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Article II Accord — And each continued according to his season Editors-in-Chief Melissa Douthart Harold Byrd Stacey Valias Managing Editors Tamara Hennemuth Krista Hennessey Portrait Editors Joanne Murphy Teresa Marquis Kathy Goodhue Advisor R . Curtis McKee AQUARIUS January 21 -February 19 LIBRA September 24-October 23 PISCES February 20-March 20 GEMINI May 22-June 21 CANCER June 22-July 22 : m M « mm SCORPIO October 24-November 22 ARIES March 21-April 20 LEO July 23-August 23 m i in— A H -r J l Ik TawA - 1 2 $ ‘ ' ihT m TAURUS April 21 -May 21 VIRGO August 24-September 23 SAGITTARIUS November 23-December 21 Clipper Compact Staff The 1974-1975 yearbook has been divided into four sections of three astrological signs each. Seniors are pictured at the beginning of each section in alphabetical order under their respective signs, and the many activities at FHS are also grouped into these four seasons. We have attempted to cover a broad number of events and to capture the essence of each through posed, action, and candid photographys. We offer to you, our classmates and companions, this remembrance of friends and laughter, frustration and dreams. — The Editors A yearbook staff always coheres enough to finish the job, but rarely do the editors become truly interdependent and collectively judicious. Melissa Dout hart’s organizational and leadership talents; Harold Byrd’s leg and assembly work; and Stacey Valias ' skills in perceiving and executing production combined to guarantee an on-time, quality production. Joanne Murphy’s diligence and perspicacity assured an attractive senior section with over 90% of the class pictured. Tammy Hennemuth and Krista Hennessy worked equally well with production and consultation with Editors-in-Chief and staff. The staff could do nothing but excel under such leadership, and, for the first time, faculty was directly involved in yearbook production. As adviser, I can only express my admiration and gratitude for a superb performance; the proof is in these pages. Well done! — R Curtis McKee Editors-in-Chief Harold Byrd, Melissa Douthart, Stacey Valias Managing Editors . . . .Tammy Hennemuth, Krista Hennessy Portrait Editor Joanne Murphy S taff Artist Moira Powers Photographers Adalberto Haikel, Barbara Ricci, Karen Smith Staff David English, Kathy Goodhue, Martha Hastay, Terry Marquis, Nancy Weaner, Mr. and Mrs. James O’Brien, Mr. John J. Carroll Official Photographers . HO WARD STUDIOS, INC. Mel Howard, Joe Rose Delmar Representative . . . .Robert Vantine Adviser R. Curtis McKee Business Adviser Karen M. Schoch ZODIAC Virgo Libra Scorpio Seniors ... 5 Jr. Miss ...19 Clubs and Sports ...20 Sagittarius Capricorn Seniors ...36 Faculty -Administration ...50 Performing Arts ...55 Clubs and Sports ...59 Pisces Aries Taurus Seniors ...71 Clubs and Sports ...84 Gemini Cancer Leo Seniors ...93 How to Succeed . . .106 Senior Activities . . .108 Aquarius 3 4 Thirty one years ago, Gail Cavanaugh began as one of the two science teachers at LHS. Beside the fact that there were only 60 students in the senior class at that time, and, therefore, classes were smaller, Mr. Cavanaugh does not notice any dras- tic change in his classes and students. As well as his work in the Falmouth system Mr. Cavanaugh has taught science courses at Mass- achusetts Maritime, S.M.U., and Boston Univer- sity, and has been involved in the Chemistry De- partment at the MBL. Conducting his class in an informal atmosphere, Mr. Cavanaugh is always well-prepared, easily- approached, and willing to give of himself. We dedicate this yearbook to a man who has dedicated 31 years of understanding and guidance to the students of Falmouth. Dedication Peter Annicelli Libra — October 2 Success Marcia Antonellis Libra — September 24 Finishing School Edwin Arthur Scorpio — November 4 Mark Azarian Scorpio — November 3 Joan Baker Libra — October 5 Grow Old Gracefully Karen Baker Virgo — September 2 cccc Bradford Bigelow Virgo — September 4 Gary Botelho Virgo — August 28 Business Grafton Briggs Scorpio — October 25 Landscape Architecture Dale Bryant Virgo — August 23 Andrew Bunker Virgo — September 12 College Julie Caissie Libra — October 10 Mark Campbell Virgo — August 31 Jon Paul Carlson Scorpio — November 7 Librarian John Conners Virgo — September 3 Dentist Patricia Corcoran Libra — October 12 Special Education Donna Correllus Scorpio — November 12 Registered Nurse Timothy Phillip Crimmins Scorpio — November 18 Oceanographer wmmsm 8 Kevin Dean Florence Delaney Virgo — August 24 Virgo — August 23 Photographer Computer Programmer Gloria DeMello Virgo — August 29 Interior Designer Britt Densmore Virgo — August 25 Writer Lauren A. Doucette Mark Dunn Virgo — September 20 Scorpio — October 24 Chemistry Teacher Richard Dunn Kristine Eddy Libra — September 23 Virgo — August 24 Coast Guard Anthropologist Sam M. Edwards Scorpio — November 14 Environmentalist Gary G. Grace Virgo — September 4 Wildlife Management Michele Farrell Libra — September 26 College Randal Fisher Virgo — September 9 College David English Virgo — August 26 College Elizabeth Ferguson Libra — September 24 Police Officer Charlotte Goudreau Libra — September 24 College Karen Halloran Scorpio — October 24 Registered Nurse Adalberto Haikel, A.F.S. Student Libra — October 12 Alicia Hathaway Virgo — September 16 Jill Hemenway Scorpio — November 6 College Tamara Hennemuth Scorpio — November 17 To Live Joan Henry Virgo — September 12 College 10 Ruth Korwatch Virgo — August 29 Travel Mark LeBlanc Libra — October 2 College Nancy J. Lester Virgo — August 29 Fulfill God s Will Joseph Luckraft Libra — October 16 Armed Forces Anne Macaulay Libra — October 18 Attorney Patricia MacDougall Virgo — September 14 Music David Macedo Scorpio — October 27 Electronics Technician Edward Marks Virgo — September 19 College Timothy Marks Virgo — September 9 Make Money Theresa Marquis Scorpio — November 17 Registered Nurse Katheryn Martin Scorpio — October 25 Wildlife Conservationist Glenn Mello Virgo — August 24 Armed Forces Carol A. Mitchell Virgo — September 2 College Elizabeth Montez Scorpio — November 12 Fashion Merchandiser Keith Morton Scorpio — November 14 Attorney Valerie Nunes Scorpio — November 16 College Robert Ottaviano Virgo — August 28 Mass. Maritime Academy Norma Peters Virgo — September 20 Hairdresser Catherine Pinette Sharon Reihl Scorpio — November 17 Libra — October 10 Registered Nurse Career Work Geordine Roderick Desiree Rose Virgo — September 1 Scorpio — October 30 Fashion Designer Model Ellen Royals Libra — October 18 Special Education Joan Simpkins Libra — September 28 Registered Nurse Katherine Small Scorpio — November 18 Brendan Smith Virgo — September 5 Career Work Phyllis Smith Virgo — September 3 Susan Smith Libra — October 7 Registered Nurse Donna Storry Scorpio — November 13 Physical Therapist Gail Stone Libra — October 9 Jean Souza Libra — September 28 16 Paul Sweeney Libra — September 29 Commercial Pilot James Tocci Virgo — September 21 Doreen Kline Virgo — September 17 NOT PICTURED William K. Gale John Higgins Steven L. Kady Brian Sandlin Scott A. Levy Libra — September 26 Photographer Charlene Maddox Virgo — September 7 Brian Miller Virgo — September 10 Pilot JUNIOR MISS CONTESTANTS: (front) Katie Murphy, Maureen Tavares, Mary Ann Mandigo; ( second ) Ellen Royals, Pauline Uch- manowicz, Barbara Whittemore; (third) Co- lette Fortin, Beth Ann Ilg, Donna Correllus. ■ ■ LOOKOUT CLUB: (front) Liz Cavanaugh, Wendy Lawrence, Missy Cary, Pauline Uchmanowicz, Nancy Lee, Heather Klimm ; (second) Susan Gonsalves, Fran Jones, Debbie Haladay, Leslie Lawrence, Karen Mclnnis, Sue Connell, Linda Solomine, Susan Gregory Erin Keefe, Marcia Antonellis, Kathy Peter, Lis Werderman, Tricia Cusolito, Sue Madden, Fran Ross, Julie Toran; (standing) Esther Up- ton, Carol Mitchell, Beth Ilg, Stephanie Elliott, Adviser Joan Tan- sey, Kathy Korwatch, Sue Augusta, Michele Farrell, Gay Soque, Jan Costa, Joanne Murphy, Eileen Clifford, Karen Smith, JoAnn Lino, Nancy Rebello, Rosie Grady, Pat Keleher. Lookout Club Lookout Club began its very successful year under the leadership of President Marcia Antonellis. Other officers were Missy Cary, Eileen Clifford, Jo-Ann Lino, Sue Madden, and Stephanie Elliott. The annual Country Fair was a big hit, featuring many games and cheerful clowns. Other projects included a children’s Christmas party, bloodmobile work, and refreshments for town meeting. New officers Jo-Ann Lino, Sue Madden, Karen Smith, Nancy Rebello, and Kathy Grady were elected in the Spring. Lookout wound up its busy year at the Spring Banquet, where 18 members were inducted. The money earned from various projects provided scholar- ships for several deserving seniors. Through hard work and much effort, Lookout accomplished many goals, thus keeping up the club’s tradition as an important facet of the school community. This year was transitional for the Key Club. Mem- bers attempted to perform new services for the Town of Falmouth besides the annual concession stand at football games, bloodmobile sponsorship, and Christmas basket preparation for the needy. Among these new activities was a Senior Citizens Work Weekend, during which Key Clubbers performed chores free of charge for the elderly. Key also helped to initiate a program to teach handicapped children how to swim. It is hoped that future Key Clubs will follow this example and con- tinue Key’s role as a worthwhile community service or- ganization. Key Club KEY CLUB: (sitting) Tony Marken, John Economides, Sharon Pacheco, Peter Annicelli, Jayne Kamataris, Brian Donnelly, John McCue, Brad Bigelow, Doug Marks, Dr. James Johnson, Adviser, Eric Soares, Andre Elichalt; (standing) Jeff Parker, Rick Young, Mike Hennessy, Ricky Corey, Wayne Chevie, Har- old Byrd, Bob Kinchla, Steve Bissonette, Brian Corey, Ken Botelho, Joey Vidal, Steve Alferes, Billy Shaw, Tommy Barr, Rod Jenks, Dave Pilla. The going was often rough as injuries plagued the Clippers, but strength and tal- ent shone through. Led by Captain Jim Holmes and twelve seniors, the veteran team proceeded to set two school records; most goals scored in a league season, and most goals scored in one game. Jim Holmes and goalie Doug Lino suc- ceeded in making both the All-Star and All-Cape teams; Peter Annicelli and Andy Bunker were also chosen as All-Star play- ers. At the annual banquet, Falmouth Coaches Fred Toran, Jack Androski, and Bob Chisholm presented Mark Azarian with the coaches’ award and Jim Holmes with Most Valuable Player Award. Next year Falmouth will be competing with schools like New Bedford and Old Rochester in the Southeastern Massachu- setts League after finishing a fine, final season in the Cape League with a 7-6-3 record. Soccer SOCCER: (kneeling) Coach Toran, Peter Annicelli, Mike Grady, Paul Warden, Andre Elichalt, Greg Hennemuth, Rick Carlson, Rafael Bel- tran, Michael Hennessy, Allen Walker, Coach Chisholm; (standing) Andy Bunker, Mark Azarian, Doug Marks, Doug Lino, Jim Holmes, Tim Flagg, Jim Walsh, Steve Costa, Patrick Hirtle, Coach Androski. 22 s • csr p % SOCCER SCOREBOARD Falmouth 1, 2 Chatham 2,2 1, 0 Sandwich 2,3 3, 4 Dennis- Y armouth 1,1 4, 1 Harwich 1,1 1, 3 Upper Cape Voc. 0,0 10,10 Martha’s Vineyard 1,0 1, o Nauset 2,0 0, 1 Barnstable 3,2 J ■ m Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY: ( kneeling ) Brian Richard, Robert Engler, Mark Shepherd, Jeff Martin, Hill Craddock, Keith Cooper; (standing) Paul Gehris, Eddie Nemeth, Andy Voorhis, Coach Gibson. OPP 15 30 15 28 21 27 39 29 Team Dennis Yarmouth New Bedford Somerset Barnstable Seekonk Attleboro Sandwich Tabor FHS 48 25 44 31 40 30 21 28 The Falmouth girls’ cross country squad covered many, many hard miles last Fall. Training hard and competing in meets all over the East coast, the pri- marily veteran squad of six seniors and seven others had but one aim in mind. The Cry “FOUR IN ’74” echoed through the woods around the school. Coach- ed by John Carroll, the girls were determined to win their fourth consecutive State Cross Country Champi- onship. The tough competition weekend after week- end developed the mettle of the team, and on No- vember 16th the rest of the high schools in the state provided the competition. The home girls, led by Nancy Weaner and Stacey Valias, de- vastated the field again as they won the coveted fourth championship by a whopping margin of 38 points. The dominance of FHS’ “Golden Girls” on the cross country scene from 1971 to 1974 is now a legend throughout the state. The seniors, Weaner, Valias, Grady, Hennemuth, Lawrence and Lawrence will be remembered proudly for a job well done. I I FIELD HOCKEY: (sitting) Co-captains Krista Hennessy, Rebecca Welch; (on bench) Ginger Yando, Patricia Malone, Stephanie Elliott, Jayne Drew, Susan Moniz, Diane Hersey, Linda Durkin, Susan Col- burn; (standing) Manager Sharon Riehl, Jane Doucette, Barbara Pratt, Virginia Arthur, Ramona Pinho, Joyce Tessier, Sandra Her- sey, Bridget Carpentier, Karen Taylor. GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY: (front) Rosie Grady, Nancy Robinson, Maureen Murphy, Donna Valias, Nancy Weaner, Stacey Valias, Tam- my Hennemuth; (rear) Coach John Carroll, Terri Rush, Wendy Law- rence, Maureen Twohig, Lesley Lawrence. Team FHS OPP Dennis- Y armouth 0,0 1,1 Wareham 2,1 1,1 Barnstable 1,0 0,0 Bourne 1,0 0,0 Old Rochester 5,1 0,2 Field Hockey Marching Band FHS MARCHING BAND: (top left) Ginny McAuliffe; (below) Drum- mers George Duarte, Mark Oldham, Randy Crocker, Mike Nickerson, John Houde, Jeff Marshall, Dale Bryant, John Reese; (center right) Kathy Davis, Cindy Wigley, Bruce Steeples, Paul Gehris, Bob Hay- den, Amy Crocker, Mark Abbey, Dave Geggatt, Mark Pendleton, Rosemary Bourne, Frances Hobsen, Mark Schiffman, Peter Lunn, Laura Murphy, Dave Backus, Ginny McAuliffe; (kneeling) James Nightingale, Tommy Manchester, Suzanne Gendrot, Michelle Fer- reira, Steve Bowen; (bottom right) Lori Deem, Greg Dorsey, Diane Foden, Linda Abbey, Pam Hubbard, Susan Moniz, Caroline McKee, Ginny Nielson, Tracy Corwin, Wendy Sears, Beth Richardson, Heidi Webber, Denise Tessier, Ann-Marie Gonsalves, Maribeth Stevens, Shelley Battee, Michelle Sheridan, Betty Kalperis; (second row) Kar- en Dunkle, Cindy Bryant, Lynne Francis, Donna Storrey, Frances Correllus, Wendy Chapman, Mark Edwards, Anne Dean, Brendan Daunt, Carol Mitchell, Holy Perpall, Valerie DePonte, Karen Luke, Marcy Milanesse, Debbie Stewart, Nancy Bowman, Peggy Lawrence, Brian Schwiedenback, Susan Robichaud, Catherine Manning, Donna Correllus, Katie Murphy. Spirit COLOR GUARD: (kneeling) Terry Juzscyk, Sue Smith, Sue Pimen- tal, Melissa Douthart, Nancy Luke, Teri Ferreira, Sue Benoit; (standing) Debbie Macedo, Kathy Doonan, Sheryl Sample, Barbara Delaney, Chris Sigl, Michelle McCay, Cathy Costa, Laureen Goulart, Mary Botelho, Kim Tavares, Kathy Twohig, Elise Vidal, Rae Ann Knispel, Margaret Mitchell, Pam Drouin, Kathy Flaherty, Patti Doo- nan, Karen Payne. Melissa Douthart, Leader Color Guard MAJORETTES: (kneeling) Patty Kelleher, Peggy Kelleher, Beth Ilg, Jo- Ann LaPlant, Vicki Gonsalves; (standing) Jo- Ann Lino, Heather Klimm, Tarsilla Witkos, Pam Henderson, Fran Ross, Karen Mclnnis, Jan Costa. Majorettes 30 PEP SQUAD: (kneeling) Nancy Horton, Kathy Ferreira, Tammy Rose, Dara Corbett, Debbie Haladay, Nancy Rebello; (leaning) June Payne, Dannette Silva, Cathy Ferreira, Jean Murray, Frances Sey- more, Jane Madden, Patricia Cusolito, Barbara Whittemore, Sue Au- gusta, Martha Hastay, Nancy Campbell; (standing) Lynn Flaherty, Tami Beauchemin, Kathy Korwatch, Nancy Perry, Sue Gonsalves, Esther Upton, Nancy Lee, Phyllis Smith, Judi Dalton, Sue Gregory, Erin Keefe, Ruth Korwatch. ft ' v ’ V v AV |M Mi . M.ijl ' It m lk‘ J ( if ■ i j S Vfafti ' A. -a k r 1 1 ■ VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: (kneeling) Cheryl Gonsalves, Karen Halloran, Patty Welch, Janet Briggs; (standing) Gay Soque, Julie Toran, Susan Furlani, Linda Solimine. Cheerleaders J.V. CHEERLEADERS: (kneeling) Sue Madden, Andrea Toran, Bet- sy Gregory; (standing) Cathy Grady, Wanda Thompson, Maureen Lipp, Sue Wright, Corrine Callahan, Terra Keefe. VARSITY FOOTBALL: (1) John Economides, Mike Higgins, Grafton Briggs, Doug Doolittle, Harold Byrd, Thomas Staruch, Mark Chicoine, Dave Pilla, Dave English, Bud Delano, Beaven Burkett, Dr. Stanley Parker; (2) Brian Cory, Tom Pinho, Mike Sturtevant, Walter Gonsal- ves, Rick Cory, Dave Monteiro, George Rubino, Robert Mills, Jeff Parker, Eddie Marks, Coach Bruce Cranshaw; (3) Peter Orlando, Ken Botelho, Billy James, Shawn Martin, J. P. Simmons, Steve Cross, Gil Martin, Rick Mongeau, Frank Simmons, Mark Medeiros, Coach Jack George; (4) Rod Jenks, Joe Bowenberger, Steve Alferes, Joe Burkett, Brendan Smith, Nathan White, John Charves, Chucky Pacheco, Coach Ray Charron. SCORE BOARD Falmouth 20 26 28 14 32 15 30 34 12 52 Canton Taunton Durfee Somerset Dennis-Y armouth New Bedford Dartmouth Bourne Attleboro Barnstable The outlook was bleak for the Clippers as the season began. The entire starting backfield was returning, but the whole season depended upon an inexperienced offen- sive line. The first scrimmage at football camp wasn’t encouraging, but with each outing, the team continued to improve. Under the skillful eyes of Coaches George, Cranshaw, and Charron, the 1974 Clippers met some of the toughest competition Falmouth has ever faced and proved themselves one of the best teams in the town’s history. The season’s high points came with the 15 to 6 squeak- er over New Bedford and 52 to 6 demolition of Barn- stable on Turkey Day. With a 10-0 season, the Clippers proved their superiority in Southeastern Massachu- setts, as well as rating fourth in the State Division II. It may be a long time before another Falmouth team can match the performance record of this squad. ( kneeling ) Dave Pilla, Mark Chicoine, Tom Staruch; (standing) Coaches Bruce Cranshaw, Jack George, and Ray Charron. Thomas Barr i Sagittarius — December 15 College Janet Barrows Capricorn — January 15 Special Education Julie Bolton Capricorn — January 6 College Bruce A. Bowden Aquarius — February 3 Ronald Braga Sagittarius — December 20 Hollis Bragdon Sagittarius — December 5 Natalie Brown Capricorn — January 8 History Major Michael Bullard Aquarius — February 4 Hotel Administration Beaven Burkett Sagittarius — December 10 Travel Joseph Burkett Harold D. Byrd Sagittarius — December 10 Aquarius — January 30 Business Career Amherst College Rhonda Campbell Aquarius — February 10 Theatre Education Pansopin Charoenrath Aquarius — January 31 A.F.S. Student Edward Mark Chicoine Aquarius — February 11 Professional Baseball Brigitte Carpentier Capricorn — January 16 A.F.S. Student Susan Cleary Capricorn — December 25 Biologist Debra Coddington Sagittarius — November 25 Debra I. Cohen Nurse Sagittarius — Decern ber 3 Andrea Costa Aquarius — February 1 1 Model Nancy Cunningham Barbara D ’Auria Capricorn — January 19 Capricorn — January 8 Dental Hygientist Wesley Delaney Capricorn — January 1 Greenhouse Grower Brian Donnelly Aquarius — January 29 Success Catherine Ferreira Capricorn — January 12 College Teresa Ferreira Sagittarius — December 19 Travel Timothy Flagg Capricorn — January 1 Certified Public Accountant Evelyn Flaherty Capricorn — January 15 40 Benjamin Fox Aquarius — February 1 7 Linda Garfield Sagittarius — December 4 Horticulture Nicole Gendrot Capricorn — January 1 Nurse Norma Gilbert Sagittarius — December 7 Working Career IS f XT- Janet Graham Aquarius — January 23 Nurse Lorna Grillo Sagittarius — December 15 College Kevin Hall Capricorn — January 12 Sabrina Hantzes Capricorn — January 8 Special Education Janice Heckler Capricorn — December 28 Hospital Administration Krista Hennessy Sagittarius — December 20 A Full Life James P. Holmes Aquarius — February 10 Professional Soccer DeWitt C. Jones, IV Aquarius — February 12 Harvard University 41 Jayne Kamataris Capricorn — January 6 Legal Secretary Susan Kanwisher Aquarius — January 28 Science Joseph Kelley Capricorn — December 29 Maritime Academy Carlene LeMaire Sagittarius — December 20 Executive Secretary Patricia Malone Sagittarius — December 14 College Cheryl Macedo Capricorn — January 11 Working Career Jane Madden Capricorn — December 26 Special Education Kevin Murphy Aquarius — January 25 East Coach Aero Tech. Russell Peters Capricorn — December 25 Stephanie Piers Aquarius — February 12 Government David Pilla Aquarius — February 10 Environmental Science Moira Powers Aquarius — January 27 Actress Barry Rose Sagittarius — December 6 Forestry Sandra Silva Capricorn — December 11 Wealth Jacqueline Smith Sagittarius — December 21 Art Career Kim berly Stailey Sagittarius — December 20 Legal Secretary ; icki Stailey ' agittarius — December 20 dedical Secretary Kathleen Sughrue Aquarius — February 16 Secretary Charles Tashiro Aquarius — February 14 Film Director Maureen Tavares Sagittarius — November 24 Kir lines Worker Kevin Thompson Aquarius — January 29 College Sandra Vickers Sagittarius — November 27 Laura Voorhis Norman Waight Sagittarius — November 27 Aquarius — February 10 Photographer NOT PICTURED Jerome Dean Kathleen Ferreira Jill Glass Debra Howell Susan O’Donnell Jeffrey White Carolyn Weeks Capricorn — January 19 College Nathan White Capricorn — December 24 Criminal Justice Vicki Campion Capricorn — January 3 Involvements STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD: Dick Jones, Kathy Ferreira, Jim Rodenhizer, Krista Hennessy, Betty Kalperis. English Teacher and Golf Coach Barry Bird; Reading Specialists Robert Pickel and Barbara Kanellopoulos SENIORS: (top) Joanne Murphy, Joe Luckraft, Brian Donnelly, Katie Mur- phy, Carol Mitchell, Krista Hennessy, Liz Cavanaugh; (next) Kathy Blair, Susan Cleary, Tina Larson, Sandy Her- sey, Terry Jusczyk, Nancy Kanwisher, Collette Fortin; (bottom) Jim Roden- hizer, Tim Flagg, Mike Dorsey, Pauline Uchmanowicz, Stacey Valias, Mark Ed- wards, Albert Li. JUNIORS: (top) Maureen Twohig, Anne Christman, Kevin Smith, Sue Colburn, Mark Sellers; (bottom) Adele Mrusek, Randi Yando, Michelle Sheridan, Elise Vidal, Jayne Flaherty. SENIORS: (top) Jill Peterson, Rosemary Grady, Jane Madden, Andy Bunker, Gary Grace, Bob Galvin, Sarina Hantses; (bottom) Mark Shiffman, Martha Hastay, David Marshall, Donna Storrey, Kathy Martin, Advisor Rohe. 48 SENIORS: (top) Michelle Farrell, Melissa Douthart, Brad Bigelow, Steve Costa, Cathy Nowak, Theresa Mar- quis, Anne McCauley; (next) Grafton Briggs, Carolyn Weeks, Frances Jones, Me- lissa Cary, Susan Smith, Kathy Goodhue, Laura Voor- his; (front) Robert Keating, Ricky Young, Dave Pilla, Jim Walsh, Tammy Hennemuth, Moira Powers, Becky Pendle- ton. 1 T Wm A ff SF " ' ll Li fflol Honor Society The National Honor Society joined the crusade against cancer this year by sponsoring the first annual Falmouth Walk-A-Thon to benefit the Cancer Research Division of the Jimmy Fund. A gift of $3,300 dollars was made in the name of our classmate, Timothy Fuller, who succumbed to cancer last year. Included in a busy year were two field trips to Boston to tour the Jimmy Fund Building, the New England Aquarium, and the Science Museum. Members also par- ticipated in the FOOS program and eighth grade orien- tation. The highlight was the induction of 102 new members, including Adviser Adele M. Rohe as an honorary mem- ber. With membership now numbering 152, the group sponsored a clean-up day at the high school in conjunc- tion with the Falmouth Garden Club’s Clean-up Week. A cookout offered the last chance for members to func- tion as a group this year. JUNIORS: (top) Denise Tessier, Cynthia Wigley, Heidi Webber, Tracy Corwin, Jenny Egloff, Daniel Bouchard, Sue Pimental; (next) Gil Martin, Phyllis Gregory, Leigh Volkmann, Brian Schwiedenback, James Grosslein, Robert Flynn, Alison Dowd; (front) Laura Murphy, Betty Kalperis, Kathy Ketchum, Nadia Wood, Diane Hersey, Diane DeMello, Leslie Damore. JUNIORS: (top) Terry Ewing, Elizabeth Martin, Sue Lemmon, Mary Nolf, Holly Wilson, Richard Mongeau, Margaret Mitchell, Helena Correllus; (next) Sue Miller, Valerie DePonte, Susan Moniz, Karen Dunkle, Vicki Gonsalves, Linda Solimine, Kyle Goodell, Sue Libby; (front) Dana Haupt, Jim Hamre, James Dynan, Allan Walker, Jo-Ann Lino. Karen Mclnnis, Andrew Spencer, Sam Mallette. ENGLISH STALWARTS: Adele Rohe, Nancy Ryan, Joan Tansey, R. Curtis McKee, Ann Steele, John Carroll, Helen Peirce, Karen Schoch. Latinists Justine and Eugene Phillips flank daughter Hannah. The Faculty Falmouth High offers an exceptionally broad curriculum, not only in routine aca- demics, but in new programs such as Om- nibus, Focus, Work S tudy, and Alternative Classrooms. The scope of courses ranges from Traditional English to Bachelor Sur- vival in the Kitchen — it seems there is something for everyone. The science labs, woodshops, art pho- tography, and music rooms were available for independent study, as well as classes. A student who could not fit a conventional course into his scheduling might well have approximated one by using the open re- sources intelligently. Thanks to the ver- satility of the modular schedule and the cooperation of the faculty, students are enticed to pursue personal interests in greater depth. LINGUISTS: Adeline Hardy, Michael Mello, Debra Songster, Marie Doyle, Linda Gompert, Janis Orfe, Robert Lusena. 50 SOCIAL STUDIES: Mark Roberts, Linda Davis, James O’Brien, Sydney Roberts, F. Keith Baker, Yvonne Courtney, Peggy Savage. SCIENCE FACULTY: John Moody, Gail Cavanaugh, Ray DesRoches, James Johnson, James Kinney ; ( 1st row) Eugene McShane, Helen Mc- Kenzie, Edward Rowan, Dennis Comolli. MATHEMATICS: James Kinney, Mary Ann Carcieri, Robert Griffin, Constance Flood, John Farrell, Theodore Benttinen, Angelo Casso, Virginia Root, Andrew Vince. CAREERS AREA STAFF: (seated) Eleanore Osborne, Margaret Ol- sen, Elizabeth Hankinson, John Androski, Diane Leaman, Betty Met- calf; (standing) Linda Sykes, Eugene Bullock-Wilson, Kay Barber, ENGLISH SUB-GROUP: Michael Helfen, Patricia Moorman, William Fraher. Paul Feely, Mark Roberts, Richard Jason, Robert Chisholm, Fred Torn, Myron Gaddis, Robert Bock, Alan Jacobs, Robert Watson, Rob- ert Bastille (Math). Journalist Bill Banks and friend. GUIDANCE COUNSELORS CONVENED: Bob Nilson, Carrie Saun- ders, John Shingles, Barbara Connolly, John Quick, Harryette Alex- ander (E.R.C. Coordinator) Not pictured are Marlene Viera and John Nadeau. House Administrators Andreas Lehner and De Witt C. Jones, III House Admin. Louis Larrey In its second year, F.H.S. func- tioned with the modular schedule under a three house system. Admin- istrators developed more stringent means of discipline; hall passes and the paper flow system were definitely effective. Peter L. Clark Principal Chairman James C. Kinney Math-Science R. Curtis McKee Humanities Chairman Eugene Bullock- Wilson Careers Chairman SECRETARIES AND CLERKS: Mary Jane Burry, Bev- erly Klink, Martha Griffin ( Executive Secretary), Cheryl Mooney, Deborah Quick, Carole Andrews, Pat Hender- son, Peggy King. Bella Repoza, Factotum Aide Thomas MacGregor Performing Arts FHS Performings Arts was active again this year in several areas, as represented in the Fall by Director Janet Toner’s “Yours, Mime, and Ours”, followed in the Spring by an improvization show during the week of the Performing Arts Festival. i — Wrm 1 ! i £A « ? 3?ill Hli fi Oliver The adaptation of Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” was presented by FHS Performing Arts as the all- school musical. “Oliver” was di- rected by Michael Helfen and Pauline Uchmanowicz, backed up by the chorus and orchestra di- rected by Carol Sykes, and danc- ing choreographed by Jane Gay Stevens. About 70 people assisted the 70 actors, dancers, and singers in the most lavish musical per- formed at FHS to date. Show photos by Barbara Ricci F.H.S. achieved a dramatic success when “Exit the King” advanced to the finals of the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival. Performed by a cast of six regulars and six under- studies, the production was student directed by Fran Jones and directed by Michael Helfen, who also edited the script to the forty minute time require- ment. It was the most successful entry in Falmouth’s three years of competition in this festival. AV CLUB: Steve Jusczyk, Margaret Correllus, Joe Calfee, David Bac- kus, David Frazer, John Silva, John Shatney, Bob Cunha, Frank Hob- son, Aide Barbara Ricci, Peter Flaherty, Adviser Barbara Fears, Don Callahan, David Shea, Fred Thompson, Peter Connally, Mike Dineen. FRENCH CLUB: (seated) Les- lie Lawrence, Ann Dean, Wen- dy Lawrence, Rosie Grady, Carol Mitchell, David Bour- goin, Steve Sanders; (standing) George Duarte, Adviser Janis Orife, Ann Tessier, Michele Farrell, Bob Keating, Sue Be- noit, Kevin Smith. DEBATE CLUB: (front) Kenneth Botelho, Brian Schmitz, Stephanie Piers, Barry Keat- ing; (rear) George Duarte, Keith Morton, Jack Meade, Mike Denton, Lawrence Uchmarwwicz. 14 I 59 HONOR BOWL TEAM: (seated) Mike Dorsey, Susan Cleary, Ann Macaulay, Fran Jones; (standing) Bruce Bowden, Larry Uchmano- wicz, Bob Keating. i CHESS CLUB: (seated) Jim Walsh, Mike Sullivan, Jim King; (standing) John Beckerly, George Duarte, David Cory, Rus- sell Brockhurst, David Bourgoin. U.N. CLUB: Ann Lindberg, Beth Ferguson, Frank Garfield, Advisor Sydney C. Roberts, Mike Nickerson, Paul Sweeney, Kevin Smith, George Duarte. FUTURE TEACHERS (sitting) Nancy Weaner, Lesley Lawrence, Carol Mitchell, Debbie Mercurio, Cheryl Mercurio, Margie Mitchell, Kathy Goodhue, Pat Corcoran, Therese Jusczyk; (standing) Tina Lar- son, George Duarte, Kathy Soutter, Jill Hemenway, Ginny Tegan, Michelle Farrell, Adviser Sydney C. Roberts, Nancy Labute, Wendy Lawrence, Lori Mueller, Debbie Fragale, Pam Rose. FUTURE NURSES: P. Kelleher, M. Kelleher, V. Gonsalves, R. Yando, J. Miller, C. Gonsalves, L. Werderman, P. Doonan, H. Wilson, S. Re ' oello, N. Rebella, T. Marken, A. Callahan, S. Mone; (standing) L. Johnson, L. L. Cutillo, T. Jusczyk, S. Saxe, K. Delaney, R. Granfield, S. Lib- by, J. Cameron, J. Brickliff, F. Correllus, L. Martin, S. Lemmon, T. Ewing, K. Arnold. CATCH 13: (sitting) K. Goodhue, R. Campbell, P. Corcoran, R. Chambers, F. Jones, L. Myette, B. Whittemore, J. Calfee, J. Hou- de; (standing) R. Peat, J. Tavares, M. Nickerson, R. Swenson, L. Harrison, K. Hall. ' ll yfjW Jwlv j JSfapp ., -JA , rT % • ML,. I T J iU -V ' w V ? rv f 5 K ' il ifck? i f fy A J | A " « ' j f y LtvS A IfrSMjr tMi I 1 - A SW JSA jr» - ■ ■■ HISTORY CLUB: (front) P. MacDougall, S. Moore, P. Uchmanowicz, K. Hennessy, S. Benoit, M. Farrell, D. English, M. Powers, J. Glass, K. Ketchum, P. Gehris, G. DeMello, J. Rodenhizer, J. Bennett, C. Ferreira; (seated) K. Murphy, J. Madden, S. Gonsalues, J. McCue, M. Hastay, J. Kamataris, R. Korwatch, B. Donnelly, J. Drew, S. Elliott, M. McGoldrick, L. Doolittle, D. Haupt, D. Haladay, N. Lee, B Justa- son, L. Doucette, Adviser F. Keith Baker; (standing) J. Dinsmore, M. Botelho, P. Annicelli, J. Dalton, J. Mede, M. Sullivan, L. Uchmano- wicz, K. Smith, D. Pilla, C. Fortin, S. Pacheco, G. Duarte, S. Costa, B. Bigelow, G. Mitchell, J. Peterson, L. Garfield, M. Chicoine, D. Souza, T. Flagg, F. Seymore, J. Murphy, E. Upton, V. Gonsalves, B. Bowden, J. Costa, M. Dorsey, J. Baker, A. Phelan, B. McCue, L. Burnette, G. Briggs, B. Harrison, H. Klimm, P. Handwork, V. Stailey, D. Hamilton, K. O ' Neil, B. Ferguson, A. Lindberg, F. Garfield, S. Brady, T. Fuller. AFS CLUB: (kneeling) Z. Clarke, K. Ketchum, S. Col- burn, K. Abbott, B. Carpentier, L. Cavanaugh, M. Cary, P. Charoenrath, G. Duarte, L. Burnette, D. Pilla, A. Moore, T. Bowen; (seated) S. Cleary, C. Bryan, K. Cornell, L. Harmer, M. Murphy, J. Peterson, M. MacLeish, C. Wright, N. Kan- wisher; (standing) S. Bisson- ette, A. Haikel, R. Galvin, A. Macaulay, L. Voorhis, A. Voor- his, M. Powers, M. Sanders, F. Jones, B. Densmore, I. Long- year, M. Twohig, A. Christman. JOURNALISM CLASS: “Intelligencer” STAFF (seated) Julie Bolton, Leslie Thompson, Colette Fortin, Pauline Uch- manowicz, Stephanie Piers, Moira Pow- ers; (standing) Michele McGoldrick, George Duarte, Rhonda Campbell, Karen Smith, Cathy Ferreira, Wendy Lawrence, Jane Madden. 62 Team Sandwich Privincetown Harwich Nauset Chatham Nauset Martha’s Vineyard Wareham Barnstable Old Rochester Dennis-Y armouth Bourne Wareham Barnstable Old Rochester Dennis-Y armouth Bourne FHS 27 39 26 35 38 48 28 36 50 35 34 40 34 46 39 42 24 OPP 46 43 60 34 32 64 58 44 62 52 42 54 46 47 33 57 47 Girls Basketball VARSITY: Tracey Smith, Ramona Pinho; (kneeling) Debbie Pena, Becky Welch, Colette Fortin; (standing) Diane Hersey, Patty Malone, Kathy Miranda, Esther Upton , Coach Maureen O ' Brien, Laura Murphy, Joyce Tessier, Sandy Hersey, Vicki Costa. SCOREBOARD Falmouth 44,51 Barnstable 60,89 Falmouth 52 Vineyard 73 Falmouth 54,82 Dennis-Harmouth 41,39 Falmouth 67,68 Fairhaven 65,57 Falmouth 54,57 Bishop Feehan 72,60 Falmouth 40,56 Dartmouth 76,58 Falmouth 40,44 Holy Family 56,74 Falmouth 61,77 Case 72,72 Falmouth 50,49 Bishop Connolly 65,92 Falmouth 62 Somerset 63 BASKETBALL: (front) Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Gary Botelho, Co-captains David Webber and Ricky Corey, Brian Corey; (stand- ing) Mike Van Cleve, John Dens- more, Rick Young, J. P. Simmons, Doug Lino, Keith Charron. 64 JV BASKETBALL: (kneeling) Manny Andrade, Keith Char- ron, Paul Warden, Mark Winer ; (standing) Coach Bob Watson, Mike Lynch, David Souza, Buddy Simmons, Bruce Stock- el, Joe Olenick, Fuad Jezzany, Paul LeBlanc, Frank Rose. 23 HOCKEY: (sitting) Tom Connors, Sean Smith, Peter Annicelli, Chris Harney, John Economides, Mark Chicoine, George DeMello, John Connors, Richy Green, Pat Hirtle. (standing) Coaches Jim O ' Brien and Peter Kasargan, Mike Grady, Steve Cross, Gregg Durgin, Jimmy Falmouth Hockey can always be counted on for an outstanding season, and this year was no exception. Under the coaching of Jim O’Brien, the Clippers clob- bered every league team except Barnstable, whom they tied once and beat once. Falmouth’s growth can be seen in the tough non-league competition they faced, playing such clubs as Billerica, Canton, Thayer, and Tabor. Along with their terrific league record of 9 wins, no losses, and 1 tie, the Clippers succeeded in qualifying for the State Tournament, in which they beat Scituate 8-1 and Sandwich 9-2 before losing to Billerica. Estes, Bob Garland, Jeff Frazier, Tim DeMello, Jeff White, RodJenks, Mike Sullivan, Paul Varney, Chuck Nickerson. n i ! il SCOREBOARD ilmouth Opponent 6 Marshfield 4 10 Silver Lake 6 5 Hull 3 2 Canton 3 7 Austin Prep 5 9,6 New Bedford 0,2 9,5 D-Y 5,0 1 Thayer 7 4 Don Bosco 3 10,10 Bourne 1,2 9,9 Durfee 0,1 1,2 Barnstable 1,0 3 Billerica 6 1 Randolph 5 State Tournament 8 Situate 1 9 Sandwich 2 3 Billerica 8 4 p- vl i TRACK: (sitting) Mark Shep- pard, Randy Fischer, Keith Morton, Andy Voorhis, Dave English, Steve Murphy, Billy James, Mike Hennessy, Steve Alferes, Andy Bunker; (stand- ing) Jeff Martin, Alan Walk- er, Greg Cornell, Ed Nemeth, Paul Gehris, Harold Byrd, Tim Flagg, Dan Campbell, Barry Keating. Despite a sometime team weakness in the relays, strong individual performances mark- ed a better season than the 1-6 record sug- gests. Led by John Reese and Robbie John- son, the tracksters set new school records in the mile, the relay, and the 45 yard high hur- dles. Overall, because of the many personal records and achievements, it was a highly successful season. The Girls’ Winter Track Team established an enviable record in its 18 meets. Coach John Carroll was very happy with the largest turnout ever (17) and the enthusiasm of the girls, who worked hard, practiced outdoors in all kinds of weather, and per- formed “just great.” Blessed with experienced seniors and a group of happy-go-lucky freshmen, the team became a melting pot that developed into championship quality. Led by seniors Tammy Hennemuth, Michelle Dufresne, and super-soph Johanna Forman, the team took first place in the Johnson and Wales Meet; second in the New England Senior Women’s AAU Meet, and placed five winners in the Eastern Mass. H. S. Girls’ Meet. Individual events and relays were their forte; skills which other competitors learned to respect. Special recognition should go to seniors Tammy Hennemuth, Michelle Dufresne; Sophomore Johanna Forman; and Freshman Nancy Robinson; they achieved the highest possible honor when they placed fourth in the National AAU Women’s Indoor Cham- pionships in the One Mile Relay. In the same meet Johanna Forman distinguished herself with a great fourth place finish in the 880 with a 2:13.0 clocking. During the season they also ran a U. S. high school best time of 3:56.0. TRACK: (seated) Karen Bissonette, Debby Haladay, Johanna Forman, Tammy Hennemuth, Michelle Dufresne, Nancy Robinson, Donna Valias; (standing) Donna Sullivan. Lynn Cabral, Sheila Lopes, Sandv Medeiros. Missv Figuerido, Terry Rush. j GYMNASTICS Clockwise from bottom right: Ginny McAuliffe, | Pauline Uchmanowicz, Kathy Grady, Angie Powell, Susan Madden, Marijune Miller, Kathy McCay The Falmouth girls’ gymnastic season began in November and culminated with the District I A.A.U. meet held at the F.H.S. Field House. Ap- proximately 35-40 girls participated in intra- murals, and 21 girls competed in dual meets, the All-Cape Gymnastics Meet, the Dighton-Rehobeth Invitational Meet, and the A.A.U. meet under the coaching of Mrs. Beverly Mangum. Although Fal- mouth did not win any team meets, the girls did very well for their first year of competition. The season’s highlight was the annual gymnastics show, in which 35 students, male and female, performed. Robin L. Amaral Pisces — March 10 Conservationist Taimi Arnold Taurus — May 1 1 Veterinarian Susan E. Benoit Taurus — April 27 Brown University Peter Benttinen Pisces — March 12 To reach people Janet Briggs Aries — April 5 College Patricia Catalano Taurus — May 15 I fc Melissa Cary Aries — April 10 Wildlife Management Richard Corey Taurus — May 13 Horticulture Elizabeth Cavanaugh Aries — April 6 Physician Judith Dalton Taurus — May 20 College | Howard R. Delano Taurus — April 29 College Deborah DeMello Pisces — February 25 To be useful and happy William Dickey Aries — April 10 ' ««« Melissa Douthart Pisces — February 26 Sailing George Duarte Fasces — March 7 College Michelle Dufresne Aries — April 10 Secretary Tim bo Tricia Fuller Richard Furlani Cheryl Gonsalves Taurus — May 2 Aries — April 13 Dental Hygienist I looked up to see your eyes, Tears were there, to my surprise. But out of everyone, I knew, Because your thoughts were mine, too. Our minds were in childhoods’ past Those times so happy that did not last Our ties were so strong. Accepting each other ' s wrongs. Love that stood so bold. No matter how young or old. I looked up to see your eyes Tears were there, to my surprise. But the reason for, I knew Because your thoughts were mine, too. We had grown; split in feelings But you kept me from leaving Our ties were so strong. Accepting each other’s wrongs. Love that stood so bold No matter how young or old. Kathleen Goodhue Pisces — March 19 Foreign Service Rosemarie Grady Taurus — April 24 Dietetics I now look up to see your eyes, Tears for in mind, to my surprise. But out of everyone, I know Your hand is on my shoulder, Timbo. I have those times to remember Until I too have to slum ber Our ties are strong still. Fm living for our wills. Love that stands so brave A feeling with so in life or grave. i Catherine Green Pisces — March 10 Natural Science Teacher Martha Hastay Taurus — May 15 Veterinarian David Hulbert Pisces — March 18 Brenda Justason Aries — March 21 Registered Nurse Frances Jones Aries — April 19 TV Reporter Robert F. Keating Aries — April 8 Physician Victor Kester Aries — April 1 Engineering Raymond Kinsella Aries — April 15 75 Nancy Labute Aries — March 23 Fashion Design Carole Kirtley Taurus — May 10 Annette LaBeet FHsces — March 8 College Kristina Larson Aries — March 31 Elementary Education Wendy Lawrence Aries — April 4 Home Economist Lesley Lawrence Aries — April 4 Elementary Education Diane Leone Taurus — April 25 College Ann Lindberg Aries — March 23 Dental Hygienist Mary Ann Mandigo Aries — April 3 Fashion Designer Nancy E. Luke Aries — March 21 Social Worker Douglas Marks Aries — April 19 U. S. A ir Force David Marshall Taurus — May 18 Music Teacher Sheila Martinage Pisces — March 1 College Kathleen McCay Taurus — May 1 Dental Hygienist John McCue Aries — April 19 College 1 Joseph Monteiro Taurus — May 15 College Drew Munro Pisces — March 13 Attorney Katherine Murphy Pisces — March 5 Physical Therapist Kathleen Oliveria Taurus — May 3 Interior Decorator Charles E. Pacheco Pisces — March 3 Travel raig J. Panaccione aurus — May 9 ' ildlife Management Gordon Parry Aries — April 4 Mark Perkins Aries — April 14 ohn Pires ries — March 21 Yvonne Ronayne Pisces — February 19 Registered Nurse Andrew Rose Taurus — May 5 College ■ Paul Ryan Pisces — March 19 Mary Ellen Sharpe Pisces — March 2 Executive Secretary David C. Silva Aries — March 29 Travel Dale Smith Pisces — February 27 Registered Nurse Deborah Anne Souza Aries — April 19 Elementary Education Mary Ann Souza Taurus — April 22 Travel Thomas Staruch Taurus — May 1 7 Travel Douglas Swift Taurus — April 22 Ski Tuckerman’s Stacey Valias Taurus — April 30 To find out Michael Van Cleave Taurus — April 22 Professional Golf Teresa Ware Taurus — May 15 David Webber Pisces — March 16 Professional Sports Rebecca Welch Taurus — April 29 « l 81 Lisbeth Werderman Pisces — March 6 Registered Nurse Elizabeth White Aries — March 23 College NOT PICTURED Daniel J. Botelho Lisa Dewan Anthony DiMonda Elizabeth Galvao Robert Garland Thomas Grant Ashley Moore Michael Nickerson Cliff Weldon David Wells Barbara Whittemore Aries — March 26 Elinor Wright Pianist Taurus — (standing) Adviser Peter Smith, Dave Pilla, Jeff Parker, Tim Flagg; (seated) Lauren Doucette, Karen Taylor, Elise Vidal, Cindy Wright, Jill Peterson, Susan Buguey, Mary Nolf, Betty Sprout; (front) Judy Hoyt, Koletta Kaspar, Melissa Douthart, David English, Lori Deem. Youth for Easter Seals Club The Youth for Easter Seals Club grew out of the Swim Program for the Handi- capped at Otis. Members sponsored a Wheelchair-a-thon, an Aquathon, a raffle, and a teachers versus students wheelchair basketball game to finance the program and to make the public more aware of the problems facing a handicapped person. Interested, aware students worked closely with Adviser Peter Smith and Judy Hoyt, Cape Cod Area Coordinator for the Easter Seals Society. Larry Uchmanowicz, Brian Schmitz, Peter Jones, Jack Meade; not pic- tured, Ken Botelho. CaLt cjraphtj dub (front) Virginia Nielsen, Caroline McKee; (standing) Martha Crowell, Cheryl Goodell, Cindy Crowell. Debate Club The novice debate team finished 2nd in the nine team league with an 11-3 record. They also competed in the Massachusetts Forensic League against schools like Boston College High School and won several trophies. Ken Botelho received a third place trophy for “Best Debator” in the Boston Latin Tournament. Next year, with the experience from this successful season, debators hope to expand their squad. CHORUS: (Row 1) Carol Mitchell, Susanne Phelan, Colette Fortin, Joanne Murphy, Abera Thomson, Janice Heckler, Linda Vidal, Sandy McGarra; (Row 2) Robin Amaral, Morellen MacLeish, Nancy Horton, Rae Anne Knispel, Susan Gonsalves, Kathy Marzot, Cindy Guyton, Gladys Guyton; (Row 3) Susan Bu- guey, Cathy Green, Andrea Mendo- za, Colleen Tavares, Randi Yando, Patti MacDougall, Barbara Whitte- more, Ginger Yando; (Row 4) Carol Sykes, John Brierly, Rafael Bertram, Jon Paul Carlson, John Reese, Brad Jordan, Donna Valias, Cindy Crow- ell, Beverly Costa, Rose LaRochelle, Lorna Grillo, Bernie Grace, Theresa Jones, Martha Crowell. ORCHESTRA: (Row 1) Bruce Stee- ples, John Reese, Janine Foret, The- ese Jusczyk, Sue Benoit, Phllis Gregory, Martha Crowell, Helena Corellus; (Row 2) Solange LaRo- chelle, Mark Schiffman, Raphael Bertram, Nancy Robinson, Leigh Volkmann, Charles Tashiro, Andree Fortin, Cindy Crowell; (Row 3) Di- rector Carol Sykes, Jeff Marshall, Dale Bryant, Susan Moniz, Heide Webber, Harold Byrd, Gay Soque, Denise Tessier, Lori Deem , Gil Mar- tin, David Marshall. Falmouth SCOREBOARD Opponent 28,22 Sandwich 6,6 39 Upper Cape 5 20, 7 Wareham 7,8 33,28 Old Rochester 12,11 29,13 Bourne 12,10 3,21 Dennis- Yarmouth 14,23 9, 2 Barnstable 17, 8 12 Vineyard 25 Third Place, Cape Cod League Girls Softball VARISTY (kneeling) Tracy Smith, Sandy Hersey, Marylin Boesse, Ramona Pinho, Nancy Stone, Joyce Tessier, Captain Ginger Yando, Barbie Pratt, Diane Hersey, Sharon Reihl, Linda Durkin, Jayne Doucette; JV (standing) Coach Jim Johnson, Carol Kin- sessa, Diane DeMello, Maureen Tavares, Kathy Pena, Patty Hickman, Lisa Azarian, Cheryl Wood, Cheryl Halstead, Bonnie Pena, Allison Dowd, Randi Yando, Debbie James. Falmouth 12,9 Bourne 7,6 Falmouth 6,C Sandwich 4,C Falmouth 4,6 Duffee 11,3 Falmouth 4,8 Somerset 3,1 Falmouth 4,0 New Bedford 10,6 Falmouth 5,2 Dennis-Yarmouth 3,7 Falmouth 3,4 Barnstable 2,7 Falmouth 7,3 Stang 2,8 Falmouth 0,10 Attleboro 8,9 Falmouth 1,2 Taunton 3,13 VARSITY BASEBALL: ( kneeling ) John Charves, Dave Pilla, Mark Chicoine, Rod Jenks, Doug Botelho, Coach Bruce Cranshaw; (stand- ing) Terry Harrison, Manager, Brian Corey, Joey Vidal, Skip Martin, Mark LeBlanc, Paul Gehris, Doug Lino, Timmy Marken. SPRING TRACK: (seat- ed) Earl Stanley, Dan Campbell, Ed Nemeth, Andy Bunker, Andy Voor- his, Tim Marks, Robby Johnson; (standing) Coach Bruce Mogardo, Bob Engler, Jeff Martin, Brian Perry, Steve Cross, Coach John Carroll, Greg Cornell, John Reese, John Dinsmore, Joey Frye, Jack Meade, Coach Paul Feeley. Opp 56 76 77 93 74 100 80 FHS 84 64 63 37 21 40 60 Team Barnstable Dartmouth Somerset Dennis-Y armouth Attleboro New Bedford Seekonk Spring Track Team FHS Opp. Dartmouth 46 63 Dennis-Y armouth 72 37 New Bedford 66 42 Old Rochester 67 42 Barnstable 76 33 Bourne 78 30 Wareham 62 47 Bishop Stang 62 47 All-State Champions Class “B” Champions State Relays Champions Falmouth Invitational Champions STATE CHAMPIONS: (seated) Nancy Robinson, Debbie Haladay, Tammy Hennemuth, Becky Welch, Michelle Dufresne, Karen Halloran, Sharon Pacheco, Michelle McGoldrick, Johanna Forman, Coach Bob LaRaia; (standing) Lynn Cabral, Missy Figuerido , Lilo Nichy, Sandy Medeiros, Donna Sullivan, Karen Bissonnette, Donna Jonas, Terry Rush, Sheila Barrows. Falmouth 4,4 Wareham 1,1 Falmouth 5,4 Dennis- Y armouth 0,1 Falmouth 5,4 Sandwich 0,1 Falmouth 5,4 New Bedford 0,1 Falmouth 5,5 Old Rochester 0,0 Falmouth 5,4 Bourne 0,1 Falmouth 5,4 Dartmouth 0,1 Falmouth 4,5 Barnstable 1,0 Falmouth 5 Nauset 0 The girls’ team for the fourth year straight was league champions. Over those years, the team has given up only three losses against an impressive 71 wins. Seniors Martha Hastay, Cathy Stone, Susan Gregory, Cathy Nowak, Jill Peterson, and Lisa Myette have been the mainstays throughout their high school careers. With Mr. Furtado’s coaching for four years and Mr. Comolli’s this year, the team’s undefeated record this Spring and its past perfor- mances have stablished these girls as one of the most successful athletic teams in the histories of both Lawrence and Falmouth High Schools! CHAMPIONS: (standing) Andrea Toran, Cathy Stone, Sue Gregory, Kathy Korwatch, Esther Upton; (kneeling) Lisa Myette, Betsy Gregory, Debbie Bwyne, Martha Hastay. BOYS’ TEAM: (sitting) Joe Domingos, Jack Grosslein, Barry Keating, Tommy Nolan, Jimmy Estes, John Posgay, Jeff Gwyne, Ken Botelho, Gregg Hennemuth. (standing) Jim Grosslein, Kevin Pease, Jim Goodhue. V Falmouth 4,4 Wareham 1,1 Falmouth 5,5 Dennis- Y armouth 0,0 Falmouth 3 Sandwich 2 Falmouth 4,2 New Bedford 1,3 Falmouth 4,4 Old Rochester U Falmouth 5,5 Fairhaven 0,0 Falmouth 1 Brockton 4 Falmouth 1,4 Barnstable 4,1 Falmouth 5 Dartmouth 0 Season: 12 wins; 3 losses Golf Team FHS Opp. Tabor 6,7 6,5 Upper Cape 5 Vi Vi Martha’s Vyd. 4,2 2,4 Sandwich 5 i 2,7 3 2,2 Nauset 9,5 0,4 Brockton 3,3 Vi 9,5 V 2 Bourne 6,8 3,1 Dennis-Yarmouth 1 1 2,3 7 2,6 Wareham 8,8 1,1 Barnstable 5,7 4,2 Tied for 1st place in league; lost to D-Y in playoffs GOLFERS: (kneeling) Mark Dunn, Mike VanCleave, Bill Shaw, Ray Bruce Farland, Mike Cassidy, Jim Hamre, Tom Frazier, Steve Kinsella, Bruce Kirtley, Jim Cassidy; (standing) Coach Barry Bird, Jusczyk, Phil Rollins, Steve Hamre, Scott Fitzpatrick, Steve Davis. Steve Saunders. Katherine F. Abbott Gemini — May 23 To Save a Tree Glen Andrade Leo — July 26 Be Black and be Proud Brian Baker Leo — August 12 Katherine Blair Cancer — July 14 Stonehill College Charlene Borden Gemini — May 25 Happiness Kenneth Botelho Cancer — June 27 P.E. Christine Chagnon Gemini — June 4 Business James Charves Leo — August 16 Accountant John Charves Leo — August 16 College Deborah Clark Leo — August 11 College Patricia Cusolito Gemini — June 15 Early Child Education Richard DeMello Gemini — May 26 Electrician, Air Force Douglas Doolittle Gemini — June 5 College Leslie Dowd Leo — August 5 Secretary John Economides Leo — August 7 College 95 I ( i : I i I ! I | l 96 Perry Ellis Mario Fernandes Gemini — May 27 Gemini — June 1 7 Get Rich Travel Robert Galvin Leo — August 3 “Life " Frank Garfield Leo — July 28 Business Management Paul Gehris Cancer — June 23 Dentistry Susan Gregory Leo — August 6 College, Teacher Brian Harrison Thomas Hazelton Cancer — June 25 Cancer — July 4 College Business School voauuxt Glenn Heisler Leo — August 9 Auto Repairman Charlotte Innis Leo — July 31 Nursing Robert Johnson Leo — July 25 School of Business Therese Juszczyk Leo — August 13 Nursing Sandy Kapopoulos Cancer — July 21 Undecided Richard King Cancer — July 21 Electrical Engineer Eric Leaf Leo — August 9 Professor Edison Lenhart Leo — August 11 College Albert Li Cancer — July 19 College Business Douglas Lino Leo — August 6 Accountant Patricia Lipp Gemini — May 26 Dark side of the Moon »« « Michael O’Donnell Gemini — June 14 Plumber Mark Oldham Leo — August 12 Veterinarian Sharon Pacheco Leo — July 23 Travel Administration ' • :.C V Jeffrey Parker Cancer — July 17 Veterinarian Rebecca Pendleton Leo — July 26 College Katherine Peter Leo — July 23 College Randolph Peters Leo — July 26 Truck Driver Jill Peterson Gemini — June 3 Physical Therapy Annette Phelan Cancer — June 29 Nurse Thomas Pinho Gemini — June 4 Bruce Richard Cancer — July 12 Sherie Ridley Cancer — July 12 Flying James Rodenhizer Gemini — June 9 Bio-Chemist Doreen Roderick Gemini — May 24 Susan Saxe Gemini — June 10 Physician X Frances Seymore Leo — July 31 Airlines William Shaw Gemini — June 8 Agriculture Frank Simmons Gemini — June 13 Law Deborah Stacy Cancer — June 27 Catherine Stone Leo — August 5 Veterinary Assistant Gary Teixeira Gemini — May 24 Leslie Thompson Gemini — June 7 Happiness Charles Trenoweth Gemini — June 4 Engineering Pauline Uchmanowicz Cancer — July 21 NOT PICTURED Bruce Wise Gemini — May 31 U.S. Air Force Ginger Yando Gemini — June 3 College James K. Anderson Jacqueline Austin Jason Fahnley Susan Garrison Peter Haddad Roderick Jenks William Lange Robert F. Mills Merrill Stone Carol Wood Frederick Young Gemini — June 3 Journalism Deryle G. Matland Cancer — June 26 At The Pops Oh, aren’t you proud to be in that fraternity ? — The great big brotherhood of man Stairway to Heaven Frances Seymore Superlatives SENIOR SUPERLATIVES: (clockwise from bottom right) Most Ath- letic: Becky Welch, Mark Chicoine; Most Humorous: Moira Powers, Gary Grace; Most Attractive: Sharon Pacheco, Dave Pilla; Most School-Spirited: Pauline Uchmanowicz, Doug Marks; Most Talented: Linda Garfield, Gary Grace; Best Dressed: Karen Halloran, Barry Rose; Most Friendly: Krista Hennessy, Harold Byrd; Most Likely to Succeed: Pauline Uchmanowicz, Dick Jones; Most Intelligent: Stacey Valias, Jay Dean. Graduation The Class of 1975 graduated on June 6th at 7:00 in the Field House. The ceremony was highlighted by the address by Mrs. Megan Jones, who summarized the activities and accomplishments of this class dur- ing the last four years. “Your days in school have also not always been easy. Split sessions in the Intermediate and Lawrence High Schools; abrupt changes in superintendents, principals, and educational policies; a move to an unfinished building, which after two years is still without its playing fields. And perhaps most demoralizing of all has been the constant public criticism of your school system which at one time even included a front page weekly vandalism report . . . But in spite of these difficult times, what do we find when we look at the Class of 1975? Do we find discouragement and apathy? No. We find instead achievement and honor. We find 5 National Merit Scholarship Finalists. We find 11 National Merit Letters of Commendation. We find that 237 of you are planning to continue your formal education with over $119,000 having been awarded to you in scholarships, $30,000 from Falmouth and Mashpee contributors and $89,000 from your colleges. You have been accepted bv 92 separate institutions, among which are the most com- petitive academically and technologically in the country. We find that athletically you have excelled to such a degree that every school on Cape Cod as well as throughout Southeastern Massachusetts must be breathing a sigh of relief that you are finally graduating so that they can get a chance to win something. We find that with the establish- ment of the FHS Performing Arts when you were Sophomores, art and drama have reached an almost professional level. And finally, we find Falmouth seniors taking part in their community either through holding down responsible jobs or as volunteers in many service ac- tivities such as the swimming program for the handicapped. This is not a complete list of your accomplishments by any means, but just a sampling to show without any doubt that there is obviously nothing wrong with your hearts and minds.” Class Farewell “The time has finally come for the Class of 1975 to step outside and breathe the fresh air of new responsibilities and experiences. Our four year journey has taken us through two different schools, two principals, from a seven period day to an eighteen mod day, from a five day week to a six day cycle, ringing bells to b linking lights, conventional P.A. system to closed circuit TV, and through- out all of these experiments, I still see the same old faces. Through these years of change and experimentation, we have emerged the largest, wealthiest class ever to graduate from Fal- mouth. In light of the country’s recession, such an achievement is representative of the kind of togetherness that we as a class have acquired to overcome these kinds of obstacles. High school is over, and when we all walk out this door tonight, some will take on the responsibilities of a family, some of lifetime careers, and still others will pursue further education. In any case, we are all a little better equipped to cope with the reality of the world around us. I am reminded of the bitterness of this reality as I look over the rows of my classmates expecting to see that brown haired 225 pound tackle and close friend of mine and many — Tim Fuller. He stands out in my mind as a true soldier against death — a teacher of life. His courage, faith, and under- standing surpass that of any other man I have ever known. It is truly a painful and seemingly unnecessary way to have to learn of the virtues I wish everyone in the world could acquire and practice. Keep vour senses awake — absorb these lessons of hidden mean- ing — for they are the lessons that evolve ignorant men into wise men. I have faith in the strength we have found together to aid us in finding just what it is in life that each seeks, individually. Take care — all of you — Farewell and thanks!” — James Rodenhizer, Senior Class President m a k I ' i I i ft IT aN wi . w w w till ‘ A V - f iff i Vj , t j yto } )fr )] Ji J alar All the secrets in the Universe will whisper in our ears and all the years will come and go and take us up, always up. We May Never Pass This Way Again Jke eAltav , cund adnijcno wdfi to tha ik tftn inxoAwzojymert, ' fruv ' eAdh, and J wnAd whoAe Support ha helped launch tfuA edition of AUppen ' Compact. BUSINESS STAFF: Bob Galvin, Stephanie Piers, Wendy Lawrence, Kathy Abbott, Pat Corcoran, Business Manager Jim Walsh, Mark Azarian, Doug Marks, George Duarte. Not pictured: Taimi Arnold, Lisa Azarian, Paul Gehris, Kathy Blair, Sharon Reihl, Business Adviser Karen M. Schoch, Martha Hastay. JlUr 1 | | CAPE BOWL in the Falmouth Plaza Air Conditioned Open ’til Midnight Ten Pins 548-5434 PHONE 548-1705 AUTHORIZED SCHLAGE SECURITY SERVICE SPECIALIST LEONARD H. CALL, Locksmith Bonded Commercial a Residential 14 STOWERS ST. TEATICKET. MA 02536 Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY 406 Jones Road Falmouth, MA Film — Equipment — Processing — Stereo — TV ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY Main Street AREA CODE 617 540-0202 Open Evenings mm I ■ TOYOTA OF FALMOUTH AND MARTHA S VINEYARD Dennis Smith Rt. 28 E. Falmouth, Mass. 02536 MARTIN’S OF FALMOUTH, INC. 878 Mam St. Falmouth. Mass. In the Colonial Shopping Center " Where Fashion Costs Less " 116 A Message from Jim Walsh Business Manager of 1975 “Clipper Compact” " I BANK AT FALMOUTH BANK and Trust Company for checking account convenience, and I BANK ON FALMOUTH BANK and Trust Company for helpful service.” Join the high school and college students who say, “It’s the bank you can bank on as well as at. " Hepdquarters: Worcester Court East and Rt. 28 Teaticket Intown Branch: 1 1 Town Hall Square. Falmouth. Tel. 548-7500 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 FALMOUTH FORD Dillingham Avenue, Falmouth THE POOCH PARLOR PROFESSIONAL GROOMING BATHING ALL BREEDS Judy Lewis 6 Vidal Ave. E. Falmouth 548-6389 Falmouth jewelry Shop Our 30th year Your Class Ring Store 229 Main Street Marcel L. Albert Good Luck, Graduates from Tony and Nate EMPIRE s shop FALMOUTH MALL 548-1020 117 F. Keith Baker Bob Bastille Eugene and Barbara Bullock- Wilson John and Lucia Carroll Peter L. Clark Barbara Connolly Mr. and Mrs. George Courtney Linda E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Doyle Mr. and Mrs. John J. Farrell Constance Flood William J. Fraher Jack George Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hankinson The Michael Helfen Family Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt C. Jones, III Gary William Kenefick Margaret M. King Helen Ladd Louis Larrey Tom Mac Gregor Th e Maintenance Staff of FHS Beverly K. Mangum Betty Metcalf Rita Maxwell Helen McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. James OBrien Helen W. Peirce Eugene C. Phillips Deborah Quick Mrs. Arthur Roderick Mr. and Mrs. Sydney C. Roberts Adele M. Rohe Carrie B. Saunders Karen M. Schoch John T. Shingles JoanF. Tansey Dorothy Turkington James H. Winer Faculty and Staff 118 Serving the Public Homelike Pizza Enriched Bread Since 1926 And Rolls ORLANDO S BAKERY Pizzas — Subs — Deli Tel. 540-1440 420 Main Street East Falmouth, Mass. 02536 C C FISH, INC. FRESH FISH LOBSTER SHELL FISH RTE 28 AT THE EAST FALMOUTH LIGHTS CALL 540-3366 XxxJ Old Meeting House Road East Falmouth, Mass. Tel. 548-0911 P.O.Box 231 FRANCISCO TAVARES INC. Landscape Design Construction Maintenance “FOR THE PROFESSIONAL LOOK ” Good Luck TORRES AMC JEEP riAMC 154 Main Street 548-4683 East Falmouth, MA Open Evenings Compliments of East Falmouth 119 WALKER VOLKSWAGEN, INC. VOLKSWAGEN 171 Worcester Park Ave. Falmouth 548-5570 Stone’s Beauty Shop for Professional Beauty Service —5 STYLISTS— Connie Stone, Mgr. Susan Tavares Theresa Stone Lynne Hayes Frances Fitzgerald Specializing in — Permanents • Coloring • Cutting • Blow Waving 210 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH 548-0685 In the Center of Town — Air Conditioned Parking in the Rear and Stone ’s Barber Shop Styling • Razor Cutting • Shaping Four Barbers Frank Stone Dick Stone Phil Stone “Auggie” Perry Free Parking in the Rear • 208 Main Street 548-0685 AIR CONDITIONED 221 MAIN STREET 548-0116 SUMMER HOURS: Daily 9 to 6; Mon. and Fri. 9 to 9 TELEPHONE 548-0254 JOHN L. SILVIA. PROP. FALMOUTH SHELL SERVICE STATION 415 Main Street, Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Expert Lubrications - Tires FAY’S, INC. Compliments of FAY’S, Inc. 556 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. 02540 548-1666 120 PHONE 548-4842 Compliments of Rebello ’s Nursery, Inc. “WE BEAUTIFY OUTDOORS” 442 MAIN STREET E. FALMOUTH, MASS. •; a j» J5 Best wishes from COMMONWEALTH TRAVEL Inc. Memher ‘Your ASTA Travel Agent” (Est. 1931) — A Complete Travel Service — Dillingham A ve., Falmouth, Mass. 02541 Tel.: 548-5100 (Emergencies: 563:5240) " We are as near as your telephone " CARPET BARN INC. PRATT LAMBERT PAINTS WALLPAPER CARPETS 1 1 Chapel Park Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Charles Alferes 548-1443 Ethel A1 feres Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge Swiss Village Suites Rooms Jones Road Gifford St., Falmouth Telephone: 548-2300 121 Waquoit Fabric Shop Candlelight Pillows, Baskets Fabrics for all occasions Simplicity Butterick Vogue Patterns Dressmaking Alterations AT MASHPEE ROTARY GREAT FOOD IN A HAPPY ATMOSPHERE Scissors Pinking Shears Sharpened Route 28, Waquoit 548-1615 Open Mon. -Sat. 9:30-5:00 Open 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Breakfast served all day. Luncheon 11-5 477-9766 Custom Screening • Freestanding Fireplaces CAPE COD FIREPLACE WAQUOIT SPORT TACKLE SHOP INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS MAIN STREET WAQUOIT. MASS 02536 540-2563 Rte. 18 • Box 366 • Waquoit, Mass. John T. Jones 548-1100 548 9415 Village Variety Store Thomas A. Eastman Waquoit Highway, East Falmouth REALTOR Barbara and Jo Anne Leonard Route 28 THOMAS A. EASTMAN Waquoit, Ma. 02536 Store 477-0208 Best Wishes from WAMPANOAG TRADING POST Hand Made Arts Crafts wULUUAUU by Mashpee Wampanoag Indians New Seabury Residence Shopping Plaza 775-8276 Mashpee Eva Green, Manager Route 28, Waquoit 548-3273 122 Real Estate (617) 548-7172 Moore Associates of Falmouth, Inc. 327 Gifford St. • Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Clifford J. Hamill Sid Moore Falmouth Ready Mix Co., Inc. 607 Main Street Teaticket, MA 548-6100 TEL. NO. 54B-4G73 WHOLESALE 8c RETAIL PinelancI Farm Greenhouses Raymond Tavares, prop ANNUAL PLANTS AND PERENNIALS 25 CROCKER ROAD - EAST FALMOUTH. MASS 02536 Compliments of HARBOR VIEW FISH MARKET Falmouth Harbor Entrance, Falmouth, MA 123 Compliments of 193 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts Telephone 548-0124 Established 1917 Hand Crafted Jewelry ... Gifts ... Imports Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y. Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Louise Sportswear 293 Main Street, Falmouth 548-1820 Village Pie Coffee Shop 237 Main Street, Falmouth 548-4955 sandwiches — muffins “Eat it here, or take it with you!” 124 Introducing the New Yachtsmen Wine Room at Falmouth’s Leading Self-Entertaining Restaurant. Informal ' Waterfront Dining . . . with a Touch of the Gourmet LUNCHEON 11:45-3:15 DINNER 5:15-10:15 CLOSED TUESDAYS THE REGATTA RESTAURANT End of Scranton Avenue -548-5400 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 J tlsWs Enjoy the finest sandwiches German Specialties 553 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth 548-6263 The Carpet Shop 690 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts Donald M. Francis 548-6698 Compliments BOURNE’S MARKET Appel’s PHARMACY “the store of friendly service” 249 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Phone 548-0102 Congratulations Class of 1975 $ radmere Wotor George and Babs Ferreira 339 Gifford Street, Falmouth 540-1500 125 Angelo’s Submarine Sandwich Shop 694 Main Street, Falmouth Featuring 25 Varieties of Sandwiches For you hungry people, take home a 29” sandwich Call 548-9247 548-7671 SoutLcjuz and UBe Complete Beauty Servicing Hair Cutting — Men Women 25 Depot Avenue Falmouth, Mass. High Quality, Fashionable Clothing At A Fraction Of Cost REPEAT PERFORMANCE 100 Palmer Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Mon. thru Sat. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. All our clothing has had a previous owner who was kind and gentle Accepting quality clothes on consignment Best Wishes to Class of 1975 Sea crest NORTH FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS 0255B 126 548-6820 Arrowhead ARROWHEAD OF FALMOUTH ROBERT F MCLAUGHLIN 958 MAIN STREET MANAGER EAST FALMOUTH. MASS 02536 C. W. JACOBY AGENCY, INC. I REALTOR Real Estate and Appraisals 14 Queens Buyway 548-0940 MIS Phone Queen’s Buyway 540-3834 Falmouth Congratulations Class of 1975 Best Wishes to Class of 1975 Sheraton Inn-Falmouth SHERATON HOTELS MOTOR INNS, A WORLDWIDE SERVICE OF ITT 291 JONES ROAD. FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS 617 540 2000 Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 Cory ’s Cards Gifts Falmouth Plaza Compliments of WoolworMv Ar] Salisfurlim Gii.v.wliwl-Kfplaci ' mml or i imry Htfiuutrtt Falmouth Plaza Z7 L: A la’Jzzt F ooksholi DFPOT AVENUE FALMOUTH. MASSACHUSETTS 02540 TEL. 548-5636 127 128 Harvey ’s Hardware American Hardware 163 Worcester Park Avenue The Store for All Reasons Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. STUART ON CAPE COD, INC. LADIES ' AND MEN ' S CUSTOM SLACKS FRANK GR1LLO 159-161 WORCESTER CT. FALMOUTH, MA 02540 All under one roof — the most comprehensive inventory of art, architectural and graphics design supplies on Cape Cod AND sophisticated services by experienced and knowledgeable per- sonnel. Come see for yourself, send for our free brochure, or call us — (61 7) 548 - 731 2. Your demands are our challenges. forart s sake Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 129 Eastman ' s Hardware The Oldest Family Hardware Store in Falmouth 150 Main St. 548-0407 Falmouth _ the _ the _ Comp Room Comp Rpom 3 SECRETARIAL SERVICES OFFSET PRINTING IBM COMPOSITION XEROXING MAILINGS 368 MAIN STREET IN FALMOUTH 548-7017 3 a- -o ' ujodtf dujoj u odtf dcuoj f 3 Best Wishes To The Class of 1975 Main Street Falmouth Joseph Motta G. Campbell Lawrence LAWRENCE AND MOTTA Insurance Agency Inc. 177 Main Street 548-1596 Falmouth, Mass. .548-1130 130 307 MAIN STREET. FALMOUTH. MASS 02540 548-7303 Home Cycle Auto Garden - Sporting Goods Bicycle . Re nt-al — Sales Service RALE OH 226 Main St. F A LMO U T H ,M as s. 617)540 1 14 8 Main Street Falmouth Jewelers, Inc . Main Street, Falmouth Sincere Best Wishes Class of 1975 Quality Diamonds and Gem Stones Estate Appraisals upon Request Mr. Richard Furlani, Prop. 548-3516 Compliments of Employees Scranton Ave Falmouth 131 Congratulation and much success Class oj 197 . 5 EAST FALMOUTH PACKAGE STORE 345 Jiain Street, East Falmouth 548 ' 3323 FAMILY FOODS FENSTERMAKER DRUG CO. falmouth’s Onlu Butcher Shop freshest Vegetables 5% Main Street, i. Fahnvutft 548 - 1342 548 - 1390 350 JKain Street , Cast Falmouth 540-2550 Open 7 Days 132 Compliments of VtONTGO VXERY i VL m rj 338 Main Street, East Falmouth Mit? PRESCRIPTIONS FALMOUTH PLAZA - Phone 548-5247 WOODS HOLE - Phone 548-0741 Steuek (W Visit Our Complete Cosmetic Department Phone: 548-3344 COIFFURES BY ROBERT 627 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Friends of Karen M. Schoch Compliments of You , you’re the one — you are the only reason . . . . 263 MAIN STREET (Rte. 28) FALMOUTH Open Daily 1 1 A.M. to 1 1 P.M. Friday and Saturday ' til I 2 P.M. 133 HIGH QUALITY, FASHIONABLE CLOTHING AT A FRACTION OF COST REPEAT PERFORMANCE 100 PALMER AVE., FALMOUTH. MASS. 02540 Mon. Thru Sat. 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. ALL OUR CLOTHING HAS HAD A PREVIOUS OWNER WHO WAS KIND AND GENTLE ACCEPTING QUALITY CLOTHES ON CONSIGNMENT NEW JEANS HUBBARD PAINT SUPPLY fifc ton rai no paints Hubbard — PAINT SUPPLf CO . Distributor of Vjtouraine paints Service Our Specialty WALLCOVERINGS Q LADDERS ty. TOOLS Delivery Decorating Falmouth — 548-6233 352 Main St. Next to Sears Estimating Color Coordinate Service Appleton Pottery Danny ’s Barber Shop Mr. Leo F. Delaney, Esq. Ebb Tide Shop Falmouth Coal Comp any Falmouth Decorators Company Great Bay Motel Mr. John W. Holland, Jr., Esq. Lighting by Hansen Little Foreign Car Garage Kenneth W. Maseda 72 Nobska Furniture Ocean View Motel and Annex Peter R. Perpall, Esq. 134 Compliments of Fashions for Bed and Bath Phone 548-4224 Inside the Falmouth Mall Congratulations to the Class of 1975 Kid ’s Ltd. Falmouth Mall r Falmouth Mall ”1 HARRY ' S BARBER SHOP (617) 548-9115 ' Harmony Hut o f ‘JaCmout t One. FALMOUTH MALL TEATICKET, MASS 02536 HOWARD STUDIOS INCORPORATED melvin howard ethel howard 292 Main Street Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601 Telephone 775-2552 Official CLIPPER COMPACT Photographer “The Professional Touch That Means So Much ” 135 yi Tribute Adalberto Haikel, Brazil Pansopin Charoenrath, Thailand Pansopin Charoenrath from Thailand and Adalbertc Haikel from Brazil became citizens of the Falmoutf community and additions to the growing list of foreigr exchange students sponsored through the Americar Field Service Exchange Program. Pan’s wide participa tion in activities and Bert’s skill with the camera made them know in the school; their congeniality and influ ence earned the respect of students and townspeople alike. Thus they fostered the spirit of international gooc will for their native countries and the community o] nations in much the same way the AFS Program seeks to establish human understanding as a means to worlc peace. The directors, officers and staff of the Falmouth Na- tional Bank join in sincere congratulations to the gradu- ating class of 1975. We are also truly pleased to join ir a very special sentiment ... A TRIBUTE TO YOU ALL . . . for the devotion and dedication of students, parents, administrators, and the faculty of Falmouth High School. OUR 154th ANNIVERSARY 1821-1975 9 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS FALMOUTH - HYANNIS - YARMOUTH BUZZARDS BAY - OTIS AIR BASE Member F.D.I.C. 136 CANCER June 22-July 22 LIBRA September 24-October 23 SCORPIO October 24-November 2 FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org ARIES March 21-April 20 FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY TAURUS April 21 -May 21 LEO July 23-August 23 VIRGO August 24-September 23

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