Falls Church High School - Jaguar Yearbook (Falls Church, VA)

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Falls Church High School - Jaguar Yearbook (Falls Church, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA GIFT OF DIVISION OF EXTENSION THE STUDENTS of FATLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL DL 16 is our school, our heritage. As ice come and go through the swiftly passing years, Falls Church High School will remain in our hearts a symbol of the experiences, friendships, and dreams we shared. May it never lapse into the realm of forgotten memories. THE AGUAR 1951 STAFF Don Glover Edit or-in -Chief Jean Gedney Eleanor Achenbach —Associate Editors James Beard Business Manager Faculty Advisors Mrs. John R. Miles Literary Mr. William Snodgrass Business in jWemortam HARRY ALEXANDER Falls Church High School students were saddened by the sudden death of " Buddy” Alexander on April £7 ' Ey 50. f ( c c " And 1 will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” PROPERTY op LIBI(ARY of V CHM0ND, Vrt GIN! A DEDICATION We take great pleasure in dedicating the 1951 JAGUAR to Mr. William H. Barrett, who through the years has given us the benefit of his understanding and guidance in all our endeavors. For some years I have been quite a B.A.O.C. (Big Animal on the Campus) here at ole’ F.C.H.S., but this is the first time I’ve been given the opportunity to greet you in person. And, if I may say so, it certainly has been frustrating! I’ve shared every experience, relationship, happiness and sadness, with each of you and all of you, but could never let you know that I was there. Why, I haven’t missed a sports event, a dance, a play—any activity at Falls Church High since I’ve been here. And I’ve been here since the beginning. Look around. What do we call " our” football team? What are the school newspaper and the year¬ book called? Whose pictures hang in a place of prominence in the upstairs hall? No, I’m not bragging; just want to convince you skeptics, you guys who have never noticed me or thought about me before. It’s kind of insulting to be ignored; good thing I’m not sensitive. The rest of the staff and I have worked hard for almost 12 months on this resume of the past year’s events; and in this volume, the culmination of our efforts, is a part of each one of us, and each one of you. You’ll leave Falls Church High with something more than you came with; everyone is getting something from the years he spends here. We of the staff are gratified at this opportunity to return something. So, here is your 1951 JAGUAR. We hope that you will enjoy it now, and that when you read it again years later it will bring back many, many pleasant mem¬ ories. Page 6 dministration Page 7 DR. WILLIAM S. RUMBOUGH Much of the prestige that Falls Church High School has attained since its establishment is due to the untiring efforts of its principal, Gen. William S. Rumbough. To him each one of us owes a great debt for his undying in¬ terest in the individual. His cooperative endeavors to make all functions and activities of the student body a success have made every student and teacher a fond admirer of this pur¬ poseful leader. OFFICE STAFF It’s nice to have this opportunity to thank the kind and patient people in the office for bearing with us throughout the year. GUIDANCE STAFF Where would we be, during the senior year, espe¬ cially, if it weren’t for our wonderful guidance staff! Many thanks are due to Mrs. Elsie Snodgrass and Mrs. Anne Rullman. Page 8 Faculty MINNIE BANKS, M.A. English, Social Studies Etiquette Club GEORGE BERNARD, B.A. Spanish, Social Studies junior Hi-Y Club EVELYN T. BICKERS, M.A. Commercial Dance Club ELOISE BRYSON Office PHYLLIS CAMPBELL, B.A. Vocal Music Glee Club JEANNE CARPENTER Office MABLE CHAPMAN, B.S. Biology Science Club, Co-Sponsor of junior Class HARVEY F. COOPER, B.A. Shop Camera Club ANITA CROWSON, B.S. Home Economics Future Homemakers of America FRANCES CRUM, M.A. Mathematics, Art Art Club JOSEPH FAIR, B.A. English, Social Studies ALMA R. FRANKS, B.A. English, Public Speaking Forensic Club LAURA M. FURMAN, B.A. Librarian BERNARD IT. GARHART, B.A. Mathematics Golf Team, Mathematics Club JANET F. GRAY, M.S. Mathematics Bible Ch L Page 9 Faculty JULIA C. GUNN, M.A. Mathematics, Science Junior Dramatics Club, Sponsor of Eighth Grade PEARL HANSON, B.A. Latin, Journalism Quill and Scroll, Jaguar Journal HELEN S. HAWKINS, B.A. English, Social Studies Junior Civic League SHANDY HOLLAND, B.A. English, P ublic Speaking Forensic Club ARLENE HUNT, B.A. Commercial Artyping Club HARRIET S. HURT, B.A. Dramatics, English Sub-deb Club, National Honor Society SARAH W. JACKSON, B.A. Social Studies Dance Club, Co-Sponsor of Freshman Class BERNICE LILLY, B.S. Physical Education Varsity Softball, Cheerleading CARTER W. LINGER, M.A. Mathematics, Social Studies Varsity Track Eighth Grade Football, Tennis Club JOSEPH J. LYONS, M.A. Spanish, Audio-Visual Coordinator Psychology Club, Varsity Basketball, J.V. Football ETHELYNE McBEE, M.A. Mathematics Tennis Club, Junior Honor Society KARL B. MEYER, B.A. English, Social Studies Coin and Stamp Club NELLE H. MILES, B.A. English Dramatics Club, Jaguar FRANK H. MISHOU, M.A. Commercial Law, Civics Chess Club No. 1, Sponsor of Senior Class S. JOHN MOFFATT, B.S. Physical Education Dance Club, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball Page 10 Faculty RUTH H. MOFFITT, B.A. English, Social Studies Tri-Hi-Y CAROLYN MORRISON, B.S. Physical Ed ucation Dance Club, Varsity Basketball, ].V. Hockey LOUISE RIGDON Visiting Teacher WINFRED ROBERTS, M.A. English, Social Studies Needlecraft Club ANNE RULLMAN, A.A. Guidance, Latin 1 Latin League ERNEST B. RYDER, B.A. Music Band LUCILLE SCOTT, B.S. English, Social Studies Airplane Club NELLE SHUGHROU, B.S. Chemistry Science Club ELSIE SNODGRASS, B.S. Eighth Grade Guidance WILLIAM D. SNODGRASS, B.S. Mathematics, General Science Jaguar, Co-Sponsor of Junior Class MILDRED SPINDLE, B.S. English, Latin Tri-Hi-Y, Co-Sponsor of Sophomore Class ALPHA SPITZFR, B.S. Com mercial Folk Dance Club MARGARET SPITZER, B.S. Home Economics Future Homemakers of America HAROLD SPRAKER, B.S. Mathematics BETTY SPRINGSTON, B.S. Mathematics Pep Club Page 11 Faculty WILLIAM C. SPRINGSTON, B.S. Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing Key Club JEANNETTE P. SULLIVAN, B.S. Physical Education Folk Dance Club, Varsity Hockey, J.V. Softball T. D. TODD, M.A. Physical Education Chess Club No. 2, Varsity Football LELAND ARTHUR VLIET Social Studies Printing Club PAUL WEBER, B.A. Physical Education Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club Not in Pictures: HORTENSE SEEDLOCK, B.A. Social Studies, Spanish CUSTODIAL STAFF Here’s to those grand people who always seem to have a warm smile and a willing hand! Page 12 1 lasses J Page 13 SENIOR SNAPS Page 14 etitor a J 5 " Skip” Tower Richey Miller " Sharlee” Howze Shirley Cannon Bill Little Vice-President . President . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arius Page 15 SENIOR Mary Eleanor Achenbach " Eleanor” ambitious, loquacious, W-L Wayne Norris Akre " Burr head” sporting, carefree, flirtatious Albert David Alexander " Al” eager, alert, casanova Lily Altman " Lily” sincere, capa ble, pensive Esther Virginia Amader " Esther” hard-working, congenial, pleasant Betty Marie Ayers " Betty” resourceful, demure, dimpled George Bertram Bairey " George” neat, resolute, " quickie” James Orrin Beard " James” political, efficient, busy Maurice F. Beazley " Buddy” studious, reserved, well-mannered Margaret Ann Beckwith " Peggy” fair, amusing, happy Page 16 CLASS Patricia Louise Beggs " Patti” spirited, popular, independent Richard Ray Bennett " Richard” worthy, cheerful, polite Anne Webb Bradley " Anne” gentle, earnest, reticent Doris Patricia Bradley " Pat” vivacious, informal, appealing John Lowell Brainerd " Johnny” scholarly, apt, cordial Phillip Carl Brainerd " Phil” agreeable, brotherly, clever Clarence Henry Breedlove, Jr. " C. H” keen, merry, enthusiastic Jefferson Davis Broaddus, Jr. " Jeff” fine, uncomplaining, restful Walter Herbert Brooks " Walt” unconcerned, assured, fresh Ralph Edward Brumby " Ralph” erect, penetrating, likable Page 17 SENIOR Tanya Bruskin " Tanya” aesthetic, intelligent, comely Joseph Buday " Ocsi” amiable, brilliant, wide-awake Bonita Marie Burwick " Bo” straightforward, shapely, graceful Shirley Louise Cannon " Shirley” ingenious, energetic, luminous William Chambliss " Bill” restless, good-natured, Hollywood Constance Clague " Connie” tranquil, pleasant, shy Betty Lorraine Clark " Baldy” sweet, brisk, entertaining John Frederick Gates Clarke, Jr. " Skip” competent, affable, neat Peggy Lou Isabelle Cockrell " Peg” friendly, kind, pert Harry Leon Coggin, Jr. " Leon” conscientious, companionable, open-hearted Page 18 CLASS Leonette Arden Coop " Lee” good-natured, acquiescent, calm Constance Ann Crigler " Connie” breezy, humorous, good sport Eileen Cronin " Eileen” witty, athletic, quick Hilda Shirley Croson " Hilda” restrained, industrious, dependable Joanne Daugherty " JoJo” willing, modish, talkative Patricia Anne Donahoe " Pat” considerate, feminine, tidy Frederick W. Donaldson " Fred” wholesome, unassuming, quiet Kenneth Donaldson " Kenny” self-confident, relaxed, fit Margaret Eleanor Donaldson " Maggie” boisterous, happy, fun Melvin Elbert Dunn " Mel” comical, appreciative, compatible Page 19 SENIOR Gloria Diane Eichberg " Butch” animated, benevolent, " you all” Barbara Jean Escherich " Jean” stylish, capable, kind Robert Dow Evans " Bob” silent, unconcerned, at-ease Ira Benton Faidley, Jr. " Benny” practical, considerate, trustworthy William Daniel Feaster " Bill” subdued, just, indifferent Bettie Lou Fincham " Bettie” peaceful, benign, docile Nancy Katherine FitzGerald " Nancy” placid, tiny, impeccable Earl Lee Foltz " Mealtickct” quiet, cool, upright Marion Rampey Fox " Marion” domestic, efficient, married Betty Anne Frenzel " Betty” prim, pretty, contented Page 20 CLASS Shirley Ann Fuller " Shirley” gleeful, pleased, well-disposed Susan Nancy Funk " Susie” proud, garrulous, blooming Shirley Jean Furey " Shirley” gay, wistful, lenient Robert C. Furman " Snookie” fascinating, hilarious, " cat” Carol Jewel Geddes " Squirt” sunny, original, " freckles” Jean E. Gedney " Jeanne” logical, sociable, trustworthy Shirley Ann Geoffroy " Shirley” smiling, obliging, true Shirley Ann Gilmore " Shirley” resolute, concise, deliberate Donna Lillian Gleeson " Donna” delightful, light-hearted, " wolf gal” Wayne Lee Glenn " Wayne” thoughtful, dependable, mild Page 21 SENIOR Anne Baldwin Glover " Anne” twinkling, lovable, quaint Donald Ellsworth Glover " Don” hard-working, indispensable, famous Arthur G. Gower, III " Art” retiring, honest, scientific Juanita Patterson Gragg " Nit a” slender, anxious, talkative Melvin Louis Green, Jr. " Mel” assured, noisy, imaginative Frederick William Grenfell " Freddy” solemn, unaffected, good dancer Mary Lou Grenfell " Mary Lou” dainty, flighty, well-dressed Lois Jean Grubb " Lois” pleasant, uncertain, fanciful George Vernon Hall, Jr. " ' Vernon” natural, pleasant, trusting John Oren Hanford " Johnnie” whimsical, hale, chattering Page 22 CLASS Walter Lowell Hanrahan " Waltie” jesting, cartoonist, " jalopy” John Layton Hanson, Jr. " Jack” dashing, well-mannered, reliant John Ira Hardy, Jr. " John” constant, conventional, calm Robert Luchin Hayes " Bobby” carefree, informal, strong Barbara Elizabeth Heath " Barbara” bonny, beaming, contented James Carter Hennings " Jimmy” reasonable, interested, game Lilla Adams Hight " Lil” accomplished, unique, well-liked William M. Hileman " Bill” abrupt, agile, " women” Donald Edward Hiller " Don” neighborly, composed, positive Doris May Himelright " Dorrie” engaged, loquacious, " giggles” Page 2} SENIOR Paula Ruth Hockman " Poo” smooth, leisurely, " Jack” Ralph Holmes, Jr. " Buddy” frolicsome, glib, " bus” Marion Charlotte Howze " Sharlee ” artistic, enthusiastic, radiant Edwin Gray Huffman " Eddie” tall, cooperative, " flash-gun” Ray Bryan Hull " Ray” silent, unassuming, youthful Kermit Conte James " Contee” friendly, happy, " pretty rugged” George Thomas Jarboe " Tommy” gallant, rational, courteous Frank McLean Jenkins " Mac” serious, decisive, frank Margaret Ann Jenkins " Peggy” resourceful, smart, quick Willard Ferris Johnson " Billy” congenial, refined, " Mr. Mile” Page 24 CLASS Elizabeth Ann Kane " Betty” obliging, gentle, agreeable Helen Marion Kidwell " Helen” slight, wistful, kind Alice Wilson Knight " Alice” genuine, gracious, " tops” Harriet Marie Kramer " Harriet” kindly, peaceful, happy Fred Stone Landess " Fred” pleasant, priceless, " prexy” Sidney Lee Lanier " Lee” mischievous, carefree, roving Myra Jeanne Lawrence " Mimi” vibrant, sincere, charming Daniel Harmon Lay " Danny” well-behaved, generous, " Army” Catherine Sue Lee " Kitty” dramatic, affectionate, captivating Lorraine Fay LeSage " Lorry” loyal, determined, trim Page 2 $ SENIOR Jacquelyn Lee Lipscomb " Jackie” petite, able, sophisticated William Roy Little, Jr. " Bill” lean, lanky, Texan John Morrison Lucas " Hot Rod” funny, devilish, " doodlings” Lovine Benjamin Luchenbach " Barney” lively, happy-go-lucky, swell Robert M. Lundien " Bob” different, satirical, relaxed Thomas Noel Lynn, III " Noel” hale, hardy, handsome Joyce Madden " Joyce” efficient, serene, sweet Betty Joan Maden " Betty” blithe, naive, " baby-face” Charleen Wenzel Magarity " Charleen” chattering, drums, " goalie” Terrence William Maley " Terry” blonde, blushing, sharp Page 26 CLASS George Hoyt Martin " George” shy, clean-cut, jocular Robert Madison Mayberry " Bob” bashful, good-looking, " Mr. Baseball” Nancy Belle McCarter " Nancy” flighty, graceful, pretty Kenneth Robert McIntire " Mac” versatile, modest, terrific Ruth Adcock McPherson " Ruth’ composed, beneficient, " Mrs.” Donald Ray Middleton " Don” unusual, bold, vociferous Patricia Ann Milburn " Patsy” casual, youthful, pleasing James Richey Conklin Miller " Richey” loyal, stalwart, " wheel” Mary Virginia Miller " Gidge” sympathetic, warm, understanding Margaret Wirt Myer " Maggie” musical, busy, glowing Page 27 SENIOR Mary Lee Nations " Mary Lee” attractive, confident, earnest Mary Frances Nicholas " Fran” willing, helpful, reserved Alice Joanne Owens " Jo” sweet, contented, married James Robert Pearl " Bob” chuckling, dapper, " curly” Catherine Louise Pearson " Katie” slender, obliging, nice Benjamin Pistole " Benny” wild, carefree, Navy Carl Timothy Popovitch, Jr. " Timmy” freckles, passive, dependable Mitzee Elizabeth Posey " Mitzee” piquant, active, charming Katherine Louise Powell " Kay” industrious, sociable, shining Frank A. Purcell " Mike” considerate, hospitable, affable Page 28 CLASS Alan David Rex " Alan” aeronautical, regular, hobbies Lawrence Burnett Rhodes, Jr. " Larry” individual, tenor, natural Richard Ernest Riley " Dicky” facetious, garrulous, roguish Joel Rogosin " Joel” quick-witted, uninhibited, masterful Gloria Joy Rollins " Gordy” alluring, winsome, likable Joan Ethel Rollins " Joan” enticing, radiant, diverting Virginia May Rosenbaum " May” good-natured, self-possessed, tidy Richard Rumble " Dick” easy-going, peaceful, unbiased Mary Jane Rutherford " Jane” capable, warm, sincere Sandra King Schaede " Sandy” tasteful, tall, companionable Page 29 SENIOR Patricia Schauss " Pat” energetic, outstanding, journalistic Robert Reinhart Schmidt " Bob” cognizant, conservative, still Francis Milton Shoemaker " Francis” long, lean, likable Patricia Ann Sladen " Pat” small, delicate, prim Jeanine Delilah Smith " Jcanine” cool, calm, collected Ellis Johnson Stearns, III " Ellis” serious, steadfast, splendid Ann Lee Stranathan " Ann Lee” esteemed, stunning, individual Margaret Sarah Straw " Peggy” natural, cheerful, gay Patricia Ann Sullivan " Patt” modest, coy, demure Charles Summers " Summers” genial, unruffled, " pop-corn” Page 30 CLASS Gillian Garnet Tatlow " Gill” gleaming, candid, Canada James Lee Teague " Jimmy” audacious, fast, undaunted James Tiches " Greek” hearty, bold, restless Harry Herbert Tower " Skip” fiery, flirtatious, " Happy” Joseph Louis Trombo " Joe” dark, daring, athletic Ernest Edmond Tyrell " Ernie” unpredictable, worldly, at-ease Arthur Ellsworth Van Dusen " Art” vigorous, droll, mechanical-minded Deward Vincent Via " Minnie” carefree, sagacious, " bus” Anne Vosbury " Anne” faithful, sparkling, " Le Roy” William Waesche " Bill” academic, subtle, Panama Page 3 1 SENIORS John Rudolph Wainio " John” hesitant, cheerful, placid Elzberry Waters, Jr. " Buddy” forward, flashy, intrepid Christian Carl Westerman " Chris” sauntering, Southern, smiling William LeRoy Wheeler " Willy” personable, manly, debonair Juanita Julia White " Nit a” inquisitiv e, gleeful, bubbling Laura Ann Whitesell " Laura” calm, domestic, diligent Robert Gordon Wilcox " Bob” taciturn, kindly, " shutter-bug” Fred Emery Wilson " Fritz” cute, smart, scintillating Jo Ellen Wilson " Jo” dependable, tranquil, fun-loving NOT PICTURED: Beverly Anne Auringer " Bev” interesting, sensible, Minnesotan Marvin Eugene Reeves " Buddy” independent, reckless, active George Richardson " George” adaptable, athletic, astute Page 32 JANUARY— " COME UP AND SEE ME SOME TIME” Personality Pins ' Hirley Cannon Bill Little MARCH— " IN YOUR EASTER BONNET ...” Best Dressed FEBRUARY— " DEAR HEARTS AND GENTLE PEOPLE” Friendliest Gidge Miller Bill Chambliss APRIL— " DOIN’ WHAT COMES NATURALLY” ' Wittiest nn Lee Stranathan Jack Hanson Margaret Donaldson Bob Furman MAY— " WALTZ ME AROUND AGAIN, WILLY” Best Dancers Bonita Burwick Bill Hillman JULY— " BIG BANG FROM COAST TO COAST” Lilla Hight Best All-round JUNE— " JUNE IS BUSTIN’ OUT ALL OVER” Most Popular Kitty Sue Lee Richey Mille AUGUST— " UMM . . . UMM . . . GOOD!” Cutest Fred Landess Patti Beggs Mike Purcel SUPERLATIVES SEPTEMBER— " . . . AT THE OLE’ BALL GAME” Most Athletic -ileen Cronin Joe Trombo NOVEMBER— " TRAILING CLOUDS OF GLORY” Most Likely to Succeed OCTOBER— " ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER” Most Talented Sharlee Howze Joel Rogosin DECEMBER— " JUST LIKE A XMAS PACKAGE” Most Attractive Vlice Knight Don Glover Mitzee Posey Noel Lynn SENIOR MARY ELEANOR ACHENBACH— " Eleanor” —Arling¬ ton, Va. 1-2-3; Glee Club 3; Jaguar Staff, Associate Editor 4; " Great Moments” Cast 4; One-act Play 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. WAYNE NORRIS AKRE— " Barrhead” —Football 2-3-4; Baseball 3-4; Varsity Club, Pres. 4. ALBERT DAVID ALEXANDER— " Al ”—Student Coun¬ cil 1-2-3; Debating Team 1; J. V. Football 1; Dance Club 1; J. V. Baseball 2; J. V. Basketball 2; Dramatics Club 3; Psychology Club 4; Golf Team 4. LILY ALTMAN— " Lily” —Junior Journalism Club 1; One- act Play 2; F.H.A. 2, Pres. 3; Junior Play 3; Jaguar Journal Staff 4; Jaguar Staff, Associate Literary Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Dramatics Club 4. ESTHER VIRGINIA AMADER — " Esther” — Florence, S. C. 1-2; Petersburg, Va. 3; F.H.A., Treas. 4. BEVERLY ANNE AURINGER — " Bev” — Faribault, Minn. 1-2-3; Chorus 4; Photography Club 4. BETTY MARIE AYERS— " Betty " —Homeroom Pres. 1; Senior Service Scouts 1; Arlington, Va. 2; Girls’ State 3; Jaguar Staff 3-4; F.H.A., Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Student Council 3; Latin Classical League 3; Fairfax-Arlington Home Economics Federation Pres. 4. GEORGE BERTRAM BAIREY— " George” —Junior Jour¬ nalism Club 1; J. V. Baseball 2-3; Basketball 3-4; Key Club, 3, Senior Director 4; Quill and Scroll, Treas. 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, Sports Editor 4. JAMES ORRIN BEARD— " James” —Student Council 1; Forensic Team 1; State S.C.A. Convention 2; Dramatics Club, Treas. 2; Jaguar Staff 3, Business Manager 4; Key Club 3, Pres. 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4. MAURICE F. BEAZLEY — " Buddy” — Library Club 2; Handcraft Club 3. MARGARET ANN BECKWITH — " Prggy” — Leaven¬ worth, Kansas 1; Arlington, Va. 2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. PATRICIA LOUISE BEGGS— " Patti” —Claremont, Calif. 1; Bladensburg, Md. 2; Junior Class Sec. 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Prom Committee 3; Jaguar Staff 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Junior Civic League, Treas. 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. RICHARD RAY BENNETT— " RicJjard” —Photography Club 4. ANNE WEBB BRADLEY— " Anne” —Peiping, China 1-2; Psychology Club 3; Pep Club 4; Student Council 4. DORIS PATRICIA BRADLEY— " Pat” —Coronado, Calif. 1-2; Jagtiar Journal Staff 3; Speech Contest 3; Junior Play 3; Dramatics Club, Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Cheerleader 4. JOHN LOWELL BRAINERD— " Johnny” —Norfolk, Va. 1- 2-3; Football 4; Track 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Forensic Club, Sec. 4; Debating Team 4; F.C.H.S. Representative in State Wrestling Meet 4. PHILLIP CARL BRAINERD— " Phil” —Norfolk, Va. 1- 2- 3; Football 4; Track 4; F.C.H.S. Representative in State Wrestling Meet 4. CLARENCE H. BREEDLOVE, JR.— " C.H.”—Mineral Wells, Texas 1; Biloxi, Miss. 2; Dramatics Club 3-4; Forensic Meet 3; " Great Moments” Cast 4. JEFFERSON DAVIS BROADDUS, JR.— " Jeff” —Science Club 1; Chess and Checker Club 2. WALTER HERBERT BROOKS— " Walt” —Fairfax, Va. 2; Battlefield Park, Va. 3. RALPH EDWARD BRUMBY— " Ralph” —Newport, R. I. 1; Jaguar Staff, Photographer 2; Model Airplane Club, Sec. 2; Photography Club 3. TANYA BRUSKIN— " Tanya” —Freshman Class Vice Pres. 1; Hockey 1-2-3; Junior Journalism Club 1; Junior Civic League Council 1-2; Winning One-act Play 2; Student Council 2; Sub-deb Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Psychology Club 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4; Junior Civic League 4. JOSEPH BUDAY— " Ocsi” —Tribourg, Switzerland 1-2; New Rochelle, N. Y. 3; Dramatics Club 4. BONITA MARIE BURWICK— " Bo”—Art-typing Club 1; Hockey 2; Dance Club 2-3-4; Homeroom Sec. 2-4; Jaguar Staff 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Junior Play, Make-up 3. SHIRLEY LOUISE CANNON— " Shirley” —J unior Jour¬ nalism Club 1; Sub-deb Club 2; Winning One-act Play 2; Homeroom Pres. 2; Latin Banquet Chairman 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3-4; Junior Play 3; Cheerleader 3- 4 ;Sweetheart Court 3; Senior Class Treas. 4; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 4; Junior Civic League 4; Senior Play Committee 4. WILLIAM CHAMBLISS— ' ' Bill”— Long Beach, Calif. 2; Hollywood, Calif. 3; Junior Civic League 4. Page 36 DIRECTORY CONSTANCE CLAGUE— ' ' Connie”— Philippines 1-2-3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homeroom Treas. 4. BETTY LORRAINE CLARK — " Baldy” — Dance Club 1-4; F.H.A. 2; Homeroom President 3; Student Council 3-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. JOHN FREDERICK GATES CLARKE, JR.— " Skip” — London, England 1-2; J. V. Football 3; Track 3-4; Key Club, Treas. 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Football 4. PEGGY LOU ISABELLE COCKRELL — " Peg” — Dance Club 1-2-4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Intramural Representative 3; Student Council 3. HARRY LEON COGGIN, JR. — " Leon” — Collectors Club, Pres. 1; J. V. Football 2-3; Track 3; Science Club 4 . LEONETTE ARDEN COOP— " Lee” —Yokohama, Japan 1- 2; San Francisco, Calif. 3; Volleyball 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. CONSTANCE ANN CRIGLER— " Connie” —Arlington, Va. 1-3; Hockey 2; Basketball 2-4; Varsity Club 2-4. EILEEN CRONIN— " Eileen” —Dance Club 1-3; Hockey 2- 3-4; Basketball 2-3-4; Softball 2-3-4; Homeroom Pres. 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Play, Props 3; Varsity Club 4; " Mammy Yokum,” Sadie Hawkins Dance 4. HILDA SHIRLEY CROSON — " Hilda” — F.H.A. 2-3, Pres. 4. JOANNE DAUGHERTY— ' " JoJo”— Personality Club 1; F.H.A. 1-2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. PATRICIA ANNE DONAHOE— " Pat” — Jaguar Journal Staff 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Art Club 3; Junior Journalism Club 4. FREDERICK V. DONALDSON— " Fred” —Science Club 4 . KENNETH DONALDSON — " Kenny” — Chess and Checker Club 2. MARGARET ELEANOR DONALDSON— " Maggie” — Hockey 1-2; Jaguar Staff 1-2; Dance Club 2-4; Tri-Hi- Y 3; Junior Play 3. ' MELVIN ELBERT DUNN— " Mel” —One-act Play 3-4; Dramatics Club 3. GLORIA DIANE EICHBERG— " Butch” —Richmond, Va. 1-2-3. BARBARA JEAN ESCHERICH— " Jean” —Dance Club 1; Homeroom Sec. 1; Junior Class Treas. 3; Folk Dance Club, Treas. 3; Basketball, manager 3; Junior Play Com¬ mittee, Chairman 3; Varsity Club 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4. ROBERT DOW EVANS— " Bob” —Fork Union, Va. 1-2. IRA BENTON FAIDLEY, JR.— " Benny” —Art-typing Club 1-2; Junior Play 3; Hi-Y 3; Jaguar Staff 4; Qu ill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM DANIEL FEASTER— " Bill” —Art Club 3. BETTIE LOU FINCHAM — " Bettic” — F.H.A. 1-2-3; Bible Club 4. NANCY KATHERINE FITZGERALD — " Nancy” — Kodiak, Alaska 1; Key West, Fla. 2; Psychology Club 3; Student Council 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. EARL LEE FOLTZ— " Mealtickct” —Baseball 2-3-4; Stu¬ dent Council 4. MARION RAMPEY FOX— " Marion” —Music Club 1; Senior Service Scouts 2; Art-typing Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Guidance Office 4. BETTY ANNE FRENZEL — " Betty” — Freshman Class Pres. 1; Student Council 1-4; Hockey 1-2; J. V. Basket¬ ball 1; Dance Club 1-4; Homeroom Sec. 2; Varsity Club 2-3. SHIRLEY ANN FULLER — " Shirley” — San Francisco, Calif. 1; Guam 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. SUSAN NANCIE FUNK— " Susie” —Arlington, Va. 1; Fontana, N. C. 2; Cullowhee, N. C. 3; " Great Moments” Cast 4. SHIRLEY JEAN FUREY— " S Vr ry”—Butler, Pa. 1-2; Art-typing Club, Reporter 3. ROBERT C. FURMAN — " Snookie” — Winning One-act Play 2; J. V. Basketball 3; Junior Play 3; Psychology Club 3; Football 4. CAROL JEWEL GEDDES— " S w V ”—Hockey 1; Student Council 1; Sub-deb Club 2; Junior Play Committee 3; Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 3, Treas. 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4; Senior Play Com¬ mittee 4. JEAN GEDNEY— " Jeanne” —Roxbury, N. J. 1-2; Tri- Hi-Y 3; Junior Play 3; Homeroom Vice Pres. 3; Dra¬ matics Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Staff, Asso¬ ciate Editor 4. Page 37 SENIOR SHIRLEY ANN GEOFFREY— " Shirley” —Washington, D. C. 1; Hockey 2; J. V. Volleyball 3; Junior Play Com¬ mittee 3; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain 4; Jaguar Staff 4. SHIRLEY ANN GILMORE — " Shirley” — Commercial Club 1; Art-typing Club 2; Psychology Club 3-4; Homeroom Vice Pres. 4. DONNA LILLIAN GLEESON— " Donna” —Dance Club, Vice-Pres. 1; Homeroom Pres. 1; Folk Dance Club, Sec. 3; Hockey 3; Prom Committee 3; Homeroom Vice Pres. 3; Varsity Club 4; J. V. Hockey 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4; " Moonbeam McSwine,” Sadie Hawkins Dance 4. WAYNE LEE GLENN— " Wayne” —Model Airplane Club 1; Collectors Club 1. ANNE BALDWIN GLOVER — " Anne” — Hockey 1-2; Junior Journalism Club 1; Sub-deb Club 2; Homeroom Pres. 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Play 3; Tri- Hi-Y, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. DONALD ELLSWORTH GLOVER— " Don” —Glee Club, Pianist 1; Track 2; Dramatics Class Play 2; National Honor Society 3-4, Treas. 3; Jaguar Staff 3, Editor 4; Boys’ State 3; Hi-Y, Sec. 3; Student Council 3, Treas. 4; Prom Committee 3; Quill and Scroll, Vice Pres. 4; Key Club 4. ARTHUR G. GOWER III — " Art”— Coin and Stamp Club, Pres. 3. JUANITA PATTERSON GRAGG — " Nita” — Sub-deb Club, Sec. 1; Camera Club 2; Jaguar Staff 2-3-4; For¬ ensic Club, Vice Pres. 3; Prom Committee 3; Junior Play, Props 3; Dramatics Club 4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4. MELVIN LOUIS GREEN, JR.— " Mel” —Arlington, Va. 1; Washington, D. C. 2. FREDERICK WILLIAM GRENFELL— " Freddy” —Base¬ ball 3. MARY LOU GRENFELL— " Mary Lou”— Dance Club 1; Sub-deb Club, Sec.-Treas. 2, Reporter 3-4; Jagjiar Jour¬ nal Staff 3; Junior Play 3. LOIS JEAN GRUBB— " Lois” —Washington, D. C. 1-2; Dance Club 3-4; Homeroom Vice Pres. 3. GEORGE VERNON HALL, JR.— " Vernon” —J. V. Base¬ ball 1; Baseball 2. JOHN OREN HANFORD— " Johnnie” —Panama Canal Zone 1-2; Madrigals 3-4; Psychology Club 3-4. WALTER LOWELL HANRAHAN— " Waltie” JOHN LAYTON HANSON, JR— " Jack” —J. V. Foot¬ ball 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Track 1; Freshman Class Treas. 1; Chess and Checker Club, President 1; One-act Play 2; National Honor Society 3-4. JOHN IRA HARDY, JR. — " John” — Model Airplane Club 3. ROBERT LUCHIN HAYES — " Bobby” — Baseball 1-2; Football 1-2. BARBARA ELIZABETH HEATH— " Barbara” —Home¬ room Pres. 3; Dance Club 3-4. JAMES CARTER HENNINGS— " Jimmy” —Art-typing Club 2; Folk Dance Club 3; Camera Club 4. LILLA ADAMS HIGHT— rr L 7”—Cheerleader 1, Co-Cap¬ tain 2, Captain 3; Varsity Club 1, Sec. 2-3; Sweetheart Dance, Maid of Honor 1, Court 2-3; Softball, Manager 1; Sophomore Class Vice Pres. 2; Homeroom Vice Pres. 2; Junior Play, Make-up 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Jaguar Staff 3-4; Jaguar Journal Staff 4; Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM, M. HILEMAN— " Bill” —J. V. Football, 1-2; Dramatics Club 2; Dance Club, Pres. 3. DONALD EDWARD HILLER — " Don” — Pittsburg, Penn. 1-2; Dramatics Club 4; Jaguar Staff 4. DORIS MAY HIMELRIGHT — " Dorrie” — F.H.A. 1-2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, R eporter Fairfax-Arlington Home Economics Federation 3; Jaguar Staff 3. PAULA RUTH HOCKMAN— " Poo” —Washingtin, D. C. 1; Sub-deb Club, Sec. 2, Pres. 3-4; Choral Group 2; Junior Play, Make-up 3; Homeroom Vice Pres. 4. RALPH HOLMES, JR.— " Buddy” —Baltimore, Md. 1-2; J. V. Football 3; J. V. Basketball 3. MARION CHARLOTTE HOWZE— ' " Sharlee”— Mont¬ gomery, Ala. 1-2; Psychology Club 3; Prom Committee 3; Science Club, Sec. 4; Jaguar, Art Editor 4; Jaguar Journal Art Editor 4; Senior Class Sec. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; National Honor Society 4; Student Council 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Play Committee 4. EDWIN GRAY HUFFMAN— " Eddie” —Science Club 1- 2; Photography Club 3-4; Jaguar Staff, Photographer 3-4; Jaguar Journal Staff, Photographer 3-4. RAY BRYAN HULL— " Ray” —Model Airplane Club 2-3; Dance Club 4. Page 38 DIRECTORY KERMIT CONTE JAMES— " Contee” —Baseball 2; Basket¬ ball 3-4. GEORGE THOMAS JARBOE— ”Tom my” FRANK McLEAN JENKINS— " Mac” —Buckroe Beach, Va. 1; Science Club, Vice Pres. 2-3; Track 2-3-4; Dra¬ matics Club 4. MARGARET ANN JENKINS— " Peggy” —Chanute, Kan¬ sas 1; Washington, D. C. 2; Fairfax, Va. 3; Psychology Club 4. WILLARD FERRIS JOHNSON— " Billy” —Track 1-2-3- 4; Student Council Treas. 1; Varsity Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 3; Basketball 2-3, Captain 4; National Honor So¬ ciety 3, Treas. 4; Jaguar Staff, Sports Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. ELIZABETH ANN KANE— " Betty” —Foreign Corre¬ spondence Club 2; Art-typing Club, Treas. 3; F.H.A. 4. HELEN MARION KIDWELL—Foreign Cor¬ respondence Club, Vice-Pres. 2; Art-typing Club 3; Dance Club 4. ALICE WILSON KNIGHT — " Alice” — Junior Civic League 1-2-4; Library Assistant 1; Junior Journalism Club 1; Student Council 2-3-4, Sec. 3; Sub-Deb Club 2; Hockey 2-3-4; N ational Honor Society 3, Pres. 4; Psy¬ chology Club, Treas. 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Jaguar Staff, Layout Editor 4; Quill and Scroll 4. HARRIET MARIE KRAMER— " Harriet” —Washington, D.C. 1-2; Volleyball 3; Homeroom Reporter 4. FRED STONE LANDESS— " Fred” —Football 1-2-3-4; Track 1-2-3-4; Band 1-2; National Honor Society 3-4; Varsity Club 3-4, Pres. 3; Junior Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Junior Play 3; Boys’ State 3; One-act Play 3; Student Council, Pres. 4; Jaguar Staff 4. SIDNEY LEE LANIER— " Lee” —Dance Club 1; J. V. Basketball, Manager 3; Psychology Club 3; Basketball, Manager 4. MYRA JEANNE LAWRENCE— " Mimi” —Orlando, Fla. 1; Gainesville, Ga. 2; Daytona Beach, Fla. 3; National Honor Society 4; Dramatics Club 4; Jaguar Staff 4; " Daisy Mae,” Sadie Hawkins Dance 4; Homeroom Sec. 4. DANIEL HARMON LAY— " Danny” —Folk Dance Club 3. CATHERINE SUE LEE— " Kitty” —Freshman Class Sec. 1; Junior F.H.A., Pres. 1; Homeroom Pres. 1; Varsity Club 2-3-4; Canteen Council 2, Treas. 3; Homeroom Sec. 2-3; Sweetheart Court 2, Maid of Honor 3; Cheer¬ leader 2, Co-Captain 3, Captain 4; Junior Civic League 3-4, Council 3; Prom Committee 3; One-act Play 3; Junior Play, Backstage 3; National Honor Society 3, Corresponding Sec. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Staff, Associate Literary Editor 4; Jaguar Journal, Associate Editor 4; " I Speak for Democracy” Contest, First Place in Northern Virginia 4. LORRAINE FAY LeSAGE— " L orry”—Softball 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Varsity Club 4. JACQUELYN LEE LIPSCOMB — " Jackie” — Student Council 2; Dramatics Club, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; Jaguar Staff 3-4. WILLIAM ROY LITTLE, JR.— " Bill” —Cameron, Texas 1- 2; Science Club 3; Varsity Club 4; Football 4; Senior Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Homeroom Treas. 4. JOHN MORRISON LUCAS— " Hot Rod”— Model Air¬ plane Club 3. LOVINE BENJAMIN LUCHENBACH — " Barney” — Football, Manager 1; Collectors Club 1; Journalism Club lj J- V. Football 3; Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, Representative 4; Football 4. ROBERT M. LUNDIEN— " Bob” —Capitol Page School 1; One-act Play 2; Program Advertising 3-4. THOMAS NOEL LYNN III— ' " Noel”— Varsity Football 2- 3-4; J. V. Basketball 2; Prom Committee 3; Varsity Club 3-4; Jaguar Staff 4. JOYCE MADDEN— " Joyce” —Library Club 1; Home¬ room Officer 3-4; Art-typing Club 3; Volleyball 3; F.H.A. 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Library Assistant 4. BETTY JOAN MADEN — " Betty” — Science Club 1; F.H.A. 2; Dance Club 3; Student Council 3-4. CHARLEEN WENZEL MAGARITY — " Charleen” — Washington, D. C. 1; Hockey 2-3-4; Art-typing Club 2; Varsity Club 3-4; Band 3. TERRENCE WILLIAM MALEY — " Terry” — Dearborn, Mich. 1; Homeroom Pres. 2; Jaguar Journal Staff, Club Editor 3; Jaguar Staff 4. GEORGE HOYT MARTIN— " George” —Kodiak, Alaska 1; Everett, Wash. 2-3; Jaguar Staff 4; Dramatics Club 4. Page 39 SENIOR ROBERT MADISON MAYBERRY — " Bob” — Baseball 1- 2-3-4; Varsity Club 3. NANCY BELLE McCARTER— " Nancy” —Dance Club 1; Cheerleader 2-3; Varsity Club 3-4. KENNETH ROBERT McINTIRE — " Mac” — Junior Journalism Club, Vice Pres. 1; Junior Civic League 2- 3-4; Prom Committee 3; Junior Class Pres. 3; Football 3-4; Varsity Club 3-4; National Honor Society 3-4; Key Club, Vice Pres. 4; Student Council, Vice Pres. 4; F.C.S.C.A. Treas. 4. RUTH ADCOCK McPHERSON— " Ruth” —Washington, D. C. 1; Softball 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Tri- Hi-Y 3; Homeroom Sec. 3; Dramatics Club 4. DONALD RAY MIDDLETON— " Don” —Dramatics Club 1; Glee Club 1-2; Photography Club 3. PATRICIA ANN MILBURN— " Patsy” —Alexandria, Va. 1; Arlington, Va. 2-3; Camera Club, 4. JAMES RICHEY CONKLIN MILLER— " Richey” —Pan¬ ama Canal Zone 1; Track 2-3-4, Manager 2; Photography Club 2; Football 3-4; Prom Committee 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Junior Play Committee 3; Varsity Club 3-4; Student Council 3-4; Junior Civic League 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Pres. 4; Jaguar Staff, Associate Layout Editor 4; Senior Play Committee 4. MARY VIRGINIA MILLER— " GiJge” —Student Council 1; Hockey 1; Cheerleader 2; Sophomore Class Sec. 2; Junior Play Committee 3; Varsity Club 4. MARGARET WIRT MYER— " Maggie” —Student Coun¬ cil 1; Canteen Council 1-2; Madrigals 2-3-4; Dance Club, Sec. 3; Jaguar Staff 3, Circulation Manager 4; Dramatics Club, Vice Pres. 4. MARY LEE NATIONS— " Mary Lee” —Las Cruces, New Mexico 1; Sendai, Japan 2-3; Student Council 4; Tri- Hi-Y 4. MARY FRANCES NICHOLAS — " Fran” — Personality Club 1; Foreign Correspondence Club 2; One-act Play 2; Art-typing Club 3; Homeroom Vice Pres. 3; Volley¬ ball 3; Dramatics Club 4; Jagitar Staff 4. ALICE JOANNE OWENS— " Jo” —F.H.A. 1; Dance Club 2-3; Glee Club 2. JAMES ROBERT PEARL— " Bob” CATHERINE LOUISE PEARSON— " Katie” —F.H.A. 1- 2- 3; Basketball 2; Hockey 3-4; Volleyball 3; Varsity Club 4. BENJAMIN PISTOLE— " Benny ”—Entered U. S. Navy, 1951. CARL TIMOTHY POPOVITCH, JK.— " Timmy”— Art Club 1. MITZEE ELIZABETH POSEY — " Mitzee” — Patrols 1; Homeroom Vice Pres. 1; Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Sweetheart Court 1; One-act Play 2; Sub-deb Club, Sec. 3; Cheer¬ leader 3, Co-Captain 4; Varsity Club, Sec. 4. KATHERINE LOUISE POWELL — " Kay” — Arlington, Va. 1-2-3; Qudl and Scroll 3-4; National Honor Society 4; Great Moments” Cast 4; " I Speak for Democracy” Contest, Second Place in Northern Va. 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Forensic Club 4. FRANK A. PURCELL— " Mike” —Huntington Park, Calif. 1; Washington, D. C. 2; Junior Class Vice Pres. 3; Psy¬ chology Club 3; Football 3-4; Varsity Club 4; Home¬ room Vice Pres. 4; Jaguar Journal Board of Control 4. MARVIN EUGENE REEVES— " Buddy” —Football 1-2- 3; Basketball 1-2; Sophomore Class Pres. 2; Varsity Club 2- 3-4. ALAN DAVID REX — " Alan” — Model Airplane Club, Treas. 1, Vice Pres. 2, Sec. 3; Photography Club 4. LAWRENCE BURNETT RHODES, JR. — " Larry” — Frankfurt, Germany 1-2; Hampton, Va. 3; Glee Club 4. RICHARD ERNEST RILEY— " Dicky” —Fairfax, Va. 1; Hi-Y 3-4. JOEL ROGOSIN— " Joel” —Tucson, Ariz. 1; Arlington, Va. 2; Dramatics Club 3, Pres. 4; Glee Club 3; Madrigals 3- 4; Junior Play 3; Homeroom Vice Pres. 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Staff, Lit¬ erary Editor 4; Senior Play Committee 4. GLORIA JOY ROLLINS— ' " Gorcly”— Upper Darby, Pa. 1-2-3; Dance Club 4. JOAN ETHEL ROLLINS — " Joan” — Dance Club 1; Cheerleader 2; Varsity Club 2; Junior Play 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. VIRGINIA MAY ROSENBAUM — " May” — Dramatics Club 1; Dance Club 2; Psychology Club 3-4. RICHARD RUMBLE— " Dick” —Washington, D. C. 1; J.V. Basketball 2. Page 40 DIRECTORY MARY JANE RUTHERFORD — " Jane” — Washington, D. C. 1; Hockey 2-3, Captain 4; Drivers’ Club 2; Na¬ tional Honor Society, Corresponding Sec. 3, Sec. 4; Tri- Hi-Y, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Student Council 3; Madrigals 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Basketball, Manager 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Staff 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, News Editor 4; Homeroom Pres. 4. SANDRA KING SCHAEDE— " StfWy”—Coronado, Calif. 1- 2; Prom Committee 3; Junior Play Committee 3; Tri- Hi-Y 3-4; Jaguar Staff 4. PATRICIA SCHAUSS— " Pat” —Glee Club 2; Madrigals 2; Junior Civic League 2-3-4, Council 2-3; Camera Club, Treas. 3; Girls’ State 3; Quill and Scroll 3, Sec. 4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3-4; Jaguar Journal Staff, Make-up Editor 3, Editor 4; Jaguar Staff 4. ROBERT REINHART SCHMIDT— " Bob” —Art Club 1- 2- 4; Chess and Checker Club 3; J. V. Basketball 3; Basketball 4; Jaguar Staff 4. FRANCIS MILTON SHOEMAKER — " Francis” — Chess and Checker Club; Science Club 2. , PATRICIA ANN SI.ADEN — " Pat” — Highland Falls, N. Y. 1; Hampton, Va. 2-3. JEANINE DELILAH SMITH — " Jcanine” — Personality Club 1; F.H.A., Reporter 2, Sec. 3; Volleyball 3; Jaguar Journal Staff 3; Intramural Basketball Team 3; Tri- Hi-Y 4. ELLIS JOHNSON STEARNS III — " Ellis” — Student Council 1-2; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3; Home¬ room Treas. 3, Pres. 4. ANN LEE STRANATHAN— " Ann Lee”— Arlington, Va. 1; One-act Play 2; Sub-deb Club 2; National Honor Society 3-4; Jaguar Journal, News Editor 3; Quill and Scroll, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Junior Play 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Prom Committee 3; Jaguar Staff, Associate Feature Edi¬ tor 4; Senior Play Committee 4; Junior Civic League 4. MARGARET SARAH STRAW— " Peggy” —Dance Club 1; Patrols 1; Sub-deb Club 2, Vice Pres. 3-4. PATRICIA ANN SULLIVAN — " Fatt” — Glee Club 2; Dance Club 3; Art-typing Club 4. CHARLES SUMMERS — " Summers” — Model Airplane Club 1; Dance Club 2; Science Club 3. GILLIAN GARNET TATLOW— " G ”—British Colum¬ bia, Canada 1-2; Ontario, Canada 3. JAMES LEE TEAGUE— ' " Jimmy”— Washington, D. C. 1- Football 3-4; Varsity Club 3-4. JAMES TICHES— " Greek” —Washington, D. C. 1-2; Ar¬ lington, Va. 3. HARRY HERBERT TOWER— " Skip” —J. V. Football 1; Track 1; Commercial Club 1; Student Council 2; J. V. Basketball 1-2; Junior Civic League Council 1-2-3, Mayor 4; Varsity Club 2-3; Basketball 3-4; Football 2- 3-4; Senior Class Vice Pres. 4. JOSEPH LOUIS TROMBO — " Joe” — Football 1-2-3-4; Basketball 1-2; Varsity Club 2-3-4. ERNEST EDMOND TYRELL — " Ernie” — Chess and Checker Club 1; Science Club 2; J. V. Football 2. ARTHUR ELLSWORTH VAN DUSEN— " Art” C.A.P. 2-4; Chess and Checker Club, Sec. 3. DEWARD VINCENT VIA— " Vinnie” —Bus Driver 3-4; Tumbling Club 1; Psychology Club 3. ANNE VOSBURY— " Anne” —Arlington, Va. 1; Dance Club 2; Westtown, Pa. 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. WILLIAM WAESCHE— " Bill” —Hi-Y 3; Panama Canal Zone 4. JOHN RUDOLPH WAINIO — " John” — Chess and Checker Club; Homeroom Treas. 4. ELZBERRY WATERS, JR.— " Buddy” —Baseball 1; Jaguar Journal, Business Manager 3. CHRISTIAN CARL WESTERMAN— " Chris” —Atlanta, Ga. 1; Arlington, Va. 2; Basketball 3. WILLIAM LEROY WHEELER — " Willie” — Columbia, Tenn. 1; Football 2-3-4; Baseball 2-3-4; Varsity Club 2-3-4; Sophomore Class Sergeant-at-Arms 2; One-act Play 4. JUANITA JULIA WHITE— ”Nita” —Dance Club 3-4. LAURA ANN WHITESELL— " Laura” —F.H.A. 1-2-3-4, Sec. 1; Homeroom Pres. 3; National Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 4. ROBERT GORDON WILCOX— " Bob” —Seattle, Wash. 1; Band 2; Jaguar Journal Staff, Sports Editor 3; Jaguar Staff 4; Photography Club, Vice Pres. 4. FRED EMERY WILSON— " Fritz” —Collectors Club 1; Tumbling Club 2; Psychology Club 3; Dramatics 4. JO ELLEN WILSON— rr o”—Junior Civic League 2; Bas¬ ketball 2; Hockey 2-3-4; Jaguar Journal Staff 3; Prom Committee 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Volleyball 3-4. Page 41 “NEWCOMERS” First row: Alma Murray, Juanita Echols, Pat Middleton, Thelma Gcllman, Hester Fague, Frances Holland, Faura Greenwell. Second row: Jane Harrington, Diana Hartge, Tom Fam, Parks Houser, David Houser, Jimmy Conine, Frank Fam, Eddie Moore, Barbara Bell. Third row: Richard Barratt, Carl Foy, George Richardson, Bill Gillis, Earl Carr, Richard DeWalde. SENIOR ASSEMBLY Page 42 untor a 55 Janice Smith Allan Robinson Ann Rutherford Rashid Abdu. Kay Irwin . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . Vice-President . President . Secretary Page 43 Junior Snaps Page 44 JUNIOR CLASS Abdu, Rashid Albaugh, Marie Alexander, Betty Lou Allen, Doris Allison, Ann Arnold, David Austin, John Baensch, Christian Bailey, Patricia Ballard, Gail Barrett, Betty Bayer, Betty Beall, Janet Beebe, Hugh Benham, Marilyn Berkley, Sandra Blankenship, Virginia Boland, Joan Brinson, Elsbeth Gnueg Brose, William Brown, Robert Bryson, Fred Buhler, Nancy Ann Burk, Janet Page 4 5 JUNIOR Carroll, Mary Lou Carstater, David Carter, Dorothy Christopher, Diane Cloud, Barbara Cook, Delano Cooley, Ray Corker, Lorene Corner, Charlotte Crandall, Mary Lou Crosby, Richard Cushman, Joan Dailey, Lucille De Groot, Katherine Dunn, May Eller, June Ellis, Richard Enright, Clifford Eskew, Charles Fisher, Louis Fletcher, Richard Foresman, Charles Fortier, Shirley Foster, Patricia Page 46 CLASS Fox, Herman Freed, Charles Galt, Ann Gannaway, Nancy Geier, Carrie Goakes, Joy Gordon, Patricia Gorham, Marjorie Gotthardt, Charles Grant, Jon Greenwood, Joseph Gresham, Pomeroy Griffin, David Gunderson, Belmar Haines, Ruth Hanson, June Hardman, Deo Harrell, Shirley Henry, Grace Herring, Ronald Himmelsbach, Robert Hockman, Gwendolyn Hollister, Beverly Homer, Louis Page 47 JUNIOR Horton, Phyllis Houtz, Georgia Huey, James Hunter, Kathryn Huntley, Bernice Intolubbe, Gayle Irwin, Kave Ishiyama, Haruko Jenkins, Betty Johnson, David John, Lois Jones, Gladys Kaplan, David Kautt, Phillip Kohlmeier, Ann Kremer, Jean Lacy, James Lacy, Russell Larcombe, Electa Lassen, Faye Leach, Mary Leake, Mary Jo Lee, Kathleen Lehmann, Eleanor CLASS Livingston, Robert Lockwood, John Longanecker, Jane Loy, Maynard Loew, Muriel Lush, Patricia Lyle, Nelson MacMahon, Hugh Magarity, Maxine Martin, Carol McAchren, Gayle McCeney, Herbert McClelland, Marion McConlouge, Barbara McCrary, Pete McDermitt, Bette McCurdy, Ronald Meighan, Jean Merritt, Helen Michaud, Armand Moore, William Morrissey, Ellen Nevin, Margaret Newcomb, Russell Page 49 JUNIOR Page 5 0 Nicholson, Betty Nielsen, Larry Norris, Hilda Nuchols, Earl Oliver, Clifford O’Neal, Rosa Lee Owens, Shirley Palme, Francis Patterson, Ann Peterson, Barbara Phillips, Lee Pistole, James Pitre, George Poehler, John Purcell, John Putnam, Michelle Reynolds, Dale Richey, Wayne Rives, Marlene Robey, Rexford Root, Ann Rose, Kenneth Roylance, Jack Rutherford, Ann CLASS Salsgiver, William Schauer, Marjorie Schauss, Frederica Schnack, Sheila Schoolar, Carol Seabolt, Shirley Shannon, Joseph Shughrue, Buddy Shelton, Shirley Shirkey, Beale Shreve, James Shumate, Robert Small, Marjorie Smallwood, Frank Smith, Arlene Smith, Norma Jean Spaulding, Elinor Sprinkle, Janet Staples, Norma Stearn, Evangeline Stearns, Shirley Stenhouse, Betty Strautmann, Marilee Swartz, Peggy Ann Page 51 Wm B JUNIOR CLASS Taylor, Barbara Taynton, Paul Terry, Reve Thomas, Doris Thomas, Marilyn Towsey, Betty Virden, Thomas Walsh, Delores Webster, Robert Welborn, John Wells, Patricia Wilcox, Barbara Wilcox, Beverly Williams, Charles Wise, Terry Wood, Mary Alice Wren, Norma Wright, Wilson Younger, Kay Zierdt, Beverly NOT IN PICTURES Bennett, Wayne Boggs, Robert Bowers, William Corl, Beverly Fague, Hester Fahey, Thomas Gardenshire, William Gibson, Buddy Hamm, James Howland, Harrick Kershner, Gary O’Brien, Denise Plasterer, Jack Robinson, Alan Rowe, John Saunders, Audrey Schauer, Jack Smith, Peggy Smith, Janice Taylor, Thomas Van Meter, LaRue Van Pelt, Robert Page 52 k omore John Hargett Geneva Fox Carole Tower Arthur Shaffer Rita Overly Sergeant-at-Arms . T re astir cr Vice-President . President Secretary Page 53 Sophomore Page 54 SOPHOMORE CLASS ALLEY, RICHARD ALTFATHER, NANCY ANDERTON, MAMIE ARNETT, BETTY AURINGER, ROBERT BAKER, ELLEN BARNES, CHARLOTTE BASS, AUSTIN BAY, MARTHA BEAZLEY, CHARLES BEMIS, ABRAM BENNER, JO ANN BIDDLE, WILLIAM BLACK, ROBERT BOES, FRED BREEDEN, DONALD BRITTAIN, MILLIE BULLOCK, JANET BURKHARDT, SAMUEL CASE, SHIRLEY CHAMBLISS, JOHN COOPER, DAVID COOPER, JOHN CORDELL, ROBERT COX, SHIRLEY CRIGLER, JAMES CUNNINGHAM, JANET CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD DEAN, JOAN DeGROOT, SARA DEITS, GEORGIA DeMISA, JOANN DENNIS, ROBERT DeVAUGHN,JANE DIETZ, SHIRLEY DOWNING, CAROLYN DYER, BARBARA EPPARD, CAROLINE ESTES, BONNIE FERGUSON, FRANCES SOPHOMORE FIELD, MARY LOU FINLEY, THOMAS FLETCHER, EILEEN FOX, GENEVA FRYE, DAVID GEIER, CARL GINN, JAMES GLOVER, Le GRAND GODFREY, DIANE GOLD, BETTY GOTTHARDT, NANCY GOULD, DONNA GRAY, JOYCE GRECO, EDWARD GRILLE, VIRGINIA HALL, BARRY HANNOLD, MIRIAM HARGETT, JOHN HARNE, HILDA HARRINGTON, THOMAS HENRY, MARY HENSLEY, BARBARA HOBBS, DENNIS HODGES, MICHAEL HOGAN, WILLIAM HOLLOWELL, CHARLOTTE HOWE, CARLA HOWLAND, KENYON HOY, FRANK HOY, THOMAS HUNT, MARGUERITE HUNT, MARY LOU JACOBS, ELAINE JAMES, Du WAYNE JECKELL, CHARLES JENKINS, HENRIETTA JOHNSON, PAGE JOHNSTON, JOAN JOHNSTON, NANCY JONES, BOBBY Page 56 CLASS JONHS, GEORGE KAPLAN, JUDITH KIDWELL, JEANNE KING, HELEN KITTS, CHARLES KRIGBAUM, DOLORES KRUEGER, KAREN LAHMANN, STEPHEN LEAR, MARIAN LeFEVRE, NORMA LEONE, ANNE LIBBY, FAITH LINEKER, SIDNEY LLEWELLYN, LYNN LOFTON, DONNA LONGACRE, CHARLES LOUIS, FRED LUNDE, GAIL LUTTRELL, NORMA MADDEN, KATHRYN McCRARY, ROBERTA McFarland, bert McGILLIS, GLORIA McGRATH, DANIEL McKEE, MARIAN McKIBBEN, PAT MASON, HENRY MATHER, JOHN MATICIC, JOHN MILBURN, CAROL MILLER, ALSEY MILLER, RICHARD MINNICK, ROY MORNINGSTAR, DONNA MORRISON, LeROY MOUTOUX, CHARLES MOSCATI, BARBARA MUTERSBAUGH, JOHN NASH, RICHARD NEEDLE, RUTH Page 57 SOPHOMORE Page NEWMAN, CAROL NEWTON, NANCY NICHOLSON, PEGGY NORTH, PATRICIA OGDEN, RAE ANN OSBORN, MICHAEL OSWALD, HELEN OVERLY, RITA PAYNE, TED PECKINPAUGH, CHARLES PEEL, PETER PERRY, JOAN POSEY, THAD PRATHER, MARJORIE REIN, JOY ROSENBERGER, PATRICIA ROUNTREE, JOCELYN SAMPSELL, RICHARD SANTMYER, ELIZABETH SCOTT, WILLIAM SHELL, ELIZABETH SHELTON, BETTY SIMMERMAN, SHIRLEY SISK, MARSHALL SISSON, SARA SMALLWOOD, THELMA SMITH, ARTHUR SMITH, ELAINE STEADMAN, ELEANOR STEELE, FRANCES STENHOUSE, WALTER STEPHENS, ROLAND STEWART, SALLY STRAUSS, HELEN SULLIVAN, BETSY SULLIVAN, ROBERT TAYLOR, HENRY TEMPLEMAN, RAY THOMPSON, ROBERT THORNTON, BARBARA CLASS TOLBERT, JOHN TOWER, CAROLE TUTTLE, JOAN VAN TASSEL, ELIZABETH VEACH, ALLEN WALKER, JAMES WATERS, JEAN WHITE, LAWRENCE WILEY, PAUL YARBROUGH, CHARLES ZIMMER, BARBARA Sophomores Not Pictured AUSTIN, PAUL BEACH, JAMES BROWN, PHYLLIS CHASE, ALBERT CLEER, ROBERT EARMAN, DENNIS EDWARDS, GLENDA HAAS, BRADFORD HAROL, CARLA HOUTZ, LEE HUNT, WILLIAM LEAKE, JOSEPH LUKENS, BARBARA LUMSDEN, DONALD MAURITSON, ANN McGONIGALL, PHILLIP McGUFFIN, DAVID McINTIRE, JOHN MORRIS, GUY MURRAY, ALMA O’NEILL, CYNTHIA PEPIN, GEORGE PHILYAW, MILTON PICKERAI., GEORGE ROWE, JOHN SC HINDLER, GEORGE SCHLEY, DIANA SCHAEFER, ARTHUR HUNT, STANLEY TASKER, BILL TASKER, BUDDY TAYLOR, ELIZABETH WEATHERS, EDWARD WINGO, EDWARD Highlights of -50-51 September 5, 1950—the first day of the 1950-5 1 year at Falls Church High School. The first football game of the season was played with Coolidge. What a heartbreaker! Remember those square dances at the Canteen? The Junior’s Hoe-Down was a great success. And will you ever forget that memorable Front Royal game? 37-0! Didn’t Sharlee and her court look lovely? The first Torchlight parade. Wonder if Falls Church-ites thought the Civil War had started again? The Fairfax game—need I say more? The dramatics class production of " Great Mo¬ ments” was thoroughly enjoyable. The Junior Class made everyone hold his sides with laughter at the trials and tribulations of " Dear Ruth.” Everyone was very happy at the outcome of the last football game with Charlotte Hall. The Sadie Hawkins Dance was a lot of fun with all those funny-looking corsages and " Li’l Abner” and " Daisie Mae.” The beginning of the basketball season. What fun throwing pennies at the referees! The Football Banquet with all the team dressed " to kill.” Christmas. Remember the Christmas Dance? The gals looked good enough to eat. You’ll never forget New Year’s Eve, followed closely by January and more school. Soon after New Year’s Eve came the Pink Ele¬ phant Club Dance. All those pink elephants floating around certainly were realistic. How about the James Monroe game with a 34-33 loss in the overtime? What a stinker! Eve never seen so much amazing footwear in all my life as I did at the Sock Hop. Page 59 man Dolores Nalls Jim Berry. Sandra Monti Jack Dodson. Sally Eddy . Secretary Sergeant-at-Anns . Treasurer . President . Vice-President Page 61 FRESHMAN ANDERSON, JAMES ARNOLD, JAMES ARNOLD, WARREN ARSENAULT, WINIFUED BARWICK, BEVERLY BEAVERS, SHERWOOD BEARD, BETTY BECKER, EDWARD BEELMAN, ROBERT BELKNAPP, ROLAND BERRY, JAMES BERRY, JOE BITTORF, ROGER BLINCOE, DONALD BOLD, JANE BOSWELL, DOROTHY BRADEN, BONNIE LEE BRANT, JANET BRAUNLICK, RICHARD BREEDEN, WILLIAM BRIDWELL, SHIRLEY BROCK, RICHARD BROWN, GORDON BRUCK, GORDON BURGESS, MARY E. BURT, NANCY BUTLER, WILLIAM BYRNE, RICHARD CALDWELL, ELSIE CALDWELL, JOCELYN CAMPBELL, DEBORAH CARR, CAROL CARRICO, GORDON CARRICKHOFF, GILBERT CARRIGAN, NANCY CARTER, BETTY CHANEY, LEE CHAPIN, ELAINE CHARLTON, VINCENT CHERRY, MARIE CLARK, JANE CLARK, RAYMOND CLATTERBUCK, SHIRLEY CLINE, BETTY CLOUD, NANCY COE, CAROLYN COFFEY, MARY LEE COKER, BEVERLY Page 62 CLASS COLBY, ROBERT COMER, CLORINE CONLOUGE, MARY LOU COOK, DEREK COOK, ERNEST CORDELL, EULA COVINGTON, EVERETT COX, JEAN CROWLEY, NELL DASPIT, FRANK DAVENPORT, ROSALYN DAVIS, CHARLES DAVIS, JOHN DAVIS, KATHLEEN DAY, LOIS DF.ITS, MERLE DIXON, CHARLFS DODSON, JACK DONAHOE, CONSTANCE DOVE, LENNY DUCKETT, MARTHA D UFFEY, JOE DUKE, MARGARET EARHART, MARY ALICE EDDY, SALLY EDWARDS, BARBARA EDWARDS, GLENDA EMERY, BETTY ANN FAHEY, JOHN FAUST, RICHARD FEASTER, RAYMOND FINK, MELVIN FLETCHER, ROBERT FORTNEY, PATSY FOX, PAUL FREED, THOMAS FRENZEL, JOAN FRULAND, RICHARD GEDDES, KENNETH GF.IER, DORIS GIBSON, LUCILLE GLENN, DONALD GRANGER, LYNN GRAY, JANET GREEN, BARBARA HAGOOD, JOHNSON HAMMOND, WARREN HARPER, JOHN Page 63 FRESHMAN HARVEY, ALLEN HEDETNIEMI, CHARLES HEETER, ROBERT HEFFERMAN, JOHN HEMMA, WILLIAM HENDERSON, PATRICIA HERALD, FRANCIS HINKLE, MARIAN HINMAN, BETTY HOLLISTER, JANE HOLMAN, GARY HOLMAN, NONA HOMER, PAUL HONSE, NORA HOWARD, DAWN HULL, MARY LOU HUME, MARILYN HUNT, FRANCES HUNTLEY, PEGGY INTOLUBBE, DALE IRVIN, EMMA SUE JACKSON, TENNY JOHNSON, EDWIN JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JOHNSON, MARGARET JOHNSON, NANCY LOU JOHNSON, VEE VEE JOLIN, ROBERT JONES, CORNELIA KEARNS, RICHARD KERR, JEAN KERR, LINDA KERR, PETER KIDWELL, HILDA KING, ALICE KIRBY, SHIRLEY KLETT, MARLENE KRAGES, SONIA LACY, LINDA LARCOMBE, JOHN LEYDE, ANNE LITTLE, RICHARD LOHR, NANCY LUCAS, ANN MAINSTER, PAMELA MANDELBAUM, LYNN MANWARING, JANICE MARDEN, MARLENE Page 64 CLASS MARR, WILLIAM MARSHALL, MELODY MARTIN, ARLYNE McAFEE, CHRISTINE McAFEE, PATRICIA McCauley, Charles McCENEY, ROBERT McCLURE, BOB McGUFFIN, ARTHUR McILVAINE, JO ANN McKEE, HARVEY McLANE, SHIRLEY McNEAL, JULIA McWilliams, ann McWilliams, Rebecca MILES, MARY MONTI, SANDRA MOSSER, JEAN MUNSEY, CECIL NALLS, DELORES NEVIN, JUDITH NICHOLSON, PHYLLIS NORRIS, CAROLYN OLIVER, JANICE O’NEAL, CHARLES OSBORN, ALICE OTIS, JULIA ANN OUTLAW, GARY PAGE, BETTY PARTLOW, ROSA MAY PATTERSON, MARGARET PHIPARD, JEAN PUGH, BETTY JO RAINES, C AROL RAWLETT, GRACIE REANEY, LELAND REED, JOSEPH REGAN, PATSY REIFF, DIANA REUS, CHARLES REVELL, JANET RHODES, JOHN RINALDI, RONALD RINEHART, CAROL ROBERTS, BENNETT ROSE, EDDIE ROSE, ELAINE RUTHERFORD, PALMER Page 65 FRESHMAN SABA, FRANCES SANDERS, BARBARA SAYLORS, JOHN SCHAUSS, CHARLES SCHOTTROFFE, FRANCES SCHUBERT, JOAN SCHWANBECK, SUE ANN SEWALL, NYM SHELTON, MAXIE SHIFFLET, SHIRLEY SHREVE, LAURA SIMPSON, CARL SMALLWOOD, EVELYN SMALLWOOD, JUANITA SMITH, JUNE SMITH, SALLY ANN SNOW, JAMES SNYDER, JANICE SPARSHOTT, HELENE SPARSHOTT, JOANNE SPAULDING, ANN SPAULDING, MARGARET STAFFORD, ROBERT STANLEY, VERDA STAPLES, ROGER STEADMAN, MILDRED STEARNS, WALTER STEELE, IVERS STEINER, BARBARA STEWART, JEAN STUCKJ, LARRY STYRON, PAULA SUMMERS, RICHARD TAYLOR, BRUCE TAYLOR, CHARLES TAYLOR, ELIZABETH THOMAS, WILLIE THOMPSON, EUGENE THOMPSON, MARY LOUISE TILLEY, ANN TOMPKINS, WALTER VIRDEN, KAY WEBER, SUSAN WELLS, JOAN WHITTINGTON, CATHERINE WILKINS, ARTHUR WILL, GEORGE WILL, JOHN Page 66 CLASS WILLIAMSON, MICHAEL WILLINGHAM, EUGENE WILSON, TONY WINSLOW, BARBARA WOOD, DEBORAH WOOD, DEWEY WOOD, DONNA YARBOROUGH, JOHN ZALKIN, ROBERT ZERENER, JOHN Freshmen Not Pictured ALDERMAN, RONALD BARKER, RAY BARNES, GEORGE BONNETT, JOHN BROWDER, NATHANIEL BRANNER, ALFRED BROWN, JACK CHASE, WILLIAM CLEVELAND, CHARLES DAMERON, WESLEY DAY, MARY ELIZABETH EATON, FRANCIS ERWIN, ELLIOT FARRIS, JACK FINLEY, MARGARET GILMORE, BRUCE GILMORE, TEDDY GREEN, PETER GRIFFITH, DONALD GUIMONT, GERALD HAHN, RICHARD HEROLD, FRANK HILL, EDWARD HOWE, CARLA JACKSON, MARGARET JENSEN, DON JOYNT, JOE LYNSKEY, WILLIAM LUKENS, RICHARD MALICH, RALPH McARTER, DUNCAN MILLER, JOE MONAHAN, SHERWOOD NAILE, BETTY NIELSON, ANDRES OGLESBY, TED PAGE, THOMAS RAWLS, WILLIAM RODBRO, RUSSELL SCHLEY, DIANA SHARTZER, WILLIAM SHOLOCK, FRANK SHOU, ALLEN SNEAD, LAWRENCE STIERINGER, CONSTANCE STONEBURNER, GODFREY STURM, FRANKLIN TALBERT, JOHN THOMPSON, BILL THOMPSON, JAMES WATSON, JEANNETTE WEATHER, EDWIN WEBER, ERNEST WEBER, GOTTFRIED WEBER, JOAN WHITMER, RALPH WOOD, ELWOOD WOODSEI.L, KENNETH ODDS and ENDS By the Jaguar I have recalled a great many things through the pages of this book: your friends and classes; your plays and dances; your games and clubs—all your activities. But there are other things you’ll want to remember—little incidents that seem far less im¬ portant, but are none the less worthy of your smiles and tears in the years to come. I’m sure you’ll never forget: Mr. Vliet’s six-weeks projects—(those cold, cold Mondays) . . . Coast Guard and trumpet classes with Mr. Bernard . . . " Lay on, Macduff,” in Senior English . . . the " sno” school days . . . visits to " Congress” . . . (Green shorts and white shirts) . . . cutting class with " Henry IV” to celebrate Washington’s birthday . . . Jock Beebe’s haircut . . . sojourns to the office . . . (sessions in Merit Hall) . . . Fritz Wilson’s debut in B.V.D.’s . . . operation " argyle” . . . diving for cover during A- bomb drills . . . heated discussions in civics classes . . . the Seniors not-quite-agrceing on graduation plans. . . . And then, there were the things you said, not seriously, perhaps, but with a devilish twinkle in your eye. I laughed to myself as time and time again I heard one of you repeat these famous last words. . . . " I forgot to read the newspaper Mr. Mishou” . . . " Sure we’ll get back before the bell rings” . . . " You didn’t tell us we had homework, Mr. Vliet” . . . " Hey, let’s go catch a weed” . . . " Aw, who needs to study for College Boards! . . . (Mrs. Seed- lock’s tests are a cinch) . . . " I’ve got study hall next period, let’s go shoot some pool” ... " I just don’t have time to make a career book, Mrs. Miles” . . . " Guess I’ll cut Garhart’s class today” . . . " Miss Shu- grou, what would happen if I mixed this—and this? . . . Let’s take off for the Apollo” . . . I’ll bring them tomorrow for sure, Mrs. Lilly” . . . Gad, here comes Mr. Barrett . . . ( " Please, Mrs. Hurt, I promise not to ask again.”) Page 67 Eighth Grade Snaps Page 68 Janet Johnson. Secretary Roger Walker. Sergeant-at-Arms Jean Byrne. Treasurer Sandy Luppens. Vice-President Dyson Miller. President Sally Old . Secretary (First Semester) Page 69 EIGHTH Albaugh, Ann Alderman, Mary Allman, Diane Altizer, Robert Anderton, Wilbur Atkins, Mary Austin, Nancy Austin, Norma Sue Avery, Hollis Robert Bailey, Mary Lee Barnes, Marie Bartley, Ronald Becker, Gail Beecroft, Joyce Berkley, Joe Berlein, Cora Biddle, Robert Bittorf, Norman Blankens hip, Robert Bliffin, Conrad Bottomley, Robert Bowers, Harold Bowers, Mary Ann Bradley, Marguerite Brandts, Shirley Brainerd, George Branscom, Lee Breit, William Brown, Mildred Brumby, Pat Burke, Connie Burton, Beverly Byrne, Jean Cagle, Hal Carr, Earl Carter, Elaine Carter, Goldie Case, Janet Casey, Billy Cavil, Margaret Anne Chapman, Anne Chappell, Judy Chisholm, Shirley Clark, Mary Jane Clarke, Joyce Clarke, Peggy Clay, Larry Cohn, Michael Coleman, Marie Colley, Thomas Collins, William Conklin, Dale Cook, Constance Coons, Richard Cordle, Lois Cranford, Bayne Page 70 GRADE Crooks, James Croson, Helen Cross, Wayne Daughtery, Wayne Davis, Donald De Groot, Joan Deitz, Jackie Dinsmore, Donald Dodson, Patricia Dornish, Donald Dunn, Margaret Ebert, Paul Eiseman, Jay English, Joan Eubank, Beverly Ewing, Carolyn Fessler, Barbara Finlayson, Sally Fisher, Richard Fitzgerald, Betty Flagg, Alice Flaherty, Michael Fletcher, Palmer Fleming, Pat Fraser, Jean Friedlander, Harry Fruit, Claudia Fruland, Judith Fulton, Theda Gallo, Jon Glover, Marilyn Goakes, Vernon Gotthardt, Norman Gneug, Rosemarie Gray, James Gray, Thomas Greco, Freddy Green, Ella Henrietta Green, Ralph Green, Robert Haas, Elizabeth Hagen, Norland Hardy, Robert Hartman, Rosemary Harvey, Karen Hensley, Patricia Herndon, Frances Hewitt, Paul Hight, Elizabeth Hinshaw, Donna Hodges, Ruth Gail Honse, Richard Hoots, Milo Howard, Henry Hughes, Ralph Hull, Herman Page 71 EIGHTH Hume, Dianne Hunton, Hugh Hurst, Joan Irvin, Herbert Irwin, Sharon Jaeger, Andrew Johnson, Janet Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Vernon Johnston, David Johnston, Rosalie Johnston, Sandra Jones, Donnie Jones, Sarah Jo Keenan, Teddy Kennedy, Betty Keys, Patsy Kimberly, Peter King, Frank King, Harriet Kirby, Wayne Krummes, Ann Langston, William Lanham, Herbert Larew, Karl Larkin, Milton Larkin, Sally Lassen, Allen La Valley, Danny Lehman, John Lerner, Sandra Libby, Stanley Livingston, Barbara Lott, Marilyn Loew, Joan Luppens, Joseph Lynn, Jackson Marr, Donald Marshall, Susan Marteness, Billie Martin, Byron Martin, Dale Massingale, John Mathews, James Maynard, Michael McCarthy, Nancy Jo McClain, Sandra McGehee, Elise McGillis, Mary Ann Mendez, Corby Mijuskovic, Ben Miles, John Miller, Dyson Molle, Yvonne Monroe, Carolyn Mooney, Shirley Page 72 GRADE Moore, Ann Moore, Charles Moore, Leeman Morningstar, Mary Morris, Tommy Morrison, Michael Munson, Lydia Mutersbaugh, Lorraine Myers, Katherine Nelson, Marshall Noble, Mabel Anita Noble, Wilma Old, Sally Oliver, Anita Oliver, Nancy O’Neal, Elsie Penn, Patricia Pickeral, Nancy Posik, Carol Prescott, John Price, Ann Price, Don Prosise, Ruby Reedy, Margaret Reeves, Robert Renner, Estelle Robinson, Arlene Rollins, Raymond Rose, Robert Rote, Elinore Rowe, Charles Roylance, Jerry Rucker, Roberta Rumley, Jane Rusk, Peggy Sanderson, Lora Schaefer, Sonya Schley, Margaret Shifflett, Shelby Shreve, Paul Smith, David Smith, Patricia Stanfield, Marvin Stevens, Sandra Stipe, Mildred Stokes, Allen Styron, Helen Talmanis, Edith Tasker, John Taylor, David Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Teague, Joan Trammell, Ruby Trout, Janet Tunison, John Page 73 EIGHTH GRADE Vance, James Van Pelt, Donald Not Van Tassel, Carol Pictured Van Tassel, Nancy Altizer, Joan Vascovich, Connie Barnhill, Shirley Verdonner, Francja Bell, Barbara Villella, Sandra Bierlien, George Wade, Barbara Billingsley, Ann Broaddus, Leslie Carter, Dale Walker, Roger Craven, Robert Wall, Roberta Eller, Arnold Waters, Susan Ewing, Arthur Watkins, Joann Harbison, William Jones, Kenneth Kidwell, John Weakley, Virginia Ludlow, Sally Marr, Catherine Wieshaupt, Patricia Marr, Robert Weiss, Bette Lou Martin, Robert Welborn, Carl Miller, Joan Oats, Eugene O’Bannon, Richard Westdahl, Bobby Oden, Richard Westen, Patricia Ongaro, Nicholas Whitney, Alice Peyton, Everett Whittington, Wilma Philyaw, James Rider, Lewis Sisk, Wallace Williams, Buddy Slothouber, Jamie Williams, Harriet Stevens, Leroy Williams, Patricia Stranathan, Harriet Wilson, Sandra Thomas, George Page 74 N First row. Bob Mclntire, Fred Landess, Skip Tower, Wayne Akre, Sam Maclure, Bill Wheeler, Richey Miller, Jack Schauer, C. W. Alexander, and Joe Trombo. Second row. Allan Robinson, Dave Frye, Jack Plasterer, Mike Purcell, Snookie Furman, Everett Covington, Lee Phillips, Frank Smallwood, and Bill Little. Third row. Jerry Hazelgrove, Eugene Merkert, Wayne Richey, John Brainerd, Phillip Brainerd, Bill Tasker, Noel Lynn, and Barney Luckenbach. Fourth row. Coach Todd, LaRue Van Meter, Bud Bryson, Phil Kautt, John Hargett, George Pitre, and Peter Kerr, Manager. Jaguars On The Gridiron The 1950 Jaguars, playing one of the toughest schedules in the school’s history, finished up with a four win, five loss, and one tie record. Coach Tom Todd switched from the single wing to the split T and double wing formations. The season began with good defense but a lack of scoring power, although as the season progressed the of¬ fense improved. The year was climaxed by an upset victory over powerful Charlotte Hall. The injury-riddled Jaguars played a good brand of football all year, as is shown by the comparative scores. The Green and White outscored their opponents 143 to 111 points. Outstanding play¬ ers on this year’s team were: Bill Wheeler, named second team All Northern Virginia; Joe Trombo, Skip Tower, Wayne Akre, Fred Landess, and George Pitre in the backfield; and Captain Jack Schauer, Richey Miller, Dave Frye, LaRue Van Meter, Jim Teague, Noel Lynn, and Snookie Fur¬ man in the line. VARSITY COACHES Tom Todd, Paul Weber Page 76 CAPTAIN Jack Schauer CENTERS Alexander, Miller, Mclntire CO-CAPTAIN Bill Wheeler llapp; fig 30b? ' i 1 ' ’■ ' - J f Y m J , JyTW Wf BACKS Plasterer, Landess, Robinson, Wheeler, Smallwood, Pitre, Hazelgrove, Merkert, Tasker, Trombo, Tower, Akre ENDS Furman, Richey, Kautt, Little, Lynn, Teague TACKLES Covington, J. Brainerd, Luckenbach, Van Meter, Hayes GUARDS P. Brainerd, Phillips, Purcell, Hargett, Clarke, Schauer, Frye Page 77 1950 FOOTBALL SEASON September 16—Coolidge 7, Falls Church 0. The Jaguars played their first game in the new stadium against Coolidge High of Washington, D.C. The Jaguars’ defense, led by Jack Schauer, was excel¬ lent but they lacked scoring power. September 22—James Monroe 13, Falls Church 6. Playing in Fredericksburg, the Jaguars again were good on defense but they still lacked offense. The lone Falls Church score came in the second period when Wayne Akre dashed across. September 30—Roosevelt 19, Falls Church 12. With their offense beginning to click, the Jaguars looked good until the injuries took their toll and Roosevelt pulled ahead. Outstanding in this game were Bill Wheeler, Joe Trombo, and Richey Miller, with Wheeler and Trombo each scoring. October 6—Mt. Vernon 20, Falls Church 6. Playing with many injuries, the Jaguars did very well, but the lack of depth showed in the latter part of the game. Fred Landess, who scored, and Jim Teague were the outstanding Jaguars. October 14—Falls Church 37, Front Royal 0. Scoring three quick touchdowns, Wayne Akre led the Jaguars against Front Royal. After this, everybody got into the act as Frank Smallwood, Allan Robinson, and Fred Landess scored. This was the first show of Jaguar power. October 21—Fairfax 6, Falls Church 0. Playing their traditional rival, the Jaguar line was superb, but the backs couldn’t get started. The winning score came when a Fairfax lineman picked up a fumble and ran for a touchdown. Schauer and Miller led the line. October 27—Falls Church 25, Falmouth 0. Led by Bill Wheeler, who scored two touchdowns and passed to Joe Trombo for another the Jaguars were excellent. George Pitre passed to Noel Lynn for the other score. November 4—Falls Church 12, Culpeper 12. Playing in a heavy downpour, the Jaguars com¬ pletely outplayed Culpeper, but they didn’t get the breaks to win the game. Landess and Lynn did the scoring as Schauer and Richey Miller held up the for¬ ward wall. November 10—Falls Church 20, Manassas 14. The Jaguars played excellent ball as they beat a hard fighting Manassas team. Landess paced the winners with two touchdowns and an extra point. Joe Trombo provided the margin of victory with his touchdown. November 18—Falls Church 2 5, Charlotte Hall 20. Led by the excellent running of Joe Trombo, the underdog Jaguars rose up and stopped the powerful Cadets. Trombo scored three touchdowns himself and then passed to Snookie Furman for the final touchdown. Page 78 First toil’: Hank Taylor, Steve Lehman, Bill Salsgiver, Bob Himmelsbach, Cliff Enright, Dave Johnson, Dennis Hobbs, John Harper, Austin Bass, Larry White, Lee Chaney, Dyson Miller, Barry Hall, John Purcell, John Chambliss, Duane James. Second row : Charles Schauss, manager; Duncan McCarter, Dewey Wood, Dick Alley, Arthur Shaeffer, Bud Fisher, Deo Hard¬ man, Palmer Rutherford, Gus Mason, Ray Barker, John Tasker, J. C. Hockman, Dick Little, Mr. Lyons, Coach; Melvin Fink, manager. Third row. Ted Payne, George Baines, Jim Berry, Tom Harrington, Charles Dixon, Chuck Kitts, Ernest Cook, Elwood Wood, Leroy Morrison. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The Falls Church High J.V. football squad concluded its recent season with a record of three wins, four losses, and one tie. The Little Jaguars were comprised of a tough, hard-charging line supported by a group of well- trained, elusive backs. Outstanding among these were John Harper, Deo Hardman, Ted Payne, Dyson Miller, and Dick Alley. The team’s typical " Coach Lyons” spirit, inspired by their extremely capable instructor, Joseph J. Lyons, Jr., will long be remembered. This spirit was well displayed during the hard-fought games with Mount Vernon and Washington-Lee. Next year’s prospective linemen include Bill Salsgiver, Dick Little, Lee Chaney, Duane James, Larry White, Palmer Rutherford and numerous others whom we feel sure Coach Todd will look forward to having on the varsity squad. COACHES Lyons, Linger Hardman-Mt. Vernon Game Alley-Leesbiirg Game Page 79 B. Johnson, P. Kautt, C. James, P. Rutherford, A. Robinson, A. Lyle, C. Williams, G. Richardson, G. Bairey, H. Taylor, S. Es- kcw, and S. Tower. Jaguars On The Hardwood The 19 50-5 1 basketball season began under the direction of Coach Joe Lyons who was faced with a young and inexperienced team. The starting team consisted of a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior, with the fifth position alternating between three underclassmen. After a slow start, the team improved enough to be considered a worthy con¬ tender in the spring tournaments. The mid-season arrival of George Richardson was a great relief after the loss of George Pitre and Bob Schmidt due to injuries. Richardson, a senior, imme¬ diately took over one guard position, while another senior, George Bairey, took over the other guard post. The scoring was led by Captain Billy Johnson, who alternated between center, guard, and forward; Con- tee James, another senior and the tallest of the regu¬ lar first stringers, and Allan Robinson, a junior who is rough, fast, and a good man in the pivot. The all- important substitutes were Skip Tower, Phil Kautt, Hank Taylor, and Palmer Rutherford. Although this season didn’t prove too successful, there were many who gained valuable experience, and with some good junior varsity boys coming up, next year should be a different story. Coach Lyons Page 80 First row: Coach Moffatt, J. Berry, B. Gardenhire, J. Fahey, C. Yarbrough, J. Shannon, and D. Frye. Second row: J. Mather, G. Mason, T. Hoy, R. Belknap, D. Alley, N. Bemis, and B. Hall. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Under a new coach, Johnny Moffatt, former G.W.U. star, the J.V. played a good brand of basketball. Although they had only a fair season, there were many good pros¬ pects for next year’s varsity. Outstanding among these were Bill Gardenhire, who had a 12 point average, John Mather, Mike Williamson, Dick Alley, and Nye Bemis. GOLL TEAM First row: Bob Mclntire, Noel Lynn, John Austin, Godfrey Stoneburner. Second row: Mr. Garhardt, Coach: Bob Wilcox, Richard Rumble, Don Glover, Page 82 First row: Bob Schindler, manager, Alvin Luckenback, Rachid Abdu, Eugene Merkert, Skip Clarke, Bill Hogan, Bob Davis, Tony Bickrest, George Carrera. Second row: Bob Livingston, Chuck Ogdon, Wayne Richey, Bill Allen, Pete McCrary, Fred Landess, John Ste¬ wart, Coach Tom Todd. Jaguars On The Cinders In 1950 The Jaguar thinclads had a good season, especially since it was only the third year for track at Falls Church High. Coach Todd had many boys back from the previous year, which helped considerably. Many of these were Falls Church High record holders. In pole vault and high jump events was Bob Davis; in the broad jump, Johnny Poehler; in the 440-yard dash, Fred Landess; in the low hurdles, Wayne Richey; and in the half-mile and mile, Billy Johnson, who was sidelined early in the season with an ankle injury. These, plus many others, made up a track team to be proud of. The new boys who were a main factor in gaining the Fairfax County ti¬ tle were Tony Bickrest in the high jump; Frank Rothery, Bill Allen, and Charlie Ogdon in the shot and discus; Davis in the low hurdles; Geoige Carrera, Eugene Merkert, and Ruby Robin¬ son in the sprints; Pete McCrary in the half-mile; and Frank Jenkins in the mile. Many of the old Jaguar records were broken and the season was topped off with a hard-won victory in the Fairfax County meet. With many of these boys back for next year we are hop¬ ing for another successful season and our second consecutive county championship. On their way to the trophy. Carrera breaks the tape. Page 83 Firsf row: Bill Wheeler, Earl Foltz, John Grant, Brownie Mayberry, Lee Houtz, Roy Kennedy, Chip Porter. Second row: Coach Weber, Buddy Smith, Mike Giambatista, " Peanuts” Sekrist, Wayne Akre, Freddy Grenfell, Frank Small¬ wood, LeRoy Cloud, Bill Duke, Mgr. Jaguars On The Diamond In 1950 The Jaguars in 1950 ran hot and cold. They had good pitching and a good infield, but a weak out¬ field. At the plate the Jaguars were somewhat of a flop. The first four batters could usually bring in a run, mainly with Brownie Mayberry at bat. The highlight and surprise of the season was the lopsided win over G.W. High of Alexandria. Mayberry’s one- hitter, and his grand-slam home-run were the leading factors in the 21-0 score. The season ended with 10 wins and 6 losses and a third place in the Metro¬ politan Tournament. The Tournament record was 3 and 2 with a heartbreaking 1-0 loss to Mount Vernon and a close one to W-L. The infield was held together with John Grant at first, Earl Foltz at second, Brownie Mayberry or Pea¬ nuts Sechrist at short, and Mike Giambattista or Buddy Smith at third. In the outfield were Bill Wheeler, Wayne Akre, LeRoy Cloud, and Peanuts Se¬ christ or Ray Gunderson. The pitching, done mainly by Brownie Mayberry, Frank Smallwood, John Grant, Charlie Williams, who was brought up from the J.V. late in the season, proved somewhat of a sensa¬ tion. Behind the plate you could usually find Lee Houtz. The hitting was not the best; the power rested mainly on Brownie Mayberry, and the short hits on Earl Foltz and Wayne Akre. Page 84 A — " Rambling Rich out of the night” C —Our Homecoming Queen E — " Get in there and fight, boy!” G — " Hold that pose, boys” B —”You mean it’s all for me?” D— ' ' Stretch, man, stretch!” F— " Gee, thanks, Coach” H— " It’s going . . . going . . . gone” Page 85 I Kathy Le Kitty Sue Lee Jane Loncanecker Shirley Cannon Shirley Shelton Mitzie Posey Gayle McAchren Pat Bradley VARSITY CHEERLEADERS This year eight Varsity Cheerleaders were elected instead of ten, six of whom were Cheerleaders last year, as well. These active girls established the first J.V. cheerleading squad at Falls Church High School. The two groups practiced together for a month, and then became independent. The Varsity Cheerleaders sponsored bonfires, pep rallies, and the first torch parade at F.C.H.S., which was quite successful. The Page 86 Cheerleaders worked with the Pep Club and other organizations in an effort to increase school spirit, student body attendance at sports events, and more active participation in the cheers. They helped sell cokes at the pep rallies, and assisted with the sale of programs, also. Throughout the year, the Cheer¬ leaders worked very hard for the teams and the stu¬ dents, trying to keep interest and school spirit at a high level. GIRLS’ HOCKEY Under Mrs. Jean Sullivan, the Varsity Hockey Team won four games and lost two in the fourth season of interscholastic hockey at Falls Church High. Double victories were taken at the expense of W-L and BC-C, and both losses were suffered at the hands of a veteran Fairfax team. October 12—Opening game played against Fairfax, here, found both elevens in top form. The contest ended Fairfax 1 - F. C. 0. October 16—An unevenly matched game with BC-C, there, resulted in a 4-0 win, with all goals scored in the first half. October 26—First encounter with W-L, here. A 3-1 victory for Falls Church. October 3 1—Falls Church again met W-L, here, to thoroughly beat them 4-0. November 7—On the Fairfax field Falls Church couldn’t seem to get started, and gave up its second loss, 4-0. November 14—Jaguarcttes ended the 19 50 season with a 3-0 triumph over BC-C, here. November 16—Northern Virginia Field Hockey Play Day was held at W-L with Fairfax, Mt. Vernon, W-L, and Falls Ch urcii participating. Each team played two games, judges observing. Falls Church again downed W-L, 3-1, and once more surrendered to experienced Fairfax, 2-1. A selection committee chose honorary first and second teams. From 22 available positions Falls Church took 9, Fairfax 7, and W-L 6. First team: Gunderson, L.I.; Hockman, C.F.; Rutherford, R.H.; and Smith, R.F. Second team: Cronin, L.W.; Carroll, R.I.; Knight, C.FL; Wilson, L.H.; and Larcombe, L.F. Point resume: Cronin 1, Gunderson 7, Hockman 3, Carroll 3, Total 14. Opponents 6. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Girls’ Varsity Basketball with Miss Carolyn Morrison as coach played 12 games in the 195 0-5 1 season. December 12—First game with Leesburg there; Jaguarcttes were in control the whole game, winning 32-23. December 19—The team traveled to Quantico and found very little opposition, winning from them 37-20. January 5—BC-C proved to be the better team, the final score reading 49-26. January 10—Jaguarettes had a good practice game with Mt. Vern on, who had little to offer in way of a basketball team. Score: 43-26. January 16—Fairfax and Falls Church in a well-matched contest, the final score, 43-42 for Fairfax. January 22—A game that should have gone to Falls Church was won by G.W. Score: 23-22. January 29—Quantico gave the Jaguarettes a good time and the victory with a resulting tally of 5 0-16. February 1—An old habit by now, Falls Church lost to W-L by one point, 24-23. February 15—In the hardest fought game of the season Fairfax’s " luck” held out and they came up with a 23-19 victory. February 19—at W-L. February 22—At Mt. Vernon. February 26—At BC-C. GIRLS’ SOFTBALL This year Mrs. Bernice Lilly again coached Varsity Softball, and Mrs. Jean Sullivan trained the first Junior Varsity Softball team at Falls Church High School. Fairfax, W.-L., G.W., Mt. Vernon, and several junior high schools were on the schedule. Several members of last year’s team returned: Cronin, Carroll, Hockman, Longanec- ker, Shelton, Gunderson, LeSage, and Haines. Page 87 VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM October 12—Fairfax 1 - F.C. 0 October 31—Falls Church 4-W-L 0 First row: Ruth Haines, Belmar Gunderson, Jane Rutherford, Captain; Electa Larcombe, Betty Jean Nicholson, Miriam Han- nold, Mrs. Sullivan, Coach. Second row : Charleen Magarity, Catherine Pearson, Alice Knight, Mary Lou Carroll, Janice Smith, Barbara Zimmer, Manager. T bird row. Mary Lou Field, Betty Jenkins, Gwen Hockman, Eileen Cronin. November 14: Falls Church 3 - BCC 0 November 16: Northern ' Virginia Play Day. Page 88 GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM A shot down the center. A successful lay-up. Another Falls Church lay-up. Working the ball down under the basket. irst row. Miss Morrison, Coach; Barbara Zimmer, Bernice Huntley, Mary Lou Carroll, Captain; jane Longanecker, Jane Ru- econj ' llw ' Eileen 8 Cron in, Co-Captain; Belmar Gunderson, Connie Crigler, Shirley Fortier, Shirley Shelton, Gwen Hockman, Janice Smith. Page 89 First tow: Mary Lou Carroll, Electa Larcombe, Belmar Gunderson, Jane Longanecker, Mary Lou Crandall. Second row. Jane Rutherford, Manager; Eileen Cronin, Barbara Peterson, Eleanor Lehman, Shirley Shelton, Lorraine LeSage, Mrs. Lilly, Coach. SOFTBALL After a successful season last year, these girls provide a nucleus for 1951 team. All of them have at least one year varsity experience, and, with the hope of a few more pitchers will have a really good team. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM The first Falls Church High J.V. Hockey team, coached by Miss Morrison, played only two games, both against Fairfax. They lost the first game 1-0, and the second, 4-1. On Play Day the Little Jag- uarettes defeated Mt. Vernon’s Varsity, 1-0. First row: Donna Gleeson, Janet Gray, Jean Kerr, Peggy Huntley, Kaye Virden, Joselyn Caldwell, Betty Jo Pugh, Miss Morri¬ son, Coach. Second row: Betty Page, Manager; Geneva Fox, Carol Newman, Pat North, Kaye Irwin, Pat Henderson, Pat Foster, Captain; Jo Ellen Wilson, Nancy Burk. Page 90 h M mBbb JAGUAR JUMBLES Page 91 MAJORETTES Barbara Cloud Joan Boland Sheila Schnack Barbara Zimmer Carol Carr JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Pa»;e 92 Gloria McGillis Joan Dean Merle Deits Barbara Moscati Carol Tower Delores Nalls c 1 1 v 1 1 1 e s Page 93 Fourth row: Earl Foltz, Charles Eskew, Peter Kerr, Wayne Richey, Richey Miller, Jack Dodson, Dick Fisher, Dyson Miller, Bennett Roberts. Third row: Ralph Hughes, Mike Morrison, Kay Irwin, Laura Ann Whitesell, Anne Bradley, Nancy Fitz¬ Gerald, Mary Lee Nations, Ann Leone, Rosalyn Davenport, Sharlee Howzc, Alice Knight. Second row: Roberta Wall, Barbara Cloud, Joan Dean, Betty Ann Frenzel, Jean Kerr, Linda Kerr, Betty Maden, Betty Clark, Nancy Pickeral, Wilma Wittington, Joyce Clarke, Billy Hemma. First row: Shirley Cannon, Geneva Fox, Carol Tower, Shirley Shelton, Sec.; Bob Mclntire, Vice Pres.; Fred Landess, Pres.; Mr. Barrett, Advisor; Don Glover, Treas.; Lynn Granger, Electa Larconibe. STUDENT COUNCIL Page 94 ; - OFFICERS Fred Landess President Bob McIntire Vice-President Shirley Shelton Secretary Don Glover Treasurer (Uh, uhy nh, Mac! !) The Student Council Association is the represen¬ tative body of the students of Falls Church High School, and is undeniably one of the school’s most important organizations. Its main objective is to promote the general welfare of the student body. Some of the activities of the S.C.A. this year in¬ cluded work on an alternative to the present merit hall system, alleviating the crowded conditions exist¬ ing in the halls, and initiating a workable honor sys¬ tem. Certainly we cannot overlook the S.C.A.’s an¬ nual sponsorship of the Sweetheart Dance, always an occasion for much decorating, excitement, and hap¬ piness. Our own S.C.A. is an active participant in the endeavors of the Fairfax County Student Council Association, of which Bob McIntire is Treasurer. The Falls Church High S.C.A. is a function of the stu¬ dent body in which everyone has a stake, and to which each of us owes his respect and support. ASSOCIATION SWEETHEART COURT Page 95 ■ NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Alice Knight Richey Miller Jane Rutherford Billy Johnson Kitty Sue Lee . Mrs. Hurt . President . Vice-President . Secretary . T re as liter Corresponding Secretary Sponsor Membership in the National Honor Society is awarded to Juniors and Seniors who best fulfill the Society’s cardinal objectives—Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. The Elizabeth Ann Clem Chapter, a very active organization, sponsors the Christmas Dance, welcomes new students, acts as host on college day, and conducts two formal inductions each year. No gieater honor is given high school students than membership in the Honor Society. MEMBERS First row: Shirley Cannon, Janice Smith, Ruth Adcock McPherson, Pat Foster, Kaye Irwin, Patti Beggs, Laura Ann Whitesell, Tanya Bruskin, Phyllis Horton. Second row: Carol Schooler, Pat Schauss, Eleanor Achenbach, Shirley Shelton, Lilia Hight, Betty Ayers, Kitty Sue Lee, Jane Rutherford, Alice Knight, Mrs. Hurt, Beverly Zierdt, Sharlee Howze, Mary Lou Carroll, Shirley Fortier. Third row: Rashid Abdu, Lee Phillips, Fred Landess, Ronald Herring, Don Glover, Billy Johnson, Jack Hanson, Bob Mclntire, Skip Clarke, Joel Rogosin, Louis Homer. Not pictured: Mimi Lawrence, Richey Miller, Ann Glover, Marlene Rives, Ann Lee Stranathan, and Kay Powell. Christinas Dance Page 96 VARSITY CLUB First row: Betty Jo Pugh, Eileen Cronin, Betty Towsey, Kathy Lee, Wayne Akre, Mitzee Posey, Electa Larcombe, Ruth Haines, and Shirley Cannon. Second row: Donna Gleeson, Barbara Escherich, Nancy McCarter, Charleen Magarity, Gidge Miller, Barbara Zimmer, Kitty Sue Lee, Connie Crigler, Lorraine LeSage, and Belmar Gunderson. Third row: Skip Tower, Billy Johnson, Shirley Shelton, Bernice Huntley, Mary Lou Carroll, Catherine Pearson, Bob Mclntire, and John Hargett. Fourth row: Mike. Purcell, Jim Teague, Noel Lynn, Fred Landcss, and Richey Miller. The Varsity Club is an honorary organization in which all students who have earned a varsity letter at Falls Church High are eligible for membership. The purposes of the club are to promote interest and good sportsmanship in all athletic endeavors of the school, to help raise money for athletic equipment, and to present awards to outstanding athletes. The Varsity Club sponsors the Faculty-Varsity Game and the Varsity Club Spring Dance each year. AWARDS Billy Johnson receiving track trophy front Varsity Club Pres., Wayne Akre. OFFICERS Wayne Akre. LaRue Van Meter . Mitzee Posey. Kathy Lee. President Vice-President . Secretary . T reasurer Page 97 QUILL and SCROLL Seated: George Bairey, Treas.; Mrs. Hanson, Sponsor; Ann Lee Stranathan, Pres.; Pat Schauss, Sec.; Don Glover, Vice-Pres. Standing: Kitty Sue Lee, Tanya Bruskin, Cliff Enright, Lilia Hight , Billy Johnson, Lily Altman, Benny Faidley, Joel Rogosin, Alice Knight, Jeanne Gedney, Kay Powell, Sharlee Howze, Jane Rutherford. Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. Membership is open to Juniors and Seniors who have worked on the newspaper or yearbook and who are recommended by the sponsor of the publication on which they work. Applications for membership must be approved by the Society’s National Secretary. Although Falls Church High School had an hon¬ orary Quill and Scroll Chapter for three years, this year’s membership chose to become an active organi¬ zation and hold regular monthly meetings. The goal of Falls Church High School’s Chapter this year is to improve student publications. National Junior Honor Society The aim of the Jr. Honor Society is to help increase scholastic standards, and to be of service to the school. First row: Elsie Caldwell, Joan Cushman, Miss McBee, Nancy Altfather, Rita Overly, Mike Osborn, Marlene Rives, Carolyn Downing, Eddie Becker. Second row: Melvin Fink, Carol Newman, Peggy Patterson, Jean Kerr, Pat McKibben, Becky Mc¬ Williams, Janet Gray, Linda Kerr, Pat North, Phyllis Horton. Third row: Buddy Miller, Tom Finley, Jerry Hedetniemi, Christine McAfee, Virginia Grille, Sara De Groat, Tenny Jackson, Lynn Granger, Janice Oliver. Fourth row: Gloria McGillis, Ann Tilley, Eliza¬ beth Shell. Fifth rou 1 : Louis Homer, John Chambliss, Nym Sewall, Kathryn Madden, Frances Schrottroffe, Nancy Cloud, Nancy Johnston, Danny Neilson. Page 98 Jaguar Journal EDITORS Standing : Jane Rutherford, News; Mrs. Hanson, Ad¬ visor; Tanya Bruskin, News. Seated: Lilia Hight, Asso¬ ciate; at Schauss, Editor- in-Chief; Kitty Sue Lee, Associate. The editor of the Jaguar Journal, the bi-monthly stu¬ dent publication of Falls Church High School, is as¬ sisted by two associate edi¬ tors and two news editors. The work done by the entire staff is supervised by this group. BUSINESS Eileen Cronin, Cliff Enright, Barbara Escherich, Donna Gleeson, Juanita Gragg. The business staff of the Jaguar Journal supervises the subscription drives, solicits advertisements, and distrib¬ utes the paper. EDITORIAL Seated: Carol Martin, Mary Lou Carroll, Jane Longan- ecker, Lily Altman. Standing: Michelle Putnam, Betty Jean Nicholson, Bobby Shumate, Jerry Ha- zelgrove, George Bairey, Sharlee Howze, James Beard, Carol Geddes. The editorial staff does most of the writing, and helps with the make-up of the paper. Page 99 P. T. A. ENDS SUCCESSFUL YEAR JrVp M ; KA 1i 3 ft -| 1 1 Mrs. Moutoux Mr. Virdf.n Mrs. Van Meter Mrs. Hodges OFFICERS President . James W. Virden (Tom and Kaye’s Dad) Vice-President . Mrs. John Moutoux (Charles’ Mother) Secretary . Mrs. LaRue Van Meter (LaRue’s Mother) Treasurer . Mrs. Herald Hodges (Gail and Mike’s Mother) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hospitality Committee . Ways and Means Committee . Program Committee . Health Committee . Music Committee . Membership Committee . Safety and Transportation Committee Room Sponsors Committee . Publicity Committee . Awards Committee . Past-President . Principal . .Mrs. Ted Austin (Sue’s Mother) Mrs. George Deits (Merle and Georgia’s Mother) Mr. Shandy Holland (Teacher turned G.I.) .Mrs. Paul Green (Barbara’s Mother) ... Mr. E. C. Intolubbe (Dale and Gayle’s Dad) .Mrs Tom McKinley (Tom’s Mother) . Mr. Fred Wilson (Fritz and Tony’s Dad) .Mrs. H. M. Younger (Kay’s Mother) . Mrs. Kent Godfrey (Diana’s Mother) .Mrs. H. L. Whitesell (Laura Ann’s Mother) Mrs. W. H. Glover (Don and Marilyn’s Mother) . .Gen. W. S. Rumbough HISTORY The High School P.T.A. was organized originally as a part of the city-wide association representing Madison Ele¬ mentary and the High School. The meetings were held each month at Madison School. At the beginning of the 1948-49 School Session, the High School P.T.A. was set up as a separate organization with Mr. W. H. Glover president. During the 1949-5 0 session Mrs. W. H. Glover succeeded her husband as president. During the present session the Asso¬ ciation is headed by Mr. James W. Virden. Under the leadership of these three “Falls Church High School” minded citizens the association has grown in mem¬ bership, enlarged its general program, and has been instru¬ mental in making some outstanding contributions to the school. Each year the P.T.A. has sponsored a carnival as its chief source of income. It contributed $600 toward the building of the new athletic field. It is now assisting in the purchase of instruments for the band. The P.T.A. has given a $100 Scholarship to an outstanding senior each year. It developed and has carried out our health program. It is therefore fitting that the 1 950-5 1 Yearbook Staff pay tribute to our P.T.A. Page 100 HIGHLIGHTS OF P. T. A. ACTIVITIES Top left: Panel Discussion, Mr. Virden, P.T.A. Pres., presiding. Mrs. Lucas, Mr. Vliet, Mrs. Hurt, Mrs. Stenhouse. Loiucr left: Mrs. Hodges, P.T.A. Treas., presenting a $600 check for the stadium to General Rum- bough. Top right: Dr. Miles, a member of the audience, questioning the panel. Lowei right: Mrs. Deits, Ways and Means chairman of the P.T.A., assisting the Freshman Class in one of their fund-raising enterprises. Page 101 SENIOR CLASS PLAY SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE Standing: Bob Furman; seated: Alice Knight, Sharlee Howze, Bill Little, Bob Mclntire; foreground: Joel Rogosin, Carol Geddes; not pictured: Shirley Cannon, Skip Tower. Cast: Evvie Crochet. .Sue Funk Topal Crochet. .Lily Altman Mrs. Crochet . Jean Gedney Elna Crochet. Tanya Bruskin Fleece Crochet. .Patti Bf.ggs Arthur Crochet. .Noel Lynn Mr. Tobin . . Bill Little Commodore. Joel Rogosin Mrs. Dupre. ... Juanita White Tayo Delacroix. Jack Hanson Dewey Crochet . C. H. Breedlove Mrs. Beaumont Crochet Mimi Lawrence The Senior Play is always an event which everyone looks forward to with a great deal of pleasure and anticipation. The choice of this year’s Senior Play Committee was " The Great Big Doorstep,” which originally appeared with Dorothy Gish and Louis Calhern in the leading roles. The entire action of the play takes place at the Crochet home in Grass Margin, Louisiana, and is concerned with the family’s fervent desire to acquire a house pretentious enough to do their " great big doorstep” justice. Mrs. Crochet is the real strength around which the whole family revolves, Mr. Crochet, the " Commodore,” is, however, more interested in eating than in working to support his family. In his capacity of ditch-digger, or, as his loyal daughter, Evvie, says, " Drainage Expert” he presents an amazingly well-fed appearance in contrast to his hungry family. Here is not only a novel plot and setting, but new and interesting characters as well. Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Hurt, Mrs. Lenvin, Miss Moffitt, Mrs. Jackson, and Mr. Mishou had quite a time casting the play, since every¬ one who tried out read well. It’s always too bad that there isn’t a part for all those who try out. Rehearsals, the first night at Madison, the Hot Shoppe or Howard Johnson afterwards, all mean a lot of fun for those lucky ones who are given a part. Local Characters. The Commodore and His Family. Page 102 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY ‘ 2 ), ' ear Cast: Judge Wilkins . . Jock Beebe Mrs. Wilkins. . Janet Burk Ruth Wilkins . Shirley Shelton Miriam Wilkins . Electa Larcombe Lt. William Searight .Bill Brose Albert Kummer. Joe Shannon Sgt. Chuck Vincent .Bud Bryson Martha Searight . .Joy Goakes Dora (the maid) . Ellen Morrissey Harold Klobbermyer .Bob Shumate Directors: Mrs. Harriet Hurt Mr. Shandy Holland Ann Rutherford, Student Director ' r l vow pronounce you man and wife.” After the usual trials and tribulations, heartaches and headaches, the Junior Play, " Dear Ruth,” was presented at Madison School auditorium on November 17 and 18. Due to the concentrated efforts of Mrs. Harriet Hurt and Mr. Shandy Holland, Bill Brose finally learned his lines and Joe Shannon managed to keep cool during his clinches with Shirley. The " big night” was hectic. Backstage, bedlam reigned supreme. Everyone seemed to be running around searching frantically for nothing in particular, or else putting on make-up for the " umpteenth” time. Lines well-learned were suddenly forgotten, and promptings couldn’t be heard over the laughter of the audience. Picture Karin Younger pumping desperately on an automobile horn which refused to cooperate at the proper moment. But it was all wonderful, and hopeful Juniors are eagerly anticipating a part in the Senior Play in ’52, that is, if they recover in time! Page 103 DRAMATICS CLASS PLAYS Roses to Mrs. Hurt! What ' s in a Name? Where the Cross is Made. Elmer. Page 104 MUSIC DEPARTMENT BAND Mr. Ernest Ryder— Director Falls Church High School’s Band was a very active and successful organization this year. Outstanding among its accomplishments was the procurement of uniforms, which in¬ curred a total debt of $1200. At this writing, all but a balance of $187.86 has been paid. Money con¬ tributed by the school and the par¬ ents of band members was aug¬ mented by several paper drives on which the members worked quite hard, and a very successful Band Dance. GLEE CLUB Miss Phyllis Campbell— Director The first period Glee Club be¬ came quite well-known in and around the Washington area this year. They appeared on both Jim Gibbon’s and Jerry Strong’s early morning programs, and were also guests on the " Junior Review” show over Washington’s WNBW. The Falls Church Women’s Club was entertained on several occasions by the Glee Club, as was the P.T.A. At Christmas, the members had a wonderful time singing carols all over Falls Church. Page 105 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Doris Himelright . President Hilda Croson . Vice-President Betty Ayers . Secretary Esther Amader . Treasurer Shirley Case . Reporter Miss M. Spitzer . Sponsor Mrs. ( ' row son . Co-Sponsor ' ' Receiving Line” Events of The Year The F.H.A. was very busy in and around school this year. One of its outstanding activities was the sale of hot dogs on Thursdays and Fridays during each of the three lunch periods. This was not only a service to the school, but it provided financial aid for the club as well. During National F.H.A. Week the club presented a mirror to each of the girls’ powder rooms. Another phase of the celebration was the presentation of an honorary membership key to General Rumbough. Climaxing the week’s events was a tea, which the club held for members of the faculty. In the spring another tea, this time a Mother-Daughter Banquet, followed by a fashion show featuring clothing made by members of the club. PURPOSES 1. To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfac¬ tions of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. Page 106 " Selling Hot Dogs” JUNIOR CIVIC LEAGUE Activities The Junior Civic League, under the guidance of Miss Hawkins, endeavors to increase the interest of teen-agers in community affairs. It represents the high school in many city government meetings, en¬ courages youth participation in social and religious activities, and creates projects for the enjoyment of students outside of school. Among the many projects of the J.C.L. this year was the " Crusade for Free¬ dom.” Members helped further this worthy cause by obtaining close to 100% membership at Falls Church High School in the movement toward freedom from Communism in Europe. The J.C.L. also sponsored several dances at the Teen Canteen during the foot¬ ball and basketball seasons in order to provide an op¬ portunity for informal get-togethers after athletic events. In response to a growing interest in square dancing, the J.C.L. hired a professional caller and ar¬ ranged for lessons to be given one night a week at the Canteen for the benefit of all students desiring to learn more about this " new” pastime. In an at¬ tempt to encourage greater participation in church youth groups, J.C.L. members visited various " Young Peoples” organizations to obtain ideas from the more successful ones and to contribute suggestions to other groups for increasing attendance. With the initiation of many other activities and programs, and a larger and more enthusiastic membership, the Junior Civic League has accomplished more this year than ever before. OFFICERS Skip Tower. Wayne Richey. Carole Tower. Patti Beggs . Mayor Vice-Mayor .... Secretary Treasurer Scotch Hop Page 107 KEY CLUB The Key Club is an international organization which has chapters in most of the large high schools throughout the United States. It has a faculty spon¬ sor, and in addition is supported by Kiwanis Inter¬ national. Key Club International is a junior service organization which adopts and executes projects for the benefit of the school. Membership is limited to boys and is obtained by invitation only. On Dec. 20, the Key Club of Falls Church High School was pre¬ sented its charter from Key Club International by the Falls Church Kiwanis Club. OFFICERS James Beard . . President Bob McIntire . . Vice-President George Pitre . . Secretary Skip Clarke. . Treasurer Louis Homer. . Director George Bairly. . Director Mr. Springston ... . Sponsor OFFICERS Jane Rutherford . President Ann Glover . Vice-President Phyllis Horton . Secretary Carol Geodes . Treasurer Miss Spindle . Sponsor Miss Moffitt . Spom or The purpose of Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and com¬ munity high standards of Christian character. Its platform is Pure Thoughts, Pure Words, Pure Ac¬ tions. The triangle, emblem of the Y.M.C.A., repre¬ sents the entire personality—mind, spirit, and body. The circle stands for the completeness of Christian life. The torch indicates the light of the world, which through us may spread more into our com¬ munity. The red, white, and blue colors exemplify sacrifice, purity, and loyalty. TRI- HI -Y Page 108 SUB-DEB CLUB The Sub-Deb Club, a national organization, con¬ sists of girls from 16 to 18 years of age. Its function is to provide an opportunity for the discussion of various perplexing problems with which teen-agers must cope. Under the sympathetic guidance of Mrs. Harriet Hurt, the members are able to air their prob¬ lems and have their questions answered sensibly and helpfully. OFFICERS Paula Hockman . President Peggy Straw . Vice-President Geneva Fox . Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lou Grenfell . Reporter Mrs. Hurt . Sponsor OFFICERS Bill Brose . President Chuck Freed . Vice-President Marilyn Benham . Secretary Carol Martin . Treasurer Mr. Lyons . Sponsor iBlk ML » t i J k » - i l ’ 1 " |g|, $4 l msK P|i Y»- 4 ' h C MjM | J ' Sf » » mzMKKM 1 9 NR i f ylj I HH - VI v| B’i • 99 U! U yic jgi BE ffJ i Tr L ’ ,- pj mi J The Psychology Club serves to help the members to analyze and understand their emotional problems. Mr. Lyons has given the club capable leadership and guidance, and the explanations and discussions during the meetings have been beneficial to everyone who has participated. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Page 109 SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB Membership in the Senior Dramatics Club is open to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. This organiza¬ tion provides an opportunity for students who have a common interest in some aspect of the theatre to gain greater experience and poise, and a better under¬ standing of drama. Plays such as " Our Town” are chosen and cast at random, giving everyone a chance to read and discuss them during the meetings. OFFICERS Joel Rogosin. President Maggie Myer. Vice-President Pat Bradley. Secretary Jackie Lipscomb. Treasurer Mrs. Miles. Sponsor STUDENT COMMITTEE Gloria McGillis, Everett Cov¬ ington, Carol Newman, Mar¬ lene Rives, Eileen Cronin, Dick Fisher, Johnnie Faley, Sarah Jones. SPONSORS Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Moffatt, Miss Bickers, Miss Morrison. Membership in the Dance Club affords an op¬ portunity for students to meet one another socially, something which many of the students probably would not have the chance to do elsewhere. The club is divided into three groups: the Eighth Graders meet with Miss Bickers; the " Rhumbaists” and " Tan- goists” with Mr. Moffatt; and the general dancers with Mrs. Jackson and Miss Morrison. DANCE CLUB Page 110 CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB The purpose of the Chess and Checker Club is to provide an opportunity for those interested to play chess and checkers. Evidently this is a very popular and active group, as is shown by its large membership. OFFICERS Nat Browder. President Gene Thompson. Vice-President James Anderson. Sec.-Trcas. Mr. Todd. Sponsor Mr. Mishou. Sponsor OFFICERS Bill Salsgiver. President Bob Wilcox. Vice-President Beverly Wilcox. Secretary Edwin Huffman. Treasurer Dyson Miller. Sgt.-af-Arms Mr. Cooper. Sponsor One of the main purposes of the Photography Club is to teach students that there is more to taking a picture than just aiming the camera and pressing the shutter. They learn that light balance, timing, and careful planning go into the production of a good picture. With the help of Mr. Cooper, club sponsor, the members have adopted a charter, and aroused in¬ terest in high school photography. The Photography Club bulletin board in the main hall was placed there for the general information of the student body. It displays announcements of contests, and jokes and informative clippings from papers and magazines. The ultimate goal of the group is to obtain a dark¬ room for club, newspaper, and yearbook work. This goal, it is hoped, will be reached in the near future. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Page 111 SCIENCE DISCOVERY CLUB The Science Discovery Club is a member of Science Clubs of America. Its objectives are to ex¬ plore the unknown, and to carry on experiments of interest to the members. Field trips are taken to va¬ rious institutions of scientific interest. Lecturers frequently visit the meetings and speak on varied subjects of general interest. Movies on scientific sub¬ jects are often shown. OFFICERS Rashid Addu. . President Tommy Virden . Vice-President Sharlee Howze ... . Secretary Ronald Herring . T re usurer Fred Donaldson ... Sgt.-at-Ai ins Mrs. Chapman. . Sponsor Miss Shugrou. . Sponsor OFFICERS Tenny Jackson. President Rosalyn Davenport . Vice-Prcs. Evelyn Smallwood. Secretary Beverly Barwick. Treasurer Judy Fruland. Reporter Miss Gunn. Sponsor The Junior Dramatics Club was formed last year for the purpose of giving Eighth Graders and Fresh¬ men a better background for work in the Senior Dra¬ matics Club. Page 112 JUNIOR DRAMATICS CLUB Forensic Club Membership in the Forensic Club is open to students in grades nine through twelve. The club’s aim is to promote extra-curricular speech activities in the school. This objec¬ tive is accomplished by sponsoring contestants from Falls Church High who enter the various district and state forensic meets. Meetings are devoted to debating and other speech activities. OFFICERS David Griffin . President John Brainerd. Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lee Coffey. Reporter Kay Powell. Sgt.-at-Arms Miss Franks. Sponsor Needlecraft Club OFFICERS Beverly Burton. President Rosemary Hartman. Secretary Miss Roberts. Sponsor Printing Club (NO OFFICERS) David Arnold, Robert Black, Hal Cla- gle, Frank Daspit, William Hunt, George Jones, Mr. Vliet, Sponsor. . P £ ; ■p cf I ■: ■ 1 Bj J L m CC a ■ - ’99? Page 113 % ■ Art-Typing OFFICERS Hilda Harne . President Nancy Gotthardt . Vice-President Barbara Wilcox . Secretary Shirley Dietz . Treasurer Helen Oswald . Repot ter Miss Hunt . Sponsor Bible OFFICERS . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor Peggy Schwartz Gordon Burck.... Bettie Fincham Faith Libbey. Mrs. Gray. Coin and Stamp OFFICERS Danny Nielson . President Richard Fruland Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Myer . Sponsor Model Airplane OFFICERS Jimmy Walker . Paul Fox. Richard Miller Hugh Hunton Jack Zimmer. Miss Scott. . President Vice-President . Secretary . T reasurer Sgt.-at-Arms . Sponsor Page 114 Glee Club Lawrence Rhodes. President Lynn Granger. Secretary-Trcasurcr Betty Clyne. Librarian Palmer Rutherford. Librarian Miss Campbell. Director Art OFFICERS Elizabeth Taylor. President Bob Schmidt. Vice-President Evangeline Stearn. Secretary Carrie Geier. Treasurer Miss Crum. Sponsor Folk Dance OFFICERS Jean Kramer . President Alice Osbourn. Vice-President Ann Yeatman. Secretary Joslyn Caldwell. Treasurer Miss A. Spitzer. Sponsor Mrs. Sullivan. Sponsor Junior Classical League OFFICERS Janet Gray.. Consul ' Palmer Rutherford. Consul Betty Hinman . Scriba ' Eddy Becker. Censor Mrs. Rullman . Sponsor Page 115 CLUB PEP The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote school spirit. With this objective in mind, the club each year presents an award to the Senior boy and girl outstanding in athletics. Members sold cokes at baseball games and at the county track meet last year. OFFICERS Kaye Irwin. Pres. Pat Wells. Vicc-Pres. Barbara Cloud. Sec. Arlene Smith. Trcas. Mrs. Springston Sponsor From The Desk of The jaguar —Press Release, June 1-5 Here I sit, and if anyone had bothered to look for me at almost any time during the past few months, he very probably would have found me here then. I’m getting blisters on my blisters! ! Well, it’s almost over now, and what have we? The staff and I hope that we have a " bang-up” yearbook for one thing. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of worry, and a lot of time spent; but now that we’re so close to " 3 0” I can say honestly that it’s been a lot of fun, too! Anyway, I personally can’t register a gripe! Why, my picture is plastered somewhere on almost every page; my name is mentioned several times, it even appears on the cover! And, if I do say so my¬ self, those wonderful drawings of Sharlee’s on the division pages aren’t bad at all; she didn’t exactly do my profile justice, but still, not bad at all. You know, we’re not only bringing the 1951 yearbook to a close, we’re bringing the school year to a close as well. It certainly seems as if it all went fast, doesn’t it, especially for the Seniors? Only through the yearbook will the Seniors be able to re¬ capture their last year in high school. Well, good luck and lots of happiness to you all, and until next year, LOOK FOR ME; I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOU! COME IN AND CALL FOR. . . . Aw, nuts! ! I’m getting writer’s cramp. So long, it’s been nice to know ya’! ! On the following pages you’ll meet some of the people who have " sweated it out” with me to make this yearbook a success. Page 116 JAGUAR STAFF Editorial Mrs. Miles, Advisor; Jean Gedney, Associate Editor; Don Glover, Editor-in-Chief; Eleanor Achenbach, Associate Editor. Business f i m t Hf ft A ' • 1 1 jL 1 IB,, Mr. Snodgrass, Advisor; James Beard, Business Manager; Maggie Myer, Circulation Manager; Lilia Hight, Advertising Mana¬ ger; Juanita Gragg, Bookkeeper; Benny Faidley, Assistant Business Manager. Page 117 JAGUAR STAFF Literary Editors and Typists Art and Feature Editors General Staff Layout Editors Sports Editors and Photographers Junior Staff Pape 118 Falls Church ufx6otVicL 120 EAtT BROAD a FA 3044 w ' tiarieuuie FAU CHURCH, VA. Page 11 9 Husttn Horace Brown Established — 1883 insurance gtgencp HARDWARE DIAL FA-9300 B.P.S. PAINT INSURANCE CONSULTANTS HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES and UNDERWRITERS 100 West Broad Street Tel. FA-1168 Falls Church, Va. 151 E. BROAD ST. FALLS CHURCH, VA. Free Delivery Ample Parking CRAVEN ' S MARKET FRUITS, VEGETABLES. GROCERIES SALES RENTALS LOANS A. W. GREENE 102 West Fairfax St. Falls Church, Va. Open 6:30 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Sundays 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Real Estate Broker Falls Church 3465 333 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. FALLS CHURCH JEWELERS 100 West Broad Street and 6863 N. Fairfax Drive WATCHES DIAMONDS GIFTS JEWELRY Flowers for all Occasions Falls Churcli Florist Flowers by Wire JOHN A. COPLAND. Owner 721 S. Washington Street (Lee Highway) Phone FA 2432 Falls Church. Va. Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Falls Church Teen Canteen Page 120 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Best Wishes to the Class of ' 51 Frazier-Clark Motor Co. THETA 624-26 S. Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia ALPHA We aim to take care of our own. EPSILON Phone Falls Church 4011 (Thea) KING-KERLEY DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS " U-San-O " insured mothproof cleaning system FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA PHONE FA 1713 " Your Vieture Neivspaper” THE FAIRFAX STANDARD 150 Hillwood Ave. FA 2775 IN FALLS CHURCH CALL DEPENDABLE CONGENIAL FALLS CHURCH 2799 - - - 2686 REASONABLE RATES FALLS CHURCH CAB COMPANY Falls Church Hobby Center " The Prescription Store " " Your friendly corner drug store” 131 S. Washington St. FA 3200 Falls Church, Va. Falls Church Drug Store " at the traffic light” Art, Model and Photo Supplies 24 hour PHONE 1275 - 2575 printing and developing service Falls Church, Virginia Page 121 G. and G. Construction Co., Inc. DEVELOPERS and BUILDERS FOR PRINTING TYPEWRITERS OFFICE Supplies Equipment 102 E. Fairfax Street JE 3-8600 FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Falls Church, Virginia 619 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET PHONE FAILS CHURCH FOUR-FIVE-NINE-TWO Best wishes from Greta Stevens 104 East Broad St. Tele. FA 9641 Falls Church, Va. Coats, suits, dresses, accessories and lingerie for the Junior, Miss and Matron, as shown in your favorite magazine. Mere’s Hairdresser 102 E. Fairfax St. 200 Block W. Broad St. Body Waves Guaranteed to keep your hair v set a week FA 0323 $8.50 FA 1511 Compliments of THE ALMA SHOPS Women ' s Ready-to-Wear and Buster Brown Shoes for the Family FALLS CHURCH ARLINGTON M. E. CHURCH Realtor OPEN SUNDAYS GREENWAY FOOD MARKET 725 S. Washington Street For free delivery FA 9801 Page 122 IT’S NOT A MIRAGE — IT ' S FALLS CHURCH GARAGE Best Wishes For A Happy And Prosperous Future From The MANAGEMENT and STAFF LEE HIGHWAY and HILLWOOD AVENUE Falls Church, Virginia FA 2300 Compliments of RAY KEATING Insurance 152 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Va. CORA LEE DRAPERIES and SLIPCOVERS 148 W. Broad St. Falls Church 1463 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Wednesday Friday 8:00 to 8:00 Weona Beauty Salon FA 9661 Margaret, Kathern, and Williard 408 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) Compliments of Francis A. Wagner Realty Company 152 Hillwood Avenue FALLS CHURCH, VA. FA 1755 FA 8337 Compliments of C. B. RUNYON SANITATION SERVICE Page 12 3 PAINTS LUCAS GLIDDEN Headquarters for SPRED SATIN Compliments of ARFAX REALTY FA 1450 WALLPAPER UNITED and IMPERIAL FLEXALUM VENETIAN BLINDS With Plastic Tape FA 2616 Always something new MABEL ' S DRESS SHOP 122 N. Washington Street FALLS CHURCH, VA. Mable Sprinkle, Proprietor Liggon Paint and Wallpaper Store 154 Hillwood Avenue FA 3324 FALLS CHURCH, VA. Plenty Free Parking We Deliver OXFORD ROOFING COMPANY Complete Roofing Service 801 South Washington St. FA 0990 TEL. FA. 9819 QUARRY INN Regular Dinners — Short Orders Sandwiches Compliments of W. W. THOMAS 700 Lee Highway FA 2855 FALLS CHURCH. VA. Compliments of J. L. C. WEST Real Estate STATE REALTY CO., INC. FALLS CHURCH, VA. FA. 1759 Phone FA 9798 BUNNY GIBSON ' S Seafood Market 102 E. Fairfax Street Falls Church, Va. Claude Wells, Inc. Nationally Advertised Clothing For Men and Boys FOR MEN Palm Beach Summer Suits and Slacks Bostonian Shoes — Botany Ties Hickok Belts — Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats Botany " 500 " 106 E. Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Page 124 Wallace and Monroe Pharmacy 438 South Washington St. (Lee Highway) Phone FA 2966 Falls Church, Va. d State Wide Real Estate Service Compliments of Walter L. Phillips Joseph W. Seay Company Certified Civil Engineer And Land Surveyor Virginia Homes and Farms FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 152 Hill wood Avenue JOSEPH W. SEAY Office: Tel. FA. 2620 Home: Tel. FA 0218 113 West Broad Street FA 4767 FALLS CHURCH, VA. FA 3936 Best Wishes To THE JAGUAR Mr. D. Shetzich Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fisher Best Wishes To THE JAGUAR McLean Market McLean Post Office Stanley R. Rowland Company, Inc. REALTORS 118 E. BROAD STREET FALLS CHURCH, VA. APOLLO CONFECTIONERY 607 S. Washington St. FALLS CHURCH. VA. LUCILLE SPARK COOK Real Estate FA 3272 321 N. Washington St. FA 4664 FALLS CHURCH, VA. Page 125 East End George T. Reeves REAL ESTATE — LOANS Complete Insurance Service Representing the Aetna and other old-line companies since 1932 For Service To Please PHONE FA 2720 Robert Shreve Fuel Co. 6873 Lee Highway (Arlington County) FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA COAL — FUEL OIL — OIL BURNERS BURNER SERVICE FALLS CHURCH 1960 HARDWARE BENDIX and PHILCO Snyder Company PAINTS - GLASS WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 6847 Lee Highway PHONE 1194 Falls Church, Virginia Falls Church Plumbing Heating Company 106 W. Jefferson Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Falls Church Radio Service 6872 Lee Highway Falls Church 2838 FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Compliments of the C. L. HANOWELL COMPANY Compliments of PEARSONS FUNERAL HOME BROWSE ABOUT SHOP 6865 N. Fairfax Drive FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA NALLS GARAGE HARRY W. NALLS (Formerly Hiett ' s Garage) 551 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. The Cottage Gift Shop 6929 N. Fairfax Dr. Unusual Handmade GIFTS Pauline B. Winn FA 0952 Compliments of THE MONCURE AGENCY East Falls Church, Va. Compliments of Falls Church Billiard Parlor and the Knotty Pine Grill Best Wishes from JENKINS SHEET METAL WORKS Page 126 Seven Corners Jefferson Village BOULEVARD ESSO SERVICENTER Lee Boulevard and Annandale Road Falls Church, Virginia TIRES and ACCESSORIES Pick-up and lefferson 3-8800 Delivery Service Eakin Properties, Inc. CLARK REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE BROKER Falls Church, Va. FA 1573 Sleepy Hollow Road Phone FA 7723 Falls Church, Va. Compliments of HIETT ' S ESSO SERVICENTER WF AX Lee and Wilson Boulevards 1220 on your dial FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA OPEN 24 HOURS ROAD SERVICE G W FROZEN CUSTARD Jefferson Village Pharmacy on Lee Boulevard (U.S. 50) at Annandale Road ELLIOT CITRON. Ph. G.. Reg. Phar. Reg. No. 3807 612 LEE BOULEVARD, Cor. Annandale Road Phone, FA. 9393 FALLS CHURCH. VA. Roger H. Blake FLORIST Malice Brooks Sleepy Hollow Road BUILDERS CORSAGES. CUT FLOWERS, FLORAL DECORATIONS DEVELOPERS OF Prompt Delivery Service MALBROOK and HOLMES RUN PARK FA 2119 Page 127 FA 1127 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. JANE ' S BEAUTY SALON 606 Lee Blvd. FALLS CHURCH, VA, Jefferson Village Wed. Fri. Shopping Center 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. WISSINGER CHEVROLET CO. Seven Corners FALLS CHURCH. VA. FA 1177 FA 1178 Glebe Road Lee Highway Columbia Pike Compliments of Glebe Radio and Appliance Company RADIOS, RANGES. REFRIGERATORS, RECORDS, TELEVISION Lee Highway and Glebe Road GLebe 3311 Arlington, Virginia C. S. SHILLENBURG General Insurance 4615 Lee Highway OX 2624 JAckson 2-3020 Fillmore Delicatessen and Restaurant GEORGE J. FEIGENBAUM 2705 Columbia Pike LEO M. GERSTENHEIM Arlington 4, Va. Open daily Open Sunday 8 A.M.-11P.M. 10 A.M. - 11 P.M. Columbia Pike Delicatessen 3100 Columbia Pike FROZEN FOODS SANDWICHES Open 11 A.M. to Midnight Free Parking in Rear AIR CONDITIONED ORDERS TO TAKE OUT JOY YOUNG CHINESE-AMERICAN RESTAURANT 2609 Columbia Pike Arlington, Va. C. T. OCK, Manager Ex-Navy Phone OWens 9634 LEELAND MARKET 4750 Lee Highway ARLINGTON. VA. Finest in Foods THE MUSIC CORRAL Classical, Popular, Square and Folk Records Sheet Music OWens 5155 2810 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia The Curtain and Linen Shop 2809 Columbia Pike ARLINGTON. Va. DRAPES — SPREADS — FINE LINEN Jackson 8-3833 THIS WAS PUT IN BY THE EDITOR WHEN THE STAFF REACHED ITS GOAL OF ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS IN ADS. Page 128 Westover — Clarendon Mace Properties, Inc. BUILDERS ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA J. W. AYERS 5 10 5853 N. Washington Blvd. KE 3-5678 J. C. PENNEY CO. (Clarendon) Westover Shopping Center Arlington, Va. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA COMPLETE LINE OF HARDWARE BUILDING SUPPLIES YEATMANS HOUSEWARE SPORTING GOODS Arlington ' s Friendliest Jewelry Store INTERNATIONAL - GORHAM - TOWLE WALLACE - LUNT - HEIRLOOM STERLING ROGERS JEWELRY COMPANY Phone OW 7300-1-2 Arlington, Va. 3172 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Page 129 McLean BURNS BROS. CLEANERS J. H. and O. V. CARPER GENERAL CONTRACTORS McLEAN. VIRGINIA ELmwood 3330 ELmwood 3344 McLean, Virginia ELmwood 3595 Mrs. W. H, Laughlin Realtor EVERYBODY READS . . . Elizabeth Wells Hall INSURANCE AGENCY Cor, Old Dominion Drive and Chain Br. Rd. The Providence Journal General Insurance Notary McLean, Virginia ELmwood 3322 McLean, Va. ELmwood 3322 McLean, Virginia Phone Elmwood 3321 EDWARD E. COUSINS Plumbing and Heating McLean, Virginia ELmwood 3317 McLEAN HARDWARE PAINT GLASS HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES GARDEN TOOLS Phone ELmwood 3293 Free Delivery Lee — Lexington PLANTS CORSAGES Flowers by Wire Gifford s Ice Cream Compliments of Milton H. Comley And Candies John A. Neeb FLORAL SPRAYS 5555 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTS 5353 Lee Highway Extra High Quality Ice Cream and KE 3-5858 CH 0715 Choice Candies Arlington, Virginia Compliments of Mrs. Miles and Mr. Snodgrass, the Yearbook Advisors, in appreciation of the work done by the Staff. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Huffman Page 130 Washington, D. C. SCHOOL OUTFITTING is our business. Let Miss Warren help choose your wardrobe, be it for day, date or Academy hop. She’s a genius at picking colors and styles that are tops for teens. And there’s no charge. Fourth Floor. Wglhi gton l I 3 — District EMPLOYMENT and PROMOTION Save time, save money, and be¬ gin a career earlier by attending STRAYER. An ideal success for¬ mula is — Strayer training plus Strayer Employment Service. Evidence that you are qualified: The B.C.S. or M.C.S. degree from Strayer College of Accountancy, or the approved Secretarial di¬ ploma from Strayer College of Secretarial Training. Write for catalog or call in person for information, guidance, or registration. STRAYER COLLEGE 13th and F Streels, N.W. Washington 5, D.C. NAtional 1748 Compliments of the HOT SHOPPES U iti s § W.ilxngton 4 0 C Frank R. Jelleff’s, Inc. Washington 4, D.C. The Finest In Women’s Apparel’ RE 6300 Elton Lewis Howe Watchmaker 601 13th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. G. L. Cornell Co. Formerly J. S. Connolly SPECIALISTS IN GRASS CUTTING EQUIPMENT COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE Wisconsin 6600 4715 Miller Ave. Bethesda, Md. Page 131 West End To Serve You A New and Modem FORD Sales and Service Headquarters Broad Street Motors, Inc. Your Authorized FORD Dealer 1001 West Broad Phone Falls Church 5100 CARS. TRUCKS. PARTS, SERVICE ALL MAKE CARS McDaniel’s (Esso) Service Center ACCESSORIES, WASHING, EXPERT LUBRICATION 935 W. BROAD ST. PHONE FA 2127 FALLS CHURCH ' S SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Falls Church Department Store Launderaide 1059 W. Broad St. Your Week ' s Wash in 30 Minutes at Rust Manor Shopping Center FA 3390 Miscellaneous Arrington Cleaners Laundries PICK-UP and DELIVERY SERVICE PHONE VIENNA 63 george c. McIntosh dwight b. longley Robert McIntosh McIntosh and McIntosh, Inc. 2046 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia CHestnut 3100 OXford 3100 Page 132 A ' He w CONCEPT OF LIVING arcro ' i directions: Our property office is located in Fairfax County, Virginia, on Columbia Pike a mile and a half past Bailey ' s Crossroads. Play Golf at . . . Fairfax Country Club FA 6097 Res. CH 7843 Norva Realty Co., Inc. A well-kept 18-hole course designed, built and operated for the public New Modern Clubhouse Phone Fairfax 265 Sales - Loans - Insurance JOHN C. GRILLE President R.F.D. No. 2 Bailey ' s Cross Roads Alexandria, Va. Page 133 Compliments of Compliments of FAIRMONT DRIVING RANGE WELCOME WAGON Compliments of ALPHA BETA CHI Eta Chapter Compliments of The Alexandria Bottling Works From Virginia Farms to Virginia Homes W. C. Saunders Co. Alexandria Dairy Products Makers of Fine Jewelry Company, Inc. 717 E. Grace St. AL 2525 TE 5390 Richmond, Va. PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS BOOK We, the members of by Zeta Chi take this oppor- tunity to add our support Merin Studios to the 1951 Jaguar of Falls Church High School. 1010 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Page 134 4u tocj m p h NNUAL CRAFTSMEN u it it a J-VlC BUILDING OF A SUPERI OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS¬ EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US 70 RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM¬ IZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. THE KING PRINTING CO. iJJzintetA • C itijTitveti • A),.v Un.Lr, BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Page 136 Hi, Seniors! emin September, 1946. Remember? One fateful day I saw you walk hesitantly up " my” front walk; you were the first eighth-grade class at Falls Church High. From the beginning everything seemed to hap¬ pen to you, but you certainly managed to make the best of it and have a good time! Those five minute recesses between classes were a good idea. During that first year you were introduced to a football team, the Cheerleaders, bonfires, and Phys. Ed., among other things. (You studied " As You Like It” in Mrs. Hill’s class.) The football season came and went triumphantly; you beat Fairfax, and walked off with the County Class B Championship! Remember that game? Some of the boys carried Coach Wroniewiez, Bill Reeves, and Mike Bruin off the field on their shoulders. (By this time you were beginning to rec¬ ognize some of the Seniors. Remember Beth Henry, Betty Ann Meyer, Bob Thompson, Bill Reeves, and Mike Bruin?) . . . Then, quite suddenly, you were Freshmen. There were picnic tables in the multi-purpose room! Mr. Mackall Bruin had resigned as principal and was re¬ placed by Mr. Howard Richardson. Remember Alge¬ bra I with Mrs. Cauffman? Beginning to " blossom out,” you were seized with party fever. (Always one and, sometimes, two parties each weekend kept you in a constant state of anticipation.) The car craze was becoming an epidemic, and, although only one or two fellas could get the car, most of you usually managed to get a ride. (I remember seeing Fred’s ’37 iscin Chevy with 12 in the back seat and 4 in the front!) Glen Echo was popular . . . any place so long as you could ride there! You really worked on a dance that year and came up with the Carnival Dance, complete with penny-pitching, fortune-telling, and all kinds of booths. Everyone was very proud of Lilia when she was elected Maid of Honor at the Sweetheart Dance. You topped off the year with a class hayride to Mayo Beach, and there I’ll leave you in privacy. . . . Your Sophomore year. By this time the Hot Shoppe had come into its own. What an institution! (I like to get curb service, too.) Some of you had General Rumbough for plane geometry. You had fun in his class, but learned a lot, too. (Remember the day it snowed and everyone left school for all-day parties? Mrs. Hanson’s homeroom really got the once-over the next morning.) You were full of originality. Remember the Sock Hop, which became an institution; and the Snowball—flower girls, a minstrel show, et al? Speaking of shows, many of you made your theatrical debuts via the one-act plays. When part of the props fell on Jack Hanson and Bob Lundien, very few of the spectators knew that it wasn’t rehearsed that way. " Make Room For Rod¬ ney” won first place (Mclntire came through at the last minute). Mr. Marshall directed a real, old-time minstrel show which was presented at Madison. Kids from all over the school participated, and the strains of " Honey Boy” rang in everyone’s ears. You had an¬ other hay-ride, this time choosing Beverly Beach as the place to get the sun, which obligingly popped in and out all day. And with that. . . - emutt,5C(,n You popped into your Junior year. The Prom to anticipate! General Runibough was principal now, and proved to be a very capable administrator. You gave bake-sales and more bake-sales. As a matter of fact, you established that noble institution, didn’t you? So many things happened it’s impossible to re¬ call them all. What a fun-crammed year! How about that game with Falmouth at Fairfax when there was a deluge? I think the Cheerleaders were really good sports. The spirited car parade and the good game (you won) made your clash with Fairfax a great event. In the Junior Play, Snooky Furman proved that " Love Is Too Much Trouble” by climb¬ ing into an evening gown that refused to be zipped up. You sponsored lots of dances to raise Prom money, among them the Homecoming Dance, and the Blue Note Cafe, which was a big hit. Some of you were lucky enough to be accepted for member¬ ship in the National Honor Society or Quill and Scroll. Margaret Donaldson generously asked the class to spend a day at Danes on the Bay, where every¬ one had a wonderful time. At last, THE PROM. All your excitement and anticipation was justified when you walked into the National Airport Terrace Room. The place looked wonderful; the band was very good; the girls were, each one, radiant, smiling and iovely; the boys—well, they looked different to say the least. From Levis and T-shirts to white din¬ ner jackets and carnations! ! The next day of that perfect weekend was spent at the beach. Everyone must have been tired, but you were all certainly happy! ! Graduation day only made you realize all the more how close you were to being. . . . Seniors! Now the football stars were in your own class: Miller, Trombo, Lynn, Wheeler, Landess, and the others. Now the " Jaguar” and the " Jaguar Journal” were primarily your responsibility. There were games; measuring for caps and gowns; dances to sponsor; horribly hard subjects to study; Senior cards to exchange and announcements to send; a play to choose, the try-outs, the first night at Madison; A.C.E. Tests; College Boards for some of you, and the possibility of the Seniors " tripping” to New °rk; final graduation plans, etc., etc. Kitty was a charming " Sweetheart,” wasn’t she? Those Senior Piivilege Cards came in pretty handy once in awhile (oftenet if you were handy with ink eradicator or eraset). The Prom! Graduation! New realms of discovery, excitement, happiness just around the cor¬ ner. The tearful " good-byes”; the friendly " hellos” to look forward to. Your life at high school has meant a gteat deal to you. You entered these portals as children; you’re leaving as young adults. Wherever you go, whatever you become, your high school years, sometimes sad, mostly happy, always wonderful will continue to play an important part in your individual development . . . Please don’t ever forget them, for I w ill never forget you. —THE JAGUAR THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA ' J ' S ' t

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