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Falls Church High School Ubrar ps»i]s Church, Virginia In the hills of old Virginny, Nestled ’neath the sky so blue Stands our dear old Alma Mater, Ever faithful, ever tme. Symbol of our times together Times of days now long gone by, Symbol of our faithful friendships, Friendships that tv ill never die. May God bless us on life’s tv ay, And our friends both far and near, And God bless our Alma Mater — Falls Church High, we love so dear. —Betty Groah Page 2 A Three Act Play SCENE—FALLS CHURCH HIGH TIME - 1949-1950 CAST —TEACHERS AND STUDENTS ACT I SPORTS ACT II ACTIVITIES ACT III FEATURES Business _Mr. W. Snodgrass Sponsor _Mrs. Laura T. Furman Director __Betty Groah Prop Chairmen _Dottie Shepard, Eddie Frady, Jane Baker, Toleie FIagood, Annette Bowman Telephone: FAlle Church 1214 Post Office Drawer 1 FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA May 1950 Dear Graduate of I 95 O: I know that this time of graduation brings you mixed feelings. There is the abiding sense of satisfaction. Twelve long years of work and study are behind you. You have a happy pride of accomplisliment in having passed so well your sixteen or more credit units. But even though school days are behind you, you do not feel carefree. Here you stand a tiptoe peering into the realm of things yet to be, and you have some misgivings about this freedom from home and school supervision, once so eagerly awaited. Security and protection are passing and henceforth you will be more largely on your own responsibility. Soon you will be expected to earn your own way in life and to make your own decisions. Then too, your heart is heavy in saying goodbye to these warm friends of Falls Church High. Yes, this is a sad time as well as a happy time. I congratulate you on subscribing to this Jaguar. As the years go by, you will pore over it many times, refreshing your memory of old friends and living again events and ac¬ complishments of your school days. Keep this book carefully. You are going to enjoy it even more when you are thirty than you do now at eighteen. As you leave, you carry with you the affection and good wishes of students and faculty. Please come back and visit school when you can. Vie shall never forget you. Page 4 DEDICATION GENERAL WILLIAM S. RUMBOUGH We, the students of Falls Church High School, dedicate the 1950 volume of our annual to our beloved principal, GENERAL WILLIAM S. RUMBOUGH, and hope that in this way we can show our appreciation for his leadership and kind understanding. Page 5 In fWcmoriam WILLIAM CLAUDE BURROWS Died May 5, 1948 HE IS NOT DEAD — HE’S GONE BACK HOME by Anne Harrison The Master softiy called his name, The time drew nigh for him to roam Unto the place from which he came. He is not dead — He’s gone back home. He’s found the promised happiness In a land that knows no care, He’s entered into perfect bliss— His heart will be untroubled there. We’ll miss the way his big blue eyes Lit up with joy when he was glad; We’ll miss the disappointing sighs That came whenever he was sad. We will remember still each hand, The way he walked, in boyish style, The way he used to sit and stand, The things he said, his friendly smile. Recalling him will bring a tear, Elis friends will often want to cry. But just because he is not here There is no need to say goodbye— His spirit will still walk with us, Comfort, help us, until when Way up there he ' ll talk to us And be among us once again. We loved him and we want our friend To always have the verv best. His earthly journey found its end He’s claimed his throne among the blest. He is an angel in heaven today And though he’ll no longer roam With us below, let’s smile and say— " He is not dead — He’s gone back home.” FACULTY Page 7 William Barrett, M.A. Ass ' s ta n t Principal — Cbemis t ry FACULTY Elsie Snodgrass, B.S. Eighth Grade—Guidance Anne Rullman Guidance Director, Latin II—Latin League Minnie Banks, M.A. English, Social Studies—Etiquette Club Harvey F. Cooper, A.B. Shop—Photography Club Phyllis Campbell, B.A. Music—Glee Club Frances Crum, A.B. Mathematics, Art—Art and Crafts Chib Mable A. Chapman, B.S. General Science, Biology—Science Club Sponsor of Junior Class Faura M. Furman, A.B. Librarian—Library Club Sponsor of Yearbook—Editorial Layout Janet F. Gray, M.S. Mathematics, Science Julia Gunn, M.A. Social Studies—Needlecraft Club Page 8 FACULTY Pearl Hanson, A.B. Latin, English, Journalism Quill and Scroll Club Sponsor of Jaguar Journal Shandy Holland, A.B. English—Debating Club Technical Director of Plays Arlene Hunt, A.B. General Business—Arttyping Club Harriet S. Hurt, A.B. English, Dramatics — Sub-deb Club Sponsor of Sophomore Class Director—Junior Plays Sarah W. Jackson, A.B. English, Science, Social Studies Dancing Club B. Harris Ledbetter, B.S. Mathematics, Physics, Science Model Airplane Club Bernice Lilly, B.S. Physical Education—Varsity Club Theresa E. Little, A.B. Physical Education Folk Dancing Club Joseph J. Lyons, M.A. English, Spanish—Psychology Club Jr. Varsity Coach Lucille MacDonald, B.S. English, Social Studies Ethelyne McBee, M.A. Mathematics — Honor Society for 8th, 9th and 10th grades Nelle H. Miles, B.A. English—Dramatics Club Director cf Senior Class Play Frank IE Misiiou, M.A. Social Studies—Chess £ Checker Club—Sponsor of Senior Class Ruth H. Moffett, B.A. English — Tri-Y Club Betty Retterer, B.S. Mathematics, Science—Pep Club Sponsor of Cheerleaders Page 9 FACULTY Louise Rigdon Visiting Teacher Winfred Roberts, A.B., M.A. Social Studies—Art Club Ernest B. Ryder, B.A. Music—Band Lucille Scott, B.S. English, Science, Social Studies Junior Tri-Y Club Welle Shughrou, B.S. Mathematics—Science William D. Snodgrass, B.A. Mathematics, Science — Hi-Y Chib Sponsor of Freshman Class Sponsor of yearbook (business) Mildred Spindle, B.S. English—Literary Club Alpha Spitzer, B.S. Business, Commercial Folk Dancing Club Margaret Spitzer, B.S. Home Economics Future Homemakers Club William C. Springston, B.S. General Metal Shop, Mechanical Drawing — Junior Hi-Y Club T. D. Todd, B.A. Physical Education—Varsity Club I.ELAND VLIET, B.A. Social Studies—Printing Club Paul Weber, B.A. Physical Education Martha Wells, B.S Home Economics (NOT PICTURED) Bernard H. Garhart, A.B. Mathematics Club Mathematics League -, English, American History Architectural Club SENIOR CLASS Page 11 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ToLLIE FFaGOOD William Fletcher Jackie Shelton_ William Allen William Devereaux - President - Vice-President - Secretary - T reasurer Sergeant-at-Anns Page 12 SENIORS WILLIAM JAMES ALLEN Man about town! St. Johns 1; Tokyo-American School 2, 3; Class Treasurer 4; Hi-Y 4; Senior Play 4. ALLIE JAYNE BAKER A sophisticated miss with a sense for style. Greenville High 1, 2, 3; (jaguar) Associate Editor 4; Madrigals 4; Psychology Club 4; Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Senior Play 4. JAMES BARBER Friendly, dashing, and full of fun. Germany 1,2, 3; Basketball 4; Senior Play 4. JERRY BEL.KNAPP Does nothing in particular tvith a great deal of ease. Madison, Wisconsin 1; Western 2. SHEILA BELL It’s nice to be natural when you’re naturally nice. Sanford Eligh 1,2; Basketball 4; Elonor So¬ ciety 3, 4; President 4; (Jaguar) 3; Glee Club 3; S.C.A. Vice-President 4; Cheer¬ leader 4; FCSCA, Corresponding Secretary 4; Senior Play 4. BARBARA BERRY " A merry heart makes a cheerfid countenance.” Oceanside High 1; St. Catherine Academy 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y, President 4; National Honor Society 4. GRAYCE MARIE BOAZ Good-natured; well, why not ? Future Homemakers of America 1; Softball 1; Western 2, 3. CHARLES BOSWELL Never ref rises to talk, in class or out. McKinley-Tech 1, 2, 3. Page 13 SENIORS HERBERT LEE BOWERS Obliging and careful; his drivng is famous. Parker High 1; Strongsville High 2; Basket¬ ball Manager 4. ANNETTE YVONNE BOWMAN Her taste in clothes matches her personality. Gordon Junior High 1, 2; National Honor Society 4; (Jaguar) Business Manager 4; Ja¬ guar Journal, Associate Editor 4; Psychology Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4. PATRICIA BRYSON It is the tranquil people who accomplish much. Catholic High 1; American School in Ma- mila 2, 3. VICTORIA ILDIKO BUDAY A sweet face; a charming manner. Salgotarjan, Hungary. JOANNE EDITH CARR Life is but a whirl for her. CHARLA ANN CLAXTON Clever and attractive; she cuts quite a figure. Roosevelt Junior High 1; Decatur High 2, 3; Jaguar 4. DIANE YOLANDE CORNWELL A voice that enchants you. Dolly Madison Junior High 1, 2; Class Treasurer 2; Madrigals 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Jaguar 4. MAURICE DAVIS CORSON Did someone say life is no fun? Maryland Park High 1; Airplane Club 2; J. V. Baseball 2, 3. Page 14 SENIORS WILLIAM DEVEREAUX Two loves has he . . . foot ball and women. Washington-Lee 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3; Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3, 4; Varsity Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. WILLIAM TAYLOR DUKE When you ' re looking for a swell guy, look for Bill. Airplane Club 1; Basketball Manager 2; Science Discovery Club 1; Baseball Manager 4. WILLIAM FLETCHER A man of few words, but those words count. Gordon Junior High 1; Western 2; Football 3; Airplane Club 3; Class Vice-President 4; National Honor Society 4. EDNA FRADY An attractive girl, upon whom you can always depend. Medina High 1; Glee Club 3; Jaguar 3, 4; National Honor Society 4. GEORGE MARSHALL GANS Seriousness sparkled with hximor. McKinley Jr. High 1; Stuyvesant High 2; Track 3; Glee Club 3; Madrigals 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Vice-President 4. BETTY JEANNINE GROAH If only we could be blessed with Betty ' s magnetic personality. Altavista High 1,2; Glee Club 3, 4; Jaguar 3, 4; Editor, 4; Madrigals 3; National Honor Society 4. ANN TALIAFERRO HAGOOD Cute and vivacious with sparkling eyes. Chapel Hill 1, 2; Cheerleader 3; Glee Club 3; Class President 4; Jaguar 4; National Honor Society 4. DORIS HERBERT A likeable girl with " horse” sense. Buckingham Jr. High 1; White Plains, New York 2, 3. Page IS SENIORS CHARLOTTE ROMAIN HITE A winsome lass with a model ' s figure. Bladensburg High 1; Student Council 2; Glee Club 3; Jaguar 4. HELEN MARIE HOUSTON Quiet but full of fun, making friends with everyone. Thomas Jefferson High 1; Western 2; Tri- Y 4. DORNA MAE INGWALSON Lovely to look at; delightful to know. Madison Jr. High 1; Frankfurt High 2; Mu¬ nich High 3; Jaguar 4; Psychology Club 4. PATRICIA ELIZABETH JARRETT A striking brunette and a tvee bit shy. Santa Fe Lligh 1; Ames High 1; Memphis 2; Tri-Y 4; Senior Play 4. VIOLA EVELYN JESSEN Always rarin ’ to go. Brainerd High 1,2; Softball 3. MARGARET CECILIA KING An effervescent lady with a wit quite the same. Game Club 1; Dance Club 2; Jaguar Journal 2, 4; Feature Editor 4. JANET ELIZABETH KLUNK A Pennsylvania Jitterbug. Dclone Catholic High 1. JEAN ELIZABETH KNUPP Art is her specialty. Art Club 2, 3; Folk Dancing 4; Jaguar 4. Page 16 SENIORS VIRGINIA LOU LANE She calls everybody darling. George Washington High 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 4. ANNE ELIZABETH LIEBER Her dry sense of humor hits everyone. Buckroe Jr. High 1; Hampton High 2; Art Club 4; Jaguar, Literary Editor 4. ANN HARDIN LYLE A bonny lass with an eye for the West Point lads. Central Jr. High 1; Sidney Lanier High 2; Honor Society 4; Jaguar Journal, Editor 4; Jaguar 4; Senior Play 4; Psychology Club 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Club 3, 4. CHESTER McCARL Nothing troubles me. J. V. Baseball 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3. WILLIAM ALLEN MAY It’s a quiet worker that succeeds. Upper Darby Eligh 1, 2; Band 3; Track 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Photography Club 3; S.C.A. Treasurer 4; Jaguar 4; Hi-Y 4; Presi¬ dent 4; Football Manager 4; Senior Play 4. NANCY ELLEN MIERS Taking notes from a doctor is her aim. Mitchell, Indiana 1; Johnson City 2; French Lick 3; Tri-Y 4. LAWRENCE MILLER Wine, women, and song. Class Vice-President 3; J. V. Football 3; Football 4. JOSEPH OBED MONA Nice, neat; and hard to beat. Washburn High 1, 2, 3; Basketball 4. Page 17 SENIORS CHARLES AUSTIN OGDON His ' ' Let’s go” spirit is never downed. George Washington High 1, 2; J. V. Foot¬ ball 3; Manager 4; Basketball Manager 3; Track 3, 4; Jaguar 3, 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Madrigals 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Photography Club, President 3. LEON PERRELL Wishes school life didn’t include studies. George Washington High 1; Football 3. EDWARD PORTER All the world loves a lover. George Washington High 1; Tokyo-Ameri- can School 2, 3; Basketball 4; Football 4; Senior Play 4; Jaguar Journal 4. ROGER PORTER He’s something to brag about. George Washington High 1; Tokyo-Ameri- can School 2, 3; Football 4; Basketball 4; Senior Play 4; Varsity Club 4. PATRICIA ANN POTTER A friendly gal; alivays willing to lend a helping hand. Washington-Lee 1, 2. JAMES REECE Good-natured and well-dressed; that’s our Jim. Central High 1, 2. MAXINE ROUNDTREE Her sparkling eyes disclose a merry heart. Dance Club 2 . ROBERT SCHINDLER A live wire that crackles with mischief. Collectors Club 1; Stamp and Coin Club 4. Page 18 SENIORS JACQUELINE ALMA SHELTON Pretty as she is sweet. Class Secretary 1, 4; Glee Club 1; Dance Club 1; Western 2, 3; National Honor So¬ ciety 4; Basketball 4; Senior Play 4. DOROTHY WASHINGTON SHEPARD She sparkles tvith happiness and contentment. Tennessee High 1; Montgomery-Blair 2, 3; Jaguar 3, 4; Glee Club 3; Madrigals 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Psychology Club 4 . PATRICIA JOANNE SILLIMAN Sometimes smiling; sometimes serious, but always friendly. St. Cecilia’s 1; Class President 2; Class Vice- President 3; S.C.A. Secretary 3; F.C.S.C.A. Secretary 3; Jaguar 3; S.C.A. President 4; Cheerleader 4; F.C.S.C.A. Treasurer 4. LOGAN CHARLES SMITH He’s got plenty of somethingl Gordon Junior High 1; Western 2; Varsity Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4. MARY ELLEN SULLIVAN She excels in every sport and is a good sport herself. Home Economics Club 1; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. ETHYL LOUISE TROUT A diligent and obliging worker. JUNE PHYLLIS TUNISON Frolicking, rollicking; a bundle of energy. Downer’s Grove High 1; National Honor Society 4; Jaguar Journal, Editor 4; Jaguar 4; Glee Club 3; Tri-Y 4. MARGARET MABEL WOOD We call her ”short circuit” because of her size. Payette High 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Sports Editor, Jaguar 4. Page 19 SENIORS MOLLIE ELLEN ZETTLE Serious in love; petite in size. Washington-Lee 1; Cheerleader 1; Class Sec¬ retary 2, 3. ETIENNE LEROY CLOUD A pretty good guy to have around. Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Football 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club, Vice-Presi¬ dent 4; Chess and Checker Club 2. BETTY APPLETON Ah! Now for the fun! Washington-Lee 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Varsity Club 3. JOHN CARLYLE BAER Quiet but likeable; reserved but friendly. Class Presid ent 1; Western 2, 3; Tri-Y 4. (NOT PICTURED) ROLAND BLUE A quiet boy with friendly ways. Airplane Club 1,2; Glee Club 3. DONALD CALDWELL A boy with a future. Glee Club 2, 3; Band 1, 2. CAROLYN JOHNSON Dimples in her cheeks and stars in her eyes. Pensacola High 1, 2, 3; Miami Edison High 4. WILLIAM FREDERICK OATES A sparkling smile, a rhythmic beat. Central Catholic High 1; East Aurora High 2; Barnesboro High 3; Band 4; Hi-Y 4. FRANK ROTHERY A lot of fun and a friend to all. Baseball 1, 2; Football 3, 4; Track 3; Var¬ sity Club 3, 4; Camera Club 2. GEORGE ALBERT SCHNACK Born for something great, but what? Green Hdls High 1, 2; Washington-Lee 3. SENIOR PROPHECY The train arrived at 10:30 and as I walked into the station a billboard caught my eye. It was being freshly painted by an old classmate of mine, Bob Mills. The billboard stated in bold letters: " Dr. Barber ' s Little Liver Bills, Take them and they’ll cure your ills.” At the foot of the billboard stood Jean Knupp, a famous commercial artist sketching. I walked over to the magazine counter where I saw another old friend, Pat Potter. I asked her if she had a copy of the Falls Church newspaper edited by Ann Lyle. She handed me my paper and as I turned around I came face to face with Bill Duke, J. Edgar’s left-hand man. Billy said his latest job was guarding Tom and Chip Porter, ambassadors fiom Upper and Lower Slobovia, respectively. As I walked out of the station I bumped into a blonde young lady carrying a hat box. At once I recognized her as Jayne Baker. She told me that she and Annette Bowman were modeling clothes designed by the famous dress designer, Pat Jarrett. I hailed a taxi, and was surprised to see a classmate driving, Larry Miller. I told him I wanted to go to Falls Church where I was going to meet some of the class of 195 0, for the annual Falls Church-Fairfax football game. He told me the game was going to be played in the huge stadium designed and built by the great arcnitect, Jack Baer. As I settled back in my seat I opened my paper and turned to the Page 20 lovelorn column written by none other than Peggy Wood. Mike Jessen as usual was heading the gossip column. Next my eyes fell on an advertisement by Hogan’s Haber¬ dashery. It read: " We can now offer you a complete assortment of Silliman’s Argyles. Don’t forget our slogan — ' Silliman’s socks are best by far, you’ll always find them up to par. So buy the sock asked for again and again, the Argyle sock by Silliman.’ Many new styles are now on display and are exclusively designed by Diane Cornwell and Eddie Frady.” Next I turned to the front page where I read about the coming election for mayor of Falls Church. Bill Fletcher is running for the third time and Jerry Belknapp is running for Water Commissioner. Admirals D. Caldwell and M. Corson are still conducting re¬ search on " How the Mighty ' Mo’ got stuck in the mud.” The Broadway review put on the top of its list, Betty Groah and Sheila Bell co-starring in " Short’nin’ Bread,” pro¬ duced and directed by Barbara Berry. The author’s corner quoted Bill Allen’s book about " Puppy Love—It’s A Dog’s Life” as the year’s best seller. In the line of educational books, " The History of White Plains” written bv Doris Herbert was listed as out¬ standing. The Society column featured the party of Helen Houston, millionairess, at her River¬ side estate. Among those who attended were Tollie Hagood, wife of the famous atomic scientist and June Tunison, acclaimed interior decorator. Entertainment for the party was provided by the singing of three solos by Charles Ogden and then a couple of duets by Grace Boaz and Virginia Lane, blues singers from the Dardenelles. Also some drum solos by Bill Oates were enjoyed immensely. Next I turned to the sports page where I saw the pictures of Betty Appleton and Buddy Smith, voted the " Outstanding Athletes of the Year.” When I arrived in Falls Church I got in touch with Jim Reece, the owner of the Falls Church movie chain. He had promised tickets to the 195 0 alumni for the premiere of " The Inlaw” starring Jacqueline Shelton and Roland Blue, the Valentino of today. We arrived at the movie. The house lights dimmed and the newsreel began. Flash¬ ing across the screen came the startling picture of Leon Perrell going over Great Falls in an orange crate. Next came the sports parade. Dottie Shepard, world champion swim¬ mer, broke all speed records by swimming the English Channel in one hour. It was then announced that Herb B-owers had just captured the title as the Roller Skating champion of the world. We always knew he had talent. After the sports review came the Warner Pathe News; the main feature was a speech by Pat Bryson in Spanish. Carol Johnson translated it for her. Next came a personal interview with the charming young geneolo- gist, Dorna Ingwalson. We enjoyed the movie immensely but we still had time on our hands so we decided to go back to school for old times’ sake. We were surprised to find Peggy King teaching Macbeth and Bob Schindler teaching Civics. Also Elizabeth La¬ nier had started a French course. We were not surprised to find Benny Rouilard sitting near the door planning an excuse for skipping the next class. On the bulletin board was a list of the members on the Varsity team, starting with Leroy Cloud as water boy. Ethel Trout, now the Secretary in the office, told us that Charlie Boswell couldn’t come as he was called out of town on an important law case. She also said that Janet Klunk and Nancy Miers had gone back to visit their old hometowns and wouldn’t be here either. As we walked back through the hall we met Joe Mona, now a successful pretzel twister, who had just come back for the game. The time had slipped by so quickly that we just had time to cat and get back in time for the game. We made the mistake of speeding, and as we were cruising along at 70 MPH we heard a siren—it was Mary Ellen Sullivan—Chief of Police. Luckily Anne Lieber, famous lawyer was with us and talked us out of a ticket. On the way to dinner we picked up Charlotte Hite and Mollie Zettle. Charlotte said she now owns a bakery in Washington and Mollie is her chief cake decorator. Dinner was rather hurried but we got to the game in time to see Councilman Bill May throw the ball onto the field. The game was very exciting, a tie of six to six at the half. Doctor George Gans and Nurse Charla Claxton were kept quite busy repairing the Fairfax team. In the last half we really played. Coach Devereaux was justly proud of his team. The final score was 21-12, our favor naturally. We really enjoyed the game but most of all it was won¬ derful to see the changes ten years had made in our old friends. Senior Sigv- oH-ureS J,m Reece J, nr. Reece • 1 |L 1 ' ,S , V v;,? aV ' iV? 1 -v. ... ■ O ' , V o ; %cS y ' • yC " " ' «g i - ■ v V " 7 ' «• V 5U£ yjM 3 v % -x V lOMNt t -eLu 79 .. JUNIOR CLASS Page 23 JUNIOR JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert McIntire President Patty Beggs. Secretary Mike Purcell Vice-President Fred Landess. Sgt.-at-Arms Barbara Escherich Treasurer dcock, Ruth leard, James Akre, Wayne Beazlwy, Maurice Alexander, Albert Beggs, Patricia Altman, Lily Bennett, Barbara Avers, Bet tv 1 j Bennett, Richard Bairey, George Bickerest, Anthony Page 24 CLASS Bradley, Anne Bredlove, C. H. Brumby, Ralph Bruskin, Tanya Burwick, Bonita Cannon, Shirley Clarke, Skip Clark, Betty Cockrell, Peggy Coggins, Leon Cronin, Eileen Cushman, Jim Daugherty, Joanne Davis, Robert De Lashmutt, Don Dennis, Patricia Donaldson, Kenneth Donaldson, Margaret Dunn, Melvin Faidley, B ' enton Feaster, William Field, Peter Fincham, Bettie Fitzgerald, Nancy Page 25 J U N I O Foltz, Earl Frenzel, Elizabeth Fuller, Shirley Furman, Robert Geddes, Carol Gedney, Jean Geoffrey, Shirley Gleason, Donna Glover, Anne Glover, Donald Gower, Arthur Gragg, Juanita Grenfell, Fred Grenfell, Mary Lou Grubb, Lois Gunderson, Raymond Hall, Vernon Hanford, John Hanrahan, Walter Hanson, Jack Hayes, Robert Hennings, James Hight, Lilia Hileman, William Page 26 CLASS Hiller, Don Himelright, Doris Hockman, Paula Holmes, Ralph Hood, Jo Howze, Marion Huffman, Edwin Hull, Ray James, Contee Jarboe, Tommy Jenkins, Frank Jepson, Terry Johnson, Billy Jones, Mary Lou Kane, Elizabeth Kenneth, Eunice Kidwell, Helen Knight, Alice Landess, Fred Lanier, Lee Lay, Daniel Le Sage, Lorraine Little, Bill Lucas, John Page 27 JUNIOR Luckenback, Alvin Luckenback, Lovine McCarter, Nancy Madden, Leatrice Maden, Betty Magarity, Charleen Maley, Terry Mayberry, Robert Mclntire, Robert Middleton, Donald Milburn, Thelma Miller, Richey Miller, Virginia Morse, Sally Mosser, Anna Mae Myers, Margaret Nicholas, Mary Pearl, Bob Pearson, Catherine Phlegar, Russell Popovich, Jimmy Posey, Mitzee Ram pey, Marion Rex, Alan Page 28 CLASS Riley, Richard Rollins, Joan Rosenbaum, Virginia Rutherford, Jane Salsgiver, Bill Schaede, Sandra Schauss, Patricia Schmidt, Robert Schottler, Jane Shoemaker, Francis Smith, Jeanine Stearns, Ellis Stranathan, Ann Lee Straw, Margaret Sullivan, Patricia Thompson, Joanne Tyrrell, Ernest Van Dusen, Arthur Via, Vicent Waesche, William Wheeler, William Wilcox, Robert Whitsell, Laura JUNIORS NOT IN PICTURES Cirby Alexander, Martha Altizer, Joan Ruth Auth, Jefferson Broaddus, Hilda Croson, Patricia Donahoe, Fredrick Donaldson, Shirley Furey, Wayne Glenn, John Hardy, Jo Hood, Thomas Hum¬ phreys, Jacquelyn Lipscomb, Allen Myers, Charles Summers, Joseph Trombo, John Wainio, Robert Walker, Ray Waller, Buddy Waters, Fred Wilson. Page 29 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS of 1950 We, the undersigned, do solemnly bequeath these, classmen: Bill Allen—Leaves his flirty eyes to James Beard. Betty Appleton—Leaves her happy-go-lucky manner to Tanya Bruskin. Jack Baer—Leaves his tenor voice to Richard Rumble. Jayne Baker—Her executive ability to Don Glover. Jim Barber—His Alpine hats to anyone who wants them. Jerry Belknapp—Leaves his personal deck to Noel Lynne. Sheila Bell—Leaves her Southern charms to all Yankees. Barbara Berry—Leaves her way with the teachers to Buddy Waters. Roland Blue—Leaves his old school bus to Bobby Hayes. Grayce Boaz—Her studiousness to Lily Altman. Charlie Boswell—Leaves all of his trim figure to Bill Little. Herb Bowers—His roller skating ability to Fred Landess. Annette Bowman—Leaves her flair for wearing clothes to Kitty Sue Lee. Pat Bryson—Her aptness at getting Mr. Lyons off the subject, to Shirley Geoffrey. Vicky Budav—Leaves her Continental charm to Jim Cushman. Don Caldwell—His silence to Pat Schauss. Charla Claxton—Her algebraic mind to Bill Wheeler. LeRoy Cloud—His Charles Atlas Course to Skip Tower. Dianne Cornwell—Leaves her voice to Alice Knight. Maurice Corson—His intelligent look to Jane Ru¬ therford. Bill Devereaux—His " Way with Women” to Mike Giambattista. Billy Duke—His " Georgie” personality to Bob Fur¬ man. Bill Fletcher—His retiring ways to Melvin Dunn. Eddie Frady—Leaves her 5 feet 8j inches to Shirley Cannon. Tollie Hagood—Leaves her " sunny” smile to Anna Lee Stranathan. Doris Herbert—Leaves her love of the South to Gwen Buck. Charlotte Hite—Her wedding ring to Ruth Adcock. Helen Houston—Her big, brown eyes to Carol Schooler. George Cans—Leaves all his " E’s” to Ray Gunderson. our greatest attributes, to our most deserving under- Betty Groah—Leaves her brainstorm ideas to Faye Lassen. Pat Jarrett—Her Latin charm to Lorraine Le Sage. Terry Jepson—Leaves a few inches to Joe Trombo. Mike Jesscn—Her attendance record to Peggy Mc- Colien. Carolyn Johnson—Leaves her tan to Mary Francis Nicholas. Janet Klunk—Her long tresses to Maggie Myer. Peggy King—Leaves her witticisms to Sharlee Howze. Jean Knupp—Leaves her artistic ability to Gene Mayer. Virginia Lane—Her blonde hair to Kaye Irwin. Anne Lieber—Her future success to all hopefuls. Ann Lyle—Leaves her sweet disposition to Ellis Stearns. Chester McCarl—His money bags to Roy Kennedy. Bill May—Ambitious spirit to Tony Bickrest. Nancy Miers—Her quiet resourcefulness to Jane Longenecker. Larry Miller—Leaves his oil burner (car) to Jack Hanson. Bob Mills—Leaves a season ticket to the Lee Theater to Charles Gotthardt. Joe Mona—His knack at fouling to Ruby Robinson. Charlie Ogden—Leaves his cackling laugh to Mr. Snodgrass. Leon Perrell—Leaves his love of Macbeth to tomor¬ row and tomorrow and tomorrow. Chip Porter—Leaves his blue pants and good disposi¬ tion to Billy Johnson. Tom Porter—Leaves his red socks to Mr. Mishou. Pat Potter—Her friendliness to Juanita Gragg. Jim Reece—His politeness to all Falls Church boys. Bob Schindler—Leaves his classroom mischievousness to Peter Field. Jackie Shelton—Leaves her dramatic ability to Carol Geddess. Dottie Shepard—Leaves her sparkle to Joan Bolen. Pat Silliman—Her friendly ways to all old and new students. Buddy Smith—Leaves his love of sports to Bob Mc- Intire. Mary Ellen Sullivan—Leaves her athletic ability to Ray Hull. Ethyl Trout—Her sweet disposition to Gidge Miller. D ne Tunison—Leaves her " whiz-bang” personality to Joy Goakes. Peggy Wood—Leaves her versatility to all incoming seniors. Mollie Zettle—Leaves her long hair to Denise O’Brien. To the Juniors we, the Seniors, leave the job of editing the yearbook, the senior play and setting an example for the school. We also leave a ton of aspirin—you’ll need it! ! ! To the TEACHERS we leave our undying " TFIANKS” for everything, both good and bad. Page 30 SOPHOMORE CLASS Page 31 SOPHOMORE S gt.-at-Arms . Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mike Giambattista. President Alan Robinson Wayne Rickey. Vice-President Ruth Haines Ann Rutherford. Secretary Abdu, Rashid Alexander, Betty Arnold, David Bailey, Patricia Bayer, Bette Beall, Janet Lee Benham, Marilyn Ruth Bennett, Edgar Wayne Boggs, Robert Boland, Joan Frances Bowman, Lari Brown, Robert Brose, William Bryson, Frederick Bullock, Janet Page 32 CLASS Caroll, Mary Lou Carpenter, Rockne Carstater, David Carter, Dorothy Chastain, Robert Christopher, Diane Cloud, Barbara Cook, Delanor Cooley, Ray Corker, Lorene Corner, Charlotte Crandall, Mary Lou Cushman, Joan Dailey, Lucille Degroot, Katherine Louise Dunn, Mary Eller, June Ellis, Richard Emright, Clifford Allan Erwin, Elliot Eskew, Charles Evens, William Fahey, Thomas Fisher, Louis Fisher, Sue Lain Fletcher, Richard Foresman, Charles Foster, Joyce Foster, Patricia Freed, Charles Galt, Ann Geier, Carrie Giambattista, Michele Gneug, Elsbeth Gordon, Patricia Gorham, Marjorie Gotthardt, Charles Grant, Jon Griffin, David Elaines, Ruth Page 33 ■MM SOPHOMORE Hanson, June Hazelgrove, Jerry Henry, Grace Addie Herring, Ronald Himmelsbach, Robert Hockman, Gwendolyn Hollister, Beverly Homer, Louis Hood, Robert Horton, Phyllis Houtz, Georgia Hunter, Kathryn Huey, James Huntley, Bernice Ishiyama, Haruko Irwin, Kaye Jacobs, Beverly Jenkins, Elizabeth Jepson, Lawrence Johnson, David Pierce Jones, Gladys Jullien, John Kautt, Phillip Kohlmeir, Ann Kremer, Jean Lacy, James Lassen, Faye Lawler, Addie Marion Leach, Mary Jane Lee, Kathleen Leeman, Joel Ann Lehman, Eleanor Leidner, Thomas Lillard, Jean Livingston, Robert Loy, Maynard Lush, Pat McAchren, Gayle McCeney, Herbert McCrary, Pete Page 34 CLASS McClelland, Marion McDermitt, Betty Jean Mcllwee, Joanne McKinley, Thomas MacMahon, Hugh Manzenreided, Evelyne Magarty, Maxine Miller, Joan Miller, Billy Moore, William Nevin, Margaret Nicholson, Betty Nuckols, Earl O’Brien, Denise Oliver, Clifford O’Neal, Rosa Patterson, Patrice Ann Peterson, Barbara Phillips, Lee Pitre, George Plaugher, Joan Putnam, Michele Poehler, Johnny Reid, Robert Rich, Delores Richey, Wayne Rives, Marlene Robey, Rexford Robinson, Allen Root, Ann Roylance, John Rutherford, Ann Sampson, Courtney Saunders, Audrey Schauss, Fredrica Schauer, Margaret Mary Schnack, Sheila Schoolar, Carol Rae Seabolt, Shirley Shelton, Shirley Page 3 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS Shirkey, Beale Shreve, James Shumate, Robert Small, Marjorie Smallwood, Frank Smith, Arlene Smith, Norma Jean Spaulding, Elinor Staples, Norma Stearn, Betty Stearns, Evangeline Stearns, Shirley Stenhouse, Betty Stewart, John Strautmann, Mar.lee Taylor, Barbara Lee Taylor, Tommy Taynton, Paul Thomas, Doris Thomas, Marilyn Thompson, Hammond Tuck, Bcttie Mae Van Meter, La Rue Van Pelt, Robert Virden, Tommy Webster, Bobby Wells, Patricia Wiersema, Denneth Wilcox, Barbara Wilcox, Beverly Wiley, Paul Williams, Cha rles Wood, Lorraine Wood, Mary Alice Wren, Norma Zierdt, Veverly Larcomb, Electa Longanecker, Jane Younger, Kay SOPHOMORES (not pictured) John Austin, Frances Bailey, Shirley Barnett, Betty Lou Barrett, Janet Burke, Thomas Corson, Mary Embrey, Herman Fox, Franklin Gheen, James Gilbert, Joy Goakes, Frederick Grenfield, Pomerat Greshan, Belmar Gun derson, Edgar Harper, Margaret Herron, Ralph Homes, Gary Kershner, Walter Laren, Charles Lay, James Lay, David Liggon, John Lockwood, Nelson Lyle, Robert Lundien, Maragreta McCallom, Ronald McCurdy, Phillipp McGonigall, Eugene Merkert, Armond Michaud, Lawerence Nielson, Hilda Norris, Jerry Novak, Cynthia O’Neill, Constance Osmond, Walter Phillips, Benjamin Pistall, Joycie Putman, James Rey¬ nolds, Kenneth Rose, Williams Salsgiver, Walter Shirley, Charles Shughrue, Elizabeth Ann Smith, Janice Smith, Delores Walsh, Charles Wilson, Betty Wortman. Page 36 FRESHMAN CLASS Page 37 FRESHMAN Tom Penn. Barbara Dill Carole Tower FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . President Geneva Fox. Treasurer Vice-President Jean Mayer.S gt.-at-Arms . Secretary Alley, Richard Arnold Alley, Roberta Ellen Altfather, Nancy Ann Anderton, Mamie Wych Arnett, Betty Louise Baker, Ellen Barr, Mason, Jr. Bay, Martha Beazley, Charles Lee Benner, Jo Ann Black, Robert Charles Breeden, Donald Bradford, Alden Brittain, Millie Jeanette Burkhardt, Samuel Calvert, George Page 38 CLASS Case, Shirley Chambliss, John Christensen, John Colby Alan Compton, Charles Cooke, Caswell Cooper, David Cooper, John Cordell, Robert Corson, Elizabeth Crack, Helen Crigler, James Jr. Cunningham, Richard Day, Mary Degroot, Sara Ruth Deits, Georgia DeVaughn, Jane Dietz, Shirley Dill, Barbara Demisa, Joann Downing, Carolyn Drotleff, Dianne Dyer, Barbara Edwards, Glenda Eppard, Carolyn Estes, Bonnie Evans, Ralph Fague, Mary June Ferguson, Frances Field, Mary Finley, William Fletcher, Eileen Fletcher, Gordon Frye, David Furr, Roger Gibbs, David Glover, Wheeler Godfrey, Diane Gold, Betty Gotthardt, Nancy Greco, Edward Grille, Virginia Gunn, Shirley Hannold, Miriam Hall, James Hardy, Alvin Harne, Hilda Harrington, Tommy Page 39 FRESHMAN f? J ' W • i Harris, Skippy Heath, Walter Thomas Helbig, Joy Elaine Henry, Mary Hobbs, Dennis Hogan, Bill Hollowell, Charlotte Hood, Vera Mae Houtz, Lee Hoy, Frank Hoy, Tom Humphreys, Rita Hunt, Marguerite Jacobs, David James, Duwayne Jeckell, Chuck Jenkins, Marguerite Johnston, Joan Jones, George Kidwell, Jean King, Helyn Marie Krigbaum, Delores Le Fevre, Norma Lewis, Frank Libby, Faith Leewellya, Lynn Lofton, Donnie Longacre, Chuck Lukens, Barbara Lumsden, Donald Luttrell, Norma Madden, Kathryn Marshall, Ann Mason, Ann Maticic, John McClain, Jessica McCrary, Roberta McFarland, Bert McGarr, Mary McGillis, Gloria McGrath, Daniel McKee, Marian McKibben, Pat McNeely, Elsie Jo Milburn, Carol Miller, Buddy Miller, Richard Minnick, Roy Page 40 CLASS Morrison, Lee Montoux, Charles Murray, Barabara Muscoti, Barabara Mutersbaugh, John Nash, Richard Needle, Ruth Newman, Carol Nicholson, Peggy Jo Nielson, Larry Nordin, Elizabeth North, Patricia Ofelt, Marilyn Ogden, Rae Ann Oliver, Burtner Osborn, Michael Oswald, Helen Overly, Rita Palmer, Lester Pattishall, Louis Penn, William Peters, Charlene Posey, Thaddeus Reigle, Hazel Rein, Joy Ropes, Larry Rountree, Jocelyn Sampsell, Richard Santmyer, Betty Schlinder, George Shaffer, Arthur Shell, Elizabeth Shelton, Betty Jean Simmerman, Shirley Sisk, Marshall Sisk, Rita Smith, Arthur Smith, Elaine Smith, Sally Spitler, Wayne Steadman, Eleanor Steele, Frances Stenhouse, Walter Stephens, Joseph Strauss, Helen Sullivan, Elizabeth Sullivan, Robert Talbert, John Page 41 FRESHMAN CLASS Tasker, Buddy Tasker, Bill Templeman, Raymond Thom, Tommy Thornton, Barbara Trout, Margaret Tuttle, Joan Van Tassel, Elizabeth Veach, Allen Via, Wayne Walker, Roland Weathers, James White, Lawrence White, Richard Whitehead, Jackie Whitmer, Ralph Will, George Wilson, Patricia Yargough, John Zimmer, Barbara Earman, Dennis Bean, James Gould, Donna Hargett, John Hunt, Mary Johnson, Nancy Jenkins, Henrietta Hear, Marion Rosenberger, Pat Haynes, Jo Ann Farris, Jack FRESHMEN (Not in Pictures) Randy Alley, Paul Austin, Phillip Barksdale, Marilyn Barrett, Austin Bass, James Beach, William Bid¬ dle, Vivian Bles, Frederick Boes, Michael Bowman, Sylvia Casberg, John Chamers, Robert Cleer, Betty Cof¬ fey, Thomas Cozzens, Janet Cunningham, Barbara Dill, Robert Doleman, Carolyn Downing, Victor Drumheller, Geneva Fox, Marion Free, Donald Furcher, Richard German, Edward Goodlin, Bradford Haas, Ralph Haines, Floyd Hobbs, Michael Hodges, Audrey Houtz, Lorena Howard, John Hughes, William Hunt, Margaret Jenkins, Thomas Johnson, Edward Johnston, Robert Jones, Albert Kearns, Theodore Kearn, Pa¬ trick Kullenbert, Ralph Malick, Henry Mason, Gene Mayer, John Mclntire, Sanford Mead, Jr., Dawn Mil¬ ler, Thomas Moer, Donna Morningstar, Aldrich Minahan, Guy Morris, Hector O’Neill, Michael Osborn, Shelborne Osmond, Mary Ann Oswald, Theodore Payne, George Pepin, Merita Phillips, Milton Philyaw, George Pickeral, James Pierce, Shirley Pullman, Romulus Puryear, Thomas Reynolds, Earl Rice, Dolores Rich, Henry Riley, Donald Robertson, Hubert Ryder, Frederick Schrader, Margaret Spaulding, Marjorie Spicer, Richard Summers, Carole Tower, Donald True, Wayne Via, George Waller, Deloris Walthall, Paul Wiley, Waven Wilson. Page 42 EIGHTH GRADE Page 43 8th GRADE OFFICERS Jack Dodson Secretary Richard Fruland President Palmer Rutherford Vice-President Delores Nalls. Treasurer Harry Alexander Sgt.-at-Anns Altman, James Anderson, James Arnold, James Barker, Ray Barwick, Beverly Beard, Betty Beavers, Sherwood Becker, Edmund Beers, Joan Belknapp, Roland • Berry, James Berry, Joe Black, Cleo Blincoe, Donald Bold, Jane Bonnet, John Bowers, Carol Braunlich, Richard Breeden, William Breslin, Kay Browder, Nathaniel Brown, Michael Burt, Nancy Butler, William Scott Byrne, Richard Caldwell, Elsie Caldwell, Joselyn Campbell, Deborah Carmen, Wayne Carr, Carol Carrera, George Carrico, Gordon Carter, Betty Chaney, Lee Chapin, Elaine Page 44 EIGHTH GRADE Charlton, Vincent Cherry, Marie Clark, Jane Clatterbuck, Shirley Cleveland, Charles Cline, Betty Cloud, Nancy Coe, Carolyn Cofer, Evelyn Coker, Beverly Colby, Robert Cordell, Eula Mae Covington, Everett Cox, Jean Ann Crowley, Nell Damerson, Wesley Daspit, Frank Davenport, Rosalyn Davis, Patricia Davis, Charles Dean, Joan Deits, Merle Dixon, Charles Dodson, Jack Donohoe, Constance Dove, Leonard Duke, Margaret F.arhart, Mary Alice Eddy, Sally Edwards, Barbara Eitel, Lawrence Emery, Bette Ann Ericson, Karin Fabian, Joseph Fahey, Johnny Faust, Richard Fink, Melvin Finley, Margaret Ann Fortney, Patsy Lee Fox, Paul Freed, Thomas Frenzel, Clelia Frueland, Richard Geddcs, Kenneth Giambattista, Thom Gilmore, Burch Granger, Lynne Grant, Jacqueline Gray, Charles Gray, Janet Green, Barbara Green, Peter Grefe, Richard Griffith, Richard Gunn, Jacquelyn Haygood, Johnson Page 45 EIGHTH Haines, Donald Hale, Gloria Hannah, Shirley Harper, John Hartley, James Harvey, Allen Hedetniemi, Charles Helmholz, Carol Hemma, Billy Henderson, Patricia Hennings, Jerry Herold, Francis Hinman, Elizabeth Holman, Gary Hood, Janet Houtz, Edward Howard, Dawn Hume, Marilyn Hunt, Leigh Hunt, Richard Hunter, Stanford Huntley, Pe ggy Ingwalson, Kenneth Irvin, Emma Jackson, Tenny Johnson, Edwin Johnson, Elizabeth Anne Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Vee Vee Johnson, Mason Johnston, Doris Jones, Cornelia Jones, Jarvey Jones, Lois Jones, Shirley Kearns, Richard Kerr, Jean Kerr, Linda Kerr, Peter Kidwell, Hilda Kirbe, Shirley Kirkman, Jean Odessa Knott, Homer Krages, Sonia Larcombe, John La Reau, Ronald Leyde, Anne Lipscomb, Michael Little, Richard Lohr, Nancy Lucas, Anne McAfee, Christine McAfee, Patricia McCarter, Duncan McCauley, Charles McCeney, Robert Page 46 GRADE Mcllvaine, Jo Anne McKee, Harvey McLane, Shirley McWilliams, Ann McWilliams, Rebecca Mainster, Pamela Mandelbaum, Lynn Manwaring, Janice Marden, Marlene Marr, William Mason, Mary Katherine Miller, Barbara Monti, Sandra Monney, Jean Margaret Mosser, Jean Munsey, Cecil Nevin, Judith Nordlie, Ruth Offelt, Sterling Oliver, Janice O’Neal, Charles Osborn, Alice Osmond, Josephine Otis, Julia Outlaw, Gary Page, Carol Page, Elizabeth Parker, Sonny Patterson, Janet Patterson, Margaret Payne, Betty Lou Pollock, John Pugh, Betty Jo Radbro, Russell Raines, Carol Rawlett, Gracie Rawls, William Reaney, Lee Regan, Patty Reid, James Rhodes, John Rinnaldi, Ronald Rutherford, Palmer Roberts, Bennet Rose, Elaine Saba, Frances Sanders, Barbara Saylors, John Schauss, Charles Schottroffe, Frances Schubert, John Schultz, Betty Jane Schwanbeck, Sue Ann Sewall, Nym Shartzer, William Shenk, Linden Page 47 EIGHTH GRADE Shifflett, Elinor Shifflett, Shirley Simpson, Carl Smallwood, Evelyn Smallwood, Juanita Smith, June Snow, Warren Snyder, Janice Sparshott, Joan Sparshott, Helene Spaulding, Anne Speich, Robert Stanley, Verda Staples, Roger Steadman, Mildred Stearns, Walter Steele, Iver Steiner, Barbara Stewart, Jean Taylor, Charles Thomas, Willie Thompson, Eugene Thompson, Mary Louise Thrash, Mary Ann Tierney, David Tilly, Ann Van Tassel, Edward Vincent, Robert Virden, Kay Wagner, William Lee Waterval, Kurt Watson, Jeanette Weber, Susan Wells, Joan Wigglesworth, Elizabeth Willingham, Eugene Wilson, Tony Winslow, Barbara Wood, Dewey Young, Mary Lou Zerener, John Hollister, Jane Hower, Paul Marr, Catherine EIGHTH GRADE (No Pictures) Ronald Alderman, Harry Alexander, Malcolm Beggs, Herbert Bennett, Jerry Bennett, Bobby Boles, Gordon Brown, Jack Brown, Mildred Brown, Arthur Butler, Judy Cannon, Raymond Clark, Catherine Cleveland, Ernest Cook, Lois Day, Robert Dey, Caroline Evans, Robert Fletcher, Jimmy Funk, George Free, William Gibson, Teddy Gilmore, Donald Glenn, Richard Hahn, Ann Hancock, Reata Humphreys, Aubrey Jones, Milton Layman, Richard Lukens, Joe Miller, Eugene Mills, S. W. Monahan, Dolores Nalls, Andre Nielson, Carolyn Norris, Kenneth Osmond, Rosa Partlow, Jean Phipard, Richard Pierce, Walter Pollard, Ronald Saunders, Robert Shellhorse, Frank Sholock, Beverly Simes, Marian June Smith, Lawrence Snead, Constance Stievin Ger, Cleveland Topley, Patsy Vernon, Sonny Weber, Ralph Whitmer, John Well, Deborah Wood, Donna Wood, Ellwood Wood. Page 48 ACT I SPORTS Page 49 COACH TODD 1949 FOOTBALL SEASON September 10—Falls Church 0, Handley High 34 Falls Church got off to a poor start against a bigger, more experienced team from Winchester. September 23—Falls Church 0, Fredericksburg 32 The Jaguars played on even terms in the first half but fell apart in the last half. September 30—Falls Church 0, Manassas 6 A touchdown in the first quarter proved the margin of defeat as Falls Church lost a close one to Osbourn. October 6 —Falls Church 6, Mount Vernon 2 5 The Majors proved to be too powerful for Falls Church as they scored in every period to win. COACH WEBER Falls Church 20, Warren County 0 Falls Church scored a quick touchdown in the first period, and went on to whip Front Royal, 20-0. Falls Church 6, Fairfax 0 Before 4,000 screaming fans, Joe Trombo cli¬ maxed a 71 yard march with a ten yard off- tackle smash to give Falls Church a win over its traditional rival. Falls Church 25, Falmouth 6 Falls Church slushed through mud and a driv¬ ing rain to gain its third win in a row. Falls Church 7, Lane 42 A completely outclassed Jaguar team ended their season by bowing 42-7. Lane scored in every period, but F. C. showed fight in the last minutes. Leroy Cloud carried off-tackle for 15 yards and a touchdown, AVayne Akre kicking the point. First row: C. McCarl, A. Brown, R. Miller, B. Rutter, S. Tower, B. Furman, L. Miller. Second row: G. Mayer, B. Reeves, L. Cloud, D. Devereaux, captain; J. Trombo, T. Bickerist, W. Akre, R. Mc- Intire. Third row: B. Wheeler, E. Stearns, B. Smith, J. Cushman, T. Porter, M. Pursell, J. Teague, G. Gans, L. VanMeter, C. Porter, F. Rothery. Page 5 0 11 I • ■ f Fred Landess Jim Cushman Jack Schauer BobMcIntire George Cans Ellis Stearns Chip Porter Terry Jepson Page 51 BILL MAY, Manager 1. Chester McCarl 2. Tom Porter 3. Tony Bickerest 4. Richey Miller 5. Buddy Smith 6. LaRue Van Meter 7. Gene Mayer 8. Frank Rothery 9. Larry Miller 10. Wayne Akre 11. Leroy Cloud 12. Buddy Reeves 13. Joe Trombo 14. Skip Tower II COACH LYONS JUNIOR VARSITY Back row: A. Luckenback, B. Tasker, E. Tyrrell, J. Hanson, E. Nuckols, P. Kautt, L. Luckenback, W. Ritchie, D. James, M. Giambattista, F. Smallwood, B. Shumate, Coach Lyons. Middle row: T. Giambattista, Manager Reid, R. Livingston, P. Rutherford, D. True, A. Monahan, L. Cog- gin, R. Holmes, H. Mason, L. Cheney, R. Little, J. Hazelgrove. Bottom row: J. Hargart, E. Covington, L. Phillips, A. Myers, G. Pitre, R. Davis, D. Frye, co-captain; K. Robinson, co-captain; T. Payne, S. Clarke, R. Alley, B. Hall. Page 5 3 SQUAD —First row: Herb Bowers, manager, George Berry, Billy Johnson, Chris Westerman, Kay Robinson, Skip Tower, Tom Todd, Coach. Second row: Chip Porter, Connie James, Jim Barber, Russel Fleger, Joe Mona, and Tom Porter. VARSITY BASKETBALL Page 54 SQUAD —First row: Barry Hall (manager), Charlie Wilson (co-captain), Billy Miller, George Pitre (co-captain), Bud Bryson, Lee Lanier (manager). Second row: Mike Giambattista, Palmer Rutherford, Bob Schmidt, Frank Smallwood, Bob Furman, Gene Mayer, Coach Joseph Lyons. Third row: Ralph Holmes, Tommy Leidner, Beale Shirkey, David Arnold. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Page 5 5 SQUAD —First row: Jane Longanecker, Ruth Haines, Sheila Bell, Mary Ellen Sullivan, captain, Eileen Cronin, Gwen Hockman, Janice Smith. Second row: Mrs. Lilly, coach, Betty Appleton, Barbara Cloud, Ann Rutherford, Grayce Henry, Betty Towlsey, manager. Th ird row: Bernice Huntly, Mary Lou Car¬ rol, Ann Patterson, Shirley Stearns. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL GIRLS ' f _ I I II II - " I III . . . F rsf row: Jane Rutherford, Mary Lou Carrol, Betty Jenkins, Tanya Bruskin, Gwen Hockman, Ruth Haines, Eileen Cronin, captain, Belmar Gunderson, Arlene Smith, Donna Gleason, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Jo Ellen Wilson Jane Longanecker, Second row: Beverly Hollister, manager, Betty Jean Nickelson, Electa Larcombe, Charlen Magarity, Catherin Pearson, Alice Knight, Margaret Donaldson, Pat Foster, Joyce Foster, Pat North, Jane Newman. Page 5 7 CHEERLEADERS SPusUce , SJuuOjtZrw Tplitgz- Po- lt M Ca Cte t ACT II ACTIVITIES Page 5 9 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Patricia Silliman. Sheila Bell. Alice Knight . Bill May. President Vice-President . Secretary . T re astir cr General Meeting Page 60 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Sheila Bell . President George Gans . Wee-President Dorm: Shepard . Secretary Jane Rutherford Corresponding Secretary Donald Glover . Treasurer Formal Induction 4th row: Bill May, Bill Johnson, Bill Fletcher, Fred Landess, Jack Hanson. 3rd row: Pat Shauss, Edna Frady, Jackie Shelton, Lilia Flight, Anette Bowman, Ann Lyle, June Tunison, Alice Knight. 2nd row: Tollie Flagood, Kitty Sue Lee, Ann Lee Stranathan, Shirley Cannon, Tanya Bruskin, Ruth Ad¬ cock, Mrs. Harriet Hurt, Sponsor. 1st row: Jane Rutherford, Don Glover, Sheila Bell, George Gans, Dottie Shepard. Not pictured: Betty Groah. Page 61 EDITORIAL STAFF Layout Literary 1st row Tollie Hagood Diane Cornwell Anne Lieber Margaret Wood Dorna Ingwalson Edna Frady 2nd row Anne Lyle Bill May Jackie Lipscomb Charla Claxton THE JAGUAR EDITOR Betty Groah BUSINESS STAFF James Beard Photographer —Edwin Huffman Charles Ogden Editor —Annette Bowman June Tunison George Gans JUNIOR STAFF 1st row Doris Hilelright Lila Hight Margaret Myf.rs Jackie Lipscomb Juanita Gragg 2nd row Betty Ayers James Beard Page 62 JUNIOR EDITOR Don Glover ASSOCATE EDITOR Jane Baker JAGUAR JOURNAL STAFF JAGUAR JOURNAL Ann Lyle. Annette Bowman Margaret Wood.. Pat Schauss. Jeanine Smith OFFICERS . Editor Associate Editor . Sports Editor . Make-up Editor Advertising Manager JAGUAR JOURNAL STAFF Page 63 MS • • j|| j« " if Sk -- ,; v V i - afe. “ MB » ' -jA dt W i. ’ll - ■ u. Ml ' BBT ■k. J i 1 ■ pflj . t ▼ tit i fccv V - ttSS® ¥ • Vb i r 8$Sv . Ig 1 V PL rL 4(j. , ' frayPB Hj 1 |S| ,; Ml [ 5 MMr ' ' WBtW sm m jam i l „ jb la %X Varsity Club Sponsors —Mrs. Lilly — Mr. Todd Chess and Checker Club Sponsor —Mr. Misliou Pep Club Sponsor — Miss Retterer Latin Classical League Sponsor —Mrs, Rullman Debating Club Sponsor — Mr. Holland Psychology Club Sponsor — Mr. Lyons Page 64 Sub-Deb Club Future Homemakers Club Sponsor —Mrs. Hurt Sponsor — Miss M. Spitzer Dancing Club Sponsors —Mrs. Jackson — Mrs. McDonald Printing Club Sponsor —Mr. Vliet Dramatics Club Sponsor —Mrs. Miles Arttyping Club Sponsor —Miss Hunt Page 65 1 ■r f Jjfo j 1 •j ■pita " Senior Hi-Y Sponsor —Mr. Snodgrass Needlecraft Club Sponsors — Miss Gunn — Miss Wells Junior Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor — Miss Scott Senior Tn-Hi-Y Sponsors — Miss Moffitt — Miss Spindle Junior Hi-Y Sponsor —Mr. Springston Science Club Sponsor —Mrs. Chapman Page 66 Jomsc muihuz I J f% jitPa iSiDl Rpr f . Hh : I B X —- 6 c y v - - a r - ► ..1 .VH| i|-m ]y|gg |Sjf ■ V Ip.„ - I m jR i2j§? ;S || H lib i Photography Club Sponsor —Mr. Cooper Independent Club Sponsor — Miss Roberts Etiquette Club Sponsor — Miss Banks Art Club Sponsor —Mrs. Crum Glee Club Sponsor — Miss Campbei.l Folk Dancing Sponsors — Miss A. Spitzer — Miss Little Page 67 Model Airplane Club Sponsor —Mr. Ledbetter Library Club Sponsor —Mrs. Furman Coin and Stamp Club Sponsor —Gen. Rumbouch Club Officers VARSITY CLUB Fred Landess . Pres. Billy Johnson . V.-Pres. Lilia 1 light . Sec. Bob Davis Treas. Bill Devereaux Sgt.-at-Arms CHESS CHECKER CLUB Jack Roylance . Pres. Eddie Pierce . V.-Pres. Art Van Duesen . Sec. Bob Himmelsbach Trcas. PEP CLUB Kay Irwin . Pres. Freddie Schauss V.-Pres. Barbara Cloud . Sec. Pat Wells . T reas. Betty Arnett ...Sgt.-at-Arms THE JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Ann Rutherford —Primus Consul Bob Reid -—-Secundus Consul Joan Cushman —Prima Sc rib a Phyllis Horton —Secunda Scriba Tommy Leidner —Questor DEBATING CLUB Stephen Lahman Chairman Bill Hogan . Sec.-Treas. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Dottie Shepherd . Pres. Ann Lyle . V.-Pres. Bud Bryson . Sec. Alice Knight . T reas. SUB-DEB CLUB Paula Hockman . Pres. Peggy Straw . V.-Pres. Mitze Posey . Scc.-Treas. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CLUB Lily Altman . Pres. Doris Himelright V.-Pres. Jeanine Smith . Sec. Betty Ayres . Treas. DANCING CLUB Dennis Earman . Pres. Charlie Ogdon . V.-Pres . Maggie Myers . Sec. Shirley Case . Treas. Tom Corson ... Sgt.-at-Arms DRAMATICS CLUB Joel Leeman . Pres. Lari Bowman . V.-Pres. Jackie Lipscomb . Sec. Pat Bradley . Treas. ARTTYPING CLUB Marlene Rives . Pres. Bobby Shumate . V.-Pres. Gladys Jones . Sec. Betty Kane .T reas. SENIOR HI-Y CLUB Bill May . Pres. George Gans . V.-Pres. Don Glover . Sec. Ellis Stearns . Treas. SENIOR TRI-Y CLUB Barbara Berry . Pres. Anne Lieber . V.-Pres. Jane Rutherford . Sec. Ann Glover . Treas. NEEDLECRAFT CLUB Carol Pace . . Pres. Mildred Steadman . ...V.-Pres. Sally Smith . Sec.-Treas. JUNIOR HI-Y CLUB Richard Nash . . Pres. Page Johnson . ..V.-Pres. Everet Covington . Sec. Tom Hoy . . T reas. JUNIOR TRI-Y CLUB Haruko Ishiyama . Pres. Diane Christopher . V.-Pres. Maxine Magarity .. . Sec. Barbara Wilcox ... . T reas. Jean Kremer . . Chaplain SCIENCE CLUB Rashid Abdu. . Pres. Frank Jenkins. ...V.-Pres. Ronald Herring . . Sec. Shirley Stearns. . Treas. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Bill Salsgiver . . Pres. Jo Ellen Wilson . Sec. Pat Schauss . . Treas. INDEPENDENT CLUB Dick Cunningham. Pres. Roy Mimmick .... ...V.-Pres. Janet Cunningham . Sec. Glenda Edwards .. . T reas. ETIQUETTE CLUB Beverly Coker. . Pres. Shirley Kirby . ... V.-Pres. Melody Marshall Sec.-T reas. ART CLUB Bob Reid . Pres. Dick Alley. ...V.-Pres. Cliff Enright Sec.-T reas. David Fry. Sgt.-at-Arms GLEE CLUB Ann Rutherford . Pres. Barbara Murray . . V.-Pres. Ann McWilliams . . Sec. Jane Clark . .T reas. Ann Hancock . Librarian FOLK DANCING Palmer Rutherford . Pres. Eileen Cronin . . V.-Pres. Donna Gleeson ... . Sec. Barbara Escherlch . T reas. Betsy Sullivan Sgt.-at-Arms MODEL AIRPLANE Paul Fox . . Pres. John Mclntire ... . V.-Pres. John Hardy . .Sec. John Cooper . . T reas. John Lucas . Sgt.-at-Arms LIBRARY CLUB Grayce Boaz . . Pres. Vernon Hall . . V.-Pres. Virginia Lane . Sec.-T reas. COIN STAMP . Arthur Gower . Pres. Danny Nielson . V.-Pres. Bob Schindler . Sec. Larry Nielson . Treas. James Beach ... Sgt.-at-Arms Not Pictured KEY CLUB Gen. Rumbough . Sponsor James Beard . Pres. Larry Jepson . V.-Pres. Louis Homer . Sec.-Treas. Page 68 V- ' Variety Show Student Council « • Page 7 O f A YEAR AT FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 6—The creaking of rusty hinges sounded as F.C.H.S. opened her doors once more, and just when we were beginning to enjoy ourselves! S . . . a . . ay! Have you seen those cute new teachers? 13—Yea! team! Tryouts for cheerleading and our first pep meeting! 16—Falls Church played Handley High. 2 3—Class officer elections— ' Til vote for you, if vou’ll vote for me.” OCTOBER 6— Falls Church plays Mt. Vernon. 12— " A woman’s advice is not worth much, but he who does not heed it is a fool.” I knew I should have studied for that test. 21—Yippee! We beat Fairfax! 27—Why don’t they have more of those teachers’ workshops? This one gave us a two-day vacation. 2 8—Another victory! Falls Church beats Fal¬ mouth High. 29—Homecoming Dance. " Weren’t those door prizes beautiful?” NOVEMBER 5—J.V. picnic out at Ballentrae Estate. Hey, Barry! How was that dip in the creek? 9—Magazine campaign begins! 11—Holiday! Armistice Day! 18—Oh, well, we can’t win all of the games. As was stated in the Jaguar Journal the score was ??? to ??? in favor of Lane High. 2 3—Grab yo’ man, Til gal, ’cause the Sadie Haw¬ kins Dance is here! 24—Thanksgiving Holidays! DECEMBER 2— Candlelight and flowers means the National Honor Society formal initiation. 3— Football banquet. Wow! Just look at those cheerleaders! 7— Last day of 2nd report period. " Mr. Barret, may I go home? I feel ill.” 20—The Glee Club sang for the lighting of the Community Christmas Tree. There was plenty of the Yuletide spirit, but the audience showed up missing! 22—At last! Christmas holidays! Wasn’t the Christmas Formal wonderful? JANUARY 3— These holidays do something to me, can hardly hold my eyes open. 4— Pictures for the yearbook being taken these days. " Well, all right, if you say so, but I think I look much more glamorous the other way.” 11—Seniors measured for caps and gowns. 27—Opening of the ultra, ultra, Blue Note Cafe. 2 8—Variety Show. FEBRUARY 10— " Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart.” You guessed it, The Sweetheart Dance. 2 2—Washington’s birthday—holiday! 24—J.V. and Varsity basketball at Culpeper. MARCH 3—Ouch! That splinter! Who invented these Sock Hops anyway? ? ? 10—The Senior Class presents, " One Foot in Heaven”—Which one? ? ? 17—St. Patrick’s Day Dance. 2 5—One-act plays at Mary Washington. Jayne, we didn’t know you could sing torch songs like that! 31—April Fool’s Dance. APRIL 1—As spring approaches more students sleep through more classes. 14—P. T. A. Carnival. 21—Eighth Grade Dance. MAY 5— May Dance. 26—Junior-Senior Prom, " I’ll see you in the morn¬ ing, Mom.” JUNE 7—Senior picnic—ooh! my sunburn! 14—Graduation and we’re alumni! Page 72 ACT III FEATURES Page 73 ftfcST C0g A " 1 ' , ' .a . v “ Cff a P£R JC «$£ fi I 5 : - v“, IK, i (■A » ; W ' HHpHH| % g 1 F gsaE l v ■ i ' ito f VALENTINE DANCE The Sweetheart Queen and Her Court First row, sitting, l. to r.: Betty Jane Scholtz, Mary Lou Young, Merele Dites, Gayle McAchren, Carol Tower, Jane Baker, Patricia Silliman, Shirley Cannon, Lilia Hight and Barbara Alley. Second row, standing, I. to r.: Shirley Shelton, Carol Carr, Dottie Shepard, Tollie Hagood, Barbara Dill, Kitty Sue Lee, Sweetheart Sheila Bell, Jean Piggott, Jackie Shelton, Jane Longanecker, Ruth Haines, Nancy Altfather and Sharlee Howze. Page 79 ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN I : Eona Fraoy hiAA C Ann Gyle hu i Betty Groah }j : Billy Duke c jeJt cC Pat Siuiman ' UnMU . Barbara Berry c Chu u . OoTTie Shepard A ta-uJst- ; Pat Jarrett S’mmrA: Tom Porter -F un iji ,: Bill May Thm. John Miles O jhxL l 4 iA . ShaNOY HOLIANO pKAjuctirvl JCa Ll . : George Gams -Hfa u , : Sheila Bell. yyB ill Allen EjJjUshs Jane Baker 2) i.ffcrmM. Ji m Barber TA . 72 Lcf Chip Porter Coupe .. Charles Ogdon lit Sx +idUrco Jackie Shelton Page 80 DRAMATIC CLASS PLAYS Mrs. Harriet Hurt, director ' ' Write Me a Love Scene” " Sugar and Spice” " L’Amour a la Carte Page 81 CLASSES Hold that pose. Click, click, click, bong! 1 wasn ' t skipping, Mr. Barrett! Darn, screed a whole row with no thread! To be, or not to b». Page 82 CLASSES At last, chow! Who left the gas on? One thing I like about Home Ec. — Eating! My thumb! Et tu emu or " Ole Man River.” Page 83 CLASSES I Qnien sabe Espafiol? H old that note! 1 think that 1 shall never see . . . Octopus — uh! I’m going mad! Page 84 n a p J Page 85 n a p 6 Page 86 a p 5 Page 87 ADVERTISING STAFF Seated, l. to r .—Chester McCarl, Larry Miller, Peggy Wood, Annette Bowman, June Tunison, George Gans, Dottie Shepard, Diane Cornwell, Tollie Hagood. Standing, l. to r.—Juanita Gragg, Betty Ayers, Jayne Baker, Edwin Huffman, Betty Gold, Donald Glover, James Beard, Bill May, Lilia Hight, Patti Beggs. GARAGES AND AUTO DEALERS NALLS GARAGE HARRY W. NALLS Formerly Hiett’s Garage 551 N. Washington St. FALLS CHURCH, VA. _ EMERGENCY £SSO ROAD SERVICE For Your Every Motoring Need ( ) Kenyon-Peck, Inc. BANKSTON S ESSO CHEVROLET Complete Line Of ESSO Products Conveniently located near Clarendon ' s shopping area i Urn II 7 corners PHONE FA 9760 FALLS CHURCH, VA. 2825 Wilson Blvd. CH 9000 TO SERVE YOU A NEW AND MODERN FORD SALES AND SERVICE HEADQUARTERS BROAD STREET MOTORS, Inc. YOUR AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER 1001 West Broad Street Phone FALLS CHURCH 5100 Cars, Trucks, Parts, Service All Make Cars WYANT ' S ESSO SERVICENTER BAILEY ' S CROSSROADS, VIRGINIA Page 89 ITS NOT A MIRAGE —ITS FALLS CHURCH GARAGE Best Wishes For A Happy And Prosperous Future From The MANAGEMENT and STAFF LEE HIGHWAY and HILLWOOD AVENUE Falls Church, Virginia FA 2300 WISSINGER CHEVROLET CO. SEVEN CORNERS FALLS CHURCH, VA. FA 1177 FA 1178 HIETT ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Lee and Wilson Boulevard Falls Church, Virginia Open 24 hours Road Service HILLWOOD MOTOR CO. Compliments of LEE BLVD. AND LEESBURG PIKE McLEAN SERVICE CENTER FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA McLean, Virginia BOULEVARD ESSO SERVICENTER Lee Boulevard and Annandale Road FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA TIRES AND ACCESSORIES PICK UP AND JEFFERSON 3-8800 DELIVERY SERVICE Page 90 Real Estate and Contractors Compliments of MACE PROPERTIES, Inc. BUILDERS ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA George C. McIntosh Robert McIntosh McIntosh and McIntosh 2046 Wilson Boulevard ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Chestnut 3100 MORTGAGE REALTORS INSURANCE THE W. TED AUSTIN AGENCY Insurance Consultants and Underwriters Suite 9, Murphy Bldg. 151 E. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. DIAL FA 9300 NITE DIAL IE 3-9400 Page 91 EASTMAN SEAY Stanley R. Rowland Co., INCORPORATED Realtors REALTORS 113 W. Broad Street 118 E. Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia FA 2620 Phone FA 3333 Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of GEORGE T. REEVES REAL ESTATE. LOANS. Francis A. Wagner COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Representing the Aetna and other old line companies since 1932 REAL ESTATE For Service To Please Phone FA 2720 MALICE BROOKS Clark BUILDERS Real Estate Broker Developers of Sleepy Hollow Road MALBROOK and HOLMES RUN PARK Phone FA 7723 Falls Church, Virginia Page 92 J. C. KNUPP CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS 2229 N. Quantico Street Arlington, Virginia Phone FA 8646 J. H. and O. V. CARPER GENERAL CONTRACTORS McLEAN, VIRGINIA Elmwood 344 Elmwood 595 W. S. HOGE, Jr. REALTORS 3815 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia Compliments of Walter L. Phillips Certified Civil Engineer And Land Surveyor 152 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Virginia FA 4767 FA 3936 Compliments of The MONCURE AGENCY East Falls Church, Virginia CLOTHING AND CLEANING Woodward Lothrop Washington 13 D C Tfa. But first to Woodie ' s for the wardrobe that gives you an impressive begin¬ ning, a pleasant stay, a confident air. For Her — Our Young Fourth Floor For Him — The Young Men ' s Store Second Floor E. A. FILENE COOPERATIVE OF VIRGINIA, Inc. SHIRLINGTON BUSINESS CENTER Page 9 3 ®fje ©xforb H f)op Falls Church, Virginia MacGREGOR SPORTSWEAR INTERWOVEN HOSE KNOX HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS WEMBLEY TIES JARMAN SHOES " For Famous Names In Men ’s Apparel” _, 4 lie! f. % . ..« v m WYNN ' S FEMININE APPAREL SHOPS FRANK R. JELLEFF ' S, INC. WASHINGTON 4, D. C. " The Finest In Women’s Apparel” RE-6300 — two convenient locations —- 3134 Wilson Blvd. Glebe Rd. Lee Hwy. (Arlington Country Club Section) Caude ' ZtteCla, 613 S. Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia Apparel PHONE FA 2900 Apparel lor men for boys VENDIGS, INC. Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear 706 13th St., N. w. off G St. THE QUALITY SHOP Wilson Blvd. and Highland Street Arlington, Va. OX 1875 Nationally Known Menswear Compliments of PAUL ' S FEMININE APPAREL 3143 Wilson Blvd. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Ta e 94 Compliments of BABY FAIR SHOPS Infants ' and Children ' s Apparel Washington - Alexandria - Arlington Arlington Boys ' and Girls ' Shop Petiteen and Pre-teen Dresses " Tom Sawyer " and " Kaynee " Boyswear 3141 Wilson Boulevard Phone OX 1361 Arlington, Va. J. C. PENNEY ' S, INC. (CLARENDON) Arlington, Virginia Best Wishes From E. D. EDWARD ' S SHOE STORE Clarendon Shopping Center Arlington Virginia TROMBO SHOE REPAIRING 3612 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia (Cherrydale) ALMA SHOPS Women ' s Ready-to-Wear Falls Church Clarendon OLD DOMINION CLEANERS, Inc. 4036 Lee Highway QUALITY DRY CLEANING 3-Day Service CH 6766 King-Kerley Dry Cleaners Insured Mothproof Dry Cleaning at no extra cost Call For And Delivery Service 400 Block S. Washington St. Phone FA 1713 LAUNDERAIDE Falls Church ' s Self-Service Laundry Your Week’s Wash In 30 Minutes FA 3390 HARDWARE Horace E. Brown Hardware - Paints Kitchen Utensils Clore Chairs Phone FA 1168 Falls Church, Virginia PHONE 1194 Snyder Co. Hardware - Paints - Glass Bendix Philgas Westinghcuse Appliances Falls Church, Virginia 6847 Lee Highway YEATMAN ' S Complete Line Of Hardware Houseware Sporting Goods Building Supplies Wilson Blvd. Hartford Phone OW 7300-1-2 Arlington, Virginia Page 9 5 FOOD AND DRUGS Compliments of the HOT SHOPPES MAC ' S FROZEN CUSTARD Open Daily McLean, Va. W. K. McMillan, Prop. Compliments of AT FYA1MDRTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, Inc. ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA PAYNE ' S GROCERY BAILEYS CROSSROADS, VIRGINIA McLEAN GRILL Robinson ' s Restaurant GIBSON ' S and Restaurant McLean, Virginia Frozen Custard Shreve St. Lee Hwy. Phone 531 N. Lee Highway Falls Church, ELMWOOD 598 East Falls Church, Virginia Virginia No One Ever Outgrows The Need Of Milk Stay Healthy By Drinking ALEXANDRIA DAIRY MILK " Best By Test” FOR SERVICE CALL AL 2525 — TE-5390 ALEXANDRIA DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY. INC. Pitt Princess Sts., ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA DRUGS - SUNDRIES - COSMETICS - CANDY - LUNCH - BABY NEEDS WESTOVER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 5841 N. Washington Blvd. ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA Phones KENMORE 3-6060 or 3-7100 Page 96 MISCELLANY Compliments of PORTER’S GLEBE RADIO APPLIANCE CO. STUDIO Radios, Ranges, Refrigerators, GRADUATION PORTRAITS Records, Television Come In And See Our New Framing Dept. LEE HIGHWAY GLEBE ROAD Diplomas Framed For A Reasonable Fee Glebe 3311 Arlington, Va. STUCKEY STUDIOS J. W. AYERS 5 10 North Garfield St. at Wilson Blvd. Chestnut 4877 SORORITY and FRATERNITY COMPOSIT GROUPS 5853 N. Washington Blvd. KE 3-5678 Westover Shopping Center, Arlington, Va. ROBERTSONS 5 and 10 CENT STORE Four Locations For Your Convenience 4775 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. 6871 Fairfax Dr., East Falls Church, Va. 106 E. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. 3014 Columbia P. K., Arlington, Va. WASHERS RADIOS ironers RANDALL S. MYERS refrigerators vacuum cleaners ELECTRICAL CENTER HOME freezers PHONE FA 1551 306 So. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. Arlington ' s Friendliest Jewelry Store BASTIAN BROS. COMPANY INTERNATIONAL - GORHAM - TOWLE Rochester, New York WALLACE - LUNT - HEIRLOOM STERLING Representative - Raymond Page, Vinton, Va. ROGERS JEWELRY COMPANY 126 Cleveland Avenue Designers and Producers of High School Jewelry 3172 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Commencement Announcements and Name Cards Page 97 ROGER II. BLAKE Sleepy Hollow Road Corsages, Cut Flowers, Floral Decorations Prompt Delivery Service FA 2119 Chestnut 3233 Oxford 4141 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Association DAN CONKLYN 2046 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Compliments of WF AX 1220 on your dial " Your Pic hire N eivspaper” THE FAIRFAX STANDARD 150 Hillwood Ave. FA 2775 FALLS CHURCH BARBER SHOP We Aim To Please W. M. Clark and Max Wamsley, Prop. 111S. Washington St. — Falls Church, Va. FA 1127 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. JANE ' S BEAUTY SALON 606 Lee Blvd. Falls Church, Va. Jefferson Village Wed. Fri. Shopping Center 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. LIGGON PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE United and Imperial Wall Paper Flexlum Venetian Blinds Altico Aluminum Tile (17 Popular Colors) Amtico Rubber Tile Glidden Paints Lucas Paints Accounting Financial Administration Leading to B.C.S. and M.C.S. Degrees Offering Distributive Preparation For GENERAL BUSINESS GOVERNMENT SERVICE C. P. A. Exams and the PUBLIC PRACTICE OF ACCOUNTING DAY AND EVENING CLASSES Send for 43rd Year book Rental Service on Sanding Edging Machines Electric Sprayer Machine FA 3324 Benjamin Franklin University 154 Hillwood Ave. 1100 16th Street, N.W. at L. Falls Church, Va. Page 98 Phone FA-4400 Newspaper Printing S. Washington Fairfax Sts. ADVERTISING Billboard Publishing Public Relations Consulting Radio Signs Falls Church, Va. Compliments of THETA ALPHA EPSILON (Thea) PLAY GOLF AT Fairfax Country Club A well kept 18-hole course designed, built and operated for the public New Modern Clubhouse Phone Fairfax 265 Everything For Your School Stationery Office Furniture GINN’S 1417 New York Ave., Washington, D. C. Art Supplies School Furniture Phone Republic 5850 Robert Shreve Fuel Co. 6873 Lee Highway (Arlington County) FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Phone FA-1960 JACKSON ' S GIFT SHOP GIFTS AND CARDS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 6965 North Fairfax Drive Phone FA-5455 East Falls Church, Virginia FALLS CHURCH TEEN - CANTEEN Compliments of FALLS CHURCH HOBBY CENTER SECRETARIAL ASSISTANCE 131 South Washington St. FA-3200 Falls Church, Va. Stenography and Typing 5800 Lee Highway Kenmore 3-5317 Arlington, Va. ART - PHOTO MODEL SUPPLIES Page 99 Since 1895 BASTIAN BROS. COMPANY Rochester, New York HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY AND STATIONERY Compliments of THE AMBASSADOR HOTEL SWIMMING CLUB " THE CLUB OF CHAMPIONS " OUR Capt. and Mrs. Francis Beake lames Orrin Beard Major and Mrs. Robert A. Carr Fairfax Delicatessan Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Furman Falls Church Florist Mr. and Mrs. Walter Granger Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Huffman EMPLOYMENT and PROMOTION Save time, save money, and begin a career earlier by attending STRAYER. An ideal success for¬ mula is — Strayer training plus Strayer Employment Service. Evidence that you are qualified: The B.C.S. or M.C.S. degree from Strayer College of Accountancy, or the approved Secretarial di¬ ploma from Strayer College of Secretarial Training. Write for catalog or call in person for information, guidance, or registration. STRAYER COLLEGE 13th and F Streets, N.W., Washington 5, D.C. NAtional 1748 PATHONS Mr. Harris Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Jepson Floyd Jones Mr. and Mrs. Har ry Klunk J. C. Knupp Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Knight Capt. and Mrs. Charles Merman Meridan Modes George T. McNab Mrs. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Sullivan Kip Stevens Realty Anita Sauveur Village Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Uhler Miss Martha Wells Homeroom 211, Biology Laboratory Homeroom 105, Bookkeeping Class Homeroom 107, Typing Class Alpha Beta Chi Sorority Mr. and Mrs. K, L. Cornwell Compliments of BETA GAMMA PI SORORITY Page 100 . £alis Church High School LJbnKf Church Yuaini . . •• ■ Falls Church High School IJbrarr Falls Church, Virginia •ft

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