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,Ks flu. W Zeiwbiiz " fi' "Liam 2. f f ' v , '..2'w2 WS mfgrsifn. I fi 2 W' fire if fx D 1 Q s 2, f A .f 4 X ' 4!2m-WS' -1 4 A 1 , . A at , Ai 1. uaiiil ' v. 1, ,Ar A t k 2 W ,f Ayr 3 f ' ffvv., A 5 f 1 Q' x W '-Q--.g,.,,,,,, """--m.W ll 5 ,af f -Q-.--.,,,,,,-u D Wg, . 'eff ,Ill llll Allll lllll lllll uuuul ' - ' R -y K x . . X whffiggiqiai if . A My Q9 090 P, Z of QP- Editor: ludy Carneron. Art Editor: Laurilyn Sikking. Class Editor: Maureen lameson. Copy Editor: Dorothy Teller. Layout Editor: Barbara Peratt. Senior Editor: Norine Peter- son. Advertising: Ann Gordon. Business Manager: Priscilla Allen. Photography: Bill Paige. Publicity: Alayne Sikking. Staff Sec- retary: Anne Knowles. Advisor: Mrs. Martha Bishop. DEDICATIO .. To you you who have walked these halls of knowledge you who have shared m the tmumphs and dlsappomt ments you who have been the very eQsence of the spmt that makes a school hve to you the Moccasm Staff of 1952 1953 dechcates Th1S book ,jf-1, . 'I x " 1 , . , f. - , I first found out about it when the phone rang one day and- "I-Iello!" "We-Wa Warrior-private investigator?" "Yes." "This is Iohn Brinegar, principal of Fall- brook High School. We have a problem. Something is in the air and no one seems able to put his finger on it. We'd like to have you investigate and see who is responsible for this state of affairs." "In other words, you want me to find out WHO DUNIT?" "That's correct." "I'll look into the matter right away." Little did I know that this was to be the most baffling investigation of my career! f'Zf EN?-'it Z X f V7 51 X GRTOY' -SAVE J Ll T F CLUBS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS SENIORS ADVERTISING Page 72 .. .3 ... 6 s . . . . .16 1 . . .24 s -'ap .. . .42 n 'bf' ... . .60 o 'M' WE-WA INVESTIGATE' TI-IE MASTER-MIND '? .F Who put the worm in the Apple? . . HELPED BY STUDENT COUNCIL Mr Wllharnson was expostulatmg to an ap- parently 1nnocuous group when I entered the Student Counc1I Room Slnce the COUDCII was not 1n the posltlon to be dlsturbed I s11ently wrth drew Id attend to them later -ii..." WU 4:1 NN A Dorothy Telfer Iames McCreedy Barbara Peratt C' orge Yackey Brian Parks Iudy Cameron Ann Walker Wesley Kehler Wmston Wade dl Iames McCreedy A S B Presrdent I - I I Q f A 7. j',' !q 1 - I T U I , :. .L i ., , . 3 . . Q I , . ' . I A 'rfift ' ' twig, , , . . . - i'14?1+fV ' , . A r.,.,W, 4 S - oUR EXPERTS . . lil I HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES gf I thought that I'd make everything legal by re- ' questing loyalty oath from all the members of the I-louse. I gave up, though, "when I found out E ' how many committees would have to investigate them. L4 FIRST ROW: Bette Harada, Norine Peterson, Priscilla Allen, Lynn Dean, Richard Wilbur, Lynn Enigenburg, Susan Myers, Almeda Moon. SECOND ROW: Mr. O, K, Williamson, Nancy O'Neal, Allan Forsyth, Patricia Aubrey, William Wester, loan Iuelson, Timothy Wilbur, Lyonal Reed, Willa Sue Morris, Melvin Mojado, Iudith Hancock, Christopher Bowen, Susanne Scroggy, Iohn Bernardin. STUDENT COURT Dorothy Teller, Edward Mitchell, Paul-Gene Takenaga, Larry Lillie, Donna Galloway. Christopher Bowen, George McDonald, 35 Iohn B. Brinegar Principal Superintendent O. Kenneth Williamson Vice-principal Student Government Boys' Physical Education A PANEL OF. .. The Board of Trustees was having its regular monthly meeting, so I Went in hopes of unearthing a clue. Mr. Brinegar introduced me. "Members of the Board, this is We-Wa Warrior, private eye. Could any of you give him information leading to the discovery of WHO DUNIT?" No one was able to help me. "It's beginning to look as if the mystery of WHO DUNIT is going to be a tough case to crack," said Mr. Henry Dean, chairman of the Board of Trustees, "we feel it's the perfect crime. What makes you think you can solve it?" The pressure was on! Mr. N. Leroy Sutton, Mr. Henry B. Dean, Mr. F. D. Fitzsimmons, Mr. Robert B, Bleeker, Miss Mary E. Golden. W. Arbelbide Martha L. Bishop Robert Clarno Boys' Physical Edugqiion Social Studies American History Iournalism California Cadet Corps PROFESSICNALS . . . Carlin Coffman Mary lean Coffman Mary lane Cornell Biology Girls' Physical Education Weaving Boys' Physical Education CFCIHS Ceramics Art s ' Q. Q' " v Y vit? Lilian Croonquist Ralph Enander Anne C, Goodwin Government Agriculture French Spanish English CAUGHT ...... Lloyd Von Hgden Earl Hoppes Gladys T. l-luscher Band Science Homemaking Glee Club Mathematics Girls' Counselor Boys' Physical Education Robert P. Ienks Coburn Palmer l-lolton W Ravn Mechanical Drawing English Ameficcn HlSlOfY Melal Shop Iournalisrn E1'1Ql1Sl'1 Speech Patricia A, Rotherrnel Harry Vix Rhoda A. Young Typing Wood Shop Algebra Bookkeeping General Shop English Shorthand Boys' Physical Education ...Q ' "1 l l' Miss Bessie Wicker. school nurse Wesley Kehle M 55 BGSSIS Wlckef Other suspects under investigation were School nurse-checked after health inspection Library-acquitted after checking all books Custodians-cleared after thorough mopping Cafeteria-passed after sampling the food Snack Bar-okayecl after watching the long line Office Staff-scratched alter file check qck Ba: Melvin Moiado, Iudy Cameron, Mrs lo Purtee, Y ' ' I B ck Howe' Rail MJ A Be SOYQ 'J'Kef' O6 U ' A lidge, sec eta y M 5 Delta Shultz clerk reg SHOT Wi.. PM Q 1l:'! r T WE-WA QUESTIGNS- TI-IE SUSPECTS 5" 'WS'-5, . '-s...,sY Who went to sleep in class? an l audi 3,40- Betty Mme Adams Iames Armfxeld Albert Banks Lmda Barcello Stephen Beach Barbara Bell Charles Bell Mxchael Bell W1ll1am Berthelson Della Nora Blbb Chrxstopher Bowen Reyane Bowles Wllla Sue Morris Lmda Branmck Ioe Buck Esley Burr Overslept 'Q T9 if sf fl fun., il G" I '1 Busy e rlve elsewhere 'C' 'Q-'7 Wav ir"7 xi ,ts E' Entered late new Q 'Rgy' Donna Clancy Shlrley Corn Wcrldemar Denzel Ianet Elser Patnck Flamgan 'VNIITFIQ' Oulta Franklm Stephen Garnsey Leroy Gentry Conme Gxbson ludzth Hancock Robert Hansen Chester Haselwood Davld Hedrlck Robert Hmkel Thomas Hopkms Zella Hughes Frednck Iones loan Iuelson Ronald Karney Sldney Kaufman 4. . B .gl N K A . A y g , V M I I - N: wx V1 . '33 E I Z N " gl", YV V K X - . wg 1.5 Q , ' Q ' ' V' QV A Q all :xiii lllli qgsi, . fe jlmf li r . f""1,'tsr r tfo r"'1 . 1 t ve l sear' l squy Busby I l , In , , "5 l N' 74 A . A' - A 11,1 l ' 4 ,. fi : Q51 fl 't to W . i 7 SA gy . . 13? Q r r h, Vv , l, K , is W ga. , 'fret' - 2 '.- A , 5, X in 1 7:7 e : gf. ua 1, i x Ii 'Uh V I gif ff, ,V K U - , fl ' l i 1 ' or ' . 1 ' ' 4 : B A A AV ' V I A. 'Up th - pi Mvfk I ' l .I 7' I l 1. -Tv-V Y 1 ff " 'Ne " vi, A . Y s " "' C' - -'1 s x X 4 1 , in .L- Yerffp 6 mtv, I J v f SSES :iff , W , Wesley Kehler Anne Knowles Graham Knox Billy Lee Ioyce Leon Carolyn Lillie Sylvia Lira Benjamin Magant S M! R . W g it 4 Narcissus Magee E I 3 W- 'S' 4 Ioanne Mann Q,-we-5 Charles Martin 1 Akiko Matsumoto A . 5 l- - - ..' V ' ' I Edward Mitchell ' Z V u i "' "' I l Philip Myers , Q I Q1 l Thu' S Larry Newman 9" W tr' k l l Gisela Oelkers I I U KGY Wdfd' Qnd ' V, Q to excusej Barbara Clovis. 1 X Darlene Olive 'Q ' it William Paige 1 "' -' f 5' 1 ' Homer Rail s:'-6 , "xv ' Norma Rodriguez 'li J Richard Salvatierra ' . A ' Q. XX A Aa. '1 f' Clifford Schlater Ralph Schober r Susanne Scroggy 1 1 ' :layne Bikking 11- gi F i' L, . onnie Simpson I at t V tx tk ' l ' Diana Staude vf ' Roger Stebbins ' 4 . Barbara Thurber A , - - ' gg, 2- ,- In Q A. , - Donald Tompkins ' ' i ,, -I 3 ' U ' William Wester ' A A ' A" B f ig E ' B ' ' , Q x FL i A 7. f i W- ' l Mary Wild I Q N Norma Lee Wilson . ' b lo Wilson -, 'us -f ,gvf '4 Q ' Barbara Winzell 'ff' 'Cx'-1, 'A '.-,. , 3' 5? 4 5 df 'T"" I ' "' 5- ' Ronald Woo ey Q my wr: E' .Y , A by Q f""'1 1 s Solitary confinement. Q L - - 5. nn' :Q . , V.-w, 4 -' .J V, ,A,.Q, . ., 1 , 5 5 tw George Almond A Walter Amsler 'Q - .Qc I ,, 4 V Mary lean Arenas . , : --J- f- , Constance Baker 4' 'A i W Alice Banks if, 4 Edith Barkow V - Flora Beach , I L ' Raymond Beck ' 1 A6 7' Iohn Bernardin ,5 A V lane Brown Q A F' Lorene Buendel ,V ,Q Clyde Burton K QV it Nancy Bush 'il ' V Dolores Calac .i"- , V, 3 'T' Edward ct-use .A A " ' Charlie Chamness r , August Clancy F -Q " V Edward Clancy X V ' . Nolen Coy ff ' . A Nancy Donahue -' .V ' is - .II av- l'-' ' 'I I l - V FA il. r 0 E Overslept F -5 f I - ' A V hfsis ' .., Q if ' A R as-ff , ll if " 'Wx' ., . if N if V My 1, ,. ,Q I X' 'x .. ' ,.. . of - .N 'rf He, Ll "" T ff! . V , .V . M .Q f 'XR If Tj!! mf ..,, ,ef it-Q3 ' ar l X ' ' L 'vs V an "J ff: Z fi M., ' Q of Gerald East Warren Estes Frances Farley Ioan Fee Nellie Floyd Ieannie Forsyth Floyd Freeman Donna Galloway Charlene Gant Io Ann Garwood Iames George Iudy Gibbs lune Gonzales Ann Gordon Cathryn Grant Nancy Hansen Bette Harada Margaret Havins Nancy Heald Gerald l-linkel rt -1? 8 3 his . . -, 3 tm v f"""1 . V' lf' ' E' ' " : Ahh an 'rf iff A llttle late QQ' 955 v-J Ion Potter Thomas Powell Charles Roblnson Wllllfffll Schell Iohn Standerfer Vernon Tr1tchka Mary Uchlmura L.. QE-A lv! al Edward Hostetter Bill Hroch Madeline Kaufman Patrlcta Kmg Patrxcxa Kmsey Fhchard Kogcr Maxtne Lugo Robert Mapes Roger McDonald Shxrley McDowell Everett McGehee Howard McMan1g1ll Robert Melshelmer Mary Ellen Standerfer Mary Molu a Almeda Moon Marvm Muller Rose Marte Norman Arthur Pent1co Emtly Plper 'NWI in 1 .-if Sh1QeYuk1 Uchxmura Q Q Annabelle Vlnes Darwm Wann lantce Wann Ierry Wapplehorse Beverly Ward Iudlth White Tlmothy Wtlbur Harold Wxlson Ioan Wood Georae Yackey Marilyn Nelson and Katherlne Parker 'Yi' L4-J lwume g wh 1123437915 I , B' X -' L.: n I ii i . E . rf L ... - 1 E A1 At l . ' f A . if .'-Q1 ,lu ' H1 P y P ey' ,Wt I I U P 1 -2- 1 1 wg E E VJ- S X A ' l -I ra 4 rl P ' . K .I E Q M- 'W .V al l h pf . . A J- , N 3- my V 'P' " F4 All f' 5-nm E A ' ' w .. ,Q ls fl 'A 4, gg if ' Q ' - ff E if Q Jr ffl: 1 K A - Q v P F ' "1 1 . 1 ' ' n " B ' U ig Q b r ' r . . ' - " V Q' ev - L---J - ge F . E ' M 'H' 7 1 I . -- ' I .. h I . - I V' 1 , A 5 'W 'taxi Q. W I ' . f "Q F -. 21 Margaret Bearden Sylvxa Bauer Iacquelme Bernardln Gerald Bolsclaxr Ernest Borchert Anthony Brown Shlrley Calvert Ioseph Castxllo Rlchard Como Gxlbert Castro Be te Congressl Denver Davxs Carol Dlaz Maryone Dxaz Lloyd Ellxs Lynn Enlgenburg G-lorxa Francxs Iudxth George Margaret Gladdlng Lee Goar af LJ! llttle at .J Marilyn Ackles Dale Allen Eugene Andrews Patrlcxa Aubrey Wxlham Barkow gn., L U , ,mdk xss e bus 1 Q5 Q JW 3 Q-4 Camera shy I.. Wllma Gomez Rxto Groom Halbert Hall Robert Hamllton Alfred Hopkxns .P .4 Q13 AUDI Morey Iameson Roberta Iohnson Iohn Iohnson Vxrgll Klnney Agnes Koga Laurel Knott Clyde Langford Errol Lewxs Dolores Lubo Mary Matsumoto George Ruthn and Wayne McAdams Dons McDowell Iuanxta McDowell Pearl McDowell Vxctor McPherson 'Wi' 'VU ,.. agp: Bobby Stewart Harvey Pankow Marranne Stokes Laverne Stuart Paul Gene Takenage UFH 4' 'W give Rose Merson Margarlta Meza Larry Morse Susan Myers Fredrxch Nelson Number 623487 if .ft w-.irlffu-f IoAnn Newman Dons Nxx Nancy O Neal Frank Orr Louis Osuna Ronald Parkmson 014- Tha s 0 no excuse' ENCE R' Sachr Tanouye Kathryn Teller Norma Ummo Edward Voorhees Wmston Wade Iohn Walker Carl Weber Mary Whxte Rlchard Wxlbur Harry W1ll1ams Robert Wxllxams Patrlcla Wrlson Thomas Wood Beverly Tripp and Lors Thom Rxchard Stoner, and Manuel Mohna .A Mrchael Perlmch Richard Roll Alan Ross Henry Salgado Marrqurta Salvatre Mary Sue Sawday Rnchard Schober Larry Scrape Robert Scott Sally Sxmpson Marxlee Smrth Gary Soudan Wrlllam Stahlman if ,gig V- 1 I Where ,J 'WHS f 9' G AhC r v 1? U were you? l J L---JL---J23 E ,vf A L? V 1 . f V ,V -.. - V' lp -I ' paws f4wf er- f ' ,Ia TQ Q - at ' K R - . R L 4 I ' -7 5931? nf, sf?-r R37 1 fl' f '53 A .. l 3:1 : qi lufxlg " - I l . K ., ' A 494 : 4 . A V. . l - , I lk . . A l :lb '6 fv', " al' lj T 5 , ,ll ak' . 'igwf K i ,ra ' ,, , . . f if -,-fri. 4 , I F 4 . A . W 0 5 ll . H V A, V 1 V , Eve Ann Shaw fgf A7 rl eva . - K2 ., 1 M , my , W x ' V k , X y A U N 1 . . sl r"1 1+. ur I A l ' . 'M QA A If l 1. t J as - l ' win Qs ' 1. . K -I l L ' 1 . A :I I ' . In ' K " x. L an Q J A J ' ' 4, ?fV rLfsirLfQ . sv s 2 rzfr ft,s . ' . - R f f R 4' .f 4? A' . t A '-2? R fr' ' +1 is ' 1' Rf. ' A -5 4' m f I' X 5 6 Q' Z fi-7 5 'il 'R - 'Y l' is X . . lymf' y 1 1- rn 1 us Q ul . . . ' R N I -y W ' l 1 ' G ' . "" ' 5 of l 1 h H I . - 'Ll yr.. 5, - A W DER AB THE ACCQMPLICES 'NJ fr! 1: v 853' '91 'JV f 4. I G, J 5' K Q' In G. 'Q 'N 'Qy fr P 5 1 A wg? -5 Ag, me 9 3' 'if' '32 V: -ls, 4' ff efizi M ffm M ,, GWL 1-'gxrl an-Da t F0 1351 'EQWX wat- iff?- 'ASA may vga .Q . LQ 9? 'Q' ,,1 4 3 ,,gy,jf. msrityglq 5 mg -P'-,' iv F n4t',?'1:1svQY'5 I ',,gf?' 1 M. 4' A xt gr .1 , s' A , Whose face is behind the mask? 5. 4 9 WARRIOR HEADS I saw a group of smug looking Seniors heading toward Mrs Brinegar's office. They looked as though they had discovered something about WI-IO DUNIT and Were going to tell Mr, Brinegar. What the deucel They were supposed to tell me. I barged' into the office and to my embarrassment inter- rupted the regular Tuesday meeting of the Warrior I-leads. As I made an unobtrusive exit I still couldn't help thinking that they knew something. 'mil' We-s -j Y . ' .Sr -Par FIRST ROW: Norine Peterson, Dorothy Teller, Barbara Peratt, Charlene Hutton, Lynn Dean. SECOND ROW Ed ward Mojado, Iames McCreedy, George McDonald. if CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION The first group to offer its services was the C. S. F. It seemed logical that anyone who could scrape up ten points in A's and B's on his report card should be able to crack this WHO DUNIT caper. "Even though the C. S. F. is busy with its trips and activities," said Mrs. Young, group adviser, "I'll tell the members to watch for any unusual occurrence." "Thank you. I appreciate your willingness to help. I'll probably need it." FIRST ROW: Brian Pa-rks, Carolyn Lillie, Barbara Peratt, Iudy Cameron, Ann Walker, Maureen Iameson, Lynn Enigen- burg, Patricia Wilson. SECOND ROW: Donald Stevenson, Iudy Hancock, Dorothy Telfer, Lynn Dean, Anne Knowles Iacqueline Bernardin, Marianne Stokes, Norma Uminoi THIRD ROW1 Edward Mitchell, Barbara Winzell, Diane Staude, Paul-lean Takenaga, Bette Harada. FOURTH ROW, Thomas Hopkins, Stephen Garnsey, Robert Scott, Morey Iameson, Iohn Walker, Richard Schober, Mrs. Young, Robert Mapes, August Clancy, Connie Gibson. Not shown: Agnes Koga, Richard Wilbur, Barbara Mann, Helen Kinney, Bonnie Lincoln, Raymond Bell Anne Knowles, CSF. second semester president, Dorothy Telfer, C.S F, first serrister president. 27 - iff? P5521 if Iudy Cameron, Dorothy Teller, Laurilyn Sikking, Alayne Sikking, William Paige , Anne Knowles, Ann Walker, Ann Gordon, Maureen Iameson, , Norine Peterson, Priscilla Allen, Barbara Peratt, Mrs. Martha Bishop. SQ, Not shown: Allan Forsyth. ' tm J xr V11 rl :Rv ix- 'ri' A mysterious air surrounded room 30. People went 1 in and out stealthily. The door was always closed during sixth period. At midnight l had seen a light shining from the window. Everyone was bustling about in a secretive manner. I stopped Mrs. Bishop, the teacher who was there at that time, and asked her what was going on. "I can't tell you, We-Wa, but I'll give you a hint- it's the Moccasin stail at Work." N. 1.3. ..., V 'rf-13: . .,. .N 4 Things made sense now. The theme and con- tents oi the annual were secret. The light must be from midnight oil burned by copy and layout ed- itors to make final shipments. l felt that the Moccasin staff had something up its IUDY CAMERON. Editor sleeve, but I wasn't sure just what it was. twig? THE MCCCASIN FIRST ROW: Richard Schober, Denver Davis, Roger McDonald, Shirley Corn, Henry Salgado, Chester Haselwood, Richard Wilbur. SECOND ROW: Susan Myers, Lynn Enigenburg, Mary Sue Sawday, Mary White, Mr, Coburn Palmer, Ann Gordon, Ianice Wann, Edward Hostetter. THIRD ROW: Iune Gonzales, David Hedrick, Carolyn Lillie, Iudith Hancock. Ierry Brittain, Kay Ward, Alayne Sikking What was that? Bleed the page? What a lead! I dashed into the room from which the startling state- ment had come, feeling sure that it was my first solid clue. I was disappointed to see only the Torna- hawk staff busy at work. I should have known, "bleed the page" was only part of the newspaper lingo. "Mr Palmer, the Tomahawk has access to most of the school gossip. Has anything been said that would throw some light on the subject of WHO DUNIT'?" "Not to my knowledge. Our ace reporter is cover- ing it now. If he digs up anything l'll let you know." Another futile promise. There just had to be an answer to this riddle. ""7F Mr ortstss yrstr L 'E is SHIRLEY CORN Editor THE TOMAHAWK FIRST ROW: Gisela Oelkers, Charlie Chamness, Marvin Muller, William Wester, George McDonald, Larry Lillie Brian Parks, Buckley Brown, Morey Iameson, Victor McPherson SECOND ROW' Diana Staude, Barbara Peratt, ludy Cameron, William Barkow. THIRD ROW: Doris McDowell, Eugene Andrews, Fritz Melsheimer, Thomas Powell, Richard Roll, Roger Stebbins, Michael Bell, Arthur Pentico, Howard McManigill. FOURTH ROW' Iuanita McDowell, Pearl McDowell, Nancy Donahue, Edith Bcrrkow, Virginia Clayton, Kathryn Teller, Ioyce Leon, Pat Aubry, Mrs, Anne Goodwin, Gary Soudan, Richard Schober, Wesley Kehler, Allred Hopkins, Robert Hinkel, Thomas Hopkins. Not shown: Maureen lame-son, Anne Knowles, Iudith Hancock, Susanne Scroggy, Betty Maie Adams, Edward Mitchell. I couldn't see what French- men had to do with the F R E N C H mystery, but suspicion was aroused by the strange ap- pearance ot the new mem- bers of Le Quartier Francais one day. C IJ U B I asked Mrs. Goodwin, group sponsor, to explain. "It's very simple, We-Wa. The new members are being Nancy Donahue, Treasurer, Roger Stebbins, President, initiated today. The GTIISIS' smocks and palettes are part ot the procedure. Were hav- ing a party tonight. Come along it you like." Taking this explanation at face value, I decided this group was innocent ol any shady doings. "No thanks, Mrs. Goodwin, I have to be oft to other in- vestigationsf' Patricia Aubrey, Secretary. Not shown Gisela Oelkers, Vice-President X SPANISH CLUB Larry Lillie, President, Viola Arroya, Secretary, Allan Forsyth, Social Chaimian. "We-Wa, we're having a Pifiatcx party. Would you like to join us?" "Thanks, Larry, that would be swell." This invitation by Larry Lillie, president of Los Guerreros. was the break I'd been awaiting. The pifxata-what better place was there to hide incriminating evidence! I went to the party early, hoping to get a good look into the pificxta. but Mrs. Croonquist, club adviser, stopped me. "Why We-Wa, that's not right. You'll have to wait until it is broken," I was too filled with curiosity to leave without seeing what it contained, so I waited until it was broken. A jumble ot candy and presents tell out-nothing else. Completely disgusted, I departed from the festive scene. "Adi6s. amigof' the Spanish students chorused. "Adi6s," I mumbled under my breath. FIRST ROW Viola Arroyo, Priscilla Allen, Norine Peterson, Mary lean Arenas, Barbara Thurber. leanne Forsyth, Rose Marie Norman, Ann Walker, Donna Galloway, Lynn Dean, Charlene Gant SECOND ROW Ioan Fee, Catherine Grant, Linda Barcello, Anne Knowles, Iudy Gibbs, Nancy Heald, Dorothy Teller THIRD ROW: Relane Bowles, Iudith White, Carol Iohrison, Charlene Hutton, Ioyce Leon, Iane Brown, Ioan Iuelson, Io Wilson, Bruce Enigenburg, FOURTH ROW, Mrs Lillian Croon- quist, Annabelle Vines, Betty Maie Adams, Flora Beach, Ioanne Garwood, Iames Armtield, Stephen Garnsey, Albert Banks, Timothy Wilbur, Iohn Bere nardin, Robert Mapes, FIFTH ROW George Mcf Donald, Brian Parks, Buckley Brown, Larry Lillie, Allan Forsyth, William Brannick, Robert Hansen GIRLS' LEAGUE Barbara Peratt, Treasurerg Ieanne Forsyth, Sophomore Representativeg lanice Noguchi, Secretory Bette l-larada, Art Chairrriahg Dar- lene Olive, Vice-P-resident, Laurilyn Silcking, Publicity Chairmang Della Nora Bibb, lunior COUNCIL Representative Wilma Gomez, Freshman Representative Charlene Hutton, Welfare Chairman Lynn Dean, President, Mrs, Gladys l-luscher, Advisor Not shown. Helen Sharp- less, Senior Representative I quit. When you have to investigate a whole school ol girls, that's too much. l was ready to give up this case and go home to my reservation. "No, We-Wa, please we need you. lt it will help matters you Wor1't have to interrogate the Girls' League. l've always heard girls were in- nocentf' GIRLS' LEAGUE Mother-Daughter Tea Q 1 ' 1 1, 5. 1 1' l'v, ' I ..: i 'T .., . if. ,. - . ,.- .hi-Law -v VN, ff V fil EIRST ROW Errol Lewis, loseph Castillo, Wayne McAdams, Robert Scott, lohn Iohnson SECOND ROW' Edward Calac, Walter Amsler, Shigiuchi Uchi- mura, Richard Koga, Mr Ralph Enander, William Stchlman, Lloyd Ellis, Don- ald Thompkins, Melvin Moiado, William Harada, Kenneth Aguilar, Robert Calac, Gerri Griffith, Edward Mojado, George Clark, Larry Dawes, William Schell, Ronald Parkinson, Stephen Beach, Harold Wilson, Warren Estes, Philip Myers, Clyde Langford, Michael Perinich. The F. F. A. was the second organization to offer its services. "It is the aim of the Future Farmers of America to train boys to become better farmers or ranchers," said Mr. Enander, head of the local chapter, "but I guess there's no law against training them as detec- tives in time of need. If any one of the boys notices anything strange around the campus l'll have him contact you." l was grateful for this offer, although I prided myself on being able to work alone. I definitely needed help. George Clark, Secretary, William Harada, Presi- dent, Edward Mojado, Sentinelg Larry Dawes, Treasurer. Not Shown' Berkeley Calac. Vice- president. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Em , 'R R R ROBERT CLARNO nsr Row: Robert Hansen, Iames Mecreedy, Hal Potter, Edward Mo- CCC- advisor 'ado. SECOND ROW: William Paige, Stephen Beach, Halbert Hall, Iohn Standerfer. THIRD ROW: Sidney Kaufman, Henry Salgado, Ronald Wood- rey, Iames Pelsma. FOURTH ROW: Robert Stewart, Roger McDonald, sley Burr, Warren Estes. FIFTH ROW: Dale Allen, Chester Hazelwood, Homer Rail, Billy Lee. SIXTH ROW: Ion Potter, Richard Stoner, Vernon ritchka, Charles Robinson. SEVENTH ROW: Wayne McAdams, Edward Voorhees. Carl Weber, Harvey Pankow, Arthur Pentico, Lawrence Newman. CALIFORNIA 'Tenshunl About face! Hup 2, 3, 4! Company halt! The California Cadet Corps 'was at it again. The perfect C A D E T C O R P S formations, shouted orders and the seriousness of the cadets kept me so interested that I plumb forgot to ask them about WHO DUNIT. Oh well, they were too busy training to have time to engage in any shady doings. Edward Moiado, Robert Stewart, Robert Hansen, Edward Voorhees, Dale Allen, Sidney Kaufman, Wayne McAdams, Iohn Standerfer, Chester Hazelwood, Iames McCreedy, Lawrence Newman, Ion Potter, Hal Potter, William Paige, Harvey Pankow, Vernon Tritchka, Carl Weber, Roger McDonald, Arthur Pentico, Homer Rail, Charles Robinson, Henry Salgadc, Billy Lee, Esley Burr, Warren Estes, Iames Pelsma, Stephen Beach, Ronald Woodrey, Halbert Hall, Richard Stoner. l pl A ... 1 FIRST ROW: Iudy Cameron, Rose Marie Norman, Donna Clancy, Iune Gonzales, Viola Arroyo, Flora Beach, Io Ann Garwood, Edith Barkow, Annabelle Vines, Carol Iohnson, Marie Koga, Anne Knowles. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Peratt, Nancy Donahue, Wilma Gomez, Eve Ann Shaw, Sylvia Bauer, Susan Myers, Mary Sue Sawday, Patricia Wilson, Kathryn Teller, Iacqueline Bernardin, ,Iudith George, Gisela Oelkers, Sachiko Tanouye. THIRD ROW: Iudy Gibbs, Rita Groom, Barbara Hall, Helen Kinney, Caroline Flores, Mary White, Lynn Enigenburg, Agnes Koga, Margarita Meza, Carol Diaz, Nancy O'Neal, lane Brown, Ioyce Leon. FOURTH ROW: Donna Galloway, Nancy Heald, Charlene Gant, Frances Farley, Mary Matsumoto, Margaret Gladding, Mcrrilee Smith, Marianne Stokes, Mary Uchimura, Laurilyn Sikking, Priscilla Allen, Mariquita Salvatierra, Laverne Stuart, Marilyn Ackles. "Brrr-that Water is freezing. lt's like jumping into an iceberg." "Don't I know it! I dread the thought ot playing polar bear." Nothing out ot the ordinary about that conversa- tion-the water was cold. I had tested it before the water carnival, Parade of the Months, started. Any club that could put on such a splendid water show certainly must be on the level, I reasoned. This case was becoming more and more confusing. FIRST ROW: Norine Peterson, Virginia Clayton, Ianice Noguchi, Lynn Dean, Maureen Iaineson. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Teller, V Akiko Matsumoto, Mary Iean Arenas, Sally Simpson. QQ MRS. MARY IEAN COFFMAN G,A.A. Advisor mai? I ' ' Qlbb' ,-, 1 nf. . 1 A 1 . x , J. - ' , n ' iw 'r 4 Q f '2' I 4-, x , , V. u xx' , 4.- x I hl V M1 94 fl 2? v.. 7 na r , QM 4'-A ' Abliaflg' , QI, ' sg' f 1 1 l F7 ' If w, ff -4 .1 ff .-af v f 'i .of , hr ' -4 f '31-41 GT-EE CLUB E tfti 2il , i K Q ,, .35,, , :fg- ,,,-fr 9 , : , ,. , , 5? ' ' f Fw f'!'-. ' ' 'Q : f 55.17 ' ' '5K,::- gn' FIRST ROW: Margarita Meza, Marianne Stokes, Doris Nix, Louise Osuna, Iune Gonzales, Gloria Francis, Pattsie Kinsey, Almeda Moon, Helen Kinney, Barbara Hall, Caroline Flores, Nancy O'Neal, Eve Ann Shaw, Patrick Flani- gan, Mr. Lloyd von Haden. SECOND ROW' Mary Helen Magee, Laverne Stuart, Agnes Koqa, Iudith George. Laurel Knott, Wilma Gomez, Sylvia Bauer, Sharon McManig:ll, Rose Meison, Marilee Smith, Diana Staude, Charlotte Magee, Frances Farley, Donna Clancy, Mary Matsumoto, Sachiko Tanouye, Sally Simpson 'Ti Strange noises and shouts filled the air suggesting the high-pitched screams ot a terror-stricken victim. I stopped short. Then I ran down the hall, threw open the door, and-it was the Glee Club learning a new song. But as I listened to the beautiful spring concert I realized that those strange sounds had harmony after all This clue having tailed, I Went on to check on the schools sportsmen. VO If SCHOOL ACTIVITIES 'Jil the 'Yo lp ' offwx has ' Down in fron!! What a racket! Upsy-Daisy. I x01 . C0 ocwx ff Timber-toppers. fTl Casey at the bat Wx ROYA L T Y CHRISTMAS FORMAL FOOTBALL RODEO CONTESTANTS Della Nora Bibbl, Queen. lane Barbara Peratt, Lynn Dean, Norine Peterson FIRST ROW: Margaret Havens, Barbara Winzell SECOND ROW: Barbara Bell, Charlene Gant, Susie Morris, Donna Galloway, Darlene Olive. CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Gerald East, vice-presidentg Nancy Heald, treasurerg Donna Galloway, secretaryg George Yackey, president, 4 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Norma Umino, secretaryg Winston Wade, president Patricia Wilson, treasurer. NOT SHOWN: Tony Brown, vice-president. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Thurber, secretary Willa Sue Morris, treas- urer Wesley Kehler, president Darlene Olive, vice- president. 41 WE-WA ARE THESE CRIMIN wwf 4'-fin Nl '45 991 ,ga f at ' -v 'S Y? ,, 4,5244 'X wwf .1 -1 399' F3114-.v rn-K ig "' gf., 33 M, ,Away X cyst,-I S5 4 19" Dv C 2, far ,Q mia A W' ""if-'tw 9 ', T up 2 Q If af" h4:I'3'7,gf?g,5"33 win 'wa wi 21952: Q?-fi 'a 1 qi 25':11gfvl AMLEK54 X S wx wffffffia 4 - X .50 "aye, he fniftxffn ,nn fa. 5' 9552225331134 -:F-ze Q55 ggyff, sijfa M. R .ill-L' if,.21jgLf, AQ Mg. 5 'lf 'Y Tiff? L F N-Av W' ' WM 'K ::df?,4.4.gmf , - -2 , :fm ' . , E ,agar Q. , Q ..,.. .. . v. ., ' ' .7 IQ . .- .. - f xnxx' . I ..-jv ,.. JF1?f.'. tm.. ft . ' . ...vi qbisku ,. 1 i -J' .1 v ag ., 5 1 x - ' ' .I . V' . ' ' - 5, .- ,. ...:. -- .6 f',-'- ' " 71. . -L' 3' , Lzgrw-. Q21 , A' Av ' Adi "" A K. '10 J . Aymwl ,. AQ' -. 2,17 'iii' ' ., , , :gif - ' ' f , . cm ,-- . ' .. ' 'il 'i . ..,-:Ar r-, 44' .A M- w gl V-W ' -1 r. ' ' -1- . A .',:. .,p.-iv gf uf- I . 41 'gm-,g:.fy" , w, .7- ' - .-1 J' I 1" -'M '91 ..f' 'f Q f,s'1H'i1-v. '11 . '-. ' 465' 1 -j ,, ag. , -:Lifkafqf ,ff Ji? P 'Jizz-ny? ' fwl. - , qc' '- -N fm s R W ea i525 Who shot the ball? Della Nora Bibb, Bruce Enigenburg, Iudy Cameron, Allan Forsyth, Dorothy Teller. "Ya got it? Let's hit it!! We got a T-E-A-M that's onlthe B-E-A-M!" "Little red rooster, sittin' on a fence!" "First and ten, do it again! I like it, I like it!" Taking a shot in the dark to revive my cour- age, I braved the clamor of the crowd in hopes ot picking up the trail. IWhat I won't go through tor a cluelll vin' img enbulg' S YS usda M19 MGH Su CHEERLEADERS e SOWAGY' SGNGLEADERS I watched the songleaders bounce through a few songs CI like it, I like itll but there was nothing shady about their conduct. I decided that going to a game at Fallbrook High School was a noisy but unrevealing occupation, I :'f -f- . H il 32,329 i ff I s. I' I Xune 6 ,,. , . Kxhg' -.H U . pgmcldl . wxtson' fha ,., X. ne Ber05Id::130d.Poinc2G Mailwxx X A ' , . gccflue PJXU Gd' ,AQ we Wall ,Q- GHT- i XO eil we' Q -as TQ Y QTIGG ' Shdvlu hike TODO YAOEUKYXOK ' LEVI N696 PM c 1 GOn,,gles.SmxmI Y,-Je Gxcadmg. SEDOV, ett, Mor Mdflxee Vlarflctei ter SNIWY was in Tex i-xoffldu' BC ' thi 1 Georqe' KG Boyer. Bax e Coniwnce Lynn Dean, Norine Peterson, Shirley Corn. FIRST ROW: Gilbert Bennett, Wesley Kehler, David Hedrick, Lyonal Heed, William Harada, George McDonald, Edward Mojado, Billy Lee, Robert Baker, Edward Mitchell, Iohn Standerfer, Iohn Bernardin. SECOND ROW: Gerald East, Stephen Beach, Coach Carlin Coffman, Iames McCreedy, Cha-rles Bell, Buckley Brown, Edward Calac, Chester Haselwood, Charles Martin, James Pelsma, Robert Hansen, James Grevatt, William Shrode, Brian Parks, William Barkow. VARSIT F COTBALL "Hey, do you call that a pass?" "Your job of receiving wasn't so hot either!" "Listen, stupid, coach said to tackle me-not to run through me!" "Oh clam up, if you don't like the way I tackle you can leave." With these dramatic words-ringing in my ears, I decided to snoop around the squad and find out what was up. This is what I found- Visitors Fallbrook Capistrano Fallbrook Vista Fallbrook Tustin Fallbrook Mt. Empire Fallbrook A. N. A. Fallbrook Brown Fallbrook Ramona Fallbrook Total 30 l49 lleft with no new evidence, but I was feeling very proud of the victorious 1952 Varsity Football Squad. O ' E Copxom CARLIN COFFMAN, coach 00,5 M C - Dos vw- O Omoo WOW YAC Cqp f 011: THE RINGLEADERS I found the co captams Edd1e Moyado and Tornrny McDonald talkmg about sornethxng rn a low tone Ah hal Perhaps here was some new evldencel But the1r secrets were only football maneuvers There wasnt anythlng armss about thrs dlscusslon Vou should always expecl days l1ke these rn my profess1on I quess SXXAPX BILL wx PEL com v at GARRETT ARBELBIDE Coach xori HOQK ou ed ,Q 111051 MOSK Djqyer DE ' Co- X fl. 5 y ' 5 A -, 'A ' Ng? hx W y Qai- '. 1 'l -1 R1 A nl ' MOS, VQ I ' S 47 REWARD PM FIRST ROW Kenneth Agutlar Robert Baker Charles Bell Raymond Bell Gllbert Bennett SECOND ROW Buckley Brown Clyde Burton Berkley Calac Edward Calac Iames Grevatt THIRD ROW W1ll1am Harada Harry Harvey Chester Haselwood Robert Hansen Davld Hedrxck FOURTH ROW Wesley Kehler B1lly Lee Charles Martm Iames McCreeay Bemamm Magante FIFTH ROW Edward Mttchel Melvm Molado Brtan Parks Lyonal Reed Iohrx Standerler I I l l H 5 f 4 V. i I I '-,ig . U -N , . . iy 3-11. .C My 5 , , I ' . ' l I N ,B V , -s 1 xx 5 If . l ' W ey 2 . . , , . : 8 iw -s .-. .,,'f7B6-130-s'7'7f55' P-94.,,19e-ff-. " '1 S '--- I tl gwq' . K S f ' ff' 'I ' 4g A- .JHKL-Q' ' --ss. ,-an-vs .M 5 5 L sg FIRST ROW: Howard McManigill, Fritz Melsheimer, Billy Hroch, Denver Davis, Winston Wade, Darwin Wann, Gerri Griffith, Robert Hinkel, Donald Tompkins, August Clancy, Iames George. SECOND ROW: Dale Allen, Timothy Wilbur, Thomas Powell, Larry Scrape, Edward Clancy, Richard Koga, Ernst Borchert, Warren Roll, William Stahlman, Clyde Langford. THIRD ROW: Michael Perinich, Lee Goar, Robert Hamilton, Gary Soudan, Lloyd Ellis, Morey lame- son, Alan Ross, Christopher Bowen, Richard Roll, Gerald Boisclair, Robert Williams. FOURTH ROW: Coach O. K. Williamson, Charlie Chamness, Henry Salgado, Arthur Pentico, Eugene Andrews, Anthony Brown, Victor MacPherson, Manuel Molina, Halbert Hall, Ioseph Castillo, William Berthelson, Coach Baldwin, FIFTH ROW: Larry Newman, Iohn Walker, Robert Mapes, Larry Morse, Ray Beck, Carl Weber, Iohn Iohnson, Harry Williams. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL I , 5 .A - If Timothy Wilbur, most valuable player, Robert Mapes, manager, Darwin H . l - Wann, outstanding player and honorary captain .'1 --11- ..- ..- 111. -::1.-- 1. -. 'l aff? -1':':.::2l:Z: ' . . f"..1-11",4'3ffff1i1"" 1.. . . . . . . 5 3 00 N ' i " f Xxx ,.,.1 ' X-,. Uk , I QAUA. 'x K 'iv FIRST ROW: Edward Mojado, David Hedrick, Melvin Mojado, Wesley Kehler. SECOND ROW: Robert Hansen, Albert Banks, Homer Rail, Stephen Beach, Roger Stebbins, William Schell, Richard Salvatierra, A BASKETBALL S 'it Z mfg fi EDDIE MOIADO, Captain Stephen Beach, David Hedrick, Edward Mojado, Robert Hanson, Homer Rail, Melvin Mojado, Wesley Kehler, Albert Banks, Roger Stebbins, Rich- ard Salvatierra, William Schell. ee-MW an , . x I J v' S it - ...N 'pw 5 -' j ,I " um. K If-I' ' l i 0 ,' ' , T L.- 5 P 1 . izkfiii FIRST ROW Fred Nelson, August Clancy, Warren Estes, Robert Calac, William Wester, Timothy lNllbUl' SECOND ROW Walter Arnsler, manager, Coach Coffman, Frank Bell, Howard Mclvtanigill, Winston Wade, Billy Lee, Frank Orr, Gerald East, manager B BASKETBALL Shoot! Shoot! My trained ears picked up these incriminat- ing Words as l drew my tomahawk and raced for the gym. All I found were the basketball teams practicing for the next game. Everyone was talking about these scores. FIRST ROW: William Barkow, Denver Davis, Richard Koga, Manuel Molina SECOND ROW: Donald Tompkins, Thomas Powell, Stephen Garnsey, Mr. O. K. Williamson, Thomas Wood, Morey Iameson. C BASKETBALL 52 D BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Harold Wilson, Lee Goar, William Stahlrnan, Edward Voorhees, Richard Stoner. SECOND ROW: Iohn Walker, Anthony Brown, Coach Williamson, Michael Perinich, Robert Mapes. Q ,eff ' IM ' ., Q f--ff--40 i-A .... -.. . lllm. 05113 "' Nw U, ,. ll it Buckley Brown, Howard McManigill, Edward Mitchell, Robert Hansen, Law- rence Newman, Fritz Melsheimer, Mr, OK. Williamson. The members of the "Oh Glorious" tennis team were too busy being pur- sued by "Sam" or chasing balls to turn their atten- tion crime-wise. As for the swimming team-well, they threat- ened me with a splash- ing, so I hastily retreated. SWIMMING Lawrence Newman, Howard McManigi1l, Fritz Melsheimer, Buckley Brown, Edward Mitchell, Robert Hansen, FIRST ROW: lames Armfield, Thomas Hopkins, Donald Stevenson, Marvin Muller, Everett McGehee, Allan Forsyth, SECOND ROW: Mr. "Sam" Hoppes, Stephen Garnsey, Gilbert Bennett, William Brannick, Michael Bell, Edward Hostetter, William Wester. ,qv -i TENNIS Our track team in action. 41 "'w.""w ,,. bv"-'r MW Igaro CQ 40,01-'. TRACK "I-ley, you're going to get dizzy running around that track so fast. What's going on anyway, with all these strange people here? "Oh, hi, We-Wa. We're having a track meet. Those strange people, as you call them, are students from the other schools." "Do you think they could help me on this mystery?" "I doubt it, they're busy trying to Win this meet. Why don't you take oft for a while and watch, we're bound to win today!" FIRST ROW: Iames Grevatt, William Harada, Sidney Kauf- man, Larry Lillie. SECOND ROW: Eugene Koga, August Clancy, Arthur Pentico, Walter Arnsler, Esley Burr, Albert Banks, Buckley Brown, Brian Parks, Iohn Bernardin. THIRD ROW: Iohn Standerter, Chester Hazelwood, Howard Mc- Manigill, Robert Hansen, Charles Martin, Edward Mitchell, Bruce Enigenburg, Vernon Tritchka. 'f"f"' ml.. 'P A t ov, ' olifml FIRST ROW: Wesley Kehler, Timothy Wilbur, Richard Wilbur, Donald Tompkins, Kenneth Aguilar, SECOND ROW: Edward Calac, Billy Lee, Thomas McDonald, Edward Mojado, Icfmes Pelsma, Ronald Woodrey, Melvin Mojado, Robert Clarno. BASEBALL I scrutinized the baseball team, hoping to find some "foul" play, but there was no "ily" in the ointment. The EHS. baseball team had no strikes against them. I was hoping to make a "home run" with the mystery, but there must have been an "error" in my de- ductions, because my idea turned out to be a "pop ball." Kenneth Aguilar, Wesley Kehler, Billy Lee, Timothy Wilbur, Richard Wilbur, Edward Calac, Edward Mojado. FIRST ROW: Warren Estes, William Schell, Roger Stebbins, Richard Salvatierra, Bill Hroch, Eugene Andrews, William Stahlman, Errol Lewis, William Barkow, Manuel Molina, Clyde Burton. SECOND ROW: Gerald Bois- clair, Ernest Borchert, Richard Roll, Iames George, Michael Perinich, Anthony Brown, Lee Goar, Lloyd Ellis, Coach Arbelbide, Frank Orr, Darwin Wann, Freddy Nelson, Gerald East, Leroy Gentry, Benjamin Morgante, and Robert Scott, SWTMNHNG Why on earth should I check the girls' swimming class? You could never get away with any- thing in a pool with a life guard there. Besides the girls are so busy working on routines for the aquacade. Guess I'll stick around for awhile anyway and perhaps take a dip myself-me with all those females. Gisela Oelkers, ludy Cameron, Priscilla Allen, Ioyce Leon, lane Brown. BASEBALL Whack!! "Foul!!" I-l'mm this sounds interest- ing, looks like fur is flying. "You're Out! We're Up!!" What is this, two culprits, against each other? lt only I could get closer, l'd find out. Closer, closer, closer-egad- only a girls' softball game! Carol Iohnson, Shirley Corn, Alayne Sikking, Kay Ward, 56 Linda Brannick, Barbara Hall What's that? Girls' football? "No, We-Wa, it's speedawaylu "Well, maybe so, but no mat- ter what it is, I think I'1l interrupt them long enough to find out it they know anything about WHO DUNIT." SPEED-AWAY Virginia Clayton, Mary White, Mary lean Arenas, Kathryn Teller, Margaret Gladding, Paul-Gene Tcrkenaga, Dorothy Tel- ler, Iudith George, Ioyce Groom, Frances Farley, Norma Umino, Lois Thom, Eve Ann Shaw. Donna Galloway, Iudy Gibbs, Rose Marie Norman, Nancy Heald, Charlene Gcmt. 1 TENNIS "3U-Love!! Ace! Love Game!" This doesn't sound like mys- tery, but it sounds interesting. Who could it be? l certainly didn't know this school let things like this go on. CCouples being together during classl On the other hand, the school might not know. Oh, goody, this is lun- just a little better view. What a disappointment-a tennis game between girls. 57 "Try a nook, Laurie, that might get them." "Heck, wefll have to try some- thing new, they seem to get away every time." Boy, what a lead, now l'm on the trail. All I have to do is sneak up and I'll find WHO DUNIT. "Yea, we won."-Crash!- Girls came tumbling out of the gym, and then I decided I was foiled again. It was only a girls' basket ball game. FIRST ROW: Iudy Cameron, Priscilla Allen, Norine Peterson. SECOND ROW: Lynn Dean, Barbara Peratt, Virginia Clayton, Dorothy Telfer. Not Shown: Laurilyn Sikking BASKETBALL Exhibit C Hlnterterencel That ruins us, now we'll have to try harder than ever." I too, would have to try harder, but could this help me? No, Us usual, it was all innocent. My mind seemed to be playing tricks on me. I try to make something ol every- thing I hear. VOLLEYBALL Norma Umino, Kathryn Teller, Ioan Fee, Margaret Gladding, Iudith George, Sylvia Bauer, Edith Barkow, Mary Sue Saw- Clcry, Io Ann Garwood, Eve Ann Shaw. WE-WA F IN DS- THE CULPRITS MQ ffffwi For the jillionth time I looked over my tediously gathered information. Notes concerning the seniors were made con- spicuous by their absence. Suddenly the pieces ot the jigsaw tell into place per- fectly. It could only be the Seniors WHO DUNIT. And what they l'dun" was to THE 1 953 SENIOR CLASS OFFlCERS Lynn Dean, Salutorian Brian Parks, presidentg Norine Peterson, secretaryg Lyoncl Reed vice president Melvin Moicrdo, treasurer. f i? . Q-7 Q 'l '1 2 x 62 PRISCILLA IANE ALLEN GAA. 4 Moccasin Staff 4 Spanish Club 4 House of Represen atives 4 VIOLA MARIE ARROYO Class Treasurer 2 GA A I, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club Secretary 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3 Tomahawk Staff 3, 4 ROBERT ELVIN BAKER Class President l Band I Track l, 2, 3 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Swimming 2, 3 Track Captain 2 A I " 5? QT' 'ZR' SEN ICR CLASS HN F BELIEORD RAYMOND WILLIAM BELL GILBERT ALLEN BENNETT Swimming 3 4 A S B. Vice-President 4 Football I, 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 lub 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, Club 2 Glee Club 1, 3 ootball l 2 Track 2 Chiefs l, 2, 3 Tennis 2, 3, 4 QQ ,. IOHN ALAN BRAIN Football I, 2, 3 Chiefs l, 2, 3 Booster Club 3 'sa' 5 'CT' 'L' I. WILLIAM L. BRANNICK Basketball l, 2 Tennis 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Swimming 2 Football Manager 2 IERRY TED BRITTAIN RALPH BUCKLEY BROWN Class Vice-President 3 Swimming Team Captain 3 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Chiefs 1, 2, 3 French Club 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 ARTHUR DEAN BUSH Q 1' 11 if THE CLASS OF 1953 ROBERT G- CAI-AC LOCHIEL CAMERON VIRGINIA LE MAE CLAYTON LARRY ROY DAWES FFA. 1, 2, 3, 4 Moccasin Editor 4 G,A,A, 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l F.F.A. Vice-President 4 Songleader 3 G.A,A, Council 1, 2, 4 Track l F.F.A. Reporter 3 Head Cheerleader 4 Band l, 2, 3 Agriculture 1, 2, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 3 C,S,F, 1, 2, 3 Agriculture Treasurer 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 G.A,1L Secretary 3 C.S F. Secretary-Treasurer 3 Track 2, 3, 4 Bamatics Club 1, 2 French Club 3, 4 f" fi 94" 71' -. J Q 5 C' "1 'ESQ 9, ,I fi 4 A a 'D D V , all IV. ,D .,f " X 2 '-I-lf It l f 'K .t V N -fi ,I ? V Y 7 . '11 ii? if 5' if: H MARTHA LYNN DEAN BRUCE ENlGENBURG R. ALLAN EORSYTH CAROLlNE SUE ELORES Warrior Head 4 Cheerleader 4 Chiefs 1, 2, 3 Giee Club 11 21374 CSF. 1.2. 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Booster Club 3 ASB- SQCYGTGYY 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Tennis Q 2, 3 4 G AVA 3' 4 Momorette 1. 2, 3 Basketball 4 Baseball 1, 2, 4 Dm Team 2 Girls' League President 4 Cheeylegjgy 4 Girls. League 11 Z1 3, 4 G.A.A l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 4 GALLERY CF "SUSPECTS" If -0 ' 9' X., V153 AMES F GREVATT GERRI W GRIFFITH IOYCE LEONE GROOM MARY LEE HANSEN Football l 2 3 4 Chiefs l 2 3 Spamsli Cl b 3 4 Football Basketb Swirrirm Glee Cl CH els l 2 3 s League l 2 3 Glee Clubl 2 3 e e 1 S all 3 Towiabawk Staff 3 s ea, e Booster Club 3 65 T"" gf WILLIAM K. HARADA HARRY H. HARVEY CHARLENE RENEE HUTTON MAUREEN IAMESON Class President 2 FOOtbClll 1, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A l, 2, 3, 4 Mcljorette l, 2, 3, 4 PFA. President 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 C S F. 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Chiefs 3 Moccasin Staff 3 G,A-AA 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Girls' League Council 4 'GUIS' 1-SCQUG COUVICU 3 Track l, 2, 3, 4 Warrior Head 4 Dmmfl Ci'-lb 1, 2 Chiefs 1, 2. 3 Booster Club 3 MOCCCSW Sfeff 31 4 CUR "ROGUES' " GALLER 'O CAROL LOUISE JOHNSON HELEN PAYE KINNEY EUGENE K, KOGA MARIE K, KQGA Spanish Club 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 F FA 1 3 Girls' League 1, 2, 3 G.A.A. 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Trqckl 2 3 4 - -A. 1,2 Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 GAA, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Booste Club 3 Fgotbcll 3 GIS 1-60949 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 LARRY GENE LILLIE Spanish Club President 4 French Club 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Student Court 4 BONNIE LOU LINCOLN Girls' League Council 1 Glee Club l, 2, 3 Tomahawk Staff 3 Booster Club 3 CHARLOTTE RUTH MAGEE IAMES WILLARD MCCREEDY A.S.B. President 4 B. Mc. Football l, 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Chiefs l, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 'W GEORGE THOMAS MCDONALD SHARON McMANlGlLL MARCUS MELVIN MOIADO GEORGE W. NEWMAN Football 1, 21 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 4 Football Captain 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3 Student Cguncil 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2 Booster Club 3 Class President 3 G-A-A lf 4 Band 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Student Court 3, 4 Girls' League 1, 2, 3, 4 -1'N-'X 'Kiev IANICE AIKO NOGUCHI G.A.A. l, Z, 3, 4 G.A,A. Council l, 4 Girls' League Secretary 4 Glee Club President 3 Booster Club 3 Spanish Club 4 CAROL A. NORVILLE Glee Club 3, 4 Girls' League l, 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 2, 3 Booster Club 3 lUNP OLlVE House ot Representatives Girlc' Leaaue 4 ,",,. If f,,-'V IAMES M. PELSMA BARBARA DIANE PERATT Football 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Glee Club l Baseball 3, 4 Cheerleader l, 3 A S B, Treasurer 4 C.S.F. l, 2, 3, 4 Warrior Head 4 Girls' League Treasurer 4 G.A A. Council 3 '59 NORlNE PETERSON Cheerleader l, 3 Songleader 4 G,A.A, President 4 Class Secretary 3, 4 Majorette l, 2 Warrior Head 4 "I-'On B BRIAN DEAN PARKS ' i'-' f , , ,-'.-:fu-.f4:.-1:1 1' ' 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Chiefs l, 2, 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 French Club 4 Student Council 4 CS F. 4 WNW LYONAL THURSTON REED Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball l, 2 Baseball l, 2, 3 Swimming 1, 2, 3 Class Vice-President 4 House ol Representatives 4 'Z 1 31: 1-Q1 arf- CHARLES WARREN ROLL HELEN ELAINE SI-IARPLESS LAURILYN VIOLET SIKKING DONALD F Football 2, 3, 4 Bagketball l, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. l, 2 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 G A l 2 4 Tennis 3 4 Girls' League Council 3, 4 Moccasin Staff 2 3 4 Band 3 4 G.A,A. 3, 4 C S F 3 Spanish Club 3 Glee Club 2 Songleader 3 C S F 4 "LINE UP" OF CULPRITS WILLIAM SI-IRODE 'lf DOROTHY IEAN TELFER C SF I, 2, 3, 4 A.S.B, Secretary 4 Songleader 3 Cheerleader 4 Warrior Head 4 cs lib G A A. Council 3, 4 A I NATHALENE WILSON RICHARD BANI-IAM GEORGE A Cl ARK Ir Class Secretary 2 Bcseb Booster Club 3 le Glee Club l, 2 AA S B Rec es BQ Yo NQT ED CR bqbg sm Q91 'Yxgb 9999 QKSOQ A A A X, gif, ,. Qx, XYOYXSESAA cgi Q09 9060 Qioqe. 9095 1 xi BARBARA PEHA11 gags-'L AAOXAXQJO 36091-x POR EDDXE Proven qxmw o MOST ?O?UL TOMM Y M 722-92 YN 2-3? of A T V - - . COUHTECUS X 5' '93 AQAQNWW5. VIH ED GIN s Prof-DIE IA C Y 0,50 IV 351' 54 BEST A T -75500251 Q A HLETE QSX QW X39 'SQ' wx OX O 2105 . 6 QA 42404 9 EQSDQ Q49 O99 O29 we' 3? lov. J C5439 -'L exiuce ENXGENYSUVAG iw Aovmf, vmmsofs M531 Vxoveo qmwi OK - ' ?E??X?,S'i x S50 654' ggfiv Q7 30000 v A Q LPRIT THE CU BOB BA BAR KEH O44 pf IQWVAYP A4 Oy 000,17 A7 So , N 410 OS? Zum.-,f Q4 QQ? 4131 BA HA SQ' . ERA TT Qullty of H NEA TEST Q59 ix QWEQ OK C9 441-31128 H590-2 L YONAL REED qi- 2828-28 NOHINE PETERSON ii-9682 Proven guilty of BIGGEST FLIRT Eb rLQ,fi5n'faT 'LW' - if ,QW 4, 4559? 'goziq lfzw 617901. 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NAVARRU PLUMBING LJ ROBERT MILLER lj ELDDNS FEED STURE G H CHRAGIZ HANS LAUNDERETTE JHCK HND JILL j ,573 Y s o VH'-fd' H42 menohud' wel-lv 4-he ' di-L.-N X 1 0-4 ".t:sv"4 Q 6.4.4 oVlu"'ss K.S 15's . . 85' 4 'qi ' L N ik: ptniscf V ,iG+fgn -Hnisblbv V2 . E -0 haul! nf - "" 'G A IQ ' VA -4 tlffgw 1 . 0' I if 1. Y 3. 4- 'Q' .. 51 ,Y BX ' , or 6:?'::: , L Bsfhn. +.l ,. H Q vw , Q 1 ,-' , 1 ' l V si,u,c,ng,c.3 Till n . Yf, ul i 1515 Q I K I Item 5t+ ik! X "'7 .L 2 bu? fini 50"- ' t :Q T you if - .- -- - WE WAS MYSTERY N0 5 3 '-IHI1r,I,-IIL4: 4-LPI-9. bo-nfmzei' ,oJ1wp., qNN"' sas ITS occ F owtl. G 'I' sI-I P caan es S oes fn. e. c. mpIe,'I't, mmI p us Sf. sc. on mens -H1 e Q, e f.vn'I'n. Be Sly Mg R. F. vo. e.'I'un,s -I' E. Ju 'I' na cIu.Ss see us 'I'Ins. I 'I'ss be 'I' St. Ec. 'I' e mal o CouIJ u E 0'I"'I' R re A GL DS EL RANCH BIIRT ELECTRIC TYKE S THOMAS WATCH SHOP MISSION THE TER r 1 You C. Iaunlr I:Iow and :ji Ion. aII asIonS NI' I a-nel if o - 3 I1 . +I. 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Suggestions in the Fallbrook Union High School - Moccasin Yearbook (Fallbrook, CA) collection:

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