hugh SI'ree+ PORTLAND MAINE CompIe'I'e Lne of PERSONAL AND HOUSEHOLD BRUSHES CHEMICALS AND COSMETICS Phone SP 3 7052 I 0 I Monumen+ 7 PrebIe Sfreei' I r I r I Complimenfs of MAINE HARDWARE 6I8 622 Congress SI'reeI' PORTLAND I MAINE Comphmenis of A Makers of Over 500 ASSURANCE CO Dlfferenf Designs n Pune Furnlfure AMERICA DIRECT TO YOU WILLIAM DALEY General Manager AT DEALERS cosr A,,j2,a,e, SMITH FARM ne of Malnes Famous Dlmng Rooms OPEN YEAR ROUND TEL VA 93034 GRAY ROAD WEST FALMOUTH S Phone AAA 24 Hr P 3 930 X 44' ervuce SP 3 I45I 3 ig Malnes Leading Sporhng Goods S+ore A+hIeI'lc Supplies JAMES BAILEY CO INC Two Way Radio Servlce HAMILTON S SERVICE STATION Sporflng Goods ROAD SERVICE Amoco Service Lubrlcahon Ignlhon Servlce PORTLAND MAINE 205 Park Ave PORTLAND MAINE . . i of . 'ff IIO I- c y 1 n I, ALA - . .I ' 5 s Rami' vii' H . ll Flowers for AII Occasuons A-ggi QR: C55 RU BY's FLOWERS V RICHARD DYER, Pfopfamf house E- 'rw 562 Congress S+ree'I - Baxfer Building of Stlles PORTLAND, MAINE .ll 'Il TeI. SPruce 5-2279 0 - yarmou+h - mame - CompIlmenI's of WENDELL BERMAN INSURANCE AGENCY I76 MIDDLE STREET PORTLAND MAINE Telephone SP 246I6 Dual SP 4 1612 ROYS SHOE SHOP N FRANCIS JENSEN Shoe Repalrmg Shoes Rubbers Sneakers Bev Shore Drwe 500 STEVENS AVENUE PORT'-AND MAINE REAL ESTATE BROKER FALMOUTH FORESIDE Never a Parlung Problem Spruce 3 II3I Regrsfered Or+hoped:c Shoe Servlceman Q9 -+R, 1 E ww I I II ' Il I .136 3 f 1- rF', G lf' R-., Yip' 'fl' . O CompIlmen'rs of B 8' B CLEANERS 6 Washmgion Ave WE GIVE S8fH GREEN STAMPS ELECTRONIC SUPPLY Tel SP 4-89II FREE PICK-UP DELIVERY IN FALMOUTH No BeHer Frlend Can Be Found Than a Good Savings Accounf In I'he MAINE SAVINGS BANK Troubles Are Shed When You Save Ahead I5 CASCO STREET PORTLAND MAINE MIII Creek Shopp ng Cenfer Soufh Porfland Norfh Gafe Shoppmg Cenfer Por'l'Iand Pme Tree Shoppmg Cenfer Por+Iand MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PHILIP E HAMLIN oam Sand Gravel FII SP 3 7272 DISCOUNT MARTIN The Old Yankee Trader OFFICE E55 Exchange Sfreef QUIPMENT HEADQUARTERS Porfland Maine Y M C A WHOLESALE PRICES FOR RETAIL BUYERS Esf I922 I S3000 Duscouni' New Por-fable Typewrlfers New EIec+rrc Adding Machine S9800 - d L i 920 RIVERSIDE STREET PORTLAND. MAINE . T Te . 2-I I I I CompIimen+s of PORTLAND TRACTOR CO., INC. 803 Foresi Ave. PORTLAND. MAINE SP 2-286I SP 2-2862 MARIE'S DRIVE-IN 40 Auburn S'l'ree+ HOME COOKED FOOD CHICKEN, CLAMS CAKES TO GO Tel. SP 3-9292 Compllmenis of DR DAVID S MILLER Complumenfs A FRI END CompIlmenI's PEERLESS WELDING LORING SHORT 81 HARMON Siahoners and BooIuseIIers Glfis 'for Gracluahon School Supplues MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND MAINE STARBIRD SCHOOL OF MUSIC Spec al ed Ins'Ir c+ Band O chesi aI' onal Lownev ORGANS KIMBALL PlANos BARKER 81 CO INC C 5 la CI General Insurance PORTLAND MAINE Sp 4.3975 SINCE I908 2lLI M dN of I of ' ' I iz u ion in , r r I and Keyboard Inshumenis. ' T U. 0 4I5 um er n Ave. oca ions in e.an .H. Compllmenfs of TOMMY S Hardware Sporhng Goods 7 C g S 'I PORTLAND MAINE T I SP 2 357 SUBURBAN UTILITY GAS STO RE Pa'n+s Modern Gas Servlce AnywI1e re For Home Farm Commerce and Indusfry 9I5 FOREST AVE PORTLAND MAINE if f race W, 5 F955 f ff? Commercial Prlntlng Lett e Tel SPruce 3 952I rpress Offset 24 Luni' Rd FALMOUTH MAINE Compllmenfs A FRI EN D Comphmenfs J W WILSON CANDY COMPANY II B I1 p S PORTLAND MAINE C 1 ' n I ' ' II 2 3 on ress 'Iree I I I I e. -5 ' I T k .-..,- 4 ' f V .j, ' V, -""',,j' iff 5-'fi - L'-T' f avi- es, :-f - -" .,f..f..M4mw A 1 so ""'I"h O O I U - . I of of . . is o freef I No Be'H'er Friend Can Be Found Than a Good Savings Accouni in I'he MAINE SAVINGS BANK Troubles Are Shed When You Save Ahead I5 CASCO STREET NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER MILL CREEK SHOPPING CENTER PINE TREE SHOPPING CENTER Founded by HENRY H HAY I84I HAY'S DRUG STORES PORTLAND MAINE The 3 H Oualdy Mark Pro+ec+s You Bowlmg at Its Best BOWL A RAMA NORTH GATE SP-4-0532 Por'l'Iand MILL CREEK SP 9-40I2 Soufh PorI'Iand ALBERT G FROST COMPANY Memes Largesi Boar and Engme Dealer Esfabllshed I928 cn-cms CRAH JOHNSON LYMAN M F G GLASPAR CRESTLINER GRUMMAU TEE NEE GATOR U S Roufe I 4 Mules Sou'I'h of PorI'Iand Tel SP 48276 USED CRUISERS RUNABOUNTS MOTORS OUTBOARDS s I 0 0 un 1 n u 1 u a , . l , . PREBLE BARBER SHOP JAMES v. BRUNI Largesf Shop in Maine No Waifing Shoe Shining Parlor Connecfed 470 Congress Sfreei' PORTLAND, MAINE TeI SP 3-9303 Bes+ Wishes NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Complumenfs of DAY S JEWELERS OPTICIANS 489 Congress Sfreef Por'IIancI Marne 20 STORES TO SERVE YOU Compllmenfs of ALLEN STERLING 8: LOTHROP STERLING QUALITY SEEDS 269 27I Middle SI'reeI' Porfland Marne CompIlmenI's GEORGE S RESTAU RANT Complumenfs of DR D L SHAW Opfomefrlsi' PORTLAND MAINE Spec almng In New Llvmg Room FurmI'ure THE FINEST UPHOLSTERING DEPARTMENT AVAILABLE 88 Oak S+ Por+Iand Me Office SPruce 2 039I Res SPruce 28470 ROOFING COMPANY INC America s Largesi' Roofers and Snclewall InsuIa+ors 874 Bnghfon Ave PORTLAND SP 4-0524 I of . . . PERRIN'S TILO 'fffvlx OIL CO. THE HARRIS HARRIS THE CO. F Por'I'Iand Maine BEST OF LUCK From CLASS of 62 P J MERRILL TEENAGE CHARGE ACCOUNT SEA FOOD INC 'I' Sea Food Dea ers PORTLAND MAINE No lnfereg, No Carrying Charge I Open a a ' s MITCHELL S of Porlland SUCCESSO PIERCE FAMOUS FOODS 25 Fores+ Avenue Phone SP 3 0236 R TO E L PROCTOR CompIlmen+s of ROOM 9 LUNTS Complefe Floral Servace GREENHOUSE Telephone SP 3 27I9 20 Lun+ Road FALMOUTH Manager LINDA A LUNT FHS Class of 57 Com plnmenfs of GARDNER S BARBER SHOP 384 Cape Coffage Rd SOUTH PORTLAND JORDAN EQUIPMENT CO ESCO Cufhng Edges for BULLDOZER BLADES Call SP 4206! Tel SPruce 3 9363 66 Veranda Sfreef PORTLAND MAINE BASTON AUTO SERVICE Wheel Allgnmeni' and Balance Aufomahc Transmlsslon Servnce FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE TEL SP 30826 BELL TONE HEARING AIDS 79 Oalc Sfreei' PORTLAND MAINE s. s. . I I . W 7 C0mPIImen+S of Complumen+s of BENNETIS ICE CREAM BAR NORTH YARMOUTH BRICK COMPANY Pon' I 05 PREBLE STREET THORNTON HEIGHTS Es+abIlsI1ed I894 EDWARD G HAGGETI' 4,5 s R BICYCLES VELOCIPEDES VIA 7' Q! BABY CARRIAGES QW ff Also Good Sfock of Coins and Sfamps for ColIec'Iors 6? 34 CASCO STREET PORTLAND MAINE ComplImen+s of BANCROFT 84 MARTIN ROLLING MILLS COMPANY S HAROLD LATHAM Pop CARR BROS COMPANY TEL gp 5.0251 AMILTON 8: CO FRUIT AND PRODUCE Dealers In ISH CLAMS and LOBSTERS Incorpora'I'ed R D H COMMISSION MERCHANTS F 2I7 Commercnal Sfreei' Lobgfer Pound PORTLAND MAINE 9 C fo Haus Wh rf PORTLAND ME I Roufe I Main S+ree+ So. land . RJ r l iff-af ' 'lf-tv ' 3? I Experienced Repairer of - TTT ' , I Q4 m 7" ' I . , I' . , us m e a KNIGHT BROS. COMPANY INC. CONTRACTORS Hea'I'ing, Plumbing and Me+aI Work amy, MAIN STREET WESTBROOK. MAINE Complimenfs of BOWLEY'S SERVICE STATION GAS OIL TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES I94 Auburn S+. PORTLAND 5. ME. RU DY S MARKET 505 WBSIIIHQTOH Ave QUALITY MEAT AND GROCERIES SP 2 963I RIODALE FARM S+a+e Road FALMOUTH FORESIDE SPORTSWEAR GIFTS CompIImenI'S of STATE BARBER SHOP I42 I-IIeI-I STREET CompIImenI's LUND S TRANSPORTATION CompIImen'I'S of E N CUNNINGHAM PIumbIng and Heafing 363 C IaeI PORTLAND MAINE Tel phon SP 3 967I MORRILLS COAL 81 GRAIN CO SEEDS GENERAL FARM SUPPLIES MorrIIIS Corner PORTLAND MAINE ' , INC of I . I CO. ' . GRAIN. FERTILIZER, um rand Avenue I , I e e- - ' CompIimenI's of WEBBER'S GENERAL STORE HEAVY WESTERN STEER BEEF AT ALL TIMES Yarmoufh, Maine CompIimen+s of GILBERT'S BEAUTY SALON 547a Congress S+ree+ PORTLAND. MAINE Tel. SP 3 224I Compliments B G PRIDE M J FLAHERTY S Wholesale and ReI'alI Mann Sfreef Fish Dealer SOUTH PQRTLAND zza COMMERCIAL STREET Tlph SP 5126: of O C I I ee Ohe - BRUNI s MARKET BEST W'SHES WI'1g'I' Sp 48978 DAVIS MOTEL MEATS ARE oun SPECIALTY ROUTE I FALMOUTH MORSE SHOE STORE 55Cg CAN DY HAVEN COLLIN S ESSO R ROUTE I FALMOUTH OPEN ALL YEAR Compl men+s FALMOUTH FIRE DEPARTMENT E g 3 PLEASANT HILL I . From Ihe I22 as In on Avenue 8 on ress S+. I-Ieadquarfers for Teen-Agers ComplimenI's of ' U.S. ouie I, Falmouih I of n ine Com pIumenI's of TRUCK EQUIPMENT COMPANY, Inc GRAY ROAD WEST FALMOUTH ExcIusIveIy n ORGANS and PIANOS BALDWIN PORTLAND STUDIOS INC 597 Congress S+ Sp 4 4993 PORTLAN MAINE MAIN LINE FENCE CO Office and Warehouse 907 Mann S'I'reeI' Wesfbrook Marne CONTRACTOR FOR HIGHWAY GUARD RAIL CHAIN LINK FENCE AND RUSTIC CEDAR STATE INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL Sales and Erechon COMPIIMGHIS of NORTH GATE PHARMACY by I D America's Firsf I-amily in Music" Co pl enI's of ANNE AND BRENT TAYLOR PINELAND RESTAURANT FALMOUTH MAINE Compl me +s of DAVIS VARIETY DYSART MOTEL FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE FALMOUTH FORESIDE NORTON HALL 81 SHEARMAN General Insurance ROBERT B NORTON Pesde T nd T asue 54 EXCHANGE STREET PORTLAN MAINE T I ph SP 2 I95I m im Roufe I I n t 1 Compllmenfs of Roufe 88 Rou+e I . Groceries - MeaI's Frozen Foods I'I'aIian Sandwiches I I r I n a re r r D. ee one - MAINE AND US APPROVED PULLORUM CLEAN FRENCH S HATCHERY ERNEST W HAWKES Proprlefor Telephone VA 9 5455 Wesf FaImouI'h Mame IETS HAVE B M icsis, An all hme 'farmly 'FavorrIeI 0 BEM Brick Oven Baked Beans SHACK BFULK oy are Ihe real old fashioned knd They re prepared ln Pori land Marne baked hours and hours In real brick ovens The fasfe so good In Ihelr por enrlched sauce of brown sugar and splces youd swear 'Ihey were home baked' LICENSED 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE INSURED C L SMITH'S TREE SERVICE Prumng Spraymg Feedmq Planhng Removals Mosqul+o and Fly Con+roI SpeclaI:s+ In Du+ch Elm Dlsease WEST FALMOUTH SP 4663I 1 S f e-MBAKED BEANS 0 y U . hx' ' "sp-gh I: ' 5 15 NEVER gy? Li Q' QR E? 2-'Q f WW? WM O BURLEIGH Electrician HOUSE PCWER SPECIALIST 27 Town Landing Road FaImouI'I1 Foreside, Maine SALES - WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES - SERVICE AGAIN! X 1? ,A If LARRY'S SUNOCO SERVICE PICK UP AND DELIVERY ROAD SERVICE Tnres BaHenes Accessories Compleie Lubrlcahon Washmg L H RUBY ALA SI'aIe Road Falmoufh Foreslde Telephone SP 2 9469 X Ng.--.4 mmm-9 Q 0 9 3: cl! 'LQmwU1f EE-Fl ,ff k 53.4 -0 QE'-if ' .L -55 291 I f Jfx V21 , A M A A M A Xp ' I Q 5 f 3 . lb jfg I xr' - I 3 ,. IL V- j . F1 The Habd' of Regular Savlngs Is +he Flrsi' Sfep Io Ma+erlaI Success There Is No BeHer Way +0 AccumuIaI'e Money Than Through a Monfhly Savings Accouni' a+ FALMOUTH SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 4 ELM STREET PORTLAND. MAINE Fresh FrulI's and VegeI'abIes US Chouce Grade Beef TOWN LANDING MARKET FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE S S Pierce Products Quality Grocerles Frozen Foods THOMAS A RANDALL P p TEL SP 2 oss Q A N 5 AT woRK MQQ Q AT PLAY ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU BEST EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY CENTR L MAINE POW!! O ANY . , ro. . ruce -I Y AT HOME Q 41. o 'X ' FRYE S MOBIL SERVICENTER TIRES BATTERIES B Hery Charg ng and Servc LUBRICATION WASHING LIGHT REPAIRING Rou'Ie I FaImouI'h S8fH GREEN STAMPS CompIlmen'Is of PINE GROVE Marlrei' and Service S+ahon FORESIDE ROAD COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND W J WINTER JR CO Oppos+e S psons Complefe Lme Bulldmg Supplies SHINGLES INSULATION WINDOWS INSIDE FINISH FLOORING DOORS I52 Mann SI'ree'I' Wesfbrook UL 4e4I8l UL 4 4760 Comphmenfs RICHARD P WALTZ Plumbing and Heahng 536 Wash ngion Ave PORTLAND SP 2 3026 Bonne Chance a I'ous nos amls FRENCH I II AND III CompIlmen+s of HOBBS FUNERAL HOME SOUTH PORTLAND PORTLAND FRUIT CO I85 l9I Commercial S+ SP 3 0248 I a I I e I . . , . . 1 l I I lfn of of I Q I I I . Complimenfs of THE CASCO BAY TRADING POST FREEPORT MAINE Smarf CIo'I'IIes WITI1 a Coun'I'ry FIaIr CompIimen+s of FULLER'S, INC AUTOMOTIVE WHOLESALERS Por+Iand Mame CompIImen'Is of NELL and MARKS SOUTHGATE RESTAURANT Rou e U S I SCARBOROUGH MAINE PORTLAND LUMBER 849 Foresi' Avenue SP 2 6597 VAUGHAN S PHARMACY YARMOUTH MAINE CompIImenI's of HODGDON S GULF STATION FALMOUTH MAINE HUMPTY DUMPTY POTATO CHIP CO Rou+e I SCARBORO ME YARMOUTH BOAT YARD ALEX H TWOMBLY T I ph VI 6 I YARMOUTH MAINE 'I' . . I ! I Roger N. Vaughen, Reg. Phar. US. Rome I ee one -4 43 THOMPSON and BERRY COmpIIm6h'l'S of Farfn Equgpmenf FORESIDE FIRE COMPANY I83 WINN ROAD F FALMOUTH MAINE FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE TELEPHONE VA 9376' d 5 All s Chalmers Sales and Servnce Compliments of THE L K REICHERT CO INC Manufadurers of SPORT SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Complimenfs of Opfomeirisi A I42 High S'I'ree+ PORTLAND MAINE CO. 287 oreside Road I Organize I9I i- Q Q I, I H. G. HANSON Prescrip+ion Druggis+ 345 CONGRESS STREET CORNER WILMOT STREET PORTLAND, MAINE Compllmenfs SAMPSON S SUPER MARKET 926 BRIGHTON AVENUE PORTLAND YARMOUTH FUEL CCMPANY Incorpora+ed Serving YARMOUTH NO YARMCUTH CUMBERLAND FALMOUTH POWNAL FREEPORT 55 MAIN STREET YARMOUTH MAINE Tel Vlcfor 65662 Comphmenis of L L BEAN, INC FREEPORT MAINE Open 24 Hours a Day of I , lf-4: A E22 Comp,,men,s 0, THE DOGHOUSE INC REEDS COFFEE sl-lor 22 P'e"'e Sheef '06 Preble Shed PORTLAND MAINE PORTLAND MAINE Supplnes for All Pefs Troplcal Flsh P pples Paralzeels and Cage Bards ASSON S Famous for All Sleek Hamburgers GRAY ROAD ROUTE 26 AUGUSTA BIDDEFORD HOULTON MADAWASKA FARRAR BROWN Darl'mou+l1 ai' Foresl Avenue PORTLAND Largesl S'l'oclr of Aulomohve Par'l's and Accessories In Malne PRESQUE ISLE ROCKLAND RUMFORT WATERVILLE L BLAKE 81 CO Mull and Plumbing Supplles PORTLAND MAINE M ICE COMPANY Dealers an ICE COAL RANGE OIL WOOD VEGETABLES 30 Waslungfon Avenue Porfland 3 Marne Telephone SP 3 569l Nlghl' Phone SP 4-25I4 A1 EL PREP HALL AT BENOITS A Marne lnshiuhon 'Emi Experfs Every One an 'lhe Ari' of Correc+ly OuHrl'hng Young Men ID Hugh and Prep Schools Dedlcaled fo a young man s fasle Prep Hall sales s+aH and nfs fashuons offer speclallzed servlce and apparel desngnecl fo gnve young men +he flnesi' Ih s'l'yle and value A. H. BENOIT 81 CO. Monumenl' Sq. POI"l'l6l1Cl Also Prep Hall Depar+men+s in Benoi+'s- Wesibroolr Brunswiclc-Lewis+on-Bicldeford dedicated to a goung man's taste ' . . I T . . " Hs Its All Yours Now" THE CLASS OF 60 FOR THE COMPLETE NEWS WGAN on Your Dual WGAN TV Channel I3 """"u5 AND THE BEST IN PORTLAND PRESS HERALD EVENING EXPRESS SUNDAY TELEGRAM VIEWS COIWPLHVIENTS F F' Llo LM QW!! QS OUTH CLUB O F 52 JVIIIIYZL X K u Vx 4 ? 1 lg if X x L i I f v V Birfhplace of +he HI-LIONS H YACHTSNEN TE OF 1963 ip' n 'i-M323 HOME BUILDING SERVICE PAINTS AND VARNISH LUMBER MASON SUPPLIES HARDWARE ROOFING INSULATION PLYWOODS DOORS AND WINDOWS MILLWO RK N T FOX CO, INC 24 MORRILL ST SP 3 I73I PORTLAND MAINE BRANCHES Wesibrook Kennebunlr Bncldeford HANDY BOAT SERVICE Falmoulh Foresude Marne K 52' L? fgjlqy You re bound fo enloy +he easy gomg mformalrly and +he excellenf food a+ ihe Galley Res+auran+ Lobsfer IS our specially We re open from 8 a m 'ro 9 p m daily ready 'ro serve you be lf a snaclc or a shore dinner Now +he Galley us fwlce as bug +o give you even beH'er service Gel' llve lobsiers here for your boar or home Well boil Ihem nf you wlsh You also may order ofher dlshes +o fake wrlh you RT 88 FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE . . I X 1 v,Z I o I - f-4 an , ,snr "'- 2 , ,I Q I I U o a 0 e l I ' I 0 0 I ' I I Maine Is Full of Opporiuniiies "l'f's Your Job +o Develop Them" MERRILL TRANSPORT CO. Terminals PORTLAND AUBURN AUGUSTA BANGOR SEARSPORT We Like Our Falmou+h Employees . n u , l Il ' ll Best of Luck From 'fi we My The Great Dlssectors A -Z vifbf 2 2 Hi? fa 2531 Q Ni tg r'4Q65-Bgzgjgabk fe., 2 ,QS-1 eg eq, 2 F am:-5?'Oe Q22 2 1 S F g ,ey QJVJ ll , ll 5'-w .' , fl - V 'rw 3 U W fel? fs- e ,N c C' QC" S? X '? V X "Q TS . ze. Qi? . ' - I 2 ef ff iicfgki, xuf- f ,fx r . ' Cie "iii vcexf- 5, Q ppb? 'Q A jr? 5 . --' 1 e - Q50 ti Z xc, ff 5 'QQ 3 gf Y CEL 7, . Complumenis of GEORGE CERINO I37 Free S+ree'I PORTLAND MAINE fnvq CompIlmen+s of X ye SAWDUST sl-lop , ,.. fff Cus1'om Made KnoH'y Pme Furnlfure i-Fill N M REED S CompIlmen+s EIec+rlc and Acerylene Weldlng AN S Machine WorIc of AII Kinds TeI VI 6 568I YARMOUTH MAINE SAY IT WITH FRESH FLOWERS From SKILLIN S GREENHOUSES Oualufy ln AII CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES POTTED PLANTS Wedding and Funeral Work FaImouI'I1 Fo es de Phone SP 2 63I8 JOHN A SKILLIN Class of I948 DAVE SKILLIN Class of I955 AS' 4X f A I . 1 A way vim? I f fl". swf Q . I I ' B E Q VISIT OUR SHOWROOM ANY TIME - j 'la ' 1 of I a I . . I r I - BEST OF LUCK FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT CASCO TERRACE A Friend Mr and Mrs Cecil E AbboH Mr and Mrs Charles Anderson Mrs WaI'I'er Aushn Dr and Mrs Robinson Bidwell Mr and Mrs Richard H Bowen Mrs Anne Bradford Bruce Nancy and Brenl Mlss Madelyn Buclr Dr and Mrs Boyd BuHon Mr and Mrs Rober+ Cheney Mrs Idabel Eslulund and Miss Eslulund Mr and Mrs Thomas J Foley and Family Mr and Mrs Daniel Ge+cheII Mrs Nan Haich Mr and Mrs Leroy Hervela Mrs Rufh H Howlson Mr and Mrs Harold E Jones Mr and Mrs Herberi' Kinsman Mr and Mrs Richard Knudsen Burch Herbie and Lloyd Ranger Mr and Mrs Ranger Missy Michael Kerr Sef+on Mr and Mrs Theo ore Vail Mr and Mrs Whrre and Family Mr and Mrs T H Young CASCO BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Complele Banking Service Convemenf Locahons In SOUTHWESTERN MAINE W BUXTON BRIDGETON RUMFORD FRYEBURG BETHEL LIMERICK BUCKFIELD SOUTH PARIS SIX PORTLAND OFFICES w A MESSER co 9,3425 I07 III Anderson Sf INC PORTLAND 3 MAINE EIec+ruc and Ace+yIene Welding WE SERVICE ALI' WE SELL Cudom Bum, Truck Bodles Everyrhing for Ihe Lawn Garden Trailer Repairing Your'-Iiovger Eoluipmenf and Rebuilding ea quar ers PHONE SP 3 7036 753 BROADWAY SO. PORTLAND SP 9 224I Mr. and MQs..wal+er Perrin ROBERT E MOORE Comphmems of La+hlng and Plasfermg Confracfor COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL 500 Congress SI' RESIDENTIAL PORTLAND ME 799 Fores+ Ave Porfland Marne Tel SP 2 5847 HAPPY MEMORIES FROM WAITES LANDING Mr and Mrs James W Boyd Mr and Mrs Frank H Soule A Frvend Mr and Mrs Samuel Tucker Mrs George M Lord Mrs John V Ward VERNON s PLUMMER OD WILLIAM GOODMAN OpI'ome+rls+ Was+e pa per ROOM 5I8 I42 H gh SI' ee+ PORTLAND MAINE BI 87 Marginal Way PORTLAND MAINE CompIImenI's of SUPER MARKET DISTRIBUTORS Furmshers of Household Gadgefs Mr. and Mrs. George K. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Por+er Thompson I r - and an an an an and and and and and an an M rs M rs rs M rs rs M rs M rs M rs rs rs M rs M rs D B Bosworlh and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Charles and Mrs and Mrs W E Daggefl Mrs Jane Douglas and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Pe+er Chrlshan Forhn and an and an an an an an an an an an an an and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs rs Mrs rs Mrs rs Mrs CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FROM THE WEST FALMOUTH COMMUNITY Lawrence B Abblah Adams and Famuly Clarence Adams Henry Allmg Eugene Ayres Freeman Afherlon Roger Barley Donald Beaumonf Howard D Bemuss Jr Ruchard Black Rlchard C Blanchard R E Borslel Harold Bnggs Paul W Brown Wllllam Carr Harold F Clemons Arnold A Cobb Gerald F Cole Conan? Nafhan J Copeland Paul W Copeland Melvm Dreraeul Roosevelf Dunsmore Charles Eafon Lrnwood S EIIlo'H J G Evans John Fallona Wnlllam Farwell Arfhur L Gales G B Gellerson Wrlluam Grace Walllam Graves Francus Haley Fredernc J Haley Douglas K Hammefl' Roger Hanson Roberl' T Hari E W Hawkes Lawrence W Hawkes Nelson Hayes Edwm Hemonen Ena Helkklnen John P Henmngs Nancy E Hennnngs Mr and Mrs S E Herruck Mr and Mrs Fredrick F Hull Mr Herber'IS Hall J and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Elsie M Mr and Mrs A Frnend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrlluam H Howard Huslon Iverson George H Jones George Kumball Alexander LaFIeur Maurnce E Lane Wrllns E Lane Ar+hur Lerghfon Edwm Leupold Harold D Lmscofl Mrs Lorrame Llffle and Mrs Alvm Lrhllefleld MacLean and Family and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Sherwood Maguire W S Mann Raymond Marshall Jr John H Mayo James H McDevuI+ Sr E Cal-Ier Mrllrlren C M Mnlchell and Mrs Morneaulf and Mrs Mrlfon Morse E T Morfon and Mrs and Mrs A Friend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Karl Robbins and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Fred C and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs s Norman and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs A Fruend James H Nanos Harold R Osgood Emerson Pnllsbury Llnwood Porlrer Cecil Prlesf Ralph H Raymond MerrrH R Roakes Roberl' R Roakes Wrnsfon C Robbms Berrram D Sfanley Harold Sleeves R T Slurgeon Nafhannel Sfreel' Donald A Swan Howard P Sweerser Talbof Fred Ternson John Tufhermgion Donald W Towle E True Alberr Vmmg Leon W Wner Berrram Walley Jr I I Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . Mr. d . ' Mr- . Mr. d M . - ' . Mr. d . ' - . . Mr. d M . I Mr. . MF- - ' M,-I , ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' . Mr. M . . ' . . Mr. . ' ' . Mr. M . ' MV- - ' Mr. d . ' . Mf- - ' Mr. d . . . MF- - . ' Mr. . ' DV- - ' ' ' Mr. . . Mr- ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. I K Mr. . , , Mr. . . Mr- - - 1 Mr. . . ' , Mr .... T- Mr- - - ' ' ' Mr. . . - - I A . Mr. . 1 Mr. . ' Mr. . - ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr' - - Mr. . L. W. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. AI"l'l1Uf O'Brien Mr. . Mr' - - Mr. . ' . ' I Mr, . . . MV- - ' Mr. . Mr' - ' Mr. . ' ' Mr- - ' ' . . . Mr. g . Mr. . . Mr- - I - Mr. d . . . M'- - - Mr. . ' ' . Mr. d . ' ' Mr- - ' . ' Mr. d . ' Mr' ' ' Mr. d . ' . Mr' ' Mr. d . - Mr' ' ' ' Mr. a M . Mf- - ' Mr. d . . M" - - Mr. a M . . . Mf- - - Mr. d . . ' ' Mr. d M . Mr' ' I Mr. d . ' ' Dr' ' I I Mr. d M . ' ' Mf- - - Mr. . . ' Mr ' ' - Mr. , ' ' A . . . I Mr' ' ' I BEST wlsHEs VANTINE STUDIO Graduation Photographs 3 79l9 PORTLAND MAINE From SPruce - 66l Congress S+ree+ L G BALFOUR COMPANY AHIeboro Ma ssacI1useH's JeweIry's Finest Craftsmen CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB AND HOSPITAL INSIGNIA COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS Represenfahve DONALD B TU PPER Box 244 Cape CoHage Branch PORTLAND 9 MAINE MEDALS - TROPHIES - PLAOUES ff' fl X IM -T2 I X To the Class of 1960 We re So Sorry to See You Leave From the Class of 1961 YARMOUTH HARDWARE COMPANY M S+r YARMOUTH MAINE 6 Harclwa re Housewares Pam? Bulldmg Malerlal Sporhng Goods Plumbing Supplues ROSEMONT GARAGE 623 Brnghlon Avenue BODY AND FENDER WORK SP 3 2989 FOREST D WATKINS FURNISHINGS AND FOOTWEAR F PORTLAND, MAINE D I SP 2 Good Luck MR AND MRS WILLIAM E. CLARK IQ ,l " I X 95- I f i I A if X 0,4 Ki I I I ' u 1 I f 1 f 1 ll lll w w ' I 13 v ll' , X 4 f - I l N X fr ,nl ' ' L, 'Nil J 95 ain eel' . Vlc'Ior -E201 . ll Il II85 ores? Avenue 1 . ia -1323 rs Dewey Bar1'er Gerald E Perkrns an an an an an Mrs an an an an an an an an an GREETINGS FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT PLEASANT HILL M rs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Charles B Abrahamson Ralph E Adams Ralph E Barley S Ralph E Barley Jr Wal+er J Baker Huldah K Blake Mrs Mrs rs Mrs rs rs rs rs Mrs e Dough+y and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrllls H Blanchard Donald C Bodwell Edwm J Buchanan Frank R Buckley Roberl' L Burner Leonard C Clark Percy H Clark Wllllam E CrockeH John M Dangle Family Theodore Dube Charles R Fogg Carroll E Freeman Mayor and Mrs Ray Funderburk an an an an Mr an rs rs Mrs rs rs Charles L Grubb Leroy E Grubb Herberi' E Jenkms Raymond H Jenkms Joseph L Lynch Jr Mrs Jay C MacCabe Mr and Mrs Sfanley McCann Mr and Mrs Raymond McCluskey Mrs Marne G McKenney and Mrs Donald Moore and Mrs Roland B Moore ah an an ah an rs rs rs rs Mrs Roberi' Oakes Norman A OBrien Gerald L Payeur E Woodard Payne Mrs Roswell H Pfeffer Mr Sampson D Plummer Mlss Ellzabefh Pope an an an an an an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs rs rs rs Mrs rs rs Donald A Rucker Frank L Rochon Edwm M Sadler Charles R Sanford Don Slnclalr George A Sklllln Edward A Smrfh Harold C S+over Alfred TurcoHe and Family and Mrs George J Turco++e and Mrs Sfanley Wenfzel and Mrs Irwm L Verrlll Mr. d . . . . Mr. d . . . . Mr. d M . . ' , r. , , Mr. d . . ' , . . ' . Mr. d . . Mr- . M , Dr. . . , , Mr. d M . Mr. d . ' ' l Mr. d M . . ' ' Mr, d , , Mr. d M . . Mr. d M . ' . Mr. d H . . Mr. d . . Mr- cl . . ' Mr. d M . . . . Mr. d M . . - - Mr. d M . . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Cleaves MPS- lrvlrlg N- Pope Mr. d M . ' ' . Mr- Cl - - ' Mr, d , , ' Mr. d . . Th ' Mr. d M . ' . Mr, , Mr. d M . . Mr. . . Mr. d M . ' ' Mr, , , Mr. d . . ' ' ' , Mr. d M . . ' Mr. d M , , Mr. d M . . Mr. d M . . - ' Mr. d . . ' Mr' - - Mr. d M . . ' MV- - . d M . . , . MV- - ' - ' SMOOTH SAILING FROM YOUR UPPER FORESIDE FRIENDS A Frlend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Bruce BuheI'I' Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs A Frlend RoyV Adams Francis J Amafo C G Bayer John F Boyd Jens S Buhelf Wulnam O Burlelgh Lawrence Cannon Joseph A CapeIIu'h Jam and Luz Cherry Mr and Mrs Gerald P Cllfford Mr and Mrs Roberi' B Cofe Mr and Mrs James Dunn Mlss ConsI'ance Emery ne and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harry J and Mrs and Mrs FranI: Fee y Wnlllam Fosfer Raymond J Gulnard Thomas Hennessy J L Howlson John R LaPIanI Lawson Russell Libby George LoveH' Mrs Jane+ Lunf and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Elwm J MarcoHe Thomas J McCar+hy P McElroy Norman Mercer Sfephen Mercer Ralph Morgan Mass Sharon Mullen Mr and Mrs Wallace Oufhouse Mr and Mrs E A Rendell Grace Sargeni' Mrs Lena Sargeni' Mr and Mrs AIber+ Slegars Mrs AIexanderW SIuIIm Bruce and Brian Small Mr and Mrs H T Sml'I'h Mr and Mrs JohnW SmlI'h Jr Malor and Mrs Tremalne F Sml+h Mr and Mrs Herber+A TayIor Mr and Mrs Vail Dr and Mrs Arfhur B Woodman Mr and Mrs Roger Woodman Mrs E J Woods and PaH'y A Friend Compllmenfs GERALD H KNIGHT D M D Compllmenfs MOXCEY'S BARBER SHOP C LOUIS SMITH Body and Fender Repairing FALMOUTH, MAINE VA 9 5277 DANISH PASTRY AAGE C ANDERSON BAKERY 54 Veranda SI'ree'r PORTLAND MAINE Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr f MY. . . Mr: . . I mr' ' ' Mr. . . Mr' ' r. . Mr. . Mr. . n. Q .I ' .Q Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' ' . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . '. ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . of of MUCH SUCCESS FROM THE BLACKSTRAP COMMUNITY and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harold E Aaskov Guy C Bascom Norman J Caflr Howard Chaffee Fred W Chase Alfon Chrusflansen Bradford Crawford Clayfon Crummefl' John F Davus Ar+hur Day Ernesf H Donagon Kennefh Donagon Mr Lucas Doolan Mr and Mrs Homo Fischer Mr and Mrs Russell Franklyn Friends Y Mr and Mrs Lelghfon E Gardner Mr and Mrs Edgar G Gordon Charles Gould Efhel G Gowen Mr and Mrs EarlJ Hafcher Aubme Hawkes Mrs GeorgeW Hawkes Mr and Mrs Monroe Hawkes Mr and Mrs Wllllam Hllfrank Mrs Harold S Humphreys Mr and Mrs Rodney James Mr and Mrs James Kemp Mlss M Lucnlle Kidder Mr EvereH'W Llbby Mr and Mrs Glenl Lnfflefleld Mr and Mrs Hervey Lnvermore Rev W Norman MacFarlane and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Carlfon E Marhn Chesfer McPhalI Ray Mlchaud Edwln A Mixer Dwlghf W Norfon Harold Norfon oanne Norfon and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lormg Norfon A L Pafsfone Alberf N Pelleher Wrlluam Pullns Jumor Relcherf Mr and Mrs Leonard R Relcherf Rocky Relcherf and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Evereff T Roberfs Walfer Sanborn Ashfon Sawfelle Dayfon Serber Halsey Smlfh Sidney Smlfh Frank Smyfh Henry C Springer John H Sferlmg John Shmson JosephW Sflmson Jr Joseph Sflmson Sr Karl Swlher Kennefh Thomes Richard M Tyler Maurice A Wlles Roland M Wnrfhs Compllmenfs HARRIMAN S FOODLINER Compllmenfs NEW SYSTEM LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS COMPLETE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SERVICES Mr. . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . J Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . The Gannon Famil Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Roberfson . . ' . Mr. . . . . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . ' . . . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . . ' . . ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' . . Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . ' , . . Mr. . ' ' . ' ' Mr. . . - ' Mr. . ' . . - - ' ' Mr. . ' . ' - - ' Mr. . . ' of of I GOOD LUCK FROM THE FOLKS AT LOWER FORESIDE Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Anonymous and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Floyd N Abbo'H' Harold F Anderson Roberl' M Bascom A W Berkowlfz Na+han D Cushman William H Daley Harry E Davis Frank Folson and Mrs Harold Fosler Michael and Dolores Fox Dr and Mrs Richard J Goduh Mrs Wallace Goudy Mr and Mrs Mrs John L and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Herberl' H Hahn Hawkes Herberl' S Holmes A Dexfer How Raymond A Jones Jr Clyde F Jordan A Friend Mr and Mrs Roberl K Jordan Sr G H Knlghl' and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Carl Laughrnze Sherwood A Lawler Charles N Manchesler William Mafheus EarleW Noyes Jr Walker H Noyes Duane Pearce C J Penmngs Russell Peppard Harold B Scales Frank A Smllh Herberl' B Sprague William C Thurs'I'on Frank Walker Foresl'E Whrle Jr Comphmenfs STAN S ESSO i400 Washmglon Avenue PORTLAND MAINE CANAVAN DRUG COMPANY Prescrlphons HEAPS OF HAPPINESS FROM HILLSIDE AVENUE and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs Mr Mr. and Mrs Reverend W Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs A Friend Olaf H Adler Ashlon E Alherfon Richard G Bolkun Orin B Collins Gardner Graffam Perley J Leighfon Elfon S. Li'H'le Norman MacFarlane George Prince Roberl' K. Sullivan Roberl' C. Walker Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' ' ' Dr. . . ' Mr. . . , . Mr. Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' . . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Pollard . . . Mr. . . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . . , . Mr. . MF. . . Mr. - - . I ' of I Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. RING S GAS 81 APPLIANCE CO Bo'H'led Gas Appliances Hardware YARMOUTH VI 6 565I UN 5 4584 71-I E R, THURLOW AND NOYES Q h gl 5 Arr 'Jeff-ek Pozzhstfw WQQE7 ijw LUB':'.iQ2'ON NORTON S TEXACO Cor W Elm and Man SI's YARMOUTH MAINE Tel VI 69974 W R TI VA9328I HICKS l G A MARKET EVERY DAY LOW PRICES Tablerufe Mears Grocenes Table Fresh Produce FALMOUTH CORNER Tel SP 2 038I I fl 9 ' , Allen and Was in on Aves. , Q IL F 1 fff' 'AN-X 1 I ' . . i . I08 inn oad W. Falmoufh e . - I MORE CONGRATULATIONS FROM WEST FALMOUTH Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. EvereH Wilson Kennelh Wilson Willard Wilson L. E. Winchesler Fred Wing and Family Charles Winslow Ralph M. Winslow Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Young Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Zacharias HILTON S CITIES SERVICE STATION Gas O I Greasmg Tires Tubes Ballerles ROLAND H SHAW Plumbing and Heahng Middle Road Falmoulh Maine Mann S+ree'I' Yarmoufh Me Tel SP 5 2033 Tel VI 6 535 Compllmenls A FRIEND MORE WELL WISHERS ON THE OLD FALMOUTH ROAD Mr and Mrs Donald Tupper Andy Sfeve and Jon Tupper Mr and Mrs Charles Varnum and Family Mrs Harold F Walle Jr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs James E Wallace Wilfred Ward Earl While and Family William D Wood Aushn Worcesler William D Young I i . of Mr., . i I. I Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' BEST WISHES FROM THE WELL WISHERS ON OLD FALMOUTH ROAD and Mrs Rlchard Allen and Mrs James A Anderson and Mrs Elner Andreasen and Mrs Clifford Ashley Mlss Joan Ashley Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Kafhy Blake Mrs Thomas and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ayres Alberf Baker F Bean Bonvllle Roberf Bowdoin Edward Bullock Linwood Carlisle Wllllam H Charles Herberl' L Clark Mr and Mrs Roberf Lane A Fnend Mr and Mrs Llbby Mr and Mrs Raymond E Lund Janef and Bull Lunf Mr and Mrs Wallace Lynch Mr and Mrs Herberf Marshall Mr and Mrs Alberl' Marhn and Family Mrs Grace Mason and Mrs Harold Mason and Mrs Charles McCafherm and Mrs Donald McCubrey and Mrs McKenney Nancy Debbne and Bobble Mrs John Meehan Ronald Merrull The Cooks Mrs A B Cooley and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Friend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lufher D John P Davnn Lawrence Dolle Harold Dudley Edward Dunham Edgar Dunnell Edward Emmons Lawrence Ferguson Rechard Forfune Harold French Raymond Googms Rev and Mrs E Mllfon Granl' Mr and Mrs Richard H Halverson Mr and Mrs George Hamllfon Dr and Mrs Ladd Heldenbrand Kelfh Heldenbrand A Frlend and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Raymond Moulfon Roland L Moore Alberf Moreau Lee Nlckerson Nancy Lee Nnckerson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J E OConnell Alberf L Oddy Herberf Olsen Cardwell F Olsen John Owms Glenn Parsons N J Peachwall and Famlly Henry G Perkms John Pucker James Plummer and Mrs Royden Polley Mrs Sfella Pofenzo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Henry Huggins Ronald Hmes and Famuly Norman B Hodgdon Gordon T Holmes Walfer Holmes Garfield lngraham W L lrvlne Sfewarf Jackson Wnlfred G Jean H J Jensen Erald Jensen Richard Kmghf Archibald Knowles Wulllam Knowles Mr and Mrs John A Rand Mr and Mrs A Newell Robb Mr and Mrs Axel B Rosengren Mnss Dorofhy Rowe Mrs Earl Sawyer and famlly and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Rudolf Scheuchzer Malcolm Scudder Ronald Shaw F R Shaers and Family Alfred B Sparrow Alfred Sfadden Wayne N Sfrouf Mrs Mllllcenf Teague A Fnend Mr. . ' . , Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' . , ' Mr. . ' . , , . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' . , ' I ' Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . y Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. Horfon Flynl' Mr. and Mrs. Homer Olsen Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' . . . ' Mr. . . ' . . ' . Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' . . . Mr. . ' ' . . . Mr. . . . . . , Sr. Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' - Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' . ' ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The vNcr'v:, Emi' Year: '43-1 iw 71wG' 'fam' k ' W 4 ' "3 u. . hr' -.

Suggestions in the Falmouth High School - Crest Yearbook (Falmouth, ME) collection:

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