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KH cueei w r A K 1984 Falmouth High School 2 Memories like the corners of my mind 3 Misty water colored memories of the way we were. 4 5 Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind 7 8 Smiles we gave to one another of the way we were. it be that it was so simple then Can 10 . w 11 12 13 If we had the chance to do it all again 14 15 16 T Clubs and Activities 19 A B Fall Sports 43 L E Seniors 54 O Faculty and Staff 109 F Winter Sports 117 C O Underclassmen 132 N T Spring Sports 160 E N Review 176 T S Advertisers and Patrons 184 17 " DEDICATION " ■i • To dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Mary Bishop is the very least that we, the class of " 1984, " could do to show her our appreciation for the more than important role she has played in our lives. Aside from being a tremendous help in her role as student activities secretary, she has been a friend who has always been ready to guide, to listen, to share, to laugh with, and to simply chat. Not only is she highly respected and loved by the faculty and students of Falmouth High School as is shown by her being honored as Parade Marshall for this year ' s Thanksgiv- ing Parade, but in addition, she has also won the respect and esteem of the citizens of Falmouth. Her " selfless service " earned her the " 1983 Falmouth Citi- zen of the Year " award. " Through her constant unselfish willingness to help others, she significantly contributed to improving the quality of life in the town. " As we write this dedication and think of our friend Mrs. Bishop, we are reminded of how " some people come into our lives and quickly go, while some stay for a time and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. " Fortunately, your footprints are forever on the hearts of many Mrs. Bishop . . Mrs. Mary Bishop 18 L • U • 6 • S fl • C»T I«V«I»T I E» YEARBOOK STAFF 1. Allisha Maciel, 2. Clayton Jones, 3. Julie St. George, 4. Jim Wight-Waltman, advisor, 5. Jana Durant, 6. Greg Wimer, Editor in Chief, 7. David Heath, 8. Darolyn Silvia, 9. Mary Guess, 10. Chris Moreland, 11. Kris Fredrick, EDITOR IN CHIEF Greg Wimer SECTION EDITORS: Senior Portraits Senior Activities Faculty Sports Underclassmen Clubs Activities Close-Up Chief Photographer FACULTY ADVISORS: Jim Wight-Waltman Janet Spring COVER DESIGN: George Gakidis DEDICATION: Brian Albert, Michelle DeNisi, Sachiko Sato PUBLISHERS REP.: Norval Garnett, Jr. Special thanks for special help: Russie Wight-Waltman, Mary Bishop, Jim Kalparis Brian Albert Mary Guess Jana Durant Clayton Jones Leo Albert Kris Fredrick Allisha Maciel Greg Wimer Deirdre Sullivan PHOTO STAFF: Deirdre Sullivan Derolyn Silva David Heath Clayton Jones DARKROOM STAFF: Deirdre Sullivan Derolyn Silva David Heath Julie St. George Clayton Jones Michelle DeNisi Mary Guess Chris Moreland OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Lynne Ashmore Carolee Cannata John Carroll, Jr. Michelle DeNisi Mary Guess Bob Lynds Scott Romkey Julie St. George Daniel Wight-Waltman Jim Wight-Waltman WRITERS: Andrea Bennett Joe Lopes Barbara Warden Greg Wimer ADVERTISING STAFF: Brian Albert Leo Albert Jana Durant Shannon Gibbons Greg Wimer 1. Jennifer Duggan, 2. Mr. Leary, 3. Advisor, Mr. Von Henstchel, 4. Sarah West, 5. Lisa Cabral, 6. Mary Jenerico, 7. Necie Brann. 8. Casey Clarkson, 9. Duane Alves, 10. Becky Harvey, 11. Jackie Lew- is, 12. Jason Pecci, 13. Susan Pacheco, 14. Mike Shaugh- nessy, 15. Sheldon Blake, 16. Michelle Mulhern, 17. Stephanie Westgate, 18. Anna Schulman, 19. Shaun Andrade, 20. Jennifer Con- nors, 21. Eddie Moniz, 22. Mia Phelan, 23. Allyson Ryan, 24. Mary Nidisitko, 25. Had- ley Aldrich. 1. Carol Narbis, 2. Claire Fein, 3. Carolee Cannata, 4. Coleen Kelley, 5. Chris Correllus, 6. Scott Erikson, 7. Joe McLeish, 8. Pam DeCosta, 9. Matt Maxwell, 10. Leo Albert, 11. Robert Fenstermaker, 12. Dina Travers, 13. John Fenrick, 14. Craig Stevens, 15. Laurie Getz, 16. Randall Fink, 17. Leora Aldrich, 18. AM-11 Michael Moniz, 19. Julia St. George, 20. Dara Bowin. 20 MATH TEAM 1. Joanna Lowell, 2. Andy McKenzie, 3. Mr. Casso, Advisor, 4. Rickey Cusilito, 5. Paul Davis, 6. Larry Mello, 7. Stefan Striffler, 8. Nate Schwartz, 9. Buck Blum, 10. Tim Church, 11. Dan Sullivan, 12. Gunner Trumbull, 13. Kristin Schmidtz, 14 Marc Ebenfield, 15. Sachi Shimomura, Left to Right: Mr. James Winer, Advisor, 2. Julie St. George, 3. Jane Mello, 4. Michelle DeNisi, 5. Audrey Borowski, 6. Kim Reid, 7. Bill Andrews, 8. Kerry McKen- STUDENT INTELLIGENCE 1. Jim Harrington, 2. Ray Burke, 3. Mr. Barry Sadoff, Advisor. SCIENCE CLUB AV SOUND 1. Chris Robello, 2. Martin Ben- oit, 3. Mr. Sadoff, Advisor. 22 1. Eileen Twoig, 2. Lauren Corchoran, 3. Tim O ' Connell, 4. Sue Beale, 5. Darren Barrows, 6. Mrs. Leonard, 7. Kada Graham, 8. Mrs. McDermott, 9. Lauri McNeil, 10. Brenda At- kinson, 11. Okilia Amorim, 12. Carol Landry, 13. Kris Allard. 1. Mrs. Huckins, 2. Tricia DeMello, 3. Ellen Souza, 4. Karen Chiero, 5. Gail Cutillo, 6. Bethany Black- burn, 7. Anna Silvia, 8. Cheryl Andrade, 9. Eileen Buckley, 10. Kim Lauzon, 11. Elaine Gaspa, 12. Keith Blacquiere, 13. John Stimpson, 14. Court- ney Johnson, 15. Sarah Scala, 16. Micah Circe, 17. Colin Metcalf, 18. Michael Conte, 19. Justin Bland, 20. Elissa Grunin, 21. Katie Zimmerman, 22. Annie Zimmerman, 23. Erin Ford. PIERSIDE PASTRIES NURSERY 23 BAND First Row: (L. to R.) Sheila Clifford, Drum Major, Julie Wagner, Maura Callahan, Joe Meleish, Sean Scully, Tim Merserve, Ken Silva, Troy Martin, Sean Andrade, David Anderson, Tim Murphy, John Butler, Jim Kruczek, Heather Stone, Drum Major. Second Row: Melissa Eckle, Laura Seale, Karen Antonucci, Nancy Callahan, Brian McGrath, Gail Lajoie, Bobby Ingalls, Chris Simpson, Jerry Palmer, Glen Whitehead, Jen Pine, John Jackson, Scott Thrasher, Elizabeth Murray, Third Row: Julie Johnson, Bill Buckley, Sebastian Merski, Jenny Chance, Stefan Striffler, Chris Brown, Sean Hale, Barbara Mello, Michael Marotta, Michael Steel, Spear Holoway, Jeanne Azarovitz, Jane Mello. Fourth Row: Trisha Cram, Joanne Craig, Kathy Grinnell, Michelle Hardin, Katy Miller, Ellen Drouin, Lauren Geary, Kendra Nungesser, Mary Lafond, Joanna Lowell, Allison Carreiro, Janet Moller, Christine O ' Leary, Patty O ' Leary, Aaron Sinewitz. Fifth Row: Ron DeSouza, Troy Clarkson, Ginny Reed, Maureen Long, Patricia Lemeur, Cheri Clarkin, Patricia Tessier, Christine Correllus, Heidi Hobson, Stephanie Shapiro, Jenny Crocker, Kim Frazier, Sharon Lacerda, Ellen Timoney. Robert Sullivan. MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB 1. Robin Manchester, 2. Lori Lohr, 3. Drawde Qrant, 4. Kristin Mello, 5. Nan- cy McCarty, 6. Jayne Cary. I JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY ■ 1. Tracy Porter, 2. April Clough, 3. Wendy Patterson, 4. Anne Lamoreaux, 5. Cathy Grinnell, 6. Jenny Crocker, 7. Barbara Pierce, 8. Kelly Robertson, 9. Barbara Warden, 10. Megan Patrick, 11. Greg Maxwell, 12. Kristin Schmidtz, 13. Melissa Grace, 14. Maura Callahan, 15. Andy Myette, 16. Andrew Clark, 17. Paul Reardon, 18. John Souza, 19. Todd Geist, 20. Ted McGuire, 21. Robert Mitchell, 22. Scott McMurtrie, 23. Tim Gregg, 24. Chris McGrath, 25. Larry Pooler, 26. David Merson, 27. Robert Carroll, 28. Tom Rob- ertson, 29. Paul Davis, 30. Tim Church, 31. Dan Conley, 32. Brian Albert, 33. Jana DaSilva, 34. Marija Mauk, 35. Andrea Bennett, 36. Dan Sullivan, 37. Chris Doonan, 38. Marion Smith, 39. Tim Farrell. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1. Meg Castello, 2. Janice Santos, 3. Emily Hocker, 4. Jana DaSilva, 5. Sheila Clifford, 6. Helene Harney, 7. Jennifer Lopes, 8. Penny Elwell, 9. Julie St. George, 10. Brian Albert, 11. Marion Smith, 12. Liz Beardsley, 13. Lori Lohr, 14. Chris Campbell, 15. Bucky Trumbull, 16. Suzi Austin, 17. Tim Svarczkopf, 18. Breffni McLaughlin, 19. Stewart Funkhauser, 20. Rob- ert Mitchell, 21. Roger Hayward, 22. Tim Far- rell, 23. Sean McEvoy, 24. Laurie Stefanik, 25. Marc Ebenfield, 26. Mike Sloane, 27. Karen Hart, 28. Holly Linder, 29. Chris Doonan, 30. Robert Carroll, 31. Dan Sullivan, 32. Susan Oli- ver, 33 . Patty Costa, 34. John Dunn, 35. Dan Conley, 36. Josh Phillips, 37. Dan McGrath, 38. Scott McMurtrie. 25 1. Stephanie Souden, 2. Leslie Miller, 3. Marion Smith, 4. Greg Maxwell, 5. Christopher Ghelfi, 6. Shannon Gib- bons, 7. Hadley Aldrich, 8. Brian Albert, 9. Charles Stulb, 10. Jana DaSilva, 11. Betsey Robinson, 12. Barbars War- den, 13. Jurgen Atema, 14. Sven Atema, 15. Matthew Andrews, 16. Heather Stone, 17. Stephanie Marquet. Not Pictured, Eric Peirson. FRENCH CLUB 1. Ms. Medeiros, Advisor, 2. Mrs. Cotton, Ad- visor, 3. Miss McDougall, Advisor, 4. Ed Moniz, 5. Helene Harney, 6. Michelle DeNisi, 7. Julie St. George, 8. David Braithwaite, 9. Nancy Callahan, 10. Ted McGuire, 11. Jane Mello, 12. Jennifer Jokinen, 13. Erin Coyle, 14. Christine Gilchrist, 15. Jennifer Coleman, 16. Cindy Walker, 17. Julie Cherau, 18. Laura Au- ger, 19. Liz Beardsley, 20. Kelley Rugg, Not pictured: Brian Albert, AFS 26 KEY CLUB UN-HISTORY Front Row L to R: 1. Kathy Grinnell, 2. Tyler Cartner, 3. Mr. Grunin, Advisor, 4. Stuart Funkhouser, 5. Carrie Goux. 2nd row: 6. Nan- cy Callahan, 7. Betsy Robinson, 8. Maura Cal- lahan, 9. Mike McGowen, 10. Ward Frazier, 11. Tim Egan, 3rd Row: 12. Dan Connelly, 13. David Brathwait, 14. David Merson, 15. Brian Morrison, 16. John Fitch. I hT anS E ' 2 ll P M ' v carro l Hummer l Eileen F razler l a e ' n Farrtngwn lT. Kri Ke fn l Sherf e s l r ' lMi Gosley? 19 ! ZlTc, 2 Chance, 2, Lori Ogtaw m ; ScGowan 76 Sieve Wak 77. John sfalcup, 78. Erin Coyle, 79. Tim Svarczkopf, 80. Dan Conley, 81. Ed Monte 82. Anne-Marie Chicoine, 83. Came Goux, 84. Jeanne Azarovitz, 85. Nick Leone 86. Jennifer Mackilligan, 87. Craig Clarkin, 88. Ward Fraser, 89. Meg Castel anos 27 top row L to R: 1. Laurie Getz, 2. Andrea Bennett, 3. Bonnie Thorpe, 4. Molly O ' Neil, 5 Sarah West, 6. Gary Hennemuth, 7. Jeff Johnson, 8. Pam Ames, 9. Marion Smith 10 Cheryl Wright, 11. Hadley Aldrich. Row 2: 12. Kris Allard, 13. Pam Antone, 14. Emily Hoker, 15. Lesle Miller, 16. Connie Simpson, 17. Chris Plummer, 18. Brian Johnson, 19. Dan Sullivan, 20. Paula Grasso, 21. Jennifer Duggan, 22, Aimee Phelps, 23, Chris Correllus 3rd Row- 24. Bridget Kullian, 25. Kim Valias, 26. Joanne Craig, 27. Cindy Jones, 28. Chris Ghelfi, 29. John Fenrick, 30. Kenny Jones, 31. Theresa Barrows, 32. Michelle Hardin, 33. Amy Fenrick, 34. Elizabeth Hocker. 4th Row: 35. Jill Brewer, 36. Patricia Cullinane, 37. Heather Lennox, 38. Lorri Coronella, 39. Joe Lima, 40. Sean Boyce, 41. Aaron Sinewitz, 42 Debbie Anderson, 43. Chris Wilson, 44. Julie St George, 45. Ellen Walsh, 46. Mrs. Fortin. Left to Right: 1. Chris Ghelfi, 2. Aaron Sinewitz, 3. Bonnie Thorpe, 4. Chris Correllus, 5. Gary Hennemuth, 6. Jeff Johnsen, 7. Emily Hocker, 8. Lizzie Hocker, 9. Joe Lima, 10. Sean Boyce, 11. Theresa Barrows, 12. Leslie Miller, 13. Barbara Warden, 14. Chris Plummer, 15. Daniel Sullivan, 16. Kim Valias. Not Pictured: Andrea Bennett. 28 STUDENT ADVIS ORY BOARD 1. Edward Moniz, 2. Liz Beardsley, 3 Barbara Pierce, 4. Sheila Clifford, 5 Erin Coyle. STEERING COMMITTEE WARRANT COMMITTEE 1. Buck Trumbull, 2. Ted McGuire, 3. Da- vid Merson, 4. Erin Coyle, 5. Sarah West, 6. Stephanie Marquet, 7. Kathy McEvoy, 8. Patricia Tessier, 9. Nancy Callahan, 10. Sheila Clifford, 11. Brian Albert, 12. Liz Beardsley, 13. Edward Moniz, 14. Wednes- day Sylvia, 15. Sachiko Sato, 16. Kim Alves, 17. Julie St. George, 18. Carrie Goux, 19. Barbara Peirce, 20. Anne Marie Lameroux, 21. Jennifer Lopes, 22. Deborah Selleck, 23. Eileen Frazier. FOCUS 1. Tim Lambert, 2. Mike Hazleton, 3. Glennecie Brann 4. Theresa Texeira, 5. Robert Nunes 6. Jeff Jones 7. Wanette Ferreira, 8. David Garrison, 9. Linda Bryant, 10. Ron Moore, 11. Mr. Bock, 12. John Costa. NATIONAL ART HONOR SOCIETY 1. Allison Baumgardner, 2. Maria Bukuras, 3. Bethany Blackburn, 4. Mr. Vasco Pires, Advisor, 5. Chris Colella, 6. Becky Harvey, 7. George Gakidas, 8. Mari Zylinski, 9. Mike Young, 10. Mr. Bob Leary, 11. Tina Peterman, 12. Longe Deceased. PERSPECTIVE HONOR BOWL 1. Joanna Murphy, 2. Mr. James Winer, Advisor, 3. Craig Stevens, 4. Jeff Johnsen, 5. John Stalcup, 6. Christine Gilchrist, 7. Matt An- drews. CHEERLEADERS Bottom L to R: 1. Michelle DeNisi, 2. Kerri Norton, 3. Christen MacConnell, 4. Charlene McGowan, Top Right: 5. Julene Augusta, 6. Stephanie Marks, 7. Jennifer Jokinen, 8. Mari Zylinski COLOR GUARD Top Row L to R: Chris Woodward, Kathy Sylvia, Cathy Cunha, Sara Newell, Ellen Bezdaris, Meg Castellanos, Jenny Delinks, Melanie Raposa. Bottom Row: Karen Farrington, Carrie Zylinski, B.J. Cunha, Mia Phelan, Maura Wagner. Top Row L to R: Allison Ratsy, Sharon Sinewitz, Michelle Medeiros, Nancy Berghaus, Cathy Cunha, Kathy More- land, Carla Toland, Patricia Keliinui, Lisa Fanlkner, Marija Mauk Bottom Row Left: Melanie Rapoza, Jenny Wilson, Pam DeCosta, Theresa Barrows, Cathy Davis, Kim Toldness, Cindy Faulkner. Front Row: Anne-Marie Chicoine, Jill Irving. 32 1. Caroline Mauk, 2. Tarah Mientka, 3. Ad- visor Mrs. Costa, 4. Caroline McMillen, 5. Jill Pickering, 6. Kim Doterige, 7. Lori Mc- Carthy, 8. Kada Graham, 9. Maureen Mur- phy, 10. Drawde Grant, 11. Marigh Mientka. MAJORETTES PEP SQUAD Top Row L to R: 1. Sharon Dussault, 2. Kenwyn Lane, 3. Coleen McMenamy, 4. Kristin Damore, 5. Amy Kiss, 6. Lori Joska, 7. Michelle Marken, 8. Ellen Lvnch, 9. Kim Dyer, 10. Heidi Medeiros, 11. Debby Medeiros, 12. Michelle Maurice, 13. Krissy Manchester, 14 Amy K eenan ' 15 - Laiara Phillips, 16. Sheri Ayers, Middle Row: 17. April Clough, 18. Anne Connolly, 19. Sue Pacheco, 20. Jean Basset, 21. Kathy Lipp, 2 Beth Sayers, 23. Terry Oliver 24 Melanie Phillips, 25. Nancy Way, 26. Andrea Bennett, 27. Amy McMenamy, 28. Barbara Pierce Bottom Row: 29. Helene Harney, 30. Anne DeMello, 31. Kandy Olson, 32. Kim Reed, 33. Lisa McKee, 34. Patty Costa, 35. Sue Oliver, 36. Christine Tessier, 37. Susan Rudden, 38. Theresa Scully, 39. Lori Lohr, 40. Robin Manchester. OOin Homecoming Queen Michelle DeNisi Attendants To Mr Miss Clipper First Attendants 35 CAROUSEL 42 S P»0«R T • S Team VOLLEYBALL: FHS Opp. Coyle-Cassidy 0 2 Barnstable 0 2 New Bedford Voc. 0 2 Bishop Stang 2 0 Bourne 0 2 Seekonk 0 2 Bishop Connolly Bishop Feehan Coyle-Cassidy Barnstable Bishop Stang Bourne Seekonk League record: 4-12 OPP. 35 BOYS CROSS COUNTRY: Team FHS Barnstable 20 Seekonk 20 Attleboro 25 Somerset 18 New Bedford 24 Dennis-Yarmouth 17 Somerset Invitational: 1st place O.L.P. Invitational: 5th place Manhattan Invitational: 4th place Seekonk Invitational: 1st place Catholic Memoral Invitational: 1st place All-Conference Meet: 1st place State Div. II Championship: 1st place All-Class State Championship: 6th place 0 2 1 2 0 2 0 2 2 1 2 0 0 2 FOOTBALL: Team FHS Opp. 41 Boston English 18 0 36 Wareham 20 12 45 D-Y 28 0 37 Bourne 31 22 46 Durfee 33 6 Somerset 14 36 Attleboro 13 6 Dartmouth 0 35 New Bedford 7 18 Barnstable 8 14 Season record: 6-4-0 League record: 2-4-0 FIELD HOCKEY: Team FHS Opp. Harwich 2 4 Sandwich 1 2 Attleboro 0 1 Bourne 2 1 D-Y 0 6 Barnstable 1 2 New Bedford 4 2 Dartmouth 0 3 Bishop Stang 0 5 D-Y 0 4 Barnstable 1 4 New Bedrord 3 2 Bishop Stang 0 4 Dartmouth 0 4 Season record: 3-11 League record: 2-8 League record: 6-0 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY: TEAM FHS OPP SOCCER: Barnstable 27 28 Team FHS Opp. Seekonk 25 31 Somerset 4 0 Attleboro 21 36 Attleboro 4 0 Somerset 19 37 Durfee 5 2 New Bedford 21 38 Barnstable 4 1 Dennis-Yarmouth 31 26 D-Y 0 1 New Bedford 1 1 Somerset 1 0 Attleboro 3 0 Durfee 2 1 Barnstable 1-F 0 D-Y 1 2 New Bedford 2 1 League record: 9-2-1 Somerset Invitational: 3rd place O.L.P. Invitational: 9th place Eastern States Championships: 13th place Seekonk Invitational: 4th place Catholic Memoral Invitational: 5th place All-Conference Meet: 2nd place State Div. II Championships: 3rd place All-Class State Championships: 18th place League record: 5-1 43 jo m n n o Bottom L to R: Gary Thompson, Mike Trotto, Paul Mauk, Jack Hurd, Mike Martin, Pete Cham- bers, Scott McMurtrie. Standing L to R: Head Coach Fred Toran, Ben Crago, Andrew Clark, Eric Peirson, Roland Beliveau, Jim Taylor, Josh Phillips, Tony Garcia, Alan Rivera, James Corr, Eric Palmer, Ricky Ottaviano, Asst. Coach Al Holcomb. SOCCER The varsity soccer team finished the season with an overall record of 11-2-3, under the direction of Coach Fred Toran and Al Holcomb. Senior co-captains were Paul Mauk and Jack Hurd. All games were played in the Division 1 League. The team had a very good season, going to the State South Semi-Finals. The team lost to New Bedford by a score of 3-0 after a hard playing game. It was the third time in the past four years that Falmouth has participated in the State Tournament. A highlight of regular season play was a 2-1 win at New Bed- ford “under the lights " with senior Mike Trotto scoring both goals. The team also had a very strong starting defensive line comprised of seniors Allen Rivera, Jim Taylor, Gary Thompson and junior Eric Palmer playing the fullback positions. Paul Mauk was the leading scorer for the team having 12 goals and 11 assists. The SMC Division 1 All-Star Team is picked by all the coaches in the league. This year, five seniors were picked from FHS: Paul Mauk, who ranked the third top player in the league, Mike Trotto, Allen Rivera, Gary Thompson, and Scott McMur- trie, who was ranked the sixth top player in the league. Paul Mauk also received an honorable mention for the Boston Globe ' s All-State All-Star Team. The annual Soccer Banquet was held in honor of Coach Bob Chisholm, who is retiring after 15 years of coaching junior varsity soccer and having an overall record of 146-60-18. Varsi- ty coaches gave MVP awards to Paul Mauk and Scott McMur- trie. Coaches ' Award went to Jack Hurd and Dedication Award went to upcoming varsity captains Rick Ottaviano and Eric Palmer. m First Row L to R: Mindy Sweeney, Jeanne Azarovitz, Kate Toran, Suzi Austin, Jennifer Lopes, Mindy Craver. 2nd Row: Kristina Schmitz, Lynda Roache, Kelly Robertson, Bet- sey Robinson, Eileen Frazier, Jen MacKilligan, 3rd Row: Kathy McEvoy, Sherri Clarkin, Kathy Dillon, Pat Tessier, Trisha Cram. I u- O O I- sa VARSITY FOOTBALL The varsity football team ended a good season with a record of 6-4. This year ' s team was coached by Gus Giardi, Bob Murry, Tom Hart and Tom Wesner. Senior tri-captains were Craig Clarkin, Eric Zylinski and John Haddad. Usually ranked as underdogs in league play, the varsity team won the upsetting game to high-ranking Durfee with a score of 33-6. FHS made almost no mistakes in probably the best game of Coach Giardi ' s four years of coaching at FHS. Both teams met each other with undefeated records and Durfee only scored in the last two minutes of play. The annual Football Banquet was held at the Camp Edwards Officers ' Club and had the second largest turnout for a banquet in FHS history. The Tim Fuller Award was given to lineman Craig Clarkin, for which he also received a scholarship. The Rotory Club gave its award to John Haddad for his total service to the team. The Coaches Award went to Eric Zylinski for devoting himself to improving the team. Forty-seven varsity letters were given out. 1st Row, L to R: Sean McEvoy, Dean Cloninger, Theodore Cooper, Scott Evans, Michael Cannata, Eric Zylinski, John Haddad, Craig Clarkin (Cap- tain), John Sherlock, John Stalcup, Steven Walz, Robert Ruggeri, Ward Fraser, Chris Hamilton. 2nd Row: Scott Fortes, Robert Prendergast, Craig Kozens, Marc Morris, Greg Giardi, Brian Ferreira, Joseph Roland, John Sousa, Gregory McDonald, James Duddy, Michael Frank, Michael Norton, Daniel Sherwood, James Harrington, Edward McGuire. 3rd Row: Richard Probert, James Scalli, D. Proctor, Todd Geist, John Reine, Richard Ken- dall, Pat Geary, William Mason, Gregory Stokes, John Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Michael Reardon, Craig Medeiros, G. Firgon. 4th Row: Jeffrey Butts, Roland Bevacqua, William Stone, Eric Sabo, Joe Gervais, Gregory Lennox, Michael Gonsalves, Peter Richardson, Stephen Porten- toso, Matthew Rocheleau, Duane Alves, Paul Cooper, R. Brossoueau, Patrick Gaspa, Matthew Field. 5th Row: Gray Eldridge, Coach Thomas Wessner, Trainer John Negri, Head Coach Gus Giardi, Coach Robert Murray, Kevin Webb. I ■ so h z c 0 o viQ n 1. John French, 2. Dan Conley, 3. Mike Sloane, 4. Cindy Walker, 5. Andy Myette, 6. Jennifer Cum- mings, 7. Chris Simpson, 8. Heidi Hobson, 9. Charles Stulb, 10. Jason Coux, 11. Terry Souza, 12. Bridget Looney, 13. Peter Leddy, 14. Pam Cher- kofsky, 15. Mike Moniz, 16. Frank Belfiore, 17. Chris Weeks, 18. Stafan Striffler, 19. Gunnar Trumbull, 20. Eric Gilbert, 21. Kenny Johnson, 22. Debbie Casso, 23. Marc Ebenfield, 24. Erin Farrell, 25. Daryl Canepa, 26. Tricia Cullinane, 27. Tim Farrell, 28. Megan Patrick, 29. Molly O ' Neil, 30. Kristin Tierney, 31. Jeff Turk, 32. Pat O ' Leary, 33. Mike Casso, 34. John Began, 35. Matt Andrews, 36. Liz Beardsly. 50 “Coach ' s Comment " by Tom Turkington Our 1983 edition of FHS cross country offered an exhilirating blend of competitive success and team character. On both counts, we had some good days, and we had some great days, and it was like that all season long. About the success: The boys won all their dual meets, the SMC cham- pionship, and the state Division II title for the fourth year in a row. No school anywhere has ever done that before. The girls came agonizingly close to matching that record, and in so doing took a giant step towards the top of the heap. Tricia Cullinane, our girls ' leader, was one of the most feared competitors in the state. John French saved his best efforts for the biggest races, and is on his way to attaining similar status. John Beagan led a bountiful crop of good-looking rookies that bodes brightly for the fu- ture. It ' s not so easy to quantify character, but these kids had it coming out their ears. It showed in Liz Beardsley, who was sidelined by injury but played her role of girls ' captain to the hilt; in boys ' captains Dan Conley, Mark Ebenfield, and Tim Farrell, who as leaders and competi- tors were all I could have asked for; in a series of injur- ies, crises, and misadventures that would have diverted a lesser group of atheletes only made this one stronger. y Front row L to R: Audra Finley, Jennifer Utly, Sarah West. Second row L to R: Stephanie Shapiro, Mary Lafond, Kathy Grinnell, Colleen Ledwell, Julie St. George, Lisa Peters, Justine Hansen, Kim Alves. Back row: Adriana Borga. 52 % VOLLEYBALL Under the direction of Coach Ruth Nickerson and co-captains Kim Alves and Sarah West, the girls ' volley- ball team played a very hard first season. The team ' s league record was 4-12, which is not bad considering the experienced league the girls were playing in. The girls also learned a lot about the game. ■ Jeffrey Adams " And if I ever lose my eyes I wont have to cry no more " Cat Stevens " Its easier to say I love you; than your sincerely I sup- pose " Elvis Costello Leora A. Aldrich " HOLD ON TO SIXTEEN AS LONG AS YOU CAN " JCM! SKI LOON Mrs T McDs GARAGE MEN-BYJ-GREAT TlMES-w- KARLA-LC-CT-DR- DT-MK-SR- AA-KP- RS-10-9-82, 2-9-83, 3- 25-83, 7-18-83, 4-19-83, 11-23- 83, EVAN!! PARTIES TOM PETTY CONCERT-w-EB " LIFE GOES ON " John Adams Kristin Ruth Allard III always remember, Helium bal- lons, being called Duck, good times with Sharon, Gayle, Dawn Thanks to the support of old friends and the friendship of the new my senior year will be one I long remember " Life is nothing without friendship " Christopher Alves " Chris Crash " (Bozuke) J. Bet, (royd) S. Thr, tag J. Anim, Mike, BK, KM, Hi Mary Lori. SE, AMC. Remember: X-mas trees, the Big Green " O " , To all my friends Have a Wild Summer Good Luck Next Year. Eagle Scout. Scott " is the Jeep ready " John cut down on the Party ' s!! Janice Alcorn It ' s been real! Office Practice II, hot chocolate, McDonald ' s Mrs. O. Yvonne ' s racing car. Electric Ave and Vermont. Spying on guy! Mrs McDermott and Jen. Footloose!! Halmark and Holly. Ann what ' s the deal? Thank ' s Mom! YPHLBA SPMMTMJC GSDC Later FHS David Alves AKEE 1, 2, 3 And Pato Roger, Nasupchaah!, young guns, Bus- chiae Uechi-Ryu, Rome " 83 " , Got to hang Picasso, stumble, Bobe, Mr. Camaro Wise guys re- alize there ' s danger in emotional ties . . . Death by Matrimony (Wham), " reg " Peter Mary holding hands. Bye Brian D. Albert MASP 83 w JB, BM, SL; Roma 83; PYT; Pinecones Trees w MD RG; 5-5-3; ECHO 111; bananas and . . . big beef is watching you! hyaar!! moo! 1-4- 3SC; Leo; bizarre; c ' estlavie; Dont Drink the Water; philos- ophy je vous aime, n ' oubliez ja- mais; Oh, well! Thanks Mom Dad; Ciao! M i L MOST ATTRACTIVE Jack Hurd, Christine Rossi BEST DRESSED Ed Moniz, Helene Harney Ronald P April Susan Austin “Quietness is a virtue never to be equaled " Field Hockey -capt- Cookies! Track-why? LRB-a true friend, homeroom! 7-17-83 Eric remember the laughter and the tears and that I love you! HBO DAIRY QUEEN Christmas ' 83 Thanks Mom and Dad ESP 57yrs caira!! Odilia Amorim Missy REM. " BEACH HEFIGS " New Year Spying Didty BOLD- SEY 4 WHEELIN friends LK LC KW JA ]C CL MJ CM LM CH CP- sorry-TC PC-bambino- GK AB MB BEST FRIENDS-Doreen Jurgen COOL SCOOP NOWAY Sinking boat-SB-forever ATT. MS GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES SEE YA! Cheryl Andrade If you love something set it free if it comes back it ' s your ' s if it doesn ' t it never was Joey always memories summer 83 DC CC Thanks Dear Friend Eve G. 81-84 GOODBYE FHS HELLO WORLD. Thanks Ellen B.-83 Brenda Atkinson SOFTBALL 3 YEARS FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY KB PD (CHU- BUG) WEDNESDAY NIGHT RM RG KM BUS. ENG. MJ SPRING- STEEN ALABAMA " FOOT- LOOSE AND FANCY FREE " SA- LEM STATE Lisa M. Andrade LISA LIPPS BLAR SLAB NOVA VIC-VIC F250-8794 GOLF- COURSE PUT-PUT LOSE YOUR MUFFLER GASM! LITTLE BROWN MUSTANGII DELTA CRUIZ 83 ET WILL NEVER FORGET ME BECAUSE I SENT HER HOME AINT THAT RIGHT MP SNEAKER SILVER JC RD VM Julene Augusta JV Cheering l-Capt., Varsity Cheering 2, 3, 4-Capt., Key Club, Paris Madrid 83, . . SENIORS!, DD Me, Cheering Buddies: friends: AM, SG, MM, MD, HF1, LS, CM, SM, MZ-JAM- ' T can see the destiny you sold, Turned into a shining band of gold " THE POLICE Erik Astin John and Mike-Double 1 Trouble Loverboy Van Halen-LIVE K-9 Harbourbound; HEATLESS COMET " Enjoy the pain " LTD- 429; Welch ' s T-Bird Timro a little shattered A Flouse in Woods Hole 12:30 AM 55 Jeanne Azarovitz 82, 83, 84 PB and me! THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERED! Ex- change trips THANX DENNY! Jokes and Field Hockey (what a thrust!), Tennis; get tin ' a tan! Rainy days in the summer, con- certs in the sun. TAKE THEIR ADVICE TO HEART! JR, PC, CC, JL, ET, )l, KT, MS, Thanx Mom and Dad! Michael H Baumann Laura Baron ECHO 143 553; SNOOGIE, CARLA, BEEF MD, RG, TM, JS, A ROSE POUR TOI KIDDO; Your Really Somethin (Je t ' aime) BIG- FISH (merci beaucoup PaPa GOU) FRIZ, FLOYD, PURPLE- COWS, WOOWOO! EXY, U- MASS BOUND, WHOOSH- BABY! HACKY, RAIGAI DANCE! “The Rose " CT BT NB KL SBW BONSOIR MES AMIES! Darren Barrows Pato Roger akee agotah BRAP! Ants Invasion Dont tread on an ant Nasupchaah young guns Kempochi club Tropicana Vega summer Dirsey 6 6 66 Ant mu- sic! ZEN HANGIN at the WALL Picasso whips Chains Leather Spikes BREEGEH20 HERE I COME! Susan Beale FFSC, Skating w AMC, JB, Jl, BS, LF, AB, Family dinner Parties; UNO nites; Roma " 83 " ; Trevi fountain, Franchesco; Mindybob backwards at Mcky, D ' s; Don ' t drink the water; MOO, GM, Addy, Barbara, CG, )J, EP, TAXI, HA, Sunday Mornings, girls just want to have fun; love u guys Elizabeth Beardsley Cross Country Skiing Charlene SuziQ (BP) T M confusion . . . Babs Pourquoi Pas? Mr. Griffin BHS I wanna be the one to walk in the SUN! Dare - to-be-True Jeannie, M D stanfor d u MOST FRIENDLY: MOST RESERVED: Brian Albert, Michelle DeNisi Mike Sloane, Meg Costello (not pictured) Vicki Lynn Bauknecht " Vickis " Melana-Best Friends AG CM KO GL AA PC LC DS PB Mickey D ' s Laverne Shirley Wedgies and Squatters Rights CM ' s House-3 24 84-l could die! Ohio Parties with the gang comma Doobie Down w SKRELL BEEP AT BRAD DUCK AND BBB-WASNT THIS EXCIT- ING?!! Martin Benoit Summer of 84!! Mashpee Ange- lo ' s Cove parties with MD TE TS LL WL CR SM MC TC RB TS PG PG MT KK GC TW CT ' 83 ' Prom with OA Moby ' s History class " Raoul " New Wave! King of Pain Big Brother is watching You! Ha- waii bound Nancy Berghaus COLORGUARD 4YRS SUM- MER OF 83 w KENNY Good I Friends never part: CT, LB, BT, RP, TM, BB, KM, A EH, CC CON- CERTS YEEPA!?Te He HA HA excaliber Blue Label OJ- Zepplin Arualt AIRAC Friz- HACKY Risky Business UMASS When we were young Bethany Blackburn Band, Canada Exchange 81, WWAHSS, FHS Nursery, Partyin ' with my friends TM, RS, EB, LB, PS, CT, NB, JS, SB, SR Def Lep- pard, VAN HALEN 3 17 84, W.H. DANCES, Washburns. Off to Westfield! Atssss! Hey, thats life in the tropics! Skee ya later | FHS! MOST HUMOROUS: Jeff Adams, Mindy Sweeney MOST DRAMATIC: Joanna Murphy, Chris Plummer John Bettencourt ROMA-83-WHAT ' S UP? VEGA- FIED! I WILL REMEMBER GOOD TIMES WITH: MCTCTC (SWID- DLE, TWIDDLE, DIDDLE) PCMSDDMBCALF AND ANI- MAL— KF AND MOLSON GOLDEN! " Some will win. Some will lose, Some were born to sing the blues. ' ' -JOURNEY-They are the best!!: NSSPSSJCRV WSC Michelle Blanchard Kenneth Borowski What ' s a computer? USGS Digi- tizing and Master Security Codes No Names please and don ' t touch the microphone Good luck to all. John Botelho Mark Bevelander SENIOR YEAR: JOANNE " YOU AND I " CHEVY Z28, BREAK- FAST, HEY GUS, LAX. NEXT YEAR, GREEN GUM, 1400, SUM- MER 1984, JORDAN Nancy J. Bishop MODERN CLASSIC (CASEY) A GREAT FRIEND! 10 21 81. THANKS MURDOCK CHARLIE, STRETCH THE REST OF THE BAND FOR 2 GREAT Yrs. THANKS KG, KF, AH, Ru, CP, CF, Critta CW, JC, ML, GT, LL, GOOD LUCK TO YOU NEXT YEAR! GOOD LUCK MOST INTELLIGENT: Bucky Trumbull, Sheila Clifford Paula Botelho TIMMY AND ME FOREVER!!! DBCC, FLORIDA TRAVEL- TOURISM SUMMER! TREA- SURED MEMORIES OF MY BUDDIES: DS, LB, AC, MC, VB and MC I AIN ' T COMING HERE- NO MORE! LUNCH TABLE TALK THE BEST THING IN LIFE LAST FOREVER!!! Linda Bryant Ky M. Boyne WOW, IM OUT OF HERE COOL EH!! BEEN REAL JIMI HENDRIX JR HA LED ZEPPLIN NILPPEZDEL BOWIE SPRING BREAKS CONE TILL COLLEGE OK FINE " By Ka- ren, Chris, AB, George, What- ever Later Much!! " Have a good four years Frank LIKE THE PIC- TURE? Eileen Buckley Explorations Good Times Love Ya Wasp, PB, and SO FOODS FHS Nursery Summer of 83 North Falmouth 12:00 Miss ya JC and CN GOOD LUCK EVERY- ONE Dietetics Lata on townies Thanks Mom and BC Allen Bradley SUMMERS AT THE HEIGHTS AND THE HOLE! ULTIMATE! ALPINE TIME! MOD lANO ' S THE MAN! ROME, ATHENS . . . SOME DAY! K K FIRST . . . A.I.A. BOUND! Mr. P. Mr. T. - AWESOME! BEST TIMES WITH G.G., M.M., D.T., F.V., J.P.! WHO ARE YOU? ALPHA BETA. Paul Buckley WHAT IT BE " SOURCES " JV KE MONEY " BOSTON " BUD LOWIE ST PAULI GIRL LED ZEP- PLIN WHISKEY BOTTLES BRAND NEW CARS LYNARD SKYNARD LIVES LET IT BE CHARLES MANSON LIVES LATA ON FHS LOVE YOU ELLEN I LOVE YOU JR Glennece M. Brann LATER ON FHS! I LOVE YOU JEFF B. RS, EB, TT, WF, MP (JR); PB I MADE IT! SADD; EB, HI MOM DAD WASP BZZZ! GB LOVES JB ALWAYS FOREVER! LR, TW, EXPLORATIONS 80-82 SOURCES 82-83 FOCUS 83-84 SENIOR-PASS H-D ' S THAN K YOU GUYS! TL, TL, RD, EO. Adriana Burga 58 Raymond Burke OC Osh SarahB Soundtech La- crosse mathaid Eternal Dodge EFPudStony Cap ' n Kidd and crew DevilsFoot TJW Redfield DaBarge WH in the Fogg toe MBL club Reggae Gansett Car- ousel FAN Bone Exchanges Stars Spring Endless Party Swope Snow in July JK Camel Wunder- bar? ' Authority ' ? Michael Cannata MAKE A MOVE ACROSS THE RUBICON, FUTURES KNOCKIN AT YOUR DOOR. M TAKE YOUR TIME AND CHOOSE THE ROAD YOU WANT, OPPORTU- NITY IS O YOURS! JOURNEY- " RUBICON " MIKEY B. AND CREW-DFKRLMEFTMSFJPDR- CPCT A I Love You KIM! VIPIN FOOTBALL liftin TRUCKIN SKIIN SWIDDLE KR MOST ATHLETIC: Craig Clarkin, Liz Gumbert MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC: Jurgen Atema, Emily Hocker Lisa Cabral Bum, Lou, Ann, ECHO, Nee, Ski- ing, the Dating Game, Prom 83- 84, Summer of 82-83! TAG, JK, MB, dimes, 18! Muffin, JJ, DS, PJ, MJ, Senior Lunch? RF, TM, Graphics, Cheerleading, SADD, Wild Heart, Thanks Mr. Pires “Who wills, can who tries, does who loves, lives! " Memories, Friends, Goodbye Jayne E. Cary GOOD FRIENDS: KM AH RM LM LC OA DT KW BA, The CLASH 4 13 84 LM LC TG DS " YES " W DC Roma ' 83 AWE- SOME! Summers w Alex Parties w Km Totally was ted?! " Yumma " , " Jaynums " Angelos parties won ' t forget CT, AND English ' 83 2nd block 3 24 84- hugging SR Bentley ' 84 here I come! Lynn Camire " This was the best class of all " " The 3 Muskateers " " PANKY " " Don ' t Drink The Water " And all my friends I ' ll always remember: TM, RR, LO, JS, DC, JH, PC, LS, VS, JL, RM, BP, PV, PR, BA, AM, ED, RG, LL, EG, CC, TC, NS AND MY DAD; P.C.W. Arthur G. Chambers (Pete) SOCCER-4YRS WRESTLING- 4Yrs, CAPT LACROSSE-4YRS, CAPT S.B. INC (BOA, MONTY, ANDA) " THE GROUP " Zebra Truck Boa-1 (FEB 23) YOU ARE SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL TO ME JC! CLOSETS? HYANNIS MS? WHY BE NORMAL?! " DEATH RIDES " SNAKIN NH " DOMINUS " FRIZ MOLSEN RJ MS + SP JB SC MR.D MM Christopher J. Campbell Potsie, UGE, Favas, B-Mans, Mathaid Exchanges w the bones, Thanks Moose, Techies, Sarah B. Id Rules, Crew at Corky ' s, Lacross, KA, KK, JK, JJ, TE, SOCIALIST, Buds, Eternal Datsun, PUNKER FOREVER, Chappi, CT Wenches, Sure did smell!!! NEVER CONFORM, DE- VIATE FROM THE SYSTEM Karen Chiero LIFE ' S TOUGH BUT EVERYTH- ING GOES BETTER WITH JESUS CHRIST. CCA WITH LARRY MO CURLY GOOD BAD TIMES WITH AC MB JC PC EG ES TD JA OFF TO ENC I LOVE YOU ALL WILL MISS YOU. " REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS, AGAIN I SAY REJOICE. " 4:4 Dean Cloninger Clone, Elio! Venus Spy, Summer School, Mavrick, DC2M, St Paule, Jungle Juice, Hawaii, Found a Friend, Bonzai, Chrissy, Coke, Boop, 54, Dots, Fells Land- ing, Money, U2, What Time is it? Love me, New Years, 2Pts, Heights, Bttl. Shp, B Team, OCKY, Igloo, 11 lines, Sanctuary, smell ya later! MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED: Brian Albert, Michelle DeNisi MOST MUSICAL: Marion Smith, Ted Cooper Jennifer Clark Where would the world be with- out good friends? KK, AH, MN, JC, JA, LM, KM, JA, SB, LM. FAR OUT FARM Heavens To Betsy Peter Whimsy BUPERS! Double Stuff Oreo with AH, LM, MN, The Best Race hasn ' t been run. Good Luck Class of 84 Craig Clarkin CJ-Big Joe-Crazy B-Doo-Bear- Mugs-Cranny VF: 81-83c Track Lax (dee) Liscenced to kill " All these places had their moments with lovers Friends I still can recall. I know I ' ll often stop think about them, In my life I have loved then all. " L M AJ HM JS Lucy Colon " Luc " Airbound Softball New Years 84 Against the Odds LAKWCTCNOAJ CLK FVCMMWMDDLJCTSTW ST Pats Day Peeve Bleachies Mag- num " Nobody told me there would be days like these " JCM Concert 82 Hawaii " Goose " Georgia " Hi Guys " Looks Like We Made It!! Kent Clarkson ' KC ' AWESOME TIMES IN 84 W KW, SK, PG, GOOD TIMES W EZ CHJM SKB PARTY AT LM, WEEKENDS W HEINIES ' SUN- SHIN ' FL W PG, HEY A LOVE KIT! DATSUN: CRASH ALLEN, T- BIRD NITES (BS) SK PG, KC KW AWESOME 4 SOME QD SKI LODGE, JUST LAY THERE, BEACHBOUND LOVE ALWAYS-N-FOREVER KW Daniel Conley Stowe ' 84 ' BB and THE KIPPER! Cross Country with Coach Turk and Track with TOF and PBP. Thanx to RT (I ' LL BE THERE), CD, CW, EM, ME, MS, TF, WF, SB, RM, USNA Rams Kick — And Take Names. " Its a school full of losers and we ' re pullin out of here to win. " BS. Sheila A. Clifford Rome ' 83 Paris ' 84 UNO DDTW SAB Brigadoon Carousel Key Club BBBB 776 Marching Band- Drum major exch. Concerts Calc. Crew Math-Aid-Groupies Roadtrips to PG ' S Honor Soc.- Pres AC Music Fests ECHO Sci. Fairs KF BA (MDMH) CW MS ME LM BT LB CC WF JC SB LA! Ted Cooper ITS TIME TO TAKE A JOURNEY DOWN THE DIXIE HIGHWAY JOURNEY 82 MIKE C PAUL C TODD C LIZ J SCOTT E EFDFSFMBTM FOOTBALL BAS- KETBALL TRACK LIFTING TRUCKIN AT MC HOUSE BEACH PARTIES JAMMIN IN RM LLO STAGE BAND THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES FHS John W. Corbett (Jack) VARSITY HOCKEY BOSTON GARDEN WALTER BROWN 24 CRACKING HEADS BOB BOW- MAN WIND IT UP BOY CROCK FYCD MY MAN THE ANIMAL ZBRO BALLPARK APRIL 81 PHD 83 REPS SHES GONNA HEAR US CANT KEEP A GOOD MAN DOWN, YOUNG AMERICANS, MAGIC BUS, REBEL REBEL Patricia Costa Robert Costa MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Sheila Clifford, Roger Hayward Lauren Corcoran FIGURE SKATING, FRISBEE SUMMER OF 83 WITH ADAM LATE NIGHT BG ONCE A FRIEND ALWAYS A FRIEND! E PT CL PO KO DB CR MS PARTY AT THE BH CHAPPY KEEP SMIL- ING SHADOOBIE “84” LATA Paul Coronella John Costa Todd Costa As Time goes on, life goes on. High school went by so fast its hard to believe we are finished to have friends in your life is very important to us! I am happy to have high school friends. TC MC PC OA DT LP LC SE CT KR AND THE REST OF 1984 MOST ARTISTIC: Mari Zylinski, George Gakidis Melana Darlene Crabtree " Mel " Best Friends Always with Vicki AG CM KO WS DW MC PB DS PC Laverne Shirley Good Times Rollarskating 3 16 84 TB Crazy " California Here I Come " Roses Blue T-Bird DM DM Summer of 83 Thanks Mom Dad " Fearlessness is fearlessness Take-Care J. Benjamin Crago Soccer Football Baseball " I was born to be a fisherman as a fish- erman was born to be a fish " I ' d rather be boating watch what you say do-saying sorry will not always make up for mistakes " Big Guy " " ADDY " Long Meadow Foster Grants John Daunt Ice Hockey CL JH Stowe RIT SF KH 2 15 82 BD MD " PRO- CRASTINATION IS AN ART " 6 83 HH 1 11 84 5-3 " AND THERE WAS A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE " 62 STUDENT OF THE MONTH, OCTOBER: Michelle DeNisi STUDENT OF THE MONTH, SEPTEMBER: Brian Albert Catherine Cunha Colorguard-Pres. mrs. D Heights, Harbor, LOON MT, Kinks, Police, SENIOR CLASS PLAY, CHERRY, CYJ Twit, The Boat, LBR, LBT, KN, JS, KF KM, JD, NS, CJ, MBB-DD WR NITE Early AM CHAPPY AH-OOO " WE ' RE YOUNG, WE ' RE WILD AND WE ' RE FREE! " HAVE FUN JUNIORS, I MISS U KENNY Jana DaSilva Roma ' 83 Paris ' 84 Sugarloaf ' 82 Canada Key Club Science Club AFS Club NatHonSoc Drama Band Gymnastics Prom TS AL CD OOC Sailing Summer Bonfires Nobska Sunrise Tabor Trips ASL- Newport " Good Lovin " " Drivin That Train " " Recall the days that still are to come " GD Doug DeCosta " ANDA " , " DOUGA " , WRES- TLING AND LACROSSE, FOR MONTY, BOA AND S.A.M., S.B. Inc., BOA-2, HELLO, " THE GROUP " , RONALD MC- DONALD, " JESSE YOU CAN WIN " , THE SINK, ZEBRA TRUCK, THE POINT, FRIZ, RICK JAMES, VT„ DESTINATION-X, HORIZON, " GOLDENS " , DEATH RIDES Anne DeMello ANY-D! SUP? PSW K ANDY, CAL, TEAN! BOOP! ELLO! SNEBLA! HTS. HILL! F SYR HARD TIMES, CELEBRATE WHITELINES! WHAT ' S GOIN ON SHATTY? AWESOME! CHESTA BUSTA LUV YA! DCETTOLCJMK W ARE FREAKS HEY LYNCHIE: WHALE WATCH IN? KEO " HI KANDY " 10 8 83 Melinda B. Craver Mindy Eoxboro-Miss Ya Transfer 33 New Friends! KG AG VB MC PB DS CM CT LA KF. Reunite, cafe talk! Pancake Man, Summer 83-The Best! DENNIS 7 5 83 It wont be long until you and me run to the place in our hearts where we hide XOXOXO Thanks Mom Dad!! Benjamin Dean 1984 VAN HALEN GOOD TIMES WITH GOOD FRIENDS SUM- MER OF 84 LOOK OUT ULTI- MATE FRISBEE NANCY RUG- GERI PINK FLOYD GOOD FRIENDS KEEP IN TOUCH GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO GOES FOR IT OCCY DEANO AND SAUNDERS LATER ON MR BURNETTE AND HOU- SEC LIVE IT UP AND STAY COOL NEW CHICKS ON THE BEACH GOOD LUCK GRANNY Patricia DeMello 82 was best for Michael I, but it ' s better now forever, I ' ll al- ways love ET. Sunset Seacrest Beach (1st kiss is always best) I ' ll love you forever, I promise Best friend " ELLIE " . Best friends EG KM BS MT AD KC Mom (Thanks Clowd-Burger) for everything Brian Dionne Varsity Tennis; Lake Placid 83, Stowe 84, Senior Class Play, Mansfield Motel, The Mada- horn, " Griz " " Aqua " " Olin " , Glen Landers " Reckless Aban- don " " Out of Control " Simon- -FGarfunkel Hurdsy, Mr. Sar- casm, Swan King Bill, Rita, Midg- ets Ferrari, Red Labels, GOOD LUCK!! STUDENT OF THE MONTH, NOVEMBER: Paul Mauk (not pic- tured) STUDENT OF THE MONTH, DECEMBER: Helene Harney Michelle DeNisi TERRY-WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME ARE EXPRESSIONS OF WHAT LIFE MEANS TO ME. 1-4-3 BEANIE BOSS MY BESTEST BUDDIES! WILD HORSES LIFE IS TOO SHORT THE THINGS THAT ARE TRULY BEAUTIFUL ARE OFTEN TOO FAR APART HEY KID I LOVE YOU MOM DAD Eve M. Disney KEEP PARTYING HBCCAMFMCCTMJBPS SPNOBMMSS SUP? Party with JB KW SR 99 Loftballoons Admiral- ty Purple MRK-NOMORE HAVE A SHI — DAY GONNA HAVE A MO KE? HEY MR J! HEY DUDE! Foods I, II, advAccll JWW SO SORRY 94 HJY ROCK-ON! GONNA BE IN SCHOOL? GLASS OF 84 is 1 Catherine J. Dillon " THE GOOD TIMES ARE THE BEST TIMES THE BAD TIMES FADE AWAY " TENNIS, FIELD HOCKEY ROME STOWE, I ' LL NEVER FORGET GOOD TIMES WITH JD EF BC GF KT PO MD MT SS DK M M SSB SAILING ROAD TRIPS TO TABOR WE NEVER GOT CAUGHT!! " THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOREVER! " Ellen D ' Olympio TRAVEL Tourism Auntie Ellen Sept. 3, 1984 BC Eck! Ann Mac- Donald Ellen; memories Prom 83 Melvin R-Wish Upon A Star- 18 PREZ: FRESH; SOPH; JU- NIOR YEARS Cheerleading- Track; Sp: Mataunte Chris Ko- mar Feb. 24, 1984 Dt. 20; PL15A MLANE June 1, 1984 Deborah Dinco WHATS AT the MOVIES? THE HARBOR ' THE BOYS ' Skiing NH, EARLY am CHAPPY, WHITE RUSSIAN NITE, PLYMOUTH STATE us " 5 " Dancing THE BOAT, CRASH-83, KN BF KM BM ' LBT ' All Night Long + CHICKEN McNuggets! CHERRY St. KN KM JS JD NS KF + MSF- CC MISS YOU KK Maria Domingues Medical Technology, Uechi-Ryu Karate Its been real binky! Good Times in Nantucket RR Cruising in the Mouse Mobile Open Mouth Insert Foot KG RR HD JC TL JH LL 63 Christopher Doonan LACROSSE STOWE ' 84 ROAD TRIP THE VOLKSWAGEN AT THE HEIGHTS DC EM WE RM CC ME MS BA SA SD WORKING AT THE MAN WITH THE GUYS " LIFE WAS EASY WHEN IT WAS BORING " GIMPY-WHEELS UNI- VERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALI- FORNIA TROJANS LIVIN ' IN THE TUBE Timothy Egan LACROSSE 9, 10, 11, 12-CAP- TAIN; FOOTBALL 9, 10, 11; KEY CLUB; U,N. HISTORY CLUB, V- PRES.; Fu-Fu FEST; KODIAK; GOOD FRIENDS A ND GREAT TIMES; STEW, KAREN, SW, JD, BD, WF, JD, JH, NL, BC, CG, MZ, RB MICHELLE; ROME 83; SKI TRIPS; PANCAKE MAN; BRUINS Meredith Dowd I ' ve had a good time, and actual- ly made it! GOODBYE MI- CHELLE 540-2 816-Won ' t forget you now! GRET AT SAND APARTMENTS Vottles. Marching on Sat, Twix Tab with Cris. Michelle, Donna, + Sye having B LD Blues, Ninth Bl., Tennis, PAM, GOOD LUCK EV- ERYONE, Thanks MOM, GYL John Dunn Stowe 84 Birch Fishin Cliches The DELUXE POST . . . Spring a leak Jefe the Best Summer ever OOC MP PSYCHO Foster Grants BC TE MS KT MM SW SF JS All Good Things Must Come To An END £ il m i 1 Tracey Ellis SMU Bound HTC FLASHDANCE Thanks to Theresa Butwheat Love to Mel FLA. SBN Movies Party with Lori Rick FOZZI Robin Theresa Ellen Micki NA Pink Floyd HALLOWEEN Ashumet Water Skiing The Heights COVES Kermit DeLuca Scubba TweedleDee Outahere I Love You Mom Dad k Pennie Elwell CROSS-COUNTRY WINTER SPRING TRACK-GOOD TIMES, SUMMER NIGHTS SCHNAPPS BABY LOWIES, MARCH 23 CARL, LIZ B.F.F. -HARBOR, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU ONCE YOU START-GO TO THE LIMIT! REMEMBER ONLY THE GOOD TIMES. STUDENT OF THE MONTH, JANUARY: Sachiko Sato STUDENT OF THE MONTH, FEBRUARY: Bucky Trumbull Marc Ebenfield A MAN ACHIEVES ACCORD- ING TO WHAT HE BELIEVES. - THE SPARK Co-CAPT CROSS COUNTRY-CHAMPIONS WIN- TER TRACK, SPRING TRACK, MATH TEAM, FRENCH CLUB, JUGGLING, TRIATHLONS, DC BR KG CW MS SC LM RM WF TT, THE RIB JOKE, ULTIMATE PING-PONG, etc, etc, etc ... — Scott Evans Varsity football Spring Track Comet, Awesome KA KO ' C JM MC SS Sundancers 8-7-83 007 DK SPIKE Coop Capt. BJ Crany Muggs Nobska Swim Club P.E Insructor My Eagle!; Friends EMT MH PC DD LC LP PJ KA MY very special Friend Mary!! God Bless America Keith Evenden For we are like tree trunks in the snow. In appearance they lie sleekly and a little push should be enough to set them rolling. No, it can ' t be done, for they are firmly wedded to the ground. But see, even that is only appear- ance. Franz Kafka Karen Ferreira “We Shared The Laughter And The Pain And We Even Shared The Tears " " ARTHUR " Friends Forever: AGAIN, DS " GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN " " Late Nights " " MOOSEHEAD " " Run- ning on Empty " MC, KR, LC, AC, LA, RR, AC. " 1984 " Timothy Farrell THIS IS NOT A PHOTOGRAPH MASP 1983 BEAM ME UP SCOTTY HONOR SOCIETY? HONOR BOWL? WHY? MIKE NMCUZMPSFUJC SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY Jonathan Fenrick FAVORITE PEOPLE: ACE, JM, TJ, MR. C, MR. P, MS. S Thanks to the help and guidance of my parents, I ' ve made it this far. FA- VORITE SAYING: Keep your feet in the past, Hands in the present, and head for the future. Kristen Fish SUMMER CUT SHORT IN 83 MY BFF DEBBIE ALL NIGHT LONG W OUT THE RENTS SUMMER 82 PS-US 5 KN KM NS DD THE UICTIM YBWAMF SKI TRIPS MY RM-SHARON CCC-KN NR LA- BELS THE WAR I MISS YOU KENNY LOOK OUT JOHN IN 91 THE HARBOR KO MF CC CJ JD JR TO MS BF NO-NAH OOH William (Billy) Ferreira 3MUGGSY-Baseball-Hockey- 4Years CAPTAIN-84, STATE CHAMPS-81-82H " GARDEN PARTY-83 " LYNN SIMONEAU MUSTANG-67, COPENHAGEN, PHYS ED OT IS, MACADOO, DOC-GOOD LUCKI-KIT " LETS GO " " PUNLATER " GIMME A DIP WAYNEO, ALMO " GROW UP! " COME ON KS RENTS, STUDENT OF THE MONTH, MARCH: Sheila Clifford STUDENT OF THE MONTH, APRIL: Craig Clarkin Robert Fenstermaker ' Fency ' Sr Class Rules. Techie, golf, TV, XMas Trees, Sr Play. Florida Bound All The Way. Good Friends Are Hard To Find: Hick, KW, SK, BM, AP, KC. Thanks M D For everything. College Bound at LSC. These are the Best Times of our lives. Nev- er Be Afraid To Chase Your Dreams. Good Luck To The Class i v G. Scott Fortes Football, Jets, Track In Out- doors Statechamps, Triplecrown Frosh yr. RC, GEE, 44, Mugsy, Phinney J ' Spring Cranny FBC Woodstrock Shula, Gumby, Stu- dent-Athlete, HJY Sqwooshin- oze, S C Coach ' S award 1C This is advanced! Capt. Bugle, Deb Alobadoba, CUZ, MD G2 BRU- INS STUDENT OF THE MONTH, MAY: Glen O ' Donnell STUDENT OF THE MONTH, JUNE: Liz Beardsley Stewart Funkhouser CAPTAIN-LACROSSE, VARSITY HOCKEY, X-COUNTRY, U.N.- HISTORY CLUB PRES SOME GOOD FRIENDS TIM, JOHN, BRIAN, STEVE, JACK, DUNNER, TIM S. AND OF COURSE KAREN A PARIS 84 KODIAK, DARK, BIRCH BRIDGET THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN INCREAS- ING ITS SPEED (GHANDI) Albert Gomez Ward D. Fraser Cupcakes Wardell Bluto CBW DUA Big Joe, Bear, Malone Foot- ball ' 82 Mugsy Cranny LaCrosse (Capt) THE BRUISE BROTHERS (Coop) Track Shot ROMA ' 83 Stowe ' 84 Ft. Lauderdale SO- MAB CG SM, MM, TE, JS, JD, Stu, EM CD, DC, SW, JD, HH, KH, MZ. And to BJC Live long and prosper, my friend Elaine Gaspa I LOVE MATT TEIXEIRA. Never forget 2381, SC Wednesday near water. Stir Crazy, dance and YKIOML. Ambition: to be ET. Hobby: being with MT AG. Thanks TD LC D5 MG KC ES MJ ED CC LC CH BS MT. Three Muskerters Forever Cynthia L. Frazier THANKS AND GOOD LUCK K.F. N.B. T.W. J.D. T.F. A SPE- CIAL THANKS TO M.M. It ' s Been Real! BEST YR. 81-82 Wish- ing on a Star CCCC Bridgwater State College Recreation Major Christopher Ghelfi Get With The Program Jen " A DANISH SOAP " Gerty, Claud, HAM-Remember " Best Friends " David Pennie-Family Dinner Parties " GREASE " Wheres My Cake! Bonnie " REPS " GH CC SDT SCULL SA SB " THANKS Mr Helfen Heather With God be- hind you, you can face whatever lies ahead!-HNY-543 George Gakidis Eve Gonsalves Friends Forever Cheryl June Summer of 83 Rick James Con- cert goodbye Copy Center I LOVE YOU MM, SG, JG, BG, LG, JG, TG, CG, DAD Graduation!!! Thanks BC for all your help Goodbye Class of 84 66 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Michelle DeNisi (sec treas), Brian Albert (pres), Sa chiko Sato (vice pres) Kimberley Gonzalves PEP SQUAD, MAY 13, Black Beit, WEIGHTLifting, COLLEGE BOUND. Police Escort to school from KRIS, J. HADDAD THE Peeping Tom. OTAY BINKY. MD, JH, AG, RR, CM, CR, ET, JL, MB, JA, KO. Old Times forgot- ten and Better ones to come so Wheres the Beef? Eileen " NO- BODY MOVE. " Drawde Marie Grant Majorettes Sec-Tres; Warrent Committee; Football and Hock- ey Games; Banquets; Senior Rockums; Majorette Christmas Parties and Xmas Caroling; Ro- tary; Sophomore Class Float; Good Times with Good Friends; Look out Lasell Jr. Here I come! Thanks Mom! Rose Anne Goulet Thanx D M BC UMF 1-4-35-5- 3LF-ROSEPOINT LD BDA-BEEF MD-ECHO TS-Otay 6-21-3-11 BA JS MS-Beth BigFish QUEBEC " T rees " -PARTY Baglady PYT Blubaby LilSis FACIO Tchrs: BMBCRJDF QMapr BRI I LUV U! " A CERTAIN FEELING " MY BES- TEST FRIEND PROM 84 Against All Odds!! Mary Lou Guess Carissa S. Goux Fab-4 Mars, Karen, Kell. Class Sec-Treas. Key Club-VP Stowe French Club Prez UN Hist " Don ' t Drink The Water " Fresh- man Buddies WF TS PF Bug FFT Summer Fun Ria-GS Paris w Mindy Lib DQ Oct. 31 w KH SEAN YTA! Thank you for being my friends, you ' re special! Lizabeth Gumbert " Gumby " Winter and Spring Track Summer too! A Winner Never Quits and A Quiter Never Wins. Go for it! Pennie B.F.F. Break-Down! Harbor " Baby Lowies " Go to the Limit. " Girls justa wanta have FUN " Silence Separates More than Distance. Big Gulp! Anne Granfield Summer! You ' ll get over it Bang a tree Beep at Brad Duck Brodie D.C. 83 KC CB PF CF Quarters The gang CM VB KO MC DS MC PB Cruze Surf drive The Vine- yard Queen i miss my pleasant view Kaluha Squatters rights my beach with no sand Trunk River Spanx!!! - Jt Christopher Hamilton FOOTBALL 55 LB C 61 6-4-0 GOOD TIMES with EZ KC JM Weekends " THE Candy MAN " 18 FLA Ladi The Green Box " 84 " HAMBONE S.O.S. Heine Dark- room Summer Time 67 Helene Harney Beanie VP Pep Squad Honor Soc Key Club ECHO Bestest buddy Michele memories: To family friends: I don ' t need to follow any rainbows-Search the world to find my dream come true I don ' t need a lucky star to guide me; I found my treasure in all of you 143 Bruce Hathaway Christina, Lacrosse 2, Wrestling 3 Cape ' n ' lslands 185 Champion ' ' Has anyone seen my diabetic brother? " THE GREEN BUG Sat- urday ni ghts " Moosie " Sailing with Freddy-1 guess he will never get his rum Best of Luck Zebra, Douga, Wesa, MJ, PJ, BM, Flip- per Good-bye Bill James M. Harrington Football 4 years, Science Fairs, Key Club, Sound Booth, Spring Track, Kicking is the best, " 90 " , Good Luck to Falmouth Football in the future, Class of ' 84 ' and all my friends, Clarkin, Wardell, Gus, Mugsy, Cranny: " you are what you are when nobody is watching. " Roger Hayward Karen Hart Pepsquad, Gymnastics?, Key Club, Honor Soc, PF. FabFour- KFFT-BUG! Lake Placid 83, Stowe 84, THE BEST, DQ, Sum- mer! Halloween w CG 82 83I Smelly, Mars, Goux 143. The JT ' S. Never forget the great times we ALL had. Thanks " A good friend is a forever friend " Keep in touch! Michael J. Hazelton REMEMBER: windsurfers; Stowe, Vermont! 4-5- 1 ain ' t too bad! the running craze; aerobics Christine Hastay Susan Henkenius DYNAMIC DUO STOP SHOP LIZBETH UNCLE HERB SW SR LW LK TARAH KERRY-D ' ANGE- LOS THAT ' S A HOT ONE! 151 SUNDAY LA-PAUL ' S NW UP WHERE WE BELONG JAN. 26, 1985 TOO MUCH! MARK. SUE N. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 84 REMEMBER: miniskirts came back . . . boys with earrings . . . army clothes . . . velcro . . . Celtics Scott Hewitt John P. Jackson Ann P. Hinckley Color Guard Ski! Summers UG! FSD ' S NANC? Toby, tell me a story! Bob Seger 83 Goodtimes with 3J ' S! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! Can we have a close-up MS! I did that once! SF Gotta dollar, DC GS never for- get SP SM MP EO Here ' s the deal! Later FHS! Emily Hocker Science Club, Science Fairs, Choral Festivals, Rep Singers " Brigadoon " , " Carousel " , and especially " A Danish Soap. " Rocky Horror, Bladd Society, Star Trekkie, Dr. Who. Thanks to: R.H., J.S., C.L., A.B., A.F., J.M., E.H.I, J.F s.s.p.f.s.p.s Scott Humphrys For Those Who Fight For it, Free- dom Has A Flavor The Sheltered Will Never Know, CHRIS, 1SOT ALB, SPRY GUY, BACKYARD Airborne, WOGT DONT DRINK THE WATER, AZAFRAMINS LM, 67Y, Heffs, Swamp Tromping, MM, AJ, COOP, ENGLISH NAPS, SCROT, DAN, WHAT STOP SIGN? John (Jack) Hurd Roma: Colosseo The Trevi Kris- ten Stowe Soccer Capt. Quis- sett Jon Ritt " free mind associ- ation " D.T. Jimto Brian Karen- •John D Lynchy " Too much of everything is just enough " - DEAD Grand Union’Debbie Tennis Tim Stew Helene Su- burban Finlays Midgets Per- oni’WOW! M D Amy Holland Killoran, Abbah-doo, Fieldcrest. Michael Jackson-Thriller, Eldra DeBarge. Concerts, yyynn- naaarrr, MS JC BA KT KL JC CT NB TP LL GT KM DC. Jaynums yumma, Double stuff OREO with JC MN LM Mary Janerico Scott-1-4-3; June 8, 1983; HUGS PROM NIGHT; SMILELY; RAIN- BOWS; ECHO 100 and 107; JAZZ; SADD; SENIOR LOUNGE PER. 2; PARTIES; College; Won- derful; Journey; J.E Ms. Connol- ly; Gene; FRIENDS; LISA; BRUCE; LAURIE; BRENDA; O.A.; Chris A. -I ' LL MISS YOU REMEMBER: David Bowie; “Don ' t Drink the Water " ; Flashdance; Reganonomics; S.A.D.D.; Jeffrey Johnsen 15 SHOWS IN 4 YEARS-NOW CAN I SLEEP? THANK YOU, MR. HELFEN!! I LOVE YOU BONZO! 3 AT ONE TIME PREZ OF REPS CLAUDE, GERTIE AND SPOT LG, CC, + AP DON ' T COMPARE TO BT " JJ " GH IS A PUT TZ MOO CRUTCH CAULIFLOWER ADVICE: DON ' T WATCH " PERX " BYE! Gina Jones Fredericks of Wareham-Luv Ya! Friends Forever-NESSA, Naomi Didi. Wilfred Taurus " May the best man win " Betty 1 -ILL AL- WAYS LOVE MY MAMA! Monte So Fine " Go for what you know " Style-1 Like Champagne Cadillacs Cash! Uechi Ryu; Tesno N.B. 70 BYE MASHPEE; BOSTON BE- WARE! Diane Marie Johnson I Live My Life For Myself No One Else! I do what I want when I want If by chance your in my way, Its your loss not mine. I waste no time! Never forget- Gee, Jen Nessa-Melly, Lou, BobbyG Me! JJ, GD, DJ. So many men and so little time! MRJMTGRD BG ANDLIKEIT Krista Kallio KRITA. JUNE 4, 1982, DEC MOO ROOIE POOIE RB CC TCx2 GOOD FRIENDS LAST FOR- EVER-MP. LOVE IS A FOUR LET- TER WORD-JW. YOUTH GROUP SKI TRIPS SHUT UP JU- LIE! " BEFORE WE END AND THEN BEGIN LETS DRINK A TOAST TO HOW ITS BEEN. " - BILLY JOEL. SEE YA LATER FHS!! Kenneth Johnson Lisa Kelley Dairy Queen 81-84 August of 83 KCGVLSGME SENIOR LOUNGE 160 Block 20 ALCJCKW MSJBKW Friends OADTKCLCJCKWSGEC KMMJSHEDLMHAKF Summer of 82 KJK June 17 Nov. 4198317 " Risky Business " KCRK Class of 84 1 Seniors June 1, 1984 I ' m Free! BSH DARTMOUTH CAFCL AWYER ATTLEBORO 82 + 83 DLL Mass KHMDR Later Jennifer Jokinen CHEERLEADING FRENCH, KEY MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB APRIL IN PARIS ' 82 QUEBEC ' 83 STOWE ' 83-84 SKIP BG 2 18 LULLABYLN THANKS STEPH NAIL 1 9 CHARDA KM OCT 31 ' 80 IDOL-BIO. HEADS BOWIE POLICE MR. W DYGAS? LB DT SBCHOCOLATE SCULL COME ON CGGETW TPROGRAM LW ■ William (Bill) Kersey FRIENDS ARE FOREVER JL; CA; CL; JL; PR; SH; BM; CF; RW; GU; JA; JS; WS; TPDL Power Shop Graphics Kermit Mr. Mushroom Dungaree Jacket Road Runners Plaza Paffards Heavy Metal TAMPA SUMMER DOT -THE-I REMEMBER: Bella; 99 red balloons; Bloom County; MTV; punk; boxer shorts; breakdancing Suzanne Klein GUMMY BEAR-10-PG ' HELLO ' , f-BIRD NITES (SW) QD SKI LODGE, GEORGIE, FEET, CHEEK, JUST LAY THERE! SK + PG, KC + KW AWESOME $SOME, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, BOSTON, APR 84, SUM- MER 83, KHHDJPTYCLDLBF THANK-YOU MOM DAD, FAMILY, JOHN, ESP, KAREN Carol Landry SENIOR YEAR WITH CHRIS, SAILING IN THE SUMMER WITH DIANNE AND KRISTIN, ST. BARNABAS YOUTH GROUP SKI TRIPS 82, 83, and 84. ROCKY POINT IN WHITE VW WABBIT WITH DEBBIE, KARIN, AND HADLEY. THANKS ERIC, KERRY, CCPTG, AND EVERYONE FOR THE FUN MEMORIES James Kruczek Kimberly Lauzon A Family is to share in their suc- cesses and failures Good Times and Great Friends GD, DB, MM, PG, PO, MM, TD, RK, CCA.PC, ES, (Nigeria) someones a weeze Rink! Love Ya DR, BR, MR, ER, Weekends Wimbly, flipper, pea- nut, bruzer, Dr. DB, B B Bubba, Bugsy (cuddles) Later! John Lacava LoverBoy VanHalen in 84 with MATTS and CAPT Morgan; One Way Streets, Cruising around and Partying with: EA, CRASH- TON, BW; SCRATCHES, ON HIS WINDOW, DK; Dok The Body Builder; and Last But Not Least Kandy; one of the awesome three some Best of luck to all TM D Colleen Elizabeth Ledwell BRIGADOON 83, CAROUSEL 84, MARCY AND SIR, VOLLEY- BALL, DO YOU HAVE A DIME? WILL YOU HURRY UP?!, JS, MC, YOUR LATIN OR YOUR LIFE!, BANANNA-CAKES, HOME- WORK? “CAN WE TALK!!! RE- MEMBER THAT THERE ARE NO IMPOSSIBILITIES, ONLY THINGS THAT HAVE YET TO BE TRIED Michael Lacava THANK GOD ITS OVER 5 LIVES No 6 LIVES LEFT ON RED CALI- FORNIA BOUND 71 FOR LTD -! THINK- VAN HALEN LOVER- BOY TOUR 84 RACK ATTACK BEST OF LUCK: ERIC BRIAN DA- VID TIM KANDY Gregory Leonard LEN MIS PADRES CAROLYN- JUST TOO SEXY H.l. HIT THE HEIGHTS GREEN AND PURPLE MR CHITLIN BOSS EBYTOPEL, MUSTANG THE WALL BIG RUST HROCALO, BIG DEN, CATBIRD -GOLDEN-SHATRD PINSTRIPES AND POLOS B-4 THE GANG THE COVE CRUZIN 71 SKIING 0-11 DISKS UMASS BYEF Jeffrey Leonard LATER FHS IT WILL BE GOOD TO GET OUT!! OUT THE DOOR IN 84! MAY 25, 1984 VACATION HEIGHTS I NEED A NEW JOB! LETS PLAY SOME DISK! RFDSBCDM BE A BUDMAN!! MR TM JM JR HIGHY ADOIN! HAVE A POP LUTHER! BFCFKPRSDFDDKM RICHLE CATBIRD GO TO COLLEGE . . . Holly Lindner MCB, You ' ve given me alot to smile about. Kris, Friends forever Summer 83 The beach china “Ask me anything! " Mustang Karl Co. 1 12 83 Vermont Chappy 464778 Hockey Games Keep in touch Mike, DS, DG, MM, PC, and of course, BF Nicholas Leone SKIP de SKIP, up the road, off to school we go! GLENN VTENNIS KT 83 BOXERSHORTS ARE IN- SUN-THANKYOU FOR SO MUCH JEN! By your LEAVE, I think that I ' ll be going now, I think I ' ve stayed a little long-1 know God heard my prayer for you-He hears them all you know! Laurie Lima “Stubbie " Rebeckatha MEI Jan- ine Robin MUCKA + RGD, CUZ in bio, Joe, KP, DS, FB, LRC, Flor- ida, Heights ' 83 PS + SS, Tango w Flashdance, Cruzin w Becky, Footlose, CTS Thanks to Chris, Hey GUS, It doesn ' t matter 6-24- 83 PMU + LAL; Pete I owe alot to you, Love Always + Forever XXOO Lori Lima GOODBYE FHS, IT ' S BEEN REAL! SO LONG TRISH, L.B., W.P., L.C., M.G., D.M. " OUT THE DOOR IN 84 " JOEY, VAN HALEN, BUD- DY, F.L.D., RED HUSH, ZZ TOP, JUDAS PRIEST. I ' LL ALWAYS RE- MEMBER ZIGGY, FRIENDS IN TAUNTON, AND ORANGE CRUSH. HI MICHAEL! Lori Lohr FRENCH CLUB, OREGON BCH. PEP SQD. NAT ' L HONOR SOCI- ETY, THE COVES, THANKS MR. GRIF, DD. HOT TUB CLUB, BOWIE 83, ANGELOS, QUEBEC 83, WTB? DON ' T CRY TS, BUCKWHEAT LIVES, PSYCH, HAWAII 84, LABOR DAY 83, FUN TIMES W RB, RM, TS, TE, TS, MD, KNOB. UNH BOUND, Jennifer Lopes SPRING IN ROME SWIMMING IN THE TREVI KT + TE-H SHOP- PING IN RUCCIS SUGARLOAF LAKEPLACID MUDPUDDLES HON SOC, ST. GOV., KC, FH + TENNIS WILD PARTIES WITH GOOD FRIENDS: JA BG KT SS, “TO-ALL MY FRIENDS, FROM ALL STREAMS OF LIFE, I KNOW OUR PATHS WILL Jonathan Lopes MEMORIES ARE AN EVERLAST- ING IMPRINT IN LIFE; DON ' T FORGET THE FRIENDS THAT HELPED TO MAKE THEM . JA, JS, BP, SO, KM, MB, BK, CA, JJ, ML, GJ, PD; " THE HOUSE " ; JON NOT JOE; KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN; ' 81 ' FIREBIRD; GUS; EDDIE; CRANK IT UP! JEEPIN IT; THANKS ALOT MIKE REMEMBER: Trivial Pursuit; Gene, Gene, the Latin Machine ( Mrs. Gene)! argyle socks Joseph Lopes WORK, WORK, AND MORE WORK! THE BROWN BIRD AND THE SILVER Z CRUISN THE HEIGHTS GRAPHICS CHEEZY ON THE MOVE INTELLIGENCER YEARBOOK RENE WITHETHE TOP OFF THANKS FOR EVER- YTHING MIKE! Z-28 COUSINS BAYSIDE CONCERTS HYANNIS THE RINK MIKE T! KS, AR, JS, JA, Kristin MacConnell WR-nite no Kerri I ' m better than you! PS-US5 Ski-84 Ahh-right! Police-83 KR Best Buds-Cherry, JD, MA, AC, CM, NS, DD, CC, SK, KF, NR, DW, CJ, LC. JD- WHAT ' S YOUR WORLD: US4- AC, JD, KR, ME Double Sink-PS! JV-Varsity Cheering remember- TWM, Harbor, BP Chappy! Miss U K.S. Christopher Lynch Robert Lopes Christine M. Lynch LYNCHIE BOOP WHO CAN IT BE NOW XJ521 Hickable! Best of friends always KO, ET, LC, TO. Fells Landing Sanctuary Can I Play? Prom 83 Mr Pips Luv ya 54 SPOILED Charge it 2 new years Florida 84 KO and ET 11 11 Dean is that what you ' re trying to say Keep in touch DC king ICE HOCKEY THE BOSTON GARDEN THE PATRIOT TOO STOWE MONTREAL LONG- MEADOW SARCASM IS THE LOWEST FORM OF WIT. THERE IS NO PLEASURE IN HAVING NOTHING TO DO THE FUN IS HAVING LOTS TO DO AND NOT DOING IT BC JA RS JD JH BD RK JM TM DL CB Ciao Robin Manchester Pep Squad Sec. Tres., VP Medi- cal Careers, French Club, Key Club, VP UMYF Bambinoe Que- bec ' 83 IGITAC Sr. Rockems TG- Ann Marie MacDonald Michael Malone REMEMBER, ELLEN, SS, GS, DC, KH, RP, KP, EEEEK!, New York, New Years, Hawaiian Style, Pul- sar, NX, Turbo, Country Club 1980-84, Partying, 3 27, 6 1 84, Thanx!, Mom, Dad, Aunty An- nie, Summer of 80, 12 12 Accd. Good times to come, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER: EPCOT CENTER; Falmouth Cross Country 1980-1983 24-0; Return of the Jedi RW! Bruisin Coves SPF-LM, KR, PC, SP, RM Ziggy . . . Best of Times-GT (Lotsa Love to you), JW, LL, LM, TS, TE, TG Hot Pink! LFF 7 4 83 I Love You Always Jimi REMEMBER: " Heard It Through The Grape- vine " ; Tootsie; Saturday Night Live! Walkmans- Walkmen? Walkwomen??? Charles Marker) HOCKEY-JV, V Hey Luther! Fris- bee at the Heights, Florida 81, France 82, ITaly 83, Partying at Larry ' s The Harbor, Bud Tails, Ball-Park Food Fights, 6th Block, Later!! JL CL RF JB Moor 24, Reps. JM CL Remember the Good Times!! Later FHS, Hello Northeastern! Stephanie Marks JV VARS CHEERING XJ521 ME MY RC CALIFORNIA W DEBBIE RTGP KS BIG GULPS BIO W TEEN VO OC THANKS CM-GOOD LUCK-RE- MEMBER THING 2 EXCESS SM- JC OSB! 11-23-84 JC “GET A REAL LIFE " KO KG CM CR MM COMP A-NO DOUBT IT ' S BEEN REAL Sandra Mancini Michael Martin SOCCER LACROSSE " 84 " GOOD TIMES WITH )P GAK AB Jonathan Martyna GOOD TIMES SUMMERS QYC GREAT FRIENDS, CH, JH, TM, EZ, KC, DC, BS, JR, CS, JS KELLEY YOUR SPECIAL WATERVILLE KILLINGTON MBL BEACH HOUSE FLORIDA 82, 84 BUD TALLS, GIRLS MARTHAS VINE- YARD I LUV CANADA FOOT- BALL SENSE HELLO LEPP 81 TAKE A LOOK INTO MY EYES THANKS M D 74 Paul Mauk BASEBALL-CO-CAPT SOCCER- CO-CAPT HOCKEY-AS-CAPT- GARDEN PARTY-83-11 SEC- ONDS 3 immortal words- PRIDE-HUMILITY-HEART THE BOYS-DOO, MUGSSY, OTIS SMC I CHAMPS NEVER, NEVER EAT YELLOW SNOW- ! ! " S T E I N , SCOOTER, JEFE- " " VENI, VIDI, VICI " THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!! Laurie McCarthy CANADA 81 YESTERDAY ECHO 100 KG Jazz OPEN ARMS 89 Music Man MC ECHO 112 May S S DANCE BOWIE HA LIZ MOLSON THUMPERS Band RE- BEL Alive Mary FLORIDA CHER CURBS R. HEIGHTS RIUNITE MULDOONS SMILE DEAN Jr. Jorgeous Yael Love Tim PRESS ON AND FOLLOW YOUR Barry Martin Frank McCormick Charlene McGowan JV VARSITY CHEERLEADING CAPT, KEY CLUB JIMMY SEBAS- TIAN WOULDN ' T IT BE NICE COMPA-NO DOUBT THANX MARYALICE Kahula AUSTIN IN MY HEART EXCESS CSWDMCM BHS BM LIZ STEF MOE CM HC83 PAJA KM VIR 6 Months A SPECIAL CHEMISTRY One World BOSTON We Made It REMEMBER: " This one ' s for a Michelob Light " valley girls-yuk! Falmouth ' s INFINITY; OP Robert McDevitt IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES! cd YEARBOOK STAFF, WINTER TRACK, QUEBEC 83, PARIS 84 “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT " WS SJ BK TP LM BABA O ' RILEY SLAVEWAY KAHLUA BALL W WS SS KA " NEGATIVE GRIF- FIN FACTOR " HEY RIO! SERI- OUSLY: BUSINESS MAJOR Lawrence (Larry) McDonald 2 YEARS VARSITY BASKETBALL CAPT 4 YEARS VARSITY GOLF REPPA + MARTY ITS NOT WORTH IT THE HERMIT BACK- FLIP GREEN HARBOR SAUNDERS KEN DO GOOD BUDS JOE SEPPI LIVES CALL WELCHY D-DAY FEB 20 83 HADDAD OKIE LOCK NEVER FORGET THE DRYER CORB Maureen E. McGowan MOE, LOOKOUT KEYCLUB SENIOR CLASS PLAY ST MAAR- TEN MONTREAL JM CM BP SM CHEM WITH CHARLENE " GOOD LUCK CHRISTINE " Michael McGowan SKI 83 84 MOTOR CYCLE 3rd degree, Sail ' n to ICELAND, NO WIND, ANCHOR LINE TOO SHORT, 3 CANS OF SODA. Steve, Can you see? " No, Can you " 10 2 83 THE FALCON MARTYS FRUITSTAND THE KNIFE THE SHED 151 SW, JD, BC, MC, KT, TE, JA, THE D ' MON, RAW ONIONS, EAT CANS Sean McEvoy FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, TRACK, BASEBALL THE BOYS (OD, DOC, BILL) STEIN 85 1 JEFE " EV- ERY BREATH YOU TAKE ' ' HEART GLORIA THE SPECIAL " ON TOP " GARDEN PARTY DOO! FAL " 1 " BARNSTABLE " 0 " -CARRIE-CE, WF, KH, KR, MZ-HONOR SOC.-NICE KNOWING YA! Daniel McGrath Heres the WW1 Flying Ace dis- guised as a Falmouth High Stu- dent in attemp to lose the red baron-EASY KILLER-Cornell Bound Class of ' 88 -BIG RED- Hockey, Migets, Thursday Nights-lt is a far far better place that I go to than Falmouth ever was!! 75 Sean Gerard McHugh AKA SPOOKER, HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN A VERY LONG AND BORING TRIP. I HAVE MADE MANY FRIENDS IN THIS SCHOOL WHO I HOPE TO SEE LATER ON IN LIFE, LOOK ME UP I DON ' T THINK YOU ' LL BE ABLE TO FIND ME. CLICK, CLICK, SEE YOU LATER? Teri L. McManus Lisa K. McKee PEPSQUAD 4 SPF ANGELOS- TBFBRUISING-RMPC OH-KR MFTM LONZ BOAT PARTY SHANE NEW YRS EVE 83 LISA- LUSH 2 PARTY ATMB-w CREW B ' DOLLS w LR AEROBICS LDFT PARTIES CLASH 41384 T LK PLASTERED MCLR CCA WBW RM SRRKMS PE ARL HARBOR AWESOME EAR AC- TION! BJROHWELL THANKS CRH LUV YA MOM EF Carolyn McMillen McMILL, MAJORETTES, PARTY- ING WITH THE GANG, GREG, KO AG VB PC LC, I COULD DIE! BRODIE, D.C. 83, CLEAN UP THE BP, BANG A TREE, PURPLE + GREEN, BEEP AT BRAD, SUM- MERS WITH MM, PYT, TIMES WITH TOPHER, STROKE HMS, WATERSKIING, MR. B, FOR- MULA BEACH BOUND, Andrew S. McKinley SHC TC UM-BUSINESS MAJOR 81C-10 SABB99 H.A.S. Penttis A.B. Gunstock Killington Wa- chusett Performance in 84 COUNTACH Ferrari BB5 12i GPZ 900R niga Honda 1000 Inter- cepter Porsche 911 Gruppe B, 9 28S G.C P.M A.M T.M D.M R.M J. Scott McMurtie ROME ' 83 Paris ' 84 Var. soccer 2yrs. MVP, AOW; var HOOP 2 yrs. . . . Pinehurst; JS, GT, DM, PM, EM, and JSP. " Good Golly Miss Molly " Call me: Scott, Scooter, oot, Facile, Trex, Scoo- trex, ooter ootrex-anything but Scott, no one else ever called me that. Breffni J. McLaughlin " INFINITY " SEAN BART STEUE JOHN ETC myc wyc fyc smu fhs PaP Godlike Gary Hugh Jack Rit Tim Jeff HOCKEY WINDSURF ' ZEEK ' summer 83 PO KT MC BSLMKHPAKM ' The hut . . WHAT!? ' carousel-Don ' t drink the water SKI TRIPS smokin ' down the star Theres only 3 things in Eastham Laurie McNeill I ' m Glad To Be Out, Thanks to Mr. Nilson also everybody at the Jet Soft Co, for all their Patience with me, ESP: Andy, Jet, Mrs T, and Michael L. Wrestling ' s 1 HULKAMANIA, SNUKA, The VONERICH ' S Kevin, David, Ker- ry, Mike, Bob Backlund. Thanks to ES, DB, ML, AH, MA. REMEMBER: The Police Zenyatta Mondatta; Christmas Trees; RIO; Prince Charles Lady Di Michelle Medeiros To all the good times at FHS Col- or Guard Track and Tennis going to Hockey Games with the gang Parties with ' SC ' Jill beware of flying buds Making McDonalds and doughnut trips with SP VP JA the summer 81-83 JC Thanks MOM and DAD Good luck SEN- IORS 84 Cynthia A. Mills BOBBY-4 2 80-2 GOOD 2 BE 4 GOTTEN. BEST FRIEND TOO! Won ' t forget 3 24 84 Shhh! Carl ' s all hemmed up. Always love Ma and Dad. Gonna Miss: CJ DR GJ JC KF-BiFF. Mr. OBRIEN, LUV YA BIG GUY. U CAN ' T 4GET ME. Out the door in 84— Won ' t survive till 85! BYE Jane Mello French Club, Quebec, Band Ex- changes (Big Bad), 17th B-day in Ct, Stairway to Heaven and PC; Bubba, SL; CK, Jr Year! Music Man! Intelligencer, JS (Hi Boss), LW, LS, TP, LM, SH, MS, JH, BM (Don ' t whine) and CC (re- member the Firecracker) True Friends will never be forgotten Robert Mitchell Tennis The awesome math team w Tony C honor? Society’S- cience C I u b R O M A 1983 STOWE ' 84 JHU ' 88 Veni, Vidi, Vici, Mr G THE AUDI JF- loser-944 JEgot THE FAB 4-DC, MS, Eb (6:06) K S, SC, MIDGET, BT UNO-EP-B. Johnson’ln TROUBLE? PLUG IT AND STEER LIKE CRAZY-LEAVE IT! REMEMBER: “Where ' s Up Where We Belong Kristin Mello OCTOBER 31, 1980 FRENCH CLUB MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB JV SOFTBALL APRIL IN PARIS 82 QUEBEC 83 DYGAS? LB DT JJ CONCERTS: BOWIE BILLY IDOL POLICE TALKING HEADS PAR- TIES AT JAYNE ' S SUMMER 83 W MIKE-N.C. STOWE 83-84 SKIP AND GF THE NAIL WOM- BAT TP AND LW Edward Moniz ROMA 83 LAKE PLASTERED 83 STOWE 84 STUDENT ADVI- SORY BOARD WARRANT COMMITEE SADD CLICHES- MASSIVE HEADRUSH MASSI- VELY SMALL WABASHl PROM 83 SPRAINED ANKLE THE VAN FEED ME MINDI LUV THEM SANDWICHES THE BUMMAGE uh-hei-hei-hei- the Beef? " music videos; ; “I love Rock ' n ' Roll " Robert Miller Lumber Jack, Twenty dollars, Senior class MOM, Friends, LP, LC, KE, BH + CP, Flipper, MG, MM, TR, RB, RP, ST, Animal, deb M, do you have it Dana Monteiro REMEMBER: Garfield; missiles in Europe? John Lennon; Who shot J.R.? Who Cares? Prop 2 x h Victoria Monteiro DION ROSE FORGET ME NOT MGIRLS CORVETTE CRASH PVT MY GUCCI BAG FRIENDS FOR- EVER JULIE AND JACKIE RE- MEMBER SMU HYANNIS PRO- SKATE CLUB THE BOYS ALL THE GOOD TIMES 11 22 81 3 6 82 5 14 83 LIVE EACH DAY LIKE ITS YOUR LAST GOOD-BYE FHS BOSTON HERE I COME Marc Morris TFieresa MooreFiead HELLO-1 must be going!-P.C. TFie fun times with: BB, LB, RS, CT, NB, SR, And Burger. CON- CERTS! Friday Bashes, ROAD TRIPS, WOODS HOLE, ON WASHBURNS With Mr. Sidney + the gang! MSA, U-2, ROAD TRIPS, KNC, Concerts, My Po- ems, PROM! W.H. DANCES CHARLIE! Next SEPT.? Philip Motta " FLIPPER " LACROSSE, STOP SHOP, TROOP 42, EAGLE SCOUT, COMPUTERS, ESPANOL. FRANCO, ALFIE, POPE, KIM, BRUCE CHRISTI- NA, LISA P. LISA C. LUMBER- JACK, GUIDE, BULLDOG, B ' DIRT LARRY, PRINCESA, AL- BERTO Y JEFE GOOD BYE FAL- MOUTH HIGH SCHOOL HELLO FRAMINGHAM STATE COL- LEGE Kathryn Moreland MEMORIES - Jim, Colorguard- PowderPuff, Sunday Football, summer of " 82 " trunk river, " The Mustang " " Journey " ' Bob Seager " " Alabama " Mike Tri- cia, Proms, Posters, Friends - NB, CT, LB, CC, TT, HOB. Class of " 84 " Forever! Elizabeth Muldowney Blow my mind! CC81 Ten. 82 Fio Uncle Herb sts Ralph Laurens November 25th Skiing MRB SUE STEVE MN MP JM LM KM TM NN DS MF LW SB UP WHERE WE BELONG PARTY Gone Out of Bounds Snow Chews Window glancing Arr, Arrr life ' s a 6lats S. enjoy it while it lasts 78 Kirby Morris HEAVY METAL RULES! My prin- cess-Pattie P. - awesome 12 17 83, gatherings, cruisin ' , concerts, heights, life in the fast lane, Mario, future cop, To all my friends, you ' re bad!!, " THOSE WHO HAVE THE YOUTH, HAVE THE FUTURE " - The Crue Joanna Murphy JOJO-BROADWAY BOUND " GREASE " " BALD SOPRANO " " BRIGADOON " " CAROUSEL " SR. CLASS STUDENT DIRC. " PERSPECTIVE " A.F.S WARR COMM. KEYCLUB ' NAUSHON w JL2, NM Feb 11 SUMMER OF CLOVES TOASTED ALMONDS MBL DANCES CA. " VANISH IN THE AIR YOU ' LL NEVER FIND ME " -STING Maureen Murphy MOE (MOO) Florida " 80” w Lorene ROME " 83 " ECHO Maj. Sect., Pres Candy Stripping w LB DD ' S Bash Flat tires! Friends forever LB DT EM PC MS JA BP Esp. Spam, Jilly Bean, and Diago. Thanks LM. Vaca ' s in Dudley Chinese Red light-Hi Dad! 4 Thanks M D Kimberly Nunes Summer Ski Trip of 83 Cham- pagne Good Times w Amos beer fight Citgo Hyannis being slick BS SF ET LJ TS RP FRIENDS TILL THE END OF TIME Steve I CAN ' T SAY WE ' LL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER BUT MY HEART SAYS WERE NEVER APART LOVE YA 9 3 83 REMEMBER: Go ahead, make my day! Purple doors and orange chairs; Pope John Paul II Jean Nichols J.C., Biggie, John, hunny bunny, Wei, Chappy, 11 17 82, ILYA. B- B-B, Peter, Beckatha, Stubbie, B B, Ball Park, Mondays, J. Geils, Colorguard, excuse me?! New Years; J.N., S.N., Nicky; N.N.; Wookie, Pagent, Joe-Joe; Thank- you to all my Friends and Family! Whitney . . . Christine Nyari THE LORD IS MY REFUGE FORTRESS, IN HIM I WILL TRUST. TO THE ENGLISH 4 CREW: AM, MC, DS, AR, AP, M M, LOVE TO YOU ALL. MR. C: TAKE CARE, SEE YOU AT WIMBLEDON? MR. H: WRITE ANY GOOD BOOKS LATELY? AP, ES, CT, KL, SM. PECKETTS WEAN LOVE ALWAYS TO ME- LISSA. ALOHA!! Nicholas Nidositko Timothy O ' Connell OAKY; The B-Team (clone me) The Venus Spy, 2 Block study in Parking lot; New Years " 84 " ; The Neighborhood Boys; Confes- sions, see later Black Nark; DW, CL, KO, KF, Love ' em all; AC Maybe some day; To all my Good Friends its been Real and Good Luck! SMELLYA Kerrie A. Norton WR-NITE, Kristin I ' m better than you! Ahh-right? " We ' ve got to- night " TWT, SKI-83 NS, SK, AC Ohh-kay? " All night long " at KF ' s JD What is your world? Deb ' s boats CCC w KF, Smacky, NR, JS, CC, DD, DW, JV + V CHEERING, DANCE, Squirrel at MC ' s the tourist in the Olds. WOTINT Glen O ' Donnell Freshman Soccer, JV Soccer, II, JV Hockey I, Varsity Hockey II III IV-Capt., Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball II III IV-Capt .... 2nd Home 23 Susan Lane-Ju- lene-Stein, Doc, Muggsy, Ome- ga Man, DP Man, Cuda, Burma Road, Goodwill, Rec., Crazy Brad, — J! 79 Kelly O ' Keefe SKRELLY SUMMER ' 83 HMS McDONALDS MOPEDS Bang a Tree Beep at Brad K-DUCK Coma dubie down Killer quar- ters water skiing Brodie Tweet- ers Wedgies Thursdays Stubbie- bunny Squaters-right Cape way Cus clean the BP The Gang = CM-AG-VB-MM-PC-LC- Cynthia Paiva Susan Oliver " SUBIN " , BECKY, TERG, MEL, THERESA, PATTY, LORI, HEY GUSI, ANNA BELLA, PEP- SQUAD, GOOD TIMES AT MICKEY DEE ' S, GIGGLE PILLS, BEE-BOPPIN ' , APPLE SISTERS, JS, ARE YOU CRAZY? HOODA, " TIMES MAY COME AND TIMES MAY GO, BUT THESE TIMES ARE FOREVER. " Aaron Paszek Christopher Olsen Baseball, Mr CRANSHAW-Pride, Humility, Heart! TAEKWON- DO, Erik Astin Youth Group Ac- tivities-ski-trip " 84 " . " Bad News Bears " . Carol Landry, Doctor, O ' D, Muggsy, Markisk, Paul C, Bob L, Matt F. Mrs. O ' Brien, Mr. Burnette, Mr. DeMello. Mom and Dad I Love You Always! Thanks Kevin Pautsch Kandise Olson Kandy-Pep squad, XJ 521, FLA. in 84 w ET CL, Cookie?, Ski 83, Labels Big Gulps, Whats goin on?, Boxes, Naples, Mr. Pips, Holiday, Ashes to Ashes, WW 3, Shnookums (GM), 1 13 84 JL we ' re the awesome 3some!, Just friends, Hugs Kisses to TO! Thanks Mom and Dad!! Later FHS Stephanie Payne REMEMBER: Brooke Shields goes to Princeton; unreal people, short hair and long hair; Tracy M. Perkins Oh wow No more granola. JJ KM LW JM LS S ' later Hot dogs anyone? Drosophila BLAH library 8th block quiet every- one Who me? imagine! What? OK, alright flannel shirt hippie Hey, RD, iron those pants! Only the phantom knows. JH-that ' s disgusting! Onward . . . Lisa Peters MEMORIES; Pablo, HUGS, Mr. Mogardo, Kathy G, The TALKS, MY FRIENDS, THE TRACK TEAM, THE " V, ECHO, IKE and MIKE, FLAKEY CHICKS, Senior class Mom, BH, CP, BM, PM, SE, SH, TC, MJ, TC, LC, J], CO, KE, CS, RB, BELLY BUTTONS THE PROM, GRADUATION, GOOD BYE IGOTIT, THE GUPPY, FISH- ES, FLIPPER Mary Peters Yvonne Phaneuf WATCH OUT FOR THE QUIET ONES! PINTO 75 MCDONALDS! MOVING OUT ELECTRIC AVE. AND VERMONT! LB AND A LUFFLY DAY! SOLDOTNA AND Joshua S. Phillips Soccer, Track. Roma ' 83 Scoot, Dave Paris ' 84. AP, GT, Lumpy, and-Trex. Angela- 10 1 5 82. " Each moment a memory, Time ' s so unkind " Bowie in Con- STEVE WHO IS THIS GUY? HYANNIS FOOTLOOSE! AN EN- TERPRISING PERSON HI JAN! GUM ON THE JACKET! TURN THE PAGE! JA CCR MM NB CT cert: Police-2X. The Loids, Whats that noise in the cellar? The source . . . Oh Yah! Basketball Co Capt: " Look back in Anger! " REMEMBER: Carter; caffeine-free colas; Boy George; The Guardian Angel; Mr. Griffin Renee Peters All My Love to MOM DAD, , sisters " Clayton " my pride Joy Revai Prom w DF Love ya shining Star Child Dev. w Mrs S. Mrs M KH, EG. Summer School w LA, JC Ml Thanks to Mr. N good friends KH, NB, LC, KN, all my love and Thanks to AM Family for being there. Peter Popence INFINITY BM JS SR SB " TAIN " GH AP MS HA LM MC STOWE! THE STAR GAZ " WUDDUBBA " PACIFIC EXCHANGE " DA HUT. WHAT. " CAROUSEL, DONT DRINK THE WATER BIG COUN- TRY POLICE. THE NOVA ROCK- ET 99 " WUNCH " 867 5309 KA- TRINA GOOD LUCK GARY BREFF JOHN STEVE AND SEAN!!! REMEMBER: Ayatollah Khomeini; The Dating Game 1981; U2; Simon and Garfunkel 4ever Melissa G. Porta THANK GOD! LED ZEPPELIN “ALL OF MY LOVE " TO JOE " PRESENTS " PARTY IN THE VAN ILLINOIS ON AMTRAK SUMMER OF " 83 " " WHAT A LONG SHRANGE TRIP IT ' S BEEN " OUT OF FAL. -PSYCHED! JB FOREVER Kimberlee A. Reid MIKE I LOVE YOU! 9 27 83 THANKS MOM DAD FAM- ILY NY EUROPE-MC 83 + 4 OH-LMFF-83 TMMF LONZ BOAT PARTY FLA-BR 83 DM HANDCUFFS PARTY-MB ' S W CREW CAMARO YELLO BUGS SPIDER ZOOM SUMMER 83 PEP SQUAD 3 SPF LOIS Christina Porteous Bruce and me-1985! Cookie Puss-CP for short! Munchkin, Shorty-That ' s me! Good-bye high school, I ' m gonna miss ya! WHERE ' S THE BEEF? Track-3 Jr Prom, Sr Prom, Graduation! Take Care-LP, PJ, MJ, SE, LC, BM, DD, DA, Zebra, Bill, and Flipper THE MAT ROOM!! James D. Reposa REPS REPPA " CHARLENE " 2-20- 83 10-12-82 " MY LOVE " NY, 84 NH " WOULD ' NT IT BE NICE " DANA AND MICK " She ' s gonna hear us JC " " Get .... Boy " Jandt $20 IN 2 LARRY STUCK IN THE SAND I " It ain ' t worth it L.M. " 15 BBAC " Akish Luvi Gohr CM " Rebecca W. Pratt BECKATHA, MAL, SUBIN, STUBBIE, MEL, WHITNEY, GJ, RR, JAS, MAUREEN, TERG, FBB, DS, JL, LC, GUS, CHAZ, KIRA, BBB, FOOTLOOSE; ARE YOU CRAZY? EDDIE! KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN; ROUND-A- BOUTS; MELON-HEAD; APPLE- SISTERS; YELLOW SUBMARINE Elizabeth I. Richardson TO Di and Kev-THANKS. Sheila, Kim, Tim, A.G., LM, C.M., M.P., Joe and E.Z.-you are the best of friends. The cinema, THE BLUE WHALE, ZOOM w Brian + T.B. E.J. South Cape 82 The Pub, Stu, M, Chinese Food, CCM, URI ' 83 AA In Boston ED GM BF Blue Eyes! Christop her Rebello ENJOYED WORKING W MR. DONOVAN, MR. CRANSHAW, AND ALL THE GUYS, VARSITY BASKETBALL AND BASEBALL MANAGER. AUDIO-VISUAL, WTB? WORKING AT ANGELOS, SENIORITY, BEST SCHOOL NURSE-CHARLOTTE W PG, MB, WL, LL, WS, MT. Jacqueline Rigsby 82 REMEMBER: Solidarity; Mondale vs. Hart; Thank You Dr. Antonucci! The Clash; 1-4-3 Monique J. Rocheleau MUFFY, G + T ' S w CHIP, BUFFY, SKIP MOM + DAD " I LOVE YOU " , BRUNO and BRUNELLA, Mercedes, SIMON, VERMONT, PARTYING with Best of FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY THE CHART ROOM, MR 3, BF, CH, KW, JR, TM, SR, PREPPIES, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF " 84 " , DIZZY, " We MADE IT " !!!! Dorraine Rose Suzanne me Summer of 83 New York Martha ' s Vineyard!! Ebony Eyes, Diddie. Mom Thanks for also being a friend and being there when I needed you. Always remember my friends and the times we had SG CM WS JC. Look out Worcester for DR SG Henry A. Rogers Shirley Rose GOOD-BYE FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISH TO DC, CT, LC, LM, JS, EM, MM, JM. GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN NEXT YEAR SS, DM, LG, NM, PP, DF, TT, SG, BF, JM, MJ, LM, EM. EX- PLORATION 1 GOOD LUCK YEARS TO COME STONED IN LOVE PYT. THANK YOU MOM John A. Rohe Daralyn A. Ross " Don ' t wish it away " -Jeff-Good times are the best times, bad times fade away X ' s O ' s to CT LA Barry n The Gang White lines to Newton " crashes crushes " Don ' t let me drive LaCrosse DS-I don ' t know COCQUETTE PROM? photography-TEXAS- COLORADO-COLLEGE! Kurt D. Roith Christine Rossi TEAN, WEAN, PEP SQUAD PRES, V PRES, BIG GULPS, EARLY MORNING CHAPPY, RR, BOO- PIN, LABELS, START ME UP, U-2, BLUE VAN-BLUE NOVA, HAR- BOR, ROSSI-5, SQUAT TEAM, 12 23 82-83, CYJ, PICKLES KETCHUP, SOME DAY HE ' LL QUIT, OR IT MAY COME BE- 83 TWEEN US! John P. Rozum Allyson Marie Ryan ECHO 110; SADD; AFS; LA- CROSSE; " HEY SPUNK! " " AP- PLAUSE " " WIND JAMMER " ; MP, PB, LG, AM, EM, JM, MP, KK. " BOWIE " 8 83 w MP, CC, RN, MP, RP; THANK ' S DR, PR, FP; SARASOTTA 5 84 w MP, PR, DR. " WHERE ' S YOUR HO HO? " MICHELOB! Susan L. Rudden Pep squad, Spring Track, Sn Rockums, P.P. Ft. Ball, P. Sq Ban- quEt (MC, CT, JS) Sn. Count- down, Mrs. Ta + Mcky, DS. (CT, KO, JS, JM, MR, LA, D + D) " Cu- ties " , Balet, Flash-Flood-Live, Laugh, have Fun remembering all those that are dear to you an above all dont forget the times weve had jL Deborah J. Sanford PB MY BUDDY! WE ARE THERE! AG MW VB MC FB MC MM JM DC-GREAT FRIENDS AND WONDERFUL MEMORIES. LTT DBCC HERE WE GO MP. YEARS WILL COME AND GO BUT FRIENDS ARE THERE FOREVER! " WE AIN ' T COMING HERE NO MORE! " Kelley J. Rugg Shawn 1-26-82 Wntr Sprng Track! Cheerin Compa French Club Key Club FFT Stowe Midori Paja Fab 4!!! Bug Formula I Sum- mer Fun Boo " The face of a child says it all; especially the mouth part of the face! Tatazing KH MZ CG Best!! Run with it Thanx Rents Punlata Patricia Santiago REMEMBER Michael Jackson; Last Tango In Par- is; USFL Boston Breakers; FHS dances?? Robert D. Ruggeri Janice Marie Santos PORTUGAL APRIL ' 82, CUL- TURE CLUB FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS, ERIKA, EMILY ROCKY HORROR, DANCES AT O.A.F.B. DR. WHO CONVENTION, K-9, THE TAPE RICK SPRINGFIELD, LINDA, LISA, MEG, THE CON- CERT, JULIE, BABSON, CHERIE COLLEEN, ALISON Sachiko Sato MIKE: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO GOOD TO ME AND MAK- ING MY FUTURE HOPEFUL. I LOVE YOU. Mite, Fest, BT, JL, KT and MS, BA, Chatham 7-25-82, the Ritz and swanboats 7-25-83, Jenny F: thanks for being my closest friend for many years, BOSTON OR BUST!! Bethany J. Secia I LOVE STEPHEN BOARDMAN. CAN ' T WAIT FOR 6 30 84. NEVER FORGET: PAMS PARTY 8 17 83, MATT. WEEKENDS, HEINEKEN, RUMPLE MINZE, BEST FRIENDS: EG TD MT KH KW AM FAVORITE SAYINGS; I ' M NOT SORRY TURKEY, PET PEEVES: LIARS, BROKEN PROM- ISES. HI PUD! HI BO! Christopher J. Saunders Class of 84 Begins On New Year ' s Eve-Bash at Big Lar ' s House. Hal- loween-Blues Brothers! Police, Sullivan Stadium 8 10 83 Cali - fornia Ulti mate Backflips Simpson at 120 meters Heights Seniors Rule Benny Dean Nick Good Luck Occy AH-HAA Daniel Secia Darlene M. Scott JAY PINA 7 15 82 ALWAYS GOOD TIMES " IT ' S JUST AN IL- LUSION” " IF ONLY YOU KNEW " " RADICAL " THAT ' S MY " JUNIOR " ! SLG: 7368 LF (RAW) PROVIDENCE (MUSCULES AND MISSY) " SNAG " MADNESS RE- MEMBER All the LETTERS AND the RED CAMARO? GONNA MISS: HL DC ML SN DR VM KH LC PO Richard F. Sederman Rit " We ' re not isolated! We ' re all by ourselves! " JD JH CL BD SF TE " The Liar " " Rejoice, O young Man, while you are young and let your heart be glad in the days of your youth. " ECHO REMEMBER: Popozoids; moonies; car crashes; special friends; Eurythmics; Meryl Streep Theresa A. Scully Thanks Mom Dad, pep-squad, Sr. Rockums, Pdr Puff, Tennis Team, " SCULL " Coves, EG- " FUN-FUN " , MIKI " MOVIES " Special Frie nds: THANX TRA- CEY! " Scubba” 1-4-3, RG " OTAY " 6-21-3-11, LL-Can ya Focus? RM-Man Molester, WORKN with GC, ES, JM, PHYS- ICS JJ, CG, ST GOOD LUCK! Heidi B. Selleck Winters in the Sun, Hawaii, Cali- fornia, Florida, Love and happi- ness. Weekends spent with Mi- chael Yanoff. Best friends and Nicknames: Little Tuffy, Sue Bob, H.O, G.C., B.L., B.L. J.C. Lot ' s of get togethers celebra- tions with the Angelo ' s crowd! REMEMBER: Gord Kluzak and the B ' s; Jazz and the Aeronautics; Orwell; Richard Gere P Michael V.J. Shaughnessy Hyannis P.C? Feb. (Its not that bad Doug) Feb. 21 MARSHFIELD Came Down, Bob, Tim, Quarters K.M. How about one for the road? Chinese Red Light and after! Good times with P.C., D.D., S.C., But especially Sue P! APRIL VACA. FRISBEE! Death Rides, N.H., Michelob!! Lynn M. Simoneau Billy Spring Track pep squad Aim the Show 4-8-83 SOME SAY IT ' S HOLDING ON THAT MAKES YOU STRONG, SOMETIMES IT ' S LETTING GO. THANKS MOM and DAD Steven Shephard Great Strife and Debate Peter Gabriel . . . On The Air Apoca- lypse in 9 8 Joseph Heller Shine on You Crazy Diamond Fripp, Summers B.T. J.E. J.P. P.H. B.S.A DIY The chord of Life The return of the elf Michael Simpson 6 11 83 SUMMER OF " 83 " " 84 " EBYT GLEN LANDERS Thanx-RENTALS MURF U-2 FIXX (FLA. BOUND!) PRINCE etc. Walking in the Sand BOWIE = These Eyes So Green Mr. BROCOLLI-N-Sleepy The PromMMCI LET ' S DO IT AGAIN! Class Reunion! KEEP IN TOUCH! GREECE I LOVE YOU MERE!! David H. Sigl JV Varsity Hockey Kada 1-28- 84 " I Guess That ' s Why They Call It The Blues " Karen Brian Ver- mont 83 w BF DM MR Police Bowie The Beach House Partying w KG KR BC JL RF MR DM BF MC DC Prom of 83 " You owe me a buck Luther " Aaron Sinewitz WOW! You mean all the fun is over with? I have to go out into the REAL world? I HOPE ALL THE STUDENTS from the CLASS OF 84 HAVE GOOD LIVES AND GOOD HEALTH VENI, COG- NOVI, PROFICISCOR Derolyn Silva Gayle Sinewitz HERE ' S TO THE GOOD TIMES AT F.H.S. with KA AM DC and JR Remember WASHBURN IS- LAND AEROSMITH ANN ' S TER- RY CLOTH SHORTS AND THE SENIOR YEAR!!! 86 1 Sharon Sinewitz Here is to all the good times with D.C M.B A.M K.A, The rocks, cottage, Jeep and pigs, field and shells, LC and hotd ogs, CCM wall, The fence and D.Ed, Fair, Aerosmith, Bayside, island, CG2, swim HP3, CPC, Hermie, H.V, Summer of 82 with B.S. BYE FHS Melvin B. Soque SUKE VARSITY HOCKEY VARSI- TY GOLF DOUBLE DATING, WE ' LL NEVER MAKE IT! BF " I ONLY WANT TO BE FRIENDS " JC KR EARLY MORNING AT CHAPPY BOSTON; THE MET- RO, THE 9 VALHALLA TO THE POWDER PIGS AND TOO THE DIEHARDS OF THE DEEP SKI SKI SKI WE ALL MISS YOU KENNY REMEMBER: " You ' ve Got A Friend " ; space shuttles; Rome; Joan Rivers; maroon; Spaz Michael B. Sloane CROSS COUNTRY-THE DYN- ASTY LIVES " PEOPLE ARE FLOATING AROUND LIKE DEAD LIFEBOATS " : " I saw an old man leaning heavily. He was beating out his brains on a dirty old wall. I wish he ' d pick a cleaner place to bleed. " ; Thanks to All; The RIB JOKE! . . . Christopher M. Smith Ellen M. Souza " ELLIE " my best friend always " Tricia " , (classical, Louzagnia) CN, EG, KC, CT, KL, Here I Come New York! Groovey Christine, Michael Jackson, Good Luck everybody, I ' ll never forget you sweetheart!!!!! Robin Leigh Speroni Marion H. Smith MOO I LV WH GREG WHOI MGGOT UNO ST BRNBS ACO- LYTE YTH GRP HA-HA Pippin Grease Brigadoon Carosel ALL BON MIA HONOR SOCIETY, GUARD AFS SECTRES REPS CSS DEJB STONY BEACH FMLY DNRS SUE + ERIC + JEFF J IN- FINITY BART HAD JANE SAC BDA NANTUCKET ENGLAND John C. Stalcup EXPERIENCE. LEARNING WITH BOOKS CAN NEVER EQUAL IT. WHEN THE BOOKS ARE GONE EXPERIENCE IS WHAT WE ' LL HAVE. I HAVE LEARNED OF POLITICS, LEARNED OF LIFE AND LEARNED OF LOVE. TO YOU MY FRIENDS MY ENEMIES AND ESPECIALLY MY LOVE, g7 THANK YOU Lauri Stefanik Honor Society French Club Key Club Hockey Games!! Good Luck to my special friends JM MM KM WS JJ EM TP Sailin Bea- chin! SUMMER! Tennis w JM?! French 5 Newport Garfield SMILE! Polos Hey DAD-Sprite?! Nantucket " DON ' T STOP BE- LIEVING " Thanks MOM and DAD Beth Sullivan HOT VW ' S WILL NEVER DIE! FRANKIE + BETH MB + JC CW + MK MP + RS MAKE IT HURT SO GOOD GF TT LEGS LITTLE RICKY MICOS PREGO GOODBYE CLASS OF 84 F Julie St. George Intelligencer editor, Yearbook French Club Honor Society Vol- leyball PISHAW! Duran Duran ECHO IT ' S PAUL! Thanks Jen Jeem ML SCW Rosie Baby I Love You, BOSS! Without you life wouldn ' t be the same as we sail through life friend, what years could us divide r ml Timothy Svarczkopf Thanks Mrs B and Justine you were there when I needed you Carrie Mari Ward Lois and Beth you guys mean alot to me. Things worth remembering Ski trips motorcycle rides the Knob the 280 and RX-7 The Boys UNH The kids and most importantly Moe Daniel Sullivan Melinda Sweeny MASH DAVE CHEERS SHADES JACUZZI JT ' S MOO MOO BUCKAROO POKER COME TO MAMA COME ON 7 ' s FEED ME ED BURKE SKI TRIPS ROXANNE CARRIE IN PARI I HEARD IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE BOB MARLEY JIBBA NYAAR FEAR AND LOATHING DROP REMEMBER: Billy Johnson and Winter Olympics ' 84; the BK Lounge; Footloose; ET; gossip Deirdre Sullivan THE ENGLISH CREW: AM, MM, CN, AR, WE FINALLY MADE-IT! LM remember Mr. Hussey ' s LAB HORROR STORIES YEARBOOK STAFF GOOD LUCK: JF, KM, SS, LM, BR, RD, JS, SJ Julie Sylvia IN MY MIND YOU ' LL STAY HERE ALWAYS LARRY TOBEY MY NUMBER " 1 " MAN Best friends: Lisa Jackie Vicky A TRUE FRIEND IS YOUR BEST POSES- SION " Let the Music Play " L.F. Remember hangin out with the girls HYANNIS, New B, BW, WH, The " Y " Goodbye Falmouth Wednesday Sylvia JIMMY 1 ALWAYS; JUNE 11th SMITTIE N LEE SUMMER 83 LU; BELLSIE; DIDDIE; CORDON; DANCE MARINEE, THE BEST! JML; MARINE CORE BALL NOV 10th MAINE; SEPT 18th; SMITT- LEE ' S SKATING; BESTEST CHUMBUDDIES DT, MD, LS, MC Jennie Tavares NEVER STOP Laughing and Smil- ing Lifes to short: MA I LUV YOU, DAD I MISSED YOU: The Best: Bobby cuz Krissaledi Corbe, Estrada, CJ NS KA Ed LeNaN Lynchie SPIC EF CB PB, KIM: CALI-Beautiful! Hello! Bright Eyes-once my friend: Luv- Duckfeet: Never Under Esti- mate!! Mark Teixeira % James E. Taylor m Teresa Teixeira Christine M. Tessier Pep Squad, Ballet, SR ROCK- UMS, PS BANQUET " 83-84 " The harbor Where ' s Buster IHOP D ' nD The Coves Mr S.T at Mcky D ' s Special Friends like SR DR LA MB TS JM MD MC JC CF BM " There are many joys that life can bring but friendship is the greatest thing. Thanks Mom Glenna J. Thomson M.J.B. FOREVER IN MY HEART! GOOD LUCK CLASS of 84 Be happy REMEMBER: hatchet-man; the Beatles; Larry Bird; out of control; Kalpie; hockey games Scott J. Thrasher Thanks Mom + Dad! Love ya Amy! " Whatever, Chinese food, tierd, cold, Prom " . WBYC, SDT, LTD, Sailing, washburns, dances, Good Will, Hights. CM (Bagels). March. Bnd. " Fumble, SCOTTY!, Friendlys " . Crispy " Hem, Rus- tang " . Winter Track. Eagles. PJ, AK, TS, JJ, TC, CS, ect. Good Luck " 84 " ! Kristen L. Tierney CROSS COUNTRY SPRING TRACK FIG SKATING SHOP- PING KEY CLUB SUGARLOAF ' 81 LAKE PLACID ' 83 STOWE ' 84 ROME ' 83 FISHING " GOOD GIRLS don ' t do that MAX " PRACTICAL JOKES BY SW MM MUD PUDDLES THE PRAYER Kate G. Toran CHEERS SHADES JACUZZI THE IT ' S! MOO MOO BUCKAROO SEXY 17 POKER-GUNSTOCK DAVE COME ON 7 ' S BURKE FEAR LOATHING! TENNIS ROXANNE TOAN SISTERS SUMMER PALS DM 2MD JB JP. FULL MOON SO SOON WISHIN 90 EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR REMEMBER: the Intelligencer; Gerry Studds? teddy bears; Paris; bizarre; Joe Jackson Colleen Tobin I ' ll never forget-my good friends. Summers of 82 + 83 Bourne Wareham Shes a Man- eater He Wants YOU!! Town Landing Parties Roller Skating Duran Duran Michael Jackson Nasty Girls Cutie Pie Wanna Hear a Story Denver FHS Luv ya Dad TAT KK Danny Bryan FNH Michael Trotto Carla L. Toland " WHEN WE WERE YOUNG WENT TO SCHOOL. " COLOR - GUARD 3 YRS SUMMER OF " 81 " WITH BRIAN (TF) PP RE- MEMBER THE GOOD TIMES SNOOGIE, LAURA, TM, BB, KM, AH, RS, CC HOB THRU THICK THIN CONCERTS YA! BABY BRAUS THINK GREEN BONDO Nathaniel (Bucky) Trumbull REM: Zuludarts, Sure did smell. You don ' t want to miss any, CO- Bus, Math Team, Comp. Games 2, C-Clamp Labs, Hittin MG ' s wall, Brown-nosin, 3 D talks, Ambass. Magee, DC ' s 13, Explor- ers, Star Parties, USGS DIGITIZ- ING, B.S. Badminton, 2-True? WE ' RE THERE Denis H. Toner TOO MUCH INFORMATION RUNNING THROUGH MY BRAIN POLICE HEADS IN CONCERT FUN IN THE HOLE WITH RASTA DORSE-MAN ROBERTO KNAVE THE AZ. KID THE BUS DICKINSON 88 ID RULES 8 SPECIAL PEOPLE- MS WS JB AB GG JP Eileen Twohig Ween, Betty Boop, Fla-KO, CL, XJ 521 Childhood friend, Tean, LC, KN, KW, Get a Little Getty, U-2, Blue van, Blue nova, Miss D, Take the money and run 12 23 82 83, CYJ, Late nights with-CR, chance it hall, Karyn jane, Keo remember the sum- mer of " 83 " Thanx Mom I luv U Pamela Vickers Stephen J. Walz LACROSSE, FBALL, 82, KEY CLUB, 2 Vi CANS, MAW, POLE 71 47, SKI 83 84, FUFU 82 3, ST.B, THE EGGS, CCR, JUAN, CONE, TO, DLUX, JT ' S, MONE, SPIKE, YON, CANNIN, CLAM- MIN, PROMS, BIG CHILL, KRO- JACK, KP, MM, MC, KM, MD, TE, BC, JA, JS, EM, KH, CG, MZ REMEMBER: Get With The Program! " Against All Odds " ; nights at the library; Nantucket Frans Visser ' t Hooft TRAVELING, Through an open door, even just across the floor, we travel all our lives, our restles souls are not content, our tire- less minds do not consent, to stay in one spot too long we think would do us all some wrong. Slippin ' w JB Clinkin ' w Granny. Maura Wagner Colorguard (rifles) 3 Years; USAR 2 28 83 TLH Beesh THANKS TO DJS FOR EVERYTHING! Journey Remember the summer of 83 with GM, BR, RS, AND BC. Bit- tersweet. COUNTRY. JS, JR, SS, KF, TJF, TR. Thank you CN JC. Miterciters TO MY FRIENDS; IT ' S BEEN REAL Deborah Wasil Summer cut short in 83 My BFF Kristen Richie 10 7 84 It ' s Bet- ter in the Bahamas MGT ' S w Sharon I MISS U KENNY Tan- go-NO Thanks! KF-ITB California w Steph RTGP Bridge St.KN, TO, NR, KM Ski trips Rich-Don ' t EVER forget it No-Naw The War My Wish PS Me too! Laurel Watkins To the best of friends ever, I Love you and God Bless you! Lee Smittie, and me-Summer ' 83- Remember those flying shorts! JJ, TP, KM (Granola forever) JM, LS, SH, JA, MM, MS, TF, MT. Monadnock! ' ' The Lord is my strength and song, and He is my Salvation. " Ex. 15:2 Karen Walker BOOM BOOM-17-KC AL- WAYS-N-FOREVER, BEACH BOUND! JUST LAY THERE! T- BIRD NITES (BS), QD SKI LODGE SK + PG-KW + KC AWESOME 4SOME, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, LUV TO HUG! SAVE IT! BOSTON, APR 84, SUMMER 82, SKI 83, GOOBA, FRIENDS-CL Karla R. Wegehaupt " Life Goes On Long After The Thrill of Living Is Gone " -JCM JUANITA-BARBARA Leora, LC, DT, MR, BSOAJCMDMH, Ginge MFBG, TCJBDCMPBMMRJGJC Cross Country Mex 80; Europe 76 + 83; Band Canada Wints- + Summs at Loon J Cougar M 10 9 82 DB 83 L 84 JCM 4 3 84 91 Laugh Til Ya Cry Porsche Brian Welch HOCKEY, BASEBALL, WATER SKIING, FOOTIN FEVER-20 INCH BICEP ML JL VAN HALEN " 1984 " LOVERBOY, DEF LEP- PARD, 83, POLICE, ZZ TOP SAMMY HAGAR-MATT ' S B BALL KEGA K-9 HARBOR 1.5 - - - STROHS, BUD, HEINY, " PAR- TY TIME " — NAPLES, FLORIDA Edward B. Wilson Linda Whalen Paul G. Wimer Andrew W. White WOODSHOLIAN; WUBBA DIZ. REMEMBER TEXAS ' 83, FUN w DEN, BOB, AND ANDYE, THE TIME AFTER AND 1984. SAY, SAY, SAY, KK. WORK AT WHP. THANX ED AND HANK. I WANT MY MTV! U 2 WAR. THE TYPE- WRITER TANK AND THE " X " KEY. MCP OR WNEC? MABEY UT! RISKEY BUSINESS. CAN ' T STOP THE DANCE! Eric Zylinski " ZIGG " Football 83 Capt. 6-4-0 Mr. Clipper weekends w Ham- my KC Bravo LB 55,61 Heinies The Beach Party, Rats, Goobers FRM 2nd Black NO PAIN NO GAIN REMEMBER: Prom; " Hello " ; road trips; math aide (Denise!); senioritis Andre Willis Motor cycles CARYN " This is ad- vanced " Wipe out-BOGS The RIPPERS WENTWORTH FORD Unemployment SUZUKI FROGGY Beach Bum THE FIXX BUCKWHEAT IS DEAD. Mari Zylinski FAB FOUR FFT: CG KR KH NO Kiddin ' huh? Bug Mark-New- port-83. CHEERING: No Doubt- COMPA KEY CLUB-Ski Trip- French Club Art Club PF SKI TRIPS My homeroom Buddies DQ, BK, Summer sun paja! to my special FRIENDS: I ' LL MISS YOU ALL. YOU ' RE THE BEST! SEE YA Dorothy Baldic Andrew D. Mello Sandra DelTergo Robin Moniz Wanette Ferreira Bradley Mathew Wolfson Justine E. Hansen THANKS . . . Ellen, Brian, Michelle, Jur- gen, Sachiko, Carissa . . . GOOD LUCK EV- ERY " ! " ! DESTINATIONS-CLASS OF 1984 Adams, Jeffrey Nichols College Adams, John K. Military - Air Force Albert, Brian D. Amherst College Alcorn, Janice Employment - Secretarial Aldrich, Leora Cape Cod Community College Allard, Kristin Johnson Wales Allen, Amy Cape Cod Community College Alves, Christopher Cape Cod Community College Alves, David U. Massachusetts Amorin, Odelia Cape Cod Comm. College Jan ' 85 Andrade, Cheryl Cape Cod Community College 1985 Andrade, David Southeastern Massachusetts University Andrade, Lisa Military - Army Reserves Antonellis, Peter Cape Cod Community College April, Ronald Massachusetts Maritime Academy Astin, Erik Military - Army Atema, L. Jurgen Beloit College, Wise. Atkinson, Brenda Salem State College Augusta, Julene M. University of Bridgeport, Conn. Austin, Susan Wheaton College Azarovitz, Jeanne L. University of New Hampshire Baker, John Employment - construction Barlit, Peter Plans Pending year off (4 year) Baron, Laura L. University of Massachusetts Barrows, Darren I. Bridgewater State College Bauknecht, Vicki Cape Cod Community College Baumann, Michael H. Cape Cod Community College Beale, Susan R. Simmons College Beardsley, Elizabeth Stanford University, Calif. Belain, Paula Employment - chambermaid Benoit, Martin R. Cape Cod Community College Berghaus, Nancy Cape Cod Community College Bettencourt, A. John Westfield State College Bevelander, Mark D. Roger Williams College Bishop, Nancy Newbury Junior College Blackburn, Bethany Westfield State College Blakeman, James A. Plans Pending year off (4 year) Blanchard, Michelle Cape Cod Community College Borowski, Kenneth Clarkson College of Technology, NY Botelho, John L. Westfield State College Botelho, Paula J. Daytona Beach Community College Boyne, Ky Cape Cod Community College Bradley, Allen L. University of Massachusetts Brann, Clenneice Employment Bryan, Daniel Employment - kitchen work Bryant, Linda Employment Buckley, Eileen Employment - Dietary Aide Buckley, Paul Plans Pending GTE Sylvania Tech Burke, Raymond University of Massachusetts Cabral, Lisa Cape Cod Community College Camarota, Dawn Cape Cod Community College Camire, Lynn A. Cape Cod Community College Campbell, Christopher Skidmore College, NY Campbell, Janet Employment Cannata, Michael S. Audio Research Institute, NY Carroll, Robert F. University of Massachusetts Cary, Jayne Bentley College Chambers, Arthur G. Springfield College Cherau, Michael Plans Pending Year Off CCCC Chiero, Karen Eastern Nazarene College, MA Clark, Jennifer A Southern Seminary Junior College Clarkin, Craig Alan College of the Holy Cross Clarkson, Kent H. Plans Pending year off CCCC Clifford, Sheila Brown University Cloninger, Dean The College of Boca Raton Cobb, Jackie Lynn Cape Cod Community College Colon, Lucy Cape Cod Community College Conley, Daniel U.S. Naval Academy, Maryland Cook, R. Douglas Broward Community College, Florida Cooper, Theodore Cape Cod Community College Corbett, John W. Ill University of Massachusetts or N.H. Corcoran, Lauren Cape Cod Community College Coronella, Paul A. Cape Cod Community College Costa, Debra Marie Employment - Cashier Costa, John Arthur Electronics Comp. Mfgr. Costa, Patricia A. Southeastern Massachusetts University Costa, Robert M. Cape Cod Community College Costa, Todd M. Cape Cod Community College Costello, Margaret F. Wellesley College Crabtree, Melana D. Plans Pending CCCC Crago, J. Benjamin Merrimack College Craver, Melinda Bridgewater State College Cunha, Catherine A. Cape Cod Community College DaSilva, Jana L. Bridgewater State Daunt, John P. Babson College DeCosta, Douglas M. Military - Army DeMello, Anne M. Plans Pending year off - Paul Smith ' s DeMello, Patricia Employment DeNisi, Michelle Syracuse University, NY Dias, Shawn Palm Beach Jr. College Dillon, Catherine Skidmore College, NY Dinco, Deborah University of Massachusetts Dionne, Brian C. New Hampshire College Disney, Eve M. Employment - kitchen, pantry D ' Olympia, Ellen Travel School of America Domingues, Maria Quinnipiac College, Conn. Doonan, Christopher University of Southern California Dowd, Meredith Plymouth State, NH Dunn, John J. Merrimack College Ebenfield, Marc N. University of Pennsylvania Egan, Timothy R. Northeastern University Ellis, Tracey Southeastern Massachusetts University Elwell, Pennie Lynn Bridgewater State College Evans, Scott Military - Coast Guard 94 Evenden, Keith Southeastern Massachusetts University Farrell, Timothy J. Middlebury College, Vermont Fenrick, Jonathan M. Cape Cod Community College Fenstermaker, Robert H. Lyndon State College, Vermont Ferreira, William J. University of Maine Ferriera, Karen Mitchell College, Conn. Fish, Kristen Salem State College Fortes, Gregory Scott Plans Pending Jr. College, CA Fraser, Ward University of New Hampshire Frazier, Cynthia Plans Pending year off - CCC Funkhouser, Stewart Washington Lee University Gakidis, George Rhode Island School of Design Garrison, David Employment - carpentry Gaspa, Elaine Undecided Ghelfi, Christopher New York University Gomez, Albert Cape Cod Community College Gonsalves, Eve Plans Pending year off - CCCC Gonsalves, Kimberley Newbury Junior College Goulet, Rose Anne Cape Cod Community College Goux, Carissa S. Lewis Clark College, Granfield, Anne Cape Cod Community College Grant, Drawde Lasell Junior College Guess, Mary Lou Military - Army Gumbert, Lizabeth J. West Virginia University Haddad, John New Hampshire College Hamilton, Christopher Employment - Construction Hansen, Justine E. Cape Cod Community College Happeny, Kathleen Plans Pending year off - CCCC Harney, Helene College of the Holy Cross Harrington, James University of New Hampshire Harrington, Patrick University of Massachusetts Hart, Karen J. Simmons College Hastay, Christine Employment Hathaway, Bruce Plans Pending year off - 2 year. Hawes, Charles E. Brandeis University Hayward, Roger Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hazelton, Michael Employment - Cooking Heino, Timothy Southeastern Massachusetts University Henkenius, Susan Employment - Cashier Hewitt, Scott East Coast Aero Technical School Hinckley, Ann Hesser College, NH Hocker, Emily D. Haverford College, PA Holland, Amy Cape Cod Community College Humphrys, Scott A. Military - Army-Aviation Hurd, John W. U. Vermont Ingram, Thomas Employment - stockboy Jackson, John P. Cape Cod Community College Janerico, Mary Bridgewater State College Johnsen, Jeffrey Plans Pending 4 year college Johnson, Diane Fisher Junior College Johnson, Kenneth S. Nichols College Jokinen, Jennifer University of Vermont Jones, Gina L. Wilfred Academy Jones, Jeffrey P. Plans Pending CCCC transfer Jones, Kenneth Southeastern Massachusetts University Joyce, Eileen Plans Pending business school Kallio, Krista Salem State College Kelly, Lisa Cape Cod Community College Kersey, William University of Tampa Klein, Susanne E. Plans Pending year off - CCCC in Jan. Kruczek, James G. Southeastern Massachusetts University Lacava, John Orange Coast College, CA Lacava, Michael Orange Coast College, CA Lambert, Timothy Military - Air National Guard Landry, Carol A. Keene State College Ledwell, Colleen E. Bridgewater State College Lemay, Christopher S. Plans Pending - year off 4 year Leonard, Gregory University of Massachusetts Leonard, Jeffrey Cape Cod Community College Leone, Nicholas Rollins College, Florida Lima, Laurie Ann Cape Cod Community College - Bus. Mgmt. Lima, Lori Employment - Sales merchandising Lindner, Holly Salem State College Lohr, Lori University of New Hampshire Long, Sheila Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing Lopes, Janelle Employment part-time Lopes, Jennifer J. Mount Holyoke College Lopes, Jonathan University of Lowell Lopes, Joseph Plans Pending year off - CCCC Lopes, Robert University of Massachusetts Lynch, Christine Salem State College Lynch, Christopher Merrimack College MacConnell, Kristin A. Cape Cod Community College MacDonald, Ann M. Cape Cod Community College MacLeod, Mary Military - Air Force Malone, Michael Fitchburg State or Framingham State Manchester, Robin Southeastern Massachusetts University Mancini, Sandra Cape Cod Community College - Jan. Marken, Charles Northeastern University Marks, Stephanie Dean Junior College Martin, Barry Employment - carpentry, construction Martin, John Employment - construction, cook Martin, Michael Nichols College Martyna, Jonathan Fitchburg State College Mauk, Paul University of Notre Dame, Indiana McCarthy, Laurie Dean Junior College 95 McCormick, Frank R. Cape Cod Community College McDevitt, Robert University of Massachusetts McDonald, Lawrence G. Southeastern Massachusetts Univer- sity McEvoy, Sean J. Bentley College McGowan, Charlene Northeastern Univer sity McGowan, Maureen Salem State College McGowan, Michael Nichols College McGrath, Daniel Cornell University, NY McHugh, Sean Employment - landscape McKee, Lisa Cape Cod Community College McKenzie, Andrew L. University of Pennsylvania McKinley, Andrew University of Massachusetts McLaughlin, Breffni J. University of Massachusetts McManus, Teri Lynn Plans Pending Fisher Jr or CCCC McMillen, Carolyn C. Dean Junior College McMurtrie, J. Scott Boston University McNeill, Laurie M. Plans Pending year off - 2 year Medeiros, Deborah Employment-cook Medeiros, Melissa Employment - Factory at Augat Medeiros, Michelle Dean Junior College Mello, Jane Stonehill College Mello, Kristen University of Delaware Mello, Lawrence Plans Pending year off - U. Mass. Miller, Robert Plans Pending year off - 4 year Mills, Cynthia Spelman College, Georgia Mitchell, Robert The Johns Hopkins University, Md. Moniz, Edward B. Suffolk University Monteiro, Dana Bridgewater State College Monteiro, Lisa Employment - office work Monteiro, Victoria A. Northeastern University Moore, Ronald S. Employment - autobody Moore, Thomas Dean Junior College Moorehead, Theresa Plans Pending year off - CCCC Moreland, Kathryn R. Cape Cod Community College Morris, Kirby Cape Cod Community College Morris, Marc Military - Marines Motta, Philip Framingham State College Muldowney, Elizabeth University of Massachusetts Murphy, Joanna Salem State College Murphy, Maureen Dean Junior College Nichols, Jean Cape Cod Community College Nidositko, Nicholas Stockbridge School of Agriculture Norton, Kerrie University of Massachusetts Nunes, Kimberly Plans Pending year off-CCCC Nunes, Robert Military - Army Nyari, Christine Cape Cod Community College O ' Connell, Timothy Cape Cod Community College O ' Donnell, Glen E. Quinnipiac College, Conn. O ' Keefe, Kelly Cape Cod Community College Oliver, Susan Cape Cod Community College Olsen, Christopher Springfield College Olson, Kandise Bridgewater State College Osborne, Sarah Employment - Housecleaning Paiva, Cynthia Cape Cod Community College Paszek, Aaron Becker Junior College, Leicester Pautsch, Kevin Military - Air Force Payne, Stephanie University of Massachusetts Pecci, Jason L. University of Lowell Pena, Kenneth Bridgewater State College Perkins, Tracy Northeastern University Peters, Lisa University of New Hampshire Peters, Mary E. Plans Pending year off - CCCC Peters, Renee Plans Pending year off - CCCC Petrasko, Michael Cape Cod Community College Phaneuf, Yvonne C. Employment - Secretarial Phillips, Joshua Vanderbilt University, Tennessee Plummer, Christopher Military - Army Poponoe, Peter University of Massachusetts Porta, Melissa Plans Pending 4 year college Porteous, Christina Cape Cod Community College Pratt, Rebecca Bridgewater State College Probert, Richard Jewelry Institute, R.l. Reardon, Paul J. Cape Cod Community College Rebelo, Alexandra M. Marriage Rebello, Christopher Cape Cod Community College Reid, Kimberlee Castleton State College, Vermont Reposa, James D. Northeastern University Richardson, Elizabeth I. Cape Cod Community College Rigsby, Jacqueline A. Employment - cashier, clerk Rivera, Allen Salem State College Rivera, Marta Employment - secretary Robbins, Pamela Saint Joseph College, Conn. Rocheleau, Monique Warwick Beauty Academy Rogers, Henry A. Employment - estate maintenance Rohe, John Salem State College Roith, Kurt D. Employment - ski lodge Rose, Dorraine Worcester State College Rose, Shirley Employment - housekeeper Ross, Daralyn Military - Air Force Rossi, Christine Assumption College Rozum, John P. New York University Rudden, Susan Bridgewater State College Rugg, Kelley Providence College Ruggeri, Robert Employment - vending Ryan, Allyson Cape Cod Community College Ryan, Charles Cape Cod Community College Sanford, Deborah Plans Pending year off - junior college Santiago, Patricia Plans Pending year off Santos, Janice Babson College Sato, Sachiko Boston College Saunders, Christopher Salve Regina College Scott, Darlene Old Dominion University, Virginia Scully, Theresa A. University of Lowell Secia, Bethany Business School in New Bedford Secia, Daniel Cape Cod Community College Sederman, Richard Bridgewater State College Selleck, Heidi Lasell Junior College Shaughnessy, Michael Plans Pending Mass. Coll. Art Shepard, Steven U. Massachusetts Sherlock, John Mass. Maritime Academy Sigl, David Cape Cod Community College Silva, Derolyn Plans Pending year off - Simoneau, Lynn M. Mount Ida Junior College Simpson, Michael Miami-Dade Community College Sinewitz, Aaron U. Massachusetts Sinewitz, Gayle Cape Cod Community College Sinewitz, Sharon Cape Cod Community College Sloane, Michael Swarthmore College, Pa. Smith, Christopher University of Lowell Smith, Marion Smith College Soque, Melvin Worcester State College Souza, Ellen Marie Employment Souza, Joseph Johnson Wales College Speroni, Robin Travel Stalcup, John U. Massachusetts Stefanik, Lauri Stonehill College St. George, Julia Syracuse University Striffler, William Cape Cod Cummunity College Sullivan, Daniel Marquette University, Wise. Sullivan, Deirdre Framingham Hospital School of Nursing Sullivan, Elizabeth Stonehill College Svarczkopf, Timothy U. Massachusetts Sweeny, Melinda University of California at Davis Sylvia, Julie Fisher Junior College Sylvia, Wednesday Gordon College Tavares, Jennie Plans Pending year off - 4 year Taylor, James University of California at Berkeley Teixeira, Mark Employment Teixeira, Teresa J. Plans Pending year off - CCCC Tessier, Christine Bay State Junior College Thompson, Gary Cape Cod Community College Thomson, Glenna Employment Thrasher, Scott J. Maine Maritime Academy Tierney, Kristen L. U. Massachusetts Tobin, Colleen Bay State Junior College Toland, Carla University of Massachusetts Toner, Denis Dickinson College, Pa. Toran, Kate U. Massachusetts Trotto, Michael Plans Pending 2 yr. tech. Trumbull, Nathaniel Plans Pending 4 year college Turner, Doreen Employment - store clerk Twohig, Eileen Employment - waitress Upton, Glenn C. Plans Pending-year off Vickers, Pamela Cape Cod Community College Visser ' t Hoft, Frans Johnson Wales College Wagner, Maura Cape Cod Community College Walker, Karen Plans Pending year off - CCCC Walz, Stephen Nichols College Wasil, Deborah New Hampshire College Watkins, Laurel J. Gordon College Wegehaupt, Karla North Adams State College Welch, Brian Cape Cod Community College White, Andrew Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Williams, Tracy Cape Cod Community College Willis, Andre Wentworth Institute Wilson, Edward Employment - mail clerk Wimer, Paul Saint Michael ' s College, Vermont Wright, James East Coast Aero Tech Zylinski, Eric Plans Pending U. Montana Zylinski, Mari Anna Maria College 97 ' t SENIOR ACTIVITIES IOR ACTIVITIES 98 99 101 ■«- -I NIOR ACTIVITIES Prom i m W krt k ■iltiii . jt I ir 1 " • ” 5 102 103 104 106 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Christmas Tree Sale SENIOR ACTIVITIES 108 ADMINISTRATION Dr. Peter Clark James Kalperis Principal Activities Director DeWitt Jones House A Administrator Louis Larrey House B Administrator Donald Burnette House C Administrator NOO. FACULTY AND STAFF Harryette Alexander CRC Secretary Steve Anderson Mathematics Ann Ashley Science Ruth Austin Business Ellen Barol " Sources " Program Robert Bock " Focus " Program Robert Bastille Mathematics g r - i - Ronald Braga Staff Aide Barry Bird English Maria Branco Language Mary Bishop Activities Office Secretary Judith Buckley Teachers Aide no Angelo Casso Mathematics Eugene Bullock-Wilson Careers Dept. Head Paul Cali English John Carroll English Raymond Charron Physical Education Robert Chisholm Business Dennis Comolli Biology Barbara Connolly Guidance Martine Cotton Foreign Language Yvonne Courtney Social Studies Kay Craig Guidance Bruce Cranshaw Physical Education Mary Keenan Moniter Eileen Farrell Secretary Daniel Farren Special Needs Patricia Favulli Teachers Aide 111 Retiring After 19 Years Of Teaching Robert Griffin Mathematics Jennifer Fenstermaker Staff Aide Joyce Fleck Staff Aide Constance Flood Mathematics jrvV V Elaine Forten Art Music Dept. Head Lynn Forbes Librarian William Fraher English Gus Giardi Social Studies Robert Hayden Staff Aide Janet Murtha Foreign Language Martha Griffin Secretary James Harrington TV Daniel Harrington Social Studies Fredric Grunin Social Studies Dept. Head Michael Helfin English 112 w • Patricia Henderson Secretary George Hussey Chemestry Barbara Kanellopoulos Reading English Robert LaRaia Science a Marguerite MacDougall Foreign Language Louise Houle English James Johnson Math-Science Dept. Head Alvin Kolodziejski Special Needs Marci Leonard Home Economics Patricia Malone Clerk Typist Robert Leary Industrial Arts (graphics) Eleanor Manning House A Secretary Susan Kane-Burnham Special Needs Michael Lopes Permanent Sub Dennis Marotta Music Beverly K link Guidance Secretary f » I Joan Huckins Home Economics Helen Ladd Physical Ed. Health Dept. Head Richard Jason Business Al Holcomb Physical Education 113 Ruth Martin Secretary Paula Mauk Mathematics Terri Mederios Foreign Language Patricia Moorman English Wl Nancy McDermott Home Economics Michael Mello Foreign Language Dept. Head W Mary Jane Burry Receptionist William McKay Laerning Skills Center Bruce Mogardo Health John Negri Trainer Curtis McKee English Reading Dept. Head John Moody Physics Ruth Nickerson Physical Education 114 Robert Nilson Guidance Councelor Fugene Phillips Foreign Language Isabel Raposa Staff Aide Edward Rowan Science fl) Peggy Savage Social Studies James O ' Brien Social Studies Maureen O ' Brien Physical Education Eleanor Osborne Business Dept. Head Justine Phillips Foreign Language John Reardon Director of Athletics, Math Barry Sadoff Media Center Library John Shingles Guidance Councelor Robert Pickel Reading Judith Robertson House B Secretary Debra Sangster Foreign Language Joan Charron Nurse Vasco Pires Art Adele Rohe English Dr. Carrie Saunders Head Guidance Councelor Charolette Nickerson Nurse 115 , wr x Tom Cazault, Building Manager Cafeteria Staff Left to Right: Stella Gervais, Marilyn McCura, Betty De- Mello, Ida DePrizio, Blanche Servis, Evelyn Nidisitco, Madeline Marlow, Terry Devlin, Mary Pacheco, Ide- lene White, Mae Jordan, Liz Lentini. Not in the picture, Josephine Gomes Janet Spring English Yvette Thivierge Chemestry Mat hematics Marleen Viera Guidance Councelor Stephen Waisgerber Social Studies John Sweeney Mathematics Fred Toran Industrial Arts Mathematics Dee VonHentschel Industrial Arts (Metals) James Wight-Waltman Photography Joan Tansey English Franklin Towle Industrial Arts (Woodworking) Paul Wasseth " Explorations " Program James Winer English Journalism Eileen Tantum Speci al Needs Martin Tullock Special Needs Robert Watson Business Wendy Wollenhaupt Permanent Substitute 116 S«P 0»R T • S GYMNASTICS: BOYS BASKETBALL: Team FHS Opp. D-Y 41 61 Bourne 37 46 Sandwich 49 50 Martha ' s Vineyard 51 62 St. Bernard (CT.) 60 95 Duxbury 58 68 New Bedford 48 73 Durfee 37 83 Somerset 56 63 Bishop Feehan 36 41 Barnstable 45 61 Attleboro 58 50 Bishop Connolly 59 43 Barnstable 48 77 Bishop Feehan 63 57 Durfee 63 95 New Bedford 48 93 Somerset 66 77 Bishop Connolly 67 71 Attleboro 56 61 League record: 3 -11 GIRLS WINTER TRACK Team FHS Norwell W Fairhaven W Scituate W Norwell L Scituate W Scituate W Team FHS Opp. Barnstable 71.00 85.7 Case 72.80 80.1 Somerset 67.70 88.2 Attleboro 72.80 99.25 New Bedford 73.50 99.15 Durfee 80.50 104.5 Wareham 88.50 90.45 D-Y 59.40 104.00 League record: 0-8 GIRLS BASKETBALL: BOYS WINTER TRACK: Team FHS Opp. Stang 63 V 2 22V2 Barnstable 58 28 Fairhaven 77 8 New Bedford 50 36 Dartmouth 67 19 New Bedford Voc. 68 I6V2 Wareham 64 22 League record: 7-0 Team FHS Opp Nauset 42 54 D-Y 24 59 Sandwich 46 60 Harwich 52 53 D-Y 33 63 Nauset 31 59 Barnstable 51 52 Seekonk 41 21 Case 51 37 Bourne 43 52 Dartmouth 46 33 Old Rochester 48 47 Barnstable 53 46 Seekonk 38 42 Case 53 46 Bourne 44 55 Dartmouth 39 42 Old Rochester 45 41 League record: 7-5 Season record: 7-11 HOCKEY: Opp. L L L W L L Winter Relays at Taunton: 1st place Methuen Invitational: 1st place New Bedford Voc. Invitational: 4th place State Relays Class C: 2nd place SMC Girls Meet: 4th place State Class I Meet: 2nd place League record: 5-1 Team FHS Opp. Malden Catholic 3 7 St. John ' s 3 4 Billerica 0 9 Catholic Memorial 2 5 Alumni 3 3 Weymouth South 1 3 D-Y 1 0 Somerset 2 0 Durfee 12 0 New Bedford 6 1 Bishop Feehan 2 2 Barnstable 1 D-Y 4 Somerset 5 Durfee 8 Seekonk 6 New Bedford 2 Bishop Feehan 6 Barnstable 3 New Prep 0 Seekonk 7 League record: 9-8-2 Kneeling L to R: Greg Giardi, Michael Nor- ton, Larry McDonald, John Reine, John Souza. Standing: Ass ' t. Coach, Ernie Hol- comb, Charles Hawes, David McMurtrie, Chris Milliman, Ted McGuire, Sebastian Merski, Ted Cooper, Coach, Mike Don- vana. ODHm V) oc Kneeling L to R: Heather Wilcox, Mary Lafond, Jennifer Duggan, Melanie Phillips. Standing: Coach, Al Holcomb, Audra Finley, Kim Alves, Jessie Hansen, Darlene Scott, Jo- anna Lowell. - HIA Z 2 ■ O I c s Front Row L to R: Lorae Lough, Wendy Coo- per, Jen Schneider, Back Row: Laura Phillips, Coach Rebecca Ludtke, Michelle DeMello. - w R E S T L I N G This year ' s Wrestling Team started its season during the second week of December with a turnout of 35 students. Coach Fred Douglass, team captain Pete Chambers and assistant captain Sean Costa guided the team to its three matches against Cape Tech and its one match against Scituate. The team practiced four times weekly to build a strong, respectable team. Pete Chambers, Sean Costa, Eddie Farren and Greg Pratt competed in the sectionals and each did exceptionally well considering their opponents had competed in at least 12 to 14 matches. This year was also Cham- bers ' second year competing in the Medal Rounds, in which he placed fifth. ■I O JO H - Q 00 126 Front Row L to R: Dan Con- ley, Ward Fraser, Tim Svarcz- kopf, Ken Pena, Scott Fortes, Marc Ebenfield, David An- drade, Alan Rivera, Scott TFirasher, Bob McDevitt. 2nd Row: Coach Paul Phinney, Rnady Fish, Teri Souza, Peter Leddy, Paul Janerico, Andy Myette, Buck Blum, Charles Stulb, Greg Stokes, Stefan Striffler, Coach Bruce Mo- gardo. 3rd. Row: Mike Moniz, Sean Scully, Danny Hughes, Paul Andrews, Chris Weeks, Jim Scalli, Jason Goux, John French, Keith Johnson, Mike Casso, Gray Aldrich. BOVS WINTER TRACK The Boys Winter Track team finished a very successful season with a 6-0 re- cord. Coach Bruce Mogardo instructed the sprinters, hurdelers and field events athletes while Assistant Coach Paul Phinney instructed the middle dis- tance and distance runners. This season was the second consecutive year the team has been undefeated. The team was also Runner-up in the Massachu- setts Interscholastic Athletic Associ- ation (MIAA) State Class B Champion- ship. 7 X n 73 H G I R L s w 4k 4 The girl ' s winter track team participated in a number of meets this season. Coached by Mr. John Carroll and led by senior tri-captains Liz Gumbert, Kelly Rugg, and Lisa Peters, the team finished the season as runner-up in the state meet to the winning Mathuen team. Liz Gumbert was hampered by an injury late in the season, but placed fifth in the state meet. Kelly Rugg also did well in the state meet, placing fourth in the hurdles. Other members who did well at the state meet were: Roxane Bolton, placing first in the high jump, Tricia Cullinane placing second in the mile, Nancy Callahan placing fourth in the 1000M, Ram Cherkofsky placing sixth in the 1000M. Lorrie Coronella, Tricia Cullinane, Kelly Pacheco and Liz Gumbert placed first in the 4X400M relay. Lisa Peters also placed in all her shotput events. The team was composed of thirty girls, half of which were either freshmen or sophmores. ■ f •I Front Row L to R: Jack Corbett, Glen O ' Don- nell, Sean McEvoy, Bil- ly Ferreira, Chris Lynch, Paul Mauk, Melvin Soque. 2nd Row: Coach William Ferreira, Rick Metell, Brian Ferreira, Eric Palmer, James Corr, Rich Kendal, Charles Marken, David Peter- son, David Colburn, Dr. Brooks, Hank Jo- nah. 3rd Row: Andy McManus Roly Beli- veau, Brian Carragher, Stewart Funkhouser, John Daunt, Jud Poole, Rick Lyonnais, John White. U •n d e r»c l a s s m e n Elizabeth Baumgardner Francis Beckwith Roland Beliveau Andrea Bennett Peter Benoit Lloyd Adams Darrin Allen Wendy Amaral Pamela Ames James Andrews Roxane Bolton Sean Boyce David Braithwaite Karen Briana Linda Briggs Jason Anthony Scott Bailey Holly Baker Jean Bassett Eric Baumann Ellen Bezdaris Andrew Billings Dawn Black Leopold Blum Sharon Boissonnault Joe Beuhler Nicholas Burk Lisa Busch George Cabral Nancy Callahan 132 Patricia Disney Kimberly Dottridge Robert Duart James Duddy Andrew Clark April Clough Sandra Cobb Christopher Colella Patricia Cullinane Gail Cutillo Pamela Cutillo Kathleen Dalton Catherine Davis Jennifer Delinks Nicole Denisi Christopher Dilorio Jennifer Connors Marc Costa Jenny Crocker Lynne Crowell Pam Cassidy Lori Castleberry Robert Cecil Timothy Church 133 " JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1. Mrs. Healy, Advisor, 2. Kathy Lipp, Vice- Pres. 3. Roly Beliveau, Sec. Tres. 4. Ted McGuire, President Timothy Gregg Katherine Grinnell John Hamrin Julie Hannon Jennifer Duggan Jean Elichalt Lisa Faulkner Rebecca Fenrick Raymond Fish Julie Foley Michael Frank Todd Geist Timothy Hanscom Lisa Happnie Paul Hassett David Heath Joseph Gervais Christine Gilchrist Melissa Grace Scott Graham Jeanette Ferreira Barbara Fetters Stuart Finlay Audra Finley 134 Jennifer MacKilligan Ellen Mahoney Frank Mancini Elizabeth Marden Stephanie Marquet Edward McGuire Amy McMenamy Craig Medeiros Sebastian Merski David Merson Scott Jonas Richard Jones Jill Kaiser Patricia Keliinui Richard Kelleher Theresa Marshall Troy Martin Marija Mauk Gregory Maxwell Christopher McGrath Colleen Kelley Laurinda Kersey Ann Lamoureux Peter Leddy Rui Lima Thomas Henkenius Gary Hennemuth Stephen Jackson Paul Janerico Brian Johnsen | ■ Girls Field Hockey Bottom Row L to R: Laurie Cranshaw, Michello DeMello, Lizzy Hocker, Janice Irving, Karla Sulli- van, Donna Swire, Lislie Brickett, Jen Pine, Missy Grace. Top Row: Ellen Drouin, Janey Clark, Amy Ferreira, Bridget Benoit, Audra DaSilva, Sandra Kearney, Aimee Phelps, Joanna Lowell, Coach Smith. Not pictured, Karen Antonucci. 135 Tarah Mientka Sarah Monsen Molly Murphy David Murray Elizabeth Murray Andrew Myette Susan Pacheco Eric Palmer Gina Park Megan Patrick Wendy Patterson Nathaniel Perry John Proctor Melanie Rapoza Michael Reardon Brian Reyenger Lynda Roache Thomas Robertson Sherri Nichols Marcy Nidisitko Patrick O ' keefe Patricia O ' Leary Jonathan Osborne Richard Ottaviano Rebecca Perry Mia Phelan Melanie Phillips Ruan Pimental Eric Porteous Tracy Porter Betsey Robinson Joseph Roland Scott Romiza Stephen Ross James Ryder Scott Sambade 136 Alan Samry Thomas Sawyer Elizabeth Sayers Gregory Stokes Stefan Striffler David Strock Constance Simpson William Smith Ruth Soares Kristina Schmitz Nate Schwartz Dawn Shaldone Ww Kenneth Sheldon John Silva Timothy Simoneau Stephanie Souden John Sousa Terrance Souza M i [fj J]j; % J L j hd Vs . -V Tb nKj HT Ifl fa . . f V L HI r • K D i : Hil - W r ' s 9 EE 7 pB v it . ■ J £ s 137 Charles Stulb Sioban Sullivan Robert Sweeny Catherine Sylvia Carrie Zylinski Deborah Brand 0 0 Margaret White Douglas Williams Thomas Wilson Christine Woodward GIRLS SOFTBALL Front Row L to R: Robin Ryan, Darlene Jackson, Janice Irving, Dawn Penman, Marla Poag, Donna Swire. Back Row: Coach Amy Bertos, Lauren Geary, Ken- dra Nungesser, Cathy Yuricich, Karen Antonucci. 138 JV Soccer 1st Row L to R: Ricky Lyonnais, Ron Bisio, John Gumbleton, Adam Thomas, Russ Freemen, Rick Cusilito. 2nd Row: Greg Pratt, Chris Potter, Tim Albery, Jeff Alves, Brendan McCarthy, Greg Clements, Alex Poliatto, Brian Carrager. 3rd Row: Clay- ton Jones, Tim Moniz, Peter Vacarrio, David Peterson, Keith Johnson, Rick Rogers, Mike Bowen, Coach Chisolm. Missing: Chris Moreland, Gary Studley SOPHOMORE CLASS Paige Benedict Robin Bettencourt Ronald Bevacqua John Billings Jacqueline Allen Keith Allen Duane Alves Jeffrey Alves Karen Antonucci Celia Bailey David Barrett Thomas Barstow Karl Albert Leo Albert Timothy Albury Hadley Aldrich Allyson Alwardt Helena Amorim Shaun Andrade Matthew Andrews Heather Baumgardner Janine Bearse Christine Beliveau John Bell 139 Sophomore Class Officers 1. Peter Vaccaro, 2. Ms. Cotton, Advisor 3. Erin Coyle, 4. Russel Freeman. John Carroll Tyler Cartner Brian Casey Deborah Casso Michael Casso Leslie Brickett Richard Brousseau Maria Bukuras Beth Bullard Thomas Burke William Billings Stephen Bird Ronald Bisio James Black Michael Bowen Brenda Burkhart Jeffrey Butts Daryll Canepa Carolee Cannata Brian Carragher Margaret Castellanos Kimberly Chappell April Chiero Troy Clarkson Gregory Clements Dara Bowin Jeffrey Bowman Jillian Brewer Joanne Briana Bernard Briggs 140 Tonya Clements Matthew Colella Paul Cooper Wendelyn Cooper JV Lacrosse 1st Row L to R: Ted Gakidis, Greg Len- nox, Gary Wilson, Ron Bisio, Jeff Bow- man, Greg Pratt, 2nd Row: Don De- links, Paul Andrews, Jeff Alves, Greg Clements, Rick Kelleher, Billy Rugg, Coach Barry Irwin, 3rd Row: Coach Barry Sadoff, Stefan . Striffler, John Gumbleton, John Carroll, Jeff Howard, Ron DeSouza, Tim Gregg. Diane Corey Christine Correllus Monique Costa Timothy Cousins Carolyn Dionne Ellen Drouin Robert Dugan Janna Durant Richard Cusolito Kristin Damore Audra DaSilva Pamela DeCosta Anthony Defilippis Ronald DeSouza Stephen Detweiler Andrew Dion Michelle Cowie Erin Coyle Jennifer Cummings Barbara Cunha 141 JV Baseball 1st Row L to R: Mike Bowen, David Peterson, Craig Kozens, Matt Field, Steve Crowell, 2nd Row: Coach Steve Anderson, Rob Prendergrast, Pat Ga- spa, Kevin Webb, Jim Ryder, 3rd Row: Buck Blum, Paul Lentini, Alex Paliatto, Greg g Pokraka, Scott Romiza. Sean Eagan Melinda Echols Gray Eldridge Muir Evenden Debora Forbes Jodi Foster Kimberly Frazier Julie Freebern Antonio Garcia Patrick Gaspa Lauren Geary Laurie Getz Greg Giardi Faith Goff Michael Gonsalves Jason Goux Erin Farrell Brian Ferreira Sandra Fetters Matthew Field Ken Freeman Russell Freeman George Frigon Laura Furtado 142 Eric Jackson Walter Jacobson Tracy Jaillet Julie Johnson Keith Johnson Kerry Kibby Angela Kirk Amy Kiss Craig Kozens Manfred Labes Rebecca Harvey Hannah Hatfield Christopher Heino Elizabeth Hocker Spear Holway Sydney Jollymore Kelly Jones Clayton Jones Sandra Kearney Amy Kennan Veronica Horne Leesa Hornick Jeffrey Howard Lori Huebener John Hunter Frederick Gray Lisa Gray Nancy Gunther Kimberly Hadway Michele Hardin i Boys JV Basketball Front Row: L. to R.: Vinnie McGuinnes, Sean Andrade, Frey Gray, Chris Simpson, Pat Gaspa, Tim Moniz. 2nd Row: Dave McMurtrie, Carl Gonsalves, Tony Garcia, Jim Duddy, Tom Burke, Matt Fields, Kevin Webb, Coach Ernie Holcomb. 143 Joanna Lowell Ricky Lyonnais Carl MacDonald Angela Machado Kristen Manchester Muffie Manheim Sharon Lacerda Gail Lajoie Kenwyn Lane Joseph Lemay Gregory Lennox Paul Lentini Timothy Mayne Scott McCarthy Elaine McClellan Daren McDonald Kathleen McEvoy Brian McGrath Sheryl Lewis Joe Lima Tracy Lindner Joanne Long Mark Lopes Nanette Lowe Michelle Marken Tony Marken Lisa Marshall Peter Marshall Jon Mason Michelle Maurice Vincent McGuinnes Coleen McMenamy Heidi Medeiros Barbara Mello Timothy Meserve Katherine Miller 144 Leslie Miller Elaine Molloy Richard Moniz Paula Motta Michele Mulhern Patricia Murphy Sara Newell Amy Niethold Cathy O ' Connell Timothy Moniz Anthony Monteiro Brian Morrison Emilia Oktem Patricia Pace Kelly Pacheco Kelly Murray Christine Negron Jacqueline Netto 145 GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL Front Row L to R: Jen Pine Gail Lajoie, Cheri Clarkin, Patricia Tessier, Karen Antonucci, Kristin D ' Amore. 2nd Row: Leslie Brickett, Claire Fine, Susan James, CoacFi Al Kolod- ziejski, Christin Nelson, Sharon Gunther, Asst. Coach Wendy Rubin. Matthew Palanza Allen Parsons Sally Pavao Richard Peal Eric Peirson Gary Peterson Aimee Phelps Jennifer Pine Isabel Piper Marla Poag Allison Ratsy Taylor Reeves Karen Richar dson Paul Roache Matthew Robbins Dawn Penman Terry Perkins Tina Peterman Chantelle Peters David Peterson Stephen Portentoso Christopher Potter Gregory Pratt Robert Prendergast David Proctor Craig Roberts John Robertson Pamela Robertson Mathew Rocheleau Richard Rogers SOPHOMORE CAR WASH I $200 .jv: t. V - Gregory Soutter Nancy Souza Lisa Springer Mary Stalcup Vanessa Stanley Michael Steek Craig Stevens Heather Stone Sachi Shimomura Rebecca Silva Christopher Simpson Noreen Sloan Steven Rose Melissa Runge Kimberly Sawyer James Scalli XI v r Stephen Seefeld Deborah Selleck Eric Sherman Daniel Sherwood Scott Romiza Scott Romkey Christine Rose Kimberly Rose 147 - Adam Thomas Ellen Timoney Tracey Tobin Dina Travers Johnathan Trumbull Kristin Vokey Kevin Webb Christian Weeks John White Jennifer Wilson 1 1 an SL Cheryl Wright Johnathan Vardley Michael Young Roger Gonsalves Christopher Moreland Peter Vaccaro Luisa Valiela Kim Valias Ronald Vaughan John Vinitsky William Stone Robert Sullivan Edward Terry Patricia Tessier Allen Thackston 148 John Beagan Jean Beardsley Frank Belfiore Christopher Benway Donna Alexander Mark Anastasia David Anderson Debra Anderson Laura Auger Sheri Ayers Lori Baker Todd Ballard Jeffrey Adams Jeffrey Adams Lori Adams James Alcorn Jodi Anderson Paul Anderson Robert Andrade Paul Andrews Sandra Barbosa Kevin Barrows Jason Basmajian Edward Beagan , m i m 149 " Freshmen Class Officers " 1. Vice President, Laura Phillips, 2. President, Monty Lucas, 3. Advisor, Ms. Medeiros, 4. Sec. Treas., Kristen Nelson. Sheila Boyce Deborah Boyd Jennifer Boylan Frank Boyne John Brand Donna Canale Allison Carreiro Caryn Cary Wyatt Case Sean Casey Caryn Bertozzi Mark Bingham Tara Bingham Aletha Bird Barbara Blaine Jennifer Chance John Cheever Julie Cherau Pamela Cherkofsky Paula Cherkofsky Ellen Brazier William Buckley John Butler Charles Byrne Edwin Callahan Sheldon Blake Matthew Bohr Mark Bourgoin Paul Bowker Ronald Bowman I g. J) m c- 1 f “ W V s jv Freshman Baseball First Row L to R: Bobby Ingalls, Kevin Romiza, Scott MacKilligan, Sean Casey, 2nd Row: Coach Steve Allieta, Matt Gaudet, Timmy King, Richard Molly, Shawn Shan- aver, John Silvia, J.P. Delory, 3rd Row: Mike Lipp, Bobby Ingalls, Kevin Romiza, Scott Makilligan, Sean Casey Jill Collins Joanne Colonna Catherine Cooper Lorriann Coronella Sarah Clifford Mark Cohen John Colbert Jennifer Coleman Joanne Craig Patrisha Cram Laurie Cranshaw Todd D ' Amario Debra Damore Tina Darosa Glenn Davis Pandora Davis Donna Deer Joseph Delavri Donald Delinks Jennifer Delorme . Daniel Costa Scott Costa Matthew Coughlin Brian Cayne •=? 151 Lori DeMello Michelle DeMello Vicki Desrosiers Elizabeth Detar Renee Erickson Scott Erickson Rachel Faria Cynthia Faulkner Molly Doherty Greg Donahue Joseph Dowick Ellen Dunn David Dewees Derrick DiCataldo Donna Dinco Thomas Dion Julie Dussault Elizabeth Eldredge Anthony Ellis Candace Elwell Kimberly Fawson Claire Fein David Fenstermaker Tarik Ferguson i • fi ' m 1 1 152 Charles Crinnell Sharon Gunther Sean Hale Lori Happnie Andrea Harding John Gagnon Theodor Gakidis Matthew Gaudet Jordon Geist Eric Gilbert Jennifer Henkenius Heidi Hobson Heidi Hoeckel Daniel Hughes Sheldon Ingalls John Gilchrist Joy Girouard Raymond Gonsalves Jill Goslee Christine Goulet Amy Ferreira Jacqueline Fitzgerald Kristen Frederick Kelly Freebern Kimberly Frigon Matthew Harlow Partrick Harrington Bobbi Jo Harvey John Hassel Ronald Hazelton m U AJi j F 1 W x y E I r ▼ pr ■ A ■k. y m Heather Lennox Timothy Leonard James Lichtenstein Michael Lipp Christopher Loftfield Maureen Long William Ingram Janice Irving Robyn Irwin Darlene Jackson Rebecca Jackson Julie Johnson Kristen Keating Laura Kilday Bridget Killian Timothy King Robert Klein Shayne Jaquith Pamela Jalbert Susan James Robert Jarvis Eric Jensen Jennifer Jensen Douglas Kozelka Adrienne Kuykendall Dianna Landers Brian Lanphear Robert Laraia Patricia Lemeur Bridget Looney Randy Lopes Lorae Lough Lamonte Lucas Tinda Lydon Ellen Lynch ■f ( f I ■ mfi T J _ r ' " r iiJ- - i 154 Flory McCarthy Nancy McCarthy Bill McLean Kerry Lyons John MacDonald Alicia Maciel Damon Marotta Timothy Martin Rachelle Matthews Christine McCormick Robert McEachern Joseph McHugh Carolyn Mauk Daniel Maurice Alan McAllister Scott Mackilligan Michael Mahoney Michael Marini Heather McLaughlin Lori McLaughlin Alexis McLeod Colleen McManus Timothy Murphy Deidre Murray Amara Mustafa Diane Narbis Wayne Miranda Janet Moller Richard Molloy Michael Moniz Patrick McNamara David Mello Morgan Miller Lavonne Mills Karin Nawrock Christen Nelson Kendra Nungesser Nancy Oakley Tara Moore Kimberly Mott John Munroe Thomas Murphy 156 Colin Proctor Darlene Raposa Deborah Rattigan Mark Raymond Kerry Reardon Crysia Pettigrew Laura Phillips Jill Pickering Jeffrey Pinto Yvette Pires Wayne Pelletier Lori Penberthy Elizabeth Peoples Ellen Perez Scott Perito Christine O ' Leary Molly O ' Niel Jerry Palmer Julian Parker Marc Parsons David Perkins Elizabeth Perkins John Perry Michael Peters Sandra Peters Nancy Plummer Judson Poole Jeffrey Powell Kira Pratt Brett Price Freshman Football Front Row L to R: Sheldon Ingalls, Tom Dion, Jeff Pinto, Mike Peters, Jeff Robichaud, Paul Andrews, John Brand, Coach Kenny Kousins. 2nd Row: Paul Roche, Don Delinks, Danny Thompson, Eric John- son, Daniel Pimental, Brett Price, Mike Lipp, Ken Silva. 3rd Row: Bill Ingram, Sean Casey, Richard Mol- loy, George Scott, Junior Jackson, Jordan Geist, Ke- vin Romiza, Scott McKilligan, Mark Parsons. 4th Row: Wyatt Case, Mark Sylvia, Raymond Gonsalves, Patt Harrington, Coach Hickman. 157 Kelly Salter Michael Sato Hilary Sawyer Jennifer Schneider Jon Schouten Pamela Schuck Kenneth Silva Kristianne Silva Paula Simmons Catherine Simonis Andrea Sloan Jane Smith Virginia Reed Jeffrey Robichaud Michael Rogan James Romiza Kevin Romiza David Rose Beth Soares Fredrik Sondergger Beth Starosta Christopher St John Melonie St. Laurent David Sullivan Nancy Ruggeri Roberta Ryar Michael Ryder Donald Sabens Shawn Shanver Stephanie Shapiro Amy Sheldon Damian Ross Q Anna Schulman m Steven Rudden 3k J ! Sean Sculley 158 Mark Wright Eric Zmuda Shawn Casey Janet Clark Monica Mitchell Kathryn Svarczkopf John Sylvia Karen Tavares Sharron Tavernier Jennifer Taylor John Thayer Jeffrey Turk Cybele Valiela Carrie Viall Heather Vidal Daniel Vissert Hooft Ray Wagner Donald Thompson Karen Thurston Paul Tierney Delrene Tiexeiro Sheri Tinti Jeanne Toldness Khristi Walsh Jodi Ward Stephanie West gate Glen Whitehead Kenneth Williams Christina Wilson 159 $• P 0 R • T S Girls ' Tennis: Team: FHS Dennis-Yarmouth 0 Dartmouth 5 Duxbury 0 Bishop Stang 2 Seekonk 3 Opp. 5 0 5 3 2 Attleboro 5 0 Barnstable 3 2 Dennis Yarmouth 1 4 Dartmouth 4 1 New Bedford 5 0 Bishop Stang 2 3 Seekonk 3 2 New Bedford 5 0 Attleboro 4 1 Barnstable 3 2 GOLF: TEAM FHS OPP. Sandwich 7 2 Bourne 7 2 Tabor 364 384 Old Rochester 7 2 Somerset 7 2 Dennis-Yarmouth 3 6 Durfee 5 4 Barnstable 4 1 2 4 4 Attleboro 7 2 Tabor 1 4 10‘ 2 Old Rochester 9 0 Bishop Feehan 6 V 2 2 V 2 Somerset 7 V . 2 1 Vi Dennis-Yarmouth 4V 2 4 1 2 Durfee 7 V. 2 1 4 Barnstable 4 5 Attleboro 6 V 2 2‘ 2 Bishop Feehan 8 1 League Record: 8 - 2 — 2 VARSITY BASEBALL: TEAM FHS OPP. Bourne 7 2 Bourne 13 3 Sandwich 7 2 Attleboro 4 1 Barnstable 6 0 Dennis-Yarmouth 6 11 Durfee 10 5 Bishop Conolly 4 8 Somerset 15 13 New Bedford 8 4 Attleboro 10 0 Barnstable 1 0 Dennis-Yarmouth 10 6 Durfee 3 2 Bishop Conolly 10 2 Somerset 5 3 New Bedford 2 3 League record: 14-2 VARSITY SOFTBALL: Team FHS OPP. Sandwich 5 12 Dennis-Yarmouth 5 13 Bourne 5 4 Old Rochester 1 14 Attleboro 1 24 Seekonk 4 23 Westport 6 11 Barnstable 1 35 Dennis-Yarmouth 7 13 Old Rochester 0 5 Old Rochester 6 11 Wareham 12 16 Barnstable 1 22 Wareham 9 8 Boys ' Tennis Team FHS Opp Dennis-Yarmouth 5 Bishop Feehan 2 Durfee 5 Attleboro 5 Bishop Feehan 4 1 Bishop Connelly 5 0 Barnstable 2 3 Dennis Yarmouth 4 1 New Bedford 4 1 Bishop Connolly 5 0 Durfee 5 0 New Bedford 4 1 Attleboro 5 0 Barnstable 2 3 o m o o Bottom Row L to R: John Monroe, Andy McManus, Jeff Pinto, Chris Ben- way, John Beagan. Top Row: Coach, Barry Bird, Jerry Palmer, Rui Lima, Ricky Lyonnais, Eric Jackson, Chris D ' Orio, Mike Harney, Meivin Soque, Larry McDonald, Todd Ballard. f GOLF TEAM n 7S H 162 L £ J J ? fte? m L Front Row L to R: Heidi Hobson, Nancy Callahan, Kathy Grinnell, Pam Robinson, Molly O ' Neil, Lorae Lowe, Lisa Peters, Debbie Damor, Kathy McEvoy, Janet Moller. 2nd Row: Erin Farrel, Heather McLaughlin, Stephanie Shapiro, Pam Cherkofsky, Robin Irwin, Ellen Timoney, Tricia Cullinane, Paula Cherkofsky, Molly Doherty, Liddy Detar. 3rd row: Lorrie Corronella, Liz Cumbert, Jen Jensen, Kelly Salter, Sara Cliffard, Roxanne Bolton, Jen MacKilligan, Sharon Lacerda, Megan Patrick, Kelly Pacheco, Coach John Carroll, Jr. " Watch what happens! " Coach John Carroll told the 17 freshman when they came out for the spring track team. And they (the freshmen) helped make it happen. The girls suffered an early season dual meet loss, but they won five straight dual meets, won the Falmouth Invita- tional, and finished sixth in the pres- tigious Glenn Loucks Meet, and then won the State Class B Meet handily with 56 points. Perinnial foe North Quincy was second with 39 points. First Row: Sean Scully, Daniel Hughes, Glen Davis. 2nd Row: Sean McEvoy, Mike Casso, David An- drade, Greg Giardi, Jeff Butt, Scott Fortes, Frank Belfiore, Raymond Fish, Tom Dion. 3rd Row: Mark Ebenfield, Andy Myette, Chris Simpson, Charlie Stulb, Sean Costa, Paul Janerico, Gunner Trumbull, Robert sullivan, Coach Gus Giardi. 4th Row: Asst. Coach Greg Gon- salves, Sebastian Merski, Chris Milli- man, Tom Robertson, James Scalli, Chris Weeks, Jason Anthony, Rus- sell Grinell, Bobby Sullivan, Asst. Coach Paul Phinny. Missing from Photo: Dan Connolly, Tim Cousins, Gray Eldridge, Keith Johnson, Scott Sayers. ■■ 164 U Qi O Bottom row I to r; 1. Tim Egan, 2. Ward Fraser, 3. Pete Cham- bers, 4. Stewart Funkhouser. Second Row; 5. Greg Lennox, 6. Greg Pratt, 7. Jeff Bowman, 8. Gregg Clements, 9. Jeff Alves, 10. John Gumbleton. Third Row; 11. Steve Walz, 12. Mike Martin, 13. Joe Rolland, 14. Roly Beliveau, 15. Gary Wilson, 16. George Gakidis. Fourth Row; 17. Mike Reardon, 18. Chris Campbell, 19. Andrew Clark, 20. John Carroll, 21. Ray Burke, Coaches: Barry Sadoff, Barry Erwin, 4 I 166 The A team of the Lacrosse Club finished this season with an overall record of 6-5. Coached by Barry Sadoff, the team played a great year and had some exciting games. One such game was away against Division 1 Weymouth North High School, in which FHS won 9-8 after six three- minute overtime periods. Other exciting games were against Medford, with FHS winning 7-4, and Waltham, with FHS winning 9-2. These three games were also important be- cause they were strong wins against the better Boston area teams. Leadership this season came from senior quad-captains Pete Chambers, Tim Egan, Stewart Funkhouser and Ward Fraser. Stewart Funkhouser and Greg Clements led in scor- ing goals and received good offensive support from Tim Egan, Mike Martin, George Gakidis, Roly Beliveau and An- drew Clark. The defensive charge was led by Ward Fraser and Joe Roland. Pete Chambers was a very strong goalie who held the defense together and had very good saves in the Weymouth North and Sandwich games. FHS participated in the Lions Tournament, which plays on a round robin circuit. FHS placed third and had a 2-2 record. Four players also were on the Tournament All-Star Team: Stewart Funkhouser, Pete Chambers, Mike Martin and Joe Roland. ZZrriH c - OC0 168 L to R: John Gagnon, Ricky Cusilito, Sean Condon, Brian Carragher, Robert Mitchell, Brian Dionne, Ted McGuire, Jim Taylor, Nick Leone, Jack Hurd, Timmy Moniz, Matt Co- lella, John Fitch, Coach Ric Mason. Missing: Denis Toner. I Z Z m H The girls ' tennis team finished the spring season with a record of 10 wins and 5 losses. Captains Sachiko Sato and Mindy Sweeny provided team leadership and the consistant play of seniors Jeanne Azarovitz, Jennifer Lopes and Cathy Dil- lion proved pivotal to this successful season. Kate Toran and sophomore Debbie Casso finished league play with a record of 10 and 0. Freshman singles player Ellen Lynch finished her first varsity season 9 and 3. Juniors Brenda Crago and Eileen Frazier made positive contributions at doubles. 170 Bottom Row L to R: Michelle Marken, Mindy Sweeny, Ellen Bezdaris, Tracy Jaillet. Top Row: Cathy Dillon, Debbie Casso, Eileen Frazier, El- len Lynch, Kate Toran, Brenda Crago, Jeanne Azarovitz, Jennifer Lopes, Sachiko Sato, Coach, Steve Waisgerber. 03 m c 5 03 C - O W 172 Bottom Row L to R: Mark Tiexeira, Chris Olson, Billy Ferreira, Paul Mauk, Glenn O ' Donnell 2nd Row: Allen Rivera, Greg Stokes, Craig Mediros, Jim Duddy, John Sousa, Carl Gonsalves. 3rd Row: Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Ricky Ottaviano, Eric Palmer, Brian Ferreira, John Vinitsky, Asst. Coach Kenny Cousins. n 09 H " H O V Front Row L to R: Mary Lafond, Jennifer Duggan, Melanie Phil- lips, Jill Irving, Jannette Ferreira. 2nd Row: Heather Stone, Gail Lajoie, Trishia Gramm, Kristin D ' Amore, April Chiero, Audrey Connolly, Coach Al Kolod- ziejski. ' a I » - 1 175 Every day 1500 students walk through the halls of Falmouth High School. Most of these stu- dents feel that they know their way around the halls pretty well, but you can be sure that most students will never see certain areas of the school by the end of their four year stay. Some of the most interesting areas of the school are inaccesi- ble to students, yet everyone benefits by their output in someway, this section gives a behind the scenes look at some of the events that take place in these areas. Television Studio The television studio is one place in school where every- one is able to see the student ' s final products, but few people are able to view the actual pro- duction of a show; an interest- ing and complicated proce- dure. The studio is run by Mr. James Harrington, with Randy Fink, a junior, as acting general manager. This year has been a particular exciting year for the television studio, as they now brodcast entirely in color, with all new cameras and a lot of new brodcasting equipment. The color equipment enables them to brodcast over the local cable channel. Their coverage so far has included school sports and plays. Most impor- tant of their productions was the live brodcast of the gradu- ation ceremony. This tie-in with cable has enabled them to expand into more professional aspects of commercial brod- casting.. Two programs we are all fa- miliar with are; A.M. 11, the morning announcements, and Perspective which is run by Mr. Jim Winer as an addition to his journalism classes. Both of these classes provide exper- ience to people who hope to go into a professional television career in the future, although, A.M. 11 is open to anyone on a first come first serve basis. BEHIND THE SCENES AT FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL 176 177 Powershop The power shop is one of the largest classrooms in the school, but few people realize exactly what is done with all the equipment and machines. Basi- cally Mr. von Henstchel ' s class works on small engine repair and maintainance. They have fixed three mopeds this year, and approximatley thirty lawn- mowers. These services are done for a small fee which cov- ers materials, labor is free and any profit that may be made is used to buy equipment for the shop. The biggest project for the shop is the building of a com- plete Volkswagon from parts picked up in a junkyard. They hope to have it finished and painted by next year. Mr. von Henstchel stresses that he has seen a lot of growth in his students and adjustment to him, as he is a relatively new teacher at F.H.S.. Wood Shop The wood shop run by Mr. Towle allows students to utilize the school ' s equipment to work on individual projects in wood, limited only by the stu- dent ' s own abilities. In addition to making attractive things for their own home the students provide the school with some maintainance of desks and chairs. Three classes are pro- vided for different stages of the studen ' ts abilities. Unfortunately the students are not able to paint or finish their projects in school this year, but with the power shops new spray booth next year Mr. Towle hopes to expand his class to inclue finishing. 178 179 Computer Room The Falmouth High School computer room is the heart of the school wheth- er most students realize it or not. From back when you first entered the Fal- mouth School System you were brand- ed with an I.D number which has fol- lowed you since. Numerous files have been completed on you concerning academics, your conduct, and most im- portantly attendance. It is your atten- dance records which are held for some years after you graduate for future em- ployers, and colleges to look at. The computer room utilizes a DEC PDP-1170 for all its administrative needs. Lawrence school, and the ad- ministration building also use a couple of terminals for their scheduling and record keeping. The biggest user of the system is town hall which has fourteen terminals for use on payroll and taxes. The computer staff consists of four people; a computer operator, a direc- tor of data processing, and two pro- grammers. Two other importatnt peo- ple in the sytem are Mr. Watson and Mr. Jason who teach the four computer classes available to the students. These classes emphasize structure in pro- gramming, and ease of operation. The advent of Big Brother has not arrived yet, but you can be sure some- one is watching you even if it is only a PDP-1170. Kitchen The workday for a cafeteria aid be- gins at 9:30 a.m., which is the time that the food is prepared and cooked, with the exception of the sweets and cook- ies which are baked the day before. All the food is prepared in the large kitch- en behind cafeteria. On the average, one thousand ala- carte lunches are sold each day, while only 350 regular lunches are sold. This means that many student ' s lunches probably consist of only milk and chips. The biggest sellers of course are the steak and cheese sandwhiches which sell about 1500 and the pizzas which average around 700 slices a day. To cook all that food the kitchen has nine ovens and two self cleaning vats which are used for soups, sauces, and vegtables. The kitchen and cafeterias employ fifteen women who divide the tasks evenly among them. Only one person is responsible for the actual cooking though the others either sell the food or help prepare the food for cooking. 180 Flower Day Flower Day is a yearly event sponsored by the Falmouth chapter of the National Honor Society. Each February the car- nations are sold for a week and then distributed. They come in four colors: Red, for love; Pink, for affection; Yellow, for avail- ability; and White, for friend- ship. This year, the sale was run by President Sheila Clifford, Vice- President, Dan Connolly, and Secretary Jana DaSilva. Mrs. Rohe, the advisor, ordered the flowers. Almost twice as many red and pink carnations were sold as yellow and white ones. The flowers are sold for $1. For the curious, records are kept and you can pay 50 t to find out who sent your flowers. However, if you are shy, you can send a flower anonymously and no record is made. This year, the Honor Soiety made a substantial profit. The money is used to give scholar- ships to Falmouth Honor Soci- ety members. 182 The editors, staff ‘ and advisors wish to thank the businessmen, parents, and friends whose sup- port has helped launch this edi- tion of the “Clipper Compact . ” PATRONS Peter L. Clark and Ellen L. Barol Mr. Mrs. Ernest R. Keating Charlotte and Larry Harlow Mr. Mrs. James Forbes John Judy Alcorn John and Judy Irving Family Ms. Josephine M. Pinto Mr. Mrs. Barry G. Pratt Mr. Mrs. Marty Callahan Mr. Mrs. Jack Harrington Mr. Mrs. G.R. Jackson Mr. Mrs. Wilson H. Smith Mr. Mrs. Neil A. Bennett Mr. Mrs. John Thorpe John and Nancy Sousa Barbara A. Costa Edward and Barbara Rapoza Russ Ruth Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Perez Norman G. Bailey Chuck and Ann Davis Mr. Mrs. John W. Sylvia, Sr. Mrs. Elizabeth Bolton Peg Looney Mr. Mrs. Gerald T. Lynch Dr. Mrs. Robert V. Antonucci Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Peters Mr. Mrs. August Canepa Dr. John B. Jackson Staff L. Wildred (Jay Blue) Fleury Country Fare Restaurant Congratulations Best Wishes To The Class Of 1984 Falmouth National Falmouth • East Falmouth • North Falmouth Buzzards Bay • Hyannis • Woods Hole 548-1000 Member FDIC 186 Congratulations To The Class Of 1984! Always Remember: " You ' ve Got A Friend . . With Love, The Senior Class Officers: BRIAN ALBERT SACHIKO SATO MICHELLE DENISI Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinner elegantly served in gracious surroundings. Enjoy wine and spirits in our lounge or while dining Delightful Suites and Apartments overlooking Jones Pond All for your pleasure year ' round. For information or reservations call 548-2300 Jones Road and Gifford Street in the village of Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Stone ' s Beauty Salon 210 Main St Complete Hair £ Skin ( ' art Your Style Center ' caq nCQC Precision Cutting " " i 1 040 " U000 Personalized Styling Stone ' s Barber Shop 208 Main St CAPE COD ALLERGY ASSOCIATES Walter McLean, M. D. 314 Gifford Street Falmouth, MA 02540 Fuji UNIVE6A BUS (617) 540 1924 1925 MLS JOHN W BARRETT SALES • RENTALS BARRETT REAL ESTATE 178 Mam Street Route 28 East Falmouth. MA 02536 grOODY S J-EVlLty WCAVIAfc-S AHTlOUfS GRAPHICS VICTotl M DtfSSfi 23 PRLM AVr FffLMOUTH ( 0 - 5 . FALMOUTH INTERIOR DECORATORS COMPANY 114 PALMER AVENUE (QUEENS BUYWAY) FALMOUTH. MA 02540 FALMOUTH ' S OLDEST SHOWROOM AND WORKROOM FOR CUSTOM-MADE RE-UPHOLSTERING SLIP COVERS - DRAPES - CARPETING VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL BLINDS THOMAS F SCALLI BUS (617) 548-5652 RES (617) 548-0966 CUSTOM T-SHIRTS • CANVAS BAGS • SIGNS Wholesale • Retail I 188 5 McMENAMY’S FISH NET OF FALMOUTH | COMPLETE SEAFOOD MENU FULL LIQUOR LICENSE Best Wishes To The Graduates! HOLLAND ' S 145 Main St. Falmouth, MA WM.C. DAVIS CO. Since 1885 Beautiful Furniture — Quality Bedding Fashion Floor Installations — Wall-to-Wall Carpets Main Street Falmouth 548-2143 Open Daily 8:30 A M to 5:30 P M CONG R A TULATIONS, CLASS OF 1984!! TEATICKET HARDWARE CO. 242 Moin St. Teoticket • • 291 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 (617) 546-1997 LAWRENCE MOTTA jftiAwvxi nee a division of BREWER 6 LORD Insurance 177 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02541 (617) 546-1596 Or 546-1130 189 BARBARA BREIDENBACH assistant manager other stores • swanea, mass. • westerly, r.i. • glen ellyn, ill. THE SEASONS route 28, new seabury shopping center mashpee on cape cod (617)477-1518 RICHARD PLESCIA PAUL FERZOCO Jt)ri lwooci CLEANERS SAME DAY SERVICE TELEPHONE 540-2723 196 TEATICKET HIGHWAY EAST FALMOUTH, MA 02536 WEDDINGS COCKTAIL PARTIES (Culinary j joppe CATERING FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS HOMEMADE FOODS TO GO 79 DAVIS STRAITS FALMOUTH. MA MICHAEL HELEN AMES 540-1578 custom design tailoring alterations cj nthia gardnor 235 Mam Street Falmouth Massachusetts 02540 617 548-4972 TELEPHONE 546-9100 PRESCRIPTION CENTERS OF CAPE COD 540-2410 24 HOUR PHONE HAIR IN Motion 303 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 420 MAIN STREET EAST FALMOUTH. MA 02536 540-2410 548-1342 PAUL E DUSSAULT BS Rph JAMES E HERMANSEN BS Rph DRIFTWOOD SHOPS TEATICKET. MA 02536 ROUTE 28, FALMOUTH OPEN TUES. - SAT. ALSO THURSDAY EVENING MID CAPE ? CLASS COOP. A SUBSIDIARY ui stiurs l»L ASS COMPANIES INC MOBILE SERVICE 234 lyanough Road, Hyannis, MA 02601 - Telephone 775-0526 229 Main Street, Teaticket, MA 02540 - Telephone 548-0601 Thomas W. Brooks, Jr,, M. D. and Richard M. Pearlstein, M. D. UPPER CAPE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEONS, P. C. 190 2 Jo Main Street S f 5 72 Alan E. Cordts, M.D. 548-7445 and Kenneth A. Heisler, M.D., P.C. General Surgery 548-8317 332 Gifford Street Falmouth, MA, 02540 Compliments Of FALMOUTH LUMBER INC. TEL 548-3431 ( Edwards INTERIOR DECORATORS FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER CUSTOM SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES - RUGS Falmouth, Mass. Tel. 548-6568 EDWARD DiPIETRO EDWARD DIPIETRO. JR 362 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MASS iAAekbcttis Congratulations Class Of 1984! ED‘S CLEANERS, INC. PROFESSIONAL CLEANING WSMain Street jfaSncuth , _ ' Massachusetts 7eC siS oizi EstaStisfu? 917 241 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASS. TELEPHONE: 548-3222 191 , .0 , JACK IN THE BEANSTALK Quality Fruit And Produce Best Wishes! 281 Main Street 540-8639 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. LUCIANO FLOR • ESTATE APPRAISALS GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST • DIAMOND Flor Jewelers, Inc. NEW BEDFORD AND FALMOUTH, MASS. RICHARD FURLANI, TREAS. 245 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 TEL. 546-3516 Compliments Of MR. MRS. RICHARD C. BABINEAU Congratulations, Graduates! VTe M dicinef hoppe JACK FLYNN, R. Ph. OWNER Netionel Prescription Centers 108 Davis Straits Falmouth, MA Phone 540-4711 192 226 Main Street Wareham 295-3800 Depot Street Duxbury 934-0101 1 1 7 Main Street Falmouth 548-3000 340 Front Street Marion 748-2919 COLLEGE TUITION has never cost more! WE CAN HELP . . . Plymouth Savings now offers you two Tuition Loan Programs — for students and parents — to help meet the increasing costs of higher education Parent Loans to Undergraduate Students PLUS No financial needs test! The PLUS program allows parents of undergraduate students to borrow from $1,000 to $3,000 per year per child Low monthly payments. 29 C ' ounty Road Mattapoisett 758-4936 434 C ourt Street No. Plymouth 747-1600 36 Main Street Plymouth 746-3300 Route 6A Sandwich 888-4444 1 Sandwich Road Teaticket 540-5002 Higher Education Loan Program HELP Borrow up to $2,500 per year for undergraduates and up to $5,000 per year for graduate students No repayment until after graduation. We Like to Say Yes! PLYM OUTH SAVINGS BANK ... 1 10 Oil V VILLAGE PIE (j COFFEE SHOP 207 Main Street Ketty Tires UN I ROYAL umurar Fleet’s Tire and Auto Care Center 543-4955 226 MAIN ST TEATICKET. FALMOUTH (548 2084) Muffins 3 Sandwiches Eat It Here Or Take It With (617) 540-0317 T El.g You PTOMPT pRoressiONai SeRVICE ires Retail Wholesale nment Front End Service Oil Lube Service Tune Ups Road Service Brake Service Shock McPherson Replacement T ruck T ire Service General Auto Repair FALMOUTH READY MIX CO., INC. Ja£moutk CjCatd ' fttuioz GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE DIVISION OF DON-BERN GLASS CORP 607 Main Street Teaticket, Mass. BERNAP0G SUNDQUIST 537 MAIN ST Treasurer E FALMOUTH. MA 02536 Jim Moniz, Owner Tel. 546-6100 193 Best Wishes, Class Of " 84 " ! From A FRIEND . . . Specializing in YOUR R e al E state N e e d s E riAjuSHfO 1900 OPP. TOWN HALL SQ. 10-4:30 P.M. 548-0109 04 2 Jtnj ) C x£rncvXA Cape Cod , 02540 548-3415 “YARN AND N E E D L E C R A F T S ” Congratulations Class Of 1984! BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS CAPE BOWL Falmouth CApt Cod CAlltRy of Homes, Inc. 101 Town Hall Square Falmouth, MA 02540 540-1530 548-5434 Patricia M. Hinds Margaret P. Nixon THE BIRD STORE 100 Queens Buyway Falmouth, MA 02540 (617) 540-1701 194 Congratulations! Candlepin Bowling Video And Pinball Games Skeeball FAMILY FUN CENTER Town Hall Square Falmouth, MA Cape Cod Times The Cape Islands ' Daily Newspaper 319 Mam Street, Hyannis, Ma. 02601 Congratulation Class Of ' 84! f S Falmouth sao-oiso nautilus 8 Fitness Center DREAM MOSELEY, HALLGARTEN, ESTABROOK WEEDEN INC. Investments Since 1850 155 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 (617) 548-1147 1-800-462-4463 TH NOT OF YESTERDAY, BUT OF TOMORROW! EN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! 196 The Brightest Of Futures To The Class Of ' 84 From Your Friends FALMOUTH TOYOTA Cannon-Nikon-Kodak-Olympus Pioneer-Sony-Panasonic f ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY, INC. 267 Main Street Falmouth, Mass 229 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. CAPE COD. MA. 02S4I MARCEL L. ALBERT CW 8813 (617) 546-0467 Armand Ortins, Prop Tel 548-1918 c flrlhur O. Cal ee INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 49 north main street falmouth, ma. 02540 617 548 4121 (days) 617 563 9442 (nights) Leroy F. Marek, Jr. 336 GIFFORD STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 (617) 5402601 Contemporary Director art 197 MARTIN ' S OF FALMOUTH INC. " Off Price Clothing For Women ' 878 Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540 540-0427 Compliments TEN ACRE DOTTLE SHOP GREATER FALMOUTH REALTY 266 PALMER AVE (ROUTE 28) FALMOUTH. MA 02540 (617) 540 2124 For prompt and pro fessional Real Estate Serrices m MIS 251 Main S treet, F aim o u th MA 025 40 402 N. Falmouth Hwy.,N. Falmouth, MA 02556 6 1 7-548-6 15 9 TEL. 617 540-3323 Good Luck To The Class Of ' 84 (2 lep n Chicle Boutique ' coiywAcy Coui r i y ' and m nda l (Salon Stic. 93 Davis Straits Rte 28 Falmouth Ma 02540 Telephone 1 6 1 7 1 540- 1 1 00 IRENE PIGNOLO 8 V illaec C rossinu K t 2 8 I a s t 1 a I m o u t h . M A 0 2 5 3 6 © white MeaPontry 4 Alphonse Street Teaticket, 1A 02536 PALMER AVE. MARKET Grocery Beer Wine Liquors Gasoline 24 Hours a Day 540-8314 198 548-4248 WE MAIL ANYWHERE ON CAPE COD 271 MAIN STREET OPEN YEAR ROUND FALMOUTH. MA 02540 Dus.: 540-2445 Res.: 540-1999 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1984 MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1984 Waterford PRINTING CORP. Complete printing services for business, industry government 137 Main Street Falmouth, MA02540 COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER (617) 548-0070 (OPPOSITE STOP b SHOPl T LEONARD MATTHEWS main street box vn ROSE J MATTHEWS fxlmolth mass 02S41 . ie ticket oo SPECIALIZING in QUALITY ADMENS FASHIONS 8. ACCESSORIES DONNA M RODERICK Proprietor 106 DAVIS STRAITS (617) 548 3410 FALMOUTH. MASS 02540 FRANK K. DUFFY, JR. ATTORNEY AT LAW Congratulations To The Class Of 1984 DR. RICHARD B. JANNEY AND STAFF TELEPHONE OFFICE (617) 540-41 1 1 RESIDENCE (617) 548-5910 340 GIFFORD STREET PO BOX Q FALMOUTH MA 02541 199 I illoiDS 193 moin folmoufck mo 02540 nW M-i ■Tii 1 (617) 548-6505 Ark a ConB 017 548 2787 Law Offices of Holland. Delaney perpall JOHN W. HOLLAND. JR. LKO F. DELANEY PETER H. PERPALL FALMOUTH EXCHANGE TOWN HALL SQUARE FALMOUTH. MASS 02340 Quake A Bonnet Gifts of Distinction 14 1 Main .Street Kalmoutii, Mass. 0234 1 Rita . . Nickerson .land I). Nickerson (617) 548-6937 NE 1 L F POWELL 140 Main Street Falmouth, Man 02540 (617) 548-1815 Compliments Of Falmouth Motorcar Co. 716 Teaticket Highway East Falmouth, MA 02536 174 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Tel. (617) 540-0938 ATTORNEVS AT LAW 1 43 MAIN STREET Servicing Imported Quolity Used Cors 0 American Autos (617) 540-6794 EASTMAN’S HARDWARE, INC. 150 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS 02540 FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS 02S4 1 Stephen M. Rappoport E. Winn Dovis P.O. Box 629 (617) 548-8183 548 0407 ESTABLISHED 1913 CHARLES E EASTMAN. JR 200 Shawmut Bank of Cape Cod Robert A. Graham Branch Manager Shawmut Bank of Cape Cod. N A. Gifford Street. Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540. Tel 617-540-2122 Office: (617) 540-2271 By Appointment Only AMBER WAVES natural foods OR. ALEXANDER F. SHAW IV CHIROPRACTOR 342A Gifford Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 26 N MAIN STREET 540-3538 FALMOUTH. MASS 02640 Window Shades Venetian Blinds Levelor Blinds Vertical Blinds McDonald’s Paint and Wallpaper, Inc. WE MEASURE AND INSTALL 540 1 135 Talmouth Trophy Company ' Residential - Commercial 366 Main Street. Falmouth. MA James B McDonald (617) 548-4674 MIKE DENNIS, HMFIC 850 MAIN STREET, P O BOX 24 FALMOUTH. MA 02541 FALMOUTH ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES, INC. David S. Babin, M.D. Thomas F. Gregg, M.D. Telephone 348 Gifford Street 540-0200 Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Congratulations, Graduates! %;j DENNIS -JOHN FORMALS Cape Cod’s Most Complete Formal Wear Since 1972 Rentals Sales For All Occasions EXTENSIVE STOCK OF NEW TUXEDOS ON HAND NEW LOCATION HYANNIS STORE 4 Locations To Serve You Hyannis Falmouth So. Dennis Wareham 775-3466 540-4019 398-6227 295-6607 jnuZVa te, hardware stores True Value Hardware Of Falmouth, Inc. 437 Main St. 8-5:30 Mon. Thru Sot. East Falmouth 540-0183 Falmouth Florist Inc. 190 MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 340 2020 TEATICKET. FALMOUTH. MA 02536 JOSTENS '

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