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1 v!. ■ it ' V ' -’C ' VV rr Vk. 19 5 4 J A O U I ' :. V I • I ■ ' I Presented by THE STUDENTS OF FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL FALES CHURCH, VIRGINIA STAFF Richard Braunlicii Editor-in-Chief Mrs. John R. Miles . Faculty Adviser Lee Reaney [ . Associate Editors Rick Faust Business Manager Dave I Iouser j Carolyn Norris Picture Editor Alice Osborn Layout Editor Library Falls Church High School 7521 Jaguar Trail Falls Church, VA 22042 FALLS CHURCH HIGH FALLS CHURCH, Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION. Page 7 CLASSES Page 13 HONOR ASSOCIATIONS . . Page 69 SCHOOL VIRGINIA ATHLETICS. Page 81 FEATURES. Page 101 ADVERTISEMENTS. Page 133 Page 3 George Emerson Schindler, Jr. The entire school was grieved over the death of one of our eighth graders, Marie Elizabeth Gorbv, Feb¬ ruary 26, 1954. Although she is no longer with us, the memory of her friendship and kindness will always linger in the hearts of her classmates. Lam The death of George Emerson Schindler on June 3, 1953 has meant a great loss to his many friends who knew him as a quiet, soft-spoken, friendly boy. The memory of his artistic endeavors will always be per¬ petuated at Falls Church High School through the George E. Schindler Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Art Club. Al¬ though he is gone, the friendship and fellowship he shared with us will al¬ ways hold a sacred place in our memory. Marie Elizabeth Gorby Page 4 Mrs. Mable Underwood Chapman For her sincere devotion and guidance, for her friend¬ liness to us all, for her ever-present smile, and for her desire to use unstintingly of her time to help others we dedi¬ cate with extreme pride, gratitude, and respect the 1954 JAGUAR to Mrs. Mable Underwood Chapman. : o n Page 5 o r e w o r Dear Friends, I congratulate you on subscribing to this 19 54 yearbook of Falls Church High School. You will have many thrills in looking through it now. But its greater value, I think, will be in the years to come. It will become one of your lifetime treasures. Through the years, you will take it out from some safe place, turn its pages and re-live your high school career. Many of the fine people whose pictures are between these covers, you will never see again. It is worth much to have this JAGUAR to bring them back in memory. A special word to the class of 54. Many of you have been here five years, all the w ; ay from the eighth grade. It is fitting to note here that I became principal of the school the same vear that vou entered it. Sd I have seen vou come as adolescents; I know 7 that J j j 7 you leave as young adults. In your stay here you have performed many services valuable to the school. You have seen it moulded — in spirit, in physical facilities, and in its many and successful extra-curricular activities. You have given much. I am sure that you have also learned much. You have always been a strong class; always helpful, always building. As you leave, I, on behalf of the faculty and lower classes, want you to know that we appreciate you, that we are proud of you! Best wishes to you; success and happiness wherever you may go! Sincerely, Cr. 5 . Principal ADMINISTRATION Page «- 6 i6tavit f rincipal WILLIAM H. BARRETT, B.S., M.A. Washington Lee University University of Virginia Sponsor of Student Council WILLIAM S. RUMBOUGH, Ed. D. George Washington University University of Virginia Page 8 Top: MRS. ELSIE H. SNODGRASS, Eighth Grade Co-ordinator, and the Eighth Grade Esso teachers counsel the newcomers to the school. Left to right: MR. CARTER W. LINGER, MISS LUCILLE SCOTT, MRS. SNODGRASS, MR. LEE CURTICE, MRS. HARRIET CURTICE, MR. LOUIS K. MATHER, MISS HELEN S. HAWKINS, MISS MARY LOU ALPHIN. Bottom: MRS. ANNE II. RULLMAN, Director of Guidance, and her faculty assistants counsel high school students. Left to right: MRS. RLJTII VAUGHN, Secretary; MRS. RULLMAN, MRS. MABLE U. CHAP¬ MAN, MISS MILE RED SPINDLE, MRS. VIVIEN SULPICE, MR. FRANK II. MISIIOU. Right: MRS. GERTRUDE II. WEBNEll and MRS. NOLA W. BURLESON tackle the many office problems, with their student assistants, ANNE LEYDE and MARILYN HUME. ce an J Oke FACULTY MARY LOU ALPHIN, B.A. Longwood College English, Social Studies Eighth Grade Dramatics Club MINNIE BANKS, B.S., M.A. Madison College George Washington University English—Junior Red Cross ANNABEL L. BARRETT, B.A., M.A. Barnard College George Washington University English—Eighth Grade Dramatics MARY E. BENNETT, A.B. Lander College Mathematics—Bridge Club EVELYN T. BICKERS, B.S., M.A. Mary Washington College University of Alabama Business Subjects—Bridge Club NANCY BIRCH, B.S. Madison College Physical Education—Varsity and J.V. Hockey Coach Girls’ Varsity and J.V. Basketball Coach Monogram Club Page 9 FACULTY HARVEY A. BLEAM, B.S., M.A. Wilson Teachers College George Washington University Mathematics—Tennis Coach Sophomore Class Sponsor Sponsor Varsity and J.V. Cheerleaders ROBERT W. BOGEN, B.A., M.A. University of Pennsylvania George Washington University Eighth Grade Science Eighth Grade Basketball Coach Astronomy Club—Assistant Track Coach BRUCE L. CAMPBELL, B.S. Davis Elkins College Mathenia tics—Biology J.V. Basketball Coach—Dance Club MARIE II. CARSTATER, B.A. Bucknell University Eighth Grade Mathematics Eighth Grade Sponsor — Sub-Deb Club MABLE U. CHAPMAN, B.S. Georgia State College for Women Biologv—Guidance Counselor Junior Class Sponsor—National Honor Societ r Science Club RICHARD G. CRAWFORD, A.B. St. Benedicts College English—Social Studies Freshman Class Sponsor —Magazine Drive Sponsor Dance Club HARVEY F. COOPER, B.S. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts—Camera Club FRANCES M. CRUM, A.B., M.A. George Washington University Mathematics —Art— Quill and Scroll Jaguar Journal —Art Club HARRIET CURTICE, B.E. Keene Teachers College English—Social Studies LEE B. CURTICE, B.S. American University English—Social Studies FAYE I. DEWEY, B.S., ' M.A. Northwestern University University of Illinois English —Dance Club BERNARD H. GARHART, B.S., M.S. George Washington University Mathematics—Golf Coach JANET F. GRAY, B.S., M.A. University of Georgia Plane Geometry—Bible Club ADWIN F. GREEN, B.S. University of Richmond Eighth Grade Music—Eighth Grade Glee Club MARJORIE E. GREEN, B.Mus. Westminster Choir College Girls’ Chorus—Mixed Chorus — Bovs’ Chorus A Cappella Choir—Freshman Class Sponsor JULIA C. GUNN, B.S., M.A. Columbia University Social Studies—Stamp Program HELEN S. HAWKINS, B.A. Mary Washington College English—Social Studies Sponsor Eighth Grade Cheerleaders T. SHANDY HOLLAND, JR., A.B. Lynchburg College English — Dramatics—Director School Plays National Thespian Society—Senior Dramatics Club Page 10 FACULTY ARLENE G. HUNT, A.B. Longwood College Business Subjects —Artyping Club SARAH W. JACKSON, A.B., B.L.S. Agnes Scott College Emory University Librarian— Sponsor Student Council Debate Club GERALDINE LENVIN, B.S. New York University Columbia University English—Public Speaking Forensics—Debate Club BERNICE S. LILLY, B.S. Mississippi Southern University Physical Education—Varsity Softball Dance Club CARTER W. LINGER, B.S., M.A. West Virginia University English—Social Studies Eighth Grade Football Coach —Track Coach Checkers Club JOSEPH J. LYONS, A.B., M.A. Georgetown University Latin—Key Club—Spanish Fiesta Junior Class Sponsor J.V. Football Coach —J.V. Baseball Coach JOAN C. MACON, B.S. Radford College Home Economics —F.H.A. Club ETLIELYNE McBEE, B.S., M.A. Ohio State University Columbia University Mathematics—Junior Honor Society NELLE H. MILES, B.S. Ohio State University English—Jaguar Senior Class Sponsor FRANK H. MISIIOU, B.A., M.A. George Washington University Civics—Commercial Law—Guidance Counselor Senior Class Sponsor—Checkers Club CHARLES A. MOORE, B.A., B.S., M.S. Emporia State Teachers College Spanish—Stamp and Coin Club CAROLYN MORRISON, B.S. Mary Washington College Physical Education Girls’ Varsity and J.V. Hockey Coach Girls’ Varsity and J.V. Basketball Coach MARGARITA M. NEWMAN, B.A. Radford College Spanish—Model Club ILAII T. OSBORN, B.S. Oregon State College Science—Science Club BETTY MUIRHEAD, B.S. Limestone College Eighth Grade Mathematics—Eighth Grade Sponsor Civil War Club LOUISE D. RIGDON, B.S. Longwood College Visiting Teacher WINIFRED ROBERTS, B.A., M.A. West Virginia University English—Social Studies—Chess Club ANNE II. RULLMAN, A.B. Westhampton College George Washington University Director of Guidance Page 11 FACULTY ERNEST B. RYDER, B.M.E., M.A. Shenandoah Conservatory of Music Columbia University Director of Music—Instrumental Music Glee Club LUCILLE SCOTT, B.S. University of Alabama English—Social Studies NELLE C. SHUGHROU, B.S. West Virginia University Chemistry-— Phvsics — Radio Club ELSIE H. SNODGRASS, B.S. Mary Washington College Eighth Grade Co-ordinator—Junior Civic League MILDRED SPINDLE, B.S. Longwood College English — Latin—Guidance Sophomore Class Sponsor ALPHA SPITZER, B.S. Madison College Business Subjects—Film Viewing Club MARGARET SPITZER, B.S. Madison College Home Economics — F.II.A. Club BETTY SPRINGSTON, B.S. Madison College Eighth Grade Mathematics—Crafts Club WILLIAM SPRINGSTON, B.S. West Virginia Institute of Technology Metal Work —Mechanical Drawing Camera Club HOWARD M. STEVENS, B.S.M. Oberlin Conservatory Elementary- Band Instructor VIVIEN T. SULPICE, B.S. St. Marys College—Madison College English—-French Guidance Counselor—French Club MARY S. TAUGNER, B.S. N. E. Missouri State Teachers College Business Subjects THOMAS D. TODD, B.A., M.A. University of Richmond University of Michigan Director of Physical Education Varsity Football Coach —Tumbling Club BETTY L. TOONE, A.B. Madison College English — Creative English —Paw Print ARTHUR VALOTTO, B.S., M.A. West Virginia University Physical Education—Varsity Basketball Coach Eighth Grade Baseball Coach—Athletic Club LELAND A. VLIET, B.A., M.A. George Washington University World Historv—American Historv—Civics Junior Class Sponsor—Printing Club CLARENCE J. WARREN, B.S. University of Tennessee Social Studies—Model Airplane Club PAUL WEBER, B.S. Georgs Washington University Physical Education Football BackHeld Coach—Varsity Baseball Coach Varsitv Club NOT PICTURED: JEAN C. DONOIIOE, B.A., M.A. State University of Iowa English—Social Studies Page 12 CLASSES VA 22042 Page 13 F ' llis Church, [•»«««» f l» « » « i mts mKit Library under construction. Mr. Todd’s class plays basketball in the new gym. Interior of the boys’ dressing room. The new art room, complete with clay kiln. £ omei Exterior of completed library. Mrs. Lilly’s class square dances m the new gym. The girls’ team room. Mrs. Krauss and her staff are very busy in the new cafeteria. Page 14 - -J . J • . .. wmm Exterior of the new gymnasium. Interior of the new band room. One of the new typing rooms. Interior of the new shop. 3.C.JJ.S. The new wing of the school, containing the music, business, and home economics departments. Interior of the new library. The model apartment in the new home economics department. The physics lab. Page 1 5 Dale Intolubbe Palmer Rutherford Margaret Johnson Lee Chaney Peggy Huntley Sergeant-at-Arms President . Treasurer Vice-President Secretary Page 16 Lloyd Wallace Adams Vaughn Alleyne Adkisson Allan R. Armstrong Robert Fleming Balthis Nancy Ann Barile Leonard Ray Barker Beverly Octavia Barwick Peter Reichard Wickes Bays Ronnie Beale Betty C. Beard W. Sherwood Beavers Rolland Clark Belknapp Charles Weeks Bennett, Jr. Gerald Arthur Blake Donald Lee Blincoe Page 17 s. e n l o r Janet Marie Brant Richard Frederic Braunlich, Jr. Ronald Robert Brewer Carol Bee Buonocore Mary Maxine Callahan Nancy Raymond Carrigan Louis Lee Chaney Nancy Jean Chapin William Monty Chase Marie Anne Cherry Raymond I Iarvey Clark Henry Lincoln Clifford, III Nancy Lee Cloud Beverly Jane Coker Robert Paul Colby Page 18 Cl a 6 5 Keith Hampton Cole Patrick Michael Commons James Robert Conine Mary Louise Conlogue Eula Mae Cordell Margaret Ann Corn Everett Spottswood Covington Rosalyn Gay Davenport Charles Stewart Davis, Jr. Ledford H. Day, Jr. Mildred Joan Dean Frank LIenry Dearden, Jr. Merle Lou Deits Richard Owen Delap James Edwin Dickson Page 19 s. e n i o r Jack Steele Dodson Constance Regina Frances Donahoe John Elam Dorsett Leonard Siierman Dove Marian Elenor East Sally Ann Eddy l Ienry Otis Elam Bette Ann Emery Richard Allen Faust, Jr. Raymond Francis Feaster C. Louise Feehan Robert Earnest Fletcher Paul McGee Fox Thomas Robert Freed Thom Beddome Giambattista Page 20 Cl. ass Bruce Oman Gilmore Lois Elaine Goldsmith Mary Frances Gossage Janet Fortson Gray Barbara Ann Green Peter M. Green John Wanton Harper, Jr. John Thomas Hefferman William Henry Hemma Leland Hughes Hemming Francis Clement IIerold Joseph Charles Hockman Nora Katherine Honse George David Houser Dawn Eileen Howard Page 21 s. e mo r Mary Louise Hull Marilyn Margaret Hume Frances Jo Hunt Richard Arden Hunt Peggy Joyce Huntley Dale Colbert Intolubbe Elizabeth Anne Johnson Margaret Juanita Johnson Vee-Vee Danf.se Johnson Robert Farrington Jolin Cornelia Elizabeth Jones Linda Katherine Kerr Smith Peter Kerr, III Hilda Lorraine Kidwell Alice Faye King Page 22 a a $ 6 Patricia Ann Kinsella Shirley Ernestine Kirby Lake Winfield Koontz, Jr. Lynda Louise Lacey John Franklin Larcombe, Jr. Beryl Anne Leyde Guna Liepins Lois Jean Lindsey Richard FIenry Little Nancy Lee Lohr William Bernard Loving, Jr. Mary Ellen Lowery Ann Wyss Markham Richard Leo Markley Joan Ann Marr Page 23 s. e n i o r William Joseph Marr, Jr. Arlyne Estelle Martin Priscilla Imocene Martin Duncan Elmo McCarter Robert E. McCeney Kenneth James McIntyre Harvey Wayne McKee Shirley Ann McLane Louis Montague Merryman, Jr. Hubert S. Miller, Jr. Thomas Patrick Moore Delores Ann Nalls Judith Elizabeth Nevin Andres Harbo Nielsen, Jr. Michael Alden Norell Page 24 Cl. ass Carolyn Elizabeth Norris Janice Lee Oliver Charles Creath O’Neal Alice Louise Osborn Gary Sevier Outlaw 1 homas Steele Pace Elizabeth J. Page Collis Milton Philyaw Jean Rogers Piiipard Betty Jo Pugh Carol Ann Raines William Ericii Rawls Leland Ernest Reaney, Jr. Dianna Elizabeth Reiff Theodore Harrison Rentz, Jr. W W " m Page 25 s. e n l o r Janet Mae Revell John Leslie Rhodes Ronald Paul Rinaldi James Edward Ritchie Edward Arthur Rose, J r Palmer St. Clair Rutherford, Jr. Barbara Ann Sanders James Lewis Sauter I Iolt LeRoy Sawyer Thomas Ignatius Schaben Charles Edmondson Schauss Frances Elaine ScHOTTROFFE William Joseph Siiartzer, Jr. Shirley Victoria Shifflett Laura Lee Siireve Page 26 CL a 6 6 James L. Simmons Evelyn Mae Smallwood Juanita Nadine Smallwood Lawrence Leland Snead James Warren Snow Janice Irene Snyder Helene Louise Sparshott Roger Glenn Staples Mildred Marguerite Stead man Verda Marie Stephens Marian Jean Stewart John Nicholas Stone, Jr. William Godfrey Stoneburner, Jr. Helen Mary Storey Pat Anthony Tavormina Page 27 s. e n l o r Charles D. Taylor James Fussell Taylor Willie Gordon Thomas Eugene Charlesworth T hompson Mary Louise Thompson George Curtis Vanderslice Kay Jeanne Virden Kurt Reinhold Waterval Gottfried Ernst Weber Susan Medora Weber Gene Clyde Weedon Peggy Kathleen Welles George Anthony Newman Wilson Charles Kuehne Winkler Barbara Rebecca Winslow Page 28 a. a $ 6 Charles Gordon Woiil Deborah Ann Wood Donna Grace Wood Ellwood Arthur Wood John Francis Zerener f icturecl: Helen Antoinette Little Beverly J. Mallory Roger Allan Strautmann Mrs. Allies’ seniors appear very studious. ♦ Mrs. Lenvins homeroom absorbs Senior English. ♦ Mr. Misbou lectures seniors in American Government. Page 29 LLOYD WALLACE ADAMS— " Wally’ ’—Eastern 1,2; W-L 2; Dance Club 3, 4; PAW PRINT 4. VAUGHN ALLEYNE ADKISSON — " Vaughn ” — Frankfurt, Germany 1; Niirnberg, Germany 3; Junior Civic League 2; Glee Club 4; Sweetheart Court 4; Prom Court 4. ALLAN R. ARMSTRONG— " A ”—Chicago, Ill. 1, 2; Camera Club 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4. ROBERT FLEMING BALTHIS— " Bob” —Strasburg, Va. 1; Junior Play 3; Band 2, 4; All-State Band 4. NANCY ANN BARILE— " Nancy” —Homeroom Sec. 1,3; Glee Club 2, 3; Girls’ Chorus 4. LEONARD RAY BARKER— " Ray” —J. V. Football 1, 2, 3; Radio Club 3; Athletic Club 4. BEVERLY OCTAVIA BARWICK— " Bev” —Homeroom Pres. 1; Junior Dramatics Club 1; Treas. 1; Debate Club 2; Sec. 2; Latin Classical League 2; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3; Business Mgr. 3; Senior Dramatics Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Treas. 4; S. I. P. A. 3; JAGUAR Staff 4. PETER REICHARD WICKES BAYS— " Pete” —Austin, Texas 1,2; Radio Club 3; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Football 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; JAGUAR 4; PAW PRINT 4; Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. RONNIE BEALE—” Ronnie ”—Long Beach, Calif. 1; George Mason 2, 3. BETTY C. BEARD— " Betty” —Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Girls’ Chorus 2, 4; Mixed Chorus 3; Glee Club 3; Spanish Fiesta 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; JAGUAR Staff 4; Student Supply Store 4. W. SHE RWOOD BEAVERS— " Cheewee” —Square Dance Club 1, 2; J. V. Baseball Mgr. 2; Varsity Track Mgr. 3; Chess and Checker Club 3; Varsity Football Mgr. 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Baseball Mgr. 4; " The Devil and Daniel Webster 4; PAW PRINT Staff 4; " Liliom” 4; Senior Superlative. ROLLAND CLARK RELKNAPP— " Rollie” —Spanish Fiesta 2, 3; Chess and Checker Club 2; J. V. Basketball 1; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 2, 3, 4; J. V. Football 3; Homeroom Treas. 4. CHARLES WEEKS BENNETT, JR.— " Charlie” —McKinley Tech 1, 2; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Dance Club 4. GERALD ARTHUR BLAKE— " Gerry” —Fairborne, Ohio 1, 2, 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Basketball 4; National Honor Society 4; JAGUAR 4; S. C. A. 4. DONALD LEE BLINCOE—Patrol 1, 2, 3; Capt. 3; Chess and Checker Club 1,2; Hot Rod Club 3; Bus Driver 4. JANET MARIE BRANT— " Jan” —Girls’ Chorus 1; Glee Club 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; F. H. A. 3, 4. RICHARD FREDERIC BRAUNLICH, JR.— " Dick” —Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Tennis Club 2; Pres. 2; Patrol 2; Foren¬ sics 2; Latin Classical League 2; Homeroom Pres. 2, 3; J. V. Football 3; Magazine High Salesman 3; Junior Play 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Pres. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Jr. Business Mgr. 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Key Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4. RONALD ROBERT BREWER— " Ronnie” —Dolly Madison 1; Perfect Attendance 3; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3; Radio Club 3; Varsity Track 3, 4; Tumbling Club 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Home¬ room Pres. 4. CAROL BEE BUONOCORE— ' " Carol”— Tokyo, Japan 1; Yoko¬ hama, Japan 2; San Antonio, Texas 3; Bridge Club 4. MARY MAXINE CALLAHAN— " Maxine” —St. Mary’s Acad¬ emy 1; Latin Classical League 2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Dance Club 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; S. C. A. 4. NANCY RAYMOND CARRIGAN— " Nancy” —St. Cecilia’s 3; Tennis Club 1; Junior Classical League 2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Dance Club 4; Senior Superlative. LOUIS LEE CHANEY— " Lee” —Dance Club 1; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 1, 2; J. V. Football 1; Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2, 3; Mixed Chorus, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Varsity Club 4; Honor Court 4; PAW PRINT Staff 4; Senior Superlative. NANCY JEAN CHAPIN— " Nancy” —St. Louis, Ill. 1; W-L 2, 3; S. C. A. 4; Senior Superlative. WILLIAM MONTY CHASE— ' " Bill”—]. V. Baseball 1; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Varsity Football 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 2; JAGUAR JOURNAL 2, 3, 4; Editor Page 30 e n i o r 3, 4; Prom. Comm. 3; Class Pres. 3; Boys’ State 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Pres. 4; Vice-Pres. S. C. A. 4; Election Comm. 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Honor Court 4; Senior Superlative. MARIE ANNE CHERRY— " Marie” —Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Officer 1, 2, 3; S. C. A. 2; Junior Civic League 2, 3; Spanish Fiesta 2, 3; Junior Play 3; JAGUAR 3, 4; Art Editor 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Treas. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Mastersingers 4; Senior Superla¬ tive; Sextette 4. RAYMOND HARVEY CLARK— " Ray” —Photography Club 1; Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 4. HENRY LINCOLN CLIFFORD, III— ' " Lin”— Dayton Ohio 1; Norfolk, Va. 2; S. C. A. 4; Chess Club 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. NANCY LEE CLOUD— " Nancy” —Pep Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,3; Glee Club 3; Varsity Hockey 3; Prom Comm. 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Corr. Sec. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Circulation Mgr. 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Mastersingers 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Sextette 4. BEVERLY JANE COKER— " Bev” —Folk Dance Club 1; Sub- Deb Club 2; May Queen 2; Glee Club 3; Treas. 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Junior Play Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Spanish Fiesta 3; Homeroom Treas. 4; JAGUAR 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Sextette 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Sec. 4; Mastersingers 4. ROBERT PAUL COLBY— " Bub” —Stamp and Coin Club 1,2; Pres. 1; Vice-Pres. 2; Latin Classical League 2; Homeroom Sec. 2; Radio Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Sec. 4; JAGUAR 3; E ' oys’ Chorus 4. KEITH HAMPTON COLE— " Keith” —Tokyo, Japan 1; Car¬ lisle, Pa. 2; Mgr. Varsity Baseball Team 3; Camera Club 3, 4. PATRICK MICHAEL COMMONS— " Mike” —Crossmont, Calif. I, 2; Track Team 3; Dance Club 3, 4; Tennis Team 4; Golf Team 4. JAMES ROBERT CONINE— " Jimmy” —Norfolk, Va. 1; Cam¬ era Club 2, 3, 4; Latin Classical League 2; J. V. Baseball Mgr. 2; Varsity Baseball Mgr. 3; JAGUAR 4; PAW PRINT 4. MARY LOUISE CONLOGUE— " Mary Lou” —Dance Club 1,2; J. V. Hockey 2, 3; Junior Classical League 2; Sub-Deb Club 3; Varsity Hockey 4; Monogram Club 4. EULA MAE CORDELL— " Sis” —Dramatics Club 1, 2; Girls’ Chorus 1, 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Sub-Deb Club 3; Homeroom Pres. 3; Glee Club 4. MARGARET ANN CORN— " Peggy”—Philadelphia Pa. 1; Model Club 3; Treas. 3; Glee Club 4; Pres. 4; National Honor Society 4; Mixed Chorus 4; " Night Must Fall” 4; JAGUAR 4; PAW PRINT 4; Associate Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. EVERETT SPOTTSWOOD COVINGTON — " Eve” — Junior Hi-Y 1; J. V. Baseball 1; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; " Quintette” 4; " Two Plus Two” 4; National Thespian Society 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Superlative; " Liliom” 4. ROSALYN GAY DAVENPORT— ' r Roz”—S. C. A. 1, 3; Dra¬ matics Club 1; Vice-Pres. 1; Latin Classical League 1, 2; Latin Banquet 2; Library Club 2; Pres. 2; Library Asst. 2; Dramatics Club 3; Pres. 3; Forensics Team 3, 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; French Club 4; Pres. 4; " The Princess Marries the Page” 4; Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLES STEWART DAVIS, JR.— " Charlie” —Camera Club 1,2; Dance Club 3, 4. LEDFORD H. DAY, JR.— " Leddy” —Fairfax 1; George Mason 2. MILDRED JOAN DEAN— " Joanie” —S. C. A. 1; J. V. Cheer¬ leader 1, 2; Capt. 2; Sweetheart Court 1, 2, 3, 4; Maid of Honor 3; Sweetheart 4; Class Treas. 2; Prom Comm. 3; Prom Court 3, 4; Maid of Honor 3; Honor Court 3; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 3, 4; Capt. 4; Homecoming Court Maid of Honor 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins Character 4; Senior Superlative. irectoru FRANK HENRY DEARDEN, JR.— " Frank " —Arrnonk, New York 1, 2, 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Varsity Football 4; Track 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Superlative; Mastersingers 4. MERLE LOU DEITS— " Merle’ ' —Girls’ Chorus 1; J. V. Cheer¬ leader 1, 2, Senator 2; Dance Club 2, 4; S. C. A. 1, 4; Sweet¬ heart Court 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; " The Happy Journey” 4; " The Devil and Daniel Webster” 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Prom Court 4. RICHARD OWEN DELAP— " Dulip ”—Little Rock, Arkansas 1, 2; W-L 2; Science Club 3; JAGUAR Staff 4; Senior Bulletin 4; Tumbling Club 4; Boys’ Chorus 4. JAMES EDWIN DICKSON— " Jim” JACK STEELE DODSON— " Jackson " —Class Pres. 1, 2; S. C. A. 1, 2, 3; J. V. Football 2, 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3, 4; S. I. P. A. 3; " The Devil and Daniel Webster” 4; " The Happy Journey” 4. CONSTANCE REGINA FRANCES DONA HOE— 1 - ' Connie " — Junior Civic League 1, 2, 3; S. C. A. 2; Homeroom Sec. 2, 4; Homeroom Treas. 3; Sweetheart Court 4; Prom Court 4 JOHN ELAM, DORSETT— " Jack " LEONARD SHERMAN DOVE— " Lenny " —Chess and Checker Club 1; Dance Club 2; Athletic Club 3; Homeroom Pres. 3. MARIAN ELENOR EAST— " Marian " —Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Club Officer 2, 4; Forensics 3; Debate Club 4; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 4; " The Devil and Daniel Webster” 4. SALLY ANN EDDY— " Sally " —Class Vice-Pres. 1; J. V. Cheer¬ leader 2; Co-Capt. 2; Senior Superlative. HENRY OTIS ELAM— " Henry " —Tylertown, Miss. 1; Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. BETTE ANN EMERY— " Bette " —Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Model Club 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4. RICHARD ALLEN FAUST, JR.— " Kick " —Camera Club I, 2; Latin Classical League 1, 2; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Radio Club 3, 4; Pres. 3, 4; S. C. A. 3, 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Jr. Adver¬ tising Mgr. 3; Business Mgr. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 4. RAYMOND FRANCIS FEASTER— " Ray " —Homeroom Pres. 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Glee Club 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4. LOUISE C. FEEHAN— " Louise " —Dance Club 4; Office Staff 4. ROBERT EARNEST FLETCHER— ' ' Bob ’’—Chess and Checker Club 1, 2; Dance Club 3, 4. PAUL McGEE FOX— " Fox " —Homeroom Treas. 1; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 2; Model Airplane Club 1, 2; Pres. 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Vice-Pres. 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; Mastersingers 4. THOMAS ROBERT FREED— " Tommy " —Camera Club 1, 2; Band 1,3; Spanish Fiesta 2; Senator 2; Glee Club 2; J. V. Foot¬ ball 2, 3; Capt . 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Track 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Varsity Football 4; Homeroom Pres. 4; S. C. A. 4; Mastersingers 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Superlative. THOM BEDDOME GIAMBATTISTA — " Thom " — Sabruno, Calif. 1, 2; Balboa, Calif. 2; J. V. Baseball 2; Band 2, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; S. C. A. 3, 4; Honor Court 4; Junior Civic League 3,4; Mayor 4. BRUCE OMAN GILMORE— " Bruce " —J. V. Football 2; Home¬ room Sgt.-at-Arms 2; Varsity Club 3,4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. LOIS ELAINE GOLDSMITH — " Lois " — Eliot High, Miami Beach, Fla. 2; Dance Club 3, 4. MARY FRANCES GOSSAGE— " Gus " —W-L 2; Dance Club 3, 4. JANET FORTSON GRAY— " Janet " —Folk Dance Club 1; J. V. Hockey 1; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Latin Classical League 1, 2; Consul 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Junior Play 3; Model Club 3; Homeroom Sec. 3, 4; Senator 4; Honor Court 4; JAGUAR 4; National Honor Society 4; Glee Club 4; Prom Court 4. BARBARA ANN GREEN— " Barbara " —Dance Club 1; Sub- Deb Club 2, 3; Junior Classical League 2; Hall Monitor 2; Hockey 2, 3, 4; Northern Virginia Hockey Team 4; Prom Comm. 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Business Mgr. 4; Mono¬ gram Club 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Quill and Scroll 4; S. C. A. 4; Election Comm. 4; Prom Court 4. PETER M. GREEN— " Pete " —Camera Club 1; J. V. Football 2; J. V. Basketball 2; Track 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Varsity Foot¬ ball 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. JOHN WANTON HARPER, JR.— " John " —J. V. Football 1; Varsity Track 1, 2, 3; Varsity Football 2, 3; S. C. A. 3; Var¬ sity Club 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Mgr. Basketball Team 4; J. V. Football Backfield Coach 4. JOHN THOMAS H EFFERNAN— " John " —S. C. A. 2. WILLIAM HENRY HEMMA— " Billy " —J. V. Football 1; Dance Club 2, 3, 4. LELAND HUGHES HEMMING— " Leland " —Junior Classical League 2; Printing Club 3; Pres. 3; Bus Driver 4; La Mesa, Calif. 4. FRANCIS CLEMENT HEROLD— " Frank " —Dance Club 1, 4; Chess and Checker Club 2; Basketball Club 3. JOSEPH CHARLES HOCKMAN— ' ' J. C.”—Dance Club 1,2; J. V. Football 1, 2; J. V. Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4; Senior Superlative. NORA KATHERINE HONSE— " Nora " —Senior Dramatics Club 3; Sec. 3; Girls’ Chorus 4. GEORGE DAVID HOUSER— " Dave " —Norfolk, Va. 1; Dance Club 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Handbook Editor 2; S. C. A. 2; Most Outstanding Student 2, 3; State S. C. A. Convention 2, 3, 4; Senator 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Debate Team, District Winner 3; Boys’ State 3; S. I. P. A. 3; Junior Play 3; JAGUAR 3, 4; Jr. Editor 3; Associate Editor 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Chaplain 4; Key Club 3,4; Sec. 4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Honor Court 3, 4; Pres, of S. C. A. 4; Chairman, Northern Va. S. C. A. 4; F. C. S. C. A. 4; Pres. 4; Mastersingers 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; " I Speak for Democracy” 4; " Night Must Fall” 4; " The Princess Marries the Page” 4; " Liliom” 4; Quill and Scroll 4. DAWN EILEEN HOWARD— " Dawn " —Glee Club 3; Girls’ Chorus 4. MARY LOUISE HULL— " Mary Lou " —Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4. MARILYN MARGARET HUME — " Marilyn " — Dance Club 1 , 4; Junior Civic League 3; Office Staff 4. FRANCES JO HUNT— " Frankie " —Glee Club 3. RICHARD ARDEN HUNT— " Dick " —J. V. Baseball I; J. V. Basketball 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Varsity Club 4. PEGGY ' JOYCE HUNTLEY— " Peggy " —J. V. Hockey 1; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 1; Homeroom Pres. 2; JAGUAR JOUR¬ NAL 3; Class Treas. 3; Junior Civic League 3; Sweetheart Court 3; Prom Court 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Sec. 4; Var¬ sity Cheerleader 3, 4; Bus Patrol 4; Class Sec. 4; D.A.R. Award 4; Homeroom Sec. 4; Homecoming Court 4; Senior Superlative. DALE COLBERT INTOLUBBE— ' ’Dale " — Band 1, 2; Home¬ room Vice-Pres. 2; J. V. Football 2, 3; Homeroom Sgt.-at- Arms 3; Track 3; Key Club 3, 4; Treas. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Treas. 4; Homeroom Pres. 4; Varsity Football 4; JAGUAR 4; Advertising Mgr. 4. ELIZABETH ANNE JOHNSON— " Anne " —Bible Club I; Jun¬ ior Civic League 2; J. V. Hockey 2; Junior Dramatics Club 2; Model Club 3; Vice-Pres. 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; S. C. A. 4. MARGARET JUANITA JOHNSON — " Margaret " — J. V. Hockey 2; Sub-Deb Club 3; Varsity Hockey 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Reserve, Northern Va. Hockey Team 4; Monogram Club 4; Class Treas. 4; JAGUAR Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 4. VEE-VEE DANESE JOHNSON— " Wee " —J. V. Hockey 2; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Treas. 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3. ROBERT FARRINGTON JOLIN— " Bob " — Model Aero Club 1; Latin Classical League 1, 2; Latin Banquet 2; Stamp and Coin Club 2; Radio Club 3, 4; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Boys’ Chorus 4. Page 31 CORNELIA ELIZABETH JONES — " Betty” — Dance Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA KATHERINE KERR— " Linda” —Dance Club 1; Sub- Deb Club 2; S. C. A. 1, 2, 3; Student Handbook 3; Associate Editor 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3; Circulation Mgr. 3; Junior Bulletin 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Historian, 4; JAGUAR 4; Feature Editor 4; Senior Bulletin 4; PAW PRINT 4; Business Mgr. 4; Glee Club 4. SMITH PETER KERR, III— " Peter” —Camera Club 1, 2; Var¬ sity Football Mgr. 1,2; Track Mgr. 2; Basketball Scorekeeper 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 3; Golf Team 3, 4; Bridge Club 4; JAGUAR 4. HILDA LORRAINE KID WELL— " Hilda” ALICE FAYE KING— " Alice” —Needlecraft Club 1; Glee Club 2; Dance Club 3; A Cappella Choir 4. PATRICIA ANN KINSELLA— " Patty” —St. Mary’s Academy, 1, 2, 3. SHIRLEY ERNESTINE KIRBY— " Shirley” —Junior Classical League 2; Artyping Club 3; F. H. A. 4; Homeroom Sec. 4. LAKE WINFIELD KOONTZ, JR.— " Lake” LYNDA LOUISE LACEY— " Lynda” —Swanson Junior High 1; S. C. A. 2; Junior Civic League 2, 3; Homeroom Pres. 3; Home¬ room Sec. 4; " Night Must Fall” 4; " The Devil and Daniel Webster” 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Dance Club 4; " Lil- iom” 4. JOHN FRANKLIN LARCOMBE, JR.— " John” —Mgr. J. V. Football 1; Indianapolis, Ind. 2; J. V. Football 3; Junior Civic League 3; Bus Driver 4. BERYL ANNE LEYDE— " Anne” —Dance Club 2, 3; F. H. A. 4; Office Staff 4. GUNA LIEPINS— " June” —Fairfax 1, 2; Dance Club 3; Glee Club 4; Mixed Chorus 4. LOIS JEAN LINDSEY— " Jean” —Hine Junior High 1; Eastern High 2; W-L 3; Sub-Deb Club 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Dance Club 4. HELEN ANTOINETTE LITTLE— " Toni” —Beaumont, Texas 1, 2, 3, 4; JAGUAR 4. RICHARD HENRY LITTLE— " Dickie” —J. V. Football 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Sgt.-at- Arms 4. NANCY LEE LOHR— " Nancy” —Needlecraft Club 1; Glee Club 2; Dance Club 3, 4. WILLIAM BERNARD LOVING, JR.— " Bill” —Dolly Madison 1; Dance Club 2, 3; Tumbling Club 4; Pres. 4. MARY ELLEN LOWERY— " Mary” —Los Angeles, Calif. 1,2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Junior Civic League 3; Modeling Club 4; F. H. A. 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Quill and Scroll 4. BEVERLY J. MALLORY— " Beverly” —Petaluma, Calif. 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN WYSS MARKHAM— " Ann” —Nurnberg, Germany 1, 2. RICHARD LEO MARKLEY— " Dick” —Salisbury, Md. 1; Jun¬ ior Classical League 2; Glee Club 3; Athletic Club 4. JOAN ANN MARR— " Joan” —San Lorenzo, Calif. 1, 2, 3; Dra¬ matics Club 4; Sec. 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH MARR, JR.— " Bill” ARLYNE ESTELLE MARTIN— " Arlyne” —Dancing Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2, 3; Modeling Club 4; Homeroom Sec. 4. PRISCILLA IMOGENE MARTIN— " Priscilla” —Tokyo, Japan I, 2; Mt. Vernon 3; Homeroom Sec. 4; Bible Club 4; Varsity Basketball 4; National Honor Society 4. DUNCAN ELMO McCARTER — " Buddy”—]. V. Football 1,2; J. V. Baseball 1, 2; Track 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. ROBERT E. McCENEY— " Bob” KENNETH JAMES McINTYRE— " Mac” —Keyser, W. Va. 1; Track Team 3; Dance Club 2, 3, 4. HARVEY WAYNE McKEE— " Harvey” SHIRLEY ANN McLANE— " Shirley” —Junior Dramatics Club 1; Homeroom Pres. 1; Dance Club 2; J. V. Softball 2; Home¬ room Treas. 2, 4; Varsity Softball 3; J. V. Hockey 3; Junior Civic League 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Monogram Club 4; Sorop- tomist Home Ec. Award 4. e n i o r LOUIS MONTAGUE MERRYMAN, JR.— " Louie” —Hine Jun¬ ior High 1; Debate Club 2; Spanish Fiesta 2; 3 One-Act Plays 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Science Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; " Night Must Fall”, Stage Mgr. 4; " Two Plus Two” 4; JAGUAR 4; PAW PRINT 4; Poetry Editor 4; National Thespian Society 4; " Liliom” 4; Quill and Scroll 4. HUBERT S. MILLER, JR.— " Huh” —Linz, Austria 1,2; Omaha, Neb. 3. THOMAS PATRICK MOORE— " Toni” —Track 2; Football 2, 3; Homeroom Pres. 4; " Liliom” 4. DELORES ANN NALLS— " Delores” —Dance Club 1, 2; Class Sec. 1, 2; J. V. Cheerleader 1, 2; Co-Capt. 1; Homecoming Court, 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Sweetheart Court I, 4; S. C. A. Sec. 3; Honor Court 3; Varsity Softball 3; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Sec. 4; Prom Court 4; Sadie Hawkins Character 4; Homeroom Sec. 4; Senior Superlative. JUDITH ELIZABETH NEVIN- " Judy”— Science Club 1; Dance Club 1, 2; J. V. Softball 2; J. V. Hockey 3; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Softball 3; JAGUAR 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Girls’ Chorus 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4. ANDRES HARBO NIELSEN, JR.— " Danny” —Coin Club 1; Pres. 1; Homeroom Treas. 1; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Chess and Checker Club 2; Perfect Attendance 1,3; Track 3; Home¬ room Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Key Club 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4. MICHAEL ALDEN NORELL— " Mike” —Tokyo, Japan 1, 2; Carlisle, Pa. 3; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4; S. C. A. 4; National Thespian Society 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Oratorical Contest 4; " Night Must Fall” 4; " The Princess Marries the Page” 4; " Liliom” 4; National Honor Society 4; S. P. T. A. Executive Comm. 4. CAROLYN ELIZABETH NORRIS— " Carolyn” —Folk Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Spanish Fiesta 2; Stadium Refresh¬ ment Comm. 2, 3; Chairman 3; Prom Comm. 3; Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 3; JAGUAR 3, 4; Jr. Feature Editor 3; Picture Editor 4; Senior Bulletin 4; PAW PRINT 4; Circulation Mgr. 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Quill and Scroll 4. JANICE LEE OLIVER— " Janice” CHARLES CREATH O’NEAL— " Charles” —J. V. Football 1; J. V. Baseball 1; Model Airplane Club 1, 2; Chess and Checker Club 3, 4; Varsity Football 4. ALICE LOUISE OSBORN— " Alice” —Folk Dance Club 1; Pres. 1; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Glee Club 3; Junior Play 3; Mixed Chorus 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Sec. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Layout Editor 4; Prom Comm. 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Sextette 4; Mastersingers 4; Senior Patrol 4; Quill and Scroll 4. GARY SEVIER OUTLAW— " Gary” —Table Tennis Club 1; Chess and Checker Club 3. THOMAS STEELE PACE— " Tow” —Gordon Junior High 1; Stamp and Coin Club 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Latin Clas¬ sical League 2; Bowling Club 3; Treas. 3; Chess and Checker Club 3; Boys’ Chorus 4; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4. ELIZABETH J. PAGE— " Betty” —Tennis Club 1; Vice-Pres. 1; J. V. Hockey Mgr. 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; J. V. Hockey 2; Mixed Chorus 3; Varsity Hockey 3, 4; Northern Va. Hockey Team 3; All-State Hockey Team 3; Reserve Northern Va. Capt. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Girls’ Sports Editor 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. COLLIS MILTON PHILYAW— " Milton” —Chess and Checker Club 1; Dance Club 2, 3; Bus Driver 3, 4. JEAN ROGERS PHIPARD— " Jeanie” —Spanish Fiesta 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Sub-Deb Club 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Treas. 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Pres. 4; Sextette 4; Mastersingers 4. Page 32 irectoru BETTY JO PUGH— " Bee-Jay " —F. H. A. 1; Dance Club 2; J. V. Softball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Sec. 3. CAROL ANN RAINES— " Carol” —Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; Vice-Pres. 4; A Cappella Choir 4. WILLIAM ERICH RAWLS— " Yogi” —Camera Club 3, 4. LELAND ERNEST REANEY, JR.— " Lee” —Chess and Check¬ ers Club 1; Junior Classical League 1, 2; Latin Banquet 2; S. C. A. Representative 2; Senator 4; Junior Honor Society 2; Junior Play 3; Prom Comm. 3; Forensic Team 3; Homeroom Pres. 3; Student Handbook Editor 3; Perfect Attendance 3; Boys’ State 3; Junior Bulletin 3; " Night Must Fall” 4; JAGUAR 4; Associate Editor 4; National Honor Society 4; Science Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Senior Bulletin 4; Co-Editor 4; Northern Va. S. C. A. Convention 4; S. C. A. Club Comm. Chair. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Thespian Society 4; Treas. 4; " Liliom” 4; Senior Superlative. DIANNA ELIZABETH REIFF— " Diane” —S. C. A. 1; Dance Club 1; Spanish Fiesta 2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Prom Court 3, 4; Queen 4; Girls’ State 3; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Social Chair. 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3, 4; Class Sec. 4; Tulsa, Okla. 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Honor Society 4; Sweetheart Court 4; Senior Superlative. THEODORE HARRISON RENTZ, JR._ " 7W”—Dolly Madi¬ son Junior High 1; J. V. Basketball 2; Dance Club 2, 3; Var¬ sity Basketball 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Varsity Track 4. JANET MAE REVELL— " Janet” —Folk Dance Club 1; Dance Club 2, 3; Pep Club 3. JOHN LESLIE RHODES— " John” —Junior Hi-Y Club 1; Ten¬ nis Club 2; Perfect Attendance 3; Science Club 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; JAGUAR 4; Tennis Team 4; Debate 4. RONALD PAUL RINALDI — " Ronny” — Homeroom Pres. 1 , 2; Dance Club 1, 2; Spanish Fiesta 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 2; All-State Band 2; Key Club 3, 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4. JAMES EDWARD RITCHIE— " Jim” —Dolly Madison 1; Dance Club 2, 4; Junior Classical League 2; School Patrol 2, 4; Capt. 4; Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4; S. C. A. 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3; Track 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; Office Asst. 4; Magazine Drive 4; " Liliom” 4. EDWARD ARTHUR ROSE, JR.— " Eddie” —J. V. Baseball 2, 3; Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Treas. 2; Varsity Base¬ ball 4. PALMER ST. CLAIR RUTHERFORD, JR.— " Palmer” —J. V. Football 1; Homeroom Pres. 1; J. V. Baseball 1, 2; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Pres. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Latin Classical League 1,2; Pres. 2; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Honorary Capt. 4; Mixed Chorus 3; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Junior Play 3; Key Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Boys’ Sport Editor 3, 4; Class Pres. 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Mastersingers 4; Senior Superlative. BARBARA ANN SANDERS— " Barbara” —Junior Honor So¬ ciety 2; Glee Club 4. JAMES LEWIS SAUTER— " Jim” —Coronado, Calif. 1,2; Yoko¬ hama, Japan 3; Camera Club 4. HOLT LEROY SAWYER— " Ho ”—Agawam, Mass. 1; West Haven, Conn. 2; Camera Club 3; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; French Club 4. THOMAS IGNATIUS SCHABEN— " Tom ”—Gonzaga 1, 2, 3; Camera Club 4. CHARLES EDMONDSON SCHAUSS— ' ' Chuck”— Dance Club 1; J- V. Football Mgr. 1; Chess and Checkers Club 2; Junior Civic League 3; J. V. Football 3; Track 3, 4; Varsity Foot¬ ball 4; Varsity Club 4. FRANCES ELAINE SCHOTTROFFE — " Frances ” — Junior Dramatics Club 1; Junior Classical League 1,2; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; J. V. Hockey 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Varsity Hockey 3, 4; Northern Va. Reserve Hockey Team 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH SHARTZER, JR.— ' ■ f B 7 ”—Printing Club 1; Bowling Club 3. SHIRLEY VICTORIA SHIFFLETT— " SJjirley ”—Dance Club I, 2, 3, 4. LAURA LEE SHREVE — " Laura Lee ”—Homeroom Treas. 1; Homeroom Sec. 2; Sub-Deb Club 3; Dance Club 1, 2, 4. JAMES L. SIMMONS— " Jim ”—Brigham City, Utah 1, 2; A Cappella Choir 4; JAGUAR 4. EVELYN MAE SMALLWOOD— " Evey ”—Hockey 4; " Night Must Fall” 4; The Devil and Daniel Webster” 4; " Liliom” 4. JUANITA NADINE SMALLWOOD — " Ncna” — Dramatics Club 1; Dance Club 2; Stamps and Bonds Asst. 2, 3; Junior Civic League 3; J. V. Hockey 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Library Asst. 3, 4; F. H. A. 4. LAWRENCE LELAND SNEAD— " Larry ”—Band 1, 2, 3, 4; J. V. Football 3; Checkers Club 1, 2, 3; Athletic Club 4. JAMES WARREN SNOW— " Warren ”—Etiquette Club 1; Homeroom Pres. 3; Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4. JANICE IRENE SNYDER— " Janice ”—Dance Club 1; Kansas City, Mo. 2, 3; JAGUAR 4; Glee Club 4; Mixed Chorus 4. HELENE LOUISE SPARS HOTT— " Helene ”—Needlecraft Club 1; Art Club 2; F. H. A. 4. ROGER GLENN STAPLES— " Rog” —J. V. Baseball 1; Chess and Checkers Club 1,2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3; Stamp and Coin Club 3; Sgt.-at-Arms 3; J. V. Football 3; Varsity Football 4; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Varsity Club 4. MILDRED MARGUERITE STEADMAN— " Mildred” —Home¬ room Vice-Pres. 1; Homeroom Sec. 3; S. C. A. 3; Library Asst. 3, 4; F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Patrol 4. VERDA MARIE STEPHENS— " Werda ”—Glee Club 1; Major¬ ette 1; Co-Capt. 1; Dance Club 2; Needlecraft Club 2. MARIAN JEAN STEWART— " Jean” —S. C. A. 1; Homeroom Pres. 1; Dance Club 1,2; May Court 2; Norfolk, Va. 3; Junior Civic League 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Homeroom Sec. 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Sweetheart Court 4; Senior Superlative; Prom Court 4. JOHN NICHOLAS STONE, JR.— " John ”—Gonzaga 1, 2 ; Dance Club 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4. WILLIAM GODFREY STONEBURNER, JR.— " Godfrey ”— Library Asst. 1; Golf Team 2, 3, 4. HELEN MARY STOREY— " Helen” —Mt. Rainier High 1; Northwestern High 2; Girls’ Chorus 3, 4. ROGER ALLAN STRAUTMANN— " Roger”—Kenosha, ' Wis. I, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 4; Capt. 4; Homeroom Treas. 4; Track 4; Athletic Club 4; Pres. 4. PAT ANTHONY TAVORMINA— " Bat ”—Dance Club 1; W-L 2; Austin, Texas 3. CHARLES D. TAYLOR— " Charles ”—Bus Driver 4. JAMES FUSSELL TAYLOR— " Jimmy ”—Forrest City, Ark. 1; W-L 2; Model Airplane Club 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; Film Viewing Club 4; Mastersingers 4; Senior Superlative. WILLIE GORDON THOMAS— ' " Will ”—Camera Club 1, 2; J. V. Football 2; Dance Club 3, 4. EUGENE CHARLESWORTH THOMPSON— " Gene ”—Chess and Checkers Club 1; Junior Classical League 2; Science Club 2; Photography Club 3, 4; Co-Pres. 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; PAW PRINT 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 4; Quill and Scroll 4. MARY LOUISE THOMPSON — " Mary Lou ”—Pep Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 3, 4. GEORGE CURTIS VANDERSLICE— " George ”—Coral Gables Fla. 1, 2, 3. KAY JEANNE VIRDEN— " Kay ”—Band 1, 2; J. V. Hockey 1, 2; J. V. Softball 1; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basket¬ ball 2, 3, 4; Co-Capt. 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Treas. 2; Pres. 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3; A Cap¬ pella Choir 3,4; Sextette 4; Mastersingers 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Senior Superlative. KURT REINHOLD WATERVAL— " Kurt ”—Woodward Prep. 1, 2; Camera Club 3, 4. GOTTFRIED ERNST WEBER, JR.— " Sonny ”—Chess and Checkers Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3. Page 33 a n i o r l r e c SUSAN MEDORA WEBER— " Susan ”—Artyping Club 3; Treas. 3; S. C. A. 3; F. El. A. 4; Clinic Asst. 4. GENE CLYDE WEEDON— " Gene ”—Stratford Junior High 1; Homeroom Pres 2; Homeroom Treas. 3; Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3, 4; JAGUAR 4. PEGGY KATHLEEN WELLES— " Peggy ”—Swanson Junior High 1; Junior Civic League 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGE ANTHONY NEWMAN WILSON— " Tony ”—Chess and Checkers Club 1; J. V. Basketball 2; Spanish Fiesta 2; Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Pres. 3; PAW PRINT 4; JAGUAR 4. CHARLES KUEHNE WINKLER— " Tex ”—Mexico City, Mex¬ ico 1,2; New Braunfels, Texas 3. BARBARA REBECCA WINSLOW— " Barbara ”—Art Club 1; Treas. 1; Band 3; Mixed Chorus 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Mono¬ gram Club 4. CHARLES GORDON WOHL— " Charles ”—Bladensburg High 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 3, 4; Sec. 4. DEBORAH ANN WOOD— " Debbie”—J. V. Cheerleader 2; Sweetheart Court 2; S. C. A. 3; 3 One-Act Plays 3; Mono¬ gram Club 3; Junior Civic League 4; Homecoming Court 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Cincinnati, Ohio 4. DONNA GRACE WOOD— " Donna ”—Homeroom Sec. 1; Jun¬ ior Civic League 1, 3; S. C. A. 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Dance Club 2, 4; A Cappella Choir 3, 4; S. C. A. Treas 4; Honor Court 4; Prom Court 4. ELLWOOD ARTHUR WOOD— " Ellwood” —J. V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. JOHN FRANCIS ZERENER— " Jack ”—Homeroom Treas. 1, 2; J. V. Baseball 2; Dance Club 2, 3; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 3; J. V. Football 3; Homeroom Pres. 4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4. Ba ccalaureate S, eruice Senior Class Falls Church High School Columbia Baptist Church June 13, 1954 P M PROGRAM PRELUDE PROCESSIONAL ANTHEM—“Almighty God of Our Fathers” James A Cappella Choir INVOCATION .Rev. Stephenson ANTHEM—“Grant Unto Me the Joy of Thy Salvation” Brahms A Cappella Choir SCRIPTURE HYMN No. 240—“God of Our Fathers” PRAYER ANNOUNCEMENTS AND OFFERINGS SOLO.I rank Dearden SERMON. Reverend Stephenson LORD’S PRAYER.Ma lotte Carol Raines BENEDICTION CHORAL AMEN RECESSIONAL £ ommencemen t Lisner Auditorium June 17, 1954 PROGRAM PRELUDE. High School Band Mr. Ernest Ryder, Director PROCESSIONAL .“Pomp and Circumstance March” High School Band INVOCATION Reverend Stephenson ANTHEM—“Grant Me True Courage, Lord”.Bach A Cappella Choir, Miss Marjorie Green, Director Palmer Rutherford President, Class of 1954, Presiding COMMENCEMENT THEME “Courage Is a Scorner of Things Which Inspire Fear Senaca “The Courage of Our Convictions in Our Home”— Beverly Barwick “The Courage of Our Convictions in Our Community”— Ronnie Brewer “The Courage of Our Convictions in Our Life’s Work”— Nancy Chapin “The Courage of Our Convictions As Americans”— Lee Reaney “The Courage of Our Convictions As World Citizens”— David Houser CLASS PRESENTATION TO SCHOOL ANTHEM—“Alleluia” .Thompson A Cappella Choir PRESENTATION OF SENIOR AWARDS— Mr. Joseph Freehill, President of S.P.T.A. PRESENTATION OF THE CLASS . .Gen. W. S. Rumbouch Principal PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS. Mr. W. T. Woodson Division Superintendent of Schools “The Revolutionary Etude”. .Chopin PIANO SOLO. Marie Cherry “The Courage of Our Own Convictions”. Linda Kerr SCHOOL ALMA MATER.Class of 1954 BENEDICTION.“The Lord Bless You and Keep You” A Cappella Choir RECESSIONAL.“Pomp and Circumstance March” High School Band Page 34 Top left: Sadie Hawkins Day again! Top right: Thirsty, George? Second left: “Most Talented” entertain. Second center: 1954 Superlatives! Second right: “I now pronounce thee . . . ' emor Se 1 hird left: “Viva 1 a Senior Class!’’ 1 hird right: Yes, Dick, he’s taking your picture. Bottom left: Gargantua rides again. Bottom center: “How much is that jaguar in the window?” Bottom right: What ? ! Page 35 MOST LIKELY TO L SUCCEED A MOST ATHLETIC Jim Morrison Jane Palmer Larry Weiner Janet Johnson Roger Walker Sergeant-at-Arms Treasurer President . Secretary Vice-President Page 38 ALDERMAN, MARY ALLMAN, DIANE ALTIZER, JOAN ALTIZER, ROBERT ANDERSON, CLARK ANDERTON, WILBUR ARMSTRONG, BEVERLY AUSTIN, NANCY AUSTIN, NORMA SUE BALL, ANN BANKS, GARY BARRETT, JUNE BELL, BARBARA BENDALL, PENNY BERGER, DAVE BIDDLE, ROBERT BLAKE, BOB BLANKENSHIP. BOB BOOTH, ABBIE BONNET, JOHN BOTTOMLEY, ROBERT BREEDON, WILLIAM BREMERMAN, FRED BROWN, JESSE BROADIIURST, ARTHUR BROWN, KEVIN BROWN, MARGIE BROWN, TED BURKE, CONNIE BUSCIIER, LARRY Page 39 amor CAMPBELL, JOHN CARD, DOROTHY CARR, EARL CARTER, ELAINE CARTER, SYLVIA CASE, JANET CAVIL, ANNE CHANDLER, BROOKS CHAPMAN, ANNE CHENEY, OAKLEY CLARKE, JOYCE CLARKE, PEGGY COCKEY, JOAN COHN, MIKE COLEMAN, MARIE COOK, CONNIE CORDLE, LOIS COWENS, BARBARA CROSON, HELEN CROSS, WAYNE CROSSMAN, SYLVIA DEARDEN, CHARLES DeFORD, DALE DeGROOT, JOANN DeWILDE, RICHARD DICKSON, DON DODSON, PAT DORNISCH, DON DUNN, MARGARET ECKERT, JON Page 40 CL ass ELLISON, BOBBY ENGLISH, JOAN EVANS, RUSTI EALCONE, RALPH ELAGG, ALICE FLAHERTY, MIKE FLETCHER, PALMER FREDMAN, MARY FRIEDLANDER, HARRY FRUIT, CLAUDIA GEISSINGER, JIM GOTTHARDT, NORMAN GRAY, DICK GRAY, JIM GRAY, TOM GRECO, FRED GREMMLER, CAROL GRUNWALD, MARSHALL GUIFFRE, ARTHUR HAAS, ELIZABETH HAGEN, NORLAND HARDY, BOB HARRINGTON, JANE HARTMAN, ROSEMARY HAYDEN, HELEN HEMMING, JOHN HERNDON, FRANCES HIGIIT, ELIZABETH IIOISINGTON, FAITH IIONSE, RICHARD Page 41 amor HOOTS, MILO HOWARD, HENRY HULL, BUDDY HUME, DIANNE HUNT, CONNIE HUNTON, HUGH HURST, JOAN IRVIN, HERBERT JAEGER, ANDY JOHNSON, JANET JOHNSON, VERNON JOHNSTON, ROSALIE JONES, KEN JUIINKE, DARLENE KEARNS, LOIS KEARNS, LOUIS KEENAN, TED KELLY, LARRY KILLIAN, PHYLLIS KIM, ELLEN KIMBERLY, PETE KING, LAWRENCE KIRBY, WAYNE LANE, NANCY LANIIAM, HERBERT LARKIN, SALLY LAURENSON, PEM LEHMAN, JOHN LICHTMAN, BARRY LIVINGSTON, BARBARA Page 42 a, a s 5 LOEW, JOAN LUDLOW, SALLY LUKER, BONNIE JO LUSH, KATHLEEN LYNN, JACK MACH, JEAN MARR, ROBERT MARTENESS, BILLIE MARTIN, DALE MARTIN, ROBERT MASSINGALE, JOHN McCauley, Charles McCollum, betii McDowell, Robert M cGEIIEE, ELISE McGRATH, THOMAS McHENRY, BARBARA MENDEZ, CARBY MICALE, NICK MILLER, LARRY MINNICH, LARRY MINTIIORNE, ALLEN MOLLE, YVONNE MOONEY, JOHN MOORE, EDWARD MOORE, TOM MORNINGSTAR, MARY MORRIS, RICHARD MORRISON, JAMES MUTERSBAUGH, LORRAINE Page 43 amor NEESE, MILDRED NEVILLE, JIM NEVILLE, TOM NEWMAN, SUE NOBLE, ANITA NOBLE, WILMA NOONAN, TOM O’DONNELL, GERRY OLIVER, JEANETTE O’NEAL, ELSIE ORR, DONALD PALMER, JANE PANGBURN, PAULA PENN, JIM PENN, PATSY PERKINS, LOLA PERRY, DUANE PERSON, DON PHILLIPS, TILLIE POST, JOHN PRICE, ANNE PROSISE, RUBY QUINN, PAUL RANKIN, ROGER RAPOPORT, DAVE REEDY, MARGIE RIDGWAY, JIM ROWE, CHARLES RUSK, PEGGY SADLER, EVERETT Page 44 et. ass SANDERSON, LORA SCHAEFFER, SONYA SCHMIDT, JOHN SCHIFELETT, SHELBY SHREVE, BOBBY SHUGHRUE, SHIRLEY SMITH, RAQUEL STALL, BARBARA STATIIAM, MICHAEL STEIN, LOUISE STEVENS, SANDRA STIPE, MILDRED STOKES, ALLEN STONE, MARJORIE STORMES, DOUGLAS SWINDAL, JIMMY SWINNEY, DONALD SYDNOR, CHARLES TALMANIS, EDITE TAYLOR, DAVE TAYLOR, ELIZABETH TEAGUE, JOAN THOMAS, JEANNIE THRIFT, RICHARD TOMPKINS, WALTER TROUT, JANET TUTTLE, GREGORY VALDES, KENNETH VAUGHN, MARY ELLEN VILLELLA, SONDRA : Page 45 WADE, BARBARA WALKER, ROGER WATERS, DAVE WATTERS, SUSAN WEEDON, IRENE WEINER, LARRY WEISS, BETTE WHITTINGTON, WILMA WILLIAMS, BUDDY WILLIAMS, HARRIET WILLIAMS, PATRICIA WILSON, LILA W INKLER, MAX W OODS, LOIS W OODS, MIKE WRENN, BILL YATES, RICHARD YEATMAN, ANN BARREIRO, JACK CASEY, BILL CHRISTENSEN, KEN GEIST, LARRY GEIST, TOM HEWITT, PAUL IIILLIER, BOB McPherson, tom MIJUSKOVIC, BEN MYERS, KATHERINE PICKERAL, NANCY PRICE, SHEILA Juniors study American History in Mr. Vliet’s class. Juniors learn folk dancing for Book Fair in Mrs. Barrett’s class. Page 46 Faculty Elects . . . fta t OutetaadCny Stccdeafo By vote of the faculty, the following were elected the most outstand¬ ing students of Falls Church High School. Citizenship, leadership, and promotion of school spirit were the points governing the election. SENIORS Carols H ' orris 2 aui d Jd, ouser JUNIORS $llie idooth ■ Jdarry ddriedlandi SOPHOMORES aJdett ason Jim WcJntl re 3 FRESHMEN arcia runuuald djrtLur Jderrmann, Jr. 3 - 0 ,£ «?■ EIGHTH GRADE Joan IdUirz % Jdilti ler Page 47 Donna Whiteley Wally Cockrell Bob Head James McIntire. Joan Nalls. . Treasurer Seigeant-at-Arms President Vice-President . Secretary Page 48 omore ABNER, MARCELENE ACTON, LLOYD ALLEN, ALICE ANDERSON, JIM ANDERSON, KARL ANDREWS, GAIL AUSTIN, PHIL BABCOCK, PEGGY BABCOCK, RAY BACKUS, MARY ELLEN BAILEY, BETSY BAIR, PATRICIA BALL, FRANCES BARBER, VIRGINIA BAXTER, FRANK BEACH, DONNA BENNETT, RONNIE BENSON, DON BETTIS, ALICE BIERI, BRENDA BILLHIMER, BARBARA BLAKE, WILLIAM BLOXTON, CAROL BOBBITT, SYLVIA BOWMAN, BARBARA BRADFORD, HAL BRANT, JACKY BRAY, JAN BREWER, JOAN BROADHURST, JOE BROOKS, PRISCILLA BROTHERS, ANITA BROWN, HAROLD BROWN, NELLIE BUONOCORE, DICK BURCHES, ROSEMARY BURGESS, DONNA BURGESS, JACK BURNHAM, BERTIGENE BUTCHER, DAVID BYERLY, MARTY CARY, BARBARA CASEY, TERRY CAYNOR, MELVIN CHAMBERLAIN, JACK CHEEK, JULIA CHENEY, CAROL CHEW, GARY Page 49 wffik- Soph omore CHISHOLM, PEGGY CLARK, ANN CLARK, HUGH CLARK, JIM CLARK, MIDGIE CLIFFORD, DONALD COCKRELL, WALLY CODY, YVONNE COFER, NANCY CONEIN, RAYE CONSTABLE, TOM COX, CHERYL COX, LORA LEE CROSBY, ALAN CROSON, RODNEY DALNESS, JILL DAVENPORT, JOHN DAVIS, EDWARD DAY, DAPHNE DEITS, JAY DICKSON, PATRICIA DIMISA, JANET ELKINS, TRYE ERICKSON, BLENDA ESPER, DIANA FERRARO, RICHARD FILLEY, CHARLES FISHER, AARON FLEMING, EDWARD FOIIRELL, JOHN FOLEY, SHIRLEY FOSTER, DONALD FREEHILL, JOSEPH FRITZSCHE, ROBERT FRYE, JAKE GARDNER, PHYLISS GAUTHIER, REXINA GERMAN, HELEN GIAMBATTISTA, FRANK GILMORE, RUTH GIRVIN, JOHN GLADD, JACK GOODMAN, MARGIE GORDON, DAVID GOST, BILL GRAHAM, BARBARA GRAY, DORIS GRAY, JOEL GROVES, BILL GROVES, EVELYN GUARRAIA, LEONARD GUNN, JAMES HACK, SUSAN HANLEY, HEATHER HARDEN, ELLEN HARDESTY, JOE HARNAGE, ARROL HARRIS, JANE HARRIS, WILSON HAWKINS, LARRY HAWRANEK, JOSEPH HAYCOCK, DAVID HEAD, BOB HEFFERNAN, HOWARD HENRY, GENE HILLIARD, PAT HINKLE, JOYCE HOUGHTON, CAROLYN HOWARD, PAT HUGHES, SHIRLEY HURST, BARBARA IMHOFF, SUE JARRETT, JAY JOHNSON, BOB JOHNSON, CHRIS JOHNSTON, ALLAN JONES, DENNIS KEESEE, BARBARA KOHLMEIER, AL KORFF, SANDY KRAHMER, MANYA KRAPF, JUDY KREMER, PETE LANCASTER, JOAN LANDON, CHARLES LANDON, DALE LANGDON, DIANA LEBSOCK, DONNA LEE, BERTHA LESHER, DOTTIE LEWIS, BONITA LIBBY, WAYNE LOFLAND, VICKI LUCKENBACK, ANN LUMSDEN, ROBERT Macdonald, paul Page 51 ornore Mackenzie, eric MARBLE, SKIP MARKLEY, KENNETH MARR, DONALD MARTIN, BARBARA MARTIN, MARTA MASON, LETTY MATICIC, MARILYN MAXWELL, CECILIA MAYNARD, LEE McADOO, ANN McGEE, FRANCIS McGHEE, CAROL McGHEE, FRANK McGOWAN, FORD McILWEE, WAYNE McINTIRE, JIM McKIBBIN, ANN McLAMARA, CAROL McNAUGHTON, JIM MEETRE, CHARLES MELMER, RICHARD MICALE, BARBARA MILBURN, TED MILLER, BEVERLY MITCHELL, OLYNDA MOLNICK, FLORENCE MONTGOMERY, JANICE MOONEY, MICHELLE MOORE, DIANE MORLEY, JOHN MOSES, EDWARD MOUTOUX, TOM MURPHY, COLLEEN MURPHY, MARILYN MURRAY, ANNE NALLS, JOAN NEVIN, GEORGE OAKLEY, TOM O ' DELL, GAIL OLIVER, MARILYN OLIVER, ROBERTA OMASTA, ELINOR OUTLAW, LINDABELLE OWENS, CHARLES PACE, MARTHA PARK, MARION PARKER, PATRICIA a ass PATTON, SUZIE PAYNE, BARBARA PAYNE, JOAN PECK, RONALD PECKINPAUGH, ANN PEEBLES, BOB PERRY, ROBERTA PHILLIPS, MARIANNE PHILLIPS, SCOTT POTTER, BARBARA PROSISE, DON PUGH, ALAN REDFIELD, JEAN RHODES, TOM RICH, MARY LOU R IDG WAY, ANN RIEDESEL, JOYCE ROBERTS, BENNETT ROCHE, PHILLIP ROOT, EDWARD ROSE, ROBERT ROSS, CARL RUDDLE, ARTHUR fe§» - . —-v RUNDQUIST, JEANNIE jV RUSTAD, BOB RYAN, ROBERT I SAUNDERS, SYLVIA im m SAWALLESH, ROBERT IX SCHEWE, JERRY A mk SCHIERLMANN, JUDY SCHMIDT, MARILYN SCHOENEMAN, BARBARA SCHOOLAR, RICHARD SCHULTZ, JANET SEAY, BILL SENTZ, STEWART SHEA, KEVIN SHIRLEY, PAUL SHOMO, TOMMY SIIUGARS, SHIRLEY SIMPSON, GRACE SISK, BENNY SMITH, CLAUDE SPARSIIOTT, RUTH SPICER, JOAN STANTON, JOHN STEIN, DOROTHY STRAUSS, EMILY omore SULLIVAN, MICHAEL SUTTON, EDWARD TAYLOR, EDWIN TEMPLEMAN, FRANCES THOMPSON, EMMETT THOMPSON, ROBERT TIIUMA, BARBARA TICEHURST, JOYCE TRAMMELL, ANN TUCK, JOAN TUGWELL, BONNIE UTTERBACK, NORMA WEATHERS, ROLAND WEEKS, BARBARA WELLS, ALAN WELTON, DON WESTERMAN, JERE WHEELER, RAYE WHITE, SHIRLEY WHITELEY, DONNA WILKINSON, PEGGY WILLIAMSON, CAROL WILLIS, MARY WILLOUGHBY, PAT WINNER, ROGER WITHINGTON, JOSEPH WOLFREY, NAOMI WOOD, FRANCES WOOD, GARY WREN, IRENE WRIGHT, JUNE WYNKOOP, NORMAN YATES, RUTH ZELASKA, JACK BATES, ARTHUR CARTER, DALE CORDELL, CHARLES DRUMHELLER, WENDELL ELY, STEPHEN GOOD, JIMMY JOHNSON, HUGH JONES, ELIZABETH LAWRENCE, PRESCOT ' MINICHIELLO, KENT PELTON, SUSIE PICKERAL, NANCY PISTOLE, ROBERT PAYNE, WINSTON SCARLETT, MARJORIE SCHREINER, BILL THAMA, THOMAS TUCKER, KAREN WALTERS, SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, ROBERT WILTON, DONALD Captions for opposite page: Top: A Cappella Choir sings at McLean. Second left: Opening of the new cafeteria on January 7, 1954. Second right: Good-bye to Custodian Archie Borgus as he leaves to join the Army. Third left: The Homecoming Court at the Mount Vernon game. Third right: Winners of the Soc Hop Contest, Tom Gray, 2nd, Sue Austin, 1st, Bill Mayhugh, Caller, Marilyn Schmidt, 2nd, Roger Strautmann, 1st. Bottom left: ' ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster”. In back¬ ground, Marian East, Eve Covington, and Jack Lynn. Bottom right: Varsity cheerleaders, with Mascot Dolly Towsev. Page 54 . .. M ' k ™ jB | 5 JRt; |jteF ««r4 ., ., • | ✓ fiffl Bfcw r £i | f— B Hr Jm I II Hcv - ' : j jB 1 JV , rr» ' jmM ' v;f.« flf tb ut. ,-JL - AK ' ' Lcer6 Bob Minshew. Sergeant-at-Anns Pat Trundle. Secretary Arthur Herrmann. Vice-President Marlene Seglebaum. Treasurer Everett Cloud. President Page 56 Lrt ' esli a man a65 ACTON, SALLY ANDERS, BRUCE ANDERSON, BRUCE ANDERSON, CHRISTINA ANDERSON, GWEN ANDERSON, SHIRLEY ANDREWS, HELEN ARMOGIDA, JIMMY ARNOLD, BILL ARNOLD, MARY FAYE ATCHISON, ALTON ATCHISON, SHIRLEY BAKER, KENNY BALL, MARGARET BALL, MARJORIE BARCAY, CAROL BARRETT, DOROTHY BARWICK, FRED BAXLEY, NEILL BEGUE, SUZANNE BEILAS, KATHY BERRY, EDDIE BIDDLE, BILLY BLACK, KITTY BLANCH, JOHN BONNET, BARBARA BOWERS, JOHN BRADLEY, BETTY BRAGG, JANET BREWER, RICHARD BREWSTER, MARY CLARK BROOK, VALERIE BROWN, CLYDE BROWN, DOUGLAS BRYANT, MARTHA BUCKINGHAM, DAVID BURKE, CONWAY BURKE. DENNIS BURROW, JAMES BUTTNER, PETE CADLE, BARBARA CAMPBELL, PETER CARTER, JEAN CHASE, ANN CHASE, ANNETTE CHISHOLM, JOAN CLICK, CURl’IS CLOUD, EVERETT COCHE, JOHN COCKRELL, JERRY COLE, BOB COLLINS, BUDDY COLLINS, JOYCE COLLINS, PAT ConCANNON, JACKIE CONGER, STEVE CORNELL, ALICE COUCH, LOUISE CRATER, WALTER CREIGHTON, JANET CROSSETT, SANDRA CROSSMAN, ALAN CRUMMETT, RAYNETTE DAVIS, CAROLE DAVIS, CRAIG DAVIS, JACK DeMARTINO, BRUCE DENLINGER, MILTON DENNIN, DONNA DENNIS, CAROLYN Page 57 man DERR, ANN DRAKE, BARBARA DUNN, BARBARA EADY, KATHLEEN EAST, KATHLEEN EATON, MARTHA ELLER, WILBERT EPPARD, WILMER ERICKSON, BRUCE EWING, YVONNE EZZELL, J. C. FARMER, DIANE FISCHER, JOHN FISHER, CHARLES FLETCHER, PAUL FLETCHER, PERRY FOWLER, SALLY FRISBEE, PAT GANNON, JOHN GERICK, BETTY GIVENS, LOUISE GLAVIS, GEORGE GLOVER, MARTHA GORHAM, AUDREY GOTKO, RAYMOND GRAY, TOM GREEN, MEREDITH GREEN, PEGGY GREENE, FREDERICK GRUNWALD, LINN G RUN WALD, MARCIA GUCKERT, CURTIS HAGEN, LYNN HANCOCK, JIM HANKES, BETTY JANE IIARDESTY, WELLS HARRELL, FRED HARRIS, CHARLES IIATKE, KAYE HAURIN, SANDRA IIEGWOOD. JOHN HERBERT, JOE HERRMANN, ARTHUR HIGBIE, DICK HILL, MILDRED HOFFMAN, HENRY HOISINGTON, BARBARA IIOLLIDGE, JOE HOOTS, CAROLYN HORD, JOHN HOUSTON, ROBERT HUNTER, HARRIET HURLEY, BETSY ICKE, JUDY INTOLUBBE, JIMMY IRVIN, DORIS JANUS, CAROL JETER, MARY SUE JOHNSON, DUANE JOHNSON, BOB JOLIN, JACK JONES, CHARLES JONES, EDWARD JONES, ROY JONES, WENDY JONZ, CAROL JORDAN, SHIRLEY KEELING, JUDY KEMP, DAVID KENNINGTON, JOYCE Page 58 a add KILLIAN, PATSY KVALE, PAUL LAMMER, BOB LANDGRAF ' F, DICK LANDON, PAT LANE, JOYCE LANGDON, TOM LAUGHLIN, MARY LAY, DONALD LAY, DOROTHY LEBSOCK, BARBARA LEE, JIMMY LEONARD, BETTY LEVENGOOD, CAROL LINDSEY, EARL LINVILLE, ROBERT LLOYD, LUCAS LLOYD, PAT LOVING, CLAIRE LUEDECKE, JAN LUND, DOTTIE LUNDQUIST, JIMMY LYNN, ALBERT MAHARDY, DICK MALANGO, HUGO MALM, ALAN MANUEL, LOUISE MARSHALL, CHUCK MARTIN, JOAN MARTIN, RANDY McCaffrey, maryelle McCROSKEY, SHIRLEY McGHEE, WADE McNEELY, JAMES MEEHAN, JOHN MEEKS, LINDA MEIER, GORDON MENDEZ, PEPE MERRYMAN, JOAN MILLER, JUDY ANN MILLER, JUDITH ANNE MILLER, KENNETH MILLER, THOMAS MILLS, MARGIE MINSHEW, BOB MIZE, PI ALL IE MOORE, DAVID MOORE, PATRICIA MUEHLENHORT, WILHELMA MUSE, DIANA NAWROCK1, PATRICIA NEGRON, JAIME NEWELL, DICKIE NEWTON, GAIL NOBLE, MIKE NORTH, BILL OFANO, CHARLES OLEYAR, JOHN PAGE, FRANK PANGBURN, ROBERT PENWELL, NANCY PEREGOY, JAMES PHELPS, THOMAS PINKERTON, JOAN POTTER, GEORGE POWELL, BILLY PRESTON, JOYCE PROCTOR, TERRY PROUDFOOT, BRUCE PURCELL, CAROL Page S9 Page 60 man QUINN, PAT RAMSEY, MARGIE RAPATTONI, ROBERT REED, JEAN REESE, MIKE RESPASS, THELMA RICE, STEVIE RICHARDSON, SALLY RICHMOND, JUDITH RICHTER, BARBARA RICKETTS, BILL RINALDI, PAUL ROAN, STEPHANIE ROCKFORD, ROBERTA RODGERS, CLIFFORD RORRER, PAULINE ROSS, DIANE ROUND, RALPH RUPP, MARTHA RUSK, ALMA RUSSO, LESLIE SANDERS, ROBERT SAUNDERS, HUGH SAUNDERS, JOE SCHAEFER, IRMA KAY SCIIIFF, RONALD SCHLACHTER, ROSEMARY SCHMIDT, DICK SEGELBAUM, CHARLENE SEGELBAUM, MARLENE SENAVITIS, RAYMOND SHAW, PATRICIA SIIEAN, JENNY LEE SHOMO, CONNIE SHREVE, DAVID SHUGHRUE, KATHLEEN SHUMATE, CAROL SITZ, NANCY SMITH, DOREEN SMITH, LELAND SMITH, PAULA SPARSHOTT, PAT STAINTON, MARY STEGALL, BILL STEPLER, MARY STEVENS, GAIL STILLING, BOB STODDARD, MARY STREET, RAY SUTHARD, JEANNIE TAYLOR, JANE TAYLOR, JUDY TAYNTON, SHEILA TESSMANN, MARGARET THOMPSON, DIANE 1’IIORNTON, MARY THORNTON, FRANCES TRAMMELL, HELEN TRUNDLE, PAT VANNESS, DON VENTERS, NORA WALKER, DOUGLAS WARBURTON, KATHERYN WATSON, FRANK WATSON, THOMAS WEAKLEY, BOB WEBB, MICHAEL WEDIN, ESTHER WELCH, LINDA WILKINS, GARY WILLIAMS. DON WILLIS, BARBARA WILLOUGHBY, JUDY WINNER, SUSAN WINSLOW, RICHARD WIRTH, DIANE WOHL, BARBARA WOODRING, SHARON W OODROW, BETTY WOODWARD, HARRY WYNKOOP, BARBARA ZIMMERMAN, EUNICE BALL, FRANCES CARROLL, KEN CARTER, DALE CURTIN, DICK DRAKE, WILLIAM FAIRCLOTH, BARBARA FARMER, PATRICIA FELTON, BEVERLY riot FERBER, BOBBY FIDLER, NEVIN GLASS, FRANK GOOD, JIMMY HAINES, BILL HINES, TOMMY JACKSON, SAUNDRA JONES, CHARLES KLETT, JAMES McKEE, MARIANNE MARTIN, ALBERT MARTIN, RICHARD MARTIN, ROSS MORLEY, JOHN PERRY, HARRIET PIFER, ERNEST POOLE, WILSON POSEY, ELIZABETH RAMPEY, DAVID SMITH, ROBERT SNYDER, SANDRA STRAW, TERRY SUPERFISKY, JOE URSCHEL, JUDITH On March Is, 1954, the Freshman Class presented the Shamrock Swing 7 Richard Ihgbie and Everett Cloud, president of the Floor shot of the dance class, at the refreshment table. Page 61 Joyce Shaffer Letty Lynn. John Curry . . Bill Case. . Secretary j Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms President Chari.es Goode ( not pictured ) Vice-President ABDIL.L, CHARLOTTE ADAMS, BETTY ADAMS, WILLIAM ALDEN, DAVE ALDERMAN, LAURA ALLEN, WENDY ALLSMAN, JOYCE AMES, LUCY ANDERSON, JUDY ANDERSON, VIRGINIA ANDREWS, JULIE ARBEEN, JEANIE ASHTON, RAY ATCHISON, BOBBY AUSTIN, BETTY AUSTIN, BILLY BADGER, TOM BAGBY, MILDRED ANN BAILEY, JOAN BARNES, CAROLYN BARNETT, BETTY BARNHILL, ARLENE BARRY, GINGER BARWICK, LINDA BATES, LINDA BEACH, NORMAN BEEMAN, BILL BENNETT, BOB BERG, PENNY BLAIR, BILL BLUE, PAT BOLEY, JOHN BRACE, JAMES BRADFORD, PHIL BRANNER, JON BROWN, FRANK BURDETTE, CHARLES CAFFEY, BOBBY CAMPBELL, RUTH CANNON, LINDA CANNON, SHELBY CARSON, ELAINE CARSON, PEGGY CARSTATER, RICKY CASE, BILL CATTERTON, CONNIE CHOISNARD, PIERRE CHISHOLM, NANCY CHRISMAN, GARY CLARK, TAMARA CLICK, JOYCE COCKEY, SUZANNE COGGIN, JUDY COLTRIN, SALLIE CORDLE, CARSON CORN, LARRY COX, JANICE CRAIN, JOHN CRISS, JUDITH CRONE, MARLENE CURRY, JOHN CURTIS, MARGARET DANGEL, DAVID DANIEL, TOMMY DANILEK, LINDA DAVIS, KAY DAWSON, PAULA DEAN, DIANE, DEAN, JAMES DECK, MICHAEL DeGROOT, JON DENNIS, LILA DENNY, BOB DENNY, GARY DIEZEL, HARRY DEUTERMAN, PAT DODSON, MARY DODSON, SANDRA DOLDER, DIANA DORAN, STANLEY DORAN, VICKY DORIUS, CAROLE DRAKE, JANICE DRONENBURG, DONNA DUNN, BARBARA DUNN, KATHLEEN DWYER, MIKE EADIE, KAY ECKEL, SALLIE EDWARDS, HOWARD Page 6 3 9 EMGE, WAYNE EPPARD, LOIS EVANS, DOROTHY EYBERS, EDWIN FALZGRAF, KAREN FEDROW, RAYMOND FEINDEL, JAMES FILLEY, ROBERT FISHBACK, LEE FITZGERALD, DENNIS FOLEY, MICHAEL FRECE, MICKEY FRENZEL, JOE FRIEDLANDER, GARY FRUIT, MARTHA FUNSTON, ANNE GAINES, BILLY GARRARD, PAM GAYLORD, FRANK GAYNOR, MARY GIAMPA, CAROL GILL, BONNIE GLADIN, STEVE GOLD, MARY LEE GOOD, RONNIE GOODE, CHARLES GORBY, BETTY GORE, LANNY GORMAN, JEAN GRAHAM, BOBBY GRAHAM, RUSSELL GRAMLING, WAYNE GREEN, ETTA GRIFFITH, GAY GRIGSBY, MARION GUINANE, JULIE GUTHRIE, SANRA HACK, JAMES HAGER, MILDRED HANLEY, SHEILA HANSON, SUSAN HARRIS, ROBERT HARRISON, JUDY HARRISON, SHIRLEY HARTMAN, RICHARD HARVEY, ROBERT HATCHER, ROBERT HAUN, JAMES HAYUNGS, HOWARD HAZEN, ANNA LOU HEATH, JIMMY HENRY, CHARLOTTE HENRY, DORA HILL, PENNY HILLIER, BILLY HINES ' , JERRY HINES, JUDY HOBBS, DONNA HOFFMAN, MARCIA HOLLIS, VIRGINIA HOLMES, WENDELL HONEYBOURNE, JULIET HOOTS, FRANK HORTON, JUDITH HUBBARD, BETTY HUGHES, SANFORD HUGHES, WILLIAM HULL, NANCY HUZZARD, JOHN IMHOFF, BUTCH JACOBSON, JAMES E. JACOBSON, JAMES L. JACOBSON, SUZANNE JENKINS, JOHN JENNINGS, FRED JETER, BARBARA JOHNSON, CHRISTINE JOHNSTON, JOE JOISSLE, IRENE JUSTH, HELEN KANE, WILLIAM KARBLER, WILLIAM KARSNER, KAREN KEENAN, BARRY KERR, MARTHA KERSHNER, MARILYN KEYES, BOB KIBLER, GEORGE KILPATRICK, LLOYD KING, LINDA Page 64 KING, PATSY KING, STEPHANIE KINSELLA, JOHN KISSINGER, DOUG KNAPP, PATSY KRIGBAUM, BARBARA LAM, JEANETTE LANGSTON, GARY LAWRENCE, SUE LAY, SHIRLEY MAE LEENY, JACK LEWIN, CYNTHIA LEWIS, ROGER LICHTMAN, LINDA LIDYARD, NANCY LILGE, MICHAEL LUBA, ROBERT LUDWIG, CAROL LYNN, LETTY MacDOWELL, JAMES MacPHERSON, DON MADDEN, LAWRENCE MANNING, JUDY MARCEY, BONNIE MARR, DARGAN MARTIN, NICHOLAS MASKER, WILLIAM MAYA, NOEMI MAYES, GLENN MAZZIE, JOE McBEE, LEE McCENEY, LEE McDonald, wa lt McGEE, GARY McKENNEY, ROBERT McKenzie, allen McLARD, JAMES ' McQUINN, BARBARA McVICKER, ELLEN MEENE, DONALD MEETRE, GERALD MELAT, JUSTIN MICHAEL, CHARLES MILBURN, BETTY MILBURN, JERRY MILEHAM, ANN MILEHAM, RUTH MILLER, BILLY MILLER, CONNIE MILLER, JUDITH MILLER, ROBERT MILLS, MARIE MINICHIELLO, LEE MINNICH, RANDY MITCHELL, BARBARA MIZE, RUSTY MOORE, THOMAS MORRI5 , NANCY MOSER, GEORGE MOSHER, DONALD MOULIS, JEAN MULLEN, NICKY MURRAY, DALE MURRAY, JAMES MUSE, TOMMY MYERS, CYNTHIA MYERS, PARKER NADEAU, BUTCH NAESER, CHARLES NASH, ELEANOR NEGRON, MIGUEL NELSON, JERRY NEWELL, JEAN NOBLE, PHIL NORRIS, BEN NORTHROP, EDWARD OAKLEY, SUE OLIVER, JUDY O’NEILL, SIDNEY ORNDOFF, RONNIE ORNDORFF, JANICE OSTMEYER, JANICE PARK, BARBARA PARKER, NANCY PATTERSON, JAMES PATTERSON, RAY PATTISON, DORA PENDLETON, WINSTON PEDLAR, PENNY PERDEW, BRENDA Page 66 PERRY, BENNY PERRY, MARSHA PETERS, PAT PHILLIPS, MARLENE PHOEBUS, DICK PIFER, CATHERINE PITCHER, JEAN PLASTERER, JAN PLAUGHER, JAMES PLAUGHER, NANCY PLUMLEY, LINDA POOLE, PAT POOLE, WILSON POST, MELVIN POTTS, WILL POWELL, LARRY POWELL, PATSY PRESTON, BOBBY PROVEN, DONALD PUMPHREY, BILLY QUINN, LINDA RAGLAND, BUDDY RATHJEN, KENNETH REEDY, RUTH RECTOR, DONALD REDD, DAVID REYNOLDS, CHARLES RICH, ROBERT RICHMOND, BOBBY RISLEY, SAMMY RITTER, SUSAN ROTHERY, MICKEY ROUND, DONALD RUBIN, CAROL RUCCHIO, JOHN RUPP, SHARON RUTH, JAMES RUTHERFORD, REGINALD 1 SALLS, MERRITT SAYERS, JERRY SCHAFFER, BARBARA ANNI SCHAFFER, JOYCE SCHEELA, JANET SCHOOF, PAT SCHOTTROFFE, MITZIE SCHRAMM, DONNA SCLATER, ANN SEAY, WILLIAM SHANNON, JOHN SHAW, JOAN SHEPPARD, VIRGINIA SHIFFLETT, SANDRA SHIRLEY, JEAN SILLIMAN, LINDA SMITH, CAROL SMITH, KENNETH SMULL, RICHARD SPARSHOTT, WALTER SPRINKLE, CHARLES STANTON, DOUGLAS STAPLES, JOHNNY STEFFEY, JAMES STEIN, ELAINE ST EPHENS, LINDA SPITALSKY, PAT STERN, CHARLOTTE STONE, MATT STONEBURNER, JANE STOTLER, HERBERT SULLIVAN, PATSY SULPICE, BEVERLY TAYLOR, LINDA TELQUIST, CLARK THEE, LAUREL THORNE, DONALD TOLIVER, CHARLENE TOOTHMAN, DONNA TOPPING, ALLEN TOTH, ELIZABETH TRAINER, JAMES TRIPLETT, JUDY TROUT, MARY TUGWELL, RONALD TUNE, CECIL TURNER, JAMES VALDES, CAROL VANNESS, RONNIE WADE, PAT WALKER, BARBARA WALTON, TERRY WATERS, ANNE WAXMAN, ROS WEAKLEY, PATRICIA WEBB, MAUREEN WEEKLY, JOYCE WEETMAN, CLEM WELLS, JON WILLIAMS, JO ANNE WILSON, SUSAN WING, FRANKLIN WIRZ, JOAN WISER, NAOMI WYNKOOP, DONALD YEATMAN, HANK BAKER, KATHY BUSHER, BARBARA BUTHER, BETTY ANN DENNY, FAY FOLEY, FRANCES HENRY, CHARLOTTE Wot GILL, JERE GINGER, CAROL HOPKINS, MARGARET JEILSON, LANCE KERNS, MELVIN MURRAY, DOUGLAS MacMAHON, PATRICIA NEWELL, RUBY MOYER, ROCKY MILLARD, PAT SCHIELE, CHRISTINA STROUGHN, SUE WESTERBROOK, ROBERT WILDER, RICHARD TAYLOR, DELORES ZIMMERMAN, MOREY ZIMMERMAN, PABLO muJic with tli Q reen. bottom: 1 Yjr. Socmen 6 Sc science Page 67 HONOR ASSOCIATIONS Page 69 Left stairs, first row, left to right: FRANK WATSON, BUTCH ETBERS, STEVE GLADIN. Second row: JOHN HEMMING, BOB BLAKE, BOB DENNY. Third row: TED MILBURN, BOB COLE, CYNTHIA MEYERS. Fourth row: JOAN WIRZ, ANNE JOHNSON, BARBARA GREEN. Fifth row: JUDY HORTON, JOHN BOWERS, JOE EREEIIILL. Sixth row: LIN CLIF¬ FORD, MIKE NOBLE. Center, left to right: MRS. SALLY JACKSON, Sponsor; DAVE HOUSER, President; DONNA WOOD, Treasurer; ANNE CHAP¬ MAN, Secretary; BILL CHASE, Vice-President; MR. W. II. BARRETT, Sponsor. Right stairs, first row, left to right: JIM McINTIRE, JEAN CARTER. Second row: SONDRA VILLELLA, BILL RICKE I IS, I OM NEVILLE. Third row: ANN PRICE, JOAN ENGLISH, FRANK GIAMBATTISTA. Fourth row: JANE PALMER, BARBARA LIVINGSTON, ROGER WALKER. Fifth row: BETTY WOODROW, PAT HOWARD, OAKLEY CHENEY. Sixth row: MARTHA BRYANT, DORIS IRVIN, DIANE MUSE. Seventh row: VERNON JOHNSON, RICK FAUST. St U de nt Co unci t _ A ssociation STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right: DONNA WOOD, Treasurer; DAVE HOUSER, President; ANNE CHAPMAN, Sec¬ retary; BILL CHASE, Vice-President. This year the Student Council Associa¬ tion, under the leadership of President David Houser, has made great strides toward the improvement of the school. The Senate has carried on and expedited the work of the SCA since the early summer. The publication of the student handbook to familiarize new students with the school was again a great success. This year the SCA has broadened the scope of and interest in the club program, and has successfully sponsored the Sweet¬ heart Dance, the magazine drive, and the CARE Christmas project. Page 70 First row , left to right: NANCY LID- YARD, Eighth Grade; ANN CHASE, Freshman. Second row: MIKE FOLEY, Eighth Grade : JANET GRAY, Senior. Third row: ABBIE BOOTH, Junior; LEE REANEY, Senior; JAN BRAY, Sophomore. Fourth row: LARRY MINNICH, Jun¬ ior; BILL CHASE, President of Sen¬ ate; JIM GUNN, Sophomore. Not pictured: JOE HERBERT, Fresh¬ man. NOBLE, ANNE CHAPMAN, BEVERLY COKER, ALICE First row, left to right: JEAN STEWART, SUE AUSTIN, ANITA OSBORN, DONNA WOOD, KATHY EAST. Second row: DAVID HOUSER, CAROLYN NORRIS, ROGER STAPLES, MARGARET TESSMAN, JIMMY TAYLOR DIANE FARMER, IRGINIA PIER, CHUCK MARSHALL, WENDY JONES, TOM PACE, BARBARA KEESEE EARL CARR ThW R Dv F ,ERRY RAYFEASTER, HUGH HUNTON, LETTY MASON. TED MILBURN, r .[T iTrPT ’ ALLEN SlOkES, SUSAN A I I ERS, PALMER RUTHERFORD, ROBERTA ROXFORD PAUL FOX LEE LI lANEA . Page 71 First row, left to right: CONNIE DONAHOE, PENNY BERG, JANICE ORNDORFF, LINDA SILLIMAN DONNA WHITELEY SeC0 SONDRA VH rf nT PAT HOWARD - ANNE CHAPMAN, JOAN DEAN, Swthevt; bUJNJJKA 1LLELLA, JILL DALNESS, JEAN STEWART NANCY PENWELL T ' ,i loRFS V NAU N H ADKISSON ' n MERL ? MAC »- Maid « Honor; JEAN WATERS, Sweetheart of 1955; DE- LURES NALLS, Homecoming Queen; ANN CHASE. ear t c. our t I lie Sweetheart Dance, first formal ever held in the new gymnasium, was a most beautiful and successful affair. Each court member stepped through a red and white heart as she was introduced, and proceeded to the colorfully illuminated stage to the strains of “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody.” ' I ' he charming Sweetheart of 1953, Miss Jean Waters, placed the crown on our own lovely Sweetheart, Miss Joan Dean, as Miss Marjorie Green sang “Sweetheart.” Then to the rendition of My Hero by Carol Raines, Joan descended from her velvet-draped throne, followed by her attendants, and began the traditional court dance. Page 72 First row, left to right: RICK FAUST, Vice-President ; ALICE OSBORN, Secretary; MRS. MABLE U. CHAPMAN Sponsor ■ DICK BRAUNLICII,. President: NANCY CLOUD, Corresponding Secretary ' . Second row: DAVE HOUSER, Chaplain; PEGGY CORN, TILLIE PHILLIPS, ROSEMARY HARTMAN, JANET GRAY DALE INTOLUBBE, Treasurer. Third row: MARGARET JOHNSON, DIANNA REIFF, ABBIE BOOTH, PRISCILLA MARTIN, PEM LAURENSON JOAN ENGLISH. Fourth row: TOMMY FREED, TOM GEIST, JON ECKERT, PETE BAYS, MIKE NORELL, LEE REANEY EARL CARR Not pictured: GERRY BLAKE, HARRY FRIEDLANDER. T he Elizabeth Ann Clem Chapter of the Na¬ tional Honor Society is composed of Juniors and Seniors who have earned a high scholastic average and have been active in many school activities. Its purpose is to reward and further develop char¬ acter, scholarship, leadership, and service. Through its efforts, the Harriet Swain Hurt Memorial scholarship of $100 is annually awarded to a worthy Senior member. The chapter sponsors the semi-formal Christ¬ mas dance, a picnic in the spring, and College Day. In its two inductions this year, the Soeietv has added nineteen members to its ranks. OFFICERS First row, left to right: NANCY CLOUD, Corresponding Secretary; DICK BRAUNLICI I, President; ALICE OSBORN, Secretary. Second row: DAVE HOUSER, Chaplain; RICK FAUST, Vice-President; DALE INTOLUBBE, Treasurer. JJ, onor Sc oae t y This year’s officers have led the chapter toward new heights of service to the school. Page 73 Kneeling , left to right: CAROL PURCELL, DOROTHY BARRETT, MIDGIE CLARK, DAPHNE DAY, BOBBY SANDERS JIMMY ARMOGIDA, WALTER CRATER, HARRIET HUNTER, ELINOR OMASTA, TOM RHODES. Second row: NELLIE BROWN, MARY STEPLER, JIM, GUNN, Sergeant-at-Arms; JAN BRAY, Secretary; TOM OAKLEY, Presi¬ dent; LETTY MASON, Treasurer; BILL BLAKE, Vice-President; BOB COLE, MILDRED HILL, MARY STAINTON. Third row: NANCY SITZ, PAULA SMITH, MARCIA GRUNWALD, LINN GRUNWALD, JANE TAYLOR. VALERIE BROOK, ARTHUR HERRMANN, PAUL KVALE, DAVID GORDON, BETTY JANE HANKES, JOAN PINKERTON, MISS ETHYLENE McBEE, Sponsor. Fourth row: PAT TRUNDLE, CAROLYN DENNIS, JEAN REED, HEATHER HANLEY, ESTHER WEDIN, DOTTIE LUND, ROGER WINNER, BUT ' CII PEEBLES, HARRY WOODWARD, SALLY FOWLER, SANDRA CROSSETT JOAN BREWER, SUZIE PELTON, PATSY PARKER. Fifth row: RICHARD IIIGBIE, FRANCIS McGHEE, JIM CLARK, JOE BROADHURST, NICK HURST, JACK JOLIN, LLOYD ACTON, MILT ON DENLINGER, WELLS HARDESTY, BRUCE DeMARTINO. JOHN FISCHER, TOM MOUTOUX. Vjati onu t Vk e ian Socle t i Seated, left to right: HARRY FRIEDLANDER, EVERETT COVINGTON, JACK LYNN, TTLLIE PHILLIPS, JOHN SCHMIDT TED BROWN. Standing: LOUIS MERRYMAN, LEE REANEY, Treasurer; PEM LAURENSON, Secretary; MARIAN EAST President • EVELYN SMALLWOOD, Scribe; MIKE NORELL, Vice-President; MR. SHANDY HOLLAND, Sponsor. First row, left to right: PEGGY CORN, JUNE BARRETT, KAY VIRDEN, Vice-President ; DIANNA REIFF, Social Chairman: BILL CHASE, President; PEGGY HUNTLEY, Secretary ; LINDA KERR, Historian; BEVERLY BARWICK, Treasurer; MRS. FRANCES CRUM, Sponsor; CAROLYN NORRIS. Second row: MAX WINKLER, GENE THOMPSON, NANCY CLOUD, BETTY PAGE, MERLE DEITS, ABBIE BOOTH, ALICE OSBORN, ROSALYN DAVENPORT, LEE REANEY, JON ECKERT, MILO HOOTS. Third row: DAVE HOUSER, RICK FAUST, DICK BRAUNLICH, MARGARET JOHNSON, SUE AUSTIN, MARIE CHERRY, BARBARA GREEN, TILLIE PHILLIPS, ANN YEATMAN, PEM LAURENSON, HARRY FRIEDLANDER, PETE BAYS. Not pictured: ROSEMARY HARTMAN, MARY LOWERY, LOUIS MERRYMAN. First row , left to right: JOAN DEAN, Sweetheart; JEAN MACH, Maid of Honor; DIANNA REIFF, 1954 Prom Queen; DELORES NALLS, Homecoming Oueen. Second row: DONNA WOOD, PEGGY HUNTLEY, MERLE DEITS, VAUGHN CONEIN, BARBARA GREEN, JANET GRAY, JEAN STEWART, CONNIE DONAHOE. V i?i 1 I JHR f V 1 ip 9 •• 11 , mjm H Rk2 « Vs R • «- mk ifei v 1 5 w L • j VARSITY CLUB Outside “V”, from top left: TED RENTZ, SHERWOOD BEAVERS, JACK ZERENER, GEORGE VANDERSLICE, JOHN STONE, PETE BAYS, DICK LITTLE, PAUL Mac- DONALD, Sergeant-at-Arms; EVE COVING¬ TON, President; JOHN HARPER, Vice- President; LEE CHANEY, ELL WOOD WOOD, CHARLES SCIIAUSS, ROGER STAPLES, ERED BREMERMAN, DAVE TAYLOR, ROGER WALKER. Inside “V”: DUNCAN McCARTEIl, CHARLES ROWE, JACK ZELASKA, JAY DEITS, RICHARD MAHARDY, RICH¬ ARD HUNT, FRANK McGHEE, WALLY COCKRELL, JIM McINTIRE, JACK LYNN, LARRY WEINER, OAKLEY CHENEY. Not pictured: BRUCE GILMORE, Secretary- Treasurer; MR. PAUL WEBER, Sponsor. The Varsity Club is an honor organi¬ zation for those boys who have earned a letter in a varsity sport. It strives to stimu¬ late interest in athletics and promotes the annual Faculty-Varsity basketball game. Each year it sponsors the football ban quet, where sweaters are awarded to dc serving Senior football players. From left around the “M”: DIANE ALLMAN, SHIRLEY McLANE, MARGARET JOHNSON, BARBARA WINSLOW, BAR¬ BARA COWENS, BETTY PAGE, FRANCES SCHOTTROFFE, MARILYN MURPHY, JUDY NEVIN, MISS NANCY BIRCH, Sponsor; DELORES NALLS, Secretary; KAY VIRDEN, President; JOAN DEAN, Sergeant-at-Arms • JANE PALMER Treasurer; DIANA LANGDON, JANET JOHNSON, ANN YEATMAN, MARY LOU CONLOGUE BRENDA BIERI B AR¬ BARA GREEN, BETTY JO PUGH, DONNA BURGESS. Not pictured: LORA SANDERSON, Vice-President. The Monogram Club is an honorary organization for those girls who have earned a Varsity letter as a team member, as a team manager, or as a cheerleader. It strives to promote interest in girls’ sports, and to raise money for girls’ athletic equipment. Page 77 First row, left to right: DAVE IIOUSER. Secretary; DALE IN I OLUBBE, FORD, Vice-President. Treasurer; TOM FREED, President; PALMER RUTII- Second row: MR. JOSEPH NEVILLE. LYONS, Sponsor; BROOKS CHANDLER, DANNY NIELSEN, FRANK GIAMBATTISTA, TOM Third row: RONNY RINALDI, JAKE FRYE, TOM OAKLEY, JIM MORRISON, DICK BRAUNLICH. Not pictured: FRANK FLETCHER, LARRY MINNICH. The Key Club is an honorary organization sponsored by the Falls Church Kiwanians. Like the Kiwanis, it is based upon the principles of service. Membership is conferred on boys who qualify in scholarship and leadership. It is the purpose of the club to give service to the school and community. Among its activities are the spon¬ soring of the annual Key Club banquet, and Career Day. BANQUET At the annual Key Club ban¬ quet problems of the school are discussed, and suggestions made for solving these problems for the improvement of the school. Rep¬ resentatives of all student organi¬ zations come and speak about their activities and present help¬ ful criticism. At the banquet on March 4, 1954, Dick Braunlich gives a talk on the Jaguar while Vice-Presi¬ dent Palmer Rutherford and President lorn Freed look on. Page 78 Clockwise from top: Delores Nalls, Queen; Ann Yeatman, Debbie Wood, Joyce Shaffer, Joan Dean, Maid of Honor; Annette Chase, Joan Nalls, Peggy Huntley. JJ, omecomtn 9 Spirits were high as the Jaguars beat Mount Vernon 19-6 in the annual Homecoming game on October 3, 1953. During the impressive half-time ceremonies the court proceeded around the field, after which Queen Delores Nalls was presented with a small gold football by David Houser, president of the Student Council Association. That evening the Senior Class presented the annual Homecoming dance. The Homecoming Queen of 1952, Miss Carole ' Power, returned to crown Miss Nalls, and Palmer Rutherford, president of the Senior Class, pre¬ sented a white football signed by the team to the attractive Homecoming Queen of 1953. Page 79 1953-54 SEPTEMBER, 1953 8—The 1953-54 session at Falls Church High School starts. 12— Falls Church’s Varsity football season begins with a de¬ cisive win over De Matha. 29—Our Junior Varsity plays Fairfax at home to start its season. OCTOBER, 1953 3—The Homecoming Dance after the Varsity’s rousing vic¬ tory over Mount Vernon is a success. 7—The eighth graders start their football season at Fairfax. 14— Mount Vernon comes to Falls Church to open our hockey season. 15— “Quintette” is presented by the Drama Department. 20—Our Activity Club program is initiated. 24—The Senior Class establishes a precedent by throwing the first Senior Class party. NOVEMBER, 1953 13— “Night Must Fall” is presented in the first of two stag¬ ings, by the Drama Department. 1 5—lire P.T.A.’s “College Night” attracts many Seniors and their parents. 18— The Junior Honor Society holds its induction of new members. 24— The National Honor Society holds its first induction of 1953-1954. 25— 1 he annual Sadie Hawkins Dance is given by Seniors. DECEMBER, 1953 17— The band and choruses present the Christmas concert in the shop building. 19— The annual Christmas Dance sponsored by the Honor Socie ty is held in the upstairs hall. 20— The A Cappella Choir and the Girls’ Chorus present the Christmas Candlelight Service at the Boulevard Bap¬ tist Church. 29—Party is held for the visiting alumni in the upstairs hall. JANUARY, 1954 7—Cafeteria is officially opened. 13—The Junior Varsity basketball team opens its season. 15—The Varsity basketball season opens at Charlotte Hall. 22— The girls’ basketball season opens at G. W. The eighth grade opens its basketball season with Mt. Vernon. 23— The traditional Night Club Dance, “The Moulin Rouge” is well attended. 27—1 he Varsity football banquet is held in the cafeteria. FEBRUARY, 1954 5—The Drama Department presents “Two Plus Two”. 11—The National Thespian Society holds its installation. 18— The Quill and Scroll induction takes place in the library. 20—Many attractive couples attend the traditional Sweetheart Dance. 25— The first issue of the Paw Print goes on sale. 26— The Faculty squashes the Varsity in the men’s Varsity- Faculty basketball game. 27— T he Soc Hop is sponsored by the Sophomores. What sox! MARCH, 1954 1—The women’s faculty and the girls’ basketball team clash. 3— The National Honor Society holds its second induction. 4— The Key Club Banquet is held to discuss the school’s problems. 5— Seniors take trip to Washington to see “Julius Caesar”. 6— The Senior Superlatives are unveiled to the public at the Superlative Dance. 9—Students learn about colleges at College Day. 1 3—The vocal music groups journey to the Music Festival at Bridgewater, Virginia. 13—Many students attend the Freshman sponsored “Sham¬ rock Swing”. 1 5—Art show opens. 16— Judging is held for art show. 17— More students are inducted into the Junior Honor Society. 19— “Inquiring Editor” comes to question a panel of Seniors for its weekly broadcast. 20— 4 ' he Band goes to Fairfax to play in the annual Band Festival. 31—Eighth Grade Night is held to explain the program to parents. APRIL, 1954 3—Falls Church goes great guns at the District Forensic meet, winning four first places out of eight. 8— 1 The track team’s season opens against Osbourn. 9— The Varsity baseball team defeats Western to open its season. The play, “Liliom”, is presented in the gym. 1 3—Girls’ softball season starts. 1 3—Several Seniors attend George Washington University discussion conference. 13— T he National Symphony Concert at George Mason High School is enjoyed by many Falls Church High School students. 15—The Seniors leave for the New York trip. 22—The Eighth Grade baseball season opens. 22— Students learn about “Career Day”. 23— Our five district winners compete in the State Forensic Meet at Charlottesville. 23— The Junior Varsity baseball team plays its first game. 24— Monogram Club sponsors Sports Day. 28—T he Hunt Brothers’ Circus comes to town. 30—The Faculty displays its superb talent at the “Faculty Review Show”. MAY, 1954 1—The Spanish Fiesta, our annual exotic attempt, is held. 14— T he track team competes in the State Track Meet. 14—The Drama and Music Departments combine to present an original musical. 26—The A Cappella Choir leaves for its Princeton trip. JUNE, 1954 11—The Juniors and Seniors have a big night at the May¬ flower where the Prom, the social event of the year, is held. 17—Graduation at Eisner Auditorium completes high school days for the Class of ’54. Page 80 ATHLETICS Pa e 81 Varsity Football Bottom row, left to right : Lee Chaney, Everett Covington, Dick Little, John Stone, Thom Giambattista. Center row: Jack Zerener, Dale Intolubbe, Gerry Top row: Tom Freed, Palmer Rutherford, Dave Blake - Taylor, Ellwood Wood, Bruce Gilmore Pete Bays. Varsity Football Team First row, left to right: JACK ZERENER, PALMER RUTHERFORD, LEE CHANEY, DICK LITTLE, J. C. HOCKMAN, Cap¬ tain; EVE COVINGTON, ELLWOOD WOOD, BRUCE GILMORE. Second row: PAUL MacDONALD, DALE INTOLUBBE, GERRY BLAKE, RICHARD MAHARDY, DAVE TAYLOR, CHARLES O’NEAL, CHUCK SCIIAUSS, PETE BAYS, JIM McINTIRE. Third row: THOM GIAMBATTISTA, ROGER STAPLES, JOHN STONE, FRANK DEARDEN, TOM FREED, OAKLEY CHENEY, LARRY WEINER, FRED BREMERMAN. Fourth row: MR. THOMAS D. TODD, Head Coach; SHERWOOD BEAVERS, Manager; MILO HOOTS, Manager; DUNCAN McCARTER, JACK ZELASKA, CHARLES ROWE, GEORGE VANDERSLICE, JIM PENN, JACK LYNN, Manager; MR. PAUL WEBER, Backheld Coach. FOOTBALL COACHES AND CAP I AIN SCHEDULE Sept. 12—DeMatha . . . 0 Falls Church . . .20 18—James Monroe . . . 6 Falls Church . . . . . . . 0 26—McKinley Tech .27 Falls Church. 6 Oct. 3—Mt. Vernon ... . 6 Falls Church. . . . .. .19 10—Osbourn . . .23 Falls Church. . .12 16—Fairfax . .19 Falls Church . . . . . . 0 24—Stafford .. . 0 Falls Church . . . . .19 30—Culpeper . . . . 0 Falls Church . 19 Nov. 7—Bell Vocational . . . 0 Falls Church . . .23 21—Charlotte Hall .. . 0 Falls Church. 26 STRATEGY HUDDLE Left to right: MR. PAUL W EBER, Backfield Coach; J. C. HOCKMAN, Captain; MR. TOM TODD, Head Coach. Page 84 Jaguars on the Gridiron Cheney turns the end. MacDonald picks up yardage. Wood to Rutherford, complete. Taylor again for long yardage. Taylor keeps against Charlotte Hall. Taylor around end in Stafford game. Although confronted with an inexperienced backfield, the Jaguars salvaged a bad start by finishing the football season with four straight wins. Highlights of the year were the defeat of Mount Vernon for the first time, and the tromping of the favored Culpeper eleven 19-0 in one of the team’s best exhibitions of play. Dave Taylor, working from the quarterback spot for the first time, did a creditable job in the baekfield, along with Pete Bays, Bruce Gilmore, and Ellwood Wood. On the line, our forwards were hard to move, holding our opponents to an average of only eight points per game, while our backs racked up a fourteen- point-per-game average. The worst blow was losing to the Fairfax team in the last quarter after playing very good ball during the early portion of the game. Helping to win the 6-4 record this season were the following players, picked by the press as outstanding men on the gridiron: J. C. Hockman, All-Northern Virginia; Buddy McCarter, second team, All-Northern Virginia; Everett Coving¬ ton, second team, All-Northern Virginia; and Palmer Rutherford and Ellwood Wood, honorable mention, All-Northern Virginia. Page 85 amor u aril, it 1 football First row, left to right: MR. f. J. LYONS. Coach: FRANK GIAMBATTISTA, BROOKS CHANDLER, CHRIS JOHNSON, JAY DEITS, Co-Captain; NICK MICALE, Co-Captain; HAROLD BROWN, JAKE FRYE, GENE HENRY, JIM ANDERSON. Second row: DONALD FOSTER, FRED GRECO, BENNETT ROBERTS, RICHARD SCHOOLAR, PETE HANCOCK, DAVE BUTCHER, TED KEENAN, CHARLES OWENS, GEORGE NEVIN. Third row: CHUCK MARSHALL, Manager; BOB MINSHEW, TOM MOORE, CHARLES SYDNOR, JIM GUNN, EVERETT CLOUD, TOM OAKLEY, LARRY BUSCHER, LUCAS LLOYD, BARRY LICIITMAN. Fourth row: JACK DAVIS, Manager; JOHN BONNET, TERRY STRAW, JOHN COCHE, JOE HERBERT, JAY JARRETT, GARY CHEW, MIKE COHN, BOB HEAD, DAVE WATERS. % J.V. FOOTBALL SUMMARY The Little Jaguars came home with a tie for the county championship, having won four games and lost one. They scored 131 points to their opponents’ 19 under the able coaching of J. J. Lyons. Outstanding players were: in the backfield, Everett Cloud, Jay Deits, Gary Chew, Nick Micale, Harold Brown, and Tom Moore; on the line, Bob Minshew, Jake Frye, Barry Lichtman, and Brooks Chandler. First row, left to right: BOB KEY ' S, BARRY KEENAN, PARKER MYERS, SANFORD HUGHES, HARRY DIEZEL, Co-Captain: BUTCH NADEAU, JOHN CURRY, BILL GAINES, JON WELLS, CHARLES GOODE, Co-Captain. Second row: CHUCK MICHAELS, RICHARD GOODE, ROBERT MILLER, TERRY MILLER, TERRY WALTON, LARRY CORN, BUCKY BURDETT, CHARLES HARRIS, JIM TUR¬ NER, RANDY MINNICH, BILL CASE. Third row: BUTCH EYBERS, TOMMY MEWS, BUDDY TUGWELL, JOHN STAPLES, DOUGLAS FITZGERALD, LANNY GORE, BOBBY RICH¬ MOND, MR. CARTER W. LINGER, Coach. Fourth row: DONALD ROUND, JIM HACK, MIKE FOLEY, NORMAN BEACH, WILSON POOLE, BOBBY GRAHAM, Manager. Not pictured: DICK PHOEBUS, BOBBY ' CAFFEY ' , Manager; MIKE DWYER, Manager. BB SH- ■§» y , • . ® L Wg- ( l dpjF ■ mm C • w.. - iLs 4 IBfi ' Pt. , S 1 mfmmM L HR mk . j fH HBcjy ' : lx m. wJ5%fm0r!A ■ ' »« - - « ••• . BIS : The Pep J at ' iltu (CLeerleacL er6 Bottom row: Delores Nalls, Co-Captain; Joan Loew, Joan Dean, Captain. Center row: Sondra Yillella, Ann Yeatman. Top row: Debbie Wood, Peggy Huntley, Merle Deits. Page 8 7 Standing , left to right: BOB BLAKE, PAUL MacDONALD, BENNETT ROBERTS, TOM GEIST, GERRY BLAKE, FRED BRE- MERMAN, MR. ARTHUR VALOTTO, Coach; TED RENTZ, J. C. HOCKMAN, DICK HUNT, BILL CHASE, DAVE TAYLOR, ROLLIE BELKNAPP, BRUCE GILMORE, Manager. Kneeling: ROGER STRAUTMANN, Captain; PALMER RUTHERFORD, Honorary Captain. SCHEDULE 1 5—Charlotte Hall .35 Falls Church . 5 i 19—Fairfax . .40 Falls Church .38 21—Washington-Lee . . . . .68 Falls Church . .34 22—DeMatha . .63 Falls Church. . . . 54 26—Mount Vernon . 49 Falls Church . 35 29—Woodward Prep . . . .23 Falls Church. . . 44 2—George Washington .83 Falls Church . .44 4—Chamberlain . .48 Falls Church . 43 9—Mount Vernon . .73 Falls Church . .43 10-Charlotte Hall . .52 Falls Church . 64 13—George Washington 61 Falls Church . .30 15—Woodward Prep . . . 32 Falls Church .56 16—Bell Vocational . 56 Falls Church . .53 19—DeMatha . .48 Falls Church . .44 23—Fairfax . .67 Falls Church . .69 24—Washington-Lee . . . . .50 Falls Church .31 Top left: Taylor and Rutherford clear the boards in beating Wood¬ ward Prep. Top right: Rentz drives for two against G.W. Bottom left: G. Blake in action against the Rebels of Fairfax. Bottom right: Rutherford attempts to break a shot against G.W. Varsity Basketball Action Shots Page 8 8 Jaguars on the Hardwood Bottom row , lett to right: RICHARD HUNT, BILL CHASE, PALMER RUTHERFORD. Top row: ROGER STRAUTMANN, GERRY BLAKE, ROLL IE BELKNAPP, TED RENTZ. Plagued by a late start and inexperience, the 1954 Jaguars did not boast too impressive a record this year. They did triumph over Fairfax twice, however, which is some consolation. Playing in our own gym for the first time, the Jaguars played hot and cold, barely losing three close games. With a tough schedule of all Group I competition, the Jaguar five had it uphill all the way, lacking height and a scoring threat. Individual members of the team receiving awards were: Roger Strautmann—Second Team, Northern Virginia; l ed Rentz—Honorable Mention, Northern Virginia; Dave Taylor—Honorable Mention, Northern Virginia. Page 89 Kneeling, left to right: JACK ZELASKA, CHRIS JOHNSON, MIKE SULLIVAN, ERANK GIAMBATTISTA, Co-Captain; BOB RUSTAD, Co-Captain: JOHN COCHE, JAY JARRETT, RICHARD MAHARDY. Standing: ROGER WINNER, Manager; MR. BRUCE ;CAMPBELL, Coach; JAKE ERYE, GARY CHEW, BOB HEAD, CHARLES MEE I RE, NEILL BAXLEY, MIKE W EBB, DON FOSTER, JIM CLARK, Manager. Kneeling, left to right: TOM MOORE, Manager: HARRY DIEZEL. Co-Captain: MR. ROBER T BOGEN, Coach; BUTCH EYBERS, Co-Captain; JOHN SHANNON, Manager. Standing: JON WELLS, DAVID REDD, BOB MILLER, NORMAN BEACH, LANNY GORE, DICK PHOEBUS, BARRY KEENAN, CHARLES GOODE, BOB DENNY, JOHNNY STAPLES, RONNIE VANNESS. Page 90 First row, left to right: BOB YARDLEY, DALE MARTIN, JAY DEITS, BILL CHASE, WALLY COCKRELL DAVE TAYLOR, J. C. HOCKMAN, ROGER WALKER, HENRY HOWARD, JAKE FRYE. Second row: ROGER RANKIN, Manager; JACK LYNN, Manager; ROCER STAPLES HAROLD BROWN JIM RIDGWAY, EDDIE ROSE, BEN MIJUSKOVIC, JACK ZELASKA, JIM McINTIRE, SHERWOOD BEAVERS, Manager; MR. PAUL WEBER, Coach. Not pictured: EVE COVINGTON, Captain; RICHARD HUNT. SCHEDULE Date Opponent Place Date Opponent Place April 9 .Western . Falls Church Mav 4 .Fairfax .Fairfax 13 .Fairfax. 7. .Mount Vernon Mount Vernon halls Church 11 Washington-Lee Falls Church 20. .Mount Vernon. Falls Church 14. George Washington . Falls Church 21. .Episcopal . . Alexandria 17. .George Washington . . . Alexandria 23. .Washington-Lee . . . Arlington 19. .St. Johns... . . Falls Church 21. .Fairfax. . Falls Church 27. .McKinley Tech . Falls Church 25. .Mount Vernon Falls Church 28. George Washington . . Alexandria 28. .Washington-Lee ... Arlington Page 91 Jaguars on the Diamond Bottom row , left to right: J. C. EIockman, Wally Cockrell, Dick Hunt. Center row: Dale Martin, Henry Howard, Dave Taylor. Top row: Bill Chase, Eddie Rose, Eve Covington. Page 92 Junior Varsity Baseball First row, left to right: BOB RAPPATONI, Manager; ED ROOT, HUGH SAUNDERS, PETE KREMER MIKE WEBB TACK GLADD, DON ILLIAMS, Manager. Second row: BILLY BIDDLE, DICK MORRIS, RALPH ROUND, GEORGE NEVIN, CHARLES OWENS BUDDY WOOD WARD, ALAN PUGH. Third row: ERNEST PIKER, EVERETT CLOUD, WALKER, MR. JOSEPH J. LYONS, Coach. TOM GRAY, JOE HERBERT, GLENN MALONE, JIM PEREGOY DOUG Eighth Grade Baseball First row, left to right: JOE FRENZEL, FRED JENNINGS, LARRY CORN, JOHNNIE STAPLES, JON WELLS, GARY CHRIS- MAN, JOE JOHNSTON, FRANK WING, FRANK NOBLE, DON McPHERSON, BOB PRESTON, Manager. Second row: FRANK HOOTS, RONNIE VANNESS, BUDDY RAGLAND, BUDDY TUG WELL, CHARLES GOODE, BARRY KEENAN, MIKE FOLEY, HARRY DIEZEL, SANFORD HUGHES, BOB KEYS, BUTCH EYBERS, TOMMY MUSE. Not pictured: JERRY MILBURN, MR. ARTHUR VALOTTO, Coach. Page 93 Jaguars on the Cinders J r, ' RACK TEAM First row, left to right: CHUCK SCHAUSS, FRED BREMERMAN, DICK BUONOCORE, ED GOODMAN, LEE CHANEY, TOM MOORE, TOM OAKLEY, RONALD BREWER, DONALD ORR, CHARLES O’NEAL. Second row : MR. CARTER W. LINGER, Coach; JIM RITCHIE, GOTTFRIED WEBER, JOE FREEH ILL, GEORGE VAN- DERSLICE, FRANK BAXTER, JOHN MASSINGALE, CONWAY BURKE, CURTIS CLICK, MR. ROBERT BOGEN, Assistant Coach. Third row: JOHN FISCHER, Manager; DANNY NIELSEN, BUDDY McCARTER, BROOKS CHANDLER, JIM ANDERSON, TOM LANGDON, JIM GUNN, BOB MINSHEW, DAVE MOORE, MIKE SULLIVAN, DICK SCHMIDT, Manager. Jaguars on the Fairway J GOLF TEAM J Page 94 Left to right: BILL STEGALL, GENE THOMPSON, TOM NEVILLE, MR. BERNARD GARHART, Coach; PETE KE ARMOGIDA, DICK MELMER, TOM NOONAN, LARRY MINNICH, WELLS HARDESTY. Not pictured: JIM GEISSINGER, GERRY BLAKE, DICK SCHMIDT, BOB BLAKE. R, JIM a v.a eerfeaderi 8 th Cjrade Cdli eerleadt l lflajorettei First row , left to right: PAT HOWARD, JOAN NALLS, Captain: ANN CHASE. Second row: ANNETTE CHASE, Co-Captain; DONNA WHITELEY, JEAN REDFIELD. Left to right: DONNA TOOTHMAN, LINDA SILLIMAN, LINDA BATES, KEN SHREVE, Mascot; JOYCE SHAFFER, PENNY BERG, Captain; IRENE JAISSLE. Not pictured: JANICE ORNDORFF, ARTIE ALDERMAN, Co-Captain. Left to right: JACKY BRANT, SHIRLEY SHUGARS, Captain; ROBERTA PERRY, LINDA SHUGARS, Mascot. Page 95 Varsity Hockey Left to right; BARBARA WINSLOW ' , BARBARA COWENS, FRANCES SCHOTTROFFE, BARBARA GREEN, MARY LOU CONLOGUE, JANET JOHNSON, Co-Captain; KAY LEBSOCK, Manager; MARGARET JOHNSON, Co-Captain; JOAN ENGLISH, BETTY PAGE, BETTY JO PUGH, BJ1ENDA BIERI, EVELYN SMALLWOOD. Page 96 Miss Nancy Bircii and Miss Carolyn Morrison, Hockey Coaches Janet Johnson, who won left halfback on the Northern Virginia and the All-State hockey team, and Brenda Bieri, who won honor positions as left wing on the Northern Virginia team and on the All-State reserve team. Girls’ Varsity Basketball Clockwise from top ; DIANA LANGDON, RAVE WHEELER, KAY VIRDEN, CONNIE COOK DIANE ALL- MAN, SUE IMHOFF, LORA SANDERSON, BARBARA CO WENS, BONNIE TUGWELL MARIAN EAST, JUNE BARRETT, LIZ 11IGIIT. Center, clockwise ; MISS CAROLYN MORRISON, Coach; ANN CLARK, Manager; CAROLYN HOUGHTON Manager; MISS NANCY BIRCH, Coach. GIRLS’ VARSL ry baske " I’BALL SCHEDULE 28—Mount Vernon .24 Falls Church 46 2—Fairfax .... .57 Falls Church .52 4—Mount Vernon .36 Falls Church .50 9— Fairfax . .50 Falls Church .48 12—George Washington .31 Falls Church ...... 32 19—Ilerndon .54 Falls Church .55 23—Herndon .49 Falls Church . 41 23—George Washington .40 Falls Church 39 27—Washington-Lee .37 Falls Church .70 Page 97 - % Girls Varsity Softball First row, left to right • CAROLYN HOUGHTON, Manager; MARILYN MURPHY, DIANE ALLMAN, RAYE WHEELER, JUDY W ILLOUGHBY, GAIL O’DELL, CAROL BLOXTON, BARBARA CAREY, LINN GRUNWALD, Manager. Second row LORA SANDERSON, DIANA ESPER, DIANA LANGDON, KAY VIRDEN, MRS. BERNICE LILLY, Coach; DONNA BURGESS, RUTH GILMORE, JOAN HURST. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Bottom: Our first game of the season; we beat Mount Vernon 46-23. Top: Kav Virden stands ready to put her out. Top left: Kay Virden shoots for two points in the Mt. Vernon game. Bottom left: Joan Hurst prepares for the opening game. Top right: Two more points chalked up by Virden. Bottom right: That’s Diane Allman behind the plate. Page 98 J- J- J- V BmUUt V. SoftUt Girls’ J. V. Sports Lett to right: EUNICE ZIMMERMAN, Co-Captain; CAROLYN HOUGHTON, SHIRLEY EOLEY SU7 NNF BEGUE, BEVERLY MILLER, RUTH GILMORE, CAROL PURCELL, BETTY JANE. HANKES BE I I V ADAMS, CHARLENE I OLI ER, BARBARA BILLHIMER, PAULA SMITH MARY SITPIFR M IDG IE CLARK, PENNY WEBB, MARCELENE ABNER, MARTHA KERR STEP HAN I E ROW ELINOR OMASTA, LORA SANDERSON, Co-Captain. ’ ’ Standing, left to right ; MISS CAROLYN MORRISON, Coach; JOAN MARTIN, CAROL CHENEY BAR- BARA CAREY, JEAN REDEIELD, LINN GRUNWALD, MARCIA GRUNWALD DOROTHY BUI RETT, JUDY SCHIERLMANN, JUDY MANNING, DONA BURGESS, GARY WILKINS WIT BROT HERS, EUNICE ZIMMERMAN, DORIS GRAY, MISS NANCY BIRCH Coach Kneeling, clockwise from top ; RUTH GILMORE, Manager; JOAN ENGLISH, Co-Captain■ PRISCILL V MAR TIN, Co-Captain; CAROLYN DENNIS, Manager. First row, left to light; NAOMI WISER, JOYCE ALLSMAN, JOAN SPICER EUNICE ZIMMERM N PEGGY WILKINSON, BARBARA HURST, DORA PATTISON, JEAN CARTER JEAN NEWT I 1 ’ LINDA PLUMLEY, NANCY PENWELL. " Second row ; ROBERTA OLIVER, SYLVIA SAUNDERS, JOAN MART IN, CAROL LEVENGOOD C RO LYN DENNIS, JANET DiMISA, MISS BETTY TOONE, Coach; MARCIA GRUNWMD Al-imecr- CAROL PURCELL, LAURALEE SCHREINER, MARTHA KERR, DOROTHY STEIN Not pictured; JUDY SCHIERLMANN, DOROTHY BARRETT. Page 99 e m e m . . . The feeling of anticipation when we first came through the doors of Falls Church High School . . . the pleasant memories connected with everything we did . . . the mixed emotions we felt as the thought of leaving our friends and the school became more and more a reality? It all began on September 3, 1949. Thetamen . . . Remember how that name was impressed upon us in our lectures with Mrs. Snodgrass? As eighth graders, we started in a new school, which in turn had a new principal, and we learned along with General Rumbough the customs and traditions for¬ merly established. We had a “neat” time in Mr. Led¬ better’s science class . . . Remember? The Eighth Grade dance was a huge success, as were the intramural sports. The death of our sergeant-at-arms. Buddy Alex¬ ander, grieved us all, and made us realize how much we would be depending on our friends all through high school. And then June . . . one more step up the ladder of learning. , Freshmen at last! Work started on the stadium, as a result of a smash magazin e drive. Came the first field trip we’d ever known ... to the Franciscan Mon¬ astery. Do you recall the headache of the fund raising barbecue sale? Many of our classmates joined the Junior Honor Society ... a real achievement! ' Two teachers stand out distinctly . . . Remember Mr. Snod¬ grass and Ins Algebra I classes in 210 ... Miss Roberts and her ever-present rubber hose? The year seemed to draw to a close with the accrediting of the high school. And then Sophomores! Football season began in our new, new stadium. A workable honor system was adopted, under the leadership of Rashid Abdu who also inaugurated the Senate as a part of our student government. We achieved enough status to give two dances, instead of one . . . the Soc Hop and the May Dance. Didn’t May Queen Bev Coker, and her two attendants, Dianna lleiff and Pat Dittman, make a pretty picture? Remember Sophomore English in Mrs. Scedlock’s class? This was also the first year that Mrs. Crum was adviser of the JAGUAR JOURNAL. Per¬ haps the saddest event of our Sophomore year was the split with our city classmates, who transferred to George Mason. Guess that’s the way the ball bounces, though. Lowest form of upperclassmen . . . imagine us . . . Juniors! From the very beginning, the struggle to raise e r . . . money for the Prom. Remember the field trips in American History . . . And speaking of American His¬ tory, how about Mr. Vliet’s movies? Our first play, “Finders Creepers,” had to go on without the mag¬ nificent guidance of our beloved Mrs. Hurt, who passed away. Her death certainly left a void in our school life. One - two - one - two - three . . . Wasn’t Jack Zerener great as the Latin “Valentino” at the Night Club Dance? Do you recall the horror and amusement when the marble over the front entrance decided to fall? Weren’t we lucky that was a holiday? A monumental occurrence . . . Our invitation to play in the Metro¬ politan Basketball Tournament! And finally, the wind¬ ing up of a most successful Junior year, with beach parties, the Prom (finally paid for), and the beginnings of our new additions. We made it! Illustrious Seniors!! And what a year this has been . . . Many, many firsts . . . The Boys’ Chorus, the Mastersingers, the Trio, the Sextette . . . The new gym, cafeteria, library, classrooms, and the beginning of a new auditorium . . . Senior parties, which were such a howling success . . . The PAW PRINT . . . Field trip to see “Julius Caesar” . . . Senior Play . . . Election of our own Senior Superlatives . . . New Yorking students . . . Those handy privilege cards (made handier with an eraser). The innovation of the Inquiring Editor panel as a Senior activity was a novel experience to all those who participated. Did you know that the total enrollment of our school nearly doubled during our stay . . . That better than thirty of the forty-eight states are represented in this class . . . That we also have students from Hawaii, the Philippine Islands, the Panama Canal Zone, and even Latvia . . . and that only 70 per cent of our orig¬ inal class is graduating from Falls Church High? And speaking of graduation, time is drawing short. Finished . . . Career books, the Prom, beach parties, and finally the big night at Lisner . . . the last for Falls Church High School. What is left? Memories. Cherish these always, Class of ’54, and keep a warm spot in your heart for Falls Church High. Don ' t forget it as you pass along the road of life ... It will never forget you! FEATURES Page 101 mB m $ - V 1 ' • ; 1 jJIK. L jm ' Ml ■Bn Jt WL -iw M MB V: s O flEf at K i ■ t B 1 HR | ■ dflHt Jr 92 M S tfe 11 fv 5 « | ixe d CdllO ru 6 First row , left to right: BEVERLY ARMSTRONG, DIANE ALLMAN, PEGGY RUSK, DEBBIE WOOD, ANN PRICE, GUNA LIEPINS, MISS MARJORIE GREEN. Director ; JANICE SNYDER, BETH McCOLLUM, BARBARA WINSLOW, MARY EREDMAN, HELEN HAYDEN, PEGGY CORN. Second row: BONNIE JO LUKER, PATSY WILLIAMS, FRANCES SCIIOTTROFEE, KAY VIRDEN, FRANCES HERNDON, MERLE DEPPS, VAUGHN ADKISSON, LEE CHANEY, JUDY SCIIIERLMANN, MARY MORNINGSTAR, PEGGY HUNTLEY, NANCY LANE, LOIS KEARNS, MARYELLEN BACKUS, SHIRLEY SHUGHRUE. Third row: BARBARA KEESEE, RUBY PROSISE, CHARLES HARRIS. PAUL FOX, LARRY HAW KINS, ARTHUR HERR¬ MANN, JIMMY INTOLUBBE, DON VANNESS, JOHN HARPER. MIKE REECE, DON PROSISE, CHARLES OEANO, BEVERLY COKER, JANET BRANT. Fourth row: DOUGLAS STORMES, TOM McGRATH, TED MILBURN, DON SWINNEY, ARTHUR GUIEERE, BENNETT ' ROBERTS, EARL CARR. EVERETT COVINGTON, BILL CHASE, ROBERT COLBY, ROBERT JOLIN, BOB Mac- DOWELL, DAVE WATERS, STUART SENTZ, JIM MORRISON. Mr g m m 1 B ' •: B OF fj B 1 1 wMam yir ' jp n K J I- ' MWMeI a sir WSF ' ■ 3L 3 , .jSskB me Wm A | BBfo- . Mei 1 . m orud First Row, left to right: HELEN STOREY, ROSALIE JOHNSTON, MARY ANN THORNTON, BARBARA LEBSOCK. HARRIET HUNTER, ANNE JOHNSON, GARY WILKINS, REXINA GAUTPIIER, BARBARA V 7 OIIL, MARJORIE BALL, JOAN COCKEY. Second row: YVONNE CODY, MARY LAUGHLIN, BARBARA RICHTER, MARTHA RUPP, DAWN HOWARD, JOAN HURST, MISS MARJORIE GREEN, Director; ELISE McGEHEE, PAT HOWARD, VIRGINIA ITER, FRANCIS THORN¬ TON, JOYCE KENNINGTON. Third row: PHYLLIS KILLIAN, MARGARET DUNN, ROSEMARY HARTMAN, RUBY PROSISE, JOAN PAYNE, JANET SCHULTZ, JEAN PHIPARD, JEAN MACH, KITTY BLACK, JOAN SPICER, SUSAN WALTERS, JUDY TAYLOR, NANCY BARILE, MEREDITH GREEN. Fourth row: SHIRLEY ATCHISON, SYLVIA CARTER, ELLEN KIM, NANCY CLOUD, RUTH GATES, BARBARA GREEN, JULIA CHEEK, GALE ANDREWS, JEANNIE SUTHARD, JUDY NEVIN, JOAN MERRYMAN, DIANA WIRTH, ELIZA¬ BETH TAYLOR, CAROL RAINES, NORA HONSE. Page 102 -J Cappotla CL Miss Marjorie r,. Green Director of Choral Music enr appe First row, left to right: CAROL RAINES, KAY VIRDEN, ALICE FAYE KING, ANNE CHAPMAN BEVERLY COKER ALICE OSBORN, BARBARA BILLHIMER. Second row: ANITA NOBLE. PAUL FOX, BARBARA KEESEE, JEAN PHIPARD, JEAN STEWART DONNA WOOD TOM FREED, JACKY BRANT. third row: CAROLYN NORRIS, EARL CARR, BETTE EMERY, SUSAN WATTERS, ALLAN STOKES LETTY MASON SUE AUSTIN, FRANK DEARDEN, MARIE CHERRY. Fourth row: BETTY BEARD, RAY FEASTER, DAVE HOUSER, LEE CHANEY, ALLAN ARMSTRONG JIM TAYLOR BILL CHASE, NANCY CLOUD. Fifth row: JIM SIMMONS, PALMER RUTHERFORD, HUGH IIUNTON, EVE COVINGTON. Bop, ' CL onci6 left to right: PAUL FOX, JOHN RHODES, TOM FREED, TOM PACE. GENE THOMPSON. First row, Second row: PAUL KVALE, JAMES JACOBSON, MISS MARJORIE GREEN, Director; MARIE CHERRY, Accompanist; RAY MOND GOTKO, ARTHUR HERRMANN. Third row: LEE CHANEY, JIMMY CLARK, LARRY HAWKINS, JIM INTOLUBBE. Fourth row: PALMER RUTHERFORD. PETE BAYS, DALE INTOLUBBE, DON SWINNEY HOUSER, EARL CARR. FRANK DEARDEN, DAVE Page 103 aiteriinaeri, Sex tette an 1 V, no Top— MASTERSINGERS: First row, left to right: KAY VIRDEN, NANCY CLOUD. MARIE CHERRY, JEAN PHIPARD. ALICE OSBORN, BEVERLY COKER. Second row: TOM FREED, FRANK DEARDEN, DAVE HOUSER, MISS MARJORIE GREEN. Director; PALMER RUTHER¬ FORD, JIMMY TAYLOR. PAUL FOX. Bottom—SEXTETTE: Left to right: KAY VIRDEN, JEAN PHIPARD, MARIE CHERRY, NANCY CLOUD, ALICE OSBORN, BEVERLY COKER. The Mastersingers, Sextette, and Trio, were organized to sing for the enjoyment of their own members. These groups, composed exclusively of Seniors have sung at many dances and other functions, both at school and throughout the community. V, no: Left to right: Palmer Rutherford, Dave Houser, Paul Fox. Page 104 Top—CONCERT BAND Left to right: CLARK ANDERSON, KARL ANDERSON BILLY AR¬ NOLD, BOB BALTHIS, RICHARD BREWER, DAVID BUCKINGHAM DONNA BUR¬ GESS, DAVID BUTCHER, MIKE COHN, WALTER CRATER, RODNEY CROSON WAYNE CROSS, CRAIG DAVIS, CAROLYN DENNIS, DONALD DICKSON J C EZ ZELL, PALMER FLETCHER, PAUL FLETCHER, PERRY FLETCHER RAYMOND GOTKO, ARTHUR GUIFFRE, CHARLES HARRIS, SHIRLEY HUGHES, HUGH IIUN- TON. JIMMY INTOLUBBE, BOB JOHNSON, DUANE JOHNSON, GORDON MEYER KENNETH MILLER, DAVID MOORE, JAIME NEGRON, BILL NORTH BRUCE PIIOUDEOOT, DAVID RAPOPORT, PAUL RINALDI. RONNIE RINALDI TOMMY RHODES, JOE SAUNDERS, BOBBY SIIREVE, DAVID SHREVE, LARRY SNEAD TERRY STRAW, EDDIE SUTTON, SHEILA TAYNTON, KENNETH VALDES LARRY WEINER, DON WELTON, DON WILLIAMS, BARBARA WINSLOW HARRY WOODWARD. Not pictured: THOM GIAMBATTISTA, CHALES OEANO. Bottom —RESERVE BAND: Left to right: JOHN CURRY, LINDA KING, MARTHA KERR JIMMY JACOBSON, MICKEY ERECE, EDDIE STEAD, WILLIAM HUGHES MR RYDER, Conductor; GARY ERIEDLANDER, CHARLENE TOLIVER DONNA SCHRAMM, PHILLIPS BRADFORD, WALTER MacDONALD, REGGIE RUTHER¬ FORD, BILL MILLER, TOMMY MUSE, JON Dr.GROOT. Not pictured: BILL IIEMMA, ALLEN TOPPING, PABLO ZIMMERMAN. Mr. Ernest B. Ryder, Director of Instrumental Music. Page 10 5 V Left column, top to bottom: SALLY ACTON, BETTY WOODROW. Second column: BOB JOHNSON, PAT QUINN, LETTY MASON, HOLT SAWYER. Third column: MARY BREWSTER, KATHLEEN EADY, ROGER RANKIN. Center column: GEORGE GLAVIS, MRS. VIVIEN SULPICE, Sponsor; DON CLIFFORD, Program Chairman; LLOYD ACTON, Treasurer; BARBARA BOWMAN, Secretary; JOAN ENGLISH, Vice-President; ROSALYN DAVENPORT, President. Fifth column: CAROL PURCELL, PAT TRUNDLE, EVERETT SADLER, DOROTHY CARD. Sixth column: JACK BURGESS, MILDRED HILL. Right column, top to bottom: DAVID BUCKINGHAM, JOSEPHINE SNEED, BILL SLIREVE. Le Ccrclc Francais, organized at the beginning of this year, has done much to foster a genuine enthusiasm for the study of the French language and the culture of the people who speak it. Page 106 First row , left to right: LOIS CORDLE, JOAN COCKEY, LIZ TAYLOR, MARJORIE BALL, Librarian; CAROL RAINES, Vice- President; MARIE CHERRY, Treasurer; JEAN PHIPARD, President; BEVERLY COKER, Secretary; YVONNE CODY ALICE OSBORN, PAT HOWARD. Second row: JEANNIE SUTHARD, MARGARET DUNN, BARBARA WOHL, REXINA GAUTHIER, ELISE McGEHEE, BAR¬ BARA GREEN, BETTE EMERY, HELEN STOREY, BARBARA RICHTER, JOAN MERRYMAN GARY WILKINS MARTHA RUPP, JULIE CHEEK, JEAN STEWART, LETTY MASON. Third row: ROSALIE JOHNSTON, DAWN HOWARD, KATHY LUSH, RUBY PROSISE, SUSAN WATTERS, SYLVIA CAR¬ TER, ROSEMARY HARTMAN, NORA IIONSE, ANN TRAMMELL, JOYCE HINKLE YVONNE MOLLE J NET DiMISA, BARBARA BILLHIMER, BETTY BEARD, NANCY CLOUD. Fourth row: JUDY TAYLOR, NANCY BARILE, RUTH YATES, ELLEN KIM, JEAN MACH, JOAN SPICER JOYCE KEN- NINGTON, JANE HARRIS, SUE AUSTIN, JEANETTE OLIVER, JUDY RICHMOND, JOAN PAYNE, JANET SCHULTZ ANNE JOHNSON. I he Girls’ Choral Club was organized primarily for the purpose of affording a time for the two sections of the Girls’ Chorus to rehearse together once a week. I his was found to be necessary when they started work on “A Ceremony of Carols” by Benjamin Britten, which was given at Christmastime. 1 his club has also given an opportunity for other girls to join forces with the Girls’ Chorus in reading through new music and adding to their enjoyment of singing. Much has been gained by using this time for com¬ bined rehearsals, as is exemplified in the high caliber of work the Girls’ Chorus has done this year. They have contributed greatly to the advancement of the choral music program. Page 107 WodJ CL l r 4 % m 4 jj I 1 First row, left to right: BARBARA KEESEE, Program Chairman; JOYCE RIEDESEL, President; LAURA ALDERMAN, Vice- President; MARY WILLIS, Secretary; HELEN HAYDEN, BETSY BAILEY, GAIL O ' DELL DAPHNE DAY CAROL CHENEY, JILL DALNESS, JUDY CRISS. Second row: PATSY KING, JOANN WILLIAMS, JUDY ANDERSON, DIANA DEAN, PAT PETERS, KAREN KARSNER, CAROLE VALDES, STEPHANIE KING, DORI’S GRAY, DONNA HOBBS, LINDA DANILIK, MRS. MARGARITA NEW¬ MAN, Sponsor. Third row: ANN LUCKENBACH, GINGER BERRY, MARY SUE JETER, PATSY KNAPP, JUDITH COGGIN, PAT POOLE MARY LOWERY, PEGGY WILKINSON, EVELYN GRAVES, ELLEN HARDEN, JEAN NEWELL. Fourth row: LEE MAYNARD, PAULA PANGBURN, BLENDA ERICKSON, MICKEY MOONEY, PHYLLIS GARDNER JEAN GORMAN, ARLYNE MARTIN, FRANCES TEMPLEMAN, MARY ALDERMAN, NANCY LANE. Not pictured: JANICE ORNDOREE, Treasurer. The Model Club was organized two years ago by several amateur photographers, members of the Camera Club, who were interested in fashion photography. It has been very ably sponsored during the past two vears by Mrs. Margarita Newman. All the members arc very grateful to her for her helpful guidance. We have had many girls who have been interested in fashion modeling and in learning the beauty secrets of the modeling profession as applied to their daily lives. Among our activities are the many fashion shows we have held. 1 he girls work on self-improvement as well as fashion modeling. They like to learn beauty tricks to make themselves better groomed and more attractive. We have had bake sales to raise money to make it possible for the club to sponsor picnics, parties, and dances for the members. Future plans include more fashion shows and emphasis on personal improvement. Beauty consultants, modeling school representa¬ tives, and others have attended our club meetings to give lectures on good grooming and other modeling problems. The club has also taken field trips to Wash¬ ington to visit modeling agencies. Some of the members have become successful models, working in the teen sections of the department stores in this area, because of the knowledge gained from the Model Club. The ultimate goal of the Model Club is personality and self-improvement for its members growth by de¬ veloping an interest in fashion and good grooming. ' I’he club believes that all these things will help its members to become poised young ladies able to con¬ duct themselves well at all times. Page 108 First row, left to right: JUDY SCHIERLMANN, Reporter; BEVERLY MILLER, Vice-President. Second row: LOUISE COUCH, NAOMI WOLEREY, MARGARET TESSMAN, SYLVIA BOBBITT Historian- KAYE HATKE Secretary; JOANN DeGROOT, President; VEE-VEE JOHNSON, Treasurer; CAROLE DAVIS, MARCIA GRUNWALD. Third row: CAROL BLOXTON. JANET BRANT, ALMA RUSK, CONNIE BURKE, ROBERTA ROXEORD, ANNE LEYDE BRENDA ROPER, KATHLEEN DUNN, ARLENE BARNHILL, ANNE DERR. Fourth row: PAT NAWROCKI, BARBARA PAYNE, JOYCE WEEKLY, JUDY MILLER, EDIT ' E TALMANIS BARBARA MITCHELL, BEVERLY SUL1TCE, RUTH SPARSHOTT, CECILIA MAXWELL, JUNE WRIGHT, JOYCE MAWBRAY. Fifth row: ANN McKIBBIN, NANCY SITZ, MARY STEPLER, BETTY JANE IIANKES, SONDRA CROSETT HARRIET HUNTER, MARY LAUGHLIN, VALORIE BROOKS, DOTTY LUND, JANET TAYLOR, SHIRLEY KIRBY JACKY BRANT, SUSAN WEBER, SUZANNE BEGUE, BARBARA POTTER, ROBERTA PERRY, LINN GRUNWALD. Sixth row: WILMA NOBLE, MARY LOWERY, JUANITA SMALLWOOD, CAROLYN DENNIS ANNE CLARK MARY STAINTON, HELENE SPARSHOTT. Not pictured: NORA VENTERS, IRENE WEEDON, MARTHA PACE, MIDGE CLARK MARY DODSON MILDRED STEADMAN, PAULA SMITH. The Future Homemakers of America, under the excellent sponsorship of Miss Margaret Spitzcr and Mrs. Joan Macon, has worked toward goals set up for the year by the National F.H.A. Council. Members have strived to attain these goals through the sale of UNESCO stamps, participation in the World Christmas Festival, and the celebration of National F.FI.A. Week. Other activities have been varied, and have included movies, discus¬ sions, demonstrations, and picnics. The annual Mother-Daughter Banquet climaxed the year. Miss Margaret Spitzer and Mrs. Joan Macon, Sponsors. Page 109 First table, left to right: BETTY GERICK, CAROL PURCELL, KAY DAVIS, VIRGINIA ANDERSON LAUREL THEE JEAN¬ ETTE LAM, JUDY TRIPLETT, BARBARA BONNET, DOROTHY BARRETT, JUNE BARRETT, MARTHA EATON. Second table: ANN McADOO, BARBARA SCIIOENEMAN, ROBERT HARRIS, KEN MILLER SYLVIA SAUNDERS TOMMY PHELPS. Third table: MAX WINKLER, Vice-President; PAM GARRARD, ELLEN McVICKER, BOB PANGBURN. Fourth table: JIMMY HAUN, JERRY HINES, CHARLES REYNOLDS, LEE EISHBACK, TERRY WALTON JOHN MEEHAN FRED JENNINGS. Standing: MRS. FRANCES CRUM, Sponsor; BOB COLE, JOHN BOWERS, Treasurer; ABBIE BOOTH President- NANCY LIDYARD, Secretary. V k The Art Club sponsors the school art show, the Falls Church High School entries in the Na¬ tional Scholastic Art Contest, a field trip to the National Gallery of Art, and other contests that come to the attention of the club. In addition to these activities, the club mem¬ bers make posters and signs, and do lettering for any organization in the school. 1 his year the club has added the service of decorating for school dances. The club has also sponsored a dance of its own, ‘The Fools’ Frolic.” The main project of the club this year has been the raising of $100 to perpetuate the George E. Schindler Memorial Art Scholarship. WINNERS IN THE ANNUAL ART SHOW HELD MARCH 8-12, 1954 First row, left to right: KEVIN BROWN, 1st in watercolor, best in show by school election; DIANNA REIFF, 1st in black-and-white, best in show by judging; ANN EUNSTON 1st in chalk; CAROL PURCELL, 1st in oil. Second row: MILO HOOTS, 2nd in oil; SYLVIA SAUNDERS, 1st in crafts; DONNA DENNIN, 2nd in crafts; ABBIE BOOTH, 2nd in watercolor; BOB IIILLIER, 2nd in chalk. Not pictured: MAX V INKLER, 2nd in black-and-white. Page 110 ° FF Sf L TnMMOim» , ? , ' ; L0UIS ;MERRYMAN, Vice-President- LOIS WOODS, Secrctam LEONARD GUARRAIA OSBORNL Sponsor ' Sergca,,f atAn " s - ' AY JARRETT, Reporter; MRS. MABLE CHAPMAN, Sponsor; MRS 11.All A |l X l!fw S T( AnF A k 1 Nnri s-r VT ' pv ' ri : S l I , i nON BENS0N - DENNIS BURKE, RUTH CAMPBELL, ALLAN CROSS- CRM I ERFh D H RRFI ‘ ' nick ' 5 IC ?X AKD EDWARDS BRUCE ERICKSON, JAMES FF.INDEL. BOB LANGSTON n SP 1 1 HATCHER. JIM IIEATIL BARBARA KRIGBAUM. CAR1 PATTERSON C W STON L pFMra rn nv L V. ' V, , E mI N N Y I-UNDQOIST, ERIC MACKENZIE, PARKER MYERS, KOI »,“ SSiSr 1N ,ERRY RANK1N - ° " N RHODEB - LESLIE RUSSO, RONNIE {l vgftmni |L ' Jf jmjsS Fust TOW , left to Tight: BRUCE ANDERSON, DICK SMULL, JIMMY ARMOGIDA WALTER CRATER, JERRY SAYES, FRANK HOOTS, BEN NORRIS, KENNETH SMITH. Second tow: JIMMY LEE, DICK IIIGBIE, DON THORN, JAMES RUTH, TOM BADGER, STEVE RICE, BILLY HILLIER, BILLY ARNOLD. Third row: PALMER FLETCHER, CLARK ANDERSON, KARL ANDERSON, Vice-President; JOHN FISHER, JAMES BUR¬ ROW, RAY SENAVITIS, BOB PEEBLES, BOB JOHNSON. Fourth row: MILTON DENLINGER, President; LIN CLIFFORD, Sergeant-at-Arms; BOB LOVELACE, CHARLES WOHL, Sec¬ retary; CHARLES WINKLER, Treasurer; DICK PHOEBUS, MISS W INIFRED ROBERTS, Sponsor. Not pictured: BILL PUMPIIREY. Page 111 Left to right: TOM NOONAN, TOM GRAY, CAROL BUONOCORE, PAT LANDON, ARTHUR BROADHURST, PAT DICK¬ SON, CAROLYN HOUGHTON, Secretary; SHARON WOODRING, HEATHER HANLEY JIM McNAUGHTON SALLY RICHARDSON, LEE MINICIIIELLO, SHEILA HANLEY, KENT MINICIHELLO, President; BILL BLAKE, Vice-President. Not pictured: SUE AUSTIN, BETTY AUSTIN, PETER KERR, Treasurer; SALLY LUDLOW JAN LUEDECKE MISS EVE¬ LYN BICKERS, Sponsor; MRS. MARY BENNETT, Sponsor. ' utni ' HiHMuuniuitni MARIAN EAST, Secretary- First row, left to right: MRS. SALLY JACKSON, Sponsor; RUSH EVANS, PHILLIPS BRADFORD Treasurer; J OHN SCHMIDT, SALLY ECKEL, REGGI RUTHERFORD. Second row: PETER KIMBERLY, BRUCE DeMARTINO, MIKE NORELL, President; HARRY FRIEDLANDER Northern Vir¬ ginia Debate League President; KEN VALDES, RICHARD DeWILDE, Vice-President; TOM McGRATH. Page 112 K.Ji. CU, W4EI2Y1 FirSt £Z ! e J! r t0 . ht; n BIL , L N 9F H W4ZLA; BOB COLBY, Secretary, W4VRM; RICK FAUST, President, W4ZNO- BOB Mvc DOW FLL, ice-President, 4 GS; PE IE BUTTNER, Former trustee, W4YVO- MAC McGEE W4ZNU- TOM I SON, W4APQ; BUDDY SMITH. Trustee, WIYZC; CHARLIE LANDON Reporter W?APM’ ' SSmCSd ' S S: LARRY MILLER ' CHUCK MARSHALL Not pictured: MISS NELLE SHUGHROU, Sponsor. First row, left to right: SUZANNE COCKEY, SELBY CANNON, MILDRED HAGER, LINDA CANNON, CHARLENE TOLI¬ VER, Treasurer; SALLY COLTR1N, JOAN BAILEY. Second row: SUSAN WILSON, SHIRLEY HARRISON, JEAN IE ARBEEN, LETTY LYNN, JULIE GUINANE. CAROL SMITH, SUE JACOBSON. Third row: LINDA STEPHENS, SUSAN RITTER, BONNIE MARCEY, CAROL DORIES, CHARLOTTE HENRY MARILYN KERSIINER, WENDY ALLEN, MARIE MILLS. Fourth row: MARTHA FRUIT, KAY EADIE, President; NAOMI WISER, LINDA KING, JANET SCHEELA. BONNIE GILL, CAROL LUDWIG, LINDA PLUMLEY, ELAINE CARSON, SUSAN IIANSON. Fifth row: MARTHA KERR, GARY FRIEDLANDER, WALT McDONALD, BILLY AUSTIN, TOMMIE DANIEL DAVID REDD, MR. AD WIN GREEN, Sponsor. Not pictured: JULIET HONEYBOURNE, LINDA LICHTMAN, MARLENE PHILLIPS, JUDY HORTON, MARY GAYNOR, MARSHA PERRY, CATHERINE BAKER, SUE CAMPBELL, MARCIA HOFFMAN, PAT McMAHON, DELORES TAY¬ LOR, ELEANOR NASH, BRENDA PERDEW, PENNY METZ, KAY DAVIS. Page 113 umor C ' iuic oLt ea ue First row. left to right: SONDRA VILLELLA, Clerk; DAVE WATERS, Marshal; JOAN LOEW, Treasurer JIM PENN Vice-Mavor THOM GIAMBATTISTA, Mayor. Second row: BARBARA WADE, TILLIE PHILLIPS, ANNE CHAPMAN. Third row: CAROL GREMMLER, BARBARA STALL, GERRY O ' DONNELL, PEM LAURENSON BARBARA LIVINGSTON JEANNIE THOMAS, MRS. ELSIE H. SNODGRASS, Sponsor. Fourth row: MARY FRF,OMAN, PAT DODSON, LIZ IIIGIIT, JIM NEVILLE, BOB BLAKE, MILO HOOTS. Sul-2)J CLl H PLAND ’ Secretarv; MARGIE STONE, Treasurer; JAN BRAY, President; BARBARA PAYNE Vice-President- ALLAN RAYNETTE crumme tt, Alice Cornell, Barbara dunn, ' DA M t R ? ' MARIE CARSTATER, Sponsor; BETSY HURLEY, SALLY FOWLER, JOAN PINKERTON CAROI GIAMPA LINDA SLLOMAn! 1 PA VWD | MARY’LEE 3 OLIX °° NNA SCIIRAMAI ’ TAMARA RK, SUE OAKLEY,’ Not pictured: BETTY HUBBARD, CAROL SMITH, JANET SIIEELA, ROSALIND WAXMAN. Page 114 ic L £Loo l ee cu First tow, left to right: BONNIE JO LUKER, BERTIGENE BURNHAM, ARTHUR HERRMANN, Secretary- FRANK DEARDEN icc-1 resident: PEGG ' i CORN, President; CHARLES HARRIS, Treasurer; OLYNDA MITCHELL RAYMOND FEASTER Second row: SHEILA TAYNTON, KATHLEEN SHUGHRUE, JOAN LANCASTER, CHERYL COX JUNE LIEPANS BEN ERLN ARMSIRONG, PEGGY RUSK, LINDA KERR, ELINOR OMASTA. Third row: CAROL McLAMARA, DIANE THOMPSON, SANFORD HUGHES, SYLVIA CROSSMAN MR ERNEST B RYDER Sponsor; JIMMY INTOLUBBE, JANICE SNYDER, RAYMOND GOTKO PAUL KVALE ’ Not pictured: TED Mil BURN, LOIS KEARNS, MANYA KRAHMER, BARBARA SANDERS J NET GRAY If - a ’ m ' ■ Jk M w iL V iv j«| ) jm yf mm W. % V J %• : J ... y tJj nuj jii OFTICERS: HUGH IIUNTON, President; STEPHEN ELY, Vice-President; JOE HARDESTY, Secretary-Treasurer; ARROLL HARNAGE, Sergeant-at-Arms; MR. CLARENCE WARREN, Sponsor. MEMBERS: BOBBY RYAN, JIMMY BRACE, GLENN MAYER, DALE MARTIN, JOHN CRANE GERALD MEETRE, DUANE JOHNSON, JOHN HARRIS, MIKE DWYER, RONALD BENNETT, TERRY PROCTOR, JAMES SHAFFEY, ROGER HARVEY, TERRY WALKER, MIGUEL NEGRON, DONALD WYNKOOP, HERMAN SCHMIDT, JOHN BOLEY, RANDALL ROPER, LARRY MADDEN, JOHN BLANCHARD, CARBY MENDEZ, FRANK BROWN, ALAN MINTIIORNE, CHARLES REYNOLDS, BENNY PERRY, GARY DENNY, J. L. JACOBSON, RUSSELL MIZE, CARL ROSS, CURTIS GUCKERT, CECIL TUNE, JOHN JENKINS, BUTCH KILPATRICK, JIM McDOWELL, ROGER LEWIS, WING FRANKLIN, ALAN CROSSMAN, JERRY NELSON, SYRN ALBERT, CLARK TELQUIST, LARRY POWELL, ALAN JOHNSTON, SIDNEY O’NEAL. Page 115 ■ erd OFFICERS: BOB HEAD, President; SONNY WEBER, Vice-President; GEORGE NEYIN, Secretary; BOB RUSTAD Treasurer- MR. FRANK H. MISHOU, Sponsor; MR. CARTER W. LINGER, Sponsor. MEMBERS: JOHN BLANCH, BENNY SISK, 1’OM McPIIERSON, JIM PATTERSON, ROBERT FRITZSCHE BOB KEYES BOB MARTIN, WAYNE LIBBY, THOMAS MILLER, EDWARD JONES, DICK LANDGRAFF, EDDIE SUTTON! MICKEY ROTIIERY, DENNIS FITZGERALD, BILLY BLAIR, CHARLES O’NEAL, PHIL AUSTIN, ROBERT EPPARD BUTCH NADEAU, JOE WORTHINGTON, ANDY HARRIS, JIM RIDGWAY, PEPE MENDEZ, ARTHUR BATES! JIMMY PLAUGHER, JERRY COCKRELL, JON W ELLS, HERBERT LANHAM, NORMAN GOTTHARDT KENNETH MARKLEY, LEE McBEE, JOHN HUGGARD, MOREY ZIMMERMAN, GENE WEEDON, RICHARD FERRARO. Seat ' d left to rigM: MR. WILLIAM SPRINGSTON, Sponsor; RICHARD WINSLOW, Secretary-Treasurer; DAVE RAPOPORT, BOB SAWALLESH, J. C. EZZELL, President; GENE THOMPSON, WAYNE KIRBY, PAT COLLINS Secretary Standing: ED BERRY, BOB BLANKENSHIP, DICK BUONOCORE, BUCKY BURDETTE RICKY CARSTATER JOYCE S,S IT !!S m C ° NINE ’ BARBARA °UNN, JON ECKERT, W ILBER ELLER, PAUL FLETCHER PERRY RAv C y ! n M HARRY HOFFMAN, JACK JOLIN, ANN MILEIIAM, RUTH MILEIIAM, DALE MUR¬ RAY, DOUG MURRAY, DON PERSONS, PAT POWELL, BILL RAWLS, BILL RICKETTS JIM SAUTER BARB R SCHAFFER, VIRGINIA SHEPHARD, BOBBY SIIREVE, PAT SPITALSKY, KURT WATERVAL. ' MIKE WEBB Page 116 Uft mMFRY nSn a DO ma5tim N C EY ’ Vice-President; CAROL CHENEY, LARRY HAWKINS, President; JANICE MONT¬ GOMERY, PRISCILLA MARTIN, Secretary-Treasurer: MRS. JANET F. GRAY Sponsor- CHARLES MFFTRF PIIYII is KILLIAN, FAITH IIOISINGTON, JOAN WIRZ, EUNICE ZIMMERMAN. MITIRL, HOLLIS Kneeling, left to right: BARRY LICHTMAN, DON FOSTER, RONNIE BEALE, TOM MOORE, HENRY HOWARD, BILLY MASKER, LANNY GORE. Second row: DAVID MOORE, DICK GRAY, RALPH ROUND, DARGAN MARR, RONNIE GOODE, ED DAVIS, DONALD ORR, MR. ARTHUR VALOTTO, Sponsor. Third row: EDDIE MOORE, RAY BARKER, KEN JONES, DICK MARKLEY, RAY STREET. Page 117 s4itr onom 1 cu OFFICERS: JOHN HORD, President; GALE ANDREWS, Vice-President; IIALLIE MIZE, Secretary; PIERRE CIIOISNARD Treasurer; BILL GRAHAM, Program Chairman; MR. ROBERT BOGEN, Sponsor. MEMBERS: HAL BRADFORD, JON BRANNER, MICHAEL DECK, BILLY GAINES, FRANK GAYLORD, HUGO MA- LANGO, JAMES McCLARD, JAMES McNEELY, LINDA MEEKS, BILLY MILLER, JUDY MILLER, EDWARD MOSES, JEAN MOULIS, BOB RICH, STEPHANIE ROAN, ROBERT SANDERS, DAVID SIIREVE, DOREEN SMITH, KENNETH SMITH, ALLEN TOPPING, JIMMY TURNER, CHARLES NAESER, JIMMY JACOBSON. OFFICERS: JOAN BREWER, President; SUZIE PELTON, Vice-President; PAT PARKER Secretary; MARGY REEDY Treasurer- JUDY MILLER, Reporter; MISS ARLENE HUNT, Sponsor. MEMBERS: LINDA BARWICK, BETTY BRADLEY, RICHARD BREWER, BOBBY CAFFEY, TERRY CASEY WILMER EPPARD, JOHN GANNON, ELIZABETH JONES, PATSY KILLIAN, KAY LEBSOCK, JOHN LEHMAN, CONNIE MIL¬ LER, PATRICIA MOORE, ELSIE O’NEAL, BUDDY RAGLAND, DAVID RAMPEY, RUTH REEDY, BOB STILLING EMILY STRAUSS, FRANCES W OOD, RODNEY CROSON, MARY MARTIN. t First row, left to right: MIKE NOBLE, TED KEENAN, MIKE SULLIVAN, RICHARD MORRIS, JIM GEISSINGER FRANK BAXTER, JIM SWINDAL, EMMETT THOMPSON, DICK DELAP, RONALD BREWER, Secretary -Treasurer ’ Second row: PHIL NOBLE, JOHN SHANNON, W ' ENDALL HOLMES, LESLIE MOSER JERRY MILBURN JOE FRFNZELL NICKY MULLEN, NICK MARTIN, CARSON CORDLE. ’ J LL ’ Third row: BILL LOVING, President; ARTHUR RUDDLE, TOM MOORE, MIKE DWYER, MR. THOMAS TODD Sponsor. Page 118 Co in Kneeling: JIM TRAINOR, Treasurer; MATT STONE, President; BARRY KEENAN, Secretary; SCOTT PHIL¬ LIPS, Vice-President. Standing, first row: GARRY WOOD, GORDON McKENNEY, WAL¬ TER SPARSHOTT, MIKE LILGE DON MENNE, JERRY SAYERS. JON DeGROOT, STEVE GLA- DIN. Second row: MR. CHARLES MOORE, Sponsor; KEN RATI I - JEN, JOHN STAPLES, BOB BEN¬ NETT, JOHN OLEYAR, DON RECTOR, BILL ADAMS, ALAN MALM. Cenior CCramati ci Left to right: TED BROWN, Vice- President; JOAN MARR, Secretary; BEVERLY BARWICK, President; ALBERT KOIILMEIER, AR¬ THUR GUIEFRE, Sergeant-at- Arms; MR. SHANDY HOLLAND, Sponsor. Not pictured: LINDABELLE OUT¬ LAW, Treasurer. CiffLtb (jracli d ramatlcd Seated, first row: MARLENE PHIL¬ LIPS, JAN PLASTERER, CONNIE CATTERTON, CHARLOTTE ABDILL. Second row: JOE MAZZIE, CAROL RUBIN, DIANA DOLDER, ANNA SCLATER. Third row: DOROTHY EVANS, SANDRA GUTHRIE, KAREN FALZGRAF, VIRGINIA SHEP¬ HERD. Standing: PEGGY CARSON, Presi¬ dent; LARRY CORN, Vice-Presi¬ dent; LINDA QUINN, Secretary; JOYCE ALLSMAN, Treasurer; ROBERT RICHMOND, Sergeant- at-Arms. Not pictured: NANCY HULL. WALT McDonald, randy min- NICH, JEAN PITCHER, MRS. ANNABEL BARRETT, Sponsor; MISS MARY LOU ALPHIN, Spon¬ sor. Kneeling: ANNE FUNSTON, Presi¬ dent; JUDY HINES, LUCY AMES, Treasurer; SUE JACOBSON, PAT SCIIOOFF, Vice-President. Standing: BARBARA JETER, CON¬ NIE CALVIN, MILDRED BAG- BY, MARGARET CURTIS, PAULA DAWSON, ESTHER WEDIN, GAY GRIFFITH, BAR¬ BARA WALKER, MRS. BETTY SPRINGSTON, Sponsor. Page 119 Top—PATROLS: First row, left to right: COLLEEN MURPHY, ANNE LEYDE, ALICE OSBORN PEGGY HUNTLEY, ROBERTA OLIVER, GEORGE HARVEY, MARILYN MURPHY. Second row: OFFICER NORFOLK. PEGGY BABCOCK, ANN RIDGWAY, MILDRED STEADMAN PRIS¬ CILLA MARTIN, BILL RICKETTS, JOHN SCHMIDT, BOB STILLING. Third row: JEANETTE OLIVER, MR. W. H. BARRETT, Sponsor. Fourth row: DONALD MARR, IIALLIE MIZE, ARLENE MARTIN, HUGH CLARK, CHARLES McCAU- LEY, ANDY HARRIS, JIM RITCHIE, Captain; PALMER RUTHERFORD. 2 ), ru eri Center—BUS DRIVERS: First row, left to right: CHARLES TAYLOR, BUDDY HALL, RAY CLARK. Second row: CHARLES McCAULEY, DONALD BLINCOE, JOHN LARCOMBE, HENRY ELAM. (dudtoch ian6 Bottom— CUSTODIAL STAFF: First row, left to right: MR. WILLIAM G BEAUCII KORZENDORFER, Chief Custodian; MILDRED FISHER, MR. WILLY GASKIN. Second row: MR. NEWTON KENNER, MR. PAUL ADAMS. AMP, MR. CHARLES Page 120 “Quintette” Top left: “The Happy Journey” with MARIAN EAST, JOANN DeGROOT, MERLE DEITS, ANN BALL, LYNN HAGEN, JACK DODSON, BILL RAWLS, and SYLVIA CARTER. Top right: “Wildcat Willie” with BILL CASE, VICKY DORAN, JAMES PLAUGHER, RANDY MINNICH, DONNA HOBBS, and JEAN PITCHER. Bottom left: “The No ’Count Boy” with LINDA OUINN, ELAINE STEIN, WALT McDONALD, JOHN CURRY, and RUSTY RUTHERFORD. Bottom center: A monologue by TED BROWN; “The Last Mile.” Bottom right: “If Men Plav Cards As Women Do” with JACK LYNN, EVELYN SMALLWOOD, TED BROWN, HARRY FRIED- LANDER, EVERETT COVINGTON, and WALTER TOMPKINS. The Drama Department The Drama Department inaugurated this year a new program that has made it possible for the whole school to participate in plays. The season opened on October 15 with a program of one-act plays labeled “Quintette”. From this cast of twenty-five drama students emerged individuals who went on to play in the second produc¬ tion, “Night Must Fall.” Another first was the presentation of “Two Plus Two”, the first major dramatic performance ever to be given on our own stage. Close on the heels of the con¬ test play, “The Princess Marries the Page,” was “Liliom” with a cast and crew of seventy-five students. With the musical and “The Male Animal”, cast from Seniors, the Drama Department has seen a very busy and successful season. With our increased production schedule, we were able to install a troupe of the National Thespian Society with twelve charter members. Falls Church High School salutes the good work done by Mr. Holland and the drama students of 1953-54. Page 12 1 “%kl Wud 3Ji " Top, left to right: DAVE HOUSER, PEGGY CORN, LEE REANEY, PEM LAURENSON, TILLIE PHILLIPS MIKE NORELL RUSTI EVANS, HARRY ERIEDLANDER, EVELYN SMALLWOOD. Bottom right: MIKE and ' I ILLIE join their talents in the dramati: moment of the play, in which Mrs. Bramson meets her death. Bottom left: “What a strange looking box!” EVELYN SMALLWOOD, RUSTI EVANS, PEM LAURENSON, and LEE REA¬ NEY wonder what it contains. " Night Must Fall,” an English melodrama by Emlyn Williams, was successfully presented November 13 and 14, 1953 at Madison Auditorium, with the following cast: Dan Mike Norell Olivia Grayne Pem Laurf.nson Mrs. Terence. Rusti Evans Dora Parkoe . Evelyn Smallwood Mrs. Bramson. Tillie Phillips Hubert Laurie. Lee Reaney Inspector Belsize . Harry Friedlander Nurse Libby. Peggy Corn Lord Chief Justice. Dave Houser Page 122 PL) 5L Top: “The Princess Marries the Page”, with ROSALYN DAVENPORT, LARR MINNICH, JACK LA NN, MIKE NORELL, DAVID HOUSER, TILLIE PHILLIPS, and TED BROWN. Bottom left: “The Telephone Call”, a monologue by TILLIE PHILLIPS. Bottom center: JACK LYNN as “Old Scratch” in “The Devil and Daniel Webster . Bottom right: PEM LAURENSON in the monologue “The Waltz”. On February 5 and 6, 1954, the first plays were presented in the new gymnasium. They were entitled “Two Plus Two”, and consisted of two one-act plays and two monologues. 1 he two one-act plays were I he Devil and Daniel Webster”, by Stephen Vincent Benet; and “The Princess Marries the Page”, by Edna St. Vincent Millay. To complete the program, two of Dorothy Parker’s delightful monologues were presented: 1 he telephone Call”, by Tillie Phillips; and “The Waltz”, by Pern Laurenson. The casts of the two one-act plays were as follows: THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER THE PRINCESS MARRIES THE PAGE Jabez. Ted Brown Mary Stone. Marian East Mr. Scratch. Jack Lynn Daniel Webster . . Everett Covington Fiddler. Bill Rawls Judge . Harry Friedlander Clerk. Lynn Hagen Jury, Wedding Guests, etc. Page. Mike Norell Princess. Rosalyn Davenport King. David Houser Lady-in-Waiting .Tillie Phillips Soldiers .J Larry Munich | Jack Lynn Chancellor. Ted Brown Page 12J Jilli om I op: J he entire cast of forty-five persons. Bottom left: Linzman has the upper hand as Ficsur and Liliom’s plot backfires. “LILIOM” bottom center: Liliom dies in Julie ' s arms. Bottom right: Liliom in the high court of the beyond Liliom.TED BROWN Marie.TILLIE PHILLIPS Ficsur.LARRY WEINER Mother Hollunder— SIIEILA TAYNTON Linzman.EVE COVINGTON Louise.LYNDA LACEY Policemen.... SHERWOOD BEAVERS MIKE NORELL Servant Girls, Peasants, Townspeople, etc. ELAINE CARTER, CONNIE ARCH¬ ER, GAIL O’DELL, JOAN HURST, BILL HILLIER, TOM MOORE, By Ferenc Molnar Richly Dressed Man— WALTER TOMPKINS Poorly Dressed Man.BOB HILLIER ' I’lie Doctor.ANDY HARRIS Julie.SUSAN WATTERS Mrs. Muskat.ABBIE BOOTH Wolf Beifeld.JACK LYNN Young Hollunder.LEE REANEY Magistrate.DAVID HOUSER ANN BALL, DONNA SCHRAMM, HARRIET HUNTER, WALT Mac- DONALD, GARY FRIEDLANDER, Police Captain. .WALTER TOMPKINS Policemen from the Beyond— JIM RITCHIE CHARLES WOHL First Mounted Policeman— MIKE NORELL Second Mounted Policeman— SHERWOOD BEAVERS The Carpenter. . LOUIS MERRYMAN Old Guard.RANDY MINNICH KATHY EAST, BARBARA WOHL JEAN PITCHER, STUYVIE JACK- SON. On the ninth and tenth of April, the Drama Depart¬ ment’s major spring production was presented. It was Ferenc Molnar’s “Liliom”, a play which has delighted audiences the world over for a quarter of a century, and which eventually found its way to the musical stage as “Carousel.” The production itself, supervised by Troupe 1330 of the National Thespian Society, was an ambitious one, w ith its large cast and stylized set. Mr. Shandy Flolland and the Drama Department are to be congratulated for this creditable performance. Page 124 EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Ann Ye atm an— Feature Editor Mrs. Frances Crum— Adviser Sue Austin— Feature Editor Jon Eckert— Sports Editor Bill Chase— Editor-in-Chief Abbie Booth— Managing Editor Dianna Reiff— News Editor BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Mary Lowery Barbara Green Business Manager Milo Hoots Exchange Editor Lynda Lacey Vernon Johnson Circulation Manager GENERAL STAFF Left to right: Rosemary Hartman Barry Lichtman Harry Friedlander Merle Deits Jim Morrison Gene Thompson Photographer Max Winkler Artist Jim Neville John Boley Page 125 Junior and Senior Winners o r e n 6 led First row, left to right: SUSAN WATTERS, LARRY WEINER, ROSALYN DAVEN¬ PORT, BOB HILLIER, ABBIE BOOTH, MARY LOU THOMPSON , MARIAN EAST, TED BROWN. Second row: JOHN RHODES, WALTER TOMPKINS, PEM LAURENSON, BEV¬ ERLY BARWICK, TOM MeGRATH, PETE BAYS, JIM PENN. Third row: HARRY ERIEDLANDER, OAK¬ LEY CHENEY, MIKE NORELL, DICK BRAUNLICH, KEN VALDES, DAVID HOUSER, LIN CLIFFORD. Freshman and Sophomore W INNERS First row, left to right: PAUL KVALE, MARTHA PACE, JIMMY ARMOGIDA, KATHY EAST, JAN BRAY, DAPHNE DAY, ARTHUR RUDDLE. Second row: LYNN HAGEN, JOYCE RIE- DESEL, ANN DERR, BOB PEEBLES, CHARLES LANDON, JUDY SCHIERL- MANN, DOROTHY LUND, DON BEN¬ SON. Third row: BILL BLAKE, LETTY LYNN, LLOYD ACTON, JIM GUNN. Eighth Grade Winners Seated, left to right: SALLY ECKEL, PENNY PEDLAR, ANN FUNSTON, MARTHA FRUIT, JOE MASSEI. Standing: JOHN BOLEY, REGGIE RUTH¬ ERFORD, BARRY KEENAN, BILL HILLIER, WINSTON PENDLETON. This year for the first time, the eighth graders had their own Forensic contests which gave them an oppor¬ tunity to exhibit their speaking and reading ability. As a climax there was a stimulating assembly of all eighth graders at which time the winners were heard and applauded by their classmates. All eighth graders Page 126 glowed with pride when attractive bronze pins were awarded to the first place winners and red and white carnations were given to all who placed in the contest. With the addition of the eighth grade contest, Mrs. Lenvin has aroused a greater interest in good speech and has made forensics a school-wide project. sforenAlcd Top—SCHOOL WINNERS: First row, left to right: DAVID HOUSER, BOB HILLIER, CHARLES LANDON, HARRY FRIED- LANDER (The Debate Team) Second row: MIKE NORELL, boys’ public speaking; PEM LAURENSON, girls’ public speaking; WALTER TOMPKINS, boys’ po¬ etry reading; ROSALYN DAVENPORT, girls’ poetry reading; TED BROWN, boys’ prose reading; SUSAN WATTERS, girls’ prose reading; JIM PENN, spelling. Center—SCHOOL WINNERS and SCHOOL RUNNERS-UP: First row, left to right: CHARLES LANDON, BOB HILLIER, PEM LAURENSON, MIKE NORELL, ROS¬ ALYN DAVENPORT, HARRY FRIED- LANDER, DAVID HOUSER, TED BROWN, JIM PENN, SUSAN WATTERS. Second row: JOHN RHODES, KEN VALDES, CAROLYN NORRIS, TOM McGRATII, WALTER, TOMPKINS, MARIAN EAST, DICK BRAUNLICH, LIN CLIFFORD, BEVERLY BARWICK. Bottom—WINNERS OF SPEECH CON¬ TEST: Left to right: MIKE NORELL, dis¬ trict winner in the American Legion oratorical contest; DAVID HOUSER, school winner in the “I Speak for Democracy” contest. There is no doubt in the minds of the Forensic League that Falls Church High School is articulate. This year with five schools competing, we won four first place district winners and three second places out of a possible eight categories. As we go to press, Rosalyn Davenport, our poetry reader, Ted Brown and Susan Watters, our prose readers, and Harry Friedlander and John Rhodes, affirmative debaters, are all preparing to go on to the State finals in Charlottes¬ ville where we know they will distinguish themselves. The school is proud of the competence of our forensic team and the expert coaching of Mrs. Lenvin and Mrs. Jackson. Page 127 EDITORIAL STAFF Lee Reaney, Associate Editor; Dick Braunlicii, Editor-in-Chief; Mrs. Nelle Miles, Adviser; David Houser, Associate Editor. BUSINESS STAFF Dale Intolubbe, Advertising Manager; Rick Faust, Business Manager; Danny Neilsen. Page 128 cottar PICTURE STAFF Left to right: Dick Delap, Peggy Corn, Carolyn Norris, Picture Editor; Gerry Blake. Not pictured: Pete Kerr. CIRCULATION STAFF Left to right: Alice Osborn, Nancy Cloud, Circulation Manager. LAYOUT’ AND FEATURE STAFFS Left to right: Janice Snyder, Dale Intolubbe, Alice Osborn, Layout Editor; Linda Kerr, Feature Editor ; Beverly Coker, Pete Bays. Not pictured: Janet Gray, Louis Merryman, John Rhodes. Page 129 ART AND LITERARY STAFFS Left to right: Beverly Barwick, Margaret Johnson, Jimmy Simmons, Marie Cherry, Art Ed¬ itor; I ony Wilson, Rosalyn Davenport, Literary Editor; Betty Beard. Not pictured: Jim Conine, Gene Weedon, Jim Ritchie. SPORTS STAFF Left to right: Betty Page, Palmer Rutherford. JUNIOR STAFF Left to right: Sondra Villella, Gerry O’Donnell, Joan English, Jane Palmer, Pem Lauren- son, Susan Watters, Larry Minnich, Harry Friedlander, Jon Eckert, Wayne Kirby, Lois Woods, Jim Penn, Joann DeGroot, Janet Johnson, Rosemary Hartman. Not pictured: Tillie Phillips. EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Pem Lauren- son, Associate Editor; Pete Bays, Editor-in- Chief; Gene Thompson, Short Story Editor; Max Winkler, Art Editor. Not pictured: Peggy Corn, Associate Editor. BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Carolyn Norris, Circulation Man¬ ager; Linda Kerr, Busi¬ ness Manager. GENERAL STAFF Seated, left to right: Pat Dodson, Tillie Phillips, Abbie Booth Standing: Lee Chaney, Sherwood Beavers, Jim Conine, Miss Betty L. Toone, Sponsor; Wally Adams, Tony Wilson. Not pictured: Louis Mer- ryman, June Barrett, Roger Rankin. Late in February when the first issue of the PAW PRINT was put on sale, a new tradition was born in Falls Church High School. The PAW PRINT, a literary magazine, is made up of contributions by the student body in the form of short stories, poetry, essays, plays, humorous articles, and artistic impressions. Under the expert guidance of Miss Toone, the creative writing class has managed to produce an excel¬ lent publication. Page 131 St udent- P. aren on lop left — OFFICERS: Left to right: Mrs. Keenan Treasurer; Mr. Freeiiill, President; Mr. Watters, Vice-President; Mrs. D’Hord, Secretary. Top right— EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Seated, left to right: Mrs. Keenan, Mr. Freeiiill, Mr. Watters, Mrs. D’Hord. Bottom left: Mrs. Barrett hands Mr. Ryder a check for $700, proceeds of the Book Fair, as President Freeiiill looks on. Standing: Mr. Moutoux, Mr. Cherry, Mrs. Lenvin, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Lund, Mrs. Hurley, General Rumbough. Bottom right: Parents attend Back-to-School Night with Mrs. Chapman. Not pictured: Miss Gunn, Mrs. Woodward, Mike Norell, Bob Blake, Nancy Lidyard. The organization has this year: 1. Increased the two S.P.T.A. scholarships, one to the outstanding Senior boy, one to the outstanding Sen¬ ior girl, to $200 apiece. 2. Raised $700 for band uniforms, through a Book Fair. 3. Provided an extensive and varied educational pro¬ gram for the parents, including films, College Night, and instruction by experts in reading and guidance. 4. Continued the activities plaque, which, since 1931, records S.P.T.A. awards to students distinguished in many subject fields. 5. Increased S.P.T.A. membership to the largest on record. 6. Broadened the organizational structure of the asso¬ ciation to include students within its membership, changed its name to Student-Parent-Teacher Asso¬ ciation, and added three students selected by the Student Council to the S.P.T.A. Executive Com¬ mittee. 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ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY EARN OUR HIGH DIVIDENDS. tart ' bjour future Jodaij ARLINGTON-FAIRFAX Savings Loan Association 6825 Lee Highway E. Falls Church Arlington 13, Virginia JE 2-1146 Patr omze Our uerti erd To Serve You A New and Modern FORD Sales and Service Headquarters BROAD STREET MOTORS, INC. Your Authorized FORD Dealer 1001 West Broad JE 2-5100 CARS TRUCKS PARTS SERVICE All Make Cars Stuckey Studio Commercial and Portrait Photography Two Locations to Serve You 128 N. Washington JE 3-0800 N. Garfield Wilson Blvd. JA 8-4700 Page 136 L. R. FRYE Stone Mason Contractor Flagstone Walks, Fireplaces, and Retaining Walls JE 2-6097 Res. JA 2-7843 2018 Arnold Lane Falls Church JE 2-4249 Nor-Va Realty Co., Inc. Sales - Loans - Insurance R.F.D. No. 2 Bailey ' s Cross Roads, Alexandria, Va. John C. Grille, President BASTIAN BROTHERS CO Rochester, N. Y. Superior Quality Engraved Announcements Personal Name Cards Serving Falls Church Seniors Raymond Page Vinton, Va. xforb Falls Church, Virginia Telephone JE 2-1100 228 W. Broad Street WALLACE and MONROE pliarmacu ☆ ☆ ☆ 438 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) Phone JE 2-2966 Falls Church, Va. Page 137 Compliments PEARSON’S FUNERAL HOME MOLLE SPORTS HOBBIES 4309 Wilson Blvd. JA 8-7393 Complete Line of Baseball — Football Basketball... Indoor and Outdoor Sports Fishing — Hunting Hobbies — Crafts Cavalier Barber Shop 617 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Expert Children ' s Hair Cutting 75c Shoe Repairing R. H. Minshew, Prop. JE 2-9869 In Falls Church Call Falls Church Cab Co. Dependable Congenial Falls Church JE 2-2799 — 2-2686 Equipped With Two-Way Radio Reasonable Rates KENG-KERLEY Dry Cleaners and Launderers ' U-San-O " Mothproof Cleaning System Falls Church, Va. Phone JE 2-1713 trade mark ICE CREAM Page 13 8 Compliments of Walter L. Phillips Certified Civil Engineer 00 and Land Surveyor School ' s Out! 152 Hillwood Avenue McLean Camera Service Falls Church, Va. Old Dominion Drive McLean, Virginia JE 2-4767 JE 2-3936 24-Hour Developing Service EL 6-3025 Compliments of a Friend MAC ' S FROZEN CUSTARD For a Quick Dessert McLean, Va. DAVIS GUN SHOP FALLS CHURCH SALES Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols SURPLUS AND CAMPING EQUIPMENT 839 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Tents and Tarpaulins JE 4-4589 588 S. Washington St. McLEAN DEPARTMENT STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE McLEAN BEAUTY SHOP Old Dominion Drive EL 6-3305 McLean, Va. McLEAN HARDWARE CO. DuPont and Glidden Paints HOWARD H. ENGLAND, Proprietor McLean, Va. EL 6-3293 BROWSE ABOUT SHOP HOME ACCESSORIES—GIFTS 6865 N. Fairfax Drive E. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-5455 Since 1 905 HUTCHISON ' S FURNITURE Home of Drexel Furniture 6300 Willston Drive Fails Church, Va. JE 4-3800 Page 139 FALLS CHURCH HOBBY CENTER 131 South Washington St. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-3200 Horace E. Brown Son Established 1883 Hardware B.P.S. Paint Household Supplies Fishing Tackle 100 West Broad Street Tel. JE 2-1168 Falls Church, Va. Free Delivery Ample Parking Phone JE 2-1583 WEST END MOTORS Every Service for Any Car, Truck or Tractor 1010 West Broad Street Falls Church, Va. Chas. D. Sprinkle Paints Wall Paper Flexalum Venetian Blinds with plastic tape LIGGON PAINT WALLPAPER STORE 154 Hillwood Avenue JE 2-3324 Webster Heating Systems HARRY S. IVINS Chompiimenti of a hJriencl District Representative Warren Webster Co. 1204 Wisconsin Ave., N. W. NO 7-7400 S)ay it with Jlowerd Phone: JEfferson 2-2547 PAINT AND WALLPAPER SUPPLIES Falls Church Florist CASE DECORATORS ☆ ☆ ☆ Painting and Paperhanging Floor Sanding and Finishing JE 3-1334 721 S. Washington St. 6942 North Fairfax Drive Arlington, Va. Page 140 JE 2-9753 Hard’s Amoco Service " Call for and Delivery Service” Tires - Batteries - Accessories Washing - Lubrication 529 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Va. J. M. HARD (domplimenti op a friend Washington (CCd ' (p j Bottling Works, Inc. 1500 King Street Alexandria, Virginia Telephone Kl 9-0452 Jay D. Brown Jeweler 404 S. Washington St., Falls Church, Va. Phone: JEfferson 3-2855 Sales Service Falls Church Garage, Inc. Your DeSoto - Plymouth Dealer Lee Highway and Hillwood Ave. Phone: JE 2-2300 MILTON H. COMLEY Florists—Nurserymen FLORAL and LANDSCAPE SERVICE Free Estimates and Delivery 5353 Lee Highway KE 8-4222 E. L. DANIELS General Contractor Champion Knitwear Co. Rochester 4, N. Y. Athletic Uniforms T-Shirts Sweat Shirts Physical Education Represented by: " Chuck " McDonald Page 141 ARFAX REALTY Serving the Virginia Suburban Area Sales - Rentals - Loans - Insurance JE 2-1450 815 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. VIRGINIA CONCRETE COMPANY, INC. READY MIXED CONCRETE TEmple 6-1115 FOR BETTER HEALTH DRINK BETTER MILK Alexandria Dairy Products Co. King 9-2525 Alexandria, Va. f BERGMANN’S | LAUNDRY ; " Become Quality | Conscious " We Wash Every¬ thing in Jk IVORY SOAP MEtropolitan Arena Sport Shop Sporting Goods in All its Phases 2124 Fourteenth Street, N. W. Washington 9, D. C. HUdson 7424 -25 ROGER H. BLAKE Florist Sleepy Hollow Road Corsages, Cut Flowers, Floral Decorations Prompt Delivery Service JE 2-2119 GEORGE T. REEVES REAL ESTATE—LOANS Complete Insurance Service Representing the Aetna and other old-line companies since 1932 For Service to Please Phone JE 2-2720 Elizabeth J. Barham Teacher of Piano Theory—Keyboard Harmony Beginners and Advanced 6117 N. 22nd St. Arlington, Va. JE 2-3179 Page 142 STREAMLINE MARKETS Office—1061 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Compliments of BRYANT S RESTAURANT 1069 West Broad Street Falls Church, Va. TALBERT BEAUTY SALON JE 2-2716 1057 W. Broad St. W. Falls Church, Va. LAUNDERAIDE Self Service Laundry WASHING, DRYING TINTING 1051 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Phone JE 2-3390 Everybody Reads . . . THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL McLean, Virginia ELmwood 6-3322 CLARENDON OPTICAL CO. Dispensing Opticians Prescriptions Filled R Glasses Repaired Hours: Daily 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Friday Until 9 P.M. 3176 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia J. C. PENNEY CO. (Clarendon) Arlington, Virginia Phone JE 2-4611 Auto Painting Duco Enamel NALLS AUTO BODY SHOP Complete Auto Accident Service Rear 551 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. FALLS CHURCH RADIO AND TV SERVICE 6872 Lee Highway Arlington 13, Virginia Phone: JEfferson 2-2838 Compliments of WFAX 1220 on Your Dial FALLS CHURCH SCHOOL OF MUSIC Piano — Voice 102 E. Fairfax St. JEfferson 3-1009 OXFORD ROOFING COMPANY Complete Roofing Service 801 South Washington St. JE 2-0990 JEfferson 2-4554 BAILEY ' S X ROADS CAB CO. Prompt Radio Dependable Service Dispatched Cars SNYDER COMPANY Hardware Garden Supplies Paints and Glass Housewares Lee Highway and Fairfax Drive JE 2-1194 Arlington, Va. Page 143 Compliments of TELEVISION CRAFTSMEN 402 So. Washington St. Fa!!s Church, Virginia JE 2-5003 ABC TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Rentals - Sales - Repairs ! 839 S. Washington Street JE 2-4757 Falls Church, Virginia " Meet Your Friends Here " APOLLO RESTAURANT 607 S. Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia JEFFERSON DELICATESSEN, INC. 587 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Virginia FALLS CHURCH DEPARTMENT STORE 1059 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-1244 WEONA BEAUTY SALON 408 S. Washington St. JE 2-7240 FALLS CHURCH HARDWARE The Rental Store 132 North Washington Street JE 2-6622 GLEBE COURT SERVICE 4703 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. JAckson 7-2494—7-9797 RAY M. KEATING All Types of Mutual Insurance 152 Hillwood Ave. JE 2-4020 THE TELEVISION WORKSHOP Sales — Service 130 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2990 rr Repairs on Anything Electronic” JEFFERSON VILLAGE PHARMACY 612 Arlington Boulevard Corner Annandale Rd. Falls Church, Virginia Phone JE 2-9393 ROBERT SHREVE FUEL CO. 6873 Lee Highway Arlington 13, Virginia JE 2-1960 FUEL OIL—COAL DARDANELLES RESTAURANT Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-4050 JIMMY MALLIS .... Your Host JE 3-9898 GUNS Antique—Modern Buy—Sell—Trade—Repair McCLURE ' S GUN SHOP 717 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of BARON AND MELTZ CO. B W LINOLEUM SHADE SHOP GEORGE R. WEAVER JEfferson 2-1547 625 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Page 144 For Better Shoe Repairing 514 Leesburg Pike JE 2-9792 SALVATORE PORRETTA, Prop. HOLLOWELL ' S ESSO SERVICE Culmore Shopping Center Falls Church, Virginia JE 4-1120 JEfferson 2-2024 JEfferson 2-9538 O ' SHAUGHNESSY INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance C. B. O ' SHAUGHNESSY Route 2, Box 177 Alexandria, Va. MARTIN BROTHERS PAINT STORE 6226 Lee Highway Arlington 13, Va. Phone JE 2-4270 CULMORE BARBER SHOP Hours: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Phone JE 2-9661 J. C. MILLER 518 Leesburg Pike Proprietor Falls Church, Va. SPITLER ' S CLEANERS Plant on Premises Pick Up and 1 Delivery 6900 Lee Highway E. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2221 For Imported a nd Domestic Delicacies FIELD ' S DELICATESSEN 1067 W. Broad Street FOREST PASTRY SHOP Pies — Bread — Pastry 4825 1st N. JA 5-9723 Arlington Forest Shopping Center Patronize VON HERBULIS SON West End Texaco 1014 West Broad St. JE 2-2290 MERRIFIELD SERVICE GARAGE Tune-Up Specialists Owned and Operated By S. C. WOOD SONS Phone JE 2-5553 Merrifield, Va. Compliments of MARKHAM ' S ESSO Arlington Forest Shopping Center BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' SHOP Children ' s Apparel 209 W. Broad St. Falls Church TOWN COUNTRY UPHOLSTERY CO. 613 So. Washington St. (Lee Highway) Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2481 Specials on Slipcovers—Draperies Reupholstering—Cushions Refilled Compliments of R. B. CLARK MOTOR CO. 624 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Telephone JE 3-1100 BUNNY GIBSON ' S SEAFOOD MARKET 102 E. Fairfax Street Telephone JE 2-9798 All Sea Food in Season FALLS CHURCH AUTO BODY Body and Fender Repairing Painting — Glasswork 700 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Page 145 The Delta Sigma Fraternity respectfully dedicates this space to its graduating members with its best wishes for a prosperous future. Pete Bays Ronald Brewer Dick Delap Rick Faust Pete Kerr Bill Loving Dan Nielsen John Rhodes Charles Schauss (Jeit WJishes Jo (Jur (jraduates MARIE CHERRY DELORES NALLS DONNA WOOD Theta Alpha Epsilon (Thea) The members of Beta Gamma Fraternity take this opportunity to wish the Class of ' 54 a Happy and Prosperous Future. We, the members of ZETA CHI take the opportunity to add our support to the 1954 JAGUAR of Falls Church High School. Page 146 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 54 Compliments of Phi Beta Chi Sorority Beta Chi YOUTH FOR CHRIST RALLIES Best of Luck in the Future to the Class of 1 954 Every Saturday 7:45 P.M. Jefferson School Alexandria, Va. Beta Gamma Pi THE JAGUAR Is Your Yearbook. Treasure It! FALLS CHURCH BANK • Falls Church, Va. MAIN OFFICE Washington and Broad St. PATRONIZE BRANCH BRANCH 1075 W. Broad 6815 Lee Highway 2% Paid on Savings Accounts OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of the • Civil Air Patrol Page 147 6 building of a superior year-book re¬ quires the closest cooperation on the part of the staff, the photographer, the engraver and the printer. Our connections and years of experience enable us to render a complete service. If you want to produce an outstanding year-book, let us help you. Our service will minimize your problems. NTING COMPANY BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Page 148 mwm ' 1 4 Kr - V 4 sw ■ „ ■ ' I?,:. • " •. m wsSwMPSwP® a? $K5« T ■ IftL was 1 : ' nspr mm}-. m S gxKtt - v £ $$% ii l “ 4-a y Jljr i||j " Wi r ■ ;TE ' ■L dip nHs R . ' mwPp 1 v i ... ©- wjmM

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