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»RNED CL I P P E R COMP B ® HI □ 0 0 0 E 0 0 0 [I Sox, Drugs And Rock Roll A Selective Look At Some Of The Noteworthy, And Not-So-Noteworthy, News Items Of 1986-1987 July 14th Fullerton, CA As Mick Jagger put it, " It ' s only rock and roll, " and now a study of the impact of rock lyrics on teens has reached the same conclu- sion. Sociologist Lorraine Prinsky and assistant professor of crimi- nology Jill Rosenbaum of Califor- nia State University at Fullerton surveyed 266 junior high and high- school students with a 40-page questionaire. In one part, the kids were asked to name their three favorite songs and describe what they were about. Of 622 songs cited, only 7 percent were per- cieved to be about sex, vio- lence, drugs, or satanism. Twen- ty-six percent were said to be about love. And the students couldn ' t even say what 37 per- cent of the songs were about- they just liked them because of the melody or the beat. " One of the conclusions we came to is that parents are hearing more so- phisticated themes in songs than their children are capable of un- derstanding, " said Prinsky. The Parents Music Resource Center, which spurred Capitol Hill hearings last September on the issue of obscene rock lyrics, is still waiting to see the study. But Tip- per Gore, wife of Senator Albert Gore and founder of the PMRC, was skeptical. " If they hear a song on the radio 12 or 26 times, " she said, " it doesn ' t make com- mon sense to me that they have no idea what the song is saying. " Prinsky, however, maintains that the study shows that " as far as brainwashing kids for corrupting them, music is a minor factor, if any. " - Newsweek. 14th Manhattan Checkbooks ready? Big wed- dings are back! Manhattan wed- ding planner Marcy Blum, who charges a minimum of $1,000 for 20 hours of work, arranges wed- dings in the $10,000 to $35,000 range. " If someone tells me they have $8,000 to spend, " she says, " I tell them to go on a picnic. " - Time. 3 21st Boston August And so went the fairytale wed- ding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. - Time After being informed he had not been selected for the All-Star team, Dennis, Oil Can, Boyd of the Boston Red-Sox, threw a tantrum. For not showing up for a game the next night, Boyd recieved a $6,450 fine and a three day suspension. -Sports Illustrated. 4th London A great fanfare of trumpets arises from Westminster Abbey, and the stirring chords of Elgar resound through the vaulted nave. Then a hush. Through the breath-held still- ness, two voices ring out. " I will. " ' ' I will. " 22nd Falmouth Getting ready to switch on new sewer -Falmouth Enterprise 4 September For over seven years our society has been faced with a major epi- demic. The Aquired Immune Defi- ciency Syndrome, or AIDS,- named for the progressive loss of immune function in its victims- has sickened or killed thousands of people in the United State. In a world where the great medi- cal advances in medical science and technology, over the past few decades, have made physicians confident that the infectious dis- eases of mankind were both cur- able and largely under control, AIDS is causing the panic and confusion that we associate with days gone by. The AIDS disease slowly takes over the bodies ' immune system, eventually leaving its victim with no defense against even the common cold. The cause of this disfunction is still unknown. From the recent collected data, the virus appears to directly attack the immune cells, and is transmitted by blood, secretions, and sexual contact. The group most severely affected by the disease is male homosexuals. For these men, along with the fear of the disease itself, is the knowl- edge that their lifestyle is or could become the cause of their death. Although the impact of this fact has caused some homosexual men to re-evaluate and change their social and sexual behavior, others find such modification difficult if not impossible. The tragedy of AIDS extends be- yond its original victims. The epi- demic has aroused legitimate con- 5 6 cern for their own safety among health-care personnel who work daily with the blood and secretions of AIDS patients; and to the boy- friends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and children of people who come in contact with the disease. AIDS is a rapidly growing disease. It ' s spreading like branches on a tree. There is no known way to stop the disease, only ways to slow its occurance. Public information is one way. The people must be aware of the many ways to help prevent this terrible disease and the precautions they can take. Hopefully there will be a cure for this crippling epidemic within the next ten years. All we can do now is hope, and help those af- fected by it. - Time, Newsweek 8th Cambridge Happy Birthday - Harvard, Ameri- ca ' s first college, no longer just a preppy spa, turns 350. - Newsweek 15th F.H.S. Parents get word on drug abuse in meeting with school officials. - Falmouth Enterprise 15th Moscow October 6th Bangor latest novel, IT, which was released this fall. - Newsweek. 27 th Rejkjavik In a risky game of tit for tat, the KGB imprisons American newsman Nicholas Daniloff. -Newsweek Stephen King, " The Master of Pop Dread”, at 39, seems to be the country ' s best know writer. With sales of more than 60 million copies, his 20-odd books and a dozen films have earned over $20 million, in- cluding a $3 million advance for his Early Sunday evening Ronald Rea- gan and Mikhail Gorbachev emerged from Hofdi House, a snug white mansion overlooking Reykja- vik Bay. They had just concluded nearly four hours of unscheduled, stop-the-clock negotiations, but 7 there were no thumbs up. The two leaders exchanged a few unsmiling words beside Reagan ' s limousine. They clasped hands briefly. The president shook his head and looked away from Gorbachev, dis- appointment written on his face. Reagan settled into his car and was driven away. Gorbachev waved solemnly and watched him go. And so the impromptu Iceland summit ended in a frustrating stale- mate. As both sides told it, the " pre- paratory " summit meeting very nearly produced an across-the- board agreement on arms control. However, both sides refused to budge on Star Wars. The result: a blow to superpower relations and no date for a new summit. - Newsweek. 26th New York Mets rally in 10th to force 7th game of World Series. Red Sox blow 5-3 lead. - Cape Cod Times November 17th Washington Unknown to most Americans until now, some individuals and govern- ment officials acting on behalf of the U.S. government had previously arrainged with Iran an exchange of $60 million worth of weapons for the release of Americans kidnapped in 8 Lebanon. Among allegations circu- lating in Washington are that the funds from the arms sale were di- verted to support the Nicaraguan rebels and that possibly the whole affair was carried out with the im- plied approval of President Reagan. Just exactly what the roll of the President and other high level offi- cials was in this affair remains to be seen. In any event these allegations are likely to be only the beginning of a lengthy investigation. Newsweek. 28 th Hyannis The unpredictable magic of the Barnstable-Falmouth rivalry rubbed off on the field yesterday. As a re- sult, the Selectman ' s Trophy re- turned to Falmouth after a seven year absence. Senior Daryl Frye, all 5-foot-7, 160 pounds of him, broke free for touch- down runs of 83 and 20 yards to spark Falmouth to a rugged 16-9 victory over Barnstable in the 98th renewal of the Thanksgiving rivalry. The win was a major step for the first year Clipper coach Ed Winslow in his attempt to rebuild Falmouth ' s sagging football fortunes. The Clip- pers end the season with a 3-6-1 record, 2-2 in the SMC East. " We played well, we executed and we made few mistakes, " said Falmouth coach Ed Winslow. " Our front line blocked very well. " Frye electrified the 6,500 sun- drenched spectators at Leo Shields Memorial Field when he broke free on a pitch to the right side and sprinted 83 yards for a TD on the game ' s first play from scrimage. 9 That sent Falmouth into a quick 7-0 lead, and on it ' s way to a 46-43-9 series lead. The Raiders drove right back after Frye ' s run, moving from its 38 to the Falmouth 1 in four plays. Then a mishandled handoff, a bad pitch out and an incomplete pass later, Barnstable kicked a 22-yard field goal to cut the lead to 7-3 with only three minutes played. After Barnstable ' s score, Falmouth went on a 76-yard, 13-play drive that lasted seven minutes and five seconds. The impressive march con- cluded with Frye ' s second touch- down 11 seconds into the second quarter. Outside of Frye ' s TD, the biggest play in the march was a third-and-5 screen pass from quarterback Mark Rozum to Sean Casey, who turned what looked like a yardage loser into a 10-yard pickup and a first down at the Raiders ' 24. On third and 9 at the 23, Frye took a pitchout around the right side, cut back up the middle and roared into the end-zone. Jim Bagg missed his extra point try, but Falmouth ' s 13-3 lead defnitely quieted the Barnsta- ble fans. Falmouth ' s Jason Colbert recov- ered a Barnstable fumble at the Raider 45, and on the next series Falmouth drove to the 6, but full- back Jordan Geist was stuffed on third and fourth down-and-1 plunges. After a Barnstable 3rd quarter score and missed extra point at- tempt, Falmouth ' s Marc Warner re- turned Dan Connoly ' s kickoff to the Barnstable 34. Falmouth moved to the 5 before the Raider ' s defense stiffened and the Clipper ' s settled for a 22-yard field goal from Bagg and a 16-9 lead. That would be the end of the scoring, as Barnstable ' s fourth quar- ter hopes died in an avalanche of dropped passes and a stubborn Clipper defense. " Our defense played very well in the second half, " said Winslow, we just couldn ' t put it in the end zone. " Because of his clubs defense and the first-half work of Frye, Winslow needn ' t have worried. When the fi- nal gun sounded, Falmouth owned the turf. - Russ Charpentier, Cape Cod Times January 24th Cummings, Ga. Todays 1V4 mile march through Forsyth County by 25,000 people in support of civil rights was one of the largest demonstrations of this kind in the U.S. since the 1960 ' s. - Cape Cod Times 26 th Cape Cod A near-blizzard dumped as much as 15 " of snow on the Cape, with drifts as high as 3-4 ' in some areas. The storm, which some described as the worst in at least 30 years, was crippling enough to close schools for 2 days. 26 th Falmouth Hgts. No tomorrow for Yesterdays. The board of appeals has approved the demolition of Yesterdays, formerly The Brothers Four, in Falmouth Heights to make way for 41 multi- family dwellings - condos. - Cape Cod Times February F.H.S. This school year 1986-87 can al- ways be remembered as a year dealing with the problems of drug abuse, in school, locally, and nation- ally. All FHS students can remember answering a barrage of questions like, " do you take cocaine or use alcohol and marijuana? " , on the sur- vey issued by Falmouth Drug And Alcohol Task Force. The results of this poll showed only too obviously that some students do have a problem with drugs. Then, late in October there was the shocking news of Ted McGuire. News of the 1985 graduate of FHS dying of alcohol poisoning in his Yale dorm room was hard to accept. Mrs. McGuire, however, withstood the great loss and became a great force in the community, with a clear message that, " alcohol is a drug that can kill, " in hopes of preventing more mistakes because of naivety. Mrs. McGuire said that the preven- tion of further deaths from alcohol poisoning has to be a community effort. " The parents, teachers, com- munity members, and student lead- ers all have to become involved. In particular, the alcohol problem is more common with boys. Boys do a lot of binge drinking, while paricipat- ing in dangerous drinking games, " she said. Mrs. McGuire spoke to FHS faculty members about the need for teachers to become more involved in the crusade against alcohol abuse among students. " I have a message to get across, and I ' m do- ing it for Ted, " said Mrs. McGuire. Jill Goslee wrote an article for the stu- dent newspaper about the impor- tant points Mrs. McGuire gave when talking to the teachers. She said that she had seen literature that stu- dents receive in health class, and it does not stress the dangers of " binge drinking. " It does warn of mixing alcohol with drugs or driving but says little concerning the prob- 13 lem of chugging alcohol alone. Mrs. McGuire stated that in her opinion the student leaders are the kids who are the most vulnerable to drinking too much alcohol. She said that these kids are under great stress to perform well, whether on tests or in sports. In her remarks to the teach- ers, Mrs. McGuire asked, " How can we make alcohol seem uncool to students?” and answered, " We have to reach the real leaders - our student athaletes to make this hap- pen. My husband and I are commit- ted to saving other lives. We are doing it for Ted and we are asking 14 for your help. " A Drug and Alcohol Program was held for the FHS winter athletes where once again Mr. and Mrs. McGuire spoke along with Falmouth Police Chief Paulino Rodriques. " I ' m the last person you want to run into, " Chief Rodriques told the ath- letes. " You kids have to realize, however, that everyone is here to help you. You students, " he contin- ; ued, " do not have any right to alco- holic beverages, period. And I ' m going to try as hard as I can to pre- vent you from buying alcohol. " Even in sociology the problems of alcoholism were addressed by guest speaker Jack Demello, the newely elected Barnstable County Sherriff. When speaking to Mrs. Courtney ' s class he said that all al- coholics are sick because alcohol- ism is a disease, " but it is the sober alcoholic who must realize and face his or her problem with alcohol. " Mr. Demello said that alcoholism is a progressive disease, this means that as an alcoholic gets older, the prob- lem worsens. He encouraged stu- dents to go into an alcoholism clinic if they or someone they know has a drug or alcohol problem. " Guilt en- ergizes; shame paralysis, " he said, urging students to take action to help an alcoholic. Mrs. Courtney took an in-class survey on the num- ber of students who drink alcohol. Only five out of twenty-two (less than 23%) students said that they do not drink. According to the sur- vey, almost all of the students who drink on weekends do not drink on week days. The variety and amount of alcohol consumed ranges from a six-pack of beer or a four-pack of wine coolers to a pint of Jack Dan- iels whiskey or three-quarters of a bottle of vodka. 15 In the school newspaper, The Stu- dent Intelligencer, there was an av- erage of almost an article a week on the subject of drugs, ranging from " Alternatives Needed For Weekend Activities ' ' to " As Abuse Problem Becomes Clearer, Preven- tative Measures Increase. ' ' The first article mentioned, dealt with why teenagers reverted to alcohol for " weekend fun”. " Is it because there are not many alternatives, or are we just not looking?” In the article, writer Lorrie Coronella discusses, " What else is there to do? Most of us are tired of the movies scene week- teams to refrain from alcohol use. Weekend parties do not aid in this commitment. Each year the prob- lem of alcohol use increases among youth. Kids have to realize that the consumption of alcohol is not re- quired. I hope that, with the recent death of Ted McGuire, kids have re- considered their definition of a " good time”. I realize the voices of kids often go unheard, but the fac- ulty is with us in the effort to create alternatives for weekend activities. " In an article in Septembers Time Magazine The topic is the problem ure sulks in an alley and holds an odd contraption to his mouth. The voice- over cites statistics on the use of something called " crack " , speaks of billions spent this year alone on illegal drugs, of the alarming rise of this, the terrifying appearance of that. Green fields in Columbia. Boliv- ia. John Belushi. Len Bias. Not the world of Ozzie and Harriet but the world alongside it. A small world within a world where the pop- ulation looks either sinister or dead, and the language is jazz or chemis- try. " Set me straight, man” " Got any splim? red? strawberry? I got 16 end after weekend. This is not only a great concern of parents, faculty and coaches, but also a concern of many students. It is true that we need alternatives for weekend ac- tivity, but the community can not do it alone. Not only is the help of kids needed to create the new ac- tivities, but their effort to participate in them is needed as well. Along with a new athletic season comes the responsibility of athletes to their of drug abuse on a national level. It reveals drug abuse as the worst problem in the nation and calls it “The Enemy Within; A nation wres- tles with the dark recesses of it ' s soul. " Other wordly pictures on TV: policemen stand before a table dis- playing sacks of white powder. A teenage mother sits with the back of her head to the camera and dis- cusses her heroin addiction and vows to lick this scourge. A gray fig- the rams man. Don ' t give me no rooster brand. " Officials warn of fentenyl and phenyllalkylamines. It is all arcane. It and dreams, freedom and addiction. The drug addict holds a peculiar place in society, not unlike the AIDS victim; the impulse to shun collides with the impulse to em- brace. If the addict happens to be your collegue or your daughter, the confusion doubles; there are no im- poverished minorities to pity or j J blame. For thousands of years, peo- ' pie have smoked, snorted, injected their way between paradise and , s self-murder, while the outer world ! has watched, scolded, legislated, not legislated, with barely the slight- est comprehension of the act. And ' how can this be happening in Ameri- ca? Designating drugs crisis now, the nation tears its hair in public, calls out the Air Force, the border patrols, the Republicans, the Deme- crats. " War! ' ' cries the city mayors. Is it that drugs are the enemy in which all other national enemies may be incorporated: sneak at- the house. Yet the war is urgent and necessary. Suddenly the whole sys- tem feels poisoned by a world in which millions of one ' s countrymen eagerly dream themselves to death. " Drug and alcohol abuse, it ' s ef- fects and awareness has certainly been a major issue of our lives this senior year. Hopefully, every mem- ber of the Class of 1987 will survive, be successful and twenty years from now thumb through this year- book and remember the way it was.- Compiled From The Student Intelligencer and from Time i tacks by foreign powers, illegal im- Magazine. migration, poverty, violence, street crime, the lassitude of youth, unem- ployment, materialism, irresponsibil- ity- the work place? If that ' s the case, then drugs may be confused with any of these enemies. The war that is being called for is a civil war, to be fought in the school yard or kitchen, in which the casulties may range from a thug in Miami to the dearest of civil liberties; a wild war in 17 We would like to dedicate our yearbook to a special person who has helped the class of 1987 to bond together in common goals, to find success and to share friend- ship. This dedication is to Mrs. Terri Medeiros, our loyal adviser. We have been touched by her guidance and concern in all of our endeavors and by the time and effort she has invested in our class. Four years ago we came to the high school, unsure in our new environment. At the same time, Mrs. Medeiros experienced a similar transition in her first year teaching at the high school. She adopted our class and we grew close through our situation. in this relationship with Mrs. Medeiros we have found her to possess many admirable qualities such as her good nature and hu- mor. Who could forget when she dressed up as an oversized strawberry for the freshmen class show? Mrs. Medeiros went beyond the title of adviser to become something more important to us; whenever we lacked spirit she was there to encourage us and to in- spire us with her own enthusiasm, or to smile with us or to just listen. And of course she was always around to give us the latest . . . ' news ' . However we know Mrs. Medeiros and whatever we remember about her, one constant will be her warm feelings toward the class of 1987 — and ours toward her. As we leave FHS behind we will hold these days and remember these times we have spent together with Mrs. Medeiros, our adviser, our " foster mother " and special friend. Thank you. Love , the class of 1987 Mrs. Terri Arm Mediros 18 Class Officers; Jen Edmund, Tim King, Mrs. Mediros Advisor, Jason Basmajian. JEFFREY S. ADAMS Summer of 86. Thrash, AH THE TUBE, Brewski Turbo Whip, Cottage, Footin ' , TRC, Com- petitor, Jen 8c Lisa, Debbie 8c Teri call me, Lloydy, Plaza Shell, Plym- outh in 20 minutes., Wipe Sam Turner, Thrash North Adams, dry- ness, New years eve party awe- some, J 8c M, J 8c L, B 8c K, L S 4ever, Thanks to John L. Brian R. Bri- an T. Mike D. Jeff R. Lloyd Mark Lori Shanti Meridith Kelley and most of all Mom 8c Dad: Well it ' s been real. Good Luck to the class of 87 and to Lloyd and Lori: Off to North Adams. DONNA M. ALEXANDER Thank You Mom 8c Dad! Do Lollipops really do it better? " Bobby " Gumby URGLE SHLOP AND SHNOOK ENDIRK TEX- ACO and rain WHITE PANTS AND EVERYTHING 24 12+12=13! B-Ball w Sharron -24-83 DWK Linda-1 Will never wear the jacket! “THE CALENDAR " (always 22) Jokes? Marc ey? Is it a screwdriver? B, M, 8c G-you all have been great-thanks! GREAT FRIENDS: ML TD SG NG JM LD JC, Christmas came early this year saints 8c sinners CH DH remember acc, 8c " ROSA " Thanks JH JC 8c TE- JEFFREY ADAMS I Love You Babie! Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2 Bas- ketball 2 The End Is Here! Keep In touch J.P.. A.P.. JD, AM, JM, SS. PM, •Sept‘28. 1985! Prom 86-87 BYUP! Never get lost in Boston I! Summer 86 Cruzin in the THING! ‘Yacht club Harbor Heights Beach with Jill SHMLOCK! Party with JP 8c JD! EGG! Thanks Mom, Dad Sis! I love you! See ya in 4 years Jill! Good Luck Everyone! Good-bye F.H.S.MI PHADRE SADIE ALVIN They Say These Are The Best Of Times HA! THE BEST ARE YET TO COME! JEN. Sniff ANKIES. DENNY, MM, 2-days, Tom C? LIANNA YOU MADE THE PARTY!, Bruce, Lasagna Gonna Miss DCTMSRK? JELFEZDZET MSMASNPSNR JGDBCFRR JTBKHTTFT JRGSMPBDRBJAM MSL Mindie you gweeb! Love Ya! Pass What pass? ’Erica D. THANKS for being w me for all those ruf times! GOD! There Low Not Now Hey To All Those I Missed Sorry I Love Ya! ' Morn 8c Dad THANKS for putting up with me I LORI A. ADAMS Mickey Mouse 3 12 23 27 29 31 California bound 84 8c back 4 me in 85 may- be someday commet May 2 " heaven " onyx opal everlasting prom 86 buck 30 flat space Kira 8c Sharron 8c Sean ‘Kicked from lib Bobbi-Jo K+ ' little man Shanti ‘take care of L. Adams miss U in college Jeff Trans ' Am LUVN ' IT = never 4 get thanx Mom 4 changin honey b Lane grand theft pumpkin " the Dream Team " Jamesy 8c Spike ‘pool 4ever New Years 87 strap on a set I Love U John, DAVID N. ANDERSON " 87 " Band, Perc. Capt Baseball winter track yearbook. See Ya Jim. Echo " 87 " Thanx Joanne, I ' m glad we ' re still friends. Good luck love ya. RUSH, Murph, Good luck. See you around Mr Simpson Thanx 4 YOUR help! UNC-Wilmington-bound! Good By, Remember the parties w Crash, Al- len, Bruce + Davey P. Good luck to the Bud Rats! GONNA have fun in Montreal x-Change " 87 " Well Dave I finally made it. Friends 4 ever. Good luck to my friends JCAMJSTM JJPCJBSP TPEPLFTCE KATE ALDINGER Kate 8c Mel: Ver- mont " 86 " Friends: MSCBDBM PLFJEJNT BGR RAJS ' DEATHRIDES Sl- BERIA ' MMA NEZ " OH But You Think " stupid Bets with Mark: ISABEL I ' LL MISS YOU (SPECIAL FRIEND) FRANK! ACROSS MANY BORDERS AND THEN WE GREW FLOWERS THE . BOAT LUV YA T 8c DAVE: Thanx Mr 8c Mrs B Tryin to fit in my pen cap Winny Blue Fluff Georgio Punch parties Duck = Dude get out the boots The super Fly FAAP Ride to 96 the ultimate test! " Your so stupid its not butter " DEBRA A ANDERSON (Debbie) Dan- ny I Love You Keep Smilin Am CAPE COD BMX 84 85 friends forever PG KS With you all the way CS DM Rico, I will never forget my last day. Da- vid don ' t lose touch. August 1986 tree. House B with CC. Thanks Mom 8c Dad. Be good Chuckie. Paul keep up the good work, bring home those trophies. Good luck you will make it Andy. Farewell class of 87! Good luck Todd, Jason, Craig US AIRFORCE 1 Thank you Mr. Gilbert for the soda. 20 JODI M. ANDERSON Skippy. Crysia, Natasha, Lisa, Jordan " if you think you are beaten you are, its all a state of mind " Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow still a promise, so don ' t follow where the path leads go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. How old would you be if you didn ' t know how old you were? The lifestyle we lead would be hard for Mickey Mouse to maintain. MOM, think about the days of me you against the world, I luv u. LAURA AUGER PEP SQD 3 WC 4 LOWA BALT ' 84 + FRED ' CHELLE UR THE BEST KEEP IN TOUCH KELLY-JEL- LY-BEAN RBLTS4U WE MADE IT RE- MEMBER TH-YUK-PH-yum HEY PAN- DY-HOSEBG J-BON JEAGAN ME + LEE-buddy ED jr. 37 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE LOVR YOU ALWAYS ' 83- HEY JOSE- MENUDO-MAN IT ' S BEEN GREAT ML KSLA MM Bl JB JS PD + MANY MORE ICAN FLY HIGHER THAN AN EAGLE WITH YOU AS THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (gk) GOOD LUCK CARRY ON MA TT + DAN I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD + ANN GERONIMO! PAUL F. ANDERSON CAPE COD BMX, State champ 1986 Bikes-n-more Skyway. Best friends MF. BB. MB, AS, JC, MG. KEEP in touch. Summer Camp 84, 85, Edaville, Louis Hang- ing ten, thump. The Life is on, NO you can ' t Boogie. Saco River trip. Floating down the Connecticut riv- er. Baseball VFW, Leo and the gang. Good luck at J 8c W Bill. Keep PUMPIN Mark. Nice Job Getting Ea- gle Boogie + Bill Terry I LOVE YOU! Good luck DEB + DAN THANKS MOM and DAD I made it Good luck class of ' 87 ' SHERI LYNN AYERS class of 87 be- lieve and all things are possible ' gruesome foursome. JC res sox “dont panic but " 7 86 P-man 8c summer paved " ' prom 86 w JV ski trip thumpers one shoe JC X-mas 8c new year 1987! pep squad kr Ip js kk el: ECHO 128 thanx kk ' JMV john 1 11 86 ' what a night Bucka ' 4 11 86 special pals: rg kr tk jg ' Janet: never forget ' rg 8c kr: I didn ' t blow u off. Mom 8c Dad I Luv U! . . . live, laugh, love, 8c smile . . . jv, sa, jc, pr! ROBERT W. ANDRADE JR. Oh But . . . GQ Hey Harvard Squares Jen + Li- ana IS IT HALSTON OR IS IT RAID? The Cougar, the Bunny the Volvo Clip- per People ' 86 KA. MS. EE. JD, JJM, CB, HM, CM. JW French 5 AVEC MARTINE: LP. JENC, Jane + C, AF. JS, ML, CRAZY Andrea, Jilly bean Goslee, RS. JE. NE SAIS PAS! The Smith ' s. The Cure. Fast times at FHS with EB. JC. CG, PJ, LK, BY, PAM + LAURA. Good VLuck JEAN B. Never forget you Liana, Jen thanks for awesome times V! See You At B C. or DART = MOUTH! TODD BALLARD Billy Boy Rules Sled Dog Drag Queen My Dad raised the TITANIC Hazy Rooche adoor is ajar Nice Rug Burns FREDFORD MACH1 LED ZEP Hendrix HOCKEY Peach Tree Trunk I Love you Mom, Dad and you too Doug The 1st Annual Depunte 8c Licky Mud Bowl TOPGUN Here I Come Sorry Jen Halloween Egg Wars Bye Falmouth Summer of 86 rules Falmouth Police Mr. Vee, Thanks Carls International. Don ' t worry Dad I ' ll Make it. Friends: FS, BM, CD. JL. KR. TK. JM. AK, GP. JK. PAUL ANDREWS Football, Lacrosse- Capt. Quebec ' 86, LA, GO, ES, Montreal ' 87? Remmy Summer Ski- ing SC. DM LAX ' 86 STATE CHAMPI- ONSHIP LAX Parties JC. HIPED! 42-24 Bronson RB AF 24 in under 30. SMU MW, RL, SC Haircut. What ' s your claim to fame? No stop I ' m Gonna Die! I LOVE YOU JM. Cape Codder We Like Our Tents Tight! RB SP DC JB PR GO CLUTCH TIMES, Thanksgiving 16-9 Thanx Mom + Dad, JR, LL Good Luck in the Future KKSCRBRLSCMP RGJBJGMW DPPRRMJMLS TREE DREWS Thanx JASON H. BASMAJIAN Jr. + Sr. Presi- dent Good Luck Class of 1987 Beantown Roadtrips Mini-Rager At L ' s Hey Boy Slickahookup ROME 85 MASP-JGMKEFTMLC Jou-Jou! Bundy, Linda, Chris + Dyl, Lank JCAHJE JSLFMM-MD thanx for put- ting up w RL Ski Trip one-Over Gar- cia Y Vega Classic Skip-You!! Coa- ch Rick Thanx Ms Connolly Dackoco At Rollos The Apartment Tech wee- kends Wago RLis my savior Bye Hill I feel Sick!!! MFA Tree Sales $$ Thank You Mom + Dad. 21 EDWARD BEAGAN Summer Prac- tice. Where ' s Frank? Who is that long haired kid? Watch out for fast starts at OLP The All State Shuffle Box 32 Road Race SC JP SA LC KF best but 2. Division I State Champs Thanks Tom and Shirley. What up Scooter, Halo, Beago, Franko, Spanky, GCoat boy. Pizza Hut FB, SH TD. MH, JV. GW. " The Dream is still in my head " winter track Thanks BM PBP MA DM, MS, EB, DH. EWHAF New Years Bl JS Latin powers, JS, CB. FRANK BELFIORE Falmouth Cross- country " 83 " champs " 84 " champs " 85 " champs " 86 " champs Tom, John. Sean, Ed, Jason, Marcus We are the Team to be Thanks To Tom. T Don ' t forget the ALL State Shuffle and Box 32 Tom I hope you Kick Butt In the Future, you too John. Good Luck in the Future Brother JM, SF, GM. DM, WJ, KP, LL, HF. HM. PD Thanks Alot TT PP BM B.E.B.A. JOHN BEAGAN CHRISTOPHER JAMES BENWA Varsi- ty Soccer. Golf. Wrestling, we ' ve got it made right Scull? We hope Maushop Cafe Cabana New Seabury. Good Luck SS, EB, JE, LF. AB, TP, SC, SR, GW. JA. Hyannis Avi- ation S. C. M. Washington MP NH- VT Skiing. MMSWK. Florida. LMM . . Let your spirit take off and soar to new heights. JOHN BEARCE No Surrender!, ind track 2-4 out track 2 lax 3-4 football 1-4 fear red no more, Feb. vacation 86, SUMMER, bare legged + lany ' s quicky at beaks, road race, abso- lut-ly iggs bald now, rabbits + bumps, 10 gulps, EEK! . blurb bash- igtruss, VORPAL!. main turn on u street, here ' s to the F-TROOPSi, fal- mouth nites 7-11 harbor, F-cold, flat tops. Skiing with Rob, know what i mean, great times with great friends. STAND BY ME 87! CARYN LEE BERTOZZI THANX AUNT MOM UNCLE DAD! Let ' s play the wallpaper-smel! yo Gus! was up wid is? what bend? All cape day- Bobby savior! Do you have any gas? I think not. Red Fish xmastree MS KARA JE PD BJ JW mel-iet ' s look at the stars! Dead cows! LA- CROSSE! Honor Society! ABSMNMR- MOH-but u say Greek God! Duck? No-Dude! I ' M confused! we ' ll be there!! L ' essential h ' est pas voir . . . et AD ASTRA PER ASPERA!! JEAN L. BEARDSLEY adios falmouth speedy down the slopes JULIE SHEROO! mrs jane hover lives in a bar its a beautiful day in the neigh- borhood thats just the way it is some things will never change Ski- ing in Jackson Chris! everyone goodbye i ' ll miss some of you JANEY FAYE! soccer two years NHS Thank God duke i think burnt down oh no! the graduate what comes next? MARK VINCENT BINGHAM JR. I LOVE LAURA FOREVER. Boston light it up. I luv my sister Tara, Sabens, Toddo, Craig the Beast-Dudman, JR. Dona- hue, Jimmy Devan a Lancehead. Roache. rat Rugrat: smurf HAZY Jel- lybean HEAD UKON Run out the house, left Tara 4 th-blame Keith Wells Andrea Zepplin, The Stones Van Halen Smurf Beach Bum . . . but Ma, I was at work! Heights NO Pay- checks Bre ws in the Grandparents Snowblind Hockey: Fa-2 Ferriera ski you later Thanks MT 22 TARA L YNNE BINGHAM Nothing meaningful ever happens if you want it 2. Dance- sj I love you mom dad. I love my brother " Mark " Lris Crystal. Grandparents Mellonie fb, mb. bb. tk, mo. cv, he wswabury reggae — Summer Andrea, T J . D. J NYC Jen. Boston Jin — Woodshole Golf C. Sailing — FDoug + Doof K + Kt DJ + B C + JB, JG + FS pam, sharron 104 nite dd. Kg, st + pc Jen W. Satisfaction! Stones- roger wa- ters- + Floyd I love you John 4ever John + tara 86 + 4ever Muffin s thank you 4 my experiences bye MATT BOHR ALETHA C. BIRD Oh, the memories! Summer of 86! The Heighra, Crash ' s parties. Allen. Cami, Crash, pet e, Frank. AJ. TC. JA, JH. RB, MM. BH. Cl, CH, Jh. LS. AM. LA. Scavenger Hunt, the Livingroom! Martha ' s Vineyard The cake fight. 25 86. FFSC w JB. AMc. SB. EP MA. LF. CS. DEB and KIM. ICE Shows and Sunday morn- ings Hockey games. The Christmas Party, and FHS Nursery. Remember them guys HH.? Bliss, Michele, Chris- ty. HHGMJIMM CBRK. PS- w LMMSTA. The Cure (IN Between Days, Close to me) SPringfield Col- DA WN MARIE BOUCHARD There is a special place in life that needs my humble skill, a certain job I ' m meant to do. Nobody else can fill. The hours are demanding. And the pay is not good. And yet I wouldn ' t change it for a moment if I Could. There is a special place in life That I was meant to fill, A sunny spot where flowers grow Upon a windy hill. There ' s Always a tomorrow. And the best is yet to be. And some- where in this wourld I know There is a place for me! MH. ERIC C. BOBO To Bourne Highs class of 87 - I couldn ' t have asked for better friends Deidre- Lylas-Home- coming 85. hide-a-date. JP. Chaz. Otis ??? Sonja-summer 85 8r roa- drace. Snugharbor, Shrubs I luv my buddy Prom 85 Mo we finally Moniea all the happiness to you and RTR-thanx for listening chub- bybum 12-26-86 MVP you mean more to me than anything-no dis- tance or time ran change my love or you 143. MVB-How is your finger? MARK BOURGOIN (Boogie) What Can I say? it was four years of my life Best Times: summer of " 85 and 86 " canoeing the Millers and Far- mington River. , Party ' s at Gd ' s house. Best friends: PA, MF. JR. RR, MC. GP. The Gang - Never forget the good times, keep in touch why be normal party til ya drop. I ' m a lonely man walking lonely streets the Alarm Moving on to places un- known. Good Luck in FHS Boogie JR. Boogie Thanks All! NATASHA VON BOGAERT PAUL CHRISTOPHER BOWKER. JR. Jennifer-1 love you 4eva! The Grateful Dead Heads Bad Craziness my Foot Itches Jack Damage Disc With Donahue Rastman Spleef Vi- bration King Livies Slob Peace-n- Pineapples No Suh! Fire On the Mountian will never go out for the sugar magnolia Hendriz Marley L Lycc-ftt to all my friends of Fal- mouth and other related bio- spheres? I guess so The fat man rocks — you are about to embark on the golden Road — Deadicat- ed 23 DAN BOWLES Thanx mom-dad love ya. This school has been a medium experience. Triumph in a Limo AM- MA-Spooker = Toot-Tootl Let the good times roll-Cars Police Led Zeppelin- JWW we know you are a reformed hippie! Thanx for the film- Great white north bound-Vermont- Canada. OOPS . . Rush-Rush-Rush- w-AM BG Grthr. Mighty Spleef-woods-Really did have some fun these last four years. Learned enough! Bought a Latin Pig-omesa eacherta!!! Oh-Well ev- ery one- ERIC M. BRAITHWAITE No show VB on Wed night BUCKWHEAT EWHAE on Friday night DH DM EB MS Sound Suppressor STUNT DRIVER- I think she ' s faking it Three cheers for the lib crew fro m LA BT JG DH EJ CB KF- Someday Semper ubi Sububi-Talk about Latin powers MINI power on a big scale Thanx MA EP PM JJ FG BS PL three raisons on toast? The ice age is cornin ' , the sun ' s zoomin ' in, meltdown expected, but I have no fear. RONNY BOWMAN {BONES) Hockey. Football Heaven In " 87 " We Mad It Boys JH SC SC RH PR MP PA MB DB FS RM MW The Ford Bud Halls Hunting Fishing Crannys B51 ' s Suicide Squad Run Some Ball Jimi Hendrix " I Dont Live Today " If I Dont See You No More In This World I ' ll Meet You All In The Next One Dont Be Late! The Beast Barbarian Bronsons AF BD To Blackend Canister Big Heads Kitch- en table wild thing Wild Weekends RB DD What Next Donna? Crab WW3 Soon To Be! Thanks Mom And Dad Ballpark The Mountain JOHN BRAND Sorry For the last 4 years MOM 8c DAD. Luv you guy ' s • Hanging out with the boy ' s • SH • JP • DT • BP • Roaming the streets with • JP • SH and Billy O.MS I have the power Me 8c LZ 4ever • sss pro- duce Boy ' s and girls (TB) I hope I dont have to do this again. Johnny find my glasses • Pepe • Jose tell Tom (dad) 8c ' Dorean (mom) they ' re the BEST. LZ 8c THE RAT PACK Thanks for bing there mom 8c dad Love you ' s. SHEILA BOYCE Hey Now! Happiness Flows From Within Let It Out! Ride The Surfing Eyeball Coast To Coast To Experience The World! Forever Listen To The Rock That Rolls-Rann- ble On-Dream On-Aiko Al KO. Life Is A Constant Change-Like It! Never 4Get The Times Of Life In Fal. With The Best-Mom, Dad, Brotheim, Jen Henken, Greg, Bowx, Jana. Deb, Sabens! I Hope The World Spins Your Way-Stride Toward Freedom And Peace Of Mind! I Love Ya! Zeppelin, Marley 8c Hendrix 8c The Dreadful Grapes!! See You In The Galaxy!! WILLIAM J. BUCKLEY What! Go ahead Now! Mom 8c Dad I Love You-I did it for you! Marching Band wash. exchange-BM 8c I at the monument-Footprints in the sand- Eagle Scout early to the G I L is Katie! MX friends: PA MF MB TC Paul 8c Terry shoppong! To Mr. S. Thanx for all the help. To the band: It ' s been real I won ' t forget the fumbles 8c Pyramids National Honor Society Flowers! Induction Initiation! Ha! Hal To EF GO FOR IT! TO Paul DON ' T LET TC GO SHE ' S SOMETHING SPECIAL.- MOM 8c DAD I DID IT! Next: 4 years. JENNIFER A. BOYLAN I Luv U Mom Dad + Kath! Reggie Ball Wknd VT x-mas island • NH-give me scwc ' s! double Dates W Nanc + Ben! Jewls best party EVER! prom 86. what are you mental KD? Jill-aruba replaced by lowies? Jo threw a bash! Curly Q! • Pete Richardson • thanks for memories past + future- Aug 4, 1992 • BF ' S-beak apps liz peachy drjg • BJ • elfs jsddddkkd bblrgsamre gpmdmscfs-go straight jen! stang don ' t stall! Gidget says AH CHA CHA CHA CHA!!I JOHN J. BUTLER IV CaWfomo and the fun has just begun. I knew him when. Nothing ventured Nothing gained. AFTERIMAGE Thanks to ev- eryone who helped me get from there to here. Special Thanks to Mom 8c Dad. The Tree Blaise. The White Cutlass March-stageband 83 85-87 All right, who put jello in the fishbowl? Best of luck Seniors! Pink Flamingoes Thrive! Ugly Ties Chill! High Flight " Put out my hand and touched the face of God. " GunderP Ann ( ?@!) CB CRAIG DIRK TM ' RW ' BG J.J. GOOD LUCK 24 CHARLES " CHIP " BYRNE The light is flashing, it ' s time to move on to the next period of life, COLLEGE, I can ' t believe it! I would like to make my own special yearbook dedicated to my great friends, the teachers who had to endure me, and my parents who supported me throughout my life. Thanks and good luck!!! ALLISON M. CARREIRO Thought it would never come. Best of times with KC ML HH Trunk River Smashing the bottles OH NO here come the cops! Florida April vacation " 87 " Slop, Jack, Bop, Boots Finny I could of never done it without RS you were there when I needed you the most. Bryan Adams 85. April 25, 1986 Summer in New Hampshire The Cottage Pennsylvania and New York I Love you Robby forever. Prom " 86 " Chinese on the beach. NED E CALLAHAN Skiing Waterville Valley " 87 " Lumberyard Firehy- drant Bimminy You Midgets Bon Jovi " Living on a Prayer " I ' m a lucky cat! Gayhead bridge jumping Dion De- links Ellis Pinto Gilbert Costa Your playing with fire and your going to get burnt Golf-carts Falmouth C.C. hockeybag No Senior Pass! Red Chevette Pan Down McDonalds 2 and 9 with Dion Thanks Mom and Dad. SEAN CASEY Thanks for everything Mom and Dad I Love You hang in there Dan Let ' s go to SMU RL MW PA. DONNA CANALE Mo Muffla BO • VK CF DM ML CO JM KC • whelp • pod • winecoolers • QB • 234-joi • lodge • All-nighters • Heights • U-MASS • Shrooms »wake-n-bake • In-school • color of success • sonny-l ' LL never forget you • Trunk • landing • Plaza • 280 zx • cookie time • Flags • Polo • guess • Just-be good I ' il sis • sunny side up • 2-week party • green piz- za • andre • Quarts • caddy • wag- on • fair • PBJ • Brockton • Idol • Prom " 86 " • Handshakes • gee • Heavy Metal • Bong Hits at sunset • we always come through • porche- JENNIFER CHANCE CARYN E. CARY Goodbye FHS! mrs Robertson + mr Larrey Thanks for everything! never forget: Buffy ' swoody ' s new year ' s eve FRIENDS: nancy, cathy, Tara. Steve, I will oue you forever! Heaven! Spartan, there is no substitute! I ' m a Joker, I ' m a smoker, I ' m a midnight toker! DJCMJG See ya later. Child care aid. Donnie + the Camereo, Frozen treats! Prom " 85 " DC + DA; I love you mom and dad. Thanks for stocking behind me! my little sister Tammy, Hanging there! No take it away! Stubbs! JF + PH! Brat Pack! NICOLE " NIKKI " CHANTRELLE 25 JOHN CHEEVER I would like to thank the following teachers who made my stay at FHS more enjoyable-Mr. Waisgerber, Ms. Flood, Mr. Cali, and Mr. McCauley. Produced and writ- ten by the Glimmer Twins. Jimmy Page is number one. It ' s only teen- age wasteland. Where are the win- dows in this place? Remember ev- eryone only four people to a table-1 don ' t feel tardy. Have you seen ju- niors grades? P.A., M.G., N.M.. M B., M.J., D.P., J.M., C.B., M.F., S.M., J.M. JANET SUE CLARK Field hockey ft L lacrosse sec wc ski trip 86-8 7 b + j i shoe expert trails prom 86 fish- neyes always sher the gruesome foursome ouija pman walkin jxvthe boat (t2) ed-sly old silver beach @ lOBury the pig: Amy the game after! Umass Mj Jen cross country boot skirts w laura? Bill lau- rie-aerobic death thanx Dan lunch 4 . . bargain hunting-50c skirts we win! Friend beaters . . new Years eve " HN-CB " Interplanet-mol; el it all happened so fast . . M + D + Karen. JULIE FORBES CHERAU The world is his who can see through its preten- tion so FHS! ur better than me MG- would I lie to you Christophe? Stop- per soccer- hot rays on marthas Vinyd-jiving with the best! France- Life is life. 4-ever friends with Jean- Gunstock! Florida I found my dream guy ' stop! pesty peugot! MASP wolcott-l have to go back to Nau- shon ' bare foot ' somethings will never change but the future! Merci bien ss! Villemort was a palace! You cant always get what u want-but I ' ll try!! SARAH J. CLIFFORD mouse? I love ya MOM + Dad Track cross country cabbage patch chainsaw massa- cres-Deb-squeakfriends forever memories last a lifetime . . Let ' s eat at the beach orange blossoms Hrny green machine races home concerts-rattbjjp ac dc ian " yup " 4eva Beep-bonk prom 8687 You are my sunshine! Sunday bowlers are we la.m. chowtimes can we talk? " Kahlua moose " Next exit New york together we stand-divid- ed we fall good luck drlfsctdjskshh all the right moves PAMELA M. CHERKOFSKY Thanx mom and dad. Varsity X-country- winter 8c spring track-4 Thanx Mr. C 8c Tom. I ' ll never 4get you chubba, remember BB. Wonder Woman uni- form. I ' ll miss u all LC CS HH2 HM TD L 8c J 8c EB MS KS MH LG RB NY 8c Dartmouth 8c White Plains a blast. No junk food for me. No guts. No glory! Lifeguard blues. Snowball fights we never won. State meets. The tail. Somewhere in time. Jobo thats me. MARK COHEN Bathrooms have the best acoustics EZ MM BS JP JL sandy Ish special thanx to Ish + Jasyn for a super 17 nice feelin- g all it really needed was the prop- er point of view 36 PF JT KE AD LS BB MH AV RW LM 4003 stageband chorus peace concert John ex- press leave it to beaver cape cod Falling waters trail well you can strike up the band without me you may have your doubts about me but i ' m just fading away. PAULA A CHERKOFSKY CC W 8c S track 8c thanx Tom MrC super- man where r u now napkins un- tasteables wege wegan + se- gex scrufes cc beach parties ny trips (kevin 4cg) snr Ing w jrjtjsjstc mscmdf punch the clock wouldve missed u tommy fun w hmhhhh scml jbebtdf bshlbji only the good die young edavle wareham men (matt 8c bj) sto- pional fire in the mud zaldy sleeping beauty 8c passout " bye john b " do crimes, eat szeche, not pay peach tree men at parties? JOHN COLBERT I never thought I would miss this place. Goodbye to the best of friends: kevin, mike, Sta- cie, colin, joe, liana, robert, craig, scott, matt, and jen! All-school mu- sical: John playing John as himself. Honor society, intelligencer: co-edi- tor with Jen " Thursday deadline? " No way " Medea is Alexis " Thank you Steve and Mrs. Adams for mak- ing the first year bearable (and the rest too) see you later booth (may- be) I hope you find reliable seniors next year Jaye! Still can ' t believe that chemistry was my favorite. from my friends " GR JM SF LM JB JJ TP LK PJ UG2 twin jl I luv u Ginny = Bff! Jes 8c sue! Summer 86 Reg 8c Sul Aboriginny there is a step! Suly 4 Nobska. Dm? Cuteness Tvbed? So rambo missions all nighters! Spag satan lives in chorus B 8c J ' s my bud- dy Stephen Lorae may God B w u! Mom Dad Shawn Ben Sammi 8c baby Dan . . Thanx 4 all your love 8c support! Bobby I ' m looking forward to summer 87! Oh! and by the way " P.S. I LOVE YOU! " LORRIE CORONELLA " The future is yet full of trial and success. " -Haw- thorne track " 4 winter 8c spring co-capt. 8 state meets:-300; 600; 4x100; Ij; injuries, buena suerte jc 8c team! Ill miss ya Jobo, Trish 8c Laur- a Thanx TO I wont forget u RG, " nack attack " summer of 86 a time to remember. Thanx for every- thing Mr. 8c Mrs. Carroll 8c John I love you Chris (bubba) Prom 85 86 " our love is ever growing, our life ' s a wondrous guest. " remember girls, " all it takes is all you ' ve got. JILL A. COLLINS Soccer-GG thanks for everything. Mr. Jones your the best! Mom Dad I love you. Special friends-NR. KD, CV, TS, TK. JC. LP, JB, JD. DD Summer 86-Trish -Wellesley bash! KP-roadtrips-the bridges- wheres my yellow book? New Hamp.- LP, DB, Qurly Q-Rattlesnake, Bluebry Gin. Nr-the wharf, KD-Ufo, Busstop. MJ ' s party-vege-tilly-frush yr. alaska, margaritas, Jr. year, Lowies, the gambler - chevy-JL-co- lonia L. Tammy-are you ready for Maine sleepy?-Spring break! Calif Bound Almost Paradise . . . DANIEL B. COSTA (Danny) Debbie I love you! well guys we made it Deb, Jay Jay, +1, love McDonld ' s. Roadtrips with: JT JR MR KR JM. USairforce hang in there Todd youll make it! Ford foreva ' 8c Mustang Gtl! Senior lounge with Jim Jeff Mike John. Donnie your the best friend anyone could ask for. your always there when i need you. maybe the Airforce is the best way of life like todd said. The Camaro is mine! though the 57 is dead and gone, we know the galaxy was no match for her! your friend Dan class of 87. JOANNE M COLONNA " Some peo- ple come into our lives + quickly go away; some stay for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts + we are never the same " I love you Mark 2- 1-84! Skiing w MB -I- D. Vt wknd KR- sale NHrest stop-UH! OH! the mnt- geez Louise-what the heck? Lunch table convos-MM KK JC + DP! I ' m your hostess! Peach WCS! Your cwazy! Lt Nt Clnk fd w Cv + Jd! Echo. Special friends- Jc-pow! pow! woo! cvnrjdkr jbmmell psakd. Mb- my best friend ever! I love you Mom, Dad, dg, s, b, a + esp steph! MA T COUGHLINFor those who have the youth have the future! Panama with KB in the datsun going to Dun- kins with the Brat going in the z28 with the boys: KB GD MC TJ the afterschool snack at the harbor the big log with the gremlin skiing every winter with the usuals eatin the yota before x-mas goodbye for those who go on but whoever stays, keep tryin for the best! SHEILA CONWA Y Infamous Siamese break dancing sheep Thanx tou who made it more or less bearable at least I didnt kill anyone- tsishmbscng scdrcha6p sutdos! deadcrabs on the sidewalk! under the table in burger king! im falling down goal little futher gorgeous men on thet tarabicfood intellec- tuals in the square the radical liberal deadhead pink floyd harry the dog Jasmin + rose bohemian " why dont you take me in your arms and carry me out of this lonely place? " I love you, michael! thanks M. 8c D. LAURA COURTEMACHE 27 BRIAN COYNE Soccer That crazy evening verse Durfee Marthas Vineyard ' 86 with RG. JB. CC, SM, SJ Big Ship M, JJ, HM New years Eve. a very strange night on 6a World Se- ries at SJ ' s Hey Scott " of course HIC " , volleyball with CM Mom and Dad THANX for EVERYTHING. JAMES CURTIN JOANNE H. CRAIG Island Queen! Funny girl Grampa ECHO 85-7 perc. captain ' Aaron ' Bucknell university Russell, our first kiss in the shed, scu- ba-duck, dec. 4-8, hyatt regency, the romantic package, Bermu- da??. the smurf Christmas special, friends and lovers, you ' re the inspi- ration, the fossil, rusty-jerk, and I ' m sure there ' s more to come . . I love you always thanks den, dad, mom, pa, ana maggee! ' 1-4-3 ' me gl jp cf at da sp ep jg gr js kp hh el tl cjtm ps jj moonlight cruises Lorae, I miss you july 1991 thanx fhs. TODD D DAMARIO San Francisco, Orlando, Pompeno Beach, Roches- ter, Beer, Girls. Movies, Graduation, and More. You only live once, so enjoy it, and good luck to the class of 87. Have fun. PA TRISHA (TRISH) C7?A VHC-f hockey (1) vball (2) capt-bball (4) capt- soball (4) capt amy cath gail- memories f-ever! Echol 22+131- celts-clowns-cape colony crew! jrjcpclhcm kampjsthjtlcmsl Adven- tures? in the galaxie! Tony-mv edavll zaldy + rob! ideals (why?) big A-merci pour ecouter! Jim-love you! My idols: leanne deird denise nanc + Mr Holcomb (?) who ' s my best friend lorrie! Crash-no more signs! miller g draft-summer 86-a winner never quits and a quitter never wins! DEBBIE DAMORE Good times w MD JM EE JD KS GC DC Always remem- ber-FHB party crew Coady " The Loo ' Jinx-v8 Boston The bump Lost in Fitchburg " The fools ' ' Summer 85- 86 Senior tree sales Movies 2am fan shopping @s s “. . price of tea in china " F A. GANG " He ' s insecure " 32 + 5 summer nights Thank you Gui- I ' ll always love you You de- serve the best JJ what can i say mol-thanks for being there " . . set it free . . if it comes back to you, it ' s yours. Luv 2 all my friends thank you mom and dan. LAURIE CRANSHAW Field hockey- capt w Amy + Chelle incentive plans I had a dream! camps-dawn lacrosse SC-aerobic death Old Sil- ver @ 10 bury the pig-stop! grad night + reunions at Jen ' s Kris + Amy Jill + Colleen you ' ve been my best friends Jill-dances 18b-day " make me laugh " Billy Joel w Col mass hysteria codes 4-lunch talks Thanks to my friends + family mom dad kris paula janet jen sher brian bill + dan I ' ll miss ya all. Good luck! M. TINA DA ROSA Finally the end!! Great times: parties, football, hock- ey games, tree sales. Friends such as: DA, ML. JM. KS. CG, NC. ST, JC, EZ, WP, JC. KD etc. Joanne remem- ber New Years day the Bos! Jand R! Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Run DMC, Debbie Harry etc. Good Luck se- niors! Emmanuel College!!!! 28 PANDORA L. DA VIS Good luck class of 871! Thanks to all my teachers: I learned to enjoy it! Suomi on paras! It ' s unbuleavable. Red! We made it! Thanx BJ DR CB NB CF SP ET AL! Hi Nat-Baby-Hoe gaat het met jou? " Do you see what I mean? " “Got your senior pass? " Remember those English papers? (Block 3?) Be an individual-because then yo u never lose yourself. Never forget to reach. Let ' s get ' em!! JENNIFER S. DELORME majorettes 3yrs Honor society-special thanks to Liz for standing by me through ev- erything-remember all the good times EE JM DD WP RA JE CR DO MS MC. Football games-Thanksgiving 86 Somerset music test. Christmas tree sales-cold nights. Go baby bo! Look out for the sand! Stand by me to all the majorettes-keep twirlin CM JP EE CR HM DO JS WW SN- thanks mrs. studley. Special thanks to mom, dad, mark, mr. + mrs. E. to the seniors-good luck. Juniors - youre next! J.P. DEL A URIZ. ossified at mr ' s. Spon- taneous Post Jame party. What are you smirkin at?. KKC. totaled the muztang bought a zunbird. 10:31 egg throwing Lucerne ave. sylla- bles. Reagan impressions, summer nights Late ones w DM. Valet park- ing at the Flying Bridge. 15 minutes at Kenyons works every time Capewinds. xmas week at Tb ' s. Best times w Shauna c. Plenty more to come, good luck DM JM KR SS SC RM ML TK SJ BL MR BR at Nor- wich and SC. heading to Florida for college. LORI ANN DEMELLO Even though I was stupid, thanks for following me. Well, tonight I think I ' ll walk alone, and I ' ll find my soul as I go home. I guess I should have known I ' d end up on my own. Though every sec- ond counted. CHRIS. Neworder. LORI JOHN DELEON Thanks MRMSDMTLHBT CDP And Especially Mom And Dad JR . DC My Arms Still Have Bruised Ginks! Good Luck. MICHELLE DE MELL O factory records don ' t say what you mean you might spoil your face if you walk in a crowd you won ' t leave any trace it ' s all the same you ' re jumping someone elses train the wasted years 8586 To Luvkatz we slip thru the streets while everyone sleeps ' Lori we even have the same last names even normals mongers, sunsets + Beth merci pour les fleurs mom dad scotty dog + Mt. trash- more leave in silence (Joy Division) all of this and nothing. DON DELINKS sunsets, beaches hardcore SKIMBOARDERS-ss sc mm so tg te jd Queen f reef all. oops Vinyeard Whats in the cooler? you cant do that!? amateur night. DEATH ROW. we can handle this guy. Dartmouth, running. Im always gonna love you, if lovin means for- ever, Im always gonna want u, I dont think I can ever just forget the love we had. wasted time. NH. ski club rocks! Bud. hardbodies. south- bound. LP. the sun went down. Is this the end? Fast lane the boyz will rock! DONNA LEIGH DINCO " D " Cheer- leading co-captain midnight mis- sion shriners 86 JD with DB JD Santa with a quart ski 84 the farm and Florida w KD, LOVE u always my Bud! JC Hewo the roof 84 GP not in the bathroom CV pack em all in thanx M D, ILu! Nr want a bit? Love u Rb, Babies keep the ham- mock swinging roar! to all my friends thanx for everything, we made it! look 2 the future 8t not to the past 4 the things you want to last College bound 1 26 85 miss u Lorae party memories . . bye 29 THOMAS DION Fal C.C. State Champs " 83 " " 84 " ' 85 " 86 don ' t forget it. Good luck JB SH FB EB JC EH MA and Marcus you ' re awe- some. Thanx Tom, Kalpy, Mugsy 8c Phinney. Cody went down at OLP. Pete 8c Trev keep running. Thats just the way it is GW " I never boot " “Liven on a prayer " HM JW CM 8c Bob " what up " Jen who ' s Scott Colby? Goat boy. I used to have a saab so did Ned. Scooter here I come. Get out. Thanks Mom 8c Dad. JULIE A, DUSSAUL TThis is the time to remember cause it will not last for- ever. SMC oh no NHC here we co- me Flory X-mas Island Sambuvca- JM Bridges- Jen Nanc-ECHO Umass Pancake Man-EG Liz-NH trouble again? Toga mudpies KD Twist-n- shout T-3 CV LP + ME curly-Q in a ditch-Attitash Paul ' s away! Billy Joel PC chapel MMELKK cruisin MMST prom 86 beak rear but TEJGDDPMDM JSJCFS- jc ' sbash first night 87 I love you Dad Mom Sharon Janet Amy. GREG DONAHUE Best of times with Ron 8c Pat Okeef Pat Grant Don Sa- bens Bowker Deb Boyd Oak St. Bay Road Bench Casino By the Sea Chef Saunta Jay P-Necker Buckeye Ralf stone skiing hot summer days on Heights hill Disc all day long! Dead at D.C. Bake at Mahonies Blackened Bruins bud bag Never forget okeefs Deb Pat G. Hazy Pe- ters Bowker Sabens Sheila Bowman Clots Bennet Beaker Tammy Klien Univega Welch J Rich Frank ect Love you Mom Dad colleen!!! KIMBERL Y A DYER If you love some- thing set it free if it comes back it is yours if it does not it never was. Pep squad-TAHITB- Ip Dance-WSS-PK DD-my bud -ike! F186-ski87-mr.p and the chuckwagon-the b52s do make sense! Jd-mudpies- stick it out the window. Nr-ffrt Watch out for ufos Jc-veggies at mjs party, what are you mental- Jb? curly-Q has a headach! To all my friends-l ' ll miss ya! If 10 86-1 had fun too. Zippy sauce! I love you mom 8c dad-good luck Erin 8c Beth. Believe in yourself and all things are JOSEPH DO WICK Mom 8c Dad Thanks love You, have fun in the sun! Thanks Mr. Wais. xmas tree sales i had my fun CA 1-4-3, NH, Boston S 8c J, OLDS stuck in the mud. Red light, Back stairwell How ya doin Vinnie. UL lets party, McD ' s 9 block, mens room Mr. Phillips some- ones left, JA 360 what can I tell my father? That was Awesome. Breaze you maniac lets roll a car! JP JA DJ party my house Friends: JA MR JP JM JT DJ AM JG SJ JR DS 8c CA God I used to be an angel FHS did this to me! Goodbye FHS. JENNIFER LYNN EDMOND “It ' s so easy to laugh, it ' s so easy to hate; it takes strength to be gentle and kind-morrisey. oh but Phil at the list! L-nip + metal, serenely arriving at incongruity-don ' t break a window- slow withdrawal from u! Rob get signatures V microscopic Yen + mi- nority Ken always big brother + friend. KA i ' m so tired-friendly toot- cloud 10. Luv to JT + CW-J, wicked friends. SA-different paths; always friends-LK-is everything okMS-that look! mdr + b Thanx For Happy! My best Jl. Cb, MrV, TaM, Rn, MrOb- ELLEN E. DUNN Funtimes with Chris- tine, Molly, Col, and Mary summers at Old Silver Soccer with Col 8c Cas- sie Molly ' s house talks with Scott Fassetts would you like a piece of gum sean? Tell my a funny joke and I ' ll laugh why do they call you wa- termelon head? The world is a wheel, 8c it will all come around right Thanks to all my friends SM BM MM EL JC AH SS BC JB SJ PJ FM and TC. ELIZABETH L. ELDREDGE Maj. 85-87 sec. tres. 86-87 Oh no the sand JD DD JM AL Bon-who? Senior lounge CM RA PJ DF EZ Jl GC-Baby-Go! Thanks mom and dad- I LOVE you! Hey Ace what up! Football half- times! Thanks Jen for being my best friend Nikki-n-Niffer too! At the movies: JD JM WP JS MD DD NC CR. Christmas trees! Good luck class of 87! 30 TONY ELLIS You remember the faces, the places, the names. You know it ' s never over, it ' s relentless as the rain. Lost but not forgotten, FROM THE HEART OF A DREAM. Soc- cer 1, 2, 3, 4, B-ball 1, 2, 3 Dude; Hippy; Geese; GilFla; Beak; SSEGDMJPJM MRJDKKEL Slappa! No doubt! KKC Vineyard " Sleepin ' through rotaries " Montreal x-mas Is- land Inn ' 1st. in Bos. " Becky Trunk Rvr., downstairs. Good time 11 7 86; 11 14 86 Becky don ' t ever forget me! Thanx Mom 8c Dad. MARK FARIA Jeep CJ5 V8 Liftkit 35 " Mudders-4wheelin forever! Best friend PA MB AS LA BB JA We made it! CB in the chase No you ' re not Boogie Romiza do the sneeze. Camp 84-85 I eye Doc. Lloyd do the run. Summer 84-Sue I will NEVER Forget YOU! Lifting for the rest of my life. Never too huge. Destina- tion-Mr. O. x-mas trees senior lounge 4-5 Nights at the Shell Sta- tion. Thanks Mom 8c Dad! Good luck class of 87. Goodbye FHS. CANDICE EL WELL CYNTHIA G. FAULKNER Mo Muffla Bo Green pizza. Crusin in the Caddy w DC, ML, DM. VK. Bahamas. The Lodge. Donna don ' t be gloomy Zeppelin. Prom 86 87 all nighters w jR. Loverboy-wakefield! 7 12 85. Kahlua. Senioritis. Hey Bud! Thumpers. Killer hit Jt. Ke. Kw. Ss. Sj. Mj. Bm. Ks. Ac. Ek. Tm. The bros 4. SR lounge sleazy jumper cables- killer pancake santa slippers. John Studd. chasing Jr to Bost. Jim 143 always. Umass. got 20 mins. Lodge roof, till the pebbless turn to sand. SCOTT ERICKSON Wow I It ' s over al- ready? To my friends CH BC FC JH BP JM JR DP don ' t party too hard The good old truck The Thanksgiv- ing day parade disaster or the great Christmas parade Stop + Shop AV TV studio (WFHS) we are SADD people Christmas tree sale senior pass costal classic car show Early stock corvette " 2nd place " look out Rahser remember wash- burn look out Boston here I come! KIMBERLY A. FAWSONKeys Christy! watch the corners! Christy P. Robin R.; your the best! Love ya Mike D. Madrid, Spain w JS 84 Sr. lounge w Jt Mr Js Cm Jm Thank you mom + daddy-D! party, party, party! kristen good luck w Chet! xmas party 86 Hi Stephw. have fun ce- ramics w adrienne m. see ya in the future! Prom 86-87 D.D. is so fine! Jill + Jeff good luck! Dreams are for- ever as long as you believe!! Mike Sado VB. LIANA FANTASIA Nobody knows what dreams I see Nobody is really sure just who they want to be but everybody has a place and time a chance to love, a need to find. JE- don ' t break a window nbascb don ' t worry hot rasberry where ' s the brake? nip for pres. KA- across many borders oh but not even and then they grew flowers Frank! RA- the bunny hips humbled in french V always yen and yawn good luck sc MS LK PJ CB Luv u B Mom and Dad I love you thanks for all you ' ve done for me. DA VID M. FENSTERMAKER Living is easy with eyes closed, misunder- standing all u see KW KF SW TC PC TC SM The good times and bad thanks Jf Sc Kf Lb- friends from the crib TH the pit. Bob, Boathouse I need a Brew do- ing crimes and eating sushi and not playing This is My Blurb Trash bash- chef all those not mentioned your still in heart and mind keyclub ski trip racing into the flaming mud pit Beatles “Life is what happens to you while your making other plans " Thanx mom 8c dad Love You. 31 AMY E. FERRERIA Field Hockey FEFF IT Cpts w Laurie Chelle Bury the Pig: Janet! I the game after WE WIN HELL RIDES! Jen Kris the Valliant CRASH!!! New Years Eve Bill . . . What Hapened MD???? yngbld Scotty Mac Thanks Mum and Dad!! Friend Beaters! Old Silver @10! Sli- cemilk Aerobic Death! LCJSJC Nothing Gold Can Stay Good Luck! JOHN C. GAGNON What Boston Again!! All The Great times mini races at ' T ' s " But I want to stay in the library JB TM MJ MM CN MD AH LM DM JC JJ BM LF JA AT BC One Over Eh Boy varsity tennis vice pres honor society What up Thanks DrJ MAMA B MONTREAL SKI TRIPS Christ- mas tree sales New Years at the yarddog ' s The Skyjunk Centry GYV Action What Slicka Hookup Thanxs for the love and curfew Mom and Dad KRISTEN R. FREDRICK THS The best of times London 85 will it ever be the same? Loverboy Dokken well may- be next time! Rocky Horror What an experience ski trip s w JT KW SJ SS SM annisquam what a nightmare! well we made it slate Barney Yaba- dabadoo Chet you have given me many great memories hope for the future KW JT TL BP Best Friends anybody could ask for I’ll never for- get you see mom I did ' nt turn out all that bad Thanx for all you have done I know it wasn ' t easy I love you. THEODORE N. GAKIDIS Skate-N- Bake Milo Talon Norman Cape Cod hardcore revival Moses Tim Scott Sean Dave Bob Dil be the victor Dri puts you in the sky! Always in high spirits 3rd block study Metal ica AC DC Agnostic front the freeze “All I want to do is skate " To every- one else I didn ' t mention I say thanks I love you Jen. I can ' t be- leive that 12 years is over J and W look out for flying Skateboards. KELL Y J. FREEBURNSNe made it Brian I love you never forget ya stuck with you 2-14-84 good luck Joy MERE your good friends Jeff your a sweetie bye DD love ya GJ MP AS KM JA TEX BR LG DEB Best of times Daddy I love you Thanx for ev ery- thing mom oh no that would never do Chris Jules Dan love ya Hi Bob Joy Aim Remember all the good times, there were so many of them Brians Beannie rough life we live wild world If I would do it all over again I would still want you Brian, your the best Bye FHS Best of Luck to 87. JENNIFER LEIGH GALLOWA Y Paul I love you 4 ever! Led Zepplin Hey Ya Sweet Home Alabama PB our song Thank you a million times over for everything I ' ve got a Greatfull Headache!! Hey hey Morgan what samatter here Sean OH EFENREFER CAPS Carrie Ok surely you just girls Mom and Charlie I love you. thanx JW-W! Milo My Mistress Bird on Board KC MO VK DC SB KF AS KM DB 8r DB JD ALL DMV PS AM JP CP TJ TL DR MA DB BJ Greg Patty Josh I love ya all My foot aches if the sun refuses to shine I would Still Be Lov- DARYLE FRYE MATTHEW E. GAUDET There are too many things to say and to many people to write about so all I ' ll say is I hope everyone lives long and has a good life. Good Luck. Long live rock and roll and everything that goes with it. 32 JORDAN GEIST Football Capt Base- ball Basketball The Beastmaster beats Barnstable 16-9 Thanx I Coaches for your time The good I times (I think) W RG crash in the I pickup truck MP Florida 86 BL Kick in j the rabbit Cliff oppsl! Ray where ' s I the antena ML what eva! TK 5 boys I w blue lights RUN!! knees ouch KL I talks bashes shovel get out TRU I FRe inds SBMLA had to do it no! KR SC PA RM SM JB RG BL MP KL JB DF PV LP Mom thanks for everything I I LUV YOU you ' re something else! I ' m I sorry Bye. RA YMOND J. GONSAL VES JR. Foot- ball 86 We Beat Barnstable PMA j The team The beastmaster Prom 86 I Dyer ' s Gulf PP GK KK UCONN Was I great Sr. Class Christmas Trees I Thanks MOM DAD! ALL the people out their Sheri JG CK EM LAM KR KL i The Cordoba Ms Houle For 3 yrs. RN I Thanks For Everything Hanging with | the Huskey Guys in the Mens PE of- fice No class 10th block DOC R Alg with the cooler crusher Bye FHS it was real but I won ' t miss ya! Kalpy Mrs B Have a good one Thanks AlotM ERIC J GILBERT Soccer 2 3 4 Basket- ball 1 2 CC 1 Bageles Christmas Is- land Inn Vinyard Dr D UMASS Island Queen wwwhat? Loon Bud Salute KKC Aerosmith Who Broke the door? Road Race weekend Use your head No doubt Good times with SS DD DM JP NR KK FM TK PM JC Pancake Man we got skiing UVM BOUND Facets Bimminy where are our @ ?:! Fuzzy Bears? CHRISTINE triple chair nips, get off the court Thanx for putting up with me mom and dad. JILL M. GOSLEE Field Hockey 18th B- Day party LC " Just make me laugh! " Wooster MT Sunapee AH JC Grand Collision Toothless Blond Afro Man laughing fits Shake the shake John B. x-mas shopping w CG Laurie you are a true friend RA JR. Year Dilemma ' s Best of luck always CG RA JC LC MG DC The Queen of three " s lx 9 AMOS The Tail and all that I will miss you . . . Thanks for Everything MOM and DAD! JOHN F. GILCHRIST The Vinyard Death Row Amateur Night Skully Bahamas x-mas island Big Ben the harbor 7 11 Ski Club Skimboarding w DD SS SC SO JD MM " ROLL THE JEEP " sunsets baker boys DD PM JS SC Green Housing The police Eve- nings by the fireplace Boston Sea Mist chickenhead " me " moose Psych Cre LP JS KS JP Partying with the rockers DD SO MM CB KB Thanks Fr Rick Hippy Pat Mac jando Ellis Geese Rosterman Gilber Skull Beak Mo and Liz my best friend thank ya much. CHRISTINE GOULET Woodily2u? Julesverne just aint hotenuf! I ' m rite and ur rong-good times naushon frosh with rgjpbajsmd look at me when I am talking to you gemlet peesha perky 3 CS JG Got copy frank pvpf RR dv! eglet flinstone stories leave me and my people alone! i am down there why things can only get better pli gee ski w the gang Rob slow down tchrs bscpswbgrwfgpcj2w all friends jc JB la tdnccmso crswepa dpow ng seanca ss hope you find it in every- thing you do Thanks Mom and dad JOY GIROUARD Time to say good- bye to friends that have come and gone. Good luck KF AS CC SJ LC JD KS JG RR Keep in touch Good times with KF never forget Green and Or- ange cups! The Bay! Steven thanks for hanging on and not leting go I LOVE YOU. Say you Say me! 1984 to? Bells Special Thanks to mom and dad JJAMBCPS GGRGSCLC The first and the last Good Luck Class of 87!! MICHEL GRAGLIA ur Better than me jc Cheerleading 4 yrs prom 86 do you wanna leave? sun at m.v w jc Hey ugly stop it dig fan club kiddin K? gik jm that rooster DC He ' s Com- min to save the world this summer 9 15 a day to remember Quaddati on the edge first night Boston 87 the action Reality is a dream hey the music matters think it over p to sp a really fine pair of shades means everything " thank you Nancy and Red Good Luck next year David Jc Jm Jg CG MARIO ROB ARE WE A BRICK WALL? .. 33 PAULA GRASSO Corner o 86 with DA CS DM Whats ' a happening hot stuff. Goos times in Keough ' s class with DA AO SP CL MR KM Miss Keough Thanks for everything go- ing to miss you. Good Luck AO SP DM PA DG KO DO SG MM TG Ber- muda 86 Mermaid Beach Club Number One. Debbie Don ' t forget The Blinker Chorus 84 85 86 87 fun times at Dairy Queen 82-85 Good Luck in whatever you do ' Armando, Stefan, Dwayne, and Chow-Chow Debbie You ' re the Best Love You Like A Sister. MJ Love you always ANDREA HARDING whoo whoo ac- cordion notes top secret shake the shake beandip nasty mitashi empty set pop + homer mass hysteria is- doin-it SPIKE goose bull cow Patch come back coy fingernail polish Crank calls Ouija suckwa Orange frizz backstroke uncle Steve wilda- beast Pre-Cal abthorb Pros Cons PAIN das wight spleen swank B + J wnat to be ' s minirager Oui C ' est bon! we are field hockey lankers doctor coach ' s award POP-off Jen- nybelle Nurse SCUMMANDO + Dr B. LaRue The 2nd brain! RACHEL GREENBERG I Ask Myself, " if you could do your four years over again, would you?” Nahhhhhll! Thanks Alyl To my Muf- fins Jodi Jeff good luck! Tina call me when you 8c Bill get married! Hi to Danny 8c Jim you guys are the best! John, Jen, Nessa, Benj, Lisa, 8c Linda-come I ' ll give you a tour of Falmouth!! Whats up Gids! All my love to Paul you know you ' re my 1!! Hey Sadie your hair looks good today! PA T HARRINGTON Good Luck to the football coaches in encouraging people to go STRAIGHT Good Luck to the Falmouth FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE FUTURE! 143 JF Summer of 86! THE FLUME! CHARLES R. GRINNELL Capt Football (2, 3, 4) Winter Track (1, 2, 3, 4) Spring Track (1, 2, 3, 4) Thanks Mugsy! Torque Bash at Ig ' s ABSO- LUT-LY! Kickin ' in the rabbit BLUEDY MOOS Leapin ' Remember When . . . ? Stendahl OOPS! April Fools Day w JB August 15. 1986 SNIFF! SNIFF! I Think I ' m gonna FAINT Bananas! L cubed Blurb Bash Main Turn on U- Street Quickie at Beaks Beast Mas- ter NO PAIN NO PAIN! I miss you Dad! Thanks Mom! BOBBI JO HARVEY Field Hockey 24 Ivory girl? DD + SO ”i get the front! " MS " my little cousin " Lori Feather ATC w MP 3 mins, to get home picture time! Sunsets at Chappy Stephanie Summer 86 Ba- nana Jeepin it No Top? " so any- ways. " Thanx for being there Keep Smiling Jamie Eastham-Bound New Year ' s 87 " I ' m tired " You ' re very special to me! YUP! 1-3-87 M + D thanx 4 helping me w every thing I Luv U! SEAN D. HALE Cross Country “The All-State Shuffle in Box 32 " Div. 1 41- 44 " You did it! " Winter Spring Track “Icy " REALITY @ the Casino “Let ' s go on tour! " Junky White Strat " I can still stand! " DO I HAVE 2 GO 2 SCHOOL 2MORRO Rush Alex MASP " 86 " " Sec. Treas. of the Honor Society? " " You killed itl " - TOO many hands on my time, too many feelings, 2 many things on my mind . . . And when I leave I don ' t know what I ' m hoping to find, when I leave I don ' t know what I ' m leav- ing behind . . . Thanks to all. Ciao RONNIE HAZEL TON (HAZY) Summer of 86 BLACKENED THE STANG Ford Quarters BALLARDS STANG Doesn ' t want piece of my " 66 " O ' Keefe ' s Bashes Blowing motor with RB cran- nies B51 Bruins Game with RO GD BUD TAP Hits YUKON SOCO Heights Ultimate Blue Oyster Cult with PR PO RO GS Full Barrel Tel. Pole with PR MEXICAN 8BALL Jimi hendrix wild thing GOOD LUCK TO PR RB DB RO GD PURPLE HAZE ALL IN MY BRAIN LATELY THINGS DONT SEEM THE SAME ACTING FUNNY, BUT I DONT KNOW WHY ' SCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY. 34 JEN (HENKEN) HENKENIUS Now Let ' s Face Reality! Led Zeppelin And Bad Company. Harry - I Love You! No- I ' m Not Going To Look Out The Sky- light. Jana And Jr. - Thanx For Mak- ing My Life Happy! N.J. This Weekend? 151. Hey Sheila- Frog Ate A Worm In A Mailbox! Pruple Things And The Sea Crest Becomes By Tv. Tom And The Rambler Are In My Mind Forever! New Hampshire In ' 86! They ' ll Be Sad Songs. Jayzell ' s. Deb. Grateful Dead! Hey -That Really Rules! Thanx A Million Mom And Dad, I Love Youl DANIEL B. HUGHES Lai English TV Vol- leyball Farewell to Crosscountry and Track to the 3. 1 and 600 " Hap- py Birthday Mr Casso " The precal club goodbye JW HM CM HH MH PD TD SH FB getting the boot from the library Road to nowhere Talking heads only use your mine if you want to. HEIDI HOBSON " A smile can make the difference " Cross Country Track Stagehand NHS Chapoquoit Beach A special thanks to every- one who has helped me along the way. Friends are people who share joy. sorrow, tears and laughter, and who are always around when en- couragement or a smile is needed. Dan Pen Carolyn Heather Toad Pete Kemo Mark Chippers Monique . . . This is what I found in each and everyone of you. Take care. SHELDON R. INGALLS Varsity Base- ball Football Falmouth 16-B9 JS-TO Beat B! Rudy In The TUb " YIPES " MA didn ' t forget you. Conchita Cons- waila selling Christmas trees Meil 8c Alex 8c Geddy Concerts Rush Re- gae Molecules in someones beer New Years Eve with Sean-Ed I never Boot Fall Down you killed it the " Li- brary Crew " Reality living in the limelight the Universal Lank FNH Red Lobster Stories 8c Hot apple cider special friends 8c DSHGWTM SRSSRGL 8c LC Corinne I will miss you Oh my God! outta here! HEIDI HOECKEL Gulf Shores-summer 86-the jacuzzi-Wizard of Oz-the midget, Bonzi, Aw-Heights wall, the van, waterville Valley with RG, the flume, Washburns Island, Skunk!, Bryan Adams with AC-85, Jackson- Alabama, Marthas Vineyard, Yes- terday ' s, the roof, " we just be- came a boat " Ann. Buggin, yes AB I remember them guys unfortunate- ly, AW-VH-the Ed, the Sail loft. Ann 8c Tracy, I will always love you Roch! Thanks Mom and Greg for every- thing, I love you both! JANICE M. IRVING Fieldhockey-3; fa- ball . softball-3, Cape Cod Aces-4 • " Greatest Love of all " hey kidos love ya! hey Paula remember the untasteable taste of ... . best friens always PC. KS, PC, DD, LE. ML, JM, AS. TD, JS, TC. NC. JE, NC, HS, ME hey all keep going! Ms Mason, Huckins, Connolly, Doradoionly 3 more to go Jen; Watchout Where- lock here I come! 1-4-3 MOM DAD Class of 87 don ' t forget Keep on Smiling! Luck to all . . . YEAH we ' re out!!!! CHRIS HOULDEN Thanks BSA 8c Mr. Helfen Kalpy getting his new track From WHS to FHS Hey Macsog from Ranger. ROBYNN-ELYNE IRWIN Annie (CP) Welfleet-Wiz-Cast party BHTPKF 2am-Denny ' s-BOHICA ABED Shazam Happy-fruit Back- wheel-drive RUMplemintz WHCI Chamber Music Games Achoo Chorus (Rep I) MDMontreal-Ex- changes THE VAN Rockin-n- Romo 6-19-86 Deb Ton Robi Jodie Condo Rocky Pt lincoln PK MV Fantasy 86 Prom 87 SR Rainbow HPS Track SADD AM1 1 LAX Summer 86 Stop-n-Shop-Crew (BOJCBSRB AGKMVBJD DGJBMB) CAEcal-JenSay-TAP-KMF-SJR- 35 DARLENE L. JACKSON THANKS MOM and DAD for everything you ' re the best " LOVE YA! " Good times w CM, CC, HM, NM, JD, GD, RL, BP, TL, KP, JP, MP, RR, MG Colleen-Base Daily 9 86 Parties at my house! FMCw PG 8c FG and the gang CM, MP. RW, ET, PU. Prom 86 w JD-87. 2 flats in green bomber by RR Car Pal- ace w RR, TL, KP Swansea Mall High Speed Chases through the Heights after TF those are his headlights!!! SHAYNE JAQUITH Soccer 1, 2. 3, 4 Lax 2, 3, 4, Ski Trips 86, 87 Marthas Vineyard " 86 " I want my Fuzzy Bear Moody Blues Cream Lets " not " meet at the Harbor " F " troop MR, JM, ML, TS, SK " My parents pay tax- es " (CS 8c N) Triple Chair nips " More old time Rock 8c Roll " and Scotty, Raymond. Costs, Min, Tony, Don, Brian, John, P.J., Flory, Moe, Fredy. Russ, J.B., Julie, Kristen, Jen, Ellen, Molly, Pinto Gilbert Pat, Thank you. Goodbye, and Good luck. Later Thanks MOM and DAD. MA TTHEW D. JACKSON Summer 85 BJ ' S JRJS DNRK- Hoops Beach bum inbetween JM-my moped! Sniffle Party at Bob ' s Lifting the still. Termi- nator Ski Trip, UMASS with JCJS Get Lucky, Boots? ZZ 8c Buddy w Stevie 8c Stefy Summer 86 DN Rich-BugPI- lant Me! Barney! HDLD-Michelle! VH NO JR I don ' t wanna ' IT Bill 8c Buicks. Midgets I ' m over here Deb! C-trees FRIDAYS w RK 8c DN. RASTAMAN Good Times with JGJRJSRKDNBMD PDMJGMMLCJR JSLPJCKRCV KRDB Good Luck to all. Thanks for every- thing Mom 8c Dad I Love you Both. ERICH. JENSEN 64 Football 4 years Falmouth 16-Barn9 We did it! Thanks Coaches " yensen " ' yumpin Yiminy " The Beast W National Honor Society-Honor Bowl " Is there life after Falmouth High? " You bet I ' m College Bound " like mice in a maze ' - 4 to a table-oh no! Vaca- tion Psych New Years Thanks MT CB EB EF MP EP SH DA SD TK PK KR Good Luck, it ' s a mean cruel world out there! See ya at the reunion. REBECCA JACKSON " Becky " " Re- becca " What ' s in a name? We ' ve made it! Hey, Dude!! Get Saved France 1985-1986 French Club Jets GT PD CB ML RA DR-Qu ' un veritable ami est une douce chose!-La Fon- taine " Thinking is but the intrepid effort of the soul to keep open in- dependence of her seas. " -Melville " c ' est elementaire mon cher Bal- loo, on est sur terre pour faire le fou " " Ceuillir des aujourd ' hui les roses de la vie " - Ronsard Au revoir aujourd ' hui, Bonjour demain . . JENNIFER E. JENSEN Thanks To These: AS- in Boston EF T he casuals JC- TIOXY Field Hockey with Dorito and I got the most bean dip track with RB 8c EF will I ever jump five feet. Honor Society Lankin out in Europe lets rage at L ' s with JC AH (G 8c G) Bundy " The Drowning Man " JB 8c JG (40 7 s. CK 8c WRONG) 8c MD (CAN- DY) Blend those daiquiries ski in Montreal (pre-cal) out of contrul with the wildabeast NO! DON ' T DRAW THE FIGURE-HORRIFIED, IT ' S OVER-BFD HRTA? PAMELA C. J ALBERT Smile at the world 8c it will smile back at you! Conehead 8c Pambo Washington D.C. w LK. High on Life! Wlsie ' s 85 TL MW FG SC CB. Ski trips 83-87 Uncle Jim ' s Cabin Good luck to good friends: LK MD BJ RA JN TG. The Cat- man-J2, 1, M. Prom 86 8c 87 w JB. Rainbow-(thanks BJ JC DM RB). " Jets " Thanks M 8c D-you ' re the best. Woodneck-John Trav. 3 Mus- keteers Jeff-lzzys, the dream tiger 8c muffin We will go on dreaming and loving in each others arms forever. TIM JEPSON 36 STEPHANIE JOHNSON Many dreams come true some have silver linings. I live for my dreams 8c a pocket full of gold. Summer of 86 Budrats live on! Good times w BCKRMRKRJM 8c LM Smile it makes people wonder. Thanks Mom, Joe 8c DAD. I love ya! Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime we ' ll take the best forget the rest 8c someday we ' ll find these are the best of times. Good Luck to all my friends KRMRMTBMJM CSWPMG JPDPATAWKRJLDA JBSHNOTLDPCH BPMJKPKMSE 8c MW Thanks Larry Luv ya! TIMOTHY J. KING Vice Presidnet 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Hock- ey 2, 3, 4 Co-Capt-Knee injury Out for the Season. What else could possibly happen? National Honor .Society 3. 4, Thanks Coach Cran 8c Ferreira " Pride, Heart, Humility, " I wish all my friends the best of Luck, especially Damon, Shaun, Jordan- saved my life. Thanks MOM 8c DAD, I love you. I ' ll miss FHS but look for- ward to the future . . . " Fear None Respect All. " TINA JOHNSON Thanks FHS. I luv u- BE, AR. RR. JB, BP, RG. LM. especially JENNI DAD 8c KATE, hey- 1 -got some rolls? Let ' s scoot! and F 2 . DC, WHERE ' S THE Sun? Brian don ' t forget KG. Good Luck BE. AR, RR. I ' ll miss you! All my love to HHS. Mantenudo Hockey 1 The best of times w KH, MM, DH. OR. MF. JEN. NA 8c RG. Xa- varian-PUC-DK-BK-KO. Meegs-Fire engines 8c worms. Never forget- Wendys w BE, AR, RR 8c the air- planes 8c champagne Good Luck to all the Grads at FHS 8c HHS. Bill 8c Jenni-I Luv U. ROBERT KLEIN. II I ' ve been waiting for this moment all my life. Phil Col- lins. Summers biggest decision? Play frisbee Tattoos w Casey. 30nGrungy. Bashes Okeefes. KLKPKPAB -Girlfriends. Midgets Hockey. Crannys B-51 ' s. Bashes in back Bonzy PA. I ' ve got the coolest family and girlfriend. I won ' t cheat on you. Bassett on Board. The Class of 87 Summer rules, echo. SoCo. WW. GD. SC. PO. GS. PG. PR. RH. RB. ETC. KRITEN MARIE KEATING " The best mirror is an old friend. " MM BS JM PV SEAN, JMV Isn ' t that special? Nobska Pepsquad tennis holy Cow! " Close calls " JS Ski Trip 86 87 lunch conversations DP " one of the girls " JC MM JC Hellriders! LL, What the . . . I Dunkin Donuts EL MM JD P.C. CHA- PEL! " Bury the Pig! " JS JC AF LP EG DM American Pie Prom 85 86 rides w Bessie CV Summers! ECHO Thanks MOM, DAD and Sean. JANNA MARIT KNUDSON BYE Nikki Steph Jenn Opus Twiggy Noses Smell ana Blis Sub F.B. We love you + the WALL Sof WH, FHS. SC, where the wallies are tall those ' pix WPTS wfBdam FTW you are a trendy b. SD, JS, HP fr. classnotes? Come go with me AAAH What is it? Dude dreams? J.D. + M.B. They are the wild ones. Amy + J.H. I Love YOu-all be looking for me in the pages of VOGUE-ACE! . . . and these chidren that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations LAURA KILDA Y VICTORIA M. KUBITSCHEK Sun Coun- try Summer Heights QT Lodge WHELPPOD UMASS Killington SURF POLO Handshakes Alice PBJ Idol Chuck + Fitz Thumpers CURSE TIME WARP FLEX Peachtree Andre Pink Celebrations QB Caramba Sup Chi- cago Scrap Abuse THE-FURS Flags Razzles REBEL! Outrageous Esca- pades Wake 8c Bake New-Year ' s Burnt Babies Belinda Quarters Green-Pizza DC ML KC DM CF JM CO Wavebabies Brockton Pugs PeeWee Atrinity Elves JBF Shell LTA Clamming Bourne DONNA ... STAY 37 BRIAN W. LANPHEAR " Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime My parents pay taxes Riding the cliff with JG New Year ' s 86-87 Moody Blues SM AF RG SJ " Thinking about it " hairpiece Don ' t throw up in my car. You got no tact SM " Four to a table! " Great Bashes Beak! " How about them Red Sox " Shaving JB ' s legs SM AF RG SJ PM JB JD FM PJ JC EG BC SS TE FS MR DP JM ED JB MP DM Good luck everyone keep in touch. Thanks Mom + Dad I Love You Both. TIM LEONARD MICHELLE LEMA Y JODIE B. LEVITIN Hey Miche. I Made Itl Thanx Mom! Love ya Miche, JTLZRILCMTJ 8c DUKRNJKSAB. RAY, JPSAKK . . . STEPH 8c TY. Thanx Tara B. LUV U ALWAYS JEFF! ROMO 8c ROCKIN Me 8c Robi; " It ' s gonna be great " IT WAS! the VAN " S.F.A. " , REI ACHOO SJR-Batman! Summer 86-Larry. Jeff, S, Rich miss ya BHS- SDTRCUMPWF JSTCEBEG . . . " PRIN- GLES " , Go-Get-Have, SCOOP, rab- bit, BB. I ' m over U JOHN! MARK . . . freshman year! Dec. 18, 85 (TONY), Jagx JS-Nov 24, 86 (JR)! Too bad Mr. A-B+ in PHYSICS! Don ' t forget . TRICIA LeMEUR Ne , Finally made it, didn ' t think we ' d do it; eh Nan? Four years nothing ' s rubbed off yet! Do we have to go to school? Nan Re- member- Barnstable Parties, school ' s out, C.C.M. Main St. Bound, C.A.R.P. Godzuki, Homeslice, Puff- ers, Car Palace, 6th Grade School, McGorty ' s Van. “The Path. " Tara, Car ' s don ' t like us. It ' s O.KN U.S. Ma- rines. Aug. 2. 1987. Thanks -Ron, Jack, and John. Bye Guys. Good Luck. JASYN- AN ASTASIA LEWIS Friends are like a brother and sister, two souls who touch without mingling, two fingers of the same hand. And love, that is to be two and yet only one, it is heaven. Tyler-I love you (kaleidescope eyes) Mom, Dad, Grandma I love you too (thanks) Eddie-why ' d you do it? I ' ll never know. Faerie tales never lie. True love and true friends are forever. The eyes are the mirror to the soul. 1,000 cranes- JS5UPJLKMD- 143-life is beautiful, keep on skleeming! PEACE may u live 2 see the dawn. HEA THER LENNOX Colorguard 3 yrs. Rifle Capt. Rifles, remember the best forget the rest! Cambo, best friends will always be ' memba PB cup sundaes, Chappi, 8c bikin ' , it! Di- Di " Who amuses who? " Captains 4eva! Nicola, jets 8c you the inse- perable 2! Summer 85 ' WS w PB eh? Raz 4 85-5 86 It was fun 143. Hi Micky! Crash ' s Parties, scavenger hunts, 8c wisdom! Tim, Gregg, 8c Phil- lip a special thanks to you guys for everything! I Love You Dad! Mom, you ' re the best! from my friend to my Mom I LOVE YOU! BOO BOO 8c JAMES LICHTENSTEIN NUF OT SEREH hguone tsuj si gnihtyreve fo hucm ot ytliug leef t ' nod I, nessalg nasurf eht lla eta I etaudarg nac eno hcihw htiw yticolev tsellams eht yti- cokev epacse III see you all out on highway 61. 38 .. MICHAEL M. LIPP " SKIP " -Thanks Rich Football-4 (or 3 V 2 ) T-Day vs. Barn- stable " F Troop- John. Mark, Shane + Tammy ' ' - " What Duck " - “Where ' s all the white paint? " Prank Calls-“Tight Pants " - “Let ' s play tennis " -Bill, Kev, Mark, JP-Z, Damon-James Dean, John, Sean- Mark-See you at Harvard-Yale Game, PA, DM-Thanks for the appli- cation “on time " -New Year ' s Eve- 86-Sorryl M! Times with JM, JP, Shauna, Cari + MR Thinkin ' bout it! Summer 86 + 87 to come. LAM. Yale? I Love You Mom + Dad! Nev- LAMONTE LUCAS PTL! Academan- iac-Remember: “THE MONTE METH- OD " “YO DR. JOHNSON " “THE GREATEST POWER . . JETS-Math Team-Stats-MASP Vice Thanksgiv- ing Parade and a cold-Honor Bowls Science Fair THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: “I Love You and Always Will AMC " God Bless and MARANATHA! PS Ph 4:13 MAUREEN LONG MO-MUFF “We al- ways come through " JBF buns bop slop finny boots womp psycho DDW VK JM Lodge ballparks sun- country pink I promise we ' ll go home tonight Luck to KC DM DC VK TT JL OF Can I have some 10-19-84 Wake 8r Bake Curse rain trash ad- ventures Everybody wants . . . Bos- ton Sophie Ln. cubies IWFYE DA Landing bagged I just want you guys to know that . . . Room-Room Scoop The Lunch Table 1-4-3 Mom and Dad THANKS Good Luck Guys. ELLEN D. L YNCH I have tomorrow in my dreams of today, I am the fu- ture, I ' ll find the way. SMC oh no NHC FM JD ST MM Holy Cow! The Brown Summer 86 SG EC tennis pep squad Biily Joel PC ' s Chapel bury the pig! Ski Trips MC ' s 61486 New- port tennis MM KK First Night 87 Condo twist-n-shout Kaplan no cur- ry Lunch 4 Lupus PJ FM on the road and fun times with Molly! Thanks Mom Dad and Chris. I am a part of all that I have met. MICHELLE -ANN ELIZABETH LOPES No one is useless in this world who light- ens the burden of it to anyone else Thanks and love to God and my family. I couldn ' t have made it with- out you!! Good luck to all my friends especially; J. Cee ' , Nikki-cole, Lau- ra, Mega C. Jules, Tarik, JJ, Alex, Rodney, Erika and Monique. LEAD ' 86, W.M.H., Cheers to C.C.! Good- bye and always remember that the essentials of happiness are somth- ing to do, somthing to love, and somthing to hope for! I LOVE YOU MOM AND REQUEL JENNIFER L. L YONS Hey, Wake up! Rose I can ' t go home like this. Can I see some identification please? Strawberries + Cream. YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUSLY STUPID THING I ' VE EVER LOVED! CURE CON- CERT Boston Bound! Timmy. MS I will remember all of you when I am RICH AND FAMOUSI Paranoia of balo- men. Where are we? Red line HS RR Life is so confusing Can we ever stop the merry go round? Where is it all coming from Splat Splat Splat It all falls down Love is a vacuum cleaner. WILLARD LOVETT I Want To Thank All The Teachers Who Helped Me With My School Work And Of All The Schools I Went To This Is The Best. I Made A Lot More Friends In This School And I Want To Thank Ms. Connolly For All The Help She Gave Me. And I ' m Going To Miss Falmouth High School. KERRY ANN L YONS KK I am gonna miss you U are the best! Good Luck Sister Kel put the goldfish in the to- mato juice Sharron lets clean! Hello, Lua-Kristy -take care! GP-Where is my stick?- Can I have my hat back? JG-Great Talks! Kerry July 23 Do you think the bee died? CM FB HF KT CM I ' ll drive-U-trip-not the curb! KK call WHOI the fish are dy- ing! Craig you will alwys be special and I Luv You! KK did U really throw the hamster out the window? I Love you Mom + Mike, Thanx! JOHN MACDONALD Thanks to all my Friends in High School. I ' ll never forget you. Matt J ' s Party the end of the summer party at work! Trip to Florida Ft. Lauderdale Shirts 85 Fiero Senior lounge 10th Block 3pts. Thanks JM. SC. MP. RG. SS, VK. ML Great times Senior Class Christmas Tree Sale with SJ, EG, MR, Thanks most of all to Mom and Dad. La- crosse tryouts Chestnut Street The Fools Summer of 86 Looking for- ward to Summer of 87 Good Luck to the class of 87 in whatever you do, Hope to see you soon. DAMON MAROTTA Through, FHS THANKS BUD " SNOW " SKIING. SUM- MER " 86 " PA, SC. STUFFED And CUFFED 7-11 Slept in the Room OH With Bars. SC its been Real " Stolen Cars " SJ. RK BOATHOUSE DOORS AND WINDOWS. Late Summer Nights RL PA JAMES DEAN OH NO REINCARNATED HELP ME. Giardi ' s mail is delivered at Fuller Field 50 Yard Line. CAPE WINDS WINDOWS Thought of Chiking to Sun Country. SJ. Good Luck Class of 87 Latta! FHS. ALICIA RENEE MACIEL " BUFFY " Good Times Bad Times Ya Know I ' ve Had My Share Friends Forever CC DC JL SH SM JC CC FG ET DB JS Partying w Caryn the Malones Jim Joe Phil Vic Ian TM CL MA Concerts Woody ' s Place Spookers After Hours Summer of 86 Georgia Smiles Prom 85 • 86 w Eddie Never Forget Ya. I Love U Mom and Daddy Sam Chrissy hang in there sis your the best Thanks Buddy and Nancy Let the Good Times Roll I ' m Young now I ' m Wild now and I ' m Free . . . Geor- gia Bound . . . BUFFY BENFIELD KARA J. MARSHALL Soccer, Tennis; JG-Ohio Not Wl? What? Menahaut always B ' s Beach House-CSS The 4th DNFDITR NFNR Kim ' s house Fall K Crew The Breakfast Club at H + K 11 26 CRWCR-even docked at 8:00 am JG-360 • not once, but twice New Year ' s Eve -JC MG KG JB JG LC MS KA DB JN S + TP G + CD GP CM SM KR GC CB CP AP RL-I Love You All! SD-UR1 Babe + 143- JB-Winchester M + D-l love you! WHS I ' ve Missed You, But Thank You FHS For A Great Year! The Best of Luck to The Class of ' 87! SCOTT MACKILLIGAN Soccer Dur- fee SS TE, Hoop SC, Baseball Chem- istry with-Ellen Pre-Cal Jen, DEAD " 86 " The Wall, Great Woods Moody Blues RG, BL. AF, Beak, James Taylor, Neil Young PJ FM. Hie Scletchering, Worm, LR New Year ' s Eve. Golf, Big Ship JJ hm BC, Lunch JC AF JJ AH MD John 3:16, Colleen O., Martha ' s Vineyard BC ' s at- tempted theft on South Beach, RAZ I hate applications Prom W CP " 86 " A-05 Ellen Amy Russ Brian. I don ' t know if I ' m ready to leave but I ' m gone anyway See Ya. THOMAS MA TIROS MICHAEL MARINI Pamala, Pum- meler? Pummeler DN Wrestling SHOP, PHOTO. Four Years What Next Collage, Work, Military? GOOD LUCK AT JJ JA Thanks Mr. Douglass. 50 KNOTS WHY NOT IT ' S ONLY A SAJI WITH 15 PEOPLE COZY OR CRAMPED! THANKS MR. V Help Appreciated Four Years And A Lousy Piece Of Paper To Show For It. ESADMF Fair Winds And Following Tide. CAROLYN " WREN " MAUK What up! Majorettes Treas-Co Capt Toad Feath Steph HeHe Now! Pre-Cal Club How ' s It Go? DH PD TD MH Fun- damental Pondlife BIPP Oopa! M 8r J- Where ' s Our Dinner? It ' s like a law! " g " Oh my dog! Get out of my way-1 don ' t drive well! I don ' t make decisions! $127.37 Surfing Track Pathetic Athletic Attempt! Ice Cream Relay Run! Run! Fast! RS- Friends Forever! Chronic Faussaire! C-etait Toi! Thanks for all The mem- ories and good times! Tu es un par- apluie-Mais je t ' aime! JOSEPH FLORY MCCARTHY 2bucks parking climbing through drive thru Loon Salute zing zang zoom Atti- tash starting early DantBill Bottom- less Pits everytime FLA ' 86 + ' 87 Kev I want to go home Ski Trip Mad- ness trip to St. Mike ' s-almost Soc- cer, No Fuzzy Bear? What the !? Boys of ' 86 Pieces Part II in van w Vfe You ain ' t seen nothin ' let Kev + PJ •JULIE Good Luck To: PJ, KD BM DP i DM EG SS TE PM SM SC JM MR DD JP | SJ PC MM EL JD BL. Thanks Mom + i Dad, We ' re all out now!! LORI M. McLAUGHLIN scubba I wuv u [ Ween TAKE THE GOOD W THE BAD I AND A BUCKET A BARF C-COOKIES 1 No Falmouth Parties 4C Red Stars ] DOBA HUBBA HUBBA BU-HA HU-BA I Seacrest Cuddles Blainey Law- 1 rence Three Little Pigs! Hidden Vil- lage Eat That Thang Halloween-83 Fitzies JH DT KE SV BB KP TM LATIN- NR AL-SWEENEYBUT! Studley ' s Par- ties JD! Thanx I Luf U Mocha Man 1 Pookie Thanks For Everything Mom-1 LOVE YOU- Wish you were here Dad! BY-YOU! NANCY ANNE MCCARTHY SVC here I come, good luck Wendy and Steph, SADD, Girls Track (shotput), summer of ' 86, Conn, with the Griz- zies, gonna miss ya House C, friends are forever: WG, SF, LW, KS, MM, MM. NO. TM. CC, Ed. TJ. KB, RR. HS, DJ. CM, SA, LM, TC. JA, " Object of my desire” EP, Keep on coaching Mugsy, Mom and Dad, I Love You so much that words can ' t explain the way I feel, clammin ' with Wen- dy. Take Care FHS, BYE. WILLIAM C. McLEAN Ballard Boy Carla ' s Parties Gateway Wags Ski Trips Canada W PJ Pack-man- Lopped Vano What Red Light The Fort The ClubHouseRoma 85 Hap- pybday I Want To Hold Your Hand Junior Year, What A Mad One The Truck Peter Gabriel The Edge Not Another FreshmanYear Late To Hockey New Year ' s 86-87 White Fence Hey, You All Know What We Did, So Have A Good One-MBL Reggae My Guitar Is A Spade, Ship Last Minute Mon. All My Friends, Thank You; You ' re What Made It CHRISTINE McCORMICK volleyball 86 Animal Be Good you Rebel wild times At the " CC " w JTTCA- GAHSG KMMECMSF I don ' t know about you guys . . . keep in touch! Is it time to go home yet? How ' s LH Bean? Hey what are you doing in the Men ' s locker room? DF put that sign back! I lost my flag! PC MS Nice night for a fire Are we having fun yet skiing 87. JRAT I ' m going to miss you next year luv ya you ' re the best! JTTCAGAHLMMESG CMKFDFPCMSD MMSAMJRJS Th- anks to you guys I had fun!! Good ALEXIS SCOTT McLEOD The B-51 ' s (Cranshaw) . . . Well . . . it ' s been a trip. See You in 10 years class of ' 87 ' . Good Luck to all And Me. Don ' t forget New Year ' s Eve Jay. C, J, C. J. Summer of ' 86 ' New Year ' s Day " THE SEARCH” 8 hours studys with SF + WG + KW + TM + Tammy + Kristen. And to My Sisters ML + TJ Later vater Boys . . . WHAT ' S THE TIME . . . It ' s time to get ill!!! Well Grandmw I made it!!! Thanks to my family Love You! Good Luck " AUT + CLEO” Good Luck to: JJ WG SF SC TJ TC KW RH HEATHER (FEATH) McLAUGHLIN X- Country Track Toad Wren Penni Steff Liddybit 5 is right out! PD DH KH TD slow down- I want to drink! It wasn ' t supposed to work " g” Alter-Ego Pre-Cal Club " Goatherders should never never think " The Duel Toto ' 85 Sandy ' 84 Ultimate hitlist " Sponges don ' t jump on buffet tables! " Chip-Lips -Prob- lems always follow guysl-France ' 85 the Beam $127.37! straws " Big ships . . . " dip ' n Je vous aime Mom and Dad! COLLEEN A. McMANUS guess what-i made it! neenyboo-dudecycle! Dawn (mums) I luv Ya-chin up?! 3 am Ugh! fmc PG + FG + gang! my bodyguards -BT + JH + MT! babes! yun joey! huey lewis says! Dennis Demers I love you! its just a dream! thanks to R. Nilson + L. Leary + Mrs. R-G. Spivey + C. Brunelle-Proms 85- 86-87-Pammy G. lets go 360 + wing it! KitudbKimF! " choose to ex- perience this instant as the only time there is + live a reality of now " goodluck 87! Thanks Mom + Dad-1 love You! Teri + Melanie you ' re the 41 LINDA BRAY McNAMARA Let ' s just say- 1-1 -86, Brant kona-kai, yacht, I don ' t 4-get-LaJolla DD ND AG BJ KM TR. Phil laws scooter RUup4it? MISSIONS! " sick and wrong! " Le- Spend squared Mr. Flintstone Kath- K-ug Boston snowday? Jay Dac-o- Coat! mini-RAGERS JC MD JG AH J JJ DL TM CN CUTE Bundy, C-A-Dr.l " diamonds in the sun. " Aborig, ish- didit! cole CF Moll TnB Mammoth RFTW -Ris and Keefus I Love You so incredibly much! U2 Poppa Smurfi- “Imagination never let us take the blame. " GO WEST. MONICA MITCHELL I Love you Ma! I did it! Thanks for hangin in! 6.6.87 Moes Wedding thanx to my friends good luck! DMS luv ya! Sandy you ' re the Best! luv ya Gladys Sum- mer with Tammy! Trip but don ' t fall! I win Lori-n-Erin Thanks 143 2! MR Tilly; buff, the path; S. . Cape; the Cut- las; My oyta " FRESHEST " 10.26.85 RTR-You are my world! Love, no- body can stop us now 1 1.13.86 We are ours for keeps! 143 Richie its not the end only the beginning! PATRICK MCNAMARA Remember- ing distant memories recalling friends names It ' s time to move on but the good time will never change. X-mas Island PBC MM Gm, Bm. Bf, es soccer 1 2 3 3 4 augie! Friends in poppy summers 85, 86 2- 28 " Finally got it " Baker boys Gill, Hippy, Geese, Bert, Mo, Jan, Ellis, Beak. Fla. Sean Good times W LP CV JD JB. Timber creek W BM MR and worm Nothing ventured noth- ing gainded so go for it. Bahamas Bound! LUCY MOGRASS all my friends-MS KB KN DH RA CL ANYONE ELSE I missed the good times-WKPE DANCE PROM 85 86 Nautilus with Maryellen " GUN IT GUN IT! " Field- hockey Season at FHS and UHS Dis- tricts! " Where ' s UHS? " Thanks Mom, Dad, Judy, Love Ya Ernie Party over Sue ' s House " Pits " Homecoming Rain 86!!! Cruisin ' Hyannis, Worces- ter with TA JJ CC RW DAWN-the football player " I Want Muscles. JAM MOBILE- " Punch That Bag Joe! " " Do It Cuz! " Goodbye FHS!! DAVID M. MELLO Soccer 12 3 4 Remember Bishop Connolly-last second win-Honor Society 3 4- MATH TEAM?? Calculus Casso ' s Way?? Intellectual Brutality!! " You don ' t need to know that " VOLLEY- BALL WITH SPECIAL FRIENDS IS THE BEST! First and especially tenth block. Wednesday Nights, and all tourneys. Summer ' 86-Late night (or early morning?) hoop at Morse Pond-Rampage-TIME OUT! " Trust only those who stand to lose as much as you do. " MS, JD, Oedipus, EB, DH. JS. MP: GOOD LUCK + KEEP JANET MOLLER Just Joking! Field- hockey 82-85-Christmas Trees w DD. WP, EE, JS, JD. TD. DA. DF. KB. BJ. EZ, KS, ST-New Year ' s Eve w Wayne-Boston again • N.H. Bur- ger King • Gui! " THE MOON " -March 86 w DD 8r ML I ' ll never forget! " Slippery sand 8 . NO seatbelt! " Goodluck DD, DL, EE. JD, WP. JS. ML. DA, TD. BJ, KB. KS, WM, I love you all! • Thanks for everything Deb! I ' ll nev- er forget you!-Vibes! Wayne; I love you! watch out for bushes Deb! • A- HA! 86! Miniature golf w Deb! Hockey games! • " No collisions WAYNE MIRANDA " 87 " UNfaithful CASH JONAS WOOD-E PATR HILL-E NA DC RL TR Sibbi Colleen SR-Rev. DR DD JM EE JD MR. Jim 6X-ES! Steff Heide GDL JC MR JP HD NANC KRIS- MeV Reebok Run-DMC GM SM AC Fullforce-Get Busy 1 TIME OMZIW icy-Hot. RICHARD A MOLLOY II Football • Baseball 3 LAPS 8r 6 BEASTS Carroll- trin • Chickenhead w SS, TE • Big- heads Kitchen Table • Cape Cod- der • Montreal St. Catherines Street • New York w TE, SC, DD • SMOOTH • Texas • Barnstable 16-9 • Dis- missed at 11 • MARINES 8-4 JP, TE, SC • Dude • Midgets Bench Brawl • Molly • RB RL KL • Victims of the Future??? 42 — ADRIENNE ROSE MINASSIANTfranx to all who showed me I could Make It I Did Make It! love you! mom dad alice karen jana paula deb mm so dd tl pb dv kf jp wc lb sd all I want to do is bang on my drums UCLA Here I come Concerts Rule " BACK- STAGE PASSES " Ozzy AC DC White Lion Triumph Van Halen need I say more? Karen your my best friend til the end New Years Eve Ruled Bos- ton your my Home Steve Calvert I LOVE YOU ALWAYS let the sun shine if all else fails SIGNED A ROCK " N " ROLLER CALIFORNIA BOUND. TARA L. MOORE well This Is It! it ' s been real! Mom love yea Thanks for being a friend. Best times with SM JB ! SM MJ CS BS NP TL NO KL KM KP " oct 6 " Sean I love You 4eva " Is it Friday yet " " Nantucket " Shannon love yea. Hang in there! JB New Years what a night " Mars " TL need help chasing that tire? " Joshua " KL nev- er 4get Junior year (small business) Norman Greg Kevin Ronnie love yea! CS BS NP I ' ll miss ya! CS never 4get your voice! By FHS. MARY LEE (MOLL Y) MONAHAN what we anticipate seldom occurs; what we least expect generally hap- pens. St Mikes? B Joel PC chapel. SM-NY 86 fun times 8c talks. EL where was prom last night? st jd sc my Irst friends. Lupus pj fm-cs apart- ment. Lm-cuteness. Kd awesome. Interplanet, Bananna. Bury the Pigl E. Crowley-always have been, al- ways will be. El 25 hours a day. Kelly I love you, baby sister! stay sweet Brendan-thanks for much. MOM 8c DAD 8c JOE I love you. MICHAEL D. MONIZ Thank you mom 8c dad! u mass: here I come! high school soc- studies major oa bsa noac 86 yes Michigan! paradise in Mt pleasant with kmm! valforge cs bosox, subwys john 8c j. laura at the crest, jc, was it real? me in june. rudy-beags-bird-ben: calis crew, amy 8c janet in mr grunins I will miss you all never look back, dwelling upon what might have been, look ahead to the future and dream of what will be. ANTHONY MONTEIRO JOHN A. MUNROE Because u de- serve what every individual should enjoy regulary. South beach com- bat champ! Scully in for the sum- mer. 87 ski trip quarters F-troop JM TS MR ML SJx-mas Island KKC Sam- buvca-Julie I am bumper pool king! B-ball with MR SC SR Wease frisc geese dantics spanks bone hippy beaker Upper bearsy ellis gile gid- get cari you guys are the best, shawna love you always. CHRISTINE MURPHY Keenbean. HI! Stanley gone, tree still there. AHZB branedead again?! 3c ' s-keep shootin. Spaz 8c " psyco " pathic re- venge! luv to M 8c M! Summer 86 BCF W BF Yesterday ' s w JK 8c GP MFCCTPBS Laura, how ' s therapy? where did the time go? x-mas trees, JS 8c WP, hi! vacation in ware- ham! DJ-dec. 28. Thanx Mom, Bob, Jen 8c Spaz! Luv ya 4 being there. " Cutting thru the nite we find seeds of lust 8c lose our minds " HEY Ray, HI, LC, CL, CG. SS, DH, JS, WP, DA. JK, GP, LL. HF, MW. BP. Melin-teddies 4eva. Keep smiling! TIMOTHY W. MURPHY " All the world ' s a stage and we are merely players, performers and portrayers. . " Even so we must be graceful un- der pressure and look on with a very positive attitude . . .-Memora- ble times w ' reality ' - N. Pert (my inspiration). Tama Drums. Rush 1 . . 5150 Tour. ZZ Top. Power Win- dows Mom, thank you for being there when the going got tough ‘Goodtimes at FHS . . . B.C. Here I come. -Good luck seniors- ‘till we meet again . I luv u Jennifer, class of 1987. 43 DEIRDRE A. MURRAY Friends: LHHL MSMLCFDCVK JTBP Loverboy 9people-200sx? flax beep Poof what ' d you high? jumper cables Santa slippers Montreal 2-Seb + 4- wo-85 the Lodgew SMCFJRBMSJ Umass2- Gloria Veggies snuf alofogus Great party l2poptarts green pizza wake N bake Puke Cruizin in the caddy Fla 83 Bahamas 86 Cal 86 beers in the micro class of 85 gotta luv ya 5-5-85-boston who was I talkin to? Thumpers crew the whelp we always JOHN NETTO don ' t believe it ' s final- ly over! It ' s been a long trip but par- tying makes it easier. Roadtrips, OMP, Driving in Boston, " oops " , Jim . . the curb. Cindylou-who, " pil- lows " , the green death + shaving cream, caps in my bedroom, third block study, sleeping in pre-cal, the pre-cal party will it happen " Hot Dogs " " The Ghost " BC HIGH, the Track meet, Richie ' s shortcuts, the d-ologist but Dave " I ' m not as think as you baked I am " . AMARA ELLEN MUSTAFA I won ' t let the sun go down on me. WFHS. SADD. Not so funny girl emma Rus- sian. Boston Shopping. The Casino. DD, CC + PS Concerts. Worcester Marriot. Whoah Babe. SSA Pla. 20 Years Aunt Fatima. Godiva. WKPE. Preek, Foips. Thanks for being a part of my life cwh tmt ajc chr bb ka. I love you mom + dad Remember it ' s going to be my MTV. Senior lounge 7 8. May 9. Fresh- man show Boy George, selling trees with RA + KA. Waterskiing s- ing with the stars. AMAHAHA. Good NANCY OAKLEY Mom 8c dad, didn ' t think i ' d make it did you-thanx for pushing- luv ya! Trick remember: Puffers-mainstreet-school ' s out-6th grade school baseball field-the barn-tech graduation parties-ho- meslice carpi-godzuki-crecker- Mcgorty ' s ran-Carp-coors-Easter-4 years 8c nothing ' s rubbed off yet- thank god! It ' s ok Tara, don ' t get your hands dirty! Got enough gas? I dont want to go to school. Let ' s turn around! CANADA-Scott, I love you " June 14 " Trick good luck in the Marines! CHRISTINE MARIE NEGRON Nature ' s first green is gold, her hardest hue to hold, her early leaf ' s a flower; but only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost Going to Boston Rhode Island w sources Crew: cs. jp, ce, gp. cd. km, mt, tm, eg, cl, cf, ellen, linda. rich, eg, db. dt, tp. cm, ma. jp, jm, vc. 8c dc Thanx Mom Dad- finally made it! I ' ll miss FHS 8c my favorite " ladies " who served lunch BK can have me. Good times w DB, MS, TJ See you RON O ' KEEFE The Best of Times: The wall at oak St. Fishbowl in Maverick The Wild Times with PPO the best times partying with Greg D. Donny S. Bob Kid and Pat o SB PB DB RH PR JP 1C BM JW TJ MP MM CS the best summer with Dad and Ashley in 84 Skiing at Killington with GD the mote with PB GD DS Saratoga with Bob Got to love the elbow 7 7 Bud R 8c C Buka Deb B. at the bench I ' ll never forget you Deb M. Angela Brenda Dad jean Mom Pat thanks for everything CHRISTEN LEIGH NELSON I was only ACTING! chamber music; Fdouglass is my savior small mouth lax goalie are you Helen Peirce ' s gran- daughter? PGR revisited Hey Boouyl: Bsquared: hunting in Wood- sHole w Chris B xerox volkswagon " All alone, dont admire anonym- nity " Pete Townshend: wearing black: rome 1985; more whine! art is a way of life, the MFA DAS wight! Helen Reddy Hannah Hell dogs The hellbus love is toast jason plain- face bundy Dylan = fun umake me glad! Don, Heidi + Helen have let SEAN O ' KEEFE rest in peace Intense guitarists: YNGWLE J MalmsTeen - George Lynch-stevie ray-steve Vai-billy sheean 8c etc. Come back to Jamaica Heffenreffer caps white hot Don-come over sometime! Morgan 8c the Ruster! Dave the Madman 8c all fine girls Ozzy rock-n- roll 4ever New York 8c beautiful lunches at FHS! peace to all. . MM, JG, CB. DB. PS, JD, KM. AL. DD. JParker 1 insane dude! JM. Kevin the barrel quiet. Wyatt! B.C. Rich thanks for everything Mom 8c Dad 8c nan! later! p.s. no more broken m CHRISTINE O ' LEARY Best Buddies Molly Ellen " HB and the header " It ' s a mercedes! Who has the keys?? How come nobody told me? Heard it through the grape- vine! Whale you? Molly your the next to go! Ski trips ”86 " XX " 87 " - Boiler Room You better watch out busterl What a jokester! Good friends and best times MO ED FM PT TC BM SM MM EL KT SS JC Thanks Patti Good Luck Colleen Love ya Mom 8c Dad MARC L. PARSONS Football 1-4 capt Hoop 1-4 Baseball 1-2 Track 3- 4 Absolut-ly sp ace mountain otto nice job F-troop Nice pants Mike! Nice legs JB.Oral History labs. Cal bet with EB. " I guess so coach " . Thanksgiving 86. Where, Russ? Ma- bee boliz ztazunl. Lurch. Ig. Beast Master,. BG + JB Blurb bash Pats Code $5 Harvard Yale. Thanks Mom, Dad 8c Bub! Good luck 87 and keep in touch! MOLLY O’NEIL Best of times with Best Buddies Christine, Ellen, and of course the New cross country? soc- cer game stories in Mr OBriens class Volkswagens float! New York Woods Hole MBL dances Those guys! key club ski trips the beach house, whale you Christine? Best of luck class of 87, Thanks for the memories I love you Mom 8c Dad! WAYNE PELLETIER Hey freshstuff, TeriP SC, RS, JF, JWS, ' party at my house ' HEY JJ what you been do- ing?? Broken cymbals and shat- tered sticks equal poor me keep the neighbors awake John thanks for taking my 4444 I know ' you will remember and never forget ' The Cats Growl and THE WOLFS HOWL, some year for sure, Leftys gutit 22 pieces of pure loudness Gretch, Paiste Pull the String 3 and out do it in concrete still loving you 555MJE Thanks MoM. JERRY JONATHAN PALMER Well it ' s finally over, good luck to the class of 87, and goodbye to FHS. To my mother: Thank you! for always be- ing there for me, I never would have made it without your love and support . Atlanta bound????? Alex never forget New Years with J, C, J, and C. little maroon Toyota FHS Band (the cue-tips) " you gotta get it together " Later, Freak! Hey AM: the search Tarik, you big doo- doo mustard! JB4. LL. ML. AM. etc . . . It ' s been real. BYE .... P.S. . . . Mom: I did it! ELIZABETH A. PEOPLES (LIZ) like a rolling stone, cheering 12. always in trble w jules squam summers some W JD-CV + RS 8c brad. Sunsets @ chappy. Motel 13. fantasies W brad-what happened? puffbel- lies. jill. prom 85. Happy Hampt 3 out club Ski Team-miss Uash 8c tina. deb. Xmas Is. nanc. bridges, jen. jo. T3-JDCV 8c me. psychos-J3K + me. H20 ski. Watch out! here comes carrie-attitash. don, let ' s go surfin! Thanx- spcvjdjgpm. flabound W my bud John. 143 mom 8c dad " What a strange trip it ' s been ' JULIAN PARKER I laughed I cried It became a part of me can you feel the real me Breakfast Club Lose your dreams + u could lose your mind GABDE How I wish you were here Martian period luv u psycho downtown Beirut Hardcore Wo- men Green with polkadots Chess game My blond coincidence the observer Do bears bear do bees be Sounds real good Mark Ex- change Club You ' re weird Thanx mum + dad Ashes + diamonds . . . Foes + friends . . . We are all equal in the end . . . JOSEPH PERITO Partying with Jonny B Donny Jawa Scott Hmary Tracey Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Prom 86 BAD BOYS John " Plate " " John! thats not the bathroom!! " Beagle lane ' IROC-Z Rockin Robynn Teri (bubbles) stop 8c shop crew. Mrs. 8c Mr. Brand Thanks for being there To Bruce 8c Brenda Best couple. The ratt pack Mary olivertwist to compy good luck friends forever Deepwood destroyers. 45 ELIZABETH ANNE PERKINS We made it! I love you Jeff! Friends: MS JP DM KF KW MR JT MF SS Boston bound! - April vacation - Scott uou will al- ways be special to me! JD ' s house Creek, Pappa Smurf, DQ, Tag- Team, " There they are " " Upside- Down " CB - VK - JA - " What does it take? " Stonehill, Nob, " Thanks Mom, I love ya! " Goodbye FHS. KEVIN PICKERING CRYSIA ALLISON PETTIGREW " Losl in twilight, the memories, precious moments, you me. We ' ve been old friends all through the years, picture postcards, sharing tears. " - Journey My party- 12 13 86 Doni- remember me in Belgium, J Sylvia, Ally, Jodi, Jeff Robi, Jeans. Christine, Szpond, J Netto, Jim K, EZ. Jasyn, Julian. Natascha, Steph, Beth, Erich F. Amara, Mike A from Alaska, I love you all! sorry anyone I forgot DMCCFP I love you! to those who touched my life 8c made it better- thanks! bye class of 87 I ' ll miss you CHRISTY PIMENTAL Joe I Ivoe youlllll you make me so happy Detours, pizza, work, whipcream, nights at Wilson. Don ' t go now. Korners w Kim, to many Mikes. Hey Kim, He ' s just a Jigalo! The guys from Arling- ton. Let ' s go swimming Cathy re- member all the animals in the zoo: Penguins, cheetah, oneleg, me too! Smile sunshine. Mom! Thanks for everything, I love youl LAURA BETH PHILLIPS " Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world be- fore me, the long brown path be- fore me leading wherever I choose " Cap. Gymnastics? sort of? JS soccer lacrosse! PS cap w KKELKD? Ski Trips! Paris w Janet? Yale weekends! Road trips KKI 10 26 85 DP 10 26 86 Laura Ash- ley! Thanks Bill (Amherst?) Love ya Beth! Good Luck-BSBMKKJCJSAF EL- SASMBCDP! Dave-merci pour tou- sles memories, merveilleuses! Tu es si special a moil JMV! I love you DANIEL L. PIMENTAL If only the good die young I should already be in Heaven. Thanks to Mom 8c Dad Thanks to my friends I only remem- ber the good times. Thanks Jen I still remember the good times. Dona- hue luch block 86 Lacrosse Capt 87 You only are what you are when no one is looking I ' ll always be me. Catch me on the six o ' clock news See you in the funny pages. Love, Dan. JILL PICKERING I Love You Babiel Majorettes co-cap. 2 yrs. Here come the real world. Keep in touch: ww. ac. It, jd, kf, lb. Love you all! un poco! Sept. 28, 85! Yacht club. Prom 86. 87. Don ' t get lost in Bos- ton! Good times at the Heights beach w JA. Turque! Skiing Jan. Party at JD Let the good times roll! I love you Mom, Dad 8c sis! I love you Jeff always and 4-ever! . can ' t wait ' til 2 14 92! Hey crock! Keep outta trouble! Barbie 8c Ken Hasta Luege fhs! BRYAN PINA 46 JEFFREY T. PINTO Golf 1. 2, 3. 4 Midgets Ski Trips: Attitash- McLan- ! guage; LOON, Zinger, Zanger, l Zoomer- ’ EG, NC-what are you on? Good times with: KR, EG, SJ, SS, SC, JM. RM, TE, FM. BM, DP, DD. MR, NO, DM, BL. JG Cardinal Putt- Putt, Mexican. Moody Blues " NOT " the harbor! KKC Montreal BON- [ JOVI U.S. MARINES CORPS 8 4 87 " 68 " MUSTANG BIMMINY We Got Skiing KERRY- I YOU ' LL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE SPE- I CIAL! I LOVE YOU KIRA PRA TT freddy 8c harriet 4-eva la, st, ss-strap on a set summer of " 86 " nev ' a 4-get jill-island queen road race fin whelp co, kp, Im 8c ks- n.f. new year ' s “87 " ds 8c fb chicky makes 5 butch nr 8c bd-good luck may 19 8c 23- i love you Andy St. Croix reef queen Sharron, best friend 4-eva north beach is where i want to be montreal bahamas w cf i love you dad 8c sue thanx mom 8c bp-luv-u-2 people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be smile my pumpkin 8c don ' t be sadd A.L.F. TERESA ANN PLAUSKY " TERI " Track, Colorguards Wellfleet-Wiz-BH, Rl, KF CAL, 86! SCAM BOSTON-5 Bash at CE ' s 8 15 86 Funnygirl ABEC! Bubbles Bohica Trunk River- 12 7 85 All-NIGHTERS The M Club Hojos-4am PROM-86 B-R! Front Wheel Drive. The -Flume BUBA! CS, DA ' s Parties MAINE LL-9-18-85 SPRING FEST-85 TV PARTY Rumple- mintz! . Rut-Row! Good Luck-RI, CE, KF, EG. CB. KS. WP. JS, JC. HS, DA, DG, MM, DE. KF, DT. GR 8c JR! Thanks Mom, Dad, 8c Norm-Love Ya! MEREDITH A. PRATT Jan. 29, 85 Love You John Good Luck Always Best Friends Kel Bri HV CL Jeff Joy Bye D + D Prom 85 Good time in Hi-Town New Year ' s Eve 86 " Stuck with You " John Sweetie May 3rd 86 JKB Boston Scopion Bowl NO CAN DO BRI Take Care Wass Best of Luck to 87 EXP Thanks for everything Love Ya Mom 8c Dad Stop 8c Shop Park- ing Lot Jeff Moon Moose BOBO Heather + Stuart Shereen Gotta Pick up sandwiches Later FHS It ' s been nice, but not nice enough! Marky T, you ' re a Sweetie. NANCY PLUMMER Poptart-Buddie- Waye. DZ, ET, CS, BS, PS, TM, TJ, KM, CARYN, MR. JIM, RUSS-Glenn, Prom- with-JAY-87-l-LOVE-YOU-JAY! Jim- S-Goober! Take-Care-F-H-S! It ' s- been-Real! Renee, Winnie-Stay Cool! Remember-DZ, Menahaut Beach-with-JON, RL. you-were-smil- ing-that-night. Guess What Diane I Made It! Get Ready Here I Come! Steph-and-Mark Keep In Touch! Goodbye Class of 87! Thank-you Mom, Jim, Grammie, Grandpa! I LOVE YOU ALL-Glenn-Behave! Jim- S-you ' re-not-a-goober! I ' ll Always BRETT PRICE To All The Midgets " 86” + " 87 " Bill McKay Wayne Gretsky of the Old Timers. Chuck Norris. Bel- la Star. Special thanks to Mr. Bur- nette. Later JB, DT, SH. BF, RK, BE, DM, Popazoids, Pone Hockey, FVSSD. Copenhagen. Love ya T, J flatus. MELISSA POCKNETT DEBORAH S. RA TTIGAN Good Luck- Mouse, Fish, Red. KSSCBJWP Luv Ya MOM 8c DAD. ME BUDDY SARAH FOREVER! Orange Blossoms Ber- muda Trip races home 4c ' s trip (Bourne Bridge) C ABBAGE PATCH CHAINSAW MASSACRES 94 HJY- turn up the radio Miss ' Ya JEAN- NETTE! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! BORN TO BE WILD! LOST IN SPACE- 1am Chinese feed-sunday bowlers- RATT, SQUIER CONCERTS-I CAN ' T DRIVE 55! Snowmobiling-Heavy breathing phone talk- " DREAM ON " -AEROSMITH-JOURNEY- 47 MARK RA YMOND If you want some- thing nothing ' s impossible Golf 4 BP Champ I ' m thinking about it Best ever if I got a haircut or something F-Troop What Duck? JM SC ML TE EG SJ ANTICS What ' s Eatin Ya? Bone Baggies Sleeptalking GOOD LUCK LATER!!! PAUL M ROACHE hope I make it!!! Why Me? Party at RonO ' s Christmas 86 special times with Jean Slob! DS has a hairy back Breakfast at Chris- topheres. Hang in there mom and dad I am almost thorugh I love you Jean! snow mobile with Mike the tuba. Hazy you killed dokken Hazy snapped his ale ha! ha! Special friends RH FB CM DA Napa Hazy whasa matta you get a blow dry? AB especially JB! J. Dudly Good Bye Falmouth High!! KERRY E. REARDONPep Squad 3 La- crosse Rearbut. OK? Vermont 86 jb jc jd cv nr Ip JC oh jeez louise we made it. Salem PS top the buck mobile 3 hour hockey? He was go- ing 80. not 20. Where are the keys? Oh no KT it ' s Judy! University of New Hampshire, sa we do forgive you. Kerry Squared ... Did the bee die? Prom 86, 87 JP. Keep in touch SA KL RG ST KT JS JG someday . . . Jeff I will never forget you-the greatest times ever, thanks for being there I love you too! Thanks XX Mom an Dad! JEFF " ROBIE " ROBICHUD Robie La- crosse 3yrs 86 almost SR Lounge! The Crew EZJSBGJSBCMAA MBG JFBGT CCMPC Good Luck ev- eryone Batman summer of 85 The best MW Take 8 gingerly laps Quin- cy parking Garage MOM thanks luv ya Coach of lax was the best good luck to other lax teams Mr Waisgerber what happened to the waterskiing over the summer?? Obrien Douglas Mrs MaukN! see you in the funnies Jodie thanks Orange out of the window wunderbar! Bily Idol Adam Falco Hey Kirby keep try- VIRGINIA L YNN REED Aboriginny. " A day is not wasted if a memory is made. " Jenn . . . there is no step! MB Colorguard 3yr Capt. Missions: SI SO TV CR Bed! Skating with EP CS LEF, MA. L=cutenessN Ishi did it. TAB? I want to know Doughnuts W JILL, Dinner w Sue Peter Gabrial W DM J-7 4 the people and the places, classic! I know I am and yes I do. It ' s sa B J night . . Alphaville Angelbunny. I can ' t believe we are doing this! Err Day after Day, Stories of old. and Forever Young . . . JIM ROMIZA Well everybody we fi- nally made it! Won ' t forget the times with Dan Jeff Mike Breeze Worm. " MUSTANG GT " Its the Bron- co with DC JP Dan " torch ' ' Remem- ber the Beater bug " jinx " 2 for flinching Party at Turks house!! Road trips to Boston with DC JT MR Breeze Worm Turk is there a bathroom on the bus!! Senior Lounge pals JT DC MR BREEZE KF BP LH PC MF KB JT KF BP MR Thanks for the Award Re- member the Capri Dan Jeff don ' t lock your keys in the car anymore " Good Luck to All. " SCOTT RIGSBY KEVIN ROMIZA Baseball 12 3 4 Hockey 1 2 3 4 Cross Country 2 3 It was fun HNIB Rainmobile BM PT Sorry I drank the coke BALLARD BOY 17 you left the bulkhead open. Hey Z That boy was ossified Beak nice 360 WOOD North Carolina Chandliers in MR Basement with JM SJ JD RM Fay Road AK Big Friday Night PUMPKIN AND BLACK LINES will always rule KR BM JB Romo the archwelder. 48 DAMIAN ROSS OUTTA HERE! LATA man semper Ubi Sub Ubi Senior Pass? Only in America Team-Study Plaza Pickup W SOCO I ' m Jammin tonight Spring Break Florida 1st night Boston " 87 " Chimp? Chimp? Chimp? Is this all there is in life? Julius red High School Blues Mt. Snow Ver- mont I did my chemistry of course! Monty for Pres, Swamp Party 1 Hal- loween Swamp Jam West Civ TV report Rock-n-Roll Geek Man Sum- mertime College! Yuck like the bird with no cage I shall finally be free!!! MIKE RYDER Well I can ' t believe it ' s over. Where ' s BREEZE? " HEY Dude " Road trip to B-town! Or let ' s go to Ashland High School Remember, SJMWKRKRJM oh no, the cops! Who Broke Turk ' s Duck? Worm JT Re- member that dude in Boston " walk much " ? I ' d rather laugh with the sin- ners, then cry with the Saints, Sin- ners have much more fun. 1 Friends Breezes JDCPMBMJRJ TBPKFMWJD and the " PBC " Kega- mania IV Good luck everyone in the future) STEVE RUDDEN Soccer, I II III Basket- ball, I II Baseball, I II Good Friends, Bingels-do your physics. Wood-turn Pro, Lank-ling-ching, Begs, Ben, John-never beat me in basketball, Frisco-Prep School, BT + MW, Deep Purple, at Bob ' s in the tub, IROC-Z, yipeslll, I ' am out of here, Later FHS. KELLY D. SALTER Spain 85. Good times at SUGARLOAF USA. Where ' s Freedy? Prom 86. LACRBLTS 4U. New Years Eve w Chunks every- where. Scary Monsters. The Smiths The Cure. WBYC. Pier 37 You ' re the best Stevie ETRBSB. You leave me BREATHLESS. JBLB. Super- bug Crash 12 3 86. Univega. Good luck Dave. PHBWSKPS I ' ll miss you. The deal is I Love You Jim Bagg OCT. 26 to ... It always ends some- where but we ' ll last Forever. Thank you for being there when I needed you 26. NANCY B. RUGGER I Thanks Mom and Dad. Echo 126 Ben you ' ll al- ways be special . . Ill miss the stars curly Q likes to sample UMASS with JD and egg-brandy Bunch JD whats hanging out the window? JC-l ' m the Co-Pilot KD-trip to Boston Just John tacos with Ben Jen Pete Xmas Island-look in the fridge Vermont crew Liz ' s house-what ' s so funny DD BLT ' s JC Wharf The Piano man nose family CV love that big Nantucket KR JS-good Luck Jill lock your door Jen loves Aruba JD many great times! MICHAEL SATO " Mike " To My Dear Young Lady: Thanks For being so wonderful and for making my life so much happier. I Love You Heather. Dave, Ed, Hughes, Dilly, Buckwheat: Friends to the end. The Cherry Chariot-Buick LeSabre. Latin Power " Life is rather Virgilian " Squid, Moke, Squash, Da: The Family. Kathudl! I go, I set, I spike Volleyball always. Kopp, Juniors, Todd - Where are you? Calculus, Ha Ha. Cassooo. Big D., McD., Burger King; Just Wonder- ful Goodbye FHS 1987. ROBERTA E. RYAN Hello! To all my dear friends HSSBREBBTBC BVBBWBLBKF youve been great KF + snoopy Hospitals Thanx Mr O ' Bri- en for your help Clowingroun ' " y " Eastport Good + Bad at CCC Rap- pin Best times 141 main st. LOVE YOU CRPR + Mom TL, RR caught in Middleboro DJKPTL Braintree, Reho- beth Stealing Car! ohno . . . Green- bomber + blown tires We made it BB Latin Club!? fishin WH dock X- mas trees never forget you TF Prom 86 ' Stretch DWInn Goodbye FHS it ' s been a scream!!! But never again MARYELLEN SAWYER Hey guys, LC, DEE I spelled out your name for you! JD, LE, PS. JH. DP. MS. CP, DMO, BK peope. x-mas trees-Luc + l@FAL. Nautilus! Cape 104 dance. How low can you go-David Adison-moon- lighting! Doug -Bus 3-l ' ll forever love you-you ' ll never know! Thanks mom + dad for putting up with me. Thaks Pat for being there! Barry G. The finest Loverboy. Homeroom talbe we ' re so roudy. JL your Crazy! Gun it lucy! Drive thru -uhh! My 2 Countach Lamborgini 5000 I ' m co- min! BYE FHS!!!! 49 JENNIFER L. SCHNEIDER Gymnastics? Sort of? Psquad Keyclub-TreasLax Hellrides " Crosscountry-bootskirts " Bury-the-pig Bahamas Here we come! " Look out Hugh, we ' re co- minova! " Bargain Hunting = 50c skirts- we win!!! Skitrip-Montreal U- Mass -MJ Aerobic Death LC " Close calls " -KK Karen, where ' s Walter? Friendbeaters- Janet + Amy New Years Eve-HN Reunions Prom ' 86-Dan-You ' ll always be special to me! Who ' s buying the choc? Good times w good friends- krkskrmmelcn Ipjbcvjs Keep in SEAN M. SCULLY Soccer 1, 2. 3. 4- capt Marthas Vineyard south beach. Winter track 1, 2, 3, 4-capt • Seamist chickenhead with-TE, RM, JG " I was runnin scared guys " Mun- roe in for the summer KKC Rrd race wkend. Death row with DD, JG, SC 2 at Florys, amatuer night SC I didnt break the door EG, skimmin DD. JG, kicked out of Lib 4 ever LA, KP, ST, Get him off the court " Jimmy " Thanx Mom + Dad " Get him away from us for a day " JAN F. SCHOUTEN SAGA sum of 85 JTS Woka Woka The Still Let ' s bail, dude! Todd pole Rastaman CS GP JV MS The cougar Prom 86 Matty in your vitamins NH. x-mas Isle, the best of crew! Cal, s + j, nl! Moving at the speed of life Take it from the whale ' s tail Moe road trips Gilly Pat Mac Hippie Chess Bos Johnny G mu- sic Strocky LKJX3-psych sesh BJsconcerts! Deb, shine on you cra- zy diamond Deny love that is given, refuse to give love for fear of pain of loss, then life will be empty, loss greater Thanx! SAGA. TAMMY A. SESTAKAUSKAS Thanx. Mom and Dad couldn ' t have done it w out you. 2-19-85-2 good 2 be 4 gotton. 143, Brian Casey. Prom of 86. Hey Monica don ' t fall tripp, tripp, tripp. F-troop, JM, SJ, ML 8t MR. Jill dont fall asleep Muffin. Hyannis bound w K.R. . Trisha your a face. Best of luck to PC DC. Attitash bound w curly 8t paula Hey Trish love that new car. Michael enjoy it while it lasts! It ' s not the end it ' s only the beginning! PAMELA M. SCHUCK Class of 87 it ' s been real I ' ll miss ya later much JS your the best NP and TC you ' ve been fun Here I come Home sweet Home Bridgewater look out! Photo without Glenn forget it!!! WM and lunch of course! Elliot ouch! okay Glenn? Peewee all the way. Jim I ' ll see ya at the beach. KS bye boo- hoo. MS miss ya much Shannon Rose hi! 104 dance the best. Barry one of the good ones left Steve the best one left! Linda your fantastic SS I miss you! Jon 1 Thanks nana papa mom dad your the best. SHAWN SHANAVER Track 2. Base- ball 2 old Mingroton and Ratson “The B. House " " Can I have a ride home? " Wood Kid Minroe " I OWE YA " I ROC Z Jingles Ingles Rudy Ray- mond “FCN Bendeho " AUA, Pistols on Friday Nights " I wanna be Anar- chy " Good Luck AUA you ' ll need it THANKS for ECHO J.C. ANNA E. SCHULMAN Yo! Sya the de- magnetized cat Frankie goes to Hollywood! see you there! If you love something set it free If it comes back, it ' s yours. If not, it never was, I ' ll save you! Mr. V. Thank you for everything you have done I ' m just glad I got involved with you and SADD! I wish you all the best of luck. For all those poor people still stuck in school your day will come! Voi in Italia, quanto mi mancate! ci ve- diamo fra pocissimo, spero! Ciao. KRIS SIL VA hey dougie what time is it? party at waynes-st, wp, dd, js, sc, jf, tp, jj, mm,-bestest buddy + wizmo u were ment 2 b! sheri don ' t 4get bkdt. 11 11 86 tuesdays-ft. lauderdale 87 st-ev-ee-dm- jg-jd-rl- wizmo- wp-dr-sc-sc-jm- ji-bs-rs-tp- jf-js-td + all the rest best of luck in wahtever u do! thank x for every- thing x-mas tree sales, ice nites-ba- zooka-br-new years 87 ziggy i luv ya and i ' ll never 4get u!! u ' ll be my ”prince " jaye u r the best i ' ll never 4get u it ' s been real look 4ward 2 the future 50 ■ ' MARK STEPHEN SIL VIA It ' s Been Real FHS Good Times with ALL ERIC; SCOTT R . . . Paul. Scott T . . . Never ! forget the Condo. Summer of 85. Led Zepplin . . . Steph, I Love U. Later on People!!! FRED SONDEREGGER Hockey: no stick practices»Chappy Sunsets Black Beach • Ocean City • The Hamptons • Summer ' 85 • You can ' t always get what you want! Todd I ' m Appalled! BONZIE • BEAST MASTER • I ' m thinking about it • Haircut • Jul ' s bash-Best Ever! But Julie I want to get LUCKY! Anti CS • Nice Knowing RBRHPRBMTB JFJGDDMJDC VLPJCJB • That ' s Life • Thanks Mom + Dad • CURLY-Q! " Hold Your Head Up High. Look ' em in the eye. Never Say Die ' ' UH SEE HA BAHAMAS BOUND. CATHY L. SIMONIS BFF Beth! Good- bye FHS it ' s been real! Good Times with BS, TM, ND. MT. KG. M + BOB! What ' s the matter Beth, your Grandma come for a visit? Mark don ' t fall out any more windows! Dec. 27, 86 Oh What A Night! Prom 86 with CM. Alan, I guess this means GOODBYE, BUT I ' ll never 4get you. Jimmy, the best of luck always. BS take it easy Falmouth roads aren ' t ready for you yet! I Love You Mom. Dad, + Caroline. Thanx For Every- thing. It ' s time for me to move on now. I ' ll Miss You All! Good Luck CHRIS ST. JOHN JANE FAY SMITH LIFE A HOW TO LIVE IT Paula, Jean, Lyn, THC, Steph, Bill, Sean. SP AP JB TM LD Harold 8c Maude, URGWHIPS: AT FH WHERE ' S MY BRAIN? WOODSHO- LE NANTUCKET Nina Michael Bucky- Liz Eric Jesse BARNBOYS BULLFROGS, clamming 8c Mongerfries feedzeus NORBERTMAM BAJOHNSON knobb sunsets 8c rises BOB MARLEY O + R E M Smiths WUSM Togo CN LET ' S TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC by jingos Sarah! have fun, eh? HAS THE WOLRD CHANGED OR HAVE i CHANGED? NATHAN HALE SO it MELONIE C. ST. LAURENT Squirrel Cindi Lou-Who? VERMONT ' 86 MO MUFLABO DOWNIT! Wake ' N Bake Green Pizza HMA Parties Quarters Sunk the Navy! " Birdies ' ' Psycho- man Molesting Robert " Fire in the Mud Edaville Peachtree Girl ' s La- crosse ' ' Til Pebbles Turn To Sand Jailed Anti Noise By-Law? Thanx RM + SE I LUV U! What Tree? 7-1 1 Prom ' 86 w JM " YBNORMAL JB " X-Mas Tree Crew Send Her To Libya! BF JRMRDMJNBPCB DRNMRALFJEJST CDCLMDFCF DCVKKADB Boston Driving I ' m Going To Miss U Senior BETH MARIE SOARES BFF-CATHY We ' ve had a lot of good times! GHM wish SR LR AL + ML To all the Getty guys this Bud ' s for you! JC you ' re awesome-don ' t eva change! TK + RN EEEW! THUD you burped I miss you ES TT JL + TC The best of times w CS SH TM LM NP + OPII The Vineyard w LM + BL I Love You Mom Dad Sha Ruth Kenny + Ralf Thanx for Everything! New Year ' s Eve w GD If You Love someone you will be loyal to them no matter what the cost!!! Good Luck Class of 87 ' -lt ' s Been Real!!! KATHY SVARCZKOPF Hello. Mrs. Johnson? Flying Karavan. DBS Xmas Rap. Matty . . . Ditto. By My Side. RD ' s room. VW ' s. TIE-Starman; mud- flats; contentment; ET Shift; ILU. Psych w JJJL. Luucas. Roger, Vir- ginia, Enith. Gazebo. Dot ' s Wight, ween, Scubba, Tillie, G w the B, Iwy. Mum ' s the word. Pooch, Ton- ite. Blue, ILYMTE, Slaves, " Hey Crip! " cloves, jeteveux, " two souls abid- ing in one " you know. It hurts to set you free but you ' ll never follow me. JDM METRO = BLUE BUS The Splitting Tree. 51 JOHN SYL VIA " The choice is ours to make, realize your fantasy, you live the dream with every step you take, stand tall, stand on the edge, use the thin end of the wedge, the will to cast your fate " Journey I love you Gail! (someday) Wayno youre the Best stay in touch, deep rockin and dreamin-spain and port 85 x-mas trees-senior lounge-wres- tling-good times with wp mm at jf rb dnamc mb ks ep jc df cm To the guys at wood lumb- good luck ev- erybody-stick with it jamie- ' Thanks Mom and Dad I love you DON THOMPSON I would like to apologize to all the teachers I got upset I love everyone even the people who hate me, I might get older but I refuse to grow up I had a lot of fun here but the rules and the way they are inforced Bite. To all the people that are going on and staying have fun and hope to see you someday ha ha Thanks to Dad and Mom for all the help I didn ' t really need I love you JP JB BP SR SF MP NEVER forget the fun we had and etc. KAREN H. TAVARES Special “K " ! Volleyball 85, 86 Trash, Crash, Big A, Little A, Dewey, Bean. Shorty, cm, bj, tg, and laura-Be STRONG! Crash, they spelled our names wrong! ML and pre-cal. Is it over yet? Senior lounge. 8th bolck. Janice, wake up! Hey Jersey Jim! Sue, I swear never to be late again! Softball, Honor So- ciety, Think Latin! DA ML BJ PD DR TD SJ JM KS. SW, you will always be my faovorite teacher! Proverb: " some- times you don ' t realize the great things in life until they ' re gone. " KAREN E. THURSTON want out LA + JP ur reality KL-let it be winter at KLs w cm fb harry + femmalou but JR it ' s 3 in the a m. KL-NYC chuck + flash Jen-Hueshouse I want a fish- tank bigger than kls and put sharks in it vanilla pizza please KR-what about Judy? hi, Im Nancy CW ' s not another fight + EF mb-get out! deb urcrazy good luk sister Kel Meal take care Lizzy im waitin Chris u r the best!! i love you mom + dad CV-Bahamas = look out! SHARRON TA VERNIER this is all of it and we must remember it all ' spe- cial friends LAA SMS DS KER TB NR BJH KP MO and everyone else KAL New Years? your couch, walls, bathroom, fish and everything else luck has nothing to do w it ' KKT from steam tudy to the vine- yard and beyond ’ look out for ghosts in trees KAP best friend thanx 4 the smiles birdseed con- tact ' bad dog Mutt 8c Jeff my family, thank you 143 . . and may your dreams be realized . . PAUL TIERNEY JR. (PJ) Hockey . . Soccer " It ' s better to burn out than to rust " 13. Flory + Lupus 3 mou- seketeers. ski trips 86. Pool AF, Flu ' s. Lobster out with the Lup. Beaker it ' s time for auto shop. Hunting with Dan. Summer at Old silver. Parents in Cal. Lunch in Woods Hole. New Years 86 montreal. Kev. Bill. Scotty. SC. GE. KJ. JG. . Now it ' s time to say goodbye to all my comp any m.i.c.k e.y. M.O.U.S.E. . breakfast. JENNIFER V. TAYLOR The world is so SMALL! Gotta luv it! The Cars Tom Petty Heart Flax Awesome ski trips England 85U-Mas for Gloria vegies Rocky Horror Picture show The Lodge Good times w KF BM SJ AD CF DM KW AN 18 wheeler?! Led Zeppelin 8c The Who always 1 Annisquam-what a weekend w Aud-oda Mr. Porche KF + CM BS + Me Flagooga Spark that spnaky! never mind Rats DQ Marshmallow Dad you ' re the best It ' s been a trip! (no pun intended). SHERI T A T Get motivated! Party at waynes house-KS. WP. JJ. JS. JF. TP. EC. DD-mickey Ds-NL. KW. KBX. BW. luv ya always + best of luck. X-mas party 86-shh! Chev + beau 2- getha again! OMIGOD! SN86 w Bean-recipe 4 hapiness. x-mas tree sales, icynites. interns. New Years Eve 8 -ks. wp. tp. jf. js. sc. sg mp. jg. jp. jd. ee. bs. rr. jt. kf. td 8c all the rest best of luck remember yes- terday. dream of 2-morrow, luv for 2-day! Special luv 8c thanx 2 LR. CT. SW-without u I wouldn ' t be here! Jaye uhave my vote! WT-miss ya lots. 52 I JE ANNIE R. TOLDNESS " BEAN " My I last year and my best! Christine I " your a friend of mine " CMTCCMA- GAHKM MESGLM Volleyball 86! I Prom 86 Thanx Mark your one of a V kind! Sarah my new friend u are ter- I rific!!! ' ' Christine what can I say, u I are the best!!! " Freddy " Gigl Smok- ey!! Library friends TSFFMPSFAH My 1 name is who? " No its only Irst block! } I luv u Mom Ed Dim LPDPMTALTLM I Thanx Ed 4 making my life terrific!! I Bye RRMSSAKFAM CPMRJMJMJT I Good Luck Class if 87 Always ' HEATHER VIDAL AARON TRIPP Graduation 1987! " to love is to forgive " I ' ll keep the many memorable times with JHC in my heart forever Will love linger on? Rebuilding the toy and the Charg- er; Bondomobile will live on; High- speed w AD, Jt, and MM; Wrestling " 87 " self inflicted pain; zz top, george Tgood and Aerosmith; sail- ing and Goldies on Buzzards Bay; Good luck to JHC, AT, DP, AB, JS, MM. SH, KP. SJ, JB, RP, WB, TM, WP, 8c GW keep in touch. Reality is for everyone. Aurevoir FHS! KHRISTI L. WALSH It ' s been a blast! But all things must come to an end. Fun times in the senior lounge 8th block- KF, BP, JA. EZ. DR, MB. The m 8c m sisters! xmas parade w MH, MH, ET! Xmas tree sales. Roadtrips to Boston 8c Vermont w KF! Party time w CF. KF, DM, CM, TA, ET, JR, JT, TL. SS. BP, MH! Thanx Judy 8c Richard! Fun times at the space house. Lots of luv to you mom! Thanx Pablo. Luv ya D 8c K. Mrs. Ma- son good luck w SHS-it helped me. Concerts with CF 8c KF. Good luk class of 87! Hang in there Tina! JEFF TURK would like to remember the good times w DC JR JM MR KR Like listening to the Boss while skipping school sneaking out at night w Dan Mr. Jason class ’Go ahead try me! " Boston bound!!! vis- iting Paul Smith w Ryder party at Turk ' s house my mother ' s duck is broken!! Hay guys I ' m bleeding- Beth don ' t throw my pencil- Breeze say it!! 4-6 senior lounge- must ' ve got lost Jinx shing Ryder Dude the thing do we care- ? Sparky malarke w MR Kenyons. JODI " TOAD " WARD what -up DH PD ' KH TD WREN Feath Liddybit alter-ego ' MASP 86 it wasn ' t supposed to work run- away runaway 5 is right out it won ' t supposed to work bipp slow down I wanna drink He-he now G ' pre-cal club ' Cleave together against the frost Lasei- vious Heather ' s parties Track 86 Ice cream relay ' Lack there of $127.37 ‘ M 8c J where ' s dinner? Thanks for all the good times I ' ll miss you! CARRIE VIALL " Curly Q ' MVy sum- mer 86 xmas Island NH-db watch those stairs! jc-hold on to that rat- tlesnake 6am Attitash w T3JDLP + me motel 13 prom-84 85 86 Nautilus MLDS + Robert-Nothing can change what you mean to me Bridges sunsets at chappy puffer- bellies PSquad Ratolis xmas bash- cm lets boogie wipe outs-FS Poppy pals-rjkcdbpsa I love U Mom + Dad + Dave Thank you guys-jonancjen Ipjdjcspkr kdkkellamrpm jgddssrgjs 2mokt-secret recipe RS + PR duck its mr r! Bahamas here we come! STEPHANIE L YNNE WESTGA TE Grittly strikes again!! Oh no not that! Lo- verboy! " Lovin every minute of it " 86! cruisin in the omni ozy To the fashionettes: I will miss you guys! Hey- are Mooksters like Hulksters? . Squidly. Ali, what up? Lata on Kid! Boo Boo Bear, Mark Silvia- III Love you Forever Honey!! Always re- member DW, JR, EJ, DF. NP PROM 85, 86. 87 Thanx Mom 8c Dad! Lata on FHS GOOD luck class of 87! 53 GLEN WHITEHEADWe " Experienced to Extremes! " To the members of REALITY, Sean, Tim, Randy, it ' s been real and fun! So when ' s the tour? Geddy, Alex, Neil, Rush The Ricken- backer! Tours-Gup, PW " I still want a Steinburger! " Remember to be graceful under pressure! life at the " zone " X-country, GBYSO " TW " " You can chose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill, I will chose a path thats clear, I will chose freewill " All right I killed it! Its time to " get up and go " ! CLAIRE FEIN CHRISTINA WILSON Gary the BOSSX Thanks Mom 8c Dad Mrs. B Hefra Bear and the crew But I can ' t sit in my seat. So!!! Scotty the wife!! Love of my life!! We are the Cham- pions The class room James, my son BEHAVE!!! JOHN B MCCARTHY MELINDA WIMER airhead to smiley I love Peter Thanx to mom 8c dad Lou and coasties B2A head on down the highway Its only money santa pictures Blain Bound scrump- tious the killer cat There are two paths you can go by but in the long run Theres still time to change the road you are on Summer 86 Toph ARJAJHAJ TMMBSJCMKPPD CHCHCLKACR blue bomber good luck Smile the child has grown the feeling gone comfortably numb what ' s a blurb!! MIKE PETERS ERIC ZMUDA Its been a laugh but was this all really necessary? I ' ll miss this place but not much Remember parties, shelling trees, hanging out in the senior lounge with JRTCDFJSM BKWBPSW tak care Proms Sandy, Caryn, Cathy sophomore Gang 8c summer of 85 XXBest Buddies Mark, Ish, Julian, Jasyn thanx and take care. Remember insanity is a state of mind. To mom 8c dad my love. To everyone else good luck with the future and be forever hap- py. I will be EZ forever! 54 The Routine 1 am stone; ' Rigid, tense, Anticipating that initial Seat ‘Which sets me free. 1 am. fire; discgoing, j ungoing, Twisting and turning, Reaching for the shy, Then dying down To my fined salute. ds rae ' ElicaBeth dfugh Jiiay 22, 1969 - SgotemBer II , 1965 ' 7’teeA s4 mC 57 PSafifoettecC On ' ZOay 7k 76e poncutt Soldiers Brian Lamphear Eric Zmuda Flory McCarthy Matt Jackson Dan Maurice Mark Cohen Chorus Pandy Davis Pam Cherkotsky Liana Fantasia Carolyn Mauk Melonie St. Laurent Lorrie Coronella Jen Edmond Jodi Ward Courtesans Tintinabula Donna Dinco Panacea Michael Graglia Geminea . Laura Kilday, Pam Jalbert Gymnasia Heather McLaughlin Vibrato Jasyn Lewis Comedius Beth Perkins Cast Prologus I (Act I) . . Jodi Anderson Prologus II (Act II) Deb Boyd Pseudolus Christen Nelson Hysterium Sean Hale Senex Mike Moniz Domina Amara Mustafa Hero John Gagnon Phillia Laura Phillips Lycus Jason Basmajian Erroticus Matt Jackson Miles Gloriossus .... Jan Schouten Erronius Mike Marini Ennuch Andrea Harding Proteans Julian Parker Brian Coyne, Jen Schnieder, Robin Irwin STAFF Student Director . . . . . Jason Basmajian Faculty Advisor . . Michael Helfen Choral Assistant . . Mary Fragosa Pianist . . . . Lynn Whitehead Lighting Colin Proctor Sound Chris Hinton Stage Design Julian Parker, Jan Schouten Set construction . Michael Marini Costumes Jean Beardsly, Michelle DeMello Program Kelly Salter Publicity Robyn Irwin, Jen Coleman Tickets . Elizabeth Eldridge, Jen DeLorme Percussion Tim Murphy Trumpet Glenn Whitehead Bass Aaron Tripp 58 SSWOIZ svcpsizjisn ' wss Most Humorous Kristin Nelson Dan Pimental Most Unique Andrea Harding Jim Lichtenstein (left to right, top to Friendliest Bo,,orn) Molly Monahan Jason Basmajian Will Succeed Jean Beardsley Robert Andrade School Spirit Jen Edmond Jason Basmajian Most Athletic Trish Cram Scott MacKilligan Best Actors Kristin Nelson Julian Parker Most Artistic Michelle DeMello Julian Parker Most Musical 62 Heidi Hobson Glen Whitehead 63 ' P’UWl 65 66 — (fa tCcttUiim - Otute 6t 68 71 FACULTY A FAREWELL MESSAGE FROM DR. CLARK F.H.S. Principal Since 1973 I leave my position as Principal after 15 years with mixed emotions. Much about Falmouth High School provides me with great satisfaction; but chal- lenges remain and I would enjoy stay- ing to meet those. One of the greatest sources of satisfaction is that our school has managed to allow students and faculty with very different points of view to co-exist in a productive environment. More remains to be done to honor the differences, but the environment of the high school has been a relatively harmonious place in which curriculum and student-faculy relationships ex- ist to support quite different goals and purposes. The second major source of satisfaction has been the evolution of the school from the tur- moil of its opening through a period of stabiliza- tion to a time in which the community trusts that the school is working for the best interests of the vast majority of the students. Falmouth High School was constructed with some grand and idealistic notions of how secondary edu- cation might operate in Falmouth. It appeared a very exciting enterprise to me when I was interviewed for the principalship. The methods and procedures of the school changed considerably in the first five or six years toward a more traditional and realistic form desired by the majority. My years have been rewarding, although the grand design was not fulfilled, because the transition was successfully made to meet the needs of the community and the faculty. Running the school during these times has been a balancing act both because of the transition and because of the diversity. Some- times, it has felt graceful and precise, like a talented high wire artist gliding smoothly above the crowd. But often, the excitiement has been more akin to performing on that tightrope set amidst a scrambling throng. some reaching out to shake it, others leaping to grab the balancing pole, and still others do- ing battle with the distractors. Among the vy- ing interests have been pressures from those urging time on task in classrooms versus eager advisors and coaches committed to their ac- tivities or assemblies; from those discontented with what were perceived to be falling stan- dards versus those anxious to make education personally positive for students; from builders of school cohesiveness and conformity versus the preservers of difference; from those seeking the rewards of simplicity and consistency in discipline versus those desiring to recognize in- dividual circumstances. The greatest joys of running the school were finding the solutions in which such differing points of view were both satisfied. Problems were solved in that way when people talked with each other and listened to each other, developing ideas that respected the needs of each side. A special reward of the job as prin- cipal has been working with parents and stu- dents of Falmouth and Mashpee to reach these understandings and to find these solutions. One special program that has make me proud of the school and the community has been Volunteers In Public Schools (VIPS). Tal- ented people from the community have come into the school to make it a better place; they have found it an enjoyable environment to be in because students and teachers have ap- preciated the efforts of the volunteers. Equally important, students from the high school are beginning to move out into the community. Some are doing so to increase learning oppor- tunities for themselves, and some are contrib- uting as volunteers to meet the needs of peo- ple with whom they work. Other students are contributing time within the high school as vol- unteers. A challenge still remains to broaden these efforts and expand the joys both of learning from community people in the school and of encouraging high school students to serve each other and the community. As I have been thinking about what to write, I have been viewing with great interest and great concern testimony of Lt. Colonel Oliver North. He is being popularly acclaimed for his singleness of purpose, his steadfastness in the face of criticism, and his earnestness. He has frequently proclaimed his unquestioning obedi- ence in the pursuit of strategies, and he has justified numerous actions out of loyalty and concern for the well-being of colleagues. But Oliver North is a man who has brought the military system into a democratic govern- ment. In a democracy, no matter how impor- tant or justified the ends may appear, the means must also be acceptable. In a demo- cratic system, unlike the military, a subordinate can and should question the logic and legiti- macy of the wishes of a superior. A democracy is not an efficient, precise, unswerving proe- cess, as Lt. Colonel North seems to wish it to be. Democracies are complex and time consum- ing, often clumsy and inefficient. Schools should be democratic in spirit. They should foster questioning and encourage de- bate; they should hear all points of view. They should instill the importance of a military system and yet define carefully the limits of its role. Two dangers require watchfullness. The pur- suit of excellence must not create undue com- petitive pressure; learning for the sake of beat- ing someone else is not as valid as learning for its own benefit. Also, the pressures for efficien- cy, consistency, and conformity must not be allowed to overwhelm the acceptance of dif- ference and the time and energy to adapt to differences. I wish Falmouth High School well in confront- ing this messy, clumsy, ultimately human, dem- ocratic task. Peter L. Clark ACULTY AND TAFF Administration Dr. Peter Clark Principal Dr. Robert Antonucci Superintendent Falmouth School Committee Seated (I. to r.); Dr. Susan Oleszko-Szuts, Mrs. Brenda Westgate, Mrs. Dorthy Hahn. Standing: Mr. John DeMello. Dr. Donald Delinks, Mr. Richard Armstrong, Mr. Albert Roderick, Mr. Eric Asendorf, Mr. Douglas Souza. ul flj i t i James Kalperis Activities Director Dewitt Jones House A Administrator Louis Larrey House B Administrator Donald Burnette House C Administrator 74 Martha Griffin Secretary to the Principal Retiring after 23 years Susan Kane- Alvin Koiodiejski Burnham Special Needs Special Needs Christine Keogh Resource Robert Leary Graphics Yvonne Courtney Social Studies Lloyd Crosby Social Studies Alfred Douglass Social Studies Robert Griffin Social Studies Fredric Grunin DH Social Studies Eleanor Kluge Social Studies James O ' Brien Social Studies James Pennell Psychology Stephen Waisgerber Social Studies Ellen Barol Self-Contained Eileen Bourgeault Special Needs Carol Brunelle Resource Richard Mason Alt Class Linda McLaughlin Alt Class Martin Tulloch Special Needs Marsha McLaughlin Special Needs Paul Tarr Ind. Arts Fredrick Toran J. Von-Henschell William McKay Ind. Arts Ind Arts D P. Careers 75 George Spivey DH Careers Raymond DesRoches Biology Lynn Forbes Librarian George Hussey Chemistry James Harrington T.V. Robert LaRaia Science Barry Sadoff Audio Visual Edward Rowan Science Ann Ashley Science Yvette Thivierge Chemistry Dennis Comolli Biology Maria Branco Languages Martine Cotton French Richard Lussier French Spanish Terri Ann Medeiros French Amarilis Mello DH Languages Janet Murtha Spanish Carl Phillips Latin Debra Songster Spanish Susan Twichell Latin Ruth Austin Business Robert Chisholm Business Richard Jason Business Terrance Kirby Business Eleanor Osborne Robert Watson Raymopd Charron Bruce Cranshaw Debra Dagwan Denise Dorado DH Business Business Phys. Ed. Phys. Ed. Phys. Ed. Health 76 Curtis McKee English Robert Pickel Reading Joan Tansey English Paul Wasseth English Albert Holcomb Phys. Ed. Maureen O ' Brien Phys. Ed. Helen Ladd DH Phys. Ed. Edward Winslow Pe Health Bruce Mogardo Health John Negri Trainer Phys. Ed. Christina Barry Bird Allegrezza English English Paul Cali English Michael Rainnie English John Carroll English Adele Rohe English Michael Helfen English Janet Spring English Louise Houle English Anne Steele DH English James Winer Joan Huckins English Home Ec. Mary Mason Nancy McDermott Home Ec. Home Ec. 77 Cornelia Adams Math Tech. Steve Anderson Math Robert Bastille Math Robert Bock Math Business Angelo Casso Math Constance Flood Math Dennis Ford Math Diane Funfar Math James Johnson DH Math Paula Mauk Math Joseph McCauley Math Barbara Spindel Math John Sweeney Kathleen Symes Elaine Berkeley Stephanie Cabral Vasco Pires Math Math DH Fine Arts Art Art Joseph Studley Music James Wight- Jeanette Baker Waltman Receptionist Photography Mary Bishop Secretary Eileen Farrell Secretary Martha Griffin Secretary Angelina Jolly Clerk Typist Eleanor Manning House A Secretary Ruth Martin Constance Cheryl Mooney Patricia Malone Receptionist Martyna Secretary Clerk Typist House C secretary 78 Paul Wasseth English Retiring after 34 years Judith Robertson House B Secretary Joyce Fleck Staff Aide Judith Buckley Tech. Aide Robert Hayden Staff Aide Jennifer Fenstermaker Staff Aide Mary Keenan Monitor Kathleen Craig Guidance Shirley Cullinane Nurse Robert Nilson Guidance Joan Charron Nurse Ruth Ough Sci Tech. Carrie Saunders DH-Guidance Mary Roach Staff Aide John Shingles Guidance Barbara Connolly Guidance Marlene Viera Guidance Tom Cazault Building manager Isabel Raposa Matron John Reardon Athletics Director 79 Cafeteria Staff (left to right); Betty De- Mello. Katie Leahy, Food Service Man- ager - Dan Murphy, Marilyn McCura, Ida DiPrizio, Donna Delaney, Stella Ger- vais, Evlyen Nidistico, Peggy Szuplat, Terri Devlin, Marian Sewell, Josie Gomes, Cafeteria Manager - Mae Jordan. 80 ACTIVITIES Senior Honor Society Kneeling-Monte Lucas. First Row L. to R.; Laurie Cranshaw, Andrea Harding, Jan Shouten, Mike Moniz, Jen Edmond, John Gagnon, Sean Hale, Jodi Ward. Second Row L. to R.; Laura Phillips, Christen Nelson, Shane Jaquith, Mark Faria, Julie Chereu, Christine Goulet, Carolyn Mauk, Heather McLaughlin, Ms. Rohe. Third Row L. to R.; Eric Gilbert, Becky Jackson, Karen Tavares, Tim King, Jeane Beardsly, Joanne Craig, Heidi Hobson, Ed Beagan. Fourth Row L. to R.; Mike Lipp, Pandora Davis, Jen Dehorue, Lucille Mogrum. Caren Ber- toza, Eric Jenson, Bill Buckley, Tim Mello. 1 Tara Smith, 2. Paula Knebel, 3. Lisa Molloy, 4. Tracey Songster, 5. Heather Ward, 6. Ann Marie Consalvi, 7. Kathy McGowan, 8. John Antonucci, 9. Todd Olivera, 10. David Joseph, 11. Nancy Cook, 12. Corrine Jacobson, 13. Jill Sanger, 14 Liz Me Leish, 15. Melissa Walden, 16. David Frank, 17. Mark Rosen. 18. Jim Karalakis, 19. Eric Hallstein, 20. Bill Chisholm, 21. Ali Burke, 22. Jen Johnsen, 23. Monique Spivey. 24. Rachel Smith, 25. Eve Huguenin. 26. Heather Sarsfield, 27 Graham Poag, 28 Brian Jalbert, 29. Scott Vokey, 30. John Michaels, 31. Chris O ' Rourke, 32. Ron Zuwallack, 33. Shari Marscheider, 34. Jen Bowman, 35. Jeff Sirkis, 36. Joe Sweeney, 37. Sandy Hurd, 38. Janine Johnson, 39. Mrs. Rohe, 40. Tracey Goldsmith, 41. David Lubelzek, 42. Tracy Goldsmith, 43. Tim Linder, 44. Kevin Wheeler, 45. Sarah Finnell, 46. Shelly Pratt, 47. Mike McComiskey. 48. Kris Aristide, 49. Lynn Aro, 50. Jason Colbert, 52. Matt McKenzie, 53. Eric Deer, 54. Michelle Happnie. 55. Jen Peal, 56. Cliff Hopkins, 57. Crystal Romanyszyn, 58. Michelle Me Dermott, 60. Doug Correllus, 61. Ray Benson 82 Cultural Awareness Front Row L. to R.; Sharon Hendricks, Nicole An- drews, Nicole Anderson, Raymond " Butch " Sandford, Alex Me Lead, Rene Featherstone, Mi- chelle Neuey, Rhonda Sharpe, Carlton Hen- dricks. Second row; Susan Hendricks, Tammy Pocknett, Crystal Perry, Marita Scott, Rachelle Jonas, Deana Martin, Erika Brown, Tanya Hicks, Heather Miranda, Jerry Palmer, Michelle-Ann Lopes, Melissa Bingham, Debra Dagwan - Advi- sor. Third Row; Darrel Burgo, Michael Morales, Saulee Smith, Kim Basey, Monique Spivey, Winnie Johnson, Chris Andrade, Kim Lopes, Marc Turner, Tanya Johnson, Vivian Wicks, Lenny Cardoza, Lori Basey, Melissa Rose, George Spivey - Advisor. Majorettes L. to R.; Jen Delorme, Carrolyn Mauk, Jill Picker- ing, Liz Eldridge, Megan Amaral, Heather Mir- anda, Chrystal Romanyszyn, Dawn Oliver, Jen Smulligan. Darleen Jackson, Mrs. Studley. Clipper Log Tina DaRosa, Michelle Lemay, Karen Tavares, Mr. Phillips, Lorrie Coronella, Kelli Florance, Christine Goulet. Chorus 1. Ali Milvid 2. Emily Fletcher 3. Kimberly English 4. Todd Anderson 5. Heather Mir- anda 6. Marita Scott 7. Crystal Romansy- zyn 8. David Cohen 9. Colin Proctor 10. April Myers 11 Tammy Dutra 12 Robynn Irwin 13. Debbie Anderson 14. Brooke Al- drich 15. Justine Andrews 16 Patty Lam- bert 17. Adrienne Minassian 18. Alison Gar- row 19 Dawn Ward 20. Sara Mant 21. Julie Jacques 22. Mary Margenroth 23. Tina Johnson 24 Virginia Reed 25. Wendy Allen 26. Julie Savage 27. John McCleary 28. Eric Zmuda 29. Nilli Juckette 30 Jess Holderbaun 31. Natascha VanBogaert 32. Louisa Schlee 33 Samantha Graham 34. Michelle MacEvoy 35. Corinne Jacobson 36. Sean O ' Keefe 37. Tony Catoline 38. MaryEllen Sawyer 39. Melissa Steele 40. Paula Grasso 4 1 . Michael Mann 42. Jessica Miller 43. Cecily Lough 44 Jennifer Cole- man 45. Susan Fitch 46. Susan Long 47. Matt Malone 48 Sharon Gunther 49 Melis- sa Spagone 50. Amy O ' Rourke 51. Kim Romkey 52. Christine Olya 53. Lucolle MacDonald 54. Frank Travis 55. Candi Photopolous 56. Megan McGuinness 57. Nicole Veilleux 58. Tina Wisnewski 59. Mi- chele Matis 60. John Noucher 61. Kim Mott 62. Miss Miles 63. Amanda Pearson, Front Row L. to R.; Jeff Sirkis, Sue Catrona, Kathy Friis. Glen Whitehead. Jen Johnson, Drew Collela, Cami Hampton. Second Row L. to R.; Ann-Marie McCleary, Karen Consalvi, Julie McCormick, Jen LaFond, Gretchen Reinha- gen, Donna Fetters; Tim Murphy, Third Row L. to R.. Tara Kruczek, Joanne Craig, Heather Milliman, Doug Corrullus, Eric Zumuda, Aaron Tripp, Greg Simp- son, Tony Cotaline, Mrs. Elaine Burkley, Margarett Funkenhouser. Rep Singers 84 it AFS Sitting-Melissa Dole Front Row L. to R.: Belinda Crago, Marah Stets, Mikaela McDermott, Sarah Smith, Michelle De- Mello. Jane Smith, Andrew Langkjaer, Linda McNamara, Jill Basmajian, Beth McDermott, Yuki Honjo, Ingrid Tamm. Back Row L. to R.: Andrea Pratson, Ja- son Basmajian, Tara Smith, Tracy Gold- smith, Cecily Lough, Heather Milliman, Torrey Clark, Shelloy Walker, Sarah Fin- nell, Amy Hortel, Marty Tulloch - Advisor Jets Science Club Front Row L. to R., Annika Wright, David Etles, Second Row L. to R.. Brad Ed- mond, Caryn Bertozzi. Becky Jackson, Paula Kneeble, Yuki Honjo. Third Row L. to R.. Adam Darcy, Chris Kerfoot, Alii Mondel, Tracy Goldsmith, AN Burk. AM-11 Sitting; left, clockwise- Gretchen Rein- hagen, Terry Plausky, Kelli Florance, April Myers, Brad Edmond, Amara Mus- tafa, Ginny Reed, Mike Moniz. Stand- ing; Left to right - Scot Erickson, Robyn Irwin, Jamie Cardoza, Eland McCoy, Mike Robbins, Jason Cullinane, Tara Kruczek, Ray Benson, Susan Guess, Chris Holden, Tara Rezendes, Mr. Jim Harrington. French Club Front row L to R; Lianna Fantasia, Heather Mclaughin, Jodi Ward, Laura Phillips, Julie Chereau, Ma- rah Stets, Tara Smith, Mikalla McDermott, Jim Karalekas, Ra- chel Smith, 2nd Row L to R; Anna Schulmann, Karen Bertozzi, Carolyn Mauk, Mrs. Cotton, Kris- tin Burtis, Cecily Laugh, Beth McDermott, Kate Gagon, Sarah Finnel. Missing; Lisa Molloy, Eric Halstein, Anthony Catoline, Rob- ert Andrade, Jason Basmajian, Amy Hartel, Cliff Hopkins, Carrie Huguenin, Evie Huguenin, Re- becca Spivey, Robert Watson. AV Lighting Front row L. to R.; John Richardson, Brian Chiero, Fred Carpenter, Barry Sadoff. Back row L. to R.; Chip Anderson, Joe Janerico, Dirk Kokmeyer, Jerry Hassey, Andrew Coo- per, Chris Houlden. 8b Honor Bowl First Row (I. to r.) Jason Bas- majian, Mike Gagnon, Monte Lucus, Laura Phillips, Christin Nelson. Standing (I, to r.) Eric Jenson, Caryn Bertozzi, Jen Edmund, Jon Schouten, Sean Hale. Student Intelligencer Front Row L. to R.: Sarah Fin- nell, Jill Goslee, Christine Goulet, Lorrie Coronella, Mike Robbins. Standing L. to R.: J.P. Delauri, Jennifer Ed- mond, John Colbert. 88 89 90 Cast Fanny Brice .... ' Gretchen Reinhagen, Sue Cutrona Understudy, Sarah Mant Nick Arenstein ' Matt Malone, Cliff Hopkins Eddie Ryan Anthony Catoline Understudy, Benton Dorman Keeney " Benton Dorman, Ted Murphy Mrs. Brice ' Christen Nelson, Joanne Craig Mrs. Strakosh " Anne McCleary, Kathy Friis Mrs. O ' Malley " Yuki Honjo, Crystal Romanyszyn Mrs. Meeker " Amanda Pearson, Torrey Clark Ziegfeld " Eric Deer, Colin Proctor Renaldi ' Julian Parker, Brian Babineau Heckie Julian Parker Emma ' Amara Mustafa, Janet Statement John ' John Colbert, Brian Babineau Stage Manager ' Brian Babineau, John Colbert Bubbles ' Terry Plauski, Rita Scott Maude ' Lisa Peterman, Heather Milliman Polly ' Laura Phillips, Anne McCleary Director Jan Schouten Workman Jan Schouten, Barry Lewis, Todd Texeira Mimsey ' Marcy Morgenroth, Meagan Correia Mrs. Nadler Tara Kruczek Paul Mike Mann Actor Dylan Luyten Cathy Becky Nidositko Jenny Sarah Mant Vera Kim English Ticket Seller ' Todd Texeira, Rachel Parker Mrs. Davis Deb Boyd Mrs. Webster Louisa Schlee Mrs. Vance Samantha Graham Benjie Kevin Pickering Joan Michelle McEvoy Joady Sarah Mant 91 92 93 95 96 Coastal Classic The Falmouth High School car show has ended but the unforgettable experiences will be with a couple of thousand people through their entire lives. The show originally began as a major project for the Graphic Arts Show, in June 1974 and that was how Mr. von Hentschel became interested in the show. “I was teaching the Graphic Arts and I saw it as a realistic experience for my stu- dents.” Today Mr. von Hentschel is teaching the Power Shop at the Falmouth High School. As a rule, there are about sixty to seventy students who help with the car show. Some of them have helped in the past shows while others have just begun working. Preparation for the show takes about six or seven weeks of hard work by students from four different areas of the school. The Graphic Art students design and print every piece of material necessary for the show. Some of the jobs they must do are printing the tickets, T-shirts and applications for the car owners. The Power Shop students must manage the show. They do that by selling the tickets, maintaining security, arranging the cars, and setting up a clean-up commit- tee. The students from that class must also build platforms for the cars that will be se- lected. The Home Ec. students make and sell food at the car show. This year SADD, the sponsor of the show, made a strong and sensible and strong point, " Don ' t drink and drive!” Besides having all the help of all the F.H.S. classes, there was help from the radio sta- tion WKPE which did a wonderful job at ad- vertising for the 1986 show. According to Mr. von Hentschel the students were one of the main reasons for the success of the car show. In his opinion there probably would not be a show without all the help and time which students contribute. The show has been an annual event at FHS. Students and car owners stay up to midnight on Friday setting up for the spec- tacular show. The " showing off” of the vehi- cles ususlly takes place on the third week- end of October, on Saturday from 12:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. and also on Sunday from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. This is a early begin- ning for automobile fans to look at and compare their fine instruments. When Mr. von Hentschel was asked why the show was one of the earliest shows in the season, his answer was, " Because the show is smaller than other shows, the competiton would be 97 too great to have to compete with other major car shows through out Boston, Provi- dence, and other cities. " The shows are all alike in quality, having awesome cars, and captivate thousands of young and old peo- ple who admire and dream of having as fine a vehicle as those on display. The cars are selected by the students of the Power Shop and by Mr. von Hentschel who said, ' ' When I see a well-kept car that is also unusual, I ask them to contribute the vehicle to the show. The show has gotten a good reputation, very relaxed and friendly - not as competitive as some others. People don ' t want the same cars over and over again. They want to see new ones, that makes it more interesting for the owners and the spectators. " There are about sixty vechicles on the gym floor, and there is a waiting list of around eighteen cars. The owners are asked to donate their cars for the two days and usually do. Not only do the viewers get a lot out of it, but the own- ers build up a great reputation which helps them in future shows. The cars are judged by the spectators during the two days of the show and awards are given out. There are different awards for different classes. Some awards are The Best Modern Car or The Best Oldest Car, etc. The prizes are donated to F.H.S. from local businesses. Hopefully next year ' s show will have awards made by the stu- dents at the school who are in wood shop class. The show has gone through a number of changes over the years. It began in June 1974, and went up hill from then on. The name was even changed from " ON the MOVE " to " COASTAL CLASSIC " . In 1975 there was no show at all, because of prob- lems with the Field House floor. Then again in 1982-1983 the students had problems. The students bravely tried to run the show by themselves while Mr. von Hentschel took a years leave of absence to try life in Mary- land. Meanwhile the show went on, but not nearly as successfully compared to the ones in the past. When I asked Mr. von Hentschel what happened he said that, " You have to know who to get in touch with to get a variety of cars, so the show will interest people. " Because of that failure the next year there was no car show. " Basically I wanted to see if the show would be missed and to have a fresh start, " answered Mr. von Hentschel. The show finally earned a new reputation and a new name which helped make the 1986 show the best of them yet. The Coastal Classic has a very bright fu- ture ahead of it. In the next show there will hopefully be magazine coverage, and of course the same success it had this year. There would be no show without the hours of hard work and planning that the students and teachers put in. The High School can thank those students and teachers who have helped with the show. Because of all the time and energy they put in, the show is a success. Those people who have been involved with the show learned from the few mistakes that were made and which hopefully won ' t be made again. The talented seniors who worked in planning the show may want to think of a career that involves the same work, while the lower classmen will continue to be interested in the show. Good luck to the Coastal Classic car show and may the show be as well organized and popular again next year. 98 Gull-able Times They Were Only Following Orders Staff Testimony Alleges CIA kivolvement In F.H.S. Yearbook Front Row L. to R.; Mike Marini, Jen Bishop, Holly Dottrldge, Tara Callahan, Darryl Ander- son, All Burk, Mr. Wlght-Waltman. Missing; Kelli Dottrldge. THE INCENDIARY NEWS SERVICE FALMOUTH, Cape Cod - At a hastily organized press conference today, members of the 1987 F.H.S. yearbook staff disavowed any re- sponsibility for misspellingsm, name mix-ups and similar mistakes in the ' 87 yearbook, claiming that ulitma- tely, all decisions were make by a CIA controlled computer. Speaking out for the first time today, year- book advisor Jim Wight-Waltman insisted that the computer had been installed, over his objections, by government agents who issued threats against his staff members if he refused to co-operate. Claiming that nation- al security was at risk, the agents, who were identified only as covert operatives, or cov- er-ops, insisted that all names and other writ- ten material be fed directly into their com- puter for final screening before the yearbook was sent to press. Wight-Waltman said he was told by the agents that the computer would identify radicals, subversives, commie sympathizers and shoplifters. The computer, a model 747SX ELECTRO- LOX, was originally built in 1958. It was the result of a then top secret project at Oak Ridge Labs in Tennessee where the Depart- ments of Agriculture and Defense combined forces in an effort to rid the south of the boll weevil by broadscasting MUZAK at ultra-high frequencies. The project was abandoned in 1962, after 6 years and $173 million, when it was discovered that boll weevils did not have ears. " My staff did the best they could . . and I ' m proud of them. " At that time the computer was to have been dismantled and placed in storage. However, the records of its whereabouts since ' 62 are said to be missing from govern- ment files and sources in the GAO indicate that it may have been in the hands of the CIA since the unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion. Said advisor Wight-Waltman, “My staff did the best they could under the circumstances and I ' m proud of all of them. They checked and double checked everything they could - but we ' re afraid that once the government got control of our information there ' s no tell- ing what may have happened. We just hope the students understand that we gave it our best effort ' ' . . . " and believe me, it didn ' t make our job any easier with the CIA looking over our shoulder constantly. ' ' In his remarks, Wight-Waltman went on to thank the yearbook staff members and com- mended several of them for their ability to perform under pressure. Among those he list- ed were, Tara Callahan - Senior section. AH Burk and Holly Dot fridge - Underclassmen, Kelli Dottridge - Sports, Darryl Anderson - Fac- ulty, Jen Bishop - Clubs, Mike Marini - Photog- raphy, and Julie Meisner - Copy Prep Data Entry. " Furthermore " , he went on, “the following people played key roles in helping us meet certain deadlines and I sincerely appreciated their help. They were, Todd Ballard. Becky Colbath, Lorri Coronella. Benton Dorman, Jen Edmond. Michelle Evans, Chris Goulet, Dan Horton, Lisa Molloy. Todd Olivera, and espe- cially Darryl Anderson and Mike Marini. Addi- tional help was provided by Aletha Bird, Da- vid Anderson, John Carroll, Laura Kilday and Laura Luyten. If there is anyone who I should have mentioned but have not, I hope they will accept my apology and thanks. " Promising to not rest until there was a thor- ough investigation of the whole sordid affair, Wight-Waltman ended his prepared state- ment by announcing that the yearbook would be recieving an Apple computer of its own as a gift from the class of ' 87. He thanked them and claimed that with this new system the yearbook would be able to pre- vent CIA intrusion, avert hostile takeovers by groups such as the right wing Intelligencer and Clipper Log, eradicate boll weevils and possibly even produce a better yearbook. Questioned afterwards by reporters, Wight-Waltman asserted that there was no truth to the rumors that his wife and son threatened to leave him if the yearbook isn ' t finished next year before school is out! Pep Squad Pep Squad: Sharron Tavernier, Jen Boylan, Nancy Ruggeri, Kerry Reardon, Jennie Schneider, Ellen Lynch, Kristen Keating, Laura Phillip, Kim Dyer, Stephanie Schawlbe, Becky Clements, Katrina Starr, Tina Cawley, Kara Lane, Jennifer Spin- del. Nadine Gamble. Jill Gumbleton, Meli ssa Walden, Laura Schroth, Marcy Pa- checo, Cari Sayers, Kristina Tavares. Shirley Cann, Ellen Patterson, Chelia Ferraris, Michelle Manchester, Shauna Conley, Christy Hale, Meka Aguire, Kathy Boylan, Diane Ferria, Dana Schneider, Cindy Bourdiari. Left to Right - Ground level, Lisa Strock, Laura Phillips. Janet Clark, Amy Ferrira, Sheri Ayers, Seated; Dan Corbett. Aldan Molloy. Mike Proctor, Laura Auger, Jason Basmajian, Kristin Nelson, Andrea Harding, Kathy Friis, Kate Gagnon. Shirley Cann. Standing, Cliff Hopkins. Ted Murphy. Matt Malone. Darryl Anderson. Jane Smith. Cecily Lough, Brooke Aldrich, Laura Phillips. Steering Committee 100 Nursery Front Row (I. to r.) Cathy Simonis, Mrs Mason. Aletha Bird, Caryn Cary, Pam Schuck. Back Row (I. to r.) Ann Gonsalves, Sherry Orlandeo, Laura- lynne Hayden, Darline Corpela, Jodi Flanders, Mi- chelle Lowe, Warrant Committee L. to R.; Adan Molloy, Dan Corbett, Laura Phillips, Janet Clark, Amy Ferrira, Kristen Nelson, Andrea Harding, Brooke Aldrich, Kate Gagnon, Shirley Cann. Standing; Matt Malone. 1) Mrs Rohe. 2) Lisa Strock, 3) Meka Aguirre, 4) Kristi Pont, 5) Jennifer Adami, 6) Kristen Keating, 7) Danielle Rungi, 8) Kristin Stevens, 9) Jennifer Thomas, 10) Debby Duffy, 11) Michaela McDermont, 12) Marileen Schouten 13) Sarah Dillon, 14) Paula Knebel 15) Mark Parsons 16) Sandy Hurd, 17) Caryn Bertozzi, 18) Bill McLean, 19) Paulette DeCoste, 20) Tracy Goldsmith, 21) Greg Aldrich, 22) Christi Hale, 23) Kara Martinson, 24) Jill Cohn, 25) Jennifer Boylan, 26) Kevin Doyle, 27) Pat Colonna, 28) Andrea Harding, 29) Jeff Pinto, 30) Flory McCarthy, 31) P.J. Tierney. 32) Molly Monahan, 33) Jennifer Schneider, 34) Ellen Lynch, 35) Carrie Viall. 36) Laura Phillips, 37) Jason Basmajian, 38) Sue Cutrona, 39) John Antonucci, 40) Laura Schroth, 41) Jen Chance. Key Club Student Advisory Board Left to right - Jason Basmajian, Christen Nelson, Cliff Hopkins, Jane Smith, Mike Proctor, Darrly Anderson. Missing; Eric Hall- stien, Mikaela McDermott. Math Team First Row L. to R.; Jack Collins, Lamont Lucas, Sean Morse, Amy Saniki, Claudia Silva. Standing; Tracy Goldsmith, Mr. Casso. 0 I t £ ‘ i Li ’ % 9 M l Students Helping Students Sitting L. to R.; Chris Goulet, Annita Wright, Kim Basey, Kim Mott, Mrs. Mason Standing front row; Missy Rose, Kristin Stevens, Ted Dickerson, guest, Juile Cherau, Monique Spi- vey, little guest. Back row L. to R.; , Anna Schulman, Vivian Wicks, Dan Horton, Beth Perkins, Michelle Lopes, Laura Auger, Craig Rommelmyer, Mr. Gilbert. 102 Front Row L. to R.; John Beagan, Nancy Cooke. Andrea Pratson. Second Row L. to R.; Miss Twitchell, Karen Tavares, Jim Karalekas, Mr. Phillips, Adam Darcy. Third Row L. to R.; Eric Deer, Brad Edmond, Andrea Harding, Laura Phillips, Matt Jackson, Kevin Doule. Ellen Lynch, Paul Tierney, Bill O ' Keefe, Dan Hughes, David Frank. Color Guard L to R; Cami Hampton, Melissa Collins, Ann Welch, Jen Kahlir, Heather Lennox, Nichole Chantrelle, Paula Knebel, Kelli Dottridge, Heidi Pedersen, Brenda Fox, Wendy Allen, Kim Bevans, Lucia Piazza, Leigh Ellen Ferreia, Michelle Halpin, Jennifer Jachson, Tina Wisnuski, Marcy Santos, Joanne De Roso. Middle Row; Ginny Reeds, Deidre Murray, Jen Coleman, Color Guard Stage Band Front Row L. to R.; Cathy McGowan. Ran- dy Zuwallack, Doug Correlus, Heidi Hob- son, Bret Wadsworth, Tim Murphy, John Butler, Michael McComsky, Phillip Barlet, Back Row L. to R.; Ann-Marie McCleary, Chelly Pratt Heather Ward, John Ander- son, Jeff Sirkis, Erik Fassett, Matt Moller, Larry Palmer, Jim Hardin, Lee Piazza, Mark Cohen, Aaron Tripp, Sean Hale. Perspective Seated L. to R.: Katherine Friis, Colin Proc- tor, Mary Dillon, Janinne Johnsen. Standing L. to R.: Jennifer Thomas, Lisa Molloy. Chamber Ensemble L. to R; Jen Barstow, Ali Burk, Mrs. Studley, Allison Humphrey, Kim Velesig. 104 o c .« S. ® I C ,2 © £ ® U " S ° — . © o , » D_ CD D 0 O CO 3 _J © c - 2 ? g 1 1 c © ■ - = ” 3 2 © ® 2 f v 0 0 0,0 -“guU d o o o y- ( ) 5 « r r c - © © o b-gg t O . CL O i= O f c — its 3 E 5 u r - P ° SfiNts : 8 — 1 73 ° § 8 o - O o K 5 « © e y s q o O m -C ° 2 n © ® S ' £ o w z w - ® =6 m ■•- C ) u ■ cQ x 0 c M C c C o 5 -C © 2E I -s alp - y c « t ON - Ox ® T , " O © 9 , ® P .Q co TJ ® C £ -2 £ 2 £ .- © © 9 ® 52 2 50 §o c c 1 b 5 2 t ‘5 o o f d £ £ - 3 o - • - ■’■ © ® _i O r. d 2 © 8 © -.- F © c o § o 1 ul -3 Z ®n - 2 liUJ Jo g © o co ® u r o 8 5 s K q 0 .°Pi c D © o 8 sr ?«| © 5 “ U c - ?lll« plfS 5 6 Q ±= E fSS?2 y o • o © ' O ? t U £ £ ■£ o,-o . °- CL 5 CL L - 8 ® ® ® ? So £ E|U Sljof | § 2 ® 5 L o sits 0 ) F . o § c o 2 tr.Ec OE ° _ - o o ©‘ 0 50 " !-S x . g © " 7 g P?K“ z - 9 3 5 £ b - I ° O X — P-J 2 V ® £ C a 0)T5 O m 5 i © 5 z OC pj © —i © g o 3 ,_ o ® t - 1 o O 1) o _- o r (ji Q Q ) a |2 g ® c £ o n o®oP 13 jo 5Ie 1 £ o § c E O CO o O M fOO O E O E O ; E T3 c o H : SADD Front Row L. to R; Brad Edmond, Jen Edmond, Elana McCoy, Amy Sanicki, Vicki Bowen Second Row L to R; Teri Plausky, Hilary Sawyer, Lucy Mograss, Renee Featherstone, Melonie Sylvia, Nancy Plummer, Russell Mathews. Third Row L. to R.; Scott Erikson, Anna Schulman, Mr. Vonhentschel, Tara Rose, Adam Darcy, Ryan Darrah, Ali Mandalini. Cheerleaders L. to R.; Carrie O ' Keefe, Gina Palanza, Karen Foley, Donna Dinco, Lisa Molloy, Jen Keenan, Danielle Rungy, Heather Cox, Mrs. Fenstermaker, Varonica McDonald, Michelle Graglia, Amy Dusalt. Cheerleaders 106 SPORTS Row 1: Kenny Briggs, David Josephs, Mike McCarthy, Mike Azarovitz, Brian Coyne, Sean Scully, Scott MacKilligan, Eric Gilbert, John Anton- ucci, Moses Botbol, David Mello. P.J. Tierney, Row 2: Mr. Holcomb, Scott Vokey, Stephen Peirson, Brian Jalbert, Andrew Langkjaer, Billy O ' Keefe, Jeff Adams, Pat McNamara, Flory McCarthy, Tony Ellis, Sandy Hurd, Shayne Jaquith, Mr. Toran 108 109 Girls Soccer no Girls Soccer Season The girls intramural soccer team has made “a great improvement from last year " according to Coach Greg Gilbert. This years record of 4-3-3 compares favorably with the 0-5 record of last year. The team ' s twelve games this year were played against various schools on the Cape, with the excep- tion of an away game at New Bedford High School. Coach Gilbert said the New Bedford team " was lucky they came out with a tie ' ' because, he said many shots were made on their goal, " but they had a great goalkeeper. " He also said that it was up- lifting to come back this season with a 5-0 victory over Harwich after losing twice last year. " One rewarding aspect to our winning season was the fact that 32 girls played Bottom Row (l-r) Belinda Crago, Jacquie Mulhern, Lisa Strock, Kim Basey, Melissa Reed, Jill Collins, Torry Clark, Sheri Raymond. 2nd Row (l-r) Colleen O ' Leary, Heather Fuller, Amy Connell, Pandora Davis, Goody McKinstry, Kara Marshal, Cassie Palanza, Missy Rose, Julie Jacques, Ali Muluid, Heather Miller, Nadine Gamble. 3rd Row (l-r) Lisa Lowe, Ellen Dunn, Julie Chereau, Kristen Stevens, Karen Bertozzi, Kara Martinson, Missy Ganer, Kelly Thurston, Kristen Burtis, Tara Smith, Kara Dittachio, Patti O ' Neill, Kris Goulet, Chelia Ferraris, Beth McDer- mott, Angela Cinzali, Jean Beards- ley, Courtney McCarthy, Tabitha Collins, Veronica McDonald, Coa- ch-Greg Gilbert. Missing: Laure Phil- lips, Klee Moyer, Annika Wright, Ann Marie Consalvi, Ellen Freund, Beth Me Dermott, Heidi Baumann, Sara Dillion, Sharon Tavernier. in every game, " Coach Gil- bert said. There were 48 girls who played interscholastic soccer; 12 were seniors. Serving as captains for the team were seniors Ellen Dunn, Jill Collins, Kara Mar- shall, Christine Goulet, Pan- dora Davis, Julie Cherau, Laura Phillips and Caryn Ber- tozzi. These players were chosen because of their commitment to the team. Coach Gilbert said he is " really going to miss the se- niors; we ' re losing a lot of good players. " However he said he antici- pates the underclassmen to rise. Next year he said he ex- pects strong leadership from seniors Kim Basey, Lisa Strock, Jackie Mulhern, Me-: lissa Reed and Klee Moyer. He also expects " good play " from juniors ColleeF O ' Leary, Tabitha Collins, Amy Connell, Veronica MacDonald and sophomore keeper Sheri Raymond. (continued from pg. 110) School fooball team, you Grinnell, Marc Parsons and player. " All the players were might think it was a disap- Jordan Geist. Russ Grinnell The other seniors who great because ot their unity, pointing season. Their re- was a two-way starter until contributed were: Sean Ca- sportsmanship and enthusi- cord of 3-6-1, may not have he suffered a knee injury in sey, Pat Harrington, Paul An- as m, " reported Coach been very good, but they practice the week after the drews. Bob Ingalls, Jim Cur- Gilbert. beat Barnstable, the main Bishop Stang game. Marc tain and Thanksgiving Day The team finished the sea- objective of every season. Parsons, the most stable MVP Daryl Frye, who gained son with a win over the boys While the record wasn ' t up force in the line, started at over 100 yards, team in their annual game, to par of a Coach Winslow ' s offensive tackle for the The team should be very The game was followed by Somerset team, (he was in whole season and defensive optimistic about next sea- a potluck supper. two superbowls while in tackle for about the first four son, based on the perfor- Overall the girls said they Somerset) Dr. Antonucci put games. Jordan Geist was mance of the juniors mem- played their best while hav- it best, " Mr. Winslow will not the starting full-back and bers of the squad. If the ing fun at the same time, be looked at upon wins or part-time starter at line- Clippers beat Barnstable, losses, but whether or not he backer. His performance at everyone in Falmouth would FOOTBALL beats Barnstable. ' ' linebacker earned him an All consider it a sucessful year. Some key contrib utors of Conference All-Star posi- Falmouth went out really If you look at the record of in the season were, among tion, he also was named the pumped up and scored on the 1986 Falmouth High others, tri-captains Russ team ' s most valuable it ' s first play from scrimmage 1st row: Sean Casey, Paul Andrews, Ray Gonsalves, Russ Grinell Jordon Geist, Marc Parsons, Mike Lipp, Bob Ingalls, Eric Jensen, Coach Winslow. 2nd row: Paul Anderson, Matt Bohr, Jim Curtin, Jason Coblert, Roger Go- __ salves. Rich Molloy, Ron Bowman, Daryl Frye, Rob LaRaia, Pat Harrington, John Bearse. Mike Remnson. 3rd row: Mr. Rainne, Ken Anderson, Todd Olivera, Jim Bagg, Marc Warner, Paul Rossi, John Smith, Marc Phinney, Doug Plunkett, Dan Bohnenberger, Mark Rozum, Joh Michael, Mr, Cranshaw. 4th row: Brian Guthrie, Andy Simmons, Brett Nelson, Mike Gomes, David Frank, Paul Svagdis, Todd Humphrey, John Richardson, Mike Fierra. 112 v t i,- L . 6 7 8% 3? fei (continued from page 111) on a 83 yard run by Daryl Frye. Frye was the hero all day, running for over 100 yards, scoring two touch- downs and gaining the Thanksgiving Day MVP award. Jim Bagg also kicked a field goal for Falmouth as they defeated Barnstable 16-9. The Clippers ended their season with a 3-6-1 record. Falmouth players and fans alike, will not soon forget the 16-9 win on November 27, 1986, especially after a sev- en year drought against their dreaded arch rival. FIELD HOCKEY Row 1: Christina Leary, Bobbi Joe Harvey, Christine O ' Leary, Amy Ferreira, Janet Clark, Dena Despeau, Jen Jensen. Row 2: Michelle Demello, Andrea Harding, Tracy Pratt, Jouise Jones, Mrs. Dorado, Tracy Songster, Janice Irving, Jen Chance, Lori Cranshaw. Falmouth ' s Division I field hockey team, coached for the second consecutive year by Mrs. Denise Dorado, finished their 1986 season with an overall record of 7 wins, 6 losses and 5 ties. As- sistant coaches were Mrs. Debra Dagwan, and Ms. Wendy Rubin. Tri-captains were Lori Cranshaw, Michelle DeMello and Amy Ferreira. Amy was also the team ' s leading scorer with seven goals. Se- 113 114 Row 1: Amy Guiliano, Jeannie Told- ness, Trish Cram, Kristine McCor- mick, Katie Marini, Heather Lemmie, Shanti Gagne, Mary Dillon, Tracey Goldsmith, Laura MacWhinnie, Mi- chelle Evans, Mrs. O ' Brien. nior, Jen Jensen scored six goals and junior Traci Song- ster made the most assists of the season with six. Mrs. Dorado said that the team had some trouble of- fensively this year, but they had a very strong defense. Stellar goal tending by Lucy Mograss was a key factor to the team ' s de- fense. She boasted an 88% goal-saving average, and was chosen MVP of the team along with Tracy Pratt, a junior half-back. Season highlights were the highly competitive games against Dartmouth and Bishop Stang. These teams were both ranked above Falmouth and were playoff material. Each time Falmouth played these teams they got more shots on goal and improved greatly. Dartmouth was the last game of the season. Their first encounter of the season resulted in a loss for the Clip- pers, but the second game could have gone either way. The 1-0 loss occured as the result of a freak play when Falmouth ' s defense deflected a shot into their own goal for the game ' s only score. Falmouth tied Bishop Stang at home in their first meeting, but their second match, one of the most ex- citing of the season, ended in a disappointing 3-2 de- feat after Falmouth rallied to tie the score after being 115 1st row: Liz Beagan, Heather McLaughlin, Molly Ames, Kelly Salt- er, Sara Clifford. Molly O ' Neil, Tim Utley, Eric Hallstein, Matt Augur, John Beagan, Trevor Hallstein. 2nd row: Jen Bowman, Rachelle La- Cerda, Heidi Hullum, Ellen Cullinane, Paula Chercofsky, Heidi Hobsen, Bob Slaught, Al Breever, Jason Cul- linane, Marcus Hullum. 3rd row: Mrs. Cullinane, Travis Weebie, Sean Mc- Kay, Brett Douville, Ed Beagan, Glenn Whitehead, Dan Hughes, Brendon Cowan. 4th row: Chris Ker- foot, Don Delinks, Sean Hall, Frank Belfiore, Tom Dion, Mr. Turkington. down 2-0. The Attleboro game on Oct. 18 was a very impor- tant one. If Falmouth had won they would ' ve had a chance for the playoffs. Un- fortunately the game end- ed in a 1-1 deadlock. There were 18 shots on goal by Falmouth and all but one were turned back by Attle- boros male goalie. Among the many awards recieved by FHS players were; SMC Division I All-Star, Tracy Pratt; TV 58 Cape and Islands All-Stars, Tracy Pratt and Lucy Mograss; and, First Team All Cape and Islands All-Stars, Tracy Pratt and Lucy Mograss, Second Team, Lori Cranshaw; and Honorable Mentions, Mi- chelle DeMello, Jen Jensen and Traci Songster. VOLLEYBALL The 1986 Edition of the F.H.S. volleyball team showed marked improve- ment over the previous teams. This years team recorded the most wins in a season in the four year histo- ry of the sport. Improvements were made at the individual, as well as team level. As indi- vidual skills improved, and the girls gained more game experience, the overall per- formance of the team im- proved. This year ' s team, under the leadership of Captain Trish Cram were hard working, enthusiastic, and competitive. The varsity record stood at 6 wins- 12 losses, while the J.V. ' s finished up with an im- pressive 9-9 record. Team awards given at the end of the season in- cluded: Amy Luiliano-MVP, Christine McCormick-Most Improved, and Trish Cram recieved the coach ' s award. On Junior Varsity the MVP was Michele Evans, Most Improved-Jeanne Toldness and Laura McWhin- nie got the coach ' s award. 117 Boys Track GIRLS ' CROSS COUNTRY The girls ' cross country team finished third in its league with an overall re- cord of 4-3. In the major invi- tational the team faired well. Early in the season, the team finished third in the Somerset Invitational and seventh at O.L.P. In the Man- hattan and Brown University invitationals, the team fin- ished eighth and fourth re- spectively. At the SMC Con- ference Meet, the team finished fifth. In the 35-team competi- tion of the Division I State Meet, the team captured sixth. Sr. co-captain Heather McLaughlin ran consistently well throughout the season. She finished 13th in the SMC Meet and 15th in the Brown University Invitational. Freshmen Erin Cullinane came on strong at the end of the season as she placed 31st in the State Meet. In the freshman race at the State Coaches Meet, she finished 18th. In the Brown University Invitational she finished 25th. Sophomore Heide Hullum finished 42nd in the State Meet and 45th in the Man- hattan Invitational. Sr. co-captain Heide Hob- son finished 28th in the Brown University Invitational. Repeating letter winners were Heather McLaughlin, Heide Hobson, Paula Cher- kofsky, Heide Hullum, and Liz 1st row: Randy Goux. Matt Auger, Jason Cullinae. Dan Hugh, Sean Scully, Sean Hale, Timmy Linder, Marc Waner, 2nd row Brett Duville, Sean McKay, Ian Strifler, Greg Garcis, Marcus Sohn, David Anderson, Marc Pheeney, Dan Bonanburger, Derek Chandler, 3rd row: Mr. Finney, Darryl Anderson, Greg Simpson, Marcus Hullum, Alexis McLeod, Jason Colbet, Jason Leif, John Anton- ucci, Grahan Paog, Ken Anderson, Mr. Morgardo, 4th row: Chris Kerfoot, Eric Hanrahan, John Bearse, Danny Maurice, Don Delinks, Tom Dion, Ted Dickerson, Dave Walsh, Jason Andrade, Al Brewer 119 Girls Track W | l N " » f 1 mk; ' ' 1 x; Beagan. The three new var- sity letter winners were Sr. Sarah Clifford, Jr. Melissa Dole and freshman Erin Cullinane. Row 1: Erin Cullinane, Anne Capra, Lori Corron- ella. Mr. Carol, Heidi Hobson, Julie Silva, Dana Schneider. Row 2: Sarah Clifford, Kelly Salter, Pam Cherkofsky, Carolyn Mauk, Jennifer Jensen, Paula Cherkofsky, Heather MacLaughlin. Row 3: Amy Connell, Louise Jones, Jennifer Johnson, Kara Martinson, Corinne Jacobson, Jacquie Mul- hern, Christy Hale, Molly Ames, Laura Luyten, Courtney McCarthy, Rachelle Lacerda, Row 4 Becky Bragel, Heidi Hullum, Monique Spivey, Lori Geishecker. Erin Moody, Jen Bowman, Veronica McDonald, Heidi Bauman. 120 Boys Basketball Row 1: Roger Gonsalves, Carlton Hendricks, David Moniz, Scott MacKilligan, Sean Casey, Todd Oliveira, Jordan Geist, Mr, Weisgerber, Row 2: Mr. Donovan, Marc Parsons, Mark Ro- zum, Brian Berube, Saulee Smith, Kenny Mills, Shawn Gonsalves. School of Middletown, Conn. . Xavier is the best cross country team in New England and rank third in the country. Falmouth ' s performances carried them to the top as they earned their seventh consecutive State Class title and were runners-up in the All-State Meet. Falmouth was edged out by Cam- bridge Ringe and Latin. Sr. co-captain John Bea- gan successfully ended his fourth cross country season. He won the SMC Meet and placed seventh and ninth respectively in the Division I State and All-State meets. Sr. Ed Beagan placed fourth in the SMC Meet and tenth and 30th respectively in the Division I and All-State meets. Sr. Frank Belfiore was third in the SMC Meet and ninth in the Division I State Meet. Jr. Jason Cullinane finished second in the SMC Meet and fourth and 12th respec- tively in the Division I State and All-State meets. Sr. Sean Hale finished ninth in the Division I State and All- State meets and placed 16th in the Brown University Invitational. BOYS ' CROSS COUNTRY Once again the boys ' cross country team domi- nated its league, league meet. State Meet, and ma- jor meets on the Eastern Seaboard. The team captured the Southeastern Massachu- setts Conference title for the seventh consecutive year. The runners placed first, second, third, fourth, ninth, and tenth in the SMC Meet to overbear the 12- team competition. They ended their dual meet sea- son undefeated with an overall record of 7-0. The team was impressive as it captured first in its divi- sion of the Manhattan Invi- tational. At the Brown Uni- versity Invitational, Falmouth was runner-up to Xavier High 121 First Row (I. to r.) Shelley Pratt. Tracy Songster, Sue Hendricks, Tricia Cram, Amy Guillano, Cathy McGowan Standing (I. to r.) Amy Salthouse, Leslie Horne, Liz McLeosh. Jennifer Peal, Mr. Holcomb, Amy Hartel, Susan James, Sarah Finnell. Klee Moyer. 123 Sr. Tom Dion was favored early in the season to win the Division I State Meet. He won the O.L.P. Invitational, beating out state champi- : on, Scott Cody of Cam- bridge Ringe and Latin. Tom was unable to complete his season due to injuries. Sr. co-captain Marcus Hul- lum finished tenth in the SMC meet and 34th in the All- State Meet. Boys ' Spring Track It was quite a season for the boys ' spring track team. Some members of the team set all-time FHS records and other set meet records. With 3 wins and 3 losses, this was an impressive season. There were three all-time records set this season for Falmouth. Captain Russ Grunell set the all-time FHS senior record for the discus throw with 152 ft., 2 in.. Be- cause of a football injury last year, Russ did all his throwing in a soft cast. Jason Leaf set a new FHS freshman record for the V 2 mile run with 2 min., 5.3 sec.. Luke Cantella set a new freshman record of 37 ft., 3 V 2 in. in the triple jump. Row 1: David Bonneau. Ronnie Bowman, Kevin Romiza, Bill Mclean, Timothy King, John Beagan, Todd Ballard, Paul Tierney, Fred Sonderegger, Row 2: Mr. Terrance Kirby, John Miller, David Frank, Scott Vokey, Brett Nelson, Tom Peterson, Jamie Woodward, Bill Chisholm, Mr. Buddy Ferreira, Head Coach. Row 3: Mr. Hank Gady, Jim Szpond, Norman DeBarros, Jeremy McKnight, Doug Ballard, Micky Thompson, Danny Adams, Kevin Doyle, John Cann, J.P. Ferreiro, John Alves. 125 Baseball Coach Phinney pointed out three other significant events. On April 11 at the Knights of Columbus relays in Providence, after three years of trying to win, FHS came in first and second. At the Boston College relays on April 16, John Beagan set a meet record for the 2 mile with 9 min., 40 sec.. And on April 25 at the State Coach- es ' relays, a new state meet record for the 4 by 1 mile relay was set by Sean Hale, John Beagan, Ed Beagan, and Jason Cullinane with 18 min., 14 sec.. Because of a serious acci- dent, Tom Dion was out for most of the year, but he made an excellent recov- ery. With only 3 months ' practice and a lot of ambi- First Row (I. to r.)-Kevin Romiza, Bri- an Coyne, Matt Gaudet, Bobby In- galls, Scott MacKilligan, Jordan Geist. Mike Remsen, John Michael Second Row (I. to r.)-Mr Kozens, Paul Svadgis, Jim Miller, John Smith, Todd Oliveira, Ken Briggs, Scott Vo- key. Tom Peterson, John Anton- ucci. Mr Cranshaw - Head Coach MP? rK % ' 1 : J r ny». tion, he qualified for the Class A 2 mile with a time of 9 min., 49 sec.. Four team members re- ceived acheivement awards from the Disabled American Veterans Associ- ation. The four runners were: freshman Luke Cantella, for the triple jump; freshman Stephan Drew, for shot and discus; freshman Jason Leaf, for the Vi mile, the V 2 mile, and low hurdles; and sopho- more Matt Auger for the Vi, V 2 , 1, and 2 mile. Three team members re- ceived trophies at the ban- quet. Most Valuable Team Member went to John Bea- gan. Russ Grunell received the trophy for Most Im- proved. And the Coach ' s Choice Award, which goes Softball First Row (I. to r.)-Lucy Mograss, Debbie Damore, Janice Irving, Tri- cia Cram, Amy Guilliano, Christine McCormack, Jennifer Barstow. Standing-Dawn Handlin, Michelle Evans, Cathy McGowan, Amy Salthouse, Leslie Horne, Erica Twiss, Laurie McWinnie, Mrs. Dorado - Coach. 127 to the most responsive and cooperative team mem- bers, was received by Ed Beagan. Jason Cullinane brought the season to a terrific end when he placed 7th in the New England Track Champi- onships on June 13. First Row (I. to r.)-Dan Sollomon, Cliff Hopkins, John McGuire, Matt Moore, Jason Vevllix, Sean Keating, Tom Grassie, Kurt Fitzgerald. Standing-Mr. Mason, John Gagnon, Mike Taylor, Brad Phillips, Jamie Coyle, Richard Wright, Ira DeMahufsky, Delaney Frye, Paul Marshall, Joe Sweeney. Girls Winter Track The girls ' winter track team had a very successful season as it captured the SMC title for the second consecutive year. The team was undefeated in its league with an overall re- cord of 8-0 and placed third in the Class A Indoor State Championships. At the most important meet of the season, the State Class Meet at Harvard University, " The runners did what they had to do there and turned in some ex- tremely strong perfor- mances, " said Coach John Carroll. The small F.H.S. con- tingent managed to finish third overall with a team to- tal of 34 points, just a few behind winner Woburn and runner-up Lexington. Sopho- more Heidi Hullum ran well as she finished second in the 600. She was followed by teammate Lorrie Coronella, who finished fifth in the same race. In the Shot Put, Sopho- more Veronica McDonald placed a surprising third and Jacquie Mulhern was fifth. Monique Spivey had a good race as she took third place in the 1,000 yard run. Senior Heather McLaughlin cap- tured a fifth place in the mile and was another good race Front Row L. to R. -Nancy Mills, Shelly Pratt. Kristen Keating. Nikki Charelle. Ellen Lynch, Sarah Fin- nell, Liz Beagan, Margaret Funk- houser. Back Row L. to R. -Katie Gagnon, Becky Nidositko. Kristy- Ann Hale, Kara Martinson, Ra- chel Parker, Amy Hartel, Nancy Cook, Angela Cenzali, Katie Marini, Mr. Dennis Commolli. 130 mmm Boys Lacrosse for the Falmouth distance crew. The last event of the meet gave the team its final points. The mile relay team of Hullum, Spivey, Coronella and Pam Cherkovsky lead most of the way, but unable to hold off a strong Woburn team, finished second. Overall Coach Carroll was very pleased with the per- formance of his team in the State Meet. " We might have placed higher if some of our runners believed that we could do this well on the State level. I think this will be a good example for next year.” Earlier in the season, the younger runners had a chance to shine at the Red Auerbach Freshmen So- phomore Meet. Veronica McDonald set a meet re- cord in the Shot Put to win with a toss of 33 ' 1 V 2 " . Heidi Hullum won the 600 yard run and was the lead-off runner on the sixth place mile relay team. Heidi Baumann, Erin Cullinane and McDonald ran the other legs of the relay. 131 Girls Lacrosse wBrafli 132 First Row (I. to r.)-David Josephs, Matt Jackson. Jett Robichaud. Jim Curtain, Paul Rossi, Dan Pimental, Dan Maurice, Tano Lentini, Mke Mc- Carthy, Shay Perry. Standing -Ed Mello. David Cohen, Jim Bagg, Marc Warner, Kenny Dubuque, Kurt McDonald, Mickey Thomson, Paul Andrews, Diggy Hurley, Scott Pratt- son, Jason Colbert, Shane Jacquith, Mr Barry Sadolf. First Row (I. to r.); Lauri Cranshaw. Karen Clark. Carrie Kokmeyer. Jen Kohyler, Tracy Pratt, Beth McDermott, Wladen, Second Row, Janine Johnson, Laura Phillips, Sandy Ness, Andrea Harding, Sue Catrona, Christine Nelson, Jen Chance, Janet Clark, Krissy Cranshaw, Liz Bertozzi, Liz McLeash, Third Row; Tara Smith, Chelia Ferraria, Melissa Walden, Funfar, Dora Blane, Robin Ayres. Cecily Lough, Janet Moller, Lynne Stone, Marah Stets. The girls team had five members selected to the winter track S.M.C. All-Star team. Those selected were senior Lorrie Coronella in the 300, sophomore Heidi Hullum in the 600, senior Heather McLaughlin for all-around distance runner, junior Jac- quie Mulhern as the all- around field event person. Hullum, Spivey, Coronella, and sophomore Heidi Bau- mann were selected in the 4 x 400 relay. SOFTBALL The Varsity Softball team finished the season with an overall record of 8-10, 6-4 in the SMC II Division. This was a re-building year in Girls ' Soft- ball, since only 5 girls re- turned from last years team of 15 players, It was a young team consisting of 5 seniors, 5 juniors, and 4 sophomores, but there were many close and exciting games. Boys Track 133 Pitcher Trish Cram struck out 84 in 17 games. She ended the season with a 2. 15 ERA, and a .339 batting average. Third baseman Ja- nice Irving ended the sea- son with a .29 7 batting aver- age and had 17 RBI. Catcher Amy Guiliano led the team with a .530 batting average and 17 RBI. She was one of the most valu- able defensive players on the team. In the future, expect to see strong performances from juniors Amy Guiliano, Cathy McGowan, Amy Salthouse, Leslie Horne, and Pitcher Jen Barstow. In addi- tion, sophomores Dawn Handlin, Erica Twiss, Laura MacWhinnie, and Michelle Evans will become depend- able regulars. The highlight of the season was the game against Barn- stable which Falmouth had to win in order to reach the tournament. Falmouth had people on base every in- ning, but just couldn ' t move them around. The score was tied 0-0 going into the top of the 4th inning, when a Fal- mouth throwing error al- lowed the winning run to score. The game ended with Barnstable on top 1-0. Coach Dorado said " That it was the best game they played all season. " Front Row (L. to R.) -Luke Cantella, Dave Anderson, Marcus Hullum, Shawn Shanaver, Tom Dion, John Beagan. Don Delinks, Ed Beagan, Frank Belfiore, Jason Leaf, Tim Lindner. Back Row; Coach Paul Phinney, Sean McKay, Steve Drew, Craig Garcia, Michael Penton, Kris Kerfoot, Pete DeMello, Lee Piazza. Mat Auger, Tim Utley, Jason Cullinane, Al Brewer, Ian Striffler, Coach Paul Simpson. | - 134 Girls Track First Row (Sitting I. to r.)-Lori Coron- ella, Sarah Clifford, Heidi Hobson, Heather McLaughlin, Pam Cher- kofsky, Linda Cronin. Second Row (kneeling I. to r.)-Monique Spivey, Jenn Johnson, Jennifer Jensen, Sue James, Carolyn Mauk, Jennifer Bowman, Lori Geisheker, Third Row (I. to r.)-Mr. John Carroll, Molly Ames, Yuki Honjo, Caroline Anton- angelli, Heidi Hullum. Erin Cullinane, Ann Capra, Veronica McDonald, Rachel Lacerda, Mrs. Cullinane. The SMC Division II All-Star team is picked by all the coaches in the league. This year captains Trish Cram and Amy Guiliano were se- lected. Additionally, they were selected to play on a softball team which will tour Germany during the summer of 1987. At the annual banquet. Coach Dorado gave MVP awards to Trish Cram and Amy Guiliano. Most Im- proved Player went to soph- omore Michelle Evans. The outlook for the future is bright with 9 starting letter- men returning next year. Dedication, enthusiasism and a talented coach, will be the key to this team ' s fu- ture success. Girls Spring Track The girls ' Spring track team finished the dual meet season with a record of 3-3. Although this seasons record was not as successful as in past years, the runners per- formed very well in individual events in the dual meets and in the major meets around the state. The team finished a sur- prising (to them) third in the outdoor State Class A Championships, recording some great performances. The girls ' team had four members selected to the S.M.C. All-Star team. Those selected were senior Heath- er McLaughlin as the league ' s best all-around dis- tance runner, senior Lorrie Coronella for the 400 me- ters, junior Jen Bowman for the 300 meter hurdles, and sophomore Heidi Hullum as the all-around sprinter. According to Coach Car- roll, “The co-captains of the spring team, Heidi Hobson and Pam Cherkofsky, along with winter co-captains, Hobson and Lorrie Coron- ella, did a good job this year. They showed leader- ship by their serious attitude toward their running. They performed up to the limits of their abilities, and sometimes beyond. If they were not in- volved they would encour- age their teammates in oth- er ways.” 136 Left to Right; Scott Chicoine. Mike Ghelfi, Greg Olson, Bill Chisolm, Sean Jackson, Coach-Barry Bird 0 H H E3 0 00 Brent McCoy THE INTRUDER He goes inside looking, Looking for the past, Throughout the land so vast; He messes up the future, Disturbing the past ' s course, Digging up the past. Digging up the Great King Tut ' s corpse; He does it for the gold He does it out of need, He destroys the past, Because of his own greed. Now when he dies, He ' ll be famous for his find, But down in hell he ' ll burn, For disturbing past mankind. Greg Buskey ONLY A DREAM All you ever hoped lor All that you believed. In one very solemn moment Had all become a dream. A dream you held so close Each day seemed as a year. And now it is torn from you The scattered memories you fear. Afraid to start again And mend a broken heart. Afraid all love is gone Lost and torn apart. Living a fairytail Of kings and gueens. Makes the heart grow frail To find only a dream. Lorrie Coronella DREAMS Dedicated to the Class of ' 87 Visions of our favorite pasts and hopeful tomorrows. A part of us that no one can ever take away from us. The one thing we all hang on to. Hope will always last and carry us through the long and almost endless hard times, to the strong and promising tomorrows. Bridget Killian 137 r EHUUEIH Right: Dan Johnson Below: Sheri Ayers Outside it is voices in a long corridor lost, never to be found. Irrevocable; forever screaming terror. Inside it is darkness in a round room safe, never to be complete. Unchanged; remembering joyful laughter- silence. Michelle Lemay Vapors in the wind Often heard in whispers Infinite projections Cordless, yet boxed Endlessly making sound - So long as not silenced. Darlene Raposa WHAT I LOVE THE MOST A crystal clear lake, Cool, refreshing, relaxing. A warm and sandy beach, Containing the sands of time, A boat, with its sail fluttering in the wind, An owl ' s wings, swooping to and fro, Sounding like soft whispers, Lovers walking along the shore, Laughing gaily and lovingly, A dream hoped to come true, To set my soul at rest, Before I am deceased. Darlene Raposa DRIFTING AWAY I guess I don 7 know what love is, be- cause I don 7 think love should feel like this. feel so contused my emotions amiss, we light over nothing and make up with a kiss. My love tor you is like the sea, it changes each day, one day I ' m happy and the next I ' m astray, but the tide is turning and I ' m drilling away. I can 7 look into your eyes and tell you I still care, because feelings like that are ever so rare. It love is like this and poison a kiss, then I don 7 know that I ' ll miss the feeling we share. I ' ve lost respect tor the person I am because loving you meant giving up my life and sacrifices like that are made on the edge ot a knife. I ' m sorry it came down to this, I can 7 even kiss you goodbye because your kiss- es, my love, are the tears which I cry. Debbie Boyd 138 Scott Pratson PERFECT an image in my head, sphere- white- no holes, no cracks nothing nothingness, no sadness, no unhappiness, no changes- always the same Perfect empty, barren, no feelings, nothingness- Perfect. Michelle Lemay " ROBIN " Robin, Robin, sing to me, high up in an apple tree you have birdies 1, 2, 3, Robin, Robin sing to me. Your fur is like that of a cotton ball and your voice, that beautiful voice is like the smooth whistle of the wind above our heads. Oh, Robin, Robin you beautiful thing, Please sing to me again and again. Frank Travis Rachel Norstrand. 1 met her on the Fourth of July in 1986. She wore a 3 4 length dress which slightly bound around her mid- calves with golden shoes, brilliant gold shoes which almost rivaled the golden shimmer of her neck- length hair. She had just turned 17, I would imagine, and her ac- tions were as forceful as a gener- al ' s, yet as soft and gentle as a priest ' s. She was a strong-willed person, and still is; she ' d let you know if you were being an idiot or a fool, but she wouldn 7 resent you for it. She wouldn ' t " beat around the bush ' ' at all. I remember her now, as I stare out at the stone pillars of grey in front of me, looming out of the city of Philadelphia like geysers in the distance. 1 don 7 know what reminded me of her, but I miss her. Her style, grace, and self- confidence gave me the strength all men need to survive; the guali- ties I can 7 find in Falmouth or in myself. I guess that whenever I ' m in a city, I ' ll think of her. It was in Bos- ton we first met. It has been almost two months since we last said good-bye to each other. I feel that whatever we had, if anything, is gone now; brutally severed by the distance between us. I have often thought to myself that I was stronger than most people, I didn 7 need affec- tion, my heart long since cal- loused over. But in the middle of that state of despair, Rachel broke through the armor I had built around myself, and showed the happiness and caring everyone has to have. I thank her for it and am forever indebted to her for, well, for herself. Matthew McKenzie 139 140 — g H] H 0 0 Do you remember when you sat quietly THE " I " POEM there? I am Your eyes filled with wonder, fixed in Beaches, kids, vacations a stare? I like running and listening to music The maidens danced round you, you Humor, trust, and truth are important looked very proud, to me Your face held a smile as they I find satisfaction when I complete a curtsied and bowed. project. Now, as a moment the scene has I hate when people only pick out your flashed bad points. by. But it could help you to be a better Your eyes reflect sorrow upon the person. pillow you cry. I love my friends For grown is the little girl who sat I like to sit on the beach at sundown quietly there I hate to fight. Lost is the innocence upon thee, This is me, I am! Below: Bobbi Jo Harvey despair. Molly Ames Bottom: Nadine Gamble Lorrie Coronella Right: Bobbi Jo Harvey v 7 % They wait. They talk a little, but there is a competition going on; a cruel, imma- ture, and sell-centered competition that has innocent people as its victim. They snap their attention around to a small, quiet figure meekly, feebly, cau- tiously raising her hand. " Yes Jane, do you have something to add? " Uncertain of how to address the class, Jane begins to open herself up, taking off the armor which she has built around her- self in order to express her personal point of view. She pours forth, with a faint voice, one that could almost be called saintly, a profound explanation to the perplexing question at hand. The answer is so simple and innocent, the entire class is caught in dumbfounded silence, their faces contort- ing with the mental exertion needed to fathom the solution, and the speaker. No noise emanates from the room for almost a whole minute. " Oh yes, that ' s a very good thought, well presented and backed . . . My lord!!, it works! The answer works . " The entire gathering of students seem to arrive at the same conclusion at one beautiful, rare, fantastically erudite moment, and the once twisting faces now brighten and shimmer with the joy they feel at arriving at this very complicated deducation. Then it happens. The most destructive, hideous, contemptible remark OF MAN- KIND . . . is released with the savagery of a million hounds of hell. A cutdown. The most self-centered, egotistical bit of vomit that could possibly come from (and I use the term loosely) a human-being. In that horrible, agonizing moment, the entire aura of thinking and the working of human minds is destroyed. Spit out by one of the faces that couldn 7 possibly use its mind to the extent of its peers, the vision of a gallows and this heathen s dan- gling body, burns into my head, and the moment is gone forever. At the risk of not looking ' cool ' , the entire class tosses away the valuable exer- cise they have just received, and laughs at this stupid, immature piece of " humor " . The ape who did this inexcusable holo- caust of intellectualism regretfully re- ceives congratulations from his immediate tribe members for his victory over learning. Once again, the joy of learning is slain by the ignorance of the common beast. Matthew McKenzie 1 ■ ™ i It i 1 ■■ t mm | , - _ j T i - i . 141 142 I 0 [I] H 02 ES How I had once dreamed, always hoping I never believed that I could do good Always in the distance Forever in the past Never looking at today, as it is Forgetting what was important, at the time Never realizing what I was doing, then Using excuses to cover up my lies Finding reasons not to look at myself Not ever seeing who I was Wondering if life was always going to be the world of things I now can look back To see the person who had Such insecurities and one who never Looked for the goodness in life Life now can be great I found the true insight That makes me smile That relieves the problems Which no longer burden me I am important For I was given life And I realize it is not to be taken For granted I cherish every moment Care for what is right for me Share the importance of life, with others Responsible for my actions Happy because I don ' t care Happy because I want to be Carefree because I cause myself no problems Time now to be myself And Look to see me Time now to see others That I ' ve spent those old times with, the times I ' ve outgrown Time now to realize how I ' ve grown Time now to relax and enjoy the simple thoughts I can smile now, from deep inside Because I have learned that I can be happy and live life the way it is Sylvia JacobsOn Right: Mike Manm I g Hi 11011 SEASON OF DEATH We {ace the winter ' s cold to our health and life we must grab hold. It takes those who wish to live away leaving me alone, for I must stay. I feel a chill from head to toe, take me season, I wish to go. This season will come again from above In her endle ss search for a dying love. Run while you can, save what is left but there is no escape from this season of death. John Netto Right: Janna Knudson Below: Dan Johnson Below. Right Marcy Pacheco rt We were once so happy, so innocent So playful and so content. We ' d frolic and play all day. We wouldn ' t have a care in the world And letting everything go unfurled. We didn ' t have to worry about adult problems Or how to solve them. But eventually. Things aren ' t so easy anymore And the realization of that, hits you to the core. When you ' re younger, you think, " I ' d like to be an adult very fast. ' ' And when you reach that point, You find that you ' re longing for the past And wanting your childhood days to last. But that is not so, For one day, your childhood days are bound to go. You grow older- we all do. We experience what some people call, " Growing pains " , and wonder If all our efforts are in vain. But they ' re not. Eventually, you ' ll be taught. Time always teaches. With time comes experience. Once you ' ve reached adulthood though, It ' s not so bad. But it is sad when you look back And see how growing older Has made you loose the care free Innocence that at one time. All of us had. But make the best of it. Look on at your adulthood As a challenge. Don ' t look behind at what you lost. There are a good many memories That are happy too. Just look at the Future ahead of you Learn from the mistakes you have made And you ' ll find, That in due time, Your reward will Be paid. Christine Negron 145 THE REALITY OF DEATH HEliii Somedays I feel I am on the verge of death, no pain, no heartache, no symptoms, just remembering the reality of death. But those are the days that make me realize how happy I am to be alive and how happy I am to have a friend like you in my life. Debbie Boyd 146 Janna Knudson THE HELL DOGS OF SAMOA Sure they were dogs of hell. They swore and screamed bad things at people who wore funny jars. They all had scaggly hair and chewed tobacco. They certainly were a bunch of wild hell dogs. Samoa was a happy place, where birds sang and people pranced happily through the streets and fields. Most of the men wore dresses because of the heat. Dresses were far more cool than wool ' n ' burlap pants. With every meal the people of Samoa ate lots of chutney and cabbage. Ducks were praised highly; the hell dogs all had plastic hats in the shape of ducks. They never wore funny jars. One day, a Badedgar came to Samoa. He wore lots of funny jars and kicked the happy Samoans around; he even set a duck on fire. He sure was a Badedgar. The villagers made signs that said ' ' Edgar= hell. " This made the dogs sort of unhappy. For so long they had been out of control, they were sure the villagers appreciated it, but now all of a sudden they were merely dogs of hell while the Badedgar egualled hell. They were hurt and confused, and even a bit bitter. Down the road they all stormed, determined to get even with this Badedgar, their pretty print dresses shifting in the wind, their duck-handled clubs by their sides. They were clubs that had Badedgar written all over them. The hell dogs screamed like burning cows as they walked on. Under an expansive oak tree they saw Baded- gar. He wore a light blue paisley frock, and a matching bonnet to shade his eyes. He was eating chutney from a can. The hell dogs stalked up to him, with blood-red hatred in their eyes. Badedgar paid no attention. Then suddenly one of them spoke up to his comrades: ' ' Perhaps I seem a bit paradoxical in my earnest assumption, but it seems that our hate is so metaphysical, yea friends, even subtly intrinsic, that our anger seems to be ab- sorbed by the greater part of infinity. " The other hell dogs pondered their friends s wise words, and agreed totally. So they turned around and walked home. When they arrived there, they ate spam-filled pies and were glad. Christen Nelson Left: Brent McCoy Right: Jeff Eddy 147 I 0 00 MR. MOONLIGHT He is my light The sun is not. There was something about him. Something very special His light seems blue, As it shows in his face. He is never evil, Always a friend. The stars are nothing compared to him. He is my hope, He is my dream. The supplier of my energy. He fills windows with the shadows of night. Bringing comfort and coolness into my room. When death brought sorrows, He brought light. My light, Oh, how I love him, My Mr. Moonlight. Nancy Mills I am crazy and I like punk music I wonder when the world will end. I hear the devil calling me I see a fire in the distance, I want to have all the riches in the world 1 am crazy and I like punk music. I pretend I ' m dead, an illusion. I feel the angels pulling me through life. I touch sharp piece of razor to my wrist. I worry about the children of the future. I cry when I think of my boyfriend so far away. I am crazy and I like punk music. I understand that my soul is empty I say whatever you want me to I dream that someday there ' ll be no more pain I try to make it to tomorrow I hope for no suffering I am crazy and I like punk music. Karin Fierra I had a choice once. To live in a world that was perfect- No problems, no cares, always happy or To live in a world that was imperlect- with murder and lies, but some happiness I chose life anonymous MY FAVORITE VASE It ' s one foot tall, Blue with yellow flowers. My most loved possession. Don ' t know what I would do without it. Thank you little sister with slippery hands! anonymous THE GOOD LIFE Layin ' on the grass Lookin ' at the sky Watchin ' the wind Come and go by The smell of the daisies The touch of the sun Makes you feel good inside Like a good hard run. You wade in the water the waves hit your legs Your mind is wondering About certain things. You feel like you ' re free And not confined Be true to yourself And be clear in your mind. Shein Raymond 148 Greg Aldrich UNDERCLASSMEN Junior Class R. Abeley J. Adami D. Adams M. Aguirre D. Aldrich G. Aldrich C. Allen P. Amaral L. Ames J. Anderson K. Anderson C. Andrade H. Antone M. Antonia J. Antonucci K. Aristide N. Aro M. Ayers M. Azarovitz J- Bagg M. Bailey T. Barros S. Barbosa S. Bartow J. Barstow K. Basey E. Beagan S. Belfiore P. Bellavance R. Benson K. Bevans A. Borowski M. Botbol V. Bowen J. Bowman S. Bowman D. Bowser A. Brewer K. Briggs J. Bullard D. Burgo A. Burk K. Cabral D. Callahan J. Calvert F. Carpenter A. Catoline R. Clement 150 Junior Class Officers: L. to R.; Class Advisor-Mrs. Songster, Sandy Hurd, Meka Aguire, John Antonucci. B. Chiero W. Chisholm P. Cloninger D. Cohen J. Colbert P. Colona S. Conroy T. Contardo A. Consalvi A. Cooper D. Copeland N. Cook D. Corbett A. Corey D. Correira D. Correllus E. Costa J. Coyle T. Craft C. DaCosta S. DeMatos M. DePonte P, Di Angelis R. Cram M. D ' Antonio T. Demeo D. Despault T. Dickerson V. Crocker L. Cronin J, Cullinane S. Cutrona E. Deer D. Denisi J. Detweiller L. DiFrancesco 151 M. Dillon A. Dionne M. Dole R. Donaghy K. Dottridge K. Doyle B. Draper K. Dubuque D. Dufey D. Etler L. Ferreira J. Flanders J. Fox C. Fullam S. Gibbons A. Gonsalves J. Dutra N. Rockett B. Ferrie K. Florence D. Frank C. Geggatt B. Goff C. Gonsalves W. Echols S. Felton M. Fierra K. Fogarty E. Freund K. Geggatt E. Giordano J. Gonsalves J. Eddy E. Fernald S. Finnell K. Forns K. Friis J. Gerace T. Goldsmith B. Good K. English C. Ferraris T. Flanagan T. Fountain J. Frye M. Geskey M. Gomes P. Goulart 152 S. Grant W. Greelish S. Grindle W. Griswold A. Guiliano B. Guthrie K. Hadway D. Halloran J.V. Lacrosse 1st Row L. to R.; Chris Foley. Doug Shearer, Sean Steve Kapulka, Ken Gilchrist, Tom Robertson, Mike Pacheco, Rick Palmer, Brian Hansen. 2nd Row; Fred Hazelton, Greg Chisholm, Dave Medeiros, Sean Cross, Jeff Meserve, Bill Killen, Todd Jaillet, Kevin Lanphear, Eric LeBlanc, Coach, Greg Gilbert. 3rd Row; Dave Foley, Chris O ' Rourke, London Agrawal, Greg Willis, Dan Casey, Doug Ballard, Andrew Bowman, Chris Howard. E. Hallstein A. Hartel S. Higgins R. Horne T. Humphrey S. Jackson B. Jalbert M. Halpin G. Hassey J. Hinckley D. Horton A. Hurd S. Jackson J. Janerico C. Hampton L. Hayden J. Holderbaum E. Huguenin A. Hurley C. Jacobson J. Johnsen C. Hampton S. Hendricks C. Hopkins N. Harrington W. Hennemuth L. Horne J. Johnsen D. Johnson R. Jonas 153 J. Kahler J. Jones R. Jonas D. Josephs P S. Kapulka S. Keating S. Kelley P. Knebal L. Jones N. Jordan E. Justason Kanellopoulos J. Karalekas J. Keenan K. Kersey D. Kokmeyer J.V. Field Hockey: 1st Row L. to R.; Dawn Handlin, Robin Ayers. Loriann Geishecker. Nancy Cook, Sarah Finnell. Deborah McClellan, Marileen Schouten, Nicole Lyonnais. Melisha Bingham, Dora Blaine, Mikaela McDermott. 2nd Row. Jennifer Spindel. Jennifer Joyce, Cecily Lough, Amy Goslee, Krissy Cranshaw. Anne Capra, Mrs Dagwan, Louise Jones, Nicole Roberts, Kristen Forns. Christy Hale, Shirley Cann. J. LaFond J. Lane A. Lauzon B. Leite T. Lindner L. Lowe M. Macconnell S. Marscheider R. Landry A. Langkjaer C. Leary T. Lentini D. Lopes M. Lowe D. Lubelczyk D. Luyten K. MacDonald P. Maceachern H. Mackey L. Marks A. Martin D. Martin K. Martin A. McCarthey A. McCleary M. McKomiskey M. McDermott J. McHardie E. McLeish B. McKinley M. Matias M. McCarthy D. McClellan J. McCormick C. McGowan M. McKenzie R. Medieros R. Meissner D. Melahen J. Miller P. Monteiro K. Moyer T. Murphy B. Nelson C. O ' Connell T. Oliveira E. Mello H. Miranda E. Moody J. Mulhern T. Murphy S. Ness J. O ' Connell G. Olsen J. Michael A. Molloy D. Moniz E. Munroe T. Murphy S. Nickerson W. O ' Keefe C. O ' Rourke J. Miller L. Molloy M. Morales S. Murphy C. Neill H. Nunez A. Oliveira M. Pacheco 155 T. Pacheco G. Palanza J. Parker M. Parker K. Patterno E. Patterson J. Peal C. Pearson S. Peirson G. Pelletier C. Pereira C. Perry M. Perry S. Perry L. Peterman M. Pheeney E. Phillips L. Piazza J. Pickering B. Pimental D. Pimental S. Pina D. Plunkett G. Poag T. Pocknett W. Pocknett K. Pont M. Pozzi A. Pratson S. Pratson T. Pratt R. Rabesa P. Raposa M. Reed G. Reinhagen S. Richardson M. Robbins J. Richardson S. Rigsby L. Roberts N. Roberts R. Robertson K. Richardson J. Rogers R. Rogers C. Romanyszyn C. Rommelmeyer M. Rose 156 S. Schwalbe L. Schroth M. Scott R. Shaw I. Silva K. Silva P. Silvia A. Simonds J. Simpson J. Sirkis L. Rose K. Ryder T. Songster M. Rozum J. Salpoglou H. Sarsfield P. Rossi A. Salthouse H. Scharff D. Runge J. Sanger M. Schouten JV Baseball: First Row (I. to r.)-Dereck Butts, Kevin Swanson, Kenny Thomp- son, Robby Barrows, Larry Pimental, Rick Robetson, Graham Poag, Jim O ' Connell, Mike Andrade. Standing;-Mr. Rainne, Sean Revanough, Jason Andrade, Kenn Frye, Norma DeBarros, Dave Gimartin, Frank Travis, Timmy Lewis, Coach McCauley. R. Slaught R. Smith T. Smith J. Souza M. Spivey J. Sprout M. Steele R. Stone J ' Smtih S. Smith J. Souden K. Souza M. Springer T. Stalcup M. Stets I. Striftler 157 M. Walden H. Ward L. Strock J. Sweeney T. Teixeira A. Tompkins J. Veilleux M. Warner T. Sullivan J. Tavano B. Thomas M. Urban S. Vidal F. Weeks P Svagdis M. Tessier J. Thomas T. Utley S. Vokey A. Welch J.V. Softball: 1st Row L. to R.; Kerry Robertson, Kerrie White, Johanna Sambade, Sharon Hendricks, Shelby Walker. 2nd Row; Coach Toran, Julie Jacques, Kim Walker, Michelle Battistini, Kerry Corbett, Jen Irving, Sara Mant, Diane Beal. SPECIAL HANDLING C Wilson 158 J. Wisnewski C. Wollenahupt A Wright D. Zine R. Zuwallack L. Zylinski Prom Decorating 159 Sophomore Class D. Abely J. Anderson M. Andrade R. Ayers E. Ben way J. Bishop N. Bonito R. Bragel L. Agrawal M. Anderson J. Andrews D. Ballard J. Beressi S. Bishop C. Booth L. Brano K. Albert N. Anderson N. Andrews P. Barlit G. Berrios B. Bisne D. Bostwick J. Brassard M. Alwardt J. Andrade C. R. Barrows B. Berube D. Blaine J. Boyce A. Briggs L. Alves J. B. Andrade Antonangelo M Battistini N. Bezdaris N. Blew K. Boylan M Briggs D. Anderson J. Andrade D. Auger M. Auger D. Bauknecht M. Bingham D. Bohnenberger J. Bozora D. Brown E. Brown J. Brown S. Buckley J. Burtis M. Byron T. Callahan S. Cann A. Capra A. Carreiro C. Carajanes M. Case D. Casey E. Cassidy R. Castleberry C. Cawley D. Chandler S. Chicoine B. Chittenden T. Clark D. Cohen J. Cohen R. Colbath D. Colella S. Coleman A. Collentro M. Collins M. Collins T. Collins S. Conley A. Connell J. Connolly K. Corbett T. Corey C. Costa C. Cousineau H. Cox 161 K. Coyne K. Cranshaw M. Dalton M. Damore H. Daniels A. Darcy R. Darrah a. Davis PRIORITY MAIL T. Davis H. DeBarros N. DeBarros P. DeCoste P Demello S. Demello D Desmarais E. Devany K. DiAngelis O. Dickerson S. Dillon C. Dinsmore S. Doherty C. Donahue H. Dottridge B. Douville K. Enos J. Ferreira J. Fogie K. Frye P. Duffy M. Evans D. Fetters S. Forbes S. Gagne T. Dutra D. Faria A. Figuerido B. Fountain A. Garrow B. Eagan J. Farrington J. Fisk A. Friis J. Gaudet B. Edmond R. Featherstone S. Fitch D. Frye L. Geishecker 162 A. Goslee R. Goux R. Graglia M. Ghelfi K. Gilchrist D. Gilmartin E. Gomes S. Gonsalves BOYS JV BASKETBALL Row 1: Kenny Gilchrist, Mike Toldness, Troy Mills, Kevin Swanson, Kenny Briggs. Row 2: Mark Turner, Craig Hopkins, Bran- don Eagon, Mr. Holcomb, Brian Moniz, Brian Perreira, Ryan Santos. S. Graham T. Grassle E. Greene S. Guess B. Gusciora C. Gusciora T, Gusciora C. Hale D. Handlin B. Hansen J. Hardin K. Harrington F. Hazelton B. Hearn S. Hendricks D. Herbert V. Hill C. Hope wood C. Hopkins C. Howard M. Hruska C. Huguenin H. Hullum A. Humphrey J. Jackson E. Jacobs J. Jacques T. Jaillet E. Johnson L. Jones 163 P. Jones C. Kerfoot J. King A. Klein J. Kowalski T. Kruczek D. Labossiere K. Lanphear J. Joyce B. Killen M. King J. Knapp K. Kowalski T. Kuntz R. Lacerda M. Lavelle J.V. Girls ' Basketball: 1st Row L. to R.; Caroline Antonangeli, Dawn Handlin, Paulette De Coste, Melisha Bingham. 2nd Row; Lauri Brand, Sharon Hendricks, Nichole Lyonnais, Laura MacWhinnie, Erica Devany, Coach Calageskey. S. Lebel H. Lemme T. Lewis C. Lemay M. Leonard M. Lima A. Linder D. Lissette J. Lissette R. Little R. Lockwood J. Loechel C. Long H. Longval K. Lopes R. Lopes C. Lough R. Lougee N. Lyonnais C. Lyons L. MacWhinnie F. Manchester 164 M. Manchester T. Markgen J. Marotta K. Marini C. Martindale A. Matias C. McCarthy K. McComiskey A. Mandalinci K. Marks P. Marshall J. Martin K. Martinsons C. McBrierty K. McCarthy V. McDonald PRINTED MATTER M. McEvoy S. McGee T. McHugh W. McKay G. McKinstry J. McKnight S. McLean J. Meserve O. Mieneri J. Miller H. Milliman K. Mills A. Miranda J. Moody D. Morris A. Myers P. Niemi M. Moller M. Morgenroyh S. Morse S. Newhart P. Norton J. Molloy T. Morrill E. Mosley K. Nickerson A. Nyari B. Moniz D. Morris S. Munroe R. Nidositko V. O ' Connor 165 C. O ' Keefe C. O ' Leary D. Oliver T. Oliver J. O ' Neill P. O ' Neill C. Orluskie S. Orluskie C. Orne A. O ' Rourke C. Palanza R. Palmer M. Perkins B. Perreira H. Perry J. Perry K. Perry M. Perry T. Peterson S. Phillips L. Piazza L. Pimental N. Plausky G. Pokraka D. Pooler W. Priest M. Proctor D. Quintiliani M. Reposa T. Reszendes S. Revenaugh S. Riley S. Risberg M. Roberts T. Robertson A. Roderick S. Rodrigues J. Rogers K. Romkey T. Rosa A. Sanicki A. Santos A. Saxe C. Sayers L. Schlee D. Schneider M. Sestakauskas J. Shea 166 K. Starr J. Stateman K. Stevens L. Stone A. Studley B. Sullivan K. Swanson M. Sylvia K, Tavares R. Tavares D. Shearer C. Silvia J. Silvia R. Simmons M. Simonds M. Sohn D. Solomon K. Soltis S. Souza M. Spagone J. Spindel J. Stack RESTRICTED DELIVERY Freshman Soccer: 1st Row L. to R.; Sean Cross, David Valley, William Adams. Roger Silva, Greg Chisholm, Mathew Cusolito, Mathew Towle, John McGuire. 2nd Row; Lino Rebelo, Keith Freeman, Brennon McKeon, Ivan Dmochowski, Jamie Silvia, Mr. McCauley, Todd Souza, William Blanchard, Michael Taylor, Travis Buchanan. L. Taylor s. Thielman L. Tenney K. Thompson M. Thompson M. Toldness N. Thompson F. Travis L. Turner E. Twiss M. Turner J. Tynan J. Uzmann W. Wall K. Velesig M. Waugaman 167 S. Way W. Whitehead J. Wichterman T. Wiebe D. Williams M. Williams A. Wimer T. Wisnewski J. Woodward E. Zine S. Zylinski Freshman Baseball First Row L. to R; Don Antonangeli, Mike Robesa, Chris Colentro, Rick Bureton, John McDonald, Greg Goldman, Todd Souza. Second Row L. to R; Melvin Hansen, Tyler Stolba, Cam Valley, Harry Harding, Troy Milles, Casey Lindner, Jamie Silvia, Tony Mogardo. Freshman Field Hockey: 1st Row L. to R.; Pam Shuck, Alyson Riley, Karen Clark, Nancy Mills, Julie Savage, Shennon Butler, Hillary Lobo. 2nd Row; Coach Ruben, Jennie Irving, Liza Walden, Johanna Sambade, Rachel Goodman, Meghan McGuinness, Candice Patopaulas, Ben Gusciora. 168 Sophomore Spaghetti Supper 169 W. Adams V. Adario C. Aguilar B. Aldrich W. Allen D. Alves J. Alves M. Amaral Freshman Class M. Ames M. Anastasia J. Andrade K. Andrews D. Antonangelli J. Antone T. Arbusto B. Babineau T. Baker P. Barrett T. Bartolomei L. Basey J. Basmajian D. Beal S. Bell G. Bishop D. Black T. Blanchard W. Blanchard J. Blew C. Bordieri A. Borowski M. Bothner R. Bourgeois P. Bourgoin A. Bowman D. Braga R. Brenton E. Brezinski G. Bryant S. Bucchino S. Buchanan T. Buchanan H. Burkard K. Burroughs C. Burtis G. Buskey S. Butler D. Butts S. Cacciotta 170 J. Cann D. Cantalupo L. Cantella L. Cardeira T. Cardeira J. Cardoza J. Casey D. Cecil A. Cenzalli J. Clifford J. Collins J. Coole G. Costa B. Cowan B. Crago E. Cullinane G. Chisholm E. Colbert S. Collins M. Corey T. Costa K. Cox S. Cross M. Cusolito K. Clark C. Collentro B. Connolly A. Correira C. Clement N. Collini S. Conroy M. Correia T. Clements J. Collins K. Consalvi D. Correiro 171 M. Cusolito M. Daly L. Decosta M. Densmore I. Dmochowski S. Donaldson S. Druley A. Dussault A. D ' Egidio J. Darosa M. DeLorme T. Deponte M. Dolan B. Dorman D. Dunn S. Ellis Freshman Basketball First Row (I to r); Bill Adams, Sean Cross, Bill Peters, Luke Cantella, Brian Babineau, Chris Schroth, Casey Lindner. Standing (I to r); Darrin Alves, Richard Wright, John McDonald, Todd Souza, Brad Phillips, Donnie Antonagalie, Matt Bothner, Coach Jay Fortin. K. Fernandes L. Fierro K. Fierra K. Fitzgerald C. Foley D. Foley K. Foley B. Fox J. Freeman K. Freeman K. Fuller K. Funfar M Funkhouser K. Gagnon C. Garcia M. Garner C. Garry R. Gilbert G. Goldman D. Gonsalves R. Goodman J. Gonyer 172 T. Grasso M. Hannon E. Hanrahan W. Harkin D. Hazelton Y. Honjo J. Horne J. Irving T. Hallstein R. Hannon H. Harding K. Harris T. Hoeckel K. Horn S. Houghton W. Jackson S. Jacobson T. Johnson T. Kelley S. Landry K. Levetin H. Lobo J. Macdonald M. Mann A. Janerico J. Jones K. Kilday K. Lane B. Lewis S. Long L. Macdonald S. Mant C. Johnson K Juckette C. Kokmeyer J. Leaf M. Lewis B. Lopes J. Mall R. Marks T. Johnson A. Keefe P. Lambert L. Ledwell T. Lindner L. Luyten M. Malone P. Marshall E. Miller K. Monahan A. Morrison C. Maurer H. Miller F. Mondino C. Nadeau M. Masters A. E. McCoy M. McGuinness A. Mello T. Milles K. Monty J. Neill C. Mathis McCambridge B. McDermott J. McGuire D. Medeiros N. Mills N. Moor S. Ness R. Matthews J. McCleary K. McGill P. McMenamy G. Medeiros A. Milvid A. Morgado J, Noucher Freshman Girls ' Basketball: 1st Row L. to R.; Sarah Smith, Melissa Gar- ner, Jen Irving. 2nd Row; Michelle Nuey, Brooke Lopes, Nancy Mills, Kara Ditacchio. C. Olyer D. Pacheco L Palmer L. Parfumarse N. Parker R. Parker 174 A. Pearson B. Phillips E. Plettner S. Raymond J. Rioux D. Rogers L. Rouke J. Santos H. Pedersen C. Photopoulas B. Poutre L. Rebelo J. Robertson L. Romiza L. Roux M. Santos M. Penton J. Pimental J. Prendergast M. Reddy A. Roderick D. Rose R. Rozum P. Sato W. Perry P. Pimental M. Rabesa C. Reeves P. Roderick T. Rose J. Salthouse J. Savage W. Peters A. Pickering S. Raposa A. Riley S. Rodrigues P. Rossiter J. Sambade D. Schneider K. Smith J. Smulligan T. Souza T. Stolba C. Tam M. Taylor L. Vaughan L. Walden J. Smith M. Soares M. Springer P. Sullivan C. Tam M. Towle N. Veilleux S. Walker J. Smith K. Souza T. Steele J. Sylvia 1. Tamm D. Uzmann B. Wadsworth B. Wall S. Smith M. Souza K. Steudler J. Sylvia A. Taylor D. Valley G. Warburton S. Walker R. Wright R. Wyatt J. Yanni R. Zuwallack C. Williams J. Wise G. Willis T. Wollenahupt D. Walsh L. Ward T. Weatherbee R. Wicks K. White A. Wiebe 177 Freshman Football: 1st Row L. to R.; Ronald Wicks. Sprague Buchanan, Darrin Alves. Michael Cusolito, Jeremy Mall, Richard Wright, John MacDonald, Casey Lindner. 2nd Row. Harry Harding, Danny Cecil, Nat Moore, Patrick McMenamy, Michael Masters, Brian Shanever. Michael Rabesa, James Jones, Josh Rioux. 3rd Row; Glen Medeiros, Francis Mondino, Derek Butts, Tony Mogardo. Mark De Lorme, David Medieros, Brendan Poutre, Aaron Roderick, Troy Milles. 4th Row; Mr. MacManoman, Shaun Conroy, Mr. Kozens. J. I . Football: 1st Row L. to R.; Marc Turner. Dwayne Morris, Kevin Frye, John Richardson, Scott Chicoine, Jason B. Andrade, Brandon Eagan. 2nd Row; Mr. Mogardo. Peter Jones, Jeffery Farrington, Kenneth Thompson, Frank Travis, Derrick Chandler. Robert Barrows, Rick Lockwood, Andrew Simonds, Mr. LaRaia. 3rd Row; Brian Hansen, Michael Gomes, Michael Fierra, Todd Humphry, Eric Benway, Ted Davis. Joshua Moody, Eric LeBlanc, Russel Simmons, Jeremy McKnight, Kevin Swanson, Lawrence Pimental. 178 , V. Ho«ey: « Row L .o», Bon Sff Lino Beog-. Koilh F icn. Soot. Demello. Doug Shore,. Grog Chishoim. Daviv Medeiros 9 Joe Clifford. Tucker Salfhouse. Drew Colella Michael Rabesa. ' VVTWV ; 17 . Fi JUT . ' 7 Falmouth High School SMC Falmouth High School Eastern MA Champs Div 1 Champs 1974 - 75 1979-80 1975 - 76 1980-81 1976 - 77 1981-82 1978-79 8ZjB3 1978-79 1980 - 81 1981 - 82 iS“5S S ?S5SS3S3S )avid Cohen, Jerry Gerace. Delaney Frye. Brian Hearn, Douglas Ballard. Lloyd Abbott 45 Swallow Street E. Falmouth Jeffrey Adams 143 Hatchvllle Road E. Falmouth Jeffrey Adams Two Ponds Road Falmouth Lori Adams 143 Hatchville Road E. Falmouth Kathryn Ald nger 163 Lakeview Ave. Falmouth Donna Alexander 22 Kirk Street N. Falmouth Phaedre Alvin P.O. Box 564 W. Falmouth Mark Anastasia 225 Pinecrest Beach Dr. E. Falmouth David Anderson 37 Bacon Farm Road F. Falmouth Debra Anderson 333 Maravista A ve. E. Falmouth Jodi Anderson 17 Sandollar Circle E. Falmouth Paul Anderson 333 Maravista A ve. F. Falmouth Robert Andrade P. O. Box L Teaticket Paul Andrews 75 Sandpiper Circle E. Falmouth Laura Auger P. O. Box 6 14 N. Falmouth Sheri Ayers 1 1 Palomino Lane E. Falmouth Todd Ballard 538 Hatchvllle Road E. Falmouth DIRECTOR Y - 1987 Kevin Barrows P.O. Box 412 Falmouth Kelly Barton 231 Teaticket Path E. Falmouth Jason Basmajian P.O. Box 1065 W. Falmouth Edward Beagan 1 17 Worcester Park A ve. Falmouth John Beagan 1 17 Worcester Park A ve Falmouth John Bearce 284 Menauhant Road E. Falmouth Jean Beardsley 38 Mares Pond Drive Teaticket Frank Belfiore 12 Hilton A venue Woods Hole Christopher Benway P.O. B ox 396 Mashpee Caryn Bertozzi 7 Avalon Drive E. Falmouth Mark Bingham Central Street Mashpee Tara Bingham Great Neck Road Mashpee Aletha Bird 43 Sippewissett Road Falmouth Erin Bobo P.O. Box 760 W. Falmouth Mathew Bohr 9 Wild Harbor Road N. Falmouth Dawn Bouchard 10 Teaticket Path E. Falmouth Mark Bourgoin 35 Amvets Ave Falmouth Paul Bowker 7 Providence Street E. Falmouth Daniel Bowles P. O. Box 465 Falmouth Ronald Bowman P.O. Box 201 W. Falmouth Sheila Boyce P.O. Box 608 N. Falmouth Deborah Boyd 15 1 Great Pines Rd. Mashpee Jennifer Boylan P. O. Box 484 E. Falmouth Eric Braithwatte 68 Oak wood Avenue Falmouth John Brand 434 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth William Buckley 21 Harrington Street E. Falmouth John Butler 27 Homestead Lane E. Falmouth Charles Byrne 54 Harriette Road E. Falmouth Edwin Callahan 16 Windswept Road E. Falmouth Donna Canale P.O. Box 95 Teaticket Allison Carreiro 53 Coleridge Drive Falmouth Caryn Cary 22 Oak Ridge Road E. Falmouth Wyatt Case 6 Neves Way Teaticket Sean Casey 9 Claudia Lane E. Falmouth Pauline Cassidy 101 Seacost Shores Blvd. E. Falmouth Jennifer Chance P.O. Box 942 E. Falmouth Nicole Chant relle P.O. Box 428 W. Falmouth John Cheever 6 Meredith Drive E. Falmouth Julie Cherau P.O. Box 246 Teaticket Pamela Cherkofsky 36 Green Acres Road E. Falmouth Paula Cherkofsky 36 Green Acres Road E. Falmouth Janet Clark 293 Club Valley Drive E. Falmouth Sarah Clifford 7 Oak Ridge Road E. Falmouth Christopher Coelho P.O. Box 1299 N. Falmouth Mark Cohen 24 East Harbor Drive E. Falmouth John Colbert 850 Carriage Shop Road E. Falmouth Jennifer Coleman 453 Quaker Road N. Falmouth Jill Collins 150 Mill Road Falmouth Joanne Colonna 20 Ink berry Lane N. Falmouth Sheila Conway 16 Hiawatha Street E. Falmouth 180 Tammy Corey 422 Old Barnstable Rd. E. Falmouth Lorriann Coronella 113 Cutlass Lane Mashpee Daniel Costa 29 S. Sandwich Mashpee Scott Costa 164 Heritage Circle E. Falmouth Matthew Coughlin P.O. Box 13 N. Falmouth Laura Courtemanche P.O. Box 357 Mashpee Brian Coyne P.O. Box 333 Teaticket Joanne Craig 15 Marvin Circle Falmouth Patrisha Cram 20 Ninigret Avenue Mashpee Laurie Cranshaw 10 Bower mans Lane Falmouth Linda Cronin 596 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth James Curtin 24 West Hill Rd. N. Falmouth Todd d ' Amario Box 5 W. Falmouth Tina Da Rosa 206 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth Debra Damore 285 Gifford Street Falmouth Glenn Davis 57 Antlers Shore Drive E. Falmouth Pandora Davis 37 Fiddlers Cove Road N. Falmouth Lori Ann De Mello P.O. Box 425 E. Falmouth Joseph Delauri 88 Lucerne Avenue Falmouth John Deleon 128 Seacoast Shores Blvd. E. Falmouth Donald Delinks P.O. Box 691 Woods Hole Jennifer Delorme 62 Hay way Road E. Falmouth Michelle Demello P.O. Box 593 W. Falmouth Jana Demeo 63 Central Park Avenue Falmouth David Dewees 29 Wing Road N. Falmouth John Diangelis 303 Wild Harbor Road N. Falmouth Donna Dinco 19 Tanglewood Drive E. Falmouth Thomas Dion 300 Davisville Road E. Falmouth Greg Donahue 278 Main Street Teaticket Joseph Dorwick P.O Box 652 Mashpee Ellen Dunn 28 Captain Davis Lane E. Falmouth Julie Dussault 303 Main Street Falmouth Kimberly Dyer 80 Siders Pond Road Falmouth Jennifer Edmond Box 385B Rfd 1 Mashpee Elizabeth Eldridge 43 Old Barnstable Road E. Falmouth Anthony Ellis 4 Rainbow Lane Mashpee Candace Elwell P. O. Box 549 N. Falmouth Scott Erickson P.O. Box 370 W. Falmouth Liana Fantasia Box 703 Mashpee Mark Faria 7 Morin A venue Falmouth Erich Fassett P.O. Box 271 W. Falmouth Cynthia Faulkner 10 Worcester Park A ve Falmouth Kimberly Fawson 9 Pimlico Pond Rd Mashpee Claire Fein 106 Lake view Avenue Falmouth David Fenstermaker 44 Lake view Avenue Falmouth Tank Ferguson 364 East Falmouth Hwy E. Falmouth Amy Ferreira 9 Halletts Lane Falmouth Kristen Frederick 3 1 Montauk Road E. Falmouth Kelly Freebern 17 Randolph Street E. Falmouth Kimberly Frigon 183 Acacesket Road E. Falmouth Daryl Frye 187 Central Avenue E. Falmouth John Gagnon 20 Stone Wall Lane Falmouth Theodore Gakidis 10 Wampum Road E. Falmouth Jennifer Galloway 75 Jones Road Falmouth Matthew Gaudet 1283 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth Jordan Geist 45 Sidewinder Road E. Falmouth Eric Gilbert 46 Place Rd. Falmouth John Gilchrist 39 Central A venue E. Falmouth Joy Girouard 10 Atkinson Road E. Falmouth Raymond Gonsalves P.O. Box 56 E. Falmouth Roger Gonsalves P.O. Box 927 E. Falmouth Jill Goslee 2 Arnold Gifford Road Falmouth Christine Goulet 31 Lucerne Avenue Falmouth Michel Graglia 246 Edgewater Drive East E. Falmouth Paula Grasso 2 Harrington Street E. Falmouth Rachel Greenberg 22 Beebe Acres Road Falmouth Charles Grinnell 25 Terry Lou Avenue E. Falmouth Sharon Gunther 26 Perch Pond Circle Teaticket Write Me . . . Keep In Touch . . . Sean Hate 22 Marsh View Road E. Falmouth Matthew Jackson 159 Two Ponds Road Falmouth Brian Lanphear 49 Elizabeth Jean Drive E. Falmouth Wesley Hanson 2 Quail Hollow Road Mashpee Rebecca Jackson 150 Walker Street Falmouth Robert LaRaia 75A Queen Street Falmouth Lori Ann Happnie 10 Veronica Lane E. Falmouth Pamela Jalbert 72 Sidewinder Rd. E. Falmouth Michelle LeMay 22 Meridith Drive E. Falmouth Andrea Harding 540 Old Meeting House Rd. E. Falmouth Susan James Box 199 N. Falmouth Patricia LeMeur 4 Cotuit Road Mashpee Patrick Harrington 511 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth Shayne Jaquith 230 Old Meeting House Rd. E. Falmouth Brian Lemmon 63 Haddon A venue Falmouth Bobbi Harvey 55 Elaine A ve. E. Falmouth Lara Jarvas 110 Old Barnstable Rd. E. Falmouth Heather Lennox 25 Braeside Road Falmouth Ronald Hazelton 7 Priscilla Street E. Falmouth Eric Jensen 550 Boxberry Hill Road E. Falmouth Timothy Leonard 45 Ludlam Street Falmouth Jennifer Henkenius 159 County Road N. Falmouth Jennifer Jensen 495 Boxberry Hill Road E. Falmouth Jodie Beth Levetin P.O. Box 199 Centerville Heidi Hobson 21 Riddle Hill Road Falmouth Timothy Jepson P.O. Box 964 Poc asset Jasyn Lewis P.O. Box 1209 N. Falmouth Heidi Hoeckel 507 Hatchville Road E. Falmouth Stephanie Johnson 28 Sheila Way E. Falmouth James Lichtenstein P.O. Box 13-12 N. Falmouth Christian Houlden 46 Rainbow Avenue Hatchville Tina Johnson 468 Woods Hole Road Woods Hole Michael Lipp 50 Amvets Avenue Falmouth Daniel Hughes 70 Barrows Road E. Falmouth Kristen Keating Box 871 E. Falmouth Christopher Loftfield 16 Wilson Road Woods Hole Marcus Hullum P.O. Box 122 Tea ticket Laura Kilday P.O. Box 1372 N. Falmouth Maureen Long 42 Minot Street Falmouth Sheldon Ingalls 25 Gayle A venue E. Falmouth Timothy King P.O. Box C Teaticket Michelle Lopes 63 Arol A venue E. Falmouth Janice Irving 6 1 Alma Road Falmouth Robert Klein 319 Club Valley Drive Hatchville Willard Lovett 49 Happy Hollow Road E. Falmouth Robyn Irwin 99 Minot Street Falmouth Janna Knudson 832 Old Barnstable Road E. Falmouth Lamonte Lucas 7 Truro Road Mashpee Darlene Jackson 21 Twin Hill Road E. Falmouth Victoria Kubitschek 9 Fairmount Avenue Falmouth Ellen Lynch 50 Riddle Hill Road Falmouth Jennifer Lyons P.O. Box 1174 N. Falmouth Kerry Lyons 32 Natal A venue E. Falmouth John MacDonald P.O. Box 186 E. Falmouth Alicia Made! P.O. Box 1269 Mashpee Scott MacKilligan 24 Karyn Jane A venue E. Falmouth Christine MacLeod 181 County Road N. Falmouth Michael Mahoney 56 Vidal A venue E. Falmouth Michael Marini 242 Hatchville Road E. Falmouth Hope Marks 530 Old Barnstable Rd. E. Falmouth Damon Marotta 6 12 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth Kara Marshall! 13 Seatucket Road E. Falmouth Thomas Martiros 278 Cranberry A venue Mashpee Carolyn Mauk P.O. Box 225 Tea ticket Daniel Maurice PO Box 432 Falmouth Alan McAllis ter P. O. Box 640 N. Falmouth John McCarthy 43 Shady Lane Hatchville Joseph McCarthy P.O. Box 515 N. Falmouth 182 Nancy McCarthy P.O. Box 878 N. Falmouth Richard Molloy 165 Heritage Circle E. Falmouth John Netto 81 Queen Street Falmouth Kevin Pickering 35 Boxwood Circle Falmouth Christine McCormick 101 Timberlane Drive Mashpee Mary Monahan 101 Two Ponds Road Falmouth Nancy Oakley 4 Cotuit Road Mashpee Christy Pimental 3 Victors Lane E. Falmouth Joseph McHugh 27 Terrence A venue E. Falmouth Michael Moniz 30 Turner Road E Falmouth Sean O ' Keefe 27 Perch Pond Circle E Falmouth Daniel Pimental P.O. Box 368 T E. Falmouth Heather McLaughlin Box 538 N. Falmouth Anthony Monteiro P.O Box 807 E Falmouth Christine Oleary 321 Shore Street Falmouth Bryan Pina P O Box 424 Teaticket Lori McLaughlin P.O. Box 47 N. Falmouth Tara Moore P O Box 368 Forestdale Molly O ' Neil 247 Oyster Pond Road Woods Hole Jeffrey Pinto 837 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth William McLean 200 Moorland Road Falmouth Stephen Morgan 3 Manor Lane Hatchville Jerry Palmer P.O. Box 359 Woods Hole Theresa Plausky 36 Jamie Lane E. Falmouth Alexis McLeod 50 An tone Avenue E. Falmouth Kimberly Mott 129 Tanglewood Drive E. Falmouth Julian Parker 788 Palmer A venue Falmouth Nancy Plummer MBL Street Woods Hole Colleen McManus 16 Perch Pond Circle E. Falmouth John Munroe 60 Pond view Drive E Falmouth Marc Parsons 161 Teaticket Ma E Falmouth Melissa Pocknett P.O Box 180 Mashpee Linda McNamara P.O. Box 1142 W. Falmouth Bryan Murphey Rdl Box 284 Mashpee Wayne Pelletier 99 Alex Booker Road E Falmouth Kira Pratt 24 Amvets Avenue Falmouth Patrick McNamara P.O Box 794 Mashpee Christine Murphy P.O. Box 846 E Falmouth Elisabeth Peoples 27 Pershing Drive E Falmouth Meredith Pratt P.O. Box 1162 N. Falmouth David Mello 42 Old Barnstable Road E. Falmouth Neal Murphy 266 Menauhant Road E. Falmouth Scott Perito 16 Canterbury Lane E Falmouth Brett Price 19 Ranch Road E Falmouth Morgan Miller 26 Beach Street E. Falmouth Timothy Murphy 188 Acapesket Road E Falmouth David Perkins 33 Overlook Circle Waquoit Colin Proctor 724 Sandwich Road E. Falmouth Adrienne Minassian 67 Gunning Point Road Falmouth Deidre Murray 316 Edge water Drive West E Falmouth Elizabeth Perkins 20 Teaticket Path E Falmouth Darlene Raposa 25 Prince Henry Drive E. Falmouth Wayne Miranda 364 Main Street Apt. 213 E. Falmouth Amara Mustafa 530 Carriage Shop Road E Falmouth Michael Peters P O Box 358 Waquoit Deborah Rattigan 26 Blueberry Lane E. Falmouth Monica Mitchell 60 Meredith Drive E. Falmouth Christine Negron P.O. Box 585 Waquoit Crystia Pettigrew 79 King Street Falmouth Mark Raymond 39 Striper Lane E. Falmouth Lucille Mograss 89 Porthole Drive Mashpee Christen Nelson 81 Antlers Shore Drive E. Falmouth Laura Phillips 24 Newton Road E Falmouth Kerry Reardon 42 N. Bournes Pond Rd. E F almouth Janet Moller Box 197 W Falmouth James Netto 81 Queen Street Falmouth Jill Pickering 4 Belvidere Road Falmouth Virginia Reed P. O. Box 411 Woods Hole Don Y Be A Stranger . . . Michaei Remson Seatucket Road E. Falmouth Scott Rigsby 142 Homestead Lane Teaticket Paul Roache 40 Oak Street Teaticket Jeffrey Robichaud 3 English Street E. Falmouth Carlos Rodrigues 1 1 Heritage Circle E. Falmouth James Romiza 236 Carriage Shop Road E. Falmouth Kevin Romiza P.O. Box 243 Teaticket David Rose Box 814 E. Falmouth Damian Ross 73 Jericho Path Falmouth Steven Rudden P.O. Box 214 Woods Hole Nancy Rugger i 96 Lucerene Avenue Falmouth Roberta Ryan 17 Madeline Lane E. Falmouth Michael Ryder 45 Manitoba Street Mashpee Donald Sabens 29 Amvets Avenue Falmouth Kelly Salter 7 Siders Pond Road Falmouth Raymond Sanford P.O. Box 276 Teaticket Drop Me A Line . . . Jill Sanger 1 Whittier Road E. Falmouth Mark Silvia 522 Carriage Shop Rd. E. Falmouth Karen Thurston 4 Lt. P afford Road E. Falmouth Michael Sato 88 Two Ponds Road Falmouth Paula Simmons 70 Lake Leaman Road Falmouth Paul Tierney 25 Burnham Drive Falmouth Hilary Sawyer P.O. Box 549W Waquoit Catherine Simonis 108 Harriette Road E. Falmouth Sheri Tint I 168 Brick Kiln Road F. Falmouth Maryellen Sawyer 361 Sam Turner Road Hatchville Jane Smith 28 Turtle Pond Road Falmouth Jeanne Toldness 128 Beechwood Drive Mashpee Richard Schiavo 149 Mutiny Lane Mashpee Beth Soares 16 1 Alcott Road E. Falmouth Aaron Tripp 44 Walker Street Falmouth Jennifer Schneider 19 Cachalot Lane Falmouth Fredrik Sonderegger P.O. Box 899 W. Falmouth Jeffrey Turk P.O. Box 122 Forestdale Travis Schneider 26 Hillcrest Drive Falmouth Christopher St John P.O. Box 414 T Teaticket Carrie Viall 29 Rosemary Lane E. Falmouth Jan Schouten 14 Ludlam Street Falmouth Melonie St Laurent P. O. Box 683 E. Falmouth Khristi Walsh 3 Tern Circle Mashpee Pamela Schuck P.O. Box 28 N Falmouth Kathryn Svarczopf P.O. Box 1491 N. Falmouth Jodi Ward 56 Coleridge Drive Falmouth Anna Schulman 24 Meltiah Road Falmouth John Sylvia P.O. Box 391 F. Falmouth Stephanie Westgate P.O. Box 536 E. Falmouth Sean Scully 52 Clear Pond Rd Falmouth James Szpond 33 Triumph Street Falmouth Glen Whitehead 75 Terry Lou A venue F. Falmouth Tammy Sestakauskas 100 Rockville Ave. F. Falmouth Karen Tavares 16 Turner Road E. Falmouth Christina Wilson 20 Braeside Road Falmouth Shawn Shanaver 4 Wedgewood Drive E. Falmouth Sharron Tavernier 167 Springbar Road Falmouth Melinda Wimer 18 Marsh View Road F. Falmouth Amy Sheldon 30 Deerfoot Circle Mashpee Jennifer Taylor 40 Pineridge Road F. Falmouth Mark Wright Box 7 N. Falmouth Kenneth Silva P.O. Box 325 Mashpee Mohammed Tazziz 62 Perch Pond Circle E. Falmouth Eric Zmuda 19 Half Moon Circle E. Falmouth Kristianne Silva 29 Captains Lane E. Falmouth Donald Thompson P.O. Box 233 Teaticket 184 ADVERTISING Movie Rentals Video Recorder and Camera Repairs Rental and Sales ol Video Equipment. Tapes Accessories. Paul Jan LeBlanc PJo now J4im Pi aJ to cJloue im (617)548-1596 ' fie ffoq 1984 - 1987 RENNIE C. “JERRY” RAMELLA BRANCH MANAGER BREWER LORD 177 MAIN STREET. FALMOUTH MA 02541 SMALL WORLD SCHOOL, INC. From the Class of ’87 42 GIFFORD STREET FALMOUTH, MA 02540 Flagpoles of Wood, Fiberglass, Aluminum Sales, Installation, Maintenance Schooner Poles Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1987! 564-5966 North Falmouth, MA James C. Boyce, Sparmaker 186 10 Cape Drive, Suite B Land Planning Mashpee, MA 02649 Sewerage Design Telephone: 617-540-0354 Land Surveying 617-477-2120 Civil Engineers Land Surveyors ARROW ENGINEERING INC. Robert E. Raymond, P.E. R.L.S. JZ (juere 1 )Coyes insurance CslgeTicy, 7nc. “The Hoae of Perseial Service. atmaalf 5-Rop since 1944 225 Main Street Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA 02541 FOUNDED IN 1929 • Located in the village of Megansett • Oldest continuous family -run agency in Falmouth • Competitive rates in major companies • All lines of insurance, for all needs ‘Come home • • . to the Noyes Agency.” 121 County Road, North Falmouth 563-2266 or 564-5188 Marcel L. Albert CW 8813 (617) 54S-04S7 Falmouth Florist, Inc. CUSTOM FRESH SILK DESIGNS GIFT ITEMS PLANTS 540-2020 190 TEATICKET HIGHWAY EAST FALMOUTH 187 Kay Kelley c iuet !Hend azm BOARDING DOGS CATS " We ’care ' for your pet " Peg Kokmeyer Larry Kelley 540-0635 682 SANDWICH RD. FALMOUTH CAPE COD FEDERAL credit union 199 Worcester Court • Falmouth, MA 02540 617 548-8877 WILSON PRINTING COMPANY A FULL SERVICE PRINTER MULTI COLOR PRINTING SPECIALIST BROCHURES • CARBONLESS FORMS • BOOKLETS LETTERHEADS • ENVELOPES • BUSINESS CARDS WEDDING PACKAGES • COMPLETE BINDERY SERVICE TYPESETTING CREATIVE DESIGN LAYOUT ( 617 ) 540-9090 301 DILLINGHAM AVENUE • FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS Route 28 • Deer Crossing, Mashpee, MA 02649 617 477-5000 137 Main Street • Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 617 563-5357 Otis Air National Guard Base, MA 02542 617 759-3220 COMPLIMENTS OF 2 )r. ( duuarcl ditck 2 7 Falmouth Jdeicjhti $oad 548-0505 Congratulations. Tfbu’ve just earned die first major credential IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER ™ BayBank fatrnna Chuck, Wendy, and Kim Adams Lloyd Diane Adams Paul and Janice Anderson Robert W. and Toni R. Andrade Robert and Jeanne Antonucci The Ayers Family Mr. Mrs. Gregory Basmajian Jason Jill Basmajian Bob and Sue Beardsley Carolyn and Courtney Bird Kendall and Karin Bohr The Boyce Family John, Susan, and Shennon Butler Ronald and Susan Butler Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Byrne The Chance Family Peter L. Clark Ellen L. Barol The Stephen Clark Family M. Kathleen Robert Craig The Cranshaw Family Mr. Mrs. Frank T. D’Amario Family Patricia J. Davis Dave, Sue Mark DeLorme Michelle and Scott DeMello Edward and Andrea DeMello Dr. and Mrs. David C. Dewees The DiAngelis Family Bill and Marcia Dyer Sandra Ellis Robert and Priscilla Elwell Pamela (Ewing) Ishmail Tazziz Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Fantasia William Uta Finneran Dr. and Mrs. R. Gagnon and Family The Hale Family Richard Valerie Harding Jack and Linda Harrington In Memory of Thomas M. Henkenius The Hoeckel and Reasoner Family The Houlden Family Sheldon and Sharon Ingalls Capt. and Mrs. Edward B. Jackson Vivian Johnson Mr. Mrs. Barry Irwin Family John Joan Irving Mr. Mrs. Glenwood R. Jackson Ernie Jan Keating Mr. and Mrs. John Kilday Robert Cynthia Knudson The Lanphear Family Mr. Mrs. Gerald T. Lynch Pauline, Alicia Christy Maciel Bruce and Nancy MacKilligan Mr. Mrs. Paul F. Marini Mr. Mrs. David Mauk Family Paul Lorraine McAllister Louise and Flory McCarthy The McCarthy Family Leo and Emily McCarty Mrs. C. Marcia McLaughlin Damian, Linda Breffni McLaughlin Dr. and Mrs. Walter Leo McLean Mr. Mrs. Thomas M. McNamara The Minassian Family The Mitchell Family The Monahans Allan and Maria Moniz Martha and Mickey Moniz Barry and Maryalice O’Neil Mr. Mrs. Norman W. Peoples, Jr. The Pettigrew Family Marylin Phillips and Family Yvonne A. Pina and son, Bryan L. Ms. Josephine M. Pinto Mr. Mrs. Willard Pocknett The Rattigan Family Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Raymond Jack and Brenda Reardon The Rigsby Family The Rudden Family The Donald Ruggeri Family Diane and Russell Salter 190 Patrons The Sato Family Cynthia Frederic Schneider The Shanaver-Dion Family Lawrence and Carolyn Silva Dr. Mrs. A. J. Stewart John and Gail Sylvia The Thurston Family Bruce and Elaine Tripp Edward F. and Brenda M. Westgate Mr. Mrs. Robert G. Williams Mr. Mrs. Albert Wilson Virginia Ivan Valiela A. Cleo Zani kathlyn F. Condon Barbara and Edmund Zmuda and Eric tSUidgAtf f Kim A Moil t i hk c ' rJdniK i S If . ,Ru(A ■ R. . v u in . (fi±. . -R . • Hi. fjfame RigAf- MnHuian FAY’S INC. 556 MAIN FALMOUTH $ 48 1666 i-i CAPE COD S MOST COMPLETE PHOTO SHOP ORTIMS PHOTO SUPPLY 267 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MA 02540 (617) 548-1918 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1987! 18-Hole, Par 72, Golf Course Falmouth Country Club 630 Carriage Shop Road East Falmouth, MA HOMETOWN GROCER Pwnanstr Gosrant mf 548-3211 350 MAIN STREET, E. FALMOUTH FISHERMEN Specializing in ROUTE 28 •SEAFOOD • STEAK EAST FALMOUTH, MASS. • CHICKEN • SALAD BAR •COCKTAILS 548-4266 OPEN YEAR ROUND PRIVATE PARTIES BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE! RYAN FAMILY AMUSEMENT CENTERS 23 TOWN HALL SQUARE FALMOUTH, MA 02540 192 Best Wishes to the CLASS Of 1987 Ilawrence Lynch corr Committed To Local Sports Compliments Of Falmouth Motorcar Co. 716 Teaticket Highway East Falmouth, MA 02536 -as®— Servicing Imported Quality Used Cars American Autos (617) 540-6794 PRESCRIPTION CENTERS OF CAPE COD 540-2410 24 HOUR PHONE 303 Main Street 420 Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540 East Falmouth, MA 02536 540-2410 548-1342 Paul E Dussault B S. Rph James E Hermansen B S Rph CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’87 GRIP ASSOCIATES Cap Gown Representative P. O. Box 127 North Scituate, MA 02060 The Brightest Of Futures To The Class Of ’87 From Your Friends FALMOUTH TOYOTA 194 Congratulations to the Class of ’87 GENERAL HOUSEWARES CORP. BOX 670, HYANNIS, MA 02601 617 - 540-7283 BRIDES DELIGHT Dresses For Weddings And Special Occasions 661 A Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540 CONGRA TULA TIONS , CLASS OF 1987!! TEATICKET HARDWARE CO 242 Main St. Teaticket NEXUS REDKEN (( HAIR REFLECTIONS 7 " ) 627 MAIN ST. FALMOUTH. MA 02540 Congratulations to the Senior Class UPPER CAPE OPHTHALMOLOGY, INC. 14 Bramblebush Park Falmouth, MA 02540 YOUR PROFESSIONALS 548 3344 J. E. Taylor, M.D. T. E. Goslee, M.D. W. H. Schutten, M.D. 540-0511 CONGRATULATIONS The FfiLMOUTH Co-operative BfiNK 20 Davis Straits- Route 28 Falmouth, MA 02541 - 548-3500 196 Your Pri ' 1 " " 9 197 GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE CLASS OF 87 PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING ° WE SPECIALIZE IN • Landscape R.R. Ties Sod Seed Renovations Stone Lawns Driveways • BrickWork •Colorful • Stone Work Plantings WAQUOIT LANDSCAPING, Inc JACK HOWARD, PROPRIETOR 540-0944 Joseph A. Netto, hi WEDDINGS • COMMERCIAL • FREE LANCE 28 CLARK STREET EAST FALMOUTH MASS ( 617 ) 540-0813 BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1987 D.T.B. Corporation 15 Fowlers Lane Falmouth, Massachusetts 198 Congratulations Best Wishes To The Class Of 1987 Falmouth National Falmouth • East Falmouth • North Falmouth Buzzards Bay • Hyannis • Woods Hole 548-1000 Member FDIC IAYLOR RENTAL 681 Teaticket Highway East Falmouth, MA 02536 617 - 548 - 8809 The Full Service Bank For All Your Banking Needs WELCO CONSULTANTS INC. 49 Elizabeth Jean Dr East Falmouth, MA 02536 Tel 617-546-5869 Intnl and Dom Machinery Installation and Commissioning COMPLIMENTS OF BANK OF BOSTON CAPE COD REGION 540-0006 362-6551 WORDCRAFT 26 Beach Street E. Falmouth, MA 02536 (617) 540-0900 AC. ZANI Member F01C Cu tom Appicatton Programming tOUM MOW LENDER 548-1353 C. H. NEWTON BUILDERS, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS P.O. BOX V FALMOUTH, MASS. 200 “Should auld acquaintance be forgot . . . . . will bring them to mind. ” Your Hometown Newspaper Depot Ave., Falmouth, MA 548-4700 Branch Office: Deer Crossing, Rte. 28, Mashpee, MA 477-4770 FARRELL DUFFY ATTORNEYS AT LAW PAUL G. FARRELL FRANK K. DUFFY, JR. CAROL A. KENNEY ROBERT C. LAWLESS CYNTHIA M. BOURGET 340 GIFFORD STREET P.O. BOX Q FALMOUTH, MA 02541 (617) 540-4111 Compliments Of FALMOUTH LUMBER, INC Falmouth, Mass. Tel. 548-6868 LIGGETT JRexatl jbru 9 St lore Falmouth Plaza Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Tel. 548-5247 ( Puritan doming of Cape Cod 221 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH, MA 02540 617-548-0116 ♦♦ ' ■ THE ♦ %v CHEESE ‘HOUSE We at The Cheese House would like to tantalize your sistlble offerings: Beach Plum Jelly Vermont Cheddar Wheels Cherchies Champagne Mustard Lulubelle ' s Pecan Lace Cookies , Godiva Chocolates Imported Pasta Country Pates Bahlsen Cookies Exotic Coffee Beans Crabtree Evelyn Comestibles Teenie Beanie Jelly Beans Caspari Paper Napkins and more Gift Certificates Personalized Corporate Gift Service UPS Delivery Service Customized Gift Baskets Fanciful Gift Wraps MasterCard Visa some of our irre- ROF t JfCLfJJ 1 r S ££ 2L— 1 Join us for a taste UTA FINNERAN 202 BEST WISHES Class of 1 987 New England Scholastic P.O. Box 2 Readville, MA 02137 203 g §top VffANT 105 Davis Straits Falmouth, Massachusetts (617)540-7176 “Your Family Style Center” STONE ' S BARBER SHOP 628 Main Street 540-8523 Precision Cutting Personalized Styling OPEN YEAR ROUND Delicious Pizza BEER I Hot Oven Grinders WINE 540-1837 202 Main St., Teaticket Call Your Orders Before You Leave Home . . . They Will Be Ready On Arrival Congratulations 1987 Grads from ART’ S BIK E SHOP COUNTY ROAD NORTH FALMOUTH MA 02556 ARTHUR DIANGELIS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1987 PAUL’S PLUMBING HEATING The Plumber Who Cares P.O. Box 640, N. Falmouth, MA 02556 Phone 563-2396 PAUL LORRAINE McALLISTER 204 College tuition HAS NEVER COST MORE! We have the answers... Plymouth Savings now offers you two Tuition Loan Programs — for students and parents — to help meet the increasing costs of higher education. Parent loans to undergraduate students (plus) No financial needs test! The PLUS program allows parents of undergraduate students to borrow from SI, 000 to S3, 000 per year per child. Low ' monthly payments. Higher education loan program (help) Borrow up to S2,500 per year for undergraduates and up to S5,000 per year for graduate students. No repayment until after graduation. Use Plymouth Savings’ Loan Phone to apply for a tuition loan. Call 1-800-4 ANSWER, today. We like to say Yes! We have the answers. Plymouth Q Savings E9 Bank The Answer Bank. Member IT)I( DIFM Wareham: Valerie R Nishols. 295- 5800 Duxbury: Patricia C lapachionc. 954-0101 Falmouth: Helene A Fisk, 548-5000 Marion: Lnis 11 Nolan, 748-2919 Mattapoisett: LinJs M Lopes, 758-4956 North Plymouth: Miriam b Morse, 747-1600 Plymouth: Robert F Trass , 746-5500 Sandwich: Theresa M Minclli, 888-4444 Teaticket: Teresa ( Ferreira, 540-5002 Armstrong Hilliard’s Carpets Philadelphia Congoleum CARPETS»VINYLS«CERAMICS»TILE Coronet Mannington 165 Teaticket Highway Teaticket, MA 02536 Salem Tarrett 61 7 - 548-2260 Galaxy Others E. T. MELLO ELECTRIC INC. 34 King St. - Box 549 FALMOUTH, MASS. 02541 (617) 548-0503 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1987 THE WOOD LUMBER COMPANY 548-3154 81 Locust Street YEAR Falmouth, MA 02540 Emergency Service RESIDENTIAL AUTO COMMERCIAL Bonded • Insured The Nationwide Network of Security Professionals •Independently Owned Operated •Lock-out Service • Deadbolt Locks Installed - 8? tU-TOM 1 1 1 • Lost Keys Replaced •Locks Rekeyed and Masterkeyed DAVE’S LOCKSMITH SERVICE 62 Hayway Rd., E. Falmouth 548-7054 206 CM. Murray INSURANCE AGENCY We have your best interest at heart. Specialists in Homeowners Business Auto Marine Life Pension Plans Health Disability Now in two convenient locations Falmouth -t()6 Jones Road, next to the Super Stop Shop 540-2400 Pocasset 4 Barlows Landing Road, next to Cape Cod Bank Trust Co. at Pocasset Village Marketplace 563-5586 FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY X-J

Suggestions in the Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) collection:

Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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