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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1953 volume:

LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DIVISION OF EXTENSION The Students of Falls Church High School FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA EDITORIAL STAFF Charles Friend Editor Marl Lou Hunt { Associate Editors Sid Lineker Helyn King Picture Editor Mrs. John R. Miles, Faculty Adviser BUSINESS STAFF Fred Boes . Business Manager Tom Finley . Advertising Manager Virginia Grille Circulation Manager ! DEDICATION Mrs. Harriet Swain Hurt, Dean of Girls, beloved member of our English department since our doors opened, dramatics teacher and director, sponsor of our Senior Honor Society and the Sub Deb Club, and sophomore home room teacher, died in Richmond February 23, 1953. “Her line had gone out to all the earth.” This was evidenced by the many spontaneous trib¬ utes received from her students at home and in far-away places. The following is a letter from one of her devoted students from the Kingdom of Yemen We, of the Yearbook Staff, are but the voice of the Jaguar; its mind, its heart, rest in a thousand minds and hearts, and we can but speak for them. And so we know that we are not a few, but many, as we pause in the opening pages of our book for these few lines of quiet admiration. It is with humble thanks that we linger here, for every one who has known her. from the President of the Honor Society to the newest student of the drama has felt the touch of her helping hand, and become the better for it. It is for this ... for the aid, for the guidance, for every un¬ tiring moment and unselfish thought that we here rise as one to give voice to our silent words of gratitude. And so to your spirit, Mrs. Harriet Swain Hurt, wherever it may be, we dedicate the Jaguar of 1953; and when we slowly turn these leaves a dozen years from now we will stop a moment here and softly say . . . “Mrs. Hurt? Yes . . . she was my friend, too.” ' JOT u -G -M o CD CD J c CD Oh CO a a o D Oh G 3 cd CD J « £ CD CD c -g O hO 0 O c O l-H m nil o3 u-h C 2 o o . O to hO £ CD o " o i-£ co bX) co ' G ' 1 CJ S D 03 co CJ CD ' G DG CD -tn 03 JV CD CO ’ cJ " E, o QJ CD co l-H QJ rH ' " o o hO 03 cx G 03 QJ 4-H rH c T g QJ CO QJ O -4-H ' G QJ 5 o . r | 4-H CO l-H QJ c fH 5 Zh 4-h CO l-H QJ o 4-H CO -4-h c QJ G co QJ . ( " 1 QJ QJ 4-H 4-H l-H c o 03 M-h 4-H QJ , r j 4-H OO QJ c ■ fj 4-H ___ 00 l-H QJ o QJ ( _r o f " 1 - 4— 1 ’ l-H 4-h 4-H G 4-H (— 1 T3 £ QJ O s. QJ CD Gj 03 CD g CD « CD .52 £ CO 43 H-S CO QJ CO co 03 TJ (D 03 QJ o H co r l-H d) -TL £ txJD 03 r- 1 r—i •“H co O l-H •.— o a 4-n QJ o O na " O c 03 co " l-H CL) O co CD c 5 r- CD ?3 g P 03 bJD C T qj g -c « M-h s CO » CD C w 03 G G rt i-i OD D CD CJ r " h-h CO ; 03 4 H H CO CD [o ' bj) QJ O _ ’-G bjo g.E qj 2 ; 03 " a, d CJ C , S S P QJ l-H X co 03 Tj G 03 T3 G 03 r ] . 03 CD - 4 — CO 03 rG CD G O S.8. • 3 .S C “ " rG .52 03 r ! QJ -» G « LG CD G4 ;— o a CD CD G CD G g QJ G s S O CUD 2 H - r — O CO CD rt D O o DG CD G,jG co OX) g£ Jg -G CJ qj t-i 03 hG u rt o3 CD CD G IG D r i i-H bX) O O .-5G O 03 rt cL o dg ..G Oh Oh rv co 5 D hG CD +J v " G G 03 - On H_, Gnr-H 03 G CJ 1-1 £ bX) G aj -l- O G G 03 CD G a, G CD QJ 03 D CD O O i-G JG co • D 03 bX) 03 G Gh 03 CD .■£ co tn ' Bh 0 5 rt ' S 03 Page 4 Page 5 p rtnapa WILLIAM S. RUMBOUGH, Ed.D. George Washington University University of Virginia GUIDANCE OEFICE MRS. ANN H. RULLMAN MRS. ELSIE SNODGRASS Guidance Counselors OFFICE STAFF MRS. NOLA BURLESON MRS. RUTH VAUGHN Office Staff Page 6 Z)L FACULTY WILL H. BARRETT, B.S., M.A. Washington Lee University University of Virginia Assistant Principal Co-Sponsor Student Council MINNIE BANKS, B.S. M.A. Madison College George Washington University English Dramatics Club NANCY BIRCH, B.S. Madison College Physical Education Girls’ Varsity and J. V. Basketball Coach Varsity and J. V. Plockev Monogram Club HARVEY A. BLEAM, B.S., M.A. Wilson Teachers College George Washington University Algebra I, Plane Geometry Math Bowling Club ROBERT W. BOGEN, B.A. University of Pennsylvania Eighth Grade Science Eighth Grade Sponsor Eighth Grade Basketball Radio Club BRUCE L. CAMPBELL, B.S. Davis Elkins College Biology, Mathematics Co-Sponsor Sophomore Class Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach DORIS F. CAPPS, B.A., M.A. William Mary College University of Virginia English, Social Studies Orientation Jr. Dramatics MABLE U. CHAPMAN, B.S. Georgia State College for Women Biology Sophomore Counselor Co-Sponsor of Junior Class Science Club GEORGE V. BERNARD, B.A. Lynchburg College History, Spanish Magazine Drive Asst. Track Coach Hi-Y EVELYN T. BICKERS, B.S., M.A. Mary Washington College University of Alabama Business Subjects Dance Club FACULTY FRANCES M. CRUM, A.B., M.A. Ceorge Washington University Journalism, Art Quill and Scroll J aguarJournal FAYE DEWEY, B.S., M.A. Northwestern University University cf Illinois English LAURA FURMAN, B.A. Pennsylvania College for Women Senior Civics, American History Varsity Cheerleaders Stamps and Old Coin Club BERNARD GARHART, B.S., M.S. George Washington University Algebra II, Trigonometry General Mathematics Golf Team JANET E. GRAY, B.S., M.A. University of Georgia Mathematics Bible Club MARJORIE E. GREEN, B.Mus. Westminster Choir College Eighth Grade Music Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus A Cappella Choir Co-Sponsor of Freshman Class Glee Club JULIA GUNN, B.S., M.A. Columbia University English, Social Studies Eighth Grade Cheerleaders HELEN S. HAWKINS, B.A. Mary Washington College English, Social Studies Future Teachers Club ARLENE G. HUNT, A.B. Longwood College Shorthand, Typing Office Practice Artvping HARRIET S. HURT, B.A. Emory and Henry College Dramatics, English National Honor Society Junior Class Play SARAH JACKSON, A.B., B.L.S. Emory University Dramatics Club Librarian Senior Play GERALDINE LENVIN, B.S. New York University Columbia University English, Public Speaking Forensics BERNICE S. LILLY, B.S. Mississippi Southern University Physical Education Varsity Softball CARTER W. LINGER, B.S., M.A. West Virginia University Eighth Grade Math, Social Studies Eighth Grade Football and Varsity Track Co-Sponsor Chess and Checker Club JOSEPH J. LYONS, JR., A.B., M.A. Georgetown University Latin, Social Studies Spanish Fiesta J. V. Football and Baseball Coach Co-Sponsor Student Council Page 8 FACULTY JOAN C. MACON, B.S. Radford College Home Economics Future Homemakers of America MARGARITA MALDONADO, A.B. Radford College Spanish Model Club LOUIS K. MATHER, B.S. Saltley Teachers College London University English, Social Studies ETHELYNE McBEE, B.S., M.A. Ohio State University Columbia University Mathematics Junior Honor Society NELLE H. MILES, B.S. Ohio State University Senior English Jaguar, Senior Class Sponsor FRANK H. MISHOU, B.A., M.A. George Washington University Civics, Commercial Law Senior Class Sponsor Co-Sponsor Chess and Checker Club RUTH MOFFITT, B.A. Marv Washington College Junior English Co-Sponsor Junior Class CAROLYN MORRISON, B.S. Mary Washington College Varsity and J. V. Hockey Varsity and J. V. Basketball ILAH T. OSBORN, B.S. Oregon State College General Science, Biologv Sophomore Class Sponsor LOUISE D. RIGDON, B.S. Longwood College Visiting Teacher WINIFRED E. ROBERTS, B.A., M.A. West Virginia University Social Studies, English HILDA ROSENSTOCK. B.A., M.A. University of North Carolina Mathematics Social Dance Club ANNE H. RULLMAN Westhampton College George Washington University Director of Guidance ERNEST B. RYDER, B.M.E. Shenandoah Conservatory of Music Instrumental Music Glee Club LUCILLE SCOTT, B.S. University of Alabama English, Social Studies Page 9 FACULTY NELLE C. SHUGHROU, B.S. West Virginia University Chemistry, Physics Science Club ELSIE II. SNODGRASS, B.S. Mary Washington College Eighth Grade Coordinator Junior Civic League Junior Red Cross MILDRED SPINDLE, B.S. Longwood College English , Latin Co-Sponsor Freshman Class ALPHA SPITZER, B.S. Madison College Business Subjects MARGARET SPITZER, B.S. Madison College Home Economics Future Homemakers of America BETTY SPRINGSTON, B.S. Madison College Eighth Grade Mathematics Pep Club WILLIAM SPRINGSTON, B.S. West Virginia Institute of Technology Metal Work, Mechanical Drawing Co-Sponsor Camera Club VIVIEN SULPICE, B.S. Madison College English MARY S. TAUGNER, B.S. N. E. Missouri State Teachers College Business Math, Typing THOMAS D. TODD, B.A., M.A University of Michigan Director of Physical Education Coach of Football ARTHUR VALOTTO, B.S., M.A. West Virginia University Physical Education Basketball Coach Eighth Grade Baseball LELAND A. VLIET, M.A. George Washington University American History, World History Co-Sponsor Junior Class Printing Club PAUL WEBER, B.S. George Washington University Physical Education Varsity Baseball Coach Varsity Club Not Pictured HARVEY COOPER, B.S. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts Co-Sponsor Camera Club CLARENCE J. WARREN, B.S. University of Tennessee Social Studies Model Airplane Club Page 10 Page 11 A Day A. Ilelvn King makes a morning announcement. B. Mrs. Chapman officiates at frog autopsy. C. Students arrive bv bus to begin their day. D. Hardened criminals enter Mr. Barrett’s office. E. Mrs. Rullman at work in Guidance office. At School F. Home Ec girls go through motions. G. Students learn to type in Miss Bickers’ Sixth period. H. Custodial Staff, who keep the building clean. I. Miss Gunn keeps 8th Graders in line at Thompson House. Page 12 Chemistry students experiment with gasses. I he library is always a quiet place m which to work. Girls in Home Ec. class make aprons for the Hungry students go through the cafeteria line. shop boys. Prospective architects make house plans. Seniors study Elizabethan period in English class. Page 1} Tom Penn. Virginia Grille Sara DeGroot John Mather Jean Waters . President . Vice-President . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . Secretary Page 14 RICHARD ARNOLD ALLEY JANICE ANN ARMOGIDA ROBERT AURINGER PAUL AUSTIN ELLEN BAKER CHARLOTTE BARNES CHARLES BEAZLEY ROBERT CHARLES BLACK FREDERICK H. BOES DONALD REUBEN BREEDEN Page 15 e ft l o r MILLIE JANETTE BRITTAIN PHYLLIS ANN BROWN SAMUEL BURKHARDT PAMELA CARTIN SHIRLEY CASE JOE CLARK CLIFEORD CLAYMAN DAVID COOPER JOHN C. COOPER CHARLES NICKLES CORNISH Page 16 CL ass SHIRLEY COX JAMES RUSSELL CRIGLER JANET ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM RICHARD CUNNINGHAM JOSEPHINE CUTTER SARA RUTH DeGROOT GEORGIA LYNNE DEITS RICHARD LEON DENHAM JANE DeVAUGHN SHIRLEY DIETZ Page 17 s. e n l o r JOANN DiMISA SHARON DORAN GLENDA ELIZABETH EDWARDS CAROLINE EPPARD BONNIE ESTES JOHN KENNARD EYBERS MARY LU FIELD WM. THOMPSON FINLEY, JR. EILEEN FLETCHER GENEVA RUTH FOX Page 1 8 CL ass CHARLES ERNEST FRIEND JANE F. FRUEH LAWRENCE DAVID FRYE L. KEITH GARDINER LEE W. GLOVER DIANA MACAULEY GODFREY MARIAN GOTKO NANCY GOTTHARDT JACK BARRETT GRADY EDWARD FAIRFAX GRECO Page 19 s, e n i o r POMEROY A. R. GRESHAM VIRGINIA MAE GRILLE CAROL GROUNDWATER BRADFORD N. HAAS JAMES BARRY HALL MIRIAM HANNOLD JOHN F. HARGETT HILDA HARNE THOMAS W. HARRINGTON JERRY HAZELGROVE Page 20 Cl ass MARY FRANCES HENRY DENNIS HOBBS CHARLOTTE HOLLOWELL FRANK HOY THOMAS HOY MARY LOU HUNT WILLIAM HUNT WALTER DuWAYNE JAMES CHARLES J. JECKELL MARGARET H. JENKINS Page 21 e n l o r THOMAS PAGE JOHNSON NANCY ANN JOHNSTON GEORGE JONES JUDITH KAPLAN JEAN KIDWELL JOE KILLIAN IIELYN KING PATRICIA KINSELLA KAREN KRUEGER ANNE LEONE Page 22 a 5 J SYLVIA K. LEWIN SIDNEY LINEKER CHARLES LONGACRE GAIL LUNDE NORMA LUTTRELL JOHN MacEARLAND JOHN G. MATHER JOHN MATICIC June r. McDonald DANIEL McGRATII Page 23 e n i o r ARTHUR McGUFFIN JOHN McINTIRE MARIAN L. McKEE PATRICIA ANN MERCHANT CAROL MILBURN RICHARD IT MILLER ROY C. MINNICK MARJORIE W. MOORE DONNA LOUISE MORNINGSTAR JUANDA MAE MORRISON Page 24 ass LEE ROY MORRISON BARBARA MOSCATI CHARLES MOUTOUX ALMA N. MURRAY BARBARA J. MURRAY JOHN EVANS MUTERSBAUGH RUTH NEEDLE NANCY ANN NEWTON PEGGY J. NICHOLSON PATRICIA NORTH Page 2 5 e n l o r RAF ANN OGDEN MICHAEL F. OSBORN TED PAYNE CHARLES PECKINPAUGH WILLIAM T. PENN GEORGE H. PEPIN JOAN BEATRICE PERRY COLLIS M. PHILYAW GEORGE WILLIAM PICKERAL THADDEUS WHITFIELD POSEY Page 26 a J J JOY M. REIN DAVID 1IENRY ROGERS PATRICIA A. ROSENBERGER BETTY J. SANTMYER NANCIE L. SCHEELE GEORGE E. SCHINDLER JACK SCHWEITZER WILLIAM A. SCOTT ARTHUR SHAFFER MARSHALL H. SISK Page 27 e n i o r ARTHUR Z. SMITH ELAINE J. SMITH ELEANOR ANN STEADMAN WALTER ROBERT STENHOUSE ELIZABETH L. SULLIVAN ROBERT J. SULLIVAN RICHARD JOEL SUMMERS ELIZABETH M. TAYLOR HENRY J. TAYLOR RAYMOND TEMPLEMAN Page 28 Cl a 6 6 BARBARA THORNTON CAROLE JEAN TOWER RICHARD VANNOY ALLEN VEACH JAMES H. WALKER JEAN MARY WATERS ELIZABETH WATT PAUL NOLAND WILEY EDWARD WINGO JIMMIE PHILLIP ZIRKLE S emord GERALDINE GARRARD GEORGE LATHAM DONALD CHARLES MYERS BOBBIE LEE ROBINSON Page 29 SENIOR RICHARD ARNOLD ALLEY — " Dick” — Homeroom Vice-Pres. 1; J. V. Football 1, 2; J. V. Baseball 1, 2; J. V. Basketball 2; Student Council Senator 3; Magazine Drive Homeroom Captain 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Sec. 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Senior Paper Editor 4. JANICE ANN ARMOGIDA— " Jan” —Munich, Germany 1, 2, 3; Model Club 4; Sec. 4. ROBERT ALLAN AURINGER— rr Mo”—Track 1; Var¬ sity Club 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Junior Play Cast 3; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4. PAUL DULANY AUSTIN— " Paul ”—Homeroom Vice- Pres. 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4. ELLEN DELLE BAKER— " Ellen ”—Folk Dance Club 1; Majorette 1, 2,; F.H.A. Club 2, 3, 4; Treas. 4; Junior Play Committee 3; JAGUAR Staff 4. CHARLOTTE McLEAN BARNES— " Charlotte ”— Thomas Jefferson Junior High 1; J. V. Hockey 3; Var¬ sity Basketball 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; Junior Play 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Co-Capt. 4; Homeroom Sec. 4; Mono¬ gram Club 4; Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Superlative 4. CHARLES L. BEAZLEY— " Charlie” —Dance Club 2, 3; Bowling Club 4. ROBERT CHARLES BLACK— ' " R. C ”—Printing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3. FREDERICK HENRY BOES— " Fred” —Tennis Club 2; Sgt.-at-Arms 2; Homeroom Pres. 3; Science Club 3; Junior Play 3; Forensics 3; Track 3; Key Club 4; Dir. of Board 4; JAGUAR Business Mgr. 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Vice-Pres. S.C.A. 4; Senior Play 4. DONALD R. BREEDEN— " Don” MILLIE JANETTE BRITTAIN— " Millie ”—Dance Club 1, 2, 3; One Act Plays 3; Varsity Hockey 4; Monogram Club 4; Homeroom Sec.-Treas. 4. PHYLLIS ANN BROWN— " Phyllis ”—Nutley N. J. 1; Science Club 1,2; Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 4. SAMUEL FAUST BURKHARDT— " Sam ”—Tennis Club 2; Sec. 2; Science Club 3, 4; Treas. 4; Varsity Football Manager 4; JAGUAR Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 4. PAMELA DOREEN CARTIN— " Pam ”—Marymount 1, 2, 3; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; JAGUAR Staff 4. SHIRLEY MAE CASE— " Shirley ”—Dance Club 1; Treas. 1; F.H.A. Club 2, 3, 4; Reporter 2; Federation Reporter 4; Junior Class Play 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL Staff 4. BENJAMIN D. CLARK — " Joe” NOAH CLIFFORD CLAYMAN— " Cliff” —Blountville, Tenn. 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y Club 4. DAVID LEE COOP ER— " Dave” —Model Airplane Club 1; J.V. Football 3; Bowling Club 4; Treas. 4. JOHN CHARLES COOPER— " John” —Model Airplane Club 1; Vice-Pres. 1; Hi-Y Club 2, 3; Junior Classical League 3; J.V. Football 3; Bus Driver 4; JAGUAR Staff 4. CHARLES NICKLES CORNISH— " Buddy” —McKinley Tech. 1, 2, 3. SHIRLEY LOUISE COX— " Shirley” —Houston, Texas 1; Psychology Club 2; Glee Club 3; Junior Civic League 4; Mixed Chorus 3, 4. JAMES RUSSELL CRIGLER— " J w”—Dance Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 4. JANET ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM— " Janet” —In¬ dependents Club 1; Sec. 1; Junior Play Staff 3; Science Club 4; Sec. 4. RICHARD CUNNINGHAM— " Dick” JOSEPHINE ANNE CUTTER— " Josie” —Manila, P. I. 3, 4; Camera Club 4. SARA RUTH DeGROOT— ' " Sarah”— Folk Dancing Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Junior Class Play 3; Junior Yearbook Staff 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Corresponding Sec. 4; F.H.A. 3, 4; Sec. 3; JAGUAR Staff 4; Senior Class Treas. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Superlative 4. GEORGIA LYNNE DEITS— " Georgia” —Dance Club 1; Folk Dance Club 2; Junior Play 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Civic League 3, 4; JAGUAR Staff 4. RICHARD LEON DENHAM— " Dick” —Los Angeles, Calif. 1; Varsity Track 2, 3; Bowling Club 4. JANE DeVAUGHAN— ' " Jane” SHIRLEY ANN DIETZ— " Shirley” —Chess and Checkers 1; Art Typing Club 2; Treas. 2; Junior Play 3; F.H.A. 4. JOANN LOUISE DiMISA— " Jo”—Library Assistant 1; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 3; Vice-Pres. 4; Homeroom Treas. 3; Mixed Chorus 4. SHARON LOUISE DORAN— " Sharon” —Los Alamos, New Mexico 1, 2; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3, 4; Feature Editor 3; Editor 4; Prom Committee 3; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Pres. 4; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Sweetheart Court 4; Senior Superlative 4. GLENDA ELIZABETH EDWARDS— " Glenda” —Dance Club 1, 4; Sub-Deb Club 2; Mixed Chorus 4. CAROLINE JUNE EPPARD— " Carolyn” BONNIE LORRAINE ESTES— " Bonnie” —Folk Dance Club 1; Homeroom Sec. 2; Dance Club 2; F.H.A. 3, 4. JOHN KENNARD EYBERS— " Ken” —Salt Lake City, Utah 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Basektball 3, 4; Capt. 4; Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4. Page 30 DIRECTORY MARY LUCIA FIELD— " Fields ”—Art Club 1,2; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4; Co-Capt. 4; All State Reserve Field Hockey 4; Varsity Basketball 3 ’ 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Vice-Pres. 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Superlative 4. WILLIAM, THOMPSON FINLEY, JR.— " Tom” —Forensic Club 1; Debating 1; Regional District 1; Junior Honor Society 2; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Sec. 3, 4; Junior Play 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Chaplain 4; Golf Team 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Calendar Committee 3, 4; Senator 4; Advertising Editor JAGUAR 4; Homeroom Pres. 2; Student Council 2, 3; Senior Paper 4; Chairman of Awards Committee 4; State SCA Convention 3; Vice- Chairman Northern Virginia Student Councils 4; G.W. U. Conference 1, 2; Boys’ State 3; Senior Play 4. ELISE EILEEN FLETCHER— " Eileen ”—Needlecraft 1; Dance Club 2; Sub-Deb Club 3; Glee Club 4; Home¬ room Sec. 4. GENEVA RUTH FOX— " Geneva ”—Class Treas. 1; J.V. Hockey 2; Class Treas. 2; Sub-Deb Club 2; Sec. 2;’ F.H.A. 3, 4; Treas. 3; S.C.A. Sec. 3; Varsity Hockey 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Senior Paper 4; Girls’ Chorus 4; A Cap- pella Choir 4. CHARLES ERNEST FRIEND — " Charlie” — Episcopal High School 1, 2; Key Club 3; Forensics Team 3; " I Speak For Democracy” 3, 4; District Winner 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Junior Business Mgr. 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4; Science Club 4; Senior Paper 4; Quill and Scroll 4; G.W.U. Conference 4; Pres. 4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Fiesta Chairman 3; Senior Superlative 4; Senior Play 4. JANE FRANCES FRUEH — " Jane” — St. Josephs 1, 2; F.H.A. 4. LAWRENCE DAVID FRYE— " Dave ”—Homeroom Pres. 1; Art Club 1; Vice-Pres. 1; J.V. Football 1; Co-Capt. 1; J.V. Baseball 2; Dance Club 2; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Co-Capt. 2; Varsity Football 2, 3; Capt. 3; Varsity Base¬ ball 2, 3; Class Pres. 3; Junior Play Staff 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3; Sports Editor 3; Junior Civic League 3; Vice-Mayor 3; Prom Committee 3; Boys’ State 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; National Honor Society 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Honor Council 4; Key Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Pres, of S.C.A. 4; Senior Super¬ lative 4. L. KEITH GARDINER— " Keith” —Seattle, Wash. 1, 2; St. Johns Nfld. 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4; S.C.A. 4; Senior Paper 4; Senior Play 4; Winner of School Oratorical Contest 4. GERALDINE STEPHANIE GARRARD — " Genie” — Fairfax 1, 2; W-L 2, 3, 4; Sub-Deb 4. WHEELER LeGRAND GLOVER— " Lee ”— Dance Club 1, 3; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 1; Junior Hi-Y 2; J.V. Foot¬ ball 3; Varsity Track 3, 4; Homeroom Treas. 4. DIANA MACAULEY GODFREY — " Diana” — Science Club 1, 3; Sec. 1; Radio Club 4; Literary Editor JAGUAR 4; Junior Play 3. MARIAN CORDELIA MORGAN GOTKO— " Marian” Camp Lejeune, N.C. 1; Pomona, Calif. 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Quill and Scroll 4; F.H.A. 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Refreshment Stand Committee 4; JAGUAR Staff 4; Senior Superlative 4. NANCY GOTTHARDT— " Nancy” —Chess and Checkers Club 1; Art Typing 2, 4; Vice-Pres. 2; Junior Play 3. JACK BARRETT GRADY— ' " Jack” EDWARD FAIRFAX GRECO— " Ed” —Band 1,2; Track 3; Junior Hi-Y 2; Chess and Checkers 1; Dance Club 3. POMEROY REYNOLDS GRESHAM— fr Roy”—Prince¬ ton, N. J. 1; Camera Club 2, 3; Intramural Basketball 3; Paraguay, S. A. 3; Senior Paper 4; Editor 4; Radio Club 4. VIRGINIA MAE GRILLE— " Ginny” —Homeroom Pres. 1, S.C.A. 1, 2; Dance Club 1; Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Sub-Deb 2; Homeroom Sec. 2; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3i Junior Play Student Director 3; Prom Committee 3; Outstanding Junior Girl 3; Class Treas. 3; Calendar Committee 3; F.H.A. 3, 4; Reporter 3; Pres. 4; Girls’ State 3; JAGUAR Staff 3, 4; Layout Editor 3; Circula¬ tion Mgr. 4; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Senior Paper 4; Honor Council 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Sec. 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Senior Superlative 4; Senior Play Student Director 4. CAROL WEIKART GROUNDWATER— " Carol” —Dolly Madison 1; Yokohama, Japan 2; Hazelton, Penn. 3; Modeling Club 4; Sgt.-at-Arms 4. BRADFORD N. HAAS— " Brad” —Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Play 4. JAMES BARRY HALL— " Barry” —J.V. Baseball 1; J.V. Football 1,2; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. MIRIAM LOIS HANNOLD — " Miriam” — Chess and Checkers 1; Varsity Hockey 2, 3; Art Typing 2; Junior Play 3; Three One-Act Plays 4; F.H.A. 4. JOHN FULTON HARGETT— " John” —J.V. Football 1; Homeroom Pres. 1,3; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 2; S.C.A. 4; Class Sgt.-at-Arms 2, 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3, 4; Senior Superlative 4. HILDA HARNE— " Hilda” —Needlecraft 1; Art Typing 2, 4; Pres. 4; Library Assistant 1, 3, 4. THOMAS WILLIAM HARRINGTON — " Tommy” _ Homeroom Pres. 1; Charter Member Junior Hi-Y 1; Junior Hi-Y 2; Councilman 2; J.V. Football 2, 3; Tennis Club 3; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4. JERRY KENT HAZELGROVE— " Jerry” —J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Capt. 4; J.V. Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Baseball 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Treas. 4; S.C.A. Page 31 SENIOR 1; Homeroom Treas. 1; JAGUAR JOURNAL 2, 3; Chess and Checkers Club 1; One-Act Play 3; Homeroom Pres. 4. MARY FRANCES HENRY— " Merf” —Dance Club 1, 2, 3; Sub-Deb 4; Mixed Chorus 4. FLOYD DENNIS HOBBS— " Denny” —Science Club 1, 2, 3; J.V. Football 2, 3; Capt. 3; S.C.A. 2, 3; Junior Play 3; J.V. Baseball 3; Varsity Baseball 4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4; Senior Superlative 4. CHARLOTTE GIBBIE HOLLOWELL — " Charlotte” — Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb 2, 3. FRANCIS PHILIP HOY — " Frank” — Junior Hi-Y 1; Counsellor 1; Dance Club 1, 2, 3; Varsity Football 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Junior Civic League 4; Treas. 4; Varsity Club 4; Senior Superlative 4. THOMAS LARKIN HOY — " Tom” — Junior Hi-Y 1; Treas. 1; J.V. Basketball 2; Dance Club 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; JAGUAR JOUR¬ NAL 4; Sports Editor 4; Junior Civic League 4; Vice- Mayor 4. MARY LOU HUNT— " Mary Lou” —Homeroom Sec. 1; Folk Dance Club 1; Latin Banquet 1; S.C.A. 1, 2; One- Act Plays 2; Dramatics Class Plays 2; Dance Club 2; Glee Club 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Spanish Fiesta 3; Mixed Chorus 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Quill and Scroll 4; F.H.A. 4; JAGUAR 4; Associate Editor 4; Senior Paper 4; Business Mgr. 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play Committee 4. WILLIAM HUNT— " Buddy” —J.V. Baseball 3; Varsity Basketball 3, 4. WALTER DUWAYNE JAMES— " Buddie” —J.V. Foot¬ ball 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; J.V. Baseball 1, 2; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES J. JECKELL— " Chuck” —Senior Play 4. MARGARET HENRIETTA JENKINS— " Margaret” — F.H.A. 1; Treas. 1; Sub-Deb 2; Dance Club 4. THOMAS PAGE JOHNSON— " Page” NANCY ALICE JOHNSTON — " Nancy” — Dramatics Class Plays 3; Junior Play Staff 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Civic League 3, 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Junior Editor 3; Feature Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. GEORGE WASHINGTON JONES, JR. — " Junior” _ Printing Club 1, 2, 3; Chess and Checkers Club 4. JUDITH ANN KAPLAN— " Judy” —Norfolk 1; Art Club 1; Sub-Deb 2; Glee Club 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Feature Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Three One-Act Plays 4; Student Director 4. JEAN MARIE KIDWELL— " Jean” —Dance Club 1,2 3- Sub-Deb Club 4. JOSEPH HOWARD KILLIAN— " Joe” —Charlotte, N.C. 1; Winston Salem, N.C. 2; Bible Club 3, 4; S.C.A. 4. HELYN MARIE KING— " Helyn” —Forensic Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 1, 2; Prom Committee 3; Junior Play Cast 3; Girls’ State 3; Class Sec. 3; Homeroom Sec. 2, 3; Prom Court 3; Sweetheart Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; Quill and Scroll 4; JAGUAR 4; Picture Editor 4; Junior Civic League 4; Corr. Sec. 4; Sadie Hawkins Character 4; Senior Superlative 4. PATRICIA KINSELLA— " Pat” —St. Mary’s Academy 1, 2, 3. KAREN JANE KRUEGER — " Karen” — Minneapolis, Minn. 1; Psychology Club 2; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Junior Play Committee 3; JAGUAR 4; Prom Committee 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Homeroom Treas. 4; G.W.U. Con¬ ference 4; Spanish Fiesta 3; Prom Court 4. GEORGE H. LATHAM— " Skip” —Odenton, Maryland 1; San Antonio, Texas 2; Tokyo, Japan 3, 4. ANNE ELSIE PALMA LEONE— " Anne” —Hastings-on- Hudson, N.Y. 1; S.C.A. 2, 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; Spanish Fiesta 3; Senator 4; Junior Civic League 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; Sweetheart Court 4. SYLVIA KATHLEEN LEWIN— " Sylvia” —Cony H. S. Augusta, Maine 1,2; Latin Club 3; Girls’ Chorus 3; Glee Club 3; JAGUAR 3, 4; Associate Art Editor 3; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Sec. 4; F. H. A. 4; Office Assistant 4; Library Assistant 4; Senior Paper 4; Stadium Committee 4. SIDNEY GEORGE LINEKER, JR.— " Sid” —Chess and Checkers Club 1; Homeroom Pres. 2; Tennis Club 2; J.V. Basketball 2; Junior Honor Society 2; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Pres. 4; Track Team 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Key Club 4; Treas. 4; JAGUAR 4; Associate Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; S.C.A. 4; Business Mgr. 4; Senior Play 4; G.W.U. Conference 4. CHARLES EDGAR LONG ACRE— " Chuck” —S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Model Airplane Club 1; Vice-Pres. 1; Science Club 2; Treas. 2; Glee Club 3; Junior Civic League 4; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Sadie Hawkins Character 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Senior Superlative 4. GAIL ELIZABETH LUNDE— " Gail” —Dramatics Club 2; F.H.A. Club 2; Junior Civic League 3; Mixed Chorus 4. NORMA ELLEN LUTTRELL— " Norma” —Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb Club 2, 3; F.H.A. Club 4; Library Assistant 3, 4. JOHN MACFARLAND— " John” JOHN GAUL MATHER— " John” —Dearborn, Mich. 1; J.V. Football 2; J.V. Basketball 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Key Club 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Treas. 4; Class Sgt.-at-Arms 4; Senior Superlative 4. Page 32 DIRECTORY JOHN ALBERT MATICIC— " John” —Homeroom Pres. 1; Chess and Checkers Club 1; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; Treas. 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3, 4; Managing Editor 4. JUNE REGINA McDONALD— " June ”—Stewart Junior High School 1; Eastern 2; Glee Club 4; Homeroom Treas. 4. DANIEL F. McGRATH— " Danny” —Dramatics Club 1; St. Anthony’s 2; Scranton, Penn. 3; Debating Club 4; Senior Play 4. ARTHUR EDWARD McGUFFIN— " Art” —Charlottes¬ ville, Va. 1; Homeroom Pres. 2; Dance Club 3; Art Club 4; Vice-Pres. 4. JOHN A. McINTIRE— " Mac ”—Model Airplane Club 1, 2; Track 2; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 2; Dance Club 4. MARIAN LEE McKEE— " Mickey ”—Dance Club 1, 2; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Homeroom Sec. 3; Magazine Drive Bookkeeper 4. PATRICIA ANN MERCHANT— " Pat” —St. Petersburg, Fla. 1; Lake Wales, Fla. 2; Mt. Vernon 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Paper 4. CAROL MILBURN— " Buddy ”—Dance Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD H. MILLER— " Dick” —Model Airplane Club 1,2; Sec. 2; Junior Classical League 2, 3; Scribe 3; Track 3; Science Club 4; JAGUAR 4. ROY COLIER MINNICK, JR.— " Roy” —Dance Club 1; Art and Crafts Club 2; Science Club 3, 4; Sgt. -at-Arms 3; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4; Senior Super¬ lative 4. MARJORIE WRIGHT MOORE— " Marjie” —Fort Wal¬ ton, Fla. 1; Fort Worth, Texas 2; Fairbanks, Ala. 3; Artyping Club 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4. DONNA LOUISA MORNINGSTAR— " Donna” —Dance Club 1, 4; Sub-Deb Club 2. JUANDA MAE MORRISON— " Juanda” —Montgomery, Ala. 1; Bellmore, N.Y. 1, 2; Colorado Springs, Colo. 2; Prom Committee 3; Junior Classical League 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; Senior Paper 4. LEE ROY MORRISON— " Lee Roy”— Spanish Fiesta 1; Dance Club 1, 2; J.V. Football 2, 3; Chess and Checkers Club 4; Bowling Club 4; Treas. 4. BARBARA ANNE MOSCATI — " Scoftie” — Homeroom Sec. 1, 2; Dance Club 1; Latin Banquet 1; J.V. Cheer¬ leader 2; Magazine Drive Committee 2; Junior Civic League 2, 3, 4; Co-Chairman Stamps and Bonds 3; Sweetheart Court 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4; JAQUAR JOURNAL 4; Senior Paper 4. CHARLES STAKELY MOUTOUX — " Charlie” — Hi-Y Club 1; J.V. Football 3; Science Club 4; Varsity Base¬ ball 4. ALMA MARIE MURRAY— " Alma” —Dorchester, Mass. 1, 2; S.C.A. 3; Dance Club 3; Model Club 4. BARBARA JEAN MURRAY— " Barbara” —Glee Club 1; Fairfax 2, 3; JAGUAR 4; Junior Civic League 4; Var¬ sity Hockey 4. JOHN EVANS MUTERSBAUGH — " Johnny” — Dance Club 1; Coin and Stamp Club 2; Vice-Pres. 2; Home¬ room Pres. 2. DONALD MYERS— ' " Don” RUTLI NEEDLE— " Ruth” —Dance Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 4; S.C.A. 4; Senior Paper 4. NANCY NEWTON— " Newt” —Science Club 2, 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; Dance Club 4; Three One-Act Plays 4. PEGGY JOANNE NICHOLSON— " Peggy” —Homeroom Sec. 1,2; Dance Club 1; Glee Club 2; ' Sub-Deb Club 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 4. PATRICIA INEZ NORTH— " Pat” —Homeroom Treas. 1; Spanish Fiesta 1; Dance Club 1; Junior Honor Society 1,2; Junior Dramatics Club 2; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Junior Civic League 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Treas. 4; Girls’ State 3; Prom Committee 3; Quill and Scroll 4; National Honor Society 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 4; Senior Play 4; Northern Virginia Hockey 3, 4. RAE ANN OGDEN— " Rae” MICHAEL F. OSBORN— " Mike” —Junior Honor Society 1, 2; Treas. 2; Dance Club 1, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. THEODORE E. PAYNE— " Tcd ” —Dance Club 1; J.V. Football 1, 2; J.V. Baseball 1, 2; Art Club 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4. CHARLES L. PECKINPAUGH, III.— " Peck” —Model Airplane Club 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Pres. 2; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 3; Science Club 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM THOMAS PENN— " Tom” —Class Pres. 1, 4; Homeroom Pres. S.C.A. 1,2; Dance Club 1,2; Norfolk, Va. 1, 2; Homeroom Treas. 2; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Treas, 3; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Junior Play 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; JAGUAR 3, 4; Art Editor 4; Prom Committee Chairman 3; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Paper 4; Honor Court 3; Outstanding Junior Boy 3; Senior Superlative 4; Track Team 4. GEORGE PEPIN— " George” JOAN BEATRICE PERRY— " Joan” —Panama City, Fla. 1; Homeroom Sec. 2; Dance Club 2; S.C.A. 3; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Pres. 4; Sweetheart Court 3; Prom Committee 3; Homeroom Pres. 4; Homecoming Court 4; S.C.A. Convention 3; Sadie Hawkins Character 4. COLLIS M. PHILYAW— " Milton” —Bus Driver 3, 4. Page 33 SENIOR DIRECTORY GEORGE WILLIAM PICKERAL— " Picky” —Model Air¬ plane Club 1; Dance Club 3. THADDEUS WHITFIELD POSEY— " Thad” —J.V. Base¬ ball 1; Chess and Checkers Club 2; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 4. MARILYN JOY REIN— " Joy” —Sub-Deb Club 2; One- Act Plays 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Junior Play Committee 3; Mixed Chorus 4; A Cappella Choir 4. BOBBIE LEE ROBINSON — " Bobbie” — Correspondence Course 1; Fort Hamilton 2, 3; G. W. 3; Highland Park 4; Camera Club 4; Sec. 4. DAVID HENRY ROGERS— " Dave” —Heidelberg, Ger¬ many 1, 2, 3; JAGUAR 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Chess Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Play 4; Vir¬ ginia All-State Band 4; Track 4; Forensics 4. PATRICIA ANN ROSENBERGER— r T j 7 ' ”—Majorette 1 , 2, 3, 4; Dance Club 1; Sub-Deb 2; Home Ec. 3; Dramatics Club 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Mixed Chorus 4. ELIZABETH JANE SANTMYER— " Betty” —Folk Dance Club 1; Dance Club 2, 3; Library Assistant 2; Glee Club 4; Homeroom Pres. 4; Senior Paper 4. NANCIE L. SCHEELE— " Nancie” —W-L 2; Junior Civic League 3, 4; JAGUAR 4. GEORGE E. SCHINDLER, JR.— " George” —Art Club 1, 4; Stamp and Coin Club 2. R. JACK SCHWElTZEPv— " Jack” —Thomas Jefferson 2, 3; Dance Club 4; Pres. 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. WILLIAM ALLAN SCOTT— 1 " Bill”— ' Thomas Jefferson, Jr. High 1; Dance Club 2; Junior Play 3; Radio Club 4; Chairman 4; Track 3, 4; Student Teacher in Mechani¬ cal Drawing 4; Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3. ARTHUR GARFIELD SHAFFER— " Art” —J.V. Football 2 ; Class Pres. 1, 2; S.C.A. 2; Homeroom Pres. 2, 3; Varsity Football 3; Varsity Baseball 3; Varsity Club 4; JAGUAR 4; Senior Superlative 4. MARSHALL H. SISK— " Marshall” —Dance Club 1; Math Club 2; Printing Club 3. ARTHUR SMITH— " Art” ELAINE JOY SMITH— ' " Smitty”— Dance Club 2; Science Club 3, 4; Reporter 4; JAGUAR 4. ELEANOR ANN STEADMAN — " Eleanor” — F.H.A. Club 1, 2, 3; Dance Club 4; Mixed Chorus 4. WALTER ROBERT STENHOUSE— " WG ”—Model Air¬ plane Club 1; Table Tennis Club 3; Photography Club 2, 4. ELIZABETH L. SULLIVAN— " Betsy” —S.C.A. 1, 2, 3; Dance Club 1; Glee Club 4; Pres. 4; Senior Superlative 4. ROBERT JOSEPH SULLIVAN— " Bob” —Science Club 2; Dance Club 4. RICHARD JOEL SUMMERS— " Rock” —Model Airplane Club 1; Dance Club 2, 4; S.C.A. 3; Track 4. ELIZABETH M. TAYLOR— " Liz” —Tripoli, North Africa 1; F.H.A. Club 2, 3; Junior Civic League 4; JAGUAR 4. HENRY JOE TAYLOR, JR.— " Hank” —Anchorage, Ala. 1; Homeroom Treas. 2; J.V. Football 2; J.V. Baseball 2; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3; Home¬ room Sec. 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND L. TEMPLEMAN— " Ray” —Junior Hi-Y 2; J.V. Football 3; Chess and Checkers Club 4; JAGUAR 4. BARBARA E. THORNTON— " Bobbie” —Spanish Fiesta 1; Dance Club 1; Pep Club 2; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 3; Junior Play Committee 3; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Mixed Chorus 4. CAROLE JEAN TOWER— " Carole” —S.C.A. 1, 2; Class Sec. 1; Pep Club 1; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Sweetheart Court 1, 2, 4; Homecoming Court 2, 3; Homeroom Pres. 3; Junior Play Committee 3; J.V. Cheerleader Capt. 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4; Capt. 4; Handbook Editor 1, 2; Junior Civic League 1, 2, 3; Sec. 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 4; JAGUAR 4; Layout Editor 4; Prom Court 4; Key Club Sweetheart 4; Honor Council 4; S.C.A. Treas. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Senior Superlative 4; Senior Play 4. RICHARD VANNOY — " Dicky” — J.V. Baseball 1, 3; Junior Hi-Y 1; Pres. 1; J.V. Football 3. IRWIN ALLEN VEACH— " Allen” —Dance Club 1, 2; Radio Club 4. JAMES H. WALKER, JR.— " Jimmy” —Model Airplane Club 1, 2, 3; Vice-Pres. 1; Pres. 2; Homeroom Vice- Pres. 1; Homeroom Pres. 3, 4; Junior Play 3; One-Act Plays 3; J. V. Football 3; J.V. Baseball 3; Dance Club 4. JEAN MARY WATERS— " Jean” —St. Mary’s Academy 1; Sub-Deb Club 2; Junior Civic League 3, 4; Junior Play Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; Senior Paper 4; Class Sec. 4; Homecoming Court 4; One-Act Plays 3, 4; JAGUAR 4; Sweetheart Queen 4; Senior Superlative 4. ELIZABETH MORRISON WATT — " Betty” — Tokyo, Japan 1,2; Schenectady, N.Y. 3; Girls’ Chorus 4; Mixed Chorus 4; Glee Club 4. PAUL NOLAND WILEY— " Paul” —Photography Club 1; Homeroom Sgt.-at-Arms 1; Hi-Y Club 2; Dance Club 3; Chess and Checkers Club 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. EDWARD WILSON WINGO— ' " Eddie ”—Elicit Junior High 1; Art Club 2; J.V. Football 3; Junior Civic League 3, 4; JAGUAR JOURNAL 4; Art Editor 4. JAMES PHILLIP ZIRKLE— " Jimmy” —Fork Union Mili¬ tary Academy 1; W-L 2, 3; Lakeland, Fla. 2; Dance Club 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. Page 34 PEUPLE AND EVENTS Top left: Miss Green’s A Capella Choir in Christinas Concert. Top right: Homecoming Court at Fairfax-Falls Church an nuaJ football clash. Middle left: Band at Spring Concert. Middle right: Cheerleaders with mascot Nancy Lenvin at Homecoming game. Lower left: Senior assembly, Tom Penn presiding. Lower right: Octet sings at Christmas Dance. Page 3 5 MOSf QHAP.l-E- 1 f R EHD J£an Waters MOST ATHLETIC JOHN HARGETT MARY LU FIELD DENNIS SHARON DORAN Hobbs BEST DRESSED ROY MINNICK HELYN KING chuck , „„, VV,Tt, £ST MMi Peggy Huntley. Palmer Rutherford Bill Chase. Lee Chaney . .Treasurer . . Vice-President . President Sergennt-nt-Arins Lynn Mandelbaum Secretary [Amor ADAMS, WALLY ARMSTRONG, ALLAN P. AURINGER, DUANE BALTHIS, BOB BARILE, NANCY ANN BARKER, RAY BARWICK, BEVERLY BEARD, BETTY BEAVERS, SHERW OOD BLINCOE, DONALD BOND, MARJORIE BRANT, JANET BRAUNLICH, RICHARD BREEDEN, BUSTER BREWER, RONALD BROWN, JACK BROWN, ROBERT BROWN, TED CALLAHAN, MAXINE CHANEY, LOUIS LEE CHASE, WILLIAM CHERRY, MARIE CHEW, FRED CLARK, RAYMOND Page 39 u mo r CLIFFORD, HENRY CLOUD, NANCY j COKER, BEVERLY COLBY, ROBERT COLE, KEITH CONINE, JAMES CONLOGUE, MARY LOU CORDELL, EULA CORN, PEGGY COVINGTON, EVERETT COX, JEAN DAVENPORT, ROSALYN DEAN, JOAN DEITS, MERLE DELAP, RICHARD DeVINEY, JOYCE DICKSON, JAMES DITTMAN, PAT DODSON, JACK DONAHOE, CONNIE DOVE, LENNY EAST, MARIAN EDDY, SALLY ELAM, HENRY Page 40 ass EMERY, BETTY FAHEY, JOHN FAUST, RICHARD FEASTER, RAYMOND FEEHAN, LOUISE FIELD, OWEN FLETCHER, ROBERT ROX, PAUL FREED, THOMAS GIAMBATTISTA, THOM GLENN, DON GOLDSMITH, LOIS GOSSAGE, MARY GRAY, JANET GREEN, BARBARA GREEN, PETE GRENON, DONALD HARPER, JOHN HAUER, ERNST HEFFERNAN, JOHN HEMMA, BILLY HEMMING, LELAND HEROLD, FRANK HINKLE, MARION Page 41 umo r IIONSE, NORA HOUSER. DAVID HOWARD, DAWN HULL, MARY LOU HUME, MARILYN HUNT, FRANCES HUNTLEY, PEGGY INTOLUBBE, DALE JOHNSON, ELIZABETH ANN JOHNSON, MARGARET J. JOHNSON, VEE VEE JOLIN, ROBERT JONES, CORNELIA KERR, LINDA KERR, SMITH PETER KID WELL, HILDA KING, ALICE FAYE KIRBY, SHIRLEY KLETT, MARLENE LACEY, LYNDA LOUISE LARCOMBE, JOHN LEYDE, BERYL ANN LIEPINS, GUNA LITTLE, RICHARD Page 42 a $ 5 LOUR, NANCY LOVING, BILL LOWERY, MARY LUCAS, ANNE MANDELBAUM, LYNN MARKLEY, RICHARD MARTIN, ARLYNE McCauley, Charles McCENEY, ROBER T McINTIRE, KENNETH McLANE, SHIRLEY MARR, WILLIAM MERRYMAN, LOUIS NALLS, DELORES ANN NEVIN, JUDITH NIELSON, DANNY NORRIS, CAROLYN OLIVER, JANICE OSBORN, ALICE OUTLAW, GARY PACE, THOMAS PAGE, ELIZABETH PARHAM, PRICEY PARTLOW, ROSA Page 43 amor PATTERSON, PEGI PHIPARE), JEEN PICKETT, DOUGLAS PUGH, BETTY JO RAINES, CAROL REANEY, LELAND REIFF, DIANNA RENTZ, THEODORE REVELL, JANET RHODES, JOHN RICHARDS, LYNN RINALDI, RONNY RITCHIE, JAMES ROSE, EDWARD, JR. RUTHERFORD, PALMER, JR. SCHAUSS, CHARLES SCHOTTROFFE, FRANCES SHIFFLETT, SHIRLEY SIIREYE, LAURA LEE SIMMONS, JAMES SMALLWOOD, EVELYN SMALLWOOD, JUANITA SNEAD, LAWRENCE SNOW, JAMES Page 44 a 6 $ SPARSIIOTT, HELENE STANLEY, VERDA MAE STAPLES, ROGER GLENN STEADMAN, MILDRED STEELE, IVER STONEBURNER, GODFREY STOREY, HELEN TAYLOR, JAMES THOMAS, WILLIE TOMPKINS, WALTER THOMPSON, EUGENE THOMPSON, MARY LOU VIRDEN, KAY WATERVAL, KURT WEBER, SONNY WEBER, SUSAN WEEDON, GENE WELLS, PEGGY K. WHITTINGTON, CATHERINE WILSON, TONY WINSLOW, BARBARA WOHL, CHARLES WOOD, DEBORAH WOOD, DONNA Page 4 5 Bclknapp, Roland Bennett, Charles Braden, Bonnie Carrigan, Nancy Cole, Frances Dairs, Charles Dorsett, Jack Estes, Arden am or5 German, Dick Gilmore, Bruce Gilmore, Ted Hatch, Donald Harvey, Allen Hockman, Joseph Hunt, Richard Lindsey, Lois Massingale, John McCarter, Duncan McKee, Harvey Miller, Joe Mistelske, Joyce O’neal, Charles Rawls, Bill Sawyer, Holt Schubert, Joan Shirley, Ronald Smith, Robert Steele, Lrances Taylor, Charles Williamson, Mike Wood, Dewey Page 46 Faculty Elects . . . ' TfCa t Out tftctditty Students By vote of the faculty, the following were elected the most outstand¬ ing students of Falls Church High School. Citizenship, leadership, and promotion of school spirit were the points governing the election. SENIORS Sara DeGroot Charles Friend + + + JUNIORS Lynn Mandelbaum David Ilanser + + + SOPHOMORES Ann Yeatman David Taylor + + + FRESHMEN Joan Nalls James Mclntire + + + EIGHTH GRADE Judith Taylor Donald Connick Ann Yeatman . . Charles Rowe . Jim Neville Jim Penn. SONDRA VlLLELLA .Secretary . President Sergeant-at-Arms . Vice-President . Treasurer Page 48 S)opLomov ' e ALDERMAN, MARY ALLMAN, DIANE ALTIZER, JOAN ALTIZER, ROBERT ANDERSON, CLARK ARMSTRONG, BEVERLY ARNOLD, ROBERTA AUSTIN, NANCY AUSTIN, SUE AVERY, ROBERT BALL, ANNA BELL, BARBARA BENDALL, PENNY BENNETT, CARL BERGER, DAVE BERLEIN, CORA BITTORF, NORMAN BLANKENSHIP, ROBERT BOOTH, ABIGAIL BOTTOMLEY, ROBERT BROKENSIIIRE, DARTHA BURKE, CONNIE CALLAN, BOB CALLAWAY, CHARLES CAMPBELL, JOHN CARR, EARL CARTER, ELAINE CARTER, SYLVIA CASE, JANET CASEY, BILL CAVIL, MARGARET CHANDLER, BEATY CHAPMAN, ANNE CHENEY, OAKLEY CLARKE, JOYCE CLARKE, PEGGY COCKY, JOAN COHN, MIKE COLEMAN, MARIE COOK, CONNIE JOAN Page 49 omore CORDLE, LOIS COWENS, BARBARA CROSON, HELEN CROSS, WAYNE CROSSMAN, SYLVIA DAWSON, SARA DeGROOT, JOANN DeROUSSE, LOUIS DeWILDE, RICHARD DICKSON, DONALD DODSON, PAT DORNISCII, DON DUNKLEY, JUDY DUNN, MARGARET ECKERT, JON ENGLISH, JOAN FALCONE, RALPH FLAGG, ALICE FLAHERTY, MICHAEL FLETCHER, FRANK FLETCHER, PALMER EREDMAN, MARY FREER, RICHARD FRIEDLANDER, HARRY FRUIT, CLAUDIA GALLO, JON GOTTI IARDT, NORMAN GRAY, JAMES GRAY, RICHARD GRAY, TOM GRECO, FREDDY CUIFFRE, ARTHUR HAAS, ELIZABETH HAGEN, NORLAND HARRINGTON, JANE HARTMAN, ROSEMARY HARVEY, KAREN HATCH, DONALD HAWES, DORIS HAYDEN, HELEN Page SO HERNDON, FRANCES HIGHT, ELIZABETH IIOOTS, MILO HOWARD, HENRY HULL, HERMAN HUME, DIANNE HUNT, CONNIE IIUNTON, HUGH HURST, JOAN IRVIN, HERBERT JAEGER, ANDY JOHNSON, DAVE JOHNSON, JANET JOHNSON, VERNON JOHNSTON, ROSALIE JONES, KENNETH JONES, SARAH JUIINKE, DARLENE KEARNS, LOIS KEENAN, TED KELLY, LARRY KEYS, PAT KILLIAN, PHYLLIS KIMBERLY, PETER KING, LAWRENCE KIRBY, WAYNE KORFF, SANDY LANHAM, HERBERT LARKIN, SALLY LAURENSON, PEM LEHMAN, JOHN LIBBY, WAYNE LICIITMAN, BARRY LIVINGSTON, BARBAR; LOEW, JOAN LOTT, MARILYN LUDLOW, SALLY LUKER, BONNIE LUSH, KATHLEEN LYNN, JACK Page 51 omore MACK, JEAN MacDOWELL, ROBERT MARR, DONALD MARR, ROBERT MARSHALL, SUSAN MARTENESS, BILLIE MARTIN, DALE MASSINGALE, THOMAS MATHEWS, JIMMY McGEHEE, ELSIE McGRATH, THOMAS McIIENRY, BARBARA McNAMMARA, CAROL McPherson, tom MENDEZ, CARBY MICALE, NICK MILLER, MARVIN MILLER, DYSON MOLLE, YVONNE MOORE, THOMAS MORNINGSTAR, MARY MORRISON, JAMES MUTERSBAUGH, LORAINE MYERS, KATHERINE NEVILLE, JAMES NEVILLE, TOMMY NEWMAN, SUE NOBLE, ANITA NOBLE, WILMA NOONAN, TOM O’DONNELL, GERALDINE OLIVER, ANITA JEANETTE OLIVER, NANCY O’NEAL, ELSIE ORR, DONALD PALMER, JANE PENN, PATRICIA ANN PENN, JIM K. PERRY, DUANE PERSON, DONALD Page 52 PHILLIPS, MATILDA PICKERAL, NANCY POTTER, BARBARA PRICE, CAROLYN ANN PRICE, DON PROSISE, RUBY PUTNAM, MARY RAPOPORT, DAVID REEDY, MARGARET RIDGEWAY, JAMES ROGERS, CONNIE ROWE, CHARLES RUSK, PEGGY RYDER, LEWIS SANDERSON, LORA SCHAEFER, SONYA SERVEY, DONNA SHIFFLETT, SHELBY J. SIIREVE, ROBERT SHUGIIRUE, SHIRLEY STALL, BARBARA STEIN, LOUISE STEVENS, SANDRA STIPE, MILDRED STOKES, ALLEN STORMES, DOUGLAS SWINDAL, JAMES SYDNOR, CHARLES TALMANIS, EDITE TAYLOR, DAVE TAYLOR, ELIZABETH TEAGUE, JOAN THRIFT, RICHARD TROUT, JANET VALDES, KENNETH VILLELLA, SONDRA WADE, BARBARA WAGNER, PRISCILLA WALKER, ROGER WATERS, DAVE Page 5 3 WATTERS, SUSANNE WEINER, LARRY WELLS, SHELBY WESTDAHL, ROBERT WILLIAMS, HAMPTON WILLIAMS, PATRICIA WILSON, CHARLES WOODS, MICHAEL YARDLEY, ROBERT WEEDON, IRENE WEISS, BETTE WHITTINGTON, WILMA WILLIAMS, HARRIET WOODS, LOIS WREN, WILLIAM YATES, RICHARD YEATMAN, ANN ddopLomoreS ot jf ictured ANDERTON, WILBUR BIDDLE, ROBERT BOWERS, HAROLD BROWN, EDWARDS BROWN, JESSE BROWN, MARGARET BUSCHER, JOSEPH CARD, DOROTHY DAMERON, WESLEY DAVIS, DONALD DICK, LAUllIN HARDY, ROBERT HEMMIND, JOHN HEWITT, PAUL IIONSE, RICHARD JONES, ANITA KRUG, ELLEN McHUGH, WILLIAM MARTIN, ROBERT MIJUSKOVIC, BEN MINNICK, LAWRENCE MOORE, EDDIE NEESE, MILDRED ST ATI I AM, JAMES SHARTZER, WILLIAM WOOD, BOBBIE PEOPLE AND EVENTS Top left: Girls prepare food in Home Ec kitchen. Top center: Crowd enjoys the music at the High Hat Dance. Top right: Maestro Ryder swings the baton. Middle left: These boys are the school chauffeurs. Middle center: Carole, Tom, Karen and Sid have fun at the Xmas Dance. Middle right: Mrs. Chapman takes in some calories. Lower left: The band marches at the Fairfax game. Lower right: Sid Lineker receives the Harvard prize book award from a member of the Harvard Club. Page 5 5 Ronnie Clatterbuck Joan Nalls. Jim McIntire Bob Head . Jill Dalnf.ss. Sergeant-at-Arms . Secretary . President . Vice-President . Treasurer Page 5 6 man a ass Allison, Andrea Anderson, Carl Anderson, James Andrews, Gale Austin, Phil Avery, William Backus, Maryellen Baensch, Tina Baily, Betsy Ball, Frances Barber, Virginia Barnes, Dorothy Baxter, Frank Beach, Donna Benson, Donovan Bettis, Alice Bieri, Brenda Bellhimer, Barbara Blake, William Bloxton, Carol Bobbitt, Sylvia Bond, Barbara Bowman, Barbara Bradford, Hal Brant, Jacky Bray, Janice Breedlove, Becky Breedlove, Paula Brewer, Joan Brooks, Priscilla Brothers, Anita Brown, Adrienne Brown, Harold Brown, Margaret Brown, Mary Brown, Nancy Brown, Nellie Brownell, Janet Burgess, Donna Burnham, Bertigene Butcher, David Byerly, Martha Carter, Dale Casey, Terry Caynor, Melvin Chamberlain, Jack Cheek, Julie Cheney, Carol Page 57 re 6 h m a n Chew, Gary Chisholm, Peggy Clark, Ann Clark, Hugh Clark, Janies Clark, Margaret Clark, Pomeroy Clatterbuck, Ronald Clifford, Donald Cockrell, Wally Cody, Yvonne Cofer, Nancy Constable, Thomas Cordell, Charles Crosby, Alan Croson, Rodney Cox, Betty Cox, Cheryl Cox, Lora Dalness, Jill Dawson, Elizabeth Day, Daphne De’Elousa, Roxie Dcits, Jay Denham, Diana Dickson, Patricia DiMisa, Janet Drake, Barbara Easterwocd, Martha Edkins, Bruce Elkins, Trye Ely, Stephen Emmons, Charles Eppard, William Esper, Diana Evans, Rusty Feeham, Mary Ferraro, Richard Filley, Chuck Foley, Shirley Freehill, Joseph Fritzsche, Robert Frye, Jacob Gardiner, Susan Gauthier, Rexina German, Helen Giambattista, Frank Gillespie, Richard Page 5 8 a ass Gilmore, Ruth Gordon, David Gorham, Audrey Gosnell, Richard Gost, William Graham, Barbara Gray, Doris Gray, Joel Green, Peggy Groves, Evelyn Gruendyke, Richard Guarraia, Leonard Gunn, James Hack, Susan Harden, Ellen Hardesty, Joseph Harnage, Arroll Harris, Jane Harris, Wilson Hawkins, Larry Head, Robert Hefferman, Howard Heine, Carl Henry, Eugene Herman, Phillip Hilbert, Barbara Hilliard, Patricia Hinkle, Joyce Howard, Patsy Hudson, Jack Hughton, Carolyn Hurst, Barbara Hurst, Nicholas Imhoff, Sue Johnson, Chris Johnson, Jean Johnson, Mary Louise Johnston, Alan Jones, Dennis Keesee, Barbara Killen, Dick Klienhans, Rosalie Kohlmeier, Albert Krahmer, Manya Krapf, Judith Kremer, Ralph Krueger, Tom Lakboy, Laki Page 59 man Lancaster, Joan Langdon, Diana Landen, Charles Lawrence, Prescott Lay, Donald Learnord, Anne Lebscok, Kay Lee, Bertha Libby, Wayne Lofland, Victoria Lumsden, Robert Lyons, Lee MacDonald, Paul MacKenzie, Eric Malnick, Florence Marble, Skip Markly, Kenneth Martin, Barbara Mason, Letty Maticic, Marilvnn Maxwell, Cecilia McDonald, Bill McGee, Francis McGhee, Carole McGhee, Frank Mcllwee, Wayne Mclntire, Jim McKibbin, Ann Melmer, Richard Meredith, Alicia Micale, Barbara Milburn, Ted Miller, Beverly Mitchel, Olynda Mooney, Michella Moore, Dean Moutoux, Tom Murphy, Colleen Murphy, Marilyn Murray, Anne Mutre, Charles (Meetree) Nalls, Joan Nations, Kay Nevin, George Oakly, Tom Oliver, Marilyn Oliver, Roberta Omasta, Elinor Page 60 a ass Outlaw, Lindabella Owens, Charles Pace, Martha Parham, John Park, Marion Partlow, Frank Payne, Barbara Peckinpaugh, Ann Peebles, Robert Perry, Roberta Peyton, Harold Peyton, Hunter Phillips, Marianne Phillips, Scott Pickett, Frank Prosise, Donald Pugh, Alan Redfield, Jean Rhodes, Tommy Rich, Mary ' Lou Ridgway, Ann Riedesel, Joyce Roche, Philip Rodier, Shelia Root, Edward Rose, Robert Rosson, Benny Ruddle, Arthur Rundqist, Jean Rustad, Bob Ryder, Bobby Sadler, Everett Saunders, Sylvia Sawallesh, Robert Seay, William Schewe, Jerry Kenneth Sehierlmann, Judy Ann Schmidt, Marilyn Schoolar, Richard Schultz, Janet Shea, Kevin Shomo, Tommy Shugars, Shirley Simpson, Grace Sisk, Benny Smart, Thomas Smith, Claude Sparshott, Ruth Page 61 Andrews, John Bates, Arthur Bowen, Jimmy Brown, Lloyd Carroll, Ken Chapman, Daniel Connick, Ronald De Viney, Carol Drumheller, Wendell Fay, Carl Fisher, Rayburn Fahrell, John Gaskill, Charles Good, Jimmy Griffith, Dan Hines, Charles Houghton, Carolyn Hughes, Ralph Jacobson, Leanne Jenkins, Hubert Janes, Elizabeth Kidwell, John Landon, Donald Lam, Thomas Lear, Donald Lepping, William Lewis, Benita Ligon, Walter Lukas, Betsy Mills, Joe Mitchell, Michael Morely, John Moses, Edward Potter, Barbara Parrer, Irene Reed, Barbara Schneider, James Shirley, Paul IrresL re sriman Cl las 6 Spicer, Joan Stabile, Lucille Stalmaker, Kay Stanton, John Stein, Dorthy Stormes, Douglas Stoy, Margie Strauss , Emily Struct, Arthur Sutton, Edward Taylor, Charles Edwin Templeman, Frances Thompson, Robert Thuma, Barbara Tichurst, Joyce Tishbyan, Dale Townsend, Terry Trammell, Ann Trammell, Helen Tuck, Joan Tucker, Karen Tugwell, Bonnie Walters, Shirley Weakly, Robert Weeks, Barbara Wills, Effie Westerman, Jere Wheeler, Rachel Whiteley, Donna Wilkinson, Peggy Willett, Ronald Williamson, Carol Willis, Mary Wolfrey, Naomi Wood, Frances Wren, Emma Wright, June Younger, Griffitli Smith, Robert Stabile, Donald Walker, Fred Weathers, Roland Westbrook, Barbara Will, John Wren, Robert Wynkoop, Norma Yates, Lillie Zelaska, Jack Page 62 Outcf, a ScfaaC? It’s funny how a high school gets under your skin. The first time you walk into its silent hallways it doesn’t mean much of anything at all . . . just another school, another building to swallow you up through the long winter. And maybe it’s that way the second time you come ... or the third. The people walking about you don’t seem to be much different from the people you’ve known all your life; met at the movies or on the beach or in the gaiety of a party. Some you like, some you don’t like. A few you find you like better than the rest. The classes don’t seem to change so much from year to year, either. The teachers and the subjects be¬ come different teachers and different subjects, but there is always, it seems, the same quality of restlessness as you wait for the bell . . . wait and wonder what time it is and draw pictures on the desk or your books or the sweater of the guy in front of you. The dances are just as crowded as the ones before and the ones before those; the faces are the same, and though you may not be able to see them too clearly at times, you recognize them and forget them without too much interest. The ball games are win, lose, or draw. The losses always hurt, the draws annoy you and a few of the wins stand out in your mind. But the crowd’s voice is the same voice, month after month; the same plays parade before you on gridiron, court, diamond. The whole colorful pageant whirls together in a crazy-quilt of laughter and sorrow, success and failure. It’s one big lark, one big sob, with the highlights poking out occa¬ sionally as you find a flower from your first Prom or your old track shoes or your society pin, stuck away in the closet beneath the stairs. You can’t separate the merry ' -go-round in your mind; you can onlv look at the old souvenirs tucked into your dresser and think . . . “Has it been that long?” And you realize it has. And then one day, you begin to notice things that never meant very much before. You see the people around you . . . the guys and girls with whom you struggled through Julius Caesar and biology and Span¬ ish I . . . moving, one by one, into those big, way-up jobs in the school. You see your own lockermate catch the touchdown pass that wins the game and suddenly the excitement of the crowd is your excitement, your thrill, your cheers; and it means more to you than you had ever guessed. The duties that you vaguely heard of being done become your duties, your responsibilities; the citizenship that went home with the three-ten bell last year stays on now, and makes you proud of it and of your friends as you watch them building, improving, driving on and on. The music at the formals never seemed quite so sweet before; each dance sounds shorter than you re¬ membered, and many times as nice. The decorations are brighter, the girls prettier, the time so much more precious . . . the parties . . . the movies . . . the part in the play, the career book, the trip to New York, the SIPA conference. It’s no longer the mad, spinning world of noise and color; instead it becomes hours, minutes, seconds spent in doing things which mean so much and are gone so quickly ... yet remain. You begin to look at the people around you; the people whom you have admired and respected. You begin to wonder if you’ll ever see them again after . . . well, you know. You wonder, “What will he become? What will she do, and where will he go? Will our paths ever cross again?” And you find yourself hoping that they will. You remember how, as a Junior, you watched your friends in last year’s class as they clung to those final, few, precious weeks before June and wondered . . . “How do they feel ... so close to goodbye?” And now you know. You, too, cling to the days, stretching them, en¬ joying every corner and nook of time left to you to laugh and live the life you’ve suddenly found . . . and want so much. And then there aren’t any hours left, and then no minutes, and then ... no time at all. The goodbyes are said in different ways. Quite a few are scrawled across the blank page in the back of a yearbook; some impersonal, some with a warmth and depth that will never be forgotten. Others will be dropped into a little box with a hundred other name cards, and will vanish beneath the soon-dusty top. A few will be said on a speaker’s platform, or on the sidewalks outside Lisner Auditorium. A few will be said quietly on front doorsteps, and will be noticed only by the people concerned. And pretty soon all the hallways are dark and quiet in Falls Church High; the life has come and passed away once more. There are no voices, no laughter. A building, empty and silent. Just another high school, again? I wonder. Page 63 Ann Chase. Larry Grant. Donnie Connick . . John Coche. Harry Woodward Arthur Hermann . . Marlene Segelbaum . Vice-President . Senator . President Sergeant-at-Arms . Treasurer . Secretary Senator Page 64 (L La lit L raae cl i Anders, Bruce Anderson, Christina Anderson, Gwendolyn Anderson, Shirley Andrews, Helen Jo Armogida, Jimmy Arnold, Billy Atchison, Shirley Baker, Kenny Ball, Margaret Ball, Marjorie Barcay, Caroline Bartlett, Charles Barwick, Fred Beetham, Wallace Begue, Suzanne Berry, Eddie Biddle, William Bielas, Kathleen Bittner, Pete Black, Kitty Bodey, Marian Bonnet, Barbara Bosley, Judith Bowers, John Bradley, Betty Bragg, Janet Brewer, Richard Brook, Valerie Brown, Douglas Bryant, Martha Buckingham, David Burke, Conway Burner, Barbara Bush, Dennis Campbell, Peter Carlson, Shannon Carter, Jean Carter, Willard Chase, Ann Chase, Annette Chisholm, Joan Cloud, William Coche, John Cockrell, Jerry Cole, Robert Collins, Norman Collins, Patricia ConCannon, Jacquelyn Connick, Donald Cornele, Alice Cox, Robert Crater, Walter Crossett, Sondra Crossman, Allan Crummett, Raynette Page 65 (Lli Cf L t L Cundiff, Elic Curtin, Richard Dalton, Lloyd Davis, Craig Denlinger, Milton Dennin, Donna Dennis, Carolyn Derr, Ann Doe, Harold Drake, Billy Dunn, Barbara Eadv, Kathleen East, Kathleen Eaton, Martha Eller, Wilbert Ellis, Carolyn Eppard, Wilmer Ezzell, Joseph Eague, Charlene Faircloth, Barbara Farmer, Diane Felton, Beverly Ferguson, Kenneth Field, Nancy Fischer, John Fletcher, Paul Fletcher, Perry Fowler, Sally Frisbee, Pat Garrett, Lillian Giampa, Nick Givens, Virginia Glass, Hollis Glover, Martha Gore, Lois Gotko, Conky Grant, Lawrence Gray, Tom Green, Meredith Greene, Charles Gresham, Dean Griffith, Florence Hagen, Lynn Haines, William Haley, Judy Hall, John ' Hankes, Betty Hanna, Fredericka Hardesty, Wells Harrell, Fred I larris, Charles Harrison, Irene Ilatke, Kaye Hegwood, John Herbert, Joseph Hermann, Arthur Page 66 Higbie, Dick Hill, Mildred Hines, Tommy Hoffman, Harry Holcomb, Cornelius Ilollidge, Joe Hoots, Carolyn Houston, Robert Hughes, Betty Hunter, Harriet Hurley, Clark Hurley, Elizabeth Intolubbe, James Irvin, Doris Johnson, Duane Johnson, Robert John, Jack Jones, Edward Jones, Roy Jorden, Shirley Keeling, Judy Kemp, David Klett, Donald Kvale, Paul Lammer, Bob Landgraff, Richard Laughlin, Mary Lay, Sue Lebsoek, Barbara Ledbetter, Larry Libman, Michael Lindsey, Earl Linville, Robert Lloyd, Lucas Lloyd, Pat Loving, Claire Luedeeke, Jan Lund, Dorothy Lundquist, James Malanga, Hugo Malm, Alan Marshall, Charles Martin, Richard Martin, Ross McCrosky, Shirley McGhee, Wade McHugh, Barbara McKee, Marianna McNeely, James Meehan, John Meier, Gordon Mendez, Pepe Merchlenhart, Wilhelma Merryman, Joan Miller, Judy Miller, Kenneth Page 67 i cf L t L Miller, Thomas Mills, Margie Minshew, Robert Mize, Hallie M oore, David Moore, Pat Moyer, Robert Muse, Janice Nance, Loretta Negron, Jaime Newell, Dickie Newrocki, Patricia Newton, Gail North, Bill Ofano, Charles O’Leyer, John Page, Frank Palmer, Karen Percgov, Jimmy Perry, Harriet Peyton, Nancy Piter, Ernest Pinkerton, Joan Potter, George Preston, Joyce Purcell, Carol Rampey, David Ramsey, Margie Rapattoni, Robert Reed, Jean Reese, Mike Rice, Stevie Richardson, Sally Richmond, Judith Richter, Barbara Ricketts, Bill Rinaldi, Paul Roan, Stephanie Ross, Diane Rupp, Martha Rusk, Alma Russo, Leslie Sanders, Bob Saunders, Joe Schafer, Ina Sell iff, Ronald Schmidt, Richard Segelbaum, Charlene Segelbaum, Marlene Shaw, Patricia Sliean, Jennie Shomo, Connie Shreve, David Shumate, Carol Sikes, William Sitz, Nancy Page 68 Smith, Doreen Smith, Paula Snyder, Sandy Sparshott, Patsy Stainton, Mary Stepler, Mary Stevens, Gail Stiefelmair, Patricia Stilling, Robert Straw, Terry Streett, Ray Suthard, Jeanne Taylor, Jane Taylor, Judith Taynton, Sheila Tennyson, Jeanette Tessmann, Margaret Thompson, Diane Thorne, Jeanie Thornton, Frances Thornton, Mary Trundle, Patricia Urschel, Judith Walker, Douglas Wall, Carolyn Warburton, Katheryn Watson, Carl Thomas Webb, Michall Welch, Linda Wilkins, Gary Williams, Don Wilson, Milan Winslow, Richard Wirth, Diane Woodring, Sharon Woodrow, Bettv Woodward, Ilarry Young, David Zimmerman, Eunice Anderson, Bruce Atchison, Alton Baker, Leroy Baxley, Neill Braden, Karl Brown, Clyde Burrow, James Farmer, Patricia Fisher, Charles Gannon, John Gibson, William Hord, John James, Carol Jeter, Mary Sue Kunze, Diana Landon, Patricia Langslon, Thomas Levengood, Carol Miller, Judith Milstead, Peggy Neely, Jane Penwell, Nancy Powell, Billy Rettie, William Rorrer, Pauline Seaye, George Smith, Leland Stegall, William Wohl, Barbara Wvnkoop, Barbara Page 69 F. C. H. S. Alma Mater sc i IF s tSL jr-Qr .-tl— 7-- g; c£— 3TC— 5 Q ...p ft f±=f= r r B: 8— r- rc r— i= ■M 3-O — •-- — rr P 1 r Q:. w ' - ■ P 1 A v— i •j j- 1 -sC 4 - r. ALU T«(t CMS. AMO oMe A»A au, Witte TT ' -g f C JTV -fctA TS 6? a Oi-iuttctf- hg g g gp 1 " ' ft: r F P JT h r 1 KU j r -p » — ■ f Page 70 Page 71 Varsity Football Team First row: Tom Harrington, Jimmy Zirkle, Thad Posey, Ken Eybers, John Hargett, Jerry Ilazelgrove, captain; Duwayne James, Bob Anringer, Tom Penn, Dennis Hobbs, Dick Alley, Barry Hall. Second row: Frank McGehee, manager; Bruce Gilmore, Dick Little, Buddy McCarter, John Harper, Dyson Miller, Mike Williamson, James Moody, Palmer Rutherford, Peter Green, Ted Payne, Jere Westerman, Manager. Third row: Sam Burkhart, manager; Keith Gardiner, r lom Giambattista, Paul Austin, Bill Chase, Everett Coving¬ ton, Lee Chaney, Frank IIov. Fourth row: Mr. Todd, coach; Joe Hockman, Dave Taylor, Elwood Wood, Oakley Chaney, Dewey Wood, John Mather, Mr. Weber, backfield coach. VARSITY I •OOTBALL SCHEDULE F. C. Opp. Sept. 1 3—DeMatha .... .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 19 6 Sept. 19—James Monroe .(Away) 8:00 P.M. 0 14 Sept. 27—Gaithersburg . . .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 45 6 Oct. 3—Mount Vernon .(Away) 8:00 P.M. 6 6 Oct. 10—Osbourn . .(Away) 8:00 P.M. 37 0 Oct. 18—Fairfax . .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 0 0 Oct. 24—Falmouth .... .(Away) 8:00 P.M. 14 6 Nov. 1—Culpeper .... .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 0 24 Nov. 8—Charlotte Hall .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 19 0 Nov. 1 3—Bell Vocational .(Home) 2:00 P.M. 14 0 Record: Wins—6 Losses—2 Ties—2 Coaches Todd and Weber Page 72 Jaguars in Action 1 lie 1953 Jaguars, although a young, light team compiled one of the best records in many years, winning six games, losing two, and tying two. Even though at times the offense seemed to lack scoring punch, the defensive line was one of the best in the state. Coach Tom Todd’s boys, running from the split “T”, scored 1 54 points to their opponents’ 62. The Mount Vernon and Fairfax games were the highlights of the season. Rated a three- touchdown underdog in both games Falls Church battled Mount Vernon to a 6-6 tic and dead¬ locked with Fairfax 0-0. Outstanding players awarded positions on honor teams were: John Hargett, named to four teams, one being the All-State team; J. C. Hockman, the All-State team, and Northern Virginia All-High team. J. C. was also voted the most valuable player on the squad. James Zirkle, Robert (Mo) Auringer, and Fve Covington were also named as honorable mentions on the All-Surburban team. Jerry Hazelgrove, the versatile captain, sparked the team throughout the entire season, although he was unable to play in the Gaithersburg and James Monroe games because of a knee injury. Page 73 First row, lett to right: (12) Keith Gardiner, (10) Torn Harrington, (18) Jerry Hazelgrove, (37) Palmer Ruth¬ erford, (40) Everett Covington, (13) Barry Hall, (15) Ken Eybers, (41) Dick Little. ' 58 ? ® Second row, left to right: (27) Thom Giambattista, (17) Dick Alley, (44) John Hargett, (33) Joe Hockman, (32) Tom Penn, (21) Jimmy Zirkle, (42) Denny Hobbs. Third row, left to right: (20) Frank Hoy, (16) John Mather, (25) Buddy McCarter, (26) Paul Austin, (11) Bob Auringer, (29) Thad Posey. Junior Varsity Front row, left to right: Jim Morrison, manager; Tom Moore, Jim Mclntire, Tom Freed, captain; Jay Diets, Jake Frye, Larrv Snead, Gene Harris, Butch Younger, Larry Weiner, Nick McCalley, Duanne Auringer, Ted Mil- burn, Bob Westal, manager. Middle row: Larrv Minnick, manager; Charles Rowe, Dave Houser, Jim Penn, John Larcombe, Dave Berger, Ted Kennan, Paul McDonald, Jon Gallo, Richard Schoolar, Dale Intolubbe, Bob Blankenship, Jack Lynn, manager. Back row: Dick Braunlick, Rollie Belknapp, Jack Zerener, Ray Barker, Don Persons, Charles O’Neil, Coach Joseph Lyons, Jack Zelaska, Charles Schauss, Jack Dodson, Frank Partlow, Bob Avery. j. V. Football Summary The J. V. football team under the able coaching of Mr. Joseph Lyons, finished the 1952-53 season with a 5 -1 record and the Fairfax County Championship for the second consecutive year. Outstanding linemen who helped win the Championship were Holland Belknapp, Duanne Auringer, Jack Dodson, Jim Penn and Roger Staples and in the backfield Dale Intolubbe, Tom Freed, Jim Mclntire and Jack Zelaska. Eighth Grade Football Front row, left to right: Earl Lindsay, Everett Cloud, David Young, Larry Grant, Joe Her¬ bert, John C o c h e, Hariy Woodward, Bill North, Rob¬ ert Minshew, Milton Denlin- ger, Charles Ofano, Willard Carter. Middle row: John Hcdgewood, Skippy Holcomb, Don Con- nick, David Moore, Coach Carter Linger, Pat Barrett, Arthur Hermann, Tom Wat¬ son, Richard Martin, Tom Gray, Rocky Moyer, Tom Oakley, manager. Back row: Paul Kvale, Bob Lam- mer, Wade McGhee, Kenny Miller, Charles Fisher, Jim Intolubbe, Terry Straw, Don Williams, All Crossman, Mickey Webb, Robert Cale, Allan Mahn. Page 76 The Pep Clockwise: Merle Deits, Barbara Moscati, Debbie Wood, Dolores Nalls, Joan Dean, Peggy Huntley, Carole Tower. Carole Tower, Captain Charlotte Barnes, Co-Captain Page 77 First row, left to right: Tom Hoy, Ken Eybers, Capt., Henry Taylor. Second row: Jake Frve, Mgr., Palmer Rutherford, Dick Alley, Dave Frye, Coach Valotto. Third row: Buddy Hunt, Paul McDonald, Ted Rentz, Dave Taylor. Fourth row: Roger Walker, Richard Hunt, Mike Williamson, Rolland Belknapp. Varsity Basketball SCHEDULE St. Dominies. . ) } F.C. 75 Herndon . .53 F.C. 67 Fairfax . .35 F.C. 38 Chamberlain . .78 F.C. 49 Herndon . .54 F.C. 75 Woodward Prep. .28 F.C. 38 Fairfax . .35 F.C. 55 Charlotte 1 Iall. .45 F.C. 49 Mount Vernon. .60 F.C. 62 Woodward Prep. .43 F.C. 50 Culpeper . .34 F.C. 61 Mount Vernon. .48 F.C. 53 Charlotte Hall. .48 F.C. 63 Chamberlain . .58 F.C. 73 Culpeper . .54 F.C. 47 Season record 13 wins 2 losses METROPOLITAN BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT St. Johns—59 Kails Church—42 FAIRFAX COUNTY TOURNAMENT Fairfax—49 Falls Church—30 Page 78 s J V- J J s UJ i 6 k! Lett to light: Dave Taylor, Paul McDonald, Ken Eybers, Hank Taylor, Dick Alley, Palmer Rutherford. V arsitij i adhetla It Principal etna AWARDS KEN EMBERS —All Suburban, Second 1 " earn. PALMER RUTHERFORD —Honorable Mention , All Suburban. KEN E BERS, PALMER RUIHERFORD, HANK TAYLOR, Honorable Mention, Northern Virginia. Page 79 Junior Varsity Basketball Front row: Larry Buscher, Bob Head, Bob Rustad, Jack Zelas- ka, Jim Mclntire, Dale Carter, Chuck Gaskill, Gary Chew, Butch Younger. Back row: Coach Bruce Camp¬ bell, Frank Partlow, Jim Ne¬ ville, Frank Giambattista, Jake Frye, manager. Eighth Grade Basketball Team Front row, left to right: Mike Webb, Larry Grant, Doug Brown, John Bruce Anders. Coche, Tom Langdon, Back row: Bill Stegall, Doug Walker, Skippy Holcomb, Connick, Mr. Bogen, Coach. Joe Herbert, Tom Watson, Donnie Page 80 Varsity Baseball hirst row, left to right: Dave Iaylor, Roger Walker, John Mather, Barry Hall, captain; Jerry Hazelgrove, John Fahey, Jack Lynn. Second row: Jim Conine, Jay Deits, Charles Moutoux, Dave Frye, Richard Hunt, Wally Cockrell, Jimmy Walker, Keith Cole. Third row: Mr. Paul Weber, coach; Roger Staples, Bill Chase, Everett Covington, Joe Hockman, Dennis Hobbs Bill Hunt. Date April 7. 10 . 14 . 15. 20 . 22 . 24. Schedule Opponent Fairfax. Mount Vernon . W L G.W. Fairfax . Mount Vernon W L Place . . .Falls Church . . Falls Church .W L .G.W. .Fairfax Mount Vernon . Falls Church Page 81 J. V. Baseball First row, left to right: Jim Constabile, manager; Jim Melntire, Henry Howard, Harold Brown, Bob Yardley, Charles Owen, Dale Carter, Eddie Rose, Tommy Smart, manager. Second row: Jim Penn, James Ridgeway, Ronnie Clatterbuek, Laki Lakboy, Frank Partlow, Jack Zelaska, Charles O ' Neal. Ford McGowan, manager. Hurd row: Mr. Lyons, coach; Gene Henry, Charles Rowe, Melvin Caynor, Butch Younger, Ralph Kremer, Edward Root. Golf I ' rout row, left to right: Godfrey Stoneburner, Tom Finley, captain; Joe Killian, manager; Mr. Bernard Garhart, coach Hack row: Gene 1 hompson, Page Johnson, John Larcombe, Dick Melmer. Page 82 ZO-nn First row, left to right: Mr. George Bernard, coach; Mike Williamson, Fred Greco, Richard Little, Bill Scott, Lee Chaney, Jon Gallo, John Harper, Ken Eybers, Sid Lineker, Tom Moore, Mr. Carter Linger, coach. Second row: Alan Johnston, manager; Tom Oakley, Duane Perry, Tommy Freed, Ronald Brewer, Bob Blankenship, Sonny Weber, Dale Intolubbe, Warren Snow, Larry Weiner, Fred Bremerman, Jerry Schewe, Iver Steele. Third row: Sherwood Beavers, manager; William Seay, Try Elkins, Richard Summers, Sam Burkhardt, Pete Green, Tom Penn, Dave Rogers, Dick Cunningham, Everett Saddler. Fourth row: Oakley Cheney, Brooks Chandler, Charles Schauss, Paul Austin, Fred Boes, Danny Nielsen, Skip Latham. s H O T S ■aMiif Left to right: Lee Chaney, Mike Williamson, John Har¬ per and Ken Eybers practice shot-put, pole vault, high and low hurdles, and high jump. Godfrey Stoneburner and Tom Finley practice their strokes. Left to right: Diane Allman, Shirley McClain, Jean Rundquist and Marilyn Murphy prepare for the opening game. Barry Hall, Johnny Fahey and Eve Covington prepare to take on Fairfax. J. V. Cheerleaders Left to right: Jean Redfield, Donna Whiteley, Pat Howard, Joan Loew, Joan Nalls, Terry Townsend. Majorettes Left to right: Shirley Shugars; Judy Keeling; Karen Palmer; Larry Wiener, Drum Major; Pat Rosenberger; Roberta Perry; Margaret Dunn; Jackie Brant; Verda Stanley. 8th Grade Cheerleaders Left to right: Linda Welch, Marlene Segelbaum, Diane Muse, Gail Newton, Carolyn Hoots, Loretta Nance. Not pictured: Ann Chase, Annette Chase. Varsity Hockey Left to right, front row: Jane Palmer, Manager; Mary Lu Field, Co-Captain; Miss Carolyn Morrison, Coach; Miss Nancy Birch, Coach. Second row : Barbara Murray, Betty Jo Pugh, Barbara Wade, Millie Brittain, Frances Schottroffe, Betty Page, Nancv Cloud, Margaret Johnson, Janet Johnson. Not pictured: Pat North, Co-Captain. Hockey Action Shots Varsity Hockey team battles it out with Fairfax. •; fi Page 85 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Clockwise : Kay Yirden, Co-capt., Diana Langdon, Mary Lu Field, Carol De- Viney, Lora Sanderson, Pricey Parham, Joyce DeViney, Judy Dunkley, Judy Nevin, Diane Allman, Charlotte Barnes, Co-cap t. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 6—Herndon . . 13—Herndon . . 16— Manassas 23— Fairfax . . . 26— Mt. Vernon 30—G. W. ... 17— Mt. Vernon 24— Fairfax 27— G. W. 5—Mt. Vernon ... .45 Falls Church.32 ....43 Falls Church.24 ....34 Falls Church.30 ....25 Falls Church.25 . ... 9 Falls Church.34 ... 17 Falls Church.16 . . . 16 Falls Church.32 .... 28 Falls Church.32 .... 24 Falls Church.25 TOURNAMENT .... 22 Falls Church.33 Feb. 9—Herndon 36 Falls Church .30 First, row, left to right: Shirley McLane, Charlotte Barnes, Mary Lou Field, Kay Virden, Jean Rundquist. Second row: Janet Case, Diane Allman, Bonnie Tugwell, Diana Langdon, Lora Sanderson. Third row: Mrs. Bernice Lilly, coach; Judy Nevin, Sally Larkin, Delores Nalls, Jan Armogida, Marilyn Murphy, Lynn Richards, manager. First row, left to right: Diana Esper, Donna Burgess, Carol Bloxton, Betty Jo Pugh, Judy Keeling, Carol Purcell, Carol Levengood. Second row: Betty Cox, Sue Imhoff, Wilma Whittington, Joan Hurst, Barbara Hurst, Judy Schierlman, Marty Easterwood. Third row: Betsy Bailey, manager; Miss Nancy Birch, coach; Mrs. Bernice Lilly, coach; Carolyn Houghton, manager. Page 87 Girls J. V. Sports Girls’ Junior Varsity Hockey Stick handle to toe: Pricy Parham, Barbara Billhimer, Juanita Smallwood, Lora Sanderson, Lynn Richards, Joan Eng¬ lish, Shirley McLane, Brenda Bieri, Sylvia Crossman, Manager. Ball: Barbara Green, Mary Lou Conlogue, Shirley Foley, Mary Stepler, Ann Clark. Not pictured: Judy Nevin, Marian Bodey. Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Left to right: Mary Ann Putnam, Con¬ nie Cook, Rae Wheeler, Gary Wil¬ kins, Susan Marshall, Ruth Gilmore, Geraldine O’Donell, Manager, Don¬ na Burgess, Co-capt., Joan English, Paula Breedlove, Pegi Patterson, Barbara Cowens, Betty Cox, Sue Emhoff, Co-capt. Page 88 Page 89 First row, left to right: Mr. Barrett, Sponsor, Fred Boes, Vice-President, David Frye, President, Delores Nalls, Secretary, Mr. Lyons, Co-Sponsor. Second row: Patsy Keyes, Mildred Steadman, Linda Kerr, Anne Leone, Anne Lucas, David Houser, Jack Dodson, Kaye Nations, Jay Dcits, Debbie Wood, Larry Weiner, Pat Dittman, Linda Welch. Third row : Barbara Burner, Dartha Brokenshire, David Kemp, Shirley Shughrue, Anne Chapman, Ricky Faust, Jim Neville, Tom Finley, Jim Gunn, Billy Sikes, Pat Frisby, Diane Esper, Donna Wood. Fourth row: Richard Krundike, Pat Trundell, Wilma Noble, Ruth Needle, Jim Melntire, Sid Lineker, Dave Taylor, Roger Walker, Tom Neville, Betty Woodrow, Janice Bray, Anne Chase, Arthur Ruddle. Student Council Association Leadership and citizenship are the keystone of any organization — of any high school. The Stu¬ dent Council Association was set up to lead the school, and to serve as the example of citizenship and service for the student body. David hrye has led the Council through the last year with decision and purpose; under his guiding hand, the activities and programs which form the core of the school’s life have been brought into reality; a reality for which we, the students, are greatful. SCA OFFICERS Dave Frye President Carole Tower Treasurer Fred Boes Vice-President Delores Nalls Secretary Page 90 National Honor Society First row: Mary Lou Hunt, Nancy Cloud, Alice Osborn, Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor; Pat North, Lynn Mandelbaum, Judv Kaplan. Second row: Bill Scott; Dave Rogers; John Mather, Treasurer; Tom Finley, Chaplain; Tom Penn, Vice-President; Sid Lineker, President; Virginia Grille, Secretary; Sara DeGroot, Corresponding Secretary; Keith Gardiner; Dave Houser. Third row: Dick Braunlich; Ricky Faust; Sam Burkhardt; Fred Boes; Dale Intolubbe; Charles Friend; Dick Alley. The El izabeth Ann Clem Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed to encourage Character, Scholarship, Leader¬ ship and Service. Membership in this organization is among the highest honors obtainable at Falls Church High School, for it re¬ quires an outstanding record in scholarship and citizenship. Each year it presents a $100 scholar¬ ship to the outstanding senior member. Mrs. Mabel Chapman was named sponsor following the death in February of Mrs. Har¬ riet Hurt. Sid Lineker, President, congratulates Judy Kaplan, new inductee. Page 91 Mixed Chorus Front row: Miss Marjorie Green, Mary Lou Hunt. Phyllis Brown, Shirley MeLane, Donna Wood, Pat Dittman, Lynn Mandelbaum, Anita Noble, Peggy Nicholson, Patsy Williams, Janet Bray, Sylvia Lewin, Marjorie Bond, Janet Brant, Shirley Shughrue, Janice Oliver. Second row: Ann Price, Eleanor Steadman, Glenda Edwards, Connie Rogers, Nancy Cloud, Kay Virden, Anne Lucas, Jeen Phipard, Alice Osborn, Marian Gotko, Sue Austin, Barbara Hilbert, Eula Cordell, Frances Schott- roffe, Mary Fredman. Third row: Pat Rosenberger, Betty Page, Juanita Smallwood, Betty Watt, Joy Rein, Alice King, Carolvn Norris, Marie Cherry, Mary Henry, Frances Herndon, Ann Chapman, Ka ren Harvey, Carol Raines, Frances Hunt. Fourth row: Gail Funde, Judy Kaplan, Betty Beard, Bob Auringer, Holt Sawyer, David Houser, Palmer Ruther¬ ford, Jack Brown, David Johnson, Jimmy Taylor, Charlotte Barnes, Barbara Thornton, Mary Morningstar. Back row: Bob Smith, Earl Carr, Allan Armstrong, Roy Minnick, Ted Milburn, Hugh Hunton, Lee Chaney, Tommy Freed, Jack Schweitzer, Paul Fox, Allen Stokes, Chuck Longacre, Dave Frye. Girls’ Chorus Front row: Florence Molnick, Maryellen Backus, Debbie Wood, Joan Foew, Jane Harris, Ruby Prosise, Geneva Fox, Helen Hayden, Rexina Gauthier. Middle row: Shirley Foley, Jacky Brant, Diana Denham, Ann Yeatman, Betty Watt, Andrea Allison, Ruth Yates, Barbara Potter. Back row: Shirley Walters, Jeanette Oliver, Ann Trammell, Pat Merchant, Barbara Billhimer, Judy Schierlmann, Janet Brownell, Letty Mason, Janet Schultz. Page 92 - T-! — " i k. , i t j l -f a [ w ■ B a im M T iz Jjjf , - " ' ' 4 , ' , ||||S gm . : j. ■; . . JB ’ 1 WzSm mP 81 A Cappella Choir First row, left to right: Miss Marjorie E. Green, Director; Lynn Mandelbaum, Pat Dittman, Donna Wood, Jeen Phipard, Anne Lucas, Sylvia Lewin, Charlotte Barnes, Anita Noble. Second row: Mary Lou Hunt, Betty Watt, Joy Rein, Nancy Cloud, Marie Clrerrv, Kay Virden, Alice Osborn, Marian Gotko, Sue Austin. 7 ' bird row: Allen Stokes, Bob Auringer, Allan Armstrong, Holt Sawyer, Lee Chaney, Tom Freed, Dave Johnson, Jim Taylor. Fourth row: Ted Milburn, Roy Minnick, Dave Houser, Palmer Rutherford, Jack Brown, Hugh Hunton, Jack Schweitzer, Chuck Longacre, Paul Fox. The Band Andrea Allison Clark Anderson Karl Anderson Billy Arnold Ted Brown David Buckingham Donna Burgess David Butcher Peter Campbell Mike Cohn Rodney Croson Wayne Cross Craig Davis Carolvn Dennis Donald Dickson Harold Doe J. C. Ezzell Mike Flaherty Palmer Fletcher Paul Fletcher Perry Fletcher Frank Glass Raymond Gotko Arthur Guiffre Charles Harris Phillip Herrmann Hugh Ilunton Jimmy Intolubbe Andy Jaeger Bob Johnson Duane Johnson Mike Libman Dick Little Ross Martin Gordon Meier Kenneth Miller David Moore Bill North Charles Ofano David Rapoport Tommy Rhodes Paul Rinaldi David Rogers Joe Saunders Bobby Shreve David Shreve Tommy Smart Larry Snead Eddie Sutton Sheila Taynton Kenneth Valdes Larry Weiner Ronnv Willett Don Williams Charles Wilson Barbara Winslow Woody Woodward NOT PICTURED Bob Balthis Billy Hemma Scotty Lawrence Douglas Pickett Ronny Rinaldi Margie Stoy Page 93 n 1 Jfp. i. r £ .j$ m k - JP 11 a fr|| Quill and Scroll Beverly Barwick Fred Boes Sam Burkhardt Pam Cartin Bill Chase Sara DeGroot Sharon Doran Tom Finley Mary Lu Field Charles Friend Dave Frye Marion Gotko Virginia Grille Tom Floy Mary Lou Hunt Nancy Johnston Mrs. Frances Judy Kaplan Linda Kerr Helyn King Karen Krueger Sylvia Lewin Sid Lineker John Maticic Juanda Morrison Sponsor Pat North Ted Payne Tom Penn Dianna Reiff Dave Rogers Carole Tower Kay Virden Jean Waters Front row: David Frye, Vice-President; Tom Finley, Secretary; Page Johnson, President; Fred Boes; Sid Lineker, Treasurer; Tom Penn. Back row: Frank Fletcher, Ronnie Rinaldi, Tom Freed, Paul Fox, Dale Intollube, David Houser, Palmer Rutherford. Page 94 Junior Honor Society JL First row , left to right: Tommy Rhodes, Bobby Peebles, Connie Rogers, Susan Waters, Lois Woods, Jan Bray, Karen Harvey, David laylor, Sondra Villella, Charles Rowe, Tillie Philips, Darlene Juhnke, Connie Cook. Second row: Elinor Omaster, Bruce Edkins, Francis McGee, Maryellen Bacckus, Becky Breedlove, Nancy Oliver, Midge Clark, Pern Lawrenson, Rosemary Hartman, Janet Shultz, Daphne Day, Sue Austin, Karen Tucher, Miss McBee, Sponsor. I bird row: Joan English, Elsie O’Neal, Joan Brewer, Nellie Brown, Alice Flagg, Abigail Booth, Elizabeth Ilight, Sally Ludlowe. Fourth row: Earl Carr, Jack Lynn, Jon Gallo, Harry Friedlander, Jim Penn, Tom Gray, Tom Oakley, Jim Clark, Bill Drake. Varsity Club Front row, left to right: Dave Taylor, Barry Hall, John Mather, Frank McGee, Lee Chaney, Jerry Hazelgrove, Ken Eybers, Dick Little. Second row: Hank Taylor, Dave Frye, John Harper, Oaklev Cheney, Bob Auringer, Bruce Gilmore. Third row: Tom Harrington, Dick Alley, Ted Payne, Art Shaffer, Mike Williamson, Dewey Wood. Fourth row: Paul Austin, Pete Green, Everett Covington, Elwood Wood. Page 95 Future Homemakers of America First row, left to right: Miss Margaret Spitzer, Sponsor; Shirley Deitz, Pianist; Janet DiMisa, Reporter; Virginia Grille, President ; Ellen Baker, Treasurer; Anne Chapman, Vice-President; Joann DeGroot, Secretary; Mrs. Joan Macon, Sponsor. Second row: Joan Tuck, Barbara Payne, Vee Vee Johnson, Connie Burke, Ann Clark, Betty Bradley, Mary Lou Hunt, Sara DeGroot, Sylvia Lewin, Marian Gotko, Mary Stainton, Ina Kay Schaefer, Alma Rusk. Third row: Daphne Day, Geneva Fox, Miriam Hannold, Edite Talmanis, Irene Weedon, Ann McKibbin, Yvonne Molle, Cecelia Maxwell, Barbara Bowman, Alice Wright, Betsy Bailey, Martha Byerly, Sonya Schaefer, Mildred Steadman, Fritzie Hanna. Fourth row: Beverlv Miller, Shirley Case, Jane Frueh, Eunice Zimmerman, Dareen Smith, Shelbv Wells, Barbara Martin, Susan Waters, Vicki Loftland, Alice Bettis, Donna Servey, Elizabeth Brown, Cheryl Cox, Manya Kramer, Elizabeth Jones, Peggy Chisholm. The F.H.A. Club has been very active in the school this year. With a total of 65 members, much has been accomplished. Among the various national and local activities, the F.H.A. has participated in National F.H.A. Week, when Mrs. Harriet S. Hurt was made an honorary member. UNESCO stamps were pur¬ chased and the money was used to buy kitchen equipment for a home economics class in Libya. The club sent two boxes of gifts for the World Christmas Festival to children in war-torn countries. This year members of the club purchased material and made work aprons for the boys in shop classes. The club has had very interesting programs with outstanding speakers, one being Mrs. Elizabeth Rogg, Editor of Teen Times, the National F.H.A. magazine. As a climax to the year the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet was held in May. Shirley Case, President of our Chapter in 1951-1952, was reporter for the Martha Washington Federation this year. The purposes of the F.H.A. are: to promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfac¬ tions of homemaking, to emphasize the importance of worthy home membership, to encourage democracy in home and community life, to work for good home and family life for all, to pro¬ mote international good will, to foster the development of creative leadership in home and com¬ munity, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to further interests in home economics. Page 96 Glee Club : I First row, left to right: Mr. Ryder, Meg Laughlin, Harriet Hunter, Barbara Wohl, Rosalie Johnston, Helen Hayden, Rexina Gauthier, Janice Bray, Pat Newrocki, Coleen Murphy, Jean Thorne, Letty Mason, Miss Green, sponsor. Second row: Verda Stanley, Dawn Howard, Joan Lancaster, Shirley Shughrue, Maryellcn Backus, Ann Price, Alice Osborn, Beverly Coker, Joan Spicer, Florence Molnick, Barbara Cowns, June McDonald, Ruth Needle. 1 ' hird row: Suzanne Begue, Martha Rupp, Kitty Black, Judy Kaplan, Joy Rein, Claudia Fruit, Nancy Cloud, Carolyn Norris, Betty Beard, Judy Schierlmann, Andrea Allison, Sue Austin, Frances Schottroffe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lois Kearns. Fourth row: Judy Taylor, Ruby Prosise, Paul Fox, Laki Lokboj, Ted Milburn, John Campbell, Ray Feaster, Palmer Rutherford, David Houser, Arthur Guiffre, David Johnson, Charles Wilson, Dick Marclay, Tommy Freed, Charles Longacre, Julia Cheek, Carol Williamson. Sub-Deb Club Mary Alderman Nancy Austin Penny Bendall Sylvia Carter Peggy Clark Marie Coleman Mary Lou Conlogue Sylvia Crossman Judy Dunkley Joan English Arden Estes Caroline Eppard Alice Flagg Lois Goldsmith Barbara Green Connie Hunt Janet Johnson Margaret Johnson Jean Kidwell Sally Ludlowe Carol Maclamara Billie Mae Martiness Arlene Martin Kathy Myers Wilma Noble Peggy Nicholson Pricey Parham Margie Reedy Laura Lee Shreve Louise Stein Sandra Stevens Janet Trout Priscilla Wagner Harriet Williams Kathy Warburton Carolyn Wall Carol Ellis Folk Dancinp Club Try Elkins Wallace Beetham Margie Ramsey Kaye Ilatke Meredith Green Given Anderson Marilyn Murphy Diane Thompson George Potter Page S8 Bible Club Back row: Effiie Wells, Nancy Brown, Joe Killian, Carl Heini. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Gray, Sponsor; Albert Kohlemier, Jack Brown, Buddy Hawkins. Model Airplane Club First row, left to right: Jim Taylor, Hugh Hunton, Joe Hardesty, Hurbert Lanham. Second row: Allen Stokes, Duane Johnson, Bobby Shreve, Don Marr. Not pictured: Paul Kvale, Claude Smith. Senior Dramatics Club First row: Nora Ilonse, Don Benson, Miss Banks, Sponsor; Rosalyn Davenport, Bill Blake. Second row: Mary Lou Thompson, Ruth Gilmore, Joyce Ticehurst, Beverly Barwick. Page 99 Stamp and Coin Club )im Gunn, President; Earl Carr, Vice-President; Charles Landon, Secretary; Charles Meetre, Treasurer; Roger Staples, Sgt.-at-ArmS; Mrs. Furman, Sponsor. Charles Bennet, Jimmy Clark, Elic Cundiff, Don Dickson, Jon Gallo, Pete Kimberly, Walter Ligon, Earl MacKenz.’e, Kent Miniehiello, Marian Ikirk, Robert Peebles, Scott Phillips, Tommy Rhodes, Arthur Ruddle, Everett Saddler, R. Smith, Kenneth Valdes. Not pictured: David Butcher, Rounv Conniek, Steve Ely, Frank Glass, Bob Rustad, Paula Smith, Robert Weekly. First row , left to right: Billy Stegall, Judith Miller, Pat Steifelmaier, Jan Nealev, Pat Landon, Betsy Lucas, Sharon Woodring, Frances Thornton, Edward Roat, Robert Cole, Kenneth Miller. Second row: John Bowers, Milo Hoots, Gary Wilkins, Susan Marshall, Mrs. Crum, Sponsor; Alecia Meredith. Third row: Bob Lumsden, Jane Taylor, Sandra Crosett, Nancy Field, Abigail Booth, President; Frank Partlow, Presi¬ dent; Joe Freehill, Tucker Clark, Larry Graut. Fourth row: William Flarris, Lynn Richards, Mildred Hill, Larry Weiner, Paul Rinaldi, David Moore, Bob Sawellesh. Fifth row: Milton Denlinger, Barbara Winslow, Leanne Jacobson, Betty Woodrow. Sixth row: Helen Spa’rshott, Elizabeth Hight, Tommy Lam, Ray Babcock, Tom Shorno. Art Club Page 100 Artyping Club Harold Bowers Joan Brewer Richard Brewer Conway Bnrke Cray Davis Carol De Viney Billy Drake Perry Fletcher Nancy Gotthardt Charles Green Hilda Harne Tommy Hines Miss Hunt, Sponsor Ray Jones Shirley Kirby Benita Lewis Allen Malm Buddy McCarter Frank McGee Wade McGee Gordon Meier Marjorie Moore Margaret Russell Susan Weber Harry Woodward Mrs. Springston, Sponsor Wilma Whittington, President Virginia Barber Carol Bloxton Judy Bosley Pat Collins Carolyn Houghton Carol Janus Margie Mills Ann Murray Lindabelle Outlaw Stephanie Roan Marilyn Schmidt Gail Stevens Emily Strauss Bonnie Tugwell Frances Wood Barbara Wynkoop Pep Club Page 10 1 Library Club First row, left to right: Ellen Harden, Peggy Rusk, Karen Tucker, Hilda Harne, Mrs. Jackson, Sponsor. Second row: Richard Hunt, Roger Walker, Roger Staples, Kay Lebsock, Connie Shomo, Betty Cox, Dave Taylor. Not pictured: Stanley Libby, Wayne Libby, Cornelia Jones, Norma Luttrell. Model Club Right to left: Jan Armogida, Secretary; Betty Emery. Second row: Margie Bond, Ann Johnson, Vice-President; Carol Groundwater, Sgt.-at-Arms; Peggy Corn, Treasurer; Doris Hawes, President; Pat Hilliard, Darlene Juknke, Joyce Riedesel, Brenda Bieri, Mary V illis, Miss Mal¬ donado, Sponsor. Third row: Joan Cockey, Margaret Dunn, Roxie D’Elosua, Prances Templeman, Alma Murray, Barbara Keesee. Fourth row: Evelyn Groves, Marian East, Janet Gray, Marilyn Oliver, Bcrtigene Burnham, Janet Schultz. Fifth row: Dorothy Stein, Mary Ann Putnam, Marianne Philips, Ruth Sparshott. Not pictured: Ann Ball, Jane Hanis, Pat Keys, Loretta Nance, Ann Trammell, Pat Trundle. Page 102 Camera Club Fred Barwick Billy Biddle Norman Bittorf Peter Campbell Keith Cole James Conine Tom Constable Bobby Cox Josie Cutter Richard De Wilde Bruce Edkins J. C. Ezzell Skip Field Paul Fletcher John Fohrell Shirley Foley Dick Gillespie Don Grennon John Hemming Gene Henry Mickey Herring John Ilurlburt Jack John Anita Jones Wayne Kirby Don Klctt Richard Martin Ford McGowan James McNeely Tom Moore Don Orr Frank Page Bill Rawls Bobbie Robinson Holt Sawyer Tom Schaven Walt Stenhouse Bill Stilling Douglas Stornres Arthur Struck Gene Thompson Kurt Waterval Don Winslow Future Teachers of America Left to right: Florence Griffith, President; Barbara Weeks, Secretary; Martha Bryant, Treasurer; Miss Helen Haw¬ kins, Sponsor; Kathy East, Social Sendee Chairman; Diane Wirth, Vice-President. Not pictured: Judy Haley. Page 103 Patrols Steps: Donald Blinko, Diane Esper, Lois Kearns, Elizabetli Haas, Cheryl Cox, Ann Ridgeway, Jim McCauley, Wilson Harris, Earnest Pifer. Floor: Jim Richy, Albert Kohlmier, Sylvia Saunders, Jeanette Oliver, Marilyn Murphy, Colleen Murphy, Roberta Oliver, Sheila Taynton, Ronald Willit. Betty Jo Pugh, Kay Virden, Charlotte Barnes, Debbie Wood, Mary Lu Field, Diane Allman, Joan Dean, Dolores Nalls, Pat North, Millie Brittain, Barbara Wade, Merle Deits, Miss Nancy Birch, Sponsor; Betty Page. Not pictured: Frances Schottroffe, Jane Palmer. Monogram Club Page 104 Junior Civic League Pam Cartin Marie Cherry Shirley Cox Georgia Deits Pat Dittman Connie Donahoe Sharon Doran Thom Giambattista Frank Hoy, Treasurer Tom Hoy, Vice-Mayor Marilyn Hume Peggy Huntley Nancy Johnston Linda Kerr Helvn King Marlene Klett Karen Krueger Lynda Lacey Pern Laurenson Anne Leone Chuck Longacre Joan Lowe Lynn Mandelbaum Marion McKee Shirley McLane Juanda Morrison Barbara Moscati Barbara Murray Nancy Oliver Joan Perry, May or Tillie Philips Jean Redfiekl Connie Rogers Jean Rundquist Charles Schauss Nancie Scheele Juanita Smallwood Barbara Stall Elizabeth Taylor Barbara Thornton Sondra Villella Eddie Wingo Ann Ycatman, Clerk t0 kl Wmus IIuHHPl w m mm mp f fjjj , 1 |jt§| c HB M ' A f i 1 111 First row, left to right: Richard Schoolar, Jack Lynn, Arroll Harnage, Pegi Patterson, Secretary; Peter Kerr, Treas¬ urer; Bill Scott, Ricky Eaust, President; Bob MacDowell, Vice-President (W4YGS); Bob Colbv (W4VRM), Chuck Marshall, Norman Gotthardt, Peter Buttner (W4YVO), Harry Hoffmann. Second row, left to right: Jim Swindal, Francis McGee, Jimmy Schneider, Allen Vcach, Bob Houston, Pat Lloyd, Buddy Smith (W4YZC), Nick Hurst, Tom Gray, Diana Godfrey, Robert Martin, Ronald Brewer, Peter Bays, Miss Shughrou, Sponsor. Third row, left to right: Rosemary Hartman, Raye Wheeler, Jon Eckhart, Don Person, Ray Barker, Jack Dorsett, Bob Jolin, Jimmy Lunquist. Radio Club Page 105 Science Club First row , left to right: Sue Imhoff, Elizabeth Dawson, Lois Woods, Betty Jane Ilankes, Carol Purcell, Roberta Perry, Janet Cunningham, Secretary. Second row: Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor; Sam Burkhardt, Treasurer; Sara Dawson, David Buckingham, Raymond Gotko, Joann DiMisa, Vice-President; Elaine Smitth, Lora Sanderson, Jim Anderson, Elsie O’Neal, Butch Younger, Charlie Calloway, John Andrews, John Mahan, Fred Barrel, Mrs. Osborn, Sponsor. Third row: Leslie Russo, Charlie Friend, Jim Penn, Charlie Peckinpaugh, Lee Reanev, Louis Merryman, Dick Miller, Sid Lineker, President; Harry Lriedlander, Charlie Moutoux, Lenard Guarrara, Dick Delap, Leland Hemming, Jim Richie. Fourth row: Donald Sehiff, Ken Baker, Jim Burrow, Bob Minshew, Roy Minnick, Skip Halcomb, Mike Webb Dick Landgraff, John Hall. The Science Club is affiliated with the Science Clubs of America. It has five aims: To studv J facts, principles, and clauses to spread the knowledge of science; to respect the right of others to express their opinions on scientific matter; to apply scientific principles in verifying or refuting find¬ ings which seem questionable; to apply scientific methods, reasoning and logic to the conduct of personal affairs; and to uphold these ideas of tradition of true science. This year to become a more efficient group, the club has been divided into three divisions: the chemistry and physics, the arts and crafts, and biology. Page 106 Chess and Checker Club 3 ' S o u S - £ U o o QJ •e. r K K- L S co i - " g u S 1-. U c r r- u 2 o U C -• rC « f, hO UQw O U Oh wi o. ¥ a » C ra u -Hp rt coo pZ CO u .Si f“- — G CD 03 03 03 QJ 03 O “G ID Q QQWDh «s rrt +— ' ' ti S . jj p ' , •“ ' y »- 4 4 - C y o g o u P5 ; o = % % :a6 n “ S C -° ;KpiS ’ jj O -p O a O iwh UOQtffl ei) H-J QJ o co J -1 co n ,_ O co o5 o O-o • cC QJ cx E cl) (U 03 pH _l Q U w N ty QJ N o T3 U-h “ 1 ID G qj 2 O r ! 03 “ S-g b GJ QJ _ . . , T S do „ o s S 8 o-.l QJ y u ■ " TO U TO Q °GQo QQEj H M a , QJ QJ G -4 r " QJ l-t r-’ W [T 73 £ W _ .2 »-. 4U Li, co CD QJ G rS Ky Iv n o QJ o qj CO N V- Uh QJ c 3 « y o i— ed o o U o O c t- id o o _ _ u G -H O Ch g o u n w O rS QJ C QJ _c s o ' Oo 03 03 O O co 3 0 rl co GJ rn i- —r i- U O »- Ui •■O G " TD cu c P5 o o M—H U QJ p 5 u 2 S w L) vj PC t -4 O M_| - 4 — u o C Page 107 Debaters: Dave Rogers, Harry Friedlander, Rickey Faust, Dave Houser and Danny McGrath. RUNNER-UP FORSENICS CONTEST Front row: Sheila Tayton, Susan Watters, Diana God¬ frey, Daphne Day, Claudia Fruit, Rusty Evans. Back row: Janet Cunningham, Charles Landon, Harry Friedlander, Ricky Faust, Dave Rogers, Dave Houser, Donna Survey, Linda Kerr. FORENSIC TEAM First row, left to right: Charles Friend, Rosalyn Daven¬ port, Lee Rainey. Second row: Keith Gardner, Fred Boes. Not pictured: Betsy Sullivan. Charles Friend, “I Speak for Democracy” Contest. Mrs. Lenvin, sponsor of Forensics. Keith Gardner, American Legion Contest. Page 108 Jaguar Journal EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Frances Crum, Advisor; Bill Chase, Editor-In-Chief; Dianna Reiff, News Editor; Judy Kaplan, Feature Editor; Richard Mark- ley, Sports Editor; Sharon Doran. BUSINESS STAFF Left to right: Shirley Case, Fred Chew, Linda Kerr John Mat- icic, Eddie Wingo, Beverly Barwick. GENERAL STAFF Seated, left to right: Kav Virden, Peggy Huntley, Norman Bit- torf, Barbara Thornton, Mrs. Illah Osborn. Standing, left to right: Barbara Moscoti, John Mclntire, Frank Hoy, Tom Hoy, Jack Cham¬ berlain, John Bowers, Betty Ann Emery, Gerri Gerrard, Mary Lou Field. Page 109 EDITORIAL STAFF MARY LOU HUNT, Associate Editor; SID LINEKER, Associate Editor; CHARLES FRIEND, Editor-in-Chief; MRS. NELLE MILES, Sponsor. CIRCULATION STAFF Left to right: Virginia Grille Circulation Manager Juanda Morrison Marian Gotko Sara DeGroot JUNIOR STAFF Left to right: Rosalyn Davenport Marie Cherry Anne Lucas Alice Osborn Betty Page Nancy Cloud Dave Houser Jr. Editor Dick Braunlick Bob Colby Rickey Faust Palmer Rutherford Carolyn Norris BUSINESS STAFF Fred Boes, Business Manager; Toni Finley, Advertis¬ ing Manager; Sam Burkhardt, Sid Lineker. ART AND FITERARY STAFFS Ann Feone, Janet Cunningham, Diana Godfrey, Literary Editor; Tom Penn, Co-Art Editor; Georgia Deits, Sylvia Lewin, Co-Art Editor. JAGUAR STAFF PICTURE AND LAY-OUT STAFFS Left to right: Carole lower, Lay-out Editor; Karen Krueger, Helen King, Picture Editor; Jean Waters. Page 111 First row, lett to right: Gail Newton, Annette Chase, Ann Chase. Second row: Sharon Doran, Terry Townsend. Third row: Sondra Villella, Debbie Wood, Barbara Mosea ' :i, Charlotte Barnes, Anne Leone, Anne Chapman, Joan Loew, Merle Deits, Barbara Thornton. Fourth row: Donna Whitcly, Carole Tower, Homecoming Oueen; Carol Schoolar, Sweetheart 1952; Jean Waters, Sweetheart; Joan Dean, Maid of Honor; Pat Howard. Not pictured: Peggy Huntley. our t Miss Carol Schoolar, Sweeetheart of 1952, is pictured crowning Jean Waters, lovely Sweetheart of 1953, in ac¬ cordance with the tradition at Falls Church High School. Jean and her attendants proceeded to the throne through an archway resembling the pages of a book, after which Carol Schoolar sang “Sweetheart,” as a tribute to the new queen. The orchestra continued the selection, Jean stepped down from her throne, and with her escort, be¬ gan the Court Dance. As in previous years, the Sweetheart Dance was one of the most successful of the year. Page 112 First row. Ann Yeatman, Joan Perry, Carole Tower, Queen; Jean Waters, Maid of Honor; Helyn King, Delores Nalls. 7 Second row: Linda Welch, Joan Nalls. JJ, omecomin 9 c, our t Traditional rivalry reigned when Falls Church met Fairfax at the annual Homecoming Game. Dur¬ ing half-time in a fitting ceremony Mr. Barrett pre¬ sented Carole d ower with a gold football. Highlighting the Homecoming week-end was the formal dance at which last year’s queen, Jane Longa- necker, presented a white football signed by the members of the team, and Tom Penn, the president of the Senior Class, crowned Carole Tower Home¬ coming Queen of 1952-53. Page 113 Iiist row, left to right: David Houser, Marie Cherry. Second row: Anne Lucas, Lee Chaney, Pegi Patterson, Janet Gray, Louis Merryman, Lee Reaney, Lvnn Mandel- baum, Palmer Rutherford, Alice Osborn, Dick Braunlich, Frances Cole, Bob Balthis. CAST Anne Lucas .Daphne Lee Chaney .Claude Pegi Patterson .Frankie Janet Gray .Celeste Louis Merryman .Wilbur Lee Reaney .Hercules Lynn Mandelbaum .Nina Alice Osborn .Mrs. Nelson Palmer Rutherford .Mr. Quigley Dick Braunlich. Mr. Nelson Frances Cole .Madeline Bob Balthis .Mr. Schuster David Houser .Dr. Brown Marie Cherry .Granny FINDERS CREEPERS Hercules and Wilbur visit Here’s uncle and are aghast when they learn that Mr. Nelson has recently become an undertaker. However, Wilbur is immediately attracted to Here’s cousin. Celeste, and they decide to stay. They learn from Claude, the caretaker, who has a crush on Daphne, the maid, that Jason T. Quigley, a wealthy and supposedly dead old man, was placed in the next room. Mr. Quigley refuses to stay on his slab and strolls around in the boys’ room carrying on a conversation with them. Hercules tells Nina about the walking dead man, who in turn tells Mr. Schuster, Madelin e, and Dr. Brown. This leads to complications involving the Nelsons, but these are solved by Frankie who is assisted by Granny. Naturally the villain is properly dealt with in the end. Page 114 Front row, left to right: Brad Haas, Tom Finley, Pat North, Charles Friend, Carole Tower, Keith Gardiner, Mrs. Sally Jackson, Director. Back row, left to right: Ray Templeman, Sid Lin eker, Jean Waters, Associate Director; Dan McGrath, Fred Boes, Virginia Grille, Student Di¬ rector; Dave Rogers, Karen Krueger, Associate Director; Dave Frye, Producer; Chuck Jeckell. “ARSENIC AND OLD LACE” Abby Brewster. . . . Rev. Dr. Harper. . Teddy Brewster. . . Klein. Brophy. Martha Brewster . . Mortimer Brewster. .Pat North . . . Tom Finley Charles Friend Ray Templeman .... Sid Lineker Betsy Sullivan Keith Gardiner Elaine Harper. . . . Mr. Gibbs. Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein. O’Hara. Lt. Rooney. Mr. W itherspoon. Director. .Carole Tower Charles Peckinpaugh .Fred Boes .David Rogers .Brad Haas Dan McGrath .Chuck Jeckell .Mrs. Jackson I he Senior Class chose its play by almost unanimous acclaim. “Arsenic and Old Lace” by Joseph Kesselring, was a joyful undertaking from try-outs to final performance. Pat North and Betsy Sullivan as the plump little mur¬ deresses in their sixties, Fred Boes and Dave Rogers as the sinister Jonathan and the inebriated Dr. Einstein, re¬ spectively, Keith Gardiner as the harried young dramatic critic, and Charles Friend, an inimitable Teddy, performed excellently. Virginia Grille, student director, Dave Frye, producer, Diana Godfrey and Janet Cunningham in charge of sets shared honors with many faithful seniors in making our major dramatic effort a success. Page 11 5 ree One _ Act The Twelve Pound Look Front row, left to right: Louis Merry- man —Butler; Jean Waters —Kate (Honorable Mention Award); Diane Allman —Lady Sims. Second row: Nancy Johnston —Di¬ rector; Norman Bittorf —Sir Harry Sims. Finders Creepers— Best Play Award Front row, left to right: Ray Temple- man —Mr. Aldrid ( Honorable Men¬ tion); Mary Ann Putman —Mrs. Hampton; Judy Kaplan —Mrs. Ald¬ rid ( Best Actress Award). Second row: Louis Merryman —Di¬ rector. The Perfect Gentleman Front row, left to right: Marlene Klett — Alicia; Debbie Wood — Margaret; Jack Lynn —Robert Ames (Best Actor Award). Second row: Nancy ' Newton —Mrs. Ames; Dave Frye —Mr. Crawford. Betsy Sullivan —Director. rage 116 Parent-Teacher Association Left to right: Mrs. Inez Fletcher, Treasurer; Mr. John Moutoux, President; Mrs. G. B. Templeman, Vice-President; Mrs. Mable Hagan, Secretary. EXECUTIVE Mr. C. B. Walker. Physical Education Mrs. Herbert C. Person . . . Membership Mrs. B. W. Shauss. Library Mr. Frank Watters. Savings Mr. Ralph L. Cherry. Publicity Mr. Donald L. Wilkins. Legislative Chairman Mrs. W. E. Krueger. .. Health Mr. Eugene D. Carstater. BOARD Mrs. K. R. McIntire. Hospitality Mrs. David Kaplan. Art Mrs. Kent Godfrey. Reading Mrs. Smith Peter Kerr. Speech Mrs. Sally Jackson .. Program General W. S. Rumbougii. Budget Mr. E. B. Intollube. . Music . Ex officio This year the P. T. A. has succeeded in having an auditorium for the students of Falls Church High included in the building program financed by the bond issue which it sponsored. bor the first time in the history of the school the P. T . A. is offering two scholarships of one hundred dollars each, one to an outstanding senior boy, and one to an outstanding senior girl. Since 1951 the Activities Plaque records P. T. A. awards to students distinguished by efforts in many subject fields. I he dues membership, the largest it has ever been, has been our sole means of finance. Page 117 We of the Class of ’53 would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye. For five years we have made our way through Falls Church High. We have contributed a little; we have learned a great deal. Now, our time is done. It is our most sincere wish that you, the future graduates, will faith¬ fully protect the traditions which have guided us throughout the years; that you will guide your classmates with a steady hand and an understand¬ ing heart; that you will serve your classmates with unbending loyalty and sure purpose at all times. To David Flouser, Bill Chase, Anne Chapman, Donna Wood — we leave the example of leaders of this year and years past; that they may be led by the light of the servants of the past, and, in turn, leave a light to guide their successors. To the administration and faculty we leave our deepest gratitude for their guidance and understanding, and our sincere regrets for the gray hairs we have caused them. To the spirit of Falls Church High we leave our belief in the future; that, in these happy years we have built the foundations of our lives; lives which will be better for our visit here. Thank you, Falls Church High School; we will not forget. The Class of ’53 Page 118 NANCE VIVADELLI —CONTRACTORS— SEWER and WATERMAIN CONTRACTING 2420 Wilson Boulevard Jackson 7-7749 Arlington, Virginia Jackson 8-7750 Importers Appraisers Designers amd creators of platinum amd gold jewelry foremost in fxsbions, mA.de to order Jewelry, wa.tcb a.nd silver repairing Antique silver Estates amd old jewelry purebred REP. 7-7935 WISSINGER CHEVROLET JSeuen C omerd in 3JL CLJi New and Used Cars and Trucks “Service on 4tt WaL ” JE 2-1177 JE 2-1 178 JE 2-1760 TREMONT BUILDING SUPPLY 2700 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. Lumber - Millwork Building Material - Feed - Hay Straw - Grain - Cement - Lime Plaster - Paint - Hardware - Glass Runyon 6c Hall WALLACE and Inc. MONROE EXCAVATING pharmacy and GRADING 438 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) JE 2-2222 Phone JE 2-2966 Falls Church, Va. Page 120 The Delta Sigma Fraternity re¬ spectfully dedicates this space to its graduating members with its best wishes for a prosperous future. FREDERICK HENRY BOES SAMUEL " POOPSIE " BURKHARDT CHARLES RASPUTIN FRIEND THOMAS PAGE JOHNSON SIDNEY G. LINEKER RICHARD MILLER CHARLES MOUTOUX CHARLES L. PECKINPAUGH, III JAMES H. WALKER JOHN WHITE We, the members of Zeta Chi, take the oppor¬ tunity to add our support to the 1953 Jaguar of Falls Church High School. SAVE dde uiarfij 1 rODAY Best of Luck in the ddor ddecuritij dJomorroiv Future IT DOESN ' T TAKE LONG FOR QUARTERS to the AND DOLLARS SAVED REGULARLY TO ADD UP TO A TIDY SUM! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY EARN OUR HIGH DIVIDENDS. Class of 1953 — S l joi ir ddat it re dJodctu! l 1RLINGTQN-FAIRFAX BETA GAMMA Savings Loan Association PT 6825 Les Highway, E. Falls Church, 1 i Arlington 13, Virginia JE 2-1146 Page 121 PAINTS LUCAS GLIDDEN Headquarters for SPRED SATIN WALLPAPER UNITED and IMPERIAL FLEXALUM VENETIAN BLINDS With Plastic Tape Liggon Paint and Wallpaper Store 154 Hillwood Avenue JE 2-3324 FALLS CHURCH, VA. Plenty Free Parking The W. Ted Austin Insurance Agency INSURANCE CONSULTANTS and UNDERWRITERS 1057 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Dial JE 3-1200 We Deliver Compliments of Walter L. Phillips Certified Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor 152 Hillwood Avenue JE 2-4767 Falls Church, Va. JE 2-3936 Editor and Publisher 100 N. Washington Street, Suite No. 4 Falls Church, Virginia Telephone: Jefferson 2-2775 Member of Virginia Press Association I do the best I know how, the very best I can and I mean to keep dcing so till the end; if the end brings me out all right, what is said 1 against me won ' t amount to anything. —ABRAHAM LINCOLN Page 122 To Serve You A New and Modern FORD Sales and Service Headquarters Broad Street Motors, Inc. Your Authorized FORD Dealer 1001 West Broad Phone JE 2-5100 CARS, TRUCKS, PARTS, SERVICE ALL MAKE CARS Crossroads Market FINE MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES Tyson ' s Corner, Va. JE 2-6988 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 1500 King St. Alexandria, Va. King 9-0452 Compliments of West End Shopping Center Built By LARCHMONT CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION BUILDERS — DEVELOPERS 1073 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Page 123 FALLS CHURCH MOTORS . - 930 Your Dependable Dodge - Plymouth Dealer 554 N. Washington Street (Lee Highway) Falls Church, Va. Phone: JE 2-2400 Dodge — Plymouth — Dodge Trucks — Used Cars It ' s Not a Mirage—It ' s FALLS CHURCH GARAGE Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Future from the MANAGEMENT and STAFF LEE HIGHWAY and HILLWOOD AVENUE Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-2300 r FRANKFURTERS For Better Health Drink Better Milk Alexandria Dairy Products Co. Kl 9-2525 SALES Hk SERVICE Hillwood Motor Company Arlington Boulevard and Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Virginia JE 2-1600 JE 2-2525 J. E. Anderson Moving Storage Company 201 1 Westmoreland St. Falls Church, Virginia PHONE JE 2-1260 Local Long Distance Crating Page 124 Horace E. Brown Son Established 1883 HARDWARE B.P.S. PAINT HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 100 West Broad Street Tel. JE 2-1 168 Falls Church, Va. Free Delivery Ample Parking ROGER H. BLAKE FLORIST Sleepy Hollow Road CORSAGES, CUT FLOWERS FLORAL DECORATIONS Prompt Delivery Service JE 2-2119 FAMILY BARBER SHOP Compliments of Jefferson Village Apartments Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Va. KINSEYS JE 2-9677 DRY CLEANERS, FALLFAX BUILDING Inc. Complete Dry Cleaning Service SUPPLY 2700 Lee Highway Home Plant- LUMBER MILLWORK Pick Up and Delivery HARDWARE Phone JE 2-4900 585 Arlington Blvd. JE 4-3545 it with Jlouuen FALLS CHURCH Falls Church Florist HOBBY CENTER ■a 131 South Washington St. Falls Church, Va. JE 3-1334 721 S. Washington St. JE 2-3200 Page 125 ‘ ' First in Fashions " WYNN’S Feminine Apparel Shops 230 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. GEORGE T. REEVES REAL ESTATE —LOANS Complete Insurance Service Representing the Aetna and other old-line companies since 1932 For Service to Please PHONE JE 2-2720 Wl C0RNEBS - 1 MARKET ■ is your 1 Day Market Open Every Day or Night 8:30 to 11 P.M. " Repairs on Anything Electronic ” Vie iJcleuision WJorlziLop Sales Service 118 S. WASHINGTON STREET FALLS CHURCH, VA. PHONE JE 2-2990 Your Only Authorized RCA Dealer in Falls Church, Va. HARDWARE BENDIX and PHILCO SNYDER COMPANY PAINTS - GLASS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 6847 Lee Highway JE 2-1194 Falls Church, Virginia EVERYBODY READS . . . THE PROVIDENCE JOURNAL McLean, Va. Elmwood 6-3322 PAGE-HUGHES BUICK, INCORPORATED We Service Any Make Car 621 Arlington Boulevard (Near Annandale Road) Falls Church, Va. Phone: JE 3-9700 Curb Gutter Storm Sanitary Street Sidewalks Sewers Excavation Payne Oliver Concrete Co., INC. CONTRACTORS Phone: Jefferson 4-4100 Route 2 JA 2-9345 Alexandria, Va. Page 126 Old Dominion Speedway AUTO RACES Manassas, Virginia JE 2-6097 Res. JA 2-7843 Nor-Va Realty Co., Inc. Sales - Loam - Insurance R.F.D. No. 2 JOHN C. GRILLE Baileys Cross Roads President Alexandria, Va. Hodges Home Insulation Company " Our 44 Years Experience Is Your Guarantee " METAL WEATHER STRIPS INSULATION 6850 Fairfax Dr. JE 2-2354 Falls Church, Va. JA 2-8562 E. M. (Oryan COMPANY 813 13th St., N.W. — 2912 14th St., N.W. WASHINGTON, D. C. The Home of Your School Supplies Office Supplies Business Furniture Paper Products Phone ME 8-0252 KING - KERLEY DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS " U-San-O " Insured Mothproof Cleaning System FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA PHONE JE 2-1713 In Contractor ' s Row Jenkins Sheet Metal A F Electric Service " Make It In Metal " General Electric Contracting 106 W. Jefferson St. JE 2-6542 Falls Church, Va. JE 2-5502 G. and G. Construction Co., Inc. DEVELOPERS and BUILDERS 102 E. Fairfax Street JE 3-8600 Falls Church, Virginia Willston Delicatessen Featuring Imported Domestic Foods Modern Restaurant Featuring Steaks Chicken COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE Open 9 to 11 Phene JE 3-3079 Page 127 JEfferson 2-2024 JEfferson 4-3626 C. B. O’Shaughnessy General Insurance—Real Estate ROUTE 2, BOX 177 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Next to Baileys X Rds. Fire Dept. Compliments of Singer Sewing Center Shirlington OV 3-2827 Compliments of FRANC JEWELERS Th ree Virginia Stores 3137 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va. 4116 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va. 714 King St., Alexandria, Va. YEATMAN ' S HOUSEWARE-SPORTING GOODS BUILDERS HARDWARE-PAINTS Wilson Blvd. at Hartford Arlington, Va. JA 7-7300 There ' s something about Jelleff ' s— the service, the merchandise, the prices, and always an atmosphere of friendliness. JELLEFF ' S " One of the Country’s Great Apparel Stores” F Street, and tour branch stores serving Greater Washington, Shirlington, Silver Spring, Bethesda, and 4473 Connecticut Avenue. pLto L Edl " i Joe Bell 107 North Royal St. Alexandria, Va. ' anted DIVISION OF NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP. Ask for f. JL rie 6 frd. Shine 6 POTATO CHIPS " A Pip of a Chip " Locally Distributed by Paul Baker, Inc. JE 2-1687 Page 128 Compliments of WF AX 1220 on Your Dial Compliments of FRANCIS A. WAGNER 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Wed. Fri. 8:00 to 8:00 WEONA BEAUTY SALON JE 2-7240 408 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) ROBERT SHREVE FUEL CO. 6873 LEE HIGHWAY (Arlington County) FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA JE 2-1960 FUEL OIL —COAL Town Country Upholstery INCORPORATED 613 S. Washington St. JE 2-2481 FALLS CHURCH, VA. Arlington ' s Friendliest Jewelry Store INTERNATIONAL - GORHAM - TOWLE WALLACE-LUNT-HEIRLOOM STERLING ROGERS JEWELRY COMPANY 3172 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. NIELSEN ' S PASTRY SHOP Pies — Bread — Pastry 608 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2211 Compliments of MARKHAM ' S ESSO Service Center OXFORD ROOFING COMPANY Complete Roofing Service 801 South Washington St. JE 2-0990 J. C. PENNEY CO. (Clarendon) ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA CLARENDON OPTICAL CO. Dispensing Opticians Prescriptions Filled • Glasses Repaired Hours: Daily 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. 3176 Wilson Boulevard Friday Until 9 P.M. Arlington, Virginia Compliments of PRESTON ' S DRUG STORE JE 4-4660 CHANEL COMPANY Complete Real Estate Service 6310 Willston Drive Falls Church, Virginia RAY M. KEATING All Types of Mutual Insurance 152 Hillwood Ave. JE 2-4020 PHONE JE 2-7875 JANICE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Hair Cutting Permanent Waving 102 East Fairfax Street Falls Church, Va. HOLLOWELL ' S ESSO SERVICE Culmore Shopping Center FALLS CHURCH, VA. JE 2-9886 Page 129 TELEPHONES EL 6-3344 EL 6-9595 J. H. 0. V. Carper McLean, Virginia Contractors Specializing in ROAD BUILDING EXCAVATING GRADING TOP SOIL Mac s Frozen Custa rd For a Quick Dessert McLean, Va. ALCORN MOTORS " 100 Cars to Choose From " 6920 Lee Highway E. Falls Church, Virginia CLAREMONT MARKET 25th Leesburg Pike JA 5-8686 Compliments of THE ALMA SHOPS Women ' s Ready-to-Wear and Buster Brown Shoes for the Family FALLS CHURCH ARLINGTON " PETITEEN " and " DELLTEEN " DRESSES " TOM SAWYER " — " CHIPS " and " TWIGS " Arlington Boys ' and Girls ' Shop 3141 Wilson Boulevard B W Linoleum Shade Shop GEORGE R. WEAVER JEfferson 2-1547 625 S. Washington Street FALLS CHURCH, VA. Compliments of BARON AND MELTZ CO. BURNS BROS. CLEANERS McLEAN, VIRGINIA EL 6-3330 JEAN ADAMS BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Hair Coloring — Permanent Waves 1532 ARLINGTON BLVD. FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA JE 2-9672 Compliments of FALLS CHURCH REALTY CO. 121 S. Washington St. PHONE JE 2-2122 Realtors Insurers JEFFERSON VILLAGE BEAUTY SALON Falls Church, Va. 606 Arl. Blvd. JE 2-9647 BROWSE ABOUT SHOP Home Accessories — Gifts 6865 N. Fairfax Drive E. FALLS CHURCH, VA. PHONE JE 2-5455 Compliments of MEENEHAN ' S HARDWARE Willston Shopping Center " Property Management " C. L. HANOWELL COMPANY Realtors Sales — Loans — Insurance JE 2-5777 JE 2-7193 6819 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. Compliments of GOODWIN ' S GIFT SHOP AND DELICATESSEN 1235 S. Washington St. JE 2-4228 Page 130 W. W. THOMAS, JR. Contractor GRADERS-SHOVELS-TRUCKS and BULLDOZERS Phone: Office JE 2-2855 Office 700 Lee Highway Residence JE 3-9449 Falls Church, Virginia TOWN HOUSE Modern or Traditional Furniture 2854 Wilson Blvd. JA 7-2036 Compliments of R. B. CLARK MOTOR COMPANY 624 S. WASHINGTON ST. FALLS CHURCH, VA. Telephone JE 3-1100 Best Wishes to the Faculty and Student Body HILLWOOD DELICATESSEN PHONE: JE 2-9700 1110 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Va. FOREST VALET Cleaning Dyeing ARLINGTON FOREST SHOPPING CENTER 4813 N. 1st St. Phone Arlington, Va. JA 5-8416 FALLS CHURCH BEAUTY SHOP 6875 N. FAIRFAX ST. Opposite East Falls Church R.R. Station JE 2-1599 Complete Beauty Service Best Wishes to the Class of ' 53 Theta Alpha Ep silon GOODYEAR FIRESTONE U. S. ROYAL Check With Us Before You Buy TIRES RECAPPING SEAT COVERS SAVE Over 1500 Sets to Choose From Custom Installation z s i iutn ' tr 1503 Lee Highway ARLINGTON, VA. JA 2-0024 7 Corners Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2177 10th N. Irving Sts. ARLINGTON, VA. JA 7-7442 Page 131 FALLS CHURCH SCHOOL OF MUSIC Piano - Voice - Organ 102 E. Fairfax St. Jefferson 3-1009 THE JAGUAR is your yearbook Treasure It! be fashionwise ... clockwise with up-to-the-minute apparel from our fashion-conscious Fourth Floor. Let Miss Warren, our School Outfitting Coun¬ selor advise you and help solve your fashion problems. Page 132 Q Q Best Wishes to All the Graduates! Stuckey Studio Barnes Kimel FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Co. i FURNITURE —CARPETS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER ALEXANDRIA Q Q q. ARLINGTON FALLS CHURCH BASTIAN DIXIE DONUT BROTHERS CAKE CO. CO. Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Suppliers " Orders Taken Day or Night " of Falls Church CASTELL’S Senior Announcements All Kinds of Sandwiches RAYMOND PAGE Including Tea Sandwiches District Manager Wholesale: 409 4th St., S.W. Vinton, Va. Tel. Ex. 3-2522 Page 133 NNUAL CRAFTSMEN a u i il a l cat — laaL C BUILDING OF A SUPERI¬ OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS¬ EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND¬ ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM¬ IZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. THE KING PRINTING CO. pri nter • ( nyxavet • { oeUniulet BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Page 134 THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 0200 ' 5346 III mm 111 III III library - on the c a + d! s t. ' i T 9 i V Vi A -A

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