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V MR. JAMES MUELLER “ r i Jaguar ' 77 Volume 37 Falls Church High School 7521 Jaguar Trail Falls Church, VA 22042 Caged within our world, We are on display. Pacing and pausing, Thinking and absorbing, We change as we Watch our world change. Each day we form A new impression. Faculty 138 IY1 Pl rl ' fV.!ACl:‘ ai Will Sports A front view of Falls Church High School reveals an old but proud building. Within these walls of Falls Church High School Many people have walked. . . . Learning, teaching, meeting new people, Setting examples, and following orders . . . Years of experience have developed a set of Standard rules and regulations to follow and Obey. Students learn to respect and have Pride in their school. School years, grading quarters, and class periods, Measure four years of our lives. Daily bus trips serve as transportation to and From school and mark the everyday routine. The familiar “bell " that signals a change in Classes also symbolizes an intense rivalry between our school and J.E.B. Stuart. The school building takes on a new appearance As a massive impression which affects the social and academic aspects of our lives. Busses take a rest in the back parking lot during a vacation. Paper mache masks, tissue paper floats Are creations of creativity. Like the hands that mold them, They leave their impression. in Humanities A ' .V The Civinettes, with the help of a Civitan, prepare their float for Homecoming. w:- Our Varsity, J.V., and Freshman cheerleaders and our mascot kneel together to say a prayer before a playoff game. Gathering around to share the meaning of What is to come, Accompanied by thoughtful faces and hopeful smiles, Give a very positive impression of the whole. A trusting glance proves to be an ingredient Of what goes into displaying a daring performance, Resulting in a spectacular impression. BIm X g nri fy‘ ffij u : %- fram a r B 71 Jean Ottoson ' s french horn holds the reflection of the crowd. This Chemistry class performs an experiment. SEE . HOW YOU IT . . . Teresa Richardson wears the smile of victory after a Varsity hockey game. High school gives students An opportunity to pursue their Own interests and establish goals. Curricular and extra-curricular programs Provide each student with an outlet to create An impression upon teachers, sponsors, and peers. Teddy Staples just loves all the attention he receives from Scott Bono and Mike Snedgen. . Stimulation of Senses . The Varsity football players get together for breakfast at the Governor Motel before one of the state playoff games. pvt o ' V ' Jvjhv s rfc Getting together before an important activity Helps to strengthen the bonds of unity And bring out the spirit of determination To achieve that final goal as one. Forming an impression of what one can accomplish Stretching, straining, disciplining, exercising Going out and performing To the greatest limit of one ' s ability Reassures oneself of the impression He fixed in his mind And proves to the spectators The impression he has made to all. Jeff Wagoner receives a punt as Steve Bourne closes in for protection Jill Tanner enjoys the magazines in our school library. I wonder what Scott Cox sees that we don ' t see! " Of course I ' m cool! " , grins Gary Harding. Mrs. Blacker ' s reading lab is put to good use as Bo Robinson takes advantage of the specialized equipment. Sandy Vickroy lounges in the Drama office but appears to be shy. . A MOOD . . . Faces pass through the halls, Smiling, frowning, thoughtful, or blank. Some stop to talk with friends, Some remain deep in their own thoughts. Consciously or unconsciously each reveals His own impression. 1 { -n l! l 1 ) t , Is Tim Myers tries to order a pizza during lunch. Liz Link displays her decorated locker. Steve Passino daydreams in class. .% ' v - i . I • ; ' 4 4 w ! • i • . ■ • " »•- -■ - i j • -■ ' . . t 9 ; . r .. „ ■ i ■ ■ , ■ ;« ' f ■ at . ... v ' • . v : P ? •= ’■ • |p ' • t . VI laguar mascot ()ane Scott) crowns the Homecoming queen, Jamie Baylis. Familiar faces and places call to mind Many memories. What we remember today will blend and Fade with some slight distortions; Yet what remains illustrates our total Impression. ? ,4 :• , « . J • Y4 ' Y ' t ' V :: i -ki Lisa Harris dresses up as a clown for Civinette try-out week EAST Participating, as well as spectating, in a variety of activities allows each student to form a broader impression of his stu¬ dent life. , W TG ■ a Becky O ' Bryhim displays her skill in fire baton twirling during the Homecoming half-time show. STUDENT LIFE j, , 0 -1 —- » . h - L 4 Students watch the game and socialize during a home football garpe This spirited sophomore crowd demonstrates the overall enthusiasm expressed at pep rallies. Up until now, Falls Church High School has never been noted for its excessive amount of spirit. But get together a championship team and watch the action and crowd re¬ sponse soar. A feeling of pride and determination seemed to surface at the ' 77 pep rallies, with the favorite chant re¬ peatedly shouted, " We ' re No. 1! " The cheerleaders put on a variety of pep rallies to in¬ crease student interest and promote school spirit. The first of them included the routine competition between the classes with candy as a reward for the " loudest " class. A " scavenger hunt " was put to the test at the homecoming pep rally. Two football players were placed in front of each class with a list of specific items to collect from their crowd. The Seniors became the winners when they collected all their items first. The Stuart pep rally proved to be one of the most enter¬ taining. Mr. Stepp, Mr. Powell, Mr. Stegner, Mr. Herb, and Mr. Ake were placed in front of the four classes. Students were then informed that the class with the most yell would be rewarded by having a pie pushed in the face of the teacher representing their class. This proved to be a highly successful method of producing crowd response. However, all the lucky teachers were bombarded with pies in the end. The song " Get Ready " was played as an incitement to players at the state football championship pep rally. The fifty-five player trompled in carrying signs that spelled out a victory motive for the Jaguars. Pep rallies provided recognition for everyone, including girls sports. The coaches of each team were given oppor¬ tunities to speak and give their players and the students a pep talk. Pep rallies proved to be an important way to in¬ crease school spirit and promote pride throughout the year. 16 Pep Rallies Show Increased Enthusiasm Mr. Stegner get what the band people feel he deserves. Mr. Stepp really gets into his pie! Coaches Loving and Herb show their school spirit by cheerfully participating in pep rallies. " What have I done to deserve this? " exclaims Mr. Powell as Steve Bourne smashes a pie in his face. Our Varsity football Jags ring the bell during the Stuart pep rally. FIRST MUSICAL IN YEARS PROVES TO BE A BIG HIT " Starting off the school year with such an exciting production as THE BOYFRIEND makes the enthusiasm for the remainder of the year so high that it ' s unbelievably breath-taking. George Robert Allen " It was an exciting production — brilliantly cast and directed, superbly performed! " Judy Guryansky CAST Maisie . Dulcie . Fay . Nancy . Madame Dubonnet . Polly Browne . Hortense . Bobby Ban Husen . .. Percival Browne Tony. Lord Brockhurst .... Lady Brockhurst Marcel . Pierre. Alphonse . Waiter and Walk-Ons Pepe . Lolita . .Vicki Houkal .Eve Martin .Janet Place .Bev Blaisdell .. .. Lynne Freehof .Ginny Fallaw Courtenay Twinam .Nick Nappo .Tim Sheridan .... Keith Lundien . Wesley Blackwell . . . . Tammy Turner .Dave Frenkel .. . . Ron Campbell .Pat Sullivan .... Lang Craighill .Nick Nappo .. . . Jeannie Nappo Dave, Janet, Ron, Bev, Eve, Pat, Vicki, and Nick make up the chorus line. 18 The Boyfriend Nick Nappo and his sister Jeannie do the Tango. The Boyfriend 19 The 1976-77 Homecoming Court: Bottom row: Sandy Welch, Senior representative, Dalai Yassine, Senior representative, Jamie Baylis, Queen, Sue Crocker, Senior representative; Top row: Lourdes Delgado, International court, Donna Miller, Sophomore representative, Fey Wang, International Court, Meg Register, Freshman representative, Nancy Waller, Ju¬ nior representative, Isabelle Ascunce, International court. (Not pictured: Sherry Welch, Maid of Honor) Jamie Baylis ' hat is caught in mid-air as she turns to hug escort Sam Smith after the announcement of the queen. HOMECOMING COURT A colossal victory for the Jags over Madison set the mood for the glamorous Homecoming weekend. In the float com¬ petition, which took place during halftime, there were so many sharp-looking floats that it was hard to pick a winner. The Band float however, came out on top with the Junior and Senior class floats alongside it in terms of excellence. The excitement of the halftime show was further accen¬ tuated with the crowning of Jamie Baylis as Queen. The fol¬ lowing evening the couples danced to the high quality sound of " Rainbow. " The total success of the weekend will leave a lasting impression for all involved. Sherry Welch, Maid of Honor; Jamie Baylis, Queen. 20 Student Life WINNING HOMECOMING GAME RAISES SPIRITS FOR A SPECIAL WEEKEND Jim Stannard gives the evil eye to someone looking Nancy Olivola ' s way. Carol Davis shies away from the camera as she and her date Tracy Johnson get ready to dance. Student Life 21 Sadie Hawkins Great Success 1976-77 Sadie Hawkins Characters: Bottom row: Sherry Welch, Alden Lee, Gabby Miroy, Erin Flynn, Renee Ruggere, Barbara Cole; Top row: Julie Gossom, Scott Sieck, Paula Riley, Archie Borgus, Nancy Olivola, David Tolman, Tammy Turner, Jeff Evans, Megan Smith, Scott Bono, Lenny Fields, Mindy Moubray, Debbie Klika, Tommy Christos. The Senior Class put on a very successful Sadie Hawkins dance in November. There were 19 characters, more than any in previous years. Together the characters grubbed over $1,100 during five school days, adding substantially to the $450 worth of dance tickets sold. Sound Tech provided the music, while the Sadie Hawkins characters square danced in the cafeteria lobby. Armloads of hay were thrown everywhere as people eventually par¬ ticipated in the fun of hay fights. Paula Riley gets made up for her Indian character. Tammy Turner as “Mammy Yokum " rocks to the beat of Sound Tech. Jeff Evans gets caught in the midst of a hay fight. 22 Student life THE MOUSETRAP The Falls Church FHigh School Drama Club presented Agatha Christie ' s “The Mousetrap " in December. This thril¬ ling murder mystery has been the biggest running play in England and for good reasons. It is a thrilling, intriguing tale of a pychopathic killer whose diabolical plans for revenge bring the guests of an English boarding house into suspicion and fear of one another. " A prospective victim or a murderess? " , wonders Giles of Miss Casewell. A suspicious Christopher Wren worries Mrs. Ralston. Mollie Ralston .. Giles Ralston . . . Christopher Wren Mrs. Boyle . Major Metcalf .. Miss Casewell .. Mrs. Paravicini . Sargeant Trotter .. . Marla Levin . . . Roman Dial . Jim McOmber . Sandi Vickroy . ... Tom Davis Shawn Costello Toni Bernheisel . ... Craig Wein " Who dun it? " , wonders Mrs. Boyle. Excellent performances were given by freshman, Tom Davis, juniors, Marla Levin, Shawn Costello, Tony Burnisal and Jim McOmber, and seniors, Sandi Vickroy, and Roman Dial. The success of the play is also due to the indispensibie stage crew, the director, Mr. Allen and assistant director Gigi Cashion. The Mousetrap 23 Talented Tammy Hull Crowned Miss FCHS The Drama Department was proud to present the school ' s annual Miss Falls Church High Pageant. Under the direction of Mr. George Allen, nineteen participants were judged on the basis of talent, beauty, poise, and charm. Superintendent S. John Davis was among the honored judges. After a few minor technical difficulties, the pageant ran smoothly with Keith Lundien as master of ceremonies. The girls made their entrance doing dances portraying different eras in American history. Each modeled both a casual and formal outfit. The top eight finalists displayed their talent, the highlight of which was Tammy Hull ' s performance of " Dreams, ' ' a song to which she composed both the music and lyrics. The final selection of the winners was based on impromptu questioning of the top four finalists. Miss Tammy Hull, a junior, was crowned Miss FCHS. Senior Sandy Zeltvay received first runner up, with Lou Becker, a junior, as second runner up and senior Sue Crocker as third runner up. Gabby Miroy was awarded Miss Congeniality. Tammy Hull, Miss Falls Church High School The eight semi-finalists await the announcement of the top four. Sitting: Tammy Hull, Miss FCHS; Standing: Lou Becker, 2nd runner up; Sandy Zeltvay, 1st runner up; Sue Crocker, 3rd runner up. Miss FCHS receives her bouquet and is escorted by SG President David Tolman. 24 Miss FCHS Pageant All nineteen participants are brought on stage before the announcement of the eight semi-finalists. Excited Tammy Hull stands before the cheer- Gabby Miroy is awarded a bouquet for Miss Conge- ing crowd after the announcement of Miss niality. FCHS. Miss FCHS Pageant 25 Front Row: Amy Prescott, Junior Rep.; Barbara Fitzpatrick, Junior Rep.; Evy Low- enstern, Senior Rep.; Second Row: Chyleene Flynn, Maid-of-Honor; Lori Waggener, Queen; Third Row: Jill Bassett, Senior Rep.; Alden Lee, Senior Rep.; Laurie Karlson, Junior Rep.; Paula Riley, Senior Rep. The 1977 Sweetheart Dance was a huge success. The theme for this special night was " Best of My Love. " Music was provided by The Brad Smiley Band. The cafeteria was gaily decorated with red hearts and silver tin foil covered cardboard hearts hanging from the ceiling. The highlight of the night was the crowning of Lori Waggener by Pam Mattson, last year ' s Sweetheart Queen. 1977 Sweetheart Dance Features " Best Of My Love " Chyleene Flynn, Maid of Honor; Lori Waggener, Queen. Honorary Member, Tammy Hull, is escorted by Sitting: Cindi Lloyd, Freshman Rep.; Beth Basalyga, Freshman Rep. Standing: Karen Gwinn, Sophomore Ted Magsig. Rep.; Joyce Scalzo, Sophomore Rep.; Kathy Selquist, Freshman Rep.; Barbara Wheatley, Sophomore Rep. 26 Sweetheart Dance Maid of Honor Chyleene Flynn is escorted by Mike LaRow. Queen Lori Waggener, escorted by John Price, Freshman representative Cindi Lloyd is es- smiles as she makes her way to the throne. corted by Mike Louis. Tommy Passino escorts senior representative Paula Dancing proved to be a bit much for Jean Harper as she is caught removing a shoe. Riley. Eddie Yarbrough models the latest in contemporary cowboy wear. Dave Catton loosens his tie to relieve the tension of asking for a dance. Sweetheart Dance 27 The Drama Department ' s third production of the year under the direction of George Allen was " Joan of Lorraine, " a drama depicting the life of Joan of Arc. " Joan of Lorraine " was a play within a play, so that not only was the life of Joan of Arc shown, but so was a behind the scene look of how a play is produced. There were a few hard times during re¬ hearsals, such as Joan ' s costumes, but in the end it was without a doubt one of the finest productions of the year. JOAN OF LORRAINE Gigi Cashion does a good characterization of Joan of Arc. CAST Masters (The Inquisitor) .Jane Peterson Alice, the Stage Manager .Cindy Fox Tessie, the Assistant Stage Manager.Sue Bloom Marie, the Costumer .Janis Creekmore Garner (Bertrand dr Pougengy the Electrician .Keith Lundien Abbey (Jaques d ' Arc) .Brad Greenquist (Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais) Charles Elling (Durand Laxart) .Dave Tolman Mary Grey (Joan) .Gigi Cashion Jo Cordwell (Jean d ' Arc) .Graham Truelove Quirke (St. Michael d ' Estivet) .Bruce Manilla Miss Reeves (St. Cathrine) .Melissa Brooker Miss Sadler (St. Margaret) .Lilly Kline Farwell (Jean de Metz, Executioner) .Dave Frenkel Noble (THire) .Nick Nappo Sheppart (Alain Chartier) .John Bloom Less Ward )The Dauphin) .Jim McOmber Jeffson (Georges de Tremoille) .Craig Wien Kipner (Regnault de Chartres, Archbishop of Rome) .Marshall Sears Long (Dunois, Bastard of Orleans) .Wes Blackwel Champalin (Father Massieu) .Don Brown Smith (Thomas de Courcelles) .Jim Hepler Keith Lundien shows off his piece of art on Craig Wien, while Jim Hepler gives his opinion of the work. Rusty Fallon gives Sue Bloom ' s face a few final touches. 28 Joan of Lorraine ' 76- ' 77 And That ' s The Way It Was . . . Carter Mondale . . . Fritz and Grits . . . Bloomingdale ' s opens . . . " Walk This Way " ... Big Mac Attack . . . Legionaires Disease . . . " The Year of The Cat " . . . Swine Flue Vaccine . . . C.B. craze . . . Concord jet . . . ERA . . . The Beach Boys . . . Eagles . . . Cowl necks . . . " Songs In The Key Of Life " . . . Gauchos ... " A Star Is Born " . . . King Tut exhibit . . . Dorothy Harnill haircuts ... Ski jackets . . . Liberian oil spills . . . " Things We Do For Love " ' . . . Potomac freezes over . . . " Carrie " . . . Frye boots . . . Cold Wave . . . Energy Shortage . . . The Hustle . . . Clogs . . . " Rocky " . . . Kansas . . . Howard Hughs dies . . . Painter pants . . . Falls Church band goes to Kentucky Derby . . . Falls Church football goes to State . . . Moonies invade . . . " Roots " . . . " Rich Man Poor Man " . . . Rugby shirts . . . Belt- way construction . . . " Disco Duck " . . . Liz Ray scandal . . . Boz Scaggs . . . " Tonights The Night " . . . Boston . . . Metro construction . . . " Blow Beads " . . . " Tight " . . . Hotline . . . Aerosmith . . . " Charlie ' s Angels " . . . " Car Wash " . . . Chico commits suicide . . . 3-piece suits . . . jumpsuits . . . " What ' s the D ' s? " . . . Wrestling team takes 3rd in State . . . Girl ' s Tennis takes 1st in District . . . Drunks banned from dances ... Re¬ stricted club membership prohibited . . . " Rubberband Man " . . . " Wasted " . . . Vans (Chevy) . . . Farrah Faucett . . . Raiders and Viking go to the Super Bowl . . . Travarus . . . Sweat Hogs . . . " Party Hardy " . . . " Chorus Line " . . . " Silver Streak " . . . School opens early . . . " King Kong " . . . " Oh, thank heaven for 77, that ' s a pretty good year " . . . " We ' re the class of sex and wine, we ' re the class of 79 " . . . " We ' re the class that never stays straight, we ' re the class of 78 " . . . " We ' re the class of foxy ladies, we ' re the class of 1980 " . . . " It ' s beat! " . . . " Really " . . . " Bro " . . . " It ' s killing me " . . . Gary Gilmore asks for the death penalty and gets it . . . Liz Taylor marries Richard Burton, divorces him, and proceeds to marry John Warner. . . Candy Grams . . . Women ordained as priests . . . " Fly Like An Eagle " . . . D.P. ' s " . . . " Welcome Back, Kotter " . . . " Up your nose with a rubber hose " . Busch Gardens . . . King ' s Dominion . . . Solar Energy . . . Late night trips to Jack-In-The-Box . . . Rod Stewart . . . Strohs . . . WPGC . . . WKYS . WEEL . . . WASH . . . WMOD . . . WMAL . . . " In your mouf " . . . Come gum . . . Bubble Yum . . . " Stand Tall . . . Ponies . . . Mirror glasses Mean Green . . . School Flag . . . The Plantation . . . Blitzed . . . " Take a Hike " . . . " Watch out for the Bull " . . . Munchies . . . " Pig out " Me and my RC " . . . " What ' s the scoop? " . . . " Later Gator " . . . " Check ya later " . . . " Later, much later " ... " I guess you had to be there Sheraton Inti. Sets Scene for 1977 Prom Prom Court: Front row: Megan Smith, Bev Blaisdell; Second row: Debbie Entsminger, Lisa Harris, Erin Flynn, Dianne Vandivier, Lori Richmond; Third row: Judy Moreau, Chris Cain, Jennifer Griggs, Marietta Jacobsen, Tammy Reeves. The special event of the year, ' 77 Prom, was held at the elegant Sheraton International in Reston. The sponsoring Ju¬ nior class picked out the romantic setting with a huge dance floor, lounges, and big bay windows overlooking a pool. " Hard Cider " provided fine music from 8:00-1:00 for the couples all decked out in tuxedos and long dresses. " Poems, Prayers, and Promises " provided a most appropriate theme. The evening was further enhanced by the presentation of the court, with Miss Paula Rehrig as 1977 Prom Queen. Sitting: Lisa Bouton, Maid of Honor; Paula Rehrig, Queen; Lori Waggener, Hon. Member; Standing: Jamie Baylis, Hon. Member; Tammy Hull, Hon. Member Lisa Bouton, Maid of Honor; Paula Rehrig, Queen 30 Prom } ■jp ' WV b VI The Falls Church and German School Chess Clubs get together for a mass tournament and refreshments. " Now I told you that the Club Christmas party fund didn ' t allow for that kind of refreshment, " scolds Ellen Murry to Cathie Arundel. ORGANIZATIONS i i l’ i The many organizations at our school fulfill one ' s need for involvement, and helps one to pursue his interests. The vari¬ ous groups work in unique ways to develope an Impression upon our school and community. David Tolman demonstrates how the Boys ' State participants re¬ ally picked up his life. " Now that I have your undivided attention, girls, let ' s proceed with our important business discussion, " pronounces Civinette president Cindy Bocock. STUDENT GOVERNMENT PROMOTES SCHOOL PRIDE Kathy Hartell, Vice-President of Curricular Affairs; David Tolman, President; Erin Flynn, Secretary- Treasurer; Carol Kondracki, Parlimentarian. Mr. Campbell, Student Government Sponsor The 1976-77 Student Government provided a very re¬ laxed and happy atmosphere for the students at Falls Church. The S.G. room was a.place of many conversations, meetings, homework sessions, and even the watching of a variety of game shows and soap operas. Student Govern¬ ment worked to raise school pride and involvement in many ways. One in particular was the reinstating of decorating halls during pride week. S.G. also continued its many tradi¬ tions by providing the students with enjoyable assemblies, such as Desperado, and the Navy Port Authority, and by sponsoring a very successful magazine drive, Sweetheart Dance and can food drive. The 1976-77 S.G., without a doubt constantly worked for the good of the students. Mindy Moubray, Vice-President of Extra-Curricular Affairs, And David Tol¬ man, President, try to solve on of the many problems that face S.G. 34 S.G. 9 % Presidents, Archie Borgus and David Tolman, set the new dress code for the school. S.G. Legislators — Carol Kondracki, Parlimentarian; David Tolman, President; Kathy Hartell, VPCA; Erin Flynn, Sec.-Tres.; standing, Marietta Jacobsen, Evy Lowenstern, Mary Cobert, Gabby Miroy, Lisa Best; Second Row: Jill Murphy, Alison Price, Chyleen Flynn, Kathy Holmes, Jimmy Mosher; Third Row: Mary Kay LaCasse, Wendy Knott, Scott Gardiner, Keely Flynn, Liz Miller. The Legislature, which consists of 5 legislators from each class, vote on many important matters that arise throughout the year. A few of the matters that our legislators passed were the purchasing of two school flags and the alotment of between one and two thousand dollars to purchase new text books for various departments in the school. Another impor¬ tant alotment was that of a hundred dollars that was donated so that our great football team ' s game could be televised. Another important group of people in the school, that are not always recognized, are the Committee Chairmans. These people help S.G. in the heading up of such things as or¬ ganizing dances, running elections, and keeping the various calenders in the school up to date. Without this group of people many S.G. projects could not be successful. Committee Chairmans — Kneeling: Kathy Holmes, Brian McMillan, Bev Blaisdell, Archie Borgus; Standing; Gail Stein, Margaret Strictland, Leslie Holman, Linda Dougherty, Craig Wien, Scott Sick. S.G. 35 SAC Representatives: Erin Flynn, Kathy Holmes, Debi Sponable, Carol Kondracki Lisa Best, Laurie Karlsen SAC HELPS IMPLEMENT SEX ED. The Student Advisory Council put forth most of its efforts towards the implementation of a Sex Education Program for Fairfax County Schools next year. Several of the SAC mem¬ bers spoke before the school board on this subject. This was the major factor which swayed the board to begin the pro¬ gram in the fall of 1977. The highlight of the year was the election of the Student School Board Representative. SAC members spent the entire day at Fairfax High School nominating the candidate of their choice. Kathy Holmes starts work on SAC projects late in the summer. Debi Sponable and Carol Kondracki alter their early dismissal passes. 36 S.A.C. S.G. PURCHASES SCHOOL FLAGS Student Government takes a break. One of the many assemblies sponsored by S.G.: The Navy Port Authority. One of the many duties of S.G. is to raise the flags each morning. Scott Seick wants to see how many votes he got for Sweetheart Queen. Mr. Stepp catches David and Kathy planning to overthrow the administration. S.G. 37 DRAMA CLUB PRODUCES SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCES Front row: Doris Hunter, Kim Lau, Cindy Weber, Margie Cooper, Vicki Houkal, Gigi Cashion, Janet Craigue, Wesley Blackwell, Lilly Klein, Tracy Renfro. Second row: Tim Sheridan, Sue Bloom, Jim Jones, Marla Levin, Jim McCuomber, Cathy Gawarecki, Toni Bernheisal, Donna Jackson. Third Row: Bev Blaisdell, Roman Dial, David Tolman, Jane Peterson, Tom Davis, Jim Hepler, Bruce Manilla, Melissa Brokker, Leslie Whittet, Sandi Vickroy, Duane Jones, Carol Truelove, Lynne Freehof, Marian Waters, Kim Manaois, Dee Landis, Amy Lo eless, David Hoover. Fourth row: Ginny Fallow (alias Rhododendron), Treasurer; Janet Place, Vice-President; Shawn Costello, Secretary; Keith Lundien (alias Potted Palm), President. “To be or not to be " is never a question in the FCHS Drama Department. Everybody is usually whatever he wants to be and that always means a lot of fun! Everybody enjoys himself even though a lot of work is put into all the Drama efforts. This year, the Drama Club participated in a big hit musical called “The Boyfriend " and put on a mystery called “The Mousetrap. " They preformed a Halloween Safety Pro¬ gram for several elementary schools and built a haunted house for a community Halloween project. The club also backed up the “Miss Falls Church " contest. After long, hard weeks of work on shows and classes, several members of the Drama Club relaxed by taking an enjoyable trip to Ford ' s Theater to see “The Vanities. " A favorite pastime of Drama Club members is to visit the Green Room in Studio 173 to rehearse for plays, study homework, read, chat with old friends and make new ones. “Green Room " is an age-old tradition in dramatics, used to bring cast and crew together before a play. The FCHS Drama Club likes to keep this fellowship all the time, so their “Green Room " is always open to anyone who needs a friend. The FCHS Drama Club owes a great deal to their best¬ loved “Grallen " for all he ' s done. Without Mr. Allen, the Drama Club, the Drama Department and the Thespians just wouldn ' t be the same. “Grallen " lives and always shall in all the halls of Falls Church High School! The Drama Club members were really fantastic this year and they all really “broke a leg! " Nick Nappo and Keith Lundien help with the " Miss Falls Church " contest. 38 Drama A lot of equipment is needed for a Drama production. “How dare you disturb us, " growls Mr. Allen. Susan Mattson is happy that Sandy Vickroy was declared guilty. These girls are trying to mask their identities after robbing the finance office. Kim Manaois and Carole Tremper help with the produc¬ tion of " Joan of Lorraine. " Drama 39 PEP CLUB The Pep Club attended athletic events throughout the year. They were always there to show their pride and to give their support at both boys and girls sports events. All through the year they had bake sales, and gum sales in order to raise funds for various sports. They also acted as guides at the P.T.A. ' s " Back-to-School Night. " The Pep Club was without a doubt, an asset to Falls Church athletics. Front Row: Theresa Keefe, pres., Maureen Morrison, vice pres. Second Row: Jamie Lyle, Sherri Jursnick, Libby Bevinitto, Linda Cain. Third Row: Martha Bushus, Sherry Prapst, Kim Hohner, Suzanne Griffith. Fourth Row: Anita Brown, Teresa Rainer, Chris Ramos, Suzanne Whitthaus. Fifth Row: Yvonne Sherron, Brooke Powell. Mrs. Bialas, sponsor, goes over Pep Club procedures. Members of the Pep Club show their enthusiasm at meetings. 40 Pep Club CHEERLEADERS PROMOTE INCREASED SPIRIT AND ENTHUSIASM Front Row: (Varsity) Susan Crocker, Paula Riley, Paula Rehrig, Capt.; Sherry Welch, co-capt.; Lisa Harris, Marietta Jacobsen. Second Row: Laurie Karlson, Vicki Blann, Dottie Cochran, Nancy Waller, Lisa Sprouse, Lisa Smith, Wendy Witz, Barbara Stryker. Third Row: (Freshmen) Page Lee, co-capt.; Alison Meader, Karen Pieri, Jill Murphy, Brenda Stewart, Cindy Lloyd, capt.; Melanie Tschida, Jennifer Osburn. Fourth Row: (JV) Keely Flynn, Karen Cwinn, Pam Jordan, Stacy Hart, Steffie Moreau, co-capt.; Susan Keller, capt.; Janet Tolman, Mary Henderson, Kelly Simonds, Julie Sawyer. The cheerleaders made quite an impression by being kept busy during their entire season. They sponsored a dance featuring " Sound Tech " at the beginning of the year. During the months of September, October, and November, they spent a great deal of their time decorating the boy ' s locker room and buses, making locker stickers and banners, and attending practices . . . There were also more pep rallies than usual to create! The months after football season also kept the cheerlead¬ ers quite busy with wrestling matches and basketball and baseball games. The cheerleaders not only supported boy ' s sports, but could be found yelling and jumping for the girls as well. Cheerleading this year proved to be hectic at times, but nevertheless exciting and fun. Frosh, JV, and Varsity add wind to the kickoff. Cheerleading 41 Varsity Cheerleaders Boost School Spirit Lisa Sprouse Paula Rehrig, Captain Dottie Cochran Sherry Welch, Co-Capt. Nancy Waller Marietta Jacobsen Four members of the squad demonstrate their talent with a stunt. 42 Varsity Cheerleaders Sue Crocker Vicky Blann Wendy Witz 43 FROSH CHEERLEADERS JUMP IN TO THE SPIRIT Front Row: Karen Pieri, Melanie Tschida, Alison Meader. Second Row: Brenda Stewart, Jennifer Osburn. Third Row: Page Lee, co-capt., Cindi Lloyd, capt. Fourth Row: Jill Murphy. Alison Meader tries for a take off. 44 Frosh Cheerleaders JV SHOWS SUPPORT DURING PLAYOFFS. Front Row: Keely Flynn, Karen Gwinn, Pam Jordan, Stacy Hart, Stephie Moreau, co-capt., Susan Keller, capt., Janet Tolman, Mary Henderson, Kelly Simonds, Julie Sawyer. Kelly Simonds pleads with reluctant spectators. Susan Keller cheers during one of the many Jag victories. Fickle Mother Nature could not discourage Janet Tolman, Mary Henderson and Kelly Simonds. JV Cheerleaders 45 NHS INCREASES MEMBERSHIP SENIORS Front row: Mike LaRow, pres; David Tolman, FHarley Methfessel, Audrey Hendrickson, Vicki Houkal, Mark Gardiner, Kathy Randall, vice pres.; Lori Richmond, treasurer Wendy Anderson, Kelly Legate. Second row: Nancy Olivola, Janet Crossman. Mary Jane Rike, Carol Kondracki, Anne Marie Klein, Lucinda McCarroll. Third row: Kay Kincaid, Diane Anderson, Kathy Hartell, Jamie Baylis, Sue Crocker, Bob Powers, Mark Shirmer, Gail Stine. Fourth row: Debbie Rice, Mary Harms, Terri Hana, Ginny Burke, Butch Arthur, Suzanne Cevey. Fifth row: Adam Anderson, Scott Fairman, Pam Tomes, Sandy Beazley, Ted Staples, Mary Corey, Carol Delinger, Jeanette Walters, Patsy Koebel. Sixth row: Diane Haight, Shaun Higgins, Vincent Larsen, Marty Cunningham, Patrice Rehrig, Lisa Harris, Clare Todaro, Paula, Lisa Best, Bonnie Crotty, Linda Dougherty. Seventh Row: Brenda Scgindler, Roman Dial, Phil Harrison, Lynn Freehof, Lisa Sturm, Margaret Strickland. Eighth row: Danny Mares, Madelin Davis, Craig Wien, Adrian Hunsberger, Darrin White, Pam Cox, Ellen Trapp, Becky Russell. Ninthe row: Marianne McClintock, Richie Russell, Sandy Zeltvay, Fran Cuchiara, Denise Marcellari. Tenth row: Megan Smith, Lynn Larkin, Mike Sheviak, Al Leary, Dianne Vandivier. Eleventh row: Jay Train, Rick Seracino, Yvonne Bennett, Jono Lewis, Skip Richards. Twelfth row: Russell Cain, John Franklin, Leslie Holman, Susan McQuain, John Bloom, Jim Hixon, Paul Benz, Bill Epling. Thirteenth row: Bruce Webb, Chris Nicchitta, Caroline Thomas, Linda Anderson, Candace Rodman, Sharon Davis; Fourteenth row: Blenn Bryan, Rick Sternitzke, Brad Fraley, Frank Simonds, Scott Sieck; not pictured: Alison Evans, sect.; Anna Holsinger, Tammy Risdon. The National Honor Society consisted of approximately 200 members. They held meetings once a month to discuss service projects for the school. The NHS provided tutors for students who needed help in academic subjects and helped distribute report cards each quarter. They also maintain the honor rolls, keeping them up to date at all times. Besides providing services for FCHS, the NHS is designed to promote academic excellence. Inductions were held twice, in the fall and spring for all students who has at least a 3.4 average. Each year, one exceptional student is chosen for a scholarship to help in furthering his her education. 46 National Honor Society Bucky and Mike laugh about the test they just " Aced. " “Oh, well. Three out of five awake isn ' t bad. " JUNIORS Front Row: Barby Fitzpatrick, Vicki Blann, Isabel Ascunce, Kirsten Bevinito, Patty Stringer. Second Row: Mark Anderson, David Molinelli, Andy EHenrickson, Keith Peterson, Jeff Patrick, Fred Meadows, Steve Craine, Mike Jyers, Kevin Heater, Dan Evans. Third Row: Mark Springton, Matt Murray, Sabrina Warden, Stephanie Glass, Lois Hoplins, Barbara Bacon, Mike Crowder. Fourth Row: Anna Escobar, Mary Ellen Wooten, Mary Roadcap, Tim Bodor, Don Hajac, Karen Brinkley, Teri Goff, James Kim, Jeff Artman. Fifth Row: Cathy Gawarecki, Donna Johnson, Bob Bryce, Mike Staples, Cathy Palmer, David Stevens, Terri Burrier, Doug Tew. Sixth Row: Ted Staples, Sheila Kingman, Donna Jackson, Holly Wortman, Sue Mattson. Seventh Row: Brenda Whysong, Katy O ' Born, Chris Hartsook, Carol Cecca, Eileen Burke, Connie Palmer, Joy Bryan, Eileen Seaman, Connie Arvis. Eighth Row: Carolyn Goodwin, Lee Erlandson, Debbie Sponable, Jane Scott, Mary Harris, Alison Price, Cathy Chapman, Debbie Bumgardener, Cathy Savage, Sue Fedewa, Trudi Hamilton, Brad Simmons. Ninth Row: Kandi Ponton, Marla Levin, Alona Schechter, Anne Marie Gamier, Jane Peter¬ son, Megan Seielstad, Skip Davis,Mark LaRow. Tenth Row: Mike Evans, Ron Campbell, Teresa Kerins, Carrie Washburn, Sue Bloom, Shawn Costello, Laurie Scalzo, Ed McDonald, Laurie Karlson, Tom Dickerson, Lisa Bouton, Mike Powell, Richard Madrid, Doug Johnson. Eleventh Row: Judy Greenberg, Chris Morris, Janet Place, Mimi Mastraopola. Twelfth Row: John Trout, Bill Waller, David Rohr, Carol McDaniel, Bridgette Bombadier, Jim Stannard, Robert Wolfe, Bruce Manilla. NHS 47 The French FHonor Society was comprised of about thirty people who had studied French for three or more years. The various activities which the society performed were con¬ nected in some way with that of the French life style. Thus, through venturing into restaurants and preparing different cuisines for the annual Christmas Tea, they learned to ap¬ preciate and understand French living. They also indulged in various cultural activities, watching French movies and visiting the Kennedy Center to see a concert. French Honor Society Joy Bryan serves Mr. Wilcox at the tea. Kay Kincaid and Alison Evans guard the food. Front Row: Butch Arthur, Pres.; Isabel Ascunce, Sec.; Kevin Heater, V. Pres.; Anh Thula, Pauline Dinh. Second Row: Karen Hink, Debbie Wilkie, Laurie Karlson, Lee Erlandson, Brigitte Le, Joy Bryan. Third Row: Jane Scott, Chip Naturajan, Carol Brvon, Cathy Russell, Martha Buschke, Mary Bartone, Ellen Murry, Cathy Arundel, Valerie Farrell. Fourth Row: Donna Crotty, Vicki Treger, Sue Wall, Cathy Chapman, Sandy Zeltvay, Kay Kincaid, Anne-Marie Gamier, Brigitte Bombardier, Betsy Harsch, Suzy Crim, Megan Seielstadd. Spanish Honor Society Front Row: Patrice Rehrig, Secretary; Carol Dellinger, President; Diane Vandiver, Vice-President. Second Row: Jackie Gamier, Lisa Conte, Mat Murray. Third Row: Mary Jane Rike, Barbie Fitzpatrick, Sabrina Warden, Patrick McNemar, Patti Stringer. Fourth Row: Lilly Kline, Terri Hanna, Wendy Holmes, Sharon Farnsworth, Bob Bryce, Donna Fritz, Kathy Savage, Holly Wortman, Anna Escobar. Fifth Row: Susie Thomas, Paula Rehrig, Chris Ramos, Cindy Miller, Linda Brown. Sixth Row: Joyce Scalzo, Karen Gwinn, Jean Harper, Jim Canody, Allan Dacanay. Seventh Row: Polly Trammell, Lisa Harris, Mary Koelbel. Eighth Row: Bonnie Montali, Donald Hajec, Eric Koehler, Carol Hartsook, Sheila Kingman, Cindy Rose, Leslie McMillan, Richard Berentson, Jimmy Bourne. Ninth Row: Theresa Wojo, Sherry Endress, Michelle Sessoms, Barbara Turner, Ted Staples, Carolyn Thomas, Alison Price, Cheryl Whetzel, David Gatton. Tenth Row: Jay Train, Barbara Bacon, Tina Watkins, Jorge Becerra, Laurie Scalzo, Bill Epling, Marion McClintock, Tracey Renfro, Judy Greenberg, Gloria Urri, Marla Levin. Back Row: Bill Bailey, Stuart Merrell. ( ( m ' ‘ mXr { t! : i A 1 The Spanish Honor Society started another successful year with the annual candle-light initiation ceremony, bringing in many energetic new members. For added enjoyment, the club had a Christmas dinner which featured many well- known Spanish foods as well as festive Spanish music. A trip to an excellent Spanish restaurant further enhanced the club ' s yearly program. The Spanish Club bought medals for the Spanish V students and for the best students of each level of Spanish. Mr. Miller participates in a Spanish Honor Society party. Spanish Honor Society 49 Thespians Honored for Talent The International Thespian Society is a group dedicated to furthering the interest in Dramatics. The FCHS Thespian ' s are Troupe 1330. They put on an annual Thespian Drama production and promote the spirit and interest in the Drama department. A Thespian is a goal to work towards by earn¬ ing points for acting, backstage crew work and technical ability. Inductions are held twice a year and are highlighted by Neophyte Day. Thespian Troupe 1330 is one of FCHS ' biggest assets. “Should I join the Peace Corps or Snoopy? " asks Sue Thespians ham it up in Mr. Allen ' s room. Mattson. Front row: Jane Peterson, Pres.; Sandy Vickroy, Lynne Freehof, Susan Mattson. Second row: Keith Lundien (Alias Potted Palm with Hat),-Ginny Fallow, Cigi Cashion, Vice-Pres.; Janet Place. 50 Thespians National Junior Honor Society Increases Membership Front Row: Cindy MacGowan, vice pres., Mindy Pajack, treasurer, Michelle Sessoms, pres., Cathie Arundel, secretary. Second Row: John Elder, Karen Hink, Wendy Holmes, Abir Saah, Deanna Austin, Steve Craig, David Thoma, Pat McNamora, Mike Haynes, Debbie Wilke. Third Row: Carolyn Helmick, Pam Powell, LeeAnne Bradtmiller, Jeff Rosen- burg, Donna Crotty. Fourth Row: Mary Mattson, Dawn Gibbons, Susie Thomas, Kathy Forster, Steffie Moreau, Heidi Heuple, Ellen Murray, Bonnie Montalli. Fifth Row: Dean Buckhorn, Jimmy Bourne, Fisa Cecca, Carol Bryan, Cheryl Rohrbaugh, Karen gwinn, Barbara Wheatley, Diane Davis, Chris Dejoy. Sixth Row: Vicky Allen, Fili Scheider, Mary Brown, Jim Adams, Finda Sturm, Donna Miller, Charles Jenkins, Candee Harris, Val Farrell, Monica Schuman. Seventh Row: Cindy Rose, Mary Koelbel, Martha Busbic, Becky Wi I let. Fori Traylor, Tom Graves, Gene Bostain, Susie Crim, Fora Hollenbaugh, Brenda Turner. Eighth Row: Gara MacFaughlin, Betsy Harsch, Hyun Ju Fim, Tracy DeHaven, Vicki Treger, Pam Jordan, Fiz Murphy, Carol Davis, Eric Kheler, Mike Staples, Stacy Taylor. Ninth Row: David Berrimen, Joyce Scalzo, Sandy Morris, Sherry Endress, Scott Gardiner, Andy Smith, Kristin Hunsburger, Diane Davis. Tenth Row: Dean Groff, Roger Jones, Christin Chapman, Kathy Fritz, Ashley Sharman, Tom Randall, Allen Dacanay, Susan Wall, Barbara Turner, Allan Clarke, Feslie McMillian. Eleventh row: Charlynn Miller, Tracy Johnson, Craig Morris, Julie Sawyer, Ashley Charmin. The National Junior Honor Society is an organization which recognizes academic excellence among freshman and sophomore students. The members are selected on the basis of a 3.2 grade point average. The National Junior Honor Society members tutor and occasionally raise money for charitable organization. Ms. Elder and the officers preside over a NJHS meeting. NJHS 51 Newspaper Increases Number of Issues Front Row: Susie Trip, Cathie Arundel, Joy Bryan, Geoff Brunner, Editor; Keri Garrett, Laurie Gable, Vickie Allen; Second Row: Cheri Corbin, Ellen Murray, Norma Stratton, Flora Arapakos, Brooke Powell, Vicki Houkal, Lisa Sturm, Cheryl Freidman, Sue Bloom; Third Row: Sharon Davis, Andy Smith, Joe Inqui, Wade Snyder, Tim Sheridan, Tommy Graves, Tom Randall, Dixie Patterson; Fourth Row: Neil Kyle, Pete Nassetta, John Bloom, Richie Russell, Russell Cain. Pete Nassetta smells a story. The 76-77 Jaguar Journal staff has once again provided the students of FCHS with a monthly publication. The Jour¬ nal has continued to offer the paper free of charge and has welcomed the students to voice their opinion on any issue. With support from the S.G., P.T.A., and Fairfax County, the financial problems of the Journal were reduced consid¬ erably. A Journalism II class was offered for the first time at FCHS. The class played the major role in producing each Editor, Geoff Brunner says, “You can not print that kind of thing in the newspaper. " issue and made deadlines much easier for the staff to meet. The Journal ' s goals this year were to publish a paper that followed good journalistic style as well as produce a paper which would inform and interest the student body. Interest in the paper and journalism appears to be grow¬ ing. This year ' s Journal staff, under the direction of Mr. Whitworth, was larger and more active than in the past. Joe Inqui distributes his time between newspaper and year¬ book. 52 Jaguar Journal Yearbook Staff Strives To Meet Dealines Yearbook Staff: Front row: Carol Kondracki, Craig Wien, Bus. Manager; Kathy Hartell, Co-editor; David Tolman, Al Leary, Sports; Jamie Baylis, Co-editor; Brian McMillan, Jeff Evans; Back row: Susan McQuain, Clubs; Sandy Beazley, Clubs; Lori Richmond, Seniors; Dianne Vandivier, Seniors; Judy Green- burg, Underclass; Theresa Kerins, Underclass; Carrie Washburn, Underclass; Not pictured: Richie Russell, Joan Anderson, Cindy Fox, Sandy Zeltvay, Christine Morris, (not pictured: Mrs. Thomas, sponsor.) The yearbook staff faced numerous problems in producing the product you are now holding in your hands. As dead¬ lines approached the nights grew longer and many dedi¬ cated staff members stayed up long hours rushing to prepare the required amount of pages. Organization was often a lacking characteristic of the staff, and phrases such as " What happened to that club candid? " , " We don ' t have a write¬ up! " and " Where did you put my layout? " were common among the staff. Photographers often stayed hours in the darkroom producing desperately needed prints at the last minute. The loose ends, however, finally seemed to fall in place, and the staff, with all its frustrations mixed with enjoyable times, got together an account of the 76-77 year at Falls Church High. Photographers: Front row: Tom Graves, Lori Waggener, Bob Merchant; Back row: Craig Lowrance, Joe Inqui, Chris Hoover, Tom Grunst; Not pictured: Tim Sheridan, David Stephens. Sandy Beazley, Photographer Tim Sheridan, Susan McQuain, and Cindy Fox take moment to pose for the camera between organizing club pictures. JS , T ft §1 1 i Richie Russell demonstrates the way some staff members were able to take out late night frustrations. Yearbook Staff 53 DEBATE TEAM MAKES THEIR POINT Debate Team: Front Row: Brooke Powell, Alison Evans, Anna Holsinger, Second Row: Doug Irvin, Colin Fairman. The Debate team, growing in number, took on their dis¬ trict meets with great enthusiasm. Team members worked hard preparing themselves for upcoming meets. These pre¬ parations involved many hours of careful research into vari¬ ous subjects, one in particular being that of Penal Reform. Forensics members prepared their presentations in prose, poetry, and oratory skills. " The competition is tough, but the rewards are great. This year ' s team has been very successful, and the future looks even better, " comments Alison Evans, president. FORENSICS TEAM DOES WELL IN COMPETITION 54 Organizations Forensics Team: Front Row: Bev Blaisdell, Andy Smith, Margaret Strickland, Alison Evans; Second Row: Mrs. Thomas, Monica Shuman, Keith Pruitt, Holly Wilson, John Elder; Not Pictured: Vicki Houkal, Sue Bloom, Lisa Sturm, Rod Horner. Front Row: Tim Myers, David Frenkle, Rick McCauley, Ralph Turner, Mike Held; Second Row: Joe Frye, Chris Dejoy, Jay Watkins, David Berriman; Third Row: Alison Evans, Cinny Fallow, Anna Holsinger, Mindy Pajak, Susie FHannal, Heather Bridge. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DISCUSSES WORLD PROBLEMS Formed to help participants find suitable careers, the Work Experience Career Exploration Program provided in¬ valuable information in aquiring and retaining jobs. Ninth graders met four hours a day and each worked approxi¬ mately twenty hours a week. The instruction focused mainly on distributive education and math abilities, imperative skills for many careers. For added Enjoyment, WECEP students took a number of field trips. One to be remembered was in going to the air and space museum and the F.B.I. Building in Washington D.C. The students also collected and repaired old toys and sent them to the Head Start day care at Timber Lane Elemen¬ tary school. The International Relation Club participated in Model United Nation sessions and in other activities related to world affairs. The club went to a model world disarmement conference in which schools from around Fairfax County participated. Members of the club did extensive research into weapons and their central and into the procedure for carrying out an international diplomatic negotiation. WECEP IMPROVES JOB SKILLS WECEP: Left to Right: Kammy Pakhik, Diann Pearson, Mitzi Galloway, Brian Gerber, Joe Poore, Mike Reingruber. FLEOA AND RIFLE CLUB WORK ON GUN SAFETY The Future Law Enforcement Officers of America have worked toward achieving their goals of orienting students interested in careers in law and law enforcement. They have worked to establish the confidence and help of the public in the service dedicated to the protection of life and property. The club has particpated in several police displays at local shopping centers and gone on a field trip to Boling Air Force Base to inspect the Air Force Security Police. The F.L.E.O.A. has also worked toward crime prevention in their neighborhoods by distributing pamphlets published by the police department. Through numerous other commu¬ nity services the club has strived toward giving each indi¬ vidual a positive insight and deeper understanding of this important and necessary profession. The Rifle Club taught its members how to safely operate a rifle. Those who showed a good ability in marksmanship were chosen to be on the rifle team. Martin Berend practices police brutality on Will Chapman. Front row: Kim Honer, Donna Wagoner, Second row: Mrs. Corbin, Martin Berend, Tom Graves, Officer Joe Tauro, Will Chapman. First Row: Jeff Stucker, Mark Krysinski, Jay Markwood, Arthur Hemenway, Mike Klicka. Second Row: Scott Lee, Tim Jenson, Bill Chapman, Jeff Holman, Ray Merchant, Greg Graham. Third Row: Miss. Comeau, John Elder-Treas., Holly Whartman-Sec., Kathy 56 Fleoa, Rifle Club Savage-V.P., Dorcas Rodgers-Pres. SOCCER CLUB KICKS OFF THEIR SEASON Front Row: Courtney Minturn, Sgt. of Arms; Second Row: Kathy Crow, Mary Palmer, Cyndi Kerns, President; Jennifer Ramos, Kelly Christensen, Kathy Arundel; Third Row: Linda Farrell, Slyvia Frayne, Ellen Murray, Lisa Cecca, Debbie Sponable, V. Pres; Carol McDonough, Sharon Floyd, Patty Kerns; Fourth Row: Monica Shuman, Bonnie Montalli, Cindy Keyes, Cennie Atchison, Michelle Wahl, Treasurer; Chris Ramos, Gladys Martinea, Joanne Gibert; Fifth Row: Cindee Bradtmiller, Sue Sheviak, Charlyn Miller, Margaret Offerman, Carolyn Thomas, Secretary; Alona Sector, Sherri Endress, Kim Ryon. The Outing Club was established to provide a means for people to enjoy outdoor sports. Its main purpose was to or¬ ganize trips to various places of interest for hiking, climbing, repelling, backpacking, spelunking, and white water rafting. The Outing Club went spelunking twice in a cave near Harper ' s Ferry, West Virginia. They went on biking trips to popular trails including Old Ray Mountain. The Outing Club has a sizeable membership, and received recognition for winning the canned food drive. The Soccer Club is a fairly new organization formed to promote girls in soccer. The club met and worked out regu¬ larly to stay in shape for their approaching season. ■M n ’ . Tr:’..Vk 3 WfP " Tr?r f| :■ i »Bottom ■ 7 fc- jL : ' ' ■Liiy np, m nr mh ' r % p I ’ " fl ■ KVA _ l HV ' - v JF 1; M ,v4f fib ' - Aim ■A V j W At ‘Hi M l V VKvfv Sc ■Pi’ 1| ViiVjfe? sSl OUTING CLUB HAS NEW ADVENTURES Front Row: Bill Gordon, Pres., Steve Patrick, V. Pres.; Second Row: Dixie Patterson, Sharon Floyd, Lori Dougherty, Dana Lewis, Brenda Monahan, Tersea Wallawack; Third Row: Valerie Paul, Mike Crowder, Cammie Rambo, Dan Evans, Karen Gwinn, Fourth Row: Joyce Scalzo, Candee Harris, Donna Miller, Jeff Patrick, Mike Staples, Tim Sheridan; Fifth Row: Julie Sawyer, Vicki Hare, Brian Collie, Richard Jeffords, Richard Rentin, Ted Staples, David Vollmer. Soccer, Outing Club 57 Front row: Dana Lewis (Secretary), Vicky Edwards (Vice-President), Barbie Fitzpatrick (President), Chelynne Flynn (Historian), Sharon Floyd (Treasurer), Mary Ellen Wooten (Parliementarian). Second row: Valerie Farrell, Candee Harris, Diane Collier Tina Spriggle, Trish Dyer, Isabelle Ascunce, Laura Kiggins, Elise Whitney. Third row: Came¬ ron McCall, Kim Ryon, Michelle Wahl, Gladys Martinez, Heidi Heuple, Renee Little, Janine Kirby, Alona Scheeter, Brigette Bomadieu, Carol Giancaspro. Fourth row: Sharian Farnsworth, Dixie Patterson, Teresa Tunnell, Cheryl Heuple, Valerie Paul, Patty Kerns, Linda Lauden. Fifth row: Mia McCall, Lisa Jacobsen, Loretta Tullock, Lisa Espanoel, Renee Tashjian, Sandy Morris, Pam Murphy. Wrestlerettes Increase Number of Members The Wrestlerettes increased their membership this year, enabling them to achieve their goal of providing the FCHS wres¬ tlers with more encouragement at the matches than ever before. They held social events and had many projects, but most of all, they helped to boost the moral of the squad by filling the gymna¬ sium with their ever present en¬ thusiasm, spirit, and pride. G AA PROVIDES FUNDS The Girls Athletic Association has had a winning year. Among the many projects and fund rais¬ ers, they have sponsored, they worked in the concession stands and sold custom-made jewelry. Such fund raisers enabled them to buy needed athletic equip¬ ment for girls ' sports, which was their main purpose. The GAA also supported girls ' athletics with a lot of enthusiasm, by al¬ ways being around to keep their spirits up and winning. Front Row: Candee Harris, Mary Mattson, Madeline Davis, Barbara Wheatley, Joyce Scalzo. Second Row: Pam Powell, Cathy Arundel, Anna Escobar, Breta Wimmer, Kelly Legate. Third Row: Cathy Cunningham, Denise Stan¬ ley, Ellen Murray, Sassy Schaffstall, Mary Cunningham, Mary Koelbel, Pam Flotz, Sharon Davis. Fourth Row: Jean Harper, Linda Anderson, Joyce Scott, Lynda Brown, Patty Christie, Mindy Pajak, Bonnie Montalli, Dawn Gibbons, Alona Scheeter. Fifth Row: Polly Trammel, Terry Elwood, Sherry Endress, Cindee Bradmiller, Joanna Gilbert, Tedeline Staples, Val Harper, Ann Payne, Dagny Davis, Mary Ellen Bennett, Margaret Offerman, Susan Sheviak, Charlene Miller. 58 Wreslerettes, GAA FHA Makes Toys for Children The Future Homemakers of America were a big part of Falls Church High School with twenty-three members. FHA took first place in Pride Week hall competition and sold Falls Church Jaguar banners during the football and basketball seasons. FHA also made toys and orna¬ ments for the children who were in Fairfax Hospital during the Christmas Holidays. Front Row: Faye Wang, Peri Harris, Pam Mixon, Sunita Khorana, Debbie Badger, Iris Peoples, Mary Jennifer Blackburn, Renee Sheltra; Second Row: Chris Bowen, Jeanne LaViolette, Lisa Snider, Oriab Saah, Suzanne Griffith, Lori Morrison, Teri O ' Meara, Debbie Cazalas, Thereas Wojtowicz; Third Row: Mrs. Anne Nordness, Carole De¬ llinger, Degrees; Allison Dellinger, Historian; Linda Barnes, Treasurer; Jeannette Walters, Secretary; Virginia Burke, Vice President; Joyce Scott, President; Mrs. Helen LaViolette Not Pictured — Mrs. Carol Broady. First Row: Debbie Klicka, Dawn MacNevin, Jamie Baylis, Reggie Fortune, (Pres.); Isabel Ascunce, Jennifer Griggs, Ruth Philippon. Second Row: Vickie Blann, Dorcas Rodger, Donna Stewert, Diana Davies, Valerie Paul, Mary Cobert Mary Jane Rike, Sandy Beazly. Third Row: Carolyn Helmick, Diane Ogden, Cathy Simpson, Nancy Olivola, Sheila Kingman, Carol O ' Brien, Cindy Eldridge, Denise Burkhart. Fourth Row: Tevis Baiers, Debbie Bumgardner, Jean Harper, Becky Burkhart, Karen Fenneman, Alona Schechter, Mona Yassine, Cheri Corbin. Fifth Row: Debbie Stone, Pam Seimers, Pam Cox, Lisa Bouton, Judy Richard, Vicki Hare, Jennifer Johnson, Alison Noble. Future Business Leaders of America Sponsor Dance for over $500 The Future Business Leaders of America Club is a chapter member of a nation wide club whose goals are to promote and provide for the advancement of business. Students used their business skills to compete in club sponsored typing, shorthand, math and spelling contests. Winners on the school level advanced to regional contests. FBLA sponsored “Christmas Grams " which provided stu¬ dents with the opportunity to send candy and messages to friends. A dance featuring “Sound Tech " in January brought the club over $500. FBLA also provided a tea for the sec¬ retaries in April. Members participated in services such as visiting the old folks home. FHA,FBLA 59 Front Row: Mike Beto, Sharon Davis, Secretary; Jim Bumgardner, President; Brenda Round, Treasurer; Laura Jones, Vice Presi¬ dent; Mike Bruce, Reporter. Second Row: Kenny Taylor, Brian Richi, Margie Cornwell, Coty Simpson, Sissy Alstader, Sherry Adkins, Walter Harity. Third Row: John Kimmer, Kelly, Terri Steeves, Serina Seibert, Mary Ann Thompson, Jeanne Storey. Fourth Row: Jackie Washington, Bruce Price, Mark Askins. Fifth Row: Rita Miller, Kenny Vice, David Mecall, John Cowen, Norman Burwick, Richard McKinney. Sixth Row: Eddie Dowden, Jeff Pratt, Tim Barker, Otis FJaley, Clifford McDonald, Floyd Monroe. Seventh Row: Jay Meurer Miicebray, Jody Karacker, Lee Procter, Kevin Tomes, Lloyd Harris, Herbert Morre. Eighth Row: Mike White, Norman Buckman, Danny Wade, Bob Russler, Lenny Field, David Rohr, Bill Morris. VICA Students Refine Their Business Skills Through Competition The Vocational Industrial Cooperative Association is an important program in the business department. This program offers students an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the business world while at the same developing leadership qual¬ ities. These members work to refine their business skills through competition in such fields as advertising display and sales. In all, 1977 has proved to be a very profitable year for each individual involved in this or¬ ganization. 1 ll.. 1 11 VICA students gather around Mr. Beto for a chat. 60 VICA DECA Participates In District And Regional Activities DECA is the co-curricular club for Distributive Education. During the school year, DECA has sponsored a canned food drive, a toy round-up, and several social activities. The club helped students to further their education into management. The DECA students took part in participating in district, regional, and state activities. The highlight of the year for the Fashion Merchandising classes was their trip to New York. They visited the 7th Av¬ enue and Broadway fashion designer showrooms. They also visited the offices of several top magazines. “We really have to stop meeting like this! Front Row: Jennifer Griggs, Reggie Fortune, Activity Chairperson; Debbie Adams, Publicity Chairperson; Stephanie Loos, Treasurer; Liz Link, Historian; Sharon McNabb, Secretary; Bridget Turner, Vice President; Danny Stone, President; Harry Houston, Sgt. in Arms. Second Row: David Hopkins, William Thibodeau, John Burton, Phil Dodge. Third Row: John King, Mary Jones, Nancy Waller, Tammi Reeves, Cathy Wedding, Mary Hile, Joann Hubbs, Steve Brown. Fourth Row: Martha Metcalfe, Alden Lee, Terri Rowland, Mary Road- cap, Buddy Seal, Mike Matheson, Bruce Thibeau, Tim Revis. Fifth Row: Larry Schmidt, Cathy Hiner, Krista Abrams, Norman Buckman, Debbie Entsminger, Sherry Welch, Judy Moreau, Sandy Welch, Debra Hahn, Doris Hunter. Sixth Row: Wayne Holder, Richard Jami¬ son, Tim Poland, prian Shipp, Mike Evans, Patty Adkins, Donna Stewart, Val Wilson, Becky McClafferty, Eric Laubis. Seventh Row: Sandy Williams, Claire Todaro, Evelyn Greene, Bridget Bombadier, Linda Dougherty, Elsie Whitney, Barbara Cole, Denise Marcellin. Eightn Row: Mr. Hughes, Peggy Gleason, Cindi Graves, Robert Zimmer, Carol Giancaspro, Lisa Best, Rex Hart, William Castro, Tom Williams, Don Brown, Doug Blankenship. DECA 61 Spanish Club Has Active Year Sitting: Mrs. Monick, Tracey Renfro, Secretary; Anita Brown, Pres.; Lynn Earnest, Treas. Kneeling: Jeanette Jankowski, Patrick McNeman, Bonnie Montali, Jeannie LaViolette, Laura Hernandez, Glori Gurri. Standing: Elenor Cilinski, Cheryl Reynolds, Chris Rhew, Shari Endress, Maria Mezaros, Chris Ramos, Theresa Wojtowicz Smiles are abundant as Spanish Club members discuss plans for their approaching party. Ms. Monich gladly gives suggestions. The Spanish Club accomplished several things throughout the year, including a taco party, several bake sales, viewing a couple of Spanish movies, and making a pinato for the language festival at Christmas, in which the French and German Clubs also participated. The club donated $5.00 for the televising of the state football game. Members also wrote their own constitution with the motto " !Viva el Espanol! " , which means " Long live Spanish! " They visited ' El tio Pepe ' , a Spanish restaurant, and several members participated in the National Spanish Eram. 62 Spanish Club French Club Broadens Its Knowledge of French Culture Front row: Diane Highfill, Diana Davies, Pres.; Kirsten Bevinetto, Vice-pres.; Donna Crotty. Second row: Michael Brocato, Mrs. Walbridge, Mindy Pajak. The French Club met each month to further their interest and knowledge of the French language and culture. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Walbridge, the members partici¬ pated in a French dinner and had a Christmas party. They also enjoyed going out occasionally and sampling French cuisine at different French restaurants in the area. French Club members discuss plans for the upcoming dinner. Officers Kirsten Bevinetto and Diana Davies relax during one of the meeting French Club 63 Latin Club Front Row: Vicky Allen, Laurie Traylor, Joanne Mitton. Second Row: Mr. Ochse, Vincent Larson (Pres.), Joe Inqui, Jeff Meeker, Keri Rambo, Leslie Holman. The Latin Club still burns it ' s torch! The club won the annual “Pride Week " hall decorating contest and raised more money than any other organizaiton to help televise the State Championship football game. The group ' s calendar was not filled with all work and no play! They also held events filled with outrageous fun and excitement such as skating trips, car washes, and their an¬ nual Spring Orgy! " I think this is left over from ancient Rome,” comments Mr. Ochse. German Club Learns German Culture " You say Hansel and Cretel were here? " exclaims Ms. Guryansky. The German Club goes on a picnic. The German Club brought a little of the fatherland to Falls Church High School. The members spent the year attempt¬ ing to learn the lifestyles and aspects of the cultures of the German people. They sponsored bake sales yvhich featured German cuisine and had as Adventshafee which proved to be a great success. The German Club also visited the Ger¬ man School in Washington, D.C., the German Embassy and served refreshments at the chess club match against the German School. Other activities included addresses by guest speakers, b avarian dinners and a picnic. This year ' s German Club proved to be an active one. They did indeed, through their bake sales and activities give F.C.H.S. a small taste of the fatherland. Front Row: Steffie Moreau, Pam Powell, Janet Crossman, Pres.; Lee Bratmiller. Second Row: Ms. Brown, George Brown, Mike Held, Flora Arapakos. Civinettes The Civinettes started out the year with forty-five hard¬ working juniors and seniors. They presented a float, " Goose the Warhawks, " for the homecoming activities and also baked goods for the dance. Numerous other school activities and services were performed, such as painting trash cans by the football field, decorating the halls for pride week, clean¬ ing the school grounds, and collecting cans for the canned food drive. The Civinettes also provi ded services outside the school. They helped run the concession stand at George Mason High School, and collected door to door for the March of Dimes. A Christmas party for handicapped and mentally re¬ tarded people was held in the Little Theater. Cathy Simpson, collecting sweatshirt mon y. Attentiveness is a Civinette moto. “Goose the Warhawks " Front Row: Jennifer Griggs, corresponding secretary; Jamie Baylis, recording secretary; Cathy Simpson, Vice-President; Cindy Bocock, President; Evy Lowenstern, treasurer; Sandy Welch, Activities Chairman; Martha Metcalfe, Sergeant at Arms. Second Row: Pam Foltz, Sherry Welch, Chris Cain, Dawn MacNevin, Kelly LeGate, Sharon Rutherford, Stephanie Glass, Debbie Hahn. Third Row: Tammi Reeves, Reggie Fortune, Judy Moreau, Krista Abrams, Judi Richard, Paula Rehrig, Mary Roadcap, Liz Link, Mary Kay Harris. Fourth Row: Mr. Yount, sponsor; Nancy Waller, Stephanie Loos, Joan Anderson, Dalai Yassine, Jill Bassett, Debbie Entsminger, Alden Lee, Debbie Adams. Fifth Row: Lisa Harris, Terri Rowland, Sandy Thompson, Bev Blais- dell, Kathy Steidal, Lynda Westphal, Beth Fortner, Karen Ponton, Ann Nicholas, Sue Crocker, Cheryl Critchfield; Not Pic¬ tured: Paula Riley, Mindy Moubray. 66 Civinettes Civitans Front Row: Teddy Staples, Steve Bourne, vice pres.; Robbie Mowson, pres; Mark Askin, Charlie Allen. Second Row: Jeff Harris, Larry Eppard, Norman Burwick, John Hanrahan, Mike Dejarnette, Matt McQuillen. Third Row: Gary Beach, Mike Lewis, Bucky Methfessel, Steve Swankowski, Skip Richards. Fourth Row: Donny Entsminger, Frank Simonds, Rick McCue, Jimmy Simpson. The Civitans, a service club historically loosely organized, this year tried to change its image. They set themselves to the task of cleaning up Webber Stadium after each home football game, a monumental job, and co-sponsored a drive to collect money for the Heart Foundatio n. They also spon¬ sored a dance late in the winter and organized a basketball game against WEEL radio which proved to be very profit¬ able. This year provided a good start for a more active Civi- tan Club. Frank “Muscleman ' ' Simonds Civitans display their typical personalities. Civitans 67 MATH TEAM INCREASES ABILITY The Math Team is comprised of students who excell in the math area. The team meets every other Thursday during the winter, and holds meets with six other schools in the area. As a result of a lot of hard work, the team has improved much over the last year. Front Row: Charles Jensen, Gabby Miroy, John Elder, Carol Brian. Second Row: Mr. Whitney, Vivek Tayal, Mike LaRow, Craig Wien, Mike Myers. Not Pictured: Mark Larow, Jay Train. Tim Ryder, Alex Aristabal, Doug Irvin, Tim Markwood, Anthony Michaels, Richard Dixon. CHESS CLUB MAKES THE MOVE The Chess Club meets every Wednesday to improve their strategy. They have had one meet against the D.C. German Club, unfortunately a loss. They hope to have more matches in the future, including an intra-club contest. COMPUTER CLUB PUNCHES OUT The Computer Club is com¬ prised of students interested in programming and computer op¬ erations of which half are enrol¬ led in the Computer Science course. The club uses the compu¬ ter terminals located in room 194 to practice programming. 68 Math, Chess, Computer Roger Jones, John Andrews, Rocky Summerfield, Brad Fraley, Tim Boder, Bill Chapman, Bruce Manilla, Ann Harper. Not pictured: Cheryl Herring. BOY ' S STATE A SUCCESS American Legion Boy ' s State was held last June for a weeks time. At Boy ' s State, Virginia government was both taught and practiced. It proved to be a learn¬ ing, yet very enjoyable experi¬ ence. Mike LaRow, David Tolman, Bucky Methfessel, Al Leary. Anna Holsinger, Vicki Houkal, Kathy Randall, Alison Evans. N.M.S.F. SHOW SUPERIORITY The National Merit Semi- Finalists are students who scored exceptionally high on their PSAT ' s. These students are eligi¬ ble for many college schol¬ arships. IT ' S ACADEMIC WINS During the fall, FCHS ap¬ peared on " It ' s Academic, " won, and went on to appear a second time. Thanks to the " It ' s Academ¬ ic " team, our school received $550 to be put toward a schol¬ arship. Mike LaRow, Craig Wein, Bucky Methfessel. Who knows what Keyettes talk about In their meetings? Keyette Float The Keyettes Have Many Successful Money-Making Projects As the school year opened the Keyettes sold Halloween candy-grams which proved to be very profitable. The pro¬ ceeds purchased ten turkeys along with three hundred cans of food collected by the members. This was donated to the Salvation Army. It provided dinner for numerous needy families. At Christmas time, the Keyettes had a party for the elderly at the nursing home. Fifty toys were also donated to the WECEP toy program. Active in the cancer and Red Cross drives, the Keyettes raised money through yard sales and Valentine candy-grams. The Keyettes proved to be a truly involved service club within the school and community. Front Row: Carol Kondracki, (Sgt. of Arms), Sandy Zeltvay, (Chaplain), Kay Kincaid, (Corres. Sec.), Linda Dougherty, (Pres.), Renee Ruggere, (V. Pres.), Pam Tomes, (Rec. Sec.), Jacie Ayers, (Treasurer). Second Row: Mary Lee, Mary Harms, Carol O ' Brien, Diana Kirkpatrick, Lynda Venhuizen, Trish Dyer, Isabel Ascunce. Third Row: Vicki Edwards, Linda Ander¬ son, Sharon Davis, Nancy Olivola, Sandy Beazley, Bonnie Crotty, Mary Ellen Wooten. Fourth Row: Alona Schecter, Teri Goff, Pam Siemers, Lois Hopkins, Dagny Davis, Lisa Sturm, Marcella Henry, Donna Fritz, Debbie Rice, Barbi Fitzpatrick, Debbie Stone. Fifth Row: Bridget Bombadier, Chyleene Flynn, Alison Price, Lisa Best, Ellen Trapp, Becky Russell, Bonnie Mills, Helen Schaffer, Dianne Vandivier, Polly Trammel, Joyce Scott. 70 Keyettes The Key Club Recruits New Members Chuck Hawkins, Paul Starke, Richard Sternitzk, Danny Mares, Bob Papke, Claude Starke, Rick Serracino, Mike Held. The Key Club which is still in the process of recovering from two successive years of inactivity strove to increase membership and interest in the club. This goal has been par¬ tially successful as the membership has increased. They have been busy this year, sponsoring the Bloodmobile and contributing to the canned food drive. The club has also been busy raising money for the State football game and for Children ' s Hospital. Chuck Hawkins, Bob Papke, Rick Sericino, and Danny Mares have connections. Key Club 71 TABS COMPLETE SUCCESSFUL YEAR The Torch and Banner Service Club progressed through the year with numerous social events as well as planned community and school projects. They continued the tradi¬ tion of " Teacher of the Month " as well as aiding their hon¬ orary " grandmother, " Ms. Scott. Tabs donated money for televising the State Football Game. In December, they caroled for Christmas and donated money toward the eigh¬ teen special beds needed by Children ' s Hospital. In January, Tabs collected for the March of Dimes. All in all, it was an impressive and successful year for Tabs. Mr. Whitworth, TABS teacher of the month. WJ 1 ’ KL JmL mm -» » V X B J m " 1 li Km bl K 1 v : 4 ytjl j Jtrji i.uttb v f» j m w - W Rl, : aLgv wa j -• - «r Cv- A m w 1 A m V iM kJ j ■L WBm tT £ •ss€.lW ' Mi M Front Row: Monica Shuman, Carolyn Elkins, Suzanne Cevey, Mary Bartone, Wendy Holmes. Second Row: DeDe Austin, Lee Bratmiller, Bonnie Montalli Lee Er land son, Debbie Sponable, Candle Sawyer, Liz Miller, Cindy Rose, Sheila Kingman. Third Row: Becky Willet, Dale Beall, Lynn Larkin Sue Fedewa Dorothy Wickert, Leslie Holman, Sherry Endress, Julie Baskerville, Patti Morrow, Anita Bevans, Lou Becker, Leslie McMillan. Fourth Row Randy Charno ' Laurie Traylor, Wendy Knott Tammy Turner, Jean Harper, Bev Bowen, Connie Palmer, Megan Seilstad, Debbie Conner, Diane Ogden. Fifth Row: Brenda Weber, Sgt. in Arms; Lori Richmond, Vice-President, Vice-President; Yvonne Bennett, President; Kathy Randall, Treasurer; Carol Boudreau, Secretary 72 TABS PREP CLUB PREPARES FOR FUTURE Front Row: Barry Cuffee, Diane Haight, Lenora Dick, Lisha Tuff, Jackie Spencer, Peri Harris — Sec., Pam Deskins — Sgt. of Arms, Sunita Washington, Carolyn Ellis, Karen Perry, Garnett Gary — Pres. Second Row: Steve Taylor, Anthony Tutt, Chris Brooks, Clyde Monroe, Iris Peoples, Gilda Venable, Lawrance White. Not Pictured: Terri Lee, Erik Vincent, Terry Vincent. The Prep Club is a career oriented group of students. They were originated by two members of the IBM Corporation in Roslyn, Va. The main purpose is to prepare youngsters for the job market through a series of “awareness " sessions and field trips. This club also prepared food baskets for needy families during Thanksgiving time. “Let me show you how to do the hussle. " Terri Lee studies hard in class. NJHS 7.3 Orchestra Plays For Open F-louse First Row: Mark Goldman, Bob Rike, Debbie Connor, Mary Palmer, Chip Natarajan. Second Row: Paul Arundel, Vicki Hare, Polly Trammell, Liz Miller, Linda Farrell. Third Row: Marshall O ' Shields, Stewart Menow, Debbie Mesisca, Sung Soon Kim, Ae Soon Kim. The Falls Church High Orchestra, under the direction of Miss Jeanne Hill, was active and talented this year, as al¬ ways. With the motto “Practice Makes Perfect " , this group strived to achieve excellence through continual class in¬ structions and practice first period each day. This gifted group of musicians performed at a church for Christmas Eve services. The Orchestra went to a music festival to compete against other schools. They further demonstrated their musi¬ cal excellence at a spring concert. The Orchestra has pro¬ vided enjoyable entertainment to some of the many school-oriented activities this year. Mark Goldman smiles as he plays a difficult piece. Debbie Conner tunes her violin. buHOH l BANDS UJ, l- . iU ». I MARCHING BAND OVERWHELMES CROWDS Becky O ' Bryhim, Majorettes; Scott Bono, Drum Major; First Row: Sheri Bryant, Bobby Flarlow, Mike Grogan, Judy Greenbur, Bill Anderson, Michelle Babcock, Jim Adams, Bob Powers, Karen Brunner, Chris Martin, Leslie McMillan, Jeff Hill, Gregg Hartman, Cindy Jackson, Steve Fischer, Patty Morrow, Robby Dickerson, Dan Berend, Leslie Holman. Second Row: Carol Boudreau, Julie Baskerville, Yvonne Bennett, Jay Watkins, Joe Copley, Harvey Synder, Steve Anderson, Ray Merchant, Joe Russell, Tom Dickerson, Kenny Winslow, Collin Fairman, Sue Fedewa, Jean Ottoson, Bob Blankenship, Lisa Greenquist, Cheryl Birkhimer, Mike Simonds, Monica Shuman. Third Row: Louis Ashby, Steve Jones, Linda Haney, Brett Overcash, Danny Hoover, Claude Stark, Chris Jackson, Jorge Beccera, Bob Papke, Jim Purdy, Jono Lewis, Rogerio Araujo, Mike Simonds, George Patchan, Ron Stuphin, Tim Markwood, Frank Bailey. Fourth Row: Lee Erlandson, Steve Endress, Cathy Savage, Cindy Fore, Sherman Phillips, Terry Jenkins, Randy Charno, Ed McDonald, Randy Collins, Anthony Tutt, Nancy Crossman, Jeff Edmundson, Mike Haynes, Megan Smith, Scott Fairman, Ted Madsig, John Trout, John Baylor, Fifth Row: Beth Brownell, Diane Ogden, Karen Pfaff, Trudi Hamilton, Rick Synder, Scott Cox, Tammy Turner, Patti Montina, Cheryl Dolen, Tim Martin, Doug Jones, Pete Shonerd, Tommy Christos, Bobby Morrow, Brent Montgomery, Paul Stark, Kevin Green, Kathy Randall. Sixth Row: Randy Thorton, Linda Mead, Cheryl Whetzel, Lili Schieder, Bev Bowen, Keith Pruitt, Sheila Kingman, Theresa Buchanan, Craig Lichty, Skip Davis, Pam Tomes, Wendy Knott, John Balderson, Laurie Traylor, Charlynne Miller, Gail Stine, Suzzanne Cevey, Lisa Vanderwall, Dianne Vandivier. Seventh Row: Debbie Entsminger, Arleen Waldron, Doug Irvin, Kathy Adkins, Bonnie Crotty, Karen Fenneman, Todd Bowling, Steve Mann, Danny Marton, Annette Rubin, Vicki Allen, Cindy Rose, Ron Barbara, Patty Smith, Alana Klingbiel, Susie Hamblin, Donna Crotty, Desi Stukes. Eith Row: Juergen Ermert, Connie Palmer, Susie Crim, Patty Slavin, Pam Cox, Christina Morris, Laura Hollenbaugh, Kathy Blinn, Megan Seilestad, Mary Bartone, Mary Brown, Debbie Sponable, Shuman, Brenda Schindler, Jaycee Aryes, Donna Brunner, Jane Ottoson, Lori Richmond, Nnth Row: Cathy Russell, Monica Albert, Tammy Hull, Rick Seracino. Tenth Row: Dave Fedewa, Tim Myers, Mike Peters, Andy Adkins, Doug Nolan, Chuck Hawkins, Danny Mares, Alan Nystrom, Eleventh Row: Jeanne Blankenship, Candy Sawyer, Kathy Murphy, Sherry Taylor, Becky Wi I let, Susan Wall, Dale Beall, Anita Bevans. 76 Marching Band FCHS trumpets perform the all-time favorite guillotine. FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL BAND REVISES STYLE Under the field direction of drum major Scott Bono, the Falls Church High School Band, 180 strong, marched them¬ selves into another victorious year. Despite sight objections from band members, Mr. James Stegner decided to revise the style of the marching band to a position somewhat like a drum and bugle corps. However, the controversies soon melted into success as the band members buckled down to a lot of hard work, and dedication. One of the many new dimensions added to the marching band was feature twirler, Becky O ' Bryhim. Becky not only showed her excellence on the field, but also entered many outside twirling competitions. As a result she earned the title of " Most Outstanding High School Majorette in Virginia. " The revision of the flag corps contributed greatly to the band ' s general effect. With the addition of four more regular flags and four alternates, the girls through grinding effort and extra sectionals, were able to become a precise corps unit. The flag corps exhibits pride during halftime shows. A 1 band produces a 1 float. FCHSBAND CONSIDERED ONE OF THE BEST ON THE EAST COAST FCHS band ' s version of the " Spirit of ' 76. " The flag corps illustrates the concentration needed for precision. The excellence of the marching band was exemplified when they filed onto the field in Abbeville, S.C. Competing against 30 other bands, the FCHS band received the Grand Champion Award, and the Mayor ' s Trophy for their efforts. The band then traveled to Lynchberg, Va. for the " Lynch- berg Classic " and captured 2nd place. The trip to West Va. in late September was an exciting excursion for the band members as they stayed in the homes of the band members of West Fairmont High School. At the Robinson Marching Spectacular, the band received the title " Best of Bands, " Scott Bono received " Best Drum Major, " and Becky O ' Bryhim was awarded " Best Majorette. " In late January, the band hosted their own concert which was held in the main gym. In the spring the band traveled to the Kentucky Derby Band Festival. All in all, the year was one of adaption to new ways and dedication to old strengths. Scott Bono leads the band in a victory song. , ■{ S ' 78 Marching Band First Row: Mary Brown, Vicki Allen, Jaycee Aryes, Beth Bronell, Lisa Grennquist, Suzanne Cevey,Wendy Knott, Tammy Hull, Monica Albert, Lili Scheider, Pam Tomes, Keith Pruitt, Gail Stine, Second Row: Connie Palmer, Jane Ottoson, Chris Morris, Ranay Collins, Megan Smith, Becky O ' Brvhim, Paula Seguine, Collin Fairman, Jean Ottoson, Sue Fedewa, Lisa Greenquist, Tom Dickerson, Kenny Winslow, Bob Blankenship, Cindy Rose, Kathy Aakins, Annette Rubin, Diane Ogden, Third Row: Ted Madsig, Julie Baskerville, John Baylor, Craig Lichty, Yvonne Bennett, Claude Stark, Rick Seracino, Jono Lewis, Bob Papke, Frank Bailey, Jim Purdy, Jorge Beccera, Linda Haney, Tim Markwood, Anthony Tutt, Todd Bowling, Sheila Kingman, Skip Davis, Steve Mann, Cheryl Whetzel, Kathy Savage, Doug Irvin, Fourth Row: Paul Stark, Pete Shonerd, Kevin Green, Rick Synder, Tammy Turner, Mike Peters, Dave Fedewa, Alan Nystrom, Doug Nolan, Bob Powers, Mike Grogan, Judy Greenburg, Scott Bono, Chris Jackson, Robbie Dickerson, Dan Berend, Leslie McMillan, Steve Fischer, Cindy Jackson, Mark Shirmer, Jimmy Owens. During the winter months, the marching band moves in¬ side and forms the Symphonic and Concert bands. The Falls Church Symphonic band is comprised of 75 members who are well known for their playing ability. The Concert band is made up of approximately 85 march¬ ing band members who did not qualify for symphonic band. The Concert band operates as a feeder for the Symphonic band and members may challenge up into the Symphonic band. Both bands compete in the Band Festival held in early March where they receive ratings as to their ability. Mem¬ bers of these bands are also able to try-out for All-Regional band which entitles them to also compete for an All-State band position. F.C.H.S py iwjo ju b Ey 1 jm First Row: Laura Hollenbaugh, Sandy Shuman, Donna Brunner, Pam Cox, Desi Stukes, Susie Crim, Vicki Blann, Mary Bartone, Megan Seilestad, Kathy Russell, Ron Barbaro, Karen Fenneman, Karen Pfaff, Trudi Hamilton. Second Row: Kathy Blinn, Arleen Waldron, Susie Hamblin, Brenda Schindler, Lori Richmond, Harvey Snyder, Joe Russell, Steve Anderson, Joe Copley, John Trout, Terry Jenkins, Sherman Phillips, Matt Murray, Ed McDonald, Carol Bryan, Shannon Payne, Laurie Traylor, Charlynne Miller, Theresa Buchanan, Randi Charno. Third Row: Scott Fairman, Ray Merchant, Jay Watkins, John Balderson, Mike Simonds, Steve Endress, Steve Jones, Ron Stuphin, Nancy Crossman, Danny Hoover, Mike Cooper, Tex Haynes, Bouis Ashby, Brett Overcash, George Patchan, Danny Martin, Lisa Vanderwall, Alana Klingbiel, Patty Smith. Fourth Row: Patty Montena, Scott Cox, Juergen Ermert, Cheryl Dolen, Doug Jones, Tommy Christos, Brent Montgomery, Tim Martin, Tim Myers, Danny Mares, Andy Adkins, Bill Anderson, Michelle Babcock, Greg Phelps, Bobby Harlow, Greg Hartman, Chuck Hawkins, Donna Crotty, Jeff Hill, Chris Martin, Patty Morrow. 79 Stage Band: Front row: Tammy Hull (Piano), Geoff Brunner, Ted Magsig, Ed McDonald, Becky O ' Bryhim, Paula Seguine, Megan Smith, John Baylor, Yvonne Bennett; Second row: Danny Mares (electric guitar), Pete Shonerd (drums), Jimmy Owens, Steve Fisher, Cindy Jackson, Chris Jackson; Back row: Rick Seracino, Frank Bailey, Claude Stark, Bob Papke, Jono Lewis, Rogerio Araujo; Not pictured: Bob Powers, Paul Stark. In its second year of existence, the Falls Church Stage Band has proven itself once again. Among many competi¬ tions and superior ratings received this year, the Yorktown Jazz Festival was a fine example of superior jazz interpreta¬ tion. The Stage Band consists of seven saxaphones, five trom¬ bones, six trumpets, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, a piano players and two drum set players. Through the year the band played for many community activities such as dances and civic association meetings. It was also used as a recruiting tool for Intermediate Bands. John Baylor concentrates during a difficult rhythm section. 80 Stage Band Kevin Green and Paul Stark, lead drummer for the Stage band, perform in concert. STAGE BAND HAS ANOTHER FINE YEAR The outstanding trumpet section of the Falls Church High School Stage Band practice for an upcoming concert Y% 1 • ] Ted Magsig practices his solo. Tammy Hull plays the keyboard with ease. Organizations 81 Calm, Cool, Brian Mason lays up two points. Joining a team and competing is synonymous with hardwork, strain, long practices and endurance. After its all over whether there ' s success or failure, there is an Impres¬ sion. Mary Ellen Bennett uses sheer determination in forcing the ball over the head of her opponent. SPORTS John Hanrahan uses brute force in taking down his opponent. Varsity Football: Front row: Bill Epling, Wayne Jenkins, Scott Scout, Jimmy Simpson, Larry Eppard, Frank Simonds, Charlie Gray, Ted Staples, Jeff Wagoner, Skip Richard, Steve Bourne, Norman Burwick, Doug West; Second row: Jim Stannard, Eddie Yarbrough, Mike Staples, Wayne Richardson, Danny Richard, Melvin Martin, Steve Swankowski, Bucky Methfessel, John Buchan, John Kimmer, Mike Louis, Mark Askin, Rick McCue, Steve Jones; Third row: Jeff Harris, Scott Reeves, Pat Ryon, David Gatton, Bill Jones, Jim Hixon, Scott Rowland, Ted Mixon, Donny Entsminger, Bob Bryce; Fourth row: Kenny Payne (manager), Mike MacNevin, Jimmy Anthony, Jeff Walter, Don Denny, Ken Vice, Craig Morris, Bill Converse, John Cowan, Coach John Loving, Coach Bob Herb, Coach Mike Beto, Coach Wally Ake; Fifth row: Robert Seidman (manager), Mr. John Hollowell (Athletic Director), Dr. James Wilson, Coach Jim Dick, Coach Carroll Craig. JAGUARS GO TO STATE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND WRAP UP SEASON WITH A 12-2 RECORD Varsity FC Opponents 43 McLean 6 27 Wakefield 7 19 Jefferson 6 21 Lee 6 7 Oakton 0 33 Marshall 7 13 Madison 0 20 Fairfax 0 6 Langley 0 14 Stuart 15 24 Yorktowne 6 28 Ft. Hunt 21 17 E.C. Glass 7 6 Bethal 21 The mighty Jaguars played the finest football ever and ended the season with the best won-loss record in the his¬ tory of the school. After waltzing through the regular season, (and being victorious in all but their game against Stuart), the Jaguars advanced to the regional playoffs where they de¬ feated the Yorktown Patriots and then the Fort Hunt Federals to capture the regional crown. In the state semi-final game at Woodson High School, the Jags crushed the E.C. Glass Hill- toppers. At last the Jags had gained a place in the most im¬ portant game of the season: The State Championship. The Jaguars were beaten in the state final, but their play did not reflect their potential. Although the defeat to the Bethel Bruins was disappointing, Falls Church High School could not have asked for a better season, or a better team, or a better, more dedicated group of men. The Jag ' s offense provided one of the most potent attacks in the Northern Region. Coach Dick ' s veer offense was put to practice in a manner rarely seen among the high school 84 Varsity Football SIMPLY SPECTACTULAR — VARSITY FOOTBALL HAS GREATEST SEASON IN HISTORY OF FC Mike Louis makes a good grab for the ball at the State Championship game against the Bethel Bruins. Being smaller than most offenses, Wally ' s Wild Ones (the defense), relied on quickness and experience to dominate their opponents, holding them to a very stingy 124.4 yards total offense per game. The defensive line was a standout in itself. It ' s members included seniors Mark Askins, Frank Simonds, and Larry Ep- pard and juniors Jim Stannard and Mike Louis. Together they built a formidable wall for opposing offensives. Ted Staples and Don Entsminger added concrete to the wall. The defensive backfield of Bill Epling, Steve Bourne, Scott Stout and John Kimmer stymied opposing offensive attacks to a mere 37.8 passing yards per game. In summary, the entire team seemed to shine this year and was a source of pride for the whole school. ranks, completely dominating many of their opponents. Dur¬ ing the season, the Jags scored 273 points, a mark not matched by any other team in the entire region. The offensive backfield, led by standout halfbacks Charlie Gray and Dave Gatton and quarterback Jim Simpson pro¬ vided the team with the speed necessary to make the veer offense work. Other members of the backfield included se¬ nior Ed Yarbrough and junior John Buchan. The offensive line, coached by Bob EHerb, performed the duties of blocking would-be tacklers. The line, led by senior center Buck Methfessel, and tackles Melvin Martin and Steve Swankowski, dominated opposing defensive lines. Other defensive linemen include seniors Skip Richards and Wayne Jenkins and junior Mike Staples. Flanker Jeff Wagoner and ends Norman Burwick and Doug West provided fans with numerous spectacular catches. Ted Staples forces a fumble during one of the regular season games. Rick McCue squares up against an approaching offensive runner. Center Bucky Methfessel prepares to hike the ball at the signal of quarterback Ji Simpson. " When you want to win, you win. " Eddie Yarbrough Varsity Football 85 " You Can If You Think You Can — It ' s All a State of Mind. " Bob Herb Cheerleaders and Band celebrate another Jaguar touchdown Charlie Gray and Mike Louis know who ' s 1 in the Northern Virginia Region. A moment of happiness on the way to a District title. Coach Dick receives a well-deserved ride. 86 Varsity Football J UST A SOLID BUNCH OF FOOTBALL PLAYERS ■!!? ' P Sudd en f po,le d, . ' v «—- en Success : Simpson, FallsChurch ProveThey’re for Real Jaguars on The Move Captures Regional Title J " — - -a- — - - — - •a- 1 x S Wallv ' s Wild Ones — Simply, Like to 7J Simpson Simply Spectacular Gray Paces Jaguars Frank Simonds, Don Entsminger, John Cowan, Steve Bourne, and Ted Staples move in on their opponent in what is known as gang-tackling. Jimmy Simpson holds the ball as Larry Eppard puts another one through the up-rights. John Cowan holds on as help is on the way. 88 Varsity Football The Jaguar faced a powerful and spirited Fort Hunt team in the regional finals. The potent Federals offense managed to score more points on the Jags than any other opponent. However, the F.C. offensive display eclipsed even this, as the potent F.C. attack rolled up 28 points, and a victory. Dave Gatton shows great speed in turning the corner as Jimmy Simpson looks on. Ted Mixon knows how to handle the big boys Charlie Gray rolls out on his left on a half-back option as he prepares to throw to Jeff Wagoner for another touchdown. Varsity Football 89 REGIONALS SEMI-FINALS Charlie Gray wonders what happened to his running room. Frank Simonds, John Cowan, and Teddy Staples close in on the Glass quarterback. 90 Varsity Football Charlie Gray runs through and into an open field. In the State Semis the Jags faced a massive and formidable E.C. Glass squad. Although outweighed at nearly every position, the quick Jaguars kept after the Glass Hilltoppers. An improved defense allowed only one drive and score, and a polished offen¬ sive attack led to a 17-7 victory. A familiar sight, Norman Burwick dragging two tacklers downfield. Jeff Wagoner prepares to run back a kickoff. Varsity Football 91 Mike Louis, Jim Stannard, and Larry Eppard form a formidable wall. Jim Stannard dominates a would-be blocker. 92 Varsity Football Scott Stout admires John Kimmer ' s pass defense. The result of a historical football season. Bill Epling and Larry Eppard find a fumble. The State Finals pitted the mighty Jaguars against the Be¬ thel Bruins of Hampton. The tenacious Jags slowed by penalties and errors finally succombed to the hard-nosed Bruins 21-6. " Our hard work and deter¬ mination paid off. " Frank Simonds Doug West awaits a pass from quarterback Jimmy Simpson. Varsity Football 93 STATE The 1976-77 J.V. Football Team: Front row: Jeff Schrader, Scott Shifflett, Jeff Harris, Scott Rowland, Kevin Viggins, Harold Kopach, Ancyar Penefel; Middle row: Jeff Artman, Gary Beach, Don Binch, Ricky Richarson, Dan Tasher, Don Denny, Craig Morris, Dave Farrell; Standing: Brian Sieck, Bill Hall, Mike Ferguson, Ken Vice, Bill Converse, Robert Wade, Calvin Yarbrough, Glen Beach, Dean Groff, Coach John Loving. J.V. STRUGGLES WITH SMALL SIZE In the last couple years the Junior Varsity team has been small in size, and this year was no exception. They had a rough season as they struggled to a 2-6 record. The team ' s only success was due to the evasive running of Jeff Harris and Gary Beach. Scott Shifflett did a good job at quarterback and is expected to help the varsity squad next year, but had difficulty in moving his team up and down the field. The defensive team also had some fine players which should help the varsity next year. The team was led by Don Bruch, Kevin Kiggins, and Jeff Schrader. Coach Herb is impressed with the idea that after the J.V. players do a lot of weight lifting this summer, they should do well on the next year ' s varsity. Falls Church 45 Jefferson Opponent 0 33 Lee 12 18 Oakton 20 12 Madison 33 0 Marshall 14 ”7 Fairfax 14 0 Madison 12 0 Stuart 14 94 J.V. Football The J.V. Football team lines up to continue a drive. Calvin Yarbrough practices hiking the ball as the teams prepare to clash. FRESHMAN POST DISAPPOINTING SEASON The 1976-77 Freshman Football Team: Front row: Greg Burrier, John Burke, Robert Hyatt, Chris Ball, Randy Peery, Barry Ball, Chuck Repertus, Scott Steadman, Robert Sideman, Louie Paradise, Dan Phillipon, Mike Angolini; Middle row: Jim Larkin, Nam Cho, John Parks, Mike Smith, Thomas Venable, Dennis Mitchler, Steve Scheleski, Mike Reeves, Ricky Fox, Eddie Noone, Terry Staples, Joe Tassi, Billy Ross, John McDonald, Mark Steele; Standing; Coach Jim Thorpe, Dean Wilson, Danny Bair, Mark Kalish, Neol Vavelde, Paul Turmand, Rick Ireson, Tim Seith, Dwayne Hall, Nick Kopack, Dennis Kirby, John Reefs, Jerry Shrader, Paul Burke, Mark Czarnaski. Mike Reeves hands the ball off to runningback Dennis Kirby. Falls Church Opponent 8 Oakton 12 0 Marshall 6 20 Madison 6 6 Fairfax 12 14 Langley 6 8 Stuart 14 The Freshman Football Team had a disappointing season. Unlike the tradition of Falls Church in which outstanding freshman football teams are not an unusual occurrence, this year ' s freshman team worked to attain a 2-4 record. There were some bright spots in the season though, as run¬ ningback Mike Grayson broke loose some long runs to help his team stay in many games. " The defense was good, " says Coach McCullock, " but they just gave up too much yardage. " Dennis Kirby races towards the defenders. Freshman Football 95 GIRLS TENNIS TAKES DISTRICTS Girls sports have improved dramatically through the last couple of years. One such example is Girl ' s Tennis Team, which swept the Potomac District this year with a 9-1 record. There were many good tennis players on the team but there were a few who excelled more than others in district play. Those girls were Carol Daniels — number one in sin¬ gles competition, and her sister Mary Daniels — third in sin¬ gles. In the doubles department Carol and Mary Daniels teamed up to take first in doubles and Pam Ryan and Mary Ellen Bennett took second in the tournament. Falls Church sent Carol and Mary Daniels on to the Re¬ gional Tournament where they took a third in doubles and Carol Daniels took a fourth in singles. Mary Ellen Bennett tries to scare her opponents. The 1976 Tennis Team: First row: Carol Davis, Mimi Mastropaolp, Carol Daniels, Shawn Higgins; Second row: Barb Wheatley, Mary Ellen Bennett, Mary Ellen Daniels, Connie Arvis, Dianne Highfill; Third row: Fran Cuchiara, Debbie Willey, Donna Fritz, Michelle Sessoms, Mindy Pajak. 96 Girls Tennis mm mm MBBB Hi • " • ■,. ]L,. ' " ;t ' • I Pam Ryan shows perfect form and concentration as she follows through on her backhand shot. ■ ; - • vts , . ... ■ X X jgglii® j |l Donna Fritz waits for the outcome of her backhand shot. ' f IM I 1 iiiiii rr x. X C : v ’’: X V-1 ; X X ,. X,IX x 1 ' x ' ' X5 ' X„xxJ3 , . m %: isl t t; ' v. r " “I . ■ -- x .. € % X. - v. a Jt T;x la . r j, . . " : f) • ' ■ -• • " .. ' ., . t ' ' ■ Jfi x ' XxX ' XSS.x Barb Wheatley stretches as she prepares to hit the ball. X x: Mary Ellen Daniels connects solidly as she goes on to thwart her opponent. Girls Tennis 97 HOCKEY HAS FIRST NIGHT GAMES The 1976 Varsity Team: Front row: Nancy Olivola, Kelly Legate, Joan Anderson, Pam Foltz, Sassy Schaffstall, Teresa Richardson, Dagny Davis; Back row: Madeline Davis, Brenda Schindler, Cathy Simpson, Lee Erlandson, Jane Scott, Coach Sandy Reynolds, Diane West, Kathy Cunningham, Rita Miller, Manager Lisa Lorance. Diane West shows excellent form as she dribbles toward her goal. Sassy Schaffstall stands ready to prevent her opposition from scoring a goal. 98 Sports The Varsity team gets together for a half-time huddle. Some of the girls bundle up before one of the cold- weather games. After a somewhat slow start, the Varsity Field Hockey team finished second in the Potomac District. Despite the fact that there were only three returning players, the team was able to combine skills and work well together, ending with a 3-3-2 record. It seems as though hockey is becoming a popular sport. During this season, the first night game was played, which will pave the way for more night games next season. The J.V. Hockey team also came out on top with a 5-3-0 record. Miss Pat Jones did an excellent job in working with the athletes. The hard work displayed by both J.V. and Var¬ sity Hockey players proves exactly how competitive the sport can be. ssssss p m m A a m 1 wg 1 if. il 1 A [ V The 1976 J.V. Hockey Team: Front row: Julie Jones, Ann Payne, Greta Wimmer, Mary Mattson, Brenda Monohan, Carolyn Patterson, Dawn Bosworth; Back row: Terri Willet, Mary Cunningham, Valerie Tarrell, Dale Beall, Lisa Jacobsen, Rosemary Collins, Kelly Conelea, Anne Besley, Patty Christie, Coach Pat Jones. CROSS COUNTRY SUFFERS WITH YOUNG TEAM The 1976 Cross Country Team: Bottom row: Matt Murray, Sam Bailey, Marty Cunningham, Dave Godwin, Homer McElroy (Capt.); middle row: Tom Rodriguez, Jody Rudacille, Mark Moran, David Shoemaker; Top row: Tracy Johnson, Dan Evans, John Helfin, Mike Brocato, Tony Jones. Dave Goodwin knows how it feels to be alone as he goes on to victory. The 1976 Cross Country team ended their season with a disappointing 1-6 record. They were a very young team with only one returning runner, Homer McElroy. The outlook for next year is very good with only one runner graduating. The team did produce two outstanding runners who placed in districts: Homer McElroy received eighth in district and Sam Bailey placed eleventh. Mark Moran gets congratualted as he reaches the finish line. Varsity Wrestlers Pin Up Good Season Front Row: Robbie Mowson, Sam Smith, Steve Passino, Bob Passino, Turner Kobyashi, Floyd Monroe. Second Row: Jim Stannard, Mark Springston, Charlie Allen, John FJanrahan, Jim Meadows, Matt McQuillen. The Varsity Wrestling Team had a very rew arding season, though it was somewhat of an uphill battle at times. They wrapped up their regular grappling season with an 8-4 record, the losses all being close. The team was victorious in all district matches, enabling them to uphold the amazing winning streak varsity wrestling has been able to obtain by going undefeated against district teams for the last seven years. Falls Church placed second in the Christmas Tourna¬ ment, missing the top spot by only a few points. Champions from this Falls Church Invitational were Senior Bob Passino, 105, Junior Sam Smith at 126, and Junior John Hanrahan, 155, all rated high in the state. Bob Passino ended his season with an unprecedented 11-0 record. A tremendous competitor and team leader, he has gone undefeated in dual meets for three years, taking all honors. John Flanrahan was very close behind, finishing with an outstanding 10-1 season. Strong contenders in the state were Steve Passino, 119, Turner Kobayashi, 115, Rob¬ bie Mowson, 132, Matt McQuillen, 138, and Jim Meadows, 145. Rounding up the varsity line-up were Floyd Monroe, 98, Mark Springston, 167, Jim Stannard, 185, and Unlimited Charlie Allen and Steve Swankowski. For the second year in a row, the team proudly walked away with the district championship. Individual winners Varsity (8-4) FC 43 T.C. Williams Opponents 9 29 West Springfield 31 21 Lake Braddock 27 20 Cox 25 20 Kempsville 32 29 Madison 16 38 Oakton 12 51 Edison 9 58 Stuart 6 51 Marshall 6 25 Fairfax 23 45 Bishop 1 reton 13 were Bob Passino, wrapping up his third consecutive year as a district champ. Steve Passino and John Hanrahan also came out as district champs, both for their second consecu¬ tive year. Eight additional wrestlers went on to regionals: Floyd Monroe, Turner Kobayashi, Sam Smith, Robbie Mow¬ son, Matt McQuillen, Jim Meadows, Jim Stannard, and Steve Swankowski. Varsity Ends 8-4 Burt Clayborne Charlie Allen Bob Passino 102 Varsity Wrestling Floyd Monroe Robbie Mowson Matt McQuillen Jim Meadows Steve Passino Passino, Hanrahan Win State Championship Four Falls Church wrestlers advanced to the State Wres¬ tling Tournament in Richmond: Bob Passino, 112; Turner Kobayashi, 105; Sam Smith, 126; and John Hanrahan, 155. These wrestlers worked tremendously and proved it by walk¬ ing away with the 3rd in State trophy, missing first place by a mere 5 points and scoring more points than any other team in Northern Va. Falls Church proudly came out with two state champions, the most any school in the tournament produced: Bob Passino and John Hanrahan. Sam Smith at¬ tained 5th place. All these wrestlers are highly commended for their diligence, hard work and effort which produced these fantastic results. The product of FC ' s winning wrestlers: Potomac District Champs trophy and third in State trophy. WRESTLING STATE CHAMPIONS: Bob Passino, 112, John Hanrahan, 155. John Hanrahan takes control. Bob Passino sets up for another takedown. Sam Smith breaks down his opponent. Turner Kobayashi goes for a pin. J.V. Goes Undefeated In Dual Meets Tim Martin Steve Epling Frank Genduso KHBS J.V. Wrestling 105 JV Wrestling Has Undefeated Season JV Wrestling: Jeff Artman, Keith Tasker, Dennis Fern, Bob Rike, Tim Martin, Karl House, Steve Epling. JV Wrestling had a tremendous year, going undefeated in all of their eight matches. They won the JV District meet, held at Falls Church, coming out with seven champions. They also came out victorious at the West Springfield Quad meet. Bright spots on the team were Bob Rike, Doug Tew, Carl House, Steve Epling, Frank Genduso, Burt Clayborne, and Gary Harding. Falls Church 52 45 49 61 49 49 39 63 Opponent TCWillaims 3 Madison 3 Oakton 2 Edison 0 Stuart 18 Marshall 6 Fairfax 23 Biship Ireton 6 Doug Tew dominates his opponent. 106 JV Wrestling Freshman Wrestling Posts 3-1 Record Front Row: Scott Steadman, Rick Potts, Ed Noone, Pete Kresky. Second Row: Steve Bettis, Paul Burke, Dave Entsminger, Chris Ball, Robert Hyatt. The Freshman Wrestling team had a very successful 3-1 season. The one match in which they did not come out vic¬ torious was a loss to Oakton by a mere six points. Outstand¬ ing grapplers were Mark Lefever, Rick Potts, Scott Steadman, Ed Noone, Steve Bettis, Paul Burke, David Entsminger. Mark Lafaye goes for a pin as Mr. Wilcox referees. Freshman FC Opponents 30 Madison 21 21 Oakton 27 42 Edison 0 36 Stuart 12 Bob Rike racks up points as he pins his opponent. Freshmen Wrestling 107 Varsity Basketball Has Rough Season Varsity: Kneeling: Darrin White, Mgr.; Chet Olive, Jeff Waggoner, Jeff Walter, Bob Schlottman; Standing: Glenn Bryan, Brian Burke, Mike Louis, Bruce Webb, Robbie Woolf. The Varsity Basketball team experienced a rough and dis¬ appointing season as they were only able to record two vic¬ tories. The Jags were plagued with several major problems: inconsistency, turnovers, and the lack of a guard who pos¬ sessed both the ball handling and offensive scoring threat needed as well as adequate height necessary to control op¬ posing guards. These problems hindered the team throughout the regular season, but as the season closed the problems and in¬ adequacies slowly disappeared. When time came and the pressure was on, the Jags succeeded in dealing Marshall the blow needed to end the Statesmen ' s dreams of capturing the district title. This reversed last year ' s trend of a 500 season ending in defeat as the district tournament opened up. The Jags were within one game of going to the Regional Tournament when they met the Madison Warhawks and lost a heartbreaker in the second overtime period by a score of 57-55. The close defeat was almost what was needed to sweep into oblivion the disastrous regular season. There is little significance in the final analysis to a strong regular sea¬ son performance for it is not considered as the all important tournament starts. At that point and where it was absolutely necessary, the Jags got together and did what was needed to win. This final surge toward the District Championship will be remembered by students and will impress upon them the ultimate importance of the District Tournament. Varsity Falls Church Opponent 62 Hayfield 80 63 Fort Flunt 67 62 Jefferson 90 64 W L 53 49 Mt. Vernon 75 66 Edison 74 44 Chevy Chase 74 53 Stuart 75 46 Madison 54 53 Lake Braddock 70 61 Oakton 65 59 Annandale 78 55 Marshall 76 54 Fairfax 63 68 Robinson 87 62 Stuart 83 51 Marshall 64 55 Madison 64 46 Oakton 71 47 Fairfax 60 DISTRICTS 49 Marshall 47 55 Madison 57 108 Varsity Basketball Brian Burke displays his height and technique in a picture shot. Varsity Basketball 109 Glenn Bryan makes a flying shot at the basket. Bob Schlottman shows excellent height as he goes for two. Jaguars Beat Marshall in First Potomac District Tournament Game 110 Varsity Basketball The product of a fast break — an easy layup. Brian Mason waits to pass at the proper moment. Craig Rhew confidently shoots a fouls shot. Ashley Sharman shoots over an opponent. J.V. Basketball 111 J.V. COMES BACK TO HAVE OUTSTANDING SEASON JV Basketball Posts Outstanding 16-4 Season WMi v-v 1JF I r V: U2 n 1 10 f ? V ■v al .drVvEi: m, ■ %! m 1 JV: Kneeling: Randy Hamilton, Mgr.; Curly Lee, Donald Denny, Chris Brooks, Barry Cuffee, Gene Bastian, Craig Morris, Scott Coal; Standing: Brian Mason, Tim Harris, Craig Rhew, Ashley Sharman, Paul Holland, Andy Black, Russell Barton. The JV Basketball team was blessed with one of the best defenses in the region. This strong point was exploited to the greatest extent as they were able to hold opposing teams to an average of 49.6 points a game. The team started off the season slowly, losing several games, but under the constant guidance of Coach Tom Whitworth they improved continually until they possessed a consistent as well as explosive offense. Offensively, the team was led by Ashley Sharman and Craig Rhew. They were able to give the Jags the scoring needed to overcome oppos¬ ing teams in close games. The climax was reached during the final game of the sea¬ son, when the Jags dealt the Fairfax Rebels a 6-4 loss. It will be remembered as one of the lowest scoring games in bas¬ ketball history. The Jags displayed the great poise necessary to win in an all out stall game. They were able to hold the ball effectively for a great part of the game after Fairfax tried unsuccessfully to hold the ball. Falls Church Opponent 61 Hayfield 80 56 Fort Hunt 74 63 Jefferson 58 59 Washington Lee 35 48 Mount Vernon 58 52 Edison 45 55 Langley 44 65 Stuart 71 60 Madison 50 54 Lake Braddock 49 53 Oakton 43 64 Annandale 50 61 Marshall 41 77 Fairfax 58 51 Robinson 48 60 Stuart 52 40 Marshall 37 59 Madison 40 47 Oakton 33 6 Fairfax 4 112 JV Basketball Late Start Hinders Freshman BaksetbaN Freshman: Front Row: Marc Johnson, Mgr.; Mike Grayson, Jim Lynch, Steve Hunsberger, Brian Saffel, Second Row: John Reese, Mike Angellini, Jimmy Seamon, Robert Dickerson, Bobby Lamon. Third Row: Marc Kalisch, Joe Fray, Brian Rugen, John Burke, Fourth Row: Paul Holland, Dean Wilson. Fifth Row: Nick Kopack. Mike Angellini shoots over the arms of two opponents. The Freshman Basketball team rounded up its season with a 3-9 record. The failure of the team to record a winning season was partially due to the late football season. This caused practice to start more than a month later than other schools and showed as the season opened up. Coach Wally Ake accounted " the late opening and the inability of the team to consistently play together " as their downfall. The greatest triumph accomplished was the teaching and master¬ ing of the man-to-man defense, a talent which will certainly be exploited on the JV level. The people expected to form a strong JV and later go on to varsity are Bobby Lamon, Jim Lynch, Mark Kalisch, who have improved greatly during the course of the season, and Mike Grayson, Jim Seaman, Mike Angelini, John Reese, Nick Kopack, and Dick Wilson. Falls Church Opponent 52 Stuart 39 39 Langley 49 42 McLean 35 35 Oakton 36 50 Marshall 60 46 Fairfax 44 38 Madison 42 42 Stuart 52 34 Marshall 46 38 Madison 43 42 Oakton 54 20 Fairfax 26 Mike Grayson displays a tremendous leap as he aims toward the basket. Freshman Basketball 113 Varsity Gains Experience For Next Year VARSITY: Standing: Kandi Ponton, Frances Collins, Carol Daniels, Martha Metcalfe, Miss Reynolds, Jane Scott, Kathy Cunningham, Denise Stanley; Kneeling: Pam Ryon, Mary Ellen Bennett, Pam Foltz. The Girl ' s Varsity Basketball was composed of a relatively Falls Church Opponent young team consisting of four seniors and seven juniors. The 58 Lake Braddock 45 season was not an outstanding one as the team only won 33 West Springfield 36 four games, but experience was gained for the juniors — 51 Fairfax 44 which should help next year. 51 Stuart 58 The team was led by Mary Ellen Bennett who averaged in 42 Oakton 35 double figures throughout the season. Pam Foltz was well 40 Marshall 56 known for being an outstanding defensive guard. Offen¬ 40 Madison 83 sively, the team was aided by the sharp shooting of Pam 46 Stuart 58 Ryan who supplied the needed points when the team ' s 30 Marshall 46 momentum slowed. 41 Madison 64 Close team play and the ability to overcome the pressures 38 Oakton 59 associated with any popular sport were the attributes of this team. Next year, with the adoption of a new district, the 46 Fairfax Districts 44 team should fair well and impress all avid sports fans with the excellent quality of play and excitement involved in the 49 Fairfax 5 3 game. The girls encourage their teammates with great enthusiasm. 114 Varsity Girl ' s Basketball Martha Metcalfe shoots for " two points. " Julie Jones shows fine performance in trying to get possesion of the ball. Carol Daniels jumps for the recovery of the ball. Greta Wimmer dribbles the ball across the court for another victory. Girls Basketball Increases In Popularity JV player Carla Thompson makes a long shot. Martha Metcalfe uses her height to ward off her opponent in a Varsity game. JV player Vicki Simpson aims for a baseline shot. 11 6 Girls ' Basketball Junior Varsity Girls Enjoy A Good Season Junior Varsity: Standing: Charlene Miller, Mngr.; Debbie Allison, Mary Cunningham, Mary Daniels, Kathy Fritz, Cheryl Dolan, Rosemary Collins, Diane Highfill, Miss English. Kneeling: Carla Thompson, Patty Christie, Cindy Baber, Julie Jones, Vickie Simpson, Greta Wimmer, Chris Dejoy. Falls Church Opponent 33 Lake Braddock 37 32 West Springfield 24 28 Fairfax 31 40 Stuart 43 52 Oakton 42 29 Marshall 40 52 Madison 32 34 Stuart 42 26 Marshall 29 34 Madison 27 33 Oakton 23 36 Fairfax 32 Carla Thompson dribbles past her opponent. The girl ' s Junior Varsity Basketball team enjoyed a good season, winning six games out of twelve played. They were led by four players who each displayed their own charac¬ teristics. Greta Wimmer was known for her leadership qual¬ ities on the floor, and Carla Thompson was known for being an excellent defensive ball player. Vicki Simpson and Cathy Fritz teamed up together to lead the team in the scoring de¬ partment. The season started off slow but as play continued, the team picked up momentum and poise until they were able to beat any team in the district as shown by their winning the last three games. Coach Jill English was impressed by her team ' s rapid improvement and excellent talent displayed throughout the year. Greta Wimmer receives a pass. Junior Varsity Basketball 11 7 indoor Track Has Undefeated Season Pat Sullivan keeps in the lead as he makes his way around the gym. Front Row: Lee Snyder, Phil Harrison, Homer Mcelroy, Second Row: Dave Gatton, John Buchan, Pat Sullivan, Third Row: Tony Jones, Craig Tennell, Fourth Row: John Long, Jim Stickley, Erroll Brown, Fifth Row: Jody Rudicille, Scott Vanderwal, David Shoemaker, Sixth Row: Sergio Bravo, Craig Day, Allen Decany, Seventh Row: Jeff Harris, Scott Stout. The Indoor Track team finished its season with a very out¬ standing record of 4-0, with wins over Marshall, Madison, Stuart, and Fairfax. On January 5, the Jags for the first time ever participated in the CYO meet at the University of Mary¬ land: Semi-final winners were, junior, Dave Gatton in the 60 yd. dash, senior, Jim Hixon in the 60 high hurdles, and senior, Phil Harrison in the 600 yd. run. Senior, Scott Stout placed 3rd in the finals of the pole vault with a jump of 12 ' 6 " . The Indoor Track team also participated in the Navy Academy Invitational. There, Phil Harrison finished among the top 10 out of 600 runners, as he turned in an outstand¬ ing time of 1 minute, 16.8 sec. This was the 3rd fastest time of all of the Va. High School athletes entered. The team placed 3rd in District Championships and advanced to Reg¬ ional. Jody Rudicille anxiously awaits the signal to begin his race. 118 Indoor Track Swim Team Has Limited Season and Cancelled Meets Due to Gas Shortage In February several swimmers went to East Carolina Uni¬ versity to compete in the Eastern Seaboard Regional Swim¬ ming Championships. This meet consisted of the best swimmers on the East Coast. State Championships were held in March at UVA. The entire team competed in this meet and fared quite well. Mrs. Sandy Treadway, Coach, believes that with a larger turnout next year the team could capture the Potomac Dis¬ trict title. Outstanding swimmers were Mike LaRow and Geoff Brunner, Seniors; Sarah Sykes, Sophomore; and Ann Brow¬ der, Freshman. The swim team had a very limited season. Due to the nat¬ ural gas shortage, 3 of the meets were cancelled. However the team went 2-2. Front Row — Mrs. Sandy Treadway, coach; Kelly Legate, Captain. 2nd Row — Carol Kondracki, Captain; Ann Browder, Carrie Washburn, Leanne Czarnaski. 3rd Row — Mary Koelbel, Steve Browder, Dan Sykes. 4th Row — Tom Davis, John Guion, Greg LaRow. 5th Row — Brian Collie, Teresa Wilson, Laurie Myhre. 6th Row — Sarah Sykes, Heidi Heuple, Mark LaRow, Jerry Goto, Not Pictured: Mark LaRow, Captain; Geoff Brunner, Captain. Carol takes a break while Mrs. Treadway gives her advice. Swim Team 119 GYMNISTS SHOW REAL TALENT 5,-=-=- == —:.ts _aur " ie Ltreoaci -y a.-z Martha Car-pbe Eve Ivn Greene, Linda Anderson, Beth Fortner, Kelly Legate, Cheryl .a - Seconc • ; ••• Go- e- _ “e ' F G-—astcs ea tak og Oaxtor Stuart and Fair¬ fax and 35 - g on . to Vacison and Marshal e tieti their seaso ' . a 3-1 ' eco c Mar. o the 1-g eets .ere e-a b . Se " o r s _ oda Anderson o oea " se ■ Legate or 00 ' ex. and .a-iairg a c Beth r ortne r o the unevens. The a arouoc g. st .as Chen -riednar shov. ng exce- e ce ' a er‘ ' o- ' " e? e G. n-astics Teat—ad both a • en succesru and exc g .ear V ' ' " xr- ' .jrpEie. Derr - Seo nc um ’ r Kelly and Beth try out their new routine. l- ar • ' " •v ' e ' ••v-iar e Tc ' Owe-. ' tot ■ . " - r I i ' Oy ' • . ' iy .v.r ' y ' - ' j ' j Tru g 12 j r , •— Kelly Legate flys through the air with the greatest of ease. Larry Watkins finds another splinter. GYMNASTICS Martha Campbell hangs in there. Cheryl Friedman displays excellent technique. Gymnastics 121 Golf Team Tees Off Their Season Golf Team: Kneeling: Tom Keller, David Harding, Craig Wien, Robbie Mowson; Standing: Mr. Beto, Neil Kyle, Bill Hall, Danny Hoover, Scott Sieck. With the retirement of Col. McDaniel, who coached last year ' s golf team, the boys now look to Mr. Beto for assis¬ tance. The team looks forward to another successful season. Returning golfers are: Jim Cole, Tom Keller, Craig Wien and Scott Seick. Craig Wien sends the ball flying with a mighty swing. Tom Keller shows excellent form as he is caught a split second before meeting the ball. 122 Golf Team Rifle Team Steadily Improves 7 " WB- ' nr ) U [ ' “A :y ' Wr BH ■ •• ' W V First Row: John Elder; Second Row: Dorcas Rodgers, Kathy Savage; Third Row: Bill Chapman, Ray Kathy Savage and Dorcas Rodgers confer with Miss Merchant, Scott Lee. Comeau The members of the Rifle Team, coached for the sixth year by Miss Ellen Comeau, strived for perfection. Throughout the year, the shooters practiced and improved their shooting skills. Against tough competition from other schools the team could not achieve a winning season, but it is steadily increasing its score. The rifle match consists of thirty shots from three different positions with a time limit of thirty-six minutes. Each shot has a maximum point value of ten, so each shooter has a possible total of three-hundred points. The combined score of four of the team members constitutes the total team score. Falls Church Opponent 995 Robinson 1130 980 Landon 1055 984 Fort Hunt 1095 979 Jefferson 1077 1027 West Springfield 960 953 Quantico 1034 981 Woodson 1159 1017 Lee 1129 1002 Hayfield 1132 988 Yorktown 1121 988 Herdon 1100 John Elder and Ray Merchant focus on the target. Rifle Team 123 Varsity Soccer Displayes Experience And Skill i W ; fgSgflr W 1 gH iiiiw IjPfl fill I fsSSf w i i ■! «] fAiPW- ' : Ms. ML 5 1 X ‘ W i WM ' T A team Front Row: Steve Craigue, Mark Gardiner, Steve Graine, Budhy Barber, Steve Epling, Mike Kresky, Franco Falvo, Rick Potts. Second Row: Greg Snedgen, Mike Evans, Buddy Patch, David Kerns, Brad Lazarus, Scott Gardiner, Bob Brice, Gene Bostian, Craig Lowrance, Mgr. The Varsity Soccer team was split into an A and a B team this year. They had an A team and a B team instead of a Junior Varsity team to make room for more flexibility and mobility within the two teams. Coach Rike worked out with the A team and Coach Whitney worked out with the B team. Practice started February 10th. They had many scrimages with other schools up until their first game. They played ten different schools during their season. Their games started at 7:30 under the lights. The A team had nine returning letterman from last year ' s Varsity. The team was aided by the skills of senior, Mark Gardiner and juniors, Steve Graine and Franco Falvo. This experience helped them to perform as one of the best teams in the area. The B team was a very young team. As the season prog¬ ressed improvement was clearly evident. Because the team was very young, they should return next year showing even more strength. Steve Graine, defensive halfback, receives a pass. The B Team Practices Hard And Gains Experience The B team Front Row: Dwight Day, Bruce Pommer, Jay Whaley, Mark Crysinski, Nam Cho, Jose Malazo, Jeff Rosenberg, Ken Ryder. Second Row: Craig Lowrance, Zar Khan, Sjouren Tashjian, Jeff Meeker, Colmohamad Khan, Floyd Westbrook, Andre Evans, Mike Simmons, Coach Whitney (not pictured: Julio Herrera, David Rohr, Lennie Lawrence, Wesley Chung, James Tim, Chris Tschida, Ancisar Penafiel) Jose Malazo uses his head to pass the ball to Golmohomad Khan. Nam Cho dribbles the ball down the field with Mike Simmons in the wing. Varsity Soccer 125 The Soccer Program Expands And Gains Fame Rick Potts, halfback, makes a good defensive play. Jose Malazo keeps his balance as he raises the ball. liKr fj , X mm Dave Kerns, goalie, clears the ball. Franco Falvo keeps his toes on the ball. The Soccer team takes a break. 126 Varsity Soccer First Year For Girl ' s Soccer Attracts Attention Front Row: Barbara Cornet, Debbie Sponable, Cindy Bradtmiller, Cindy Jackson, Mary Palmer, Jacie Ayres, Bonnie Montali, Courtney Minturn, Lisa Lowrance. Second Row: Frances Collins, Becky Potts, Ellen Murray, Pam Powell, Cindy Dunn, Kim Henry, Jeanne LaViolette, Sue Sheviak, Patty Kerns. Falls Church High School presented its first girl ' s soccer team this year opening the official season with a victory over Fairfax High. Coached by Mr. Bakeman, enthusiastic tryouts led to the formation of three teams. The A team was the starting team consisting of eighteen players and one manag¬ er. The AB team followed made up of upcoming players, and the B team provided additional back-up, working out and practicing skills. The season continued with games against Stuart, Madison, Oakton, Marshall, and McLean. Mary Palmer dribbles down the field with Pam Powell as back-up. Jeanne LaViolette free throws from the sideline. Girl ' s Soccer 127 Returning Varsity Lettermen Make for Powerful Baseball Team Varsity Baseball: Kneeling: Mitch Lacy, Larry Eppard, Andy Hendrickson, Darrin White, Jeff Wagoner, Jeff Harris, Steve Bourne, Scott Shiflett, Wayne Seals; Standing: Bill Epling, Mike MacNevin, Scott Reeves, Coach McCullough, Rob Woolf, John Baer, Jimmy Simpson. The Varsity Baseball team showed well this year. The team ' s strong point was the return of Jimmy Simpson at shortstop, Steve Bourne in the outfield, Billy Epling at first base, and Jeff Wagoner at second base. All of these returning lettermen were good hitters which tremendously helped the team ' s scoring power. The possible setbacks were the lack of an experienced pitcher and the absence of Mike McNevin as catcher. Under the direction of Coach McCullock the team managed to use their good speed, good hitting, and excellent defense to make up for their weak points. ■ Y Coach McCullough nonchalantly checks out the team. Billy Epling and Larry Eppard make use of the pitching machine during prac¬ tice. 128 Varsity Baseball Jeff Wagoner lets loose with a mighty swing. k gM , - • .• ' P HSlf Steve Bourne sends the ball flying into the outfield. Robby Woolf picks up a grounder. Determination can be seen on the face of Jimmy Simpson as he hurls one out. Jeff Harris warms up before a game. Varsity Baseball 129 Darrin White and John Baer hurl the balls. Andy Hendrickson munches out before a game. Billy Epling whacks another one out. 130 Varsity Baseball JV Baseball Gains Valuable Experience J.V. Baseball: Kneeling: Bobby Lamon, Jim Cassidy, Charlie Jensen, Jimmy Slusher, John Coffin, Dean Southee, Mark Weekly; Standing: Barry France, Don Bealby, Mike Reeves, Larry Grandy, Marshall O ' Shields, Rick McCaulley, Glen Beach, Coach Herb. The Junior Varsity Baseball team had many of the same members as last year ' s team. Coached by Mr. Herb they used their skills and experience to produce a powerful team. The outstanding J.V. players were Jeff Harris, Andy Hen¬ drickson, Robert Wolfe, Scott Rowland, and Scott Reeves. These guys also posed as a strong Varsity back-up squad. Because of these outstanding juniors, next year ' s Varsity should be a dominate team in our district. Scott Rowland hurls the ball into right field. John Coffin makes it safely to third base. JV Baseball 131 Varsity Softball Benefits from Experienced Returning Players Varsity Softball: Front row: Brenda Schindler, Pam Foltz; Second row: Kandi Ponton, Mary Ellen Bennett, Denise Stanley, Angela Holland, Sassy Schaffstall, Sharon Rutherford; Third row: Kathy Cunningham, Dawn Hemenway, Carol Hilleary, Julie Jones, Ana Escobar, Coach English. The girl ' s Varsity Softball team did very well this year. They had good speed, good hitters, good defense, a good pitcher, and a good catcher. The returning letterwomen from last year ' s Varsity gave the team the experience which is so important in competition. The team ' s strong points were Mary Ellen Bennett ' s hitting ability, Sharon Rutherford ' s pitching, Sassy Shaffstall ' s skill and quickness as catcher, and Pam Foltz ' s quickness and agility at shortstop. Coach English knew many of the girl ' s from coaching j.V. the year before. As Varsity coach she knew the team ' s strong and weak points and guided them toward a successful sea¬ son. Brenda Schindler heads toward base. Sassy Schaffstall prepares to slam the ball. Pam Foltz warms up before the game. Mary Ellen Bennett takes another cut at the ball. Carol Hilleary makes another out. Pitcher, Sharon Rutherford, whips another one across the plate. Varsity Softball 133 New Talent Discovered on JV Softball J.V. Softball: Kneeling: Debbie Allison, Carla Thompson, Teri Elwood, Vicky Simpson, Patti Christie, Valerie Paul, Cindy Baber; Standing: Nanny Johnson, Terry Lee, Dawn Bosworth, Miss Judy Burt, Coach; Miss Sandy Reynolds, Coach; Mary Cunningham, Rosemary Collins, Brenda Turner. The Junior Varsity Softball team was coached by Miss Reynolds. The team consisted of several girls from last year ' s J.V. team but also some new girls. The season began at the end of March. One of their costly setbacks was their lack of an experienced pitcher. As the season progressed, though, everyone gained more experi¬ ence and sharpened their skills. The team did have a lot of good speed and strong hitting ability. By taking advantage of these strong points and im¬ proving their weak points they completed a fairly successful season. Coaches Sandy Reynolds and Judy Burt look on as Patti Christi catches against Madison. Mary Cunningham lets loose with a mighty pitch. Tennis Team Returns For The Season Front Row: Clay Rener, Duane Greenfield, David Stephens, John Heflin, Tom Graves, Ted Magsig, Chip Mataratan; Second Row: John Finlay, Pete Nasseta, Gregg Greenfield, Tho Lee, Matt Datta, John Bloom, Vance Carroll, Mike Cavanaugh, Vivek Tayal, Coach Guy Wilson. Coached for the first year by Guy Wilson, the tennis team played well this year. Many members from last year ' s team returned with helpful experience. With confidence the team competed against Madison, Fairfax, Marshall, Stuart, and Oakton. As the season went on each team member im¬ proved. Gregg Greenfield anxiously awaits the return. Ted Magsig can not remember whether he is supposed to hit the ball or catch it. Boy ' s Tennis 135 Girls Track Has Large Membership Girls Track: First row: Carol Daniels, Carol Davis, Kelly Corella, Lisa Best, Julie Gossom, Mindy Pajak, Lilly Schieder. Second row: Lori Utterback, Kathy Pledger, Anita Brown, Julie Baskerville, Teresa Wilson, Nancy Olivola, Greta Wimmer, Valerie Farrell. Third row: Coach Gooley, Teri Louis, Ann Payne, Courtenay Twinam, Carolynn Patterson, Stasia Strok, Stacy Taylor, Sharon Davis, Pam Siemers, Marion McClintock, Mimi Mastropaolo, Cherly Dolan, Charlynn Miller. Once again spring track brought out a large number of interested girls. Coach Gooley held practice everyday after school starting in March. The majority of the track member¬ ship carried over from last year. Because of this the team did very well this year. They are a young team, though, and will be expected to be a district power with a little more experi¬ ence. Carolyn Patterson ' s " got the beat. " " Only one more lap to go, " they think gratefully. « " ..wi: l ■ .4 I mm t ■nr.Tar • - - n,t-_ 1 .at a [rTrisiepsac 19 [sgpgHQHHHB ' sHBt 136 Girls Track Courtenay Twinam and Lisa Best demon¬ strate that running is a tiresome sport. Spring Track Takes Third in District Spring Track: Front row: Pat Sullivan, Marty Cunningham, Craig Day, Phil Harrison, Jeff Artman, Homer McElroy; Second row: Jim Stannard, Allen Dacanay, Matt Murray, Greg Graham, Sam Bailey, Jody Rudacille, Tony Jones, Steve Byers; Third row: Scott Vanderwal, Tom Rodriguez, Sam Brown, Greg Tennell, Joe Copley, Jim Seaman, Jim Miller; Not pictured: Dave Gatton, Scott Stout. The Falls Church Track team practiced rigorously under the direction of Coach Wells and Coach Morris. Condition¬ ing was done out on the track or inside in the gym lobby. Hard work paid off as the team ' s strength and endurance increased. The track team strides right. Boy ' s Track 137 Scott Stout shows fine pole vaulting technique. gssssg nmiiinmiMlIHJ amsmisa ai SRS Mh Ms. Michaels teaches her students the importance of being politically aware of what ' s going on in our society Mrs. Fitzgerald wishes she could escape from her 103 Humanities students • 11 iPl WSBm v fa f- FACULTY Major Wells ( " Joe Cool " ) nonchalantly flips the now obsolete " peace sign The Faculty teaches us and shows us how important school should be in our lives, for education is an important factor in the impression we give to others. Mr. Matalavage plays with his Driver ' s Ed. equipment. Mr. Cooper looks hungrily on as Mrs. Homas asks for payment before handing over the second cake to Mrs. Ahrens. Ms. Brown teaches Dr. Wilson how to say “Thank you " in German. Mr. Whitworth digs through the trash can to scrounge up ideas for the Jaguar Journal. Mr. Ochse helps a student with Spanish homework. Miss Wilson explains how she wants a history assignment done. 140 Faculty The Faculty Becomes Involved These teachers dressed up on ugly teachers day in order to collect money for the March of Dimes. , ' ■ U : . ; Mr. Allen, the Blow Dry King. Mr. Wilcox discusses wrestling with Barbara Fitzpatrick Mr. Morris is tempted to throw an eraser at his students. Dr. James Wilson, Principal ADMINISTRATION HEADS UP FC The Administration of Falls Church High School plays an important part in a student ' s four years of study. Mr. Stepp and Mr. Powell joke, punch, and generally hassle their way into the hearts of the students of Falls Church. The relation¬ ship we students have with our administrators is one of working informality. There are new faces in the administration this year. Mr. Mueller, the ninth grade administrator and Ms. Weisgerber, the tenth grade administrator are now familiar faces in the halls. Mr. Hollowell, the school ' s new Athletic and Student Activities Director promises to be a valuable addition to the administration as he works to improve the quality of Falls Church ' s various activities. The quality and atmosphere with which the administra¬ tion works leaves lasting impressions of trust on the students of Falls Church. Mr. George Stepp, 12th grade administrator 142 Faculty H , fw n; WmKmmml gH • ' ‘ " LpW H ll . Mr. James Powell, 11th grade administrator Ms. Nancy Weisgerber, 10th grade administrator Mr. John Hollowell, Athletic Director and Director of Student Ac¬ tivities Faculty 143 Guidance Department: Mrs. Marilyn Clark, Mr. Ron Kilbourne, Mrs. Edith Lemon, Mr. James Dick, Mr. James Flannagan, Mrs. Jane Spring, Mrs. Ramona Forney. Mrs. Tina Everton Greg Greenfield receives some guidance from Mrs. Forney. GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT DE-CENTRALIZES In view of the increased enrollment, the guidance department took on a new approach to aiding the students. The introduction of the grade centers into the guidance program has greatly relieved the complications usually expe¬ rienced in handling late arrivals, early dismis¬ sals, and absences. To reduce the confusion of report card distribution, specific areas were es¬ tablished for each of the four grades. The guidance department with the help of the new grade centers has greatly aided the stu¬ dents in forming directed impressions. Mr. Guy Wilson 144 Guidance SECRETARIES CONTINUE HARD WORK First row: Mrs. Shirley Laurent, Mrs. Betty Parker, (finance secretary), Mrs. Donna Mares, Mrs. Verna Craver. Second row: Mrs. Dee Brandt, Ms. Sandra Lillard, Mrs. B.J. Ahrens, Mrs. Ruby Powers, Mrs. Winnie Balderson. A school could not survive without its secretaries. Falls Church is no exception. It is an exception, though, when they receive credit for a job well done. Whether they are sorting out the morning ' s absences, frantically writing early dismissals, or satisfying demanding administrators, they are never flustered. The secretaries impress visitors as well as faculty and students as pillars of hard work. Mrs. Laurent receives help from Brad Fraley. Faculty 145 9th grade English teachers: Mrs. Joy Thomas, Mr. Sidney Bennett, Mr. David Spewak, Mrs. Linda Cowgill (Global Studies), Mrs. Marion Betenbaugh 10th grade English teachers: Mrs. Shirley Carson, Mrs. Joy Thomas, Mrs. Sandra Treadway, Mrs. Toni Phelps, Ms. Judy Guryansky 146 Faculty A NEW TWO-HOUR BLOCK COURSE ADDED TO ENGLISH CURRICULUM 11th and 12th grade English teachers: Mr. John Loving, Ms. Sharon McDaniel, Mr. Kenneth Lawrence, Ms. Betsy Harris, Mr. Tom Brogan, Ms. Jane Bialas, Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary Shearon Mrs. Fitzgerald — " I ' m amazed we ' re teaching 103 Humanities students. I think it ' s great this many people are putting out an effort to learn. " Reading teachers; Mrs. Hala Meiser, Ms. Karen Syvrud In addition to its existing variety of courses, the English department has added two new selections to the curriculum. In cooperation with the Social Studies department, a two- hour block course entitled Contemporary Civ has been es¬ tablished, enabling sophomore to continue advanced studies in Social Studies and English. This completes the four year accelerated program consisting of World Civ, Contemporary Civ, American Civ, and Humanities. In order to allow stu¬ dents to increase their writin g abilities, Journalism II has been added as a continuance of Journalism I. The responsi¬ bility of the Jaguar Journal production rested solely on the shoulders of the Journalism II class and teacher-sponsor Mr. Whitworth. Thanks to the reading specialists, students were able to take a mini-course to improve their PSAT-SAT verbal scores. In its variety and extent of courses, the English department has impressed upon the students the significance of reading and expressing their thoughts well. Faculty 147 Mr. Spewak discusses the style of writing in this paper. ENGLISH AND HISTORY TEACHERS COMBINE EFFORTS Ms. Estelle Meyding, Reading; Ms. Kathryn Ann, Reading, Global Studies Mr. Steve Wilcox, Global Studies, World Geography Mr. Carlton Jones, English 12, Creative Writing Mr. Tom Whitworth, Journalism I, II, English 10 148 Faculty SOCIAL STUDIES STRIVE TO IMPROVE History teachers: Sitting: Mrs. Carolyn Harper, Va.-U.S. History; Miss Elizabeth McGill, World History, Va.-U.S. Government; Mrs. Elvera Welk, Psychology, German III, IV; Mr. Alphonsus McCafferty, World Geography; Mr. Kenneth Whitlock, Va.-U.S. Government, History; Mr. William Yount, Va.-U.S. Govern¬ ment; Mr. John Murphy, American Civilization, Economics, Va.-U.S. History; Mrs. Theresa Michaels, World History, Contemporary Civ., Sociology; Mr. Ed Hamilton, World Geography, Va.-U.S. Government; Mrs. Carolyn Elder, Spanish II, Va.-U.S. History; Mr. Douglas Bursch, World Geography, Va.-U.S. History; Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, Va.-U.S. History; Mr. Lawrence Dowell, English 11, Humanities. Social Studies Working on ways to improve the department has been a basic factor of the Social Studies department. The latest im¬ provement has been the addition of the two-hour block courses. Mr. John Murphy, chairman of the department, feels " students have a real good opportunity to pursue their ideas. " He also believes students are " becoming more aca¬ demically aware " . The two-hour courses impress Mr. Mur¬ phy as being definitely beneficial to the academically in¬ clined students. The senior government classes put emphasis on the workings of the government and current events. Spe¬ cial emphasis was placed on the elections and the transition to the presidency. Through studies of American history, government, and philosophies, students were able to form realistic impres¬ sions of the American lifestyle. Mrs. Wilma Hamilton, World History, World Civilization Mr. John Morris, Va.-U.S. History, World History MATH PREPARES MINI-COURSE FOR SAT ' S Mr. Arthur Lillevig, Algebra II, Vocational Math; Mr. Richard Newsome, Calculus AB-BC, Algebra II; Mrs. Sandy Jones, Albegra I, Geometry, General Math; Mr. Bruce Cambell, Algebra II, General Math; Ms. Elizabeth Foland, Algebra I, General Math; Mrs. Mary Carlsen, Functions-Analytic Geometry, General Math, Geometry; Mrs. Janice Stubin, Trigonometry, Computer Science I and II. Mrs. Carolyn Haynie, Geometry, Algebra I, General Math; Mrs. Sally Rovitti, General Math, Algebra 11-Trig, Trig-Functions; Mr. Hohn Whithey, Algebra I, II, Consumer Math, Geometry. In general, the math teachers of FCHS seem to feel that the atmosphere has improved considerably in the school. There seems to be fewer discipline problems and the student attitude is better. New courses in the math department in¬ clude Basic Math and Vocational Math. In addition, it was possible to have 2 separate Calculus classes this year for the first time. The BC Calculus group can now receive instruc¬ tion separate from the AB Calculus group. This Decision seemed popular with the Calculus students. The math department has aided students by offering a general review of the basic math concepts needed for the SAT. The math department is concerned with impressing upon the students the need of expanding their basic mathematical concepts. Mr. Blane Schertz, Alg. I, Astronomy 150 Faculty Mrs. Ann Liashek, Alg. I, Basic Math SCIENCE ADDS NEW COURSE Science department: Mr. John Spencer, Biology I, BSCSsm; Mrs. Armetha Corbin, Physics, Chemistry II; Mrs. Leona Heuer, Biology, Chemistry I, Prob. Nat. Wld; Mrs. Carolyn Schotter, Earth Science; Mrs. Betty Havard — Department Chairman, Chemistry; Mr. Richard Lunsford, Biology I, Mrs. Carolyn Canzano, Biology II, Chemistry I; Mrs. Billie Jean Abell, Biology I, Horticulture; Mr. Carl Ring, Biology I; Mr. James Rike, Earth Science, Prob. Nat. World. The Science Department in its ' endeavor to supply courses of student interest has added a Chemistry II course. It has also revised the ninth grade science course, Earth and Space Science. Mrs. Havard says, " enrollment is up this year. " This is indicative of the interest students have in science and of the courses being offered. The students are impressed with the idea that as their interests expand, so does the curricu¬ lum. Mr. Lunsford instructs this student in the science of smiling. Sometimes Mr. Rike just can ' t face his class. Faculty 151 2 2 THE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT HELPS STUDENTS DEVELOP SPECIALIZED SKILLS . Donald Coghlan, D.E. 2,3; Miss Carol Lobi, Fashion Merchandise 1,2; Mr. John Hughes, D.E. 1,2; Mrs. June Hartell, WECEP; Mr. Roy Hawkins D.E. 2; s. Barbara Stalensky; Cosmetology 1,2. Students master the art of hair styling in cosmetology. 152 Faculty Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside, Beg. Typing, Introduction, office Practice; Mrs. Dorothea Laird, Personal Typing, Beg. Typing, Introduction Business; Mrs. Arlene Fallaw, Beg. Typing, Adv. Typing, Shorthand; Miss Susan Scott, Steno 1, Beg. Typing, Personal Typing; Miss Eleanor Ruddle, Steno 2, Clerk Typing 2; Miss Judy Ailes, Bookeeping, Clerk Typing 1; Miss Carolyn EJaynie, Steno 1, Beg. Typing. There are many courses being offered at Falls Church which are directed toward further study in various business fields. Cosmetology, Typing 1, Advanced Typing and Dis¬ tributive Education are these. They combine to form what is called the Business Department. These courses leave lasting impressions on many of the students lives as they go on to use their acquired skills. I wonder what message they are trying to get across. Mr. Beto sponsors the VICA club. Faculty 153 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEVELOP PRACTICAL SKILLS. Mr. John Locascio, Industrial Arts; Mr. Robert Little, General Maintenance 1,11; Mr. Joe Scango, Auto Mechanics 1,11; Mr. Dwight Mosser, Electronics I, T.V. Repair 1,11; Mr. Robert Becker, Industrial Arts 1 , 11 . Mr. Harvey Cooper, Mechanical Drawing I, Architectural Drawing, Engineering Drawing Mr. Scango shows Danny Wade and Carl House the parts of this engine. Industrial Arts provides opportunities of study for students who possess a desire to work with their hands. An increas¬ ing number of people are turning to occupations requiring manual skills. Updated equipment and a three hour Auto- Mechanics course are features which will improve on an already fine Industrial Arts program. Whether Industrial Arts is taken as a base for a career, or as a change from aca¬ demic studies, the student leaves the class impressed with the importance of being able to apply practical skills. Estee Friedman displays her expertise in shop. David Fogleman cuts wood in Industrial Arts class. 154 Faculty STUDENTS ENJOY CO-ED PROGRAM Boy ' s P.E. department: Mr. James Thorpe, P.E. 9,10; Mr. Robert Herb, P.E. 9; Mr. Walter Ake, P.E. 10; Mr. Al McCullock, P.E. 10,11 Ms. Sandra Reynolds, P.E. 10,11,12 Girl ' s P.E. department: Mrs. Ann Bellos, P.E. 9; Mrs. Alice Gooley, P.E. 9; Ms. Patsy Jones, P.E. 9,10 Physical Education at Falls Church High School is rapidly becoming a full time co-educational program. Begun last year, co-ed gym now comprises one half to two-thirds of the Physical Education classes. According to P.E. teacher Miss Gooley, " The students seem to enjoy the co-ed classes more. " For the students who enjoy this program, there is good news; all the physical education classes will be co-ed next year. This will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the school. Mr. Ake gives advice from the sideline Faculty 155 Ms. Linda Landbloom, Photo I, Art I; Mr. Yates Miller, Art I, II, III; Ms. Jean Adams, Art The Arts Provide for a Creative Atmosphere The Home Economics department, under the direction of Mrs. Carol Broady, offered various courses to develop the domestic needs of students. One of the most popular was Bachelor Living, offered to junior and senior boys. It covered interior decor for a single man, practical consumer prob¬ lems, preparation of foods, sewing individual projects, and living in society. “Party Foods " taught students how to prepare food for any type of social gathering. Many baked goods for activities within the school were produced by students in this course. Mrs. Carol Broady, Food Service, Contemporary Living, Sewing for Pleasure I, II, Home Ec. I; Mrs. Helen LaViolette, Home Ec. I, Sewing for Pleasure I, II, Basic Foods, Party Foods; Mrs. Ann Nordness, Home Ec. I, II, Marriage and the Family, Child Development, Needlework, Consumer Problems. Mrs. Broady instructs students in preparing balanced menus. 156 Faculty The Drama department planned five productions this year, one of which was the musical, " The Boy-Friend, " the first to be produced in four years. To increase interest in drama, Mr. Allen has included novices in the production of many plays. The Music department succeeded in attracting many stu¬ dents with its broad curriculum which included Music Theory, Stage Band, Orchestra, and Intermediate and Ad¬ vanced Band. The Art department, in an attempt to promote student awareness, developed the concept of the " art of living. " Mr. Miller feels that this type of teaching " is helping the students to enjoy the world around them and influencing them to enhance their environment. " By providing the students with an outlet for their creativ¬ ity, the Fine Arts department has enabled the students to channel their ideas through specific talents to produce dif¬ ferent impressions. Mr. Charles Hiebert, Band Assistant Ms. Jeanne Hill, Orchestra Mr. James Stegner, Music Theory, Stage Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band Mrs. Molly Kirby, ESL I,II,III,IV An ESL student improves his english. ESL HELPS FOREIGN STUDENTS TO LEARN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE The many ethnic groups involved in English as a Second Language were taught to cope with American society through this program. The 85 students in ESL were divided into four levels. The first level dealt with English basics — elementary grammar, writing, and pronunciation. The sec¬ ond and third levels were of similar caliber, dealing with reading, vocabulary, and grammar. The fourth level was the largest and most advanced. It was divided into Seniors and underclassmen. This level " reinforced what the students were doing in their regular English classes. " The college- bound seniors were aided in studying for the TOEFL tests which would help them gain admittance to the college of their choice. Through participation in this program, the ESL students were able to form favorable impressions of Falls Church High. 158 Faculty LEARNING A LANGUAGE CAN BE FUN Foreign Language department: Mrs. Monick, Spanish 1,2; Mr. James Ochse, Spanish 1,2, Latin 1,2,4; Mrs. Deborah Corkey, French 2 3,4,5, Mrs. Carlyn Elder, Spanish 2, Va.-US History; Mr. William Hayden, Spanish 3,4,5; Mrs. Lois Forry, Spanish 1, French 2; Mrs. Sharon Walbridge, French 1,2,3 Many revisions have been made in the foreign language program. In levels I, II and III of Spanish, students are learn¬ ing the basic grammatical structure of the language. In the more advanced classes, IV and V, more literature is studied and emphasis is placed on speaking ability. The third and fourth year Latin and German students were combined into one class and their learning is structured. Courses in the French department have been revised to emphasize French culture more than literature. Along with grammar, French levels III, IV, and V classes are learning about the 35 French speaking countries other than France. By studying other cul¬ tures, the foreign language department has enabled students to form impressions of foreign life and to better understand our own culture. Mrs. Walbridge teaches French culture to her students. Mr. Ochse explains that some words just can not be directly trans¬ lated. Faculty 159 SPECIAL SERVICES PROVE INVALUABLE Ms. VanCleave and Mrs. Ruth Blacker, PLP and Reading Mr. Ronald Matalavage, Drivers Education Mrs. Charlotte Meadows, ADP Library Attendants: Mrs. Balderson, Mrs. Ruth Ryan, Mrs. Betty Walecka Mrs. Wanda Lane, Learning Disability Mrs. Natalie Scott, Nurse The Special Services deserve the thanks of the student body. The ADP department provides the students with schedules and locker combinations. They also aid the year¬ book staff during yearbook sales. The Library staff should be commended for their fine or¬ ganization and help. For those students who need special help in their English skills can turn to our PLP teachers and speech teachers. The Driver ' s Education program is also a very important, invalu¬ able service which directly effects the majority of the student body. Mr. John Colway, Speech Therapy Faculty 161 SENIOR CLASS PROVES ITS SUPERIORITY ' 77 Archie Borgus, President Scott Bono, Vice-President 164 Seniors Senior, the magical word which means privileges, superi¬ ority and one more year of high school was finally the name of the class of ' 77 . The privileges were an illusion. Seniors could leave class three minutes early for lunch and after each assembly an announcement was made that seniors were to leave before underclassmen. Announcements should be emphasized, for after assemblies the whole student body seemed to be com¬ posed of seniors. However, that did not seem to matter as much because the seniors knew of their superiority over underclassmen and did not need to demonstrate it. Throughout the school seniors sighed and struggled their way through their final year of high school. Forever proud, the seniors opened the year with a tie for first place in the homecoming float competition with their entry " Brew Up a Victory. " In keeping with their past monetary success, the senior Sadie Hawkins Characters, with nine added members, grubbed for over $1,000 — by far a record for Falls Church. The senior class showed their support and appreciation for Falls Church ' s winning football team when WNVT-TV delivered an ultimatum that unless $250 was raised they would not be able to televise the state championship game. As usual the resourceful seniors rose to the occasion, raising $100 towards the fund. Towards the middle of the year, the seniors set themselves to the task of ordering graduation announcements, caps and gowns and class keys. The most important task, of course, was the sending of applications to colleges and uni¬ versities throughout the country with anxious hopes of ac¬ ceptances and seeking out of jobs or careers after gradua¬ tion. The ever wealthy seniors also sponsored the variety show and the April dance and, of course, their own graduation. Where graduation was to take place was a problem for the second year straight. As Wolftrap was not available, it was finally decided that the most important event of the se¬ nior ' s four years of high school would take place at their own Webber Stadium. There were some disappointments, but it seemed a fitting end that graduation should be at the place where so much of their lives had been spent. The seniors have spent four years of an impressionable time of their lives at Falls Church High School. Habits have been formed, and personalities have been molded. Impres¬ sions, both positive and negative, have had a lasting effect on the class of ' 77. v £l pPf : ' Jill Bassett, Secretary Evy Lowenstern, Cabinet Officer Archie gives Judy a piggy-back ride. Judy Moreau, Treasurer Seniors 165 SENIORS DECIDE CLASS GIFT Krista A. Abrams Patricia Ann Adkins Sharon M. Adkins Carla Elisabeth Alves Deborah Lynn Allison Diane S. Anderson Joan Anderson Linda Lee Anderson Wendy Lyn Anderson John Hollis Andrews Lester M. Arthur III Paul J. Arundel 166 Seniors 77 Mark Wayne Askin Mark S. Ather Jacelyn Rebecca Ayres John Micahel Baer David Winters Baird Paul Baiun Cynthia Jean Ball Ronald H. Bambling, Jr. Timothy Wayne Barker Reena Evan Barov Seniors 167 SENIORS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF Jill Thompson Bassett James Edward Baumgardner Jamie Gayle Baylis Sandra Kay Beazley Jorge Andres Becerra Juan P. Becerra Kevin Allen Becker Roland Benedicto 168 Seniors FEW PRIVILEGES Paul E. Benz Patrick A. Bernheisel Lisa Kevin Best Beverly Jean Blaisdell Robert B. Blankenship Scott Frank Bono Steven Robert Bourne John Lansing Bloom Archie Henry Borgus III Barbara Brackett Karen Marie Blough Cynthia Jane Bocock Seniors 169 The Wicked Witch of the West casts her magical spell on Liz Link. HUMANITIES COURSE Brian L. Bril I hart Terri L. Brinkley Melissa Jane Brooker Leonard Paul Brooks Donald Edward Brown Errol John Brown Joseph W. Brown Elizabeth Ellen Brownell Terry Lynn Brownlee Geoffrey Alan Brunner Glen A. Bryan Tammy Lisa Bugg 170 Seniors HAS LARGEST ENROLLMENT EVER 77 Susan Michelle Burgess Brian Vincent Burke Virginia Kay Burke Cynthia Ann Burkhardt Phillip Burton Norman Nelson Burwick Stephen Byers Christine M. Cain Russell Paul Cain Gloria Gale Cashion James Jay Carl Pamela Susan Cathell “Let ' s take a run around the track, " says Richie Russell to Sandy Zeltvay. Seniors 171 SADIE HAWKINS YIELDS Valerie Lynn Clayborne Mary Evelyn Cobert Barbara Jean Cole James William Cole Frances Mary Collins Ronald W. Collins Suzanne Lynn Cevey Kyong Ho Chang Ham H. Cho Thomas Eugene Christos " But Craig, 2+2 doesn ' t equal 5! " says Madeline Davis to Craig Wein. 172 Seniors OVER $1,000 IN GRUBBING Roy Wayne Collins Lisa Maria Conte Thomas A. Cook Alfred Warren Cooper Jeanette Matie Cooper Mary Ann Corey Michael E. Cooper Marge Lee Cornwell “Just call me Twinkletoes, " suggests Eve Martin. Pamela Yvonne Cox Langhorne Wute Craighill Susan Ivy Crocker Janet Lee Crossman Seniors 173 SENIOR CLASS FLOAT TIES FOR Cheryl L. Critchfield Bonnie Sue Crotty Francesca J. Cuchiara James H. Culhane Marty Thomas Leanne Elizabeth Thomas T. Daube Cunningham Czarnaski Dagny Raymond Davis Kevin J. Curtin Mark R. Danahy 174 Seniors Craig Day shows how attentive seniors are in class. Madeline Elfie Davis Sharon Kay Davis Craig Douglas Day Ruth E. Defreitas Michael Weston Dejarnette Carol Ann Dellinger Regina Ellen Delp Mary Louise Denny Mark Patrick Devine Roman Joseph Dial Dung Manh Dinh Gordon O. Dodson Linda Alison Dougherty Jay A. Douglas Seniors 175 SENIORS END FOUR David B. Elliott William Young Epling Deborah Kay Entsminger Wilmer Larry Eppard, Jr. Karen Espinolo Alison Ann Evans Mark A. Duncan Robert L. Dunn Vickie Elizabeth Edwards Cynthia Louise Eldridge Archie Borgus lends a helping hand to giggling Carol Boudreau. 176 Seniors LONG YEARS AT FCHS 77 Jeffrey Bruce Evans Scott Thomas Fairman Ginny Virginia Fallow Thomas Lee Farrell Robert C. Fauntleroy Stephanie A. Finlay William Feonard Field Maria Fiorino Donald Tutt shows how specialized courses help prepare stu¬ dents for professional careers. Robert W. Fisher Frances Delatha Flanagan Erin Elizabeth Flynn Pamela Jeane Foltz Seniors 177 SENIORS ENJOY THEIR WEALTH Paul Stark looks to his fellow musicians for help when he loses his place in the music. John A. Fox Donald G. France Lynne Beverly Freehof Pamela A. Ford Mary Beth Forrester Mary Elizabeth Fortner Regina V. Fortune Bradley R. Fraley John Ransom Franklin Cynthia Lee Fox 178 Seniors Karyn L. Friedman Donna Jean Fritz John F. Furr III Kenneth S. Gable Mark Steven Gardiner Leroy Westfall Giles III Linnet Elizabeth Goble David A. Goodwin Matthew Lee Gorecki Julie L. Gossom Kirk A. Grandy Charles S. Gray Seniors 179 Greg Carl Greenfield Bradley W. Greenquist Jennifer Lee Griggs Debra Anne Hahn Diane Haight Virginia Haight Susan Rose Hamlbin Jeanne L. Hamilton Maria Theresa Hanna Richard Alan Haregreaves 180 Seniors imWBIIM SENIORS TAKE ON NEW RESPONSIBILITIES ' 77 Betty J. Hedgpeth Michael G. Held Dawn E. Hemenway Audrey Ann Henrikson Katherine June Hartell Charles Ross Hawkins Mary Ann Harms Lisa Jean Harris Philip Jay Harrison Rex Matthew Hart After Scott Bono finishes practicing with his baton, Megan Smith helps him clean up the mess. Seniors 181 SUPERLATIVE Marcella Henry Deborah Renne Henson Shannon Carol Hetrick Shawn Bess Higgins Elizabeth Highfill James David Hixon Hun Ho Timothy M. Hohner Pamela Gail Holland Joslynn Hollis Patricia Lynne Hollohan Leslie Jean Holman 182 Seniors SENIORS REPRESENT CLASS 77 Anna Catherine Holsinger Victoria Lee Houkal Robert J. Hume Adrian Grace Hunsberger Doris A. Hunter Susan Renne Ireson Bruce Lee Irle JoAnn L. Ivie Vicki Houkal tries to lure the photographer into a dark room. Seniors 183 SENIORS ANXIOUSLY Cheryl Ann Jacobs Cecilia Jenkins Nancy Jane Jewell " But Mr. Stepp, this is our class! " , plead Cabby Miroy, John Kimmer and Rogerio Araujo. Marietta Jacobson Wayne Paul Jenkins Jeffrey R. Johnson John Ray Jones Laura Jean Jones Steve Jones Karen Kaehn 184 Seniors AWAIT GRADUATION 77 Cheryl A. Kearns John D. Kimmer Shari Rae King Annemarie Elizabeth Kline Paul Mark Keller Kline Sharon D. Kennedy Jeffrey Richard Kephart Seniors 185 Joseph B. Knecht Anita G. Knight Kimberly Carol Knighton Gail Anne Koch Patricia Mary Koelbel Lynn Phillips Larkin Vincent Larsen Carol Ann Kondracki Michael Gerard LaRow Eric Matthew Laubis Michelle Patria LaCasse Dwayne Edmundson Landsown 186 Seniors SENIORS PREPARE FOR CAREERS 77 Tong D. Le Albert Daniel Leary III Mary Elizabeth Lee Tuan Anh Le Elizabeth Alden Lee Regina L. Lee Wanda Lori Lawhorn David Bradley Lazarus Khiem A. Le Tan Khac Le Gordon Dodson and Brad Fraley type a program into the computer. Seniors 187 SENIOR CLASS THANKS JUNIOR Yong Chae Lee Kelly Elizabeth Legate Glen R. Lewis Jonathan Latham Lewis Robert D. Lomax Kathy Sue Loveless Evelyn Skillman Lowenstern Keith Gerard Lundien 188 Seniors CLASS FOR MEMORABLE PROM Walter P. Lynn Clifford P. Macdonald Dawn Marie MacNevin William Snyder Maffett Ted Theodore Magsig Susan Gail Malick Denise Jeanne Marcellin Daniel Evan Mares Suzanne B. Marsteller Daniel R. Martin Seniors 189 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SHOW Eve Courtney Martin Karen Lee Mason Lucinda May McCarroll Melvin A. Martin Katherine Ellen Matthews Rebecca Lea McClafferty The usual pandemonium in the S.G. room. Marion Beth McClintock Richard Joseph McCue John R. McGhee Richard A. McKinney 190 Seniors RESPONSIBILITY AND LEADERSHIP 77 Brian Douglas McMillen Sharon Diane McNabb Susan Marie McQuain Matthew John McQuillen John J. Mehalic Harry Ray Merchant Donald Franklin Miller Bryan Wesley Melvin Harley Anthony Methfessel Rita E. Miller " Lang! What happened to your hair? " , asks Frank Simonds. Seniors 191 SENIORS ANTICIPATE COLLEGE Bonnie Marie Mills Susan Marie Mitton Diane Michelle Morgan Zoe Gabrielle Miroy Judith Rachel Moreau John Robert Morrow Melinda Jean Moubray Debbie Jean Mowbray Robert Mowson Eileen Murphy 192 Seniors Lori Richmond grins her way through an easy Functions assignment. ACCEPTANCES 77 Michael I. Myhre Charles Napier Peter William Nassetta Barbara Ann Neilan Frank Nguyen Thu Bich Nguyen Ann Nicholas Douglas Randolph Nolan Alan Van Nystrom O Ae Ran Seniors 193 SENIORS PARTY HARDY Rebecca Karen O ' Bryhim Hung Suh Oh Nancy Olivola Nashwa Omary Randall E. Osborn Michael J. Paljug Robert Edwin Papke 194 Seniors ' 77 ON THE WEEKENDS Robert Wayne Passino Gregory T. Phelps Michael S. Pignotti Thomas M. Pitts John B. Pennington Ruth Ann Philippon Michael Dwayne Pinson Karen Yvonne Ponton Robert Lowell Powers George Jeffery Pratt Seniors 195 SENIORS COMPLETE Lee Lawrence Procter James William Purdy Kathryn Lynne Randall Carrie Rebecca Randolph Grace Ann Reece Tamara L. Reeves Patrice Anne Rehrig Paula Francis Rehrig John W. Reingruber Deborah Louise Rice Judith K. Richard Raymond FJ. Richard 196 Seniors LAST WILL AND TESTAMENTS ' 77 Tammy Sue Risdon Brenda Sue Round James Ernest Rozier Candace Irene Rodman Terri L. Rowland Renee Ruggere Teresa A. Richardson Lori Richmond Mary Jane Rike Paula Jean Riley Stage Band music proves to be baffling as shown by Becky O ' Bryhim, Ed MacDonald, Chris Jackson, and Paula Seguine. Spninrs 197 SENIORS ORDER " I know I ' m losing my hair but this is ridiculous,” complains Julie Gossom. Sharen Elizabeth Sabin Stephen Santos Brenda Schindler Larry Dale Schmidt Lois J. Schuler Joyce Diana Scott Martha Ann Scott Pamela Gayle Scott 198 Seniors CAPS AND GOWNS 77 Paula Marlene Seguine Margaret Helen Shaffer Richard Lee Seracino Shari Diane Shaw Michael Frank Sheviak Peter K. Shonerd Donna L. Shore Diana Short Robert Shuck Scott R. Sieck Seniors 199 SENIORS Tammy M. Simmons Frank Harvey Simonds, Jr. Coty A. Simpson Jane Marshall Simpson III Megan Sue Smith Porter Blanton Smith Robert Wayne Smith Michael A. Snedgen Amy Lynn Spear Ted Arnold Staples 200 Seniors A ROWDIE CLASS 77 Seniors smiles — faculty frustrations. v. ft Richard Charles Sternitzke Donna Jeanne St. Hilaire Daniel Joseph Stone Claude J. Stark Donna Lynn Stewart Gail Yvonne Stine Scott William Stout Paul Douglas Stark Sharon Katydid Steele Kathryn E. Steidel Seniors 201 THE CLASS OF 77 Norma Jane Stratton Lisa Anne Sturm Joan M. Swink Jill C. Tanner Margaret Cooper Strictland Stephanie Shuping Sun TrueChanhTa. Terri L. Taylor Bewilderment can be seen on the face of Larry Eppard as he gazes at Lee Proctor tucking in his shirt. 202 Seniors HAS IT ALL TOGETHER ' 77 Craig Anthony Tennell Gerald Bruce Thibodeau Carolyn Ann Thomas John R. Thomas Maryann Thompson Mary Louise Thompson Ricky Q. Thompson Sandra Dee Thompson Donna M. Tiller Laurel Lynn Titus Seniors 203 SENIORS ANTICIPATE David Eugene Tolman Claire C. Todaro Hung Due Quoc Tran Pamela Lynn Tomes Jonathan George Train Ellen Ann Trapp . “Sorry girls, I ' ve already got four dates lined up for tonight ' explains Harley Chestfessel. Carol Ann Truelove John A. Tsitos Bridgett Kay Turner Tamara Lee Turner 204 Seniors 77 George Ricky Tyler Dianne Vandivier David Vernon Sandra Kaye Vickroy Steven Andrew Villa Lori Day Waggener Jeffrey G. Wagoner Janice Ann Waldron Janet Marie Walters Kang Sheng Wang Seniors 205 SENIORS SURVIVE Keith Lundien, wanting his picture taken and " smilin purty. " Bruce Allen Webb Charles Ernest Webb William Webb Kathryn L. Weber Cathryn L. Wedding Jean Ann Wedler Sandra Jane Welch Sheryl Jean Welch 206 Seniors SEMESTER SLUMP 77 Cynthia Jane Werner John Douglas West Linda J. Westbrook Lynda Carol Westphal Gary G. Wharton Darrin R. White " You want me to stand by my sister? You ' re crazy! " laughs Sherry Welch. Sean E. Whitmore Joseph L. Whitney Craig Michael Wien Carole T. Williams Seniors 207 SUPER SENIORS Dalai M. Yassine Ho Chin Yi Hye-Kang Yong Cameo A. Yoshida Iris Belinda Willians Sandra L. Williams Scott Andrew Witthaus Gary Howard Wood Charles Woods Edward Lee Yarbrough 208 Seniors Dianne Vandivier expresses the sentiments of many at Falls Church. Robert Yoshida Alexandra Maria Karen Sue Zimbro Nicholas Paul Nappo Zeltvay Sexy Seniors of ' 77 Seniors 209 Seniors Choose Outstanding Classmates With Senior Superlatives Most Dependable: Carol Kondracki, David Tolman Rowdiest: Norman Burwick, Beth Fortner Most Athletic: Charlie Gray, Pam Foltz Most Likely to Succeed: Mike LaRow, Kathy Hartell Best All Around: Archie Borgus, Jamie Baylis " To me, being a senior means ending four years of my life that have given me many enjoyable experiences, all of which will never be forgotten, while looking ahead to the opportunities to come. " — David Tolman " Being a senior in the year of ' ll has been a great experience: after all, we do own this school. " — Craig Wien " Being the " class stud " has been a real trip. I ' ve thoroughly enjoyed my outstanding achievements at Falls Church. " — Bucky Methfessel " To me, being a senior means to approach a large number of crossroads; And with many friends going different ways, facing the decision of taking one of the many paths. " — Ted Staples " Being a senior is being " big and bad, " being somehow above everyone. It ' s a big ego trip, but I ' ll hate to leave because it has and will be fun. " — Mark Danahy " Being a senior of the class of ' ll means getting out of school earlier than everyone else, and deserving it. It means leaving our trace of the class of ' ll for all to remember. " — Yvonne Bennett " Being a senior means learning how to face the problems ahead, while cherishing the memories of the past four years, and applying the experiences of high school to the challenges of college. " — Lori Richmond " As the year comes to a close and I look back on the past four years, I have mixed feelings about being a senior. I enjoy the privileges that I have now that I didn ' t have before. All in all though, this has been the best of my four years at F.C.H.S. " — Jeannette Walters " Being a senior means leaving many good people and a great wrestling coach. " — Mike Dejarnette " Being a senior means experiencing the joy of getting out earlier than the lower classmen. " — Brad Lazarus " Four years at Falls Church has been a real " rush " . . . " Wow man! " — Norman Burwick " Being as modest as possible, I frankly believe that the senior class of ' ll has been the best class Falls Church High has ever produced. Being a member of such a great class means that each and every one of us experiences that satisfaction of great personal honor and pride. There will be more great classes to come to F.C.H.S., but be assured that the class of ' ll won ' t easily be forgotten. " — Bob Dunn " Being a senior means your last year to be free. After this it ' s college or work. It ' s fun being a senior. " — Vickie Edwards " Tne senior year yields many satisfactions; being the biggest flirt is but one. " — Scott Sieck " Just a word of advice to the underclassmen, live your senior year with all the gusto you can. " — Julie Gossom " I never let my schoolwork interfere with my education (Mark Twain) " — Scott Stout " Being a senior means having more time to party and having the best football team in the country. " — Danny Stone " The first step to independence. " — Patrice Rehrig " To me, being a senior means that four years of my life have ended, filled with memories of events and people which will never fade. It means that through the relationships and experiences encountered, I have the necessary skills and talents needed to exist in today ' s society. " — Richie Russell " The feeling of being a senior is quite special to me. I have made special friends I will remember for the rest of my life. The experiences and situations in Falls Church, I think, has made me a better person. The Falls Church experience will help me later in life. " — Claude Stark " Being a senior means being proud of my school because it has the best football team, band, and senior class there ever was. " — Paula Rehrig " Being a senior to me means ending a long friendship. " — Dagny Davis " Being a senior to me is the ending of one life, and the beginning of a new one. " — Jill Bassett " Being a senior to me is; like wow, tne greatest, really coolman, neato, far-out, dynomite, fantastic, bad and besides that, it is OK. It is like a long relationship, once it ' s over, there ' s no returning, but you ' ll always remember it. " — Beth Fortner " Being a senior is both sad in leaving old acquaintances and exciting in anticipating new ones in college. I look forward now to meeting new challenges as well as friends. " — Dianne Vandivier " Having it confirmed that the last year is the best. " — Donna Fritz " Not having to make up snow days. " — Pete Nassetta " An end and a beginning. " — Bob Papke " Having busboys at lunch and collecting rent from Doc and George on our school. " — Bob Powers " The end of childhood and a beginning of responsibilities for a good life. " — Danny Martin " The senior year is a retrospective feeling for the past and apprehen¬ sive look to the future. (Thank God it ' s over!!) " — Roman Dial " The end of a lot of good times and the beginning of our life. " Jennifer Griggs " The senior year is another step in the long ladder of life. " — Mark Gardiner " The senior year is a time to remember all that you have done, and to decide all of what you are planning to do. " — Jono Lewis " Being a senior means the end of school (thank God) and finally going out to the real world. " — Anonymous " To me, being a senior means that we have learned a part of the skills which will give us confidence to be a contributing member of society. " — Craig Day " As every day comes to an end, a new day is dawning, and with it a new beginning. But if we ignore the possibilities of every today, what is the value of tomorrow? " — Lisa Harris " ' The future always comes before we ' re willing to give up the past! ' " — Erin Flynn " In my senior year of high school, I have found that people I thought were my friends weren ' t. At first, the idea of this being my last year at F.C. upset me. But now I know that I am ready to see the world. My senior year for me meant growing up and taking my stand in life. " — Archie Borgus I I i J ' f ' ' • ' { W ' ■ ■ ■ . « 1 ■ § I fill JR» V V®3KSK! gS!iw§ Mllmm uttst f 4«41 M Friendliest: Teddy Staples, Sandy Welch Most Talkative: Wayne Jenkins, Chris Cain Most School Spirited: Sue Crocker, Scott Bono Class Clown: Cabby Miroy, Frank Simonds Most Intellectual: Craig Wien, Alison Evans 212 Senior Superlatives Personality Plus: Steve Bourne, Evy Lowenstern Wittiest: Eddie Yarbrough, Cindy Bocock Senior Superlatives 213 Bobby Passino and Burt Clayborne amuse the onlookers by pulling down Mark Springston Freshman shop class provides a place for students to develop their skills Bp— - : V1 a- - §§ „ 1 :v- - M ,, ► 1 " , ; • | r V » 1 1 1 . ' 4 m 1 iM fj 1 ' ’ A 2 k .• ' s : ' 1 ' H hltti r %m‘ ' J W ■ , PI . p lb _ • w J - sipp 1 • 4 MPP rWirtwwiiwif i ' i KHt ,. ' Each moment, whether learning, playing, or watching, provides an opportu nity for each individual student to give or make his own impression. i • ' » “ • ,? ' v ' %$ £ i - ; V ' ■ ■ .V ' : • 1 ■ • ; Ralph Turner goes to an extreme in seeking soltitude to study STUDENTS y . ilfflfcl f r i- 5 -® v 55 15-9 mk j l r _ mz it Mjffi _ T£! Sharon Rutherford prepares to leave after working on the junior class float JUNIORS ' 78 Scott Cox, President The Class of ' 78 started the year in a financially depress¬ ing state due to early Prom arrangements. They decided to " go all out " making reservations for one of the huge ball¬ rooms at the Sheraton in Reston and making a contract with the band, " Hard Cider " . In order to pay off their debts, they worked closely with their sponsor, Mr. Murphy, to obtain administrative approval to sell donuts to night classes at Falls Church and Madison. Among the many dances they sponsored were the now traditional Ring Dance and the Spring Dance. As usual, the dues drive brought in a large Amy rescott ' ecretar y sum of money due to the procrastination of students in pay¬ ing their dues. The Class of ' 78 displayed exceptional spirit at football games, pep rallies, and during Pride Week and Homecom¬ ing float competition. The top prize of $15 was awarded to them for their decorated hall of aluminum bells. They also won an award for winning first place in float competition. One of the many things that sets the Class of ' 78 apart from the other classes is their goal to obtain a permanent career education program within the curriculum. The ju¬ niors were also the first class ever to co-sponsor an assembly with the Student Government. The assembly, " Desparados " , was an interesting film presentation with a musical sound track featuring the music of " America " , which proved to be a huge success with the students. After three years at Falls Church High School, the juniors have had time to look back and form a variety of impres¬ sions while still looking forward to making their final lasting impression. Kathy Holmes, Cabinet Officer Jane Scott, Treasurer 216 Juniors Deborah Adams Elaine Adams Ken Adams Jay Ahearn Victoria Allen Sandra Alstadter Mark Anderson Steve Anderson James Anthony Jeff Artman Constance Arvis Isabel Ascunce Barbara Bacon Frank Bailey Jeffrey Bailey Sammy Bailey Deborah Balthrop Rebecca Baxter Tim Baxter Kelly Beatty Mary Becker Juliette Benedicto Martin Berend Ann Bertram Kirsten Bevinetto Pam Black Joe Blackwell Vicky Blann David Blevins Susan Bloom Bender Bocock Kay Bodnar Tim Bodor Brigitte Bombardier Donna Booze Carol Boudreau Lisa Bouton Bev Bowen Christine Bowen Todd Bowling Michael Bowman Carol Bozarth James Bradshaw Cindie Bradtmiller Sergio Bravo Mike Bray Karen Brinkley Johnny Briscoe Juniors 217 Janet Place, Cover Girl Victoria Brooks Stephen Browder Lynda Brown Michael Bruce Donna Brunner Joy Bryan Steve Bryant Robert Bryce John Buchan Deborah Bumgardner Eileen Burke Becky Burkhart Terry Burrier Robert Bussler Brenda Byers Thomas Cain Ronald Campbell James Canody Antoinette Carpenter Dale Carpenter Deloris Carter William Castro Christina Cecca Catherine Chapman Thomas Chapman Randi Charno Kim Chinhwea Jim Dong Cho Moon Cho Kelly Christensen Burt Clayborne Dorothy Cochran Warren Collins Brooks Conner Deborah Conner William Converse 218 Juniors Tim Cooper Cheri Corbin Shawn Costello “Standing on the corner watchin ' all the girls go by . . hums Art Jacobsen Jeffrey Covenston John Cowan Michael Cox Janis Creekmore Denise Critchfield Katherine Crow Michael Crowder Kathleen Cunningham Margaret Daily Carol Daniels Diana Davies Charles Davis Theresa Desmarais Thomas Dickerson Edward Dowden Phillip Dubois Trish Dyer Valerie Eggleston Carolyn Elkins Danny Entsminger Donald Entsminger Lee Erlandson Juergen Ermert Ana Escobar Daniel Evans Michael Evans Franco Falvo Juniors 219 Sharion Farnsworth Susan Fedewa Karen Fenneman Don Ferguson Kevin Ferguson Dennis Fern Lisa Ferrari Toni Ferrell Stephen Fisher Barbara Fitzpatrick Chyleen Flynn Ellen Foley Debra Ford Ed Formosa Cheryle Friedman Esther Friedman Karen Fritz Monica Furr Cynthia Gant Kim Garner Anne Marie Gamier David Gatton Cathy Gawarecki Carol Giancaspro " To eat or not to eat: that is the question, " ponders Debbie Sams 220 Juniors JUNIOR FLOAT TIES FOR FIRST Tim Giles Duane Gillis Stephanie Glass Theresa Goff Mark Goldman Bill Gordon Carolyn Goodwin Steve Graine Cynthia Graves Irvin Gravette John Griffith Dan Green Judi Greenberg Evelyn Greene Thomas Grunst Don Hajec John Halnberg Trudi Hamilton John Hanrahan Suzanne Hansen Donna Harmon Jean Harper Nancy Harrelson Mary Kay Harris Carol Hartsook Linda Hartung Rebecca Haslop Sherry Hatfield Kevin Heater Robin Hemlepp Andy Hendrickson James Hepler Cheryl Herring Walter Herrity Lorraine Herrmann Shayne Hetrick Mary Hile Carol Hilleary Jeff Holman Kathy Holmes Daniel Hoover Lois Hopkins Karl House Debra Howell Joann Hubbs Tammy Hull Angela Inglisias Linda Ingalsbe Juniors 221 David Inman Ralph Turner d isplays his brute strength. Greg Ivie Donna Jackson Yvonne Jackson Arthur Jacobsen Ann Jansen Will Jeffrey Charles Jenkins Richard Jensen Tim Jensen Cheryl Johnson Donna Johnson Doug Johnson Jay Johnson Joseph Johnson Penelope Johnson Rodney Johnson Duane Jones Mary Jones Steven Jones William Jones Laurie Karlson Tom Keller Michael Kelvin Frances Kennedy Teresa Kerins David Kerns Gregory King 222 Juniors John King John King Sheila Kingman Kyung Kim Diane Kirkpatrick Roger Kitts Neil Knies Turner Kobayashi Kim Krause Kim Kwang Sharon LaProd Mark LaRow Huong Le Sung Woo Lee Tim Leary Janet Letzkus Marla Levin Craig Lichty Carla Little Daniel Livette Stephanie Loos Mike Louis Craig Lowrance Lisa Lowrance Ann Thu Lu Pat Maccini Mike MacNevin Jeff Macnichols Richard Madrid David MalinelIi r, ivj Bruce Manilla James Martin Mike Martin Floyd Monroe, The Boss Juniors 223 JUNIORS WIN PRIDE WEEK Nancy Mastropolo James Mathis Susan Mattson Joyce May Megan McCall Cheryl McClintock Edwin McDonald Homer McElroy Anne McKenna Carol McNare Linda Mead Jennifer Meader Fred Meadows Dale Mechem Lynn Merten Susan Mesler Martha Metcalfe Aaron Miller Mark Mills Ted Mixon Floyd Monroe Patricia Montena Brent Montgomery Herbert Moore Sandra Morgan Bill Morris Bill Morris Christina Morris Andrew Morrison Matt Murray Michael Myers Thomas Nayle Beth Neely Nguyen Nhung Nguyen Son Hong David Nichalas Junior Nicholls Kim Noble Patricia Nolan Mary Noles Teresa Noles Sean Noone O Ae Young Terri Oertly Susan Okeefe Constance Palmer Kathleen Palmer Jeff Patrick 224 Juniors ' ■ Jay Patton Shannon Payne Richard Pennie Susan Perkins Christopher Peters Jane Peterson Keith Peterson Teri Peterson Deborah Pewtherer Karen Pfaff Janet Place Carl Plum Deborah Poncin Kandi Ponton John Potvin Michael Powell Amy Prescott Patricia Prestera John Baylor at work for once. Alison Price Bruce Price Gregory Quigley Teresa Raines Mary Rankin Sandra Rector David Reeves Karla Reinerston Jeff Reingruber James Revis Craig Rhew Brian Ricci Juniors 225 SS Daniel Richard Wayne Richardson James Richberg Theo Richie Rhonda Ritter Mary Roadcap Kim Robinson Dorcas Rodger David Rohr Jody Rudacille Joe Russell Sharon Rutherford Pat Ryan Sandra Ryback Pamela Rymer Deborah Sams Chrunphanh Sanoubane Kathleen Savage Laurie Scalzo Sassy Schaffstall Alona Schecter Robert Schlattman Jane Scott Sarah Scott Eileen Seaman Megan Seielstad Daniel Sharp Tim Sheridan Dan Sherron William Shevlin Eric Shoemaker Josh Shoemaker Robert Schultz Sandra Shuman Pam Siemers John Simons Courtney Twinam asks, " Who me? " 226 Juniors Cathy Simpson Lisa Smith Lee Snider Michael Snowden Harvey Snyder Wade Snyder Debra Sponable Mark Springston Lisa Sprouse Denise Stanley James Stannard Michael Staples David Stephens Steven Stewart Debra Stone Kevin Heater has plenty of good things on his mind. Marjorie Stout Kim Streets Patricia Stringer Stasia Strok Barbara Stryker Pat Sullivan Steve Swankowski Daniel Sykes Ta Dung My Kenneth Taylor Souren Tashjian John Tew Terri Tolbert Douglas Toms Tran Minh Polly Trammell Trinh Giao John Trout Juniors 227 JUNIORS AWAIT PROM Ruth Turman Ralph Turner Tamara Tusing Anthony Tutt Courtney Twinam Robert Tyler Lynda Venhuizen Richard Via Kenneth Vice Terry Vincent Danny Wade Nancy Waller William Waller Jeff Walter Sabrina Warden Carrie Washburn Larrie Watkins Brenda Weber William Weddle Audrey Weekley Debra Wells Diana West Floyd Westbrook Melody Whalen Cheryl Whetzel Michael White Wendell White Leslie Whittet Elise Whitney Brenda Whysong Dorothy Wickert Mark Wilhite Thomas Williams Doris Wilson Holly Wilson Wendy Witz 228 Juniors STUDENTS IN THE CLASSROOM Teddy Richie, Bobby Schultz, and Craig Rhew relax in a classroom after school. Alona Schechter concentrates on her Functions assignment. Joe Russell and Kevin Green stop their work long enough to smile at the camera. James Martin savors the aroma of cooking hamburgers. Juniors 229 SOPHOMORES ' 79 Under the leadership of returning president Patty Morrow, the sophomore class had a very successful year. The class displayed great amounts of enthusiasm and spirit during pep rallies as they won most of the competitions, and through the construction of their float for Homecoming. The float, “The Big Bad Wolf ' depicted the story of The Three Little Pigs and fit right in with the theme of Fantasy and Make Believe. Most sophomores anxiously await the end of their last year of physical education and the thrill of finally getting to take the all important behind-the-wheel course. Aside from this, the sophomores raised money through the dues drives, candy and bake sales, and the sponsoring of dances. The anticipation of their coming junior year is deeply im¬ pressed on this class as they look forward to greater inde¬ pendence and junior status. Patty Morrow, President Keely Flynn, Cabinet Officer Kristin Chapman, Vice-President Kelley Simonds, Treasurer Janice Scalzo, Secretary 230 Sophomores James Adams Deborah Adkins Kathryn Adkins Victoria Allen Karin Amaroso Eric Anderson William Anderson Florentia Aropakos Alejardir Aristizabal Cathie Arundel Jimmy Atalla DeAnna Austin Tevis Bair John Balderson Karen Ballard Richard Banning Ronald Barbara James Barber Linda Barnes James Barron Russell Barton Mary Bartone Julie Baskerville Robert Bastian Bradford Batten Gary Beach Glen Beach Donald Bealby Dale Beall Debra Beam Benjamin Beauge Richard Berentson David Berriman John Best Stephen Best Anita Bevans Cheryl Birkhimer Jorge Bischof Andrew Black Mary Blackburn Douglas Blankenship Jeanenne Blankenship Kathy Blinn Donald Bohrer Randy Bolt Sharon Bonds Charles Bosworth Lonnie Bouldin Sophomores 231 SOPHOMORE SPIRIT . . . HIGH Jeff Rosenberg smiles as Dr. Wilson announces another early closing. Jimmy Bourne Claudio Bravo Joseph Brito Bryan Bowker Paul Bradshaw Lee Bradtmiller Maryann Brancato Albert Bresch James Brooks Charles Brown Marian Brown Mary Brown Walt Brownlee Don Bruch Carol Bryan Teresa Buchanan Dean Buckhorn Michael Bugg Denise Burkhart Martha Busbice Linda Cain Carlo Campbell Michael Carey Carol Carlton Curtis Carr George Carrigan Michael Carroll Michael Casey James Cassidy Lisa Cecca Barbara Chandler Kristin Chapman William Chapman 232 Sophomores V-C- Cho Moon Vivian Cintron Alan Clark Kelly Calrk Robin Clatterbuck Scott Cole Timothy Cole Brian Collie Chris Coneys Joellen Constant Wayne Cook Barbara Cornett Michael Cox Janet Craigue Stephen Craigue Karen Crawford Suzanne Crim Donna Crotty Berry Cuffe John Culhane Allan Dacanay Gerardo Dacanay Donald Daigle Matthew Datta Carol Davis Esther Davis Diane Davis Margaret Day Jerry Jensen dreams of becoming another Michelangelo. Sophomores 233 Marcio Deem ody Tracy DeHaven Lavern Deike Christine Dejoy Alison Dellinger Louise Deskins Marcus Desouza Lori Dougherty Scott Dowell Cynthia Dunn Deborah Dunn Robert Eaton Jeff Edmundson Linda Edwards William Eglinton John Elder Albert Ellis Sherry Endress Teresa El wood Stephen Epling Lee Eskridge Richard Essex Ronald Essex Leigh Estep Colin Fairman Michele Farkas David Farrell Valerie Farrell David Fedewa Michael Ferguson Louis Flaherty Annette Fletcher Sharon Floyd Keely Flynn Mike Fontaine William Fontaine Cindy Fore Katherine Forster Joan Foulks John Fox Barry France John France Cordelia Freeman Michelle Freeman David Frenkel Kathleen Fritz Drew Frye Wash Fuller 234 Sophomores SOPHOMORES GET INVOLVED Michael Funkhouser Daniel Fyock Laurie Gable Susan Gabler " I wonder what flavor this one is, " questions Kathleen Fritz. Scott Gardiner Kenneth Garlem Jacqueline Gamier Kerry Garrett Dawn Gazes Frank Genduso Gary Gesner Nancy Geuder Dawn Gibbons David Gibbs Dennis Givargisadeh Matt Godlove Ronald Gorham Gregory Graham Larry Grandy Thomas Graves Mark Grigg Dean Groff Michael Grogan Timothy Grunst John Guion Gloria Gurri Karen Gwinn Eric Hahn Sophomores 235 SOPHOMORES BEGIN DRIVING Vicky Hair Gordon Hal! William Hall Laura Hallenbaugh Susan Hanna Gary Harding Emmett Hardy Robert Harlow Eleanor Harper Candee Harris Jeffrey Harris Peni Harris Tim Harris John Harrison Elizabeth Harsch Stacey Hart Harleen Jefferson Carol Hauk Michael Haynes James Hefferman Carolyn Helmick Mary Henderson Lourdes Hernandez Heidi Heuple Dawn Higgins Diane Highfill Edna Hill Jeffrery Hill Cheryl Hiller Karen Hink Chu Yung Ho Kim Hohner Edward Holder Fredrick Holland James Holmes Wendy Holmes David Hopkins Rodney Horner Pete House Janet Howard Kristin Hunsberger Maria Iglesias Rayette Ingrando Joe Inqui Douglas Irvin Cynthia Jackson Sally Jackson Joanne Jacobs 236 Sophomores IN BEHIND THE WHEEL Timothy James Richard Jamison Richard Jeffords Angelina Jenkins Charles Jenkins Charles Jensen Jerome Jensen Diana Jewell Jenifer Johnson Tracy Johnson Pam Johnston Roger Jones Pamela Jordan Sheryl Jursnick Eric Kahler Theresa Keete John Keisler Susan Keller Patrick Kelley Karen Kendall Patricia Kerns Zar Khan Robert Kidd Kevin Kiggins Laura Kiggins Charles King Janine Kirby Kirk Knight Wendy Knott Kevin Koch Mary Koelbel Harold Kopach Neil Kyle Mary Laatsch Danielle Lachanite Greg Larow Gerald Larsen Frederick Larson Shelia Lassiter Blane Laubis Mellissa Lauffer Larry Lawson Huyen Mong Le Tho Le Christopher Lee Yong Eun Lee John Lee David Lefevre Sophomores 237 Buford Lewis Li Ai Dee Karen Liggett Lim Bo Son Lim Hyun Janice Liptrap Linda Loudin Teresa Louis Alice Lowe Diane Lundien Robert Lunsford Cynthia MacGowan David Manilla Steve Manion Stephen Mann William Markwood Deborah Marsteller Christopher Martin m BIB ssi Tn n £ Iff ig-gSS SImiiiiiihj These sophomore girls are really on top of things. 238 Sophomores TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO Tim Martin Gladys Martinez Anita Mason Gryan Mason Deborah Mathen Gary Matteo Suzanne Mattheisen Mary Mattson Richard McCaulley Carol McDonough David McKenna Gara McLaughlin Leslie McMillan William McNemar Merlin Meadows Jeffrey Meeker Cynthia Megraw Mary Mellott Rob Merchant Beverly Merten Timothy Meyers Anthony Michaels Charles Miller Charlyn Miller Clayton Miller Donna Miller Linda Miller Sandra Miller Courtney Minturn Joanne Mitton Brenda Monahan Bonnie Montali Mark Moran Sophomores 239 NEW CONTEMPORARY CIVILIZATION COURSE Stefanie Moreau Craig Morris Sandra Morris Maureen Morrison Patricia Morrow James Mosley Linda Moss Catherine Murphy Elizabeth Murphy Pamela Murphy Ellen Murray Gary Myles Johnny Myles Sivaraman Natarajan Karen Neilan Lynda Nelson Mark Newbrough Beth Newlon Phan Nguyen Robert Nicol Alison Noble James Nolan Charmaine Obrien Margaret Offerman Marshel Oshields Jean Ottoson Terri Owen Faith Painter Melinda Pajak Mary Palmer Stephen Passino Don Patch Carolyn Patterson Dixie Patterson Shawn Patterson Valerie Paul John Paurowski Angela Payne Kenneth Payne June Pedone Ancisar Penafiel Iris Peoples JeJTrey Perka Evelyn Perkins Kevin Perkins Laura Pierce Kathleen Pieri Kathy Pledger 240 Sophomores PROVES ENLIGHTENING FOR SOPHOMORES Nancy Plum Bruce Pommer Rebecca Potts Pam Powell Tommy Proffitt Sherry Propst Keith Pruitt Anna Ramos Tom Randall Kelly Rankin Lenora Rauback Christopher Reed Deborah Rees Jonathan Reinemer Krag Reinertson Chris Renehart Rich Renton Carol Reynolds Christine Rhew Rickey Richardson Lawrence Richitt John Rike Ro Suk David Rodriguez Cheryl Rohrbaugh Steven Roland Robert Roper Cynthia Rose Jeff Rosenberg Scott Rowland George Russell Susan Rutherford Kim Ryon Jeff Harris thinks that the Sophomores float was a howling success. Sophomores 241 Mrs. Phelps goes over an English assignment with Mike Fontaine. Samar Saa Abir Saah Evonne Sailing Mary Salisbury Cynthia Saliz Julia Sawyer Janice Scalzo Joyce Scalzo David Schaletzky Lili Scheider Jeff Schrader Kathleen Schultz Scott Schultz Kenneth Seal Robin Seal Shirley Seaman Michelle Sessons Carol Seymour Lance Shaffer Monica Shuman Phillip Sharman Franklin Sheldon Susan Sheviak Scott Shifflett 242 Sophomores Shin Gi Young Seriva Siebert Brian Sieck David Silver Susan Simon Kelley Simonds Vicki Simpson Michael Sims Scott Sipe James Slusher Andrew Smith Brenda Smith Brenda Smith Joseph Smith Michael Spangler Kathleen Speight David Spitzer Carol Steidel Monique St. Hilaire Jeanne Stoufer Robert Stouger Richard Stover Linda Strum Gay Stuart Agnes Emanuel doesn ' t seem to notice that Keith Tasker is putting gum on her foot Rocky Summerfield Ronnie Sutphin Sophomores 243 SOPHOMORES TAKE LAST Peter Swanson Sarah Sykes Renee Tashjian Daniel Tasker Keith Tasker Vivek Tayal Sherry Taylor Stacey Taylor William Thibodeau David Thoma Suzanne Thomas Carla Thompson Katherine Thompson Randy Thornton Dell Timis Janet Tolman Laurie Traylor Vicki Tregen Susan Triplett Khong Truong Christopher Tschida Tu Phac Hien Christopher Tucker Loretta Tulloch Teresa Tunnell Barbara Turner Brenda Turner Kevin Turney Robert Wade Michelle Wahl Patricia Waldron Phillip Walker Susan Wall Carol Davis relaxes after a tiring tennis match. 244 Sophomores REQUIRED YEAR OF GYM Roger Walters Fey Wang Sunita Washington Jane Watts Mark Weekley Joan West Barbara Wheatley Keith Wiggs Carey Wilhide Debra Wilkie Rebecca Willett Donna Williams Marc Williams Sheryl Williamson Greta Wimmer Richard Wimmer Kenneth Winslow Timothy Wintz John Yarbrough Gavin Yates Yi Ho Choi Pamela Young Melissa Laufer enjoys her art class. Sophomores 245 FRESHMEN ' 80 This is a different year for all Freshmen, Freshpersons, Freshpeople. They are in a new school with more privileges and more responsibility. They are meeting many new peo¬ ple and making new friends. Gail Stine and Donna Strickland organized the Freshmen Orientation which proceeded with no complications. The first project for the Freshmen was the homecoming float. The nursery rhyme " Patty Cake, Patty Cake " allowed the freshmen to enter a world of fantasy. Archie Borgus, the Freshman advisor, helped them with their ideas. Mr. Muel¬ ler, the assistant principal for the Freshmen, helped them through their first year of high school without any major dif¬ ficulties. The Freshmen had many ideas for raising money. Some were bake sales and car washes. Even though it is only their first year at Falls Church Ffigh, the Freshmen have already begun to make an impression. Dana Poncin, President Jimmy Mosher, Cabinet Officer Linda Farrell, Treasurer Renee Little, Secretary Renee Holland, Vice-President 246 Freshmen Susan Adelmano Andrew Adkins Monica Albert Holly Allen Sue Allisonodeborah Raymond Anderson Michael Angelini An Sun Ho Marie Arnold Louis Ashby Virginia Atchison Cynthia Ann Barber Debra Badger Andrew Bailey Dora Bailey Eva Bailey Jonathan Bair Barry Ball Chris Ball Frank Baptista Jeannette Barbour Kimberly Barrett Tracy Barton Beth Basalyga Charles Batten Daniel Berend Sally Berentson Clete Bernhardt Greg Bernhardt Anne Besley Donald Bettis Libby Bevinetto Andrew Bigler Lynne Bigler John Blackburn Wesley Blackwell Vance Blann Martha Blough James Boggs Licano Bonds Melissa Bosworth Jeff Boureau Karen Bouton Cheryl Bowker Lila Bowling Heather Bridge William Brilhart Michael Brocato Freshmen 247 Christopher Brooks Linda Brotherton Ann Browder Anita Brown Donald Brown Kathleen Brown Karen Brunner Sheryi Bryant John Burke Paul Burke Kevin Buranen Gregory Burrier Greg Byers Christine Campbell Martha Campbell Russell Carlson Sean Carr Vance Carroll Jacqueline Carter Tekessa Carter Tina Carter Steven Cathell Deborah Catron Deborah Cazalas Eddie Noone feels his way through his assignment Barbara Chalou Donna Chanberlain Chang Young Joo Gerardo Chirinos Cathy Cho Cho Nam K. Lisa Christ Patricia Christie 248 Freshmen FROSH TURN OUT LARGEST CLASS Catherine Christos Eleanor Cilinski Jeffrey Cintron Marcia Claussen This is the third time Joanna Gilbert has forgotten her locker combination. Barry Clem Janet Clyde Daine Collier Rosemary Collins Rhonda Cook Gene Cooper Joseph Copley Kelly Corella Walter Cornwell Robin Coverston Renee Critchfield Michael Crotty Vanetia Crowell Avery Cu I breath Elizabeth Culhane Laura Cunningham Mary Cunningham Kara Curtis Brenda Custer Mark Czarnaski Caroline Dahl Paul Daho Francis Daily Mary E. Daniels Freshmen 249 • 43k FRESHMEN SHOW INGENUITY Juliana Davis Nancy Davis Tom Daivs Dwight Day John Deikeq Pat DeLaTorre Lourdes Delagado Rita Demarest Susan Desmarias Sidney DeWolfe Lenore Dick Kellie Dickerson Robert Dickerson Roger Dixon Robert Doak Mark Dodd Deborah Dodson Dedra Dodson George Dodson Teresa Dodson Joanne Donohue Douglas Dowden Mongomery Downing Terry Draper Jeanne Drewer Thomas Dukeman Elizabeth Dunn Lynn Earnest Patricia Eaton Steven Endress David Entsminger Lisa Espinola Bard Estabrook Andre Evans Catherine Evans Duane Evans Lisa Evans Maureen Fagan Coileen Fannin Rosalie Farnsworth Linda Farrell Joseph Fay Rosemary Feagans Ed Ferrari Ronald Ferris John Finlay Anna Flecx Timothy Flynn 250 Freshmen WITH HOMECOMING FLOAT Suzanne Griffith Lisa Hale Dwayne Hall Stacey Hall Eugene Hamilton Shari Hamrick David Fogleman Darnell Ford John Fox Melissa France John Francioso Sylvia Frayne Dollie Freeman Gregory Freeze James Fry Helen Fry Dan Gable Timothy Gaizick Liane Galden Frances Gallagher Bob Garrett Karim Gasserud Mary George Brian Gerber Ferial Ghannam Joanna Gilbert Diana Gillis Jennifer Goodrich Jonathan Gorecki Jerry Goto Micheal Grayson Kevin Green Duane Greenfield Lisa Greenquist Victoria Greer Melissa Griffith “Patt y Cake, Patty Cake, Baker ' s Man " Freshmen 251 Linda Haney Kathleen Hardesty David Harding Denise Hardwick Debra Harewood Cynthia Harrigan Maureen Harrigan Donald Harrison Kathleen Hart Gregory Hartman Jay Hatfield Connie Hawkins Catherine Hayes Paul Heath Richard Heckman Arthur Hemensday Kimberly Henry Ronnie Hergreaves Julio Herrera Cheryl Heuple Bruce Hewitt Robert Hile Patricia Hill This Freshmen reads up on the Presidential Election. 252 Freshmen Connie Hiner Paul Holland Renee Holland Rodger Holman Steven Holmberg Lee Honeycutt David Hoover Rachel Houston Hsu Ti Stephen Hunsberger Manuel Hutchers John Hutcheson Hyan Pak Harold Hyatt Lisa Ingalsbe Dennis Ireton Jeffrey Isom Margaret Ivy Lisa Jacobsen Jeanette Jankowski Vincent Jefferson Terry Jenkins David Jensen Grace Johnson Jeff Johnson Marc Johnson Vanessa Johnson Anthony Jones Douglas Jones James Jones Julie Jones Steven Jones Mark Kalisch Hye Kang Courtney Karlson John Keegan Lori Keener Steven Kendell Alice Kennedy Cynthi.a Keys James Keys Golmohamad Khan Alka Khanna Pamy Khanna Sunita Khorana Larry Kidwell Aesoon Kim Shelly King Freshmen 253 THE CLASS OF ' 80 EXPERIENCES Dennis Kirby Bret Kisley Michele Kleinfelder Michael Klika Alana Klingebiel Nicholas Kopack Theresa Koth Wilson Krause Michael Kresky Mark Krysinki Kyung O ae Karla Laatz Mary Lacasse )ames Lackey Rob Lamon Stanley Lamonds Dee Landis Janet Lane Michael Lapham James Larkin Susan Lau Jeanne LaViolette Monica Leary Eric Lee Eun Lee Whit Lee Page Lee Scott Lee John Leep Mark LeFevre Liem Leigh Lili Leroy Mary Letzkus Dana Lewis Li Fum Steven Lilly Loretta Little Toni Little Leah Littlewood Cynthia Lloyd Pamela Loudin Amy Loveless Pamela Lowen Jamie Lyle James Lynch Melissa Lyons Lisa Maccini Tim Main 254 Freshmen FRESHMAN FOLLIES Jose Malazo Anthony Malone Kim Manaois Jourdan Marcel Jay Markwood Donald Martinson James Massar David May David Mayhew Susan McCall Michelle McClintock Selina McCarroll John McDonald William McDonald Wendi McIntosh Alison Meader Michael Megraw Debra Mesisca Maria Meszaros Kathy Meyer Christina Miller Deborah Miller Elizabeth Miller James Miller Susan Miller Walter Mitchell Dennis Mitchler Pamela Mixon Lawrence Montali Katherine Moorefield Brian Morris Loretta Morrison James Mosher Anne Marie Moss Christa Mountain Sandra Murdock Jill Murphy Deboran Murray Lorie Myhre Edward Noone Valerie Nicholls Dzung Nguyen Jean Nappo Frank Ogando John Oleniacz Carolyn Olivo Terri Omear Patrick O ' Neal Freshmen 255 Jennifer Osburn Michele Orfino Brett Overcash Wanda Owens Elizabeth Oram Kahmy Pakhik Paul Pallansch Louis Paradise John Parks Michele Parlier George Patchan Tara Patterson Dwayne Paugh Harold Payne Ann Peters Susan Peterson Daniel Philippon Carol Picket Three fans watch one of the football games with mixed emotions. Paul Burke believes that he has been caught cheating. 256 Freshmen Cameron McCall makes an old man out of Tim Sheridan. Rick Potts Kathe Powell Laurie Powell Steven Preston Bryan Price Kitty Proffitt Jennifer Ramos John Reese Micheal Reeves Margaret Register Michael Reingruber Clay Rener Tracey Renfro Cheryl Reynolds Kenneth Rider Denise Ridingin Robert Rike Kimberly Risk Dierdre Robertson Brenda Robinson Deborah Robinson Deborah Rodgers Tamara Rollins James Roop Freshmen 257 FRESHMEN CONFIDENCE INCREASES David Roper William Ross Carol Rowe Annette Rubin Robert Rudd Brian Rugen Barry Rynk Suha Saa Oraib Saah Brian Saffell Marc Saitta Rebekah Sams Candace Sawer Terri Saylor Laura Schlattman Linda Schlattman Jeffrey Schmidt John Schonowski Jerry Schrader James Seaman Marshall Sears Robert Seidman Carolyn Selquist Kathryn Selquit Timothy Seth John Shaffer Lisa Shapbell Kerry Sharon Stephen Shelesky Renee Sheltra Wayne Sherba Yvonne Sherron David Shoemaker Barbara Simmons Michael Simon Wallace Simpson Virginia Slavik Patricia Slavin Tina Small Matthew Smith Michael Smith Patricia Smith William Smith Lisa Snider Eric Snyder Darell Sodergren Dean Southee Jacqueline Spencer 258 Freshmen WITH ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPATION Debra Spitzer Christine Spriggle Stacy Sprung Terrence Staples Scott Steadman Dianne Steele Mark Steel James Stickley Shasha Strain Tammy Streets Linda Stringer Brenda Stuart Jeff Stucken Kim Sung Janet Szymanski Joyce Szymanski Attila Tassi Alan Tavenner Stephen Taylor Lawrence Thibodeau Susan Thomas Yolande Thomas John Thomason Wiliam Thompkins Lisa Thortenson Due Tran Nga Cheryl Tribble Deborah Trivett Graham Truelove Heather Trusty Melanie Tschida Beverly Tucker Paul Turman Elizabeth Turner Lisha Tutt Terri Tyler Glenn Udart Lisa Vanderwal Mirna Vasquez Thomas Venable Kristi Villaret Irene Vinson Noel Vivaldi Donna Wagner Lisa Wagoner Hasan Waldan Suzanne Walch Beverly Waldron Freshmen 259 FRESHMEN ADAPT Timmy Walker Derrick Wallis Therese Walowac Judith Walton Parke Wasko Marian Waters John Watkins Tina Watkins Susan Watson Esperanza Webb Faunice Webb Kristen Webber Fredrick Wells Jay Whaley Denise Whetzel Lawrence White Terrie Wholrab Elizabeth Wiley Terry Willett Trena Willett Bobby William Eric Williams Keith Williams Tina Williams Dean Wilson Teresa Wilson Karen Windle Howard Witmer 260 Freshmen Suzanne Witthaus Theresa Wojtowicz Bernie Wolfe Theresa Wolf Kermit Wooldridge Deanna Wright Leslie Wright Mona Yassine Amy Yeakel Ying Li Ling Jeffrey York Suzanne Yoshida Deborah Zandler Aren ' t you glad Mark LaFevre uses Dial? Don ' t you wish everyone did? Amy Roberts giggles at a classmate ' s answer on a test. Freshmen 261 FOOLING AROUND Beth Neely and Richard Madrid seem to be camera shy. Working on floats proved to be a good way to get together. What can Janet Tolman ' s and Kelly Simonds ' joke be? 262 Underclass Susan Keller and Stacy Hart square dance in the gym lobby. Follow the above directions. Sam Smith doesn ' t seem phased by Floyd Monroe ' s karate attempts. Sherry Hamrick pacifies her friend. Underclass 263 Mark Lefever is absorbed in the art of skateboarding. David Shoemaker takes a break to concentrate on tying his shoe. Jeff Walter and Jane Scott seem more interested in posing for the camera than paying attention to the games of Steve Graine, Franco Falvo, and Mike Evans. 264 Underclass LIFE AT SCHOOL Elaine Adams dresses up as a " baby” for Keyette tryouts. " Who do you think you are taking my picture? " exclaims Marian Waters as Colleen Fannin and Lisa Ingalsbe just laugh it off. 265 • . . r , N •- ' t-1 .f ■ . • " ior its rj-;..; ? . ' ?•? KRISTA A. ABRAMS Tr ' .-; : PATRICA ANN ADKINS — " Patty " — D.E. 2,3,4. J ' : 7; : SHARON M. ADKINS ' .; . CHARLES HECTOR ALLEN " Tuna " — Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Civitan 1,2,3,4, : Sgt. of Arms 3. V - ' ' CYNTHIA R.lNEHART ALLEN • DEBORAH L. ALLISON CARLA ELISABETH MARIA ALVES — Keyettes 3,4, Vice Pres. 4; Motorcross : Club 1. • ADAM ARTHUR ANDERSON — Jr. N.H.S. 1,2; N.H.S. 4; Model U.N. Club 4. DIANE SCOTT ANDERSON — Jr. N.H.S. 1,2; NHS 3,4, S.H.S. 1; Jaguar Journal 2,3; FBLA 2,3,4. DOAN ANDERSON — " Andy " — Jaguar Journal 3; CAA 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Hockey 1,2,3,4, Capt.. 2,4; FBLA 2,3,4. LINDA LEE ANDERSON — " Dandy Andy " — N.J.H.S. 1,2; N.H.S. 3,4; FHS 3; GAA 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3; Track 1,2,3,4, Co-Capt. 3,4. WENDY LYNN ANDERSON — DECA 4; Parliamentarian 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; French Club 1,2; Human Relations Council 1,2,3; Legislator 3, Cabinet 4; Tennis 1,2. JOHN HELLIS ANDREWS — " Andy " — Computer Club 1,2,3,4; Science Fair 3, 1 st place. ROGERIO GUINARAES DE ARAUJO — Marching .Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; All-Regional Band 1,2,3,4. LESTER M. ARTHUR — " Butch " — Drama Club 1; French Club 2,3; FHS 2,3,4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4. PAUL J. ARUNDELL MARK WAYNE ASKIN — Ski Club 2,3; Civitan 3,4, Sgt. of Arms 4; Diving Team 1; Football 1,2,3,4; All District Football 4. MARKS. ATHER JACELYN REBECCA AYRES — " Saki " — Keyette 3,4 Tres. 4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4. BRUCE WAYNE BADGER Barbara Cole boogies to the beat of " Sound Tech " at Sadie Hawkins. JOHN M. BAER — " Yogi " — German. Club 1; Latin Club 3,4; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 3,4; Lacrosse 3; Ski Club 1,2,3; Track 1,2, DAVID WINTERS BAIRD — " Dave " — Outing Club 3; Wrestling 1,2. CYNTHIA JEAN BALL — " Cindy " — C.O.E. 3,4. PAUL BALUN RONALALD H. BAMBLING JR. JAMES R. BARKER TIMOTHY WAYNE BARKER — " Tim " — I.C.T. 4. REENA EVAN BAROV LAWRENCE M. BASALYGA JILL T. BASSETT — Chorus 1; Spanish Club 1; Cabinet Officer 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Civinettes 3,4; Class Sec. 4; Newspaper 3; Homecoming Court 3; Sweetheart Court 4. JAMES EDWARD BAUMGARDNER — ICT; VICA President 4. JAMIE GAYLE BAYLIS — " James " — Cheerleading 1,2,3, Capt. 1; FBLA 2,3 ; Reporter, 4 Secretary; Civinettes 3,4 Secretary; NjHs 1,2; NHS 3,4; Co- editor yearbook 4; Governor ' s School; Homecoming 1, Queen 4; " Best All Around. " , - ■ ■y . •• J , . ; . i • r.v v t . , T; : : . • i ' I.. ■; SANDRA KAY BEAZLEY — " Bee " — Spanish Club 1; Band 1; NJHS 1,2; ;,: NHS 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; FBLA ' 4; Yearbook section editor 4. 266 Senior Credits JORGE ANDRES SMITH BECERRA — " H.P. " — Marching band 1,2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 4; Tennis Team 2; Symphonic Band 3,4. JUAN P. BECERRA — Marching band 1,2,3; Symphonic band 2,3. KEVIN ALLEN BECKER — " Kevin " — DE Assistant treasurer 2; Treasurer 3; Most outstanding OE student 2. MARY ELLEN BENNETT — " Mellen” — Tennis 1,2,3,4; Varsity basketball 2,3,4; Varsity softball 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Capt tennis 4; Capt. basketball 4; Mot valuable tennis player. RICKY W. BENNETT YVONNE SUSAN BENNETT — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 1,2,3, Sec-treas. 3; TABS 1,2,3,4, Pres, 4; Marching band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic band 1,2, 3,4; Stage band 4; All-regional band 1,3. PAUL E. BENZ — " Mercedes " — Future Medical Careers Club 2,3; Basket¬ ball 1; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 4. PATRICK A. BERNHEISEL LISA KEVIN BEST — Legislator 3,4; SAC 4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Ski club 1,2,3; Track 2; Soccer 3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; French Honor Society 1,2,3. BEVERLY JEAN BI.AISDELI. — " Bev " - Class Vice-pres. 1,2; NJHS 1; Ski Club 3; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Forensics Club 4; Civinettes 4; Campus Life 1,2; NHS 4; Yearbook 4; SG Committee chairman 4; " The Boyfriend; " Sweetheart Court 2. ROBERT B, BLANKENSHIP TAMMY LISA BUGG JOHN LANSING BLOOM — " Sundance " — Tennis 1,2,3,4; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; Feature editor 3,4; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4. KAREN MARIE BLOUGH — " Carie. " HAI HOANG BUI— " Hoang " - i .. . SUSAN MICHELLE BURGESS — " Sus Haps " — Gymnastics 1. BRIAN VINCENT BURKE — Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1; AAU Basketball Championship. VIRGINIA KAY BURKE — " Ginny” — GAA 1; Softball 1,2; Jaguar Journal 2.3, Business manager 3; FHA 2,3,4, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4; NJHS 2; NHS 3.4. CYNTHIA ANN BURKHARDT — " Hang-a-moon " — VICA 3,4; Cosmetol¬ ogy 3,4. JOHN D. BURTON Pep club 1; FBLA 2,3,4; Civ CYNTHIA JANE BOCOCK — " Cindy " inettes 3, Pres. 4; Yearbook 4; " Wittiest SCOTT F. BONO ARCHIE HENRY BORGUS III — " Archie " — Class Pres. 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Treasurer 1; Future Medical Careers 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Human Rela¬ tions Club 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Drama Club 1,4; " Injun Joe; " . Freshman class advisor 4; " Best All Around. " STEVEN ROBERT BOURNE — " Steve " — Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4 Civitans 3, Vice-pres. 4; Ski Club 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; " Personality Plus. " BRIAN L. BRENNER PHILIP A. BURTON BRIAN G. BRILHART NORMAN NELSON BURWICK Football 1,2,3,4; " Rowdiest. " Stormin Norman " — Civitans 3,4 TERRI L. BRINKLEY KEITH FREDERICK BUTLER MELISSA JANE BROOKER — Art club 1; Latin club 2; Drama club 4. LEONARD PAUL BROOKS — Human Relations Pres. 3; Spanish Honor Society; Football 1. DONALD EDWARD BROWN, JR. — " Duck " — French club 1, Sec-treas. 2, Pres. 3; Jaguar Journal 1,2, Page editor 3; Key club 3,4; Drama club 4; French Honor Society 2. ERROL JOHN BROWN STEPHEN B, MYERS CHRISTINE M. CAIN — " Chris ' Class Treas. 1; " Most Talkative. ' Ski Club 3,4; Civs 3,4, French club 1 RUSSELL PAUL CAIN — " Rus " — Jaguar Journal 4; NHS 4 CHARLES M. CAREY JAMES JAY CARL JOSEPH W. BROWN GLORIA GALE CASHION — " Gigi " — Try-Hi-Y 2, Vice-Pres. 2; Drama Club 2; Thesbian Troupe 1330, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4. STEPHEN W. BROWN ELIZABETH ELLEN BROWNELL — " Beth " — Bowling club 1; French club 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; French Honor Society 1,2,3, Treas, 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Marching band 1 , 2 , 3,4; Symphonic band 1,2,3,4; All- regional band 3. TERRY LYNN BROWNLEE — DE 2,3; COE 4. GEOFFREY ALAN BRUNNER — " Geoff " — Jaguar Journal 1,2,3,4, Editor 4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4, MVP 75-76, 74-75 Track 3; International Relations Club, Model UN 4. PAMELA SUSAN CATHELL FBLA 4 KYUNG HO CHANG JUDY M. CHRISTOPHERSON SUZANNE LYNN CEVEY — TABS 2,3,4; Concert band 1; Symphonic band 2,3,4; Marching band 1,2,3,4; Model UN 1; Motocross 1; Boys JV Soccer 2; Varsity Soccer 3; Girls Soccer 4; NHS 3,4. NAM HAN CHO — " Nammy, Namo " — Soccer 1. THOMAS EUGENE CHRISTOS — " Tommy " — Basketball 1; NJHS 1,2; Marching band 2,3,4; Concert band 2,4; Symphonic band 3; " Marryin ' Sam. " GLENN A. BRYAN NORMAN W. BUCKMAN VALERIE LYNN CLAYBORNE — " Bo 2; Ski club 3. Pep club 1; Track 2; Wrestlerette MARY EVELYN COBERT — FBLA 3,4; Class Legislator 4 TIMOTHY JAMES COFFMAN — " Tim " — Football 2. BARBARA JEAN COLE — " Barb” FBLA 1; DECA 2 JAMES WILLIAM COLE FRANCES MARY COLLINS — Basketball 1; Soccer Club 3 Kl C RONALD W. COLLINS ROY WAYNE COLLINS DAVID DAVID COLOGNE — Baseball 1,2 ALFRED WARREN COOPER GORDON S. COOPER LISA MARIA CONTE — Spanish Honor Society 4; DECA 4. JEANETTE MARIE COOPER — Math Team 3; Computer Club 4; FHS 2 NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4. MICHAEL E. COOPER MARY ANN COREY — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4 MARY A. COREY MARGIE LEE CORNWELL — VICA 2,3,4 Marching Band 1,2,3,4; ' -Concert PAMELA YVONNE COX — " Pam " Band 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3,4 Senior Credits 26 7 MARY LOUISE DENNY — Basketball 1,2; Human Relations MARK PATRICK DEVINE — Soccer Team 2; Motorcross Club 1 ROMAN JOSEPH DIAL — " The Mousetrap 1 Governor ' s School DUNG MANH DINH GORDON O. DODSON LINDA ALISON DOUGHERTY — " Dor " — Swim Team 2,3,4; Keyettes 3 Pres. 4; NHS 3,4; Yearbook 3; DECA 4; Cabinet 4; PTA ART AWARD. JAY A. DOUGLAS MARK A. DUNCAN DUC GIA DUONG — " Gerry " — Soccer Team 3,4 ROBERT L. DUNN IAN R. EDMUNDS VICKI ELIZABETH EDWARDS— Keyette 4; Wrestlerette 4, Vice-Pres. 4 CYNTHIA LOUISE ELDRIDGE FBLA 4. Jjm Purdy makes a flying tackle at one of the band football games LANGHORNE WUTE CRAIGHILL — " Lang " — NHS 4; Drama Club 4. SUSAN IVY CROCKER — Legislator 1; Softball 1; Basketball 1,2,3; NJHS 1,2; NFHS 2; NHS 3,4; Civinette 3,4; Cheerleading 2,3,4, Sgt. of Arms 3; " Most School Spirited; " Sweetheart Court 2; Homecoming Court 4; Miss Falls Church Second Runner Up 2. JANET LEE CROSSMAN — NHS 3,4; German Club 3,4. BONNIE SUE CROTTY — Marching Band 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; NHS 3,4. CHERY L. CRITCHFIELD FRANCESCA J. CUCHIARA — " Fran " — Tennis 3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4 SHS 1,2,3,4. JAMES H. CULHANE — " J.C. " — Hall Monitor 1,2; Drama Club 3,4; Foot ball Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1. MARTIN THOMAS CUNNINGHAM — " Scoops ' Track 2,3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 3,4. Cross Country 2,3,4 Art class provides Jill Basset a good place to catch up on her reading. KEVIN J. CURTIN LEANNE ELIZABETH CZARNASKl — " Czar " — Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Softball 1; Outing Club 4, Treasurer 4; FBLA 4; Campus Life 1,2,3. KARSTEN DAHMS MARK DANAHY RABERT W. DARNELL THOMAS DAUBE DAGNY RAYMOND DAVIS — " Dag " — Ski Club 1,2,3; Jaguar Journal T; Yearbook 3: Keyettes 3,4; Class Secretary 3. MADELINE ELFIE DAVIS — " Moe " — Gymnastics 1; Hockey 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; President 4; NHS 3,4. DAVID B. ELLIOTT DEBORAH KAY ENTSMINGER — " Debbie " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Civenettes 3,4; Ski Club 2,3; DECA 3,4, Sweetheart Court 1. WILLIAM YOUNG EPLINC — " Billy " — NJHS 2; NHS 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Football 1,2,4; Baseball 2,3,4; All District 4; All-Regional 4; All-metro. 4; Commended Student by National Merit S.C. WILMER LARRY EPPARD, JR. ALLISON ANN EVANS — " Ally " Debate team 1,2 capt. 3,4 Forensics 2,3,4; NJHS, NHS Sec. 4; IRC 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; French Club 2; FHS 2,3,4; English Team 3,4; " Most Intellectual; " NCTE Writing Award; DAR U.S. History Award; West Memorial Journalism Award; PTA Science Award; 1st place Behavioral and Social Sciences; " Summa Cum Laude " 1,3; Earthwatch Scholarship, MICHELE DAVIS . . SHARON KAY DAVIS — Gymnastics 3; Tra ck 3,4; Keyettes 4; GAA 4; ; : , VICA 4; Jaguar Journal 3,4; NHS 4. : C ' s CRAIG. DOUGLAS DAY — " Woodchuck " and " Huey " — Indoor Track $rZ ' Z, 2,3,4; Outdoor.Track 3,4; Football 1; Baseball " Scorekeeper " 3. ' RUTH L. DEFREIIAS MICHAEL. WESTON DEJARNETTE — " Mike " — Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track . yiV; 2;3,4; Football 1,2; Civitans 4. T. wiry; CAROL ANN DELLINGER — FHA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1,2, Pres. 3; SHS 2,3,4, Historian 3, Pres. 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4. jY V- . . 0 % . ■ ' y-AC ' H ' REGINA ELLEN DELP — " Gina (Wiener) " — D.E. 1; GAA 1; Drama Club 1. : • ' f: ' V;: V. ' M% . ' ' ' •: . ; «M ;.268 Senior Credits JEFFREY BRUCE EVANS — " Jeff " — Outing Club 1 V. Pres. 2; Ski Club 2,3; Varsity Swimming 1; Art Club 1; " Tiny Yokum. " SCOTT THOMAS FAIRMAN — Marching Band 1,4; Concert Band 1,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Debate Team 2; Latin Club 1,3; Tennis Team 1,2,4. VIRGINIA CAROLINE FALLAW — " Ginny " , — IRC 1,2 Pres. 4, Drama Club 1,2,4 " Polly Browne " -— " the Boyfriend; " Literary Magazine 1,4 Asst. Edi¬ tor in Chier 2; FHS 2; International Thespian Society 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 4; Madrigals 1,2; Concert Choir 1,2; Wade Memorial Award 2; State and Regional Choirs 1,2; 2nd place Faimun 1. THOMAS LEE FARRELL ROBERT C. FAUNTLEROY WILLIAM LEONARD FIELD — " Lenny " — VICA 4; " LiI Abner. " WILBERT THEODORE FIELDS STEPHANIE A. FINLAY MARIA T. FIORINO ROBERT W. FISHER FRANCES DELATHA FLANAGAN — “Fran” — FBLA 3. ERIN ELIZABETH FLYNN — Cheerleading 3; Gymnastics 1,2; Legislator 2; S.G. Sec.-Treas. 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 1,2; GAA 1; Track 1; SAC 4; " Wild Jag Gal.” PAMELA JEANE FOLTZ — " Foltzie " — Hockey 1,2,3,4; Co-Captain 1, Captain 4; NJHS 1,2; Civinettes 2,3,4, Sgt.-of-Arms 3; GAA 1,2,3,4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; Capt. 3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; “Most Athletic; " Basketball 1-MVP; 3-All Tournament Team; 2nd Team All District Jaguar Journal Athlete of the Month 3; Billie Jean King Award 3; Softball-First Place Base Running Competition for Fairfax County 3. PAMELA A. FORD MARY BETH FORRESTER — Keyettes 4. MARY ELIZABETH FORTNER — “Beth " — Civinettes 4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Varsity Track Team; “Rowdiest " . REGINA VILMA FORTUNE — " Reggie " " Veg " — Civinettes 3, Hist. 4; FBLA 1,2, Pres. 3,4; DECA Act. Chairperson 4. CYNTHIA LEE FOX — " Cindy " — Drama Club 1,2,3,4 — " Joan of Lor¬ raine " 4; Yearbook 4; Choir 2; Latin Club 4. JOHN A. FOX BRADLEY R. FRALEY DONALD G. FRANCE LEROY WESTFALL GILES III — Rifle Club. LINNETT ELIZABETH GOBLE DAVID A. GOODWIN MATTHEW LEE GORECKI JULIE L. GOSSOM KIRK A. GRANDY CHARLES S. GRAY GREGG CARL GREENFIELD — " Green " — Basketball 1, NJHS 2; Varsity Track 1; Varsity Tennis 2. BRADLEY W. GREENQUIST JENNIFER LEE GRIGGS — " Durf " — Freshman Class Secretary; J.V. Cheer¬ leader; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4; Civinettes 4-Corr. Sec.; FBLA 2,3,4; DECA Ac¬ tivity Chairperson 4; D.E. Student of the Month; Sweetheart Court Maid of Honor 3. o DEBRA ANNE HAHN — " Boobs " — Pep Club 1; Civs 4; DECA 4. DIANE ALETHA HAIGHT — Human Relations Club 1,2,3; Soph. Class Sec.; IBM Prep Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; FHA 1,2; FBLA 2,3. VIRGINIA HAIGHT OTIS HARRISON HALEY — VICA 1,2; Track 1,2. SUSAN ROSE HAMBLIN — " Sue " — Marching Band 4; French Club 2, FHS 1; NJHS 2; NHS 2. JENINE L. HAMILTO N JOHN RANSOM FRANKLIN — Soccer 3,4; Debate Team 1,2; NHS; Na¬ tional Merit Commendation. LYNNE BEVERLY FREEHOF — Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics Team 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; SHS 3,4; " Night of January 16th " , " The Torchbearers, " " The Boyfriend. " KAREN L. FRIEDMAN RONALD J. HANEY MARIA THERESA HANNA — " Terri " — SHS 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Keyettes 3. RICHARD ALLEN HARGREAVES MARY ANN HARMS — German Club 2; Keyettes 1; NJHS 2, NHS. LISA JEAN HARRIS — National Honor Society 2,3,4; SHS 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Cheerleading 3, corres. sec. 4; Civinettes 4, NJHS 1,2. Lisa Sprouse, Sherry Welch, and Paula Riley take a break from cheering to watch he game. DONNA JEAN FRITZ — Keyettes 2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 1,2; GAA 3; FHA 3; SHS 4. JOHN F. FURR KENNETH S, GABLE MARK STEVEN GARDINER—Soccer 1, Capt. 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; NJHS 1,2; Ski Club 1,2; All-District Soccer; 1976 Outstanding Soccer Player Award. % m 1 ,4 “Hey, I didn ' t know we could use notes on the spelling test, " complains Chris Cain. PHILIP JAY HARRISON — " Phil " — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Society. KATHERINE JUNE HARTELL — " Hartle " — Marching Band 1,2; Yearbook Staff 2, Underclass Editor 3, Co-Editor 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Secretary 1; SHS 1,2; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Key Club Sweetheart 1,2; Keyettes 2,3; Junior Class Treasurer 3; S.G. Cabinet 3; S.G.V.P.C.A. 4; " Best Spanish IV Stu¬ dent, " Governor ' s School for the Gifted; " Most Likely to Succeed. " CHARLES ROSS HAWKINS — " Chuck " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1; Concert Band 2,3,4; Basketball 1; F.L.E.O.A. 2,3; Pres. 2,3; Key Club 3,4; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. DEBORAH RENEE HENSON — " Debbie " REX MATTHEW HART — Latin Club; Wrestling. AUDREY ANN HENRIKSON N.H.S. 4; Latin Club 1,2. — Hockey team; G.A.A. 1,2; N.J.H.S. 1,2; LLOYD GIBSON HARRISON SHAUN BESS HIGGINS — Swimteam 1; Tennisteam 1; N.J.H.S. 1. I • ... } • ELIZABETH ANN HIGHFILL — " Sheba " — Marching Band 1,2,3; Sym- phonic Band 1,2,3; Latin Club 3; N.J.H.S. 1,2; N.H.S. 3,4. JAMES DAVID HIXON — " Jim " — Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; N.H.S. 4. HUN HO ; ' TIMOTHY HOHNER r; PAMELA GAIL HOLLAND — " Pam " — Human Relations; IBM Prep Club. : ' JOS LYNN HOLLIS PATRICIA LYNNE HOLLOHAN — " Patty " — NJHS 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2, Histo¬ rian. LESLIE JEAN HOLMAN — " Les " — Marching Band 2,3,4; TABS 2,3,4; . Jaguar Journal 2; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Cabinet 4; Latin Club 2,3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Human Relations Club 2. ANNA CATHERINE HOLSINGER — Spanish Club 1,2; SHS 2,3,4; NJHS 1; NHS 3,4; Jaguar Journal 2, Ass ' t. Ed. 3, Copy Ed. 4; Literary Magazine 3,4; . English Team 3,4; Debate Team 2,3,4; Governor ' s School for the Gifted; Nat ' ! Merit Semi-Finalist. BRADLEY WAY HORNER VICTORIA LEE HOUKAL — " Vicki " — Swim Team 1; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Forensics 2,4; Choir 2; Jaguar Journal 2,3,4; French Club 3; Track 3; En¬ glish Team 4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; " The Curious Savage " — 3; " The Boyfriend " — 4; Nat ' l Merit Semi-Finalist. HARRY B. HUESTON ROBERT J. HUME " Should I put ' Hall Monitor 1 " on my senior credit sheet? " asks Al Leary to Pam Tomes. JODA T. KARICHER CHERYL A. KEARNS PAUL MARK KELLER — " E " — Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2; Most Valuable Basketball Player 3. ADRIAN GRACE HUNSBERGER — Art Club 1; French Club 1; F.F.A. 3,4; Band 1; FHS 1; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4. DORIS HUNTER SUSAN RENEE IRESON BRUCE LEE I RLE -— Engineering Club 1; Rifle Team 3, Vice-Pres. 3; Nat ' l Merit Semi-Finalist. JOANN L. IVIE ASBURY JACKSON CHRISTOPHER A. JACKSON CHERYL ANN JACOBS — Track 1; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Soc. 2,3; DECA 3. MARIETTA JACOBSEN — Cheerleading 1,4; Legislator 4; Sweetheart 3. ERIC LAMONT JACKSON JAMES R. JANKOWSKI CECILIA JENKINS — " Cece " WAYNE PAUL JENKINS — Football 1,2,4; Civitans 4; Track 2; Ski Club 2,3; " Most Talkative. " NANCY JANE JEWELL • ' : : JEFFREY R. JOHNSON JOHN RAY VANACORE JONES — " Chicken Bone " — Football 1,3; Rifle ' : V ' . Club 4; FLEO 3. LAURA J. JONES — " Bones " — WECEP 1; ICT 4. ' . .. ’ STEVEN BRENT JONES — Football 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 3; Bowling Club 1. KAREN KAEHN ! ■.. ■ is • •••• • " , • ,» HYE YONG I r ;C " V : ' : ' ; ' i. •Vi ' !, V. - Aiz-; wu ' ' ■ v.s. m ... ) • 270 Senior :.!(•: v ■ - KANG Credits SHARON D. KENNEDY JEFF KEPHART JOHN D. KIMMER KAY KINCAID —FHA 2,3; French Honor Society 2,3,4; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; FHA Treasurer 3; Keyette Corr. Sec. 4. SHARI RAE KING — " Strawberry " — Ski Club 1,2,3; DECA 4. DEBORAH JEAN KLIKA — " Klikie " " Dinky " — FBLA 1,2, Historian 3, Par¬ liamentarian 4; " Separating Sue. " ANNAMARIE ELIZABETH KLINE — " Lilly " — NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Drama Club 4. JOSEPH B. KNECHT — " Joe " ANITA G, KNIGHT KIMBERLY C. KNIGHTON GAIL ANNE KOCH — Pep Club 2; Spanish Honor Society 2; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Future Teachers of Am. 3. PATRICIA MARY KOELBEL — " Patsy " — NHS 4; Stage Crew 1. PAMELA MARILYN KOLLIOS CAROL ANN KONDRACKI — " Count Drac " — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Swim team 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Student Advisory Council 2, Vice-Chrmn. 4; French Honor Society 1,2,3; Keyettes 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; SG Legislator 1,2; Sec- treas. 3, Parliamentarian 4; " Most Dependable, " CHELLE PAIRIA I ACASSE — " Shelly " — Keyettes 3,4; FBLA 2,3,4; Pep Club 1; FHA 3,4. DWAYNE EDMUND LANSDOWN — " Funky Donkey " — WECEP 1; DEI. MICHAEL A. LANSDOWN LYNN PHILLIPS LARKIN — NJHS 1,2; NHS 4; Spanish Honor Society 4; TABS 4; Yearbook 4. “Listen, Buster, I ' m gonna bust your face, " threatens David Tolman. MICHAEL GERARD LAROW — “Mike " — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3, Pres. 4; Swimming 1,2, Capt. 3, Capt 4; Cross Country 1; Football 2; It ' s Academic Team 4; Math Team 3,4; Nat. Merit Letter of Commendation; Va. Boys State; PTA Science Award 2,3; " Most Likely to Succeed. " VINCENT A. LARSEN — Latin Club 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Debate Team 1; NJHS 2; NHS 3. ERIC MATTHEW LAUBIS — Student of the month 4. WANDA LORI LAWHORN — Swim Team 1. ELIZABETH ALDEN LEE —- " Hyper " — Chorus 1; DECA 3,4; Cheerleading 1, Capt. 2, Co-capt 3; Civinettes 3,4; Sweetheart 1,4. MARY ELIZABETH LEE — Bowling Club 1; Motorcross 1; Track 2; French Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Keyettes 3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; " She Stoops to Conquer " ; " The Curious Savage; " jaguar Journal 1,2; NJHS 1,2; PTA Cultural Arts Award in Literature, 1st place Northern Dis. and State 3. ■ pp( DAVID BRADLEY LAZARUS — " Brad " — Football 2,3; Soccer 2,3,4. KHIEMA. LE REGINA L. LEE , YONGCHAELEE .- KELLY ELIZABETH LEGATE — " Kel " — Gymnastics 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4, MVP 2; Track 2; Diving 3,4, Captain 4; Hockey 4; GAA1,2,3,4; Civiqettes 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 4; FHS 2. GLEN R. LEWIS JONATHAN LATHAM LEWIS — " Jono " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4; All-Regional Band 1,3,4; OSOUSA member 3,4; Northern VA Youth Symphony ASSOC, 3,4;. Best Lead Player (1976 State Jazz Festival). CHARLES FRANCIS LIGHTNER — " Chip " MARY ELIZABETH LINK — " Liz " — Civinettes 4; FBLA 1,2,3; DECA 3,4; Ski Club 1; Drama Club V; DECA Historian 4. BOBBY CHESTER LOFLIN ROBERT LEE LOMAX — " Bobby " — VICA 4; Ski Club 3. ' CHERYL LYNNE LOSH KATHY SUE LOVELESS — " Animal " — Jaguar Journal 1,2; Drama Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 2,3; FBLA 3; Chorus 1,2; Pep Club 2, EVELYN SKILLMAN LOWENSTERN — " Evy " — Pep Club 1; SHS 1,2,3; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Civinettes 3,4, Treas. 4; Yearbook 4; Cabinet Officer 4; " Personality Plus, " Sweetheart Court 3,4. KEITH GERARD LUNDIEN — Drama Club 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Photo Club 1, V.P. 2; Jaguar Journal 1,2; Yearbook 1,2,3; Thespian Honor Society 3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4. WALTER P. LYNN CLIFFORD A. MACDONALD RHIANON MACDONALD DAWN MARIE MACNEVIN — " Disco Duck " — GAA 1; FBLA 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian, Treas; Civinettes 4, Chaplain. MARY K. MACNICHOLS WILLIAM SYNDER MAFFETT — " Bill " — Football 1,2. THEODORE P. MAGSIG SUSAN G. MALICK DENISE JEANNE MARCELLIN — " Nise " — NHS 3,4; DECA 4. DANIEL EVAN MARES — " Dan " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1, Sec. 2, V.P. 3, Pres. 4; NJHS 1, NHS 3,4. SUZANNE B. MARSTELLER — " Toots " — Swim Team 1; DECA 3; Ski Club 2,3; Art 1,2,3; NJHS. DANIEL R. MARTIN EVE COURTNEY MARTIN — Choir 1; Madrigals 1,2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; German Club 1; " The Boyfriend. " MELVIN A. MARTIN KAREN LEE MASON — Jaguar Journal 1; DECA 3. MICHAEL M. MATHESON .V ;. : DC KATHERINE ELLEN MATTHEWS — " Kathy " — Girls ' Athletic.Assoc. 3,4;. Girls ' Basketball Team 3,4. MICHAEL BRIAN MATTHEWS . RICHARD A. MAUER TAN KHAC LE TUAN ANH LE TONG D. LE — Track 1; NJHS 2. ALBERT DANIEL LEARY Ijl — " Al " — Football 1; Spring track 2; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3; Boys ' State of Va. ' Who ' s Who Among Outstanding Am. High School Students; Yearbook Sports Co-editor 4; " Best Dressed. " LUCINDA MAY MCCARROLL — " Chief " — NJHS 2; German 1; NHS 2. • REBECCA LEA MCCLAFFERTY — Gymnastics 1,2,3; SHS ,4; DECA .3,4. " Marion " — NJHS 1, NHS 3,4; SHS MARION BETH MCCLINTOCK 1,2,3; Science club 4, Pres. 4. RICHARD JOSEPH MCCUE JOHN R. MCGHEE • D ' ' • ’V H.- ' ji ' i ; v;: : ' CY; .;: ■: ; ii . I. . ' . . • ■ . ' .:(• • . ■ ; . . v • ; ■ ■ ■ Vi:-: Senior Credits 271 V ... v; :;: ' ■ • V;, ' C v T ; . ' ■ • ■ Senior Credits ■-ypXj-•.»«• ‘ • f ... : .... . i: ;.; RICHARD A. MCKINNEY •«. . f C BRIAN DOUGLAS MCMILLEN ; •• i _ SHARON DIANE MCNABB — Chorus 1,2,3; gymnastic team 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; National Beta 1; DECA 1,2. SUSAN MARIE MCQUAIN — Tri-Hi-Y 1; Yearbook 4, Section editor 4; Pep club; 1,2; NJHS 3; NHS 4; FHS 1,2. MATTHEW J. MCQUILLEN ROBERT L. MEDELL JOHN J. MEHALIC BRYAN WESLEY MELVIN MELINDA JEAN MOUBRAY — " Mindy " — S.G. VPECA 4; Legislator 3; Civinettes 3,4; DECA 3,4, V.P. 4; " Daisy Mae. " DEBBIE JEAN MOWBRAY — " Deb " — NJHS 1. ROBERT MOWSON — " Robbie " — Civitan 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Wrestler 1,2,3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Golf. MAIM M. MOUSA MICHAEL I. MYHRE NICHOLAS PAUL NAPPO — " Chico " — Drama Club 4; English Team 3,4; Thespian 4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; " Most Talented; " " Harvard Book Award " 3. PETER WILLIAM FRANCIS NASSETTA — Tennis 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Orches¬ tra 1,2; Jaguar Journal 3,4. BARBARA ANN NELIAN — Swimteam 1; FBLA 2; DECA 3; NHS 4. FRANK TUNG NGUYEN HARRY RAY MERCHANT — " Fuzz " — Engineering and chemical club 1,2; Computer club 1,2,3,4; Rifle club 1,2,3,4; Rifle team 3,4; band 2,3,4; JA 2. THU BICH NGUYEN — French Club 4; International Club 4; French Honor Society 4. CHRISTOPHER NICCHITTA HARLEY ANTHONY METHFESSEL — " Chester " — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Civitans 4; Track 3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4; Ski club 1,2; " it ' s Academic " 4. DON FRANKLIN MILLER — Cross Country 3; NJHS 1. RITA MILLER — Hockey 2,4; " Best Dressed. " GABRIELLE ZOE MIROY — " Gabby " — " Class Clown. " ANN NICHOLAS — Civinettes 4. DOUGLAS RANDOLPH NOLAN — " Doug " — Marching band 3; Sym¬ phonic band 2. ALAN VAN NYSTROM — Marching band 4; Symphonic band 3; Concert band 1; NJHS 2. AE RAN O BONNIE MARIE MILLS — " Bones " — Keyettes 2,3,4; FHA 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; FTA 2. SUSAN MARIE MITTON — Latin Club 1,2,3. CATHERINE ANN MOONEY JUDITH RACHEL MOREAU — " Judy " — Marching Band 1; Class Treasurer 4; Civinettes 4; DECA 4. DIANE MICHELLE MORGAN CAROL ANNE O ' BRIEN — Keyettes 4. REBECCA K. O ' BRYHIM — " Becky " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; SHS 1,2; NJHS 1,2; FMCC 3; " Most Talented. " DIANE NANCY OGDEN — " Di " — Tabs 4; FBLA 4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 1. HUNG SUH OH JOHN ROBERT MORROW — " Bobby " — Band 2,3,4. CHESTER RALPH OLIVE JR. — " Chet " — Basketball 1,2,3,4. NANCY OLIVOLA — Field Hockey 2,3,4; Swim Team 2; Track 2,3,4; ■mw ivniu Keyettes 3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; GAA 2,3,4; FBLA 4; SHS 2,3,4 " Mammy Yokum. " . V j ... ... 272 St Mark Carey reads up on " Beauty Tips for November. " Senior Credits Matt McQuillen finds out what he has not done in Humanities class. NASI IWA OMARY — " Nashville” — Ski c lub 2,3. IOHN D. ON HILL RANDALL E. OSBURN —. " Oz " — Baseball 1,2,3. IAMES K. OWENS MIC HAEL |. PALIUG ROBERT EDWIN PAPKE - ”0.|.” — Marching Band 1,2,3,4, Squad leader 3,4; Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4; Stage band 3,4; Key Club 1,2,3,4, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 3; N|l IS 1,2; OSOUSA 3, Vice Pres. 4 " Most Outstand¬ ing Trumpet Section” State Jazz Festival, 1976. |UDY ANNE PARADISE ROBER1 WAYNE PASSINO — " Bob " — Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3,4. STEVEN D. PA I RICK IOHN B. PENNINGTON IUDITH KAREN PEI RY GREGORY T. PHELPS RUTH ANN PHIEIPPON — N|HS 1,2; Tennis 2; FHS 2,3; FBLA 2,3,4, His¬ torian 4; NITS 3,4. MICHAEL S. PIGNOTTI MICHAEL DWAYNE PINSON - " Mike” — Wrestling 1,2,3,4. EOM M. PI ETS EIMOTHY WAYNE POLAND KAREN YVONNE PONTON — " Looney " — Cheerleading 1,2,3; Civinettes 4; Track I; " Biggest Flirt. " ROBERT EOWELl POWERS — " Bob " - Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 4; O.S.O.U.S.A. Member 4; NJHS 1,2; SHS 2; NE1S 3,4. GEORGE JEFF! RY PRAI I — " K.W. " — VICA 1,2. LEE LAWRENCE PROCTER lAMI S WILLIAM PURDY " Jim " — Marching Band 2,3,4; Symphonic Band 3,4; Concert Band 2 . KAMIL I . RAMBO KAIIIRYN I YNNE RANDALL — " Kathy " - N|l IS 1,2; NHS 3,4, vice pres¬ ident 4; SI IS 2,3,4; IABS 2,3, treasurer 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Nat. Merit Semi Finalist. CARRIE Rl BECCA RANDOI PI I " Rudolf " — Pep Club I; Drama Club 4. DAVID M. RAWSON GRACE ANN REECE — DE 2. IAMRA E. REEVES PA IRK I ANNE RTHRIG — " Bug " NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Keyettes 3,4; SI IS 1,2,3,4, secretary 4. PAULA FRANCES RE El RIG " Bear” — N|IIS 1,2, pres, 2; NHS 3,4; Cheerlending 1,2,3,4, c apl. 4; Civinettes 4; SHS 1,2,3,4; ' 76 Prom Maid of I lonor. IOHN W. Rl INGRUBER DEBORAH LOUISE RICE — " Debbie " — N|l IS 1,2; NHS 3,4; El IS 2,3; I renc h Club 1,2,3; laguar Journal 3; Legislator I; FI IA 2,3; Keyettes 3,4. |UDY K. RICHARD RAYMOND 11. RIC IIARI) MARK RICHARDS I ERI SA A. RICI IARDSON IORI RICHMOND — " Louie " — N|l IS 1,2; NITS 3, treasurer 4; IABS 2,3,4, pres. 3, vic e pres. 4; Marching Band 2,3,4, flag corps co-captain 4; Conc ert Band 4; Yearbook, senior section co-editor 4; FHS 2. MARY JANE RIKE — " M.J. " — N|HS t,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 1,2,3,4; Varsity Gymnastics 2,3; Track 3; GAA 2,3; FBLA 4; Keyettes 2,3, Ski Club 2,3; Band I. PAULA |LAN RILEY — Ski Club 2,3; Civinettes 3,4; Cheerleading 2,3,4; N|HS 1,2; Sweetheart Court 4. TAMMY SUE RISDON — " )if " — Keyettes 1, NHS 2; Track 1; Bowling Club I. ROLAND JULIO RIVERA IAMES MICHAEL ROBERTSON CANDACE IRENE RODMAN — Art Club 2; French Club 1; Latin Club 2; FI IS 3; N|HS 2; NHS 3,4; Drama Club 4. BRENDA SUE ROUND — D.E.; ICT; VICA. TERRI LANE ROWLAND — " Robit " — FBLA 2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Civinettes 3,4, Chaplain 4; Yearbook 4. JAMES EMEST ROZIER — " Chepo " — Motor Cross Club 3,4. RENEE RUGGERE — FBLA 2,3,4; FHA 3; Keyettes 3, Vice President 4; COE 4; Spanish Club 1. REBECCA MAE RUSSELL " Becky” — German Club 1; NHS 3,4; N|HS 2; Keyettes 3,4. RICHARD HYATT RUSSELL — " Richie " — Jaguar Journal, Editor 4; Year, book 4; N|HS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3. PAMELA SUE RYON — " Pam " — Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4; VSSP, Pres. 3; FCISC 3,4; Tennis, Most Improved 2. SAI IM O. SAA — " Sam " SHAREN ELIZABETH SABIN — " Sabe " — DE 1. CHRISTOPHER SALISBURY STEPHEN SANTOS BRENDA SCHINDLER — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4. MARK 1. SCHIRMER LARRY DALE SCHMIDT — " Ace " LOIS J. SCHULER JOYCE DIANA SCOTT " Juice " — GAA 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; FBLA 3; FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; NJHS 1,2; DAR " Good Citizen " Award. MARTHA ANN SCOTT - " Marty " FHA 3,4; FBI A 4. PAMELA GAYLE SCOTT — " Baa " RALPH C. SEAI — " Buddy " — DE 4. PAULA MARI I NE SEGUINE — " Bif " — Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; NJIIS 1,2; NITS 3,4; All Regional Band 1,3,4; FHS 1; Spanish Club 1. RICI LARI) LEE SERACINO — Key Club 3,4, Treas. 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 3,4; Stage Band 3,4; NITS 3,4; N|IIS 1,2; OSOUSA 3,4; Tennis 1,2. MARGARET HELEN SHAFFER — GAA I; Keyettes 3,4; Ski Club 3; FBLA 3,4. SI IARI DIANA SHAW — " Diana " — Latin Club 1,2,3; Vice pres. 2; Inter- nat ' l Relations Clul) 1,2; N|IIS 1,2; NHS 3,4; French Club 2; Latin " Summa Cum laude " 2,3. MKT I ALL FRANK SHI VIAK — " Mike " — NHS 3,4; German Club 3; Soc¬ cer 4. PETER K. SHONERD DONNA E. SHORE DIANA SHORT ROBERT SHUCK Seniors Credits 273 Senior Credits scor r r sieck , TAMMY M SIMMONS ! FRANK HARVEY SIMONDS JR: — " Frank” — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1, Internat ' l Relation 3; " Class Clown. " COTY A. SIMPSON JAMES MARSHALL SIMPSON III — " Robbie " — Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4, Spring Track 2,3,4; Civitans 3,4; 1st Team Pot. Dist.; 2nd Team No. Reg.; 2nd Team All-State; 1976 Most Valuable Player; Globe Football Player of the Year. HARRY LOUIS SMITH MEGAN SUE SMITH — Stage Band 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Sym¬ phonic Band 1,2,3,4, Field Hockey 2; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; FHS 2; Ski Club 2,3; " Ellie-Mae Bodine; " Regional Band 1,3,4; Sweetheart Court 3. KENNETH A. SMITH PORTER B. SMITH — FBLA 2. ROBERT W SMITH STEVEN J. SMITH MICHAEL A. SNEDGEN ANTHONY B. SNEDGEN JOYCE D. SCOTT AMY LYNN SPEAR — ' Amy " TED A STAPLES Terrible, ' " Tibies " — Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Civitans 3,4; NHS 3,4; NJHS 1,2; " Friendliest " . CLAUDE J STARK PAUL D. STARK —- " Stake " Marching Band 4. SHARON K STEELE KATHRYN E STEIDEL — ' Kathy — Girl ' s Tennis 2, Captain 3; Cin- inettes 4 RICHARD C STERNITZKE " Sterne " —- Key Club 3,4; Computer Club 3,4; NHS 3.4 German Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3. DONNA L STEWART Rosey " Swim Team 1, Track 2; Campus Life 1,2,3, FBLA 2,3,4 DECA 4 Art Club 1 DONNA JEANNE STHILAIRE GAIL Y STINE — FHS 2, NJHS 2, NHS 3,4; Frosh Orientation Chairman; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic 1,2,3,4. DANIEL JOSEPH STONE - " Danny " — Ski Club 1,2,3; DECA 1, Pres. 2,3, 1st, 3rd District Student of the Year; NJHS 2; NHS 3,4. SCOTT WILLIAM STOUT — Football 1,2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4; Civitans 3,4; NJHS 1,2. NORMA JEAN STRATTON — " Nora " — Jaguars Journal 2; FBLA 1. MARGARET COOPER STRICKLAND — NJHS 1,2; HNS 3,4; FHS 2,3; Trap, Field and Skeet 1, Forensics 4. LISA ANNE STURM — French Club 2,3; Newspaper Staff 4; NHS 3,4; Keyettes 4, Outing Club 2 STEPHANIE SHURPING SUN JOAN M SWINK TRUE CHANH TA JILL C TANNER TERRI L TAYLOR 274 Senior Credits CRAIG ANTHONY TENNELL — Chess Club; Track; Basketball. GERALD BRUCE THIBODEAU — " Irish " — Motorcross 1,2. CAROLYN ANN THOMAS — " Care " — NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 1,2,3,4; Keyettes 2,3; DECA 4; Soccer Club 4; Ski Club 3; SG Legislator 2,3. JOHN R. THOMAS— " Red " — Football 1,2; Civitans 1,2,3,4; Motocross 1,2; Ski Club 1,2; Track 1. MARY LOUISE THOMPSON — " Fritz " — Ski Club 2,3; Art Club 1; Outing Club 2; Wrestlerettes 3, V.P. 3. MARYANN THOMPSON — VICA 1. RICKY Q. THOMPSON SANDRA DEE THOMPSON — Pep Club 1; FBLA 2,3,4; Civs 4. DONNA M. TILLER LAUREL LYNNE TITUS ROBERT JACKSON TOBIN — " Bob " — Motor Cross Club 3. CLAIRE CHRISTINA TODARO — " Clay " — FBLA 1,2; DECA 3,4; NHS 3.4. DAVID EUGENE TOLMAN — " Shortman " — NJHS 1,2 V.P. 2; NHS 3,4; Legislator 2,3, Cabinet Officer 3; Cabinet 3; S.G. Pres. 4; Drama Club 2.3.4. V.P. 3; Swim Team 3; " The Torchbearers " 2, " Seven Keys To Baldpate " 3, " Joan Of Lorraine " 4; Yearbook 4; " Pappy Yokum " 4; French Club 1,2; " Most Dependable; " American Legion Boy ' s State. PAMELA LYNN TOMES — " Pam " — Keyettes 3,4, Recording Sec.; NJHS 2; Spanish Club 1; Nat ' l Field Service 1; NHS 3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Symphonic 1,2,3,4. JONATHAN GEORGE TRAIN — " Jay " — DECA 2, Asst. Sec.; NHS 3,4; SHS 3,4; Math Team 4; Best Span. Ill Student 2. HUNG DUC QUOC TRAN — Baseball 4. ELLEN ANN TRAPP — Latin Club 1,2, Sec. 3; Keyettes 3,4; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3.4. CAROL ANN TRUELOVE— Drama 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Jaguar Journal 1,2. GIAO TRINH JOAN A. TSITOS — NJHS 1; Wrestling 2,3; French Club 1,2; Ski Club 2,3. LINH NCHIN TU BRIDGETT KAY TURNER — Marching Band 1; FBLA 1,2; DECA 1, Vice- pres. 2. TAMARA LEE TURNER — " Tammy " — Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Variety Show 3,4; Marching band 2,3,4; Concert band 3; Symphonic band 2,4; TABS 4; Pep Club 1; NJHS 1,2; All Regional Band 4; " Mammy Yokum. " GEORGE RICHY TYLER DIANNE VANDIVIER — " Dee " Marching band 2,3; Flag Co-capt. 4; Keyettes 4; TABS 2, Vice-pres. 3; NJHS 1,2; NHS 3,4; SHS 2,3, Vice-pres. 4; Yearbook 4. DAVID VERNON SANDRA KAYE VICKROY — " Sandl " — " Snotroy " " Sickie " — Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 2, Sec. 3. Tres. 4; Pep Club 1,2; " Mrs. Hutchin¬ son " 2; " Josephine Kennedy " 3; " Mrs. Upston Asterbilt " 3; " Mrs. Boyle " 4; Honor Thespian 4. STEVEN ANDREW VILLA NORMA HELEN VINES CHI BICH VU LORI DAY WAGGENER — Sweetheart Queen 4. JEFFREY G. WAGONER — " Fro " — Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, Capt. 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Civitans 4; Ski Club 2,3; All Dis. Football. JANICE ANN WALDRON — French Club 1,2. JEANNETTE MARIE WALTERS — FHA 2,3,4, Sec. 4. KANG SHENG WANG — " Carl. " BRUCE ALLEN WEBB — NJUS 10; NEHS 1 1,12; Basketball 10,1 1,12. CHARLES ERNEST WEBB — " Captain " — JIB 1. WILLIAM A. WEBB KATHERYN L. WEBER — " Kathy " - - EHA 1,2,3; FBI A 3; NJHS 1. PATRICK W. WEBER CATHRYN L. WEDDING |1 AN A. WEDLER — DE 1; Chorus 2; JV Diving Team 1. SANDRA |ANE WELCH — " Sandy " — Civinettes 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3; Cheerleading 1,2; FBLA 1,2; DECA 4; Sweetheart Court 2; Homecoming 4; " Friendliest. " SHERYL JEAN WELCH — " Sherry " — Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Co-capt. 4; Ski Club 3; DECA 4, Civinettes 3,4; FBLA 2; Homecoming Court 2,4, Maid of I lonor 4. CYNTHIA JANE WERNER — " Cindy " — Class Legislator 1; FBLA 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2. JOHN DOUGLAS WEST LIN EDA J. WESTBROOK — NJHS 1; Wrest lerettes 3. LYNLTA CAROL WESTPHAL — FBLA 2, Civinettesl. CARY C. WHARTON DARRIN R. WHITE SEAN E. WHITMORE JOSEPH L. WHITNEY CRAIG MICHAEL WIEN — " Craiger " — NHS 3,4; Math Team 3,4, Captain 3; It ' s Academic Team 4; Captain; Drama Club 1; PTA Science Award; National Merit Scholarship Program; 2nd Place Regional Science Fair; Golf Club 3,4; " Most Intellectual. " ALICE LAVERN WILKINS CAROLE T. WILLIAMS IRIS BELINDA WILLIAMS SANDRA L. WILLIAMS — FBLA 2,3; DECA 4. SCOTT ANDREW WITTHAUS CHARLES WOOD GARY HOWARD WOOD — Trap, Field and Skeet Club. EDWARD L. YARBROUGH DALAL M. YASSINE — " Lou " — Cheerleading 1, Co-Capt; JV Cheerlead¬ ing 2; Cheerleading Club 1,2; Civinettes 2,3, Vice-pres. 4; Sweetheart Court 1; Homecoming Court 4. HO CHIN Yl ROBERT K. YOSHIDA CAMEO A. YOSHIDA ALEXANDRA MARIA ZELTVAY — " Sandy " — NJHS 1, Sec. 2; NHS 3,4; FHS 2,3,4, Sec. 3; Keyettes 3, Chaplain 4; 1976-77 Yearbook Staff. KAREN SUE ZIMBRO — FBLA 2. ROBERT ALAN ZIMMER Senior Credits 275 : ' - 1 .? ‘V vTIiv ' w,? • vt ISiSSc - ji " T ' ’5 ’■ T Brian McMillen and Ronnie Collins interrupt their sixty period roaming to have their picture taken. JKJ Chevrolet, Inc. 2000 Chain Bridge Road Tysons Corner, Virginia 356-0400 Mark Askin doesn ' t like the idea of freeloaders on his new JKJ Corvette. Bill Page Pontiac, Inc. 2923 Annandale Road Falls Church, Virginia 533-1189 Steve Bourne makes a quick getaway from the scene at Bill Page Pontiac. Charlie Gray makes a successful contract with Gatton Real Es¬ tate. Ads Advertisements serve two good purposes First, they provide needed funds for this book Second, they provide clubs or businesses With the opportunity to attract people. Ads give way to the improvement Of each advertiser ' s overall Impression. Join the Forensics Team and Speak Out Students are coached weekly by Mrs. Thomas in public speaking. There are seven categories: Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Impromptu, Original Works, and Dramatic Interpretation. The Forensics Team competes in competitions held monthly by the Northern Virginia Speech League and the Virginia High School League. Join this group and become a trophy winner. CAKES-R-US-INC PRIMA PIZZARIA 71 67 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia 532-6400 Eat In Or Carry-Out 2842 Rodgers Drive Falls Church, Virginia 573-5413 Graham Road Citgo 7231 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia 573-4150 560-9803 The New Apollo Restaurant French Continental Greek Specialty 7161 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia JE2-8400 Megan Smith and Linda Dougherty enjoy the Apollo atmosphere. Joan Anderson gets a kick out of Judy Moreau ' s intent interest in the View Master ' s Mickey Mouse Club reel. Lori Richmond and David Tolman are impressed by the wonderful pizza in the making at Prima Pizzaria. PHOTOKINA CAMERA CENTER Pickett Shopping Ctr. 9472 Main Street Fairfax, Virginia 323-1696 J2a c l [ont zStudio± 5143 LEE HIGHWAY ARLINGTON, VA. 22207 KE 6-7172 YOUR FUTURE WILL LAST THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. YOU CAN EITHER DREAM IT WILL TURN OUT OK, OR PREPARE FOR IT. LACAZE- GARDNER SCHOOLS RADIO TV SERVICING • BUSINESS ACCOUNTING • RETAILING • LANGUAGES • DRAFTING • SECRETARIAL • KEYPUNCH • FASHION MERCHANDISING • STENOTYPE MARYLAND WASHINGTON VIRGINIA 434-6500 347-6867 560-4200 Fuller d ' Albert, Inc. 3170 Campbell Drive Fairfax Circle, Virginia 22030 591-8000 A A Appliance Repair Bicycles, Sewing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners Sales Parts Service 6676 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia 22042 534-2447 A A Appliance Repair really fixes Carol Kondracki ' s bike up for a smooth ride. Miller ' s Pharmacy, Inc. 3012 Annandale Rd. Falls Church, Virginia 534-2621 FREE DELIVERY M B Frozen Dairy Bar Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia Lisa Best and Jennifer Griggs admire the prints made at Fuller d ' Albert. 1 iJL- i T iBfrn 1 . Vs mm Bft ' V 1m i I? Rex Hart takes a look at the scenery at Color Corner. Color Corner, Ltd. 8114 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia 573-9686 Shannon Luchs Falls Church Office Falls Church, Virginia 534-9000 Realtors Since 1906 Joe Inqui and Archie Borgus get their thrills by the Shannon Luchs Real Estate sign. Karin ' s Florist Seven Corners Shopping Ctr. Falls Church, Virginia 532-4141 " I know you should talk to plants, but do you think this one ' s deaf, Marietta?! ' ' exclaims Carolynn Thomas to Marietta Jacobsen at Karin ' s Florist. FALLS CHURCH, VA. 22042 Jefferson Village Bakery All goods baked on premises 6672 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia 533-0133 Open Daily 10:00 a.m. — 5:30 p.m. Wed. 10:00 a.m. — 9:30 p.m. 573-1510 7241 ARLINGTON BOULEVARD INDEX ACTIVITIES Band 75-81 Baseball 128-131 Basketball, Boys ' 108-113 Basketball, Girls ' 114-117 " The Boyfriend " 18-19 Boys ' State 69 Cheerleading 41-45 Chess Club 68 Civitans 67 Civinettes 66 Computer Club 68 DECA 61 Debate Team 54 Drama Club 38-39 FBLA 59 FHA 59 FHS 48 FLEOA 56 Football 84-95 Forensics 54 French Club 63 GAA 58 German Club 64 Golf 122 Gymnastics 120-121 Hockey 98-99 Homecoming Dance 20-21 Intr. Relations 55 It ' s Academic 69 Jaguar Journal 52 " Joan of Lorraine " 28 Key Club 71 Keyettes 70 Latin Club 65 Math Team 68 Miss FCHS 24-25 " Mousetrap " 23 Nat. Merit Fin. 69 NHS 46-47 NJHS 51 Orchestra 74 Outing Club 57 Pep Club 40 Pep Rallies 16-17 Prep Club 73 Prom 30 Rifle Club 56 Rifle Team 123 Sadie Hawkins 22 S.G. 34-37 SHS 49 Soccer Club 57 Soccer, Boys ' 124-126 Soccer, Girls ' 127 Softball 132-134 Spanish Club 62 Sweetheart Dance 26-27 Swimteam 119 TABS 72 Tennis, Boys ' 135 Tennis, Girls ' 96-97 Thespians 50 Track, Boys ' Spring 137 Track, Cross Country 100 Track, Girls ' 136 Track, Indoor 118 V1CA 60 WECEP 55 Wrestlerettes 58 Wrestling 101-107 Yearbook 53 STUDENTS Abrams, Krista 1 66, 61, 66 Adams, Deborah 217, 61, 66 Adams, Elaine 265, 217 Adams, James 231, 51, 76 Adams, Kenneth 21 7, 128 Adelman, Susan 247 Adkins, Andrew 247, 76, 79 Adkins, Deborah 231 Adkins, Kathryn 239, 231, 76 Adkins, Patty 166, 209, 61 Adkins, Sharon 166, 60 Ahearn, Jay 217 Albert, Monica 247, 76, 79 Allen, Charles 67, 101, 102 Allen, Holly 247 Allen, Victoria 217, 52 Allen, Victoria 231, 51, 76, 79 Allison, Deborah 1 66 Allison, Deborah 247, 117 Alstadter, Sandra 217, 60 Alves, Carla 1 66 Amoroso, Karin 231 An, Sun 247 Andersen, Adam 46 Anderson, Diane 1 66, 46 Anderson, Eric 231 Anderson, Joan 98, 1 66, 66 Anderson, Linda 166, 46, 58, 70 Anderson, Mark 217, 47 Anderson, Steven 217, 76, 79 Anderson, Wendy 1 66, 46 Anderson, William 231, 76, 79 Andrews, John 1 66, 68 Angelini, Michael 95, 247, 1 13 Anthony, James 21 7, 84 Arapakos, Florentia 231, 52, 64 Araujo, Rogerio 1 84, 76, 80 Aristizabal, Alejandro 231, 66 Arnold, Marie 247 Arthur, Lester 166, 46, 48 Artman, Jeffrey 94, 229, 217, 47, 137 Arundel, Catherine 231, 51, 48, 32, 52, 57, 58 Arundel, Paul 166, 194, 74 Arvis, Connie 96, 217, 47 Ascunce, Hilda 20, 217, 47, 48, 59, 58, 70 Ashby, Louis 247, 76, 79 Askins, Mark 167, 168, 67, 60, 276, 84 Atalla, Jimmy 231 Atchison, Virginia 247, 57 Ather, Mark 167 Austin, De Anna 231, 72, 51 Ayres, Jacelyn 167, 70, 76, 79, 127 Babcock, Michelle 76, 79 Baber, Cynthia 117 Bacon, Barbara 21 7, 47, 49 Badger, Debra 247 Baer, John 167, 128 Baier, Tevis 59 Bailey, Andrew 247 Bailey, Dora 247 Bailey, Eva 247 Bailey, Francis 217, 76, 80, 79 Bailey, Jeffrey 217 Bailey, Sammy 100, 217, 137 Bair, Dan 95, 247 Bair, Terris 231 Baird, David 167 Balderson, John 231, 76, 79 Ball, Barry 95, 247 Ball, Christopher 95, 247, 1 1 3 Ball, Cynthia 167 Ballard, Karen 231 Balthrop, Deborah 21 7 Baiun, Paul 167 Bambling, Jr. Ronald 167 Banning, Richard 231 Baptista, Frank 247 Barbara, Ronald 231, 76, 79 Barber, Budhy 231, 124 Barber, Cynthia 247 Barbour, Jeannette 247 Barker, Timothy 167, 60 Barnes, Linda 231 Barov, Reena 167 Barrett, Kimberly 247 Barron, James 231 Barton, Russell 231, 112 Barton, Tracey 247 Bartone, Mary 231, 72, 48, 76, 79 Basalyga, Elizabeth 247, 26 Baskerville, Julie 231, 72, 76, 79, 136 Bassett, Jill 165, 168, 26, 66 Bastian, Bob 231, 112 Batten, Bradford 231 Batten, Charles 247 Baumgardner, James 1 68 Baxter, Rebecca 217 Baxter, Tim 217 Baylis, Jamie 20, 168, 53, 46, 59, 211, 30, 66 Baylor, John 225, 76, 80, 79 Beach, Gary 94, 231, 67, 84 Beach, Glen 94, 231 Bealby, Donald 231, 131, 128 Beall, Dale 99, 231, 72, 76 Beam, Debra 231 Beatty, Kelly 217 Beauge, Benjamin 231 Beazley, Sandra 168, 53, 46, 59, 70 Becerra, Jorge 1 68, 49, 76, 79 Becerra, Juan 168, 76 Becker, Kevin 1 68 Becker, Mary 217, 72, 24 Benedicto, Juliette 217 Benedicto, Roland 168 Bennett, Mary 96, 168, 58, 83, 114, 133 Bennett, Yvonne 168, 72, 76, 80, 79 Benz, Paul 169, 46 Berend, Daniel 247, 76, 79 Berend, Martin 217, 57 Berentson, Richard 231, 49 Berentson, Sally 247 Bernhardt, Clete 247 Bernhardt, Gregory 247 Bernheisel, Patrick 169 Bernheisel, Toni 38 Berriman, David 231, 51 Bertram, Ann 21 7 Besley, Anne 99, 247 Best, John 231 Best, Lisa 169, 46, 61, 36, 70, 136 Best, Stephen 231 Bettis, Donald 247, 1 13 Bevans, Anita 231, 72, 76 Bevinetto, Kirsten 217, 47 Bevinetto, Libby 247, 40 Bigler, Andrew 247 Bigler, Lynne 247 Binch, Don 94 Birkhimer, Cheryl 231, 76 Bischof, Jorge 231 Black, Andrew 231, 112 Black, Pam 217 Blackburn, Mary 231 Blackburn, Jr., John 247 Blackwell, Wesley 217, 247, 38 BlaisdeH, Beverly 18, 169, 38, 70, 30, 66 Blankenship, Douglas 231, 61 Blankenship, Jeanenne 231, 76 Blankenship, Robert 169, 76, 79 Blann, Vance 247 Blann, Vicky 217, 47, 59, 43, 41, 79 Blevins, David 217 Blinn, Katherine 231, 76, 79 Bloom, John 169, 46, 52, 135 Bloom, Susan 217, 47, 52, 38, 28 Blough, Karen 169 Blough, Martha 247 Bocock, Bender 217 Bocock, Cindy 169, 213, 33, 66 Bodnar, Marilyn 21 7 Bodor, Timothy 21 7, 47, 68 Boggs, James 247 Bohrer, Donald 231 Bolt, William 231 Bombardier, Brigitte 217, 47, 61, 48, 58, 70 Bonds, Licano 247 Bonds, Sharon 231 Bono, Scott 22, 164, 169, 181, 212, 76, 79 Booze, Donna 21 7 Borgus, Archie 22, 164, 165, 169, 176, 35, 211 Bostain, Gene 124, 51 Bosworth, Charles 231 Bosworth, Melissa 99, 247 Boudreau, Carol 217, 1 76, 72, 76 Boudreau, Jeffrey 247 Bouldin, Lonnie 231 Bourne, James 232, 51, 49 Bourne, Steven 88, 169, 172, 67, 162, 213, 276, 128, 1 29, 84 Bouton, Karen 247 Bouton, Lisa 217, 47, 59, 30 Bowen, Beverly 21 7, 72, 76 Bowen, Christine 265, 21 7 Bowker, Bryan 232 Bowker, Cheryl 247 Bowling, Lila 247 Bowling, Todd 217, 76, 79 Bowman, Michael 217 Bozarth, Carol 21 7 Brackett, Barbara 1 69 Bradshaw, James 217 Bradshaw, Paul 232 Bradtmiller, Cindee 21 7, 57, 58, 127 Bradtmiller, Lee 232, 72, 51, 64 Brancato, Maryann 232 Bravo, Claudio 232 Bravo, Sergio 217, 118 Bray, Mike 217 Bresch, Albert 232 Bridge, Heather 247 Brilhart, Brian 1 70 Brilhart, William 247 Brinkley, Karen 217, 47 Brinkley, Terri 170 Briscoe, Johnny 217 Brito, Joseph 232 Brocato, Michael 100, 247 Brooker, Melissa 170, 38 Brooks, Christopher 248, 73, 1 12 Brooks, James 232 Brooks, Leonard 170 Brooks, Victoria 218 Brotherton, Linda 248 Browder, Ann 248, 11 9 Browder, Stephen 218, 119 Brown, Anita 248, 40, 136 Brown, Charles 232 Brown, Donald 170, 61 Brown, Donald 248 Brown, Errol 170, 118 Brown, Joseph 170 Brown, Kathleen 248 Brown, Lynda 218, 49, 58 Brown, Marian 232 Brown, Mary 232, 51, 76, 79 Brown, Stephen 61 Browne, Samuel 137 Brownell, Elizabeth 170, 195, 76, 79 Brownlee, Terri 170 Brownlee, Walter 232 Bruce, Michael 218, 60 Bruch, Donald 232, 84 Brunner, Donna 218, 76, 79 Brunner, Geoffrey 1 70, 52, 290, 80, 119 Brunner, Karen 248, 76 Bryan, Carol 232, 51, 48, 68, 66 Bryan, Glenn 170, 46, 109, 110, 108 Bryan, Joy 21 8, 47, 48, 52 Bryant, Sheryl 248, 76 Bryant, Stephen 218 Bryce, Robert 218, 47, 49, 124, 84 Buchan, John 218, 118, 84 Buchanan, Teresa 232, 76, 79 Buckhorn, Dean 232, 51 Buckman, Norman 61, 60 Bugg, Michael 232 Bugg, Tammy 1 70 Bumgardner, Deborah 218, 47, 59 Bumgardner, Jim 60 Buranen, Kevin 248 Burgess, Susan 1 71 Burke, Brian 171, 109, 110, 108 Burke, Eileen 218, 47 Burke, John 95, 248, 113 Burke, Michael 248 Burke, Paul 95, 259, 113 Burke, Virginia 171, 46 Burkhardt, Cynthia 1 71 Burkhart, Becky 218, 59 Burkhart, Denise 232, 59 Burner, Gregory 95, 248 Burrier, Theresa 218, 47 - Burton, John 61 Burton, Philip 1 71 Burwick, Norman 171, 172, 67, 60, 211,91, 84 Busbice, Martha 232, 51, 48, 80 Bussler, Robert 218 Byers, Brenda 218 Byers, Gregory 248 Byers, Stephen 171, 137 Cain, Christine 1 71, 212, 30, 66 Cain, Linda 232, 40 Cain, Russell 171, 46, 52, 290 Cain, Thomas 218 Campbell, Carol 232 Campbell, Christine 248 Campbell, Martha 248 Campbell, Ronald 18, 218, 47 Canody, James 218, 49, 128 Carey, Michael 232 Carl, James 1 71 Carlson, Russell 248 Carlton, Carol 232 Carpenter, Antoinette 218 Carpenter, Dale 218 Carr, Curtis 232 Carr, Sean 248 Carrigan, George 232 Carroll, Michael 232 Carroll, Vance 248, 135 Carter, Deloris 218 Carter, Teressa 248 Carter, Tina 248 Casey, Mike 232 Cashion, Gloria 171, 50, 38, 291, 28 Cassidy, James 232, 128 Castro, William 218, 61 Cathell, Pamela 1 71 Cathell, Steven 248 Catron, Deborah 248 Cavanaugh, Michael 135 Cazalas, Deborah 248 Cecca, Christina 218, 47 Cecca, Lisa 232, 51, 57 Cevey, Suzanne 172, 72, 46, 76, 79 Chalou, Barbara 248 Chamberlain, Donna 248 Chandler, Barbara 232 Chang, Kyung 1 72 Chang, Young 248 Chapman, Catherine 218, 47, 48 Chapman, Kristin 230, 232, 51 Chapman, Tom 218 Chapman, William 232, 68, 56, 123 Chappell, Janna Charno, Randi 218, 72, 76, 79 Chinhwea, Kim 218 Chirinos, Gerardo 248 Cho, Cathy 248 Cho, Jim 218 Cho, Moon 218 Cho, Moon 233 Cho, Nam 1 72 Cho, Nam 95, 248, 125 Christ, Lisa 248 Christensen, Kelley 218, 57 Christie, Patricia 99, 248, 58, 117 Christos, Catherine 249 Christos, Thomas 22, 1 72, 76, 79 Cilinski, Eleanor 249 Cintron, Jeffrey 249 Cintron, Vivian 233 Clark, Alan 233, 51 Clark, Kelly 233 Clatterbuck, Robin 233 Claussen, Marcia 249 Clayborne, Valerie 177 Clayborne, Vance 218 Clem, Barry 249 Clyde, Janet 249 Cobert, Mary 1 72, 59 Cochran, Dorothy 218, 42, 41 Cole, Barbara 22, 172, 61 Cole, James 172 Cole, Scott 233 Cole, Timothy 233 Collie, Brian 233, 57, 119 Collier, Diane 249, 58 Collins, Frances 172, 114, 127 Collins, Ronald 249, 1 72 Collins, Rosemary 99, 76, 117 Collins, Roy 173 Collins, Warren 218 Cologne David 128 Conelea, Kelly 99 Coneys, Christopher 233 Conner, Brooks 218 Conner, Deborah 218, 72, 74 Constant, Joellen 233 Conte, Lisa 173, 49 Converse, William 94, 218, 84 Cook, Rhonda 249 Cook, Wayne 233 Cooper, Alfred 1 73 Cooper, Gene 249 Cooper, Jeanette 1 73 Cooper, Margaret 38 Cooper, Michael 173, 76, 79 Cooper, Timothy 219 Copley, Joseph 249, 76, 79, 137 Corbin, Cheri 219, 59, 52, 292, 290 Corella, Kelly 249, 136 Corey, Mary 1 73, 46 Cornett, Barbara 233, 127 Cornwell, Margie 1 73, 60 Cornwell, Walter 249 Costello, Shawn 219, 47, 38 Coverston, Jeffrey 21 9 Coverston, Robin 249 Cowan, John 88, 219, 60, 90, 84 Cox, Michael 233 Cox, Michael 216, 219, 76, 79 Cox, Pamela 173, 46, 59, 76, 79 CraighiII, Langhorne 19, 173, 191 Craigue, Janet 233, 38 Craigue, Stephen 233, 51, 124 Crawford, Karen 233 Creekmore, Janis 219 Crim, Suzanne 233, 51,48, 76, 79 Critchfield, Cheryl 174, 66 Critchfield, Denise 219 Critchfield, Renee 249 Crocker, Susan 20, 173, 46, 43, 212, 41,24, 66 Crossman, Janet 173, 46, 64 Crossman, Nancy 76, 79 Crotty, Bonnie 1 74, 46, 70, 76 Crotty, Donna 233, 51, 48, 76, 79 Crotty, Michael 249 Crow, Katherine 219, 57 Crowder, Michael 219, 47, 57 Crowell, Venetia 249 Cuchiara, Francesca 96, 1 74, 46 Cuffee, Berry 233, 73, 112 Culbreath, Avery 249 Culhane, Elizabeth 249 Culhane, James 1 74 Culhane, Jr., John 233 Cunningham, Kathleen 98, 219, 58, 114 Cunningham, Laura 249 Cunningham, Martin 100, 174, 46, 117, 136 Cunningham, Mary 99, 249, 58 Curtin, Kevin 1 74 Curtis, Kara 249 Custer, Brenda 249 Czarnaski, Leanne 174, 119 Czarnaski, Mark 95, 249 Dabkowski, Kevin 249 Dacanay, Ger. 233 Dacanay, Allan 233, 51, 49, 118, 136 Dahl, Caroline 249 Daho, Paul 249 Daigle, Donald 233 Daily, Francis 249 Daily, Margaret 219 Danahy, Mark 1 74 Daniels, Carol 96 , 219 , 115, 114, 136 Daniels, Mary 96, 97, 249, 117 Datta, Matthew 233, 135 Daube, Thomas 1 74, 162 Davies, Diana 219, 59 Davis, Carol 96, 21, 244, 233, 51, 136 Davis, Charles 219, 47, 76, 79 Davis, Dagny 98, 174, 58, 70 Davis, Diane 233, 51 Davis, Esther 233 Davis, Juliana 2 50 Davis, Madeline 98, 1 72, 1 75, 46, 58 Davis, Nancy 250 Davis, Sharon 175, 46, 52, 58, 70, 60, 136 Davis, Thomas 19, 250, 38, 119 Day, Craig 174, 1 75, 136 Day, Dwight 250, 125 Day, Margaret 233 Deemody, Marlio234 De Haven Tracy 234, 51 De La Torre, Sandra 250 Defreitas, Ruth 1 75 Deike, John 250 Deike, Lavern 234 Dejarnette, Michael 175, 67 Dejoy, Christine 234, 51 Delgado, Lourdes 20, 250 Dellinger, Alison 234 Dellinger, Carol 175, 46, 49 Delp, Regina 1 75 Demarest, Rita 250 Denny, Donald 112, 84 Denny, Donna 94 Denny, Mary 1 75 Deskins, Louise 234 Deskins, Pamela 73 Desmarais, Susan 2 50 Desmarais, Theresa 219 Desouza, Marcus 234 Devine, Mark 175, 199 Dewolfe, Sidney 2 50 Dial, Roman 1 75, 46, 38 Dick, Lenore 250, 73 Dickerson, Kellie 2 50 Dickerson, Robert 2 50, 76, 79, 113 Dickerson, Thomas 219, 47, 76, 79 Dinh, Dung 1 75 Dinh, Roger 250 Dinh, Thanh 61 Dixon, Roger 250 Doak, Robert 250 Dodd, Mark 250 Dodge, Phillip 61 Dodson, George 250 Dodson, Gordon 1 75 Dodson, Teresa 250 Dolan, Cheryl 76, 79, 117, 136 Donohue, Joanne 250 Dougherty, Linda 169, 1 75, 46, 61, 70, 35 Dougherty, Lori 234, 57 Douglas, Jay 1 75 Dowden, Douglas 2 50 Dowden, Edward 219, 60 Dowell, Scott 234 Downing, Montgomery 250 Draper, Terry 250 Drewes, Jamie 250 Dubois, Phillip 219 Dukeman, Thomas 250 Duncan, Mark 1 76 Dunn, Cynthia 234, 127 Dunn, Deborah 234 . Dunn, Elizabeth 2 50 Dunn, Robert 1 75 Dyer, Patricia 219, 58, 70, 292 Earnest, Lynn 250 Eaton, Patricia 2 50 Eaton, Robert 234 Edmundson, Jeffrey 234, 76 Edwards, Linda 234 Edwards, Vickie 1 76, 58, 70 Eggleston, Valerie 21 9 Eglinton, William 234 Elder, John 234, 51, 68, 56, 123 Eldridge, Cindy 176, 59 Elkins, Carolyn 21 9, 72 Elliott, David 1 76 Ellis, Albert 234 Ellis, Carolyn 73 Elwood, Teresa 234, 58 Emmanuel, Agnes 243 Endress, Sherry 234, 51, 49, 57, 58 Endress, Steven 250, 72, 76, 79 Entsminger, Daniel 88, 219 Entsminger, David 250, 113 Entsminger, Debbie 1 76, 61, 76, 30, 66 Entsminger, Donald 219, 67, 84 Epling, Stephen 234, 105, 124 Epling, William 1 76, 46, 49, 93, 130, 128, 129 84 Eppard, Larry 88, 1 76, 67, 93, 130, 128, 129, 84 Erlandson, Lee 98, 219, 72, 47, 48, 76 Ermert, Juergen 219, 76, 79 Escobar, Ana 219, 47, 49, 58 Eskridge, Lee 234 Espinola, Karen 1 76 Espinola, Lisa 250, 58 Essex, Richard 234 Essex, Ronald 234 Estabrook, Bard 250 Estep, Leigh 234 Evans, Alison 176, 195, 67, 212 Evans, Andre 250 Evans, Catherine 250 Evans, Daniel 100, 219, 47, 57 Evans, Duane 250 Evans, Jeffrey 22, 1 77, 53 Evans, Lisa 250 Evans, Michael 264, 219, 47, 61, 124 Fagan, Maureen 2 50 Fairman, Colin 234, 76, 79 Fairman, Scott 177, 196, 46, 76, 79 Fallaw, Virginia 19, 177, 50, 38 Fallon, Russell 28 Falvo, Franco 264, 219 Fannin, Colleen 265, 250 Farkas, Michele 234 Farnsworth, Rosalie 250 Farnsworth, Sharion 220, 49, 58 Farrell, David 94, 234 Farrell, Linda 246, 250, 57, 74 Farrell, Thomas 1 77 Farrell, Valerie 234, 51, 48, 58, 136 Fauntleroy, Robert 177 Fay, Joseph 250 Feagans, Rosemary 250 Fedewa, David 234, 76, 79 Fedewa, Susan 220, 72, 47, 76, 79 Fenneman, Karen 220, 59, 76, 79 Ferguson, Don 220 Ferguson, Kevin 220 Ferguson, Michael 94, 234 Fern, Dennis 220 Ferrari, Edward 250 Ferrari, Lisa 220 Ferrell, Toni 220 Ferris, Ronald 250 Field, William 1 77, 60 Fields, Wilbert 22, 1 77, 1 86 Finlay, John 250, 135 Finlay, Stephanie 1 77 Fiorino, Maria 1 77 Fisher, Robert 1 77 Fisher, Stephen 220, 76, 79 Fitzpatrick, Barbara 220, 47, 49, 58, 70, 141, 26 Flaherty, Louis 234 Flanagan, Frances 177 Fleck, Anna 250 Fletcher, Annette 234 Floyd, Sharon 234, 57, 58 Flynn, Chyleene 220, 58, 70, 27, 26 Flynn, Erin 22, 177, 193, 36, 34, 30 Flynn, Keely 230, 234, 45, 41 Flynn, Timothy 2 50 Fogleman, David 251 Foley, Ellen 220 Foltz, Pamela 98, 1 77, 58, 211, 114, 133, 66 Fontaine, Mike 242, 234 Fontaine, William 234 Ford, Darnell 251 Ford, Debra 220 Ford, Pamela 1 78 Fore, Cindy 234 Formosa, III, Edward 220 Forrester, Mary 178 Forster, Katherine 234, 51 Fortner, Mary 1 78, 211, 66 Fortune, Regina 1 78, 189, 61, 59, 66 Foulks, Joan 234 Foust, Pamela Fox, Cynthia 178, 63 Fox, John 178 Fox, John 234 Fox, Ricky 95, 251 Fraley, Bradley 178, 46, 68 France, Barry 234 France, Donald 178 France, John 234 France, Melissa 251 Francioso, John 251 Franklin, John 1 78, 1 82 , 46 Fray, Joe 113 Frayne, Sylvia 251, 57 Freehof, Lynne 19, 1 78, 46, 50, 38 Freeman, Cordelia 234 Freeman, Dollie 251 Freeman, Michelle 234 Freeze, Gregory 2 51 Frenkel, David 18, 234 Friedman, Cheryl 220, 52 Friedman, Esther 220 Friedman, Karen 1 79 Fritz, Donna 96, 97, 1 79, 49, 70g g|g Fritz, Karen 220, 117 Fritz, Kathleen 235, 234, 51 Fry, Helena 251 Fry, James 251 Frye, Drew 234 Fuller, Wash 234 Funkhouser, Michael 23 5 Furr, John 179 Furr, Monica 220 Fyock, Daniel 235 Gaaserud. Karim 251 Gable, Kenneth 1 79 Gable, Laura 235, 52 Gabler, Susan 23 5 Gaizick, Timothy 2 51 Gallagher, Frances 251 Gant, Cynthia 220 Gardiner, Mark 1 79, 46, 124 Gardiner, Scott 235, 51, 124 Garlem, Kenneth 235 Garner, Kim 220 Gamier, Anne Marie 220, 47, 48 Gamier, Jacqueline 235, 49 Garrett, Kerry 235, 52 Garrett, Robert 2 51 Gatton, David 89, 220, 118, 2 7, 84 Gawarecki, Cathy 220, 47, 38 Gazes, Dawn 235 Genduso, Frank 235, 105 George, Mary 2 51 Gerber, Brian 251 Gesner, Gary 235 Geuder, Nancy 235 Ghannam, Ferial 251 Giancaspro, Carol 220, 61, 58 Gibbons, Dawn 235, 51, 58 Gibbs, David 235 Gilbert, Joanna 249, 251, 57, 58 Giles, Leroy 1 79 Giles, Timothy 221 Gillis, Diana 251 Gillis, Duane 221 Givargisadeh, Dennis 235 Glass, Stephanie 221, 47, 66 Gleason, Peggy 61 Goble, Linnet 1 79 Godlove, Matthew 235 Goff, Theresa 221, 4 7, 70 Goldman, Mark 221, 74 Goodrich, Jennifer 2 51 Goodwin, Carolyn 221, 47 Goodwin, David 100, 179 Gordon, William 221, 57 Gorecki, Jonathan 251 Gorecki, Matthew 1 79 Gorham, Ronald 235 Gossom, Julie 22, 1 79, 187, 198, 136 Goto, Jerry 251, 119 Graham, Gerald Graham, Gregory 235, 56, 137 Graine, Steven 264, 2 2 0, 47, 124 Grandy, Kirk 1 79 Grandy, Larry 235 Graves, Cynthia 221, 61 Graves, Thomas 235, 51, 53, 52, 56, 135 Gravette, Irvin 221 Gray, Charles 89, 166, 1 79, 188, 211, 86, 91, 90, 84 Gray, Garnett 73, 292 Grayson, Michael 251, 113 Green, Daniel 22 Green, Kevin 251, 76, 79 Greenberg, Judith 221, 53, 47, 49, 76, 79 Greene, Evelyn 221, 61 Greene, Kevin 229 Greenfield, Duane 251, 135 Greenfield, Gregg 180, 135 Greenquist, Bradley 180 Greenquist, Lisa 251, 76, 79 Greer, Victoria 251 Griffith, John 221 Griffith, Melissa 251 Griffith, Suzanne 251, 40 Grigg, Mark 235 Griggs, Jennifer 180, 189, 61, 59, 30, 66 Groff, Dean 94, 235, 51 Grogan, Michael 235, 76, 79 Grunst, Thomas 221, 53 Grunst, Timothy 235 Guion, John 235, 1 19 Gurri, Gloria 235 Gwinn, Karen 235, 51, 49, 57, 45, 41, 26 Hahn, Debra 180, 61, 66 Hahn, Eric 235 Haight, Diane 180, 73, 46, 117 Haight, Virginia 1 80 Hair, Viicky 236, 59, 57 Hajec, Donald 221, 47, 49 Hale, Lisa 251 Haley, Otis 60 Hall, Dwayne 95, 251 Hall, Gordon 236 Hall, Stacey 251 Hall, William 94, 236, 122 Hallenbaugh, Laura 236 Halnberg, John 221 Hamblin, Susan 180, 76, 79 Hamilton, Eugene 251 Hamilton, Jenine 180 Hamilton, Randy 112 Hamilton, Trudy 221, 47, 76, 79 Hamrick, Shari 213, 251 Haney, Linda 252, 76 Hanna, Maria 180, 46, 49 Hanna, Susan 236 Hanrahan, John 221, 67, 83, 101, 104 Hansen, Suzanne 221 Hardesty, Kathleen 2 52 Harding, David 252, 122 Harding, Gary 236, 105 Hardwick, Denise 252 Hardy, Anthony Hardy, Beatrice Hardy, Jr., Emmett 236 Hare, Vicki 74 Harewood, Debra 252 Hargreaves, Richard 1 80 Harity, Walter 60 Harlow, Jr., Robert 236, 76, 79 Harmon, Donna 221 Harms, Mary 181, 46, 70 Harper, Eleanor 236, 58 Harper, Jean 221, 72, 68, 59, 49, 58, 27 Harrelson, Nancy 221 Harrigan, Cynthia 252 Harrigan, Maureen 2 52 Harris, Candee 236, 51, 57, 58 Harris, Jeffrey 94,241,236,67, 1 18, 1 28, 84 Harris, Lisa 181, 46, 49, 43, 41, 30, 66 Harris, Lloyd 60 Harris, Mary 221, 47, 66 Harris, Peri 236, 73 Harris, Tim 236, 1 12 Harrison, Donald 252 Harrison, John 236 Harrison, Phillip 181, 46, 118, 137 Harsch, Elizabeth 236, 51, 48 Hart, Kathleen 252 Hart, Rex 181, 61 Hart, Stacey 212, 236, 45, 41 FTartell, Katherine 181, 196, 53, 46, 34, 37, 211 Hartman, Gregory 252, 76, 79 Hartsook, Carol 221, 47, 49 Hartung, Linda 221 Haslop, Rebecca 221 Hatfield, Jay 252 Hauk, Carol 236 Hawkins, Charles 181, 71, 76, 79 Hawkins, Connie 252 Hayes, Catherine 252 Haynes, Michael 236, 51, 76, 79 Heater, Kevin 227, 221, 47, 48 Heath, Paul 252 Heckman, Richard 252 Hedgpett, Betty 181 Heffernan, James 236 Heflin, John 100, 135 Held, Michael 181, 64, 71 Helmick, Carolyn 236, 51, 59 Hemenway, Arthur 252, 56 Hemenwly, Dawn 181 Hemlepp, Robin 221 Henderson, Mary 236, 45, 41 Hendrickson, Andrew 221, 4 7, 128 Henrikson, Audrey 181, 46 Henry, Kimberly 252, 127 Henry, Marcella 182, 70 Henson, Deborah 1 82 Hepler, James 221, 38, 28 Heregraves, Ronnie 252 Hernandez, Lourdes 236 Herring, Cheryl 221 Herrity, Walter 221 Herrmann, Lorraine 221 Hetrick, Shayne 221 Hetrick, Shannon 1 82 Heuple, Cheryl 252, 58 Heuple, Heidi 236, 51, 58, 1 19 Hewitt, Bruce 252 Higgins, Dawn 236 Higgins, Shawn 96, 1 82, 46 Highfill, Diane 96, 236 Highfill, Elizabeth 1 82 Hile, Mary 221, 61 Hile, Robert 252 Hill, Edna 236 Hill, Jeffrey 236, 76, 79 Hill, Patricia 252 Hilleary, Carol 221 Hiller, Cheryl 236 Hiner, Connie 253, 61 Hink, Karen 236, 51, 48 Hixson, James 182, 46, 84 Ho, Hun 182 Ho, Yung 236 Hohner, Kim 236, 40 Hohner, Timothy 182 Holder, Edward 236, 61 Holland, Frederick 236 Holland, Pamela 182 Holland, Paul 253, 1 13, 1 12 Holland, Renee 246, 253 Hollenbaugh, Laura 51, 76, 79 Hollis, Joslynn 1 82 Hollohan, Patricia 182 Holman, Jeffrey 221, 56 Holman, Leslie 182, 186, 72, 46, 35, 76 Holman, Rodger 253 Holmberg, Steven 253 Holmes, James 236 Holmes, Kathy 216, 221, 36, 35, 290 Holmes, Wendy 236, 72, 51, 49 Holsinger, Anna 183, 67 Honeycutt, Lee 2 53 Hoover, Daniel 221, 76, 79, 122 Hoover, David 253, 38 Hoover, Kevin 53 Hopkins, David 236, 61 Hopkins, Lois 221, 47, 70 Horner, Rodney 236 Houkal, Victoria 14, 18, 183, 67, 46, 52, 38 House, Karl 221 House, Kevin 236 Houston, Rachel 253 Howard, Janet 236 Howell, Debra 221 Hsu, Ti 253 Hubbs, Joann 221, 61 Hueston, Harry 61 Hull, Tammy 81, 221, 76, 79, 80, 81, 25, 30, 24, 26 Hume, Robert 183 Hunsberger, Adrian 183, 46 Hunsberger, Kristin 236, 51 Hunsberger, Stephen 2 53, 1 13 Hunter, Doris 183, 61, 38 Hutchens, Manuel 253 Hutcheson, John 253 Hyan, Pak 253 Hyatt, Harold 95, 253, 1 13 Iglesias, Angela 221 Iglesias, Maria 236 Ingalsbe, Linda 221 Ingalsbe, Lisa 265, 153 Ingrando, Rayette 236 Inman, David 222 Inqui, Joseph 236, 53, 52 Ireson, Dennis 95, 253 Ireson, Susan 183 trie, Bruce 183 Irvin, Douglas 236, 66, 76, 79 Isom, Jeffrey 253 Ivie, Gregory 222 Ivie, Joann 183 Ivy, Margaret 253 Jackson, Asbury 1 83 Jackson, Christopher 183, 197, 76, 80, 79 Jackson, Cynthia 236, 76, 79, 127 Jackson, Donna 222, 47, 38 Jackson, Sally 236 Jackson, Yvonne 222 Jacobs, Cheryl 184 Jacobs, Joanne 236 Jacobsen, Arth ur 219, 222 Jacobsen, Lisa 99, 253, 58 Jacobsen, Marietta 184, 42, 41, 30 James, Timothy 237 Jamison, Mary Jamison, Richard 237, 61 Jankowski, Jeanette 253 Jansen, Ann 222 Jefferson, Harleen 237 Jefferson, Vincent 253 Jeffords, Richard 237, 57 Jeffrey, Willard 222 Jenkins, Angelina 237 Jenkins, Cecilia 1 84 Jenkins, Charles 222 Jenkins, Charles 237, 51 Jenkins, Rosemary Jenkins, Terry 253, 76, 79 Jenkins, Wayne 184, 212, 84 Jensen, Charles 68 Jensen, David 253 Jensen, Jerome 232, 237 Jensen, Richard 222 Jensen, Timothy 222, 56 Jewell, Diana 237 Jewell, Nancy 184 Johnson, Cheryl 222 Johnson, Donna 222, 47 Johnson, Douglas 222, 47 Johnson, Grace 253 Johnson, Jay 222 Johnson, Jeffrey 253 Johnson, Jeffrey 184 Johnson, Jenifer 237, 59 Johnson, Joseph 222 Johnson, Marc 253, 1 13 Johnson, Penelope 222 Johnson, Rodney 222 Johnson, Tracy 100, 21, 237 Johnson, Vanessa 2 53 Johnston, Pamela 237 Jones, Anthony 100, 253, 118, 137 Jones, Douglas 253, 76, 79 Jones, Duane 222, 38 Jones, James 253, 38 Jones, John 184 Jones, Julie 99, 253, 115, 117 Jones, Laura 184, 60 Jones, Mary 222, 61 Jones, Roger 237, 68 Jones, Steven 222, 84 Jones, Steven 253, 76, 79 Jones, Steven 184 Jones, William 222, 84 Jordan, Pamela 237, 45, 41 Jursnick, Sheryl 237, 40 Jyer, Mike 47 Kaehn, Karen 184 Kahlee, Eric 237 Kalisch, Mark 95, 253, 113 Kang, Hye 253 Karicher, Joda 60 Karlson, Courtney 253 Karl son, Laurie 222, 47, 48, 36, 43, 41, 26 Kearns, Cheryl 185 Keefe, Theresa 237, 40 Keegan, John 253 Keener, Laurie 253 Keisler, John 237 Keller, Paul 185, 162 Keller, Susan 212, 237, 45, 41 Keller, Thomas 222, 122 Kelley, Patrick 237 Kelvin, Michael 222 Kendall, Karen 237 Kendall, Steven 253 Kennedy, Alice 253 Kennedy, Frances 222 Kennedy, Sharon 185 Kephart, Jeffrey 185 Kerins, Teresa 222, 53, 47 Kerns, Cynthia 185, 57 Kerns, Patricia 237, 57, 58, 127 Kerns, Jr., David 222, 124, 126 Keys, Cynthia 253, 57 Keys, James 253 Khan, Golmohamad 253, 125 Khan, Zar 237, 125 Khanna, Alka 253 Khanna, Pamy 253 Kheler, Eric 51 Khorana, Sunita 2 53 Kidd, Robert 237 Kidwell, Larry 253 Kiggins, Kevin 237, 84 Kiggins, Laura 237, 58 Kim, Ae 253 Kim, James 47 Kim, Kwang 217 Kim, Kyung 217 Kim, Kyung 217 Kimmer, John 1 84, 1 85, 60, 93, 1 28, 84 Kincaid, Kay 185, 195, 46, 48, 70 King, Charles 237 King, Gregory 222 King, John 223, 61 King, John 223 King, Shari 1 85 King, Shelly 253 Kingman, Sheila 223, 72, 47, 59, 49, 76, 79 Kirby, Dennis 95, 2 54 Kirby, Janine 237, 58 Kirkpatrick, Diane 223, 70 Kisley, Bret 254 Kitts, Roger 223 Kleinfelder, Michele 2 54 Klika, Deborah 185, 59 Klika, Michael 254, 56 Kline, Annemarie 1 85, 46, 49 Klingebiel, Alana 254, 79, 76 Knecht, Joseph 1 86 Knies, Neil 223 Knight, Anita 1 86 Knight, Kirk 237 Knighton, Kimberly 186 Knott, Wendy 237, 72, 76 Kobayashi, Turner 223, 101, 104 Koch, Gail 186 Koch, Kevin 237 Koelbel, Mary 237, 51, 49, 40, 1 19 Koelbel, Patricia 186, 46 Kohler, Eric 49 Kondracki, Carol 179, 186, 53, 46, 36, 70, 34, 119 , 211 Kopach, Jr., Harold 94, 237 Kopack, Nicholas 95, 2 54, 113 Koth, Theresa 254 Krause, Kimberly 223 Krause, Wilson 254 Kresky, Michael 254, 113, 124 Krysinski, Mark 254, 56, 125 Kyle, Neil 237, 52, 122 La Prad, Sharon 223 La Row, Gregory 237 La Row, Mark 223, 4 7 Laatsch, Mary 237 Laatz, Karla 254 Lacasse, Mary 254 Lacasse, Michelle 186 Lacharite, Danielle 237 Lackey, James 254 Lamon, Robert 254, 113 Lamonds, Stanley 254 Landis, Dee 254, 38 Lane, Janet 254 Lansdown, Dwayne 186 Lapham, Michael 254 Larkin, James 95, 254 Larkin, Lynn 186, 72, 46, 58 Larow, Greg 119 Larow, Mark 119 Larow, Michael 186, 67, 46, 68, 211, 27 Larsen, Gerald 237 Larsen, Vincent 186, 46 Lassiter, Shelia 237 Lau, Susan 254, 38 Laubis, Blane 237 Laubis, Eric 186, 61 Lauffer, Melissa 245, 237 Laviolette, Jeanne 254, 127 Lawrence, Lisa 98 Lawson, Larry 237 Lazarus, David 187, 124 Le, Huong 223 Le, Khiem 187 Le, Monghuyen 237 Le, Tan 187 Le, Tho 237, 135 Le, Tong 187 Le, Tuan 187 Leary, Albert 163, 187, 53, 46, 213 Leary, Monica 254 Leary, Timothy 223 Lee, Carroll 112 Lee, Christopher 237 Lee, Alden 22, 187, 61, 26, 66 Lee, Eric 254 Lee, Eun 254 Lee, Eun 237 Lee, James 254 Lee, John 237 Lee, Mary 187, 70 Lee, Page 254, 41, 44 Lee, Regina 187 Lee, Sung 223 Lee, Yone 188 Lee, III, John Leep, John 254 Lefevre, David 237 Lefevre, Mark 264, 261, 2 54 Legate, Kelly 98, 1 88, 46, 40, 66 Leigh, Liem 254 Leroy, Lili 254 Letzkus, Janet 223 Letzkus, Mary 254 Levin, Marla 223, 47, 49, 38 Lewis, Dana 2 54, 57, 58 Lewis, Glen 188 Lewis, Jonathan 1 88, 46, 80, 76, 79 Lewis, III, Buford 238 Li, Ai 238 Li, Fu 254 Lichty, Craig 223, 76, 79 Liggett, Karen 238 Lightner, Charles 1 88 Lile, Jamie 40 Lilly, Steven 254 Lim, Bo 238 Lim, Hyun 238, 51 Link, Liz 170, 188, 61, 66 Liptrap, Janice 238 Little, Carla 223 Little, Loretta 246, 2 54, 40 Little, Toni 254 Littlewood, Leah 2 54 Livette, Daniel 223 Lloyd, Cynthia 254, 41,44 Lomax, Robert 1 88 Long, John 238, 11 8 Loos, Stephanie 223, 61, 66 Lorenzo, Lauri 238 Loudin, Linda 238 Loudin, Pamela 254 Louis, Michael 223, 67, 85, 86, 110, 108, 84 Louis, Teresa 238, 136 Loveless, Amy 254, 38 Loveless, Kathy 188 Lowe, Alice 238 Lowen, Pamela 254 Lowenstern, Evelyn 165, 188, 213, 26, 66 Lowrance, Craig 223, 53, 125, 124 Lowrance, Lisa 223, 127 Lu, Thu 223 Lundien, Diane 238 Lundien, Keith 19, 188, 206, 50, 38, 28 Lunsford, Robert 238 Lynch, James 254, 113 Lyle, James 254 Lynn, Walter 189 Lyons, Melissa 254 Maccini, Lisa 254 Maccini, Patricia 223 MacDonald, Clifford 189, 60 MacGowan, Cynthia 238, 51 MacNevin, Dawn 189, 59, 162, 66 MacNevin, Michael 223, 84 MacNichols, Mary 223 Madrid, Richard 212, 223, 47 Maffett, William 1 89 Magsig, Theodore 81, 80, 76, 79, 81, 135, 26 Mahoney, Mark 189 Main, Timothy 254 Malazo II, Jose 255, 125, 126 Malick, Susan 189 Malinelli, David 223 Malone, Anthony 255 Manaois, Kim 255, 38 Manilla, Bruce 223, 47, 68, 38 Manilla, David 238 Manion, Steven 238 Mann, Stephen 238, 76, 79 Marcel, Jourdan 255 Marcellon, Denise 1 89, 46, 61 Mares, Daniel 189, 46, 71, 80, 79, 76 Markwood, Virgil 255, 66, 56 Markwood, William 238 , 76, 79 Marsteller, Betty 189 Marstelfer, Deborah 238 Martin, Christopher 238, 79, 76 Martin, Daniel 189, 79, 76 Martin, Eve 14, 18, 39, 173, 190, 196 Martin, James 229, 223, 79, 76 Martin, Melvin 190, 184 Martin, Michael 223 Martin, Timothy 239 Martinez, Gladys 239, 57, 40 Martinson, Donald 255 Mason, Anita 239 Mason, Bryan 239, 1 17, 1 12 Mason, Karen 190 Massar, James 2 55 Mataratan, Chip 135 Mathen, Debora 239 Mastropaolo, Mimi 96, 224, 4 7, 136 Matheson, Michael 61 Mathis, James 224 Matteo, Gary 239 Mattheisen, Suzanne 239 Matthews, Katherine 190 Mattson, Mary 99, 239, 51, 40 Mattson, Susan 224, 47, 50, 39 May, David 255 May, Joyce 224 Mayhew, David 255 McCall, David 60 McCall, Megan 224, 58 McCall, Susan 257, 255, 58 McCarroll, Lucinda 190, 46 McCarroll, Selina 2 55 McCaulley, Richard 239 McClafferty, Rebecca 190, 61 McClintock, Cheryl 224 McClintock, Michelle 255 McClintock, Marion 190, 46, 49, 136 McCue, Richard 190, 61, 85, 84 McDaniel, Carol 47 McDonald, Edwin 224, 197, 47, 79, 76 McDonald, John 95, 255 McDonough, Carol 239, 57 McElroy, Home 100, 224, 118, 137 McGhee, John 190 McIntosh, Wendi 2 55 McKenna, Anne 224 McKenna, David 239 McKinney, Richard 190, 60 McLaughlin, Cara 239, 51 McMillan, Leslie 239, 72, 51, 49, 76, 79 McMillen, Brian 191, 53 McNabb, Sharon 191, 200, 61 McNamora, Pat 51 McNare, Carol 224 McNemar, William 239, 49 McOmber, James 38 McQuain, Susan 191, 53, 46 McQuillen, Matthew 191, 67, 101, 103 Mead, Linda 224, 76, 79 Meader, Alison 255, 41, 44 Meader, Jennifer 224 Meadows, Frederick 224, 4 7, 101, 103 Meadows, Merlin 239 Mechem, Dale 224 Meeker, Jeffrey 239, 125 Megraw, Cynthia 239 Megraw, Michael 255 Mehalic, John 191 Mellott, Mary 239 Melvin, Bryan 191 Merchant, Harry 191, 56, 79, 76 Merchant, Robert 239, 53, 123 Merrell, Stuart 49 Merten, Beverly 239 Merten, Lynn 224 Mesisca, Debra 2 55 Mesler, Susan 224 Meszaros, Maria 255 Metcalfe, Martha 224, 61, 115, 114, 66 Methfessel, Harley 191, 204, 207, 67, 46, 85, 84 Meurer, Jay 60 Meyer, Kathy 255 Meyers, Timothy 239 Michaels, Anthony 239, 66 Miller, Aaron 224 Miller, Charles 239 Miller, Charlynn 239, 57, 40, 79, 76, 136 Miller, Christina 255 Miller, Clayton 239 Miller, Deborah 2 55 Miller, Don 191 Miller, Donna 20, 239, 51, 57 Miller, Elizabeth 255, 72 Miller, James 255, 137 Miller, Lavundra 49, 74 fgl Miller, Linda 239 Miller, Rita 98, 191, 60, 213 Miller, Sandra 239 Miller, Susan 255 Mills, Bonnie 1 92, 70 Mills, Mark 224 Minturn, Courtney 239, 57, 127 Miroy, Gabby 22, 184, 192, 68, 212, 25 Mitchell, Walter 255 Mitchler, Dennis 95, 255 Mitton, Joanne 239 Mitton, Susan 1 92 Mixon, Ted 89, 224, 84 Mixon, Pamela 2 55 Molinelli, David 47 Monahan, Brenda 99, 239, 57 Monroe, Clyde 73 Monroe, Jr., Floyd 223, 224, 60, 101, 103 Montali, Bonnie 239, 72, 51, 49, 57, 40, 127 Montali, Lawrence 255 Montena, Patricia 224, 79, 76 Montgomery, Brent 224, 79, 76 Moore, Herbert 224, 60 Moorefield, Katherine 2 55 Moran, Mark 100, 239 Moreau, Judith 165, 192, 193, 61, 30, 66 Moreau, Stefanie 240, 51, 64, 45, 41 Morgan, Diane 1 92 Morgan, Sandra 224 Morris, Brian 260, 255 Morris, Christina 224, 47, 76, 79 Morris, Craig 240, 112, 84 Morris, Sandra 240, 51, 58 Morris, William 224, 60 Morris, William 224 Morrison, Andrew 224 Morrison, Loretta 2 55 Morrison, Maureen 240, 40 Morrow, John 1 92, 76 Morrow, Patricia 230, 240, 72, 79, 76 Mosher, James 246, 255 Mosley, James 240 Moss, Annemarie 255 Moss, Linda 240 Moubray, Mindy 34, 192, 22 Mountain, Christa 255 Mowbray, Debbie 192 Mowson, Robert 163, 192, 67, 101, 103, 102, 122 Murdock, Sandra 255 Murphy, Catherine 240, 76 Murphy, Eileen 192 Murphy, Elizabeth 240, 51 Murphy, Jill 255, 41, 44 Murphy, Pamela 240, 58 Murray, Debora 2 55 Murray, Ellen 240, 51, 48, 32, 52, 57, 40, 127 Murray, Matthew 100, 224, 47, 49, 79, 137 Myer, Tim 79, 76 Myers, Michael 224, 68 Myhre, Laurie 255, 119 Myhre, Michael 193 Myles, Gary 240 Myles, Johnny 240 Napier, Charles 192 Nappo, Jean 19, 255 Nappo, Nicholas 14, 18, 19, 213 Nassetta, Peter 1 67, 193, 52, 135 Natarajan, Sivaraman 240, 48, 74 Nayle, Thomas 224 Neely, Elizabeth 212, 224 Neilan, Barbara 193 Neilan, Karen 240 Nelson, Lynda 240 Newbrough, Mark 240 Nguyen, Dzung 255 Nguyen, Frank 193 Nguyen, Nhung 224 Nguyen, Phan 240 Nguyen, Son 224 Nguyen, Thu 193 Nicchitta, Christopher 46 Nicholas, Ann 193, 66 Nicholas, David 224 Nicholls, Junior 224 Nicholls, Valerie 2 55 Nicol, Robert 240 Noble, Alison 240, 59 Noble, Kim 224 Nolan, Douglas 240, 193, 76, 79 Nolan, Patricia 224 Noles, Teresa 224 Noone, Edward 95, 248, 255, 113 Noone, Sean 224, 292 Nystrom, Alan 193, 76, 79 O, Ae 254 O, Ae 193 O, Ae 224 Oborn, Kathy 4 7 Obrien, Carol 194, 59, 70 Obrien Charmaine 240 Obryhim, Rebecca 14, 194, 197, 80, 76, 79, 213 Oertly, Terri 224 Offerman, Margaret 57, 40 Ogando, Frank 255 Ogden, Diane 194, 72, 59, 76, 79 Oh, Hung 194 Okeefe, Susan 224 Oleniacz, John 2 55 Olive, Chester 194, 109, 108 Olivo, Carolyn 255 Olivola, Nancy 22, 98,21, 194, 46, 59, 70, 162, 136 Omary, Nashwa 1 94 Omeara, Terri 255 Oneal, Patrick 255 Oram, Elizabeth 256 Orfino, Michele 256 Osburn, Jennifer 21, 256, 41, 44 Osburn, Randall 175, 194 Oshields, Marshel 240, 74 Ottoson, Jane 76, 79 Ottoson, Jean 240, 76, 79 Overcash, Brett 2 55 , 79, 76 Owen, Terri 240 Owens, James 80, 79 Owens, Wanda 255 Painter, Faith 240 Pajak, Minda 96, 240, 51, 40, 136 Pakhik, K ahmy 256 Paljug, Michael 194 Pallansch, Paul 256 Palmer, Constance 224, 72, 47, 76, 79 Palmer, Kathleen 224 Palmer, Mary 240, 47, 57, 74, 292, 127 Papke, Robert 194, 71, 80, 76, 79 Paradise, Louis 95, 256 Parks, John 95, 256 Parlier, Michele 256 Passino, Robert 180, 195, 101, 104 Passino, Stephen 240, 101, 103, 102 Patch, Buddy 291, 124 Patch, Don 240 Patcham, George 256, 79, 76 Patrick, Jeffrey 224, 47, 57 Patrick, Steven 57 Patterson, Carolyn 99, 240, 136 Patterson, Dixie 240, 52, 57, 58 Patterson, Shawn 240 Patterson, Tara 256 Patton, Jay 225 Paugh, Dwayne 256 Paul, Valerie 240, 59, 57, 58 Paurowski, John 240 Payne, Angela 99, 240, 40, 136 Payne, Harold 256 Payne, Kenneth 240 Payne, Richard 225 Payne, Shannon 225, 79 Pedone, June 240 Peery, Randy 95 Peery, Tina Pennie, Richard 225 Pennington, John 195 Peoples, Iris 240, 73 Perka, Jeffrey 240 Perkins, Evelyn 240 Perkins, Kevin 240 Perkins, Susan 225 Perry, Karen 73 Peters, Ann 256 Peters, Christopher 225 Peters, Michael 76, 79 Peterson, Jane 225, 4 7, 50, 38 Peterson, Keith 225, 47 Peterson, Susan 2 56 Peterson, Teri 225 Pewtherer, Deborah 225 Pfaff, Karen 225, 79, 76 Phelps, Gregory 195, 79 Philippon, Daniel 95, 256 Philippon, Ruth 195, 59 Phillips, Sherman 79, 76 Pickett, Carol 256 Pierce, Laura 240 Pieri, Karen 256, 41, 44 Pieri, Kathleen 240 Pignotti, Michael 195 Pilkerton, Joseph 2 56 Pinson, Michael 195 Piolunek, Carol 256 Pitts, Tom 1 95 Place, Janet 18, 218, 225, 47, 50, 38 Pledger, Kathy 240, 136 Plum, Carl 225 Plum, Nancy 241 Poland, Timothy 61 Pollack, Edwin 256 Pommer, Bruce 241, 125 Poncin, Dana 246, 256 Poncin, Debora 225 Ponton, Kandi 22 5, 47, 114 Ponton, Karen 195, 213, 66 Poole, Michele 256 Poore, Joseph 256 Potts, Rebecca 241, 127 Potts, Rick 257, 113, 124, 126 Potvin, John 225 Powell, Brooke 40, 52 Powell, Kathe 257 Powell, Laurie 257 Powell, Michael 225, 47 Powell, Pamela 241, 51, 64, 40, 127 Powers, Robert 195, 46, 80, 76, 79 Pratt, George 195, 60 Prescott, Amy 216, 225, 26 Prestera, Patricia 225 Preston, Steve 257 Price, Alison 225, 47, 49, 70 Price, Bruce 225, 60 Price, Bryan 257 Procter, Lee 196, 60 Proffitt, Kitty 257 Proffitt, Jr., Tommy 241 Propst, Sherry 241, 40 Pruitt, Keith 241, 76, 79 Purdy, James 196, 76, 79 Quigley, Gregory 225 Raines, Teresa 225, 40 Ranos, Anna 241, 57 Ramos, Chris 40 Ramos, David 49 Ramos, Jennifer 257, 57 Randall, Kathryn 196, 72, 67, 46, 76 Randall, Tom 52, 51 Randall, Jr., Warren 241 Randolph, Carrie 196 Rankin, Kelly 241 Rankin, Mary 225 Rauback, Lenora 241 Rector, Sandra 225 Reece, Grace 196 Reed, Christopher 241 Rees, Deborah 241, 2 57 Reese, John 95, 113 Reeves, David 225 Reeves, Michael 95, 257, 128, 84 Reeves, Tamra 196, 61, 30, 66 Register, Margaret 20, 257 Rehrig, Patrice 196, 46, 49 Rehrig, Paula 196, 46, 49, 41, 43, 30, 66 Reinemer, Jonathan 241 Reinertson, Karla 225 Reinertson, Krag 241 Reipgruber, Jeffrey 225 Reingruber, John 196 Reingruber, Michael 257 Renehart, Chris 241 Rener, Clay 257, 135 Renfro, Tracey 257, 49, 38 Renton, Richard 241, 57 Repertus, Chuck 95 Revis, James 225, 61 Reynolds, Carol 241 Reynolds, Cheryl 257 Rhew, Christine 241 Rhew, Craig 229, 225, 117, 1 12 Ricci, Brian 225, 60 Rice, Deborah 196, 46, 70 Richard, Daniel 226, 84 Richard, Judith 196, 59, 66 Richard, Raymond 196, 46, 67, 84 Richardson, Rickey 94, 241 Richardson, Teresa 98, 197 Richardson, Wayne 226, 84 Riche, Teddy 229, 226 Richerg, James 226 Richitt, Lawrence 241 Richmond, Lori 192, 197, 72, 53, 46, 79, 76, 30 Rider, Kenneth 257, 125 Riding In, Denise 257 Rike, John 241 Rike, Mary 197, 46, 59, 49 Rike, Robert 257, 74 Riley, Paula 22, 197, 41, 43, 27, 26, 66 Risdon, Tammy 1 97 Risk, Kimberly 257 Ritter, Rhonda 226 Ro, Suk 241 Roadcap, Mary 226, 47, 61, 66 Roberts, Amy 261 Robertson, Dierdre 257 Robinson, Deborah 257 Robinson, Dereke 257 Robinson, Kimberly 226 Rodger, Dorcas 226, 59, 56, 123 Rodgers, Deborah 257 Rodman, Candace 197, 46 Rodriguez, David 241 Rodriguez, Thomas 100, 137 Rohr, David 226, 47, 60 Rohrbaugh, Cheryl 241, 51 Roland, Steven 241 Rollins, Tamara 257 Roop, James 257 , ' • • 7 ' ' Roper, David 258 Rose, Cynthia 241, 72, 51, 49. 76, 79 Rosenberg, Jeffrey 232, 241, 51, 125 Ross, William 95, 258 Round, Brenda 197, 60 Rowe, Carol 258 Rowland, Scott 94, 241, 131, 128, 84 Rowland, Terri 197, 61, 66 Rozier, James 197 Rubin Annette 253, 76 Rudacitle, Jody 100, 226, 118, 137 Rudd, Robert 258 Rugen, Brian 258, 113 C Ruggere, Renee 22, 197, 70 Russell, Catherine 48, 241, 79, 76 Russell, George 241 Russell, Joe 229, 226, 79, 76 Russell, Rebecca 198, 46, 70 Russell, Richard 171, 198, 53, 46, 52 Russler, Bob 60 Rutherford, Sharon 215, 226, 133, 66 Rutherford, Susan 241 Ryan, III, Lewis 226, 84 Ryback, Sandra 226 Ryder, Tim 66 Rymer, Pamela 226 Rynk, Barry 258 Ryon, Kim 57, 241 Ryon, Pamela 97, 198, 58, 114 Saa, Salim 198 Saa, Samar 242 Saa, Suha 258 Saab, Abir 242, 51 Saah, Oraib 258 Sabin, Sharen 198 Saffell, Brian 258, 1 13 Saitta, Marc 258 Saling, Evonne 242 •..ill bury Mary 242 Saliz, Cynthia 242 Sams, Rebekah 220, 226, 258 Sanoubane, Chrunphanh 22$. ' JMil j Santos, Stephen 198 Savage, Kathleen 226, 47, 49, 56, 76, 79, 123 Sawyer, Candace 258, 72, 76 Sawyer, Julia 242, 57 0 Saylor, Terri 258 • . ' | SSaRK I Scalzo, Janice 2 30, 242 Scalzo, Joyce 242, 51, 49, 57, 40, 26 ' ' Scalzo, Laurie 226, 47, 49 Schaffer, Hein 70 t Schaffstall, Sassy 98, 226, 40, 133 Schaietzky, David 242 Schechter, Alona 229, 226, 47, 59, 57, 70, 58 Scheider, Lili 242, 51, 76, 79, 136 Schindler, Brenda 98, 198, 46, 79, 76 Schirmer, Mark 79 Schlattman, Laura 258 Schlattman, Linda 258 Schlattman, Robert 226, 110, 108 Schmidt, Jeffrey 258 Schmidt, Larry 198, 61 Schonowski, John 258 Schrader, Jeffery 96, 242 Schrader, Jerry 95, 258 Schuler, Lois 198 Schultz, Kathleen 242 Schultz, Robert 229, 226 Schultz, Scott 242 Schuman, Monica 51 Scott, Jane 98, 216, 264, 226, 47, 48, 114 Scott, Joyce 198, 205, 70, 40 Scott, Martha 1 98 Scott, Pamela 198, 200 Scott, Sarah 226 Seal, Kenneth 242 Seal, Ralph 61 Seal, Robin 242 Seaman, Eileen 226, 47 Seaman, James 258, 113, 137 Seaman, Shirley 242 Sears, Marshall 258 Seguine, Paula 197, 199,. 80, 79 Seidman, Robert 95, 2 58 Seielstad, Megan 226, 72, 47, 48, 79, 76 Seimers, Pam 59 Setfh, Tim 95 Selquist, Carolyn.258 ■ ■■ .m y-c ' .i Selquist, Kathryn 258 Seraclno, Richard 199, 46, 71, 80, 76, Sessoms, Michelle 96, 242, 51, 49 Seth, Timothy 258 Seymour, Carol 242 Shaffer, John 258 Shaffer, Lance 242 Shaffer, Margaret 199 Shapbell, Lisa 258 ■ , Sbarman, Ashley 117,; 1 Sharman, Kerry 258 £barjman, Phillip 242, 51 Sharp, Daniel 226 ■ ■ Sheldon, Frahkftn-24 7 Shelesky, Stephen 258 ' Shehra, Renee 258 Sherba, Wavne258 ' Sheridan, Timothy 257, 19, 226, 53, 52, 57 38 : Sherron, Daniel 226 Sherron, Yvonne 258, 40 , Sheviak, Michael 199, 46 Sheviak, Susan 242, 57, 40, 12 7 Shevlifi, William 226 Shifflett, Scott 94, 21, 242, 128, Shin, Gi 243 Shipp, Thomas 61 V - ; It Shirmer, Mark 46 Shoemaker, David 100. 264, 238, 1 18 Shoemaker, Eric 226 Shoemaker, Josh 226 Shonerd, Peter 199, 80. 76, 79 Shore, Donna 1 99 Short, Qiane 199 Shuck, Robert 199 Shuman, Monica 242. 72, 57, 71 Shuman, Sandra 226, 7 9, 76 Stebert, S ' erina 243, 60 . Si.eck,, Brian’94 43 | Sieck, Scott 22,-199, 4fif Siemers, Pamela 2 26, 70,136 Silver, David 2 3 Simmons, Barbara 2 58 Simmons, Tammy 20Q Simon, Michael 258, i ..S i mon, Susarf 243 Simonds, Frank 88, ,. ■ 93, 212, 84 1 Simonds, KelleY 212 Simons, lohn 226 V Simpson, Cafbrine |jf8, 227, 59, 66 Simpson, Coty 2001 60 Simpson, lames 88, 89, 200, 67, 128, 129, 84 Simpson, Vicki 243, 117 Simpson, Jr., Wallace 258 Sims, Michael 243 Sipe, Scott 243 Slavik, Virginia 258 SJavin; Patricia 258, 76 191, 200, 46,. 67, 90, 30,243,45,41 Slusher, lames 243 Small, Tina 258 Smith, Andrew 243, 51, 52 Smith, Brenda 243 Smith, Brenda 243 Smith, Joseph 243 Smith, Lisa 227, 43 Smith, Matthew 258 Smith, Megan 22, 200, 46, 80, 76, 79, 30 Smith, Michael 95, 258 Smith, Patricia 258, 79, 76 Smith, Porter 200 Smith, Robert 200 Smith, Samuel 20, 213, 101, 104 Smith, William 258 Snedgen, Gregory 124 Snedgen, Michael 200 Snider, Lee 228, 118 Snider, Lisa 258 Snowden, Michael 227 Snyder, Eric 258, 76 Snyder, Harvey 227, 79, 76 Snyder, Wade 227, 52 Sodergren, Darell 258 Southee, Dean 258 Spear, Amy 200 Speight, Kathleen 243 Spencer, Jacqueline 258, 73 Spitzer, David 243 SpiLzer, Debra 259 Sponable, Debra 227, 72, 47, 57, 36, 76, 127 Spriggte, Christine 259, 58 Springston, Mark 227, 47, 101, 102 Sprouse, Lisa 227, 41, 43 Sprung, Stacy 259 St. Hilaire, Donna 201 Stanley, Denise 227, 40, 114 Stannard, James 21, 227, 47, 101, 137, 84 Staples, Michael 227, 51, 47, 57, 85, 84 Staples, Ted 88, .185, 200, 46, 67, 49, 57, 40, 90,212,84 Staples, Terrence 95, 259 Stark, Claude 201, 71, 80, 79. 16 Stark Paul 178, 201 Steadman, Scott 95, 259, 76, 113 Steele, Dianne 259 Steele, Mark 95, 259 Steele, Sharon 201 Steeves, Theresa 60 Steidel, Carol 243 Steidel, Kathryn 201, 66 Stephens, David 227, 47, 135 Sternitzke, Richard 201, 46 Stewart, Brenda 259, 41,44 Stewart, Donna 201, 61, 59 Stewart, Steven 227 St, Hilaire, Monida 243 Stickiey, Jr,, James 259, 118 Stine, Gail 201, 46, 76, 79 Stone, Daniel 201, 61 Stone, Debra 227, 59, 70 Storey Jeanne 243, 60 Stoufer, Robert 243 Stout, Marjorie 227 Stout, Scott 201, 93, 118, 84 Stover, Richard 243 Strain, Shasha 2 59 Stratton, Norma 202, 52, 290 Strawderman, Dina Streets, Ktm 227 Strickland, Margaret 202, 46 Stringer, Linda 259 Stringer, Patricia 227, 47, 49 Strok, Stasia 227, .136 Strum, Linda 243 Stryker, Barbara 227, 41, 43 Stuart, Gay 243 _ Stucker, Jeffrey 259, 56 Stukes, Desiree 243, 79, 76 Sturm, Linda 51 Sturm, Lisa 202, 46, 52, 70 Suhsoon, Young 243 Sullivan, Patrick 18, 227, 4 18, 137 Summerfield, ;Jr., Rockwood 243, 68 Sun, Stephanie 202 Sutphin, Ronnie 243, 79, 76 Swankowski, Steven 227, 67, 84 Swanson, Peter 244 Swink, Joan 202 Sykes, Daniel 227, 1 19 Sykes, Sarah 244, 119 Szymanski, Janet 259 Szymanski, Joyce 259 Ta, Dung 227 Ta, True 202 Tanner, Jill 202 Tarrell, Valerie 99 Tashjian, Renee 244, 58 Tashjian, Souren 227, 125 Tasker, Daniel 94, 244 Tasker, Keith 243, 244 Tassi, Soe 95, 259 Tavener, Robert 259 Tayal, Vivek 244, 68, 135 Taylor, Kenneth 227, 60 Taylor, Sherry 244, 76 Taylor, Stacey 244, 51, 136 Taylor, Stephen 259, 73 Taylor, Terri 202 Tennell, Greg 203, 118, 137 Tew, John 227, 47 Thibodeau, Ernest 61 Thibodeau, Gerald 203 Thibodeau, Lawrence 259 Thibodeau, William 244, 61 Thoma, David 244, 51 Thomas, Carolyn 203, 46, 49, 57 Thomas, John 203 Thomas, Susan 259, 51, 49 Thomas, Suzanne 244 Thomas, Yolande 2 59 Thomason, John 259 Thompson, Carla 244, 117 Thompson, Katherine 244 Thompson, Mary 203, 60 Thompson, Mary 203 Thompson, Ricky 203 Thompson, Sandra 2Q3f ' Thornton, Randy 244, 76 Thorstenson, Lisa 259 Thula, Ann 48 Tiller, Donna 203 Timis, Del 244 Titus, Laurel 203 Tobin, Robert Todaro, Claire 204, 46, 61 Tolbert, Terri 227 Tolman, Daivd 22, 204, 53, 46, 38, 34, 211, 37, 33, 24 Tolman, Janet 212, 244, 45,41 Tomes, Pamela 204, 46, 70, 76, 79 Tompkins, Willis 259 Toms, Douglas 227 Train, Jonathan 204, 46, 49 Trammell, Polly 227, 49, 70, 40, 74 Tran, Cecilia 227 6 Tran, Hung 204 Tran, Nga 259 Trapp, Ellen 203, 204, 46, 70 Traylor, Laurie 244, 72, 51, 79, 76 Treger, Vicki 244, 51, 58 Tremper, Carole 259 Tribble, Cheryl 259 Trinh, Giao 227 Triplett, Susan 244, 52 Trivett, Deborah 259 Trout, John 227, 47, 79, 76 Truelove, Carol 204, 38 Truelove, Graham 2 59 Truong,. Khong, 244 Trusty, Heathen 259 Tschida, Christopher 244 Tschida, Melanie 259, 41, 44 Tsitos, John 204 Tu, Phac 244 Tucker, Beverly 259 Tucker, Christopher 244 Tulloch, Loretta 244, 58 Tunnell, Teresa 244, 58 Turman, Paul 95, 259 Turman, Ruth 228 Turner, Barbara 244, 51, 49 Turner, Brenda 244, 51 Turner, Bridget 204, 61 Turner, Ralph 215, 223, 228, 259 Turner, Tammy 22, 204, 72, 76, 79 Turney, Kevin 244 Tusing, Tamara 228 Tutt, Anthony 228, 73, 76, 79 Tutt, Donald 177 Tutt, Lisha 259, 73 Twinam, Courtenay 226, 228, 136 Tyler, George 205 Tyler, Robert 228 Tyler, Terri 259 Udart, Glenn 259 Utterback, Lori 136 Vanderwal, Lisa 259, 79 Vanderwal, Scott 118, 137 Vandivier, Dianne 205, 208, 53, 46, 49, 70, 76, 30 Vasquez, Mima 259 Venable, Gilda 73 Venable, Jr., Thomas 95, 259 Venhuizen, Lynda 228, 70 Vernon, David 205 Via, Richard 228 Vice, Kenneth 94, 228, 60, 84 Vickroy, Sandra 205, 50, 38, 39 Viggins, Kevin 94 Villa, Steven 205 Vincent, Terry 228 Vinson, Irene 2 59 Vivaldi, Noel 95, 259 Vollmer, David 57 Wade, Danny 228, 60 Wade, Robert 94, 244 Waggener, Lori 1 89, 205, 53, 30, 27, 24 Wagner, Donna 259, 56 Wagoner, Jeffrey 89, 166, 205, 91, 109, T08, 128, 129, 84 Wagoner, Lisa 259 _ . ., Wahdan, Hasan 259 Wahl, Michelle 244, 57, 40 Walck, Suzanne 259 Waldron, Beverly 259, 79, 76 : . Waldron, Janice 205 Waldron, Patricia 244 Walker, Phillip 244 Walker, Timmy 260 Wall, Susan 244, 51, 48, 76 Waller, Nancy 20, 228, 61, 41, 43, 66 Waller William 228, 47 Wallis, Derrick 260 Walowac, Therese 260, 57 Walter, Jeffrey 264, 228, 108, 84 Walters, Jeannette 205, 46 Walters, Roger 245 Walton, Judith 260 Wang, Fey 20, 245 Wang, Kang 205 Warden, Sabrina 228, 47, 49, 25 ' .j,®- ;,- Washburn, Carrie 228, 53, 47, 119 Washington, Jackie 60 Washington, Sunita 245, 73 Wasko, Parke 260 Waters, Marian 265, 260, 38 Watkins, John 260, 79, 76 Watkins, Larrie 228 Watkins, Tina 260, 49 Watson, Susan 260 Watts, Jane 245 Webb, Bruce 206, 46, 108 Webb, Charles 206 Webb, Esperanzo 260 Webb, Faunice 260 Webb, William 206 Webber, Kristen 260 Weber, Brenda 228, 72, 38 Weber, Kathryn 206 Wedding, Cathryn 206, 61 Weddle, William 228 Wedler, Jean 206 Weekley, Audrey 228 Weekley, Mark 245, 128 Welch, Sandra 20, 206, 61, 212, 66 Welch, Sheryl 20, 22, 206, 61, 41, 43, 66 Wells, Deborah 228 Wells, Fredrick 260 Werner, Cynthia 207 West, Diana 98, 228 West, loan 245 West, John 207, 93, 84 Westbrook, Linda 207 Westbrook, III, Floyd 228, 125 Westphal, Lynda 207, 66 Whalen, Melody 228 Whaley, lay 260, 125 Wharton, Gary 207 Wheatley, Barbara 96, 97, 245, 51, 40, 26 Whetzel, Cheryl 228, 49, 76 Whetzel, Denise 260 White, Darrin 207, 46, 108, 130, 128, 129 White, Lawrence 260, 73 White, Michael 228, 60 White, Wendell 228 Whitmore, Sean 207 Whitney, Elise 228, 61, 58 Whitney, Joseph 207 Whittet, Leslie 228, 38 Whysong, Brenda 228, 47 Wickert, Dorothy 228, 72 Wien, Craig 172, 207, 67, 53, 46, 122, 212, 28 Wiggs, Keith 245 Wiley, Debra 96, 260 Wilhide, Carey 245 Wilhite, Mark 228, 128 Wilkie, Debra 245, 48 Willett, Rebecca 245, 72, 51, 76 Willett, Terry 99, 260 Willett, Trena 260 William, Bobby 260 Williams, Carole 207 Williams, Donna 245 Williams, Eric 260 Williams, Iris 208 Williams, Marc 245 Williams, Sandra 200, 208, 61 Williams, Thomas 228, 61 Williamson, Sheryl 245 Wilson, Dean 95, 260, 113 Wilson, Doris 228 Wilson, Holly 228 Wilson, Teresa 260, 61, 119, 136 Wimmer, Greta 99, 245, 40, 11 5, 117, 136 | Wimmer, Richard 245 -Windle, Karen 260 Winslow, Kennety 245, 79 Wintz, Timothy 245 Witmer, III, Howard 260, 76 Witthaus, Scott 208 Witthaus, Suzanne 261, 40 Witz, Wendy 228, 41,43 Wohlrab, Terrie 260 Wojtowicz, Theresa 261, 49 Wolf, Theresa 261 Wolfe, Bernie 261 Wood, Gary 208 Woods, Charles 208 Woods, Timothy 228 Wooldridge, Jr., Kermit 261 Woolf, Robert 228, 47, 108, 128, 129 Wooten, Mary 228, 47, 70, 58 Wortman, Holly 228, 47, 49 Wright, Deanna 261 Wright, Leslie 261 Wright, Michael 228 Yarbrough, Edward 208, 85, 213, 27, 84 Yarbrough, John 94, 245 Yassine, Dalai 20, 208, 66 Yassine, Mona 261, 59 Yates, Gavin 245 Yeakel, Amy 261 Yi, Ho-Chol 245 Yi, Hochin 207 Ying, Li-Ling 261 Yong, Hye-Kang 208 York, Jeffrey 261 Yoshida, Cameo 208 Yoshida, Robert 209 Yoshida, Suzann 261 Young, Pamela 245 Zandler, Deborah 261 Zeltvay, Alexandra 1 71, 209, 46, 48, 70, 24 Zimbro, Karen 209 Zimmer, Robert 61 .v ' . . • • :j : • m m ■■ ■■ ;„V ' ! ;■ •. " V. •• • tyv .» : •; y ' ( •, • : • , •. • Michael Boaze - 1977 ) David Shoemaker - 1977 ) m $ ■ , % m ff t . w . -v -■ fl . S WW | iRj J V ' v ' 3 U |i ; «L 1 1 f 3H ° II . . . An Impression Comes As A Result Teachers party in the English lounge. 290 Closing Hey, who do you think you are? thinks Gigi Cashion. Mr. McCarrol refuses to believe that bald is beautiful. Experiencing conflicts, surprises, togetherness, embar¬ rassments, success, depression . . . endless moments — All comes with learning, growing, and changing. Formulating, altering, and upsetting an Impression comes as a result. Buddy Patch wonders where his ball went. How embarrassing! Closing 291 . . . Creates An Impression Trish Dyer, Sheri Corbin, and Mary Palmer go to Mac ' s for lunch. Sometimes I just feel like escaping. Sean Noone shouts, “Come on in and have some fun. " Attending class, going out to lunch, getting together with friends to study, looking at the school from Different view¬ points — all create an Impression. Students get together and share learning experiences. 292 Closing uus ■NNmcs nmttii These juniors enjoy a field trip. Students explore different interests. Through field trips they expand their knowledge. They Learn skills from practice and experience. They Learn from one another. Upon them¬ selves and others They produce an Impression. Tryouts for the " Three Musketeers. Closing 293 i | 1 • ' - •- « DM Q P. ’tit ' i % J ' 1 ■PV |« ,, 3 i t tS m ' ■Z f. A h 1 Winning raises school pride. Knowing you are doing your best Gives a sense of accomplishment. Some thrive on competition. Others are content to just do their best, And form an Impression in Their own mind of success. Yesterday ' s impression forms memories Today ' s impression forms emotions Impressions of tomorrow form dreams Constantly being influenced and influencing We cannot escape the meaning of Impression Pi ’ g js J fffdp ft ■ I

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