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- f '11'1f-e:.4,r+-Q'l7a7,:-:,f3f,7fff 1-ffwnr fyaff i1,.'s",f'f5 "fy '.ff',f1fQ-vqwzbzggzzffvff -N x ' kv., ,,,.ff, ,f,,.,,-,ff . ., .- ' 'r,lg?4 .V 3 5,f,f.,-Ag'-V ,A , ,---'ff --'- f ff - -' ' - - if V' Y -ff' ' -'f M -- --f ff-1 :.:f--::,5f -'i.1.gAL'1.-W:, f-Qg1,f::'.f.f:f,f::A ,AQgg?43'1,,,f,-1: C u Elf: Q, Qb,"'M.f2'fA 'KW V! Km f -f,'fl7'7 ' .fn-, ff-1 Z, Y' W 'f1'!Kf'L'W1f Fw 75. .xq x -x A fi Jw Q if 5-5" 'ti ? , is ,s if :aj ,J 55 3 3 "lTf55'6 zfavfh' 4.4- ,.,pasemffsza--.f2'4-'r1,"ff"kff A M-- J, r ,? f pr 'nv 9 P I V X , m if 1 1 ff ' . ff' I of -5- 5 :L a, . f. I i 'pf ik A. f J' r " " D I I i N4 QQ!! 'Hifi X I I 1457, X "nfl, 5' 1 X. W f' Y,.1L-?' 2 Q YLFEZQ '1ff1,f,-f. ,N PK 'r X FV' 19 4 i' y-"'!!"15' :ii-i ,"", Q L 'Q-42751 -f ,Q ff, Q. 'ag .55 .,,, . fi: L,- -,,.:,, ' Nj! fx , :xx AJ' H, 5 -- .i is ', " JI if . 4 , .E Y, , -'J . ,pf-as , 11-Mfffg ws? wr if ,, JN ,. f.'1?'i'! wf. 517 zlfeff, if.. 4 Q5 .hw 54:i:'Cv,'-Q.f4,.1-., - . , . 'i":-A M.,-1 , , .....Q..-..., . -, .,. . , - - . 700 Dedication Fon never just tolerating us, but sincerely respecting and liking us as individuals, For never complaining of being so overburdened that he couldn't give help and guidance to us at any time, For never asking praise, but remaining modestly in the background, For not just giving us a greater sensitivity to music, but giving it to us with warmth and good humor, For generally making our school a better place in which to be, We gratefully dedicate this, our IQ52 Yearbook, to MR. IRVING HERTZ. ln Appreciation to Administration Mr. Louis Blumherg We the troupers of '52, wish to express our sincerest appreciation to the managers of the Fallshurgh Central Carnival. Both Mr. XYeiss and Mr. Blumherg have given time to the consicleratiun of our problems as :1 class. Througli close association they have acquain- ecl themselves with us as inclivirluals, and their guid- ance has reflected the thoughtful study they have macle of our capabilities to perform. It is our collective wish that the Carnival of the Future will justify the voiiticleiice they have expressed in those capabilities. "The Show Must Co On." ' three -1 K f NI1. .Xlex Szlknfsky Mr. Hcr11z11'flKitiz1s Mr. Louis Perlstcin Mr. He11jz1111i11Coso1' Klr. l.z1,z:11'11s lex S, 111-111-1.'ieve Rose11st1'z1 Xlr. H:11'1'y Res11i1'k . llznrnlfl Cauthers X11 :Y Pl'111'l-1f1'1ll ly 'fu'-l'l'1'Sfz1'c Board of Education ,y 1 . V, . lhe 1111:4ee11 1l11'Cctc1rs ui 11111' Lz11'1111'z1l are on the I'302ll'4l wf lfcl111'z1ti011. They h2lVi' wcmrkecl diligently and with 1111fi1'i11g efforts to spin our wheel of f01'fllllC. Uel1111rI the Scenes, they have 1:1'11cl11cerl our show. M11 XI1l1m1 Crmhert Miss Cl1:11'lotte Mey1-1'so11 lDi.vl:'irf C'l1'1'k .S'm'rm'111'v to ,S1l1fN'l'I.1lft'lIll'l'Hf Miss N.I:11'ily11 Cz111tl1:-rs mu-nt Aluncugi ,S'z'4'r'1'f41r.1' fn PFI-lll'If'UI 0 jam' N athan NVeiss Szunuel Beytin gllflltll ,3'flzffif'.Y DCf7lll'flIll'llf SCff'llL'1' Dcyvarfnzmzi lQ1'f7fll'fllll'llf Anne Hendricks Lllllffllllfjf' Drfnlrfllzmzf Irving Hertz Music' Dt'f7tII'fIlIUlIf Marilyn Feinberg Librarmn Word R. Young l'1zy.v1'rz1! lid. Uvjvarlmmz Gordon Furniss Indzfsfrial Arts ElSSCI'lTl3.11 l11fZf1lUlIIflfff.Y 1Jl'fNIl'fllIC'Ilf .Xnnzx Rosner C011z111f1'r1'zrI I7t'f'UI'fl1lC"Mf jack VVengrow AfIIt.Yl.lf DCf?GFfII1L'llf Shirley Griffiths fIOIIIL' Er. Dt'f7llI'fIIlCJlf lClizz1b:tl1 Haines Nurse Robert Longo Aff D0f7Gl'fllIFllf ' five 0 six A Message 1 extend my neartiest congratulations to you, the graduates of the Class of IQ52. VVe. of the Faculty and Administration, are truly proud of this, the first unified graduating class in the brief history of Fallsburgh Central School. I feel proud that I have had some part to play in the education of so fine a group of young men and women. You have worked hard, played hard, and con- tributed a great deal to the past, present, and future of our great school May you carry with you, throughout your lives that deep sense of cooperation, friendliness, tolerance, and responsibility which you have displayed so admirably in school. It is my hope that you will return to humanity as much or a little more than you have taken from it. May I be as proud of you always, as I am now. LOUIS BLUMBERG, Principal GS MV .04 'gf' q s-1 :ii 1-,Q 5, p""YS R 'il m U1 MARIA BETUK "Monya" "ln fha golden rhniu of frimidshifv, consider me a link." Banzl 9-12. Glee 'Club 9, Rhythm II, Duso Play IO, 12, Assembly Play 9, II, Class Officer II, IZ. Maintenance 9-11, School Paper 9-11, Yearbook 11-12, Cheerleader 11-12, Duso Drama 12. LEONARD BRAVER HClIt'.s'fj'U AI.-lqllf, drink, zum' 110 'lllUI'l'j'H Glee Club II-I2, Debate Club 10, Dramatic Club 10. Photo II, Assembly Play 9'lI, School Paper 11, Yearbook II, V. Base- ball 9-11 Soccer 10-11. Varsity Basketball Mgr. II, Library 12, LEONARD COHEN "Lenny" 'LFlll'0'ZK'l7l1V, my f7'iC1Id.V-f!ll'l7'ZUFI1, and hail, fm of." Chefs Club 9, Stage Crew IO, Duso Play 10, Assembly Play Q-II, Maintenance 9-10. School Paper 9-12, Yearbook 9-10-12, VV1-estling 9. Soccer 9-12, J. V. Baseball 10, j. V. Basketball 10-11, Band 9-12, Glee Club 11-12 Dance Band 11-12, Varsity Basketball 12. IRENE DEPUY rrRClliC', "l1f's nice I0 be nice Wlzmz y0u'Ve mzturally nice." Band 9'12, Dramatics 9, Dance Band 11-12, Assembly Play 9 - 11, Yearbook IO - I2 a School Paper 10. ROBERT DILL "St11b' "risk me no qzmvfions and I'!I tell you no lies." Angling 9, Chef Club 11, Card Club I1 Assembly Play IO, Class Olhcer IO, Main- tenance 9-10, j, V. Baseball 9, j. V. Basket' ball IO, Soccer 10-11, Varsity Basketball II'I2 Chess 12. 1 HCA N IJ! JBBS u.ft'l1l1I't'H "IU rather be small and shilzc, Tlmu big and mst a .vlzado'zt'." Glee Club 12. Sewing 12, Chess Club 12, Rhythm 9. Double Octet Gl'Ul1lD 12. IIICRBERT FlflNS'l'lflN 'AHt'fI7lL"A H.VlIllI'0ll1, flu' lllffjllfj' lz1mz'v1'." Chess 9-12, Photo Club 9, llramatics Club 9, Chef Club Q-ll, Poster Club 11, Angling IO, Stage Craft 10, .Xssenibly Play IO, Dnso Play 10, Class Officer IO, Mainten- ance 9-11, I. V. Basketball 10-11, J. V. Baseball IO, Soccer 11-12. Varsity Basket' ball 12, Varsity Baseball 11-12, Yearbook IZ. HARRY' FERTIK "Chicko" "Speak ffm sfvzfvflz and l fvrtzy you-a'0 not .VKTZU flu' afr foo mzrrlz with your lm1zds."' Dramatic Club 9-12, Chess Club 9-11, Photo Cl11b 9, Chef 9-11, Stage Craft 10-11,Duso Play 10. Assembly Play 10-11, Class Officer 9-10, School Paper 10-12, W'restling 9, il. V. Baseball 9, il. V. Basketball 10,11, Ping Pong 11-12, Varsity Basketball 12, Soccer II-12, Yearbook 12, Current Affairs 1.2. o13N1c oixxz 'farm-" ln 'ZUf.Yfi0lII'.S' Vtlllk, lzf' stands jimi". Draniatic Clllll 9-12, Poster Club 9, Stage Crew lo. Stage Club 10-11. Photo Club 10, Duso Play 10-12, .Xssembly Play IO-ll. School Paper 12, Yearbook 12, Library 12, Chess IC-I I. BRUCE GOUDXYIN HBl'llC"ft'U "I haw l't'l1ll'lIt'd.'H Chess 9-12, Maintenance 9. bl. V. Basket- ball 11. Band I2, Basketball 12. ' 1011 I-IELENE HANTMAN "Helene" "My lips or my poefryf' Poster Cub 9-10, Rhythm IO, Sewing 11-12, Art 11-12, Assembly Play 10-11, Class Officer 11, Maintenance II, School Paper II-I2, Yearbook II-12, Cheerleader Mgr. II. RONALD HAZELNIS "Ronnie" "Know thyself." Chef 9, Photo 9, Angling IO-I2, Stage Crew 10, Arts and Crafts II, Chess II-I2, 3-Act Play 10, Maintenance 9-11, I. V. Basketball Mgr. 9, Varsity Baseball Mgr. 9-12, Varsity Soccer Mgr. IO'I2, Varsity Basketball Mgr. 10-12, School Paper 12, Yearbook 12. GLORIA KASS ."Cloria" "Two souls with but cz single fltonght, Two lzearfs fha! beat as one." Sewing IO, Maintenance IO-II, Cheerleader 10-12, School Paper. 11-12, Duso Drama 12, Yearbook 12, Art 12, Rhythm 11, Chess ll, Duso Play 11-12, Assembly Play 10-11. ANN KEILES "Ann" "I shall laugh myself to dcafhf' Band 7-12, Glee Club 7'I2, Stage Craft IO, Duso Play 10-11, Class Operetta IO, As- sembly Play 11, Class Officer 10-12, G. O. Officer 12, Yearbook II-I2, School Paper IO. Double Octet Group lI-IZ. jlCANE'l"l'E KOZACHUCK "!r'fte"' "It is not every question ihat deserves an onsw01'." Glee Club 9-12, Maintenance II, Sewing 9, Cheering' 11-12. Chess 11. ' eleven ROBERT l.1XSliUWl'l'Z "Hob" "HU slzould, lu' rmdd, hr' tvozlld, H0 did flu' b0.rl."' Art 10-12, School Paper 10-12, Yearbook 10-12, Class Officer IO-I2, 'Varsity Basket- ball 10-12, Soccer 10-12, Baseball 10-12, Volleyball 10-12, Glee Club 12, Assembly l'lay 10-11, iN'laintenance 10-11. lfl.l..liN LEVIXIC "Ellyn "fl lruv friend, is fl ffl-01111, f0rc'z'w'." Dramatic Club 9-12, Sewing 10. Staffe Crew 5 IO-ll, Assembly l'lay 10-12, School Pape,- 'l"0- Yenflwook ll-Il. Student Court Il, Maintenance 10-11, Dnso Drama 12, Stage Craft IO. ' twelve MICHAEL LCHVIN Miha Hffafldy is dandy but liquor is rlzzivkvr. ' Photo 9, Stage Craft IO, Angling 10-12, Arts and Crafts II, Assembly Play IO, Mainteimnce 9-11, Soccer 10-12, Model Airplanes 12. DONALD MICHELSON "Donnie" "Costly thc habit ax Ilzhv f7lH'.N'l' van buy, buf not c,rf1rv.vsvd in fam'y,' rich not gflltlI'j'.'l Glee Club 10-12, Drama 9, Poster 9, Angl- ing IO, Stage Crew 10, Boys Chorus 11. Assembly Play IO-II, Duso Play 10, Main' tCllZl11CC 9-1 1, bl. Y. Baseball 9, School Paper 12, Yearbook 11-12. Chess Q-IZ, Chef 9. Ros,x1.YN Maiissis Affeaey' "'1'lm' wovx are fvlfzzsarzllzcss and all her paths fm' f1c'acfr." Draniatics Q-l2. Chess 10-11, Stage Crew IO, Sewing 10. Rhythm II, Duso Play- 10- 12, Assembly Play 9-12, Maintenance 10-11, School Paper 9-10, Yearbook 11-12. ELAINE PUGATZ "f11dy"' "Thr Pye is lI0f ,vt1fi.vj5r'1I in sreilzgf' Band 11-12, Dramatics 9, Stage Craft 10, Sewing 10, Rhythm 11. Art 11-12, As- I sembly Play Q-IT, Duso llay IO. Mainten- ance 10-11 School Paper 9-11, Yearbook il-IZ. RICHARD ROSEN "Rl'L'lIj"' 'lf 1111111 1101 ycf, I7CgIHI1 In figlzlf' Banfl 7-I2, Assembly Play 9-11, Drainatics 9, Polio Play II, Class Officer 11-12, Chefs 9-10, Maintenance Q-II, School Paper 10, Dance Bancl 11-12, Yearbook 10-12, Chorus 9-12, Stage Craft IO. Soccer Mgr. 12. j. V. Baseball IO, Soccer II, Dnso Play 10-11, Stage Crew 10-11. HAROLD RQSENSH EIN '1Har0ld" "Nez'1'1' .my uzorv fl1c111 111'1'1's.r111'y." Angling 10-12, .Xsseinblv Play 10-11, Duso Play 10, Maintenance 9-12, Asst. Varsity Baseball Mgr. II, Photo 9-12, Chess 9-1 I-12, Chefs 9-11. ROHERTA SAKOFSKY "BoI1I1ie' ".S'!11dy fa im q111'vf, 111115111 to be gay." Band 9-12, Chorus 9-IZ. Dramatic 9-12, Stage Crew 10-11, Stage Craft 10-11, Dance Band 11, Duso Play 10-12, Class Play Q'II, Mztintenance 10-11, School Paper 10-1 1, Yearbook 12. Class Representative 12. Sl lliIL1X SliL,lCZNONY ."Srl1l1'f1fv" "Oni r1f1'f1' the al11111dr1111'1' of the lzcarf, Tin' 111011111 sf11'11k1'fl1," Alr. Debate 9. Sr. Debate 10. Sewing 11-12, Cooking 11, Draniatics 10-12,.-Xssenibly Play Q-II, Class Officer 9-11, Duso Play 11-12, Yearbook 9-11-12, School Paper 11-12, Cheerleader 9-12. l f1Zl'l'fC'I'll NVJRKLXN SIEGLER "N01'111i0" "lic 1111.r .s1'g111'11 f111' 1111111-V, 7'IIf11.1ffIl 111' 11111111 for 11111'," liaufl Q'-1.2, Drama 0-12, llc-luatc 10, l'l111t0 ll, Dance- Haucl ll, .Xssernbly Play 0-11, Class UFEQ1-r 11-1 1, School l'ap1-r 11, Year boolx 9-1 1-12, bl. Y. Baseball 0, ul. Y. Basket- ball 0-10, Varsity l-Sascball 10-12, Soccer lO-I 1, Yarsity liaslictball ll'l.2, ll. O. Olliccr 12, Cbcf 11, Stllflblll Court 11, H11y's 91 1t1- 1 1. ROIXERT Sllffll,ER "Rolf: 'llvwl' l1I'V 'fL'f11'lI'.N' 111' f1"I1'.' Cbc-1 Il, .xllgllllg 11-12, Stamp Club ll, ,Xsscrubly Play ll, Klaiuteuauce Il, Current .'X1f:111's 12. ,lOl I N SLA'lllfR "John f11111't111'11 ALVIN 'ITIQNIQIQ "17f11"' "I 11-111 1110 111115111 of my fntv, 1 11111 1,147 1'11f1111111 of HI-X' .m111." Angling lI'll, Carrl Club ll, .Xssemlmly Play Q-IO, Stage Craft 10-1 1, NlElllllCllZlllL'C 11-12. Xrt- flllll Crafts ll-1.2, Duso Play IO. Xl,l.F1N UXGICR "Big A!" 'Sl 111111111111 f1'1111111 1'1111 111111111111 j11'11 111111 , 1V1111'1' f111' x111'11 11 kim! 111'111'1'." lxllfltfl Club 1,1-10. llrama 11-12, llusu l'la5' Q-IO-1.2, .X11gli11g 10-1 1, Stage Crew IO. .Xs- Ql'Illl1l5' l'lay 0-10-11. Sturlcut Court 11. Claw- lltliccr 0. S1'l11111l Paper ll'l.2, Year- lillllli 10-12. bl. X. liaslqctball 10, nl. X. l:1lFCll!lll 13-10. S111-cc-r 10-12, Y. Baseball 11-12. lla-iqetlmall 11-12, Current Aflairs 12. ".1111'11' of 1111 1I'1II1l'S.H Debate 0, Cbcl 11, llrama 0-10, .-Xrt 11. :Xs- scmbly Play 9. School Paper II-I2. Year- b1111l1 lO'l2, Dum Play 12, Currcut Affairs MARTIN XY.-XLDBAUM "Marty" 'bl sim' Ildllffllv, and IHIIIIFI' fl I was born." School Paper 12. Ycarlmuk 1.2, Hand 12, Soccer 11-12, Basketball 12. -I. Y. Basketball IO-II, Baseball II, vl. Y. Baseball 10. Dzmcc Band 12. Angling IO, Chefs 10-11, Nlz1i11te11- ance 10-11, Boys Chorus 11, Glee Club 10-12, Stage Crew 10, Assembly Play 10-1 1. NORMAN KUGEL UlV0I'III.X'n "Sl1'lz' ivrllzv' 1'1111.v fft'f'fl.H Aljlllllil 12. Chess 1.2. El Q! V . 1., ,-,.,. ' "ff f-. . .,., . ..- 'bg- ' H iq' is ,.,, A ..,, , V J A h Elb, 132, . 1-Q. . P 3 , R Q 6 it gf? " ffffevn Midget Show .M no wzllla fllrrlmvl' lllflillglll thc' CIlX'lllVIll gI'lJllllilS we cmuc to El lllfljlll' :xt- trrlvtirm in thc USC'lllOl' Siflc Sl11:v,'." llerc lzulies anal gCIltl6lllCl1 wc lmzxve' the little 'lll'llll7i'l'S uf our lI'l111IDl'l't4, thc Senior llliclga-ts. ,llllCSL' midgets lmvv been lJCl'fUl'1l1lllg m our C!'l1'IIlX'1ll fur twclvc yvzlrs nov: and are I7l'C1Dill'lllg' Zl grzmcl lillilli' for us at thc- curl ul slum-, ' sill: fl. Giant Show A i X .Xcmas thc Carllival path from lhe little people we have the infamous "Giant Slmwf' These giants llezu' striking' resembleuccs to the lfttlc midgets. 'l'l1ey ton lmzavc been on the Ca1'111vz1l grounds for twelve years and will clepzlrt in june. Sac if yfm crm match them 1111 with llwlr close 1'elz1tives the midgets x .S'CZ'l,lI NAME Maria Betuk . . . Leonard Braver .. Leonard Cohen . . Irene Depuy .... Robert Dill . . . jean Dobbs ..... Herbert Feinstein Harry Fertik . .. Gene Ganz ...... Helene Hantman . Ronald I-Iazelnis . Gloria Kass .... Ann Keiles ..... Jeanette Kozachuck Norman Kogel . . . Robert Laskowitz . Ellen Levine .... Michael Lotvin . . . Donald Michelson Rosalyn Mresse .. Judith Pugatz . . . Richard Rosen .. Harold Rosenshein Roberta Sakofsky Robert Siegler . . . Norman Siegler . . Sheila Seleznow . . John Slater ..... Alvin Turner Allen Unger ..... Martin Waldbaum Bruce Goodwin .. ' eighteen W EAKN ES S Moose Gerber . .. Food ....... Hiawatha . . . Physics .... M onya ...... Rollerskating . . . Monticello Figures Statistics ........ .... Chicks? . . . F ellas ........... .... Telephone Poles .... .... " Yits" ...... Mr. Feldman .... .... Jimmy Blaine . . Being Nice .... Ellerwille . . . "Chico" . . Drinking . . Dancing . . . Mathenzatics . . . Boys ..... Bessie . . . Working ...... Philip Frank .... .... French .......... .... Manhattan girls? . . . . . . . Dieting ......... .... Auctions ...... Helene Hantman Beth .......... Girls ........... Monticello Girls .... .... FAVORITE PASTIME G. O. ing .............. Eating .... . . . Girls .................. Smoking in Boiler Room. . Poker in Firehouse ...... Drive'in-Movies . . . . . . . . Making Out .... ..... Calculating . . . . . . . . Cheating . . . . . . Art Room ......... . . . Giving Dill High Bloodpressure ......... Writing Mr. Feldman Letters .............. G.O. ing.. Bus Rides Listening . . . . . . . . Playing Ball .... .... Dieting . . . . . . Drinking . . Necking . . . Chewing Flirting . . . Arguing ...... ..... Combing Hai Having Parties . . . . . Talking ...... , ..... Goofing Off .... . . . Cheering ......... ..... Opening VVindows ....... Hanging out the window Necking ................ Mamboing . . . . . Driving THE AWFUL . N OTED FOR Her Chassis ..... .H is Physique .... Colored underwear . . Noise -making .... Vocabulary . . Tree House .... L Y 1 3 ...... Cardinals .... Studying ............. "My Lips or My Poetry His Laugh ........... " Yits" ..... Belly laugh .... Figure .... His feef .... Duso record Parties ...... A wild party ....... "Uncle Toni's Cabin". . . IOO,S in Soc. Studies . . . "Curtain Time" ..... Red Cheeks . . . Fire Crackers ....... Fighting with Richy .... 5-Day Weekends .... . Punctuality ...... Her height ., Gossiping .......... Turtle Neck Sweaters . . Prune Jam and Beans . . Being Broke ..... ..... HL: blue eyes ... ....5 J . . TRUTH NEEDS MOST 6'2", Dark, Handsome A shave .......... A girl ....... Young Intern .. Q5 in English . . . A steady .. . Senior license . . . Banana Boat ....... Alabama Scholarship Easel ............. A pair of eyes .... Marriage license .... Vermont Scholarship A steady .......... A new car ........ . Athletic Scholarship Q0 lbs. ........... , A distillery .. A girl .. Man .... A Man Diet .... Haircut .......... Academy Award ........ A Bus to school . . . Sissy ........ High Heels ..... A weight reducer ........ Helene Hantman ....... Unger Bros. 'Car ....... . Pas the Hag ... A job ...... DI SP OS I TI ON Gay .......... C harming ..... Good Hearted . . Quiet? ........ Lazy . . . Sweet .... Cute .... Sharp .... Radiant . . . Poetic .... Dangerous . . Changeable .... H appy .... Loveable .... Reserved .... .....Hidden .....Loveable . .....l'ncbriatcd ... .....Refined .....Friendly . Exotic . . folly ........ U nassuining . . . Dramatic .... Boorning . . Easy going .... Undecided . . . Foggy . . . Shrewd .......... .... Out of this world Swell ........... .... "So W'hat!" , PET PEEVE Waldbaum .. Yankees . . . "Hi There" . . Lipstick .... Mr. Beytin .. Alvin Turner .... . . ."Foof ' ........ . . Monticello Girls . .. Being Called '6Smart" Shouters . . ......... . . The Twins .. VVeight .. Annie .... Coz ........ Business Law .... K'C00kie" . . . . Leslie .... English .... French H ...... "Cousin Melvin" .. Lack of car . . . Senior Class . . . Goats ....... Her license ............ . Ann Keiles Laughing No car ........ . ........ Mr. Feldman .... Helene Hantman .. School ........ No Telephone .... Saundra R. School ..... SHOULD BE Basketball Coach A soft shoe dancer Owner of A 8: P Nurse President of U. S. Housewife Engineer Philadelphia Lawyer Webster Mrs. Cyrano De Bergerac Chauffeur Mother Mrs. Brizel Stenographer Cuniphj A taxi driver Professional ballplayer Lady Wrestler Bartender Paramour Teacher An Actress Democratic Asseinblyinan Fariner Lady Macbeth Barker of a Side Show Water Boy for F.C.S. team Track Star - Florist Flea Master in H ubert's Museum Supreme Court Judge Professional Dancer A History Teacher ' nineteen UIQ fem. WWK XVe, the Seniors ol Fallsburgh Central School, in this year ol our Lord l952, being ol' sound mind and body, do hereby, make, declare, publish, and proclaim, this, our Last XVill and Testament. Bequests and bequeathes are as lollows: Maria "Monya" Betuk leaves her chassis to Dede S. Her posi- tion on the cheering squad and headaches as Class Treasurer go to Aileen Van Nostrand. 'l'o Mr. lfeldnian Monya leaves Selina Kass to read poetry lor him in the luture: to the Liberty girls, she leaves "Moose" Gerber lorever. f.'Xnienj. Leonard 'AChesty" Braver leaves the proceeds from the "Charm- ing Child" contest to Mr. lfeldnian. His appetite he bequeaths to Robert Krutman: his voice goes to Victor lfishkel. Lenny also leaves his humor although he knows darn well that nobody wants it, except Mr. Beytin. Leonard "Lenny" Cohen leaves his hearse to Laidlaw with hopes it won't carry as many bodies as it once did. 'l'o his brother. Philly, Lenny gives a list ol' girls in all the Duso towns with hopes that Philly will do as well il' not better than his predecessor. Irene "Renie" DePuy bequeaths her athletic ability to Chickie S. To all luture Driver Training students who leel the need ol' ex- pressing themselves she leaves her lantous statement "Oh ...... Irene then leaves F.Cl.S. lor nursing school and a QYoung Internlj Robert 'lBob", "Stubs," "Dearest Fox," Dill leaves his position as head ol' the clan to Davie 'flerry Lewis" Kwartler. Bob leaves his patient remarks in Physics to -loe Rosenshein so that Hr. Beytin won't be too lonely. To Monte Steingart, goes Bob's way with wine, woman, and words. Alean "Jeanie" Dobbs leaves her little black book ol boys to lanet R. She bequeaths her knack ol' playing "hooky" to whoever needs it and leaves her ability as a social directress to Shelly S. Herbert "Herby, Foolw' Feinstein leaves LY I3 to anyone who wants to make a last getaway alter "borrowing" a Monte "Senior Lane" Sign. His way with the women and proficiency on skis go to limmy Ifarcluar. Herby takes with hint three words ol' his Iavorite song, "My Liberty Belle." fl'Oh lieattyfj ' f'It'I'llfj' Class Will Harry "Pinky, Chico, Ft-rtiko" Fertik donates all his pink shirts to Mr. Feldman. His size "I l" pegs go to Mr. XVeiss and his statis- ties to XValter Greenstein who eould probably add a lew himsell. His Fertik originals are to be kept lorever in the hallowed halls ol' l".Cl.S. Geneliusj Ganz endows his cerebellum and eerelarum to all ol' lf.Cl.S. including the laeulty. His way with "chicks" goes to .Xrthur Cole. His reputation as the "Latin Lover" he retains lor luture use. Bruce Goodwin leaves his gorgeous hair to Bert XValdbaum. His l t Ch Ile th l ll 1 un l g t XVlllC1 Ci ensttin ieense o I au ' ur e e ows a'o t -foes o 2 K le' A " . Bruce reluses to leave anything from Nlonlieello. e ene an man raves r exo 'c' ess o faoi i 1 N' " H I H t le he tt n t X n Pnkei Hu poetic' abilities to Gary Slater and her artistic' talents to Charlotte 1 lforim. Helene reluses to part with l'Her" Clryano. Ronald "Nuts" Halelnis hequeaths his good eyesight to Monte Steingart. His driving ability Ronnie leaves to Marty Van Fleet with hopes that he will have better luck with it than Ronnie did. lle leaves to P. Mereurio his all-Duso managing reeord. Gloria Kass leaves her shapely legs to Harriet Mogolowitf. Her sprint to meet the bus to her sister Selma. Her job as Captain ol' the cheerleaders she leaves to Eleanor P.. and she leaves F.Cl.S. but she doesn't leave Yits. .Xnn "l't'aiic'iiit"' Keiles leaves her telephone number H8 to any interested male. She leaves her inlamous belly laugh to Eleanor Giordano and the diaries lrom her many excursions to any one who wants to do a little l'interesting" reading. -leanette ".lette" Kozaelitiek leaves her figure to Olga Cherviok and her height to Rita Ennis. -leant-tte leaves with a certain Monte boy. She leaves her seat on the bus to any one who wants it. Norman Kogel donates his lamous jeep to the driver training t . t elass in ease they run out ol' ears. He leaves his hair eurlers to Alan lfindling. Cilenwild, Norman leaves where he lound it, However, he keeps Helene Hantman to share with Iohnathan. ' tzeeizf-x-wie Class Will Robert "Hob, Leslie" l.askowitl leaves his athletit' ability tt Howard Rotter. :Klan Findling may take all his Scholarships. bu his memories ol' Ellenville Bob takes with him. Hob leaves his bitbj sitting ability to all luture F.Cl.S. pitchers. Ellen l'Elly" Levine ean't :illiord to leave anything including weight. However. generosity lortes her to leave her liamous fella: with its autographed walls to "IJede" to use in her new house. Hei sophisticated walk goes to Frannie XVeg'nian and her excellent diction to Mike lfink. Michael "Mike" l,otvin leaves his wonderlul "drinking" abilitj to Charlotte lforim. His legs he bequeaths to Corny Depuy. Nlikc donates "his" Buick to his sister, .'Xlic'e. Donald "Donny" Nlielielexon reluses to leave his "Uncle Tom' Cabin" because it remains too close to his heart. He leaves hi lamous abundant red hair to Mr. lfurniss. His rhumba routines tc Mendy Creenstein. Rosalyn "Rozy" Klresse leaves her Shirley Temple dimples tc Rita E. Her l00's in Social Studies she leaves lor Mr. XVeiss so tha he may honor luture students. Elaine "Judy" Pugatx bequeaths her third clarinet seat to .Xlvii Nesslowitz and her labulous eolleetion ol' earrings to Saundra Bock man. 'l'o the Monti girls, she leaves the Monti boys. Richard "Ric'hy" Rosen leaves the Senior Class presideney ant all the preparations lor luture trips to X'Vashington to NOHIIZII Klein. The editorship ol the yearbook Ricliy very happily donatef to .-Karon Podhurst. He leaves all the teaeliers. especially Nlr Beytin to Eli Priniatk. Harold Rosenshein leaves his ever abundant head ol' hair it help Victor Fishkel in times ol difficulty. His truck goes to anyonc who leels brave enough to stop at the side ol' the sehool without going through the brick walls. He leaves his taste lor red, white and blue goats to Cary lavormina. Roberta "Bobby" Sakolsky leaves six other Sakolskys. 'l'o Kay 'l'odras, Bobbie betlueaths her aeting ability. One ol' her many ears she donates to Mi. Feldman to help him up Olympic' Hill in tht winter time. She sincerely hopes that it won't flash with eithei pink or blue. ' l'Zt't'l1fj'-lTL'0 Class Will Sheila "Sc'hlepp" Seleznow leaves her height to Cara Sehoon' over. her record ol 120 sit-ups to .Xdele Englander and her Curly hair to Donald "Ducky" Sehvvartl. Norman "Normie" Siegler leaves his speed in dressing to .joey Kessler and his seat on the bus to Monte Steingart who seems to know what to do with it already. The mysterious Marlene QSissyj Norman insists on taking vvith him. Robert "Bob" Siegler leaves his sehool work to Solomon Cohen. His veracity goes to Doris Lowe and his height to Mellie Feldman. -Iohn Slater leaves his latnous automobile to his younger broth- er, Bob. His romantic' technique goes to Charles Stieglitx. -Iohn finally leaves the windows alone. Alvin "Doe" Turner gladly leaves his daily lights with Mr. lfeldman to XValter Gieenstein. His worldly wiles go to Gary Salter and his last park ol' cigarettes to Davie Kwartler. Allen Unger leaves the presidency ol' the sehool to Aaron Pod- hurst. .-Xllen leaves speed reeords ol' 20 mph to XValter C., and sinee he linds he ean't take Beth vvith him, he leaves her to the exeellent care ol' the junior boys. He leaves Beth his hook shot. Martin "Matty" XValdbaum bequeaths his dance steps and technique to Eli Primaek. His empty lab manual goes to Davie K. to earry on tradition. His luck as King ol' Black lack goes to Melly lf. lo Mr. BL'yllIl, Marty leaves his best wishes lor a long and lusty lilie. .Xs a whole, the Class ol 1952 leaves to all the underelassmen, the Senior hometoom and the privilege ol' being lirst on the luneh line. 'Ilieir suave, handsome and interesting homeroom teachers they bequeath lo the -Iunior Class. They leave an adding machine to the Houston Hotel in XVash- ington, D. Cl., and Mr. Brizel to the army. Most important ol' all they leave you with the idea that you are a most important and integral part ol' the good old F.CI.S. Carnival. ' l'ZL'Cl'll5'-llll'Ul7 ampgd uo1.5u!qSDM ,mf iaik 1 Washington Trip Practically every Washington Trip started the same way, and we were no exception. VVe were oif at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April lb, with Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio and Mr. Longo checking students, students checking suitcases, suitcases checking elbow room. The interior of the Altman bus took a severe beating that morning. However, the atmosphere was one of gen- eral gaiety and hilarious laughter. There was not a boy without a cigar, not a girl without a hat, not a heart without some happiness. Lunches of chicken and matzo sandwiches tumbled about the place, suitcases following, on top of which could be heard shrieks of "The chicken!" "The suitcase!" General con- versation ran as follows: "I went to bed at 12:30 and woke at 6:30. Boy, am I tired!" "I took 15 rolls of film." "You're crazy!" "Watch ing through a microphone. Throughout the tour we had witty jokes combined with "On the left you will see. . . " Wfe soon arrived at Annapolis, visited the beautiful Chapel and tomb of John Paul jones, skimmed over the Museum, saw mid- shipmen on parade, and arrived at the Hous- ton, our hotel in Washington, at 6:30 p.m. There was a hasty inspection of the rooms, unpacking and eating were quickly over with, and at 8:00 p.m. we were on our way to visit the unforgettable Lincoln Memorial. From there, we proceeded to the Congressional Lib- rary, one of the most beautiful structures in Wfashington. Back at the hotel, we ran riotous. There were parties in every room. Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio and Mr. Longo were busy shooing everyone into their own rooms-only to have the chicken!" "Go 'way with that CIGARV' XVe were indeed off to an enjoyable start. Before very long we boarded the special train at Middletown which was to take us to the Capital. We discovered that the Roscoe senior class was sharing the car with us. Curiosity led many to make a tour of the train, which seemed endless. Classes from many schools and of course Fallsburgh, were all making the trip to Washington. VVe made friends right and left. Back in our own compartment, glee ran wild and mayhem came near to being com- mitted. Cigars and cards were Hashed in nearly every seat. John stepped out on the platform for some fresh air, and returned to say that he had lost his voice. General hilarity followed. The boys put the cards away and said they had lost money. General sadness followed. And so we arrived at Baltimore, where we met our bus driver, Hank, and our tour rep- resentative, Mr. L. F. Fox. YVith a "Right Oh", Hank glided us around the city narrat- them escape again. The manager honored us twice with his presence that evening. Film was exposed everywhere-some zany shots were taken. Vfhen lights were finally all out. many a pillow light was waged. Tiptoed foot- steps and hushed voices haunted the rooms until sheer exhaustion put a stop to the fun. The seventh Hoor was quiet at last. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, at the unreasonable hour of 7:00 a.m., we were awakened for breakfast. After which we visited the Treasury Department. We would have liked to take home some souvenirs, but the building was too heavily guarded. From there we proceeded to the Pan- American Building, and took pictures, in the Council Room. Once more, we occupied the bus, and rode up Constitution Avenue, past places such as the D.A.R. Memorial, Conti- nental Hall, the National Red Cross, the Archives Building, and finally at the White House. The old boy who lives in it was not around, but we admired his mansion, and the Blair House, and took endless pictures. 0 twenty-foe Washington Trip From there we went to the Capitol. Upon approaching it, -ludy Pugatx asked "X'Vl1at's 'l'H.'X'l'?" NVQ: laughed, naturally. lVe explored the Senate chamber, the House of Representatives, and Supreme Court. Wfe rode back to the hotel, and after lunch and a reasonable facsimile of a rest, we were off to visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. There we witnessed the changing of the guard. Allen and Harry marched behind the guards-much to our amusement. NVe also sat in the big marble amphitheater. From the cemetery we rode to Mount Vernon, home of George XVashington. Mr. Longo took one group, while another group decided they would refresh themselves at the soda fountain. Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio's entreaties to leave the fountain and visit the estate went unheeded. After what seemed an endless interval of soda, ice cream. and candy, we were ready to go. During our wait Elly asked in a thick southern accent "How 'bout some service, s'il vous plaitl" At the gate, the guard asked for either our chaperone or our money. Someone went back for Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio, but our naughty chaperone said "Good for you!" Confusion and sorrow broke out. Richy grabbed the oldest looking spinster he could find and posed her as our chaper- one, but she told the guard the truth, so the idea Huled out. Someone went for Mr. Longo, and after a long wait, he arrived and convinced the guard of our honesty? XVe were admitted entrance. P. S. Nlr. Longo made two trips around Mt. Vernon that day. Wle arrived at the hotel, tired but happy, and prepared for dinner at the Casino Royal. X'Ve took taxicabs and went there in style, as is befitting the Seniors of F.Cl.S. Wie spent a delightful evening, had a fight. with the Chinese waiter. enjoyed the lloor show immensely, and danced a bit after dinner. Before long, Mr. Mercurio took a group of boys to a baseball game. Mrs. Mercurio and Mr. Longo took some others to a movie and still others went back to the hotel. There, another whacky evening was survived. Some ptanksters from Massachusetts threw water out of their window at the head below them, namely us. "Doc" llirted with some girls while leaning out the window. Later that night, Nlichael's bed broke down, and in the attempt to take a photograph of it the structure broke up even more. Michael slept on the floor that night. XVhat a pity-but what a laugh! Thursday morning-how anyone got up is still a mysteryfwe ate a hasty breakfast and shoved off to visit the X'Vashington Monument. Mr. Mercurio and a few hearty souls climbed the 898 steps to the top. The rest of us weaklings, all took the 67-second elevator ride to the top. X'Ve had beautiful views of the city from four directions. From there we went straight to the Smithsonian Institute, a very interesting establishment. In it we saw, among other things, the origi- nal Wlright Brothers' airplane, and the gowns worn by each presi- dent's wife at his inauguration. .-Xfterwards. some small groups began meeting at the bus to wait for the last members. The time was spent being entertained by two small boys who gave us song-and-dance in ' ltzeeaziy-si.:- Washington Trip CXCTIQIIIQC lor 1'0lIlS ol' various sizes. XVe took pictures ol them, ol' our' selves, Zlllll ol' Sll'2lllgCl'S OKI another bus. Marty Zlllll Riehy we11t ZIYOUIILT to tl1e otl1er buses asking il' they could entertain lor a nickel a perso11. Next, we l'Cll1l'l1CCl to tl1e Capitol to see tl1e SCIILIIC i11 session, alter wl1icl1, we took the class picture lor this issue ol' tl1e FoC11S. At tl1e hotel, we l1ad lunch, Zlllkl proceeded to tl1e FI'2lllClSC2lll Monastery. NV1: took Zlll eerie walk tl1ro11gl1 tl1e cataeombs, Zlllll viewed tl1e lJC2lllIli'lll g2ll'CllfIlS a111l spiritual architectttre ol' tl1e 1il1urch. Alter tl1at, we went to the loo. The 111onkey house, as VVOlll1l be expected, produced the most laughs. Monya took OIIC look at a lJ2llDOOll Zlllll asked, "XVhat is it?" llllllfll to our an1usen1ent. XVe fed tl1e 111o11keys can1ly, Zlllfl excited tl1e111 into Cl2lIll0l'illg lor 111ore. One ZITIIIOSL hit Herby's finger oIl'. .All0Il1Cl' loveable lellow 1li1l acrobatics lor 11s, wl1ile l1is COIlllJ2llll0ll looke1l o11 with a jealous scowl. XVC YN'2llliCCl out ol' lll2ll llOllSC looking like tl1e i11111ates, and Mr. Longo n1ade IUOIITQCYS o11t ol' us hy catching the hilarious exit with a movie camera. Alter a l'l0lUllS alternoon, we went hack to tl1e l1otel and ate 1li1111er. Tl1e l1otel's 111eals were like reading tl1e SHIIIC book three ti111es daily-we ate the same food for breaklast, lunch Zlllll CllIlI1CI'. But then, what Se11ior class has ever obtained ll Ylll'lCll 1liet i11 Wfashington? Allen sl1o11l1l have gai11e1l some weight lrom eating l1is OVCI1 meals plus hall' of everyho1ly elses. Tl1e L'VClliIlg was free. One group we11t swimming, wl1ere they played "alphabet" g2llllCS, another to tl1e Ford 'Til1C2llYC, scene ol' Li11- C'0llllS assassinatio11 alter which tl1ey split 11p i11to two groups-one to a movie, a11otl1er to an aniusement park. Nuts, Marty, Harry, Stub Zlllll Richy went to tl1e Senate ltn1 where Laura Paterson gave a little show. Ol' course, wl1e11 everyone 1'2iIllC hack to tl1e l1otel that night, lllCl'C was another riot. Tl1is time it lasted t111til 6:00 21.111, At that hour everyone lell asleep wl1ere he was: but no one slept wl1ere they were supposed to l1ave slept. Si111e lllC IICXI morning was l'ree, n1ost ol' us slept late. lfriday Illflfllillg was spe11t shopping, visiti11g tl1e otl1er places we l1a1l I1-lt out, or just relaxing. lVe boarded tl1e bus lor the last time, a111l our faithful Hank took 11s through Maryland to Baltin1ore. Tl1e same train, slightly tl1e worse lor wear, was again occupied by tl1e same schools. rxgllill there were car1ls and tl1e endless cigars. Harry ha CllJllY'Cll2lSCEl a l1llgC, giant sized cigar, Zlllll was calling lor a llllllfll, wl1e11 actually l1e nee1le1l a blow- torch. This time, we visited longer witl1 friends lirom other schools. At Alersey City, so111e ol' us got oil to go to New York City. About 1lusk, lllllllCl' was IJllI'Cll2lSCCl lil'0Ill a lusty-voiced porter. The train pulle1l in, filled witl1 weary Seniors, to Middletown at about 8:30 p.111. Wle were met tl11-re by Mr. Altman, and we were dog-tired! But we had l1a1l capital lun i11 tl1e Capitol-and wc l1ope y0ll juniors l1ave just as Illllfll lun I11'Xl year, il' not more. Thanks a lot, Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio llllll Mr. LOIIQO, lor l1elpi11g to make our trip o11e which we will never forget i11 our HCARNIVAL OF l.llflC." ' 1'f1't'11t1'-.vcfwli I i A f ty' 'l'he greatest c'zn'ni'val ol' :ill times, the "Norman Kogel Clarnix'al,' is onee again in New York City. Mr. Kogel's new leature attraetion lor tlus year is a H312 rocket ride to the moon. lonight is its clecltea tion night, ancl in another two hours it will leave on its lirst mission in tht nime ol tht I C S ful chi mg K lass ol W Right it tht its U' 1 .T '.t.... 'Il ill 1'-i1.'.' QI-. 2 'P"' ent time, the entire class is gathered m one ol the lug tents. where Normy has preparecl a huge least to preeecle the eelehration. Seatecl at the heacl ol' the tahle. llirting' with all his lormer girl classmates, is the illustrious president ol' the llnitecl States. Presiclent .Xllen llnger. Big' .Xl is the same lellow we knew in high sehool days except lor an extra lew pountls. some worry wrinkles on his hrow. antl his clistinguishetl graying' temples. .Xt the present time. in his oth year in olliee, he is worrietl ahout the war with Mars. On Nlr. llnger's lelt, is the political hoss ol' the Nlan's Right Party, Nlr. Riehartl Rosen. Nlr. Rosen has an unmistakable air ol' prosperitx' ahout him Right at the present tnoment he is husy arguing sotue great allairs ol state with the "golden tonguecl oratorf' Robert Seigler. Nlr. Seigler is very well versed in the role ol' arguer, antl since Riehx' hasn't vet lost his llare lor clehate, the cliseusston has possthtltttes ol heeomtng a very quotahle hit ol' art. Opposite Riehy. anal trying to participate in the eonxersation while lieecling' hersell' :intl watehing over her lour ehilclren. is lillen Levine. .Xlthough she has been marrietl lor lilteen years to a Supreme Court lltulge, Iillen still uses her maitlen name in puhlie lille. She is the heacl ol a prosperous law lirm in XX'ashington. She has heeomt great lriencls with Messrs. Rosen antl Seigler sinee ther all resitle in XVashington, :incl they are talking' over liamily problems. .X lamiliar laugh is hearcl somewhet e lrom the center ol the tahle I antl we see a lively young reu-heacl conversing' with a tall. hanclsomc recl-heacletl lellow. 'l'hey look rather liamiliar to us. :incl on a eloset examination we reeognife the claughter ol. .Xnn Keiles anal the son ol l.eonarcl Cohen. .Xnn, with ffraviiifr hair, is seated next to her com N 1. 5 poser hushancl, l.eonarcl Bernstein. She has reeentlx' heeome the con cluetor ol Spitonnis Banu, ancl her hushancl aiwavs cltseusses his musit with her. I Nlr. and Nlrs. Cohen, sitting next to their son, are talking business with Nlr. and Mrs. Kantrowitf, who are opposite them, Lenny. as pres iclent ol' the .X tk I' ehain, is sporting a new clianioncl ring in a plati num setting which is an :nmiversary present lrom his wilie. Mrs Kantrowitf, the lormer Gloria Kass. has heen quite a help to her luis hand in his husiness antl it is mostly tlirongh her ellorts that he is now the owner ol' gas stations all over the eountrv. lfler siX ehilclren arc ' t':t't'11t5x'-viylli QSM Prophecy seated around her, and she scolds them periodically throughout the dinner for fingering her white ermine jacket. Oh, there has been an accident at the other end of the table! Dr. Harry Fertik, D.D.S.. became quite excited over something he was saying, and while moving his hands, knocked a glass of water into the lap of Dr. Gene Ganz. Dr. Fertik is quite an authority on the art of painless removals. lt seems that Gene believes that pain is basically all psychological and Harry disagrees. These two argue the matter every time they meet. Gene Gam. besides being an eminent psychologist, has written many books. He has become quite erratic since his high school days. On Broadway he is known as "playboy Ganz" and at the present time he is rtuming around with a certain showgirl whose name cannot be divulged. Doctor Fertik, on the other hand, is mar- ried and has two lovely sets of twins. Une of the eldest of these is going steady with Bob l.askowitx's son. Mr. l.. was named best basket- ball player of N59 and now owns 98 percent of the championship team, the "Bob Laskowitz Ball Club". He and his charming wife have high hopes that their son will follow in Bob's footsteps. .Xt the present, time, Bob is busy talking shop with Monya Betuk and her lntsband. Monya married the owner of the Knicks, and is now the proud mother of three sons and a daughter. She would, however, like to have two more sons in order to complete a basketball team of her own. There is some sort of commotion at the foot of the table! lt seems as if all her popularity becomes evident when we realize that she is now head of the New York Department of Education and supervises the Regents Examinations Board. Rosy married the vice-president of the United Steel Corporation, and he supplies her with iron boxes in which her Regents are distributed. Seated next to Rosy and her husband are Irene Depuy and an extremely handsome and distinguished gentleman. He is her husband who she lllel dttring her student nursing days. 'l'hey married several years later. alter she had become Head ol Nursing in the Memorial Hospital and he, the Head Surgeon. Now they have their own hos- pital, which is the largest in New York City. -Iudy Pugatx and Alean Dobbs seemed to be having quite an interesting discussion on fashion as they partake of their roast beef. tludy, chief designer for 'fDior" is arranging for her yearly fashion show, and lean the hostess of the modern world is supervising the whole allair. Judy eloped with her boss's son about lfi years ago, and spends most of her time traveling with him through all the fashion centers of the world. jean. who has been married several times, is known for the unusual assortment of people at her catered affairs. .Xcross lrom -ludy and wearing one of her latest creations, is lean- ette Kofachuck Powers. She has become quite well-known as a Powers model, and her pictures have appeared on more magazine covers than any other model in history. Her husband is very prottd of this fact and is constantly bragging about his wilt-'s beauty. ' fzeczzfy-izilze - ilwems Prophecy There is, however, one woman at the table who offers Mrs. Powers quite a bit of competition. She is Mrs. Bruce Goodwin. Brucy is seated next to her, looking very handsome is his Florida tan andwhite clothing. Mr. Goodwin flew up from Miami, where he is the band leader at the Copa Cabana, especially for this cele- bration. I believe that the present Mrs. Goodwin is his sixth wife. Directly opposite the fioodwins, and engaged in earnest conversation are Sheila Seleznow and Dr. Robert Dill. Sheila, who married the Dean of Columbia University, is the Dean of C'olumbia's sister school, Barnard. She and her husband have offered many nev' ideas to the held of education, and their live youngsters are all being brought up according to a new and seientihc educational plan. Dr. Dill tithe doctor is an honorary titlel is head of the United Nations workshop for the improvement of juvenile Delinfluents. The notorious Bob fStubj Dill, under- world character. is now forgotten in his present public status, Many say that this reforming' is due to the influence of his pretty, but not empty-headed, blond wife. 'lloward the middle section of the table we hnd the famous engineer, Norman Siegler. lle is busy drawing some lilies on a linen napkin in order to illustrate his revolutionary hot house plan to john Slater. ,Iohn has become the head of the Botanical Gardens in XVashington and is thinking ot' expanding them to ' flzirty t X XX'hite House lawn. Normy contracted to draw up' the blue prints, became noted originally for the eight hundred story skyscraper he built in the center of Lake Ontario. It was quite a novel idea, and his New York wife and three children are extremely proud of him. Immediately opposite Normy, and busy describing his hrst impressions of the Moon to Miss llelene Hantman, who is going to write a book of poetry on them, is llerbert Feinstein. llerby This fact is well illustrated by the dorsed it. lle planned, constructed, Unfortunately, Herby lost his wife been able to excavate her. is the ideal of every youngster in the world gigantic run on Oatsie NVoatsies since he en' and piloted the tirst space ship to the Moon. several months in some cheese and hasnt yet, lielene noted authoress. poetess and playwright, has won the Nobel Prize for poetry three limes. wXt the present time, her new play starring Roberta Sakofsky just opened on Broadway. There are high hopes for the Pulitzer Prize in drama this Vear. Next to llelene's husband, who is the editor and owner of the New Yorker, is fabulously bedecked, Academy Award VVinner Roberta Sakotsky. She and her Prophecy third hsuband, who co-stars with Bobbie in Helene's play, are discussing possibili- ties of a summer cruise around the NVorld with Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Braver. Leonard is now the foremost basso in the Metropolitan Opera Company, and his wife is giving Lily Pons some stiff competition. Both of thesef couples will per- form later in the evening. .X little way down the table is another theatrical couple. Mr. and Mrs. Martin XValdbaum have done their ballroom dance routine all over the world. Marty achieved world renown for a new dance step he originated, and is now up for ad- mission into the Hall of Fame. The VValdbaums purchased the Arthur Murray Studios about six years ago. There is a violent argument going on at the left corner of the table. Frou. their voices we know that the arguers are Donald Michelson and Michael Lotvin. Donald revolutionized the plumbing industry by inventing a way of using beer to vulcanize pipes. Mr. Lotvin, although he supplies most of the beer used from the "l,otvin Brewery, Inc.,, does not agree with Don's idea. Mike has decided that it is deiinitely an extravagant waste of good material. This disagreement has been going on for years, and even their wives and children are involved in the feud. Trying to act as arbitrator for the situation is the old naval Admiral Alvin "Doc" Turner. Admiral Turner is neutral in this argument, using the beverage for controversial purpose and the commonly accepted one. Doc is now the commander of the U. S. jet. Seated next to the Admiral, and quietly listening to all that is happening around him, is the owner of the Hazelnis Automobile Company. Ronald Hazel- nis. He has built up a large business by inventing cars with attachable wings for llying. The company slogan is. "lf you drive a Nutmobile, you'll always be on even keel." The slogan was his talkative wife's idea. There is a slight disturbance in the hall as the Rosenshein family arrives late. Mr. Rosenshein is the President of the Farm Ownerls Union. He had an fm- portant meeting with the directors about the recent strike of the cows higher living wage. The meeting was undoubtedly a success since the children are all burdened with cans of milk from CONTENTED COVVS. As Mr. Kogel rises to greet the tardy guests. we leave the men and women of Tomorrow to return to the present, hoping for fulfillment of this prophesized happiness and success. ' thirty one Step Right Up And Learn How How-the boys asked Mrs. Sakofsky over the wire recorder if they could play kissing games. llow-we married off all our old teachers except Mr. B. How-we won our famous donkey. How-Fanny .l,ewis's school week began on Friday and ended on Monday. How-Doc Turner played the laughing corpse in "The Bracelet." How-sexy Helene looked in her costume at the Amboy Dukes party. How- -mnny of us belonged to Goffyville and Knucklehead center. How-cute Richy looked when he wore short pants to school. How-much Richy loved Gloria VV einer. How-funny the girls felt looking down on the boys when they danced in the seventh grade. How-much fun the eighth grade trip was, and how Miss Block didn't like the osculating that went on. How-the boys kept asking I-larry to "demonstrate," How-Harold upset Miss Block by putting a "little" tirecracker off under her desk. How-great Lenny B's one man show of "The Rabbi verses Omar Kaiyam" was in English. How-wonderful Herbie's graduation party was. How-Qludy M isner got a 99.25 average on her Sth grade regents. How-Mr. YVeiss surprised the girls during their rendition of the "elephant dance." How-many attended the pari-mutuals in the old teachers' room. How-Lenny carried on a correspondence with a Chinese restaurant for about two years, over his jacket. tlow-Gene Ganz told Mr. Feldman to shut up. How--"Cookie" sat on George VVashington Bridge and dangled her handy legs in the water. ' 1-low-Richy's heart pounded vehemently as he saw 'Cora Podunk Moser and the boys waiting for hirn every morning. How--the boys became the F.C.S. "Rockettes" in the Tiny Tot show. How-Helene and John resorted to Fisticuffs to settle their differences one day. How-Mr. Furniss threatened to hit Lenny B. on the head with an anvil. How-Mr. Feldman lost a Hershey bar ?---with nuts. I-low-betrayed the girls felt when Mr. Feldman got married. How-much Monya thought she loved Moose, and she did. A How--great the home room socials were and how Mr. F. and Mr. B. danced with all the girls. How--Gene Ganz screamed in English class and Mr. Feldman never recovered How-Allen U. mistook Mr. Freeman for Lenny and punched him in the stom- '9 th irty'two ach. Q A ccidently ?j Step Right Up And Learn How How-Mr. Blumherg told Lenny B.. "If you want to sing, go into the bathroom." l-low-i'Pinky, Cbicko, Fertico, F ertik" took naps under Mr. Feldman's desk. How-the F.C.S. seniors borrowed the Monti Senior Lane How-Allan Cohen wanted to pay Mr. VVeiss for a 32.85 book in nickels. l-low--Bob answered a question in Spanish and Allan Cohen yelled, "that's not fair, you've been studying." How-well the girls played the witches in Macbeth. How-the girls tcok up G.O.ing, and that doesn't mean General Organization either. Ilow-hard we worked making the Prom a success. is Plow-Mr. Dickinson used Harry's chest to show us how to breathe correctly. l-low-the boys used to take bets on Mr. Beytin's Chemistry experiments. How-Mr. ljrizel gave us education lectures on figures. "two" legged. How-Dill let down his hair with Monya at Iudy's party. How-Chesty entered the charming child contest. How-Allen's hair was set for the class play. ' How-Ann and Elly had hysterics during the Trig. regents and only got 99 and gf. How-Helene immortalized the words, "MV li s or m oetrv ?" . P Y P . How -well Bobby D. looked in a "suit" at Mr. Brizels surprise party. How-Chico's originals became a part of F.C.S. language. e. g. People from Denmark are Denmarkians. How-fast UD the room decorations got up each year. How-ever one thought Normie S.'s "Confession of a Benchwarmer " was reat P: s except a certain ,I.P.M. How-Miss Kronenberg kept the boys in "ten minutes more, only ten minutes more," and made them miss the Senior-Junior tight. How-Bob threatened to become a Benedict Arnold and go to Middletown. How--Mr. Beytin always gave us tests written by his son? How-John opens the windows in the winter and closes them in the spring. How-Donny's variety of book reports amazed the whole school. CUncle Tom's Cabinj How--Mr. Frasca entertained us with a verse or two of "Tea for Two." How-we understood QPJ Mr. Beytin's "try and imagine it" experiments. How-we piled everything on Mr. Mercurio's desk and turned green when How Mr. B. walked in and didn't say a thing. -Ann shook all over in Physics class. How-Marty's English mark C165 gave Dill a laugh and Eve minutes later Marty appreciated Dill's 051. How-Sheila threatened to have Mr. Frasca kicked out of school. How'-often Harold R. got a haircut. How-Nut's fancy driving gave Dill high blood pressure. C The wheel just got stuckj . liow-the boy's favorite hangout became the windowsills. How-we ate Mrs. Greenberg's apple and left the core on the desk. How-Bob Seigler booined out in French class. I-low-we had to sandpaper the desks in the seventh grade. l-low-wonderful school was? ' thirty three 1 ' thirty-four MR. MILTON BRIZEL Come one, come all, folks. See our main attraction. Of course now, if you're looking for Z1 spectacle, he can't compare with the Fat Lady or the Dog Faced Boy. But if you're interested in an exhibition that has more to it than meets the eye, step up and listen for a moment. He's the nucleus of our family under the "Big Top." If we're in need of advice, we know to whom to go. I-1e'll give it to you straight, no doubt about that. Don't expect him to pat you on the back or make excuses for you. He's always a nice guy to hang around with, because of his stories and sense of humor the sure has olenty of bothj. I-Ie's honest, that's what we all admire him for, and he's no moralist. He doesn't make any pretenses of being angelic and he doesn't expect us to be. No shenanigans here folks, just a nice, sincere, honest-to-goodness friend. Don't push so Folks, we've got plenty to tell . . . -4. f Q no 3 sk W f W If gg. I I I .1 I If 1" 1 I I, .X ' .fa-" Junior Class Lott to lli5:l1l: lop How .l. liosenslioiii. If.. Prirnzu-k. R, lvlzxliga. A, Findling. A. Podliurst. A. Suss- man. N, lili-in. Sexorid How G. 'l12lVUl'llllllll, W. Cooke, M, Feldman. R. lhlz-mtnizin, W. Greenstein, F, Goinfort. A, Pole, C, Stioqlitz, M. Stoingurt, M, Greensuein. G. Cliernow. Thircl Row A. l'1ll22fl11lifl6l', ll. Fenix, E. Giordano, E Sakofsky. ll. Mogolowitz, l', 'l'llI'll9l', F. SI'll0flllOl'l:'l', L. lullifrt, O, Clwrviok. D, VVilson. V. Fisllkvl. I Kl"llI'l"' ...lib rourtli 'low li. linnis. P. Sussur. C. Trgmper, ll. Cliornow, C, Foriin, A. Wasser- lllflll, S. Heylin, IC. l'rylmlyski, F. Wegman. H. Uatsiff. .I. Raymond. lb. Lowe. S. Ilovkimm. as Class Officers IPI! to Right: Gliarles Stieglitz, Edith Sukorfsky, Mivlmel Finkelstein, Alan Findling. Norman Klein, and Eleurior Giordano. ' ll1lrlAv-.v1.1' 'l'lic- lluiiior Class, uiiclvr thc lvzulcrsliip of .Xlzu Fiiiclliiig, Xoriium lilq-in. l'tlL'2llllll' lllUl'ClZlllU, :mc :rlc-s btivglitz, lizls luv.-ii IICUYQ' tliif yczu' in 1 S l,:lrtvi' x':1c:11i1n1 tlic' .luiiiors lu-gun io svll irc L'1'Q':11i1 iclrcsliiiimils :it liilsclmll griiiic-s, .incl to ivzirticipzitc in incl: Ilia' goal ol C'X'i'l'l' clues. Xlzislungtoii, nisorsliigv of Ilia' Illllllllll tllmioi' l,l'lllll, llic lmyiiiy' -rl 'Qs rings. zmrl lllZl.llX' other scliool ziclivitics. .Xflcr 1liL Cl' lll'lll1'Y'l'ZllSlllU' lllllk'llUllS lll lll'llCl' ll! llk' lll'l'IJ21l'k'll lll Sophomore Class f . . . - -gm: f 'M g Left to Right: Top Row-V-lvl. Cohen, B. Waldbautn, H, Morris, L, Benton. C. Theile, C. Depny M, Weiner, I.. Kusofsky, .l. Kessler. M. Vz1nVleet, Third Row--4ll. Rotler. A. Nesslewitz. I. Berman. D. Kwartler, ll. Bluestone, lt Gloherman, S. Kass, D. Slladdof-lr. K. Todras, E. Hedman, P. Cohen, J. Kotin D, Steiszlitz, A. Hingen. S. Cohen. A, WVal1er. Second How- M. Shatsky, J. Gitlin, M. VVegman, P. Capone, E. Symbol, R. Schwartz J. Farquar, R. Janko, N, Parker, D. Srhwartz, L. Lemberger, E. Eltz, F. Novo- gradsky. W. Karrel. lsottoin How- H. Saperstein, C. Sclmpiro, VV. Lapinsky, J. Zelanko, VV. Smchapiro, L. lirustr-in, L. Liawrenve. A. Hendricks, R. Klein, L. Kanowitz, K. Novogrodsky, A. Vlfacks, E. Cross, A. Lotvin. Class Officers Left to Right: Sittinqffllerbf:1't Saperstein. 'lop--Larry Kzxsofsky. Leo Benton, Martin Vain Yleet 1i0tf.OIlliC11il'kX S1151-ddoc-li. Mary Wegman. ' flzirty-.vrfwz ' Ill irl-V 1401156 E . -NX N AN ig a., aww I Ria fwfglll Ju' mvn FoCuS IH 1 -W x XE X . Q . ...1 149.1 lo Right: Top Row li. llzintman, lVI. Steingart, J. Slater, A, Unger, A. Podhurst, M. Finklg stein. M. Waldlmuni, N. ziiegler, H. Feinstein. lllllfl lion ll. Ennis. S. Selegnow, K. Novagrodsky, l'. Cohen. V. Fislhel, B. Wald lmnni. A. Keiles, M, lletuk. H. Ferlik, M. Greensleine, J. liosenshine, G. Ganz. ll. Mil-llelson. R, Havelnis, IL. Rosen. Hevoml llow ll. Hantman. li. liluestone, F. We-gnian, li, fil0'b91'lll2lIl, R, Fenn. l. llepuy, lf. Mresse, lQ. Sakofsky, ll. Mongolowitz. ld, Levine, D. XVilson, .l. Pngatz. li. Kantrowitz. liottom Row- C. Forim, IC, l'rylnlyslci. .l' Gitlin. M. NVQ-gman, A, EIlf.flZilld8l', A. Wzlclls, I. Hertz, G, Kass, li, S1-livvartz, C. Sliudflovk, li. Czitsill, .Iv Reynolds. ll, Szikofsky. Yearbook Editors Q ln'-ft to Right: 'l'o1p Row- Maria Betnk. Gloria Kass. Gene Ganz. Joseph Rosenshein, Mir-llael Finkelsuiin, Auron Podhurst, Norman Siegler, Ellen Levinp, Sittingff Iidilh Salkofsky. Roberta Szmkofsky, Sheila. Seleznow, Richard Rosen, Helene llzintnmn, Ann Ke-iles, Rosalyn Mresse. .I-N, Comet ,Y . Left to Right: Twp Row--D. Shaddoek, B. Xklaldbaum, R. Hazelnis, G. Ganz, H. Fertik, J. Slater, R. Laskowitz, A. Vnger, ll- Cohen, G. Chernow, H. Rotter, P. Cohen. Sch wartz, S, Seleznow. R. Bottom Row--R. Janko, K. Todras. J. Raymond, E. Giordano, D. Wilson, R. Ennis. A, Englander, E. Feldman, A, XVacks, K' Novagrodsky, J. Gitlin, L. Kanowitz, R. Globernian. livery show neerls Jublicitv. The "Comet" this year han clone ll ffoocl 'oh in 4 1 , 25 lJ0l'll'?1j'lllg the happy Czzrniyzzl life of FCS. It has gone hehincl the scenes .incl extrzlctefl inuvli nlore student pzwticipzitioii, plus articles hy the big hossesA'he FCS. faculty. lu zlclclition. there have lueen lllillly new columns. Faculty zulvisor Klr. lfugeuc Ftlfllllllll has NVUl'lxf'.'fl l1zu'rl with his group to put out interesting. nf ysy issues. XX? look fmwvzircl to :inotlier year of "Cmnet." ' forfy-a 'Q Student Council 1111- 1111111- sf-1 1111 111 1l1f11i1' 1:111's 1111- 11111' 1:1111- Q:1r1111':11 L111111111111111' 111 1'.L.5. . 1 1x 1111- N11111f-111 C1111111'11, 11 1s 0111111111111-11 111.11 111151111-111, 1'11-1--1111-s1111-111, Sl'L'l'L'1Zl1'j'. 111111 1 . 1r1 1N111l1 111 11x 111111, 1:1-a1111-N 1111- ll1VCS111l'111S 211111 111-11-g'z111-s 14111111 1-111111 1'1:1ss. f 1 1111 11111'l11N' 111. 1111N 111'g':1111z:1111111 1s 1111- sz11111- 11N 11111 111 11's 1i1I111 . . . 111 11r111111111- 1111-1:11 1111 :11111 5tl1f1f'111 z11'111'1111-s, 211111 111 1111l1i 11111 1.1114 1111- Q1-111-rz11 11'1-11':11'1- 111 1111- S111 111-111 131 111V. 11111' 111111-111 11115 111:11 11:-1'1- 1J1'i'1l. 1 . l'r1'xI'1l1'l1l . . .1111-11 Lv11QL'I' l'11'1'-l?I'1-11111-111 X111'111:111 S11-g11-1' S1'1'r1'l111'.1- . . ,X1111 K1-111-5 Y' 1'1' 11.1-111-11 . .Xz11'1111 1,11f111111.5t 1111-1' 11:11'1 1111 111-1'1- Il111A19 1-111-11 1111111111111 :11111 1'111111'i111111-11 11111011 111 1-:11'1111- 1111- 111 1.111056 11rly-l71'0 Baseball Problems ind those not o11 it. have further their luiowleclgc ol' l1z1 s 1- l1z1 l l lllftillgll this club. Its purpose is to te11c'l1 all the rules 11nd regula- iions old Zlllll new, ol' l1z1scl1z1 lhey l1z1x't- solved Illillly problt' OIllkL'l'lllIlg the gunie, llllll no , doubt ll2lX'C lJL'l'0lllC helter lJl2IyCl'S l Xlr. Young. the l52lSClJ2lll c'ozu'h, was just thc 1111111 to lezld this club 1 Our hoxs Oll the l1z1sel1z1ll tczun, ed Illh Sewing The Sewing, Club ll2lS inaule this old tent look much laetter. with their drapes Zlllil individuzil sewing p1'oAiec'ls. Mrs. Grifliths did il good job with the c'lul1, lkillklllllg lllL'lIl the part sewing plays i11 roonl LlCl'0I'2lIlOI1S. Duso Drama Duso 1311111121 ll1lS lJl'Ulllll'CLl some ol' the nifest shows i11 tht' l".Cl.S. Clz11'11ix'z1l. lt is l'0IlllJOSL'll ol' l2llL'lll- ed lxovs 11nd girls, sonic ol' whoni hope to lJCi'UIllL' real show people. Zlllll smut- who took part to lJl'U2lll- cn their lield ol i11u'1'1-sts. Led ln' our very c'z1pz1l1lc' Miss l'AL'llllJL'l'Q,i. the cast has z111l1ez11'ecl i11 Duso plays llllll has rziised nioney lor the Ht-url Fund und the Nl111'1'l1 ol llnncs. ' fm'lL1'-ll1l'1'1' Mixed Chorus Xxvhllf Q1ZlI'I1iX'Ill is cmnnplctc Willllllll thc glury md thc- Ql'llHHllI' uf h1'ig'hth'-1111if1m1'lucrl musfc 111 llii'I's hkc :L hrmrl. Um' own nmsx' Qrmlp ui E114 umcnl plzxycrs hzlvc wm'l4crl hzlrrl tuwzlrcl thc Xl lx' cwnccnt. Hr, Irving Ilcrlz :mtl his 'iI'Ull1JCTS hxvc prcsclltwl :1 hctlcr than usual 11ruq1':u11 ihis xc lI'. ' fur!-v'fn XVQ arc vc-ry grzlteful to IIICSC olcl-timcrs who givc us such wmulerful cuter- lfliI1HI0lll vzlch ycnr. XYilh cilcin upcning night, Mr. ,fuck XYL'I1gI'1J'.Y :mel his gruup wcrc :lt thcir hc-sl. .Xmfmg thc highlighlw of their pmclllctiolms are thc Christmas ZJY'0':!'flil1 :mrl thc May Cnnccri. They hrwc zxlsw hccn IL'Ill'I1il1g many facts zmhuut voice. Kccp it up! Dance Band K . 'F Angling Lett to I-light 'Pop Row-iShapiro. R. Hazelnis, A. Turner, R, Siegler, G. Chernow, M. Shatsky. L. L6lHllGl'E!6l', Bottom Row--D. Stiegrlitz, L. Bennett., P. Cohen, Shapiro, G, Tavormina, Mr. Furniss, J. Farquar, M. Lotvin, .I. Zelanko. C. Steiglitz, H. Rosenshifn. Angling is cne of the old-tiniers on these grounds. Under the almle direction of Nlr. Furniss, the new hands have been learning the old tricks of the trade. They have learned the art of fishing and casting, plus the necessity for wild-life con- rervation. Art Club If ir' vt- i if ' '-. ix. 1' xx' ' ' Lett to Right: Top Row-Gloria Kass, K. Novagrodsky, J. Rosenshein, W. Caroll, J. Kramer, M. Cohen, A. Sussman. L. Lawrence, E. Hedman, A. Hingen, R. Janko, N. Parker Second Row--AS. Sehwartz. H. Ilantman, D. Shadfdoek, O. Chervioek, L. Kanowitz. R. Ennis, A, Englandgr, R. Globerman, J. Pugatz, E. Levine, L. Elliot, K. Todras. E. Symbal. First Row-D. Chernow. S. Boekman, B, Longo, E. Pryblyski, C. Forim. This year's Art Club worked towards ll good show . . they showed their work in Ceramics, jewelry and painting of all sorts. Composed mainly of students who have no art included in their curriculum, the club under the supervision of Klr. Longo, has displayed their work in ll Showcase. ' forly-fitw' Arts and Crafts --. 1-- -V x . left. to Jllfrhlq op Row ll. Klein, J. F2ll'flll2il', M. Shzttsky, A. Turner, C. SI'llZl.llil'0, L. L8lllll6l'g6T'. ll. S:upe1'sl.ein, Se-vmul Huw-f-li' Maliqa, ll. Benton, H. Rotter, H. Morris, C. Denny, G. Cllernow. A. Sussman, M. VVeiner, J. Kessler, uttonl Huw IC. lflltz, .l. Gitlin, K. Novogrodsky, A. VVat'hs, G, Furniss, L. Kantro- witz, -X. l.otvin, N. l'a.rker, li. Glolwrnian. The- .Kris :mtl Crafts Chill has zlpplierl itself diligently :incl with z1p'pu1'c1it naturzil ability lu tht- crcztting uf little uhjc-cts for ustention :incl 4JTll2llllL'lll. 'llheir ceramics mil llll'lZll wurlts lmvc- wun lirst prizes un nur circus QQl'llllllCl5. Chess Club Top Row' M. Cohen, .l. Kramer, .l. Kotin, R. Hazelnis. L. Kasofsky, M. VanVleet. A l'0dlllll'Sl. H. liosenshine, N. Klein, F, Comfort. IJ, Mivhelson, C. Steiglitz. C Tlieiln, Tlottmn Huw-HM. Fe-ldnian, lr Brustein. L. Lzxwrenve, W. Schapiro, I. Berman, E Feldman, ll. Kwartler, E. Hedman, A. Findling, M. Fingelstein, H. Feinstein. 'llhv Cha-ss Chili spent :L vt-ry Clljilyillllk' ancl prulitzihlc yczxr, unmlcr the inzuizlgc- inc-nt nl' Klr. l:ClfllllElll. 'l'hc'y hzlvc hurl trmt11'11uIiici1ts znntnig ilu-msclvcs. :mil jfZllllCll I.r:u'tlCt'. skill :mtl pfnintc-rs in the playing ul' the gzunc. llc- hope the Chess Chill plzijxc-rs llllfli'l' nur hig' tt-nt will CtlllllllllC spcnrling their leisure time in this way. ' filllfl'-.Vl'.l' Library l Top Row-A. Lotvin, E. Cross, K. Todraisl, C. Tremper. Bottom Row--N. Parker, E, Eltz, R. Mresse, G. Ganz, M. Feinberg, L. Braver, L Elliot, R. Fenn, D Lowe For the first time in the History of Fallsburg Central Carnival, it's troupers liau taken a real interest in the Library. Linder the fine guidance of Miss Feinberg. it has aeconiplislied, among othe things, an opinion scrapbook, decorations, and better organization. Indeed, ilk library is now as gay as a Carnival, and we hope the group keeps Llll the good woi Current Affairs Top ROWWAC. Theile, N, Klein, L. Kasotsky, M. VanV1eet, A. Unger, J, Slater, A. NValIe1', J, Kessler, D. Steiglitz, Bottom Row-E. Hedman, W. Cook, VV. Lapinsky, B. Waldbauni, R. Mresse, N. Weiss, H. Fertik, J, Farquar, R Hantman, M. Cohen, J. Kotin, Under the direction of a very capable trouper, Mr. XVeiss, the Current Affairs Club has kept up the organization of the Carnival of Life all over the world. Not only did this educate them towards their part in the show. but helped tlieni in many other classes. 'f The lil with many Miss Aim taken trip ments to minicrmis lmvc :mlm business: cutx mil 1 tu 1llDCI'ZllL' lllllililll txpa Phot lop R xx P I0 41 S 01 u C puy R Maliga, J, Kessler I ROSQHSIIIHG ho tom kms Blllftfilll VS Ixnlrel R Longo, M, Lotvin I Yelan 0 uotom Row H IIOQQHSIIITH' Fuormma I Benton. H NI 1119 S Bewtm L uhm i I mionw VVPIHGI T' Klein. .Q an-'W Q 4 ,ia X'fHl'If' 4 I A 'L xf'3 X A V X Hx 1 X X95 L X PM ik., 4 5 W . 'San M I Ya ,Q Soccer Left to Right Top Row--Mr. Allen. Michael Kove, Michael Finkelsftein, Allen Unger, Aaron Pod- hurst, Roh Laskowitz, Herbert Feinstein, Martin Van Vleet, Cornelius Depuy Carlton Theile, George Fedun. Next Row Irwin Berman, .lettrey Kramer, Alan Findling, Larry :Kasofsky, Harry Fertik. Mic-liael Lotvin, Monte Steingart. Alan Waller. Bottom Row-4David Kwartler, .lames Farquar. Melvin Feldman, Martin VValdbaum Leonard Cohen, Bert Waldbaum, Fred Comfort, Wesley Cook. Duso Champs llerc' ladies and geiltleimfii, we have the mighty F. C. S. Soccer squad. This team fought with spirit and undying hustle to heroine the DUSU CHAMPS of Itjgl. Showing spectacular aggressivcness, the Fallshurg Central hooters, in winning the cliainpionship, lead all the teams in offense hy scoring 18 goals, and in defense hy allowing 1.3 goals a gains-. llfnrler the excellent coaching of Klr. Roland .Xllcn and his ahlc aid, Mr. Nathan YY:-iss, this great aggregation gained state-wide fame for its fast, clean play, conilained with dazzlfng tealnworlc. This team did the almost inipossilzle hy coininitting o11ly one penalty foul throughout the entire season. The tc-ani hrouglit ao F. C. S. its tirst DUSO Championship. fifty- ITUU J. V. Basketball Umler thc zihlc conciing ol' their new roach, Mr. lcd lVilcs, the Clomcl juniors compiled zz I0-7 wou- losl record. Brilliant shooling, excellent rebounding :md slick lmll-lmnrlling :aided the Comets in obtaining their impressive rccorcl. Michael Finkclslcin paced thc jziyvces in scoring with 187 poinls, iollowccl by Larry Kz1sofsky's 143 Lullics. J. V. Record 4-L St. Josepns 42 -15 Beacon 42 34 Liberty 29 51 lflllenvliie ISS 52 Kingston 55 37 Montieello 30 50 Newburgh 45 32 Middletown 3 7 52 Port Jervis 45 5-1 Beacon 65 48 Liberty 3 6 55 Elienvilie 42 50 Poughkeepsie 77 67 Monticello 41 36 Port Jervis 53 21 ST.. Josephs 12 30 Poughkeepsie 55 Q li Q. ,, fffvv-fl1rr'e K!!- JX fs Varsity Basketball The first Duso League game brought a weak Beacon squad to Fallsburgh. Tha Comets showed their offensive strength as they mauled the Beaconites 76 - 28. Fallsburgh then took to the road as they journeyed to Liberty to tangle with the powerful Indians. Until the final period, the forceful Liberty squad had the fans worried, however with the beautiful playing on the part of Laskowitz and Podhurst, the Comets pulled ahead to a thrilling 55 - 47 overtime victory. The Comets continued their road trip as they ventured to Ellenville to battle with an injury ridden Bluedevil quintet. The Comets had no trouble in gaining tht victory as they waltzed away to a 54 ' 40 victory. On Jan. S, theMercuri0men encountered Kingston in a battle for first place. Aided by their 16 point halftime lead, the Comets were able to coast home to an 80- 74 triumph. Bob Laskowitz scored 34 points against Monticello as the Comets drubbed the Monties 70 - 53. Fallsburgh then dropped two in succession as they were handed a 66 - 47 loss by Newburgh and a 61-47 loss at the hands of Middletown The Comets avenged these defeats as they defeated a tall Port Jervis squad 55- 51. The Mercuriomen then ventured to Beacon where they defeated them for a second time, this time 53 - 41 score. Fallsburgh continued their onslaught of Duso opponents as Liberty and Ellenvillc fell before them. The Mercuriomen ripped Poughkeepsie by the record breaking score of 84 - 62 Bob Laskowitz scored 34 points against Monticello as the Comets drubbed the Laskowitz hit I,ooo mark as the Comets topped Monties 64 - 49 for their 11th Duso victory of the season. Fallsbnrgh had an easy time in gaining easy vitcories over Port Jervis and St. Josephs, both by substantial margins. The Comets climaxed their Duso League season with a rousing 75 - 52 victory over Poughkeepsie, The victory enabled them to clinch a second place in the league with a I3 - 2 record. Fallsburgh then entered the sectionals to defend their section 9 class C crown In a thrilling nip and tuck battle, the Comets edged Cornwall 59-56. In their final contest, the Comets dropped a disputed 66 - 65 decision to Pearl River. VVon I 5 Lost 4 - ffm--rw 6. rw A6-.A ww., . ,. if MG R1 ' flffj'-.Yl.l' Varsity Baseball Under the efficient coaching of VVard R. Young, the Comets, with their nine returning veterans promise to give Fallsburgh fans its first baseball championship since entering the Duso League. With a dependable squad of fine hitters, good lielders, excellent pitchers and smart baserunners, it s hould not be difficult to come out on top of the league. The Comets show a strong outfield with all three regulars returning from last season. Melvin Feldman will fill the centerfield slot, while Herb Feinstein and Alan Findling will formulate the right and left field positions. ln the infield, the Comets show plenty of power. Marty Van Vleet, Fallsburgh's great defensive star will return to first, while another veteran, Joe Kessler will be back at second. A newcomer, Larry Kasofsky will handle the shortstop position, veteran Aaron Podhurst will spark the team at third. Harry Fertik will maintain the catching chores for the Comets, and be on the re' ceiving end of the fast and excellent pitching of Bob Laskowitz. Fallsburgh shows plenty of reserve strength too. The Comets show offensive power in veterans Norm Siegler and Allen Unger, and rookies Dick Stieglitz, Norm Klein, Gary Tavormina, and Herb Saperstein. In the defensive department the Comets will get good support from rookies, Alan Sussman, Charles Stieglitz and Wesley Cook. ' fjly-seven Volleyball llollcs, nur volleylmfilll team came front awa5 -hack helore time ran out nn them. ln their first game nl the single elimination tnnrnament at Newhnrgli. they played XXVIII'- rielt, the eventual chainps. illllflllgll they were lieaten, the sent? fluesn't tell the whole story. .Xt fine time flnring the first half, VX'arrick leil IQ - l. lint, larlies ancl gentlemen, under the :thle cuaeliing of XYarrl Young, they fnnglit hack to within 4 points lmefore time ran nut un them. lt was a spiritefl team even in rleleat. Sn llats-ntl' to a lighting vulleyhall team. ' filly-t'1'glzl Ping Pong Fur the filth time in seven years of com- petition, the Fallshnrgh Central School Ping Pong Team captured the Section 9 Class C ehznnpionship in the annual tournament helcl at Kliclclletown. 'llhe team met ancl tlefeated their opponents from New l'altz, Cungers, VV:u'wiel4 ancl Goshen lligh Scltouls. Falls- hnrgh captured IO points in the tournament while losing' only une match. 'llhe team was eoachetl hx' Mr. .Xllen. Left to Right Back Row-Maria Betuk, Harriet Mogolowitz, Chickie Shaddock, Beth Catsiff. Front Row-Shelly Schwartz, Gloria Kass, Eleanor Prybilsky, Shelia Seleznow. AX great clcnl of credit for given to the Ql1C61'-ldllllllg' :L solifl sclirmol spirit wliitli tlic spirit. :ls clcvelopecl gre liy the students of F.C.S. .Xml :L une uf thzmks tw Cheerleaders l1l21l'YClUllS recurcl of thc 51 - 52 lmuskctlizlll team is to lic squacl. XYQ tlizmlt them for their lezulersliip in organizing supportcrl our zitlilc-tic teams regardless ol' the scum. Klay :xtly tliruusfli the efforts uf tlicse cliecr-leziclcrs, lx' enjoys-cl for many years to conie. Kliss llcmiriclcs and Miss Miller for their zissistzmcc. 'f rf ful'-II Wonder Man Step right up folks and see the VVonder Man, Mr. Ronald Allen, head of the F.G.S. athletic department. This Miracle Man amazed the experts and welded his soccer team into a champ- ionship unit and brought to F. C. S. its first DUSO soccer trophy. He took his squad, which was the lightest in the league, and gave them the in- spfiration and spirit to become the most feared team in the circuit. His perseverencc paid off as the F. C. S. booters lead the DUSO league in both offense and defense. With 4 wins 1 tie and but I loss Mr. Alien paved the way for a successful sport season at F. S. C. The amazing Mr. Allen didn't stop there. He took over ther ping pong team and once again brought back the sectional ping pong championship. No, ladies and gentlemen, you can not miss seeing Mr. Allen, the coach of the year. ' sixty e5 . I , l . S ,X vrk X, , J X 5 V ' ,tml 1 ig Q, Q 4 TW' A-.. X0 ss is gs' 'r IT' .gsm -fxvs J l J YV' C . li X lb , fl X. I' 'x I . fx EJ if fb ,X 10 Cv QQ v,p9j E FACULTY Ninth Grade Front lower left: Aileen Van Nostrandg Ellen Sakofsky. Front lower right: ,Anita Fertik, Sandra Lum. Front row: Anna Gibson, Eleanor Benjamin. Dorothy Brown, Benjamin Hodes, Anita Greenberg, Miss Cecelia Din-kins. Jewell Kaplan, Elaine Sakofsky, Anna ,Koza- Rosenlilooni, Myrna YVeiss. Marlene lilrllysllen, Marilyn Friedlander. Mrs. Helen vlimflc, Thelma Evans, Rona Marcus. Eleanor Cooke. Sevond row: Darryl Kaplan, Violet Burger. Marilyn Cohen, Agnes Higgins, Patricia Riu-i, Shirley DeGraw. Cynthia Welkis, Janet Reynolds, Dorothy Tavormina, Nancy Lungen. Catherine Higfpns, Barbara Srhnall, 'l'hird Row: Stanley Vantrani, Martin Altman, Leonard Kay, Clifford Hewlett. Edward Goldman, Paul Cohen, Richard Higgens, Lionel Nosenchuck. Donald Goldin, Lester Smith, Murray liresky. Paul Borko, lieonnrd Allenstein. Ifonrth row: Roy Kiriakou. Nl'illia1n Iierger, Ronald Brown, Alex Cherviok, Stanley Wellinsky, David Goodstein, George Karell. Martin Feldman, George Kronenbere, Leonard Prager, Robert Krntinan, Marvin Rasnirk. Class Ofllcers Left to Riglit Nancy Lungen, Lionel Nosenvhuck. Jewell Kaplan Aileen Van Nostrand. v-1 Eiqhth Grade lil! to Right Sth Grade Otfivprs Annette- Mostowskv. Mir-lizwl Kove, Geoff-fe Fedun, Roberta Fei-dberg, First. Row: Diana Ilnvis, Rhonda Rose, Robert Parker, Michael Altlllilll, Arthur Norivk, Hlivlizig-l Kove, Lydia Cohen, Audrey Lawerenie, Ninn-ia Gerson. Sen-ond liow,.l:iy Kinshruner, George Fedun, Joel Rosenshein, Stuart Katz, Miss Gertrl111e,Mil1er, Mr. Joseph Me-rrfnrio, Roger Allen, Stewart Silver, Mona Rosa, Iluth lltlliftllllllllll, Edith Prinre. In-i1l'hZ11'2! Comfort. 'llliirrl ltow: Ninn-y Karkotu, Dorothy Oesterreich, Joyce Levenson, Paula Novogrod- sky, Stanley Kowalik. Alain l'utter, .David Iieinleib, Michael Frank. Julian Wilson, Lawrence Krzuner, Charles Sokofsky, Wanda Kzinowitz- Fourth Row' Walter Cook, .Iuy Leventlial, 12kJ.VidN--FI'i9db6l'I-'C, George Simpson, Joan ldvkert. llef-len Everett, June llill, Evelyn Carter, 'V-i1'gins1 VVilson. Alive Devore. .Judith Klnkelstein, Lewis Boehner, Dennis Farber, Tylgr Gray, Samson Dickens. ,llzirtin Kolnilsky, Marvin Ivlanvusi, Selina Malnmn, Selby Novom-k,' Annihevine. lQl!ll'l'I1l l+'l'ir2g1!us-mr, llztrriei, Kztpliin. ' .-,'i,l'l5x'ffn:f1' First Row: Theresa Morris, Fred Hazelnis, Melvin Hazelnis, Murray Mednick, Rhea Pudberry, Keith Harvie, Carol Ann Kates, Fred Shatsky, Martin Ottenheimer, Irwin Katz, Phyllis Holtzman, Robert Smith, Paula Blum. Seoond Row: Phyllis Friedberg, Toby Grossman, Virgina Eltz, Mary Shaddock, Steve Schwartz, Issac Katz. Barbara Kwartler, Mr. Theodore Wiles, Mrs. Ethel Hilf, Carol Bess Alport, Susan Michaels, Viola Cross, Steven Pollack, Stanley Trustman, Frank Stratton, Martin Borko, Carl Knapp, Scott Lum, Walter Hewlett, Peter Van Vleet, Douglas Cauthers, Joyce Thomas, Thomas Picunko. Marvin Fraley, Raymond Everett, Samuel Welkis. Allen Cohen, Robert Daye. Third liow: Bernard Silverman, Michael Sacks, Morton Goldstein, Lee Scanlan. Hyman Hingen. Harvey Findling, Jay Kasofsky. Charles VVeiner, Richard Wilson, Paul Canter, Harry Naqiler, Ronald Allen, Robert Turner. Fourth liow:Carl Denman, Paula Cohen. Geraldine Giordano, Rieva Weiner, Stella Williams. Marian Seaman, Elaine Leventhal, Barbara Gray, Nancy Simrfn. Judith Hedman, James Mentner-h, Michael Shindler, Seventh Grade Lett to Right VanVleet, Roland Allen. Susan Michaels. Michael Sa:-hs, lletei .YI',l'f' Roller Derby . Mlcrobe Hunters Tale of Two Cities Eight Cousins . Huckleberry Finn Three Musketeers ., I want to be an Actress So Big . . . Sands of Iwo .lima Going My Way . Tall in the Saddle The Marrying Kind Famous Jury Trials Hilltop House . Theater of Today My Friend Irma . A Date with Judy Honestly l Love You ll ' ' ll Carnival Life Halls at dismissal time . . Science Class Woodridge and Fallsburgh . .Kaplans in Woodridge . . Binky Hewlett Clifford, Roy, and Stanley . . Anita Rosenblum . . Murray Mednick . . Fallsburgh Baseball Diamond . Woodridge Boys Hitching to Fallsburgh . . Stanley Vantran . Charlotte Meyerson . . Student Court . Mr. Cobert's Oflice Fallsburgh Auditorium . Irma Kozachuck . . Jay Kasofsky . Dotty Tavormina and George Fedun For Men Only . . . . Boys- Locker Room The Greatest Show On Earth . . Spring Festival Skirts Ahoy . . . 9th Grade Girls Music, Music, Music . Junior Band Where In This World Lenny Prager I Can Dream Can't I .... Toby Mednick IL Isn't Fair .... .... E stimates While You Danced, Danced, Danced . Marlene and Barbara-Lunch Hour Oh How I Love You . . . . . . . Bob Slater Come on to My House Mixed Emotions . I Get Ideas' . . Put all Your Kisses In an Envelope l Love That Guy . Show Me How . Down Yonder . . Dimples and Cherry Cheeks Summertime . . Ain't Mlsbehaven' . Some Enchanted Evening Sentimental .Tourney . I Can Dream, Can't I Ask me No Questions Be Still My Heart . Detour . . . A Room with a View Solitaire . . . Longing For You . l'm In the Mood For Love I want to Be Near You I Wanna Love You . Dance Me Loose . A Guy is A Guy . With a Song In My Heart Don't Cry Joe . Unforgetable ' sixty-six Ninth . . Our Parties . Aileen Van Nostrand . George Carroll Mary writing to Bobby . . Nancy L, . Marvin Rasnick Mr, Weiss' Oflice . Joyce Hedman . . At Last . Lenny Allenstein . Prom Night -School Bus . . Graduation . . Students Mr. Mercurio's Class . . Cutting Classes Mr, Hertz's Melody Lounge . . . Game Club . . . 100W . . . Who Isn't Grade Girls and 10th Boys Benjie Hodes and. any Girl Mrs. Hilt'S Dancing Class . And Boy are We Glad . Geraldine Giodano We'll win next year . Days at F,C,S. mW'W fr. YU K i 5 'K fi g 1 f ig T' Q , if f ,L js? g T ,wssf - fi' A ,.f,'ilC?'3m w???'L M A. L, Y'wi??f1+122f1izLi'w wx fm, M L frv 55,4 ,, Lf ifi3GK:1,i A. wwmgyv. A -2 1,7 gy Q W ,,. 1-,,, L, 4 wg, n iff WCUS llu- .lunim lligll Mlwul l:1.1m'l1 nf thc' Yczn-lnunlq, lmclcr tlw Sl1IK'l'YlSl1Ill of Mrs. 4 v 1.1 mulmug lms flflffl 1l52lIl zulxilizvry gl'flll1Jll3lllC' Sn-mlm' l ligll. llc lmvu c11rl0:lx'm'c-cl in lulfill all ?lSSlgll1lll'IIlIi llzmrlcrl tu :IQ by our lug sistc-rs :mel lmnllcrs. l'lVx'Y1'l'4r "NIE'l'FIf JR" lflm' the Ilrst timc in thc llistury of l?ZlllSl'l1l'gl1 Cvllfllll Sclnml, thc -lllllltbl' lliggh lms lmll Il ncws1mz1pcr ul' its own. .luclgiug frmn stuclcnt zmcl faculty l'Ullllllt'llIS ix has im-11 :1 must 53llL'L'l'55flll llllillxliillwjlllg. AX sclmul-wiclc contest was hclml to select :ln :1ppl'c1p1'iz1tc: name for the pnpvr. ln :1c'cm'cl:mCO to the H'C0lllCtll we selectccl a lIi'2lVL'llly lmfly title, The "Klctfrl1"'. l,lllflL'I' tllc clircctiml of Mrs. llclen Clrcclllwcrg wv lmvc lmcl :L WUIlClCI'fl1l cxperiQm'c wmliug on 11 11cwsp:1pc1'. 1111 I Left to Right G. O. Officers Top Row--Paul Canter, Carl Bresky, Peter Van Vleet, Paul Cohen, Michael Sachs, George Fedun, Michael Kove. Second Row-Susan Michaels, Roberta Friedberg, Ann Levine, Lionel Nosen- chuck, Elaine Sakofsky, Gerald Rotter, Jewell Kaplan, Annette Mostowski. Bottom Row-Aileen Van Nostrand, Ellen Sakofsky, Myrna VVeiss, Miss Miller Robert Slater, Anita Fertile, Nancy Lungen. Student Council For the tirst time in the history of Fallsburg Central School, the junior High School had their very own Student Council. The task of running and handling the social and student problems of the school was new to this young group, but with Miss Millers aid, the job was well done. Though much was le ft undone, many new ideas and munctions were inaugrated. A well run jr. High hall and lunch patrol was initiated and sponsored by Student Council. A Student Court was organized where all students violations were judged and penalized by the Junior High Students themselves. The Constitution was rewritten to coinside with the Senior High School but for the purpose and needs of the junior High. Many social functions were run entirely for ang by the'Jnnior High students themselves. They have shown capable leadership and respect for student government. ' ' sixty-nine .lunior Band .Y1"Z'f' Top Row-Samson Dickens, Lewis Bodner, Julian Wilson, Janet Renolds, Paula Blum, Ruth Rosenblum, Aileen Van Nostrand, Richard Higgins, David Frie-dberg, Stewart Katz, Charles Sakofsky, Mr. Hertz, liottom Rowe-Arthur Novick, Roberta Friedberg, Nancy Lungen, Anita Fertik, Selby Novick, Myrna Weiss, Toby Mednick, Evelyn Carter, Annette Mostowski, Riva Weiner, Elaine Sakofsky, Mona Rosa, Nan Baron, Marlene Elchychen, Ellen Sakofsky, Mirfhael Hove. SEWING CLUB Mrs, Griffiths has taught the girls to sew and they have been working on community activities. Draperies for the schoolroonis, incliviclual g'Zll'lll6llfS and knitting gzirments have been some of the projects. GAME CLUB 'Pop How--Lionel Nosenchuck, Hilda Schmitz, Joan Eckert, Helen Everett, Alex Cherviok, Dorothy Brown. Walter Cooke, Eleanor Cooke, Martin Rasnick. Second Row---Michael Frank, Alice Devore, Selma Malman, Barbara Comfort, Michael Sachs, Charleg Wejner, Tyler Gray, David Ggodstein. Bottom Row- -Hazelnis. Hazelnis, Issac Katz, Daryll Kaplan, Paul Canter, Miss Todt, Peter Van Vleet, Robert Parker, Murray Orrsky, Stella Williams, Science This year the lnemhers of the Science Club worked infliviclually or in small groups on various projects. These projects were primarily simple experiments and constructions clesignerl to demonstrate several of the principles of Science, as well as to acquaint the members with techniques for well-organized laboratory work. It was uncler the supervision of Miss Cecilia Dickens. 0 .vciwlfy-olzr Arts and Crafts Top Row- -Rhonda Rose, Helen Everett, Benjamin Hodes, Stanley Kowolik, Alex Cherviok, Marvin Ramniuk. Sem-ond Row -Paul lflorko. Anne Cihson, Barbara Sehnall, Tllomas Smith, Walter Cook, Paul Cohen, David Friedherg, Marion Seaman. Joan Evkert. Third Row - 'Jewell Kaplan, Maralyn Frielllander, Eleanor Benjamin, Alive Chervioli, Diane Davis, Httll'iliLl'2l Comfort, llavi-rl Goldstein, Michael Saeho. Paul l-lorko, Marc-ia Gerson, Roger Allan, Lydia Cohen. lfonrth Row Martin Komitsky, Marvia Mancussi, Ann LeviI1e, Nant-y Korkota, Charles Weiner, Mr. Furniss, llarriet, Kaplan, Harvey Findling, llaryll 'Kaplan, lsaat' Katz, HOUTOIII Row -Carl Knapp, Roland Allan. .Ioyc-e Thomas. Arts Top Row f'l'll0lll2lS Smith, Leonard Kay, Donald Godlin, Leonard Prager, Robert Krut' man, Ronald lirown, Marion Seaman, Saundra Lum, Eleanor Cooke, Nancy Simpson. S1-roncl Row June Hill, Alice Devone, George Simpson, Marvin Rasniek, Martin Feldman, Catherine Higgins, Shirley lie Graw, Cynthia Welkis, Anne Levine, Dorothy Tavorinina, Agnes Higgins. llottom Row- -Borko, Peter Van Vleet. Hazelnis, Mr. Longo, Marcia Gershon, .loyee Thomas. 0 .vrf't'11lx'-1200 Angling Left to li ight Lester Smith, Murray Bresky, George Darell. Second Row-f-Isaac Katz, Frank Welkis. 150110111 Row'-Harvey Findling, Knapp, George Krone-nbergf. Chef's Club Paul Borko, Lionel Nosencfhuck, Lenny Allenstein, Stratton, Richard Wilson, Roland Allen, Samuel Harriet Kaplan, Mr. Furniss, Robert Day, Carl Roger Allen. The purpose of the Chefs Club is to acquaint boys with the basic culinary 'techni- ques. also to stimulate interest by 1Jl'61JZll'illg' and eating various foods. 'Iihis club is unclcr the direction of Mrs. Shirley Griffiths. ' ,sww any fflrm' '11111' 5111111-111s 111 1111- XY1II1CI'. Il 1':Il111llS1ZlSI1I 11-21 Sports Fundamentals il K' 11211111-1112111-11 111 1-211-11 51-21s1111's s11111'1, S111-Q1-1' 111 the 172111, 13115111-1112111 1111 112151-112111 111 1111- SlJ1'1I1Q, s 211w21ys very 11ig'11 111 1-V1-ry spurt. As 111c XY11111-1' sc21s1111 is 1111- 1111131-st 1111111111111-111:11s 411- 1121s111-1112111 11'1-1'1- stressed 111 1111- 1111 211111 1-1111111111 sew-11111 :11111 1-15511111 gr21111-1111111 1's11-rs. 1lI11X' 1-114111'211111- 1111 '11s11 1llS1I'lll11CIl '11 111 f111'111cri111-' 1111- '111i1i1i1:s 11115 111111 XXlN 11111 , j U 12 If 1 - 111 1111- s111111-111s 211111 Q1X'1lIg 1111-111 2111 1111111-1's1211111111g 111 1111- 1121s.1- 11111-s 211111 1'6'gll1211I1lI1S 215511112111-11 w1111 1-211'11 s11111'1s. Drama 11 '11111' -1ll1I1fll' 1111111 511111111 13l'2ll11IlT1C C11111 111111 Z1 11111 y62lI' 1e21r11i11g 1111- AiHflXN"511 11111 XY11y's" 111 1111- S1!lQ'i'. .X11-11i11gs were s111-111 w1111 11211111111111111-s, wire-11-1'111'11i11gs, 21111 :rms 1111111 1111-1-11111115 111 11121111--1111. '11111' 11111 111'11j1-1'1 111' 1111- y1-21r was 1111- 11rese11121111111 111' "C J1'v111e's Big 172111-" f111' 'L 111-111-fit 111 1111-111-211'1 1111111 with R11-1121111 Higgins, '111y1'e H1-111112111, A111121 R11se1111111111 ' .1'1'7'1'11l'1'-11 11111 S1111'11'y 111'Q'I'2l1Y 111 1110 s121r1'111g 1'1111-s. NY1- 111111111 11's 1-1-1'1211111y 1l'lIt' . . . "1111- 1'1z1y's The '1'11i11g," 'IH' 111 Q , CGOPERATI 'SSNSURANCE COS' of SULLIVAN andiW w.ADJ0lNlNG COUNTIES Woodridge 9 Boris Fogelson, Secretary Chartered April 1, 1913 Insurance in Force December 31, 1951---fl567,125,40O Number ot Members ................. 2,742 Net Assets ...- ------ 9 76,186 Our Co-operative Companies: are organized for service-not for profit are co-operatively owned and controlled by the members are democratic-one member, one vote-proxies prohibited have no stockholders are governed by a Board of 24 Directors elected by the members at the annual meetings charge no stipulated premiums, but assess members for losses sustained and cost ot administration save members from 2093 to 6012? yearly' educate constantly to prevent fires are neutral in race, religion and politics In 1951 we paid a 2096 dividend amounting to over 580,000 For the past ten years, more than 95,500,000 was paid to members in patronage dividends 1752-MUTUAL INSURANCE 20OTH ANNIVERSARY-1952 Pioneered by Benjamin Franklin, the Mutual Insurance idea has been tried ancl proved for two centuries. You ioin with those of your neighbors who are willing to exercise care in avoiding losses. Lower losses mean savings on insurance costs, As apart owner you share in these savings. SAVE WITH SAFETY. 4 ' seventy-ji 'ZC Complimenfs of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 1. .iltii 1 -1 Wood ridge, N. Y. Best Wishes to the Class of '52 MARTY 8x BELLE FORIM 81 FAMILY FORlM'S REXALL DRUGS Fallsburg 142 - l43 The Prescription Pharmacy Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kerr 'Mcnticello, New York SOZ'U1lfy-5671011 Compliments of STAR DAIRY South Follsburg, N. Y. Lew woHL LEON PERLSTEIN Compliments of The Edward Peorlene Photo Studio Offlcicul Photographer For the FoCuS Monticello, N. Y. ' scwnfy-ci hi . 9 Complimenfs of PERKS' MARKET Hurleyville, N. Y. 041 -Gaafze Monticello, N. Y. The Shopping Center of Sullivan County" -Fashions For Men, Women and Children .S'l"Z'f'llfy-H1116 Compliments of The South Fallsburg National Bank Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of CONCORD HOTEL Kiamesha Lake, New York righfy GRIFF OIL COMPANY, INC. AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Amoco Gasoline - Kerosene - Motor Oils and Filtered Fuel Oil South Fallsburg, N. Y. Phone: Falls. BLAIRSTOWN PRESS Printers of School Publications and Annuals Blairstown, New Jersey .. eighty-one Tel. Falls. 524-W Since 1915 FALLSBURG MUSIC SHOP Largest Music Stock MUSIC PIANOS INSTRUMENTS RADIOS ACCORDIANS RECORDS RARE VIOLINS SCHOOL INSTRUCTION Repair - Tune - Rent AII Instruments - Pianos - Rodios - Violins South Follsburg, N. Y. Bronen's Music Shop II33 Simpson St. Bronx 59, N. Y. Compliments of BENJAMIN COSOR d FRANCES I.. COSOR -1- -11 1-.li -lil ----li --l..T,... -1-- 0 eighty-two Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. O South Follsburg, N. Y. GOOD LUCK cmd' GOOD WISHES to the CLASS OF '52 Hurleyville-Loch Shelclrake P.T.A. MISNER INSURANCE AGENCY Woodbourne, New York T eighty-ih H Compliments of ROSENSHEIN'S Hardware and Supply Co. South Fallsburg, N. Y. soon LUCK To The cLAss OF '52 PHIL and BESS ROSEN South Fallsburg New York "THE Home or NAME BRAND FURNITURE" APPLIANCE AND FURNITURE, INC. I99 So. Main St. Liberty, N. Y. Soles -- Kelvinator -- Service PHONE: 2100 ' eighty-four II Compliments of FALLSBURG FISH MARKET MORRIS POPKIN PHILIP ROSEN South Fcillsburg, N. Y. Compliments of THE STEINGARTS ETHEL -- NAT Alon -- Letty -- Monte Compliments of AL COHEN'S SPORT SHOP "Americo's Finest Sportswear oncl Sporting Goods" Monticello, New York eighty-fitzre Best Wishes To The Closs of '52 THE PINES HOTEL MAY and PHIL sci-lwelo KALLET TH EATRES, INC. RIVOLI Souih Follsburg, N. Y. LYCEUM NORBURY Woodridge, N. Y. Ellenville, N. Y. CENTER STRAND Woodbourne, N. Y. Loch Sheldroke, N. Y. OUTSTANDING ENTERTAINMENT In WORLD'S GREATEST RESORT AREA A. C. Bolducci-Supervisor Compliments of BEST NATURAL GAS CORPORATION Woodridge, N. Y. Woodridge 301 --Phone- Monticello 1207 ciglziy-six Compliments of M. GLUSKER 8. SON Ellenville, N, Y. Compliments of DEUTSCH LUMBER CO. Paints Fuel Oil Building Materials Ph. Wdge. 500-Woodridge, N. Y. K R I S T T TYPEWRITER COMPANY Your ROYAL DEALER Everything For The OlTice" 374 Broadway Tel. 939 Monticello, N. Y. Compliments of HARRY C. RESNICK Attorney-at-law South Fallsburg, N. Y. and Fallsburg Agency Inc. General lnsurance PAUL ABRAMSON-Secretary South Fallsburg, N. Y. ' eighty-seven STAPLETON 81 PENCHANSKY Dealers in Butter - Eggs - Milk Cream - Cheese Ph. wage. 126 Woodridge, N. Y. JOHNSON 8. ELLIOTT, INC. -Jewelers- Liberty, N. Y. and Monticello, N. Y. 1- P L. G. BALFOUR CO. ll, h "Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Personal Cards-Diplomas Club Insignia Medals and Trophies Represented by . A. M. HODGKINS P. O. Box 9 Schenectady, N. Y. Compliments of GLORIA and YITS South Fallsburg 8. Woodridge New York Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. LOUIS GOLDMNAN South Fallsburg, N, Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS S. PUGATZ Hurleyville, N. Y. 5 eighty-eight BEST WISHES to the Class of '52 MR. 8. MRS. BERNARD KEILES South Fallsburg, N, Y. Compliments of CORNER DRUG STORE, INC. Mac Rosen, Ph.G. Eugene Cohen, Ph.G. South Fallsburg, N, Y. Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. JULIUS UNGER and MR. 84 MRS. SIDNEY UNGE1! South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of PROYECT'S WDGE. LUMBER CO. Max and Fay Proyect Tel. Wdge. 178 MORE FOR. LESS MILLER AUTOMATIC AMUSEMENT CO. Cigarette Vending Machines Compliments of FALLSBURG LANGER' 'GAS Phonograph Distributor ' ' SERVICE ' - Television Sales 8. Service - Telephone 560 Woodndge 95 . Monticello, N. Y. Follsburg l Compliments of GOLDSTEIN 8. GOLDSTEIN Monticello, N. Y. Compliments of GRECK 8. ASTRONGIN South Fallsburg, N, Y. ' eighty-:line Compliments of S. KESSLER 8. SONS Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments of ARLINE PHARMACY Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments of SULLIVAN COUNTY STEAM LAUNDRY Woodridge, N. Y. KOGON'S GARAGE and MOTOR SALES Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of ARTHUR WEISBORD Fire - Casualty - Life Insurance Phone 12 Woodridge, N. Y. GOOD INSURANCE for EVERY PURPOSE Compliments of MALMAN BROS. Hardware - Hotel Supplies Household Appliances South Fallsburg, N. Y. Murray Malman - Ben Levine Compliments of SUL-CO FURNITURE CO. AI Mogolowitz Phone: Wdge. I65 Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments of ISIDOR, SOPHIE, and HERBY FRIEDMAN South Fallsburg, N. Y. 0 ninety KOMET HARDWARE 8. PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Hotel Supplies Electrical Appliances Main St. P. O. B. 148 Hurleyville, N. Y. Phone: 376 Compliments of LUZON LUMBER COMPANY Hurleyville, N. Y. THE MONTICELLO GREENHOUSE Monticello, N. Y. Compliments of GONZALEZ MOTOR SALES, INC. Dodge - Plymouth- Dodge. Trucks Phone 163 335 Broadway Monticello, N. Y. AVON LODGE The Arkin Family South Fallsburg, N. Y. Wdge. 25 A. P. FLEISHER Radio 1 Television Record Headquarters ' Frigidaire 238 Broadway Monticello, N. Y. CARROLL AUTO SALES Sales - - Service DeSoto Plymouth 156-58 Broadway Monticello, N. Y. Compliments ot WlLLY'S LUNCHEONETTE Woodridge, N. Y. 1zmary4ou Compliments of COHEN BROTHERS Fallsburg Printing Company South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of WEISS MOTORS CORPORATION Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Monticello, N. Y. Compliments of NEWBERG and SAKOFSKY South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of THE FLAGLER South Fallsburg, N. Y. Management Vicki 8. Jack Barsky Compliments of BLOCK and RUDINSKY South Fallsburg, N. Y. WIENER Furniture Floor Coverings Frigidaires Mfg. Mattresses South Fallsburg, N. Y. Phone: 133 Compliments of JOHN SHADDOCK - Contractor - Bulldozer and Scraper Wagon work Hurlqyville, N. Y. Compliments of SAKOFSKY'S PHARMACY Loch Sheldrake, N. Y. ninety-two Compliments of DR. 8. MRS. H. S. KAPLAN and FAMILY Woodridge, N, Y. KRlEGER'S WOODRIDGE AUTO SALES Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Frigidaire Appliances General Motors Products Woodridge, N. Y. Ph. 58 Compliments of SULCO NASH Monticello, N. Y. Tel. 1660 35 North Main St. Liberty, N. Y. LIBERTY FUR CO. M. Blass, Prop. Fur Storage Repairing - Remodeling New Fur Coats Suits - Dresses - Cloth Coats Pre-teens Compliments of ART SARGENT Auto Body Works Woodridge, N. Y. Phone: 334 GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! NEWMAN'S Liberty, N. Y. Compliments of DR. H. O. IMMERMAN Woodridge, N. Y. x Compliments of MOUNTAIN CANDY 8. CIGAR CO. Ben 8. George Altman South Fallsburg, N. Y o ' ninety-three Compliments of H. LOTVIN South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of TOWN DAIRY South Fallsburg Phone 583 Jerry Sakofsky Harold Deutsch Compliments ot Bar-5 ERNIE'S - Orill Hurleyville, N. Y. Compliments of BENTON BROS., INC. Liberty, N. Y. Phones 1689 - 1229 Expert Service on all Gas Equipment Compliments of MARClA'S Liberty - Kiamesha - Monticello GRamercy 3-3785 A. L. BERNSTEIN Chemical Specialties Paper Products - Floor Waxes Cleaning Supplies 329 East 9th Street New York 3, New York Compliments of K. 8. K., MOTOR SALES Recommended by A.A.A. Authorized HUDSON Sales - Service Broadway, Woodridge, N. Woodridge - 137 Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. JACK HECHTMAN Woodridge, N. Y. 0 ninety-four SABLOFF'S Distributors Paints - Floor Coverings Venetian Blinds 46 South Main Street Liberty, New York Phone I64O Compliments of FRANK AND BOB Caterers South Fallsburg, New York KRAF CONSTRUCTION INC. Plumbing - Sewerage Swimming Pools Woodridge, N. Y. Woodridge 460 Compliments of NEW ROXY HOTEL Loch Sheldrake, N. Y. ELLIOTT MOTOR SALES International Trucks Studebaker Cars Tractors 8. Farm Machinery Woodridge, N. Y. Phone 540 Compliments of DR. 81 MRS. S. G. HOLTZMAN AN'D DAUGHTERS South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of LAZARUS I. LEVINE and BERNARD L. LEVINE Hurleyville, New York WHITEY'S LUNCHEONETTE Famous For Homemade Pies and Cakes " Food of Unexcelled Quality" South Fallsburg, N. Y. . 1 . I ' ninety-jwf I l 5 l Compliments ot HENRY TEMES Woodridge, New York Compliments ot CHONIN 'S CANDY STORE Woodridge, New York DR. BERNARD BLOOM Woodridge, New York Compliments of THE WEINER TRIPLETS Compliments of WOODRIDGE ARMY Ak NAVY STORE Woodridge 177 Compliments of STAR STORES Woodridge, New York Compliments ot THE NEW HILLIG STUDIO Photographers Liberty, New York S. KRUGER dk SON "Service since 1913" PAINTS 8: HARDWARE Woodridge 66 C. E. HALL 8 CO. Jewelers Liberty, New York SUSSMAN MOTORS, INC. Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer Liberty, New York Compliments of HILLSIDE GREENHOUSES C. Henry Kaempfer Prop. Kaempfer Lane Liberty, New York, Compliments of SIDNEY'S SERVICE STATION N211 Kaplan Sid Kwartler South Fallsburg, New York Compliments of BROTHERS 8 C0 South Fallsburg, New York Compliments of SMALL TALK Kiddy Shop Monticello, New York Compliments ot Compliments ot LEVY'S Sl-IOERY STERNBERG Monticello, New York South Fallsburg, New York .hq ' Q ninety-six Cele ond Eddie "BERMAN'S" Monticello, N. Y. Compliments ot DR. 8. MRS. MILTON FELDMAN South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. SCHEINMEN Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of MlLTON'S DINER 8. EMPLOYMENT AGENCY South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. STANLEY SMITH 8. DAUGHTER South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. EDWARD KOTIN South Fcillsburg, N. Y. Compliments of SPECTOR - KAY SIGN CO. South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments ot I. LEDERMAN 8. SON South Follsburg, N. Y. DILL'S HARDWARE STORE Wocmslbourne, N. Y. AL HODES Fruit ond Produce South Follslourg, New York Compliments of DR. WILLIAM FERNHOFF Woodridge, Y. Compliments of BEN KANTZLER, C. P. A. Woodridge, N. Y. MR. 8. MRS. LACHTERMAN Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of LYCEUM COFFEE SHOP Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments ot FABIAN'S FOOD MARKET Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of DR. SIMEON BARON, D. D. S. South Follsburg, New York ' ninety-Jet en Compliments of K 8. W FOOD MARKET Woodridge, N. Y. WOODBOURNE ORTHOPEDIC Shoe Store Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of DR. MORTON FOX 8. FAMILY Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments of DR. 81 MRS. HARRY JACOBS Hurleyville, New York Compliments of LEVINE'S PHARMACY Woodridge, N. Y. MALMAN'S LUNCHEONETTE Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments, of WOODBOURNE RESORT OWNERS ASS. ,f H 8. J KANOWITZ Woodbourne Dairy Woodbourne, N. Y. LEBED'S LUNCHEONETTE Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of RIVER TAVERN Woodbourne, N. Y. CASEY'S BAR 8. GRILL, INC. Chinese Food Woodbourne, N. Y. Compliments of SIDNEY'S South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of PHIL'S DEPARTMENT STORE South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of DAVE'S FOOD CENTER South Follsburg, N. Y. MR. 8. MRS. ABE GODLIN C0mP'ime"'S of 8. MR. 8. MRS. SIDNEY ROFFMAN DON LAURA? ANN Woodbourne' N' Y' South Follsburg, N. Y. ' imzcty-eight Compliments ot MR. s. MRS. ABE JACOBSON ComP"me"'S of 8. MORTMAN'S BAKERY FAMILY . Hurleyville, New York Woodrlclge' N' Y' Compliments of THE HURLEYVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. MONROE DAVIS 8. FAMILY Woodridge, N. Y. Compliments ot MR. 81 MRS JACK KRAMER 81 SONS Hurlevville, N. Y. MOUNTAIN PAINT 8. WALLPAPER COMPANY Paul Mogolowitz Woodridge 355 Compliments of SINGERS RESTAURANT Liberty, New York BERNER'S SPORT SHOP Athletic Equipment Theatre Building Liberty, N. Y. Tel. 804 Compliments of FINKELSTEIN AND SCHWARTZ South Fallsburg, N. Y. MILLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Mountaindale, N. Y. HARRY'S SHEINBERG'S Electric Service Mountaindale, N. Y. GERTIE'S STATIONERY 8. CANDY STORE Mountaindale, N. Y. Compliments of SAPERSTEIN'S TRUCKING COMPANY Woodridge 91 Compliments of MR. 81 MRS. SAM JANKO Paradise Cottage Woodridge, N, Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. JACK FLEISHER Loch Sheldrake, N. Y. Compliments of MR. 8. MRS. LOUIS GANZ Divine Corners, N. Y. ' ninety-nine Compliments ot MR. s. MRS. MILTON LEVINE C0mP'imen'S Of AND FAMILY THE HURLEYVILLE POST OFFICE Hurleyville, New York Compliments of THE MERMEY FAMILY Hurleyville, N. Y. Compliments of GEORGE VAN KEUREN Hurleyville, N. Y. Compliments of , Complimenfg gf l DR. 81 MRS. MINTZ FRANCIS "KID" MORRIS South Follsburg, N. Y. Mountoindole, N- Y- I Compliments ot GENE'S GARAGE l Compliments of L JACK'S BEAUTY PARLOR 8. l BARBER sl-loP Sol-'Th FUllSbU"9, N- Y- L Mountoindole, N. Y. C0mPllmenlS Of Compliments of CUSTOM CRAFT LINOLEUM South Follsburg, N. Y. MORRlS JOFFE'S DRUG STORE L Mountceindale, N. Y. Compliments of DR. 81 MRS. SCHWARTZ South Follsburg, New York l l THE Donor:-iv si-ioPPE Lingerie - Corsets Monticello, N. Y. Compliments of lSABEL'S BEAUTY SALON South Follsburg, N. Y. Compliments of DAVE MALISOFF Woodridge, N, Y. Compliments of FALLSBURG LUMBER CO., INC. South Fallsburg, N. Y. Compliments of DANNY'S LUNCHEONETTE Woodriclg, N. Y. ' om' IIIIHITITJ -.15 1 f A 1 .Q xr .I , 1 -1 1.-M, ,-an M A . T I :- A A ERE 1 , , 5? f -7 V, r ' l QS W Aww K Y ALE! asgows :CQ n Md , xii?" ' N 1 l 'V xg? X ,z 1? X ' , 5155, fd: F r ::' 'K I P .P', ' 5:54 ' gas my fl ' KK j

Suggestions in the Fallsburg High School - Focus Yearbook (Fallsburg, NY) collection:

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