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Falmouth High School - Clipper Compact Yearbook (Falmouth, MA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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Clipper CompQcr 1981 FaWnoath Po Ubrary falmouth, Ma«. 02640 Finolly on our way. For some of us This is rhe beginning of jusr onorher ocodemic experience, while for others ir is rhe beginning of on even greater chollenge. The knowledge we hove gained in our FH5 career will greatly affect our futures. Best of luck, Brer Bowin Kim Kelley. Falmoufh Public Library 5 " ' Falmouth, Mass. 02540 2 3 4 5 8 9 11 12 13 : XifA- r, 14 15 Nr Jfe_ E4.1 4v 1 f M ;l Conrenrs Introduction 1 Dedication id Foil Activities 19 Senior Portraits 35 Administration, Faculty Staff 66 Winter Activities And Clubs 96 Spring Activities 124 Underclassmen 136 Senior Activities 175 Commentary 190 Patrons And Advertisers 191 Dedication We, rhe doss of ' 81, roke greor pride in dedicoring rhe 1981 Clipper Connpocr ro rhor purveyor of porobolos, rhor dispenser of differenriol equorions, rhor elucidoror of ellipses, rhor insrigo- ror- of inregrorion, rhor- onywoys, we hereby dedicore rhis yeorbook ro rhe righr honoroble Roberr W, Griffin, on our- sronding foculry member and for-from- morolly-rurpirudinous, oll-oround Nice Person Mr. Griffin groduored from Drown, where he majored in engineering. Afrer 16 years wirh Prorr Whirney, he decided rhor he would rorher work wirh people. He fulfilled some educorionol requiremenrs or rhe Universiry of Horrford and was hired by rhe lore Russell Morsholl wirh few formoliries. He begon reaching in 1965, and since rhen he has led mony srudenrs rhrough rhe inrricocies of higher morhemorics, mosr of rhem willingly. Long life and happiness, Mr. Griffin, and may Duddho smile upon you and yours. 18 T urkingron ' s Quiz-ln-Rhyme Sporrs fans moy remember o ream rhor won ir oil in Boston in November, rhe season was rhe foil, I offer jusr one lirrie clue: rhey ' re fosr upon rheir feer and could nor be beor. (answer below) On word and upward spirol rhe forrunes of cross-counrry or FHS The 1980 crew venrured our inro rerrirory rhor hod nor been rrod by Folmourh reams since rhese guys were in diopers. Ir rook o fair omounr of rolenr, of course. Much more rhon rhor, ir rook o heavy doily dose of punishmenr, self-inf licred over o long period of rime Above oil, ir rook rhe nerve ro respond ro some prerry inrense challengers ro rheir supremacy. Think ir ' s eosier when you win oil rhe rimel Guess again. Think ir ' s rewarding? You Dercho, Ir would be firring here ro recall rhe season ' s highlighr ' s, bur oil I con remember is o bunch of weory kids grinding our rhe miles day ofrer doy, Persondiries, we hod oplenry, Boberr Perers coming rhrough in such o big way jusr when rhe crunch come, Dennis Cullinone srepping righr up ro rhe fronr of rhe pock ond moking us whole, Scorr Ghelfi inspiring us oil wirh on iron will and urrer inrrepidorion, Forrell ond O ' Malley, rhe mosrers of pain. The orhers - roo numer- ous ro menrion - who gave us oil rhey hod ro offer, ond whom we needed, every one Firsr among equals was Brian Mahoney, The Greor One, So- meone will come olong somedoy ond occomplish whar rhis boy did, maybe more. Bur rhere will never be onorher like him, Thonk you Brion, for raking rhis ream up ro rhe rop were ir belongs. Long moy you run. I only hope rhe boy ' s gor half os much our of being on rhis reom os I gor our of being wirh ir. rop row Gilly Tavares, Kenny Sabens, Tim Grady, Melvin Gonsalves, Dennis Cullinane, Coach Turkingron, Chris Funkhouser, Don Webb, Wyorr Moore, Orion Mohoney middle row Par McCorrhy, Tom Doyle, Chris Ghelfi, Eric Mello, John Taylor, Ted Forrell, Sreve O ' Molley borrom row Poberr Sedermon, Scorr Ghelfi, Poberr Perers Nor picrured Larry Pacheco, Perer Dorlir Perers and Cullinone rook rhe lead early in rhe SMC nrle race SEASON RECORD (Low score wins) FHS 25 Dorrmourh 30 FHS 20 New Bedford 35 FHS 16 NB Voke-Tech 46 FHS 24 Bornsroble 31 FHS 22 D-Y 35 FHS 19 New Bedford 45 FHS 17 NB Voke-Tech 39 FHS 21 Bornsroble 34 FHS 24 Dorrmourh 33 FHS 25 D-Y 30 Seekonk Invirorionol 4rh place C M, Invirorionol 3rd place SMC Division I Tirle Meer Isr ploce Srore Division II Tirle Meer Isr ploce All-Closs meer 13rh place 20 D ' Y hodn ' r losr o meer in seven years, bur rhe Clippers bear rhem borh rimes. Brian Mahaney reigned again as Falmourh ' s all-rime besr distance runner Caaches award ro John Toylor Top bross cooch Turkingron, co-coproins Mohoney ond Ghelfi 21 Field Hockey The 1980 Field Hockey ream hod o very successful year Led by Co-Coproins Jeon Nolan and Leslie Reeves rhe ream finished wirh o fine record. The ream mode ir ro rhe Srore Tournomenr bur was eliminored eorly. rop row Ann Pelligrini, Lon Roymond, Jackie Tessier, Marla Daigle, Lisa DeMello, Lyndo Drunerre, Mauro Jepson, Andrea Marrin, Holly Souza, Coach O ' Drien borrom row Mory Doker, Heidi Wolz, Krlsren Reid, Co-Coproins Leslie Reeves, Jeon Nolan, Lynn O ' Neil, Lyndo Drunerre, Korhy Doker Jeon and Lynn pose for rhe pep rolk Jeon rnes her lefry lunge 22 23 Whor A Team Whor A Year!!! During pre seoson ploy rhe soccer ream defeored Chor- hom, Plymourh Corver, and Lynnfield H,S For rhe second consecutive year Folmourh rv ice defeated D-Y and Dorn- sroble FI, 5. They defeated New ' Bedford 5-0 and tied rhenn 2-2 Tabor varsity ream w qs beaten 3-2 and rhe season ended on a high note w ' irh o 9-0 victory over Sonnerser FI S. Jeff Lunn broke Steve Allierro ' s 1970 record of 15 goals by scoring 4 gools in rhe second half of rhe game In first round rournomenr play, Falmouth defeored At- tleboro FI 5 2-0 in overtime They beor Xovenon 1-0 in rhe quarter finds. The bubble burst os rhe reom lost to a rough Braintree squad in rhe semi-finols. It was an unforgerable season ond on unforgerable reami Good Luck in rhe future guys! 1 1 Standing (L-R) Steve Church, George Monning, Eric Hobbie, Scott Henrique, Yorek MIodzinski, Joei Irving, Tim Woodward Cooch Jodie McCauley, Chris Cooper, Head Cooch Fred Toron, Jeff Dorhelo, Jim Lemmon, Paul Hennessy, Don DeMello, Alec Fink John Porter, Kevin Gilmartin Kneeling (L R) Don White, Dennis Corr, Dave Laird, Rue Corriero Chris Josephs, Peter Garcia, Melvin Reine, Gerry Grody Unselfish passing and rough scrapping for rhe boll helped get rhe reom into rhe playoffs Chris Josephs comes ogoinsr Droinrree, Jubilorion offer goal ogoinsr Arrieboro CO Coproin Jeff Lunn, Top, Don Demello gers up high Opponenr A E THEY Harwich 7 —2 Nouser 2 — 4 New Bedford 2 — 2 Dornsroble 0 — 1 Tounron 7 — 1 Durfee 6 — 0 DY 3 — 0 Arrieboro 4 — 1 Somerser 2 — 0 Sondwich 5 — 2 New Bedford 5 — 0 DY 2 — 1 Dornsroble 2 — 1 Tobor 3 — 2 Somerser 9 — 0 Srore Tournomenr Ploy 2 — 0 1 — 0 0 — 2 Arrieboro Xoverion Droinrree 25 % A New CoQch, A New Feeling!! The Foorboll reams ' season was one of high hopes and low downfolls. Ir hod rhe mokings of o greor season. A new coach brought wirh him a feeling of pride which he installed in rhe players. Summer camp was highly success- full, The talent was there The coaching was there, Gus Giardi was feared, respected, and liked by oil his men The season srorred with a disoppoinring loss, bur rhe reom bounced bock and bear Bourne, tied Gr N D voke, and killed Foirhaven They then hit rhe skids (besides crushing Dennis-Yarmourh) losing rhe remaining six games, includ- ing Barnstable on Turkey Doy, All in oil ir was a good seoson. Fun to watch. Thonk you men. HEAD COACH GUS GIARDI 1sr Row Norman Ferreira, John Bissonerre, Greg Conley Kevin Anrhony, Doug Sabens, Robert Reid (Copr ), Mike Mirchell (Copr.), Greg Gonsolves, Kris Dohnenberger, Scorr Zylinski, Anrony Perrons, Jim Gill 2nd Row Damon Handy, Rich McEvoy, Sreve Moreland, Chris Clorkin, Mike Rodriquez, Aaron Perrons, Tony Sciornllo, Tim Gonsolves, Paul Ryon, Sreve Mongeou, Scorr Medeiros 3rd Row Duone Schouler, Tony Baker, Mike Grohom, Bill Dillon, Mark Leger, Sreve Lawrence, Bob Dell Isolo, Jeffrey MocKilligon, Bob Lipp, Tony Morris, Joe Parland 4rh Row John Silvia, John Kendoll, Joy Zmudo, Mike Barrows, Mark Gonsolves, Mark Amoral, Phil Jepsen, Dovid Haddod, Rob McKeon, Marr Maxwell, Scorr Rudden 5rh Row John Monreiro, Mark Dioni, Bob Bowmon, Ernie Morchisin, Jeff Cooper, Gerry Morrm, Croig D ' Amono, Pere Uchomonowirz, Charles Konner, Ion Donnelly 6rh Row John Papas, Assr Coach, Lorry Medeiros Assr Coach, Ruben Morrinez Assr Coach, Gus Giardi Heod Coach, Mike Dennis Line Cooch, Bruce Cronshow Assr Coach, Bob Allierra Assr Coach 26 Scorr Zylinski leads rhe way for Jeff MocKllligon Opponent WE THEY Plymourh-Corver 6 — - 21 Dourne 7 - - 6 Gr N D Voke 6 - - 6 Foirhoven 18 - - 6 Touron 0 — 27 Durfee 19 — 21 Dennis-Yormourh 20 - - 6 Dorrmourh 6 — 28 Somerset 0 — 20 Darnstoble 14 — 27 27 Colorguord fronr row, I ro r Come Goux, Sue Cobb, Melissa Klink, Liso Crogo, Arindo Dowmon-Flog coller, Ellen Mixer, Heidi Hinds, Mogorer Innis, Carol Cosro-Presidenr, Michelle Phelan, Secrerory-Treosurer, Koren Peddy, Poberro Press, Virginio McKormock, Eloine Gospo, Sue Doron- Assisronr flog caller, Liso Cobrol, second row, Kim Nunes, Sheila Trovers, rhird row, Jackie Doudror, Joonne Souzo, Sherry Ingolls, Nancy Dugh- Qus, Sue Horr, Anne Hinkley, Corhy Cunho, Alison Tolond, Down Silvio, Korhy Moreland, Korhy Gumbleron |7WT»T T9 H 1 4 B n H I r ' ‘ I 51 Sti Clarinets fronr row, I ro r Mendirh Dowd, Jeon Azorovirz, Laurie McCorrhy, Kevin Longe, Cindy Jocteon, Michelle Picord, Corol Hurdle, Chrisrine Tessier second row, Derhony Blackburn, Borboro Grinnell, Jone Mello, Mory McGowon, Mon Zylinski, Liso Vinchesrer, Korhy Taylor, Amy Diersr, rhird row, Cheryl Miller, Tommy Woodward, Connie Crocker, Janice Durro, Borboro Groce, Caroline Milonese Dross kneeling, Jockie Tessier, Tim Porrerson, Ernie Forrin, Todd Cosro, Michael Perry, Moryonn Morscholl, second row, Poy Burke, Chris Pine, Ted Cooper, Pichie Pohe, Perer Cook, Nancy Pobichoud, Fred Thrasher, Tim Scully, Scorr Thrasher, Holly Souzo, Chris Compbell, Gregg Souzo 28 Percusion fronr row, I ro r: Fifi Housron, Paul Douglas, Julie Mororro, Carl Bohnerr, Shoun Silvio, Jonorhon Drew, Tyronne Willioms, Coryn Pokroko, Paul Simpson, James Blokemon, Sreve Way, Scobo Rhodes, Cindy Sweeney Flutes fronr row, I ro r-. Laura Barron, Jennifer Tessler, Wonerra Ferreira, Ann Longouin, Susan Cherlsofsisy, Joan Doyle, Shelo Clifford, second row; Srephonie Lacisey, Aoron Sinewirz, Jennifer Owens, Lisa Anderson, Krisrine Fernald, Karlo Weghoupr, Jonno D’silva, Som Rollins, Liso John- son, Mouro Vagner nor shown Jennifer Claris Drum Majors Michelle Perry, Morio Borron, Leslie Sroelzle, second row; Susan Corwin, James Toylor, Michael Hobson, Croig Clorlsin, Perer Campbell ACTIVITIES 29 Mojorerres fronr row; I ro r, Regino Ludwell, Moryberh Thompson-Presidenr, Sandy Creighton, Koy McCarthy, Marilyn White, second row. Tommy Wood- ward, Wendy Guest, Laurie Oser Cheerleaders kneeling, I ro r, Maureen Archue, Sue Popoza, moscot-Lynn Perrier, Paula Costa, Sue Walker second row; I ro r Michelle Duarte, Joner Dolton, Jill Souzo, Korhy Sullivan Pep Squad front row, I ro r Srephonie Mariss, Christine Dossi, Koryn Harding, Noncy Dobbins, Koryn Dorrert, Leonora Porovos, Chris Deloney, Saroh Greg- ory, Dobin Almeido, Ann Doucette, Debbie Doker, Poulo Kingsley, Sara Deouchemin second row, Kim Gonsolves, Kelley Porrick, Chele Cosro, Troci Souzo, Jenny Lynds, Megan Ridley, Cindy Asrin, Gina Deauche- min, Liso Savela, Lori Rossi, Amy Clough, Sheilo DeMello, Marjorie McEvoy, Liso Mckee, Shoron Dussouir, Lauren Corcoran, Karen Walker, Mary Peters, Parry Cosro, Tino Walker, Kim Eldredge, Kathy Lynds, Liz Kelley, Korhy , Karen Eirch, Louren Gibbons, Isho Mustafa ’ r ' A-A 30 activities ACTIVITIES 31 Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen, Liso DeMello and her escort, Mike Mitchell 32 33 The Class Of 1961 34 Omor Alejandro Mom ' s cooking, Doskerboll, music, New York Flor- ida, summer, longer hoir Robin Almeido Pep Squad, Presidenr Kohluo Klub Fly Loon-Smirry Anrhony D. Abruzese Tony " HI big V " Buzz, Oick Ryuji Akimoro Teresa Aborco Froncelino Amoral Fron Career Gool-Execurive Secrerory Good Luck ro LB DD DF JH PH Carol C. Anderson Cho, V-Doy 81, Tufwf s, KS, SM, FA, Who PDen- nis? Also Triomese, Charlie, SCO, Friends, Chop- Len, Porry Kevin V. Anrhony Foorboll, Baseball, Track, Swimream; " No pain, no gain ' ' Edword Avonr " DE YOURSELF OR DE NOTHING AT ALLL Gh( Michael Ashmore " The rime has come ' The Walrus sold " H D. ' s Phorogrophy, Drown Eyed Women and Red Gren- odine Thonx DD " and PIGS HAVE WINGS” Shunomburism Maureen P. Archue Elemenrory Ed, Vorsiry Cheering, Moinroinil Kohluo Klub, GOOD TIMES, Dud Friends Pomes " Good rimes losr forever” John D. April Joonie Me " Always and Forever” Romo 81 wirh AE Honor Soclery NU Senior Class Ploy — Assisronr Are Aremo MUSIC " Pipin”, Dorbodos 5-0, Jozz or Molly ' s Nou- shon in rhe spring rime, CM, A T ' s. Cloves ond o roosr, wirh Dom Perlgnoniim 37 Daniel W. Dailey Cecelia Baker Catherine M. Baker Doskerboll, Sofrboll, Field Hockey, Hoor Sociery SWISH, AWBaME " Win wirh Glory ond Lose wirh Pride " Debbie Baker Cheerleoding, Pep Squad, Kohluo Klub, " lolo " Doncing, Jazz, Tennis Conr, Iss, w Diff, Worcesrer Weekends Mary Elizaberh Baker Fieldhockey, Doskerboll, Sofrboll, Honor Sociery Yes- rerdoy: A Doy ro Demember, Todoy A Day ro Live, Tomorrow; A Doy ro Dreom Jahn Jay Barkley Disco Annie G Green Gum, AFS Vice-Pres, Sroge Crew Science Club Sec Tres, French Club, Honor Sociery Morh Team, DeMoloy, Yourh Group, DHPS- Fronky, JD6MH Dauglas Darraws Jahn J. Daran 38 Lori Douknechr Lil ' Boor Pep Squod, Traveling, The Crew, P C V D. MC TASS " ' Srephen Porrick Dennerr Mr Hussey and rhe Bozo Club " Benskl " Slim Biff John Lennon December 8rh, 1980 " Imagine " Poor John Debbie G ond DY Lou Coroldo ond Felix-T H, William A. Deorse Success Is worrh goining ond if you work for ir rhonk ir ' s your ' s ro keep I like driving during school ro McDonalds in my Chrysler Wedge Sara Lee Deouchemin Pep, Squad, Ye Olde Riviera, The Lake " When You ' re A Nobody, You Don ' t Hove To Worry About An Idenriry Crisis " Korlo Denson Science Club, Clipper ' s Log " Nobody con become perfect by merely ceosing ro ocr " Grerchen Dersrrom Susan Dirkenshow Cheri Dloir To oil who know me, bye, I ' ll miss you Thonlss Mrs. M Smile and ler rhe world know you ore happy i John V. Dissonnerre " Diz DIods " , Foorboll, Locrosse, Key Club Secrerory rome " 79 " , Doy ' s Srore, The Mouse rhor Roared Mr P Color Guord Cooch, " Imogine " " If o would be could be " Rebecca L. Bloke Richard A. Bloke 40 Kris J. Dohnenberger " Do " Vorsiry Foorboll, Track, Hockey, Mgr. Midgers Bodybuilding, Hunring, Fishing, Maine " Always and Farever " KAR.YN Pamela 5. Bold Figure Skaring, Track, Yearbook Ed Kohula Klub skiing, CCA Class ELI Karla Darrz Jane Dorelho Peace be with you olwoys Click — Smile TP.C-TLC Jeffrey Dorelho 41 Vicki L. Dorelho Kahlua Klub, Begunions, DC, SnoKes, Toodmon, Frosh SKonng, Sunshine Sunsers, or Choppy " Hearts Jeepen ' It " You con ' r olwoys get whor you wont " Nancy Dorkin Jacqueline Marie Doudror Jackie Lookout Club-President; Colorguotd, Yeor- book Staff, Sr Class Ploy, Sugorloof, Florido, P.2 Susan Bourgoin " Every Sporrow, once he ' s leorned to serenode leoves the next ond soors our on his own to fly " To Linda- The escopede-ro the gong good lucki Brer R. Bowin Sometimes a cigor Is just o cigar Sigmund Freud 31 Rebecca Borelho 42 Michael Gene Drockerr French Club, Orchestra, Exchange Concerts Youth Group, AFS Club, Latin Club, Stage Crew Chrisropher Drierley Lyndo A. Drunerre Fieldhockey, Dosketboll, Sofrboll, Worront Comm,, Spanish Club, Friends Forever L O -Long Distance S K Team D G 3 28 80 " I guess that must be it” Mory F. Bunker Photo Editor, Winter Track, Friends at FOF Sham- rock " No Hour Of Life Is Wasted Thot Is Spent In The Saddle " Winston Churchill Corole Dussiere Richord R. Buschner Korhleen Collohon Kohluo Klub, Degunions, Cheerleader, Guitor, Skiing Snakes, Frosh Yeor, Accpt Me As I om So I Con Leorn Whot I Con Become |v Rofoel A. Bradley 43 Richard D, Carvalho S. Kenny Caralono life IS whor hoppens ro you while your busy moking orher plQns” John Lennon 1940-1980 " The Dream is Over " Dec 8 David Corlson " Cove " Hockey Track The Deoch, Cruisen, Gerrlng Losr, Summerrime, The Moose, V A Durlingron, " Visir me in Colifornio " Serb Corey Cheryl A. Cory Moy The Desr Doy Of Your Pasr Be The Worsr Day Of Your Furure Undo L. Chopmon " A ship In rhe harbor is sofe, bur rhor is nor whor ships were builr for " To Sue D -Remeber Rod M - The besr ro The Gong or Ang DD, DH, ond orhers Tom Clough Your never gonno do ir wirhour rhe fez on The Seel er Gregory Celemenrs Lindsay W. Chervonok Chrisropher J. Gorkin " Doesn ' r Hove A Poinr Of View, (LENNON Mo CAPTNEY) Knows Nor Where He ' s Going ro, Isn ' r He A Dir Like You And Me " Jennifer Chure Churey Rome ' 79 The Mouse Thor Roared ' Save The Plonkron ' " Dorn wirh rhe gifr of loughrer and rhe sense rhor world was mod " Suzanne M. Cobb (Sue) Color Guord, Con-Con, Pippin, 4 Wheelin, Summer Fun 13, DS Forever, See Yo Around JM, Jl, MP, KH, LR, ond KS We Are All Friends, Though Very Diffrenr Undo L. Church Nononol Honor Sociery A smile is worrh o rhousond words " Deno ClorlKson Richard Coddingron PorriciQ Condon Winrer and Spring Trock, ECHO 89, Away T-Meers, Harvard, Pornes-F’S, Friends AC, SA, SM, DC, MG, AJ, MD, " Cmon Coach, No more push-ups Gregg G. Conley Condo, Foorboll, Locrosse, Wresrling, Key Club Gen- rol Snipper In The Mouse Thor Doored The All- Americon Kid Mr Preppie KH Chrisropher G. Cooper (Moose) Soccer, Wresriing, Lacrosse, Hunring The Mouse Thar Doored Diane Comolli F H S Performing Arrs Music Tennis Senior Ploy ECHO Nancy E. Connors Kohluo Klub Pep Squad Degunions Fly Loon DGLFPC Summer-Beaches Tin Soldiers SKI Cindy Correiro Morio G. Correiro 46 Kevin S. Cornell David K. Cosro (Dove) Co-Coprain, Vinrer Track, 600 yd EMoss Srore Chomps 81 Accounring, Business Adm, " Educarion is rhe key in life. I ' m finding rhor our. " Korherine Cosro Korhy CCA ' 80 Dreams ore forever. Never ro be losr BOLLING STONES Susan Corwin Carol A. Cosro Vorsiry Sofrboll Pres ColorGuord Sec Tres Norlonol, Honor Society ECHO 81 92 SM Senior Closs Ploy 230 Chrisrmos Trees Track 47 Judy Cowlond Sandro Creighron Hard work Perseverance, Growing .up Ackno- ledgemenrs The Desr Of Friends Soro, Sue, Fred, Don-Joon Morro, ond my special friend Chris Jon Crofr Paulo Cosro (PC) J V Vorsiry Cheering Travel Kohluo Klub, Sponish Club " Here today gone tomorrow " Paulo Crone Kohluo Klub Pres Fly Loon MPLFNC Englond 79 Sunsets and Summertime " Smile . It Increases Your Foce Volue " Chrisropher G. Crowell Monsignor Pome 79 Doseboll Stotlsrlclan chorus VenI VIdl Dedidl 48 Karen Rvochoel Doddabbo Life is whar we moke ir. Forger: Ders wirh DH-n-VP Pemeber: summer of 1980 and roor mocrch 6 wirh Liso Andrade nicknome KK, Goaf ro be o Model FSJ Lynn Davis Jeanmarie Delllsola Norionol Flonor Sociery, V T O or V H O I , SKPMMF Work ro moke rhe furure berrer because we will spend rhe resr of our lives There Carhy L. DeMello Hoppiness is o running srreom, nor o srognonr pool Danald William DeMello (Duck) Vorsiry Soccer, Flonor Sociery Dr J Mr FI Mr M Eagle Scour " Imogine” The Griff Go For Iri Len- non McCorrney Morrison Srorr " Ler ir De " 49 Melissa Deponre Ronald De Villis Corhy Diono DeSouza Joy or rhe srorr, Fear in rhe journey, Joy in rhe coming home, A porr of rhe heorr gers losr in rhe learning somewhere dong rhe rood Corel Marie D ' Olympio Vorsiry Sofrboll, P S E 9-19-80; CD DM ' Desr of Friends never porr, 12-19-80 ' ’Happiness is o smile and Friends” Lisa Demello ' Til follow rhe sun”, EGT, DED DAT, Touron 27-0 Lookour Club, Key Club Sweerheorr, Close Duddies Eield Hockey, Ladies Nighr, Koryn L. de Punre ' Love Loughrer And Sunshine t Dennis W. Doonon Anne Doucerre Pep Squod Sec Treo Copy Center, JDH, GMS, PLA, " Ir wQs meonr ro bel " Time ro move ro onorher rown , , Korhleen M. Doran (Lppo) HEF, HEI MIL: MOL " Go for ir CL " " Sorry " Sofrboll, CL CD DC LP, TF PV, WEEKENDS, Summer, Parry Der you con ' rl J-Geils-CLPCCDMD " I ' ll see you there " Poul F. Douglas Morionne Draper Pep Squad, Lookout Club Wocesrer Weekends! Soil on doss of 81 Thomas C. Duce Cross Country, Winter Track, Tennis " Triumph " Joan Doyle Dill Duddy Attending either S M U Bridgewater, or Fra- mingham ST 51 ’7i PomelQ Joanne Elwell Color Guord-Flog Coller Sponish Club Could Relive 8 14 80 ' Doony, Dorn, and Kel Freshman Year ' Korl, Friends, B H,S , DEVO, lowenbrous and sum- mers Karen Durkin I LOVE MY scon MATHEW FOREVER Freedom ' s just onorher word for norhing left ro do Norhing Qin ' r worrh norhing bur ir ' s free, Doom-Doom Adorn Enos Joseph L, Duffony They Finally Found A Way To Ger Rid Of Us, “Groduorion " To bod ir couldn ' r hove come soon er Joudor M. Elmossri Adorn Ermisch " AD " " Squigly " Doseboll Soccer, Golf, Volleyboll, Senior Class Ploy Thank God ir ' s over ' I Rove On ' Lynne M. Faria April 15 1980 DP NC PC FLY LOON Kahlua Klub Degunions JV Varsiry Cheering (Copr) Desr of Friends Never Parr Tony Ferroris (Cassy) Foorball, Daseboll, Tracis, Chorus, CH. Choir, Performing Arrs, Jr Honor Sociery, Key Club, Good Luck Everyone ' Aaron Ferroris Foorball Track 81 Daskerboll Honor Sociery Key Club Down Fisher Dorrhy C. Forrell (Dolly) Cross Counrry Winrer ond Spring Track (Tid- ing Cope Cod Theropevric Riding Clinic Try ro Real- ize ir’s oil wirhin yourself noone else con molse you chonge Nornnan S. Ferreiro (Novo) 4 Foorball 2 Baseball 2 Doskerboll Key Club ECHO Senior Closs Ploy Dorboro P . Firzporrick Porricio Flercher Figure Skoring, Hockey Gomes, QOM, 1 2 PSC wirh MR ML JD See Yo MR ML KM SG JD KD LR 53 Ernesr Forrin They rold me rhor " All Good Things Come To Those Who Woir " They did nor rell me rhor rhere wQs o Four-yeor minimum requirement , Perer Francis Coed !’• Wrestling " If you only live once, once is oil you need " Shwinn world voyoger Com- pognold Timorhy Frazier Stephen Frazier William E. Frey David T. Gadsby Deborah Anne Garsron (Deb) Sr Closs Vp, Sponish Club Prez , Kohluo Klub, Lookout " Inrelligencer, Perspective, " LDDF-UMoss KAK-VWGMG, JMAX, Sio, MA WPWT You Only Live Once Donald L. Gosron 54 Scorr Anrhony Ghelfi Cross-Counrry Coproin, Winrer and Spring Trock Yearbook, Phorogrophy, ECHP LO, 1-11-80 DM, DC, DP, TF, SO, EM, MG, CF, DS, ond OF Course Turk Greg Gonsalves Foorboll Winrer Trock Spring Trock College Tinn Gonsalves (Spy) Foorboll Midger Hockey Lacrosse Jomes P. Gill Foorboll, Doseboll, Wrestling, Key Club, " The Mouse Thor Doored, " Nolronol Honor Society, New Wove Boy ' s Store Physics with J, Mood Donna M. Gonsalves Lori Gonsalves 55 Sreve Grady Lacrosse Mark Grosslein Brian K. Gonye Locrosse Copr , Key Club, Yr Dock SPT, ED, Ocr Zoo, Sugorloof, ZMoss Trees and Crlbboge SAM ECHO, Sr Ploy Will Torum Scrabble E Doyi Raven- boppiniii Dorbaro Grace Dond Sroge Dond Con-Con " 80 " Cope Cod Music Fesrivol " 78, 79, G 80” " Save rhe Eorrh " Mory Ann Hamill ((KK Kid, Dahl) Cloyron, Worerville Volley, Skiing, Horses, Kim, DIue WHIP-IT ' S, Lorer ( Much), Mr L, Mrs McD, Wild Turkey Nire Summer of 80G81, NIKKI, DED, DETH, PIGGINS, TUCKER, 4927 Chris Greenwood Timorhy P. Grady Hockey, Cross-Counrry Key Club Sheryl Hodfield Acrivines Norionol Honor Sociery, Fashion Club Am- birion Travel Plons College Good Luck To Every- one In The Furure 56 Arthur N. Hompron Jr. Seacresr 1980-81 Decc ' s S A R Joy Hansen MQhe- ' ' Alwoys and Forever " DM Isr- " Yewlrwrn 5 IXollerskorlng If Disronce Were Measured In Terms Of The Heorr Good Friends Would Be Only A Moment Aporr Porricio M. Harris Alisso Horringron Todoy IS rhe Tomorrow rhor we dreomed of yes- rerdoy HAW Scorr E. Horrison 57 Susan Hosserr Jane Hozelron Summer of 80 Richard Henry Karherine Hess Paul Hennessy Carherine Warner Helyar " Ir is nor rrue rhor life is one damn rhing offer onorher -Ir ' s one domn rhing over and over " - MILLAY 58 Aoron Jon Heyerdahl Volleyball Golf N H S The Mouse Thor IXoored Deilor Alorlc Obligore III ou revoir Heidi K. Hinds Kohluo Klub, Colorguord, Track, Lookour Club Span- ish Club, Honor Soclery, Skiing, Fly Loon Marc Carol Hirrle Daminic Lave is farever Cancerrs Wayne I. Horron Jennifer Hinckley Skiing Hockey Gonnes ' i Porrying wirh friends Family Poad Trips Micheol Hobson Joe Houston Mark Hov ord " I ' ve been warped by rhe ram, driven by rhe snaw, I ' m drunk ond dirry don ' r yau know ond I ' m srill willin ' ' (Lowell George) 59 Linda Marie Hudan Summer ' 80-NY, ECHa 87-PK, JS (VL), CD, OM, SC, Lourie " beneorh rhe birrer snow lies rhe seed rhor w rhe son ' s love in rhe spring becomes rhe rose " Theresa Hurley Jeff Husred ' 81 ' Celncs 1, Dowling -The Dreamer WE ' DE GaNEi Margrer S. Innis Jay P. Irving Hockey (C), Lacrosse (C) Summerrimes, Mols , Fire- bird And A Lirrie Porr Lisa M. Jacabson Anne M. Jennings " Olive O ' ' iJ elloii-Dokoro G Norm , Trock 4, Animol Science " Vhy so full my hearr, ond sore? I know rhee now no more ' ' FlondoL Old Fnends-New Deginings-DYE G. Conrad Johnson Dares College Honor Dowl Joe ' s Moilbox Dr. J. The Elf 62 Perer Frederick Jones F.H S, Performing Arrs, F H S, Chorus Folmourh The- orre Guild, Peprones Monre Cord, ' 80-F orel Merro- poly-Poom 133 Chrisropher V. Kelly Alicia Kelly Chrisropher Josephs Soccer, Tennis, Honor Soclery Drown Universriy " Hey Boy " Boy ' s Srore Ski Trips PquIq J. Keenan Kimberley Anne Kelley Honor Sociery, Inrelllgencer, Yeorbools, Blee, LDGTAASF , JMAX ANL, P C. -Bug Porrol, The Gong Orville Fon Club, TMTP, Wheories, AHOOA! 63 Michael Kilkenny Vicrorio Klien " Vic " CCA PD Pm 239 " Doesn ' r morrer rhor we ore nor rogerher because our friendship is o srrong porr of my life " Camille M. Lacava Winrer Spring Track 7778 Punning, Talking ond Porrying Today Is rhe romorrow you worried obour yesrerdoy ' Tr ' s been reol-l rhink " -CML Paula P. Kingsley " C W " Prom M F C W P -bur, I hove ro coll Honor Sociery Pep Squod " Jerhro " W H O I " HAW -Skiing, N H " Summer of ' 81 Mary Lavoie Philip Lowdoy Poberr A. Leazorr Norhon Leiby Roger Williams, Fieldcresr, " T MTR, " , o Flood of Cosso and Griff, 143, Drops and KAK Roberr C. Lemoy Karen Elizoberh Lennon " K " Color Guord, Honor Sociery, Skiing, Elrod " Summer 80 " Rck, " Dlods Russian " " King Morsholl, " Thor Molibu " Frosh Year, 10,12 78, whire Comoro, yr dog (robbir) WH James C. Lemmon Brian Lewis Money Lewis 65 Michele Lisserre-Wozniok " Would you rell me pleose which way I oughr ro go from here " " Thor depends o good deal on where you wonr ro ger ro,” Said rhe Cor Lewis Carroll Andrew Lynch Porrick Libby Jeffrey Lunn JG Music, Soccer, " Pipin”, Woods Hole, Noushon Anonro Mocedo Parricio Madden 66 Brian Mahoney Michelle Marks Travel Tracy Morrin " None of us ore lefr in doubt, we won ' t be bock again ' " Kohluo Klub-, ' Somos MoH John Morks Mary M. Malone " An opportunity missed Is o moment gone for- ever ' " History Club, United Notions Club, Gong Show Judy Ann Morrin 12, 8-T79, " The Horbor Lights Are Shining”, " Dottle of Ded”, Love Yo Dootsy Bunny G Cuzin ' J.S., TMTD, I’m waiting for you J T I, Andreo Morrin DIonche, Boskerboil, Field Hockey Copy Center Darlene Moxim 67 Susan McAdams Kevin P. McCarrhy Mary-Derh J. McCarry Golf Team 3, Office Aid, ECHO, JDSG Orgonisr Or- chestra V e ore friends forever ' " Your friend- ship Is the sun rhor worms rhe winding porh!” Jennifer Moxwell Siobhon " Si” McConn Bermuda ' s Baby B Gammon MSG.NY-Lives My Sin BTA Awesome Lola KAK Mo-MAINTAIN LBGTMSF TMTB Willie ' n ' Me-WAC Ir ' s been BEALSKI HEN Michael L. Mclnryre Maryann Mckay David Medeiros Drion K. Medeiros Suson L. Mendleson M. Track. X-Counrry, Winter, Spring Rome 79 Denmark 80 Simon Randy " People soy I ' m crozy " JL " I hove leorned rhor to be with those I like is enough” WW Korhieen McNally Gregi, " Dusters!” summer nights concerts Specioi Friends Megonsett Summers " Whot I do IS all thot concerns me nor what the people think” RWE Scorr J. Medeiros Varsity Foorboll Varsity Doseball Wrestling Senior Ooss President Norionol Honor Society Boys Store CAC Michoel Merell Coroline Milanese speed Rocer SJD 69 Michael Mirchell Foorboll-Coprain Key Club Pres Winter and Spring Track Sliprock Royolry Srephen R. Mongeou Monge, Foorboll, Lacrosse, Key Club Tres TMTR, School Spirir, ECHO, If o Would - Be Could Be ILTWYLds Suzanne Monoghan " Monogrann " Honor Society PQu ' e Paso Hombre " Another day here would be too long for me” L S Let ' s Go To Zoo-Mossi Partying Theresa M. Miller Ellen T. Mixer " Mix " Color Guard " Spiels " Summer 80 Burr- " X " 10 12 81 Skiing 80-81 (EM, Ml, KL) We ' ll olwoys remember the good times we hod-KL, LP, KN, CM, SH, SB. BO Rosemarie Moniz Bosie S S S E B V June 1, 1984 70 Tracy L. Moniz 79-80 was rhe Desri Summer, Skiing, Lauderdale 81 Srephen Moreland ' ' Frodo-WD ' ' Vorsiry Foorball-Somerser-Lord of rhe IXings Power Puff Cheerleoder " The Meon Mochine " ECHO Dockpod ing " NHC nor UNH " New Hampshire Col- lege Morylou Morron Gymnosrics CQCoproin Spring Trocis Four Yeors The harder the struggle rhe more glorius rhe vicro ry We oil drift owoy bur we never lose touch wyorr Moor Paul P. Moore " Moorze " Vorsiry Hockey Trock ACE Life Is 0 series of experionces of which you must enjoy ro rheir fullest extent Then ond only then hove you really lived Srephen Morris Colin Murphy Vincenr J. Myerre Doseball, Drama, Music Thoniss " Pipin ' ' Billy Joel Laughing, Crying, and Caring Scorr Paul Murray Scornsh Counrry Dance, Wnring Skiing, Running Sun- sets Joanne T. Nochello Trocy Murphy Korherine L. Newell " Kory” Color Guord-VP, Hon Soc Closs Morshol, Sr Ploy Rondo, UNH, ECHO-67; Kohluo Klub, Hockey Gomes ' Noodle, " Somerlmes " , Boses, Friends For- ever ' Jeon E. Nolon Field Hockey, Honor Sociery, Boskerboll " TMTB " Lunch, MT I ' ve gor High Hopes Mory Lou Nunes 72 James Nunes Joan Susan O ' Connell " Encounrers " West Side Story " Secrets ' ' " Gomes ' ' Con-Con " Interview " Pipin " Nor Enough Rope " " Sons le theatre, je suls rien " Lynn A. O ' Neill Field Hockey, Lookout Club, Wotront Committee, Friends Forever L D ond Long distonce S K Do whor you con, with whor you hove, where you ore ' Parricia O ' Connell " Parry " Softboll, Mr Chocoruo ' 81 Summer of 79 ' , Mr J ' s Closs All Those fLoinbows Whoopiei 5 29 81 Noncy A. Pacheco " Spiels " Honorguord Colorguord ECHO Summer ' 80 Spring Fever Fitchburg Store " You con do whor ever floors your boor " Pvobin A. Orroviono " Spiels " , Business Editor 1980 Yearbook, Spanish Club, CPF, Georgio ' 80, Curling Closs Morsholl ' 80, Honor Society 73 Morrho Poszek Morcio Pqvqo Joon-Ann Perry Sylvie Pouze Frenchy Bernoderre Perers Leo Joanne Perkins " Perky ' ' -Child Core Aid Ambinon To work wirh lirrie children 74 Darlene Perers Leonora Porovos Normal Honor Sociery, Pep Squod, Yearbook, Pood Trips, D C , X-Moss Trees and Cribboge Sr Ooss Ploy ond Bod- gommon Koren Quenrol " Special K " I con do Things Through Chrlsr which srrengrhens me Philippions 4 13 Cheryl D. Pokroka Honor tociery Gymnasncs Kahluo Klub Be slow in .choosing o friend, slower in changing Elizoberh Pierce " Liz” Soiling, WHYC, Begorros, PN, Cross-Counrry . ECHO 81 Trock, Honor Sociery, MCC, Nursing!? Boiler " Teoch " Mrs B, Who ' s Who, 1 11 80, Memories go on forever Carol Popozo 75 Susan M. Roy Leslie Jayne Reeves Vor Field Hockey, Doskerboll Sofrboll Field Hock- ey Co-Copr All-Sror - - Rome 79 Lookout Club (Vice-Pres) U M Y F " Spiels " Krisren E. Reid Sec Tres " 81 " , Lookout, Key Club Sweetheart, Field Hockey, Skiing, Sugorloof, The Beach, K-K Lub, E G T, Gree Eyes, Ice Cream, Deans, Bettes, G Drowns, UNH Suzanne Rapaza Cheerleoding, Lookout Club, Yeorbook, S S T ' s “Spiels " Boses ond Cdrds, Soccer ond Hockey Games Sisters Scarr Raymand Robbie Reid Foorball-Co Coproin Hockey- Asst Coproin Hove ' n Fun In Dig Diffs Closs Undo F. Remsen Freshman Yearii KQ, PE. KL, MW, KB-Fal. Hgrs INERTIA GP- " I con handle ir” " Fley JM your walking funny again” Cheshire Smiles JGW-Dye KD MP JC DF G TD Hello NY Liso M. Roberrs Erma Rodriguez Nancy Celesre Robichoud Sroge Bond Nonrucker Conodo Skiing Weekends " ECFIO ' ' Rainbows ROBERT REPOSA Hockey Skiing Sue Verres Money Judith Robbins The Heighrs Cosmo Volleyboll 2 " Magic " Mr " X” Summer of 79 JD LD LS MT DR WB AF JN CJ WOW Michoef Peter Rodriguez Jr. Tovern, Key Club Foorboll Boskerboll Co-Caproin Rodge 77 Alison Rollins Korhleen Ruggeri Donno Lynne Royols Purple, Unicorns Cocoonur oil, Lilacs, Curbs KD, A D, D4, CCCC, hr Sandy Rogers Michael Rose Lydio Rose (Korie) Chic Fashion Club 2, 0, Daskerboll 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Peoch high in rhe sky and never look bock Remember rhe good rimes in Track we hod VP DD AJ 1234 Geoff Ross " Mr. Gone” Bond, Sroge Bond, Cope and Islond Fesrivols Syms 80, ECHO, Chess Team, Marh Teom, Church He don ' r ger no respecr Paul C. Ryon V Foorboll The Mouse Thor Roored " 8T’ " They ' re Powerful " See you or rhe hor porry Good Luck 78 Douglas A. Sobens Doseboll Foorboll Winter Track Jeffrey Schley Pvoberr Sedermon Disko Dob (Domn I Ski Ourrogeously) J ' oime skiing 6 cross ounrry ln Space No One Con Heor You Clash ' The Waring Is The Hordesr Parr ' 79 David Smorko Gregory Souza Jeon C. Souzo Mork A. Servis Kimberly Smirh- Auger " Kick- As D” fXiding, Track, Rome 79, Denmark 80, ChA, SM, CA, Mouse, GA RTER Gang, Triumver onr, Sror, Treb, dier, Obfojewch, DR " No longer riding on rhe Merry-Go-Round J Lennon Chrisropher Srerson 80 PorriciQ J. Srone Vonsry Tennis Team Dosron Globe All Scholosrlc wirh J IT Lookout Club ECHO Rome 79 Summer 80 ' Korhy T. Sullivan John A. Taylor Mary Toron Jerome Tilron Michael Turner Paul Throckmorron Stephen John Turner Acnviries-Winrer and Spring Track, Hisrory Club Hon or Sociery, Will Always Remember Prom Nighr Wirh Lourie Furure Plons- To Arrend SMU, Then De Rich Kevin Voroo R P See You Lorer Perer ' 82 Audrey Worerfield Marilyn Jeon Whire Mojorerres, Conquers w K Mich Igr Weelsends- lodles nighr Dusrers ggfjs Murfs Donee Career " As I Leave I Know Thor I Am Leoving My Desr Friends " K C J 3 20 CD Heidi Lee Wolrz " Derre " We shall nor ceose from explororion, ond rhe end of oil our exploring will be ro orrive where we srorred and Know rhe place for rhe firsr rime rse Susan E. Walker ' ' Doo-Doo " JV Vors Cheerleoding, Honor Sociery, Kohluo Klub, Ski Trips, and Robbiei " Todoy we musr parr, To- morrow rhe memories of Yesrerdoy linger on " . . Ran Welch Srephen Weidman Parrick Williamson 83 Keirh Willson Carol Derh ZuwollQck " Dumb Blond ' ' Future Plans College, Mornoge, Happiness " Trust In The Lord With All Thine Heart, And Leon Not Unto Thine Own Understonding” Pro 356 Michael DeFillipis Liso Jonas Swimming Porties Liza Girl Korhy Thomas Scorr Zylinski " Slonk " " 1 " Foorboll-4 Miget Hockey Doseboll 2 Poller Skoting Heovy Equipment Operotot Sreve MacDonald Michelle Moniz DESTINATIONS - CLASS OF 1981 Four-Year College (Store) Four-Year College (Other) Alejandro, Omar U Massachusetts Akimoto, Byuji U Tokyo, Japan Baker, Carherine Bridgeworer Stote Anderson, Corol Boston University Baker, Mary Ellzaberh Fitchburg Store Anthony, V Kevin U Moine, Orono Barkley, John U Massachusetts April, John Norrheostern University Beouchemin, Sara L U Massachusetts Ashmore, Michael U. Rhode Island Bennerr, Stephen SMU. Atemo, Are Boston University Benson, Korla Westfield Store Berreoux, Jeon-Morc U Rhode Islond Bevelonder, Lindo U, Mossochuserrs Bindo, Judith Northeastern University Bjorn, Lon Bridgewater Store Bissonnerte, John U Moine, Orono Borelho, Jone Fitchburg Store Bold, Pomelo Wheelock College Boudror, Jocqueline SMU Botkin, Noncy U, Colifornio Berkley Bradley, Bofael U Mossochuserrs Bowin, Bret U Miami Buschner, Bichord B Bridgewater Store Brockerr, Michael Roger Williams College Collohan, Korhieen Salem Store Brunette, Lyndo Regis College Corey, Serb U Mossochuserrs Bunker, Mory Smith College Chapmon, Lindo North Adorns Store Corlson, W Dovid New Hampshire College Chervenok, Lindsoy W SMU Church, Linda Piedmont College Comolli, Dione Bridgeworer Store Chute, Jennifer Johnson Store College Cosro, Carol Bridgeworer Store Gorkin, Christopher Holy Cross Cosra, Dovid SMU Conley, Gregg Norwich University Crowell, Christopher Bridgeworer Store Cooper, Christopher Michigan Store Univ Doonon, Dennis U Massachusetts Corwin, Susan Connecticut College Doron, Korhieen U Massachusetts Creighton, Sondro U Rhode Island Duce, Thomas Solem Store Delllsolo, Jeonmone Wellesley College Duddy, ' Villiom Bridgeworer Store DeMello, Donold Worcester Poly. Inst, El well. Pomelo Bridgeworer Store Douglos, Poul Northeastern University Flercher, Porricio U Mossochuserrs Droper, Morionne Solve Regino College Frorier, Stephen Srockbridge - U Moss Durkin, Koren Konsos Store Univ Gonye, Brion U Mossochuserr s Ermisch, Adorn Norrheostern University Helyor, Corherine Bridgeworer Store Forrell, Dorothy Boston University Hennessy, Pool Westfield Store Ferroris, Aoron U New Hampshire Hess, Kotherine U Mossochuserrs Ferroris, Anthony Boston College Hinds, Heidi Bridgeworer Store Fortin, Ernest Boston College Horton, Woyne Bridgeworer Store Franklin, Adoh Skidmore College Howord, Mork U Mossochuserrs Frey, Williom A 1, C Hudon, Lindo U Mossochuserrs Gorsron, Deboroh U Miami Kingsley, Paulo U Mossochuserrs Ghelfi, Scorr U New Hampshire Lemmon, James Westfield Store Gill, Jomes Colby College Lennon, Koren U Mossochuserrs Hampton, Arthur Wentworth Institute Long, Veronico Bridgeworer Store Honsen, Joy Borringron College Lunn, Jeffrey U Massachusetts Homey, Timothy U North Corolino Metell, Michoel Salem Store Horringron, Alisso Arizona Store Univ Monoghon, Suzonne SMU Heyerdohl, Aoron Luther College Mongeou, Stephen U Lowell Hobson, Michoel U Rochester Moor, Wyorr Westfield Store Husted, Jeffrey Bryonr College Moore, Paul SMU Irving, Joy New England or New Morton, Morylou U Massachusetts Hampshire Newell, Kotherine U Massachusetts Jennings, Anne U Florido Pocheco, Noncy Fitchburg Store Johnson, Gregory Bores College Perry, Joon Ann SMU Johnson, Scott New Hampshire College Peters, Bobert Westfield Store Jones, Peter Boston University Bobbins, Noncy Bridgworer Store Josephs, Christopher Brown University Bodriguez, Michoel Salem Store Kelly, Kimberly Wheoron College Bollins, Alison Moss Moririme Acodomy Kelly, Alicio Worcester Poly Inst Bose, Michael North Adorns Store Locovo, Comillo Sr Louis University Boss, Geoffrey J Bridgeworer Store Leiby, Norhon Roger Willioms College Byon, Pool SMU Lisserte Wozniok, Michelle George Woshingron Univ Sobens, Douglos Solem Store Lynch, G Andrew Morquerre University Schley, Jeffrey Moss Maritime Modden, Patricio Dorrmouth College Thomos, Korhieen Solem Store Mohoney, Brian Northeastern University Tilton, Jerome U Mossochuserrs Molone, Mory George Woshingron Univ Tollios, Mork Westfield Store Mornn, Trocy New Hampshire College Turner, Stephen SMU Moxwell, Jennifer Boston University Voterfield, Audrey SMU McConn, Siobhon U North Carolina Weidmon, Stephen U Mossochuserrs McCorrhy, Carherine New Hompshire College White, Marilyn U Mossochuserrs McIntyre, Michoel U Son Diego Grody, Timothy Moss Moririme A Medeiros, Brion Norwich University F u r u r e P I Q n s 85 Two-Yeor College (Sfote - continued) Medeiros, Scorr Mendleson, Suson Milonese, Caroline Mirchell, Michoel Mixer, Ellen Moreland, Stephen Murray, Scorr Myerre, Vincent Nolan, Jeon O ' Connell, Joan O ' Neill, Lynn Orroviono, r ,obin Pome, Koryn Poszek, Morrho Pierce, Elizoberh Pokroko, Cheryl PorovQS, Leonoro Popozo, Suzanne Peeves, Leslie Peid, Krisrin Peid, Poberr Pemsen, Linda Pobinson, Poberr Sederman, Poberr Shepherd, Lee Smorko, Dovid Smirh- Auger, Kimberly Sreeples, Shello Stetson, Christopher Stone, Patricio Sullivan, Korhy Sylvio, Wendy Toylor, John Thresher, Erederick Todd, Pebecco Toron, Mory Wolz, Heidi Gonsalves, Gregory Worner, John Colin Curillo, David Two-Yeor College (Stole) Abruzese, Anthony Almquisr, Dovid Amoral, Fronsellino Anderson, Jeffrey Androde, Clarence Deirron, Jose Benedict, Evon Bloke, Pebecco Bussiere, Carol Cory, Cheryl Cotolono, Kenneth Condon, Potricio Cosro, Katherine Dovis, Lynn Deponre, Melissa DePunre, Koryn D ' Olympio, Corol Gosron, Donald Gonsolves, Lon Greenwood, Chris Hodfield, Sheryl Horrison, Scorr Hurley, Therese Innis, Morgorer Jocobson, Liso Klein, Vicrorio Leozorr, Poberr McDonald, Stephen Mocedo, Anonro Mortin, Andreo Virginia Milirory Insr M I T Soinr Anselm ' s U New Hampshire Willlom Smith College New Hompshire College Bord College Mirchell College U New Hampshire M I T Foirfield University U New Hampshire Johnson Store College Smith College Seinr Anselm ' s U Phode Island Boston College Boston College Plymouth Store College U New Hampshire New England Hofsrro University Marlboro College U S Air Force U Chicogo Duqesne U U Hartford McGill Univ U Phode Islond Boston College Saint Anselm ' s Penn Store Ohio Store Univ Tufts University McGill University Holy Cross UCLA or UNH Foirleigh Dickins So Illinois Univ Unify College CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC (Night School) CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC (Night School) CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC Mother, Jomes McAdoms, Suson McCarthy, Kevin McNolly, Korhieen Medeiros, Dovid Miller, Theresa McConnell, Porricio Pouze, Sylvie Punronio, Trocey Poymond, Scorr Peposs, Poberr Pobichoud, Nancy Pose, Lydio Pose, Solly Poyols, Donna Sciorrillo, Anrhony Souzo, Jeon Sweeney, Jone Throckmorton, Poul Tynell, Scorr Voroo, Kevin Vinirsky, Purh Welch, Ponold Zuwollock, Corol Teixeiro, Chen Two-Yeor College (Other) Baker, Deboroh Borgsrrom, Grerchen Bourgoin, Suson Clorlsson, Deno Cosro, Poulo Crone, Poulo Doddobbo, Koren DeMello, Corherine DeMello, Liso Fisher, Down Fitzpatrick, Borboro Flanders, Cherri Fronds, Peter Frozier, Timothy Hall, Michoel Jockson, Cymrhio Morlss, Michelle Mortin, Judy McKay, Moryonn Moniz, Trocy Peters, Bernoderre Towsey, Holly Wolker, Susan Business Schools Boon, Knsrin Borelho, Vicki Groce, Borboro Moniz, Posemone Trode 6 Technical Schools Devellis, Ponold Duffony, Joseph Fozzino, Michael Henry, Pichord Puggeri, Korhieen Svorczkopf, Dovid Private School Bohnenberger, Kris CCCC CCCC (Nighr School) CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC (Nighr School) CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC (2nd Sem ) CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCCC Deon Junior Johnson G Woles College Bedser Junior Decker Junior Boy Path Junior Losell Junior Newbury Junior Mount Ido Junior Boy Porh Junior Endicorr Junior Edicorr Junior Decker Junior Johnson G Woles College Doyrono Deoch CC Johnson G Woles College Deon Junior Boy Path Junior Endicorr Junior Losell Junior Decker Junior Aquinos Junior Losell Junior Lossell Junior Durderre Durderre Control Doro Insriture Durderre Phode Islond Trode Northeast Insr Norrheosr Insr N H Voc Tech Norwich Tech Eosr Coosr Aero Tech Tabor Acodemy Miscellaneous Schools Borrows, Douglas Gas Srorion Arrendonr Bouknechr, Lori Dirkenshow, Susan Hoirdressing School Beorse, William Cosro, L Denise Tolking LeovesOklohomo Brown, Lindo Horns, Porricio LoBoron Beoury Academy Corvolho, Richard Landscoping Klimm, Jeff Commerciol Divers Center Clements, Gregory Gas Station Arrendonr Perers, Darlene LoBoron Beoury Academy Clough, Thomos Corpenrer Power, Mondy Sourheosrern Academy Cobb, Suzonne Accounting Quenrol, Karen Central Bible College Coddingron, Richord Upholstery Connors, Nancy Secretory U. S. Military Cook, John Cornell, Kevin Londscoping Barrows, Darryl Air Norionol Guord Correio, Mono Bloke, Richard Air Force Cosro, Mory Lou Augor Corlson, Michoel Air Force Cosro, Ronold Receiver Cohen, Dovid Navy Cowlond, Judy Doy Core Center Crofr, Rhonda Army Notional Guard Crabtree, Jeffrey Doiley, Sidney Army Cusoliro, Done DeFilippis, Michoel Daggett, Irene Elmossri, Joudor Marines DeBroggo, Debro Fogorry, Richord Air Force DeSouzo, Corhy Jobs Doy Store Grads Johnson, Darryl Novy DeSouza, Peter Keene, Andrew Merchonr Marine Ellis, Foith Kelley, Chrisropher Coast Guard Forio, Lynne Kidwell, More Coast Guord Ferreiro, Normon Lowdoy, Philip Air Force Godsby, Dovid Grocery Soles Libby, Porrick Air Force Glospell, Michoel Lownmower Mechonic Morte, John Air Force Gonsalves, M Donno Secretory Morris, Srephen Air Force Gonsalves, Timothy Heovy Equipment Op Richordson, Robert Novy Crody, Srephen Robbins, Thomos Air Force Holl, Kenneth Stocking Sawyer, Doniel Novy Holsreod, Judy Tinn, Robert Army Homill, Mary Ann Williomson, Porrick Air Force Hosserr, Suson Willson, Keirh Army Hozelron, Jane Falmouth Jewelry Hinckley, Jennifer Comp Counselor Nurse Other Houston, Joseph Marines Arrendonr Husbond, Amy Arigo, Vivien Morrioge Jonah, Judith Archue, Moureen Yeor Off -CCCC Keenon, Paulo Secretory Bloir, Chen Morrioge Kilkenny, Michoel Day Core Center Borelho, Jeffrey Travel LoVoie, Mory Seminoro’s Borelho, Rebecco Porenring Lemoy, Robert Mochinisr Bronn, Suson Phillips Porennng Lewis, Brion Computer Hordwore Brierly, Chrisropher Undecided Lewis, Joy B Corlino, Christine Parenting Lewis, Noncy Woirress Erdos, Solly yeor off - Becker Jr Lmo, Mono Cashier, Srockperson Doyle, Joon Undecided (Store College) Mortin, Suson Truck Driver Gronr, Coriron III Yeor off U Moss Moxm, Dorlene Clerk Grosslein, Mark Undecided McCorty, Mory Beth Bonking Hirrie, Corel M orrioge Aug 8, 1981 Miller, Eric Privore Investigator Jonos, Liso Yeor off - Broward CC Mitchell, James Lenders, Deboroh Undecided Murphy, Trocy Monheim, Ose Connnue educotion lorer Nochello, Joanne Moson, Ann Trovel Nunes, Mory Lou Moniz, Cheryl Undecided O ' Donnell, Jeffrey Research for MDL Moniz, Lesho Pending - Store Schools Povoo, Morcio Deposit Acerng Murphy, Colin Pending Srockbridge Roposo, Corol Perkins, Joonne Undecided Roy, Susan Somry, Lynne Undecided Silvo, Derrie Yeor Off - Wheelock Reilly, Moses Health Club Wosserh, Jonorhon Undecided Romizo, Williom Baker oy, Bonnie Sue (Oliver) Morrioge Selby, Brian Grophics or Aurobody Souzo, Gregory Undecided Servis, Mork Corpenrer Shores, Douglas Marino Employment Simpson, Gemmo Teixeiro, Amro Child Core Aborco, Tereso Turner, Michoel Wood Craftsman Almeido, Robin Zylinski, Edwin P Heovy Equip Oper Avonr, Edward Jobs for Boy Store Grod Doucerre, Ann Jobs for Doy Store Grods Boiley, Doniel Reol Estore Fromer Baker, Cecelio Boron, John Aurobody A d m I n c: r r Dr Perer L Clark, Principal Q Mr James Kalparis, Direcror of Srudenr Acrivines Mr Louis Lorrey, House D Adminisrroror Mr Donald Durnerre, House C Adminisrroror Mr DeWirr Jones, House A Adminisrroror 88 Carrie Sounders, Guidance Deparrmenr Greg Gilberr, House A Head d o Barbara Connolly, House A c e Robert Nilson, House D Koy Croig, House D John Shingles, House C Morlene Viero, House C Horryerre Alexonder, Occuporionol Resource Center 89 For Alfred Douglas, Social Srudies reocher or FHS, sailing is more rhon o hobby -irs procricolly a way of life Mr Douglos hos lived on rhe Cope oil of his life ond he begon sailing when he was six yeors old He ocruolly lived on o boor in Forr Louderdale from 1956 1960 In 1961 he began rocing bigger soil boors ond from 1962-1976 he compered in rhe Morble Heod Ocean Roces, o 3-5 doy long race on 40 ro 60 foor boors wirh crews up ro fourreen people During ond ofrer college he porncpored in mosr of rhe New York Yorch Club ' s crpises In rhe summer Mr Douglas conducrs o chorrer and soillng rocing school He reaches his srudenrs novlgorlon skills, seamanship ond racing Techniques He also finds rime ro rake shorr soiling rrips ro Newporr, Nonrucker and Maine He owns his own Poinrin 29 and MORCE Rocer Cruiser ond srill enjoys racing when he finds rhe rime ro compere Mr Donold Durnerre, House C odminisroror, is o mosrer of Toekwon Do, on oncienr form of unarmed combor procriced for mony cenruries q rhe Orienr Mr Durnerre holds o second degree block beir in rhe orr ond is also rhe insrucror of o Toekwon Do Club which he srorred o few years ogo or rhe Recreorion Cenrer in Folmourh Mr Durnerre became inreresred in Toekwon Do when he gor our of rhe ormy ond was looking for a woy ro keep in shape He was rwenry eighr yeors old when he begon learning rhe orr under rhe Mosrer Insrucror Dongpil Kim ond progressed ro his srores of second degree block beIr wirhin obour five yeors 1 Dorry Dird Roberr Dock Dorboro Drown Judy Duckley Eugene Dullock ’ ' Milson Lee Durgess Mory Jone Durry Arms Durvikvos In keeping wirh rhe ideas of rhe Korean people who perfecred rhe orr of Toekwon Do, Mr Durnerre olso feels rhor rhis is more rhon jusr o form of self defense, more rhon jusr rhe physicol use of skilled movemenrs To him, and orders skilled in rhe orr, Toekwon Do reoches o greor self-imposed discipline of body and mind Mr Durnerre feels rhor Toekwon Do doesn ' r promore violence bur insreod, " Keeps me olerr ond more oble ro hondle rhe odversiry in life ' ' Angelo Cosso Roymond Chorron Llndo Dqvis Robert Chisholm Dovid Clemence- Shreiner Dennis Comolli Raymond Des Roches Jeffrey Dillon Alfred Douglass John Carroll Yvonne Courrney AAs Computer Joseph Downs Cloire Doyle Morie Doyle Drion Dunn Susan Engler Doniel Forren Poul Feeley Consronce Flood Eloine Forrin Villiom Froher Myron Goddls Gory Gordner 91 Mrs Derry Mercolf, Child-srudy reocher or FHS, is o nonve of Vermonr ond from her years iri rhe counrry has growri ro love rhe ourdoors Two of her fovorire ourdoor ocrivines ore bocKpocKing and mounroin climbing She climbed her first mounroin or rhe age of 4 and has been mountain climbing ever since She began seriously backpacking in 1965 when she hiked rhe Apolochion Troll She soys she loves rhe challenge rhor mountain climbing ond bockpock ing present ro her and rhe feeling of occomplishmenr rhor she receives from both Mrs Deverely Mongum, physicol educorion teacher or Falmouth High School, hos been cooch of rhe FHS gymnos- rics reom since irs inception six years ago Mrs Mongum said rhor she had always been Interested in donee and wos active in rhe orr since junior high school, bur her love for gymnastics wos fostered or Concord col- lege, in ' Vest Virginio where she recieved her D A in Education Since Concord Store didn ' t hove inrercollegiare gymnastics comperinon, rhe reom Mrs Mongum porncipor- ed in was on exhibition ream rhor went on rour and did demonsrrorions for locol high schools rhor wished ro srorr rheir own gymnastics ream During her rime with rhe college ream Mrs Mongum performed on rhe bolonce beam When Mrs Mongum first established o gymnastics ream or F, H S ir wos o non comperirive inrermurol reom rhor 1 Gus GiordI Doberr Griffin Elizabeth Honklnson Daniel Harrington James Horringron Michael Helfen Jon Henrilsson Suson Hoffman Louise Houle George Hussey Alan Jacobs Diehard Jason James Johnson only did on annual gymnosnes show In o few years rhe reom evolved into on oil girls reom involved in inter high school comperinon For Mrs Mongum, gymnastics is o perfect sporr becouse ir combines her love for donee and her love for rhe physical aspect of sport She finds gymnosnes ro be rhe ulnmore beauty in movement ond o perfect combination of rhe grace ond inspirorion of donee and rhe physical strength of sports 92 Dorbaro Konellopoulos Peter Keene Lucinda Keith Alvin Kolodziejski Helen Ladd Robert LoRoia Romeo Lofond Corinne Leone Deverly AAongum isuoen Morrinez Joseph McCauley Berry Mercolf Money Me Dermorr Wllllom McKay Curris R McKee Vondo Mosch Michael Mello rra 93 Mr John Moody, FHS Science reocher has been inreresr ed in energy and and saving energy for years and began his personal barrie ro conserve energy before conservarion become o cause In rhe summer of 1977 Mr Moody builr o solar house rhar he designed Ir rods him from 1975 1977 ro research ond design rhis house which implimenrs borh passive and ocrive solar sysrems He corefully documenred oil of rhe plans for rhe house and compiled rhem in on informorive bookler enrirled " The Moody Solor House " rhor explains oil of rhe solor energy conceprs and building loyours rhor he used He morkered his book which so for hos sold 14,000 copies oround rhe world ond he sold o condensed orricle obour his house ro Popular Science Mogazine. Jim Wighr-Wolrmon hos been o phorogrophy reocher or FHS for eighr yeors and hos been rhe yeorbook advisor for rhe posr rwo yeors Jim become inreresred in phorogrophy or rhe Universiry of Kenrucky where he majored in journolism He was working on rhe doily college newspaper when friends doing phorogrophy for rhe poper gor him inreresr in rhe orr The more his friends roughr him obour phorogrophy rhe more inreresred he became in ir unril, os he soid " I finolly decided rhor if I was going ro sroy up rill rwo or rhree working on rhe poper I ' d rorher be in rhe darkroom rhon benr over rhe rypewrirer " Receiving his D A in Journlism from rhe Universiry of Kenrucky, Jim decided ro pursue a career In phoro-journol- 1 Wendy Nelson Jomes O ' Drien Moureen O ' Drien Eleonor Osborne Helen Peirce Lon Olln Eugene Phillips Jusrine Phillips Roberr Pickel Liz Plummer Adele Rohe k Edward Rowan Jock Reordon Dorry Sodoff Niki Remson Debero Songsrer ism ofrer college He spenr severol yeors working on newspaper sroffs and pursuing phorogrophy os o fine orr form before coming ro FHS os o phorogrophy reocher Jim worked on his high school yearbook ond he warched his college friends from rhe newspaper working on rheir yeorbooiss and lilsed rhe idea of purring rogerher o " picrure bools " So when he hod rhe chance ro become involved in rhe yeorbook again os o reocher or FHS he wos happy ro obllgue Jim soys rhor he enjoys working on somerhing for on enrire year and seeing ir come rogerher in on organized form He enjoys rhe simpliciry of phorogrophy and rhe feelings caprured on film and in rhe yearbooiss rhe srudenrs creare 94 Joan Tonsey Eileen Tonrum Yverre Thivlerge Fred Toron Fronklln Towle Demernus Vonhenrschel (Toberr Worson Jim Wighr-Wolrmon James Viner Solly Srroley fXoberr Hoynor 95 You may nor rhink rhere is onyrhlng extraordi- nary obour Q family with rhree children bur Mr Robert Nilson, FHS guidance counselor, hos a family with Q unique rwisr rwa of his rhree children ore odopred The first child rhor rhe Nilsons odopred is rheir Koreon daughter Rebekoh, now on odoroble four yeor old who become parr of rhe family when she was only four months old The Nilsons soid rhor or rhe rime Korean adoption was on easier route and ir didn ' t morrer ro them if rhe child wos Coucossion or or nor becouse both jusr wonted o healthy infonr The next child rhor they adopted was rheir Americon son Denjomin who wosjusr rhree weeks old when he come ro rhe Nilson family ond is now 0 spunky rwo yeors old Compering rhe Nilson ' s special rrio of children is rheir " home grown” son Morrhew who Is now eight months old When rhe Nilsons first thought about odopring children they feored rhor rhere would be some adjustment problems bur they found that it mode no difference or oil once rhe child wos token inro rhe family ond rhor they both loved them jusr like they were rheir own Riro Moxwell Beverly Klink Carol Bryan Joner Swift Judy Robertson Borboro Fears Borboro Kenney Lynn Forbes Mory Eisenmon Rurh Mornn Eileen Eorrell Joan Shoron Chorlorre Ryon Dick Gilbrook 96 Lenny Dominiok Joyce Fleck Jennifer Fensrermoker Milron Carlson Al Ferrers Dob Hoyden Morion Williams - Madeline Morden Clara Genziono Bennie Delmonre Ido DePrizio Peoqy Fish CofererlQ Manager Blanche Servis Moe Jordon Derry De Mello Marilyn Macura Marie Leazorr Jasephine Gomes 97 Jeffery MacKilligon, Joe Housron, Scorr Silvio, Robey Corey, Jeffrey Jensen, Derek Anrone, Thomos Drirr, Dougios Pocknerr, Monoger, Perer Fronds. The Vorsiry Doskerboll Team completed o less for- tunate season rhon lost year. They finished with o combined record of 3-17, and o 0-10 record in the league Cooch Dob Watson comments rhor, " becouse of chonging personel throughout the year, many play- ers were asked to play in varying positions. The ployers did this by giving full effort even though wins were nor coming our way. For wont of o point here or there our win-loss record would hove been much different. " Falmouth ployed in the Mass-Moririme Christmas Tournament. They bear Bourne in overtime in the opening round, bur lost to Melrose in the finol. In spire of the scores, the seoson record shows no indicorion of the greor reom spirit and the determination they exhibited. Mr Worson would also like to express his rhonks to all the seniors, Jim Lemmon, Drion Medeiros, Mike Rodriquez, Mike Rose, Joe Housron, and Perer Fran- cis, for never giving up throughout the year. His congrotulorions go to Jim Lemmon for making the All- Star ream at the Mass-Maritime Tournament ond winning the Frederick Young Award, Robey Corey, for moking the S.M.C. II All-Sror ream and recipient of the M.V.P. Award; and Tom Drirr, for being nomed Most Improved Ployer. SEASON RECORD Opponent F.H.S. Tounron 67 36 Dosron Lorin 76 54 DY 36 56 Dourne 45 52 Melrose 53 28 Dornsroble 56 44 Foirhoven 65 50 Dishop Feehon 76 60 Dishop Connelly 64 59 Dorrmourh 89 87 Worehom 69 68 Foirhoven 60 59 Dishop Feehon 71 33 Dishop Connelly 61 57 Dorrmourh 62 52 Worehom 69 54 Tounron 62 51 Dornsroble 71 45 Nouser 57 58 Plymourh Corver 83 44 Gymnosrics Coach ' s Comtnenr, Foimourh hod o good season wirh very consisrenr performances by rhe reom. Ir was o reom of oil oround comperirors and oursrond- ing performers. Senior Co-Coproins, Mory Lou Morron and Cheryl Pokroko, should be commended for leading rhe ream rhroughour rhe season Mory Lou holds rhe FHS record in voulring (8 4) and floor exercise (8.2) Cheryl holds rhe FHS record on Balance Beam (8.0) and Unever Bars (8.2). Borh placed in each evenr ar every meer and were srrang rhrears ro rhe besr comperirors in our leogue. Afrer four comperirive and successful years on rhe FHS Gym Team, Mary Lou received rhe Coach ' s Award far averall excellence, and again quali- fied for rhe Srore Individuol Tournomenr in Voulring. Cheryl received rhe Mosr Dedicored Gymnosr Aword All in oil, each meer wos on exciring challenge ond every gymnosr gave rremendous performances. The seoson record wos 5-5 ond rhe leogue record was 4-5. The ream ploced 5rh in rhe leogue meer, wirh Cheryl coming in 3rd in rhe Elire Bars ond Jono DaSilvo coming in 3rd in rhe Novice Bars. This years ' ream was an enrhusiosric and hard working ream ond shows much promise for nexr season. TEAM AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS Mosr Dedicored Mosr Improved MVP Beam MVP Dors MVP Voulr MVP Floor Exercise Cooch ' s Award Mosr Promising Cheryl Pokroko Julie Erdos Leslie Korlson Cheryl Pokroko Mary Lou Morron Mory Lou Morron Mary Lou Morron Jono DoSilvo Boys Track The Winrer Track ream hod an oursronding season, going undefeored ond winning rhe Store Closs D Title In rhe Store Meet Greg Gonsolves rook first in rhe High Jump with o jump of 6 ' 10 " , He olso rook first in rhe Hurdles, setting 2 Store Records David Costa ron 1-27 in rhe 600 yd run making him rhe fosresr in rhe country, Robert Peters rook 2nd in rhe 1000 with o rime of 2-19,1 Eric Mello was 3rd in rhe mile or 4,03,7, Arron Ferroris ran 6rh in rhe 600 with 1 17 6, Mike Mitchell 3rd In rhe 300 with o rime of 30,0; Orion Mahoney finished 2nd in rhe 2 mile or 9,28 4, and rhe 4X440 Reloy sow Scobo Rhodes, Mike Mitchell, Arron Ferroris and Dovid Cosro roke 3rd with 0 rime of 3,32 9 In rhe Shot Pur Dill Frye threw 47 ' 11 ' 4” ro roke 6rh place. With o rorol of 66 points, FHS swept rhe Store Title, According ro Coach Mogordo, ”lr was probably rhe hoppiesr day of my life, " Opponent New Bedford 05 FHS 51 Dornsroble 16 70 Tounron 07! 2 48 ‘A New Bedford Voc, 25 61 D-Y 23 60 Foirhoven 17 69 102 Girls Track 1 103 Hockey Seared I ro r , Dick McEvoy, IXob Reid - ossr Coproin, Paul Moore • ossr Coproin, Joy Irving • Coproin, Tim Grady - ossr, Coproin, Joel Irving, Robbie Roposo Second Row; Dovid Colburn - ossr. Coach, Dob Dowmon, Dove Carlson, Dob Tossinori, Todd Souzo, Drion Kenney, Paul Hennessy, Colin Murphy, Wiiliom Ferreiro - Heod Coach Third Row, Roymond Noreou - Monoger, John Porrer, T J, Doonon, Gerry Grody, Kenny Sobens, Jeff Schley, Tim Reoms, Joe Forlond - Assr Troiner. SEASON RECORD OPPONENT FHS Bedford 2 4 Malden Corhoiic 5 8 Durfee 2 6 Alumni 5 6 Milron Academy 4 6 Carbolic Memoriol 4 3 Chrisropher Columbus 3 3 New Bedford 1 9 Taunron 2 3 D-Y postponed Sciruare 3 2 Somerset 1 5 Durfee 1 8 Barnsroble 0 2 DY 1 6 New Bedford 3 7 Tounron 3 5 Somerset 6 5 Barnsroble 3 1 Bourne 3 6 Tabor 3 3 State Tournament Ploy Franklin 1 3 Newburyporr 3 (OT) 4 Arlingron Carbolic 3 9 Conron 4 6 Lunenburg 3 5 Wresriing NAME WEIGHT CLASS Y.O.G. TOURNEY FINISH Dreffni McLaughlin 101 84 Isr Louis Morhews 108 84 3rd Morr Teixeiro 115 83 Isr John McKenzie 122 82 2nd Sreve Keorney 122 82 3rd Cris Cooper 129 81 Isr Pere Chombers 135 84 3rd Dill Dolron 141 82 3rd Alec Fink 148 82 defouir Deon Currono 158 83 3rd Tony Sciorillo 158 81 3rd Seen Kelly 170 83 2nd DAmon Handy 170 82 3rd Perer Francis 188 81 2nd Dill Dourger UNL 82 2nd Coach ' s Commenr; " The season wenr very well and we ' ve seen rhe program grow ro over 30 srudenrs rhis yeor. When I organized rhe ream we had 14 wresriers. ' Tm encouraged by rhe lorge rumour of Freshmen and Sophomores, and hope rhor wresriing will conrinue or Folmourh High despire Proposirion 2 V 2 " This yeors caprain Cris Cooper, did on oursronding job of leading rhe ream He also won rhe Mosr Voluoble Wresrier award. " Ar rhe Cope and Islands Wresriing Tournomenr rhis year, Folmourh emerged os a ream rhor could seriously dominare rhe sporr in rhis areo " Wresriing Team Members, Dreffni McLoughlin, Mark Teixeiro, Louis Marhews, Marr Teix- eira. Ducky Trumbull, Chris Compbell, Drain Dionne, John McKenzie, Sreve Kearney, Jim Taylor, Don Conley, Chris Coo- per (Caprain), Craig Weiden, Ed Kelleher, Pere Chambers, Mork Voccoro, John Pearson, Dill Dolron, Greg Conley, Mike Hall, Dob Dougloss, Alex Fink, Deon Currona, Scorr Medeiros, Tony Sciorillo, Phil Walker, Sean Kelly, Damon Hondy, Jim Gill, Perer Froncis, John Monreiro, John Dordieri, Dill Dourger. Cooch, Greg Gilberr. 107 Doskerboll 1 1 I i4l 1 20 ■ u ■ ' M r J 1 Front row I to r , Penny West, Felicio Ftousron, Korhy Doker Co-Coproin, Linda Brunette, Leslie Peeves, Dlone McKenzie Standing, Coach Flelen Lodd, Judy Holsteod, Mary Beth Baker, LIndo Bevelonder, Jeon Nolon, Andrew Martin, Mr Dillon Nor pictured: Corol D ' Olympio, Mouro Jepsen 108 Coach ' s Commenr: " This yeor ' s ream was again one of rhe more enjoyable reoms I hove cooched. The players worked hard and produced o berrer record rhon losr yeors ' 5-12 I would like ro give rhonks ro rhis yeors seniors, who mode up o greor porrion of rhe ream - Corhy Baker, mory Derh Baker, Lynda Burnerre, Carol D ' O- lympio, Judy Holsreod, Andrea Morrin, Jeon Nolon and Leslie Beeves. Congroruiorions ro Felicia Housron, rhe recipienr of rhe Mosr Improved award, Corhy Baker, again rhe Mosr Valuable Player, ond Mory Berh Boker, rhe Unsung Hero. Opponent SEASON RECORD FHS Harwich 30 50 Darnsrable 32 41 Old kochesrer 58 61 Sandwich 48 40 Nanrucker 45 60 Old kochesrer 43 42 New Bedford 65 40 Bishop Srong 41 38 Dennis-Yormourh 51 55 Bourne 46 37 Worehom 63 36 Bornsroble 27 38 New Bedford 58 50 Bishop Srong 47 35 Dennis-Yormourh 52 36 Bourne 39 63 Worehom 67 21 Overoli kecord 7-10 League kecord 4-8 110 Ill Dromo Festival Ploy " Not Enough Rope " direcred by Michael Helfen Cost: Lauren Gibbons Ann Pelligrini Erik Stephens o: n o -R cr : o S ' 3 r •=? z Q n o " o C V. yy Q 3 o o i - 3 ,o. 0) Q P 3 0 ) m ? 2 Q 3 ■ " - fD O S S - (D -Q 3 d 0) o D o o CD 8 5 CJ c o a " D " O K 3 cr o ■ - . o D U3 a - D g 5§ 5 Z 8 • 0 ) o Q. ro = O 3- c? o T) :r o- D y= =5- 0 " O 3- o 0 ) UD D n 2 o T O I- O D 3- o A) 3 o . o • O’ : (D 3 a 4 o 3 D D O m 5 cx o o o g- 1 fT =- ' n 3-08 r 4 — IT — ' o , CT cr c =8 fD O cr o 5- O -D ? 00 Q. ro D- O i= € D _ d - s? S 8 Q- 8 I 0) ' 8 S ' o t£) Q 3 D D o Q Co 3 d S ' S 90 n n 5 B B o „ 0) S- " O 0) X) S o i£) Q UO O 0) 8 § o 4 — D »I5 O Q. O ' § § Q- o o 3 3 a o O O 2 c n) D D e O ; $ D $= O ' .; O € c zr S- S 8 lO ' U o O ' d % j o 3 : € c fD io B- § -S -. 3 X) ? s- s o ' -K iTi cr x) o a - IT 5 - n 8 (5. nr. 3- o 3 D q -o fD n o 3 3 0) D C -D o o zr o o D Q I S ' " o 0 - n O o n $ 3 O 2 H) IT ' 0) 0 O ' c o o c •O 3 3 3 0) O b 0. fj) O ' r O a s s 3 n n =r o o € D O m -A o Q o ly; =, UD i. 3 - O -3-0- n D 3 1 0 ) n 2 O cr O - 7 o O ' o 003 3 D 3 Q 8 Q O oq. O O 7 n D O ■O -» d O ' o [5 S ' o ro O Q. 3 X o 0 2 = iT) o cr o =r ' 38 ? 8 8 5 zr 5 35 O rD rt O 3 -O 3 -D o o 3 3 3 H) o O ri O C o- T) O D 3- 2 P O ' 0 (D 0 0 2 3 - 3 3 i Q o 0) O O Co o 5 8 H) Q Q. O O 2 ' ■ Cl o 2 2 5 0 O 2 Q- 2 FT 20 o Q- D d d 3 P cr ' o o 3- 2 " ' o n o 0= O O O ' 3 o ■ 3 O 2 Q- 2 o o D C n 3 O 8 I I? O. 3 . o n c a 1 . O O ' 3 o o cr o D D O c D n 0 ) CL cr _ Q. - O ' S 0 ) ■ o 2 : 8 t " 1- Q 8 € g „ o 8 o o y. Q oP § n 0 ) 114 Thirry-four To Lose Jobs Decouse Of Proposition 2V2 5 ■g o 3- o CL ' o O 0 ) O 5 D- Q a 3 a 0 ) D = 3 - fD o c " 3- O " Q o o a 3 o lD o D a n M T) d T) D Q. ro 8. ■ : 2 rD X) Q 5 " O u ' o R o 2 0 ) o 2.0 n 5 Q- b c _■ 9- I D- fV r rt) rtj 3 to 1 n 0 ) Q o fD D C? =i iD n -) Q n 3 O O g- Q O H) O O rt) O ' _l -D O ?■§ O rt) O O P- 2 g: 9 o o X) n 3 X) “T (Ti 0 tO B " S o o Q- • n 5 O 3 (J rD H) D Q CL O Q- o n 2 5 §■ rD 3 303 - ? m c;? o 3 - 3 iT) 0) 0), 3 »0 30 - o 5 - B’ ? 5 rt) y ' i - 3- 2 0 ) 0 ) 5 P s q: ?D P o 3 0 0 III 5 c Q R ' S ' ? q. rD Q S ' O Or 5 Q o 5 - • o n § § C3 o 3 •£) R Q i 5 H) ■Q O ' ft) a ' cr o o 3 3 isr . 3 n) 3 o o 3 3 ' K ' -R r5 .0 0) S X Q. rt) 0. 1) 3 n i n n 3 ro - 75 3 a O = =L C4 3 Z 5 a 0) g D Q D U Si, " O y= - ' ?r rD — c. o Q rD ® " O £) 2 C 0- O fD $ 2 lO 3 " rD rD =c g Q 3 o D rD -o 0 ■§ % rD — 3 " 5 ' rD § 3 g- 0. ■ S O § CL CL m — 3 £ O i£D g O C 1 3 - b 5 o o rD rD 3-.2 Q -O I cr rD rD rD = 3 O € jR Q- D S lO n Cl 5 o ■ 5 o R € - 5 Q. n o " S c Q ° a I rs Q- m 9 - fD ' C ? D C B 9 Q rD -Q Q rD O. X rD (7 ■R O’ O C 3 2 rD Q- rD 3 =; rD O 3 3 S 3 ' D kO IS CL (-1 rD rD X 3- CL g 3 cr 3 rD !5- S 5 n rD o i;d g n rD ' 8 b 2 ul - 8 0) y- rD o c -Q 3 3 g: D rD ■ O g 5 3 o 3 S. 2.0 O n rD C rD O ■g. 2 ■ S -8 -g " 3 ■Q. ? rD 9- ig o « : o a 50 $ 2 B o o 3- ■ N D 3 C I) £ O g o ' g s 2, o “ IT o o !1 p 3 9 P =, V D g € € n 3 " H3 o 0) S 3 O (ti " ■ Cl CJ ■ 3 cr ft) ft) 7 2 = fD D q. N q 5 o - y? C C cn Q Q o T) o Q D O C 3 DT rD 8 ° « o S 3 P TT O o D $ R 2 3 O o 3 o S ' Q ? 3 § rD Q. 3 Cl rD g S o g o o a o rD 8 8 |§ " l ID - O - ' Q o - ' i fD c CJ § :r 3 j o d ZT O - 3 cr rD O O a S3 q 3 rD Q 3 - 3 - D rD rX) D -r. 3 O Q. O O U-f iD C rD D o Cl ' o =? 2 O rD 9 - I-Ci q) CD O O 3 U-) -p; o D q rD 1 1 a 9 fD O O _ o a o IT rD D D C D. C 1 n rD ' D 8 o ' ■ P fD O Ms 3 8 p O rD o o! g Q X O 0 , ro rD a X 3- X rD " D 3 s T) _) =- ' D • 3 X I O 3 rD L rD r o o n 3 C 7 c u C Q rD D i i T O rD 3 T C g ri C C c t£ - 116 y 3 o n 3 -j- D O cr D 3 LT n IT §: o Q. S ' ' o T) 0 o S 3 a 7s C rsj S N D 0. p 0 The STUDENT INTELLIGENCER ■ Senior Honor Society fronr row; I to r Karen Lennon, Carol Cosro, Sandy Creighron, Fred Thrasher, Sherry Flonders, Alicia Kelly, Cheryl Hadfleld, Sue Walker, second row, Susan Dorgoin, Undo Chapman, Jeon Morie Dellsolla, MImi Woznlok, Suzanne fTapoza, Trisho Madden, Kim Kelly Advisor-Mrs, Rowe, Morrho Poszek, Moryberh Doker, Corhy Doker, Leonora Poro- vos, Jean Nolon, Mary Bunker, Liz Pierce, Roberr Sedermon, Krisren Reid, Tim Homey, Scorr Ghelfi, Carol Anderson, Sue Mendleson, Third row, Chris Srerson, Scorr Medeiros, Jim Gill, Joon O ' Connell, Money Dorkin, Refeol Drodley, John April, Lindo Church, Alison Rollins, Mory Ann McKay, Kory Newell, fourrh row, Greg Johnson, Donold DeMello, Jeff Husred, Rjuji Akimoro, Andy Lynch, Dill Frey, Chris Clorkin Worront Commirree firsr row; Jusnne Srokes, Ann Pellegrini, second row, John Kendall, Koryn Rose, Deborah Gorsron, Chris Frazier, Jackie Tessier rhird row; Dovid Cosso, Jenny Maxwell, Sheilo Clifford, Jennifer Tessier Advisor- Mrs Doyle Student Advisory Board fronr, I ro r Jenny Moxwell, Koryn Rose rear, Ann Pellegrine, John Kendoll lie ACTIVITIES UN - Hisrory Club seared, I ro r, Laura Conelly, Molly Norron standing. Jay Irving, Sreve Veidmon, John Hennkson, Advisor A.F.5. Club Dinner ACTIVITIES 119 I Yearbook Business Sroff fronr row, I ro r Dusiness advisor Mrs Spring, Liz Pierce, Poulo Kingsley, Anno Morrinho second row, Leonora Porovos, Chris Delaney, Trisho Modden rhird row, Jenny Chore, Becky McClone, Jacqueline Doudror, Mrs King Honor Bowl I ro r, Eric Hobbie, Chris Srerson, Greg Johnson, Ann Pellegrini, Porrick Egon Lookout Club fronr row, I ro r Krisren Beid, Liso DeMello, Trisho Modden, Suzanne Beposo, Molly Norron, Jocqueline Doudror, Chris Frozer, Parry Srone, Judy Morrin, Judy Irving Second row, Jusrine Srokes, Beberro Press, Moryonn Morscholl, Mono Doigle, Pippy Duce, Louro Conley, Koryn Hording, Amy Diersr rhird row, Virginio McCormack, Liso Crogo, Julie Mororro, Chris Deloney, Ann Dounr, Korhy McEochern fourth row, Dione McKenzie, Soroh Gregory, fifrh row, Joner Bolron, Jill Souzo sweerheorrs- Mike Mirchell ond Mike Bodrigous obsenr- Debbie Gor- sron, Lynn O ' Neil, Koy McCarthy, Leslie Beeves and sweerheorr Tony Perrons 120 activities Perspective Donald Gosron, Paul Geary, Ann Pellegrini, Deborah Gorsron, Alison Tolond, Down Wegehoupr, Advisor, Mr Winer, nor picrured Jenny Maxwell ond Jusrine Srokes Intelligencer Karen Schmirz, Advisor, Mr Winer, Michael Ashmore, Deborah Gor- sron. Holly Leach, Kimberley Kelley, Tricio Madden, Nor-picrured Mor- rha Poszek and Corhy DeSouzo Sound Crew Jim Horringron, Joe Lopes, Mr Sodoff, Advisor, Ronnie Way, Darryl Borrows, Nor picrured, Jon Marhews ACTIVITIES 121 Sroge Bond Orchestra 122 activities Sources Classroom Counrer clockwise, George Pumphery, Vonesso Anrone, Lisa Rogers, Teocher-Dill Kennedy, Tern Casey, Cliff Oran, Tommy Moniz, Dob Oli- veira, Lisa Evoneski, Ronaldo Hendricte, Robert Douglos, Parry Son- rloga, Robin Speroni, Delindo Tipron Center on floor, Donny Windle, Grerchen Bowker, Teocher-Ellen Borol Chorus Front row, I. to r , Evo Doone, Eric Stevens, Ryuji Akimoro, Molly Norton, Ann Mane Williamson, Mory Lou Abruzese, Veronica Long Second row. Jeon Souza, Becky Sellack, Joanna Murphy, Cindy Sweeney, Chorlene Mathis, More Dosigon, Tim Andrews, Steve Mur- phy, Ashley Edwards, Morion Smith, Becky McClone Third row, Corhy DeSouzo, Cindy Chonce, Peter Jones, David Lofond, Vinny Myerre, Potty Murphy, Lourel Workins, Srocy McGrorh, Cindy Jodsson, Fourth row, Ann Pelllgrini, Linda Hudon, Donno Bennett, Llso Condon, Eric Jocteon, Danny Sullivan, Tony Ferrorls Focus front row, I to r Sue Martin, Ann Mason, Dob Doch-reocher, Cheryl Moniz, Koren Moniz second row, Becky Croft, Colleen Buckley, Donnie Nixon, Suson Doll, Bill McKoy-teocher, Ten Groce, Adorn Enos, Sue Carr, Amro Texiero third row, Leslie Derry, Anoro Mocedo, Dana Cusolito, Glen Fozzino, Eric Miller, Steve Bryant, Michael Hall, Peter Soge, Moses O ' Reily, Jeff Mororro, Donny Delisle, Leroy Enos, Joy Louis ACTIVITIES 123 Boys Tennis SEASON RECORD Opponent Sandwich Duxbury Arrieboro Old Pvochesrer D-Y Srong New Bedford Dorrmourh Dornsroble Old Pvochesrer Tabor Duxbury D-Y Srong New Bedford Tabor Dorrmourh Bornsroble State Tournament Foxboro Sroughron Duxbury 0 4 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 8 2 0 1 1 8 0 2 0 2 4 The Boys ' Tennis seoson was olmosr o repeat of lost yeor. Once agoin rhe reom had on oursronding record as they tied Bornsroble for rhe League Championship and reoched rhe Semi-Finals of rhe Division 2 Store Tour- nomenrx. The highlight of rhe yeor was a come from behind 3-2 victory over Bornsroble in rhe lost morch of rhe regular season. Folmourh almost gor a chance ro ploy Barnsta- ble in rhe Finols of rhe Store Tournament, bur they lost ro Duxbury, rhe evenruol Champs. All rhe members of rhe vorsiry hod excellent individuol seasons. Chris Josephs ond rhe doubles ream of Sreve Weidman ond Bobby Lloyd odvonced ro rhe Quorrer- Finols of rhe Individual Store Tournomenr. Sophomores Mork Dovis ond Frank Nunes continued ro shine or 2 ond 3 singles. Jim Toylor, Chris Funkhouser ond Rich Buschner alrernored ro give rhe ream o strong 2nd doubles reom. FHS 5 1 4 5 5 5 4 4 2 5 1 3 5 4 4 1 5 3 5 3 1 125 Tennis The girls Tennis ream was very successful in 1981, finishing in 2nd place in rhe Sourheosrern Conference Eosrern league. Wirh an overall record of 17-4, ond 3 of rhe 4 losses ro rhe rop rwo reonns, rhe reann fored very vv ' ell ogoinsr oil comperirion. One highlighr of rhe seoson wos avenging on eorly seoson loss ro Duxbury, or Duxbury. And pleasing in general was rhe overoll consisrienr good ploy of rhe ream rhroughour rhe season. Individuol occomplishmenrs included 1 Chris Frozier moking rhe Quarrer finols of rhe Sourh Region Individuals and 1 doubles reom of Dione Comolli ond Jessico Robideou moking rhe finals of rhis rournomenr. Chris Frazier improved ro be one of rhe besr players around and 2 Porry Srone was very successful in making rhe rronsirion from doubles ro singles. Number 3, Mary Toran also moved from doubles ond played very sready Number 1 doubles, Diane Comolli ond Jessica Robideou were rhe besr in rhe division .... Lisa Crogo and Jenny Lynds improved greorly from mid-seoson on. Alrogerher ir wos an oursranding yeor, pur rogerher by 0 fine group of young women. Team Rosfer: Dione Comolli, Korhy Rugger!, Porrldo Srone, Mory Toron, Liso Crogo, Chrisrine Frozier, Corhy Lynds, Jenny Lynds, Jessico Robideou, Johonno Erikson, Mellsso Goy, Corolyn Kirk, Jeonne Azorovirz, Melisso Dowd, Jennifer Lopes, Soroh Meode 126 ,1% - Vf SEASON RECORD Opponent Sandwich 0 Duxbury 3 Old Rochester 0 Attleboro 1 Old Rochester 0 DY 1 Dishop Stong 4 New Bedford 0 Dartmouth 0 Darnstoble 1 Duxbury 2 Attleboro 2 D-Y 1 Dishop Stong 4 New Bedford 0 Dortmouth 1 Dornsroble 0 STATE TOURNAMENT Notre Dome 1 Archbishop Willloms 1 Canton 0 Dishop Stong 4 RECORD Leogue 8-2 Overall 17-4 FHS 5 2 5 4 5 4 1 5 5 4 3 3 4 1 5 4 5 4 4 5 1 127 Lacrosse Club The Folmourh Lacrosse Club 1981 " THE FASTEST SPORT ON TA O FEET " drew quire o crowd of high school orhieres rhis spring. Over 50 boys come our and joined rhe Folmourh Locrosse Club, mony of rhem firsr rime players ond ir ' s encouroging ro see rhe enrhusiosm rhor rhis sporr hos generored or F H S, This year ' s group of seniors oil begon os rookies in rheir freshmon year Their conrinued dedicohon ro rhe sporr, os well os rhe improvemenr in rheir own skills, has reolly inrensified irs populoriry or rhe high school, Coproins Joy Irving and Brian Gonye, olong wirh seniors Chris Cooper, Greg Conley, John Dissonnerre and Sreve Mongeou oil provided voluoble reom leadership ro o group of young ployers. They were oil parr of our srorring squod, ond we will sorely miss rheir conrriburions nexr year, bur rhe furure looks brighr os our freshmen and sophomores conrinue ro improve ond our juniors srep inro rhe role of our deporring seniors. Some Foornores From The Seoson: Roin ond concellorions washed our some of our scheduled conresrs, and while our reom record wosn ' r our- sronding, our caliber of ploy somerimes was Brian Gonye hos o good year os goolie, and Joy Irving was owesome os ond orrockmon Our Defense wos solid ond our midfield ploy was srrong, wirh Joel Irving sreodily improving os o premier face-off orrisr. If our young ployers conrinue ro work hard and develop, nexr season could be on oursronding one for rhe Folmourh Lacrosse Club. 128 Kneeling I. ro r ; Jeff Cooper, Cris Cooper, Joel Irving Sreve Mongeou, Brian Gonye, Joy Irving, Greg Conley, John Dissonerre, Dob Paine, Sronding: Coach, Dorry Sodoff, Mark Develonder, Tim Egon, Chris Doonon, Mike Callahan, Par Egan, Tim Scazzari, Drain Manus, Sreve Way, Dab Bowman, Perer Uchmmanowicz, Chris Campbell, Perer Campbell, Mickey Marrin, Mike McGowan, Ellior Doppaporr, Phil Marra, Pere Chambers, Kip Newell 1981 Club Record Ealmourh 4 or Eromingham Sourh 9 Ealmourh 3 or Newron Norrh 4 (OT) Ealmourh 14 ar Cape Tech 1 Ealmourh 10 or Needhom 4 Ealmourh 5 or Tobor 8 Ealmourh 7 or Erominghom Norrh 6 Girls Track i Pi Nb -4 1 Conference nneer, undefeated dual meets, E Moss Class D Champion, State Chompion, and New Englond Chompion, the speedy girls of Folmourh won it oil! Led by super hurdlers Anne Jennings and Morylou Morton ( 1-2 State Meet), Heidi Thomson ( 5th 100), Vicki Pino (2nd 200), Q 4x400 relay team (Gleno Thomson, Cindy Foley, Jeonnone Push ond Dolly Farrell) placing sixth and Jen- nings ' long jump (3rd) were enough to garner the Store title with 46 points. This years team built around seasoned veterans like Sue Mendleson, Potty Condon and Moryonn Morscholl, ond Q host of novice runners (Glenno Thomson, Sue Deole, Liso Peters, Kelley Pugg, Liz Gumberr, Angelo Carroll), helped moke 1981 the most outstanding year ony sports team in Falmouth has ever hod. To cop off the year, Anne Jennings was selected " Athlete of the Year”, and Cooch Carroll was selected " Coach of the Year " by the Boston Globe. 1981 was o very nice year. 130 131 Boys Track Druce Mogordo and Roy Chorron were rhe rwo proud coaches of our oursronding spring Tracis ream. Ir was o very lorge reom, of which 12 were seniors. Greg Gonsalves wos rhe high poinr leader, scoring 156 points in rhe spring season. Gregg also ser o new store record in rhe High Jump or rhe All Store Meet below 6 ' 10 " . Also in rhe Store Meet Gregg rook 1st in rhe High Jump with ojump of 6 ' 6 " , 2nd in rhe Hurdles with o rime of 14 2, and wos o leg of 4X110 relay which ploced 5rh or 46.6. Other Store Meet plocers were Brian Mahoney 2nd in rhe 2 mile or 9.28.8, Boberr Peters running very well rook 1st in rhe ' imile or 1 58.9. Dick Me Evoy wos 4rh in rhe Pole Vault, 12 ' . Arron Ferroris 5rh in rhe Jovolin, 172 ' 1 " . Darryl Johnson Triple Jumped 43 " IVi " ro rake 4rh, and ran 5rh in rhe Low Hurdles with o rime of 40.1 . There was o lor of hard work pur into rhe season and rhe coaches look forward ro ro many other good seasons. SEASON RECORD Opponent New Bedford D-Y Arrieboro Tounron Dornsroble Sandwich E, Moss Class B Champions SMC Chompions 7-0 FHS 71 74 23 122 63 82 72 73 58 87 63 2 81 ' 2 133 Sofrboll This years ' Sofrball ream ended rhe season wirh a 7-6 record, good for 4rh place in rhe srrong SMC Div. I Conference The ream was lead by Carol Cosro ond Corhy Baker, Co-coprolns. Cord D ' Olympio ser o new school record wIrh 35 " bose-on-bolls”, ond Leslie Beeves led rhe reom wirh o 400 borring overoge. Mary Baker wos rhe rop pircher wirh a 7-5 record, rhree games were losr by only one run. The reom wos in every gome, and bur for o few runs, rhey may hove mode rhe Srore Tournomenr. Alison Bobbins and Lindo Bevelonder were rhe reoms mosr consisrenr hirrers Srephonie Kelly was rhe reams power hirrer wirh mony doubles, rriples ond 2 home runs. The highrlighr of rhe seoson was rhe win over Plym- ourh-Corver - P C wenr os for os rhe Srore Semi-finals where rhey losr ro Somerser, 3-5 The FHS Sofrboll ream groduored on oursronding group of orhleres - rhey will be difficuir ro replace. Kneeling I ro r , Som Rollins, Maura Jepsen, Lynerre Andrade, Srephonie Kelly, Ann Pelligrini Sronding, Corol D ' Olympio, Alison Rollins, Mary Doker, Co-coproins Carol Cosro ond Corhy Doker, Leslie Reeves, Parricio O ' Connell, Lindo Bevelonder Nor picrured, Judy Irving Coach, Mr Fred Toron 134 S EASON RECORD Opponent FHS Scrimoges; Harwich 3 11 Sandwich 4 14 Chothom 12 14 Season Ploy: Plymouth-Corver 4 6 Woreham 1 7 Worehom 12 4 Bourne 3 37 Bourne 11 15 Bornstoble 6 5 Barnstable 8 6 D-Y 18 15 D-Y 6 3 New Bedford 6 5 New Bedford 5 3 Old Rochester 5 28 Old Rochester 5 14 Dortmouth 2 10 Dortmouth 3 6 League Record 6-6 Totol Record 8-7 J.V. Record 11-4 135 J i » Jeffery Adorns Orion Albert Jonice Alcorn Leoro Aldrich Underc Chris Alves Pomelo Ames Odelio Amorim Hard Procrices Pay Off The Freshman Soccer Team, under coach Sreve Anderson, compiled another fine record of eleven A ins ond one loss, being beoren only by Plymourh-Corver ' s J.V. ream. The reom wos o mixture of high-scoring offensive power and hard-nosed defense, scoring fifty-seven goals ond ollowing only nine. The front line of Paul Mouk, Mike Trorro, Mike Morrin, ond Josh Phillips occounred for forty-nine of those gools, while Gory Thompson was a defensive stondout. Other reom members were Robert Corroll, Peter Chombers, John Dounr, More Ebenfield, Dreffni McLaughlin, Scott McMurrrie, Robert Mitchell, Glen O ' Donnell, Peter Popenoe, Allen Rivero, Richard Sedermon, James Taylor, ond Ducky Tcumbull. 138 Dssmen Sirring wirh your feer up? Freshman Soccer Paul Arwood Jeanne Azarovirz Louro Boron Julene Augusro Dororhy Boldic Vid- i Dauknecht 139 PquIq Dorelho Allen Drodley Dr Clark addresses rhe new Freshman Class James Dlokemon Michelle Blanchard 140 Home room wirh Mrs. Nickerson Freshmen Losr? Chrii Giieifi Daniel Dryonr Eloine Duckley LIsq Cobrol Chris Campbell Poulo Carper Lynn Camire Michael Cannara fXoberr Carroll 141 Jayne Cory Tern Cosey Dean Cloninger Daniel Conley Melona Crobrree John Cosey Croig Clorkin Jockie Cobb Morgoret Cosrello Jock Corberr Freshman F O Jono DoSilvo Douglas DeCosro Porricio DeMello Class Of 1984 Officers Under rhe direction of doss odvisor Mr Al Kolodziejsis, ond doss officers President Ellen D ' Olympio, Vice-president Michelle Denisi, ond Secretory-treasurer Koren Ferriero, rhe Freshnnon Class pur on o very impressive Freshmon Class Show entitled The Doting Gome, o bake sole, o cor wash, and o gift wore sole. For next year, they ore planning rhe rrodirionol doss projects, such os rhe Sophomore Spogherri Supper and o donee. Mr. Kolodziejski would like rhe kids to become more involved in service-oriented volunteer work for rhe people of rhe community He also stresses rhe need for porridporion on rhe port of oil rhe kids, for this is rhe key to o successful doss. 142 Eve Disney Meredirh Dowd Mono Domingues John Dunn The cor wash and The Daring Gome Class Officers Trocey Ellis Pennie Elwell Ellen D ' Olympio Kim Eldridge Paul Diongelis Catherine Dillon Deborah Dinco 143 Cheryl Enos Scorr Evans Timorhy Farrell Roberr Fensrermoker Jonerre Ferreira Vonerre Ferreiro Krisren Fish Gregory Scorr Forres Cynrhio Frozier Robin Gomes Enos To Homey Drowde Gronr Wimer Gregg Lizoberh Gumberr Helene Harney 144 Michelle Harrison Christine Hosray Holly Linder Karen Horr Scorr Hewirr Russell Hudson Jeffrey Johnson Ken Johnson Ken Jones Jennifer Jokinen Koren Kolllo William Kersey Harrison To Kersey 145 Klein To Murphy Cindy Sweeney Lori Lohr Joseph Lopes Krisrin MocConnell Ann Marie MacDonald Robin Monchesrer Moriah Mienrko Chorles Marken Louis Morhews Susonne Klein James Krusczek 146 J.V. Field Hockey Good Seoson For J.V. Field Fiockey Eloine Morhis Liso McKee Paul Mouk Andrew McKenzie This year Miss Helen Ladd coached o large girls ' J.V. field hockey reom. Led by co coproins Molly Norton and Leslie Carlson, borh juniors, rhe girls mode o good showing wirh Q record of four wins, six losses, and rwo ries. Angelo Carroll, o sophomore halfback, was vored by ream members as M.V.P., and Dawn Wegehaupr, a saphamare fullback; mosr improved. Hopefully nexr yeor ' s seoson will be os good os rhis year ' s. Orher members of rhe ream were -Susan Austin, Jeonne Azorovirz, Carhy Dillon, Lizaberh Gumberr, Jennifer Lopes, Michelle Medeiros, Glenno Thompson, Kore Toron, Jennifer Tessier, Liso Peters, Judy Irving, Pom kollins, Jusrine Srokes, Penny V esr, ond Bridget Carroll. Loun McNeill Michelle Medeiros Andrew Mello Theresa Moorhead Kirby Morris Sora Meade Alexandra Meier Krisrin Mello Korhryn Morelond Joonno Murphy I 147 Maureen Murphy Jeon Nichols Murphy To 1 . Yvonne Phoneuf Kim Nunes Timorhy O ' Connell Liso Perers Sreven Oliveira Chrisrine Nyon Cynrhio Poivo 148 Dorboro fXogers Honk Rogers John Rohe Melanie Rose John Rozum 149 Allyson Ryan Jonlce Sonros Kelley (Xugg Deborah Sanford fXoberr Schorff Derhony Secio Lynn Marie Simoneou Sharon Sinewirz Morion Smirh n,obin Speroni Julia Sr George Willlom Srriffler Melindo Sweeny Mork Togor Chrisrine Tessier Jumpboll Freshman Doskerboll Josh Phillips Jennifer Tessier Glenna Thomson Scorr Thomson Denis Toner Cheryl Vokey Mouro Wagner Karen Walker Deborah Wasll Drion Welch Daniel Windle Mone Zylinski Good Years Ahead . . . The Freshman Foorboll Team had a good seoson complering o record of five wins ond four losses. " The high poinr of rhe seoson,” soys Cooch Druce Cronshow, " was rhe upser vicrory over Darnsroble, which hod been undefeored for rhe post rwo seasons. " Exceptional players were John Srolcup, Croig Gorkin, John Hoddad, Dill Ferreiro, and Ward " Cupcakes” Fraser. There is no doubr rhor there ore good yeors ohead for FHS foorboll. Other ream members were Den Crogo, Steve Wolz, Jim Horringron, Scott Evons, Greg Forres, Richord Warner, Dan Dryan, Deon Cloninger, Tim Egon More Morris, Chris Homilron, Eric Zylinski, Ed Moniz, Andy McKenzie, Seon McEvoy, Jon Morryno, Tim O ' Connell, John Sherlock, Don Conley, Mike Connora, Chris Lynch, Robert Ruggeri, Jeff Adorns, Roger HoyWord, Darren borrows, Devin McGill, Lorry Martin, Todd Costo, Drion Dionne, and Lorry McDonald. Morylou Abruzese Shown Almeida Mark Amoral Michoel April Arrhur Aldrich Rurh Ann Baker 152 Mono Boron Donno Dennerr John Bordeiri John Bauer John Benuck Boberr Bowmon Thereso Bohnenberger Auroro Briggs Corl Bohnerr Michelle Cobrol 153 J.V. Foorboll A Mugging!!! Michael Callahan Dale Calverley Lenan Casey Perer Compbell Lisa Clough Kevin Cdlohan Dovid Casso Perer Cook 154 The J.V. Foorboll Team hod a fine yeor, finishing rhe season wirh o record of five wins and rhree losses. According ro rhe cooches Mr. John Papas and Mr. Ruben Morrinez, rhe highlighr of rhe yeor Collohon To Demello was rhe end of rhe season vicrory over Dornsro- ble. Oursranding ployers included Mork Dioni, Phil- lip Jepsem, Jeff Cooper, and Morhew Moxwell. Orher members of rhe reom were John Ken- dall, William Dillon, Duone Schouler, John Silvio, Ernesr Morchisin, Charles Konner, Joy Zumudo Ml- choel Grahom, David Hoddod, Anrhony Doker, Robert McKean, Gerald Morrin, Wilbur LoVoie, Ion Donnelly, Anrhony Morris, Mark Amoral, Perer Uchmonowicz, and Scorr Rudden. These boys cerroinly give Folmourh good reo- son ro be oprimisric for next year ' s vorsiry season and for o vicrory on Thanksgiving. Dennis Cullinone John Daigle Michoelo DeMello Sheilo DeMello 155 Mark Dioni Amy Diersr Kimberly Diggins J.V. Baseball The J.V. baseball ream ended a rough season wirh 0 5-9 record. Cooch Jodi McCauley said rhor airhough rhe ream played well rhey were plo- gued rhe enrire season by one bod inning when rhe ream would fairer and lose rheir chonce of winning rhe gome. He feir rhor a few of rhe highlighrs of rhe season were rhe oce pirching of John Duddy and rhe 3-1 Clipper vicrory over Dorn- sroble. Cooch McCouley said rhor rhough rhe sea- son wos o rough one, rhe boys did o good job of keeping rheir heads up and rrying rheir besr. Pirchers for rhe reom were John Duddy ond Mike Graham. Corhcers were Dwayne Schouler ond Mark Amerol. Poberr Disinere, Mike Simpson, Jim MocConnel and John Drew manned rhe in- field, while Anrhony Doker and David Pino cov- ered rhe ourfield. Cooch McCauley feels confidenr rhor o good number of rhis year ' s J.V. players will hove o spor nexr yeor on rhe vorsiry boseboll squod. Susan Doron fXoberr Douglas Pippy Duce Marrho Dumos Lynn Durro Johonno Eriteson Krisrine Fernold Myles Ferrick Joyce Filling Karen Firch Frosh Baseball The Freshman Baseball Team ended irs season ploy wirh a srrong 9-4 record. According ro fresh- men coach Mr. Robert Parent this year ' s ream is the lorgesr rhor he has had in his ten years of coaching, wirh twenty-four boys ploying the en- tire seoson. According ro Cooch Parent the reom ployed well together ond definitely hod some talented individual members. He feels that one of the highlights of the season was the no hitter rhor Paul Mouk and Kenny Peno pitched ogoinsr Old Rochester ' s J.V. reom. Cooch Potent is confident rhor many of the boys from his freshman reom this yeor will be ploying on the varsity ond J.V. reams next year. Members of the ream were Sean McEvoy, Tim Farrell, Brian Dionne, Chris Lynch, Jeff Adorns, John Hoddod, Ben Crogo, Paul Mouk, Dovid Alves, Al- len Rivero, Glen O ' Donnell, Paul Coronello, Mi- chael Bisienere, Marshall Orr, Chris Olson, Kenneth Peno, Brion V elch, John Srolcup, Mark Texiero, Word Fraser, John Locovo, Timothy O ' Connell, and Williom Ferreira. Dosebdl Adorn Folgen Tommy Furrodo Joonne Gomble 157 158 Kim Goddard Gordo To Guest Suzanne Gorda Annerre Gervais Kenny Gonye 159 Class Projecrs Sophomore Closs Due ro enrhusiosric doss support and rhe help of rheir advisor, Mrs. Derry Honkinson, rhe Sophomore Class hod a successful year. Led by d oss officers President Jeff Cooper, Vice-presi-, denr Perer Cook, and Secrerory-rreosurer Jocki Tessier rhe doss held three fund-raising projecrs begining with rhe Sophomore Spogherri Dinner lost foil. In March they held on extremely pro- ductive donee featuring F.H.S. ' s own Windjam- mer. In rhe spring, o cor wash was held and now rhe Class af 1983 is laoking farward ro o pomising junior year. 160 Heorher Heorh Dorboro Hunr Judirh Irving Felicio Houston Sherri Ingalls James Jones 161 Srephonie Lackey Anno Mornnho Corollee Leonard Morhew Maxwell James MocConnell Corhenne Morquer Johanna Eriksson o Dennis Cullinone Dill Dorelho Lackey To Osriguy Srocy McGrorh and Tracy Poog Srocy McGrorh Diane McKenzie Karen Medeiros 162 Coaching rhe Girls ' J.V. Doskerboll Team for his firsr rime rhis year was Mr. Jeff Dillon. Off ro a good srorr, rhe girls won many of rheir firsr gomes, bur unforrunorely did nor finish wirh o winning seoson; rheir final record was five wins ond six losses. Co-coproins Jocki Tessier ond Dianne Johnson (vored M.V.P.) were rhe ream ' s srorring guards and rhe l " ;ey ro mony of rheir wins, nor ro menrion rhe reom ' s high scoring forward, Dorlene Scorr. Orher reom members were Jennifer Tessier, Coryn Pokrol o, Holly Souza, Pearl Deese, Deb- bie Gospo, Corhy Dillon, Judy Irving, and De- siree Pogon. Girls ' J.V. Doskerboll MIchell Nolf William Nunes Desiree Osriguy Mary Melghem Nancy Mircho Kevin Moore Michelle Morono kobin Oliver 163 Perer in chains? Porrick To Srone Kelley Porrick Rebecca Pennington Frank Piconso Lawrence Peirson Kylo Peters Tino Pino Coryn Pokroko Melvin Peine Scobo Rhodes Srephonie Roberts 164 Ann Roderick Jeon Sonriogo Down Silvio Linda Rodriguez Timorhy Scully Andre Simpkins Boys ' J.V. Doskerboll The J.V. Daskerboll Team, ofrer moving up o divi- sion from lost yeor, finished rheir season wirh o record of ren wins ond nine losses. " They were on excellent group of boll players os a whole, " said Coach Sreve Anderson, " who were reolly into boskerboll. They expecr o lor of rhemselves and rhar will moke rhem o good group of bollplayers, " A lor con be expected from rhe vorsity squad in rhe next few yeors. Members of rhe ream were Anthony Doker, Ron- old Crofr, Mork Dioni, Michoel Dioni, Robert Gon- solvGs, Michoel Grohom, Michael Hughes, James Moc- Connell, Clifron Moniz, Jerome Pino, Melvin Reine, V oyne Soores, ond Philip Zumudo. Paul Simpson Holly Souza Porrick Souza Elizoberh Srolcup Jocqueline Srpne 165 Jacqueline Tessier Chrisropher Tynon p,onold Woy Mark Tessier Chrisrine Walker Maria Welch The J.V. Soccer Team closed o superb season rhis yeor wirh Q record of rhirreen wins, one loss and one rie. The reonn, os o whole, roroled rhe second mosr gods since 1969 ond Tony Hennessy ried rhe J.V. soccer record of fourreen goals for rhe mosr scored in one season. " A porriculor highlighr of our season was being down 0-0 or Nouser and coming bock ro win 4-3, " said Coach Robert Chisholm. " We bear Sandwich 4-3 when rhey were 8-0 If rhis is any indication of next year ' s varsity season it should be another championship yeor for Falmouth soccer. Team members were Dill Dorelho, Dale Calverly, John Dai- gle, Marr Delaney, Mike Diani, Par Egan, Alec Fink, Adorn Folgen, Jay Fink, Ken Gonye, Tony Hennessy, Brian Kenney, David Lewis, Peter Mayne, Brian McManus, Cliff Moniz, Terry O ' Neill, Tim Patterson, Lowrence Peirson, Kevin Peter, Don Pinerre, Hugh Popenoe, Tim Scozzari, Tom Sedermon, Chris Stuib, Mark Voccoro, Tom Voccoro, Steve Woy, ond Joe Ropozo. Corhenne Williams Anne Wise Tamara Woodward Janice Yolim Tora Yando 166 Timorhy Andrews Foirh Anrunes Mr, Dowes and Mr. Mongum debore. Sophomores To Juniors Liso Douer George Dorelho Williom Dourger Joner Dolron Mark Borelho Edirh Bowles Sharon Briggs John Burlse Thomas Brirr Liza Cobrol Susan Collohon Jill Cordozo Jeon Calvert Kern Cardaza Kristine Callis Lisa Condon Kotherine Conely Lyonne Comire Stephen Church JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY- Timorhy Andrews, Lisa Douer, George Ddrelho, Edirh Dowles, Thomas Drirr, Thomos Dyrd, Korherine Chrisr- mon, Stephen Church, Krisren Collis, Lisa Condon, Lisa Crogo, Conni Crocker, Ann Dounr, Williom Dillon, Richard Dimmock, Morio Doigle, Ashley Edwards, Edword Forrell, Alec Eink, Joy Fink, Christopher Funkhouser, Pedro Gorcio, Paul Geary, Lauren Gibbons, Dovid Gregg, Suson Hart, Theodore Inoue, Jeffrey Jensen, Jelger Kolmijn, Sio Konel- lopoulos, John Kendall, David LoFond, David Loird, Holly Leach, Jac- queline Lemay, Lino Limo, Robert Lipp, George Monning, Virginia McCormock, Jeffrey McCusker, Richord McEvoy, Isho Musrofo, Jomes Jr. Honor Society Myerre, Robert Poine, Heather Poyne, Ann Pelligrini, Michelle Perry, David Plummer, Koryn Rose, Karen Schmitz, Jill Souso, Justine Stokes, Christopher Srulb, Peter Sweeny, Kim Thorpe, Mork Voccoro Daniel V ebb, Daniel V hire. Kevin Cannars kui Correira Decky Costa Lisa Crogo Connie Crocker 168 Lunch rinne Collohon To Gonsalves Mono Daigle Roberr Dell Isolo Dororhy DeMello Yvonne Deuser Junior Class The Junior Class, led by President Sarah Gregory, Vice- president John Kendall, ond Secrerory-rreosurer Ann Dounr, ond with rhe help of co-odvisors Miss Morguerire MacDougoll ond Miss Louise Houle, hod o very ocrive yeor. Their doss projecrs included rhe Qwesonne job of purring on rhe Junior- Senior Prom which obour 400 srudenrs orrended. They also successfully held rwo Junior work weekends keeping up rhe rwenry-rwo year rrodirion which was in jeopardy becouse of comploinrs lodged ogoinsr previous dosses for providing inodequore service. In oddirion rhey held o donee, or which Orion Mohony ond Sandy Creighton were nomed Mr. and Miss Clipper. Ir was entitled " Dornsroble Dires rhe Dusr " ro promote school spirit for rhe Thanksgiving Day Foorboll Gome. Soroh Greg- ory orrribures her doss ' s fine Junior yeo ' r ro working hard and sticking together. Their spirit ond enrhusiosm will certainly be seen again in rheir senior year. CynrhiQ Foley Chrisrine Frazier [Torr Dimmock Michelle Duarre Despres Forrell Joy Fink Pedro Gorcio Porrick Gonsalves 169 ! 1 Gumbleron To Paine Tim Porrerson and Richie Rohe Lori Rossi Korhieen Gumbleron Susan Horr Scorr Henrique Joel Irving Gregg Jordon Chrisropher Kelly Srephen Lawrence Holly Leoch Regina Ledwell Jacqueline Linhores Roberr Lloyd Drendo Long Corhenne Lynds 170 The J.V, Hockey Teom, led by co-coproins Dennis Corr and Don White, complered o record of ren wins, eighr loses ond one rie. The ream starred the seoson poorly, adding up mony of their loses in the first half, bur come bock ond was oble to finish with o winning record. When olsked about- prospects for the vorsiry ream next yeor. Coach Lee Burgess said that he thinks the spots vocored by seniors could be filled ond rhor hockey fans con look forword to another exciting seoson next yeor. Members of the ream were Michoel Enos, Michoel Trotro, Christopher Lynch, Sean McEvoy, Daniel White, Dennis Corr, Glen O ' Donnell, William Ferreiro, Terry O ' Neill, Anthony Hennessy, Scott Crocker, James Miko, Melvin Sogue, Douglos Chisholm, Porrick McCarthy, joey Bopozo, Doniel Ferreira, Stephen Church, Doniel Pocheco, Paul Mouk, Williom White, Chris Hinds, and Cliff Newell. , Teom monogers were Michoel Disinere ond Drion Welch. Moryonn Morscholl Kathleen McEochern Drion McMonus Virginio McCormock kichord McEvoy PorriciQ Murphy J.V. Hockey Jeffrey MocKilligon George Manning Leif Monheim Jeffrey Mororro Sreven Murphy Molly Norton koymond Noreou Mark Pome 171 Donna Pedro Judirh Pimenrol Vid i Pino Mark Porro Jomes Punronio Pedro To Sylvester Par Shea Michael Pezendes Sean Piley Leonello Pogers Theresa Poy 172 Karen Schmirz Rebecca Selleck Michael Shrader John Silvia J.V. Sofrball Jill SOUSQ John Srone Scorr Silvio This year ' s J.V. Sofrball Team, coached by Mr. Al Kolodziejski, had rhemselves quire a seoson. Co-coproins Holly Souzo ond Jocki Tessier led rheir reom ro vicrory ofrer vicrory complering rhe seoson wirh on over-oil record of eleven wins ond four losses. The ream ' s com- bined barring overage was .422 while Jenni Tessier hod rhe highesr overage of .555. Mr. Kolodziejski is looking forword ro onorher good year nexr year, os mosr of rhe players were freshmen ond sophomores. Orher reom members were Diane Johnson, Dorlene Scorr, Kore Toron, Deonno Borrows, Peorl Deese, Felicia Housron, Jacqueline Souzo, Penny Vesr, ond Judi Hol- sreod. Chrisropher Srulb Syivio Sylvesrer 173 Kurr Togrmeyer Togrmeyer To Woodwell Fred Toy lor Moryberh Thompson Penny Wesr Heidi Thompson Daniel Whire John Voodwell 174 176 The Mouse That Roared 178 directed by. SARAH DUNKLEY 179 Senior Superlorives Mosr School Spirit - Kim Kelly and Sreve Mongeou Mosr Inrelligenr - Joan O ' Connel ond Fred Throsher Mosr Dromoric • Dione Comolli and Ernie Forrin 180 Mosr Humorous - Maureen Archue and Andy Mosr Likely ro Succeed - Tricio Modden and Chris Josephs Lynch Mosr Individudisric Debbie Gorsron ond Are Arema Senior Closs Officers Seored in fronr lefr ro righr; Krisrin R,eid, Debbie Gorsron, seored in reor, Class Advisor Alan Jocobs, Scorr Mederios Desr Dressed Vicki Dorelho and Greg Conley Mosr Arrrocrive Cheryl Pokroko ond Mike Rodriquez and Mosr Arheleric ■ Carhy Doker ond Greg Gonsolves 181 Senior Prom Queen ' s Courr, Tricio Madden, Lisa DeMello, Keren Dod- Cheryl Polsraka, Suzanne Rapoza, Krisrin dobbo Keid 182 184 22 July, 1981 As Ve Go To Press . . . As I rhink bock over rhe year which we hove commorored in these pages, most of whor comes ro mind is o seo of faces An exrrordinory omounr of people, some of whom were more exrrordinory rhon others There were many people who worked on rhe book, bur it ' s rhe people who were with us or rhe end rhor I om most fond of remembering When purring together anything with this many parrs, pages and pictures, rhe highest honor rhar con be bestowed upon a person is ro commend them for rheir Perseveronce, Pesponsibiliry ond Dependobiliry - ond these high honors I convey upon Dovid Casso and Linda Pemsen David, for olmosr single-handedly purring ragerher a 35 page Underclassmen section, which is nor only very well done, bur is designed ro give underclassmen more of rhe coverage which they rightfully deserve And ro Undo for, also single-handedly, organizing over 300 Seniors into an impressive ond right loyour In fact, Undo was so dedicored and enjoyed ir so much rhar she did holf of her section twice i Similor honors go our ro our two Photo Editors, Mory Bunker ond Jone Dorelho, who spent mony, mony days after school in rhe darkroom and ro photographers Scorr Johnson ond Michael Ashmore who could alwoys be counted on ro come through with super results. Bur in rhe rrodinon of rhe U S, Covolry, rhe real heros of this book ore rhe staff members of rhe 1982 book. They came through with on 11rh hour effort which pur rhe book bock on schedule and gor things done when there wos no one else oround ro do them. To each ond every one of them and ro mony of rhe students of my Photo classes I extend a very sincere " Thank You " - we couldn ' t hove done ir without you. And ro rhe following individuals go similor " Thank You " s First, ro my wife, Pussie, for helping me keep my soniry while " in rhe pirs " To Peg King ond Joner Spring for overseeing rhe business end of rhe yearbook ond purring our twice as much effort os they were recompensed for To our Josren ' s Pep , Norval Gornerr for providing ideas and encourogemenr ond for being around when he was needed - ond o couple rimes when he wasn ' t (sorry Norv!) , and ro , , Pom Dold Loyour 6 Phoro Drer Dowin Loyour G Phoro Sheilo Ciifford Wriring Julie Dorry Wnring Lizo Cobrol Wnring Liso Crogo Wnnng Forrell Despres Wrinng Jono Despres Wriring Corhy DeSouzo Wriring Scorr Ghelfi ■ Loyour 6 Wriring Drion Gonye Loyour 6 Wriring Enl-( Hobble Wrinng Kim Kelly Loyour G Vnnng Tricio Modden Loyour G Wriring Moryonn Morscholl - Wnnng G Ads Andy Mello Loyour, Wnnng G Phoro Morrho Poszels ■ Loyour G Wnrlng Michelle Phelon Wnnng Suzonne Popozo - Wnnng G Loyour Leslie Sroelzle Wnnng G Ads Doreen Teixeno Wnnng Jocisi Tessier Wnnng Jenni Tessier Wriring PHOTOS by, John April Milse Ashmore Mike Doncrofr Jone Dorelho Mory Buniser J C Durl e John Corroll Charlie Clemenrs Carol D ' Olympio Warren Donnelly Linda Ekiund Koren Firch Mike Helfen Scorr Johnson Moryonne McKay Judy Mendozo Frank Nunes Amy Poder Poul Pyon Dorry Sodoff Jim Wighr Wolrmon Loring Srudios Dodge Murphy Srudio Advertisers And Patrons The Editors, Staff, And Advisors Wish To Thank The Businessmen, Parents, And Friends Whose Support Hos Helped Lounch This Edition Of The " Clipper Compact. " 191 PATRONS James E. and Kyko C. Creighron Mr. Mrs. Frederick K. Jer sen Judirh A. Barry Mr. b Mrs. Arthur F. Sabens Cdr b Mrs. Manuel Josephs Dennerr Plumbing b Hearing, Inc. Mr. b Mrs. Jomes A. Greenwood Mr. b Mrs. Victor R. Leozott Mr. b Mrs. James E. Coddington Dr. b Mrs. John Mitchell The Ferroris Fomily " Dig Al " b " HAFI-RAFI " Mr. b Mrs. Arthur Ropozo Mrs. Ruth I. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Russell Ventura Costo ' s Greenhouse ond Vegetable Srond Pot b Yourence Costo A Proud Mother Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Metell Richard D. b Esther I. Carvalho Patrick J. b Carolyn Twohig Newton Upholstery The Malones James and Sue Condon Mrs. Edward DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Raymond Caleb and Martha Froser Chuck Yonni A Friend The Leo P. McCarthy Family Francis G. Corey Mr. and Mrs. George W. Baker Mr. and Mrs. John Irving Mr. and Mrs. Chester Frazier SMB - MMD - PKD Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Doudrot Mrs. Barbara Pimenral 6 Family 192 DIANCHI TILE CARPET SHOP CUSTOMER SHOWROOM Ceramic Tile- Imporred (j Domestic Marble - Slote - Quarryrile (j Terrozzo Linoleum - Armstrong 0 Congoleum Merillot Cobinets - Kitchen 0 Doth Bruce Hordwood Floors Carpeting - Monticello - Lees - Bigelow Firth - Wilco - Collowoy RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL - SALES INSTALLATIONS CAPE COD AREA 426 Moin Street Folmouth, MA 02536 548-6389 WORCESTER AREA 344 Boston Turnpike Shrewsbury, MA 791-7351 Tel. 540-2020 894 Main Street Colonial Shopping Center Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 NATE DONDIS ' EMPIRE COMPLETE DISCOUNT STORE SPORTSWEAR, CLOTHING, JEANS INSIDE FALMOUTH MALL 548-1020 Men And Womens ' Apparel MIS PETER E. SCHWAMB G.R.I. Realtor ® Manager NOBSKA REALTY Complete Rea! Estate Service 617-540-4200 FALMOUTH MALL • P.O. BOX 429, TEATICKET, MA 02536 Congrorubrions Class Of 1981 GEORGE M. RUDINO Main Srreer Amoco Congrorubrions To The Class Of 1981 Main Sr., Folmourh, MA Submarines, Pochers, Solods Stone 8 Beauty Salon 210 Main St. Complete Hair Skin Can Your Style Center 548-0685 Precision Cutting Personalized Styling Stone’s Barber Shop 208 Mam St. 194 FALMOUTH TRANSMISSIONS WEST FALMOUTH MARKET, INC. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS PRIME MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES SPECIALIZING IN TRANSMISSIONS FROZEN FOODS BOX 378, WEST FALMOUTH, MA. 02574 153 MAIN STREET (617)540-1148 EAST FALMOUTH. MA 02536 Prop: GENE C. WILLIAMS PHONE 548-1 139 Best Wishes o i ie for Your Success and Happiness SHAW ROOFING SIDING Q rutemp(yiaAjj OemmA and coM(yu H euiA- eanA, SkiitA f -ik 0 Desr Wishes To Class Of 1981 218 MAIN ST. FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 TEL : 540-3266 LUCIO’S SANDWICH SHOPPE LUCIO’S II Falmouth Plaza and 83 Davis Straits Next to Stop Shop L Sandwiches Subs Pizza Orders to Go Call 548-9283 Sea crest 548-9033 NORTH FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSTITS 02556 Daily Specials 195 TheFAinOUTH Co-operative BANK 20 Ddvis Straits (Route 28) Tel S48 3500 Falmouth Massa husetts 02541 3a 6(de J P 9 w vy V . : - r- WEST FALMOUTH MASS 02574 , . Ballroom — Disco — Hustle Compliments of LEONEL’S TdaryCPrench SHOE REPAIR 443 Worcester Street Wellesley Hills, MA (617)235-5884 Falmouth County Road and 28A ' Cataumet, Cape Cod (617) 563-5889 VILLA GE PIE CO EE EE SHOP 237 Main Street 548-4955 Muffins Sandw iches Eat it here or take it with you 291 IMAIN STREET. FALMOUTH. IMASS 02540 (617) 548-1997 VMes tic : cj Ac ' ciS-S )ie fc s i ccn tnuct ittcceSi ant tafi iinci : . THE FHS LOOKOUT CLUB Jackie Boudrot — Mrs. Joan Tansey Chris Frazier— Suzy Rapoza Molly Norton — Judy Irving Desr Wishes AAcuCtUij (ffloQI 281 Main Street, Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Telephone (617) 548-8264 Of Falmouth c {6 f in a I 0 tvfit ' yuUn ' Olith ; 02 f 4-0 THE BOTTLE SHOP 882 Main Street Colonial Shopping Center Falmouth, MA 02540 197 ED‘S CLEANERS, INC. PROFESSIONAL CLEANING 241 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASS. TELEPHONE: 548-3222 One of New England’s best bookstores at two locations to serve Falmouth readers better! The Market Bcoksl op 15 Depot Avenue, Falmourh 548-5636 22 Water Street, Woodstble 540-0851 Contact Lenses Hearing Aids bJ2 GIFFORD STREET FALMOUTH MA 02540 FALMOUTH 617 548-8647 iftu OPTICIANS, INC. HELENE DOYLE REAL ESTATE, INC. AT HOMEPORT ACROSS FROM THE COONAMESSETT INN 334 Gifford Sr., Homeporr Falmouth, Moss. 02541 548-8788 □ REALTOr? RES NEMASKET RD BOX 198 WEST FALMOUTH, MA 02574 198 WTlliams PLUMBING INC. 141 KATHARINE LEE RATES ROAD. FALMOUTH. MASS 02S40 SINCE 1927 MEG MASTER MLUMREMS JOHN S. WILLIAMS. MRES.-GEN. MANAGER | Lie. NO. 42M FRANK L. HAUOV. SUMERVISOR Lie. NO. 72S4 548-4515 PLUMBING HEATING 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE REMODELING SPECIALISTS WITH COMPLETE COLOR SCHEMES FOR THE GATHROOM AND KITCHEN J licablinES 667 MAIN STREET - FALMOUTH MA 02540 548 9257 Quake A Rom Bonnet Gifts of Distinction 140 Main Street, Falmouth, Mass. 02540 (617) 548 1815 Awai ds, l’lan|ucs, McdjK, Ribbons (617) 540-1105 T njzraving, Silvi.T and I’c wter vailablc nZeaC 6tate c i66ociate6 PAULA KING-MAY KENNY-ANDREE NOYES RT. 28A 151 NORTH FALMOUTH, MASS. 02556 TEL 563-2887 OR 563-6798- SALES — RENTALS — APPRAISALS PUB •LOUNGE Ar The Folmourh Trade Center Spring Dors Rood Folmourh • Cope Cod • Mossochuserrs 199 OPEN YEAR ROUND I MAIL ORDERS Handcrafted twaJhans Candies of Cape Cod TONY ROSALIE GHELEI Desr Wishes To The Class Of 1981 CHRISTOPHER ' S 209 MAIN STREET 858 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH MA 02540 OSTERVILLE MA 02655 (617) 548 7878 (617) 428 7888 From Dr. Mrs. Edward H. Fitch PHONE 540-1292 105 Davis Srroirs Folnnourh, Moss. 548-9096 2 a a Street S 6 f57Z Desr Wishes To The Class Of 1981 1 dounixu S}[oxL±t DOUG a KAREN SOUZA LIGGETT iee.Jf2)ru Si. lore TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPS 418 MAIN STREET E. FALMOUTH. MA 02SS6 FALMOUTH PLAZA Tel 548 5247 Dovid Lawrence G Campbell Lawrence LAWRENCE AND MOTTA Insurance Agency Inc 7§am’S eafood j I taurant Ml Mam Srreer 548- 1596 Falmaurh, Mass. 548-1130 Desr Wishes ro rhe Class of 1981 339 Main Street East Falmouth 540-3080 200 Congrorulorions! 4c ve FALMOUTH PRESS 378 main street, falmouth, massachusetts 02540 marvin tapper (617) 540-1288 FARRELL, DUFFY FARRELL Congrorulorions To The Closs Of ' 81! Attorneys at Law NORTH FALMOUTH HOUSE OF PIZZA 557 North Falmouth Hwy. 563-6966 340 Gifford Street Falmouth, MA 02540 11 ' . ' JACK IN IHE BEANSTALK 1 quality fruit PRODUCE w ' ■ i Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. , ' ll ' • ' ,J T . ja 743 Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540 s-’l- (617)540-4191 Falmouth Mall BURT’S SPORTS SPECIALTY SCHOOLS — TEAMS — LEAGUES OUTFITTED TENNIS RACKETS RESTRUNG LETTERING SERVICE COMPLETE LINE OF FOOTWEAR CLASS OF 1981 850 Main Srreer Moin Srreer Folmourh, MA 02540 Vineyard Haven (617) 540-0644 MA Dr. Mrs. George W. DeMello 201 Full Line of Groceries Deli • Drugs Household Goods Open 7 days a week 7A.M. to 11 P.M. 563-9767 Rte. 28A North Falmouth • WHERE FIT COMES FIRST ' Sea Spfaif SfieeA J hc. QUALITY FOOTWEAR AND PERSONAL SERVICE Special ZING in OprHOPEoic and Prescription Fitting TOM PAVAO RTE. 28, FALMOUTH PLAZA PROPRIETOR 548-6775 PRESCRIPTION CENTERS OF CAPE COD 540-2410 24 HOUR PHONE 303 MAIN STREET 420 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MA 02540 EAST FALMOUTH. MA 02536 540-2410 548-1342 PAUL E DUSSAULT BS Rph JAMES E HERMANSEN BS Rph Canon — Nikon — Kodak — Olynnpus Pioneer — Sony — Ponosonic Dairii Queen ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY Inc 267 Mam Srreer Falmourh, Mass. Armond Ornns, Prop Tel 548-1918 " Good Luck " Matt Waush ESTATE MAINTENANCE SECURITY Telephone (617) 540-5550 420 Old Meeting House Road Hatchville, MA 02536 Mrs. Weeks ' Shops Yorn 6 Needlepoint 178 Main Sr, Folnnourh, Mo 02540 202 548 7303 PROFESSIONAL HAIRDESIGNING TEAM Rt. 28A West Falmouth, MA 548 1366 342 GIFFORD STREET, FALMOUTH, MASS 02541 GIFFORD GIFFORD INC. dba BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 81 1 H.V. LAWRENCE FALMOUTH READY MIX CONCRETE COMPANY INC. 607 Mom Srreer Teoncker, MA 02536 Phone 548 6100 FLO WER SHOP GREE HOUSES Sl CF ISH6 n LL SERMCE ELOR ST d C,ARl)E C A N TER Riiaiiiv f ■jmiLM 5 ■77 P rfi?. w ►VI CAPE COD ' S OLDEST LARGEST ELORIST GREENHOUSES 548-6811 34 DEPOT AVE., FALMOUTH 203 irnarniu wfii ns t u: Jr r ‘’ ■ C:7{ cfP Xuc lyt enPeat ors , Evpnp " ine cfffi itt culP WEST FALMOUTH VILLAGE ROUTE 28 a 5 0- 5156 MIDCAPE CENTER Everything for Building Since 1895 Paint Hardware Lunr)ber Millwork Plumbing Electrical Lawn Garden T V. Appliances Kitchens Furniture Carpeting Falmouth Mall, Rte. 28 540-5132 540-5139 cf ivex !SenA azm “We ' care’ for your pet” 682 Sandwich Road Hatchville, Mass. Kay Larry Kelley 540-0635 Desr Wishes To The Class Of 1981 Wesr Fdmourh Reolry (DOLTON 6 GOODRICH, INC.) WILLIAM DOLTON Desr Wishes ro rhe Class of 1981 Cory ' s Cords Gifts OLD MAIN ROAD DUS (617) 540-2730 P O DOX 438 RES (617) 548-2012 WEST FALMOUTH, MA 02574 a oealtop oiion COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Falmourh PIqzq Window Shades Venetian Blinds Levelor Blinds Vertical Blinds McDonald ' s Paint and Wallpaper, Inc. WE MEASURE AND INSTALL WILLIAM BOLTON BUS: (617) 548-5342 RES: (617) 548-2012 PALMER AVE. JONES RO ROUTE 28. PO. BOX 342 FALMOUTH. MA 02541 Residential - Commercial 366 Main Street. Falmouth, MA James B McDonald (617) 548-4674 204 We ' ll Be Seeing You ! Wherever you go, there will be only one hometown newspaper. Wherever you go, whatever you do — let ' s not lose touch . Good luck ! lEnterpriHC dullard ofupply Go., Sn. DISTRIBUTORS OF TOURAIME PAINTS 352 Main Street • Falmouth, Mass. 02540 617-548-6233 WM.C. DAVIS CO. Since 1885 Beautiful Furniture — Quality Bedding Fashion Floor Installations — Wall-to-Wall Carpets Main Street Falmouth 548-2143 Open Daily 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. faster " :har 1 ?f (iMcdicm€f §hoppe JACK FLYNN. R. Ph. OWNER NthontI Pf€SCfiptior Ctniers 108 DAVIS STRAITS FALMOUTH, MA. 025 0 PHONE: 540 711 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 Enjoy the finest sandwiches German Specialties 553 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth 548-6263 UncU Bills Country Store Bill ' WeanerS Silver . (ounge Restaurant Rt. 28 A Vorth Falmouth. Open Ijear ' Round Untie G06 U 5t May - December ' 5’ From a Friend Zddc CMftb i9 jMnin Street jSeUmmtfi , jAUssacfiusetts sFef. ffS otz EstaSCishe? 1917 Good Luck Goss Of " 81 ' CAPE AUTO PARTS, INC. 850 MAIN ST. F A LM OU TH , M A SS . 02540 PHONE 548-6333 CaRPET RRRN me. Desr Wishes ro rhe Class of 1981 Established 1972 Carpets by LEES. BIGELOW WUNDA WEVE, DOWNS. COURISfAN, OTHER MAJOR MILLS Cm ' jc’fum vinyl MR LUCIANO FLOR GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST • ESTATE APPRAISALS • DIAMONDS NEV BEDFORD AND FALMOUTH, MASS, RICHARD FURLANI, TREAS, “Where performance counts " 548-1443 ;i9 Mam St Falmouth 245 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MASS 02540 TEL, 548-3516 206 Best Wishes Graduates! Cod Times The Cape Island ' s Daily Newspaper 210 Main Street, Falmouth Hyannis — Bourne — Orleans — Provincetown — Martha s Vineyard — Nantucket Free Deliverv Coi_d Wines liquors • Beers 5 S-22S7 Domestic A imported JOHN S LIQUOR STORE 729 E MAIN STREET FALMOUTH. MASS Fast Friendly Service ICE MASS. CABLEVISION, INC. 157 MAIN STREET, TEATICKET, MA 02536 Corner Maravista Avenue (617) 548-6655 RODGERS REALTY Pvoure 28-A No. Folmourh Hwy. Norrh Folmourh, Moss. 02556 Dus, 617-5607127 Edward N Dohlborg Flome Phone 560-0064 221 MAIM STREET • 548- 0116 207 Congrorubrions Best Wishes To The Gloss Of 1981 Falmouth National " Growing With Cope Cod For 160 Yeors " FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY II III III ill D] ,is DSMvaia

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