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Introducing the 1966 Jaguar ... 1966 JAGUAR Falls Church High Falls Church, Virginia Published by the 1966 Jaguar Staff Pat Dietrich Editor in Chief Table of Contents Academics_ 12 Student Body _ 40 Organizations _108 Activities_ 160 Sports 178 On the outskirts of the growing metropolis of Washington, D. C., halfway situated between town and country, we stand: FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL We look toivard the future EMKj While ive remain in the present This Was The Year WE WILL REMEMBER Page 6 Participation in Activities Service through Organizations msfumiii mmmm Unity Among the Student Body Achievement in Academics MICHAB. FALLS CHURCH On September 4, 1945, 522 excited students entered Falls Church High School for the first time. Each one felt the thrill of its newness and was anxious to explore every part of the building. A few months earlier, on May 18, the corner¬ stone was laid. It contained wine for strength, corn for growth, oil for wisdom, a roster of Presidents of the United States, a Bible, a copy of a United States history, and a list of the original students. Students soon became acquainted with the building. There were two shower rooms, two dress¬ ing rooms, a multiple purpose room, fourteen class¬ rooms, a home economics department, commercial department, two laboratories, and a library. Also, 450 lockers were ordered which arrived in March, 1946. In September of that first year, plans began for the presentation of the first printed yearbook. " A printed book in an attractive binding carrying the school colors and abounding in pictures which will truly depict the people and events of the school year is being planned,” said Jaguar ’46 Editor Rita Crone. The famous Falls Church High band began with practice sessions during third period. In those days the band consisted of one saxophone, a set of drums, two clarinets, one trombone, one cornet, and one girl member who played the piano. The school was proud of the band itself, but heads swelled a little more at the thought of having three vocalists also. The Jaguars compiled a 4-6-1 record in football that year. They stomped Manassas Vocational School 20-6, but lost to Montgomery Blair, 6-0. Other rivals included Culpeper County High School and Charlestown High in Charlestown, West Virginia. The basketball team didn’t fare so well then. Their record was 0-5, bowing to Fairfax twice, 57-14 and 60-19. Even twenty-one years ago, students inquired about an honor system. A committee was set up to write an Honor Code. This code remained in effect until March of 1966. The October, 1946 issue of the Jaguar Journal reported: " At the present there are 246 boys and 276 girls enrolled in the school making a total of 522 students. This is a grand school now, but after it is completed, no better school will be found, not only in this state, but in any other as well.” As the students in ’45 established tradition and honor, so, too, did we add to our heritage. The thrill of newness is gone, but the lasting feeling of tradition has lingered. In 21 years the size of Falls Church High has changed considerably. Class¬ rooms, a new library, cafeteria, a gym, and audi¬ torium have been added. Using these facilities are 1,466 students. The 1965-1966 school year opened as cheer¬ leaders, on their lofty perches at the Hillwood En¬ trance, greeted the students in song, lifting spirit and enthusiasm for all. " This is the Year” posters, bulletin boards, and bumper stickers prophesied the greatest year in Jaguar history. On September 9, a history-making bonfire burned for two days. Using a class competition idea, each grade tried to bring in more wood than the other. It was a close race, but the Sophomores won. The Student Council Association took unprece¬ dented steps in improving the school, as well as in¬ stilling in students a deeper appreciation of it. In February the S.C.A. sponsored a Pride Assembly, acquainting students with the traditions that have been passed down, and the importance of spirit in sportsmanship, honor, and scholarship. " This year’s yearbook has much the same ob¬ jectives as the one twenty-one years ago,” says ’66 Jaguar editor, Pat Dietrich. The book has been expanded from 72 pages to more than 200 pages. The athletic teams proved to be a source of pride this year. The gridders compiled a 3-7 record, the best in 10 years. Wrestling ’65-’66 nearly be¬ came the only undefeated team in the history of F.C.H.S. Only W-L marred the record by handing them a loss in the last match of the season. Who could ever forget this year’s basketball season? Long remembered will be the record of 17-3, with all 3 losses at the hands of Woodson. Honor Systems and Honor Codes were still be¬ ing discussed after 21 years. An S.C.A. committee was set up to study the Honor Code and a more practical one was devised. " As a member of the student body of Falls Church High, I take upon myself the responsibility of acting in such a manner as to reflect my personal honor and bring esteem to my school.” This new code was voted on by the students and passed by a 90 per cent majority. FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL 1945—1966 TODAY FALLS CHURCH HIGH i SCHOOL it 1 II b f ! I ' pw ! iuaiiesL f. im 66 Jaguar Salutes One hundred and five years of service to Falls Church High School are represented by these five people: Mrs. Mable Chapman, Miss Alpha Spitzer, Mrs. Frances Crum, Mr. Frank Mishou, and Mrs. Bernice Lilly. They entered our school when its doors were first opened and have be¬ come a part of all that F.C.H.S. represents. They remember the school in its early years and have watched with pride its growth and progress. Page 1 0 105 Years of Service Mr. Frank Mishou, after teaching some 3,000 FC students, still says, " I like the people you come in contact with here. This school has congenial surround¬ ings and a fine, hard working staff.” A government teacher, Mr. Mishou has been elected Senior Class Sponsor for twenty years. He has served as co-director of graduation ceremonies for twenty years also. That Seniors are given their actual diplomas at graduation, rather than a blank paper as is the case in most schools, is a tradition about which Mr. Mishou feels very proud. Falls Church High School is proud, too, of the tradition of Mr. Mishou. Mrs. Frances Crum has always been a pro¬ ponent of change and improvement in Falls Church High School. To her we owe our fight song, an improved newspaper, and our art pro¬ gram. The situation for the Art Department in her first year was, in her own words, " no sink, no paper, no paint, and no supplies.” Thanks to Mrs. Crum, the art department has mushroomed, and the annual art show, which she initiated, is a big event in the school year. There was a time when girls practiced bas¬ ketball in the cafeteria and physical education equipment consisted of a couple of basketballs and softballs. That was when Mrs. Bernice Lilly laid the base for one of the top physical educa¬ tion programs in the county. " It’s been fun; I wouldn’t take anything for the experience. We’ve made so much progress in physical education. We have something new ev¬ ery year.” For over twenty years, " biology” has meant Mrs. Mable Chapman. Coming from Jefferson with her tarantula spider and her Georgian drawl, she has graced the lab ever since. A long time sponsor of the National Honor Society, Mrs. Chapman fondly reminds her stu¬ dents of her " one-third” involved in their grades. " Falls Church is a way of life with me,” said Mrs. Chapman, and the feeling is mutual. Of the fine teachers who have been our main¬ stays, Miss Alpha Spitzer has the distinction of being the only one who participated in the laying of the cornerstone. In teaching Vocational Of¬ fice Training, she has started hundreds of stu¬ dents in office jobs which they would not have had otherwise. Miss Spitzer gave the reason why teachers stay at Falls Church. " Some people might say I’m in a rut being here after all these years. I could have been here, there, and yonder but I’m not one who feels that the grass is greener on the other side.” Page 1 1 academics First A Foundation Mr. Thomas D. Todd Principal Mr. Thomas D. Todd, Principal of Falls Church High School, has made a lasting impres¬ sion on students and faculty. His quiet, friendly manner has been appreciated, and his willing¬ ness to listen and to help is a welcome trait. Mr. Todd received his B.A. from the Uni¬ versity of Richmond and his M.A. from the University of Michigan. In World War II he was in the Navy and is now retired with the rank of Commander. As a teacher, Mr. Todd taught at Warrenton High School from 1937 to 1941. During that time he coached football, basketball, baseball, and track. In 1947 he coached at Falls Church High, and was Director of Health and Physical Education for twelve years. After spending five years as Assistant Prncipal at J.E.B. Stuart, he returned to Falls Church High School. We hope he’s here to stay! Page 1 4 Mr. Arthur Valotto is rapidly becoming a cornerstone at Falls Church High. Students are impressed by his genuine interest in the student body and school. His sly " Oh, no, not you again,” grimace has become as familiar as the Jaguar and its spots. One of Mr. Valotto’s important jobs is the sponsorship of the S.C.A. Much of the credit for the effectiveness of this organization belongs to him. His help has been greatly appreciated. A graduate of West Virginia University, he taught in Portsmouth, Virginia; was athletic di¬ rector at Falls Church, and was Assistant Prin¬ cipal at Madison for two years before returning to Falls Church High School. Mr. Arthur Valotto Assistant Principal for Administration Mr. Leland Arthur Vliet’s quiet and reserved personality reflects his deep and admirable en¬ thusiasm for Falls Church High School. He is a graduate of George Washington Uni¬ versity with a masters degree in Economics. He first came to Falls Church in 1947 to teach in the Social Studies Department, but in 1962 he left to become Assistant Principal of Robert E. Lee High School, where he remained until re¬ turning here in 1964. Mr. Vliet has become a constant visitor in the classrooms, focusing his attention on teach¬ ing methods and training for higher education. He has become a strong force in the improve¬ ment of our school. Mr. Leland Vliet Assistant Principal for Instruction Guidance Department Helps Mrs. Marie Carstater Guidance Counselor Col. Lynell Gordon Guidance Counselor Mrs. Edith Lemon Guidance Counselor Mr. Donald McCool Guidance Counselor Mrs. Miles pauses between busy conference schedules. Mrs. Carstater stays btisy with college applicants. Page 1 6 Plan For The Future % Mrs. Jane Spring Guidance Counselor Mrs. Nelle Miles Director of Guidance Mrs. Ruby Powers Guidance Secretary A source of solace to anxious Seniors, trou¬ bled Juniors, baffled Sophomores, and confused Freshmen is the guidance office door which is always open. This year has kept our guidance staff increasingly busy with college applications, S.A.T. tests, scheduling, and numerous other jobs. The small, pink conference slips are constant reminders of the continuous interest displayed by the counselors. Only one visit to their bust¬ ling office explains why counselors have no time to rest. Wa r m GUIDANCE OFFICE STAFF Standing: Gena Cox, Barbara Smith, Pat White, Nan Hopkinson, Regina Hicks, Donna Fox, Margaret Brooks, Sue Story. Seated: Vivian Warren, Finda Bush, Michele Cayot, Pam Moodie, Regina de Lauder, Alice Hailman, Paulette Gaskins, Leitha Schaffstall. Page 17 Office Staff Mrs. Henry inquires about absentees. Mrs. Carolyn Barden Secretary to Mr. Todd Mrs. Violet Henry Secretary Mrs. Dorothy Kuzma Secretary First row: Paulette Gaskins, Dianne Gribbin, Dottie King, Mary Ann Wheeler, Kerry Donnell, Cindy Seay, Susan Stitzel. Second row : Patti Hamm, Charine Cirlin, Wendy Multog, Irene Haske, Peggy Pillar, Carol Graham. Third row: Liz Shedd, Dianne Viar, Sheila Doyle. Fourth row: Janet Amole, Craig Findley, Cindy Orr, Sue Burgess, John Loikow. Fifth row: Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Barden, Mrs. Schull, Patty Pettin. Page 1 8 Library Staff " But I thought I paid that fine,” Jeanne Gender pleads to Mrs. Ryan. Mrs. Bernice Thoma Librarian Mrs. Ruth Ryan Assistant Librarian This year over one thousand new books were added to our library collection, bring¬ ing our acquisitions more nearly in line with the national standard for schools, and giv¬ ing us nine books per student. English and Social Study teachers pro¬ vided the library with much of its business. It is well stacked with reference books for term papers and popular novels for book reports. The library is not limited specif¬ ically to books; it has a collection of teach¬ ing and appreciation records ranging from foreign literature to music appreciation. ■% i v . m A 9 M Seated: Maureen Donnelly, Beth Carlsen, Terry Redden, Mrs. Ryan, Patty Crown, Mark Schlefstein, Gilbert Jul- lien. Standing: Mike Thomas, Paul White, Gerry Towle, Kathy Nies, Kathy Bowman, Richard Disilvio, John Pritchard, Don Hixson, Mike Lanier. Page 19 Reading Development Miss Mary Dickenson Reading Teacher Poor reading habits, a problem for many students, was handled by Miss Dickenson, a new teacher at Falls Church High School. The aim of the department was to help students in reading techniques and compre¬ hension. Such instruction has proved very beneficial and has increased the learning abilities of those involved. The mechanized teaching of reading proves beneficial to students. Visiting Teacher Mrs. Louise Rigdon ' Visiting Teacher Mrs. Louise Rigdon acts as an important link between the school, the home, and the community. As a member of the staff of the Fairfax County Assistant Superintendant for Instruction, she offers a specialized service for each student under her supervision. With her help many Falls Church students have been able to recover from their illnesses and resume their school work with little difficulty. Originally from McKenny, Virginia, Mrs. Rigdon taught in North Carolina and South¬ ern Virginia before coming to Fairfax County and later Falls Church. Page 20 School Store Staff Jimmy Akers, Wayne Ralston, Mrs. Dantzker, Boris Ruiz. Clinic Staff Mrs. Ina Corey Nurse Standing: Patty Chapman, Mary Gaines, Carol Larkin, Pat Edison, Charlene Carnahan, Sandy Stickley, Linda Burrell. Seated: Jeannie Reese, Mary Ann Wheeler, Carol Thomas, Lynn Melvin, Pat Boyette, Marcia Reed. The Clinic Staff expressed its interest in stu¬ dent welfare by giving numerous health tests. In the fall there were visual and audio tests and in February students were given tuberculosis tests. Page 21 Mrs. Judith Anderson English I; Journalism Mrs. Harriette Hemby English I, II Miss Jo Ann May English I Creative Writing Mrs. Hester McCullough English III English Department Focuses Language, literature, and linguistics were the pursuits of English students at Falls Church High School. Freshmen assimilated correct grammar, Sophomores discovered Tol¬ stoy, Juniors tackled term papers and Seniors conquered Shakespeare—all under the guidance of the English De¬ partment. Eighteen members of the Advanced Placement class sought college credit by participating in an intensive study of selected works from world literature. These students could be recognized by the numerous anthologies which were their constant companions. Supplementing the regular English courses this year was a new paperback series, the Laureate Editions, which were used on all grade levels. A television set, to be used for educational programs, and an overhead projector were part of the equipment purchased to improve teaching methods. Two new teachers, Mrs. Harriet Hemby and Miss Joan Bourdeau brought the departmental membership to a total of twelve, to make it the largest department in the school. Miss Harris directs students in after-school activities. Miss Betsy Harris English II, Ill Miss Gary Maupin English IV; Yearhook Page 22 On Literature Miss May smiles as she discovers a talented student in Creative Writing. Miss Annie Powell English III Eublic Speaking Miss Mildred Spindle English I, Latin II " You. expect me to believe that!” scoffs Mrs. McCullough to a tardy sttident. Mr. David Trjvett English IV Mrs. Sandra Wilson English I, II Page 23 Self-Expression Miss Colette Carozza French Ill, IV, V Mrs. Francisca Love Spanish 11, III, IV Mr. Reitz teaches his students a new dialogue. Mr. Charles Moore Spanish II, III, IV, V The language lab provides a different teaching technique. Page 24 Through Language Mr. Moore prepares for bis next class. First year language students had a new advantage this year. The library acquired practice records for student use in learning vocabulary and dialogue. Another advantage was the language lab which gave the teachers an opportunity to listen to individual students and to correct their mistakes. The French National Ffonor Society had a French Week in November. Its purpose was to inform the students about French culture and customs. Our foreign exchange student, Johannes Smit, and our A.F.S. club have also helped to stimu¬ late interest in foreign languages and to increase friendship among other countries. With the addition of three new teachers, the language department has expanded greatly and become a major part of the curriculum. Mr. Willard Reitz German I, 11, 111, IV Department Chairman Mr. Thomas Robbins Spanish 1, 11 Mrs. Annie Romanus Latin 1, Ill, IV English I Mrs. Elizabeth Weisgerber French I, II Miss Betty Jo Wiley French 11, 111 Page 25 Expanding Knowledge Mr. Jay Jacobs U. S. History, American Government Mr. Dale Larsen World Geography, p. e. n Mr. George Mr. Jacobs keeps students tip to date on world affairs. Mandes World History Page 26 Through Social Studies Col. Donald Mare American Government, Sociology Economics Most social studies classes have much in common. Each one is a challenge to students and provides the necessary knowledge to survive in a modern world. This year, more than ever, the Social Studies De¬ partment focussed on world affairs. Many film strips were used to introduce students to problems in gov¬ ernment and the making of history. Current events magazines were constant companions to students of all grades. Several government classes took a field trip to the FBI Building, National Archives, and Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Such trips boosted student interest and understanding of essential governmental duties. " still think the South won,” drawls Miss Wils ' on. Miss Elizabeth Wilson U. S. History Mr. Charles Sell World Geography, U. S. History Mr. William Yount World Geography Page 27 Mr. Bruce Campbell Algebra- 1 Mrs. Mary Carlsen Math I, Geometry Col. Fielder Greer Geometry, Algebra 1I-T rigonometry Comm. Heinrich Heine Math II, Geometry Mrs. Milcham explains a complicated problem. Mr. Bernard Garhart Algebra II, Trig. Functions, Calculus Department Chairman An equation-filled blackboard best symbo¬ lizes our Math Department. Math is a never-end¬ ing challenge to students for it requires accuracy, knowledge, deep thought, and concentration. It has grown from a simple system of counting to the vast science that arrives at principals based on logical proof. This year math scholars were rewarded for their achievement by being chosen for member¬ ship in the Math Honor Society, an organization formed to give deserving students recognition as well as incentive for future studies in math. Two teachers were new to the staff; Com¬ mander Heine and Mr. Wells, for a total of nine members in the department. Page 28 Admiral Tackney uses the Pythagorean Theorem to explain the cosine and sine functions. Achievement In Math Col. Lowell Powers Algebra 1 Adm. Stephen Tackney Algebra 11- T rigonometry, Trig. Functions Mrs. Helen Mileham Algebra 1, Geometry Mr. James Wells Algebra I, General Math 1 Page 29 Exploring and Experimenting Black billows of smoke pouring out of room 210? Don’t despair—it’s merely chemistry stu¬ dents and their experiments. Hordes of girls flocking around the water fountain outside room 226? This is the day for dissecting. " Science teachers must learn to put up with such vag¬ aries,” comments Mr. Randy Scott, new chem¬ istry teacher. With Mr. Scott (a former gradu¬ ate of Falls Church High School), comes a new course, E.S.C.S., traditional chemistry and bi¬ ology taught with more emphasis on laboratory techniques and experiment. Trips to local and regional Science Fairs pro¬ vided students with enjoyment as well as learn¬ ing. Mr. Feather explains the intricacies of physics to interested seniors. ”And in only ten seconds the test tube will explode right before our eyes ” Mrs. Irene Carpenter Earth Science Mrs. Mable Chapman Biology Department Chairman Page 30 Mrs. Naomi Crawford Science 9, Biology Miss Brenda Kiessling Biology In Science Mr. John Feather Physics, Physical Science Mrs. Carol . Boys develop technical skills from instruction. Preston Chemistry Experimentation—a major step in the scientific method. Page 31 Miss Alpha Spitzer G.O.P., V.O.T. Department Chairman Careers in Business Mrs. Arlene Fallaw Shorthand 1, Personal Typing Notehand Mrs. Dorthea Laird Typing I Students discard the ”hunt and peck” system and develop skill in typing. The foreign language department no longer has the distinction of having the only lab with booths for individual instruction. The Business Department spent thirty-two hundred dollars for such equipment to boost the concentration of students taking dictation. Because the students now have access to the data processing equipment in the Main Office, a new course, office training, was offered this year. Now all office training students will be able to use equipment that may be helpful to them in their future years. Typing I students have access to electric ma¬ chines, where once only second year typists could use them. Miss Spitzer, department chairman, hopes to eventually replace all manual type¬ writers. Mr. Richard McQuain I.C.T., Commercial Economics Business Law Mrs. Emily Lambie Typing 1, II, Shorthand II Mrs. Sue Wilson D.E. Mr. Roy Hawkins D.E. Miss Rachall Estes General Business, Bookkeeping Page 32 Expression Through Music The sounds of music echoed forth and col¬ lided in the short hall between the choral depart¬ ment and the band room. This year many students found music a pleas¬ ant break in the school day. Under the direction of Mrs. Hamilton, the girls chorus, concert choir, and madrigals were developed into accredited singing groups. They presented the annual Christmas choral concert and the madrigals per¬ formed in several assemblies. The other half of the Music Department is the band. Constantly practicing, the members and Mr. Lunsford have built an organization of which Falls Church is proud. The band dis¬ played its talent in numerous band concerts throughout the year. Another activity of the entire department was the annual musical. The production this year was " Oklahoma.” Various sounds try to escape the confines of the band room. Mr. James Lunsford Band, Music Appreciation, Department Chairman Page 33 Art Department Mrs. Mary Ruth Cloe Mrs. Frances Crum Art 1, II Art I, III, IV Department Chairman Shows New Talent Rooms 204 and 206 were combined and com¬ pletely refurnished this year to give the Art Department a new look. The fluorescent lighting was a feature praised by students and teachers alike. A new teacher, Mrs. Mary Cloe, taught students to use the kiln for making pottery. For the first time, Art III and Art IV classes were separated to give the more advanced stu¬ dents a greater incentive. All classes experimented with a new textbook. A movie, written, acted, and directed by Art III classes was produced, giving students a new opportunity for creativeness. As before, the advanced art students went to New York on the county field trip in the fall to view the art museums there. The department also sponsored the annual art fair where students’ " master¬ pieces” were displayed in the upper Cherry Street Lobby. Students are taught new art techniqiies. Skillful fingers mold clay into art. Page 34 S x p gives both classroom and on the job training. Industrial Arts Develops Skills Mr. John Locascio Electronics 1, General Shop I, II In its own separate building, the Industrial Arts Department deals with a specialized educa¬ tion. Craftmanship and technical skills in prep¬ aration for a trade are stressed. A new and help¬ ful addition to the mechanical drawing classes has been the blueprinting machine. A completed blueprint can be turned out in a matter of seconds. Other techniques such as slides, films, and tape recorders have been used to help stimu¬ late interest in the department. Page 35 Homemakers of Tomorrow Miss Sara Gil Home Economics I Mrs. Geraldine Marsh Home Economics I, 11, 111, IV Department Chairman The culinary arts took a turn for the better this year in the Home Economics Department. If girls were seen eating broccoli or bean sprout slaw for breakfast, or pommes de terre anna for lunch, it was not a whim of the cafeteria staff, but cooking day in the Home Ec. classes. Falls Church High School is on the " school plan” where new equipment is acquired every year. The P.T.A. purchased a dishwasher for our use, a welcome addition to the kitchens. To interest more girls in high school Home Economics courses, about one hundred girls from Whittier visited this department in January. A fashion show featuring girls taking Home Ec. modeling their own sewing projects was held so that the Junior High girls could meet and talk with our students. Home Ec. students enjoy a meal they have prepared. Sewing is a major part of Home Economics. P age 36 Miss Peggy Dowdy P.E. 1, 11 Miss Nancy Weisgerber P.E. I Mrs. Bernice Lilly P.E. 11, 111, IV Mr. Ronald Matalavage P.E. 1, II " Now who do we play tonight?” says Mr. Weber as he searches for the schedule. Fitness Through Physical Education " Boing . . . Swish . . . Zap!” Not leftovers from another Batman adventure but the sounds of archery, a new sport taught this year in the Physical Education Department. The new para¬ phernalia purchased for this activity greatly in¬ creased the value of our sports equipment. The aim of the Physical Education Depart¬ ment this year was not only to teach fitness through exercises and sports, but also to promote good sportsmanship by having a variety of group activities. A new addition to the teaching staff, Mr. Robert Pruett, assisted in carrying out the department’s goals. Mr. Paul Weber P.E. II, III, IV Department Chairman Mr. Robert Pruett P.E. 1 Page 37 CAFETERIA STAFF Seated: Mrs. Gaines, Mrs. Pepper, Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Wainwright, Mrs. Mullins, Mrs. Tiffany. Standing: Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Peace, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Frye, Mrs. Poplin, Mrs. Philpot. Service Staffs Support F. C. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Slaughter take a break after a hard day’s work. The cafeteria staff stresses well-rotinded meals. Page 38 " Everyone hurry back to the basketball game,” calls Mr. Valotto as the buses leave. T eachers Show School Spirit Coach Sell cheers his team to victory. Page 39 I I student body CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Ralph Taylor, President; Mike Porvaznik, Vice- Presdent. Sitting: Mary Stites, Secretary; Jennifer Huseby, Treasurer. Not pictured: Carolyn Mangeng, Class Cabinet Rep¬ resentative. " To be or not to be;” " Double, double toil and trouble,” sang the Class of ’66 as they bravely prepared to tackle HAMLET and MACBETH. English literature, longer term papers, cut cards, and beanies greeted seniors as they returned to Falls Church High after a long vacation. Working throughout the summer, the officers had an energetic program planned when school opened in September. Interest in class activities motivated seventy-three seniors to join the Class Council. Not all of their spare time was spent in the courtyard; seniors planned the Home¬ coming Weekend around the theme of " Raku—the Festival of the Quarter Moon,” a previously non-existent Chinese holiday. This was the year for purple two-headed dragons as the Sixty-sixers won the float competition for the s econd year in a row. Sadie Hawkins came and went, leaving the treasury $770 richer. With their hilari¬ ous antics, the characters, elected by the stu¬ dent body, made the dance a huge success. As college and job acceptances filled mailboxes, and the Prom and Graduation loomed nearer, seniors soon realized that twelve years of schooling were soon to come to an end, yet these were only a prologue to a lifetime of responsibilities to themselves and to their world. Seniors Victorious: Graduate in June Clifford Daniel Abrams Daniel William Addison Helen Linda Ainsley Gaynell Christine Ashley Marie Karen Attiliis Georgia Marie Argiropoulos Page 42 Barbara Louise Ayres James Roy Baker Forrest Gregory Cora Jane Barile Ballard Judy Delores Barker Mary Catherine Linda Lou Batts Bates Linda Susan Beeman William Stephen Bell Patricia Ann Benedict Claudia Catherine Bennett Susan Ross Bertram Elizabeth Anne Bevans Margaret Anne Bickham mmm Page 43 Kathy Ruth Black Michael Charles Blum Barbara Joan Philip Loy Bobel Bobby SENIOR First row: Pat Dietrich, Patty Benedict, Armentia Wall, Adrianne Lipski, Lois Perfetti. Second row: Cindy Orr, Janet Nolan, Kathy Bowman, Madeline Miller. Third Row: Regina DeLauder, Sandy Stickley, Mary Stites, Glenna Sue Burgess. Fourth row: Jeff Palmer, Mike Porvaznik, Mike Hill, Glen Omura. Fifth row: Harkey Mayo, Joe Fisher, Steve Matthews, John Jol¬ ley, John Judd, Jim Burdick. Mi Page 44 Clarence Anthony Bowen Daniel Joseph Bowes Kathleen Faith Bowman Robert William Bowman James Kennth Boyce John Woodson Bradshaw COUNCIL First row: Jackie Deneault, Nancy Groves, Barbara Ayres, Michele Cayot, Kathy McConnell. Second row: Kerry Donnell, Judy Barker, Debbie Palmer, Jennifer Huseby, Saralee Goldfein. Third row: Cheryl Williams, Mickey Klewicki, Sue Stitzel, Kathy Mulderig. Fourth row: Charine Cirlin, Nancy Gooch, Barbara Bobbie, Janet Hess. Fifth row: Anita Kleinfeld, Ginny Fisher, Dottie Mount joy, Terri Jones. Sixth row: Carolyn Schutz, Lynn Batts, Barbara Smith, Cindy Cohen. Eleanor Gail Bramley Gerry Cole Braun Keith N. Brescia John Stewart Breyer Margaret Mae Brooks Roger Lawrence Brooks Joseph Brown William Wallace Brown The dues drive began with a discount! Page 45 James Roland Burdick, Jr. Glenna Sue Burgess Linda Catherine Burrell Terry Clifton Byles Michael Darl Carlson Charles Allen Carnahan William Michele Jan Cayot Vance Carr Andrew Philip Frank Baldwin Cazalas Christopher Dan Abrams cleans tip the class. Page 46 Angela Maureen Ciffo Charine Ella Cirlin Robert Charles Clancy Cynthia Ann Cohen Patricia Ann Cooper Gena Claire Cox Patricia Ann Cragle Harold Neal Cunningham Page 47 Robert Leo Cushing Paulette La Verne Daniels Michael Sherwood Darn all Regina Lenore DeLauder Patricia Ellen Delorenzo Jacqueline Louise Deneault Patricia Dean Dietrich Christine Ann Ditto Charles Franklin DrxoN, Jr. Dianne Cheryl Dixon Page 48 The perverbial senior cry: ”Help!” Four long years give seniors Charine Cirlin and Chip Papke the experience necessary to work well together. Gene Gordon Dodson Kerry Lynn Donnell John Russell Dovel Nancy J. Dowell Michael John Doyle Diane Dressler William R. Dronenburg James Breckinridge Ellis John Victor Ellis Page 49 Frances Luella Elsasser William Clifford Entzminger Charles D. Evans Milton Saylor Fall Martha Reagan Ferguson Diana Gaye Ferrone Last Look Stirs Memories of Life at F. Page 50 Craig Jon Findley Joseph Francis Virginia Lee Robert H. Fisher, Jr. Fisher Florance Martha Yvonne Mary Lou Gaines Gailliot Ann Cecelia Garvin Paulette Marie Gaskins David A. Gillespie Sandra L. Given Dennis Joseph Godfrey Saralee Goldfein Nancy Elizabeth Gooch John Bradley Grabill Page 51 After a hard day at school, seniors look forward to a peaceful ride home? Vincent Ralph Grant Merle Greenberg P lRKKO GREENROSE Diane Cornelia Gribbin Brenda Kay Griffin Austin Windley Grimes Page 52 Nancy Diane Groves David Michael Guernsey Gini Lynne Gustafson " Fingers, what’s wrong with my fingers?” cries Dan Addison. Carolyn Louise Haack Alice Ardele Hailman Linda Alice Hallstead Kenneth Marimon Hammer Blythe Ann Hanna Robert Walker Hanna Page 53 Ruth Annabelle Hansel Peggy Ann Hansen Victoria Anne Harris Paul Stephen Harris Carolyn Eugenia Hart Irene Marie Haske Lon Michael Head Howard Robert Hershey Janet Lynn Hess Regina Iva Hicks A time for peace comes to the courtyard . Page 54 Hi Michael Steven Hill John W. Hoernemann Harriet Leslie Hoffman Sara A. Hoffman Sandra I. Hooper Nan Ellen Hopkinson Clara Laura Huff William Joseph Hughes Jennifer Jean Huseby Donald Francis Huycke Linda Sue Jernigan John Edward Jolley, Jr. Page 55 Luther Bennett Jones Mostyn Wade Jones Terrell Jones John Franklin Judd Robert Garland J uLLIEN Betty Ann Juncal Steven Michael Juracich Peter Michael Kalen Mary Louise Kelley Kenneth Kerttula Nancy Camille Kimble Kay Elaine King Page 56 Michaeline Ann Barbara Knight Klewicki Phyllis Clara King Anita Kleinfeld Janice C. Lackey Joseph John Lakas Kathleen Roberta Lawrence Gail Elizabeth Lebbon Ronald Glen Lewis John Michael Lewis Page 57 Senior Dragon Devours Competition Adrienne Kay Lipski John Darby Loikow Frederick Allan Long Margaret Irene Luehrs Arden Russell Lyberger Karen Lynch Page 58 Evelyn Iona MacMillan Steven Allen Marshall Stephen Lynn Matthews Louis Harkey Mayo Kathleen Anne McConnell Karen McCreath Roy Harris McGarrah John McPherson Carolyn Mary Magill Linda Martin Mark Charles Maher Robert Christopher Mathers Carolyn Anne Mangeng Robert N. Matthews Page 59 David Allen Mellott Lenore Jean Metcalfe Carmalyn Anne Miller Larry Miller Madeline Miller Nancy Anne Miller Richard Keith Miller Marshall Hall Mills Ronald Paul Miner Richard Warren Monday " How to get through a book in five sec¬ onds . . demonstrates Sonny Grant. Page 60 Mychelle Anne Montgomery Pamela Glee Moodie Marshall Mills views with pride the Jaguar trophy case. Margaret Sue David Bruce Morey Moody Barbara Sue Morris Lonnie Morris Dorothy Jeanette Mountjoy Kathleen Elizabeth Mulderig Carol Marion Murphy Charles S. Murphy Page 61 Energetic seniors reflect years of toil. NELSON EDDY PATRICIA NlCHOLS Nestor Janet Alma Nolan Calvin Southgate Olson Glenn Omura Dorothy Irene O’Neal Cynthia Elaine Orr James Benjamin Owens Deborah Lynn Palmer Jefferson Davis Palmer Page 62 Charles W. Papke Michael Parker Harold G. Pavel Evelyn Diane Payne Ronald Douglas Pemstein Mary Frances Penna Susan Marilyn Penwell Lois Anne Perfetti Patricia Ann Pettin Kathleen Rita Petty John Judd and Dick Monday practice good posture. Page 63 Allen Thomas Pierce Margaret Ray Pillar Claudia Nadine Pineau Irene Pleasants Gail Marion Poe Betty Sue Polk George Porter John Page Porter Phil Bobel makes the big stretch to kick off the Food and Toy Drive. Page 64 Milt Fall gives careful thought to his next book report. Time spent studying enlightens Terry Byles. Serious Study Marks Successful Seniors Stephen Michael Porvaznik Sharon Lee Poss Steve Allen Poucher Joseph Henry Praetz John Stewart Prichard Robert Edward Rains Page 65 Wayne Alan Carla Mae Rember Robert James Keith Monroe Ralston Rentz Reynolds " What d’ya mean my girl wears combat boots!” yells Brad Grabill. " Surf’s up!” exclaims Jim Baker. Janet Marilyn Rich Albert Jeffry Rima David C. Ritchie Frederick William Rock Jonathan Henry Rohr Penny Ross Page 66 Boris Goubert Ruiz Terry Sue Sandeen Pamela Lee Saylor Leitha Kathleen S cHAFFSTALL Carolyn Lacy Schutz Cynthia Sue Seay Charles Harry Sell Elizabeth La Neal Shedd James Hamilton Shegogue Kerwin Louise Shoun James Shumate James Albert Sikes Carole Ann Simpson Jared P. Simms Page 67 " Just what do you do to get out of here?” inquires Steve Small of Peggy Pillar. Linda Louise Sisson Mary Jane Slimak Steven David Small Johannes Jacobus Smit Barbara Lynn Smith James Randal Smith Neil Edward S oMMERFELDT Gordon George Soniak Priscilla Ann Southerly Roy Louis Spillman, Jr. Page 68 Michael C. Stackhouse Garner Lee Stallings Gene Dennis Mary Jane Steele Stangohr Phyllis Jean Stewart Sandra Mae Stickley Mary Blake Stites Doris Susan Stitzel Ml Susan Lorraine Story Mary Lee Studds Pat Nichols displays some of her artistic ability. Page 69 ■■■ Bryan Ashley Suit David Charles Sullivan Ralph Arthur Taylor Sharon Lynn Thierbach Glenn Marshall Thompson Gerald Ledyard Towle “Seniors, Please Rise!” That was the phrase seniors liked to hear! After three long years the class of ’66 finally gained the status to reap the privileges that come in the last year at F.C.H.S. Privileges were expanded this year to include a specific section of the lunchroom for use by seniors only, and a senior lunchline. As always the " excused absence card” was the joy of the outgoing class; it entitled each senior to escape studies twelve times. The cut card, a most prized possession, can be used when a senior maintains a " B” average. During the balmy months of the school year, the senior courtyard pro¬ vided a place for between-class re¬ laxation. Begun three years ago, the number of seniors claiming permanent lunch period residence in the court¬ yard has more than tripled. Each schoolwide assembly is termi¬ nated by the well known cry, " Seniors, please rise.” As seniors exit, the seated underclassmen watch and wait for their year of privileges. Under the spreading maple tree sit seniors, graduates soon to be. Page 70 Richard W. Traynham James Alastair T URPIE Linda Diane Viar John Von Runnen, Jr. Thomas Allen Vorhauer Sheryl Walker Armentia Latrichia Wall Rebecca Ann Wallace " Five thousand nine hundred and seventy-four, five thousand nine hundred and seventy-five . . murmers Bob Bowman as he constructs the senior dragon. John Anthony Wanat Robert Weddle Page 71 :■ ?;.nC ■, That last minute, then . . . Freedom. Marlene Werner Harold William Wheeler, Jr. Patricia Anne White Cheryl Ann Williams Holly Williams Frances Carol Willingham Page 72 " She got an ' A ' on that government tes ' t!” Sandy Stickley snarls to Mary Stites. Jane Ruth Wood Robert Bruce Wright John Michael Gary Earl Young Yonushonis Courtyard Remains Status Symbol Page 73 Three cheers for upperclassmanship! The superiority the juniors felt when se¬ lecting class rings and competing against seniors in " friendly” rivalries, will long be remembered. Almost from the beginning, the Class of ’67 served notice that this was to be a memorable year. Bake sales, the dues drive, the Powder Puff game, and the Christmas Dance gathered more than $800 for the treasury. The Junior Class stunned F.C.H.S. by breaking a long established tradition and beating the seniors in the Powder Puff game. The " lovely” cheerleaders spirited their team to a 20-13 victory. The Christmas Dance, traditionally sponsored by the Junior Class, preceded a long awaited vacation, and the new year brought thoughts of the Prom. Held at the Marriot Hotel, the theme of " Sayonara Seniors” accented the oriental-inspired dec¬ orations. But eleventh grade wasn’t all merri¬ ment; there were Step and Scat, P.S.A.T., and College Boards. With these criteria came the realization that their last year of school¬ ing was not far off. CLASS OFFICERS Top to bottom: Tony Christ, President; Bob Blake, Class Cabinet Representative; Marcia Grim, Secretary; Pat Kelly, Treasurer; Ann Swing, Vice-President. Juniors Look Toward the Future Page 74 Alan Ambler and Les Joyce prepare decorations for the Christmas Dance. Ed Albrecht Janet Amole J. E. Albritton Diana Anderson Beth Allen Chris Andrews Linda Altman Steve Arden Alan Ambler Janette Arnold Bob Amme Nancy Arnold Edye Stephenson’s favorite song: ”This is the way we go to school, go to school, go to school . . Mike Austin O. W. Baird Rick Barnes Earl Bageant Kathy Ball James Beech Gary Baird Sally Bannister Marilyn Belknap Page 75 ”Will you go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me}” Sue Hayes shyly asks. Kevin Bell Carolyn Bennett Robert Belyea Teresa Berda Arthur Bennett John Bibb Steve Black Chris Botos Lytle Buckingham Bob Blake Susan Bowen Bette Burroway Buz Blair Sandy Boyd Linda Bush Gary Bledsoe David Boyer Bill Campbell Rodney Blevens Jack Brandt Linda Carl Bruce Boger Ken Bruntel Charleene Carnahan Page 76 Tom Carter David Cary Joe Casey Betty Cash Tony Christ Gary Cilliam Bobby Cline Leroy Cook Lee Corey Dan Cosbey Jeanne Cothran Charlie Cousins Nancy Cox Rick Crack Dennis Crawford Mike Creel Karen Danilik Carolyn Dart Junior Class ”But my cavities” group had 21% fewer beams Larry Johnson. Page 77 Grace Richie Donohue Jay Douglas Sheila Doyle Dronenburg Dana Dunlap Patty Edison John Eldridge Mike Elliott Adrian Evans Kathy Bill Evans John Everhard John Fairbanks Tom Farmer Jim Farrell Fioramonti Bill Fisher James Fletcher Donna Fox " Hallelujah,” shouts Laurie 1 Mastenbrook, " I passed the J English test!” [umors Rush Into A New Year Bruce Gilliam Mark Goodrick Beth Goodman Bob Goracke Sharon Goodman Ken Graham " Ah, I thought the bell would never ring,” sighs Jim Farrell. " Only six more periods to go.” Junior Class Dora Gramling Libby Graves Marion Gray Natalie Green Kit Gregson Donna Gribbin Marcia Grim Mark Guenther Martin Gurri Sharon Hallama Nancy Hamblin Gloria Hamilton Judy Hampton Linda Hart Maxine Hart Gary Hartman Buddy Harris Woody Hartsook Page 79 Alan Hayes Tom Herrity Sue Hayes Mary Alice Healey Terry Hedgepeth Janet Holmaas Sandra Holmes Larry Honey Linda Hedrick Bill Herling Ed Hruneni Charles Hudock Pamela Huff Sherry Huff Jerry Hunsberger Karen Hunsberger " Ab . . . nothing like a lot homeivork,” cries Bob Goracke. Audrey Herb Hunter Maureen Hunter Huthwaite Pauline Jackson Sherry Jeglum Larry Johnson Richard Johnston Barbara Jones Page 80 Leslie Joyce Wayne Juncal Bob Kackley Paul Kadel Karee Keeler Carol Keen Pat Kelly Judy Kerns Sue Kerns Linda Kidd Nancy Kincheloe Dottie King Mike King Peggy Kleinfelder Valerie Knight Mike Korbe Bob Krein Alicia LaCoss Junior Class Ray Lacy Randy Lain Dave Landman Judi Lantz Carol Larkin Carol Lawall Virginia Leffas Dave Lindley Alena Liptrap Virginia Litten Jean Lloyd Linda Long Page 81 SlNDRI LOW Gerry Lowe Lloyd MacMillan Frank Maffett Ellen Manville Vernon Marks Joan Martin Sharon Matthias Marilyn Martin Dennis McCarthy Pam Martinson Patti Melick Larry Martz Karen Merritt Laurie Mastenbrook Carl Micale Sandy Matthias Bobbie Miles Rinss and Prom Conclude the Year Let’s see .. . Alexanderite . . . Saphire . . . Zircon . . . Garnet . . . Tourmaline . . . Bill Miller Su san Miller Jane Miller Louella Mills Page 82 Jack Mitchell John Moore Mike Mitchell Barbara Moran Victor Mitchell Linda Morrell Joe Mondichak Donald Morris Mike Monroe Gil Morrison Connie Moody Rhea Morrison Junior Cl ass Alan Mullins Ronald Nelson Mary Nichols Duane Nystrom Pete Oakley Joe Ohleger Billy Oliver Dale Pace John Padgett Don Papke Steve Parks Jim Parr Georgia Patterson Gregg Patton Ed Pauly Paul O’Hara Jo Marie Paradise Sue Payne Page 83 ”Does she or doesn’t she take AC?” asks Kick Crack. ”Only my guidance counselor knows for sure,” replies B. Moran. Joyce Peters Mike Pollock Jean Philbrick Jack Poole Arthur Poling Linda Powell Mary Praetz Rob Price Steve Price Barbara Redman George Reedy Larry Revis Shelia Riffle Minty Rich Dwendolyn Richards Marie Ricks Kimberly Robbins Rick Robson Jim Rodd Paula Rothgeb Judy Roussillon Darlene Rowley Linda Rue Randy Russell Page 84 Bernie Ryan Karen Saunders Chris Sills Carol Sahrow Dan Sauveur Judy Smith Barbara Santee Judy Schafer Mike Smith Adele Santino Judi Sherman R oss Smith Myrna Samuel Alice Shewmaker Steve Smith Cheryl Saunders Barbara Shoun Bob Sowder Junior Cl ass Jeanne Margie Stacks Cathy Starr Stapleton Edye Stephenson Rick Stevens John Stevenson ”1 know that e — mio x 1 , but what does it mean}” m e rBt Libby Graves ponders intellectually. Page 85 Paul Strickland Jill Tavenner John Titus Karen Sullivan Carole Thomas Tamara Torrey Toby Sullivan Dan Thomas Dolly Towsey Robert Summers Terry Thomas Bob Trainor Harvey Swift Al Thompson Fred Tremper Ann Swing Del Thompson Gary Trudell Juniors Climb the Ladder of Success " Morp, Schmorp,” murmurs Jill Tavenner, chairman of the Food and Toy Drive. Bruce Tucker Helen Turner Nancy Van Lear James Turner Patti Turner Jane Tyler Macel Walker Vivian Warren Karen Weedon Elaine Wehle Kurt Wehle David Weinberger Patty Welch Billy Wells David Werth Donna Wetrich Mary Anne Wheeler Virginia Wheeler Dottie Williams Patti Willis Junior Cl ass Larry Winstead Bill Wood Don Youngblood Craig Wisooker Chris Wright Danny Zapalski Karen Wogan Chris Wright Bruce Zeiger " If I read and write at the same time, I can go twice as fast,” Karen Weedon wisely states. Page 87 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Charles H oward, Class Cabinet; Pat DeTemple, Secretary ; Beverly Mount joy, Vice-President; Gary Chewning, President. Not pictured, Kathy Austin, Treasurer. SOPHOMORE! How the Class of ’68 rallied around this nine-letter title! No longer the " baby” class, sophomores were able to devote time and energy—and a little fun—to money¬ raising projects in anticipation of next year’s Prom. Bake sales, held both during the summer and the school year, helped to enrich the class treas¬ ury. One of the most successful sales accompa¬ nied the memorable Stuart game of December 11. Earlier, the sophomores captured top honors in the bonfire contest, and soon thereafter spon¬ sored an assembly to kick off a successful dues drive. In December the sophomores topped all other classes to win the annual Food and Toy Drive. Not all of the year was work, however. On November 6 the Organic Cavemen were pre¬ sented at the class-sponsored dance. In March a car wash brightened the month’s calendar. The sophomore picnic on June 4 brought to a close a year of activity for the sixty-eighters. Sophomores Gain Recognition Ainsley, Mary Are, Walter Akers, James Allen, Joe Allison, James Anderson, Sandy Ashford, Karen Ashford, Richard Ashley, Anthony Atherton, Sandra Atwater, Susan Attiliis, Howard Austin, John Austin, Kathy Ayoub, Pete Bailey, Frances Baker, Chris Balderson, Kathy Ball, Sherry Ball, Shirley Ballou, Sue Barker, Carol Barrack, David Barrett, Barbara Barrus, Sharon Burnham, Joel Bates, Richard Baumgardner, Benni Beanc, Dennis Beck, Tom Beech, Len Behrend,- Gary Bennett, Virginia Bickham, Kevin Bisson, Linda Bobby, George Boland, Barbara Bolton, Chester Booze, William Botkin, Owen Boyer, Colleen Bowen, Elissa Boyette, Pat Bradford, Cindy Bradshaw, Martha Braun, Lary Brescia, Pat Breyer, Joann Judy Samuelson lends a helpful hand. Brown, Richard Buckingham, Mary Burkett, John Calhoun, Mike Campbell, David Canfield, Janet Canfield, Norman Cappio, Jane Page 89 Carrier, Dan Carlson, Karen Carter, Rick Chamberlin, Carol Chapman, Jim Chewning, Gary Christ, John Christesson, Vallorie Christie, Joan Clark, Marcia Cleland, Faye Clements, Sandy Cockerill, Jim Coffey, Mary Cole, Bill Collins, Ricky Compton, Virginia Cooney, Sandy Cooper, Carol Cornwall, Larry Cosimano, Mike Counts, Larry Covington, Mark Cragle, Elaine Cragle, Peggy Crider, Laura Crown, Patti Davidson, Jim Davis, Barbara Decerbo, Doug Delorenzo, Ken Denny, Jon Detemple, Pat Page 90 A jubilant Jane Walker admires her hero, Ricky Ashford, Dietsch, Debbie Dodd, Kathy Dodgion, Cheryl Dolan, Pat Downing, Earl Dronenburg, Jeanette Ducker, Gail Dukes, Danny Dunmire, Linda Egnot, Michele Eldridge, Pat Ellis, Louise Sophomore Class Erler, Ron Ewalt, Denise Failes, Mike Fallin, Judy Ferrone, Anita Fisher, Jim Flaggs, Donald Flester, Steve Fletcher, Mary Foster, Glen Fravel, Fred Fulmer, Hugh Furlow, Cindy Gadd, Carole Gallahan, Bill Garfield, Larry Garnett, Carol Garrett, Danny Gaut, Charlene Gerber, Karen Gleason, Phil Godlove, Esther Goff, Londa Gooch, Carveth Page 91 Gooding, Jeanette Gowin, Belinda Grabill, Maureen Greenfield, Debby Gregory, Kathy Griffith, Linda Grosvenor, Geoff Groves, Jeff Guerin, Ronny Gutridge, Cathy Haase, Valerie Hadlel, Harry Haley, Jack Hall, David Hall, Stevan Hamilton, Thelma Hamm, Patty Hammer, Steve Hanna, Janet Hare, Joe Harnage, Ken Harris, Kris Harris, John Hayes, Beth Hegwood, Lois Helsley, Gloria Herbert, Bill Hershf.y, Susan Heyde, Tom Hill, Fred Hixon, Don Hoffman, Martha Hooper, Lynn Hoover, Ralph Howard, Chuck Hudspeth, Sue Hunsberger, Debbie James, Ronnie Jenkins, Vivian Johns, Bill Johnson, Janet Johnston, Judy Johnston, Kay Jones, Tom Juncal, Don Jullien, Gil Kasulaitis, Don Keller, Nancy Page 92 Kelley, Susan Kendall, James Kidwell, Dottie Klein, Albert Knight, Eric Knight, Margie Knight, Peggy Kurylo, Wally Langston, Randy Sophomore Class Lanier, Mike Lauffer, Barbara Lawson, Jody Leavitt, Angela Leeper, Lyn Lilly, Anne Liptrap, Carol Litten, Maudene Long, Wayne Lowry, Wayne Lucas, Larry Luehrs, Kenneth Lyerly, Ronnie Lynn, Erika Lyons, Nicky Macinnis, Jay Maher, Douglas Mapp, Richard Marcellin, Mike Marcus, Melanie Marks, Gary Martin, Doug McCann, Marie McClain, Roger Page 93 McClanahan, Susan McConnell, John McDaniel, Dave McDonald, Dave McMahon, Peggy Meader, Linda Mead, Chris Mead, Harry Meade, Paula Medd, Pam Melvin, Lynn Merz, Barbara Merz, Gisela Michael, Jenny Miller, Bill Mitchell, Dennis Moltke-Hoff, Claus Monahan, Pat Mondichak, Ginny Montgomery, Mike Moore, Claudia Moore, Jan Morris, Brooks Morris, Steve Mountjoy, Bev Murdock, Debbie Myles, Carol Napoli, Wayne Nestor, Bonnie Newhouse, Monte Nystrom, Lea Ann Oehser, Tina Olson, Richard Page 94 Oyenik, Darla " Your hand would be tired, too, if you had been writing for two hours,” complains Sara Stiff. Sophomore Class Patterson, Jill Patton, Sandy Payne, Darnell Pence, Lonnie Pepper, Sherry Pinkett, Carolyn Poole, Jill Post, Patty Preston, Judy Price, Debbie Province, Ted Radcliffe, Rob Randall, Bonnie Reel, Robert Reed, Chris Ricci, Chris Riggleman, Randy Robey, Brenda Rose, Bleys Rosser, Linda Rowe, Susan Rucker, Janice Ruehl, Ronnie Russell, Richard Samuelson, Judy Sapp, Mike Schaefer, Francine Page 95 SCHLEIFSTEIN, MARK Schoellig, Susan Schwartz, Beth Sheldon, Pat Shelly, Gary Sherfey, Don Shiflett, Ron Shivelhood, Jean Showalter, Alice Showalter, Don Sikes, Tom Simmons, Paul Simounet, Kris Simpson, Benny Skinner, Peggy Slimak, Patty Smith, Gary Smith, Susan Sparks, Susan Spencer, Sterling Stacchini, Aaron Stallings, Mark Stang, Ray Stangore, Anita Staples, George Stewart, Dianne Stiff, Sara Page 96 i Leslie Joyce Wayne Juncal Bob Kackley ‘ Paul Kadel Karee Keeler Carol Keen Pat Kelly Judy Kerns Sue Kerns Linda Kidd Nancy Kincheloe Dottie King Mike King Peggy Kleinfelder Valerie Knight Mike Korbe Bob Krein Alicia LaCoss Junior Class Ray Lacy Randy Lain Dave Landman Judi Lantz Carol Larkin Carol Lawall Virginia Leffas Dave Lindley Alena Liptrap Virginia Litten Jean Lloyd Linda Long Page 81 Lloyd SlNDRI LOW Gerry Lowe MacMillan Frank Maffett Ellen Manville Vernon Marks Joan Martin Marilyn Martin Pam Martinson Larry Martz Laurie Mastenbrook Sandy Matthias Sharon Matthias Dennis McCarthy Patti Melick Karen Merritt Carl Micale Bobbie Miles Rinss and Prom Conclude the Year Let’s see . . . Alexanderite . . . Saphire . . . Zircon . . . Garnet . . . Tourmaline . . . Bill Miller Susan Miller Jane Miller Louella Mills Page 82 Jack Mitchell John Moore Mike Mitchell Barbara Moran Victor Mitchell Linda Morrell Joe Mondichak Donald Morris Mike Monroe Gil Morrison Connie Moody Rhea Morrison Junior Cl ass Alan Mullins Joe Ohleger Steve Parks Ronald Nelson Billy Oliver Jim Parr Mary Nichols Dale Pace Georgia Patterson Duane Nystrom John Padgett Gregg Patton Pete Oakley Don Papke Ed Pauly Paul O’Hara Jo Marie Paradise Sue Payne Page 83 " Does she or doesn’t she take AC?” asks Rick Crack. " Only my guidance counselor knows for sure,” replies B. Moran. Joyce Peters Mike Pollock Jean Philbrick Jack Poole Arthur Poling Linda Powell Mary Praetz Rob Price Steve Price Barbara Redman George Reedy Larry Revis Shelia Riffle Minty Rich Dwendolyn Richards Marie Ricks Kimberly Robbins Rick Robson Jim Rodd Paula Rothgeb Judy Roussillon Darlene Rowley Linda Rue Randy Russell Page 84 . Bernie Ryan Karen Saunders Chris Sills Carol Sahrow Dan Sauveur Judy Smith Barbara Santee Judy Schafer Mike Smith Adele Santino Judi Sherman Ross Smith Myrna Samuel Alice Shewmaker Steve Smith Cheryl Saunders Barbara Shoun Bob Sowder Junior Cl ass Jeanne Margie Stacks Cathy Starr Stapleton Edye Stephenson Rick Stevens John Stevenson ”1 know that e —jnvjx J_ , but what does it mean?” ui e r?Bs Libby Graves ponders intellectually. Page 85 Paul Strickland Jill Tavenner John Titus Juniors Karen Sullivan Carole Thomas Tamara Torrey Climb Toby Sullivan Dan Thomas Dolly Towsey Robert Summers Terry Thomas Bob Trainor Harvey Swift Al Thompson Fred Tremper Ann Swing Del Thompson Gary Trudell the Ladder of Success ”Morp, Schmorp,” murmurs Jill Tavenner, chairman of the Food and Toy Drive. Bruce Tucker Jane Tyler Helen Turner Nancy Van Lear James Turner Macel Walker Patti Turner Vivian Warren Karen Weedon Elaine Wehle Kurt Wehle David Weinberger Patty Welch Billy Wells David Werth Donna Wetrich Mary Anne Wheeler Virginia Wheeler Dottie Williams Patti Willis Junior Cl ass Larry Winstead Bill Wood Don Youngblood Craig Wisooker Chris Wright Danny Zapalski Karen Wogan Chris Wright Bruce Zeiger " If I read and write at the same time, I can go twice as fast,” Karen ' Weedon wisely states. Page 87 SOPHOMORE! How the Class of ’68 rallied around this nine-letter title! No longer the " baby” class, sophomores were able to devote time and energy—and a little fun—to money¬ raising projects in anticipation of nex t year’s Prom. f Bake sales, held both during the summer and the school year, helped to enrich the class treas¬ ury. One of the most successful sales accompa¬ nied the memorable Stuart game of December 11. Earlier, the sophomores captured top honors in the bonfire contest, and soon thereafter spon¬ sored an assembly to kick off a successful dues drive. In December the sophomores topped all other classes to win the annual Food and Toy Drive. Not all of the year was work, however. On November 6 the Organic Cavemen were pre¬ sented at the class-sponsored dance. In March a » car wash brightened the month’s calendar. The sophomore picnic on June 4 brought to a close a year of activity for the sixty-eighters. Sophomores Gain Recognition Ainsley, Mary Ake, Walter Akers, James Allen, Joe Allison, James Anderson, Sandy Ashford, Karen Ashford, Richard Ashley, Anthony Atherton, Sandra Atwater, Susan Attiliis, Howard Austin, John Austin, Kathy Ayoub, Pete Bailey, Frances Baker, Chris Balderson, Kathy Ball, Sherry Ball, Shirley Ballou, Sue Barker, Carol Barrack, David Barrett, Barbara Page 88 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Charles Howard, Class Cabinet; Pat DeTemple, Secretary; Beverly Mount joy, Vice-President ; Gary Chewning, President. Not pictured, Kathy Austin, Treasurer. Barrus, Sharon Burnham, Joel Bates, Richard Baumgardner, Benni Beane, Dennis Beck, Tom Beech, Len Behrend, Gary Bennett, Virginia Bickham, Kevin Bisson, Linda Bobby, George Boland, Barbara Bolton, Chester Booze, William Botkin, Owen Boyer, Colleen Bowen, Elissa Boyette, Pat Bradford, Cindy Bradshaw, Martha Braun, Lary Brescia, Pat Breyer, Joann Brown, Richard Buckingham, Mary Burkett, John Calhoun, Mike Campbell, David Canfield, Janet Canfield, Norman Cappio, Jane Judy Samuels on lends a helpful hand. Page 89 Carrier, Dan Carlson, Karen Carter, Rick Chamberlin, Carol Chapman, Jim Chewning, Gary Christ, John Christesson, Vallorie Christie, Joan Clark, Marcia Cleland, Faye Clements, Sandy Cockerill, Jim Coffey, Mary Cole, Bill Collins, Ricky Compton, Virginia Cooney, Sandy Cooper, Carol Cornwall, Larry Cosimano, Mike Counts, Larry Covington, Mark Cragle, Elaine Cragle, Peggy Crider, Laura Crown, Patti Davidson, Jim Davis, Barbara Decerbo, Doug Delorenzo, Ken Denny, Jon Detemple, Pat Page 90 A jubilant Jane Walker admires her hero, Ricky Ashford. Jfpj| Sophomore Class Dietsch, Debbie Dodd, Kathy Dodgion, Cheryl Dolan, Pat Downing, Earl Dronenburg, Jeanette Ducker, Gail Dukes, Danny Dunmire, Linda Egnot, Michele Eldridge, Pat Ellis, Louise Erler, Ron Ewalt, Denise Failes, Mike Fallin, Judy Ferrone, Anita Fisher, Jim Flaggs, Donald Flester, Steve Fletcher, Mary Foster, Glen Fravel, Fred Fulmer, Hugh Furlow, Cindy Gadd, Carole Gallahan, Bill Garfield, Larry Garnett, Carol Garrett, Danny Gaut, Charlene Gerber, Karen Gleason, Phil Godlove, Esther Goff, Londa Gooch, Carveth Page 91 Gooding, Jeanette Gowin, Belinda Grabill, Maureen Greenfield, Debby Gregory, Kathy Griffith, Linda Grosvenor, Geoff Groves, Jeff Guerin, Ronny Gutridge, Cathy Haase, Valerie Hadlel, Harry Haley, Jack • Hall, David Hall, Stevan Hamilton, Thelma Hamm, Patty Hammer, Steve Hanna, Janet Hare, Joe Harnage, Ken Harris, Kris Harris, John Hayes, Beth Hegwood, Lois Helsley, Gloria Herbert, Bill Hershf.y, Susan Heyde, Tom Hill, Fred Hixon, Don Hoffman, Martha Hooper, Lynn Hoover, Ralph Howard, Chuck Hudspeth, Sue Hunsberger, Debbie James, Ronnie Jenkins, Vivian Johns, Bill Johnson, Janet Johnston, Judy Johnston, Kay Jones, Tom Juncal, Don Jullien, Gil Kasulaitis, Don Keller, Nancy Page 92 Kelley, Susan Kendall, James Kidwell, Dottie Klein, Albert Knight, Eric Knight, Margie Knight, Peggy Kurylo, Wally Langston, Randy Sophomore Class Lanier, Mike Lauffer, Barbara Lawson, Jody Leavitt, Angela Leeper, Lyn Lilly, Anne Liptrap, Carol Litten, Maudene Long, Wayne Lowry, Wayne Lucas, Larry Luehrs, Kenneth Lyerly, Ronnie Lynn, Erika Lyons, Nicky Macinnis, Jay Maher, Douglas Mapp, Richard Marcellin, Mike Marcus, Melanie Marks, Gary Martin, Doug McCann, Marie McClain, Roger Page 93 McClanahan, Susan McConnell, John McDaniel, Dave McDonald, Dave McMahon, Peggy Meader, Linda Mead, Chris Mead, Harry Meade, Paula Medd, Pam Melvin, Lynn Merz, Barbara Merz, Gisela Michael, Jenny Miller, Bill Mitchell, Dennis Moltke-Hoff, Claus Monahan, Pat Mondichak, Ginny Montgomery, Mike Moore, Claudia Moore, Jan Morris, Brooks Morris, Steve Mountjoy, Bev Murdock, Debbie Myles, Carol Napoli, Wayne Nestor, Bonnie Newhouse, Monte Nystrom, Lea Ann Oehser, Tina Olson, Richard Page 94 Oyenik, Darla " Your hand would be tired, too, if you had been writing for two hours,” complains Sara Stiff. Sophomore Class Patterson, Jill Patton, Sandy Payne, Darnell Pence, Lonnie Pepper, Sherry Pinkett, Carolyn Poole, Jill Post, Patty Preston, Judy Price, Debbie Province, Ted Radcliffe, Rob Randall, Bonnie Reel, Robert Reed, Chris Ricci, Chris Riggleman, Randy Robey, Brenda Rose, Bleys Rosser, Linda Rowe, Susan Rucker, Janice Ruehl, Ronnie Russell, Richard Samuelson, Judy Sapp, Mike Schaefer, Francine Page 95 Daniel Payne displays bis artistic ability. Seganish, Mark Seymour, Gary Sharp, Mike Sheetz, Terry SCHLEIFSTEIN, MARK Schoellig, Susan Schwartz, Beth Sheldon, Pat Shelly, Gary Sherfey, Don Shiflett, Ron Shivelhood, Jean Showalter, Alice Showalter, Don Sikes, Tom Simmons, Paul Simounet, Kris Simpson, Benny Skinner, Peggy Slimak, Patty Smith, Gary Smith, Susan Sparks, Susan Spencer, Sterling Stacchini, Aaron Stallings, Mark Stang, Ray Stangore, Anita Staples, George Stewart, Dianne Stiff, Sara Page 96 Stitzel, Charles Stryker, Wally Stuckey, Elaine Suit, Dennis Talmadge, Marilyn Talton, Annette Tarangelo, William Taylor, Gayle Thomas, Michael Thompson, Rick Tipton, Tom Todd, Joanne Tomasino, John Torrey, Pat Toward, Marlene Toward, Ronnie Towle, Ellen Townes, Pat Trainor, Richard Truitt, Julien Valentino, Dottie Vanlear, Faye Vernon, David Walker, Eugene Sophomore Class Walker, Jane Walker, Linda Walko, Carol Wall, Jerry Watson, Vicki Weary, Angela Webster, Bernadine Weedon, Pam Werner, Norman Wetrich, Patti White, Paul Whitfield, Vince Williams, Roger Williams, Tom Willis, Sandy Winstead, Sue Wood, Joey Woodward, Joan Worthy, Jo Wright, James Yun, Tom Zapalski, Diana Zavinsky, Mike Zuntz, Barbara Page 97 Confusion reigned as the freshmen en¬ tered the world of green lockers and varsity football games. Not quite understanding the complexities of high school life, the 69’ers profited from experience gained in their first year here. Soon becoming an ac¬ tive part of the student body, the ninth grade was the only class to reach its goal in the magazine drive. By winning this contest they added $50 to their treasury. The first dues drive in November netted $165, with fifty per cent of the freshmen paying. Bake sales and a dance in the spring rounded out a busy year for the baby Jags. OFFICERS Seated: Sue Hallstead, Vice-President; Debbie Gooding, President; Joan Garvin, Class Cabinet Representative ; Sue Riffle, Secretary; Ann Leb- bon, Treasurer. Kneeling: Tom McMahon, Ser- geant-at-Arms. Freshmen Profit from Experience Adams, Debra Adams, Sandy Addison, Mary Agee, David Albertson, Nancy Allen, Gary Allen, James Allen, Randy Ambler, Mark Amirault, Jackie Anderson, Barry Anderson, Warren Andrews, Mary Jane Anthony, Dorothy Ashby, Randy Bachman, Lewis Bailey, Mary Bailey, Mary Page 98 Baker, Gary Baker, Kathleen Baker, Mary Ball, Mike Ballou, Ann Barlett, Ricky Barnes, Lee Barrett, Cathy Bastress, Joanne Beckman, Doug Beeman, David Bennett, Carol Bennett, Dick Berry, Betty Biermann, Robert Binns, Judy Bogan, Kevin Bono, Debbie Booth, Ellen Botkin, Kristin Bounds, Carolyn Bourgeois, Don Bowers, Nannette Bowie, George Bowman, Barbara Boyd, Scott Brackens, Doris Bradley, Tom Bradshaw, Phyllis Brennan, David Brewster, DeeDee Brightly, Jeff Brondstatter, Cheryl Brooks, Dennis Brown, Clifford Brown, Dixie Brown, Kenny Buckley, Sandy Burdick, Peggy Burke, Steve Burkett, Lynda Burney, Carol Burrill, Delores Bush, Diane Butler, Mark Byrd, Paulette Canfield, Lee Carlson, Beth Page 99 Carter, Eva Carter, Sheryl Cauble, Doris Cazalas, Cathy Chamlee, Roy Chipps, Beverly Chittenden, Sharon Christesson, Mike Christiansen, Robert Clark, Patty Clark, Paul Clyde, Bonnie Cole, Roger Collins, Charles Compton, Linda Cook, Louis Cooper, Tim C ox, David Creel, Linda Crouch, Karen Crouch, Sharon Crouse, Larry Crowder, John Crumbaugh, Cindy Daniels, Harvey Dart, Bob Daube, Robert Davis, Billy Davis, Charlene Davis, Doug Davis, Ginny Dehaven, Paul Dellas, Susan Disilvio, Richard Ditto, Bill Dodgion, Brenda Donnelly, Maureen Downing, Richard Drago, Frank Drago, Laura Drechsler, George Dross, Lorraine Duckett, Andi Duff, Brenda Dulaney, Louise Dutcher, Greg D’Zamba, Patricia Edwards, Janet Evers, Robert Fairbanks, Judy Farmer, Beverly Farmer, Steve Faunce, Jane Felt, Feonard Ferguson, Finda Fewell, John Field, Steve Fisher, Bill Fisher, Farry Fletcher, Carolyn Fling, Finda Foster, Barbara Franklin, John Franks, Susan Freeborn, Fynn Freeborn, Mary Friend, Bob Fritz, Jane Ann Fuson, Micky Gale, Gordon Gambardella, Joseph Gardner, Danny Freshman Class Gardner, Donna Garvin, Eileen Garvin, Joan Geuder, Jeanne Gilliam, Andi Gilmore, Finda Goice, Farry Goble, Dari Gooding, Debbie Gowin, Dennis Graham, Glenda Graham, Patricia Gramling, Loretta Graves, Janice Griffin, John Grubb, Robert Gunnels, Mary Gurri, Maria Haley, Pat Hall, Doris Hallama, John Hallstead, Sue Hamilton, Tom Hammer, Richard Page 101 Hanrahan, Janet Harper, James Harrington, Ken Harris, Jeri Harris, Steve Harvey, Dinah Hawkins, Pat Hayes, Charles Heath, Doris Herbert, Mary Herling, Gary Heywood, Beverly Hickerson, Bob Hickling, Donna Hicks, Sharon Hicks, Stephen Hill, Janice Hime, Barbara Hobgood, Charles Holcomb, Jenna Holliday, Robert Holloway, Tom Holtzman, Linda Hooper, Gaye Hopkins, Gail Horn, John Horton, Mike Horton, Randy Horvath, Enid Houghton, Richard Hughes, Greg Hunter, Herb Hunter, Jeff Page 102 Hutchison, Marsha Isom, Bonnie Jackson, Pam Jeglum, Steve Jenkins, Ronnie Jones, Barb Jones, Charlie Jones, Earlie Jones, Faye Jones, Kris Jones, Linda Jones, Pat Jones, Pete Johnson, Dean Johnson, Robert Johnston, Glen Johnston, Sandy Kaetzel, Robert Keeler, Patty Keels, Lillian Kern, Carolyn Keys, Carolyn Keys, Debbie King, Donald Freshman Class King, Jeff King, Libby King, Linda Kitchens, Guy Kleinfeld, Cindy Klewicki, Toni Koerbel, Craig Kurdziolek, Stephen Kyle, Lillian Kyle, Madalynn Lain, Jody Lakas, Barry Lake, Nancy Lanagan, Sue Lansdown, Harold Lattimore, Carolyn Lebbon, Ann Lee, Glenda Linn, Debbie Little, Kathy Lloyd, Helen Loftis, John Long, Jerry Lowe, Debbie Page 103 Lucas, Jean Lucas, Joan Lunsford, Jo Lynady, Kathleen Lynch, Sheila MacMillan, Wendy Madison, Wanda Madsen, Diane Magill, John find morning study helpful. Martinson, Mike Matthews, Lynda Mattson, Janice McGowan, Bill McCreath, Wendy McDaniel, Donny McKinley, Margaret McMahon, Tom Meek, John Melick, Peggy Mendoza, Chris Meyer, Paula Miller, Becky Miller, June Mills, Betty Mills, Jimmy Mills, Simone Mitchell, David Mitchell, Mike Monick, Barbara Moorefield, Nancy Moran, Marilyn Morey, Debbie Morrison, Diane Page 104 Morrison, Michael Mountjoy, Linda Murray, George Newman, Alan Nielsen, James Nies, Kathy Olwer, Dan Ordakowski, Diane Orndoff, Barbara Owensby, Vicki Oz, Rhonda Pagluca, John Paquette, Cathy Parker, Linda Parks, Barry Parsons, Faith Parsons, James Pfeiffer, Lenny Pittman, Andrew Platt, Stephanie Pleacher, John Pohlman, Brenda Poore, Jerri Preston, Les Freshman Class Puckett, Tom Raines, Emily Randall, Mary Jo Ratchford, John Redden, Terry Reece, Jeanie Reed, Marcia Reedy, Brenda Reid, Malcolm Rice, Randy Richard, Beth Richeson, Tom Riffle, Terri Ricks, Don Rivera, Lydia Roberts, Linda Rock, John Rose, Mike Rosenberg, Ken Ross, Debbie Ruiz, Jennette Russell, Lee Ryder, Cynthia Sager, Steve Page 105 Sampson, Roger Santino, Eliza Sapp, Diana Schafer, Margy Scharr, Anita Seay, Nancy Sexton, Bob Sharp, Diedra Shay, Mike Shelton, Eunice Shull, Tom Shoemaker, Judy Short, Jane Sikes, Bonnie Simpson, Elaine Sipe, Steve Skidmore, Joy Smith, Betty Smith, Bryan Smith, Elaine Smith, John Smith, Linda Smith, Robert Smith, Steve Successful Dues Drive Snead, Diane Sobriski, Flo SONNHALTER, MaRY Sourbeer, John Sours, Wayne Spencer, Mike Stacchini, Robert Stack, Julie Stafford, Linda Stange, Charles Stanton, John Stitzel, Larry Stigers, Robert Stribling, Jay Stryker, Bill Stephenson, Sharon Summers, Douglas Swing, Jimmy Page 106 Tapp, John Tavenner, Gary Thibeault, Terry Thrailkille, Roger Ticknor, Bill Tinner, Joann Tinner, Shirley Tinner, Tom Tipton, Deborah Tomasino, Don Traynham, Kay Trinkle, Debbie Turner, Melvin Veazey, Scott Fills Treasury YonRunnen, Jim Vorhauer, Karen Vorhauer, Sharon Wall, Krisia Wells, Jesse Weill, Karen Wier, Joan Wigren, Nils Wilkens, Linda Williams, David Williams, Ron Winsboro, Betsy Wolcott, Toni Wright, Linda WuRTZBACKER, DEBBIE Wright, Robert Walker, Joe Yonushonis, Susan Page 107 I organizations STUDENT COUNCIL First raw: Dianna Ferrone, Pauline Denault, Peggy Pillar, Charine Cirlin, Janet Nolan, Alice Shewmaker, Kathy Ball, Jeanne Cothran. Second row: Bob Sexton, Paul Clark, Jessie Wells, Gary Seymore, Steve Price, Dennis Brooks, Gary Young, Barbara Moran, Jill Tavenner. Third row: Bob Bowman, Ralph Taylor, Chris Wright, Larry Johnson. Student Government Expands Programs August 31, 1965 The year opened with " Good morning, stu¬ dents. This is Phil Bobel with your morning an¬ nouncements. Harkey Mayo, Vice-President, has an announcement to make.” " The Green Book, published this summer by the officers arid interested members, should be given out in homerooms. The freshmen have already re¬ ceived these books at Freshman Orientation.” " Steve Matthews, Election Committee chair¬ man.” " Homeroom senators will be elected soon by a new self-nomination system. Freshman Class elections will follow and SCA officers will be elected in March.” " The Magazine Drive starts on September 8 and I predict we will make a profit of $3,400, so everyone sell!” announces John Allen. " And now, Carolyn Mangeng, chairman of the Evaluation Conference.” " This year Falls Church is going to have its first leadership conference on December 2. All area schools in our district are being invited.” " Jill Tavenner, chairman of the Food and Toy Drive.” " In December we are having our annual Food and Toy Drive. We plan to gather 10,000 food items for area needy families.” " The Sweetheart Dance will be in February with Patty Melick as chairman. Also, we will have a Pride Week to discuss our Student Code, directed by Kathy Fioramonti and Kathy Bowman. The March of Dimes Drive, at the end of the month, should bring us about $65 in donations from the student body.” " In March we will have a Student Exchange Program with Jeb Stuart and George Mason. And now, Larry Johnson, chairman of the Partners of the Alliance Committee.” " In April we are going to have a ' M.A.R.U. in Peru’ Drive to raise money to buy a Mobile Anti Rabies Unit.” " The SCA carnival will be in May with the in¬ coming president as chairman. Those are our morn¬ ing announcements for today. Thank you for your attention.” Page 1 1 0 Hi if £ I 3 STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Sue Ballou, Thelma Hamilton, Beth Hayes, Marcia Clark, Patty Melick, Ann Ballou, Kathy Fiora- monti, Sue Stitzel, Mickey Klewicki. Second row : Bev Mountjoy, Barbara Smith, Dee Stewart, Tina Oehser, Sue Sparks, Sue Winstead, Terri Riffle, Andi Duckett, Pat DeTemple. Third row: Jennifer Huseby, Karen Hunsberger, Linda Hallstead, Gary Chewning. Seated: Laurie Mastenbrook, Secretary; Joan Garvin, Freshman Cabinet Representative; Mike Hill, Treasurer; Carolyn Mangeng, Senior Cabinet Representative. Standing: Steve Matthews, Election Committee Chairman; Phil Bobel, President; Ed Pauly, Parliamentarian; Bob Blake, Junior Cabinet Representative; Chuck Howard, Sophomore Cabinet Representative. Page 1 1 1 Mike Hill runs off SCA mid-year report. Laurie Mastenbrook and Ed Pauly type up memo to SCA senators. Seniors read strident survey results. John Allen explains the magazine drive to the student body. Page 1 1 2 First row: Mary Stites, Glen Omura, John McConnell, Saralee Goldfein, Kerry Donnell, John Hoernemann. Second row: Nan Hopkinson, Fred Rock, Chuck Howard, Bob Jullien, Arthur Bennett, Elizabeth Shedd. Third row: Ralph Taylor, Ann Garvin, Dick Monday, Bill Bell, Steve Matthews. SC A Works With Clubs Through ICC ICC chairman, Harkey Mayo, addresses a meeting. Throughout the year the Inter-Club Council increased the number of active members from last year’s average attendance of six to this year’s average of thirty at the ICC meetings. Four new clubs were char¬ tered by the Council: the Joy Boys, the Fish and Wildlife Club, the Torch and Banner Club, and the Math Honor Society. The Council organized club displays for Freshman Orientation and club booths at the Spring Carnival. Beginning in January the Club of the Month Award became a function of the ICC. The real purpose of the Council was displayed by organizing ' the clubs for the Pride Assembly, the Stu¬ dent Participation Assembly, the club re¬ ports for the Welcome Packet, and the Christmas decoration contest. To help unite the clubs and in order to avoid conflicting schedules, a Calendar Committee was formed to schedule activities. Bulletin boards, weekly bulletins, and the daily Bull- roar kept the student body informed of club activities. As the year drew to a close, activities included the All-Club Membership Drive and providing an All-Club bulletin board. Page 1 1 3 National Honor Society Tim Arnold lights induction candle at honor society assembly. The purpose of the N ational Honor So¬ ciety, the Elizabeth Ann Clem chapter, established in 1946, is clear and concise as stated in the constitution: " to create an en¬ thusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a de¬ sire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the develop¬ ment of character in all students.” The National Honor Society carried out this purpose in a wide variety of activities this past year. Enthusiasm for scholarship was promoted by tutoring students who re¬ quested assistance, recognizing honor roll students, holding formal inductions in the fall and spring, and by awarding a worthy member of the honor society a $100 schol¬ arship at the end of the year. Service was achieved primarily through means of an Easter Seal Drive. The " Thought of the Week” and the Friday flag salute promoted character. Leadership was advanced by speaking to freshmen before their elections. Mr. Reitz, acting sponsor during Mrs. Chapman’s absence from school, directed the activities of the society. hirst row: Mary Stites, President; Carolyn Mangeng, Vice-President; Regina DeLauder, Secretary; Mike Porvaznik, Treas¬ urer; Gary Young, Chaplain. Second row: Mike Hill, Chris Botos, Bill Evans, Carolyn Haack, John Loikow, Joyce Peters. Third row: Carolyn Hart, Alan Hayes, Pat Turner, Ken Bruntel, Sandy Stickley, Bob Blake, Susan Miller. Fourth row: Judy Hampton, Lytle Buckingham, Joe Casey, Ed Pauly, Phil Bobel, Ralph Taylor, Jonathan Rohr, Alan Ambler. Page 1 1 4 Recognizes Scholarship New inductees recite honor society pledge before student body. First row: Saralee Goldfein, Pat Kelly, Gena Cox, Michele Cayot, Janette Arnold, Patty Melick, Carol Lawall. Second row: Linda Hallstead, Karen Hunsberger, Nancy Hamblin, Woody Hartsook, Chick Sell, Craig Wisooker. Third row: Tim Arnold, Gary Bledsoe, Glen Geuder, Bruce Boger, Arthur Bennet, Armentia Wall, Cynthia Cohen, Harriet Hoffman. Not pictured: Alice Hailman and David Weinberger. Page 1 1 5 First row: Janice Mattson, Diane Morrison, Julie Stack, Barbara Monick, Linda Burkett, Terry Radnor, Jeanne Geuder, Dierdra Sharpe, Cathy Little, Mary Fuson, Barbara Zuntz, Jane Walker. Second row: Kathy Austin, Secre¬ tary; Judy Samuelson, Bev Mountjoy, Melanie Marcus, Linda Walker, Pam Weedon, Bev Heywood, Barbara Bow¬ man, Annette Talton, Mary Gurri. Third row: Krista Wall, Linda Wilkins, Mary Buckingham, Susan Atwater, Karen Carlson, Chris Meade, Susan Schoellig, David Campbell. Fourth row: Enid Horvath, Richard Ashford, Steve Flester, Bleys Rose, Fred Fravel, Bill Billings, Donald Ricks, Gary Shelly. Fifth row: Gary Behrend, Vice-President; Chuck Howard, President; Jack Haley, Don Hixson, David McDonald, Richard Traynor, Jim Davidson, Gary Sey¬ mour, Treasurer. Junior National Honor Society Inducts 46 The Junior National Honor Society, fol¬ lowing the standards of the National Honor Society, is made up of students who display qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Membership in the society is obtained by application. To be accepted as a member one must be a ninth or tenth grader with a " B” average and no grade below a " C.” This year the Junior National Honor Society had two inductions—one in the fall and one in the spring. They were held in the evening in the library, with parents and inductees invited. The inductions included speeches centered around the five honor so¬ ciety candles of scholarship, leadership, serv¬ ice, character, and citizenship. A reception for the new members followed the cere¬ mony. A free tutoring service was set up for those students in need of help in school sub¬ jects. In addition, a field trip was taken by the group to see the movie " Doctor Zhi¬ vago.” Several bake sales were held to raise money. All activities and inductions were supervised by Mrs. Lemon, Sponsor. Page 1 1 6 Societe Honoraire de Francais First row: Patty Melick, Carol La wall, Secretary; Sharon Jeglum, Judy Samuelson, Madeline Miller, Gary Bledsoe, Susan Miller. Second row: Chris Botos, Vice-President; Authur Bennett, President; Woody Hartsook, Jo Anne Todd, Judy Hampton, Bill Evans. Third row: Ken Bruntel, Alan Hayes, Joe Casey, Lytle Buckingham, Mark Goodrick, Alan Ambler. First row: Saralee Goldfein, President; Michele Cayot, Chaplain; Regina de Lauder, Vice-President; Mary Stites, Ser- geant-at-Arms. Second rorv: Janette Arnold, Nancy Hamblin, Janet Nolan, Carolyn Hart, Patty Turner, Howard Hershey. Third row: Kathy McConnell, Cindy Cohen, Dorothy O’Neal, Jonathan Rohr. Fourth row: Gena Cox, Carolyn Mangeng. Fifth row: Bruce Boger, Ken Bruntel, Bob Blake. Not pictured: Mike Porvaznik, Secretary-Treas- urer. Spanish Honor Society Page 1 1 7 National Thespian Honor Society First row: Mrs. Ogilvie, Sponsor; Merle Greenberg, President; Terry Thomas, Anita Kleinfeld, Kathy McConnell, Beth Goodman, Secretary. Second row: Martha Gailliot, Historian; Gini Gustafson, Meddy Martin, Vice-President; Glenna Sue Burgess. Third row: Mike Lewis, Don Papke, Alan Mullins, Ronnie Miner, Chaplain; Terry Byles, John Judd, Treasurer. Math Honor Society First row: Carolyn Mangeng, President; Jonathan Rohr, Vice-President ; Anita Kleinfeld, Secretary; Joe Pohedra, Treasurer. Second row: Saralee Goldfein, Nancy Hamblin, Kathy McConnell, Barbara Smith, Armentia Wall, Chick Sell, Bob Rains, Gary Young, Glen Geuder. Third row: A. J. Bennett, Chris Botos, Mike Porvaznik, Tim Arnold, Sue Burgess, Sue Miller, Nora Bramley, Lois Perfetti, Mr. Garhart, Sponsor. Fourth row: Paul Strickland, Bob Kack- ley, John Loikow, Steve Parks, Hans Smit, Mike Hill, Phil Gieseler, Pat Turner. Fifth row: Ed Pauly, Arthur Poling, Jim Turpie, Ralph Taylor, Bob Bowman, Lytle Buckingham, Phil Bobel. Page 1 1 8 Quill and Scroll Honor Society Seated: Pat Dietrich, Janet Hess, President; Ann Garvin, Vice-President; Mrs. Anderson, Sponsor. Standing: Greg Ballard, Linda Morrell, Michele Cayot, Mike Hill. Not pictured: Peggy Pillar, Secretary; Ron Pemstein, Treasurer; John Prichard, Valerie Knight, John Allen, Alice Hailman. Press Bureau Seated: Linda Morrell, Judy Fallin, Judy Samuelson, Beth Hayes, ViccPresident; Jane Walker, Janet Hess, President; Sara Stiff. Standing: Mrs. Anderson, Sponsor; Joe Fisher, Melanie Marcus, Laurie Drago, Mary Thiebeault, Mark Schleifstein, Bob Sexton, Claus Moltke-Hoff, Karen Woltz. Page 1 1 9 STAFF First row: Joanne Todd, Patty Turner, Nan Hopkinson. Second row: Sandy Stickley, Gail Lebbon, Ginny Fisher. Third row: Kerry Donnell, Saralee Goldfein, Cindy Cohen, Barbara Ayres, Diane Zapalski. Fourth row: Gary Chewning, Leitha Schaffstall, Sara Stiff, Diane Sneed. Fifth row: Barbara Davis, Bob Smith, Linda Morrell, Karen Weill. Sixth row: Sue Kelly, Anne Lilly, Carolyn Pinkett, Alena Liptrap. Seventh row: Gisela Merz, Jeanette Dronenburg, Jonathan Rohr. Page 120 Paw Print Presents Student Expression EDITORS Seated: Jane Cappio, Michele Cayot, Co-literary Editors; Peggy Pillar, Art Editor. Standing: Alice Shewmaker, Pat Dietrich, Public Relations Co-editors; Janet Hess, Production Editor. Strange sounds could be heard pouring from room 218 during 4B lunch study hall. Sighs, shrieks, giggles, and laughs all meant that the Paw Print staff was reading its latest contributions. Talented writers sub¬ mitted romantic, tragic, humorous, mysteri¬ ous, and indescribable works to Literary Co-Editors Michele Cayot and Jane Cappio. The staff members supervised by Editor Ann Garvin, and visited regularly by Miss May, Advisor, then carefully reviewed the manuscripts, using a five-point grading sys¬ tem. The selected works were typed by Pro¬ duction Editor Janet Hess. Art Editor Peggy Pillar supplied artistic inspiration. This year experiments with color and shading pro¬ vided interesting artistic effects. This newly established staff period has done much to improve the magazine’s or¬ ganization. However, at least one late night session was necessary to compile the final copy. Underclassified, a baby Paw Print, was the creation of this year’s staff. Its purpose was to recognize creativity among the fresh¬ men and sophomores. Ginny Fisher and fane Cappio review the fall edition of ”Paw Print.” Ann Garvin, Editor-in-Chief, and Mm May, Advisor. Page 121 Yearbook Staff Produces 21st Edition Deadlines, galley sheets, and copy blocks were a few of the additions to the vocabu¬ lary of twenty-one yearbook staff members. Work on the ’66 Jaguar began in May, 1965, when the first meeting was held. Wanting to present the school with an even greater yearbook, as well as introducing new ideas, some members of the staff attended summer workshops. Editor-in-Chief Pat Dietrich, and Phil Gieseler went to Catholic University, while Dan Abrams and John Judd attended a similar workshop at Ameri¬ can University. Here they were presented with much valuable information on year¬ book techniques which was applied to the ’66 Jaguar. Seen tramping the street of Falls Church, Annandale, and Fairfax, the energetic advertisement staff sought patrons to help finance the yearbook. It was a busy year as the harried editors fought to meet deadlines, but amid the sweat, toil, and tears were laughs and many wonderful memories. EDITORS Seated: Dan Abrams, Assistant Editor; Pat Dietrich, Editor; Ron Pemstein, Sports. Standing: Pam Moodie, Features; Jane Wood, Copy; Phil Bobel, Lay-out; Sandy Stickley, Organizations. Eat Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief, and Miss Man pin, Advisor, plan yearbook, format. Page 122 STAFF Seated: Barbara Ayres, Academics Editor; Charine Cirlin, Jennifer Huseby, Circulation Manager; Larry Johnson, Busi¬ ness Manager; Rip Ellis, Phil Gieseler, John Judd, Assistant Eay-out Manager; John Jolley, Cheryl Williams, Publicity Manager; Laurie Mastenbrook, Alice Shewmaker, Pam Huff, Assistant Features Editor. Standing: Bob Julien, Advertising Manager; Dick Monday, Assistant Sports Editor. John Judd and Mr. Deal, photographer, look over plans for the ’66 Jaguar. Jane Wood corrects yearbook copy. Page 123 EDITORS Standing: Linda Morrell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief; Peggy Pillar, Third page; Sara Stiff, First page; Janet Hess, Editor- in-Chief. Seated: John Pritchard, Fourth page; Mike Hill, Second page. Jaguar Journal Concentrates Janet Hess reads over a past issue of the " Jaguar Journal,” while Peggy Pillar types copy. Page 124 Seated: Mrs. Anderson, Advisor; Janet Johnson, Judy Samuelson. Standing: Joe Fisher, Craig Corbell, Mike Schleif- stein, Bleys Rose, Mike Hadley. on Student Opinion Whether interviewing our foreign ex¬ change students, deciding on " Upper Crust,” or covering the latest baseball game, the " Jaguar Journal” staff was busy all year round. A fresh look at school life and school news was the goal of the 1965-66 staff. In addition, the newspaper placed emphasis on editorials and opinions of students and fac¬ ulty. Monthly editorials expressed views on everything from Viet Nam to cheating in our classrooms. The first page strived to present news developments of the school. The second page encouraged the student body to ques¬ tion an individual opinion. Unusual and in¬ teresting features were found on the third page, and the latest in sports were reviewed on the fourth page. Membership in the National Scholastic Press Association, the Southern Interscho¬ lastic Press Association, and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association has netted the " Jaguar Journal” many awards. Janet Hess, Editor-in-Chief, and Mrs. Anderson, Advisor. Page 125 First row: Barbara Ayres, Patty Melick, Beth Goodman, Linda Morrell, Ann Swing. Second row: Carol Lawall, Karen ¥ogan, Cheryl Saunders, Kathy McConnell, Edye Stephenson. Third row: Carol Graham, Sue Stitzel, Kerry Donnell, Jennifer Huseby, Marilyn Belknap. Keyettes Strive for Achievement OFFICERS Seated: Miss Carozza, Sponsor; Mrs. Fall, Kiwives Sponsor; Nan Hopkinson, President; Ann Garvin, Vice-President; Miss Wil¬ son, Sponsor. Standing: Mary Jane Slimak, Chaplain; Dottie Mount;joy, Sergeant-at-Arms; Mary Stites, Recording Secretary; Saralee Goldfein, Treasurer; Michele Cayot, Corresponding Secretary. Keyettes teach CP children a song at Valentine ' s Day party. Page 126 First row: Claudia Bennett, Kathy Fioramonti, Cindy Cohen, Cora Barile, Pam Huff. Second row: Pam Moodie, Anita Kleinfeld, Janet Nolan, Barbara Smith, Vivian Warren. Third row: Patty Benedict, Pat Dietrich, Gail Lebbon. Regina de Lauder, Laurie Mastenbrook. Fourth row: Sandy Stickley, Sue Burgess, Kathy Bowman, Peggy Pillar, Elaine Wehle, Pat Turner. Not pictured: Carolyn Schutz. Through Service Friendship and service—the meaning of Keyettes—was the goal of the Falls Church Keyette Club during this, their most active year ever. The Keyettes began the school year by serving as guides at Freshman Orientation, sponsoring Teachers’ Appreciation Week, and selling hot dogs at home football games. During the year, the Keyettes helped to improve the school by cleaning the library and participating in the Pride Assembly. Christmas stockings for the Salvation Army, a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family and cartoon books for Fairfax Hos¬ pital were some of the Keyettes’ contribu¬ tions to the community. Money was sent to their Japanese orphan and to the Peace Corps with the help of fund raising activities. By sponsoring an area- and school-wide drive the Keyettes presented over 3,400 books to an underprivileged elementary school in Mineral, Virginia. Keyettes present Mineral Elementary School with 3400 books collected dining their drive. Page 127 First row: Ronny Miner, Steve Small, Chip Papke, Jim Burdick, Greg Ballard, Wally Brown. Second row: Bruce Wright, Steve Poucher, Gerry Braun, Jim Owens, Milt Fall, Bill Bell. Batman and Robin leave school following Pride Assembly. OFFICERS Pete Kalen, Treasurer; Jack Von Runnen, Vice- President; Dick Monday, President; Bruce Boger, Secretary. Page 128 First row: Bill Gallahan, Jack Brandt, John Titus, Wally Stryker, Glen Geuder, Craig Wisooker. Second row: Jack Mitchell, Ken Bruntel, Woody Hartsook, Bill Wells, Mike Mitchell. Third row: Gary Seymour, Jack Haley, Billy Oliver, Rick Crack, Steve Parks. Civitans Serve School and Community Whether buying flowers for the Senior cheerleaders or building a doll house for Junior Village, the Junior Civitan Club ful¬ filled its purpose " to build citizenship through school and community projects.” Boys chosen for their leadership, citizen¬ ship, and good character served their school by presenting the football team with a vic¬ tory wreath, donating several trophies to the athletic department, cleaning up after bon¬ fires, and painting the newly built athletic shed. School sponsored activities included taking part in the Food and Toy Drive, and helping in a book drive to stock a library in Mineral, Virginia. Sponsored solely by the Civitans was a School Appearance Week, building an application container for the main office, sponsoring their annual King Ugly Contest for the benefit of the March of Dimes, and a Swim Fest. The club’s main projects were adopting an orphan in Hong Kong through the Christian Children’s Re¬ lief Fund, and holding, in conjunction with the Fairfax County Police Department, a Safe Driving Week. Page 129 Torch Banner Club - f C ' C-fr 1 - First row: Peggy Cragle, Beth Hayes, Gena Cox, Sue Kelly, Cindy Seay. Second row: Valerie Haase, Tina Oehser, Dorothy O’Neal, Linda Jernigan. Third row: Armentia Wall, Karen Carlson, Debbie Greenfield, Susan Beeman. Fourth row: Carol Walko, Jo Anne Todd, Jane Wood, Carolyn Mangeng. Not pictured: Carmalyn Miller, Leitha ScHAM STALL. Page 130 Introduced at F.C.H.S. " The boys have two service clubs, why can’t we?” No longer content with talking about it, a group of interested girls decided to take action this year. Organized last summer, the Torch Banner Club is patterned after a Torch Banner Club located at John Marshall High School in Rich¬ mond, Virginia. The purpose of the club is to serve the school and community in any way possible. Sponsored by Miss Betty Jo Wiley, " TAB” had a very successful first year. The club placed second in the annual Food and Toy Drive, show¬ ing a willingness to work. Other projects adopted were working at the Northern Virginia Cerebral Palsy Center and sending money to a foreign child for medicine to help cure him of leprosy. Various fund raising activities included numer¬ ous bake sales, a weekend spent raking leaves, and an Errand Week. During Errand Week the girls did all types of chores, and all money earned went to the club. The Torch Banner Club also elected their first annual Sweetheart; a senior boy, Fred Rock, was selected for honorary membership in the club. He joined in the various activities and helped with publicity. The club also sponsored an exchange pro¬ gram with the other presently existing Torch Banner Club to bring the two closer together. Members surprise their new club Sweetheart, Fred Rock. OFFICERS Elizabeth Shedd, President; Janet Amole, Vice-President; Linda Hallstead, Corresponding Secretary; Dottie Kidwell, Recording Secretary; Joan Martin, Chaplain; Susan Story, Treasurer; Wally Kurylo, Sergeant-at-Arms. Not pictured: Miss Betty Jo Wiley, Sponsor. Page 131 Front row: Col. Mare, Sponsor; Mike Hill, Steve Matthews, Bill Wheeler, Jack Breyer, Mostyn Jones. Second row: Harkey Mayo, Sonny Grant, John Judd, Hans Smit. Third row: Rip Ellis, Dan Abrams, Phil Bobel, Bob Cushing, Jim Turpie, Bob Bowman. Club Serves With Integrity OFFICERS First row: Gary Young, Recording Secretary; Mike Porvaznik, Corresponding Secretary; Bob Jullien, President. Second row: Ralph Taylor, Vice-President; Chris Wright, TreasJirer. " We build.” This is the motto of Key Club International, an organization dedi¬ cated to building leadership and scholarship in young men throughout the country. Key Club members are chosen because they show a willingness to work, along with the quali¬ ties of leadership and scholarship. The Key Club of Falls Church High School has done its part in furthering these aims. Cleaning the school crest, cleaning the football field after games, and operat¬ ing the Valentine and Christmas mail service were some of the service, projects the club provided this year. The Key Club is especially proud of its work for the March of Dimes, Cerebral Palsy, and UNICEF. They co-sponsored Maid and Butler Day for the benefit of the Cerebral Palsy Center and decorated the Center for a Valentine’s Day party. Key Club members sponsored the Junior-Senior Basketball Game with proceeds going to the March of Dimes. Page 132 First row: Fred Tremper, Gary Trudell, Chip Belyea, John Everhard. Second row: Col. Mare, Sponsor; Chris Botos, Jim Beech, Chuck Howard, David Boyer. Third raw: Gary Chewning, Bob Blake, Larry Johnson, Ed Pauly, Dennis Crawford. First place Key Chib float gives the axe to the Annandale Atoms. Steve Matthews protects Larry Johnson from the weather on Maid and Butler Day. Page 133 AFS Furthers World Understanding Foreign exchange students Hans S mit from the Netherlands and Tony Ferrar from the Philippines. " The furthering of understanding and good will in the world” is the purpose of the American Field Service Club. By bring¬ ing teenagers to the United States to live and study with an American family, and sending American students abroad for the summer, the AFS seeks fulfillment of its goal. In its eighth year at Falls Church, the AFS Club is the largest club in the school. Selling school calendars, Falls Church High School jewelry, Christmas cards, and donuts, holding an AFS assembly at which contri¬ butions were taken, and checking coats at the Homecoming and Sweetheart Dances netted the club the necessary $1,000 needed to bring a foreign student here. Hans Smit from the Netherlands was sponsored by our club for 1965-66. These activities also sup¬ plied the money needed to send a FCHS student abroad during the summer. This past year Linda Hallstead spent two months in Germany. First row: Barbara Ayres, Jackie Deneault, Saralee Goldfein, Gena Cox, Lf.itha Schaffstall, Debbie Ross, Karen Wogan. Second row: Judy Fallin, Jane Walker, Cindy Kleinfeld, Sue Hallstead, Kathy McConnell, Linda Hall- stead, Martha Hoffman, Judy Barker, Harriet Hoffman, Pam Medd. Third row: Dottie Valentine, Sherry Ball, Susan Yonushonis, Janet Edwards, Tina Oehser, Sue Sparks, Anita Kleinfeld. Fourth row: Nancy Gooch, Judy Samuelson, Gerry Towle, Sara Stiff, Barbara Zuntz. Page 134 OFFICERS Mrs. Marie Carstater, Sponsor ; Adrienne Lipski, Publicity Manager; Carolyn Hart, Secretary ; Steve Matthews, Presi¬ dent; Carolyn Mangeng, Treasurer; Beth Goodman, Vice-President. Not pictured : Regina de Lauder, Historian. First row: Shelia Riffle, Barbara Davis, Jeannie Stapleton, Pam Weedon, Annette Talton, Chris Mead, Sandy Anderson, Sue Kelly, Marilyn Belknap. Second row: Joe Lakas, Nan Hopkinson, Sue Story, Gail Ducker, Sue Schoellig, Lois Perfetti, Jerry Michael. Third row: Mike Parker, Joanne Todd, Gail Lebbon, Kathy Bowman, Beth Allen, Terry Berda, Hans Smit, David Weinberger, Sue Burgess. Fourth row: Elaine Wehle, Kathy Nies, Carol Walko, Mike Blum. Fifth row: John Wanat, Marie Ricks, Bruce Zeiger, Patty Turner, Valerie Knight. Page 135 fall: HIGH | alj I Jy m i JLm i Urn 1 I mttjgl I i ff f 71 I TlI TtF— , YJ If | ,t 1 sli [»■ ‘■ ‘.T If iSf ' i t- W I Is MPW i I J ' I • t g - i ' i M baa J j r I " First roic : Lin Leeper, Nancy Lake, Karen Danilik, Judy Barker, Barbara Ayres , Pat DeZamba, Becky Miller, Sue Hallstead, Jeannie Gueder, Sandy Buckley, Linda Hart, Joan Garvin, Diane Morrison, Debbie Ross. Second row: Elaine Stuckey, Linda Rue, Sue Hayes, Catherine Barrett, Janice Hill, Mickey Klewicki, Cheryl Williams, Gail Lebbon, Cheryl Saunders, Kathy Fioramonti, Dolly Towsey, Ann Lebbon, Annette Talton. Third row: Donna Wetrich, Barbara Bowman, Bev Haywood, Sherry Ball, Jeanette Gooding, Chris Botkin, Toni Klewicki, Jeannie Stapleton, Susan Yonushonis, Mary Freeborn, Madeline Miller, Susan Sparks, Sandy Anderson, Lin Griffith, Pam Weedon. Fourth row: Cindy Orr, Martha Bradshaw, Peggy Skinner, Sue Miller, Bev Mountjoy, Judy Samuelson, Sharon Hallama, Laurie Mastenbrook, Debbie Hunsberger, Ellen Towle, Patty Slimak. Fifth row: Charlene Gaut, Virginia Compton, Peggy Kleinfelter, Linda Meeter, Wayne Ralston, Fred Rock, Karen Gerber, Joyce Wood, Kathy Nies. OFFICERS Mary Jane Slimak, President; Kathy Bowman, Vice-President; Dottie Mountjoy, Recording Secretary; Saralee Gold- i f.in, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. McCullough, Sponsor; Sue Burgess, Treasurer; Peggy Pillar, Art Director; Dora Gram bung, Sergeant-at-Arms. As Pep Club Works, Spirit Soars " Programs, 15 each, programs!” Many a football fan has heard a Pep Clubber’s vociferous cry. An active Pep Club this year included among its activities the sell¬ ing of football programs, ribbons and pom poms. Cheering contests with the Joy Boys raised the volume at many sports events. Since promoting good school spirit was the main purpose of the club, throughout the year it made posters advertising games, pro¬ vided buses for the away games so that transportation was available to everyone, and decorated the team buses with signs and streamers to boost the players’ morale. Their annual $500 donation to the Ath¬ letic Department was well received, as al¬ ways, and put to good use. An always active and energetic club, the ’66 Jaguar salutes the Pep Club for building school spirit, loy¬ alty, and pride among the students of Falls Church High School. Pep Club president, Mary Jane Slimak, presents Coach Sell and the football team with a victory wreath. PEP SQUAD Seated: Virginia Litten, Cindy Crumbaugh, Rhonda Oz, Beth Carlsen, Mary Addison, Faye Vanleer, Annette Davidson. Standing: Karen Weill, Eileen Garvin, Beth Allen, Audrey Huthwaite, Sally Bannister, Janet Amole, Judy Hamilton, Nancy Vanleer, Mary Herbert, Nanette Bowers, Debbie Adams. Page 137 First row: Johnny Everhard, Pete Oakley, Tim Arnold, John Stevenson. Second row : Rick Crack, Bruce Boger, Mike Creel, Mark Guenther. Third row : Ed Hruneni, Steve Parks, Carlo Micale, Ken Bruntel. Fourth row: Dennis Crawford, Bob Cline, Mike Mitchell, Bob Goracke, Jack Brandt. Page 138 First row: Ronnie Miner, Chip Papke, Wally Brown, Harris McGarrah, John Porter. Second row: Dan Bowes, Rip Ellis, Dick Monday, Allan Pierce. Third row: Gerry Braun, Jimmy Owens, Milt Fall, Jim Turpie. Varsity Club To be a member of the Varsity Club a boy must have received a varsity letter and be in good standing with the Athletic De¬ partment. The objectives of the club are to promote a high standard of athletics and to create good fellowship among athletes. OFFICERS Mostyn Jones, Secretary-Treasurer ; Bill Bell, President; Mr. McCool, Sponsor. Page 139 First row: Allen Pierce, Craig Findley, Secretary; Robert Peel, Jim Aikers, Mark Schleifstein, Gregg Patton. Second row: Dave Ritchie, Bob Rentz, Harris McGarrah, Treasurer; Joe Ohleger, Austin Grimes, Carlo Micale, Bob Summers. Third roav: George Reedy, Gary Baird, Jim Beech, Sidney Friend, Pat Brescia, Tom Richeson, Bob Friend, Paul Kadel. Fourth row: Dan Bowes, Vice-President; Bob Amme, Jim Shegogue, Glen Omura, John Pad¬ gett, John Porter, John Hoernemann, Wayne Ralston, Tom Jones. J°y Boys Organized to Boost Spirit Joy Boys boost spirit and volume at football games. " Pursue them, pursue them. Make them relinquish the ball!” On hearing this boister¬ ous cry at games, one can easily trace its source. It is the sound of the Joy Boys, a new club chartered this year that lent fresh spirit to all sports. The Joy Boys actually began four years ago when some members of the Class of ’66 used to meet at the basketball games and sing lively spirited songs. Since then it has developed into a great spirit-building group by uniting in a loud cheering section, wear¬ ing unusual clothes, and originating loud and unique cheers. With their theme song, " We Are the Joy Boys of Falls Church High,” they had members at all games, and started a cheer¬ ing competition with the Pep Club. In ad¬ dition, the Joy Boys have carried on several money-making projects, among them, sell¬ ing donuts door-to-door. With money earned the club participated in various serv¬ ice projects. Page 140 Cheerleading Club Seated: Clara Huff, Treasurer; Marcia Clark, Faye Jones, Nancy Seay, Linda Mountjoy, Dari Goble, Andi Duckett, Recording Secretary; Sue Ballou, Debbie Murdock, Corresponding Secretary; Jill Poole. Standing: Edye Stephenson, Pam Huff, Vice-President; Pam Moodie, Karen Hunsberger, Charine Cirlin, Patti Willis, Ann Garvin, President; Michele Egnot, Linda Rosser, Miss Maupin, Sponsor; Pat Dietrich, Historian; Bobbie Miles. Monogram Club First row: Shelia Riffle, Valerie Knight, Patty Benedict, President; Margie Stacks, Secretary. Second row: Barbara Ayres, Vice-President; Saralee Goldfein, Sue Pratz, Mickey Klewicki. Third row: Donna Wetrich, Jeannie Sta¬ pleton, Audrey Huthwaite, Gail Lebbon. Fourth row: Nancy Kincheloe, Carol Larkin, Judy Hampton, Nan Hopkinson, Chris Andrews. Page 1 4 1 Spanish Club First row: Susan Dellas, Karen Weill, Marcia Reed, Wanda Madison, Sindri Lowe, Judy Samuelson. Second row: Janet Edwards, Virginia Compton, Charlene Gaut, Lydia Rivera, Judy Fallin. Third row: Christine Botkin, Enid Horvath, Susan Sparks, David Mitchell, Chriss Reed, Sherry Ball, Kathy Fioramonti. Fourth row: Mr. Moore, Sponsor; Mike Christesson, Steve Arden, Donald Morris, Alan Ambler, Norman Werner, Bleys Rose, P resident. Latin Club First row: Linda Bisson, Sharon Barras, Mrs. Romanus, Sponsor. Second row: Glen Omura, President ; John Thomas, Gary Behrend. Page 142 German Club Seated: Pat Hawkins, Gisela Merz, Kerry Donnell, President; Mary Alice Healey, Jody Lawson. Standing: Wayne Ralston, Joe Ohleger, Larry Lucas, Jim Beech, John Loikow, Vice-President; Mr. Reitz, Sponsor; Barbara Merz. French Club First rcrw: Miss Kane, Sponsor; Sandy Stickley, Secretary; Regina de Lauder, Vice-President; Dottie Mountjoy, President ; Ginny Fisher, Treasurer ; Miss Wiley, Sponsor. Second row: Julie Stack, John Tapp, Helen Floyd, Nancy Keller, Jane Walker, Judy Barker. Third row: Janice Mattern, Debbie Adams, Margaret Moody, Cindy Cohen, Peggy Skinner, Linda Walker, Kathy Austin. p Negative Team Wins Seated: Col. Mare, Sponsor; Bob Rains, Carolyn Haack, Donald Ricks. Standing: David Hall, Michael Hadley, Bob Blake, Jonathan Rohr, Ricky Ashford, Ed Pauly. Bob Blake explains his ideas on compulsory arbitration. SCHEDULE 14 February W-L 21 February Annandale 28 February Bye 7 March Thomas Jefferson 14 March Fairfax 21 March Madison 28 March Woodson Page 144 for Debaters Falls Church High School has always been noted for its excellent debate teams. In the past ten years, we have had a state championship team, a district champion¬ ship team, and at no time have we been less than third place in the final standings of the Northern Virginia Debate Tournament of all the high schools. Falls Church has also won numerous trophies, among which was a first place in the State Tournament, a first place in the University of Richmond Tournament, and at other times, a first and second place in the George Washington University Tourna¬ ment. The many trophies in the trophy case attest to these facts. This year the Falls Church Debate Team debated the resolution relative to labor man¬ agement disputes in the basic industries. Our Varsity Debate Team, formed of experi¬ enced debaters, had the usual successful season. Bob Rains and Ed Pauly size up the opposition. VARSITY DEBATE TEAM Seated: Bob Blake, Affirmative; Jonathan Rohr, Affirmative. Standing: Ed Pauly, Negative; Col. Mare, Sponsor; Bob Rains, Negative. Page 145 Seated: Janet Edwards, Mary Gurri, Grace Dronenberg, Mrs. Cloe, Sponsor. Standing: Mrs. Crum, Sponsor; Enid Horvath, Pauline Deneault, Vice-President ; Bryna Freyer, President; Lois Perfetti, Treasurer; Vallorie Christer- son, Secretary ; Earl Jones, Karen Woltz. Art Club Sponsors Annual Variety Show Art workshops improved skills in ceramics. A busy Art Club sponsored activities from September to June. Workshops held throughout the year emphasized the use of ceramics and glass. Field trips to area art galleries and participation in local art con¬ tests were also part of the activities. In February, the Art Club presented the annual Variety Show. Participation in the show was open to all students. This year, Robbie Price emceed the show that featured bands, singers and dancers. The club raised over $300 which went to the Art Depart¬ ment. The money was used for art supplies and for a scholarship which was awarded to a deserving senior art student. The Art Show, which included oil paint¬ ings, and black and white drawings, as well as pastels, was held in the spring. Each stu¬ dent in the school was given an opportunity to vote for the best work of art in the show. Also, local art judges selected the work they considered best. A scholarship of $100 was awarded to the " best one man show.” Page 146 Ice Skating Club First row: Brenda Pohlman, Gisela Merz, Barbara Merz. Second row: Ellen Towle, Mary Sonnhalter, Anita Ferrone, Secretary. Third row: Neil Sommerfield, Treasurer; Laura Crider, Vice-President; Patty Slimak. Standing: Miss Estes, Sponsor; Ronald Erwin. Student Staff First row: Kathy McConnell, Jennifer Huseby, Betty Polk. Second row: Patty Benedict. Third row: Charine Cirlin, Patty Edison, Audrey Huthwaite. Fourth row: Andy Cazalas, Mike Porvaznik, Bob Goracke. Page 147 First row: Carmalyn Miller, Nancy Lake, Roger Sampson, Becky Miller. Second row: Joanne Todd, Elaine Stuckey, Ray Stang, Chuck Howard, Mary Buckingham, Bonnie Nestor, Patty Edison, Dan Lipp, Jeff Rim a. Third row: Ellen Towle, Joan Martin. Youth for Christ Club Chess Club Seated: Bob Rains, First board President; Mike Hadley, Fifth board President; Hans Smit, Second board President , David . Hai l, Gary Shelley, Miss Spitzer, Sponsor. Standing: Dan Flaggs, Jonathan Rohr, Don Ricks, Gerry Towle, Laura Crider. Page 148 Future Business Leaders of America Standing: Mrs. Lambie, Sponsor; Miss Estes, Sponsor; Virginia Leffas, Barbara Jones, Linda Griffith, Joan Christi. Seated: Linda Burrell, President; Janet Amole, Vice-President ; Susan Bowen, Secretary; Marilyn Talmadge, Treas¬ urer; Mary Coffey, Reporter; Dora Gramling. Red Cross Club 4 . ' i j L 1 First rou : Barry Lucas, Ricky Thompson. Second row: Adrienne Lipski. Third row: Mike Parker, Joe Lakas. Not pictured: Jim Smith, President. Page 149 Future Teachers of America First row: Pat Kelly, President; Sue Sparks, Secretary ; Elaine Stuckey, Treasurer ; John McConnell, ' Vice-President. Second row: Nancy Lake, Carol La wall, Janet Amole. Third row: Jackie Denault, Adrienne Lipski. Fourth row: Janette Arnold, Gary Bledsoe, Patty Turner, Susan Miller. Future Homemakers of America First row: Vallorie Christerson, Reporter; Jill Patterson, Historian; Susan Bowan, Secretary; Marcia Grim, Vice- President; Sandy Holmes, President; Miss Gil, Sponsor. Second row: Kathy Lynady, Jeanette Ruiz, Elaine Simpson, Linda Wright, Virginia Leffas, Doris Heath, Pat Dzamba. Third row: Maureen Donnelly, Judy Hampton, Carolyn Dart, Dolly Towsey. Page 150 Fish and Wildlife Club » « if HI i ■ •jfJHI ife. | 1 f ■ff i n % jfajjji Kneeling: Bob Sexton, Gregg Patton, Norman Werner, Joe Ohleger. Standing: Tony Ferrer, Alan Smith, Com¬ mander Heine, Sponsor; Sidney Friend, Jerry Sims, Robert Summers, Paul Kadel, President; Jeffrey Derrow, Larry Honey. SCA Bulletin Board keeps Students informed on weekly after school activities. Page 151 Choral Department The members of the Falls Church Choral Department have sung their way through an active school year. Lilting cantillations of everything from " Allen-a-dale” to " Mary Poppins” could be heard emanating from room 031, as Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, or the Madrigals warmed up. Under the direction of Mrs. Wilma Hamilton, a new member of our faculty, the choral music program began its season with the annual Winter Concert. The rep¬ ertoire consisted of music from various countries. " The Song of Christmas,” depict¬ ing the Christmas story was also presented by combining the entire choral department. The most active choral group in the school during the festive Christmas season was, as always, the Madrigals. Appearances before church and social groups and at the Senate Office Building were among some of their activities. Visits to Whittier Inter¬ mediate School and Pine Spring Elementary School were also in the program of events for the Madrigals. An experience that will always be re¬ membered by the school was the musical production, " Oklahoma.” Combining the musicianship of our band, and the thespian qualities of our Drama Department, the musical was a tremendous success. As the end of the year quickly ap¬ proached, the entire Choral Department was again combined for the Spring Con¬ cert. Bringing a more climactic conclusion to the seniors’ high school career, the Mad¬ rigals sang at Constitution Hall making all those present aware of the tremendous musical talent represented in Falls Church High School. Madri First row: Gail Poe, Alice Hailman, Kathy Bowman, Grace Dronenberg, Pat Dietrich, Carolyn Schutz, Cindy Cohen, Harriet Hoffman, Barbara Davis. Second row: Alicia LaCoss, Steve Matthews, Diana Ferrone, Jim Shegogue, John Judd, Steve Price, Tommy Vorhauer, Bill Wood, Mary Jane Slimak, Mike Blum, Patty Slimak, Mrs. Hamilton. Page 152 First row: Marcia Smith, Beth Powers, Jane Jones, Pat Furason, Karen Weil, Mary Addison. Second row: Anne Lilly, Rhonda Oz, Mary McCann, Bonnie Isom, Shirley Ball, Debbie Gooding, Sherry Pepper. Third row: Sarah Raglan, Marilyn Talmadge, Julie Short, Karen Vorhauer, Jeanette Dronenburg, Linda Matthews, Linda Griffith. Girls’ Chorus First row: Terry Redden, Wanda Madsen, Mickey Fuson, Diane Madsen, Debbie Tipton, Jeanie Reece, Cathy Cazalas. Second row: Toni Klewicki, Diane Ordakowski, Barbara Hime, Donna Gribbin, Tina Oeheser, Joan Garvin, Jane Short, Charlene Davis. Third row: Karen Gerber, Sharon Vorhauer, Marlene Toward, Kathy Balderson, Sharon Porter, Pat Hawkins, Joann Venner, Dedalia Holland. Page 153 Concert Choir F irst row : Darbae Godlove, Sherry Barrus, Angie Ciffo, Nancy Miller, Pat Post, Diane Gribbin, Sharon Their- bach. Second roiv: Linda Bisson, Linda Rue, Gail Lebbon, Dnvendolyn Richards, Debby Greenfield, Lois Perfetti, Cora Barile. Third row: Laura Crider, Carol Sahrow, Vivian Warren, Regina Hicks, Joan Martin, Joanne Todd, Karen Merritt. Fourth row: M.ike Carlson, Dave McDonald, Hans Smit, Russ Lyberger. Mixed Chorus Jw- T i 0, 4 11 I First row: Beverly Chipps, Nancy Albertson, Mrs. Hamilton plays music from Kathy Mulderig, Sally Bannister. Second row: spring musical, " Oklahoma Anna Cockran, Debbie Hunsberger, Margaret McKinley, Gini Gustafson. Third row: Tom Tin¬ ner, Mike Calhoun, Joe Haie, Mickey Carlson. Page 154 County Chorus First row: Harriet Hoffman, Pat Dietrich, Cindy Cohen, Angela Ciffo. Second row: Alicia LaCoss, Steve Price, Diane Ferrone, John Judd, Mary Jane Slimak, Mike Blum. Not for several years has there been a group of selected singers from the entire county together. In January 1966, approxi¬ mately 300 students representing all the high schools in the county met at Woodson High School and presented a concert open to the public. Representing Falls Church were Mike Blum, Angie Ciffo, Cindy Cohen, Pat Diet- rich, Diane Ferrone, Harriet Hoffman, John Judd, Alicia LaCoss, Steve Price, and Mary Jane Slimak. They sang under the superior direction of Dr. Robert Fountain, Dean of Music at Oberlin University. After vigorous rehearsals Friday afternoon and night, as well as all day Saturday, a memorable con¬ cert was given Sunday afternoon. All par¬ ticipating gained insight and invaluable ex¬ perience in the field of choral music. The Mad Madrigals join voices in harmony. Page 155 Concert Band Merits First row: Ronnie Erler, Donald Ricks, Angie Ciffo, Cindy Kleinfeld, Geoffrey Grosvenor, Cynthia Ryder. Second row: David Weinberger, David Cary, Elaine Stuckey, Paul Kadel, Chris Wright, Richard Bates, Tom Beck, Randy Allen, Brenda Reedy. Second row center: David Agee, Eddie Nestor. Third row: Doug Maher, Bob Rentz, Marilyn Belknap, Terry Sheetz, Carol Lawal, Claudia Moore, Elaine Wehle, Sandy Anderson, Joel Burnham, Donald Morris, Malcolm Reid, George Drechsler, Paul Clark, Richard Russell, Morris Brooks, Larry Honey, Marshall Mills, Larry Jones. Fourth row: William Tarangelo, Maudene Litten, Kay Johnston, Neil Sommerfeldt, Roger Sampson, Richard Bennett, George Reedy, Gary Behrend, Ted Province, Bob Bow¬ man, Jack Breyer, Dave Morey, Ron Miner, Greg Patton, Carolyn Haack, Eddie Albrecht, Dennis McCarthy. Bob Bowman, Drum Major, and Mr. Lunsford, Band Director. This year the Falls Church High School Band was rated the number one band east of the Mississippi River. In June 1965 the band took top honors at the fourth annual Virginia Beach Music Festival. The Jaguars recorded stunning ratings of " I” in Concert, Sight Reading, and Marching. This rating was the highest given, and Falls Church was the only band to receive the rating of " I” in all three categories. The band will return this year to the festival by invitation as " Honor Band.” Also at the festival Bob Bowman was named Outstanding Drum Major. To keep in step for our grid games, the band played at a Washington Redskin game and a George Washington University foot¬ ball game at D. C. Stadium. The band’s biggest thrill was the honor of playing at the Houston Oilers and New York Jets football game at the George Washington High School. This game was televised lo¬ cally and nationally over ABC. On Saturday, March 12, the concert band received a " Superior” in grade 6 mu¬ sic which was-the highest possible rating in the most difficult category of music at the area music festival. Page 156 A Superior Rating First row: Jo Worthy, Maureen Grabill, Jo Lynn Lunsford, Lynn Leeper, Arthur Poling, Nora Bramley. Second row center: Carveth Gooch, Virginia Litten, Neal Cunningham. Second row: Mike Christesson, Kurt Wehle, Tom Lewis, Dale Pace, Luther Jones, Mike Zavinsky, Diana Anderson, Chip Belyea, Keith Brescia. Third row: Louise Dulaney, Lloyd Webb, Bill Evans, Fred Wells, Daniel Lipp, Sid Friend, Sharon Crouch, Doug Martin, Charles Hayes, Larry Lucas, Thomas Richeson, Bruce Zeiger, Harkey Mayo. Fourth rote: Bill Gallahan, Larry Cornwall, Randolph Russell, Daniel Thomas, David Barrack, Harris McGarrah, Dennis Crawford, Craig Findley, Larry Brooks, Harry Mead, Jim Allen, Chris Mendoza, John Padgett, Jim Cocke- rill, Pat Brescia, Bill Wheeler, Chris Botos. All-State Band Standing: Chris Botos, Tony Richeson, Gary Behrend, Carolyn Haack, Keith Brescia, Harkey Mayo, Chris Mendoza. Seated: Dave Weinberger, Ron Erler, Dave Cary. Page 157 Mar chins Band Rated 8R5S3T COLOR GUARD Faye Vanlear, Gail Taylor, Susan Sparks, Belinda Gowin. Page 158 Exhausting practice has made the Jaguar band number 1. Number One East of Mississippi MAJORETTES Dolly Towsey, Bobbie Lawrence. POM POM GIRLS First row: Patty Slimak, Barbara Bobby, Kathy Bowman, Diane Ordakowski. Second row: Belinda Gowin, Patty Townes, Sue Lanihan, Patty Post. Third row: Mary Jane Slimak. Not pictured: Leitha SCHAFFSTALL, FRANNY ElSASSER. FLAG GIRLS Glenda Graham, Sue Smith, Karee Keeler. Page 159 activities Standing: Faye Jones, Freshman Representative; Cheryl Williams, Senior Representative; Patti Willis, Junior Repre¬ sentative; Charine Cirlin, Senior Representative; Marcia Clark, Sophomore Representative. Seated: Clara Huff, Queen; Pam Moodie, Maid-of-Honor. Clara Huff Reigns Queen Clara Huff and her escort, Bill Wheeler, lead the court dance. To the beautiful music of the Falls Church High School Band, the 1965 Home¬ coming Court was presented on the evening of October 15 during the half-time of the Annandale football game. The seniors’ prize winning float, The Purple Two-Headed Dragon, looked down over the whole affair as Mr. Todd presented our red-haired queen, Miss Clara Huff, with the gold football. The following night the music of the Apollos set the mood for the semi-formal Homecoming dance. Our 1964 Homecom¬ ing Queen, Miss Karen Ashwell, returned to crown Clara. The weekend’s festivities proved to be memorable ones for everyone who attended. Page 162 Mr. Todd presents Clara with the traditional gold football. Over Homecoming 1965 Members of the court wait on the field for the arrival of the Queen and Maid-of-Honor. Page 163 Sadie Hawkins Dance Dogpatch in Virginia? On November 24, the Falls Church High School Cafeteria became " small¬ town U.S.A.” as Dogpatch characters with their hi¬ larious antics invaded the cafeteria. Couples were lined up to be married to the ro¬ mantic music of the " Electras” and " Marryin’ Sam”, alias Steve Small, performed the solemn ceremonies. Others included were " LiP Abner”, Dick Monday; " Daisy Mae”, Beckie Wallace; " Mammy Yokum”, Dottie Mountjoy; " Pappy Yokum”, Mike Head; " Tiny Yokum”, John Yonushonis; " Cave Gal”, Pat¬ ty Benedict; " Wolf Gal”, Lynn Batts; " Moonbeam McSwine”, Carolyn Schutz; and " Honest Abe”, Mike Porvaznik. The traditional dance was praised by all as a huge success, but especially by Jennifer Huseby, Senior Class treasurer. " The $700 we earned was a welcome addition to our treasury,” she commented. One question still remains today about,this par¬ ticular dance: " Is it true that Bill Bell and Milt Fall were betrothed?” Seated: Beckie Wallace, Carolyn Schutz, Lynn Batts, Dottie Mountjoy, Patty Benedict. Standing: Dick Mon¬ day, John Yonushonis, Mike Porvaznik, Mike Head, Steve Small. Page 164 Junior-Senior Basketball Game The annual Junior-Senior Basketball game, sponsored by the Key Club, and the King Ugly Contest, sponsored by the Jr. Civitan Club pro¬ vided fun for all who attended. The Seniors, coached by Jack VonRunnen, met the Juniors, coached by Bill Oliver, in a riotous game from which the Seniors emerged victorious by a score of 25-14. During halftime, President of the Jr. Civi¬ tan Club, Dick Monday, presented Steve Small with the title of " King Ugly of 1966.” The whole affair raised money for the bene¬ fit of the March of Dimes. Phil Bohel hauls down one of the many senior rebounds. A. J. Bennett out-jumps Mike Porvaznik. Senior cheerleaders Barbara Bobby and junior mascot Jeannie Cothran prove their loyalty for their teams during a squirt gun battle. Page 165 Standing: Jane Short, Freshman Representative; Carolyn Shutz, Senior Representative; Bee Moran, Junior Representa¬ tive; Sue Payne, Junior Representative; Ann Garvin, Senior Representative; Sue Winstead, Sophomore Representative; Debbie Murdock, Sophomore Representative; Jill Poole, Sophomore Representative; Sue Hallstead, Freshman Repre¬ sentative. Seated: Lynn Batts, Senior Representative; Bobbie Miles, Junior Representative; Pam Huff, Maid-of-Flonor; Patty Benedict, Queen; Nancy Seay, Freshman Representative. 1966 Sweetheart Dance Amid clusters of red-white hearts, Patty Benedict reigned over the 1966 Sweetheart Dance. Wearing the traditional white gown with red accessories, Patty was crowned by 1965 Sweetheart Queen, Linda Huff. The Princetons provided the music; the SC A provided the decorations; and the Sweetheart Dance provided a good time for all. Patty Benedict, Sweetheart Queen Page 166 Couples crowd the floor for the last dance of the evening. hut her Jones and Bobbie Lawrence enjoy the dance. Last year ' s queen, Linda Huff, returns to croivn 1966 Sweetheart Queen, Batty Benedict. Page 167 Sue Burgess, Gail Ducker, John McConnell, Jeanette Davidson, Joe Olegher, Terry Thomas, Allen Mul¬ lins, Merle Greenberg, Ken Graham, Meddy Martin, Lee Bowen, Jim Parr, Kathy McConnell, Anita Klein- feld, Dick Traynham, Beth Goodman, Martha Gailliot, Sue Story, Sue Hallstead, Bob Amme, Lynn Hooper. “PILLOW TALK” On November 19 the curtain went up on what turned out to be the most successful pro¬ duction put on by the Drama Department to date. The play, " Pillow Talk,” an adaptation of the hit movie, with a cast of twenty-one student actors under the direction of Mrs. Fran- cine Ogilvie, played to a full house both nights. Stand out performances were given by veterans Meddy Martin, Merle Greenberg, Ken Graham, and Jim Parr, with newcomer Alan Mullins nearly stealing the show. In all, it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable and entertaining show. Ken Graham as " Brad Allen” captures Meddy Martin as " Jan Morrow” in a final scene from the play. Page 168 “ASK ANY GIRL” Meddy Martin, Ronnie Miner, and Sue Hall- stead rehearse as " Lisa,” " Evan,” and " Ruby” The Drama Department’s second annual produc¬ tion this year was " Ask Any Girl,” directed by Mrs. Francine Ogilvie, and starring Anita Kleinfeld, Ron Miner, Alan, Mullins, Merle Greenberg, and Dick Traynham. Of the seventeen cast members, eleven were veterans of previous Drama Department pro¬ ductions. Among the new aspiring actresses presented in this play were Nancy Albertson, Jean Lloyd, Linda Fling, and Linda Ffallstead. Marie McCann, Nancy Albertson, and Doris Heath relax between the scenes. Linda Fling, Jean Lloyd, Anita Kleinfeld, Ken Graham, and Gail Ducker stage a scene from " Ask Any Girl.” “OKLAHOMA” COMES " O What a Beautiful Morning” topped off two lovely evenings of singing, acting, and dancing as the Falls Church High School Choral Department presented the broadway musical " Oklahoma.” The musical characterized the feud be¬ tween the ranchers and the cattlemen dur¬ ing the settlement of the State of Okla¬ homa. The main cattlemen, " Curley” and " Will Parker” battled through songs and dancing against the farmers, " Old Man Carnes” and " Jud”. However, amidst the quarrelling the farmers and cattlemen found time for social gatherings as well as ro¬ mance. The song " People Will Say We’re in Love” was sung by the major romantic characters, " Curley” and " Laurie.” Every¬ thing turned out fine in the end as " Will” married " Ado Annie,” and " Ali Hakim” married " Gertie.” Many other talented singers made up the chorus of farmers and cattlemen in this successful musical which played to full houses both nights and made over $1,000 for the Choral Department. A dispassionate Curley gets a scolding from Laurie. Curley imagines himself and Laurie in a bright shiny surrey. Jud, the Oklahoma villain, could stare down a bobcat. Page 170 TO FALLS CHURCH Dancing depicts a dream scene in " Oklahoma” " I was afraid Curley ivoidd back o U,” answers Laurie, when asked about the marriage. Hans Smit, the peddler, exaggerates his welcome to Laiirie. Dick Traynham practices with under¬ study Nancy Albertson. Page 171 Best All Around Ann Garvin and Gary Young Eighteen outstanding members of the class of ’66 were cited on March 23. Superlative winners were elected by members of the Senior Class and were presented with silver trophies at the an¬ nual Senior Assembly. Class sponsors, Mrs. Miles and Mr. Mishou, made the presentations. Senior Friendliest Kathy Bowman and Bob Bowman Page 172 Most Talented Merle Greenberg and John Judd Most Likely to Succeed Carolyn Mangeng and Phil Bobel Most Dependable Ralph Taylor and Mary Steles Superlatives Most Athletic Barbara Ayres and Bell Bell Most School Spirited Mary Jane Slimak and Fred Rock Personality Plus Patty Benedict and Dick Monday Wittiest Nan Hopkinson and Steve Small Page 173 Don Papke, The Cop ; Gini Gustafson, Mrs. Dull; Merle Greenberg, Miss Simple; Ronnie Miner, The Yoting Man. “The Case of the Missing Petunias” The one-act play presented by the Dra¬ ma Department, under the direction of Mrs. Francine Ogilvie, was presented to the stu¬ dent body at an assembly during February. Merle Greenberg, Ronnie Miner, Don Papke, and Gini Gustafson were the prin¬ cipal and only actors. Taken to the dis¬ trict competition, it received a " superior rating.” For the first time in more than 15 years of FCHS history, Falls Church was represented in the State One-Act Play Competition. Page 174 Merle Greenberg and Ronnie Miner gave a winning performance. Maid and Buder Day Green football socks, Civitan sweat¬ shirts, and colorful hats were the mode for harried Key Clubbers and Keyettes on March 1. Annually, these club members sell themselves into service to raise money for the March of Dimes. The maids and butlers were required to do their masters’ bidding for the day. Such mundane tasks as book carrying and tray toting were supplement¬ ed with singing, skipping, and reading poetry in the cafeteria. This good natured fun made for a memorable day and raised $60 for a worthy cause. Keyettes Pam Moodie and Gail Lebbon faithfully serve their " masters” for the day, Jim Owens and John Stevenson. Forensics Winners Standing: Mike Hill, Boys’ Public Speaking; Alan Mullins, Boys’ Poetry. Seated ; Nancy Hamblin, Spelling; Saralee Goldfein, Girls’ Poetry; Marilyn Martin, Girls’ Prose. Not Pictured: Carolyn Mangeng, Girls’ Public Speaking; Steve Matthews, Boys’ Prose. Page 175 IshBhHI hm I. , ws ■V: mm ■ i The 1966 Prom Queen, Miss Janet Nolan, is a member of the Keyette Club and French National Honor So¬ ciety. Well liked by fellow students, her warm interest in Falls Church High was reflected by her work in the SC A. Her selection as the 1966 Prom Queen showed the appreciation and af¬ fection the Senior class felt for Janet. 1966 Prom Miss Karen Hunsberger, 19 6 6 Maid-of-Honor, has established a rec¬ ord of high scholastic achievement, has won the respect of students and teachers, and won the crown of Miss Falls Church High School 1965. A var¬ sity cheerleader and choreographer for the musical " Oklahoma,” this lively junior was first in attendance to the Queen. Page 176 Standing : Beckie Wallace, Barbara Smith, Cindy Orr, N an Hopkinson, Sandy Stickley, Carolyn Mangeng, Jenni¬ fer Huseby, Dottie Mountjoy, Clara Huff. Seated: Pat Dietrich, Janet Nolan, Queen ; Karen Hunsberger, M aid- of-Honor; Mary Stites. Not Pictured: Patty Benedict. Highlights School The 1966 Prom was a long-awaited e- vent for juniors and seniors alike. For the juniors it was the finale of many months of hard work and planning, and for the seniors, a very memorable part of gradua¬ tion. The magic of the Marriott Hotel ball¬ room was heightened with the appearance and crowning of our lovely queen, Miss Janet Nolan, and the presentation of her court. The music of Tiny Meeker’s Band set a romatic mood as the unforgettable eve¬ ning of the 1966 Junior-Senior Prom drew to a close. Juniors Phil Giesler and Larry Johnson begin preparations for the Prom at the Marriott Hotel. Page 177 Football Team Compiles 3-7 Mark First row: Ken Cosimano, Jim Owens, Dick Monday, Ron Miner, John Yonushonis, Rip Ellis. Second roiv: John Prichard, Manager; Tony Bowen, Trainer; Dan Abrams, Chip Papke, Jerry Braun, Mike Mitchell, Rick Crack. Third row: Leroy Cook, Victor Mitchell, Jim Farrell, Woody Hartsook, Chris Wright, Bob Goracke, Dennis Crawford. Coach George Mandes, Captain and All-Northern Virginia halfback Gary Young, Head Coach Chuck Sell. FALLS CHURCH 14, GROVETON 13 — Quarterback Bill Bell sets up one of the two touchdown passes that brought the Jaguars from behind in the second quarter. Bell’s aerials to Mike Mitchell and Gary Young along with his two conversions, provided the margin of victory. For Best Record in 10 Years First roiv: Bill Hughes, Wally Brown, Milt Fall, Bill Bell, Andy Cazalas, Gary Young. Second row: Jack Brandt, Mark Guenther, Mike Creel, John Stephenson, Toby Sullivan, Coach George Mandes, Head Coach Chuck Sell. Third row: Jay Douglas, Steve Parks, Ken Bruntel, Don Youngblood, Ron Shiflett, Dan Thomas, Bob Cline. McLEAN 14, FALLS CHURCH 9 — Half hack Jim Farrell takes a handoff from Bill Bell before gaining nine yards during a fourth quarter rally. The drive fell short as Bell’s field goal and Gary Young’s touchdown were the only scores against the streaking Highlanders. WOODSON 44, FALLS CHURCH 28 — Quarterback Bill Bell speeds down the sideline in the season’s highest scoring game. Bell had picked up a bad snap from center and scrambled 19 yards to set up a Jaguar touchdown. However, the Cavaliers took an early 21-0 lead and went on to win. p age -jg FALLS CHURCH 7, JEFFERSON 6 — One of the season ' s most dramatic moments occurred when Bill Bell kicked the extra point to give the Jags their second Northern District victory of the season. Dick Monday tied the game by running 20 yards with a screen pass before Bell wan it with only two minutes remaining. Gary Young (20) placed the ball. YORKTOWN 26, FALLS CHURCH 12 — The season closed on a sad note ivhen the Potomac District’s third-place Patriots pulled away on a third quarter rally. Milt Fall (front) and the rest of the Jaguar line protects Bell on a handoff to Jim Farrell, while RJp Ellis (83) sets up to block the onrushing end. FALLS CHURCH 17, MADISON 14 — Gary Young (20) takes a handoff from Bill Bell on a 99 yard march that clinched the first victory of the year. Young carried on eight of the ten plays it took to score after the line held off the Warhawks bid for a touchdown. Bell’s early field goal was the margin of victory. Page 182 ANNANDALE 34, FALLS CHURCH 0 — The Jags were one of Annandale ' s eleven stepping stones to the state championship as the Atoms romped at Homecoming. At right, halfback Dick Monday is chased by three big Annandale linemen. The Atoms ' aggressiveness and quick scoring power decided the game early. MARSHALL 19, FALLS CHURCH 0 — Dan Abrams takes a screen pass from quarterback Bill Bell in the third quarter of a loss to Marshall. Neither team tvas very effective in this contest in ivhich Bell threw 3 0 passes. FAIRFAX 20, FALLS CHURCH 7 — This game found the Jaguar-of-the-Year on the move running (above) and passing. Bell accounted for much of the 260 yards rolled up against the rough Rebel defense. STUART 13, FALLS CHURCH 9 — The first game of the year was the best—except for the result. T oe running of Dick Monday (at right), Gary Young, and Bill Bell was superb while the line never hit harder than it did that night. Bell tallied a touch¬ down and a field goal to give the Jags a 9-6 edge until Stuart ' s Bill Campbell (30) recovered a fumble late in the game and a touchdown pass with 10 sec¬ onds left, gave tide Raiders a victory. Junior Jaguars Beat Madison, McLean First rcnv: Ron Shiflett, Dick Brown, Joe Allen, Dave Vernon, Jack Haley. Second row: Les Joyce, Leroy Cook, Darnel Payne, Mike Sapp, Don Hixson, Ken Wester. Third row: Bob Amme, Bill Gallahan, Chuck Howard, Bill Herbert, Wally Ake, Steve Flester. Fourth row: Randy Lane, Dave Werth, Steve Hall, Roger McClain, John Musgrave, Vic Mitchell, Jay Douglas. Fifth row: Coach Rocky Jacobs, Toby Sullivan, Woody Hartsook, Ken Harnage, John Stevenson, Norman Canfield, Monty Newhouse, Mark Guenther, Coach Randy Scott. Falls Church 14 13 6 0 0 7 6 12 Madison Marshall Jefferson Groveton Annandale McLean Woodson Fairfax Opponents 7 19 7 6 24 0 25 13 Kneeling: Norm Canfield and Leroy Cook, Captains of the 1965 Junior Var¬ sity which finished 2-6. Standing: Coach Kandy Scott and Coach Rocky Jacobs. Page 184 Baby Jags Post 3-2-1 Mark With Two Shutouts First row: Lee Canfield, Pete Jones, Dave Brennan, Steve Burke, Coach Bob Pruett. Second row: Richard Houghton, Greg Hughes, Charlie Jones, Ken Rosenbury, Gary Tavenner. Third row: Pat Jones, Bobby Dart, Mike Ball, Ken Brown, Dean Johnson. Fourth row: Joe Gambardella, John Ratchford, Bobby Holliday, Mike Spencer, Mike Mitchell, Barry Parks, Bill Ditto. Falls Church Opponents 0 Marshall 0 14 Jefferson 0 20 Groveton 0 6 Annandale 12 20 McLean 12 6 Woodson 12 The Baby Jaguars posted a 3-2-1 mark as Falls Church ' s only winning football team. Mike Ball (left) and Bobby Holliday (right) were the captains for coach Bob Fruett ' s first season. Page 185 Cross Country Men Make Fine Showing First row: Dan Bowes, Jim Turpie, Mostyn Jones, Allan Pierce, Carl Micale, Chip Belyea. Second row: Coach Major Wells, Ray Stang, Ed Hruneni, John Tapp, Rick Russell, Tom Perfetti, Harris McGarrah, Dan Fuson, David Beeman. Standing: Mostyn Jones, Captain; Coach Wells; Carl Micale, Captain. Micale qualified for the State Meet in the Regional Tournament. Mostyn Jones chugs around a turn in a meet witJo Wood- son. Our long distance men beat Marshall and Woodson in a triangle meet. They also took second in the GW meet, sixth at the Wakefield Invitational, and ninth in Northern Virginia. Page 186 Ij:; :: J |j|p ■TT " f ' t ' a |i 1 - « - 8||| • Hr. . jB I sm 1 ft Back row: Coach Nancy Weisgerber, Martha Hoffman, Nancy Hamblin, Sheila Riffle, Carolyn Pinkett, Sue Praetz, Lea Ann Nystrom, Nancy Kincheloe, Ghris Andrews, Margie Stacks, Carol Larkin, Judy Hampton, Man¬ ager ; Audrey Huthwaite, Manager. First row: Linda Hallstead, Sue Story. Girls Gain Experience The varsity and junior varsity hockey teams were hurt by lack of scoring power. The varsity finished 0-8 with six shut¬ outs coming against them. The J.V. was 0 - 6 - 2 . Varsity 0 Ft. Hunt Opponents 3 1 McLean 5 0 Woodson 4 0 Herndon 2 0 Marshall 4 1 Edison 2 0 Lee 2 0 Stuart 2 Standing: Colleen Boyer, Terry Redden, Lynda Burkett, Sue Hallstead, Terri Riffle, Margie Stacks, Margy Schafer, Pat Graham, Sharon Hicks, Jerri Poore, Carolyn Kern, Pat Haley, Kathy Nien, Miss Brenda Kiessling, Coach. Page 187 Gagers Finish 17-3 As F.C.’s Best Team Ever Kneeling: Larry Brooks, Gary Young, Jack VonRunnen, Bruce Boger, Billy Wells, Steve Small, Jim Beech, Manager. Standing: Coach Don McCool, Dennis Crawford, Bruce Wright, Bob Bowman, Bill Oliver, Steve Poucher, Dan Abrams, Alan Hayes, Manager. Falls Church Opponents 44 Woodson 61 62 Stuart 40 80 Langley 50 69 Marshall 56 65 Jefferson 63 60 Fairfax 55 54 McLean 52 72 Madison 57 59 Groveton 40 79 Annandale 53 43 Woodson 52 82 Jefferson 49 88 O’Connell 64 70 Fairfax 54 50 Wakefield 36 88 Madison 64 79 Fort Hunt 69 83 Annandale 68 Northern District Tournament 83 Fairfax 62 50 Woodson 63 All-Northern District Center Boh Bowman (40) drives past Art Holdt (41) in the 62-40 victory over Stuart. The hustling co-captain led the squad in rehounding and was a ff stopper” on defense. Big Bob’s top game was at Annandale when he scored 27 points. Page 188 All Northern Virginia, All Northern District, All- Tournament were honors that came to Steve Voucher (50), seen here rebounding over Woodson’s Skip Brandon (3 5). Voucher averaged 17.4 points including games of 34 and 29 and averaged 83 per cent from the ford line. Junior Bill Oliver (24) sparked the Jags to victory over Stuart in the second game and contimied to im¬ prove. He sank McLean with a last-second jumper and here he drives for two of his 19 points against Woodson. Oliver’s high game was for 30 points against Madison. Gary Young ptits up two points against Annandale in an 83-68 victory. In this game the 5’7” guard hit double fig¬ ures, but Young’s biggest asset was his stellar defensive play. His top game was against Fairfax for 13 points. Dennis Crawford (52) hits for two against Stuart. This 6’2” junior gave the Jags depth in height and rebounding. His top game was against Madison where he replaced Bob Bowman in a 72-57 victory. Page 189 Bruce Wright (34) represented the biggest im¬ provement among all the Jaguars. " Goose” averaged 12 points a game with his top per¬ formances coming against Jefferson with 19 points. Above, Wright eludes Fairfax’s Steve Alvis (31) for a basket. Larry Brooks (20) shoots from the corner against Fort Flunt. Brooks had the honor of breaking the team scoring record against O’Connell, and his ball stealing and shooting led to the first victory over Jefferson. Bill Wells (32) gets off a jumper in the victory over Groveton. Wells had a hot hand against Langley with nine points as the second team played their top game. Page 190 Jack VonRunnen (14) shoots against Jeffer¬ son’s Jim Andrews (23) in the second win over the Colonials. In the first Jefferson game Jack broke a 63-63 tie in the last second with a swish shot. Bruce Boger (13) drives in for two against O’Connell. Boger’s hook shots added something special to the already colorful second team play. ' I MM Steve Small (22) fights a Jefferson player for a rebound. " Skeeter” did not see much game action but his hustling play in practice helped the team effort immensely. Dan Abrams (30) flips in a shot in the 88-64 win over Madison. ”Hub-Abe” had his top performance against Langley with nine points. Coach McCool said that the hustle of Abrams and Small were factors in the squad’s success. Page 191 Standing: Ken DeLorenzo, Lee Canfield, Ray Lacy, Bill Wheeler, Gary Trudell, John Moore, Larry Winstead, Chip Belyea, Dennis Godfrey, Jim Farrell, Tony Christ, Norman Canfield, John Yontjshonis, Tony Bowen, Manager, Coach Bob Pruett. Before the beginning of its season, the junior-dominated Falls Church wrestling team was not supposed to be one of the area’s best. But this " cinderella” team un¬ der its new coach Bob Pruett charged to a 10-1 dual meet record (the best ever). Captain Dennis Godfrey took third in District and State competition while junior Gary Trudell placed second in the District and another junior, Tony Christ, placed third in the District. Godfrey led the dual season with a 10-0-1 record while Trudell was 9-1-1 and Christ finished 7-1-1. FALLS CHURCH OPPONENTS 24 Edison 19 29 Annandale 18 24 Woodson 19 30 Fairfax 16 36 Jefferson 10 26 Wakefield 12 34 Fort Hunt 6 32 Stuart 12 43 Osbourn 5 34 Madison 10 19 Wash-Lee 24 Dennis Godfrey rides out W-L’s David Long for a 10-6 victory in his final dual match. Godfrey was never beaten in three years of dual competition. Godfrey took third in the District at 145. He also placed third in the State by beating the top wrestlers in Northern Virginia. Page 192 Matmen Finish 10-1 In Best Dual Meet Season Tony Christ drives Annandale’s Bill Day in the Northern Virginia Regionals. This junior fulfilled his potential at 165 by finishing 7-1-1 after a knee injury threatened his season. Tony took third in the Re- gionals to make the state tourney, but he lost there to the Eastern District Champion. An unexpected addition to the Jaguar wrestling team was junior Gary Trudell, a transfer from Long Island. Trudell was 9-1-1, led the team in takedowns, and made the finals of the Regionals at 120. Here Trudell (top) wins his preliminary tourney bout, 14 -2. At 127, junior John Moore was a hard luck wrestler with three of his four defeats coming by one point. John was 6-4-1 and missed making the state tourney by a 1-0 decision. Moore (top) sits out against An¬ nandale’s Paul Ketcham. Page 193 Senior heavyweight John Yonushonis scored more team points than any other Jaguar and had eight pins. John’s pins were decisive in wins over Edison and Woodson. Here John beats Jefferson’s Tim Tyler, 1-0 in the Regionals. Jjinior Larry Winstead battles Woodson’s Bernd Rothenberg in the Regionals. Winstead paid back one of his fcmr defeats at 133 by beating Rothenberg in this match. Larry won six points in the dual season and along with Godfrey he led the team in reversals. Norm Canfield won eight matches at 180 with two disadvantages. He was a Sophomore who weighed only 163 pounds. Norm was team leader in near pins and here he wins an 18-2 victory in the Regionals. Page 194 Senior Bill Wheeler wrestles W-L’s Gerry Quick in the season’s last match. Bill was 5-5-1 at 112 and tied Canfield for the team leadership in pre¬ dicaments. Jim Farrell nnderhooks State Champion Brian Taylor in the Regionals. Farrell was hampered by an injury, but still managed three victories at 154 in his Junior year. Ray Lacy rides W-L’s Tom Weldon en route to a 6-0 victory. Ray had an overall record of 8-2 with 4-1 marks at 95 and 105 classes. Lacy, a Junior, was a good methodical worker. Page 195 Clara Huff, Bobbi Miles, Pam Huff, Pat Dietrich, Charine Cirlin, Patti Willis, Karen Hunsberger, Edye Stephenson. Beginning last June, ten energetic girls worked tirelessly to coordinate the 1965-66 Varsity Cheerleading Squad. The summer months brought tri-weekly sessions inter¬ rupted only by a week long visit to Na¬ tional Cheerleading Camp in Virginia Beach. In September the cheerleaders met the school with smiling faces and over twenty new cheers and chants to introduce to their fellow students. Under the Cheerleading Club, whose members include girls from all the squads— they presented the biggest, longest last¬ ing bonfire in our school’s history as a testimony of the year’s new spirit. During the season, good luck footballs and basket¬ balls, stars, black eyes, cupcakes, balloons, a rodeo day, pep rallies and a seemingly endless supply of signs were provided to boost the spirit throughout the school. In December the club sponsored their first annual " Cheerleaders Workshop.” More than 150 cheerleaders from area schools were the club’s guests as they dis¬ cussed common problems, enjoyed guest speakers, and presented cheer demonstra¬ tions designed to establish or strengthen their roles as leaders of school spirit. As the cheerleading year drew to a close, the cheerleaders could feel deep satisfaction in their work for " This was the year!” for spirit. Enthusiastic cheerleaders lead the team on to the field. Page 196 " Bazonga!” cries our mascot, Debbie, as she assists cheerleaders during football season. V arsity Cheerleaders Varsity Cheerleaders Charine Cirlin, Pam Huff, Pat Dietrich, and Pam Moodie prepare to round up Madison Warhawks on rodeo day. Captain Ann Garvin and Co-cap¬ tain Pam Moodie worked through- out the year directing cheerleading activities in order to boost school spirit. Varsity Cheerleaders follow intently a last minute play. Page 197 Girls Varsity Team Works Overtime Kneeling. Mickey Klewicki, Bobbi Ayers, Janet Rich, Sue Praetz. Standing: Coach Peggy Dowdy, Sheila Riffle, Valerie Knight, Carol Larkin, Minty Rich, Margie Stacks, Sara Ragland, Chris Andrews, Manager Kathy Dodd. Falls Church Opponents 37 Herndon 28 12 Marshall 42 15 Edison 19 23 Lee 38 3 6 Stuart 37 (OT) 20 Annandale 47 31 Madison 34 31 Langley 37 (OT) 32 Groveton 48 22 Mt. Vernon 15 39 Fairfax 17 24 Jefferson 34 (30T) The girls’ varsity basketball squad finished their season with a 3-9 record, but three defeats came in overtime. The loss to Jefferson was in triple overtime. Bar¬ bara Ayres and Janet Rich captained the team which was coached by Miss Peggy Dowdy. Chris Andrews had the high game of 23 points against Fairfax. Chris and Janet were the squad’s leading scorers. Page 198 Girls’ Junior Varsity The Girls’ Junior Varsity team, under Coach Nancy Weisgerber, gave evidence of a brighter future in Falls Church’s fe¬ male basketball by winning five of their twelve contests. The girls’ best streak came when they won three of four games with victories over Mount Vernon, Fairfax, and Madison. Pat Sheldon and Jody Lane were the squad’s high scorers. Wins Five Games Falls Church Opponents 23 Herndon 19 8 Marshall 19 17 Edison 19 24 Lee 19 15 Stuart 29 15 Annandale 34 17 Mt. Vernon 11 20 Fairfax 15 20 Jefferson 25 31 Madison 19 17 Langley 28 12 Groveton 21 Kneeling: Peggy Cragle, Lynda Burkett, Sandy Buckley, Lin ' da Ferguson. Standing: Coach Nancy Weisgerber, Pat Sheldon, Elaine Cragle, Toni Klewicki, Dinah Harvey, Pat Hawkins, Lindy Tartre, Nancy Albertson. Page 199 Close Defeats Trip Junior Varsity Team Kneeling: Mark Schliefstein, Manager; Paul Clark, Manager. First row: Coach Ron Matalavage, Gary Seymour, Larry Garfield, Danny Dukes, Pat Dolan, Wally Stryker, Steve Hall. Second row: John Austin, Don Hixon, Lenn Beech, Jerry Wall, Rob Childress, Wally Ake. Falls Church Opponents 38 Woodson 50 48 Stuart 43 58 Marshall 39 41 Jefferson 50 48 Fairfax 54 41 McLean 59 40 Madison 41 42 Groveton 56 47 Annandale 42 38 Woodson 50 45 Fort Hunt 51 45 Jefferson 59 44 Fairfax 42 39 Wakefield 54 43 Madison 44 43 Annandale 48 The Junior Varsity basketball team had a 4-12 season but two one point losses, and three other close defeats were included. Co-captain Jerry Wall had the highest scor¬ ing average and had the best single game with 18 points. Wally Ake was the other co-captain. Page 200 Lack of Height Keeps Frosh Winless Height was the missing factor in the 1965-66 Freshman basketball team. The 0-10 season almost had a bright spot when the Baby Jags took first place Jefferson into overtime before falling 52-48. Greg Hughes had 23 points in that game and 21 against Madison. Hughes was the leading scorer at 9.8 with Barry Parks at 7.2. Falls Church Opponents 22 Woodson 42 41 Madison 50 39 Annandale 51 23 Fairfax 34 48 Jefferson 52 42 Woodson 56 23 Madison 26 36 Annandale 55 41 Fairfax 52 32 Jefferson 43 First row: Jeff King, Pete Jones, Tom Puckett, Charlie Hayes. Second row: Mike Spencer, Barry Parks, John Meeks. Third row: Scott Veazey, Bill Ditto, John Pleacher, Greg Hughes, Coach George Mandes. Page 201 J. V. Wrestlers Enjoy Winning Season The Junior Varsity wrestlers had a Falls Church Opponents 3-2-1 season including a 45-2 victory over T. C. Williams’ Varsity. Roger Williams 8 Annandale 40 at 112 was 5-0, Bill Gallahan at 120 f inish¬ 24 Fairfax 24 ed 5-0-1 and Joel Burnham at 133 was 3-0. 34 O’Connell 20 24 Woodson 18 45 Williams 2 24 W-L 25 Kneeling: Joe Everhart, Dave Beeman, Roger Williams, Bill Gallahan, Tom Yun, Bill Jones, Dan Thomas. Standing: Coach Randy Scott, Roger McClain, John Musgrave, John Christ, Jay Douglas, Don Showalter, Ken Bruntel, Dave Vernon, Bill Herbert. Not pictured: Joel Burnham, John Horn. Page 202 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sue Ballou, Marcia Clark, Co-captain-, Linda Rosser, Michele Egnot, Captain-, Debbie Murdock, Jill Poole. Freshman Cheerleaders Nancy Seay, Faye Jones, Andi Duckett , Captain-, Linda Mountjoy, Co-Captain ; Dari Goble. Page 203 Varsity Baseball Team Baseball changed from one extreme to the other at Falls Church this season. After a 12-6 year in 1965 with a good pitching team, the 1966 squad boasted a strong hit¬ ting attack with pitching as its biggest problem. Coach Dale Larsen headed a junior dominated team this year. Shortstop Bruce Boger led the team in hitting during the practice season as well as last year when he was a sophomore. Juniors Steve Parks, John Albritton, Mickey Creel, Bob Sowder, Den¬ nis Crawford, and Billy Wells saw a great deal of action as did Boger. Heading the seniors were the team cap¬ tains Wally Brown and Milt Fall. Dan Ab¬ rams, Rip Ellis, Don Huycke and Gary Young were the other seniors on the squad. Boasts Strong Attack Coach Dale Larsen guided the Jaguar base¬ ball team for the second year. The Falls Church pitching staff u as composed of Don Huycke, Bob Sowder, Bill Wells, Dennis Crawford and Bill Evans. The Jag7iar baseball captains were first base- man Milt Fall and centerfielder Wally Brown. Fall lettered for the third time on varsity while Brown won his second letter. Page 204 The Jaguar outfield was Wally Brown, Steve Parks, John Titus, and Woody Hartsook. Bob Sowder also played in the outfield when we wasn’t pitching. Kneeling: Catchers, Dan Abrams and Rip Ellis. Standing: First Baseman, Milt Fall; Second Basemen, Gary Young and Mickey Creel; Shortstop, Bruce Boger; and Third Baseman, J. E. Albritton. Page 205 Pitcher Dennis Crawford winds up in a scrimmage against T. C. Williams. Craicford worked three score¬ less innings. Pitcher Don Huy eke serves as umpire. The Jaguar’s most versatile player was Johnny Titus who could play any position. Here he watches the batter while playing third base. Co-captain Wally Brown raps out a base hit against T. C. Williams. Page 206 Though only a junior, shortstop Bruce Boger was an acknowledged star of the Jaguars. As a sophomore in 1965, Bruce was the lead-off hitter, led the District in stolen bases and batted .280 to lead the team. He hit .391 in the pre-season practice games and continued to be a con¬ sistent hitter. Vitcher Don Huy eke was the team’s only re¬ turning senior hurler. Huycke relied on a tricky change up and a good curveball to get by North¬ ern Virginia hitters. The baseball managers were George Reedy and Mark Schliefstein. Page 207 Track Team Has Small But Talented Squad The Varsity Track Team began its sea¬ son with many talented and versatile con¬ testants. However, Coach Major Wells noted a lack of depth as the team’s weak point. The relay teams were strong as were Mostyn Jones and Carl Micale in the dis¬ tance races, Bill Bell in the sprints and pole vault, and Bill Hughes in the shot put. The big meets were the Fairfax Coun¬ ty Relays, the George Washington Relays, the Wakefield Invitational, the Fairfax County Meet, the Northern District Meet, the Northern Virginia Regionals, and the State Meet at William and Mary College. The sprinters and hurdlers: Kneeling: Alan Pierce, Don Showalter, Harris McGarrah, John Porter, John Ever- hard, Jim Farrel, Bill Bell. Standing: Don MacDaniels, John Tapp, Jay Douglas, Dan Bowes, Ed Hruneni, Rick Crack, Chuck Howard, Les Joyce, Mark Guenther. Not Pictured: Ray Stang. i -- ' w The field team consisted of John Yonushonis, Ken Bruntel, Jim Boyce, Bill Hughes, Bill Bell, and John Porter. Page 208 The distance runners: Dan Fuson, Tony Christ, Jim Turpie, Gil Morrison, C arl Micale. Not pic¬ tured: Mostyn Jones. John Everhard passes the baton to Mark Guenther in the mile relay. Ray Stang straightens up as he begins the 880 yard relay. Page 209 Dan Bowes (middle) starts his lap in the 880 relay after taking the baton from Bat Brescia (left). John Ever hard awaits the baton from a John Yon-ushonis puts the shot with a smile, tired Ed Hruneni in the mile relay. Page 21 0 Bill Bell jumps a hurdle in the shuttle hurdle relay in a meet against Marshall and Woodson. Al Pierce crosses the finish line in the mile relay. Head Coach Major Wells handled the Varsity Track men while assistant coach Chuck Sell coached the field men. Page 211 Veterans Bolster Varsity Golf Team Kneeling: Toby Sullivan, Chick Sell, Pete Jones, Barry Lakas, Pete Oakley. Standing: Randy Lane, Bob Cushing, Joe Lakas, Scott Veazey, Brad Grabill, Tim Arnold. junior Pete Oakley, the team’s leading golfer in 1965, tees off. Tim Arnold, a southpaw swinging junior, hits a long drive. Brad Grabill, the top senior on the squad shows his driving form. Page 212 Experienced Players Help Softball Squad Home runs, triples, and doubles were constant companions to the 1966 version of the Girls’ Varsity Softball Team. Re¬ turning to the Varsity were Margie Stacks, Sheila Riffle, Chris Andrews, and Barbara Ayres. Also returning was coach Nancy Weis- gerber, who guided the squad for the sec¬ ond year. April 14—Woodson_Away 19—McLean_Home 21—Ft. Hunt_Away 2 6—Jefferson_Home 28—Fairfax_Home May 3—Mr. Vernon_Away 5—Groveton_Home 10—Langley_Home 12—Madison_Away 17—Annandale_Away First row: Barbara Ayres, Gail Lebbon, Sue Praetz, Sheila Riffle. Second row: Sue Beeman, Chris Andrews, Margie Stacks, Judy Schafer. Third row: Audrey Huthwaite, Judy Hampton, Coach Nancy Weisgerber. Page 213 Junior Varsity Baseball Kneeling: Gary Seymour, Wally Stryker, Ken Rosenberg, Steve Hall, Mike Spencer, Bobby Holliday, Gary Smith, Mike Pollock, Pat Jones. Standing: Coach Rocky Jacobs, John Nolan, John Stevenson, John Austin, Bill Jones, Ricky Collins, Ken Brown, Bill Galahan, Mike Smith, Herb Hunter, Ken Wester, Bill Herbert. Junior Varsity Softball First row: Peggy Cragle, Linda Burkett, Phyllis Krohn, Coach Peggy Dowdy. Second row: Elaine Cragle, Dari Goble, Mary Jane Andrews, Pat Graham. Third row: Sue Franks, Jerri Poore, LeAnn Nystrom, Brenda Reedy. tourth row: Debby Morey, Dixie Brown, Francine Beck. Page 214 The end to all State Tournament hopes came in the finals of the Northern District Tournament where Woodson stopped the Jags, 63-50. Above, Co-Captains Bob Bowman and Gary Young and Coach Don McCool receive the game ball as runner-ups in the district. Jag Basketball Team Makes District Finals This was the year for basketball at Falls Church. It was the season to pay back old wounds. Stuart (62-40), McLean (54-52), and Wakefield (50-36) felt the power of a revitalized Jaguar team. District opponents Annandale, Fairfax, Jefferson, and Madi¬ son felt defeat more than once from Falls Church’s best team ever. The cheerleaders’ cry of " Our team is great” and the crowd shouts of " Eat ’em alive” rang true as the squad, coached by Mr. Don McCool, raced to a 17-3 record and ranked 19th in the Washington area. Bob Bowman and Gary Young co-captained the squad, while Steve Poucher, Bruce Wright, and junior Bill Oliver completed the starting five. Coach McCool was honored as runner-up in the Northern Virginia Coach of the Year balloting. Steve Poucher was named to the All-Northern Virginia and All-Northern District Team, while Bob Bowman made the District Team. Falls Church ' s Most Valuable Player and All- Northern Virginia Giiard, Steve Poucher (51) shoots against the Caviliers in his patented style. Page 215 From bumper stickers to basketball, 1965-66 proved to be a very rewarding and productive year at Falls Church. Prize winners in every department brought pride and honor to Falls Church High School. The best band and the best drum major on the eastern seaboard; a one-act play rated " Superior” at state; a new student code; four Merit Semi-finalists; awards to Seniors from the DAR, Falls Church Boys Club, and the Agricultural Department; a Keyette Club awarded 1st place trophies in talent and achievement and 3rd place in scrapbook at their National Conven¬ tion; our championship wrestlers and our fabulous basketball team all combined to prove that . . . This Was Harkey Mayo posts the new student code which was passed with 90.2% of the students in favor. " This Was the Year” bumper stickers were distribu¬ ted by the cheerleaders at the beginning of the year. President Nan Hopkinson displays the three trophies won by the Keyette Club at their National Convention. Page 216 FCHS is proud to have four seniors as Merit Finalists. Michele Cayot, Carolyn Haack, Gary Young, and Bob Rains rank, in the top one half of one per cent of all the high school seniors in the United States. Regina de LaJider won the ff Future Homemakers” Award spon¬ sored by Betty Crocker, and Mary Stites received the DAR Citizenship Award. The Year! An outstanding Art Department this year produced winners in several contests. Betty Juncal, Rebecca Moore, and How¬ ard Hershey won keys and recognition in National Scholastic, Dennis Brook was presented with a Certificate of Merit, and James Baker placed first in the Northern Virginia Hallmark Card Contest. Faculty Directory Directory of Administrative Staff and Special Personnel ANDERSON, JUDITH PRESSON—Mary Washington College, B.A.; English I and Journalism I II, Jaguar Journal, Press Bureau, Quill and Scroll. BARDEN, CAROLYN JEFFERY—University of Rochester, Rochester Business Institute; Secretary to Mr. Todd. BOURDEAU, JOAN RENEE—College of New Rochelle, B.A.; English III IV; Red Cross Club. CAMPBELL, BRUCE LEE—Davis and Elkins College, B.S., George Washington University; Introductory Algebra and Algebra I. CARLSEN, MARY GARNETT—Hunter College, B.A., New York Uni¬ versity College of Engineering, Teachers College of Columbia Univer¬ sity, University of Virginia; Geometry and General Math. CAROZZA, MARIA COLETTE—Sweet Briar College, B.A., Catholic University; French III, IV, V; Keyettes. CARPENTER, IRENE R.—Radford College, B.S., George Washington University; Earth Science. CARSTATER, MARIE H.—Bueknell University, A.B., George Wash¬ ington University, M.A.; Guidance Counselor; American Field Service. CHAPMAN, MABLE UNDERWOOD—Woman’s College of Georgia, B.S., Longwood College, American University, George Washington University; BSCS Biology; National Honor Society. CLOE, MARY RUTH—William Jewell College, Blue Mountain College, A. B., George Peabody College, M.A.; Art I and II; Co-sponsor of Art Club. COOPER, HARVEY F.—California State College, B.S., University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnical Institute; General Shop and Mechani¬ cal Drawing. COREY, INA M.—School of Nursing of the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, R.N.; Public Nurse. CRAWFORD, NAOMI—University of Southern California, B.A., Wil¬ liam and Mary College, Jacksonville University, Texas College of Arts and Industries, American University; BSCS Biology and General Science. CRUM, FRANCES MAY—Morehead State College, A.B., George Washington University, M.A.; Art; Art Club. DANTZKER, MARY L.—University of California, B.S.; Finance Officer. DICKENSON, MARY KATHRYN—East Tennessee State University, B. S., University of Virginia, M. Ed.; Special Reading. DOWDY, PEGGY E.—Emory Henry College, B.A.; Health and Physical Education 9 10, Basketball and Softball Coach for Girls. ESTES, RACHAEL A.—Madison College, B.S.; Bookkeeping I, Typing I, Shorthand II; Ice Skating Club, FBLA Club. FALLAW, ARLENE HUNT—Longwood College, A.B., Syracuse Uni¬ versity, M.A.; Shorthand I, Notehand, Personal Typing. FEATHER, JOHN ROBERT—Shippinsburg State College, B.S., Uni¬ versity of Virginia, M. Ed.; Physics; Science Club. GAINES, LOIS JEANETTE—Cafeteria Manager. GARHART, BERNARD HOWARD—Slippery Rock State College, B.S., George Washington University, M.S.; Algebra II-Trig, Trig-Functions, Analytic Geometry-Calculus. GIL, SARA JEANNE—Longwood College, B.S., University of Virginia; Home Economics I, III, IV; FHA and FTA. GORDON, LYNELL F.—Baker University, A.B., George Washington University, M.A.; Counselor. GRAYSON, BOBBIE JAN—Howard College, A.B.; English III IV. GREER, FIELDER P.—United States Military Academy, B.S.; Algebra II-Trig., Modem Geometry, Math I. HAMILTON, WILMA A.—University of Washington, B.A., Rhode Island State College, Yakima Junior College; Choral; Madrigals, Sex¬ tette. HARRIS, BETSY ANN—University of North Carolina, A.B.; English II III; Co-sponsor of Junior Class. HAWKINS, ROY BENTON—Madison College, B.S, Shenandoah Col¬ lege, Virginia Polytechnical Institute, Richmond Professional Institute; Distributive Education; DECA. HEINE, HEINRICH—American University, B.A., Northwestern Univer¬ sity, University of Virginia; General Math II, Geometry; Junior Class Sponsor. HEMBY, HARRIETTE GOODSON—Bennett College, A.B., American University; English I II. JACOBS, JAY DUNDON—Michigan State University, B.A., University of Nebraska, University of Wyoming; U.S. History, U.S. Government; Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach. KANE, ELIZABETH A.—Radford College, B.A.; French; French Club, Sophomore Class Sponsor. KIESSLING, BRENDA R.—Oberlin College, B.A., George Washington University, M.A.; BSCS Biology; J.V. Hockey Coach. LAIRD, DOROTHEA ETHELYN—Indiana State College, B.S., Univer¬ sity of Pittsburgh, M. Ed.; Typing I, Business Law and Economics. LAMBIE, EMILY SUZANNE—Lenior Rhyne, A.B.; Typing II, General Business; FBLA. LARSEN, DALE PHILLIP—District Teachers College, B.S.; World Geography. LEMON, EDITH L.—University of Denver, B.A., American University, George Washington University, William Mary College, University of Virginia; Guidance; National Junior Honor Society. LILLY, BERNICE SCOTT—Mississippi Southern College, B.S.; Health and Physical Education; Monogram Club. LOCASCIO, JOHN S.—West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S., University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnical Institute; General Shop I, Electronics I. LOVE, FRANCISCA ARANA—University of Puerto Rico, B.S., College of Agriculture, Georgetown University; Spanish II, III, IV. LUNSFORD, JAMES GILMORE—Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, B. M. Ed., University of Virginia, M. Ed.; Instrumental Music; Civi- tan Club. MANDES, GEORGE CONSTANTINE—Montgomery Junior College, University of Corpus Christi, B.S.; World History, Physical Education. MARE, DONALD B.—Bueknell University, A.B., Madison College, M.A., St. John’s University Law School, LL.B., Columbia University, University of Virginia, Balliol College; U.S. Government and Sociol¬ ogy Economics; Key Club, Debate Club, Varsity and J.V. Debate Teams. MARSH, GERALDINE B.—Louisiana State University, B.S., Ohio State University, University of Colorado; Home Economics; Junior Red Cross. MATALAVAGE, RONALD—George Washington University, B.S., Uni¬ versity of Virginia; Driver Education, Physical Education; Swim Club, J. V. Basketball. Page 218 Directory Miss May introduces GREAT EXPEC¬ TATIONS to ninth grade audience. MAUPIN, GARY ANN—University of Virginia, B.S., Madison College; English IV; Yearbook, Varsity, J.V., and Ninth Grade Cheerleaders, Cheerleading Club. ROMANUS, ANNIE A.—Louisiana State University, A.B., M.A., Uni¬ versity of Virginia; English 9, Latin III IV; Latin Club. RYAN, RLTTII G.—Boston University, B.A., M.A., State University of New York, M.S.; Library. SCOTT, JOHN RANDOLPH—Bridgewater College, BA.; Biology, Chemistry; Assistant Football Coach, J.V. Wrestling Coach. SELL, CHARLES II.—Mount Union College, B.A., Michigan State University, M.A.; Social Studies; Varsity Club, Plead Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. SCHULL, ELVERA C.—Draughon’s Business; IBM Tabulating Ma¬ chine Operator. SPINDLE, MILDRED—Longwood College, B.S.; Latin I II, English I. SPITZER, ALPHA MARIE—Virginia Polyteclinical Institute, M. Ed., Madison College, B.S.; Office Training; FBLA. SPRING, ELLEN JANE—West Virginia University, M.S., George Wash¬ ington University, William Mary College; Counselor, Hospitality. TACKNEY, STEPHEN NOEL—Naval Academy, B.S., Duke University, M.A.T.; Math I, Algebra-Trig-Functions. MAY, JOANNE F.—Madison College, B.S., University of Virginia; Eng¬ lish 9, Creative Writing; Paw Print. McCOOL, DONALD JOSEPH—Marietta College, B.S., University of Wisconsin, M.S.; Guidance Counselor; Varsity Basketball Coach, Golf Coach. TIIOMA, BERNICE SPICER—Mary Washington College, B.S., Uni¬ versity of Virginia, Catholic University, B.S.L.S.; Librarian; Library Assistants. TODD, THOMAS DAY—University of Richmond, B.A., University of Michigan, M.A.; Principal. McCULLOUGH, HESTER V.—Gettysburg College, A.B., Edgewood Park, American University, University of Virginia, Longwood College, NDEA Institute; English III; Pep Club. McQUAIN, RICHARD L.—Fairmont State College, University of Vir¬ ginia, Virginia Polyteehnieal Institute, George Washington University, West Virginia Wesleyan; I.C.T.; D.O. Club. MILEHAM, HELEN T.—Wellesley College, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., George Washington University, University of Virginia; Algebra I, Geometry. MILES, NELLE H.—Ohio State University, B.S., University of Wis¬ consin, George Washington University, M.A.; Director of Guidance; Sponsor of Senior Class. MISIIOU, FRANK HENRY—Columbia University, A.B., George Wash¬ ington University, M.A.; American and Virginia Government IV; Co¬ sponsor of Senior Class. MOORE, CHARLES ARTHUR—State Teachers College of Kansas, B.S., B.A., M.A., University of Puerto Rico, Amherst College; Span¬ ish I II; Spanish Club. OGILVIE, FRANCINE K.—American University, A.B., West Virginia University, Richmond Professional Institute, University of Richmond; Drama I, II, III, English II; National Thespian Society, Drama Director. OLSON, BYRON G.—University of Ric hmond, B.A.; U.S. History. POWELL, ANNIE LEE—Greensboro College, A.B., University of Colo¬ rado, Duke University; English III, Public Speaking. POWERS, LOWELL H.—Huron College, A.B., Northwestern Univer¬ sity, Wayne University, University of Virginia; Algebra I Part I, Al¬ gebra I. POWERS, RUBY C.—Secretary to Guidance. PRESTON, CAROL GEROUNDWATER—University of Virginia, B.S., Mary Washington College, University of Manchester; Chem Study. PRUETT, ROBERT LEWIS—Marshall University, B.A.; Health and Physical Education; Wrestling Coach. REITZ, WILLARD A.—State University of New York, A.B., Univer¬ sity of Virginia, M.A.T., American University; German I, II, III, IV; French Honor Society, German Club. RIGDON, LOUISE DOYLE—Longwood College, B.S., Richmond Pro¬ fessional Institute, University of Virginia; Visiting Teacher. ROBBINS, THOMAS BEDFORD—East Carolina College, A.B.; Span¬ ish I II. TRIVETT, DAVID A.—University of Texas, B.A.; English II IV; Forensics. VALOTTO, ARTHUR J.—West Virginia University, B.S., M.A.; Spon¬ sor, SCA; Assistant Principal for Administration. VLIET, LELAND A.—George Washington University, B.A., M.A.; As¬ sistant Principal for Instruction. WEBER, PAUL P.—George Washington University, B.S., M.A.; Physi¬ cal Education; Assistant to Varsity Club. WEISGERBER, NANCY J.—Muskingum College, B.A.; Physical Edu¬ cation, Driver Education, First Aid; Varsity Hockey and Softball Coach, J.V. Basketball Coach, Monogram Club. WELLS, MAJOR J.—Saint Paul’s College, B.S., University of Virginia, Howard University; Algebra and General Math; Cross Country and Track. WILEY, BETTY JO—Wake Forest College, B.A.; French II III; Torch and Banner, Co-sponsor of French Club. WILSON, SARA ELIZABETH—Wmthrop College, B.A.; U.S. History; Keyette Club. WILSON, SAUNDRA C.—University of North Carolina, B.A., Guilford College, North Carolina State College, American University; English II. YOUNT, WILLIAM DAVIS—Davis Elkins College, A.B., West Vir¬ ginia University, M.A.; World Geography, Virginia and U.S. Gov- Mr. Vliet reminds teachers to sign in. Page 219 Senior Directory CLIFFORD DANIEL ABRAMS—‘Dan”—Player of the Month Award 4; Yearbook Assistant Editor 4; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL W. ADDISON—“Dan”— HELEN V. AINSLEY—“Helen”— JOHN L. ALLEN— “John”— LEWIS L. ANTHONY—“Lee”— GEORGIA MARIE ARGIROPOULOS—“Georgia”—Ice Skating Club 2; F.B.L. Club 4; Main Office Staff 4; Library Assistant 4. GAYNELL ASHLEY—“Gaynell’—’ MARIE ATTILUS—“Marie”— ARCHIE R. AUGUSTINE—“Mickey”— BARBARA LOUISE AYRES—“Barb”— Paw Print Art Staff 4; Year¬ book Academics Editor 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3; Vice President 4; Pep Club 4; French Club 1, 3 ; American Field Service 4; Girls’ Hockey 2, 3; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; “Most Athletic” 4. JAMES ROY BAKER— ' Jim ”—Art Club; French Club. FORREST GREGORY BALLARD—“Greg”—Jaguar Journal Staff 2, Business Manager 3, Copy Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3, 4; Civitan Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Football 3; Student Staff 4. CORA JANE BARILE—“Cora”—Pep Club 1, 2, 4; Keyette Club 4; Basketball 1, 2; Class Council 3; Freshmen Mixed Chorus 1; Com- cert Choir 4; Guidance Office Staff 4. JUDY DELORES BARKER—“Judy”—Pep Club 1, 3, 4; French Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Y.F.C. Club 4; Office Staff 4; Class Council 4. MARY CATHERINE BATES—“Penny”—Pep Club 1. LINDA LOU BATTS—“Lynn”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. Club 4; “Cave Gal” 4; Sweetheart Court 4. LINDA SUSAN BEEMAN—“Sue”—Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, Treasur¬ er 4; French Club 1, 2; Pep Club 3, 4; Torch and Banner Club 4; Girls’ Basketball 1, 3, 4; Girls’ Softball 1, 3, 4. WILLIAM STEPHEN BELU—“Ding-a-ling”— Garfield High School 1; Junior Civitan Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, President 4; Var¬ sity Football 2, 3 4; Track 2, 3, 4; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; 1, C.C. 4; “Most Athletic” 4. PATRICIA ANN BENEDICT—“Patty”—Monogram Club 1, 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Girls’ Hockey 2, 3; Girls’ Basketball 2, 3, 4; Girls’ Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Keyette Club 4; I.C.C. 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Sweetheart Court 2, Queen 4; Prom Court Maid-of-Honor 3; “Wolf Gal” 4; Student Staff 4. “Personality Plus” 4; Prom Court 4. CLAUDIA CATHERINE BENNETT—“Claudia” Paw Print 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1, 2; Keyette Club 3, 4; French Club 1; Office Staff 4; Class Council 3, 4, SUSAN ROSS BERTRAM—“Sue”—Pep Club 1, 2. ELIZABETH ANNE BEVANS— ' ‘Beth”— MARGARET ANNE BICKHAM—“Peggy”—Pep Club 1; D.E. Club 3, 4. KATHY RUTH BLACK—“Kathy”—F.B.L A. Club 4. MICHAEL CHARLES BLUM—“Mike”—Yearbook Staff 3; Pep Club 1, 2, Sgt. At Arms 3; Joy Boys 4; A.F.S. Club 2, 3, 4; Y.F.C. Club 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 1; Wrestling 1, 2; “Music Man” 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Our Town” 3; “Oklahoma” 4; Concert Choir 2; Madrigrals 3, 4; All Country Chorus 4. BARBARA JOAN BOBBY —“Bobbi ”—French Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2, 4; Y.F.C. Club 2, 3; A.F.S. Club 4; Majorettes 2, 3; Pom Pom Girls Captain 4. PHILIP LOY BOBEL— ' “Phil ”—Harvard Book Award 3; Yearbook Layout Editor 4; National Junior Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Key Club 2, 4; Secretary 3; Basketball 1, 2; Track 1; Junior Class President 3; S.C.A. President 4. CLARENCE ANTHONY BOWEN—“Tony”— Paw Print 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Football 2; Wrestling 1, Manager 2, 3, Trainer 4. DANIEL JOSEPH BOWES— “Dan ”—Joy Boys Vice-President 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Baseketball 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Freshman Mixed Choms 1. KATHLEEN FAITH BOWMAN—“Kathy”—Pep Club 2, 3, Vice- President 4; Keyettes 3, 4; Y.F.C. Club 2, Vice-President 3; A.F.S. Club 4; Senior Class Council 4; Girls’ Basketball 1; Freshmen Mix¬ ed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Madrigals 4; Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Pom Pom Girl 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3; “Music Man” 1; “Oklahoma” 4; “Friendliest” 4. ROBERT WILLIAM BOWMAN—“Bob”—Best Rebounder Trophy 3; Most outstanding Drum Major, Va. Beach Music Festival 3; French Honor Society 2, 3; Junior National Honor Society 2; Key Club 2, 4, Vice-President 3; Varsity Club 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co- Captain 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3; “Music Man” 1; Concert Band 1, 2; Student Conductor 3, 4; Marching Band 1, Drum Major 2, 3, 4; Woodwind Ensemble 2; Boy Senator 2; SCA 4; “Friendliest” 4. JAMES KENNETH BOYCE—“Jim”—Pep Club 1; Baseball 2; Data Processing 4. JOHN WOODSON BRADSHAW—“John”—Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; German Club 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 1, 2; Joy Boys 4. ELEANOR GAIL BRAMLEY—“Nora”—Marshall High School 1, 2; Y.F.C. Club 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2; Softball 2; Marching and Concert Band 3, 4; Band Secretary 4. GERRY COLE BRAUN—“Gerry”—Civitans 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Pep Club 2, 4; Football 2, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 2. KEITH N. BRESCIA—“Keith”— JOHN STEWART BREYER—“Jack”—Key Club 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Woodwind Ensemble 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3. ROGER LAWRENCE BROOKS—“Larry”— MARGARET MAE BROOKS—“Margaret”—Luther Jackson High School; F.B.L.A. Club 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; Guidance Office Staff. 4. JOSEPH BROWN—“Joe”— WILLIAM WALLACE BROWN—“Wally”—Civitans 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. JAMES ROLAND BURDICK JR.—“Jim”—Lincoln High School, Sa- lina, Kansas 1; French Club 3, 4; Track 2; Senior Class Council 4; Civitan Club 4. GLENNA SUE BURGESS—“Sue”—Pep Club 1, 2; Vice-President 3; Treasurer 4; Class Vice-President 3; Jr. Class Council 3; SCA 1; A.F.S. Club 2, 3; Keyettes 3, 4. Page 220 Senior Directory j LINDA CATHERINE BURRELL—“Linda”—Pep Club 1, 2; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2; F.B.L.A. Club Vice-President 3, President 4; SCA 1; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Clinic Staff 3, 4. TERRY C. BYLES—“Terry”— JAMES T. CAIN—“Jim”— MICHAEL, DARL CARLSON—“Mike”—Northwest Classen, Okla¬ homa City, Oklahoma 2; Marlin High School, Marlin, Texas 1; Radio Club 1; Football 2; “Pillow Talk” 4; Concert Choir 4; Mixed Chorus 4. CHARLES ALLAN CARNAHAN—“Allan”—Football 1, 2. WILLIAM VANCE CARR—“Bill”—McLean High School 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Ass’t Freshmen Coach 4; Track 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2. MICHAEL JAN CAYOT—“Michele”—Merit Finalist 4; GW English Competition 3; Paw Print 3; Literary Editor 4; Junior National Hon¬ or Society 1, Treasurer 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; French National Honor Society 2, 3, Chaplin 4; French Club 1, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Art Club 1; Spanish Club 3; Keyettes 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3; Class Sgt.-At- Arms 1, 3; Guidance Office Staff 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. ANDREW PHILLIP CAZALAS—“Andy”—Spanish Club 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 2; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1; Varsity Club 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4. FRANK BALDWIN CHRISTOPHER—“Chris”—French Club; Pep Club 1; Baseball 2. ANGELA MAUREEN CIFFO—“Angi e”—Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Fresh¬ men Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3, 4; Concert and Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 4; “Oklahoma” 4; County Chorus 4. CHARINE ELLA CIRLIN—“Charine”—Yearbook 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading Club 4; Treasurer 3; Girls’ Softball 1; Cheerlead¬ er 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain: 1; Office Staff 4; Student Staff 4; Class Secretary 1; Class Treasurer 2; Junior Class Council 3; Junior Class Cabinet 3; Senior Class Council 4; SCA Representative 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 1, 4. ROBERT CHARLES CLANCY—“Bob”—Spanish Club 1, 4. JEREMIAH JOSEPH COFFEY—“Jerry”—DE Club 3, 4. CYNTHIA ANN COHEN—“Cindy”—Merit Commendation 3; NCTE Competition 3; GW Grammar Competition 3; Forensics 2; Paw Print Literary Staff 3, 4; Junior National Honor Society 2; French National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 2, 4, President 3; Ice Skating Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Inter Club Council 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3; “OurTown” 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Madrigals 3, Mother 4; National Honor Society 4; County Chorus 4. PATRICIA ANN COOPER—“Pat”—Freshmen Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3. KENNETH J. COSIMANO—“Ken”—Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Staff 4. GENA CLAIRE COX—“Gena”—Coronada High School, Coronada, California; Junior Honor Society 2; French Honor Society 3, 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3, 4; Future Nurses Club; Pep Club 2; French Club 2, 3, 4; AFS 4; Torch and Banner 4; Girls’ Chorus 2; Library Staff 4; Guidance Staff 4. WALTER R. COX—“Walter”— PATRICIA ANN CRAGLE —“Pat”—Pep Club 1; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Softball 2; Basketball 3. HAROLD NEAL CUNNINGHAM—“Neal”—Concert and Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3, 4. ROBERT LEO CUSHING—“Bob”—Key Club 3, 4; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; Basketball 1; Golf 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. PAULETTE LaVERNE DANIELS—“Paula”—Pep Club 4; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie”, Stage Crew 4; IBM Staff 4; “Oklahoma” 4. MICHAEL SHERWOOD DARNALL—“Mike”—German Club 3, 4; Track 2; Senior Council 4. REGINA LENORE DeLAUDER—-“Regina”—Nation Merit Letter of Commendation 4; GW English Competition 3; Paw Print 3; French Honor Society 2, 3, Vice-President 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3, Secretary 4; French Club 3, Vice-President 4; AFS Club 3; Historian; Keyette Club 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; Guidance Office Staff 3, 4; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Jun¬ ior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. PATRICIA ELLEN DELORENZO—“Pixie”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3. JACQUELINE LOUISE DENEAULT—“Jackie”—Pep Club 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; AFS Club 4; Senior Class Council 4. KENNETH ARTHUR DENNIS—“Art”—Norview High School. PATRICIA DEAN DIETRICH—“Pat”— Paw Print Literary Staff 3; Public Relations Editor 4; Yearbook Editor 4; French Club 1, 2; A.F.S. Club 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading Club 3, Historian 4; Keyette Club 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Student Staff 3; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Madrigals 4; Junior Class Council 3; Junior Class Cabinet 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; Quill Scroll Honor Society 4; All-County Chorus 4; Prom Court 4. CHRISTINE ANN DITTO—“Chris”—F.B.L.A. Club 4; Student Staff 2; Mixed Chorus 1. CHARLES FRANKLIN DIXON, JR._“Frank”— Football 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2; School Bus Driver 3, 4; Va. Festival of Music 1, 2; “The Sound of Music” 1 . DIANNE CHERYL DIXON—“Dee”— Y.F.C. Club 2, 3; F.B.L.A. Club 4. GARY ROBERT DODGION—“Gary”—Colonial High School; F.F.A. Club. GENE GORDON DODSON—“Gene”—Chess Club 3; Rifle Club 3. KERRY LYNN DONNELL—“Kerry”— Paw Print 4; German Club 1, 2, 3; President 4; Pep Club 2; A.F.S. Club 2, 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 2; “Good-Bye My Fancy” 1; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Slice It Thin” 2; “Our Town” 3; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Office Staff 4. JOHN RUSSELL DOVEL—“Russ”—FBLA Club 4; Rifle Club 3. NANCY J. DOWELL—“Nancy”— Jaguar Journal 1, 2; Pep Club 3; FBLA Club Reporter 3. MICHAEL JOHN DOYLE—“Mike”—DE Club 4. WILLIAM R. DRONENBURG—“Bill”—George C. Marshall High School 2; Chess Club 3, 4; German Club 3. JAMES B. ELLIS—“James”— JOHN VICTOR ELLIS—“Rip”—Lineman of the Year 4; Art Achieve¬ ment Award 3; First Place Art Show Award 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Student Staff 4. Page 221 Senior Directory FRANCES ELSASSER—“Frannie”—Pom Pom Girl 4. WILLIAM C. ENTZMINGER— ' ‘Bill”— MILTON SAYLER FALL—“Milt”—Jr. Civitan 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, Co-captain 4. MARTHA REGAN FERGUSON—“Martha”—Tracy High School, California; Pep Club 1, 2; Business Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2. FELIX MARTELINA FERRER—“Tony”— A.F.S. 4. DIANA GAYE FERRONE—“Diana”—YFC Club 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 2; French Club 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Our Town” 3; Mardigals 3, 4; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Music Festival 1, 2, 4; County Chorus 4. CRAIG JON FINDLEY—“Craig”—Pittsfield High School 1; Spanish Club 3, 4; Joy Boys Secretary 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Staff 3, 4. JOSEPH FRANCIS FISHER, JR.—“Joe”—Jaguar Journal Staff 4; Senior Class Council 4. VIRGINIA LEE FISHER—“Gini”— Paw Print 3, 4; French Club 3, Treasurer 4; Mongram Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; Office Staff 3; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2. ROBERT H. FLORANCE—“Robert”—Band 4. MARTHA YVONNE GAILIOT—“Marty”—National Thespian Honor Society 3, Historian 4; Future Homemakers of America 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Ice Skating Club 2, 3; A.F.S. Club 3, 4; “Slice It Thin” 2; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4. MARY LOU GAINES—“Mary”—Pep Club 1, 2; FBLA Club 3; Clinic Staff 4. ANN CECILIA GARVIN—“Ann”—“Miss Falls Church High School” 2; Paw Print 2, Literary Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Quill Scroll Vice-President 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Keyette Club 2, 3, Vice- President 4; Cheerleading Club, Vice-President 3; President 4; ICC 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Cheerleader, 2, 3, Captain 1, 4; Sweetheart Court 1, 4; Homecoming Court 3; Guid¬ ance Office Staff 3; “Dear Ruth” 1, Girl Senator 2; “Best All Around” 4. PAULETTE MARIE GASKINS—“Paulette”—Luther Jackson High School 1, 2; Luther Jackson Tattler 1, 2; NHA 1, 2; Drama Club 2; FBLA Club 2, 3; Science and Math Club 1; Modern Dance Club 1. DAVID A. GILLESPIE—“David”—ICT Club 3, 4. SANDRA L. GIVEN—“Sandy”— DENNIS JOSEPH GODFREY—“Dennis”—Latin Club 1, 2, Vice- President 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2, Sgt. at Arms 3, 4; French Club 2; Football 1; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; “Most Valuable Wrestler” 2; Undefeated Dual Meet 3. SARALEE GOLDFEIN—“Saralee”—Forensics 1; Paw Print ' 3, 4; National Junior Honor Society 1, Secretary 2; National French Hon¬ or Society 2, Vice-President 3; President 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4; French Club 1, Secretary 2; Pep Club 2, 3, Correspond¬ ing Secretary 4; A.F.S. Club 3, 4; Keyette Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3; Softball 2; Class Vice- President 2, Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. JOHN BRADLEY GRABILL—“Brad”—Topeka High School 1, 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY ELIZABETH GOOCH—“Nancy”—A.F.S. Club 4; “Our Town” 3; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; Senior Class Council 4. VINCENT RALPH GRANT—‘ ‘Sonny’ ’—Key Club 4. MERLE GREENBERG—-“Merle”—Osbourn High School 1; Forensics 2; Junior National Honor Society 2; National Thespian Honor So¬ ciety 2, 3 r President 4; ICC 4; “Slice It Thin” 2; “The Man in the Bowler Hat” 3; “The Mouse That Roared” 3; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Balcony Scene” 3; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; “Case of the Crushed Petunias” 4; “Ask Any Girl” 4; “Most Talented” 4. DIANE CORNELIA GRIBBIN—“Diane”—Pep Club 2; YFC Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Freshmen Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Office Staff 4. BRENDA KAY GRIFFIN—“Brenda”—Pep Club 1; FBLA Club; Freshmen Mixed Chorus 1. AUSTIN WINDLEY GRIMES—“Austin”—Joy Boys 4; Football 2. NANCY DIANE GROVES—“Nancy”— DAVID MICHAEL GUERNSEY—“Dave”—Baseball 1, 2; Basket¬ ball 1. GINI LYNNE GUSTAFON—“Gini”—Forensics 3; Pep Club 1, 4; Art Club 3; “Our Town” 3; “Balcony Scene” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; Mixed Chorus 4. CAROLYN LOUISE HAACK—“Carolyn”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; National Junior Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; Latin Club 1; German Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; “Music Man” 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; ICC 2, 3; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; All-State Band 1, 2, 3; All-Virginia Band; School Store Staff 3. ALICE ARDELE HAILMAN—“Alice”—Jaguar Journal Advertising Manager 2, 3, 4; Junior National Honor Society 4; Press Club 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; Concert Choir 3; Mardigals 4; Guidance Office Staff 3, 4. LINDA ALICE HALLSTEAD— “Linda” —Grammar Composition Award at GW 3; Junior National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; German Club 1; Pep Club 1; AFS Club 3, 4; Summer Foreign Exchange Student 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Torch and Banner Club 4; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1; Guidance Office Staff 3; Junior Class Council 3. RUTH ANNABELLE HANSEL—“Ruth”— PEGGY ANN HANSEN—“Peg”—FBLA Club 3, 4; Guidance Office Staff 3. VICTORIA ANNE HARRIS—“Vicki”—Dennis J. O’Connell High School 1; V.O.T. Club 4. PAUL STEPHEN HARRIS—“Paul”—I.C.T. 4, Treasurer 3; Foot¬ ball 1, Captain 2. CAROLYN ENGENIA HART-—“Carolyn”— French National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; AFS Club 3, Secretary 4; French Club 1, 2; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. IRENE MARIE I4ASKE—“Irene”—Dennis J. O’Connell High School 1, 2; Library Staff 2. LON MICHAEL HEAD—-“Mike”—Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Junior Civi¬ tan Club 4; “Pappy Yokurn” 4. HOWARD ROBERT HERSHEY—“Howie”—French Honor Society 3, 4. Page 222 Senior Directory JANET LYNN HESS— “Janet ”—Jaguar Journal Reporter 1, Assistant News Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Paw Print 2, Publicity Editor 3, Assistant Production Editor 3, Literary Staff 3, Production Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 3, President 4; Art Club 1, Publicity Manager 2, President 3; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 3; Pep Club 1; ' ‘Dear Ruth” 1; “Goodbye My Fancy” 1; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Our Town” 3; Student Staff 3; Senior Class Council 4; ICC 3, 4. REGINA IVA HICKS—“Gina”—Luther Jackson High School; FBLA Club 2, 3; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3. MICHAEL STEVEN HILL—“Mike”—Jaguar Journal 1; Third Page Editor 2, Second Page Editor 4; Junior National Honor Society 2; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Stamp Club 1; Chess Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 2, Treasurer 3; Key Club 4; Joy Boys 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Varsity Basketball Manager 1, 2; Class Council 3, 4; SCA Treasurer 4; “It’s Academic”, 4. JOHN W HOERNEMANN—“John”—Chess Club; Science Club 3, 4; German Club 4; Latin Club 4; AFS Club 4; Joy Boys 4. HARRIET LESLIE HOFFMAN—“Harriet”—Forensics 2, 3; Junior National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 4; AE.S. Club 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; Pep Club 4; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Madrigals 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Our Town” 3; All-County Chorus 4. SARA A. HOFFMAN—“Sara”—Junior National Honor Society 2; F.H.A. 1, 2; Treasurer 2; Senior Class Council 4. SANDRA I. HOOPER—“Sandy”—Majorettes 2, 3; FHA 2; VOT 4. NAN ELLEN HOPKINSON—“Nan”— Paw Print 3, 4; Junior Na¬ tional Honor Society 1, Chaplain 2; Pep Club 3, 4; AE.S. Club 3, 4; Keyette Club 2, District Secretary 3, President 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; French Club 2, Vice-President 3; Hockey 1, Captain 2, 3; Basketball 2, Captain 1; Softball 1, 2; Gundance Office Staff 4; ICC 4; Prom Court 4; “Wittiest” 4. DONALD WILSON HOWELL—“Don”—“Bye Bye Birdie” 3; Ca¬ rousel” 1; Boys’ Chorus 1; Concert Choir 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4. CLARA LAURA HUFF—“Clara”—Lathrop High School 1, 2; Stu¬ dent Handbook 1, 2; Junior Honor Society 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Cheerleading Club Treasurer 4; Cheerleader 2, 4; Sweetheart Court Maid-of-Honor 3; Homecoming Queen 4, National Honor Society 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH HUGHES—“Bill”—Vista High School; Spanish Club; Varsity Club; Football 4; Basketball 3; Track 3, 4. JENNIFER JEAN HUSEBY—“Jennifer”—Yearbook Circulation Manag¬ er 4; Pep Club 1, 2; French Club 1, Keyettes 3, District Treasurer 4; Softball 1, Class Treasurer 1, 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Sweetheart Court 1, 3; Cheerleader 2; Student Staff 4; Prom Court 4. DONALD FRANCIS HUCKYE—“Don”—Varsity Club 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. ROY W. ISOM—“Roy”— NANCY B. JAMES—“Nancy”— LINDA SUE JERNIGAN— “Linda ”—PTA Achievement in Home Economics 3; FHA Club 1; Pep Club 3; Torch and Banner Club 4. JOHN EDWARD JOLLEY, JR.—“John”—Yearbook Staff 4; Senior Council 4. JAMES LAWRENCE JONES—“Larry”—George Mason High School; Marching Band; Pep Band. LUTHER BENNETT JONES—“Luther”—Army Award of Merit in Re¬ search 3; Honorable Mention in Science Fair 1, 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band. MOSTYN WADE JONES—“Mostyn”—AFS Club 1; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross-Coun¬ try 2, 3, 4. TERREL JONES—“Terri”—Pep Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3. JOHN FRANKLIN JUDD—“John”—Yearbook 4; National Thespian Society 3, Treasurer 4; Key Club 4; Boy Senator 1; Senior Class Council 4; Golf 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Our Town” 3; Freshmen Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2; Madri¬ gals 3; All-County Chorus 4; “Oklahoma” 4; “Most Talented” 4. ROBERT GARLAND JULLIEN— “Bob” —Yearbook Advertising Manager 4; Key Club 2 Treasurer 3; President 4; Wrestling, Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2; Junior Class Council 3. BETTY ANN JUNCAL—“Betty”—Art Awards 1, 2, Cash Awards 3; Paw Print Cover Design 3. STEVEN MICHAEL JURACICH—‘Steve”—Big Bear High School, California 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 2; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Class President 3. PETER MICHAEL KALEN—“Pete”—Junior Civitan Club 3, Treasur¬ er 4; Football 1. MARY LOUISE KELLEY—“Mary Lou”—O’Connell High School 1, 2; Glee Club 1; AFS Club 3; Latin Club 3; Junior Class Council 3; Red Cross Club 2. JOHN REGIS KIBLER—“John”—Dennis J. O’Connell High School 1; Football 1. NANCY CAMILLE KIMBEL—“Nancy”— KAY ELAINE KING—“Kay”—Saint Joseph High School. PHYLLIS CLARA KING— “Phyllis” —Beamsville District Secondary School. ANITA KLEINFELD— “Anita” —National Thespian Honor Society 2, 3, 4; French Club 3; Spanish Club 1, 3; AFS Club 4; Keyettes 4; “Goodbye My Fancy” 1, “Dear Ruth” 1; “Slice It Thin” 2; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; Class Council 3, 4. MICHAELENE ANN KLEWICKI—“Mickey”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Swim Club 4; Cheerleading Club 3; Girls’ Soft- ball 1; Freshmen Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Captain 2; Sweetheart Court 3; Class Council 3, 4. RHEA LYNN KNICKMAN—“Rhea”—Frankfurt American High School; Talon Literary Magazine 3; Chorus 1; (not pictured). BARBARA A. KNIGHT—“Barbara”—Softball 1, 2. JANICE C. LACKEY—“Janice”—Girls’ Chorus 1, 2; Pep Club 1. JOSEPH JOHN LAKAS—“Joe”—AFS Club 4; Red Cross 4; Golf 3, 4; Chorus 1; Choir 2; Student Council 1. KATHLEEN ROBERTA LAWRENCE—“Bobbi”—Pep Club 1; YFC Club 1; Band Majorette 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Council 4. GAIL ELIZABETH LEBBON—“Gail”— Paw Print 4; Pep Club 1, 4; AFS Club 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Class Council 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 2, 3; Softball 2; Hockey 3; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 3. RONALD GLEN LEWIS—“Ronnie”— Page 223 Senior Directory JOHN MICHAEL LEWIS— “Mike ”— THOMAS EDWARD LEWIS— “Tom ”— Concert Band; Marching Band; Dance Band; Pep Band. DANIEL FREDERICK LIPP—“Danny”-Latin Club 1, 2; YFC Vice-President 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Basketball 1; “Music Man” 1; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. ADRIENNE KAY LIPSKI—“Adrienne”—Honorable Mention in Science Fair 2; AFS 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Art Club 1, 4; YFC 1, 2; FBLA 3, 4; “Music Man” 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Goodbye My Fancy” 1; Concert Choir 2, 3; Senior Council 4. JOHN DARY LOIKOW— “John ”—Junior National Honor Society 2; German Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Science Club 3, 4; Chess Club 4; Stamp Club 1; School Store Staff 1, 2, 3; School Office Staff 2, 4; National Honor Society 4; Math Honor Society 4. SHIRLEY ANN LOKEY— “Shirley ”—Taiwan American High School; Casa Grande High School; Roy Miller High School; Boone High School; Colonial High School; Basketball 1; “Pillow Talk” 4; (not pictured). FREDERICK ALLAN LONG—“Fred”—Marshall High School. MARGARET IRENE LUEHRS—“Irene”—French Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; FBLA 4; Library Staff 1, 2; Office Staff 3. ARDEN RUSSELL LYBERGER—“Russ”—Freshman Football 1. EVELYN IONA MacMILLAN—“Evie”—Pep Club 1, 2; Ice Skating Club 1, 2; Bowling Club 1. CAROLYN MARY MAGILL—“Carolyn”—FBLA 4; Freshman Mix¬ ed Chorus 2; Office Staff 3; “Music Man” 1. MARK CHARLES MAHER—“Mark”— CAROLYN ANNE MANGENG—“Carolyn”—Driving Roadeo Top Scoring Girl 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, Vice-President 4; Math Honor Society 4; AFS Club 3, Treasurer 4; German Club 1; Secretary 3; Torch and Banner Club 4; Basketball 2, 3; SCA Secretary 3; Class Cabinet Officer 4; Class Council 3, 4; “Most Likely to Succeed” 4; Prom Court 4. STEVEN ALLEN MARSHALL—“Steve”— ROBERT CHRISTOPHER MATHERS—“Bob”—DE Parliamentarian 4; JV Football 2; Wrestling 1, 2. ROBERT N. MATTHEWS—“Bob”—Junior Civitan Club 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN LYNN MATTHEWS—“Steve”—AFS Club 2, Vice-Presi¬ dent 3, President 4; French Club 3; Key Club 4; “Our Town” 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2, “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; Concert Choir 2; Madrigals 3, 4; Class Vice-President 1; SCA Senator 3; Class Council 3, 4; All-County Chorus 4. LOUIS HARKEY MAYO— “Harkey ”—Student Handbook Editor 4; Math National Honor Society 4; National Honor Society 4; Key Club 2, Sgt. at Arms 3, 4; Class Council 3, 4; Football 2; Golf 3, 4; All State Band 1, 3, 4; “Music Man” 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; Vice-President of the SCA 4; “Oklahoma” 4; Vice-President of the Band 4. KATHLEEN ANNE McCONNELL—“Kathy”—Junior National Honor Society 2; French National Honor Society 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2; AFS Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Keyette Club 4; Class Council 3, 4; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4. ROY HARRIS McGARRAH—“Harris”—Varsity Club 3, 4; Joy Boys Treasurer 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; “Music Man” 1. JENNINGS MARTIN MEEK—“Marty”— DAVID ALLEN MELLOTT—“David”— LENORE JEAN METCALFE—“Lenore”—Woodrow Wilson High School; Red Cross Club 1, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; The Beacon 1, 2; Choir 1, 2; Class Secretary 1, 2; Class Treasurer 3; Cheerleader 3. KAREN McCREATH—“Karen”— john h. McPherson—“J ohn”— WAYNE METS—“Wayne”— CARMALYN ANNE MILLER—“Carmalyn”—YFC Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 4; Freshmen Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2. LARRY MILLER—“Larry”— MADELEINE MILLER—“Sandy”—Spanish National Honor Society 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 3; AFS Club 3, 4. NANCY ANNE MILLER—“Nancy”—Congressional High School; Monogram Club 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 3; Girls’ Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4. RICHARD KEITH MILLER—“Richard”— MARSHALL HALL MILLS—“Marshall”—Luther Jackson High School 1, 2, 3; Drama Club 3; Baseball Manager 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD PAUL MINER— “Ronnie ”—Junior Civitan Club 2, 3, 4; National Thespian Honor Society 3, Chaplain 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Footbal 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; “The Mouse That Roared” 2; “Our Town” 3; “The Case of the Missing Pe¬ tunias” 4. RICHARD WARREN MONDAY—“Dick”—Junior Civitan Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; ICC 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; “LiT Abner” 4; “Personality Plus” 4. MYCHELLE ANNE MONTGOMERY—“Mychelle”—Wagner High School 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Library Staff 3. PAMELA GLEE MOODIE— “Pam ”—Jaguar Journal Staff 3; Yearbook Activities Editor 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleading Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 1; Keyette Club 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Softball 1; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; Guidance Office Staff 4; Sweetheart Court 2; Homecoming Court Maid-of-Honor 4; Class Council 3. MARGARET SUE MOODY—“Margaret”—Softball. DAVID BRUCE MOREY—“Dave”—Freshman Football 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA SUE MORRIS—“Barb”—Pep Club 1; FBLA Club 2, 4. DOROTHY JEANETTE MOUNTJOY—“Dottie”— Paw Print 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4; Keyette Club 3, Sgt. at Arms 4; French Club 2, 3, President 4; Class Council 3, 4; “Mammy Yokum” 4; Prom Court 4. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH MULDERIG—“Kathy”—Paris American High School; Franco-American Club 3; Pep Club 3; Girls’ Soccer Team 1, 3; Madrigals 1, 2, ' 3. WENDY JUNE MULTOG—“Wendy”—Clenelg High School; AFS Club 2, 3, 4; “Goodbye My Fancy” 1; “Slice It Thin” 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; “Our Town” 3. CAROL MARION MURPHY—“Carol”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4. Page 224 Senior Directory CHARLES S. MURPHY—“Charlie”—Memorial High School; Auto Mechanics Club 1; Football 1; Track 1, 2. ARTHUR BIENVENIDO NAVARRO—“Benny”— Stranahan High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1, 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 3; Baseball 1, 2; Golf 3; Chorus 2, 3. NELSON EDDY NESTOR—“Eddy”—YFC Club 1, 2, Vice-Presi¬ dent 3, President 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA NICHOLS—“Pat”— JANET ALMA NOLAN—“Janet”— Paw Print 3; National Junior Honor Society 2; French National Honor Society 3, 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2; SCA Representative 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Prom Queen 4. CALVIN SOUTHGATE OLSON—“Calvin”— GLENN OMURA—“Glenn”— Paw Print 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Science Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Chess Club 2, 3, 4; Joy Boys 4; Track 4; Interclub Council 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4. DOROTHY IRENE O’NEAL—“Dorothy”—French National Honor Society 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2; French Club 2. CYNTHIA ELALNE ORR—“Cindy”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA Sgt. at-Arms 3; Cheerleader 1; Prom Court 4. JAMES BENJAMIN OWENS—“Jimmy”—Junior Civitans 2, 3, Chap¬ lain 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3. DEBORAH LYNN PALMER—“Debbie”—Pep Club 1; Senior Class Council 4. JEFFERSON DAVIS PALMER—“Jeff”—Pep Club 2; French Club 3, 4; Football 2. CHARLES WAYNE PAPKE—“Chip”—French Club 3, 4; Junior Civi- tan Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL L. PARKER—“Mike”— HAROLD G. PAVEL—“Hal”—Football 1, 2, 3. EVELYN DIANE PAYNE—“Diane”— RONALD DOUGLAS PEMSTEIN—“Ron”—Quill and Scroll Na¬ tional Award 1, 2; D.A.R. American History Award 3; Jaguar Journal Sports Editor 2; Ass’t. First Page Editor 3; Yearbook Sports Editor 4; Senior Class Newsletter Editor 4; Quill Scroll Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Press Club 2; Class Council 3, 4; Baseball Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4. EDWARD WALTER PENDLETON—“Ed”—(Not pictured) Marshall High School; General Business Manager Paw Print. MARY FRANCIS PENNA—“Mary”—Bishop Dennis J. O’Connell High School 1; F.H.A. Club Reporter 3; F.B.L.A. Club 3. SUSAN MARILYN PENWELL—“Sue”—Ice Skating Club 3, 4; F.H.A. Club 2. LOIS ANNE PERFETTI—“Lois”—Government High School 1; R. L. Thomas High School 2; Art Club Treasurer 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; Class Council 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN PETTIN—“Patty”—O’Connel High School 1; Latin Club 2; Office Staff 4. KATHLEEN RITA PETTY—“Kathleen”—Sykesville High School. ALLEN THOMAS PIERCE—“Al”—Spanish Club 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Joy Boys Sgt.-At-Arms 4; Football 1, 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Coun¬ try 3, 4. GERALD PIIILIPON —“Gerry”— CLAUDIA NADINE PINEAU—“Claudia”—Wakefield High School 2; Loudon County High School 1; Swim Club 2; Chorus 1, 2; Con¬ cert Choir 4. MARGARET RAY PILLAR—“Peggy”—Art Contest Award 3; Paw Print 2, Art Editor 3, 4; Jaguar Journal 3, Third Page Editor 4; Quill Scroll Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; French Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Publicity Manager 4; Keyette Club 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3; Office Staff 4. GAIL MARION POE—“Gail”—Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Pep Club; Madrigals 4; Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; “Oklahoma” 4. JOSEPH JOHN POHEDRA—“Joe”—Granby High School 1, 2, 3; Math Honor Society 4; Chess Club 4; Coin Club 4; National Hon¬ or Society 4. BETTY SUE POLK—“Sue”—Stuart High School; Madison High School. MICHAEL RAY POORE—“Mike”—(Not Pictured) Marshall High School 1, 2. JOHN PAGE PORTER—“Johnny”—Wrestling 2; Track 3. STEPHEN MICHAEL PORVAZNIK—“Mike”—1st Place in Science Fair 3; Student Handbook 3, 4; French National Honor Society 2, 3, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Junior National Honor Society 2; Math Honor Society 4; Key Club 2, 3; Corresponding Secretary 4; Football 2; Wrestling 2, 3; Student Staff 3, 4; Class Senator 3; Class Vice-President 4; Class Council 3, 4; S.C.A. Cabinet 3; Honest Abe 4. SHARON LEE POSS—“Sharon”—F.H.A. Club Treasurer 3; Y.F.C. 1; F.B.L.A. Club; Girls’ Softball 2. ALLEN STEPHEN POUCHER—“Steve”—Meadowdale High School; Basketball 4; Junior Civitan Club 4. JOSEPH HENRY PRAETZ—“Joe”—Woodlawn High School; D.E. Club Secretary 4. JOHN STEWART PRICHARD—“John”—Art Fair Honorable Men¬ tion 1; Jaguar Journal Assistant 4th Page Editor 3; Fourth Page Editor 4; Press Bureau 2; Football Manager 4; Library Staff 3, 4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 4. EARL HENRY RAFFERTY—“Earl”—D.E. Club 2, 3; (Not Pic¬ tured ). ROBERT EDWARD RAINS—“Bob”—Outstanding Math Student 3; Junior National Honor Society 1, 2; National Plonor Society 3, 4; French Club 2, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Chess Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Team 3; “It’s Academic” Team 4. WAYNE ALAN RALSTON—“Wayne”—Jaguar Journal Reporter 1; German Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Joy Boys 4; Football 1; Basket¬ ball 1; Track 1, 2; “The Mouse That Roared” 2. CARLA MAE REMBER—“Clara”—Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; French Club 1. ROBERT JAMES RENTZ—“Bob”—Spanish Club 1; Joy Boys Chap¬ lain 4; Basketball 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. KEITH MONROE REYNOLDS—“Dudley”—D.E. Club 4. JANET MARILYN RICH—“Janet”—Pep Club; Basketball, Co-Cap¬ tain 4. ALBERT JEFFREY RIMA—“Jeff”—Ballou High School 1, 2, 3; Roundtable Photographer 3; Future Scientists of America 3; Y.F.C. Treasurer 4; Track 2; National Honor Society 4. Page 225 Senior Directory DAVID C. RITCHIE— “Dave ”—National Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Joy Boys 4; Football 1, 2; National Honor Society 4. FREDERICK WILLIAM ROCK—“Fred”—Pep Club 2, 4; Latin Club 3, 4; Joy Boys President 4; Basketball 1; Football 2; Baseball 2, 4; ' ‘Most School Spirited " 4; Key Club 4. JONATHAN HENRY ROHR— “Jonathan ”—Latin Award 2; National Honor Society 4; Paw Print 4; Latin Club 3, 4; " The Mouse That Roared” 2; Debate Team 3, 4; “It’s Academic” 4. BORIS GOUBERT RUIZ— “Boris ”—La Salle, Bogota, Columbia 1; Spanish Club. TERRY SUE SANDEEN — “Terry” — Paw Print 1, 3; National Jun¬ ior Honor Society 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; Press Club 1; Senior Council 4. PAMELA LEE SAYLOR—“Pam”—D.E. Club 3. LEITHA KATHLEEN SCHAFFSTALL—“Leitha”—Vicenza Ameri¬ can High School, Italy 1, 2; Newspaper 1, 2; Literary Magazine 2; Italian Honor Society 1, 2; Math Honor Society 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 2; Monogram Club 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2; Torch and Banner Club Historian 4; A.F.S. Club 4; French Club 4; Volleyball 1, 2; Swimming 1, Co-Captain 2; Guidance Office Staff 4; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; Cheerleader 1, Captain 2. CINDY SUE SEAY—“Cmdy”—Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Torch and Banner Club Treasurer 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Class Council 3, 4; Office Staff 4; “Our Town” 3. CHARLES HARRY SELL—“Chick”—Football 1, 3; Glenwood High School 1, 2; Golf 3; National Honor Society 4. ELIZABETH LaNEAL SHEDD—“Liz”—1st Place Biology Award 2; Pep Club 2 ? 3, 4; French Club 2, 3; Torch and Banner Club President 4; A.F.S. Club 4; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; Main Office Staff 4. JAMES HAILTON SHEGOGUE—“Jim”—Mixed Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3; Madrigals 4; " Our Town” 3; Musical 4. KERWIN LOUISE SHOUN—“Kerwin”—Pep Club 1; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; Mixed Choms 1. CAROLYN LACY SCHUTZ—“Carolyn”—Pep Club 4; Spanish Club Vice-President 3; A.F.S. Club 4; District Choral Festival 1; Sweet¬ heart Court 4; “Moonbeam McSwine” 4; Keyettes 4; “Oklahoma” 4. JAMES ALBERT SIKES— " Jim”—I.C.T. Club 2; D.E. Club 4; Library Staff 2. CAROLE ANN SIMPSON— ' “Carole”— Y.F.C. Club 1; Freshmen Mix¬ ed Choms 1; “Music Man” 1. JARED P. SIMS—“Jerry”—Ice Skating Club 2, 3. LINDA LOUISE SISSON—“Linda”—F.B.L.A. Club 4; Clinic Staff 2. MARY JANE SLIMAK—“Mary Jane”—Keyette Club 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, President 4; Y.F.C. Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4; “Our Town” 3; Madrigals 3, 4; County Chorus 4; “Oklahoma” 4; “Most School Spirited” 4. STEVEN DAVID SMALL—“Steve”—North Bergen High School 2; Richwoods Community High School 1; Key Club 3; Varsity Club 2; Civitans 4; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Baseball 1, 2; “Marryin’ Sam” 4; “Wittiest” 4. JOHANNES JACOBUS SMIT—“Hans”—Hervormd Lyceum West, Amsterdam; French National Honor Society 4; Math Honor So¬ ciety 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Chess Club 4; Science Club 4; Key Club 4; Concert Choir 4; “Oklahoma” 4; National Honor Society 4. BARBARA LYNN SMITH — “Barb” — Paw Print 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2; Keyette Club 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Fresh¬ men Mixed Chorus 1; Class Council 3, 4; Guidance Office Staff 4; “Our Town” 3; Prom Court; National Honor Society 4. JAMES RANDAL SMITH—“Jim”—Red Cross Club 1; Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; A.F.S. Club 3, Sgt-at-Arms 4; ICC 4; Joy Boys 4; Student Staff 4. NEIL EDWARD SOMMERFELDT—“Neil”—Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. GORDON GEORGE SONIAK—“Gordon”—Bitburg High School; George Washingto n High School; Science Club; F.B.L.A. Club; German Club; Football 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2. PRISCILLA ANN SOUTHERLY—“Prissy”—Y. F. C. Club 2, 3; F.B.L.A. Club 3, 4. ROY LOUIS SPILMAN, Jr.—“Roy”—Washington Lee High School 2; Rifle Club 2; Radio Club 2; D.O. Club 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 1. LINDA JOYCE SPROLES—“Linda”—(Not Pictured) Northwestern High School 2; Fairfax High School. MICHAEL C. STACKHOUSE—“Mike”—French Club 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 1, 2. GARNER LEE STALLINGS—“Garner”—Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 2. GENE DENNIS STANGOHR—“Gene”— RICHARD ALAN STANTON—“Rick”—(Not Pictured). MARY JANE STEELE—“Janie”—D.E. Club 4. PHYLLIS JEAN STEWART— ' “Phyllis ”—Pep Club 1; Ice Skating Club 1, 2; F.B.L.A. Club 4. SANDRA MAE STICKLEY— " Sandy”— Paw Print 3, 4; Yearbook Organizations Editor 4; Junior National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 4; Keyette Club 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; Pep Club 1, 2 y 3, 4; Junior Class Council 3; Senior Class Council 4; Prom Court 4. MARY BLAKE STITES—“Mary”—Va. Girls’ State 3; National Hon¬ or Society 3, President 4; French National Honor Society 3, Sgt- at-Arms 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Press Club 2; A.F.S. Club 3; Keyette Club 3, Recording Secretary 4; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2; Class Secretary 3, 4; Guidance Office Staff 3, 4; Student Staff 3; Class Council 3, 4; “Most Dependable” 4; Prom Court 4. DORIS SUSAN STITZEL—“Sue”—Mixed Chorus 1; Student Staff 4; Office Staff 4; Class Council 3, 4; Keyette Club 4. MARY LEE STUDDS— ' “Mary Lee”—Pep Club 2; Ice Skating Club 2, 3; F.B.L.A. Club 4; V.O.T. Club 4; Bowling Club 1. BRYAN ASHLEY SUIT—“Bryan”—Safe Driving Poster Award 1; Wrestling 2. DAVID CHARLES SULLIVAN—“Dave”— RAYMOND FREDERICK THOMPSON— " Freddy”—(Not Pictured) D.O. Club 3, 4. GLENN MARSHALL THOMPSON—“Glenn”—Madison High School; Woodson High School; D.E. Club Vice-President. RODERICK L. THORNTON—“Rod”—D.E. Club 4; Ice Skating Club 1, 2. GERALD L. TOWLE—“Gerry”—Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 4. RICHARD N. TRAYNHAM— “Dick ”—National Junior Honor Society 2; National Thespian Honor Society 3, Sgt-at-Arms 4; A.F.S. Club 1, Treasurer 2; Sgt-at-Arms 2; Class Council 4; Track 2; " Goodbye My Fancy” 1; “Slice It Thin” 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; “Our Town” 3; “Pillow Talk” 4; “Oklahoma” 4; Mixed Choms 1. Page 226 Senior Directory JAMES ALASTAIR TURPIE— “Jim ”—Paris American High School 1; Skyline High School 2, 3; Math Honor Society 4; California Scholarship Federation 3; Key Club 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. LINDA DIANE VIAR—“Diane”—Pep Club 1, 2; F.B.L.A. Club 4; Girls’ Chorus 2. JOHN VON RUNNEN, JR.—“Jack”—Junior Civitan Club 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Swim Club 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS ALLEN VORHAUER—“Tommy”—Junior Civitan Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Wrestling 1; Track 1; “Music Man” 1; “Bye Bye Birdie” 2; Madrigals 2, Father 3, 4; Freshman Mixed Chorus 1; All-State Chorus 2, 4; District Choral Festival 1, 2, 4. ARMENTIA LATRICHA WALL—“Armentia”—Rosemont Jr. High 1; Norview Sr. High 2; Science Club 1, 2; Library Club 1; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2; Senior Council 4; National Honor Society 4. BECKIE ANN WALLACE— “Beckie” — Paw Print 1, 2; Jaguar Jour¬ nal 1, 2; Pep Club 2, 3; Cheerleading Co-Captain 2; Sweetheart Court 2; Junior Class Council 3; “Daisy Mae” 4; Prom Court 4. JOHN ANTHONY WANAT—“John”—O’Connell High School 1, 2; Rifle Club 2. HAROLD WILLIAM WHEELER, Jr.—“Bill”—Key Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANNE WHITE—“Pat”—Ice Skating Club 2, 3; “Slice It Thin” 2; “Arsenic and Old Lace” 3; Guidance Office Staff 4. BRENDA CHERYL WHITNEY—“Brenda”—Luther Jackson High School 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. Club 4; Science Club 4; Math Club; ICT Club. EDWARD R. WILLETT—“Ed”—ICT Club 3, 4; (Not Pictured). CHERYL ANNE WILLIAMS— “Cheryl ”—Yearbook Publicity Manag¬ er 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Cheerleading Club 3; Homecoming Court 2, 4; Sweetheart Court 1, 3; Class Girl Senator 11; Class Secretary 2; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; SCA Representative 1, 2. FRANCES CAROL WILLINGHAM—“Carol”—Pep Club 2, 3. JANE RUTH WOOD—“Jane”—Yearbook Copy Editor 4; French Club 2; Pep Club 2; A.F.S. Club 4; Torch and Banner Club 4; Junior Class Council 3. ROBERT BRUCE WRIGHT—“Goose”—Varsity Club 3, 4; Civitan Club 4; Football 1, 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3. JOHN MICHAEL YONUSIIONIS—“John”—Heidelberg American High School 1, 2; Junior Civitan Club 3, Sgt-at-Arms 4; German Club 1, 2; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2; Track 3 4; “Tiny Yokum” 4. GARY EARLE YOUNG—“Gary”—Junior National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, Chaplain 4; Varsity Club 4; Key Club 2, Secretary 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3; “I3est All Around” 4. Page 227 HI - HHH advertisements Compliments PLEASURADIO of AAAA Security National Bank Wwww FALLS CHURCH BRANCH Fine Music for Discriminating Listeners 1055 West Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Nation ' s Capital—Virginia and Maryland For all branches Tower Square Phone 481-6100 Falls Church, Virginia Member FDIC and Federal Reserve JE 2-1220 1220 K.C. — 5000 Watts The S.C.A, Cabinet develops leadership qualities PENN-PARK REALTY CORP. Charles Speacht—President 533-0441 and 768-1440 Page 230 450 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia BILL PAGE PONTIAC, INC. 6715 ARLINGTON BLVD. FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 22042 PONTIAC — TEMPEST Used Cars JE 3-9700 Flowers by Wire Falls Church Florist Colonial Radio Co. 419 West Broad Street Sales and Service Falls Church, Virginia 2716 North Washington Blvd. JE 3-1334 Arlington, Virginia JA 5-7711 H Interior Decorating Service — Fabrics Upholstering — Draperies — Slip Covers 5866 Leesburg Pike, Bailey ' s Cross Roads 3018 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia JA 8-0558 Stuart B. Silverman Manager Liggon Paint Store, Inc. 154 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-7980 HU 1-2882 Paints, Wallpaper and Supplies 203 E. Fairfax Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-7117 Flowers For All Occasions Gasoline Oil — Atlas Accessories Road Service — Minor Repairs Falls Church American Service For the finest in men ' s clothing 24 Hour Wrecker Service 6550 Arlington Boulevard THE STAG SHOP Falls Church, Virginia Parkington Shopping Center Clyde Rosser Phone 532-5300 Arlington 524-7414 Seven Corners Esso Servicenter Arlington Blvd. and Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Virginia 532-3031 AVIS RENTA CAR For Axis Rent-a-Car Call 534-1442 Always Remember, " We Try Harder” QUALITY PRINTING • FAST SERVICE ECONOPRINT MIMEOGRAPHING — PHOTOCOPYING Our Aim is Excellence 626 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-6680 Prestige Dry Cleaners Home of Satisfied Customers 7257 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-9384 JUaiM HAIR STYLIST 6670 Arlington Boulevard Falls Church- Virginia Phones: JE 2-9647 — JE 2-4773 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat., 9:00 to 6:00 Wed. and Fri. 9:00 to 9:00 Wissinger Chevrolet Co. Seven Corners Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-9200 Compliments of PEACOCK BUICK F.T.D. Member JC ann s George Raptis and Bill Dukas Flowers For All Occasions JEfferson 2-4141 7 Corners Shopping Center Falls Church, Virginia 400 S. Maple Ave. Falls Church, Va. JE 3-8131-32 Falls Church Bowling Center 32 Automatic Lanes Member BPAA • NDPBC • NWBPA For The Girl Who Cares 1001 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Phone JE 4-8500 Wigs Coiffures Hairpieces 926 West Broad St. Falls Church, Va. JE 4-9600 APOLLO RESTAURANT 607 South Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-8400 SHISHKEBAB CHARCOAL STEAKS SEAFOOD PRIVATE DINING ROOM Compliments of National Bank of Commerce of Fairfax County 234 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia ART SUPPLIES • CUSTOM FRAMING DRAFTING SUPPLIES J. F. Thomas Co. of Va. 5803 Leesburg Pike Bailey ' s Crossroads, Va. Shopping Center) Virginia Forest Esso Servicenter Phone 533-1400 HAW William Stalcup Furniture Company 702 South Washington Street (Lee Highway) Kelley T. Clem Falls Church, Va. 442 South Washington Street Falls Church- Virginia 532-8880 Wallace Monroe 438 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia Michele Jewelers Bailey ' s Crossroads Shopping Center Phone 481-1345 Pod Orchids 109 South Spring Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 3-8657 Corsages Professionally Made Reasonably Priced Compliments of Support The STUDENT PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION LA MONT STUDIOS 51 67 Lee Highway ARLINGTON, VA. KE 6-7172 Photographer Abrams, Clifford. Adams, Debra. Adams, Sandra. Addison, Daniel. . . . Addison, Mary. Agre, David. Ainsley, Helen. Ainsley, Mary. Ake, Walter. Akers, James. Albertson, Nancy. . . . Albrecht, Edward.... Albritton, John. Allen, Gary. Allen, James. Allen, John. Allen, Joseph. Allen, Patricia. Allen, Randolph. Allison, James. Altman, Linda. Ambler, Alan. Ambler, Mark. Amirault, Catherine. . Amme, Robert. Amole, Janet. Anderson, Barry. Anderson, Diana. Anderson, Sandy. Anderson, Warren. . . Andrews, Christine. . . Andrews, Mary Jane. Anthony, Dorothy. . . . Arden, Stephen. Argiropoulous, Georgia Arnold, Janette. Arnold, Nancy. Arnold, Timothy. Ashby, Herbert. Ashford, Karen. Ashford, Richard Ashley, Anthony. . . . Ashley, Gaynell. Atherton, Sandra. Attiliis, Howard. Attiliis, Marie. Atwalter, Susan. Austin, John. Austin, Kathleen. Austin, Mike. Ayoub, Peter. Ayres, Barbara. Bachman, Lewis. . . Bageant, Earl. Bailey, Lrances. . . . Bailey, Mary. Bailey, Mary G. . . Baird, Gary. Baird, Oscar. Baker, Christopher Baker, Gary. Baker, James. Baker, Kathleen. . . Baker, Mary. Balderson, Catherine Ball, Kathleen. Ball, Michael. Ball, Sharon. Ball, Shirley. Ballard, Lorrest. . . . Ballou, Anne. Ballou, Susan. Bannister, Sally.... Index . .42, 122 132, 188, 191, 205 .98, 137, 143 .98 .42 .98, 137 .98 .42 .88 .88, 184, 200 .88, 140 .98, 199 .75 .75, 205 .98 .98 .112, 119 .88, 184 .75, 135, 137 .98 .88 .75 .75, 117, 142 .98 .98 .75, 140, 168, 184 .. .18, 75, 131, 137, 148, 150 .98 .75 .88, 135, 136 .98 .75, 141, 198, 213 .98 .98 .75, 142 .42 .75, 115, 117, 150 .75 .115, 118, 138, 212 .98 .88 .88, 116 .88 .42 .88 .88 .42 .88 116 .88, 200, 214 .88, 116, 143 .75 .88 43, 120, 123, 126 134, 136, 141, 173, 198, 213 .98 .75 .88 .98 .98 .75, 140 .75 .88 .99 .43, 217 .99 .99 .88 .75, 110 .99 .88, 142 .88, 134 136 .43, 119, 128 .99, 111, 141 .88, 203 .75, 137 Barile, Cora.43, 127 Barker, Ellen. 88 Barker, Judy.43, 134, 136 Barlett, Richard.99 Barnes, Howard.99 Barnes, Richard.75 Barrack, David. 88 Barrett, Barbara. 88 Barrett, Catherine.99, 136 Barms, Sharon.89, 142 Bastress, Joanne.99 Bates, Mary.43 Bates Richard.89 Batts, Linda.43 Baumgardner, Brenda.89 Beane, Dennis.89 Beck, Thomas.89 Beckman, Douglas.99 Beech, James.75, 133, 140, 143, 188 Beech, Len.89, 200 Beeman, David. 99 , 202 Beeman, Linda.43, 130, 213 Behrend, Gary.89, 116 Belknap, Marilyn.75, 126, 135 Bell, Kevin. 76 Bell, William S.43, 113, 128, 139, 173, 208, 211 Belyea, Robert.76, 133, 192 Benedict, Patricia.43, 44, 127, 141, 147, 173 Bennett, Arthur.76, 113, 115, 117, 118 Bennett, Carol.99 Bennett, Carolyn.76 Bennett, Claudia.43, 127 Bennett, Richard.99 Bennett, Virginia.89 Berda, Theresa.76, 135 Berry, Betty.99 Bertram, Susan.43 Bevans, Elizabeth.43 Bibb, John.76 Bickham, Kevin.89 Bickham, Margaret.43 Biermann, Robert.99 Binns, Judy.99 Bisson, Linda.89, 142 Black, Kathy.44 Black, William.76 Blair, Howard.76 Blake, Robert.44, 76, 111, 117, 133, 144, 145 Bledsoe, Gary.76, 115, 117, 150 Blevins, Rodney.76 Blum, Michael.44, 135 Bobby, Barbara.44, 159 Bobby, George. 89 Bobel, Philip.44, 111, 118, 122, 132, 173 Bogan, Kevin.199 Boger, Bruce.76, 115, 117, 128, 138, 191, 205, 207 Boland, Barbara.89 Bolton, Chester.89 Bono, Deborah.99 Booth, Ellen. 99 Booze, William.89 Botkin, Christine.99 Botkin, Owen.89 Botos, Christopher.76, 117, 118, 133 Bowen, Clarence.44, 192 Bowen, Elissa.89, 168 Bowen, Susan.76, 150 Bounds, Carolyn.99 Bourgeois, Donald. 99 Bowers, Nannette.99, 137 Bowes, Daniel.44, 139, 140, 208, 210 Bowie, George. 99 Bowman, Barbara.99, 116, 136 Bowman, Kathleen.19, 44, 127, 135, 136, 172 Page 238 Bowman, Robert.44, 110, 118, 132, 172, 188, 215 Boyce, James.44, 208 Boyd, Sandra.76 Boyd, Scott.99 Boyer, David.76, 133 Boyer, Elizabeth.89 Boyette, Patricia.89 Brackens, Doris.99 Bradford, Cynthia.89 Bradley, Tommie.99 Bradshaw, Martha.89, 136 Bradshaw, Phyllis.99 Bradshaw, John.44 Bramley, Eleanor.45, 118 Brandt, Jack.76, 129, 138 Braun, Gerry.45, 128, 139 Braun, Larry.89 Brennan, David.99 Brescia, Keith.45, 210 Brescia, Robert.89, 140 Brewster, Deua.99 Breyer, Joann. 89 Breyer, John.45, 132 Brightly, Jeffrey.99 Brondstatter, Cheryl.99 Brooks, Dennis.99, 110, 217 Brooks, Margaret.17, 45 Brooks, Roger.45, 188, 190 Brown, Clifford.99 Brown, Dixie.99 Brown, Joseph.45 Brown, Kenneth.99, 214 Brown, Richard.89, 184 Brown, William.45, 128, 139, 204, 205, 206 Bruntel, Kenneth.76, 117, 129, 138, 202, 208 Buckingham, Lytle.76, 117, 118 Buckingham, Mary.89, 116, 149 Buckley, Sandra.99, 136, 199 Burdick, James.44, 46, 128 Burdick, Margaret.99 Burgess, Glenna.44, 46, 118, 127, 135, 136, 168 Burke, Ralph.99 Burkett, Lynda.99, 116, 198 Burkett, John.89 Burney, Carol.99 Burnham, Joel.89, 202 Burrell, Linda.46, 148 Burriell, Delores.99 Burroway, Bette.76 Bush, Diane.99 Bush, Linda.17, 76 Butler, Mark.99 Byles, Terry.46, 118 Byrd, Paulette.99 Calhoun, Michael.89 Campbell, David.89, 116 Campbell, William.76 Canfield, Janet.89 Canfield, Lee.192 Canfield, Norman.89, 184, 192, 194 Cappio, Jane.89, 121 Carl, Linda.76 Carlson, Elizabeth.19, 99, 137 Carlson, Karen.90, 116, 130 Carlson, Michael.46 Carnahan, Charles.46 Carnahan, Lucille.76 Carr, Bill.46 Carrier, Daniel.90 Carter, Eva.100 Carter, Richard.90 Carter, Sheryl.102 Carter, Thomas.77 Cary, David.77 Casey, Joseph.77, 117 Cash, Betty.77 Cauble, Doris.100 Cayot, Michele.17, 46, 115, 117, 119, 121, 126, 217 Cazalas, Andrew.46, 147 Cazalas, Kathleen. 100 Chamberlin, Carol. ..90 Chamlee, Roy. 100 Chapman, James. .90 Chewning, Gary. ■92, 111, 120, 133 Childress, Robert. .200 Chipps, Beverly. 100 Chitenden, Sharon. TOO Christ, Anthony. 44, 77, 192, 193, 209 Christ, Jon. .90, 202 Christerson, Vallorie. .90, 146, 150 Christesson, Michael. 100, 142 Christiansen, Robert. TOO Christie, Joan. ■90, 148 Christopher, Francis. .46 Ciffo Angela. .47 Cilliam, Gary. .77 Cirlin, Charine.18, 47, 110, 123, HI, 147, 162, 163, 196, 197 Clancy, Robert. . 47 Clark Marcia . .90, 111, 141, 200, 203 Clark, Nancy. TOO Clark, Paul. 100, 110 Cleland, Elizabeth. .90 Clements, Sandra. . .90 Cline, Robert. ■77, 138 Clyde, Bonnie. .100 Cockerill, James. . .90 Coffey, Mary. .90, 148 Cohen, Cynthia. ■47, 115, 117, 120, 127, 143 Cole, Bill. .90 Cole, Roger. .100 Collins, Charles. TOO Collins, Grover. .90 Collins, William. .214 Compton, Linda. 100 Compton, Virginia. 90, 136, 142 Cook Hugh. 100 Cook, Leroy. ..77, 184 Cooney, Sandra. . .90 Cooper, Carole. . .90 Cooper, Patricia. . .47 Cooper, Timothy. TOO Corey, Lynn. . .77 Cornwall, Larry. . .90 Cosbey, Daniel. . .77 Cosimano, Michael. . .90 Cothran, Jeanne. •77, 110 Counts, Larry. . .90 Cousins, Charles. . .77 Covington Mark. . .90 Cox, David. TOO Cox, Gena. . 17 47, 115, 117, 130, 134 Cox, Nancy. ..77 Crack, Richard. 77, 129, 138, 208 Cragle Florence. .90, 199 Cragle, Margaret. .. .90 ,130 Cragle, Patricia. ■ 47, 199 Crawford, Dennis. ....77, 133, 138, 188, 189, 204, 206 Creel, Linda. TOO Creel Mike. 77, 138, 205 Crider, Laura. ■90, 147, 149 Crouch, Karen. TOO Crouch, Sharon. TOO Crouse, Larry. TOO Crowder, John. TOO Crown, Patricia. .19 , 90 Crumbough, Lucinda. 100, 137 Cunningham, Harold. . .47 Cushing Robert. •48, 132, 212 Daniels, Harvey. TOO Daniels, Paulette. . .48 Danilik, Karen. ..77, 136 Darnall, Michael. . .48 Dart, Carolyn. ..77, 150 Daube, Robert. TOO Davidson, Annette. ..77, 137 Davidson, James. ..90, 116 Davidson Jeanette. .77, 168 Davis, Barbara. ■90, 120, 135 Page 239 Davis, Charlene. Davis, Douglas. Davis, Ginny. Davis, Suzanne. Davis, William. DeCerbo, Douglas DeFreitas, Paul. Dehaven, Paul. De Lauder, Reginia. . . Dellas, Susan. Delorezo, Kenneth . . . Delorenzo, Patricia. . . Demo, Joan. Deneault, Jacqueline. . Deneault, Pauline. . . . Denny, Jonathan.... Derrow, Jeffery. De Temple, Patricia. . Dietrich, Patricia. Dietsch, Deborah DiSilvio, Richard. . . . Ditto, Christine. Ditto, William. Dixon, Charles. Dixon, Diane. Dodd, Kathleen. Dodgion, Brenda. . . . Dodgion, Cheryl. Dodson, Gene. Dolan, Patrick. Donaldson, Vickie. . . Donnell, Kerry. Donnelly, Maureen. . . Donohue, Richard. . . Douglas, James. Dovel, John. Dowell, Nancy. Downing, Earl. Downing, Richard. . . Doyle, Michael. Doyle, Sheila. Drago, Frank. Drago, Laura. Dressier, Diane. Dronenburg, Jeanette. Dronenburg, Juanita. . Dronenburg, William Dross, Lorraine. Ducker, Gail. Duckett, Andree. Duff, Brenda. Dukes, Danny. Dulaney, Margaret. . . Dunlap, Dana. Dunmire, Linda. Dutch er, Greg. Dzamba, Patricia. Edison, Patricia. Edwards, Janet. Egnot, Michele. Eldridge, John. Eldridge, Pat. Elliott, Michael. Ellis, James. Ellis, John. Ellis, Louise. Elsasser, Frances. Entzminger, William Erler, Ronald. Evans, Adrian. Evans, Charles. Evans, Ralph. Everhard, John. Evers, Robert. Ewalt, Maureen. Fades, Robert. Fairbanks, Judith. . . . Fairbanks, John. .100 .100 .100 .77 .100 .90 .77 .100 17, 44, 48, 117, 127, 143, 217 .100, 141 .90, 192 .48 .77 .48, 133, 150 .77, 110, 146 .90 .77, 151 .90, 111 .44, 48, 119, 121, 122, 127, 141 .91 .100 .48 .100, 201 .48 .48 .91, 198 .100 .91 .49 .91, 200 .77 . .. .18, 49, 113, 120, 126, 143 .19, 100, 150 .78 .78, 184, 202, 208 .49 .49 .91 .100 .49 .18, 78 .100 .100, 119 .49 .91, 120 .78, 146 .49 .100 .91, 135, 168 .100 111, 141, 203 .100 .91, 200 .100 .78 .91 .100 .100, 150 .78, 147, 149 . 100, 134, 142, 146 .91, 141, 203 .78 .91 .79 .49 .49, 123, 132, 139, 205 .91 .50 .50 .91 .78 .50 .78, 117 .78, 133, 138, 202, 208, 209, 210 .101 .91 .91 .101 .78 Fall, Milton.50, 128, 204, 205 Fallin, Judith.91, 119, 134, 142 Farmer, Beverly.101 Farmer, Steve.101 Farmer, Thomas.78 Farrell, James.78, 192, 195, 208 Faunce, Jane.101 Felt, Leonard.101 Ferguson, Linda.101, 199 Ferguson, Martha.50 Ferrer, Tony.151 Ferrone, Anita.91, 147 Ferrone, Diana.50, 110 Fewell, John.101 Field, Stevens.101 Findley, Craig.18, 51 Fioramonti, Kathryn.78, 111, 127, 136, 142 Fisher, James.91 Fisher, Joseph..44, 51, 119, 125 Fisher, Larry.101 Fisher, Virginia.51, 120, 121, 143 Fisher, William E.78 Fisher, William J.101 Flaggs, Donald.91, 149 Flester, Steven.91, 116, 184 Fletcher, Carolyn.101 Fletcher, Mary.91 Fling, Linda.101 Florance, Robert.51 Foster, Barbara.101 Foster, Glen.91 Fox, Donna.17, 78 Franklin, Dorothy.78 Franklin, John.101 Franks, Susan.101 Fravel, Frederic.91, 116 Freeborn, Lynn.101 Freeborn, Mary.101, 136 Freyer, Bryan.78, 146 Friend, Robert.101, 140 Friend, Sidney.78, 140, 151 Fritz, Jane.101 Fulmer, Calvin.91 Furlow, Cynthia.91 Fuson, Daniel.78, 209 Fuson, Mary.101, 116 Gadd, Carole.91 Gailliot, Martha.51, 118, 168 Gaines, Mary.51 Gale, Gordon.101 Callahan, William.91, 184, 202, 214 Gambordella, Joseph.101 Gardner, Danny.101 Gardner, Donna.101 Garfield, Larry.91, 200 Garnett, Carol..91 Garrett, Daniel.91 Gartin, Steve.78 Garvin, Ann.51, 113, 119, 121, 126, 141, 172 Garvin, Eileen.101, 137 Garvin, Joan.98, 101, 111, 136 Gaskins, Harold.78 Gaskins, Paulette.17, 18, 51 Gaut, Charlene.91, 142 Gerber, Karen.91, 136 Gender, Glen.78, 115, 118, 129 Geuder, Jeanne.101, 116 136 Gieseler, Phil.78, 118, 123 Gillespie, David.51 Gilliam, Andria.101 Gilliam, Bruce.79 Gilmore, Linda.101 Given, Sandra.51 Gleason, Phil.91 Goble, Dari.101, 141, 203 Godfrey, Dennis.51, 192 Godlove, Esther.91 Goff, Londa.91 Go ice, Larry.101 Page 240 Goldfein, Saralee. . . . Gooch, Carveth. . . . Gooch, Nancy. Gooding, Debbie. . . . Gooding, Jeanette. . Goodman, Beth. . . . Goodman } Sharin. . . Goodrich, Mark. Goracke, Robert. Gowin, Belinda. . . . Gowin, Dennis.... Grabill, John. Graham, Carol. Graham, Glenda. . . Graham, Kenny. Graham, Patricia. . . Gramling, Dora. . . . Gramling, Loretta. . Grant, Sonny. Graves, Janice. Graves, Libby. Gray, Marion. Greenberg, Merle. . . Greenfield, Debby. . . Green, Natalie. Greenrose, Pirkko. . Gregory, Kathleen. . . Gregson, Kathleen. . Gribbin, Diane. Gribbin, Donna. . . . Griffin, Brenda. Griffin, John. Griffith, Linda. Grim, Marcia. Grimes, Austin. Grosvenor, Geoffrey Groves, Jeff. Groves, Nancy. Grubb, Robert. Guenther, Mark. . . . Guerin, Ronny. Guernsey, Dave.... Gunnels, Mary. Gurri, Maria. Gurri, Martin. Gustafson, Gini. . . . Gutridge, Catherine. Haack, Carolyn. Haase, Valerie. Hadley, Harry. Hailman, Alice. Haley, Jack. Haley, Patricia. Hall, David. Hall, Doris. Hall, Steven. Hallama, John. Hallama, Sharon Hallstead, Linda. . . . Hallstead, Susan.... Hamblin, Nancy. . . . Hamilton, Gloria. . . Hamilton, Thelma. . Hamilton, Tommy. . Hamm, Patricia. . . . Hammer, Kenneth. . Hammer, Richard. . Hammer, Steve. Hampton, Judy. Hanna, Blythe. Hanna, Janet. Hanna, Robert. Hanrahan, Janet. . . . Hansel, Ruth. Hansen, Peggy. Hare, Wendell. Harnage, Kenneth. . Harper, James. .51, 113, 115, 117, 118 120, 126, 134, 136, 141 .91 .51, 134 .98, 101 .136 .79, 118, 126, 135, 168 .79 .79, 117 .79, 138, 147 .159 .101 .51, 212 .18, 126 .101 .79, 168 .101 .79, 136, 148 .101 .52, 132 .101 .79 .79 ....52, 118, 168, 172 .92, 130 .79 .52 .92 .79 .52 .79 .52 .101 .92, 36, 148 .44, 79, 150 .52, 140 .92 .92 .53 .101 .79, 138, 184, 208, 209 .92 .53 .101 .101, 146 .79, 116 .53, 118 .92 .53, 144, 217 .92, 130 .92, 125, 144, 149 .17, 53, 119 .92, 116, 129, 184 .101 .92, 144, 149 .101 .92, 184, 200, 214 .101 .79, 136 .53, 111, 115, 134 98, 101, 131, 134, 136, 168 .79, 115, 117, 118 .79 .92, 111 .101 .18, 92 .53 .101 .92 .79, 117, 147, 150, 213 .53 .92 .53 .102 .54 .54 .92 .92, 184 .102 Harris, Clarence.97 Harris, Jeri.101 Harris, John.92 Harris, Kristine.92 Harris, Paul.54 Harris, Steve.101 Harris, Victoria.54 Harrington, Kenneth.101 Hart, Carolyn.54, 117, 135 Hart, Linda.79, 136 Hart, Maxine.79 Hartman, Gary.79 Hartsook, Wallace.79, 115, 117, 129, 184, 205 Harvey, Dinah.101, 199 Haske, Irene.18, 54 Hawkins, Pat.101, 143, 199 Hayes, Charles. 101, 117, 188, 201 Hayes, Elizabeth.92, 111, 119, 130 Hayes, James.80 Hayes, Susan.80, 136 Head, Lon.54 Healey, Mary.80, 143 Heath, Doris.101, 150 Hedgpeth, Terry.80 Hedrick, Linda.80 Hegwood, Lois.92 Helsley, Gloria.92 Herbert, Mary.101 Herbert, William.92, 184, 202, 214 Herling, Gary.102 Herling, William.80 Herritz, Bernard.80 Hershev, Howard.54, 117, 217 Hershey Susan.92 Hess, Janet.54, 119, 121, 124, 125 Heyde, Thomas.92 Heywood, Beverly.102, 116, 136 Hickerson, Robert.102 Hickling, Donna.102 Hicks, Regina.17, 54 Hicks, Sharon.102 Hicks, Stephen.102 Hill, Fred.92 Hill, Janice.102, 136 Hill, Michael.44, 55, 111, 112, 118, 119, 124, 132 1 lime, Barbara.102 Hixson, Donald .19, 92, 116, 184, 200 Hobgood, Charles.102 Hoernemann, John.55, 113, 140 Hoffman, Harriet.55, 115, 134 Hoffman, Martha.92, 134 Hoffman, Sara.55 Holcomb, Jenna.102 Holliday, Robert.102, 214 Holloway, Thomas.102 Holmaas, Janet.80 Holmes, Sandra.80, 150 Holtzman, Linda.102 Honey, George.80, 151 Hooper, Gaye.102 Hooper, Lynn.92, 168 Hooper, Sandra.55 Hoover, Ralph.92 Hopkins, Gail.102 Hopkinson, Nan. 17, 55, 113, 126, 135, 141, 173, 216 Horn, John.102 Horton, Michael.102 Horton, Randolph.102 Horvath, Enid.102, 116, 142,. 146 Houghton Richard.102 Howard, Charles.92, 111, 113, 116, 133, 149, 184, 208 Hruneni, Edward.80, 138, 208, 210 Hudrock, Charles.80 Hudspeth, Susan.92 Huff, Clara.55, 141 Huff, Pamela.80, 123, 127, 141 Huff, Sharon.80 Hughes, Greg.102, 201 Hughes, William.55, 208 Page 241 Hunsberger, Deborah Hunsberger, Jerome. Hunsberger, Karen. . Hunter, Geoffrey. . . Hunter, Herbert. . . . Hunter, Herbert E.. . Hunter, Maureen. . . Huseby, Jennifer. . . . Hutchison, Marsha. . Huthwaite, Audrey. . Huycke, Donald. . . . Isom, Bonnie. Jackson, Pamela.... Jackson, Pauline. James, Ronald. Jeglum, Gerald. Jeglum, Sharon. Jenkins, Ronnie. Jenkins, Vivian. Jernigan, Linda. Johns, William. Johnson, Dean. Johnson, Janet. Johnson, Lawrence. . Johnson, Robert. . Johnston, Glen. Johnston, John.... Johnston, Judith. . . . Johnston, Mary. . . . Johnston, Sandy. . . . Jolley, John. Jones, Barbara. Jones, Barbara. Jones, Charles. Jones, Earlie. Jones, Faye. Jones, Kristy. Jones, Linda. Jones, Luther. Jones, Mostyn. Jones, Patrick. Jones, Peter. Jones, Terrell. Jones, Thomas. Jones, William. Joyce, Leslie. Judd, John. Jullien, Gilbert. Jullien, Robert. Juncal, Betty. Juncal, Don. Juncal, Wayne. Juracich, Steven . . . .92, 136 .80 .80, 111, 115, 141 .102 .102, 214 .80 .80 .42, 55, 111, 123, 126, 147 . 102 .80, 141, 147, 213 .55, 204, 207 .102 .102 .80 .92 .102 .80, 117 .102 .92 .55, 130 .92 .103 .92, 125 .80, 123, 133 .103 .103 .80 .92 .92 .103 .44, 55, 123 .80 .103, 148 .103 .103, 146 .103, 162 .103 .103 .56 .56, 132, 139, 208 .103, 214 . 103, 201, 212 .56 .92, 140 .202 214 .81, 184, 208 .44, 56, 18, 123, 132, 172 .19, 92 . 56, 113, 123, 132 .56, 217 .92 .81 .56 Kackley, Robert. . Kadel, Paul. Kaetzel, Robert. . Kalen, Peter. Kasulattis, Donald. Keeler, Karee. .. . Keeler, Patricia. . . Keller, Nancy. Kelley, Mary Lou. Kelley, Patricia. . . Kelley, Susan. Keels, Lillian.... Keen, Carol. Kern, Carolyn.... Kerns, Judith.... Kems, Linda. Kendall, James. . . Kerttula, Kenneth Keys, Carolyn. . . . Keys, Debbie. Kidd, Linda. Kidwell, Dorthy. . . Kimble, Nancy. . . Kincheloe, Nancy. .81 .81, 140 .103 .56 .92 .81 .103 .92, 143 .56 81, 115, 150 .93, 120, 135 .103 .81 .103 .81 .81 .93 .56 .103 .103 .81 .93, 131 .56 .81, 141 King, Donald.103 King, Dorothy.18, 81 King, Elizabeth.103 King, Jeffry.103, 261 King, Kayelaine.56 King, Linda.103 King, Michael.81 King, Phyllis.57 Kitchens, Greg.103 Klein, Albert.93 Kleinfeld, Anita.57, 127, 134, 168 Kleinfeld, Cindy.103 Kleinfelder, Peggy.81, 136 Klewicki, Michaeline.57, 111, 136, 141, 198 Klewicki, Toni.103, 136, 199 Knight, Barbara.57 Knight, Eric.93 Knight, Margaret.93 Knight, Margie.93 Knight, Valerie.81, 135, 141, 198 Koerbel, Craig.103 Korbe, Michael.91 Lackey, Janice.57 LaCoss, Alicia.81 Lacy, Ray.81, 192, 195 Lain, Randy.81, 184, 212 Lain, Joelyn.103, 199 Lakas, Barry.103, 148, 212 Lakas, Joseph.57, 135, 148, 212 Lake, Nancy.103, 136, 149, 150 Lanagan, Susan.103 Landman, David.81 Landsdown, Harold.103 Langston, Randall.93 Lanier, Michael.19, 93 Lantz, Judy.81 Larkin, Carol.81, 141, 198 Lattimore, Carolyn.103 Lauffer, Barbara.93 Lawall, Carol.81, 115, 117, 126, 150 Lawrence, Kathleen.57 Lawson, Josephine.93, 143 Leavitt, Angela.93 Lebbon, Anne.93, 103, 136 Lebbon, Gail.57, 120, 127, 135, 136, 141, 213 Lee, Glenda.103 Leeper, Marilyn.93, 136 Leffas, Virginia.81, 148, 150 Lewis, John.57 Lewis, Ronald.57 Lewis, Thomas.58 Lilly, Anna.95, 120, 153 Lindley, Louis.81 Linn, Debbie.103 Lipp, Daniel.58, 149 Liptrap, Alena.81, 120 Lip trap, Carolyn.93 Lipski, Adrienne.44, 58, 135, 148, 150 Litten, Maudene.93 Litten, Virginia.81, 137 Little, Katherine.103 Lloyd, Helen.103 Lloyd, Jean.81 Loftis, John.103 Loikow, John.18, 58, 143 Long, Frederick.58 Long, Gerald.103 Long, Linda.81 Long, Wayne.93 Low, Sindri.82 Lowe, Debbie.103 Lowe, Gerald.82 Lowry, Wayne.93 Lucas, Jean.104 Lucas, Joan.104 Lucas, Lawrence.93, 143 Luehrs, Kenneth.93 Luehrs, Margaret.58 Page 242 Lunsford, Jo. .104 Lyberger Arden. .58 Lyerly, Ronald. . .93 Lynady, Kathleen. .104, 150 Lynch, Karen. . .58 Lynch, Sheila. 104 Lynn, Erika. . .93 Lyons, Eva. . .93 Maclnnis, William. . .93 MacMillian, Evelyn. . .59 MacMillian, Lloyd. . .82 MacMillian, Wendy. .104 Madison Wanda. .104, 142, 153 Madsen, Diana. .104, 153 Maffett, Frank. . .82 Magill, Carolyn. . .59 Magill, John. .104 Maher, Douglas. . .93 Maher, Mark. .59 Mangeng, Carolyn. .59 , 111, 117, 130, 135, 173 Manville, Ellen. . .82 Mapp, Richard. .93 Marcellin, Michel. .93 Marcus, Melanie. . .93 Marks, Gary. .93 Marks, Vernon. . .82 Marshall, Steven. .59 Martin Daniel. . .82 Martin, Joan. ..82, 131, 149 Martin, Linda. .59 Martin, Marilyn. .82, 168 Martin, Paul. .93 Martinson, Pamela. . .82 Martinson, Paul. 104 Martz, Lawrence. .82 Mastenbrook, Laurie. .82, 111, 112, 123, 127, 136 Mathers, Robert. .59 Matthews, Lynda. .104, 153 Matthews, Robert. .59 Matthews, Steve. .44, 59, 111, 113, 132, 135 Matthias, Sandy. .82 Matthias, Sharon. .82 Mattson, Janice. 104 Mayo, Harkey. ...44, 59, 113, 132, 216 McCann, Mary. • 93, 153 McCarthy, Dennis. . .82 McClain, Roger. .93, 104, 202 McClanahan, Susan. .94 McConnell, John. 94, 113, 150, 168 McConnell, Kathy. .59, 117, 126, 134, 147, 168 McCowan, Bill. 104 McCreath, Karen. .59 MeCreath, Wendy. .104 McDaniel, David. .94 McDaniel, Donald. .104, 208 McDonald David. .94 McGarrah, Roy. • 59, 139, 140, 208 McKinley, Margaret. .104 McMahon, Margaret. 94 McMahon, Thomas. ..98, 104 McPherson, John. .59 Mead, Christine. 94, 135 Mead Harry. .94 Meade, Paula. .94 Meader, Linda. .94 Medd, Pam. .94, 134 Meeks, John. 104, 200 Meeter, Linda. 136 Melick, Alica. ..82, 111, 115, 117, 126 Melick, Margaret. 104 Melott, David. .60 Melvin, Elsie. . .94 Mendoza, Chris. .104 Merritt, Karen. . .82 Merz, Barbara. • 94, 143, 147 Merz, Gisela. .94, 120, 143, 147 Metcalfe, Lenore. .60 Meyer, Paula. .104 Micale, Carlo. ..82, 138, 140, 208, 209 Michael, Jennifer. Miles, Bobbie. Miller, Carmalyn. Miller, Jane. Miller, June. Miller, Larry. Miller, Madeleine. Miller, Nancy. Miller, Rebecca. Miller, Dick. Miller, Susan. Miller, Bill. Miller, Bill R. Mills, Bette. Mills, James. Mills, Louella. Mills, Marshall. Mills, Simone. Miner, Ronnie. Mitchell, David. Mitchell, Dennis. Mitchell, Jack. Mitchell, Mike. Mitchell, Mike K.. . . Mitchell, Victor. Moltke-Hoff, Claus. . . Monahan, Patricia. . . . Monday, Dick. Monick, Barbara. Mondichak, Joseph . . Mondiehak, Virginia. . Monroe, Mike. Montgomery, Michael. Montgomery, Mychelle Moodie, Pam. Moody, Constance. . . . Moody, Margaret. Moore, Claudia. Moore, Janette. Moore, John. Moorefield, Nancy. . . . Moran, Barbara. Moran, Marilyn. Morey, David. Morey, Deborah. Marrell, Linda. Morris, Barbara. Morris, Brooks. Morris, Donald. Morris, Lonnie. Morris, Steve. Morrison, Dianne. Morrison, Gilbert. Morrison, Michael. . . . Morrison, Rhea. Mountjoy, Bev. Mountjoy, Dottie. Mountjoy, Linda. Mulderig, Kathy. Mullins, Allen. Multog, Wendy. Murdock, Debbie. Murray, George. Murphy, Carol. Murphy, Charles. Musgrave, John. Myles, Carol. Napole, Wayne. Nelson, Ronald. Nestor, Bonnie. Nestor, Nelson. Newhouse, Monte Ray. Newman, Alan. Nichols, Mary. Nichols, Pat. Nielsen, James. Nies, Kathy. Nolan, Janet. Nolan, John. .94, 135 .82, 141 .60, 149 .82 .104 .60, 149 .44, 60, 117, 136 .60 .104, 136 .60 .82, 117, 150 .82 .94 .104 .104 .82 .60 .104 .60, 128, 139 .104, 141 .94 .83, 129 .83, 129, 138 .104 .83, 184 .94 .94 60, 113, 123, 128, 139, 173 .104 .83 .94 .83 .94 .61 .17, 61, 162 .83 .61, 127, 141, 143 .94 .94 .83, 192, 193 .104 .83, 110 .104 .61 .104, 214 .83, 120, 124, 126 .61 .94 .83 .61 .94 .104, 136 .83, 209 .105 .83 .94, 111, 136 .61, 126, 136, 143 .105, 141, 203 .61 .83, 168 .18 .94, 141, 203 .105 .61 .61 .184, 202 .94 .94 .83 .94, 149 .62 .94, 184 .105 .83 .62 .105 . 19, 105, 135, 136 .44, 62, 110, 117, 127 .214 Page 243 Nystrom, Duane. . . Nystrom, Lea Anne Oakley, Pete. Oehser, Christina. . Ohara, Paul. Ohleger, Joe. Oliver, Daniel. Oliver, Billy. Olson, Calvin. Olson, Richard. Omura, Glenn. O’Neal, Dorothy. . . Ordakowski, Diane. Orndorff, Barbara. Orr, Cindy. Owens, Jimmy. Owensby, Vicki. . . . Oyenik, Darla. Oz, Rhonda. .83, 214 .94 .83, 138, 212 94, 111, 130, 134, 153 .83 83, 140, 143, 151, 168 .105 ....83, 129, 188, 189 .62 .94 . .44, 62, 113, 140, 142 .62, 117, 130 . 105, 153, 159 .105 . 18, 44, 62, 136 .62, 128, 139 .107 .95 . 105, 137, 153 Pace, Dale.83, 142 Padgett, John.83, 140 Pagluca, John.105 Palmer, Debby.62 Palmer, Jeff.44, 62 Papke, Chip.63, 128 Papke, Don.83, 139 Paquette, Cathy.105 Paradise, Jo Marie.83 Parker, Linda.105 Parker, Mike.63, 135, 148 Parks, Steve.83, 129, 138, 204, 205 Parks, Barry. 105, 200 Parr, Jim.83, 168 Parsons, Faith.105 Parsons, James.105 Patterson, Georgia.83 Patterson, Jill.95, 150 Patton, Greg.83, 140, 151 Patton, Sandy.95 Pauly, Ed.83, 111, 112, 133, 144, 145 Pavel, Harold.63 Payne, Darnell.95, 184 Payne, Evelyn.63 Payne, Sue.83 Peel, Robert.140 Pemstein, Ron.63 Pence, Lonnie.95 Penna, Mary.63 Penwell, Susan.63 Pepper, Sherry.95, 153 Perfetti, Lois.44, 63, 135, 146 Peters, Joyce.84 Pettin, Patricia.18, 63 Petty, Kathleen.63 Pfeiffer, Leonard.105 Philbrick, Jean.84 Pierce, Allen.64, 139, 140, 208, 211 Filler, Peggy....18, 64, 110, 124, 127, 136 Pineau, Claudia.64 Pinkett, Carolyn.95 , 120 Pittman, Andy.105 Platt, Stephanie.105 Pleacher, John.105, 200 Pleasants, Irene.64 Pluckett, Tom.201 Poe, Gail.64 Pohlman, Brenda.105, 147 Poling, Arthur.84 Polk, Betty.64, 147 Pollock, Mike. 84 214 Poole, Jill. . . .95,’ 141 Poole, Jack.84 Poore, Jerri.105, 214 Porter, George.64 Porter’ John.64, 139, 140, 208 Porvaznik, Mike.42, 44, 65, 117, 132, 147 Poss, Sharon.65 Post, Patty. 95 159 Poucher, Allen. Powell, Elizabeth. . . Praetz, Joe. Praetz, Mary. Praetz, Sue. Preston, Judy. Preston, Leslie. Price, Deborah. Price, Robert. Price, Steve. Prichard, John. Province, Gary. Puckett, Wilson.... Radcliffe, Bob. Ragland, Sarah. Raines, Emily. Rains, Bob. Ralston, Wayne. . . . Randall, Bonnie.... Randall, Mary. Ratchford, John. . . Redden, Terri. Redman, Barbara. . . Reece, Mary. Reed, Christopher. . Reed, Marcia. Reedy, Brenda. Reedy, George. Reel, Bob. Reid, Malcolm. Rember, Carla. Rentz, Bob. Revis, Larry. Reynolds, Keith.... Ricci, Christine.... Rice, Randy. Rich, Janet. Rich, Minty. Richard, Elizabeth. . Richards, Dwendolyn Richeson, David. Ricks, Alice. Ricks, Donald. Riffle, Shelia. Riffle, Terri. Riggleman, Randall. Rima, Albert. Rinna, Jeff. Ritchie, David. Rivera, Lydia. Robbins, Kimberley. Roberts, Linda. Robey, Brenda. Robson, Richard. . Rock, Fred. Rock, John. Rodd, James. Rohr, Jonathan. Rose, Bleys. Rose, Mike. Rosenberg, Kenneth. Ross, Debbie. Ross, Penny. Rosser, Linda. Rothgeb, Paula. Roussillon, Judy. . . . Rowe, Susan. Rowley, Nancy. . . . Rucker, Janice. Rue, Linda. Ruehl, Ronald. Ruiz, Boris. Ruiz, Jeannette. Russell, Charles. . . . Russell, Lee. Russel], Richard . . . Ryan, Bernard. Ryder, Cynthia. . . . Sager, Steve. 65, 128, 188, 189, 215 .84, 153 .65 .84 .141, 198, 213 .95 .105 .95 .84 .84, 110 .19, 65, 124 .95 .105 .95 .153, 198 .105 . . .65, 144, 145, 149, 217 . 66 , 136, 140, 143 .95 .105 .105 .19, 105, 153 .84 .105, 153 .95, 142 .105, 142 .105 .84, 140, 207, 214 .95 .105 . 66 . 66 , 140 .84 . 66 .95 .105 . 66 , 198 .84, 198 .105 .84 .105, 140 .84, 135 .105, 144, 149 .84, 135, 141, 198 .98, 105, 111, 213 .95 . 66 .149 . 66 140 .105,’ 142 .84 .105 .95 .84 . 66 , 113, 131, 136, 173 .105 .84 66 , 117, 120, 144, 145, 149 .95, 125, 142 .105 .105, 214 . 105, 134, 136 . 66 .95, 141, 203 .84 .84 .95 .84 .95 .84, 136 .95 .67 .105, 150 .84 .105 .95 .85 .105 105 Page 244 Sahrow, Carolyn.84 Sampson, Roger.106, 149 Samuel, Myrna.85 Samuelson, Judy.95, 117, 125, 134, 136, 142 Sandeen, Terry.67 Santee, Barbara.85 Santino, Adele.85 Santino, Elizabeth.106 Sapp, Diane.106 Sapp, Mike. 95, 184 Saunders, Cheryl.84, 126, 136 Saunders, Karen.84 Sauveur, Danny.85 Saylor, Pam.67 Schafer, Francine.95 Schafer, Judy.85, 213 Schafer, Marjorie.106 Sehaffstall, Leitha.17, 67, 120, 134 Scharr, Anita.106 Schleifstein, Mark.19, 96, 125, 140, 200, 207 Schoellig, Susan.96, 135 Schutz, Carolyn.67 Schwartz, Beth.96 Seay, Cynthia.67, 130 Seay, Nancy.18, 106, 141, 203 Seganish, Mark.96 Sell, Chic.67, 115, 212 Sexton, Bob.106, 110, 151 Seymour, Gary.96, 110, 129, 200, 214 Sharp, Deidra.106 Sharp, Mike.96 Shay, Mike.106 Shedd, Liz.18, 67, 113 Sheetz, Terry.96 Shegogue, Jimmy.67, 140 Sheldon, Patricia.96, 199 Shelly, Gary.96, 149 Shelton, Eunice.106 Sherfey, Donnie.96 Sherman, Judy.85 Shewmaker, Alice.85, 110, 123 Shiflett, Ron.96, 184 Shivelhood, Jean.96 Shoemaker, Judy.106 Short, Jane.106, 153 Short, Julie.153 Shoun, Barbara.85 Shoun, Kerwin.67 Showalter, Alice.96 Showalter, Don.96, 202, 208 Shull, Thomas.106 Shumate, James.67 Sikes, James.67 Sikes, Thomas.96 Sikes, Thomas R.106 Sills, Christopher.85 Simmons, Paula.96 Simounet, Kristine.96 Simpson, Benny.96 Simpson, Carole.67 Simpson, Elaine.106, 150 Sims, Jared.64, 151 Sipe, Steve.106 Sisson, Linda.68 Skidmore, Joy.106 Skinner, Peggy. 6, 136, 143 Slimak, Mary Jane.68, 126, 137, 159, 173 Slimak, Patty.96, 136, 147, 159 Small, Steve.68, 128, 173, 188, 191 Smit, Johannes.68, 132, 135, 149 Smith, Alan.151 Smith, Barbara.17, 68, 111, 127 Smith, Betty.106 Smith, Bryan.106 Smith, Gary.96, 214 Smith, Elaine.106 Smith, James.68 Smith, John.106 Smith, Judy.85 Smith, Linda.106 Smith, Mike.85, 214 Smith, Bob.106, 120 Smith, Ross.85 Smith, Steve.85 Smith, Steve L.106 Smith, Susan.96 Sneed, Diane.106, 120 Sobriski, Flo.106 Sommerfeldt, Neil. 68 , 147 Soniak, Gordon. 68 Sonnhalter, Mary.106, 147 Sourbeer, John.106 Sours, Wayne.106 Southerly, Priscilla. 68 Sowder, Bob.85, 204, 205 Sparks, Susan.96, 111, 134, 136, 142, 150 Spencer, James.106, 200, 214 Spencer, Sterling.96 Spilman, Roy. 68 Stacchini, Aaron.96 Stacchini, Bob.106 Stackhouse, Mike.69 Stack, Julie.106, 143 Stacks, Marjorie.85, 141, 198, 213 Stafford, Linda.106 Stallings, Graner.69 Stallings, Mark.96 Stang, Raymond.96, 149, 209 Stange, Charles.106 Stangohr, Gene.69 Stangore, Anita.96 Stanton, John.106 Staples, George.96 Stapleton, Barbara.85, 135, 136, 141 Starr, Sarah.85 Steele, Mary.69 Stephenson, Edye.85, 126, 141 Stephenson, Sharon.106 Stevens, Bill.85 Stevenson, John.85, 138, 184, 214 Stewart, Phyllis.69 Stewart, Dee.96, 111 Stickley, Sandra.44, 69, 120, 127, 143, 177 Stigers, Bob.106 Stites, Mary.17, 42, 44, 69, 113, 117, 126, 173, 217 Stitzel, Charles.18, 97 Stitzel, Sue.69, 111, 126 Stitzel, Larry.106 Story, Susan. 17, 69, 131, 135, 168 Stribling, James.106 Strickland, Paul. 86 Stryker, Bill.106 Stryker, Walter.97. 129, 200, 214 Stuckey, Elaine.97, 136, 149, 150 Studds, Mary.69 Suit, Bryan.70 Suit, Dennis.97 Sullivan, David.70 Sullivan, Karen. 86 Sullivan, Toby. 86 , 184, 212 Summers, Douglas.106 Summers, Bob. 86 , 140, 151 Swift, Harvey. 86 Swing, Ann.74, 86 , 126 Sw ' ing, Jimmy.106 Talmadge, Marilyn.97, 148, 153 Talton, Annette.97, 135, 136 Tapp, John. 107, 143, 208 Tarangelb, Bill.97 Tarthe, Linda.199 Tavenner, Gary.107 Tavenner, Jill. 86 , 110 Taylor Gayle.97 Taylor’, Ralph.42, 70, 110, 113, 132, 173 Thierbach, Sharon.70 Thibeault, Mary.107 Thomas, Carol. 86 Thomas, Dan. 86 , 202 Thomas, Mike.19, 97 Page 245 Thomas, Terry. .86, 168 Thompson, Alfred. .86 Thompson, Delbert. .86 Thompson, Glenn. . .70 Thompson, Richard. .97 Thrailkille, Roger. 107 Ticknor, Bill. .107 Tinner, Joann. .107 Tinner, Shirley. .107 Tinner, Thomas. 107 Tipton Debby. 107, 153 Tipton, Thomas. . .97 Titus, John. .86, 129, 205, 206 Todd, Joanne. .97, 117, 120, 130, 137, 149 Tomasino, Don. 107 Thomasino, John. .97 Torrey, Patrick. .97 Torrey, Tamara. .86 Toward, Marlene. ..97, 153 Toward, Ronnie. .97 Towle, Ellen. .97, 136, 147, 149 Towle, Gerald. .19 , 70, 134, 149 Townes, Patricia. .97, 159 Towsey, Dolly. . .86, 136, 150 Trainor, Dick. .97 Trainor Bob. .86 Traynham, Kay. 107 Traynham, Dick. .71, 168 Tremper, Fred. .86, 133 Trinkle, Deborah. 107 Trudell, Gary. .86, 133, 192, 193 Truitt, Julien. .97 Tucker, Bruce. .86 Turner Helen. . .86 Turner, James. .86 Turner, Melvin. 107 Turner, Patty. . . . .86, 117, 120, 127, 135, 150 Turpie, James. .71, 132, 139, 209 Tyler Jane. .86 Valentino, Dottie. ..97, 134 VanLear, Elsie. 97, 137 VanLear, Nancy. . .86, 137 Veazey, Scott. . .107. , 200, 212 Vernon, David. .97, 184, 202 Viar Linda. . . .18 , 71 VonRunnen, James. .107 VonRunnen, Jack. .71, 128, 188, 191 Vorhauer, Karen. .107, 153 Vorhauer, Sharon. 107, 153 Vorhauer, Thomas. . .71 Walker, Eugene. . .97 Walker, Jane. ...97, 134, 143 Walker, Joe. 107 Walker, Linda. .97 Walker, Marcel. . .86 Walker, Sheryl. . .71 Walko, Carolyn. ..97, 130, 135 Wall, Armentia. .44, 71, 115, 130 Wall Jerry. .97, 200 Wall, Krista. .107 Wallace, Becky. ..71, 164 Wanat, John. ..71, 135 Warren Vivian. ...17, 86 , 127 Watson, Vickie. .97 Weary, Angela. . .97 Webster, Bernadine.97 Weddle, Robert.71 Weedon, Karen.87 Weedon, Pam.97, 135, 136 Weble, Elaine.87, 127, 135 Wehle, Kurt.87 Weill, Karen. 107, 120, 137, 142, 153 Weinberger, David.87, 135 Weiner, Norman.97, 151 Welch, Patty.87 Wells, Jessee.107, 110 Wells, Billy.87, 129, 188, 190, 204 Werner, Marlene.72 Werner, Norman.142 Werth, David.87, 184 Wester, Ken.184, 214 Wetrich, Donna.87, 136, 141 Wetrich, Patti.97 Wheeler, Harold.72, 132, 192, 195 Wheeler, Maiy.18, 87 Wheeler, Virginia.87 White, Patty.17, 72 White, Paul.19, 97 Whitfield, Vincent.97 Wier, Joan.107 Wigren, Nils.107 Wilkens, Linda.107 Williams, Cheryl.72, 123, 136, 162 Williams, David.107 Williams, Dottie.87 Williams, Holly.72 Williams, Roger.97, 202 Williams, Ronald.107 Williams, Thomas.97 Willingham, Frances.72 Willis, Patti.87, 141, 162 Willis, Sandra. 97 Winsboro, Betsy.107 Winstead, Larry.87, 192, 194 Winstead, Sue.97, 111 Wisooker, Craig.87, 115, 129 Wogan, Karen.87, 126, 134 Wolcott, Antoinette.107 Woltz, Karen.146 Wood, Jane.73, 123, 130 Wood, Joyce.136 Wood, Bill.87 Woodward, Joan.97 Worthy, Lera.97 Wright, Chris L.87, 110, 132 Wright, Chris.87 Wright, James.97 Wright, Linda.107, 150 Wright, Bob.73, 128, 188, 190 Wright, Bob W.107 Yonushonis, John.73, 192, 194, 208, 210 Yonushonis, Susan. 107, 134, 136 Young, Gary.74, 110, 132, 172, 188, 189, 204, 205, 215, 217 Youngblood, Donald.87 Yun, Thomas.97, 202 Zapalski, Danny.87 Zapalski, Diana.97, 120 Zavindky, Mike.97 Zeiger, Bruce.87, 135 Zuntz, Barbara.97, 134 Page 246 o a r a d This was the year that was... Jaguar! •£;• -- !■ y ' iy . : £ «V« ' ;U ' j r y,‘

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