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Falmouth Public Library Falmouth, Mass. 02540 PRESERTS o o o Falmouth Public Library Falmouth, Mass. 02540 K ’ 3 71 . % 1r q7c- t lZ2 JU cu JxojicL u yJbL hr cytt cl lyuaJL) Jusu hearts 2 alL iJuu cfcv-ti houM Imjltl -taJzxsO 3 i8td c Oit tAi sU ahV u tuj k snook ctAkuio lAxhc d P cu i Jshn cC jUX LcL ihidJL Sian ' 5 HISTORIC LIVE ALBUM! ENTEftTfcltttttG mr OftMATiVt • rux yJm buakxr JttrthCJUs -vt cunt nt mm holdin ' m . c or 0, rtidcs cuifruncL . 10 8at IwJytj ' JiJUrxBm Jk ' s my Jhfa; Xnd sj CM cU ' uyhaJt 12 I MEN AT WORK g €■ 13 14 15 Seniors 20 Foil Sports 68 Faculty And Staff 78 Features 95 Winter Sports 111 Activities 120 Clubs 132 Underclassmen 146 Spring Sports 168 Senior Activities 184 Patrons Ads 198 The 1983 Yearbook has been dedicated to Mrs. Betty Metcalf. Betty has served the Falmouth School System for eighteen years. Ten of these years hove been of Falmouth High DEDICATION Mrs. Betty Metcalf School where she taught the Child Development and Child Core Aid programs. Because of her inspiration and knowl- edge, she has enriched the lives of those of us who have come in contact with her. She is more than a teacher to all of us. She was always there if you needed personal advice, a friend, or someone to tell great news to. When she was told of the dedication, she replied, " I don ' t know what to say,- 1 was never a class advisor, a coach or an administrator. ' ' To the people who know her, she is a very special person whom we would like everyone to recognize. She was totally thrilled to be thought of in the Yearbook. Mrs. Metcalf is now retired and enjoying many hobbies. She is very busy cooking, biking, taking walks, and is look- ing forward to her mountain climb on the Bruce Trails. Good luck and happiness to you, Betty, from the graduat- ing class of 1983. 18 The 1982-83 school year was a memorable year in many respects. However, not all of the memories that we carry with us will be pleasant ones. Twice this year automobile accidents brought tragedy into the lives of the FHS community. The first accident, in the Fall, brought serious injury to Kenny Sabens. The second, late in June, took the life of Melissa Klink. Serious injury or loss of life is always a sad and sobering exper- ience to family and friends, but when it happens to two people so young and full of life it seems even more tragic. Morylou Abruzese Arthur G. Aldrich III " Lou " Good Times. Week- ends. Tam. Ton , 5 . G . . M.C.. J.H.. Working W C.C. G S.G. Jazz, Dallet. Theater. Trav. el. " DON ' T WALK AHEAD OF ME FOR I MA Y NOT FOLLOW; DON ' T WALK DEHIND ME FOR I MAY NOT LEAD; JUST WALK DESIDE ME AND DEMY FRIEND " July 16. 1962 Che- velle Malibu 2802 Chapstlck Vocka HHHHHHHHHOT. Happy Holly J. Henry " Orion " Shawn Almeida Kelley. Football all. Co-Captain, Dose- ball all. " Pete Club " . " ITS NOT OVER TIL IT ' S OVER " , Sport Fishing. Sport Cen- ter. " DOO " , " DUMMY DRILL " . " YOU WANNA PLAY-YOU GOTTA PAY " . Sen- ior Christmas Trees, drnk. Season: Dusl- ness: " Hurtin " ' . " Damo ' -Option , Half- Cuts- 26-TD SS 3. Rocketball for weekends Funds. THUMDS UP; AWE- SOME " , Great Horbor-2nd Home-, moth- Mrs. Adams.- " GOTTA HAVE HEARTII " Lisa Anderson FHS Perform- ing Arts; Can- Can. Pippin. Grease. G Dri- gadoon. AFS Club Roma ' 83-R M CS Marching Dond Year- book Sroff- ADM F L ' Y-Pres. Festival Techie: Not Enough Rope G The Dald Soprano The Jetsons Cheaper Dy The Dozen-Ernes- tine Costuming Deauuuutlful pink G purple schnappes boom ‘ FMC-PH CAMF JO-JO LI-LI Morkie D. Tell us another design f MA-NA-MA-NA " Dove Michael J. April Yearbook Photographer 3. 4 In re III- g e n c e r 3 Grease Drlgo- doon Festival Play- Tech. ROME 63 ECHO 94 104 S e a c r e s t . lawns Friends are 4-eve r 1-4-3 Carol (MK. JD. DC. CK. GF. MD. RF + KP) Parties MD-Trackmeets GEILS. AEROS- MITH. CLASH ( " TAKE OUT YOUR F.T. MAMA. I WANT TO S O. Y.G. " ) Dlrth- days at the beach W C.N. SD ' s Person- al Photographer (Dryont) Northeastern. UNH. Maine Football, Dri- gadoon Deast Class Marshall SMU " AND HE SPILLED HIS SEEDS UPON THE GROUND " RM CK JD ID SL SI LC SD CD TOGA Fast Times at Falmouth High Mike JR Pow- der Puff Coach Datsun Power Rob ' s Dumper The Telephone Pole Winter Comes In The Artie MT. ST. Cooper LMC 81 82 83- You Can ' t Imagine What You ' ve Done For Mel I Luv Youll A. Mark Amaral Mary E. Atone Freshman Year: Glo- ria Enos; Karen Har- ris; Taro (Rose) Y a n d o . Sopho- more Year: New Dirth. McDonalds 10 80-5 82: Nan- cy Clark, Jennifer Lopes (favorite Cousin) Farrell Despres: Karen Mon- teito: Annie Somers. Junior Year was the Destll March 19. 1982 P.J.M. Kelley Joyce. Jane Morrlsey: Dina Drennan. A. N. M. P Anthony Daker " Tony " Varsity Football. Dosketball G Daseball. weightLIftlng, MotorCyclIng. G Fishing. DESTINATION: Norwich Uni- versity or Dean Jr. plans to play Foot- ball G Daseball. MAJOR: Physical Edu- cation Or Duslness Administration. 22 Michael J. Bancroft " Bink " . Biff, Yearbook ' 80-33. MOM Editors Concerts: Aerosmith, J. GEIL5. " TOYFTMIWTSOYGII " Intelligencer. U Maine Valentine acceptance Summer- Winter Ski Loons Fly High. 3rps, Summer of ' 82 Looking at ' 83 Better times The Photog ' s U. MAINE- SEE YA THERE MA RWII Flo. MB Trackmeets 0 F. DOW. N U N D E R ■ MAW. Trouble. " GIMMIE A BREAKI " Florida 82. The CLASH. CA. Soiling. TEWMR-IV BE SPECIFIC I Finally Made Itl " THE FARTHER ONE TRAVELS. THE LESS ONE KNOWS ' .A Melissa A. Baptiste John Karl Bauer 23 Gina Deouchemln " Wteno " Pep (Poop) Squad 2 yrs. Lis: He. member Fran ' s Cock- tails (What ' s Your Name? Experience!) February Va- cation of ' 32 (Chair To the Top of Loon-That Was High) Me 0 LC the Grusome Twosome. DP 0 LC My Two DK Duds. The West Crew-Me LC (j SC. This Isn ' t The End It ' s Just The Deginnlng. Donna L. Dennett Pep Squad Dunes Johnny May 12. CK. LD. CC. DD. Hampton Deoch Miles Of Smiles. Years Of Struggle " HE IS A FOOL WHO LEAVES THINGS CLOSE AT HAND TO FOLLOW WHAT IS OUT OF REACH " Jacqueline L. Dennett ED and JD FOREVER I 9 24 63 R I tto I De- cember 5. 1930 1 Caput M a n g u s , Molda Mare. ROARI Doston Gardens Hock- ey Games. Vi PSCI Reeny Don ' t Forget 5, 60 121 Mr. Potato Head, Triple " S " l French 21 Vocotlonl Profesora Ze- bra I Disco Miguel 0 Port. 31 Nashoba Volley, OUCH! Rlt-Roo. Maryl Maine Men O Sherri I Dop, Daptismal 0 Scorpl Torch the Trees on New Years Eve I Stacey Dentley John Denuck Fresh-Milford N.H. Foot Doll. Do s k e rDo 1 1 . Track. Soph- ist yr. at FHS Jr. Yr. -PARTY UPI Naut Sum ' 62. Dlonk. Mongo. Clyde , LMTTLTMCLC (Menaught) Dig Fish Cooking " Skiing N.H.. NY. NY. Jersey. C+ D Deli. Senlor-SENIORITIS. What Homework? Party at Sues DCSIDROCK- MARMLCLC. Drigodoon. Great Times W EMC 2yr FoorDoll (DareFoot) Richard Djorn Lyla Dloke Happiness Is Not Dei ng Pained In Dody Or Trou- ble d In Mind. You Ho ve Reached The Pinnacle Of Success As Soon As You Decome Uninterested In Money. Com- pliments Or Publicity. Spanish Club. Medical Careers Club. Remember. NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. 24 Mark A. Dogosion Morko, En Francois. AGENT: 007 The Jersons Dlondle Surfing In CM Joonle (5:30 AM) AM THE A TOMIC BEAST AWESOME FOURSOME (D CBM) L. A. -Don ' t Loose " IT " I FMC Driving W Beck E.S. ' s Nye Punch Summer Lover ' s Punk Our I Like Being ME- Different MBL Dances Seriously: 1 Town Moderator Perspective " WINO " ’ GREASE " . KH Paris Madrid UFE IS TOO SHORT SO DON ' T WASTE PRECIOUS TIME " pb Student Of the Month: Octo- ber: Gerald Grady G cai Uruio COrm. fcnd tuiuo Op, Open youn ■Cupo IMSL rrnij LU. tunas Qctjj) lives Carl Bohnert Cross Country Si 82 State Chomps Winter Track Si 62 62. RT. 26 Par- tying With the BH ' s RS. TS. KN. The CLASH Boy ' s Life. B-52 ' s Jonathon Bold " BOLDSY " Quarters N Dice Free In 83 20 Colo- rado W A.F. L.P. SKI SKI SKI Radical Fuji GTSE YODA Sum- mer of ' 83 Fal- mouth Heights Ultimate Frlsbee COKE A SMILEII SKIPPY the WHO at SHEA STA- DIUM Johnny D. RA VE ONII John A. Bordlerl ► 9 Senior Class Treasurer. Laughter Is not a Bad Be- ginning for a Friendship. 0 It Is the Best Ending for One. I Laugh Because I Must Not Cry. " FRIENDS " I am not of that Feather to Shake Off My Friend When He Must Need Me. May 12. A day to Remember for Life. Donna B. Totally Awesome. SARGE, CHICKEN MAN. FLOUNDER. Bowling Alley. And Johnny B. William P. Botelho 25 Gretchen Bowker Ian Bowles To the Best Of Friends I Wish You The Best of Luck b I Love You- C. T., T.T.. D.E.. S.M.. F.M.. D. M.. J.A.. J.L.. M.M.. K.F.. L.M.. L.F.. F.D., R.J.S.. D.K.. AS.. T.B. -Always Re- member Chins, Hockey Games, Grand- pas House, Parties. Roller Skating. Bourne. Skiing. Happy Are Those Who Dream Dreams b Are Willing To Pay The Price Of Making Them Come True. I Love You Mom b Dad Robert T. Bowman Lorene A. Brazei KENNY KEEP FIGHTING Hockey, Foot- Baii. Honor So- ciety. Suave b Sophistication Is Readily Needed. But a Little Couth and Some Good Judgement Con Go A Long Way. Stephanie; ON NE BADINE PAS AVEC L AMOUR HAVE A GOOD ONE! Ullo B. Buiund Maureen b Me Best Friends For- e ver Doreen of Course Ed- die b Brian Naturally Can- dy b Snow? Donna Do- reen Where Are We? May I s Foods Can You Imag- ine Supermelamogorgeous Mossived Harlequins Florida 61 W MM 26 Canoe- ing in the Briars the Big T. Banonnas France ' 62 Quebec ' 63 French Club Geeks MWAAA Yevonne the Qurrry Thanks To Mom b Dad Always. CHEAPER B Y THE DOZEN (Bill). GREASE, BRIGA- D O O N . Lake Plac- id (Lake P I a s - tered?) ' 63. The Winners. Fuzzy Duck-(Duzzy . . . ?) Erik, Jeff. DR. PE, A.. B.. + 3K ' s (H. T+ F), Fruit Units. Mount St. Cooper Harvard. Cornell . . . UNH? Volvo (Maroon Machine). Saab, Scoopers V6. " THERE IS A TIDE IN AFFAIRS OF MEN Tracey Busch FREE IN ' 63 JF. NS. MR, Spa- ce y Color- Guard Lambrusco Z26 WHA T??ll SSP Blue Lights Tess Expreg Sherry Ms. PM " LUCKY I ' M STILL SANE AFTER ALL I ' VE BEEN THROUGH " Brock St. Hockey OBLIV- IOUS BBB Slick One Blll Marle THE FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN b THE END IS ALWAYS NEAR. Redbrook IFAIIYHA- CIYE BHNOMEN Back In Saddle Michael W. Callahan Cal Lacrosse Ack UN History Club Vice Pres.. Key Club Sr Class Play The Three Stooges MLC Only RS Always Swill Sludge " BLEP " " BUD " Melman " Out Of My Skull " LK Placid LC Riot Only Trip That Matters KG LE WILDNESS BB TV Don ' t Change The CLASH WSC Truck Cuban Mobile Hey Big Guy I ' m Gazinem " POTSY " " SHMAZA " Will We Ever Stay The Same? QUADI MG EM JH CMI Booted the Beave Crunch Mouth Where ' s PS Poon Later! Peter L. Campbell Forward. Never Straight! Lacrosse. Midi, Coach Barry.- UN History Club W Mr. Grunin UGE Bud ' s! Favosl Stage Bond W Uncle Denny. Saxophone, Ex- change Concerts. (Canada. New Hamp- shire. Conn.) Good Will On Sundays; Potsie. Wookie. Corky. Joe Pine ' s Brud- da ' s Friend. Tommy. Raymond. NSR. SB. to Nantucket b Vinyard. the Many J ' s, ESP. Jane: CLASH in The Summer " TO LIVE A FULL LIFE ONE MUST MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE " 26 Corinne Cannata ' ' R e e n y ’ ’ Spain Portu- g a I ’62 " Roma Spe- cials” EM Track Honor Society Soci- ety Lisa J. " The Spit” W KF " TUSK” Sam English Class W MG " The Sewing Circle ” EF TW ' " Preo” MM You ’ll Always Make Me Laugh JD 6 JM Working W Lou TM FIN ALL Y OUT IN THE CLEAR AND I’M FREE I’VE GOT DREAMS I’M LIVIN’ FOR. I’M MOVIN’ ON . . . ’’.Jour- ney Despondant Child. Met Met Merrl Hey Ingalls WTF? CP + Tl M.R. WILD WOM- AN. K.H. RE- PENT! P-2 the Left C.K.I M.C. Dlep I’m Ga- zineml Ski 63 The Only Ones That Mat- ter-L.E., M.C, K.G. don’t care about HollyWoodl Ay DOY-WHERE’S MY DIKE? My Monster. Fishwine. 6 3 62 DP. KA- MAKAZII N.C. Isn’t Dermuda Fun? 0.0 FHSMMC. Shots A Schnotts. WE ARE THERE S.ll Damn Near Killed Eml Susan M. Cherkofsky Chuckle, ' ' Frick 6 Frock " , Canoe Trips Tree Stumps. Natl Honor Society. Dand. Year- book Staff, UMYF. ' Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go Dy Out In The Long Run There Is Still Time To Change The Road You ' Re On. " Music Mokes Me Smile. T.F. Forever. McD ' s 0 Happy Meats. Life Is So Much Defter With Spe- cial Friends: JF. TW. CW. PS. Don’t Know What I ' d Do Without You! Lisa A. Caron Student of the Month, November Amy E. Witter Jt ' o Q1L 30 Conf catocd nouo- Lisa Ann Clough JV 0 Varsi- ty Cheer- io e d i n g Co-Copt. I ' ll Never Forget My Cheering Sisters. Re- member Dlistex Is Ext Me 0 Ween-The Grusome Two- some. The Vinyard. 7 6 7‘s, Ski Ponts-You Ain ' t Seen Nothin ' YETI D (Womanly) P b GD. My Two DK Duddies TY-Lordyl Lordyl Lordyl KM- It ' s Over JM (Lance)-Frlends Til The End Kooky Summer Of ' 79. FREE IN ' 63. 0034071. Life Goes On. July 4th. 1979. DO YOU REMEMDER WHEN it was SO GOOD? Rosea nn Cobb 27 Laura M. Conley Maribeth Conlln Peter J. Cook Pres of Bond. Stage Bond. Monteal ■ 6 1, FUMBLEIII, P.S.. T.C.. J.D.. P.D., And the Rest Of the Fumble Squad, I.L.U. C.S. -5 9 02, Snuggler, (Wacka-Wacka), BRIG A- DOOhl- Tommy ' , Grease Sonny ' -(The Phone)- " Pudding Pie Squares 0 a Mas- sive Milk " , Lighting Crew, Math Team, A.F.S., Vlce-Pres. - ' 00-81. " So Now I Come to You (SEE C.S.) Summer ' 82- Beach, Dan- cin ' at MBL. the P. Man. Key Club-Ski Trip 1982 Su- gorloaf Quar- ters W the Boysl Ski ' 03- Lake Placid T- Bor Adventure, Wilderness Tlmell " That " Elevator, " Dance the Night Away " MudPuddles, LPCR " You Are " AD. KT, KH, Pep Squad-Sec-Treas.. Bus- Rides. " You Dropped A Bomb " Com- pass W JW, KT WlldTImel Halloween 3 Romans, TT, GG Party, GREASE 4 ( Jeffery G. Cooper Captains FootBall n ' Lacrosse. Wrestling Cope n ' Islands Unlimited Champion. Weightlifting, Honor So- ciety Key Club Tres., BRIGADOON, CHEAPER B Y THE DOZEN (Dad) COB Lake Plastered ' 83. ' 82 " THE MAN " The Bruise Brothers (Wardell) Mugsy. Cranny, " HEY GUS " Ford Motor Parts. Clarky " BENNY AND THE JETS " WWRF Champs (Donelly) Par E., TF, ET. Hobb, Chuckles (Ve- locity) Big " D " ., Animal, Renny, Bed, Wolfman. The Griff, Tonic: MS Douglas M. Corbett D g a ' ' Fteoshman FootBall My Poor Comoro " 72 ' Z It ' s Mine You Swine " Bud " Quarts Gallon Night Bourbon St. Summer ' 82 Party With (Same As Sue) And A Few More The DORANS Live For Week Ends " TOGA " 10 31 82 Florida FHS MMC Silver Flake TopHor? Just A Couple Fools: 6 22 82 Sue Claudia Correllus Band Ex- change Con- certs. Canada. FootBall Gomes. Satur- day Practices Sweets Jl. CD. D 6 JO. DB. CM. NC. DM. Salem State. Cert. Public Accountant. Salem State College, Certified Public Accountant. Dawn M. Costa " Chele " CMH I Can ' t Say We re Always To- gether But My Heart Says We ' re Never Apart. Stevie + Traci Best Friends More Good Times To Come " SHASTA " " WOOBA " + " DOOTES " Cindy " NO-MIND " Savela. Cindy Don ' t Kill (T.Y.) Come On KK You Can Do It God Bless 28 I Rebecca Lynn Costa " Deesh " Dana Gal- lop June 13. 1931 Proms ' ' Open Arms ' ' " Summer Nights " ' Come To Me” Summer Of ' 82 Keesh Meesh Monday Nights At Otis Late Night Outings At Marthas Vinyard USAR Kim Covino To Joycee. Melissa. Wendy. Jennifer. G Cheryl " Thank You For Being My Friendl ' To K. Craig. Mr. Chisolm, G Elaine Fortin Thanks For all The Help You ' ve Given Me! Future Plans: 2yrs. At 4C ' s G Marrige AH My Love Goes To John Alwaysl " , Smilel ” Band Chorus, Rep Singers. Television Station. Good Luck Kimvollcel Scott Lee Crocker J. V. Hockey. Lacrosse, THE CRASHERS! G.B. And The Rents Are Gone I NOW THE FUN BEGINS. Marjorie F. Coughlin ■ Mahee- Aus- tria 78 Varsity Softball. Dee Yearbook Seacrest My Buddies RAM G DB NO. FAL- MOUTH Par- ties " Week- ends Were Made For Mich " TaTa 9th Block Library W LC, ED. SR, TH, MGI " , Amos-Theres Only One Way To Play Itl " CC. MA. " Florida Stammers W Cathy ' 80 " Good Luck KB G CK Friends Forever I Thanks AFI JH, DH Summer of ' 81 PV, DB, BM, RJ. BD. " Mono . Rosie G Frances " Nicole M. Croney Moe Gar- field IMC Bound Ma- zola Phe- nome no Four I Loe B., Blind or Brian? FOAD. Bl Room 9. Picnic? Oaktreel No Need! " Guess Ya Hadda Been There ” Dus To N.B.. 1 22 80 140 SG Get A Job! Boston W Biff G Duffy Summer Of ' 80 Fun, Cool G The Thing To Do. MMC FHS Pep. S. Catfood WE ARE THEREII Leslie Crowell Dean Cutrona RADICAL SURF. Cheap Cartoons. Karo- re. Lax. StralghtJocket 0 Dadubbleren. DR Devo Dlvln Dean Wong Dubba Ant- Music BlowCookles Vega Comoro VII- lori CUTRONASTIEN. Kings Of The Wild Frontier. Weapons. 7 WANT THOSE WHO GET TO KNOW ME TO BECOME ADMIRERS OR MY ENEMIES ' ' Prince Charming. BabyFood. CHI. Back W PR. Spikes. Leather. Ants Invasion. Pain 0 Pleasure. SC. BMX. Gnoriey SCHOOL S OVER - ' J “ r T Tr ' M — •1 Leslie DeFillppis I AM AN IDEALIST. I DON ' T KNOW- WHERE I ' M GOING BUT I ' M ON MY WAY. UN. History Club. Spanish Club. Ballet. TOBAPHW. H. YTOBICEHYAC ERAETE? Never Forget France (j Spain. Always Remember J.R G Good Times. Stephen R. Crowell Sneakers Etienne Leav- i n g Old Friends is the Sorrow; Earn- ing New Ones is the Joy. Ha Ha Tobies Bendy Straws Gumby Sav- age Godzilla Emily A. Davern Swallow All Your Tears, and Put On a New Face, You Can Never Win Or Loose. If You Don ' t Run the Race— Psy- che. Furs THE FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN AND THE END IS ALWAYS NEAR. SO LET IT ROLL Dennis M. Cullinane " Me Thinks The Lady Doth Protest Too Much ' ' X-Country. Track. Thanks; Sonny 6 pac. Turk. Mugsy. Kalpy. Phln, Dorse. Vinegar, Bowling Alley. Larry, Sports Club. Mike D.. Geek. New York, Boston, Library. Zaphod, Fred. Sailing. GBTC. 6ft. 9in., G Maryann. Maryann, Mary- ann. " ERIN GO BRAUGH " Bill Erica Grad. Senior Pass License to Kllll Volly- Doll. Sippin Brews For Break fasti Barry Dyment-Best Frlendl GOING TO TOPII Susan Anne Dean Craig H. D ' Amarlo k4 Football Track (Spring G Winter); Freshman Class Show; Senior Class Play: Bill; Spring Soccer; " FOREVER " ; Mel G Lester •; Rifleman. EggHead, Brains. Thun- derBirds, Clarkin, CC. Don. Tom. Pat, MT, MM. JB. EH G CM, Spaghetti Sup- per: LightBulbs; Pancakes ; 28-20- JCAHID 4ever. MMCFHS. Coop, MM GOOI: Try, Execute, Fall, Sweat Matthew L. Delaney Key Club National Honor Soci- ety French Club. Soc- cer. Hand- Ball. Sail- ing, Swim- ming. Life- Guarding. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. Ski 83- Lake Plocid-The Wlnners-Mud Pud- dles 30 Michoela DeMello MICHAELA NOT Ml- CHAELII WERE OUTTA HEREI JH. SD Out to Lunch II J. V. (7 Varsity Cheer- leading LA Fi- e s t a e n Espana 6211 12 8 61 ED The Green Machlnell SD 0 JH Best Of Luck W JI O KG JH-Love That Valentine SD Cellall I Love My Eric Re- member Fisher Men Have More Funlll Good Luck Class Of ' 8311 WR RE FREEIIII Sheila M. DeMello ' ' Time Goes Dy With No Time To Cry ' Cause Life 5 Do- ing Us A Loti’’ " Wonting You Here Wanting You Near How Much I Wonted You Hornet " Good Luck You Two I Weekends In Henniker W My Bird! " URPE " 6 13 80 JanetS. Despres " Jana " Medical Ca- reers Club, Yearbook 2 Jules. JSG, J. AR Sis " . P. R. D. M. AL. PS Thanks AJ. UC. D. M. S. J. F. V L.A.-81 Fla-82. 8 3 Deatle Conv.-DH-82 Pre-Med (sorry M. DJ) " They ' ll Never Dog Us " " Gimme A Break " Trouble Jasper (7 Podgy Slo- wHand Layla Who? The Wall. The Deo- ties LM Phc HEY JUDE-I ' ll Follow the Sun- Ram On I Made III Purple Haze Mark D. Diani " Kram. Skid " FootDall 10 Almo The Op- tion Basket- Dali Trl-Capt. " I DROPPED A BOMB " Tennis " PETE CLUB " Portugal- Spaln ' 82 " ROMA SPECIALS " CockTail Parties Class Marshall Grad. ' 82 JT (7 Sam Michael Diani Varsity Soccer DaskerDall (7 Golf NCAA Hoop The Dig East Reigns Sports Enthusi- ast Club " GET OUTTA MY HOUSE " Tip- Off Classic Brad D. is NOT 6 9 Good Luck to DC TV DD JT DP MM (7 DRO 31 Amy R. Diets t Honor Society French club Key club-Vice Pres. A.F.S. Warrant Com- mittee Band, April In Paris W K.T.. T.K.. G.G.. A.P.. K.C.. L.H.. S.R.. S.I.. WaterSkiing Parties W Donna, Kathy. Scott, Jenny, Raymond, Jen, Mike. Prom ' 61, ' 82 W Ray LongMea- dow W Jen, Donna. Fred, John. Sugar- Loaf ' 62 Lake Placid ' 63 Summer In W.H.M.B.L. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN. Special Friends KT, KH, DJ, LC, PE, + esp DL Sharon E. Di Francesco Gymnas. 1. UCR Track 2, YearBook 3, 4-Editor! T.J.-Part- n e r in C r i m e I N.H. ' 79- Thanks Grandpa W„ Summer ' 80 W Pete, Bryant ' 82-MA: P.P.I Madrid ' 83, H b O 83. B.C.F., TJW, GM, LM, 3 D ' s, Dominic " I WANNA GO HOME " " WHAT ' S THE DEAL? " Little Red Cor- vette, " Would You Die?! " BOSTON BOUND! " GOODBYE MY FRIEND, MA YBE FOR FOREVER Ion W. Donnelly FootBoll all. A C D T T C - F A O L A Mugsy, Cran- ny, Dread of the Sled, Spain ' 82 Coo- per b I WWRF Champs. Sue s House, Hold- ing Up the House. MT. ST. COOPER Blaohhhl RM, MA. JC. CK. JB b KO. Three Stooges Dead Bug Brigadoon Beast. I was a Teenage Moody. Boiya T-Zone ET WOF Abandanzo Bert GDKS SMU 91 Mike Jr. J. Carpenter Thanks M b D Susan M. Dorar ColorGuard-4 Pres. Powder Puff Tri Copt. Thanks Mrs. Dutra. Here ' s To Weekends: Bud Quarts b Lowponies Party W DCSIRBCK JBDAMALC KPTSRMMC MRLE " RAGING COWI " FHSMMC-Seniors only I LKF " CHEEKSEE " Front Raoul SPAZ GAGME WTF O.C.. IT ' S PROMTIMEI Summer ' 82 Finel Fine You Swine! HMMM? Toga 10 31 82 Franksl I NEED IT BADI FLOR- IDA I Just a Couple Of Fools: 6 22 82 Doug " VOICES IN- SIDE MY HEAD ECHO THE THINGS YOU SAID " PRAISE JAH JAMAKA SUM. ' 83 Track " WE ARE THE BALLS " Han- Mark S. Dorsey Ion. Meliss JSC Mott the Hoople, Peu- geot ’’Toonin ' W Rasta Marines, Squat. Max, McQuarter. Elsween, Teenage TM Festivals , Dennis b Bos- ton 83 PBW Hilo . Hawaii Yo Ya Ya Yal Mammery b Shimerik Hootohs . Mi- cro Bones b Femurs Tetrahhydra Cana- banol at W.H. FootBoll, DenMan ALL THE WOMEN I ' VE LUSTED FOR Thomas Doyle " Vinegar " Cross Country Co-Copt. 1982 Eastern Mass. Champions All Stole Run- ner Ups Six And b , !!ING Zero Honor Society Latin club?? Sports Enthusiasts club Winter Track. Spring Track Tony C. and Shtring Beans " I USED TO BE DIS- GUSTED WELL NOW I TRY TO BE AMUSED " -Elvis Thanks-TT, DC. KH. Robert A. Douglass JD. JK. PS, PC. TC 1 FHS Stage Band 1 Marching Sea- son Trios Ex- change Con- certs " , MUSIC IS WELL SAID TO BE THE SPEECH OF Jonathan W. Drew ANGELS " T. Carlyle. Here ' s to the Best Percussion Section in the Land-GO FOR IT! Bye CC. KA, CW. JC. MR. LM. KF. Bucket Mouth jr.. Mr. M. (Thanks Mr. M.) KG. SC, LS. JD. RM. JW, MC. NC. CM. KF. STONEHENGE is on the Loose! LOOK OUT! Infinity Rush 1 NP. GL. AL. XYZ Tom Sawyer BDR Good Luck Seniorsl GET PSYCHED for 6 3 82IIII 32 Deborah Duce " Pippy " Lookout Key Club Secretory 61-82. M.M.. C.M.. J.L.. " Goofa " " Keep Your Face To The Sun Shine 6 You Cannot See The Shadow ' " " Malibu " M.M. 4 10 81 You Make Life Dareable! John M. Duddy Varsity DoseBall Mgr. Boys Basketball Had Good Times At FHS Good Luck To Friends, Wayne 6 Bobby. Hope To At- tend Bridge Water or Westfield State Robert J. Duffany Martha S. Dumas FHS Pippin, Friends, Sum- mer ' 82, Ni- cole, Mau- reen. Room 9 Thanks Robin, Cheryl. " Things Are The Way They Are, and Then They Are That Thar Way No Long- er. " -Devende " I Don ' t know What I Have Or What I Lack, or The Name of What It Is I Seek. " -Ferran " Accept Me As I Am So That I May Learn What I Can Become. " -M.E. Kerr Lynn Dutra FREE IN 831 Led Zepplin. ISS. Smoke Stacks, Friends Fore vet . Kurt-N-Me Life ' s a Bummer! Jay B. Freshman Year. Lopez. House C. GRADUATIONIII Prom ' 82 Summer Of 81 Hi Ya Curie! Hey Gertrude 1 1 LIKE TO ROCK!! Party til You Puke! Bad Company Talent Show Mom I Need It Bad! Memories Forever Love To KS u A. Patrick Egan Soccer, La- crosse Techie Honor Society Key Club " He Had Enough Gall To Be Di- vided in Three Parts ' ' Cheaper . . JC, TD. TU, CD SINCE 4th Grade Workin ' at the " MAN " W Coop TF Benny Elks W EH GG Honor Bowl Math Team Tony C Mr Griffs Slow Plodders Key Club Skiing At SugarLoaf, WhiteFace Togas Roma ' 81 Tip-Off Clas- sic MD KG TU BB ECHO DC " LONG DIS- TANCE CALLERS MAKE LONG DISTANCE CALLS " KFADKTMMBSSRCM SPB 33 Diane E. Emmons Gymnastics. Captain- Cracker Con- test. French Club-Ouebec S.F.-K.F. H.M., K.H.. M.P.. S.A., M.D., A.F. Boston W K.F. GO- Julie A. Erdos GO ' S Concert KULHUA GEORGIE-POR- GIE( 143) Joyce Filling " Jo " ' 63 Color- Guard Rep- Singers-Sec. umyf CP6B TB SC HH BC MR NS K KC COM Balto N.H. Ski- ing Football Riunite Con- certs Karate POC FireDrills " You Know Itl " " Crazy " DOCD. K. J. A. M. JOW- ' Recess " " T-F " Rhiannon " Always Dream Because If You Don ' t. Then. How Con Your Dreams Come True? " " Crash " P-Lot Par- ties. " Row " PTL Turn Me Lose I " Life Is a Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All " Best Of Times DCBM-M FRACK JC " WEAGLY " Gretchen. Col- leen. Sandy, Kelly, Caro- lyn, Ann Rol- lerSkating Bourne Satur- day Nights Grandpa ' s House Tucker Town Johnson 0 Wales HERE I COME-READY OR NOTH " WHAT WE ARE IS GOD ' S GIFT TO US, WHAT WE BECOME IS OUR GIFT TO GOD " To all my friends- THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIMES, I’LL NEVER FORGET THEM! THE REBEL: KEY CLUB. SPANISH CLUB, TRACK, SKI- THE ONLY ONES THA T MATTER. LC, KG, MCI PSYCHO BLON DESI HOCKEY GAMES, THE MORGANS, DECII MY SPECIAL FRIEND, MALMAS, JM-SWA- 10 YRS. SK CL JH GG, PR FEB. 13. 1962 " THE CARTEL " OCT. 24. 1961 " THE PAR- TY " SCL-SUMMER 81 . . . IT AIN’T NO SIN TO BE GLAD YOUR E ALIVEI THANKS BC AND ESPECIALLY YOU MOMI KENNY YOU ' LL ALWAYS BE OURS. Lisa M. Evaneski Great friends- Coryn, Tina. Brian. Arindo, AF. JT. AF. JW. MS. JAF. LRC, MB! CA girl weekend specials, Feb. vac-the opt! Prom 82-LL summer 82-Br4. SGW DNA, shnapps- AC. LBOY 7 4. Paul-htsisl SR. X-MAS trees CCA " I don ' t need this " cocktail parties It ' s rn ognl " Froggy " new years eve 82 LISALUSH Florida 63 1 " what IS up? " megal love yo-Mom. LME6CAEII Survival-OTSCS KISS 106. 9 8 62-BTII THE BEST OF TIMES TO REMEMBER! Spain 6 Portu- gal " Donde Esta El Hotel Roma? " CC the Spit SL Kink Loydd TUSKS AND KRINKLES SR Frie ndteys Someday You ' ll Stone The-C-LH Pet Pee ves: SA T ' S 6 Saturday Mornings W Mr. M. " M " " Many Times The Truth Has Been Said In The Jest " " Life Is Short, The Art Long, Timing Is Exact. Experience Treacher- ous, Judgement Difficult " " Electric Look Eclectic Blue Keep One Dream That Won ' t Come True " ADIOS FHS Kristine E. Fernald Kristen B. Fisher J.V. Cheer- leading. Major- ettes, Good Times W Good Friends At B . S . C . Good Luck To: TY, TP. PP, MJ. MT. ME. MM. JR, KM. GB. I ' ll Miss You All Vocation At Endicott! Watch Out Dean Jr. Col- lege-Here I Come Free In ' 8311 Par- ty?! Good Luck To The Class Of ' 63. Skate Forever. 34 Karen Fitch Key Club Lake Plac- id Ski ' 33 The Win- n e r s M + M ■% ■ Puns The French Club Din- ner ECHO CHEAPER DY THE DOZEN Fresh Fish Quebec in the Spring California Ice Cream Cruising in the Valiant BFJF WE ARE ALL FLOATING THROUGH SPACE IN A GIANT PERCEPTION DUD- OLE BEING BOMBARDED WITH COS- MIC PARTICLES OF REALITY. Ooh La La Let ' s Go Dancing Spastic Cl AO " F letch " " whats up cuz " blue the auditorium with JJJT. Freshman year rm 260 with MGJMMTJJJT. THE movies with C C . partying with CWDFJPMCMGKGTM crusin ' , JOURNEY. ALDO NOVA weightlifting, volleyball, cars, the summer of ' 82. sailing club with CWDMALPL, May 15, 82. senior year, graduation " WISDOM IS THE ABIL- ITY TO DISCOVER ALTERNATIVES " James J. Forman Ann Marie Francis ' " Tweets " Cape Skate SB-JT-LO-TW- KS-JW-JE Cock- toils For How Many? White Calvins A 9 for Tonite Sum- mer of 80-MF Megas Bar 0 Grill B-4 Hockey Games N.H. KISS 106 Super Bowl XVII. Sociable No Funds AMIGOS W Chile Con Reachin ' for Clues? X-Moss Trees College SENIORITIS I love you Mom 0 Dad TODA Y IS THE FIRST DA Y OF THE REST OF OUR LIVESI Always Remember The Good Times We ' ve Had Uoth ' ira rmiUrO bub ihu- U£el d, from. CL TuesctiLj poinb 5 vieuj Janet M. Fraser ColorGuord, G R - D e s t Friends Al- ways, S M Don t Forget That Smilel GOOD-BYE and GOOD LUCK Daniel Frye 35 Suzanne Garcia Deborah A. Gospa Dubby June 27 Hyonnis Prince Concert CVC Copy- Center Friends Forever Me- + D o r r a i n e ( SB ) Listening To 95 0 91 Cherrio DAP JDD JAS LST BKT TMP CAM DG DS GJ JC Nana (Love You Always) 10 31 82- 2 25 83 Chgp " What Time Is It? ' Dye FHS Melissa Ann Gay Pep Squad, Cheerleading. Figure Skat- ing, Jazz The- a te r Arts. G R F A S E , CHEAPER . . . Track, ECHO 93 ' ' Foot- prints ' ' GOODTIMES Francis 8 Rosey Prom 82 Lou Decka Pam R. CALIFORNIA STAY HEALTHY FOREVER ' - Kenny So- bens- Sean Sharon Rose Ghelfi Good Times Partying, Ski- ing, Horses. 8 of Course Ri- chie. I Will Miss FHS 8 THE the Good Times I ' ve Had Here But at the Same Token. The Time Has Come To Soy Goo- Dye To All My Friends In the Senior Class. ESP.. HD, RD. DD. PS, 8 of Course KJ 8 JG. I Wish the Best Of Luck to All of you in the Future. Kenneth M. Gonye Varsity Soc- cer. Lacrosse (Copt), Key Club (Pres). U.N. History Club With Mr. G. M.C.. DO. TV Conserve All The Way The Game Is Rigged Awesome Four Lake Placid 83 Dirty Dog with SL. LC. Kamakozi, Holly- wood J.H. The Girl Thar Made FHS Spe- cial! J.H. go Bananas! " It is Only A Cou- ple Streets Over. " Dig East Rules Wres- tling Snuko Lives Lit Peach What A Job " THE BULLET THAT WILL KILL ME HAS NOT BEEN CAST " (NAP) Larin Rigged. " , MUST HAVE GOT LOST " , Julio 8 Manuel, Carolyn, Corinne, Jelly Dea n MD and DUG. " BEAST OF BUR- DEN " " THE SKY ' S THE LIMIT " Chapy. the DallPark. France W EM. Dob Seger-T USED TO SMOKE FIVE PACKS OF CIGGS A DA Y, IT WAS THE HARDEST THING TO PUT THEM AWAY, I DRANK FOUR OR FIVE DOTTLES OF WINE. I HAD A GLASS IN MY HAND ALL THE TIME . . . " " THE GOOD TIMES ARE FOREVER ...” Thomas E. Goulet A TTENTION A TTENTION ALL PERSON. NEL IN COM- ING GRADU- A T E S ! ! M A S H 1968 To Feb. 28. 1983 Haw- keye. Honey- cut. Hoolihan and Radar A! Elbereth GilthonielH Vilya. Nenya, Narya " That ' s Highly Significant " Computer Club? Chuck and John Married?? WFHS TV Perspective No More Accounting! Mes Petites Fleurs MC, SM. LS. CM. DD. CE OUt N ' ESTPAS Clair n est pas Fran- cois- Rivorol The APE Sopper ' s Ready Willow Form AFTERGLOW!! 36 I Christine J. Grant " Christy " Gerald F. Grady " Gerry " Mr. G Captain (Hockey and Soccer) One Of The Few, The Proud, ' The Blue Line Awe- some!!! Dlue- Line 14. 20, 17 ' 17— 20 " M.D.F.F. Kenny Sabens " Chicks Are Here Today, Out True Friends Are To Stay " The Truck 0 Th ' GP " Hit The Dut- ton " Case. Let ' s Get A RCol Haircut: Dudes b Smurfs CC Shamrocks b Leath- er You Can Have Your Coke b Ear Ir Baby: Math Mrs. Adams: Dowie Her- V fc. oes WE CAN DE HEROES JUST FOR ONE DAY " Doomboom DUK (TO TP) Karen M. Grinnell Jimmy! Mr. Fraher ' s 10th Block Class. The Summer Of 32, Par- ty ' s. Long •mf Weekends. MP August 6 . — D e e s h . Meesh, G.M., R.L., The Bittersweet! G.S.. L.S. The Home Ec. Room, Mrs. McD., Salty ' s, F.A. Woods Hole! The Barge, Wabba. Fog, Paradise Rock. The Oar And Anchor. The Kid, Dailey ' s Comers. 11 High Street. New Years. Halloween All of My Friends And Family, Mr. F. (Dad) Krista. The Future! Wendy Ann Guest ' Majorettes Vice Presi- dent. Prom Committee 82 Canada 81. " why " Rere ' 5 p a z " Slime. ILYMP! Sum- mer of ' 82: Mono b Pheimonia. Aug 7. Can ' t Wait " June 15. 85 " Friends 4 Ever: MP. FH, AL, AM. KO. MK. MR, JD. Florida ' 83. Claremont NH 80. Troy NH 82. Conn 83, " The Times Ve Had To- gether Will Never Be Forgotten " MbMMSP Riunite JD WH Golf-Course Our Special Parking-Lot Never Forger Our First!!!!! GoodDye FHSHHH! Erika R. Hahn Portrait Of A J. Geils Addict AKA: Raputah Slosh Wolf. Special Thanks To Pe- ter Wolf: Seth Justman For Helping Me Survive, Ho- mosapien member In Good Standing, DLADD Society Co-Prez 80. Intelligenc- er 83. My Love To J " no E " Forman, TP no E " . EHI. Sharon. Jules. M and L All The Many Friends Made Along The Way. And Even Jill. Nolo Contendere. Much Thanks To Mom For Making It All Possible. Love. MMbl LlKll UJeJvt iVnalUj ffacUd cx_ tarninQ pant 37 Kristen C. Homre Psycho Blonde HJWD X-Country Thanks TT Warrant Comm. 5ADD Club Du Fran- cois U2 Thanks Mrs. Doyle, Mr. Doug- lass. Mr, Casso, TD for Making FH5 O.K.III This Is THe Modern World-JAM. Live Fast ' Cause It Won ' t Last-DLNDY. Stay Free-The CLASH. What ' s So Dad About Peace Love G Understanding?-E. COSTELLO. SMP I LOVE YOU! Keep The Edge-DL SOME PEOPLE ENJOY THE LIFE THAT IS GIVEN TO THEM, AND SOME ENJOY THEIR OWN ' ' Roger Hayward Karyn Harding Ski ' 63, Mud Puddles, To- gas, Pinches. SugorLoaf in 1 9 8 2, " GREASE " , (M.D.Zuko), ’ ’ D R I G A - D O O N ' ' , Breakfast Par- ties. " CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN " , Pep Squad. K.T, J.G. A.D, G.C, L.M.C, L.C. (F 2), Summertime, MDL Dances, Mon- day Night Madness, The E.D.S. Anthony J. Hennessy ROLLING STONES. Toad. Red Line (A WESOME) Garden Party " 81-82 ( 82 - 8 3?) the i Smurfs " ' HEY I DUDE " Ski Kill- r ington, the Hill at the Heights, the Blue Viens. Need a Feed. Front Row at Rainbow. CM. JD. AT. JD DD. DH, G AF are oil Doneheads. DD. SP. DW. TM. DH. SD. NS. G NR. (LOVE EM ALL) WOKE UP THIS MORNING G GOT MYSELF A DREW . SMU. Karen Lee Harris Always Remember THe Good Times At FHS.-John P., Suzanne K., Tara Y„ Debby K., Gloria E., Mary A., Kathy K., Pauline P.. Jerry M„ T. Y. G the J. GEILS Concert. Hearth G Kettle. Lemon Sisters. SK. DK. VK, PH. KH. Sunset G Choclote Covered DONUTS. Summer of ' 82 Beth G Jeff Melisi. Heights Beach Double Dar- ing Mini Golf Riunite W Debby G Su- zanne. Racquetball W Beth. " Kenny 5. " G Last BUT NOT LEAST: GRADU- ATION! Illll Amy Beth Heyerdahl " Drigadoon ” AFS dub. Cho- rus. " MUSIC- MAN " Sum- mer ' 62. Joe- Joe. " SMILE AWHILE AND WHILE YOU SMILE AN- OTHER SMILES AND SOON THERES MILES AND MILES OF SMILES AND LIFE ' S WORTHWHILE DE- CAUSE YOU SMILED " . Mouse. Duckett, " EVERYDAY " " ' AWESOME " ’ " GET PSYCHED ’’ SNOWI " Good Luck to all my Friends. GR. EJ (Bucko). CLE, JC, " . . . AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT’’ Susan A. Hankins Heather Heath Feather FDoll. Fast T m i e s , Yargo. D- A lie y G SWMM G Wrestling. JR G Beaches, HotDIood- ed. FireDrill. " TURN ME LOOSE " Con- certs. Water Fights P-Lot Parties, Lily. Spike, SummerNights, Sunsets, GreenMochine H-A. NA VY, Hunting, SnowDrifts. DD, T-Drow SA. Spainln- April, MC, WeightLifting, " BREAK- DOWN " ’ " HEARTBREAKER " , X-Mas RoofTops. N-YEAR BABY. 38 J uxts 20 much Older ikuuiJ ' m ijoimc r Lhcuc that ncuj Lisa M. Hickey " DELIEV- ING IS THE DEGIN. NING OF A DREAM COMING TRUE.” K . G. A Very Spe- Friend I Great times W the Best of Friends Bahamas 82 A WESOME W L.E., ECHO 101. Pizza 0 Riunire W M.D. Best Of Luck To The CLASS OF 8311 GOD Bless You KS. Jessica D. Hinckley Christian K. Hinds Best Events for me at FHS were Soph- more 0 Junior YRS.. Playing Hockey. I ' m Sorry I Didn ' t Try For Varsity. My Best Friends at School were Lynne Crowell. Adam f.. Larry " Cheko " . John " Doldsy " Best Wishes To Everyone. Plenty of Partying, More K. Parties at MY house This Summer. Good Luck AS Your Lives Go ON Thank God IT ' S OVER I III Erik A. Hobbie 6 19 81 Coth- erine French club Quebec Trip Mrs. M. GoodDyes Soccer-Cap- tain Mr. T. Math Team Friends " Mr. Cashew” Growing UP Regrest " HE WHO HESI- TATES IS LOST ' ' History Class Mr. O ' Brian Honor Society AFS club Racquetboll W.W.R.F. Perpetual Challengers Don ' t Give Up C.C.C.A.S.L. Cathy ' s House CM ' 7 DON ' T HAVE ANY DUSTERS ' ' Drodley A. Hobson FootDoll: Denny Hill Blue Broth- er. Denuck 1982 Jets. THANKS to Uncle Cranny. Uncle Al- ii e 1 1 a , Mugsy Cj Gus. Copt. Duffy. Cong. Chuckles, ET 0 Hairy. Lacrosse 8 SES Nobska Youth Group: ski Trips Krito. Rick. MSA 80 CM. KK. EJ. Sarge. PC. CK. JD. JD. RM. MA. SI. JN. SN. CC. JL. DL. SD. DC. JM. ID. Pancake Man: Dennis, Dill. Pete, Pat, Jeff. Ian. Chris. Tegan. ISADII Barbara F. Horton ■YOU ' VE GOT TO GET UP EVER Y MOR- NIN ' WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE. AND SHOW THE WORLD ALL THE LOVE IN YOUR HEART " Thanx To K.H.. JM. JF. I Made itl Mr. Helfin, Thanx for your Be- lief! " PIPPIN " 81 " ■ GREASE What A Screamer! Live Boston Bands Rock The Soull " JAM " " THE P-FURS " Funk Loves Me! Do It Clean! You Days Are Short Here ... So Don ' t Forget. When You Leave. Why You Came, " MOM AND DAD. I LOVE YOU! 39 JP G Number 5. Science Club G Roman Candles, PDP G Othello (Of Course) Drums Dy The Sum- mer. Foster ' s I Elsie ' s, WHO! USGS. " , MINE ' S A TALE THA T CAN ' T DE TOLD, M Y FREE- DOM I HOLD DEAR . . . " -Led Zepplin ELP, P. Floyd, Yes? Can-Con, Pippin, G Grease, No Names, And Don ' t Touch The Mic. Huh? ' CAN YOU SEE THE REAL ME?? " Felicia A. Houston " Fi-Fi " DasketDall Co- Copt. SoftDall Summer of ' 82 Mickey D ' s Friends-Wen- d y , Tim, Kim bo, Jus- tine, Lisa, Sam, Cor- rinne, Jackie, Spaz Judy. " Happily Ensconced " MEOW Mr. Casso ' s Class W BH G Stef- son Fits I ' ll Never Forget the Boy Who Helped Evacuate the School " The Road Of Life Is Paved With Buffalo Chips " " T ' WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, T ' WAS THE WORST OF TIMES ...” Varsity Bas- ketBall 13 Golf Team Honor Socity Summer Fun JW YG GG ' 74 Lemons " , FREE IN 83 " MOLS G HEINE Barbara G. Hunt S.S. M.R. D.S. M.C. A.R. Fresh- man Blues W D. W., A . C . , M.O., Pic- nic Mr. C a s s o ' s Class W F.H. + G.S.. D.E.C.A. N.Y. Sum- mer of ' 82 W M.O. Simon, Mickey D ' s Bound Dynasty Having G+ T ' s Dinner Parties OH MICKEYII Good- Night Muffy I COULDN ' T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT MY FRIENDS. Ill Sherri Lynn Ingalls ColorGuard 4- FI. Caller, Powder Puff 31 Mer Mer Merrl CP+ Tl ESAD Raoul WTF: WE ARE THERE LCI OUTTA HERE! Here ' s to Weekends: RB SD DC CL CM RC KJ BM AR MM CK PT SD AM EG AE + KD, Party I Frondoso. Bud Quarts, low pon- ies! fhsmmc Seniors ONLYI AY BOY- WHERE ' S MY BIKE? SD-Spaztic chick! France 821 mich litesl Onset-A WE- SOME! GAG-ME. SPAZ! OC-it ' s PROM- TIME! O.C.I TOGA! 4th of July! Judith A. Irving Lookout Key Cl u b-CO- President; Field Hockey; Basketball; Softball. CO- Captain ; El Bencho; JT; Steps; CC; C I a r k I n ; Mouse; JA; December 20, 1981; JCAHID 4EVER; MM: We ll get something MT: Don t get lost kio; Punch and Judy: See you at C-Comp AJ and 4H; MGM run; spaghetti supper: lightbulbs; Sugarloaf; 28-20: MMCFHS; Coop; MM; Gooh Maine; FREE IN ' 83 40 Philip G. Jepsen A Donna M. Johnson " Jeppa " FootDoll 4; K.S. FREE IN 33 Par. tyl Heights Bound. All the Way! Ultimate. Bedford Space y. Whippets J.H. Tuning Out at FBR Skippy Greeka Cree Key Club Yearbook Staff Anna. HA, Laura RA, Susan, Scott, Waterskiing Parties W Scott. Ray- mond. Kathy. Amy. Cathy. Jenny, Jenn. 3 Mike LOHGMEADOW W Amy. Jennifer, Fred, 3 John. Sept. ' 63: Hew Hampshire College Mrs. O.. Senioritis. Weekends, Mic Lights 3 Riun- ite TAB EC: Tiuaeial Mr. Dunn 3 Kathy Hockey Games Babysitting W Anna Special friends A.D., K.T., A.M., L.C.. S.R., R.H., S.J., KS rkL- flcist 5 gcn , i6 ' s aiL brn h nris io lohai Uu u£uax_ brincp. M . H . L. , Generic Eric E. Johnson Brothers, Gutter Children, Brigastud, S q u r r I y A I u w a - luwa wa, Crazy Crate, Youth Group, HaHa Table, Ski Trip, IRVING 3 RALPH. Purple Com - el. Bucko Bucket. Massive Milk. Magpies, Holy Guidol Cinnabar. Car Tag. Thats Un-Americanl Mr. Napa, Gumby, All State, Bessy. Purple Dustered Mice. Drive-In Fiasco. Sandwich Shop. FERR SHERR. Becky, Falmouth Commadors. Thanks D.L. Lisa S. Johnson Spain 3 Portu- gal Roma Specials ' 71 ' THE THREE KRINKS " PR " SAM " Co- rinne KF " THE SPAZ " Tusk ' WHEN YOU HAVE FAULTS DO HOT FEAR TO ABANDON THEM " Kelly Ann Joyce Class of ' 33 ■ finally I KG, MA. DC. MS. DK. CB. SM. LINUS Stones Police Beatles Hope To GO Up CTS Good Times Mopeds Not Cars Florida, CCCC SEE YOU LATER KM. SR. KK. SK, GM. Swimming Summer 12 18 33 Marie Junker HAPPINESS IS UP TO ALL OF US TO KNOW WHAT WERE DOING. GOOD LUCK to all of my friends KF, GP, LR. MG, MM. MC, MT, EG, Good Luck to all of the sr. Hockey Players 3 To Everyone Else on the Team. Kris have fun at Dean 3 Partylllll FREE IN 83. Good luck to class of 33. 41 Mary Alice Kearney Stephanie T. Kelley Don t waste your time here in this place. Run wild! Run free! MA, DC. RF, KP. CK . Chi. GF. MD. MS, 0 JD! Sea Crest WFHS GM GREASE. DRIGADOON. FESTIVAL, Uhl HISTOR Y club, warrant committee track, class marshall for graduation of 82, ECHO, 3rd grade CCD. Endicott col- lege, here I cornel! AhlGR TO TEXAS! sondcastles ore fun to party on! WE ROW TO CHURCH AND PADDLE ON THE POND MIKE . Bridget A. Kilkenny Pook A I Diz (j D i ' OBSES- SION Fol Port Drivers Ed, Ski- ing Missing Gas Cap Lex- ington Tea- berry Mornin ' Great Escape Som bre roes Dunes Dex Chemistry 0 Latin . . . Again Tab Pizza Cramped Lockers D C. Dali- pork W.Civ. Fuelish Pick! Martha Dead Dattety Frisbee Boxers Beach Boston the Vinyard D C. Fair Dump Just Joshin ' Racing Stripes ig . . Summer Stew Carolyn Kirk Kooky Great times W MIS- Memories thst will last a For - ever. Choppy. The Ball park, MUST A GOT LOST " J. G El LSI Lisa Dandro, Gina, S.C.. R.D.. Colin " Magic Dus " " 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL FRIDAY! " My High School Years. Memories That Will Lost a Life- time. " THOSE CRAZY NIGHTS I DO RE- MEMBER IN MY YOUTH. I DO RECALL THOSE WERE THE THE BEST TIMES MOST OF ALL ' -Journey Candice A. Kiss Hon. Society. Hon. Guard Girls State Key Club Vat. Cheerldr JR. Year: Chem. Psych. Study W CP. MM- D.C. DT-The Sink LD-Snow Dunes- Who s Donna? " . GUND. ZIGGY. SKI. The Garden. Disc. DCF- " Excuse Me . . . " , Hampton: July 17. Ploy land. The Rail, TAD. Full Moon. " IN THE AIR TO- NIGHT " . " SMILE " . Wink W Left, " CU- TIE " , " DO YOU KNOW THE FTDLL COACH DOWN THERE? " , UMO TE 94 . Aug. 11, Sept. 28. Jan. 8-Aquarium. " HEAT OF THE MOMENT " . . . ROD!! 42 Deborah A. Klein David. KH. HL. AG. GP. JM, TY. SK. Lemm- mon Sisters, Camping. Prom ' 83. Tex- as Riunite. 1447. Summer Of 80. 82. Je- sus Gives A Rainbow To Those Whose Hearts Hold Tears. " RUNNING ON EMPTY " Melissa Ann Klink Dond. Orches- tra. Color Guard. No- tional Honor Society. Honor Guard. French Club. A.F.S., Cape Cod Mu- sic Festival. Canada 81, Rainbow, Prom 82 " Open Arms " . Bourne. Mantisa. Messy Klunk. August 7. 82. MICHAEL. " HAPPINESS IS A BUT- TERFLY. WHICH WHEN PERSUED. IS AL- WA YS JUST BEYOND YOUR GRASP. BUT WHICH IF YOU WILL SIT DOWN QUIETL Y MAY LIGHT UPON YOU Charles B. Konner " Chuck " Football 4, Rifleman. Brigodoon Beast, Sue ' s House, Fast Times at FHS. M + j + Cooper, I ' m A Teenage Moody. N est Pas. P- Left. My Favorite Rainbow. AH, To All M Y Special Friends: Bed. IDAMA, LC. SI, LC, SD. DC. GM EH+ Benuck The Duck+ BroDave- 0 nt , fJ nc iOticij -fret,] tlm mo c. y oovJtr Cfo tkj- ryUJ ic n i Stephanie Lackey Good Times Never Seemed So Good. Erik ' " Some Place Equally As Roman- tic " . Kristine Morotta ' s Terrible Two. Tim- Molly ' s Good Jazz 8 Muddpies. Dancing Fools! Charlene " TIME TO MAKE THE DOUGHNUTS Leroys Coffee. Kevin NH 82 RootBeerRag. V.M. 83 PhoneBills. Warsaw Con- certo. Demain Bon Ami. ANN-PRO- CESS THAT DATA. NO SCRUPLES!!! Wilbur H. LaVoie Jr. Stop O Shop Micky Dee ' s C.K.. S.W.. S. R.. M.P K.P.. BAR.. T. S., B.S.. D O.. Jim 0 Kit Trunk River Bristol Beach Falmouth Heights Summer Of 82 The Nob. Friends 0 Times At FHS 43 Peter John Lennon Sarah Leiby Lake Placid ' 83! Hiding, Skiing,- Swim- ming, Friends, Drop, Ver- mont ' 8 21 " Top Shelf " Partying 1? Holl-y-wood, G R A D U - A TIONlIl Good Friends Will De There Come Hell Or High Water. " ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL QUALITIES OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP IS TO UNDERSTAND AND DE UNDERSTOOD " -Seneca Interests: Dicycling, Photography, Good Rock n ' Roll Musics And fast Cars. Best Times; 1963 That had 66 Chevy, The Good Times at 265 the fun with the 283, Arn ' t they done yeti No HE was absent again To All Of My Friends Best Of Luck In The Future Hope To See You in 1993. Here Is To Summer Of 1983. Jennifer A. Lopes August 22, 1982 " The Harbor Lights Are Shining " Freshman Year Bugsy And Bones Best Friends: Deanna D, T a r a h M , Mary A, Lynn D. Snow Days Jala:r The Crew WDA:r The Popsie Challenge Va- cations The Summer Of 1982 Weekends Traveling Dave Always And Forever Senior year Free In 83 Good Times At FHS Future Plans: Marriage And To Trav- el To All My Friends Thanks For Being a Friend -JAL Christopher T. Lumber t Mary K. Manning The Good Times are The Best Times Especially At Woyland High Good Luck To My Friends There LD DO LK KR JR DH JR DN MW HJ PG MC DF MC DF MR Summer Of 82 June 16 The Best The Drive In Hojas Mean Machine DD trie Pebbles HH TWADAPIMHFDF Doesn ' t She Ever Stop Talking I.D. Please! IILHIWYSRM Lynyrd Skynyrd. Van He- len Concert Thanks Mom And Sam I Love You Doth! Sam Dorelho I ' ll Love You Forever!!!! Gerald A. Morschall Jr. Hearth Kettle S.K. ■|f K.H. T.Y. tjr Coffee 8 i Fries All w The Laughs W Katrin Klien and Depress- ing walk on the jetty W Suzanne Klien at 8:30 AM Pennies Dark Vil- lage Devo Fun in the snow Career: Computer Technition miss M.A. in school Running on e. " IT ' S BETTER TO PLACE TRUST IN THE LORD THAN TO PUT CONFIDENCE IN MAN " - Psalms 118 V. 8. 44 Gerald H. Martin Varsity Football " Ford Mo- tor Parts " " Denny b the Jets ” Mr. Mugs, Cranny, Mr. A. Sta- g e b a n d Canada ' 81 Xchange concerts Unc. Quido Deauford The CLASH ' 82 The Jam D-52 ' s DS, DS, Fogle my buddy Dlues GOF DOO DOOO My Friends: Mr. H., The GEKF, SR. SW. FP, JO. SD. DH. FJ. DR, KR, CK, WW. PD.. USA - you ore someone special to me. Jonathan D. Mathews Lou, Sam b Wine parties; G. D. D, b Doathouse parties; Hey Amos! Gonzo b Dig Dird ZZZing! Doo b Large Dirdsl The Mouse, GRFASF, Noodagrib, C.D. T.D.. Was that my cue? Thanx Jason I Got anything? Let ' s Dlow this place I That ' s Dushl You Twinkiel WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT ' S DEENI J.E.D. " YOU ARE WHAT YOU GIVE TO LIFE; LIFE IS WHAT YOU GIVE TO YOURSELFI " LA- TAH PEOPLES!! Lisa M. Matthews Summer of ' 821 Led Zepplin SD. MLN, TR Tragedy SMD. JD, FVH; " You ' ll get yours! " I L RCDI GRADUA TIONI Jim Mor- ris on- SEE YOU ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOONI-PF Shaledown St. Moon light in Samosa Nov. 23, 82, Friends Forever " WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT S DEENIIII Anna Paula Martinho Pep Squad. Key club, Yearbook Staff Cree TAD Weekends Reunite Lowies Loo- kout Fair Clown Lake Placid ' 83 T-lift Adventures Open Arms summer 82 W Rick the 14th Senioritis, Mrs. O, NHC b babysitting w Cree Soph year Don- na, na Laura, ra Football Games Pep squad buddies M.M.S.EcI Tluaeial Mud puddles. Special friends: JAM, Donna, Laura, Amy, Mark Marji P., Gerr Mi- chelle, KS it ' s hard to say goodbyell Rebecca L. McClane Roma ' 83- JP-LA, " Dri- gadoon ”, ' ' Space Oddity”. DOWIE JD club (007). Let ' s go ' ' R o m e ■ ing " , Ma 1 na ma no. OD on OTT ' s, Me-Tree and " Dinasour " GbT ' s. " Face to Face”, (SIRII), Dollons-MDL Dances b Leopard Skin Everything III " You must be daring without being reck- less, careful without being timid " -D. Dradley Marjorie A. McEvoy ‘ Pep Squad Prez Danquer Gymnastics Cracker Con- test Key club- S u g a r I o a f Maine w JT, MT Getting Lost w JT, Mt Dedication, KH parties JAM, APM Diaper Waterski- ing CC, MT Tourist-mint-Golf CC, Jl. CD Mid-Day Movies CC, CD. Jl MT Nite FD Game Goodtimes Special Friends Loo- kout clown Senior play " DUG” KS " MANY DREAMS COME TRUE AND SOME HA VE SIL VER LININGS. I LIVE FOR MY DREAMS OND A POCKETFULL OF GOLD ' -R. PLANT Most Comical: Chuck Konner, Lisa Caron Most Dramatic; Mark Dogosian, Lisa Hickey JVe. d3njL , buj- Coy rYVLtksucL nO QjrirrUL. 45 ' ' B R I G A Mary M. McGowan DOOM " , Flow- er Day, Ex- change Con- certs, Dr J, Star Parties, Sci- ence Fair 82, SC Florida, At- lantic HS, St. Marks JM DR DCH Ski 83 LP, Quebec 83, AC Music festivals, Open arm JM, WHOI RDD Moth Meets, Town Dand, French club- MS DC MM Mr. Griff, Moody Blues Honor Society, 82 DW JW BD-AWESOME M DM. camping M T, MM, Yacht dub races 0 dances, MV MC, " CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN " Mom, JC PE IB MM DR AD KT CM EH KE MT CS PC PH MD. Diane M. McKenzie 4 yrs Varsity BasketBoll Peter S. McKinley Copt 3yrs Loo- Ji kOut Club lyr Key Club Bridge Cr Desi Great Times Falmouth Heights Fris- bee F.O.A.D. v ore F 2 FB JD s Deangelo Parties 8 22 82 Tab 6 Veggies Bridge What Does Pook Mean? Grass Skiing Spring ' 83 Hockey Games Bostonl El Bencho I Old Domminion Bound Robert B. McKean Football 4 y e a r s . Spain 82 Powder puff coach ■BRIGA- BOON ' ' Beast 3 Stooges MT. ST. Cooper " , Spring a Leak " " Did Ya get a Book With This " close com- panion Mark ' s fender Frondosa " Holding up the House " Mazel tov Bergen County CK JB ID SKIDLY MC SI LMC Sue ' s house toga Bioya Brrr 12 O ' Clock Down Icewoman AMA NC GL Second time around LAC Thanks MOD Good Luck KS The Magic Kingdom Tri- cio; Window- pane, T.P.; Marguerita, buddy : Whet- tam. 79; Lori Ann, Eternal summers; Psss Barba- dos: Apricot Brndyl AC DC: There ' s only one way to play it I Good Luck Karen, see you at graduation. People are lonely because the build walls instead of bridges. Cindy -83 Coio F.H.S. Amy L. McLaughlin Karen R. Medeiros Mk w, L V I w j Mary Gay tJelghem Friends; I ' ll never forget the good times, (senior year). The sil- I y rimes (freshman year) (Judy), O the bod times ( wish- ing to get out). I wish the best of luck to all of you. Keep in touch 6 hope to see you at the class reunions. Good luck KM when you start your new life with TD. TO a funny guy BW who kept me smi- lin ' " QUENCHING YOUR THI5T FOR KNOWLEDGE. " EO. WHO TAUGHT ME A LOT. Don t you wish the next girls were as good as we were? Love Ya 5HA WN R. for Judy! Cheryl Annette Miller fl Marching Bond: Mon- treal 81. 82. 83: Honor Soci- ety, Honor Guard 82. SYMS-UNH 82. Rainbow Nursing. Keep your chin up 0 fight for what you believe in. Smiles make the world go ' round. Thanks Claudia, Chris T.. Martha. This is a close of one way of life, and the opening of new. Friends will go but new ones will come to take their place. Congratula- tions Mr. 6 Mrs. S. Thanks MomODad. ' V 46 fUijur oML lOcrvOf i fu. 0 ' ie mu. cl. 3 miU . .? Nancy A. Mitcho Tommy Marie Moniz " A DAY WITH- OUT A SMILE; IS A DAY OF WASTE- Lou, roses, good times, good friends. Suzonne T. Monsen Edward J. Murphy Warrant com- mittee. SADD. Yearbook Staff, ROMA ' 81, Quebec 83, French club. Honor Society, • ' CHEAPER DY THE DOZEN ' . Lorry, CCD - ST. Pot ' s. LD. DT, DT, SIS. M and D Thanks! Good ol Buddy 6 Pol. WAAAAAII Which one was the Quar- ry?? SO LONG! I ' VE BEEN LOOKING TOO HARD, I’VE BEEN WAITING TOO LONG. SOMETIMES I DON ' T KNOW WHAT I ' LL FIND, I ONLY KNOW IT ' S A MAHER OF TIMEH " Clifford D. Newell III Kip- Lacrosse. Hockey, Cross country, Trockies ' 82, Sum. met, the Group R.J., TS, CB. Senior doss ploy. Maine. MUNK Good Luck KS. Bill E. Nielsen Thonx for the senior memo- ries: A.R., C.G.. G.S., B.H.. G.T., P.S.. M.K., Don ' t forget the Stetson who Rushed to Hunt o Souza and Grant a Klinky Turner. Good luck Next year Melanie Cr Ruon. 47 Kevin P. O ' Keefe Michelle Half Rock W Red Hush Slisa, Spocey. She lie Deans; Ski Drianhead. Utah; Prom 1982 PS; PS, JD, CVH, Friends forever: " IF YOUR LIFE ' S COMPLETE CONFUSION AND YOUR NEIGHBOR S GOT IT MADE JUST REMEMBER IT ' S A GRAND ILLUSION AND DEEP INSIDE WE RE ALL THE SAME " STYX Thanks Mom, " WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP IT ' S Been " PARTY 6 3 83111! Terence M. O ' Neill " Terry " Hockey, Soc- cer, Michelle, Y UM-DAD, 16, Kenny S a b e n s M a r h M rs . Adams, SPA- CECASE. NO TEEPEE. " OH TO LIVE ON SUGAR MOUNTAIN " Florida? JD ALMO. Get A Job. EVERYBODY DOWN. HOLD IT. LINE UP ON THE RED LINE " GIMME SHELTER " Tahiti Here We Come Kid. HEY GERR " LONG TIME GONE " Let ' s go to the Rocks. IM CONFUSED. Frank Nunes III Varsity Tennis 4 years. SEGER summer of 82. " Go high and have a good time! " . " HOUSE PARTY! " with the J. GEILS Band, Colorado bound!!, rank, cacu huns, FREE IN 83!!!!!, " DREAM ON " Maureen C. O ' Leary " , Moe " Florida. D- Y. F a I - v mouth, Tim P., Ni- cole. KM. " PR. Cross Country, Track, ' N — S Cheer - leading. 4- H, Marching Band, KP. Rose Parade California 1 15 82, IMC Bound. P.S.. Prom. Parties, Summers, Honor Roll. Biff 6 Duffy. Lasagna, Quohogging. MiniSkirt Breakfasts, Guess Yo Had To Been There! Desiree Ostiguy " Desi " W e e z i e ‘ s Class Diet Co- pying Man ter Hall L ittle Feet Boston Dizza Girl Tommy Boy AD Hock- ey Games Diet PJohnny Newks Night- moves Infatuation!!! Hrisbee Paul Heights Stammers Knob PweetaSkip- ping W Driggy To Lie In The Sun CM Road Trip Beach Notes License Chasing Cars Booze Cruise Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You My Sweetheart Joey Jennifer G. Owens " Jenny " " I ' ll get by with a little help from my friends " KG MR NS TD TF VS AND GL Canada in 81 weekends were made for mich and special " K " New Years Eve Liars dice BUZZ Feb. Vacation Boston Trunk RED BROOK POP my big gold boat yellow bug black truck F. A F. Duck FREE IN 83 L.A.D. " Sit man. sit " JF " Let the good times roll " Rainbow P.W.A, G A S LOOK TO THE RAINBOW FOR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! Mark Palmer FREE AT LAST! . . . PARTY IN 831 CTTOIILLHAH Uncles Jibbs 0 Quido Will Live Forever! HEY. IT ' S SNOW- INGH Up+ Down and All Around " NUKE FHS-KEEP TRYING FHSI Sum- mer of ' 82 Lives On . . . 5W. " The GEKE " TW. DE. MR. DL. JJ-PM. EK. JF. MV-A.O.M.-LA. DS. CM. TY. SA. LA. DM .. . " , LIFE IS TO DE IN ' 83!!! " 48 Kelley F. Patrick Well All- Right! We Made Itl Pep Squad YearDook Track X- Country. IF YOU WANT SOME- THING NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. GO FOR IT! " Remember-Smilelll GO WILD SPAZ OUT Such Is Life, You ' re You And You ' ll Adjust Massively TOYFTMIWTSOYGI And Romell It ' s Been Real Take Care Later-Much Bye MP, RF, CN, Ween, BC. MA, MK, CP, MD. JD, SS, BP- Well Guys Thanks Alison A. Peck S.A.D.D X- Mass Trees " 82 " Roma ' 83 " 5 22 82 W BD Bob 4 17 80 Love And Kisses to you! Cucum- b e rs I The Clash 8 21 82 See Ya Later Weanie Jabberjaw Pook Erin Chrisn And My Forever Sweetheart Love Is Never Having To Say Your Sor- ry- A. Lawrence Peirson Susan Sep- t e m b e r 27, 1982, Track, Thursday m Afternoon Slow Plod- t d e r s , ' ' Here Comes The Sun " , " Old Friends " - ' ' Two Per- sons Cannot Long Be Friends If They Cannot Forgive Each Other ' s Little Failings. " Doug J. Pelletier 49 John P. Perry Veronica J. Perry Daniel Pinette Soccer, Spring Track, Punch And Judy, Senior Count- down, Sum- mer Time Cruising Fat- mouth Heights, FHS MMC. N.C. 0 MO. Mark " Mario " Lander. KR " Open Arms ' " 62 Junior Senior Prom, Tenth Dlock. Senior Pass, " , Don ' t Forget The Past When You Look To The Future. " Everyth- ing Want- ed In Life Is Out There Waiting. Take A Chance y And Go For Itl Suc- cess Is My Plan For The Future. Thanks Mom For Caring So Much, And Pushing Me Into Being The Best. I Love You! Keep On Partying, But Take It Easy And Remember Me. School Would Not Have Been School Without All My Friends. Frank Picanso Jr. TO Monty, BooBoo, the attorney b Bart ; It ' s Been Real, Real What I Don ' t Know, but It ' s Been REAL! Take Care and Stay IN Trouble Christopher J. Pine J.B. At- ways And Fore ver. Buds And Moose- Juice, La- crosse Club De- fence, ' ' The Truck " , the Only Ski Trip That Mat- tered, Stage Band Exchange Con- certs the Bone Section Thanx Uncle Denny, Rood Trips, the Crew at Co- hen s, Christmas Trees. Favas and the D.P.W., Goodwill, Harbor. Chap Px, ETC., The Locker Room. UMASS, Punk. Follow Your Dreams. I C o - P r e z B.L.A.D.D. So- ciety Boston T. " NOE " P.E.H. Flash MAine Telephone Poles The Grif- fon Factor J. T. J.F. R.F. In- sane Insane Again J.Geils Concert PAris And Madrid 63 " THE ROAD GOES EVER EVER ON DOWN FROM THE DOOR WHERE IT BE- GAN. NOW FAR AHEAD THE ROAD HAS GONE AND I MUST FOLLOW IF CAN " ALL THAT IS GOLD DOES NOT GUTTER, NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST " " Sub Specie Aeternitatis " Tracy Elizabeth Poag 50 James Pottle Caryn L. Pokraka Charlie- 7 19 81. Lisa, " IT ' S RAINING AGAIN ' ' " SUR- VIVAL” NC. JT. Cocktails, " SCOOP " " WHAT IS UP? ' ' , Froggy. CCA I love Kids! Lookout Key Club, Mickey Mouse Club, B ' boll, Aerobics, Dand-Dase Drum, Florida-Goodsl SugarLoaf Lake Placid- Mud Puddles " THE PRESENT CONTAINS NOTHING MORE THAN THE PAST. AND WHAT IS FOUND IN THE EFFECT WAS ALREADY IN THE CAUSE ' ' Wheelock Bound. Hugh W. Popenoe US: WHAT WE BECOME IS OUR GIFT TO GOD " Salem State JT Kl arm Co-as- ' -Sfcsp U3 n HO; c lonia U. tOtJui. jx. tU- lcOi£_ Susan E. Rabesa Lawrence, September 27. 1982. The Thursday Afternoon Slow Plod- ders. I Was A Leader But No One Followed. " Adolescence Is Certain- ly Far From A Uniformly Pleasant Period " It ' s Been Real. 51 Melissa A. Ratsy Mary E. Reardon WM Stephen D. Remsen R I M S H O T Track. Sum- mers in the Hole, Mots. ESAD, Dioya Uncle Quido Hooligan UWM, " THE GEKE " SW, DC, MP Green Monster. Waukee THE LOUNGE NEW WAVE. MM. LC. GM, CK. JO. MD. Reg- gae Raves on. ing " TO ALL M Y FRIENDS I DID ADIEUS " Free in ' 83 Buzz NS TO JO JF KG " IT ' S OVER " LA D. Canada ' 81 Arizona 82 OV Heights v f Shirley 4inf we re home coasties R. Bianco Tess RH+ DK VH J.GEILS " I DO " Arthurs Angels D. Cruise F.A.F. Duck Li- ar ' s Dice Molgol " SWITCH " Wasn ' t That A Party! TR PL DS FH TL N. Y. Eve 82 " SNOW " Dlue Lites Invisible PacMon " MY HONEY " WHAT? Nestea Ice Tea Hockey " DOOI " " DREAM TIL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE I " 9 2 + 9 4 82 I LOVE YOU PATRICK A OF I 6 3 631 ColorGuard. " CHEESE " . J.F. Best Friends Always: Good Luck To Every- one In The Fu- ture. Especial- ly R. W. FDFC! Frat Par- ties At Cornell 0 Colgate 0 DKE. IKE. ATO. MIKE! O Roger! The Doysl WTFI Halloween at Simeon s. the Pines, O. V. Splits, the Dugout. Wells College, Road- trips, The Harbor, Heights, Dear the Clock at Brothers. Mich, Lights I Angelos has Ice! Chipmenl Greg the Wildmanl OLE MISS! Wells Fargo. Senior Week! Florida, Slur pies, O.CI WHERE’S MY DIKE! WHOOSH BABY!! Daniel Elias Robb It Has Been Memorable. " GREASE " " BRIG ADDON " " CHEAPER BY THE DOZ- EN " A.F.S. Sec-Tres. Tennis. Track (WATDI). Ski (the Key Club Wayl) " Be- lieve Me My Young Friend(s), There Is Noth ing- Absolutely Nothing-Half So Much Worth Doing As Simply Messing About In Boots " " Don’t You Walk So Fast Down The Rood That You ForGet To Feel The Summer Days " Pamela Reposa Cheering. Pep Squad, Ef- f e c t i v e Parenting R e - member The Good Times At FHS Class of ' 83 Parties Cruisin ' Memories " REPPA " GG " EVERYONE NEEDS A HAND TO HOLD ONTOI " a Friend Is Someone Who Understands Your Past, Delives in Your Future And Ac- cepts You Today Just The Way You Are. " Tank " -U-Mommy . See S.G. M.C. TO be all That I Can Del I Stephanie L. Roberts 1983 AT LAST! Good Luck To The Rest Of You-Your Day Will Come. Good Times. Dad Times . . . Me-N- Chuck CC(Shasta) Friends Forever Party! Concerts! 52 Hr ' Ann J. Roderick I ' M ANN NOT JUDY! ’ 1 H Y YERIKI " DDDDD Al- ways Re- member Fresh Yr. FHS Hock- ey Gomes ECHO 94 DP Cos ' s 102-Srephy- Johny- Scotty- Pot M.- Foods 3, 4 W Mrs. M. 0 the Gong DO. JC, ALG- 1 + 2-BA, GEO-CIoss Graphics-AM, DD. Seniors Rule! FREE IN ’83 Good Luck Friends- Stephy’ Kelly’l-CHA, Mic’—Jana My Sis! Chewels’-PR, SG. MR. CS, TS. SP. DC, TC. CO. TR James Robichoud Jill A. Rogers J.GEILS Parries 1983 ONE LAST KISS ’ Concerts Cruising! I’m FREE! HousePorty Block Leather Boston, Prov.. Worehom, AFS Club. Perspective Harmony Hut Don’t Get Caught!! J.Geils T-Shirts SEN- IORITIS! Later On Rock Buttons OOH YEH! IT’S BEEN REAL FHS-No Comment! Judith A. Roderick ' Jude’’ I’M JUDY NOT ANNI Fresh Team; Hockey Games, Hi K r i s s y " Buffy ”: ECHO 96: Algebra 2: Soph Yr; " HEY LIZ”; Favorite Classes: Foods 3. 4, Mrs. M., Eng. 4 Mrs. Rohe Hello C O " 86 ” JDKVVHJB; Tiffany 0 " Mum- my " Dinky, Anchovies. Mr. Ed. Moe. Beccatha, Small Fry Hi Fish Green Coat; What’s new JW Joanna Wilson c o 82 Special Friends: JD KV KF MM MM SM TS SG PR TY CM TC 143 DC: UnderClass- men. All My Friends. Priscilla A. Rollins " Sam’ ' Spain- K.T.- J.M. Yo E Nor- m o r o Roma-Spe- cial Disco- teque BKG the Krin- kles: LJ, CC. SR, KF- forever USCG W KT PRETENDERSat UNH BB SoftBall TUSK 71 KB+ CK Cheers W Anne+J.T. Bio. 11 L.J. " The Truth Is Always Said In Jest” MD Good Luck KS Melanie Rose ' De voted To Work” Memo- ties From Freshman Year. One Promise I’ll Make To My- self And All Is To NEVER Live In This Town. Class Individualists: Erika Hahn, James Forman 0 l£ Cp ccL tunuio arm -lIul. t Lm o Jjcx. tx - iA r UL fyObdc. GjlOOUj; (yob- AG ) pr(Lk tJC j 6u.t LazL tunu icdCLy. 53 Allen Rush Career Goal: Floral Man- ager. Best of Luck To the Best of Friends: B.N., C. G.. R.M., B.H., C.S.. M.R., Mel., D. F. Cynthia M. Savela w- Cindy, blew Years Eve ' 83 RL, ES, KA, Pols for life, Lines Wines, Throw Down, CW ' s f Semi Formats, Summer of ' 81 Moped. RE- GATTA 540, Homeroom AF. IB, LP, AM " TURN THE PAGE " , " WILD THING " . " LOVE HURTS " , REO 82 Maryland 83 Florida 82 Livin ' in the HEIGHTS, 3yrs UCR. WE MISS YOU KENNY. Thanks NEDA for the TLC. Later FHS. Timothy J. Scully Jr. Marching Band Will At- ways R e - member the X-chonge to Claremont, N.H. 0 will never Forget The Girl Who Evacuated THe Entire High School one day in House B. Good Luck TO, JR. AR. AP. DM. FH. Nora J. Seyer FREE IN 83 Flash MR. TB. JO. Mona LA B. DW VAN HALEN 10 24 82 Hock- ey Ms. PacMon NOB Redbook Brock. Blue Lights EXP. Reg. Boosher Riun- Bianco BH MENTH Mich. RH+ DK BZCRU. O.V. Heights Shirley Coasties Liars Dice Snowstorm NY EVE ' 82 TAI Z- 28 Tess FAF Duck Yell. VW KG They Call Her Slick! KW JWWS PL. OBLIVIOUS " HOLD ON TO THE DREAMS OF THE PAST YOU MUST FIGHT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE!!! " 6 3 83!! Down L. Silvia ColorGuord 1980-83. Assis- rant Flag- Caller. Vice President, S. T„ Sunsets, Prom 1982 LM. 10 30 8 1. L.O.. D.T.. J.F., " Junior Year " Medical Careers club 1980-81. secretory Unicorns. " LOVERBOY " -.GET LUCKY " U.M.Y.F. " GRADUATION " C.C.C.C. P.A.C. " ALWAYS FOREVER " " BE SLOW IN CHOOSING A FRIEND. SLOWER IN CHANGING " " Good Luck Class of 83! " k. Kenneth Sabens Melissa A. Selby Track Sen- iors! WE ARE THE ELITE: LE MK NM JW LE TW AF LO LB MR My Goal In Life Is To Meet And Marry Amande Assante! Like QUITE the Mon! Feb Vac ' 82 Killer Frogs the Jetsons Barney Rubble FREE IN 83? " PREVIOSU AND FEW ARE THE MOMENTS WE TWO CAN SHARE " Mark Leger Kenny Always Smile! 54 d. ' (X icdk. Dui vl g uXu-p tnffvo 0X1 JM O0 n. Paul J. Simpson Indoor 0 Outdoor Track 1960-83, Triple Crown 1980-81, League Champs 6- 0 1983, Stage Band 1981-83, Marching Band 1978-83, Jon, Phil. Peter, Ted. Jim 6 the Rest of the Fumble Squad!! Mu- sicMan. Keep up the Sax Chris, Jen Forever! Good Luck Kenny. Sue C. 0 Tammy W. You Two Stay Out Of Trouble. Sharon Soares Disco. Rol- lerSkoting At BSC. N. Y. EVE- 83. Paul- Holiday Inn. 4th of July. I ' ll Do My Best For You Baby. Bourne. Wa reham. Angelos, AGP. B-King. Cemetery, JS, JS. JS, SM. PV, B). BIG DEAL. " IF YOU ' RE NEVER SCARED OR EMBARRASSED OR HURT. IT MEANS YOU NEVER TAKE ANY CHANCES ' ' FN. 1983, WE FINALLY MADE ITU! Wayne A. Soares 55 Holly Souza Patrick H. Souza Ronald J. Souza " R.J. " Varsity Cross Country, Win- ter 0 Spring Track, RT. 26, Partying with DH ' s TS. KH, CD. Summer of 82, VW, Green Harbor, The CLASH, D, O. Only Catholic Memorial Con Top Fal- mouth. GOOD LUCK IH THE FUTURE CLASS OF 63111 Co-Copt. Field Hockey. Varsi- ty DasketDall, S o f t D a 1 1 . Spring Track, Camp, F.Dall, Rational Irra- tional, Logi- cal, Deluxe Quarters, Tri- ple-Decked TurtleHecked, Daby Lows, Steps, 4H, Mogardo, Spaz, Fiuzi, " Sewing Circle " , HO HOSES, if if, AJ1, AJ2. Scoopen, Skammen, Mass Mari- time. LOVER DOY " OHLY TIME WILL TELL " " WHAT ABOUT ME? " " HOLD ME " " HOT IH THE CARDS " Interesting, Hap- py-Go-Lucky, I can Change, SixFootTwo Twenty Yrs, Summer of 821 HOUS CHERCHOHS TOUS LE-DOHHEUR, MAISSAHS SAVIOR OU, COMME JES IV- ROGHES QUI CHERCHEHT LEUR MAISOH, SACHAHT COHFUSEMEHT QU ' ILS EH OHT UHE. Hazel! Sprout UMASS Tigger Wen- dy-your cor is possessed! Memorial Day Mabel ' s such a dear SLOEGIHFIZZES Prom ' 81 (ha-ha) AKJGJ= SPAH 1 Pick- led Herring Toofers French 91182, The summer with everyone. DH, MR, SH, MC, DKS, AR. Send the Cow Out to Pasture!! AU REVOIR Traci L. Souza Elizabeth J. Stalcup Boston Col- lege Bound. Key Club, Hat ' l Honor Society, John Since ' 81. " CHEAPER BY THE DOZEH " Ernestine Mr. Griff ' s Slow- Plodders Lake Placid Ski Trip ' 83 WHO I X-Dowen Group Friends: SR KT JT AD PE LP DR 61. 82, 83 Prom W JVD " I AM OHL Y OHE. BUT STILL I AM OHE I CAH ' T DO EVERYTHIHG. BUT STILL I CAH DO SOMETHIHG 0 BECAUSE I CAH ' T DO EVER YTHIHG I WILL HOT REFUSE TO DO SOMETHIHG THAT I CAH DO " Richard Stanley Virginia Stetson " Ginio " JEH GAMES Dippy W GR " PR " WUDDA- DIZ ALLA Physiology and Perry Senior Reviewll Yearbook, Medical Careers dub DT-n-ME. VIEQUESII Dave who?? Brian C. Studley 56 Cynthia H. Sweeney Field Hock- ey, Me2 P.C. -Snug- gles. An- chovies Con-Can Pippin, Rome- ' 63 Grease Sandro Dumbroski, Drigodoon. L.A. A.F.S. Student Advisory Board, Warrant Committee, S.A.D.D., Hot Enough Rope. ECHO. Canada, L.A. Re- member The Duck! Pic-Nic W P.C., J.M., 5 9 82, 5 22 62. . . . " with Open Arms " (see P.C.) J CbK-t sruMbd- to Q t to -firwe si ' rr) riqhL Brian E. Tavares Lisa E. Kar- ren B. Do- re e n T. Lorene B. Ed M . W A A A . 12 9 80 Math Team Por- tuguese Skiing Work Portugal-Spain 4 82 KISS 108 9 8 82-L.E. Notes??!! Christ- mas Trees Computer Math Geek W at rent Committee SADD " CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN " -Jackie Quebec-5 83 Babson " ITS OVER " Gilbert L. Tavares Jr. Cross Country, Winter G Spring Track. Rt 28 Track Club. Road Races. Math Team Captain. Formulas. Massachusetts Asso- ciation of Mathematics Leagues Olim- piad. New Wave. U-2. Notional Acade- my of Sciences. PD. DC. KH. MM. PH, MB. CM, TT. JM. RG. Tony C. Katherine E. Taylor Ballet, Varsity Tennis, Per- forming Arts, Dance Key Club French Club Honor So- cie t y D r.J Cheaper By The Dozen Su- garLoaf 82 Lake Placid ' 83 W KGS April in Paris W AD JK GG AP KC LH SR WoterSkiing Summers in WH MBL Dances Special Friends: AD KH LC DJ JG BS RN DL Espe- cially STJ. Doreen L. Teixeiro Warrant Comm. ST. ADV. BD. In- telligencer Hon. Soc.-Sec.- Treas. French club Color- Guard ECHO 100 Quebec ' 83! Lorene, Eddie, Brian, Madame. Dublin G Gaglio Labs W CK, P-Bones Je veux " LE QUARRY! " Password? Massivid Harle- quins Tantalizing Situations. Foods G May I ' s Rubbachubbard Lacrosse I PE- Supermelamagorgeous Shnemoknosh- kio MickeyD ' s Jokes WAAAAI 12 9 80 MMS ' SW MSD MW AAA! Buddy G Pal 7 5 81 MGD MICHAEL ME FOREVER! 57 Jacqueline A. Tessier SR Class Pres. C o ■ C a p t Field Hock- ey Basket- Ball SoftDall Honor Society Warrant Comm. Key C I u b - L a k e Placid Spain ' 82 MD Garfield TAD Summer ' 82 Awe- some Ose-Go For iTI Amigos Sociables AF-Cocktail Time D4 Disco Freshman Yr. JI-EI Dencho Steps LE- What IS Up? Springsteen LR Road Trips The CLASH We re Talkin ' Freshman Florida CP DP THE PAST WILL NEVER DE FOR- GOTTEN ,■ IT WILL AL WA YS DE WITH ME. Kelley Tierney Figure Skat- ing, Key club Lookout Clowns W LC. CP. MM. AM. 2 0 in a Pickup! Rome 81 Ski ' 83 Lake Placid- Roaming W AM or ANGE Tic Toes! Ankle Surgery! Powder Puff Party! " PICTURE TIME " Spring Track ' 82 KS Andre P. Theroux TOPS July 4, ' 82 March 5th, 6th. 7th Kenny Sabens " DON ' T WORRY ADOUT THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE THEY ALL ADD UP TO NOTHING " K.S. Christmas 81. 82. Feb. 82 D.W.. C.M.. T.H.. K.S.. G.G.. R.K., T.O.. Memory Motel " GET IT CUZII " ALL NIGHT . . . Da vid-Moy our love last Always. 7 21 81 8 7 83. Sum- mer of ' 82. Killer Frogs, Prince. Roller- Skating. Pics. Camp Happy- L. A.. S.H.. L.D.. K.C., L.D., Sleep-over, T.J. Swann. S.D.. MY Friends Forever- D.P.. MS.. E.G.. M.T.. D.F.. S.C.. D.D.. A.M., M.M.. M.P.. M.D.. E.M.. M.C., T.J., M. C.. Out most of all. to VLC, You ' ve helped me more than you ' ll ever know. " SILENCE SEPERA TES MORE THAN DISTANCES. ” Cynthia A. Thomas Mark L. Tessier Thanks to all my Teachers for a Pret- ty Good 4 Years 0 Thanks to John, Dove, Tony (j Tim for Making Them a little more Tolerable! Out Thank God I ' m Out 1 1 Enjoy To Any KIND Of Music, Rock. Punk Cr Disco. I like Playing Raquet- ball b Love Swimming. GOOD LUCK TO ALL b I HOPE THE 4 YEARS GO DY FAST! " TESS " " DIP CLAN " ' 8311 Sheila M. Travers Color- Guard Open Arms Jr. Prom ‘82 Cape Ver- dean Club Academic Achieve- ment ' 82 Church Folk Group Piano Guitar Flute Saxophone Jazz Dancer Horse-Dock Riding Tennis GRADU- ATION!!! 83 DEST Friends DS. NM. LP. " DEST FRIENDS IN DEAR TIME MAY THE FUTURE DE ALL HAPPY " 58 Douglas Verissimo Peter P. Uchmanowicz Lacrosse. Football. DO IT CUTIE NON- AM El DUDDA ' s HRI Later on D e a k e r . Moose, Rug- grat, Coop. Pat, Danny, Steve. Gerry, Ian! Thanks LC, CM. KF. KH, SL, MC. SP,I Falmouth Animals! 2 23 01 Real Peo- ple DackStage at FH5I Academy Bound! OK FINE DAD CO. Rome, England ' 61 Volley Ball Hoop UMASS 60 63 Ski Country Dodge ' 316 " " THE BOMB ' ' Golf Day! Let ' s Play Cords! Queen City The Knob Quarters I ' M MOVIN ' ONIII LATER MUCH FHS! C.D.T.D. ( " EXTREMISM . Thomas J. Vaccaro IN THE DE- FENCE OF LI- BERTY, IS NOT A VICE ' ,- Bet- ter Dead Than Red: Anti- Draft Is Anti- American: I ' D Rather Be Kill- ing Communists: Low Budget Motel: Mike Drown.- Tip-off Classic; SPORTS Club; Midget Hockey; Varsity Soccer: DRIGADOON: UN History Club. CD. PE. TD, JC, DD. MC. PM. MD, KG. PC. DON ' T SCREW UP: " IT ' S FATAL TO ENTER ANY WAR WITHOUT THE WILL TO WIN IT ' Dig East DasketDall Is Number ONE!; LATIN- RIGGED! Carla F. Vincenzi cJcrvot KncvJ i0 to o, Ob huncnu lohcxb J‘rn gonna. db . 9 26 61 Steven K. Mustangs Lost For- ever! Hey Jerry, Can I Borrow Your Co- rn a r o Again? Friends: AM. ED. KC. TM, CP. AR. DJ, KG 0 LC. " NOT ME!! " " Come On Guys. Would I Do That?? ' ' Cruising W JD. Never Forget One Particular Saturday Night W Jerry, John b Kiml The 4 Of Us Really Hove A Time Together!! Good Luck To The Class Of 641 Christine C. Walker " Tina " Med. Careers Club (SEC.) Pep Squad Summer of ' 62 W Jim. JS, SS, CS, PC. Sum- met of ' 81 W AJ Feb. Vac ' 82 New Years EVE 82. LOVER BOY July 4. D4. KISS 106. Cock- tail Parties, Riunite on ice. Our Song, " I DON ' T NEED THIS " " PROMISES IN THE DARK ' Special friends.- LE, EMG, JW, LA. CC, AF. TY. KM. KR. LD. EA, RR " Oct. 8. 1978. always b Forever. Drown Eyes b MLF " " WITH EVERY GOODBYE YOU LEARN " Love to my family, Jimmy- bMeghan Cheryl Lee Vokey 59 Phillip A. Walker Play Spaghet- ti P=P Load- ing Dock MR T r Pulls Worcester KF Light Bulbs D210 Wheelie Hobie Cat De- molition NE- FunnyCN Ronald M. Way Stephen D. Way Soccer, La- crosse. Uncle Denny ' s Marching Band Crash, Wayzee: Can- ada 81, x- Change Con- certs. Uncle Quido Ex- plores. Stones, Who CBD. Clash Friends, GM, LM. The Geke, SR, MP. CK, JB, CG. CH. SL, DP, KP. Senior Lounge Lib, Satur- day Mornings, Chappy, Waterskiing, Snowmobiling, Motorcycles " KEEP IT OK TWO WHEELSII " Good Luck And For- tune To Everyone. Down Elizabeth Wegehaupt D o o n , Alba, Hon- or Society, Perspec- tive, Band " Hold On To 16 As Long As You Can " Cougar Concert Summer ' 82, Traveling Rainbows, Bruce, Hola GoodLuck Barbara (KW) Juanita (LA) And Nancy Barbs House Food Fight Skum Notes ES Laughing Until Crying Ment Diets Crepes At Three Simon Thank You Mom And Dad Craig O.T. Wieden Chess Team, Soccer Team- " EVERY- BODY CALLS ME THE QUIET ONE. YOU CAN SEE ME BUT YOU CAN ' T HEAR ME. EVERYBODY CALLS ME THE QUIET ONE YOU CAN TRY BUT YOU CAN ' T GET NEAR ME. I AIN ' T NEVER EVER HAD THE GIFT OF GAB. BUT I CAN TALK WITH M Y EYES. IF WORDS FAIL ME. YOU WON ' T NAIL ME. MY EYES CAN TELL YOU LIES. STILL WATERS RUN DEEP. BE CAREFUL I DON T DROWN YOU. YOU GOT NUTHIN TO HEAR I GOT NOTHING TO SAY. STICKS AND STONES CAN BREAK MY BONES. BUT NAMES CAN NEVER DOWN ME IT ONLY TAKES TWO WORDS TO BLOW YOU AWAYI I AIN ' T NEVER HAD THE GIH OF GAB. NO TIME FOR REA- SON OR RHYME MY HEAD IS IN THE CLOUDS. WHY I AIN ' T QUITE: EVER YONE 60 IS TO LOUD!- The Who Thomas P. Wilkie Catherine M. Williams Tyrone K. Williams I Really Enjoyed FHS Especially My Last Year. I Loved The Band 0 Stage Band While I Was in Falmouth. I Would Like To Thank All Of My Teachers For Help- ing Me Thru the Four Yrs.. And I Would Also Like To Thank Mr. Shingles For Helping Me Pick the Right Courses. SKY RONE. For my jumping ability. Tyr- icky or Tylinky. Sometimes they would call me Troy because my best friends name is Troy. Amy E. Witter 1979 Pep Squad 1980 CheeLeading 1981 Varsity Cheerleading- Nantucket Summers-Ver- mont Winters- (I Can Smell What You ' re Thinking!) K.D. N.E.D.-Best Friends- Hon- or Society " KEEP YOUR FACE TO THE SUNSHINE AND YOU CAN ' T SEE THE SHADOW " Tamara J. Woodward " T.J. " Majorettes: 2. 3- Tres., 4- Pres.. Powder Puff Tri-Copt., YearBook 3, 4- Photo. SD- My Partner In Crime!, N.H. ' 79. SD ' s Frolic in the Rasp- berries! Claremont, NH, Over Night Ca- noe trips, McD ' s Prises, SLY-My Red Truck, Rambo. Deke. FIRST BLOOD, ' ARE YA DIZZY OR WHAT? " " YA KNOW. DON ' T CHA REMEMBER? " Var- mint, Munk, Rome ' 83, HOO ' 831 " FOR THE ONES WHO HA VE A NOTION. Tara F. Yando Cheer- leading, 4 yrs.. J. V. 6 Varsity Captain Always remember " Thanks for com- ing, we are varsity, Blistex is ex . " J. Giels 82, Best times with L.C. " Lordy. Lordy. Lordy " , B.P., S.K.. K.H., J.M., K.C. 3 31 80. God Bless K.S. I will not say " good bye " but what I will say is " thank you " Messrs B.M, R.N., J.K. J l ijje, rc H Li a. r o JorrxrrrsuJ.- - 61 Dealy. UN His- tory club, Lat- in Club, Sports Enthusiasts College Hoop Worcester Classic Sludges Flat Tire Trivia DM Double Dunk NASC We ' s-Showers Alison Always Ew- ing Hot Tonight ESPN Firebird Grief HM+ J CVS Fight Rules TV Intense CLASH Don ' t Turn the Channel Awe- some 6 28 62 Talk To Me MC IM Gold- en Rood Trip Doufability Melon-heed KG MR J KC Pook Good Dye JPG+ R JD Angela M. Carroll P.S. I Love You, Josh " I ' M OUT OF MY MIND AND IT ' S ONLY OVER YOU ' ' Sen- ior Lounge " Dabs Cj D oon " ES Track, Field Hockey I Live F or The Moment Decause It Won ' t be Dock Again. " You Never Know What Enough Is, Unless You Know What More Than Enough Is " " To Dream Of Love, and. Awaken, To Remember You: Dradford G. Deale James Richard Jones On The Move ' 82, Enterprise, Photogra- phy, Graphics, Comm Fishing, Dowling, AEROSMITH. TOM PETTY, KINKS, DE, JL, TK. SM, AG. Terrance Lambert Stacy McGrath Spacey , Tracey, The Twi- light Zone. Falmouth, My Kind Of Town. The Heights D o d s . Missed You KS. All My Friends, Espe- cially JD, CK, RM, MD. MT. ME, MA. SA, WS, TV, TS, 0 JC. as for the Girls: MT. JF. AG. GP, KM, MM. JR, 55 . JG, 6 KF. JE Eagles. MD 6 KA FE. Vats O Gels ALWAYS TOO YOUNG 62 Melvin Reine Scoba F. Rhodes Varsity Soccer, DaseDall, JV DaskerDaH. I started Out Here, But Left For A Year, How I ' m Back For Graduation Day I LC ' s Fingernails Done by De Le Melvon Rene The BowLegged Irishman (GG) and Onny (TO); Two Friends That Stayed True. Good Friends Bring Good Times. " Always Thinking Of Sabes ' l Proudest Possession: MY GRAND PRIX. Never Thought I ' d Moke It, But FREE AT LAST!!! You ' ll De My Friends No Matter Where We Are: Al- though On The Ground. Your My Shin- ing Star. I ' ll Miss You While We re Far Apart, but You ' ll Only De A Me- mory Away From My Heart. ID, SD. WG. HS. DO. LE. CC. KP, EM, 55 , TS. CK, CM- Nick. JR. PMc, LB. TW. KF, JP. KT, TS. DM. RB, RM-Deff, EH, LC, Mugs 4C ' s Cindy Ditesl Michelle Sullivan T£o aLricjUz., x think. iOt ' rtL gonnp- makJL it. 63 DESTINATIONS - Abruzese, Marylou Travel Education Center Aldrich , Arthur G. Ill Employment Almeida, Shawn Springfield College Amaral, A. Mark University of Hartford, Conn. Anderson, Lisa M. Luther College, Iowa Antone, Mary E. Employment as cashier April, Michael University of Maine Baker, Anthony Dean Junior College Baker, Michael Dean Junior College Baker, Ruth Ann Employment Bancroft, Michael University of Maine Baptiste, Melissa Cape Cod Community College - cont. ed. Barrette, Karren Rhode Island School of Design Barrows, Deanna New England Culinary Arts Institute Barry, Julie M. Framingham State College Barrows, Robin University of Massachusetts Bauer, John K. Florida Institute of Technology Beale, Bradford Long Island University, NY Beauchemin, Gina Cape Cod Community College Belli, Lisa Massachusetts Bay Community College Bennett, Donna Cape Cod Community College Bennett, Jacqueline Employment - waitress Bentley, Stacey Cape Cod Community College Benuck, John Hesser College, New Hampshire Bigelow, Donna Employment modeling school Bjorn, Richard J. Cape Cod Community College Blake, Lyla Northeastern University Bochanowski, Jennifer Brooks College, California Bogosian, Mark New York University Bohnenberger, Theresa Cape Cod Community College Bohnert, Carl Dean Junior College Emerson College Bold, Jonathan Plymouth State College, N.H. Bordieri, John Wentworth Institute Bortz, Karen Employment Cape Cod Community College Botelho, William Military Bourne, Mark Worcester Polytechnic Institute Bowker, Gretchen Cape Cod Community College Bowles, Ian Harvard University Bowman, Robert Harvard University Bradley, Karen Employment Cape Cod Community College Brazel, Lorene Employ ment S.M.U. (part time) Briggs, Susan Employment Briggs, William Employment Brunette, Clifford Military (Navy, Air Force) Bulund, Ulla B. Sweden - return to high school CLASS OF 1983 Busch, Tracey Cape Cod Community College Callahan, Michael Westfield State or Southeastern Mass. Campbell, Peter L. University of Rochester, NY Connate, Corinne E. University of New Hampshire Caron, Lisa Boston University Carroll, Angela Southeastern Massachusetts University Casey, Michael Employment - landscaping Casso, David University of Pennsylvania Castleberry, Deborah Employment - secretary receptionist Cherkofsky, Susan Bridgewater State College Clough, Lisa University of North Colorado Cobb, Roseann Cape Cod Community College Cohen, Mark Cape Cod Community College Conley, Laura Saint Anselm ' s College, N.H. Conlin, Maribeth Employment Cook, Peter J. University of Maine Cooper, Jeffrey Michigan State Copeland, Philip Employment - pumping gas Corbett, Douglas Cape Cod Community College Correia, Miguel A. Employment - Dunkin Donuts Correllus, Claudia Salem State College Costa, Dawn M. Employment Costa, Rebecca Lynn Military - Army Coughlin, Marjorie F. Plymouth State College, N.H. Covino, Kimberly Employment - Burger King CC.CC Crocker, Scott Salem State College Croney, Nicole Seton Hill College, Pa. Crowell, Leslie Year off 2-year college Crowell, Stephen R. University of Massachusetts Cullinane, Dennis M. University of Maryland Cutrona, Dean Bridgewater State College Daigle, John North Adams State or Southeastern Mass. D’Amario, Craig Southeastern Massachusetts University Davern, Emily Ithaca College, N.Y. Day, Sheri C. Cape Cod Community College Dean, Susan Employment - clerk Cosmetology School DeFilippis, Leslie University of Massachusetts Delaney, L. Matthew Boston College Delorenzo, Laura Cape Cod Community College DeMello, Kimberly Cape Cod Community College DeMello, Michaela Cape Cod Community College DeMello, Sheila Employment Despres, Janet Boston University 64 DESTINATIONS - Diani, Mark Fairfield University , Conn. Diani, Michael Bryant College, R.l. Dierst, Amy University of New Hampshire DiFrancesco, Sharon Chamberlayne Junior College Dilorio, Philip J., Jr. Hofstro University, N. Y. Donnelly, Ion University of Massachusetts Doron, Susan Cape Cod Community College Dorsey, Mark Franklin Pierce College, NH then N.Y.U. Douglas, Robert Employment Doyle, Thomas Middlebury College, Vermont Drew, Jonathon University of Lowell Duce, Pippy Framingham State College Duddy, John Bridgewater State College Duffony, Robert Cope Cod Community College Dumos, Martha University of Massachusetts Dutro, Lynn Employment - housekeeping (temporarily) Egon, A. Patrick Amherst College Emmons, Dione E. Johnson 6 Woles College, R.l. Empey, LeNon Casey Dean Junior College Enos, Michael Employment - printing pressman Erdos, Julie Southwest Texas State University Eriksson, Pontus Sweden - return to high school Ethridge, David Employment ■ gos station attendant Evoneski, Liso Wheelock College Fernold, Kristine University of Massachusetts Filling, Joyce Cape Cod Community College Finlay, Robert Skidmore College, N. Y. Fisher, Kristin Dean Junior College Fitch, Karen Syracuse University Fletcher, Edward W. Employment - carpenter Marines Foegen, Adam Photography School of Atlanta, Go. Fogarty, Christopher Rhode Island Trade School work Forman, James Employment ■ cook Military - Army Francis, Ann Marie Dean Junior College Franklin, John C. Year off - College Fraser, Janet Employment ■ secretarial Gamble, Joanne Cape Cod Community College Garcia, Suzanne Worcester State College Gaspa, Deborah Employment modeling school Gay, Melissa University of Massachusetts Gervais, Annette Employment - computer typesetting Ghelfi, Sharon Dean Junior College Goddard, Kim University of Maine at Farmington CLASS OF 1963 Gonsalves, Mark Employment - Kenyon ' s Gonsalves, Robert I.T.T. Tech Gonya, Kenneth University of Massachusetts Goulet, Thomas Cape Cod Community College Grady, Gerald New Hampshire College Graham, Michael Dean Junior College Grant, Christine Employment - waitress cook Grinnell, Karen M. Employment Guest, Wendy A. Cape Cod Community College Haddad, David A. Plymouth State College, NH Hahn, Erika Boston University Hampton , Todd U. Mass or S.M.U. Ham re, Kristen Mount Holyoke College Hankins, Susan Bay State Junior College Harding, Karyn University of Massachusetts Harris, Karen L. Cape Cod Community College Heath, Heather Military - Navy Hennessy, Anthony Southeastern Massachusetts University Heyerdahl, Amy Cape Cod Community College Hickey, Lisa M. Northwestern University, III. Hinckley, Jessica Cape Cod Community College Hinda, Christian Employment - car detail work Hobbie, Erik Yale University, Conn. Hobson, Bradley University of Denver, Colo. Horton, Barbara Ursinus College, Pa. Hosom, John-Paul Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., N.Y. Houston, Felicia U. Connecticut Hughes, Michael Military - Navy Hunt, Barbara Worcester Dynamy Ingalls, Sherri Lynn Roger Williams College, R.l. Irving, Judith Bentley College Janerico, John Cape Cod Community College Jensen, Kenneth Employment - Canvas Crofters, Inc. Jepsen, Philip Cape Cod Community College Johnson, Donna New Hampshire College Johnson, Eric Cape Cod Community College Johnson, Lisa Simmons College Jones, James Richard Employment - commercial fisherman Jones, Tracey Briar wood Fashion Merchandising School Joyce, Kelly A. Cape Cod Community College Junker, Maria Employment ■ eventually canine school Kearney, Mary Alice Endicott College Kelley, Elizabeth Cape Cod Community College Kelly, Stephanie Northeastern University Kelly, Timothy Cape Cod Community College Kidwell, Timothy Employment ■ welder Kilkenny, Bridget U. Massachusetts or Salem DESTINATIONS - State Kingsley , Daniel Cape Cod Community College Kirk, Carolyn Lesley College Kiss, Candice Wheaton College Klein, Deborah Cape Cod Community College Klink, Melissa A. Stonehill College Konner, Charles U. Massachusetts Kopp, Michael New England Conservatory of Music Kyriakidis, Michael U. Massachusetts (pending) Lackey, Stephanie Cape Cod Community College in January Lajeunesse, Marie Miami-Dade Junior College, Florida Lambert, Terrance Dullard Haven Technical School, CT Lavoie, Wilbur H. Jr. Western New England College Lehy, Carmel Employment - Angelo’s bakery Leiby, Sarah U. Massachusetts Lennon, Peter J. R.l. Trade Shops Lopes, Colleen Thomas Cape Cod Community College Lopes, Jennifer Employment Lumbert, Christopher Employment - custodian MacConnell, James Rhode Island Institute of Tech Malone, John W. Cape Cod Community College Manheim, Leif Manning, Mary Employment - assistant manager Marquet, Catherine Yale University, Conn. Marschall, Gerald Cape Cod Community College Martin, Gerald H. Cape Cod Community College Martin ho, Anna P. Johnson 0 Wales, R.l. Mathews, Jonathan Employment - landscaping Mathis, Charlene Military CapeCod Community College Matthews, Lisa Cape Cod Community College Mayne, Peter Cape Cod Community College McClane, Rebecca Bridgewater State College McEvoy, Marjorie Connecticut College McGowan, Mary University of Rochester, NY McGrath, Stacy Employment - Falmouth Enterprise McKean, Robert Bentley College McKenzie, Diane Springfield College McKinley, Peter Colby College, Maine McLaughlin, Amy Mass. College of Pharmacy McLean, William Employment - butcher (meat cutter) Medeiros, Karen R. Cape Cod Community College Melghem, Mary G. Cope Cod Community CLASS OF 1983 College Miko, James C. Employment - motor bikes Miller, Cheryl N.E. Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Mitchko, Nancy A. Cape Cod Community College Moniz, Clifton Cape Cod Community College Moniz, Tammy Cape Cod Community College Monsen, Suzanne Katherine Gibbs School Morano, Michele U. Massachusetts at Boston Murphy, Edward Holy Cross College Murray, John Culinary Institute of America Newell, Clifford D. II U. Massachusetts Nielsen, Dill E. Cape Cod Community College Nolf, Michelle Cape Cod Community College Nunes, Frank North Adams State College O ' Connell, Eleanor Wilfred Academy - cosmetology O ' Keefe, Kevin Cape Cod Community College then Emerson O’Leary, Maureen Assumption College O’Neill, Terrence North Adams State College Orcutt, Lisa Cape Cod Community College Ostiguy, Desiree Salem State College Owens, Jennifer Cape Cod Community College Palmer, Mark Worcester State College Patrick, Kelley Regis College Peck, Alison Colby-Sawyer, N.H. Peirson, A. Lawrence Colby College, Maine Pena, Kevin Military ■ Air Force Pennington, Rebecca Syracuse University Perkins, Gayle Cape Cod Community College Perry, John Employment - hairdressing Perry, Veronica University of Maine, Machias or Orono Peter, Kevin Salem State College Peters, Kyla Cape Cod Community College Picanso, Frank Military - Navy Pina, Jerome Cape Cod Community College Pina, Tina Cape Cod Community College Pine, Christopher Cape Cod Community College U. Mass Pinette, Daniel Cape Cod Community College Poog, Tracy Texas Technical Institute of Technology Pokraka, Caryn Wheelock College Poponoe, Hugh Southeastern Massachusetts University Price, Traci Salem State College Robeaa, Susan Duke University, North Carolina Ropoza, David A. Bridgton Academy Ratsy, Melissa A. Cape Cod Community College Reams, Timothy New England College, N.H. Reardon, Mary Wells College, N. Y. 6 6 DESTINATIONS - Remsen, Stephen University of Wisconsin Reposa, Pomelo Cope Cod Community College Rhodes , Scobo F. Jr. Bowdoin College, Maine Rich, Penny Employment Richardson, Mark East Coast Aero Tech Robb, Daniel Middlebury College, Vermont Roberts, Gayle Employment - secretary Roberts, Stephanie Employment - Angelo ' s - C C C C Robichaud, James Cape Cod Community College Robinson, Jeanette Employment Roderick, Ann Cape Cod Community College Roderick, Judith Cape Cod Community College Rodriguez, Linda Employment Massasoit Community C. Rogers, Jill Cape Cod Community College Rollins, Priscilla Bentley College Rose, Melanie Hesse r College, N.H.R. Rush, Allen Employment - florist Sabens, Kenneth Santiago, Jean Cope Cod Community College Savela, Cynthia Prince George Community College, MD Scozzari, Timothy Southeastern Massachusetts University Scully, Timothy Northeastern University Seder man, Thomas Military - Marines Selby, Melissa Employment - photographer Seyer, Nora Cape Cod Community College Silva, Wesley Work one year - Wentworth Institute Silvia, Dawn L. Cape Cod Community College Simpson, Paul S.M.U. then Lowell Skinner, James Employment - carpentry Smith, Annette Cape Cod Community College Smith, Jaime Employment - landscaping - usher Soares, Sharon Employment - secretary at a newspaper Soares, Wayne North Adams State College (pending) Souza, Holly Springfield College Souza, Patrick Employment U. Massachusetts Souza, Ronald J. CCCC - then Bridgewater State College Souza , Traci Employment Stalcup, Elizabeth Boston College Stanley, Richard East Coast Aero Tech Stephens, Erik Employment New York University Stetson, Ginia U. Massachusetts Studley, Brian Cape Cod Community College Sullivan, Michelle Employment - C.C.C.C. - Nights CLASS OF I960 Sweeney, Cynthia Wheaton College Svarczkopf, Christopher Year off before college Sylvia, Lana Fisher Junior College Tavares, Brian Babson College Tavares, Gilbert Worcester Poly tech Institute Taylor, Katherine Cornell University Teixeira, Doreen L. Wheaton College Teixeira, Matthew Employment - Bradlees Tessier, Jacqueline Boston College Tessier, Mark Cape Cod Community College Theroux, Andre Salem State College Thomas, Cynthia College after a year or two Tierney, Kelley New Hampshire College Travers, Sheila Cape Cod Community College Turner, Gwendolyn U. Massachusetts Turner, John Employment - painting Uchmanowicz, Peter University of Lowell Upton, Craig Employment Vaccaro, Thomas Davidson College, North Carolina Verissimo, Douglas Military - Air Force Vincenzi, Carla F. University of Costa Rica Vokey, Cheryl Employment - clerical Walker, Christine Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists Walker, Philip Johnson 6 Wales, R.l. Warsaw, Terri Employment Way, Ronald University of Lowell Way, Stephen U. Maine at Farmington Wegehaupt, Dawn Marquette, Wl White, William Cape Cod Community College Wieden, Craig Cape Cod Community College Wilkie, Thomas Saint Anselm ' s, N.H. Williams, Catherine Cape Cod Community College Williams, Tyrone Cape Cod Co mmunity College Williamson, AnnMarie Arizona State University (pending) Witter, Amy Wellesley College Woodward, Tamara J. Castleton State College, Vermont Yalim, Janice Fisher Junior College Yando, Tara University of Maine at Farmington Zmuda, Philip Cape Cod Community College 67 Varsity Football Team Boston English Wareham Bourne Dennis- Yarmouth Durfee Somerset Attelboro Dartmouth New Bedford Barnstable Boys ' Cross Country Seekonk Barnstable Attleboro Somerset Dennis- Yarmouth New Bedford Varsity Field Hockey Sandwich Old Rochester Bourne Barnstable New Bedford Bishop Stang Dartmouth Dennis- Yarmouth Barnstable New Bedford Bishop Stang Dartmouth Dennis- Yarmouth Girls Cross Country Seekonk Barnstable Attleboro Somerset Dennis- Yarmouth WJW • J 1 ■■Ilf 1 -.r 141- . Varsity Soccei Scrimages: Lynnfield Danvers Plymouth-Carver Old Rochester Alumni Chatham | hla uset Duxbury i A Ion-league: ! Sandwich League: Ne w Bedford I Barnstable Somerset Durfee I Attleboro Dennis ■ Yarmouth I New Bedford ! Barnstable I Somerset Durfee ' Attleboro Dennis- Yarmouth " Coach ' s Comment " The F.H.S. field hockey team began the 1962 season with a core of 5 returning lerrermen. Led by captains Jacki Tessier and Holly Souza the team went 2-1 in preseason, before beginning league play against much more experienced teams in the highly ranked SMCI confenence. The 1962 field hockey team finished with a 4-6-2 record and much more. In representing Falmouth, they earned the respect and praise of officials and opposing coaches- they were credited around the league for their sportsmanship, competitive spirit and poise. At the closing banquet, ream awards went to Jackie Tessier and Judy Irving as " MVP ' s " ; Holly Souza as " Unsung Hero " ; and Kelly Robertson and Holly Souza as " Most Improved " . Judy Irving was named to the league All-Star ream and Jacki, Holly and Judy earned honorable mention on the Cape Cod All-Star Squad. " I would like to thank those five for their contributions to the team over the years, and hope that field hockey has given somthing back to you. My best to each of you for success and happiness in your future. ” Kneeling (I. to r.) Jenny Lopes, Cindy Sweeney, Jackie Tessier, Stephanie Kel- ley, Holly Souza, Judy Irving, Kate Toran. Standing, Betsey Robinson, Mindy Craver, Kelley Robertson, Jeon Azarovitz, Coach Maureen O ' Brien, Kathy Dillon, Suzi Aus- tin, Jessie Hansen. 71 Kneeling, (I. to r.) Joey Ropozo, Tony Hennessy, Cliff Mon Iz, Eric Hobbie, Ger- ry Grady, Mike Deoni, Tom Vacaro, Ke- vin Peter. Standing, Gory Thompson, Josh Phillips, Rob Finley, Jim Taylor, Mike Trotto, Alan Rivera, Rob Duffany, Mike Martin, Kenny Gonye, Jack Hurd, Pat Egan, Scott McMurtrie, Steve Way. Pete Chambers, Lawrence Pierson, Paul Mauk. 72 Soccer ■ Coach Toron: The 1982 soccer season was an exciting one filled with many superb players. Captains Gerry Grady and Eric Hobbie, both three year lettermen, ranked with the great players to reprsent Falmouth High School. The senior front line of Mike Diani, Gerry Grady. Terri O ' Neill, and Joe Reposa had speed, muscle, fire power, and determination. Robert Finlay and Robert Duffany gave the team added strength at both the front line or the halfback line. Our goalie Kenny Gonye continued the tradition of outstanding Falmouth goalie. We played every gome well. Our team scored 19 goals and conceded 13 goals total tally for the season; we were second in the league in conceded goals. It was a great season just short of Tournament play. u.OO ke a t 1st row (I. to r.) Phil Jepsen, Chuck Konnor, Rob McKean, Shown Almeida, Jeff Cooper, Mike Graham, Ian Donnelly, John Denneck. 2nd row; Jerry Martin, Brad Hobson, Craig D ' A- mario, Peter Uchmonowicz, Mark Diani, Chris Hamilton, Tony Baker, Mark Amaral. 3rd row; John Haddad, Craig Clarkin, Ward Fraser, Scott Evans, Andy McKenzie, Jim Harrington, Mike Cannata, John Martyna, Scott Fortes. 4th row; Rob Dussiere, Sean McEvoy, John Sherlock, Tim O ' Connell, Eric Zylinski, Steve Walz, John Stalcup, Carl Hargrove. 5th row; Mike Rear- don, Brad Fish, Greg Stokes, Frank Beckwith, Mike Horton, John Ross. Gary Wilson. 6th row; John Souza, John Reine, Greg McDonald, Joe Roland, Pat Geary, Richard Kendall, Jim Duddy, Dean Cloninger. 7th row,- Mike Frank, Tom Robert- son, Todd Geist, David McMer- trie, Brian Atchue, Craig Me- deiros. Coaches; Bob Allietta, Bruce Crons haw, and Bruce Mo- gardo. Assistant coaches. Head Coach, Gus Giordi. 75 X-COUNTR Y I. Mike Cosso. 2. R.J. Souza. 3. Terry Souza. 4. Gil Tavares. 5. Kip Newell. 6. John French, 7. Ken Johnson, 6. Carl Dohnert. 9. Peter Leddy. 10. Dan Conley. II. Mike Sloan. 12. Pontius Frikson. 13. Andy Myette. 14. Dennis Cullinane. 15. Mark Fbenfield. 16. Eric Douman, 17. Tricia Cullinane. 18. Beth Sayers, 19. Tim Farrell. 20. Chris Saunders. 21. Stuart Funkhauser. 22. Doug Williams. 23. Kris Homre. 24. Kelley Patrick 25. Nancy Callahan, 26. Barbara Warden. 27. Maura Callahan, 28. Cindy Walker. 29. Kim Sawyer. 30. Betsey Robinson. 31. Penni Elwell. 32. Sara Newell. 33. Megan Patrick. 34. Darryl Canepo. 35. Krisen Tierney. 36. Debbie Cosso, 37. Cheryl Wright. 38. Maureen O Leary, 39. Erin Farrell, 40. Party O ' Leary 76 " Coach ' s Coment " -Coach Turkington Cross country 1982 was another very satisfying season for all concerned. We had our setbacks and aggravations, there were times when the kids had me beating my breast and gnashing my teeth, but it all turned our fine in the end. The girls ' squad was snakebit from the start with the most incessant string of injuries and illnesses I ' ve ever seen. Fortunately, the girls took our woes in stride, per- formed to capacity, and proved to be one of the best squads in the state. The boys ' squad was strong as an ox and deep as a well. Five of the top twelve teams in the state were from the SMC, and we handled them all, though not without some hairy moments. We also rook our third straight Division II State Title, and ran second in the All-Class State meet. A brilliant season. High points ? Ve had plenty, e g.: - The girls winning the Seekonk Invitational in the only race when they were all healthy and together - The boys beating Hew Bedford by a point to com- plete their third straight undefeated SMC season; ■ Tricia Cullinone and Haney Callahan running 2-3 in the state meet, then Tricia coming back a week later to run third in the All-Class meet; - A good-looking crop of freshmen helping us out right away-John French, Jason Goux, Darryl Canepa and Deb- bie Casso paramount among them; - The day-in, day-out leadership and sterling perfor- mance of Dennis Cullinone, the best we ' ve ever had, and that ' s saying a lot. We ' ll miss Dennis sorely, and the indefatigable Carl Bohnert and R.J. Souza, and the inspirational Tom Doyle. The top girls are all coming back. Can we do better? I think so. 77 RETIREES Faculty And Staff Milton Carlson - 14 Yrs. Joe Downs ■ 20 Yrs. Marie Doyle - 14 Yrs. Betty Metcalf - 17 Yrs. Eorl Mills - 30 Yrs , U W fii ■y V ADMINISTRATION Dr. Peter L. Clark ■ Principal James Kalporis - Director of Student Activities SECRETARIES Mary Dishop ■ Student Activities Eileen Farrell ■ Audio Visual Martha Griffin - Principals Office Pot Henderson ■ Receptionist, IMC Ruth Martin ■ Receptionist, Arh. Office Connie Mortyna - Attendance 80 HOUSE ADMINISTRATION DeWitt Jones ■ House A Administrator Louis Lorrey ■ House D Administrator Donald Burnette - House C Administrator H o u s e A H o u s e D H o u s e C Rita Maxwell House A Secretary Judy Robertson House D Secretary Juanita Williams House C Secretary 81 GUIDANCE Carrie Saunders Dob Nilson - House D Guidance Dept. Head Kay Craig - House D Barbara Connolly - House A John Shingles - House C Harry ette Alexander - G.R.C. Beverly Klink - Guidance Secretary Marlene Viera - House C 82 Cornelia Adams Mathematics Elizabeth Afonso Business Steve Anderson Mathematics Ann Ashley Science Ruth Austin Business Ellen Barol " Sources " Program Robert Bastille Mathematics Wendy Baumann Distributive Education Barry Bird English 83 Robert Dock " FOCUS” Program Eugene Bullock- Wilson Dept. Chairman for Industrial Arts, Personal Or Family Living G Special Programs Paul Cali English John Carroll English Angelo Cosso Mathematics Raymond Charron Physical Education Robert Chisholm Business Dennis Comolli Biology Martine Cotton Foreign Language Yvonne Courtney Social Studies Druce Cranshaw Physical Education No Photo A vailoble Linda Davis Social Studies Dept. Head Raymond DesRoches Biology to Alfred Douglass Social Studies Joseph Downs Art Dept. Head Marie Doyle Foreign Language Daniel Farren Special Heeds Constance Flood Mathematics 85 Elaine Fortin Music Dept. Head Lynn Forbes Librarian William Fraher English Frederic Grunin Social Studies Daniel Harrington Social Studies James Harrington TV Joan Huckins Home Economics James Johnson Math-Science Dept. Head Alvin Kolodziejski Special Needs Susan Kane-Durnham Special Needs Louise Houle English Michael He I fen English George Hussey Chemistry Barbara Kanellopoulos Reading, English Richard Jason Business No Photo Available 87 Helen Ladd Physical Education Health Robert LaRaia Science Marguerite MacDougall Foreign Language Nancy McDermott Home Economics Dennis Marotta Music No Photo Available Peg McHenry Special Needs, Careers Robert Leary Industrial Arts (Graphics) Joseph McCauley Mathematics William McKay Learning Skills Center 88 Michael Mello Foreign Language Dept. Head John Moody Physics Ruth Nickerson Physical Education James O ' Brien Social Studies Earl Mills Physical Education Dept. Head Patricia Moorman English I j % f| ml. Curtis R. McKee English Reading Dept. Head Michael Morris " New Birth ' ' Program Bruce Mogardo Health | No Photo A voilable 89 Maureen O ' Brien Physical Education Eleanor Osborne Business Dept. Head Eugene Phillips Foreign Language Justine Phillips Foreign Language Robert Picket Reading John Reardon Director of Athletics, Math Adele Rohe English Virginia Root Math 90 Peggy Savage Social Studies Janet Spring English Helen Sweeney Home Economics (Child Devel) John Sweeney Math Joan Tansey English Eileen Tantum Special Needs 91 Yvette Thivierge Chemistry Moth Fred Toron Industrial Arts Math Robert Watson Business James Wight-Waltman Photography Franklin Towle Industrial Arts (Woodworking) No Photo Available Paul Wasseth " Explorations ' ' Program James Winer English, Journalism 92 Tom Cazoult PERMANENT SUBSTITUTES Sarah Dunkley Paula Mauk Chris Mars Wendy Wollenhaup 93 STAFF AIDS CAFETERIA Jennifer Fenstermoker Isabel Reposa (I. to r.) Mae Jordan, Elizabeth Lentini, Josephine Gomes, Marion Williams, Betty DeMello, Marie Leazott, Ida DePrizio, Evelyn Nidositko, Marilyn Macura, Stella Gervais, Madeline Marden, Helene White. R • E • V • I • E • W FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL 1963 EDITION NEW SECTION PROMISES VARIETY The appearance of this " RE- VIEW ' ' section marks the beginning of what we hope will be a regular yearbook feature. Due to constraints which are dic- tated chiefly by budget and tradi- tion, the yearbook staff frequently experiences some frustration over wanting to try new ideas while at the same time feeling an obligation to cover a group or activity in the same way as it has been covered in the past. " Change " and " consis- tency " are constant combatantsl What we hope to provide in our REVIEW section is a more in-depth look at some of the areas which we regularly report on, and an oppor- tunity to report on some aspect of school or extra-curricular life which we would not normally include in our book. We see this section as beneficial in two important ways. First, it will allow us greater flexibility in recog- nizing noteworthy accomplish- ments of individuals or groups. Second, we hope that the RE- VIEW section will be a showcase for all types of student talent and ideas, and we heartily welcome all interested students to participate in its ' planning and execution during the coming year. The Editors 95 SPORTS BOYS ' GIRLS TRACK TEAMS SET STATE RECORD WITH DOUBLE VICTOR Y IN BOSTON Compiled Dy Julie St. George Falmouth-The Falmouth High School boys ' and girls ' track teams scored an unprecedent- ed two-fold state track cham- pionship in 1983. FHS ' s double indoor track victory at Harvard University set a state record. It was the first time in Massachu- setts state interscholastic track and field history that one high school took both boys ' and girls ' state meet championship trophies. The boys ' varsity team, un- der Coach Bruce Mogardo, won their third state cham- pionship in the last five years- two indoor titles and one out- door title. After running through the tough SMC Division I dual meet season undefeat- ed, the team then went on to win the class C title with a score of 45 points over runner- up Scituate ' s 28 points. Fal- mouth ' s scoring came in the 600 with seniors Scoba Rhodes placing third at 1:16.0 and Law- rence Pierson placing fourth with 1:17.3. Kenny Pena placed first in the 50 yard dash, while Kevin Pena came in a close second; their times were :05.63 and .05.65 respectively. Freshman John French placed third in the 1000 yard run with 2:20.2, while senior Dennis Cullinane came in second in the one mile run with 4:18.2. Pierson, Rhodes, Cullinane and French came in fourth in the mile relay team at 3:32.5. Dennis Cullinane went on to place sixth in the Boys ' Eastern held in Trenton, New Jersey. Junior, Kenny Pena was select- ed to the Boston Globe ' s All Scholastic Team for his out- standing year in the 50 yard dash; Coach Bruce Mogardo was selected Globe Track Coach of the year. The girls ' team, under Coach John Carroll, won their third state title in the last six years. The Falmouth girls, whose motto this season was ' ' C ' est la qualite " , narrowly prevailed with a 40 to 37 victory. Fal- mouths ' scoring came in the 600, with junior Glenna Thom- son coming in fourth with a time of 1:30.2. Tricia Cullinane, a sophomore, came in second in the 1000 yard run at 2.44. 9. Chris Hamilton heaves the shot put in a home meet os Craig Clarkin looks on. 96 SPORTS Lawrence Peirson. right, and Scoba Rhodes manage to keep a couple of strides between them and their closest competitor. Liz Gumbert placed first in the 60 yard dash, setting a meet record with the time of .06.24, while Roxanne Dolton placed first in the high jump with 5 ' 4 " . The mile relay team of Thom- son, Cullinane, Kelley Rugg, and Gumbert placed second with a time of 4:09.2. Liz Gum- bert placed third in the Girls ' Eastern Meet at 60 yards with a time of .07. 19, an FHS record. Glenna Thompson takes the tope in her heot of the 600. Liz Gumbert, voted Athlete of the Yeor In girls ' track and field by the Doston Globe, awaits the start of the 50 yd. dash at the State Meet. SPORTS and become the fastest Massa- chusetts High school girl ever. At the same meet, sophomore Roxanne Dolton tied for eighth in the high jump with a school record of 5 ' 5 " . Liz Gumbert was selected to the Boston Globe ' s All-Scholastic Team in the 60 yard dash, and was vot- ed Globe Athlete of the Year in girls ' track and field. In the high jump. Chris Ghelfi clears the bar with room to spore. First row: (left to right) (Coach) Druce Mogordo, Pontus Erick- son, R. J. Souza, Carl Dohnert, Mark Dorsey, Dennis Cullinane (Copt.), Scoba Rodes (Copt.), John Janerico, Paul Simpson. Lawrence Pierson, Dan Robb. Second row: (left to right) Ken Johnson, Cris Smith, Greg Wimer, Don Conley, Ward Fraser, Craig Clarkin, Darren Borrows, Tim Farrell. Mark Ebenfield, Scott Fortes, Mike Sloan. Third row: (left to right) John French, Mark Hayward. John Sherlock. Jason Goux. Scott Thrasher, Charles Stulb. Scott Sayers, Andy Myette, Peter Leddy, Terry Souza, Mike Casso, (Coach) Paul Phinney. Not Present: Ken Pena, Kevin Pena. Back Row: (left to right) (Coach) John Carroll. Tracey Lindner, Roxane Bolton, Lisa Peters, Leann Grow, Nancy Callahan, Cindy Walker, Jenny Mac Killigan, (Asst. Coach) Paul Phin- ney, Kathy McEvoy. Middle Row: (left to right) Mindy Sweeney, Betsey. Robinson. Dory II Canepa. Megan Patrick, Debbi Casso, Barbara Worden. Holly Lindner. Elaine Molloy. Front Row: (left to right) Debt Brand. Lynda Roache, Kelley Rugg. (Co-Capt.) Glenna Thomson, (Co-Capt.) Liz Gumbert, Pennie Elwell, Corolee Cannota, Sue Pacheco. 98 ARTS HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS TAKE IONESCO ' ' SOPRANO ' ' TO STATE DRAMA FINALS Ploy directed by Mike Helfen Text By Jon Fenrick After being unsuccessful Iasi and meaningless language Erik didn ' t relate easily to the year, Falmouth came into the portrays man ' s inability to Smith character : but by the state Drama Finals with Eu- think for himself; he repeats time the show was perfor- gene Ionesco ' s THE BALD SO- truths which have no sub- mance-ready, he had found PR ANO. Ionesco s play is about stance and are, therefore, life- many aspects of the charac- middle-class people treating less. This makes man artifical, ter ' s unique personality. Erik common situations absurdly. and hence on stage, a " pup- adds to this by saying, " It was Two themes which ore evident pet-like ' character. fun in that I had to watch chan- throughout the show are the One of the lead characters nel 2 English shows to get the deadening nature of the mate- in THE BALD SOPRANO is Mr. English accent! ' ' rialistic, bourgeois society and Smith, played by Erik Ste- Mr. Smith ' s wife, played by the isolation of the individual. phens. He is a proper English- Joanna Murphy, is a timid Eng- In THE BALD SOPRANO, the man whose temperament re- lishwoman. Though she is tim- characters speak in cliches and sembles a jack-in-the-box. For id, she ' s not afraid to speak her exhibit values which have be- the most part, he is calm, cool, mind when provoked. Joanna come meaningless in their and collected, but every so of- explains that from the play she middle-class English society. ten, his emotions go wild. At has learned that people should The characters ' behavior the beginning of rehearsals, show their feelings and tell of Mr. Smith, ployed by Eric Stephens, mokes a point while Mrs. Smith. Joanna Murphy, and the Firechief. Mark Dogosion. look on with varying interest. Photographs by Mike April 6 Mike Doncrofr ARTS their frustrations. She says, " If Mr. and Mrs. Smith could com- municate more about their feelings toward each other, I think I would like Mrs. Smith more. " Mr. Martin, ployed by Mark Dorsey, is an overage middle- doss Englishman with marital problems. At the beginning he seems refined, but os the play unfolds, he acts more absurdly. Mark soys, " The author ' s words in developing on accu- rate character are important. The play, especially towards the end, has such a maze of words that one has to virtually squeeze Ionesco ' s intentions out of what is written. " According to Chris Natale, Mrs. Martin is a prim and mod- est woman who at times be- comes quite flirtatious. Chris disclosed that she despised her character for her snobbiness, but that she also had to laugh at Mrs. Martin ' s attempts to win the attention of others. In the course of the play, Mr. and Mrs. Martin discover that they have been married to the wrong person all these years because as the maid points out, Mrs. Martin ' s daughter Al- ice has different color eyes than Mr. Martin ' s daughter Al- ice. Ah, sweet absurdity! Mary, played by Ally son Ryan, is the Smith ' s maid. Her absurdity fluctuates through- out the play. From her en- trance to her final appearance on stage, we see a normal maid develop into a frenetic person. Ally son explains her character by saying, " I think Mary is a demented young woman working for even strangers employers. I have to admit, however, she has - From left to right; Mrs. Smith, (Joanna Murphy), Mr. Martin. (Mark Dorsey), Mrs. Martin. (Chris Natale). and Mr. Smith. (Eric Stephens). Mr. and Mrs. Martin in a close encounter. 100 ARTS taught me to avoid idle con- versation. " The most extraordinary char- acter yet to be described is the Firechief, played by Mark Do- gosian. Mark describes his character by saying, " My char- acter is a cross between Gan- dhi and Katherine Hephburn. I know of no old man who acts as he does; but of course in the theater of the absurd, there should be no character who is true to life. " Mark also says that his character has taught him to respect elderly citizens. In a final note Mark says, " I always wanted to try to make the Firechief a debonair old chap like Fred Astair-well, maybe next time! " No show would be complete without revealing the silent partner, the tech crew. The tech crew, like the actors, played a vital part in the suc- 101 ARTS cess of the ploy. They built and maintained the set for THE BALD SOPRANO along with transporting it, setting it up, and taking it down at each level of the competition. The duties of the tech crew are endless, so also is the praise they deserve. The efforts of the tech crew, actors, and directors made it possible for THE BALD SOPRANO to make it to the state finals. Falmouth ' s entry was a crowd-pleaser and won the audience ' s applause but was not selected to go to the New England competition. Ally son Ryan os Mary, the Smith ' s maid. EXTRA CURRICULAR FALMOUTH HIGH STUDENTS CAPTIVATED BY ROMAN CULTURE ROMAN COLOSSEUM ■ With its marble stolen after the fall of the Empire, the Colosseum began to deteriorate and that deterioration continues unchecked, today. FRIDAY and Saturday April 15th and 16th, 1983 - Today, Friday marks the beginning of a departure for forty-one high school students. Everyone ar- rives at Lawrence School at 10:00 to be greeted by Mr. Eu- gene Phillips who shuttles us onto the bus. The bus ride is long and boring, but we all are extremely excited which makes the trip seem quicker. We arrive at New Yorks ' Ken- nedy Airport and wait about an hour for the plane. The plane ride, which is a first for Text By Mia Phelan And D most, is around eight hours long. At 10:00 Rome time we touch down only to be greeted by soldiers bearing machine guns, which is an extreme cul- ture shock for all. Here we meet our tour guide for the trip, Bridget, an Englishwom- an, who gives tours for half the year then tours Europe herself for the rest of the year. She and our bus driver, Palo, take us to our hotel, the Paca Elvit- zia. The hotel is centered in downtown Rome and is within walking distance of most of the is Toner fir are allowed to look around the center of Rome, we encounter the huge Victor Emmanuel Monument, but this looks tiny when you look down the street towards the Colosseum, an incredible spectacle to be- hold. You can only understand its beauty and size by being Photographed Dy Mike April EXTRA-CURRICULAR One of Rome ' s many bell towers. right next to it. Pictures can ' t come close to capturing its breathtaking presence. We re- turn to the hotel about 6:00 after getting a brief look at some of the ancient remains. We eat at 7:00 and are su- prised to be served American food as our main course. After dinner we go out for a short while but turn in early be- cause we are all tired. Sunday- We awake at 7:00 and are required to be at breakfast by 8:00, after which we depart for a small church called St. Peters in Chains. The church houses the chains that held St. Peter, but its chief duty is to watch over Michelange- Victor Emmanuel monument. Some of the throng which filled St. Peters Square on Sunday to receive the blessing of the pope. Pope John Paul II can be seen in the top floor window, second from the right. 104 EXTRA-CURRICULAR lo ' s " Moses.” It is a marble statue that looks incredibly re- alistic, and also, its cloak is so finely crafted that it resembles a real toga. After leaving there we went to the Vatican to see the Pope make his weekly Sunday blessings. AS we approached the Vati- can the numerous amount of people surprised us. No one expected that many people on Sunday. Before we got off the bus Bridget explained that the Pope would be giving his weekly blessing at 12:00, it was then 11:30. With this news most of us become more ex- cited and prepared to wriggle our way through the crowd to get o good view. In the half hour before the blessing some of us went into o shop to buy various religious souvenirs to hove blessed. As the time neored, we chose our spots and got our tokens ready. When the Pope appeared at his window the multitude broke out in applause and cheers. Although the blessing was said in Italian and Polish, the excitement of the Pope himself was enough for the Americans. AFTER spending a while out- side the Vatican, we leave and go to Hadrians Tomb. This is a tomb which is large in size, and circular in form. After de- parting from there we go to the Trevi Fountain for an early evening pizza. The Trevi is a large facade with many differ- ent kinds of fountains, it is ru- mored that whoever throws a coin in will return to Rome later in life. When we finish here, we go back to the hotel for dinner and afterwards go back to the Trevi for the even- ing. A Note Of Appreciation The students who went on the trip wish to express their gratitude for the hard work that Mr. Phillips went through to make this journey possible, if it hadn ' t been for his guidance and knowledge of Rome, our pilgrimage to the Eternal City would not have been all that it was. MULTI GRACI, Mr. Phillips; may Italy ' s sun light your path again and again. Mr. Phillips and fellow travelers gang up on the yearbook photographer. 105 EXTRA-CURRICULAR Monday- After breakfast, we went to the Forums ' ; first to Trojans Forum which we were unable to go in, however, it was almost perfectly pre- served. This Forum gives you a good idea about how Roman marketplace really looks. After a short stay there, we proceed- ed on to the Roman Forum. This wasn ' t as well preserved, but its massive size gave you a good idea of how great it would ha ve looked if it wasn ' t in ruins. It has a well preserved Senate House that is, very large. In the corners there are remains that we were able to climb. There are also some tun- nels along the walls. Adjoining the Forum is the Palative Hill. It contrasts the Forum because in most places it has beautiful gardens and trees, while the Forum consists of dirt and rub- ble. On the hill we encounter palm trees and shrubbery sculpture which adjoins some small remains. After leaving there we went to the Colosse- um and the Arch of Constan- tine. The Arch was in the pro- cess of being fortified while we were there, but we did get a limited view of it, enabling us to see its great size. After din- ner that night Mr. Phillips took us to the Piazza Nuvona. This is a rectangluar square with three sets of fountains all of which are spectacular. The Pi- azza itself is basically shops and restaurants which over- look these fountains. Tuesday - After an early breakfast, we headed for Os- Rome ' s Trevi Fountain. Children ploy on the steps of what remains of a building in Ostia Antica. on abandoned Roman city. Although most of the city is in ruin there ore still a few structures which remain standing. 106 — sn EXTRA-CURRICULAR The well preserved Senate House which stands in the Homan Forum. tia Antica. Today was our first attempt at mixing in with the Romans and riding their trans- portation system. The public buses were well organized, however, they were extreme- ly crowded. Upon arriving at Ostia Antica, after a two hour drive, we were surprised to find it fairly empty. Ostia An- tica is an abandoned Roman city which, except for the foun- dations of its ' houses, is mostly torn down. However, there is a fully preserved ampitheater and parts of the palace are still standing. A few of the houses are fully intact and there are even complete mosaics to be seen. After leaving Ostia we went to the Roman Catacombs, which by contrast, were filled with people. The Catacombs are about 30 feet underground and were used to bury the Christian dead during the Ro- man Empire. The passages are fairly small and there seems to be and endless number of tun- nels. By the time we finished touring the Catacombs and re- turned to the hotel, it was time for dinner. Our day ' s activity was com- pleted by an after dinner visit to the Spanish Steps. The Span- ish Steps are large marble steps, where it seems that ev- eryone in Rome goes to talk and listen to live music. ON Wednesday we visited two of the more pleasurable spots in Tivoli, Villa Adriana and Villa d ' Este. We started the day at 10:00 a.m., taking a cramped bus to Villa Adrian. The majestic remains, which are on these 300 hectares, are of what was one of the most advanced expressions of Ro- man art and, without doubt, the grandest of the luxurious Imperial homes. Built between 121 and 137 A.D., Hadrians palace repre- sents the realization of the dreams and ambitions of the Emperor-architect. Hadrian transformed the 2 square miles into a splendid palace and gar- dens, incorporating styles from all the places he had seen on his travels, blending the boldly liberal Hellenistic art with the advanced techniques of Ro- man architecture. The underly- ing significance of the Imperial palace was an art form that was at once universal and en- lightening. The villa resembled a town- ship; there were services such as a fire station, the barracks of the Imperial guard, housing for the villa staff and servants, kitchens, storehouses, and catt- EXTRA-CURRICULAR lesheds. There were gardens , swimming pools, fountains without end, and two large both complexes, complete with oil the fixtures of o mod- ern day solon. There was o sta- dium, race course and gymna- sium, os well os 2 theatres, 2 libraries, o college, basilicas and temples for oil sides of cul- ture. At 3:00 P.M. we went to Vil- la d ' Este, o poloce surrounded by gardens and fountains. Car- dinal Ippolito II d ' Este refused the Papal seat and took up his appointment as civil governor of Tivoli. He took up residency at the ancient Benedictine monas- tery, and found the modest quarters quite inadequate and intolerable. He wished to pos- sess a residence worthy of his rank and immediately began a grandiose project which transformed the convent and the adjoining area into one of the most superb princely pal- aces of the epoch. The renowned Mannenist architect Peiro Ligorio designed the vast gardens of the villa and the architect C.A. Calvani of Ferraia devoted himself to planning the lay-out of the park. The decorating of the vil- la was left to the most distin- guished artists of the time such as Zuccari, Muziano and Ci- gresti. Villa d ' Este proved to be a splendid sight which impressed us all. During our 3 hour visit, we all had the opportunity to do various things. While some of us delighted in just relaxing and talking, a few made some friends with some Italian chil- dren and enjoyed a makeshift game of soccer. After an ex- hausting day almost all slept on the hour drive home. On Thursday we made an unexpected trip to Mt. Vesuvi- us, the volcano responsible for covering Pompeii and Hercu- laneum with ashes and lava in 79 A. D. The trip began with a drive up a twisting road with hairpin turns which our driver, Paulo, handled with ease. As we made our ascent our guide This ancient theater of Villa Adriana frames a modern Italian town in the distance. View from the interior of a bath at Villa Adriana. (Above) Derail from a tile floor in the Villa Adrian. (Top, left) A large pool probably used for swimming or for fish - Villa Adriana (Left) Part of the excavated ruins of the town of Ostia Antica which was buried under lava from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. EXTRA-CURRICULAR gave us background informa- tion on the mountain. We were told that this active vol- cano has erupted every 40 years and that its lost eruption was in 1944, 39 years ago! This news put o few of us in an uneasy state. To reach the crater, we took a chairlift up the side of the volcano. This route took us over the path of the lava from the 1944 erup- tion. Once at the top, most of us were feeling better about things until we saw steam ris- ing from rocks around the crater. Because we were able to walk into the crater a little Local children pose in one of the many tunnels beneath Ostia Antica. 109 EXTRA-CURRICULAR Mt. Vesuvius, which buried Pompeii and Ostia Antlca, looms dark and forboding in the distance. way, the trip was exciting. Our guide showed us a small cran- ny in the side of the crater which has steam rising from it. Without warning, he stuck his hand inside and to our aston- ishment brought forth an egg which had been set inside to be hard-boiled. After everyone had a good but careful look around - there were no handrails to prevent you from falling into the volca- no- we went back down on the chairlift and headed back to the hotel. FOLLOWING dinner that evening, we went back to the Capitoline Hill where we found all of the buildings on the hill decorated with oil candles in honor of Rome ' s birthday. Un- fortunately, this magnificient sight was cut short when the first rain of our trip began to fall. At this point our flames be- gan to flicker also and we re- turned to the hotel to get a good nights ' rest for our final day in Rome. Friday - Today was a day in which we were able to go back and see the things we really enjoyed, or to finish up our gift shopping. Most of us went back to see the inside of the Vatican, which like the Col- osseum, is a sight that nearly defies description. It is so intri- cate and detailed that every minute part of the building is an artwork in itself. It has a grand altar beneath its re- nowned dome and many smaller altars throughout. Next to the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel, a magnificient sight it- self. The Chapel portrays the life of Christ and many of his great accomplishments. While it was not as large as many of us had expected, the Sistine Chapel is so finely detailed that you would think that Mi- chelangelo would have need- ed lots of friends to aid him in his task. When we left, we went back to catch our last glimpse of the Colosseum and finish off our shopping. That night at din- ner we had to say good-by to the friends we had made at the hotel and they were probably glad to see us leave! Saturday morning it was good-by to the city that had hosted our trip and good times. We thank you greatly, Rome, for your hospitality. Tony Hennessey, left, and Denis Toner In the Forum. 61 56 46 37 60 32 36 44 46 51 25 43 31 47 59 42 OPP 64 71 60 47 59 52 63 62 66 53 50 56 64 56 55 61 42 60 67 62 Girls ' Winter Track FHS OPP Barnstable 50 23 Hew ton Horth 40 37 Horwell 52 24 Hew Bedford Voc. 50 5 Bishop Stang 36 18 Major Meets: Boston College Holiday Meet Taunton Relays (Second) Dartmouth Invitational Methuen Invitational (second) Hew Bedford Voc. Meet (second) Hike Relays Class B (Sixth) Southeastern Conference Meet (Second) Eastern Girls ' Meet Gymnastics FHS OPP Attleboro 90.0 99.6 Durfee 94.7 111.2 Wareham 64.4 65.6 Dennis- Yarmouth 66.1 95.6 Barnstable 61.2 91.5 Case 95.0 95.2 Somerset 90.45 120.45 Hew Bedford 67.4 95.7 OPP 0 10 5 2 0 1 3 0 1 1 2 2 0 0 3 2 2 2 4 0 4 6 2 2 5 Boys ' Winter Track FHS OPP Hew Bedford 44 42 Barnstable 47 39 Dartmouth 54 32 Bishop Stang 61 26 Hew Bedford Voc. 65 21 Foirhaven 46 40 Varsity Hockey FHS Duxbury 6 St. John s 3 Acton-Boxboro 1 Seekonk 6 Dennis- Yarmouth 7 Catholic Memorial J Somerset 6 Durfee Q Hew Bedford 3 Bishop-Feehon 7 Seekonk 3 Barnstable 6 Dennis-Yarmouth 7 Somerset 9 Durfee 5 He w Bedford 10 Bishop-Feehan p Barnstable 3 Tabor Academy 3 Duxbury 6 Alumni 3 Tournament: Dover-Sherborn 9 Triton 7 Tewksbury (3 o.r. ' s) 3 Franklin (O.T.) 4 Gymnastics Dock row: (left to right) Marjorie McEvoy. Ka- ren Hart. Jono DaSilva. Erin Farrell. Front row: (left to right) Michelle Marken. Wendy Cooper. 112 Wrestling Kneeling (I. to r.), Ed Forren. Pete Chambers, Jeffery Butts, Gerg Pratt, Standing, Christian Hathaway, Bruce Hathaway, Coach Fred Douglass, Doug DeCosta, Sean Costa, Chris Morland, Philip Walker, John Carroll, Jeff Coo- per, Asst. Coach Bob Bock. Coach ' s Comment The Wrestling Team had a good turnout, with the veteran members guiding the newer members to a good learning season. The team held two scrimmages with Tabor in which the they competed in a Pound Robin system. This system allows all the members of the team to compete with several opponents. The Wrestling Team competed against Cape Tech, in a match which even though they lost, the team showed its strengh in good individual performances. Only one team member, Pete Chambers, competed in the Di- visional II Sectionals held at the Bridgewater- Raynham High School. Pete, also Captain of the team, had an outstanding day dispite an early injury. He managed to pin 3 of his 5 opponents. He was known as Falmouth ' s " one man team " . Speculating on the future. Coach Fred Doug- lass commented, " We hope to enhance next year ' s season by adding more scrimmages and meets. This should create a more competi- t five season. " Mr. Douglass also commented that, " With the addition of Girls Intermural Volleyball to balance sports, we hope to be able to expand our own team, perhaps to a varsity sport! " 113 114 Photo ,£ Don Boro w ski. i960 Front (I to r); Tim Reams, Tom Wilkie, Sean McEvoy, Gerry Grady, Chris Lynch, Dob Bowman, Tony Hennessy. Middle; Statistician Brian Studley, Asst. Coach David Colburn, Jack Corbett, Melvin Soque, Billy Ferreira, Glen O ' Donnell, David Peterson, Head Coach William Ferreira, Doctor Thomas Brooks. Back row; Eric Palmer, Richard Kendall, Jim Corr, Terry O ' Neill, Paul Mauk, Kipp Newell, Brian Ferreira. 115 B A 5 D K O E Y T 5 B A L L This year ' s Varsity Team, under the di- rection of Mike Donovan, had a more suc- cessful season than last year ' s team, finish- ing with an overall record of 7-13 and a league record of 4-10. According to Coach Donovan, the team played to its potential in all but two games. Although losing by 7 and 4 points. Falmouth had two very emo- tional games against archrival Barnstable. This was Mr. Donovan ' s first season as coach. He commented that, " All the sen- iors hod a good year and provided good leadership. This helped the younger play- ers learn more about the game and will provide a foundation for a more successful future. " Leadership come from Senior Tri-Cap- tains Wayne Soares. Mark Dioni, and Dob Gonsalves, each of whom hod an excel- lent season. Wayne Soares made the All Cape First Team and the SMC " A " Team. Mark Diani received an Honorable Men- tion on the SMC " A " Team. Dob Gonsalves also had an outstanding breakaway-dunk play against both Somersett and Ware- ham. Falmouth played in the D-Y Christmas Tournament beating Warehom by 20 points in the first game and losing to D-Y by 12 in the second game. Mr. Donovan added as a final comment that. " In general we had a good year, but to become a more successful ream, we need stronger student support. " 116 Front: ( Head Coach ) Michael Dono- van, ( Co-Capt. ) Robert Gonsalves, (Co-Capt. ) Mark Diani, ( Co-capt.) Wayne Soares, ( Ass ' t. Coach ) Er- nest Holcomb. Back Row: John Duddy, Alan Rivera, Michael Hor- ton, Scott McMurtrie, Charles Hawes, Larry McDonald, Albert Go- mez, Joshua Phillips, John Stalcup, Jerome Pina, Michael Diani, Mi- chael Hughes. 117 First row.: (left to right) Kim Alves. Audro Finley. Didi Johnson. Second row: (left to right) Coach Helen Ladd. Jessie Hansen. Fifi Houston, Heidi Mrusek. Holly Souza. Judy Irving. Missing: Jackie Tessier. Veronica Dickerson, Diane McKenzie. 118 According to Coach Helen Ladd, this year ' s team was one of the strongest teams she has coached in her ten years of coaching. The team ' s co-captains were Fifi Houston and Jackie Tessier. Leading the team in scoring was co-captain Houston. She averaged 12 points a game, with her all-time high against Dornstable. For the second year in a row Fifi was chosen M VP by her teammates. The co-captain was also selected to the SMC Div. II All Star Team and the Second Team of the Cape Cod All Stars. The Most Improved Player A ward went to Holly Souza. Sophomore Kim Alves received the Coach ' s Award. The girl ' s 8 4 league record and 10 4 overall placed them third in the Division II league. Although their season finale 3 point loss to Old Rochester kept them out of tournament ploy. Coach Ladd was proud of the team ' s mental and physical effort. 119 T — — - SCHOOL SPIRIT Homecoming Queen , Toro Yondo Escort, John Perry 122 123 124 125 ON THE MOVE Cor Show Every year the FHS advanced graphics class plays host to about 50 competing vehicles in " On The Move. " This year ' s show was not as competitive as it might have been, in part, because of the weather, which kept a S 95.000 Ferrari and some other vehicles away. Nevertheless, it was a valuable learning experience for the doss. All the vehicles in the show were outstanding, even though only a few could rake home trophies. was overwhelmed when, for the first time. I sow a 1967 Shelby Cobra. The red-lacquered body was a magnet for both young and old. It is a pity that so few were produced. (I will probably see only a few more in my lifetime.) On the other side of the gym admired the gray 1940 Dodge Combination Truck. Its chrome engine was bordered on both sides by red flames, tapering to the doors. I can understand why it took seven years to build and why its present value is i 25.000 . It was nice to see Greg Jordon, a recent graduate of FHS, in this show with his car. a 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am. I especially liked the paint job. the original red, high-lighted by the black, custom painted by Mr. Dee Van Hentschel an FHS teacher. I always wondered what an alcohol engine would look like and I finally got my chance this weekend. can understand why a parachute is needed to slow the 1,000 horsepower engine, which can generate a speed of about 200 miles per hour. It amazes me that the engine con fire 175 times in 60 seconds. I feel that alcohol engines will be used a lot more to cut down on our energy problems. I was in complete agreement when Mr. Robert Leary. FHS graphics teacher awarded " best in show " trophy to the 1978 Chevy Blazer called " Heavy Metal. " This 4x4 truck in last year ' s show bur had a different paint job. I had not even thought that the Blazer was the same one I had seen the previous year until it pulled into the gym on Thursday night. I was surprised that the 40 " tires had to be removed and smaller ones put on to get the 8 ' 2 " vehicle through the door. Whether the show was good or bad, boring or interesting, financially successful o r a bust, students and teachers alike learn about working together and running a program on a large scale. by Joe Lopes 1 27 Directed Dy, Elaine Fortin YEARBOOK STAFF 1983 EDITORS Editor in Chief Seniors Underclassmen Clubs Activities Senior Activities Sports Faculty Photography - Sharon Di Francesco - Sharon Di Francesco - Greg Wimer - Kelley Patrick - Sue Cherkofsky - Tammy Woodward - Julie St. George Jennifer Duggan - Lynne Ashmore Ginia Stetson - Mike April Mike Bancroft CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Karren Barrette, Caryn Pokraka, Lisa Fvaneski, Mia Phe- lan, Denis Toner, Jon Fenrick, Joe Lopes, Julie St. George. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Mike April, Mike Bancroft, Sue Cherkofsky, David Heath, Julie St. George, Tammy Woodward, Terri Souza. CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Lynne Ashmore, John Carroll, Jr., Jennifer Duggan, Jim Edwards, Bob Fenstermaker, Karen Fitch, Don Borowski, Melanie Phillips, Chris Porteous, Joe Polito - Falmouth Enterprise, Scott Romkey, Ginia Stetson, Jackie Tessier, Jim Wight-Waltman. DARKROOM PERSONNEL Mike April, Mike Bancroft, Casey Clarkson, Bob Fenster- maker, Mary Guess, David Heath, Derrie Ann Silva, Julie St. George. BUSINESS STAFF Brian Albert, Janice Alcorn, Lisa Anderson, Laura Con- ley, Shannon Gibbons, David Heath, Bob McDevitt, Ed Murphy, Greg Wimer Advisor - Jim Wight- Walt man Business Manager - Janet Spring Publishers Rep - Norvai Garnett , Jr. While, as a group, this yearbook staff has worked as hard as any I ' ve seen, there are some staff members who I would like to recognize for their particularly dedicated efforts. The " Give It To Me, I ' ll Do It " award goes to our Editor-in-Chief, Sharon DiFroncesco for her almost unbelievable willingness to tackle any over- looked or neglected task - in spite of the fact that she was already busy on half a dozen other jobs and two sections of the book. Having worked on this book for literally one full year (July to July), Sharon was the driving force for making things happen - from the design concepts to the completion of the final mundane details. Upon Kelley Patrick, our Clubs Editor, we confer the " No Problem, I II Change It " award for patience above and beyond. When faced with repeated layout changes because the right photos weren ' t available. Kelley was there with the solution every time ■ no problem. I ' ll just change it tonight, and have it ready tomorrow . " Kelley was also among the small, dedicated group who stayed around to apply the finishing touches to meet the final July deadline. Greg Wimer is the lucky recipient of the " 52 Cord Pick-Up " award for his plucky effort in identifying and alphabetizing nearly 500 underclass portraits into a well organized 20 page presentation. We hope he recu- perates in time to work on next years ' book. To Greg ' s sisters, who helped organize the photos, we present the award for " Best Supporting Cast " . To Lynne Ashmore and Ginia Stetson goes the " Frank Sinatra - I Did It My Way " award for spurning suggestions for their Faculty section saying, " No thanks, we ll do it our way. " - and then really doing it! Congratula- tions on a good job. A double awarding of ' The Ghost Writers Guild - We Cant See You, But We Know You ' re Out There " award goes to Editors Tammy Woodward, Senior Activities, and Sue Cherkofsky, Activities, for doing a fine job on their sections in spite of heavy after school commitments. The " Who Ever Heard Of Boarding A Sinking Ship?” award goes to Julie St. George and Jennifer Duggan who rescued a floundering sports section in early Spring and turned it into a handsome looking affair. And. to our Chief Photographers. Mike April and Mike Bancroft, goes the " Don ' t Worry. One Of Us Will Do It ' ' award, presented by an advisor who finally learned to not worry: it did always get done and was always done well! There are also a number of others who deserve mention and thanks; David Heath, who was always available for many, many photo assign- ments: Caryn Pokraka b Lisa Evaneski, the dedication ; Denis Toner 0 Mia Phelan, Jon Fenrick, Julie St. George, feature articles; Joe Lopes, sports write-ups and a feature article. Ms. Spring and the entire business staff deserve a great deal of thanks, as their efforts are one of the main financial legs upon which this book stands. As a group, and individually, they have been enthusiastic, re- sponsible and successful in getting their job done. Behind the scenes of all this hustle and bustle is a person who remains virtually unknown, except to the staff. He is our publishers ' rep from Jostens ' American Yearbook. He provides us with the nuts and bolts we need to put this book together. He helps us with information (j ideas and answers our questions. He pats us on the bock when we do a good job. Many, many thanks to Norvol Garnett, Jr. And finally, from the advisor, special thanks to Russie G Don, Janet, Norv, and all of the students who support us by buying a yearbook. We need all of you! Jim Wight-Waltman July. 1983 130 Tammy Woodward Sharon DiFroncesco Mike Bancroft From left to right: Front - Lisa Anderson, Laura Conley, Drian Albert, Ms. Janet Spring - Business Mgr. Middle ■ Shannon Gibbons. Lynne Ashmore. Ginio Stetson, Julie St. George. Kelley Patrick. Mr. Jim Wight- Waltman ■ Advisor. Bock ■ Greg Wimer. Bob McDevitt. David Heath. Sue Cherkofsky, Tammy Woodward. Mike April, Jennifer Duggan. Hot Pictured: Sharon Di Francesco, Mike Bancroft, Joe Lopes. Becky McClane. Becky McClone Mike April 131 hc.id g inu 1 jtjgm Tr 1 7 r 11 £j J I 1 s i FRENCH CLUB 1st row sitting - (l-r)- Erik Hobbie. Cathy Marquet, Lisa Hickey. Kris Hamre. Kathy Taylor. Marjorie McEvoy, Laura Conley, Amy Dierst, Matt Delany, Mary McGowan. Billy Briggs 2nd row- Mindy Sweeney. David Casso. Don Robb, Ion Bowles. Eddie Murphy, Doreen Texiera, Chris Ghelfi. Penni Elwell. Beth Sayers 3rd row- Brian Albert. Mike McGowan, Ed Moniz. Helene Homey. Michelle Denisi, Kelley Rugg, Karen Farrington, Robin Manchester 4th row- Laurie Stefanik. Jennifer Jokinen. Amy McMenomy. Colleen McMenomy. Kathy McEvoy. Mary Lafond. Mike Casso. Jane Mello. Betsey Robinson.. Standing- Julie St. George. Lori Lohr Mrs, MacDougall, Mrs. Cotton FRENCH CLUB The French Club is made up of students who have a special interest in the French lan- guage, or in good French food. Throughout the year different members of the club host din- ners at their own home. Excellent French cui- sine can always be found at these pot luck dinners. This year the French Club put together a school wide newspaper written totally in French. Articles for this newspaper, named " Le Pomplemousse " , were written by students in French classes. The French Club advisors. Mrs. Mortine Cotton and Ms. Marguerite MacDou- gall. were the editors. This year the highlight of the French Club ' s activities was a weekend trip to Quebec in May. Approximately forty students mode the trip to Canada, which began the night of May 22. Money raised from selling the newspaper and holding bake sales was used to defray the cost of the trip. Officers this year were: Presi- dent- David Casso; Vice-President- Mary McGowan.- Secretary Treasurer- Lori Lohr. WOULD 4 V m ■B IT t II n« X J r Sitting (l-r)- Mindy Sweeney. Stuart Funkhauser. Gwen Smith. Kate Toron. Standing (l-r)- Matt Delany. Mike Callahan. Mr. Gruin. Brad Beale. UN HISTOR Y This year the U.N. History Club was revitalized mostly by the efforts of our new advisor Mr. Gruinin and some strong senior support. Although we were limited in activi- ties because of scheduling, we did enjoy listening to many guest speakers and debating thier views. The speakers were as follows: Priscilla Gardener, giv- ing on analysis of U.N. structure; Alta Mae Stevens on Amnesty International, a group involved in freeing politi- cal prisoners; Ted Amaral on his experiences in Alghanis- tan: Judith Barnett presented a game entitled " Nuhes vs. Cuhes " which presented views of defense vs. agriculture; Rev. Perry Haines on the Middle East; Dr. John Eiurton on the Soviet Union today; Florence Jacobs on present day Isreal: Dr. Robert Olsen on the unseen os a basis for world peace. Alicja Mann on life in Eastern Europe and growing up in Poland; and Diane Flescher on life in Columbia. I would also like to state that we have two complete voting members on the U.N. association of America. Soph- omores David Merson and David Braithwaite are the only full members in Massachusetts that are presently in high school. The A.F.S. or American Field Ser- vice Club of Falmouth High School is parr of a non-profit international in- tercultural organization. Each year the Falmouth Chapter sponsors one or two students from foreign coun- tries to come and spend a year with an American family in the Fal- mouth area. The students attend Falmouth High School os seniors, and graduate with the senior class. Students from Falmouth also have the opportunity to spend a summer or year abroad. This year the A.F.S. student is Carla Vincenzi from Costa Rica. She is staying with the Pa- lowski family in East Falmouth. The 1982-1983 officers are : President- Cathy Marquet; Vice-President- Da- vid Casso; Secretary Treosurer- Daniel Rob. AFS Front (l-r)- Jana DaSilva. Mary McGowan. Erik Hobbie. Cathy Marquet, Carla Vincinci. Dan Robb. Ann Marie Williamson. David Casso, Kathy Taylor 2nd row- Pontus Erikson. Paul Hosom. Ian Bowles. Lisa Caron. Laura Conley. Amy Dierst. Becky McClone. Joaana Murphy, Lisa Anderson Back row- Betsey Robinson. Peter Cook. Shannon Gibbons. ' Cindy Sweeney. Kate Toran. Mark Bogosian. Tracy Poag. Mindy Sweeney. Erika Hahn. Alison McGuire. Stephanie Souden. By number 1-73 1 Jim Harrington, 2 Erin Coyle. 3 Kristen Tierney. 4 Beth Sayers. 5 Robin Manchester, 6 John Stalcup. 7 Ed Moniz. 8 Mike McGowan. 9 Steve Walz. 10 Ward Frazier, 11 Scott Sambode, 14 Heather Stone. 15 Jennifer Jokinen, 16 Jen Lopes. 17 Jeanne Azarovitz, 18 Jana DaSilva. 19 Kathy Dillon. 20 Megan Patrick. 21 Alison McGuire. 22 Wendy Cooper. 23 Mr. Giardi (advisor). 24 Jill Irving. 25 Kim Alves. 28 Lori Lohr, 29 Brian Albert, 30 Shiela Clifford. 32 Kerrie McKenzie. 33 Craig Clorkin. 35 Ann Marie Chi- coine. 36 Joanna Murphy, 37 Jackie Lewis, 38 Dan Con- ley. 39 Christine McGowan, 40 Roly Beliveau, 41 David Merson, 42 Craig Stephens, 43 Audra DaSilva, 44 Jack Hurd. 45 Tim Egan, 46 Eileen Frazier. 47 Jen MacKilligan, 48 Michelle Marken, 49 Kathy Lipp. 50 Maureen McGowan, 51 Lynda Roach, 52 Mindy Craver. 53 Helene Harney, 54 Debi Brand, 55 Carrie Goux, 56 Kelley Rugg, 57 Charlene McGowan, 58 Mari Zylinski, 59 Liz Beards- ley, 60 Suzi Austin, 63 Todd Geist. 64 Rich Kendall, 65 Mike Reardon. 66 Ted McGuire, 67 Brian Atchue, 68 Hick Leone. 69 Jim Taylor. 70 Andy McKenzie, 71 Dill Mason, 72 Chris Lynch, 73 Julene Augustus KEY CLUB LOOKOUT This year was an important year in the history of the Key Club. The club become co-ed when the former Lookout Club joined and enlarged the group. The club now contains approximately 70 members. The Key Club is a community service group in association with the Falmouth Kiwanis Club. Their purpose is to provide school and community services. This year the advisors. Mrs. Tansey and Mr. Giardi. stressed more of these service activities. All members hod a fun year participating in the activities of both clubs. The yearly ski trip must be mentioned also. This year, in February, many members traveled to Lake Placid. Hew York for a long-weekend which will be remembered always by all who went. They all had a really great time. PEP SQUAD Sitting (l-r)- Terri Oliver. Karen Fitch. Karren Barrette. Anno Martino. Karen Harding. Laura Conley. Marjorie McFvoy. Christine Rossi. Kelley Patrick. Donna Dennett Kneeling (l-r)- Jenni Connors. Theresa Skully, Lori Lohr, Susan Oliver, Honey Sederman, Anne DeMello. Kandy Olsen. Helene Harney, Karen Walker. Robin Manchester, Christine Tessier Standing (middle)- Honey Way, Cathy Joe, Patty Costa. Michelle Marken. April Clough, Janet Dussaulr, Sue Pacheco. Kris Manchester. Michelle Maurice Ann Connolly, Melanie Phillips. Heidi Mederios Standing (back)- Amy McMen- amy. Kim Reed. Susan Rudden. Amy Kiss. Lisa McKee. Karen Hart. Kim Gonsalves. Andrea Dennett. Kathy Lipp. Barbara Pierce, Lynn Siminoe When the members of the Pep Squad look back on 1982. they will remember certain things. Some of these memories are: the night football game; the new advisor. Mrs. Fenster- maket: senior rock ' ems: dancing at McDon- alds: " You dropped the bomb " ; the officers. Laura. Christine, and Marjorie: our Homecom- ing attendants. Kandy and Michelle; the Christmas Parade; ugly pom-poms: borrowing sweaters: the " Robert F. Lee " ; making the float: finding banquet dates: a rowdy head table ; making up routines: and seniors saying goodbye. The 1982 season was very success- ful on the field and it brought a lot of different people together into a family. CHEERLEADERS This past year was filled with good rimes and bod. Ho one will forget the bus rides with Loverboy blaring out of Jol-leen ' s ghetto blaster, or singing " We are Varsity " . How con anyone forget the trouble we had trying to adjust to having an advisor for the first time. We went through a lot but always monoged to remain close. We mode it through another competition and come out with a trophy. We tried to bring more spirit to the school by putting up signs, being secret cheerleaders, decorating lockerrooms and buses, even cheering for a new sport, hockey. The captains of this year ' s squad. Tara Yondo and Lisa Clough, hope thot next year ' s girls have as much fun as we did and that they con keep old Kneeling (l-r)- Becky Pennington. Lisa Clough. Tara Yondo. Candice Kiss Standing (l-r)- traditions going and create new ones. We wish you all Kelly Rugg, Stephanie Marks. Charlene McGowan. Kristen MacConnell. Julene Augustus r e est mi5S Y ou ° ' MAJORETTES Kneeling (l-r)- Shelley Murphy, Wendy Guest, Tommy Woodward, Mau- reen Murphy, Laurie McCarthy Standing (l-r)- Kada Graham. Traci Price. Kristine Fernald, ' Caroline McMillion. Drawde Grant The Majorette squad led by President Tammy Woodward. Vice President Wendy Guest, Secretary Maureen Murphy, and Treasurer Kristen Fisher, consisted of twelve girls. The squad worked hard practicing two days a week after school and early Saturday mornings. The reward for the work came from a near perfect halftime on Thanksgiving Day. The squad also participated in the Homecoming rally and Christmas parade. The year ended with a banquet at the Sheraton with the Colorguard. A special thanks to our advisor. Mrs. Pat Costa, who helped to moke us what we were.- Thanks Mrs. Costa! COLORGUARD Kneeling (l-r)- Trinia Zylinski, Sara Newell. Dawn Sylvia. Karen Farrington, Jill Irving, Carrie Goux. Mia Phelan, Sue Doran, Sherri Ingalls. Jen Delinks. Melanie Reposo. D.J. Cunho Standing (l-r)- Tricia Kolinue. Gayle Roberts. Tracey Dusch, Joyce Filling. Janet Frazier. Kathy Cunho. Cathy Mooreland. Nancy Durghaus. Carla Tolland. Michelle Mederios. Maria Mauk, Gayle Sinewinz. Ann Hinkley. Sheila Travers, Raquel Rodrigues. Melissa Klink The Colorguard, led by President Sue Doran. Vice President Dawn Silvia, Sec. Tres. Mia Phelan, Flag Caller Sherri In- galls, Asst. Flag Caller Jill Irving, consists of 35 girls. They are divided into two groups. 24 flags and 11 guns. Ve prac- ticed two days a week after school and Saturday mornings before the game, in all kinds of weather. We ended the year with a banquet at the Sheraton with the Majorettes, where the new officers were elected. The long hard practices finally paid off at the Thanks- giving Game, when our performance beat that of Barnstable ' s. To this we thank our advisor Mrs. Dorothy Dutra. Without her help and guidance, we never would have done as well as we did. Thank You. Mrs. D. V V ’ MB 1 T . ,vS» | AM 11 A.M. Eleven, a morning information program, is produced live, daily, by student members of the television homeroom. A rotating schedule of student crew members named by the student ge neral manager, assume the responsibilities of directing, engineering, oper- ating cameras, and delivering announcements to the school population. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are per- mitted to belong to the television homeroom. Freshman trainees are permitted to crew pro- grams with upper classmen, but cannot be mem- bers of the TV homeroom till they are sopho- mores. Additionally, the television group airs programs requested by teachers, monitors stage produc- tions. crews for the weekly " Perspective " news program, covers sporting events from time to time, and involves itself in a variety of other tele- vision productions throughout the year. Sitting (l-r) Pam DeCosta. Ann Marie Williamson, Dena Trovers, Nancy Mitcho, Mary McCloud, Ellen Walsh. Craig Stephens, Handy Fink, Jason Pecci Standing (l-r) Tom Goulet, Wesley Silva, John Fen- rick, Dob Fenstermaker, Jennifer Duggan, Mary Kearney not pictured- Carol Narbis, Colleen Kel- ley, Jeff Johnson PERSPECTIVE With a staff of only four. T. V. journalism ' s " Perspective ' ' nonetheless remained a weekly program. Seniors Jill Rogers G Mark Dogosion, junior Jeff Johnsen. resident movie critic, and sopho- more Jennifer McReynolds wrote the copy and read the news as part of Falmouth High School ' s journalism class. All learned how to use the portable television camera as well as the tripod cameras that actually broadcast the show. Several of Mr. James Harrington ' s students from the A M. 11 crew, Mary Alice Kearney. Randy Fink and Tom Goulet helped out on many of the shows. Mr. James Winer the advisor of the journalism class feels that purring out the weekly program with so few people was " considerably harder " than in years past. He added that the show ' s not having " as many combinations of personalities to combine with each other ' also made things a bit harder. A fifth student-reporter who joined the show on camera was sports reporter Wayne Soares, a senior who worked on " Perspective " independently. Mr. Winer feels that " on awful lot of credit for success of the show ' goes to Wayne. " The show would have been weaker without him . " Mr. Winer added that Wayne has a fine presence in front of the camera and that he has the " basic equipment to become a professional. " " Perspective " , now in its ninth year, has once again hod another fine year of broadcasting. STUDENT INTELLEGENCER In from 0-r)- Mr. Winer. Joy Forman, Dill An- drews, Doreen Texiera Up top- Erika Hahn b Julie St. George The Student Intellegencer, published weekly by Mr. James Winer ' s print journalism class in the Falmouth Enter- prise, finished its 35th year of publica- tion during the 1982-1983 school year with the help of Dill Andrews, Erika Hahn. Julie St. George, Doreen Texiera, Karyn Harding, and James Forman. Mr. Winer feels that although this year ' s was the smallest staff the paper has ever had. the interesting blend of personalities within the group made it a successful year. He felt that there was " more cooperation among the staff ' ' and he is " pleased ' ' that with as small a group as he had they managed to put out a weekly paper, missing only a few issues and publishing a double is- sue during Christmas. One thing that was different about this year ' s paper was its emphasis on music. Decause of the musical interest on the staff, there was much more writ- ing about rock albums and other musi- cal features. The Intellegencer did hove a few shortcomings, however. While there was a definite increase in musical fea- tures, there was a decrease in sports- reporting. Mr. Winer said that on a newspaper one " can only use what talents or competenecies ore on the staff ' and that if there " isn ' t anyone who writes sports ... or who knows the language . " then the sports writing suf- fers, because you " can ' t suddenly train someone to be a sports writer . " Mr. Winer feels that many good arti- cles and issues were produced this year. " depite what some people thought about the April ' s Fool Issue, with joke articles mixed in with the regular articles without warning peo- ple. I enjoyed it.” The Dr. Clark inter- view concerning teenage pregnancy was felt to be a " comprehensive re- view” and Mr. Winer also enjoyed Ju- lie and Erika ' s album reviews, especial- ly Julie ' s semi-joke Plasmatic review published in the April Fool ' s issue. MATH TEAM m- K C p v 1 V S x v. RL ' .n JU 1 E9r m ' %j 1 V ; k L ¥ V Jmnf: v || [I miBi . M f ut ' gr Mi Sitting (l-r)- Mark Hayward, Mr. Casso, Sachi Shimomura, Kris Schmitz, Liz Deardsley. Mark Dourne. Pat Egan, Ian Dowles, Gil Tavares Standing (l-r)- Rick Cousolito. Andy McKenzie, Gunnar Trumbull, Tim Farrell, Mary McGowan, Cathy Marquet, Erik Hobbie. Paul Davis, Marc Ebenfield, Larry Mello. Rob Mitchell, Ducky Trumbull The 1982-83 season was very successful for the Math Team. The Math Team is made up of students who compete by either traveling to different schools for meets, or by taking tests here in Falmouth that are compared to other schools in A lew England. This year the Moth Team competed in two leagues: The Southeastern Massachusetts Conference Math League (SMC), and the Hew England Math League (HEML). Falmouth finished second overall in the SMC, and placed three students on the All-Star Team. These students were: Gilbert Tavares, Paul Davis, and Sachi Shimomura. Among the Cope Cod schools that compete in the HEML Falmouth came in first. They finished in the top 18% of all competing schools in Hew England. Two hundred schools were involved. This year the Math Team went to the State Meet Competition. There they competed in the " large school division ” against nine of the top schools in Massachusetts. This was the first time in four years that Falmouth went to the state competition. Paul Davis was cited at this meet as one of the higher scoring sophomores in the division. This helped to make 1983 a very successful year for the F.H.5. Math Team. The Falmouth High School Science Club consists of o group of students who ore interested in observing, experimenting with ond learning about the natural sciences of the earth and the universe. The club was started only five years ago by a few interested students. Since then, its popularity has increased tremendously, ond the membership this year is o record 27 students. The club organizes many activities throughout the school year which include star-gazing, trips to science museums, observatories, and computer shows. The Science Club also assists with the organization of the annual Falmouth Science Fair, which is considered to be one of the best of its kind in Massachusetts. Officers of the Science Club this year are: President- Ducky Trumbull: Vice- President Roger Hayward : Secretary Treasurer- Cathy Marquet. The Science Fair is a day long exhibition for the community. The fair displays the work of students in kindergarden through grade twelve. The fair demonstrates ideas of science through scientific investigation. Some ideas are original, some are a duplicate of another experiment and still others are examples of classical experiments. The judges ore scientific community judges. The top winners of the Falmouth Science Fair receive scholarships and go on to a regional and possibly a state science fair. SCIENCE CLUD Science Club (L TO R). Jim Harrington, Jean-Paul Hosom. Mindy Sweeney, Mark Ebenfield. Emily Hocker, Roger Hayward, Sheila Clifford, Steve, Shephard, Cathy Marquet, Robert Mitchell, Jana Dasilva, John Ro- zum, Dan Sullivan, Ducky Trumbull, Advisor, George Hussey. 1 9 4 1 2 AV SOUND NURSER Y 1. Joanne Gamble. 2. Shannon Drown. 3. A.J. Crimmons. 4. Lisa McKee. 5. Susan Rudden. 6. Renee Peters. 7 . Jessica Kolodziejski, 8. Seth Kolodziejski, 9. Colin Metcalf. 10. Kathleen Happenny. 11. Lisa Evaneski, 12. Rebecca Songster. 13. Collen Tobin. 14. Jeff Hurlihy. 15. Eve Gonsalves. 16. Gretchen Dowker. 17. Courtney Johnson. 18. Caryn Pokraka. 19. Adam Tessier. 20. Ulla Dullund, 21. Mary Eliza - beth Lawson. 22. Alison Walboldt. 23. Mrs. Sweeney Seated: Mrs. Dauman. Terry Souza. Chris Alves standing: Darbara Hunt. John Perry. Bobby Gonsalves. Wayne Soares The School Store, also known as Distributed Education, is a vocational program which combines work and study for students interested in merchandising, marketing, manage- ment, and service operations. The program is a cooperative effort between the business community and the Falmouth High School. The goal of this program is to provide the student with information, skills, and attitudes necessary for successful and satisfactory employment in distribution and marketing. Participation in D.E.A.C. (Distributive Educa- tional Clubs of America) is an important part of this program. WARRANT COMMITTEE STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD The Student Advisory Board consists of five student members who are elected in the spring, by the student body. These members bring the voting results of the quarterly student town meetings to the school committee to let them know how the students feel on certain issues. Then they make a report of their achievements at the next town meeting. This year, the Student Advisory Board tried to get the administration to agree to a weighting system for class rank. A faculty-student committee was set up to discuss the possibility. This year ' s members were, standing from left to right. Doreen Teixeira. David Casso, Chairman, Cindy Sweeny. Seared are Sheila Clifford, and Eliza- beth Beardsley. Mrs. Marie Doyle was the faculty advisor. STEERING COMMITTEE Steering Committee: (l-r)- Karren Bar- rette. David Casso, Kris Hamre. Mark Bogosian. Beth Stalcup TOWN MEETING REP SINGERS The Falmouth High School Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Elaine Fortin expressed their vocol abilities in their concerts and other musical functions during the school year. Some of the rimes they performed were at the exchange concert in Tolland. Connecticut and in the musical " Music Mon " , open only to students in the music dosses. Another branch of the chorus is the Repertory Singers, which ore o selected group of singers who sing up to date music. Repertory Singers express their abilities not only in their voices, but also with dance. Front row (L TO R), Andrea Dennett, Kim Valias, Joe Lima, Eric Johnson, Joyce Filling, Eric Stephens, Barbara Warden, Liz Hocker. 2 and row (L TO R), Joanne Murphy, Chris Natale, Donnie Thorpe, Chris Ghelfi, Jeff Johnson, Gary Hennemoth, Dan Sullivan, Christine Correllus, Amy Phelps, Marion Smith. CHORUS Front row (L TO R), Gail Lajoie, Martha Dumos, Joyce Filling, Kim Covino, Wesley Silvo. Eric Johnson. Eric Stephens, Amy Heyerdahl, Ulla Dulund. 2pd row (L TO R). Connie Simpson. Hadley Aldrich, Monique Wrice, Kathy McEvoy, Jeff Johnson, Don Sullivan, Theresa Borrows, Amy Fenrick, Sandra Kearney, Carol Norbis. 3rd row (L TO R), Kim Valias, Joanna Murphy. Leslie Miller. Joe Lima, Jennifer Duggan, Wendy Patterson, Liz Hocker, Amy Phelps. 4th row (L TO R), Andrea Dennett, Chris Notale, Donnie Thorpe, Sean Doyce, Gary Hennemuth, Chris Ghelfi. Darbora Warden, Marion Smith, Christine Correllus. STAGE BAND The Stage Band has been busy this year. Per- forming for everyone from Falmouth Town Meet- ing to Maspee Middle School. They also held their annual exchange and spring concerts. Along with various other concerts at Nantucket, Nauset, and Falmouth Schools. The featured performers this year were: Mike Marotta on baritone, John Franklin playing key- boards and synthesizer, Chris Pine on trombone, Sean Boyce on Boss, and Steve Ross on lead gui- tar. Christine Woodward on saxophone, Peter Cook, Ted Cooper, and Philip D ' Orio on trumpet, and John Drew on drums. Paul Simpson was an alternate conductor and a drum player. BAND The Falmouth High School Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society is mode up of juniors and seniors who meet the qualifications set in aca- demics, leadership, character, and citizenship. In order to remain in the Honor Society members are required to maintain a B+ average, and to par- ticipate in Honor Society activities. This year the Honor Society sponsored Candy Cane Day and Flower Day. This was the first year that students were able to send candy canes to their friends. They were distributed the week of Christmas, and they were all sent anonymously. The Flower Day tradition was continued this year also. Flowers were sent on (continued below) SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1st row- Candice Kiss, Doreen Texiera. Amy Witter. Marjorie McEvoy. Carla Vincinzi 2nd row- Jacki Tessier, Billy Briggs, Cindy Sweeney, Erika Hahn, Tracy Poag, Karren Barrette, Cathy Marquet, Mary McGowan, Amy Dierst, Mellissa Klink 3rd row- Eddie Murphy, Mark Bogosian, John Franklin, Jeff Cooper, Matt Delany. Beth Stalcup, Lisa Hicky. Kathy Taylor, Corrine Cannata 4th row- Sue Cherkofsky. Paul Hosom, Pontus Erikson, Mark Bourne, Peter Uchmanowicz, Ian Bowles. Cheryl Miller. Tom Doyle, Tom Vaccaro 5th row- Peter Cook, Peter McKinley, Pat Egan, Dan Robb. Peter Campbell, David Casso, Dawn Wegahaupt, Lisa Johnson, Kris Fernald, Mrs. Rohe JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY 1st row- Mindy Sweeney. Kate Toran, Sue Oliver. Marion Smith. Jana DaSilva, Sachiko Sato, Helene Harney, Jen Lopes, Jim Harrington 2nd row- Robin Manchester, Emily Hocker. Julie St. George, Laurie Stefanik, Theresa Skully. Shiela Clifford, Roger Hayward, Robert Mitchell, Don McGrath, Sean McEvoy 3rd row- Meg Costello, Janice Santos, Brian Albert, Jane Mello, Lori Lohr, Larry Mello, Chris Campbell, Bucky Trumbull, Andy McKenzie. Scott McMurtrie, Craig Clarkin 4th row- Josh Phillips, Don Conley. Mike Sloan, Tim Farrell, Marc Ebenfield. Jurgen Atema, Holly Lindner, Jim Taylor, Liz Beardsley, Karen Hart Valentine ' s Day. A red carnation signified love. pink= affection, white= friendship, and yellow= signified availability. All proceeds went to the Honor Society Scholarship. To raise money for the Kenny Sabens Fund the Honor Society hosted a night of rollerskating at Cape Skate in Hyannis. All these activities were co-ordinated by the advisor, Mrs. Adele Rohe, the President Amy Witter, the Vice-President Marjorie McEvoy, and rhe Secretary Trea- surer Doreen Teixiera. r 1 1 A -J k m , v Vv L 7 • 1 J] r p . f Am ' t Jr him l ' 1 L K J 11 1 .1 [ Mr JW M ■■ ■ ., 4H KjtT Jr IMfr JV % euAUQancl Y (7 SHOWTIME. ' rfeil 1 Im UB — L m 3 ; w i i la nti f I 14 JlH " s3 1 7 . I J u N O R S Janice Alcorn Orion Albert Leora Aldrich Amy Allen Chris Alves Amilia Amorim Chereyl Andrade Drenda Atkinson Dottie Doldic Vicki Douknecht John Dell John Derrencourt REMEMBER YOUR FAVORITE SONGS AND ALBUMS FROM ' S3- " 64 " SCHOOL YEAR? 148 Dethony Blackburn. Michelle Blanchard. Kenneth Borowski, Dora Bow in, Allen Bradley, Glennece Brann Eileen Buckley, Lisa Cabral, Dawn Comoro to, Lynn Camire. Michael Cannata, Karen Chiero U2- War; The Tubes-Outside, David Dowie-Let ' s Dance; Def Leppard-Pyromania Jennifer Clark, Craig Clorkin, Shiela Clifford. Ted Cooper. John Costa. Michelle Cowie Melono Crabtree, Cathy Cunha, Tricia DeMello, Michelle Denise, Cathy Dillon. Debbie Dinco 149 Eve Disney Ellen D ' Olympio Maria Domingus Meredith Dowd Marc Ebenfield Pennie Elwell Tim Egan Kim Eldredge Scoff Evans Tim Farrell Johnathan Fenrick Dob Fensfermaker Jannette Ferreira Wanette Ferreira Ward Fraiser Kimberely Frye George Gokidis Elaine Gaspa Rose Goulet Kathleen Happeny Helene Harney James Harrington Pot Harrington Susan Henkenius SHE ' S A BEAUTY, OVERKILL, PHOTOGRAPH, ELECTRIC AVENUE, SUNDAY, OUR HOUSE Ido Hersey Scott He wit Drawde Grant Emily Hocker Scott Humphrys Jack Hurd Jeff Johnson Jennifer Jokinen Dill Kersey Krista Kallio Carol Landry Collene Ledwell Greg Leonard Jeff Leonard Nick Leone Laurie Lima Holly Linder Johnathan Lopes 150 Varsity Lacrosse Standing: (left to right) Coach Dorry Sadoff, David Strock, Greg MacDonald. John Carroll, Andrew Clark, Mike Reardon. Rob Kubitschek. Ray Burke. Coach Barry Irwin Kneeling: Chris Hathaway. Ron Bisio, Gary Wilson. Tom Wilson. John Gumbleron, Eric Porteous. Steffan Striffler Sitting: Jeff Alves, Jeff Bowman. Ricky Kelleher. John White. Greg Pratt Be Good Johnny, Beat It, Girls On Film, Der Commasar, Life Takes A Life J. V. Football First Row: Brian Ferriera. Greg Giardi. Craig Merieros, John Souza, Brian Atchue. Tom Robertson. Brad Fish, Frank Beckwith, John Vinitsky, Craig Kozens Second Row: Eric Jackson, Kevin Webb. Joe Roland. John Reine, Pat Geary. David McMurtrie. Greg Stokes, Rob Prendergrast. Mike Gonsalves Third Row: Brendon Rosberg. Rich Kendall. Jim Duddy. Greg MacDonald. Bill Mason. Kim Sheldon, Todd Geist, Bill Stone Fourth Row: Brian Dellisola. Tom Burke, Mott Rochleau, Mike Horton, Mike Frank, John Robertson. Paul Cooper. Eric Sabo. Jim Scolli, Not pictured: Coach Kozens and Coach Macmonamon J. V. Baseball First Row: (left to right) Tom Robertson, Jim Duddy, John Lacaver, John Souza, Buck Blum, Craig Mederios. Rick Otaviano, Peter Urban Second Row: Coach Joe McColly, Mike Frank. Pat Geary. Mike Norton, Greg Stokes. Joe Rolland. Eric Palmer A FLOCK OF SEA GULLS- WISHING; PINK FLOYD-THE FINAL CUT; PLANET P-PLANET P Joseph Lopes AnnMorie MacDonald Charles Marken Dena Markgren Johnathan Martyna Paul Mouk Lorie McCarthay Robert McDevitt Larry McDonald Charlene McGowan Lisa Mckee Scott McMurrie Michelle Medeiros Andrew Mello Jane Mello Kristen Mello Sachiko Sato Kathy Moreland Phillip Motto Elizabeth Muldowny Maureen Murphy Cynthia Paiva Tracy Perkius Lisa Peters 152 Renee Peters Yvonne Phoneut Joshua Phillip Christine Porteous Rebecca Pratt Kim Reid Brendan Richard Marta Rivera Honk Rogers Kelly Rugg Ally son Ryan Jim Ryder Luis Salem Janice Santos Robin Speroni Steven Shepard David Sigil Aaron Sinew it z Gayle Sinewitz Sharon Sinewitz Bethany Secia Marion Smith Lauri Stefanik Daniel J. Sullivan ROCK THIS TOWN, EVERYBODY WANTS YOU, STRAIGHT TO HELL, MEXICAN RADIO, Elizabeth Sullivan Jennie Toudres Glenna Thomson Gary Thomson Colleen Tobin Denis Toner Scott Thrasher Doreen Turner Maura Wagner Karla Wegehaupt Monique Wrice 153 Mens J. V. Basketball Back row: (left to right) (assistant coach) Joe Olenick. David McMur- trie. Jim Duddy. Chris M ill i man. Rob- ert Baker. Sebastian Merski. Greg Giordi. George Cabral. Steve Ander- son (coach) Front row: (L R) Ted McGuire. John Souza. 154 Darrin Allen Wendy Amaral Jason Anthony Karen Antonucci Jean Dosser Elizabeth Daumgardener Roland Deliveau Eric Daumonn Andrea Dennett Peter Denoit Ellen Dezdaris Nancy Dishop Duck Dlum Debi Drand Joe Duchler Nick Durk Lisa Dusch George Cabral Maura Callahan Nancy Callahan Catherine Joe Anne-Marie Chicoine Sandra Cobb Chris Colella WHAT A FEELING , SYCHRONICITY r BABA O ' RILEY , SHE ' S A BEAUTY , Anne Connolly Joe Conway Linda Costa More Costa Jenny Crocker Gail Cutillo Pomelo Cutilo Doug Crowell Katie Dolton Cathy Do vis Jenny Delinks Nicole Denisi James Detor Dorene Dior Veronica Dickerson Chris Diorio Pot Disney Jim Duddy Sean Elichalr Korren Farrington Liso Faulkner Chris Ferriro Barbara Fetters Stuart Finlay Brad Fish Julie Foley Frank Beckwith Douglas Fredrick Ashley Fullerton Micheal Gagnon MODERN LOVE, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, TOO SHY, OUR HOUSE, SOLITARE Joseph Gervais Patrick Geary Todd Geist Shannon Gibbons Carl Gonsalves Scott Graham Patrick Grant Leanne Grow Billy Guess Mary Guess John Gumbleton Karen Handwork 156 a. . Girls J. V. Basketball First row.- (left to right) Mary La fond Me lanie Phillips, Jennifer Duggan, Sara West Second row: (L R) Coach Kolodjeski, Jen nifer Pine, Sharon Lasuda, Cheri Clarkin Jennifer Cummings. Joanna Lowell, Au drey Connolly, Carla Sullivan, Heather Wil cox, Karen Antonucci. I DON ' T WANT TO WORK, HUMAN RACE, CUTS LIKE A KNIFE, I.O.U Julie Hannon Timothy Hansion Lisa Hoppennie Janette Haskell Thomas Henkenius Garry Hennemuth Christine Hastay Marlene James Brian Johnson Gina Jones Judith Jones Kada Graham Trish Keliinui Richard Kelleher Colleen Kelly Laurindo Kersey Kathy Klien Rob Kubitschek Mary Lafond Ann-Marie Lomoureux Rui Lima Peter Leddy Jackie Lewis Kathy Lipp 157 Freshmen Football 1st row L to R Paul Lentini, Rick Boynton, Craig Kozens, Brian Ferreira, John Vinitsky, David Peterson 2nd row Alex Paliotto, Carl Gon- salves, Kevin Webb, Pat Gaspa. 3rd row Andy Dion, Billy Rugg. Scott Romiza PHIL COLLINS, HELLO I MUST BE GOING; THE TUBES, OUTSIDE INSIDE; TOTO, TOTO IV Frank Mancini Mary Ellen Lopes Lisa Marden Bill Mason Marija Mauk Brendan McCarthy Christine McGowan Christopher McGrath Allison McGuire Ted McGuire Jennifer MacKilligon Amy McMenamy Laurie McNeil Melissa Mederious David Merson Melody Martinez Terah Mintko Chris Milliman Sarah Monsen Craig Morrenle Molly Murphy Shelly Murphy Andy Myetre Patrick O ' keefe 158 Richard Ottaviano Susan Pacheco Gina Park Megan Patrick Wendy Patterson Rebecca Perry Mia Phelan Melanie Phillips Dabora Pierce Ruan Pimental Tonya Pina Eric Porteous Tracy Porter Jill Raposa Melanie Raposa Thomas Robertson Mathieu Rocheleau Raquel Rodriguez Daniel Rogers Stephen Ross Elizabeth Sayers Patricia Santiago Mary Shea Kenneth Sheldon DURAN DURAN SPECIAL BEAT SERVICE BUILT FOR SPEED, KISSING TO BE CLEVER Junior Senior Prom Committee Nathaniel Schwartz John Silva William Smith Ruth Soares Stephanie Soudan John Sousa Siobhon Sullivan Anna Sylvia Cathie Sylvia Eddie Terry Todd Theroux Donnie Thorpe Kathy Uzmann Sandra Vanallen Julie Wagerer Cynthia Walker Dabra Worden Nancy Way Sarah West Thomas Wilson Doug Williams Christine Woodward Cathy Yuricich JUKE BOX HERO, BURNING HEART, JEOPARDY, CAT PEOPLE, DON ' T PAY THE FERRY MAN Leo Albert Timothy Albury Hadley Aldrich Allison Alwardt Duane Alves Jeff Alves Helena Amorim Shaun Andrade Matthew Andrews Shelly Armstrong Suen Atema Celia Dailey Janet Domes Scott Dauet Heather Daumgordner Janine Dearse Christine Deliveau Ron Devocauo 161 John Billings Hon Disio Sarah Borden Audrey Dor ow ski Jeff Bowman Eric Boynton Henry Green Joanne Briona Richard Brousseou Chris Brown Mario Bukuras Beth Bullard Carol Lee Cannata John Carroll Monique Costa Cheryl Costa Amy Costa Wendy Cooper Mooythew Colella Troy Clarkson Tonya Clements April Chiero Tyler Cartner Michael Casso REBEL REBEL; ROXANNE; DR. HECKLE £r MR. JIVE; DREAM ON .. . Debbie Casso Meg Castllanos Babaro Cunha Christine Correllus Erin Coyle Matthew Craig David Crowell Richard Cusolito Kristen Damore Audra DaSilva Pam DeCosta Dawn Degidio Danie DeLeon Alison DeMello Craig DePinete Andy Dion Caroline Dionne Ron Desuza 162 Ned Draper Ellen Drouin Robert Dugan Mary Dunn Janna Durant Sean Egan Muir Evenden Erin Farrell Cynthia Faulkner Brian Ferreira Sandra Fetters Matthew Field Jonathan Fitch Meredith Foegen Debbie Forbes Jodi Foster Kimberly Fraizer Russell Freeman Laura Furtado Tony Garcia Patrich Gaspa Lauren Geary Greg Giardi Christine Gilchrist THE METRO, BURNING DOWN ONE SIDE, EMOTIONS IN MOTION, MY GENERATION Faith Goff Jason Goux Troy Gray Kim Hadway Michele Hardin Mark Hadway Chris Heino Elizabeth Hocker Jeff Hood Veronica Horne Leeso Hornick Jeff Howard William Hubbard Lori Huebener John Hunter Eric Jackson Mary Janerico Tracy Joillet 163 sro ; IV Field Hockey Front, Coach Helen Ladd Kneeling, (I to r), Wendy Cooper, Sandy Kearney, Fileen Frazier, Kris Schmitz, Karen Antonucci, Bar- bara Mello. Standing, (I to r), Pat Tessier, Jen McKilligan, Carla Sullivan, Kathy McE- voy, Lynda Roach, Mindy Craver, Donna Swire, Veronica Dickerson, Liz Hocker, Emi- ly Hocker, Audra DaSilva. Jennifer Pine, Cheri Clarkin. Brian Johnson Cissy Jollymore Clayton Jones Leslie Josephs Lori Joska Kerry Kibby Angelo Kirk Amy Kiss Craig Kozens Manfield Lobes Sharon Lacerda Gail Lajoie JOURNEY, ESCAPE; PSYCHEDELIC FURS, INDIA; AFTER THE FIRE, ATE JV Softball Front row (I. to r.) Lisa Marden, Jill Irving, April Chiero. Carla Sullivan, Melanie Phil- lips, Karen Antonucci. Back row (I. to r.) Pat Tessier, Heather Stone. Gail Lajoie, Amy Bertozzi, Pom De Costa. Ellen Walsh. Marla Poag, Coach Bob Leary. 164 Kenwyn Lone Jose Lima Joseph Lemoy Paul Lenrini Leslie Brickett Amy Keenan Tracy Linder Sheryl Lewis Scott Lomourx Joanne Long Michelle Lopes Joanna Lowell Picky Lyonnais Jennie Mackiligan Carl MacDonald Angelo Machado Kristen Manchester Manheim Francesca Anthony Marken Michelle Mornen Michael Morotta Jon Mason Jennifer Matthews Michelle Maurice FISH HEADS, INVISIBLE SUN, LAWYERS IN LOVE, NAPOLEAN DONNE PARR Karin Me Alvin Elaine McClellan Daren McDonald Kathleen McEvoy Drina McGrath Coleen McMenomy Debra Medeiros Heidi Medeiros Barbara Mello Tim Meserve Katherine Miller Leslie Miller Brian Morrison Elaine Motloy Paula Motto Michele Mulmern Patrica Murphy Kim Newell 165 I I Amy Niethold Solly Povoo Renee Pelletier Down Penman Terry Perkins Tina Peterman Chantelle Peters Gory Peterson David Peterson Aimee Phelps Jennifer Pino Mario Pooy Gregg Pokroko Steven Portentoso Christopher Potter Gregory Pratt David Proctor Allison Ratsy Jane Pumphery Craig Robarts Pomelo Robertson Scott Romkey Scott Romizo Orgnoon Rosberg Kim Rose Melissa Runge James Scalli Susan Schreiter Robin Sheldon Eric Sherman COME ON FEEL THE NOISE, LONDON CALLING, BEAT IT, SHAKIN Sochi Shimmure Chris Simpson Rebecca Silva Robin Smith Nancy Souza Mary Stalcup LITTLE MISS PRISSY, SUPERFREAK, YODA, HIGHWAY TO HELL, SCHOOL ' S OUT Vanessa Stanley Michael Steele Dill Stone Heather Stone Gary Studley Carlo Sullivan Robert Sullivan Donna Swire Sue Taylor Patricia Tessier Allen Thackston Adam Thonas Ellen Timoney Tracey Tobin Dina Trovers Jennifer Utley Peter Vaccaro Luisa Valiela Kim Valias Stephanie Vidal Kristen Vokey Kevin Webb Christine Wegron John White Heather Wilcox Jennifer Wilson Cheryl Wright Johnathan Yadley Michael Young 167 Boys ' Tennis FHS Duxbury 1 Tabor 5 OPP 4 0 Dennis- Yarmouth Dishop Feehan New Bedford Durfee Barnstable Dennis- Yarmouth Sandwich Attleboro Bishop Connolly Bishop Feehan Durfee New Bedford Attleboro Bishop Connolly Barnstable Golf Team Bourne Barnstable Dennis- Yarmouth Woreham Dighton-Rehoboth Seekonk Old Rochester Westport Attleboro Woreham Dighton-Rehoboth Seekonk Old Rochester Westport Barnstable Dennis- Yarmouth 6 17 Old Rochester 5 3 New Bedford 4 3 Somerset 7 2 Attleboro 4 8 Bishop Connolly 13 5 Durfee 6 7 Dennis- Yarmouth 10 9 Barnstable 13 8 Attleboro 9 1 New Bedford 2 3 Somerset 5 1 Bishop Connolly 12 3 Durfee 14 1 Dennis- Yarmouth 3 0 Barnstable 7 0 State Tournament: Hinghom 6 7 Tabor Dennis- Yarmouth FHS 3 2 OPP 9 7 Varsity Softball FHS OPP Sandwich 2 4 Durfee Barnstable Attleboro Tabor Bishop Feehan Somerset Dennis- Yarmouth Durfee Barnstable Attleboro Bishop Feehan Somerset Scrimages: Sandwich Chatham 2 Vi 4 1 5 0 0 7Vi 6 l 0 1 0 State Tournament: Nouset Duxbury Varsity Ba seball FHS Bourne 5 Bourne 6 OPP 4 5 Chatham Sandwich 168 EN AT WORK opp r o OPP Girls ' Tennis FHS Duxbury Sandwich Dennis - Yarmouth Dishop Stang Seekonk New Bedford Attleboro Dornstable Dennis- Yarmouth Dartmouth Bishop Stong Seekonk New Bedford Dartmouth Attleboro Dornstable OPP 36 35 75 55 56 41 53 Girls ' Spring Track FHS Scituote 75 Worehom 63 Dennis- Yarmouth 43 Seekonk 63 Attleboro 62 New Bedford 77 Dornstable 65 Boys Spring Track FHS Scituote Plymouth-Corver Att leboro i New Bedford Seekonk Somerset Dornstable Worehom 1st row (I. to r.) Tony Baker, 1 ; John Duddy, Shawn Almeida, Mike Graham, Bobby Gon- salves, Wayne Soares. 2nd row (I. to r.) Asst. Coach Ron Braga, Al Rivera, Mark Texeira, John Haddad, Billy Ferreira, Paul Mauk, Glen O ' Donnell. 3rd row (I. to r.) Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Keith Allen, mgr., Raphael Col- lins, Ben Crago, Chris Olson, Chris Rebello, mgr. 170 171 Kneeling, (I. to r.) Judy Ir- ving, Fifi Houston, Jackie Tes- sier. Standing, (I. to r.) Kelley O ' Keefe, Kim Alves, Mary La fond. Karen Richardson, Audrey Connolly. Coach Al Kolodziejski, Kristin Damore, Drenda Atkinson, Audra Fin- lay. 172 173 Standing, (I. to r.) Coach Glenn Landers, Jack Hurd, Nick Leone, Jim Taylor. Mike Simpson, David Keene, Ted McGuire Kneeling. (I. to r.) Brian Carragar, Mike Steele, Mark Diani, Frank Nunes, Rob Mitchell, Mike Gagnon. 175 G I R L S T E N N I S Standing (I. to r.) Mindy Sweeney. Ellen Dezdaris. Ellen Drain. Cindy Walker. Barbara Pierce. Cathy Dil- lon. Carolyn Dionne. Tracy Joillet. Michelle Marken, Barbara Cunha, Andrea Bennett. Coach Dennis Co- molli. Kneeling (I. to r.) Kate Toran, Eileen Erazier. Brenda Crago. Cathy Taylor, Mellisa Gay. Jeanne Azarovitz. Meridith Dowd. Jennifer Lopes. Michelle Medeiros. 176 177 The Lacrosse club, under the direction of Barry Sadoff and Barry Irwin, had a very strong turnout this season, with 52 members composing two teams. The more experienced players were on the A-teom and the beginners were on the B-team. The A-team completed the season with a 5-3-1 record under the leadership of senior tri-captains Ken Gonye, Pat Egan, and Jeff Cooper. The B-team finished the season with a 2-3 record, under the leadership of tri-captains John Gumbleton. Andrew Clark and Mike Reardon. A highlight of the season was a game against Tabor, in which FHS was victorious by a score of 8-4. Tabor is a very good team and this is the first time FHS has beaten them. Two games that were played very well were against Barnstable. In these games. FHS demonstrated their ability to handle and maneuver the ball with a great deal of skill. This led to two big victories by scores of 10-1 and 13-3. The last game of the season was played against the Waltham varsity team. In this game, the seniors of our A-team demonstrated the skill and finess of playing for four seasons to win with an 8-4 score. Seated (L TO R), Tim Egan, Roland Deliveau, Pot Egan, Jeff Cooper, Ken Gonye, Kip Newell, Tim Scozzari. Kneel- ing (L TO R), Ward Fraser. Andrew Clark, Richard Ken- dall, George Gakidis, Mike Callahan. Rob McKean, Pete Chambers. Standing (L TO R), Coach, Barry Sodoff, Doug DeCosta, Stewart Funkhouser, Pete Uch- manowicz, Peter Campbell, Steve way, Chris Pine, Ray Burke, Coach Barry Irwin. 179 Kneeling (I. to r.) Mike Heyward, Paul Simpson, Kenny Johnson, Peter Leddy, Charles Stulb, Sean McEvoy. 2nd row (I. to r.) Robert Sullivan, Paul Janerico, Scott Sayers, Andy Myette, Jim Harring- ton, Coach Gus Giardi. 3rd row (I. to r.) Coach Paul Finney, Mark Ebenfield, Chris Milliman, John Stalcup, Denis Toner, Dan Conley, Craig Clarkin, 181 182 183 CHEAPER BY THE DOZE Directed Dy Sarah Dunkley 186 ' A ' • • m ♦ • »•• • 188 189 190 1 H 1 ■ 1 i I II i wt ■ I Ck,, — T W m v ■ tb 1 if (j t 1151 |D ' , « L 7 1 192 193 V PATRONS Mr. 6 Mrs. Michael R. Grady Uchmanowicz Family Emy b Tom Robertson Mr. (j Mrs. John Irving Frank (7 Donna Nunes Mr. (7 Mrs. Arthur Hampton Pauline Robert E. Reisinger Ernest I. Kilkenny Anthony, Mary 6 Jodi Yando Mr. Mrs. Edward C. Rapoza Dr. (7 Mrs. Edward H. Fitch Mrs. Alison A. Robb Mr. Mrs. Robert H. Wilcox Dr. Mrs. John Mitchell Soft os o Grope Ronald J. Souza Family Mr. Mrs. Robert C. Millard, Jr. Mr. £r Mrs. Harvey C. Richardson Russ Parsons Mr. (7 Mrs. Edward N. Fletcher Dorothy Parshley Hahn Lorry Tessier Mr. (7 Mrs. Joseph M. Lopes Barry (7 Kelley Pratt The Noel Almeida Family Mr. (7 Mrs. Robert A. Sayers Mildred M. Mitcho Mr. 6 Mrs. Leighton F. Peck Dr. Frizzell Step N Side Boutique and Bridal Solon, Inc. Robert and Martha Griffin 198 Congratulations! Condlepin Dowling Video Pinball Games FAMILY FUN CENTER Skeeball Town Hall Square Falmouth, M A 199 • HOWLINGBIRD STUDIO SILK SCREEN SHOP Compliments TEN ACRE BOTTLE SHOP 91 Queens Buyway Falmouth May Your Visions Be Sweet! DR. EDWARD H. FITCH 27 Falmouth Heights Road Falmouth, MA 548-0505 Pie in THf Sky WOODS HOLE MASSACHUSETTS a dessert cafe ' an? 9alie s(u 7 OfMI$E AND MANNV DIAS 540 • 5475 EASTMAN’S HARDWARE , INC. 150 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS 02540 B P PACKAGE STORE 174 Sandwich Rd. East Falmouth 546-9039 548-0407 ESTABLISHED 1913 CHARLES E EASTMAN. JR Congratulations To The Class Of 1963! DR. AND MRS. JOHN MITCHELL SERVING CAPE COD FALMOUTH DATSUN 0ME2 735 MAIN ST TEATICKET. MA JAMES B0TELH0 548-8686 president 200 Sc ' wd ' , ATTORNEV5 AT LAW 1 43 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS 02541 Stephen M. Rappoport P.O. Box 629 E. Winn Dovis (617) 548-8183 New England ' s Best Bookstores At Two Locations To Serve Folmouth Readers Better! ?Vl eeJL$ ESTAeuSHCO 1900 TOWN HALL SO- 1:30 P.M. 548-0109 vSt ULoX, C ySj!rtruniXA cun The Market Bcchsbcp Cape Cod . 02540 The “Old-Fashioned” Store 15 Depot Avenue, Falmouth 548-5636 22 Water Street, Woods Hole 540-0851 Compliments Of The Congratulations! Congratulations , Class Of 1933! TEATICKET HARDWARE CO. 242 Main St. Teaticket LINDA LEDACH Real Estate IS REALTOR Box 216 21 Luscombe Ave. Woods Hole, M A 02543 201 Quake A Bom Bonnet Gifts of Distinction 140 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. 02540 (617) 548-1815 Rita .1. Nickerson Janet I). Nickerson 174 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Tel. (617) 540-0938 229 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. CAPE COD. MA. 02541 DISCOUNT PRICES ON ALL • GUITARS • DRUMS • AMPLIFIERS • BAND INSTRUMENTS All Star Music INSTRUCTIONS • REPAIRS • RENTALS ED KOZAK - B A BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC MARCEL L. ALBERT CW 8813 (617) 548-0487 2 53 MAIN ST across From McDonald s Rest TEATICKET. MA 02536 Telephone 5-4S- 2160 LAWRENCE MOTTA Jr iMiwince a division of BREWER (j LORD Insurance 177 Main Street Falmouth. Massachusetts 02541 (617) 543-1596 Or 543-1130 (oommsett w Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinner elegantly served in gracious surroundings. Enjoy wine and spirits in our lounge or while dining. Delightful Suites and Apartments overlooking Jones Pond. All for your pleasure year ' round. For information or reservations call 548-2300 Jones Road and Gifford Street in the village of Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 202 Congratulations , Class Of 1963! ED‘S CLEANERS, INC. PROFESSIONAL CLEANING 241 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASS. TELEPHONE: 548-3222 OPEN YEAR ROUND MAIL ORDERS Handcrafted T RaJhans w Candies of Cape Cod 209 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 (617) 548-7878 858 MAIN STREET OSTERVILLE, MA 02655 (617) 428-7888 (617) 548-1134 MIKE DAY Signs 645 MAIN STREET. TEATICKET. MASSACHUSETTS 02536 JAKE S TAP Main Street E. Falmouth , Mass. All Sports On TV” Tel. 540-3400 540-1614 JOAN JOE SEMINARA FALMOUTH. MA 02640 m -fi.’-r? ' Dus.: 540-2445 Res.: 540-1999 CongratulationSr Class Of 1963! MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE T LEONARD MATTHEWS ROSE J. MATTHEWS COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER (OPPOSITE STOP £r SHOP) 894 MAIN STREET - BOX 592 FALMOUTH. MASS 02541 203 SOUTHEASTERN TILE AND CARPET, INC. (Formerly Bionchi) CUSTOMER SHOWROOM Ceramic Tile — Imported Domestic Marble — Slate — Quarrytile Terrazzo Linoleum — Armstrong Congoleum Cabinets — Kitchen Bath Bruce Hardwood Floors Carpeting — Monticello — Lees — Bigelow Firth — Wilco — Callaway RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL SALES INSTALLATIONS Cope Cod The Islonds 426 Mo in Street Folmouth r MA 02536 546-6389 DOUG ' S COUNTRY FLORIST, INC FALMOUTH READY MIX CO., INC. 607 Main Street Teaticket, Moss. Jim Moniz, Owner Tel. 548-6100 418 Main St. 540-1292 E. Falmouth , MA (617) 540-0317 PROMPT pROFessiONaL seRvicE r Ja£pnoutk Oflizzoz GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE DIVISION OF DON-BERN GLASS CORP KeNy Tires mm UNIR0YIU. Fleet’s Tire and Auto Care Center 226 MAIN ST TEATICKET. FALMOUTH (548 2084) Tires Retail Wholesale BERNARD G SUNDQUIST Treasurer 537 MAIN ST E FALMOUTH. MA 02536 Elignment Front End Service Oil Lube Service Tune-Ups Road Service TEL 61 7 548 2822 CARPET SALES ON LOCATION CLEANING INSTALLATION Brake Service Shock 8, McPherson Replacement T ruck T ire Service General Auto Repair GENE ' S ENTERPRISES LAWNMOWER CHAIN SAW SMALL ENGINE REPAIR NEW • USED RENTALS Jke ' TZugman, One. 430 MAIN STREET FAST FALMOUTH, MA 02536 GENE COURTEMANCHE TELEPHONE 548-9100 18 DAVISVILLE ROAD EAST FALMOUTH MA 02536 OFFICE (617) 548-6925 HOME (617) 548-6860 ANSWERING SERVICE (617) 232 5736 202 Main Street, Teaticket, Mass. DELICIOUS PIZZAS O- HOT OVEN GRINDERS HAIR IN Motion driftwood shops TEATICKET. MA 02538 ROUTE 28. FALMOUTH OPEN TUES. - SAT. ALSO THURSDAY EVENING Pa Pa Pete ' A, Ptyj " Call in your orders before you leave home - They will be ready on your arrival” Telephone 540-1837 206 We ' ll Be Seeing You ! Wherever you go, there will be only one hometown newspaper. Wherever you go, whatever you do — let ' s not lose touch. Good luck! " Little Foreign Car Garage” Inc. All Foreign Cars Major (j Minor Repairs Race G Rally Preparation Falmouth, Mass. 548-9207 ERIC LITTLE PAUL PETERS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Insurance Tel. 548-2500 Falmouth, Massachusetts VILLAGE PIE COFFEE SHOP lA ek ottis i jMain Street Jjafmoutfi , _ ' Massachusetts Jel. SfS - 0 2+ Estcrftisfic ' ? 1917 237 Main Street 548-4955 Muffins 8 Sandwiches Eat it Here Or Take It With You THE UNIFORM SHOPPE OF CAPE COD. INC FOR THE PROFESSIONAL MAN AND WOMAN TH ERESA M ASSELIN. Uniform Consultant RES 394-7896 19 SHERMAN SQUARE END OF WEST MAIN ST 307 MAIN ST HYANNIS. MASS 02601 FALMOUTH. MASS 02540 TEL 775 4065 540-0209 Best Wishes From I iYM 1 iTiiM I MM 193 main street foimoufck mo 02540 lb E (6 17) 548-6505 Best Wishes, You Mode It! DANK OF BOSTON Barnstable Cape Cod GaIIery of Homes, Inc, 101 Town Hall Square Falmouth, MA 02540 540-1530 208 Best Wishes Across From Falmouth Plaza Stone’s Beauty Salon 210 Main St Complete Hair Skin Can Your Style Center i C IQ ftCQC Precision Cutting " " 7 1 0 " UD00 Personalized Styling Stone’s Barber Shop 208 Main St TELEPHONE 775-2467 APE P OD lb ONOGRAM FALMOUTH EXCHANGE TOWN HALL SQUARE FALMOUTH. MASS. 02540 P.O. BOX 275 WEST HYANNIS PORT. MA 02672 (617) 548-6937 SHEILA AND NORMAN BUTLER BARBARA E. CONNOLLY NEIL F. POWELL Compliments Of FALMOUTH LUMBER INC. PRESCRIPTION CENTERS OF CAPE COD 540-2410 24 HOUR PHONE Folmouth, Moss. 303 MAIN STREET 420 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 EAST FALMOUTH. MA 02536 540-2410 548-1342 Tel. 548-6868 PAUL E DUSSAULT 8 S Rph JAMES E HERMANSEN B S Rph 7 uiZycdm- HARDWARE stores True Value Hardware Of Falmouth, Inc. 437 Moin St. 8-5:30 Mon. Thru Sot. East Falmouth 540-0183 210 Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 1982! THE WOOD LUMBER COMPANY 81 Locust Street Falmouth , Massachusetts (617) 540-4555 ■uuul© DglDOrD©. DYER’S GULF STATION No. Main Depot Ave. (Gulf) 548-0704 McCarthy Petrasko insurance Agency, Inc. 19 Falmouth Heights Road David C. Petrasko Falmouth, MA 02540 Tow Service (j Repairs AVIS Car Rentals Your Complete Insurance Agency Serving Cape Cod The Islands Ark a Code 617 348-2787 — Prompt, Personalized Service — Law Offic es of Holland. Delaney ' Perpall • Automobile • Homeowners • Commercial • Bonds • General Liability • Workers Comp. • Life • Accident Health • Marine JOHN W. HOLLAND. JR. LEO F. DELANEY 14 1 Main Street FETER H. FERPALL Falmouth. Mass. 02541 221 MAIN STREET • 548- 0116 212 ft BULLOCK ' S Nursing Service 09 Town Hall Square Falmouth, MA 02541 Nurses RN ' s-LPN ' s-Aides Live-Ins-Orderlies Quality , Professional 24 Hour Nursing Core For The Home , Hospital Or Nursing Home Nursing Supervision By: Joyne L. Bullock, R.N. Deboroh A. Aldrich, R.N. Borboro Smith, RN.N 540-2996 Falmouth 428-7731 255-8870 Osterville Orleans Best Wishes To The Graduates! Cannon — Nikon — Kodak — Olympus Pioneer — Sony — Panasonic ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY Inc. HOLLAND ' S 145 Main St. Falmouth, MA 267 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. Armand Ortins, Prop. Tel. 546-1916 y ie miaset VMM SPECIALIZING IN QUALITY WOMENS FASHIONS ACCESSORIES DONNA M RODERICK. Proprietor (617) 548-3410 106 DAVIS STRAITS FALMOUTH. MASS 02540 WM. C. DAVIS CO. Since 1 885 Beautiful Furniture — Quality Bedding Fashion Floor Installations — Wall-to-Wall Carpets Main Street Falmouth 548-2143 27i ks C . un Sfb+ot, on a u 5M - M2JW Open Daily 8:30 A M. to 5:30 P.M. Best Wishes To The Class Of 1963 MR. L UCIA NO FL OR • fj TA TE A PPRA ISA LS GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST • DIAMOND Flor Jewelers , Inc. NEW BEDFORD AND FALMOUTH, MASS. RICHARD FURLANI, TREAS. 291 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 (617) 546-1997 245 MAIN STREET 546-3516 FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 214 [Little harbor Assoc.fReal I state " Dedicated To Provide Quality , Professional Real Estate Services . " Louise McClane, G.R.I. Foy Homre, Manager Barbara Bigelow Sandra Surchuck Sue Veeder Shirley Wiedemann CONTACT LENSES HEARING AIDS Compliments Of Falmouth Motorcar Co. 716 Teaticket Highway East Falmouth, MA 02536 Servicing Imported American Autos Quality Used Cars (617) 540-6794 HOMEPORT 334 GIFFORD STREET FALMOUTH. MASS 02541 548 8788 C M. MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 406 Jones Road, Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540, Phone Area Code 617-540-2400 215 HELENE DOYLE REAL ESTATE, INC. AND DOYLE DOYLE, ATTY. AT LAW 306 Gifford Sf. Folmouth, MA 02540 1 1 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02108 DONAHUE ' S VILLAGE GROCERY AND DELI Doily Sandwich Specials isdooq fc Tel. 548-0743 7AM-9PM Teaticket, MA Open 7 Days FLOWERS ' N ' THINGS Local Daily Deliveries to Folmouth, Bourne, Mashpee Wire Service Deliveries to Almost Anywhere Dick MacKenzie, Proprietor 148 Main Street Folmouth, Mass. 02540 540-2585 Flowers for all Occasions All Major Credit Cards Accepted Congratulations Best Wishes To The Class Of 1983 Falmouth National First On Cope Cod 217 Falmouth Public Library Falmouth, Mass. 02540 FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY due EM ' HSO E FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org

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