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Ai‘HcU I IzrMVQCMe — 0n September 6 , 1973 , the folLwtw} company convened ■ embarked yi iarUs j4nn dewier 0cmd iferleij dauie Paeheax tffiaun dci nh tUia - eoraina ffiarfivia jHickaei dmturfUj, iMclvvn jfoward jdarendcfwtb i urle yHercurtir artnen danCos duian dcaruimn dcKmdfeuiman done ‘Perru $. urtiA yfflJlee dmda- Martin dPeten dhyfrert Idcwitinr c Dotma tDaileu dames debris Public UbrarV r “ 4 0 Article I The past four years have unknowingly contributed influences and incentives which have marked our courses as individuals. The time has been one among many factors which have coerced us to recognize ourselves as people, entirely unique on completely distinct levels. Each classmate excells in his own way at his own rate to derive a personal satisfaction and growth. It is in this way that this book is designed — to place seniors with activities in which they were involved. In like manner, it is this way that the class of 1974 is to be understood as a group of individuals, not as the typical " rah-rah spirited class.” That is not the type of status we claim. TJe are people, heading toward greater goals, making friends, learning and sharing. These experiences of life are what we claim and what we will now exhibit. This is what we desire to be remembered as and understood for — all types doing all kinds of things everywhere. As you follow through this book, you will see what we were ... a conglomeration of life, from our emergence at Lawrence High School to Falmouth High School, and from Falmouth High School to Falmostn Puttie MBfiF? Falmoottn Mat QiMtt William J. Fraher 2 DEDICATION For two decades you ' ve been di- recting Senior Class plays for the Falmouth School System. Your dedi- cation, patience, and assistance have inspired each and every one of us to know you as the beautiful person you are! You stayed and worked with us through our difficulties to help us pro- duce one of the greatest, most tal- ented casts who ever did " Finian ' s Rainbow.” The Class of 1974 expres- ses its dearest thanks for your time and devotion. We dedicate this year- book to you, Mr. William Fraher, from the first graduating class of Falmouth High School. Lyrics as written by Mr. William Fraher " Finian ' s Rainbow " Thank-you Oh, my heart is beating wildly And it ' s all because you ' re here. When I ' m not near the cast that I love, I love my group this year. Every scene that you did for me Twas a joy just to behold, You all were so perfect I feel a bit burbish So believe me kids I ' m sold. My heart ' s in a pickle Because I ' m much too partickle. But now I know just who to adore. Before the last curtain There ' s one thing that ' s certain. It ' s the Class of ' 74. Vivian ' s tall and slender, Mary is short and tender. Long as they got that talent I ' m Prince Valiant. Sometimes I was much to hellish But always you rang my bellish Long as you have that goodness . . . I ' m wordless. I ' m confessing a confession And I hope I ' m not verbose. When I ' m not close to The kids that I cling to My pressure goes up with a roar. As I more and more get older I am more and more a case. So on this last curtain There ' s one thing that ' s certain, I love you ' 74. I ' m thankful to Dennis Who ' s really no menace. And to Lucy who ' s more than 3 4. So on this last curtain. I ' m once again certain, I love you ' 74. 3 Robert E. Flynn The Falmouth School Community was indeed saddened last year by the untimely death of Robert E. Flynn, a high school guidance counselor. Mr. Flynn came to Lawrence High in 1969 after spending 21 years in the U.S. Army and working as a high school college placement counselor. He enjoyed his work immensely, and this was reflected in his perceptive wit and keen sense of humor. Mr. Flynn was always the first one in to work in the morning, usually arriving well before school began. He was a fantastic organizer and paid very close attention to detail. In addition, he was an inveterate reader who had a knack for recalling information. If there was any doubt in anyone ' s mind about anything. Bob could be counted on to come up with the right answer. He is sorely missed by his fellow counselors, teachers, and administrators, but most of all by the students and parents of Falmouth. In Fond Memory Ernest Economides Ernie Economides knew the members of the Class of 1974; he knew them well, they were his peers. Our class, along with the entire Falmouth community, was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of Ernie ' s tragic and untimely death; seldom has a more popular student attended high school here. Ernie was committed — as few others have been — to the athletic enrichment and growth of the youth of Falmouth. His interest was genuine, sincere; he dedicated much of his time toward development and improvement. It is that spirit that we honor here. Tim Fuller was a member of the Class of 1975, active in A.F.S., Boy Scouts, and with the Senior Citizens of the Falmouth community. An excellent athlete, he exhibited his talent as a shot putter in Winter and Spring Track and played the dual role of defensive and offensive tackle on the 1973 Clippers Football Squad. Tim Fuller was well-liked by his peers and the faculty; he remains loved and respected by all. At the prime age of seventeen, Tim ' s life was lost to cancer. Knowing that he devoted his life to living, we offer our dedication to him and L ' chaim. TIM FULLER “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage.” —Robert Louis Stevenson 5 Yearbook Staff Editors-in-Chief Maryanne Tessier Carmen Santos David Seeley Managing Editor Jane Perry Literary Editors Susan Ransom Laurie Mercurio Joan Weidman Clubs— Activities Editor Gina Barboza Portrait Editors Gayle Pacheco Lucy Peters Sports Editors Shawn Noonan Mike Connolly Adviser R. Curtis McKee Business Managers Karen M. Schoch, Faculty Rita DeSouza, Student Official Photographer Melvin Howard of HOWARD STUDIOS, Inc. Hyannis, Massachusetts Publisher ' s Representative Robert Vantine of DELMAR, Wellesley, MA The theme of our book represents an emanation, a coming forth, a sudden, hastened uprooted departure from the past. Our origin took form as bewildered Freshmen in an open-campused, over-crowded Law- rence High; we transcended time to mark our terminus as sophisticated seniors at this new high school. We emerge to become, to create, to exhibit what- ever individually we disire. We aspire to exist, stress- ing our talents, becoming totally ourselves, refusing to conform to standards other than our own. Emergence has become our " Fountainhead” which each individual has acquired by his own means. It will remain a motivating factor in our lives as we continue to emerge, to become better. The name " Lawrencian " has surfaced on the cover of the high school yearbook since 1943. This year, upon entering Falmouth High, we found it necessary to break with many old traditions, while substituting more adaptable, meaningful ones. We offer the name " Clipper Compact " on its maid- en voyage whose subtitle will change yearly to ex- press the theme of the book. We sincerely hope " Clipper Compact " will find successful acceptance among its readers and maintain the kind of longevity its traditional ancestor enjoyed. Carmen Santos ' 74 6 “MEMORIES, scattered pictures like the dreams we left behind.” Barbara Streisand Freshman Show In March of our first year at Lawrence High, we staged our freshman variety show. The theme was the Roaring 20 ' s, and the show held in Memorial Auditorium was a great success. Outstanding individual performances included Dean Fackos, Paul Grace, and Kevin Cooke in " Half a Buck; ' ' " Goes to the Moon, " featuring the girls as singing Martians; and the unforgettable climax of Paul Mandigo as Shirley Temple. This show was successful for the class, the result of practice and determination and the help of Mr. Bastille and the others who helped. One must understand the old to learn the new. 1971 In the Fall of our Sophomore year, we broke the tradition of the annual spaghetti supper and substi- tuted a Thanksgiving turkey feast with all the trim- mings. Gary Pena, Senior Class President that year, sang after the meal, and our Sophomore year was off to a great start. There was some discrepancy as far as class rings were concerned. Class members had the choice be- tween keeping the traditional Lawrence High School emblem or choosing the new Falmouth High School insignia. Now that we have graduated from Falmouth High, one can only wonder whether those who chose the Lawrence High design are having second thoughts now. Keeping with tradition (at least the last four years), the prom was held at the Seacrest Motel with a theme of " Oriental Enchantment. " Mysteriously, the band originally hired never arrived — perhaps smuggled aboard a slow boat to the Orient. The substitute, hired on the spot, " Cat ' s Ass " avoided the traditional prom music and kept everyone thankfully dancing with a bag of fast numbers. Our Junior work week was the first week in April, but it was not the success we had hoped for. Two strikes against us were lack of class participation and foul weather. In spite of these setbacks the class cleared enough for the Junior Prom. “Nothing is impossible. We Merely don’t know yet how to do it.” 9 ©1 RY An essay by the Photojournalism Class and Jim Wight 1 i s 1 M AS p 4m , i . . J f : jjsT aw foiiOcoJ Cr ' fe?okT T“ ' RtsPscn ' t -THULE Wmr 18 Our movements and actions are the results of thoug ht, practice, teamwork, and determination, determination, determination . . . The body, or physical life, of each of us is so important. It is constantly seen as we put forth our talents. In each unique and individual way, we ex- press ourselves — our aliveness. Coach Fred Toran and his first team of FHS hoot- ers participated in a season that was anything but easy beans. Playing with only four seniors, the team lacked the necessary experience. Stressing defense an average of less than two goals a game for the season; opponents scored 31 goals, but Falmouth netted only 16 in 16 games. The team was well represented on All-Star squads. Co-captain Craig Reeves was All-Cape and All-Star; Co-captain Mike Connolly, Charles " Boots” Murphy, Mike Hirtle, and Junior Jim Flolmes wore Falmouth jerseys in the All-Star games. With this year ' s inexperience now conquered, soccer in Falmouth has a bright future. (Kneeling) Tim Garvey, Bob Ottaviano, Joey Vidal, Tim Flagg, Barry Rose, Jim Holmes, Doug Marks, Andre Elichalt, Mark Azarian, Mike Grady, Mike Hennessey, Paul Warden; (Second) Dana K. Smith, Rafael Beltran, Ray Kinsella, Pat Hirtle, Joe Olenick, Kevin Connolly, Rick Carlson, Mike Lopes, Brad Bigelow, Lawrence Uchmanowicz, Bruce Wise, Stephen Costa, Kevin Pease, James Nightingale, Michael McCay, Carlos Diaz, Coach Chisholm; (Third) Head Coach Toran, David Bruce, Charlie Marzot, Joe Luckraft, Doug Lino, Jim Walsh, Andy Bunker, Bruce Stockel, Mike Morton, Greg Hennemuth, Andrew Spencer, Mike Hirtle, Allen Walker, Maurice Wiernicki. CROSS COUNTRY: Eric Hansen, Ed Nemeth, Keith Morton, Randy Fischer, John Reese, Andy Voorhis, Brad Robinson, Jim Higgins, Duncan Warden. With 4 wins, 4 losses and 2 ties, the FHS " Hackers " placed second in the Cape League, for the highest placing ever in Falmouth ' s long history of Field Hockey. The experienced coaching of Claire DeMello was aided by Co-captains Penny Wilson (All-Star Goalie) and Maryanne " Hogan " Tessier. The spirited team showed much enthusiasm and improvement throughout the season, even though practices and games were played on the bumpy field of Teaticket School. The girls even made headlines as they woke up the School Committee to recognize girls ' sports. Money was finally found to get them unbroken sticks! Well, they claimed a good season, and to top it off, their home-made float won first place in the Thanks- giving Pep Rally. FIELD HOCKEY: (First) Marsha Lopez, Krista Hennessy, Barbara Pratt, Diane Hersey, Liz Cavanaugh, Mona Pinho; (Second) Joyce Tessier, Penny Wilson, Suzanne Goulart, Maryanne Tessier, Jayne Drew, Stevi Elliot, Ann Pratt, Pattie Malone, Lydia Cleveland, Becky Welch, Collette Fortin. (Row 1) " Doc " Stanley Par ker, Manager Shawn Noonan, Kevin Wilkin- son, Dave Seeley, Paul David, Dave Sargent, Rick Sturtevant, Dave Lawrence, Bob Allen, Jeff Fortes, Dennis Comolli, Mike Palmer, Brian Mone, Kevin Smith; (Row 2) Coach Jack George, George Rubino, Tim Fuller, Mike Wallace, Steve Halloran, Mark Chicoine, Steve Swift, Adelino Cardoza, Ralph Marks, Jim Gehris, Ross Witter, Raymond Simpkins, Beaven Burkett, Manager John Economides; (Row 3) Mark Oldham, Coach Bruce Cranshaw, Dave Monteiro, Coach Ray Charron, Bud Delano, Dave English, Mike Higgins, Grafton Briggs, Richard Corey, Robert Mills, Dave Pilla, Tom Staruch, Harold Byrd, Jeff Parker, Eddy Marks, Dick Ciummei. David Lawrence Co-capt. Hockey, Football, Golf, Key Club Ambition: College Under the helm of a new head coach, Jack George, the Clippers entered a second season in the tough Division I Southeastern Mass. Conference, hoping to better the previous record of 2-6-1 . Led by Co-captains Dave Law- rence, All-Conference Tackle, and Rick Sturtevant, All-Conference Guard, the squad ' s hopes visualized into a 5-3-1 record and third place in the league. High point of the season was the 20-7 rout of arch-rival Barnstable on Turkey Day. Michael Palmer Football, Key Club Ambition: Physical Therapist Kevin Wilkinson Football, Key Club Robert Allen Richard Sturtevant Football, Key Club Ambition: Mass. Maritime Acad- emy “ Fences were made for those who can’t fly” David Sargent Football, Track Ambition: Mechanical Engineer 23 Michael Wallace Football, Track, Publicity (Senior Class Play) Ambition: Food Marketing Scott Caulfield Football, Track, Senior Play, Hon- or Society Ambition: Botanist Raymond Simpkins Football, Basketball Manager, Key Club Jeffrey Fortes Football, Key Club, Track, Senior Play Ambition: Teacher, Afro-Ameri- can Studies Brian Mone Football, Basketball, Key Club, Senior Play Ambition: Physician Stephen Halloran Football, Hockey The big Saturday football games brought many people together. Besides the players, there was the band, performing brilliantly and precisely to its music at half- time; the twirlers; the color guard and pep squad; the Key Club refreshment stand; the cheerleaders; and the fans. Fuller Field drew us there, whether to watch a boyfriend (or girlfriend), see the game, or just yell. The pep rally before the Thanksgiving game (at which Joey Andrews and Joanne Grady were crowned Mr. and Miss Clipper) was hugely successful. The excitement of floats, decorations, and awards got everyone psyched for the big day. The theme " Falmouth Will Shine " came true as we all shared in the victory. BAKN5TA81E Most Intelligent Dana Cleary Kevin Cooke Most Talented Mary Dunn Kevin Cooke SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Anna K. Harper Recipients Carmen Santos; Joey Andrews Most Versatile Joanne Grady; Kevin Cooke Most Attractive Best Dressed Mary Jarvis Mike Leone Paula Souza Scott Solimine 26 Cindy Brady; Scott Solimine Most Friendly Nancy Howe David Irish Most Reserved Joanne Grady; Shawn Noonan Most School-Spirited Alva Andrade Steve Toner Most Humorous 27 Cheryl Murphy Katchup, DE Store Work, Travel, Happy Marriage Steven D. Murphy Ambition: College Risa Nichy Senior Play Ambition: College 28 Coach Ray Charron and his team suffered through their second successive disappointing and frustrating season. The scores were close many times, but too often, Falmouth failed to come out on top. With an overall record of 5 wins and 15 losses, post-season play was a long way off. Hope- fully, basketball has experienced all of its misfor- tune and will prosper in the future. Laura Zmuda Basketball, Track, Tennis Ambition: Secretary ■ Michael Connolly Maryanne Tessier Co-Capt. Basketball and Field Hockey; Honor Society; " In- telligencer " ; Co-Ed.-in-Chief, " Clipper Compact " ; Perform- ing Arts; Theater Guild Cynthia Gaspa Basketball, Softball Ambition: History Teacher Carmen Santos VP Honor Society, Basketball, " Fiddler " , Editor " Clipper Compact " , Daisy Chain, Prom Com. Ambition: Bilingual Teacher or Travel Agent J| Marcia Lopez Basketball, Field Hockey, Soft- ball, Gymnastics, Lifeguard Lynn Engler Basketball, Track Ambition: To be simple and free Girls ' Basketball The team had a fair season, filled with injuries and, of course, an adjustment to the new vinyl-type floor. However, this proved helpful when opponents slid on the court. Experienced coaching of Mrs. Maureen O ' Brien led the girls, who ended with a record of six wins and nine losses. Often fouls made by the rough Clipperettes made the difference in very close games. High scorer was Lynn Engler with 137 points. Im- provement was shown throughout the winter in the teamwork and determination. Victory was found in the friendships and fun shared by the players. 14 Nnf r . ' BASKETBALL (front) M. Lopez, T. Cusolito, Co-Capt ' s C. Gaspa and M. Tessier, S. Elliot; (back) C. Fortin, L. Engler, L. Zmuda, C. Shep- herd, R. Welch GYMNASTICS: (down) K. Hennessey, D. Corbett, S. Pacheco, G. Soque, M. Lopez; (upright) M. Ferreira, D. Marsters, R. Marquis, S. Nielsen; (atop horse) S. Furlani, P. Uchmanowicz SOFTBALL: (1st) G. McEvoy, D. Gonsalves, Cap ' t. A. Pratt, L. Cleveland, D. Braman, P. Wilson; (2nd) B. Pratt, V. Costa, R. Yando, M. Pinho, D. Hersey, G. Yando, S. Reihl; (3rd) H. Webber, K. Miranda, S. Goulart, J. Williamson, V. Gonsalves, L. Azarian, N. Stone; (4th) L. Deem, D. Tessier, J. Tessier, P. Malone, J. Doucette; (bleachers) Super Fan Peggy Pratt, never missed a game home or away in four years. HOCKEY: (on bench) S. Smith, J. White, T. O ' Donnell, P. Young, K. Smith, J. Connors, C. Harney, M. Chiccoine, J. Economides, P. Scharff; (standing) Coach Jim O ' Brien, R. Jenks, J. Fraser, R. Garland, S. Swift, D. Lawrence, D. Ciummei, S. Cross, M. Hirtle, P. Annicelli, G. DeMello Photo by Hugo Poisson Kevin Smith Hockey Richard Ciummei Hockey, Golf, Key Club Ambition: College Hockey The team sported a sparkling 8-1 record to become the Cape Cod Hockey League Champions. Under the guidance of Coach Jim O ' Brien, they captured the berth in the first round of state competition. Al- though they didn ' t make it any further into finals, the team showed skill and determination of an excel- lent team who worked together. Captain Kevin Smith, together with assistants Dave Lawrence and Mike Leone led the team through the winter as they entertained their many fans. Coach O ' Brien also had three members on the All Cape Players League: Goalie Mike Hirtle, Defense Dave Lawrence and Mike Leone. The Animal Section started off its first organized year under the leadership of senior members Kenny LeMaire and Shawn Noonan. These dedicated young men attended all home and away hockey games, cheering their fellow classmates to victory. The club decided on buying a T-shirt de- signed by Dave Seeley, which all members would wear for the games. This organization received great response for its efforts and was the foundation for the morale of our hockey team; hopefully, the Animals will continue their fine work. HOCKEY: (Front) Mike Palmer, Mike Hirtle, Bob Allen, Bill Leary, Jim Gehris, George DeMello; (Rear) Mike Lopes, Todd Parent, Joe DiPrizio, Doug Doolittle, Steve Cross. David Seeley Track, Football, Sec. Key Club, Co-Ed. -in-Chief, " Clipper Com- pact " , Social Chmn. Ambition: Art Teacher James Gehris Co-capt. Track, Football, Senior Play, " Clipper Compact " Ambition: Journalist David Nickerson The Falmouth Winter Track team had an injury- plagued season, and the squad was dethroned from its S.M.A.C. Division I championship. On the individual level, however, Falmouth runners fared well and many personal records were realized during the sea- son. The season marked the first time a Falmouth team had the use of an indoor facility, and, although the " Versa Turf " floor seemed well-suited for basketball and other sports, it was a disappointment to the runners. TRACK: (Row 1) David Nickerson, John Reese, David English, Mike Higgins, Jim Gehris, David Seeley, Harold Byrd, Cyril Pocknett; (Row 2) Andy Bunker, Jim Rodenhizer, David Sargent, John Davis, Charles Murphy, Andy Voorhis, Duncan Warden; (Row 3) Paul Gehris, Andy Walker, Bruce Richard, Coach Lee Gibson; (Row 4) Michelle Dufresne, Carla Richard, Tammie Hennemuth, Lilo Nichy, Rhonda Campbell, Donna Valias, Head Coach John Carroll. I “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Found in the Fites May 29, 1974 To: Principal Peter L. Clark, House Directors, Faculty FHS From: Guidance Department Within a few short weeks, the first graduating class of FHS will pick up its diplomas and head into the larger world. The fact that they are prepared to do this speaks well of your rote during their four years at LHS and FHS. Whether one desires to travel, or enter an institution of higher education really doesn ' t make too much difference, providing the individual has a clear understanding of goals. Your interest and atten- tion to their needs has helped them to formulate such goals and should enable them to meet the demands of today ' s society . . . " Our Plans . . Four-Year College Robert Allen Mass. Maritime Academy Clifford Allenby Stockbridge Sch. of Agr. Joseph Andrews Univ. of Mass. Charles Angevine Brown University James Athearn Fairleigh University Rebreca Bailey Fitchburg State Linda Banner Agric. Tech. Coll, of N.Y Melody Barkley Univ. of Mass. Karen Battles Wheaton College George Becktol Univ. of Mass. Richard Bowman SMU Amy Canty E. Carolina Univ. Scott Caulfield Univ. of Mass. Richard Ciummei Merrimack College Gate M. Clark Nasson College Eric Clauson Stockbridge Sch. of Agr. Dana Cleary Brown Univ. Arthur Colburn Mass. Maritime Academy Terri Colleron Lowell Tech. Michael Connolly Stonehill College Kevin Cooke Bucknell U. Cathy Copeland Wheaton College Ellen D ' Antuono Rhode Island College John Davis New Hampshire College Jane Doyle St. Francis College Mary Dunn Univ. of Mass. Patrice Elichalt Manhattanville College Lynn Engler Univ. of Mass. Timothy Fofonoff Brown U. Herbert Forman Mass. Maritime Academy Jeffrey Fortes Morehouse College Michele Fortin Boston College Andrew Fotiades Salem State Jeffrey Gage Roger Williams College James Gehris Shippensburg St., Penn. Susan Gentile Salem State Richard Godfrey U.N.H. Corey Green Univ. of Mass. Awards Night June 5 in the auditorium (most) seniors and their families gathered. The special guest, our retired prin- cipal Russell B. Marshall gave out awards and special honors white Principal Peter L. Clark handed out the largest amount of scholarships ever — $22,640. Ann Pratt received the most; yet, much money was spread throughout the class. Reverend Thomas Lopes gave a touching prayer, after which he was given a gift in appreciation for his involvement with students prior to his transfer to another parrish. The night had a feeling of excitement and hap- piness for one another. The realization of moving out of this school and going on to the future had begun to take effect. Hopes and dreams of success glowed. Jeffrey Gage Ambition: Writing, Acting, Di- recting James Ragazzo Honor Society, History Club Ambition: Business Shawn Noonan Football Trainer, " Clipper Com- pact " , Senior Play Ambition: Physical Therapist Michael Connolly Basketball, Soccer, Key Club, " Clipper Compact " Ambition: Stonehill College Melvin Costa Basketball Ambition: Teaching John Davis Winter Track Ambition: Lead W. C. Davis James Mavor W. Paul Leahy Winter-Spring Track, House C Rep. Ambition: College Dennis Comolli Football, Basketball Ambition: Hotel Administration I Charles Murphy Louise Limberakis Craig Reeves Honor Society, Honor Bowl, Soc- Lookout, French, History Clubs, Soccer, Senior Play Carla Richard Cross Country, Winter-Spring Track cer, Track Ambition: College " Intelligencer " , House C Council Ambition: Fashion Coord. Ambition: Hartwick College Cynthia Shepherd Cross Country, Basketball, Honor Society, Track, Daisy Chain Ambition: College Angela Piccolo Sec.-Treas. Honor Society, Golf, Senior Play Ambition: College Lydia Cleveland Softball, Field Hockey, Rainbow, Future Nurses Ambition: Nursing Regina McEvoy Softball, Field Hockey Manager, Honor Society Ambition: College Ann Pratt Softball, Field Hockey, Honor Society, Senior Play Ambition: College or Peace Corps Darlene Gonsalves Softball, Future Nurses Ambition: Career SOFTBALL RECORD OPPONENT WE THEY Upper Cape 38 4 Sandwich 10 9 Bourne 1 5 Martha ' s Vineyard 27,23 6,9 Barnstable 7 9 Dennis-Yarmouth 16 15 Wareham 32 18 Bourne 7 15 Barnstable 7 13 Dennis-Yarmouth 5 10 Wareham 13 5 GIRLS ' TENNIS OPPONENT WE Dennis-Yarmouth 4-1; 5-0 New Bedford 4-1; 5-0 Old Rochester 5-0; 5-0 Martha ' s Vineyard 5-0 Attleboro 3-2; 2-3 Dartmouth 5-0; 4-1 Brockton 4-1 Wareham 5-0; 5-0 Barnstable 3-2; 5-0 Nauset 4-1 Foxboro 4-1 CHAMPIONSHIP NET STARS: (Kneeling) Martha Hastay, Kim Fernandes, Kathy Korwatch, Katy Murphy, Betsy Gregory; (Standing) Coach Jack Reardon, Debbie Fernandes, Sue Gregory, Kathy Stone, Esther Upton, Minda Gay, Jill Peterson, Kathy Nowak. Boys ' Varsity Tennis League Record: 11-3 Overall Record: 18-4 Second, Mass (S.E.) Conference Play State Tournament 1st Round Falmouth 5; Wenham 0 2nd Round Falmouth 3; Chelmsford 2 Quarter-final Falmouth 1;Lynnfield 4 BOYS ' TENNIS RECORD OPPONENT WE Dennis-Yarmouth 5-0; 5-0 Fairhaven 5-0; 5-0 Holy Family 5-0; 5-0 Mass. Maritime 8-1 Martha ' s Vineyard 6-1 New Bedford 3-2; 2 3 Dartmouth 5-0; 5-0 Brockton 4-1 Wareham 5-0; 4-1 Barnstable 2-3; 2-3 Foxboro 3-2 Attleboro 3-2 Bruce Livingstone Tennis, French, History Clubs, Senior Play, Cycling Ambition: Forestry Earl Ottey Tennis, Honor Society, History Club Ambition: College om. TATE CHAMPIONS, GIRLS ' TRACK: (Seated) Laurie Zmuda, oach Robert LaRaia, Cindy Chepherd, Carla Richard; (Second) iecky Welch, Sharon Pacheco, Karen Halloran, Michelle Dufresne, ammy Hennemuth, Stacy Valias, Brenda Justason, Rhonda Camp- ell; (Third) Johanna Forman, Andrea Toran, Jayne Drew, Debbie laladay, Michelle McGoldrick, Stephanie Eliot, Donna Valias, Lilo VARSITY TENNIS: (Kneeling) Tim Estes, Greg Hennemuth, Jay Dean, Dave Irish; (Standing) Bruce Livingstone, Robert Keating, Earl Ottey, Tom Nolan, Coach John Reardon. 46 Cheryl Gonsalves Pauline Uchmanowicz Karen Halloran " Pinky " Briggs Siobhan Keefe Cheerleader; Lookout; F.T.A.; Journalism Ambition: Secretary Varsity Cheerleaders 47 Sharon Pacheco Patty Welch Barbara Bailey Maria Alonso Ambition: Nursing Linda Banner Basketball, Senior Play Ambition: Florist Melody Barkley French Club Ambition: Teaching Karen Battles John Billings Jane Beatty Jennifer Boyle Cynthia Brady Freshman Show, Pep Squad, Sen- ior Play Ambition: Concert Pianist Deborah Braman Softball Ambition: Computer Tech. Ellen D ' Antuono Ozone, photography Ambition: Teaching Brenda DeMello Ambition: Travel George DeMello Cross Country, Basketball Jeanine Derouin Douglas Durgin Kathy Fairbanks Chorus, Katchup, D.E. Store Ambition: Child Care Worker Rita Franklin Ambition: Fashion and merchan- dising 51 Janice Ferreira Herbert Forman Spring and Winter Track, Senior Play Ambition: Teacher of Afro- American Studies “Finian’s Rainbow” In March, the Senior Class boarded a magical car- pet to a place where fantasy knows no limits. Glocca Mora is an imaginative place beheld in the mind of Finian McLonergan, expertly portrayed by Tom Kalperis. He led us through the trials and perils of this bewildered gentleman with much amusement. Ac- companied by his daughter, Sharon, played by Mary Dunn, the audience found itself captivated and en- gulfed in the problems and romances of the people in Rainbow Valley. The part of Woody Mahoney was played dually by Billy Leary and Craig Reeves. They both did fantasti- cally, as did Jan Fahnley and Nancy Howe as Susan the Silent. Og, the leprechaun, was played very con- vincingly by Kevin Cooke, who drew more human inside Og ' s facade as the show progressed. On closing night, Mr. William Fraher, Director, added his own solo to wrap up a wonderful, long, magical journey. Tom Kalperis as Finian Nancy Howe Sec. Jr. Class, Senior Play, Honor Society Jan Fahnley Ambition: College William Leary Key Club, Senior Play Ambition: Architectural Engine- ering Thomas Lyons Basketball, swimming Ambition: College % “Each one has his own special gift.” — " Finian ' s Rainbow ' | i v iM l ' Gayle Pacheco Falmouth Jr. Miss Girls ' Soc. Chmn., Pres. F.T.A., Lookout Club, Ed. " Clipper Compact " Ambition: Fashion and Merchan- dising Junior Miss We wish there were awards for all the contestants, but each girl wins by incorporating her time and talent to the success of the pageant. The Junior Miss competition brings all girls together, each sharing a common bond, each becoming better acquainted with the others than ever before. " I Am Woman,” the theme, exhibits a culmina- tion of the truly individualistic qualities that separate one girl from another. Her talents are as special as her moods, and they are hers alone. The lucky girl that wins the crown has achieved all her dreams and many of her benefits. She increases and maintains her growth by associating and widening her horizons with the world. “Sail on silver girl, sail on by . . . Your time has come to shine All your dreams are their way.” —Simon and Garfunkel “More Plans” Glenna Gregory Lenoir Rhyne College Ronald Grosslein Amherst College Laurie Halderman Yale U. Michael Hamill Lowell State Dianne Handy U-Mass Elizabeth Handy U-Mass Rodney Hanson Stonehill College Nancy Howe Boston College Theresa Innis New England Conservatory-Music David Irish UNG Hans Jannasch Brown U. Catherine Jewett Salem State Fritz Johnson Western New England Thomas Kalperis Boston College Edward Kline Salem State David Lawrence Bowdoin College William Leary Wentworth Inst. G. Michael Leone Stockbridge Sch. of Agr. Bruce Livingstone UMass Thomas Lyons Nasson College Sandra MacKillop Bridgewater State Paul Mandigo Rl School of Design James Mavor Hampshire College Regina McEvoy SMU Susan Medeiros Fitchburg State Laurie Mercurio UMass at Boston Brian Mone UMass Elaine Morin Hartt Sch of Music Charles Murphy US Naval Academy Shawn Noonan Northeastern U. Richard Oldham Bluefield College Earl Ottey UMass Gayle Pacheco Marymount College Michael Palmer UMass David Pendleton Middlebury College Jane Perry Salve Regina Steven Peters Mass College of Art Bruce Peterson Wentworth Inst. Niles Peterson Nasson College Angela Piccolo Bridgewater State Debra Pi mental UMass John Pinho Worcester Poly Tech Ann Pratt UMaine James Ragazzo Bentley College Craig Reeves Hartwick College John Roslansky UMass Robert Sanders Connecticut College Carmen Santos Emmanuel College David Sargent SMU Cynthia Saxe UMass Crystal Scully UMass David Seeley SMU Dennis Sharpe Boston College Cynthia Sheperd U. Vermont Raymond Simpkins Roger Williams College Richard Solimine UMass Paula Souza Anna Maria College Jan Starosta Wheaton College Richard Sturtevant Lowell Tech. Stephen Swift Merrimack College Susan Taylor Wheaton College Maryanne Tessier Boston College Stephen Toner St. Francis College Katrina Toran Salem State Dorilee Vail Wheaton College Michael Wallace St. Joseph ' s Duncan Warden SMU Peter Way U. Colorado Joan Weidman U.N.H. Kevin Wilkinson Boston College Penelope Wilson Franklin-Pierce Steven Wilson Boston College Mary Wixon UMass TWO-YEAR COLLEGE Barbara Bailey Santa Rosa Jr. College Deborah Braman Mt. Wachusett C.C. Kimberly Costa Bay State Jr. College Joanne Grady Katherine Gibbs Mary Jarvis Westbrook Siobhan Keefe Becker Jr. College Catherine Kinchla Bay Path Jr. College Carolyn Kirby Mount Ida Jr. College Louise Limberakis Lasell Jr. College Ralph Marks Springfield Tech. College Cyril Pocknett Mt. San Antonio College Diane Rabenius Endicott Jr. College Mary Rose Northern Essex C.C. Gerald Sylvia Bristol CC Lee Ann Wheldan Sawyer School Mary V. Rose Softball Ambition: Business College John Roslansky Ambition: College Cynthia Saxe Freshman Show, Senior Play, Spanish Club Ambition: College Dennis Sharpe Timothy Sheehan 60 Kevin Skelly Grosvenor Smith Louann Stone 61 Christopher Skelly Dana Smith Ambition: College Theresa Innis Orchestra, String Ensemble, " Fiddler” Ambition: Conservatory Michael Hamill Orchestra, Chamber Choir, " Fid- dler " Orch., East End Cham- ber Players Ambition: Music Educator At the Pops Miss Carol Sykes, Orchestra Conductor 62 A ' A Rose LaRochelle Chorus CHORUS: (Row 1) Lorna Grillo, Rose LaRochelle, Michele McCay, Susan Phelan, Martha Crowell, Brad Jordan, Janice Heckler, John Reese, Kathy Lummert, Mary Dunn, Nell Wright, Andree Mendoza, Susan Gonsalves, Kathy Copeland, Marijune Miller, Rita DeSouza; (Row 2) Randi Yando, Cindy Wright, Sue Bowman, Kim Burton, Cynthia Crowell, John Beckerle, Raphael Bettran, Cindy Davis, Annette LaBeet, Peggy Ryan, Elizabeth McCusker, Rae Ann Knispel, Tracy Fears, Jori Hebden, Diane Rudd; (Row 3) Becky DeWees, Sharon Reihl, Ginger Yando, Lori Deem, Donna Valias, Charles Murphy, Scott Caulfield, Gary Grace, Tom Riley, Kathy Green, Linda Vidal. Rita DeSouza Chorus, Bus. Mgr. " Clipper Com- pact " Ambition: College Elaine Morin Chorus, East End Chamber Play- ers, Honor Society, Orchestra, Band, Honor Guard, " Fiddler " Ambition: Music Education y f 1 jjit w W r 1 fjr m 1 II- • Susan Nielsen Band, Gymnastics, U.N. Club Ambition: Exec. Sec. Dean Fackos Michele Fortin Orchestra, Drama, Honor Society, A.F.S. Ambition: Chemist Y ' Sherry McClaid Paul Grace r Pops Concert ’74 Alva Andrade Basketball Ambition: Success Amy Canty Senior Play, Photography Ambition: Sociologist V Kim Brereton Band, Dance Band, Chorus, Drama Elizabeth Buckley Leigh Campion Pep Squad, Tennis Ambition: Photographer Mary Carvalho Dana Carroll James Coddington Joan Cifuni F.T.A., Lookout, Sec. Soph. Ambition: Special Ed. Carol Coddington Arthur Colburn Skiing, sailing, cycling Ambition: Mass. Maritime man y 1 i. 9 rlTT 1 - nH8T COLOR GUARD: Elise Vidal, Debbie Macedo, Sue Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Cathy Copeland, Nancy Luke, Mary Botelho, Sue Medeiros, Theresa Jusczyk, Susan Pimental, Tracy Fears, Sandy Kapopolous, Cathy Costa, Debbie MacDonald, Sue Benoit, Teri Colleran, Karen Souza, Linda Martin, Terri Ferreira, Sheryl Sample, Cheryl Soucy, Melissa Douthart, Gina Barboza. Cathy Copeland Color Guard, Drama 68 Georgina Barboza Pres. Color Guard, Senior Play, House A Council Ambition: Social Worker Cheryl Soucy Sec.-Treas. Color Guard, Fresh. Show Ambition: Med. Sec. Tracy Fears Color Guard, Chorus, Fresh. Show, Senior Play Ambition: College Terri Colleran Color Guard, Honor Society, sewing Ambition: Computer Prog. Susan Medeiros Color Guard WRITERS ET. AL. (Sitting) Patrice Elichalt, Siobhan Keefe, Alison Jenks; (standing) Louise Limberakis, Sue Quinlan, Margie Lynch, Vicki Stailey, Stephanie Piers, Adviser George Moses, Niles Peterson; (on wall) Pauline Uchmanowicz, Joanne Grady, Crystal Scully, Maryanne Tessier, Mary Jarvis, Judi Lane (n.p. Jan Starosta) “Student Intelligencer” Mentor Retires Mr. George Moses, journalism teacher in Falmouth for 14 years, has resigned. " Salty,” also director of our many athletic events, was once awarded the highest personal honor at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, which recognized his " outstanding devotion to the cause of school press, encouragement to students and service above and beyond the call of delegated duty. " The school paper never placed lower than first in the competition, four years, including 1974, winning the prized Medalist position. It pro- moted school functions, including clean-up days, our school nickname " Clippers " and a Vietnam memorial. It provoked thought to keep us aware, spread school news and feelings, and much else over the years. As " The Intelligencer " staff wrote of their friend, " not only we, but the school and town will miss him, because Mr. Moses has an unusual type of determina- tion, sincerity and concern about what happens to an institution, as well as the individual. Losing people like him is unfortunate for education. We, who should feel happy to have had him as a teacher, feel regret, for we know what kind of teacher FHS is losing. To him we are extremely grateful. " 70 Judith Lane Fresh. Show, " Intelligencer " Ambition: Med. Sec. Patrice Elichalt " Intelligencer " , Honor Society, JV Cheerleader Marjorie Lynch " Intelligencer " , House C. Council Niles Peterson " Intelligencer " , Honor Society, A.F.S., History Club Crystal Scully " Intelligencer " , Honor Society, Cheerleading, Jr. Miss, Look- out Ambition: College 71 t Lookout Club LOOKOUT MEMBERS ' . (Row 1) Mary Jarvis, Susan Gregory, Adviser Joan Tansey, Crystal Scully, Joan Weidman, Joanne Grady, Tina Toran, Lynn Kirby, Rosemary Lamont; (Row 2) Karen Mcln- nis, Kathy Kinchla, Melissa Carey, Elizabeth Cavanaugh, Leslie Lawrence, Mary Wixon, Diane Rabenius, Susan Bowman, Carol Mitchell, Chris Chagnon, Patricia Cusolito; (Row 3) Louise Lim- berakis, Julie Toran, Jane Doyle, Kathy Korwatch, Jan Costa, Gayle Pacheco, Michele Farrell, Joanne Murphy, Karen Smith, Eileen Clifford, Linda Solimine, Susan Gonsalves Diane Rabenius Lookout, Tennis, sewing Ambition: College Katrina Toran Lookout Susan Bowman Lookout, Pep Squad, History Club Ambition: Travel Suzanne Grady Lookout, Fresh. Show Ambition: Nursing Carolyn Kirby Lookout Ambition: Dental Asst. A.F.S. Club (Seated) Susan Cleary, Dana Cleary, Ashley Moore, Laura Voorhis; (standing) Niles Peterson, David Pendleton, Andy Voorhis, Dicky Brand, Alicia Hathaway, Margie Mitchell, Moira Powers, Maureen Murphy, Susan Mayne, Nancy Kanwisher, Ann MacCauley, Deryle Matland. Dicky Brand, A.F.S. Student from Holland A-V Club: David Fraser, Frank Hobson, Eric Williams, Dale Oakley, Carlos Diaz, David Bourgoin, Fred Thompson, Mike Nickerson, Bob Metell, Phil Bryan, John Shatney. 74 Distributive Education Clubs of America, Falmouth Unit Francisco Cabral Randy LaBossiere 75 Joanne Grady Lookout, Key Sweetheart, Miss Clipper, Daisy Chain, Sec.- Treas. Sr. Senior Class Officers Joseph Andrews Pres. Sr. Class Key Club, Marshal Mr. Clipper, Student Council . - S.t ' •v» • FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: (Seated) Michele Farrell, Carol Mitchell, Gayle Pacheco, Laurie Mercurio, Sue Ransom, Nancy Weaner, Pat Corcoran. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Brian McCue, Sue Benoit, Martha Hastay, Pauline Uchmanowicz, Joey Andrews, Dave Seeley. Laureen Frye Ambition: Clerical Work Kathleen Gilbride Susan Gonsalves Jerry Graham Virginia Hammond Freshman Show Ambition: Travel Kathleen Glista Elizabeth Handy Spanish, Drama Clubs, Fal. Theatre Guild Ambition: College Rodney Hanson Student Council, Advisory Council to School Com. Ambition: Psychology Cathy Hazelton Pep Squad, Softball Ambition: Career Maureen Harlow Kim Hill Ambition: Secretary Honor Society Alicia Hathaway, Carol Mitchell, Cathy Goodhue, Grafton Briggs, Anne MacCaulay, Susan Cleary; (6th) Martha Hastay, Jane Madden, Collette Fortin, Donna Correllus, Frances Jones, Melissa Carey; (7th) David Pilla, Dick Jones, Jim Higgins, Gary Grace, David Marshall, Laura Zmuda, Sandra Hersey, Donna Storrey, Harold Byrd. HONOR SOCIETY (Row 1) Paul Mandigo, Joan Weidman, Dave Seeley, Sue Ransom, Maryanne Tessier, Terry Colleran, Joanne Grady, Ann Pratt, Paula Souza, Sue Taylor, Dana Cleary, Adviser Adele Rohe; (2nd) Ralph Marks, Jim Ragazzo, Scott Caulfield, Carmen Santos, Sandy MacKillop, Dorilee Vail, Michele Fortin, Teresa Innis, Diana Handy, Angela Piccolo, Mary Dunn, Regina McEvoy; (3rd) John Pinho, Earl Ottey, Charles Murphy, Richard Godfrey, David Irish, Niles Peterson, David Pendleton, Nancy Howe, Elaine Morin, Crystal Scully, Cindy Shepherd; (4th) Bob Keating, Therese Juszczyk, Melissa Douthart, Sharon Pacheco, Maryanne Mandigo, Pauline Uchamnowicz, Krista Hennessy, James Roden- hizer. Sue Smith, Kathy Blair; (5th) Ellen Royals, Steve Costa, Kathy Green, Brad Bigelow, Laura Voorhis, Elizabeth Cavanaugh, (see in pic bloc A) Glenna Gregory East End Chamber, Orchestra, Debate Club, Honor Society Ambition: Advertising Kevin Cooke Senior Play, " Fiddler " , Pres. Band, Honor Society, French Club Ambition: Civil Engineer Ronald Grosslein Honor Society, Orchestra, " Fiddler " Orchestra Ambition: College 80 Diana Handy Honor Society, Honor Guard Ambition: Archaeologist Sandra MacKillop Pep Squad, Honor Society, Chorus, Drama Club Ambition: College Dorilee Vail Honor Society Ambition: College Lauri Halderman East End Chamber Orch. Honor Society, Honor Bowl, A.F.S. Drama Ambition: College John Pinho Honor Society, A-V Club, Chess, A.F.S., History Club Ambition: Engineering David Pendleton A.F.S. French Club Ambition: Physician Debra Pimental Honor Society, Jr. V.P., Jr. Miss Pag. Honor Guard, Prom Comm., Drama Club Ambition: College Gale Clark A.F.S., Trip to Russia Ambition: Environmental Science Corey Green Honor Society y 9 i Colleen Mello Honor Society, Fresh. Show Ambition: Nursing HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: Richard Godfrey, Frances Jones, Bruce Bowden, Dana Cleary, Adviser Adele M. Rohe Honor Society ' s busy Adviser Adele M. Rohe Paula Souza Pres. French Club, Pres. Pep Squad, Honor Society, Golf Honor Guard Ambition: Med. Tech. Susan Taylor History Club, Honor Society, Pep Squad, House B Council Ambition: Physician Paul Mandigo History Club, Honor Society Ambition: Architect FRENCH CLUB (Seated) Leslie Lawrence, Carol Mitchell, Paula Souza, Michelle Farrell; (Standing) Adviser Robert Lusena, Bruce Livingstone, Dave Bourgoin, David Pendleton. Richard Godfrey French Club, Honor Society, Cycling Club HISTORY CLUB (Kneeling) Judy Dalton, Michelle Ferreira, Mary Wixon, Paul Mandigo, Niles Peterson, Gary Mitchell, Jill Glass; (Standing) Eric McLaughlin, Joan Weidman, Louise Limberakis, Earl Ottey, Ruth Korwatch, Moira Powers, Sue Taylor, Adviser F. Keith Baker. “Don’t walk in front of me — I may not follow Don’t walk behind me — I may not lead Walk beside me And just be my friend.” Albert Camus ajEH fjf Mr W f IV - “Well, tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun.” i. Falmouth High School began its own news programming daily over the homeroom television set. " Catch 13 " starred reporters, Kathy Good- hue, Rhonda Campbell, and Mark Sellers Kenneth LeMaire Key Club, Senior Play Ambition: Business Edward Kline Key Club, Baseball Ambition: Biologist 86 FUTURE NURSES: (Seated) Brita Peterson, Sandra Clough, Cheryl Gonsalves, Rebecca Bailey, Lydia Cleveland, Holly Wilson, Elizabeth Johnson, Vicki Gon- salves, Julie Cameron; (Standing) Maureen Dowd, Kathy Stone, Lisbeth Werderman, Cathy Pinet- te, Donna Correllus, Helena Cor- rellus. Index to Senior Portraits Allen, R., 43 Fackes, D., 64 LeMaire, K., 86 Ragazzo, J., 39 Alonso, M., 48 Fahnley, J., 54 Lewis, S., 98 Ransom, S., 91 Andrade, A., 66 Fairbanks,. K., 51 Lewis, M., 87 Reeves, C., 41 Andrews, J., 76 Fears, T., 69 Limberakis, L., 41 Richard, C., 41 Bailey, B., 48 Ferreira, J., 51 Livingstone, B., 44 Richardson, J., 29 Bailey, R., 82 Fonseca, S., 51 Lopes, H., 117 Rodrigues, P., 29 Banner, L., 48 Forman, H., 51 Lopes, J., 98 Rose, M., 60 Barboza, G., 68 Fortes, J., 24 Lopez, M., 32 Roslansky, J., 60 Barkley, M., 48 Fortin, M., 64 Lynch, J., 98 Rowitz, R., 1 27 Battles, K., 48 Fraser, R., 51 Lynch, M., 71 Ryan, M., 127 Beatty, J., 48 Frye, L„ 78 Lyons, T., 55 Santos, C., 32 Billings, J., 48 Gage, J., 39 MacDonald, D., 69 Sargent, D., 23 Borden, R., 86 Gaspa, C., 31 MacKillop, S., 81 Saxe, C., 60 Bostwick, K., 49 Gehris, J., 36 Malek, M„ 99 Scully, C., 71 Bouter, L., 49 Gentile, S., 93 Mandigo, P., 83 Seeley, D., 36 Bowen, J., 49 Gilbride, K., 78 Marks, R., 99 Sharpe, D., 60 Bowman, R., 49 Glista, K., 78 Mavor, J., 40 Sheehan, T., 60 Bowman, S., 73 Godfrey, R., 83 McEvoy, R., 42 Shepherd, C., 41 Boyle, J., 49 Gonsalves, D., 42 McTaggart, H., 99 Silva, G., 60 Brady, C., 49 Gonsalves, S., 78 Medeiros, S., 69 Silva, C., 60 Braman, D. ( 49 Grace, J., 64 Mello, C., 82 Skelly, C., 61 Brand, D., 74 Grady, S., 73 Mercurio, L., 91 Skelly, K., 61 Brereton, K., 66 Grady, J., 76 Metell, J., 99 Smith, D., 61 Bryant, D., 66 Graham, J., 78 Miranda, B., 99 Smith, G., 61 Buckley, E., 66 Greeley, R., 78 Mills, E., 90 Smith, K., 34, Cabral, F., 75 Green, C., 82 Mitchell, S., 99 Smoller, N., 97 Campion, L., 66 Gregory, G., 80 Mone, B., 24 Solimine, R., 61 Canty, A., 66 Grosslein, R., 80 Moniz, J., 99 Soucy, C., 68 Carroll, D., 66 Halderman, L., 81 Moriarty, J., 117 Souza, B., 61 Carvalho, M., 66 Halloran, S., 24 Morin, E., 63 Souza, P., 83 Caulfield, S., 24 Ha mill, M„ 62 Murphy, C., 41 Starosta, J., 76 Cifuni, J., 67 Hammond, V., 78 Murphy, Cheryl, 28 Stone, L., 61 Clark, M„ 82 Handy, D., 81 Murphy, S., 28 Stone, S., 44 Cleveland, L., 42 Handy, E., 79 Nolf, M., 90 Sturtevant, R., 23 Clough, S., 87 Hanson, R., 79 Neill, J., 28 Swift, S., 34 Coddington, C., 67 Harlow, M., 79 Nichy, R., 28 Sylvia, G., 94 Coddington, J., 67 Hatfield, J., 79 Nickerson, D., 36 Taylor, S., 83 Colburn, A., 69 Hazelton, C., 79 Nielsen, S., 64 Teixeira, L., 94 Colleran, T., 69 Hill, Kim, 79 Noonan, S., 40 Teixeira, M., 94 Comolli, D., 40 Hirtle, M., 35 Oldham, R., 90 Tessier, M., 31 Connell, M., 67 House, D., 79 Ottey, E., 44 Toner, S., 94 Connolly, M., 40 Howe, N., 54 O ' Donnell, T., 35 Toran, K., 73 Cooke, K., 80 Hutchins, K., 98 Pacheco, G., 58 Vincent, W., 94 Copeland, C., 68 Innis, T., 62 Palmer, M., 23 Waddington, D., 94 Copeland, J., 67 Irish, D., 44 Parrish, B., 28 Warden, D., 41 Costa, K., 67 Jarvis, M., 73 Pendleton, D., 81 Wallace, M., 24 Costa, M., 40 Jenks, A., 86 Perry, J., 91 Warsaw, V., 95 Daley, D., 91 Jewett, C., 98 Perry, P., 70 Webber, K„ 95 D ' Antuono, E., 50 Johnson, F., 44 Peters, L., 9l Weidman, J., 93 Davis, J., 40 Johnson, S., 98 Peters, S., 28 Wessling, S., 95 DeMello, B., 50 Kantola, K., 98 Peterson, B., 28 Whelden, L., 95 DeMello, G., 50 Keefe, S., 47 Peterson, H., 29 Whited, B„ 95 DeMello, H., 50 Kinchla, C., 93 Peterson, N., 71 Wilkinson, K., 23 Derouin, J., 50 Kinsella, K., 80 Piccolo, A., 41 Willner, S„ 90 DeSouza, R., 63 Kirby, C., 73 Pimental, D., 81 Wilson, S., 95 Dowd, M., 87 Labossiere, R., 75 Pinho, J., 81 Wixon, M., 95 Doyle, J., 73 LaRochelle, R., 63 Pires, K., 29 Wolseley, C., 90 Dufresne, S., 50 Landers, J., 93 Pontieri, D., 29 Woods, A., 117 Dunn, M., 53 Lane, J., 71 Potter, D., 29 Young, P., 35 Duplain, D., 50 Lawrence, D., 23 Pratt, A., 42 Zmuda, L., 31 Durgin, D., 51 Lawson, D., 90 Provonche, R., 29 Elichalt, P., 71 Leahy, W., 40 Quinlan, S., 71 Engler, L., 32 Leary, W., 55 Rabenius, D., 73 t-v K Bon Voyage! The maxim that all good things must end is no less pertinent to friendships and associations than it is to events. The Clipper weathervane atop the old building no longer signals our place; so shall two people, valued teacher and esteemed counselor not signal the mark to our youngers. Emily W. Ketchum retires after a distinguished 16 year career in Falmouth where she has sown and carefully nurtured the study and appreciation of Spanish. Charlotte W. Troutwine closes this career as gui- dance counselor, perhaps to build another in another field, but certainly not to clip her coupons. Ambition: Help the handicapped Christopher Wolseley Emma Jo Mills Ambition: Lawyer Senior Play, F.N.A., Basketball, Fresh. Show Ambition: R.N. Phillip Perry Ambition: Ministry of Jehovah ' s Richard Oldham Witnesses Senior Play Laurie Mercurio " Clipper Compact " Editor, F.T.A., Chorus, Jr. Miss Ambition: Elem. Teacher Susan Ransom " Clipper Compact " Editor, F.T.A., Golf, Honor Society, Jr. Miss Ambition: English Major R. Curtis McKee, Adviser “Clipper Compact” Jane Perry Managing Ed. " Clipper Compact " , Chorus, F.N.A., V.P., Voice of Democ. Award Ambition: R.N. Lucy Peters Portrait Ed., " Clipper Compact " , photography Ambition: Elem. Teacher 91 (Row 1) Eric Clauson, John Pinho, Kevin Smith, Steve Wessling, Greg White, Doug Hall; (Row 2) Sharon Johnson, Cindy Brady, Jan Starosta, Cathy Copeland, Cheryl Cornell, Maryanne Tessier, Risa Nichy; (Row 3) Dean Fackos, Sharon Willner, Joan Weidman, Sue Bowman, Tina Toran, Koletta Kaspar, Theresa Innis, Maureen Harlow, Louise Lim- berakis, Debbie Potter, Dave Lawrence; (Row 4) Matthew Hayden, John Davis, Dorilee Vail, Lynn Regan, Miss Eleanor Capel, Lauri Halderman, Sandra MacKillop, Dan MacFadden, Tom Kalperis. “Those FHS Majorettes” “No love no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving its mark.” — J. Mauriac The majorettes have displayed tremendous twirling ability during the last four years. They were the ones who led the parades, rallies, and jamborees in their new maroon and white uniforms. During half time, they performed with two batons, flag batons, half batons, and on that one special Thanksgiving Eve of 1973, lighted batons. They amazed the crowds at Fuller Field- with their snappy routines, pep percus- sion, smiles, and magnificent school spirit. Their per- formances at exchange concerts and pops concerts brought them the admiration of many. In 1973 they became the first local majorettes ever to compete against other squads and brought home a first place trophy. This past year, they won another competition while defending their title. The major- ettes shall long be remembered for their hard work and dedication in the representation of their school. 92 Susan Gentile Pres. Majorettes, F.T.A. Ambition: C.P.A. Joan Weidman V.P. Majorettes, Honor Society, Key Sweetheart, Lookout, F.T.A., History Club Ambition: College MAJORETTES (kneeling) Jodi Landers, Joan Weidman, Sue Gentile, Kathy Kinchla, Mary Jarvis; (standing) Heather Klimm, Fran Ross, Jan Costa, Karen Mclnnis, Beth llg, Mari- anne Mandigo, Patty Kelliher, Tarsilla Witkos. Sue Stone Laureen Teixeira Morris Teixeira Stephen Toner Tennis Ambition: Marine Biologist Wayne Vincent Debra Waddington Softball Ambition: Teacher Billie Whited Mary Wixon Lookout and History Clubs Ambition: Interior Design Steven Wilson “Practice yourself in little things and thence proceed to greater.” CAPE COD COMMUNITY COLLEGE — Epicetus TRADE TECHNICAL SCHOOLS (UPPER CAPE) Colleen Mello Medical Assistant MISCELLANEOUS SCHOOLS Antonia Garcia Susan Lewis Barbara Parrish Phillip Perry Kevin Smith Katherine Webber Brockton Hairdressing LaBaron Hairdressing Mt. Cheyenne H.S. Ministry Berwick Academy Miss Farmer ' s Sch. of Cookery NURSING SCHOOLS Lydia Cleveland Emma Jo Mills Quincy Nursing School Framingham Sch. Nurs. vou got X nn ifa the Qf K,Toc1 IS THIS T1H£ U) A V TC THE, high SCHOOL 7 Maria Alonso Georgina Barboza Joan Cifuni Sandra Clough Dennis Commolli Rita DeSouza Susan Dufresne Jan Fahnley Tracy Fears Janice Ferreira Kathleen Glista Susan Gonsalves Stephen Halloran Alison Jenks Randy Labossiere Judith Lane W. Paul Leary Marjorie Lynch Linda Martin Sherry McClaid Kenneth LeMaire Stephen D. Murphy Risa Nichy Susan Nielsen Michael Nolf Thomas O ' Donnell Alvah Pearsall Lucy Peters William Posgay Susan Quinlan Susan Ransom Lynn Regan Paul Rodrigues Timothy Sheehan Cheryl Soucy Louann Stone Antonie Woods l: I Karen Hutchins Catherine Jewett Sharon Johnson Softball Ambition: Travel Kristina Kantola Ambition: Work Susan Lewis Tennis Ambition: Hairdresser Joyce Lopes Joyce Lynch Pep Squad, Jr. Miss Ambition: Fashion 98 Maryann Malek Ralph Marks Hanna McTaggart Football, Honor Society, Hockey Ambition: Draftsman John Metell Pres. A-V, History Club Ambition: U.S.C.G. Beverly Miranda Ambition: Fashion Sheridan Mitchell Joan Moniz 99 Paul Grace “All the world is a stage, and all its people actor s.” —Shakespeare Drama Drama boasted many more acting classes and plays. Mike Helfen directed several plays, while Bill Fraher coached the traditional senior play. The new Performing Arts Group developed, and large numbers of aspiring thespians shunned their shyness and hit the boards. The activity in this area was further expanded with experimental and Black theater to state festivals and mini-courses in technical aspects of the show. [Mf, n Hi ] Y ' J, ». ■ {mm i ; ti ' l Mike Helfen, Drama Coach This year FHS sponsored one of the twelve Massa- chusetts Regional Drama Festivals. " If It Were So, It Could Be, " an original play by Director Mike Helfen was our entry. Winning acting awards were Jeff Gage, Jim Rodenhizer, Jay Dean, Kevin Cooke, and Krista Hennessey. Only in its second year of competition, FHS took first place. Afterward, actors went into tougher state semi-final competitions. Paul Grace and Jeff Gage in " Adaptation " “Fiddler on the Roof’ The first all-school musical of the year was per- formed by a cast of 107 students and teachers under Director Mike Helfen. Even Principal Peter Clark had a part in the show which packed the auditorium two of the four nights. There was good feeling in the show; as one of the songs declared: To Life! 102 " Tradition,” without our traditions our lives would be as shaky as . . . as a fiddler on a roof. 1 p JiAB jLm !a “To us and our good fortune, Be happy, be healthy, long life! And if our good fortune never comes Here’s to whatever comes Drink L’Chaim To Life!” On May 1 1, the Junior-Senior Prom was hosted in the FHS field house. The theme " Color My World " was supported by a blue colored globe on a mural. Live entertainment was supplied by " Round- house, " which captivated its audience with a wide variety of music. The highlighting feature of the even- ing was the crowning of Queen Joan Weidman. All in all, the prom was a most memorable occa- sion. V 1 • r I W ■ ■ j ft v [J f I L 1 m 1 ! 1 " v r ? f w 99 ‘ As time goes on, I realize just what you mean to me . . . “And now that you’re near . . . promise your love, that I’ve waited to share and dream in our moments together . . —Chicago rir 1 I vJ ■K i j • A 1 House B Administrator Louis Larrey The Staff Principal: House Administrators: Student-Community: Humanities Chairman: Math-Science Chairman: Careers Chairman: Media Director: Art Director: Physical Ed. Dir. Building Manager: Executive Secretary: Staff Aides: G. t Peter L. Clark DeWitt C. Jones, III Louis B. Larrey Andreas Lehner James T. Kalperis R. Curtis McKee James C. Kinney Eugene Bullock-Wilson Romeo Lafond Joseph Downs Earl H. Mills Joseph Montle Martha Griffin i, M. Carlson, M. Favulli Bella Repoza, General Factotum Angelo J. Casso, Math Gail Cavanaugh Andreas Lehner Linda Davis House A Franklin Towle DeWitt C. Jones, 1 1 1 Administrator: DeWitt C. Jones, III Guidance: Theodore Mogilnicki, Charlotte Troutwine Secretary: Rita Maxwell Humanities: F. Keith Baker, William Fraher, Daniel Harring- ton, Emily Ketchum, Robert Lusena, George Moses, Helen Peirce, Justine Phillips, Peggy Savage, Ann Steele, Lorraine Towle Art: Joseph Downs, Sarah Carson Music: Dennis Marotta Media: Lynn Forbes, James Harrington Math-Science: Theodore Benttinen, Angelo Casso, Dennis Comolli, Constance Flood, Robert Griffin, Helen McKenzie Careers: Myron Gaddis, Diane Leaman, Elizabeth Metcalf, Maxwell Money, Louise Olsen P.E. Health: Bruce Cranshaw, Helen Ladd, Beverly Mangum " There is no secret of success but hard work. " — E. Turner Raymond Charron Bruce Cranshaw Bruce Mogardo " Nicky " Nickerson “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured and far away.” — Henry David Thoreau Beverly Mangum House B Administrator: Louis Larrey _ , Guidance: Robert Nilson, Carrie Saunders, Head Counselor Robert Chisholm „ _ Secretary: Patricia Henderson Humanities: John Carroll, Robert Corradi, Fred Douglass, Marie Doyle, Barbara Kanelopolous, Patricia Moorman, Eugene Phillips, Robert Picket, Sydney Roberts, Adele Rohe, Joan Tansey, Dorothy Turkington Math-Science: Robert Bastille, Ray DesRoches, John Farrell, James Johnson, Erva Levine Careers: David Adams, John Androski, Robert Chisholm, _ Robert Gilbrook, Betty Hankinson, Richard Jason, Elea- Janet Toner _ nore Osborne Art: Stephen Rose Music: Carol Sykes Media: Barbara Payson-Kenny, Charles Wright P.E. Health: Raymond Charron, Ruth Nickerson, Maureen O ' Brien 110 Richard Delaney F. Keith Baker Alfred Douglass and David Adams “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” — Albert Einstein Raymond DesRoches Constance Flood House C Administrator: Andreas Lehner Guidance: John B. Quick, Marlene Viera Secretary: Mrs. Wigley Humanities: Linda Davis, Joseph Domingos, Linda Gompert, Michael Helfen, Michael Mello, Cheryl Robb, Karen Schoch, Janet Toner, Chase Whittenberger, James Winer, Mark Roberts Math-Science: Ann Ashley, Richard Delaney, Robert Laraia, Stanley Mathes, John Moody, Virginia Root, Andrew Vince Careers: Lee Burgess, Brian Halligan, Peter Keene, William McKay, Frederick Toran, Franklin Towle, Demetrius vo n Hentschel P.E. Health: Jack George, Earl Mills, Director; Bruce Mogar- do Art: Vasco Pires, Jim Wight Music: Janna Bruene Media: William Blackmore School Nurse: Eileen Laine; Health Aide: Mae Crossen Secretaries: Martha Griffin, Mary Jane Burry, Harriet Alexander, Margaret King, Carole Andrews, Mary Bishop, Beverly Klink Joseph Domingos Senior Banquet On May 31, almost two hundred near graduates attended the Senior Class Banquet at New Seabury Country Club. The evening included a roast beef dinner and music by " Rock Bottom. " There were no long speeches. Everyone danced, and it was a most enjoyable evening for all who attended. flky f V • ' CmJl 3 li i 4 r3 iSJR k «7 m A Class Day June 5, 1974 On Wednesday morning, June 5, the Senior Class began hasty preparations for Class Day at 12:30. Some skits were brought back from the Freshman Show; Paul Mandigo as Shirley Temple, Kevin Cooke with two new members in the " Ship.” Despite the hasty organization, the show drew laughs and applause. Billy Leary was the emcee, and Jeff Fortes was our " streaker. " Class Day festivities ended on a sad note as Billy said goodbye to us as a class. Through his words, we remembered our beginning and realized it is not the end. Antonie Woods Katchup, D.E. Ambition: College John Moriarty Holly Lopes Russell B. Marshall For the three years that our class spent in Lawrence High School, Mr. Marshall was our friend. He was there when we needed him; he was always willing to help us with our problems, personal or otherwise. He retired in 1973, and with his retirement came the end of an era we were proud to be part of. Lawrence High School closed, and a new school emerged. Mr. Marshall guided us into this new school and helped us prepare for our most impor- tant year. For this we are truly thankful. We are sorry to have lost such a leader, but happy to have had such a friend. 118 Peter L. Clark With the closing of Lawrence High School and the opening of Falmouth High, our class gained another friend. Under the direction of Mr. Clark, we moved out of high school and into the world. He helped us through our hardest year, which was even more difficult be- cause of the new building and system. Through his hard work and dedication to the school and to us, we will graduate a fine, organized class, aware of our goals and hopeful with thoughts and dreams of the future. We, the first graduating class of Falmouth High School, thank you, Mr. Clark. 119 “I’ve thought of many things; Many I have not done. I’ve been to many places But many I have not seen. I’ve heard of many stories But many I have not read. $o many things that I have done, But so many more I have to do.” -Jeff White ' 75 A R RING EITHER SIDE W X June 7, 1974. Graduation exercises for the first class of Falmouth High School were held in a simply-decorated field house spacious enough to hold more than a thou- sand spectators. Traditional speeches were given by Principal Clark, Superintendent Olenick, and Retired Superintendent Harry Merson, Keynoter. Introductions were made by Jan Starosta and Joanne Grady. President Joey Andrews expressed final good wishes. Sighs of relief and cries of joy were heard amid the vast crowd as the seniors left the field house as a class for the final time. “The Play is done, the curtain drops Slow falling to the prompter’s bell: A moment yet the actor stops, And looks around to say farewell.” “To meet, to know, to love — and then to part, Is the sad tale of many a human heart.” — Samuel T. Coleridge “Everybody is a star, I can feel it when you shine on me ... I love you for who you are, not the one you feel you need to be.” — Sly Stone I l “Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep in- terested in your own career, however humble, it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” — Desiderata Paul F. Olenick Superintendent of Schools It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happi- ness. — C. H. Spurgeon “If you can dream — and not make dreams your master . . . If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty second’s worth of distance run Yours is the Earth and every- thing that’s in it . . — Rudyard Kipling Frank G. Simmons, Chairman, Falmouth School Committee presented diplomas “For it’s the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember, the way we were.” —Barbara Streisand Margaret Ryan Chorus Ambition: L.P.N. Ray Rowitz And even if we are occupied with important thinejs , even if we attain honor or jail into misfortune — still let us remember bow good it was once here, when we were all together united bij a aooct and kind -fee lino which J made us... better perhaps than we are. Ftjodvr Dostoevsky ‘Hhe editors,, ,stafr, and aeUmorz, with to thank, the (nxsmesymen, parent , and friend whose support ha helped launch the frrst edition of ‘Clipper ‘Compact . 129 Stone ' s STONE ' S for Professional Beauty Service - 7 STYLISTS - Barber Sho • Razor Cutting Connie Stone, Mgr. Susan Tavares Theresa Stone Bonny Benoit • Shaping • Styling Frances Fitzgerald Virginia Clark Four Barbers Cathy Mabardi Frank Stone Dick Stone Specializing In— Phil Stone “Auggie” Perry Permanents • Coloring • Cutting Free Parking in the Rear 210 MAIN STREET, FALMOUTH 548-0685 In the Center of Town — Air Conditioned — Falmouth 208 Main Street 548-0685 Parking in the Rear Air Conditioned Full Typing Services IBM Composition Offset Printing Xeroxing - the „ Comp Rpom 368 Main Street — P. O. Box 452 Falmouth, Massachusetts 02541 617-548-7017 ' Jackie Chatterton Sue Morse Bus. Phone: 548-5342 Res. Phone: 548-4893 MARY KAY, REALTOR COMPLETE Palmer Ave. Jones Rd. REAL ESTATE SERVICE Route 28, Falmouth, Mass. Sales — Rentals P. O. Box 342 Appel’s PHARMACY “the store of friendly service " 249 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 Phone 548-0102 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 J9 sit ' s Enjoy the Finest sandwiches German Specialties 553 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth 548-6263 SSIUBBABB m PAINT SUPPLY ,% WALLCOVERINGS Distributor of touraine paints ijL LADDERS ty. TOOLS Falmouth — 548-6233 352 Main St. Next to Sears 130 REGATTA RESTAURANT INFORMAL WATER FRONT DINING WITH A TOUCH OF THE GOURMET At the Beautiful Entrance of Falmouth Harbor, End of Scranton Ave. Falmouth 548-5400 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 EASTMAN S HARDWARE jKoiverS - n - JhincjA KITCHEN FURNISHINGS 148 Main Street KYANIZE PRODUCTS, SEEDS Falmouth 548-0407 1 50 Main Street RUTH BATES 540-2585 Falmouth Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 131 X ltlVU5 i ' R.tyarfOun i famCy {lame €. Beattu jf sQ Ljcm44 L. Durnj ' 71 j4rt£uir tv f (urn Dr iftri tf. fitch Dr t fin. (fofm flitchelt j4rtfucr jTofptjO ' fi. fi. {frnitfl J ndu foCwnCne kaifuj fiujhrue tCati of 4974 tta A of 1975 ' Uom of 1976 ttvao of 1977 Robert ' BaatiCCe { one i ‘Barbara Butbclc-WiUon fir. {fin. tfo n £ tarroCl fred VouqCao fir i fin. ‘Vcvnoef f ‘Do tjCe V. ' ifnn fbrhvA, fdrraricvrt Witlvvm tj. trader dock zfeo rae fiictuici JteCfen kentuckij (fern fir ( firs. tfarneo Jtirmey ‘2o(jvrt J’d. fTiCio ti Jtoten Reirce f . t. ffuIlsLpd foaUf IBetda) ‘Repoia. flnn fi. ftecte thartvtU ‘froutwAwe D. von itenteefoet 132 Jtitro ixs Auto Sio pitaX ' C oufitf u enttc HUi4i Sdito r iffrop ‘Deaiwildt !fdop ' t-drdr Side Afl f Shlmautl Vhsietu Avore jKOAd HCUVUi ' Irttsdzv d jMuie dfportdioecw Aim. WeeUd ' ifdop Witj ‘8 output £ Bcautij Aaton, 133 I I I CAPE BOWL in the Falmouth Plaza Air Conditioned Open ’til Midnight Ten Pins 548.5434 Serving the Public Homelike Pizza Enriched Bread Since 1926 And Rolls ORLANDO S BAKERY Tel. 540-1440 420 Main Street East Falmouth, Mass. 02536 CARPET BARN INC. PRATT LAMBERT PAINTS WALLPAPER CARPETS 1 1 Chapel Park Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02540 Charles Alferes 548-1443 Ethel Alferes Compliments of ‘JtiCncutd mfer ' Compaitu f 0nc, East Falmouth 134 WATERFRONT ESTATE RED BROOK HARBOR - POCASSET Gambrel Cape with 5 BR ' s,3 1 2 baths, LR w frpl , formal dining room, modernkit, w w carpeting throughout, a flagstone porch the width of the house overlooking the water, private beach , private dock, 50, 000 sq.ft, of beautifully landscaped land, servants quarters, attached 2 car garage, fully furnished for $195,000. Additional land available . Paj ad - Fft i utujtw Realty " THE WHITE HOUSE " 1 TOWN HALL SQUARE - FALMOUTH, MASS . 02541 Tel. 548 -1034 Lawn Mowers - Tillers Locke - Hahn - Ariens Chippers - Trimmers Jacobsen - Bunton - Sunbeam Chain Saws Homelite - Poulan - McCulloch H. V. LAWRENCE, INC. EASTMAN S SALES SERVICE FLOWER SHOP GREENHOUSES 22 Depot Ave. Falmouth, Ma. 02540 34 Depot Avenue Falmouth, Mass. Michael G. Way 548-0232 Owner 5644173 Home Tele. 548-6811 135 § Rentals Land Business W. G. JENKS, REAL ESTATE 536 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. Tel. 540-1434 548-6820 THE CARPET SHOP Arrowhead 155 Worcester Ct. Falmouth, Mass. ARROWHEAD OF FALMOUTH Donald M. Francis 548-6698 ROBERT F MCLAUGHLIN 958 MAIN STREET MANAGER EAST FALMOUTH, MASS 02536 the most complete inventory of art and graphic arts materials, drafting and architectural supplies on Cape Cod • Arches water color blocks and paper • Artone poster colors • Bainbridge mat and illustration boards • Chartpak tapes • Color Aid papers • Craftint silk screening supplies • Osmiroid lettering pens • Craypas, Nupastel and Rembrandt pastels • Pantone color system materials • Letraset products • Pelikan inks • Liquitex acrylics • Mars technical pens • Prismacolor pencils • Rapidesign templates • Speedball block printing supplies • Strathmore papers • Conte drawing materials • special art papers • Winsor Newton oil, water color and gouache paints • And many other top quality materials for the artist, designer, architect, student and teacher. • Phone orders promptly filled. One Locust Street, Falmouth, Massachusetts (corner of Woods Hole Road and Main Street) 548-7312 Compliments of c si 56 Scranton Avenue Falmouth, Massachusetts 02540 136 WAQUOIT FABRIC SHOP Rt. 28, Waquoit Open 9:30 - 6:00 Monday through Saturday Compliments of A-1 AUTO BODY AREA CODE 617 540-0202 Open Evenings mm T r TOYOTA OF FALMOUTH AND MARTHA S VINEYARD Dennis Smith Rt. 28 Bob McGee E. Falmouth, Mass. 02536 137 Joseph Motta G. Campbell Lawrence LAWRENCE AND MOTTA Insurance Agency Inc. 1 77 Main Street .548-1596 Falmouth, Mass. .548-1130 Film — Equipment — Processing — -Stereo — TV ORTINS PHOTO SUPPLY Main Street Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 Corel ' s Cards i Cjifts Falmouth Plaza FALMOUTH EXXON 502 Main Street Falmouth 548-3004 138 THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT 275 Main Street Falmouth, Mass. HERBERT E. RILEY Compliments of Fashions for Bed and Bath Phone 548-4224 Inside the Falmouth Mall | i MARTIN’S OF FALMOUTH, INC. 878 Main St. Falmouth. Mass. In the Colonial Shopping Center " Where Fashion Costs Less " FAY ' S, INC. Compliments of FAY’S, Inc. 556 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. 02540 548-1666 FALMOUTH JEWELRY SHOP Your Class Ring Store 229 Main Street Marcel L. Albert Compliments of Mftfn ( 338 Main Street, East Falmouth 139 Good Luck, Graduates from Tony and Nate EMPIRE nc Men’s Students’ Wear Falmouth Mall 548-1020 Congratulations and Best Wishes THE PHARMACY Rte. 28 Teaticket, Mass, at Falmouth Mall ARTHUR E. FODEN, B.S. Reg. Ph. Phone 548-0464 CAPE COD FEDERAL CREDIT UNION “IT’S WHERE YOU BELONG” FOUR OFFICES TO SERVE YOU Bldg. 1 170, Otis AF Base, Ma. Phone 563-2353 or 563-5869 303 Dillingham Ave., Falmouth, Ma. Phone 548-8877 Main St., Buzzards Bay, Ma. Phone 759-3220 Rt. 6A — Mill Creek Bldg. Sandwich, Ma. Phone 888-9944 Best wishes from COMMONWEALTH TRAVEL — A Complete T ravel Service — Dillingham Ave., Falmouth, Mass. 02541 Tel.: 548-5100 (Emergencies: 563:5240) " We are as near as your telephone " Compliments of 199 Main Street Falmouth WHERE FIT COMES FIRST SEA SPRAY SHOES Quality Footwear and Personal Service Specializing in Orthopedic and Prescription Fitting TOM PAVAO RTE. 28 FALMOUTH PLAZA Proprietor 548-6775 140 I RICHARD L. KINCHLA REAL ESTATE Residential — Commercial 222 Main Street Falmouth, Massachusetts 548-3838 Richard L. Kinchla Jeanne R. Kinchla PHONE 548-1705 AUTHORIZED SCHLAGE SECURITY SERVICE SPECIALIST LEONARD H. CALL, Locksmith Bonded Commercial a Residential 14 STOWERS ST. TEATICKET. MA 02536 311 Main St. Falmouth, Mass. GEORGE’S PIZZA HOUSE Call Your Orders Before You Leave Home — They Will Be Ready On Arrival 540-2440 Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 from cmd Jirs. [go J. {Cmherakis 141 Ch» WOOD LUMBER " coT IBII HI The Wood Lumber Co. Building Materials Paints Masons Supplies Locust, Falmouth 548-3154 Ralph and Helen Sullivan Real Estate 120 PALMER AVE. FALMOUTH, MASS. 02540 BUS. 548-2006 RES. 548-3982 BETTER SERVICE GAS CO. Manual R. Tavares, Proprietor East Falmouth, Mass. 02536 Telephone 548-6400 Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 FALMOUTH FORD Dillingham Avenue, Falmouth 142 Unde bills Country Store in conjunction with. Bill Wearier Silver {ounge Restaurant Rt. 26 A jVortfi Falmouth, Open Ijear ’ Round, ( 617 ) 548-9115 ' Hazmony 76ut o f ' Jadmoutk One. FALMOUTH MALL TEATICKET, MASS 02536 PRESCRIPTIONS FALMOUTH PLAZA - Phone 548-5247 WOODS HOLE Phone 548-0741 Steve , (Wia Visit Our Complete Cosmetic Department 143 OUR DIVIDEND RATES MAKE SAVING INTERESTING 5 5 ! 4 % Regulor Savings Accounts COMPOUNDED CONTINUOUSLY earns for you an P M 0 annual effective rate of 1% ■ 0 J tf 3 4 % 90 Day Notice Accounts COMPOUNDED CONTINUOU SLY earns for you an A A A 0 annual effective rate of I II I 0 6 6 7 1 To 2 2 Year Term Certificates COMPOUNDED CONTINUOUSLY earns for you an annual effective rate of 6.81 3 % 2 2 To 4 Year Term Certificates COMPOUNDED CONTINUOUSLY earns for you an annual effective rate of 7.08 4- Year Term Certificates COMPOUNDED CONTINUOUSLY earns for you an annual effective rate of 7.63 I DEMOS L EPT Doublecheck " is ottered only at E3 Plymouth Savings Wareham, 226 Main Street, 295-3800 Falmouth, 117 Main Street, 548-3000 Plymouth, 36 Main Street, 746-3300 Congratulations to the Class of 1 974 J almoutfi Jce Arena Skate Shop Skating Lane, Falmouth Jim Murray Bud Ferreira Best Wishes to the Class of 1 974 DANNY ' S WASHER, TV, APPLIANCE SERVICE Complete Appliance Sales Service 190 Main Street, Teaticket 548-5746 FALMOUTH SHELL STATION 415 Main Street 548-0254 144 Compliments of KENYON’S GENERAL STORE 767 Main St., E. Falmouth 548-4826 deuiekrv, 0 Jnc. Quality Diamonds and Watches 245 Main Street Falmouth, M A WALKER VOLKSWAGEN 4 WORTHINGTON VINCENT REAL ESTATE 540 Woods Hole Rd. Woods Hole Town Hall Square Falmouth TATAKET COFFEE SHOP TATAKET SQUARE 31 E. MAIN ST. TEATICKET, MASS. Compliments of HARBOR VIEW FISH MARKET Falmouth Harbor Entrance, Falmouth, MA THE CLAM Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 MURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY SHACK 406 Jones Road Falmouth, MA Compliments of Fresh Fish Lobsters Clams WoohvortK Right next to the 1 Satisfaction Giiarnritiwl - Kcpficcmmt or Money lUfuiuk ' d 1 Harbor View Fish Market at the entrance of Falmouth Harbor Falmouth Plaza 146 Tel. 548-1 1 22 A Message from Crystal Scully Class of 1974 " I BANK AT FALMOUTH BANK and Trust Company for checking account convenience, and I BANK ON FALMOUTH BANK and Trust Company for helpful service.” Join the high school and college students who say, " It’s the bank you can bank on as well as at.” Headquarters: Worcester Court East and Rt. 28 Teaticket Intown Branch: 1 1 Town Hall Square, Falmouth. Tel. 548-7500 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BURKE REAL ESTATE JMotavj Puljtic PAUL T. BURKE 22 QUEENS BUYWAY JOAN F. BURKE FALMOUTH. MASS. 02540 HARVEY’S of FALMOUTH INC. AMERICAN HARDWARE 163 Worcester Park Avenue The Store That Cares About You 548-3273 RICH OF FALMOUTH FURNITURE SALES WAREHOUSE Rt. 28 Waquoit Village Falmouth, Mass. 02536 147 TEL. 548-5406 TANK CAPACITY 2053 GALLONS Eileene Finnell Real Estate Stephen L. Finnell Carol A. Kenney Martha F. Patrick Michael G. Finnell 548-6343 Tataket Square CHECKER CESSPOOL DISPOSAL E. BOTELHO SONS 24-hour service to meet your needs. Reasonable Rates. Compliments of FALMOUTH READY MIX CONCRETE CO. 607 Main Street Teaticket, MA Good Luck to the Newest Graduating Class From the Oldest Cleaners in Falmouth (PaA CLEANERS Est. 1922 Boyd C. Fairbanks, Prop. Scranton Ave. 548-0907 HOLLAND ' S ■ CARO STATIONERY m ! :5aii 1 ! 1L . 148 Congratulations and much success Class of m 4 EAST FALMOUTH PACKAGE STORE 34$ Jiain Street, Cast Talmouth Cood l tck 74 FAMILY FOODS fa (mouth ' s Onlif Butcher Shop freshest Vegetables 350 .Haiti Street, Cast Falmouth 540-2330 Open 7 Da us Best Wishes fir a happy, successful future f FENSTERMAKER DRUG CO. 35C Jiain Street, l. Falmouth 548 - 1541 548 - 1300 149 Mf. c Waterfront lining Overlooking Falmouth Carbon LUNCHEON 12 - 2:30 PM DINNER 5:30 - 10 PM SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY DINING 1 - 10 PM After-Dinner Dancing — Entertainment Nightly SCRANTON AVENUE FALMOUTH 548-2700 f B FALMOUTH PACKAGE STORE Home of Nobska Brand Liquors Falmouth Plaza 548-2600 PALMER AVENUE MARKET AND MOBIL STATION Open 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Seven days a week 322 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth Congratulations and Best Wishes from Jack Conway, Realtor Falmouth Mall Office 540-1100 362 Main St., Falmouth 548-3431 150 | HOWARD STUDIOS INCORPORATED melvin howard richard howard 292 Main Street Hyanms, Massachusetts 02601 Telephone 775-2552 Official LARENCIAN Photographer " The Professional Touch That Means So Much” 151 AT DELMAR PEOPLE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ARE WORKING FOR YOU AT DELMAR There are four good reasons why our Printmakers are better than the others They have the flexibility to do things that are out of the ordinary They can innovate new ideas They design and build equipment just for us A nd most important they work at a vocation, not at a job THE DELMAR COMPANIES • PO. BOX 12466 ••CHARLOTTE, N. C. • 28205 a division of republic corporation-california 152 y[ Tribute Dicky Brand Dicky Brand, American Field Service Exchange Student from Holland, became another citizen of The Falmouth community and incumbent on that almost unique list of foreign exchange Students. Her congeniality and respected influence on the lives she touched earned the respect and admiration of the townspeople of Falmouth. Thus she fostered the spirit of international good will for her native Holland and the community of nations in much the same way the AFS Program seeks to establish human understanding as a means to world peace. The directors, officers and staff of the Falmouth National Bank join in sincere congratulations to the graduating class of 1974. We are also truly pleased to join in a very special sentiment ... A TRIBUTE TO YOU AFT ... for the devotion and dedication of students, parents, administrators, and the faculty of Falmouth High School. OUR 153rd ANNIVERSARY 1821-1974 FALMOUTH NATIONAL CAPE COD ' S FIRST BANK 9 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS FALMOUTH - HYANNIS - YARMOUTH BUZZARDS BAY - OTIS AIR BASE Member F.D.I.C. » FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY www.falmouthpubliclibrary.org FALMOUTH PUBLIC LIBRARY " r ■■■ 1 jJL 1 I •

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