Falls Church High School - Jaguar Yearbook (Falls Church, VA)

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THE STAFF Keister White Jean Byerly Mary Morrison Billy Money Joan Koiilmeier Roger Cotting John Wagner Nancy Jo Franks Clarence Stumpe Rose Root Laura Furman Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Subscription Manager Layout Editor Literary Editors Sports Editors Adviser A SENIOR ' S WISH Were tired of wars and civil strife; Our wish is for a peaceful life. There ' s nothing we can do today, But future years will find a way. We re only kids; we re not so smart; We’re small in minds, but big in heart. We don’t know how the world should be, We only know it should be free. To make this pattern understood , We must include firm brotherhood, Love for all and all for love, And praise for Him who is above. Faith and trust and charity, Kindness, patience, liberty — All these things go hand in hand, To make this soil the Promised Land. We’ve just designed this dreamlike plan To give new hope to every man. There’s nothing we can do today, But future years will show a way. YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL, FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Photography by Porter Studios KB.STE, WH.TE, - « t:Ta . . . ,0 cot“ N o, uyoul Bduor ROGER COT ion » Iohn Wagner V Literary Editors Nancy Jo Franks ' CLARENCE Stumpe I S j, or s Editors Rose Root ruth Tasker, TyP» Laura Furman, Adviser n u 194 . _ —ljIIRi FftLL s church High School FA LLS CHURCH. VIRGINIA tj To You- • „ 9 student of Falls Church Because you re a High- .rX ' -W- S h To i i v? i V : . ’.f l of your Rc ».. -V ' T. I dances y0M locher slanuned soul ker . as Mr Barrett called your name over We bring you these m print and p the staff Wrisrol Tennessee Printing Company, Bristol, , „ r „ s of The King Printing rAriTAR will be from the press _ The 1948 JAGUAK wi ____--- MR. HOWARD R. RICHARDSON Principal Mr. H. R. Richardson, Falls Church’s new principal, was formerly principal of George Washington High School in Alexandria. He received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degrees from Fdon Col¬ lege and the College of William and Mary. He is now a candidate for Doctor of Education, studying at George Washing¬ ton University. Through his leadership and support Falls Church has this year marched for¬ ward toward its goal, an efficient and well-organized school. THE FACULTY MR. WILLIAM H. BARRET ' ! 1 Assistant Principal Mr. Barrett received a Bachelor of Science de¬ gree from Washington and Lee University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Virginia. His first position was in Loudoun County where he served as principal of Middle- burg High School. His next assignments were in the same capacity at Church View in Middlesex County, Meriwether Lewis in Albemarle County, Narrows in Giles County, Arvonia in Bucking¬ ham County, and Brosville in Pittsylvania County. Mr. Barrett came to Falls Church in 1946 to serve as assistant principal of the high school, and to assist in the Chemistry Department. THE F A C U L T ¥ Minnie Banks B.S., M.A. Social Studies English Mable U. Chapman B.S. General Science Biology Frances M. Crum B.A. Art, Mathematics Laura M. Furman B.A. Librarian Lucille Gillespie B.S. English Julia Gunn B.S., M.A. Visiting Teacher Pearl Hanson B.A. Journalism Latin Elsie Haynie B.S. Orientation Flora S. Hill Social Studies English Arlene Hunt B.A. Typing, Shorthand General Business Harriet S. Hurt B.S., B.A. English Public Speaking Genera] Science Elizabeth L. LeGrand B.S. Home Economics Bernice S. Lilly B.S. Physical Education Joseph J. Lyons B.A., M.A. Spanish Music Fthelyne McBei. B.S., M.A. Algebra Business Mathematics THE FACULTY ARRY W. McCARY Frank II. Misiiou Ruth Moffitt B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. Mathematics Social Studies American History Science Civics Economic Geography Commercial Law English Alice Roop Anne H. Rullman William S. English General Science Algebra Guidance Rumbougii B.S., M.A. Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Trigonometry Physics Alpha Spitzer Margaret Spitzer Thomas D. Todd B.S. Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping B.S. Home Economics Physical Education Charlotte Munchmeyer B.S. Social Studies Charles W. Robinson B.S. Wood Shop Lucille Scott B.S. English Social Studies Paul Weber Physical Education Mildred Spindle B.S. English Not in picture: Lf.land Arthur Vliet B.A. American History Maye Cauffman B.S. Mathematics Science Algebra emonam Lee Barber March 21, 1931-August 3, 1947 Lee Barber was known to everyone as an all-around fellow who loved life and got the most out of it. He was tops in everything he undertook — was a star foot¬ ball, basketball, and baseball player, and Ins friends loved him for his peppy per¬ sonality, vim, and vigor. On top of all these assets, Lee was an excellent student straight through school; was a member of the National Honor Society, and was one of the most widely read teen-agers Falls Church High has ever had among its students. There will always be a special place for Lee in the hearts of everyone that knew him, and no finer tribute could be paid to him, than that he is missed and remembered by all. Officers Barbara Brady Bob Mi. nil. Pat Mi i i ii. Billy Lanier Marshall Loy. Gen. William Rumbougii Mr. Frank Misiiou President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Sergemif-at-Arim Coordinator Sponsor e n i o r JOSEPH FREDRICK ABELL “FrecF Ambition: Radio Technician. Baseball, 3, 4; Honor Society, 4. JOHN RUBIN AKRE “Jack” Ambition: Mechanic. Football, 2, 3, 4. ELAVEL KNOX ALTMAN “Knox” Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Pres. Model Airplane Club, 3, 4; C.A.P., 2, 3, 4. EDWARD DELEVAN ANDRUS “Eddie’ Ambition: Chemical Engineer. Swanson Junior High, 1; Honor Society, 3, 4; C.A.P., 2, 3; Senior Play. j vv v RICHARD EDMUND ARNOLD “ Richard ” r Ambition: Doctor. Basketball, 4. MARY BLADEN AUSTIN “Mary” • Ambition: Nurse. V N MARY ARCITBOLD BARR “Mary” Ambition: Architect and successful wife. Kingswood School 2; Acadenriade Perpetuo Socorro, 1. DAVID BASS “Dave” Ambition: Pilot. Football, 4. DOROTHEA ADENE BASS “Dotty” Ambition: Secretary. Glee Club, 2; Softball, 3; Hockey, 4. JAMES THE RON BELL " Jimmy” Ambition: Chemist. RODERICK H. BOES “Roderick” Ambition: Engineer. I Icbbelschule, Kiel, Germany, 1, 2. FRANCES ANN BOLD “ Frances” Ambition: Fine Arts and Archaeology. Junior Play; Senior Play; Basketball, 2. ROBERTA VIRGINIA BOLEN “Bert” Ambition: Interior Decorator. Glee Club, 2, 3. ELIZABETH MARSHALL BOONE ' PReltM ■ ' Jl. Ambition: Whiter.,, Newspaper Staff, 4; Honor Society, 4., ' DAVID KNIGHT BORGES “Dave” Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Coolidge High, 1, 2; Football, 4. JIMMIE RAE BOWEN “Jimmie Rae” Ambition: Doctor. Hockey, 4; Honor Society, 4. e n l o r DARLENE ZOLA BOYD “Darlene’ Ambition: Secretary. ANNA BARBARA BRADY “ Bobbie ” Ambition: Journalist or teacher. Loretto Academy, Texas, 1, 2: Pres. Junior Class; Pres. Senior Class; Honor Society, 3, 4; Senior Plav; Newspaper Staff, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4. ELVIS JACQUELYN BROOKS “ Jackie ” Ambition: Musician. Washington Lee High, 1, 2, 3. CARL LYNDE CAMPBELL “CarD Ambition: Radio Technician. Fairfax High, 1. WILLIAM EDWARD CARMICHAEL “Bill” Ambition: Military career. R. J. Reynolds High, North Carolina, VIOLET CASILEAR “Violet” Ambition: Married life. DANA HARDEE CHAMBLISS “Dana” Ambition: Army nurse. JULITA ANN CHAMBLISS “ Jackie ” Ambition: Actress. Daytona Beach High, Florida, 1, 2; Cheer¬ leader, 4; Senior Play. a 6 6 DOROTHEA ANNE CHEW “Dottie” Ambition: Dancer. Softball, 3. ROBERT LAURENCE CLUCKNER “Bob " Ambition: Criminal lawvcr. Patrol, 2, 3. VIOLET COLEEN COCKRELL “Violet " Ambition: Secretary. ROGER CHARLES COLE “Roger " Ambition: Air Force. Football, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Baseball, 3, 4; Treasurer, Sophomore Class. THOMAS WINSLOW COLEMAN i i rrr yy I onimy Ambition: Radio work. C.A.P., 3, 4. VIRGINIA LOUISE COOLIKOFF 44 t • ry linger Ambition: Medicine. Fairfax, 1. ROGER BRUCE COTTING “Roger " Ambition: Architect. George Washington High, 1; Cheerleader, 4; Honor Society, 4; C.A.P., 3; Jaguar Staff, 4. VIRGINIA MARIE CROSSMAN “Virginia " Ambition: Airline hostess. Swanson Junior High, 1; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4. e n i o r DOROTHY IDELIA DAILEY “Dotty” Ambition: Secretary. Glee Club, 2. HAROLD DAILEY “Rabbit” Ambition: Clerical work. Baseball, 2, 3, 4. NORMAN OTIS DAILEY “Toad” Ambition: Mechanic. Football, 3; Pres., Chess and Checker, 3. MARGARET ANN DEMORY “Margaret” Ambition: Secretary. Basketball, 3, 4. LOIS CAROLYN DeVAUGHN “Lois” Ambition: Secretary. WILHIMENIA EVANGELINE DOVE “Billie” Ambition: F.B.I. Fairfax High, 1. TEUNIS RANSOM EARMAN “Teunis” Ambition: Director, producer, or actor. Football, 2, 3; Honor Society, 3. 4; Pres, of Honor Society, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Pres., Personality Club, 2; Jaguar Staff. DAVID ENGLISH “Dave” Ambition: Printer. Asst. Manager of Football, 2. a 5 6 ROBERT LEE FENDER “Bob” Ambition: Businessman. MARJORIE LEYDEN FISHER “Margie” Ambition: Psychiatrist. Cheerleader, 3, 4; Junior Play; C.A.P., 3; Patrol, 3. EDNA MAE EIXX “Edna” Ambition: Secretary. Glee Club. JUANITA YVONNE FOGLE “Juanita” Ambition: Photographer. Glee Club. FRANCES ALICE FOUGHT “Fran” Ambition: Interior decorator. Swanson Junior High, 1; Hockey, 4; News¬ paper Staff, 2, 3, 4; Patrol, 2; Basketball, 4; Junior Play. NANCY JO FRANKS ujyy Jo Ambition: Musician. Class Secretary, 2; Student Council, 3; Junior Play; Newspaper Staff, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3. SARINA ANNE GENOVESE i « n • barma Ambition: Medical work. Honor Society, 4. FLOYD WILBUR GORHAM “Floyd” Ambition: Musician. Fairfax High, 1; Band, 2, 3, 4. e fi i o r BERNARD RICHARD HAMMOND “Bernard” Ambition: Plumber. Keyapaha County High, Neb.. 1; Football, 3, 4. THOMAS IE VERS HANNOLD “levers” Ambition: Geographical engineer. Biloxi High, Miss., 1. RODNEY LOUIS HANSON “ Rodney” Ambition: Engineer or architect. Football, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4. EVELYN MAYE HARDING “Honey” Ambition: Model or secretary. Softball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 4; Cheerleader, 2; Patrol, 3. LILA ANN HARDY “Lila” Ambition: Dental assistant. Fairfax, 1; Newspaper Staff, 2, 4. FANNIE ELLA HARNE “Fannie” Ambition: Stenographer. Fairfax, 1. ANN THELMA HATHAWAY “Ann” Ambition: Designer. JACKIE LEE HAYES “Jackie” Ambition: Civil engineer. Football, 4; Sergeant-at-Arms of Sopho¬ more Class; Sergeant-at-Arms of Junior Class. a 6 6 DANIEL OSCAR HILLMAN, JR. “ Dannie ” Ambition: Dairying. Football, 2, 3, 4; Capt., Football Team, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Baseball, 2; Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior Class. WILBUR STANLEY HINMAN, III “Billy” Ambition: Aeronautical engineer. C.A.P., 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM RALPH HIRST “Bill” Ambition: Businessman. Fairfax, 1. ROY ALLEN HOLLAND “Roy” Ambition: Navy. Fairfax, 1; Football, 3. GLORIA ANN HOPKINS “ Gloria ” Ambition: Commercial artist. Chambersburg, Pa., 1; Gainesville, Tex., 2; Hockey, 4. PHYLLIS RUTH JOHNSON “Phil” Ambition: Airline hostess. Newspaper Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 4; Cheerleader, 4. MARY VIRGINIA KANE “Mary” Ambition: Secretary. Glee Club. CATHLLLN LRANCLS KIPPS “Ca thleen” Ambition: Typist. e n i o r JOAN KOHLMEIER a j yy Joan Ambition: Writer. Pres., Sophomore Class; Newspaper Staff, 2, 4; Basketball, 4; Basketball Manager, 3. ELIZABETH OLIVER KUHN Lizzie Ambition: Piano teacher, airline hostess. Junior Play; Senior Play; Hockey, 4. RICHARD MILTON LANDESS “Dick” Ambition: Chemical or electrical engineer Fairfax, 1; Senior Play; Band, 2, 3, 4; Foot ball, 3, 4; Honor Society, 4. WILLIAM FORREST LANIER “Bill” Ambition: Pediatrician. Honor Society, 3, 4; Pres., Freshman Class; Student Council, 1, 3, 4; Band, 3, 4; Senior Play. JOAN MADELIN LeSAGE u t yy Joan Ambition: Dramatics. RONALD HENRY LEVERSON “Ron” Ambition: Mechanical engineer. MARY JOSEPHINE LINGLEY “Mary Jo” Ambition: Nurse. Trinity, 1, 2; Honor Society, 4. MARY ANN LONGANECKER “Mary Ann” Ambition: Department store buyer and fashion designer. Glee Club, 1, 3; Honor Society, 4. a 6 6 MARSHALL EUGENE LOY “Marshall’ ' Ambition: Commercial artist. Football, 4; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, Junior Class; President, Art Club; Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class. RODERICK GILLIS MARSHALL “Roddy” Ambition: Geologist. Western High, 2. DONALD ROBERT MARSTERS “Don” Ambition, Mechanic. Football, 1. MARJORIE HELLEN MEESE “ Margie” Ambition: Housewife. Glee Club. LAURA PATRICIA MEITII “Pat” Ambition: Commercial artist or linguist. Metairie High, New Orleans, La., 1, 2; Basketball, 4; Softball, 3; Secretary, Senior Class; Honor Society, 4. ROBERT MELVOURNE MEITH “Bob” Ambition: Engineer. Metairie High, New Orleans, La., 1, 2; Football, 3, 4; Basketball, 4; Vice-President, Senior Class; Baseball, 3. RALPH LOUIS MIDDLETON “Ralph” Ambition: Lawyer. MATTHEW SEARL MILLS “Matt” Ambition: Radio technician. President, Hobby Club, 2. JANICE MUIR “Jan” Ambition: Interior decorator. Basketball, 4. MARILYN MILLER McELROY “ Mac ’ Ambition: Writer. JANE NEWMAN “Jane” Ambition: Buyer. CLARENCE PEYTON NICHOLAS “Pat” Ambition: Mechanic or photographer. ROSE ANNE MILLS “Rosie” Ambition: Housewife. Ursuline Academy, Laredo, Te xas, 1; Washington and Lee, 2; President, Public Speaking Club, 4; Senior Play. WILLIAM CURTIS MONEY “Billy” Ambition: Salesman. Fairfax, 1; Vice-President, Student Coun¬ cil, 3; President, Airplane Club, 2. MARY LOUISE MORRISON “Mary ” Ambition: Politician or homemaker. Fairfax, 1; Student Council, 3, 4; Girls te Attorney General, 3; Softball Manager, Honor Society, 3, 4; Secretary, Honor So- , 4; Jaguar Staff. Mary Virginia mosser “Mary” Ambition: Stenographer. Fairfax, 1; Kevser, W. Va., 3. WILLIAM BRUCE NORMAN “B nice” Ambition: Architect. Band, 4. JEAN CAROLYN PANNILL u t yy lean Ambition: Model. Cheerleader, Captain, 4; Senior Play. ERANK JOHNSON PATTERSON ' ‘Frank” Ambition: Air Force. Student Council, 1, 2; Basketball Man¬ ager, 4. EDWARD WELLINGTON PAYNE “Eddie” Ambition: Musician. Fairfax High, 1; Band, 2, 3, 4; Sergeant-at- Arms, Student Council, 4. JEAN ARNOLD PAYNE “Jean” Ambition: Commercial artist. JEAN VIVIAN PLAUGHER nr yy jean Ambition: Private secretary. Hockey, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4. DOROTHY CHAPMAN POND “Dottie” Ambition: Model or nurse. Fairfax, 1; Hockey, 4; Student Council, 3. GENEVIEVE RUBY PORCH “Jenny” Ambition: Zoologist. e n i o r PAUL REID RE DINGER “Paul” Ambition: Dentist. SAMUEL MAITLAND REYNOLDS “Sammy” Ambition: Musician. Band, 2, 3, 4; Patrol, 3, 4. DOROTHY MARIE ROBEY “Marie” Ambition: Secretary or home ec. teacher. ROSE DUGAN ROOT “Rose” Ambition: To travel abroad. Patrol, 2, 3; Cheerleader, 2; Manager of Softball, 3. LLOY D ALVIN SANDERS “Lloyd” Ambition: Pilot. C.A.P., 2, 3, 4. JOAN VIRGINIA SANDERSON “Joan” Ambition: Nurse. President, Science Club, 2. CARL SCHORR “Carl” Ambition: Aeronautical engineer. Football, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4. SARAH JEANNINE SESSIONS “Jeannine” Ambition: Dancing instructor. Student Council, 4. a 6 6 JACK LEE SHERMAN “Jack " Ambition: Automobile business. Football, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 3; Student Council, 2; Patrol, 3. WILLIAM LEWIS SHOTWELL “Bill " Ambition: Engineer. Capitol Page School. GEORGE BENTON SINCLAIR “ Benton " Ambition: Aircraft research. Fairfax, 1. CHARLES WILLIAM SISK “Charles " Ambition: Commercial artist. DONALD LOUIS SLATON “Donald " Ambition: Ornithologist. ALMA ELIZABETH SLOTHOUBER “Alma " Ambition: English teacher. Fairfax, 1. GERDA JOHANNA SLOTHOUBER “Gerda " Ambition: Secretary. Fairfax, 1; Honor Society, 4; President, Future Homemakers of America. ELIZABETH ANN SPARSHOTT “Betty Ann " Ambition: Beautician. Thomas Jefferson Junior High, 1. e n i o r - ROBERT SPENCER STEELE “Bob” Ambition: Accountant. Fairfax, 1; Patrol, 2, 3; Student Council. SARAHJEANNINE STRACHEN “Jeannine” Ambition: Commercial artist. HAZEL GERTRUDE STRATTON “Hazel” Ambition: Secretary. CLARENCE HENRY STUMPE “St umpe” Ambition: Naval aeronautics. Assistant Manager, Football, 3; Senior Plav; Jaguar Staff. RUTH TASKER “Ruth” Ambition: Nursery or kindergarten oper¬ ator. Student Council, 1, 2; Secretary, Student Council, 2; Jnnior Play; Softball, 2, 3; Sweet¬ heart of F. C. FI. S., 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Newspaper Staff, 1, 2, 4; Honor Society, 4. RALPH TAYNTON “Ralph” Ambition: Mechanical engineer. Junior Play. LINDSEY KAY THOMAS, JR. “Kay” Ambition: Forester. Fairfax, 1; Band, 4. a 6 6 RICHARD GAGE THOMPSEN “Dick” Ambition: Naval career or engineer. Student Council, 1,2, 3, 4; Treasurer, Stu¬ dent Council, 1, 2; President, Student Coun¬ cil, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 3. JANE GREY TOWSEY “fane” Ambition: Model or nurse. Softball, 3; Basketball, 4. WILLARD RAY VAN DUSEN, JR. “Willy” Ambition: Pilot. Fairfax, 1; Football, 2; C.A.P., 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA JEANNE VAIL. “Patsy” Ambition: Interior decorator or airline hostess. Student Council, 2; Patrol, 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4; C.A.P., 2, 3, 4. ELINOR RUTH VEACH “ Elinor” Ambition: Religious educator. President, Red Cross Club, 2. JOHN EDGAR WAGNER “ Johnnie ” Ambition: Travel abroad. Student Council, 1, 2, 4; Secretary, Junior Class; Junior Play; Senior Play; Newspaper Staff, 3; Football, 2, 4; Basketball, 3; Jaguar Staff, 4. FRANCES VICTORIA WALLACE “Vicky” Ambition: Aeronautics instructor. Newspaper Staff, 3, 4; C.A.P., 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2; Patrol, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader, 4. ALICE VIRGINIA WALTERS “Alice” Ambition: Tvpist. - J s. e n i o r Cl a 6 5 JOYCE ARLENE WELLER “Joyce” Ambition: Office worker. Glee Club, 3. MARTIN KEISTER WHITE “ Keister” Ambition: Political science and radio. Student Council, 3, 4; Newspaper Staff, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Football Man¬ ager, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 3, 4; Jaguar Editor, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Vice-President, Honor Society, 4; Secretary of State, Boys State. MARY JEAN WILLIAMS “Jean” Ambition: Secretary. Fairfax, 1; Student Council, 2; Basketball, 4; Softball, 2. ELIZABETH ANN WISE “Betty” Ambition: Secretary. LOUISE BROWN WORLEY “Brownie” Ambition: Nurse or doctor. Fairfax, 1; Glee Club. LAWRENCE HENRY YOUNG “Lawrence” Ambition: Businessman. (% r u n i o r a 6 J Officers Bill Jibeaut. Alden Reed Jean Byerly. Dave Carmichle Leroy Cloud. Mrs. Ethelyne McBee Mrs. Harriet Hurt . President . Vice-President .Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . . Coordinator . Sponsor u n l o r CAROLINE ANDERSON JOSEPH ARNAUD LELAND ATKINSON VIRGINIA AYERS ERANCES BARR ALTON BEACH DONNA MAE BENNETT JAMES BENNETT ERED BEYER ROLAND BLUE DONALD BRADLEY KENNY BROWN CONRAD BRUDERER CLAUDE BURRESS JEAN BYERLY MARCIA CAMPBELL SUZANNE CAMPBELL JO ANNE CARPENTER BILL CLARK PEGGY CLINE LeROY CLOUD CHESTER COCKRELL DONALD COCKRELL BEULAH COFER a 6 5 MARCIA CONKLIN ALMA CORKER HENRY CORNELL DOROTHY CROUCH JOYCE CRLM TINA C US AM INO CARL CUTRIGHT JIMMIE DANIELS MARION DAUGIITERY ELIZABETH DAVIS JIMMIE DAVIS LOWELL DAVIS BARBARA DAWSON ELLEN DeGROOT RUBY DELLINGER JEAN DEMORY CAROL DHEIN PEGGY DIXON KENNETH DOVE JUDY EARHART CHARLES EARNEST PATSY ELLER CLAUDINE FOGLE BARBARA EUSARINI a n l o r BETTY GALLEHER DON GOOD PEGGY GOODE VIRGINIA GOODWIN ANNE GOTTHARDT CAROLYN GLOVER MARY ALICE GRAVES WILLIAM HAND LOUIE HARGETT ANN HARRISON IDA LIARNE VIRGINIA HAZELGROVF, CAROL HEIDENREICH EARL HENDERSON CLARENCE HIGHT NAIDA IIILMAN BOB HINKLE ANN HUGHES JOAN HUGHES SYLVIA HUMM PHYLLIS HUNT JOHN HUNTON BILL JIBEAULT GERALDINE JOHNSON add FRANCES JONES BARBARA KELLEY EDNA KIRBY ANNE KORFF PAT LAURENCE JIMMY LEWIS ORVILLE LOUR BARBARA LOOMIS LEWIS LOWE TEDDY MAGZIG JEWEL MARKELY NORMAN MARRS HUBERT MARTIN PEGGY MASON mary McCauley WANDA McDUFFEE AUDREY McGARITY BARBARA McMANUS ETHEL MESSICK BOB MILLS CURTIS MOFFAT MARTHA MOORE PHIL MOORE EARL MORRIS u n i o r LILIAN MORRISON MARY SUE MUNSON EVELYN NEFF BETTY O’BANNON ERANCES O’NEIL ROBERT OSBORN CAROLYN PATTISIIALL CHARLOTTE PEARSON KATHRYN PECK ROBERT PENNINGTON JEAN PIGGOTT IRENE PILKERTON STANLEYPLAUGHER LEE RAY POEIILER IRVIN POOLE SHIRLEY POSEY PATRICIA REDD ALDEN REED PATTY REES DICK REUSS LARRY RICH BILL ROBERTSON JEANNE RODDA EARL ROSENBERGER CAROLYN ROTE FRANK ROTHERY CHARLES ROTH STEIN BOB ROUNTREE FRANCESSCHOENBAUER JERRY SHUGARS BETTY JEAN SHUMATE DORIS SIMMS EDWIN SINCLAIR BETTY SLIGER DAVID SPENCER DEWEY SPEAKER JACK STARK MELVIN STEADMAN SHIRLEY STEADMAN BARBARA STEELE DALLAS STEELE GEORGE STEWART STEVE STRICKLIN JOHN SUDDARTII EUGENE SU TTON ELLEN TASKER CHERRY TAYMAN TWYLA THOMPSON amor a add ERNEST THUT JUNE TRIPLETT CHRIS TURNBULL PATSY TURNBULL DICK WAGNER DOROTHY WALLER RAY WATT MICHAEL WEST BOB WILLETT JEAN WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS - r x JOYCE WILLIAMS CLAYBORNE WORLEY JEAN ZETTLE o m o r a a 5 J Officers Pat Silleman. Larry Miller Molly Zettle Diane Cornwell . Jimmy Chambliss -Mas. Alpha Spitzer Miss Elsie Haynie . President . Vice-President .Secretary .Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Coordinator Sponsor ornore ANNETTE BOWMAN WALTER BROOKS ALAN BROWN JIMMY CHAMBLISS DIANE CORNWELL BILLY DUKE EDNA ERADY CASSIE HARRISON PAT HOFF ROY KENNEDY PEGGY KING JEAN KNUPP ROBERT LaROCHELLE BEVERLEE LAWRENCE doris McCarter CHESTER McCARL LARRY MILLER THOMAS MOORE VIRGINIA PAGE BETTY POMEROY BENNY ROUILLARD BOBBY SARRETT ROBERT SCHINDLER NINA SIIINKE ANNE SHIRLEY PAT SILLIMAN ROLAND SNEAD FRED SPERRY MARY ELLEN SULLIVAN ETHEL TROUT NORMA JEAN TROUT MARGARET WOOD MOLLY ZETTLE Not in picture: HARRY CLARK CHARLOTTE HITE RICHARD PETERS JOHN BARLOW LEON PERRELL EL WIN PETERSON JUNE TUNISON BETTY GROAH a 5 5 m a n Officers Betty Ann Frenzel President Tanya Bruskin . Vice-President Kitty Sue Lee. Secretary Jack Hanson. Treasurer Wayne Akre. Scrgeant-at-Arms Mrs. Mable Chapman. Coordinator Miss Ciiarolotte Munchmeyer . Sponsor Zz r e S L man WAYNE AKRE AL ALEXANDER CIRBY ALEXANDER HAZEL ALEXANDER MARTHA ALTIZER LILY ALTMAN BETTY AYRES DOLORES BAROEFIO JAMES BEARD MAURICE BEAZLEY RICHARD BENNETT DAVID BERRY ANTHONY BICKEREST HELEN BIERLIEN DARSIE BOYD TANYA BRUSKIN FREDERICK BRYAN BONITA BURWICK SHIRLEY CANNON BETTY ROSE CHILDS BETTY CLARK DICK CLUCKNER PEGGY COCKRELL HARRY COGGINS ELIZABETH COLLINS THOMAS COOK EILEEN CRONIN HILDA CROSON CLARENCE DANIELS JOANNE DAUGIITERY JEANETTE DAWSON WILLIAM DEVEREAUX JAMES DOBSON FRED DONALDSON KENNETH DONALDSON MARGARET DONALDSON EMMETT DOWDEN CHARLES DUNN MELVIN DUNN MARILYN DYER N a $ 6 BARBARA ESCHERICK BENNY FAIDLEY WILLIAM FEASTER PETER FIELD BARBARA EINCHAM BETTY ANN FRENZEL BOB FURMAN CAROL GEDDES MARIE GI AM PAPA SHIRLEY GILMORE DONNA GLEESON WAYNE GLENN ANNE GLOVER DONALD GLOVER ARTHUR GOWER JUANITA GRAGG FRED GRENFELL MARY LOU GRENFELL LOIS HALL GEORGE HALL MAUREEN HANNA JACK HANSON JOHN HARDY BOBBY HAYES BARBARA HEATH JAMES HENNINGS LILLA HIGIIT BILLY IIILEMAN DORIS HIMELRIGHT MARY HINES EDWIN HUFFMAN FRANCES IDDINGS JERRY IRWIN WILBER ISENBERG MARILYN JACOBS CONTEE JAMES TOMMY JARBOE BETTY JOHNSON BILLY JOHNSON JOHN JULLIAN r e J L man. BETTY KANE HELEN KIDWELL ALICE KNIGHT FRED LANDESS LEE LANIER PATRICIA LATHROP ELIZABETH LAWRENCE DAN’L LAY KITTY SUE LEE LORRAINE LeSAGE JAL-K.lt, LlrSUOMB BARBARA LI 7 INGSTON CONNIE LOOMIS JOHN LUCAS ALVIN LUCKF-NBACK LA VINE LUCKF-NBACK NOEL LYNN JIMMY LYONS BETTY MADDEN JOYCE MADDEN CORA MEGINNIS ARMAND MICHAUD DON MIDDLETON THELMA MILBURN VIRGINIA MILLER JOYCE MOORE ANNA MAE MOSSER STUART MULLINS MARGARET MYF-R nancy McCarter ROBERT McINTIRE VIRGINIA NALLEY MARY NICHOLAS MAX ODOM FRANK OOGJF-N BOBBY PEARL CATHERINE PEARSON DOROTHY PHILLIPS RUSSELL PHLEGAR EDDIE PIERCE BENNY PISTOLE TIMOTHY POPOVICH BOBBY PORTER MITZEE POSEY STELLA QUINN MARION RAMPEY BUDDY REEVES ALAN REX EILEEN RICE OWEN RICH LOUIS ROBINSON JOAN ROLLINS MAE ROSENBAUM MAXINE ROUNTREE PAT SCHAUSS ROBERT SCHMIDT AGATHA SCHNEIDER JANE SCIIOTTLER MARY SHIFFLETT FRANCIS SHOEMAKER CHARLES SHUGIIRUE JEANNINE SMITH DOROTHY SPICER MARGARET STRAW BARBARA SUDDARTII PAT SULLIVAN BUDDY SUMMERS WILLIAM TAVENNER THOMAS TAYLOR DAVE THOMAS HAMMOND THOMPSON JOANNE THOMPSON FRANCIS TOMPKINS SKIP TOWERS MARY JANE TRICE JOE TROMBO ALBERT TWISS ERNEST TYRRELL ARTHUR VAN DUSEN LaRUE VAN METER man VINCENT VIA JOHN WAINIO ROBERT WALKER RAY WALLER BUDDY WATERS JEAN WATSON JUANITA WHITE LAURA ANN WHITESELL JO ANN WHITTINGTON GEORGE WILCOX SYBIL WILL FRANCES WILLIAMS FRITZ WILSON JO ELLEN WILSON Not in Pictures: BARBARA BLAKE SANDRA CAMPBELL PAT DONAIIOE EARL FOLT Z WALTER HANRAHAN ALBERT HOLLAND GILCHRIST KINGSLEY JOHN LEAR DAVID PUTNAM FOSTER SHIFFLETT PAUL SLOTIIOUBER ELLIS STEARNS DONALD TRASK JANET WYNET CHARLES SULLIVAN TOM GRIFFIN WILLIAM CHAMBLISS RAY HALL Officers Thomas Leidner Bobby Shumate. Betty Towsey . . Buddy Fisher Dan Boger Miss Elsie Haynie Mr. Paul Weber President . Vice-President .Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . . . Coordinator . Sponsor i A BETTY ALEXANDER RANDY ALLEY BARBARA ANTONIDES DAVID ARNOLD JOHN AUSTIN ERANCES BAILEY PATRICIA BAILEY GEO RGE BARREY ( Freshman ) SHIRLEY BARNETT BETTY BARRETT ARLINE BEMAN DAN BOGER BOBBY BOGGS MAE BRADLEY ROCKNE CARPENTER DOROTHY CARTER ROBERT CHASTINE BOBBY CLARK DELANOR COOK MINNIE COOK LORENE CORKER CHARLOTTE CORNER THOMAS CORSON LUCILLE DAILEY LOUISE DkGROOT BILL DICK LAURA DONALDSON VICTOR DRUMHELLER MARY DUNN LORETTA DYER JUNE ELLER RICHARD ELLIS ANNA EVERETT HESTER FAGUE THOMAS FAHEY LOUIS EISIIER RICHARD FLETCHER JOYCE FOSTER PAT FOSTER HERMAN FOX J r a a e MARION FREE ANN GALT CARRIE GEIER ELSBETH GNUEG PATSY GO ROAN PAT GORE MARJORIE GORHAM CHARLES GOTTIIARDT JON GRANT JOHNNY GRAY RUTH HAINES MADISON HALL DOROTHEA HANNAH EDGAR HARPER JERRY IIAZELGROVE RONALD HERRING PEGGY HERRON MILDRED HILTZ BEVERLY HOLLISTER LOUIS HOMER r j PHYLLIS HORTON GEORGIA HOUTZ JAMES HUEY KATHRYN HUNTER JOHN IRWIN KAYE IRWIN HARUKO ISHIYAMA BEVERLY JACOBS BETTY JENKINS VIRGINIA IENKINS GLADYS JONES WALTER JONES MILLES KELLOGG ANN KOHLMEIER JEAN KRAMER JAMES LACEY RUSSELL LACY ELECTA LARCOMBE FAYE LASSEN n v S TANLEY LATHROP MARY JANE LEACH ELEANOR LEHMAN THOMAS LEIDNER JEAN LILLIARD ROBERT LIVINGSTON JOHN LOCKWOOD JANE LONGANECKER MAYNARD LOY DONALD LUMSDEN NELSON LYLE MAXINE MAGARITY RALPH MALICK GAYLE McACHREN HERBERT McCENEY BETTE McDERMITT JOANNE McILWEE thomas McKinley HUGH MacMAIION EUGENE MERKER BILLY MILLER JOAN MILLER IRENE MILLS BOGARDUS MOORE BERNIE MOORE MARGARET NEVIN BETTY JEAN NICHOLSON HILDA NORRIS EARL NUCKOLLS SKEETY OLIVER ROSALEE O’NEIL CONNIE OSMOND BOB OSMOND LESTER PALMER BETTY PEARSON BARBARA PETERSON LEE PHILLIPS JAMES PISTOLE JOAN PLAUGHER JOHNNY POEHLER DUANE POLAND BILL PRYOR DICK PURGITT ROBERT RAMEY JAMES REYNOLDS DELORES RICH RUTH RICHARDSON WAYNE RICHEY BRADY RIDGELEY MARLENE RIVES REXFORD ROBEY ALLEN ROBINSON AUBREY ROBINSON ANN ROOT KENNY ROSE JERRY ROSSON JACK ROYLANCE JESSIE SALEH MELVIN SATTERLEE EREDRICA SCHAUSS JACK SCHWEITZER SHIRLEY SEABOLT SHIRLEY SHELTON WILLIAM SIIINKE BEALE SIIIRKEY DANIEL SHIRLEY BOBBY SHUMATE ROBERT SIBLEY FRANK SMALLWOOD EDDIE SMITH JANICE SMITH ELINOR SPAULDING ANNE SPEICII NORMA STAPLES NANCY STARK BETTY STEARN EVANGELINE STEARNS SHIRLEY STEARNS BETTY STENHOUSE JOHN STEWART BARBARA TAYLOR Ciylitli Cjracle PAUL TAYNTON MARILYN THOMAS DORIS THOMAS BETTY TOWSEY CHARLES TROUT W ILLIAM TROUT BETTY MAE TUCK ROBERT VAN PELT TOMMY YIRDEN BOBBY WADE BOBBY WEBSTER PATSY WELLS FREDDY WELLS THOMAS WILLIAMS TERRY WISE MARY ALICE WOOD LORRAINE WOOD BETTY WORTMAN NORMA WREN VIRGINIA WREN Time Out!” “Hail , hail , the gang ' s all “Sweet and lovely.” Cleanup fob!” here.” “Sleepy Time Gal ' ' Grinnin Barrett” “Hmmm, what have we “Iley, what gives!” Line forms to the right.” here? ' ’ “Home from the wars “Pause that refreshes.” “Strolling thru the park one c av.” PIGSKIN PARADE Under the capable guidance of our two new coaches, Tom Todd and Paul Weber, the Jaguars broke even on the season, win¬ ning 4, losing 4, and tying 2. Head Coach Todd introduced a completely new formation to the squad, known as the “Single Wing” with unbalanced line to the right or left. The Green and White had previously used the double-wing and “T” forma¬ tions. The mighty, fearless Jaguar line with such stars as Meith, Hileman, Cole, Hanson, Akre, Moffatt and Sherman, played a rugged game and were known for their stubbornness, great block¬ ing and tackling. The backfield stars, Thomp- sen, Loy, Sarrett and Schorr, ran wild with their speed and illusive¬ ness. They proved themselves ca¬ pable of filling the shoes of last year’s stars, and then some. So here are three cheers for our swell team, our new coaches, and the managers. First row: Bob Furman, Marshall Lov, Dick Thompsen, Leroy Cloud, Dick Wagner, Bob Sarrett, Roger Cole, Bob Meith, Rodney Hanson, Curtis Moffat, and Benjamin Luckenbach. Second row: Coach Weber, Bill Jibeault, Bernard Hannond, Louie Hargett, Irvin Poole, Dave Borges, Buddy Reeves, Richard Landess, Bob Steele, Charles Shughrue, Joe Trombo, Anthony Bickrest, Coach Todd, and Keister White. Third row: Frank Pat¬ terson, Jackie Hayes, Fred Landess, Jack Stark, Fred Beyers, Chester McCarl, Bill Hand, Jack Akre, and Jimmy Chambliss. Not in picture: Carl Schorr, Daniel Hileman (Captain), and Jack Sherman. SEASON HIGHLIGHTS SEPTEMBER 19—FALLS CHURCH 0, DEVITT PREP 32 The 1947 season got off to a poor start as a heavier, more experienced Devitt team trounced the Jaguars. The Devitt line opened big holes for their backs to scoot thru, and our bovs were unable to cope with the all-round power displayed bv their opponents. SEPTEMBER 26—FALLS CHURCH 0, MANASSAS 0 The “T” against the “single-wing” wound up in a stalemate. The pigskin was moved from one end of the field to the other, but the game ended in a scoreless tie, the first in four years for the Jaguars. Late in the game the Jaguars moved the ball to the Manassas 3-yard line, but were stopped bv a stone wall. OCTOBER 3—FALLS CHURCH 38, LURAY 0 Phe Green and White showed power and speed for the first time this season as they marched up and down the field over a weak Luray team. ' Phe line opened big holes and the backs ran wild. In the last half the second string took over where the Varsity left off. Coaches Todd and Weber using the entire squad. OCTOBER 10—FALLS CHURCH 0, MOUNT VERNON 6 The Green and White lost a heart-breaker as a luckv spot pass in the last quarter proved to be the margin of victory between two evenly matched teams. Fighting hard, the Jaguars showed good form, but were unable to overcome the old Mount Vernon jinx. Carl Schorr stood out for Falls Church, snagging one long pass and intercepting two Mount Vernon aerials. OCTOBER 18—FALLS CHURCH 13, HANDLEY 13 Sparked bv Carl Schorr, who scored twice on long runs, and backed by great line play, the Green and White rolled up a 13-point lead, but faded fast in the last quarter as a scrappy Handley eleven came back to tie it up. OCTOBER 24—FALLS CHURCH 8, BETHESDA-CHEVY CHASE 0 Marshall Loy came into his own, scoring the onlv touch¬ down of the game, after passing to set up the score. Quick think¬ ing accounted for the extra 2 points, as Johnny Wagner and Devereaux trapped a Bethesda back behind the goal line for a safety. OCTOBER 31—FALLS CHURCH 13, LANE 12 Falls ClmrcTi went all the way to Charlottesville to defeat a highly-rated Lane team by only one point. The game see¬ sawed back and forth, but Hileman’s conversion in the last quar¬ ter boosted the Jaguars over the .500 mark for the first time. NOVEMBER 7—FALLS CHURCH 13, CULPEPER 0 A champion Culpeper team ran into a fighting underdog and found it had met its match. The Jaguars played their best game of the year, as backs and line worked together to take advantage of Culpeper’s mistakes. Cole dro pped on a fumbled ball in the end zone for the first score, and Johnny Wagner intercepted a pass and scored for the other 6 points. NOVEMBER 14—FALLS CHURCH 6, FAIRFAX 19 In this traditional rivalry, played on the muddiest field of the year. Falls Church found itself overpowered by one man, Fones of Fairfax. Hit hard by fumbles early in the game, the Jaguars were unable to go, as their running and passing attack failed dismally. The only score came on a pass from Trombo to Schorr in the last quarter. NOVEMBER 21—FALLS CHURCH - SHERWOOD (Cancelled) NOVEMBER 27—FALLS CHURCH 6, JAMES MONROE 38 Traveling to Fredericksburg for this Thanksgiving Day game, the Green and White met with their season’s worst defeat. James Monroe dominated all the play except for a brief part of the second quarter in which Schorr ran 70 yards to cross the golden chalk mark. The Hornets passed and ran the Jaguars into submission as the season came to a close. First row: Dick Thompsen, Rodney Ilanson, Carl Schorr, Roger Cole, Bob Meith, Joe Trombo. Second row: Coach Weber, Richard Arnold, B u d d v Reeves, Jack Stark, Ray Watts, and Frank Patterson, Manager. First row: Margaret Demorv, Jane Towsey, Janice Muir, Vicky Wallace, Evelvn Hard¬ ing, Phyllis Johnson, Pat Meith, Virginia Crossman (Captain), Frances Fought, Evelyn Neff, Jean Williams, Carolyn Anderson, Mary Ellen Sullivan, and Joan Kohlmeier. o N T H E C O U R T BOYS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Opponents We They December 16 Manassas . . . .. 32 20 December 18 W L (J.V.) . 18 31 January 8 Culpeper . .... 27 24 January 9 Ilerndon . ,... 55 46 January 13 Fairfax . .... 27 47 January 16 Mt. Veinon . . . ... 16 35 January 19 James Monroe . 13 32 January 23 G. W. . . . . 15 60 January 27 Mt. Vernon .... 28 40 January 28 Falmouth .... 29 44 February 6 Manassas . . . . . . . . 18 25 February 8 Culpeper . . . . .... 35 27 February 10 Falmouth . . . . . 29 41 February 11 W L (J.V.) . . . . 30 55 February 18 G. W. . . . . 17 49 February 20 James Monroe . . . . 25 27 February February 24 Episcopal (J.V. Fairfax ) ... 24 28 23 . . 25 26 FAIRFAX COUNTY TOURNAMENT March 8 Fairfax . . 58 Falls Church. .. 40 March 8 Mt. Vernon.. . 39 Ilerndon . . 32 March 9 Fairfax . . 49 Mt. Vernon .. 46 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Opponents We They December 16 Manassas . . . . . 23 17 January 9 Ilerndon . .... 19 36 January 14 James Monroe .... 20 28 January 16 Mt. Vernon . . . 10 29 January 20 Fairfax . ... . 19 14 January 27 Mt. Vernon . . . . 7 19 February 6 Manassas .... 12 17 February 10 Falmouth . . . . 12 42 February 13 W L . .... 20 23 February 18 Leesburg .... . . . . 16 19 February 20 James Monroe . . . . 15 27 February 25 Fairfax . . . . . 25 17 FAIRFAX COUNTY TOURNAMENT March 8 Herndon ... . 28 Falls Church. . . 12 March 8 Mt. Vernon 28 Fairfax . .. 13 March 9 Ilerndon 28 Mt. Vernon . . 12 OUR DEBUT HOCKEY TO The year of 1947-48 was Falls Church High’s first try at hockey. Mrs. Lilly, along with the students, planned and marked the field while Mr. Todd put up the goals. Players on the team were: Frances Fought, Captain, Margaret Donaldson, Jane Towsev, Doris Simms, Jean Williams, Gloria Hopkins, Virginia Miller, Carol Gettvs, Jimmie Rae Bowen, Char¬ lotte Pearson, Dottie Pond, Jo Anne Whittington, Dorothy Bass, Mickey Hazelgrove, Betty Fren- zel, Ann Glover, Brownie Whorley, Elizabeth Kuhn, Geraldine Johnson, Jean Plaugher, and Bo¬ nita Burwick. Mrs. Lilly and Miss Fthelyne McBee were the hockey coaches. We played three games. Two were with Fairfax, results were 2-0 and 2-1, and one game with Washington and Lee, with a score of 3-2. The entire school is proud of these close scores even if we were defeated. Frances Fought and Jane Towsev were the only scorers. Our coaches, as well as players, realize all we need is a little experience. STUDENT COUNCIL 1 he Tails Church High School Student Council has endeavored to promote the general welfare of the student body. This year, under the leadership of Presi¬ dent Dick Thompson, the council has worked for closer faculty-student relation¬ ship and has sponsored several activities, including the Sweetheart Dance. Falls Church took an active part in the Fairfax County Student Cooperative Association, by which a closer bond of friendship, school functions, and social interests, has been furthered. OFFICERS Dick Tiiompsen President Shirley Posey Vice-President Bobbie Brady Secretary J Billy Money Treasurer Eddie Payne Scrgeant-at-Arins MEMBERS 12th BETTY GALLEHER TOMMY GRIFEIN MARY BARR CURTIS MOFFAT VIRGINIA MIELER BILL LANIER CHARLOTTE PEARSON MARGARET MYER MARY MORRISON ALDEN REED 8th BILL SHOTWELL 10th PAT GORE JOHN WAGNER PAT SILIMAN RUTH HAINES KEISTER WHITE 9th JERRY IIAZELGROYE Hth JAMES BEARD BOBBY SHUMATE JEAN BYERLY ANTHONY BICKEREST ANN SPEICH CARL CUTRIGHT CAROL GEDDES JAGUAR JOURNAL The Jaguar Journal was published this year by the journalism class under the sponsorship of Mrs. Pearl Hanson. The staff, although inexperienced, undertook to publish fifteen issues, more than ever before. All fifteen were sent to press, and enjoyed by all the students — a tribute to the hard work of the staff. STAFF Ruth Tasker Bobbie Brady. Billy Money. Pat Joynt. Phyllis Johnson. Vicky Wallace. Bob Rountree ) Joan Kohlmeier Nancy Jo Franks ) Betty Sliger. Lila Ann Hardy. Marshall Loy. Jeanne Plaugher. Pat Vail. Mrs. Pearl Hanson. . Edit or Assistant Editor Managing Editor Business Manager News Editor Sports Editor Ecaturc Editors Society Editor Circulation Manager . . . Make-Up Editor . Head Typist Exchange Editor Adviser AIR PATROL CIVIL The Civil Air Patrol was organized on December 1, 1941, and at that time its main function was to patrol the Mexican border, do rescue work, submarine scouting, forest patrol and transpor¬ tation duties. Today the C.A.P. has, as its central objective, a cadet training program. Cadets arc given elementary ground instruction, opportunities for flight and preparation for possible future ad¬ vancement in the Air Forces. The Falls Church Squadron was organized March 18, 1946, and at present is meeting at Washington and Lee with the W. L. Squadron. Further recognition should be given to Cap¬ tain Knox Altman, commanding officer for the cadets, and Major Speirs and Captain Thompkins, both senior members and C.A.P. leaders for Falls Church. First row: Pvt. Lorraine LeSage, S Sgt. Vicky Wallace, Sgt. Pat Vail, Pvt. Robert Chastain, Sgt. Lloyd Saunders, Pvt. Robert Livingston and Pvt. James Dobson. Second row: Pvt. Pepper Palmer, Pvt. Randy Alley, Pvt. Ralph Malick, Pvt. John Stewart, Sgt. Chris Turnbull and S Sgt. Willard Van Dusen. Third row: Pvt. Mary Morrison, Pvt. Lillian Morrison, Pvt. Ann Hughes, Pvt. Joan Hughes, Eddie Andrus, Pvt. Tommy Coleman and Sgt. Billv Hinman. ETTA ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Teunis Earman . . . Keister White Mary Morrison . . Ed Andrus. Mrs. Harriet Hurt President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Sponsor 1947-1948 EDWARD ANDRUS BOBBIE BRADY TEUNIS EARMAN BILL LANIER MARY MORRISON DICK THOMPSEN KEISTER WHITE 1948 ERED ABELL BETTY BOONE JIMMIE RAE BOWEN ROGER COTTING NACEY JO FRANKS SARINA GENOVESE RICHARD LANDESS MARY JO LINGLEY MARY ANN LONGANECKER PAT MEITH GREDA SLOTIIOUBER 1948-1949 JIMMIE DANIELS CAROL HEIDENREICII CURTIS MOFFAT CHARLOTTE PEARSON JEAN PIGGOTT SHIRLEY POSEY ALDEN REED PATTY REES DORIS SIMMS The high standards of Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service main¬ tained by HAK members are, and will continue to be, an inspiration and a goal for the underclassmen of Falls Church High. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club was organized in 1947 under the direction of Coach Gregory Wroniwiez with the name “Monogram Club.” During 1947 there were approximately 23 members. Now called the Varsity Club, under the supervision of Coach Weber and Coach Todd, the organiza¬ tion has 46 regular members. The function of the club is to further and promote interest in athletics in the school. All stu¬ dents receiving varsity letters are eligible for membership in the Varsity Club. The Varsity Club sponsored a Homecoming Dance, a basketball game between girls and boys, April Fool’s Dance, and provided emblems and letters for all those playing on Varsity and Junior Varsity teams and for the cheerleaders. First row: Keister White, Jackie Haves, LcRoy Cloud, Dick Rcuss, Ray Kennedy, Carl Schorr, Dick Thompsen Second row: Evelyn Harding, Jean Pannill, Doris Simms, Lilia I light, Nicky Wallace, Jane Towsey, Mary Mor¬ rison, Ruth Tasker. Third row: Frank Patterson, Richard Landess, Clarence I light, Rodney Hanson, Roger Cole, Bob Sarrett, Dick Wagner. Fourth row: Marshall Lov, Tennis Earman, Rose Root, Margaret Dernory, Marjorie Fisher, Phyllis Johnson, Pat Turnbull, Roberta Bolen, Jackie Chambliss, Bob Meith. Not in Picture: Jack Akre, Berge Hatchik, LcRoy Poehlor, Jack Stark, Richard Arnold, Roger Cotting, Pat Meith, Frances Fought, Janice Muir, Marv Ellen Sullivan, Joan Kohlmeier. ART CLUB One of flic most active organizations in the school is the Art Club. Posters, dance decorations, and other essential activities have always been aided by the energetic members of the Art Club. Art exhibits display considerable talent arid are worthv of mention. OFFICERS Jean Payne. President Bob Cluckner . Vice-President Ann Hathaway . Secretary Jeannine Strachen. Treasurer William Robinson . Scrgcant-at-Arms Mrs. Francis Crum. Sponsor MEMBERS KNOX ALTMAN HERMAN FOX ROCKNE CARPENTER JANE LONGANECKER ANN ROOT JAMES LACY DALLAS STEELE HARUKO ISIIIYAMA JOHN LOCKWOOD BILL PRYOR BUD FISHER DANIEL SHIRLEY PEGGY HERRON FREDDY SCIIAUSS CHARLES WILLIAMS ANN GALT MARION FREE FRED ABLE ELSBETH GNU EG BOBBY PEARL THOMAS McKENLEY DORIS THOMAS ROBERT SCHMIDT LORRAINE SCHOENBAUER FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Senior Chapter OFFICERS Junior Chapter Violet Cockrell President .Kitty Sue Lee Betty Sliger. Vice-President .Patty Redd Dorothy Dailey. Secretary .Laura Ann Whitsel Barbara Kelley Treasurer .Shirley Seabalt Marian Daugherty. Reporter .Janice Smith Miss Elizabeth LeGrand Sponsor .Miss Margaret Spitzer THE PURPOSES OF F. EL A. 1. To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. Musagates Club Francis Bold President Mary Austin— Vice-President Jackie Brooks Secretary Marilyn McElroy— Treasurer Patsy Vail Reporter Miss Lucille Gillespie Sponsor Senior Scouts Ellen Tasker— President Betty Ayers— Vice-President Ellen DeGroot— Secretary Sylvia Humm— Treasurer Miss Ruth Moffett— Sponsor Bus Patrols The Bus Patrol, organ¬ ized in 1945, has carried through with great initi¬ ative the duties they have undertaken. Under the leadership of Mr. Harry W. McCarv, the Bus Patrol has proved an efficient force to pro¬ mote the safety of the students of Falls Church High. Hall Monitors Organized this year to insure proper safety con¬ ditions and better eon- duet in the halls, the Hall Monitors have proved to be a capable organization. Under the supervision of Mr. Mc- Carv, the Monitors have done much to promote the order necessary for the welfare of the school. Chess and Checker Club Jack Hanson President Bob Furman— Vice-President John Miller Secretary Maynard Loy— Treasurer Mr. Frank Mishou— Sponsor Cricket Club Rose Anne Mills— President Ciiris Turnbull— Vice-President Kay Thomas— Secrctary-T reasurer Katherine Peck— Reporter Gen. W. S. Rumbough —Sponsor Library Club Stanley Plaugiier— President Kaye Irwin— Vice-President Jean Zettle Secretary Lewis Lowe. Treasurer Bob Pennington— Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Laura Furman— Sponsor Science Club Betty O’Bannon— President Teddy Magsig— Vice-President Jean Piggott Secretary Jack Stark Treasurer Fred Donaldson— Sergeant-at-Arms Betty Madden— Reporter Carolyn Anderson— Librarian Mrs. Mable Chapman Sponsor Junior Journalism Club Noel Lynn President Bob McIntire— Vice-President Virginia Miller— Secretary Ann Glover Treasurer Shirley Cannon— Sergeant-at-Arms Sewing Club Betty Jenkins— President Rosalie O’Neil— Vice-President Jean Lillard Secretary Ann Kohlmeier— Treasurer Mrs. Flora Hill— Sponsor Band Under the direction of Mr. Joseph J. Lyons, the Falls Church High School Band grew into a talented, successful group of musicians. The band played for almost every school dance and has become an organiza¬ tion to be proud of. Airplane Club John Hunton President Knox Altman— Vice-President Billy IIinman— Secretary-T rea surer Artyping Club Margie Meese— President Mary Kane— Vice-President Elizabeth Davis— Secretary Ida Horne Treasurer Miss Arlene Hunt— Sponsor Glee Club Members, left to right: Carl Cutright Charles Siiughrue Joseph Arnaud George Wilcox Mr. L. A. Vliet Sponsor James Lewis Donald Glover Pianist Not in Picture: Paul Redinger Roddy Marshall A lost Likely to Succeed Frances Bold Keister White A lost Attractive Roger Cole Ruth Tasker OUR SENIOR Best Dancers Rose Root John Wagner Most Athletic Bob Meith Virginia Crossman Most Artistic ' Marshall Loy Jeannine Strachen Wittiest Frances Fought Matthew Mills SUPERLATIVES Best Dressed Jean Pannill Bill Carmichael Most Popular Bobbie Brady Peunis Farm an R E M I N Well, we’ve come a long, long way from September 7, 1947, but we have a long, long way ahead of ns. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to look back on all the tilings we’ve clone, and the little com¬ ments following are for the purpose of refreshing your memory in the years to come. Will you ever forget the an nual Sadie Hawkins Dance; the race for all the boys and the hideous corsages everyone turned up with? Of course we couldn’t ignore the foot¬ ball games—how you screamed your lungs out for the team and couldn’t talk above a whisper for a week afterward, and the numbness of your hands and feet and nose on those cold November afternoons will live on in your mind years after you forget who won which game. The Christmas Honor Society Dance, which was called off and on again a dozen times, will surely rate a place in your scrapbook. REMEMBER the music of the Alaskans and the yummy atmosphere of the upstairs hall! And how about the Senior Play, GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE? Every time you think about it, you must feel like throwing orchids at the cast for their wonderful performances. REMEMBER the fun it was tearing the paper off the walls for the final scene, and the time the soot missed its mark? Didn’t Ruth make a lovely Sweetheart? No matter how many Sweetheart Dances there may be, they will never lose that extra-special flavor. S C I N C We mustn’t omit the hilarious Junior Play, for it really brought the house clown. REMEMBER the horrible costume of Wolf-Gal, and the way Carl jumped at the antics of the old maid? One episode no one could forget is Senior Day. Those terrifying costumes in which our beloved upperclassmen ap¬ peared were enough to give anyone night¬ mares, and if you happened to be un¬ fortunate enough to be a member of one of the Senior-taught classes that day, you no doubt have an endless store of anec¬ dotes with which to regale unsuspecting audiences. Courtesy Week, an entirely new under¬ taking, halted for at least five days the shouting, stampeding horde of semi¬ maniacs which invaded the halls of F. C. between every period and before and after school. One could not possibly enumerate ALL the events of the year, but we can¬ not forget such as the Leap Year Dance, the April Fool’s Dance, and all the bas¬ ketball and baseball games. We even started our track team! The Prom, which we can only antici¬ pate now, will, we know, be an event to remember for a lifetime. Let’s thank the Juniors for the wonderful job they’ll un¬ doubtedly do. So, whether you trip lightly down the aisle to the strains of “Pomp and Circum¬ stance,” or stand dreamily watching the sacred procession, you’ll surely recall the work ’n worries, and fun ’n frolic vou had through your years at Falls Church High. THE JAGUAR We thought when we started that putting out a yearbook would be fairly easy, but after seven hectic months of bullying prospective ad-takers, frantically writing and rewriting copy, pushing classmates out into the cold March winds to have their pictures taken, and all the other worries connected with the emission of a good annual, we realized it was no easy task. But at last this poor, harrassed little group, the yearbook staff, has finished; we’ve completed what we hope is the BEST’ yearbook Falls Church has ever known. And now we’d like to express our gratitude to the people who made it possible for us to bring the Jaguar to you; the students, the faculty, the merchants — EVERYONE who participated. We’ve composed, edited, and delivered it, now it’s yours to keep. We’re through — take it away! THE STAFF Editor Keister White Jean Byerly Roger Cotting Edward Andrus Nancy Jo Franks John Wagner l I EDITORIAL STAFF Assistant Editor Teunis Earman ) , r ,. A i Asst. Liter arv Editors Layout Editor Anna Barbara Brady Asst. Layout Editor Clarence Stumpe. Sports Editor Literary Editors RosE RooT Asst ' S P° rts Ed,t01 Ruth Tasker. Typist Vicky Wallace .Asst. Typist BUSINESS Mary Morrison Business Manager Billy Money. Advertising Manager Joan Koiilmeier. Subscription Manager STAFF Mary Jo Lingley .Asst. Sub. Manager Mrs. Laura Furman. Faculty Adviser Congratulations To the Seniors of 1948 MAY SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FOLLOW YOU WHEREVER YOU MAY GO Compliments of MACE PROPERTIES, Inc., BUILDERS Arlington, Virginia Compliments of BARNES KIMEL CO. BETA GAMMA PI Romance Furniture Two Stores to Serve You! R. K. HIRST SON GLASS - PAINT - HARDWARE Arlington, Va. Alexandria, Va. PURINA FEED 1916 Wilson Blvd. 2419 Mt. Vernon Ave. Tyson ' s Corner, Va. Phone FA. 1340 Tel. GLebe 2022 Tel. Overlook 4330 Phone FA. 2010 Phone FA. 1275 WARE’S DISPENSING FALLS CHURCH PHARMACY DRUGGISTS DRUG STORE E. Falls Church, Va. Falls Church, Va. A. H. BROOKS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE WOLF ' S WALK-OVER SHOES 3016 Columbia Pike 929 F St., N. W. Arlington, Va. Phone OX. 0626 CHes. 5100 EX. 7593 ☆ DRUGS SUNDRIES COSMETICS CANDY LUNCH BABY NEEDS Class Rings -m, -m. Westover Pharmacy W. C. Saunders Co. Prescription Druggists 717 E. GRACE ST. RICHMOND, VA. 5841 N. Washington Blvd. Arlington, Va. PHONES ☆ KEnmore 6060-7100 ' The only way to have a friend is to be one.” — Emerson Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous Future From the Management and Staff of falls CnuK. 7 Lee Highway and Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Virginia FA. 2300 Homeware Toys Sporting Goods Paints BARON MELTZ CO. 440 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia AXminister 3850 Appliances Gifts Phonograph Records Baby Furniture HORACE E. BROWN « » Groceries, Hardware, Paints, etc. « » Falls Church, Virginia Phone FAlls Church 1168 WALLACE AND MONROE PHARMACY 438 So. Washington St. (Lee Highway) Phone FA. 2966 Falls Church, Virginia Sctitlwut L)aiucA. RANDALL S. MYERS Electrical Appliances and Service Refrigerators - Ranges - Washers Radios 306 So. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia FA. 1551 AX. 3434 GOODWIN’S GIFT SHOP Glassware and Novelties From Old Mexico Greeting Cards for All Occasions School Supplies - Toys Groceries - Ice Cream - Candy 1 Mile West of Traffic Light on Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Phone AX. 4228 Compliments of B. N. GIBSON Compliments of FALLS CHURCH TEEN THEATRE KEnmore 9734 Compliments of WESTOVER GRILL 5849 N. Washington Blvd. Arlington, Virginia Phone FA. 1800- 1801 FALLS CHURCH MARKET Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Meats - Bird ' s Eye Frosted Foods 110 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Plants Cut Flowers Flowers by Wire MILTON H. COMLEY 5353 Lee Highway CH. 0715 Corsages Funeral Sprays THE ALMA SHOP Arlington ' s Newest Feminine Accessories Shop 3152 Wilson Boulevard Open Evenings Until 9 P. M. Compliments of GIBSON ' S RESTAURANT Phone FA. 7723 P. P. CLARK Real Estate Broker Sleepy Hollow Road Falls Church, Virginia AXminister 3311 NORTHERN VIRGINIA SPORTING GOODS CO. Dealers in Wilson Sporting Goods 1059 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Eddie Phillips Bob Mavity Telephone Falls Church 2655 HAZELGROVE Contractors ' Equipment and Supplies 150 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Virginia Telephone Falls Church 2960 M. E. CHURCH — Realtor - ACCOUNTANCY AND FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION Leading to B.C.S. and M.C.S. Degrees C.P.A. Preparation—Co-educational Day and Evening Classes Send for 41st Year Book Tel. FA. 2960 Guy N. Church 115 W. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. P. O. Box 185 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY 1100 16th Street at L Washington, D. C. Phone: Republic 2262 PORTER STUDIOS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES Photographer for the " Jaguar " 104 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia PHOTOGRAPHS Portrait - Commercial PHOTO SUPPLIES Cameras - Films Developing and Printing Kodaks - Movie Cameras and Projectors ROBERT SHREVE FUEL COMPANY 6873 Lee Highway (Arlington County) Falls Church, Virginia Falls Church 1960 Cleveland Harrill, Manager ROBERTSON’S 5 AND 10 CENT STORE Four Locations for Your Convenience 4775 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. 106 E. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. 6871 Fairfax Drive E. Falls Church, Va. 3014 Columbia Pike Arlington, Va. Phone Falls Church 2478 COLONIAL SERVICE CENTER CARROLL BROTHERS Amoco Gas - Oils - Greasing Parts and Accessories Minor Repairs 100 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of THE HUB MEN’S SHOP Medical Building (Clarendon) ☆ ☆ ADRIAN ' S Compliments of Junior and Misses ' Apparel 3155 Wilson Blvd. Clarendon, Va. STATE LEE THEATRES W. W. THOMAS, JR. CONTRACTOR EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR ROAD MATERIALS 700 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Phone FA. 2855 Congratulations! Arlington ' s Friendliest Jewelry Store THE FAIRFAX STANDARD PHILCO EMERSON RADIOS News of Your Neighborhood ROGERS IEWELRY CO., INC. 3172 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. 150 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church 2775 IF IT IS JEWELRY, ROGERS HAS IT Sales - Rents - Loans - Insurance THE QUALITY SHOP Realtor - METZLER - Builder Nationally Known Men ' s Wear 3811 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia " Northern Virginia ' s Finest " Frank C. Pannill, Mgr. Wilson Boulevard at N. Highland St. Office Phone GL. 7533—OX. 0873 Res. Phone: GLebe 6593 Arlington, Virginia « » X-RAY FITTING ARLINGTON BOOTERY 3132 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia CHestnut 9820 OPEN EVENINGS « » OLD DOMINION CLEANERS Arlington Owned and Operated Drive-In Service - Ample Free Parking 4036 Lee Highway Pride in Our Work Is the Keynote to Our Quality Compliments of WEST END GROCERY 1000 W. Broad FA. 9878 NORTHERN VIRGINIA HARDWARE Formerly M. T. Rust 1049 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. FA. 2800 FREE DELIVERY LEE MARKET DGS Finest in Foods 6879 N. Fairfax Dr. E. Falls Church Phone FA. 2435 FREE DELIVERY FRANC JEWELRY CO. Diamonds - Watches - Je welry Three Stores to Serve You 3137 Wilson Blvd. 627 7th St., N. W. 8305 Georgia Ave. Arlington, Va. Washington, D. C. Silver Spring, Md. RICHARDS JEWELERS Diamonds Jewelry Watches Silverware " Home of Value " 3102 Columbia Pike Arlington, Va. Harry Marsh, Mgr. Ph. OXford 4727 FRAZIER-CLARK MOTOR CO. Chrysler - Plymouth SALES - SERVICE 624-28 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia ) imk CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES and SLIPCOVERS Venetian Blinds Harmony Drapery Studio 4518 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia ARLINGTON BOYS GIRLS ' SHOP From Infancy Thru Age 16 3141 Wilson Boulevard Phone OXford 1361 Arlington, Va. Compliments of PAUL ' S WOMEN ' S WEAR 3143 Wilson Blvd. Clarendon, Va. ALCOVA MOTOR GO. General Auto Repairing Welding — Light Towing — Wheel Aligning Gulf Gas and Lubrication 3601 Col. Pike Arlington, Virginia -□- STUDEBAKER Cars — Trucks Phone GLebe 4211 HOTPOINT Refrigerators - Washing Machines Ranges - Hot Water Heaters Compliments of Dish Washers - Ironers LAUNDERALL CARDWELL’S, Inc. Automatic Washing Machines DEEP FREEZE — Rugs and Carpets — Frozen Food Cabinets Husky Garden Tractors and 640 N. Glebe Road Lawn Mowers Arlington, Virginia American Service Center 585 North Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia Phone OWens for Money Saving Prices GLEBE COURT SERVICE Falls Church 2838 Lee Highway and Old Dominion Drive FALLS CHURCH RADIO SERVICE Arlington, Virginia Columbia, Victor and Decca Records Telephone OX. 2494 - 4797 6872 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. GERBER ' S FALLS CHURCH DEPT. STORE Compliments of 118 W. Broad Falls Church 1244 DICK MONCURE COFFEE - COLA - 24 It ' s Thirst Satisfying—It ' s a Taste Treat YOU ' LL SAY " IT ' S DEE-LISH-US " Try It With Carbonated Milk or Ice Cream and Milk —AT YOUR FAVORITE DRUG STORE— Compliments of THE COFFEE COLA CO. 1603 K Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. Compliments of THE DALE CARNEGIE COURSES in Effective Speaking, Human Relations, Leadership Training Institute of Washington, D. C. 212 Colorado Bldg. 14th G Sts., N. W. Washington 5, D. C. District 4165 A. Galaini GLebe 3220 " Jonathan Logan " and " Pam Rogers " DRESSES CLARENDON OPTICAL CO. Dispensing Opticians WYNN ' S DRESS SHOP Prescriptions Filled - Glasses Repaired HOURS: 3134 Wilson Blvd. Clarendon, Va. Daily 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 3176 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Phone: Falls Church 0123 Compliments of CHARLES W. PETERS Real Estate Broker COMMONWEALTH REALTY CO. Virginia Farms and Homes Lemon Road Falls Church, Va. INSURANCE " Always Something New " Road Service - Accessories MABEL ' S DRESS SHOP McLEAN SERVICE CENTER Across fro m Historic Old Falls Church Amoco - American Gas Oil 188 S. Washington St. Old Dominion Drive at Route 123 Phone FA. 2616 Elmwood 730 McLean, Va. Telephone: Office—Vienna 218 UNDERWOOD SUPERIOR See Us for Real Estate Loans CLEANERS and Insurance 1135 N. Highland St. RAY BARNEY Cr SON Arlington, Virginia Real Estate Broker OX. 2360 Vienna, Virginia — DE - PEND - ON - US — F. A. McGonegal PLUMBING AND HEATING 6829 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of DR. I. S. SIEGEL Finest in Foods GLebe 4545 LEELAND D.G.S. MARKET Lee Highway and Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia JOHN A. NEEB Plumbing - Heating Gas and Electrical Appliances 5701 Lee Highway CHestnut 0343 Compliments of FALLS CHURCH SHOE SHOP 6860 Lee Highway Peter Lomedico, Prop. Compliments of DARDANELLES • 1194 — Phones: Fall Church — 1195 SNYDER AND COMPANY Hardware - Paints - Glass - Bendix Philgas - Coal - Building Supplies Fuel Oil Westinghouse Appliances 6847 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. Compliments of J. WILSON COFFEY Real Estate 120 N. Washington St. AX. 3632 GREYSTONE RESTAURANT 650 N. Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia CHestnut 1313 Maytag - Westinghouse - Philgas APPLIANCES Washer Repair GLADYS S. WAGGONER Coal - Ice - Wood - Fuel Oil Vienna, Va. Phone 35 GLebe 2784 OXford 2784 MANNAS REALTY CO. 2116 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia Compliments of COLUMBIA TUNE-UP 3030 Columbia Pike Ignition — Batteries — Electrical Texaco Service Home Made Ice Cream — Party Sandwiches Catering FALLS CHURCH BAKERIES 101 E. Broad St. 1053 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Tel. FA 1G44 Tel. AX 3300 Flowers For All Occasions CONKLYN ' S FLORIST Member Florist Telegraph Delivery Association DAN CONKLYN 2046 16th N. Arlington, Va. CH 3233 OX 4141 1194 — Phones — 1195 SNYDER COMPANY Hardware - Paints - Glass - Bendix Philgas - Coal - Building Supplies Fuel Oil Westinghouse Appliances 6847 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. ★ ★ Compliments of BOONE ' S SERVICE STATION ★ ★ MA ' S RESTAURANT Located Across From Episcopal Church Served With A Smile Owners Ma Sauver and Richard E. Sauver TURNER ' S INN Ancient Oaks Route 211 Falls Church, Va. •m. Television every night ■m. Good home cooked food -m. Meet your friends at TURNER ' S Compliments of Dr. Seymour Wolf Adrians Specialty Shop Biology Laboratory Home room Delta Gamma Phi Thomas G. Eastham J. B. Rhinehart Virginia Ayers Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cauffman Jean Byerly Keister White Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Furman Mr. and Mrs. Merrill D. Knight, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gorham Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Beard COMPLIMENTS OF KING-KERLEY DRY CLEANERS Falls Church High School Students Your Clothes Deserve the Best of Care—Please Try Us. Phone—Falls Church 1713 Compliments of Call For And Delivery Service BEVERLY PLAZA VALET SERVICE Near safeway —- 400 block S. Washington St. 3915 Mt. Vernon Ave. Alexandria, Va. NNUAL CRAFTSMEN tt it d it a l eat — lack e BUILDING OF A SUPERI¬ OR YEAR-BOOK REQUIRES THE CLOS¬ EST COOPERATION ON THE PART OF THE STAFF, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, THE ENGRAVER AND THE PRINTER. OUR CONNECTIONS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE ENABLE US TO RENDER A COMPLETE SERVICE. IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE AN OUTSTAND¬ ING YEAR-BOOK, LET US HELP YOU. OUR EXPERT SERVICE WILL MINIM¬ IZE MANY OF YOUR PUBLICATION PROBLEMS. THE KING PRINTING CO. fpuntetd • L (ttftavet • pc-ckllnJietd BRISTOL, TENNESSEE 4utoarapLd araph.5 - ■; •. v ' :r-■ frV- ■ ■ v ■ . ••? ievf. v : ' •- - .v. • . . • " - - ' v;. • " V 4 ,! ■ ■ ■ ■■■ k :- ■ ;:. ' : r ■, v ryZ ' • - . - . ■£ ■; ■: . ■ y- j : : v ••• ...j sfe •• ' . . ■- ■■ • ' ■ ■ ' ■“% • IS.VJ r» ■ • ■.■ ' ■ $0 ' :n% : V .y ■ v jj$ • w $;• v - i . - ' ■ " V • ■ v. f • • • ' • v.. V ! ' ■ ; ' ■. . . ' •? ‘ ■ ■ -v. • ••-•. ■ . ■ • " ■ . . ' .; ' ■V,-. •; ■;;: ' v .n$ Jjk; . ' -V • - ►. ’ Jvf-ljR ,?• . : ' ;:V: . , ■ ' ) ,x .vrr ' ' iMi wm t‘ ' ' CL- ' .i - yJCi r . . , . v . ■ v v ;• • 7 ■ ■- 3 •.■■ii f .....■•-. ■ . .v i .

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