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1: Q, :L H V ,I 1 , F - 1' f , j'f.':f ij 1' -- me 'Y w. ' .ggi Il -' 'jg,y.wi- 'gg nk: IM ' A x I 4 ',., ll. L, il 4- 5 ,- ' I ' r 1:.,:..', -,.,u..fv.L- , V ,-,f,...,,m..,'4,f,,, ,,,,.,,..,. ,--. . ---.-.rv ' fff-,- ,---1.'- A. L 5,251 A I R ev, 1 Em-w.. . 5 1 L ' ' Z' . , . 1 , s,.- . ,- - R ' v. Q' 2 .A A9""scaw :' - -1 i ' 1 N .. , ' ku Q., ,gi .Q . ra - , . 1 - I...,Mgwv un "Q l as 'C -4 ,Ji , u " " -' - - , '-E'v'.:'L' H,-:4,l.i. -,--. . . V--rv -i - i. . 7, Y. , I " A ... Y, WU Q--,...... ..,. ,, - ' ' ' ' ' ' " 1 '- ' . ' ' " ' ' I' I if . H7151 ','4"'T'1"l"1'l"'T T""1"'.'.Ef-'I.'TT'f'7?"i3:"'f?:Lf"" . -1- ' ' 'K 'N A ' -' ' - .. " 'I 5' -.ffif ff1..Q.'..i5fl.?,2'-- ' , 'F 'N 33 . -. il v.,-..g 5 , - ,J .4 , - 4 3, '- 5, ,-..:.g -Lx-'Q , A- .r - Y . V - . ' I , V. :L , v .A-AE, .,i.Aj.,.....A.-., . , V ' . , ,, ,. I ' . - f '- 1, ' -WI: V I , W-A, '11 - ' - E ' , 1 ' H 5 ' 1 ,V L J ff ,gi .- , ' ' -- " ' . ' ' V - . - - ' : F , 1 . -5 n , ' I ' all f""23.-,135 - ' , ,Q , , . x AZ - Y ' , ' 1 1 f . 71,1-, V 1 V-Q.-.gi-, 3. p, ,vff-jlg 5 , -- ' - - - V, 1- - - .- N -- .- 1-,J -- J., , .--mn. f -, A . , N . 1 ..-. .,4., .. ,. ,,,,yf, - ' ' ' ' - . ' ,I . r ' A ,X gff , ' 1 x ",-'f.5 f1 J f +2013 .r 3,L"'f g 1251412 ' 1 ' - t' . '. L f" - 'L ': 1 ' -"' ' W1 -. 'fflfi -i':' xfi A'l'1"'lS" J" A frlfff X ' A . ' . , J - - . .- . -- 4' ' A .- :gs ,L - , x f , , , . . k ,. , ,A . - -. ' 5 - ,-3-,--: -,1:,f,..... - N ' , ,. ' " ' ,. -- ' g '- rx? ' V-g. 2-wmv .,-uzf-if J ' ' . ,V .- - 5 . if r. rx 1 ' V .5 U-z '53, ,f g X 4,-srcj , . I - V Y- Q -I K l NV , . "J , 1 , V .Z V ,:, A :F V- 7: -li Y.: li., L if-,,,:l s , X - V . I , . ,- L- -- 1 Q . -. , -1 A -..- Lf-i gt. 1,--I .'-5.,5-V-L-T-1.73-2-:..3YI, , . ' ,Y f . 1 , I N ,S -v -5 Q K 5 ff. -iff "iff'j Q Q " ' ' . ' . Q . ' - A' , , .- I ', i .4 hf, . Y ,- .7 ' Tig-g,' 2:1111 f 1.--Q,-.'y.,,-.7Lffx'.'fj, , . . 1 -, .. J -.V -4.-:V . - A :,- 5. .,,g:1,:f' 'i'1'g.5f1 - A V, X ' J 'i , .2 E - '.1o..- '1 I , -j Q-V ' 'lj'-1 i?',i--'E2f2,11.5'. . ' , -' - '- T. L- K , V - -' 2 - I I E119 ' " J .-I-",gQ,j, U , . ,, -.. . , , ., . ..., ., -A A,.. . - , -,,-,.-. 4' . 1 - , -1, H". . ' 2' N . -'l,,1 . I , . ' wi , , ,. 'ir ew Tj gf 'S ' ETH" Q- "- ' -'-'5""i'W rv-N - - -ev:mv'raav::::w-:-11-'fufrgr11. ---wwa:-f z-J 1 wx-- ':.'1.v.:,.-:Ll-.LM1.'.442'.'.:'m,l1-- -4-Su-are-L..-rl-:15:q94un..,-z.g.fssw..g- ,,,-,,, - V 5 Nia V ,. X V, 'LT' L s-'5 ,Q ,, My 511 Q2 , M n iff: -1 as E Fig: fi? A -4 1131 .fn I .QA Ilg 7 -,.. I EL, Su' vi FQ? gba: -Fl! L 1. 1. .,, J 'v '42 1, 1. " br' ., if Q -.5 -Q 9 ,, an I: yr ix A' 1- 11 w, .,, .U ii? -1 L.: V3 QM vb ..,- 23 iv: - 3 W, 1: 4 5 I L1 " m X , , . .- 1 Z ' .113 L. , 1' 1 "YG N E1 13 . 'u Lx fl-L .yu if .na --x Hin, "Quia .ff I mast'-.v ' .. 5 ' iii I iii :iw ,f fi 15 , v QQ' 551 . .L ,. . EN X ,. .., 2 Y. H 1 , 1 w .L :Q I Y " ' RYLND. ' 5 A in 41 -W?" ' f- " ' " -'vlif 3 , -Q... ,. 4 .-..v..1x,f-Y -W. - . J- .W V un-v- ,W ..,, . .. A . - , - - , Y ,..- , 7,-:,,,J,n5 151.2 f,-... - :if '.E'.'f , 'fl -L5 V , 1 -. :JI . W V I-mu P, , , . q1ffu?, 'I Ziwxq wi X 1- ,x,,17,, - g a gs-.3I '1f,:g in -w --31 v , , 71,1 -q. ,. , , fn. ,, - U RJ' Wg' ' 1-if f-9 W if ' "G r" ' Im . r 7 -r - 'FZ ' " 'A' ' " I' ki 51 " ' " 'E ' 'A "Y1 '1?'Mg- 'v'hLr'Q5 " "- '94 ,,41g7'1-4 341-S" N-2' -Q W 1 , ., .. , - 1 ,Q V, . PANORAMA 1r:-- - 2 ,, ,hy ' H - , gf 'X 1 , x .-Q X. , .L-3,7 Us , xiii' 4 - " Y i lilzfymf ompacf IUUZ ZLITL Article 'U As a class we have succeeded in sur- passing the expectations held out for us, All of our activities burst with energy and participation, each setting a new standard for the classes following us to observe. As members of this out- standing class, we the chief editors of the yearbook, have tried to bring to our annual a spirit of innovation and a for- mat appealing to the students of F.H.S. as a whole. We attempted to extend our limits both financially and concep- tually. We believe that in the yearbook our class deserves pictorial and written memories, which will capture the many moods and faces of our school, and the changes it has undergone in the past four years. Like our symbol, the Clip- per Ship, we have tried to face new challenges on an unknown sea yet remain sturdy during our many tur- bulent moments. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to our Class of '78 and until we meet again - bon voyage. uztmrc C' illazf mw Tessief flbzzlvlislwb bg the lass ol? 19 8 Zitlnwutlt iglt gcltcwl, ' ssaclwsfztts filwer ?lwt'n bg Qaptfain gnnarhan Cff f1lCL'I5 Libby Harmer, Nana Stern, Anne Dean, Duncan Millar, Anne Tessier, Cathy Manning, Kathy Delaney, Melanie Botelho. Heorooofz ...Subs from Jin-qclok... ".7fzere3 foo murh paperwork for this pe .. . Dedirufion -Whew!! . .. .The new sujierlarive. . .jabs . . . .ftirk ro the rmdirionaf or try 1:1 new image 7 . . ,Do you or do you not wunt' your pzrture in the HKMFBUUQ 7. . . mix and murrh... Senior porrrui 1' que.ftz'onnaires. . , ujarsf .. Qt? risk the flass for money. .. .xl new layout for ..... "youve ufways in a had mooff ...fV1aafzrfhoon. -it 454 Fifi Editors-in-Chief Anne Dean Duncan Millar Anne Tessier Managing Editors Kathleen Delaney Cathy Manning Features Editors Melanie Botelho Libby Harmer Nana Stern Sports Editor Mary Conley Portraits Editors Claire Bowin Donna Heap Photography Editors Karin Arnold Marcy Milanese Copy Editors Michael Cassidy Amy Crocker Clubs and Activities Editors Lee Ann Evans Tammy Paine Advisors R. Curtis McKee, Production Elizabeth l-Iankinson, Business Table of Qffontenlff Eebi cation 5 Senioifs A - ZF 5 if ' ZH 3 5 gm - g s 1 VS? 01435 P 36111 I7 2El9inter 54 Spring 9 7 Eiinwnilfiz, 2 8 Glubs, Activities, ana? ignbiicntions ' 49 Senim' gear Qlhimdmf 76 Elie Arts A P Eine lilnsinlcable Jiloiig gBrmvn 5 4 Biiaratlwrc '35 5 O .gpzfing Zfzslivai 0 4 Student' Qmwzfnznezrtf 10 8 ffznirfn Aelfivi ties iyjggz Qmne 1 18 1B1foin 120 65zn6no3c'iofn 125 129 Abs and iilatfifons Mr. Sydney Roberts held the position of president of the Massachusetts Teachers Association on the county and state levels. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in history and government and his Masters of Education Degree in social studies and education from Boston University. Mr. Roberts has always wanted to teach and this is exemplified also on off school hours. Along with teaching a chair-caning class in night school,- Syd Roberts has advised various clubs and has helped with numerous class dinners. "I am convinced that the student body is no worse than it was in 1939. By no worse I mean that the standards are no lower. In some ways the kids today are better informed. Education as a whole hasn't changed, but it is different. My job as a teacher is to help you grow up and develop a perspec- tive," says Mr. Sydney Roberts, summing up his thirty-nine years of teaching in the Falmouth school system. Mr. Roberts is going to take advantage of his retirement time by fulfilling his lifelong desire to travel. ii flfimffzs Theodore H. Benttinen retires this year after twenty-nine seasons to "enjoy life and continue with the real estate business." Long a fixture of the Mathematics Department, Mr. Benttinen came to live and work in -Falmouth after preparation at Hyannis and Bridgewater State Teachers Colleges and Boston University. In addition to Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Education Degrees, Mr. Benttinen trained at the U.S. Coach Guard Academy and ser- ved as a Lieutenant on convoy duty in the North Atlantic dur- ing World War II. His primary reason for entering teaching was the incentive of a good job, as played against the background of the Great Depression. His students, whom Mr. Benttinen regards as "cooperative and pleasant to be with" from the first years through the last, will remember him for his businesslike, yet caring, style. After ten years of teaching, this year we bid farewell to M Robert Lusena. As a teacher of French and Spanish M Lusena has taught both at the Lawrence High and th Falmouth High School and he has served as an advisor to th French Club. ' Born and educated in Europe, Mr. Lusena attended scho in Egypt, Switzerland, and Italy. He earned a degree fro Middlebury College in French and a Masters Degree fro Boston University in romance languages. Mr. Lusena feels that the most rewarding experience as I teacher has been the return of outstanding college board scor by many of his students. l - I 'rre Mr. Lusena's retirement does not signal the end of h teaching career, he plans to continue his association with st dents as a part time substitute teacher. In his spare time M Lusena plans to become involved in church activities. F.H. and well as the Class of 1978 wish Mr. Lusena a long an healthy retirement. .1114 .2 4 zffimtiou Four years ago, a ray of sunshine en- tered into the doors of Falmouth High School. With this sunlight came a smile that is always there, a listening ear that is quick to share, and a warm heart that really cares. Sunshine, warm and bright, describes our Tom MacGregor. As a security aide and monitor Tom finds himself personally involved with many students. He is a loyal friend who will help in any way he can. He is a parent who will protect you and guide you. Tom MacGregor came to us as a school monitor but, our senior class leaves him as a friend. We dedicate this yearbook to a man who has not only dedicated his time and effort but most of all his heart. As we leave behind this school of Algebra and football games, that ray of sunshine will always be with us. y at ..sz.ss:z3W ,::,. ' .N ilu . Z5....W..r,tcEw ,... -... . Peter W. l A bbott research engineer "Give me a rack!" Rabbit Karin Arnold A.F.S. stage crew for play photography physical therapist ml V555 .5 f' ,S X A I -- .tw if iz. 5 ig 1 Brendan Baker Soccer Spring Track Coast Guard bicycle-camping Desiree B. 22 Barros xx "KJ Yryz:-Lf. ..,.-... 1 ,E Tx.: ' vs 'ha' .-.., I 'L " Y'1I 1' C X. - Li Paul April work at Flying Bridge culinary arts rock concerts party Stephanie A vis Ski Club cafeteria B Florida Brenda A. Banner business career travel skiing parties Shelly Lynn Battee business management Band stage crew I Karen Lee Bissonnette Winter and Spring Track A.F.S. Greece, summer of '77 i ' Karen J. Botelho nurses' aide at F.N.H. registered nurse Rosemary Bourne Tracy Bowen Jam ie P. F . wonderful world travel f -w x Q' X iguf A 4 w. I. , I-'N Heidi Botelho skiing horseback riding walking in woods Melanie Botelho I cheesecake roses Spain-April '78 nutritionist Stephen q Bowen ji - rf- s N X? I Q fgi., N M si F .X Max. S B, Claire J. Bowin J Brown Book Award V11 architecture -' 'N fl ' 'fx Performing Arts-dance St. Barnabas Youth Group 7 I Joy B Britclwe trip to Spain-4178 l A.F.S. t Pilgrim Fellowship K sailing l l l l Cynthia Bryan I Nicaragua wonderful P.F. Q research biologist N l Munch W I N Joseph C. l Cacciola t Ginzo F l l l Corinne E. t Callahan W Unsinkable Molly Brown Cheerleading i Lollipop Girls l Cleats l 8 if u-'. e- 1 'fl 2.192 ,0- V t I Jeanne Eileen Brown good friends woodworking photography join family business Beanie Lynn Cabral to succeed business Kyle Cahoon Donn H. Callahan Coast Guard audio visual trade school sports Big Donn Joel D.A. Camire arts and crahs music-singing child study ' work in paint store Kathleen ' A. Cartner to travel abroad photographer mountain climber to be happy Karina Mary C avanaugh animal science horseback riding music Daniel Clark Lacrosse Track X in fllilh 1. i Hill A sf 'nr Q 1 gif R S. Linda Carreiro move to Caljornia leave Falmouth R. Michael Cassidy Yearbook Copy Editor Performing Arts Class Marshal "77" Spain, April "78" Heidi M. Chiat James C lword J.D. and Turkey Chappaquoit sub 80 Sandra Coddington Sam Copeland move awayfrom the Cape travel Joseph L. Corey III GFI Basketball dancing Jay Margaret E. C orrell us travel work at an easy job hike in the mountains IW around me 10 .:' I 1 F , 'a ft" in ,-f' .-4 x ci of fl. bxrn H M, ' ' 'fit 'UL mf- VIFPM5 if 'o 1,,l . Hg rf.- s "x 3 Y' i. rf Mary Kathryn Conley loves clothes and traveling sewing dentistry Robin Corcoran horseback riding traveling success being notoriously known Sandra Cormier Maria Couto tennis traveling 1355 -5 ,. L fin' M352 l Lisa Cutillo l youth group secretary for f History Club l W J A Stephanie Dailey N Deborah Jean Deechan l singing 3 horseback Chorus work at Papa Ginos Pee Wee N Kathleen A Delaney Managing Editor Yearbook Student Intelligencer y Congressional Seminar i B. C. Baby 1 2 W l it 'H- Lisa Daigle skiing tennis beach A nne Holt Dean Performing Arts Bandf Dance Band Dance Theater St. Barnabas Youth Group Annie Barbara Delaney Robert DeMe1lo travel country become rich school later in lU'e get Timothy DeMello L gg 'xx -.L Football Hockey M National Honor Society Sandra L. DeSouza Business S my for Yearbook swimming volleyball reading Barbara H. Dimmock swimming biking History Club special education Barb Greg Dorsey The Space Press Express Interpopular Communications raising awareness of everyone conservation of Earth Q H lm '.a::5::: Tv: w U wif. 5 5 GM :foul 43. i ng 5 x 'mv xx, t m L l it othwf its if ,Q Es. I i I W'-3 gf ' 4' T ' i,Il"' lx. 1 ' 'Q' H A , " 'N ,gig N Ez: .T S .,., ,, ,N T If X..-nf fi 3? .X ,sw Dale DePonte skiing music drawing traveling Diane Devellis Kathleen E. Doonan beach house Lollipop Girls Rave! friends Doon Edward X. Doyle g0U ice hockey Ed Louis Paul Drake sports music horror movies driving my car Paul Laura Dunne Pep Squad Lookout Club modeling career in law Flash Steven M. Durkin coaching goaltending own a business Durk John Eldridge National Honor Society Who's Who engineering 14 ', ' , Qifaswwxxg, es il! m UH vim W H li!! M 1 :few H it Q 'Mfrs I.. .Tir- X 1, Km. We , N 1 L i w J Pamela Drouin sewing bike riding tennis secretary Michelle Durgin Field Hockey candy striper fashion merchandising Patricia Dynan Mark S. Elliot Football partying enjoying the outdoors Lance Susan Engler loves to ride horses basketball fly lin a planej photography Mary Ann Fameli horseback riding skiing tennis forestry A ngela Fernandes television communications A ngie Michelle Ferreira Cape Cod Music Festival Orchestra for all-school musical and senior class play Cape Cod Symphony Band! Dance Band Lee Ann Evans Tennis guitarfpiano photography drama Charlene F arland sewing secretarial work Jabber Jaws Jacqueline F erran tino travel: GCVOSS country, EUFOADE profound artist I like to share my happiness with others Jackie Margaret Fink pianist Sunday School Teacher President of N. Falmouth Youth Group W N l Mary t Finn l 9 V l l Steve Fish move to California complete my job l Linda t Fletcher Sohball i business N Peter F. Folger i Key Club National Honor Society Football science l 1 6 Ni-is -lg my Al K WY it ' r I, fir 1' S. fu as Patricia A. Finn Sunday School Teacher skiing Beatles partying Patty Peter Flagg Karen Foley Janine F oret chorus Honor Society sailing music festivals Nine fs ,L Kg 2: 2 5 f . . '. ,535 . ,- 'wws. L - T -as Rave On. ,.yf1.. 3-J' X K X u 'x. dr' 1 Magik 'f L . My , Y 5, .. v LL . , n , gf, -H wg, ,. dw 1, -- amp r W--...., -.1 '2.".r-..,,-sawn.. f..:3m, , ,mum lfl , 4 -.' x Despite the unfavorable weather, this year's Thanksgiving parade was enjoyed by many people. Parade marshal Dorothy Dutra led the procession from St. Barnabas church down people-lined Main Street to the recreation building. Floats, trucks and cars, decorated in accor- dance with the parade theme "We are the Champions", rolled by the judges, station. A special attraction was the car carrying Mr. and Miss Clipper, Dennis Lopes and Kathy Twohig. First attendants were Ann Marie Gonsalves and Mark Pendleton. Peter Folger escorted Kathy Rodrigues and Nancy Robinsong second attendants. Ginger Rabesa, emcee, introduced coaches and judges. The cheerleaders, majorettes, color guard and pepsquad performed their routines to the themes from "Rocky" and "Star Wars". The girls' field hockey captured first prize for best decorated floatg the History Club, best truckg and the United Nations Club, best decorated car. !Q.,4qe.F 'v AB-. 19 ,l j rn fm 7 ri 1' : 5' A Vg-i. , , .L C if? A 1' l 1 X out .1 ...-ng A .1-Qu I 3, W 4 f , , V, if -my . H ...Q-. We-N nw ,vu ,,,k C',Q4,4,.,Q- .W 11' 4.- Q," -. -' .2 T5 A 145 I I 1,0 ll as wp, 7" ff Q. . jL?fwf1s ,. ' x I , , . , l bv 7 J. wi- 25' x X' " .., in li. .,.. I .,.- M A S W-f - -2--A ff P--v M- - EMMA . .A, lil fl 0- it 1- A 1... an! X-f W,,YZ'mWAiiQ F' V ' Q, 'J ' lf, .5-I Ta 1 V it? , 2. sae, W QA, 4 +g ,f ., W, H" Z. Q. I , ' ' ' U - F .Z , I.. Q.AA M' 'A' "AXE S-"wif an' " K' -f K' ufsxf' 'Sl H , .b -1 , - W ,I Whig, Nik f.l.-, ,L - .,f ,J ,' ' J , 1 Tara Keefe, Corinne Callahan, Kathy Grady, Julie Granlield, Tammara Jez- zeny, Debbie Simmons, Caroline Granlield, Debbie Pacheco, Terri Murray, Ann Kinchla. lst row: Kathy Kenney, Lizzy Lynns, Beth Vidal, Mary Ellen Malone, Jan Wege, Brenda Banner, Sue Rebello, Shelly Cross, Addie Vacarro, Laura Dunne, Felicia Kelley. 2nd row: Betty Ann Rubino, Ann Mann- ing, Liz McMillen, Denise Mongeau, Kim Crossen, Liz Kenney, Michelle Sargent, Meg Roy, Barbara Gonsalves, Patty Corey. 3rd row: Lori Palmer, Donna Anderson, Lee Ann Perry, Karen Paine, Sue Walker, Nancy Connors, Linda Simmons, Joy Rogers, Lynn Johnson, Robin Almeida, Joy Hansen. fheerfeadert ...summer carwafhes Barnstahfe Hllqh afantef ...alereratiha ffoats for .7hanhsghfirtg Day Hraafe Tleats F" ...being an time 'hr faturafaff mornin-7 practices at the fiefaf the cheerleaders are "whQ1peaf"get! jaaaf ol' .him Z' Betty late hafhethafl -games riafzaq home with the hay: when thezr has hrehe ahnwn . . . haumvq srzowhalf fight? 5t0ppin-5 at .flfhfpvnafaflv ...seffih hh' erhuttvns and T-51-ZRYQUJ our one and only zrz-school pep raffy. lst row: Tim DeMello, Dave Fuccillo, Ed Doyle, Mark Elliott, tri-captains Mike Halloran, Steve Haddad, Dennis Lopes, Peter Folger, David Soutter, Don Callahan, Dr. Oakley Jones. 2nd row: Chris Stumpf, Tom Henrique, David Mongeau, Larry Doyle, Mark McEvoy, Ken Foster, David Martin, Paul Vinitsky, Trent Sandlin, Coach Jack George. 3rd row: Julio Santos, Joe Coach Jack George, Assistants Ray Charron and Bob LaRaia along with all-star tri-captains Steve Haddad, Mike Halloran and Dennis Lopes led Falmouth to a 6-4 record for 1977. The Clippers' spirit this season might have been dampened after tough two-point losses to New Bedford and Attleborog but they mustered up the needed determination to finish strong, conquering the last three teams encountered, including arch rival Barnstable on Thanksgiving Day. Awards went to the following seniors: Most Improved: Dave Soutta Most Valuable Player: Steve Haddad Top Offensive Lineman: Dave Fucuillo Allietta Trophy: Tim DeMello Rotary Award: Steve Martiros Timothy C. Fuller Memorial Scholarship: Dennis Lopes, Mark McEvoy gint Dr. Stanley G. Parker Memorial: Mike Halloran Pena Memorial: Trent Sandlin TEAM FHS OPP Bourne 38 14 New Bedford 6 8 D-Y 20 0 Durfee 19 12 Attleboro 12 14 Taunton 13 22 Dartmouth 0 21 Somerset 38 0 Fairhaven 21 10 Barnstable 7 0 22 Seeley, Ed Monteiro, Rick Paine, Randy Crocker, Chris Wesson, Roger Mrusek, John Rodenhizer, Austin Stokes, Ramon Roderick, Coach Bob LaRaia. 4th row: Tom Manchester, Steve Medeiros, Bob Cunha, Steve Mar- tiros, Roy Rose, Steve Jusczyk, Jay Corey, Richard Lummert, Managers Bill Jack and Glen Williamson, Coach Ray Charron. X s N is 35, 4 lg 5 ii ,W , Wx. 4 t l in I . QM! w A 3 in-wx .M,.mQ M 37 kneeling: seniors Lee Ann Evans, Nancy Young, Michelle Robichaud, Crystal Martin, Bernie 5 r ,- Peggy Kelleher, Sharon Lino, Melanie Botelho, Thompson, Vicki Botelho. Mary Conley. standing: Lori Pilla, Lisa Brunette, .fwrgorerfe Jwemorfes ff X 'BBQ Erbs 6Zl'l0fj.7L1flf1,BV'5 mermaid underwear. , . obsrene Christmas gifts.. , u1'00kl,35?. "1 fave everything ". .. Bly fed. . . jhe ffume. .. "Sewers i1fzfr0nL"'... .ioitzffrrlrzkf pmftifesu, Wlillflflg ginger lst row: seniors Laureen Goulart, Kathy Rodrigues, Kathy Twohig, Pam Drouin, Kathy Doonan, Erin Har- ney. 2nd row: Maura Keefe, Lisa Peterson, Ann Posgay, Sue Rose, Doreen Gon- salves, Sue DeMello, Sue Costa, Debbie Cunha, Lauren Smith, Joan Twohig. 3 rd r o w: L i s a Lafleur, Ruby Gon- salves, Kim Olsen, Ann Harney, Carol C o s t a , J a c k ie Y a n d o , K a t h y Ferreira, Debbie Connors, Sue Paine, Cheryl Porter. 24 Q Akai TEAM FHS Durfee 2,5 3,0 D-Y 2,1 3,4 Barnstable 3,3 2,4 Taunton 2,6 1,0 Westport 5,3 , 0,0 Diman Vocational 1,6 1,0 New Bedford 1,3 1,2 kneeling: James Lunn, Skip Blake, Pedro Silveira, Paul Drake, Ben Moreland, David Swift, John Hennessy, John O'Meara, John Osborne, Bren- dan Baker. standing: Coach Fred Toran, Pat Connolly, Michael Carroll, Pat Hennessy, Louis Lynch, Peter Pratt, Jim Hamill, Lawrence Hobbie, Ky Dewan, George Young, Andy Meade, Glenn Nowak, Assistant Coach Jim McCauley. Soccer The FHS soccer team led by tri- captains John Hennessy, Ben Moreland and David Swift enjoyed one of its best seasons. After losing its first twogames the team rolled to ant8-2-2 record. Dramatic victories over New Bedford and Barnstable in the final week of the season gave Coach Fred Toran's booters second place in the league and a berth in the State Tournament. The season, however, ended in the first round of the tournament where the Clippers fell to highly rated Billerica. David Swift, the team's MVP, was named to both the All-Cape and SMC I All-Star teams. Attthe banquet Ben Moreland, named to the All-Cape team, and John Hennessy were given the Coaches' Awards. John O'Meara received the Player Dedication award. Coach Toran, tri-captains: Ben Moreland, David Swift, John Hennessy, Coach McCauley. 25 row l: Nancy Robinson, Mary Conley, Heidi Walz, Sue Wigley. row 2: Thais Follen, Dorothy Farrell, Kathy Morton, Coach John Carroll, TEAM FHS OPP Sandwich 42 I7 New Bedford 42 15 Dartmouth 29 26 Dennis-Yarmouth I6 43 New Bedford Voc. 17 4l row l: Andy Keene, Todd Grant, Dave Carlson, Chris Lebherz, Tim Frazier, Jeff Klimm, Andy Lynch, John Taylor. row 2: Chris Keating, Dan Nancy Buguey, Kathy McCurdy, Jacalyn Jepsen, Joanne Frazier. TEAM FHS OPP Old Rochester 29 28 Bourne 37 19 Barnstable 30 25 Tabor 24 35 Conference Champions 3rd place State Div. III race 12th place Martin, Robert Peters, Jeff Martin, Peter Tagtmeyer, Paul Reddy, Dan Oldale, Tim Parker, Greg Dorsey,,Tom Souza, Peter Mello. This fall the Girls' Cross Country team regained the State Championship through drive, determination and hard practice. Standouts on the team were juniors Nancy Buguey, placing tenth in the state meet and Sue Wigley, placing 25th, along with freshman Heidi Walz, taking 12th place. Seniors Nancy Robinson and Mary Conley placed 34th and 39th respectively. During the season, Falmouth girls participated in the nation-wide Bonne Bell Run, the Freedom Trail Race and their own Clauson's Invitational Meet. The season was topped off by a banquet featuring marathon runner Bill Rodgers, as the guest speaker, and honoring past and present runners. The 1977 season had its ups and downs for the Clipper harriers. Although they notched a 6-3 record, losing to three undefeated teams, they were left with the feeling that good health late in the season would have enabled them to go further. As long as Falmouth could send its top five men to the line, the team was able to run with anybody. Senior co- captains Jeff Martin and Peter Tagtmeyer were able leaders: junior Tim Parker, sophomore Nick Meade and freshman Robert Peters were also in the lead group. When Martin got hurt and Meade became ill, the Clip- pers suddenly found themselves without the front-runners they needed. But, they still managed to take third place in the conference championship and place 12th in the State Division III race. 26 W 1 l J if fm. 121' I 2, 1 1 92, :- 'Z'!"'F'S' row I: Lisa Daigle, Angela Reynolds, Anne Tessier, Lee Gifford, Lisa Cutillo, Ann Marie Murphy. row 2: Lorin Macedo, Laura Patch, Joanne McKenzie, Terri Gomes, Monica Sachs, Leslie Daigle, Crista Jensen, Coach Maureen O'Brien. TEAM FHS . OPP Cape Cod Tech. 8 I Bourne 4 I Wareham I I Old Rochester 6 0 Barnstable 2 I D-Y I l wi lt must have been the cry "There's no time for losers" that spurred the Girls' Field Hockey team on to their second consecutive year as league champions. Captains Lee Gifford and Anne Tessier guided the girls as they began grueling practices in the hot August sun and into the cold afternoons in November. Laughing in victory and crying at the thought of defeat, they astounded even themselves as they rocked the Cape. Much credit goes to Coach Maureen O'Brien who took an inexperienced team and coached them into a mature and spirited group. The Clipperettes suffered their first major defeat when they lost to the Duxbury Dragons 2-0 in the second round of the State Tourna- ment. " Named to the SMC Div. I All Star Team were Lee Gifford, left-inner, Terri Gomes, fullbackg Leslie Daigle, right-wing, and Crista Jensen, center forward. The season ended with a traditional banquet where the seniors were honored. Awards were presented to Laura Patch - MVP defense, Lee Gif- ford - MVP offense, Ann Marie Murphy - unsung hero, and Leslie Daigle - most improved. TEAM FHS OPP Bourne 4 0 Wareham 2 I Old Rochester 4 0 Barnstable 2 2 D-Y 1 0 Nauset 0 1 Duxbury QSt. Tournamentj 0 2 3 ' 'Psp xr .. i ' A ,ei '- . -Q ' - wg . x if 7 .,,p,- ' x .,. N 27 E A a l- -4513 - H ul gf we , . , ,Z 3' : 3255 .' v. ,Q , ,:3Z: Q LE, I -,, H 4-Q,-2: ,, Language seated, Justine Phlllrps Mane Doyle Debra Sangster Jams Orfe Martha Plettner. standing Eugene Phllllps Judith Klre Robert Lusena Michael Mello. ll , 5 1 ni Linda Davis FHS FA CUL T M ath Social Studies Math: seated, Cornelia Adams, Angelo Casso, Constance Flood, Robert Grif- lin, Virginia Root. standing, John Farrell, James Johnson, Joseph McCauley. James O'Brien Social Studies: Sydney Roberts, Ellen Simmons, F. Keith Baker, Fred Douglas, Dan Harrington. Robert Bastille 15' Ei 1 ,A 1:1 K . " Helen Sweeney Peter Keene James Wright The Arts gi fall X Q22 I :fwfr Joseph Downs X - ,Yx iXg,x, i xi "'- 1 5' X B M t If we -2 Franklin Towle my C Ca vasco pifes Nancy McDermott r Claire Doyle l l l ll Robert Chisholm Guidance: seated, Barbara Connolly, Carrie Saunders, Kay Craig. standing Careers: seated, Bob Bock, Ellen Baml, Demetrius von Hemschely Allan Beverly Klink, John Shingles, Marlene Viera, Robert Nilson, Harryette Alex- Jacobs, Eleanor Osborne. standing, Elizabeth Hankinson, Lee Burgess, John anderf John B' Quick' Farrell, Robert Feeley, Robert Watson. Harryette Alexander and student Eugene Bullock-Wilson, Careers Chairman i ,V N527 . ii, ' 1 Robert Picket Romeo Lafond l ' is 'Frm 5 ' sta' f ! 31, . nuum DeWitt C. Jones, House A James Harrington Louis Larrey, House B , 5456 , l ' . -L QP? Media Center: Barbara Kenney, Charles Wright, Lynn Forbes, Carolyn Bryan Z? Barbara Kanellopoulos Barry Sadoff WARING Guidance Careers - Media Center f Y Administration 1 1' va , I Michael Waring, House C ,kft'k'kiiir'kir'ki"ki"k'k'ki 4 If ll' ll' If 1 MDLL ll- ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' I fhs aud. n qk'H'i'-A'i'i--ki'-k-A'-A'iriri'-k-k-k'k 'k'ki"Ir'ki"A"k4k'A"A"ki"A'i"ki',1, KAIQLE v '5- if 918,19 7230 If ll' 'K 4- 1 ' : . f 1 '-A . -- X '-',, :zz if . - -- 1, - V 3 M V ..M, Q Y . ' ,, A 71"-'SWG-. ':1-- , - " -vmisfnii V- ,.u- ?,,.,x:.m ? L: .,, , ,.,,.p-yr 1. -xy Z V, A Y Y, F A, ,,.,..h-'-'TH . ,.. - xx!! N V ,.,-Q:' Q :I V., 1 it ,L -2.1, , , ,um 4, Y ,-Q, Je- Y f 15 .ix . . J Paul Fournier Hi-ji equipment ph otograph y engineering Brenda Freeman Lisa-Marie F urlani music psychology poetry dance Lis Ronald A. Galvin electronics communications Mary Ellen Frazier Echo parties travel tennis Da vid F uccillo Terry A nn Furtado working with elderly loves animals swimming horseback riding Thomas Gavin David Geggatt Prom Graduation pictures school activities Gilligan Wanda Gibson Who's Who creative writing Riunite the ocean Gibbs Lee Goodell Girls' State Math team seamstress K1 , P2 Laureen Goulart Suzanne D. Gendrot Band Ski Club F renchy A nn Marie Gonsalves Chorus president Band Performing Arts Cape Cod Music Festival A nn Frances Gototewski waterskiing concerts tra vel "Lex" program Bernadette Grace music biology nursery "to discover" Bernie Kathy Grady Echo-Signor Pizza -hiendship, happiness skiing working with kids Caroline Granfield travel skiing James Green wood Lionel H all K xx ""-'Ji-H' : Nmxxx'-'S V41 -Ki Yi ---nf R ,B GH James Graham Julie Granfield tennis skiing travel nursing John K. Grosslein volleyball skiing Boy 's S tale Jack Michael Halloran Steve Hamre Gob' team Eagle Scout Honor Society Boys' State Linda Marie Hannon Field Hockey the beach Rita Coolidge Mark Buddenhagen Linda Elizabeth Q. Harmer Varsity Tennis Congressional Seminar Features Editor Yearbook "Tie it in a knot Libby Thomas Harrigan writing-short stories a novel avid chess collector acting-school and own prod uclions Tom Donna M. Heap return to Paris waterskiing dancing adventure Doozen Tom Henrique Peter J. Horne cooks at Sorentts Snackba engineering automotive Honor Society Vicki Ho well collect match books horseback riding Pamela Hubbard competitive swim team sailing skiing summertime Pam Deborah J. James tennis softball class activities Tammara J ezzen y Honor Society Honor Guard Varsity cheerleader-capt. J. V cheerleading Jejfrey Loyd Johnson Piano Youth Group all my friends traveling Jeff Q, '1 .ZA 'x 1 nw. wh- -i-A 2 ,, Z QTWP N11 Laura H udon working with children works at First National badminton being with friends Janice James Barbara Johnson Jejjfre y P. Johnson Donna Marie Jonas social worker track dancing travel Slim Jim Eric M. J osephson engineering Daniel .Iunker skiing boating Christopher R. Keating track -ses X A X, -Wm' Um uw "W H m , W 5 xx in H523-wit w M, w V' We ' K L H ,,,,ig.v :Esau , H ,, :wt X ,H w 1 w su .ug if!! Z :,a 1 tiki? ug' I Wim.. W. ,er 4 Y' G22 Q 2 ,w QEQ .45 4 I. Nm -N ' 1 -15371 , , Y Y w ek ZSH " tx '53 1' ff a., i .ah- iszza H ?ii'w.."i .tim wk- , voffg - gil .1 Jeff Jonas A ir Force Freshman Football Raymond Joska accounting architecture woodworking model building Stephen F. .Iuszczyk electrical engineering pilot A ir Force Academy Pugs Tara K eefe Beach house Lollipop girls party retailing management Paula Keith carpentry real estate Felicia B. Kelly fashion design Pep Squad swimming music F lee James King Carol A. Kinsella accounting lU'e soj?ball Margaret K elleh er Echo-Signor Pizza Quissett Knob fiends and sunsets Pocasset summers Peggy Anne M. K inchla gymnastics cheerleading lJ. V. and Varsityj interior design K inch Donald Kingsley automotive repair and moddication basketball fishing in the summer Duk Bruce C. K irtle y professional golf travel i Kenneth J. K ozens Jr. coaching math teacher working on cars baseball Kenny Joe Judith Lamson work at a bank Judy Susan Larkin Darlene H. Le Clerc gym nastics-captain track horseback riding , B22 KJE fir Pfgumxa ' HHH' NHS +- my n A NIB., ' V q!?? m"'m V iw, wit?-in wr - W W M ww i' 2 g . .sz J X M HN wwaasx' . H, W ii. eq. ' .S Kathleen E. K urgan tennis bowling S.A .E. -chairman Heidi L. Landers Marc R. Larrey music quitarist people rock band Bill Lee tennis Tae K won-Do Key Club culinary Susan L em ay "Lord, help me reach out to others who may bejust as scared as I am." Sharon L. Lino M ajorettes Lookout registered nurse swimming Caroline Longyear Cheryl Anne Lucas swimming cooking hiking secretary Cheryl L, Libby Honor Guard aff veterinary technology Libs Samuel Lomba boating ' art woodworking running Dennis Lopes captain of football Gymnastics basketball Mr. Clipper Mary E. Lynch Ski Club skating travel L ynchie Suzanne MacEachern happiness success ojyice secretary Sue Barbara Mahoney "Lex" program Girl's GOU Team travel water ski Barsh Thomas D. Manchester Track Diane M arderosian Jana M acedo parties poetry music people Mary Ellen Malone To take over th Burnette Show performing arts parties Pep Squad Catherine A. Manning Managing Editor of Yearbook Band National Honor Society French Club Cathy Deanna Markest yn dance children sailing volleyball Jejrey K. Martin skiing Stephen M artiros Class Marshal "77" sailing eating Charlene Roberta Maxim elementary education art, photography horsemanshzp socializing Sharsh Mike McCormack Wrestling pilot ,J r Thomas Martin chess worked at Friendly's Fal. Rescue Squad di Ambulance Tom James Mathews vans furniture refinishing skiing Roger Williams Jamie Christine McCarthy travel badminton teaching little children working at a gm store Criss y Mark M. McEvoy National Honor Society Varsity Football Varsity Hockey accounting 47 Janet McGillvary Robert E. M cMann politics GoU The Crest Sandra M edeiros business Marcy A. M ilanese photography music Rome trip writing M ilward Rosemary McKenzie skiing sailing nursing volunteer worker at Fal. Hosp. R0 Christopher M edeiros A ir Force s0j?ba1l Football Margaret Ann M emmolo Mass. delegate to U.S. Senate Youth Program President, National Honor Society Perspective "still at the library- after all these years. . . Duncan Rhoads Millar Editor-in-chief of yearbook Intelligencer Photographer Student Advisory Board Pres., Main St. Cruising Assoc. Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!! front: Wyatt Moore, Joe Doyle, Jim King, Steve Jusczyk, Leslie Jonas, Duncan Millar. middle: Angela Fernandes, Bill Burns, Mimi Lissett- Wozniak, Autumn Wieden, Craig Hudson. back: Bryan Holmes, Arvo Mikkanen, Todd Hampson, Boyd DeMello, Betty Campbell, Diane Bishop, Steve Tessier, Brian Davis, Tim Parker, Grant Hills, Terry Battee. 49 . .At Wa, Q ' is f. fm .., Q ....:... r-:srsff ai "Eli ,g f X51 , f 4? .5 2, Wim W , W 'QM W if 1 M W hm s ,. x N sg if vw 0 an K pu.: . QQ' W EW-212238. ' ','.5CIf- "' -: Www-1 ., -' f 4. 1'fr-sf -QM W I'-I ' D '4 I , LJ V? 3 4' me-, iv is if C W , W . fem' A, M ..,. z: 1-sagg-:f:.g:,.1, - ...., I .- 1Qiff3ii5", V iw . ,ff fi, X Z7 Q: 1--1w.w,gw.?-mmmv mv - af .. ,Nw ff 4 4 H? ,Av 5 I P , ,. it ,, M5 funk fi Y yr 'L V 5 953, QM., , ew gm 4 K - Q 1,5553 If 'i 2 ' Q, f I 0 . Vik -. B v 1 Lf 1 1 kb, us.-,.4, - , xxx 11 3:11--rn-H - wa Q , fa M ,.,. QV we , ,, i L 1? 4 , K. Lg If g A ,.x. ,,,,, ,.,, 5 f i Q '- ff7'?Qf?" 1 f--.C -mix V. 1 K7 V A u 'fl .- N X126 A tl' 5, Y- sf-ggp, qv , flaw, lg 1111 , f- ,, ,Hi H , iw.. MZ, U ff .pg 1 .1 s. ,H A f, x fl, L ,, W 4 W X .. M,,, QQ' T 5 5521 :ar if: , 'I 1 gf, 1 k v Av T X , ,HV , x ,-, x 1 . Q' . 1 1 ,,., ' ,,,, A toast to Class of '78: You're the envy of the world They ought to be mental, spiritual, emotional and social basket cases, but they are not. They are beautiful, all of them, the stars with the 600-plus SATS, the scholarships, the athletic records, the prestige college admissions, and all the rest. And yet, they have been through a terrible mill. Since juice and cookies and show and tell, journalism and plpp culture have told them awful things about the world "out t ere". They were three years old when John F. Kennedy was shot down, eight when his brother Robert and Martin Luther King were killed. Riot, war, starvation and terr0r have poured at them out of the television sets. They have been told repeatedly that their country and society are racist, imperialist, unfair, punitive, oppressive, and tyrannical. They do not believe itg and they are right. This troubles the intellectual classes which make a business of discovering problems in order to profit from the business of finding, solutions. QThe category ought to include people who get their livings writing or talking about such matters.J The young see the world more simply and with greater clarity than their elders. They are more concerned with how things are, less with how they came about, what they mean and what the consequences and dangers may turn out to be. If the Class of 1978 cannot spell, it probably owns a dic- tionary and knows how to use it. If it cannot do square root, it has access to a hand-held computer which can. If it does not know the name of Grover Cleveland's Vice President, it can look it up. These stunningly attractive young people, most of them legal adults or about to be, care about their country, their families, their schools and, deeply, each other. They have let the assassinations, Vietnam, Watergate, pornography and the change in traditional values wash over them without leaving an indelible stain. Sure, they still have a lot to learn. But are their elders any better or happier for having learned whatever it is they have learned since high school? The Class of 1978 knows that a kid with a job packing bags at the checkout line can afford to own a car and drive it to California. They know their country put a man on the moon. They saw "The Sting." They know of Durante, Gleason, Wayne and Hope, and the giectronic ghosts of Cooper, Groucho, Benny, Crosby and vis. They know about open-heart surgery. And vans. A lot of them have flown on the Boeing 747. Even more know that someday they will. All over the world, in the veldt and the bush and the barrios, in the apartment blocks of Moscow and Tokyo and Pretoria, their contemporaries regard them as role models. They know they live in a country capable of Proposition 13 and strong enough to endure the forced, Eeaceable, orderly resignation of Richard Nixon, to accept t e interregnum of Jerry Ford and to conduct the 1976 election under the old rules despite the intensity of disagreement within society. The sense and exercise, sometimes outrageously and with youthliil imprudence, their unlprecedented personal liberty. They are impatient and scornfu of class distinction. They are, for the most part, patriotic and, in many cases, remar ably religious. They are the envy of the world, and they know it. And they are impatient with cruelty, irrepressibly candid and passionately and intelligently concerned about injustice. Alexander Solzhenitskyn, scolding the American elite in Harvard Yard, was telling the extraordinarily privileged assemblage what it sorely needed to hear about its own deficiencies. Harvard is, for him, an appropriate audience. But, in his hermitage at Cavendish, Vt., beset bi intellec- tuals, ideologues and government agents, he is unli ely to be afforded the opportunity of getting to know very many or- dinary Americans. Before he condemned them, he ought to have had a chance to attend a high school graduation like the one at Silver Lake. It might even have cheered him up. -David B. Wilson The Boston Globe June 12, 1978 , X Wi i QNQGX wc i Xllgkekzc A002 U" A Toast To Class Of '78 7 r Y I Q J ...Z ll gn -U' ,UIQ ,X , M 1 ii -1 ,, rm.,......w- f 1 Hockey - X, TEAM FHS OPP Stoughton 7 1 5, Canton 4 0 5 ' ,gt lL .Jg: 1 TIWYCY 4 3 D-Y I 7 1 tt,n 1 Marshfield 4 1 Bourne 9 3 Milton Acad. 2 2 Durfee 2,9 2,0 New Bedford 3,8 3,4 Taunton 9,10 5,2 Somerset 7,1 1,2 Brockton 2 0 Barnstable 2,2 l 3,0 Attleboro 8,11 3,1 Tabor 10 1 Catholic Mem. 2 2 QR ' 4 gb ' f-5.v' :fffwws wt frf '1 12, cf-1 1 ., 1 N 11 1' lwifi' 1 E "1 P Q - , , 2 M . A V, I x .. l 1 8 E 'G F 1,3 3.5-, 4 "' C Varsity Hockey Coach O Brien Fred Bohnenberger George Young .lack lr Connors Peter Folger Kenneth Crane,'Dave Murray, Peter Smith, Greg vrng Marty Miller Kevin McCarthy Dan Savas Shawn Chicoine Patrick White Edwin Monteiro Mark McEvoy, Tim DeMello. The 1978 Hockey team, under the skillful guidance of coaches .lim O'Brien and Lee Burgess, skated their way into the state competitions this winter. The season was packed with outstanding games, and with the help of Captain Peter Smith and assistant captains David Murray and Greg White, the team compiled an overall 19-3-3 record, the best held by any Falmouth team. The league record of 17-2-3 enabled the team to enter the state competitions. The first game was against Hull with FHS the victor by a score of7-4. The following game was against Shausheen, where Senior Peter Folger scored the winning goal, his first ever, in a 4-4 over time. At the third game the team met its defeat to Arlington Catholic in overtime. Some outstanding players for the 1977-'78 season were Captain and MVP Peter Smith, Ernie Economides Scholarship winners, Tim DeMello and Mark McEvoy, .Iunie Silvia Scholarship winner, Peter Folger, and Ernie Economides trophy winner, Greg White. The team played an outstanding season and the coaches were especially pleased with the exceptional group effort. 1 M nh ' il front: Anne Marie Craft, Kitty Lee, Angela Houston, Lauren Macedo. rear: Kathy Baker, Lynn O'Neill, Terry Gomez, Leslie Daigle, Lynda Brunette Coach Helen Ladd, Joanne McKenzie, Laura Patch, Jacqueline Freeman, Crista Jensen. TEAM FHS OPP ' ' Barnstable 37,44 40,51 Chatham 35 37 ORR 50,39 33,29 C.C. Tech. . 37 10 Bourne 61,42 64,53 Sandwich 22,26 36,31 Wareham 28,33 33,29 Harwich 37 44 D-Y 49,30 61,38 Fairhaven 51,38 52,39 Holy Family 34,35 24,22 Qwlmj Sm ff 5 i""'L i S.. Behind the leadership of the seniors, Lionel Hall, Ramon Roderick, Aran Antone, Co- captains Jay Corey and Kenny Pires. the dedicated Clipper Cagers amassed a I6-4 overall record, a berth in the state basketball tourna- ment, and the co-championship of S.M.C. Ill. No single player carried the Clippers throughout the season. Every game had a different hero from the contingent of coach Wat- son's hard working, young players. The team's balance and aggressive play enabled them to overcome bigger and quicker opponents on a number of occasions. The high points of the successful season were thrilling home victories over arch-rival Barnstable and the powerful Warriors of Coyle- Cassidy. The Clippers were undefeated on their home court, and they closed the season with 'a seven game winn- ing streak. With these factors in mind, and the loss of only five seniors, the Clippers should prove to be an even more dominant force in Southeastern Massachusetts basketball competition during the '78-'79 campaign. we Q' 7 X. y 'XHQHK ' H i 3' li -1r- ,gif fiat. 1.3, 'A TEAM F oxboro Barnstable D-Y Westport Nauset Chatham Bourne D-R Diman St. Anthony Coyle Case Wellesley FHS 48 55,65 80 52,74 53 57 56,77 79,52 45,65 76,76 47,50 76,52 39 OPP 47 62,59 60 47,57 58 59 50,82 73,45 43,47 52,47 64,49 50,42 52 kneeling: Co-captains .lay Corey Ken Prres standing: Todd Quarles Lionel Hall Dave Mar tin, Mark DeSouza, Bob Wilson Helmut Bryant Roger Mrusek, Butch Barrows Aaron Antone Doug Comolli, Steve Gaspa Ramon Montez BOYS BASKETBALL A 1' gs . fi, ffl we A53 front row: Coach John Carroll, Lee Gif- ford, Terry Rush, Nancy Robinson, Mary Conley, Karen Bissonnettc. second row: Assit. Coach Bill Mackinnon, Thais Faller, Joanne Frazier, Nancy Buguey, Mary Bunker. third row: Beth Spooner, Heidi Waltz, Heidi Hinds, Kathy McCurdy, Kerry Lynch, Dolly Farrell, Sue Mendleson, Liz Pierce, Roberta Royster. back: Kathy Bell, Linda Alferes, Margaret lnnis, Carol Costa, Anne .lenn- ings, Camille Lacara. After battling the blizzard of '78 this year's Girls Winter Track Team, under the guidance of Coach John Carroll, was awarded the Winter Track State Title. They were the winners ofthe lirst Indoor Massachusetts State Track Meet for girls. Amidst the snow and rain the girls could be found running their way toward a state championship. The season consisted of several major competitions. Members of the team travelled to the Coast Guard Academy in Conn., West Point in New York, and Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Outstanding runners were: seniors Nancy Robinson, placing first in the state meet in the three hundred yard dash, Lee Gifford, placing fourth in the dash, Karen Bissonnette, capturing fourth in the shotputg Terry Rush, placing second in the hurdles, and junior Nancy Buguey, placing second in the mile. During this winter season fourteen records were broken by the team. Mr. Carroll was named Coach of the Year for his first time. Thanks to his devotion the season was a very successful one. 58 GIRLS WINTER TRA CK 'E 4 J' .., ,. L-'J' 'I ! " ' ' 1,. 'J 1 Q ' F ' ig 2 if f -Q W h , 1' 9.6, - - H M ' ' 1 '-Q., X 9 - 1'-HU was 11 '4 'iv is iw ,jk ,Ak 'st '?lwiD,5 away Q :VP ' H? ,,. R,,m,1:?,,1: N- ., ,,,..,y Y. xii? W , , 4 HQ? ff.sx,a iwft my kneeling: Bernie Thompson, Cheryl Pokraka, Tina Peter, Lori Palmer, Ann Nancy McAdams, Kathy Morton, Tricia Madden, Mary Lou Morton Judy Manning, Cathy Picanso, Patricia Perry. sitting: Coach Beverly Mangum, Woods, Jenny Mezzacappa, Shawna DiFrancisco. fn' . .3.'C"W'1':ir" ' M vi.. I'-' "A '59 u1:'...:. -wif-'., ff f ir- -1' .g:.m':'faf,.-.' f'2fwstz:' -1. fafifffi 2 ' - 1 fm.. g- H V ' '. rr if TEAM D-Y Barnstable Somerset D-Y Wareham Somerset Barnstable Wareham Nauset FHS OPP 55.7 79.7 59.5 86.35 66.1 95.7 75.5 102.7 72.7 50.1 69.15 100.75 79.5 88.4 79.1 65.9 72.6 81.5 AFS, front: Cindy Bryan, Aviva Katz, Tracy Bowen, Nina Wroldsen, Laura This group of culinary artists, com- posed entirely of the fairer sex, produced many delicacies during the first year of its existence. Every two weeks the French Cooking Club prepared a single course, either a main dish, an entree, or a dessert. As a final project, the club prepared a full course dinner for its members. The advisor, Ms. Jan Orfe, started the club. Patch, Anne Tessier, Sue Wigley. back: Karin Arnold, Douglas Jones, Mr. Nilson, Rick Paine, Jeff Johnson, Javier Pastor, Mario Sanchez. AFS J' French Club AFS has changed drastically from its beginning as ia volunteer am- -as-A bulance corps in World War I. To- day the service provides the oppor- tunity for young people from around the world to get together to learn about their different cultures. This year's exchange student was Nina Wroldsen from Norway who was one of only two Falmouth students selected to play in the orchestra for the New England Music Festival. The club also hosted a short term exchange with students from five Latin American countries. Other activities included the annual international dinner and the spring picnic. The club was led by officers Rick Paine, Sue Wigley, Tracy Bowen, and Advisor DeWitt Jones III. Nina Wroldsen from Norway ,anis - . ,Q liiifvtl lQ1li 4, 'QQO French Cooking Club, left to right: Lee Ann Evans, Mary Carlson, Cathy Manning, Adria Bowin, Lisa Conley, Becky Wood, Ivey Schmitz, Claire Bowin, Hannah Hosom, Advisor Jan Orfe, Lee Goodell, Kerry Lynch, Alana Thorpe, Nana Stern, Anne Benttinen. H? Spanish Club Early 1n the year the Spanish Club, advised by Mrs Debra Sangster held a fiesta for the foreign exchange students and members of the faculty Spamsh food was plentrful and guests attempted to break the home made pinata The club also went "'-f to Boston to see Jose Greco, a world famous Spamsh dancer f' Nhfit, -:N Laura Patch interviews exchange student Mario Sanchez 3, be gf: front: Kathy Twohig, Crista Jensen, Patty Finn, Christie Greenawalt, Kelly ' Franklin, Shari Patch. middle: Laura Patch, Mrs. Sangster, Carrie Wilson, Daigle, Julie Granfield, Kathy Morton, Anne Marie Murphy, Mark Pen Joanne McKenzie, Sue Rebello, Melanie Botelho, Claire Bowin. rear: Leslie dleton, Javier Pastor Mark Sullivan Mario Sanchez 62 , .17 ...., . . , . .....:. :altar Ll- Y H -. .:s.... ., -- ,, . ., . ,, . - . .f . ..,::..,:M.,r'gL..: ..::-.:el.-grae-,.aa.. ..-.,.,.,,.a..,.,.. . , 2-.WM-N .- K' mm ooh! seated: Donna Rose, Jeff Johnson, Marcy Milanese, Rick Paine, Nancy Young, Kristie Reilly, Libby Harmer. standing: Claire Bowin, Latin Club The Latin Club followed the example of the ancient Romans they studied this year by hosting the first Latin Satur- nalia. This orgy-type gathering con- sisted of a many course dinner in- terspersed with exotic and titilating en- tertainment by the second to fourth year students. The first year students slaved about in burlap bags, following every command of the distinguished Gods and Goddesses about them. During some of their more subdued Lee Ann Evans, Tammy Paine, Sean Tavares, Dolly Farrell, Cathy DeSouza, Caroline Milanese, Mary Toran, David Cohen and Susan moments the club won an honorable mention in the Thanksgiving day parade and attended the Pompeii Ex- hibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The officers who kept the club wining and dining were the energetic Peter Tagtmeyerg President, Marcy Milaneseg Vice-President, Kristie Reillyg Secretary-Treasurer, and the school's Caesar himself, Mr. Eugene Phillips, Advisor. sv? is Jw l N f fl sf- 4 i V, 1 LS' , 'f t, fi' 5 Y 3, rrl 4. 'lf i t ff ' ' " 'S Tix? '21 'g,q , 1 . may .un ff, ' L P+- :pw - f . I 2 , X ' 1 1 1 1 '-qzg K 'iii - ' qs Lv " ' -. , -i tha. Ly I he 5,49 H Sm Li'5i53?.?'l t It , ,- as A WM H221 4 Lookout Club, kneeling: Jody Dionne, Laurie Rebello, Patricia Boudrot, Ann Munson, Kathy Madden, Joanne Irving, Erin Larkin, Mary Ellen Malone, Caroline Graniield, Nancy Young, Wanda Gibson, Laura Dunn. sitting: Ad- visor .Ioan Tansey, Tara Keefe, Anne Tessier, Mary Conley, Sharon Lino, Barbara Gonsalves, Sue Rebello, Kathy Grady, Lisa Laileur, Kathy Rodri- quez, Melanie Botelho, Julie Granlield, Mary Ellen Frazier, Brenda Banner, Jan Wege. standing: Kitty Lee, Paula Carlson, Nancy Albert, Kerry Lynch, Ann Posgay, Michelle Robichaud, Maura McCarthy, Ann Kamataris, Kim Crossen, Terry Murray, Michelle Gendrot, Lisa Peterson, Joanna McKee, Sue DeMello. L M Lookout Club Key Club Q x 3 . . - f J X f"' X w Key Club, kneeling: John Gill, Jeff Doonan, Mark Albert, Shawn Chicoine, David Denton, Ray Knispel, Arty Robichaud, Greg Markin. sitting: Bob Cunha, Jim Soque, Peter Folger, Sweethearts: Mary Conley, Kathy Twohig, Tara Keefeg Tim Demello, Steve Martiros, Ky Dewan. standing: Roger fi xg: V F I xx, . , , ia. Key Club, President Bill Lee, Secretary Peter Folger, Treasurer Tim Demello The Lookout Club and the Key Club worked prodigiously both together and separately during the 1977-78 school year. These brother and sister organizations sponsored the first in school bloodmobile collection, which was contributed to by both the community and the student body. Together, the organizations enjoyed entertainment and dining at the Key Club-Lookout Dance held in January. Proving their efficiency as a single group, the Lookout Club sponsored their annual fair with its array of clowns, eatables, fortune-telling games, and good times. They also conducted a mini walkathon for the benefit of the March of Dimes led by their advisor Mrs. Joan Tansey and officers Kathy Grady, Kim Crossen, Barbara Gonsalves, and Susan Rebello. The gentlemen, in keeping with tradition, sold a grand stands supply of popcorn, hamburgers, and hot dogs at the five home Clipper football games at Guv Fuller Field. The year ended for the clubs with their annual "farewell to seniors" banquets at the New Seabury Country Club for the Lookout Club, and the Coonamesset Inn, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, for the Key Club. Mrusek, Kevin McEvoy, David Mongeau, .lim Sullivan, Billy Jack, Andrew Meade, David Newton, Matt Coucier, Donald Newton, Steve Crocker, Dan Lynch. . V N . X .1 i T33 var 1'v-'1-MY1: ' -- ,1Iv1"!'lr:5r 1 -e r front: Ann Atwood, Nancy Marschall, Kathy Kurgan, Donna Rose, Scott Peters, Jocelyn Taylor, Deborah Cook. rear: Christine Nute, Jane Botelho, Student Action for Education SAE is-an opportunity for students to learn about the dif- ferent aspects of teaching and learning. Members visited schools for the blind and helped tutor students with special needs. Throughout the year the club raised money for a scholarship, given to a graduating member. Mr. Sydney Roberts advised this enthusiastic club along with president, Donna Rose and vice-president, Mary Bonneau. The SAE members accomplished many tasks throughout the year. Terry Furtado, Eric Hinxman, Vennessa Haight, OD J zfig L l Q f' "'t"""t't""' rf .fm.fM.w Jf'Mlf .,... '- wxat W " ...ql up 'mn' . ' t C' il f lsr' f Mary Bonneau, Heidi Botelho, Mary Mendoza. United Nations Club The United Nations Club gives students the opportunity to learn about the U.N. outside of class. This year they rep- resented Gabon, a country on the security council, and Albania, a country on the General Assembly, at the model Un- ited Nations' meeting in New York. Sydney Roberts, Linda Ermisch, Nancy Marschall. J-I 5555 KV! S.. ,, was . -V M My-s 'R' ii Wx : 5155: f 'Hai was " " : V: M' Jr " ie, in lf Q act ' 0 X Av dad l 0 ' A N ,ep ara 'U ai ," , , , Bt K 'd X .49 Q X Ken Kutney, Arvo Mikkanen, Todd Hampsen, Margaret Memmolo, "Perspective' After four years, "Perspective" has established itself as a journalistic medium which is the product of great dedication and effort on the part of its staff. Each Friday "Perspective" is viewed live at 10:00 and then on tape at 12:00 and 1:00 by the majority ofthe student body and faculty. Class begins Monday as the staff selects their story Ciesj for the week to be completed for Thursday's deadline. Sports, government, rock reviews, comments and many other subjects are all part of Friday's program. Mr. James Winer, whose energies are also responsi- ble for the publication of "The Student Intelligencer," is the originator and advisor for the program. seated: Cheryl April, Kris Caron, Kathy Grant, Rosemary McKenzie, Debbie Cook, Joan Perry, Leslie Schreiter. standing: Rita Frye, Wanda McClaid, 1 fu ggi, , i i cts , .. ,,..- lj ML 5:41, .Q If at , pit! l . Autumn Wieden, Paul Selig, Angela Fernandes, Terri Battee, Joe Uchmanowicz. Future Nurses, Club The Future Nurses' Club is a group of girls who wish to pur- sue careers in a health related field. The girls work at the Falmouth Hospital attending to helpful duties, supervised by volunteer nurses. ' The purpose of the club is to award a scholarship to a deser- ving senior. Under the guidance of Advisor Mrs. Barbara Kanellopoulos and President Rosemary McKenzie the club raised enough money for this scholarship through bake sales, car washes, dinners and dances. Nancy Marschall, Veronica Long, Donna Cook, Sarah Beauchamin. 67 1 ' - u 1-D - ' ' D? Ili' 1 - E5E!. ,,,7 u.H V l5,.. QQ all Z' A-V Crew, front: Peter Flaherty, Tom Harrigan, Charles Damore, John Steeples. rear: Darryl Barrows, Chip Gelmini, Scott Raymond. SOVETW-'55 I5 SDE J l, -Q iv' in if ' ' ' 'I' - - 77.521 ff' The light crew functioned from September through June! Any and every event which took place on the stage or in the auditorium was the responsibility of the light crew. Steve Tessier is the student master electrician of the staff. With his adept leadership such jobs as the All-School Musical, Senior Play, Student Town Meetings and the Prom sparkled. mf,- Mc Lighting and Technical Crew, front: Chuck Damore, Mr. Michael Helfen, Anne Marie Murphy. rear: Brian Guest, Peter Flaherty, Boyd Demello, Richard Young, Steve Tessier. 1 i:1.vxms.'im:saJi :1maf1 ..... ...M .. .. .w ,F - 1. -52 -'HTFWQ gg- , YQ" 'WF Q3 'fviff - Qi I 7 V P iv' f 4 1 ul Q ' -A b .,...1-- fu ,- ' .f lst row: Kathy Costa, Debby Buscanera, Patty McFarland, Sandra Hilton, Joanne McCormack, Turner. 2nd row: Linda Fletcher, George Wendy Hampton and Advisor Rosemary Moran. Debate Team The Debate Team went through a transitional period this year due to a lack of competition in the Cape league. But with the help of Advisor Mike Helfen the team remedied this by join- ing the Massachusetts Forensic League and developed tournaments with Melrose, Manchester, Old Rochester and Bourne. 70 Business Club The Business Club spent an energetic year fund raising, travel- ing, and typing. In November and December the club sold pen sets and held a turkey raffle to raise money to give a Christmas basket to a needy family. Traveling to IBM and WHOI for an educational excursion the club learned many of the new aspects of business and manage- ment. The highlight ofthe year was the first annual typing contest held within the school. The adroit fingers of Jackie Costa won her the title of "best school typist" and a S25 prize. The clubs officers were Linda Fletcher, George McFarland, and Ruby Gonsalves. Erin Larkin, Ivey Schmitz, Advisor Mike Helfen, Brian Schmitz and Libby Harmer. frm' Math Team The list of accomplishments of the math team grows longer every year. Its composite score is greater and each year the team raises itself one rung on the ladder of mathematical ability. This year, for the second time, the team made it to the SMC playoffs and for the second time went to the state finals. -f vi Y Math Team, first row: Scott Murray, Ivey Schmitz, Sean Tavares, .Ioan O'Connell, Chris Josephs, Michael Goldstein. second row: Chris Stumpf, Claire Bowin, Cindy Bryan, Lee Chess team, Lee Shephard, Adam Ermisch, Brian Schmitz, Jim King, Geoff Ross, .loe Uchmanowicz, Autumn Wieden, Goodell, Lee Ann Evans, Brian Schmitzjthird row: Douglas Jones, Mr. Tony Casso, Tim Parker, Michael Beckerle, Lawrence Hobbie, Joe Uchmanowicz. Chess Team The Chessmates competed against opponents of varying strengths throughout Southeastern Mass- achusetts. Captain Brian Schmitz led his team to first place in the division. 71 e lnfates 21" 1? II' iff ll 72 50 'I' Anniversarg Q dk!! W 'N Mil REX?-ff! bl: U I '4Nwm Q Q V K Iva Xxxx J Qi . s A "' "5 IW . fb i . f 1 K ' y Lt, Il X C, 9 5 me INTELUGENLER STAFF H48 Qt-',iS'qN L Reporters from "Knight Time" visit FHS. seated: Advisor Mr. James Winer, Marcy Milanese, Rick Paine, Laura Patch, Joanne McKenzie, Kathy Grady. standing: Kathy Hin teffziqencern JMPWZUVIPS ,njiflanfiay afternoons at the fnrfrgrzke... .!M1'fH!l1l'Ff and Srernsre1'n.,. Where? your mpg ?... HBEIlli'ld The Tjuryle Doorv...Seniar1't'1'S sets lin. .. the f77'HdI1I7lfl'0l1 spertarular... more 5P0fITT.YS.' . .. Hn' fzzifn in u bun and nmsr inf... znrerwkws with 7Z,reg.., 7'Zzufi mrrnnnr .. .nffate .frn1'fHi'. . .fllamffzy nzornfn-y :wry I'l'111e'... Dear fore and BML.. I line Bvurnek paper' better... the new 1mage...5fzj1p1'n-q note: under Jfaynnrffi aiwr. ..a more Pl'l75?'!S9'l'V6, les! rommerfiaf star1'an,.. JJ it u Z-Z-24 ar iz 1-3-18 ? Jr? the "!nteff1yennerq"not "fnreIh1qenr11'2r"! y t R33 W s I ,If neat, , rg Q Delaney, Peter Tagtmeyer, Joe Gifford, Anne Tessier, Nana Stern. 4m,,,,. Ax XJ Tx.-FIR , . ,A.i, W, Claire Bowin, Lee Ann Evans, Marcy Milanese, Mary Conley, Rick Paine, Amy Working under Mrs. Hankinson is a large staff of solicitors who contact individuals and businesses for supportive financ- ing of the yearbook. Sales resistance can be tough, the year- book is only one of many enterprises local merchants are asked to underwrite each year. It is certainly only a small part of the school's incursion into the local pocketbook. Contact work with students proceeds through homeroom and other persuasive situations, while parents are asked to contribute through mail drives and telephone campaigns. That there has been continuous publication ofa high school yearbook since its inception in 1943 is a tribute to enerations of students who have succeeded in the little-heralcied task of underwriting the publisher's contract. .2 ,N , Crocker, Michael Cassidy. Slightly subordinate to the glamorous positions of Editor- In-Chief, Managing Editor and Features Editor is that of Line Editor, without whom no yearbook would ever appear in print. It is this stalwart who coordinates the collection of copy, iden- tifications, photographs, art work, and the myriad other details which eventually make up a page. It also falls to this editor to guide reporters, photographers, and subjects toward due dates and proper shapes and sizes for layout. More times than not, the line editor faces the decision to delegate or to gather material personally as the most expedient means. As deadlines draw near, this editor's life becomes immersed in a multitude of uncoordinated names, pictures, layout sugges- tions, and missed assignments which need to be worked into order. This book proves the success of line editors in accom- plishing organizational feats. seated: Mary Conley, Mary Ellen Frazier, Sue Rebello, Melanie Botelho. standing: Advisor Mrs. Betty Hankinson, Nancy Young, Stephanie Avis, Brenda Banner, David Swift, Laura Hudon, Debbie Deechan, Bonnie Texeira, Cathy Manning. A XXX-. 'r '- ' y I fee' . -:gt 1 '32 N, , ,Q-5: , ,Q 3 v,A- N - Y . R H 'Q , LEQEXI , .pq g 1 gym i X X gv 3, X X - v aa if H. a --- - I ' ff . ,. Ein..- . . ,,,, , f , A il . ."f . IL ., 'xi sex . .W 46, il 'Fev- A Junior Honor Society, lst row: Lisa Sherback, Monica Sachs, Joanna McKee, Chris Caron, Daria Lucas, Tony Brackett, Scott Peters, Terry Bat- tee, Alex Abbott, Kevin McEvoy, David Mongeau, Joe Uchmanowicz, Mike Beckerle, Tim Parker, Debbie Dunkle. 2nd row: Felicia Hampton, Joanne Frazier, Kathy Bell, Michaela Croney, Lisa Lafleur, Paula Carlson, Autumn Wieden, Rebecca Webb, Laura Patch, Denise Kearney, Anne Clarkin, Anne Honor Society Honor Bowl Team Mrs. Rohe and Walkathoners . E , , W-A , - , -..... . ... l 'I- g ga '41 frr.3.-Z?.lE i!!J3JGT2'x1Vi'iLiS1l Ugg 11.7 .Qt-, L Craddock, Suzanne Lynch, Susan Gunter, Deborah Cunha, Hervey LeMay, Julio Santos, Debbie Cook, Jane Woodwell, 3rd row: Lawrence Hobbie, Janet Medeiros, Eva Lima, Christina Peter, Sue Wigley, Stephanie Robideau, Joyce DeSouza, Sue Costa, Ann Posgay, Doug Comolli, Peter Pratt, Arvo Mikkanen, Brent Jordan, Johnathon Maimon, Steve Lajoie, Doug Jones, John Urban, Todd Hampson, Ed Monteiro. The 1978 National Honor Society led by President Margaret Memmolo, vice-president Chris Stumpf and secretary-treasurer Claire Bowin enjoyed an active year en- compassing several major events. For their service to the com- munity, the Honor Society raised over 51,000 for the Falmouth Hospital fund in a Walkathon on October 16. The Honor Society entered a float in the Thanksgiving parade, which won an honorable mention award, and held a picnic and party in the spring. The big event of the year was the induction of new members in December. This was followed by an infor- mal induction at a potluck dinner in January. The guest speaker, Father Bill Baker of St. Patrick's Church delighted the audience with both good advice and humor. Honor Bowl, Advisor Adele Rohe, Mike Beckerle, Andy Voorhis, Lawrence Senior Honor Society, lst row: Ben Moreland, Kathy Grady, Lee Ann Evans, Margaret Memmolo, Claire Bowin, Chris Stumpf, Lee Goodell, Tim DeMello, Melanie Botelho, Cindy Bryan, Barbara Dimmock. 2nd row: Ad- visor Adele Rohe, Mary Conley, Karen Bissonnette, Kathy Twohig, Peter Abott, Sharon Lino, Libby Harmer, Anne Tessier, Anne Dean, Steve Mar- tiros, Cathy Manning, Jack Grosslein, Peter Tagtmeyer, Tom Spooner, Nina g W I I W A iv' .,., - ,, i Hobbie, Libby Harmer, Phil Stevens, Leo Janks, Joe Uchmanowicz. Wroldsen, Steve Hamre, Ann Marie Murphy, Janine Foret, Kristie Reilly, Tracy Bowen, Wendy Root, Lisa Daigle, Mark Pendleton. 3rd row: Jeff Tripp, Paul Fornier, Jamie O'Rourke, Peter Horne, Mike Cassidy, Rick Paine, Peter Folger, Marcy Milanese, Bruce Steeples, Randy Crocker, Phil Stevens, Tammara Jezzeny, Mark McEvoy, Jim King. . . --,.,,-h-,- ' a 0226532 u7i O , gil- so lima M550 Hillman V-mag, we me Km. 33353. x11q5k,Q93m3, me dp 3 41 E Il A C5515 V ' 2 was mlm 53353 ggiggu ...Ages iff cgvqnx. 2 mm mg Gm ., Fs:z'::::rf, W On ,W ' ' V -I ' . V bo., OC VE svn: me be M . , Q, is E533 mah' em nw Sm R335 F I Eb Mb I 2 HONG? I Q Tm 'W' Q 'sm -H -5-M fill-1' ' -. ' , - Gm Dm Jmuaousf hmm Wgfgi 5? 53 SWE? 1 if 'ZCZIQ - M U ' Q35 S3 - ' , , an ax Q Inizell' 5 :Lgenoer mmgbgaoo- Q I W' QMS . km? aa i xx 14,1 ., Wa ' 374 ' x fa 3.5 gmt!!! " :iP"'m44e 1.-5 '52 ' I Q! 'X , . 'UK 5- l 000 mefsrilm mam im mix Emma si? 4 ' 1 , . HONOR ' 1:1 WH ol MAJORETYES Im X .I a l PLA E ZNB sg I sounf A , Mom H 4 1 3 SMF free I Y A m 'Valunue M M ' fair: uv limxszmaib ""L'F' OW i hun ! iU5j'U:!3lQ Q miishikesim M fs me S1930 iv? mb Qzva., Em. '42 fc, X V X lm ix' In W MAKE MMSH-UTUPI :JO Q: 15 o M5 gb? mmm me 5391? Q? ,rbbaawfggqgb 65333 932393233 ma imp' I Twin 99335 M370 Flfswm I H59 Qmiks H, V YQWQQ H5353 O mlmo 0 FEsTnvAL?LAi??3gDsHpQ9?1l'5:mo' is mmm-L 7 X M ' Q I ,dd ww, Hsffgkaspfii EUBQLBBQEEATQ 33121 BU' - 0 xx O W, we mae MW E, mm? M3 Tim 95552552357 I M55 Moum... Fhze. Dr-Rus. o o WLS-ruxmgu U EQ germ si BXFIQJQQWAIYEI7 H ON' I QE' iecij: I IV, 5 O V D AuAnl-oriurfl..U4: . 44,9111 : 9 m Q G53 ' Q9 X. V U mu 'ef wwevmz 1:1-30 , . X E-L-g 5 r2::eIn'?l SK'-GP"l rw .--no5Uf'vN0"S. 'umm Wweri but Kee? leikts. Alb .30 35 Q H 612853 'J' , oe qhbi V: has P- 'WM ,, 1 0 Sf'-Ins Sd-413 Lure. somwlwb Emsxwr' W , O C9527 f " - ' 4 .4 f sv 'ppl-fig ff ' - 1 N ,H .-: 1-' , -. 'qQ?ghq5'1., . ,. 'Y' " aff? A Q f. 'f - -iii' -9 L f Y .5-1-"f ff 1 : , .-w , ful: , V rg- 'gjliybgk :QQ . 4,5 - 4554 f nf- ,- fa .-f .fl - M1353 . :ffm '1' 4, wi' 1.4. , A- View A M. -V ag- . Ji-. . --- ,-5 41 . -,- , ., , Q. ,. ug igcqy- ,M Q iff ,1 sg? ' Z' - - T W? X51 g '.- fyfzisfg-?-f .5213 g,gLs,' gxfr ,ig-13, .:"F:3i"1,Qf,w E- 'E --'Ying " '-: nf -A ,z W ,r , ' ,,, ,..,. ,ch1iF:fp aiabjhbq 1 A-y?f7 v fbagfeh' 24 ' . Lf -- 1- WT' y a - jf R23-2,f2sfrge,m:.,gF' QQ rg --LK -' 1. ,1 r 4 .. x ' , ,, ' pg 'z,fz4g-1f -.--15 fag' if +4 'z-Q '.,,.u.:x, yxu f.,,:,,,gi4gd je. V, 1?,.,f,g:,, aw. - f ' mu- 'x 1' 4 V, -:...,. ,, ' , . 1 5537 " SQYNQOK 5y,JQW-QD'D- 'fblib Yoga .. , excl A N t. ' AX 51 5333 Us Q WWW Samba gemof Rcecious and Pew Star suv me hliiifhh 09' Do-y i ' gs U ivxiof Scvilof Se-'ltr Smmfbigq? L 6V-lp 6116 6 if Dm .. my W my U me C3611 Riifgfig zo 5553 ossinsa , O E I i - -Pix -74 MQ N0 v 9- , , V -6 '- e , 03,3 etmwm bj 9 'I 5,919-V15 MORE 3 ,LJ S B o HJJE 1:1 ' -IQJY! Qqq I MoNDRYl 30 . . c-AB K .78 Chapter II in the New Purple Book of Dreaded High School Diseases deals with possibly the most horrible disease encoun- tered by students-Senioritis. Formerly thought only to infect high school seniors, recently cases have been observed in students as far back as the sophomore year. Symptoms of the disease include the hanging of calendars everywhere and a foaming at the mouth in an- ticipation of each mod light. The disease is widespread and will soon reach epidemic proportions at Falmouth high school. Evidence of the spreading of the disease includes the proposal to change the name of the moment of silence in senior homeroom to the mo- ment of relative calm. As history shows, the disease not only affects more people as the year wears ong the symptoms also begin to grow stronger, progressing from the noisy homeroom stage to milk carton soccer games in the cafeterias, and finally to the hit-the-beach- by-one-o'clock stage. Senioritis has few serious physiological effects, but those it does exhibit are easily noticed. First, getting up in the morning becomes increasingly difficult with each passing day. Next comes a marked decrease in the student's ability to concen- trate in class, and finally comes an uncontrollable urge for the student to cut his dungarees and to find a nice warm beach. Scientists fand worried guidance counselorsj have been working for years to find antidotes for Senioritis, but as of this writing the only known cure for it comes in June. It's called graduation. -Rick Paine f no :lip 'L . V Niiaw , .?3.Q.,ais1zgig:se wggke swag! 5: nfl- g-1,2 L5-:H ,.:3e" W Y g 3.5 . H... . ,t .-wx! ' F F W- . H f 1 -A 1 s U, , sg W ViQ,:.ff , : X -ijt' i ,, A VM .W 1 ....... r Wqgwl , H s V, .Am F... wif.-.,E ,,. ,,- kgs, ,, i ,E W V. :W " '- . , 5 , -V 2 ' . t - W :li fe f + M 'V K rw -,,, ' U NL, hiv L, Y A Nb 3. .. - , '. H 1: gn H - V .5 .,g ' , 1 . 'lex' -1-,"' 'Q - 22, - .N .i ' ' as ' ...f , A ,w a ' . is T s' - N -it A -' 2, U. ' I - ' :W 5 gk ua-aiae j!--V V .A V X. ,Q JL . ,Q f i f ,il 4 4 ,X In - iii. ,T M .,5F,,3- .fmt 'I g 'JV,gi.' ' ' ' .M .j f .V-,f . 1 : ' -.. ' a-Q-r-.Al...'g-1' Y - ' -V '. - ' - V- " 1 ,. . . i .auf-1.1 . .5 tg- we i .Y ,.,. , 4.-'M n . .s 'N 2 X 1 .. if new m,l..s' ea . 1' .l.gi2aSilEi?f."m"'ws:I.i1,Ws , W , .. .15 - Km., 1 may seg we ssa....ti. ' .N- S-l .-1 , 1 . , M.. mx, L' , .,, - 1,giTf2"1 L w:.iatsQ at ..f'ls.1w tn- M45 SNS Charles S. Miller DeM ola y sailing tennis waterskiing Charlie Benjamin J. Moreland Captain- Varsity Soccer Echo-Signor Pizza National Honor Society NT Ben Kevin Morton SOCCEI' business administration Norton David Murray Hockey Vice-President of Senior Class Easter Seals' volunteer business administration Ramon Pantunilla M ontez Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Key Club Professional Baseball Pepe Katherine Morton musicals skiing, tennis Spain "78" broadway singer Kathy Ann Marie Murphy athletics technical activities drama music Francesca N ewbold Track running skating Don Newton stage band guitarist snowmobiling travel physician 's assistant Matt Oldale sailing summer graduation anthropologist James K. 0'Rourke National Honor Society skiing business Mick Debra Pacheco J. V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Gymnastics secretarial work i b tw e Terry N bcon to be happy to love sully crojt legal secretary John G. 0'Meara skiing drinking racks Baseball "Johnny 0" Linda Oser horseback riding parties professional photographer Os Richard Paine writing hiking skiing photography ,Rick Tammy Paine Hugh 0'Brien Award warrant committee stage crew for "Molly Brown" school and town government Mark M. Pendleton skiing associating concerts Echo-Signor Pizza Bob Pimental skiing, swimming enjoy lUe weekends being free Brother Kenneth L. Pires theatre arts accounting business managem basketball ell! We .5-es V I' .9 'N Patricia Paliotto partying ballet to be happy social worker Trisha A bram Peters Patricia M. Pinette train dogs remodel doll. houses psychology Tricia Jane Rappazzo special education Susan Marie R ebello accounting Sue Beth Reeves horseback -riding m usic- flute medical technology Angela A. Reynolds National Honor Society Field Hockey Honor Guard business for yearbook Maureen E. Ridley ballet photography Jogging Rid 84 . 5 ,J SH' R Paul Reddy Cross Country electrical engineering Florida Kristie A nn-Sarah Reilly photography avid poem writer psychologist Elizabeth Richardson love of animals beach Band work with handicapped children Lizzy Nancy Robinson Track music-Equestrian sunrises, sunsets Junior Olympic Champion ath y Rodriguez lass Marshal "7 7 aisies olkswagens pain-April "78" endy Allyson Root hotographer s ychologist uitar evelopment of Philosophy -R0 y Rose Fheresa A. R ush rack I winter and sprmgj 4 yrs ross country merry Daniel Ryan Michael Sawyer Robert B. Schley Hockey GOU Broth ers Linda Sigl . class activities Lollipop Girls ride the rapids Trent Sandlin Varsity 'Football construction auto body repair Richard Shaughness y Joseph Sherlock III athletics camping biking mechanic Dalerie Silva Raymond Silva Bradley L.K. 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Dennis Libby, Cheryl Mahoney, Barbara Malone, Mary Ellen Manchester, Thomas Martiros, Stephen Morton, Katherine Pendleton, Mark Pinette, Patricia Ryan, Daniel Sawyer, Michael Sherlock, Joseph Smith, Bradley Soque, James Spencer, Caroline Spooner, Thomas Stumpf, Christian Tripp, Jeffrey A. Young, Nancy U. Mass. U. Mass. Worcester St. U. Mass. Stockbridge Fitchburg St. Mass. Maritime Mass. Maritime Bridgewater St. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. Westfield St. Bridgewater St. Bridgewater St. Worcester St. Framingham St. Mass. Maritime S.M.U. U. Mass. U. Mass. Westfieldf SMU S.M.U. U. Mass. Mass. Maritime Worcester St. Worcester St. Bridgewater St. Stockbridge No. Adams St. Salem St. S.M.U. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. Bridgewater St. Framingham St. No. Adams St. Mass. Maritime Mass. Maritime U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. U. Mass. 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CCCC Nixon, Terry Ann CCCC Oser, Linda CCCC Pimental, Robert CCCC Rose, Roy CCCC Rust, Jodi CCCC Shaughnessy, Richard CCCC Silva, Dalerie CCCC Stone, David CCCC Teixeira, Bonnie CCCC Torres, Mary CCCC Tsiakos, John CCCC Vinitsky, Paul CCCC Watkins, James CCCC Wiernicki, Andrew CCCC Windsor, Lisa CCCC Wild, Melissa CCCC Wood, Cheryl CCCC White, Christopher CCCC TWO-YEAR COLLEGE COTHERJ Boon, Wendy Endicott Jr. Doonan, Kathleen Lasell Durgin, Michelle Broward CC Dynan, Patricia Bay Path Jr. Elliott, Mark Dean Jr. Finn, Mary Cazenovia Goulart, Laureen Johnson 8: Wales Hubbard, Pamela Mount Ida Kinchla, Anne Mount Ida Kirtley, Bruce Miami-Dade Lee, William Johnson 81. Wales Markesteyn, Deanna Dean Jr. Medeiros, Sandra Bay State Osborne, John Johnson 8: Wales Pacheco, Debra Berkeley School Paliotta, Patricia Dean Jr. Richardson, Elizabeth Becker Jr. Schley, Robert Dean Jr. Simmons, Debra Indian River CC Stanley, Warren Graham Junior Vidal, Beth Endicott Vidal, Nancy Mount Ida Jr. Wege, Jan Johnson 8: Wales BUSINESS SCHOLLS DePonte, Dale Burdett Farland, Charlene Burdett Guyton, Gladys Kinyon-Campbell Luca, Cheryl Burdett Macedo, Jana Burdett TRADE 81. TECHNICAL SCHOOLS Callahan, Donn Henderson, Mark Martin, Thomas Medeiros, John Newton, Donald Wentworth Inst. United Tech. Carnegie Inst. Franklin Inst. Carnegie Inst. PRIVATE SCHOOLS Haddad, Steven Smith, Peter White, Gregory Suffield Ac. Northlield Mt. Herm. Choate MISCELLANEOUS SCHOOLS Davis, Brian Ferrantino, Jacqueline Keith, Paula Larrey, Marc Winer, Aaron Wroldsen, Nina St. Petersburg Voc. Art Inst. of Fla. Mass. Maritime QNSJ Berklee Sch. of Music Sterling Inst. Sardjeford Gymnas. U.S. MILITARY Baker, Brandon Navy Cross, Shelly Air Force Daunt, Brendan Navy DeSouza, Sandra Army Docekal, Kris Coast Guard Furtado, Terry Air Force Gonsalves, Judith Army Greenwood, James Marines Harrigan, Thomas Coast Guard Heap, D. Scott Air Force Heap, Donna Air Force Oliver, Robert Air N. Guard Rosa, Michael Marines Williamson, Allan Coast Guard Yeary, Thomas Tixlii ,. 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Douglas Hoffman, Lynne Hunter, James James, Deborah Jonas, Jeffrey Kingsley, Donald Labute, Eugene Lafleur, David Landers, Heidi Latham, Joanne Lomba, Samuel MacEachern, Suzanne Maddox, Thomas Mathews, James McAdams, Marion Medeiros, Christopher Moniz, Michael Moriarty, Sean Pena, Kathy Peters, Abram Pina, Warren Keith Rezendes, Louise Rich, Adam Romiza, John Ryan, Michael Sandlin, Trent Silva, Raymond Silveira, Pedro Souza, Debra Stone, Steven Sturtevant, Robert Sullivan, Brian Sullivan, Donna Sullivan, Kathy Taylor, David Tobey, Elton Wagner, David White, Dean Whited, Karen Whitlock, William Williamson, Deborah Wilson, Carrie ,l Q , Q- aff' ft :,- ,. J... . 2 96 asv I' ...i".- , , 'E um .,,..fv"" .wi Hyw ., ...p-'Qi-A-" I., .,, -,,--1 A 's -.. JT' " ""f2'i"'i 2 dn F ' ' ?.f"'ff" us, . ,. ,,.'d v of? 'Fmt ' ' iq P 1 K P f-,, ,i,. 4, , v' .lohn Fragale. Steve Hamre. Marty Miller. Richard Stone, Tim Harney. David Bumpus. Bruce Kirtley, Bob McMann .lim Clifford. Coach Barry Bird Larry Kopp, Chris Palmer .lohn Hurling, Tim Frazier. OU Eight girls participated on the Girls' Golf team this year. The team, Coached by Mrs. Ruth Nickerson, had a very respectable record of 3-3-l as they played Scituate, Braintree, Whitman-Hanson and Brookline. For the fourth year the squad sponsored a Southeastern Massachusetts Girls' Golf Championship. Mr. Jim O'Brien and Jennifer Johnson won the Teacher- Student Match. During the spring season the girls practiced extremely hard and showed much improvement. A final banquet was held at the GOLDEN SAILS Restaurant. The I978 Boys' Golf team, coached by Mr. Barry Bird, completed a semi- successful season this spring. The neighboring golfcourses were generous in donating their facilities, which enabled the team to compile an overall I0-3 record. Again this year Bruce Kir- tley played the number one position. He finished six strokes under in the State Tournament which was better than any entry from FHS in years. Bruce also made All Conference. ln the Schoolboy Tourney at New Seabury Bruce finished four under for the second con- secutive year. Coach Barry Bird seems pleased with this year's team's perfor- mance, especially at Brockton where the team won by a 226-2l3 score. Up- coming players Larry Doyle and Marty Miller make next year's season look promising. .lackie Volpe. Donna Wasil. Michelle Durgin. Mary Carlson. Coach Mrs. Ruth Nickerson, Anne Bentinnen. Laura Benson, .lennifer Johnson and Alice Wilkinson. a tx front: Lorin Macedo, Crista Jensen, Debbi James, Joanne McKenzie, Lisa Nancy Marschall. Carol Kinsella, Laura Patch. Kitty Lee. Poirier. Monica Sachs, Coach Bob Chisholm. rear: Denise Van Beuren. An l' H ' r' S D N ge a ouston, Terri Gomes. The 1978 Softball season was a relatively successful one. Using only two seniors, the team ended the year with a 9-6 record in third place. Senior co-captain Debra James playing at third base for the first time was voted the Most Dedicated Player by her teammates. Three players who will return next year were chosen SMC I All Stars-catcher, Terri Gomes, Second Base, Kitty Lee, and outfielder Lorin Macedo. Pitcher Angie Houston had Falmouth's first no hitter against Bourne. The jayvee team, coached by Mr. Fred Toran held a IO-l record. This year's FHS Baseball team, under the guidance of Coaches Bruce Cranshaw, Paul Dion and Bob Parent com- pleted an outstanding season. The league record was l4-2 which put them in second place with an overall record of l7-4. Having a terrific season the team, with the help ofAll Stars Ed Monteiro, Ramon Montez and David Martin. advanced to the quarter finals in the state competition. They accomplished this feat by beating Plymouth-Carver 18-5 and Chelmsford I8-0. They lost the quarter finals game against Woburn I5-3. rs 'l Coach Cranshaw remarked that like every season there was a question concerning the ability of the players. However, the hard pre-season play of this FHS team led them to the State Tournament. Coach Cranshaw believed this team to be a "come-back team". They would be losing a game but then surpass the opponent for the victory. Captains Ramon Montez and Glenn Nowak contributed greatly to the team's perfor- mance. Tom Henrique. John Perry. Ed Monteiro, Glenn Nowak. Ramon Mike Pellegrini, Steve Gaspa. Roger Blake, David Martin. .lulio Montez. Ray Joska. Mark Henderson. Cliff Dutra. Austin Stokes, Santos. Danny Suvas. Coach Bruce Cranshaw. 99 lst row: Coach Bill MacKinnon, seniors Mary Conley, Karen Bissonnette, Nancy Robinson. Lee Gilford. Terry Rush, Susan Larkin, Coach John Carroll. 2nd row: Nancy Buguey. Kathy Bell. Karen Mahoney. Margaret Jemmott. Anne Jennings. Thais Fuller. Jackie Jepsen. Kerry Lynch. Susan Lookout Below! l 100 l - I 4'.'-512 -e4xhf'a51"i..2,s '4- Mendleson. Heidi Hinds. 3rd row: Carol Costa, Lydia Rose, Heidi Walz, Margaret lnnis. Tricia Madden. Linda Alleres, Mary Lou Morton, Kelly l-franklin. Sally lirdos, .loanne Frazier. Kathy Morton. The 1978 Girls' Spring Track Team began its season with a bang! The 28 girl Squad went out to capture everything that they participated in. They were undefeated in dual meets and again took the SMC title, The girls won the State Relays lor the fourth consecutive year and reigned supreme at the Statle Class A-E Mass. Track Meet. The season ended with a very disheartening loss. by three points at the Mass. Girls' Track Meet. The spirit of this year's squad was astounding. Spring track records were broken by Karen Bissonnette in the shotput. Terry Rush in the hurdles and Nancy Buguey in the mile. Runners Lee Gilford, Nancy Robinson, Karen Bissonnette. Nancy Buguey and Heidi Wall were given All-Conference titles in varying events. Karen Bissonnette throwing school record ol' 41' 7Vz" in shot put. . . 'T',-f?l"f7FV f""?f?+fff''???r55.iRT1"P13,?5t. h e , 9. " L Lei . . .M-... aj, .. W . ,ng .. t,. sat. "?ie:.2"9J' 2 Tf"" Q J 1.5 5,"1'.g f Y' wg A f- nfl?-H . . -" TQWL.-W4 0-vw f 'J-2 ---- . 2 5331- ' 'V' - - .: -P5 'i" V I 1' . ii" , ." If jg'--QL , I ' . Alix' 's Q? . y ,-' - j 5, t,".,.g1 V. . 1551, - . ' 1 . K .Q VL V if . -we 4 .A 'ag 'ff' V 'A ' C ' ib4'i?1."'5'2?w,wi!'4A 5 JU? ,T ,E Qfuy ,,,,,,4E.3 L: ' he 'ii rg K ,,.lTh, lf, 1 En , 521. Z 334' v" is te i '?5"'f5'1 9-2' we 5 9 N f huh 'V .Q ,J 1. or ,RL V was 1 X lx ik exp Meow ful. 4-4.1 REG .wk t Y A as L-if , -4 x A l "f 2 A . ' . f afar. !"'i'3' lr is .ws,..e.,..f 13.5 : ' f'1'b - -4, .,.9, ' Q -xi . , ' 'I r K2 tit. .t ig.--.nfl -- - 1 v- f mtvgf -51 ' ' N., 5" ., 5. Q s 'fry , .' A ' ' l '- is iw f ,. " 4' , p -sgix ga.. Q: uvmstea A .P .. ,-f 1 .' QW " .seas .. .A X Q X 7 . fc t , .. iam av ... ty ...,. ..,, .M .' fl' :L "'1'fe.'5,,, A in as U ' A. ,fit an Mitt- -p s , if ygsbffj E .ci . .2-... ,. saw. .g . Q , . . .c , ha T- it o f is 1 - ff V 1 fly- t, L, 1 22,5 Q ....33fV,-M., - .Q . . Q-gf pp. " .,., .fv .',.,.:A,f.c. U ,A 4.33 , ' go. L. g i? i ? - 1, 5' W-if 551 "TT ' 5' sf . t .- ft'-if! ' 'f Q' '1 1 M. 355. my . c- in 5. . .. I f ,L R ,ug 5?-'rw . egg- its 1. ' . 'A ' nf -' Q W, 'L :ff -- s fs K ' isme , .- 3 V .lt , T.. ' 1 " A " ., I ,pg JE! J' V ' ', .4-s. ft- ,rqy 'v-f ,. .wa ., ,lsr f .V . gy- . A , .. t . . . , ' 2 ' J ag. .,- .j, tg, J j tt-,q l . 1. 2 f. :- f t 2 c H kt sk- ft . I ' 52 ,f , ' . QL , , ...,, . lf.. - ' .. "7-"W ---' ff- -f-aiu-tg fa-L. L1.a'..f5..5.2a.--F.j:L:fair'5ZQS,n3'4i'zg5:E-,iff .gfftl . . . ., pw, ry - mfg ' e,'Q,,,f"l'1+U .czlfam-em''!w.'.'.g7tM1-kngygr M3-4,-Q,-g-c,f,sg1"y. K H3 -2.9 5-.,,.:,'g. tg. ..: ,rg N--51.3 .f-,ijt-5.14 eg, r h vh.y,:.- W -sf V ' ' " . A ui."?'fif. '-:.' ,:..' "'M:' :f- ff.. . -4 -"'-fi li X" 'rf f-9? -,wg 1. V 1 . "HZ-2 4 fdiffxtf .'E5'5.n'+- . f.,.. . '- ' " 2 M.. isg..Aw,.m XLT, ..., rEA,.17,, UH. Q.. gb, ,,,.,,u E bv:-lf ,.,,.g9.- A--,,..-A ,r'.':"'f.---:gg-z1,.,,fjj.:.,gl.-5-r :YK 1-. .- ' . -me -.gf cxnnyg, A 1 -. H: . i . .. ff "" i f., ' I -, A si- ' .,-.3212 "'?'..'f1mZ"-"- . ,1 ,, . .. .1 . 1--.,y w:f- ,,,-A4,,. 'Mg,,M 1f 5,4-.xy ,. ligpvf . -. , V - lt. lleidi Walf winning SMC mile run lst row: Kris Bohnenbergcr. Patil Moore. Jeff Martin, Dave lfuccillo, Steve Martiros. Ray Knispal. Bryan Mahony. 2nd row: Coach Paul Feeley, Andy Quinlan, Bill lfrey, John Papsodora. Armeen El-Massri, Mike Mitchell, Bill Tyminski. Dave Costa, Steve Mongeau. Steve Jackobson. Dan Oldale, Coach . 4' ' .1 H ,,-v fgfz .. , . . I ' H .qw .A . -.gr .:, ' .,-,av J A 1, I i sit EN, f 7 P 11' sl ttf , :sf 5 is I 1 sw:'Qi,'i':' 1 ,aw 5 ir f' X s she? :ag I 5.413 " "0" ' ' ,l 2 if xi. wif t , ., 1 v-f T R fa. if ,jf D .v Ig - Q, .Jing Coach Pat Grant, tri-captains Steve Martiros, Dave Fuccillo. Jeff Martin, Coach Patil Feeley The Boys' Track team underwent vigorous practices this year in order to get in the running for the 1978 season. Although the team was composed mainly of fre-shmen and sophomores, their endurance and experience during the spring have strengthened them to potential State Champs in the years to come. The younger boys were ably led by the senior tri-captains Dave Fuccillo, Steve Martiros and Jeff Martin, who proved great endurance through injury and bad condi- tions. Along with coaches Feeley and Grant, the talented seniors worked with the young team and improved it through the season's many ups and downs. Despite discouraging losses during the first meets, the team pulled together and ended the year impressively by winning the D-Y Invitational, a meet against Nauset and achieving fourth place in the conference meet. The team's outstanding members made a terrific example. "Boy's Track ls Back!" Pat Grant. 3rd row: Donny Cross. John Taylor, Mike Turner, Tim Parker Greg Gonsalves, Kevin Mclivey. Bob Wilson, Mark Costa, Fred Bohnen: berger, Mick El-Massri, Wade Silvia, Dave Conners. fr? vis ' . . -. 2 '. . t ... ,t 1 . '. R- . Ez? ' .. ' if t--.A 22" . w w , lf, Ja! '11 -2 E 'Q f , 1:-as 1. . 4 kv ZTWF 3' .f f NF: THE GlRL'S TENNIS TEAM The racquet girls of the FHS sports world had a most successful season and survived a couple of bodily upsets along the way. Libby Harmer, the 7941 player, timed a graceful broken elbow at the beginning of the season, but was relieved by a most capable Lisa Daigle. Lani Goodhue fluctuated in and out with a broken ankle, but as with all determined players, strong doubles teams, Lee Ann Evans and Leslie Daigle playing itll and Karin Lebherz and Crystal Martin playing f2 and the aid of the masterful Dennis Comolli, the team broke through the competi- tion. The impressive record of 14-2 which led them to a 3642 seeding in the league and being the only team to shat- ter Barnstable's winning streak were great accomplishments for the girls. Though the 1978 season is over, the learn still leaves its mark with their out- landish whipped creamed display at the Gong Show. L TEAM lGirlsJ Stang Nauset D-Y Bourne Old Rochester Dartmouth Fairhaven Wareham Barnstable Sandwich King Phillip Newton South kneeling: John Pinetle, Curt Jack, Steve Weid- -l0SCPl1S. Doug C0m0lli. Bill J11Ck. Lurry man, Chris Lebherz, Jason Schultz, Coach Fur- Lawrence, Cfhlig SCIICFS. latlo. standing: John Gill. .lack Grosslcin, Chris FHS 3,2 5 5,4 3,5 0,3 5,5 5,5 5,5 1,3 5 4 OPP TEAM lBoysJ FHS OPP D-Y 4,4 1,1 Bourne 4,5 1,0 O.R.R. 5,5 0,0 New Bedford 0,2 5,3 Tabor 2 7 Fairhaven 4,2 1,3 Wareham 3,4 2,1 Barnstable 2,3 3,2 Nauset 5 0 Sandwich 3 2 Peabody 2 3 Led by Coach Augie Furtado, the Boys' Tennis Team played their way to the State Competitions. They achieved this by finishing their season with a league record of 12-2. This placed them second to Barnstable in SMC Division I. Playing the fill position was Doug Comolli followed by Craig Sellers, ,942 and Jack Grosslein, 53. The lirst doubles position was taken by Chris Josephs and Andy Meade, second doubles were Danny Lynch and Bill Jack. The team was defeated in the first round of the State Tournament by Peabody with a score of 3- 2 The stage band was popular this year as they played such contemporary tunes as "Gonna Fly Now," "Ease on Down the Road," and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." During the year the band competed in the First Annual Dartmouth Stage Band Competition and placed second. Traveling around the state, the band held concerts for other high schools as well as for ap- preciative elementary school students. The talented members of this group were Tom Yeary, Joan Nightingale, Cindy Bryan, Karin Lebherz, Sue Madden, Jim Lunn, and Scott Peters on saxophoneg Anne Dean and Geoff Ross on the "licorice stick," "Maynard" Bruce Stee- ples leading John Steeples, Jack Anderson, and Nancy Robichaud of the "bone" sectiong Michelle Ferreira leading Amy Crocker, Michelle Robichaud, Tom Manchester, and David Correllus as they played and proved their motto "Trumpet Players Make Better Kissersg' Steve Lajoie and Steve Lang doubling on the drum, next to Jeff Tripp on the piano and Mark Larrey, Don Newton, and Willy Stoelzle who wailed on the guitar. The musical force behind the group was in- structor Dennis Marotta whose special achieve- ment this year was the toning and training of a brand new saxophone section. Stage Band I rg' 1 1' , P? .- um --. of Q 104 Chorus Chorus members: soprano, Wendy Boon, Kristine Caron, Dianne Commoli, Kathy Conn, Deborah Deechan, Janine Foret, Pam Girouard, Ann Gonsalves, Libby Harmer, Katherine Hess, Chantal Hobson, Laura Hedon, Margaret Jem- mott, Mary Ellen Malone, Christine McCarthy, Wanda McClaid, Kathy Morton, Ann-Marie Murphy, Joanne Nochella, Joan O'Connell, Patty Pinette, Beth Richardson, Betty Rubino, Debra Santiago, Melissa Wild, and Judith Woods. Alto, Gretchen Berstrom, Tracy Bowen, Joy Brit- cliffe, Cathy DeSouza, Kristeen Ferguson, Lisa Furlani, Gladys Guyton, Jenny Maxwell, Christine Nute, Gemma Simpson, Lucille Thom- son, Heather Walker. Tenor, Scott Bohr, Billy Burns, Joel Camire, Charles Damore, Jeff DeSouza, John Ferguson, Edwin Jones, Peter Jones, Neill Silva. Bass, Phil Anderson, Chris Clarkin, Tony Ferraris, Alton Hegarty, Matt Henriksen, Mike Martin, Scott Peters, Paul Selig. Accompanist, Dorothy Corey. Orchestra Orchestra members: flutes, Jean Berteaux, Dorothy Cory, Nancy Feigenbaum, Heather Walkerg oboe, Chris Bohr, Abby Volkman, Amy Crockerg clarinets, Tony Brackett, Rafael Bradley, violins, Janice Hansen, Shirley White, french horn, Jane Woodwell, Nina Wroldsen, Nancy Botkin, Greg Johnson, Brian Guest. ,S 4 l. sa if r:zS. :- S WhatWe'veSeen. .. We've Seen by Millward and Sternstein We couldn't think of a decent way to start this article, so here it is. We've seen some from flat to fluffy and back again, and a certain teacher go from gray to black the must own stock in Grecian Formulaj. We've seen the smoke travel from Cafeteria B, to outside, to the bathrooms. We've seen a certain psychology teacher blush every time she mentioned the word S-E-X Chet she's blushing nowy. We've seen Uncle Bob grow a mustache and then shave it off, Thank God. We've seen the "snow-go-policy" in effect outdoors. But no one said anything about it in the cafeterias. We've seen approximately 25 senior skip days over the past four years. We've seen bottles passed under the table at the Senior Ban- quet, but Thank God the teachers didn't. We've seen "Perspective", desperate for news, steal In- telligencer storiesg but it's OK, we're glad to help the inferior medium. We've seen classes scheduled in girls' and boys' bathrooms in our freshman year. We've seen our entire senior class contract senioritis in Sep- tember-of 1974. We'd like to see the day when a student will be able to walk into the main office to check in-and not be sent all over the building. Weid like to see our student activities director go into politics. We'd like to see-a class night! We'd like to see the journalism class meet its deadlines- just ONCE. We'd like to see someone, anyone, fall off the stage at graduation. We'd like to see Kathy Twohig mispronounce her own name at graduation. We'd like to see one, just one, of our town meeting articles brought up at town meeting. We'd like to see the French V class get up and do one last fumble. We'd like to see Nancy Tessier show up at the Enterprise. ii ' '-r:'1,l,.q .L -an F Wagyu, M4 HM 460001 DA! CPN ' -' o 43 x mu At QW fe' iw M. 9 J ,gx X "Miss Moderator, I move that the meeting recommend that . . . " were the words that began each of the three Student Town Meetings for the 1977-'78 school year. Articles ranging from radio station selection in cafeteria B to the offering of advanced placement courses and commencement of lab days were presented, discussed and voted upon by the student body. Moderator Anne Tessier controlled an overflowing auditorium of students, faculty, and administration each quar- ter. The Warrant Committee spent many hours prior to Town Meeting gathering articles and combining them to form a warrant of eleven or more articles of student concern. Rules were stric- tly enforced and the one thousand students at each Town Meeting remained attentive and polite even in moments of angry outbursts. At the third and final Town Meeting, can- didates for selectman and school committee presented their philosophies and proposed policies. They came under rigorous questioning from the student body. Questions concerning van- dalism, alternative programs, and advanced placement courses were discussed. The Student Advisory Board to the School Committee fulfilled a portion of their job as they presented the passed articles to Dr. Clark and the school committee. Many recommendations were acted upon either by immediate change or con- sideration for a future date. The Warrant Committee and Student Advisory Boards to the School Committee and Regional Board of Education, advised by Mrs. Marie Doyle, hosted the fall convention of the Southeastern Massachusetts Association of Stu- dent Councils. The highlight of the conference was a mock Town Meeting at which students from various schools expressed their concerns over current problems. 108 .5 Mrs. Marie Doyle, Warrant Committee Advisor r 1 L-.Q :" Q YW. 7 xt? 'L The school spirit retums! 5.1 ,. 14 1 -v B ' . -, 1 ' , i t ' e f v -, , l Q '22 - ' 1 5 if 1 me I l ' ' il 1.51-ee, ' l 'Si ' W A ' ,Ny X,,ug.iuty,5, , V ,. wr . .,.,. , 'vlitj-like 3 t :,.'.:La F , - , ve- 4 'f-Ha" W xi i, Hi" 'bxxigs .1?f v Q 9 NW N555 it rafetikllfi ,Q- Senior Class Advisor Michael Helfen, Kathy Twohig, Jim Clifford and David Murray. Class fficcrs ami ,Ativisors 1 Sophomore Class Advisor Eugene Phillips, Chen Elichalt, Becky Wood and Bettiann Rubino. Freshmen Class Advisor Marie Doyle, Tim Grady, Courtney Burke and Jenny Maxwell. Mr, Michael Helfen believes that his four years as advisor for the Class of '78 have been his most beneficial and active ones at F,H,S. Summing up his experience Mr. Helfen states that it has been a "good as well as frustrating ex- periencef' Having taught at F.H,S. for six years, he has donated his time to many other organizations extending beyond the responsibilities of advisor. He has been active in theater since his first year, initiating the All School Musical program at F.H.S. as well as acquainting the Drama department with the Massachusetts State Drama Festival and sponsoring six entrees. He is presen- tly the Auditorium Manager, light crew and debate team advisor, and has sponsored three student trips to London. As advisor, Mr. Helfen has par- ticipated in nearly every activity the class has produced including the profitable Junior-Senior Prom, the Junior work weekends, and the senior musical. Mr. Helfen, as his nature dictates, enjoys challenges and new experiences and for this reason he signed up as class advisor. He started without any initial expectations, planning to take "one year at a time." During Freshman year, he found the experience a positive one and enjoyed the exposure he had to a greater number of students and getting to know people he otherwise would not have met. The years with our class have touched Michael Helfen deeply. To him, advising was "like watching a family grow up" and he was able to develop a "family" closeness with many of the students. For him, this has been "a once in a lifetime experience, one that l don't want to confuse with any other" so he will decline the opportunity to advise again. Personally, his years as advisor have led to a great deal of "self examination and realization and thought during a turning point in my life and job." Our class, with its many successful endeavors, has succeeded in making Mr. Helfen very proud. He was impressed with the constancy of the class and sin- cerely believes that the class has "never let itself down." He feels our most productive year was the Sophomore one, yet his fondest memories remain from Senior year. The humorous frustrations of homeroom and the "spirit, participation, enthusiasm, and caring which made "The Pajama Game" a tremendous success" will remain with him forever. Junior Class Advisor Jan Orfe, Joanne McKen- zie, Paula Carlson and Lisa Peterson. txt 'D fha- Q1 -4' 4532 Warrant Committee4Charity Smith, Rosemary McKenzie, Denise Kearney, Nana Stern, Anne Tessier, Laura Patch, Autumn Wieden, Mimi Wozniak, Advisor Marie Doyle, Lisa Brunette. 2nd row-Tammy Paine, Chris McEvoy, . M1 it at -N 1: l Gif 1 if it - ef -4 S, f- .Ji t W g A 'l- , V ',-,1 H I - I , if 2 .5 Student Advisory Board to the School Commit- tee-Duncan Millar, Steve Martiros, Claire The student advisory board to the school committee is among the most beneficial and organized groups in F.H.S. After each Student Town Meeting these five students presented the warrant and explained each article to the school committee. Continuously meeting with Dr. Clark, the board managed to change a few rules and procedures which the student body felt Bowin, Peter Tagtmeyer, Douglas Jones. strongly about. It was a member's responsibility to be at each school com- mittee meeting. Peter Tagtmeyer and Steve Martiros drove to Lakeville once a month in or- der to participate in meetings-with the regional board of education. During these meetings the students discussed laws and regulations which affect the rights of high school students. David Denton, Ann Marie Murphy, Mike Beckerle, Chris Stumpf, Peter Abbott, Tim Parker, Tony Brackett. Student Advisory Board to the Regional Board of Education-Peter Tagtmeyer. and Steve Martiros. Teens ofthe M 0 TH . ,: -3. , . -ne. Q.: - t ! ax ee e r J 5 jf , 9 by X K fr 7 Kr -... , XX, October Steve Martiros September Kathy Grady March Libby Harmer V mu fl - f ,:,?t'r--.L -I x v P if law.-Q", 1 me-' 341-..15?qg24I,,q , 5- 530 ,ft V 2l'fiEl":'x"T 'u' L I gsgglwf ' 'ffi-:riiL,"iQ s- 4--'ev' W-Slfvgwsfvfi' 1. "G 'lf'-" 'i"'FS.'z '81 vu... .Af - , . wwf. Liga ' V he . x.."J'AV' . ff- Q-I" " L - ft' ' :ETH -' - Q -x-u 3 November Corinne Callahan April Mary Finn December Kathy Morton May Mark Pendleton January - Teen-Ager of the Year Anne Tessier June Dennis Lopes February Melanie Botelho 113 SENIOR S UPERLA TI VE Clockwise: Most Musical-Michelle Ferreira, Bruce Steeples, Best Dressed--Tim DeMello and Melanie Botelho, Most Humorous-Tom Harrigan and Mary Ellen Malone, Most In- telligent-Lee Goodell and Phil Stevens, Most Dramatic-Kathy Morton and Peter Abbott, Most Likely to Succeed-Anne Tessier and Michael Cassidy. 114 ..f ui , L i 1 " " 1 A- f .gr .-,. 'J .5525 -.Q if H' li 2 ' X H Ur 5 'X n ., g vm , 4, I , I N Fil? ' I nxw x ,, X WN .J 1' 'HM Yi . .,., N ew Q ,-l v , ,-,1 M., 'XL ix xx Clockwise: Most Athletic-Dennis Lopes and Nancy Robinson, Most Reserved-Janine Foret and Kevin Morton, Most Attractive-Kathy Rodriquez and Steve Martiros, Most Friend- ly-Kathy Twohig and Mark Pendleton, Most Individual-Libby Harmer and Peter Tagtymeyer, Most Enthusiastic-David Fuccillo and Kathy Morton. 115 N , K 1,3 ai Digi-r"' E fi .4 'e - ' H' sh x J,-'Y P1 ja m n ...Smffef "Qaj1r'1T".., fmyrg bcerfaus al' rhe pm-uk U. .. fftrk your 'Bit . . . "fr was better Mun Birdie. . . ,Mary fl'!l'l1j fzcr sE1'rr...MSrenm fHear'1.. Tay? swim. ., Wlffh JMK ,,'VLzr11fz'u.... 'Hwpf1'e, P1ays1'e...,4'f1'rr an stage. .. Stag out gf them wzmfsf ...'.Wfne ware was a man who found n man " . . . .,'7f!'1'kf3 51rllgf1155z'I, 4 . Bur X if ,F ... H. . Q Iv- . V53 R Nvvu. I WM .1 s.,. 4' U 4 W Wk 0- A a Q hd E if ,V Jw. ,ww If puff: 5-' , ,h . .., aw . A Jig 1 f 5. . ?,.Q:,?, ,. ' S -- Affi - ffsf- .m:,.4- - ' If -' 5 , ,,,, ,, yll-f,. I lv., 1 - Y Y I ZAA K 1 if , ' 9 -.Q .V ?"f ,,, Q 'H A . glfgfif, - ' 5 r-Y 1? -QW' ,, iff 5 ' T1 4 FWS I IX. sgzimvq .. l, V , 1 Y. 33 P ,,3,1-,E ' A :Qw ya Q LK Q7 5,4 'wm':Q .F . QQ, in fy A? M M3191 524 ' KN 5 jfs 'Civ 1 1724! 4 H -,L M 1 .zfliw .4 ,gif ' -1.4 M, -I . fa.: , 5 1 ,- SL wv ' f ' E , ff 7 I UL: f J . 1 D gp , I If 'P li-QI: Q , ,Q V X 1 ,M-fmlh. M.-7 '..:e ,. . if J 153 - ug-"gg,w,f W , Q1 I K Els. 2 JT 1 Eg ,NW X gli W, ,,, 1 . K, L . ,, 5, iff ' 1 .L -. 44 'fwff 'Ft 3 Y KY Q , 7' vw 5 Q cv .W QQ 5 3 a. fx' XQY iv 0 1. Q- '- '. ,,...-a-if lp.. lf Precious and few are the moments we two can share . . . The queen and her court: Brenda Freeman, Stevanie Avis, Tammara Jezzeny, Debra Pacheco, Lee Goodell, and escorts. LT T5 af 10' ,IV X H 00430 vin lfU'9Yx nn' HOHM HHHH FH' 4'N,'nnO .o.o.uou.X f',oOHf' O 0 5 O 0 0 0 Q 5.p'g.o'x 603000005 0 O fo , QOOOQS. 0. O'o'0'a. , 0 7 000,000.9 9 o ' ,000 I ' 0 ' 'ff' ou.. fill f 504 .Q'O'."',,l tgp' 004 , , ICQ' N... 1 f.. Avls 16" X Q J J! l, v., I 4 ! Huahn I Noulo' mo, , , , ,', O0'a.'U", I .r N ,un wiv 5 qw. ' 'fgZQ.f1'4 QQ mi L. 3O,ll78' QM, TSR.. 4 Mr Clark presents the Junior Fellowship Scholarship Award to Jim King Awaravs Night The awards received by the Class of i978 on June first of that same year were not the golden splendors of the Gram- mies or Oscars but the money received brought as much pleasure and satisfaction to the students as any Emmy could have done. The money would help to begin to pay the skyrocketing cost of an education. A total of S2l9,290 was presented from scholarships, college linancial aid and various other awardsg Sl87,7l5 of which had previously been received by students from the colleges that they will attend. The remaining 533,535 was given to deserving students by local businesses and organiza- tions. Before the scholarships were given out the envelope was presented to reveal those two students who were National Merit Scholarship Finalists. They were Susan Engler and Philip Stevens. To delay further the suspense, the AFS student Nina Wroldsen bid farewell to the class. Miss Carol Sykes led the chorus as they sang two lovely songs to a very impatient audience. The moment finally arrived with' the three house ad- ministrators, Mr. Dewitt C. Jones, Mr. Louis Larrey and Mr, Michael Waring performing the duties of the masters of ceremonies. And the winners were, William Tyminski l20,000J, Margaret Menlmolo f2,425J, Timothy DeMello Ql,700j, Marcy Milanese fl,300J, Chris Stumpf fl,300J, Catherine Manning U,250J, etc. etc. The night came to a quick conclusion with the benediction given by Mr. Sydney Roberts who also opened the ceremonies with the invocation. .u , Q- W , : A .M h. Q P3 xc J x T "asap ' F 1 4 E Sv ax I W' Q 4, ,V 5 r' . .34 gi? 214V-Q 1 ' Ag 1 2 . :Q 2: -R- ff rr' ' , . MN GRADUATIQN JUNE 2, 1978 - , ' :-.hw -AFX---W--' V ,,,: , :gf gl. -5. 3 Ez, I , . 2 ,. ' " 1 , '- L MIL' Us-LQ Y I 'Wx Senior Class President, James Clifford. :si Peter Clark, Prmcxpal. ere OITISS Th Sun B f E X T XX .gr . An Tw gxx "' na K. Harper Award Recipients Kathleen ohig and Peter Tagtmeyer. xv ig, ,J I want to start by sayinfg Thank You. Being asked to speak to you here this evening is one o the nicest things that has happened to me since I've lived on the Cape. I've lived here, on Main Street in North Falmouth, for 25 years. I was born and brought up in England. I've been all over the world, but I chose to marry an American, and chose to live on Cape Cod. Now I'm going to say to you-the chosen ones, the graduating class, the stars of this evening's show-get off the Cape. People come here from all over the United States. Already the weekend roads are jammed with cars whose drivers can't see you coming from behind because the back windows are full of beach mat- tresses and children making rude gestures, and three bicycles are spinning their wheels on top of the trunk. Soon we won't be able to get a parking space at the beaches, or a table in the restaurants. We'll wait 20 minutes at the express check-out line. We won't be able to walk down Main Street without being pushed into the road by men in Bermuda shorts and black knee socks telling each other how much their cameras cost, and fat women in pink polyester pant suits eating ice cream cones and complaining about the prices. I hope that those of you who want jobs this summer are able to get them. The best way to tolerate the invaders, without whom, alas, we could not survive, is to be making money off them. People come here from all over the States, and envy us, the lucky ones who live here all the time. Calpe Cod is wonderful and beautiful, and we are lucky, but if you never ive anywhere else, it can become a trap. Since we started the Cape Cod branch of The Samaritans, which is a 25-hour service for anyone who is lonely, depressed or suicidal, we have had many calls from people who have-grown up here, married here perhaps, and never got off the Cape. And now they are feeling isolated and trapped-almost as if the Cape was an island, with no ferry to the mainland. There are people here who've never been to Boston. There are peo- ple who never even go across the bridges. There are peo le who feel so depressed and frustrated that they may go to the middle of one of the bridges and think about jumping. I'm not saying that living on the Cape will kill you, although it is true that the suicide rate for the Cape and Islands is estimated to be 3 times the national average. But I am saying that the Cape is not all there is of the world. Cape Cod can be one of the finest places in the world to live-if you've lived in other places. So, whether or not you're planning on college, I do suggest that you get off the Cape-even if it's only to find out that you like it bet- ter here. Get off the Cape - and then come back. If the tourists haven't sunk it. What about the world? How is it out there? You hear that the world is in a terrible state. Agreed, but then so it always was. You hear that society stinks. That cpeople are no good. Politicians are corrupt. Americans are going own the drain. No they're not. And aside from the overall menace of nuclear fis- sion, in whose shadow we must carry on with the details of living, the world is no worse than it ever was. Think, for instance, about the barbarities of Ancient Rome, when the equivalent of going to the movies was to go to the Coliseum to cheer on the lions as they tore the arms and legs off shrieking Chris- tians. Think about the l4th centur plague called the Black Death, which wiped out one-quarter of the polpulation of Europe. Think about World War I, where, because o t e stubborn stupidity of the generals, 150,000 men were needlessly slaughtered in one day to gain a few yards of devastated French soil. Think about slavery in this country. No only the oppression and misery of the slaves themselves, but the crude selfishness of a society that acce ts as a normal law of nature that black was meant to serve white. Tlriink about the religious persecution-performed for the Devil in the name of God-that caused the ancestors of some of you to settle here in New England, and call this town-like many others-by an English West Country name. Think about all the im- mi rants, the ancestors of some of Jon, and their struggle to survive. A hundred years ago, couples ha twice as many children as they wanted because at least ha f of them would die. Those who survived were middleaged at 30, old at 40, and probably dead by 50. As late as 1920, there were American children who did not know the name of the town they lived in, because they only shuttled between their hovel home and a sweatshop factory. Society stinks? No worse than it ever did. Politicians corrupt? They always were. Don't be fooled by the sentimental whitewashing of history's heroes. The world is a mess? It always was, and it probably always will be, because it's got people in it to mess it up. Perhaps the best contribution we can hope to make is not to make more of a mess than necessary. n . Some people are tempted to play it safe by making no contribution at all. Their complaints that society stinks and people are no good are excuses not to takepart in much living. Or you may hear them sag: "I can't do this or that, because I need to find mysel . I need to fin out 128 who I am. I can't commit myself to work or love or friendship till I find out who I am." And they withdraw. Well-being alone sometimes is good, and con- templation is good, and understanding ourselves is important, and liking ourselves is absolutely vital. But often we can only truly find out who we are, reflected back from other people. Often the question: "Who am I?" Means: "What do other people think of me?" That seems to be something we can't control. They like me, they don't like me. They respect me. They dump on me. That's the way they are, and there's nothing I can do about it. But there is. You can control what other people think of you and how they treat you. The key is your basic belief about yourself. If your self-esteem is low, if you believe you are not likeable, you may subconsciously treat other people in such a way that they won't like or respect you. Then your inner self, being the rather childish, selfdestructive thing it is, can say to itself: "Aha. There you are, you see. I was right. Nobody likes me. I get no respect." What you believe about yourself is what you will get back. If you go for an exam or a job interview, knowing you won't pass, or get the job, you won't. If you basically believe that people reject you, then even if someone does make friends, you'll eventually do something to make them reject you. We've all known the kind of person who's always saying: "I'm bor- ing you" Or: "You haven't got time for me. I'm a nuisance." After a bit, you get sick of saying: "No, you're not," because if they carry on like that, they are a nuisance, and you have to break away to save your own sanity. What you believe about yourself is what you will get back. If you believe you are successful, you will get the opportunities for success. It's not necessarily that you're getting more opportunities than other people. But you are looking out for them, recognizing them and grasping them. If you believe that people like you, you'll behave in a likeable way, and they will like you. I know this sounds terribly simple but in very simple terms, this is the way life seems to work. We can't withdraw. We need each other desperately. We need to be liked and approved and accepted. We need to e needed by other peo- e. P Many of you in this graduating class have talked with me this year in the school about suicide and what can be done to save lives. And you've shown so much sensitivity and awareness and concern, and such a willingness to take trouble, to listen to other people and un- derstand what is going on with them. I've been so impressed by that. So touched. So amazed by your maturity, when I remember how silly and selfish and shallow my generation were at your age. ' I feel that many of you have truly grasped the answer to the ques- tions: "How can I find myself? Who am I?" "How can I find myself?" The answer may simply be: "ln other people." "Who am I?" The answer may simply be: "A member of the human race." A member. A member means belonging. A good word to hang on to in your basic belief about yourself, so that you can say: "I am me. I have unique value. I matter, not only to myself, but to other people. I belong. -Monica Dickens :Sv rftfis and fafvans The edztors staff and adv zsors wzsh to thank the busznessmen port has helped launch thts edt- tzon of the Clzpper Compact . , , . 2 parents, and friends whose sup- ' If ' 2 W PIIIIIIIIIIQ DEECHANS, I CHECKER I GUEST ACCOMODATIONS - a. .CESSPOOL DISPOSAL: REAL ESTATE J,1f" '--ff - 2-af' I fiigggooz DISPOSAI I U I X I 28 Worcester Park Ave. Tom and Marie . ' " ff i, Falmouth, Mass. 548-1628 I ,jf 4,,,,, 'Kiwi I : . E e-, : CESSPOOLS 8: SEPTIC TANKS - I PUMPED s. CLEANED ...WHERE FIT COMES FIRST - REASONABLE RATES - TRY US I - 24 HR. SERVICE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS - TANK CAPACITY 2053 GAL. 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Let us arrange your loan fast at low Cooperative Bank rates with terms to fit your budget. 1 BEST WISHES TO THE , CLASS OF 1978 I-X M Be sure to have dinner with us to celebrate your graduation COUNTRY CLUB RTE. 151, NORTH FALMOUTH - CALL 563-2255 OPEN: TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY -CLOSED MONDAY H N 5 B 17 AUTHORIZED SCHLAGE SECURITY SERVICE SPECIALIST RODGERS REALTY LEONARD H. CALL, Locksmith BONDED COMMERCIAL H RESID T L Route 28-A No. Falmouth Hwy. Qui., North Falmouth, Mass. 02556 5 2 Bus. 617-563-7127 E 2 A 4- Qt qf TESKSE-r'I'?x:lliRE2::-S MEP- Jznwwi famaer 0. 6 70.Zbin .ftrect fast ,?db1ZOLLL'lL,.ZlZ 02556 LUCIO'S SANDWICH SHOPPE Falmouth Plaza Next to Stop 81 Shop Sandwiches Pizza Orders to Go Call 548-9283 Daily Specials 72em? Edtmfe afdfwcmted HILDRETH--KENNY--NOYES RT. 29A Bc 151 NORTH FALMOUTH, MASS. 02556 TEL. 563-2857 OR 563-6798 TEX.. 817-563-3600 MEDAL and TROPHY COMPANY 388 Rom: 28A - P. 0. Box 831 Noxarrn FAx.uolrrB. MA 02556 uaker u A 'l ' I Bonnet Gifrs uf Df.YIflIL'fi0ll 140 Main Street, Falmouth, Mass. 02540 16175 548-1815 Film - Equipment- Processing - Sterio - TV , I I ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY Main Street Congratulations from: MEGANSETT APOTHECARY 75 County Rd., No. Falmouth 563-3533 A Full Service Pharmacy Prescriptions, Cards, Candy We also carry: Liquors, Wines, Beers lr' 1 ' We fi v2.11'7f-fails" 3 " ' " em, wigs fr 'ggi - i W 'Ogg i , new or ' 'i-:Qu K "El T '1 ?5'7i'l5iiJ,5Q 'ff"Z VI sf1T3iit:Wf1:J, fi rgmqglllll I I , e 5225- 2004 czmf muon? 202 Main Street, Teaticket, Mass. DELICIOUS PIZZAS 6- HOT OVEN GRINDERS Pa Pa fJe2fe'4 P1396 "Call your orders before you leave home - They -will be ready on arrival" Now Serving Wine and Beer. Telephone 540-1837 0fg1,olzhwz:s gf am' S Balm .D jhvfnw jgregg Lf' ' ' 1 f- if . .LA r. T, 1--A ' . and fDn85ia7i'i'6'izs dz! TEL. 6171540-3323 N - TRAINING fi'-f - BOARDING f Y f Yee Boxberry H111 Farm Boutique REGISTERED QUARTER HORSES 8 APPALOOSA'S and Salon Inc. 391 BOXBERRY HILL ROAD BOB REINHAGEN E. FALMOUTH, MA 02536 TEL! 16171 564-4007 426 MAIN STREET IRENE PIGNOLO E FALMOUTH. MASS. 02536 Tel 540-2020 afmoutli jforlstjnc. 894 Main Street Colonial Shopping Center Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 4 Best Wishes to the Class of 1978 AREA C 617 548 2787 MR. LUCIANO FLOR 0 ESTATE APPRAISALS GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST ' DIAMONDS LAW OFFICES OF 93204 dqveeaeknd, efnc. NEW BEDFORD AND FALMOUTH, MASS. RICHARD FURLANI, TREAS. JOHN W. HOLLAND, JR. HOLLAND, DELANEY dc PERPALL LEO F. DELANEY 141 MAIN S1'R.BB1 245 MAIN STREET PETER R. PERPALL FALMOUTH, MASS. 02541 FALMOUTH, MASS. ozs-so TEL. 54s-3516 W A I N G . . 5 'W 0 j ff Tel. 540-3273 ,I ag!!! ZZ' Q ff fAfter 4 o'clock at homel , 9:30 - 5.-oo .Mn - Sa: MACHINES COLUMBIA HOME APPLIANCE '-Vague, jlfazfi 3115611254 .pamfnzs 132 frocf f' REPAIRING CORP. We Repair All Makes Washing Machines, jafras e.7IQziv1s, fczlfsws and .Mews faaywmeaf, Dracsfblzig ccgltcraczkvns Electric Stoves Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, 746-4615 Brian Chiero 245 Sidewinder Fld .Rk.26,lwdqWlz Manager East Falmouth, Mass. 02536 Best Wishes 1. i EW , 5 FAl.MouTH AUTO VILLAGE, mc. A I Mazda 171 Worcester Park Ave. Falmouth, MA 02540 Best Wishes Falmouth Mall to the Class of 1978 , g COW 'S Cards 85 AI Gifts Falmouth Plaza OWL 1 .au PHONE 540-1292 Ebony '11 Counfzy Qfoziaf DOUG 6: KAREN SOUZA E Town AND couNTRY si-ioPs MSS' 418 MAIN STREET -a 1-, x .i'u'g25- E. FALMOUTH. MA cause Arthur D. Calfee B Donald F. McCarthy in the Falmouth Plaza L' C' ANTONEI-LIS All' C0flditi0l'led Insurance Agency,lnc. , . . . 275 M'll B 617 G'ff d St. Open m Ivhdmght Barnstetx:12YMg:s. FalmoutIh,olIAass, 771-1632 540-1223 Ten Pins 548-5434 , w A' E' R in x, WI EAST NG SERVICEW FALMOUTH 24 HOUR' sEmLI::ss. 540-3765 Harvey 'S Hardware Friendly Helpful Service for over 50 years 163 Worcester Court Falmouth Best Wishes to Class of 1978 lllllllll FALMUUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 02556 36 Q omvpgments gf I Of Falmouth 575 .JWJWWL befwc 1F10mm1rfL,Jl4mA, ozfffo 51,10-041.27 Wareham: Cranberry Plaza Harmony Hut The home of Quality Stereo Components in Falmouth PIONEER BURHOE BECKEF1 GARRARD WATTS PRODUCTS SHURE You are also invited to visit our Record and Tape Departments. Open 9:30 to 9:00 Mon.-Sat. FALMOUTH: Falmouth Mall 548-9115 ff' 4 f .Orgy-1 in E , l A li' - 1 ,55gg :3:aE v : i i ,fi I5 " 4? "WF P ' A E, ni T "' R'-'0wv-':: - ' U55 fflflcvugzf Boohfafiofa DEPOT AVENUE TTS 02540 FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSE TEL. 548-5636 VILLA GE PIE cf: COFFEE SHUP 237 Main Street 548-4955 M ujjins 6 Sandwiches Eat it here or lake it with you WM. C. DAVIS CO. 1885 Since Beautiful Furniture - Quality Bedding Fashion Floor Installations - Wall-to-Wall Carpets Falmouth 548-2143 Main Street Open Daily 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. BANKAMERICARD lTl3Sl8f charge i BURT'S SPORTS h h CI f 1978 Wis es tot e ass 0 SPECIALTY Best SCHOOLS - TEAMS - LEAGUES OUTFITTED LIGGET1' Mya!! Eng? gore TENNIS RACKETS RESTFIUNG LETTERING SERVICE FALMQUTH PLAZA COMPLETE LINE OF FOOTWEAR Tel. 548-5247 850 MAIN STREET FALMOUTH, MA 02540 C6171 540-0644 548-4683 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 78 ,A TORRES COMPANIES E E 'X-bsgcbdl Jesse E. Torres, Ill 154 Main St. SHERATON HOTELSEMOTORINNSAWORLDWIOESERVIOEOE ITT President E. Falmouth, MA 025 291 JONES ROAD, FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 6171540-2000 138 Compliments of You, you 're the one - you are the only reason .... 263 MAIN STREET une. 281 FALMOUTH I Mcnonalcrs F gipsn "S"51A'3"J?.1'1Z'Z"M Ll U75 Best Wishes To Open Handcrafted Chocolates Ma The Class of Year Round Orders 1978 Tony 8t Rosalie Ghelfi , . "':e.-7' f JW tina ans PlYMOU'l'l'l CANDlES a NANIUCKH 3-095 COD 209 Main Street Telephone Main Street Falmouth FaIl'T1OUTh, MA 02540 16171 548 7878 jen .Acre , Bank .fgqvg 71142 4' , , , n E-601105 Www, +B.9ew 227 .Mmm ,, rzlgfrmuftn iff ' 5576 ft sfgy Q FA ' C E e' qilt Y S, IN . Ya" .1 Y . - - ' .. " nd- 2 F Y -f QI' I fl Q Compliments of FAY'S, Inc H 556M ' st. '43 , - I : my Falmouth, lagss. 02540 A 548-1666 C'ontem,be1aAy Denam afza'24ccw4onLe1, 548-9213 Leuzbcfeafw Shim, QQQANESSE, FALMOUTH mfs 5 M i' A .. A . - 14 FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC REPAIRS 218 MMN ST' FALMOUTH' MASS- 02540 JIM CHAMPANI MQWOZTNHTEMTQEZEJ rel.: 540-3266 fzllnowtln Tm. L2-'QELWPA-g.-5.-ma-.? .T -."'1-2j:,: ii li ll E! :IE I ,-'. llncle Bill? llninfnf .Store in conjunction with Bill Mennerfs Silver Qmnge Restaurant Rt. 28A Abrtfz E1lmontl1 Open .year 'Round sToNEHu.i. MARINE, :Nc 'g ' '56, M Marine Discount -is 'V . 1 j Yacht Charters ,, Sailing Instructions Hifi ' ' Marine Financing il 5 'N , f 5 ll X 548-9540 154 Main Street Falmouth MA 02540 Eaafmanla c7Lfa'zc!wa'cs fjfitcgzn Qumbgbzgi jfyarzizs fpzocfucfa, cgascfs, Cfpozfang goocfa 'DEL KU 8-0407 04ff1action-County cgfourl Q30-7271511 6011151 150 dlffain 5f1ssf Qalhoufli, 411464 02540 140 .-.,-. ,, ,' 'Q it T ns, T' 'Nw ld x .- s - 5 ,lv .-'Q' s,,- 2 dir ..,,, me, z 23 E - ,ls x 1-r ' N S Q " QN 2555 15-lg ' Q5 F 37'-f ,. f' Q, -lh l ..f Egmg' 'Fl re S to I1 2 radlal we .f:.:4- - PQOPIQ Falmouth Cor Ccure Center 486 Mczin Street Falmouth, MA 02540 Pl10n91 548-7100 'S 255 .Zffaz?z.5'rrec1t 5404572 Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Jmflfplfmft Jaw of Jam unrnbrz Rx. lfl 9: zan 565 '6966 jufmu on AY L. REALTORS ssh gkhygdfd 1: ,W 14.5. sm EAM Rffbeff S T 0 N E In-L ill. - -'fy on 465 E. FALMOUTH HIGHWAY I ' A ' EAST FALMOUTH, MASS. 540 2740 NATE DONDIS' EMPIRE uv A V! COMPLETE DISCOUNT STORE SPORTSWEAR, CLOTHING, JEANS u INSIDE FALMOUTH MALL 548-1020 BEAUTY BOUTIQUE ' YOUR KEY TO A LOVELIER YOU Bonny Benoit l2l Locust Street 548-8777 Falmouth, Mass. 141 J. B. uouons Comykmmzs gf 631FI!:aTi2E1tI:eet Wine Beer Liquor Across from Dunkin Donuts Plenty of free parking Owner: Kenneth M. Smith, Sr. Tel. 548-1920 1.0517411131 .Yfrecz fafmzdi, ,MQYKQCAIISEEK5 if f-fa-0124 fsta!ilfle191.117 ' 9 THE PHOTO SHOP and THE DARKROOM 665 Main Street Falmouth, MA 540-0365 617-54a-oiss WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL .ff ' ' " a . A f X 1. 1 7 XX xxx- 553 Palmer Ave. .f2b Fa:,r:3:Eh5:4gE6god X' 1 SILVER - JEWELRY - GIFTS I ELIZABETH T RICHARDS S69 MAIN ST C0rz5fr1zf11L1t1'm5 to C255 gf 1.978 O FALMOUTH' MASS 'M' P. O. Box 158 , Complete line of all your rocket sports needs ,,,: 'Ef E' Falmouth' MA' FALMOUTH PRO SHOP llocoled in Falmouth Sporls Cenlerj co. "S'MnQ You www" TEL. 548-3030 JIM MURRAY, Proprietor Ralph Kidwell 1 Acapesket Rd Teom orders discounted in oll sports equipment Pl'0pl'ietOf' FaIl'T1OUth, Shop: 548-7384 Home: 548-2938 42 -f Z Z 0 REALTORS vw 4 3 ...... , T9 f-:2::" Q ,xx - , it ww PHONE 540-0680 - Mgbil PALMER AVE. MKT. iiefyfood RA65f3UI3Hf 1 35212125.21 A2:FFF:.:1mi5 BETTER-BANKING close TO Hom E. il Y l L FZ'-:1lrT1Outh Bank 8tTruSt Subs-o-ary ot StateStreet I AFULL SERVICE I - J' A5500 0 T 1 Complete Real Estate Service Sales - Rentals BOLTON 81 GOODRICH REAL ESTATE INC. Palmer Ave. 81 Jones Rd. Route 28, P.O. Box 342 F I th M 02541 Ph 548 5342 COMPLIMENTS OF THE GEORGE BOTELHO FAMILY 14 FUTURE NURSES OFFICERS: President - Rosemary McKenzie Vice-President - Kathy Grant Corresponding Secretary - Debbie Cook Treasurer - Meg Roy Recording Secretary - Joan Perry ADVISORS: Mrs. Jane Bullock, R.N. Mrs. Nancy Johnson, Ft.N. Mrs. Barbara Kanellopoulos Real Estate Bus. 548-7545 371 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. 02540 GEORGE BOTELHO, INC. BULLDOZER EXCAVATION 'CONTRACTOR 500 CARRIAGE SHOP RD. EAST FALMOUTH, MA Ui-tdnourh f, on Thaw up' I-23951 -am Bead Swvwe 5o2Mcu31S-r. get!-9271 ffztgehcfb 'UF The 'l.afUfa1WA inin aror Qvf1fBEw,,,,,,,fsgt SIEIIKER ZSa.2.ff.' 29 Depot Avenue, Falmouth 540-3538 The Steakery 704 East Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 617 540 0053 540-2585 Best Wishes to the Class of "78" '1'5Q7i- ' T mowers h I ghings COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE DICK MACKENZIE 148 MAIN STREET FRQFRIETOR FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 Happy Times and bygone days are never lost, In truth, they grow more wonderful within the heart that keeps them. H. Perry The lookout Members wish the Class of '78' infinite success and happiness in whatever they pursue. 44 Congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of 1978. It has been our privilege and pleasure to know many of you personally and we are proud of you. We feel assured that the future of our country is in good hands as you leave Falmouth High School and meet the many challenges that confront you. We salute you, The Class of 1978 Rebello's Nursery 442 Main Street East Falmouth, Massachusetts "We Beautify Outdoors" Telephone 540-1773 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1978 ATTORNEY AND MRS. RICHARD BABINEAU BANNER REAL ESTATE JOHN and STELLA 48 Hudson Street Falmouth, MA 02540 THE TIN EAR ST- COMPLIMENTS OF FALMOUTH KEEGAN'S CAPE JEWELERS ROCK, JAZZ, FOLK, CLASSICAL 548-5211 Uxcnoss FROM LIBRARY, Falmouth Mall Falmouth, Mass. ongfzatufations Tllhne W DEWWWHVEH First in Readership and Results 46 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1978 COMPLIMENTS OF PAPA GlNO'S OF AMERICA, INC. TEATICKET HIGHWAY FALMOUTH MALL CONGHATU LATIONS TO THE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '78 CLASS OF 1978 SOUZA'S TEXACO MAIN STREET BEST WISHES E. FALMOUTH, MA 02536 "A Full Service Real Estate Office" HAPPIET DLJGAN FIEALTY 548-4093 HAFIFIIET Nl. DLJGAN REALTOR F REALTOR TOWNE CLEANSERS EAST FALMOUTH LAUNDRAMAT FOUNDATIONS BY BEN 383 MAIN STREET EAST FALMOUTH BEN 8L SYLVIA MORELAND 14 BEST WISHES Jack TO THE CLASS OF 1978 Conway REALTOR 4 93 D ' sr t Rt 28 ' F I th 540 1100 Xe GCONGWAGY COUINCTIQGY' BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 78 F.H.S. HISTORY CLUB gidlz Wonger5 Ciuk 73 Wan .Simi WMJ5 JJOZQ, WJ4 548- 9 748 FALMOUTH JEWELRY SHOP Your Class Ring Store 229 M St t M I L Alb t Howlingbird Studio T-SHIRTS XM SILK SCREENING CRNVASBHG5 ' on FABRIC QUEBRSBIJHUW - 590 -3787 5f0f1f5 gfwzy Map for i77r5ff551p,1qfZ5eaII5q Senate Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Curtis McKee 6 5flf05f5 - Comic '5'w"c'ZQ' lynwjfqfs Caroline 8: Joanna McKee jkrcsa jon: jrmccs jwzgfralf rlflfhfg 210 Mm jtreft, jafmzfzf 5'5f6'0655' 4. '- ,. " .Zz ff: Cmtcr ff tmIv1 -,Arr ffllllglfldlld? Qzrfbyi 121 tic xml' mf? fiona "The Professional Touch That Means So Much" ' .fazgr - jour Bain fran! from Diff .yfvllf franc' Hzggzk Qffq .Ziff in the Wear - 205 .MM .fa 546 '065 Y ,fair C 0IZAfl'0l1C'9 melvin howard ethel howard ' 292 Main Street Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601 Telephone 775-2552 Official CLIPPER COMPACT Photographer ' x HOWARD STUDIOS INCORPORATED - 14 9 H 1, n d Cfmtve fPofr-mmwe mam IMPIIY sludiofgallery 49 Jlfortlt Main St gfnfmwth MA 0-'42.4-1 54 PATRONS - FACULTY AND STAFF ' W. Margaret M. King Fred Douglass Mr. 8a Mrs. Frank J. Burry, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Sangster Marie A.VDoyle Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert A. Nilson Mr. 8a Mrs. John Hankinson Gene and Barbara Bullock-Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert M. Alexander Mr. 81. Mrs. Gerald M. Viera Barbara E. Connolly John T. Shingles Mr. 8a Mrs. Robert E. C. Phillips John 8a Lucia Carroll Rosemary Moran The Helfen Family William J. Fraher Griffin Mr. 8a Mrs. James F. O'Brien Carrie B. Saunders Karen M. Schoch Mr. 8a Mrs. Paul R. FHS Library Tom MacGregor Feeley 0 PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert A. Granfield Lt. Col. 8: Mrs. John L. Banner, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Allan F. Ryan Mrs. Ruth I. Morton Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester A. Bourne, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. George J. Avis PARENTS AND FRIENDS - Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Sidney H. Stern Chester A. Frazier Edmund C. O'Rourke Louis S. Larrey, Jr. Kenneth R. Rebello Alfred Morton . James M. Doonan Patrick 8: Carolyn Twohig Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard C. Sturtevant Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Battee Mr. 8: Mrs. Earle W. Crocker, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. George L. Manning Patricia A. Drouin Mr. 8: Mrs. Dante Memmolo Mr. 8: Mrs. Antone Vieira Mr. 8: Mrs. William Watkins Mrs. Elliott Raymond Young Lt. Col. 8: Mrs. James Conley Dr. 8: Mrs. David W. Folger Richard 8: Jane Cabral Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Doyle Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael R. Grady Dr. 8: Mrs. Murray E. Pendleton Nancy E. Sullivan Thomas M. Wood Marion R. Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. May Grace Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul R. Kelleher Gerald S. Paine Winfield Schley Richard H. Dimmock Joseph F. 8: Agnes L. McCormack Cindy DeMello 8: Family John T. Sheehan, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Aldo A. Milanese Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl F. Josephson Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Teixeira Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas H. Deechan Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack B. Reynolds Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Medeiros Mr. 8: Mrs. George Horton Frederick Elliott Young Miss Margaret Ann Memmolo Falmouth High School Business Club Mr. 8: Mrs. David W. Heap Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Abbott Baker, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis A. Baker Mrs. Nancy Baker PATRONS - PLACES OF BUSINESS John Sheehan, Realtor Paul R. Bouche, M.D. Ondine Fashion Barn, Falmouth Mall Corner Package Store of Falmouth, Inc. Falmouth Fabrics Shell Horizons Falmouth Decorators Falmouth Press Doug's Country Florist flmtfhute to ou fill Nina Wroldsen and Karin Arnold were citizens of Falmouth and the world as additions to the growing list of foreign ex- change students sponsored through the American Field Ser- vice Exchange Program. Nina's year in Falmouth with the Richard von Herzen family serving as host, was divided among AFS Club activities, making friends and staying active in all musical activities. OUR 157th ANNIVERSARY 1821-1978 THE Fan ' BANK Nina Wroldsen Karin Arnold Next year she returns to school in Norway. Karin, always ac- tive in class activities here, toured Thailand from her "Thai family home" and learned the difficult language. Thus they fostered the spirit of international goodwill for their native countries and the community of nations in much the same way the AFS Program seeks to establish human understanding as a means to world peace. The directors, officers and stajf of the Falmouth National Bank join in sincere congratulations to the graduating Class of 1978. We are also truly pleased to join in a very special senti- ment . . . A TRIBUTE T0 YOU ALL . . .for the devotion and dedication of students, parents, administrators, and the faculty of Falmouth High School. A FULL SERVICE BANK Seven Convenient Locations Falmouth Main Office By The Village Green Falmouth Shopping Plaza East Falmouth North Falmouth Woods Hole 152 Buzzards Bay Hyannis Member F.D.I. C. M. v ,ly ,r -1-.jlfc:e:'-1 ,Q .. N.. 'Tb 4 Y M, T 'F""' -'f rs:-'Aw-rs-vf'3w-'v.'4,'.-. 'a's"avx1r-e:u1r.sfxf,::sr: nl " -'-'-41-W"N'hfEf1a9EE:J'f :"1":1.:f: ' f ""3!i'h1, " ' " 4 :Lf 5 : 'K-1541 sk .,, .- v 1 13-441 an- 4.. 4 Ei' 1 1 5 1 -as pn- f -mx . M JAMES? ,JJE.M':.i'fzv3.+.fwH5if: 1 ---3""Q' ". " " ff 1..::-'. v:-- V ,- - ,-,: - , . f--- f , -- f. Y, f . .- .- -,,:..f g,,.,,, ,.,,,.,,.. , , , , , ,Tiff ,v-,',-- 'E::?'f5,f. T-" 3 lg? M2555 -'F 4 ,G -R ziif-3 g:2!3"'3Ai'?b'gsi1':'M.-'-v"7-13ff'T:g'3?'T-f5?1'2'5fl'?5'H'l' 9-'fz:fsf'efmvfm'f!I i'AdilH34--,--MII',4gfy45.4.f''iiY--'Q'-gf,Gvf:2 ia'gfJ',-f'- 11.5,,frf-f3-2W31fu-'-1Le-,-.-1-:::av--fi ' ,L -.- ' 'tif -:-.'Q-'-'-f-:hr-ws.-gr: -2- ir' . gz3,fgg:4:-.-. qqf.,q.,.,.5,r:i, :pp :3f,3.1.5 v 3 1 to-WW. H , ,I , 3-xg.-.zz-ag,-.w.-,g.3,-in.Ly-wx 'rriflz 1--gr.-1-,.., .xlzi1l'!'1?!'f'l'!'FI"'2f1. 'JL '.1.'.. .. M .':'.- w X . ' 1 ' - -,. :. 21, '-12'-"r -vp uw -,., . - . , ., .. .. , . .. Q Wm .LY,,..,,. .-r.....: QQ,-.-1 :ef Y:qQe.:'f - 211. r ,..--Fr A . H ..L -.5---,Ag-,gg.f,1-,xi .31-3.-.:y.-.: A., . .. -"Hb, -' -4"1"15, f' t f J .J,-.- ' . " ' . .' -.h.,.., - ry ,.-Y-1 , ..... -- 'G W 1 A .- -'f ,". 1 J' . - ,- -'- a 1. , 1 H Wi I ,, , w .. ',,.. ' ' 1 X . ' 1 . , , . V v J., , ,-f . -...Q H.. HL.. .Qf .x, N.. ' , 0 . Y . f'. n , -' A-I , ' "- . -f X -e ' U . . I 1 , 4 , f xv.-, ,. ,, V 5 V A " 1 ' .2 ' . '. A W . . , . .,.. -i , f , A - , . - ., , , , , t I . K-V, A . . -, v W. . 9 ' N A . E - ' -: , 7 ' - ' N . K- , - ' ' . ' 4 V :. be R ' -b .L -. .- -V V H " - ,V l, , , 7 - ' - ' ' 1 , - . - . , ' ' f . Q -21' ff.-Q5 7 W:-K. , ,1 V . - I . .,- N - ,Jn 73.55. .., ,xv 35,2 , . 1 N 1 . ,- , , - , , , 4: . " -gg, M 'f ,Y-g.a:.-.51-,-M,g,r,4-,1 -.ml - ""' ' . ' - ' 4 3 X r Q " V - YL. lf,p:.T..5- :-1i.'.f".qQ,,' j,Q,w-"j:'5:w-. " "1 "Jn :1 4- 1, 7 , - ' . ' , Q - . 4' ., -3,...- z. w,1f.,.-.3',"?: -!.?,.3,:L uw Z.-H-'.NLF:f - - ' 1 ,.. ' -' ,V ' '- , 1 F "1 ... 1L.j'Q1T Tk-f - Q 'J!'L,Lv,:4A?:u1f','. A'-f,J7':'2,,'r- -Fgg q:vT:g'AQWE jg 3 , , ' , ' ' ' ' " - jg' fi: 4:-4:13. f'li:g:"Y wy ' -v,,'- ,11',v,-ALVAH5'-V : V A, I . - ' ' ,, , , ,' ' ' -.' ' ' Y " ,F , L ' VN ", ..-" ' T 157' " i '15 Y., ' ' Y- 144 .. ' w, N4 " ' , . ' ,."'m A ' ' . 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