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SM, Mft? flff Q' W ff W4 MMM Wrxbd' P 74.96 A! Q' I ,wfavnfwfn-QW M 25030074 MQ, ,Q Wm my M, W, W, W4 WMMWM Qfwff My 1466, ff a,6? Jw! JQMWM P We pfai, Www , Hfgfdfwfv. , Wa, Og Jia W7 Aw! 74411 aww? 950 ' It MAL' fdcegjf 7117? , ,V WL, ,Al 060 tgirl? MMM! Q20 1, QV' ,M 424415 WV-Q, 4.7 Mffp fm 1 2 If A f 1 I A E J Q W WF, fxif U ffw Q. ,gm I ,, I . :iii in I ' ' Qi 'mr' V ' V mn' LA W K' GVV ' was-,3 :.,, " f , V' , I , Q ff MP Moccasin 19858 'ff ,Ev ., aio I fi I'- 2400 Stage Coach Lane Fallbrook, California 92028 Volume 48 fgudni mmcvlicw Seniors ..... Activities .... Sports ............ Classes ............ Organizations . Academics ...... Closing .............. ....... 7 14 42 54 1 00 1 50 1 82 204 A , fl, , r l A K .K lgli 0 li' 0. " V' ' -':f., ,V gm 'Ah -I . s the school year began, it was obvious a new and greater sense of spirit had been captured by both students and teachers alike. A variety of activities made it seem as though Fall- brook's 1750 students were in constant mo- tion. Whether participating in a class com- petition, spending time with friends or striv- ing to do well academically, seniors and freshmen alike were captured in the motion of a new year. lAbovel "Football players" Sylvia Rollins, Kim Howell, Kristy Gonzales, Julie Foster, Betty Ro- driguez, Tammy Dahlheimer, Karen Turley, Kathy Summers and Vickie Barr pose with "cheerleaders" Matt Mulligan and Eric McVey. fllightl Secretary of Education Terrel H. Bell makes his way into the gym, followed by Dr. Rob- ert Thomas and ASB President Charles Hartford. l0pposite topl Completing a lab in BioMed, Julie Spellman examines a slide with the assistance of Melissa Wells. f0pposite left, During the band trip to San Diego to play for President Reagan. Lisa Haycock makes her way through the metal detector. f0pposite rightl Ms. Veronica Bailey takes a mud bath during the tug-of-war on homecoming week. M- q K tw 9A U 4 MO. A , ,r V 1 Q W 'h1'7 '?,i.f ,lf ' .- ref? fi 111E'l1lw'31,,, , ' lo , ml - H' 2 ia im m ' "4 9 ' J 725 ' 5 -E , 1 A K x , 'V ' I if 4' 11" s. Q 9 ' i 8' lLeftJ Maria Capistran perfects her typing abilities during her fourth period class. QBelowl Jason Frummet shows signs of frus- tration while trying to construct the senior float. fBelow rightj Congressman Ron Packard is in- troduced to ASB President Charles Hartford as Secretary Bell looks on. f0pposite top? Kerri Beckham takes control during a break in the game. lOpposite bottomj A freshman spends his lunch time breaking to impress his friends. 6 eaching goals by working together, this is what high school was all about. Working with friends, teach- ers or coaches, all helped to capture and create a better education process for stu- dents. This joint effort made the year more enjoyable while cultivating new and lasting friendships for many students. 7 19429 ,K fffwg, -4: ' 3 'H m 492 CH,-Q6 wi1'?2'f6f7" Mlifsg. 'ef Qv' was 1355, gf! seemed to many-a never ending pile of responsibilities, most found a way to capture the goals set for themselves. Some strove to perfect their game, while others worked on improving their grades. No matter what the endeavor, each student succeed in keeping himself in motion throughout the year. fLeftl Trying to ignore the pain he feels Ron- nie Ramos is attended to at the San Dieguito game. IBelowl The varsity field hockey team "goes Hawaiian" during lunch before a game against Mission Bay. Q0pposite topl Ms. Kathy Yancey catches a grape as a member of the faculty team during a class competition. l0pposite bottom leftl Chris Tucker rushes to complete the junior space shuttle float. l0pposite bottom right! Dr. Wayne Miller, president of the board of trustees, greets Sec- retary Bell. 9 ww?-W Qllightj With the aid of his camera, Mr. Bob Burton captures a student in motion. QAboveJ Mr. Stokes gives personal instruction to Gary l-leyl in architectural drawing class. fOpposite top! Setting up a rocket, David Eis- man concentrates on his Physics experiment. f0pposite bottom Ieftj Clowning around in third period trig class, Gary Hall wears his water polo cap. Q0pposite bottom right, A group of spirited seniors cheer at the homecoming pep rally. s the year came quickly to a close, students looked back with mixed emotions. Some were anxious to pursue new areas and careers, whether it was going away to school or beginning a new job, while others dreaded the start of yet another school year. No matter what the future held in store, all could be found in an endless whirl of motion. 11 f I 'A e V535 f ml M , .'f49'w: 'P'?l'?2fW5F:1i11mg'3gg L, , I2 . MT- - 1 - JFK E,-I ,Q is 3 ' f P ost students found extra time, ei- ther in between classes, after school, or on the weekends to relax and capture their thoughts. Times like these, though considered uneventful by many, were also essential to all. These quiet moments gave us a chance to orga- nize and prepare ourselves for another hec- tic day at school. A Mika. .W ..,,,.t, fLeftl Rusty Johnson gives his full concen- tration to his work in metal shop. fllelowj While waiting to play for the Presi- dent, the band shows its spirit and pride. Q0pposite topl In an effort to help her fel- low juniors, Melissa McQueen struggles in the tug-of-war competition, only to fall into the mud. f0pposite bottom lefty Discussing who would be the best class representatives, a group of freshmen mark their ballots. 10pposite bottom right, While walking to third period English, Heidi I-laferlxamp quickly studies her vocabulary words. so Eg 'L e b 1 A .W 94' 2 . p 5? me in W ev 'F' 3' ' ' ' 51 'X' fi . a Q ' . F xl t 2 s ' l 5" ' M i if :fp 'I 1'-If 4 if I 1- lf, Qllightj Displaying his modeling potential, Lee Rysweck strikes a secuctive pose. lBelowl Curtis Smith discusses his grade in AP English Lit with Mrs. Stenlund as Julie Spellman looks on. I0ppositel Hurrying to complete the last pan- el on the 2nd place Senior float are Kelly Chapman, Clark l-lighstreet, Tom Dumont, Heidi Haferkamp and Jason Frummet. U4 Us we g My . k X. , Q N liiigsw? K K . seii Y W., --M1 and - --fgfs ggzf: 1 x W eam-fsfzsggmg M -- -W 'Zfifiliifsliiirilsgl HS af ',kkk me k,,. 1:1ff.s:f.:,fxxz1 iflhlss essex ,wmmw44ySQHRUll!FSSQWMQ fwgQhggQ:mx',WwSQTAfiWx .., ggggwi L . " -f K I, f px .V , , J Q D Z -Cf -JW JJ f MQ-fff ff ' 'R' . Pn- J sn 4 X I P AV. 'X If il 1 "BJ ' 1 1- ,yi 5, 'Z .3 x 46? I 'M J 3 V' Wm.. Bret Abshire Dean Alexander Annette Almanza Pauline Almanza Brent Anderson Stephanie Arena Robert Arthur Linda Askew Jose Avina Lori Bacon Bridget Bair Jerry Balkcom C1967-19841 Baltazar Barajas Ana Barcelo Gilberto Barron Rebecca Barron 16 Seniors Ab-Ba Traci Basore Shaun Batin Eric Beck Kerri Beckham Tiffany Bedolla Marilyn Berglund Rebecca Bernal Alma Betancourt 'Z Irma Betancourt Nancy Betancourt Victoria Betts Samantha Birkett Soaring to victory Llp to their necks with responsibilities, the senior class officers struggled with nev- er ending days working every hour they had to get the float looking its best. The presi- dent, Jean Buffington, was striving to win top honors for the senior class. "This year the seniors seemed to be more involved in school activities, by striving harder to win the class competitions and pep rallies," she explained. Senior class officers: Lara Shisler, secretary: Debbie Denton, treasurer: Tom Hickey, vice president: and Jean Buffington, president. Seniors Ba-Bi 17 James Black. Nancy Black Kim Blanc Sheri Bly Louella Boles Bridgett Bougher Diane Bowen Dawn Boyd Jean Buftington outstanding girl "lt was a tremendous honor and an even greater surprise," exclaimed Jean Buffing- ton on homecoming night. Jean was cho- sen to receive the Jackie Vix Outstanding Senior Girl Award. A committee of adminis- trators, teachers, and students chose the Outstanding Senior Girl based on citizen- ship, involvement, and grade point aver- age. "Committee members were impressed by the job Jean did as a member of the 1984 Prom Committee and with the job she has done serving as Senior Class President," said Activities Director Bob Burton. "Her quiet confidence should be a model for younger girls in the school," he added. ln 1973, the Outstanding Senior Girl Award was renamed in honor of Jackie Vix, an active student at Fallbrook High. With a radiant smile, Jean Buffington accepts the Jackie Vix Award from Mr. Harry Vix. 18 Seniors Bl-Bo Rebecca Boyd Robert Braendel Jason Britton Anne Brown Meredith Brown Mike Buell Jean Buffington Timothy Bush Monica Calderon James Callison Roselina Calvillo Wayne Cameron Jean Carrere Dan Carter Darren Casteel Kelly Chapman Seniors Bo-Ch 19 Margarita Chavaria. Angela Clements Jeffrey Cole Julie Collins Tony Cook Lucio Corona Leticia Correa Agustin Cortes Shauna Cowan Michael Crowley Jose Cruz Michael Dailey Michael Dalton Robbie Davies Charlene Davis Thomas Deisenhammer 20 Seniors Ch-De Mike Demalignon Eva Demattia Deborah Denton Keith Denver Saul Desiderio Jaime Diaz Georgia Doran Renae Dowling Campers contribute "What, we sprayed Dr. Woessner's pants? l thought they were John Howard Key's." When Dr. Woessner walked into the mess hall everyone knew he had been a victim of the Perfume Wars which took place during the 1984 Leadership Confer- ence at Camp Palomar. For the fifty-nine students who attended, the conference was filled with fun and games, but they also had very productive discussions. Everyone contributed an idea for the homecoming theme, and Shauna Cowan's "Soar to Victory" proved to be the favorite. The camp taught many things that helped them do their jobs well over the year. This proved true when Jean Buffing- ton had to get float construction underway, when the Vice President of the ASB, Erin Miller, had to organize the Nominating Con- ventiong and when club presidents had pro- jects to put together. Tom Dumont, along with leadership campers Shauna Cowan, Erin Miller, and John Howard Key work to finish the bi-plane. Seniors De-Do 21 Thomas Dumont Lori Dunbar Roni Dunn Graciela Duran Carrie East . David Eisman ' Liz Elder Leigh Ann Elliot f 5 Q Speedo patrol "Do they have anything under those trench coats?" This question went through the minds of the people in the football stands the first time the waterpolo team did their "Speedo Patrol." The patrol would leave the locker room at the beginning of third quarter des- tined for the home football bleachers. Llpon arrival they would kick the cheerleaders off the field and "flash" the audience wearing only their speedos, goggles, tennis shoes, and waterpolo caps. When the captain of the waterpolo team was asked what the reason for the patrol was, he responded, "lt helps to promote enthusiasm for the game and it also gives the waterpolo team some recognition." When the "Speedo Patrol" is performed, each member has a letter on their chest which helps to spell something such as, "Warriors" or "H2O Polo." After flashing the homecoming crowd, the waterpolo team runs off the field in search of the locker room. 22 Seniors Du-El 0 Z., , Q 'F' 1 ii ix M FF 1 ,l L Kevin Ellis Eric Engebretson Krista Erickson Susan Ervin Alicia Esquivel John Evans Steven Fischetti Donald Fisher Mark Fleming Matthew Freed Matthew Frigon Jason Frummet Dena Fuess Jon Gallery Rigoberto Garcia Michael Garland Seniors EI-Ga 23 April Gates Tanya Geiger Gregory Geisen Michael George Foreigners find Fallbrook Ana Barcel6 of Spain, .Jean-Lionel Carrere of France, Malin Leander and Anna Norden of Sweden, and Mikko Hyppa and Mikko Vaan- anen of Finland experienced life via Fallbrook. Fallbrook and the American culture offered these six foreign exchange students excite- ment and intrigue. Ana Barcelo originally wanted to vacation in America for a month, but her father insisted she go not just for fun but to learn. However, with her vibrant personality, Ana easily found out how to have a good time in America even in sleepy Fallbrook. Jean also found the social aspects of school to be very agreeable, because in France schools are only for studying. He learned how to surf and play football and became an avid Walter Payton fan. For Anna Norden and Malin Leander, living in Fallbrook meant a year to improve their English. Anna enjoyed wind surfing and sail- ing. Malin continued to play golf like in Swe- den, and both girls enjoyed eating pizza. "Seeing how Americans have fun" lured Mikko Hyppa and Mikko Vaananen to Califor- nia. Mikko Hyyppa learned how to play foot- ball with the Warriors. Being their kicker meant an enriched vocabulary for Mikko as one of his favorite, printable words was "Main- ard." Mikko Vaananen on the other hand pre- ferred the beach to the football field. He en- joyed the sun and surf. Mikko, along with the other exchange students, expressed an inter- 24 Seniors Ga-Ge est in visiting Los Angeles and especially San Francisco, and Anna Norden has considered returning to the United States to live. fAboveJ The foreign exchange students en- joy the excitement of the Mt. Carmel pep rally. Cllightj Jean-Lionel takes a break in Alge- bra ll. 1 Brenda Gholson Senta Gilliard Kathy Giusto Brandi Glotfelty Ramon Gomez Arturo Gonzalez Sofia Gonzalez Janel Gustafson Heidi Haferkamp Cheryl Hall Gary Hall Ana Hamilton Marcie Hamilton Timothy Hamilton Julie Hansen Bruce Harris Seniors Gh-Ha 25 James Harrison Tiffany Harrison Charles Hartford Robert Hatano Christie Haugh Laurie Haven Lori Haynes Allison Heath On the town Why would anyone drive for hours just to sweat in a dark room? To dance? "lt's worth the drive to go and have a good time with all those gals," said dance fiend Jeff Riese. The thought of dancing in the flash- ing lights with friends attracted people to such clubs as After Dark, the Distillery, Club Zu, the Stratus, the Odyssey, and the Seven Seas. The dancers traveled to these far off clubs decked out in the latest attire. The guys often go as far as wearing makeup, with unbelievable amounts of bracelets and belts around their wrists and hips. The girls, however, far surpass the guys as far as dressing is concerned. They can be seen wearing layers of lace, tank tops, sweaters, belts, and flourescent socks. They too, adorn a large amount of bracelets, plus their ears are filled with an assortment of earrings. They all danced in their colorful costumes until they just have enough time to get home 20 minutes after their curfew, just late enough not to get into trouble and still be able to go dancing again the next weekend. Dancing at the Club, Jeff Riese dons the latest I in dancing attire. Micheal Henderson Sean Hickey Thomas Hickey Clark Highstrete Peter Hillyer Lashel Himmer Mike Holdcroft Dawn Horn Mark Horstman John Howland Janine Hueckel Richard Hulit Celia Hyams Mikko Hyyppa Edward James Brad Janikowski 27 Nicole Jann Bradley Jellison Heather Johnson Rusty Johnson Margaret Jones Kelly Jordan Paul Jungersen Kyle Kasenberg Senioritis spreads Beware! A disease that struck many, if not all seniors was on the move at the Fall- brook High. This disease, commonly called Senioritis, left the victims suffering from no-reacting, non-caring, and non-attentive attitudes. For the past three years Doug Myers has strived to stay in class to get good grades. But something happened when Doug be- came a victim of Senioritis. He started mak- ing up excuses to miss class. For Steve Ramirez writing his own notes became his way out or coping with the dis- ease. "Senioritis is when you can't stand to be in school any longer," said Steve. Many students who suffered with the symptoms found themselves with nine absences and had to struggle through classes like the oth- er students. Many seniors who were in class found themselves sleeping and thinking about the weekend or the great day it would have been at the beach. The only cure for Senioritis was gradu- ation. Skipping school, Becky Barron and Megan Williams lounge at the lonely Harbor Beach in Oceanside. 28 Seniors Ja-Ka ia is John Howard Key Mark Kinsey Ted Klovanick Brett Koretoff Vickie Kuchinsky Gina Lacey David Landes Heather Lanning Tammy Larsen Debi Laszko Lisa Lawrence Malin Leander Keith Lentz Marina Lomeli Frank Long Mercedes Lopez Seniors Ke-Lo 29 Araceli Loya Mary Crus Lujan Joseph Machado Angeles Magdaleno Melissa Mahr Patrick Manning Donna Maslo Jim Mathewson Margaret Mayer Sheryl McCammon Kevin McDonald Lani McKinley Frank Medina Ranel Meers Erik Meister Darryl Mick 30 Seniors Lo M1 Anne Miller Erin K. Miller Erin S, Miller Mindy Miller Rachelle Miller Anthony Monti Roby Morel First choice This is the thirteenth year the 26th amendment has been in effect and the fourth term those who are eighteen can vote. "l really feel disappointed, l didn't get to vote just because of my age!" said Kerri Beckham, "but l look forward to next year." The potential voters filled their regis- tration cards to meet the deadline and pre- pared to vote in the November elections of Republican Ronald Reagan and George Bush vs Walter Mondale and Geraldine Fer- raro, the first women vice-presidential nominee ofa major party. Reagan and Bush defeated the Mondale-Ferraro team by re- ceiving electoral votes from all states but Minnesota, the home state of Mondale. When asked about her first voting exper- ience, Janine Hueckle said, "l was scared when l first arrived, but after voting l felt glad to have participated." Casting his ballot Mike Demalignon exercises his new right to vote. Seniors Mi-Mo 31 Jaime Miramontes William Morgan Matthew Mulligan Victor Murillo Douglas Myers Eva Nash Jiri Nemecek John Newby Debbie Newlan Fashion flashback "Turn it off!" or "Turn it down!" These are reactions to the new fashion craze of flu- orescent colored dressing. What was it that just blinded you? Was it the electric lime green jumpsuit senior Kerri Beckham had on or the neon yellow sweater Erik Meister was wearing? Not only were the usual girls fashion consciencious, but this year many boys participated in the fashion scene. Black had to have been the most domi- nant color this year in fashion. "Black is a bold color and it makes you stand out," is how senior Sara Ramano replied when asked why she wore black so often. Black can be mixed with any color, it was often seen with fluorescent accessories or an- other new popular accent, lace. Small touches of lace, like a pair of gloves, a scarf or lace tights was how lace became popular for seniors. Dressed in stylish stone wash denims, Rane! Meets browses for the latest accessories at the Empress Boutique, a women's clothing store in Fallbrook. 32 Seniors Mo-Ne Jennifer Nolan Bradley Noon Anna Norden Elizabeth Opean Carolina Parada Patricia Parker Lance Paul Leslie Peck Carri Peterson Debora Phillips Beverly Pierce Arthur Pina Rosalina Pizano Stephanie Pollard Norma Ponce Denise Purcell Seniors No-Pu 33 Steve Ramirez- lrma Ramos Ronnie Ramos Jeffrey Rash Holly Rea Stephan Reczek Stephany Reed Darcelle Reichardt The big choice Two more years . . . Four more years . . . Eight or twelve? Many students are faced with these ques- tions all through high school. From Fresh- men to Seniors, high school has prepared us for these decisions. Many Seniors have already been plan- ning and are ready to step into the world of reality. Lee Zajicek plans to attend UCSD or Pep- perdine, in the fall of 1985, where he will major in Psychology. Heather Johnson is planning to attend UCSD and major in Journalism and Mass Communications. Celia Hyams has chosen to take a year off and tour Europe, then she plans to enroll at San Diego State. ln todays society, the jobs that graduates attained when they first got out of high school, five years ago are the jobs that Ju- niors and Seniors have now. Taking time from his work in the office, Mr. Al Waibel advises Erin Miller about her choice of a college. 34 Seniors Ra-Re Richard Reynoso Lori Ann Richerson Tracy Riddle Jeff Riese Michelle Rife Roy Rivera Derrik Roach Betty Rodrizuez Shiela Roggow Alicia Rojas Stephen Rolin Doug Roll Sylvia Rollins Sarah Romano Lela Romero Alexandra Ruksenas Seniors Re-Ro 35 Stephen Rumble- Sandy Rune Lee Rysewyk Luke Salerno Y' Kimberly Sanchez Nola Schiller David Schrimph Heidi Schuler Marilyn Schwartz Steve Shaeffer Lara Shisler Doug Siebenforcher Arthur Smith Curtis Smith Debbie Smith Greg Smith 36 Seniors Ru-Sm Scott Smith John Soper Pedaling ahead lt was a typical Monday morning, 5:00 a.m., and most of Fallbrook was still asleepg but if you had been awake and were driving on some back road you might have passed Tania Whiting riding her bicycle. Tania got up every morning around five and took a 20 mile ride. She liked the quietness of a morn- ing ride and the smell of fresh dew on the sage, as well as the sound of birds awaken- ing as the sun peeked over the horizon. She used this time to clear her mind and pre- pare for the day ahead. Although her rides were 20 miles long, she rode up to 60 miles during the summer. One might think that all the riding she did took up most of her time for other activi- ties, such as homework, but Tania was a 4.0 student and a valedictorian. When she wasn't riding she was doing her home- work. She managed to spend most of her lunch period, in a quiet corner of the school, finishing up homework. She plans to con- tinue riding, and possibly ride on a team in college. Tania Whiting enjoys her usual evening bicy- cle ride. Seniors Sm-St 37 Michael Snavely Karen Spaeth Julie Spellman Vanessa Star Susan Stewart Carl Streicher Suzanne Stromsoe Perry Stubbs Robert Swayne Stephen Swenson Jason Taylor Bill Thorner Scott Thornton Jill Tippit An evening out Dating and entertainment were the main topics of discussion every Friday night for seniors. Relaxing and being with friends was what seniors enjoyed most about the weekends. There were a variety of choices to pick from. "This weekend l'll probably go out to din- ner and then to a movie with my boy- friend," said Margaret Mayer. The average cost of this kind of night out would range from twenty to forty dollars. "Usually l go surfing. lt keeps my mind off of school," stated David Landes. "l'll probably go to La Canada after the Football game," announced Nick Yslas. The cost of partying depended on what you planned to do. Seniors didn't have any problems finding entertainment in or out of town. Choosing from a variety of delicious meals, Lisa Lawrence begins her evening with dinner at El Jardin. 38 Seniors St-Ti 3 E? PII 15511 gi :ffl 5 Tanya Tomaskevitch John Tomlinson Randall Tripp Stephen Trombetta Barbie Trout Kathy Trujillo Mark Llngerbiller Mikko Vaananen Holly Vanderlaan Michael Vanderlann Mark Vanzuyen Sandra Vasquez Irma Venegas Daniele Verdon Cindy Villa Seniors To-Vi 39 Jolena Voorhis James Vranich Bruce Wallace Melissa Wells Scott Wetzel Jennifer Wheeler Jona White John White Tania Whiting Christopher Williams Megan Williams Richard Williams Thomas Wills Bryan Witt Sandra Wludarczyk Chris Wojcik 40 Seniors Vo-Wo lvwim - .,A . as tt gg Taiigj ,V f , ,tr sf , -essex-eg 1 ,Q 'init "2 'rv is Ras as if -Q t l an . assi, 4 V 15 ii ,G 5 j Swans f.l1i:.,l,If as is I aklmtf Q ' fi 5'1- ill Q in ka? ' a l lan Yamane James Yeager Gilbert Yokum Nicholas Yslas 3145 1 S nr , 1- imtwg 3 MU ' Jai' .N 7, it 'ii ttf Q V- ,,,, . Libor Zajicek Jorge Zapata Jamie Zuna Sparking spirit lt took three years but the class of '85 finally came alive! Many would have thought that coming in fourth place two out of three years in the float competition and not winning class comps and pep rallies would have dampened this Senior class's spirit. lt seems to have had just the oppo- site affect. Jean Buffington, Senior Class President, said "lt was largely due to the fact that we were just sick and tired of com- ing in last." Seniors won the first two pep rallies of the year and went on to win several class competitions throughout the year. After re- ceiving second place honors of their Home- coming float, the Seniors came out on top, at the end of Homecoming week! With their new found enthusiasm, the class of 1985 seemed destined to win the class of the year! With their new found enthusiasm, the Seniors soar to victory at the Homecoming pep rally. Seniors Ya-Zu 41 Raymond Zumwalt A 4 iff, . :Mi ' ,E A ,,,, , , K ' x7 5: , -as J ' 14 -L 5 I , f. Xt. .er 6' 2 f 6. al sis t"fQ'l O if l0ppositel Sophomore Christina Machado wraps her classmates in toilet paper for a class competition. 1AboveJ Head cheerleader Sylvia Rollins yells to support her team during a home football game. lleftl Members of the band perform their field show routine for the half-time crowds. 43 giwdlfffv 'aw i X , NT.-1 Y"",,,?' l"V"ff ,x 6 'V ,-,, 4, v E31 Wi? ,MQFN '73 f fin' ,If . -Q Qfq Spirits soar Soar To VicTory igniTed enThusiasm as homecoming approached. The many acTiviTies ranged from floaT consTruc- Tion and dress-up days, To class com- peTiTions, On dress-up days The campus was filled wiTh Togas, Tacky TourisTs, jocks, gruiabies, and finally TradiTional red and whiTe day. Heidi Haferkamp dressed as a classic TourisT, To help The seniors win class of The year. "Some of The ouTfiTs were so original This year," commenTed Chris Tucker. The class compeTiTions were domi- naTed by The seniors who won The Tug- of-war, grape Toss and spiriT breakfasT. The acTiviTies unlTed spiriT for Teachers, sTudenTs and alumni alike. The chaoTic fun of floaT consTrucTion aT Times seemed doubTful of success puT each class sTuck TogeTher and compleTed The Task, some of which was done aT The fooTbaIl field before The game. lLeftl Frantically working to complete their float, Jason Frummet, Becky Barron and April Gates add finishing touches. fBelowJ Many students show off the Greek clothes they donned for the first of Homecom- ing week. Homecoming 45 'W S4 VIETURY 'a r fav' A. AL, I 5' fg 5 4 ' mf 8 O 3 as . 1 If .x D! 'X ck. ' A BH J? .K 'uschgg Vx "' D-1 Hopi Homecoming Court: Tammy Larsen, Shauna Cowan, Megan Williams, Lisa Law- rence, Lee Ryswyk, Sean Hickey, Brett Ab- shire, Rich Hulit. lLeftJ The winning freshman float gets atten- tion from the crowd as queen Lisa Lawrence and her escort Carl Streicher proudly circle the field. lAbovej Escorts: Clark Highstrete, Bob Ar- thur, Carl Streicher, and John Howard Key. Homecoming 4 Q1 ll he 1 ' v I. f wl U , ' " fuzz- cf ju . Y' Jn , ..,.,, 5 my! 1 153' X '-1 H 3 W vm '- I ' f A ,Vi RT K X -k X-jfgfw W7 , . . I' X , aff .b V I ' 4 3 4. ' .L e A p 4.3 ,M G L, M, Q W T. K, gi. for fr V "M" NN an-f cu- lx ,A gifilli- Lp: 25-pk ff- 'Xl ,Y is fTopJ Pep Squad: Top Row fVarsityJ Caryn Phillips, Cheri Hall, Karen Turley, Kristi Gon- zales, Stephanie Pollard, Julie Foster. Middle Row: Holly Rea, Sylvia Rollins, Kathy Sum- mers, Tammy Buscemi, Kim Howell, Betty Rodriguez, Vicki Barr, Wendy Seinturier. Bot- tom Row fJ.V.J Christine Munyon, Stacy Cle- ments Stephanie Bein, Cheryl Clay, Kirsten Rayl, Tammy Dahlheimer. lLeft7 Stacy Clements gets the crowd riled up during Homecoming. iAbovej Expressing who is number one, mem- bers ofthe Pep Squad dress up as their favor- ite team. Events capture world interest The year of 49841 had its share of scandals and successes. ln November, Indira Gandhi, prime minister of lndia, was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards. Meanwhile, in the United States, Geraldine Ferraro made history when she became the first woman to run on a major political ticket, when she was selected by Walter Mondale as his vice-presidential running mate. De- spite Ms. Ferraro, Ronald Reagan was overwhelmingly reelected to the presi- dency. ln Loma Linda, California, a baboon heart was transplanted into the body of a two week old infant referred to as "Baby Foe." At first she accepted the baboon heart, but later died, while in the process making medical history. ln California, proposition 39 was passed, which provided for a state run lottery. And in San Diego, Jerry Dominelli was charged with misappropriation of funds. Mayor Roger Hedgecock was also involved with the scandal, despite this he was reelected in November. in July, Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss America, was forced to relin- auish her crown, after nude photos of her were published in Penthouse mag- azine. Bili Murray and Dan Ackroyd helped make Ghostbusters the most popular film of the year. In sports, the Olympics came to Los Angeles for the second time in history. Despite a communist block boycott, the games were a great success. American competitors received nu- merous medals. The Los Angelos Raid- ers were winners of Super Bowl XVlll, and for the first time in their history, the San Diego Padres won the National League pennant, defeating the Chica- go Cubs in five games. Steve Garvey was named most valuable player of the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Padres lost to the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. KAboveJ Geraldine Ferraro is swamped by re- porters seeking a comment from the vice- presidential candidate. fllightj "BabyFae," oblivious to the attention she has received, demonstrates a hearty ap- petite. 50 World Events 25 if Y ,Jr nv Qs '5f - i .f ,. .uf 'K ,QM g. W X J ,, W' Y ,V ., ,W :ff if I 'M k'7f?2ffZA-1 3 Q J 1, 44 fe w " 4 A z " QL , ff W 1, ,cgi fgg -,tw , h ifi " J Z ,, K I ' fffiwffm w New beQll1hll'lQS The band was able To make a fresh sTarT wiTh Their new Team of direcTors. Band Direcior Becky Cafferal was noT- ed as saying, "They will grow To be fine performing ensemble." ln order To di- recT compeTiTions, The Band did noT compeTe in field shows. Former advisor for The Olympic Silk Line Team, Chris Donon helped our pre- vious "Flag Corps" in adopTing The new name and prepared Them for compe- TiTion. Banner Line NovelTy Team, was The new name given To Banner by Their new advisor Cindy Blaylock. The girls on The Team also performed wiTh ribbons and hoops aT home fooTbaIl games. AT The LesTer Oaks compeTiTion, The Band placed firsT ouT of six bands. The Silkline received The honor of winning SweepsTakes over forfy oTher uniTs. The band placed fourTh and The Silkline second aT The Columbus Day Parade. As expecTed, They helped in raising our spiriTs by performing aT The home games. 1RightJ lncluded in the flute section from left to right are: Irma Betancourt, Lisa Haycock, Amy Huey, and Anna Olexa. lBeIowJ Thad Hanify displays devoted con- centration. MARCHING WARRIORS: Top row, Joe Turn- er, Lisa Haycock, David Betancourt, Aaron Brill, Gavin Curtis, Randy Laule, Trever Rit- tenhouse, Dan Greene, Drew Messmen, Kelly Mundell, Mike Betancourt, David Manley, Becky Bernal, Jenny Himmer, Jerry Balkcom. Row two, Chris Van Huss, Blair Mielke, Cindy Lemieux, Cynthia Ruksenas, Patrick McGuire, Mike Stull, Jenny Wheeler, Christy Holladay, Anna Olexa, Peter Johnson, Sandie Ruksenas, Holly Herd, Sheri Rumble, Rex Jackson, Rob Tognoli. Row three: Lori Jones, Thad Hanify, Zoe Williams, Laura Edwards, Sheri Lee, Georgia Doran, Shelly Ervin, Susan Pope, Jolena Voorhis, Megan Krenzer, Tracey Teubaugh. Jill Weber, Amy Huey, Irma Betan- court, Heather Lanning, Mike Henderson. Row four: Lisa Bougher, Dee Dee Christian- son, Sandy Allen, Lania Bettin, Nannette Chapman, Kim Edgmon, Jamie Warner, Matt Frigon, Kelly Holladay, Mark Kinsey, Paul Vincent, Margaret Jones, Tina Pankey, Janine Voorhis, Marilyn Schwartz, T.J. Taylor, Deb- bie Schipono, Tisha Simonowich, Michael Garland. Bottom row: Natalie Haycock, Kathy Quisenberry, August Diehl, Kim Forde, Malin Leander, Stacey Taylor, Janet Munson, Carrie McDaniels, Julie Weiss, Tamara Littman, Cherron Post, Judy Weber. lOpposite left! Mike Henderson displays his true spirit as a Marching Warrior. lOpposite right! The band prepares for the start of the annual Homecoming Day Parade. 52 Marching Band t 'f.,:n,ffg:, Ag , ,,n rrd. x ,J1,iHE9-2-QJWQIL . XY x Y fu' 3 OA :fi ' x mAiyi mtv" Hd: gl f 1 5.1 Wi n1 m 1' 6 WW .Lf , Y -gs!! PINE : 5929, 1-.qpnnnul Marching Band 53 -a 1AboveJ Warren Pierson passes the ball to his teammate during a water polo game. fllightj The JV football team scores a touch- down versus the Torrey Pines Falcons. f0ppositeJ Julie Sisel prepares to hit the ball during a tennis match. 54 S , A 4 nv.. gm if 4 Q az I 3 ffl 2 5 E ' My f '?-Tin' F I F 5 i v a U ,, Q Football hits The playoffs The Fallbrook i'Warriors" did well This season wiTh a 5-5 record. They had sTarTed off slow wlTh 3 non-league losses. The Warriors win over San DiegulTo seT Their comeback in moTion, as They won every game, buT VlsTa, afTer- wards. They had 4 shuT-ouTs all season. AfTer Their shuT-ouT againsT Orange Glen, on homecoming, They were as- sured a spoT in CIF play-offs. In The game againsT MT. Carmel, Sfeve Reczek broke The receiving re- cord, wlTh ll caughT balls in one game. The Defense conTribuTed greaTIy To The success of This year. BreT Abshire and Richie HuliT were noTed as players ThaT coach Buck WhiTe was excepiion- ally pleased wiTh. This was The Third year in a row ThaT Fallbrook wenT To The play-offs. They finished second in league. QTopD Coach Tom Pack goes over plays. fMiddleJ On a defensive play against the Tor- rey Pines Falcons, Steve Reczek looks on to see if the play was successful. fBottomi Ty Barksdale, Bill Dunkle, Dwane Post, and Randy Tripp, part of the Offensive team, discuss strategies with Coach Pack. f0pposite topj Varsity Football Back Row: Bret Abshire, Eric Beck, John Lane, Mike Rob- inson, Joe Commer, John Adams, Doug McQueen, Tom Hickey, Art Smith, Bernie Gardner, Nick Yslas, Chuck Wolford, Row 2: Miguel Zamudio, Mikko Hyppa, Ted Reich, Paul Clinton, Bruce Harris, Randy Tripp, Pat Manning, Greg Smith, Row 3: Paul Primicerio, Rob Toomire, Leif Steinbaugh, Doug 0'Hara, Darren Gill, Dan Keegan, Eric Heald, Brad Noon, Jeff Richie, Bill Dunkle, Row 4: Mike George, Steve Pack, Jim Scalf, Coach Steve Kettering, Coach Troy Stokes, Coach Tom Pack, Coach Buck White, Coach Cliff Farrar, Derrick Roach, Todd Bobo, Eric Kirkbride, Row 5: Lee Ryzweyk, Kevin Kosha, Frank Me- dina, Leonard Vargos, Vic Murillo, Rick Van Every, Ken McAndrews, Rob Shea, Ronnie Ra- mos, Junior Manu, Row 6: Jabe Marsh, Keith Jester, Anthony Reynoso, Rob Giustio, John Tomlinson, Matt Mulligan, Jamie Mira- montes, Dave Landes, Joel Cendejas, Scott Chandler, Eric McVey, Front Row: Eric Enge- bretson, Ty Barksdale, William Pollard, Kevin Gonzales, Steve Reczek, Jason Taylor, Chris Trevino, Jim Yoon, Richie Hulit, Dwane Post, Lance Jimenez. f0pposite bottomj After scoring the winning touchdown in the San Dieguito game, Richie Hulit is tackled in the end zone. 56 Varsity Football V Y, A 'Y' I 41 Wi. . W .HlKi' use --"' N.. ' , X , A lg, ,. ',-.. 53' S.. ,H F lil K6 gr aw? Z .swf 'ff X E , ,r . ..f. ff 'lf , S Q. ji' '59 ar . V1 I-gg' 5, :Q ,, Hx N- " of 'S " 'Vw 4--3, is M' Qin-vs M jf? mf , ufiifff ,. Hu, K 5.0 B., "N f1"'5'1 M.,- ' :ri vu 3' --4292" lui? 1 Q '-fa", 1- K! , Q q : fo A x'+m,,. gf?- D ,, 1 "M H 'A D W' . ,fc I 1 u 4 mi - Q .26-F' 'L' an 65 ? BSL- bww fi' 3 , is X1 Waib's farewell The J.V. fooTball Team finished up The season wiTh a 6-A record. IT was The lasT year for head coach Al Waibel and The players Tried To make iT The besT They could. The defense was led by Juniors Eric McVey and Darren Gill and Sopho- mores Elidio Escobedo and John Enock- son. Coach Gerry PorT felT 'iThe de- fense kepT us in The game many Times." The offense was led by Juniors Rick Van Every and Chris Trevino and Sopho- mores ScoTT Hainline and T.J. Flynn. De- spiTe The rash of injuries early in The sea- son, The players came TogeTher and finished up The season as a Team. The Frosh FooTball Team finished 6-41 This pasT season. Head coach Richard HuliT saw a loT of poTenTial in his young and inexperienced players. QTopl Freshman Football: Front Row: Kevin Witt, Eric Cabulagan, Greg Frinell, Eric Ord, Corey Conrad, Andy Walker, Kelly Barry, Juan Lopez, Scott Gugino, Eric Cuellar, Row Two: Jorge Gonzales, Francisco Uriostigue, Fidel Cruz, Pat Hickey, Chuck Depreker, Marco Flores, Ronald Vargas, Renee Cortez, Norman Barlow, Row Three: Sean Stephen, Adam Brent, David Siebenforcher, Coach Buddy Barksdale, Coach Richard Hulit, Coach Jeff Malliard, Brad Pfeiffle, Fred Cady, Chris Dalton, Row Four: Mike Turiace, Fabian Flo- res, Kyle Jester, Chris Mclnerny, David Ober, Adrian Russell, Jeff Pack, Greg Mann, Row Five: Mike Saylor, Eric Davison, Jamie Will- cox, James Rockwood, Marco Valenica, How- ard Chatman, Shawn Bailey, Billy Howard, Justin Fine, Row Six: Steve Fox, Alan Paul, Shane Mckenzie, Mark Calac, Matt Jimenez, Jon Dennis, Sergio Rodriguez, Richard Ser- ing, Jeff Lawerence fMiddleJ Mark Michaelian runs the ball into Vista Territory. lBottomJ Eric McVey runs back an intercep- tion against Torrey Pines. f0pposite topj J.V. Football: Front Row: Rob- ert Sherman, Pedro Maldonado, Kevin McDowell, James Lira, Vince Poliandro, Soua- vuth Chim, Jose Zamudio, Irineo Uriostique, Row Two: Jay Flynn, Marco Arias, Manuel Vil- laneal, Roy Murillo, Rob Zenzel, David John- son, Eric Maille, Row Three: T.J. Flynn, Mark Michaelian, John Enockson, Coach Pat Mora- marco, Coach Al Waibel, Coach Joe Waters, Coach Gerry Port, Jeff Waters, Peme Serrato, Rich Fox, Back Row: Scott Barrick, Jason Wa- ters, Steve Stephen, Scott Hainline, Troy Hamilton, Aaron Ritcherson, Kurt Amsler, Xavier Russell, Elidio Escobedo. lOpposite left, Kenny McAndrews successful- ly completes a play by receiving a pass. fOpposite rightj T.J. Flynn outmaneuvers an El Camino defender. 58 JV Football hh A .gy g, J,-'. 'll-l.llr gmg' sl? ,JWF 5 'lun' Sie W ' Et' W"' if 1 I he f . " as Q . ak? 7E'f?'.? ir, A 3 wiv i 1 'I cg u K .." Q PE:,f fi ', ' - W . . viii, ' . in x i x ig g it -.5 QW Q QL J' 0 ,XJ S Pi' 7, 49 4,4-M. .., Y V .asv i X ' 1 'Q -:1, . 1 "' " X ti Vkik 151:52 Q' f K A xx si R Polo splashes fo playoffs WiTh 49 players, 40 of Them reTurning varslTy, The varsiTy waTer polo Team fin- ished d Tough season. DespiTe d close early season loss To rival VisTa, The Team was able To improve and defeaT VisTa IaTer in The season, 44-40. The Team ended The season wlTh an 8-4 league record and a 44-40-4 overall record. Coach Ken Brower summed up The season by saying ThaT "The Team has really come back from adversiTy, and improved The whole season." Carl STreicher, senior, led The Team wlTh 60 goals and A4 sTeals during The season. Luke Salerno, also a senior, fol- lowed closely behind wlTh 59 goals and 33 sTeals. Goalie David Schrimf, senior, ended The season wlTh 259 goalie saves and A goals. According To Coach Brower, The hlghlighT of The season was making The ClF playoffs, where The Team had hoped To peak. UnforTunaTely, The Team losT To Top seeded Crawford, 40- 43, in The firsT round. The young J.V. Team wound up Their season wlTh a 9-3 record. Coach Brower praised The play of Craig lvlc- Donald and RlTchie Thompson. fTopl Mike Feyk takes a shot over a Vista de- fender. fMiddleJ As the opposing goalie prepares him- self for the anticipated shot, Warrior Jay San- ford fends off a defender. fBottoml J .V. Water Polo Front Row: John Lit- tle, Joe Collins, Row Two: Bill Freeman, Kevin Mahr, Ritchie Thompson, William Newland, Danny Wheeler, Row Three: Mike Hall, Eric Ord, Greg Fuess, Robert Stepanowa, Mike Parker, Steve Priola, Mike Piescer, Luther Blue, Lars Moyer, Fermin Martin, Danny Gil- more. K0pposite topl Varsity Water Polo Front Row: Tom Rutan, Lee Zejicek, Row Two: Bernd Ha- ferkamp, Mike Feyk, David Schrimpf, Clark Highstreet, Luke Salerno, Perry Stubbs, Ed James, Row Three: Jamie Warner, Kirk Mul- lins, Steve Rolin. Tim Bush, Kevin McDonald, Charles Hartford, Warren Pierson, Gary Hall, John Sagers, Carl Streicher. C0pposite leftl Carl Streicher passes the ball to a teammate, while Perry Stubbs surveys the situation. QOpposite right, Warren Pierson scans the pool in anticipation of his next play. 60 Water Polo Q IIIZI1 i . Div' V -7-vi 1 ' 'u - vw' '- Lwmaw: wi' ,P 41, 4 , N ' . s ' it Nflkfl--J ,my 'f ,,., ' I 'J' ",- 1 mv, Water Polo 61 Cross Country runs To victory Cross counfry proved ThoT if you work Togefher you will moke iT os o reol Teom, ond be on Top. Cooch lVlorTy Houck sold, "There is o big difference befween This yeor's souod ond losT yeor's. A very imporfonf focT is ThoT This yeor's Teom is o very young one, ond o record of 8-2 is moybe more Thon ony- body expecfed from Them." There were olso oTher reosons for The success. Two brofhers, Chris ond Joson Morfin did exfremely well. Joson, who is o sophomore, wos The flrsT ploce runner oll yeor, while Chris, o junior wos The second ploce runner. The girl's Teom did well olso. Kofhy Trujillo, o senior, wos The firsf ploce runner ond Debbi Smifh, olso o senior, wos The second ploce runner. The mosT imborTonT roce wos oT MT. Soc, where They bloced second overoll. IT wos on imporTonT roce be- couse iT wos The lorgesf invToTionoI, wiTh The besT runners combefing. Three runners were in The Top Ten ond Kofhy Trujillo ploced 'l3Th, firsT of The Follbrook girls. fTopj Girls Cross Country: Front: Lora Bow- man, Liz Cortes, Heather Johnson, Kelly ' apman, Heidi Schuler, Kristina Hand, Debbie Smith, Row Two: Coach Gary Lutgendorf, Kelly Zudis, Katie Fe- dorchak, Donna Crossen, immml, Rae Gehring, Valerie Krumm, Valerie Core, Shannon Fitzgerald, Jenine Crane fBottomj Kristina Hand makes a dash to- wards the finish line. QOpposite Topj Boys Cross Country Front: Dan Carter, Nicolas Domingues, James Ober, Ja- son Martin, Chris Martin, Curtis Sullivan, Richard Parris, Brent Kish, Row Two: Tom Miller, Todd Thomas, Dennis Anderson, Earl Hamilton, Karlin Smith, Rafael Gonzales, Josh De La Cruz, Eric Johnson, Phil Tiso, Pe- ter Ferral, Paul Gray, Will Davis, Cain Mir- anda, Marciano Gonzales, Fernando Cortes, Jim Barnabee, George Brown, Coach Marty Hauck. f0pposite Leftj Sophomore does not have to work hard to maintain his third place ranking on the team. lOpposite Middlej Fallbrook always strong at the start. lOpposite Bottomj runs strong with the ever present thought of crossing the finish line. 62 Cross Country NW 9 Q' 4, ,n4?Qvns19"0' 7, . 5 'Mgr L L , Jw 1. Cross Country 63 Polished pldy The field hockey Team was formed of 6 reTurning players and 9 new mem- bers. They experienced a challenging season, earning a play-off posiTion, buT unforTunaTely, The Warriors came up againsT The high powered Team of La Jolla in firsT round acTion and were eliminaTed. The offensive aTTack was led by 2nd Team All-League players Renae Dowling, Jill Connelly, and BeTh Buornarii assisied by Kerri Beckham. The defense, led by isT Team All- League players KrisTen Oafes, Sharon Doi, and Irma Ramos, along wiTh The aide of Melissa Wells, surrendered few goals To The opposiiion ending The sea- son wiTh only 7 balls passing The goal- line. "I demanded 40096 of each and in Time iT proved besT by Their perfor- mance" said coach KaThy Yancey. JV, a sTrong Team carried on The Tra- diTion of League Champs. "Each has shown characTerisTics for a promising VarsiTy season" said coach Veronica Bailey. OuTsTanding defensive aTTacker Cindy Sullivan was assisied by Mindy Wells, and The mosT aggressive player was Melissa McNuTT. Hopi Junior Varsity team, left to right, Coach Veronica Bailey, Melissa McNutt, Stacey Mudd, Stephanie Zumwalt, Nga Werts, Rober- ta Hulit, Amy Shisler, Lela Hallock, Kelly De- Precker, Sheri Seigfried, Mindy Wells, Amy Burton, Jennifer Hopgood, Doreen DeLa- garza, Anne Gilmore, Heather Bedolla, Chris- tina Machado, Heather Hartford, Vickie An- drus, Ciny Sullivan. fBottomJ Sharon Doi successfully battles for the ball against the Oceanside leading scorer. f0pposite topl Varsity team, left to right, Sharon Doi, Coach Kathy Yancey, Sheila Rog- gow, Laurie Haven, Linda Askew, Heather Bradford, Nan Burton, Kerri Beckham, Joan- na Berry, Jill Connelly, Julie Spellman, Renae Dowling, Beth Buornarti, Kristen Oates, Me- lissa Wells, Irma Ramos, Lara Shisler. l0pposite leftl During half-time Kerri Beck- ham considers Kathy Yancey's scoring tac- tics. f0pposite rightj During one of many penalty corners of the season, Nan Burton rushes the goal. 64 Field Hockey , , fp.: mfg 4554A 'G MQW .. -.51 , ,. . , , ,, . , , ,. .- u - ,.,ci u-. 1 45?'f'iQ 1 5' K ' vfr Q: MS-. A, N M Field Hockey 65 Sei up for The fuTure AlThough The VarsiTy Volleyball Team was young This year and did noT do as well as anTicipaTed, Coach l-leaTher SchulTe was encouraged wiTh The facT ThaT almosT all of The players will be re- Turning nexT year wiTh game exper- ience. 'll felT This Team had The TalenT To win maTches, ouT we did noT play as well as we should have" said Coach SchulTe apouT This season. lvlenTal errors seemed To play a pig parT in The Teams losses and when The Team overcame Them, They played well. Sophomore Laurie Trujillo commenTed "we had our ups and downs. We could have done beTTer if we had more menTal conTrol because we made a loT of menTal er- rors." ln general The Team agreed ThaT iT was a 'lpreTTy Tun season." When asked who The Teams sTrong players were, Coach Schulie said, "I do noT like To single ouT because iT is a Team efforT and we like To sTrive for ThaT raTher Than individual efforT." She did poinT ouT Erin lvliller and Darcee Rei- chardT as leaders. DespiTe The league record of 3 and 'll The Team improved wiTh each game said Coach SchulTe. The junior VarsiTy Team which was coached by lvlark STeTfler and Kelly Janikowski was lead loy Jennifer Jann, Lura Boyd, and Sherry Duffy. The Junior VarsiTy had a league record of 8 and 6. Q'l'opJ Varsity volleyball: Coach Heather Schulte, Kim Janikowski, Amy Holdcroft, Laurie Trujillo, Eve Dakovich. Second Row: Erin Miller, Darcee Reichardt, Lori Mick Bot- tom Row: Diane Metcalf, Toni Hreha, Tammy Harrington. QBottomJ JV volleyball: Stephanie Palmer, Jennifer Jann, Traci Batin, Traci Arbonaux. Second Row: Julie Axe, Denise Boles, Sherri Duffy, Paige Ventris. Third Row: l.QiirafBoyd, Sue Lane, Stephanie Perez, Lori Shirley, Paige' Rogers. Fourth Row: Janel Sutton, Coach Mark Steffler, Asst. Coach Kelly Janikowski, Lisa Murray. fOpposite Topj Amy Holdcroft is anxious to aid a teammate in a match. fOpposite Bottoml Laurie Trujillo displays her athletic ability as she returns a ball in a game. f0pposite Righty Tammy Harrington shows form as she serves the ball. 66 Volleyball 0, ,,,..A. ge , , J I W fiiif-f ws wmfarww 3 s" f. QM W Q P " Q f ax M ..,, .V K . x wk .em wa-M A.. VoHeybaH 67 Tennis anyone? The girls Tennis Team had one of lTs sTrongesT seasons in years finishing wiTh a record of 4 l-6 and 6-6 in The powerful palomar league. Senior Lori Haynes Teamed wiTh sophomore Julie Sisel To anchor a sTrong doubles represenTa- Tive. Their record was AQ-8. Close pe- hind Them was The duo of Anne Miller and freshman Corrina RoTh, who fin- ished wiTh 26 wins. Andi Sisel Topped The singles draw wiTh a record of 416-6. Also conTrlbuTing sTrongly were Erin Mill- er, Daniel Verdon, KaThy GiusTo, Mary Machado, and Sherri Andrews. "The girls seemed To pe The pesT of friends as well as a Team working To- geTher," said coach Bill VVaiTe. The junior varsiTy Team had an ouT- sTanding season having a record of 40- 8. Launa SandschulTe was picked mosT valuable player. Michelle Munyon was elecTed mosT improved, and KrisTa Be- har was chosen mosT inspiraTional. fAbovei Returning with a backhand stroke Andi Sisel practices after school. fOpposite top lefti Warming up before a match Julie Sisel concentrates on her serving. l0pposite top rightj Lori Haynes vollies one for a winning shot. fOpposite bottom rightj Sherri Andrews gets to the ball in just enough time to win a point against Torrey Pines. lOpposite bottom leftj J.V. tennis team: Krista Stendlund,gEth'ffWi!ner, Myfiagilliil- Lisa Skiffington, Annette Reisinger, Cindy Hallet, Michelle Munyon, Tiiu Loigu,A Holly Hogarth K' 1iullt.efKr3staBe-'F 15 Li: , " :" "- " A . V,.,J , , :fyq -,if -r - ug , ' V ' .,.hqgg,,Lrsa2g , Kristen Fernau. A f r ' fBelowJ Varsity tennis team: Coach Bill Waite, Anne Miller, Daniele Verdon, Erin Mill- er, Kathy Giusto, Korrina Roth, Mary Ma- chado, Lori Haynes, Sherri Andrews, ggiuel,2Aiiii Srjizel. 68 Tennis Tl' "" 'Mm ij!! Wh Zu? it Jw,- F f ,I ,ff Tennis 69 A young Team The Boy's VarsiTy Soccer Team fin- ished The year wiTh an overall record of 8-4 4-4 and a league record of A-8. The Team, consisiing of 8 juniors and 6 seniors, was a young, and inexperi- enced Team. Junior Tim Pipes was cho- sen for FirsT Team All-League and was one of The Top scorers on The Team Junior Leon Harris was seiecied for Sec- ond Team Aii-League and speni some of his game Time as goalie. Two Juniors were Honorable Meniions for Ali- League. They were Rob CrafTs and John i?iTTer. The JV, was led by Sophomore Aar- on Riicherson and Freshman Jason SmiTh. CTopJ Attempting to steal the ball from his opponent, Trino Martinez is assisted by Raul Rodriguez. fBottomJ Maneuvering the ball around the op- posing team, Raul Rodriguez moves down- field. fOpposite top, Varsity Soccer: Front Row: Rob Crafts, David Gardner, Gustavo Montiel, Raul Rodriguez, Mikko Vannanen, Jeff Dennis. Row Two: Jean Lionel Carrere, Leon Harris, Tim Pipes, John Ritter, Coach Harris, Mike Breza, Trino Martinez, Jaime Diaz, Mikko Hyppa. f0pposite bottom leftl Jamie Diaz prepares to make a shot on goal. QOpposite bottom rightj J.V. Soccer: Front Row: Raul Jiminez, James Riley, Craig Mc- Donald, Greg Frinnel, Miguel Jiminez, Chip Brusk, Chris Parsons. Row Two: Jason Rusk, Jason Smith, Rick Stockman, Joey Bishop, John Monahan, Chuck Depreker. Row Three: Cheryl Davis, Wendy Spence, Eric Gonzales, Gil Herms, Steven Gill, Charlie Harris, Aaron Ritcherson, Robert Speith, Curtis Sullivan, Kerri Stewart, Coach Mrs. Harris. 70 Boy's Soccer ,fm i ' ' I N ,"'- f 5 3,9 ,, ,, ,f ,,,, in ff fe , . Q ,1 M515 52 ff Q VjMf,, ., fin :F , W ,,,w'fY f f 'W ' dk. V, Q. F f -'fb as, if ,g J Boy's Soccer 71 Kick Off WiTh The help of The reTurning play- ers, The VarsiTy G-iris Soccer Team showed Thai experience pays off. The season highlighT occurred during The exciiing game wiTh Poway TiTans, which ended in a 4-4 Tie. "The season has been The besT for us! We're such a new Team and have really done welll" smdsenmrTeam memberNonna Ponce. VarsiTy Team capTain Melissa Wells and JV Team capTain Amy Thomas were among many who displayed in- spmng ddland dedmahonThaTkepT The Team spiriT high. Alicia Rojas, The leading agressor adds a few com- menTs of The season "We have been successful and look forward To CIF." "For mosT of us, This is The firsT year we've played TogeTher as a Team, and evenThough weke a youngieanw we've been very compeTiTivel" said senior Team member Melissa Wells. "The 4984-85 Warriors Girls Soccer Teanibmndsyouhiand expenence The Warriors are young and aggres- sive, while being led by very skillful and expenenced senkws Theh penon mance on The field has been consis- TenTly excelIenT and I am very pleased wiTh Their developmenT" ends VarsiTy coach,MchamiHuM. fTopJ Erin Pack prepares to set up a cross. fOpposite topl The team takes a well deserved break at half, and pictured here are Nga Werts, Becky Boyd, Michele Boyd, and Alicia Rojas. fOpposite bottomj Like "Taking candy from a baby" Alicia Rojas steals the ball from an op- ponent. QBottomJ J.V. Soccer: Front Row: Coach Ger- lach, Mindy Wells, Amy Shisler, Laura Pineda. Row Two: Christie Engle, Amy Thomas, Che- mene Poling. Row Three: Leann Cheon, Jenni- fer Butts, Trish Fresquez, Jennifer Jolly. Back Row: Shannon Fitzgerald, Trisha Johnson, Jackie Smith, Melissa Ritter. fOpposite bottom rightj Varsity Soccer: Front Row: Coach Hulit, Mellissa Wells, Heather Kroupa, Kohanna Barry, Kathy Coates. Row Two: Alice Rojas, Michelle Boyd, Norma Ponce, Nga Werts, Kathleen Meehan. Back Row: Emma Lawson, Erin Pack, Tricia Shores, Beckie Boyd, Cindy Sullivan. 72 Soccer E 5 5 E s 52 7, , V. I Ik J . 4, all f-V 'J ' ik" ' li J, W7 "ff ' Q7'-'I '7' 5 JI, -A if A season of experience The Warrior VarsiTy BaskeTball Team concluded The season wiTh an overall record of 2-43, and a 2-5 record in The Palomar League. The young Team, wiTh Their new coach Dr. George Selleck. narrowly losT several games To rivals Orange Glenn and MT. Carmel. Ac- cording To Junior Chris lVlarTin, i'This sea- son has really been a learning exper- ience for our young Team." The Team boasTed only Two Seniors and several Sophomore sTarTers. Sophomore Doug WiTkop sTaTed ThaT "The Team was pla- gued by injuries, which kepT many sTarTers on The bench." Coach Selleck said ThaT The highliTe of The season was "The general lm- provemenT of The Team as a whole." I-le also remarked ThaT The "prospecTs for The fuTure look very promising, es- pecially if The players conTinue To im- prove aT Their currenT pace." Coach Selleck wenT on To praise The play of sTandouTs Sophomore Chris Hansen and Junior Chris Tucker. iTopJ Sophomore Jason Martin and Junior Jeff Work maneuver in the key. i0pposite top leftl James Green bats the ball to a teammate, as Jason Martin readies for the upcoming play. i0pposite top rightl Doug Witkop starts to pass to a teammate down court. iOpposite bottom Ieftl Mark Reinkamp shows perfect form during a freethrow. iOpposite bottom rightj Jason Martin watches his pass to a teammate. iBottoml Varsity Basketball: Jeff Work, Chris Tucker, Mark Ringkamp, James Green, Paul Dixon, Keith Denver, James Black, Jeff Rit- chie. Not pictured: Chris Martin, Jason Mar- tin, Coach Selleck. 74 Varsity Basketball as ssis. l if Varsity Basketball 75 'TZ " Q MQ? Yg,-':'f1,ifgfY 2 if f 1 I I 2 -" TJ, ., KVVV ,T,ui ,i,i j, ,V F ..,, ' ' . ,,, 1 4 . Q wwpggff-,fiwg: f M15 Q, izglgjjjjgf, 1' if ,mf iw: ,.,. yW4..,,,., . ,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , L - . f 5' K K . Qu j "1i- Ifii' ' 5 ' -Q...,,,, M A fi i 'WF- x AS it 3 x 76 JV-Frosh Basketball Shooiing for success The JV along wifh The VarsiTy boys were coached by Dr. George Sel- leck, a new coach. This was an ex- Tremely differenT year for The War- riors. Their game wins were noT high, wiTh a record of 5-l 'l, buT The boys were TaughT The fundamenTals of BaskeTball. Because Dr. Selleck coached boTh JV and VarsiTy, he was able To move players from one Team To The oTher, This gave well skilled VarsiTy players, playing Time by puTTing Them on JV. Also This helped excellenT JV players, VarsiTy experience. "Having VarsiTy players playing on JV gave us The chance To learn more easily," sTaT- ed Tony lVloramarco. Coach Cliff Farrar and his freshmen crews highlighf of The year was geT- Ting The ConsolaTion Championship Trophy aT The San Marcos Tourna- menT. "Mike WesT and Todd Adam- son were Two players who improved exTremely," sTaTed Farrar. "These players sTarTed on The bench and finished The season as conTribuTing sTarTers." lOpposite topl After retrieving a practice shot, Tony Moramarco dribbles the ball back. fOpposite top rightl Sitting on the side- lines coaches Turner and Martin along with Mark Michealian, Joe Turner and Gary Nelson watch the game intently i0pposite bottoml JV basketball Back Row: Coach Mike Martin, Steve Stephan, Joe Turner, Mike Feyk, Mike Cherry, Elidio Escobedo, Tony Moramarco, Mark Michea- lian, Coach Richard Turner, Coach George Selleck. Front Row: Jason Dawes, Drew Habura, Gary Nelson, Mike Richardson. fliightl Warming up before a game, Joe Turner takes a shot as Jason Dawes pre- pares to shoot. fTopl Steve Fox, Todd Adamson, Shane MacKenzie, Phil Anthony, Greg Lypps, Coach Cliff Farrar, Brian Raines, Justin Fine, Jeff Pack, Mike West, Cain Miranda, Cory Conrad. JV-Frosh Basketball 77 Through The hoop! Affer winning The TenTh consecuTive Palomar League Championship in 4984, This years girls varsiTy baskefball Team had a big challenge ahead of Them. Alfhough The Team iosT mosT of The ex- perienced Taller players, iT was Their de- Terminafion and dedicafion ThaT kepf Them on Top. "We may noT have a loT of heighTh, buT our quickness and speed will puf us ahead." exclaimed Coach Buck WhiTe. They sTarTed The year wiTh only one reTurning sTarTer, senior Nicole Jann, and four oTher reTurning players: KaThy Trujillo, Shauna Cowan, Sharon Doi and Sandi STevens. Also, They added some TalenT from The junior varsiTy Team. VViTh This young Team They found They had a loT of ouTsTanding defensive players. This led Them To sTarT off wiTh a quick inexperienced Team in The midsT of conTinuing The TiTle of league champi- ons. IT was The abiliTy To apply pressure defense ThaT goT The lady Warriors Top billing in local newspapers. f0pposite topj Varsity Team: Louis Difazio Cmanagerj, Jennifer Jann, Nicole Jann, Shauna Cowan, Sandy Stevens, Diane Met- calf, Laurie Trujillo, Kathy Trujillo, Sharon Doi, Lisa Reinstra, Coach Buck White. fOpposite bottoml Junior Varsity Team: Sher- yle Duffy, Melissa McNutt, Corinna Roth, Jen- nifer Luxinger, Susan Lane, Patti Pearson, Christina Machado, Judith Cruz, Roberta Hu- lit. lTop rightj Nicole Jann gets fouled as she goes up for a jump shot. QTop left, Laurie Trujillo goes up for a shot in a crowd. lBottom leftj Sandy Stevens readies herself for a quick rebound. 78 Girls basketball fum 'Xl Wi? f ! , l rr, Girls basketball 79 A new direction Take-downs, reverses and pins make up The grueling spori of wresiling. A spori of man againsi man, where size has no meaning. A spori of crash dieis and miles of running io make a specific weighi. This year The Team had a new ele- meni, a new coach. lVlr. Dave Alpriiion came io Fallbrook io 'reach and coach. This gave The wrestling Warriors a new approach io their spori. Varsity reiurners who had ouisiand- ing year's were Senior Lee Rysewyk and Senior Jim Machado. Also puiiing in a good performance was Junior Frank Buiis. QTopl After a long struggle, Junior Frank Butts takes down his opponent for a point. fMiddleJ A wrestler dances around the ring while deciding his next move. fOpposite top, Senior Jim Machado gets the pin after a tough match. lOpposite middlej Lee Rysewyk flips his oppo- nent in an attempt to achieve the pin. fBottomJ J.V. Wrestling: Front Row: Fidel Cruz, Anthony Bonton, Romey Guznzon, Tom- my Morrow, Michael Flores. Back Row: Troy Hopton, Pete Loftis, Eric Ord, Brian Comey, Brian Show, Fred Katey. f0pposite Bottomj Varsity Wrestling: Front Row: Curtis Russel, Tim Orosco, Jesus Cas- tillo, Santos Magdaleno, Josh De La Cruz. Back Row: Coach Dave Albritton, Frank Butts, Rob Toomire, Mike Bustamonte, Rich Fox, Jim Barnaby, Lee Rysewyk, Ralph Guer- rero. 80 Wrestling Wrestling 81 Allilude I l'9SUllS T'The seoson opened wiTh greoT en- Thusiosm. Hord work, dedicoTion, o posiTive oTTiTude, ond cooperoTion, olong wiTh d good number of newcom- ers dnd reTurners, helped To boosT Foll- brook To The Top," sToTed Cooch Tom Oder. Before The seoson sTorTed, five of The VorsiTy Worriors compeTed in The pres- Tigious lvlichelob lnviToTionol. Doug McQueen, Mike Robinson, BrenT CHorpoQ Anderson, ond Korlin SmiTh did exiremely well in The mile reloy wiTh The besT Time in The counTy. Seon Hickey, hod o respecToble Third ploce in The pole voulT. All six cooches, Cooch Oder, Cooch lvlorc Sieffler, Cooch lVlorTy Houck, Cooch Gory Cooch Jeff Ropes, ond Cooch Debbie Gerlock were pledsed wiTh The TurnouT of 'l7O. WiTh on ex- Treme number of highly TolenTed dTh- leTes, oddiTionol workouTs ond cooches, They were off To o greoT sTorT. The opening vicTory over Corlsbod, wos The sTorTing poinT To on exciTing seoson. lvlony oThleTes showed Their poTenTiol for copTuring school records. HWe'll win leogue ond moke sure ev- eryone knows who Follbrook is!!l" sToT- ed BrenT Anderson. fTopJ Concentrating on the vault, Sean Hickey begins his approach. QBottoml Mike George prepares to put the shot, as Bev Pierce looks on. fOpposite Topj Boys Track: Front Row: Peter Ferral, George Brown, Brent Kish, Paul Grey, Chris Martin, Brent Anderson, Bob Powel, John Enockson, Mark Michaelian, Jason Mar- tin, Kevin Witt. Row Two: Curtis Sullivan, Tom Miller, Ed Allen, Nicolas Domingues, Baldo Calvillo, Robert Arnold, Josh De La Cruz, Rich Fox, Mike Hall, Rene Cortes. Row Three: Chris Zeigler, Will Davis, Robert Shir- ley, Jim Bettin, Sean Hickey, Matt Mulligan, Kevin Gonzales, Danny Keegan, Eric Enge- bretson. Row Four: Matt McCall, Fernando Cortes, Jon Liddle, Fidel Cruz, Eric Gonzales, Jay Sanford, Tom Dumont, Tom Hickey, Eric Heald, Donovan Mathias. Row Five: Rich Par- ris, Randy Hopton, David Farrell, Robert Green, Matt Jimenez, Ernie Pierotti, Tony Cooke, Earl Hamilton. Row Six: Coach Brad Ervin, Mike Robinson, Gil Moleles, Greg Mann, Chris Leigh, Steve Stephen, Chucky Wolford, Tim Pipes, Doug McQueen, Chip Brusk. Back Row: Ryan Edwards, Jason Davis, Bret Abshire, Danny Long, Mike George, John Adams. QOpposite lefti On a Tuesday work-out, Mike Robinson glides up a hill. Q0pposite rightl Brent Anderson doing sprints on Concession Hill. 82 Boys Track Boys Track 83 Strength in numbers The girl's Track Team sTarTed off The season on a high noTe. The early sea- son win over The Carlsbad girl's Track Team ended The Two and a half year losing sTreak. The greaTesT conTribuTing facTor of The win was The record seTTing size of The Team. The addiTion of Two new hurdle coaches, Miss Debbie Gerlach and lvlr. Jeff Ropes, helped To sTrengThen one of Fallbrook's TradiTional weak spoTs. Head coach Tim Oder spenT The sum- mer and school year procuring beTTer eauipmenT in order To sTrengThen The enTire Track program. Head girls Team coach, lvlarc STeffler, sTaTed ThaT he was Hreally proud of all The girls and ecsTaTic over The win againsT Carls- bad." The early season win over Carlsbad proved To be The sTarT of a successful and exciTing season. Early season sTan- douTs included Sandy STevens and Bev Pierce in The Throwing evenTs, Debbie Morgan and Laura Hesser in The running evenTs, and Kelly Wood and Ray Gehr- ing in The jumping evenTs. fTopi Bev Pierce throws the shotput as Mike George tapes his fingers. QBottomJ Kirsten Clough and Heather Brad- ford lean into the curve in a 220 yard workout. fOpposite top leftj Darcy Harrison practices her form while running up a hill. f0pposite top righti Coaches: Marc Steffler - GirI's and sprint coach, Gary Lutgendorf - jumpers coach, Tim Oder -- Boy's and throw- ers coach, Marty Hauck - mid-distance and distance coach, Not pictured: Debbie Gerlach - huddlers coach, Jeff Ropes - huddlers coach. COpposite bottomi Girl's Track: Front Row: Lori Mick, Kristie Davison, Jennifer Jolly, Valerie Core, Laura Continelli, Darcy Harri- son, Amy Cicchillo, Kim Howell, Kirsten Clough, Paige Wentris. Row Two: Ray Gehr- ing, Trish Frequez, Heather Kroupa, Johanna Barry, Heather Bradford, Teresa Domanski, Michelle Munyon, Christina Hand, Cindy Sulli- van, Laura Long, Tracy Tevebaugh. Row Three: Katie Fedorchak, Julie Robertson, Stacy Peretti, Sue Lane, Amy Strauss, Janeen Black, Kirsten Rayl, Carrie Miller, Lori Jones, Kelly Wood. Row Four: Bridgett Bobo, Rachell Edwards, Maria Copa, Becky Barron, Merideth Noon, Tammy Buscemi, Anne Marie Whetter, Kathy Haven, Liz Cortez. Row Five: Sandy Stevens, Becky Redmon, Amy Stinton, Bev Pierce, Pauli Moramarco, Jennifer Himmer, Anna Norden, Janel Dutton, Lisa Murray. Row Six: Melissa McNutt, Cheryl Davis, Shannon Flynn, Jennifer Chilcote, Paige Norr, Lora Bowman, Debbie Morgan, Melissa McQueen, Lori Shirley, Coach Marc Steffler. 84 . . . y Q N . C X xmas. sh-Xa as Nm, V050 x 'X f W ,X ,. JY xx' arf + GirI's Track 85 .5 yy W -" "A" ,W4 A, . , l ,.,, M L' 'gflif' ., ,,,, .,,, - ll - 'f ' . V frf' 86 Girls Softball Z' 9 ,,,, .. ,QQ - ,.,s...,. .... W ' T S S ? .Rik 3 . Q' x :mi 4 H+., 3? 1', xi' Q seaf- 3. 41"--4 if P' s ll Talent The girls sofTpalI Team sTarTed ouT wiTh a loT of young faces. The whole infield consisTed of freshmen and soph- omores, wiTh one excepTion, senior Ranel Meers as piTcher. She had her second year of sTarTing as a piTcher and had been aTTending piTching clin- ics all year To improve. 'lVViTh Ranel's skill and spiriT she was sure To help The Team," sTaTed Daniel Verdon. There were only Two reTurning seniors To join Ranel: Daniel Verdon and Charlene Da- vis. "WiTh Those Three reTurning players They were sure To lead The Team To vicTory," explained Lisa Brown. "This year The Team seemed To be improving as each pracTice wenT by, wiTh our young Team we are quick learners," sTaTed Rane! lvleers. Al- Though The Team was young They had a IoT of skill. Varsity: Beth Bounarti, Daniele Verdon, Jen- nifer Luxinger, Charlene Davis, Ranel Meers, Stacy Graves, Julia Axe, Lisa Brown, Patti Pearson, Shannon Fitzgerald, Jody Taylor and Coach: Mr. Regal. Junior Varsity: Tracie Arboneaux, Stacy Rob- inson, Gina Zagarella, Janni Jonston, Krista Erickson, Bennae Calac, Joana Wilson, Emma Lawson, Tammy Harrington, Coach: Mr. Wi- land. Not pictured: Cheryl Christensen, Pau- line Scott, Rachelle Smith, Becky Leist, Judy Cruz, Tina LaMastus. lOpposite topl After retrieving the ball, Patti Pearson throws to first for a Warrior out. f0pposite bottom right, Samcking the ball into the outfield, Stacy Graves is about to run the bases. lOpposite bottom leftl Ranel Meers, the Varsi- ty pitcher, readies herself for the pitch that's about to come her way. Girls Softball 87 Power Play Once again, The crafTy coaching of lvlr. Dave Heid, broughT experience and moTivaTlon To The VarsiTy Warriors. C.l.F. candidaTes, Mark Ungerpiller and STeve Reczek, led The Warriors inTo The 4985 campaign. ReTurning leTTer- men Richie HuliT, Lee Rysewyk, and Jaime lvliramonies, Teamed wiTh new- comers KeiTh JesTer, Joe Comer, Kenny lvlcAndrews, and Jeff RiTchie To paTTel perennial C.l.F. finalisTs, lviT. Carmel and Poway. PiTching was one of The sTrengThs of The Team. The Warriors also showed The apiliTy To hiT The long pall wiTh men on base. Senior leadership was provided by David Landes, HecTor lvluro, and Tim HamilTon. Coach Heid was especially pleased wiTh 'The unselfish play and husTle The Warriors displayed This year." ParTicularly encouraging was The play of Two Sophomore sTandouTs, Bill Dunckel and T.J. Flynn. Nine leTTermen will be reTurning for nexT year's season. f'l'opl John Lane dives back to second base as Tim Hamilton tries to pick him off. fBottom leftl During batting practice, Jeff Rit- chie watches the play in the outfield as Frank Butts runs home. fOpposite top Ieftl Joe Comer, in the wind-up, concentrates on his curve-ball. l0pposite top rightj Out in left field, Steve Reczek fields a ground ball. QOpposite bottoml Varsity Baseball: lsecond rowl Mr. Reynoso, Lee Rysewyk, Jeff Ritchie, T.J. Flynn, Mark Ungerbiller, John Lane, Joe Comer, Jaime Miramontes, and Coach Dave Heid. lfirst row, Richie Hulit, Keith Jester, Frank Butts, David Landes, Steve Reczek, Kenny McAndrews, Hector Muro, Tim Hamil- ton, Bill Dunckel, and manager Brian Sobc- zak. NOT PICTURED: Rob Shea. 88 Varsity Baseball Ji: Q Q wav- fx- :.w,wm-wnawnnn . A .,.. Aw ,.' . i - ,W X' .e Varsity Baseball 89 J.V. and frosh working together What exactly are the J.V. and Fresh- man baseball teams made out of this year? Will they be better than the past J.V. and Freshman teams? The J.V. was a very strong team with a lot of potential. They had a strong infield. Some strong points were Eric lVlcVey on second, Scott Hainline of ist base and Mike Bustamante as the catcher. All these players, plus the help out in the outfield produced a success- ful team. Offensively the J.V. team had two really outstanding hitters, Tony Strebin and David Garland. The Freshman team was also well equipped with good players. Coach AI Walker commented on the Freshmen Warriors, "The Freshman team worked very well together, because they have been together as a team for many years. We have several pitchers which will have a good season. This years Freshman team is bigger in size and have a lot of bigger peopIe." fTopl J.V. player David Garland is ready to slam the ball when the ball is received by the pitcher. lBottoml J.V. player David Waite waits for a chance to hit the ball into left field. Freshman team: Top row: Coach Al Walker, Mike Turiace, Mike Sayler, Jeff Lawrence, John Dennis, Eric Davison, Jamie Willcox, Kyle Jester, Reivas Gomez, Coach Dick Lar- sen. Bottom row: Jason Draper, Fermin Mar- tin, Andy Walker, Marco Flores, Chris Dalton, and Bobby Waid. 1Opposite Leftl Freshman coach Al Walker discusses a play with Kyle Jester and Mike Turiace. KOpposite Rightj Tony Strebin coaches Mike Bustamante back to the first base to prevent an out. C0pposite bottomj J.V. Team: Top row: David Waite, Mike Bustamante, Tony Strebin, Scott Hainline, Pat Zimmberly, Tony Reynoso, Ty Barksdale, and Coach Bill Wurtz Bottom: Eric McVey, David Garland, Daryl Fox, Jason Rusk, Jason Corcoran, Jason Dawes, Danny Castro. 90 J.V. and Frosh Baseball Mfvfw 7' ' Mfr 'fi f , J.V. and Frosh Baseball 91 ,, 9.3, 1 , , i ? als. l m P92 I I I I 8 I x 1 i295 Us X 1 Q 2? f fx Q 2.4 v M 'kv Msvfi' WW w gl 5 NY 3 Q 1 'UF A 1 w, ff ,arg i W? 45,1 Vp , new GQ T' W. vm. 1 in Z. of fr 'W . -K: Gymnasls Bounce To Brilliance For The Third consecuTive year Vir- ginia Bailey has been The gymnasTics coach aT Fallbrook. WiTh seven var- siTy reTurners The Team goals are seT high. iiVVe are hoping To make iT To C.l.F. Tor The firsT Time," commenTed Coach Bailey. The J.V. has only a compulsory Team, while The Varsiiy Team has compulsory and opTional. The opiional Team can make up Their own rouTines and compulsory Team does rouTines seT down by The gymnasTlcs federaTion. "Our league is really Tough, buT as long as we keep our injuries down I Think we can do good," said senior Erik lvleisTer. This year There will be six boys on The Team, buT since There is noT a league for Them They can only exhibiT Their skills. VarsiTy sTandouTs include STa- cie PeTerman and Sylvia Rollins. BuT lvls. Bailey sTressed The imporTance ofa full Team effori. Up againsT pow- erful Teams such as MT. Carmel and Torrey Pines, The splriT of The Team will be TesTed, buT should prevail. lOpp. topl Varsity Team included lfrontl Rina Arnoldg lmiddle rowl Stephanie Bein, Cathy Butler, Lisa Bowman, Stacy Mudd, Megan Williams, Jeani Harris, Stacy Pe- terman, Jim Vranch, Jill Anderson, and mascot Stephanie Johnson, lback rowl Christine Munyon, Kelly Basore, Erik Meis- ter, Sylvia Rollins, Trisha Shores, Christi- na Machado, Traci Battin, Jennifer Jann, Dena Fuess, Trci Basore, Stephanie Marh, Ms. Bailey. l0pp. bottom leftl J.V. team included lfrontl Heather Davenport, Tara Sutcliff, Heather Bedolla, Mindy Wells, Marci Emory, and mascot Tiffany Johnson. fbackl Kathy Quisenberry, Stacy Taylor, Sandy Wakefield, Denise Hurt, Erin Pack, Lela Hallock, Amy Shisler, Jennifer Butts, Kelly Geraghty. l0pp. bottom rightj Tricia Shores, finish- ing her routine with confidence. lTopJ Heather Bedulla performs a difficult move on the balance beam. lliottoml Tara Sutliff attempts the uneven bars. Gymnastics 93 Swinging in The spring The only gool The golf Tedm hod wos To win one mdTch. They hdve gone for beyond ThdT by sTorTing wiTh o record of 3-O. WiTh Three freshmen ond no re- Turning vdrsiTy pldyers cooch Vdnyo did noT expecT much buT leorning from The young sTdrTers. Foreign exchonge sTudenT Moline Leonder is one of The sTdrTers olong wiTh Erin l-loy. Senior Rich- ord Renoso, Junior Mike SToll, Freshmon Chuck Deprecker ond The Twins Rondi ond Rick Rose, boTh freshmen, ore The resT of The sTdrTing seven. "They ore young buT very TolenTed," sold cooch Vonyo, Ufhe fuiure looks brighT for The Wdrriorsf' Prdciicing dfier school everydoy, bri- voTe lessons ond sdnciioned Tournd- menTs oll siock up To o hedlThy Tennis Teom. Working hdrd To mdich up dgdinsT The Tough Polomdr leogue ore Top four ployers Jomie Woodson, Rob- bie Ddvies, Eric Kirkbride, ond Doug Per- ry. "IT Tdkes o loT of hord work ond dedi- coiion buT iT's worih The soiisfociion of winning," sdys number one bloyer Jo- mie Woodson. The Teom hos sTorTed off well wiTh ci record of 3-4. Bob ArThur. lon Yomone, Tony lvlonfolbdno, ond ScoTT Vonyo os well conTribuTed sTrongly To The sTorT of o greof seoson. "ATTiTudes ore o loT beTTer This yeor coming ouT on The courT. They ore will- ing To work hdrder, ond oll oround more Tcoachablej' commenTs cooch Yon- cey. QTop rightj Front Row: Doug Perry, Tony Mon- talbano, Coach Yancey, Eric Kirkbride, Dan Greene. Back Row: Scott Vanyo, Robbie Da- vies, Jamie Woodson, Bob Arthur, lan Ya- mane. fMiddle Rightj Back Row: Lee Trout, Mike Money, Cam Coughran, Paul Simmonds, Ran- dy Spankie. Front Row: Paul Roseen, Eric Brown, Scott Rink, Kevin Noble. lBottom Right, Exchange student Moline Le- ander practices her putting. QBottom Righty During practice Robbie Davies practices his chip volley. lOpposite Topi Practicing at San Luis Rey golf course, Rich Renoso chips one onto the green. lOpposite Bottomi Front Row: Randy Rose, Chuck Deprecker, Ricky Rose, Scott Fieux, Mike Stall. Back Row: Mike Vanyo, Jim Col- lins, Richard Reynoso, Mike Cherry, Jim Wel- burn, Steve Ridden, Erin Hay, Max Mattox. 94 Golfffennis .a::W..qg.-:,:g..,..' ' 4 Hd f Af' ' GolffTennis 95 fx, iff! V9 '1 Splash To SUCCESS "Our Team pushed overall achieve- menTs," said junior Warren Pierson. This sTaTemenT prevailed ThroughouT The season for The poy's VarsiTy Swim Team. They seT ouT To defend Their league TiTle and 'TshoT for records," said Bernd Haferkamp. Sirong perfor- mances were given by Luke Salerno, Wink Sfreicher, Bernd Haferkamp, and Tom RuTan. As Tom enThusiasTically said afTer an easy vicTory over Oceanside, "Our season was in There and we plan To crank aT C.l.F." The J.V. boys also looked forward To a sTrong finish in league, aIThough coach KiT Moore felT he was The Team's besT all-around swimmer, More serious- ly, Coach Moore said The Team 'Tim- proved Tremendously." He noTed swimmers Craig McDonald, Danny Gil- more, and Bill Freeman as major con- TribuTors To The Team's success. ftopj Rob Crafts leads the way in the J.V. 200 breast stroke. lBottomD Michael Bettencourt contemplates his strategy for the upcoming meet. lOpposite topl Front row: Jay Sandord, Mi- chael Betencourt, David Betencourt, Mike Fake, Bernd Haferkamp, Warren Pearson, Ja- mie Warner, Rob Crafts, John Sagers, Robert Stepanow. Back row: Tim Bush, Steve Rolin, Luke Salerno, Charles Hartford, Tony Monte, and Jim Harrison. l0pposite bottom leftl Who says people can't walk on water? lOpposite bottom rightj Lars Moyer proves that breast stroke is the best stroke. 96 Boys' Swimming ' v MA-.-V: . 4 i, f f. .M W, 72 W, , , ,Q ,,.A ,miirgv I , .ff ', '-, ,V A-.j,a.e,f:1.,,3':.f' L, ', ,,:i, 1 ' e f ' K f 4.-r-. . .V 1. mfg, 9 'L fy K' A ww f' " ' ,f Wf If Q 13? " V K . -Q, M,f K,p N wg, .V 1 M an MU, 5 Q ww-ww...,..,., B dw X 1 ff ' ,. .- - . fx K, K A. x ,L N 5. f ' e P if AQ gf 1 4 5 K if-5,f'f , 1 x Q X5 ' Q' E Y i Q I ' A ' 4- x ' , -.af -3- 3 Vwn ilwg va, Y xv MM A L 55 ,Y M ,ff L. 12' " an ,Q -,Ah- , 1 ..-' ' h s M rf ,fr Q.,-MW . 'iffem 'i S Boys' Swimming 97 Fabulous Fish KXWHOT? Mr. Brower you hdve goT To be kidding!" These cries were heord from everyone on The swim Teom when word goT oui ThdT Fdllbrook hdd been moved inTo The Tough Polomdr ledgue. "BuT lVIT. Cormel, The Mission Viejo of Souihern Cdlifornid, is in The Polomdr ledgue!" Despiie The iniTidl shock of The ledgue chonge, The fish welcomed iT, even if iT did medn They wouldn'T win The ledgue TiTle os They hod done for The pdsT four yedrs in The Avocddo ledgue. When osked how she felT dboui The leogue rdnge seniors H complefely overjoyed To finolly hdve some com- peTiTion." Then, ofTer Thousdnds of M8clVls were sold, The Tedm wos dble To "spldsh" inTo The new ledgue wiTh new Teom idckeis, moTching of ThdT, new ldne lines, dnd new sTdrTing blocks To re- bldoe The dniidue replioos so mdny swimmers hdve come To know ond noT love. A new codch, lvls. Connie Keller odd- ed d new sTroke To The swim Teom This yedr which wos led by reTurning vdrsiTy swimmers, Leslie Peck, Kdihleen Mee- hon, Peri Siubbs, ond Heidi Hdferkomp, plus The sTrong help of Jennifer Hop- good ond Kelly DePrecker. The fuTure for The femdle fish looks brighi wiTh oufsfonding young Tdlenis, Jennifer Peferson, Donno Crosson ond Erin Chdpmon. f'l'opl Varsity Team pictured: ftop row, Celest Gonzales, Keri Zudis, Erin Chapman, Jennifer Hopgood. fmiddle rowl Cheryl Simmons, Amee Williams, Amy Burton, Julie Beastal, Irma Betancourt, Kelly DePrecker, fsupport- ing rowj Leslie Peck, Heidi Haferkamp, Don- na Crosson, Peri Stubbs, Skinny Kat Meehan, Lori McKenzie, Jennifer Peterson. fBelowD Peri Stubbs thinks of all the fun things she could be doing besides swimming. fOpposite top! "Its a bird, its a plane, its Heidi Haferkamp!" fOpposite bottomj Erin Chapman, Kathleen Meehan, Leslie Peck, and Peri Stubbs antici- pated to break the medley relay record this year. Q0pposite Acrossl Donna Crosson takes a breath for the camera. lBelowJ "Hi! My name is Keri Zudis." 98 Girls Swimming V, ' , wif I ' A ., ,, ' 72 22 as fn, M,-,,,.f ix m WW, -iN-Www 4 V5 rrkk I ff i i , Y S53 M ,,.. K Li -ll . V V 3 H V ww w , My VMI, M A f, ..-- .makin 51, . iw?-mam K ,,... . W . ,L .. .. .. .. :ee N, ' I' ' -V A"- ,,,' , VJ ..b, Q , i L 5 is . EN V W7, , gnw . A E Q M N ,. if i Girls Swimming 99 W , r fx W . Q. , K, , .L . N XC 1 - f A I - 51: - z, -fafgw "'51Q, k. K l0ppositeJ Spending his lunch time ,by the ASB office, Craig McDonald laughs at a joke. flop! Tiiu Loigu enjoys her free time from class with a group of friends during first lunch. lLeftJ Waiting for class to begin, Rob Too- mire relaxes with a game of gravitation in Mr. Burns' room. lOl John Adams Terrance Alorighr Ed Allen Neal Andersen Dennis Anderson Viclsy Andrus Nancy Archamoo Boberro Banuelos Gerardo Barcenas Melissa Barns Viclsie Barr Johanna Barry Colleen Barrlerre Odelia Barey Bill Baumgarrner Nancy Beclsman Cheryl Beerz Chase Bell Tyson Bergholz Jandy Bergman Bess Bergstrom David Berancaurr Emma Berancourr Gloria Berancourr Lania Berrin Sarah Blaclser Michael Bond Larry Bonron Carla Boozan Tonya Borrenfield Sreye Bowen Michele Boyd l-learher Bradford Kevin Branson Wendy Breen Michael Breza George Brown Audrey Burlee Phil Burlse Nan Barron Greg Burcham Tammy Buscemi 102 Juniors Ad-Bu ':??if. L .lc ,ii ' s,i'f ix? c,rir cc,rr ',:: ff? i,i qw 4 is 4 ' ii ml- A, HE ,,,.. .,, ,S if 97:23, All Q -1, f ,, ki 'R is JHQ5' , 'Er , , W' if . fd A X in mi' ' i i- " K Ae ' mfg fs iLWQ f in .. ,,, .- - ' 45:3 1 Lia: E? .: " ff s i F w ,i C . I ,, ,:.,-..,, N-1.,,.K. Egiefgggg 'Vi., 5 f Ti G? A .wi Qs X s 5 if sf ,Q 'ii . Q W, ' l r 'ei...., 'Q-15 , gc M lant- L 4 i Q vm W N.. 'M W fi .Eff i IW sf" 4 111 - ' -2 . T. if nga .V Q. , I if 'fr-fv :,Z:a'11: if 'widiiiil ff ,,.. ie 'f-miami.. ip., WX fins? 1' JP Ti.. x. as -fs k A93 -ff- Q sQ'j' - .wr Y 'Q .'. - Juniors climb to success i'The Junior closs hod o responsibiliry ro fill ond rhey did ir," srored Presidenr John Rirrer. "The closs hos plenry of porenriol ond closs spirir," remorlsed Secrerory Shorron Doi. The Juniors once ogoin rurned our o very good floor. According ro Presidenr John Piirrer, rhe floor consrrucrion vvos "very successful ond we hod o lor of people show up ond worls herd." The Juniors surprised o lor of people by doing well in rhe closs cornperirions, Uwe vvon o lor of rhe closs cornperirions ond we hove o good shor or winning closs of rhe yeor," srored Vice Presi- denr Amy Thornos, Ar rhe beginning of rhe yeor 'ipeople would come up ro me ond volun- reer for rhe cornperirions, everyone is so enrhu- siosricf' All rhe officers expressed rheir enrhusiosrn over decororing for rhe prom ond rhoughr ir vvos one of fhe pesr ever. Junior officers Secretary Sharron Doi, Vice- President Amy Thomas, Treasurer Vicky An- drus and President John Ritter are hanging on through their Junior year. 121 i xg Milse Busromonre Fronls Burrs Deon Bynum Leoh Coloc Fred Cormonis Dovid Corpenrer Jill Cosreel Eric Cosrerline Alejondro Cejo Joel Cendejos Juon Cervonies Scorr Chondler i Juniors Bu-Ch 103 Nahherre Chapmah Chrisropher Cheoh Michael Cherry Kari Chrisropher Amy Cicchilo Amy Cihdriry Michael Collihs Joseph Comer Briah Comey Jill Cohhelly Erih Cools Esrhela Coroha Aogasrihe Correz Carlos Correz Camoeh COUQDVOO Gina Coulrresfs Eva Covarrooias Rooerr Crafrs Araiha Crahe Johh Crahe Jody Creech Hearher Cuhey Dahiel Cuhhihgham Lisa Curris William Corcher Chrisrihe Dahmer Eddy Davis William Dayis Jose Delacroz Jeffery Dehhis Kelly Deprelser ileresa Devoid Aogusr Diehl Louis Difazio Paul Dixoh Sharoh Doi Teresa Domahslsi Pierre Domera Nicolas Domihgoez Jehhifer Domzalslsi Michael Doss Seah Dowliha 104 Juniors Ch-Do 1 ', HW if if li y y -sg: ,,- . 1 , 3. H I' ,ia 3 f-if magma 91 if Fast, 'WS " f ' Up and coming The guesrion rhar filled many people's minds ar rhe end of rhe 1984 foofball season, was "Who will be rhe big men in 19857 Now, "Dig" doesn'r necessarily refer ro rhe size of rhe players, bur rhe ralenr and porenfial rhey possess. Yer in John Adams case, offensive guard, size is all rhar marrers. Talsing size inro considerarion, Rob Shea is no big man, yer Mr. Pads feels he will be rhe wide receiver many scours will be lool-zing ar because of his good hands and speed. Doug O'Hara, defensive lineman, will have a heavy load ro carry nexr year. Mr. Pads is confi- denr rhar he can handle ir because of his speed and auiclsness. Defensive bacls, Keirh Jesrer, will be anorher player ro warch in rhe 85 season. This pasr season lefr Jesrer wirh plenry of Varsiry exper- ience, which will help him nexr year. Another rhing rhar will help him is his goodiudgemenr on where rhe ball is going and his abilify ro be rhere ro cover his man, The lasr of rbe "big Men" is Jeff Rirchle. Riff chie's srrong poinf is his mobiliry and ralenr ro play on borh rhe offense and defense. Nexr year will be his rhird year on rhe varsiry squad. Getting a lift to practice are football's future big men John Adams, Doug O'Hara, Keith Jester, Jeff Richie, and Rob Shea. Cammy Easr Kimberly Edgmon Donald Edwards lsennerh Elben Sracey Ellerby Allen Elmer 554 Chrisrina Engle Michael Engler Orozco Ernesro Juana Escobe-dia Wade Evans Shelly Fajado David Farrell lsrisren Fernau Perer Ferral Michael Feyls Juniors Ea-Fe 105 Daniel Fisbman Julie Fosrer Marla Freed Kimberly Frosr Jesus Garcia Jonn Garcia David Gardner Dennis Gorringer Debby Gaumer Craig Gerber Darren Gill Anne Gilmore Koberr Giusri Daniel Gluesenlsamp Scoorer Gamez Krlsrina Gonzales Marciano Gonzales Anira Gonzales Kevin Gonzalez Kelly Goodman Paul Gray Daniel Greene James Green, Sean Grirfirb Carlos Guadarrama Jose Guerrero: Andrew Hobura Bernd Haferlsamb Jonn Hall Nlargarer Hall Cindee Hallerr Cnris Hanson Vereese Hardy Jeani Harris Leon Harris Darcy Harrison IO6 Juniors Fi-Ha F .1 " '19 s X ,, ,... 3 i t l C iy Q 5 K i, 48 Aff, 14 Q- 7772? as , 'ig'-. JAH' kpel lJ'x'w' 'fix N'Q"!'l" 'K' 5-mf James Harry Karhleen Haven Erin Hay Lisa Haycocls Virginia Hayes Eric Heald .sq Jeff Hicks. Jennifer Himmer Holly Hogarrh Amy Holdcrofr Jennifer Hopgood Psandolf Hopron Kimberly Howell Kimberly Hughes Lori Homes Sandra Hunr J iihrisry Hynson Loren lnada Y Going places "Ger our of Fallbrook" was rhe general re- sponse fromiuniors when oslsed whar rhey did for recrearlon. This comes as no surprise, since Fallbrools is a small fown, comprised mosrly of banlss, gas srarions, and real esrare offices. Ex- cepr for an occasional parry wiih friends, sru- denfs rravel elsewhere in search of fun. They go ro places from LA. ro Mexico. During rhe warm weather monrhs, fhe beaches are rhe mosr popular. An afrernoon of volleyball was usually on rhe agenda for Chris Tuclser. ul play volleyball as much as possible." said Chris, Anorher popular beach sporf is, of course, surfing. lr doesn'r even have ro be warm ro find surfers in fhe wafer. lf rhere's surf, rhen fhere's surfers. The maioriry of fhe responses were ro ger our of rown, usually LA. or San Diego, buf rhere were a few who enjoyed hanging around. Jusr playing a friendly game of baslserboll wifh rhe guys, or fhrowing a superbowl parfy for friends. Off-road motorcycle riding provides juniors with an exciting pastime. Juniors Ha-In 107 Piudoifo Jacooo Jiii Jacoous David James Kim Janiisowsisi Jennifer Jeffries Laurel Jensen Sreven Jensen Keirh Jesrer Eriis Johnson Lorerra Jones Jonarhon Jung Kim Joriaan Blaine Kanzeiman Danny Keegan Kathy Kenisron Todd Kerr Nancy Kidder Jeff King Eric Kirlsoride Brenr Kish Micheile Kiein Daniel Klemple Berry Koio Kevin Kosha John Lane Scorr Layron Sheri Lee Chris Leigh Hearher Levering Derrecis Lira Theresa Loera Francisco Lopez Mari Lopez Andrew Lowe Alfonso Lujan Trina Luna Armando Lupercio Mary Machado Adam Maciel Sanros Magaiianes Coil-een Magee Susan Magee 108 Jumors Ja-Ma 'I ix xl 'v 1 yd if i 'Q vw.. F if ' 1' ii Michoel Morrone Chris Morrin Liso lvlorrinerri ,lose Morrinez Lulse Morrinez - --f Normo Morrinez Mox Mofrox Willie Moy Kenny McAndrews Morcio McDoniels Porricls McGuire Jomes Mcl-lollond . ,ws- ,..,,, ,rw s. e. ie V f Q '4 , 'Jar S s Lori McKenzie Sherri McLoughlin Doug McQueen Melisso McQueen n f s ' ' ,f,g,,,,,,,s,k,l1,w f. t gr 'f 3 I , R892 A Q T ff 1 fr , .. -' ,-', Qi., ' 41. , , ' .,, ,V,,:5 . -, faq , 'f or if " igifiiff GS. f it A-i?'?:ff?ffz'f : r. , f v ein' , ff M 1 I ,. --T, ,M-rw g - , 7 ' E s SADD mood Hove srudenrs of Follbrools High been moping oround compus? No, srudenrs hove been going oround rolsing ocrions ro increose ovvoreness of rhe bod effecrs of drinlsing ond driving, These srudenrs ore members of on orgonizorion coiled SADD - Sfudenrs Agoinsr Driving Drunls, SADD goined inreresr or FHS when Poige Pioorlds life vvos rolsen in Spring 1984 by o drunls driver. "The purpose is nor ro rell lsids nor TO drinls, ir is ro lseep rhem from gerring info o cor offer- words," srored Krisren Oores. Krisfen olso srored rhor SADD's slogon, "Friends don'r ler friends drive drunl-x" sold o lor obour rhe generol feeling of oil of rhe members, since no one wonrs ro lose o friend rhrough coreless occidenrs. Otgecrives of SADD hove been fo srorr o rronsporrorion service bosed or rhe school so rhor people con coll ro ger rides home. Also, berrer communicorion bervveen sfudenrs ond porenrs hod been on imporronr otgecrive mer by rhe Conrrocr for Life, This soys rhor porenrs will picls rheir reens up if rhey ger inebriofed or ore riding wirh someone who is, buf if does nor condone drinlsing. Kristen Oates and John Ritter put up n poster announcing the next SADD meeting. Juniors Ma-Mc 109 Eric Mcyey Darryn Meade Michael Mellano John Merzaer Marla Meyer Lori Micls Noe Miranda Sracy Mirchell Tracy Mirchell Cynrhia Moers Srephanie Mohr Carhy Moline Michele Molnar Michael Money Anrhony Monraloano Dean Morris Srephanie Morrison Demearrice Moseley Jennifer Mullerr Kirls Mullins Janer Munson Baroara Murray Roger Myers Delia Navarro Carherine Naverra Gary Nerfendorf Lawrence Neher Marrhew Newland Edward Nielsen John Nunn lsrisren Oares Jarnes Ooer Luz Ocegueda Douglas Ohara Anna Olexa Eric Ord Tim Orozco Dean Osborn Shawn Pagerr Chrisrina Panlsey Rose Panroia jylilse Parker 110 Juniors Mc-Pa Z. any X,-,.- Grob o foshion clue! Hoir ond foshion were porh o mojor porr of orrending school. lr seemed rhor unusuol sryles srood our rhis yeor more rhon ever Thelunlors fools over os rhe rrend serrers wirh o smoll group rhor hungeour on 'irhe wollf' Their woy of dress- ing, with lsnoclsour neons ond oolder colors, shoclsed mosr people. Blocls wos onorher color worn commonly oy people doily. Blocls loce gloves wlrh rhinesrone occessories chonged pluejeons inro rhe rociesr ponrs oround. Sheer plocls sroclslngs ond pumps ropped off rhe ourfir. The oursronding rexrures borrowed from rhe world of mensweor were used in new ond invenrive woys. Overcoors were worn with oversized sweorers. Doors were olso o pig rhing for winrer dressing. When oslsed why she hod such o differenr ond our of rhe ordinory sryle of dress, Allyson Terry Commenred, 'My idol is Boy George ond l rry ro be differenr lilse he is." Hoir would nor only chonge sryle from o doy ro doy bosis our ir would olso Chonge color. The lengrh oprions were from os shorr os shoved ro os long oslusr opove rhe shoulder, A mohowls wos nor on uncommon sighr ro be seen on o girl wirh oronge hoir. Even girls who hod o normol sryle of hoir were ofren seen wirh ir purple or even pleoched plonde. Juniors Barbara Murray, Allyson Terry, Cam Coughran, and Audrey Burke gather at nutri- tion to discuss weekend dancing plans. I . Sulsi Porlser g a'l Jomes Porris if Kyle Perez 4 Srocy Perermon Trocy Pererson 3 in is ggel 2 's A f Psigoberro Perez Q?-'54 A x Coryn Phillips Worren Pierson Timorhy Pipes April Piper Plofoel Pizono John Plechner Juoniro Pope Poul Primicerio Juniors Pa-Pr 111 112 Juniors Pu-Ri Craig Puclserr Muhamad Rohan Raquel Ramirez, Louis Rasr Rebecca Redman Ted Reich Michael Reid Viclsi Reinsch Annerre Reisinger Anrhony Reynoso Srephen Rinlf Cecilia Rios Jeffrey Rirchie Trever Rirrenhouse The vampire strikes back "l gave blood because l wanred a T-shin," said Anne Gilmore. This was one ofjusr many reasons forjuniors donaring rheir blood Novem- ber QQ during rhe Blood BanIs's visir ro Fallbrools l-ligh. Ar firsr, some srudenrs felr unsure and a lirrle scared abour giving blood, bur afrer a pinr of rheir blood was drawn, no one expressed any feelings of regrer. Alex Vasquez donared blood because his older brorher had been in an accident and re- quired a blood rransfusion. Therefore, when given rhe opporruniry ro help orher people, Alex responded and said he felr "Grear." The Blood Banls operares on a volunreer ba- sis and is a nonprofir organizarion. Eighry-five people donared blood ar Fallbrools High and flfry-rhree pinrs were acrually used because of colds and lacls of vaccinarions. The Blood Banls felr ir had a successful drive and had hopes of a good rurn our of volunreers in rhe furure. Alex Vasquez takes some time off to donate a pint of blood. I s QS . ac, .i X as L G 34 John Rirrer Srephonie Rooch Trocey Rooerrson Goorielo Rocho Pool Roseen Thomos Ruron Miise Soge John Sogers Roui Solinos Moria Soirz Ginno Sonchez Soro Sonchez Srephen Sonford Solim Sooor Jimmy Scolf John Scorr Korhy Scrope Wendy Senwrier Rooerr Sheo Eiizoperh Shimoisopo Lori Shirley Dorren Showers Roche! Showers Pool Simmonds 'Cheryl Lyn Simmons Eryn Simpson Liso Sisiffingron Psoberr Sneison Debbie Snyder Ceciiio Soro Anrhony Spence Corlo Spicer Steven Spiiiord Tim Srerger Biily Sreyens Sondro Sreyens Ste-Worr Gino Srocisron Chrisrine Schumocher Jenni Srromsoe Michoei Sruii Cindy Suiliyon .Juniors Ri-Su 113 Curris Solliyon Isoiny Summers Somno Soon Syoren Syorondy Jody Toylor Trisron Toylor Allyson Terry Trocey Teyeoougn Amy Tnomos Dione Tobin Piooerr Tognoli Psooerr Toomire Cnrisropner Treyino Cydney Tripp Jim Troilo Tiffony Trorrer Cnris Tuclser lsoren Turley Joseph Turner Lupiio Ureno Irineo Uriosrigue lsoryn Urner Psicnoro Voneyery Tonyo Von Goroer Vincenr Vonnoren Scorr Vonyo Leonoro Vorgos Alex Vosouez Georgio Veole Lucio Velosco Poige Venrris Doyid Vidoco Juon Villopondo Piegino VillosenorT Tony Viscosi Doyio Wolfe Doyid Wolleer Melisso Wollser Deooie Worforo Jomison Worner Juli Worers Jill Weber 114 .Juniors Su-We QMY 'N E. , A g X K .. N xg Ns. M ,ff R. fix Jim Welourn John Welourn Amy Wheeler Porri Wludorczyls Chorles Wolford Kelly Wood Jeff Worls Jimmy Yoon Tonyo Zovesroslwi Chrisropher Zeigler Porricls Zimmerle Kelly Zudis Heidi Zuno Juniors unite The spirired closs of '86 gor rogerher ond formed o nevv, elire club only for rhe members of rhe Junior closs. Amy Thomos wos responsible for rhe ideo ond creorion of "Jusr Juniors." "I rhoughr if would oe o good ideo ro ger oll Juniors involved ond unired," exploined Amy. Hoving o club for Juniors vvos on originol ideo rhor gove Juniors something speciol ro be o porr of. The club ooosred Closs porriciporion during floor consrrucrion ond club members olso creored some new, impressive pep rolly ideos. Jusr Juniors were olso involved in rrosh picle-up, prom orgonizorion, ond fund roisers for rhe Junior closs. Presidenr Jeff llirchie felr, " 'Jusr Juniors' is differenr oecouse vve're vvorlsing rogerher os o closs. Our gool is ro ger rhe Junior closs spirired ond, hopefully, rhor spirir will leod us on rovvord coprurf ing closs of fhe yeor honors." Organizers of "Just Juniors" are Jeff Ritchie, Amy Thomas, Gina Stockton, Eric Heald, and Cindi Sullivan. Juniors We-Zu 115 Jeffrey Aofedr Korlen Agullor Bruce Allee Aniro Alvorez George Amoroso lsurr Arnsler l3rer Anderson Cnrlsrooner Anderson Rodger Anderson Snerrl Andrews Mlclnoel Apodoco Trocle Arboneoux Morco Arlos Pslno Arnold Ploberr 'Arnold Evo Arreolo Sonnonrno Arrlngron Morrho Ascenclo Julio Axe Clifrord Afiyres Mlclnelle Bollou Mono Borojos Korlnleen Boroo Tlnworny Boroer Gregory Borlser 1?5QQ3EgQrl5sdole Jornes Bornebee l-lorold Bornes Psocrwel Bornerr Scorr Borrlcls fidswigsarlnlenfos Jornes Borron Porricrlo Borey Bguerp. Juli Beosroll Morcio Becls 116 Sophomores Aa-Be if r in M Ali' ' lg V ' hu ,.f-an QF fab I ,f,,f Dawn Beeson Swmnieiifwins Gary 'Berglund David Bernier i Margoriro Berancourr if f- i .5 A if W , if :isa-' 'G' if aff S Q I x 3: Chrisropher Blalfe Marr Blea Sheila Bly Todd Bobo Bryan Bollinger Lori Boswell Psicls Boucher Lisa Bougher -fl. Lisa Bowman Lora Bowman 'ilk-"'33'fs. .e X fr f f ' I ,,.,,f'- Soaring with spirit The main goal for rhe sophomore class officers was ro ger orher srudenrs involved in various class acriviries, such as rhe class comperirions, dresseup days during Homecoming weels, and helping wirh rhe consrrucrion of rhe floor. i'5oaring ro Vicrory," rhe rheme for homecome ing rhis year, was well used oy rhe class. Their floor was a gianr replica ofa hor air balloon rhar was oy far rhe mosr colorful on homecoming nighr. Alf fhough rhey did nor finish in firsr place, rhe sopho- mores led rhe floors in creariviry because rhey used new invenrive merhods and ideas. Leading rhe sophomore class are: Amy Burron, President, Emma Lawson, Vice-presidenr, Joanna Karz, Secrerary, and Berh Warner, Treasurer. Showing their Warrior pride are the sophomore class officers, Emma Lawson, Amy Burton, Beth Warner and Joanna Katz. Sophomores Be-Bo 117 Eric Bradford Michael Broendel Randy Branr Perer Bribiesca Aaron Brill Angelique Brown Lisa Brown Dem Brush Chip Brusr Lori Buclsley Marl-z Bunron Berh Buonarairi Gabe Burris Amy Burron Carhy Burler Chris Burler Bennae Colac Bryan Calderwood Courtney Caldwell Baldomero Calvillo Adriana Campos Vanessa Canchola Melinda Carroll Tammy Correr Yverre Casrenado James Casrillo Jesus Casrillo Rosa Casrillo Daniel Casrro Diana Casrro Angie Causey Liz Causey Jamie Ceryanres Norma Ceryanres Erin Chapman Lina Chayes Leanne Cheon Sodayurh Chhim Jenny Chilcore Suzy Chirwood Cheryl Chrisrensen Paul Chrisriansen 118 Sophomores Br-Ch Libby Clorls Cheryl Cloy Todd Clegg Srocie Clemenrs Korhy Coores 1 Russel Cochron X. N. Vicror Codiron , .gbi ' 4 T Mori Corcoron Volerie Core Somonrho Corp The elite compete The Sorlsis Sponjion oword nominees were on- nounced or rhe end of rheir freshmon yeor. "We were oil surprised when our nomes were on- nouncedf' sold Joson Morrin. Ty Borlssdole Clfoof- boll, Bosebollbg John Holi Clfoorboll, Troclsbg Joson Morrin CCross Counrry, Boslserboll, Troclsbg Morls Mi- cheolion Clioorboll, Boslsefboll, Troclsl, Joson Rosle CSoccerD, were rhe five eligible for rhe scholorship. John l-loll, offer nor rerurning ro Follbrools, lefr only four ro compere. Ar rhe end of rheir Senior yeor, one of rhe four will be choosen for o 51,500 scholorshio. They ore eyoluored on indiyiduol orhleric ochievemenrs, ocodemics, cirizenship, ond enrhusiosm. This oword wos esroblished in rhe memory of Sorlsis Sponjion, o freshmon wresrler, ond ASB por- riciponr, who wos leilled in o cor occidenr in 1976 during his freshmon yeor. 1Leftl Mark Michaelian takes a shot while Jason Martin tries to block it during a game of one-on- one. fUpper Rightl Ty Barksdale practices his swing with the pitching machine. QLower Leftl Working on his ball control, Jason Rusk dribbles the soccer ball down the field. Sophomores Cl-Co 119 Olivia Correa Elizabe-in Canes Fernanda Correa Joseforrez Mariida Carrez Urbana Cortez Krisrina Casra Carl Cauirress Jr, Danna Crassan Jadirn Cruz Gavin Carris Tammy Danlneirner Eye Daisoyicn Denise Davis Krisrie Davidson Jason Dawes Darene Deleaarza Viziwaria Delororee Rasa Diaz Darena Dick Jaiia Dieni Presran Diiion Greg Dabbins Lisa Danabelia Kinfiberly Danarr Melissa Donneiiy Kelly Daagnerry Piaberr Draper Jennifer Druslsoff Doug Dumanr Diii Dancisei Dennis Dariing Dfmmiw Ryan Edwards Carey Eib Evan Eiiings 120 Sophomores Co-El Lunchtime!! When freshmen firsr orrived or school rhev vvere impressed vvirh rhe cofererio food, rnoinly oecouse of rhe choices, ond foirly good rosie. The oig guesrion or lunch used ro oe does ir rosie good? Novv sorne srudenrs go furrher ro osls is ir nurririous? Mrs. Millie Moggord, rhe ROP. reocher in rhe cofererio, sold "rhe food is ooour rhe some os fosr food oloces. They use 1002 beef ond so do we." She olso comrnenrf ed on hovv oll the food is mode from scrorch ond is ooleed fresh doily. Alrhough rhe foor rosres good, ir's looded wirh colories" For rhose vvho needed ro vvorch rheir vveighr rhere vvos o solod oor ond rhe A lo Corre srond hod mony Iovv colorie rhings ro eor, such os nur cups, yogurr ond fruir. The cofererio served 1100 srudenrs o doy, nor including foculry. Over 400 coolsies ore mode eoch dov, ond ooour 300 pounds of french fries ore goooled uo lr's ornozing rhor rhis school doesn'r need o vveighr-loss cenrer for rhe oeo' ole vvho olndosr live in rhe cofererio. Baldomero Calvillo eats lunch with senior friend. Cindy Ernory John Enoclsson Doniel Ericlsson Shelly Ervin lrrno Escomillo Elidio Escooedo Piornono Escooedo Morio Esrrodo Foornorolo Eruole Ti Eruole Q-EVQUQFT Pieoecco Forrell lsorie Fedorchols John Ferguson Michelle Fevls , nieqgqfsrsweif 43 Sophomores Em-Fi 121 Rhonda Fleming Jay Flynn TJ. Flynn Daryl Fox Rich Fox ,Cynthia Franco Julie: "Franco William Freeman Trish Fresauez Sam Galoin Lericia Garcia Rooerro Garcia David Garland Trisha Garriguesz Corey Geiger John Gendusa Terri George Mireya Gehring Ace Gholson Iselda Gomez Ismael Gomez Rafael Gonzales Chrisrophe Goodman Angelica Graves Roloerr Green Srephen Green Squire Greenlee Marisol Guadarrama Joaquin Guerrero Belizario Guillen Michelle Gurierrez Hearher Hadley -Brenda Hageman Scorr Hainline Marrhew Hale Michael Hall Earl Hamilron Marc Hansen Fawn Hunr, Troy Hamilron Tammy "A' Heirrimgronu Todd Harrison 122 Sophomores Fl-Ha get i s 1 f f f 1- -. 1 Q S 1 my I ., , ,, , if , A start on the future Fallbrools Hlgh srudenrs had rhe opporrunlry ro enroll In rwo dlfferenr Regional Occuparlonal program CROPJ classes. One, raughr by Mrs. Kay Micls, was dara enrry, where srudenrs had a chance ro learn how ro use rhe schools new IBM cornpurer sysrem. "I feel ROP. Is preparing me for rhe world of cornpurers. I now feel I can compete for jobs using rhese slslllsf' srared Sophomore Pauli Morarnarco. The orher area Includes classes raughr by Mrs. Millie Maggard and Mr. Ken Mumford. These classes reach rhe srudenr resrauranr man- agemenr and prepararlon of fasr food, All rhe classes help rhe srudenrs ger a head srarr on furure careers. QTopJ Nathan Lee tries his hand at word pro- cessing. fBottomJ Hard at work in Data Entry, Michelle Whedon types her assignment. 1, si fl -il sw Adrian Hawrhorne Erllsa Hayden Shawn Hendriclsson Holly Herd Ronald Herrns Angela Hiclss Donhav Hill " Lorrie Hofsrad : Carisa Holland Tori Holloway Troy'll-Iopron Rebecca Horsrmanl Sophomores Ha-Ho 123 Karen Horrel Sam Housron James Howard Michelle Howard Torri Hreha Casey Hudson James Huecl-xel Krisren Hulsari Daniel Hunrer Jennifer Hunrer Kimberly Herring Kelly Holladay Julie lmig Jennifer Jann Miguel Jimenegg Rosario Jiminez David Johnson Peper Johnson '15""'7 f ' J ,J " ' ' J JV we ' rrq f , '1,'l-rm?-f-w"' "M if f ' "f" ',,, ' : , "-' M.sr-A.,g.fWr , ,,'- J'-, A if I kryk 22 , f 'lg f-f -frfi 4 ,r .,MW.vf ,LH lr's ood enough vvorrying aoour grades, par- enrs, appearance, and daring, our ro rhinls aoour rhe dread of passing rhe driving resr and gerring a car is enough ro give any sophomore a headache. "liusr hope I pass rhe resrf' com' menred Melissa lkirrer. This is a common re- sponse of many sophomores oecause of rhe high rare ol' failure. Mosr sophomores envy orhers vvirh cars, oe- cause rhey have rhor chance ro escape from rhe campus for lunch. Orhers despise rhe daily ous ride ro and from school. When asl-:ed why she vvonred her license, Tricia Shores replied, H50 l canjusr leave and go anyvvhere. Really, so l don'r have ro oe raxied around." Fallorools has a vvell rounded driving proe gram which helps ro prepare rhe srudenrs for rhe acrual driving resr, lr includes everyrhing from vvrirren educarion ro acrual behind rhe vvheel Training, After a rainy day at school, Ty Barksdale and Stephanie Palmer prepare to take off for a fast and wet ride home. 124 Sophomores Ho-Jo M4 ' ,4 gf 4' if , V-,wif " " 47, fr! Zhi :' ' vw 1450 ' f , f ,M E J' if 24 -+ 1 K -2 if , px X S 5 Q mo. 2741 will -4-ry Tw ,xi CSP Siwmiiliohnson Trisno Jonnson Jomi Jonnsion Jennifer Joiiy gyiorcio Kcxminslsi Iiim Kosenburg Wiiiiom Kenningron Borooro King Krisry I4Iien Toro Kiovonicls liaise Knox Hoiiy Koio Dowd Kofnf Megon Krenzer Heoiner Kroupo Tino Lonwosrus Cnrisrooner Londes Ronice Longe Mono Loro Melisso Losn Rondoli Louie Ernrno Lowson Nornon Lee Cynrnio Lemieux Cnories Lenrz Doug Lesrneisrer Tneori Linron Jomes Liro Adorn Liiion Tornoro Lirrrnon fLouro Loero Doniei Long Ron Longrin Arnwondo Lopez Ediin Lopez Sophomores Jo Lo 125 lsidro Lopez Moriso Lopez Srocey Love Luis Loyo Jennifer Luclssinger Brerr Lucore Qleio Lugo 'ii Solinos Lupe Shone MocDonoId ' crisggmgggggg-grade Music makes thi ik I T635 80 S 'r This veor rhere vvos o vorierv of soubnds one could lisren ro. A fomilior sound rhor vgostlofren heord or lunch rime vvos soul music. Aggroup of srudenrs, which included Anrhony McCIinron ond friend Gory Nelson, could usuolly oe found doncing ond enjoying rheir music neor rhe froni of rhe gym. When oslsed vvhy rhey choose This music over orhers, Anrhony ond Gory replied, "lr is on energizing oeor rhor's eosy ro donce ro." In o survey rolsen by sophomores rhe popu- lor soul groups vvere Run-DMC, For Boys ond ZAPP. The iovorire rodio srorion vvos 92.5 FM oecouse ir ploys mosrly soul music. Anorher populor sound is rhor of rhe new rocls, which con'r reolly oe coregorized oecouse of oll rhe voriorions. There's reggoe, punls, nevv romonric ond slso. When oslsed oooui rhe music she lisrens ro, sophomore, Dono Mills replied, "lr's o nevv vvove funlsy oeorf' The new sounds of such groups os Generol Puolic, Modonno, ond rhe olvvoys populor Po- lice, hove oroughr nevv meoning ro rhe music vvorld. These sounds could be lisrened ro on rhe ever populor 91X, which ploys o good voriery for rodoy's lisreners, Anthony McClinton spends his break from class dancing to his favorite tunes. 126 Sophomores Lo-Ma 1 br 5 A - U if e , '3' ,,..ff Micnoer Modems Porricio Mogdoleno Eric Moile Pecigro -Moldonodow Dovro Monley ignooo Morrin Joson Morrrn Morino Morrinez Silvio Morrinez Tommy Morrinez Drono Moslo Donovon Mornios Dorren Morobo Morrnew McColl Mornew McCorIey Erin McCurcneon Crorg McDono1oS Iiluro Mtbonold Kevin McDowell .Ionn Mclver Gregg McI4oy Lono fMcKnignf' Donre! McLeMon Joy Meenon eI!o no'ff Lqiggylendez Drew Messmonn Lynn Merzger Mork Mrcnoekron TG?1fjQQQZ3'MiClKOOiQ Dlolr Mlerlse Corrie Miller Sreven Miller Thomas Mirrer Tres Miller Jeffrey Milron Anne MirCneH Nornon Mrrcnelr Ferlpe Monres Sophomores Ma Mo 127 Pauli Moramarco Tony Moramarco l-lenry Morelos l35l.oren 'Moroneslsl Ron Morrensen Lars Moyer Marion Moyer Kelly Mundell Irma Munoz Cnrisrine Munyon Pioy Murillo Lisa Murray Micnael Myers Micnael Neelands James Neill ,Radels Nemecels ,Donja Neumann Paige Norr Scorr Olrnoff Jose Oliyas Angelica Orozco Eye Orr Ryan Osrgaara Sandra Overbay Erin Pocls Sreonanie Palmer Micnael Parlser oebiilgsafwerfy Cnrisrooner Parson Milse Penaleron Tony Penn TyronePfPenr3Yf3 Sreonanie Perez Veronica Perez William Pinnix James Poliandro William Pollard Cnarron Posrl Piooerr Powell Chrisrino Price 128 Sophomores Mo-Pr 'SS -'CP ax W L .4 all 4, E esgmy gA,,L .. 1 Quinones Larry Quisenberry Jafar Rahman Kirsren Rayl Xavier Russell Aaron Rircheson sfo' v-""" R J fiiRaahauge Scorr Roberrs Anna Ramirez Raymond Rodriguez Joann Romascan Jason Rusls What are simulators? When we rolls abour simularors no one is really roo sure vvhar rhey are. Acrualiy, rhey are like a big screened video game Thor is very challenging, Everyone vvanrs ro play rhe game vvhile learning driving slsills or rhe some rime. Simularors are iusr one of rhe rhings ro go rhrough ro ger your license, bur ir is rhe mosr fun! "I was having a good rime bur, or rhe some rime l was learning rechniaues on driving" exf ploined Srephanie Perez. Driving simulators involved sirring in a lirrle car sear vvirh all rhe fronr panels of a real car. Srue de-nrs vvarched a big screen reievision vvirh a movie of a moving road and acted as if rhey were driving, The simularors raughr hovv ro use all rhe insrrumenrs in a car and hovv ro drive in rraffic siruorions vvirhour being on rhe road. Afrer going rhrough a session, a machine in rhe bacls adds up all rhe misralses made by each person. The simularors were raughr by Mr. Dun- bar. He arranged sessions with groups of abour fifreen people, Afrer complering a rvvo hour session, rhey were ready ro go on ro behind rhe vvheel rraining. Sophomores Jennifer Jann, Stephanie Perez, Hydee Schiller, and Tricia Shores concentrat- ed on finishing their session of simulators. Sophomores Qu-Ru 129 Jafar Rahman .luanira Ramirez Parricia Ramirez Michelle Reid l4evin Rice March Rico David Riden Marla Ringleamo Scorr Rinls Barbara Rios Melissa Rirrer Dennis Robinson Frances Rodriguez Raymond Rodriguez Rooerr Rodriguez Augusrin Rosas Cheryl Rudd Cynrhia Rulssenas Curris Russell Sherri Sanchez Launa Sandschulre Rosa Sanrana Leihue Sanriago l-lydee Schiller Jonelle Schmid Anira Schoenfliess Joserre Scorr Wendy Sellrh Peme Serraro Rooerr Sherman Nancy Shimoleubo Craig Shooe Tricia Shores Shari Siegfried Belem Silva Lericia Silva Soohal Sim Lee Simmerson Tisha Simonowich Jeff Singer Elizaoerh Singleron Julie Sisel 130 Sophomores Ra-Si 'Wie rm! H il ,L, L V, X ' l "1 X f' 2 sc Counselors who core Whor do you do if you're preghohr? Whor if you hove ohorexio? To whom do you rurh if your porehrs ore gerrihg divorced? Mohy sru- dehrs hoye ofreh rolseh drosrrc ocrlohs wheh ih ohe of rhese siruorlohs. Thor ls why o peer couh- sehhg progrorh yyos srorred or Follbrools High, Ir pegoh durrhg rhe srudehrs Sophomore yeor, Srudehrs ehrolled rs Mr. Tom Fogorrys peer couhselrhg doss where rhey Ieorhed com- muhrcorroh, peer leodershrp, couhselihg, ded- sroh rho!-zrhg ohd srudred suhsrohces whrch ore widely opused. They olso vyehr oh rerreors where rhere were speolsers oh ohorexro ohd surode ohd serhlhors oh srress VTWOOOQGVWSOV, self-rhoge, ohd porehr ohd peer corhrhuhlco- rroh, The Course, which losred o SGVYTQSVGV, rools rhe ploce of Sodol Srudies 10, Ar rhe ehd of rhe course, srudehrs orrehded o weelsehd of SGVTW hors ohd were 'lGroduored" from rhe course. Frorh rhere rhey VTTOUG rhe dedsioh wherher ro pecorhe cerrifred or hor. JuhrorDehh1s Ahdersoh become cerrifred oecouse he feir "compelled ro help orher people." Accordihg ro Sophomore Eye Dolsoyrrch, o peer couhselor rs NSOVWGGOG who shows you your olrerhorryes ohd Iers you FTWOISG rhe righr dedsioh for you, hor whor ls rlghr for me or for rhe odyrser. A peer COUVWSGNOV ls o Msreher hor o dedsioh rholser We rry ro ger your rrue feelrhgs our opour your siruorioh so you coh choose rhe rrghr olrerhoriye occordrhg ro your feelrhgsf' Listening to Mr. Fogarty during peer counsel- ing class are sophomores Jeff Milton and Preston Dillon Dohold Sissoh Jocouelihe Smlrh Josoh Srhirh I4orHh Srhirh Kerri Smirh Roche! Smirhr Seoh Srhirh iheroh Shohhoh Shiffeh Roperr Spierh Leif Srelhhough Krlsro Srehluhd 1 gn- I N ff ' Sophomores Si-St 131 Rooerr Sreoanow Sreye Sreonen ffamae Srewarr Amy Srinron Piicnard Sroclennan Tony Srreoin Carrie Suraci Tara Surliff Micnael Sweer Marie Talarnanres Sracy Taylor Jenny Tericn Pauline Tierney Gina Tognoli Cynrnia Torres Noon Traner I Lee Traur Clirisroplwe Trujillo lzaurie Trujillo Dennis Ueoerserzig Ansel Vanzandr Brenr Vanzuyen Dayid Varela Rafael Villalooos llaul Villalooos Manuel Villarreal Paul Vincenr Tirnorliy Vlasele Janine Voornis Wally Waoaunsee Sandy Wakefield Bern Warner Slwannon Warner Jeffery Warers Jason Warers Judirn Weoer 132 Sophomores St-We it uk, Gff To The Slopes Even before rhe firsr snovv fell, sophomores hod rheir slsis our ond reody ro go When rhe firsr snovv did iinolly Corne, rhe roce ro rhe slopes vvos on The osdol fovorire modnroins vvere Big Beor ond Monwmorh. Monwrnorh did hove oerrer snovv ond more chollenging runs, our if rhe eighr hour drive didn'r soond oppeoling, ion could oe found locollv or Big Beor Slsiing vvos srill one of rhe rnosr expensive sporrs of oll, A one doy lifr riclser vvos dsdolly ooodr 520, When sroving for rnore rhon one doy vvos when rhe cosr rose. A vveelsend could hove cosr up ro 5400, Bur rhe fdn rhor vvos hod vvos well vvorrh rhe Cosrl fTop leftl Hot off the slopes, Scotty Barrick, Bill Dunckel, Thomas J. Flynn, Doug McQueen, and Craig Puckett, bare it all in a striking pose. lleftj Scotty Barrick tears it up in Brianhead, Utah. , ig , f:,. 'J' - Julie Woods J 6 Jose Zornddio Lericio Zoporo Vzx, Qi Pxoherr Zenzel Keri Zudis A "r' lil "l. 1 Sreven Zunwvvolr . , J, W' Q Milse Weiner Ngorol-zoruo Werrs Michelle Whedon Rondoll Whirr. Aimee Williorhs Jocls Willoughby Douglos Wirlsop Sophomores We-Zu 133 Todd Adonwson Timorny Adrion fEric Advinculo Bobby Agdoyo Lindo Alorcon Jonn Alexonder Elizobern Alforo Fredricls Allen Sondro Allen .flgoil Almonzo Guodolupe Alyorez Morio Anosis Jill Anderson Dionne Anrnony Pnilib Anrnony Elizobern Aroizo Elso Arce Wolrer Ausmon Jeffrey Bocon Snovvn Boiley Belindo Bollin Lorber Bollou Joonn Bonegos Anno Bonuelos Jennie Bornes Kelly Borry Trisno Borlow Norrnon Borlow Kerri Bornes Kelli Bosore Troci Borin Kimberly Beosroll l-leorner Bedollo Denice Beeson l-lurcn Bergnolz Lol-xe Bergnwonn Boberr Bergsrrorn Jennifer Bernier Doniel Beroncoorr Lourdes Beroncourr Jonnes Berrin Joe Bishop 134 Freshman A-Bi ' Q Q1 i io 1 QQ. A1 Q K A ,,:.. . . ,X Mg? F A Q R if ' 1 - 113 ' ,xr fl Ns.. ,.,, 'BEE ,, A H Gr i .335 5 AA' 1,-'i Q wit Jeneen Bidcls Dfidgerr Bobcir Miguei Bcyorguez Qmwwme Home Anrhony Bonron ,, -4 ar, in FW rf' asus -Si-ifzj Q 3 es +5 X Kerri Brodford Ronoid Brodford Chris Brodley Addm Brenr Kevin Bresnohon Erriiiriiirown Q Freshmen prevcril Freshmen showed rheir srrengrh by Ierring rhe upperclossmen Isnow rhey vveren'f your overoge freshmen cidss. 'xl rhinls our doss hos ci lor of porenriol ond if we sricls rogerher vve'iI oe rhe best freshmen closs ever," soid Treosurer Lilo i-lollocls, "Soar ro Vicrory" vvos rhe homecoming fheme ond vicfory vvos vvhdr rhe freshmen dchieved os rheir floor roois firsf ploce in fhe floor comperirion. HI rhinis our floor wos rhe oesr freshmen floor ever mode ond I hope vve cdn dlso win firsr pldce nexr yeor," soid Vice-Presi denr Kim Beosroii. The floor vvirh coiorful poneis ond d very creorive ided dsrounded fhe orher cidsses, com- ing from rhe inexperienced freshmen. x'The oufsronding freshmen cioss floor vvos jusr one exomple of rhe freshmen closs officers obiliry ro ger more srudenrs invoived on fheir floor rhdn ony group of frosh officers in recenr yedrsf' soid Acfiviries Direcfor Bob Burron. The freshmen cioss officers were Presidenf Marr Murphy, Viceepresidenr Kim Beosrdii, Treo' surer Liid Hdiiocis, ond Secrerory Jennifer Buffs. Freshmen officers: Vice-president, Kim Beas- tallg secretary, Jennifer Buttsg treasurer, Lila Hallockg president, Matt Murphy. Freshmen Be-Br 135 Future dreoms Freshmonl Mony differenr rhoughrs ore oroughr ro mind when rhe word l'Freshmon" is heord. Upper clossmen rended ro rhinls of rhem os smoll, inmorure, ond unimporronr people. Bur rhese Freshmon were soon rhe upper closs rhemselyes. Do Freshmen hove rhings rhey loolx forword ro in high school? Did rhey hoye ser ideos for whor they rhoughr rheir yeor would be lilse? Julie Longe expecred ro meer differenr peoe ple ond new ond exciring boys. "l om loolsing forword ro groduoring ond gerring our of school," soys Dee Ann Pseo. Jim Myers is loolsing forword ro being o sen- ior. 'Being o senior is ro be powerful ond ro be respecred by orhersf' Freshmon do hove dreoms of whor they would lilse ro occomplish or whor would be speciol ro rhem in high school. Remember rhe Freshmen closs is the furure senior closs. Their ideols now will chonge greorly perween now ond rhen. They will grow up os oll Freshmen closses hove. David Jefferies bounds up the stairs to get to his next class. Dole Brush Amy Buell Alisho Burcherr Jeffrey Burgos Morrhew Burlse Anrhony Busromonre Qessico Burler fgennifer Buffs :Fric Cooulogon Fred Cody gllorls Coloc Yolondo Colderon 136 Freshman Br-Ca ii' 'is Q gc? is 41 1' M01 Anrhany Carson Sonia Casrilla Abel Cervanres Howard Charman Denise Chrisrensen Aaalen Chrisrapher NGOmi Clausergg Lance Clernenrs Richard Claanan Kirsren Claugh Timarhy Cacca Trisha Cale Russell Callingwaad Edward Callins Psaberr Collins Cary Conrad Luann Canlslin Laura Canrinelli Marla Copeland Chrisrapher Cardia Alyssa Carnc Naerni Carana llene Carrez lsabel Carrez Socorro Carrez Chrisrapher Craddacle Charles Craignwiles Jegigae Cranes. Krisrin Crane Pieaeccah Creech Roger Crane Fidel Cruz Maria Cruz Eric Cuellar Shawn Curris Chrisraaher Dalran Meghan Dailey Alicia Danfarrh i-learher Davenparr Eric Davison Warren Davidson Leslie Davies Freshman Ca Da 137 Jason Davis Sheryl Davis Daniel Decherr Cynrhia Delaraso Melissa Delossanros Janarhan Dennis Charles Deprelser 5iDebra Devoid Siler Diaz Kevin Dicls Cheryl Dixon Isabel Damingues Jeffrey Domzalslsi Jeffrey Dorsren Jason Draper Robin Duarfe Sheryle Duffy Andre Dulses Huyen Duong Janelle Durron Parricia Echeverria Laura Edwards Rachelle Edwards Todd Elleroy Marcie Emory Shannon Essinger Jesus Esrrada Mary Faoian Raymond Faiado David Jeffries Simon Fernandez Jusrin Fine Jonarhan Fishman Shannon Fitzgerald Fabian Flores Marco Flores Shannon Flynn Kim Forde Sreven Fox Maricris Fraser Gregory Frinell Danny Frye 138 Freshmen Da-Fr .N Gregg Fuess John Golich Auroro Gorcio Socorro Gorcio Chorles Geory Kelly Geroghry Srephen Gill Doniel Gilmore ,iynnerre Gloclse Andrew Gluesenlsomp Rivos Gomez Celesre Gonzoles Evo Gonzolez Giloerr Gonzoles Doncing doze A new closs wos odded ond os rime wenr on ir grew in populorlry. i'There seemed ro oe o lor of inreresr in o donce closs," com- menred PE. reocher Korhy Yoncey. The donce closs oimed ro help everyone in oll levels of donce ond in oll rypes of donce such os jozz ond modern, "l rhoughr ir would be inreresring ro see whor leind of donce we would leorn," sold Jennifer Riese, freshmon. The donce closs wos offered os on opporruniry ro fulfill rhe fine orrs reguiremenr or for PE. credir. Furure olons for rhe donce closs is ro hove o pere forming donce group. CLeftJ Tracy McCusker and Kristina Hand work on a dance move while Jennifer Riese watches on. IAboveJ Concentrating on the dance rou- tine freshmen Kelly Gonzales and Stacy Mudd listen to the beat. Freshmen Fu-Go 139 Jorge Gonzalez Psooerfo Gonzalez Susan Gonzalez Julie Gralnels Suzanne Granada La Psonn Griffin i Romeo Guanzon Scarr Gugino Grefcnen Gyying Karl Hagen Cnarlarre Haefner Sunny Hale 'Ann Hall Nara Hallaclx Broolse Hamilran Heidi Hampron Jeffrey Hancacls Krisfina Hand Thad Hanify Kirsfen Hagung Charles Harris Heather Harfford Shelley Harley Naralie Haycacle Geoffrey Hazlenursf Ginger Hedeen Lee Hendrix Alfredo Hernandez Alyssa Hernandez Scarf Herricls Alfredo Hernandez Kelly Herring Laura Hesser Kelly Higgins Parricls Hiclsey Bern Holdcrafr Cnrisry Holladay Travis Holland Holly Hollins lseoua Halsrein William Howard Joe Hudman 140 Freshmen Go-Hu il Q! 'lf if Q M sri - 1 fit? Rosa Huerras Amy Huey Rooerra Hulir William Hursr Denise Hurr Cnrisrine lnde Rex Jaclfson Dan Janilsowslsi Kyle Jesrer Marrnew Jimenez Psira Jimenez Doye Jonnson Bock in block Once again ine signrs and sounds of nard rocls were greorly eyidenr across ine campus. Al rnougn if sounded rl'we same as ir did in me lore sixries, il was called "Heavy Meralf' Along wifn rne new name came ine new lool-1. Heavy meralers proudly wore olacls snirrs wirn rne Io- gos of rneir fayorire bands Long noir and spilsed wrisf bands were also popular. New album releases during ine lasr few years nelped oring oacls nord rocls. lXarr's Our of rhe Cellar and Morley Crue's Snour or rne Devil were rwo of rne mosr influenfiol. Wnen aslsed wny ne lisrened ro Heavy meral, Psiclsy Morgan replied, "lf's ine only music around rnese days wirn any energy in ir." ln a poll rolsen among Heavy meralers, flair was by far rne mosr popular. Morley Crue and Judas Priesf followed in populariry. By rne lools of rnings, neayy meral will be around for a long rime, Wirn irs powerful sound, followers will oe defending rne fairn for years ro come, Heavy metaler Ricky Morgan shows his sup- port for Van Halen, his favorite group. Freshmen Hu-Jo 141 Lynn Jorgensen Wendy Kobel Melindo Keyes Chod Kiooy Dono Klenwole Joshuo Kline Kevin Korulo Volerie Krurnnfi Mory Anne Kuchinslfy John Lol4e Suson Lone Julio Longe Gindy Loyoro Jeffrey Lowrence 'Jennifer Loyron Edwin Lozdons Lee Leclerc Greg Lehrnon Reoecco Leisr Louro Leniz Jonorhon Liddle Michelle Lincoln Doniel Lind Sreven Lindsoy Sheloy Linn Tdrini Linville Pere Lofrus Tiio Loigu Louro Long Julionne Longrin Edword Lopez Juon Lopez Shonnon Louclss Alice Lowe Jonnes Lowry Arrnondino Luno Milse Lono Gregory Lyoos Shone Nlockenzie Korrino lvlodsen Porricio Mohon Michelle Mohoney 142 Freshmen Jo-Ma Young Life exponds 'XII vvos o greor rrip. Everyone nod o good fime ond rne sisiing vvos perfecrf' soid Fresnmen Andy Woilser, referring fo Young Life's onnuol sisi rrip ro Brionneod, Uron Eignry isids vvenf oiong for four doys of sisiing. During ine yeor, Young Life members oiso vvenr on soiiing rrips ond TO vorious summer comps, Young Life, o Cnrisrion orienred Club for reens, nod vveelely gerrogerners or o differenr club members nouse eocn vveeis. Ar fne meer- ings, everyone porricipored in sucn ocfivifies os singing, pioying gomes, ond Iisfening ro speois- ers, Young Life vvos direcred oy Dono ond Penni Johnson, Angie Guerrero, ond Kevin Mudd. Dono expressed, UI om excired obour ine fre- mendous grovvrn ond populorify of Young Life. We've gor o rerrific ouncn of isids neref' Listening intently to the evening's guest speaker, the Young Life club anxiously awaits the slides taken during the ski trip. Kevin Monr Gregory Monn Tereso Morquez Mcirrones Croig Morrin QDoniei Morrin Fermin Morrin Everre Morrinerri Jomes Morrone MogyfMorrnicqs Porricio Moson Dino Mofsumofo Cossie Mofrox Tommy Moy Freshmen Ma-Ma 143 Arny McCarnrnon Shawnee McClernore Kim McCiendon Roberr McConisey Tracy McCUsiser Carrie McDanieis Krisral McDovveiI Judirh McGuire Chris Mclnerny Drian Mclseighan -f-Jonarhan Mclsinniss Melissa McNurr Salvador Mendez Gregory Mergiie Vanessa Merzaer Luciile Meza Karhrine Miller Sherri Miiier Debbie Minrer Cain Miranda .Trina Mojado Sreven Mona Reyna Mora Irena Moreios Isirn Morones Ricardo Morgan Qigorerra Morris Thornas Morrovv Sracy Mudd Vivian Muilerr Nicoie Muncif Igancio Munguia Ramon Munoz Michelle Munyon Marrhevv Murphy Jafnes Myers Celesre Nash Dannieiie Navarro Francisco Navarro Debra Nease Jyiary Neffendorf Darrow Nelson 144 Freshmen Mc-Ne . fx' rrrr srs ' J' ht 5 1? uv I' s' hw, I l :- Sraci Nelson William Newland Tinaiilslewsrd Lana Nichols Yolanda Nino Kevin Noble Meredirh Noon Edward Norre Psiclsy Nunn David Oper Granr Ogilvil I Dance fever Ar rhe firsr few dances, ir was easy ro picls our rhe freshmen. They were rhe ones srandlng in a group of rwo or more, Afraid ro asls someone ro dance or ro even dance rhemselvesr They were insecure and mayoe had a complex aoour rhe way rhey danced, Perhaps rhey rhoughr rhe dances were differenr here ihan ar rheir orher school. Bur soon rhey were our on rhe dance floor and being crazy wirh everyone else. Since freshmen cannor drive and are usually nor allowed ro dare, a Friday nighr dance was o good way ro ger away from pressures of home life. This gave freshmen a chance ro meer and socialize wirh rheir classmares and upper-class men. 'll rhinls ihe dances are really fun excepr rhey need more slow dances," said Jennifer Burrs. 'll lilse ro go ro dances oecause rhey play good music," said Mindy Wells. Many freshmen dance to the sounds of Party Sounds after the basketball game. Freshmen Ne-O'H 145 Tammy Ol-lara Karen Orozco Miguel Orozco Yyerre Orriz Elizabein Osborn Jeffrey Pacls Jennifer Palmer Jeremy Paoli Mariies Paoel Deborah Parker Donald Parlser Jessica Parron Alan Paul Lance Paul Parricia Pearson Polly Pecnin Robyn Pedrerri lseyin Pendleton Isrisri Penseyres Sracey Pererri Juyenal Perez Samuel Perez Jennifer Pererson Bradley Pfeifle lselly Picbel Edward Pierce Milse Piescer Laura Pinedo Rubicelia Pizano Cnemene Polina Susan Pope Sreyen Priola Marcus Purnam lsarbryn Quisenberry Brian Rainey Andrea Raley Carlos Ramirez Gabriela Ramirez D'Ann Ray lsrisrina Rice Lisa Riensira Jennifer Riese Freshmen Oh-Ri TW mf.. K K - V 5 .pmm L"' at A 1"V 'V " f f1 Mr' ,,., .-Miamm.. WL New Jose Rios Chuck Rooerrs Julie Rooerrson Vonesso Rocco Ivlorio Rocho Noro Rocho Rosie Rocho Jomes Rockvvood Normo Rodriguez Soohio Rodriguez Sergio Rodriguez Jeignifer Roggow Dating dcize As he nervously surveyed rhe guod, he sovv her, As he ooorooched her, he srumoled ond neorly knocked her dovvn When he srorred ro osk her for o dore, she noriced rhor his Toughse kins vvere rhree inches roo shorr, ond his l4'Nlorr soeciol 3199 shoes were unried. The dore vvos ser for Fridoy nighr, Fridoy nighr he srumoled up ro her door in his nevv ooir of Toughskins. Afrer he mer her por- enrs rhey lefr for dinner or Chucky Cheeses. They vvoired for iheir food in nervous silence. lr vvos momenrs like rhis rhor mode freshmen, such os Andy Wolker, feor rhor Holder oeoole, like seniors, were looking or me." Afrer dinner rhey enjoyed on evening vvirh Bambi or rhe ivlonn Theorer Airer rhe movie rhey vvenr srroighr home, no derours, no flor rires, As rhey vvoired or her door, he vvioed his svveory oolms on his Toughskins when she be- gon ro feel nouseous ond ron inside ro sofery, Mommy, Doddy, ond her Cooooge Porch doll. Lefr on rhe doorsreo, eyes closed, lips puckered, he felr rhe conclusion of rhis dore vvos missing somerhing. Matt Murphy, grinning devilishly, helps an anonymous pair of legs CBrooke Shields? Kim Alexis? Jennifer Beales? Christie Brinkley?J out of his limosine. Freshmen RlARo 147 Rlgericio Rqos Lowrence Rollins Rondy Rose Ricls Rose Jonn Rossi Corinno Rorn Jim Rouse Sneri Runfilole Adrion Russell Josnuo Russell Poul Russell Jon Soge Judson Sogers Dimos Solozor Brion Soindon Moricelo Soncnez Micnoel Soyler Deoro Scnipono Wendy Scnlorer Ricnord Scnurr Russell Seirz Ricnord Sering Joseon Serno Morioel Serroro Woyne Snow Arny Snisler Doyid Sieoenforcner g9lln3aQ.rS,ilvo Sooneolf Sinfi Andi Sisel Arcnie Slornon Rooerr Srnigiel Annie Srnirn Hoven Smirn Slgcy Smirn Eric Sniyely Micnelle Snyder Jeff Sorensen Boono Sou Rooerr Sooer Roul Soro Morrnew Souso 148 Freshmen Ro-So 'WU , i . Q54 A 5 rr. f X In , X . s A, K K. .Y , 'M ',1 , X L 4- i Shawn Spearse Wendy Spence Angie Spiegl Tori Spielserman Tl"QClj5pElHeI'f'T'ldZl Curr Srafford Sean Srephen Jennifer Srevvarr Keri Srewarr Heidi Sroclser Srefani Srraregos David Svveefman Castle encounters Ever vvonder where freshmen were afrer school? Were rhey our on rhe playing field, ar home srudying, or crammed inside rheir locker? If ir vvasn'r one of rhose choices, chances are one could have found a grear number of fresh- men OT rhe nevvesf hor spor in rovvn. They were engaged in a cosmic space oarrle vvirh green slimy creafures from anorher galaxy, or vvieldling a long slsinny cuesficlf baffling ir our vvirh friends or rhe pool rabies, or even slashing ar a golden dragon ro save a peauriful princess, ar The Enchanred Casrle, a popular arcade in rovvn. There were many reasons vvhy freshman vvenr ro fhe arcade, Juan Lopez said he goes rhere ro have fun and meer friends. When aslsed vvhar his favorire game vvas, Juan ree plied, UI lilse Cenripede, cause if has a lof of acrionl" Erils Cuellar goes rhere ro "l-lang our vvirh rhe homeooysf' He said ir's a cool place ro meer afrer school. When aslsed abour his favor- ire game, Erils ansvvered, "I don'r play fhe games, liusr vvanr ro have fun." Wharever rhe reason, vvherher playing a fa- vorire game, hanging our vvirh good friends, or iusr having fun, rhe Enchanred Casrle was a cool place ro oe afrereschool. What lies beyond this door for unsuspecting freshmen afterschool . . . Freshmen Sp-Sw 149 Shouho Swehio Chris Toclsirr Todd Thomos Richord Thompson Douglos Thorrhoh Chorles Tieoour Chrisriho Torres Irrrio Torres Perer Trujillo RQYVTTUOUO Trojiiio Troy Turoho Milse Turiocie Frohcisco Uriosrigue Doho Urher Miislso Voohoheh Morco Volehcio Christophe Vohhoss Eric Veoie Susoho Vorelo Sophia Vego Mohdy Verboom Lupe Viliorreoi Morle Woddeli Thod Wode Psooerr Woid Andy Woileer Leso Wolrer Piooerr Worers Jeohie Worsoh Dohiei Wedeisirig Eric Weishoor Julie Weiss Melihdo Wells Michoei Wesr Nicoierre Wesr Dohiei Wheeier Srephohie Wheeier Johh Whire Mori Whirhey Aorii Wiciewore Joime Wiilcox ,Q , k ee, T 1, ' is Q i Q? T 33:1- 3 v YL! QMM-fr rr Q W GP' Trivial Pursuit Whar Ehgiish reacher was Crowhed Miss Fali- orools ih 19oo? Whai did rhe freshmah ciass of '88 do in 19841 rhar ao orher freshmah class had dohe? Whar was rhe faaroall ream's siogah for rheir 1984 season? Who coached rhe Mohrreai Expos AA, Farm Team durihg rhe summer ih 1984? This rrivia is hor oarr of rhe game Trivial Pur- suir, our ir is a parr of FUH5 rrivia. Ahd ohe day rhey may malee ir oh a game Card, Ohe of the poouiar oassrimes for mahy was rhe game of Triviai Pursuir. This game Cah oe very frusrrarihg ro oiay ar firsr, sihce mosr of us were har old ehough ro ishow whar haooehed ih rhe world reh years ago. Sophomore March Rico agreed, HAI firsr, 1 didh'r Ishow ahy of rhe ariswers, our iarer oh rhere were some rhar i Could answer." There are several ediriohs of rhe game, varye ihg from soorrs ro movies, Triviai Pursuir wili ai- ways oe a challehgihg ahd ihreresrihg game, Ui aiways Ieam samerhihg hew when I play ir." said Laurie Trujiiio. Ir is a good idea ro oiay vvirh oeooie who are oider, and aiso wiih a ior of oeooie ih order to iseeo ir movihg aiohg, 'PUYI -gm ipef umo Man .mg tupgt ug axolu augu tuop -gaduxoa 1205 Bugurooauxoq aqy uom :iaq-L :xayueu -20d 'S-'N Allual-m9 "l9laNl 9PU!'l 3SHElMSNV Trying their trivia skill, Kim Janikowski, Stephanie Palmer, DdlWU'IQgqQfal2,Qand Trujillo play Trivial Pursuit. E7 5 Zoe Wiiliams Jo Ahha Wilsah Regina Wihchesrer Eriis Wiisah Dareh Wirr Isevih Wirr Pshohda Yolsum Diha Youhgs Giha Zagareiia Elleh Zumvvair Srephahie Zumwali WQOUY Zuchermah Liliaha Zuhiga Verohica Zuhiga i 151 Glightb Tomahawk staff writer, Debbie Smith finishes graphing a story for the upcoming pa- per, as Pat Manning, sits contemplating his own feature. ' fBelowJ FFA members, Doug Myers, Ray Zum- walt, and Ronice Lange talk together in ag class. IOppositeJ Busily arranging her layout for a fast approaching deadline, Jill Tippit looks through a group of pictures in yearbook. asp, M- W, M.....M.,m 1 X h.1, . as 1, is g n Y ri ,ww --may 5 2 ,, gfiifs' , 4 ,Hg ff Hard work pays off K I' r , C.S.F. broke its tradition of holding the auction in the school cafeteria and in- stead opted forthe Grand Tradition. The venture literally paid off with the gross profits from the auction totaling approxi- mately S2,500. "lt was the most success- ful auction we've ever had," said C.S.F. President Nan Burton. As a result, senior honorary life members of C.S.F. received S50 scholarships. The Warriorheads also continued their traditional ski trip to Mammoth. About for- ty-two lucky students f1O0!o of the classh were chosen to be Warriroheads. Not only was GPA a determining factor, but school involvement in athletics, service, and extracurricular activities were also recognized. The Warriorheads donated S100 to the La Paz Children's Clinic and maintained the trophy case. The Warriors for Christ conducted a canned food drive at Thanksgiving and sang Christmas carols at two convales- cent homes. Speakers that helped stu- dents with problems of adolescence were frequent guests at the Warriors for Christ meetings. Meetings were held both at school during nutrition and at members' homes, usually on Friday nights. Presi- dent Leigh Ann Eliot said that "member- ship fluctuated, but there was almost al- ways a pretty good turn out." Membership in the AFS club consisted of Fallbrook High students as well as stu- dents from other countries. Mikko Hyppa came to America on the AFS exchange program and stayed with junior Jay San- ford's family. AFS made Mikko feel at home especially because they paid for his lunches, yearbook, and received a card to get in free to all school activities. The AFS club went to a Greek restaurant and to Los Angeles. 154 Leadership -015 ,. N1 COpposite Topj Warriorheads: FRONT ROW: Richie Hulit, Megan Williams, Tammy Larsen, David Landes. ROW TWO: Carl Streicher, Lee Rysewyk, Mike Dalton, Peri Stubbs, Jean Buffington, Kelly Chap- man, Lisa Lawrence, Mrs. Hartford, Laurie Haven, Lara Shisler, Melissa Wells, Kerri Beckham, Renae Dowling, Charles Hart- ford, Luke Salerno, Brad Noon. ROW THREE: Kevin McDonald, Angela Cle- ments, Marlyn Berglund, Heidi Hafer- kamp, Steve Rolin, Sean Hickey. ROW FOUR: Karen Spaeth, Debbie Denton, Mer- edith Brown, Doug Myers, Erin Miller. ROW FIVE: Clark Highstreet, Shauna Cowan, Anne Miller, Tom Hickey, Brett Abshire. NOT PICTURED: Lori Dunbar, Carrie East, Liz Opean, and Heidi Schuler. fOpposite Middle! Warriors for Christ: FRONT ROW: Cindy Moers, Julie Sisel, Anne Gilmore, Lisa Bowman, Cammy East, Leigh Ann Elliot, Kathy Guisto, Wayne Ca- meron, Gary Hall. ROW TWO: Dana Urner, Robin Padretti, Karyn Urner, Luis DiFazio, Lara Bowman, Pete Farrel, Scott Vanyo, Eric Gallery, Matt Freedman, Mike Pope, Jim Harrison. f0pposite Bottoml Ameri- can Field Students: FRONT ROW: Mikko Vaananen, Jean Lionel Carrere, Becky Barron, Wendy Senturier, Amy Chicillo, Monica Pechin, Roni Dunn, Ed Allen. TOP ROW: Mikko Hyppa, Anna Norden, Maulin Leander, Bob Toomire, Ana Barcelo, Tamy Brown, Margaret Jones, Jim Harrison, Mike Pope. QTopJ CSF officers and advisor: FRONT ROW: Stacy Peterman and Melissa Donnelly. TOP ROW: Steve Rolin, Mrs. Stenlund, and Nan Burton. fLeftJ Luke Sa- lerno, Sean Hicky, Tim Bush, and Doug Myers load their gear into the bus for the Warriorhead ski trip to Mammoth. Leadership 155 Captured spirit The Girls League was one of the main sources of spirit that Fallbrook has been recognized for. Under the leadership of Mrs. Mick, Mrs. Santos, Mrs. Poznanter, and president Laurie Haven, they were responsible for four major events. They organized the Spirit Breakfast during Homecoming week, the Christmas dance, Sadie Hawkins dance and the Mother- Daughter Tea and Fashion Show at the end of the year. The girls painted posters to spread the news about each of these happenings. The club retained well over 100 members, all ready to capture and spread spirit throughout the year. The Pep Club was another spirit orient- ed organization. They supported all the teams by painting posters and going to each game to cheer with the cheer- leaders. They had fundraisers which al- lowed them to go to Disneyland. Presi- dent Holly Rea stated, "This years club was the most spirited we have ever had. I feel that it is something to get involved in." Pep Club: back row: Mrs. Woody, Mike Ried, Julie Grahek, Monica Pechin, Lee Hendrix, Karen Knox, Craig Martin, Barbara Everhart, Julie Smith, Debra Devoid, Chemene Poling, Lorena Harris. Front Row: Jennifer Jolly, Kristi Davidson, Lori Shirley, Holly Rea, Venessa Canchola, Lori Buckley. Girls League: front row: Sheila Roggow, Tiff Harrison, Renae Dowling, Lolo Bacon, Lor Haynes, Kathy Trujillo, Brandi Glotfelty. Mid- dle Row: Laurie Haven, Karen Turley, Lori Dunbar, Kim Howell, Amy Chicclo, Tiu Loigu, Kerri Beckham, Vikki Kuchinsky, Kristen Oates, Janine Heckel, Holly Vanderlaan, Torri Hreha, Erin Miller. Back Row: Kim Don- art, Maria Anasis, Mindy Wells, Emma Law- son, Tammy Busemi, Stephanie Pollard, Christi Gonzoles, Karen Phillips, Eve Daca- vich, Holly Hogarth, Laura Shisler, Rain Meers. fAbove Righty As Rusty Shepard and his date enter the Christmas dance seniors Iwrau- - ijitflo and ganel Meets take their tickets while Lori Bacon looks on. lBelow Rightj Laurie Haven, the president of Girls League is seen here with vice president Karen Turely. 156 Girls LeaguefPep Club 'W fi. 'Qgf if ft l ,..... ," il: -if I. vi '5'f3f wL?i"" f-be "k . . aqwqiwwrqg jeu . .M if rf i f My it r, , ,. . . .. . L .gft 3 ' . if .f.1 ,..f:+ la r , Q55 411 f 45 n 4 5 rig J ' ' 3 X 4' 5 I I' Q Y J' 2 ,M.A? W' ' . is 4' W ff mf' H 'M x ' tg , ,W ,, li 1? f 'ia 4 -4 ' 1 "Q in ' .s 1, ,ffm ir' 'Q "f 'H . , V , ,5- . W- 4 ff ' ,Z V .uw . ,. ., . ,ue fa-.55 'Q 63' lx if ' ,j '- J ' ' 4' Z, ff Q de Sf' 2' 1 ff 'K -i Qi, Q Q, at Q r r , - W V .. ,,.5, 4 To your health The Health Club is a club for any stu- dent interested in any phases of health. At Fallbrook many students have inter- ests in physical therapy and work with handi-capped children. The club helps students to prepare for health fields and even has its own scholarship program. The scholarship is offered to seniors and money raised from carnation sales goes into this fund. The health club also organizes the Blood Bank twice a year and the Jump Flope for Heart. The Key Club as senior Tom DuMont put it "is a service organization to help the communityf' The club raises money to contribute to handi-capped children and many other needy organizations. Many students like to join the Key club because it is highly looked upon by col- leges. Sophomore Donna Crosson said "I really enjoy helping the community, besides it's a damn good thing to put on your transcripts." The FHA-HERO is a club that focuses on personal growth, career exploration and preparation, social and recreational activities. lt prides itself on being the largest secondary student organization in the United States. Sophomore Cherly Simmons said "l think FHA has helped me to grow personally and realize more of my potential." F.H.A. Club Row one: Nancy Betancourt, An- nette Almanza, Dorothy Tester, Tonya Van Gorder. Row two: Kim Blanc, Diane Wibrew, Angels Magdaleno. Row three: Lori Cherry, Stephanie Morrison, Pauline Almanza. Row four: Cheryl Simmons, Joe Turner. tBelowJ F.H.A. Club officers: Diane Wibrew, Annette Almanza, Cherly Simmons, Lori Cherry, Nancy Betancourt, Kim Blanc. fOpposite topl Kim Egdmond, Ms. Vickery, and Tracy Basore show their pride while spon- soring the Blood Bank. fAcross topj Kim Blanc and club advisor Betty Hall ofthe F.H.A. Club go over some records. tOpposite bottomj Key Club members: Janel Gustafson, Rusty Shepard, Mark Kinsey, Mi- chael Betancourt, Doug Myers, Greg Geisen, Steve Rolin, Amy Chiccilo. Edward James, Jim Harrison. 158 Health K .i sw f G ' . i LIQ ,Ka BLOW mm 'Q 13 L 'wifi '5 RQ f. 4g'MLQ7VY .C Y, ,Vfk ,Yixx rf YQ ,S 1, 3 .Q" nf? 7M .A " f' 4" if 5 I M W A "Iliff k' , . V J' . , V, fi 'wok 5 ,f,,,,y Heahh 159 fRightJ Art and craft guild. Back row: Vanessa Star, Daniele Verdon, Julie Col- lins, Jon Jung, Mrs. Dorothy Hartford, Jeff Aafedt, Brent Anderson. Second row: Xa- vier Russell, Heidi Durbin, Peter Bri- biesca, Scott Vanyo. Front row: Sharri Johnson, Louisi Economides, Ana Hamil- ton, Simmi Milligan, Gilbert Barron and Tanya Geiger. 1BelowJ Mr. Frost, Tony Suraci, Lisa Don- nabella and Lisa Lawrence have fun while rehearsing Sweeny Todd. lOpposite topj Tony Suraci reading a script. lOpposite bottomj Gilbert Barron casually sketches a picture. fOpposite bottom, rightj Drama club, top row: Holly Rea, Ryan Edwards, Angie Spiegl, Robin Pedretti, Matt Murphy, Meri- dith Brown, Trisha Cole. Middle: Barbie Trout, Bridget Bair, Rebeccah Creech, Ha- ven Smith. Bottom row: Michele Boyd, Phil Anthony, Krista Behar, Jolena Voorhis, Ju- lie Collins, Georgia Doran, and Darren Showers. 160 Art, Drama .. 1 X . , 59 f Ns: -Fe rt so .k'Lx g .L 3 K, W- L. . f it pi 1 .wt twigs -s N-,pf 1. - s ---X -4 . V f -- sa. ss Artistic Intuitions The drama club was especially active this year. Under the guidance of Mr. Gary Frost, they performed many unique plays. A total of sixty students acted in the play "Turningpoint," which was sold Tout every night. "lt was a lot of fun and gave us all a chance to become more involved in the pro- duction" said senior Kerri Beckham. An- other original play the club performed in March was the victorian meledrama g'Sweeny Todd." Tony Suraci and Meridith Brown were the main characters in the play. Mr. Gary Frost was a foreign exchange teacher who came from England, where Ms. Villane was teaching for the year. "I think Mr. Frost has contributed a great deal to the drama department" commented senior Holly Rae. "The kids are a lot of fun and very hard working" said Mr. Frost. Al- though he likes it here, he is excited to go back home. The art and craft guild, another very ar- tistic group was hard at work this year. With Mrs. Hartford as advisor the club had many activities planned. One of the biggest activities was the spring art show, which was incorporated with the Renaissance Faire. in April. All of the arts, performing and visual. were present. The club sold many of their projects in booths at the Faire to raise money for a field trip to visit art museums in Los Angeles. The club officers were Tanya Geiger, President: Louise Economidesg Vice President. Gilbert Bar- ron, Secretaryg and Brent Andersong trea- surer. Art, Drama l6l Modern Media Communication was the keyto two little recognized organizations on this campus: KOPA, the annual literary magazine and the T.V. Tech Club which was responsible for capturing many events on film. KOPA was a literary magazine that published students' poems, short stories, prose, plays, music, artwork, and photog- raphy. Janel Gustafson, Editor-in-Chief, was responsible for organizing, publiciz- ing, and raising funds for the magazine. Janel stated, "l've learned how much work goes into a publication, especially one of this quality. l also think that stu- dents who submit their work gain self-es- teem by being published." Tom Hickey served as Art Editor and was in charge of all artwork and photography. T.V. Tech Club members learned to work television cameras and recorders. They were responsible for taping many of the sports here on campus so the teams would be able to review the films after- wards. Club members also did repairs on various appliances and accepted dona- tions for their work. With the money they raised, they purchased a modem for T.V. Teoh's computer. Mr. Schattschneider, the club's advisor, said, "The club gives an opportunity to all those people inter- ested in television production to learn how to work the cameras and recorders." lTopD KOPA Staff: fstandingl Janel Gustafson, Cindi Sullivan, Amy Thomas, Jennifer Hop- good, Dan Gluesankamp, Phil Tiso, Vanessa Star, Louise Economides, Araceli Loya, Tanya Whiting, Tanya Van Gorder, Sandie Ruxenas, John Sagers, Dennis Anderson, Julie Longton, Joanna Berry, Dorene De la Garza, Mrs. Joyce Esbensen, Qsittingj Rob Crafts, Jim Yoon, Cheryl Simmons, Tanya Tomaskevitch, Vicky Andrus, Nan Burton, Susan Ervin, Lori Jones, Darcy Harrison, Teresa Domanski, Kelly De- Preker, Chris Ziegler, Jason Frummet, Gail Higson, Tom Hickey, Stacy Peterman, Jeani Harris, Amy Cicchilo, and Julie Collins. lLeftJ Tom Hickey works on an illustration for KOPA during another class. fRightJ Editor-in-Cheif, Janel Gustafson works in the library on KOPA. l0pposite top leftj During T.V. Tech, John Welburn programs the computer. fOpposite top right, Neal Anderson works the camera during a video taping of the morning news. fOpposite bottomj T.V. Tech Club: fback rowj Mr. Schattschneider, Ansel Vansandt, Ignacio Martin, John Welburn, Travis Holland, Pete Loftus, John Adams, lfront row, Louis Defa- zio, John White, Neal Anderson, Chris Tack- itt, and Karl Hagen. 162 T.V. TechfKOPA aww-fww 19. -CY ai J 1 Ns .aallw T.v. TechfKOPA 163 Yearbook Staff - top row, Tom Dumont, Cathy Moline, Holly Vanderlaan, Erin Miller, Nicole Jann, Kathy Trujillo. Second row - Jean Buffington, Anne Miller, Pauli Mora- marco, Betty Rodrigues, Tanya Geiger, Lori Mick. Third row - Carrie East, Lori Dunbar, Liz Opean, Angela Clements, Debbie Denton, Anna Norden. Bottom row - Tammy Larsen, Arren Casteel, Tim Hauck, Erik Meister. Not Pictured: Lori Bacon, and Dawn Boyd. 164 Mocassin 2 ,,.. 5 1: . ,nb . 4 WAV hx 1 ,....-A at Il? it :. ft. . 'ffm ' iff' J., las-W W -W.. 's Y :g,,...W ii. .Eat lBottomi Figuring out the best way for the pictures to be layed out, Mr. Hauck, the advi- sor, helps Lori Haynes while ,Kathy Trujillo waits to ask him a question. V Organized chaos Joe Casual: "Hey relax, we still have three weeks until our layouts are due!" Stacy Studious: "Well I'm going to start working on mine today." A Week Later: Joe Casual: "Do you know who the sopho- more class officers are? That's what my article is on and I was wondering if you could help me find them? Stacy Studious: "Well I think you could go talk to Mr. Burton to find out, but I'm much too busy, my picture for the Baseball team is scheduled in five minutes." Another Week Later: Stacy Studious: "Can I borrow your ruler so I can finish the last measurements on my layout?" Joe Casual: "Sure, why not? I won't be needing it for another few days anyway." Three Days Before the Deadline: Stacy Studious: "Here's my layout Mr. Hauck, I'm all finished!" Mr. Hauck: "Great Stacy, you're the first one done." Joe Casual: "Stacy since your finished, how about helping me alittle with my lay- out?" Stacy Studious: "Well, l guess I Could do a little typing for you." Two Days Before the Deadline: Joe Casual: "Stacy, could you show me the measurements for the layout?" Stacy Studious: "Okay I could help you, but only during fourth period, I have a lunch date with Barry Bookworm." The Day of the Deadline: Joe Casual: "Gosh, if I don't finish typing all these names, l'm going to be here until 9:00 tonight. lwish I had some help! Khint, hinti Stacy Studious: "Sorry Joe, I don't have time today, I have a lunch date at 12: 15, a dentist appointment at 2:00, My mom's taking me shopping after that and at 7:30, l'm meeting all my friends for a movie." Joe Casual: "Gee Whiz! next time l'm go- ing to do my article on time like you Stacy, so I can have fun too!" lOpposite lefti Tired from working hard on an article, Angela Clemments takes a break. lOpposite rightj Lori Bacon, Erin Miller, and Lori Haynes work hard to finish their layouts to meet their deadline. lTopi As Liz Opean sorts through mug shots of students, Anne Miller contemplates an idea for her layout. QCenteri The Editor of the Yearbook, Debbie Denton, shows her dedication by staying late after school to finish up last minute details. kwa-ww A In ,N f .. ..L A , . 166 Tomahawk fikb, sing. - - it 'gf .Q : W WN' I Fit to print As the school year began, the Toma- hawk was faced with the challenge of a new staff and a new advisor, Mrs. Critch- ley. "Last year's staff was mostly sen- iors, so we had to start all over again," commented Jolena Voorhis. The first cou- ple of weeks the staff joined together to inform the school on the issues like the visitation of Secretary Bell and Mayor Hedgecock's trial. The Tomahawk was also faced with the numerous deadlines to get the paper out at least every month. Each staff member was assigned two stories to turn in. The first story was due in one week, graphed and typed. The second story was due lat- er on for a grade. The paper had to be sent out by 5 o'clock to be distributed on time. The staff was faced with many ob- stacles tolget the paper out on time, inter- views were uncompleted or pictures not taken. lOpposite Bottom Leftl Araceli Loya proof- reads her story before she types the final copy. fOpposite Bottom Rightj Helping Bridget Bougher on her article, Georgia Doran shares her ideas. tTopl Phil Tiso and Heather Johnson work together to complete the editorial section of the 6th issue of the Tomahawk. Tomahawk staff Row One: Mike Dalton, John Howland. Row Two: Dennis Ander- son, Will Davis, advisor Mrs. Betz Critche- ly, Heather Johnson, Phil Tiso. Row Three: Susan Ervin, Cheri Hall, Megan Williams, Lori Dunbar, Bridget Bougher. Row Four: David Eisman, John Evans, David Landes, Jolena Voorhis. Georgia Doran. Not pic- tured: Angela Clements, Paul Gray, Ara- celi Loya. fBottomJ Working vigorously to beat the deadline Dennis Anderson and Paul Gray add the finishing touches on the layout. Tomahawk 167 The brainy bunch Every Tuesday morning they met at 6:30 preparing for one event. No, these were not people training to be Olympic athletes, but the members of the Aca- demic Decathlon team. The team original- ly consisted of nine members, but be- cause of the unfortunate death of Jerry Balkom, eight participants finished the season in the North County Competition. They studied and rehearsed ten categor- ies: a four minute impromptu speech, an interview, a Super Quiz on futurisms, fine arts, literature, mathematics, social sci- ence, economics, science, and an essay. Not only did the participants on the De- cathlon team benefit intellectually, but also, as senior Karen Spaeth said, "Working as a team, we learned from each other and grew from our shared ex- periences." Fallbrook placed 13th out of 30 schools competing for the chance of going to the state championships. Some of the students who were in- volved in the Academic Decathlon team also participated on the Academic team. The Academic team practiced two months before their first competition in the Palomar League. They worked during lunch and sometimes at night covering many different subjects. Sandie Fluk- senas said, "lt was a lot of fun. I found out how much I knew and didn't know." fAboveJ The Freshmen Academic team: Laura Hesser, Zoe Williams, Dan Bogdanski, Judd Sagers, Andy Gluesenkamp, and Scott Soper. fMiddlej The members of the J.V. and Varsity Academic team eagerly await their next ques- tion from Dennis Anderson. iBelowJ Pondering over the answer to a tough question, the whiz kids seek help from Mrs. Esbensen. iOpposite Topb The Academic Decathlon team. Top Row: Dan Bogdanski, Karen Spaeth, Curtis Smith, David Eisman, Arturo Gonzales, Joyce Esbensen. Front Row: Sandie Ruksenas, Debbie Denton, Erik Gallery, and Heidi Haferkamp. f0pposite Bottomj Varsity and J.V. Academic Team members. Top Row: John Sagers, Rob Crafts, Dennis Anderson, John Tomlinson, Jennifer Hopgood, Amy Cicchillo, Melissa Donnelly, Caryn Phillips, Joyce Esbensen. Front Row: Jimmy Yoon, Dan Fisherman, Jay Sanford, Daniel Gluesenkamp, Melinda Carol, and Sandie Ruksenas. l68 Academic Team -- we ss. s f + .Mas W . .. . .ss ., ps -as .. ,..,..,, ..., E gf, . ,--. t..: f . XX, st. fs. . X X, A- 'xt --1. ' 'i t . .if'fj,f.' i "I ,Z . i 9 Ns 4' N -7 f "' X as 1 K ..N,,..sv+ E 3 , fast tags s .it ss s Kash 'wx Ep Q ll is ll 'W 25 5, U O, 2? ' Qi 5, Q X a it N r. Q QXFTS . , ,sf-Q , X sw l X .. 1 as t. i y i, , t S' ---. ' "?"iff . 1 -tc "" aug... -Ri K 5 .i--- . is f 'PHA ..l. Q A A pl' alot, Academic Team 169 'aw' JUL fTopJ Student Council: Top row: Lisa Law- rence, Kelly Chapman, Angela Clements, Clark Highstrete, Shauna Cowan, Erin Miller. Middle row: Lee Rysewyk, Matt Murphy, Peri Stubbs, Amy Burton, Jean Buffington, Bob Burton. Bottom row: Charles Hartford, John Ritter, Ann Miller. QLeftl Shauna Cowan and Clark Highstrete take a relaxing break at nutrition. fllightj Erin and Ann Miller "spark spirit" dur- ing homecoming week. 17O Student Council Council captures splrlt "Year after year the students of F.U.H.S do a fantastic job of electing stu- dents to serve as the primary leaders who act as the student council," commented Mr. Bob Burton, who has served as ASB advisor for nineteen years. A good stu- dent council is very important because they are responsible for many activities on campus. They "spark spirit" at the first day of school program, through homecoming week, the year long class competitions and the annual nominating convention. "The council tries to make fun for ev- eryone" said class president Jean Buffin- ton. Each student on the fourteen member council performed many tasks related to his or herjob. "Everybody did a greatjob, they were very reliable and hard work- ing," commented Ann Miller, council trea- surer. ln February ASB president Charles Hartford went to Washington D.C. to par- ticipate in the United States senate youth program. Charles applied in September by writing an essay and current event questions. The week included meetings with senators, congressman, cabinet members and greetings from the presi- dent and vice president. They also spent a day in internship for senators and were invited to sit on the senate floor while it was in session. tTopJ President Charles Hartford works hard in his AP english class. tBottomJ After hours of work the council hung the poster with the upcoming year theme. YN Student Council 171 172 FFA Growing towards the future Being members of the Future Farmers of America, the students learned leader- ship, cooperation, and responsibility. Leadership was taught by being encour- aged by ag teacher, Mr. Ftienstra, to get in and try new things, such as a public speaking or running for a chapter office. The Fallbrook chapter has over a hun- dred members, so it was important for cooperation between the members. Cammy East said, "Without cooperation between the members everything would of been a disrupted mess." Every student in the FFA was required to have a project program to be a member of the chapter. Such projects taught the students responsibility by having animals or plants depending on them. Secretary, Irma Venegas, said, "Having a swine pro- ject has taught me responsibility, be- cause my animals depend on me for food, water, and exercise. There is more to the Future Farmers of America. Steve Ramirez placed 1st high individual on the Dairy Judging Team. Stephanie Zumwalt placed 1st in the creed contest. Over 60 students partici- pated in the Del Mar Junior Livestock Fair. They showed their market animals, which they had fed, watered, and taken care of for four months. This was one of the members favorite activities that took place during the year. fTopJ Annette Reisinger and Ronice Lange in the greenhouse examining the plants in prep- aration for a plant sale. iMiddleJ The FFA takes a lot of tender loving care as shown by Doug Myers, Ray Zumwalt, and Ronice Lange. lBottomJ Jose Vargas and Anthony Reynoso work hard on their project above the deck. lOpposite Lefty On a break from schoolwork, Ronice Lange takes time to love this baby lamb. fOpposite Rightj Janel Gustafson with great caution plants this plant that will be sold at a plant sale. i0pposite Bottomj Fallbrook FFA Officers Top row: Tony Cook, Ray Zumwalt, lrma Ven- egas, John Ritter, Doug Myers. Bottom row: Carrie East, Janel Gustafson, Annette Rei- singer, and Cammy East. 'Q X f VKX- FFA 173 Harmony hits heights "This has been a very fun and exciting year. The growth in musical ability has been phenomenal," stated Madrigal di- rector Ms. Rebecca Caffarel. During the Christmas season the Mad- rigals sang for more than twenty commu- nity organizations such as the Rotary Club, Senior Citizens Club, and the Fall- brook Country Club. They were also taped by KAVO and KYXY radio stations which played their music throughout the holiday season. The annual Christmas concert, held on December 20th, featured both the Madrigals and the Concert Choir. The Madrigals had one very spe- cial engagement. They sang Christmas carols aboard the Coast Guard Cutter, which led the Oceanside Harbor's Pa- rade of Lights. Other activities that kept the Madrigals busy included the annual Thousand Voice Choir, the Spring Concert which featured both the Madrigals and Concert Choir, and an exciting field trip to see the Broad- way show Cats, in Los Angeles. The Madrigals, along with the entire Fine Arts Department had something new to look forward to in the spring, a Renais- sance Faire. This was a production much like Hi-Lifes, that included true traditional Madrigal songs, Drama skits, dance rou- tines, and big Broadway production num- bers. President of Madrigal's, Bridget Bair, commented on the Madrigals success. "l think this year went really well. There are a lot of changes taking place within the music department, and we're the group that began it all. There were so many good times and we had so much fun per- forming. l am really glad I was a part of this year's Madrlgals." fTopD Exuberant smiles radiate the fun and excitement the Madrigals experience aboard the Coast Guard Cutter during the Oceanside Harbor's Parade of Lights. fMiddleJ With holiday spirit, the Madrigals put on a perfect performance at the Christmas Concert. QBottomJ Members of the Concert Choir prac- tice songs for the Spring Concert during fourth period. 174 Nladr1galsfChoir ,W ,V in 5 , if 4' ,W gif ki fm 1 'Ww- 0 iw ,,W , C 1 fTopJ The Madrigals - Erika Hayden, Cheryl Clay, Tracie Arboneaux, Lori Dunbar, Art Pina, Kathy Summers, Richie Thompson, Vickie Barr, Greg Geisen, Bridget Bair, Janet Munson, Erin Chapman, and Vicky Betts. fMiddIe Lefty Ms. Rebecca Caffarel directs the Madrigals during their classroom rehearsal. fMiddle Rightl Concentrating on one of their more serious songs, the Madrigals perform in the Christmas Concert. fBottomJ Taking a break from singing, the Madrigals huddle together to keep warm. Madrigalsffjhoir 175 New Clubs Attempting to make spirit higher and to get more people involved in school activi- ties three new clubs were introduced. Athletes who participated in a Varsity sport once again renewed the Lettermens Club. The leadership comprised of Brad Noon, presidentg Chris Martin, vice president, Joanna Barry, secretaryg St- cey Peterman, treasurer, and Lee Rysewyk, sergeant-at-arms, have worked very hard this year to develop a successful club. "The varsity club is be- ing started by a small but dedicated group of letter winners from F.U.H.S. This group is hoping to begin a tradition of school and community service that all members can be proud of," said club ad- visor Tim Oder. Students seeking assistance, and un- derstanding turned to the Peer Counsel- ing Club on campus. Peer counseling has given students the opportunity and en- couragement to make decisions concern- ing both family and friends. "I don't know how I could have dealt with a lot of things that have happened without their guid- ance," replied junior Kristen Oates when askedto givethe accomplishments other participation in the club. Another club entered on campus was the Role Playing Gamers Club created by Mr. Macy and carried on by the club offi- cials David Rider, president, James Bar- nebee, vice president, and Chris Tacitt, secretary. This club gathers in room 84 every other Thursday to escape reality by losing themselves in mazes, encountering monsters, and discovering hidden trea- sures in games of Dungeons and Drag- ons. "They are fun games to play, and more people should become involved!" said Chris Tacitt. Role Playing Gamers Club fTopJ front row: Lee Simerson, Geoff Hazelhurst, Danny Frye, James Barnabee, David Riden, Chris Calvin, Chris Tacitt lrow 22 Jose Olivas, Abel Ceran- tis, Danny Gluesenacamp, Matt Jiminez, Rus- sel Seitz, Kelly Mudnell, Neal Anderson. Lettermens Club iOpposite topl front rowg Rich Fox, Matt Mulligan, Sean Hickey, Brad Noon, Richard Parris, Nick Yslas, Lee Rysewyk, Laura Bowman, Lisa Bowman, Sta- cey Peterman, Diane Metcalf lrow twozj Kelly DePrecker, Nga Werts, Heather Kroupa, Jo- anna Barry, Richie Hulit, Mr. Tim Oder, Chris Martin, Kathy Trujillo, Jon Smith, Tom Hick- ey, Bret Abshire, Frank Butts, Steve Rolin, Kevin Gonzales, Curtis Sullivan, Sandy Ste- vens. 176 New Clubs f,,,,,.,, ,,,aaW.a.mazwmMmM,,M-,.M,,fmww,zW,wnMo-m-- f x: ff-y, , , W ,i.f,,, .fr ,. Peer Counseling QAboveJ front row: Jandi Bergman, Coleen Bartlett, Dennis Anderson, Shelly Reid, Mr. Brower, Teresa Domanski, Mike Reid, Chris Zeigler, Erik Johnson, Joe Turner. Readers' Guild QOpposite middlel Tricia Gar- rigue, Jim Harry, Judd Sagers, Danny Gleu- sencamp, Danny Fishmen, Erik Johnson, Kris- tina Costa, Darcee Harrison, Marion Moyer. iRightj Chris Tacitt thinks over new strate- goes for the game of Dungeons and Dragons. Speech Club fOpposite bottom leftl Louise Economides, Malinda Caroll, Stacey Peter- man, Darcee Harrison, Angel Graves, Mr. Bog- danski. QOpposite bottom rightj Ty Barkes- dale listens carefully to the advice of the Peer Counseling Club. "' , '20 'E' r -f 1, W f-'R ,V , 4 .L ,. -I il vf ml' Milxllll f 'A , New Clubs 177 Ethnic clubs capture interest According to Araceli Loya, "The Club Azteca is much betterthis yearthan it has been in the past because we have a lot more members who are enthusiastic and ready to participate." Miss Loya, Club Azteca president, and advisor Mr. Arturo Santoyo found organizing fund raisers to be quite profitable. Their money making plans included tamale sales after mass on Sunday, and also candy and Valentine gram sales at school. With the money raised the club members decided to have some fun. Fun is exactly what they had when they got aboard an Amtrak train and rode to Olvera Street in Los Angeles. They also enjoyed a trip to Chinatown in January. The Indian Club, under the supervision of advisor Mr. Ken Brower and president Bennae Calac, had a very good year. They had projects to raise money for the Sy Dean Scholarship fund. They also had a booth at the Youth Fair to raise money for club jackets. According to lvlr. Ken Brower, "The Indian Club is working hard to become an important part of Fallbrook High." lTopJ Bennae Calac listens to an Indian Club member during a meeting. fBottomJ A group of Indian Club members write down ideas for money making plans. QOpposite Topl Club Azteca Back row: Raul Villalobos, Rigoberto Garcia, Augustin Cortes, Eric Cuellar, Asrencion Villa, Gustavo Montiel, Raul Rodriquez, Nicolas Dominguez, Roberto Garcia, Cecilio Miranda Middle row: Leticia Correa, Maria Talamantes, Teresa Vil- lareal, Rosario Garcia, Belen Silva, Delia Na- varro, lselda Gomez, Angeles Magdalene, Ro- selina Calvillo, Cynthia De La Rosa, Irma Va- lencia, Nancy Betancourt, Maria Moore, Juana Escobedo, Rosa Santana, Mr. Arturo Santoyo Bottom row: Norma Ponce, Gracie Duran, Araceli Loya lndian Club: First row: Wendy Shlater, Denise Boles, Leihua Santiago, Naomi Boles, Char- lene Davis Second row: Mark Calac, Bennae Calac, Pauline Scott, Susan Magee, Jodi Tay- lor, Leah Calac, Theral Linton Third row: Kyle Perez, Jimmy Casteel, Dean Brush, Edward Nordte, Magie Rodriguez, Miguel Bojorquez, Dail Brush lOpposite bottom rightj Norma Ponce laughs at a message on a Valentine candy gram while Graciela Duran looks on. 178 Aztecaflndian l...w- ,ff l . Aztecaflndian 179 Get Culturizedl With combined efforts, the Spanish and French clubs were able to collect enough money in order to provide presents to needy families during the Christmas sea- son. "l'm really glad we were able to do such a nice thing. It gives you a good feeling to help others," said Gail Higson, president of the Spanish Club. Aside from their planned snow party on Palomar Mountain, the Spanish Club col- lected some culture while visiting Olvera Street in Los Angeles. The French Club saved their money for the annual dinner at a divine French res- taurant. The Spanish and French Clubs were the two remaining language organizations due to the loss of Latin and German. lAbovel The French club contemplates the up- coming elections in France. l0pposite top leftl The Spanish club: Front Row: Heather Bradford, Gail Higson, Ana Bar- cilo, Celeste Gonzales, Marilyn Berglund, Margret Jones. Second Row: Jason Frummet, Ed Allen, Michelle Molnar, Kim Zudis, Cindy Sullivan, Jennifer Hopgood. Third Row: Joan- na Berry, Nga Werts, Rob Crafts, Jimmy Noon, Amy Stinton, Joanna Bomescan, Mary Lujan. Fourth Row: Pedro Gonzales, Phill Burke, John Sagen, Marciano Gonzales, Sandy Ru- kenes, Tanya Whitting, Monica Pechin, Heidi Haferkamp, Kelly Barry. Fifth Row: Advisor Mr. Berglund, Leon Harris. l0pposite top rightj Club activities are lead by Mrs. Kvickstad. nm ft R ,Q N 'I ,Q .I 3, O C.. l8O Language Clubs L M'l'Wlul5 Q SIFIII 0. i"'I4j 'O 4 Q ag i fOpposite Bottomj The French club: Front Row: Kelly DePrecker, Laura Hesser, Karen Spaeth, Roni Dunn, Amy Cicchillo, Wendy Sienturier, Mrs. Kvickstad. Second Row: Kristen Hukari, Donna Crosson, Diane Metcalf, Angie Spiegl, Zoe Williams, Nan Burton, Dana Urner, Nicole Munck, Haven Smith, Becky Creech, Chemene Poling, John Tomlinson. Third Row: Amy Burton, Emma Lawson, Aimee Williams, Traci Basore, Irma Be- tancourt, James Neill, Pierre Domercq, Jamie Voorhis, Mandy Verboom, Margret Jones. fBottomJ With devoted interest, members of the French club listen to the plan of the day. K nv-M Language Clubs 181 Hopf Ms. Heather Schulte walks back to the P.E. building with Cheryl Clay, after a game of racketball. Ulightl Mr. Bill Regal assists a group of stu- dents in wood shop class. 10ppositeD Preparing a test for his third period trigonometry class, Mr. Phil Bums sits in qui- et concentration. TN ' - ik s fa--A dia H Q. Xt 5 glib W, fx A f 1 . X ME . t 5 182 ' ' Wm - ' fl WW! 1: 5 w f Mr v 33512K -K f ,. f , ff.. ,, v if 71. , f' V , " If 'Vi y , 'Milf' , .,,, ,. , ,, V ,fi A fi, ' , , W ,, -J' vw, f 4 f W: ff KW r 'fvi -EW - , " "-' . Q- 5' My Crack that whip! Remember the good old days when for- getting to sign out in the office was a "boo-boo," and handled with a simple "try to remember next time?" Well those "Slide by" days are over. A stunt like that, or leaving unauthorized for lunch was a common way to watch the clock in In School Suspension, otherwise known as l.S.S. "lt was a great year, in fact the best in eight put together," commented Mr. Huth- erson, assistant principal. Though the administrative staff was strict in some ways, they were lenient in others. The new tardy policy allowed stu- dents an average of six minutes between classes, instead of the usual five. This helped in reducing the amount of tardies. Mrs. Krauser was noted as saying, "I feel that the students this year really took responsibility. They were willing to ac- ceptthe consequencesfortheiractions." fAboveJ Dr. Robert Thomas conducts busi- ness over the phone. fLeftl lntensely listening, Mrs. Ginny Krauszer contemplates over a student issue. fMiddle Rightl Business as usual, Mr. Joe Rig- ney begins the day with a cup of coffee and a lot of paperwork. fBottom Rightl Mr. Jim Hutcherson takes a break from his work for a quick glance at the camera. C0pposite Topl Board of Trustees: Mr. Tal Cowan, Mrs. P.K. Martin, Mr. Ralph Enander, Dr. Wayne Miller, Mr. Gerhard Clasen. fOpposite Bottom Leftj Dr. Hank Woessner looks on at a student pep rally. fOpposite Bottom Right, Back Row: Mr. Ken Brower, Mr. Al Waibel. Front Row: Mrs. Bar- bara Kruis, Ms. Ginny Kraus, Jack Sands- chulte. 184 Administration WW 11 . 'M' aw. X VV kV,. .. 'www VV p ...UW VA! j X . , ww ' f rf' .. yt ,gig A 2 K ffiiifiiiii i Administration 185 Preparing for college The Advances Placement fA.P.J English program has provided the students with many opportunities to better prepare them- selves for college. The program has been organized as a four year program. The freshman and sophomore classes, Honors 9 and Honors 10, prepares the students for the eleventh and twelfth grade A.P. classes. 'These advanced classes provide the stu- dents with smaller classes and with more opportunides to nnprove their wrhing skills. Mrs. Joyce Esbensen said, "A.P. classes provide the students with working with stu- dents of their own caliber, it permits them to work at their own rate, and gives them a chance at earning college credit. Mr. Pete Fellios commented, g'The A.P. program provides students with the oppor- tunity to challenge themselves with under- standing abstract conceptsf' The advanced classes also prepare the students for the A.P. tests which are given at the end of the year. The A.P. tests give the students the opportunity to receive col- lege credit. Mrs. Esbensen summed up her feelings of the basic advantage of the A.P. program by saying, "A student who be- conmsnwowedhasaheadsuutoncohegev fTopJ Back row: Bill Wuth, Dave Hyde, Mark Howard, Marty Hauck, Tim Hauck, Don Cor- coran, Pete Fellios, Joyce Earickson, Linda Pozanter. Front row: Dan Bogdanski, Caroline Peterson, Marie Stenlund, Cher Davis, Joyce Esbensen, and Pam Monroe. fBottomJ Mr. Mark Howard prepares to return corrected papers to his English class. fOpposite top left, Informing the class with the theme of the story, Mr. Dan Bogdanski lectures to his Introduction to Literature class. lOpposite top rightj Mr. Pete Fellios discusses - poetry in his Advanced Senior English class. l0pposite bottom leftj Mrs. Linda Poznanter attempts to get her point across to the class. fOpposite bottom right! Mrs. Marie Stenlund prepares herself to inform her A.P. English class of their writing assignment for the day. 186 English E FE?N: 1 L' E I ..... 4d"'r Q,, 1 -sl 251 umm ,.. H 4--.-.-...,,...Q .W -at our I... fx ' an. :ik 'N,...f- M ,...w"""""" 'Qw- Enghsh 187 Misiewicz retires after 14 years i'Let's supposin' that you were to borrow money from bank A, and you put this mon- ey into Bank B. . ." For many seniors these words brought to mind economics, and Mr. Misiewicz. This was the last year that the walls of room 83 heard the analogies of Mr. John Misiewicz. On January 25, 1985, after fourteen years at Fallbrook High, he retired from teaching. Mr. Misiewicz enjoyed teaching various subjects here at the high school. A few of his favorite subjects included Algebra, Electricity, and Economics. He enjoyed these subjects because they dealt with stat- istics and were related to living and success. Mr. Misiewicz did not retire completely. He decided to retire from Fallbrook High because he wanted to move on to other ca- reers and use his talents elsewhere. Some of these careers were financial services, plan- ning brokerage, stocks, and investments. Mr. Misiewicz will never forget his years of teaching at Fallbrook High. "Fallbrook is one of the better high schools in North County even though there is room for im- provement. The students are well-rounded and very very good. I'd like to thank the staff and students for their cooperation and help throughout the years." fTopl Mr. Ken Anderson shows that he does not monkey around when teaching history. fMiddle leftj Trying to suppress a laugh, Mrs. Sue Brown listens to one of her students. lMiddle right? Mr. Timothy Oder speaks to his throwers about the penalty for dropping a shot put in the ring. QBottom leftl Scrutinizing a paper, Mr. Gerry Port finds, to his amazement, that nothing is wrong. lBottom right, Mr. Walt Parry prepares his class for an upcoming test. Social Studies Dept.: Bottom row: Mr. Dick Hulit, Mrs. Sue Brown, Mr. Gerry Port, Mr. Tom Fogarty, Mr. Walt Parry Top row: Mr. John Misiewicz, Mr. Dick Trull, Mr. Tim Oder, Mr. Steve Kettering, Mr. Bill Macy, Mr. Gar- land Dunbar, Mr. Ken Anderson. f0pposite bottom leftj "Picture?" asked Mr. Tom Fogarty while he fixed his collar in prep- aration. IOpposite bottom right! Mr. Gary Barr strikes a relaxed pose while teaching his class. 188 Social Studies .fl 'lem YQ ,.,.,.I flP"'f Y 3 4 SE 1 ...,..... :gifs .R -:-.kk- . Computers make the difference What is in the future for the Math world? Is it Algebra, Geometry, or comput- ers. The correct answer is computers. Not to say that Algebra and Geometry are not important. Algebra and Geometry are the keys to getting into a good college. But computers are also very important for getting a job in the real world. Being able to program a computer is helpful in finding a good job. The Fallbrook Math department hired a new teacher, Mr. Nagaran, to teach com- puter programing. With more teachers and more computers, this program is likely to expand. How did the students feel about the com- puter programing class7 Ml feel that the class helped me develop skills that someday will help me get a good job," said Cammy East. All in all the Fallbrook campus is helping both the students who want to go to college with the Algebra and Geometry, but also the other students with new technology and computers. lBottomJ Using the overhead projector as a teaching tool, Mr. Ropes instructs his algebra class. fOpposite top rightl Mr. Bill Shea demon- strates to his students a geometry problem that has the students puzzled. lOpposite top leftl Mr. Gary Lutgendorf com- forts a student who seems to be having a prob- lem in math. lOpposite bottoml Mr. Cliff Farrar discusses how to work out one of the math problems with two of his students. fAbovel Math and science departments: top row: Cliff Farrar, Tom Pack, David Albritton, Dick Heald, Jim Yahr, Gary Wise, Gary Lut- gendorf, Michael Nagaran, Bob Farrimond. Bottom row: Jay Craven, Al Walker, Phil Burns, Bill Shea, Jeff Ropes. l9O Math N., 2 M1 4 3 'Y If Math 191 The march of progress The science department has continued it's march of progress. With the addition of Mr. David Albritton, the department boasted six science instructors. According to Mr. Albritton, 'Teaching science at Fallbrook has meant involvement in many school activities, which has really made the year very enjoyable and exciting? The entire department was dedicated to the future expansion and modernization of the existing facilities. These plans include the construction of a new chemistry build- ing and the addition of several new comput- ers. Department chairman, Mr. Phil Burns, spent the summer studying current com- puter, which he said was quite enjoyable. For freshman and sophomore students, the science requirements for entrance into a University of California campus were changed to two full years, not counting any science taken during the freshman year. The students had the choice of taking earth science, life science, biology, chemistry, physics, or biomedical science. Cfopj Mr. Yahr shows Junior Liz Shimokubo her test score. fBottoml Mr. Walker does an impression of a planaria for one of his biology classes. QOpposite top leftj Mr. Burns drops a ball to demonstrate the laws of motion and the trans- fer of energy. COpposite top rightl While in one of his more serious moods, Mr. Walker points out a bio- logical phenomenon to an interested student. 1Opposite bottoml An intelligent Mr. Albrit- ton poses with one of his life science classes. 192 Science a s Nmgiii F35 Q if-. PP K , .Et 6 Q v A xg? if ,X SQ K X., Y i .11L33i-5' Sm 339534 smig Q Q K R i Q RU l,.1 ASAE A. 5, , ., . . 1 S? 3 if W 1 M ,WA """'bfw,, gif" ' y " Q A ' V 322. M I' V -f , QW Q QW ' , f ff .far L N' , f QQ.,Q4c'1f'1A' V . ' A ' 4 NX, if u K . Q .,:. 5 -..f, .- if E Q X X rs 3. XQ ., . Q -Q Q55 A Q. 5. X .,, 13" fx . 5- - 1 wwf ,JW HX: . . 'L nl 1 k' " k LQ Wifi:- E c-- , T :tiff-?' .R , X ' -1:12 xf1?'i41 -,N x y S P ' . 5'f'ffT'!sf g m' , g t. ski. . xv K 5 : - :Y Jw-W K Y X lf' 9' . 5. - Q K sg W ...N x K 1 xl, 1 ' R L .. ,wgx ,gm S., A .:.A M, wfgv NQFQ 194 Language , ,, ew additions Two new teachers have joined the lan- guage deparunentthh year,h4rs hdnenle Santos and h4rs.Jo Jean Jones.hdrs San- tosteaches Hrm year French and Spanuh forthedeparunent.hdrs.Santosconnnenb ed, "The foreign language department is very hiendly.lAllthe teachers have been very helpful and willing to share materials and ideas with me." When Mrs. Santos was asked what one of her objectives for the year was she commented, "My students havebeenexposedtothelanguage,thecus toms, and the foods of different countries. Thuinuoducdonhasopenedthedoomtoa larger more varied world for them." Mrs. Jones has given her talents to the deparunent by teaching Spanwh I and Spanish II. Mr. Gary Berglund had positive conunentstoinakeaboutthetwoteachers "With her pleasant personality and enthu- siasm for speaking, Mrs. Santos brings en- joyment in beginning Spanish to students? "Mrs. Jones' hard work and dedication has provided her students with many varied ac- dvniesu t0pposite top, Back row: Arturo Santoyo, Ar- turo Cassares, Gary Bergland, Ana Deleon, and Joe Rayes. Front row: Carol Gilbert, Jo Jean Jones, Betty Woody, Becky Kvickstad, and Mireille Santos. tTopJ Mr. Arturo Cassares attempts to help a student with his class work. tOpposite bottom lefty Mrs. Mereille Santos explains the grades that the students re- ceived on their tests in the beginning Spanish class. Qliottomj Mrs. Jo Jean Jones instructs a stu- dent on the proper way to conjugate the Span- ish verbs. fOpposite bottom rightl Mr. Berglund ana' Iyzes a students response to the Spanish les- son. Language 195 A head start with vocation There is always talk about the college's raising the requirements for english, math and science, but does it affect the vocation- al classes also? You might be wondering what is classi- fied under vocational. The vocational classes that were offered in this high school are sewing, foods, restaurant management, ag production, typing, data entry, wood, medal, and auto shop. Did the higher requirements affect these classes? The answer is Yes, for the follow- ing reasons. "First of all, it is a shame that students can't take these classes, because they are concentrating so hard to fulfill the college requirements for english and math," said Betty Hall. Secondly, these classes can help the stu- dents make up their minds whether they want to pursue a career in one of these fields. lf a student has an idea, like going into restaurant management or secretarial work, what better way to see if they will enjoy that type of career than to be in a vocational class. Hop! Mrs. Maggard assists one of her stu- dents in a ROP class dish out cookies. Q0pposite leftj Mrs. Kay Mick is in deep thought, while watching her students in her data entry class. fOpposite Rightj ln his typing class Mr. Koyl walks around the classroom checking on how his students are doing. fOpposite bottoml Mrs. Betty Hall helps a stu- dent in her sewing class with a problem or questions. fBottoml Vocational Ed: ftop rowl Bill Rien- stra, Dick Welch, Bill Regal, Ken Mumford, John Buehman, Glenn Koyl, Bob Crowe, ffront rowj Lynn Sherman, Kay Mick, Betty Hall, Cliff Stokes, Millie Maggard, and Fritz Schattschneider. 196 VocationalfBusiness Ka 4 C 1 3 . x + . Annu EQ, QR WY 1, 1 i MM yn , 5. ,w,,,,,q,4 ' uf' L, VocationalfBusiness 197 Improvements in PE There was an addition to the veteran staff of the PE Department. Connie Keller came and introduced the new dance pro- gram. Another improvement was in the weight lifting program. Mr. Dave Heid comment- ed, "We improved the program by having more Co-Ed classes, getting additional equipment, and improving existing exercise routines." With that action, it helped to boost the desire for physical fitness. One other improvement was Mrs. Heather Schultels Adaptive PE class. This class was only offered first period, and was for either severly handicapped students, or ones with only temporary injuries. Depend- ing on their disability, determined what they worked on. fTopJ Mr. Buck White shows the correct hand grip on the bat. tBelowJ Mr. Bill Waite demonstrates the fore- hand stroke to a student. tRightJ Mr. Mike Vanyo looks on as a student practices the leg press. l0pposite topl Back row: Tom Pack, Veronica Bailey, Buck White, Connie Keller. Front row: Dave Heid, Kathy Yancy, Bill Waite, Heather Schulte, Mike Vanyo. fOpposite bottoml Jill Tippit laughs as Mr. Dave Heid makes his well known funny face. 'l S Physical Education Hd Q w ' ntl. . if -3 2 if I LA iM , I 11 f w if 5 , ff , L., .,,,f.,,. f f as , fy ' Ki 4 X f HZ, ' , ., 4 1' 26 QV, . 5 if , Z '1', ' 4 5. ,ff -:ii is f f W' ' f . f ' f f , ,, f Physical Education 199 ew faces change paces The Fine Arts Department consists of two separate areas. These are visual arts and performing arts. Visual arts, which in- cludes crafts, art history, and studio art, was taught by Mrs. Dorothy Hartford. Per- forming arts includes drama, taught by Mr. Gary Frost, music by Ms. Rebecca Caf- farel, and dance by Ms. Connie Keller. As head of the Fine Arts Department, Mrs. Hartford had many responsibilities to fulfill. "This has been a very challenging year, teaching all ofthe visual art classes. I enjoy working with our enthusiastic new performing arts teachers. Together we are producing the Renaissance Faire, this years theme for Hi-Lites. Which includes all as- pects ofthe Fine Arts Departmentf' ex- plained Mrs. Hartford. As an exchange teacher from England, Mr. Frost brought fresh new ideas to the Drama Department. Many of these ideas went into the production ofthe Renaissance Faire. Among some of the activities Mr. Frost directed were Turning Points, Sweeney Todd, and comedy night. Not officially part of the Fine Arts De- partment, but playing a big role, is Ms. Keller. Along with being new herself, she introduced the new dance program. This program expanded during the year because of its popularity. The advanced dance class took part in the Renaissance Faire. Teaching three band and two choral classes kept the new music director, Ms. Caffarel, busy throughout the year. She seemed to have handled her busy schedule very well. 'Ll was kept really busy all year but that's what makes thisjob fun. I'm real- ly glad to be a part of Fallbrook High!" exclaimed Ms. Caffarel. QTopJ Mrs. Dorothy Hartford takes a moment to answer a student's question. QBottom Iefti Ms. Rebecca Caffarel takes part in the classroom activities. fBottom rightl Demonstrating some new dance moves is Ms. Connie Keller. t0pposite topl The Fine Arts Department: Ms. Rebecca Caffarel, Mr. Gary Frost, and Mrs. Dorothy Hartford. fOpposite bottomj While blocking a scene, Mr. Gary Frost advises a student on her posi- tion. 2OO Fine Arts ' N Shaw-t. .2 ,xx I ' . Jw ' sql, - ' K , ,v- . , XX. 1, . , Y ,HU Mg,- 43 ef' .g , E? f YG? - L55-i' I AJS ,Q X X XF X M K X M Y- X M Q gk Li.. V L.W,1 L--- 3 R fm: wa kms: 13, J . X Jw? ' ' 1- I- if A . z- 5, , Q . . .gym . Fine Arts 201 Fallbrook's Helpers Who kept this school running all year? lt was all the hardworking, dedicated staff members who kept the books, cooked the food, ran the library, patrolled the campus, filed and typed millions of forms, and did all the essential jobs. Mrs. Annette Dean, the A.S.B. Book- keeper, acted as a prime example of the hardworking employees here at Fallbrook High. Mrs. Dean kept busy fulfilling duties such as keeping track of all A.S.B. organi- zation funds, managing Warrior Trading Post, and working at football and basket- ball games. "Ohl I just love working here. You kids are so wonderful," exclaimed Mrs. Dean. "This is a job of service and I am here to serve," she added. fTopl Maintenance personnel: ftop rowl Bruce Taylor, Roger Thompson, Wayne Tortorella, Bob Davis, Bob Jordan, Qfront rowj Al LaReau, Gil Escobedo, Lyman Armes, Richard Krenz, and David Weiser. fMiddleJ Secretaries, Bookkeepers: ltop rowj Eloine Waltrip, Dee Jespersen, Gina Ferdyn, Beverly Burks, Linda Elder, Jo Ann Williams, ffront rowl Dave Drake, Helen Flores, Joan Williams, and George Freeman. lBottomJ Bus Drivers: Qin bus? Mary Liermann, Cindy Kaptain, Gail Mayfield, Vivian Lemke, ffront rowl Dick Chown, Wand Erwin, Jim Pe- chin, Debbie Bochinski, Maureen Fitzgerald, Lee Spaller, Donna Warriner, Ken Schooley, Bonnie Ayasse, John Tester, Cheryl Lambert, and Faye Mullen. COpposite top leftj Food personnel: ltop rowl Bobbie Harris, Larry Granzella, Marjorie Cosh, ffront rowj Judy Flasch, Maria White- side, Millie Maggard, Rollande Smith, and Natalie Kerr. QOpposite top rightl Mrs. Grace Bowman an- swers the phone with a smile. f0pposite middle leftl Security Personnel: Don Garcia, Carol Manley, and George Jones. f0pposite middle rightj Mrs. Annette Dean enjoys a moment of free time in the A.S.B. Office. iOpposite bottom leftj Aides: ftop rowl Linda Ganske, Rose Peralta, Cfront rowl Maria Fer- nandez, Connie Herman. lOpposite bottom rightl Personnel services: ftop rowj Diane Berry, Colleen Hayden, Lor- enna Harris, Donna Bardwell, Jo Ann LaReau, lfront rowj Shirley Vickery, Christine Lem- ons, Debbie Gerlack, and Phoebe Marks. 202 Classified if 5-NVI.I.l.ClBlll l , MW N ww'- f Classified 203 Wemuhn. WW A I? 'fy A Af , J ? Qf 4 5 f A 'f ,. gg 1 pygmy , v Z 2 Q I 5 3 E i 206 Closing QOpposite top left! Melissa McQueen fortifies herself on french fries during second lunch. QOpposite top right? Letica Silva, Harold Barns, Valerie Core, and Lisa Brown crowd around together during nutrition to talk about their weekend. QOpposite bottomj Cheering at the Homecom- ing pep rally Barbie Trout, Anna Barcelo and Meredith Brown wave to the camera. fTop leftj Seniors Lori Haynes, Ranel Meets, Kathy Trujillo and Lori Bacon spend time to- gether at nutrition. QTop right! Two friends spend their lunch peri- od talking together. lBottomJ Helping custodian Wayne Tortorella clean up after lunch, Jamie Zuna and Ferny Gonzales take a short break. Closing 207 QBelowJ Junior David Gardner is just hanging around before the last soccer game of the season. fTopJ Sophomore Peme Serrato jokingly threat- ens to dump Sophomore Augustin Rosas off the cafeteria balcony. 1BottomJ Sophomore Matt McCarley cruises his way to Spanish. - COpposite topl Sophomore Troy Hopton and friends trashcan a freshman. fOpposite bottom leftl Sophomore Darrel Fox tickles Freshman Marcy Emory's nose with a feather. fOpposite bottom rightj Sophomore Chad Saylors smiles for the camera at lunch time. 208 Closing M N5 W ,Q Nm. Closing 209 fTop leftj Mike Crowley and Cheri Hall spend a quiet moment together during nutrition. fTop rightl Cramming for a Biology test, Kevin Rice sits outside the library. fBottomJ Tom Dumont flashes a winning smile as tacky tourist Susan Ervin prepares to take a pic- ture. fOpposite top lefty Heather Bradford and Jason Frummet look for a shady place to eat their lunch. Q0pposite top rightj The 2:53 traffic jam at the Stage Coach, Mission intersection. fOpposite bottomj With a look of exhaustion, James Black does his good deed for the day by giving blood. ., W. . " 'M fhyp - ' K 95 ffl' amd. ,M I 210 Closing Q: ff: 'Wil mf' f ,., W V Closing 211 QBelowj Senior John Scott and Junior David Mot- ley ham it up for the camera. fRightJ Sophomore Stacy Clemments eats raisins during a class competition. QBelow right! Senior David Eismen, Senior James Breen and Junior Joe Turner hard at work in T.V. tech. fOpposite topj Junior Scott Vanyo, Senior Harpo Anderson, Sophomore Jeff Aafedt, Freshman Darrow Nelson, and Junior John Jung are moving in step. QOpposite bottom leftj Sophomore Tori Halloway and Senior Kelly Jordan display the latest in hair styles. f0pposite bottom rightj Junior Ed Nielson caught in a look of surprise. X X X win.. 212 Closing Closing 213 214 Closing COpposite topj Friends April Piper and Laurel Jensen take time out to pose for the camera. fOpposite bottom leftl During P.E. Jill Connel- ly takes a break and flashes a smile. fOpposite bottom rightb A group of friends en- joy the sun during second lunch. lLeftJ Heidi Durbin relaxes after a game of badminton. fBottomj After leaving the cafeteria, Cory Geiger, Max Mattox, and Dan Cunningham eat a popsicle. x 4 3. 'fx 216 Closing fOpposite topb Junior David Waite shows his ex- treme athletic ability. fOpposite bottom lefty Senior Chris Wojcik dis- plays his recently polished teeth. f0pposite bottom right? David Motley proves that all Juniors are not lead footed. 1Top leftj Junior Dan Keegan does his impression of Bullwinkle the Moose. fTop rightj Senior Ted Klovanic poses with his girlfriend Senior Becky Boyd. fBottomJ Junior Drew Habura shows the early signs of Ketosis. , fp X 4. ,W , , to-Z Closing 217 - S S 3' 12. Lvw Q , 'K 4. .ws - X 5. 218 Closing uma. W -..aw 1Opposite topj Utilizing lunch to finish last minute homework, Kevin Kasha, Jeff Richie, Chris Tucker and Kathy Trujillo. fOpposite bottom leftj Frantically working to finish her layout for yearbook, Angela Cle- ments makes revisions on her copy. COpposite bottom rightj Sophomores spend the last few minutes of class relaxing. fTop left! Melissa Lash gives Craig Puckett an enthusiastic hug before going off to class. Crop right, On her way to fifth period, Michelle Snyder takes time to pose for the camera. fBottoml Neomi Boles is examined by a nurse before giving blood during the annual school blood drive. Closing 219 220 Closing ....c..!........ QOpposite topj On the lookout for Hutcherson, Cam Coughran hides behind a tree! fbut where is John Scott?J fOpposite bottom leftj ln between classes Mr. Bogdanski lets it all hang out. fOpposite bottom lefty Sophomore Pauli Mor- amarco contemplates a headline for her arti- cle in yearbook. Hop left, Freshmen Cathy Coates and Loretta Morris enjoy the privacy of WaIkman's. lBottom Leftj Sophomores Sam Luna and Jim' my Castillo watch students arriving at Fall- brook in the morning. lBelowJ An embarrassed student hides as Mr. Lutgendorff tries for a hug. Closing 221 fRebecca it Q-aWW"" .Semen "Smiley," FHA-Hero, "I Band, "What's up?" 5 'Finders keepers, Loser's know!" "Twinkle Butt," Field Hock- strange!" Football stars, Latin club, f S 1 Stats, "Do you know him?" Samantha Victoria L. Betts: "Vicki,' Basketball, Volleyball, ma, AP Art, Speech, Danielle Betz. E Gumby, Yearbook Staff, Ciay! and I-EFS Rebecca HWPPY. Yippv, Irma Puff know what you have until it s Wayne Christopher Calvin. Role Softball, Swimming, Club. Club, Key Club, Band Renae Dowling: Cheerleading, J Leagu,QiQSF, Y ,yyll in Lorl Dunbar J V Doran? KFMHBJ ?TCl1tally 'Powd ff FF a ff, M a A thi is og Lee ,"Trac Pres' "Pr he T? ga. 2 5 we 0 ' W 412103 ml" ,. 'PM fi 42, ia, ri, 55,1 if Iv VE 5,134 u f: Gymnastics, Girls sl: Football, Baseball, Jrheads, "Oh sure it e ou do it on our sse y y ls David, but most peo- or Mania," Kev Club. -M -iwwfz-W'm1r',, ,, , g Erin S. Miller: Volleyball, Yearbook, The Karma W nightmare!" "What is lt'?" Simmi Milligan: "lf at ceed try, try again, then making a damn fool Jaime League Vista. ,xl fn 'W Nm,- teca CSF tling Oitizlf 4' GMTQTESZTTF lmlsr? ' e hblbeslllhw T ,gstudyfl G, .W , Mathe Arth QOH8 get ,PAQ Jose Rivera: "Roy Where's the party Track, Lu gl'gg3bQn: cle aul: Killer, W Monza, "Ska Bo tics, ditch," "Hey p Ho GY lot! Anne rastafarians . . Crayger, lets Whats up chump. Alicia Haay Bunce. Leslie Peck nectar" ing Cheerlea Q, Gym s- 'Hey Bab Purely y- Bear,' Hi Bork" gg s your name, Sambo -fgencwc Gglfy "No - ,. .. l I" W I" hair. The sun ll come out tom O l Gay- G , M' , , 3 -l" ' 4' A ' , ,, T M , ' 5 1 , .. f T J f ,T pg it T t , tlll 2 , fi "" 7 WW: 1:55, 'Z' ' ' A ,, :1i,m,QlQ :Llp i,j',F-QQ? , - , 'j' I 'Wwfd 'M' .. , , , fi- ' , ',l' 55D'Jfi "?:'M ,E,m'f '-'- T , 1 l,,' . "-. I ' slll V - It w ' V ' H , ' f - ' 1 . ,, f . I N ' g5jf,5y1j4Q3mfM,ty.ff Q try' AZ"1'kffW' gg'-N-1 fha-w',g5'fg' ,5i qlff.'2.5L,,,zc5' H T224 3en10f'iMfm?10fleS T T " G T- W ,, g , ' , ff A I 9 ,, at ff . Q . N' l 'sg ,A , " J , - , J f ,gf ,,, ,,, ,, , :, , ,N M 4 , - ,T if W f ff ' 32,524 ' ' I a a n M e a n d m y 5 5 S mpl asur , ross C ntry cretary FFA Score!! Aafedt, Jeffrey A. Q10g 116, 160 Abshire, Bret Q125 16, 6, 176 Academic Team 168 Aicgrins, John W. Q115 56, 102, 105 Adamson, Todd D. Q95 134 Adrian, Timothy John Q95 134 Advincula. Eric M. Q95 1 4 Aguayo, Bobby Q95 134 Aguilar, Karlen 105 116 Alarcon, Linda 95 134 Albright, Terrance M. QJ115 102 Albritton, Dave 80, 19 , 192 Alexander, Dean 8125 16 Alexander, John Q 5 134 Aifaro, Elizabeth Q95 134 Allee, Bruce Edward Q105 116, 155 Allen, Fredrick D. Q95 13 Allen, Stewart E. Q115 102, 180 Almanza, Annette Q125 16, 158 Almanza, Gail Q95 134 Almanza, Pauline Q125 16, 158 Alvarez, Anita Q105 116 Alvarez, Guadalupe Q95 134 Applen, Christopher Q95 137 Amoroso. George Q1 5 116 Amsler, Kurt D. Q105 58, 116 Anasis, Maria E. Q95 134, 156 Andersen, Neal , 2115 102, 162 Anderson, Brent Q1 5 16, 212 Anderson, Bret C. Q 05 116, 160 Anderson, Christopher Q105 116 Anderson, Chris W, Q105 1 6 Anderson, Dennis A. Q115 62, 102, 131, 166, 168 Anderson, Jill Q95 134 Anderson, Ken 188 Anderson, Rodger Q105 116 Andrews, Sherri L. Q105 68, 116 Andrus, Victoria Q115 64, 102, 162 Anthony. Dionne P. Q10! 134 Anthony, Philip R, Q35 1 4 Araiza. Elizabeth Q 5 134 Arboneaux, Tracie Q105 66, 116, 174 Arce, Elsa Q95 134 Archambo, Nancy A. Q115 102 Arena, Stephanie L. Q125 16 Art Club 160 Arias, Marco Q105 58, 116 Arnold, Rina Q10g 116 Arnold, Robert . Q105 116 Arreola, Evangelina Q105 116 Arrington, Samantha Q105 116 Arthur, Robert Q425 16, 46 Ascencio, Mart a Q105 116 Askew, Linda Q125 16, 64 Ausman, Walter Q9g 134 Avina, Jose QJ125 1 Axe, Julia Q1 5 116 Ayres, Clifford Q105 116 Bacon, Jeffrey Q95 134 Bacon, Lori Q125 16, 156, 164 Bailey, Shawn Q95 58, 134 Baily, Veronica 64, 198 Bair, Bridget Marie Q123 16, 160, 174 Balkcom, Jim Jerry Q1 5 16, 52 Ballin, Belinda Q95 134 Ballou, Luther . Q95 134 Ballou, Miche,'?e A. Q105 116 Banuelos, Anna Q95 34 Banuelos. Roberto Q115 102 Barajas, Maria Q105 116 Barba, Kathleen Q105 116 226 Barber, Timothy W. Q105 116 Barcelo. Ana Q125 1 . 17, 24, 180. 207 Barcenas, Gerardo R. Q115 102 Barker, Gregory D. Q105 116 Barksdale, Ty Q105 5 , 116, 119, 124, 176 Barlow, Norman C. Q95 58, 134 Barlow, Trisha L. Q95 1 4 Barnebee, James H. Q105 62, 116 Barnes, Harold Q105 116, 207 Barnes, Jennie Q93 134 Barnes, Kerri C. Q 55 134 Barnett, Rachel Q 05 116 Barns, Melissa P. Q1 5 102 Barr, Vickie Lynn Q1 5 48, 102 Barrick, Scott Robert Q105 58, 116, 133 Barrientos, Rosa Q105 116 Barron, Gilberto 125 16, 160 Barron, James Q105 116 Borg-on, Rebecca Q125 16, 28, 45. 1 5 Barry, Johanna S. Q115 64, 102, 180 Barry, Kelly P. Q95 58. 134 Bartlette, Colleen M. Q115 102 Baseball, Varsity 88 Baseball, J.V. Frosh 90 Basketball Var Boys 74 Basketball JV Frosh 76 Basketball Girls 78 Basore, Kelli Q95 134 Basore, Traci Q125 16, 180 Batey, Odelia Ann Q115 102 Batey, Patricia A. Q 05 116 Batin, Shaun Q125 16 Batin, Traci Q95 134 Bauer, Tanya Q105 116 Baumgartner, Wiliam Q115 102 Beastall, Juli Lynn 210 116 Beastall, Kimberly . 95 134. 135 Beck, Eric P. Q125 16,56 Beck, Marcia Elaine Q105 116 Beckham, Kerri Q125 , 6, 31, 32, 155 Beckman, Nancy Q15 102 Bedolla, HeatherQ 5 134 Bedolla, Tiffany Q125 16, 64 Beeson, Dawn Q 05 117 Beeson, Denise Q95 134 Beetz, Cheryl Lynn Q115 102 Behar, Krista Q105 68, 117, 160 Bein, Stephanie Q105 48, 117 Bell, Chase L. Q415 102 Bergholz, Hutc L. Q915 134 Bergholz, Tyson D. Q 15 102 Berglund, Gary 180, 194 Berglund, Gary L. Q105 117 Berglund, Marilyn Q125 16, 180 Bergmann, Jandy M. Q3115 102 Bergmann, Luke Q95 1 4 Bergstrom, Bess Lee Q115 102 Bergstrom, Robert Q95 1 4 Bernal, Rebecca M. Q125 16, 52 Bernier, David Q105 1 7 Bernier, Jennifer Q 5 134 Betancourt, Alma Q125 16 Betancourt, Daniel Q95 134 Betancourt, David A. Q115 52, 102 Betancourt, Emma Q115 102 Betancourt, Gloria M. Q115 102 Betancourt, lrma Q125 16, 52 Betancourt, Lourdes Q95 134 Betancourt, Margarito Q103 117 Betancourt, Michael A. Q1 5 52, 117, 158 Betancourt, Nancy Q125 16, 158 Bettin, James C. Q95 134 Bettin, Lania Ann Q 15 52, 102 Betts, Victoria Q125 16, 174 Birkett, Samant a Q125 16 Bishop, Joseph Doug Q95 134 Black, James Q125 18, 210 Black, Jeneen A. Q95 135 Black, Nancy Q125 18 Blacker, Sarah Anne Q11g 102 Blake, Christopher M. Q1 5 117 Blanc, Kim L. 8125 18 Blea,MattQ12 117 Bly, Sheila L. Q 05 117 Bly, Sheri L. Q125 18 Bobo, Bridgett 95 135 Bobo, Todd Q10 56, 117 Bogdanski, Dan 122, 176. 186 Bojorquez, Miguel Q95 135 Boldlng, Christine Q1 5 117 Boles, Denise Q95 135, 178 Boles, Geronimo Q95 135 Boles, Louella Neomi Q125 18, 178, 219 Bollinger, Bryan Q105 117 Bond, Michael J. Q115 102 Bonton, Anthony Q95 135 Bonton, Larry Q115 102 Boozan, Carla M. Q115 102 Boswell, Lori1Q105 117 Bottenfield, onya M. Q115 102 Boucher, Rick Q105 117 Bougher, Bridgett Q125 18 Bougher, Lisa Q105 52 Bowen, Diane Q1 5 18 Bowen, Steven Q115 102 Bowman, Lisa Dianne Q105 117, 155, 176 Bowman, Lora Elainn Q105 62, 117. 155 Boyd, Dawn Q125 18 Boyd, Lura Q105 117 Boyd, Michele R. Q115 72. 102 Boyd, Rebecca Q 25 18. 72 Bradford, Eric Q105 118 5 Bradford, Heather A. Q115 64, 102 Bradford, Kerri Q95 135 Bradford, Ronald Lee Q95 135 Bradley, Christopher Q95 135 Braendel, Michael Q105 118 Braendel, Robert Q125 19 Branson, Kevin F. Q115 102 Brant, Randy Q105 118 Breen, Wendy N. Q115 102 Brent, Adam Q95 58, 135 Bresnahan, Kevin Q95 135 Breza, Michael James Q115 102 Briblesca, Peter Q105 118, 160 Brill, Aaron E. Q105 52, 118 Britton, Jason A. Q125 19 Brown, Angelique N. Q105 118 Brown, Anne Q125 19 Brown, Eric Q95 1 5 Brown, George J. Q115 62, 102 Brown, Lisa Q105 68, 118, 207 Brown, Meredith Q125 19, 155, 160 Brown, Sue 188 Brown, Tammy 155 Brush, Dale Wayne Q95 136 Brush, Dean A.Q105118, 178 Brust, Colin 'Chip' Q105 118 Buckley, Lori D. Q10g 118, 156 Buehman, John 19 Buell, Amy 95 136 Buell, Mike 125 19 Buffington, Jean Q125 17, 18, 19, 21, 40.46, 155, 164 Bunton, Mark Q105 118 Buonarati, Elizabeth Q105 118 Burcham, Gregory E. Q115 102 Burgos, Jeffrey A. Q95 136 Burke, Audrey Q115 102 Burke, Matthew Q 5 136 Burke, Phillip C. Q 15 102 Burns, Phil 182, 190, 192 Burris, Gabriel Q105 118 Burton, Amy Q105 117, 118, 180 Burton, Nan Q115 102, 162 Busceml, Tammy M. Q115 48, 102, 156 Bush, Timothy Q125 19, 60, 155 Bustamante, Anthony Q95 136 Bustamante, Michael E. Q115 103 Butler, Catherine D. Q105 118 Butler, Christina D. Q105 '118 Butler, Jessica Q95 136 Butts, Frank L. Q115 103 Butts, Jennifer Q95 135, 136 Bynum, Dean J. Q115 103 Cabulagan, Eric Q95 58, 136 Cady, Fred Myron Q95 58. 136 Caffarel, Becky 52, 174, 200 Calac, Bennae Q105 118, 178 Calac, Leah G. Q115 103, 178 Calac, Mark Q95 58, 136, 178 Calderon, Monica Q125 19 Calderon, Yolanda Q95 136 Calderwood, Bryan 105 118 Caldwell, Courtney 105 118 Callison, James Q125 19 Ccalgillo, Baldomero C. Q105 118. Calvillo, Roselina Q125 19 Cameron, WayneQ 25 19, 155 Campos, Adriana Q105 118 Canchola, Vanessa A, Q105 118 Capistrano, Maria D. Q115 6 Caramanis, Fredrick 11 103 Carpenter, David J. 11 103 Carrere, Jean L. Q125 19, 24, 155 Carroll, Melinda A. Q105 118, 168, 176 Carson, Anthony M. Q93 137 Carter, Dan Q125 19, 6 Carter, Tamira L. Q105 118 Castaneda, Yvette Q105 118 Casteel, Darren Q125 19, 164 Casares, Auturo 194 Casteel, Jill M. QQ15 103 Casterline, Eric ay Q115 103 Castillo. James Q105 11 . 221 Castillo, Jesus Q105 118 Castillo, Rosa E. Q105 118 Castillo, Sonia Q95 137 Castro, Daniel Q105 118 Castro, Diana Q105 118 Ceja, Alejandro Q112 103 Cendejas, Joel R. Q 15 103 Cervantes, Abel Q95 137 Cervantes, Jaime Q105 118 Cervantes, Juan D. Q115 103 Cervantes, NormaQ 05 118 Chandler, Scott A. QJ15 56. 103 Chapman, Erin E. Q1 5 118, 174 Chapman, Kelly Q125 15, 19. 62. 170 Chapman, Nannette C. Q115 104 Chatman, Howard Q95 58, 137 Chavaria, Margarita Q12g 20 Chaves, Lina M. Q105 11 Cheon, Christopher E. Q115 104 Cheon, Leanne M. Q105 118 Cherry, Lori Anne Q95 158 Cherry, Michael Q115 104 Chhim, Sodavuth Q105 58,118 Chilcote, Jennifer 8105 118 Chitwood, Suzy Q1 5 118 Chrisman, Joseph Q125 137 Christensen, Chery Q 05 118 Christensen, Denise L. Q95 137 Christiansen, Paul Q105 118 Christopher, KariQ 15 104 Cicchillo, Amy L, Q115 104, 155, 158, 162, 168 Cindrity, Amy D. Q115 104 Clark, Libby Q105 119 Clausen, Naomi Q95 136 Clay, Cheryl Q105 8, 119, 182 Clegg, Todd Q1 5 119 Clements, Anastasia Q105 48, 119 204, 212 Clengjents, Angela Q125 20, 166, 17 Clements, Lance R. C95 437 Cloonan, Richard T. C95 437 Clough, Kirsten F. C95 437 Club Azteca 478 Coates. Kathleen C405 449 Cocca, Timothy C. C95 437 Cochran, Russell J. C4 5 449 Coldiron. Victoria C205 449 Cole. Jeffrey 425 0 Cole, Trisha C9 437, 460 Coleman, Jeffrey E, C405 449 Collingwood, Russell C95 437 Collins, Edward Josep C95 437 Collins. Julie C425 20, 460, 462 Collins, Michael J. C44? 404 Collins, Robert C42 43 Comer, Joseph . C445 56, 404 Comey. Brian S. 445 404 Conklin, Luann C9 437 Connelly, Jill M. C445 64, 404, 245 Conrad, Cory D. C95 437 Continelli, Laura A. C95 437 Cook. Tony C425 20 Coon, Meredith Ann C405 449 Dahlheimer, Tammy C405 420 Dahmer, Christine A, S4 5 404 Dailey, Meghan C93 4 7 Dailey, Michael C4 5 20, 66, 434 456 Dako Dalto Dalto vich, Eve M. C403 420 n. ChristopherC 5 437 n, Michael C425 20 Danforth, Alicia Lynn C95 437 Davenport, Heather C92 437 Davidson, Warren C95 37 Davies, Leslie A. C9 437 Davies, Robbie C42 20 Davis, Charlene C4 5 20, 478 Davis Davis Davis Davis . Cher 486 . Denise L. C405 420 . Eddy C445 404 , Jason C95 438 Davis, Sheryl C95 438 Davis Davis on, Eric T. 9 58 on, Kristie . C403 420 Davis, William . S4 45 62, 404 Dawes, Jason C405 4 0 Corcoran, Don 486 Copeland, Marla C95 437 Corcoran. Matthew L. C405 449 Cordio, Cristo C98 437 Core, Valerie C4 5 62, 449 Corn, Alyssa Leigh C95 437 Corona, Esthela 24 43 404 Corona. Lucio C4 0 Corona. Noemi C9 437 Corp, Samantha . S405 449 Correa. Correa, Cortes, Cortes, Cortez Cortes. Cortez. Cortez. Cortez Cortez Cortez Leticia C425 0 Olivia C405 420 Agustin C. C425 20, 404 Rene C95 58, 437 Carlos C445 404 Elizabet C405 62, 420 Isabel C9 43 Joseph 405420 Matilde C 405 420 Socorro C93 437 Urbano C4 5 420 Cosio. Roberto C4 45 420 Costa, Kristina L. C405 420, 476 Coughran, Camden N. C4 45 404 Coultress, Carl J. C405 420 Coultress, Gina L. C4 5 404 Covarrubias Eva E. 44 404 1 C Cdwgn, Shauna C425 23, 24, 455 Craddock, Christopher C95 437 Crafts, Robert W. C445 404, 468 Craigmiles, Charles S. C98 137 Crane, Araina M. C445 4 4 Crane, Jenine C95 62, 437 Crane, John S. C 45 404 Crane, Kristin S. C95 437 Craven, Jay 490 Creech, Rebeccah 595 437 Creech, Thomas Jo y C445 404 Critchley, Elizabeth 466 Crone, Roger Louis C95 437 Cross Country 62 Crosson, Donna C405 20. 62, 420 Crowe, Bob 496 Cruz, Fidel 95 58, 437 Cruz, Jose 425 20 Cruz, JudithC405 78, 420 Cruz, Maria rinidad C95 437 CSF 454 Cuellar, Eric C95 58, 437 Cuney. Heather C4 45 404 Cunningham, Danie A. C445 404 Curtis, Gavin C405 420 Curtis, Lisa M. 445 404 Curtis, Shawn 95 437 Cutchen, William C445 404 Dechert, DanielC 5 438 Deisenhammer, homas C 425 20 Delacruz, Josue C4 45 62, 404 Delagarza, Dorene C405 64, 420, 462 Delarosa, Cynthia C3 438 Delatorre, Victoria . C 405 420 Delossantos, Melissa C95 438 Deleon, Anna 494 Demalignon, Mike C4215 24, 34 Demattia, Eva E42 2 Dennis, Jeffrey . Q45 404 Dennis, Jonathan . C95 58, 438 Denton, Debbie C425 24, 47, 464. 468 Denver, Keith C425 24 Depreker, Charles C945 58, 438 Depreker, Kelly D. C4 564, 404. 462, 476, 480 Desiderio, Saul C425 24 Devoid, Debra C95 438 Devoid, Teresa Ann C4 45 404 Diaz, Jaime C4215 24 Diaz, Maria E. C 5 438 Diaz, Rosa C405 420 Dick, Dorena C405 420 Dick, Kevin Andrew C93 438 Diehl, August M. S4 45 2, 404 Diehl, Julia C405 4 0 Difazio, Louis S. C445 404 Dillon, Preston S405 420. 434 Dixon, Cheryl C 5 438 Dixon, Paul Brian S4 45 404 Dobbins, Greg C4 5 420 Doi, Sharon M. C4 45 64, 78, 402. 404 Domanski, Teresa D, C445 404, 462 Domerca, Pierre C 443 404, 480 Dominguez, Isabel C 438 Dominguez, Nicolas 44562, 404 Domzalski, Jeffrey C95 438 Domzalski, Jennifer L. C 445 404 Donart, Kimberly C405 45 Doran, Georgia C 25 24, 52, 460, 466 Dorsten, Jeffrey 95 438 Doss, Michael E. C4 45 404 Dowling. Renae C425 24, 64 Dowling, Sean P. C4 45 404 Drama Club 460 Draper, Jason C95 438 Draper, Robert N. C405 420 Druskoff, Jennifer C405 420 Duarte, Robin C. 95 438 Duffy, Sheryle A, C93 66, 78, 438 Dukes, Andre C95 4 8 Dumont. Doug C405 420 Dumont, Thomas J. C425 45, 24, 22, 464, 240 Dugtglaraflggri 62 22, 455, 456, . , , 4 9, 488 Dunckel, William S405 56, 420, 433 Dunn, Roni C425 2 , 480 Suong, Huyen C95 438 Duran, Graciela C425 22 Durbin, Heidi Rae C405 245 Durling, Dennis C405 420 Dutton, Janelle C. C95 66. 438 Earickson, Joyce 486 East. Cameron L. 945 405 East, Carrie C425 2 , 455 Eby, Donna , C405 420 Echeverria, Patricia C95 438 Economides, Louise . C425 460, 462, 476 Edgmon, Kimberly B. C448 405 Edwards, Donald C445 4 5 Edwards, Laura C95 438 Edwards, Rachelle C95 438 Edwards, Ryan A. 64 5 420 Eib, Corey C405 42 Eisman, David Oliver C425 44, 22. 242 Elben, Kenneth R. C445 405 Elder. Liz C 425 22 Ellerby, Stacey Lynn C4 45 405 Ellerby, Todd C95 438 Ellings, Evan C405 420 Elliott, Leigh nn C 425 22 Ellis, Kevin S. C425 23 Elmer, Allen C4 45 405 Emory. Cynthia C. C405 424 Emory, Marcie J. C95 438 Engebretson, Eric C 42 23, 56 Engle, Christina L. C44 405 Engler, Michael W. C4 43 405 Enockson, John 4055 , 424 Erickson. Daniel 405 424 Erickson, Krista C 25 23 Ervin, Shelley A. C405 52, 424 Ervin, Susan C. C425 23 Esbensen, Joyce 462, 468, 486 Escamilla, Irma C 405 424 Escobedo, Elidio C 405 58, 424 Escobedo, Juana C445 405 ' Escobedo, Ramona J. C405 424 Esquivel, Alicia C425 23 Essinger, Shannon C95 438 Estrada, Jesus C95 38 Estrada, Maria C405 424 Etuale, Faamatala C405 424 Etuale, Ti 424 Evans, Wade P. C4 45 405 Evans, John C425 23, 466 Everhart, Barbara A. C 405 424 Fabian, Mary C95 438 Fajado, Raymond C95 438 Fajado, Shelly Ann C445 405 Farrar. Cliff 490 Farrell, Rebecca A. C405 424 Farrimoncl, Bob 490 Faubus, Mary K. C405 424 Fedorchak, Katie L. C405 424 Fellios, Pete t486 Ferguson, John L. C-305 424 Fernandez, Simon . C95 438 Fernau, Kristen Lee C425 68 Ferral. Peter W. C445 6 Feyk, Michael D. C445 60, 76, 40 Feyk, Michelle C405 424 FFA 472 FHAXHERO 458 Field Hockey 64 Fieux, Scott C405 424 Filipek. Diana M. C405 424 Fine, Justin C. C95 58, 438 Fischetti. Steven C 425 23 Fisher, Donald Lee C 25 23 Fishman, Daniel Roy C4 42 406, 476 Fishman, Jonathan C95 38 Fitzgerald, Shannon L. C95 62, 438 Fleming, Mark C42 23 Fleming, Rhonda 405 422 Flores, Favian 95 58, 438 Flores, Marco 58, 438 Flynn, Jay C405 8, 422, 434 Flynn, Shannon C95 438 Flynn, Thomas C 05 58, 422 Fogarty, Tom 488 Football, Varsity 56 Football JV Frosh 58 Forde, Kimberley A. C95 52, 438 Foster, Julie Anne C4 45 48, 406 Fox, Daryl C405 422, 2 8 Fox. Rich C 05 58, 422. 476 Fox, Steven C95 58, 438 Franco. Julie CT 05 422 Fraser, Macris ina T. C95 438 Freed, Mark P. C445 406 Freed, Matthew C 25 23 Freeman, William G. C405 60, 422 French Club 480 Fresquez, Trish C405 422 Frigon, Matthew 425 23, 52 Frinell, Gregory C9 58, 438 Frost, Gary 460, 200 Frost, Kimberly Irene C4 45 406 Frummet, Jason C425 6, 45, 23. 45, 480. 249 Frye, Danny 95 438, 476 Fuess, Dena 425 23 Fuess, Gregg W. C95 60, 439 Galich, John C95 439 Gallery, Jon E. 84245 23 Galpin, Sam C4 22 Garcia, Aurora 95 439 Garcia, Jesus R. 445 406 Garcia, John C. 445 406 Garcia, Leticia C405 422 Garcia, Rigoberto C34 25 23 Garcia, Roberto C4 5 422 Garcia. Gardne Socorro C95 439 r, David L. C445 406,208 Garland, David John C405 422 Garland. Michael C425 2 , 52 Garrigues. Trisha C405 422, 476 Garringer, Dennis S4 4g 406 Gartner, Bernie C4 Z5 6 Gates, April C425 2 , 45 Gaumer. Debby S. C4 45 406 Geary. Charles C95 439 Gehring, Mireya E. C405 62, 422 Geiger, Corey J. 54? 422, 245 Geiger, Tanya C4 5 4, 460, 464 Geisen, Gregory C425 24, 474 Genduso, John C405 422 George, Michael L. 2425 24 George, Terri C405 2 Geraghty, Kelly M. C95 439 Gerber, Craig M. C445 406 Gholson, Ace E. C905 422 Gholson, Brenda . C425 25 Gilbert, Carol 494 Gill, Darren A. C44 58, 406 Gill, Stephen B. C9 439 Gilliard. Senta C22 25 Gilmore, Anne . C445 64, 406, 442. 455 Gilmore, Daniel C95 439 Girls League 456 Giusti, Robert C. C44g 56. 406 Giusto. Kathy CT425 2 , 68 Glocke, Lynne te D. C95, 439 Glotfelty, Brandi C 425 2 227 Gluesenkamp, Andrew Q95 439, 468 Gluesenkamp, Daniel Q4 45 406, 476 Golf 94 Gomez, lselda Q405 422 Gomez, Ismael Q4 5 422 Gomez, Jose F. Q4 5 406 Gomez, Ramon Q42g 25 Gomez, RivasQ915 4 9 Gonzales, Celes o B. Q95 439, 480 Gonzales, Gilbert E. Q95 439 Gonzales, Kristina Y. Q 45 48, 406, 456 Gonzales, Marciano Q4 45 62, 480 Gonzales, Susan Q95 40 Gonzalez, Anita Q4 45 406 Gonzalez, Arturo Q4 5 25, 468 Gonzalez, Eva N. Q95 439 Gonzalez, Jorge A. Q95 58, 440 Gonzalez, Jose Q4 45 207 Gorgialez, Kevin M. Q4 45 56, 406, 4 Gonzalez, Rafael W. Q405 62, 422 Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Roberto Q93 440 Sofia Q425 5 Goodman, Christopher Q405 422 Goodman, Kelly Lee Q4 45 406 Grahek, Julie M. Q95 440, 456 Granada, Suzanne Q95 440 Graves, Angelica 2405 422, 476 Gray, Paul E. Q445 2, 406 Green, James C. Q4 45 406 Green, Robert J. Q405 422 Green, Stephen Q405 422 Greene, Daniel S. Q445 52, 406 Greenlee, Squire L. Q405 422 Griffin, La Ronn Q95 440 Griffith, Sean S. Q4 45 406 Guadarrama, Carlos E. Q445 406 Guadarrama, Marisol P. Q4 51 422 Guanzon, Romeo M. Q95 44 Guerrero, Joaquin Q405 422 Guerrero, Jose Rafael Q4 45 406 Gugino, Scott Q95 58, 440 Guillen, Belizario Q403 422 Gustafson, Janel Q4 5 25, 458, 462 Gutierrez, lvlloltollo- J. Q405 422 Gymnastics 92 Gyving, Gretchen Q95 440 Habura, Andrew J. Q4 45 76, 406, 247 Hadley, Heather Lyn 405 422 Haefner, Charlotte Q9 440 Haferkamp, Bernd Q4 5 60, 406 Haferkamp, Heidi Q 25 43, 45, 25, 455, 480 Hageman, Brenda Marie Q405 422 Hagen, Karl Q95 440 Hainline, Sco t Q405 58, 422 Hale, Mathew Q405 422, 440 Hall, Ann Q95 440 Hall, Betty 96 Hall, Cheryl L. Q425 25, 48, 240 Hall Gary Q425 44, 25, 64 Hallt John P. Q445 406 Hall, Margaret J. Q4 45 406 Hall, Michael Q405 60, 422 Hallett, Cindee L. Q4 45 406 Hallock, Nara L. Q95 4 5, 440 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Ano Q425 25, 4o0 Brooke Q95 470 Earl Q405 62, 422 Marcie Q425 25 Timothy Q4 5 25 Troy Gene Q408 422 Hampton, Heidi L, Q95 44 Hancock, Jeffrey Q95 440 Hand, Kristina Q95 62, 439, 440 Hanify, Thad Q95 440 Hansen, Julie Q 25 25 228 Hansen, Marc E. Q405 422 Hanson, Chris W. Q4 5 406 Hardy, Veresse L. Q4 45 406 Harjung, Kirsten Q95 440 Harrington, Tammy Q405 66, 422 Harris, Bruce Q 425 25, 5 Harris, Charles E. Q95 440 Harris, Jeani D. Q445 406 Harris, Loraina 456 Harrison, Darcy Gay Q4 45 44, 406, 476 Harrison, James Q 425 26, 459 Harrison, Tiffany Q425 26 Harrison, Todd Q405 422 Harry, James P. Q4 45 407 Hartford, Charles Q425 4, 6, 26, 60, 455, 470 Hartford, Dorothy 455, 460, 200 Hartford, Heather S95 440 Hatano, Robert S4 5 26 Hatley, Shelley S 5 440 Houck, Marty 6 , 486 Hauck, Tim 464, 486 Haugh, Christie Q425 26 Haven, Kathleen P. Q4 45 407 Haven, LauriecQ425 26, 46, 456 Hawthorne, A rian Art Q405 423 Hay, Erin F. Q44g 407 Haycock, Lisa ae UQ 5, 52, 407 Haycock, Natalie Q95 2, 440 Hayden, Erika Leigh Q405 423, 474 Hayes, Virginia M. 242 407 Haynes, Lori Q425 2 , 8, 464, 207 Hazlehurst, Geoffrey Q95 440, 476 Heald, Dick 490 Heald, Eric P. Q445 56, 407 Heath, Allison Q425 26 Hedeen, Ginger M. Q95 440 Heid, Dave 486 Henderson, Michael S. 5425 27 Hendrickson, Shawn Q4 5 23 Hendrix, Lee QJ95 440, 456 Hero, Holly Q4 552, 423 Herms, Ronald Q405 423 Hernandez, Alfredo Q95 440 Hernandez, Alyssa l. Q95 440 Herrick, Scott B. Q95 440 Hesser, Laura M. 440, 468, 480 Herring, Kelly Q95 0 Herring, Kimberly S. Q405 424 Heyl, Gary C. Q42 40 Hickey, Patrick Q9 58, 440 Hickey, Sean J. Q 25 27, 46, 455, 476 Hickey, Thomas W. Q425 47, 27, 56, 455, 476 Hicks, Angela Q405 423 Hicks, Jeffrey A. Q4 43 407 Higgins, Kelly Q95 44 Highstrete, Clar Q425 45, 27, 46, 60, 455, 470 Higson, Gail Q425 462, 480 Hill, Donna Q405 423 Hillyer, Peter Q425 27 Himmer, Jennifer C. Q4 45 407 Himmer, Lashel Joyce Q423 27, 50 Hofstad, Lorrie A. Q405 42 Hogarth, Holly H. Q445 66, 407, 456 Holdcroft, Amy M. Q 43 66, 407 Holdcroft, Beth Q95 44 Holdcroft, Michael Q425 27 Holladay, Christy Q95 440 Holladay, Kelly D. Q 0:5 52, 424 Holland, Carisa S405 2, 423 Holland, Travis Q 5 440 Holloway, Tori Q42 423, 242 Hollins, Holly Q95 4 0 Holstein, Joseph K. Q95 440 Hopgood, Jennifer L. Q445 64, 407 Hopton, Randolph L. Q445 407 Hopton, Troy Q405 423 Horn, Dawn Q425 27 Horstman, Mark Q425 27 Horstman, Rebecca Q405 423 Hottel, Karen Q405 424 Houston, Sam Q405 424 Howard, James Q 05 424 Howard, Mark 486 Howard, Michelle Q405 424 Howard, William Q95 440 Howell, Kimberly G. S4 45 48 Howland, John Q425 7, 466 Hreha, Torri L. Q405 424 Hudman, Joe Q95 440 Hudson, Casey AQ405 424 Hueckel, Janine L. Q4 527, 34, 456 Huertas, Maria R. Q915 444 Huey, Amy Q95 52, 44 Hukari, Kristen Q405 424, 480 Hulit, Dick 58, 72, 488 Hulit, Richard Q425 27, 56, 455 Hulit, Roberta Q95 64, 444 Hunt, Fawn Q405 422 Hunter, Daniel Q405 424 Hunter, Jennifer Q 05 424 Hurst, Wm. R. Q95 4 4 Hurt, Denise Q95 444 Hutcherson, Jim 484 Hyams, Celia Q425 27 Hyypgba, Mikko S. Q425 24, 27. 56, 45 lhde, Christine lVl. Q95 444 lmig, Julie Q405 424 Indian Club 4 8 Jackson, Rex Q95 444 Jacobo, Rudolfo Q4 45 408 Jacobus, Jill Q465 408 James, David . Q445 408 James, Edward H. Q425 27, 458 Janikowski, Brad Q425 27 Janikowski, Daniel Q95 444 Janikowski, Kim Y. Q4 45 66, 408, 454 Jann, Jennifer Q405 66, 78, 424, 429 Jann, Nicole Q425 28, 78 Jeffries, David Q 5 436, 438 Jeffries, Jennifer . Q445 408 Jellison, Bradley Q425 28 Jensen, Laurel Q4 45 408, 245 Jensen, Steven A. Q4 45 408 Jester, Keith V. Q445 56, 405, 408 Jester, Kyle Q95 8, 444 Jimenez, Lance Q425 56 Jimenez, Mathew Q15 58, 444, 476 Jimenez, Miguel Q4 5 424 Jimenez, Rita Q95 Q44 0 2 Jimenez, Rosario . Q4 4 4 Johnson, David Shawn 3405 58, 424 Johnson, Dove Q95 444 Johnson, Erik Paul 44562, 408, 476 Johnson, Heather 425 28, 34, 62 Johnson, Peter 405 424 Johnson, Rusty 425 42, 28 Johnson, Sharri L. Q405 425 Johnson, Trisha M. Q40g 425 Johnston, Jami Q405 4 5 Jolly, Jennifer Q403 425 Jones, George 4 2 Jones, Laurie Q405 52 Jones, Loretto Q4 45 408 Jones, Margaret Q425 28, 480 Jordan, Kelly Q425 28 Jorgensen, Lynn Q95 442 Jung, Jonathon D. 445 408, 460 Jungersen, Paul Q42 28 Juriaan, Kimberly D. Q4 45 408 Kabel, Wendy Q95 442 Kaminski, Marcia Q405 425 Kanzelman, Blaine Q4 45 408 Kasenberg, Kim Q402 425 Kasenberg, Kyle Q4 5 28 Katz, Joanna Q405 44, 424 Keegan, Daniel T. Q445 56, 408 Keller, Connie 498 Keniston, Kathy I. Q445 408 Kennington, William Q405 424 Kerr, Todd Michael Q4 45 408 Kettering, Steve 56, 488 Key Club 458 Key, John Howard Q425 24, 29, 46 Keyes, Melinda Q95 44 Kibby, Chad L. Q95 442 Kidder, Nancy Q4 45 408 King, Barbara A. Q405 425 King, Jeffery R. Q445 408 Kinsey, Mark Q425 29 Kirkbride, Eric M. Q4 45 56, 408 Kish, Brent P. Q445 62, 408 Klein, Kristy Q405 425 Klein, Michelle Q445 408 Klemple, Dana Q95 442 Klemple, Daniel R. Q4 45 408 Kline, Joshua J. Q95 44 Klovanick, Tara L. Q405 425 Klovanick, Ted 425 29 Knox, Karen Q40 425, 456 Kolb, Betty Ann Q4 45 408 Kolb, Holly Ann Q405 425 Kopa 462 Koretoff, Brett Q 425 29 Korn, David Q405 425 Kosha, Kevin T. Q445 56, 408, 249 Kotula, Kevin Q95 442 Koyl, Glen 496 Krauser, Ginny 484 Krenzer, Megan Q408 425 Kroupa, Heather Q4 5 425 Kruis, Barbara 484 Krumm, Valerie J. Q95 62, 442 Kuchinsky, Mary Anne Q95 442, 456 Kuchinsky, Vickie 2425 9 Kvikstad, Becky 4 0, 492 Lacey, Gina Q425 29 Lake, John Q95 442 LaMastus, Tina Marie Q405 425 Landers, Christopher 2,402 425 Larutders, David Q425 2 , 8, 56, 455 56 Lane, John D. Q44 56, 408 Lane, Susan A. 9 78, 442 Lange, Julie A. 98 436, 442 Lange, Ronice Q4 5 425, 472 Lanning, Heather Q425 29, 52 Lara, Maria De La Luz Q405 425 Larsen, Tammy Q425 29, 46, 455, 464 Lash, Melissa L. Q405 425, 249 Laszko, Debi Q425 29 Laule, Randall Q405 52, 425 Lavato, Cynthia Q95 442 Lawrence, Jeffrey Q95 58, 442 Lawrence, Lisa: M. Q4 529, 34, 44, 46, 455, 46 , 470 Lawson, Emma Q405 425, 456, 480 Layton, Jennifer Q95 442 Layton, Scott M. Q445 408 Lazdans, Edwin Q93 442 Leander. Malin Q4 5 24, 29, 52, 455 Leclerc, Leslie Sherm Q95 442 Lee, Nathan Q405 422, 425 Lee, Sheri D. Q445 52, 408 Lehman, Greg A, Q95 442 Leigh Christopher A. Q4 45 408 Leist, Rebecca Q95 442 Lemieux, Cynthia M. Q405 52, 425 Lentz, Charles S405 425 Lentz, Keith, 4 5 9 Lentz, Laura 95 442 Lesmeister, Doug M. Q 405 425 Letterman's Club 476 Levering, Heather Q44 408 Liddle, Jonathan S. Q95 60, 442 Lincoln, Michelle Amb Q95 442 Lind, Daniel Q95 442 Lindsay, Steven B. Q95 442 Linn, Shelby Q95 442 Linton, Theral Q405 425, 478 Linville, Tami Q95 42 Lira, Derreck J. Q4 45 58, 408 Lira, James S. Q405 58, 425 Littman, Adam Q40? 425 Littman, Tamara Q 05 52, 425 Loera, Laura Q405 425 Loera, Theresa Q4 45 408 Loftus, Pete Q92 44 , 462 Loigu, Tiiu D. Q 562, 404, 442, 456 Martone, James Q9 443 Maslo, Diana J. Q40 427 Maslo, Donna M. 25 30 Mason, Patricia Q9 443 Mathewson, Jim Q 425 30 Mathias, Donovan Q405 427 Matoba, Darren T. Q405 427 Matsumoto, Dina Q95 443 Matthias, Mary Q95 443 Mattox, Cassie Q95 443 Mattox, Maxwell . Q445 409, 245 May, Tammy Q95 44 May, Willie D. Q445 409 Mayer, Margaret Q425 30, 38 McAndrews, Kenneth Q34 45 56, 409 rvlccall, Matthew E. Q4 5 427 McCammon, Amy Q95 444 McCammon, Sheryl Q425 30 McCarIey, Mathew Q405 427, 208 McLellan, Daniel S. 01054427 McClendon, Kim Q95 4 McClinton, Anthony R. Q405 426 McConkey, Robert L. Q93 44 McCusker, Tracy Q95 43 , 444 McCutcheon, Erin Q405 427 McDaniels, Carrie Q95 52, 444 Lomeli, Marina S425 29 Long, Daniel Q4 5 425 Long, Frank Q425 29 Long, Laura Q95 442 McDaniels, Marcia Ann S4 45 409 McDonald, Craig Q405 4 4, 427 McDonald, Kevin Q425 30, 60, 455 McDonald, Laura Q405 427 Miller, Steven Paul Q405 427 Miller, Thomas Andrew Q 405 427 Miller, Tres Q405 427 Milligan, Simmi L. Q425 460 Mills, Dana 426 Milton, Jeffrey Q405 427, 434 Minter, Debbie Q95 444 Miramontes, Jaime Q425 34, 56 Miranda, Cain Q95 4 4 Miranda, Noe Q42 440 Misiewicz, John 4 8 Mitchell, Anne E. Q405 427 Mitchell, Nathan Q405 427 Mitchell, Stacy L. Q4 5 440 Mitchell, Tracy M. Q4 5 440 Mnich, Axel Q405 4 7 Moccasin Staff 464 Moers, Cynthia R. Q445 440, 455 Mohr, Stephanie A. Q4 45 440 Mojado, Trina Q95 444 Moline, Cathy C. Q445 440 Molnar, Michele M. Q4? 440 Monahan, John Q05 4 7 Money, Michael rik Q445 440 Mong, Steven Q95 444 Montalbano, Anthony C. Q445 440 Montes, Felipe Q403 427 Monti, Anthony Q4 5 34 Moramarco, Pauli Q405 422, 428, 464, 224 Navarro, Francisco Q95 444 Navetta, Catherine Q445 440 Nease, Debra Q95 444 Neelands, Michael N. Q405 428 Neffendorf, Gary S. Q49 440 Neffendorf, Mary Q95 4 4 Neher, Lawrence G. Q4 45 440 Neill, James R. Q405 428, 480 Nelson, Darrow A. Q95 444 Nelson, Gary S0 426 Nelson, Staci . 95 76 Nemecek, Jiri CQ4 532 Nemecek, Ra ek Q405 428 Neumann, Donja C. Q405 428, 454 Newby, John H. Q425 32 Newlan, Debra A. Q425 32 Newland, Matthew J. Q445 440 Newland, William D. Q95 445 Newsted, Tina Lea Q95 445 Nichols, Lana Q95 44 Nielsen, Edward D. Q445 440 Nino, Yolanda 95 445 Noble, Kevin Q9 445 Nolan, Jennifer Ann Q 425633 Noon, Bradley Q425 32, Noon, Meredith D. Q95 445 Norden, Anna Q425 24, 33, 464 Norr, Paige Q405 4 8 Nunn, John W. 44 440 Pack, Erin Q405 72, 428 Longtin, Julianne Q93 442, 462 Longtin, Ron Q405 4 5 Lopez, Armando Q405 425 Lutgendorf, Gary 66, 224, 490 Macdonald, Shane Q405 426 Machado Cristina M. Q 05 42, 64, 78, 426 Machado, Joseph James Q425 30, 56, 80 Machado, Mary F. Q4 45 408 Maciel, Adam G. Q44 408, 204 Mackenzie, Shane Q9 442, 58 Mackus, Michael H. Q405 427 Macy, Bill 488 MadrigalsfChoir 474 Madsen, Katrina Q95 442 Magallanes, Santos J. Q445 408 Magdaleno, Angeles Q 425 30, 458 Magdalena, Patricia Q405 427 Magee, Colleen Noel Q445 408 Magee, Susan Theresa Q445 408 Maggard, Millie 424, 422, 496 Mahon, Patricia A. Q95 442 Mahoney, Michelle Q92 442 Mohr, Kevin Q93 60, 4 3 Mahr, Melissa . Q 425 30 Maile, Eric H. QM? 58, 427 Maldonado, Pe ro Q05 58, 427 Manley, David Q405 2, 427 Mann, Gregory A. Q95 58, 443 Manning, Patrick J. Q425 30, 56 Marquez, Teresa Q95 4 3 Marrone, Michael T. Q4 43 409 Marrone, Vance Q95 44 Marsh, James 56, 443 Martin 476 Martin Martin, Martin rvlanin, Christopher J. Q4 45 62, 409 , Craig A. Q95 443, 456 Daniel Q95 43 Farmin Q95 427, 462 McDowell, Kevin D. Q405 58, 427, 476 McDowell, Kristal Q95 444, 468 McGuire, Judith Q95 444 McGuire, Patrick A. Q445 52, 409 McHolland, James M. Q 45 409 Mclnerny, Christian S95 58, 444 Mclver, John Q405 4 7 McKay, Gregg Q405 427 McKeighan, Brian P. Q95 444 McKenzie, Lori Ann Q 5 409 McKinley, Lani Q425 0 McKinniss, Jonathan Q93 444 McKnight, Lana Q405 4 7 McLaughlin, Sherri D. Q445 409 McLemore, Shawnee M. Q95 444 McNutt, Melissa Q95 64, 78, 444 Mcggieen, Douglas S. Q4 45 56, 409, 4 McQueen, Melissa L. 44 43, 409 McVey, Eric Andrew 44 4, 56, 56, 440 Meade, Darryn R. Q445 440 Medina, Frank Q425 3 , 56 Meehan, Joy Q405 427 Meers, Ranel Q425 30, 32, 207 Meister, Erik D. Q425 30, 32, 464 Mellano, Maria Q405 427 Mellano, Michael M. Q4 45 440 Mendez, Luis Q405 42 Mendez, Salvador Q95 444 Mergele, Gregory Q95 444 Messmann, Drewg C? 52, 427 Metcjalf, Diane Q4 5 7, 78, 476, 48 Metzger, John C. Q4 43 440 Metzger, Lynn Q405 4 7 Metzger, Vanessa Q95 444 Meyer, Mark R. Q415 440 Meza, Lucille Q95 4 4 Michaelian, Mark Q405 58, 76, 427 Mick, Darryl Ray Q 25 30 Mick, Kay 422, 496 Mick, Lori Kay Q445 66, 440, 464 Mickanin, Tamara Q405 427 Mielke, Blair 40 52, 427 Moramarco, Tony Q405 76, 428 Morel, Roby Q42 3 Morelos Morelos Morgan, 452 Morgan, Morgan, , Henry 405 428 , lrene Q 5 444 Debora J. Q 425 34, 36, 62, Ricardo Q95 444, 444 William H. Q425 32 Morones, Kim Q95 444 Morones, Loren Q 405 428 Norte, Edward Q95 445 Nunn, Ricky Q95 445 Oates, Kristen Q445 64, 409, 456, 440 Ober, David Q95 445 Ober, James K. QE44 62, 440 Ocegueda, Luz . 445440 Morris, Dean R. QJ45 440 Morris, Loretta Q 5 444, 428 Morrison, Stephanie A. Q445 440 Morrow, Thomas Q95 444 Mortensen, Ron Q 05 428 Motley, David J. Q14 5242, 247 Moyer, Lars C. 4 428 Moyer, Marion 40 428, 476 Mudd, Stacy M. Q95 439, 444 Mullett, Jennifer L. Q4 45 440 Mullett, Vivian L. Q95 444 Mulligan, Matthew Joh Q 425 4, 32, 476 Mullins, Kirk Q445 60, 440 Mumford, Ken 422, 496 Munck, Nicole Q95 444 Mundell, Kelly Q4 552, 428, 476 Munguia, Ignacio Q95 444 Munoz, Irma Q40 428 Munoz, Ramon 295 444 Munro, Pam 486 Munson, Janet F. Q4 465 52, 440, 474 Munyon, Christine Q4 5 48, 428, 204 Munyon, Michelle Q95 68, 444 Murillo, Roy Conrad 34? 58, 428 Murillo, Victor Q425 3 , 6 Murphy, Matthew Q95 435, 460, 470 Murray, Barbara Q445 440, 444 Murray, Lisa C. Q425 66, 428 Oder, Tim 488 Ogilvie, Grant Q95 445 Ohara, 4 40 Ohara, Ohara, Olexa, Douglas John Q4 45 56, 405, Kristina Q95 445 TammyQ 5 446 Anna Q445 52, 440 Myers, Douglas Q4 5 28, 32, 450, 455 Myers 1 James Q9 5 436 Myers, Myers, 458, 472 MichaelQ 05 428 Roger Eric Q445 440 Olthoff, Scot Allen 40 428 Opean, Elizabeth Q4 5 2, 455, 464 Ord, Eric Q95 58, 60, 440 Orozco, Angelica Q405 428 Orozco, Karen Mic el Q95 446 Orozco, Miguel Q95 446 Orozco, Tim Gary Q4 45 440 Orr, Eve Susanne Q405 428 Ortiz, Yvette Q95 446 Osborn, Dean P. Q445 440 Osborn, Elizabeth A. S95 446 Ostgaard, Ryan JKQ4 5 428 Overbay, Sandra . Q405 428 Olivas, JoseQ 05 425i g Pack, Jeffrey F. QJ95 58, 446 Pac, Tom 56, 49 Pagett, Shawn M. Q445 440 Palmer, Jennifer R. S75 446 Palmer, Stephanie nn Q405 66, 428, 454 Pankey, Christina L. Q445 57, 440 Ignacio 405 427, 462 Martin, Jason Q4iO5 62, 449, 427 Martinette, Lisa Anne Q4 45 409 Martinetti, EvetteQ915 443 Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Martinez, Jose T. Q4 5409 Luke Q445 409 Marina Q05 427 Norma . Q445 409 Silvia Q44? 2 Tommy 405 427 Miller, Anne 2425 34, 455, 464, 470 Miller, Carrie Q4 5 427 Miller, Erin K. 42 24, 34, 34, 66, 470 Miller, Erin S. 425 34, 66, 456, 464 Miller, Holly 6 Miller, Katherine E. Q95 444 Miller, Mindy Q42 3 Miller, Rachelle 425 34 Miller , Sherri Q95 444 Nagaran, Mike 490 Nash, Celeste Q95 444 Nash, Eva Q425 3 Navarro, Dannielle Q95 444 Navarro, Delia Tellez Q445 440 Pantoja, Rosa Marla Q445 440 Paoli, Jeremy J. 95 446 Papel, Marites Q98 446 Parada, Carolina Q425 33 PGYKGV, Deborah M. Q95 446 Parker, Donald C. Q95 446 Parker, Michael Q405 60, 428 Parker, Mike Q445 440 Parker, Patti Q425 33 229 Parker, Suki L. C115 111 Parris, James R. C 15 111 Parris, Richard C1035 62, 128 Parry, Douglas C1 5 128 Parry, Walt 188 Parson, Christopher C105 128 Patton, Jessica C95 146 Paul, Alan C95 146 Paul, Lance Wayne C95 146 Paul. Lance C125 3 Pearson, Patricia C95 146 Pechin, Monica Lynn C105 55, 128, 150 Pechin, Polly C95 146 Peck, Leslie C125 33 Pedretti, Robyn C95 146 Peer Counseling 176 Pendleton, Kevin C935 146 Pendleton, Mike C1 5 128 Penn, Tony C105 128 Penn, Tyrone C105 128 Penseyres, Kristi C95 146 Pep Club 156 Peretti, Stacey M. C95 146 Raahauge, Jason C105 129 Rahman, Jafar C105 1 8, 130 Rahman, Muhamad I, C115 112 Rainey. Brian C95 146 Raley, Andrea C95 146 Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Ramirez, Anna Maria C105 129 Carlos C95 146 Gabriela C95 146 Juana C105 130 Patricia C105 130 Raquel 115112 Steve C325 28, 34 Ramos, Irma C125 34, 64 Ramos, Ronnie C125 8, 34, 56 Rash, Jeffrey S, C1 5 34 Rast, Louis C. C115 112 Ray, D'ann C95 139, 146 Rayl, Kirsten C103 48, 129 Rea, Holly C1 5 4, 48, 160 Reader's Guild 176 Reczek, Stephen L. C12 34, 56 Redmon, Rebecca A. 115 112 Reed, Stephanie C125 34 Regal, Bill 182 Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Perez, Juvenal C95 146 Kyle D.C11g111 Rigoberto . 115 111 Samuel C95 146 Stephanie C105 66, 128, 129 VeronicaC 05 128 Peterman, Stacy Rae C115 111, 162 Peterson, Carolyn 186 Peterson, Carri C125 33 Peterson, Jennifer C95 146 Peterson, Tracy M, C115 111 Pfeifle, Bradley A. C95 58, 146 Phillips, Caryn Anne C3115 48, 111 Phillips, Debora C125 3 Pichel, Pierce, Pierce, Kelly T.C 5 148 Beverly C125 33 Edward C95 146 Pierson, Warren . C115 54, 60, 111 Piescer, Mike C95 60, 146 Pina, Arthur R. C125 33 Pinedo, Laura C95 146 Pinnix, William C105 128 Piper, April E. C115 111 Pipes, Timothy S. C115 111 Pizano, Rafael C112 111 Pizano, Rosalina C 25 33 Pizano, Rubicelia C95 146 Plechner, John F. C115 111 Poliandro, James Vinc C105 58, 128 Poling, Chemene C95 1 6, 156, 180 Pollard, Stephanie D. C125 33, 48, 156 Pollard, William C105 56, 128 Ponce, Norma C125 33 Pope, Juanita K. C115 111 Pope, Susan Elise C95 146 Port, Gerry 58, 18 Post, CherRon M. C103 52, 128 Post, Dwayne C123 5 Powell, Robert C1 5 128 Pozanter, Linda 186 Price, Christina C105 128 Primicerio, Paul L. C115 56, 111 Priola, Steven C95 146 Puckett, Craig S. C115 112, 133, 219 Purcell. Denise C125 33 Putnam, Marcus A. C95 146 Quinones, Linda C105 129 Quisenberry, Kathryn C95 146 Quisenberry, Larry C105 129 230 Reich, Ted C115 56, 112 Reichardt, Darcelle C125 34, 66 Reid, Michael D. C115 112, 156, 176 Reid, Michelle E105 130, 176 Reinsch, Vicki . C115 112 Reisinger, Annette L. C115 112, 172 Reyes, Joe 192 Reynoso, Anthony J. C115 56, 112, 172 Reynoso, Richard C125 35 Rice, Kevin C105 130 Rice, Kristina 'C95 146 Richardson, ike 76 Richerson, Lori Ann C425 35 Rico, March C105 13 Riddle, Tracy C125 35 Riden, David A, C105 130 Rienstra, Bill 196 Rienstra, Lisa C95 146 Riese, Jeff C125 26, 35 Riese, Jennifer C95 146 Rife, Michelle C125 35 Ringkamp, Mark Chris C105 130 Rink, Scott C105 130 Rink, Stephen R. C115 112 Rios, Barbara C105 1 0 Rios, Cecilia C115 112 Rios, Jose C95 1 7 Ritcheson, Aaron 105 58, 129 Ritchge, Jeffrey D. 115 56, 105, 108, 11 Rittenhouse, Trever D. C115 52, 112 Ritter, John F. C115 102, 109, 113, 170 Ritter, Melissa Julia C105 124, 130 Rivera, Roy C12 35 Roach, Derrick 125 35, 56 Roach, Stephanie G. C115 113 Roberts, Scott A. 105 129 Roberts, William 98 147 Robertson, Julie C95 147 Robertson, Tracey I. C115 113 Robinson, Dennis C105 130 Robinson, Michael D. C125 56 Rocco, Vanessa C95 147 Rocha, Ada Gabriela C115 113 Rocha, Maria Dela Luz C95 147 Rocha, Nora C95 147 Rocha, Rosie C95 147 Rockwood, James C95 58, 147 Rodgers, Julie Marie C25 35, 48, 164 Rodrigues, Betty M. C1 5 35, 48, 164 Rodriguez. Frances C105 130 Rodriguez, Norma C95 147 Rodriguez, Raymond C105 129, 130 Rodriguez, Robert C105 130 Rodeiguez, Rosa M. C115 178 Rodriguez, Sophia C95 147 Rodriquez, Sergio C95 147 Roggow, Jennifer S95 147 Roggow, Sheila C1 5 35, 64, 156 Rojas, Alicia C12 35, 72 Rojas, Leticia C9 148 Role Playing Gamers 176 Rollrt, Stephen C125 35, 60, 155, 158 Roll, Doug C125 35 Rollins, Lawrence 4, 148 Rollins, Sylvia C125 , 43, 48 Romano, Sarah C125 32, 35 Romascan. Joann C5105 129 Romero, Leia C125 5 Ropes, Jeff 190 Rosas, Agustin C105 130, 208 Rose, Randy C95 148 Rose, Rick C95 148 Roseen, Paul A. C115 113 Rossi, John A. C95 148 Roth, Corinna C95 68. 78, 148 Rouse, Jim C95 148 Rudd, Cheryl R. C105 130 Ruksenas, Alexandra C125 35. 52, 162, 168 Ruksenas, Cynthia C105 52, 130 Rumble, Sheri C95 5 , 148 Ruble, Stephen C125 36 Rune, Sandy C125 36 Rusk, Jason Michael 2105 119, 129 Russell. Adrian C95 14 Russell, Curtis C 05 130 Russell, Joshua C95 148 Russell, Paul C95 148 Russell, Xavier C105 58, 129, 160 Rutan, Thomas M. C115 60, 113 Rysewyk, Lee C3125 14, 36, 56, 80. 155, 170, 17 Sage, Michael G. 11 113 Sagers, John H. C1 5 0, 113, 162, 168, 180 Sagers, Judson C95 148. 168. 176 Saindon, Brian C95 148 Salazar, Dimas C95 148 Salerno, Luke C125 36, 60, 155 Salinas, Lupe C105 126 Salinas, Raul C115 113 Saltz, Mark A. C115 113 Sanchez, Gina Lee C115 113 Sanchez. Kimberly C125 36 Sanchez, Maricela C95 148 Sanchez, Sheri C105 130 Sandschulte, Jack 184 Sandschulte, Launa C105 68, 130 Santana, Rosa C105 130 Santiago, Leithua C105 130 Santos, Mere 192 Santoyo, Arturo 178, 192 Saour, Salim C115 113 Sayler, Michael C95 58, 148 Scalf, Jimmy Dean C115 56, 113 Schattschneider F. 162, 196 Schiller, Hydee R, C103 129, 130 Schiller, Nola E. C1 Q2 6 Schipono. Debra C 5 52, 148 Schlater, Wendy I. C95 148 Schmid, Jonelle C105 130 Schoenfliess, Anita C105 130 School Board 184 Schrimpf, David C125 36, 60 Schuler, Heidi C125 36, 62 Schulte, Heather 66, 182. 198 Schumacher, Christine C115 113 Schurr, Richard J, C95 148 Schwartz, Marilyn J, C122 36 Scott, John C115 113, 2 2 Scott. John H. C115 113, 212 Scott, Josette C105 130, 130 Scott, Pauline C95 8 Scrape, Katheryn D. C115 113 Seinturier, Wendy L. C115 48, 113, 155 Sage, Jonathan C? 148 Seith, Wendv C105 130 Seitz, Russeli C95 148, 176 Sering, Richard C95 148 Serna, Joseph C 5 148 Serrato, Epigmenio C105 130 Serrato, Maribel C95 58, 148 Schaeffer, Steve C125 36 Shaw, Everett W. C95 148 Shea, Robert A. C115 56, 105. 113 Shea, Bill 190 Shepard, Rusty C125 156 Sherman, Lyn 196 Sherman, Robert C105 58, 130 Shimokubo, Elizabeth C115 113 Shimokubo, Takako N. C105 130 Shirley, Lori D. C115 113 Shisler, Amy C93 64, 148 Shisler, Lara C1 5 17. 36, 64, 155 Shobe, Craig C105 130 Shores, Tricia C105 124, 129, 130 Showers, Darren B. C115 113 Showers, Rachel R. C115 113 Siebenforcher, David C93 148 Seibenforcher, Doub C1 5 36 Siegfried, Shari C105 1 0 Silva, Alma C95 148 Silva, Belem C1035 130 Silva, Leticia C1 5 130 Sim, Sophal C 05 130 Sim. Sopheak C95 148 Simmerson, Lee K, C105 130, 176 Simmonds, Paul A. C115 113 Simrtgons, Cheryl Lynn C115 62, 158, 16 Simonowich, Tisha C102 52, 130 Simpson, Erin G. C31 5 13 Singer, Jeff A. C1 5 130 Singleton, Elizabeth C105 130 Sisel, Andrea C95 68, 148 Sisel, Julie C105 130 Sisson, Donald L. C105 131 Ska, Boiz 30, 110, 127, 129 Skiffington, Lisa A. C115 68, 113 Sloman, Archie Ray C985 148 Smigiel, Robert C95 14 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Annie C95 148 Arthur C125 36, 56 Curtis C125 14, 36 Greg C125 36, 56 Haven C95 148 Jacqueline 8105 131 Jason O. C1 5131 Karlin C105 62, 131 Kerri C Og 131 Rachel .C105131 Scott C125 37 Sean MC105131 Sheran C102 131 Stacy C95 48 Snavely, Michael C125 37 Snelson, Robert L. C115 113 Sniffen, Shannon C105 131 Snively, Eric C95 1 8 Snyder, Debbie Y. C115 113 Snyder, Michelle C95 148 Soccer, Boys 70 Soccer, Girls 72 Softball 86 Soper, John C123 37 Soper, Robert C 5 148, 168 Sorensen, Jeffrey C95 148 Soto. Cecilia C115 113 Soto, Raul C95 148 Sou, Bopharath C95 148 Sousa, Matthew K. 148 Spaeth, Karen C125 Spanish Club 180 Spears. Shawn C95 148 Speech Club 176 Spellman, Julie C125 5, 14, 37, 64 Spence, Anthony C. C115 113 Spence, Wendy C95 148 Spicer, Carla A. C113 113 Spiegl, Angela M. C 5 148, 160, 180 Spiekerman, Tori C95 148 TOTFSS Spiekerman, Traci Q95 448 Spieth, Robert Q405 434 Spillard, Steven J. Q445 443 Stafford, Curt Q95 448 Star, Vanessa Q425 37, 460, 462 Steffler, Mark 66 Steinbaugh, Leif Eric Q4 45 56 Stenlund, Krista Q40g 68, 434 Stenlund, Marie 48 Stepanow, Robert Q405 60, 432 Stephen, Sean Q95 8, 438 Tobin, Diane M. Q445 444 Tognoli, Gina Q405 432 Tognoli, Robert J. Q445 52, 444 Tomahawk 466 Tomaskevitch, Tanya 24? 39 Tomlinson, John Q425 3 , 6, 468 Toogire, Robert Q4 5 56, 404, 444, 4 Torres, , Cynthia Q4 O5 432 Christina Q95 450 Stephen, Steve Q405 58, 76, 432 Sterger, Tim W. Q445 443 Stevens, Billy Joe Q4 45 443 Stevens, Sandra N. Q445 78, 443 476 Stewart, Jennifer Q95 448 Stewart, Keri Q95 448 Stewart, Shannon Q4 45 443 Stewart, Susan D. Q425 37 Stewart Tamae Q405 432 Torres, Irma Q95 45 Track, Boys 2 Track, Girls 84 Traner, Noah Q 405 432 Trout, Lee Q405 432 Trevino, Christopher Q4 45 56 Tripp, Cydney Q445 444 Tripp, Randall J, Q425 39, 56 Troilo, Jim A. Q445 444 Trombetta, Stephen T. Q 425 39 Trotter, Tiffany A, S4435 444 Youngs, Dina Jo S95 454 Stinton, Amy Q405 432, 480 Stocker, Heidi Q95 448 Stockman, Richard B. Q405 432 Stockton, Gina M. Q445 443 Stokes, Cliff 56, 496 Strategos, Stefani S. Q905 448 Strebin, Tony Parrish Q4 5 432 Streicher, Carl R. Q425 3 , 46, 60 Stromsoe, Jenni A. Q4? 443 Stromsoe, Suzanne Q4 5 38 Strubbs, Perry Q425 38, 470 Student Council 70 Stull, Michael C. Q445 443 Sullivan, Curtis L. Q4 45 444 Sullivan, Cynthia M. Q4 45 64, 443, 445, 462 Summers, Kathryn S. Q445 48, 444 Suon, Samna Q44 444 Suraci, Anthony 425 460 Suraci, Carrie Sue Q405 432 Sutliff, Tara Naomi Q 403 432 Swayne, Robert A. Q4 15 38 Sweet, Michael Q405 4 2 Sweetman, David Q95 448 Swehla, Shaune Q95 456 Swenson, Stephen W. Q425 38 Swimming, Boys 96 Swimming, Girls 98 Sybrandy, Sybren R. Q445 444 Tackitt, Chris Q95 450, 476 Talamantes, Marie L. Q405 432 Trout, Barbie D. Q4 5 9, 460, 207 Trujillo, Christopher Q405 432 Trujillo, Kathy Q425 39, 62, 78, 456, 464, 476 Trujillo, Laurie Q05 66, 78, 432, 454 Trujillo, PeterQ 5 450 Trujillo, Reymundo Q95 450 Trull, Dick 488 Tucker, Chris S. Q4 45 9, 45, 407, 444, 249 Turano, Troy Q95 450 Terich Tayolr Taylor Taylor Taylor Tennis Tennis, , Jenny Q405 432 Jason Q425 38, 56 Jody L. Q445 444 Stacy Q405 52, 432 Tristan J. Q445 52 Boys 94 Girls 68 Turiace, Michael Q95 450 Turley, Karen M. Q445 48, 444, 456 Tuiargir, Joseph W. Q4 45 76, 444, 458. TV Tech 462 Uebersetzig, Dennis Q405 432 Ungerbiller, Mark Q 425 39 Urena, Lupita Q4 45 444 Uriostigue, Francisco Q9g 58, 450 Uriostigue, lrineo QJJ45 5 , 444 Urner, Dana Q95 4 O, 455 Urner, Karyn H. Q445 444, 455 Vaananen, Mikko Q425 24, 39, 450, 455 Valencia, Marco Q95 58, 450 Van Gorder, Tanya T. Q4 45 444, 458, 462 VanHuss, Christopher Q93 52, 450 Vanderlaan, Holly Q425r 9, 456, 464 Vanderlaan, Michael . Q425 39 Veale, Eric Q95 450 Veale, Gerogia A. Q4 45 444 Vega, Sophia Q95 4 0 Velasco, Lucia M. Q44c5 444 Venegas, Irma Q425 3 , 472 Ventris, Paige J. Q445 66, 444 Verboom, Amanda Q93 450, 480 Verdon, Daniele Q425 9, 68, 460 Vicory, Shirley 45 Vidaca, David R. Q445 444 Villa, Cindy Q425 3 Villalobos, Rafael Q40 432 Villalpando, Juan . M45 444 Villarreal, Guadalupe Q95 450 Villarreal, Manuel Q405 58, 432 Villasenor, Regina L. Q 445 444 Vincent, Paul Q405 52, 4 2 Viscosi, Tony Q445 444 Vlasek, Timothy L. Q405 432 Volleyball 66 Voorhis, Janine Q405 432 Voorhis, Jolena Q425 40, 52, 460, 466 Vranich, James G. Q425 40 Wabannsee, Wallace E. Q405 432 Waddell, Mark Q95 450 Wade, Thad Q? 450 Waibel, Al 34, 8, 484 Wald, Robert Q95 450 Waite, Bill 68, 498 Waite, David S. Q445 444,247 waliefield, Sandy Q405 432 a er, Al 490, 49 Walker, Andrew Q95 58, 442, 450 Walker, David C. Q445 444 Walker, Melissa Cabot Q445 444 Wallace, Bruce Q425 40 Walter, Lisa Q95 50 Warford, Debbie L. Q34 45 444 Warner, Beth Q405 6 , 47, 432 Warner, Jamison S. QJ45 52, 60, 444 Warner, Shannon Q4 5 432 Warriorheads 454 Warriors For Christ 454 Water Polo 60 Waters, Waters, Waters, Waters, Watson, Weber, Jason A. Q405 58, 432 Jeffrey Q405 8, 432 Juli Ann S4 5 444 RobertQ 5 450 Jeanie 95 450 Jill A. Q44 52, 444 Terry, Allyson L. Q445 444, 444 Tevebaugh, Tracey Lyn Q4 45 52, 444 thomas, Amy Q445 72, 402, 444, 445 Thomas, Todd Q95 62, 450 Thomas, Robert 484 Thompson, Richard J. Q95 450, 474 Thorman, Douglas D. Q95 450 Thorner, Bill Q425 38 Thornton, Scot Q 425 38 Tiebout, Charles E. Q95 450 Tierney, Pauline Q 405 432 Tippit, Jill Q425 38, 4 0 Tiso, Philip A. Q445 62, 462, 466 Vanevery, Richard M. Q445 56, 58, 444 Vanhaeren, Vincent Q4 45 444 Vanyo, Mike 498 Vanho, Scott M. 445 444,242 Weber, Judith Q4 5 52, 432 Wedeking, Daniel Q95 450 Weishaar, Eric 295 50 Weiss, Julie J. Q 5 52, 450 Welburn, Jim W. Q445 444 Welburn, John H. Q4 5 445, 462 Welch, Dick 496 Wells, Melinda Q9 64, 450, 456 Wells, Melissa L. 425 5, 40, 64, 72, 455 Werts, Ngatokorua M. Q405 64, 72, 433, 476, 480 West, Michael Q9 450 Vanzandt, Ansel 405 442, 432 Vanzuyen, Brent 405 432 Vanzuyen, Mark Q425 39 Varela, David Q405 432 Varela, Susana Q95 450 Vargas, Jose Q95 72 Vargas, Leonard A. Q445 56, 444 Vargas, Ronald Q95 58 Vasquez, Alex Q 45 444 Vasquez, Sandra Q 425 39, 443 West, Nicolette 95 450 Wetzel, scott Q4 5 40 Whedon, Jim Q425 422 Whedon, Michelle Q405 433 Wheeler, Amy E Q445 444 Wheeler, DanielQ 5 O, 450 Wheeler, Stephanie Q95 450 White, Buck 56, 78, 498 White, John 'Q95 456, 462 White, John atrick Q425 40 White, Jona L. Q425 Ao Whitgtg, Tania Lilah Q425 37, 40, 462 48 Whitney, Matthew H. Q95 450 Whitt, Randall C. Jr. Q405 433 Wibrew, Diane Lynne Q4 45 444 Wickware, April D. Q95 450 Willcox, Jamie Q92 58, 450 Williams, Aimee . Q405 433, 480 Williams, Megan Q4 5 8, 40, 46, 455, 466 Williams, Richard A. 2425 40 Williams, Zoe M. Q95 2, 454, 468, 480 Willoughby, Jack B. Q405 433 Wills, Thomas Q4? 40 Wilson, Erik Q95 4 4 Wilson, Joanna L. Q95 454 Winchester, Regina Q95 454 Wise, Gary 490 Witkop, Douglas A. Q405 433 Witt, Bryan Q425 40 Witt, Karen L. Q95 454 Witt, Kevin T. Q95 58, 454 Wludarczyk, Patti A. Q44 445 Wludarczyk, Sandra A. 425 40 Woesner, Hank 4 84 Wojcik, Chris Q425 40 Wolford, Charles H. Q42 56, 445 Wood, Kelly A. Q445 44 Woods, Julie E.hQ405 433 Woody, Betty ichelle Q445 445 Wyatt, Jody Marie Q4 45 44 Yahr, Jim 490, 492 Yancey, Kathy 64, 439, 498 Yeager, James Edward Q 425 44 Yokum, Gilbert Q425 44 Yokum, Rhonda Q95 454 Yoon, Jimmy Q445 6, 445, 468, 480 Ysias, Nicholas Q4 5 34, 44, 60 Zagarella, Gina Q95 454 Zajicek, Libor Q425 34, 44, 60 Zamudio, Jose 40 58, 433 Zapata, Jorge Q42g 44 Zapata, Leticia Q4 5 433 Zavestoski, Tanya M. Q4 45 445 Zeigler, Christopher Q445 445, 462 Zenzel, Robert Q405 8, 433 Zimmerle, Patrick . Q445 445 Zuckerman, Wendy Q95 454 Zudis, Kelly M. Q445 6 , 445, 480 Zudis, Keri Q405 433 Zumwalt, Elen L. Q? 454 Zungigalt, Raymon Q425 44, 450, 4 Zumwalt, Stephanie Q95 64, 454 Zumwalt, Steven J. Q 05 433 Zuna, Heidi A. Q445 445 Zuna, Jamie Q425 44 Zuniga, Liliana Q 5 44 Zuniga, Veronica Q95 454 231 PATRCNS The Back Door I-lair Salon Vil The Donut Shop Iage Barber Shop Fallbrook Tractor Pacific Ag Collard a Don, The ricultural Laboratories, Inc. nd Summers, Accountancy Corporation Ima, Tom and Tim Garcia The Needle Workers The Hartford Family Pinocchios Andy Vanderlaan and Family Philip C. Roberts D.D.S. A81 R Service Company Ag Grove Managements The Main Street Broiler Fallbrook Christian Book Center Fallbrook Camera Shop The Bargain Bulletin Fallbrook Tractor Ward's Jewelers Young Lite Fallbrook, Dana Johnson, Director Rainbow Sign Co. Good Old Mr. Burton Ginny Krauszer 8 5 IRRIGATION DESIGN IRRIGATION SUPPLI FALLBROOK IRRIGATION ES DRAINAGE DESIGN 8- SUPPLY LANDSCAPE DESIGN IOHN STERBENK 81 SUPPLY 723-9001 N 232 Ads ,N 7 '71 EMPLOYEE OR PARENTS: Up to 525,000 is available for the Higher Education of you andfor your family. These funds are INTER- EST FREE while the student is enrolled in college or vocational school. The funds are available through First National Life Insurance Company of America, Birmingham, Alabama. First National is a qualified lender under the Federal Higher Education Act of 1965. You may apply for eligibility for these funds TO- DAY on a first come-first serve basis -for FUTURE uses. For more information, please call: EdurationMeans J. D-B d S U25 5- Main St ' 0"""""""" 1227 sl Rd suite H out Yves Fallbrook, CA 92020 B t Fa' 'brook Bus: C6191 723-0625 an ...m.,.,f6.c 728-gm, Res: C7141 676-2043 Congrofulofions seniors! l6l9l 723-1200 from Escondldo 489-0457 from Los Angeles 624-6107 A member of the Sears Financial Nerwof EAN WITTER FALLBR OOK PH RMA CY p Woffh asking about 0 1501 South Mlsslon Road, Sulls A Fallbrook, CA 92028 Clayton T Cooke, DDS. GENERAL DENTISTRY Dominick's Sandwiches 81 425 E AlVar8d0 Sl.. Suite A. Hillbrtxlk. CA 92028. 728-50ll 1 'WNV 'P 21 lt' ,T 5- 1 H 1 .,,G EJ .1 11 u For Brighter Smiles! Clayton T. Cooke, D.D.S. and crew Adult and Children Dentistry Italian Delicatessen ' Sliced Meats, Cheeses ' Beer 81 Wine To Go ' Party Trays f Family Subs - Catering 0 Pasta By The Bucket 1672 S. Mission fOpen 7 Daysj 728-7911 234 Ads Congratulations to the Editor and staff of the Moccasin from . . . Rfwffyu JERRY BRYAN - ' .ffgfiis 9 I PHOTCGRAPHY M 2880 Pio Pico Drive Corlsbod, Colifornio C6193 434-3318 HIGHTECH BUILDERS Besr of luclg Closs of 85 : Wm. M. Brown Fallbrook Ranchg Ca , C6195 758-8855 E 1 A 1 lg , if Border' I 1 our ' ,F R R RR R 8 Eflifa. AWTHE 55 R R M R 51 W W f J c pvlr in1YmAvau5aandCmusEmnirulkwlmrnianDwsnnnsnuvmrnllu vnrx mftounhex l I 5 Q' Q . FK . 62. . .I ' FALLBROOK TENNIS CLUB DOROTHY ROTH O L 5 IPO. Box 7613. Vzlllhrfmcmk. C'A9202?-4161531 728 11011 Ads 235 Buddy Ba V coshmg corporation V Best Wishes 40804 SESSLER STREET - SOUTH GATE, CALIFORNIA 90280 to all those in Fallbrook TELEPHONE 2'I3f773-41838 ' 864-9664 Dr. and Mrs. Ron Roncone R and Staff Orthodontics 10801G A C2137 869 2633 P36 Ads .' x 1 ,- J 3. a E 'I+ 1 ' X uv X F ' 'IL 5, f , X , 5 I' 'K I, X T11eYoeu1 P11LALE 150 5.MA1N FALLBROOK atc. IFAILILIIEIIQUUIIY I ILIIMNUIUSIINIE ,...,..V'.,...,.-I ,'.,...,.jL.,...,.M.,...,.M.,...,.j '..,...,.M..,...,.-!!..,...,.3 L. I 5-. 3. ... ... ... E. .'. .I U. iQZ6lr:,,w:,,cM:.1cMb1,11,?o11,W:,,ch,,cw:1. M1 , ,.,.. u . . ...-'4 -L-f - 3 -r . IIWC. f "" 118 N. Main sneer ggi FaHbrook,CaHfonNa92028 ig 728-1837 201 CGII I-619-723-LIMO jf' '-'. 1 3 1-714-678-8818 EAST BROTHERS Congratulations Graduates DARVVIN EAST 728-9043 728-SIOB I E A II2 E. AVIATION p,ST BRO Q Ea.,- ihcafwfwmg 1' 1 Q MAIN GROVE SERVICE .5 Yo J wi? 631 ELDING I8""' ITIIL nqufb Shgp 1408 S. Mission ' Fallbrook ' 728-0581 Ad 237 LINDA RASP 6 salon owner 66089 . O K: S ' "Hairs" to you, 53' Q 6,6 class of asm 426 So. Main St. 90" Fallbroolg Ca 92028 16191723-1450 M Southwest Ranch Management Co. Complete Avocado 84 Citrus Development, Management, 84 Care. 304 N. Brandon - PO. Box 806 - Fallbrook, CA 92028 728-8578 Huto Body Shop 16195 728-8810 301 North Brondon!Sultes 182 Fallbrook Collfornto 92028 HAND PUPPETS 8a Stuffed Animals OWQJQ CML!! Lv money Woramarco Phone: 1619, 728-6690 C hocolates Cendiee Antiques G Itte 109 North Main Fallbr0Ok. CA 92026 Q . 2 x I I A ' v 619-728-0685 QQ N LBR00 STYTGHSS GOUNT Cross Stitch Supplies 8 Accessories C6191 723-7695 ANN ROBBINS 1005 S. Main, Ste. B JERILYN CLEMENTS Fottbfook, CA 92028 238 Ads Richard D. Prest, D.C. fxllllv an If w Prest Chlropractlc Offlce 1061 S. Main Street O Fallbrook, CA 92028 0 16191 723-1313 TABLISHEDIQ8 'fig 2:9 -I ,I ,, ,A I. 5 g I. F 1- 15:21 gift Fallbrook Office 1002 South Main Street 728-3777 MURPHY f FALLBROOK CLEANERS 728-MIKE Drope-ry speciolisrs Alrerorioms ' Loumdry v Leorhers Telephone 1115 S. Moin Srreer 1619172845453 1530 SOUTH MISSION FALLBROOK, CALIFORNIA 92028 LAUNDRY ALTERATIONS DRAPEF? E5 Manor Cleaners WE OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT COMPLETE QUALITY SERVICE WANDA PALJLY BOB PAU LY 1103 S, MISSION ROAD 125 E. MISSION ROAD FALLBROOK TOWNCENTE FALLBROOK. CA 728-1806 728-1307 Have a happy summer! The Moccasin staff 1510 s 0. Ads 239 1 E EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Debbie Denton ADVISOR Tim Hauck STAFF Lori Bacon Dawn Boyd Jean Buffington Angela Clements Renae Dowling Tom Dumont Lori Dunbar A- Carrie East Lori Haynes Nicole Jann Tammy Larsen Melissa Mahr Kathleen Meehan Lori Mick Anne Miller Erin Miller Cathy Moline Pauli Moramarco Anna Norden Liz Opean Betty Rodrigues Jill Tippit PHOTOGRAPHERS Bob Arthur Darren Casteel Tanya Geiger Erik Meister Lori Mick Kathy Trujillo Holly Vanderlaan l l l i if 240- Closing

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