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A N IVV, ,W -W My -fl M Ig.: Myrna , F. V h , W vw, ,wd"!" """ t Q- , A I ' H X 'A mqfswvv Ay 'A ,V , ,i14u.-va-HQQQW Ju :Hn ...EQ 4, is N . , .P lr 4 5 me' 3- Q, 'W 14' 0 .af in , . QQ 9' 7' in 0' Q n +V it lt' ff' 31 Q , 'ff Q it I . 'L 9 u , - Q f-. . " ' ,. 1 A kv 'R ' at 4 1 ' ' " , lx , Y M mx, . Q , R, ' Q' is In ff V . , . ' 9' 'P A ' Q WE 3 .-. k'i"'lhb ' G S. O -gi .f""" .f . , ,Y-N f 4 " M A- 1, 2, i H, . iv 0 QQ- 9 4 It nun-V , X . qi Af., QQ 'fm i W w if 'va fa ' s Av.- 'Mw , ra Q' se nf Q' Q mi Q f AQ H 15 H 'sl' V 'Eh 1-:Q , gs J lug. 1 U ff' 29' FW 1 ' .filth f M 'efvww f M . Q UM, 'QZQQZ f ,. I V4 ,N J: J ,K ' 'W d'T"G,1 'ii-ti., ,, . '- as ,, ,as C, -33 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADVENTURES IN OR GANIZA T I ONS ACTIVITIES ASSOCIA TES SPORTS CLASSES ADMINIS T RA T I ON wwf SCHOOL LIFE F ORE WORD In an attempt to preserve the memories and events of the past year, we, the staff, have created the 1969-'70 AVENTUREN. The theme of this yearbook centers around the name "Aventuren," which is a Middle English word meaning adventure. Just as the term adventure is de- rived from aventuren, actual adventure comes from life. Since this book gives the history of our adventures for the past twelve months, to us aventuren means . . . AN EXCITING EXPERIENCE Nw 5 THAT WHICH COMES OR HAPPENS TO ONE. . . 1-Q -1 B . Q,z A N- s, ' ,,,A Y K , fr. f -M3 7 A DARING FEA T Ir I H fr M Q Q 514' M I fi 'ff If ADVENTURE INTO A NEW OR UNKNOWN FIELD. . . XX v 2 l.,B . 3 II 3 if A COMMERCIAL VE T URE - F' .SN .: . ,. Rss x W Xi X2 N53 Rik 14 'ff M.. P5 1? l ig 1' 'bf I T O PROCEED DESPI TE EXPOSURE TO RISKS OR LOSS . . . M A 1 I Q E LIFE!!! Pa 5 I7 """"'-.M E -.. ' Hrs, 2 M .3 ..,..., . N-J Q ?g2 ia 2 vm: -S 5 r IWW Senfors Sikbveufurers of tomorrow UFFICERS A D SPO OR The officers of the Senior Class are Qtopj President Wayne Gandy, Qmiddlej Secretary LuRu Henderson, Treasurer Yvonne Smith, and fbottomj Vice President Harris Dobbs. We the Senior Class, wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our sponsors, Mr. John Teague and Mrs. Mabel Anders, for their support and encouragement through- out the 1969-70 school term. Their advice and guidance throughout the year helped usto make this last year at FHS one of our best, and one we will certainly not forget. We will always have a warm place in our hearts for these two fine people and wish them the best of luck in the days ahead. xx! T7 -Q, CW- r 1 SE IUR CLASS 1970 . we J' ,.,,.,...-w+"""""""' 4w.,.wawf MW JERRY ALFORD "In arguments he shows great skill for even though he loses, he will argue still." NATHAN ALLDREDGE "I like a girl with a good head on my shoulder." DARLENE ANDERS "An all around girl who is really a treat but as a cheerleader she can't be beat," MIKE ANDERS "In all thy ways acknow- ledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." SHIRLEY BEARD "A very intelligent girl, who sees no evil, speaks no evil, hears no evil." BENNY BENNETT "Bless the man who invent- ed sleep." 2l JANET W. BLACKWOOD "It's silly to thinkg let's talk." KEITH BRYAN "Athletic, witty and full of fun. He's a friend to everyone." FRED CANNADY "His gift to us is loyal Friendship." BOBBY CHANEY "The pioneers who blazed the trails now have a de- scendant who burns up the roads." STEVE CHILDERS "Life is itself, but a game of football." ELAYNE CONVILLE ' 'Mighty sweet, mighty wise, fun just twinkles in her eyes.' ' 22 ff wr 'Mm """'n-f Q ,fig , 'gf ' s -s-...dn ,P- 'hiv Www.. .152 I at 'Qi avr, 'WWW MBA sqm., 'QCZC7 fo-QM ,Wada " 4'.-L LEE CROW "Politeness goes far and costs little." HARRIS DOBBS "A young man in his early llirtiesf' MARK ENGLAND "We came into the world innocent, but right away things were being pinned on us." JEAN GARNET "When she's not talking, she's laughing," RALPH GIBSON "Not afraid of work but not in sympathy with it either." PAUL GOW "Happy and unconcerned, he came to class and some- times learned." 23 LARRY GREER "Athletic, friendly, good- looking and kindg Another like him will be hard to find." KENNETH HARDIN "All fun and no work would suit him." JOHN HART "Women are the food of life - I'm hungry!" l,uRu HENDERSON "True to her work, her word and her friends," WILLA DEAN HILLIS "A smile for every girl and two for every boy." LINDA HODGE "ln the Great Master's steps went she, with patience and humility." 24 " is A ,wi J M -. r ws, 4 Mafia " . ,W . ' 'W " ' ff -f M ii ' 4' ,A 7 7 I ,IL A , iw. , . 4,733.,ffa, J, i , is 1 - j, -4 4- , '-', 4- . . ., V - v H Q: V f H, I 4, fl, .- Q 1. ,Wav . if f 5,5141 f , , . - wg, 11 M-l,,f,,. i gv, di., ,V 4, rl:f,'gi,yM, my W 4 ' . -M.- fe-1' . . ' ' :A tx.- -- f'-. . fn, , '21-I ff 24.wf"1:f-',iffiimw fliv r .- f.4"n'2 "'9tia1ffhg2.Zi.5x'Y ,gr ', .:.'. . f S352 ' 'Q' a, - A lb M, y ' 5-'WPG """4hu.. 'Y rw. T' QB!-v 'fiffwf "'?.. DORA HODGES "Her words are few but she means them all." PHYLLIS HOGAN "They say silence is golden, but then who wants to be rich?" "GLENN HOLMES "Take care of meg Good men are rare." PI-IILLIP JOHNSON "Being a man is a difficult task: since it consists prin- cipally in d e a ling with women." "DON JONES "Give me a million girls, but give them to me one at a time." JAMES JONES "If a girl gets in the way of your studies, stop study- ing." 25 MIKE JONES "1 love work, I could sit and watch it for hours." ROGER LANEY "All passes are not made on the football field." TIM LEE "As is a tale, so is lifeg not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters." RICHARD LEGG "Beware! I may yet do something sensational." MADGIE LONG "A smile that wins, A man- ner that takes: Everywhere she goes, Friends she makes." TERRY LYLE "He carries his troubles in his pocket with a hole in it." 26 '4' fir' 'W' mfr" 4v""" wi vw.. ,ily 5 "H-aqlu' :H "wwf o Q-gn., 'S A IM- t 533'-S183 ilgfu r i l I R t, is y ii? W f 4 I IW ,ZW ww 439 Y"-my N' wg 'W' ww .. ,W,A, 4 . ,Q ,Q Y w ' f 4 Q it 41 rf-1 N' WW X B X r 5 . , SANDRA MCCRAIG "Sincerity is her middle name." MELVIN MCNALLEY "Don't take life too seri- ously, for you'll never get out alive." FRANK MURPHY "Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of mine." CORLEY B. ORR "She gives the world the best she has: may the best come back to her." TERESA PITT "An all-round girl who ra- diates joyg her only weakness is a Senior boy." IMOGENE PUCKETT "Some of us have future plans and her's certainly includes a man." 27 CHARLES ROBINSON "I can resist everything ex- cept temptation." IOE RUSSELL "His talents are ofthe silent kind." MELISSA S. SANDLIN "Friendly and neat, full of life, she made someone a pretty wife." WAYNE SMITH "Lead him to a task and conquer it he will." YVONNE SMITH "Capable, intelligent, stu- dious, and friendly toog ln- deed such girls as this are few." DWAYNE SULLINS "If at first you dont's succeed - Oh, well, skip it. 28 -V, ,. z :S , ""WM1trr 5 5 s E z X r .3 w Z ,yy 11,5 5 s E f v 6.3 3 ZZ Q5 32 ff? Ziff? 5 6,1 S I vi I5 1 " U r Z E fy -ffl MW 5 fi! ETTA TAPSCOTT "I enter the room voice first." JIMMY TEAGUE "The opportunity for mis- chief is found 100 times a day." CAROLYN B. THOMPSON "Leave the silence to saints, I'm only human." IRENE VINSON "Her future is well planned, third finger left hand." WILLIAM WADDELL "Let others do the working, l'll do the resting." JACKIE WATTS "I have spread my dreams under her feet." 29 JENNY H. WIMBS "It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." DELILAH WHITE "Live and let live as I will do." JUDY WILLIAMS "Fame and Fortune will gain her much, for she has an artist's touch." GAYLE WINKLES "She burns the midnight oil, but not always for study." panama 45621 ww K anwfw' fm . www qw ,,.,,,,fW M A MARY ANN WOODWARD "The only way to hold a man is in your arms." TERESA YATES "If I can't say what I think, why think?" WAYNE GANDY "As an excellent friend he takes the highest seatg as president of the Seniors he can't be beat." GARY W. ST. JOHN "Keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you're up to." Q nf 1495 Paw., A L24 i'f'V'...,,, i m rv, , iw V, SENIO1 Roger Laney and Melissa Sandlin 7 were elected Senior Class favorites. 11 aww' ,Ri R r J R 6 5 Q 5 5 l 5 3 2 l WA VOR! TE XE HM-M, by if 35 KN Nathan Alldredge and Elayne Conville were elected Senior Class favorites. A WARDS ANI 'P' P if NN ABOVE: LuRu Henderson was awared the Beti Crocker Award for 1970 on the basis of aknow ledge and aptitude test. This search for tl American Homemaker of Tomorrow was sponsors by General Mills. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Mike Anders take an active part in the Senior Class. He prove this when he sold 3251.63 in magazines to beconi the Top Magazine Salesman. BOTTOM: Jenny Helton proved her out standing salesmanship by selling 53 annuals t become the Top Annual Salesman. I ON ORS 3 f J 2 W H0 OR TUDENTS 1 Aix R ABOVE: Yvonne Smith VALEDICTORIAN. RIGHT: Tim Lee SALUTATORIAN. Teachers in Action? is WHO' WHO FOR E IOR fx 5 .2 M. J, TOP LEFT: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Tz- W W V,,, 1 . xgvlf MM. lr, E. is 'A' ' ' Q A Y fm, f Fife ,,1, 2324 ' E259 WHO W , ,L,,V qw 2 N. TOP LEFT: BIGGEST FLIRT AND WOLF 5 ' .5 A Keith Bryan and Darlene Anders. , WIND-. A TOP RIGHT: MOST DANGEROUS E d N Melvin McNal1ey and Teresa Yates. 5, A . ,Q rw,fL,f f x ,K get Y , Z A I i , T ' . wi, ' ' ' ' A ' , BOTTOM LEFT: BEST PERSONALITY I Phillip Johnson and Luru Henderson. BOTTOM RIGHT: MOST FRIENDLY Nathan Alldredge and Yvonne Smith. I' X , VI-IO 1 Jian I-4'-w AOR I' , , J .av . I , 6 A ,www 5 M,f-S15 W Ui: K I 'Q f ' i s 7 I I g "x: E N.. F ., Q I., 3 I 2 ..,, ,,.,, f U u n n or e u 8 l - - - - - f - ' ' :'1 It is Oiii H l U l Q a I i 5 is yeee fe I 'i,ay we ,Af Iilllllllll lilliilliln llllllill A.- ' TOP LEFT: TIIRIFTIEST Benny Bennett and Phyllis Hogan. TOP RIGHT: CUTEST COUPLE Wayne Smith and Mary Ann Woodward. BOTTOM LEFT: MOST ATHLETIC Steve Childers and Teresa Pitt. BOTTOM RIGIIT: LOUDEST IXIOUTII Dickie Legg and jean Garnett . C Q WHO? 3 TOP LEFT: MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Harris Dobbs and Jenny Helton. P Q TOP RIGHT: MOST TALENTED E T Roger Laney and Judy Williams. ND BOTTOM LEFT: QUIETEST HA T Joe Russell and Dora Hodges. 40 il? LLS 4? , 15, ff BOTTOM RIGHT: MOST CAREFREE Iohn Hart and lmogene Fowler. 4, M5 X ft? VHO Vie? 44' TOP LEFT: BEST DRESSED Larry Greer and Elayne Conville. TOP RIGHT: MOST DEPENDABLE Fred Cannady and Corley Bryant. BOTTOM LEFT: BEST ALL AROUND James Jones and Willa Dean Fowler. BOTTOM RIGHT: MOST POPULAR Paul Gow and Melissa Sandliu. , W 5 ii ii i Z i Fkssocfafes 5lX+oenfLL1-ers in Cullum 3113 Cfouracjge N 'Hr 'QQ - Y , , 1, S 1 Z V ivv . if , 4 , , , V w W,-.-,ff PRINCIPAL mtg, 4 . 'VX vx. 45-'-41.0 'M lxnuo W, QW .hu , ,,,, ,f, I meme' f ,-aug, uuanw .0 1- -1 -1 he m an nv sa we rf: gi My ,. V My ff ,X riziim, , " M " " " M M " fm an al: L - H.. 1 ,,,,,,.-,f .W A . , 1 . we ,ww:fm-1:1M-,,,s:f:f.m-W, . N" fw' ' gf' 4 w : aff . my ,,,,, ,,.,,,,m- ADMINISTRA T I ON AIDES L A D M I N I S T R A T I O N MR. TOWNSEND Principal MR. PRATER Counselor 46 'X' bf-T--T"" i Q V2 g 1 Q H i S U I 1 Q sy. ' ? 5 yu F if Q gg Z 17 T ,Q ' Q Y 7 ,..,,., Wwmw 1, , i 5, , ni , .Q . -I-1 ,, 1 1 I gr I Q I 1- V f' 8 W 5' l I P-3 I ' lv Nr-1 1 af LIBRARIAN MRS. COON MR. KNOWLES MRS. GAULT MRS, TEAGUE 48 ENGLISH fi? 4' 'b Fr R df X s 4,-an " 1. EE SS A 9 A S-mimi:fm.wW, ,,.x, .vi lf ""XZk"'1'M ' '- MRS. HOLLADAY COACH HOLMES COACH MORRIS PH YSICA L ED U CA TI ON VOCA TIONAL EDUCA TION MR, BLEVINS MRS. MORRIS i .. BUSINESS ED U CA TI ON SOCIAL STUDIES 5 C CIE CE MR. HOLMES MR. TEAGUE MR, MORRIS I 1? F MA THEMA TIC NR, TEAGUE MRS, GILBERT MISS OWENS -r rrwif :'1M'au-nu. ' 'Tir -- M 2 4f5l,....,.,.......... ABOVE Cllopjz Bus Personnel Wayne Gandy, Mr. Co- ley Holmes, Mr. Robert Sams, Mr. Johnson Lee, Mrs. Jo Ann Garnett, Mrs. Hilda Garnett, and Mrs. Herman Hardin. ABOVE: Lunchroom Personnel Mrs. Laughmiller, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Winsett, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Halbrooks, Mrs. Beck, MIS. Gibson, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Harrison, and Mrs. Linley. JERRY ALFORD DI. C. 3,43 "F" C. 3,43 FFA 1-43 YFC 2-43 Off. 4. NATHAN ALLDREDGE Bsktb 2-43 Class Fav. 43 "F" C, 2-43 FB 2-43 FFA 2-43 Mr. F.l'l,S.2 Who's Who 4. DARLENE ANDERS Chldr. 1,3,43 Hd. 43 Class Fav. 2g Class Tourn. 1-43 "F" C, 3-43 Off. 33 FHA 1-43 Deg. 13 Off. 2,33 Hmcg. Alt. 13 Lib. C, 1-43 Off. 23 Pep C. 2-43 Off. 3,42 Volleyball T, 1-43Who's Who3 YFC 3,4. MIKE ANDERS An. St. 43 Dr. C. 13 "F" C. 1-23 FB 13 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-43 Pres. 2,33 FFA 1"4: St. Coun. 13 Top Mag. Salesman 4. SHIRLEY BEARD Am. Hist. Award 33 Beta C, 2-43 Lib. C. 1-43 Off 43 Lib. Asst, of the yr. 43 St. Coun. 43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,43 Stu. of month 4. BENNY BENNETT Bsktb 2-43 FB 3,43 "F" C, 43 FFA 1'4': Who's Who 43 YFC 4. JANET W, BLACKWOOD Drill T. 13 Dr. C. 2-43 FHA 1-43 YFC 2-4. KEITH BRYAN Class Tourn. 2-43 Dr. C, 2-43 "F" C. 2'4Q FFA l'4: Who's Who 43 YFC 3.4. FRED CANNADY Bsktb 2-43 "F" C, 43 FFA 13 Who's Who 43 YFC 4. BOBBY CHANEY Class Tourn. 2-43 Dr. C, 3,43 "F" C. 2-43 FFA 1'4I YFC 2-43 FB 23 Award 4. STEVE CHILDERS FB 1-43 Capt. 43 Bsktb 1-43 Class Fav. 23 Who's who 43 St. Coun. 2,32 Class Off. 33 FB Awards 3,43 FFA 1'3Q "F" C, 2-43 BB 2, ELAYNE CONVILLE Beta C. 2-43 Miss Beta 43 Beauty Walk Runner up 1,2,43 Chldr. 1-43 Class Fav. 43 "F" C. 2-4: FHA 1-43 Off. 2: Deg. 13 Lib. C, 13 Paper SF- 4: Pep C. 2-43 Who's Who 4. LEE CROW Class Tourn. 1-43 Dr. C, 43 FHA 1-43 Pep C. 1'4: YFC 2-4. HARRIS DOBBS Bsktb Man. 2-43 Dr. C, 43 "F" C, 2-43 FFA 1-43 Mag. Team Capt. 43 Class Off. 2,42 St. Coun. 13 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,4. MARK ENGLAND Dr. C. l-33 FFA 1-43 YFC 3,4. WAYNE GANDY "F" C, 2-43 Atl. St. 43 Beta C, 2-43 Pres. 43 Mr. Beta 33 Class Pres. 43 FFA 1-43 Off. 33 FB 2-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,4. SE 101 JEAN GARNETT Class Tourn. 1-43 Drill T. 13 FHA 1-43 Pep C, Volleyball Team 43 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. RALPH GIBSON FFA 1-4. PAUL GOW Bsktb 2-43 Capt. 43 All County 43 Class Fav. 33 "F" C. 3,43 Hmcg. Esc. 23 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,4. LARRY GREER Balfour Award 43 Bsktb 2-43 Capt. 43 All County 43 All West Pt. Tourn. 43 Beta C, 2-43 Off, 43 Mr. Beta 43 Class Off. 2,41 Dr. C. 3,43 FB 23 "F" C. 2-43 FFA 2-43 Land Judging Team 23 Pep C, 43 Sci. C, 43 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. KENNETH HARDIN FFA 1-4. JOHN HART FFA l'42 Who's Who 4. Lu Ru HENDERSON FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,23 Off. 2,41 Chldr. 43 YFC 2-43 Off. 33 Volleyball Team 1-43 Class Tourn. 1-43 Class Fav. 33 Girls St. Rep. 43 Good Citizenship Girl 43 Who's Who 43 Betty Crocker Award 43 St. Coun. 1,43 Track Team 43 Sci, C, 43 Lib. C. 1-43 Off. 2,31 Beta C. 2-43 Off. 33 Paper St. 33 An. St. 43 Class Off. 3,41 FFA Sweetheart 43 Crisco Award 23 Miss F,H.S, 43 Student of the month 4. WILLA DEAN F. HILLIS Beta C. 2-43 Off. 43 Class Tourn. 1-43 FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,23 Off. 43 St. Coun. 3,43 Volleyball Team 2,33 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. LINDA HODGE FHA 1-33 YFC 2-4. DORA Honors Ala. Math. Talent Search Hon. Mem, 33 An. St. 43 Beta C. 2-43 Fl-lA 1-43 Deg. 13 Lib. C. 43 North Ala. Typing Contest 33 Paper St. 4g Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. PHYLLIS HOGAN FHA 1-43 Off. Asst. 43 Pep C, 1-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. GLENN HOLMES FB 2-43 All County 43 "F" C. 2-43 Award 43 FFA 1-43 State Farmer 33 An. St. 43 Student of month 43 Ag. Mechanic Award 33 Sci. C, 4. PHILLIP JOHNSON BB 2,41 Dr. C. 2-43 FFA 2-43 FHA Beau 43 FB 2-43 "F" C, 2-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,4. DON JONES FFA 2-43 String Band 2-43 Who's Who 4. JAMES JONES FB 2-43 Award 4: "F" C, 2-43 FFA 1-43 Off. 2,33 Stwte Farmer 33 An. St. 43 Beta C, 2-43 Off. 43 Who's Who 43 Sci. C. 43 BB 2. MIKE JONES FFA 1-4. DIRECTOR Y ROGER LANEY BB 2,43 Class Fav. 1,41 Class Off. 1,23 Pres. 33 FFA 1-43 Str. Band' 3,43 Off. 23 "F" C. 3,43 Off. 33 Pres. 43 FB 2-43 Award 43 Capt. 43 St. Coun. 3,43 Off. 33 Who's Who 4. TIM LEE Class Off. 33 Pres. 13 Sci. C. 43 Paper St. 33 YFC 3,43 "F" C. 2-43 Stu. of month 3,43 State Cit. Rep. 23 An St. Photographer 43 FB 2-43 Award 33 Co- Capt. 43 Beta C, 2'4Q Off. 33St.COll1'1. 2-43 Off. 23 Pres. 43 Who's Who 43 FFA 1-43 Off. 23 Pres. 33 State V, Pres. 4g Public Speaking 1-43 Chapt. and State Farm Deg. 2,33 Nat. FFA Conv. 43 Nat. Youthpower Cong. 43 State March of Dimes Civic Conference 43 Salutatorian 43 Merit's Who's Who Among Amer. H.S. Students 43 Outstanding Teen. of Amer. 43 Nat. Reg. of Out. H.S. Students 43 Commended Student-Nat. Merit Scholarship Prog. 43 Lit. Award - Nat. Beta C. Journal 4, RICHARD LEGG FFA 1-43 Who's Who 4. MADGIE LONG Chldr. 13 FHA 1-43 Deg. li Off. Asst. 43 Pep C. 1-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,4. TERRY LYLE BB 2,43 East West Allstars BB 23 Bsktb 13 Class Off. 1,23 Dr. C. 23 FB 2-43 "F" C, 2-43 FFA 1-43 YFC 2-4. SANDRA MCCAIG FHA 1-43 Off. 23 Deg. 13 Pep C, 2-43 High Salesman in class for school pens 33 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. MELVIN MCNALLEY Bsktb 1,21 Dr. C. 3,42 FFA 1'4Q YFC 3,4. FRANK MURPHY Dr. C. 1-33 "F" C. 2-43 FFA 1-43 FB Man. 13 YFC 3,4. CORLEY B. ORR An. St. 43 Beta C. 2-43 Paper Ed. 3,42 Class Off. 2,33 FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,22 Off. 43 Hmcg. Alt. 23 Lib. C. 1-43 off. 23 St. Coun. Off. 3,43 Stu. of mo. 3,43 Who's Who: YFC 2-4. TERESA PITT Chldr. 43 Class Tourn. 1-43 "F" C. 43 Gymnastics 1,2,43 Off. 13 Pep C, 1-43 Swim Team 1,23 Tennis Team 43 Track Team 1-43VolleyballTeam 1-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 2,3. IMOGENE F. PUCKETT Class Tourn. 1-33 FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,23 Pep C, 43 Volleyball Team 1,23 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. CHARLES ROBINSON FFA 1-4. JOE RUSSELL FFA 1-43 Who's Who 4. MELISSA S, SANDLIN Chldr. 1,23 Class Fav. 1,41 Class Off. 1.2: "F" C. 2-4: Off. 43 FHA 1-4: Off. 3: Pep C, 2-43 Off. 2,33 Who's Who 4. WAYNE SMITH Atl. St. 4g Beta C. 3,43 Dr. C. 3,43 "F" C. 3,43 FB 3,43 FFA 13 Harvest King 43 Lib. C, 43 Sci. C. Pres. 43 St. Coun. 43 Who's Who 43 YFC 4. YVONNE SMITH Runner up Beauty Walk 43 An. St. 43 Class Off. 43 Beta C. 2-43 Off. 43 Class Tourn. 1-43 FHA 1-43 Deg. l'2Q Off. 43 Hmcg. Alt. 33 Queen 43 Volleyball Team 2-43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,43 Valedic- torian 4. GARY W, ST. JOHN Dr. C. 2,33 FFA 1-33 FB 13113 H. Class Bsktb3 YFC 2-4. DWAYNE SULLINS FFA 1-4. ETTA TAPSCOTT Beta C. 2-43 Bowling Team 43 Chldr. 13 Class Off. 13 Class Tourn. 1,2,4I FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,23 Lib. C, 1-43 Off. 3,43 Lib. Asst. of the yr. 43 Paper St. 33 Pep C. 3,43 Stu. of month 43 Volleyball Team 33 Who's Who 43 YFC 2-4. JIMMY TEAGUE FFA 1-4. CAROLYN B, THOMPSON Chldr. 13 Class Off. 23 Dr. C. 3,43 FHA 1-43 Deg. 13 Harvest Queen 13 Pep C, 2,43 Volleyball Team 33 YFC 3,4. IRENE VINSON Beta C. 2-43 FHA 1-43 Pep C, 3,43 YFC 2-4. WILLIAM WADDELL FFA 1-4. JACKIE WATTS Class Tourn. 1,23D1'. C. 3,43 FFA 1-43 YFC 2-4. DELILAH WHITE Drill T. 1: FHA 1-43 Deg. 13 Pep C, 1-33 YFC 2-4. ,IUDY WILLIAMS An. St. 43 FHA 1-43 Off. Asst. 43 Pep C. 1'4: Who's Who 43 YFC 4. JENNY H. WIMBS FHA 1-43 Deg. 13 Lib. C. 13 Mag. Team Capt, 43 Sci. C, Off. 43 Sr. Harvest Queen 43 Top Calendar Salesman 43 Top Candy Salesman 43 Top Annual Salesman 43 Volleyball Team 43 Who's Who 4. GAYLE WINKLES FHA 1-43 Sextet 33 Pep C. 1,23 YFC 3,4. MARY ANN WOODARD Dr. C. 43 An. St. 43 Beta C. 3,43 FHA 2-4, Deg. 2,33 Pep C, 2-43 Sci. C. 4: Volleyball Tourn. 43 Who's Who 43 YFC 3,43 Transfer: History Merit Award 1. TERESA YATES FHA 1-43 Deg. 1,23 Class Pres. 23 Beta C. 2-43 Paper St. 3,43 Volleyball Team 43 Class Tourn. 1-43 Hmcg. Alt. 43 St. Coun. 2,43 Who's Who 43 Runner up Beauty Walk 33 Ed. An. St. 43 Sci. C. Off. 43 Drill Team 13 Dr. C. 43 Lib. C. 1. X k wg 'x x x 5 CM C, ij f ff 1 Gr5aufzaffnuS Grganizex fflkwoenfuring. P 'W fyfvgf-v,,,..1" ZNIN 'Sz l gm T a Q, A I ANNUAL STAFF CAPTURES YEARDS HIGHLIGHTS Editor ------ Sports - - - - Business Manager Copy Editor - - - Organizations - Activities - - Mmmsm , , TU ' AM!!! rf sssss ' lQ A l is I Ye fl 'F ,Q E , N ff, H-Tx -K gg M S 'I' La ,1 gf 5 i M ai Subscriptions Mgr. - Advertising Mgr. - - Photographer ---- Art Editor ------ Sponsor ------- Class Editors ------- - - - WAYNE SMITH - MARY WOODWARD -------TIMLEE ' ' JUDY WILLIAMS MRS. MABLE ANDERS WAYNE GANDY MIKE ANDERS STUDENT C0 UN CIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: TIM LEE, President JAMES JONES, lst Vice RONALD COLLINS, 2nd Vice DAVID WHITLEY, Secretary DARLENE ANDERS, Treasurer CORLEY BRYANT, Parliamentarian FHA - ACTION FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT OFFICERS: President - Lu Ru Henderson, Vice-President - Llorley Bryant, Secretary - Rixie Fields, Treasurer - Anna Howell, Historian - Willa Dean Fowler, Parliamentarian - Yvonne Smith, Recreation Leaders, Barbara Blevins and Phyllis Morris, Reporter - Mona Shaneyfelt, Sponsor - Carolyn Morris 66 .- s X- 'J 5 FFA - DEVELOPMENT OE AGRICULTURAL LEADERSHIP 3-1 1 l Ns we x - fs xp,-s.1 :- mfs fs - . ., A . , X X, ' '7 4: A, .M M OFFICERS: President - Jerry Hart, Vice President - Ray Gandy, Secretary - Bobby Henson, Treasurer - Bill Far- rell, Reporter - Chris Bryant, Sentinel - David Jeffreys Sponsor - Mr. C. A, Blevins. BE TA CL UB BETA CLUB OFFICERS: WAYNE GANDY, President JAMES JONES, Vice-Pres. YVONNE SMITH, Secretary WILLA DEAN FOWLER, Treas. BOBBY HENSON, Reporter LARRY GREER, Recreation Director RHONA SUMMERFORD, Sponsor ,A .5 f ,, u, we wi' ii',,aG ff' fu, fir is y ,, 1 , w,,'-Mfg, . sz gi E2-M ri , W s I 1 v , N PAPER TAFF DE VIL 'S SCROLL L i THE DEVIL'S SCROLL STAFF: Corley Ann Bryant, Editor. Teresa Yates, Co-Ed. Elayne Conville, Titles. Dora Hodges and Mary Petty, Typists, Jeannie Bramrett, Features. David Whitley, Sports. Jimmy Henderson, Art. F-CL B . , om, ' Q' qi .- V .J ,L vw y Z - L ,J ,M i .emo K 'Jew' , -f"57..45"Tl"Fm:' ' ?f'i'ft4-fp., f F Club Officers are Roger Laney, Presidentg Mike Tyler, Vice-Pres: Melissa Sandlin, Sec.-Treas.g and Sponsors: Allen Holmes and Bobby Morris. nw. 7.3 Q...-O' 70 y PEP CL B PEP CLUB OFFICERS: MONA SHANEYFELT, President MARY PETTY, Vice-President DEBI WATKINS, Secretary " the 1969 Falkville High School band." These are the words that introduced our band as they made their debut at the last home football OUR BA game. Under the direction of Mr. Henry Bradley they've become a familiar sight around the Falkville campus. They have a great sound which is sure to boost enthusiasm and spirit when they begin their first year as a marching band. 5 .,,.., 5 , W "' Q aff' ?- ll' 'N THE MUVE 3. x OFFICERS Vice President Secretary ---- - Treasurer - - - Reporter - - Sponsor - - - President ---- - - - - PAUL HENDERSON - RONALD COLLINS - CHARLOTT FULLER - - - TIM WHITLEY ' ' ' 'IOANN DUSKIN MR. HENRY BRADLEY OFFICE ASSISTANTS TOP RIGHT: Madgie Long. ABOVE: Karen Conville and Judy Williams. MIDDLE: Ioan Robinson and Mary Petty. BOTTOM RIGHT: Phyllis Hogan and Gayle Winkles. 74 :fm ,mga I mf 21 aaa ,ig '4 '-lr 3 5 5 f""'-' ' 1 ,f ,, , 1, f OFFICERS: President - Ronald Collins: Vice-Presi- dent - Shirley Beardg Secretary - Mona Shaneyfeltg Reporter - Kathy Gordong Parliamentarian - Bill Ferrell: and Treasurer - Etta Tapscott. Sponsor - Mrs. Mary Key. Library Assistant of the year - Shirley Beard and Etta Tapscott. LIBRAR Y CL UB YOUTH FOR CHRI T ...J Ja., ev 'iffy gf' YOUTH FOR CHRIST OFFICERS: BILL FERRELL, President JERRY ALFORD, Boy's Viceg SANDRA HAMMON, Gir1's Vice MONA SHANEYFELT, Secretary DAVID WHITLEY, Treasurer, Mi SCIENCE CLUB - A NE W VENTURE OFFICERS: Wayne Smith, President. Teres Vice-Pres. Corley Ann Bryant, Secretary. Helton, Reporter. Mr. John Teague is sponsor. a Yates Jenny 12-f Y A TN fu GIRL ' 4-H 1-.V , FIFTH GRADEOFFICERS: Valerie Johnson, President. Deni Murphy, Vice-Pres. Kay Robinson, Secretary. Kathy Holme Song Leader. SIXTH GRADEOFFICERS: Mary Nell Holmes, President. Valer Looney, Vice-Pres. Julia Howell, Secretary. Yvonne Sullir Song Leader. SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Charlotte Fullc President. Cindy Thomas, Vice-Pres. Charlotte Hopkir Secretary. Beth Rowe, Reporter. Mala Shaneyfelt, Song Leadf BO Y, 4-H ,PTH GRADE OFFICERS: Roger Saint, President. Bobby 'ince, Vice-Pres. Billy Brasher, Secretary. IXTH GRADE OFFICERS: Jeff Robinson, President. Chuck ates, Vice-Pres. Mike Robinson, Secretary. EVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE OFFFICERS: Phillip Hill, Pres. im Whitley, Vice-Pres. Kenny Tyler, Secretary. Il F -has ?"M,s....f ivgignq FFA SWEETHEART FHA BEAU Lu Ru Henderson and Phillip Johnson F CLUB SWEETHEART Barbara Blevins i MR. AND MISS BETA arry Greer and Elayne Convi TALE T SHOW' WINNER "lk, " TOP LEFT: Pat Shaneyfelt, Junior Ele- mentary winner. Y Y TOP RIGHT: The Lonely Four: Ronnie Laney, Danny Thomas, Johnny Thomas and Jeff Robinson, Senior Elementary winners. BOTTOM LEFT: Joanne Duskin, Junior High Winner, BOTTOM RIGHT: Roger Speegle, Senior High Winner. 45. YN 9 N 3,-, .fr V' is Q . av .. .g is XX 1 W" 15 . ' , f N , ! ,"' zifggisx, w.fim 'vmi Ni I K' 1 'A' ' gf .fr as Q- 11113 - L?, KL " ,. K it f , I - ix' . A n + ky f 'M wi?- ' -Q f"' Nr e W Y QM... Mlm SN Q W, V. Q Atttfbffies Qllmznfuring in soclet w x, - 1 . Q w, . -sw. Q.. A311014 ifKL.IlWi QM. uw .14 K + HOMECOMI G 7,-vu HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ESCORT Yvonne Smith John Hart 1 969- 70 QUEEN YVONNE ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS SENIORSQ Teresa Yates Glenn Holmes JUNIORSy Debi Watkins Steve Whitley SOPHOMORESQ Janet Furguson Ray Gandy E .......,................. 'Y 'H 'V Q ' U V , ,K , 45 , rxwftf ,wifi 4, vi 7","'7' 5116413 6 'rl Y' W W W, .,,,. , .Lx..N. .,,,. .,.,i.. ...nj f. L 7-T. 1, ,A MW- ""g,1,M,W."' ,i,,N,.WM.,- M -1 1 - , 1 FRES HMENg Ginger Turriey Mark Summerford JUNIOR II: Beth Rowe Tim Whitley JUNIOR Ig Susan Tarpley Conniey Alldredge gl ni, Ill Ill llfl I JENNY HEL TON Q I M 1 ff ' ll"' ,Q Q 2573 ,M I"l'a5?,, ullllllfn nnullllll' llllllll lllllll. llllllll llllllll llllllll llllllll lllllll lllllll lllllll annual: 'Ulllll lllllll '-lllnu 'flllllj ""ll ll I 'llhig "Ulla: ill.-I. killing, LEFT: Michelle Wood. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D 0 n n i e Woods. ABOVE: SENIOR HIGH: Jenny Helton and Wayne Smith. nnne M tammy ,4 S5 1 TOP: Darren Sloas, Lissa Brewer. BOTTOM: Dennis Bennett, Ann Partlow. tiff 1 S 'i 'Q ,f+ 'E Z9 ,Lx . gn-4 J Q sv Q9 x . XT- 'vii F' I' ,A ,- 'lil .Q -T "3 i ' 1 ' 3213- ,, WS. 'WX' if 'Q J 1+ W .g if, , 1' i f. " 'Q' if 'I' Lf' ' r ,Pa -f Ze M A. xkixe X v s -an A .1,,, 1 Q 2 E " R CAMPUS BEA UTY JUDY THOMAS 3 is, Q F612-' l f f if 1 9 fr i A Q i ,km - , f x .. - I 'YI-N9 X :X qft fr in J ij i X, - - Q 'N E -.,L XX f F" .Q -Q w,,, ff . 2 , I S F3 1 Q 3 3 ABOVE: First Runner-up ELAYNE CONVILLE, RIGHT: Third Runner-up LYNN DAVIS, WWWM ' 2 L,LLLf mi' ' in NK A 'I .. Z., X, 'B 'Y T un i Fygf 5 J 1' 5 E , 'W N E 5' f' gf, , vsx Ex-.13 ' Q E u - vi' "few . . t i 92 4 r "W Rf' I 1 1 F- Jfkwf fa, I vm' 'Q 3 M x K A MQ, mmw W I K r'5? m- PF' , vb Spur was ig' '19 ""'?"' SF' Nm 552.52 Q! I lvl Ll ll, ii ABOVE: Second Runner-up YVONNE SMITH. LEFT: Fourth Runner-up SHERRY PAYNE, 7: ,N 5-- X MR. AND MISS FALKVILLE HIGH 1 4' . f , nw fi Q l. 535 u.,,,g.-LH wha, ' ' hu M 1 , ,P V a- my f 7, , ., W M MISS LURU HENDERSON MR. NATHAN ALLDREDGE SEPTEMBER JOANN DUSKIN ALLEN CANDY OCTOBER KAY ANDERS PAUL HENDERSON STUDENTS 0 ,fl I I s I I s. N F i' a I HHE MONTH ,V 4, 5,47 -0 N 0 VEMBER IEANNIE BRAMLETT DAVID WHITLEY DECEMBER ETTA TAPSCOTT WAYNE SMITH JANUARY SHIRLEY BEARD JAMES JONES FEBRUARY CORLEY ANN BRYANT WAYNE GANDY Y ,R-"1W EE'E: 1. M 5 .Y ' " . ,- ' , 'RI " 2 'Z 'J , ..,. my .. :r r Q: ,, 1 .I t .:.:,,. , f L , :MJF-" '.f ffl, -' - fz W 4 A J ' ' Q V.-4 --4' . i . .. . : - 'Nw 1 - A -ff- , ., Afew--i E -M , R?N Q1,jsvL:f1f,:H -fi -M -v s' L gig 5 v s 'U if 6 -Q X N wg. ,X R? X . izl. Q 2 ...- www I ., -, - Ani Y QW, -,,,, . H., fi-sf ,. . . , waht , Q - I '15 xsisxi '-' YAJY A YYYY fRV ,. Q A Q , mf 1 J M me "-: , ,AL f A PRI L BARBARA BLEVINS BILL FERRELL MARCH LURU HENDERSON GLENN HOLMES MAY RIXIE FIELDS TIM LEE 99 L UR U HENDERSON WA YNE CANDY GOOD CITIZENSHIP L UR U HENDERSON ,vw p as xii' , X:3f'L "S M S ggIE.,UfQ www!! M 5 ww fjillx BA LF O UR LARR Y GREER I04 gporfs Qsporfs manlf fl e QiXBven1'urers. Q W Q Q Q Y., i i :g bd 'IS IA xi' . , 3 .xx - .-.L V .. SIP!! -, N,:Y,..1,w."-1"'9"' .QA 'Q -Jnigw ,igrwfifli s wk MW ZJ5"1"?g,fx,1I'x 4v:Q5:-Q- Q ff ' V fwgg, -urag. 'lf' f',xwf1iA1'ile'?f N ,, i N-' 'K , hh iv-.lvl ,- . ' ' 'F' we 11 Jw as 2 - sqm' ,4 wx. ig f' .- 7 8 3' -Lv M1 i sw +' . - agS-gm'-'2 'N 'f p if W. xv.. .Aki VVA , - my , :,w,'k?4,8.?N .,14?'xvt ki Qi, A '9f" 'fwZ 5 3? 'cw ali- ' " M' 'A Miiv sv , . 3- -rixsm we Y"'dn 94 , gf- lin. ,- '- mms1,w"f4 ' A VA, . , ,,,, W, ,..,wf4 ,,-,,.. ,.-. AV . a xl , - ' xv 'ww ""?w2f M. Q.. a'7"xiwi ,, l'v,V nr ' Ay, A A Ak' ig v ,U 5, fmi, ,inf ABOVE: QBottom Row left to rightj A, Childers, Tarpley, A, Gandy, D, Holmes, Hopper, I, Powell, Brewer, Arrington, G, Powell. SECOND ROW: Duncan, Petty, McDonald, R, Holmes,Scott, Bryant, Ferrell, I, Smith, Green. THIRD ROW: Hart, Alford, W, Gandy, F, Smith, Tyler, Bryan, Hand, Partlow, Lyle. FOURTH ROW: Bennett, G. Holmes, Jones, W, Smith, Lee, Johnson, Laney, S, Childers, Chaney. RIGHT: Managers Qleft to rightp Philip Evans, Mike Garner, Chuck Yates. F00 TBA LL AD VENTURER Ji- a 5 gcc. g sf' LEFT: Captains, Lee QE-335, Laney 1105, Childers 0125, BOTTOM: Cleft to rightp Assistant Coach Parker, Head Coach Morris, Assistant Coach Townsend. .,,.,1'14W-U A ..s..,, ,k.. T, East Limestone's Indians came to Falkville to play football with the Falkville Blue Devils. They did just that, even though they came out on the short end of a 12-8 score. Phillip Partlow and Phillip Johnson received injuries serious enough to be taken to one of the local hospitals. Playing one of their hardest hitting games of the year, the Blue Devils made two first period scores on two different third down situations by using exactly the same play. Jerry Hart, behind the outstanding blocking of the right side of the line, ran 52 and 65 yards for TDS. A fourth quarter touchdown by the Indians gave the final score. ABOVE RIGHT: Gandy and Bryan ' set their sights on the Indianball carrier for a sure tackle. RIGHT: Devils advance to another hope- ful conquest. DE VIL 0 VERPO WE! VDIANS ABOVE LEFT: Hart attempts to evade an Indian trap. ABOVE RIGHT: Chaney shows concern for opposing offense. LEFT: Childers looks for the end zone with determination. ry , , e " ,L k -7: ami., 2 fi f lg ., ' K - AN UNSUCCESSF ' d' x da TOP: Childers surrounded by the opposing foe. ABC LEFT: Coach Morris concentrates on game strate ABOVE: Devils turned loose for battle. E TURE Homecoming football games are played to be won. Falkville's homecoming game this year was different though. Falkville lost the game in the last minutes of the final quarter, when an offensive drive was halted at the six inch line. The out- standing defense of West Limestone won the games for them with the final score six to nothing. LEFT: West Limestone's quarterback gets past the Devils' line and looks downfield. BELOW: Hart is followed by tons of blockers and tacklers down the sideline. .1 WF . it ta W ,, I H3 6 dh fm ff -ou., WMM' -X ,lcll sf I 4 wwf JZ QE ,If Q , g 2 Q? gg, My ,gg ,,,. , . , ,, say A 43 1 4 W A2 va '69 f!f ,,,W- ,...m..M ,,N -NSN gi ,. 5 ,,,, , MZ 5 in Zi 1 L. f. f f AQ W, -4 , I xi i BASKETBALL AD VENT URERS K ',J Nlfljhi RIGHT: QLeft to Righty Captains Greer f32j and Gow QSOQ. BELOW: fLeft to Righty Assistant Coach Parker, Head Coach Holmes zip and Assistant Coach Henderson. R E. A" K 1 ff? 4.-jg, 4 N-M' 'S iz lx, h , , as W ., . 555 iff S-r l 'fi -rf 19:4 Y r X "W'4m'dAY 'JUN 'fl S i X Q ABOVE: Greer tries for two points. RIGHT: Henson jumps above Bull- dog to shoot. In the first quarter against Priceville the Blue Devils didn't show the upper hand with only '7 points against the Bulldogs 12. Henson had one free throw, Greer had two free throws and one field goal, and Bennett had only one field goal. The Devils seemed to gain momentum in the second quarter with 12 points against Priceville's 10, even though the Devils lagged behind three points. Henson put up six more points, and Greer, Gow, and Childers each added two points. The Devils are known as a spirited ball club and they showed it in the third quarter. They came back after the half and added 27 points to the score while allowing Priceville only 5 points. Henson added 6 more points, Gow came foreward with 8, Childers had 4, and Bennett had 2. Going into the fourth quarter the score stood at 46 to 27, Falkville leading. The Bulldogs showed a deter- mined urge in the fourth quarter with 27 points to the Devils 22. Greer led the scoring in the last quarter with 8 points, Henson had 4, Gow and Cannady had 3 each, with Bennett and Alldredge closing with 2 each. All through the game the tension kept building and mounting, Finally with the score at 68 to 54, the Devils favored with 27 seconds remaining, the tension broke. Fans from both sides met on the court to DISCUSS? some events that happened during the game. Jr u Aowfs .gl A RUWDY NIGHT ABOVE LEFT: Bennett in for a lay up. ABOVE: Childer's moving through Bulldog Defense. LEFT: Gow makes a tricky move. Falkvil1e's hope of a county championship melted under the lights of the Austin Gym when there were only a few seconds left to play and they were behind 5 points. The lead switched hands, three or four times before Austin pulled to a safe lead as the time was running out, When the final buzzer sounded Austin was on top of a 57-52 score. DE VIL TO B U! 1 K, l VENTURE NUMBER ONE EESSE UL i N N OPPOSITE PAGE - ABOVE LEFT: Henson battles a Bear for a rebound. ABOVE: Childers up inthe air for a shot. RIGHT: An unidentified Devil shoots. ABOVE RIGHT: A victory not quite grasped. A DETERMINED T EAM 21 'VY' -vp T M 'W 'Lilo "?"!' ' in-...a. ...il Y i ABOVE FRONT ROW: fLeft to Righty Mike Garner: Capt. Paul Henderson: Gary Bennett: Tony Vest: Gary Byrd. BACK ROW: Randy Nelson: Mike Tarpleyg Tim Petty: Donald Scottg Allen Gandy. RIGHT: Managers: Greg MacDonald: John Auther Teague. 1 f U IOR DEVILS SEEK U SUCCESSFULLY TO BE UMBER O E i"':'1 1 Austin Junior High claimed the crown at the Morgan County Junior Tournaments by beating the Falkville Blue Devils with a score of 46 to 30. Austin led the scoring in the first quarter with 11 points to the Devi1's 6. Falkville mounted a drive in the second quarter that netted them 10 points while allowing Austin to gain another 11. At the half the score stood as 22 to 16, with Austin leading. The Bears remained in the lead for the rest of the game. But the Blue Devil team has been a high, spirited hard working group of boys. Their faith and determination changed an unsuccessful beginning to a suc- cessful season. FAR LEFT: ABear claims rebound. LEFT: Nelson gets tip off. BOTTOM LEFT: Nelson shoots for two. BELOW: Capt. Henderson receives the Devi1's second place tro- phy. FALK VILLE LOOK ABOVE: Midget Football. BOTTOM ROW: D. Wilkerson, T, Tyler, C, Morris, J. Hen- derson, T. Bell, T. Bevers, C. Yates, A Conville. MIDDLE ROW: J. Holmes, J. Robinson, J. Bryant, D, Cannady, V. Aires, E, Summerford, C, Smith. TOP ROW: B. Brasher, S, Presley, C. Fuller, R, Summer- ford, M, Freeman, J. Gray, J, Thomas. RIGHT: Seventh grade basketball. BOTTOM ROW: I, Holt, W, Townsend, J, Summerford, R. Saint, M, Holmes. SECOND ROW: S. Foote, T. Henson, G. Holmes, R. Moore. THIRD ROW: B, Helton, G, Presley, S, Williams. FOURTH ROW: T, Lansdell, F. Vest. TOP ROW: G, B ennett . I24 'O THE FUTURE LEFT: Eighth Grade Basketball BOTTOM ROW: D. Cobb, J. Teague, S, Shaw, D, Smith. SECOND ROW: B. Hampton, P, Hin, B, Bates, D, Smith. THIRD ROW: L, Shepherd, D. Bradford, T, Whitley. TOP ROW: R. Nelson, G. McDonald. BELOW: Pee Wee Football BOTTOM ROW: G, Smith, J, Summerford, P, Evans, S, Foote, W, Townsend, M. Holmes. S, McCaig, D, Thomas, S, Robinson. SECOND ROW: K, Tyler, J, Teague, M. Garner, R, Saint, B. Helton, F, Vest, G, Presley, B. Robinson. TOP ROW: G, McDonald, S, Shaw, R, Saint, D. White, C, Alldredge, R, Nelson, P. Waldrop. I25 THE PIRI T THA ABOVE: Senior Cheerlead- ers QLeft to Righty Head Darlene Anders, Co-Head Robbie Sandlin, Elayne Con- ville, Teresa Pitt, Lu Ru Henderson, Juanita Holmes, Barbara Blevins, Sponsor Mrs. Barbara Holladay. RIGHT: Backing the team, leading the crowd. l26 QACK THE TEAM LEFT: Junior Cheerleaders QLeft to Righty Head Sherry Greer, Co-Head Eileen Bryant, Barbara Waddell, Diane Knox, Charlotte Ful- ler, Melinda Summerford, Linda Bennefield, Sponsor Miss Rebecca Owens. BOTTOM: A yell of triumph for their boys. 4 E GIRL VE TURE I TO ATHLETIC RIGHT: Girl's Track QLeft to Righty FRONT ROW: K. McDonald, I, Mc- Reath, V, Clemons, S, Shaneyfelt, SECOND ROW: L, Henderson, E, Morris, M. Sandlin. THIRD ROW: L, Davis, D. Anders, C. Payne. STANDING: J. Duskin, T, Pitt, L, Prater, J, Ferguson. BOTTOM: Girl's Volleyball QLeft to Righty SITTING: J, Wimbs, L. Henderson, D, Watson, S, Payne, S. Hammon. STANDING: I, Garnett, C, Payne, L, Prater, D, Anders, M, Petty, J, Hughes. Ac-mg ABOVE: Tennis Team QLeft to Righty Darlene Anders, Teresa Pitt, Melissa Sandlin, Qnot picturedy Karen Ponter. LEFT: Bowling Team QLefr to Righty FRONT ROW: E. Tapscott, K. Gordon, K, Anders. BACK ROW: M, Petty, K, Summerford, S. Hammon. BOTTOM: Gymnastics QLeft ro Righty LEFT PYRAMID BOTTOM ROW: L. Brasher, P. Wal- ker, K. ciemons. SECOND ROW: D. Hoimes, V. Clemons. TOP: W, Wilhite. MIDDLE PYRAMID BOTTOM: C, Payne, D, Anders. TOP: T. Pitt. RIGHT PYRAMID BOTTOM: P, Teague, M, Evans, L, Clemons. SECOND: D. Stinson, D, Sanders. TOP: D. Payne. FRONT: M, Sandlin. I29 REWARD O. 19- ABOVE: fLeft to Righty RIGHT: qTopy fBottomp 4-ug ROGER LANEXC Most Valuable Player WAYNE GANDY, Most Valuable Lineman GLEN HOLMES, Intestinal Fortitude BOBBY CHANEY, Most Improved Player JAMES JONES, Good Sportsmanship KEITH BRYAN, Most Dedicated Player Falkville Hazelwood 6 Falkville Tanner 6 Falkville West Morgan 6 Falkville Addison 14 Falkville East Limestone 8 Falkville Hatton 12 Falkville West Limestone 6 Falkville Courtland 6 Falkville Holly Pond 14 Falkville Meek 12 JD VE TURER F' Qs! LEFT: qTop to Bottomj Borrow: qLeft to Righty Falkville 83 Falkv ille 98 Falkville 115 Falkv ille 7 1 Falkville 86 Falkville 76 Falkville 6 0 F alkville 77 Falkville 84 Falkville 88 Falkville 78 Falkville 90 Falkv ille 68 Falkv ille 98 Falkv ille 8 1 Falkv ille 98 Falkv ille 65 Falkv ille 78 Falkv ille 52 Falkv ille 7 1 Falkv ille 53 Falkville 72 Falkville 63 Falkv ille 96 STEVE CHILDERS, Most Valuable Back Qlfootballj Best Free Throw Shooter PAUL COW, Best All Around Player All Morgan County LARRY GREFR, Best Field Goal Percentage All Morgan County All West Point Tournament Team BOBBY HENSON, Most Valuable Player BENNY BENNETT, Hustler Award NATHAN ALLDREDGE, Utility Player FRED CANNADY, Most Dedicated Player Hartselle 33 Eva 61 Ryan 74 Austin 76 Cotaco 45 Hartselle 75 Priceville 61 Arab 711: Cullman 521: West Point 681: Clements 43 Ryan 74 Priceville 54 Union Hill 62 Danville 71 Eva 76 Cotaco 5355 Priceville 6355 Austin 5755: Union Hill 56 Austin 60 Clements 60 Danville 65 Cotaco 65 West Point Invitational Tournaments Morgan County Tournarnentflii Qui Efuuiors C2l5vaeufut'2t'5 with purpose ,'nv9J,"f 0 P "', 9 QI' , , , 'f I f 9 r I 1, 'VI ' ' 'W V f+af's2?t Q X W I 3 ,V X Q X A V EN TUREN FA VOR! TE mf L Mona Shaneyfelt and 4 Joe Hardin were elected 15 Jumor Class favorites A VENTURENS 71 Judy Abney Johnny Bates Jeannie Bramlett Kathy Brewer Marlene Brown Chris Bryant Jim Cagle Dwight Campbell Debby Campbell Keith Childers lla Clay Ronald Collins Karen Conville Lynn Davis Alton Dotson Bill Ferrell Buddy Fowler Steve Garner Mike Garnett Wayne Greenhill Sandra Hammon Joe Hardin Nixie Hart Jim Henderson CLASS OF 71 ww Bobby Henson Roy Hill Jo Nell Hogan Juanita Holmes Lyle Holmes Hilda Lampkin Rachel Legg Ken Linderman Roger Looney Robert Mcfjaig Billy McDonald Sandra Moore wwf Frankie Smith Jerry Smith Rodger Speegle Lou Ann St. John Renee Tanner Judy Thomas Mike Thompson Frank Thurman Mike Tyler David Veal Sue Vinson Debbie Watkins ELE VEN TH GRADE David Whitley Steve Whitley Marilyn Wilson Wayne Cryer QW? X1 'Sf' A AVE TURE OFFICER "W if 4 0 ry K Q- 1 W .. ., . N .,.,r, -1 . .. - , These students were elected of- ficers of the Junior Class: QLeft to Righty Secretary Renee Tanner, Re- p orter Sandra Hammon, Parliament ar- ian Jeannie Bramlett, President Frank Thurman, Vice President Mike Tyler, and Treasurer Mona Shaneyfelt. 5 ,,,4 ., f ufqm 3 xxx K , , I 2 ' W 'l Sopbomores Qfwoeufurevs mifb zlofvif. iff Y' 4...L,.. S These students were elected officers of I Sophomore Class: Front Row QLeft to Rig President Gary Powell, Vice President Je Powell. Back Row QLeft to Righty Secret. Barbara Blevins, Treasurer Janice McRea and Reporter Rixie Fields. A VENTURENS 72 J 'R PWD, Vickie Anders Kenny Arrington Clark Beard Ricky Bennefield Pete Bennett Laura Bertwell Terry Bsynel Barbara Blevins Donna Bradford Linda Brasher Butch Brewer Judy Brewer Debra Brown Mike Cagle Jimmy Campbell Judy Chaney Charlotte Childers Keitha Clemons Mike Davis Janet Ferguson Rixie Fields Kenneth Free Ray Gandy Frankie Garnett Judy Garnett Miles Garrison Lavon Gibson Randy Green Doyle Hagood Ricky Hand Wayne Hardin Dorothy Hogan Keith Hogan Charles Holladay David Holmes RADE Debbie Holmes Randy Holmes Donna Hopper Anna Howell Jackie Hughes Randy Hyche David Jeffreys Debra Jones Ricky Kelly Ricky Knox Wesley Law ren ce Genell Lee Janice McReath Phyllis Morris Darrell Murphy Terry Murphy T im Nichols Marvin Nuby Karen Ponter Gary Powell Jerry Powell Mary Prince Cynthia Rice Sylvia Rice Jerry Robinson Kathy Rooks Mac Russell Mary Sanders Sue Shaneyfelt Mike Stinson Ricky Tapscott Patricia Walker Stanley Wilhite David Williams Mary Winsett Charlie Wood Carolyn Wright A VENTUREN FA VOR! TES Barbara Blevins and Mike Davis were elected Tenth grade class fa- vorites. , Qpsf : 3 3 ax h T X Sk 555 'S' 'S 1' -'lr Q F -gas- Euuror Zouhi ffm future. + + 'l' 'f' + + + + + + + +- + 4- -5. 4' + -i- Lf' Y?7'? 3 xv-Q q - .n.4 , I CLA SS OFFICER These students were elected of- ficers of the Freshman Class: Qbeft to Righty President Paul Hendersdn, Vice President Eileen Bryant, Sec- retary Ginger Turney, Treasurer Lynn Prater, Reporter JoAnn Duskin. AVE TURE S 73 , J an ' M. SN s Q if J ,J V 'J ll X N Q ' "' ' gf, 1 fs frlzlza-:diffs N, , J Q Kay Anders Jeannie Bates Teresa Bates Wayne Bennett Bert Brewer Jimmy Brewer Janice Britt Eileen Bryant Gary Byr Ant ony Childers Bonnie Childers Valerie Clemons Jerry Conville Tim Copeland Jimmy Don Duncan Rachel Dunlap Doyle Dunn Jo Ann Duskin Allen Candy Kathy Gordon Sherry Greer Frankie Hardin Paul Henderson Kenneth Hopper Joyce Johnson Linda Johnson Diane Knox Diane Lawrence Kathy McDonald Delilah Miller Iames Mitchell Rachel Mitchell William Mitchell Sherry Payne Tim Petty Lynn Prater Tom Russell James Sanders Donald Scott Carol Shaddrix Frankie Smith Daniel St. John Donald Sullins Kay Summerford Mar Summerford Mike Tarpley Jeff Tennyson Don Thomas Dillard Tomlin Ginger Turney Tony Vest Barbara Waddell Joyce Wallace Charles Williams ,I , is fa W .al I' My HQHPW V' it W ar 'C' 'ffm .W , - f ,sfzzzuawysfg if W lf mzsagzag , A , ! if Q' R' ' A' . , as ' 0 He A S x Deanise Williams Deborah Williams Mike Winsett Mike Young Thresia Young I ,N 1, I t-1, M H, , Ji m i , ln- , ,.,r y Z ,m a . Q, 7 , , T y L ew' . lff 'X ' ' ' I , .,,-' , ' f' ! ,7 i , T k in 1 f 3 ' T Y A t T ,si , M 4 1, ' ff,' 1 I "Y iAA y , yy i 'F I iyy 'ef l s i . ..Vi, is , l llrir 1 T - a t R al I X A is T T Ln k WW 'WWW ,yy,, M H .KAR N16 ' rj, r J r 1 tif, A , S- , Vx -rf A rg 'i 1 - fi.: 'vi 1 '3f,5?'EfH3frS'a?f.w?f:l? p-, tv? ,Q A VE TURE FA VORI T E are Donald Scott and Barbara Wad- dell The Ninth grade class favorites The eighth grade elected Charlotte Hopkins and Bobby Watkins their 69-'70 class fav- orites. A VENTUREN FA VORI TES i ,, r.,g,zz,, " f f ,. ,av f ww M f l sign! E If av L f WZ I ' -'Mfg Aw if sf 93' f Nw I i .ff f 1 Wo fi my 331, W, W x f if A VE T URENS -3 ,fn W' f i M S ,,,, V T , ' I V 122 .',, i f V , K K Vg an V1 I '44 ,, Wu , 2? 5 I 3 W in . wif , ll, ,2,x4""s ' f f 2 fx' ' rf 'H' 42, Z "'4'f'f'1 ff v p st M f W i L',' " , l 'l ' ff' ', i L - ,, ' W W, V !, ' 2, .r i' M W e 4 g y , , ,V l,,,, ,y L ' l i'i'7 fli ' i t V ,,VV s " a rm" ff if Al f vw 1 if 1 ,Q A nw , ,E Bill Bates Lindla Bennefield David Bradford Janice Brown Gary Carr Eugene Cloer Doulas Cobb Lynn Conville Jean Cordar Cleveland Cryer Gary Dobbs Ruthie Downs Debbie Duncan Philip Early Sue Edmondson Philip Evans Eddie Ferguson Charlotte Fuller Mike Garner Jerry Garnett Theresa Gray Billy Hampton Jimmy Hawthorn Phillip Hill Charlotte Hopkins Keith Johnson Rebecca Iones Lamar Lawrence Margie McAbee Greg McDonald Alfred McNutt Nova McNutt Randy Nelson Sharon Pressley Sandra Reeves Bobby Robinson Beth Rowe Carol Saint Mala Shaneyfelt Linda Sharpley Steve Shaw Lional Shepperd Douglas Smith Harry Sterling Janice Stinson Connie Summerford Melinda Sumrnerford Cindy Tate Deborah Taylor John A. Teague Kenny Tyler Dottie Vest Danny Vinson Leroy Vinson EIGHTH GRADE K -,,,... .na ' - iwilif, d "'d' , ' ' ' i f , V Q - .Z " . 1" f ,-" , ' , . 1 f ' f f . ' ,,,--f,,- A 2 ' '-L.-2221" ' I 2241? 1511551-If ,, ' -' 2 , 4, J f " ' if ii-' "gg i, , ' T ' ,," ' 'ffi li ' T. W ., K A V . , V Wi uv fy .,,.., iz, I . 4 4 .' 'iw T ',r. ., Bobby Watkins Belinda Weeks Donald White Tim Whitley V fi' '7 ,,:-new , , - f .,', I. r,Q4g,fWl 954'- I W , 1. z ,nf , fl 1 "," ,iff - V It M ,.,, V w ifi? , "-- ' 'i ',.,L ,H w I SIFY Wood ,VV, A ,vvv L In fy ,V Vky, I in , . 25,553 W ' l" N These students were elected Eighth Grade Class Officers: At Top Vice President Keith Jolmson. Bottom Qbeft to Righty President Mala Shaneyfelt, Reporter Charlotte Fuller, Secretary Phillip Hill, and Treasurer Randy Nelson. OFFICERS AND FA VORI TE ..tfgf'k f f Wanda Wilson and Randy Saint were elected seventh grade class favorites by their classmates. l60 4 SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS fTop to bottomy President ----- DAVID SCOTT Vice-president - - PAUL SANDERS Reporter ----- ROGER SIDES Parliamentarian - - MONTY BROWN I Q. -wp AVE TURENS '75 V M , Evg EE 2 A an A 5 ' , :Q is ffl. I it '1' L. A 1... M, A at aaana ar aa a is t rp.-f r f "sl .fi " vfj iffwf -V-I 3 41.7 I' f N X t uh Q WL? x 1 15:11 If f! if ,f A .. V 1 fr A :IL My l llle A if A " 7 it 5 N qt wr 5 13 59 25 an , 1 -11" x J M ak, fa r up 4. my 1 We 15274 ni Q Conley Alldredge Deborah Anders Martha Anders Mike Anders Gary Bennett joe Blackwood Sheila Bolin Susie Bramlett Benton Brewer Herman Brewer Monte Brown Vonna Brown Danny Carr Connie Clemons Lynn Clemons Carol Conour Farron Cooper Ricky Copeland Rebecca Dunlap Tommy Eddy Margaret Evans Steve Foote Connie Free Keith Garnett Ricky Hardin Ginger- Hart Dean Hawthorn Bill Helton Terry Henson Nell Hobson Danny Hogan Greg Holmes Mark Holmes Jeff Holt Larry Johnson Vivian Johnson Donald Jones Ian Laney Tony Lansdell Carol Lindsey Jeannie Lindsey Debby Linley Evelina Madden Percy Madden Stevie McCaig Sandra Merriman Diana Moore Randy Moore David Morgan Diane Murphy Peggy Parker Donna Payne Ginny Powell Gary Pressley Debra Robinson Stevie Robinson Ioan Rooks Judy Rowe Ramona Ryan Randy Saint Betty Sams Diane Sanders David Scott Mary Scott Carl Shaddix Melinda Shelton Roger Sides Mark Sivley Edward Smith Gary Smith Keith Smith Martha Smith CLASS OF 75 K ,, 0. ' ' fa-'L-. f , I QM , V i in 1 m 'f ,xv vv av eavh., 'H , 4 L X ai, E L '1-M' S. Q J 5 wi P .W 1 m 4, 7 N4 is ,-'f, M 'cm .3 l QS .. Q.: M fl' B l at I 1 , 1 f f 4 . ,,,,.H if . by V ' L ee WV" ., , I ' ,W Y? 7- , X 1 - Lx 2? I ua S by , -1" 'v 4 , 5 1 bn , . EVE TH GRADE s k ies 4 . ,Q ,S S Q ., T A E, ,, l ., it E V 'T' 'f 1' "ry ' 7-s..'QL .. 1 I s 1554! "IH , y if, ,A W I-gg ff , Zv Ek fk 1-H V IA EEV J ' as ,EEE EEEEEEEEElEEEEEE Lawana Steele Denise Stinson John Summerford Susan Tarpley Phyllis Teague Cindy Thomas Danny Thomas Larry Townsend Whit Townsend Frankie Vest Greg Vest Sherry Vest Shirley Vickers Phillip Waldrop Billy Walker Ricky Watwood Gail Wilhite Joe Wilhite Pam Wilhite Phillip Wilhite Wanda Wilhite Curtis Williams Sherril Williams Billy Wilson Wanda Wilson Nancy Winsett I64 Q. I Glemenfarwz Little Flkv enfut-ers ,A .v-4, JJ:-A :J-.., 1-fr -:'-'-fu f '.- ' X.,ffww..... . -- A, -.-, Sabrina Anders Vickie Anders Ricky Ballenger Nellie Bates James Bennett Rebecca Brewer Michael Britt John Bryant Michael Bullard Randall Byars Pamela Byrd Nancy Clay Stevie Cla Talmadge Cobb Rodger Collins Andrew Conville Janice Dotson Billy Downs, Jr. Stanley Eddy Bonnie Edmondson William Estrumse Philip Free Jack Gamett David Garrison Jeffrey Gary Susan Greene Charles Hardin Douglas Harris Rebecca Hen Tommy Deborah Hodge Danny Hogan Mary Holmes Randy Holmes Julia Howell . IXTI L may :Lig a " ' v f N., ,, , Kuff ,' 5 3 S , 2 - I x I V9 f , I J 5 5 11 'gf-fif' X , 1 K nt 3 , 21 X 1 ill 5 fp , I ,V 'fi 'f 4 xx: it ,. ' X Q- f A f FK Elf, . V I ff' 1 t ' f' Qff it f '5' 5 , H ...IM is ,mf . , at J V . f i"'- 'V V " ,. Tai ," 'J " . will ' . vi- J 4 , .y pq rg X. its sq. lm,-Q 24 V n i Gigs. "nik .fQ,.f2i,i ai it W i. is an ' ' . ,A ' A' iilii r'li' " ' Q- . as . J if - J J J J - J 1 J f lytyy - A -4 -.L ., , , f , I n V' . --:mn 'Vff VS. N. . Y , f ,fm ,iff 1' W . 1 0 .9 I ' Y' 'E V "" z f -: fl - i t "5 , 1: 1 5,-gi, ,-f- ' MR. HENDERS ON MR, PUGH IRADE Y 1 t 'rf , I S L. fe , l S ' f S Q x 1 1 . V l , 4,-'xr If 5 6. ci' n V' M .A l . nr on f ,PL wi M2 , -1' L f f iff, -3 .ww ,--: 3, ' ' f ik 1 MLW ,Q Z, y ix. X l 'iff M K C. 9 ,sf 6 l 1 A Q 4, bi: '51 -41 1 al 12,1 Z, 3 , ,Q v- it ff ! x if f' C JN A l v 1 12 lin- f if f 3, x '1 V rj, V ,tx X 7- I f lift Qi, , of im ' A ' X 5 Xa '4 vw' if . R 1 ' ,, X 4 ' '15 'L X . V flu' A ,A,,. F' f V? f W 4, Wendell Hutson Terry Johnson Ronnie Laney Melaine Lansdell Valerie Looney William Maxwell Harold McAbee Paul McLamb Patricia McLemore Patricia Parker Eddie Partain Elizabeth Partlow Randy Praytor James Reeder Elizabeth Roberts Jeffrey Robinson Michael Robinson Ricky Rooks Rita Rooks Barbara Sanders Leldon Shaddrix Vicky Shaddrix Jeffrey Sharpley Micheal Sharpley Cindy Sterling Steve Stinson Yvonne Sullins Johnny Thomas Anthony Thompson Rose Thurman Donny Washam Tina Wilhite Venetia Wilhite Connie Wilson Charles Yates Kenneth Anders Ronald Ray Asherbranner Terry Beavers Terry Bell Darlene Blackwood Billy Brasher Darris Broadway Cynthia Brown Andrea Bryant Dwight Bullard Debra B ars Jimmy Campbell Derrel Cannady Stevie Chaney Suzanne Childers Durrette Clemons Lamar Cobb Brenda Duskin ' Donna Eddy Ian Evans ' I Glenda Fortner to 2 1 ' Mark Freeman Charles Fuller Lynn Fuller Terri Garner F Gary Garnett 'mf Tammy Garnett fr David Hammon L......a Harlon Hampton f Carolyn Harris ' F' Lawrence Hawthorne Christine Hobson Kathy Holmes ff Mary Holt Allen Hopkins Brenda Hutson Valerie Johnson Mike Lawrimore Kathly Lawrence Vic ie Maddox l Freddie Holmes iffy FIFTI rg ,Rv-a xl wgvgyfi-fd: 'V I -'aw 4 I P 1 k.E, 4 V5 , 1 , W, , V' , Ai llyyi L A sy 1 L -,bf ft F VV ' rY'-t' lr. F f A ,, 1 M f 1 I lim f 45 ' vw wg 1 fr A a W H A2 X 0 a Q4 if K I JHF1 ,Q g d sibb if , Q .. , ,Q , , l MRS, HENDERSON MRS. KIP-BY Ati.. ZRADE se' , 'gum xg N 4 " , f ,Q 2 3 Yu' lgxxvltlsrli , . . "ff J ' ' y N in 4 ' J , l 2138, ffm' -ff ,Hz .ra 5 H ,js W . rl-, 'J N ,X f 1 X I Vi' 1 rt 1 I X J o 'Q .V 2 A A L, I , fl . gli f J ", . f 1 t J 5 A ii J at J X 2 ,, "" g Q R ' K l R K if . V -...W , i T ' ' get if K .443 ',':V J ryxkr, : Y 'V I p p, 74: ' '25"g f " I .r I . ' ' W it 7 4 ' J "7 ' 21,1 5 -. pggilg A V ' ff ,Q Z' 3 J J "' V I Jeannie Williams Reford Williams ll il VmbV WA ' David Woods m,5f., 2 aff .,L,! 5' MR, SPARKMAN Karen McDonald Juanita McNutt Curtis Merriman Teresa Millican Denise Murphy Johnny Orr Faye Partain Bobby Prince Helen Roberts Kay Robinson William Robinson Roger Saint Don Sanders Nanette Sanders Timothy Shaneyfelt Dallon Shaw Aleisha Sheppard Anthony Sheppard Brenda Smith Larry Smith Monica Smith Danny Steele Clint Sterling Eric Summer ord Robert Summerford Tramel Tankersley Howard Tate Ronnie Vandiver Edward Vickers Anthony Vinson Ethel Vinson Gary Walker Tonya Walker Judy Washam Patsy Wilhite Vemon Ayre John Barringer Sherry Bell Billy Blackwood Chris Blevins Loria Brown Deborah Campbell Donna Campbell Janice Chaney Cheryl Conour Johnny Early Patricia Eddy Billy Evans Larry Ferguson Ellen Garnett Pam Garnett Ann Guthrie Marie Harris David Harville Gene Heck John Charles Henderson Vickie Hill Evie Hogan Mary Ann Hogan Robin Hogan Debra Holmes Joey Holmes Shelia Holmes John Johnson Tim Laney Larry Lansdell Randall Lawrence Patricia Lindsey James Maddux Shelia Millican Craig Morris 1' ,. FOURTI , G, gil Vx 'iff I ' ,f K 3' ' A 70" ' Q fi V: .J 4 , . ,,.,,r ,YN K , 2' i Y 7 , V Vrxyrz . J ,L V I A In ' , H In A 1 Q gy Vi VV,' ' K, r ri L' 4 J J , ,KJ , JF Y 3 I B , t L ,, ,,l .,,.i, A V 1,1 V MISS STAPLES MRS, SUMMERFORD RA DE 0 , ' rv ff 1. 'T la: qv 1 A S Q w' ., sr j A b Kira, 45' ,iV, 5 E27 A IXQNEOX t ji' X 1 s f 2 3 2 as . -lg.-J I x, an V' V. A y 1' ' fl x 1 J T A T Q df a li I 'Z - o 3 , ' 'f V , V V , my - . , T ' f t ' 'IAQ 1 I sw , '- , ' iv- I .4-: ,M ,. ,Q aw 5 q " 'f'f' K, If My A My . v ,,,, , 'ww X' ,W f Egg' 3' V 0' 3 S Sherry Ziaja B2-fry Murphy Nancy Murp y Bobby Nelson Ronnie Nelson Ray Partain Kathy Roberts Wanda Russell Howard Saint Iwanna Sams Janet Sanders Mary Shaneyfelt Wanda Sheppard Charles Smith Daniel Smith Scott Smith Steve Smith Betty Speegle Mark Speegle Gary Steele Shirley Steele Troy Steele Tim Sterlin Sherry Striciland Connie Summerford Caril Tanksley Winford Turney Tony Tyler Charlene Vinson Darryl Washam Vickie Weeks Perry White Jerry Wilhite Don Wilkerson Ioan Wilson Sharon Yates Patrick Zahrn Mark Anders Steve Anders Hoyt Asherbranner Kyle Asherbranner Donna Ayre Sandra Ballinger Tim Barringer Houston Blackwood Kenneth Blackwood l l THIRI if 'Y 1' 'U gf Q t C 1 as I ' f uw tt, tt A . J Loraine Blackwood Janet Bolin Kenneth Brewer Lissa Brewer Jeffrey Brown Sandra Calbach Carl Campbell Linda Campbell Reba Cloer Michael Cobb Tony Cobb Annette Crowe Phyllis Cryer Joy Downs Cynthia Drinkard Margaret Dunlap La onna Dutton Patrice Eaton Arlo Eddy Martha Ellis Ricky England Alison Estes Lynne Ferrell Janice Harris Evelyn Henderson Brenda Hodge Martha Holmes Janice Johnson Jeff Johnson Presley Johnson Ronnie Lampkin st li c X X -s k'bk K . 'V ' 'ir .M c L.. M R 2 an 5 or y 0 qi,-T, gr .L if? ,Wx Yx I K ' E' " 1 .. r ,,,x , J 1 4, r C 'Na Q 1 NQ J -li ti At as V L Al in r . . r 1 R ,,. g Z B :q, A J A , L so PQ yr, if 'L gil L4 A ' K' A y J t Qi t risk J t MAR Q c . 5 ,, J A , crcc s ,- KL: -Q, K 7 H , if 8 . .1 Xl X' 1 tl so o A 5' , c A ssls J sccs so s . r B Q r C C ,lx 'lg 1' My 435. X NE c 2 a lk 5 ark' li? YS k. .Q MRS, GRAVES MRS, KNIGHT MRS, NICHOLS RA DE ,4 N' .Maw 1 wr .5 , ? H5 TS sr , Charles Wilkerson Frank Wright Steve Lewis Darlene Lindsey Cynthia Livingston Michael Mad ox Debbie McCaig Carol McClellen Steven McNutt Susan Mefford Brian Merriman Regina Millican Ro ert Monk Teresa Morgan Teniy Murp y Mer e Orr Michael Patterson Kevin Pressley Ronny Reeves Wanda Reeves Buddy Robinson Cliff Sanders Tommy Scott Patricia Shaneyfelt Ricky Sharply Myra Shaw Tina Shelton Darren Sloas Susan Smith Gary Steele Wade Taylor Margaret Teague Ronald Thompson Jeannie Thurman Gary Turney Deborah Vinson Marvin Vinson Kathy Watts Larry Watts Charles Wilhite Janet Wilhite Kevin Wilhite Gena Anders Martha Anders Melissa Anders Kathern Blackwood Holly Campbell Michael Colboch Scott Collins Bill Compton Cynthia Copeland Billy Davenport Kenny Davis Lin a Early Mike Evans Michael Garner Pamela Garnett Anita Harris Dexter Hightower Connie Hill Nathan Hill Sue Hobson Melba Ho an Martina Hollaglay Michael Holmes Randy Holmes Sherryl Isley Bobby Jeffreys Ann Johnson Levon Johnson Roger Johnson Bob Lewis Syble McClellan Ricky Monk Shane Montgomery Dewayne Moore Kevin Murphy Laurie Murphy ECO I , 5, ' 'f 5 f H f- 3, E my A of tj 'K 2 y W W , 4 -. , A 4 2 gh . A .V NW Q , ay J ' W .W ' ly. Lg, A 5 'A Q5 rd, -11 - 5 - 2 Q. in r y ,ypply 'M W as my . 5 V , ., F Ai 51, , , Witt" V p v 4 1517311 I s '- ' Q , S W - - r,,, 'f . 1 , g y X Q L W 'f W I : , - rfrr' 'D is V f W1 A -X 4 Q N' 5 M sf Q. Bc trrft 1 A 1 fm M ,,l i,g,vz' ID L, I fr -with my a . .. ei ,Aa1n1jL Q',, MRS. HELTGN gi. 'lr V W f 'k"rf" Q -' 1 it L lrr so it , f - MISS OWENS RADE 5 W .r , ,, 0 v ff " ' L. 'V' 2, Y-'v .5 5, " J" " f .,, 1 ,f W . , Q ,f ,I J H y! H ,Mi 6 A " it P, Q, I, 1-4 f 'J 1 ' Zin, 'H . Q Q my g U I' Ju- .W and X7 if 2 f A-J, V' I z 11,1522 V . 4 at 6' nl, .V y 'u gg., 'i I xx J afar 6 ggQ"'W J' Dave Nelson June Nelson Rickey Partain Nannette Powell Loria Prater Cynthia Prince Tony Purser Hoyt Roberts Joe Robinson Shirley Rooks Kenneth Russell Linda Sams Joe Sanders Randy Sharply Barbara Shaw Breatha Smith Sheila Smith Terry Smith Gary Sullins Janice Summerford Tom Summerford Dennie Tanksley Jean Taylor Robbie Taylor Jr. Cynthia Terry Billy Thompson Jerry Vickers Ramona Vinson Sandra Washam Jennifer Watts Jeffery Watwood Michael Wilhite Ricky Wilhite Darryl Williams Kenneth Winkles Patty Wynn Mark Alford Charles Anders David Anders Dennis Anders Peggy Asherbranner Becky Ballenger Faye Bates Joestus Bates Jerry Bell Phyllis Blackwood Jim Brarnlett Jenny Carr John Chane Jeff Cobach Sherry Cobb Joanna Compton Charles Conour Gina Coots Randy Coots Connie Cordor Roy Crowe Rodney Duncan Sherry Duskin Pat Dutton Kathy Early Shelia Ellis Joe Free Scott Fuqua Theresa Garmon Meleasa Garner Sherry Garner Mark Griffith Barry Hardin Edna Harris Pam Hightower Carl Holladay Conley Hubbard Chip Hughes John Hughes Jay Johnson Johnny Johnson Mona Johnson Selina Kelley Robin Larnpkin Brad Lee Laura Lindsey Melissa Lowery Cindy Massey Steve McClellan FIR fo I , 9 . 1 V, S: . ,aio as ,, C CJJJJJ K 1 ff ry as - f I- Hafi 1 -, L r if , -5 t .WK , f . 'x Y I We Q, 4 J 'ir 'J V ' 'Y ffff V, ' it Jlc AJJJ 1 f 1, Y'1 , , ,,5gI'5ff ,., , 1 My ki' 33 r 'X " B-As?f219'5a.2A tl A J y , ,, g fr 3 L Lnziuin " E RA DE 'X MRS. BLACK MRS, om Q.. md- S S ,Z , aa V f -Y i f ' 'A 5 A 5 T! .K f 'K I fb. ' Q 5 , 1 I . 'V " k s , , ' , . ,mg 1 1 S 'z , S Q V " ' QQ? , VV 2 V 5 J 'fi ' , T ' "'A 3 f' ' T " " T Q' T- , ffm-wmj f -r as J QL . ay ,S Y in in . Q Z fy , , , my A T 41 2f iit2 .e1fi?f -'if ,,,..l.j' I T if z:1.:w lfi:H l+t Q 4 are . ' i s f Q 7' ii 1 ,, y T' Q " i 2 " T T Y' 'T 44 M' ' xr ,- :Fr 'f'Y"1TTTT:tT7rr1:t'1:f2" X 5 ' ' ,'gi'qg': ',z:g1':-2 . "" ,22:gZ,1gz5Qszz:::1 ,yzi - ra s LL ' ' e Q' 'r 6 yr, gf, Q xgpiy 1' lk ' 7 V a Jinx? V A if h Timmy Weeks Reima Wiclner De bie Wilhite Tommy Wright Loretta Yates MRS . WATT ERS Alan McNutt Allyson McNutt Sally Merriman Tammy Murphy Kim Nelson Glenda Norris Robin Powell Allen Pra tor Sue Pressiey Jimmy Purser J im Robinson Mike Rooks Pam Rowe Tim Smith Earnest Steele Glenda Steele Gary Strickland Terry Strickland Nathan Tanksley Rhonda Taylor Mike Terry Melanie Thompson Sue Thompson Cathy Tomlin Dorothy Thurman Theresa Vinson Mark Walker Tammy Washam SELLING ADS I ? N- fy- ' lVIc1.x5be fhelj f "Cie-V M WL -,f fLmrT11.f1,LY6 4. 7 we vm Qgoua L3 'P 09' 'iw-Y 'fy 73 ef QL if uf Q' , iIanbar5 jurniturt gb. PECK FUNERAL HOME Hartselle , Alabama l Jil ' -as 5 ' 1-----ff 'itSi.A.ZA 3 JOE WHEELER ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP Serving Morgan and Lawrence Counti GUTHREY GROCERY Rout Vinemon e Three t, Alab 5 Y -lf.. FLOWERLAND FLORIST Ha rts elle, Alabama si '- CN ve O Q O o w v : O , 2 L 7-uflmer Tlelmes ,Baby ,Shop . - I H6155 I Qoulul use fl vepwwf 305' I llll e BELK HuDsoN ' l k :' Q , , ie Hartselle, Alabama e 'x A l I l I8l xflwl S JJ- A e 'J'N'T'4.afs, li Q, .J, fx-, gaxwg wg ' 5 1 gf" L-, .'. . Q Xin A '1 A57 S Wi 'ls ' fix? 5 l wt x 1. -- 1l1?e,rz1k,afw f ' ' i w as Q z W fs 'ff N in Q 5 X-f3,j.2,i'ii E M 5 BEAN 8. SMITH DRUGS Hartselle, Alabama l RQ YAL ? oSo.lQ S o'5Qvuiee o'RQ.h'l'.QI5 NNW Vxawll YOQY-W 'SLA QS IDEA 353-4121, Bam 3 Tape u,JY'1.lev C 0. Repalr Service on cell wxoekes 04 -Llwewvilers and Qclclinob rYxo,cl'x1vxe5 395 N.E. Lee Sf. XMVLOTCBGTL COLiY'llC1j AN QS' Q9 cp 4. 4 i Y 269: Exckange Harfseufr -Decal er Fevjcilizer - Seecls - Fez-135 Favmew- Ownecl Favmev Opevafecl 5 HOMER T. SUMMERFORD AND SON Falkville , Alabama TG CDT V 6' J! Q CL 65 on YLC5 dvJVo'l11oY2S N ' I I T3 i 3, E P tte n Galkvtlle , Al ls ' a amo. Lei: our llblile lwelpers help nsou. ,P .il Best wishes from the Textiles Division of Monsanto Company. Many of your friends and neighbors are part of the Monsanto family, employed at our Decatur, Alabama facilities. Acrilanil Acrylic Fiber f Blue "CHQ Polyester Fiber 0 n Nylon Intermediates Monsanto Textiles Division, Decatur, Alabama 35601 Q STRICKLAND DRUG CO. Hartselle, Alabam MOSS-SERVICE FUNERAL HOME Cullman, Alabama At the tap of any class! STATE NATIONAL K OF ALABAMA Fafkvxne Branch Before Q V Haze bane? 6 9 Beauty Salon F W amil!e, Auagama ABERCROMBIE CHEVROLET fax 1 Harts ell Al b ma CITIZEN'S BANK OF Q HARTSELLE tank! E .qv H t 11 Alb ,""M. JMR Apu Tama ,wg , eggs 'N 9' B1 ,W 9' s140Jau..,JLam,,Q4.Jza0N, ,Q g4 ,f9fgQ'..2. . , ' 63 H W NW Speaks Real Tp Ho. Resldenffal -Fon-wx 8. C,OYYXY'YlQY'C.l0..I PY'OPeT'lfieS. Higkwaq 'ESX Souffw Hartselle, Aft ixfown Mobile HomtS H OYVNQS-IB Fit Aww Haag H' kwa BI Souik Ianni Selle, AIO.. ef GAY-MAR SHOES Decatur, Alabama m 'v HARTSELLE FLORIST 'W 120 West Main St. 7? .Q W :mowers ,fy 4 3' Vx ITIS, Mx 1 E .iff ff'Q11.:7 M Nu, " If DS -T MOBLEY STUDIO 103 Downtown Plaza Cullman, Alabama KENNETH MOBLEY, Photog rapher HARGETT MUSIC SHOP GreatTRecord Selection! Help witfi all musical needs. We have pianos, organs, guitars drums, and all musical necessities. Tanner Heights , Alabama MCCOLLUMS BAR-B-Q TO SUIT YOUR TASTE QI4-X F3 Q G -gig are X X fe-A New Moulton Road Decatur, Alabama RKFRIGLR ED STORAGL V. 1 .EL N,kk'Jkk... . L CULVER CLEAN ER: For dependable s rvice' Dial EI. 37673 WP "-A, Wn., I , ,,A, A A S' I M- l 1 .l Aeaeete i22i I I CULVER CLEANERS Decatur, Alabama SPORTING GOODS qw I DE -fa A-4,5 KUHN'S BIG "K" STORES, INC. Ha elle, Alabama DECATUR MARBLE AND GRANITE ll3 West Moulton St. ma .Q A AUTO PARTS CO. Hartselle, Alabama A. A. MASON Insurance Agency 118 West Main St. Hartselle, Alabama Bus. Phone: 773-6998 Home Phone: 773-6924 Compliments of MINOR REFRIGERATION AND FURNITURE Ha rts elle, Alabama 35640 NEW CAR AND TRUCK FRANCHISED DEALERS ASSOCIATION OF CALLMAN CULLMAN IMPLEMENT COMPANY International Trucks - Farm Implements CULPEPPER MOTORS, INC. Chevrolet - Valiant - Chrysler - Imperial Norell - Fields Dodge - Dodge and Dodge Trucks DRINKARD CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet - Chevelle - Chevy II - Corvair - Corvette HOLIDAY MOTORS, OLDSMOBILE 442 - Royale - F85 - Toronado - Ninety Eight - Cutlass MITCHELL MOTORS, INC . Ford - Falcon - Mercury - Comet in yd i i T ,, , It K V, , ' I I ,wk I f s 4 ff aff ' , ll I 'S Y t , . 4 af Q U 'ir yt , - ' 6 A ,---1uD""' ,AA ,nw--:J-'f": ' 'v --P" ' 5355252 ,'., 3E""'? ' My iii . 1 BIG K Decatur, Alabama EDsinBS5 andcSuunfY C DECATUR BUSINESS MACHINES Decatur, Alabama oRR DRAPERY coMPANY A avg in yyyyyy rw wwf . l A Interior Decorators f Phone 353-1906 3 o o o Phone 773-3631 C. L. ORR 113 East Moulton Street A Owner Decatur, Ala. I J THE DECATUR DAILY "My Country - May She Ever Be Right, But, Right or Wrong, My Country. " Commodore Stephen Decatur P. O. Box 152.7 - Telephone 12051353-4612 Decatur, Alabama 35601 Compliments of THE DECATUR DAILY the only daily newspaper directly concerned with the agricultural and industrial growth of Morgan, Lawrence, and Limestone counties. c 5, STUCKEY'S PECAN SHOPPE 5 0 FINE PECAN CANDIES Q Aim fl- '45 Rt- 3 'S Faikviiie, Ala. 35622 4 4, GAS az ? Decatur, Alabama Phone lt 353-2543 E. E. HECK - Falkville Phone at 784-5963 Truck Salesman 'I9l 5 T53 f 4JZ-'597 VLCWAVOV D . Pain. 3 733mewoL'. 7i4' 7gLl"'53fo.5' 'p T ALABAMA BRICK 8. TILE COMPANY Phone 353-5281 Manufacturers of Dealers in Fire Brick Sewer Pipe Flue Lining Wall Coping Drain Tile Building Tile A Common Brick Face Brick Everlasting Clay Products Decatur, Alabama PARISIAN'S Gateway Shopping Center Phone 353-lOlO Decatur Alabama Wf9' USQL FE 5 ED CULLMAN BANANA SUPPLY Cullman, Alabama Q Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors of Falkville High School NORTH ALABAMA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 528 Madison Street Huntsville, Alabama I93 9 DECATUR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Washed and Screened Sand and Gravel Market and Moulton Streets Decatur, Alabama I 5 A, ST. BERNARD COLLEGE Cullman, Alabama St. BERNARD COLLEGE. . . - Founded by the Benedictines of Ala- bama in 1892. A fully coeducation- al and accredited liberal arts in- stitution offering the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science de- grees in: The Humanities, Natural Sciences, Commerce, Social Sci- ences and Pre-Professional Pro- grams. Resident facilities avail- able for men and women. For fur- ther information, Write: Director of Admissions, St. Bernard College Cullman, Alabama 35138, or phone fArea Code 2051 734-4110, or Ex- tension 59. Congratulations to the Class of 1970 and Falkville High School. CHQ Vtten Q5 f"21 csb'4' LJ f' it o f"V 0 E. E. SANDLIN GROCERY Falkville, Alabama Phone: 734-4703 "Get a tiger in your tank. " ' ,L 3 ,LL L! LL. U L 7' G G important part of 2 1 L souTH CENTRAL BELL o L 5 ltk PEL. you bet !" L W 0 TOWN-HCUSE A '1L'221' -L'2, A,L1V ,L A VA I ZVZE liziiv 2fiA??2iQi iLiL?3 F E QRNIIZ A1 b "N y W th 50 M 1 ff? X Decatur, a ama .125 f L,2 ' '80 F D liver i in i es A F F ture at L wer Pric Z if? ...S X, Q 3 .1 I I 'S' . ' 1 1, f u - 'wh-W :M Aa K 'gl 153335-mil .af MAMDTDR C0 --- fx.. A ,I i GRANT ST. B! . x in rang? "Zag f u if Moron co ,gf-1 e f - v , i W bw, - T . , , v xi I, ' 1 W ' ' u q N F, 1 1141:h. lst Avenue :Q ' ' A 'L7' L,,, A,,4W' Q! if . 34 " 4' M1 ' - V f Decatur, Alabama i ,f EA gels, E- u u A4 , A ,.iw.-sf- ' wt' f wA3.2 , '-5-Y ALBRIGHT course 4' 'Z Established 1925 NORMANOCVJ QITJBRIGHT Decatur, Alabama ,G ao ,W JOE SUMMERFORD PQW JJE, U GENERAL MERCHANDISE Box 422 Falkville, Alabama IIIVESTIGATE WvS"""'S--- BROWN FABRIC CENTER LINDSEY'S SUPER MARKET ff" "Y,'LT.1if. FALKVILLE Moron co J K7 Q if 4 LK? S Q W 0? 1 Falkville, Alabama C ompliments of NOLAND COMPANY Industrial, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning, Supplies Decatur, Alabama 4- li V , M 'I ufo ar .9 Falkville, Alabama, Wonderful Opportunity Manage a Group Better Way of Life ODA STAPLES lPhone: 462-32423 HOME-CARE KNOW-HOW . . X Amway Distributor ooo 0 Route TWO, Falkville, Alabama 35622 A WATERS QUARRIES INC Crushed Limestone Materials for Roads, Streets, Driveways and Parking Lots. All Materials Weighed on State Inspected Scales We Deliver Dial 784-5465 Lacon Alabama I98 GKUW' REG, U, S, PAT. OFF. Decatur Coca-Cola Bottling Company There's u "one and only' in refreshment, too fn- BOYYLED UNDEH AUINORHV OF VHE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV FALKVILLE CAFE THE MATKIN COMPANY 906-908 Second Avenue, S. W. Cullman, Alabama - 35055 Phone - 734-1491 Day 734-1608 Nite J EJETHUIT DIESEL A Parts and Service msvlsron a mm seems: BRlTT'S ZWwf'J?L'Z'w'0' I RADIO AND T.v. 22552151 Q 0 Hartselle, Alabama Phone: 784-5735 'IW HARTSELLE BUILDING A I ..,' 8. SUPPLY coMPANY 5 U Building 500 Pattillo Street - Phone 773-2553 Concrete Materials Hartselle, Alabama 35640 Products "Everything To Build With" Sales Representative Robert W'1l' 1 iams 742 Mira Vista Drive Huntsville, Alabama Phone: 2.05-881-4482 DEL CHEMICAL CORPORATION Wl58 N9332 Nor-X-Way Avenue Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051 Phone: 414-251-5050 LEADER IN IN TEGRITY, RESEARCH AND QUALITY ALTON SUTTON, Manager Phone 734-4871 WORTH RATLIFF GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERIES 101 First Avenue, N. East Cullman, Alabama 35055 C mpliments f B. P. TARPLEY General Merchandise F lkville, Al b ma 'xp' AUTO REPAIRS VY of GARAGE QA- fp 301 N Sp kman St. H t 11 A1 b ma c. s. s. SUPER MARKET Q ' ax' egg? H 1: ll Al b ma STONE LUMBER AND SUPPLY Dependable Building Materials 211 South Railroad St. Hartselle, Alabama FOWLER-REXALL DRUGS Hartselle and Falkville TO GREATER VALUES E. R. ROBERTS Alabama Hartselle, Alabama Day Phone 773-2361 Refrigeration and Appliance Home Phone 773-9103 P. O. Box 610 - 111 Railroad St. - Hartselle, Ala. Refrigerators Washers Televisions Freezers Dryers Stereos Ranges Dishwashers Built-ln Appliances Air Conditioners Disposals Small Appliances 202 "We Service What We Sell" HARTSELLE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE CO., INC. l Estate - Insurance - Mortgage ns - Bond 6 9 HARTSELLE Moron COMPANY Ha rts elle Alabama HAUTOMAGIC CAR WASH" Southland Plaza Across From Big K ma Compliments of CULLMAN AVIONICS INC. FU LENWIDER GROCERY General Merchandise "It pleases us to please you. Phone: 784-9901 II Phone: 739-0660 Lacon Alabama C ullman Alabama BAKER MFG. CCMPANY Harts elle, Alabama 204 DECATUR 8. HARTSELLE RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Allied Sales Company Broadhead-Cook Furniture Com Hunter Furniture Company O'Brien Furniture Company Rhodes Furniture Robinson Furniture Company Shumake Furniture Company Sterchi Bros. Stores Inc. PanY HARTSELLE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS Wholesale Auto Parts and Equipment Hartselle, Ala. 35640 Phone 773-2575 Parts for Cars and Truck and Tractor d 6 W W SUNBEAM BREAD Q. Wx ff' ! i g .tat A P in-in-P A ., l, g i 1 J,4bK,t ' 75 xy A r f ' ,Af f :Of lt' s Batter Whipped! LITTRELL LUMBER MILL Quality Building Materials P. O. Box 1827 - Phone 355-1468 - Old Moulton Road Decatur, Alabama Compllments of NU-WAY CLEANERS Harts elle, Alabama APPuA zs APPLIANCE 58 REPAIR sHoP 3 Q9 ONE STOP: Selzvuce M GREEN'S SHELL SERVICE 406 if BELK-HUDSON .diy Q S55 I X Cullman Shopping Center Qi .-Mlv-xml , Cullman, Alabama nm Nl A ALLIS - CHALMERS SOUTHERN EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 706 Highway 31, North Cullman, Alabama 35055 734-2833 SKIPPER 81 EIDSON Men's and Boys' Wear Phone 734-2182 228 Fi1'Sf1 Avenue, East Cullman Ala Chambers Engraving Co. Big Bob Gibson Chandler's Fabrics Compton Motors Denbo lron 81 Metal Decatur Electric Motors First Federal Savings 81 Garrison Boats 8: Motor Loan S12 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Gobble-Fite Lumber Hartselle Enquirer Laney's Grocery Mack's Fabric Morgan County Trac Nelms 81 Son Patrick's Shoe Store Quality Cleaners Inc Robert Brothers Co S5 tor lx E1 X f Auro Q 1 SW i x X X WHITE'S Scwe STCRE at Hartselle, Ala. 35640 'Q LIT Ill I0 VOIII . .q7lYlQe 11, A . if pig. CHENAULT MOTDR COMPANY Moulton, Alabama Rexair Sales 8: Service 555. OO Gibbon's Furniture Tallman Co. 5. O0 Mixon Furniture Tankersley's Service Station 5. O0 Northside Grocery Tankersley's Tire Service 5.00 C. H. Steward United Auto Parts 5. OO Wallace Grocery Valley Stockyard 5. O0 Looney Machine 8: Welding Ser Western Auto 5. OO Corbin Grocery Wavho Service Station 5. 00 City Hardware gl Appliance Mr. and Mrs. James West 5. OO Decatur Glass Co. Midway Floors Inc. 3. OO Humphi-ey's McCurley Jewelry 8: Office Supply 3. OO Hartselle Frozen Food 8: Meat U. L. Ward Jewelers 3. OO Kessler Beauty Salon Bill's Auto Parts Z. O0 Mug 81 Cone id. IW H, 3 4, 'W Q, 1 'wi R my W I' wp 7? jf ie W 1 3 4 ' 5 ' ' H Q K 1' 4",' 45 A ' 'Q V if 4 Fe If 2 ff f 1 . Wg! H NV- ng 5 XM W MMM W A , M wa' is 1 1 ., fy. .4 , i !1 'gk Q 1 1, , 'Y , 'fc 44212, 1' . -,,-.m w fm' ,X 4' 4' '51 -M YM? 5 I i W " 'L , 4' "L'! is u .N i,x 1 1 v i gi- 'fi I x I I Q! .- V B Nl. W s 'R 1 I Z 5 Q 1 3 t u -gw -uk! Q Q 3 9' wx cw ' ' -. . . " 'Q .1 ,I " In N'-, b ' . -us . ' -I H -, 'F' P -c f - 0' '25 .: ' K "' f 1- P A f Q Ol , YN .IQ x Q. 3, W , - IH ' N ff 3' 1' , A- i 55 ' " ' , Q 'a-- x 1 M.. - Q fx Q ,. 'erin' . ,E 3. Q , Q. , W., Wh .L . L G ,t E if 3 4,0 1 .I 'I- ' . 'idea N . shun ' Q sq 'U ve- ' ' , V E ,V , 'xx V , , -' Q ' A Q 4, 9 V Jw 'ws A ' W' - W 4 xg-45' , N. ' J - ' N an 'xy ' 'T -9 5 . 5 X It s A -u wrt, Dew 0 .. Nw-,-Q Q Q M K . S 6 fi! v X ix Q 1a-Q. - 'L- Q lkf A Q' I 9: ' 1 A' 3. , ' Ax M . 3 "V AT' D Q. Q Y ' Q W X Qt -f-1" Ms. x " 1 f , 0' 1-.0 ,Wh-1.1 -3 i A " 'P' N J. if Q mb If S ,gi xl 5 H J Q . K ' ' AK - 5 .S 5 ' , -- it E 1 Ml., , l 3 xx W," 3, fa? 3' Fa . 'M . 'F' 3 .Ml 'mf' my R . Q Q is 4 Q tr 1 ' I s ' h K ' Q if X -fide' ' be ' ' .Wh 1? , h ,. V U A 9 .M V 1' mi, , 3 . 3 4 - ' . ' V V --Qi 1' , . 6 1 M K q' '54 mt' 4. r T xv U N Q lik Q!-5' , '1.,...' --v ,,, + if -1 '- , 'Q ' ' ' Q w ' "' lv W 1 . Q Q s Q .F if 1 g - .. ..., ,, 1 Q ff ,Q 1 ly in 4 H xv Q . K 1 ,,. Qi W Q , W ii ."9 . ' ,f . , 4 Q 1 4 QR if ' 0 Q - . 2? 54 I Q I sf - . " ' iv. Q V 2 - gg, fl? 'L Q' 5+ QQ' V ,, i. -. ., 1 V 8 L I-A 2 ' v ' ', -V ..,Q ,A rg L , 'N J " .,. W- , W 4,1-ax , 5 M -m ' ' U V Q Y r ' ifwig, t f .13 ....-.snll3MP". , 'v ,N-jfs., Nw, nw . 'M ."'sf.'. M ,xii W ffm ,fn .N 'ws.,,,4h 'w .un-A b Q A 3, I g El, V , -K I 4+ f- A . gf' .' L ,. Q W" 1 ,. ' Y Q ' 'Q' f f . KHP' ra W ,A ,ff ' 37 ,xx N N 1 :W ,,,. !-"' ti W -5 ul , JM'-I xii 4 i A . "' - . ' 1' Af F f m ie-"W, Ir. I ' ,, 'J 'V-51 " fo- V 41-4., 2- Y-fn. Q-:"'1'i Q M I .,.,- , wk .-:Q-.,. - ' ' ' ' " n " mfg, :gn sgillr .9-sk Q Y. ,V , vi 4 vvamwewir 1 L Jwbix V H " Afwv

Suggestions in the Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) collection:

Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 98

1970, pg 98

Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 189

1970, pg 189

Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 99

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Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 111

1970, pg 111

Falkville High School - Odyssey Yearbook (Falkville, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 45

1970, pg 45

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