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gsm ff Hz.. 22. .f 3 " 'fa 1 V 1 f Q ! A 1 Ei gffff . fg W!! fgh Sclmol mm U16 Kms! fog DEDICATION .,..........., ,.. SCHOOL COMMITTEE ...., SUPERINTENDENT ...... PRINCIPAL ..,...,....,, FACULTY LIII.I,... OPEN HOUSE ........L.LL THE CREST STAFF ........ HERE AND THERE ........ SENIORS .L............... JUNIORS ......I...... SOPHOMORES .,L,,L, FRESHMEN ...,.. ACTIVITIES .,.... MUSIC ....,,I SPORTS I.L.. ALUMNI .....,......... ADVERTISING ...............,. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ....... HALSEY SMITH Chairman WILLIAM H. SOULE Secrelary DEDICATION The Falmouth High Sc h o ol Building Committee has spent countless hours, from the first plan to the last brick, in making Fal- mouthis dream of a new high school become a reality. To its eight members, then, the Class of I958 declicates Wfhe Crestf' that the memory of their great service may continue for many good years. A. ELLIOTT SMALI RICHARD M. TYLER EDGAR P. LUND HAROLD W. WRIGHT JOHN K. DUNCAN JOHN H. MARKS, JR. Our School Krfmmiffce MR. HALSEY SMITH h . C azrman Term : 1955- 1958 MRS. MARGARET MARTIN Term: 1957-1960 I 6 MR. A. ELLIOTT SMALL Term: 1956-1959 HENRY G PERKINS SUPERINTENDENT HAROLD L. MASON. ASST SUPERINTENDENT CUMBERLAND '- FALMOUTH '- NORTH YARMOUTH SCHOOL UNION NO. 13 FALMOUTH TowN HALL. R. F. D. 5 PORTLAND. MAINE 'I' 'I' 'I' T PHONE SP 2-4677 SUPERINTENDEN T'S This year the students and faculty have had the privilege. of working in and enjoying a fine new high school. The first thought in planning the construction of a new school is that the facilities shall provide for a better educational background. The only reimbursement that the townspeople ask for their money and efforts is that your preparation shall be the best for your desired goal. I sincerely hope that your years at Falmouth High School will assist you to- ward taking advantage of those opportunities which will lead' to a happy, rich, and useful life. My -as - XO 2 - L.- Superintendent of Schools MR. HAROLD I,. MASON flssismnt S11parir1t0no1IPr1,t of Schools SI WEN INTIEN DICNTS' SECRE'I'ARIES Left to right: Mrs. Elizulwth Rosenlmlad, Mrs. Malvina Boyd. , 5?,.,,, ff' fr if 49 I3 Wt ,., U- FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL FALMEILITH, MAINE R F D 3, CUMBERLAND CENTER, MAINE OFFICE OF PRINCIPAL Whether your plans call for continuing your formal education, serving in the Armed Forces, or going directly to work you will be called upon to select your associates and friends and to make decisions for yourselves. The extent to which you put into practical use those ideals and principles which were properly taught in your home, your church, and your school will determine to quite a degree your success in the future. ,l. 'JZ 441'-wwf 1 Q K 'WH 1 1 i kl- IO. AX...-.-.-f of J. , ...M .. ,.. .N..,.... ,,,... A... ., ,.. ... L. .f Q-a.a..m.1. Aw f MQ' ,,-' awmxmy ww.-Umm Q ' .wt N, V h I .f.0. -'L w,,,,,- y0ll!' RUTHERFORD M. DRUMMOND Principal "T he direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life." ROBERTA F. ROGERS Business Education GARDNER C. POPE Sub-master and Chemistry "A teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stopsf' "Despatch is the soul of business." Our Zzculty MARIA P. HURLEY Sophomore English "Use what language you will, you can never say anything but what you are.'A FRED K. HIGGINS U. S. History and Driver Training "Public instruction should be the first objective of government." JAMES B. HANSON Music Supervisor "Music is the only universal tongue. 9 JAMES B. FOX Mathematics "The mathematician has reached the highest rung on the ladder of human thoughtf' BLANCHE L. NAPLES French and Guidance "Cherish the little trade which you have learned' and be content therewith." DAVID WETHERELL Junior and Senior English "Reading maketh a full man, conference, a ready man, and writing, an exact man." Our Zlaculty MARY M. CONROY Home Economics "A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good consciencef, F. DONALD DORSEY, JR. Biology and Science "Equipped with five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure sciencef' JEROME W. BLACK Industrial Arts "T here is always work, and tools to work withal, for those who will." MADELYN E. BUCK Freshman English "We shoulrl choose our books as we woulrl our companions, for their sterling and intrinsic meritf' DEANE BORNHEIMER Mathematics "Words of truth and soberness ALICE G. ROBINSON World History "History of the world is the record of a man in quest of his daily bread and butterf, Our Zzculty JOHN KOSTOPOULOS Boys' Physical Education "Health and good estate of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth." CLADYS HAGER Latin "The immense value of becoming ac- quainted with a foreign language is that we are thereby led into a new world of tradition and thought and feeling? JOYCE LOWER Girls, Physical Education 4'Gladly does she learng cheerfully does she teachf' Zzlmaulh J-lzyh Salma! Dedzczzlmrz and Open House .1 mu' M 1 P- we W, 1 gf 'NPA 1. -,v -..,N-M 1151 'LZ' A """!"', ' ' V,,, 4, l4Q 14 l l T lA XX We glad if? dana' Editor-in-Chief E 7, Assistant Editor , Senior Write-ups .. ,, Art Editors ,, Photography Editors Alumni and Exchang Faculty Editors 7 Activities Editors N Music Editors ,, W Classroom Write-ups e Editors Sports Write-ups ,. ., Co-Advisor ,,,i, Martha Hurfl Diane Bamford 7 Vicki Cahill Benjamin Severn Charlotte Conant Stephen Shaw , Karin Amann Susan Fortune Cynthia Young , Robert Curran Robert Carlson Samuel Lecldy ,, Doreen Walton Jeaneen McCann , Julie French Eleanor Nottage , Nancy Record Mrs. Robin Shaw Nancy Nickerson Peter Clough Eleanor Chaplin Jane Hardy Carol Fredriksen Victoria Daggett Sandra Haslanl Robert Mangion Susan Shaw Robert Jordan Maria P. Hurley 3115114655 Staff I 958 Business Manager sss.ss,s,,s.,ss,.sss,s,ss,s...,,.sss........s,ss.,...ss,ss,,s7 Paul Potenzo Assistant Business Manager ,,77A .v,,,,7,,,,A , ,,,,77,,,,,,,,,,,,7,,7 M orrill Marks Senior Clerks ,,.... . v.s,,,,s,...,Vs ..,,s,, N ancy Adams, Nancy Heikkinen, Susan Alling, Patricia Dionne Junior Clerks .,,,,,s,...,7,,,,,s.,,,,,77.....,,,,......,,,,,, Donna York, Janet Roos, Sandra Burnell, Marianna Dunham, Marcia Terison Solicitors ,,,,...,,,t,.,..,,,,,,,t,.,. Martha Hurd, Susan Daley, Julie French, Cynthia Proctor, George Hamilton, Robert Carlson, Eleanor Chaplin, Diane Dunlap, Andrew Iverson, Bradford Abbott, Catherine Perrin, Benjamin Severn, Morrill Marks, Stephen Shaw, Richard Piper, Cobie Smith, Robert Mangion, David Verrill, Charlotte Conant, Vicki Cahill, Nancy Hennings, Roberta Shaw, Joan Robbins, Geraldine Perkins, George Skillin, Carol Fredriksen, Eleanor Nottage, Carol Olsen, Jane Hardy, ,leaneen McCann, Diane Bamford. C0-Advisor ....,,,tt,,,,.....tt,,,.,,.,. .,.,.....,,,,t..,...,,,, M iss Roberta F. Rogers J-fm' nu Q 1 x W Hu- uw .WML X xmxxfxw? W and Xftcx thc lmall v . R Q . . m dl Wm fllnpll .41 .Q NJ E7Ic'l'6' Jlllnpv Qtu V ' "c'. Xou dont know the half of All . X 1 - ,f ,X VV 1, . f .f , X w .QU f M, ,, f K H 1 -,,.f JI. - M. - .1-,U , ,que -f.5,f15,-. ik, g:"'f1 !15Wj,si-n:55fff','l 217, "T WU. 'U .1 " ' ' 21 , 3 . -mi' V 4 ', , :, , .ka ' " 'ma ' 5 ,':j'72. Y si. K in 1 -xfifiji W 4 I 5111: .,., 56,1 xv :" I " 1 ' . Q 5 ' ? su V , ,l . ,,LL I ' ' .? 'S- , s , , v .lL:.-5 ' K 1 P ii ,,.:j?Mg . W Vi,5i.f'f1'i f 1 is 1 i . ' ., f -. . w fMfE',ffQ?!fii2sii A- ' , ' ' - '-'- ,J 5, iiv,3,:fu . H nk K.kL .. Q, v ' 1 , " ' , ,-ff I ' . 11 . 1 A,,- smwszfqrsf,,'.Ls?,."ff,Q11" . ' 2' ,. x s5,fE3zEVi5siL ww-,s'r.f'+ii-f U P - L' L,,.. AS?!f6'?W5PtL X W-14 ,f gui gym? H .. J W -4 1 Left to right: Robert Turcotte, George Skillin, Robert Dyke. U16 Senior year Senior! That is the golden plateau for which all underclassmen strive. The gradu- ating class of 758, however, now realizes that, although being a senior has its distinct advantages, it also carries certain obligations and plenty of hard work. One of the first obligations is to make all the underclassmen, especially freshmen, feel entirely welcome while keeping the whole four classes tied together in one main group. An example of school spirit for the rest to follow is a definite requirement of every senior as well as an example of participation, not only in those activities directly concerned with each student but with the school as a whole. Not everything is this serious, as any senior will gladly tell you. There,s the produc- tion of "The Crest" that many senior students work on. As.any active participant on the staff will agree to, this production requires many faithful hours of work until it is finally distributed to the student body in June. There,s the preparation for the annual last chapel and the beautiful baccalaureate, where the senior class as a whole, receives the religious blessings from a church. After these preparatory ceremonies, there is the always-to-be-remembered day of graduation. As any hopeful girl in the school knows, the ceremony is to be followed by the Junior Prom, for which the Junior Class has worked since its first year in F.H.S. All of these special activities consume many school hours and many of the free after-school hours of each senior. Now that the point of departing has been reached, the Seniors look back at the previous four years, and many become amazed at how fast the time went, though as freshmen it was a fairly general feeling that their high school years would never pass. Some have regrets for their lack of participation in activities and lack of preparation in their studies, but everyone can look back with some fond memories that will always stay with him. KARIN HILDEGARDE AMANN "Karin" Characteristic: Versatile Ambition: To travel. Favorite Expression: "I don't know!" Activities: Chorus 1, 25 Class Treasurer 1, Vice President 25 "The Crest" Staff 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 FHA 15 Variety Show 25 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Library Club 25 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 35 French Club 2, 3. "Variety is sweet in all things." DONALD JAMES BEAUMONT, JR. "Beau" Characteristic: Quiet Ambition: To work in a large television studio. Favorite Expression: "You tell me and we'1l both know." Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4-5 Basketball Manager 3, 4, Camera Club 23 "The Crest" Staff 3, 43 Dramatics Club 25 Fireman 3, 4: French Club 2, 35 Track 2. "There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers." MARY ELIZABETH BLANCHARD "Mary" Characteristic: Efficient Ambition: To take a trip to Europe. Favorite Expression: "I can't!" Activities: Honor Roll 2, 33 Office Secretary 3, 45 Teacher's Secretary 4. "Not much talk, a great sweet silence." PATRICIA BLANCHARD "Pat" Characteristic: Demure Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Expression: "Honest!" Activities: Library Club 35 Teacher's Secretary 4. "There are often voice and words in a silent look." DOROTHY ALTA BOTKIN "Dotty" Characteristic: Clever Ambition: To travel 'round the world in 80 days. Favorite Expression: "Oh, blast Activities: Assistant Basketball Manager 3, Manager 4: Camera Club 1: Dramatics Club 1, 2: Fencing 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 1, 2, 3. yu "Coolness and absence of heat and haste indicate fine qualities." ALFRED BRUCE BUHELT "Bruce" Characteristic: Perplexing Ambition: To own a new Chevy. Favorite Expression: 'Td rather not." Activities: Baseball 2: Camera Club 1: "The Crest" Staff 2: French Club 24 Projectionist 3: Student Service 3, 4: Variety Show 3. "Moderation gives charm to life." VICKI ANNE CAHILL "Vicki,' Characteristic: Loquacious Ambition: To earn an R.N. Favorite Expression: "Chaplin-You DIDN'T! I" Activities: Basketball 1, 2: Career Day at University of Maine 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Christmas Pageant 3, 4: "The Crest" Staff 4: Dra- matics Club 2, 4: Class Plays 3: Easter Pageant 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: Music Festival 3, 4: Pre-Nursing Course at MMC: Winner, Rural Elec- trification Quiz 4: Science Fair 4: "The Skipper" Staff 3, 4: Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "She is always laughing, for she has an infinite deal of wit." MARY ELEANOR CHAPLIN "Ellie', Characteristic: Individualistic Ambition: To be a clinical psychologist. Favorite Expression: "So, Cahill, what d'ya hear from the mob?" Activities: Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, Soloist 2, 3, 4: "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2: French Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4: FTA 1: "Gull" Staff 1: Harmonettes 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Red Cross Council 1: Library Club 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Office Secretary 2, 3: Operetta 1: Ralph Could Competition 3: School Reporter 4: Science Fair 3, 4: Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Style is the dress of thoughts." PHYLLIS JUNE CLEMENS '4Phidge" Characteristic: Amicable Ambition: To have a successful married life. Favorite Expression: "So what?" Activities: Transferred from Scarborough High School 4: Basketball 1, 2, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2g FHA 1, 23 Honor Roll 1, 2: glffice Secretary 33 Rifle Club Ig Softball 1, 2, Swimming 1: Variety ow 2. "Good nature is the beauty of the mind." BEATRICE JENNIE COLLINS "Bea" Characteristic: Cheerful Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Expression: "Oh, yeah?" Activities: Transferred from Deering High School 2: Office Secretary 3: Teacher's Secretary 4. "For my part l'll not meddle." CHARLOTTE LOUISE CONANT "Char" Characteristic: Cenial Ambition: To be named the "Secretary of the Year." Favorite Expression: "Well, I guess!" Activities: Bank Clerk 33 Camera Club Vice President 1, JV Cheer- leading 1, Captain 2, Varsity 3, 4g Pageant 45 Chorus 1, 2, Secretary 3, 4: Class Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4g "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 1, 23 "Harmonettes" 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Last Chapel Speaker 3, Music Festival 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 45 Op- eretta 15 "The Skipper" Staff 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4: Teacher's Secretary 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 1, 2, 33 Women's Literary Union 3. "Here's a happy heart and an ever-ready smile." ALMIRA LIBBY CRAM "My" Characteristic: Congenial Ambition: To teach and to travel. Favorite Expression: "How are ya' today?" Activities: Camera Club President 13 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3: Christmas Pageant 2g "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, Debating 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1, 2g Class Plays 35 Easter Pageant 23 Fencing 33 French Club 2, 3, 4g FTA Parliamentarian 2, Vice President 3, 44 Na- tional Forensic League 3, Treasurer 4g "The Skipper" Staff 43 Student Congress 43 Student Council 1, 2, 3, President 43 Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Happiness is the by-product of an effort to make someone else happier." ROBERT ALLEN CURRAN "Bob" Characteristic: Spontaneous Ambition: To own a '55 Chevie. Favorite Expression: "A bunch of goin' boys." Activities: Baseball 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Camera Club lg Chorus 2, 3, 4-g Fireman 1, 25 French Club 25 Music Festival 25 Soccer lg Student Service 1, 2 g Variety Show 2, 3. "Where there's a will, there's a way." ROBERT WAYNE DYKE "Dykie" Characteristic: Unperturbed Ambition: To get out of homeroom without a pass. Favorite Expression: "Mornin' l " Activities: Class Executive Committee 3, 4. "The smile that won't come off." KENNETH WALDO EMERSON "Emmy" Characteristic: Perseverant Ambition: To be a rich farmer. Favorite Expression: "Doggone it all!" Activities: Soccer 1. "Work first and then rest." CAROL ANN FREDRIKSEN "Freddie" Characteristic: Loyal Ambition: To become a certified medical technician. Favorite Expression: "Panic!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4-3 Fencing, 3, 4, French Club 2, 35 Honor Roll 33 Library Club 43 Office Secretary 43 Pre-Nursing Course at MMC 33 Softball 2, 3. "Simplicity is a jewel rarely found." JULIE ANN FRENCH "Julie" Characteristic: Impish Ambition: To graduate from business college and to get married. Favorite Expression: "Just a little minute!" Activities: Cheerleading 13 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Christmas Pageant 3, 4: "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 1, 2: Class Plays 33 .Easter Pageant 2, 3g French Club 2, 33 Honor Roll 23 Library Club 43 "The Skipper" Staff 3, 43 Variety Show 1, 3. "The less of routine, the more of life." ISRAEL JOHN GARDNER "Junior" Characteristic: Unassuming Ambition: To become an architect. Favorite Expression: "Yardi." "Spare and have is better than spend and crave." AGNES IREN E GATCOMB "Aggi" Characteristic: Coquettish Ambition: To live in Califomia. Favorite Expression: "Oh, de-ah!" Activities: Camera Club lg Chorus 1, 2, 33 Library Club 3g Majorette 1, 23 Music Festival 2g Office Secretary 2, 33 Teacher's Secretary 3, 43 Variety Show l, 2, 3. "Through her expressive eyes her soul distinctly spoke." GEORGE ANTON GOOGINS "Goog!" Characteristic: Mischievous Ambition: To join the Air Force. Favorite Expression: "Yardi." Activities: Baseball 1, 53, 43 Basketball 1, 3, 43 Fireman 1, 3, 43 Soccer 33 Student Service 1, 2, 3, 4. "Better a mischief than an inconvenience." BRUCE CUSHMAN HAMILTON "Flood,' Characteristic: Complacent Ambition: To graduate from Falmouth High School. Favorite Expression: "Aw, come on!" Activities: Mon-Que-Ada Club 4. "Man's life is but a jest." GEORGE FREDERICK HAMILTON, JR. "Geo" Characteristic: Reliable Ambition: To own Hamilton Service Station. Favorite Expression: "Hey, Karin!" Activities: Basketball 3, 4: Career Day at University of Maine 33 Class Treasurer 1: Chorus 2, 3, 4, French Club 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "He has the grace to get much happiness out of life and pass it on to other folks." ELWIN CECIL HANSEN "Elwin" Characteristic: Industrious Ambition: To get the biggest buck in Maine. Favorite Expression: "I'1l be ready in a minute." Activities: Fireman 1, 2, 3. "Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others." JANE FRANCES HARDY "Janie" Characteristic: Capricious Ambition: To lead an all-female dance hand. Favorite Expression: "Good deal, Lucille." Activities: Transferred from Dexter High School 23 Band 2, 3, 4g Bank Clerk 35 Cheerleading Assistant Manager 3, Manager 45 Chorus 23 Steering Committee 3, 43 "The Crest" Staff 4, Dramatics Club 35 French Club 2, 3, 4, FTA Librarian 3, 4g "Harmonettes" 2, 3, 4g Honor Roll 2: Library Club 4g Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: "The Skipper" Staff 43 Variety Show 3. "The charm and playfulness of her talk." HAROLD EUGENE HUDSON, JR. "Bubba'i Characteristic: Willing Ambition: To be an Air Force pilot. Favorite Expression: "Get out of here! !" ificgvgies: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Soccer 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2: Variety Show "A good intender needs nothing but a voice " MARTHA JANE HURD "Martyn Characteristic: Scholarly Ambition: To learn enough to help humanity. Favorite Expression: "Good grief !" Activities: Band 1, 2: Bank Clerk 35 Chorus 1, Accompanist 2, 3, 43 "The Crest" Staff 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4g Dramatics Club 1, 23 FTA 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: "Harmonettes" 1, 2, 3, 43 Music Festival 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 4, Operetta lg Orchesua 1, 2, Variety Show 1, 2, 3, Women's Literary Union 3: "Gull" Staff 1. "To educate the intelligence is to enlarge the horizon of its desires and wants." ANDREW PERCY IVERSON "Andy" Characteristic: Inquisitive Ambition: To be an engineer. Favorite Expression: "Honest, Mrs. Hurley! !" Activities: Baseball 23 Career Day at University of Maine 3g Class Plays 33 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4g Cross Country 3: Debating 4g Fireman 2, 33 French Club 2: Honor Roll 3, 43 National Forensic League 45 Science Fair 3, 4g Soccer 25 Track 2, 3, 4. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." KENDRA JEAN KNOWLES "Kendra" Characteristic: Aloof Ambition: To be a sub-primary school teacher. Favorite Expression: "Why don't you come on over?" Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Career Day at University of Maine 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Christmas Pageant 33 "Harmonettes" 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 43 Operetta lg Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Variety Show 1, 2, 3, 4. "Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun." FLORENCE EDITH LEWIS Characteristic: Sincere Ambition: To drive a car. Favorite Expression: "Isn't that jazzlesl" HFIOQS Activities: Basketball 3, 4: Class Plays 3g "The Crest" Staff 4: Honor Roll 3: Library Club 4. "Our characters are the result of our conduct." .IOSEPHINE CAROLYN JANET LIBBY Characteristic: Tranquil Favorite Expression: "Oh, no!" Ambition: To own a home of my own. GSJ09, "The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails." DAVID MILES LITTLE Characteristic: Reserved Ambition: To be a warden. Favorite Expression: "Don't go away mad: Activities : Baseball 1, 2, 3,- 4. just go away!" "Silence is true wisdom's best reply." EDWARD STANLEY LOWELL Characteristic: Mechanical Ambition: To make good in a trade. Favorite Expression: "At last, it works." Activities: Chorus 4: Projectionist 4: Student Service 4. "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." 'f Dave "Eddie" J EANEEN JOAN McCANN "Jeanie" Characteristic: Practical Ambition: To be a teacher. Favorite Expression: "Oh, yah!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 "The Crest" Staff 45 Dramatics Club 2: FHA 1, 2g FTA 3, 4g Library Club 3: Head Li- brarian 4-3 Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Good nature is the beauty of the mind." STEPHEN EDWARD MERCER, JR. "Steve" Characteristic: Energetic Ambition: To own my own business. Favorite Expression: "Is that right?" Activities: Chorus'1g Swimming 35 Variety Show 1. "Idleness is the root of all mischief." RUTH LOUISE MISENOR "Ruthie" Characteristic: Creative Ambition: To be the first woman scientist to organize a training station for mutniks on the moon. Favorite Expression: "Really? Oh, for heaven's sakes!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-5 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 4: Debating 3, 43 Dramatics Club 2g Library Club 3s National Forensic League 3, Secretary-Librarian 4g Pre-Nursing at MMC 33 Science Fair 3, 4: "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 4g Student Congress 43 Variety Show 1, 2, 33 Voice of Democracy Contest Finalist 4. "T he secret of success is constancy to purpose." JOANNE ELAINE NORTON "Jo" Characteristic: Harmonious Ambition: To be the first woman sulky driver to drive in the Hamil- tonian. Favorite Expression: "Heavenly days!" Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: "The Crest" Staff 4, Dramatics Club 2g FHA 1, 2: Library Club 3, 4: glajorette 1, 2: Office Secretary 3: "The Skipper" Staff 4: Variety ow 3. "Gentle blood will gentle manners breed." ELEANOR LOUISE N OTTAGE "Ellie" Characteristic: Droll Ambition: To go to Europe. Favorite Expression: "What a riot!" Activities: Transferred from Woodbury High School 25 Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4: "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 49 Dramatics Club 2, 3: Fencing 3, 4g French Club 2, President 3, Vice President 4: Honor Roll 2, 3, 45 Music Festival 2, 3, 4: "The Skipper" Staff 2, 3, 45 Variety Show 2, 3. "Wit is so shining a quality that everybody admires it . . ." CAROL ELAINE OLSEN "Carol" Characteristic: Chatty Ambition: To graduate from college. Favorite Expression: "But-crumb!" Activities: Band 3, 4g Camera Club 15 Career Day at University of Maine 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, "The Crest" Staff 4, Dramatics Club 1, 2g Class Plays 3, French Club 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 4: Musib Festival 2, 3: Orchestra 3, 4: Science Fair 4g "The Skipper" Staff 45 Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Speech is the mirror of action." HERBERT FRED OLSEN, JR. "Herb" Characteristic: Aggressive Ambition: To be a state trooper. Favorite Expression: "Ya'all come." Activities: Camera Club 13 Chorus 45 Fireman 1, 2, 35 Projectionist 1, 2, 3, 4-g Student Service 1, 2, 35 Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Busy here and there." PETER NELSON PELLETIER "Pete" Characteristic: Sociable Ambition: To have a new Chevy and to go into the Merchant Marines. Favorite Expression: "Hi, Sweetie!" Activities: Chorus 45 Swimming 4. "F or much sleep is not medicinal in the middle of the day." BRIAN GLAZIER PERRY "Briana Characteristic: Excitable Ambition: To own a new Chevie V-8. Favorite Expression: "Yardi." Activities: Chorus 4: Soccer 2, 3. "A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the best of men." RICHARD ANDREW PIPER "Dick" Characteristic: Masterful Ambition: To attend the U. S. Air Force Academy. Favorite Expression: "That bugs me!" Activities: Baseball 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Career Day at Universitg of Maine 34 Class Plays 3: "The Crest" Staff 3, 4, French Club 2, 3 Music Festival 2, 3, 4g Soccer 1, 2, 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 43 Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hardy sports and contest bold." PAUL HAROLD POTENZO "Paul" Characteristic: Businesslike Ambition: To retire at an early age 1201. Favorite Expression: "Hello, Wolly!', Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Career Day 3: Chorus 1, 2, 43 Steering Committee 3: Class President 1, 2, Vice President 33 "The Crest" Staff 2, Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 43 French Club 2, 3: Last Chapel Speaker 33 Music Festival 2, 3, 4g National Honor Society 3, 4: Soccer 2, 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "Before employing a fine word, find a place for it." WALLACE RICHARD POTVIN "Pops" Characteristic: .Iovial Ambition: To have money. Favorite Expression: "How's that grab ya'?" Activities: Camera Club lg Class Play 35 Dramatics Club lg Soccer 2, 35 Variety Show 1. ' "The wise learn many things from their foes." STEPHEN DEWEY RANDALL "Steve" Characteristic: Likeable Ambition: To travel around the world. Favorite Expression: "Crazy, Man!" Activities: Cross Country 3, 4, Track 4. "A day for toil, an hour for sport, but for a friend is life too short." JAMES EDWIN READ "Jimmy" Characteristic: Capable Ambition: To own a new Chevie V-8. Favorite Expression: "Cut it out!" Activities: Camera Club 19 Honor Roll 2. "Whatsoever thy hand jindeth to do, do it with thy might." NANCY LOUISE RECORD "Nance" Characteristic: Coy Ambition: Debatable. Favorite Expression: "YES, but I don't know-" Activities: Band 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 15 Cheering 1, 3, 4-g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Plays 3: "The Crest" Staff 3, 4: Debating 3, 43 Dra- matics Club 1, 2, 43 Class Play 39 Easter Pageant 23 French Club 2, 3, 43 FTA 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Honor Roll 45 Mu ic Festival 2, 33 National Forensic League President 3, 43 Student Congress 43 Swimming 1, 2, 3, Captain 4-g Variety Show 2, 3. "Better not to be at all, than not be noble." MALAN ROBERTS "Mahan" Characteristic: Disputatious Ambition: To be a hobo. Favorite Expression: "I'll consider it." iicgivzies: Transferred from Cheverus High School 2g Track Manager "A wise skepticism is the first attribute of a good critic." KEITH GORDON SADLER 6'Keith" Characteristic: Casual Ambition: To get to college. Favorite Expression: "Ye-a-a-h B-u-tl" Activities: Transferred from South Portland High 3g Baseball 3, 4g Basketball 43 Career Day at University of Maine 33 Music Festival 33 Soccer 3g Track 4. "Like-But oh! how different." CLARA LINDA SANBORN "Lin" Characteristic: Good-natured Ambition: To graduate. Favorite Expression: "Well, I guess." Activities: Chorus 13 FHA 13 Library Club 2, 33 Teacher's Secretary 4. "T he only way to have a friend is to be one." PHILIP NELSON SANBORN "Phil" Characteristic: Impulsive Ambition: To own a new Ford V-8. Favorite Expression: "That's all right most anytime." Activities: Fireman 33 Student Service 3. "H e may seem quiet, but look again." BENJAMIN WELDON SEVERN "Ben" Characteristic: Cosmopolitan Ambition: To be half as witty as Mr. Pope. Favorite Expression: "It'l1 cost you a dime." Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Christmas Pageant 3, 43 Class President 3, 43 "The Crest" Staff 3, 43 Cross Country 43 Dirigo Boys' State 33 French Club 2, 33 Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Junior Red Cross Council 13 Last Chapel Speaker 33 National Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council 1, 23 Swimming I, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 4. "Style is the man himself." N.v4X LARRY ROLAND SHAW "Lar Babie" Characteristic: Serious Ambition: To create a successful life. Favorite Expression: "You're pulling my leg!" Activities: Band 1, 23 Baseball 43 Basketball 33 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Music Festival 23 Steering Committee 4g Fireman 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Student Council 4g Track 3, 43 Variety Show 1, 2. "The world belongs' to the enthusiast who keeps cool." STEPHEN SHIVERICK SHAW "Steve" Characteristic: Easy-going Ambition: To get through college. Favorite Expression: "Hey, you wanna?" Activities: Transferred from Greely Inhtitute 23 Baseball 2, 3, 4g Bas- ketball 2, Co-Captain 3, 4-3 Career Day at University of Maine 3g Chorus 2, 3, Vice President 2, 43 "The Crest" Staff 3, 43 Easter Pageant 3g French Club 2, 3g Music Festival 2, 43 Soccer 2, 33 Student Council 33 Swimming 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Variety Show 2, 3. "The mind is free whate'er afflict the man." GEORGE ALMON SKILLIN, JR. "George" Characteristic: Dependable Ambition: To go to Califomia. Favorite Expression: "Come on!" Activities: Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 43 Class Executive Committee 3, 43 "The Crest" Staff 2, 3, 43 Easter Pageant 2, 33 Fireman 33 Soccer 2 "An ounce of practice is worth a pound of preaching." SANDRA JEAN THURSTON "Sandy" Characteristic: Volatile Ambition: Te become an airline hostess. Favorite Expression: "Guess what?" Activities: Basketball 2, 3, 4g Bowling 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 "The Crest' Staff 2, 3g FHA 1, 2, 3g Majorette 13 Music Festival 2, 3, 43 Pre- Nursing at MMC 33 "The Skipper" Staff 2, 33 Teacher's Secretary 2, 3g Variety Show 1, 2, 3. "W ith her eyes in flood with laughter." ROBERT JAMES TURCOTTE "Turk" Characteristic: Amusing Ambition: To do something great. Favorite Expression: "You don't believe me, do ya!" Activities: Career Day 3, 4g Fireman 1, 2, 3: Soccer 2, 3: Student Service 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 3. "It is good to be merry and wise." DAVID MICHAEL VERRILL "Dave" Characteristic: Jocular Ambition: To graduate from college. Favorite Expression: "Hey, Ma!" Activities: Career Day at University of Maine 3: Class Plays 33 Class Treasurer 4: "The Crest" Staff 3, 4: Cross Country 3, 43. Fireman 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "A man is relieved and gay when he has put his heart into his work and done his best." FINN WILHELM WILHELMSEN "Finn" Characteristic: Even-tempered Ambition: Business Administration. Favorite Expression: "You wanna know something?" Activities: Class Treasurer 2, 35 "The Crest" Staff 2, 33 Cross Country 3: French Club 2, 3g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3. "The real essence of work is concentrated energy." SYLVIA ESTA WORSTER "Syl" Characteristic: Affable Ambition: To be a secretary. Favorite Expression: "Come on! Stop it!" Activities: Transferred to Ridgewood High 2, to FHS 4: Bowling Club 3: Fencing 43 Library Club 4: Modern Dancing 33 Office Secretary 4. "A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." ELIZABETH RACHEL YOUNG "Rachie' Characteristic: Deliberate Ambition: To join the service. Favorite Expression: "That's enough of that, you two." Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, "The Crest" Staff 4g Dramatics Club 2 French Club 2, 3g Music Festival 25 Office Secretary 4. "Speaks always according to her mind." LEGACY I do not will you this earth Nor its possessions, Nor eternal happiness and joy, Nor ever-sunny days. I deed you greater things. There are dreams that you must dream, And strong decisions you must make. I give you the sparkling, Surrounding unwise, Wisdom, And God. -MARTHA HURD P C "llllW' M ff t wgg, i ,1 1-, '1 42 I rdiiifl ..' H Q !""Zi' K Left to right: Roberta Shaw, Robert LaCram, Nancy Adams. After a wonderful summer vacation, you come back to school to begin your Junior year. You may be under the impression that this year will be like all the rest, but you will find out very soon that it is different. After about a month or so, an exciting event occurs. You receive your class ring that you can give to your girl friend, or as the case may be, your boy friend. ln years to come, if the ring lasts through it all, you will have something to remind you of your alma mater and the many good times you have had. During the middle of the year, you have to work hard in order to make the varsity cheerleading, basketball, swimming, and baseball squads. Having made these squads, you still have to work hard so that you and the team can make the best possible showing during the season. Maybe if everything works out the right way, you will receive your letter in the spring. With mid-years passed, you start preparing for the most important event of the year, the Junior Prom. You are appointed to one of the many committees, and you work your heart out to make the dance a successg but before anything can become a success, you must pass your final exams. A few weeks before they occur, you start to review. It seems as if you shall never get through it all, but you will manage. Finally the big day comes. The Seniors have been graduated, you have become a member of next year's graduating class, and'the dance has been a success. Looking back over the year, you can then realize that this Junior year is very different. First row, left to right: N. Hennings, D. Bamford, M. Daniels, S. Haslam, Miss Buck, N. Heikkinen N. Emerson, M. Hanson. N. Adams. Second row: B. Abbott, W. Geyer, D. Hardy, F. Haley, B Doughty, R. Graves, R. Bowen, S. Atwater. Third row: E. Gomes, D. Dobson, S. Hill, H. Hansen E. Doughty, C. Craffam, J. Goddard. Lflass af I 9 9 First row, left to right: P. Ridlon, M. Terison, P. Walton, C. Taylor, Mr. Fox, M. Marks, D. York, J. McElroy, G. Stillman. Second row: J. Robbins, P. Johnston, P. Woods, G. Perkins, J. Roos, C Perrin, A. Larsen, R. Shaw. Third row: C. Larsen, K. Waig, D. Jewett, C. Thoits, R. LaCram, D. Howell, D. Hurd, S. Smith, J. Leddy. -- W-iw--guy f-14: ,JP- 'Er First mir, left In right: .l. Imlcly, M. Ilunson, K. Aniann, D. Baniford, J. Goddard, S. Hill. Second raw: M. Marks, ll. llarily, ll. Abbott, G. Pm-rkins, R. Shaw. Third row: N. Hennings, R. Graves, li. Gmnvs. .l. Robbins. I-'uurtli muh' J. Rvail, F. Hale-y, S. Smith, P. Woods, G. Hamilton. Stdnding: Mr. Fox. flbebra II 11.51 History Firxt muh, lcffz lo riglzt: IJ. Bainfnrd, M. Hanson, R. Shaw. Second row: J. McElroy, A. Larsen, l'. Walton, li. l'f-rkins, J. Robbins. Third row: P. Woods, C. Perrin, J. Leddy, B. Abbott, C. Taylor. l"nnrth row: l'. liicllon, N. llvnnings, D. Hardy. M. Marks. Stanrling: Mr. Higgins. .. ,,.,- Pr' K Q ,,.. ' ,-,,,--" X av "H-N X ,--sf In the group: Miss Rogers, J. Roo Ml Terison, N. Emerson. Sharfhand 1 First row: M. Daniels, S. Haslam, Stillman, F. Haley. Third row: Fourth row- K Wai B Dou ht - - gv - E Y, E. Gomes. Standing: Mr. Wetherel ffflfillf it smut? i 7 if ,..W.,...f .. 71EtmQ.n..9 5 lil? Q... . .W 6, First row, left to right: C. Stillman, P. Walton, N. Hennings, J. Lcddy. Second row: D. Bamlorcl, M. Hanson, G. Pe-rkins, C. Perrin, J. McElroy. Third row: B. Doughty, S. Hill, J. Robbins, RQ Shaw. Fourth row: D. Hardy, E. Comes, R. Graves. Fifth row: S. Smith, J. Goddard. Standing: Mr. Popv. Zlfcmistry I I-,4 .711dusfriul,4rfs Lfft to right: C. Larsen, C. Thoits, R. LaCram, D. Hurd , R. Bowen, K. Waig, Mr. Black, D. Dobson, G. Graffam. Q. EJ X VW ,:,,'f7, .1 1 iQ'bT':ff , '. , A k 1. 1: 'iviilifwf' W W K :gi ' jkgici . K V WLLL Y A V 41 1-x ' f Fill ,Q Left to right: Ruth Ann Gaudet, Leslie Elliot. THE SOPHOMORES AT FALMOUTH HIGH At Falmouth High School the Sophomores are most outstanding. No one can miss them because they're everywhere-maybe even a few places they shouldn't be. They'1e the most loquacious and one of the friendliest classes in the high school and are always ready to lend a helping hand with any school activity. Above all, they haven't acquired a sophisticated attitude toward their classmates. Of course, to the Freshmen, they may seem a bit snobbish, but the Freshmen are supposed to take this treatment and like it for the whole year. Being a Sophomore is one of the privileges of high school. After the struggle of getting through the Freshman year in one piece, the Sophomores begin to feel really free and easy. They now have the chance to stand up and be noticed by the rest of the school. The Sophomore year is really more or less the awakening to high school. The novelty and strangeness of the first year has worn off, and Sophomores begin to realize what they do with themselves now will either help or hinder them in the future. In the spring they all look forward to ordering their class rings, but they will have to wait until the fall of their Junior year before they receive them. Some will probably forget about them through the busy summer months, until they get back to school again, while others can't seem to wait to wear them and show off what school they come from. The Sophomores are halfway through high school now, and in two short years they will be the graduating class of 1960. ln the meantime they still have plenty of time to "get on the ball" and have loads of fun before the time comes for them to leave Falmouth High. First row, left to right: D. Dunlap, L. Hart, L. Elliot, M. Field, Mrs. Hager, V. Daggett, P. Jenkins S. Daley, S. Fortune. Second row: W. Franklyn, K. Graffam, S. Googins, P. Berry, J. Burrell, S Foster, G. Auger, S. Hovey, J. Andreasen, H. Cowen. Third row: .l. Amato, J. Davis, .l. Fish T. How, M. Collins, C. Eaton, D. Blanchard, R. Haley, R. Carlson, R. Jordan. 611155 of I 960 First row, left to right: C. Young, N. Nickerson, R. Mason, Mr. Wetherell, J. Leighton, C. Proctor G. LePage. Second row: C. LaPlant, E. Norton, S. Shaw, D. Wass, D. Walton, A. Siegars, S Sottolano. Third row: L. Perkins, P. Misenor, S. Leddy, D. Woodman, D. Leddy, A. Ottum Fourth row: P. Haley, L. Thoits, R. Mangion, S. Wright, M. Moody, K. Mills. v First row, left to right: J. Cavanaugh, C. Ricker, R. Gaudet, Miss Rogers, D. Crawford, S. Witham, IJ. Fr:-driksvn. Second row: M, Brink, M. Dunham, P. Dionne, S. Alling, S. Bumell, J. Wilson, 60155 of 1960 l6'i0lagy IO-16' Left to right: N. Nickerson, T. How, J. Amato, G. LePage, Mr. Dorsey. ! 1'- A 9 .........,-.4 -......g , 'Q' First row, left to right: L. Wing, C. Ricker, S. Haslam. Second row: J. Cavanaugh, C. Chappell, B. Ross, D. Fredriksen. Third row: M. Collins, D. Crawford, J. Wilson, R. Gaudet. Standing: Mrs. Hurley. Snglish IO-6 gI'6'l16'fl 1 Seated, left to right: S. Daley, D. Woodman. Standing: S. Fortune, D. Walton, L. Perkins, R. Carlson, S. Shaw, P. Berry, Mrs. Naples. XM' tm T l 1 ...- X 2' M, 1. QHIV' I l Him 2 Tl' A. ii?- .y -f Q H! X ..s e , ,,.,f:Jf' ...-hzanlgf' Fx Q . v 7 'H K 555 X Qi if 1 If a' we-g,. if ' fi D , 1 1: s .5 K . K, .N 1 V, 34 , ! E Efy., Q Y rs JPN. ilgigl gg-1 2 ii wi. ,, , 52 ' -.4 Ps-.,,-..,., . X J .. ,275 .Q l, K 5 H ssg ..-f 1 X . X , A - 1 s y 3 Q 4 i i 5 ' 'L ' - iq x 1' ' fl 7957 K i X ' w. E , X 'wg x. W. ,g,,mW,,M M .-sm N ,i sw' as ' -E' 1' 2, ,I 'fill' I stair 5 s 4 " x",r,iM2', A waz: 5 I Q5 wf'Q'z'i'1i ' ' .,', ' v -' my 1-V1 , . ,fgzgsfx , ' g i i ,Za.fZ--.Q-.iSf. -is QVQJA-W g W,i,,,N , M- .,.., A . ,.., My 3 AV A " ' ' ' ' ' A' QQ? V313 5 - . . A - was V, , 'WH-7T15U7'5?'Ef 5' :lz2f ,gig -f 31:12 , .- ., . M, -, I, .m.:..,,, --..::,..M. n:.-,H , .4 .k.. wmy.,,, ,xgywwgiu Q95 fy- -gm 5 Qin Www! , W fy ,4 ,. - V . .4,. M H Z. my Saw iw X- Y ,Q 4 v . , 2' ' -f fri , , ff .. ,, . 1 I 4' " .,, 1'-guy 7 1 1- 11. . ' Vi nl' ,x5f2E2ff5g?g'.,Z: g 5 wI5' , WA'2f11 , 'zA gg i i..?'fI1"if5"25v'sw:1csT mv- X ge , In K 4 .-lug, .. M .,.,. , -X in-..,, .4155 Q, U L. : 1 ,Q 1 M , gf I - . 41.4 4-' W1 L5-3531 ul ammfw ggi Vw ' W H, 3 , ,Q -4-E' 1 F "L "2 V . ' " f- 'aL -a f? 'liiiwifaiff v,,. A W f I i I ,5 .. . ,.,.,m,,L ,. mg, .KLM . ,M ,,..,L...M,1,,L, .. .,IjM, x Iw i - ' K if fx f Y' K yn, K if 54"- ,1 wi 3 ai ' A f X dk Via " A Q4 L- 42 ef 1 f fs 7 f Q Q' b . f ,, EM, . ' A ,a W 4 1 .Q 1 Xi mf. 1.1 4, X ei ' . -ea,-.iff-2 X ' ""'f..Nfii .1 .. G R QP? A D Hom E Tndx PHYS, G QgymHAL g KKGLTSH 59 . M I'I'HTf1i3'l'IC CB g h ,Q gggglg l'L'5 1111614 E Home E Industg 9 PHYSICA 3, KJ af R A D HO' br'- 5 Indk Tyvix ng B L1 PHVST ICAL LISH ENGLlEU 1. U,3, HiRTO Chemiatrv 1 VATWRHATKCS pgvggwif ummm 2 Senior Qnecial qwwe Hex ad Home Economics wwich 1. aarsl. ftwv doubl Six periods 3 week Eight periods a week ffour Gaul Q offered in Vhemlstrv ani Pbvsicm ZhmzLPw4ho4qryhws 1tuden?s planning ta take Shovthanmi wmwis Test bergre the' are accevfad lid at Ee Left to right: Theodore Cossar, Elizabeth Heinonen, Shirley Maguire. THE FRESHMAN YEAR It isn't every day that a new high school is built, and when the town of Falmouth got theirs, some "plain and fancy whoopin' " was done by each and every student of Falmouth High. For the Freshmen, however, it seemed to be nothing more than a confused whirl of new restrictions fand a few liberties, tool, plus a lot of studying. This doesn't last for long, even a Freshman has to figure things out by himself. Then, there are those pet peeves he has to put up with all through his Freshman year, for instance, who stands at the end of a line and keeps mum when among upperclassmen? Who has to watch in envy while Sophomores are ordering their class rings, Juniors are,planning the Junior Prom, and Seniors are wrapped up in the class trip? You guessed it-the frosh. Still, they find high school far from boring-not when they can offer eager athletes for sports, good singers for chorus, peppy cheerleaders for junior varsity, and hepcats for the record hops, in fact, no one can set such a good example of class enthusiasm as a Freshman. When he settles down to a well-rounded diet of three or four classes a day, a bas- ketball game or school dance, and perhaps an extra curriculum or two, he realizes that no matter how hard it may seem, there is nothing quite like being a high school student -even if he is just a Freshman. uv 1, Q ,4- .,., L X Karr' .X l -5' .Q-un. M. fir' ,. 1, . fffrff pas 'l U HE g wx S2 Q Y i as fm '22 Ya HP' , N S Sw, t mm Q'A' an Hx' 5 W 'mf X I First row, left to right: C. Tait, J. Ruby, J. Record, T. Terison, Mr. Bornheimer, C. Smith, S Kicker, S. Smith. Second row: E. Pinkos, W. Pollard, R. Lawler, D. Soule, R. Lawler, J. Serber K. Robbins. Third row: W. Thurlow, N. Stiles, H. Fields, A. Stanley, D. Vining, R. Woodworth J. Beal. Fourth row: M. Spruce, W. Reichert, G. Waite, R. Scheuchzer, T. Richards, B. Titcomb l'. Zavhnrias. 671155 of I 961 First row, left to right: L. Jordan, S. Maguire, B. Gatcomb, W. Hager, Mr. Dorsey, B. Marshall A. Haley, V. Morgan, N. Lowe. Second row: J. Guinard, M. Haley, J. Grant, J. Norton, E ll:-inonen, D. Holmes, N. Jordan, E. Little. Third row: W. Lunt, R. Higgins, C. McPhail, J iloduti, li. Geyer, W. Keniston, W. Libby. Fourth row: L. Pendleton, S. Mitchell, W. Lovett, D Fr:-driksen, N. Lamb. v v In the group, seated: J. Grant, M. Haley, M. Davin, S. Train, S. Maguire, M. Farwell, B. Catcomb, V. Morgan, S. Griffin, P. Turcotte, S. Doughty, R. Duhovy, C. Skillin, J. Ruby, J. Norton, P. Ross, S. Ricker, B. Marshall. Standing: Mrs. Conroy, J. Capelluti, N. Blanchard, C. Doughty, C. Dipie- trantonio, E. Little, A. Heigh. Home Swrzomics World History First row, left to right: C. Ricker, D. Fredriksen, P. Dionne, D. Crawford, R. Fortune. Second row: W. Hager, S. Alling, L. Farmer, R. Scheuchzer. Third row: L. Jordan, R. Knight, C. McPhail, B. Higgins. Fourth row: C. Davis, D. Comeo, W. Lovett. Fifth row: M. Spruce, T. Richards. Stand- ing: Miss Robinson. X., sw-s--Hs.-:: H an M . g,- I iisss W " ' rl: in , 'S af . n 0 gli' A,-.. JE 3 rv ee 0 ve- O 0 ' it 'O rg .. .QUUUU ,-.,..... r AWB xi First row, left to right: S. Mitchell, S. Griffin. Second raw: B. Geyer, E. Little, D. Baker, P Turcotte, R. Dubovy. Third row: W. Thurlow, P. Zacharias, T. Cossar, D. Fredriksen, O. Dyer Standing: Mr. Fox. Algebra Science Fir.st row, left to right: E. Little, P. Zacharias. Second row: M. Daniels, R. Scheuchzer J. Serber Third row: R. Fortune, R. Duhovy, B. Hamilton, S. Griffin. Fourth row: P. Baker: R, Baker, S. Mitchell, B. Geyer. Standing: Mr. Dorsey. mm -ii if-nUnl!uLt' I -A . 2 a M' 2 0 " 2 : .--a slug l 5:11:10 - .3 f 2'-::::.:'1 if' Y ' ooI0"'-- -'VT' .-,,,..--- HL- nv -mrfm. -1 E if " : :WI W Activities 'M -. 1 fm xx - 'xxXMHNXIECXKWV' '. 'uv " , :JY Zlxdvtiirimxxxilixx ti X. Y 0 ' Q -W fi' QU' .X ,xvki . Q, 1' Xu'xx't0N lv A1 QMWVNL W Y x v' "fIa11i1IlIf'w"1'fI91q. 11, 4: F I U hl.,,,,u1Il I V Qlialuururh High . , " ' lnqll U 4 'uf f 'r "Vw-1... 1 . U 'Il 1 I ,fdl-1,4 KM, l,,,' H' 'fn mu. bl. """w. N'llu 1..m.l,4 P' ' DMN' u 'un .., bw! my f v.-,FH e 9 I Nh , k PI U.. Q . ll -uifgg. t 4 "MJ " ., "V r :ff-' ' 4 . ' 'ffm NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is made up of students in the Junior and Senior classes chosen by the faculty on the four main qualities: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Each year the Senior members who have previously been elected initiate the new members in an impressive candlelight service. THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council consists of eight elected members, two from each class. It is the one organization that co-ordinates faculty and student body. The council discusses and resolves various problems as they occur, and the members try to solve these prob- lems with open minds. Mr. Drummond is the faculty advisor and as such counsels the group in its decisions. THE SCIENCE FAIR The Science Fair is an annual exhibition of different projects which pupils have worked on during the year. These projects, showing the progress of man in such fields as biology, chemistry, and physics, are entered in the Regional Science Fair in com- petition with schools from Cumberland and York counties. Those chosen from the Regional Fair go on to enter in the State Fair at the University of Maine. TEACHERS' SECRETARIES Teachers' secretaries are capable girls willing to give up some of their time to help the teachers. Some of their jobs are to do any typing or mimeographing work. They also do clerical work, run errands, act as monitor, and do any other odd jobs con- nected with the running of a classroom. F.T.A. The William H. Soule Club of the Future Teachers of America, under the guidance of Mrs. Naples and Miss Rogers, is one of the most promising clubs in the school. It has as its major purpose "the exploration of the nature of teaching-its opportunities and responsibilities." We are all proud of its members and their active participation in school and community life. DEBATING In thelast two years Mr. Wetherell has built up the largest debating team in the history of F .H.S. Falmouth's new charter is the sixth one granted in the state of Maine by the Na- tional Forensic League. Our debaters have entered interscholastic competition at Bow- doing Batesg University of Maineg Concord, New Hampshire, Shrewsburg, Massa- chusetts, and many other places. FRENCH CLUBS French classes I, II, and III, are yearly organized into clubs by Mrs. Naples. The idea of the clubs is that the students may learn more about the French people-their past, present, and future. Activities of the club include parties to celebrate some of the French holidays, slides, teas, and lectures. All these activities contribute to a better understanding of the French language and make the study of the language even more interesting. DRAMATICS 6'The playis the thingf' Shakespeare wrote, and, we might add, especially in the spring. Spring, supposedly the time of year for romance, could better be expressed as the time of the year for boredom in Falmouth High School. Basketball is over, it's too early for baseball, and June seems an eternity away, so each year we come out of hibernation to be greeted by the Thespians arts of our Dramatics Club. The best cure for spring fever is the presentation of three one-act plays, directed by Miss Buck and Mrs. Hager and is an event eagerly anticipated by all those afflicted by this strange ailment. These plays include a representation from all classes-freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. A long line of past successes has helped to make the spring plays a popular tradition at F.H.S. THE SKIPPER When the first issue of "The Skipperl' came out in 194-0, it certainly must have been eagerly awaited by all the students at F.H.S. The same holds true today, seventeen years later, for news is an important part of our modern life. The school newspaper is essential to every school, even to a small school like Falmouth where everyone knows what is going ong it gives the students a chance to express themselves whether it be in prose, poetry, or artwork. Four issues are published yearly: Thanksgiving, Valen- tine's Day, Easter, and Graduation. The staff has increased each year to include twenty- five girls. Much of the credit for the success of "The Skipperi' goes to Miss Rogers, who is always there to lend a helping hand. If you want the low-down on everything from Debating to Gossip, be the first in line when "The Skipper" goes on sale. THE LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is composed of student librarians who direct all library activities. Since there is no full-time librarian, the members and Mrs. Hurley are responsible for maintaining our spacious and well-equipped library which is becoming more and more useful to the students of Falmouth High School. OFFICE SECRETARIES Office secretaries are those girls that are particularly interested in secretarial work. Their jobs are to answer the phone, to take the attendance slips, and to run the duplicat- ing machine. Under the watchful eye of Mrs. LeMaistre, our future secretaries leam many skills. This practice also helps in the efficient running of the principal's office. COUNSELING Room 2 regularly buzzes with pupils gathering around the desk, where such phrases as "Have you investigated both its good and bad points?", and "May I take that pref- erence test now?", are often overheard. This is counseling. Mrs. Naples, with psy- chological testing, college catalogs, and career booklets, is guiding many pupils into life work for which their various aptitudes fit them. DRIVER TRAINING How do you start the car? When shifting do you need the clutch? In what ways can a mirror help a person with a narrow field of vision? These are questions that are in our minds before we enter the Driver Education class Mr. Higgins, our patient instructor, quickly helps to solve these problems for us. We have thirty hours of classroom study and six and a half hours of actual driving, which is the most fun for us, but not for Mr. Higgins! At last, after all the studying is over and we consider ourselves "drivers," we apply for our licenses. PRE-NURSING Four Seniors are planning to enter schools of nursing as a result of the pre-nursing course they participated in when they were juniors. The course is sponsored and di- rected by the Maine Medical Center School of Nursing with the objective of giving girls a privilege to experience some of the numerous activities of nursing. Thus, these girls will be much more capable of deciding early and easily whether they would enjoy a nursing career. It is a splendid opportunity for all girls interested in the nursing profession and is deeply appreciated by the present seniors. FIREMEN All is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly the school bell rings out, the fire alarm and the firemen spring into action. Directed by Mr. Plummer, the boys race to the doors to let out the hurrying flow of students and teachers. This is the job of the Falmouth High School firemen. SCHOOL NURSE In 1931, Mrs. Graves was graduated from Saint Barnabas Private Hospital in Portland. Receiving her state registration, she then did private duty as an industrial nurse at the American Can Company. For four years Mrs. Graves was a staff nurse at the Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary. In 1954, she was employed by the town of Fal- mouth as a school nurse, simultaneously teaching a one-semester course in nursing at Westbrook Junior College. Last summer she took a course in public health at Sim- mons College in Massachusetts. We students owe to her our deep and sincere gratitude for her faithful service. CAFETERIA AND COOKS There is an old saying that everyone either eats to live or lives to eat. Our school cafeteria competently fulfills all the demands of both classes. From October to ,lan- uary first, 11,088 lunches have been prepared and served by Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Polley, and Mrs. Fortier. The cheery and pleasant atmosphere of the cafeteria, the friendliness of our cooks, and the excellent, well-balanced meals served add to the well-earned respite--lunchtime. JANITORS AND BUS DRIVERS Just think of how much suffering the janitors and bus drivers save us! Pm sure that nobody would relish a walk to school each morning, and men like Mr. Cole, Mr. Adams, Mr. Dyke, Mr. Foster, Mr. Wilkes, and Mr. Aaskov, prevent this from happening. The janitors of our beautiful school are the ones who keep it that way-beautiful in appearance and comfortable for everyone. Q... .M nfw-QW gn N... enum-sv -un sn- nanny f ng my mann-n -swf'-.H an-ummm umr no no-nn-nu msn-man nvwva- ummm mmm- '-unmg up .. 1 Egg, 'lui QUSRHRW 'wi'-mm annum ,QI q..,-ww -uqpngq svommf fqsxwn "WW E ---8 ,W xr . " ,mlm Sealed, left Io right: M. Hurd, C. Perkins, N. Adams, M. Chaplin, C. Perrin, C. Conant. Stanrling: P. Potenzo, F. Wilhe-lmsf-n, E. Nottagc, K. Amann, B. Severn, B. Abbott. Nativual J-law Society Cram, L. Shaw, J. Goddard, W. Andvrson, .W-M--MW,W.,w. WNm.,,,,WM...-r.. WM.. ,... ,MW Mm, M .w.,..,., .,,...i. aWmm.,x.,....,,,,,.,,.....,..,.-.M....,.w..y,..a.. mv., ..,., f- rwwrwwawhvww .immwiwmmmwwwww v-W qw-0 M .. ,... .A .,,.,, Mm.Aw,,.W-..,w,...,.w..,.,,a.W amy -Ma pf e-ww mf.-i.w-W .Ma-MM.M .-,' wif'--QM-mmf.-mga.. ...wwf m- ,-ff -' -f-Www ww: :mf 7 Y fffw,W.wm Wa-wmm,.W mi-.f W w nur , Ax, ,,.... WW, ..,. . .......r,.w.,. Q-...A .,,., ,gqf :.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,W,,....,,.,,. ,,.. ,.... r M-f e PIX avant' W,m,.,,,Q ,W,,,,C,.u,,,W., ., ,.,. . ,. , Nm W: v- W av an -..,,,.., nw gg ,mm 4 r 7 N -Q -. PM .p- 'VI ,Q . ,i rx." -4 'l n IIIIIHI II l.iJJ '2- Strunling. lvfl to riglll: C, Ulsvn. Mr, Popv, A. lvvrson, R. Cravrfs. C. Pvrkins, Ii. Almlmtt. 5. Ualvy. NI. Chaplin. J. llmluli, .I. linlrlmins. IJ. Dunlap, J. Amato, R. Misvnor. Science ?air Cmchers' Sccrefarivs Svulrwl, lvft tu right: lf. lfnnunt. M. Tn-risun, S. Thurston, N. Hs-ikkim-n, N. Adams. Smnding: A. flulvmxllm, li, Collins. I.. Sanborn, S. Allingx, N. Emvrson, D. York. llllll 0 7 1 41.2, f' Q.- wx mm ww N... WNFR .gg 'WWW ,.,.,....,..,..,...,- .J-.W WW Munras'-M mr ggniei T 1 Svaled, left to right: P. Berry. N. Record, M. Cram, M. Hurd, P. Walton, C. Perrin. J. Hardy. Slamling: J. McElroy, J. Cram, P. Jenkins, Mrs. Naples, Miss Rogers, D. Walton, J. 1Vl4'Cann. P. Woods. ?ufurc Ccachers of Amvrica Debating First row, left to right: R. Misenor, C. Smith, R. Knight, Mr. Wetherell, K. Robbins, D. Dunlap, ig. Ili-dcly. Second row: S. Dunlap, J. Record, T. Borstel, M. Cram. N. Record. D. Holmes, S. an-y. Cf' I. , 1 h I ' r' lmfl in r1,uf1l,' I.. luylur, Nl. Hurd .XIrlmII. ?rc14cl1 671111 2- Hvrllrwl, ffjfl In fl-flllff l'. XVZIIIUII, R. If. Urvlm--, ll. .l4'w1'lI, IP. Vvrrill. H. ,,., W I ,-1 ri,.,i.-A, X 1 .. 1 .AMX -W .ww 4 v xr, X 1' V A . W, LN.-,,, ,- Y N....,q. A.b, W, . U. liaxnfnrfl, M. Marks, IJ. llzmiy. lf. Ulm-n. N. llanfun. Dramafics llraw-S, G. l'n-rkins, J. Robbins. AI. Frvnm'l1, H. Pipvr, Slmzflmg: Y Iolvin. Ji. Bottom to top: S. Fortune, R. Misenor, C. Young, C. Olsen, J. French, D. Dunlap, J. Hardy, N. Nickerson, S. Dunlap, S. Daley, C. LaPlant, C. Perkins, P. Woods, A. Cram, D. Walton, S. Shaw, P.-Dionne,-D. York, V. Daggett, K. Amann, E. Nottage, J. Norton, S. Alling. Standing: C. Conant, editor, Miss Rogers, P. Walton, assistant editor. "Um Sk1jv,vcr" Staff librarians Seated, left to right: J. French, J. Norton, C. Perrin, R. Shaw, S. Smith, J. McCann. Sllllldlvllgf P. Dionne, C. Olsen, P. Berry, P. Clemens, D. Hardy, P. Woods, S. Train, F. Lewis, D. Fredriksc-n, C. Fredriksen, M. Chaplin, S. Alling, .l. Hardy, Mrs. Hurley, advisor. i m ilk' ...r tu W -"" -M aw" wax- . , X, .V vi., '-W iya 'vt 4 x GN - 4. it 9 L.cb,t,..:i- s I . ., W :. s 'xx QFWN I F9 A 1. , , . ,,.,pg.,k1 .www-m..a , Q., 4, 'fi . ii 1 ivxfw K' Us x. 'Www . W ' f -f Q A . V' f - ' "mind W v - 4' Q7-' 'V A 'f V Wm Lv g"' ' V V vb A . ' v iss 5 QFYHQZ- .V MW! 'ij H jpg. . ,QL K Wg A 755 ,,+ffq?f5IEf5V jjigigk 3,5-g.1.'1 , . x Lggmgga ' L efg,m:L1.-. 'pw . df -s 542: "X 12, in Q? 'QM ,.,.f'r' 'HX . i af -Q w rl , . I t ,X W A xxx I 7.1: L S In , kjw gg we ' ,"'Q' S 1 55 x 1. ,. -V -4, N 4 W VN .1 V rp' 1 ua H .5 M ., . ,. , N y,,,' 3 A Maggie E .5 ssmiux ',1,' 5 ., ',' ,L H' X ' . .V ,Z QT. 68 A 14 ' 'fx.1'f. K 1 'Exif' QQA gg, 'E ix y H5 ,S :fiv- 1 J -we Q ML, NE, , A- pwgwq - 3' - :,f ' :'?i ?f f 35' x .x , ,. , .lV..:. N- Yr :wi :mp ww..-w :ww-:Q.,f+ fm V -H: If .A -5 L . tW?'.'Qf 'VX "fl ?2T55"',Q?::-533 V1 :.' ' l:3N'j,-' 'Qing ""' - ,A ' A W W X, fl A , w, fry- , gy., -b --gg- . gig , . 1 .. : 1 L . M W .C Left to right: H. Olsen, G. Perkins, Chiprnan. P. Walton, Mr. Higgin re-Nursing Driver Gaining First row. left to right: J. McElroy, C. Proctor, Mrs. Naples, C. Young, R. Misc-nor. Serunzf rout C. Olson, P. Woods, C. Perkins. R. Young, C. LaPIant, P. Jenkins. Third row: C. Frwlrikscn, F. Lewis. V. Cahill. D. Wass. S. Thurston. -,Naam-rv ' f V " K: Lanny QM nn? A n 2 J - . P 'il 3 3' i , E 1 s 1 -s 1 JN -' .. , ., " 5 X: A Q. Q, I A, V JF' V nf '6 . 1, Q ,5 3 A E . i n . J ' k' 5 I - ft' f" ' . 2 ,P , 'F X . Firsl mug lvf! In right: ll. ll1-uulnmlt, U. Hamilton, C. Guogins. 56001111 row: R. Jordan, ll. Shaw. ll V4-rrill .Wremeu dzmcra 61116 In Ihr' grnujz: l'. llvrry, J. llurrvll, R. Mason, J. Coduli, H. Carlson, D. Lmlcly, Lccldy. C. MC- l'l1uiI. I.. IN-rkins, S. llovvy, R. Jordan, S. Mitchell, J. Fish, D. Woocllllall, K. Mills, R. Dunnvll, N. l,uml1. Slflllilllllgf lllr. llursm-y. .N l -rg 1-4 . Q Y V"-s Yv- Pi K W 'M""W--A-u,M,m . .. - i. ' M-1-+..,.M..s 'E First row left zo right' S Foster P Walton, N. Blanchard, M. Daniels, R. Young, D. Little. D h Second row: D. Verrill,- E.. Hansen, Atwater, P. Sanborn, B. Perry, S. Randall, B. oug ty. Assistants Hafetsria Koaks Left zo right: Mrs. Eva Polley, Mrs. Dorothy Fortier, Mrs. Marie Lund. gig' ..,,NE- P 1 V zligrfirxif 'f Q9 ,' 1 f' ' n' Ill!! If Il,,flI. Nlv. lhnkuld Vol: Ur Wurrvll Wilkvf. Mr. XIuymlrml :Xin-kfw. Nlr. I'1I'Il1'NI Dyk". Ylr. Il ll ll Mlm: XII Nllllll un Pllllllllltl Nh Rnlrll In lu gan Q N. ',.i N 15,115 Drivers -' ,,., 1,.- Head Gusfvdian H13 Nunp nn llllllllllltl H -.1 hx ,iii bb . ,W K yiimx.. . Q.-ff fi-9 ,, -ggi, , A k .wzw M. 1 ' 'MSW .1-SJ I QM Usfbiwg WUYFQA N K' Q: A k . . ix J in-.....4.. 1:1 xv A f x 7' NN... mm BAND This year a new ideal The band, with Mr. Hanson wielding the baton, plans to salute F.H.S. at the basketball games. For this purpose, it has received some new music which members hope everyone will enjoy. Again, as in the past, the Falmouth High School Band and the Creely Institute Band will march in honor of the dead on Memorial Day. ORCHESTRA Once again the combined orchestra of Falmouth and Greely participated in the Christmas Pageant. Several Christmas selections were played. The orchestra also accompanied the chorus in presenting the selection, "The Battle Hymn." On Thursday of Graduation Week, the combined orchestras will play for the Greely Graduation. On Friday, they will play at Falmouth. CHORUS , The combined choruses of Greely and Falmouth again presented "A Song of Christ- mas." Along with this inspiring medley of old Christmas songs, there were several effective tableaux presented by the dramatics department, under the direction of Miss Buck. The principle roles in the tableaux were as follows: The Virgin Mary ............................ VICKI CAHILL Saint Joseph ............. ......... D AVID VERRILL Caesar ................... ............. C LARK TAYLOR Head Angel ,...... ...... C HARLOTTE CONANT Herod ..........,.....................,.,. FINN WILHELMSEN The chorus has many exciting plans for the remainder of the year. Besides attending the Music Festival and presenting an Easter Concert, it has plans for a musical in the spring. nr .......g, 'J First row, left tu right: E. Nottage, D. Botkin, J. Hardy. Second row.' S. Smith, B. Marshall, E. Heinonen, C. Smith, J. Record. Third row: L. Hart, V. Morgan, E. Little. Standing: Mr. Hanson. Science of .Music Hand Seated, left to right: D. Hardy, L. Hart, N. Record, C. Olsen, K. Knowles, D. Jews-tt, J. Beal, W. Lovett, J. Hardy, W. Pollard. Standing: J. Foley, Mr. Hanson. c1i Im i 1'1" In Ilw IUIUIIIII lf, Young. N. llf-nnings, R. Shaw, H. Curran, S. Shaw, M. Hurd, C. Conant, P. Walton. .l. llzmly, ll. l'ructnr, N. Nivkvrson. l.. lflliot. L. Jorclun, ll. Colncv, li. Marshall, N. Low:-, A. llrown. S. Dunlap. T, Bur-lvl, N. Re-rord, V. Morgan, S. Smith. A. Haley, L. Farmer, E. Norton, I.. llurl, ll. llurfly. ll. l'm-rry. lf. l.owe-ll. J. Grant, J. Norton, M. Davin, J. Ferguson, H. Knight, l'. .lohnson. S, gitwutvr. Nl. Dani:-ls, .l. Fishvr. C. Smith, E. Hz-inoncn, D. Botkin, J. Frwlfll, D- Ilunlup. ll. l'ipm-r, C. P1-rrin. C. Hamilton. H. Olscn, l'. Pe-llclicr. Ijif9l'fl'l1gf Mr. Hanson. Members Svulvrl, lv!! In righl: Nl. llurml. Prcsiclm-nt: S. Shaw. Vice Prvsimlc-nt. Smnnling: l'. Walton, l.i- lvruriung 11, ilonunl. Sl'I'l'l'lLily-llll'l'2l9llI'C'I' Ofhcers ff , fl fg + .,A. Vz,.j.ggx2m,,1p.K , ' Q- 32m,fg5,' Q::,:f2?-'f . if, . , fs, A .fu f ymggii Q ,,n,wg. w sa, . ms i fsgiigfimfiml- , 5 5, ,Y 4 1 iifiziif, X, ., K .- :Z : gf rp-. y4g:,1,, ,g,n..f,f.,:P L. . ,K v . --w'?..v4' '+- X ., I we -4 1 ' 5 ,Km X an my ,M ,ASL w,g,,.:,.,: ,V fn M-,img my -51 f . 34252131 -1 ws. ASEW7' vlfnfigk 1 A if? x 357' 5 if ,lilf ' f 2 K' V Q "'L K H 'eFF:QtqQf K 'A . rlifbm .':' ,1gQ,3,,,,,' 1 :ww f ,N Z Z' ,Af QQ: Z 1 eww , Q 2 Nm"--.., K k"' . It x .... ,NNN .NXQLN XF-NN ,' - Lvf, f ' fw'."' ' 5,--,yy Y. L .I mi 1 P I-I ml law lin' N---3 ' ' . Illll Illll u -..H 'tab Q Y" - '-,W ' ,nw fi . A , .h A L ,, , Vg, VV,, K5 ., f -f 'Q f K Q- ,,,,,,.mm,w.xgQ.fw4.a. Mgma--vii"f1'-' ' ' N- .,,,-,...u.f,g ,.,,,1...-mv--'Uv "" , ,W X 1 4 vx .M J' I ah ' ft. ', L. M Jmfm, L3 , me L- Q U, x-ft? L ,,, -:f':."1" 'Chi' ,, , . . Av ., - -X, .',. " f a U -. "1 'X --.wi , ' N156 1, . .1 .1 . .. X' 'V' ff g':,,.-x.- , 4, ' ' ' 1 I' ,r r '.W,.. L ,.L.,eZ.m mg, 4 ,.,L5n. - .5 -Q 1 ,w 3. ., ',.-1-.HL 4 - - -1, -UNM W.. 1 M 3 . K A ,-4 bf Fl M Ng, 6 ,,.h,.,,2..n . 1. wg. Q a is-,. , fe 'A f xy,- - 4,13 .AS ww K 3L5?","'z W .'.'f..'T " 'v CROSS COUNTRY Every last ounce of speed is exerted by each runner as the cheering crowd en- courages him to victory. This is the atmosphere at the meets in which Falmouth takes part. In both the Triple C and the Southwestern meet we established second place. Who knows-maybe next year we can carry away top honors in both! TRACK If you happen to glance at .the athletic field any weekday afternoon during the spring season, don't be surprised to see flashes of blue and gold. It's only the track team practicing in their gold shirts and blue shorts. It is evident that the team will be one of the fastest in the Triple C. FENCING Each Friday the gym rings with the challenging call, "On guard," as the fencing squad begins practice. Each member puts all his enthusiasm into the task of trying to out-maneuver his opponent. The team's great progress is attributed to the co- operation of the participants and to Mr. Wetherell. Soon we may hear the excited "touche!" as the Falmouth Fencers cut down another team. BASEBALL The 1957 baseball season saw a definite improvement over the preceding campaign. The percentage of experienced players this year is greater than on many of our former teams. Now, the Triple C crown is within our grasp. VARSITY BASKETBALL The players are displaying the lively and colorful type of basketball which fits the atmosphere of our new gymnasium. The varsity's enthusiastic spirit under our new head coach, Mr. Kostopoulos, is captured by the cheering crowd throughout each game. JUNIOR VARSITY The stepping stone from a novice player to a portion of a precision trained unit is the main purpose for the J.V. This is accomplished by constant practice, which gives confidence and experience. CHEERLEADING This year a special thank-you, as well as congratulations, should be expressed to the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders. They have done their usual superb job of not only leading the patrons of our basketball games but also stirring from the student body something very much needed--school spirit. Basketball is an important part of our extracurricular activities, and a unanimous cheer is deserved by the F.H.S. cheerleaders for a job well done. GIRLS' SWIMMING Last year's Triple C champs have proved again that a combination of skill, deter- mination, and good sportsmanship can't he beaten. The placing in the case of a shining new trophy, proudly bearing the names of this year's team, has started our first year in the new F.H.S. off to a well-remembered start. All rival schools now realize how hard we are to conquer, so work hard, girls, and present us with the third consecutive trophy next year. GIRLS' BASKETBALL If you boys are tired of girls that giggle and gossip and you want to meet some agile and ambitious members of the female gender, you should venture to the gym any Monday or Wednesday afternoon. Under the excellent leadership and coaching of Mrs. Rosenblad and Miss Lower, this group of twenty girls is working furiously with the definite purpose of capturing the Triple C trophy for the best team in our league. We certainly second their motion. Lots of luck to all the girls. MAJ ORETTES A group of freshman, sophomore, and junior girls decided early this year that a majorette squad was needed to complement our band and to perform at special occa- sions. The squad of ten was selected by two professional instructors. Under the leader- ship of Geraldine Perkins and Doreen Walton, the majorettes have performed at the Round Robin in November, the Alumni Game in December, and are planning to par- ticipate in the Music Festival and the Memorial Day parade. Here again, another new organization has christened its first year with success. BOYS' SWIMMING The powerful but smooth strokes of the Falmouth swimmers brought victory to the shores in 1937, 194-8, and 1949. We are glad to be able to say that once again swimming at Falmouth has taken an up-swing in popularity. In the near future it should produce some satisfactory results. SKI CLUB One of the newest and most enthusiastically received activities at F.H.S. is our Ski Club. This is the first year that skiing has become a really important part of our extracurricular activities. If Old Man Winter blows enough snow our way, the club plans to engage Mrs. Avon Hilton as ski instructor. Miss Lower and Miss Robinson have future plans for a ski team. If their skill equals their determination, they are certain to capture the trophy for the best in their class. .ith " X 'Y lil' 5 X AW -f' 'Q infix ,-"Q i ' fi - f . '4f.m RB: X 717 42 "Q: xr- Krzcfvlimq, lrfl In right: IJ. Vvrrill, S. Randall, D. Vcrrill, R. Mangion. D. Frvclriksen. Standing: Couch Pope-. D. I,4-fldy. W. Shin-rs. l'. Miscnor, R. Dunne-ll, Manage-r. Zrass Kouutry Crack First row, left to right: J. Lvddy, M. Marks, D. Woodman, P. Misenor, D. Leddy. Second row. S. Shaw, R. Manginn, F. Wilhvlmsf-n, D. Verrill, A. Iverson, Roberts, Managrrg Coach Pope, R. Dunnc-ll, Assistant Manager. R. Piper, P. Potenzo. Standing: M ,-gg 1-vs. .S- -4 Q 'ii i J 'cs-wk, '?'?W4??f'. N. fffllwgggy, , NVQ ,.,-. K1 V IW 83 if gm S ,. . Q Sig ' L " ff? fw' 4 QF 1 pi. -' . B k an , Q' XS 'E as M Ms, f, ww 53 wif -"--' A gk -f,L-, , fl 31 A . X Q, ffiskigl xl Q1-:,i..,V,Lxi5 A o y sihsrxrwi m Waewllfsrxl ,, .I G .Ll Q'xv"punm in f First mug left In right: IJ. 1.1-ddy. J. Goddard. T. How, W. Hager, J. Ls-ddy. Seeonrl row: D l"n-drik-1-n. l', fm-lim'ius. ffouvli Vail. 'l'. 'IX-rison. C. Davis. Third row: S. Cliipman, ll. Ve-rrill. Nl. Spriim-. Basketball junior Varsity Cheerleaders Fins! row. left ru right: I.. Elliot. S. llunlap, A. Sim-gars, M. Hanson, P. Walton, A. Brown, D. llunlzip. .5'f'1'UlIll row: Co-Managvr. P. Woodsg G. Perkins, D. Walton, Co-Manager, E. Norton. spa .f W , 'Q a W 6 2 ,t . I K Y X iiilgwg' f I ag 3,17 1 - " Q Y gigs K WWW.. ' q FSM ,. 1 , ' 'v"'h .W k , ig - A, iflgg K igk , : Q jg -f -. , Q 55 V 7 .Vfflli 51 , 1 :g.L 5, I ,. ! . ,X ,:.V E i ' -'L- Q13 k-,b k K f L---L' J ' Q ,LY 'ffifirfi P - 4 gm air I Lm,L 1 Q '.m AF ,Qi , f 'N - 7 I "' W 2 is WW, Z 5 in I! .g,, ,. 31, 00 YJ E sl 2 W Q1 CV l . First mug fPfI to right: Us-Nlallage-r, ll. liotking J. McCann, .l. Norton, C. Fr:-drikse-n. Cuuclr Ruse-nlmlarl. If. Nottagv. S. TllllI'Sl0l'l, R. Nisvnor, C0-Manager, F. Lewis. Second rou': S. Furlunv. l'. Jvnkins, ll. Stillman, l'. Cle-tlwrts, K. Amann, R. Gautlvt, A. Larsen, 5. Witllam. Third mtv: S. Maguirt-, V. Morgan, A. Halt-y, J. Ruby, S. Rickvr. C. Skillin, N. Lowv. Fourlh row: C. Colw- lztnfl, M. llalvy. .l. Norton, S. Griffin, M. Farvwll, U. Marshall. Girlv ' lfaskefball Jlflajareftcs In the group: R. llauflvt. C. Chappvll, P. Jenkins. N. Lowe-. G. Stillman, J. Fisllvr. N. llvikkinvn. ti. Pvrkins, IJ. Walton. . 'mix 't'f"f"5?M - ' Q - . ... -v x I . x - - t- : ' -t N 'jf .x at A . 'Y 5. . Q 1' 't Q3 X . Xl W. ' ' k ' K X Y . xxx t. .Q x x WL X N y ' tt J: M fn! 5 U x 1'-Xxx ' txt f NY' 5: 1. . -BCA 11 I W Stzznrling, left to right: H. Mason. E. Nottage, D. Botkin, C. Freclriksen, D. Woodman. First row: C, Smith, J. Fisher, J. Ferguson, P. Turvottt-, C. Tupper, E. Heinonen, D. Bamford, D. Walton, l'. Walton. Second row: S. Dunlap. J. Record, T. Burstel, R. Knight, C. Fkillin. J. Grant, S. Maguire, 5. Worster. Third row: Mr. Xvt'IllQ'1'f'll, S. Hovvy. krzcilfg Ski 671116 First row, left to right: Nl. Fivltl. J. Robbins, E. Norton. Second row: J. Goddard, 'lf How, Nlisf Robinstm. J. Davis, S. Randall. J.. lfmnl run: lvft lo right: Mr. Kufmpulllos, P. Put:-nzo, B. Se-vvrn, M. Marks, C. Taylor. R. Piper, ll, iluugim, S, Shaw. Sf'l'U7Ifl row: if. llmiivs. R. Mungzion, G. Graffam, D. Lirtlv, H. LaCram. ll, iil'illlIlllPlli. K. Szullvr. Baseball Urampahze Lf-fr In righl: N. ,IUl'Illlll, R. Shaw. L. .iur4lun, N. Lowv, Miss Lower, S. Smith. M. Half-y, L. lfurma-r, J. Fcrgilwii, F. Worst:-r. V -45? ...- Alumni Lawrence Aronson Joan Ashley ,.....,., Bruce Babb ............, Nancy Bodwell ,A....., - Kenneth Brink ,....... Peter Brown ......... Nancy Button ....... Charmond Caire ,..,..... Shirley Carlisle ........,...... Freeman Cleaves, J r. Elizabeth Costa ....... Beverly Cushing ..... Mary Ellen Daggett Pauline Dionne ....... Brenda Fabricius .... Brian Farwell .......... Thomas Foley, Jr. -- Lois Foster .... - ........ - ....... James Fox, Jr. Kenneth Gates ......... Robert Geyer .............. Carolyn Jean Graves Douglas Hanson ...... Peter Hennings ........ Thomas Holding ......... Sonja Hyland .......... Luther Kloth ........ Carl Lane .,....,,. Bruce Leddy ..,..... Joan Leeman ,.,..... George Leighton ...... Barbara Long ....., Barbara Lord ...... Anita Lovely ....,... Linda Lunt .....,..... Thomas Newton .,..., Sandra Nottage - ...... Claudette Pelletier ....,.. J ay Piper ................ Cornelia Proctor ......... David Quinnam ....... Brian Rich ........... Harold Roos ........ Linda Smith .....,. Evelyn Story .....,. Claudia Taylor ....... nies af '5 New York Sears Roebuck and C0. University of Maine Phoenix of London Insurance Co. Carpentering University of Maine Deaconess Hospital Philadelphia Lasell Junior College Cumberland Sand and Gravel Gorham State Teachers College Atlantic Union College Northeastern Business College Allen, Sterling 81 Lothrop Westbrook Junior College U. S. Air Force Northeastern Business College Houghton-Arnold Machinery Co. At Home ,,-,,,-,,,-,,---,..--- University of Maine U. S. Navy Gorham State Teachers College University of Maine U. S. Coast Guard Academy U. S. Marines Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. Dana College Missionary Training College Holderness School Mrs. Adelbert .loy U. S. Air Force University of Maine Mrs. Rodney MacDonald Nasson College Gorham State Teachers College U. S. Air Force Westbrook Junior College Holy Ghost Hospital New York University of Maine Atlantic Union College U. S. Army U. S. Navy Smith College Mrs. Donald Thompson Mrs. Gerald Packard Carl Terison, Jr. ...... ...,....,,.....,... - ..-..,..,,.,,.,, U . S, Marines Patricia Thomes ...... .............................. .. Thomes Casket Co. Clifford Vining ........ ...... M aine Vocational Technical Institute Sara Whitehouse ..... ............ .. ........... - - University of Maine Janice Woodman .....,.. Simmons College Alumni ,Nates of 36 Everett Abbott ........ ................., S tandard Linen Service Elaine Abrahamson Gorham State Teachers College Anita Adams ....,....... .........................,........ M rs. Lloyd Blackstone Marilyn Adams ........... Hannelore Amann . Cumberland Savings 81 Loan Association New England Tel. and Tel. Co. Robert Andreasen ...... ............................................ C ouri Motors Jane Armstrong ....... .,,...,. Isabelle Baker ..... Priscilla Bennett ..,... Judith Bjorn ........ Edgar Botkin ...... Gorham State Teachers College Canal Bank Becker Junior College University of Maine University of Maine Carlton Bumell ....... .........,.................. J ackson's Garage Rayann Burnham ....... ., ..,.. . Barbara Burns ........ .............. . College of New Rochelle Carol Copeland ....... Gorham State Teachers College Central Maine Power Co. R. Michael Daley ........ .................. D artmouth College Jay Edwards ........... ...,.......................,..... U . S. Navy Roger Elliott .............,. ........ U . S. Coast Guard Academy Franklin Farmer ......... ...........,.,................. T ufts College Patricia Flynt ......... ............... U niversity of Maine David Gagnon ..... ...................... U niversity of Maine Wayne Hale ..,...... ....... N ortheastern Business College Waldo Harmon ....... .........,.........................,. A t Home Patricia Holding ........ ,.....,............ M rs. David Allen Judith Hudson ........ ........ M rs. Charles Whitcomb Beverly Huston ...,..., .,................,,.......... A t Home Christian Hyland ......,. ......................... U . S. Air Force Carol Iverson ......... ...............,...... U niversity of Maine Lawrence Leeman ....... ....... R omano Construction Company Susan Lord .......... ........... ...., L i ving in Arkansas Richard Lowe ...,...... ....................... U . S. Navy Evelyn Maguire ..... ......... M rs. Robert Profenno Charlene Manchester ...... .......................... U niversity of Maine Carole Mara ................ ..........,.........,......... M rs. Robert Knight Carol McGee ............ ....... N ewton College of the Sacred Heart Percy Norton .......... ......................................... C ouri Motors Rinda-Mary Payne ..... ................................,. J ackson College Carleton Perrin .......... ......................,..... B owdoin College Frank Potenzo, Jr. ..... .......................... U niversity of Maine Martha Potvin ......... ......... N ew England Tel. and Tel. Co. Donald Pyle ............ ......................... C . E. Noyes Co. . Lorraine Read ............. Felicia Schroetel .....,... Sears Roebuck and Co. University of Maine Deane Taylor ...... ........... ................... U . S. Navy Gladys Thurlow ......... .....,....................,.,.. E astland Hotel Robert Verrill ...............,. ......... M aine Electronic Supply Corp. Margaretann Williams ...... ................ M rs. Richard Anderson Carol Young ................... ........ P lummer's Insurance Agency Advertising Y g 'A,V N I , , ,gf - f Wcirepresent the buszlgcss af 5 f Qalmoutlz flzylz School Ereif . '11 It The Editors, the Editorial and Business Staffs, and the Student Body wish to express their deep appreciation to those who have made possible 'GTHE CRESTN of ,58. ompetent as our Advisors, Miss Rogers and Mrs. Hurley have done considerable work in their supervision and continual guidance. esponding to our needs, the Editorial and Business Staffs, made this ear's book a tremendous ublication. Y P C specially we thank White-:'s Studio for its fine job and un- limited cooperation. ubstantial assistance given to us through our Financial Sup- porters made our success possible. i i hanks to all who have made this '58 edition of "THE CREST" one of the best yet. .9 is Compliments of CASCO BANK 81 TRUST CO PERFORMANCE MOTORS, INC- Foreidn and Sporfs Cars U. S. Rouie I-Falmoufh Foreside-Poriland 99, Maine Tel. SP 4-32I7 IVER R. IVERSON, Pres. ANDREW P. IVERSON, Treas. Complimenls of SCRIBNER 81 IVERSON, INC. Plumbing and Heating 64 Union Slreel' PORTLAND, MAINE Telephone SP 3-7682 VERNON S. PLUMMER Complimenls OD. Op+ome+ris+ of Room 5l8 I42 High Sfreel' PORTLAND, MAINE SPLENDID RESTAURANT e:aff.:fM MODERN L. P. GAS SERVICE 9I5 Foresl Ave. Tel. SP 4-0387 PORTLAND, MAINE THE WATCH SHOP "Time Technicians" 238 Federal Slreel' PORTLAND, MAINE Phone SP 4-7652 The Habii' of Regular Saving Is 'Ihe Firsi' SI'ep I'o Ma+eriaI Success. There is no be++er way +o acc:umuIa+e money Ihan Ihrough a mon+hIy savings accouni' a+ FALMOUTH SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 4 ELM smear PORTLAND, MAINE ff, QNX ESPAN'S LUNCH PorI'Iand's THE HARRIS Finesi' Hamburgers OIL CO. MITCHELL'S NORTHEAST RADIO HEMSTITCH sl-IOP and Tuckin CHARGER SERVICE Sham in -Eumin BaH'ery Charger Service mp Hih Shed 9 An Kinds AII Makes ROOM 3I8 239 CUMBERLAND AVE. Phone SP 2.5312 SP 44395 HUB FURNITURE C0mP'ime"+S of 440 Congress Sfreei' YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR LANE CEDAR CHESTS 911 Moore SCO. SHOP WITH EASE AND CONVENIENCE in Our NEW MODERN STORE Maine's Largesf SeIec'I'ions of COATS-SUITS and DRESSES. APPAREL for 1'he Eniire Family "Think of NOYES When You Think of Moving" EARLE W. NOYES 81 SON Tel. SP 2-4645 34 Co'H'on Sireei' PORTLAND. MAINE RANDALL 81 MCALLISTER EST. I8bI 84 COMMERCIAL ST "The Besi' in Hea+ing Fuels and Heaiing Equipmen+" Portland SP 3-294I Compliments DU MARCHE DE TOWN LANDING PORTLAND MONSON SLATE CO. Miners of Monson Slaie for Elecirical Purposes Office: PORTLAND, MAINE Com plimenfs of BLUE ROCK QUARRY Com plimen+s of HAY 84 PEABODY THE PINE CRAFTERS GRAY ROAD WEST FALMOUTH Makers of Over 500 Differenf Designs in Pine Furnifure Direcf fo You a+ Dealer's Cosi' Complimenfs of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 540 DEERINC-5 AVENUE Tel. SP 3-4258 I SHOPPING AT A8fP IS QUICK . . . II SIMPLE . . . THRIFTY! SAVE SAFELY SI OR MORE STARTS MONTHLY SHARES MAINE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 445 Congress S+reeI' Por+IancI. Maine Complimenfs of FULLER BRUSH COMPANY 405 Congress Building I42 High SI'reeI PORTLAND, MAINE Compleie Line of PERSONAL AND HOUSEHOLD BRUSHES CHEMICALS AND COSMETICS Phone SP 3-7052 PLUMMER'S INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance S. G. CHASON C. E. ABBOTT Res. Phone SP 3-IOI7 Res. Phone SP 5-2868 Office Phone SP 3-3838 I8 CASCO STREET PORTLAND. MAINE ATHERTON FU RN ITU RE Fine Furni+ure Since I898 I Complimenfs of Compiimenfs of NORTON H. LAMB MAINE dba FREEMAN K. LAMB ELECTRONIC SUPPLY 81 SON Real Esfafe and Insurance 650 Foresf Ave. PORTLAND, MAINE FORTUNE, INC. DR. NORMAN E. HILL C Hon Ducks-Sailmakers-Canvas Covers Opfomefrigf I42 HIGH STREET II Plum S+. Por+Iand, Maine SP 2-38I4 PORTLAND MAINE Com plimenfs of ANNE AND BRENT TAYLOR PINELAND RESTAURANT Roufe I FALMOUTH, MAINE LONG, LIBBY 81 HANSON CO. Wholesale HOSIERY-UNDERWEAR-DRY GOODS I57-Ibl Middle Sfreei' Poriland, Maine PIZQA iz! f 'ff L ' ' I WILLIAM GOODMAN THEGREATLEST NAME un PIZZA Was+e Paper 66 Veranda Sfreei' PORTLAND. MAINE Telephone 3-9363 8l-87 Marginal Way PORTLAND. MAINE CAROLYN'S COATS, DRESSES SUITS, SPORTSWEAR 599 Congress Sfreef PORTLAND 3, MAINE Phone SP 3-2700 Complimenis of DAVIS' VARIETY Rouie 88 FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE Groceries-Mea+s Frozen Foods H'aIian Sandwiches Take Your Troubles fo Church on Sunday MILLIONS LEAVE THEM THERE S. L. S. Compliments of B. G. PRIDE Compliments of MAINE HARDWARE 6I8-622 Congress S+ree+ PORTLAND I, MAINE E. L. PROCTOR Compllmenls of Local Relail Dis+ribu+or 'For S. S. PIERCE Famous Foods S ' I' FOSTER-AvERY's Pec'a+'eS Gill' Paclcages Also Heallh Foods DIAL SP 3-0236 PORTLAND, MAINE Where Else but Prep Hall? SO MUCH STYLE-SO MUCH SATISFACTION SUCH REASONABLE PRICES CIoI'hes Designed for Young Men in High and Prep Schools A. H. BENOIT 81 CC. MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND, MAINE WINSTON ROBBINS, Presidenf RUTH C. MacCREADY, Treasurer Telephone UL 4-2509 ROBBINS 8: WHITE, INC. SI'ruc+uraI S+eeI Erec+ors and Engineers 907 Main Sfreei' WESTBROOK, MAINE DUDLEY-WEED DRUG CO., INC. 46 Pine S'l'. 653 Foresi' Ave. PORTLAND 4, MAINE Tel. SP 3-384I Tel. SP 4-2679 "If I+'s Drugs You Need Call Dudley-Weed" CH RISTY'S HARDWARE "The Do H' Yourself SI'ore" AUBURN ST. PORTLAND, MAINE TeI. SP 4-8I05 Painfs-Hardware Housewares-Wallpaper Everyihing for fhe Home Owner VINCENT G. WILLISTON INC. . n . i RIODALE FARM, INC. Edison DIC'I'B'I'lh Machines Gesfeiner Siena? DupIica'l'ors STATE ROAD Sfandard Fluid Process Falmoufh Ft-,reside DupIica+ors GW I9I Middle S+. Poriland I S TEL. SP 2-5260 ---- -. .f .V-. . . I 1 ,- O K A mcse 0 An all-'Hme 'Family favoriiel B8zM Brick-Oven Baked Beans are 1'he real, old-fashioned kind. They're prepared in Por+- land, Maine . . . baked hours and hours in real brick ovens. The fasfe so good in iheir pork-enriched sauce of brown sugar and spices. you'd swear +hey were home-baked! FRANK A. SNELL. INC. 4l5 Congress Sireef PORTLAND, MAINE General Insurance Tel. SP 2-6562 PERMAN ENT ROADWAYS CO. 650 Foresi' Avenue HOT TOP DRIVEWAYS Complimenis of TOM TAYLOR "Clo1'hes for fhe Whole Family" 626 FOREST AVENUE PORTLAND, MAINE ALVAH C. THOMPSON D.D.S. II Deering S+ree+ Por+land 3, Maine P. REUBEN 81 CO. PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS HARRY CARVEL CO. Plumbing and Heafing Con+rac+ors-Dealers Dial SP 2-7444 386 Cumberland Ave. PORTLAND. MAINE Com plimen+s of SERVICE INSURANCE AGENCY HAZEL L. SPEAR, Agenl' 22 Monumenf Square Por+Iand, Maine SOUTHWORTH DECORATORS Inferiors, Accessories Gills Haviland Chocolales LAFAYETTE HOTEL 644 Congress SIreeI' Tel. SP 3-7930 Complimenfs of HARRY N. YOUNG D.M.D. ALLEN'S ACRE "Food Thai' Sa'Iisfies" Tel. SP 5- I 362 W. L. BLAKE 81 CO. Mill and Plumbing Supplies PORTLAND. MAINE CARR BROS. COMPANY Incorporaied FRUIT AND PRODUCE Commission Merchanfs 2I7 COMMERCIAL STREET PORTLAND, MAINE BASTON AUTO SERVICE . O I. I Wheel Ahgnmeni' and Balance cculsh FALMOUTH FORESIDE MAINE Tel. SP 3-0826 FASHION OPTICIANS Lenses ancI Frames Duplicaied Prescripfions Filled BucIge'I Terms Arranged bll CONGRESS STREET Tel. SP 2-I309 CHAPLIN MOTOR COMPANY 39 Foresf Avenue Poriland, Maine Telephone SP 2-7476 H. G. HANSON Prescripiion Druggisi 345 Congress S+reeI' Corner Wilmoi' Sireef PORTLAND, MAINE KNIGHT BROS. COMPANY, INC. IISSIIS CONTRACTORS Heaiing, Plumbing Me'IaI work Plumbing Flxfures Donut Jud Fm ,Em UP' BIOV2 Main SI'reeI' Buildvfm UP I Wwbfook New ENeLANn's FAVORITE BREAD E. A. BURNS FENCINGl INC. CLEMENTS MUSIC SHOP S I d E I' aes an rec Ion Piano and Organ EDWARD A. BURNS Presideni and Treasurer SaIeS and Service 398 Main S+ree+ WESTBROOKI MAINE 782 CONGRESS STREET ULs+er 4-2463 SP 2-970' Maine and U. S. Approved Pullorum Clean FRENCH'S HATCHERY ERNEST w. HAWKES, Proprie+or Telephone VA 9-5455 Cumberland Cen+er, Maine Complimenls of HANDY BOAT SERVICE, INC. ELM . C I I' f Ice COMPANY 0"'P'me" S 0 Dealers in ICE-COAL-RANGE OIL WOOD-VEGETABLES 30 Washingion Avenue aol Washlngion Ave' Poriland 3, Maine PORTLAND, MAINE Telephone SP 3-569I Tel. SP 2-9246 Nighi' Phone SP 4-25I4 PORTEOUS, MITCHELL 81 BRAUN "The Cen+er of Maine Living" PORTLAND, MAINE THURLOW AND NOYES CompIimen+s of AIIen and Washingfon Aves. Podlandl Me. DR. D. L. SHAW Phone SP 3-9I34 Op+ome+ris+ LUBRICATION-TIRES PORTLAND, MAINE OIL-BATTERIES ComP'I"'e""s of Dow AND HoDsDoN General SI'ore GULF STATION GMS-TOYS U. S. Rouiie I FaImou+h Foreside SP 2-32I2 FALMOUTH, MAINE Complimenis of ALLEN, STERLING 81 LOTHROP Sferling Qualify Seeds 268 MIDDLE STREET PORTLAND. MAINE Complimenfs of BROWN MOTORS Best Wishes From the FALMOUTH SCHOOL COMMITTEE L FOUNDED BV H EN RY H. HA'v l84l bf!-M WM HAYSDRIKYST ORES M PMQMRTTML.A-1sz:xg,Q1vf1j5fgm1iweT X- THE 3-H QUALITY MA R 14, PR Q T F. 1 T 3?f You GUY GANNETT PUBLISHING CO. PORTLAND PRESS HERALD-EVENING EXPRESS and fhe GUY GANNETT BROADCASTING SYSTEM WGAN-TV, Channel I3-WGAN, 560 on Your Dial 390 Congress S+ree+ PORTLAND n Headquarrers 'For Pianos and Organs School . Home . Church . Lodge PORTLAND STUDIOS, INC. 2nd Floor BaxI'er Building 562 Congress SI. I23 Free Sf. Sp 4-4993 PORTLAND MAINE M Soufhern Maine's BERNIE'S FASHIONS Complimemis Second Floor of 570 Congress Sfreef PORTLAND, MAINE PEERLESS WELDING +"e Unusual In S+yIe" LORING, SHORT FRYE'S ESSO 8' HARMON Sfafioners and Booksellers Giffs for Graduafion Rouie I Falmoufh, Maine School Supplies DIAL SP 4-4589 Monumenf Square PORTLAND, MAINE CompIimenI's of CLIFFORD J. MURPHY CO. S'I'ocIcs and Bonds 443 CONGRESS STREET PORTLAND, MAINE Say If Wi'l'h Fresh Flowers From SKILLIN'S GREENHOUSES Qualify in All CUT FLOWERS, CORSAGES. POTTED PLANTS Wedding and Funeral Worlr Falmoufh Foreside Phone SP 2-63I8 JOHN A. SKILLIN. Manager, Class of I948 DAVID SKILLIN, Class of I955 T GAMAGE PHARMACY Corner Veranda Sfreel and Washinglon Avenue PORTLAND, MAINE RALPH M. HANSON Proprielor PHILIP E. HAMLIN Loam Sand Gravel Fill 555 AUBURN STREET PORTLAND. MAINE SP. 3-7272 l I 3 1 1 . No BeHer Friend Can Be Found Than a Good Savings Accounl' in Ihe MAINE SAVINGS BANK Troubles Are Shed When You Save Ahead I 5 Casco SI'ree+ Porrland, Maine Mill Creek Shopping Cenier, Sou'Ih Poriland NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER. PORTLAND NORTON, HALL, 81 SHEARMAN General Insurance ROBERT B. NORTON Presidenl' and Treasurer 54 EXCHANGE STREET Telephone PORTLAND, MAINE SP 2- I 95I FROST MIMEOGRAPH CO. Mimeographing and Mulligraphing LETTER SHOP SERVICE We have compleie equipmenr Io handle all Iypes of worlc prompfly. 226 Middle Sfreei SP 3-7284 Com pIeI'e AuI'omobiIe Servicenfer DAVIDSON OIL COMPANY Com pleie Home-Hea+ing TELEPHONES Dars-SP 3-702I Nig 'Is-SP 5-0643 7 Auburn SI. "AIIen's Corner Res+aura nIs-B- I 554 Porfland- I 7 SMITH FARM OPEN YEAR 'ROUND 5 Miles From Poriland on Gray Rd., W. Falmoufh From a Sandwich Io a Full Course Dinner Specializing in Old Type New England Food Served in fhe Barn SPECIAL FACILITIES FOR BANQUETS AND WEDDINGS VA 9-3034 Ample Parking "BesI' Deal in Town" YOUR LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER Also ENGLISH BUILT FORDS-WILLYS SWEARINGEN MOTORS COMPANY 295 Foresi' Avenue Poriland SP 3-2923 C. LOUIS SMITH BWIY and Complimenis Fender Repairing of Auihorized Simonizing S+aI'ion PORTLAND, MAINE SP 4-6552 DR. FRED A. PARSONS FREEMAN e. CLEAVES C.,,,.,,.Im,,,s of General ConI'rac'ror MR- AND MRS. Telephone SP 2-3087 HOWARD PETERSON "WE SPECIALIZE IN "KEEP SMILING" BLACKTOP DRIVEWAYS" CompIimenI's of BANCROFT 81 MARTIN ROLLING MILLS COMPANY IINZ' 6 AT HOME Qfx grgamg, AT WORK M Q 3 AT PLAY an ELECTRICITY SERVES YOU BEST EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY CENTR L MAINE rowen omnnv Complimenrs of FRANK L. ROCHON Insurance Broker 477 CONGRESS STREET SP 2-3684 CompIimen+s of Comphmenk THE of MERRIMAKERS CLUB P'eaSan+ Hi" DR. AND MRS. sTlLEs FALMOUTH, MAINE Compliments of DIRIGO LARRY'S SUNOCO SERVICE , A PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ROAD SERVICE Tires-Bafferies-Accessories Complefe Lubricafion-Washing L. D. BARNES, Prop. S+a'Ie Road Falmoufh Foreside Telephone SP 2-9469 WASSON'S GROVE "Famous for All-S+ealc Hamburgers" GRAY ROAD ROUTE 26 Complimenfs of Compliment of TOMMY? STATE MUTUAL LIFE Hardware, Spor+ing Goods. Pain'l's ASSURANCE CO 273 C""9'eSs Shes" WILLIAM DALEY General Agem PORTLAND, MAINE and Tel. SP 2-5357 ASSOCIATES Complimenis Complimenfs of of DOW 81 STUBLING GEORGE'S RESTAURANT 58 I Congress Sfreei' PORTLAND 3, MAINE Waiches, Diamonds, Jewelry and Silverware Esfablished I 894 EDWARD G. HAGGETT xx A Experienced Repairer of BICYCLES-VELOCIPEDES , ly BABY CARRIAGES . N115 'qfglll ly Also Good Sioclr of Coins 5 ,fail I and S+amPS for Colleclors if ' 34 cAsco smear PORTLAND, MAINE MA-RlE'5 DRWE-IN RUFUS DEERING COMPANY 40 AUBURN STREET Lumber and Home Cooked Food Building Maferials Chicken' Clams- 383 Commercial Sireei' C8lK9S. +0 Go S8:H Green Sfamps TEL- SP 3-9292 Open Sunday A.M. 9-I2 JoRoAN's READY-TO-EAT MEATS, INC. 4 I , rl 1 SSN" ' V I ff-f' 4 Ap 1 Nagin' 4 E P E f SP 5-2389 PORTLAN D GLASS Au1'o Glass Furnished and lnsfalled ,- f-,K 496 Woodford Sfreef PORTLAND, MAINE 1 . , XKSXXXXSSXX KX X SX n XXXX XX XX X ' jwwxrw K, HOME BUILDING SERVICE Paini' and Varnish Lumber Mason Supplies Hardware Roofing lnsula+ion Plywoodg Doors and Windows Millwork N. T. FOX CO., INC. 24 MORRILL ST. SP 3-I73I PORTLAND, MAINE BRANCHES-Wes+brook, Kennebunk, Biddeford BEST XAASHSS 5 E TO THE CLHSS 0F58 0 FROM THE CLASS off QI ALTON T. MAXIM, Realfo 465 Congress S+ree+ Clfy and Suburban Homes S+ores, Apar+men+ Houses. Farms Lake and Seashore Properfies TELEPHONE SP 3-7288 Complimenis of BIOLOGY "A" CLASS WILLIAM B. HAGUE ComPILmen+s COMPANY 0 GERALD H. KNIGHT Welders Maine Is Full of Opporfunifies "H"s Your Job +o Develop Them" MERRILL TRANSPORT CO. Terminals PORTLAND, AUBURN, AUGUSTA. BANGOR. SEARSPORT "We Like Our Falmou'I'h Employees" Complimenis of THE HI-LIONS A FRIEND "Happy Landings" From 'l'he FOLKS AT UPPER FORESIDE Mr. and Mrs. Alvin A. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Carolyn Arsenaulf Mr. and Mrs. R. Arsenauli' Mr. and Mrs. Sianwood Bailey Mr. and Mrs. George Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Sfanley Bishop Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Brewsier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. William Burleigh Mrs. Efhel L. Burrell A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Leslie P. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. John Chaplin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chesley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clifford Miss Grace Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Cosfa Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cressey Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Cushman Mr. Kennelh Cushman Mr. and Mrs. Cecil K. Drinlzer Mr. and Mrs. Sianley Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn Mrs. Arfhur W. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Gooch A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Roberi J. Harris Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hennessy Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Howison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Julian G. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hu+chins Mr. and Mrs. John R. LaPlan'I' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leddy Parlre and Drew Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Russell Libby Anifa Lovely Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lovendale Mr. and Mrs. George R. LoveH Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Jaclx Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Dougald MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mason A Friend Jimmy McCar'lhy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCari'hy Mr. and Mrs. Philip McElroy Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Siephen Mercer Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneih Morrison Ben and Tom Norion A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'DonnelI Mr. and Mrs. Milfon Ormerod Dr. and Mrs. James A. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Peabody Bob Piper The Pipers Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pofvin Mr. and Mrs. Poole A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Record Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworih Rendall Pv'l'. Brian A. Rich Mr. and Mrs. Ray Riclrer Ann Ryan Charles Severn Mrs. Arlyne Silverman Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smiih, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. lrving Sfarling Mr. and Mrs. P. L S'l'orer A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Neal W. Taplin Mr. and Mrs. Carl Terison Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Vail Miss Paula Vaughan Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Whiie Mr. and Mrs. E. Wigglesworih Mr. and Mrs. G. Selh Williams Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Woodman Mrs. E. J. Woods Mrs. Richard Woods Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woodworih L. G. BALFOUR CO. "Known Wherever There Are Schools Ancl Colleges" CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS--PERSONAL CARDS CLUB INSIGNIA-MEDALS AND TROPHIES Represented by- DONALD B. TUPPER Box 244, Cape Co'H'age Branch PORTLAND 9. MAINE i 1 I M. C. PERRY'S MKT. "BARKY'S" Meafs and Groceries Telephone SP 2-49I2 FALMOUTHI MAINE L-nnin1n1un JORDAN ComFI I memI:.S EQUIPMENT co. Of Esco . Cu'Hin1irEdges E I I I irliirzsffzfr 'If Ckczr' C nt Dfcme 91,9 OTTIP IITIG S 50 2 QM IQ of the we 466 My3ZIz51Tf KIIIEIOIIEADZRS Besi' Wishes Complimenis of +0 H18 NORTHERN POWER Class of .958 EQUIPMENT CC., INC. 82 Main Sireel' YARMOUTH, MAINE YARMOUTH MARKET YARMOUTH, MAINE Reg, H Com pIimenI's of FALMOUTH FIRE DEPARTMENT Engine 3 PLEASANT HILL 7 LOCATIONS EOR YOUR CONVENIENCE I88 Middle S'IreeI' I4 Congress Square 337 Foresi Avenue 4l Thomas S'l'reeI', Sou'Ih PorIIan sm ,326 93 Main S+reeI'. Yarmouih 5 Main Sireef, Gorham Norfh Gafe Shopping Cenfer Give The CanaI I'he J 'I fm Oppor+uni+y fo I: Q 5 5 E Say YES w w o r is Eo eo' Io AII Your Banking Needs , Member FDIC Complimenfs of TRUCK EQUIPMENT COMPANY GRAY ROAD WEST FALMOUTH "Smoo+h Sailing" From Your FRIENDS AT PLEASANT HILL and Mrs. C. B. Abrahamson Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Adams Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams Mr. and Mrs. Walfer Baker Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Bibber Mrs. Arfhur P. Blake Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Donald Bodwell Edwin J. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Burner Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Carrier Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cavanaugh Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman D. Chipman and Mrs. Leonard E. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Percy H. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Elmer W. Cleaves Mr. and Mrs. James H. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dube and Mrs. Elmer G. Elwell and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Crawford Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Fogg Mr. and Mrs. James F. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Freeman Maior and Mrs. Ray Funderburk Mr. and Mrs. C. Maurice Googins Melville M. Gribbin and Mrs. William F. Griffin Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Ellery Haynes Mr. Henry Holding Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Keifh Jardine Mr. and Mrs. Herberi' E. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Kennedy and Mrs. Paul Lalumiere Jose h L nch Jr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. p y . . Phyllis and Gerlrude Mayberry Bonne Chance S . a fous nos amls Mr. and Mrs. Sfanley E. McCann Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McCluskey Mrs. Marie G. McKenney Mr. and Mrs. John W. Merediih Mrs. Mary Moran Mr. and Mrs. David E. Morfon Mrs. Erndale E. Morfon Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' Oakes Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Packard Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Payeur Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' C. Pfeffer Mrs. Roswell H. Pfeffer Mrs. Cora Pleau Mrs. Irving N. Pope Mr . and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. FRENCH I, II, AND III Cliff Reynolds and Mrs. Darrell Richardson and Mrs. Donald Ricker Frank Rochon E. M. Sadler Charles Sanford and Mrs. Alan M. Sawyer G. S. Schonewald Don Sinclair George A. Skillin Earl W. S'I'over Harold C. Sfover Henry A. Sfillman Alfred TurcoHe George J. Turcoffe John J. Turcoff Irwin Verrill . Philip Wadsworfh John J. P. Welch Richard E. Wheeler Philip Wye Omar York Carl F. Young JORDAN APPLIANCE COMPANY 73 MAIN STREET YARMOUTH, MAINE Tel. YarmouI'h VI 6-5862 Res. Por'rIand SP 3-2880 CompIimen+s of vid I I X X99 Q f + UNDERWOOD VILLAGE V 3 f -"...-'-Exe 1-ri f 7 " 'QT FALMOUTH FORESIDE Dial SP 4-I6I2 PHI'-'S ROY's SHOE SHOP BARBER SHOP Across From Deering High School Shoe Repairing Shoes Rubbers Sneakers 500 STEVENS AVENUE PORTLAND MAINE "Never a Parking ProbIem" Regisiered Orihopedic Shoe Serviceman Smoofh Sailing From "THE SKlPPER" STAFF ARTHUR C. COREY Madokawando Landing Falmouih Foreside Early American Furnifure Primiiive Porfraifs Anfiques Boughf and Appraised TELEPHONE SP 2-2670 Com pIimen+s of FALMOUTH CENTRAL FIRE STATION dn WOMEN'S AUXILIARY Happy Days From WAITES LANDING Mr. and Mrs. ArI'I1ur Benoii Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Luce Gen. and Mrs. Bisbee Mr. and Mrs. Roberison Mr. and Mrs. George Bradford Mrs. Roger Snow, Sr. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Porfer Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Holi Dr. and Mrs. Ward if CGMPLIMENTS cis M556 R Z XXV VNV XXQDNAT NON I-'ALMou1'H Lions CLUB E. A. LITTLE CARPET CO. Es+. I888 II4 Preble S+. Porfland, Me. SP 3-8893 BROADLOOM RUGS 68 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Telephone Porfland Spruce 2-5847 ROBERT E. MOORE Laihing and Plaslering ConI'racI'or 799 Foresi' Ave. Poriland, Maine COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-RESIDENTIAL COBB'S VARIETY STORE I048 Washingion Ave. Porfland Dial SP 2-9466 Open Evenings and Sundays D'ALONZO FLORIST 247 Congress SI. PORTLAND. ME. Tel. SP 2-7072 Corsages-S I .50 and Up NEAL DOW AGENCY Neal Dow Philip L. Sayles GENERAL INSURANCE 2I0 Middle S+. Telephone SP 3-3803 PORTLAND 3, MAINE B. SCHREIBER INC. Masfer Furriers 547A CONGRESS ST. PORTLAND. MAINE with G Co E '?1:vmW mam MI LLI KEN BROTHERS, INC 9-II CoH'on SIreeI' PorI'Iand, Maine ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS CompIimenI's of EASTERN MUSICAL ROLAND H. SHAW Plumbing and Healing Middle Road FaImou+I1, Maine TEL. SP 5-2033 LU NT'S CYR'5 Complefe Floral Service GREENHOUSES . Telephone SP 3-27I9 908 Maln Shea' Lum Road WESTBROOK, MAINE FALMOUTH UL 4-5332 Complimenis of GILBERT'S BEAUTY SALON 547a Congress SIree+ PORTLAND. MAINE Tel. SP 3-224I HUTCHINS 81 THOMPSON Mefal Building Specialfies 57 Exchange S+. Tel. SP 4-6579 CompIimen'I's of DR. D. M. MILNE Den+isI' ROSEMONT GARAGE 623 Brighion Avenue BODY AND FENDER WORK SP 3-2989 MAIN LINE FENCE CO. Office and Warehouse 907 Main S+ree+ Wes+brooIc, Maine CONTRACTOR FOR HIGHWAY GUARD RAIL CHAIN LINK FENCE AND RUSTIC CEDAR STATE-INDUSTRIAL+RESlDENTIAL Sales and Erecfion 4 an xg 5 ""' 3, C90 :jf F' H 5 'fffm 6855 of '59 Houses Land Farms Morfgages PORTLAND Besi' Wishes From REALTY BUREAU Represenfecl by CHARLES ROSENBI-OOM Mason and Con+rac1'or '79 Middle Shed LUNT ROAD, FALMOUTH Poriland 3, Maine Telephone SP 3-8963 Office SP 2-l768 Residence SP 3-7529 C ' I Thanks for 4 . ew? the Extra 935' Grey was L Hairs 00969 3 D .r THE MAINE TILE CO., INC. Established l9l7 Ceramic Tile Contractors Our Reputation Assures Your Satisfaction CERAMIC TILE MARBLE-TERRAZO-SLATE-INDUSTRIAL Ottice-Showroom-Warehouse Rochester Street Tel. ULster 4-566I Westbrook, Maine - 4? 1 . fi 2" Compliments ot ,' RAY'S ,' 41-155 f sHoPPlNG CENTER ful' 'JL I f Prides Corner kt' 7 I Westbrook cbfln in a rdginhrld trod - . STANLEY L. MUNROE Builder Middle Road Falmouth TELEPHONE SP 4-5890 luhotographer Blix' f ll 71.5 I1 U5 f I 'rx 111 'your Glass Seniors pause al' 'l'l1e enlrance 'I'o The Wendell While S'l'udio E affer calling for fheir proofs. dll . Sludio 128 Free Street, Portlanei, Maine I2 FARRAR-BROWN COMPANY Dar+mou+I1 a+ Foresf Avenue PORTLAND. MAINE Larges+ S+ock of Au+omo+ive Paris and Accessories in Maine CompIimen+s of Cgmplimen-is FU LLER'S, INC. of HENRY H. GRANT AUTOMOTIVE WHOLESALERS D.M.D. Porfland, Maine KEMPTON'S SHELL Complimenfs SERVICE STATION of DEERING APPLIANCE CO Roufe I FaImou+I1, Me. WIESSKZTON AVE IO39 - SP 39485 SP 5-255: BEST WISHES TO FALMOUTH HIGH SENIORS From "Maine's Fas+es'r Growing FoocIpIan" FREEZERTREET OF MAINE, INC. Rou'I'e I Main Ave. FaImou+I'1 HaIIoweII "Happy Times" From Your BLACKSTRAP FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Harold Aaslzov Mr. and Mrs. Chester Abbott Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dana Archer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Babb Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Babbidge Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barnes A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bascom Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chaffee Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Chapin Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chase Mr. and Mrs. A. Christiansen Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Crummett Mr. and Mrs. John F. Davis Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Donagan Mrs. Helen Feeney A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Elmer I. Garsoe Mr. and Mrs. Carle B. Garten Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Garfon Mr. and Mrs. George H . Gehrs Mrs. Ethel Gowen Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Haley Mrs. William A. Haslrell Mrs. Harold S. Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Rodney James . Hervey Livermore . C. E. Martin . Guy Mason, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester McPhail Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norton Mr. and Mrs . Loring Norton Miss Marguerite Norton Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Parlrer James Pelton . William Pullis Dana Roberts Mr. and Mrs. W. Sanborn and Mrs Mr. . Cobie Smith Mr. and Mrs. Karen Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Patricia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Ashton Sawtelle Halsey Smith Franlr Smyth H. C. Springer Kenneth Thomes Thomes Warren Thurston Richard Tyler F. C. Wilson, Jr. Roland Wirths Woodbury SIMPSON'S Route U.S. No. I FALMOUTH, MAINE Famous Hamburgers "Served twice as fastg taste twice as good" ALBERT G. FROST CO. CHRIS CRAFT JOHNSON MOTORS BOATS-ENGINES-KITS-SEA SKIFFS All Types of Boais-New and Used Showroom U. S. Roufe I 4 Miles Souih of Porfland Office and Showroom 26 Foregi' Avenue FROST HARBOR RAYMOND, MAINE Complimen+S CompIimen+s of DAY'S of JEWELERS OPTICIANS 489 Congress Sfreei' Por+IancI, Maine CANAVAN DRUG "zo STORES TO SERVE You" MORSE, PAYSON AND NOYES I NSU RANC E Phone AAA ALA 24-Hn SP 3-I93o "-K 44' Service SP 4-4 9 1- H I-IAMILToN'S SERVICE 68 ""' XX BODY SHOP AND AUTO REFINISHING E S P I d M Two Way Radio Service 37 DafIf0f+h +-- OHS" - e- HAMILTON'S SERVICE STATION Phone: SP 3-6770 -ROAD SERVICE- Amoco Service-Lubricaiion-Igniiion Service 205 Park Ave. Por+IancI. Maine . I -. MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH AND ACCIDENT ASSN.-Omaha UNITED BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY-Omaha UNITED BENEFIT FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY-Omaha HOWARD A. PEARCE ASSOCIATES 4I5 Congress S+. PorI'IancI, Maine TeI. SP 4-263i Complimenfs of REVIEW ALGEBRA AND TRIG ls nj Phone: Spruce 29339 JALBERT'S SUNOCO SERVICE ARMAND L. JALBERT Congress and Quincy S+s. PORTLAND, MAINE PREBLE BARBER SHOP James V. Bruni Shoe Shining Parlor Connedeci 470 Congress S'Iree'I PORTLAND, MAINE Telephone SP 3-9303 A FRIEND , Complimenfs of S PORTLAND U.S. Rou+e I sos Foresi' Ave. FALMOUTH. MAINE PORTLAND, MAINE SP 2-286I SP 2-2862 Mr. and Mrs. "Good Luck" From l'l1e FOLKS AT WEST FALMOUTH Clarence Adams Miss Nancy E. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Waller B. Alkins Henry Alling Miss Susan Alling Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. Donald Ba+chelder Donald Beaumonl' R. G. Bofkin Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Buck Mr. and 'Mrs. Orin Collins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conanl' Miss Charlo'H'e Conanl' Ted Cossar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daggefl. Sr. Mary E. Dagger? and Freeman G. Cleaves Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Dobson Mrs. Jane Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Elliofl' Mr. and Mrs. William Fessenden Mr. and Mrs. James B. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Roland Garland Mr. and Mrs. Arl'hur L. Gales Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Graffam Mr. and Mrs. David Granl' A Friend Mrs. George Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Hawkes Nelson Hayes Ena Heikkinen Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Heinonen Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Hennings Mr. and Mrs. William G. Herrman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hill Thomas R. Holding, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roberfl Jackson Winfhrop Jackson R. F. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Keeley Mr. and Mrs. James Keeley Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kupelian Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. h Alexander La Fleur Norman Leach Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur Leighlon Mrs. Callie Leighlon Mr. Elmer J. Leighlon Miss Susan Leighlon Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. andMrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrg Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Leighlon Charles Lewis Ellon S. Li'H'le S. H. Maguire R. Marshall. Jr. John H. Mayo Evere'H' McKenney Frank R. MacLean Milfon J. Morse W. V. Nash Arlhur O'Brien Joseph Olmslead M. F. Perry Cecil Priesl' Merion E. Rawson Winsion Robbins L. E. Roghelia Daylon Serber Na+haniel S+ree+ J. W. Sfimson, Sr. H. P. Sweerser Mrs. Fred C. Talbof Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Tilheringlon Mrs. Norman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. True James Wakefield Philip G. Walls Percy F. Wesl B. N. Willey, Jr. B. N. Willey, Sr. EvereH' Wilson Frederic C. Wilson Willard Wilson Theron Woodsum Byron Wrighl' Sylvia Worsler and Cadel' R. J. Lizee Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Young Licensed 28 Years of Experience Insured C. L. SMITH'S TREE SERVICE Pruning-Spraying Feeding-Planfing-Removals Mosqui+o and Fly Confrol W. FALMOUTH SP.4-663I vAueHAN's v PHARMACY Be-S+ Wishes -xx ROGER N. VAUGHAN. Reg. Phar. 9 From YARMOUTH, MAINE Besi' Wishes From Ihe Co-an'riredises+ablishmenfarianismis'ricaIIy-inclined People and Their Professor in ENGLISH l0A2 RING'S GAS 8: APPLIANCE COMPANY BoHIed and Bulk Gas Wholesale and Re+aiI We Give S 8: H Green Sfamps VI 6-565I YARMOUTH I ' . WILLIAM H. SOULE CLUB "Happy Memories" From DOWN BY THE BRIDGE A Friend Mr. and Mrs. lclry Abramson Bruce and Marc Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Baldwin Barb and Ken Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Beal Mr. and Mrs. William H. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Brehaui Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brown Mr. and Mrs. Waller H. Chesney Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Chipman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Colwell Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Cram Mr. and Mrs. Churchill Cressey Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Crowell Mr. and Mrs. William H. Daley Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davie Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Dayis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Day Mr. and Mrs. Wal+er P. Deering Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DePe1'er Mr. Lee Dinsmore Mr. and Mrs. George Dorsey Capt and Mrs. Vernon Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. Eben Doughfy Mr. and Mrs. Roberi Dudley A Friend Arnold Eames Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ellis Doneen and Danny Feeney Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ficl:eH' Mr. and Mrs. John Flaherly Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Fosfer Mr. and Mrs. William Fox Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' L. Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Goddard Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Goodale A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Giordano Mrs. Wallace Goudy Mr. and Mrs. S'l'erling Gran? Mr. and Mrs. Herberl' H. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamlin Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Gardner T. Harold Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Herman Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. James E. Honan Mr. and Mrs. James Horlon Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hovey Harold Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Nafhan Hyman Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Clyde F. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Jordan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Keafing Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kerr Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Knighl' Mr. and Mrs. Chesier Knowles, Jr. Mrs. Anna Korda Mr. and Mrs. Carl Langhrige Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Lawyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Leach Bruce W. LePage Mr. and Mrs. William LePage Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lord Jill Lord Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Manchesler Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. William Marhes Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Ma'H'oon Mr. and Mrs. James H. McKnighl' Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Means Mr. and Mrs. James Mercer Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Miller Mr. and Mrs. Waller H. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Francis Morris Johnny Morris Mr. and Mrs. Waller Mushrow Miss Naylor and Miss Soulhwiclt Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noflage Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Noyes. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walker Noyes Mr. and Mrs. John O'Sullivan Larry Pendlelon Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pep ard Mr. and Mrs. Alberl J. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Felix E. Pinlros Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwin Pollard Prince Mr. and Mrs. William J. Proclor Neil, Cindy, Di Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Quinnam Mr. and Mrs. S. Orville Ridlon A Friend "Happy Memories Again" From DOWN BY THE BRIDGE Mr. and Mrs. George A. Robinson Mrs. T. L. Rochon Mr. and Mrs. William Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ruby Ll. and Mrs. E. A. Schmidl' Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Searway Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smi+h Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Spechl Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' S+ahI Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Slanfon Mr. and Mrs. Barry S'l'eele Dr. Theodore Sfevens Roland and Janice Sudds Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Tail' Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Taylor Mrs. Sfanley E. Thims Suzanne and David Thomas and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. . and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. Philip Tilcomb Richard Thompson Cliflon Turner Edward G. Venner Frank Walker . William J. Walfon Richard Warren George R. Wesiman . and Mrs. Horace E. While and Mrs. A. B. Wiley and Mrs. F. S Williams and Mrs. John Wilson and Mrs. R. P. Winchenbach and Mrs. Siephen Woodberry and Mrs. Franklin Wrighl' and Mrs. Richard York and Mrs. Noberi Young Za, 152 CRE ST vth-0J'.AAA11'A-041-D Wu, .cwwL.tfl.a.!- CUSTOM MADE SEAT COVERS FH' and Workmanship Guaranieed Selecr Your Own Maferial From Our Complefe Sfocks VynaIs-PIasI'ics-Nylons-Fibres CONVERTIBLE TOPS D. E. BARRA PorI'IancI, Maine Dial SP 3-692I 82 ELM STREET CompIimenI's of +he CUMBERLAND SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 56I Congress SI'ree'I PORTLAND PANORAMIC SCHOOL BUS BODIES Newesi' of I'he New! Safesi' Through and Through! HERCULES-CAMPBELL BODY CO. OF NEW ENGLAND. INC. TEL. SP 4.3003 R.F.o. 4, PORTLAND Falmouih Foreside, Maine U.S. RouI'e I MAZZY'S TEXACO Corner of Washingfon Ave. ancI Ba1'es S'I'. Porfland, Maine SI'arI'ers Repaired-Au'I'o Elecfric Service-Generaiors-Tires ai' Wholesale Prices Brakes and Road Service "Much Success" From Your FRIENDS AT DEPOT ROAD AND MILL Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs J. T. Boyd . J. S. Buhelr . Philip Burnham Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cail Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Capelluii Fredrick Clark Philip Corey Roberi' Co+e Paul Donovan Rober+ Faber Roscoe Farley Franklin Farmer Mr. and Mrs. K. Fredriksen Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Fredriksen The Guinards Mrs. Graffam Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Harold Hinds George Hyde Ronald Hynes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Iverson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Joy Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. H. Kingsbury Paul G. Klo+h CREEK Mr. and Mrs. George Long Mr. and Mrs. R. LongboH'om Mr. and Mrs. John Malzard Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elwin MarcoHe Leo J. May F. O'Coi1nell Marlin O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. R. Pe'Hengill Mr. and Mrs. George Pew Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rich Carl Russell Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Shaw A Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Skillin Mrs. Florence Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Skillin Norman Smi+h Roberr Smilh Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Soule Mr. and Mrs. Charles Teeney Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Valeriani Carroll Vining R. Willerson Roger Williams Lloyd Whire asia 1 Wv YYY ii . k + Yi- LL sq - - V . L l r F . Hi WALLACE SUPER SERVICE AAA AIIen's Corner ALA PHONE SP 3-9348 Repairs Mobilgas Accessories s. D. WARREN co. C0mP'imen+S of Makers of EINE PRINTING PAPERS QFFICE SUPPLY CQ. Since '354 "THE BUSlNESSMAN'S Wesfbrook and Gardiner, Maine DEpAR-I-MENT STQREH Muskegon, Michigan MW 5 3 PINE STATE 4 4 LOAN 81 BUILDING ASSOCIATION 0 3' "'A'5Y9"' Porfland, Maine HOME FINANCING-Thai +akes you s+eadiIy +o deb?-free ownership and permi+s you fo buy primarily from currenf income. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS-Thai' encourage +hriH by paymeni' of liberal earnings while safeguarding your money. Tel. SP 4-8308 PERRIN'S PORTLAND UPHOLSTERING CO. Co' 88 Oak S+., Porfland. Maine UPHOLSTERY DRAPES I85-l9I Commercial S+. SUPCOVERS SP 3.0243 WaI'l'er C. Perrin Tel. SP 2-039I 1' Q09 A re ssf "i1 i5i A ,,,, .ff. x commercial prin ting letterpress -- 0 set Tel. SPruce 3-952 I Rou're 4, Box 385 PORTLAND, MAINE Complimenfs Complimenls of of SMITH ROOFING 3l0 Main S+ree+ DR. AND MRS. SOUTH PORTLAND ARTHUR B. WOODMAN JACKSON'S GARAGE STEWART A. JACKSON. Prop. General Repairing R.F.D. 6 Telephone SP 4-6283 PORTLAND. MAINE Middle Road Falmouih Complimenis of THE PLANE GEOMETRY CLASS "Congra+ula+ions fo fhe Class of '58" From Your MIDDLE ROAD AND LUNT ROAD FRIENDS Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Norman Afwafer R Baile Sr . . y, . Mr. and Mrs. Alberf G. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. A Friend Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs Woodbury Blackwell C. E. Blake E. Bullock, Jr. Ralph Bonville Linwood Carlisle . W. H. Charles, Jr. John P. Davin Harold Dudley E. Dunnell, Sr. Pefer Dyhrberg E. Fabricius L. Ferguson Richard Forfune Roberf M. Foss Harold French D Norman Hodgdon . Gordon Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Garfield lngraham Mr. and Mrs. Erald Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knighf Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Richard Knighf . Archibald Knowles William Knowles Mr. Frederick Kosiba Mr. and Mrs. John C. Larsen A Friend Lynda Lewis Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lund Vincenf Mangion Mr. and Mrs. John Marks, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Herberf B. Marshall Charles McCafherin Donald McCubrey Roberf McKenney Mr. and Mrs. Merl Moulfon Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. Cardwell Olsen Dr. and Mrs. Alvin O'H'um Mr. and Mrs. M. Peachwall Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. . H. Pellefier Arne Pefersen Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Pofenzo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pofenzo Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Byron Pride A. N. Robb Roland Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Roland Shiers Mr. and Mrs. Chrisfian Smifh Mr. and Mrs Alfred B. Sparrow Mr. and Mrs. . Roberf Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Taylor Mrs. Vivian Teague Rev. and Mrs. D. D. Thogerson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . William Young Mr. and Mrs Donald P. Tupper Cecil Wallace J. Wallace, Jr. Earl Whife Lawrence Whife PETER'S LUNCH ioav FOREST AVENUE Serves Breakfasf-Dinner-Supper 5 A.M. TO 7 P.M. ANONYMOUS SHOPPERS SELF-SERVICE HARDWARE NorI'h Gaia Shopping Cenier PORTLAND. MAINE Tel. SP. 4-076I Complimenis of ST. REGIS HOTEL 'Where You Can Buy Your Besi Pizza Pies in Maine" FOREST D. WATKINS FURNISHINGS AND FOOTWEAR II85 Foresi' Avenue PORTLAND. MAINE Dial SP 2-I323 Complimenfs of WOODFCRDS SANDWICH SHOP New EngIancI's Largesi' Pizza Bakers Tel. SP 2-9440 SP 5-066I 539 DEERING AVE. PORTLAND, MAINE CANDY HAVEN U. S. Rou+e I, FaImou+h CRESSEY 81 ALLEN Music Shopping Cenier RECORDS-SHEET MUSIC HI-FI MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 92 Oak SI'reeI' -'QPEN ALL YEAR" Porfland, Maine Spruce 3-8I3I A. RUSSO M. E. HODGKINS ITALIAN a SONS AND , , AMERICAN GROCERIES Pamhng and Famous II'aIian Sandwiches Infefiof Decofafing "You HAVE men ALL THE REST: Tel. VA 9-38I6 NOW TRY THE BEST" I3 Washingfon Ave. SP. 2-9386 DANISH PASTRY AAGE C. ANDERSON BAKERY 54 Veranda Sfreei' PorI'Iand Maine A FRIEND Por+Iand's Leading Shoe Service Shop MAINE'S LEADING SPORTING GOODS STORE FINKS BRQS. A+hIe+ic Supplies sl-:oe REPMRING COMPANY JAMES BAILEY MEN'S SHOES CO.. INC. Shoemalcers 'For Gene a+'ons . Esiablished I89d I Sporhng Goods 245 Middle SIree'I', Poriland, Me. PORTLAND MAINE MORRILL'S Complimenfs of ROBERT C. KNOWLTON D.D.S. 8I3 Main Sfreef WESTBROOK. MAINE COAL AND GRAIN CO Coal, Grain, Fer+iIizer Seeds General Farm Supplies MORRILL'S CORNER PORTLAND. MAINE OAKHURST DAIRY 364 Foresi' Avenue Poriland. Maine Complimenfs of PINE GROVE Marker and Service SI'aI'ion FORESIDE ROAD YORK ELECTRICAL CO. Engineering Cons+ruc+ion Supplies 222 Middle Sfreef PORTLAND 3, MAINE SP 2-4757 SP 4-2888 PORTLAND LUMBER 849 Foresi' Avenue SP 2-6597 S. 8: C. STORES - II90 Foresi' Avenue ComplImen+s PORTLAND, MAINE of SHETTLEWORTH'S Freeporl A. B. C. Soufh Porfland, Me. THE GRAY THRIFT sHoP CLEANERS IMUNJOCTTISEITE STORE Cumbemd Mills 223 Congress Poi'+Iand, Me. W9STbf00k UI- 4-456' Always More for Your Money DODGE CLOTHES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 482 Congress S+ree'I' PORTLAND CompIimen+s of DR. DAVID S. MILLER CHESTER L. JORDAN 8: CO. Compleie Insurance Pro+ec+ion 'For IndusI'ry and Individuals Dial SP 3-6484 22 MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND, MAINE Complimenrs of NELSON 8: SMALL, INC. PORTLAND. ME. ORONO, ME. "CongraluIa+ions, Gradua+es," From Your CASCO TERRACE FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Waller S. Auslin Dr. and Mrs. Robinson Bidwell Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bowen The Bradford Family Dr. and Mrs. Boyd B. Bu'H'on Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Cloonan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craven Mr. and Mrs. Donald Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Liph Dusenbury Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Edwards James and Roberl' Foley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foley, Sr. Thomas and Paul Foley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gelchell Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Greaney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Halch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hirvela Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Herberl' Kinsman Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Knudsen Dean and Mrs. Everefl' Lord Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. McGee Mr. J. J. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Walfer C. Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Herberr Ranger Mrs. Ann Rosenbloom Mr. and Mrs. William Sefron Mr. and Mrs. John SI'roud Kelso SuH'on Mr. and Mrs. Dana S. Tinel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Young PORTLAND TELEPHONE VINCENT B. MANGION Masler Label Ins+aIla'I'ions Field Engineer R.F.D. 9954 American Lighrning Rod Co. Po,-1-land. Maine "Sincere Good Wishes" From MADOKAWANDO LANDING Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brix Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brown. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Clough Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur C. Corey Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hamilfon Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horr Mrs. M. J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Barre'H C. Nichols Mrs. Edifh M. Pond Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Poole Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Schroerel Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Siroud Mr. and Mrs. C. Brenfon Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Ernesi While Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilson 'VIIVFE FLIES, KIDS N vouu. EE I-IEME SCJQDN so HAVE FUN! CLASS 'bin Q: '1 L wr v x . 14k .i- n ' ' r f -g, 1. 1, :.g1,.L,, ,2g .. ,.'.fieL mllisa r , V .f'..1....,., , N.: M a k 1' E gli! ,Qs my if in IE' 'G EU' XLI1, iii? r 4 A' 1, PV' jimi I Yi? ' ' I c , fi .Lil A " 'gh sgu '1 fi NLLLMOTHAS ff eo. ,y A uvmndnmnnosaau 'JM r T v +1 M WSSQFQS lim nu hm ,:,,:,. ,. -N' 1 '-' LIE lb: ,,f ,' .-1, ,. A., . .Y y-Q X A 3. ' 1" r--:Aw X." A , . 4,,h ' ., ,I , I .4 ? , .1 .f-,"f, . L3 . J- ,fy - Z.. ."9':"'f1 - " " -.3'?'P:-tf',L,'1-':"' ,Q-,. ,Ag-' -4 E'f.f1f'j'g:L.',?s' J , f rn . . 1, Bly- ' ' R449 , ' fgj5qg5?!'ATQy' -,uv-L ,I vi-I A Y,,. AK :Q .,A35?xMR,??, t. tr A! - , . - ' LJQ,-ffg'a,f-Q -IQ, ' 'pw' ' Ni 45 fs. v ' 1 ' rf - '-V ' , WWI 'X ' A '. 99' '4 . 4" ,.. , I 'gv' M JE! f ,Q ,411 N -, - - ..' r 4 ,Q ,.? Qf Q ' "-'fair fz , , 3 YJ. iv 5 f sf . x . A , ' R Q' Q X ,, . , . . 3 an '4' :I .h .J .. 4 1 'A L I .V Q 5 ' . " .s . '-'W - 1 1 , Q Tw, r Q- . -y f' N "1 X N. . I ei 5 I - -'Q I I ,,4f.4'Snlf',ig:3' Lat. V .. V Q 1 f... 2.1 Q35 VW ' ' 9 3 W' -u.J"5-, , . M is - f Ns.. 145, 1" ' V ,-. , Qu., ' 6' .py."'fu"1 '.. A . X - I - ' H -+ , ,A ,v . , . f' . " ,. ,..-D+' ,-13" ' l N " -' s,,... - .mf . ' v . - . - - . . b . N K 1 f , A, ,l IU. -1,5 Jip5x?.,, V 11 -- -O I WY 4- X Q. iff- , . L, ' ' 'uf' . I ' 'Nw 'arg - gnu - ' . :K ' 4' . av , "' ,.. 'K ' .1 ' P ' , , 'Hr 'R Q ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' , ' . ,F '- f 911' ' ' - - ' " '-'JFK ff m, 4 W" ' f I . ,, M ,.-'- 'f , , 'ff' li- ' 'f R ' 4, rig , A ., 15 .3, 051 if W WI, yztxf we ,t fr, 4 lp-,A ww - 'W -. --'- -' -: R .A - A ".fL. -1, .- 'im fx :QP J- 0-. We .H-if 1 -. f 4 ,.- Q 2-.V Q, 5 1 f-1 I , f ' 0 2- ,. " , . ' Q' if 'mpg ' ' 'f' 'Q' f . , n i 1 A --.4 "' 'lb' L A gg, . ,f A , 4 als? WJ af X, .1 no - -ww... .. ,Q ,jx .. .,f 1 5 . ,, J ,Q V...,v, ,i

Suggestions in the Falmouth High School - Crest Yearbook (Falmouth, ME) collection:

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