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, fif ' ' li. iBAtfiBIrlA T BBrUilfvu JR TmnKi ' » k - r ' K?’3B ' yVl‘ T 4 5rr y wWVrWf) fri rt iTfrJ ? »T » " fE: -h ■ -r-irr Ln Bj WHr SlKSWMlil ' : tSSfi M ■’ : -. ■ j % JUKg g jgg? • v_ j -w 1 : ' L UEU M Francine Roberts and Michael Goulde, Co-Editors Ga ry A. Maupin, Faculty Advisor Published by the ’64 Jaguar Staff at FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 19 6 4 JAGUAR FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL Falls Church, Virginia Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. 4 ' Academics. 8 Student Body. 24 Honor Societies . 82 Publications . 88 Activities. 96 Fine Arts.128 Athletics .142 Features .170 Directories .184 Page 3 Page 4 The classrooms and the P.A. are silent now. A small but memorable part of our lives is over. Many experiences have combined to personalize this year for each of us. Perhaps it was shaking through a certain oral book report or winning a big basketball game in an overtime that will be remembered. It may have been the bonfire before a game, the hushed anticipa¬ tion as the results of an election were announced, or the unforgetable performances of the faculty in assem¬ blies that will remain in our memories. This year we have known the feeling of accomplishment as together we worked toward a common goal. Besides the relaxa¬ tion of fun and companionship, we have had oppor¬ tunities for personal challenge and development. Page 5 Let us stand together with renewed confidence in our cause—united in our heritage of the past and our hopes for the future—and determined that this land we love shall lead all mankind into new frontiers of peace and abundance. —John Fitzgerald Kennedy JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963 Page 7 William H. Jordan Principal Mr. Jordan, in his fifth year at Falls Church, came to our school from Lee High School where he was Assistant Principal. Trained in Florida, he was a pilot for the Navy. He received his Master’s in Education at the University of Virginia, but the College he considers “his” is Bridge- water, from which he received his B.A. degree. Through continual evaluation of the school program, Mr. Jordan maintains the high standards we have set. Under his able guidance and leadership. Falls Church High School has grown in prestige and scholarship. William H. Barrett Assistant Principal of Administration Mr. Barrett received his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Washington and Lee Uni¬ versity. He received his Master’s degree at the University of Virginia. He has spent a total of twenty-four years serving as an administrator of various schools throughout Virginia. This year marked Mr. Barrett’s eighteenth year here at Falls Church. Many have found him a strict but understand¬ ing disciplinarian. His warm personality and sage advice related in his stories of the days past are treasured by all who know him. Administration Frank Bernard Assistant Principal of Instruction Falls Church’s new Assistant Principal, Mr. Frank Bernard, is not entirely new to us—he was our reading teacher last year. He also has taught in other Fairfax County Schools for four years. Added to this teaching experience are seven years in New York State. He enjoys working with the students and faculty, and his aims here are to develop a program of study to meet the needs of every student and to try to bring new methods of teaching and new ideas to Falls Church. Page 1 0 MRS. NELLE H. MILES Director of Guidance MRS. MARIE H. CARSTATER COL. LYNELL GORDON MRS. EDITH LEMON MRS. ANN KULP Guidance Department The Guidance Department is vital to the smooth operation of our school. It solves the problems of the students and helps them plan for the future. Our Guid¬ ance Department is headed by Mrs. Nelle Miles, who co-ordinates the entire guidance program. There is also a staff of five counselors and various assistants. This department has several repsonsibilities, the most important being the counseling of students. The coun¬ selor, through conferences with the student and refer¬ ences to test scores and past records, can analyze the ability of the individual. The counselor is able to place him in classes to which he is suited and to evaluate his high school record for future plans. Students take STEP and SCAT tests administered bv the Guidance De¬ partment. Page 1 1 Staff MRS. BERNICE THOMA Librarian MRS. MARGARET DOYLE Nurse MRS. CAROLYN BARDEN Secretary MRS. GRACE SHELLINGTON Secretary Makes School Run Efficiently Many vital aspects of administration are the responsi¬ bility of the members of the school staff. Their aim is the welfare of the students and faculty, as well as aiding in the efficient operation of such a complex organization as our school. MRS. RUTH RYAN Assistant Librarian MRS. LOUISE RIGDON Visiting Teacher V»» V MRS. RUBY POWERS Secretary MRS. MARIE MoFARLANE Financial Officer MR. HOWARD GRINDLE Reading Teacher t MRS. BETTY HUGHES Secretary MRS. LOIS GAINES Cafeteria Manager Page ]2 MR. WILLARD REITZ M(ISS MARIA Department Chairman COLETTE CAROZZA MRS. ELIZABETH KUHN MR. PAUL LEWIS Written work is vital to the understanding of a language. Language Skill from Conversation The language laboratory is a valuable supplement to the teach¬ ing of languages. 1R. HARVEY LOWDER MR. CHARLES MOORE Greater emphasis than ever before was placed on the use of the audiolingual method of language teaching this year. The language lab was used extensively by all classes in carrying out this program. The acquisition of a type¬ writer with foreign accents made the teachers’ written work easier. New courses offered this year include German IV and advanced placement French, which is to be continued through French IV and V. French V is a systematic study of French literature from the seventeenth century to the present. The German IV class attended an English per¬ formance of THE INCENDIARIES, which was later read by the class in German. MRS. ANNIE ROMANUS MISS MILDRED SPINDLE Page ] 3 Creative Skill Developed in Art An artistic endeavor by Danny Fouse. Practice Makes Perfect Under the guidance of Mrs. Frances Crum, artistic and creative ability in such endeavors as painting and ceramics is developed and encouraged in the Art Depart¬ ment. Several new techniques were initiated this year to broaden the field of study. These include wooden col¬ lages, slumped glass, and the use of an electric potters’ wheel. A trip to New York was offered to advanced students, to visit the museums of modern art. MRS. FRANCES CRUM Department Chairman in Music By.vuSY ' : • cf- ' : f. , Mi Lunsford leads the band in rehearsal. Page 14 The band, directed by Mr. James Lunsford, and our choral groups, under the direction of Mr. John Atwood, not only provide entertainment for our school and many area organizations, but have won many awards and honors for Falls Church High School. MR. JAMES LUNSFORD Department Chairman MR. JOHN ATWOOD MRS. JANE SPRING Department Chairman Home Economics Department A new room was added to the Home Economics Depart¬ ment this year, which is devoted completely to sewing projects. The kitchens have been greatly improved by the addition of new appliances, including refrigerators, a freezer, and table and chairs. There is one room which is used solely for entertaining. In this room were given receptions, parties, and luncheons to help develop poise in handling social situations. A future homemaker practices her skill. Industrial Arts Department Mr. Jenkins demonstrates wood turning to a student. The purpose of the Industrial Arts Department as stated by Mr. Cooper, the head of the department is, “To have the best for the greatest number of stu¬ dents, and always to improve the main objectives of the shop and mechanical drawing classes.” Great improvements have been made this year, the most nota¬ ble of which has been the addition of the new drafting room and the new draft¬ ing tables and machines. Automobile body work is an area of study which was added to the curriculum this year. MR. ERSKIN JENKINS MR. HARVEY COOPER Department Chairman MR. JOHN LOCASCIO Page 1 5 MRS. YVONNE FIDALGO Department Chairman MRS. NANCY COSTA MRS. BEATRICE KIRBY MISS GARY MAUPIN ) MRS. JULIE ROSSELL MRS. FRANCINE OGILVIE MRS. RUTH PENCE MISS ANNIE POWELL Horizons in English Extended Several new features were added to the curriculum of the English Department. An advanced placement class, working on the college level, has been introduced to senior English classes under the instruction of Mrs. Yvonne C. Fidalgo. On a junior class level, an experi¬ mental program is being added to the curriculum. The team teaching program synchronizes the times of study of Mrs. McCullough’s classes and Col. Callaham’s classes in order to provide a deeper understanding and apprecia¬ tion of the relation between American history and Amer¬ ican literature. Aside from class studies, English classes took advantage of the dramatic performances staged by the students of Catholic University in Washington, D. C. This year’s performances began with “The Way of the World,” which broadened the students’ experiences in the world of the theater. Don Harvey and Bob Mellott act out their parts in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW MRS. HESTER McCullough MRS. MARY WOOD MISS ALPHA SP’ITZER Department Chairman MRS. ARLENE FALLAW English composition is an important element of our studies. Business Department MRS. BARBARA BENOSKI The Business Department not only offers students a business diploma, but also lends assistance to those who are seeking an academic diploma. The courses available are Typing I and II, Short¬ hand I and II, bookkeeping, business math and indus¬ trial cooperative training. New semester courses such as notehand and personal typing have been added to the curriculum. Key-punch and data processing machines are the latest equipment which have been added to the department. Not pictured: MISS CAROL DAVIS MRS. DOROTHEA LAIRD MR. RICHARD McQUAIN Page ] 7 Experimentation plavs a large par t in the study of chemistry. Dissection plays an important role in biology. Science Department This department provides opportunities for all stu¬ dents to observe and experiment in the limitless fields of science. Attempts are made to fulfill the needs of students with specific abilities and to encourage these students to seek careers in science. The curriculum is planned emphasizing the import¬ ance of the major scientific principles, their discovery, and application as preparation for the role of science in the evolving atomic and space age. The most important innovation this year was the new Chem Study program. Activities included a visit to the Planetarium and lectures in our classes by area students. MISS CAROL DEAL MRS. KATHERINE HAMMOND MR. WILLIAM ROSS Page 1 8 MRS. MABLE CHAPMAN Department Chairman MR. FRANKLIN CAIN MRS. IRENE CARPENTER Bob Kargen investigates the particle theory of light. Page 19 MR. PAUL WEBER Department Chairman MR. RICHARD BESNIER MISS NANCY BIRCH MR. JOHN HULEN MRS. BERNICE LILLY MISS CAROLYN MORRISON MR. DICK WICKLINE Department of Physical Education The principle aim of the Physical Education De¬ partment is to teach each student the importance of physical fitness, both now and in the years to come. Participation in games and exercises develops not only the physical ability, but the mental ability of each student. The department has instituted a method of cooperative teaching, in which the coach of each varsity team lends his talent to the instruction of all students in his particular sport. To the curriculum have been added gymnastics and fencing, for which new equip¬ ment was obtained. Mr. Wickline directs his physical fitness program. Math for a Modern World MR. BRUCE CAMPBELL MR. BERNARD GARHART Department Chairman This year, the Mathematics Department has been ex¬ panded to include advanced placement in analytic geometry and calculus, as well as the introduction of semester courses in functions and matrix. Under the guidance of the depart¬ ment head, Mr. Garhart, our Mathematics Department is rapidly becoming one of the best in the country. COL. FIELDER GREER MRS. HELEN M1LEHAM COL. LOWELL POWERS Mr. Garhart illustrates the tangent and sin curves for his class. Page 2 MR. FRANK MISHOU Department Chairman MR. DONALD CALLAHAM MR. RICHARD KRYDER COL. DONALD MARE Social Studi es The Social Studies Department offers courses in U.S. history, world history, American government, world geog¬ raphy, sociology, economics, and American civilization. American civilization, which was offered this year for the first time, is a coordination of the junior English and U.S. history classes taught by Mrs. McCullough and Col. Cal- laham. Also included in the course is the study of Ameri¬ can art, music, journalism, and religion. Mr. Atwood of the Music Department visited the American Civilization class to lecture. MR. BYRON OLSON MR. GEORGE WARING MR. CLARENCE WARREN MISS ELIZABETH WILSON Page 22 CAFETERIA STAFF First row: MRS. GAINES, MRS. ALLISON, MRS. TIFFANY, MRS. TEPPER, MIRS. DEITS, MRS. MULLINS. Second row: MRS. WAIN WRIGHT, MRS. BERKEBILE, MRS. JACK- SON, MRS. TRAPNELL, MRS. RUSSELL, MRS. McGHEE. Staffs MR. JOHNSON Head Custodian Page 23 Enthusiastic Seniors Win The Senior Class of 1964 proved to be one of the most spirited and energetic classes ever to graduate from Falls Church High School; as demonstrated in the final surge of selling, when they soared over the top to win the 1963 Magazine Drive. Then, with a hint of autumn in the air, the Senior Class presented the Homecoming Dance—the finale to the most colorful weekend of the fall season. As autumn drew on to the end of November, the seniors donned their Dogpatch attire for the Sadie Hawkins Dance, replete with bare feet, hog jowls, and ’possum soup. Autumn faded to winter, exams came and went. The thought of the mid-semester grades still con¬ jures up some mixed emotions. As college acceptances and job promises began to trickle in, the seniors looked for¬ ward to graduation and the future, realizing the value of the past years’ work. The Prom given by the juniors, in honor of the Senior Class, and then graduation, brought to a climax the hectic and exciting months which prepared the seniors to become citizens in a world of great respon¬ sibility and growing satisfaction. First row: ROBERT WILLIS, Treasurer; JANE HARRIS, Presi¬ dent; DON HARVEY, Sgt.-at-Arms; ANITA FOX, Girl Senator. Second row: RAY COLOTTI, Vice-President; DAVE PLEACHER. Bov Senator; REBA HARNAGE, Secretary. SENIOR COUNCIL First row: BILL LANDRUS, ED BRANDT, PAT PORVAZNIK, LINDA McPHERSON, ANITA FOX. Second row: STEVE ANDRUSIA, BILLY GRAVES, ELSIE LUHRING, TONY GAMBAR- DELLA, REBA HARNAGE, JANE HARRIS, SANDRA HENSLEY. Third row: BOB WILLIS, RAY COLOTTI, DAVE PLEACHER, DON HARVEY, MIKE WALKER. Page 26 HARRY M. ABENDSHEIN JAMES DONALD AMMONS STEPHEN DENNIS ANDRUSIA BARBARA ELLEN AUEL BARBARA KAREN BACK LINDA GAYLE BAILEY RICHARD VERNON BAILEY BARBARA JEAN BARKER SONDRA ELIZABETH BAKER RHEA NELL BARKER KENNETH BARBASH ANN MARIE BARRACK WAYNE BRIAN BARBER DIANNA LYNN BATTS “I’ll just bet you did ’ says a disdainful Martha Gray. BYARD CHARLES BELYEA, JR. WILLIAM HARRISON BENEDICT, JR. FREDERICK DEAN BERKEBILE WILLIAM FOSTER BERTRAM BERNARD DANIEL BICKHAM, JR. PATRICIA LYNN BLAIR ROBERT LEE BOLAND PHILLIP ALAN BOLT Page 28 jflMgnsg! SUSAN A. BONO CAROL JEAN BOOZE JEANETTE YVONNE BOWERS WILLIAM CHARLES BOWERS BETSY IRENE BOWIE CAROL ANN BOWMAN NANCY ARLENE BOWMAN EDWARD WILLIAM BRANDT, III “Go ahead and try it,” Tom Childress challenges. CAROLYN JOYCE FENNIX BROOKS BROOKS »■ DAVID LEIGH BRUENING ROGER CHANDLER BUCKELEW ARTHUR HUNT BUCKNER DEBRA ETTA BUTLER Danny Fouse muses, “Mr. McQuain will never believe this.” KENNETH EARL CAKE DANA RUTH CARY ANNE YOLANDA CAVA DAVID KENNETH CHARLESWORTH SUZANNE CHATTERTON RALPH LEONARD CHERRY, JR. Page 30 EL WOOD THOMAS CHILDRESS, JR. JERRY BERLEIGH CHRISTIAN LORRAINE NOEL CHRISTIE DONNA KAY CLARK SHERAL ANN CLARK JUDITH ANN CLEVER LAWRENCE FRANKLIN COBB MARGO DELANE COBB “Get to work, fellas,” mutters Bob Galleher as Mrs. Thoma approaches. iHHpi Jm iMW • . ..j2rF . . •» -S $ f “He was out with who?” questions Jan Muir. JUDY ELIZABETH COFFEY RAYMOND LOUIS COLOTTI HENRY GORDAN SARA JOYCE CONARD COMBS, JR. JAMES EDWARD CONWAY KAREN LOUISE COOKE JUDITH ANN COSBEY PEARL F. COSTELLO MARY ELIZABETH CUTCLIFFE LYNN MARIE DAVIES CANDACE JEAN DAVIS DENISE J. DEFFENDALL KAREN LYNN DELLINGER MICHAEL CARLETON DENNIS MARY ANN DETRICK EVELYN MICHELE DEWEY MICHAEL GEORGE DIAS EMIL FREDRICK DIETSCH, III WILLIAM LAWRENCE DIXON FRANCIS LEE DOUGHERTY SANDRA ELLEN DOWDY GEORGE ANTHONY DUMAS MARY GRACE EASTON ANITA LOUISE ELDRIDGE EDWARD RICHARD ELLIS CYNTHIA VADEN EPPERLY SUSAN PATRICIA ERICKSON JOHAN FIGGE FRANK FISHBURN CATHERINE AGNES FISHER CHARLOTTE ANN FISHER BARBARA JONES FITZGERALD SUSAN LESLIE FLINT RODNEY WAYNE FORREST KATHERYN MOLYNEUX RALPH DANIEL FOUSE ANITA LOUISE FOX FOSTER LYNN MARGARET FRAZIER TOMMIE HERMAN FREE MARILYN SUE FREEMAN JILL ELAINE FRIAR WILLIAM BANKS FULFORD GWENDOLYN ROBERTA FULMER GWENDOLYN GAARDE ROBERT LEE GALLEHER ANTHONY JOHN GAMBARDELLA, JR. MURRAY KEITH GARDNER ANNE MARGARET GARFIELD MARY ELIZABETH GARVIN LA VAUGHN MINETTA GASKILL THOMAS CLINTON GEDDES MARGARET ELLEN GILCHRIST Bill, did you know that Prince’s law of refraction states that . . . PAUL D. GOLDEN LINDA LEE GOODRICK MARCIA GOTT MICHAEL ALLEN GOULDE DAVID ALLEN GRAHAM, WILDA MARIE GRAMLING GEORGE WILLIAM GRAVES LANCE ALAN GRAY Page 36 MARTHA McDonald GRAY PENTTI OLAVI GREENROSE JOHN G. HAGAMAN EUGENE FRANKLIN HALLMAN, JR. NANCY LEE NANCY DANENE PHILIP ALAN HARGIS REBA ANN HARNAGE HAMILTON HANDHELD JANE ILENE HARRIS DONALD EDWARD HARVEY FLOYD EARL HEATWOLE, III MELBA RUTH HENRY SANDRA LEE HENSLEY CORA EVELYN HERL Page 37 Joe Truitt caught engrossed in his English book report. CATHERINE JOYCE HERRITY JEROME KENNETH HOLLAND VIRGINIA LEE HOOVER SHARON PATRICIA HORNE MARGARET ELAINE HOSMER PHYLLIS CAROL HOUSE WILLIAM B. HUDSON, III MARCUS ALLAN HUDSON SUSAN KAY HUFFMAN CAROL LYNN HUNSBERGER THOMAS IRVING BONNIE JEAN JACKSON CLYDE LEWIS JACKSON JON ROBERT JACOBUS RUTH LOUISE JENNY LYNNEA JEAN JOHNSON MICHAEL FARLEY JOHNSON BEVERLEY VANESSA JUDITH ANN JONES JONES ALETHA LoDEAN KAISER SUSAN F. KARAMESSINES ROBERT ALAN KARGEN NANCY JANE KEEN MICHEL FRANCOIS KELLER RALPH DAVID KENNEDY ELEANOR MARIE KINGSBURY STEPHEN KITTLE RHODA JOANNE KLINE HIRAM CARTER KURYLO STEPHEN FOWLER LADD WILLIAM FREDERICK LANDRUS KENNETH DOUGLAS LARKIN DIANA LEA LEWIS ROBERT EDWARD LILLY, II CHARLES ALBERT LIMBACH DAENA LEE LION CHERYL DEA LISENBEE JOHN A. LONG CAROL ANN LUEHRS ELSIE MARIE LUHRING JAMES CARTER MAGILL, III ELLEN MARIE MALE DIANA KAY MALONE SUSAN CAROLINE MARSTERS WILLIAM JOSEPH MARTIN FLORA JUDITH MAY RICHARD WALTER MAYO LILLIAN P. McATEER PATRICK JOHN WILLIAM JOSEPH McCarthy McClain ROBERT WILLIAM LINDA LOU McCOY McCLESKEY PATRICK JAMES McGARRY LINDA JOAN McPherson JANET RUTH MELLOTT ROBERT HAROLD MELLOTT JOHN ALAN MEYER ELIZABETH LYON MILLER JOSEPH PATRICK MILLS SUSAN L. MINER PATRICIA RUTH MOODIE DIANA MOORE JANET LOUISE MORRIS GREGORY ROBERT MORRISON JANIS ELAINE MUIR NANCY W. NEWMAN Page 42 mmmm EVANGELINE CAROL NICHOLS JAMES HOWARD NICHOLSON RICHARD LEE NYSTROM RICHARD ALLAN O’CONNOR MARY RUTH O’HARA GARLAND LEE ORNDORFF “Stop mugging and get to work, Sampson,” says Bill Bowers. BARBARA ANN OWENS ELIZABETH BOYD PALMER MARY LOUISE PARKINSON TONI JOAN PATTERSON Seniors attend extracurricular courses. ELIZABETH ANNE PAULL KATHY LEE PELASARA MARILYN CAROL PETTIN DAVID HENRY PLEACHER JOHN LANIER PORTER RALPH SHERWOOD PORTER PATRICIA ANN PORVAZNIK JAMES MICHAEL POTTER Page 44 JOHN THOMAS PROVINCE GERALD LEWIS RAINS DAVID KEITH REAM JANICE MARGARET REED JOHN MICHAEL REED MARIANNE THERESA REYNOLDS “I didn’t do it, Miss Maupin. Honest!” pleads Mike Abenshein. KIM. ALAN RICHARDSON FRANCINE ELIZABETH ROBERTS NANCY CAROL ROBBINS LINDA L. ROCK HHI KATHERINE ELLEN ROSE BRADFORD MARK ROSENQUIST RICHARD ROUSE JAMES BERNARD RUSSELL Hard at work on that term paper! JOHN STULTING RYDER DORIS JEAN SCERBO JOSEPH SCHAFER LEWIS REED SCULL, JR. DIXIE R. SHAFFER MICHAEL WILLIAM SHARPE Page 46 nn MARY KAY SHIPMAN RONALD NELSON SIMPSON SANDRA MICHELLE SIMPSON JUDITH LOUISE SKILLMAN SHIRLEY ELEANOR SKRIVSETH JUDITH MARY SOUCY THOMAS ALDO SPADA ELLEN VERONICA SPROUSE ALAN T. SPIHER RUTH ELLEN STEADMAN CHARLES EDWARD STRINGFELLOW, JR. ELLEN EVELINE STRUICK MARTHA JANE SWING ITOKO TAKENOUCHI JO JEAN TAMBLYN JUDITH KAY TODD JAMES LAWRENCE TRAWICK, JR. CAROL ANN TURNER THOMAS WILSON TREMPER LINDA FAY VAUGHN JOSEPH THOMAS TRUITT MICHAEL HUNT WALKER BETTY LEA TURNER PAUL DENNIS WALKO Page 48 JAMES TERRENCE WARD WILLIAM WALLACE WARREN, JR. STEPHEN DUANE WASHBURN CHARLES LOWELL WATTS ROBERT JEFFREY WEILL RICHARD SPENCE WESTERMAN BARBARA LOUISE WIER ROBERT EDWARD WILLIS SUZAN WOLTZ HAL EUGENE WOODSIDE PETER QUAY WRIGHT ROBERT ALLEN WYATT DIANE ELAINE ZVEARE juniors Restore Traditions OFFICERS First row: MARK WH1TTENTON, Boy Senator; KATHLEEN BLAKE, Secretary; KATHY WELLS, Girl Senator; LINDA BUDDENHAGEN, Sgt.-at-Arms; JIM KELLY, Vice-President. Second row: NANCY KELLER, Treasurer; MICKEY BEH- REND, President. The juniors ushered in the beginning of the ' 63 football season with a successful sock hop, after our victory over George Mason. As the year progressed, they joined with the sophomores as “Spockbirds” for the magazine drive. Led by fearless Mr. Lunsford, the prima ballerina and promising cheerleader, the juniors, having fought valiantly against the “Fireballs,” sur¬ passed their goal. Looking ahead to the Prom, the Jun¬ ior Class continued its money-making activities and carried out a completely successful dues drive. Shortly afterward, the girls had the chance of a lifetime to tackle their “favorite” senior girls at the Powder Puff Game. And those cheerleaders were lovely! The junior homecoming float, a huge smoke-spouting cannon, placed second in the float competition and contributed greatly to the success of the parade. Remembering years gone by, the Junior Class presented the Christmas Dance. Besides returning this tradition to the heritage of our school, the proceeds of this dance helped fi¬ nance the Prom, the most memorable dance of the year. Again looking to our past for inspiration, the jun¬ iors presented the Prom at the Willard Hotel. These activities were some of the landmarks of an eventful and memorable year for the Class of ’65. WILLIAM ADAMS ROBERT AGEE RICHARD ALSAGER CHARLES ALTMAN JUDITH ANDERSON LINDA ANDERSON JANE ANDRUSKA SARA ANTHONY EDWARD ARNI LINDA ASHBY ROGER ASHFORD KAREN ASHWELL Page 50 SUSAN BAGEANT DANIEL BENRMAN MARK BAKER SUSAN BARNES MILLS BELL SUSAN BENOSKI JOSEPH LINDA BASH SHARON BASTRESS MICHELE BEHREND BIBB LYNN BICKMAN MIKE BISCHOFF CLASS of ’65 BRIAN BLACK THOMAS BRADLEY LINDA BUDDENHAGEN LINDA BLACK KATHYRN BRINER NANCY BURNEY KATHLEEN BLAKE JACQUELINE BRITTAIN CRAIG BURNHAM KENNETH BOLEN MICHAEL BROOKER RICHARD BYLES ARTHUR BOYER DAVID BROOKS DAVID CALLAHAN GARY BRADFORD JANE BRYSON ROGER CAMPBELL Page 51 ANGELA CAPITELLO JERI CHEWNING STEPHEN CAREY ALAN CLAPP FRANKLIN CARROLL JOHN CLARK WILLIAM CARY ROBERT CLARK ROBERT CASTLE GILDA CODISPOTI CLAUDE CHAMBERS ROGER COFFEY amor a ass CLARENCE COLE LISA COURTIS DIANA CURTIS JUDY COLLIS CHARLES CRAIG GAIL DANILIK RAY CONVERSE BARBARA CRAWFORD LINDA DAVIDSON CHARLES COOK SHARRY ANN CROWDER CAROLYN DAY JANICE COSBEY BARBARA CROWN GAIL DECERBO RONALD COTHRAN PAMELA CURRY EDWARD DEFREITAS Page 52 Cowgirl Codispoti bangs out copy for the yearbook. RITA DELANEY SANDRA DIDAWICK LINDA DELLACASA NANCY DORE ROBERT DE PLECHETT STEPHEN DOUGLAS TOM DUNPHY SKIP DOWELL LINDA DUFF ARTHUR DULA JOHN DUVAL RUTH EARLY CHARLOTTE EGNOT JAMES FARMER KAREN ELIOTT JOHN FARRELL FRANK ELSASSER FEROL FAUST LAWRENCE EMBREY LINDA FENWICK HELEN ERICSON IAN FERNANDEZ JAMES EVERHARD LINDA FERRONE Page 53 RICHARD FOX LINDA FREEMAN LAWRENCE FRIEDMAN IRENE FISHER WILLIAM FOGERTY JOHN FRYE SHERI FITZPATRICK DARLENE FORD WILLIAM FURLOW JOHN FLEMMING VERONICA FORD MARY GARDNER KENNETH GARNETT SARA GIESELER MARJORIE GIFFORD JANE GLEASON RICHARD GRAHAM GARY GRIFFENHAGEN MARY GRIFFIN DENNIS GRIM KATHY GOLDEN MARGIE GOODING JANET GUIRKIN NORMAN HALL Page 54 DARLENE HARRIS ELIZABETH HARRIS JOHN HARVEY LINDA HAYES ROBERT HEDGEPETH JOHN HEERLEIN PAMELA HEISHMAN BECKY HENDRICKS GAY HAYNES EDWARD HENRY LEANN HEATH CHARLES HERSHEY umor a a56 WILLIAM HEYDE DALLAS HOLMES SHARON HUNTER JANET HIGGINS FRANKLIN HOOD WENDY HUTHWAITE MICHAEL HILL SANDRA HORN KATHLEEN IRVING MARGON HIXON CHERYL HOWARD ADRAIN JACKSON WILLIAM HODGE DONALD HOWELL DORIS JACKSON ANDREW HOLMAS LINDA HUFF DOROTHY JACKSON Page 55 PATTY JAFFRAY JUDITH JOHNSON MARJORIE JEFFRIES ELIZABETH JENKINS NANCY JONES PAUL JONES NANCY JENNINGS CHRISTINE JOHNSON CYNTHIA JOHNSON ROBERT JONES RUTH JONES VICKI JONES umor a ass “Want a bite of my candy bar, Linda.” asks Kathy Wells. Page 56 HARRISON KELLER DONALD KINDER KAREN KIRBY NANCY KELLER ROSE KING WILLIAM KLEIN JAMES KELLY DAVID KINGSFATHER PATRICK KLEWICKI ESTER KNEPLEY MARY LEDANE GLORIA LILLY PAUL KUTTLER BRUCE LEDLEY RAYMOND LIPTRAP LINDA KVAM ROBERT LEEPER DANIEL LOCKE RICHARD LANDMAN SUSAN LANIER JANET LEMMER JAMES LEONARD RALPH LORENZO KENNETH LOUSTALOT JANET LEAVITT FRED LEWIS DONALD LOWRY JOHN LUCAS KATHERINE LUDLOW JUDY LUNSFORD BETTY LUSKEY RICHARD MABRY KAREN MACKENZIE ANN MacMILLAN MARY MAFFETT BARBARA MALE RODNEY EDWARD MARCEY BETTY MARTENESS MANGANELLO Page 57 Charlie Thompson fattens up the prize tor the Thanksgiving turkey raffle. EDWARD MARTIN MARY McKIBBEN DIANE MEADOWS WILLIAM MASCHAL MICHAEL McKINLEY PATRICIA MEYER JAMES MATHIAS jane McLaughlin JOSEPH MICALE DONNA McGOWAN WALTER McWHIRT SAMMY MILLS CAROL MOFFATT PAMELA MONCURE CAROL MOORE WILLIAM MORRIS SANDRA MOTT DWIGHT MUSE SHIELA MUSGRAVE CARL NELSON NICHOLAS NESTRO EVELYN NEUHUT GEORGE NOTTOLI ANN O’HARA Page 58 STEPHEN OLOWIANY SUSAN OWENS SHERRY OLSON JUDITH PACE LINDA ORNDORFF ELEANOR PAGLUCA MARGARET OTIS WANDA PATT JOANNE OWEN PATTI PATTI SON MARIAN OWENS JOANNE PEDONE ' junior ( iass JANICE PELL MARY PLOWMAN GREG PHILBRICK ALLAN POHLMAN JOHN PIFER JUDITH POWERS MARK REINGRUBER DALE PLASTINO CAROL RADCLIFFE HAROLD PLEASANTS MARTHA RAEFERTY JIM RHOTON PAT PLEASANTS JOHN RAINES CAROLL RANDALL FRANCIA REED TOM REYNOLDS STEPHEN RICHESON Page 59 DOUGLAS RICKS EVELYN SEATON BONNIE SHARPLESS MALINDA RINGLER PAUL SAUER WINSOR SHEPARD JUDY RITCHIE SUZANNE SAUVEYR CHARLES SHERIN SANDRA ROBEY NANCY SCHVELTER ROBERT SHERMAN JERRY ROLEY HENRY SCHUTZ BONITA SIMMONS LARRY SAMPSON RUDY SEGAAR ANN SIMPSON u-nior MARTHA SIMPSON MARY SIMPSON MELANIE SIRPIS MICHAEL SLIMAK DAVID SMITH KAREL SMITH MARSHA SMITH KENNETH SOUCY SHIELA SPARKS CHARLES SPEACHT MARILYN STAFFORD BONNIE STAHL Page 60 SALLIE STEMPLE KERN STRICKLAND JOSEPH STEPHENSON PATRICIA STUDDS NANCY STEVENSON JAMES TALLEY MARY STICKLEY JUDY TATE GERALDINE STRAND MARY TATUM MARK STRAWBRIDGE JACK TAVENNER SHARON THARPE GREGORY THOMAS CHARLES THOMPSON GREGORY THOMPSON RONALD TONSTAD JAMES TOTH WILLIAM TRAPP JUDY TRENARY LINDA TRIMMER BARBARA TRINKLE JULIE TUCKER JOE VARGAS DIANE WALKER JOHN WATKINS LINDA WATTS EDWARD WEBSTER JOANN WEEMS KATHY WELLS Page 61 ROBERT WEST GLORIA WOOD KENTON WHITESEIL BONNIE WILLIAMS SARA WOODMANSEE JUDY WOODRING LINDA WILLIAMS KAREN WINTERBOTTOM DORSEY WORTHY CHRISTY WRIGHT ALAN WOLCOTT JOHN WRIGHT Page 62 A long awaited moment. Tftt 5ttemoriam Raymond B. Hartman Talented, friendly, and spirited Burr Hartman will always be remembered by those who knew him. Burr took an active interest in athletics, and his sportsman¬ ship and spirit of competition were a credit to any team for which he played. He made friends easily and had the knack of bringing happiness to those around him. Though Terry was a new student to our school, his quiet manner and friendly ways were assuring him a wide circle of friends. We will always remember him with fondness and admiration. Terry Terhune Page 63 Sophomores Promote Class Unity OFFICERS First row: DICK TRAYNHAM, Sgt.-at-Arms; BOB BOW¬ MAN, Boy Senator; BOB BOULTER, President. Second row: ANN GARVIN, Girl Senator; SARALEE GOLD- FEIN, Vice-President; CHERYL WILLIAMS, Secretary; CHARINE CIRLIN, Treasurer. In this, the second year for the Class of ’66, the members felt their growing responsibility for encouraging school spirit. The Sophomore Class was successful in this endeavor with many of the members loyally supporting and participating in all the school activities. The main project of the class was to build their treasury by sponsoring activities such as a bake sale, a car wash, and dance in April. The Sophomore Clss is one which greatly believes in good communication between the members of their class and their officers. They initiated such projects as a Class of ’66 bulletin board, which helped to promote this cause. Unity and a willingness to work have made this class a strong part of Falls Church High School. CLIFFORD ABRAMS HELEN AINSLEY SUSAN ANDERSON LOUIS ANTHONY GAYNELL ASHLEY ARCHIE AUGUSTINE BARBARA AYERS JOYCE BAILEY JAMES BAKER FORREST BALLARD CORA BARILE JUDY BARKER Page 64 JULIA BARTUCEVIC LINDA BATTS LINDA BEEMAN WILLIAM BELL PATRICIA BENEDICT CLAUDIA BENNETT SUSAN BERTRAM MARGARET BICKHAM KATHY BLACK LYLA BLACK JAMES BLACKWELL MICHAEL BLUM CLASS of ’66 BARBARA BOBBY PHILLIP BOBEL ROBERT BOULTER THOMAS BOUNDS DANIEL BOWES KATHLEEN BOWMAN ROBERT BOWMAN JAMES BOYCE JOHN BRADSHAW JERRY BRAUN KEITH BRESCIA JOHN BREYER JOHN BRODNAX ROGER BROOKS WILLIAM BROWN JAMES BURDICK GLENNA BURGESS LINDA BURRELL NORMA BURRILL TERRY BYLES LAURA CAPITELLO CHARLES CARNAHAN MICHELE CAYOT ANDREW CAZALAS Page 65 DELMAR CHAPMAN JUANITA CHAPMAN SANDRA CHRISTIAN FRANCIS CHISTOPHER ANGELA CIFFO CHARINE CIRLIN ROBERT CLANCY JEREMIAH COFFEY CYNTHIA COHEN LINDA COLE JAMES COLLINS WILLIAM COOKE PATRICIA COOPER KENNETH COSIMANO GENA COX PATRICIA CRAGLE CONSTANCE CREA HAROLD CUNNINGHAM ROBERT CUSHING PAULETTE DANIELS MICHAEL DARNALL JAMES DEAN REGINA DeLAUDER PATRICIA DeLORENZO omore JACQUELINE DENEAULT KARIN DENTON WILLIAM DePLACHETT ANNE DEWEY PATRICIA DIETRICH CHRISTINE DITTO DIANNE DIXON FRANK DIXON GENE DODSON KERRY DONNELL JOHN DOVEL NANCY DOWELL GARY DOWER LINDA DOWER MICHAEL DOYLE DIANE DRESSLER HAROLD DUNCAN ANN DUVON JOHN ELLIS FRANCES ELSASSER MILTON FALL DIANA FERRONE CRAIG FINDLEY JOSEPH FISHER Page 66 VIRGINIA FISHER ROBERT FLORANCE BARRY FORD MARTHA GAILLIOT MARY GAINES CAROL GARLEM ANN GARVIN DAVID GILLESPIE SANDRA GIVEN LEWIS GLASENER DENNIS GODFREY SARALEE GOLDFEIN NANCY GOOCH MERLE GREENBERG PIRKKO GREENROSE DIANE GRIBBIN BRENDA GRIFFIN AUSTIN GRIMES NANCY GROVES GINI GUSTAFSON CAROLYN HAACK SANDRA HAESE ALICE HAILMAN LINDA HALLSTEAD a a66 DANIEL HAMILTON KENNETH HAMMER ROBERTA HAMMERS BLYTHE HANNA ROBERT HANNA RUTH HANSEL PEGGY HANSEN PAUL HARRIS VICTORIA HARRIS CAROLYN HART HAROLD HARTMAN MIKE HEAD HOWARD HERSHEY JANET HESS REGINA HICKS MIKE HILL HELEN HINSON JOHN HOERNEMAN SARA HOFFMAN SANDRA HOOPER NAN HOPKINSON JEFF HUDSON CONNIE HUMPHREY JENNIFER HUSEBY Page 67 DONALD HUYCKE LINDA JERNIGAN JOHN JOLLEY LARRY JONES LUTHER JONES MOSTYN JONES PATTY JONES TERRELL JONES JOHN JUDD ROBERT JULLIEN BETTY JUNCAL PETER KALEN DAVID KAUFMAN EDWARD KIKER NANCY KIMBLE KAY KING ANITA KLEINFIELD MICHAELINE KLEWICKI DON KNAPP BARBARA KNIGHT VICKI KRAUSE JANICE LACKEY KATHLEEN LAWRENCE GAIL LEBBON omore JOHN LEWIS RONALD LEWIS THOMAS LEWIS DANIEL LIPP ADRIENNE LIPSKY JOHN LOIKOW FRED LONG JON LOUGHTON MARGARET LUEHRS ARDEN LYBERGER EVELYN MacMILLAN CAROLYN MAGILL MARK MAHER CAROLYN MANGENG STEVE MARSHALL ROBERT MATHERS ROBERT MATTHEWS STEPHEN MATTHEWS LOUIS MAYO SUSAN McBRIDE KATHLEEN McCONNELL ROSE McCOY KAREN McCREATH ROY McGARRAH Page 68 JAMES McNEIL john McPherson DAVID MELLOTT CARMALYN MILLER LARRY MILLER MADELEINE MILLER RICHARD MILLER RONALD MINER LINDA MINTON CHARLES MONDAY RICHARD MONDAY PAMELA MOODIE MARGARET MOODY ROSS MOORE DAVID MOREY BARBARA MORRIS LONNIE MORRIS DOROTHY MOSER DOROTHY MOUNTJOY RAYMOND MULKEY WENDY MULTOG CAROL MURPHY CHARLES MURPHY NELSON NESTOR a JANET NOLAN GLENN OMURA DOROTHY O’NEAL CYNTHIA ORR KIYOMI OSHIRO JAMES OWENS DEBORAH PALMER JEFF PALMER CHARLES PAPKE KATHERINE PATTON DOREEN PAULAT HAROLD PAVEL EVELYN PAYNE RONALD PEMSTEIN RONNIE PENCE EDWARD PENDLETON MARY PENNA SUSAN PENWELL PATRICIA PETTIN GERALD PHILLIPON ALLEN PIERCE MARGARET PILLAR IRENE PLEASANTS GAIL POE Page 69 BETTY POLK MICHAEL POORE GEORGE PORTER JOHN PORTER STEPHEN PORVAZNIK SHARON POSS JOHN PRICHARD JOHN PRUITT ALEXANDER PRZYWARA THOMAS RABBITT EARL RAFFERTY ROBERT RAINS WAYNE RALSTON CARLA REMBER ROBERT RENTZ CHARLES REYNOLDS KEITH REYNOLDS DAVID RITCHIE FRED ROCK JUNE ROCK MARY RODGERS JONATHON ROHR DEBORAH ROSENQUIST PENNY ROSS otnore BENTON ROTHGER BORIS RUIZ TERRY SANDEEN PAMELA SAYLOR CAROLYN SCHUTZ CYNTHIA SEAY RONALD SHAW ELIZABETH SHEDD JAMES SHEGOGUE KERWIN SHOUN JAMES SHUMATE JAMES SIKES ARNOLD SIVERMAN CAROLE SIMPSON JARED SIMS LINDA SISSON MARY SLIMAK BARBARA SMITH JAMES SMITH NEIL SOMMERFELDT PRISCILLA SOUTHERLY ROBERT SOWDER DENNIS SPAHR MICHAEL STACKHOUSE Page 70 WILLIAM STACKS GARNER STALLINGS GENE STANGOHR RICHARD STANTON EDWARD STEELE MARY STEELE PHYLLIS STEWART SANDRA STICKLEY MARY STITES DORIS STITZEL LINDA STORY SUSAN STORY MARY STUDDS BRYAN SUIT DAVID SULLIVAN DONNA TATE RALPH TAYLOR RAYMOND THOMPSON RUSSELL THORNE ROD THORNTON GERALD TOWLE RICHARD TRAYNHAM JAMES TURNER LINDA VIAR a ass JOHN VON RUNNEN THOMAS VORHAUER SHERYL WALKER REBECCA WALLACE EVELYN WALTERS KENNETH WALTON JOHN WANAT GARY WATERS WIONA WEBB WILLIAM WEBSTER ROBERT WEDDLE DENNIS WEISS MARLENE WERNER HAROLD WHEELER PAT WHITE JANET WIGGINS JEFF WIGHT CHERYL WILLIAMS HOLLY WILLIAMS JUDITH WILLINGHAM FRANCES WILLINGHAN JANE WOOD ROBERT WRIGHT GARY YOUNG Page 71 Freshmen Face Challenges This year the Gulch was invaded by an en¬ thusiastic group of freshmen led by Chris L. Wright as president. This class realized their predecessors had set a fast pace for them to fol¬ low. Several dances and a successful dues drive helped the class to gather momentum. The fresh¬ men teamed with the seniors in the magazine drive to spark the Fireballs to victory. With an¬ ticipation of future achievements, Falls Church welcomed the Class of ' 67. OFFICERS CHRIS WRIGHT, President; ASTRID QUANDE, Sec¬ retary; LLOYD MACMILLAN, Vice-President; EDIE STEVENSON, Girl Senator; BILL DEISELHORST, Boy Senator; GLEN GEUDER, Sgt.-at-Arms; MARILYN MARTIN, Treasurer. PATRICIA AGEE EDWARD ALBRECHT JOHN ALBRITTON LINDA ALTMAN ALAN AMBLER JANET AMOLE DIANA ANDERSON CHRISTINE ANDREWS STEPHEN ARDEN JANETTE ARNOLD NANCY ARNOLD TIMOTHY ARNOLD CHRISTOPHER ARONOFF MICHAEL AUSTIN EARL BAGEANT LINDA BAILEY GARY BAIRD OSCAR BAIRD Page 72 HAROLD BARBER RICHARD BARNES SANDRA BARTON ROSA BARTUCEVIC JAMES BEECH MARILYN BELKNAP KEVIN BELL ROBERT BELYEA ROBERT BENTON JOHN BIBB WILLIAM BLACK HOWARD BLAIR PATRICIA BLAKE BRUCE BOGER SYLVIA BOON CHRISTOPHER BOTOS DONNA BOWEN SUSAN BOWEN DAVID BOYER JACK BRANDT ISABEL BROCK SUSIE BROWN LYTLE BUCKINGHAM BETTE BURROWAY CLASS of ’67 LINDA BUSH BETTY JANE BYERS WILLIAM CAMPBELL STEVEN CAMBRE LINDA CARL LUCILLE CARNAHAN WILLIAM CARPENTER DEILA CARR DAVID CARY JOSEPH CASEY DONALD CHAPMAN GILBERT CHAPMAN ANTHONY CHRIST ROBERT CLINE GARY COLLINS RONALD COLLINS LeROY COOK RUTH COOMBS ROBERT COOPER LARRY CORNWALL DANIEL COSBEY MICHAEL COSIMANO JEANNE COTHRAN NANCY COX Page 73 RICHARD CRACK DENNIS CRAWFORD MICHAEL CREEL CAROLYN DART ANNETTE DAVIDSON JEANETTE DAVIDSON SUZANNE DAVIS JOHN DAVISON PATRICIA DAWSON DONALD DAY PAUL DeFREITAS JOAN DEMO PAULINE DENEAULT RICHARD DERRICKSON JEFFREY DERROU JOHN DEWEY WILLIAM DIESSELHORST VICKIE DONALDSON GORMAN DONEGON RICHARD DONOHUE DOROTHEA DORMAN JAMES DOUGLAS SHEILA DOYLE DAVID DRESSLER man PATRICIA EDISON JOHN ELDRIDGE MICHAEL ELLIOT SANDRA MARIE ELLIS CHARLES EVANS JAMES EVANS RALPH EVANS JOHN EVERHARD JOHN FAIRBANKS THOMAS FARMER JAMES FARRELL CHARLES FEATHERS KATHERYN FIOROMANTI NANETTE FISHER WILLIAM FISHER JOHN FITZSIMMONDS JAMES FLETCHER VERNON FOSTER DONNA FOX BRYNA FREYER SIDNEY FRIEND KENT FUGE DANIEL FUSON CHRISTINE GAMBLE Page 74 GLEN GEUDER PHILIP GIESELER ELIZABETH GOODMAN SHARON GOODMAN MARK GOODRICK ROBERT GORACKE CAROL GRAHAM KENNETH GRAHAM DORA GRAMLING LIBBY GRAVES NATALIE GREEN KATHLEEN GREGSON DONNA GRIBBIN GORDON GRIFFENHAGEN MARCIA GRIM STANLEY GRAOCHOWSKE LARRY GRUBBS JOHN GUNNELS CHRISTOPHER GUENTHER MARTIN GURRI FERNANDO GUTIERREZ SHARON HALLAMA NANCY HAMBLIN GLORIA HAMILTON a a56 CLARENCE HARRIS LINDA HART MAXINE HART GARY HARTMAN WALLACE HARTSOOK JAMES HAYES SUSAN HAYES MARY ALICE HEALEY TERRY HEDGEPETH LINDA HEDRICK LINDA HENDRICK WILLIAM HERLING BERNARD HERRITY WENDALL HITE JANET HOLMAAS SANDRA HOLMES GEORGE HONEY RODGER HOPKINS JENNIE HOSMER CHARLES HUDOCK PAMELA HUFFA JEROME HUNSBERGER KAREN HUNSBERGER HERBERT HUNTER Page 75 MA UREEN HUNTER AUDREY HUTHWAITE ROY ISOM NANCY JAMES LAWRENCE JOHNSON JOHN JOHNSON BARBARA ANN JONES SALLY JONES WAYNE JUNCAL ROBERT KACKLEY PAUL KADEL KAREN KELLER CAROL KEEN MARSHA KELM BYRAN KENNEDY ELIZABETH KENNEDY KEN KERTTULA LINDA KIDD JUDY KERNS LINDA KERNS NANCY KINCHELOE DOROTHY KING MICHAEL KING PEGGY KLEINFELDE man VALERIE KNIGHT MICHAEL KORBE TERRY KRAUSE DAVID KULICK ALICIA LACASS MEDFORD LACY DAVID LANDMAN JUDITH LANTZ CAROL LARKIN CAROL LAWALL RAYMOND LEACH VIRGINIA LEFFAS JERRY LETSON PAMELA LIPP ALENA LIPTRAP VIRGINIA LEFTAS JEAN LLOYD LINDA LONG SINDRI LOW RONALD LYERLY ELAINE LYNCH ERIKA LYNN LLOYD MacMILLAN FRANK MAFFAETT Page 76 MIKE MALONE ELLEN MANVILLE FRANCIS MAPLE VERNON MARKS PHYLLIS MARSHALL DAVID MARTIN JOAN MARTIN MARILYN MARTIN LAWRENCE MART2 LAUREL MASTENBROOK FRANK MATTHEW SANDRA MATTIAS SHARON MATTHIAS SHEILA McATEER LYNN McCANN dennis McCarthy ALMA McCOY buren McDaniel LINDA MEADOWS ROBERT MEADOWS KAREN MERRITT CARLO MICALE JANE MILLER SUSAN MILLER a a56 WILLIAM MILLER BRENDA MILLS LOUELLA MILLS BEN MITCHELL CALIN MITCHELL MICHAEL MITCHELL ROBERT MITCHELL VICTOR MITCHELL SHARON MONAHAN ASHLEY MONROE JOHN MOORE BARBARA MORAN LINDA MORRELL DONALD MORRIS GERALDINE MORRIS GILBERT MORRISON RHEA MORRISON JERRY MURPHY FLOYD MYERS WILLIAM NEWBERRY JOHN OAKLEY PETER OAKLEY THOMAS O’CONNER PAUL O’HARA Page 77 PATRICK OHLEGER WILLIAM OLIVER CALVIN OLSON JOHN ORPIN DALE PACE JOHN PADGETT DONALD PAPKE JO MARIE PARADISE PEGGY PARKS STEPHEN PAR KS GLORIA PATTERSON GREGG PATTON EDWARD PAULY SANDRA PAYNE SUZANNE PAYNE JANICE PEDONE LONNIE PENCE JENE PHILBRICK CYNTHIA PLASTINO ARTHUR POLING MICHAEL POLLOCK JACKSON POALE STEPHEN PRICE DAVID PRUITT man JAMES PUCKETT ASTRID QUANDE JAMES RABBIT BARBARA REDMAN GEORGE REDDY LARRY REVIS JOHN RICE ALICE RICKS SHELIA RIFFLE RICHARD ROBSEN LOIS RODRIZQEZ FOSTER ROHRBOUGH JONATHAN ROSE BRENDA ROSSIE MELINDA ROSNESR PAULA ROTHGEB JUDITH ROUSSILLON LINDA RUE ROBERT RYALS BERNARD RYAN ROBERT SADLOWE CAROLYN SAHROW VIRGINIA SALAZER MYRNA SAMUEL Page 78 ADELE SANTINO CHERYL SAUNDERS DANIEL SAUVEUR JUDITH SCHAFER JERRY SHULTZ SIDNEY SHARPE JUDITH SHERMAN ALICE SHEWMAKER SHERRY SHIRLEY BARBARA SHOUN TERRI SHUPE HARVEY SILVERMAN JUDY ANN SMITH MICHAEL SMITH REBECCA SMITH ROSS SMITH STEPHEN SMITH MARLENE SOBRISKE JOHN STACKS MARJORIE STACKS BARBARA STAPLETON SARA STARR SANDRA STEMPLE EDYTHE STEPHENSON a a66 JOHN STEVENSON WILLIAM STEVENS KAREN SULLIVAN TOBIN SULLIVAN ROBERT SUMMERS ANN SWING LORRAINE TAVENNER SHARON TEGLUM STEVE TERHUNE TERRY THOMAS ALFRED THOMPSON DELBERT THOMPSON JOHN TITUS DOLLY TOWSEY FRED TREMPER BRUCE TUCKER HELEN TURNER PATRICIA TURNER NANCY VAN LEAR JORGE VELASCO JOHN WALSH DANA WALTON VIVIAN WARREN BRENDA WAYBRIGHT KAREN WEEDON Page 79 SANDY WEEKS ELAINE WEHLE KURT WEHLE DAVID WEINBERGER PATTY WELCH BILL WELLS DAVID WERTH DONNA WETRICH MARY WHEELER VIRGINIA WHEELER DOTTIE WILLIAMS WAYNE WILLIAMS SANDY WILLIAMS RALPH WILLIAMSON LARRY WINSTEAD CRAIG WISOOKER BILL WOOD CHRIS L. WRIGHT CHRIS P. WRIGHT NANCY WRIGHT DON YOUNGBLOOD DANNY ZAPALSKI BRUCE ZEIGER Freshman Class Page 80 Michel Keller, who has lived in Cambodia and sev¬ eral different parts of France, his own country, is now living with Brad Keller’s familv. Michel likes Falls Church and says the school is like a big familv. Julia and Rosa Bartucevic arrived in the U.S. late last summer from Santiago, Chile. Julia is a sophomore and Rosa is a freshman. Boris Alberto Ruiz has been in America for about six months. He comes from the city of Bogota, in Columbia. F.C.H.S. Chosen By Foreign Students Theodore Sprecher, Ellen Struick, and Johan Figge have all grad¬ uated from high school in the Netherlands. Theodore comes from Rotterdam and Ellen comes from Leyden. Johan and Theodore plan to return home and study electronics, but Ellen has plans which may include journalism, music, or English at a Dutch university. Page 81 ■ National Honor Society Margaret Gilchrist concludes the induction ceremony by presenting the final quality of members —service. The National Honor Society, whose members are chosen on the basis of character, leadership, scholastic ability, and service, is sponsored by Mrs. Mabel Chap¬ man. The members offer their services as tutors to any student who may need help in a particular subject. This is one of the projects they undertake to raise money for the scholarship which is presented at the end of the year to a deserving student. Mary Garvin discusses the subject of “character” with the newlv inducted members. Page 84 First row: ELIZABETH PAULL, KATHY BRINER, JOANNE KLINE, Secretary; RAY COLOTTI, Vice President; MIKE JOHNSON, President; DICK MAYO, Treasurer; MRS. CHAPMAN, Sponsor; SUZI ERICKSON, Chaplain; RICHARD WES- TERMAN. Second row: ELLEN SPROUSE, SANDRA DI DA WICK, MARY LeDANE, BARBARA MALE. BONNIE STAHL, LINDA KVAM, SALLI STEMPLE, JANET LEMMER, NANCY STEVENSON, MARY STICKLEY, BILL WAR¬ REN. Third row: TONI PATTERSON, JANET MORRIS, CAROL LUEHRS, MARY GARVIN, NANCY KELLER, PETER WRIGHT, MARY O’HARA, LISA COURTIS, BOB WEILL, BILL MASCHAL, TOM BRADLEY, JUDY MAY. Fourth row: ITOKO TAKENOUGHI, KATHLEEN BLAKE, SALLY WOODMANSEE, MICKI BEHREND, ELLEN STRUICK, MICHEL KELLER, THEODORE SPRECHER, MARGARET GILCHRIST, TONY GAMBARDELLA, LANCE GRAY. Standing: GARY ADAMS, BRAD KELLER, DAVID CALLAHAN, MARK WHITTENTAN, MARC HUDSON, BOB WEST, MILLS BELL, PAUL SAUER, BOB WILLIS, BILL BOWERS. Junior National Honor Society First row: BOB BOULTER, RALPH TAYLOR, SARALEE GOLFEIN, MICHELE CAYOT, NAN HOPKINSON, ROB ERT KACKLEY, GLEN GLUDER, DICK TRAYNAM. Second row: KATHY McCONNELL, LINDA HALLSTEAD, NANCY HAMLIN, KAREN HUNSBERGER, LIZ KENNEDY, CAROL LAW ALL, DANA WALTON, JANETTE ARN¬ OLD, ALICE HAILMAN, REGINA DeLAUDER, CAROLYN MANGLING. Third row: GENA COX, MARLENE WERNER, CINDY COHEN, SARAH HOFFMAN, MERLE GREENBERG, JANET NOLAN, REBECCA SMITH, CARO¬ LYN HAACK SANDIE STEMPLE, PAT TURNER, BOB BOWMAN, GARY YOUNG. Fourth row: BOB RAINS, ARN OLD SILVERMAN, MIKE HILL, MIKE PROVAZNIK, ED PAULY, TERRY SANDEEN, PHIL GIESELER, MICHAEL SMITH, DAVID RITCHIE, ROBERT MEADOWS, BRIAN KENNEDY, PHIL BOBEL, ED KIKER. Page 85 Quill and Scroll Honor Society Seated: REBA HARNAGE, CHERYL LISENBEE, SUZAN WOLTZ. First row: SHARON HUNTER, BARBARA MALE, MRS. ROSSELL, Sponsor; ANN MARIE BARRACK, SHIRLEY SKRIVSETH, JANE HARRIS. Second row: MICKI BEH- REND, ELLEN STRUICK, LINDA KVAM, GINNY HOOVER, CHERYL HOWARD, EMIL DIETSCH. Societe Honoraire de Francais Page 86 Seated: MARY GARVIN, PETER WRIGHT, JUDY MAY, JUDY ANDER¬ SON, LISA COURTIS. Standing: SALLI STEMPLE, MARGARET GIL¬ CHRIST, KATHY BRINER, DAVID PLEACHER. National Thespian Honor Society First row standing: MARY GARVIN, MARIANNE REYNOLDS, PETER WRIGHT, MRS. OGILVIE, Sponsor. Second row: SHARON HUNTER, GAY HAINES, KAI ID BRINER, DONNA CLARK, ED¬ DIE MARTIN. Third row: LARRY SAMPSON, BOB WEST, LEANN HEATH, ANITA KLEINFELD. Not pictured: BILL BOWERS, JIM CONWAY, KATHY IRVING. American History Honor Society First row: LINDA HAYES, JERI CHEWNING, NANCY KELLER, BONNIE STAHL, LINDA HUFF. PAUL SAUER, BARBARA TRINKLE, MARGIE JEFFRIES, LISA COURT ES, COL. CALLAII AM, Sponsor. Second row: MISS WILSON, Sponsor; PAM CURRY, KATHY WELLS, KAREN ZAVINSKI, SALLI STEMPLE, PATTIE MEYER, KAREN MAC¬ KENZIE, CHRIS WRIGHT, WALTER McWHIRT, DAVID KENTSFATHER. Third row: KATHLEEN BLAKE, LINDA KVAM, RUDY SEGAAR, Fourth row: MIKE BISCHOFF, KEN LOUSTALOT, DIANNE WALKER, FRANKIE CAR- ROLL, GARY ADAMS, MILLS BELL. Page 87 ’64 Jaguar Staff Seeks Fresh Approach Miss Gary Maupin, Advisor With the experience of the Southern Interscholastic Press Association convention of last spring behind the editors and the sponsor, the yearbook staff set out to com¬ pletely revamp the yearbook. Behind the production of a new yearbook lay the co-operation among the members of the staff, from the keeping of accounts to photography and the writing of “copy.” Many people were important in carrying out the varied and vital concerns of the staff. The aim of the staff was to preserve not only the import¬ ant events—a certain game or the evaluation—but also the personal things which have made this year individual for each of us. Front row: BILL LANDRUS, FRITZ DIETSCH, PAT McCARTHY, LINDA McPHERSON. Second row: FRANCIA REED, SUSAN BENOSKI, DONNA CLARK, JANET MELLOTT, SUSIE KARAMESSINES, JOHN MIKE MALONE. Third row: GINNY HOOVER, JON JACOBUS, JOANN WEEMS, KAREL SMITH, PAM HEISIIMAN, CORA HERL, CAROL BOWMAN, JAN MUIR, KATHY BRINER, AL CLAPP. Fourth row: GILDA CODISPOTI, LYNN DAVIES, ELIZA¬ BETH PAULL, LARRY DIXON, CARTER KURYLO. Not Pictured: SUSAN BONO. Page 90 EDITORIAL STAFF First row: FRITZ DIETSCH, Business Manager; JON JACOBUS, Advertising Manager: LINDA McPHERSON, Features Edi¬ tor; BILL LANDRUS, Sports Editor. Second row: DONNA CLARK, Circulation Manager; GINNY HOOVER, Copy Editor; CORA HERL, Activities Editor; CARTER KURYLO, Literary Editor; AL CLAPP, Publicity Manager. Not Pictured: SUSAN BONO, Picture Editor. Co-Editors Mike Goulde and Frankie Roberts approve photographs for the ’64 Jaguar. Mr. Blair Preston, President of King Printing Company, met with Year¬ book staff members in the fall to discuss plans for the ’64 Jaguar. Jaguar Journal MRS. JULIE ROSSELL, Advisor The Jaguar Journal staff began this year by having the newspaper printed on glossy white paper instead of the newsprint which was used last year. The staff encountered many difficulties, being a rela¬ tively inexperienced group; however, a paper appeared on schedule once a month. One of the newly established policies was to devote more space to scholastic achievements and to world-wide events. In past years the Journal has won awards in all the press association competitions they have entered. Last year they won a first place in the Southern Interscholastic Press Association and are now working towards the Plaque —the highest award given by this association. EDITORS MIKE GOULDE, Photographer; LINDA KVAM, Assistant Editor; MIKE JOHNSON, Editor; SUSAN WOLTZ, First Page Editor; MIKE HILL, Third Page Editor. Not Pictured: CHERYL LISENBEE, Second Page Editor; RON PEMSTEIN, Fourth Page Editor. Page 92 CHARLIE SHERIN, BUCKELEW. REPORTERS NANCY DOWELL, DICKIE NYSTROM, GREG BALLARD, SKIP DOWELL, ROGER ASSISTANTS BARBARA MALE, Assistant Second Page Editor; ALICE HAILMAN, Advertising Manager; JANET HESS, As sistant First Page Editor; ANN MARIE BARRACK, Exchange Editor; SHARON HUNTER, Business Man ager. Page 93 EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: SUZAN WOLTZ, Assistant Editor; REBA HARNAGE, Editor; SHIRLEY SKRIVSETH, Literary Editor. Standing: JOANNE KLINE, Business Manager; JAN MUIR, Production Editor; RICHARD WESTERMAN, Art Editor; JANE HAR¬ RIS, Publicity Manager. PAW PRINT Offers Medium Of Expression Paw Print, the literary magazine of Falls Church High School, is published three times a year, in autumn, winter, and spring issues. Working with Mrs. Mary Wood, the faculty advisor, the members of the staff evaluate the poems, short stories, and essays which have been con¬ tributed. The material is then referred to the art staff for appropriate illustration. Paw Print not only provides entertainment for the students and faculty, but also offers a medium of expression and deserved recognition to those in our school with literary ability. Mrs. Mary Wood, Advisor PAW PRINT Breakfast Sales were a constant source of revenue. Front row, left to right: OHERYL LISENBEE, PAM IIEISHMAN, JANE HARRIS, LINDA HUEF, JANET LEMMER, CLAUDIA BENNETT, SUE ANDERSON, DIANE DRESSLER, JEANETTE ARNOLD. Second row: DANNY FOUSE, JANET MELLOTT, KATHY WELLS, ELSIE LUHRING, ANN MARIE BARRACK, JOANNE KLINE, CAROL BOW¬ MAN, JANE McGLOUCHLIN, CORA HERL. Third row: DIDI HARRIS, SUZAN WOLTZ, LYNNEA JOHNSON, VIRGINIA HOOVER, REBA HARNAGE, CHERYL HOWARD, SUSAN OWENS, PEGGY PILLAR. Fourth row: DEN¬ NIS WALKO, ANN GARVIN, MARY GARVIN, JAN MUIR, LINDA KVAIM, PAT TURNER. Page 95 ACTIVITIES First row: KAREL SMITH, SANDY MOTT, SUZANNE CHATTERTON, JANE BRYSON, JUDY JOHNSON, JANET MORRIS. Second row: STEVE MATTHEWS, SALLIE STEMPLE, MICKI BEHREND, KATHY McCONNELL, PAT DEITRICH, SHARRY CROWDER. Third row: KEN LOUSTALOT, CAROLYN DAY, KERRY DONNELL, MARGO HIXSON. Fourth row: EDWARD KIKER, ALLAN HENRY, BILL MORRIS, KAREN MacKENZIE, ADRIENNE LIPSKI, LINDA McCOY. American Field Service To support the American Field Service pro¬ gram in sending a student abroad, either for the summer or during the school year, the A.F.S. Club must raise one thousand dollars a year. Their responsibilities are two-fold, for the club also sponsors a foreign exchange student in our school. Money was raised this year from the sale of school-year calendars, Falls Church High School jewelry, hot chocolate during football games, and Christmas cards. Bill Bowers has said of his trip abroad: “An American Field Service experience is something unique, something that can’t be shared with any¬ one else. It means something different to each person.” Bill’s summer in Pakistan was extremely educational, having given him an insight into the American image as seen by few Americans. “My brothers,” said Bill, “continually wanted me to experience new things especially foods, such as the Pakistani milk shake, sort of a mixture of curds and whey, but quite good. Eating seemed at times to be the Pakistani national pastime.” Altogether, Bill feels that it was a fascinating summer. Page 98 First row: RICKY TRAYNHAM, Treasurer; MARGARET GILCHRIST, Vice President; JANE McLAUGHLIN, Secretary; PETER WRIGHT, President. Second row: KATHY BRINER, MOSTYN JONES, NANCY STEVENSON, NANCY KEL¬ LER, SHEILA MUSGRAVE, JUDY POWERS. Third row: SAGE REYNOLDS, KAREN WINTERBOTTOM, DALE PLAS- TINO, DIANA CURTIS, EVY NEWHUT. Fourth row: SUE BURGESS, CHRIS WRIGHT, SANDY HORN, KATHI LUDLOW, SANDY DIDAWICK, KATHLEEN BLAKE, MARK WHITENTON. Sponsors Exchange Program It was with pleasure that we welcomed Itoko Take- nouchi, our foreign exchange student this year. She came to us from Niigata, Japan, and is staying at the home of Nancy Keller, a junior at Falls Church. Itoko says that many things were new and strange to her when she arrived in America. “Everything is filled with cheer and energy in the United States,” she says. “When I walk through the hall to change classrooms, they are filled with talking and laughing and colors of girls’ pretty clothes . . . the fact that American students are very friendly to each other greatly impressed me.” Itoko will graduate from Falls Church in June and will immediately return to Japan to complete her remain¬ ing year and a half of high school there. She then plans to go to college, where she will major in English. Page 99 Standing: SAGE REYNOLDS, TONI PATTERSON, JANET HESS, ELIZABETH PAULL, MRS. CRUM. Kneeling: LIN¬ DA GOODRICK, EDWARD KIKER, MARY LOU PARKIN SON. Art Club Prepares Spring Show The Art Club is an organization for the enjoyment and appreciation of art. The club members, along with the other art students in the county, made a trip to visit the art museums in New York City. Excursions to local galleries are also a part of the activities. The annual Variety Show is sponsored by the Art Club to encourage student talent and to raise one hun¬ dred dollars for the Art Scholarship, given every spring to an outstanding senior art student. The scholarship is given in memory of a former student, George Schindler, Jr. Elizabeth Pauli, President, confers with Mrs. Crum, Sponsor. Page 100 Chess Club i jK ik Seated: AUTHUR DULA, ROGER BUCKELEW, GERALD RAINS, MIKE HILL. Standing: ROBERT RAINS, ED KIK- ER, GENE DODSON, BRYAN KENNEDY, ROBERT BOLAND, DAVID KINTSFATHER, MR. LEWIS, Sponsor. Youth for Christ First row: ED BRANDT, President, JAN COSBEY, Secretary-Treasurer, BRAD ROSENQUIST, Vice President, JUDIE CLEVER, JACK BRANDT, EDDY NESTER. Second row: KATHY BOWMAN, MARY ANN WHEELER, DEBBIE ROS¬ ENQUIST, GAIL POE, CYNTHIA PLASTINO, JUDY LUNSFORD, BARBARA TRINKLE, SANDY BARTON. Third row: JOANNE PEDONE, CAROL LA WALL, PENNY ROSS, MARY JANE SLIMAK, DIANE FERRONE, GWEN GAARDE, ANTONIA CARNELLI, MARIANNE REYNOLDS, DORIS WILSON, LINDA BURRELL, DIANA CURTIS, DAN LIPP, DANNY COSBEY. Fourth row: TONI PATTERSON, MIKE DENNIS, BOB WEST, RICKEY BAILY, CART¬ ER MAGILL, KIM RICHARDSON, KEN BARBASH, BOB BOLAND, DAVE MARTIN. Page 101 Industrial Co-operative Training Seated: JILL FRIAR, CYNTHIA JOHNSON, NANCY HANDFIELD. Second row: LEWIS STOREY, BOB DePLACH- ETT, LARRY EMBRY, JAMES SIKES, EVERETT THOMPSON, SAM MILLS, ROBERT DUNKUM, ROY SMITH. Third row: JOHN REED, PAUL GOLDEN, DWIGHT MUSE, MICHAEL DIAS, FRED LEWIS, RONALD SIMPSON, JAMES CLARKE, DAVID CHARLES WORTH. French Club First row: SARALEE GOLDFEIN, Secretary; MICHELE CAYOT, Treasurer; KATHY BRINER, NANCY HAMBLIN, LIN¬ DA MORRELL, KATHY McCONNELL, JANETTE ARNOLD, GENA COX. Second row: EVELYN NEUHUT, DORO¬ THY O’NEAL, BRYNA FREYER, DIANE FERRONE, DOTTIE MOUNTJOY, MARILYN FREEMAN, DIANE WALKER, ANN SIMPSON, President. Third row: ELIZABETH SHEDD, CINDY COHEN, SANDY MOTT, BARBARA SMITH, KAREN MacKENZIE, PAM CURRY, PAT TURNER, CAROLYN HART, BOB RAINS, LIZ KENNEDY, LIN¬ DA KVAM, Vice President. Fourth row: CHRIS WRIGHT, NANCY JONES, PAT DEITRICK, TONI PATTERSON, DONNA TATE, LEWIS GLASENER, MARGARET GILCHREST, JANE WOOD, CAROLYN MANGENG, BERRY JEAN JENKINS, JANICE PELL. Page 102 Future Business Leaders of America First row: MISS SPITZER, Sponsor; JUDY LUNDSFORD, BARBARA TRINKLE, LINDA DELLACASA, KAREN W1N- TERBOTTOM, MARY SIMPSON. Second row: BONNIE WILLIAMS, SUZANNE McATEER, WANDA PATT, LINDA WILLIAMS, CATHY HERRITY. Third row: MARY PLOWMAN, LINDA FENWICK, LUANN JULIAN, HELEN AINS- LEY, SANDY HORN, JANE BRYSON, LINDA FREEMAN. MARGIE JEFFRIES, JOYCE BAILEY, BONNIE SHARP¬ LESS, JOANN WEEMS, GAIL DANILIK. Not Pictured■. MARGARET HOSMER, President. Future Homemakers of America First row: LINDA FREEMAN, KIYOMI OSHIRA, NANCY DORE, NORMA BURRILL. Second row: DAR¬ LENE FORD, WANDA PATT, JANET MORRIS, LINDA FERRONE. Third row: MRS. SPRING, Spon¬ sor; MARJIE JEFFRIES, MARTY GAILLOT, JOANN WEEMS, LINDA DELACASA, JUDY LUNDS¬ FORD, MARY ALICE HEALEY, DIANE CURTIS, BETTY JEAN JENKINS. Page 103 Future Teachers of America Seated: JANET MORRIS, DIANA CURTIS, LINDA FERRONE, ANNE GARFIELD. Standing: KAREN HUNSBERGER, BURNEY RYAN, PAT McATEER, LINDA McCOY, JERRY SCHULTZ, MELINDA ROSNESS, LINDA WILLIAMS, KAREN WINTERBOTTOM, JUDY CLEVER. German Club Seated: MR. REITZ, Sponsor; RICHARD O’CONNOR, Treasurer; BOB WILLIS, President; ELIZABETH PAULL, Vice- President; SHIRLEY SKRIVSETH, Secretary. Standing: PAUL KADEL, PAUL SAUER, RUDY SEGAAR, GARY ADAMS, BILL MASCHAL, ROBERT SUMMERS, MARY ALICE PI EALEY, WAYNE RALSTON, CAROLYN HAACK, BILL WARREN, TOM PROVINCE, MIKE JOHNSON, EDDIE MARTIN, CHUCK BELYEA, KERRY DONNELL, DOUG NELSON, DORSEY WORTHY. mmmm Ice Skating Club Front row: DAVID KINTSFATHER, President, LINDA LONG, LUANN JULIAN, JOANNE PADONE, BONNIE SIM¬ MONS, JACKIE PLASTINO, DALE PLASTINO, KAREN W INTERBOTTOM, BOBBI TRINKLE, JUDY LUNDSFORD- MARTHA GAILLIOT, EVELYN NEUHUT, ANN O’HARA, JUDY RITCHIE, NANCY HAMBLIN, KERRY DONNELL, DORIS WILSON, DIANE FERRONE, BETTY JEAN JENKINS, MRS. CRUM, Sponsor. Second row: DONNA TATE, JACK POOLE, MARY GARDNER, PAUL KADEL, SAGE REYNOLDS, RICHARD BARNES, JEFF DARROW, ROBERT SUMMERS, MARK WHITENTON, RUDY SEGAAR, JOHN PORTER, NEIL SOMMERFELDT, JERRY SIMMS, PAUL SAVER, LINDA FERRONE, ALAN DYER. Latin Club Seated: JANET LEAVITT, JUDY PACE, CAROLYN HAACK, SUSAN STORY. Standing: SAGE REY¬ NOLDS, CLARA HUFF, JANET HESS, BARBARA KNIGHT, HARRIET HOFFMAN, BILL MORRIS, KAN LIPP, DON LOWRY, MIKE WALKER, MISS DEAL, Sponsor; PATTIE PETTIN. Page 105 First row: JIM AMMONS, President; DICK NYSTROM, Secretary. Second row: TOM CHILDRESS, BILL McCLAIN, Sgt.- at-Aims; STEVE WASHBURN, Vice President; TOM SPENCE, MIKE GOULDE, PAUL SPENCE. Third row: MURRAY GARDNER, TONY GAMBARDELLA, ED BRANDT, Chaplain; GENE HAILMAN, TOMMIE FREE. Junior Civitan Club The Junior Civitan Club is a service club functioning not only in the school, but also in the community. It is made up of the outstanding boys of the school who have shown qualities of leadership and citizenship in all facets of their high school lives. The many projects of the club this year have included promoting safe driving, co-sponsoring the annual Christ¬ mas food and toy drive, and encouraging school spirit by sponsoring faculty games and athletic awards. Other ac¬ tivities have been devoted to helping handicapped and needy children. To raise funds for projects the Civitans have an annual Christmas fruitcake sale, sponsor faculty basketball games; and, this year, a “King Ugly Contest” was held. Civitans clean up after a bonfire. Page 106 Civitans take part in “Patriotism” assembly. First row: BILL BELL, DAN LOCKE, CHARLES COOK, MILT FALL. Second row: DICK MONDAY, WALLY BROWN, TOMMY VORHAUER, JACK HARVEY; EARL HARRINGTON. Third row: HENRY SCHUTZ, JACK von RUNNEN, JOHN KALEN, SKIP DOWELL. Fourth row: BOB CLARK, BRAD KEL¬ LER, JOHN FARRELL, Treasurer; PAUL KUTTLER. Page 107 ■ nr Seated: BILL LANDRUS, Sgt.-at-Arms; PHIL HARGIS, BILL GRAVES, DAVE PLACHER, Corresponding Secretary; DON HARVEY, JIM POTTER, Treasurer; BUSTER ELLIS, Vice-President. Standing: CHUCK BELYEA, Recording Secretary; BILL BOWERS, BOB WILLIS, RAY COLOTTI, MARC HUDSON, TOM TREMPER, DAVE REAM, HAL WOOD- SIDE, RICHARD WESTERMAN, President; DICK MAYO. Key Club Offers Service “We build” is the motto of this serv¬ ice organization. The Key Club is dedi¬ cated to helping better the school, the church, and the community. The Key Club is composed of outstanding boys who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors. The many activities of the Key Club this year have included “trick or treating” for UNICEF, co-sponsoring the Christ¬ mas food and toy drive, working for the Cerebral Palsy Center, co-sponsoring Maid and Butler Day, cleaning the foot¬ ball field after games, and caring for the school crest. The Key Club sorts mail to be delivered at Christmas. Page 108 One of the main projects of the Key Club is their volunteer work at the Cerebral Palsy Center. Here Bob Boulter enjoys a game of catch with one of the children. A point of order is raised! First row: BOB BOULTER, JOHNNY HEERLEIN, GARY YOUNG. Second row: HARKEY MAYO, CHARLES SHERIN, BOB JULLIEN. Third row: PHIL BOBEL, KEN SOUCY, JACK TAVENNER. Fourth row: BOB BOWMAN, RONNIE COTHRAN, MIKE Mc- KINLEY, RIP ELLIS. As a service project the Key Club painted the press box. Page 109 Seniors: REBA HARNAGE, President; CORA HERL, Vice-President; ITOKO TAKENOUCHI, ELSIE LUHRING, Record¬ ing Secretary; MARTHA SWING, Corresponding Secretary; SHIRLEY SKRIVSETH, Treasurer; CAROL BOWMAN. Second row: CAROL LUEHRS, DIANA LEWIS, BEV JONES, KAREN COOKE, PAT PORVAZNIK, Chaplain ; CINDY EPPER- LY, SUZI ERICKSON, MARTHA GRAY, GWEN FULMER, JOANNE KLINE. Third row: FRANKIE ROBERTS, MARY GARVIN, WILDA GRAMLING, LINDA McPHERSON, JANET MELLOTT, JAN MUIR, JANE HARRIS, CHERYL LISENBEE. The Keyette Club is one of the most active clubs in the school. It is a service organization whose motto is “We Serve.” A few of their ac¬ tivities have been “trick or treating” for UNICEF, sponsoring a Teachers’ Appreciation Week, and co-sponsoring Maid and Butler Day to raise money for the March of Dimes. Yearly projects include working as volunteers for United Cerebral Palsy and supporting a Japanese orphan. Key- ettes devoted a whole month to weekly visits to the patients at Fairfax Lodge Convalescent Home. They also sponsored a drive to collect records and hair rollers for the patients at Western State Hospital in Staunton, Virginia. Money to sponsor various projects came pri¬ marily from profits made selling hot dogs at foot¬ ball games. Bake sales throughout the year served to supplement funds. Miss Elizabeth Wilson and Miss Colette Carozza serve as sponsors for the Keyette Club. Page 1 1 0 Keyettes collected canned food and toys for the needy at Christmas. United Cerebral Palsy is a Keyette District project. Falls Church High School Kevettes contribute to this project bv babv-sitting for the children at the clinic. The main fund-raising activity was selling hot dogs at home football games. Kevettes Demonstrate Motto, Members prepared hot dogs for sale. “We Serve” Seated: JERI CHEWNING, MELANIE SERPIS, LINDA HAYES, LINDA HUFF, JANET GIRKIN, ANN SIMPSON, DOROTHY JACKSON, NANCY JENNINGS. Standing: PATTY JAFFRAY, MICKI BEHREND, NANCY KELLER, jane McLaughlin, nancy stevenson, Kathleen blake. Page 1 1 1 Monogram Club i • ' :« 1 U% V h L £: ' First row: CHARLENE CARNAHAN, MARY GARDNER, Treasurer; MARY LeDANE, President; ANNE GARFIELD, Vice President. Second row: MARY LOU PARKINSON, MARGIE GIFFORD, PATTY BENEDICT, ADRIAN JACKSON. Third row: LINDA McCOY, BETTY MARTINESS, SUE FLINT, SUE BEEMAN, BARBARA KNIGHT. Fourth row: CAROL MOORE, MELANIE SIRPIS, BARBARA AUEL, GLORIA LILLY, DARIS JACKSON. Not Pictured: SUSAN BONO, MARGARET HOSMER, ANN DuVON, KATY ROSE, Secretary; LIZ KENNEDY. The Monogram club is the honorary girls ' athletic association. To be eligible for membership, a girl must have won a varsity letter in some sport. The club’s main purpose is to encourage the program of girls’ athletics and girls’ physical education. The money earned by selling refreshments at bas¬ ketball games is spent to supply the teams with essen¬ tial equipment. This year warm-up clothes were given to the hockey team. Miss Birch receives new warm-up clothes from Monogram mem¬ bers Mary LeDane, Sue Bono, and Margaret Hosmer. Page 1 1 2 Press Bureau Seated: ALICE HAILMAN, Treasurer; SUZAN WOLTZ, President; GINNY HOOVER, Secretary; SHEILA SPARKS. Standing: EMIL DIETSCH, RON PEMSTEI N, JANET HESS, LINDA KVAM, CHERYL HOW¬ ARD, JOHN PRICHARD, MRS. ROSSELL, Sponsor. Red Cross Club First Row: JUDY POWERS, Vice President; NANCY STEVENSON, CAROLYN DAY, JANET LEMMER, EVELYN NEUHUT, KAREL SMITH. Second row: SALLIE STEMPLE, KAREN MACKENZIE, Secretary; KATHLEEN BLAKE, President; JAMES SMITH, Treasurer; JANICE PELL, MARGO HIXSON. First row: RUTH JENNY, SUZANNE CHATTERTON, SUSAN FLINT, CINDY EPPERLY, KAREN COOKE, JIM AM¬ MONS, MARY LOU PARKINSON, ELIZABETH PAULL, PEGGY PILLAR, MARLENE WARNER, DIANE PAULAT, BARBARA SMITH, CINDY SEAY. Second row: KATHY BRINER, JUDY RITCHIE, MARTY GAILLIOT, KIYOMI OSHIRO, NANCY JENNINGS, NANCY JONES, DOROTHY JACKSON, SANDY MOTT, JUDY JOHNSON, CAROL LARKIN, KATHY McCONNELL, KERRY DONNELL, ELIZABETH SHEDD, IRENE LUEHRS, SUE ANDERSON. Third row: BETTY LUSKEY, EVY NEUHUT, MADELINE MALLER, CORA BARILE, DIANE GRIBBIN, CAROL MURPHY, SUE BURGESS, DIANNE WALKER, CONNIE HUMPHREY, SANDY ST1CKLEY. Fourth row: JANICE PELL, NORMA BURRELL, RITA DELANEY, MARGIE GOODING, JUDY WILLINGHAM, BARBARA KNIGHT, VIVIAN WARREN, SHEILA RIFFLE, JAN STAPLETON, DOTTIE MOUNTJOY, PAT WHITE, SARALEE GOLD- FEIN, LINDA BURRELL, FRANCIA REED, TERRY JONES, SANDY HORN, MARY STITES, DEBBIE DECK. Fifth row: SUE BENOSKI, JUDY PARKER, ANN O’HARA, DEBBIE PALMER, SHEILA McATEER, CAROL KEEN, SANDIE STEMPLE, JANE WOOD, PAUL SAUER, KEN LOUSTA LOT. Sixth row : ARTHUR McATEER, STEPHEN PRICE, KAREN DANILIK, DOLLY TOWSEY, MILLS BELL, MARSHA GRIM, LINDA McCOY, JANE BRYSON, GENA COX, SUSAN STORY, JOANN WEEMS, NINA WILLIAM S, KAREN ELLIOTT. Not Pictured: MARGARET HOSMER, SUSAN BONO. Pep Club JERI CHEWNING, Publicity Manager; PATTI E MOODIE, Sgt.-at-Arms; PAT PORVAZNIK, President; MARTHA GRAY, Corresponding Secretary; LYNNEA JOHNSON, Treasurer; MRS. KUHN, Sponsor. Page 1 14 One of the many projects of the Pep Club during the year was to make Jaguar identification tags for athletic events. Here, Pattie Moodie makes tags for students attending the Northern Vir¬ ginia Basketball Tournament. The Pep Club is a large organization devoted to the promotion of school spirit. To achieve this end, the club decorated the goal posts, sold pom poms, pins, rib¬ bons, and tickets to athletic events. In order to inform students of coming athletic events, the Pep Club kept the schedule board up to date. Membership has in creased in the past years, reflecting the growth of school spirit at Falls Church High School. Page 1 1 5 Science Club First row: GERALD RAINS, President; LARRY COBB, Vice-President; DAVID CALLAHAN, DENNIS GODFREY, BOB RAINS, RICHARD ALSAGER, Treasurer. Second row: ED PAULEY, Secretary; ED KIKER, MOSTYN JONES. Third row: THEODORE SPRECHER, BOB SHERMAN, MARK WHITTENTON, BILL MORRIS, JOHN BRADSHAW, RUDY SE- GAAR. Spanish Club First row: RALPH PORTER, DENNIS WALKO, RAY COLOTTI, President; JOANNE KLINE, Secretary-Treasurer; MARGIE JEFFRIES, JANE ANDRUSCA, MARK WHITTE NTON, Vice-President; JOHN PORTER. Second row: MARC HUDSON; MR. LOWDER, and MR. MOORE, Sponsors; STEVE CAREY, ROBERT WEILL, FRANCIA REED, CATHY HERRITY. Page 1 ] 6 First row: BILL BELL, MILT FALL, CHARLES SPEACHT, JOHN RAINES, EARL HARRINGTON. Second row: JAMES MATHIAS, DANIEL LOCKE, HENRY SHUTZ, JOHN FRYE. Third row: ROBERT CLARK, DAVID CALLAHAN, KEN COSIMANO, MOSTYN JONES, PAUL KUTTLER, KEN SOUCY. Not pictured: JOHN FARRELL, Secretary-Treasurer. Varsity Club The objectives of the Varsity Club are to promote a high standard of athletics at Falls Church High School, to create good fellowship among athletes, and to be of service to the school. To become a member of the Varsity Club a student must have received a varsity letter and be in good stand¬ ing with the Athletic Department. Members who have earned two letters are also eligible to buy Varsity Club jackets. Activities include donating trophies in football and basketball. Each year the Sportsmanship Trophy is awarded to a member of the football team. This year the Varsity Club donated a rotating trophy between our school and Marshall, which is to be presented to the winner of the Falls Church - Marshall game each year. A trophy is also presented to the leading foul shooter on the team. An annual spaghetti dinner is held each spring. Funds from this dinner are used to buy trophies or to support the Athletic Department in some other way. Other activities include cleaning up the football field after games and parking cars. First row: MIKE GOULDE, Vice-President; STEVE WASH¬ BURN, President; BILLY GRAVES, Sgt.-at-Arms; Second row: BILL LANDRUS, DAVE REAM, JIM AMMONS. Third row: BUSTER ELLIS, CHARLES COOK. Fourth row: BOB WILLIS, BILL BOWERS, DON HARVEY. Fifth row: HAL WOODSIDE, MIKE JOHNSON, TOM TREMPER. Sixth row: TOM CHIL¬ DRESS, DAVE PLEACHER, JERRY HOLLAND. Seventh row: STEVE ANDRUSIA, GENE HAILMAN, PHIL HARGIS. Page 1 1 7 Varsity Debate Team ROBERT WEILL GERALD RAINS The affirmative debators Ray Colotti and Bob Weill wait expectantly for a reply from the negative team. Falls Church High School has always been superior in debating activities and we are proud of this tradition. The mention of the Falls Church High Debate Team draws respect and admiration —both from the student body and the team ' s adversaries. In the past five years Falls Church has never finished less than third in debate. The 1961 Varsity Affirmative Debate Team placed first in Northern Virginia. In that year the nega¬ tive team of Mary Ann Beall and Glenn Miller finished second. In 1962 the team finished third. The 1963 negative team of Steve Guch and Mike Grigsby placed second. Tim Ablett and Maitland Sharpe, the affirmative team last year, finished second in the league standings. They won first place at the Richmond University Tournament and finished second (after losing a first place runoff) in the George Washington University Tournament. To date the Varsity Affirmative Team of Ray Colotti and Bob Weill are tied for first place with a 5-1 record. The negative team of Gerry Rains and Bob Willis are in second place with a 4-2 record. The debate teams of the past have contributed a total of six trophies to the school ' s trophy case. Page 1 1 8 BOB WILLIS RAY COLOTTI COL. MARE, Coach February 3 Stuart 10 Marshall 17 Washington Lee 24 Wakefield March 2 Fairfax 9 Madison 23 McLean 30 Yorktown March 21 High School Invitational Tournament- University of Richmond April 4 High School Invitational Tournament— George Washington Uni¬ versity Debate Club Seated: ROBERT WEILL, COL. MARE, Sponsor; RAY COLOTTI, DAVID KINTS- EATHER. Standing: GERALD RAINS, BOB WILLIS, ED PAULY, TIM ARNOLD. Page 1 1 9 Student Staff The objective of the Student Staff is to help maintain order during lunch periods for the classes still in session. A member of the Staff must be a stu¬ dent in good standing, who is able to maintain a grade average of C or bet¬ ter. MIKE ABENDSCHEIN, LARRY DIXON, WINSOR SHEPHARD, LINDA KVAM, AL SPIHER, KEN SOUCY, WENDY HUNTHWAITE, PAT PORVAZNIK. Clinic Staff Page 120 Seated: SHARON LAM, CHRIS DITTO, SUSAN FLINT, JUDY TODD, SANDRA SIMPSON. Second row: LINDA KEDD, RUTH JENNY, LINDA SISSON, MARY LeDANE, JUDY CLEVER, LYNNEA JOHNSON; MRS. DOYLE, Nurse. Guidance Office Staff Seated: JANE HARRIS, RUTH EARLY. Second row: ELIZABETH PAULL, NANCY KELLER, CAROL BOW¬ MAN, JUDY SOUCY, PATTY BENSON, SUSAN FLINT, EVELYN DEWEY. Not Pictured: JUDY TODD, MAR¬ GARET HOSMER, ELEEN MALE, LIZ MILLER. Library Staff Seated: IRENE LUEHRS, KATHY BOWMAN, GAIL POE, DEBBIE ROSENQUIST, SUE ANDERSON, BILL FOGERTY. Second row: JON JACOBUS, DEAN BERKF.BILE, MARY O’HARA, CHARLIE COOK. Third row: GERRY TOWLE, RALPH CHERRY, LARRY COBB. ST EVE CHAMBERS, JIM KELLY, JERRY CHRISTIAN, JOHN OAKLEY. Page 121 Office Staff First row: MARIANNE REYNOLDS, LINDA HUFF, JANET MELLOTT, MRS. SHELLINGTON, PATTY MEYER. Sec¬ ond row: JANE McLAUGHLIN, KAREN COOKE, GWEN FULMER, MRS. BARDEN, MARTHA GRAY, KATHY WELLS, DOROTHY JACKSON, LINDA FERRONE, KATHI LUDLOW, KAREN WINTERBOTTOM, WILDA GRAMLING. Third row: LARRY SAMPSON, JAMES RUSSELL, JOHN PIEER, BEV JONES, MELINDA RINGLER, KATHY IRVING, NANCY JONES. School Store Staff 12 SCHOOL Kl ' LER RICHARD STANTON, JOHN LOIKOW, JOHN PIFER, MRS. McFARLANE, LARRY SAMPSON. Page 122 “If this is just the beginning, I’m in trouble,” Bill Landrus mutters. Maid and Butler Day A group of maids and butlers entertain during their lunch period. Jeri Chewning anxiously awaiting her master. Page 123 Lance Gray, King Ugly for 1964 King Ugly and Jr.-Sr. Game Page 124 Mike Dennis lakes out Jack Harvey. Senior cheerleaders root their boys to victory over the Juniors. Raise $500 for March of Dimes Senior Coach Bill Landrus confers with referees Don Harvey blocks a Junior’s vain attempt at a shot. Hal Woodside and Steve Washburn during a time out. Page 125 First row: JIM AMMONS, SALLIE STEMPLE, MIKE JOHNSON, RICHARD WESTERMAN, WILLIAM BOW¬ ERS. Second row: LAURIE MASTENBROOK, PAT McATEER, MARY LOU PARKINSON, MARGARET LUEHRS, CHERYL WILLIAMS, PAM HEISHMAN, PATTY JAFFRAY, BONNIE STAHL, BARBARA SMITH, SUE ANDERSON, MICHELE CAYOT, DIANE DRESSLER. Third row: TERRY SHUPE, KATHY WELLS, LIN¬ DA CARL, PEGGY PILLAR, KAREN ASHWELL, MARTHA GRAY, GLORIA WOOD, ANN GARVIN, MARY STITES, TERRY JONES. Fourth row: DAVE PLEACHER, BOB BOWMAN, WILLIAM WARREN, RONNIE COTHRAN, MARK WH1TENTON, RAY COLOTTI, KAREN WINTERBOTTOM. Fifth row: STEVE DOUG¬ LAS, STEVE ANDRUSIA, EDWARD ELLIS, DAVE REAM, DICK MAYO. Student Council Association Seated: RICHARD WESTERMAN, Vice President; BILL BOWERS, President; SALLIE STEMPLE, Secretary; MIKE JOHNSON, Treasurer. Standing: MR. LUNSFORD, Sponsor; JAMES AMMONS, Sgt.-at-Arms. Not Pictured: MR. BARRETT, Sponsor. According to Article II of the Falls Church High School Constitution, the purpose of the Student Council Association is . . to encour¬ age closer cooperation and better understanding among the administration and the students.” This year the S.C.A. did exceptionally well in carrying out its established purpose. At the beginning of the year, the Student Handbook was published in order to provide general infor¬ mation about our school to new students. October saw the annual magazine drive which brought in over two thousand, three hundred dollars in profits. The money was apportioned to the vari¬ ous school functions according to need. As the Christmas season neared, the S.C.A. began to organize the Food and Toy Drive for the Salva¬ tion Army. At the same time the S.C.A. spon¬ sored a drive to furnish new uniforms for our band. In the spring the S.C.A. conducted a survey which offered the student body an opportunity to comment on the many facets of school life and to offer constructive suggestions for improve¬ ment. Page 126 SCA Representative Bill Warren conducts one of our foreign visitors through the science laboratories. Senate Standing: BILL DIESSELHORST, Freshman; DAVID PLEACHER, Senior; MARK WHITENTON, Junior; ANN GARVIN, Sophomore; BOB BOWMAN, Sophomore. Seated: EDYE STEPHENSON, Freshman; RICHARD WEST- ERMAN, Senior; KATHY WELLS, Junior. Not pictured: ANITA FOX, Senior. Page 127 mi HS8 . m ■ ' Concert Choir The Concert Choir is the largest singing group in the school, consisting of thirty-eight members. The first activity of the Concert Choir this year consisted of participating in a music clinic at Fairfax and Annandale High Schools under the direction of Dr. Fredrick Mayer from Columbia University. The second activity was a Christmas Concert which enriched the Christmas season at Falls Church High School. In the spring the entire membership took part in the musical " Bye Bye Birdie,” many of whom had leading roles. The Spring Concert, next on the agenda, was received well by the many who attended. The Concert Choir, at the district festival in March, obtained ratings of which we were very proud. Throughout the year the Concert Choir took part in many assemblies and other music programs, ending an active year by partic¬ ipating in the graduation exercises. m First row: ITOKO TAKENOUCHI, JUDY JOHNSON, KAREN ZAVINSKY, WILDA GRAMLING. Second row: SAN¬ DRA BARTON, MARIAN OWENS, MIKE BLUM, LINDA McCOY, DIANA LEWIS. Third row: JON LOUGHTON, ANN MARIE BARRACK, ADRIENNE LIPSKY, SANDRA MOTT, PAT JAFFRAY, STEVE MATTHEWS. Fourth row: DONNA CLARK, DALE PLASTINO, GWEN GAARDE, FRANCES BROCK, HELEN ERICKSON, JANE McLAUGH- LIN, EVELYN DEWEY. Fifth row: MARY PLOWMAN, RICHARD MORAN, JOHN JUDD, FRANK DIXON, RICKEY MULKEY, ROBERT BLAKE, DON HOWELL, MR. ATWOOD. Girls’ Chorus First row: JANET NOLAN, DIANE VIAR, CAROLYN MAGILL, BONNIE STAHL, BONNIE SIMMONS, JANETTE ARNOLD, GENA COX, KATHY STANGE, GAIL LEBBON. Second row: CARMALYN MILLER, PAT COOPER, KATHY FOSTER, GLORIA WOOD, SUE B AGE ANT, PATTY DEITRICK, MICKI KLEWICKI, MARY EASTON, KAY KING, BONNIE WILLIAMS. Third row: JANICE LACKEY, ADRIAN JACKSON, VIRGINIA FISHER, REGINA DeLAUDER, CINDY COHEN, HARRIET HOFFMAN, KATHY BOWMAN, MARY JANE SLIMAK, DIANE FER- RONE. Fourth row: LINDA GOODRICK, VICKI JONES, LUANN JULIAN, BARBARA CRAWFORD, DORRIS WIL¬ SON, SANDY BAKER, PAULETTE DARRIEH, DORIS JACKSON, LINDA BURRELL, JOAN MARTIN, MR. AT¬ WOOD, Director. Freshman Chorus First row: DONNA GRIBBIN, ERIKA LYNN, JOAN DEMO, MARY ANN WHEELER, LINDA HENDRICK, JACKIE PLASTINO, MR. ATWOOD, Director. Second row: NANCY KINCHELOE, LOUELLA MILLS, SHEILA DOYLE, SHARON JEGLUM, LIBBY GRAVES, RUTH COOMBS, SALLY JONES, KAREN MERRITT. Third row: LYNN Mc- CANN, BRENDA MILLS, ALICIA LACOSS, JEAN LLOYD, JEAN PHILBRICK, PAT EDISON, FRED WHETZLE, STEVE PRICE, RICKY DERIGKSON. Page 131 Madrigals SHIRLEY SKRIVSETH, NANCY STEVENSON, JIM CONWAY, SONDRA BAKER, MARTHA GRAY, JUDY JONES, PETE WRIGHT, TOM VORHAUER, KATHLEEN BLAKE, RALPH CHERRY, KEN LOUSTALOT, JUDY MAY, JUDY POWERS, JOHN PORTER, SUSAN OWENS, SALLIE STEMPLE. Center: MR. ATWOOD, Director. The Falls Church High School Madrigals, composed of sixteen students, audi¬ tioned and selected according to vocal ability, are one of the most active performing high school groups in Fairfax County. This is the third year they have been at Falls Church High and in these three years they have given more than seventy public performances. They began their activities this year by singing for the Maga¬ zine assembly. Their other appearances included the annual Christmas Concert, WMAL and WFAX radio performances, and various concerts for civic and church organizations. In February the Madrigals began a series of exchange assemblies with the Madison High School Madrigals. The first of these assemblies was given at D. J. O’Connell High School for the purpose of initiating a choral department into that school. Two other joint assembly programs were given at Falls Church and Madison High Schools. All of the Madigrals were members of the cast for the spring musical “Bye-Bye Birdie,” which was performed March 21 and 22. Two weeks later they participated at the District Music Festival. In May the Madrigals gave their own concert in the library. As in the past, the Madrigals closed the school year by participating in graduation exercises at Constitution Hall. Page 132 Dance Band Seated: BOB WILLIS, GARDNER THOMAS, JOHN WRIGHT, DICK MAYO, DAVE BRUENING, VIRGINIA LIT- TEN. Standing: CAROLYN HAACK, BOB LEEPER, BILL WHEELER, CHRIS BOTOS, BILL BOWERS, LOUIS MAYO, MILLS BELL, DORSEY WORTHY, LOUIS GLASNER. MAJORETTES Kneeling: BARBARA BOBBY, BOBBIE LAWRENCE, DOLLY TOWSEY. Standing: NANCY JONES, KAREN ZAVIN- SKY, SANDY HOOPER, CAROL MOORE, GAY HAINES, JUDY TATE. Page 133 mm 1 4P ■ is i First row: DICK MAYO, JUDY ANDERSON, CAROL MOORE, NANCY ROBBINS. Second row: DAVE WEINBERGER, NANCY JENNINGS, ROGER ASHFORD, DORIS WILSON, MARILYN BELKNAP, PAUL KADEL, DAVE THOMAS. Third row: DAVE CARY, CAROL LAWALL, ROBERT WILSON, ELAINE WEHLE, JUDY TATE, BOB RENTZ, NEIL SUMMERFELDT, JIM NICHO LSON, BOB CLARK, GEORGE HONEY, SIDNEY FRIEND. Fourth row: DAVE BRUEN- ING, JOHN WRIGHT, VIRGINIA LITTEN, EDDIE NESTAR, KURT WEHLE, GARDNER THOMAS, NEIL CUN¬ NINGHAM. Fifth row: BOB WILLIS, BOB BOWMAN, JIM POTTER, JACK BREYER, RONNIE MINER, CAROLYN HAACK, DENNIS MCCARTHY. Concert After returning from Orkney Springs Band Camp last sum¬ mer, the band began rehearsals for football games. In the Na¬ tional Fire Prevention Week Parade they came out with a first place trophy. The annual Christmas Concert was presented in December. Festival was held in March at Fairfax High School. The Concert Band played grade five music and got an “excellent” rating, the highest given a band in this grade. The Wind En¬ semble played grade six music and became the first Falls Church High band ever to receive a “superior” rating for this grade music. There were two drives to raise money for our new uniforms. The candy drive was first and raised $900. In December the Band Pledge Drive raised over $8,000 and in March the new uniforms arrived in time for festival. In February eleven members went to All-State Band where three members won “first chairs.” The Wind Ensemble was picked to accompany the All-State Chorus. JAMES G. LUNSFORD, Band Director Page 134 First row: ANGELA CIFFO, ARTHUR POLING, REBEL SMITH, MARGARET GILCHRIST. Second row: CHIP BEL- YEA, PEGGY CLARKE, DENNIS SPAHR, KEITH BRESCIA, JOHN RYDER. Third row: BOB MEADOWS, DIANE ANDERSON, RALPH EVANS, LUTHER JONES, BILL KLEIN, BRUCE ZEIGER, PAUL SAUER, DORSEY WORTHY, MILLS BELL, HARKEY MAYO, BILL BOWERS. Fourth row: HARRIS McGARRAH, DENNIS CRAWFORD, CRAIG FINDLEY, BILL HEYDE, JOHN PADGETT, BILL MARTIN, GREG THOMAS, BOB LEEPER, BILL WHEELER, CHRIS BOTOS. Fifth row: EDDIE ALBRECHT, LEWIS GLASENER, STEVE SMITH, GEORGE REEDY, LISA COUR- yy TIS, BILL MASHAL. Band BOB BOWMAN, Drum Major Ronnie Miner tries on a new band uniform. Page 135 Wind Ensemble First row: DICK MAYO, JUDY ANDERSON, CAROL MOORE, ANGELA CIFFO, ARTHUR POLING, REBEL SMITH, MARGARET GILCHRIST. Second row: DAVID WEINBERGER, NANCY JENNINGS, ROGER ASHFORD, DORIS WILSON, MARILYN BELKNAP, CHIP BELYEA, DENNIS SPAHR, KEITH BRECIA, JOHN RYDER, JOHN WRIGHT, JIM NICHOLSON. Third row: DAVID CARY, CAROL LAW ALL, ROBERT WILSON, ELAINE WEHLE, JUDY TATE, BOB RENTZ, DORSEY WORTHY, HARKEY MAYO, BILL BOWERS, MILLS BELL, PAUL SAUER, DENNIS CRAW¬ FORD, BOB DEEPER, BILL WHEELER, CHRIS BOTOS, KURT WEHLE, VIRGINIA LITTEN, DAVE BRUENING. Standing: BOB WILLIS, BOB BOWMAN, JIM POTTER, RONNIE MINER, JACK BRYER, CAROLYN HAACK, LOUIS GLASNER. All-State Band First row: DAVE CARY, DAVID WEINBERGER, CHRIS BOTOS, JAMES POTTER. Second row: JOHN RYD¬ ER, REBEL SMITH, DICK MAYO, BILL POWERS. Third row: LOUIS GLASNER, CAROLYN HAACK. Page 136 KATHY IRVING, DICK TRAYNHAM, PAT WHITE, JIM CONWAY, ANITA KLEINFELD, EDDIE MARTIN, KATHY BRINER, MARIANNE REYNOLDS, RAY CONVERSE, ARTHUR DULA. “Slice It Thm” Charwanka misses her mark, hitting the photographer, Parchall. Page 137 “Say, Mr. Petterson, did you find Conrad in a reform school? For he’s a fine upstanding . . ‘Bye Bye Birdie” CAST Rose Alvarez . Albert Peterson Conrad Birdie . Mr. MacA fee Mrs. MacAfee . Kim MacAfee Hugo Peabody . Mae Peterson . Sad Girl,Gloria Rasputin Martha Gray .Peter Wright .Tom Vorhauer Jim Conway Judy May Judy Powers .Ken Loustalot Marianne Reynolds Karen Cooke “Yesterday 1 was a mother, today I’m a pal.” Page 138 “Hi, Nancy . . “Hi, Helen . . “But, Mama” Page 139 Merle Greenberg was the Heroine. Richard Rouse was the Man in the Bowler Hat. Marianne Reynolds portrayed Mary, John’s English wife. “Man in the Bowler Hat” One-act play presented by Drama Department James Conway as John, the English husband. Edward Martin played the Hero. Page 140 Raymond Converse in the role of the Villain. Thomas Rabbit, the Villain’s assistant “The Mouse That Roared” Pictured rehearsing for the spring play are: CHIP DULA, BILL MORRIS, KATHY McCONNELL, KEN LOUSTALOT, RONNIE MINER, MARY GARVIN, JIM CONWAY, MERLE GREENBERG, JONATHAN ROHR, EDDIE MARTIN. First row: ANN GARVIN, MERLE GREENBERG, MARY O’HARA, EDDIE MARTIN. Second row: HARRIET HOFFMAN, KAREN ZA- VINSKY, MARY GARVIN, MARCUS HUDSON. Third row: SALLIE STEMPLE, GILDA CODISPOTI, ALAN HENRY, RAY COLOTTI. Fourth row: KATHY BRINER, CYNTHIA JOHNSON, DAVID KINTS- FATHER, ED KIKER. FORENSICS Boys’ Prose Reading. Girls’ Prose Reading Boys’ Poetry Reading Girls’ Poetry Reading Spelling . Boys’ Public Speaking Girls’ Public Speaking .Eddie Martin Merle Greenberg ... Edward Kiker Harriet Hoffman .Kathy Briner Ray Colotti . . Sallie Stemple Page 1 4 1 ATHLETICS First row: KEN COSIMANO, TOM TREMPER, TOM SPENCE, CHARLIE THOMPSON, NORMAN HALL, CHARLES HERSHEY, TOM CHILDRESS. Second row: TONY BOWAN, Manager; KEN HAMMER, Manager; WALLY BROWN, CHUCK BELYEA BUSTER ELLIS, DAVE THOMAS, BILL McCLAIN. Third row: BILL HODGE, PHIL HARGIS, BILL BOWERS, GENE HAILMAN, MIKE ABENDSCHEIN, BOB CLARK, MILT FALL, BILL GRAVES, STEVE ANDRU- SIA. Varsity SEPTEMBER 13— Falls Church 40, George Mason 25 Falls Church got off to a good start as Ken Soucy and Tom Childress scored three and two touchdowns, respectively. SEPTEMBER 20— Falls Church 0, Annandale 41 Annandale proved to be too powerful for the Jaguars as Falls Church couldn’t get their offense moving. SEPTEMBER 27— Falls Church 0, McLean 21 The Falls Church defense was tough; however, they proved to be inexperienced when matched against McLean. OCTOBER 4— Falls Church 12, Marshall 21 Falls Church was stricken with bad breaks in the first half but came back to stay on even terms in the second half. OCTOBER 11— Falls Church 18, Wakefield 20 Falls Church led all the way until the final gun. This was probably the best performance of the year. Coach Jenkins plans his next step in a tense moment of play. Page 144 First row: JIM AMMONS, MIKE GOULDE, PAUL SPENCE, JOHN FARRELL, BRAD KELLER, SKIP DOWELL, JEFF WIGHT. Second row: CHARLIE COOK, DON ELSASSER, CHARLIE SHERIN, EARL HARRINGTON, NICK NES- TRO, MR. HARKLEROAD, Coach; MR. JENKINS, Coach; MR. WICKLINE, Coach. Third row: DAVE REAM, RIP EL¬ LIS, BILL BELL, HENRY SCHUTZ, GARY GRIFFENHAGEN, JOHN KALEN, DICK MONDAY, KEN SOUCY. Football OCTOBER 18—Falls Church 6, Fairfax 13 Ken Soucy got off the best run of the year with a 54- yard touchdown run. OCTOBER 25— Falls Church 0, Fee 21 The Fee Fancers were too strong for the Jaguars at Homecoming. NOVEMBER 2— Falls Church 7, Madison 13 The best offensive line play of the year broke the Jaguar backfield for long gains. NOVEMBER 8—Falls Church 6, Groveton 7 Wally Brown fell on a Groveton fumble for an early Jaguar score, but the Jaguars couldn’t hold the lead. NOVEMBER 15— Falls Church 0, J.E.B. Stuart 21 The defensive team couldn’t hold the experienced Stuart Raiders. Co-captains JIM AMMONS and BUSTER ELLIS Page 145 The Jaguar team moves into action. With Bill McClain providing the protection, quarterback Buster Ellis fades back to pass. Page 146 Gary Young defends against the Madison aerial attack. With Blister Ellis and Bill McClain blocking for him, halfback Ken Soucv sweeps around right end. Page 147 LINDA HUFF, PAM HEISHMAN, KAREN ASHWELL, ANN MARIE BARRACK, CORA HERL, Captain; JOANNE KLINE, Co-captain; MARY GARVIN, JAN MUIR, LINDA HAYES, GILDA CODISPOTI. Varsity Cheerleaders j Boost Growing Spirit Cheerleaders anxiously await outcome of a foul shot that aided our victory over Fairfax in the last game of the season. Co-captains, Cora Herl and Joanne Kline, cheer at first bonfire of the season. Page 148 Mascot Paige Heishm an and ay Jaguar assist Cheeileaders in kickoff rally. Pam Heishman executes the perfect back jump. Page 149 MIKE McKINLEY, BOB BOWMAN, DAVE BLEACHER, BILL LANDRUS, Co-captam, DAVE REAM, CHARLIE THOMPSON, BUSTER ELLIS, TOM BRADLEY, JIM AMMONS, STEVE WASHBURN, Co-captain. Center: MR. WICKLINE, Coach. Not pictured: HAL WOODSIDE. Varsity Basketball The 1963-1964 varsity basketball season proved to be very successful for the Jaguars, as the team compiled the best record for Falls Church in Group I-A competition since 1958. Lead by the coaching of Mr. Dick Wickline, the Jags catapulted from a perennial doormat in the Northern Vir¬ ginia District to a title contender. The hustling Jaguars raced past George Mason, 77-49, in the very first game of the season. In the second game of the season the Jags played host to Yorktown, one of Northern Virginia ' s entries in the state tournament the year before, and beat them 6T48. The Wakefield game was won by the Jaguars at the buzzer in overtime, 50-48, on Mike McKinley’s shot. In the Annandale game, the Jags beat the then third placed Atoms 59-58. Of greatest satisfaction to the Jaguars was the fact that they received ranking as one of the top twenty teams in the metropolitan area for three consecutive weeks. During one week the Jaguars were ranked eleventh. Falls Church is proud of the fact that the Jaguars finished the season with an over-all 12-6 record and wound up in a tie for fourth place, which sent the team to the Northern Virginia Group I-A Tournament. FALLS CHURCH OPPONENTS 77 George Mason 49 61 Yorktown 48 54 George Washington 65 68 Mount Vernon 58 64 Edison 56 65 J.E.B. Stuart 82 45 Groveton 56 54 Washington Lee 62 83 Fort Hunt 48 66 Madison 52 50 Wakefield 48 46 Hammond 60 60 Woodson 50 72 Marshall 60 64 Lee 51 59 Annandale 58 68 McLean 75 80 Fairfax 76 Northern Virginia Group I-A Tournament FALLS CHURCH OPPONENTS 58 Annandale 67 Page 150 Buster Ellis gets past a W-L defender for a score. Mike Johnson out maneuvers a Fort Hunt player in score. an attempt to Bill Landrus puts in one of his seventeen points against Madison. Page 151 Steve Washburn shows his scoring ability as he makes two of his record tying 28 points against Fairfax. David Ream hustles after a loose ball in the Fort Hunt game. Hal Woodside leads a fast break to help beat Fairfax. Page 152 Dave Pleacher scores underneath the basket against Madison. Bill Landrus drives in for a basket in the tourna¬ ment playoff. Page 1 53 Varsity Wrestling Kneeling: TOM REYNOLDS, JOE STEPHENSON, CRAIG BURNHAM, RALPH LORENZO, DAVID CALLAHAN DAVID THOMAS. Standing: COACH BESNIER, CHARLIE SHERIN, DENNIS GODFREY, BRAD KELLER ROSS SMITH, JOE MICALE, JOHN FARRELL, PAUL KUTTLER, BILL McCLAIN. Craig Burnham is congratulated by Coach Besnier after district win. The Falls Church High School wrestling team cli¬ maxed a brillant season by placing fourth in the district tournament. This achievement showed the wrestlers to be the best team ever to wrestle at Falls Church. The team reflected tremendous team spirit throughout the season and, with the desire to win, brought their record to a suc¬ cessful nine win and three lost season. Turning in prominent performances were Ralph Lo¬ renzo, runnerup at 120 pounds, David Callahan, third at 127 pounds, and John Farrell, third at 165 pounds. The real reason for all this achievement by the wrest¬ ling team was its coach, Dick Besnier. He led this team to an unforgettable season and for this achievement he should truly be commended. Outstanding throughout the year was Craig Burnham at 112 pounds, who was district champion and fourth in the state tournament. COACH BESNIER Page 154 Bill McClain pins his opponent at Stuart. Dennis Godfrey wrestles State Champion Steve Kent in the District Tournament. Craig Burnham seen in action. Dave Thomas shows his skill. FALLS CHURCH OPPONENTS 30 Osbourn 24 24 Yorktown 22 22 Woodson 24 35 Lee 8 28 Groveton 14 31 McLean 19 28 Mt. Vernon 14 30 Madison 14 16 Wakefield 29 21 Stuart 26 Triangular Meet Falls Church 43, Fairfax 24, Edison 21 John Farrell counters his opponent. Page 155 Varsity Baseball COACH JOHN HULEN The Falls Church Varsity Baseball team under the guidance of Mr. John Hulen, returned to the diamond this year to try to capture the Northern Virginia Group 1-A championship, which eluded them by one game last season. Last year’s team finished the season with a league record of 10-4 and an overall record of 12- 4. The Jaguars placed five players on the All- Northern Virginia All-Star team, three of whom are returning. Mr. Hulen was selected “Coach of the Year” by the Northern Virginia Coaches As¬ sociation. Coach Hulen stated that in view of the bal¬ ance of the league, the team would concentrate on making the Northern Virginia Tournament. He felt that this year’s team had more pitching depth than last year, was as good a hitting team, but weaker in some defensive positions. First row: DAVID REAM, COACH HULEN. Second row: BUSTER ELLIS, TOMMY TREMPER. Third row: JOE D’ISIDORO, HAL WOODSIDE. Fourth row: JACK TAVENNER, JACK HARVEY. Fifth row: MILT FALL, TOMMY CHILDRESS. Sixth row: RITCH¬ IE ALDERSON, JOHN WATKINS. Seventh row: FRANK HOOD, RONNIE COTHRAN. Eighth row: DAVID BROOKS, PAT KLE- WICKI. Ninth row: RON PEMSTEIN, Manager; RIP ELLIS, TONY BOWEN, Manager; TOM BRADLEY, TOM SPENCE. Page 156 Coach Hulen goes over signals with the team. Senior members of the team: HAL WOODSIDE, TOM TREMPER, BUSTER ELLIS, DAVE REAM, TOM CHILDRESS. Tom Childress shows the hitting form that made him the team’s leading hitter. Falls Church’s All Northern Virginia pitcher, Buster Ellis, shows his game winning form. Page 157 First row: JIM TALLY, STEVE ANDRUSIA, STEVE WASHBURN, DON HARVEY, DANNY LOCKE, JIM MATHIAS, GREG PHILBRICK. Second row: TOM PROVINCE, WALTER McWHIRT, RUDY SEGAAR, NORMAN HALL, CHUCK BELYEA, JOHN RAINS, BOB JULLIEN. Third row: ED HRUNENI, FOSTER ROHR BAUGH, DAVID DAN¬ IELS, ANTHONY CHRIST, ALLEN PRICE, DAN COSBEY, ROBERT TYALS, JOHNNY EVERHARD, STEVE RICH- ESON, DICK MAYO. Fourth row: MOSTYN JONES, MARK WHITTENTON, HARRIS McGARRA, DANNY BOWES, KEN SOUCY, BILL BELL, JIMMY OWENS, PAUL SPENCE, COACH GARHART, LEROY COOKE, Manager; DICK TRAYNHAM, KEN COSIMANO. Track Schedule March 28—Fairfax County Relays .Away April 1—Stuart .Home 4—George Washington Relays .Away 8— Madison .Away 10—Washington Lee— Annandale .Home 15— Marshall .Home 22—McLean .Home 25—Wakefield .Away 29—Fairfax .Home May 2—Fairfax County Meet Home 9— Northern Virginia Meet Away 16— Virginia State Meet.Away The Falls Church thinclads opened their season by taking two first places in the Fairfax County Re¬ lays. The relay team made up of Dan Locke, Jim Mathias, Rudy Segaar, and Steve Washburn took a first place in the mile relay. The sprint medley team of Don Harvey, Rudy Segaar, Jim Mathias, and Steve Wash¬ burn took a first place and set a new meet record. The Jags also took a second place in the 440-yard relay and a fifth place in the 880-yard relay. The Jaguars finished sixth out of thirteen teams. In the George Washington Relays the Jaguars placed sixth in the twenty-two team meet. The sprint medley team again landed a first place honor, while the mile relay team placed third. So far this year Steve Washburn has broken the school record in the 440-yard dash; Don Harvey the school record in the 120-yard high hurdles; Rudy Segaar has claimed the school record in the 220-yard dash. Although the team lacks needed depth, the outlook for the remainder of the season is good. Page 158 Dan Locke hands the baton to Jim Mathias as the two Jaguars sprint to a victory. Rudy Segaar begins his sprint to overtake his opponent. Steve Washburn and Dan Locke show their winning form. Don Harvey takes a hurdle in stride. Page 159 Cross Country Team First row: JIM MATHIAS, DANNY LOCKE, STEVE WASHBURN, MR. GARHART, Coach. Second row: JOHN RAINS, BOB JULLIEN, MOSTYN JONES, RUDY SEGAAR. Third row: DON HA RVEY, JIM TALLEY, NICK BOYER, STEVE RICHARDSON. The Falls Church High School Cross Country sea¬ son was highlighted by victories over Hammond and George Washington. The team placed sixth in the Northern Virginia Meet and twelfth in the State Meet. The standout of the team was Steve Washburn. Steve placed first in almost all his outings and broke the course records at Washington-Lee and Falls Church. Rounding out the rest of the team were Jim Tally, Jim Mathias, John Raines, Ross Moore, Mostyn Jones, and John Frye, who scored consistently in every meet. Coach Garhart’s everyday effort provided what was needed to bring a good record to FCHS in Cross Coun¬ try events. Steve Washburn takes the lead in meet with Annanda le. Page 160 Golf Team COACH BESNIER, BILL LANDRUS, PHIL HARGIS, CHARLES SPECK, DOUG NELON, TIM ARNOLD, TOBY SULLIVAN, PETER OAKLEY. Not Pictured: RICHARD ROUSE. SCHEDULE April 3—Mt. Vernon.Away 6—Woodson.Away 10— Quantico .Away 13—Fairfax .Away 17—McLean .Away 27—McLean .Away May 1—Fairfax .Away 8—Woodson.Away 11— Virginia .Play-offs 15 16—Virginia State Tourney Lack of experience and the loss of three regulars pre¬ sent the 1964 Golf Team with its biggest problem. The team is composed of two freshmen, Tim Arnold and Pete Oakley; one junior, Chuck Speacht; and three seniors, Bill Landrus, Richard Rouse, and Phil Hargis. Of these Rouse, Hargis, and Speacht were the only re¬ turning golfers. Captain Phil Hargis, the number one golfer on the team, is one of the most consistent scorers in Northern Virginia. His biggest assets are his long tee shots and his short iron shots. Bill Landrus is a fine golfer who lacks experience, but his driving and putting ability help the team greatly. Richard Rouse has played on the golf team for two years and is a leader among the more experienced golfers. Playing a tremendous short game he contributes much to the team. Chuck Speacht has a fine chip shot which enables him to one-putt many greens. Pete Oakley and Tim Arnold round out the last two positions. With ex¬ perience these two boys should prove to be important assets to the team. Page 16 Junior Varsity Football First row: STEVE PORVAZNIK, JIM FARRELL, PAUL HARRIS, CHIP PAPKE, ANTHONY CHRIST. Second row: STEVE PARKS, HARKEY MAYO, DAVID RITCHIE, ANDY CAZALAS, JON LOUGHTON, BRUCE WRIGHT. Third row: JERRY MURPHY, BOB BOULTER, DAN AMBRAMS, RON MINER, JIMMY OWENS, BOB MATHEWS, BOB GORAKY, HAROLD PAVEL. Fourth row: DAN BOWES, MIKE STACKHOUSE, AUSTIN GRIMES, MICKEY AUGUSTINE, JIM EVANS, LARRY WINSTEAD, AL BRAUN, DENNIS CRAWFORD. Fifth row: MR. BESNIER, Coach; HAROLD DUNCAS, JACK BRANDT, WAYNE RALSTON, BOB MATHERS, LOUIS GLASNER, TONY BOW¬ EN, ALLEN PIERCE, JEFF PALMER. Freshman Football First row: DON YOUNGBLOOD, TOBY SULLIVAN, DICK CRACK, JOHN EVERHARD, BRYAN KENNEDY. Second row: JOHN ALBRITTON, JEFF DERROW, BILL DIESSELHORST, JOHN TITUS, LARRY JOHNSON, JOE OHLEG- ER, MIKE MITCHEL. Third row: CHIP BELYEA, BOBBY CLINE, ROSS SMITH, CHRIS P. WRIGHT, CHRIS L WRIGHT, BILL OLIVER, LEROY COOK, FRED TREMPER, DAVID WERTH. Fourth row: AL THOMPSON, JOHN STACKS, JOHN MOORE, JOHN BIBB, RICKY STEPHENS, JOHN DAVISON, DON CHAPMAN, RAY LACY, MIKE Page 162 MARTINI, BRUCE BOGER. Fifth row: ALLEN HAYES, Manager; MR. WARING, Coach; BUZZIE BLAIR. Junior Varsity Basketball Kneeling: GARY YOUNG, JACK VON RUNNEN, RALPH TAYLOR, ANDY CAZALAS, DAN ABRAMS, PHIL BOBEL. Standing: MR. HULEN, Coach; RUSS THORN, DENNIS CRAWFORD, BOB BOWMAN, BRUCE WRIGHT, RIP EL¬ LIS, MICKEY AUGUSTINE. Freshman Basketball First row: BILL WELLS, BILL DIESSELHORST, GLEN GEUDER, CARL MICALE. Second row: ALLEN HAYES, Man¬ ager- J E ALBRITTON, BRYAN KENNEDY, ARTHUR McATEER. Third row: LARRY JOHNSON, MIKE MITCHEL, BRUCE TUCKER, MR. WARING, Coach. Fourth row: STEVE PARKS, CHRIS P. WRIGHT, BILL OLIVER, BRUCE BOGER. Page 163 Junior Varsity Wrestling First tow: MIKE HEAD, MIKE MALONE, RAY LACY, TOM HERRITY, BILL WHEELER, JOHN MOORE, LARRY WINDSTEAD, STEPHEN PORVASNIK, KEN HUDSON. Second row: JIM FARRELL, DON YOUNGBLOOD, AN¬ THONY CHRIST, BERNIE RYAN, BRYAN SUIT, JOHN PORTER, RON MINER, DON HUYCKE, CHARLIE COOK, TONY BOWEN. Junior Varsity Baseball First row: JOHN STACKS, DON HUYCKE, FRANK CHRISTOPHER, JIM FARRELL, FRED ROCK, ARCHIE AUGUS TINE. Second row: STEVE PARKS, MIKE MITCHELL, FRED TREMPER, BRUCE BOGER, JIM BOYCE, DAN ABRAMS. Third row: MR. OLSON, Coach; JOHN TITUS, LARRY WINSTED, CHRIS SILLS, LEE ANTHONY, WALLY BROWN, BILL DIESSELHORST, DAVID GUERNSEY. Fourth row: HERB HUNTER, ARTHUR McATEER. Page 164 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders JENNIFER HUSEBY, PAM MOODIE, CHARINE CIRLIN, MICKI KLEWICKI captain; ANN GARVIN, PAT DIETRICH, CHERYL WILLIAMS. Captain; BECKY WALLACE, Co Freshman Cheerleaders PAM HUFF, JOAN DEMO, GLORIA HAMILTON, Co-captain; BOBBIE MILES Captain- ANN SWING, LAURIE MASTENBROOK. Page 165 Girls’ Varsity Hockey First row: CHARLENE CARNAHAN, GLORIA LILLY, MARJIE GIFFORD, BETTY MARTENEZ, ANNE GARFIELD. Second row: SUSAN BONO, SUZANNE CHATTERTON, BARBARA AUEL, SUSAN FLINT, KATY ROSE, MARY Le- DANE, MARGARET HOSMER. The completion of the new hockey field was a great asset to the achievement of the Varsity and Junior Varsity hockey teams. Practice sessions were improved due to the availability of the field for use every afternoon. The Varsity team scored more points this past season than they had scored in the past three years combined. Their hard work was rewarded by their record at the end of the sea¬ son: 2-3-3. An annual award is given each year to the most valuable player; this year the award was presented to Mar¬ garet Hosmer. FALLS CHURCH 2 J.E.B. Stuart OPPONENTS 2 0 Marshall 2 0 Groveton 1 0 Edison 1 1 Fort Hunt 1 1 Lee 0 0 Fairfax 0 2 Madison 1 Page 166 Girls’ Varsity Basketball First row: ADRIENNE JACKSON, DORIS JACKSON, CAROL MOORE, LIZ KENNEDY, Mgr. Second row: LINDA Mc- COY, Mgr., MARY LeDANE, MARJIE GIFEORD, MELANIE SERPIS. Not pictured: MARGARET HOSMER, SUSAN BONO, CAROL TURNER, JUDY TODD. The girls’ varsity basketball team, coached by Miss Nancy Birch and Miss Carolyn Morrison, ended the sea¬ son this year with a 3-9 record. Inexperience and lack ot height were definite disadvantages for the team. Although the girls worked hard and had plenty of enthusiasm, their efforts were sometimes in vain. The highlight of the season was an overtime victory over J.E.B. Stuart High School. FALLS CHURCH OPPONENTS 21 Woodson 40 38 Mt. Vernon 21 21 Annandale 32 28 J.E.B. Stuart 26 15 Marshall 39 21 Groveton 42 13 Edison 28 23 Ft. Hunt 25 35 Lee 28 34 Herndon 39 24 McLean 36 14 Fairfax 26 Page 167 Kneeling: BARBARA KNIGHT, ANN DuVON, BARBARA AYRES. Standing: LINDA McCOY, CHRIS ANDREWS, VIRGINIA FISHER, MARGIE GIFFORD, MARGIE STACKS. Not Pictured: PATTY BENEDICT, MARGARET HOS- MER, ANN MARCEY. Varsity Softball SCHEDULE April 7—Madison .Away 9—Herndon .Home 14—Woodson .Away 16—Mt. Vernon.Away 21—McLean .Home 23—Annandale .Away 28—Stuart .Home 30—Marshall.Away May 4—Groveton. Home 7—Edison.Home Page 168 GIRLS’ J.V. HOCKEY First row: EVELYN NEWHUT, NANCY HAM¬ BLIN, KATHY PATTON, LINDA HALLSTEAD, BARBARA AYRES, SARALEE GOLDFEIN. Sec¬ ond row: PATTY 7 BENEDICT, KAREN MAC¬ KENZIE, CAROL LARKIN, NAN HOPKINSON, MARJIE STACKS, CHRIS ANDREWS. i— i ir£HE j 1 [ i 53n i_ —t - , 2j ' Si SSI » vm f-7s O w 2 GIRLS’ J.V. BASKETBALL First row: BARBARA SMITH, BARBARA AYRES, BETTE BURROWAY, GAIL LEBBON. Second row: CORA BURILE, JEAN LLOYD, VALORIE KNIGHT, CHRIS ANDREWS. Third row: MARY STITES, CAROL MANGENG, RUTH COOMBS, MARJIE STACKS, VIVIEN WARREN. Fourth row: SHELIA RIFFLE, GIN- NY FISHER, PATTY BENEDICT, DEE CARR, CAROL LARKIN. Not pictured: ANN Du VON, NAN HOPKINSON, PAULINE JACKSON. GIRLS’ J.V. SOFTBALL Kneeling: CAROL LARKIN, SHARON PASS, JEAN STAPLETON, SHEILA RIFFLE, BETTE BURRO¬ WAY. Standing: MARGARET MOODY, JUDY COLL IS, PAULINE JACKSON, NAN HOPKINSON, GAIL LEBBON, HOLLY WILLIAMS, NANCY KINCHETOE, PAT CRAGLE. Page 169 Homecoming 1963 Seated: CORA HERL, Queen; MARY GARVIN, Maid of Honor. Standing: LINDA HUFF, Junior Representative; MARTHA GRAY, Senior Representative; JAN MUIR, Senior Representative; CHERYL WILLIAMS, Sophomore Representative; BOBBY MILES, Freshman Representative. The 1963 Homecoming Weekend began with the game against Lee. During halftime the 1963 Home¬ coming Court was introduced in the procession led by the floats. The winning float was entered by the Junior Class. Our 1963 Homecoming Queen, Miss Cora Herl and her escort, Dick Nystrom, were presented along with the other members of the court. Mr. Jordan pre¬ sented Cora with a gold football. The finale of the weekend came Saturday night as the Senior Class presented the 1963 Homecoming Dance. The first semi-formal dance of the year, the Homecoming Dance provided a gala evening for each couple in attendance. The court and their escorts were presented and the Queen was crowned, ending the Homecoming weekend for 1963. Page 172 CORA HERL, Homecoming Queen Cora and Billy lead the Court Dance. Gary Young pins a corsage on Cheryl Williams. Cora and Dick take their seats in the stands after halftime activity. Mr. Jordan presents Cora with the traditional gold football. Page 173 Seated first row: ANN SWING, Freshman Representative; PAM HUFF, Freshman Representative, SANDY WILLIAMS, Fresh¬ man Representative. Second row: ELSIE LUHRING, Senior Representative; JOANNE KLINE, Queen; PAM HEISHMAN, Maid of Honor: MARTHA SWING, Senior Representative. Standing: GILDA CODISPOTI, Junior Representative; PATTY BENEDICT, Sophomore Representative; PAM MOODIE, Sophomore Representative; KAREN COOKE, Senior Representative; KAREN ASH WELL, Junior Representative; GLORIA WOOD, Junior Representative; BECKY WALLACE, Sophomore Repre¬ sentative. i The annual Sweetheart Dance, held on Feb¬ ruary 15, was very successful. The enthusiasm and spirit of the students was reflected in the unusu¬ ally large attendance. The glamorously decorated cafeteria and the lovely court made this evening one to remember. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 1964 Sweetheart Court with Miss Joanne Kline reigning as Oueen and Miss Pam Heishman as Maid of Honor. Joanne and Dick leading the court dance. Page 174 The Court looks on as Bill Bowers crowns Joanne Queen of the 1964 Sweetheart Dance. Sweetheart Dance Couples crowd the floor for the last dance. Joanne Kline, Sweetheart Queen Page 175 Senior Superlatives Most Dependable JANE HARRIS and RICHARD WESTERMAN The Senior Superlatives, elected by the seniors them¬ selves, are the outstanding members of the class. Results of the election are disclosed in a senior assembly at which time the winners are presented with trophies. This is a tradition which has been passed down since the school opened. Most Likely To Succeed REBA HARNAGE and RAY COLOTTI Page 176 Best All Around MARY GARVIN and BILL BOWERS Most Athletic MARGARET HOSMER and DAVE REAM Wittiest KAREN COOKE and STEVE WASHBURN Most Talented MARTHA GRAY and JIM CONWAY Page 177 mm AW ”. Most School Spirited CORA HERL and JIM AMMONS K9 Friendliest PATTIE MOODIE and BUSTER ELLIS Personality Plus linda McPherson and bill landrus Page 178 Sadie Hawkins Day Celebrated As Sadie Hawkins Day neared, chosen characters donned the typical fashions and assumed their roles as residents of Dogpatch. The characters included Elsie Luhring and Steve Washburn as Daisy Mae and Lib Abner, Jim Ammons as Tiny Yokum, and Cheryl Lisonbee and Bob Mellott as Mammy and Pappy Yokum. Karen Cooke appeared as Moonbeam Mc- Swine, Bill Landrus as Honest Abe, Carol Bowman as Cave Gal, Susie Karamessines as Wolf Gal; and, last but not least, Marrying Sam was portrayed by Dick Mayo. Moonbeam McSwine bagged Honest Abe for her Sadie Hawkins’ prize. Characters: TINY YOKUM, WOLF GAL, CAVE GAL, HONEST ABE, DAISY MAE, LIL’ ABNER, AND MARRYING SAM. Seated: MAMMY and PAPPY YOKUM. Page 179 Prom Court standing: MARGARET HOSMER, JANE HARRIS, CAROL BOWMAN, REBA HARNAGE, FRANCINE ROBERTS, SUSIE KARAMESSINES, JOANNE KLINE, Sweetheart Queen; CORA HERL, Homecoming Queen. Seated: ITOKO TAKENOUCHI, PAT PORVAZNIK, ANN MARIE BARRACK, PATTIE MOOD- IE, Queen; LINDA HAYES, Maid Of Honor. Page 180 | f; Prom Qi ueen PATRICIA MOODIE In the magic of the most memorable dance of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom set the mood for the snow-balling events which culminated in graduation. The lights in the ball room of the Willard Hotel centered on the Queen, Pattie Moodie, and her court, as they danced to the music of the Deveron Band. As the dance drew to a close, everyone was presented with a remem¬ brance of this unforgettable evening. Page 1 81 B. C. J4. S. Bids Bare well to Hjr. WJilliam Jordan • • • It was with regret that the students and faculty bid farewell to Mr. William H. Jordan as principal of Falls Church High. Having arrived at Falls Church with the Class of ’64, Mr. Jordan had been principal for five years when he accepted the position as principal of the new Thomas Jefferson High School in Springfield, Vir¬ ginia. Falls Church welcomed as its new principal, Mr. Thomas D. Todd. Mr. Todd was not a newcomer to Falls Church High School, having served as Athletic Director here between nineteen forty-seven and nine¬ teen fifty-nine. For the past five years he has been As¬ sistant Principal of J.E.B. Stuart High School. Mr. Todd receives keys of school from Mr. Jordan. an 1 uu comes r. Ok omas dJodd Page ]82 The Closing Scene Page 183 Faculty Directory Directory of Administrative Staff and Special Personnel JOHN C. ATWOOD—Houghton College, B. Mus.; Oberlin Con¬ servatory, M. Mus. Ed.; University of Denver, Eastman School of Music; Berkshire Music Center; Choral Music. CAROLYN JEFFERY BARDEN—University of Rochester, Rochester Business Institute; Secretary. WILLIAM HAMILTON BARRETT—Washington and Lee Uni¬ versity, B.S.; University of Virginia, M.A.; Assistant Principal for Administration; S.C.A. Sponsor. BARBARA EDITH BENOSKI—Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S.; Typing II, General Business. FRANK BERNARD—State University of New York, B.S.; New York University, M.A.; Assistant Principal for Instruction; American Field Service. RICHARD W. BESNIER—University of Maryland, B.S.; Health and Physical Education I and II, Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Foot¬ ball Coach, Head Golf Coach; Junior Class Advisor; Varsity Club Sponsor. NANCY LEE BIRCH—Madison College, B.S.; West Virginia Uni¬ versity, M.S.; Health and Physical Education, Guidance Counselor, Monogram Club Sponsor, Varsity Hockey and Softball Coach, Junior Varsity Basketball Coach. FRANKLIN W. CAIN—Salem College, A.B.; George Washington University, A.M.; West Virginia University, Fairmont State, Ohio University; Biology; Science Club. DONALD SCOTT CALLAHAM—Drury College, A.B.; American University; World History, United States History; American His¬ tory Honor Society. BRUCE LEE CAMPBELL—Davis and Elkins College, B.S.; George Washington University; Biology, Algebra I. MARIA COLETTE CAROZZA—Sweet Briar College, B.A.; French I and II; Keyettes. IRENE R. CARPENTER—Radford College, B.S.; George Washing¬ ton University; Earth Science, Science 9. MARIE H. CARSTATER—BuCknell University, B.A.; George Wash¬ ington University, M.A.; Guidance Counselor. MABLE UNDERWOOD CHAPMAN—Woman’s College of Geor¬ gia, B.S.; American University, Longwood College, George Washing¬ ton University; B.S.C.S. Biology; Junior Class Sponsor, National Honor Society, Science Cliff). “You can ’t get a man with a gun!’ ' HARVEY F. COOPER—California State College, B.S.; Industrial Edu¬ cation; Mechanical Drawing, General Shop. NANCY DAVIS COSTA—George Washington University, B.A.; Eng¬ lish I and II. FRANCES M. CRUM—Morehead State, A.B.; George Washington University, M.A.; Art, Art Club. VIRGININA CAROL DAVIS— ' Madison College, B.S.; Bookkeeping and Typing I. CAROL E. DEAL—Radford College, B.A.; Latin II, Science 9; Future Teaohers. MARGARET P. DOYLE—Harrisonburg State Teachers, Collegiate Certificate, Nurse. ARLENE HUNT FALLAW—Longwood College, A.B.; Syracuse Uni¬ versity, M.A.; George Washington University, University of Vir¬ ginia; Shorthand, Notehand, and Personal Typing. YVONNE COOKE FIDALGO—Simmons College, American Uni¬ versity, B.A.; American University Graduate School; English IV. NANCY LEE FO ' RREST—Longwood College, B.S.; Bookkeeping and Typing I; Keyettes. BERNARD HOWARD GARHART—Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S.; George Washington University, M.S.; Geometry, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry; Cross Country Coach, Track Coach. LYNELL F. GORDON—Baker University, A.B.; George Washington University, A.M.; Guidance, Guidance Counselor. FIELDER PRICE GREER—United States Military Academy B.S.; Algebra I, Geometry, Senior Math. HOWARD E. GRINDLE—Appalachian State Teachers College, B.S.; M.A.; Reading. KATHRINE M. H. HAMMOND—Boston University, B.S.; and Ed. M.; Massachusettes Institute of Technology; Post Graduate Certifi¬ cate; Physical Science, Alg ebra I. JOHN W. HULEN—Troy State, B.S.; Physical Education II; Varsity Baseball Coach, Junior Varsitv Basketball Coach. ERSKIN FREEMONT JENKINS—Moorehead State, A.B.; University of Miami; Mechanical Drawing, General Shop, Student Staff; Varsi¬ ty Football Coach. WILLIAM H. JORDAN—Bridgewater College, A.B.; University of Virginia, M. Ed.; Principal. BEATRICE G. KIRBY—Wake Forest College, B.A.; English; Junior Red Cross. RICHARD D. KRYDER—Capitol University, B.A.; George Washing¬ ton University; World Geography, World History. ELIZABETH ADELIA RUEGG KUHN—College of William and Mary, B.A.; French II and III; Pep Club, French Club. ANN Z. KULP—College of William and Mary, A.B.; Northwestern University, M.A.; University of Exeter, England; Guidance Coun¬ selor. DORTHA ETHELYN LAIRD— Indiana State College, B.S.; Univer¬ sity of Pittsburg, M. Ed.; Typing I, Business Law and Economics. EDITH A. LEMON—University of Denver, B.A.; University of Vir¬ ginia; American University; College of William and Mary; Guidance Counselor; Junior Honor Society. PAUL DENNIS LEWIS—Ohio State University, B.A. and B.S.; Uni¬ versity of North Carolina; Concord College; French I, Spanish I; Chesss Club. Page 184 Faculty Directory Go! Team! BERNICE S. LILLY—Mississippi Southern, B.S.; Physical Education; Co-ordinator of Intramural Sports for Girls. JOHN S. LOCASCIO—West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S.; Industrial Arts; General Shop, Woodworking. HARVEY E. LOWDER—College of William and Mary; Richmond Professional Institute, B.S.; University of Virginia; Mexico City College; Universidad de Michoacan, M.A.; University of Colorado; Spanish II and III, IV; Spanish Club. JAMES GILMORE LUNSFORD Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, B.M. Ed.; University of Virginia, M. Ed.; Instrumental Music; S. ' C.A. Sponsor, Sponsor of Civitan Club. DONALD B. MAREr— ' Bucknell, A.B.; St. Johns University Law School, L.L.B.; Madison College, M.A. Ed.; Columbia; University of Virginia; American Government; Sociology, Economics; Debate Coach, Debate Club Sponsor; Key Club. GARY ANN MAUPIN—Madison College; University of Virginia, B.S.; English IV, Yearbook; Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman Cheer¬ leaders. HESTER V. McCULLOUGH—Edgewood Park; Gettysburg College, A. B.; American University; University of Virginia; English III. RICHARD L. McQUAIN—Fairmont State; University of Virginia; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; George Washington University; West Virginia Wesleyan; I.C.T.; D. O. Club. HELEN T. MILE ' HAM—Wellesley, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A.; General Math 9 and 10, Plane Geometry. NELLE H. MILES—Ohio State University, A.B.; University of Wis¬ consin, M.A.; George Washington University; Director of Guidance, Senior Class Sponsor. FRANK H. MISIIOU—Columbia University, A.B.; George Washing¬ ton University, M.A.; American Government; Senior Class Sponsor. CHARLES ARTHUR MOORE—Kansas State Teachers College, B.S., B. A., M.A.; Spanish I and II. CAROLYN JEAN MORRISON—Mary Washington College, B.S.; University of West Virginia, M.A.; Physical Education I and II; Assistant ‘Hockey Coach, Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Softball Coach. FRANCINE K. OGILVIE—University of West Virginia; American University, B.A.; Richmond Professional Institute; University of Richmond; Drama, English II; Drama Director, National Thespian Society. BYRON G. OLSON—University of Richmond, B.A.; United States History. RUTH EVELYN PENCE—Dakota Wesleyan University, B.A.; Eng¬ lish II; Sophomore Class Sponsor. ANNIE LEE POWELL—Greensboro College, B.A.; English III, Pub¬ lic Speaking; Forensics. LOWELL H. POWERS— ' Huron College, A.B.; Northwestern Uni¬ versity; Wayne University; University of Virginia; General Math and Algebra. CAROL G. PRESTON—Mary Washington, B.S.; University of Man¬ chester, England; University of Virginia; Chemistry; Keyettes. W. A. REITZ—State University of New York, A.B.; University of Vir¬ ginia; American University; French IV, Advance Placement French, German I, II, III, IV; French Honor Society; German Club. LOUISE DOYLE RiIGDON—Longwood College, B.S.; University of Virginia; Richmond Professional Institute; Visiting Teacher. ANNIE A. ROMANUS—Louisiana State University, A.B.; M.A.; Eng¬ lish I and Latin I. WILLIAM, W. ROSS—Wilmington College, B.S.; Brown University; Physics, General Math I. JULIA M. ROSSELL—Bowling Green State University, B.S.; English, Journalism; Quill and Scroll Honor Society; Press Club. RUTH GOODENOUGH RYAN—Boston University, A.B.; State Uni¬ versity of New| York; Assistant Librarian. MILDRED SPINDLE—Longwood College, B.S.; University of Vir¬ ginia; English I and Latin I. ALPHA SPITZER—Madison College, B.S.; Virginia Polytechnic Insti¬ tute; M. Ed.; Vocational Office Training, Clerical Office Practice; Future Business Leaders of America. JANE SPRING—Fairmont State College, B.A.; University of West Virginia, M.A.; Home-Economics; Future Homemakers of America. STEPHEN NOEL TACKNEY—United States Naval Academy, B.S.; Duke University, M.A.T.; Algebra II and Trigonometry, Solid Ge¬ ometry. BERNICE SPICER THOMA—Mary Washington, B.S.; B.S.L.S.; George Washington University; University of Virginia; Catholic University; Librarian, Library Assistants. GEORGE WALKER WARING—University of Virginia, B.S.; World Geography; Ninth Grade Football. CLARENCE J. WARREN—University of Tennessee, B.S.; University of Virginia, M. Ed.; World Geography. PAUL WEBER—-George Washington University, B.S., M.A.; Physical Education and Health; Varsity Club, Director of Athletics. DICK LEE WICKLINE—George Washington University, B.S.; United States History, Health and Physical Education; Varsity Bas¬ ketball Coach; Assistant Varsity Football Coach. LUROFF H. WILLIAMS—Central Missouri State College, B.S.; Uni¬ versity of Virginia, M. Ed.; George Washington University; Ameri¬ can University; Kansas City Conservatory of Music; Algebra I, Inter¬ mediate Algebra; Elementary Functions. SARA ELIZABETH WILSON—Winthrop College, B-.A.; United States History and World Geography; American History Honor So¬ ciety. MARY M. WOOD—Wesleyan College, A.B.; George Washington University; M.A.; English I and IV; Paw Print. Page 185 Senior Directory HARRY MICHAEL ABENDSHEIN— “Mike ’ ' — ' Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Wrestling 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Student Staff 4. JAMES DONALD AMMONS—“Iim”—S.C.A. Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Sgt.-at- Arms 4; ' Marching Band 1, 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. Conven¬ tion 3; Junior Civitan Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Sadie Hawk¬ ins “Tiny Yokum” 4; Most School Spirited 4. STEPHEN DENNIS ANDRUSIA—“Steve”—McLean High School 2; Football 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Senior Council 4; S.C.A. 2. BARBARA ELLEN AUEL—“Barbara”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; German Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Office Staff 3, 4; “Music Man” 3. BARBARA KAREN BACK—“Barbara”—Girls’ Chorus 2. LINDA GAIL BAILEY—“Linda”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1; Girls’ Chorus 1. RICHARD VERNON BAILEY—“Rickey”—Annandale High School 1; Variety Show 3; “Carousel” 2; Y.F.C. Club 4. SONDRA ELIZABETH BAKER—“Sandy”—Madrigals 3 7 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Debate 4; “Music Man” 3; “Slice It Thin” 4; A Capella Choir 2; Concert Choir 2; “Carousel” 2; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. KENNETH ROBERT BARBASH—“Ken”—Irvington High School 1, 2; Y.F.C. Club 3, 4; Area Council 4. RHEA NELL BARKER—“Rhea”—Girls’ Chorus 2; ' V:t .T. 4. WAYNE BRIAN BARBER—“Wayne”—Football 2. ANN MARIE BARRACK—“Ann Marie”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Concert Choir 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Taw Print 4; News¬ paper 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4; Prom Court 4. BYARD CHARLES BELYEA—“Chuck”—Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1, 3; Track 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; German Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Key Club 3, Secretary 4; National Honor Society 4. FREDERICK DEAN BERKEBILE—“Fred”— WILLIAM FOSTER BERTRAM—“Billy”— BERNARD DANIEL BTCKHAM JR.—“Danny”—Football 1; Basket¬ ball 3; Forest Sherman High School, Italy; Western High School, Washington, D.C. PATRICIA LYNN BLAIR—“Patty”—S.C.A. 1; Pep Club 1; Major¬ ette 1, 3, 4; Majorette Club 1. ROBERT LEE BOLAND—“Bob”—“Music Man” 3; Forensics 2, 3; “Charley’s Aunt” 2; Concert Choir 2, 3. PHILIP ALAN BOLT—“Philip”—“Carousel” 2; Library Staff 3; V.O.T. 4. CAROL JEAN BOOZE—“Carol”—V.O.T. 4. SUSAN ALLENE BONO—“Sue”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. 2, 3, Historian 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Yearbook 3, Picture Editor 4; Paw Print 2, Exchange Editor 3, 4; Hockey 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; “Charley’s Aunt” 2; “Carousel” 2; “Dear Ruth” 3; “Music Man” 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. JEANETTE YVONNE BOWERS—“Jeannie”—V.O.T. 4. WILLIAM CHARLES BOWERS—“Bill”—National Honor Society 4; Track 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, Vice-President 3, Man¬ ager 4; All State Band 1,2, 3, 4; Thespian Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Junior National Honor Society 1, Vice President 2; Class President 2; S.C.A. President 4; Exchange Student 3; P.T.A. Award 3; 1st Place Spelling 1; Best All Around 4. BETSY IRENE BOWIE—“Betsy”—Saint Mary’s Academy, Alexan¬ dria 1, 2; Library Staff 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL ANN BOWMAN— “Carol” —Montgomery Blair High School 2; French Club 2; Pep Club 2; Keyette Club 3, 4; Paw Print 4; Yearbook 4; Sadie Hawkins “Cave Gal” 4; Prom Court 4. NANCY ARLENE BOWMAN—“Nancy”—French Club 1; Pep Club 2; V.O.T. 4. EDWARD WILLIAM BRANDT III—“Ed”—Y.F.C. Club, Vice President 1, 2, President 3, 4; Civitan Club 3, 4, Chaplain 3, 4; S.C.A. Representative 1, 2, 3; Senior Council 4; Senior Class Pub¬ licity 4; Inter Club Council 4. BEVERLY FRANCES BROCK—“Fran”—Girls’ Chorus 2, 3; Con¬ cert Choir 4; Softball 3. CAROLYN JOYCE BROOKS—“Carolyn”—Panhandle High, Texas 1; West Anchorage High School, Alaska 2, 3; Pep Club 2,3; Junior Ball 3. FENNIX BROOKS—“Fennix”—Luther Jackson 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Math and Science Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2; Science Fair, second place 1. DAVID LEIGH BRUENING—“Dave”—East Anchorage High School 2; Science Club 1; Trampoline Club 1; Spanish Club 2, 3; Stamp Club 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Band Manager 4; All State Band 4. ROGER CANDLER BUCKELEW—“Roger”—Chess Club 4; A.F.S. Club 3, 4; French Club 4; Debate Club 4. ARTHUR HUNT BUCKNER—“Art”—Football 1; I.C.T. 3; “Dear Ruth” 3; “Good-bye My Fancy” 3; “Music Man” 3; “Slice It Thin” 4. DEBRA ETTA BUTLER—“Debby”—Laurencekirk High School, Scotland 1, 2. KENNETH E. CAKE—“Ken”—Baker High School, Georgia 2; R.O.T.C. 2; Clarke Go. High School, Virginia 1. DANA RUTH CARY—“Ruth”—Y.F.C. Club 1, 2; Girls’ Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4. ANNE Y. CAVA—“Anne”—Softball 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Ice Skating Club 4; Office Staff 3, 4. DAVID KENNETH CH ARLES WORTH—“Dave”—D.O. Club 3, 4. SUZANNE OHATTERTON—“Suzanne”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 4; A.F.S. 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Ice Skating Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Art Award first place 3. RALPH LEONARD CHERRY—“Ralph”—“Music Man” 3; S.C.A. 3; Madrigals 3, President 4; A Capella Choir 2; Paw Print 4; All- State Chorus 3, 4; Award Winner National French Exam 2; Senior Council 4. EL WOOD THOMAS CHILDRESS, JR.—“Tommy”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Varsity Club 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Second Team N. Va. 3; Football 1, 3, 4; Civitans 3, 4. JERRY B. CHRISTIAN—“Jerry”—James Madison 1. LORRAINE NOEL CHRISTIE— “Lorraine” —Central High School London, England 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 2. DONNA KAY CLARK—“Dede”—Pep Club 2; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2; “Carousel” 2; “Music Man” 3; “Dear Ruth” 3; “Charley’s Aunt” 2; “Slice It Thin” 4; A Capella Choir 2; Concert Choir 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 3, Circulation Mgr. 4; Thespian Honor Society 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. Page 186 Senior Directory SHERAL ANN CLARKE— ' “Sheral”—James Madison 2; Marshall 3; Library Staff 3; Guidance Staff 3; F.H.A. 2. JUDITH ANN CLEVER— “Judie ”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3; AE.S. Club 3; F.H.A. Club 1, Treasurer 2; F.T.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; Basketball 3; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, Area Representa¬ tive 3, 4; Clinic Staff 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; German Club 2; S.C.A. Representative 3. LAWRENCE F. COBB—“Larry”—Science Club 3, Vice President 4; Chess Club 4; Second Place Science Fair 2, First Place 3; Regional Science Fair Honorable Mention 2, Second Place 3. MARGO DELANE COBB—“Margo”— JUDY E. COFFEY—“Judy”—Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 2; Bowl¬ ing Team 2; V.O.T. 4. RAYMOND LOUIS COLOTTI—“Ray”—Spanish Club 2, President 3, 4; Spanish Award 3; American ' History Award 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Pep Club 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; National History Honor Society 3, Vice President 4; Debate Club 4; Paw Print 4; Debate Team 4; Forensics 1; National Merit Letter of Commenda¬ tion 4; Second Place Optimists Club Oratorical Contest 1; First in Virginia Spanish National Exam 4; Senior Council 4; Most Likely to Succeed, 4. HENRY GORDON COMBS—“Henry”—Groveton High School 1; J.E.B. Stuart High School 2. SAHRA JOYCE CONARD—“Joyce”—French Club 1; Pep Club 2; F.T.A. 1. JAMES EDWARD CONWAY—“Jim”—Madrigals 2, 3, 4; “Carou¬ sel” 2; “Music Man” 3; “Good-bye My Fancy” 3; “Slice It Thin” 4; “The Thread That Runs So True” 1; Thespians 3, 4; “Dear Ruth” 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1; Debate 2; Senior Council 4; Forensics 1; Pep Club 3, 4; Most Talented 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. KAREN LOUISE COOKE—“Cookie”—Softball 1; Keyettes 3, Sgt.-at- Arms 4; Office Staff 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins “Moon Beam” 4; Sweetheart Court 4; Wittiest 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. JUDITH ANN COSBEY—“Judy”—Y.F.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 1; F.H.A. 1. MARY ELIZABETH CUTCLIFFE—“Mary”—Y.F.C. 1; Girls’ Chor¬ us 1, 2; Concert Choir 3. LYNN MARIA DAVIES—“Lvnn”—Girls’ Chorus 1, 2, 3; French Club 4; Yearbook Staff 4. CANDACE JEAN DAVIS—“Candy”—Prattville High School, Ala¬ bama 1; Vice President 1. DENISE J. DEFFENDALL—“Denise”—Y.F.C. Club 2; Art Club 2; Pep Club 2. KAREN LYNN DELLINGER—“Karen”—French Club 1; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 4; Art Club 4. MICHAEL CARLETON DENNIS—“Mike”—East Lansing High School, Michigan 1, 2; Y.F.C. Club 4. EMIL FREDRICK DIETSCH III—“Fritz”—Science Club 2; Press Club 4; Science Fair Honorable Mention 2; Quill Scroll 4; Year¬ book 3, Business Mgr. 4. EVELYN MICHELLE DEWEY—“Mike”—Skittanning High School 1, 2; Student Council 1; Concert Choir 1, 2, 4; Girls’ Athletic As¬ sociation 2; Drill Team 2; Leader’s Club 1, Chaplain 2. MiIOHAEL G. DIAS—“Mike”—Lincoln High School, New York; “Dear Ruth;” “Good-Bye My Fancy” 3; Fencing Club. WILLIAM LAWRENCE DIXON—“Larry”—Football 2; Baseball 1, 2; Yearbook 4. FRANCIS LEE DOUGHERTY—“Frannie”—Football 2. SANDRA ELLEN DOWDY—“Sandy”— GEORGE ANTHONY DUMAS—“George”— MARY GRACE EASTON—“Mary”— ANITA LOUISE ELDRIDGE—“Nita”—S.C.A. Representative 1, 3. EDWARD R. ELLIS—“Buster”—Lakenheath High School, England 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, Vice President 4; Class Vice President 3; Friendliest 4. CYNTHIA VADEN EPPERLY—“Cindy”—Christianburg High School 1, 2; F.B.L.A. 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, Vice President 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; Cheerleader 1, 2; May Court 1; Keyette 4; Pep Club 4. SUSAN PATRICIA ERICKSON—“Suzy”—Chateauroux Dependent High School, France 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; “H.M.S. Pinafore” 1; Keyettes 3, 4; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4; Certificate of Merit 1. JOHAN HANS FIGGE— “Johan” —Heerlen, Holland 1955-1960. CATHERINE A. FISHER—“Cathy”— CHARLOTTE ANNE FISHER—“Charlotte”— BARBARA JONES FITZGERALD—“Barbara”—Softball 1, 2. SUSAN LESLIE FLING—“Sue”—Pep Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Mono¬ gram Club 4; Hockey 4; Mechanicsburg High School, Pennsylvania 1, 2, 3. RODNEY WAYNE FORREST—“Rodney”— KATHERYN MOLYNEUX FOSTER—“Kathy”—Girls’ Chorus 4. RALPH DANIEL FOUSE—“Danny”—Pep Club 3; Art Club; Science Club; Paw Print 4; Honorable Mention in Science Fair. ANITA LOUISE FOX— “Anita” —Pep Club 2; Keyettes 3, 4; Girl Sen¬ ator 4. LYNN MARGARET FRAZIER— “Lynn” —Softball 1; Cheerleader Co-Cap tain; 2; S.C.A.; Sweetheart Court 2. TOMMIE HERMAN FREE— “Tommie” —Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Civitans 3, 4; Wakefield 2. MARILYN SUE FREEMAN—“ Marilyn ”—French Club 4. JILL ELAINE FRIAR—“Jill”—Little Theater 2; Y.F.C. Club 3; 1. C.T. 4; Roosevelt High School, Hawaii 2; Granby High School 3. WILLIAM BANKS FULFORD— " Bill”—Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 2; Track 1; Science Fair First Place 1. GWENDOLYN R. FULMER—“Gwen”—Keyettes 4; Paw Print 4; Pep Club 2; F.H.A. 1; Fort Cherry High School 1. GWENDOLYN GAARDE—“Gwen”—Fairfax High School 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Y.F.C. Club 3, 4; A Capella Chofr 3; Girls’ Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4. ROBERT LEE GALLEHER—“Bob”—Football 1. ANTHONY GAMBARDELLA JR —“Tony”—Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Civitan Club 3, 4; Class Council 4; Jr. National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2. MURRAY KEITH GARDNER—“Murray”—Football 1; Jr. Civitan Club 2, 3, 4. ANNE MARGARET GARFIELD—“Anne”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Yearbook Picture Editor 1, 2; Latin Club 1, 2; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, President 4; Girls’ Chorus 2; F.T.A. 1, President 2, 4, County Reporter 3. Page 187 Senior Directory MARY ELIZABETH GARVIN—“Mary”—Jr. National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; French National Honor Society 2, 3, President 4; Art Club 2, 3; Paw Print 3, Assistant Art Editor 4; Thespians 3, Historian 4; Cheerleader 4; Keyettes 3, 4; Sweetheart Court 3; Homecoming Maid of Honor 4; GAV. English Certificate 3; Best All Around 4. THOMAS CLINTON GEDDES— “Tom”—Manager Varsity Baseball 2; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Football 2. MARGARET ELLEN GILCHRIST—“Margaret”—Trench Club 2, 4; Concert Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarian 3, 4; Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. Club 3, Vice President 4; Jr. National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; French National Honor Society 3, 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. PAUL D. GOLDEN—“Paul”— LINDA LEE GOODRICK—“Linda”—Art Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Pep Club 2, 3; French Club 4; Y.F.C. Club 4. MICHAEL ALLEN GOULDE— “Mike”— Football 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Track 2, 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Jr. Civitan Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, Vice President 4; Yearbook Photographer 3, Co- Editor 4; Newspaper Photographer 4; S.I.P.A. 3; West Memorial Award 3; Third Place Architecture Science Fair 2; Merits Letter of Commendation 4. DAVID ALLEN GRAHAM—“Dave”— WILDA MARIE GRAMLING—“Wilda”—Keyettes 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Concert Choir 4; Girls’ Chorus 1, 3; “Music Man” 3; County Chorus 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. GEORGE WiILLIAM CRAVES— “Billy” —Basketball 1; Boy Senator 2, 3; Council 4; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Golf 1; S.C.A. 1 ? 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. LANCE ALAN GRAY— “Lance” —Mission Boys High School, Cali¬ fornia 2; Rogers High School, Rhode Island 3; Baseball 2; Paw Print Circulation Manager 4; Publicity 4; Third Place Literary Contest 3; National Honor Society 4. MARTHA GRAY—“Martha”—Keyette Club 3, 4; Pep Club 3, Secre¬ tary 4; “Music Man” 3; Madrigals 4; Concert Choir 3; Sweetheart Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Office Staff 3, 4; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4; Most Talented 4. PENTI OLAVI GREENROSE—“Penti”— JEAN ANN GUICE—“Jean”— JOHN GLENN HAGAMAN—“John”— EUGENE FRANKLIN HAILMAN—“Gene”—Wrestling 2, 3; Base¬ ball 2; Civitan Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1. NANCY LEE HAMILTON—“Nancy”—Hockey; Softball. NANCY DANENE HAMILTON—“Nancy”—O’Connell High School 1, 2; Ice Skating Club 3. PHILIP ALAN HARGIS—“Phil”—Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Football 2, 3, 4. REBA ANN HARNAGE—“Reba”—Girl Senator 1; S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1, Secretary 2; Forensics 1, 2; French Cluib 1, 2; Class Secretary 4; Paw Print Literary Editor 3; Hockey 1, 2; S.C.A. Secretary 3; Majorette Club 1, Historian 2; Keyette Club 2, District Representative 3, President 4; Paw Print Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3, Treasurer 4; Prom Court 4; Most Likely To Suc¬ ceed 4. JANE ILENE HARRIS—“Jane”—French Club 1, 2; Junior National Honor Society 1, 2; Class Secretary 3; Class President 4; Keyettes 2, 3; President of Northern Va. District 4; Paw Print 3, Publicity Edi¬ tor 4; Guidance Office Staff 4; Prorrt Court 4; Most Dependable 4. DONALD EDWARD HARVEY—“Don”—Boy Senator 1; Sgt.-at- Arms 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Student Staff 3; Wres¬ tling 2; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 4. FLOYD EARL HEATWOLE—“Earl”— MELBA RUTH HENRY—“Melba”—Art Show Award 3. SANDRA LEE FIENSLEY—“Sandra”—Senior Council 4; Pep Club 4. CORA EVELYN HBRL—“Cora”—Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, 4; S.C.A. Representative 1; Girl Senator 3; Keyettes 2, 3, Vice President 4; District Representative 4; Sweetheart Court 1; Home¬ coming Court 2, Queen 4; Sweetheart Court Maid of Honor 3; Girls’ State 3; Yearbook 4; Paw Print 4; Prom Court 4; Most School Spirited 4. CATHERINE JOYCE HERRITY—“Cathy”—O’Connell High School 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4. JEROME KENNETH HOLLAND—“Jerry”—Football 1, 2; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 3, 4. VIRGINIA LEE HOOVER—“Ginny”—Art Club 1; “Jay Jaguar” 2, 3; Yearbook 3, Copy Editor 4; Paw Print 4; Press Bureau Secretary 4; Quill Scroll 4. PATRICIA SHARON HORNE—“Pat”— MARGARET ELAINE HOSMER—“Margaret”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; IHockey 3, Co-Captain 4; Basketball, 3, Co-Captain 4; Softball 2, 3; Monogram Club 3; Library Staff 3; Guidance Staff 4; Art Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Prom Court 4; Most Athletic 4. MARCUS ALLAN HUDSON—“Marc”—Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Paw Print 4; Key Club 4; National Honor Society 4. WILLIAM B. HUDSON— ' ‘Bill”— Science Club 1. SUSAN KAY HUFFMAN—“Huffy”—Pep Club 3; Art Club 4; Soft- ball 1, 2, 3. CAROL LYNN HUNSBERGER—“Carol”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Monogram Club 3; Office Staff 4. THOMAS EARL IRVING—“Tom”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 2. BONNIE JEAN JACKSON— ' “Bonnie”— Y.E.C. Club 1, 2, Vice Presi¬ dent 3; Library Staff 3; School Store Staff 2, 3, 4. CLYDE LEWIS JACKSON—“Lew”—Charlotte Hall Military Acade¬ my 3. JON ROBERT JACOBUS—“Jon”—Fallbrook High School, California 1, 2; Football 1, 2; California Cadet Corps 1; Future Farmers Of America 2; Stamp Club Vice President 3; French Club 1, 2; Year¬ book 3, Advertising Mgr. 4; Library Staff 3, 4. RUTH L. JENNY—“Ruth”—YJF.C. Club 3; Pep Club 4; Clinic Staff 4; Girls’ Chorus 2. LYNNEA JEAN JOHNSON—“Lynnea”—Pep Club 3, Treasurer 4; Paw Print 3, 4. MICHAEL FARLEY JOHNSON—“Mike”—Jr. National Honor So¬ ciety 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, President 4; Golf 1; Baseball 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Va. Boys’ State 3; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; S.C.A. 3, Treasurer 4; German Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, 3. BEVERLY VANESSA JONES—“Bev”—Pep Club 3; Keyettes 4. Page 188 Senior Directory JUDITH ANNE JONES—“Judy”—YjF.C. 1, Vice President 3, 4; AE.S. 4; Concert Choir 1; Girls’ Ensemble 1; Girls’ Chorus 3; Madrigals 4; “Music Man” 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4. RICHARD P. JONES— -“Dickey” —George Mason 1; Fairfax 2; Annan- dale 2; Woodson 3; Track Team 1. ALETHA LODEAN KAISER—“Deanie”— SUSAN FAITH KARAMESSINES— “Susie” —Overseas School of Rome, Italy 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Science Club 1, 2; Cheerleader 2; Yearbook 4; Sadie Hawkins “Wolf Gal” 4; Prom Court 4. ROBERT ALAN KARGEN— “Bob” —-Miami Norland High School 1, 2, 3. NANCY JANE KEEN—“Nancy”— MICHEL FRANCOIS KELLER—“Michel”— RALPH DAVID KENNEDY—“Ralph”— ELEANOR MARIE KINGSBURY—“Eleanor”— STEPHEN KITTLE—“Steve”—D. O. Club, 4. RHODA JOANNE KLINE—“Joanne”—Jr. National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Paw Print Publicity Mgr. 3, Business Mgr. 4; Spanish Club Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Keyette Club 3, 4, District Corresponding Secretary 4; Student Staff 3; Pep Club 2; Sweetheart Court 1, Queen 4; Homecoming Court 3; Prom Court 4. HIRAM CARTER KURYLO—“Carter”—German Club 2; Yearbook Literary Editor 4. STEPHEN FOWLER LADD—“Steve”—Scitutate High School, Mass¬ achusetts 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Ice: Hockey 1, 2; Delegate to Massachusetts Boy’s State 3. WILLIAM FREDERICK LANDRUS— ' ‘Bill”— Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; S.C.A. Representative 1; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 2; Senior Council 4; Yearbook Sports Editor 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Personality Plus 4. KENNETH DOUGLAS LARKIN—“Ken”—Jr. National Honor So¬ ciety 1,2; German Club 2, 3, 4. DIANA LEA LEWIS—“Diana”—Pep Club 2; Jr. National Honor So¬ ciety 1, 2; Keyette Club 3, 4. ROBERT LILLY—“Bob”—Lane High School, Virginia. CHARLES ALBERT LIMBACH—“Chuck”—O’Connell High School 1 , 2 . DAENA LEE LION—“Daena”—Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3. CHERYL DEAN LISENBEE—“Cheryl”—Cheerleading 1; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Majorette 2, 3, 4; Majorette Club 2; Key¬ ette Club 4; Jaguar Journal Assistant Exchange Editor 3; Second Page Editor 4; Girl Senator 2; Quill Scroll 3, President 4; Press Club 3, 4; Paw Print 4; Sadie Hawkins “Mammy Yokurn” 4. JOHN A. LONG—“John”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 2. CAROL ANN LUBHRS—“Carol”—French Club 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Keyettes 3, 4; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4. ELSIE MARIE LUHRING—‘ ‘Elsie” —Erench Club 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Keyettes 2, 3, Recording Secretary 4; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Office Staff 3; Paw Print 4; Class Council 4; Sadie Hawkins “Daisy Mae” 4; Sweetheart Court 4. ELLEN MARIE MALE—“Ellen”—Hookey 2, 3; Softball 1, 2; French Club 2, 4; Ice Skating Club 3; Pep Club 1; Monogram Club 3, 4. DIANA KAY MALONE—“Diane”—Glee Club 1; Ice Skating Club 2, 3; Clinic Staff 3; Pep Club 4; V.O.T. 4. CORA JANET MAPIE—’’Janet”—Western Anaheim California 1, 2, 3. SUSAN CAROLINE MARSTERS—“Susan”—Girls’ Chorus 2; V.O.T. 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH MARTIN— “Bill” —Band 1, 2, 3, 4. FLORA JUDITH MAY—“Judy”—French Club 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French National Honor Society 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; “Music Man” 3; “Carousel” 2; Madrigals 3, 4; A Capella Choir 2; Concert Choir 2; Junior Girls’ Ensemble 2; Country Chorus 3; All Virginia Chorus 3; All State Chorus 3. RICHARD WALTER MAYO—“Dick”—Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior National Honor So¬ ciety 1, Vice President 2; National Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; S.C.A. Representative 4; “Music Man” 3; German Club 4; Chemis¬ try Lab Assistant 3; Sadie Hawkins “Marryin’ Sam” 4. LILLIAN PATRICIA McATEER—“Pat”—Palating High School 1, 2, 3; Geography 1, Secretary 2; Drama Club 1, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; F.T.A. Club 3; Girls’ Club 3; Library Staff 3. PATRICK JOHN McCARTHY—“Pat”—Yearbook 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH McCLAIN—“Bill”—Civitan Club 2, 3, 4, Secre¬ tary 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3, Co-Captain 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Glee Club 2; A Capella Choir 2; French Club Secretary 1; Basketball 1; Fifth Place Wres¬ tling, Northern Virginia. ROBERT WILLIAM McCLESKEY—“Bob”— LINDA LOU McCOY—“Linda”—Pep Club 1, 3, 4; F.T.A. Club 3, 4; F.H.A. Club 2, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 4. PATRICK JAMES McGARRY—“Pat”—O’Connell High School 1, 2; Student Council 3. LINDA JOAN McPHERSON—“Linda”—Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Key¬ ettes 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Sweetheart Court 2; Prom Court Maid of Honor 3; Personality Plus 4. JANET RUTH MELLOTT—“Janet”—Keyettes 3, 4; Paw Print 4; Yearbook 4. ROBERT HAROLD MELLOTT—“Bob”—Jr. National Honor So¬ ciety 1, 2; Class Treasurer 1; Sadie Hawkins “Pappv Yokurn” 4. JOHN A. MEYER—“Johnny”—I.C.T. Club 3, President 4; Library Staff 2. ELIZABETH LYON MILLER—“Liz”—Tallwood Private School 1; Tallwood Choir 1; Girls’ Chorus 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Ice Skating Club 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4; French Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Guid¬ ance Office Staff 4; Student Council Secretary 1. JOSEPH PATRICK MILLS—“Joe”—Baseball 1, 2; Concert Choir 3; I.C.T. 4. SUSAN LOUISE MINER—“Susan”—Pep Club 1. PATRICIA RUTH MOODIE—“Pat”—Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Friendliest 4; Prom Queen 4. JANET LOUISE MORRIS—“Janet”—Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Book Club 1; F.H.A. Club 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. Club 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. Club 3, 4; Student Staff 3; Book Club Secretary 1; F.H.A. Secretary 3, Vice President 4; National Honor Society 4. Page 189 Senior Directory GREGORY ROBERT MORRISON—“Greg”— JANIS ELAINE MUIR— ' ‘Jan ”—Bellevue High School, Nebraska 2; Keyettes 3, 4; Paw Print 3, Production Editor 4; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 4; Yearbook 4; Sweetheart Court 3; Homecoming Court 4. NANCY WALKER NEWMAN-—“Nancy”—Scott M. Brame High School 1; J.E.B. Stuart High School 2; F.H.A. Club 1, 3; F.T.A. Club 3; Pep Club 4. EVANGELINE CAROL NICHOLS—“Carol”—Y.F.C. Club 1; Latin Club 1; School Store Staff 2, 3, 4. JAMES HOWARD NICHOLSON—“Jim”—Osbourn High School 1; Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1; “Goodbye My Fancy” 3; Band Manager 4; 1st Place Science Fair 1, Honorable Mention 2; 3rd Regional Science Fair 1. RICHARD LEE NYSTROM—“Dick”—Spanish Club 2; Jaguar Jour¬ nal 4; Track 2, 3; S.C.A. 3; Civitans 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. RICHARD ALLAN O’CONNOR—“Rich”—Wrestling 2; Track 1; Debate 4; Student Staff 3; German Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4. MARY RUTH O’HARA—‘Mary”—Band 1; A Capella Choir 2; Red Cross Club 2, 4; Library Staff 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; AjF.S. Club 4; Experiment In International Living Finalist 3. GARLAND LEE ORNDORFF—“Garland”— BARBARA ANN OWENS—“Barbara”—S.C.A. Representative 1; S.P.T.A. Representative 3; Pep Club 1. ELIZABETH BOYD PALMER—“Betty”—Pep Club Secretary 4; F.T.A. Secretary. MARY LOUISE PARKINSON—“Mary Lou”—Art Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; A.F.S. Club 3, 4, Publicity Manager 4; Pep Club 3, 4; S.C.A. Representative 4. TONI JOAN PATTERSON—“Toni”—Verdun American High School, France 1, 2; Wellington High School, Ohio 2; San Jose High School 2; Wakefield High School 2; Band 1, 2; Annual Staff 2; Art Club 2, 4; Latin Club 2; French Club 4; Pep Club 4; 1st Place Science Fair 1; National Honor Society 4. ELIZABETH ANNE PAULI -“Lizzy”—Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; German Club 1,2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Guidance Office Staff 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. KATHY LEE PELASARA—“Kathy”—Basketball 1, 2; F.H.A. Club 1. MARILYN CAROL PETTIN—“Marilyn”—O’Connell High School 1; Apostolic Club 1; French Club 2; Glee Club 2. DAVID HENRY PLEACHER—“Dave”—Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Base¬ ball 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; French Honor Society 3, 4; Student Staff 3; Key Club 3, 4; Corresponding Secretary 4; Boy Senator 4; Senior Class Council 4. JOHN LANIER PORTER—“Johnny”—Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Concert Choir 2, 3; County Chorus 3; “Music Man” 3; Madrigals 4. RALPH SHERWOOD PORTER—“Ralph”—Football 1, 2; Second Place Science Fair 2. PATRICIA ANN PORVAZNIK—“Pat”—Pep Club 3, President 4; Keyettes Chaplain 4; Student Staff 4; Prom Court 4. JAMES MICHAEL POTTER—“Jim”—Football 1; Basketball 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, President 4; Key Club Treasurer 4. JOHN THOMAS PROVINCE—“Tom”—Debate Team 2; Debate Club 2, 3; German Club 3, 4; Track Team 3, 4; Bus Patrol 1, Lieu¬ tenant 2, Captain 3. GERALD LEWIS RAINS—“Gerry”—Science Club 1, 2, President 3, 4; Science Fair 1, 3; Future Scientists of America 3; Youth Science Congress 3; Merit Semi-finalist 4; French Club 1; Jr. Na¬ tional Honor Society 1, 2; Debate Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 2, 3, 4; 1st Alternate Navy Award. DAVID KEITH REAM 1 —“David”—Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; S. C. A. Representative 1, 3, 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 2; Most Ath¬ letic 4. JANICE MARGARET REED—“Jamce”— JOHN MICHAEL REED—“John”— MARIANNE THERESA REYNOLDS—“Marianne”—Brize Norton School, England 1; “First Dress Rehearsal” 2; “Dear Ruth” 3; “Flattering Word” 3; “Goodbye My Fancy” 3; “Slice It Thin” 4; Thespian Honor Society 3, Vice President 4, Outstanding Thespian Actress Award 3; West Memorial Award for Acting 3; Softball 2; Spanish Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4. KIM ALAN RICHARDSON—“Kim”—Wrestling 2, 3; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; “Carousel” 2. FRANCINE ELIZABETH ROBERTS—“Frankie”—Clinic Staff 1; A.F.S. Club 3, 4; Yearbook 3, Co-Editor 4; Keyettes 4; Pep Club 4; Prom Court 4. LINDA L. ROCK—“Linda”—Annandale High School; Weidsbaden High School; I.C.T.. Treasurer 4. KATHERINE ELLEN ROSE—“Katy”—Pep Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, Secretary 3, 4; AF.S. Club 3, 4; Student Staff 4; Year¬ book 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2. BRADFORD MARK ROSENQUIST—“Brad”—German Club 2; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. RICHARD J. ROUSE—“Richard”—Palos Verdes High School, Cali¬ fornia 2; Knights Service Club 1; Basketball 2; Y.F.C. Club 3; Varsity Golf 3, 4. JAMES BERNARD RUSSELL—“Jim”— JOHN S. RYDER—“John”—Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All State Band 3; All Virginia Band 3; “Carousel” 2; Y.F.C. Club 1, 2. DORIS JEAN SCERBO—“Doris”—McLean High School 1. LEWIS REED SCULL—“Reed”—Library Staff 3. DIXIE ROSE SHAFFER— “Dixie” —J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. 3. MICHAEL WILLIAM SHARPE—“Mike”— WILLIAM HOWARD SHARPE—“Bill”—Madrid High School, Spain; Lawrance High School, Massachusetts. ROBERT LEE SHELDON—“Bob”—O’Connell High School 1, 2, 3. RONALD L. SIMiPSON—“Ronnie”—D. O. Club 4. SANDRA MICHELLE SIMiPSON—“Sandi”—Pep Club 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3. JUDITH LOUISE SKILLMAN—“Judy”—Softball 3. SHIRLEY ELEANOR SKRIVSETH— “Shirley " —German Club 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Keyettes 3, Treasurer 4; Girls’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Madrigals Treasurer 4; “Music Man” 3; Paw Print 3, Literary Editor 4. ROY BRUCE SMITH—“Roy”— Page 190 Senior Directory JUDITH MAY SOUCY— “Judy” —Antelope Valley Joint Union High School, California; Science Club 1; Glee Club 2; Softball 2; Hockey 3; Guidance Staff 4. THOMAS ALDO SPADA— “Tommy” —Boys’ Chorus 2; Concert Choir 3; Mixed Chorus 2; “Carousel” 2; “Music Man” 3; Football Manager 2. PAUL L. SPENCE—“Paul”—O’Connell High School 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Civitan Club 4. THOMAS JOSEPH SPENCE—“Tom”—O’Connell High School 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Jr. Civitan Club 4. ALAN SPIHR—“Alan”—Student Staff 4; Library Staff 1; Football 2. THEODORE SPRECHER—“Theo”—William De Zwuger H.B.S., Rotterdam, Holland; Table Tennis Club; Badminton Club; Tennis Club; Cheer Club. ELLEN VERONICA SPROUSE— “Ellen” —Herndon High School 1, 2; Art Club 1; National Honor Society 3, 4. RUTH ELLEN STEADMAN—“Ruthie”—S.C.A. Representative 1, 2, 3; Press Club 2; Science Club 1; Library Staff 4; Office Staff 4; Pep Club 2; Sweetheart Court 2. CHARLES EDWARD STRINOFELLOW—“Eddie”—Library Staff 3. ELLEN EVELINE STUICK—“Ellen”—Holland, Leyden 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Secretary 3; Post Graduate; Chief Editor School Paper 4. HERBERT F. SULLIVAN—“Buddy”—D O. Club 4. MARTHA JANE SWiING—“Martha”—Pep Club 1; Keyette Club 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; Sweetheart Court 4. ITOKO V. TAKENOUGHI— ' “Itoko”— Niigata High School, Japan 1, 2, 3; Pen Pal’s Club; Culture Comm; A.F.S. Club 4; Keyette Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Prom Court 4. JAMES LAWRENCE TRAWICK—“Larry”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Football 3. THOMAS WILSON TREMPER—“Tommy”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3, 4; Honorable Men¬ tion 3; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club. JOSEPH THOMAS TUITT—“Zeke”—German Club 1, 2; Football 1. BETTY LEA TURNER—“Bettv”—Spanish Club 3, 4; Jaguar Journal Circulation Manager 4. LINDA FAY VAUGHN—“Linda”— MICHAEL HUNT WALKER—“Mike”—Class Council 4; Football 1; Track 1, 2; Latin Club 4. DENNIS PAUL WALKO—“Dennis”—Spanish Club 1, 2, 3; Jr. National Honor Society 2; Science Club 2, 3; Paw Print 4; C.A.P. Cadet Commanding Officer; S.P.T.A. Mechanical Drawing Award 3; First Prize Science Fair; Honorable Mention Regional. JAMES TERRENCE WARD— “Jim” —O’Connell; Boys’ Chorus 2. WILLIAM WALLACE WARREN, JR.—“Bill”—Jr. National Honor Society 1; German Club 3, 4; S.C.A. Representative 4; National Honor Society 4. STEPHEN DUANE WASHBURN—“Steve”—Jr. Civitan Club 3, Vice President 4; Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Cross Country 3, Captain 4; Varsity Club 3, President 4; Outstanding Rebounder Trophy 3; Track—Third State Mile Run 3; Cross Country Third Northern Virginia 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins “Lil’ Abner” 4; Wittiest 4. CHARLES LOWELL WATTS—“Charlie”—I.C.T. ROBERT J. WEILL—“Bob”—Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Chess Club 3; Debate Club 3, 4; Debate Team 3; Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; First Place Forensics 3; First Place School American Legion 4. RICHARD SPENCE WESTERMAN—“Rich”—Paw Print 3, 4, Art Editor 4; Track 1; Key Club 2, 3, President 4; Class Vice President 1; Jr. National Honor Society President 1, 2; S.C.A. Vice President 4; Optimist Award “Outstanding Senior Boy” 4; National Honor Society 4; Most Dependable 4. BARBARA L. WIER—“Bobbie”—J.E.B. Stuart High School 1, 2. ROBERT EDWARD WILLIS—“Bob”—Football 1, 2; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Key Club 4; German Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Class Treasurer 4; Class Treasurer 2; Harvard Book Award 3; National Honor Society 4. SUZAN WOLTZ—“Sue”— ' Forensics 2, 3; Pep Club 3, 4; Press Bureau 3, President 4; Production Editor Paw Print 3, Asst. Editor 4; Jaguar Journal First Page Editor 4; Quill Scroll 3, President 4. HAL EUGENE WOODSIDE—“Hal”—Football 2; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Basdball 1, 2, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Key Club 4. SANDRA LOUISE WOODWARD—“Sandy”— PETER QUAY WRIGHT—“Pete”—Jr. National Honor Society 1, 2; National Thespian Society 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; First Place Math Science Fair 2; First Place Forensics 2; “When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet” 1; “The Thread That Runs So True” 1; “Carousel” 2; “Music Man” 3; “Bye Bye Birdie” 4; Madrigals 3, 4; A.F.S. 2, Publicity Manager 3, President 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; French National Honor Society 3, Vice President 4, Key Club 4. ROBERT ALLEN WYATT— “Wyatt ”— DIANE ELAINE ZVEARE— “Diane” —O’Connell High School 1. Page 191 Brown’s Hardware 106 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia PHONE JEfferson 2-1 168 203 E. Fairfax Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-7117 Corsages A Specialty Falls Church Florists 721 South Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 3-1334 Wallace Monroe R. B. Clark Motor Co. 438 S. Washington St. 624 South Washington Street Falls Church Falls Church, Virginia JE 3-1 100 Compliments of 7 Corner ' s Esso Station 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Wed. 8:00 to 8:00 lAJeona BEAUTY SALON 116 E. Fairfax Street Falls Church, Virginia JEfferson 2-7240 Stanley R. Rowland Co. INCORPORATED ord Sales—Rentals—Management Member of Multiple Listing 120 E. Broad Street Falls Church JE 3-3333 Hoots Realty Company 1000 Westmoreland Road Falls Church, Virginia JE 3-9109 Falls Church Garage 9 Inc . Lee Highway and Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Virginia CHRYSLER—PLYMOUTH—VALIANT Dependable Used Cars JE 2-2300 HERB’S AUTO REPAIR 802 South Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia Compliments TEW S SUNOCO SERVICE Route 3 Tyson ' s Corner Vienna, Virginia JE 2-3455 Herbert F. Jones, Owner Bilton Insulation and Supply, Inc . 2708 S. Nelson Street Arlington, Virginia 671-6400 L L DELICATESSEN 445 South Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia Ice Vendor-24 hour service JE 4-9863 Camera Studies by George Deal LA MONT STUDIOS 5167 Lee Highway ARLINGTON, VA. KE 6-7172 m if T _ .«_ 1 L life High Performance Equipment By William Stalcup Furniture Co. 234 West Broad Street 442 South Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-8880 533-7887 S S Paris Co. 200-202 S. Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia ROBEY FLOOR SERVICE Flooring Contractors Compliments of 1 14 East Fairfax Street Falls Church, Virginia 534-2722 W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY P. O. Box 475 Richmond, Virginia Suppliers of Class Rings and Pins W. T. ROBEY, Owner Robert Shreve Fuel Company Coal — Fuel — Oil — - Oil Burners — Service " Don’t Freeze — Call Shreve’s” Arlington, Va. Falls Church, Va. 6873 Lee Highway JE 2-1960 Liggon Paint Store, Inc. 154 HiIIwood Avenue Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-7980 Paints, Wallpaper and Supplies Pool Chemicals Equipment Cleaning — Repairing — Maintenance POTOMAC CHEMICALS CORP 530 Annandale Road Falls Church, Virginia Phone 534-1400 King-Kerley Dry Cleaners and Launderers 444 So. Washington St. (Near Hechinger ' s) Falls Church, Va. JE 2-1713 . V. BRICK, INC. 203 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-0646 FOUSE BILD, INC. 203 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-0646 Falls Church Camera Shop 161 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2885 RENTALS • REPAIRS • SALES Meet me at JCdtij J i eautij S alon, 102 Shreve Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-9507 Open Daily 9 to 6 Wed. and Fri. 9 to 9 AIR CONDITIONED All Phases of Coloring APOLLO RESTAURANT 607 South Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-8400 SHISHKEBAB CHARCOAL STEAKS SEAFOOD PRIVATE DINING ROOM State Wide Real Estate Service Joesph W. Seay Company Virginia Homes and Farms Falls, Church, Virginia Office: Tel. JE 2-2620 113 West Broad Street Adairs HAIR STYLIST Next to theatre in Jefferson Village 606 Arlington Boulevard Falls Church, Va. Phones: JE 2-9647 — JE 2-4773 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat., 9:00 to 6:00 Wed. and Fri. 9:00 to 9:00 (Compliments oj ' tLe SCHOOL STORE STAFF Thompson And Case, Inc. Qualify Homes Falls Church, Virginia JE 2- 2747 Austin D. Thompson WE 8-2946 Boyd A. Case JE 3-7959 J unior Sophisticates 3181 Wilson Blvd. Clarendon, Va. m rtf J Cjood ddducation ddt)euelop6 Cjood (Citizen, CHARLES SPEACHT—President PENN-PARK REALTY CORP. JE 3-0441 450 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of CAFETERIA STAFF eme cJla El lEe taurant Cinderella Dry Cleaners and Shirt Launderers SAME DAY SERVICE CHAR BROILED STEAKS SEAFOOD ITALIAN FOOD Open 11 A.M. ' till midnight M. C. DEAN Electrical Contracting 6493 Arlington Blvd. JE 4-4600 903 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-0200 Compliments of the Student Parent Teacher Association _- )i.| -M lijl mt m ' tfpff. K ' • , • ’jiff ' v 4 ' 5 -V siiMS vi

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