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TRAILW ■ f • .•» u. As the " hands” on a clock mark the eternal passing of time, so do the hands throughout this book depict the growth of Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service, in the students of Falls Church High School. " No man can feel himself alone The while he bravely stands Between the best friends ever known His two good, honest hands.” Faculty S.G 1 c ' 3 r u sG o° C c { « ' Edith Thompson, Office Seat- tary Howard R. Richardson, Principal Anne H. Rullman Guidance Director o?’ et- at CT o£ e » ot r.’S g? ot iT°t S,1 °VtOt tA.gfc® viT ; Mse s r„ fflOt® V ssi e ,0 d a eoS» J 1,%S " s ?0° fWt ptess- otv v vG l ‘ „ „ us e , A «vot e A -r i „ vv e S :° A t° u ' i-out £.«“ -■- o£ ,oV -.w fe©V o ' n £t - VaOOV a. i« ■„. » C 0 ° ' S e fO a IWS ;ie 5 t A j Y ©i . " Ae o?? ot eY wad ' •• - n e « 0 Jie. Or 3 - ' " • a nce • „., . it e 3 .-, e « e t0 „ w e s c ot ?eS r e P ! ,ri- eTi U ® 1 6 On.® £6 ■ja. 9 t- r i s CP- ©t .Y s yps Vt 8 ® eis 56 6 £ iO 8 ere oVW r c 8 Xi 0 vtv Ovo 1 ■dO« sS SOTi " ftffc 4 4 Vv ‘ William H. BaRrett; Assistant Principal it . i « h‘ Elsie Snodgrass, Eighth Grade Guidance Teachers ' Directory Minnie Banks, M. A. Madison, George Washington University, English Science, Social Studies. Mabel U. Chapman, B. S. Georgia State, Biology, General Science. Harvey F. Cooper, A. B. State Teachers College, California, Shop. Frances Crum, A. B. George Washington University, Mathematics, Art. Laura Furman , A. B. Pennsylvania College for Women, Library. Bernard H. Garhart, A. B. State Teachers College, Slippery Rock, Mathematics Julia Gunn, M. A. Columbia University Visiting Teacher. Pearl Hanson, A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College, Latin, English. Arlene Hunt, A. B. State Teachers College of Farmville, General Business. Harriet S. Flurt, A. B. Emory and Henry, English. Sarah W. Jackson, A. B. Agnes-Scott, English, Science, Social Studies. Bernice Lilly, B. S. Missouri Southern College, Physical Education. Theresa E. Little, A. B. George Washington University, Physical Education. J. J. Lyons, M. A. Woodstock College, English, Spanish. Ethelyne McBee, M. A. Ohio State, Columbia University, Mathematics. Harry W. McCary, B. A. Bridgewater, Mathematics. Lucille McDonald, B. S. Iowa State College, English, Science, Social Studies. Nelle H. Miles B. A. Ohio State English. Frank H. Mishou, M. A. Columbia University, Social Studies, Law. Ruth H. Moffitt, B. A. Mary Washington College, English. Charlotte Munchmeyer, B. S. Wilson Teachers, Social Studies. W. S. Rumbough, M. A. George Washington University, Mathematics, Science. Ernest B. Ryder, B. A. Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, Music. Lucille Scott, B. S. University of Alabama, English, Science, Social Studies. Wm.. D. Snodgrass, B. S. King, Mathematics, Science. Mildred Spindlle, B. S. Farmville, English. Alpha Spitzer, B. S. Madison, Business, Commercial. Margaret Spitzer, B. S. Madison, Ho me Economics. T. D. Todd, B. A. Richmond University, Physical Education. Leland Vliet, B. A. George Washington University, Social Studies. Paul Weber, B. A. George Washington University, Physical Education. Elizabeth Yeakley, B. S. Farmville, Home Economics. Falls 75 Falls -ibrary Crirch High School l Jaguar Trail Chi rch, VA 22042 Faculty Antics I ' ■’. ' 1 i £ ® ,, - 41? , , i If ' 1 " +, 4 „ i .. " -w iip i J j. 1 S " W} , _- V - " f t g mm SHES1§K I t k : v 1 a 4 - SE n ■- . 4- - " af W, r % f % f jj i.A a ' H . M! ' (£■ In Memoriam Although Delores McCarl only attended Falls Church High School during her sophomore year, she will always be remembered in the hearts of her many friends as a wonderful girl. She was known for her sense of humor in any situation. Even though not entering sports herself, she gained great pleasure from watching them, particularly the football games. Delores was very fond of children and spent much of her extra time taking care of them. And so we honor this sweet girl for her abilities and fine traits as well as her lovely personal qualities which were known in the past and will be remembered forever by her friends. 10 Senior Class Officers ROBERT STUART KERR, JR. To find a student’s activities ample, We give Bob Kerr as an example. Western High 2, 3; Class President 4; Student Council 4; Honor Society 4. HENRY WATSON CORNELL Loves a good time — that’s Henry Cornell. A lawyer’s position he’ll someday fll well. Class Vice-President 4; Latin Club Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Senior Play. DORIS MAE SIMMS A talented actress, an athlete at heart. Dotty’s smile could win most any part. Stuart Junior High 1, Class Treasurer 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Play; Hockey 3, 4; Basketball 2, 4; Senior Play. JOHN RUBIN AKRE Jack’s our captain, brave and bold. The Senior money he did hold. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 3; Basketball 3; Baseball 3. RICHARD DONNALLY WAGNER A great athlete, Dick’s quite a chap. Engineering for him we’ll map. Gordon Junior High; Class President 2; Class Sergeant-at- Arms 4; Football 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Glee Club Treasurer 4; Varsity Club 3; Senior Play. Seniors CAROLINE LUCRETIA ANDERSON A tricky rvit, petite in size, A history " Brain” with big brown eyes. Jaguar Journal 4; Basketball 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. JOSEPH THOMAS LAURANCE ARNAUD A touch of France marked by his beret; Joe was " papa” in the Junior Play. St. John’s 1; Weitern High 2; Junior Play; Band 3, 4. MARSHALL LELAND ATKINSON Lee, to his pals, a racer at heart; Always tardy — that’s no way to start! Everett Junior High 1; Washington-Lee 2. LEROY ALTON BEACH Nice to his friends, with a smile for each; Quiet but fun loving, Alton Beach. Model Airplane Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. JAMES NORRIS BENNETT A great big grin will you forever rate From Joe who represented us at Boy’s State. Class Treasurer 1; Boy’s State 3; Patrol 1. FREDERICK HENRY BEYER Known for " Linda” in the talent show. As a football player, Freddie’s rarin’ to go. Jaguar 4; Football 3, 4; Public Speaking Club Sergeant-at- Arms 3. NORMAN CHESTER BILD In mechanics he is keen, In fact, a model engine fiend. Kramer Junior High 1; Anacostia 2, 3. DAVID KNIGHT BORGES Dave would tackle both big and small, He’ll answer a mechanical engineer’s call. Coolidge High 1; Football 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. Seniors KENNETH DAVIS BROWN Kenny’s grin goes from ear to ear. And his dream is of a boat to steer. Collingswood High 1; Jaguar 4; Photography Club Vice-President 3, 4; Track 4. CONRAD BRUDERER A demon at science, Spanish as well, And a mandolin player, so they tell. Spanish Club 3. WILLIAM CLAUDE BURRUSS There’s always a twinkle in his eyes. It’ll give him success whate’er he tries. Baseball 3. BETTY JEAN BYERLY Seen often in plays but seldom in class. Known to all, a bewitching young lass. Class Secretary 3; Jaguar 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3; Dra¬ matics Club President 4. JEAN CALDWELL Efficient and calm she seems to be. Jeanie will make a good secretary. Lewis and Clark High 1; John Rodgers 2; George Washington 3. MARCIA ANNE CAMPBELL A card they would call her in words of the day. But a concert piano Mac hopes to play. Jaguar Journal 4. DAVID BASS CARMICHAEL Words can’t express what we feel for rr Duck.” Our president, athlete sure brought Falls Church luck. R. J. Reynolds High 1, 2; President Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 3; Honor Society 4; Captain Football 4; Baseball 3; Var¬ sity Club President 4. WILBUR CLAFLIN Bill’s best subject was physics by far. He always sported a neat looking car. McKinley Tech 1, 2, 3. Seniors JOSEPH WILLIAM CLARK Smooth on the dance floor, his feet never still. Always rr around” — yes, that’s Bill. Class President 1. MARGARET ANN CLINE Strike three you’d hear the umpire shout. Gay Peggy’d pitched another out. Jaguar 3; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4. ETIENNE LEROY CLOUD Another brave sporstster we find in Jack. A mighty nice guy and that’s a fact. Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Football 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club Vice-President 4. CHESTER COCKRELL Now here’s a fellow who loves to debate: Chester’s sense of humor helps make him rate. Patrol 2, 4. DONALD COCKRELL Black wavy hair tops a smiling face. As yet his future we cannot trace. BEULAH COFER " Being efficient in a quiet way, That’s Pat’s aim throughout the day.” Library Assistant 2, 4. ALMA CORKER A diamond she wears, her future to cell. And that life we know she’ll love well. Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4. CARL RICHARD CUTRIGHT Here’s another lawyer—keen and shrewd, Loves to joke — he’s really a dude. Student Council 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Jaguar 4; Junior Play; Track 3, 4; Band 2; Club President 4, Senior Play; Honor Society 4. Seniors JAMES CLEMENT DANIEL At any job, Jimmie’d succeed. The Honor Society he helped lead. Class Treasurer 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Vice President 4 Jaguar 4; Basketball 4; Chess Checkers Club President 2; Student Council 2 , 3. ANNIE ELIZABETH DAVIS Another secretary to add to our fold. A likeable one too, it can be told. Art Typing Club 3, 4; Secretary 3. JAMES FRAZIER DAVIS Born to succeed, with an eager will. For editorials Jim’s remembered still. Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Library Club President 1; Spanish Club President 2; Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll. HERBERT LOWELL DAVIS A pocket edition of zip, life and fun. But he doesn’t lack sense—not that one. Spanish Club Secretary 2; Honor Society 4. BARBARA ANN DAWSON Her fingers merrily tap the keys. She’ll be a typist with the greatest of ease. Future Homemakers of America 1, 2 , 3, 4. RUBY DELLINGER A nurse someday she’d like to be. That she’ll make good we can plainly see. Future Homemakers of America Treasurer 2. MARGARET ELLEN DeGROOT rr She is gentle, she is shy. But there’s mischief in her eye!’ Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Junior Play; Senior Scouts Treasurer 3; Drivers Club Secretary 4; Honor Society 4; Senior Play; Quill and Scroll 4. JEAN ELIZABETH DEMORY Cute and peppy, watch out girls. She’s got vim and brunette curls. Dance Club 3. Library Falls Church High Scho 7521 Jagflar Trail 7 " i I ■ i ■ % t A M . A ' a Aim. Seniors CAROLE JOAN DHEIN A great little girl who’s athletic and fine. An attractive blond is Carole Dhein. Dramatics Club Treasurer 1. KENNETH DOVE Kenny rates a kind word from all. As a pal he’ll always answer your call. Baseball 3, 4. JUDITH ANN EARHART She always had a cheer for the team. And at school affairs she was often seen. Cheerleader 4; Camera Club Secretary 2; Student Council 1, 3. PATRICIA DIANNE ELLER Good things come in a little package. Patsy’s an example of that old adage. Band 1. BARBARA ANN FUSARINI Kind hearted ever—no one denies. She’ll come out ahead in whatever she tries. Patrol 4. BETTY JEAN GALLEHER Rollicking, frolicking—with friends everywhere. Betty would always take you up on a dare. Hockey 3, 4; Softball 3; Varsity Club 4; Commercial Club President 2. CAROLYN PATTERSON GLOVER Cute and peppy, just a wee bit shy. A hockey star—that ’taint no he. Hockey 4; Basketball 4; Varsity Club 4. DON TRUMAN GOOD Whee—there goes Peanuts, watch him dash. Carrying the team’s water in a flash. Football Manager 4; Collector’s Club Vice President 1. Seniors PEGGY ANN GOODE rr Here ' s to the one who’ll not pretend. But is, and stays the steadfast friend.” Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA MARY GOODWIN " There is a soft and pensive grace. A cast of thought upon her face.” Latin Club Secretary 2. ANNE GOTTHARDT A striking brunette, face aglow. Would love work on a television show. Junior Play; Senior Play; Student Council 4. MARY ALICE GRAVES A redhead ’round F.C. is hard to find. But here is one who’s truly kind. Art Typing 3, 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE HAND " Just Plain Bill” ever in demand. His jokes gave the Jaguar Journal a " Hand.” Football 3, 4; Basketball Manager 4; Latin League 2; Checker Club President 2; Chess Checker Club Vice President 4; Quill and Scroll 4. LEROY DAVID HANRAHAN Loves his auto and it really runs. About it Leroy would accept no puns. Chess Checker Club 2. LOUIE HARGETT A quiet boy with friendly ways. We’ll remember him throughout all our days. Library Club 4. IDA APRIL HARNE She types letters and pictures with equal skill- Though not very big she works with a will. Arty Typing Club 3, 4. Seniors ANNE SARAH HARRISON Daft as a daisy, Anne’s a hit. Known to all by her ready wit. Holy Trinity 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. VIRGINIA LEE HAZELGROVE Eagerly joining the athletic band, Mickey excelled in all sports at hand. ' Hockey 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Basketball Man¬ ager 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; Student Council 1, 4. CAROL JOY HEIDENREICH Rich brunette hair; always neat in dress. With an artist’s touch she is blessed. Honor Society 3, 4; Secretary 4; Latin League Consul 2. EARL EDWIN HENDERSON Life to him is one big whirl. For a fun loving soul look to Earl. Pampa High; Model Airplane Club 4. CLARENCE HIGHT Hilarious, gay, happy-go-lucky. That’s our shrewd friend, dear old Bucky. Westmont High, Montreal, Quebec 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. NAIDA HILLMAN We called her Short Circuit because of her size. A dainty young miss; this would we surmise. EDITH JUANITA HINTON Original both in ways and name. Cookie wi ll type her way to fame. Eastern High 2, 3; Madrigals 4. THOMAS WESLEY HOGAN A naval career is Wes’ great aim He’s quite a traveler so we know he’ll gain fame. Buckley High 1; Sweet Water High 2; San Diego High 2; Coronada High 3; Bremerton High 4; Marietta High 4; Track 4. Seniors BARBARA SUE HUFF She’s a gay and bonny lass. One of the merry makers of our class. Granville High 1; Nagaya American, Japan 2, 3; Glee Club Presi¬ dent 4; Jaguar 4. ANNE LOUISE HUGHES Ann’s our lady in manner reserved. On the Jaguar Journal she faithfully served. Notre Dame Academy 1, 2; Jaguar Journal 4. r f t. JOAN FREDERICIA HUGHES Ready to work, ready to play. Ready to help wherever she may. Future Homemakers of America 3, 4; Vice President 4. SYLVIA AMARYRILLIS HUMM A gentle lass, with artistic trends. So sweet you’ll add her as one of your friends. Senior Scouts Treasurer 3; Art Club President 4. PHYLLIS MAE HUNT A diligent worker, obliging too. This describes Phil through and through. Variety Club Treasurer 2; Art Typing Club President 4. JOHN HEATH HUNTON Airplanes his hobby, aeronautics his career. Height this calm boy does not fear. Model Airplane Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 1; Vice-President 2; President 3, 4. WILLIAM JIBEAULT A good dancer and with little fault. Is your friend and mine Bill Jibeault. Indiana High 1; Class President 3; Football Manager 4; Student Council 2, 3; Track 4; Senior Play. FRANCES JANE JONES When we speak of friends we make no bones. A true pal is Frances Jones. Future Homemakers of America 1, 2 Seniors BARBARA JEANNE KELLEY Vivacious Bobbie holds the key For a life that’s successful but carefree. Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; President 3. EDNA LAVINIA KIRBY A genuine manner leads you rightly to know That Edna’ll gain friends wheree’er she may go. Office Practice Club 2. PATRICIA LAWRENCE Quiet and sincere, Pat loves to read. A friend in need is a friend indeed. AUDREY FRANCIS LEE Dark hair and big brown eyes Our Audrey is really very wise. Sunset High, Dallas, Texas 2; Hampton High 3. JAMES THOMAS LEWIS He’ll be a success whatever his aims We know we’ll be proud of our classmate James. Jaguar 4; Basketball 4; Track 4. ALBERT CARL LIEBER With a speedy snap those pictures he took They may be seen throughout this book. Hampton High 1, 2, 3; Jaguar 4; Track 4. TERRENCE LONGACRE Toward the clouds Terry will soon aspire. This paratrooper we shall always admire. Newport News High 3; Track 4. BARBARA ALYNE LOOMIS Sweet but quiet is our gal. Barbara is to all a pal. Drivers Club 4. Seniors LEWIS EMORY LOWE Small in stature but big in heart. In business he will prove quite smart. Library Club 1, 2, 3; Treasurer 3. MARSHALL EUGENE LOY Popular, versatile, is this wonderful boy. With many a talent — he’s Marshall Loy. Class Vice-President 2; Class Treasurer 3; Class Sergeant-at- Arms 4; Honor Society 4; Jaguar Journal 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Baseball 4; Quill and Scroll; Senior Play. MARY BLANCHE McCAULEY In the future as a nurse we see Mary, Our Home Ec. prodigy. Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2. WANDA LOU McDUFFEE A serious countenance for her pays. And Wanda will shine in many ways. Boise Junior High 1; University Heights Junior High 1. i 4 THEODORE PAUL MAGSIG, JR. Tenacious he is, with a smile always ready. We’ll never forget what a grand guy is Teddy. Science Club 3. NORMAN WENDELL MARRS Quiet as can be—Norman is a friend. Who’ll succeed in the business end. MARGARET LOUISE MASON A gal with ambition for travel and chasin’. We’ll read about the charming Miss Mason. Future Homemakers of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4. ETHEL MAY MESSICK Something new has been added, a dancer we see. She’ll follow her toes to prosperity. Glee Club 2. Seniors ROBERT MILLS To travel and travel and travel some more. Is the lifelong aim Bob’s set in store. PHILLIPS DANIEL MOORE To build and create in a world never still. Is the fine future line for good friend, Phil. Radio Club 3. MARTHA MAE MOORE Charming yet lovable as can be. For her a stenographer’s position we see. Gordon Junior High 1; Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 4. MARY ANNE MOORE A blond amazon with winning ways. We’ll remember Mary Anne for the rest of our days. Punahou Hawaii 1, 2, 3; Basketball 4; Hockey 4. MARY SUE MUNSON A brilliant scholar, in science excels. Her sweet character, her quiet nature tells. Collectors Club Secretary 1. Drivers Club Treasurer 4; Latin League 2; Girls’ State 3. EVELYN ELIZABETH NEFF Colorful Evie, a striking brunette. For her basketball playing we remember her yet. Basketball 3; Future Homemakers of America Club Reporter 4; Student Council 1. EARL LEON MORRIS Earl wrote articles with that certain spark. His editorials were above the average mark. Jaguar Journal 4. LILIAN BYERS ELDRED MORRISON Ambition to travel and be educated still. A brilliant, fine student, and good friend is Lil. Fairfax 1; Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Hockey 3; Softball 3; Latin League 2; Girls State 3. Seniors BETTY THOMAS O’BANNON Excels in whatever she does, This trusting girl whom everyone loves. Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Honor Society 4; Science Club Presi¬ dent 2, 3; Foreign Correspondence Club President 4; Latin League 2; Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT AMBROSE OSBORN Noted for doing an excellent job. A surgeon will be the career for Bob. Track 3. CAROLYN PATTISHALL Amiable and attractive with many friends, Cary’s abilities are in Spanish trends. Junior Play; Science Club Vice President 2; Foreign Correspondence Secretary 4; Latin League 2. CHARLOTTE ANN PEARSON Patient and willing she used her time, To bring you this yearbook of ’ 49 . Middletown High 1, 2; Editor Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Treasurer 4; Public Speaking Club Secre¬ tary 3; Hockey 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT LEE PENNINGTON Although not boisterous he has plenty of vigor. He tackled any job with lots of rigor. Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4. CLARA JEANETTE PIGGOTT Maid of honor with sparkling blue eyes. A lovable girl—that no one denies. Jaguar 4; Editor Jaguar Journal 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Presi¬ dent 4; Cheerleader 4; Science Club Secretary 2, 3; Latin League Scribe 2; Girls State 3; Quill and Scroll 4. IRENE ISABELL PILKERTON A domestic life sedate Irene’ll lead. Her F. H. A. past will serve her indeed. Future Homemakers of America 2, 4. RICHARD STANLEY PLAUGHER A voice so low yet rich in tone As a preacher Stanley will be known. Fairfax 1; Library Club President 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2. Seniors LEE RAY POEHLER A football and track man is Lee Ray. A good businessman he’ll make some day. Fairfax 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Track 3. SHIRLEY BELLE POSEY Prominent ever in the S.C.A. Outstanding and active in every way. Student Council Vice-President 3, 4; Student Council Secre¬ tary 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Latin Club President 2; First Aid Club Vice President 1; Softball 2. CAROL FIELD PUTNAM Pretty, charming, active as well. All nice things go with our little belle. Coronado High 1; Lanier High 2; New Bern High 3; Jaguar 4; Honor Society 4. PATRICIA CAROL REDD Carefree Patty always smiling. Her sweet manners are most beguiling. Future Homemakers of America Vice-President 3. PATRICIA ANN REES A voice like a lark has our gal. Charming Patty, to all a pal. Honor Society 3, 4; Band 2; Latin League 2; Student Council 2. WILLIAM PARKER ROBERTSON Art was his talent, these past four years. This quality will aid him. in many careers. Art Club 1, 3, 4. ROBERT ROSENBERGER Here and there we found him not. Rosie’s whereabouts formed a good plot. Football 4. FRANK ROTHERY Another camera fiend was Frank. Right end on the team was his rank■ Football 4: Camera Club President 3. Seniors CHARLES LAWRENCE ROTHSTEIN Planes are his interest, flying his career. And behind a broad smile he will always appear. Airplane Club 3, 4; Treasurer 3. Vice-President 4; Student Council l. CAROLYN ALMA ROTE A typewriters keys she will someday pound. Sweet and sincere she has always been found. Art Typing Club Secretary 4; Student Council 4. ROBERT LEROY SARRETT r His limbs are cast in manly mold. For hardy sports and contests bold.” Plant High 1; Jaguar Journal 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Ban 1 2, 3, 4. BETTY JEAN SHUMATE Betty’s quick as a flash with her shorthand. With her ability a swell job she will land. Jaguar 4; Library Club 3; Dance Club 4. GERALDINE DELIA SHUGARS Madam—President you’ll hear the calls. While Jerry’s within Home Ec. Halls. Honor Society 4; Jaguar Journal 4; Future Homemakers of Amer¬ ica President 4; Latin Club Librarian 2; Quill and Scroll 4. ELLSWORTH EDWIN SINCLAIR A pretty good guy to have around. For a draftsmen’s career he seems to be bound. Drivers Club President 4; Student Council 1, 4; Patrol 4. BETTY LOU SLIGER Writing an article, seeking an ad. A grander gal we’ve never had. Jaguar 4; Jaguar Journal 1, 2, 3; Student Council 4; Red Cross Club Secretary 1; Future Homemakers of America Vice-President 3; Prince William and Fairfax County Future Homemakers of America Vice-President 4. DAVID KENYON SPENCER Down the track you’d see Dave fly. He’s always thought of as a really grand guy. Track 3, 4. Seniors JOHN MELVIN STARK JR. Gigantic and brilliant, he’ll make his mark. Success and good will go with Jack Stark. Fairfax 1; Jaguar 4; Football 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Science Club Treasurer 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Sergeant-at-Arms 4. , EVELYN JANE STAVER Hailing from Maryland, tall, blonde, and attractive. A photography fiend and in sports ever active. Great Mills Ffigh 1, 2; Clearfield Fligh 3; Senior Play. MELVIN LEE STEADMAN, JR. He’d make an excellent history teacher; But Buddy it seems will be a preacher. Jaguar 4; Library Club Vice President 4; Collectors Club Typist 2. SHIRLEY LEE STEADMAN With her ready laughter, Shirley’s sweet as can be. In the future a secretary’s position we see. Glee Club 2, 3. ROBERT STEELE Another football hero is Bob. At all those games he was right on the job. STEPHEN WRAY STRICKLAND Although not appearing to have much muscle. Watch this boy when in a tussle. Fairfax 1. EUGENE HERMAN SUTTON Gene can really drive a truck- And when he does we wish him luck. Glee Club 4. ELLEN TASKER In sports Ellen has earned her fame. And over them all she will ever reign. Secretary Class 2; Jaguar 2; Junior Play; Hockey Manager 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 1; Captain 2, 3; Senior Scouts President 3; Varsity Club 1, 2; Senior Play. Seniors RUTH CHERRI TAYMAN With fiery red hair and flashing green eyes. Cherri’s a girl who’s really a prize. Personality Club Treasurer 1. BEATRICE JUNE TRIPLETT The latest styles " Trip” doth wear. Thii alert young actress with wavy brown hair. Junior Play; Dance Club President 3; Patrol 2, 3. NEIL ERNEST THUT Another patrolman we hereby salute. Our optimistic classmate Ernest Thut. Track 3; Patrol 2, 3, 4. CHRISTOPHER TURNBULL He’ll soar his way to a pilot’s fame. This daring young lad who’s love is a plane. PATRICIA SCHUYLER TURNBULL A debonair Miss that’s always in style. If you knew Patsy ’twas worth your while. St. Anne’s 1; Honor Society 4; Cheerleader 3, 4, Captain 4; Hockey 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. DOROTHY LUCILLE WALLER Ever willing to do her part. Dot’s a true friend from the start. Art Typing Club 4. RAYMOND DEWEY WATT The Navy will beckon this blond lad. With Ray’s winning way’s he’s bound to be had. Takoma Park High 1, 2,; Jaguar Journal 4; Basketball 3. MICHAEL FRANCIS WEST A sense of humor there’s no doubt Mike’s usually flashing a smile about. Patrol 3. Seniors ROBERT WILLIAM WILLETT JR. He’ll go far in the field as a C.P.A. For his grades in math were high every day. Patrol 2, 3. JEAN DOLORES WILLIAMS rr A face with gladness overspread. Soft smiles by human kindness bred.” Jaguar 4; Patrol 4. JOHN FRANCIS WILLIAMS Quiet but nice is this fair lad. No keener fellow has this school had. JOYCE MAY WILLIAMS A typist the paper could never find. With more agile fingers or heart so kind. Jaguar Journal 4; Patrol 4; Latin Club Treasurer 2. CLAYBORNE WORLEY A load of wit and loads of fun. Out of a million he is one. JEAN CAROL ZETTLE With mind that is quick and sharp as a nettle. But sweet as can be — that’s Jean Zettle. Broadway High 1; Washington and Lee 2; Jaguar 4; Library Club Secretary 3; Student Council 4; Honor Society 4. Prophecy K 0LA. 1 o. ' At U..- tA. y’tUAA- (A ct 4 - r t - «• " y n»-w, -uiu»i- — «. ' J , t ' o4.w t£jtctujs? £ ' rr 1 . TfT " ' zT : . %liAAduQ Ivv ' le-r ' ■ " ' • -i j _ J ’■ t ; t( w f Z? ixt tW " M- - c ' v t ml ,4 z id ■ . . „ „ . „ZZ_ Ci AL Us jLk z tx. s- ' £sc£ut UitcU ,y’W J Mi4. £fcO C £ Olc . 4 M Xzk C Uy A - - £ufc W£ Z,i. Ay uU; t " (ActAULt U L-.4d ( tM osM;i c eA ' i ' Txy itrftcW ' ( __ l r f dL 4. Ay Ui_ C ..rvyLv, }fcH6 ' ' (AiiS . A it .£ , XX Z ' C {?3 4JL £+ -■■ +£ LA-it. t zA ltvi 9-j ' feiCttiA+xi rhfr r v . y - . . l Mw-- ? w j Z r « ' -s --• »-•■—- — w ’ « , ' -’». ' -%« r ' v ' i " « w " « " .■- j ,.jK$. if tty n £.fr .4- fKJU’ • ■ ' ' %. vfw v • 4 ” ' t • ; v -7v . ‘ -• 1 - - ' •- - r 4 wp ' htsu ’z t ti... ij H UT ? cCti vy £ t X " ' V . 0iA C .Ci Jdx txX.jt U y " " } ■■ .AitzO v t ' k(Ht r j- y f ■V ' .44b 4 1v -C V..44 y . Z ( ' JH-x ' r £ a,c (ZJitZR. r ' OXA-tX zf 4 U tA-KiH . " . A.ixiy list— AMx njuZiAead 1. ct ' t f- ku. t ' jd Ady tAjcr£ - tA rXi 4 L T«- - nxiji tz ter- c 0Al Ay it A-iAi. rU ' tS « coil ! • ; v Ke UuctK£ t i A AZl J y t lX A ' - , K £ 4 " T SjjAjA-y Ad - i X X- US y, t? ‘■- •tAi c i. Xc C. X X-Lqd£f Ji. jCiH cl - VA . ' fX Ay. 7 f su f v Ai ' t i- clc i K ' A-titAy Addytl tdjLS t UK Continued On Page 34 Feminine Favorites Most Artistic Most Attractive Wittiest Most Popular Best Dancer Most Athletic Masculine Masters Most Artistic Most Athletic Wittiest Most Popular Most Attractive Junior Class Officers President, Benny Rouillard Vice-President, Patricia Silliman Secretary, Mollie Zettle Treasurer, Chester McCarl Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Devereaux. Junior Class Sheila Bell ptij A % V ' Gerald Belknapp Grace Boaz Annette Bowman Joanne Carr Diane Cornwell Maurice Corson William Duke William Fletcher Edna Frady George Gans Betty Groah Juniors Tollie Hagood. Charlotte Hite Patricia Hoff Helen Houston Viola Jessen Roy Kennedy Margaret King Jean Knupp Anne Lieber Anne Lyle William May Lawrence Miller Charles Ogden Allan Palmer Leon Perrell Patricia Potter Robert Schindler Charles Smith Fred Staver Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Ethel Trout June Tunison Margaret Wood 33 Not In Picture Roland Blue, Donald Caldwell, Thomas Humphreys, Janet Klunk, Virginia Lane, Jimmie Reece, Floyd Sechrest, Roland Snead, Dewey Spraker, Barbara Steel. Prophecy Continued... JU ‘fctK XxAA, kK, AViKx fc ' K i % Cvj i ' u ' p 4 cuCo ’ M UXW 0-. r ' C-C (i $ K 0 4 Uo ’U-. u ., u 4aM - . .i vvc. . (IjvuodL ' ' ' ’ Hiy V Q , ' i-. V. V 1 A • • ’ A V - ' 4» • ' •‘4 ' 4 lu|y v: 1 — ft ; V(r i u j u fk k t- ' ' l f 7 " " ' ■ ” ’ - M ' TNJLJLh Tv $J Crw. f -cML 4C,Vw «il vIma-C ' " .$ ■ iL W aC|L , $. (|x j _ W v - ' " - i ' j N siWau ,V Amj ' tfcMu . u -J iU.. ' ' “-A ■ V. 4 , •■■, , , -tCCt-c )■; t,k.c - 1; KAir L ' 44 . ■ • » f ‘,. , n U hU -n» ' . iwi: -v-vw w r mUv • Uvi .- Cf • 4 ' ' v ’ - 4 IA 4 , CivtOW ii ' ■■ •■ • UU V • (V , hAAV f 5i VM ftA. C Xh 4 £ v ■■ ■ v - ' « ; 4 « tm gjb.t-.,, ; . 1 . «. ,. I- „ •; ' . ,C 1 i . . Ar j . y«M a ' fAtiwU-V- s$fc 4 . 1 I v ' ■ ■ •• .■ ' ryrva v- 4 ; ’ -V iX LM m , vuuuct l - » ■ ' ' w» l ; K 4 . , 4 ) ' ' . ■■■ :• d t| » . ' .tvhl Lr -M C ; M■ ' r i t|lv ' . ' »i x ic IC U. -KA x. J " vi 4 V ' V t , I " " " " " ' HC (L iWcL, CiK, vu v C ni - yUHtl, uK 4UnxX h 4 (ujLcCjX ' ' ‘ 1 w a . r ¥ - | - s 4 dli i td f ' •• ' ■ • ' .u (T, $ L ‘» -4 r 1 ' At ' vl.,V C r { c ' ti - ii.jL ■MMC fi h.K ‘-WvL. t c4 -i L xftcCx, AU-%xxx’vC C,,c,f u. r ' vl ' ’ ' v - " ; ' ’--l ' vWi v.a,c a v) v ( Vi ,4 CV. ,4; " ' v ' ' ■ • .ii- aC Cv 4hj.» c.v , 1 . j C ' Ci j ZrC- 4 ’ 4 ' Cv Ji. Cw v u v W- T -lh vC f„C t . v»c . C ' t ' kx CuA LiM-- o ; - U. -t i- X44 At vVL F .vMvM-C 0 a4-C| Usilt Awx ' U 4 Cxvi 4.. viStiftU U. O-WvV- ’ ' ’ 1 ' ' “ . VC-tX.,. 4 J U .4VYVJr-.-U .. .4 1 v ' , fl 4 ‘4 ■ ' 4 t " v Ct ,’ a -4 c c-ivtL V LroAJLiUVajK Cr°: A. Of Ha. . t, A-C l v " (otAvAVv I kIL (1 U 4 ca4» 4 -C ' AM Vxa XV UdtAWc ivc u, u:i4 , utCoi C V V - V ' . v4.iL.- C »-s x,4Ia’ J Vi ' -Xtt-X VtPVK 4v4Cr ' ' -C jt,_ , Continued On Page 46 S ' AHUf K f :,X 4 4 ■ 6-1 v. tdCu VVVvvA 4w “Xa.4 1 Sophomore Class Officers Vice-President, Lilia Hight Secretary, Virginia Miller Treasurer, Anthony Bickrest Sergeant-At-Arms, William Wheeler Ruth Adcock Albert Alexander Ruth Altizer Lily Altman Charles Atchison Betty Ayres Sophomores George Bairey Delores Baraffio James Beard Maurice Beazley Richard Bennett Helen Bierlien Hal Booher Alfred Bowman Dorsey Boyd Ralph Brumby Tanya Bruskin Bonita Burwick Shirley Cannon Betty Clark Peggy Corkrill Leon Coggins Geraldine Costello Constance Crigler Eline Cronin Hilda Croson Lilly Crumbaugh Joanne Daugherty Patricia Dennis Patricia Donahoe Kenneth Donaldson Margaret Donaldson Kenneth Dowden Charles Dunn Melvin Dunn Barbara Escherich Sophomores Beruon Faidley William Feister Peter Field Bettie Fincham Earl Foltz Elizabeth Frenzel Robert Furman Russel Gilbert Shirley Gilmore Dona Gleeson Wayne Glenn Anne Glover Donald Glover Arthur Gower Juanita Gragg Tommy Griffin Frederick Grenfell Raymond Gunderson Vernon Hall Maureen Hanna Walter Hanrahan Jack Hanson John Hardy Barbara Heath James Hennings William Hileman Doris Himelright Mary Hines Charlotte Howze Edwin Hoffman Ray Hull Wilber Isenberg Marilyn Jacobs Contee James Tommy Jarboe Frank Jenkins William Jepson Willard Johnson John Jullien Elizabeth Kane Alice Knight Fred Landess Daniel Lay Kitty Sue Lee Lorraine Lesage Lovine Luckenback Alvin Luckenback Noel Lynn Sophomores Betty Maden Joyce Maden Charleen Magarity Terry Maley Robert Mayberry Don Middelton Doris Milan Thelma Milburn Sally Anne Morse Anna Mosser Margaret Myers Allen Myers Robert McCintire Mary Francis Nichols Max Odom Bobby Pear Catherine Pearson Eddie Pierce Timmy Popovich Mitzee Posey Marian Rampey Alan Rex Eileen Rice Richard Riley Joan Rollins May Rosenbaum Maxine Rountree Jane Rutherford Richard Rumble Patricia Schauss Robert Schnidt Jane Schottle Francis Shoemaker Dorothy Spicer Ellis Stearns Ann Lee Stranathan Margaret Straw Barbara Suddarth Patricia Sullivan Charles Summers William Tavenner Thomas Taylor Joanne Thompson Harvey Tower Mary Jane Trice Joseph Trombo Albert Twiss Ernest Tyrell Sophomores Arthur Van Dusen LaRue Van Meter Vincent Via Anne Vosbury William Waeslhe John Wainio Buddy Waters Jean Watson Laura Ann Whitesell Juanita White Joanne Whittington George Wilcox Robert Wilcox Fred Wilson Jo Ellen Wilson NOT IN PICTURE Cirby Alexander, Joan Auth, Pat Beggs, Patricia Bowlin, Harry Chambin, Thomas Cook, Carol Geddes, Mary Lou Grenfill, Maria Giampapa, Robert Hayes, Helen Kidwell, Sidney Lanier, Paula Hockman, Robert Jarbae, Jacquelyn Lipscomb, Richard Loveless, John Lucas, James Lyons, Nancy McCarter, Robert Mclntire, Leatice Marden, Richey Miller, Virginia Nally, Russel Phlegar, Jeanine Smith, Alice Thompson, Harmonds Thompson, George Tiller, Betty Vann, Robert Walker, Raymond Waller. • jgj Wi Vice President Frank Smallwood Secretary Betty Towsey Freshman Officers Betty Alexander David Arnold Frances Bailey Patricia Bailey President Bobby Shumate Shirley Barnett Betty Barnett Wayne Bennett Dan Boger T reasurer Betty Pearson Sergeant-dt-A rms Allen Robinson Bobby Boggs Lari Bowman Bill Brose Bobby Brown Freshmen Janet Bullock Mary Lou Carroll Rockne Carpenter David Carstater Dorothy Carter Robert Chastain Diane Christopher Delanor Cook Susan Cook Lorene Corker Joan Cushman Lucille Dailey Katherine Degroot Joan Donaldson Mary Dunn June Eller Richard Ellis Mary Embrey Anna Everette Hester Fague Buddy Fisher Richard Fletcher Charles Foresman Joyce Foster Patricia Foster Herman Fox Charles Freed Ann Galt Carrie Greier Shirley Georffray Franklin Gheen Mike Giambattista James Gilbert Elsbeth Gnueg Patsy Gordon Majorie Gorham Charles Gotthardt Jon Grant Bonnie Griffith Belmar Gunderson Ruth Haines June Hanson Freshmen Edgar Harper Georgia Hautze Jerry Hazelgrove Peggy Herron Ronald Herring Robert Himmelsback Beverly Hollister Phyllis Horton Kathryn Hunter James Huey Bernice Huntly Kaye Irwin Haruko Ishuyama Beverly Jacobs Betty Jenkins Virginia Jenkins Larry Jepson Delores Jepsop Gladys Jones Philip Kautt Ann Kohnmeir Jean Kramer Russell Lacy Electra Larcome Faye Lassen Doninic Lay Francis Lay Mary Jane Leach Kathleen Lee Eleanor Lehman Thomas Leidner David Liggon Jean Lillard John Lockwood Jane Longanecker Maynard Loy Robert Lundien Patricia Lush Gayle McAchren Herbert McCeney Peter McCrary Marion McCelland Joan Mcllliwee Roland McCurdy Betty Jean McDermitt Thomas McKinly Hugh MacMahon Muriel Matson Maxine Magarity Eugene Merkert William Moore Margaret Nevin Lawrence Nielson Betty Nicholson Hilda Norris Earl Nuckols Clifford Oliver Rosa O’Neal Constance Osmond Barbara Peterson Walter Phillips James Pistole Joan Plaugher Johnny Poehler Robert Reid James Reynolds Delores Rich Wayne Richey Marlene Reeves Rexford Robey Freshmen Kenneth Rose Anne Root John Roylance Courtney Sampson Audrey Saunders Fredericks Schauss Cristol Schwartz Jack Schweitzer Shirley Seabolt Shirlfcy Shelton Beal Shirke Charles Shughrue Robert Sibley Marjorie Small Arlene Smith Janice Smith Elinor Spaulding Norma Staples Nancy Stark Evangeline Stearns Shirley Stearns Betty Stenhouse John Stewart Barbara Taylor Paul Taynton Doris Thomas Marilyn Thomas Barbara Tower William Trout Charles Trout Bettie Mae Tuck Robert Van Pelt Thomas Virden Robert Webster Patricia Wells Carter Werth Herndon Werth Kenneth Wiersena Barbara Wilcox Beverly Wilcox Charles Williams Lorraine Wood Mary Wood Betty Wortman Norma Wren Buster Wright Beverly Zierdt NOT IN PICTURE John Ammitage, John Austin, William Coronado, Thomas Corson, Ethel Deering, Bill Dick, Elliot Eawin, Thomas Fihey, Earl Godwin, John Gray, Gwendolyn Hockman, Louis Homer, Lynn Keagh, Walter Laren, Robert Livings¬ ton, Nelson Lyle, June McIntosh, Phillip McGonigale, Armond Michaud, Joan Miller, Irene Mills, Jerry Novah, Denise O’Brien, Arthur Pastelnick, Duane Poland, Michelle Putnam, Allen Robinson, Ann Rutherford, Walter Shirkey, Betty Stearn, Marilee Strautmann. Alike As Two Peas In A Pod Eighth Grade Class Officers President, Richard Harris Vice-President, Gene Mayer Secretary, Barbara Dill Treasurer, Geneva Fox Sergeant of Arms, Donald Furcher Eighth Grade Nancy Altfather Richard Alley Ellen Baker Mason Barr Austin Bass Charles Beasley Billy Biddle Robert Black Vivian Bles Frederick Boes Michael Bowman Donald Breedon Millie Brittain Shirley Case Fred Chew John Christenson Shirley Colyd Alan Colby Caswell Cooke David Cooper John Cooper Timothy Cornell Betty Carson Mary Day Sara DeGroot Georgia Deits Jane DeVaughn Carolyn Downing Dianne Drotteff Dennis Earman Glenda Edwards Carolyn Eppard Ralph Evans Mary Jane Fague Jack Ferris Frances Ferguson Mary Lu Field William Finkey Eileen Fletcher Gordon Fletcher David Fry Richard German Estelle Gheen David Gibbs LeGrand Glover Diane Godfrey Betty Gold Nancy Gothardt Dana Lee Gould Edward Greco Virginia Grille Shirley Gunn Ralph Haines Barry Hall Marian Hannold Alvin Hardy John Hargarett Hilda Harne Tommy Harrington Walter Heath Joy Helbig Michael Hodges Eighth Grade Charlotte Hollowell Vera Mae Hood Frank Hoy. Tom Hoy Audrey Houtz Lee Houtz Buddy Hunt Mary Lou Hunt Marguerite Hunt David Jacobs DeWayne James Charles Jeckell Henrietta Jenkins Margguite Jenkins Edward Johnson Joan Johnston Nancy Johnston Bobby Jones Harvey Jones Junior Jones Walter Jones Boyd Kelsie Jean Kidwell Helen King Delores Krigbaum Patrick Kullenberg Norma LeFervere Marian Lear Frank Lewis Faith Libby Donna Lofton Charles Longacre Barbara Lukens Donald Lumsden Norma Luttrell Jessica McClain Roberta McCary Mary McGarr John Mclntire Marion McKee Elsie Jo McNeely Katherine Madden Phillip Mallick Anne Mason Sanford Mead Carol Milburn Buddy Miller Dawn Miller Richard Miller Roy Minnick Tom Moen Aldrich Monahan Donna Moringstar Guy Morris Leroy Morrison Barbara Moscati Eighth Grade Charles Montoux John Mutersbaugh Ruth Needle Carol Newman Peggy Nicholson Patricia North Marilyn Ofelt Rae Anne Ogden Burtner Oliver Michael Osborn Helen Oswald Mary Anne Oswald Rita Overly Louis Pattishall Ted Payne George Pepin Merita Philips Milton Philyaw George Pickeral James Pierce Thaddeus Posey Jacquelyn Rankins Hazel Reigle Joy Rein Thomas Reynolds Earl Rice Wayne Robertson Robert Robinson Larry Ropes Patricia Rosenberger Jacquelyn Rountree Hubert Ryder Richard Smapsall Roland Sandretzky Betty Snatmyer George Schindler Frederick Schrader Arthur Shaffer Betty Shelton Shirley Simmerman Marshall Sisk Arthur Smith Kenneth Spaulding Margaret Spaulding Ted Spitler Eleanor Steadman Frances Steele Walter Stenhouse Helen Strauss Betsy Sullivan Robert Sullivan Bill Tasker Buddy Tasker Ray Templeman Tommy Thom Carol Tower Margaret Trout Donald True Joan Tuttle Allen Veach Wayne Via Jimmy Walker Roland Walker Eighth George Waller Delores Walthall John White Larry White Ralph Whitmer Paul Wiley George Will NOT IN PICTURE Patsy Wilson Barbara Zimmer Charles Zwicker Mamie Anderson, Paul Austin, Phillip Barksdale, Mae Bradley, Bobby Corrice, John Chambliss, Bobby Cleer, Tommy Cazzens, James Crigler, Janet Cunningham, Lawrence Davies, Ruth Donnam, Robert Dennis, Shirley Dietze, Norma Dod¬ son, Jacquelyn Fortune, Cleveland Glass, Mary McCarr, Anne Marshall, Paul Millson, Frank Miller, Bob Osmond, Richard Summers. Prophecy Continued... -Jtr v4w k a o oiL icT K iMJcic a-u A-4Wm— c T w i0€ v C 9io i Jui Zjfcr udL ' yi 46 Continued On Pa e 58 o Rothery Devereaux Trombo Wagner Varsity Steele Carmichael Sarrett W. Akre Cloud Cornell Jibeault Poehler Hight Reeves Wheller Smith Good Lettermen T. Akre Hargett Rosenberger Sitting J. Trumbo L. Miller J. Akre B. Hayes E. Sterns T. Griffin Kneeling B. Jibeault —Manager F. Beyer D. Boger B. Steele F. Rothery L. Hargett L. Poeler - S. Towers W. Akre F. Landess N. Lynn W. Devereaux D. Good —Manager Standing j Couch Weber ! L. Smith C. McCarl D. Borges R. Cornell F. Staver J. Stark E. Rosenberget G. Gans B. Sarrett D. Wagner B. Reeves W. Wheeler W. Hand L. Cloud Coach Todd October 1—Falls Church 19. Manassas 12. The Green White gained their first win of the season, with Trumbo making the first tally. The other two touchdowns were made by Sarrett and Height, the latter, on an interception ran 30 yards to a touchdown. October 11—Falls Church 7, Mount Vernon 39. (PICTURED) Falls Church received their only touchdown follow¬ ing a sixty yard drive with Trumbo, Loy, and W. Akre chalking up most of the yardage. Wayne Akre went off end for the tally, with Loy kicking a good conversion. November 6—Falls Church O. Culpeper 14. With bad weather conditions, Falls Church re¬ ceived a " d r enching.” Bad luck prevailed all through the game for F. C., and Culpeper used it to their advantage. Falls Church was unable to score. November 12—Falls Church 25, Fairfax O. (PICTURED) Through the great line play of Akre, Wagner, Deveraux and Steel, F. C. received two touchdowns be¬ fore the first half, Loy and Trumbo making the touch¬ downs. Loy later scored with another run, of 30 yards. The final score came as Wayne Okre went over for the tally in the final period. November 20—Falls Church 13, Falmouth 34. September 18—Falls Church 7, Handley 25. (PICTURED) Falls Church got off to a poor start, with Handley dominating play the first half. Leroy Cloud made the only touchdown of the game, followed by Dave Borges’ good conversion. September 24—Falls Church O. Fredricksburg 6. Falls Church staged a good fight all through the game, not allowing the opposing team to score until the final minutes. Among those injured was Dave Carmichael who was not able to play for the rest of the season. October 15—Falls Church 6, Devitt Prep 13. (PICTURED) Falls Church staged a good comeback to a much heavier Devitt team. Falls Church scored its only touchdown when Trumbo passed to Cloud who stepped out of bounds. From this point Loy went off tackle for the score. October 22—Falls Church 7, Bethesda 26. In the last period of the game through the blocking of Akre, Devereaux and Beyer, Falls Church advanced the ball to the Blue and Gold’s 30. Loy passed to Reeves who went 25 yards to score. October 28—Falls Church O, Lane 25. While Lane capitalized the ball, Falls Church battled on much harder than in previous games, and with numerous handicaps Falls Church displayed a fine brand of football throughout the game. T E H T IN E V, R S Betty Pearson oan Nancy McCarter Hagood Pat Turnbull Lilia Height Judy Earhart Fred Staver George Gans Allen Palmer 53 Billy Johnson (o 5C0RE B0 1RD BASKETBALL RESULTS ’48-’49 Dec. 17—Falls Churoh 24 Washington Lee J. V. 28 Dec. 2i- —Falls Church 44 Fairfax 26 Jan. 7—Falls Church 33 Episcopal J. V. 28 Jan. 12—Falls Church 11 George Wash- ington J. V. 29 Jan. 13—Falls Church 27 Mt. Vernon 46 Jan. 18—Falls Church 30 James Monroe 54 Jan. 19—Falls Church 32 Falmouth 43 Jan. 26—Falls Church 30 Culpeper 34 (Overt Jan. 28—Falls Church 25 Osbourn 20 Jan. 29—Falls Church 25 Western 48 Feb. 1—Falls Church 22 Osborne 36 Feb. 3—Falls Church 14 George Wash- ington J. V. 38 Feb. 11—Falls Church 39 Episcopal J. V. 52 Feb. 16—Falls Church 33 Falmouth 56 Feb. 17—Falls Church 38 Mt. Vernon 67 Feb. 24—Falls Church 48 Culpeper 49 Feb. 25—Falls Church 43 Fairfax 34 FAIRFAX COUNTY TOURNAMENT Falls Church 38 Fairfax 43 2 3° p y vx ' S ' none. T£ i v t r 0 Vi5(TlMG TattiS 10 Hardwood Highlights Keen Standing; Back Row —Jo Ellen Wilson, Gwen Hockman, Caroline Anderson, Carolyn Glover, Doris Simms, and Catherine Pearson. Standing; Second Row —Barbara Escherich, mgr., Mickey Hazel- grove, June Triplett, Mary Lou Carroll, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Shirley Shelton, Miss Teresa Little, Coach. Kneeling —Jane Long- anecker, Connie Crigler, Ellen Tasker, Captain, Belmar Gunderson, and Eileen Cronin. Kittens Standing —Ellen Tasker, Mary Ann Moore, Shirley Shelton, Jane Rutherford, Pat Turnbull, Mary Ellen Sullivan, Mary Lou Carroll, Miss Teresa Little, Coach. Kneeling —Charlotte Pearson, Betty Galleher, Mickey Hazelgrave, Connie Crigler, Carolyn Glover, Belmar Gunderson, Captain, Eileen Cronin, Doris Simms. • • • Prophecy Continued bu J ' t KJU- i QS JLk Osb L, 1 U4JU At ;Ka+%j % Continued On Page 79 58 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer David Carmichael Shirley Posey Patricia Silliman Carl Cutright SCA County Meeting Clean-up Campaign 1948-49 1947-48 1949 HONOR SOCIETY President, Jean Piggott; Vice President, James Daniel; Secretary, Betty O’Bannon; Treasurer, Charlotte Pearson; K. Honor Society. LATIN LEAGUE: Consul, Janice Smith; Consul, Lewis Homer; Scriba, Phyllis Hor- tion; Censor, Ann Rutherford; Sponsor, Mrs. Rullman. t 1 L J r jjg % w : y. L i | 1 |CsJ| L Jn Wk V |F ; V m P Ha ■ , ‘ j Pi • it w if ' ' ' ( | HP V p SENIOR HOMEMAKERS: President, Jerry Shugars; Vice President, Joan Hughes; Sec¬ retary, Peggy Mason; Treas¬ urer, Martha Moore; Reporter, Evelyn Neff, Sponsor, Mrs. Yeakley. JUNIOR HOMEMAKERS CLUB: President, Betty Ayres; Vice President, Hilda Croson; Secretary, Betty Clark; Treas¬ urer, Heniretta Jenkins; Re¬ porter, Jo Ellen Wilson; Spon¬ sor, Miss Spitzer. al,i1 3iiiirrn.iiitia.il iVi. 1 :. .... •. : jnpimalists A - , «r ti ti t f r ' • • efn w ■ .4 . . Ffart fi r.i ■ ■ ■ . QUILL AND SCROLL: Charter members, Caroline Anderson, James Davis, Ellen DeGrott, Bill Hand, Marshall Loy, Betty O’Bannon, Jean Piggott, Charlotte Pearson, Jerry Shugars. We ' ve Gone National Secretary Lilia Hight T reasurer Doris Simms Sergeant-at-A rms Jack Stark VARSITY CLUB Sponsors Mr. Todd and Mrs. Lilly President Dave Carmichael Vice President LeRoy Cloud DRIVING CLUB President Edwin Sinclair Vice President Anne Hughes Secretary Ellen DeGrott T reasurer Mary Sue Munson Sponsor Mr. Vliet AIRPLANE CLUB: Pres¬ ident, John Hunton; Vice President, Charles Roth- stein; Secretary, Ralph Brumby; Treasurer, Carter Werth; Sergeant-at-Arms, Alton Beach; Sponsor, Mr. Rumbough. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB President, Charles Odgen, Vice Presi¬ dent, Albert Lieber, Secretary-Treasurer, Herndon Werth, Sergeant-at-Arms, Rob¬ ert Wilcox, Sponsor, Mr. Cooper. ART CLUB President, Sylvia Humm, Vice President Carrie Geiter, Secretary - Treasurer, Kathryn Hunter, Reporter, Bill Robert¬ son, Sergeant-at-Arms, Jack Hanson, Sponsor, Mrs. Crum. DRAMATIC CLUB President, Jean Byerly, Secretary, Anne Gotthardt, Treasurer, James Beard, Ser¬ geant-at-Arms, Bob Kerr, Sponsor, Mrs. DANCE CLUB President, Dennis Earman, Vice President, Buddy Shughrue, Treas¬ urer, Geneva Fox, Sponsor, Miss Little. SCIENCE CLUB President, Ronald Herring, Vice President, Frank Jenkins- Secretary, Diana Godfrey, Treasurer, Clifford Oliver, Sponsor, Mrs. Chapman. LIBRARY CLUB President, Stanley Plaugher, Vice President, Melvin Stead¬ man, Secretary-Treasurer, Jim¬ my Davis, Sergeant-at-Arms, Joan Miller, Sponsor, Mrs. Furman. ART TYPING CLUB President, Phyllis Hunt, Vice President, Benny Faidley, Sec¬ retary, Carolyn Rote, Treas¬ urer, Buddy Fisher, Reporter, Lee Phillips, Sponsor, Miss Hunt. k Qacv ' a or — ' dtr Mm ASM . ■ MjM 7 Jj- b ' Y f p o V-® • h, i -a - rt frw % •? FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB President, Betty O’Bannon, Vice President, Helen Kidwell, y Secretary - Treasurer, Carolyn Pattishall, Corresponding Sec¬ retary, Pat Lawrence, Reporter, Patsy Eller, Sponsor, Miss Moffitt. Tvt. ' a- ' urev 0 eKWiuf«’ r t3h.t d Qua.vtet NEWS STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF JAGUAR JOURNAL TYPISTS AND REPORTERS THE JAGUAR BUSINESS STAFF ATHLETIC STAFF FEATURE STAFF ORGANIZATIONS STAFF 68 Teen Canteen ■III g ■ r 69 LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART Bevy of Beauties SOPHOMORE DANCE JUNIOR DANCE ;; 1 h s j V Tj vw m i r t Curtain Time THE RED VELVET GOAT THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARN¬ EST SENIOR PLAY SENIOR DIRECTORY Anderson, Caroline . . Beach, Alton . Bennett, James . Bild, Norman . Bruderer, Conrad . . . Byerly, Betty Jean . . Caldwell, Jean . Caimpbell, Marcia .... Carmichael, Dave .... Cockrell, Don . Cofer, Beulah . Corker, Alma . Cutright, Carl . Daniel, Jimmie. Davis, Elizabeth .... Davis, Jim . Davis, Lowell . Dawson , Barbara . .. . DeGroot, Ellen. Demory, Jean . Earheart, Judy . Eller, Patricia . Galleher, Betty . Good, Don . Gotthardt, Anne Hand, Bill . Hargett, Louis . Hazelgrove,Mickey .. Huff, Barbara. Humm, Sylvia . Hunt, Phyllis . Hunton, John . Jibeault, William . . . . Kerr, Robert . Kirby, Edna . Longacre, Terry Lowe, Lewis . McCauley, Mary McDuffe, Wanda . Marrs, Norman . . . Mason, Peggy . Moore, Martha. Moore, Mary Ann . Morris, Earl . Munson, Mary Sue . O’Bannon, Betty . . . Osborn, Bob . Pattishall, Carolyn Pearson, Charlotte Pennington, Robert . Peohler, Lee Ray ... Piggott, Jean . Pilkerton, Irene Plaugher, Stanley . . Posey, Shirley . Putnam, Carol . Redd, Patricia . Robertson, William . Rote, Carolyn . Rothery, Frank . Rouillard, Benny . . . Sarrett, Robert . Shugars, Jerry . Shumate, Betty Jean Simims, Doris . Sinclair, Edwin. Sliger, Betty . Stark, Jack . Staver, Evelyn . Steadman, Melvin Steadman, Shirley. . Steele, Bob . Tasker, Ellen . Tayman, Cherri Triplett, June . Turnbull, Chris . . Wagner, Richard . . . Waller, Dorothy . . . Willett, Bob . Williams, Jean . Worley, Clayborn . . . Zettle, Jean . McLean, Virginia Falls Church, Virginia, Route No. 2 Vienna, Virginia 201 Beechwood Lane, Falls Church Route No. 2, Box 194, Alexandria 14 Ridge Road, Falls Church 626 Chestnut Street, Falls Church Route No. 3, Box 108, Vienna, Va. P.O. Box 314, East Falls Church Idylwood, Virginia, Route No. 2 Shreve Rd., Route No. 1, Falls Church Route No. 2, Alexandra, Virginia 134 Mankin Walk, Falls Church 304 Fairfax Street, Falls Church Route No. 3, Box 229, Vienna, Va. 1025 Sylvan Drive, Sleepy Hollow 1025 Sylvan Drive, Sleepy Hollow Rt. No. 2, Madison Lane, Alexandria Franklin Park, Falls Church Route No. 2, Falls Church 1300 Tracy Place, Falls Church Route No. 2, Falls Church 501 Westmoreland Road, Falls Church 219 E. Columbia Street, Falls Church Dunn Loring, Virginia 1304 Gibson Place, Falls Church 102 Greenway Blvd., Falls Church . Route No. 2, Alexandria, Virginia . 523 Meadow Lane, Falls Church Chesterbrook Road, Falls Church . 114 Mankin Walk, Falls Church . 629 W. Great Falls St., Falls Church . 721 Washington Avenue, Falls Church . 203 E. Greenway Blvd., Falls Church Route No. 2, Falls Church 716 Hillwood Avenue, Falls Church . Route No. 1, McLean, Virginia Route No. 3, Vienna, Virginia 1105 N. Tuckohoe St., Falls Church . Fairfax, Virginia 615 Tyler Street, Falls Church 412 North West Street, Falls Church . 303 North Cherry Street, Falls Church . Idylwood, Virginia . 324 Little Falls St., Falls Church . 258 N. Washington St., Falls Church . Route No. 2, Falls Church, Virginia . McLean, Virginia . 400 S. Cherry Street, Falls Church . McLean, Virginia . McLean, Virginia . McLean, Virginia 115 Hillwood Avenue, Falls Church . R.F.D. Route No. 3, Box 261 Vienna .6525 Charles Street, Falls Church 1019 Knoll Drive, Falls Church P.O. Box A, Falls Church R.F.D. No. 2, Falls Church 1309 Gibson Place, Falls Church 1041 Beechwood Lane, Falls Church 115 E. Rosemary Lane, Falls Church . 6204 28th St., Arlington, Virginia R.F.D. No. 3, Box 222, Vienna, Va. 137 West Broad Street, Falls Church 702 Marshall Street, Falls Church Route No. 2, Box 192, Alexandria, Va. 103 Mankin Walk, Falls Church 313 Maple Avenue, Falls Church Goodwin Courts, Falls Church Chestnut Street, Falls Church Shreve Road, Falls Church . Dunn Loring, Virginia, Box 52 . 301 W. Fairfax Street, Falls Church . Chesterbrook Road, Falls Church McLean, Virginia . . 1313 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church . 401 Sycamore Street, W. Falls Church .115 Mankin Walk, Falls Church . . 704 Jackson Avenue, Falls Church . . R. No. 2, Maryland Ave. Falls Church . . Dunn Loring, Virginia . . 32 Cedar Avenue, McLean, Virginia TO SERVE YOU A New and Modern Ford Sales and Service Headquarters BROAD STREET MOTORS, INC. 1001 West Broad Street, Phone Falls Church 5100 Cars, Trucks, Parts, Service all make cars ROGER H. BLAKE MERRIFIELD SERVICE GARAGE Expert Auto Repairing Florist Gas, Oils, Accesories, Lubrication Fa. 9879 Sleepy Hollow Road Merrifield, Va. Corsages, cut flowers, floral decorations FA. 9891 Gulf Gas Prompt Delivery Service DIXIE TEA GARDEN Beer, Lunches, Tourists Cabins Fa. 2119 4 miles west of Falls Church on Lee Highway L. A. Dewey, prop. ! ' Paints, wallpaper, venetion blinds, aluminum tile, rental service, by day or week, I 1 floor sanders and edgers, gasoline sprays with five gallon tank and gun, ; | electric sprays, two gallon tank or cup and gun, floor polishing machines, | steaming machises and water spray tanks to remove wallpaper, ladders !; wall-boards, drop clothes to cover floor and furniture, !; we deliver L1GGON 154 Hill wood Avenue 5 Fa. 3324 Falls Church High School Class Rings Supplied by W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY 717 East Grace Street RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Graduation Portraits Come in and see our new framing department Diplomas framed for a reasonable fee Wissinger Chevrolet Co. Seven Corners on Lee Blvd. FALLS CHURCH VIRGINIA • • • Prophecy Continued Ol ■ iL ■ " ■ ivfcvv fe, (JOUjb., Ut,. A ' ' 1 1 ||aIm 4 V| dU j L - J - f vfi VT.ly,- . tUX u. iAAtv-- ' Wi A_, Iv am vk. - aJuLuA U ' OSomL JLA - V A 4Uv a W( ■MndtiXa---. V V4 v40v -_v yiLH-. . Jw, fA x 4| UAVuti i ol u v : »C? fYSi —- A.0 ' - Lj UHL4-- i - IfW v JZ . 0-4- k lHA i slu av a Mo4 YjAt0k J ■ jAvh Luk_, v. S4- lV -6- . » ' C-0-A JcXf — «. J tiMb L Lt j J ' mYK yyjj JL f-i ji L t-dA ha .-tL 1 . Ssf v lM-H.u l iW Ub-OLPu, um u H. ' Continued On Page 8 J ♦ ' It’s not a Mirage — It ' s FALLS CHURCH GARAGE Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Future from the MANAGEMENT and STAFF Lee Highway and Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Virginia Fa. 2300 ♦ BABY PICTURES Wes Hogan 8. Caroline Anderson 15. Mary Sue Munson Carolyn Glover 9. Carolyn Pattishall 16. Lowell Davis Frank Rothery 10. Patty Rees 17. Henry Cornell Jean Zettle 11. Virginia Hazelgrove 18. Kenny Brown Lewis Lowe 12. Carol Putnam 19. Carole Dhein William Hand 13. Shirley Posey 20. Chester Cockrell Joyce Williams 14. Barbara Huff George W. Clark Quality Brickwork 874 N. LIVINGSTON AVE. Arlington, Virginia Complete real estate service, sales, rentals, insurance, property management, mortage loans We will be happy ta confer with you on any real estate problem For Experienced, Friendly Service, Telephone EASTMAN dc SEAY, REALTORS 113 W. Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA FA. 2620 Compliments of ARTHUR C. STICKLEY Paneling, Cabinet-Work FRANK 100 WASHINGTON ST. Falls Church, Virginia Fa. 4486 Chestnut 3233 Oxford 4141 Conklyn’s Florist Member Florist, Telegraph Delivery Associatiation 2046 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. ) Ay (jkxLj£j(x WOOPWARO 4 LOTHROP --- ---- Compliments of George T. Reeves Glebe Radio Appliance Co. Real Estate, Loans, Complete Insurance 1 Service 1 Radios, Ranges, Records, Refrigerators, Representing the Aetna and other old line i 1 Television companies since 1932 Lee Highway Glebe Road For Service to Please 1 Glebe 3311 Arlingon, Va. Phone Fa. 2720 Prophecy Continued From Page 79 (foiix. V - A -Ni. ' J»U. - r • ■ c-va. i, fi. Ml. 4jM4te JL ' ■ i- ■ No ‘- . UM . R l (j UjlkA- V ' t - ' • . jtjLiJfi V Vv ' ■ ' « , K 1r. .V i t, : x .«, • !• s V4MJ?- :V V ' N V -- Gc-. vlu.A.,F . " Uv 4 , iu u. M 1 m v i Jl ' vir A . : , i W aJ aI-vL u v ‘CyU-Cv. .v. , v H . ' ' ... ! •■ ' v. J vt £; M ■• i l t ' Mi, o— ' C -uJXk -U - K - - v • „v ; V. U- vV4 ' . C ;,V ,£ tjL ' - 1 -v -4. ,V t St fU-,1„.t, A »kv f-.i -U vr. 4, r. !u r V. 1 ■ ■ t . S G bK A .- ' ft ' ' , ‘ " V " - , ui - ■ • - • J , .. LsuTUtA u ---A A.v.Aa. ' ' •••—• H tkc L A ,, ' ' • ixA-KTtM Suuju ,% x .. v v , . v iKi o n " ■ Lr • ■ £. v yv4£.-tvM jA v . . , ... • AT n t , viA v,.i: L ‘• ' ai 0 ' ' » ' ■• ' ■■ ' ¥ 4 ' .V , ' - !.i i Continued On Page 86 | Play Golf at Fairfax Country Club Malice Brooks ! A well kept 18 hole, daily fee course Builders, Developers of Route 237, at Fairfax Circle Malbrook and Holmes Run Park Phone 265 ♦--- Laboratory Analysis CHEMISTRY 1 AND 2 Subject: Woman Symbol: WO Physical Properties : 1. Boils at nothing 2. Freezes at anything 3. Melts when treated properly 4. Very bitter if not used well Accepted weight : 116 Occurrence : Wherever man exists Chemical Properties : 1. Possesses great affinity for gold, silver, platinum and precious stones 2. Violent reaction if left alone 3. Able to absorb great amounts of food 4. Turns green if placed beside a better- looking specimen Uses: 1. Highly ornamental 2. Useful as a tonic in acceleration of low spirits 3. Useful as an equalizer in the distribution of wealth 4. Probably the most effective income re¬ ducing agent known to man CAUTION: Highly explosive in inexper- inced hands!! Accountancy and Financial Administration Leading to B.C.S. M.C.S. degrees Offering distributive preparation for General Business Government Service C.P.A. Exims and the Public Practice of Accountancy Day and Evening Classes Send for 42nd Year Book Benjamin Franklin University 1100 16th STREET, N.W. at L EMPLOYMENT and PROMOTION Save Time, Save Money, and begin a career early by attending STRAYER An Ideal success formula is — Strayer training plus Strayer Employment Service Evidence that you are qualified The B.C.S. or M.C.S. degree from Strayer College of Accountacy or the approved Secretarial diploma from Strayer College of Secretarial Training Write for catologue or call in person for Information, Guidance, or Registration STRAYER COLLEGE 13th and F. STREETS, N.W. Washington 5, D.C. Laboratory Analysis CHEMISTRY 1 AND 2 Subject: Man Symbol: MA Chemical and Physical Properties: Man is what a woman marries. Men have two feet, two hands and sometimes, two wives, but never more chan one collar button or one idea at a time. It is a psychological marvel that a soft, fluffy, tender, violet-scented woman should enjoy kissing a big, awkward, stubby-chinned, tobacco and bay-rum scented thing like man. If you flatter a man it frightens him to death, and if you don’t you bore him to death! If you are the clinging vine type, he doubts whether you have a brain. If you are the modern type, he doubts whether you have a heart. If you are popular with other men, he is jealous and if you are not, he hesitates to marry a wallflower. ' ROBERTS AN’S 5 and 10 CENT ----♦ STORE Horace E. Brown ! 1 Four Locations for your convenience • i i 4775 Lee Highway, Arlington, Va. Groceries, Hardware, Paints, etc. J i 106 E. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. Falls Church, Virginia | i 6871 Fairfax Dr., E. Falls Church, Va. 1 3014 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va. Phone FA. 1168 ' WASHINGTON, VIRGINIA, AND MARYLAND COACH CO., INC. FALLS CHURCH SALES 5885 S. Washington Street i 707 N. Randolph Street Army surplus, work clothes, consigned , Arlington, Va. Phone GL 4000 furniture, Electrical and hardware supplies Charter busses for all occasions FA 6060 1 REMEMBER Our Helping Hand Come and get it Library;;. Quiet Please Morning Ritual j PAUL’S FEMININE APPAREL 3143 Wilson Blvd. OX. 1380 Arlinton, Va. Compliments of COLONIAL VILLAGE Bowling Alley and Restaurant CLAUDE WELLS, INC. For Bostonian and Pedwon Shoes 613 S. Washington St. FA. 2900 Compliments of GIBSON’S RESTAURANT THE OXFORD SHOP Phone FA. 1100 Next Door to the State Theater Parking Lot McGregor Sportswear — Alligator Raincoats — Knox Hats Manhatten Shirts — Botany (all wool) products — inter-woven hose Jarman Shoes — Wembley Neckwear Phone FA. 4440 F. A. McGONEGAL, INS. Plumbing - Heating Appliances 6829 Lee Highway FALLS CHURCH Compliments of Compliments Bickle and May Realtors DARDANELLES 246 S. Washington St. I Compliments of Charles D. Joyce JOYCE MOTORS Desota Plymouth 2700 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Ch. 8558 Wallace Monroe Pharmacy 438 S. Washington St. Phone Fa. 2966 Falls Church, Virginia Continued From Page 82 O tdtfc. lAaW o| YW£3y C Wti W iC oiLu 44 UiuCiw o O v ajL i A oAxaa lv (cyvCyvvjJ u Cer v 3 -xkC AidW J W A_. H= V 4J5K , m W4Mfc- y ? v ' Uut $. % ■ 0 A ' UAsd ts tXsfKLs l K-‘ f ' ' Jj}- ' ij£. • Otx 4U vu3J . ' tY deU T " hr - ' AJ ' 4-0-dO uj K 2s vui tLdc.- C u 0t£ Continued On Page 90 ♦ V Clark Real Estate Broker Compliments |i °f ! Sleepy Hollow Road Stanley R. Rowland i, Falls Church, Virginia ! Phone: Fa. 7723 ♦ - 118 E. Broad Street - ♦ ; ' i || ; ; w.thomas.jR- ■excavator mme Compliments °f W. W. Thomas Contractor 700 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia RANDALL S. MEYERS Electrical Appliances and Radios 306 S. Washington St. FA 1551-3434 Falls Church, Va. HILLWOOD MOTOR CO. Lee Blvd. Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Virginia WAFFLE SHOP Hamburger, Hot dogs, Home made soup and chili 531 N. Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Arlington Cameras Hobby Shop 805 Wilson Blvd. (Across from Sears Blue-prints - Drafting supplies - Photostats OX 0034 King - Kerley Dry Cleaners Insured Mothproof Dry Cleaning at no Extra Cost Call f or and Delivery Service Near Safeway 400 Block S. Washington St. Phone FA. 1713 Compliments GERBER’S FALLS CHURCH DEPT. STORE Mens, Women’s and Children’s Apparel 118 W. Broad Street FA. 1244 REDD WARREN EXCAVATORS Phone FA. 1822 Falls Church, Virginia LOUIS R. SIMPSON REALTOR 3200 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. CH 7777 Phone 1194 Snyder Co. Hardware-paints, Glass, Bendix and Philgas Westinghouse Appliances Falls Church, Virginia 6847 Lee High ay Compliments Hiett’s Servicenter Lee and Wilson Blvd. Falls Church, Va. THE ARLINGTON BOOTERY Shoe Fitters to Every Member of the Family 3132 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. CH. 9820 THE IVES FUNERAL HOME Established in 1910 Day or Night Phone OXford 3016 2847 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. FRAZIER - CLARK MOTOR CO. Chrysler — Plymouths 626 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. NALLS GARAGE Harry W. Nalls Formerly Hiett’s Garage 551 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. News of Your Neighborhood THE FAIRFAX STANDARD 150 Hillwood Ave. FA. 2775 FALLS CHURCH BARBER SHOP We Aim to Please W. M. Clark Max Wamsley, Prop. Ill S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va Goodwin Gift Shop Gifts for all occasions 1235 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia Phone AX 4228-9805 Arlington Boys’ and Girls’ Shop From Infancy thru 16 3141 Wilson Blvd. Phone OX 1361 Arlington, Va. LEE MARKET DGS Finest in Foods 6879 N. Fairfax E. Falls Church Phone FA 2435 Free Delivery BARON MELTZ 440 S. Washington St. Phone FA 3850 Compliments of FALLS CHURCH FILLING STATION Compliments of DR. JULIAN N. LEVIN i Chiropodist Arlington, Va. Real Estate — Insurance CAPUTI REALTY CO. FA 2122 121 S. Washington St. Lee Highway at Broad St. Robert Shreve Fuel Co. Compliments of 6873 Lee Highway DR. J. S. SIEGEL (Arlington County) FALLS CHURCH SHOE SHOP Falls Church, Virginia 6860 Lee Highway Fa. 1960 Peter Lomedico, Prop. Shoe Repairing RUST MANOR PHARMACY BOONE’S SERVICE STATION AND HUDSON MOTOR CARS 1055 W. Broad St. 336 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va FA 1111 Falls Church, Va. FA 9848 JOHN A. NEEB, INC. Always Something New FA 2616 Plumbing, Heating and Appliances MABEL’S DRESS SHOP KE 5858 KE 4900 122 N. Washington St. 5701 Lee Highway Arlington, Va Falls Church, Va. Mabel Sprinkle, Prop. W. J. BAUMBACH, INC. Plumbing and Heating 4147 Wilson Blvd. WEST END SERVICE STATION 1045 W. Broad St. Phone FA 2127 Arlington, Va. Gas — Oil — Lubracation 1 J. W. AYERS 5 and 10 Compliments of 5853 N. Washington Blvd QUALITY DELICATESSEN ! Westover Shopping Center Arlington, Va. 2700 Lee Highway Drugs — Sundries — Cosmetics — Candy — Lunch — Baby Needs WESTOVER PHARMACY Prescription Druggists 5841 N. WASHINGTON BLVD. Arlington, Va. Phones KEnmore 3-6060 and 3-7100 Continued From Page 86 ATHLETICS im Lewis, Betty Sliger, Pat Turnbull olyn Glover, Caroline Anderson. 11111 ORGANIZATIONS Betty Groah, Pat Silliman, Shelia Bell, Edna Frady. FEATURE Barbara Huff, Virginia Goodwin, Carol Putnam, Caroyln Pattishall, Lowell Davis, David Spencer, Bill Fletcher. BUSINESS MANAGER Lillian Morrison; Assistant Manager, Jack Stark; Circulation Manager, Betty Sliger; Assistant manager, Melvin Steadman; Ad¬ vertising manager, Jimmy Daniel; Assistant manager, Jim Davis. Advisor—Laura Furman ART Jean Byerly, David Spencer, Marshall Loy. Joyce Williams. PHOTOGRAPHY Albert Lieber, Charles Ogden, Ralph Brumby. EDITORIAL STAFF Left to right, Ellen Degroot, typist; Jean Piggott, Liter¬ ary editor; Betty Jean Shumate, Organizations editor; Jean Zettle, Makeup editor; Charlotte Pearson, Editor in Chief; Carl Cutright, Associate editor; Fred Beyer, Athletics editor; Betty O’Bannon, Feature editor. 1949 Jaguar Staff -, y • Jp e ■iS-C . , cJ L tsLS £fCcst i ft ViltMfiNht tfearbcck inf ft. 6. Roebuck £ch Saltiwn, tKarifland Printers and Lithographers to Schools and Colleges Everywhere Directory INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Arlington Bootery . 88 Arlington Boys’ and Girls’ Shop ... 88 Arlington Comera Shop, Inc. 87 Arthur C. Stickley II . 81 Baron and Meltz Co. 88 Benjamin Franklin University .... 83 Bickle and Mary, Realtors . 85 Blake Florist . 77 Boone’s Service Station . 89 Broad Street Motors . 77 Brown’s Hardware . 84 Caputi Realty Co. 88 Claude Wells, Inc. 84 Colonial Village Bowling Alley .... 84 Conklyn’s Florist . 81 Dardanelles Restaurant . 85 Dixie Tea Garden . 77 Dr. Julian N. Levin . 88 Dr. Siegel . 89 Eastman and Seay, Realtors . 81 Fairfax County Club . 82 Fairfax Standard . 88 Falls Church Barber Shop . 88 Falls Church Filling Station . 88 Falls Church Garage, Inc. 80 Falls Church Sales . 84 Falls Church Shoe Shop . 89 F. A. McGonegal, Inc. 85 Frank . 81 Frazier-Clark Motor Co. 88 George W. Clark . 80 Gerber’s Department Store . 87 Gibson’s Restaurant . 84 Glebe Radio and Appliance Co .... 82 Goodwin’s Gift Shop . 88 G. T. Reeves, Realtor . 82 Hiett’s Servicenter . 88 PATRONS Mrs. E. T. Adler A Friend Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Allen Dr. John E. Alexander Alpha Beta Chi, Eta H. J. Austin Dr. Joseph Beinstein Bethel No. 10, Order of Job’s Daughters Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Blatchford Corp. Beverly Gilly Boaz, Jr. Com. and Mrs. J. N. Boland Boulevard Motors, Inc. The Byerlys Nicholas P. Caparell McKinnon Carmichael Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Chapman Clarendon Optical Co. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Davis Falls Church Police Department Gordon Fletcher Evelyn Jones Foltz Mr. and Mrs. Carl Furman Furniture Inc. Dr. Curtis P. Gardner Major and Mrs. A. L. Huff Mrs. E. R. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Knight, Jr. Cpl. and Mrs. A. C. Lieber Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Madden Roily Manning Mr. and Mrs. William H. May Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. E. Morrison Dr. E. F. Mostek Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Munson Dr. Emanuel Newman Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. O’Bannon Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ralph E. Pearson Mrs. Ray Peterson Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Redd Gladys Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shugars Mrs. Bessie V. Shumate Mrs. William Silliman Mr. and Mrs. R. Sliger Mr. William Snodgrass Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Steadman Thea Sorrority Tom’s Toasted Peanuts Mr. and Mrs. Frank Towsey, Jr. Mrs. James R. Werth INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Hillwood Motor Co. 87 Ives Funeral Home . 88 John A. Neeb, Inc. 89 Joyce Motors . 86 J. W. Ayers 5 10 . 89 King-Kerley Dry Cleaners . 87 Lee Market . 88 Liggan Paint and Wallpaper Store 77 Louis P. Simpson, Realtor . 87 Mabel’s Dress Shop . 89 Malice and Brooks . 82 Merrifield Service Garage . 77 Nalls Service Garage . 88 Oxford Shop . 85 Paul’s Woman’s Wear . 84 Porter Studios and Photo Supplies. . 78 P. P. Clark . 86 Quality Delicatessen . 89 Randall S. Myers . 87 Red and Warren . 87 Robertson’s 5 10 Cent Store ... 84 Robinson’s Waffle Shop . 87 Rust Manor Pharmacy . 89 Shreve Fuel Co. 89 Snyder and Co. 87 Southern Dairies . 80 Stanley R. Rowland . 86 Strayer College . 83 Wallace and Monroe Pharmacy . . 86 Washington, Virginia, and Mary¬ land Coach Company, Inc. 84 W. C. Saunders Co. 78 Wissinger Chevrolet Co. 78 West End Service Station . 89 Westover Pharmacy . 89 W. J. Baumbach . 89 Woodward and Lothrop . 81 W. W. Thomas, Jr. 87 Library Fails Church High School 7521 Jaguar Trail Fails Church, VA 22042 DEWCO ¥ l£- v 1 T -if .. ' jSi y y .

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