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- i m m m Ml m m m mm vi m m asm ' t e year at (tyttncfc t¥c A W 1 Louis Trombo Editor Barbara Nalls Business Manager Farnum Johnson Advertising Manager Carleton Cotting Layout Editor Audrey Speaker Literary Editor B ° B Tho “! sen l Sports Editors Marilyn Miller ) Barbara Altfather. Typist Photography by Porter Studios, Falls Church, Virginia Printed by The King Printing Company, Bristol, Tennessee I give you our school! And all that it means: Book, pencil, and rule, Love, friendship and dreams. Through all of the years This symbol will shine, Through laughter, through tears, For youth, a bright sign. A symbol of all I hat ' s best in the world We ' ll e ' er heed her call— I give you our school! 1947 (tayuan Year Book Published by the Student Body of Falls Church High School Falls Church, Virginia WE HONOR OUR MOTHERS AND DADS Oh, the comfort—the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, Having neither to weigh thoughts, Nor measure words—but pouring them All right out—just as they are— Chaff and grain together— Certain that a faithful hand will Take them and sift them— Keep what is worth keeping— And with the breath of kindness Blow the rest away. —Dinah M. Craik One of the greatest privileges we enjoy is one of which we are often unconscious, that of having two people who love and help us. When we need it, there is a hand to guide or a shoulder to help carry life s load, but greatest of all is an ever-flowing fountain of inspiration and encouragement. In our parents we have the two people who are most interested in us. It is they who have watched through the years from babyhood to youth, guiding, training, counseling, teaching, helping, and above all, loving. We deeply appreciate their sacrifices, their care, and the fact that they are always standing by. Our gratitude is often unexpressed or awkwardly phrased, but it is ever there. To our Mothers and Dads, for all they’ve done, we, the class of ’47, gratefully dedicate this volume of the Jaguar. MR. MACKALL RUST BRUIN, JR. Principal Mr. Bruin graduated from Baltimore City College in 1920. Afterwards, he attended Washington and Lee University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1930 he obtained his Masters degree from the University of Virginia. In the sum¬ mers of 193 3 and 1939 he studied history and economics at Johns Hopkins University. In 1944 he went to summer school at William and Mary, where he studied education. His first school was at Big Island, Virginia, where he was teacher, coach and principal in both the high and elementary schools. His next assignment was in the same capacity at Boydton, Virginia. The following seven years he served as assistant headmaster and as teacher of history and science at the Franklin Day School at Baltimore and was on the faculty at the Baltimore College of Commerce, teaching sociology. In 1942, Mr. Bruin held an interesting and responsible posi¬ tion with the War Department in charge of secret documents and also as an instructor in hydraulics. It was in 1943 that Mr. Bruin came to Falls Church to fill the position of principal of the high school. THE FACULTY MR. WILLIAM HAMILTON BARRETT Assistant Principal Mr. Earrett received a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington and Lee University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Virginia. His first position was in Loudoun County where he served as principal of Middleburg High School. His next assignments were in the same capacity at Church View in Middlesex County, Meriwether Lewis in Albe¬ marle County, Narrows in Giles County, Arvonia in Bucking¬ ham County, and Brosville in Pittsylvania County. Mr. Barrett came to Falls Church in 1946 to serve as assist¬ ant principal of the high school, and to assist in the Chemistry Department. Lucile Carmack B.A., M.A. Librarian Mable U. Chapman B.S. General Science Biology Frances M. Crum B.A. General Mathematics Art Virginia Lee Dail B.A. Social Studies Laura M. Furman B. A. American History Lucille Gillespie B.S. English Julia Gunn Visiting Teacher Pearl B. Hanson B ' .A. English, Latin Journalism Elsie Haynie B.S. Guidance, English Social Studies Flora S. Hill English, Social Studies Kathleen W. Hill B.A. Social Studies Arlene Hunt B.A. Com mercial Harriet Swain Hurt B.S. English, Speech Dramatics Joseph J. Lyons B.A., M.A. Spanish Nancye Lashley B.A. Mathematics Science Elizabeth L. LeGrand B.S. Home Economics Bernice S. Lilly B.S. Physical Education Ethelyne McBee B.S., M.A. Commercial, Science Harry W. McCary B.A. Mathematics Physical Education Frank H. Mishou B.A., M.A. Social Studies, Com¬ mercial Geography Business Law Margaret H. Mitchell General Mathematics Algebra Plane Geometry Cytha E. Rickhoff B.S., M.A. English Charles W. Robinson, Jr. B.S. Mechanical Drawing Wood Shop Anne H. Rullman Guidance Latin William S. Rumbough B.S., M.A. Algebra Solid Geometry Plane Geometry T rigonometry Physical Education Lucille Scott B.S. English Social Studies Alpha Spitzer B.S. Commercial Margaret Spitzer B.S. Home Economics Claudine Wroniewicz Secretary Gregory Wroniewicz B.S., M.A. Physical Education rs d ELIZABETH ANN CLEM June 24, 1930 - June 16, 1946 During her school career, Betty Clem gave generously of her time and efforts. In her first year she served as Secretary of the Freshman Class. While Betty was a sophomore, she was Assistant Business Manager of the Jaguar Journal. As a junior she was elected a charter member of the National Honor Society, Secretary of the Junior Class, and was a member of the Patrol, and a copy-reader on the Jaguar Journal. In the spring of 1946 the student body elected Betty Treasurer of the Student Council and Feature Editor of the Jaguar Journal for the coming year. The Falls Church Chapter of the National Honor Society honored the memory of Betty this year by naming their chapter The Eta Alpha Kappa. But it is not for her generosity in the giving of her talents that those who knew Betty remember her. She was genuinely interested in every person she met. All of her many friends will long remember her for her charm, sincerity, and kindness. Mackall Rust Bruin, III_ President Louis Trombo- Vice-President Betty Ann Myer _ Secretary Nathan Pringle _ Treasurer Bill Reeves- Serge ant-at-Arms Miss Lucille Gillespie_ Coordinator Miss Elizabeth LeGrand_ Sponsor Altfather Altizer Armstrong Bishop Boggs Broaddus Bruin Bruin, III ADA BARBARA ALTFATHER " Babs” Dramatics Club, 3; Dance Club, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Senior Class Play. JOSEPHINE PEARL ALTIZER " Josie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Personality Club, 3; Homemakers Club, 4. GWENDOLYN MARIE ARMSTRONG " Pogie” St. Mary’s Academy, Alexandria, Virginia, 1, 2; Freshman Class, Treasurer; Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Glee Club, 1, 2; Dance Club, 3, 4; Senior Class Play. NETA MARGARETTE BISHOP " Neta” Holy Trinity High School, Washington, D. C., 1, 2; Student Council, Representative, 2; Library Club, Vice-President, 2; Patrol, 2. INA EVELYN BOGGS " Eve” Camera Club, 3; Personality Club, Vice- President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4; Patrol, 1. DOROTHY LOUISE BROADDUS " Dottie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; First Aid Club, President, 3; Homemakers Club, 4; Basketball, 3; Basketball, Co-Captain, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4. MARY JANE BRUIN " Mary Jane” Student Council, Representative, 3, 4; Cam¬ era Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society, 3; Flonor Society, Vice-Presi¬ dent, 4; Cheerleader, 2, 4. MACKALL RUST BRUIN, III " Mike” Franklin Day School, Baltimore, Maryland, 1,2; Baltimore City College, Baltimore, Mary¬ land, 3; Senior Class, President; Monogram Club, President, 4; Football, Captain, 4; Bas¬ ketball, 4; Baseball, 4. Burroughs Christensen Clark Corker Cotting Croson Decker DeGroot CLAUDE JAMES BURROUGHS " Claude” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Athletics Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Student Council, 1, 2. RUTH CAROL CHRISTENSEN " Christy” Student Council, Representative, 2; Jaguar Journal Staff, 2, 3; Honor Society, 4; Home- makers Club, President, 3; Future Homemak¬ ers of America Federation, Secretary, 3; State Future Homemakers of America, Secretary, 4. DOROTHY IRENE CLARK " Dotty” Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, Librarian, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Cheerleader, 4. JULIA ROSELLA CORKER " Rosie” Central High School, Washington, D. C., 3; Dance Club, 3, 4; Basketball, Manager, 3; Baseball, Captain, 3. CARLETON LATHAM COTTING " Carl” George Washington High School, Alexan¬ dria, Virginia, 1,2; Jaguar Staff, 4; Track, 3; Student Council, 3; Debate Club, 2, 3, 4; Pa¬ trol, 2; Cheerleader, 4; Senior Class Play. JOHN ELMER CROSON " Elmer” Football, 4. ROBERT DECKER " Decker” Football, 3, 4; Baseball, 3; Basketball, 3. BENTON DRAKE DeGROOT " Ben” Chess and Checker Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Patrol, 1. eruor Derendorf Fowler Dowell Geddes Fairbanks Gersdorff Fellows Gingell EDWARD HARRY DERENDORF " Eddie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Athletics Club, 3; Camera Club, 4. MILDRED ANN DOWELL " Millie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; First Aid Club, Secretary, 3; Homemakers Club, 4; Basketball, 4. SHIRLEY FRANCES FAIRBANKS " Shirley” Washington Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia, 1, 2, 3; Homemakers Club, Reporter, 4; Patrol, 4; Cheerleader, 2. ALICE JACQUELINE FELLOWS " Jackie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Art Club, 2; Glee Club, Treasurer, 3; Art Club, Vice-President, 4; Patrol, 3, 4. BASIL DOLPH FOWLER " Basil” Spanish Club, 3; Dance Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4; Junior Class Play. MAX EDWARD GEDDES " Max” Automobile Club, 4. SONJA AMELIA GERSDORFF " Sonja” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Science Club, 2; Glee Club, 3; Dance Club, 4; Patrol, 1; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4. BILLY GINGELL " Billy” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 2; Athletics Club, 4; Baseball, 3. emor Glover Hatchik Hamilton Hawkins Hanson Henry Harris Hibbs ALLISON GILBERT GLOVER " Al” Radio Club, 3; Cave Club, 4. BERGE ASHAN HATCHIK " Berge” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Student Council, 2; Radio Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Football, 3, 4. ROBERT BLAIR HAMILTON " Bob” Chess and Checker Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Patrol, 3. RODNEY HANSON MARY ELIZABETH HAWKINS " Mary” Herndon High School, Herndon, Virginia, 1, 2; Chess and Checker Club, 3; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Chemistry Club, President, 4; Baseball, 3, 4. " Handsome” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Monogram Club, Vice-President, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Football, 3, 4; Basketball, 3; Base¬ ball, Assistant Manager, 4; Senior Class Play. BETH HENRY " Beth” Dramatics Club, 3; Dramatics Club, Presi¬ dent, 4; Patrol, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Basket¬ ball, 2, 3; Cheerleader, 4. ANNA VIRGINIA HARRIS " Anna” Homemakers Club, Vice-President, 3, 4; Patrol, 2. DOROTHY ELAINE HIBBS " Hibbie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Glee Club, 3; Glee Club, President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3. Houchens Johnson, Jr. Koblenz Lefevre Kennedy Knauss Linton Lowe BILLIE JEAN HOUCHENS " Billie Jean” Camera Club, 3; Homemakers Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4. LEE FARNUM, JOHNSON, JR. " Farnum” Junior Class, President; Fairfax County Stu¬ dent Council Association, 4; Student Council, 4; Camera Club, President, 3; Cave Club, Vice- President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 2, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Football, Manager, 3; Honor Society, 3; President of Honor Society, 4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. JANE ELIZABETH KENNEDY " Jane” Surratsville High School, Clinton, Maryland, 1, 2; Phillips High School, Birmingham, Ala¬ bama, 3; Glee Club, 1; French Club, 2; As¬ sembly Activities, 1,2; Chemistry Club, Vice- President, 4. DARIEL DELIS KNAUSS " Dariel” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Glee Club, 2, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Soft Ball, 3, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4. RICHARD KOBLENZ " Dick” Radio Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Patrol, 1. PHILLIP LEFEVRE " Phillip” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Future Farmers of America, 1; Athletics Club, 3; Automobile Club, 4. JOHN LINTON CALVIN JACKSON LOWE " Red” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Future Farmers of America, 1; Automobile Club, 4. t McIlwee Magsig Matthew Millard Miller Moore Meith Morris IDA MAE McILWEE EVELYN MARGARET MILLARD " Ida Mae” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Glee Club, 3; Office Practice Club, 4. Glee Club, 3; " Peggy” Homemakers Club, 4. EVELYN FAY MAGSIG " Baby Fay” Dance Club, 3; Homemakers Club, 4; Cheer¬ leader, Captain, 3; Cheerleader, 4; Patrol, 4. MARILYN ELOISE MILLER " Cassie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Glee Club, 3; Monogram Club, Secretary, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 3; Basketball, Cap¬ tain, 4; Honor Society, 3; Honor Society, Sec¬ retary, 4; Cheerleader, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4. LORRAINE MATTHEW " Lorraine” Homemakers Club, 3,4; Patrol, 4. ROBERT MEITH " Bob” Metairie High School, New Orleans, Louisi¬ ana, 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Baseball, 2; Football, 3, 4; Basketball, 3. ROBERT LEE MOORE " Bob” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1; Chess Club, 1; Athletic Club, 3; Cave Club, President, 4; Chess Team, 1; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3, 4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. PATSY ANN MORRIS " Honey” Glee Club, 3; Dramatics Club, 4; Softball, 3. emor OoGJEN Peters Osborn Petty Myer Payne Nalls Pennington ELIZABETH ANN MYER MARY FAY OSBORN a. j j X " Bett” Western High School, Washington, D. C., 1, 2; Senior Class, Secretary; Student Council, 3, 4; Northern Virginia Student Cooperative Association, Secretary, 4; Art Club, Secretary, 3; Dance Club, President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Cheerleader, Captain, 4. BARBARA GLORIA NALLS " Mary Fay” Glee Club, 1; Spanish Club, 3; Debate Club, 3; Debate Club, Secretary, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Debate Club, 4; Junior Class Play. PHYLLIS ELIZABETH PAYNE " Phill” Glee Club, 3, 4. " Bobbie” Glee Club, 1, 3; Future Homemakers of America, Reporter, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 4; Cheer¬ leader, 3; Senior Class Play. ANDREW PENNINGTON " Andy” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Chess and Checker Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Patrol, 4. MARIE HENRIETTA OOGJEN " Marie” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Glee Club, 3; Debate Club, 3, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Debate Club, 4; Junior Class Play. STANLEY WILLIAM PETERS MILDRED ELIZABETH PETTY " Millie” Dance Club, 3; Glee Club, 4. emor Ragan Redd MARVIN ALFRED POOLE " Alfred” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 2, 3; Baseball, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Boxing Team, 3; Patrol, 2, 3. Reeves Robinson ANNE ELIZABETH RAGAN " Anne” Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Florida, 1,2; Dramatics Club, 1, 2, 3; Art Club, 4. JAMES EMERSON POWELL " Jim” Chess and Checker Club, 3; Dance Club, 4. NATHAN WELLS PRINGLE MARGARET ANN REDD " Cocoa” Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, Roanoke, Virginia; Dramatics Club, President, 3; Homemakers Club, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 1, 3, 4. " Nate” Senior Class, Treasurer, 4; Art Club, Presi¬ dent, 3; Dance Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 2, 3; Jaguar Staff, 3, 4; Honor Society, 3; Honor Society, Treasurer, 4; Cheerleader, 4. DOROTHY ELEANOR PULLMAN WILLIAM LAWRENCE REEVES " Bill” Eastern High School, Washington, D. C., 2; Senior Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4; Athletics Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Baseball, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4. " Dot” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Dramatics Club, 1; Art Club, 2, 4; Dramatics Club, 4; Hockey, 2; Softball, 2; Softball, Cap¬ tain, 3; Basketball, 3, 4. JOYCE ANNE ROBINSON " Joyce” Homemakers Club, Treasurer, 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader, 2; Patrol, 2. ' entor Rowland Schmitz Salisbury SCHMOYER Sanders Scrivener Sauvejjr Shucerts HELEN CLAIRE ROWLAND CARL LEO SCHMITZ " Claire” " Carl Student Council, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, Reporter, 4. WARREN KEITH SALISBURY Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Freshman Class Treasurer; Radio Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Football, 3, 4; Baseball, 3, 4. " Warren” Junior Class, Treasurer; Spanish Club, 3; Debate Club, Vice-President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. HELEN LOUISE SANDERS " Helen” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Dance Club, 3; Softball, 3. ANITA BELLE SAUVEUR " Anita” Glee Club, 1; Art Club, 3; Chemistry Club, Secretary, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Honor Society, 3, 4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. MARY ELIZABETH SCHMOYER " Lizbeth” Student Council, 4; Spanish Club, Vice- President, 3; Dramatics Club, 4; Jaguar Jour¬ nal Staff, 3,4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Honor Society, 3, 4; Junior Class Play. DOROTHY JEANNE SCRIVENER " Jeanne” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Glee Club, 3; Office Club, 4; Patrol, 1, 3. EVA REBECCA SHUGERTS " Becky” Lackey High School, Indian Head, Mary¬ land, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 2; Band, 2, 3; Sewing Club, 4. v 3 . eruor Sliger- SwANSON Speaker Taynton Speaker Thigpen ROBERT LEE SLADE " Slade” Athletics Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3. RICHARD OVERTON SPENCER " Dick” Camera Club, 3; Student Council, Repre¬ sentative, 4; Debate Club, 4; Football, 2. ESTHER MAE SLIGER " Esther” James H. Bowen High School, Chicago, Illinois, 1; Student Council, 1, 4; Camera Club, 3; Dance Club, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 2, 3, 4; Patrol, 1, 2; Cheerleader, 4. AUDREY ROSE SPEAKER " Razzie” Glee Club, 1; Dance Club, 3; Personality Club, President, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Patrol, 1. JOYCE SWANSON " Sivanny” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Glee Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4. ROGER TAYNTON " Roger” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1; Student Council, 1; Football, Asst. Manager, 3; Football, Manager, 4; Senior Class Play. DORA ELAINE SPEAKER " Rocky” Glee Club, 1; Dance Club, 3; Personality Club, 4; Basketball, 3; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Honor Society, 4. JEANIE LE CONTE THIGPEN " Jen” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Art Club, 3, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Soft- ball, 3; Basketball, Manager, 4. Thompsen Waterval ROBERT SAMUEL THOMPSEN " Boh” Washington Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia, 1; Dance Club, President, 3; Honor Society, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Student Council, Presi¬ dent, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3, 4; Jaguar Staff, 4; Fairfax County Student Council As¬ sociation, 3, 4; Junior Class Play; Senior Class Play. Trombo Updike Williams Wilson RICHARD ADOLF WATERVAL " Admiral Dewey” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Student Council, 2; Student Council, Treas¬ urer, 4; Science Club, 3; Cave Club, 4; Science Club, Vice-President, 1; Science Club, Presi¬ dent, 2; Jaguar Staff, 4; Track, 3; Football, 3, 4; Honor Society, 4; Patrol, 4; Senior Class Play. DELORES MARIE WILLIAMS LOUIS JOSEPH TROMBO " Louie” Herndon High School, Herndon, Virginia, 1; Student Council, Vice-President, 3; Freshman Class, Vice-President; Senior Class, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Dramatics Club, 1; Athletics Club, 3; Monogram Club, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas¬ ketball, 2; Basketball, Captain, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3; Football, Captain, 4; Jaguar Staff, 3, 4; Patrol, 1; Honor Society, 3. " Dewey” Student Council, 1, 3; Homemakers Club, 3, 4; Patrol, 4. WILLIAM WILSON " Bill” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Dramatics Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3, 4; Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Patrol, 2, 3; Junior Class Play. Vetter Wood Woodward Not in Picture WILLIAM CURTIS LOOMIS, JR. " Bill” DELORES MAE UPDIKE " Delores” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1, 2; Dramatics Club, 2, 3, 4. ALVIN EUGENE VETTER " Alvin” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, 1,2; Athletics Club, 3; Camera Club, 4; Football, 4. KATHERINE ELAINE WOOD " Kitty” Fairfax High School, Fairfax, Virginia, Dance Club, Secretary, 3; Glee Club, 4. JOCELYN WOODWARD " Joy” Jaguar Journal Staff, 3; Hobbie Club, " urer, 3; Dance Club, 4. Western High School, Washington, D. C., 3; Base¬ ball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, , 2; 4; Football, 2, 3, 4. ) JEANNINE RICE " Jcannie” . Commercial Club, Vice- eas- President, $; j Homemakers Club, Secretary, 4. ' ’ Barbara Brady Fred Abell_ Johnny Wagner Marshall Loy Jackie Hayes Mrs. Laura Furman Gen. William Rumbough _ President _ Vice-President __Secretary r _ T re usurer Sergeant-ut-Arnis Coordinator Sponsor 9 vt f umor 1st Row: Fred Abell John Akre Knox Altman Edward Andrus Richard Arnold Mary Austin 2nd Row: Lee Barber Mary Barr Dorothea Bass James Bell Frances Bold Roberta Bolen ii ' i 3rd Row: ' yf Elizabeth Boone Jimmie Rae Bowen Darlean Boyd Barbara Ann Brady Carl Campbell Violet Casilear y - i 4th Row: Dana Chambliss Jackie Chambliss Dottie Chew Robert Cluckner Violet Cockrell Roger Cole y . 3i 0 1st Row: Tommy Coleman Virginia Coolikoff Roger Cotting Virginia Crossman Dorothy Crouch Walter Curtis Dorothy Dailey Harold Dailey Norman Dailey Tom Dayharsh Margaret Demory Lois De Vaughn % ,r£ H , v. « • 3rd Row: Richard Dixon Eillie Dove Teunis Earman David English Robert Fender Marjorie Fisher 4th Roto: Edna Fixx John Florance Juanita Fogle Frances Fought Nancy Jo Franks Sarina Genovese uruor 1st Row: Floyd Gorham Jean Griner Bernard Hammond Ievers Hannold Evelyn Harding Lila Ann Hardy 2nd Row: Fannie Harne Jackie Hayes Daniel Hileman Arthur Hinchcliffe Robert Hinkle Billy Hinman 3rd Row: Billy Hirst Roy Holland Carol Iddings Phyllis Johnson Robert Jones Patricia Joynt 4th Roiv: Mary Kane Joan Kelly Cathleen Kipps Joan Kohlmeier Elizabeth Kuhn Richard Landess 1st Row: Billy Lanier Charles Leonard Joan Le Sage Mary Jo Lingley Mary Ann Longanecker Welty Lohr 2nd Row: Marshall Loy Marilyn McElroy Walter McIntosh Barbara McManus Roderick Marshall Donald Marsters 3rd Row: Marjorie Meese Pat Meith Ralph Middleton Matthew Mills Billy Money Mary Morrison 4th Row: Jane Newman Pat Nicholas Bruce Norman Jean Pannill Frank Patterson Jean Payne ✓ i 3 j 1st Row: Jean Plaugher Roy Phillips Dottie Pond Genevieve Porch Douglas Purgitt Faye Ramey 2nd Row: i Sammy Reynolds Marie Robey Rose Root Benny Rouillard Lloyd Sanders Joan Sanderson 3rd Row: Carl Schorr Jeannine Sessions Jack Sherman Charles Shiner Bill Shotwell Benton Sinclair 4th Row: Charles Sisk Donald Slaton Alma Slothouber Gerda Slothouber Betty Ann Sparshott Robert Steele 9 2nd Row: Kay Thomas Dick Thompsen 1st Row: Jeannine Strachan Hazel Stratton 3rd Roiv: John Wagner Vicky Wallace Clarence Stumpe Jane Towsey Alice Walters Margaret Wise Flossie Sutphin Ruth Tasker Patricia Vail Willard Van Dusen Joyce Weller Keister White Brownie Worley Ralph Taynton Elinor Veach Jean Williams Lawrence Young l Not in picture: r Harry Darr Anabil Korff Bernice Luttrell Larry Rich Ann Hathaway Ronald Leversen Janice Muir John Vail Charles Herold Earl List Eddie Payne C A - V ; cv ViJr X K. Dick Wagner_ Reggie Walters Ellen Tasker_ Jimmie Daniels_ Fred Oswald Miss Alpha Spitzer Mrs. Harriet Hurt _ V resident _ Vice-President _ Secretary _ T re usurer Sergeant-at-Arms _ Coordinator _ Sponsor 1st Row: Carolyn Anderson Virginia Ayers Frances Barr La Verne Barron Alton Beach Donna Mae B’Ennet - James ' Bennett Y O nf IN 2nd Roiu: Frederick Beyer Roland Blue Donald Bradley Kenneth Brown Conrad B-ruderer Claude Burress Jean Byerly 3rd Row: Marcia Campbell Susanne Campbell Margaret Chastain John Clark William Clark Peggy Cline Le Roy Cloud 4th Row: Chester Cockrell Donald Cockrell Beulah Cofer Marcia Conklin Alma Corker F ENRY Cornell Joyce Crim 3 th Row: Christine Cusimano Carl Cutright Jimmie Daniels Marian Daugherty Elizabeth Davis Jimmy Davis Lowell Davis 1st Row: Barbara Dawson Colleen Day Ellen De Groot Ruby Dellenger Jean Demory Carol Dhein Jerry Jean Doering 2nd Row: Kenneth Dove Dorothy Dulin Judy Earhart Charles Earnest Patsy Eller Claudine Fogle Barbara Fusarina 3rd Row: Betty Galleher Carolyn Glover John Glynn Don Good Peggy Goode Peggy Gooding Virginia Goodwin 4th Row: Ann Gotthardt Mary Graves William Hand Leroy Hanrahan Peggy Harding Louis Hargett Ida Harne 5th Ron 1 : Lois Hayes Virginia Hazelgrove Carol Heidenrich Clarence Hight Sylvia Humm Joanne Hunt Phyllis Hunt opli omore CL 1st Row: John Hunton William Jibeault Frances Jones Barbara Kelly Mary Lee Kingsley Edna Kirby Patricia Laurence 2nd Row: Jimmie Lewis Leroy Lohr Barbara Loomis Lewis Lowe Dorothy McAden Delores McCarl Mary McCauley 3rd Row: Wanda McDuffie Audrey McGarity Teddy Magsig Norman Marrs Hubert Martin Peggy Mason Ethel Messick 4th Row: Robert Mills Rose Ann Mills Curtis Moffatt Allen Monch Phillip Moore Herbert Moran Earl Morris 5th Row: Lilian Morrison Patricia Ann Muir Mary Sue Munson Evelyn Neff Betty O’Bannion Polly O’Neil Robert Osborn 1st Roiv: Patricia Osten Fred Oswald Carolyn Pattishall Katherine Peck Robert Pennington Jean Piggott Irene Pilkerton 2nd Row: Stanley Plaugher Le Ray Poehler Irvin Poole Shirley Posey Patty Redd Alden Reed Patty Rees 3rd Row: Dick Reuss William Robertson Jean Rodda Robert Rosenberger Carolyn Rote Frank Rothery Charles Rothstein 4th Roiv: Mary Lee Rouillard Kenneth Salzman Bobby Sarrett Jerry Shugars Jean Shumate Doris Simms Edwin Sinclair 1th Row: Betty Lou Sliger Lewis Sloan Amie Southall Helen Spaulding Henry Spaulding David Spencer Dewey Spraker 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: Jack Stark Eugene Sutton Patsy Turnbull Bobby Willett Melvin Steadman Ellen Tasker John Vittrup Jean Williams Shirley Steadman Cherry Tayman Dick Wagner Barbara Steele Twyla Thompson Dorothy Waller John Williams George Stewart Ernest Thut Reggie Walters Joyce Williams Steve Stricklin June Triplett Ray Watt Clayborne Worley John Sud darth Christopher Turnbull Michael West Not in picture: Leland Atkinson Charles Edelin Phillips Moore Rapley Owings Charles Brooks Anne Harrison Charlotte Pearson Billy Vail Joanne Carpenter Martha Moore Johnny Peyton man Doris McCarter Daniel McCauley Jackie Shelton Catherine Harrison Paul Drumheller Mrs. Pearl Hanson - President _ Vice-President _ Secretary _ T reasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Coordinator man 1st Row: Roderick Boes Aelen Brown Shirley Carter James Chambliss Paul Drumheller William Duke Catherine Harrison Charlotte Hite Daniel McCauley Dorothy Mills 3rd Roiv: Chester McCarl Doris McCarter Wade McCarthy Larry Miller Thomas Moore Mary Jane Oswald John Reynard Not in picture: Stuart Mullins Richard Peters Doreen Reynolds 4th Rou’: Robert Schindler Jacqueline Shelton Patrick Statham Dallas Steele Mary Ellen Sullivan Ethel Trout Norma Trout Roland Sneed Marion Weathers Buster Wright 2nd Row: Roy Kennedy Margaret King Jean Knupp Max Kushner Robert La Rochelle Beverlee Lawrence William Little James Beard Noel Lynn Betty Ayers Kitty Sue Lee Charles Shugrue Miss Elsie Haynie _ President Vice-President - Secretary - T reasurer Sergeant-at-Anns - Coordinator Wayne Akre Albert Alexander Martha Altizer Lilly Altman Betty Ayers Frances Banner James Beard Maurice Beasley Richard Bennett David Beery Helen Bierlien Darsie Boyd Mae Bradley Jefferson Broaddus Tanya Bruskin Frederick Bryan Bonita Burwick Sandra Campbell Shirley Cannon Billy Chambliss Betty Rose Childs Betty Clark Thomas Clementson Dick Cluckner Peggy Cockrell Leon Coggin Elizabeth Collins Robert Cook Tommy Cook Jerry Costello Hilda Croson Clarence Daniels Joanne Daugherty Joanne Davis Joseph Davis 1st Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row: 4th Row: 3 th Row: James Dobson Patricia Donohoe Fred Donaldson Kenneth Donaldson Margaret Donaldson Burton Dowden Charles Dunn Melvin Dunn Marilyn Dyer Elliot Erwin Barbara Escherich Benny Faidley Barbara Fincham Betty Anne Frenzel Bobby Furman Carol Geddes Frances Geisler Shirley Gilmore Wayne Glenn Anne Glover Donald Glover Richard Glynn Arthur Gower John Gray Freddy Grenfell Mary Lou Grenfell Vernon Hall Maureen Hanna Walter Hanrahan Jack Hanson John Hardy Bobby Hayes Barbara Heath James Henning ) it VA a , AT .VV A 4 (ddic LtL Cjy ' ade 1st Row: Lilla Hight Bill Hileman Doris Himelright Albert Holland Edwin Huffman Frances Iddings Jerry Irwin 2nd Row: Contee James Johnny James Tommy Jarboe Betty Ford Johnson Willard Johnson Betty Kane Arthur Kidwell 3rd Row: Helen Kidwell Joe Kingsley Alice Knight Geraldine Kowalski Richard Famphere Fred Fandess Fee Fanier 4th Row: Patricia Fathrop John Fear Kitty Sue Fee Forraine Fe Sage Marcel Fevavasseur Constance Foomis Bobby Fundien 5 th Row: Richard Futtrell Noel Fynn Jimmy Fyons Nancy McCarter Robert McIntyre Shirley McWhirter Joyce Madden (ddlc LtL Cjrade 1st Row: Richard Mahoney Robert Mayberry Cora Meginnis Donald Middleton Thelma Milburn Virginia Miller Anna Mae Mosser P L (jjji Margaret Myer Virginia Nally Mary F. Nicholas Max Odom Frank Oogjen Eobby Pearl Catherine Pearson ,i Russell Phlegar Eddie Pierce Benny Pistole Timothy Popovich Bobby Porter Chehalis Porter 4th Row: Mitzee Posey Stella Quinn Marion Rampey Buddy Reeves Eileen Rice Owen Rich Lewis Robinson cu ' A Q inu •NE-O ' ' Joan Rollins May Rosenbaum Jane Rutherford Patricia Schauss Robert Schmidt Agatha Schneider Foster Shifflett . v s, n 1st Row: Mary Shifflett Frances Shoemaker Charles Shugrue Karl Signell Paul Slothouber Jeanine Smith Betty Spicer Tfld Row: Dorothy Spicer Ellis Stearns Barbara Suddarth William Tavener Thomas Taylor Hammond Thompson Joanne Thompson 3rd Row: Harry Towers Donald Trask Mary Jane Trice Joe Trombo Ernest Tyrrell Arthur Van Dusen La Rue Van Meter 4th Row: Joanne Vernon Vincent Via Robert Walker Ray Waller Buddy Waters Jean Watson Billy Wheeler 3th Row: Laura Ann Whitesell Jo Anne Whittington Frances Williams Fritz Wilson Jo Ellen Wilson Peggy Woodward . 1) The year 1946 marked the finest foot¬ ball squad Falls Church High has ever produced. Under Coach Gregory Wronie- wicz’s expert guidance, the Green and White annexed the Fairfax County Championship, were tabbed the " sleeper” high school team of the District area by the Washington Post, and were second in the D. C. area in point making, totaling 223 points to the opponents’ 5 5. The rugged and powerful Falls Church line was the pride of the local area. Sparked by Enb Thompsen, Mike Bruin, Daniel Hileman, Tunis Earman, Bob Meith, Roger Cole, Lee Barber and many others, they played the type of football which would be a credit to any high school team. An outstanding backfield, consisting of Louie Trombo, Dick Thompsen, Rob¬ ert Decker and Bill Reeves completed the ’46 Jaguar eleven which will long be remembered for their outstanding record and fine example of sportsmanship which rbey have given to Lalls Church High School. Football Squad VARSITY HIGHLIGHTS SEPTEMBER 20—FALLS CHURCH 37, HERNDON 0 The Green and White eleven displayed mid-season form while trouncing Herndon in their 1946 season debut. Playing in a sea of mud, the Jaguars completely outclassed their opponents. Coach Wroniewicz cleared the bench in an effort to hold down the score. SEPTEMBER 2 8—FALLS CHURCH 8, MT. VERNON 13 time ; and Mt. Vernon combined to hand the Jaguars their first defeat. Behind 13-0 going into the last quarter, Falls Church rallied and scored 8 points in as many minutes. Marching 80 yards, the Green and White were within five yards of the winning touchdown as the game ended. OCTOBER 4—FALLS CHURCH 20, RICHARD MONTGOMERY 0 Stopping Rockville s vaunted passing attack, the Jaguars won their first home game before 1,000 fans. Gaining over 3 00 yards by rushing and passing, the victors never allowed Richard Montgomery within scoring distance. OCTOBER 11—FALLS CHURCH 46, SHERWOOD 0 Paced by Louis Trombo, who notched three touchdowns, the Green and White easily defeated Sherwood. The rugged Jaguar linemen played an outstanding game, opening large holes and holding the losers to minus 20 yards by rushing and passing. OCTOBER 18—FALLS CHURCH 6, MONTGOMERY BLAIR 7 The Jaguars lost a heartbreaker by the margin of only one point. Blair scored on a fluke play just before the half ended but Falls Church bounced back when Robert Decker dashed 5 5 yards to pay dirt with an intercepted pass. The try for extra point missed by scant inches. OCTOBER 23—FALLS CHURCH 31, BETHESDA CHEVY CHASE 0 The Jaguars had a field day in gaining their fourth win over a scrappy Bethesda eleven. Five different backs crossed the double white maikers as Falls Church notched 25 points in the last half to avenge last year’s defeat NOVEMBER 2—FALLS CHURCH 18, CHARLES TOWN (W. VA.) 13 Coming from behind twice, the Green and White gridders earned their second well fought contest over the tough West Virginia eleven. Charles Town scored on the first play of the game but couldn’t match the Taguars’ all-around power NOVEMBER 9—FALLS CHURCH 20, CULPEPER 2 T hompsen tallied two six-pointers to lead the Jaguars to their sixth win of the season. Running and passing with ease behind a large and powerful line, the winners rolled up 12 first downs and 3 50 yards from scrimmage NOVEMBER 16—FALLS CHURCH 18, WOODWARD PREP 7 Outweighed, but not outfought, the Jaguars rolled up their seventh victory at the expense of Woodward Prep. Rolling up 12 points in the first quarter, the local team decisively outplayed their opponents and set their sights for the Thanksgiving Day game with Fairfax. NOVEMBER 23—FALLS CHURCH 19, FAIRFAX 13 Mike Bruin, totaling all three touchdowns, led the Jaguars to their first pigskin victory over Fairfax, and also to the County Championship. Over 2,000 fans watched the potent Green and White squad battle to a 19-point lead in the tradi¬ tional rivalry classic in a rough, well fought, and exciting game. FOOTBALL SQUAD First row, left to right: Lee Barber, Bob Thompsen, Dick Thompsen, Roger Cole, Louis Trombo, Mike Bruin, Bob Decker, Rodney Hanson. Second row: Coach Wroniewicz, Curtis Moffatt, Norman Dailey, Bill Reeves, Daniel Hileman, Arthur Cockrell, Teunis Earman, Bob Meith, Keister White. Third row: Carl Schorr, Richard Landess, Bobby Sarrett, Richard Waterval, Jack Akre, Carl Schmitz, Berge Hatchik, Bernard Hammond. Front row, left to right: Dick Reuss, Bob Sarrctt, Jimmy Chambliss, John Florance. Second row. Douglas Purgitt, Carl Schorr, Roger Cole, Dick Thompsen, Lee Barber. Third row: Bill Loomis, Mike Bruin, Bob Thompsen, John Wagner, Coach Wroniewicz. I ☆ The nickname " gym-less wonders " is a fitting tribute to this year’s Green and White quintet. Not only have they maintained an out¬ standing record at the Y. M. C. A., but the Jaguar five won the Fairfax County Basketball Tournament, defeating Mt. Vernon, Herndon, and Fairfax to gain the coveted trophy. Prac¬ ticing only on a handmade outdoor court, Falls Church High’s basketball team has pre¬ sented the school a remarkable testimony, both on the court and in superb team work and clean sportsmanship. Opponents We They Mt. Vernon ... 31 25 Hyattsville . ... 17 15 Fairfax . ... 17 24 Woodward Prep 18 16 Capitol Pages . ... 28 7 Westminster . ... 26 18 Hyattsville . ... 34 25 Y. M. C. A. 18 33 Mt. Vernon . ... 29 28 Capitol Pages . ... 28 13 Westminster . ... 26 11 Herndon 31 21 Fairfax . ... 26 25 O N T H E H A R D W O O D J A C U A R K I T T E N S Date Opponents We T hey January 7 —Fairfax . . 9 31 January 16—Mt. Vernon . 28 6 January 17—Herndon . . 18 21 February 5—Mt. Vernon . 18 11 February 18—Occaquan . 12 March 4—Fairfax . 45 March 13—Herndon 17 ☆ First row, left to right : Ellen Tasker (f), Dorothy Pullman (g), Margaret Demory (f), Mildred Dowell (g). Second row: Dariel Knauss (f), Vicky Wallace (g), Joyce Swanson (f), Virginia Crossman (g), Margaret Redd (f), Joan Kohlmeier (Manager). Third row: Doris Simms (9), Jeannie Thigpen (Manager), Mary Jane Bruin (g), Mari¬ lyn Miller (f), Dorothy Broaddus (f), Mr. Harry W. McCray (Coach). First row, left to right-. Alvin Vetter, Floyd Sechrist, Dick Spencer. Second row: Claude Burroughs, Manager; Douglas Purgett, Harold Daily, Bob Meith, Roger Cole, Carleton Cotting, Assistant Manager. Third row : Coach Wroniewicz, Bill Loomis, Mike Bruin, Fred Abell, Louie Trombo, Bernard Hammond, Assistant Manager. ON THE DIAMOND Spring of 1947 finds the Green and White base¬ ball team preparing to take the field and battle through the toughest schedule they have ever had. The outlook for a successful season is bright with ten of last year’s varsity back and more strength in every position. Headed by Coach Wroniewicz, the team will line up as follows: In the outfield, three regulars, Louie Trombo, Harold Daily, and Arthur Cockrell, are back and all three boast high batting averages. Dick Spencer, Floyd Sechrist, Bob Meith, Alvin Vetter, Roger Cole, and Douglas Purgitt are guarding the base paths. The pitching staff is well rounded with Bill Gingell, Bill Loomis and Fred Abell drawing starting assignments. Behind the plate is Mike Bruin, who has been hitting the longest ball in spring training. SCHEDULE April 8—Culpeper 9—George Washington 11—Mt. Vernon 1 5—Manassas 25 — Montgomery Blair 29—Fairfax May 2—Fredricksburg 6—Devitt Prep 9—Culpeper 13—Manassas 16—Mt. Vernon 20—Fredricksburg 23—Devitt Prep 26— George Washington 3 0—Fairfax SOFTBALL With thirty girls out for practice every day, the softball team expects to have a very successful season. Most of the girls are experienced from previous years, but the newcomers are right in there working. With their practice and the help of their coach, Mrs. Lilly, the girls hope to walk off with many victories this year. THE SQUAD First row : Dorothy Pullman, Peggy Cline, Ruth Tasker, Dariel Knauss. Second row. Mrs. Lilly, Coach; Shirley Posey, Jane Towsey, Phyllis Johnson, Virginia Crossman, Joyce Swanson, Rose Root, Manager. Third row: Mary Jane Bruin, Manager; Honey Harding, Ellen Tasker, Marilyn Miller, Gerda Slothouber, Joan Sanderson, Pat Meith, Mary Morrison, Manager. WR SOCIETY M ' ■ PT «. • »;-»»♦ t . .» .!■ :■».♦ . , jfl| -» ' •-; BS i i ■ • • • «?% ■»».». «,’ flH Knil tf Jfejp i STUDENT COUNCIL Pupils recognize that they are jointly responsible with the faculty for the proper functioning of government. They accept this challenge and pupil participation in school activities is largely concerned with the development of leadership. OFFICERS Bob Thompsen. 1 resiaenr Billy Money. Vice-President Shirley Posey Secretary Richard Watervai. Treasurer Daniel Hileman . Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Harriet Swain Hurt . Faculty Adviser Eighth Grade Representatives Al Alexander Betty Ann Frenzel Barbara Heath Edwin Huffman Alice Knight Virginia Miller Charles Shugrue Freshman Class Representatives Larry Miller Thomas Moore Sophomore Class Representatives Jerry Jean Doering Betty Galleher Bill Jibault Stanley Plaugher Junior Class Representatives Nancy Jo Franks Bill Lanier Mary Morrison Dottie Pond Dick Thompsen Keister White Senior Class Representatives Mary Jane Bruin Carleton Cotting Farnum Johnson Dariel Knauss Marilyn Miller Betty Ann Myer Bill Reeves Mary Elizabeth Schmoyer Esther Sliger Dick Spencer SCHOOL PATROL The School Patrol was organized in 1945 with the help of the American Auto¬ mobile Association in order to safeguard the students of Falls Church High School. OFFICERS Daniel Hii kman. Louis Trombo Bill Reeves. Robert Decker Mr. Robinson . Cap fain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . Secretary . Sponsor Al Alexander Martha Altizer Edward Andrus James Bennett Peggy Cline Margaret Donaldson Charles Dunn Judy Earhart Shirley Fairbanks MEMBERS Marjorie Fisher Anne Gotthardt Walter Hanrahan Evelyn Harding Beth Henry Robert Hinkle Richard Luttrell Margaret Myer Mary Jane Oswald David Putnam Sammy Reynolds Rose Root Charles Shiner George Stewart John Suddarth Ellen Tasker Michael West Robert Willet Dolores Williams JAGUAR JOURNAL The first edition of the Jaguar Journal was published in October, 1944. The 1947 graduating class felt the need for a school paper and they brought the matter to light in their sophomore English class. The staff was then chosen and, under the supervision of Miss Carmack, the sophomore English teacher at that time, the first edition of the Jaguar Journal went to press. This four-page mimeographed paper made a hit with the students of Jefferson High, so the class continued to publish the paper once every month. The 1945 staff decided that there was enough money in reserve to have the paper printed, thus the small hand made paper became a printed four-page paper. At this time, the circulation was approxi¬ mately 3 5 0. In 1946, the circulation increased to about 5 00. The Jaguar Journal from its first edition has been published solely for the pupils. The paper offers a selection of articles of interest only to the students of Falls Church High School. The Jaguar Journal wishes to meet the pupils as a friend and as a neighbor; it wishes to amuse, help and inform them. It gives one a chance to do creative work and become acquainted with journalistic work. It reflects not only the spirit but also the quality of Falls Church High. The 1947-1948 staff has plans to streamline the Jaguar Journal. They expect to increase circula¬ tion, to publish the paper bi-weekly, and to add new columns. The Jaguar Journal is of the students, by the students, and for the students of Falls Church High School. STAFF Esther Sliger Editor Farnum Johnson. Managing Editor Mary Jane Bruin . News Editor Bob Thompsen, Dariel Knauss Sports Editors Phyllis Johnson, Barbara Brady Feature Editors Audrey Speaker Society Editor Basil Fowler. Business Manager Warren Salisbury Circulation Manager Robert Moore. Make-Up Editor Billie Jean Houchens Typist Miss Lucille Carmack Ad user Mrs. Pearl B. Hanson. Instructor in Journalism CLASS REPORTERS Marie Oogjen Virginia Ayers Jane Rutherford Barbara Brady Jean Knupp l Hi THE ARROW In the beginning, The Arrow was only a project of the school’s journalism class, but it has grown to such an extent that The Arrow serves to inform the students and teachers of the activities of the school, to encourage honorable practices through edi¬ torials, and to generally entertain and enlighten everyone. The motto, " We shoot away at nothing is almost a farce because the aims have been so specifically developed through a creative evolution. STAFF Marie Oogjen Joan Kohmeier Billy Jean Houchens Rosella Corker James Bennett Richard Waterval Virginia Ayers Dana Chambliss Barbara Nalls Anna Barbara Brady Mary Jane Bruin Esther Sliger Robert Moore Polly O’Neill Frances Fought Mrs. Pearl Hanson Sponsor THE ART CLUB The Art Club is one of the most active organizations in the school. Friday after¬ noon before a school dance always found members of the Art Club busily at work, transforming the multi-purpose room into a gaily festooned dance hall, a spooky setting for a Hallowe’en party or a cabaret, as the occasion demanded. Upon any occasion, the Art Club came through with publicity in the form of attractive posters. The art exhibits throughout the year were noteworthy. OFFICERS Marshall Loy Jackie Fellows Jeannine Sessions Jean Payne Jackie Hayes Lawrence Young Mrs. Crum President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Ser gcant-at - Arms Reporter . Sponsor MEMBERS Eileen Rice Fred Abell Sandra Campbell Margaret Chastain Fred Donaldson Paul Drumheller Maureen Hanna Barbara Heath Sylvia Humm Jerry Irwin Jean Knupp Dan McCauley Barbara McManus Virginia Nalley Mary Jane Oswald Timmy Popovich Ann Ragan Karl Signell Charles Sisk Louis Sloan Dewey Spraker Jeannine Strachan Michael West Skippy Steele Jackie Lipscomb Walter Hanrahan DANCE CLUB OFFICERS Betty Ann Myer Barbara Brady Bob Thom psen. Mrs. Lilly. President Sccrctary-T reasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor Waltz me around again, Willie, Around and around and around, The music is dreamy, it s peaches and creamy, Oh! Don’t let my feet touch the ground! Frankly, the only aim of the dance club is to get together and have fun. A knowl¬ edge of dancing and a partner are the only qualifications for membership. For an hour every other week the members " swing and sway” to the recorded music of every known dance band in the land. When the needle is down and the record starts around, the Sergeant-at-Arms swings off with the President. The stag line moves in. From then on it’s like this: Esther Sliger with Johnny Wagner, Rose Ann Mills with Johnny Florance, Sonja Gers- dorff with Basil Fowler, Alice Walters with David English, Mary Lou Grenfell with Freddy Grenfell, Mary Jo Lingley with Keister White, Ruth Tasker with Dick Thomp- sen, Gwen Armstrong with Daniel Hileman, Mary Barr with Br uce Norman, Joy Woodward with Jim Powell, Pat Meith with Billy Lanier, Alden Reed with Ken Salz- man, Barbara Brady with Clarence Stumpe, Marjorie Fisher with Richard Landess, Dorthea Bass with Billy Hileman, Margaret Demory with James Bennett, Barbara Alt- father with Nathan Pringle, and Rosella Corker with Eddie Payne. CIVIL AIR PATROL FALLS CHURCH SQUADRON The first meeting of the Falls Church Civil Air Patrol Squadron was held on March 18, 1946, in the Falls Church High School under the capable and efficient leadership of Captain Donald T. Spcir. During the months of the summer vacation the squadron met in the Madison Elementary School and at the present time holds its meetings in the old American Legion building. The Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the A. A. F. and is therefore a semi¬ military, non-profit organization whose function is the training of the air-minded youth of today in the aviation sciences. Fivst row: Sgt. Drake De Groot, Corp. Edward Andrus, 1st Lt. Caileton Cotting, Corp. Lloyd Sanders, Pvt. Alan Brown. Second row: 2nd Lt. Knox Altman, Pvt. Albert Holland, Corp. Wade McCarthy, Staff Sgt. Farnum Johnson, Pvt. Roger Cotting. Third row: Pvt. Charlotte Pearson, Pfc. Jackie Fellows, Pfc. Patsy Vail, Sgt. Vicky Wallace, Corp, Marjorie Fisher. Fourth row : Corp. Bill Wilson, Pfc. Chris Turnbull, Tect. Sgt. Robert Moore, Sgt. Richard Waterval, Pvt. Phyllis Johnson, Pfc. Jean Byerly, Pvt. Jean Rodda. THE MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB Formed of boys who have an interest in aeromodcling, this club was organized more for experienced modelers than for beginners. OFFICERS Knox Altman John Hunton Edward Andrus President . Vice-President Secretary-T rcasurer MEMBERS Bill Clark Billy Hinman Don Bradley Bill Little Elliot Erwin John Suddarth Ievers Hannold Charles Rosthstein Curtis Moffat ■MU THE MONOGRAM CLUB All students having earned a school letter are eligible for membership in the Monogram Club. This club has sponsored school dances, athletic activities, and many other minor school affairs. Its members are proud of their work and consider it an honor to belong to this club. Mike Bruin Robert Decker Marilyn Miller Bill Reeves Mr. Wroniewicz OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary-Trcasurcr Sergeant-at-Arms Faculty Adviser MEMBERS First row: Robert Decker, Carl Schmitz, Bobby Sarrett, Jack Akre, Rodney Flanson. Second row: Dariel Knauss, Marilyn Miller, Joyce Swanson, Phyllis Johnson, Ellen Tasker. Third row: Bill Reeves, Lee Barber, Louis Trombo, Arthur Cockrell, Berge Hatchik, Bob Meith. Fourth row: Mike Bruin, Clarence Hight, Harold Dailey, Carl Schorr, Roger Cole. Fifth row: Bill Loomis, Lee Ray Poehler. THE PERSONALITY CLUB OFFICERS Audrey Speaker . Doris McCarter. Elisabeth Boone. Marilyn McEtroy. Miss Scott. President Vice-President . Secretary . T reasurer . Sponsor MEMBERS Ina Boggs Dana Chambliss Dotty Chew Joanne Daugherty Teunis Earman Sarina Genovese Mary Hines Joan Le Sage Nancy McCarter Cora Meginnis Mary Frances Nicholas Stella Quinn Elaine Speaker Jeannine Smith Norma Trout V DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club’s aim is to increase the poise and self-confidence of its members, to encourage logical thinking, and to facilitate the transmission of thoughts into con¬ cise and well-chosen words. This club has participated in several debates with neighboring schools, in the Fairfax County Debating Contest, and in the State Debating Contest. OFFICERS Carleton Cotting Warren Salisbury Mary Fay Osborn Joan Kohlmeier Miss Lucille Gillespie President Vice-President Secretary Trcasurer Sponsor Mary Fay Osborn Dick Spencer DEBATING TEAM Warren Salisbury Joan Kohlmeier Carleton Cotting Marie Oogjen Al Alexander James Beard MEMBERS Mary Morrison Kay Thomas Marie Oogjen Ray Watt Dick Spencer FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Josephine Altizer Martha Altizer Darlean Boyd Dorothy Broaddus Susana Campbell Shirley Carter Ruth Christensen Violet Cockrell Virginia Coolikoff Alma Corker Virginia Crossman Marian Daughtery Elizabeth Davis Barbara Dawson Ruby Dellinger Billie Dove Mildred Dowell Shirley Fairbanks Peggy Good Anna Harris Billie Jean Houchens Lois Hayes Ida Horne Frances Jones Earbara Kelly Beverlee Lawrence Fay Magsig Peggy Mason Lorraine Matthew Peggy Millard Margaret Myer Mary McCauly Wanda McDuffee Audrey McGarity Barbara Nalls Evelyn Neff Irene Pilkerton Faye Ramey Margaret Redd Jeannine Rice Joyce Robinson Mary Shifflett Betty Sliger Gerda Slothouber Dorothy Spicer Barbara Steele Mary Ellen Sullivan Jo Ann Thompson Twyla Thompson Ethel Trout Dorothy Waller Delores Williams Miss LeGrand Sponsor Miss Spitzer. Co-Sponsor 1. To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club was formed early in the fall. It was open to all students who were interested in dramatics and who wanted to develop dramatic talents. One of the accomplishments was the preparation and presentation of three one-act plays given in May. They were " Dear Lady Be Brave”, " The Pampered Darling”, and " Sauce for the Goslings.” Miss Cytha Rickhoff sponsored the club, giving the basic funda¬ mentals. When Miss Rickhoff left Mrs. Deane Dyson assumed the sponsorship. She found some fine talent and we enjoyed working with her. The Dramatics Club antici¬ pating a busier and more successful year next year. OFFICERS Beth Henry. President Jackie Chambliss Vice-President Joan Kelly. Secretary Patsy Vail Treasurer MEMBERS Marcia Campbell Patsy Morris James Bennett Dorothy Dulin Dorothy Pullman Vicky Wallace Frances Fought Elizabeth Kuhn Mary Schmoyer Lila Ann Hardy Patty Redd William Wilson Joanne Hunt May Rosenbaum Lloyd Sanders Lee Lanier Betty J. Shumate Joyce Moore Donald Middleton Delores Updike THE SCIENCE DISCOVERY CLUB The Science Discovery Club takes pride in belonging to Science Clubs of America. This club is organized to assist its members in learning science. Every member has the opportunity to develop so far as possible the skills, talents and aptitudes he possesses. OFFICERS Betty O’Bannon. President Carolyn Pattishall. Vice-President Jean Piggott Secretary Jerry Jean Doerinc. Treasurer Frances Barr. Club Reporter Mrs. Mabel Chapman. Sponsor Mary Austin Frances Barr Alton Beach Roderick Boes Kenneth Brown Carl Campbell Jerry Jean Doering Harry Darr MEMBERS William Duke Carolyn Glover Fouis Hargett Fannie Harne Carol Heidenreich Earl Morris Mary Sue Munson Betty O’Bannon Carolyn Pattishall Jean Piggott Genevieve Porch Joan Sanderson Donald Slaton Eugene Sutton Christopher Turnbull Eleanor Veach GLEE CLUB Nancy Jo Franks . President Bob Steele. Vice-President Roberta Bolen Secretary Dorothy Hibbs Treasurer Dorothy Clark Librarian Claire Rowland Bill Jibeault Kitty Wood Miss Virginia Dail Miss Elsie Haynie Reporter Sergcant-at-Arms Pianist . Sponsors Falls Church High has been at a great loss without a music teacher this year and those who were really interested in voice found this fact rather hard to bear, but due to some fine work among themselves, the Glee Club managed to appear now and then where chorals were called for and took care of the baccalaureate and commencement music. The club had a system of planned meetings (developed rather late in the year after a series of trial and error methods) which proved to be quite satisfactory. Department of sad farewells: Due to the overpowering presence of feminine frou¬ frou, we lost our manly presence, and Bill and Bob drifted away. TRI-V LATIN CLUB Shirley Posey President Teddy Magsig. Vice-President Virginia Hazelgrove— Recording Secretary Virginia Goodwin— Corresponding Secretary Joyce Williams. Treasurer Henry Cornell. Sergeant-at-Arms John Vittrup Reporter Ernest Thut. Historian Jerry Shugars. Librarian Jimmie Rae Eowen— Program Committee Chairman Mrs. Pearl Hanson. Sponsor SPANISH CLUB Jimmy Davis. President Doris Simms. Vice-President Lowell Davis . Secretary Patricia Osten. Treasurer Polly O’Neil Assistant Treasurer J. L. Lyons Sponsor Commercial Club Betty Galleh er President Tina Cusimano— Vice-President Mary Kane . Secretary Pat Schauss . Treasurer Dorsie Boyd Reporter Miss Arlene Hunt— Sponsor Office Practice Club Jean Williams .... President Larry Rich Vice-President Dottie C. Pond Secretary Lois De Vaughn Treasurer Miss Alpha Spitzer— Sponsor Chemistry Club Mary H. Williams— President Jane E. Kennedy— Vice-President Anita Sauveur. Secretary Jean Griner Treasurer Frances A. Bold Reporter Mr. W. H. Barrett Sponsor Camera Club Pat Nicholas. President Betty Wise Vice-President Judy Earhart— Secretary-T reasurer Miss Julia Gunn Sponsor MEMBERS Eddie Derendorf Herbert Moran Roddy Marshall Frank Rothery Bill Shotwell Alvin Vetter Junior Classical League Ruth Tasker 1st Consul Carol Heidenreich— 2nd Consul Jean Piggott. Scriba Fred Abell. Censor Mrs. Anne Rullman— Sponsor Collectors ' Club Leon Coggin President Donald Trask— Vice-President Jeanne Rhodda Secretary La Rue Van Meter— T reasurer Melvin Steadman, Jr.— Typist Mrs. Mitchell Sponsor Sewing and Handicraft Club Anne Glover President Mary Jane Trice— Vice-President Connie Loomis Secretary Hilda Croson Treasurer Mrs. Flora Hill Sponsor Chess and Checker Club Norman Dailey President Leroy Cloud— Vice-President Ann Gotthardt . Secretary Treasurcr Sponsor Mrs. Furman THE LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is concerned with making the facilities of the library more easily accessible to the students. The club members served as library assistants. Pat Lawrence, arriving on an early bus, opened the library, dusted the tables and helped at the circulation desk before school. Stanley Plaugher, Laura Ann Whitesell, Tanya Bruskin and Shirley Cannon were in charge of the circulation desk one period each day. Alice Knight read the reference shelf last period each day. Carol Geddes was responsible for the magazine shelf. Jane Rutherford, Robert Pennington and Claude Burress read shelves and assisted with the housekeeping. Theirs was a very definite contribution toward a more pleasant library. The club’s program of activities included work, recreation and entertainment. OFFICERS Stanley Plaugher President Robert Pennington Vice-President Betty Ayers. Secretary-Treasurer Lucile Carmack. Sponsor MEMBERS Tanya Bruskin Claude Burress Shirley Cannon Burton Dowden Carol Geddes Doris Himelright Alice Knight Pat Lawrence Kitty Sue Lee Lorraine Le Sage Barbara Loomis Lewis Lowe Olivia Pease Chehalis Porter Dorothy Robey Jane Rutherford Agatha Schneider Paul Slothouber Thomas Taylor Hammond Thompson Laura Ann Whitesell Jo El len Wilson ETA ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Farnum Johnson. President Mary Jane Bruin. Vice-President Marilyn Miller. Secretary Nathan Pringle. Treasurer Mrs. Harriet Swain Hurt. Sponsor The year 1947 brought the Eta Alpha Kappa Chapter of the National Honor Society thirteen valuable members who were eligible through scholarship, (E and G, 8 5% aver¬ age) and outstanding credits in citizenship and leadership in the school. The following were approved for membership by the charter members, the guidance director and sponsor: Edward Andrus, Lee Barber, Barbara Brady, Ruth Christensen, Teunis Ear- man, Billy Lanier, Mary Morrison, Barbara Nalls, Elaine Speaker, Richard Spenser, Dick Thompsen, Richard Waterval, and Keister White. The charter members are: Dorothy Broaddus, Mary Jane Bruin, Sonja Gersdorff, Farnum Johnson, Dariel Knauss, Marilyn Miller, Marie Oogjen, Mary Fay Osborn, Nathan Pringle, Warren Salisbury, Anita Sauveur, Mary Elizabeth Schmoyer, Bob Thompsen. The officers of the chapter were masters of ceremonoies when Herndon High School organized a society to be affiliated with the National Chapter. Falls Church was glad to put these " feathers in her cap”. Most Artistic Nathan Pringle Jeannie Thigpen Most Athletic Marilyn Miller Louis Trombo Most Attractive Beth Henry Bill Reeves Most Popular Betty Ann Myer Mike Bruin Most Likely to Succeed Farnum Johnson Mary Fay Osborn Most Humorous Robert Slade Barbara Nalls Best Dressed Carleton Cotting Fay Magsig Best Dancers Gwen Armstrong Bob Thompsen SUPERLATIVES gipfi s_ } ; ___ „ ym [ V » ■ tffi . ■ _ -- —3 «3g 9 m m V JT m - m- REMINI On September 4, we gathered in, over six hundred strong, from play, the beaches, the mountains, vacationing. All roads led to Falls Church High. We greeted new faculty mem¬ bers. We smiled at the old heads. We apple polished when we saw one we knew we would inevitably have a class with. We tolerated eighth graders! After meeting new and old friends, arrang¬ ing schedules, and doing a half million other things, we settled down to the regular routine of work, work .... work. The first big dance of the year was the Hallowe’en dance, a huge success. All kinds of costumes were to be seen including those of many nationalities. Mrs. Hurt couldn’t be rec¬ ognized until she unmasked. She took the cake for originality. Wearing jeans, a bright red shirt, and a paper sack over her head, she placed first as the best masquerade. Billy Money re¬ ceived an award as the funniest girl. The Green and White had many outstanding football victories this year, but the most excit¬ ing and crowd-drawing game of the year was that with Fairfax. The night before the game we burned Fairfax and they buried us; but they had to dig us up again. Directly preceding the game we paraded through town. We even had a police escort. Remember! Thanksgiving brought the first holidays of the year and, also, the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This time the girls took over and loved it. If one watched carefully, he could tell who certain girls’ heartbeats were. The library on January 17 was the scene of a beautiful installation ceremony. Thirteen new members of the Falls Church Chapter of the National Honor Society were received. After a great deal of deliberation, the Senior Play committee chose Ever Since Eve. The cast was as hard to select as was the play; how¬ ever, a good cast was chosen. The play was pre¬ sented January 31 and February 1. SCINC February 14, Valentine’s Day, was a busy one. In the morning five students took the Pepsi-Cola Scholarship examination. They ap¬ peared somewhat nervous but now seem to have completely recovered, especially Mary Fay Osborn, who had the good fortune of winning the four-year scholarship. That evening was the Sweetheart Dance. Beth Henry was crowned Sweetheart of F. C. H. C. She was very lovely as was her entire court. The best holidays and most unexpected ones of the year came in February when the snow really blanketed the ground. There was coast¬ ing, snowballing, and just plain plowing through in order to get to one’s destination. We couldn’t forget about the basketball games, since we won the tournament. We can well be proud of our basketball players. In the beginning the outlook was not too hopeful; however, they really came through and fought hard. The second annual Honor Society dance was held March 21, at the National Airport. The number of people present made it a very nice dance. Balloons were floating around but some demons present popped most of them. We have already said that the Senior Play was wonderful. The Juniors chose Campus Quarantine. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We can’t say here just how good it was for as we go to press the cast is still working hard for an ex¬ cellent performance. Oh, yes, the Prom, we can only anticipate that—the big event of the year! The Seniors all feel confident the Juniors are planning an exceptionally wonderful dance. Graduation day for the Seniors is coming. On June 11, we will say g ood bye. Looking back on it all, we’ll say, " It was good while it lasted.” THE JAGUAR It’s April 11, it’s the DEADLINE. Everything must be in the bag by 3AO. " Go to Mr. Porter for that softball picture.” " Mary Elizabeth, is the copy in on ' Reminiscing’?” " Barbara, have you typed that copy?” " Farnum, there are two pages of ads to be set up.” " Sonja says she has an ad for that last quarter page!” Three-fifty and we’ve done it! We’ve met the DEADLINE. It’s weird to recall all the things that can happen to the best laid schemes of a year book staff. Remember the agony of getting the boys to school in " ties” for pictures, and how it rained for the baseball picture? Have those softball uniforms come which the girls waited for so long before finally posing in jeans? Then there’s the copy on ads to get, even after you’ve solicited the ad! Nothing easy about that! We’ve worked and worried, and loafed and laughed, but we hope we’ve delivered the goods. So, in a happy mood, we say " thanks” to certain people for their service and cooperation. The Jaguar 1947 will be typical of various phases of school because the organizations which make up the school sought representation at the sacrifice of their treasurers’ last dime! The students who have subscribed and the merchants who have advertised have made it possible financially. The willingness of faculty members to tolerate non-attendance in classes for year book duties enabled the work to go forward. These things and hard work have made The Jaguar 1947, an actuality. Now, we give it to you. Take it away! We’re going to celebrate. _ THE STAFF EDITOR Louis Trombo BUSINESS STAFF Barbara Nalls. Richard Waterval. Farnum Johnson. . Manager Assistant Manager . Advertising Manager Warren Salsbury ) Billy Money ... Sonja Gersdorff ) Lucile Carmack. EDITORIAL STAFF Keister White. Carleton Cotting. Nathan Pringle. . Assistant Editor . Layout Editor . Assistant Marilyn Miller. Boy Thompsen i Rodney FIanson -. Audrey Speaker. Mary Elizabeth Schmoyer | Mary Fay Osborn j . Literary Editor Dariel Knauss 1 Barbara Althfathf.r Beth Henry. Assistants Faculty Adviser Sports Editor . Assistants . Typist . Assistant IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE TO CONGRATU¬ LATE THE SENIORS OF 1947. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE GOING FORTH INTO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW I HOPE SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW YOU WHEREVER YOU MAY GO. HARRY W. NALLS Nalls Garage 551 N. Washington Street Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of THOMAS H. WOODS Compliments of GIBSON ' S CORNERS Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Olmstead Falls Church, Virginia ★ Compliments of LEE THEATRE ★ Phone F. C. 2010 Phone F. C. 1275 WARE ' S DISPENSING DRUGGISTS FALLS CHURCH PHARMACY E. Falls Church, Va. DRUG STORE Falls Church, Va. Compliments of Compliments of J. WILSON COFFEY BOONE ' S REAL ESTATE SERVICE STATION 120 No. Wash. St. AX. 3632 DeSOTO PLYMOUTH GMC TRUCKS Falls Church Garage Falls Church, Virginia AUTO REPAIRING ON ALL MAKES OF CARS Charges Reasonable Prompt Service MAURICE E. NORTON Jeweler 28 Years A Watchmaker 4514 Lee Highway GREENWOOD SALES SERVICE Complete Automotive Service Motor Tuning and Auto Electrical Service 4505 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia Arlington ' s Friendliest Jewelry Store Philco 5t Emerson Radios ROGERS JEWELRY CO., INC. 3172 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. IF IT IS JEWELRY, ROGERS HAS IT GLEBE COURT SERVICE Lee Highway and Old Dominion Drive Arlington, Virginia Tel. Oxford 4797 CAREER COURSES STRAYER offers business training on the college level. Graduates secure positions as secretaries, accountants, executives. Special Eight-week Summer Courses in Shorthand and Typewriting. B.C.S. degree conferred on graduates of Business Administration course majoring in Accounting subjects and Business Law. SUMMER CLASSES—June 23 and July 7 FALL-TERM CLASSES—SEPT. 8, 15, 22 Ask for Secretarial or Accounting Catalog STRAYER COLLEGE OF ACCOUNTANCY COLLEGE OF SECRETARIAL TRAINING 13th F, N.W., Washington 5, D. C. Custom Made Draperies and Slipcovers Venetian Blinds HARMONY DRAPERY STUDIO 4518 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia ROCKS " QUONSET " HARDWARE Bailey ' s X Roads, Va. Falls Church 853-1-4 BARCROFT PHARMACY 4704 Columbia Pike Arlington, Virginia Phone: Owens 6606 FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Annandale, Virginia Phone: Alex. 7900 Tires - Home and Auto Supplies ESSO PRODUCTS THE ROBINSON PRESS Charles H. Robinson, Jr. 103 West Westmoreland Road Telephone FAlls Church 2751-W Job - Card Printing Thermography Compliments of B. N. GIBSON WAGONER ' S FROZEN CUSTARD 3461 N. Washington Blvd. Arlington, Virginia COPE CLEANERS LAUNDERERS, Inc. 1105 West Broad Street Falls Church, Va. AXminster 3088 Compliments of BENJAMIN A. DOVE ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK L. C. SMITH W. W. THOMAS, Jr. 3330 N. Washington Blvd. Contractor Arlington, Virginia COAL — FUEL OIL — WOOD Oil Burners Sold and Installed General Hauling Emergency Night Service Experienced Mechanics Road Material Automatic Metered Delivery v CALL US FOR PROMPT SERVICE Phones: 700 Lee Highway CHestnut 4500 Falls Church, Va. OXford 2323 Phone F. C. 2855 Compliments of WILLOWMERE FARMS Golden Guernsey Milk Westinghouse - Admiral - Emerson Bendix - Motorola Home and Auto Radios • America ' s Table Milk Fairfax, Va. FA. 1954-J McLEAN Radio Sales and Service FA. 2171 THE DARDANELLES Full Line of Electrical Appliances and Phonograph Records RESTAURANT 30 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Va. Phone Elmwood 338 McLean, Virginia KENT STORES. INC. ROGER H. BLAKE Florist AMERICA ' S LARGEST CLEANERS Sleepy Hollow Rd. FAlls Church 2119 Prompt Delivery Service Compliments of FALLS CHURCH SHOE SHOP 6860 Lee Highway Peter Lomedico, Prop. " Compliments of a Friend " ★ HORACE E. BROWN Compliments Groceries, Hardware, Paints, etc. Falls Church, Virginia Phone Falls Church 1168 of THE ANNEX GRILL Princeton, New York ★ | Road Service Certified Lubrication Porter Studios Elmwood 730 McLEAN MOTOR CO. " We Repair Any Make Car " Photographer for the " Jaguar " Old Dominion Drive and Route 123 Elmwood 344 Phones Elmwood 595 225 W. Broad Street J. H. O. V. CARPER Falls Church, Virginia General Contractors McLean, Virginia PHOTOGRAPHS Road Building Excavating Grading Sod Top Soil Portrait Commercial OIL BURNERS INSTALLATIONS SENIORS " Your Assurance of Winter Comfort " GENERAL OIL BURNER Let us frame your Diplomas for you. SERVICE CO. 3320 M Street, N. W. " A PORTERGRAPH IS YOU Washington, D. C. AT YOUR BEST " Michigan 2782 FUEL OIL PROMPT SERVICE The Happiest Days of Your Life [Oh People have been saying that, haven ' t they? And these are good days, to enjoy now, to hold in memory later on. Here ' s hoping that you will keep us among the happiest and friendliest of all your memo- R. S. MYERS Authorized ries! FRANK R. JELLEFF, INC. SALES Frigidaire SERVICE Radios Compliments Small Appliances of 306 S. Washington Street PEARSON ' S FUNERAL HOME Falls Church, Virginia PHONE Compliments FAlls Church 1551 of AXminster 3434 CHURCH BEAUTY SALON Falls Church 2699 F. A. McGONEGAL PLUMBING AND HEATING 6829 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia ROBERT SHREVE FUEL CO. Fuel Oil - Coal - Wood 6863 Lee Highway (Arlington County) Falls Church, Virginia Falls Church 1900 SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. S niti(mK3 am£ 1194 — Phones — 1195 SNYDER COMPANY Hardware - Paints - Glass - Bendix Philgas - Coal - Building Supplies Fuel Oil Westinghouse Appliances 6847 Lee Highway Falls Church, Va. HIETT ' S SERVICENTERS Lee and Wilson Blvds. Falls Church, Virginia Lee Highway and Chain Bridge Road Fairfax, Virginia Phone F. C. 2825 Fairfax 285-W " Arlington ' s Favorite— Yours Too! " WYNN ' S DRESS SHOP 3134 Wilson Blvd. Clarendon A FRIEND THE ALMA SHOP Arlington ' s Newest Feminine Accessories Shop 3152 Wilson Boulevard Open Evenings Until 9 P. M. MABEL ' S DRESS SHOP Falls Church Latest Addition 188 So. Washington St. Just Below Traffic Light Compliments of KENYON - PECK, INC. Arlington ' s Own Direct Factory Dealer 2825 Wilson Boulevard Representing CHEVROLET America ' s No. 1 Car OLD DOMINION CLEANERS Arlington Owned and Operated • Drive in Service • FRANC JEWELRY COMPANY Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry • Ample Free Parking • Three Stores to Serve You 4036 Lee Highway 3137 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. Pride In Our Work Is The 627 7th St., N. W. Washington, D. C. Keynote To Our Quality 8305 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, Md. ARLINGTON SHOPPING CENTER, INC. " AUTO AND HOME SUPPLIES " Authorized Dealers for B. F. Goodrich Co. - DuPont Paints - Maytag Washers Radios Repaired OXford 1340 2803-05 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va. MALICE BROOKS Builders - Developers Real Estate 700 Lee Highway AXminster 4503 Compliments of THE QUALITY SHOP Arlington, Virginia WOODWARD LOTHROP 10th, 11th, F and G Streets DI 5300 NOW WE ARE " TWO " Two young-idea stores, each with its own exciting " Fourth Floor of Young Fashions. " . . . " Woodies " , traditional headquar ters for the school crowd, and the new Wood¬ ward Lothrop " North Building " just across the street. FRAZIER-CLARK MOTOR CO. Chrysler - Plymouth Sales - Service 624-26 So. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia JOHN A. NEEB Plumbing - Heating Gas Electrical Appliances 5701 Lee Highway CHestnut 0343 EAST END MOTORS 6881 Lee Highway General Repairing — Towing Guaranteed Workmanship AXminster 4144 Compliments of BRYANT ' S RESTAURANT Compliments of THE FAIRFAX STANDARD PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. 156 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church, Va. WALLACE AND MONROE PHARMACY 438 So. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia Phone Falls Church 2966 PUGH ' S MARKET 1019 W. Broad St. Groceries — Frozen Foods Meats — Sea Food Phone 2192 Falls Church, Va. Finest in Foods Glebe 4545 LEELAND D. G. S. MARKET Lee Highway and Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia Compliments of FALLS CHURCH CAB CO. F. C. 2799 Courteous and Congenial 24-Hour Service by a 100% Local and Original Cab Company of Falls Church Owned and Operated by Hubert Jenkins and " Pat " Murphy C. B. RUNYON SANITATION SERVICE Contractor ' s Equipment Rentals 5c Sales 156 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church 1336 Phone Falls Church 1644 FALLS CHURCH BAKERY A. C. Mozynski, Prop. Danish Pastry - Pumpernickel Birthday and Wedding Cakes 101 East Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Homeware Toys Sporting Goods Paints BARON MELTZ CO. 440 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia AXminster 3850 Appliances Phonograph Records Gifts Baby Furniture WEST END SERVICE STATION 1045 Broad Street (Leesburg Pike) FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA FAlls Church 2127 Compliments of LEE BOOTERY (A Complete Family Shoe Store) Open Evenings Till 9 At Junction of Old Dominion Drive and Lee Highway 4516 Lee Hwy. Park at Front Door YEATMAN ' S HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE Sporting Goods House Wares Hardware Paints, Oils and Glass 3021 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. If a Hardware Store Should Have It — WE HAVE IT — Try Yeatman ' s First VIRGINIA X-RAY FITTING FLOOR COVERING CO. ARLINGTON BOOTERY Inlaid Linoleum 3132 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia Asphalt Tile - Linowall CHestnut 9820 Bathroom Sets OPEN EVENINGS Floor Sanders and Waxers for Rent Compliments Floors Cleaned and Waxed of 5723 Lee Highway A FRIEND Arlington, Virginia DR. EDWARD J. KOLTISKO Phones OXford 2058 DR. J. S. SIEGEL CHestnut 3304 SMITH ' S CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS Steel and Aluminum Venetian Blinds Bon Tex Window Shades Compliments of LIGGON PAINT WALLPAPER CO. 154 Hillwood Ave. AX. 3324 FA. 1462-J THE STATE THEATRE " For Everyone to Enjoy " Cold Mixes Bituminous Products Hot Mixes ARLINGTON ASPHALT CO. GENERAL PAVING CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 313 — Rosslyn, Virginia ROSSLYN PLANT ALEXANDRIA PLANT CHestnut 2948 TEmple 5849 I hi V F- ► t «

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