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5 , M...-Q, V, ,.. .N , 3 r A, 3527 5 'li-S , -. ,.'L4f,'f 5 X Vbg,:,3,, .Wy ,. , 1 Q - w'.,,., ,f,v.g4' -M - f ww... 'Lg Q. 4 4- A f.....4'f. 4 V., .. N Af 'K 1 , Nw , 'Y --md R u . HX, -M A 1, .3 , f, W N. -.Q ,ff , ', 4, -51w,.,.: . ' f1',1,Ki?:' K. . ,.5- wwf' I , - K ii. jf J f y'- M- 4.1 N- f 5 . f f- .L V H., Q .J . -.,.' .K f.a.A - -,yn '- 5- 0-,Qf s.. fi" ,-.. a. ' -- ,I Q- , L' "C "Zi ,A ' f 1'w,,v Ef. '-,:,,K.,A M -M. ' A F-' 4 K 4' V. , N ,, A ,Q , A V F i ,Q --, ji U- , ,, 5, i 1 . ,W 'w . 1. f. .. V X, ,L I-2'--'., Q '-'xr ' ,Q Q- , Sf ,. - .- ' A X Sv- K - A- i ,,, - - k Wg, G 1 .nw M gffsy-W 6 W -.,,,. . V "f 337' ,w fail +I, ,M ' , . ., 4 ,. , J 33, J Q, x5s,"'Y1 QMS: W I Q.,- ,j.,X X v'-' . -. 7' - , 'SFA y hm, . ,sl . 1 V51 "k , ff , q,,k,,1,, 4 ,,l 1 ' ' V , A: 1, Q. rl.: , 7 W ,,v . ' Wx"-y C bww V Annu. I K 4.-' ,Q-P4 '. ll T. x l K. fy., -,.. 3 . ., 4 , ,vw V.-4 v . --f ,six . Wi , J'-V. 5. Iii 2. 1-sg K, , 'T"'fF'7v"-,g . 'dnl-.Q '-M2........ ,M,,, W., M. W, .511-'Z"..,..,-.,.d.....,,... , Q Yu 4 i .. ....,M..-..... . .av ,r -1, f, W' 'Ai' ' kf22JQ5jQ3r SM by :QA Q ,in ' ,,.,.,, . K - ., 555 Q, 4 , nfl, 'T 2 . : K J. . 53, ,wb kv K W 5 gjgg' +V ' ,t,,k,14'l! 15'-e , rf V ,J " f " ,, -Q e ' ,J ff. Z ,fzgw 2, v" ', ji.,-M Y ,- k , .k 1 Q. Wy- ' 'ffigy -1 H ' ., i , V , . 'J ' Mpqk v, gyyjggf' . ,1 5 - x N ' k n , . V 3 , , I IL, ' ':3g.,,g1q-Q. "H',f?,,4 -.H , , H 2 ,, M ,..--.'i:'+s-J S ,, 1 L, f' , .W -. ff, k, . 12,313 ' WW Q N W 3 V Aix fl' " 'mf WW' .mjff-. ,fmv-JV'-'rm' lit? , ' 'N -,rf V- ' ' "wmsN'-' ,-fa, wf.,'y A K5 ,. . G 'W V .4,f"ijq"X .' ' -f , w ' 4 f- ,. p , - - ,, gi ' . ' -- , , , x x . , : - , ,. . .V . ,.",j' v---.,..,.2 ..-V, .xx,f .li- 1 . , ' - - . -- , X- 31.-lzfvx-,:' M -1 ff , ,- -, ' - xy, A - X ' f ,R W.. ' , M,..4,Q-Ji, , L A , . , .vm f fr 174 . A .YW l SX... 'g ' fm Tu-Qi' ' .:,g., ' mg , rf we . -. W. X A ,F gmt 5 f,l ,gg-3.'., bf" Wx ,J K, f 4, , N R A, ,H v 5, , ,. Q Q f , g V. up ,,"' ,:,a,.m,. A xi, , Y , ',, . ,, , I , ,V ..,, , A, h.. . - 'K Q - ' b"- 5,-.Wi -r"gfv',5, 5. I ,. ,. .Kg V .fn 4 X , - , f .V f 9 ff' -. X ' 4-5. T1 , . . 1' mf, ", 4 ,il I . W: Y ' p xg 4- A ,.. ', 1 V 4 - K , 'W , 1'--,' v' - , ' - .-. , .-.Q . . - - ' , Q . . .V -- R1 ' ' A lf' ' - Q ' Q . . 1 - n + ' 4 A 2 1 . . A. Q. . . " - '. - - f ' , , , , .- . , ,.. A , . , V .,,3.'- xr , 'Lk' A N., -"- . -- - y ' Fw., K- -,, ,A-. . ' - 'w-' "':- '4 ' "- 1 Lb,-"' xx- . .K ,I . l. ,- A V Q ,rx 5 h. s D - Y ,N . MIX' , . -, -5-g I , - ff-M - A 5 , 71, K Lf V- 1-N'-. N. y-, . 1- ,:. , A.,--,-,,, ru., axw Q . I-I.. sf w..,x. ' x. ' ww . A ',. .4 , 35.3. . - . -f " , .' ' s ,'. 5- - , i W , I . - X ' xr .- - K A I if ,: 1 . ,fp Q-. '.- . 4. - X -. 5 y ' V' ' . ,. ' .. v X. .. . , . -- JY U1 1 f . ,. 1. f ff ' -x -. ' 3' f x ' 5 4. ' 1' ' ' J 2 f ' - . .X '. ,, . .xg . ,:.-1-' 4 X ,,-., Q ev- w Q 1 , M Lk if H ' ,g' 3 , ,, , I 1 ,.- 5 s-'Q Hv"'+. 5, , f .. W -- - . 1 . 1, V.: -wr , , 4 K 1 . . - -.,f. x W V frm. m. Q , , , . rx , - L., . ,r. 1 1- V.. N M... 1 'gi , - mn ,f . nf , 5: , f Q . - . J, . Q. wb, A . v --...yr-.. R 3' A, , .. 1.--, ,- ,. . ,K A . .. , ..a 4 A x ' 5 31.4 - ' 1.3,-',.'1' . ' "", 112: . V XJ IWQNINM 'W wfgygymw QP XJ W y P?j3vjiLPwhgfQ1x ff QV GA,,,w,, WU Zi-Z I A 1111 FALCONAIRE , 1963 IN MEMORIAM On May 25, 1962, sadness fell over the entire community when the news of Miss JoAnn Crodecki's death was heard. She was a fresh- man in Falconer Central High School, with great evidence of leadership. She was vice- president of her class and dependable in all respects. She was a very musical young lady. She played the violin in the senior orchestra and played piano as accompanist of the junior choir. Her ability in school as a student was also outstanding. Miss Grodecki was respected and liked by both faculty members and fellow students. Therefore, this page of the 1963 Falconaire should be in memory of Miss JoAnn Grodecki. DALE WARNER 21,41 54" JO ANN GRODECKI On October 7, 1962, a second tragedy saddened the school and community. Dale Warner had only spent a short time in the high school building, but his pleasant smile and personal- ity had already made many friends and ac- quaintances, thus, this page is also dedicated to the memory of Dale Warner. FOREWORD The 1963 Falconaire Staff shall present in the following pages our theme, "America, Our Heritage." In years to come, as we turn the pages of our Falconaire, we will have varied and vivid recollections. Will we remember clearly the faces of friends we knew so long ago? Will we remember school days, term papers, Regents, book reports, and our dreams for the future? How can we forget the many friend- ships that we formed and the hours we spent with those whom we came to know and respect ...... both faculty and students? The woven pattern at F. H. S. is full of color and movement. Vlfhere does the past leave off and the present begin? They will always be a part of us, and we of them. We have accepted the' idea that the future is now, and the practical rules can be made to shape it, rules which can en- volve into principles and guides for the future. Yet to leave memories of our school behind us is to bury a great treasure and forget to mark its grave. We shall never allow ourselves to do that. We shall look into our old album as if it were a mirror and see ourselves once again. The weaving goes on, intertwining old and new. Our memories go with us into the future. This is our heritage of Falconer High. e Qbl Mr. Daniel Lounsbury Clarion State Teachers College DEDICATIO The yearbook staff is pleased to dedicate the l963 l7'alconaire to lllr. Daniel Lounsbury. He has strived for eight years to make the school as friendly as possible. There is never a dull moment in his life. As the driver education instructor. he has many things to be nervous ahout. Every semester, 24 new students learn principles of safe driving. Along with that, he is the wrestling and track coach. Besides having regular school hours, he spends much time after school preparing the hoys for the sectional meets. In Mr. Lounsbury, We find a true friend. Therefore, we. the yearbook staff, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Lounshury as a small token of our appreciation. fx M VK RGJJYX ' A - ix' ""'sS--1" 1, Q- A X, 'E STAFF rg-Q Jr H Nw 2 " ily? LL-ii -a 1963 lk f if SL wi GREGORY BENSGN Greetings to Graduates : You are leaving our School during a most exciting period in our history. Sci- entific and technological advances have been taking place at a breath-taking speed. Many of the visions dreamed up by fictional writers seeking to depict adventure in the world of fantasy have now become realities. Each success achieved may place' new and different requirements upon your mode of living. Those who have learned their lessons well will continue to use the tools of learning to make the necessary adaptations. Your high school training will be an invaluable asset to you as you strive to keep pace with the newest developments. However, you cannot rest on your laurels. You must continue to reach out for more knowledge and skill. Prepare yourself to meet the challenges of the space age, and you will live richer and more satisfying lives. You will also make greater con- tributions as citizens in our democracy. Best wishes for success! Sincerely, Dear Friends: Writing for the school annual is a privilege. It provides an opportunity to focus on some of the ideas which should motivate all of us who are involved in public education. We forget ' that our present curriculum and facilities are the result of decades of considered thought and experience, dating from 16475 that through school activities the sincere student is encouraged to develop characteristics of scholarship, patriotism, co-operation, leadership and responsibilityg that with the assistance of local and state funds each student is offered six years of edu- cation costing about 330003 that in other nations millions of young people yearn for such opportunities. These are among the many gifts of United States citizenship. Does our effort merit these gifts? We have a strong obligation to our forefathers, our neighbors and our state. At no time in United States history has the responsibility of citizens and youth been greater. The challenge is immense. 4 Accept this challenge. Now, tomorrow, everyday give your best of physical and mental talents to a nation which offers you the privileges of economic plenty and individual freedom. On behalf of the staff and myself, congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1963. WVM Evehardt vonReyn EVR:aeb High School Principal MR. VON REYN BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. Elizabeth Larson Clerk Mr. Lawerence Anderson Vice President Dr. Roger Fales President Mr. Donald Sandberg Mr. Albert Edstrom Mrs. LaVerne Varmee A great deal of the school's success depends on a smoothly running Board of Education. The members of this board are public minded citizens who give their time to help us in any way they can. We often take these things for granted, but we must remember that the Worth of our school system depends greatly upon these capable individuals, who help to provide opportunities to broaden our education. ' Mr. James Wiltsie Mr. Maynard McCullor 4394 78 Q Num H 'Z '3"4l5 7l819202I22 829 4'Behind the scenesv work is very important for the smooth running of the school. The duties of our capable office staff are many and varied. The pleasant staff members issue late passes, run the lost and found depart- ment, issue permits for absence, and sell book covers, in addition to all their other duties. These dedicated individuals keep our school on a daily routine and a smoothly running time schedule. 12 OFFICE STAFF HIGH SCHOOL OFFICE Mrs Astrid Becker, Mrs. Nancy Stimson CENTRAL OFFICE Miss Viola Donelson BUSINESS OFFICE Mr. Richard Lathrop Mrs Elizabeth Larson BUS DRIVERS Our bus drivers are a necessary part in linking together our school system. Many students depend on the hus drivers to get them saiely to and from school each day. When emergen- cies arise, the bus drivers are ready and able to take care of the situation. FIRST ROW: M. Petersong H. Crandallg M. Stoddard. SEC- OND ROW: H. Petersong C. Fullerg R. Spragueg S. Littleg L. Baker. CAFETERIA PERSONNEL The cafeteria personnel work hard each day to provide a meal which is not only nutritious but also delicious. The meals are planned in advance and posted on the bulletin board each week. They provide the wide variety of food the teenager needs to be healthy and happy. The work- ers also keep the cafeteria a neat and clean place in which to eat. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Arranceg Mrs. Mattesong Mrs. Inwoodg Mrs. Mosherg Mrs. Wahlstrom. 7 ETSI 13 Every student who has been out sick must be checked by a nurse before he can re-enter his classes. This is an impor- tant part of the nurses' job in keeping all the students in good health. Checking eyes, ears, heights and weights is another necessary job. Along with many other duties they do, they are necessary in helping our school to run more smoothly. NURSES LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Barbara Johnson, and Miss Margaret Marker. CUSTODIANS FIRST ROW, Front to Back: E. Haskins, A. Asel, C. Grimes. SECOND ROW: E. Atkins, A. Rosenberg, H. Hine. THIRD ROW: R. Wickmark, B. Coleson, S. Grodecki, W. Wilson. 14 After school each day, you will always find these people performing various tasks to get the school ready for the next day. Thanks to our custodians, our school is kept spotlessly clean. Everything is kept neat and in good working order for the busy day ahead. Thanks for a job well done. 15 Ky -e if QW Q X0 X S CURRICU LUF Q W A! f Z! f I, '2,.,- Q.. XTSX 1963 ENGLISH Nts sf' 'iw MRS. ARMEDE BROWN MRS. HELEN SAGE MISS KAROLE PANAMEROFF Albany State Teachers College Mercyhurst College Pennsylvania State University -'X MRS. CAROLYN MORRISON MISS LINDA POSTIY Roberts Wesleyan College Edinboro State Teachers College JUNIOR HIGH Grammar, literature, and vocabulary are all necessary in the study of English. They help us to get a clearer picture of our language so that We can speak and write it more correctly. These phases of English are stressed in the Junior High English Department in order to prepare students for what is coming in senior high, such as compositions, book reports, and term papers. DEPARTMENT M MR. JOHN CAMPION MR. ROBERT LINDHOLM St- Bonaventure University Clarion State Teachers College MISS SHIRLEY OLSON MR. DONALD SEASTEDT Bannard College Upsala College SENIOR HIGH As we continue the study of English as sophomores, juniors, and seniors, we some- time tend to feel it is unimportant. However, we soon realize that good grammar and an adequate Vocabulary are necessary parts of becoming an active and Well. informed citizen of our nation. As citizens of the United States, we owe it to our country to maintain the high standards of education in order to help perpetuate our democracy. HISTORY UNIOR HIGH MR. ARNOLD JOHNSON Kent State University Syracuse University MRS. MARIAN GILBERT MR. THOMAS ANDERSON Fredonia State Teachers College Colgate University In grades 7 and 8, students are required to take Citizenship Education as a part of their curriculum. Seventh graders learn of New York State and its history. The Elghth grade course consists of the story of America and its heritage. HISTORY SENIOR HIGH MR. HARRY ROSE Edinhoro State Teachers College New York University MR. RICHARD BLACK MR. WILLARD .IOWETT Houghton College Gannon College In their junior and senior years at FCS, Falconer's students are required to take World History and American History. It is here we truly find our American Heritage. This department, staffed hy Mr. Rose, Mr. Iowett, and Mr. Black, deals with American and World affairs. During these courses, students prepare themselves for "D-Day" in June, when they must pass the N.Y. State Regents. SCIENCE 5 , MR. JOHN SECHRIEST MRS. JEAN MATTHEWS Edinboro State Teachers College Alleghany College ,AL.,I M MR. HORACE BATTAGLIA MR. JOHN FELTON Fredonia State Teachers College Clarion State Teachers College Students in grades seven and eight take twenty weeks of Science each year. In ninth grade all students are required to take General Science. These courses give students a basic foundation so they can go on and take either Health or Biology in tenth grade. To complete a major in Science, you must have Chemistry. Physics is offered to Seniors. MATHEMATICS 4-1, - wif y , MR, JEFFREY HARDNER MRS. CAROL LEWIS MR. LYLE MATTESON Edinboro State Teachers College Syracuse University Fredonia State Teachers College Edinboro State Teachers College :fl H MR. CHARLES JACKSON MR. WARD FOX Upsala College Alfred University Albany State Teachers College Mathematics is quickly becoming a necessity in our modern, fast-changing society. Falconer High School has reason for its pride in a competent staff. This staff teaches math courses ranging from basic math to solid geometry, each teacher doing his best to increase the knowledge of his students. 23 COMMERCIAL ARTS MR. EARL E. HOENE Whitewater State Teachers College MISS DOLORES TRAVAGLINI MISS MARY JANE ODELL Mercyhurst College Mercyhurst College Up on the third floor of our building, you will find the Commercial Arts courses taught. Commercial Arts subjects include Introduction to Business, Typing, Shorthand I, Shorthand II and Transcription, Secretarial Practice, Business Arithnietic, Book- keeping, Office Practice, and Business Law. These subjects are taught by Mr. Hoene, Miss Odell, Miss Travaglini, and Mr. Matteson. If you are interested in going out into the business world, these subjects will greatly help you. PRACTICAL ARTS MRS. MARJORIE HOSKINS Plattsburgh State Teachers College 4.8 MR. LOUIS BOYER MR. JOHN EKLUM Buffalo State Teachers College Buffalo State Teachers College The practical arts department teaches students the fundamentals for becoming better homemakers or craftsmen. Students in homemaking learn cooking, sewing, and child care. ln the field of Wood and metal work, some of the students learn the basic rules for their life occupations. This department is one of the Very important ones in our school. MUSIC DEPARTMENT MR. WALTON HUESTIS Fredonia State Teachers College New York University MR. GERALD HEGLUND MR. RALPH RASMUSSEN Augustana College Fredonia State Teachers College If you listen closely, you will hear either a musical instrument in the background, or else a group of singers. These sounds are brought to you through the teachings of Mr. Huestis, Mr. Heglund, and Mr. Rasmussen. Mr. Huestis is the conductor of Senior Band and Orchestra, and Junior Orchestra. Mr. Heglund is the head of the vocal department. It is with his help that we have the Senior Choir and Ensemble. The conductor of the Junior High Band is Mr. Rasmussen. With the help of these three teachers, we are able to enjoy the musical talents of the students at Falconer. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR, NICHOLAS FEDORKA MRS. PAOLA P. CLEVELAND East Stroudsburg Teachers College UniversitY of , Ithaca Cgllege Southwestern Louisiana MR. LESTER B. MATHIESON MR. WILLIAM RACE De Pauw University East Stroudsburg College Indiana University Physical education is a very important part of the school curriculum. It gives the students a chance to relax and enjoy themselves for about forty-five minutes. It also gives them a chance to become better acquainted with their fellow students. The physical fitness program is becoming a very important part of every person's education in the United States. It helps people to stay healthy and also teaches them the good qualities of sportsmanship. 27 FRENCH Falconer Central High School is fortunate in having three years of French. French I and II are not regents courses. French III, however, has a regents exam. Mrs. Fischer not only teaches, but is a prominent con- FGREIGN tributor to La Revue Frangaise, the French newspaper. MRS. GRACE FISCHER Hood College Pennsylvania State University ART Numerous art and craft activities make 205 a beehive of industry. Senior high students participated in oil or water painting, house design, building scale models, ceramics, fashion designing, jewelry making, hooking rugs and advertising design. In preparation for these advanced projects, stu- dents in Basic Art and General Art learn the fundamentals of color, shading, lettering, perspective, advertising design, painting and craft work. The highlights of the year were trips to the Corning Glass Center and to The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo for the Andrew Wyeth Exhibit. MRS. PATRICIA BURGER Buffalo State Teachers College LIBRARY . The library is located on the second floor in the older part of the school. In size, it is equal to the area of about three standard classrooms and seats fifty-four students at fourteen tables. There are also a work room and conference room at one end. Our librar now has a collection of about 5700 books and subscribes to 64- Y perilgdicals. It has a fairly large and up to date collection of reference oo s. The librarian is aided in her work by a clerical assistant and by the voluntary services of the student Library Staff. 28 I MISS MARIORIE THOMAS Keuka 'College LANGUAGE SPANISH Spanish is one of the languages offered in our high school. The Spaniards have influenced our language and social customs, which in turn has helped to shape our American heritage. In the past two years, the Spanish students have been taught by a new system. The new words are first learned by ear and later seen in print. Our high school is one of the first to have a language MR. STEIG OLSON University of Buffalo DRIVER TRAINING Learning the rules of the road, becoming familiar with the mechanical aspects of an automobile, and acquiring safe driving habits are all essential in our modern society, in which the auto- mobile has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Since driving is such an integral part of our lives today, it is necessary that it be taught well to future drivers, and this is ably done in the driver training class at Falconer Central School. When a driving student finishes the course and passes his test, he is capable of handling a car under almost any condition. Mr. Lounsbury, the driving instructor, gives confidence and knowl- edge to students to achieve this goal. laboratory which helps the student learn the dialogue. MR. DANIEL LOUNSBURY Clarion State Teachers College AGRICULTURE MR. ROBERT NORTON Cornell University The vocational agriculture student works hard to achieve his goal As a freshman he strives for the "Green Hand" degree. Next come the Chapter Farmer degree, the Chautauqua County degree, and finally the State Empire Farmer degree. The Falconer FFA Chapter provides an opportunity for the "Agn student to participate in many leadership activities. With the com- bined efforts and enthusiasm brought about by their activities, the boys can grow up as capable and well-qualified farmers of tomorrow. The judging events that the boys enter also advance their knowledge and training. Members each year have an opportunity to visit such places as the Toronto Mid-Winter Fair, the Harrisburg Farm Show, and the Cornell Ag Science Youth program. They gain experience and confidence with these trips and competitive events. A 29 MISS EDITH WEAVER Keuka College MR. LAWRENCE ANDERSON Houghton College GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Much of the success of our future lives is placed in the hands of our guidance counselors, Miss Weaver and Mr. Anderson. They give several different kinds of test to help the student determine his strong points and his weaknesses. If the student should decide to further his education, they also help him pick the right college or vocational school. They have much to do with the future of our "American Heritagen. AUTOGRAPHS l ? f c f: NX fm . ,M X VV X 5 Y 'S Q XXI x R ix., Preszdent---A. .k.. S .... - - Vice President Secretary ....,. ,....H. P atrina Bardo Treasurer ...... ...... K aren Peterson 34 -James Gustafson --,-- ...A.. Steven Albright SENIOR OFFICERS SENIOR CALENDAR SENIOR PLAY CANDY SALE SENIOR TRIP MAY FESTIVAL CLASS NIGHT JR. SR. RANQUET JR. SR. PROM SPAGHETTI DINNER BACICALAUREATE COMMENCEMENT JANE ABBEY 66Abbey73 Silence is goldeng I'm no millionaire. BRUCE ANDERSON '5Bruce" Busy as a bee - yet seemingly unhurried. ti a i 1 liz' Em it si 53 . STEVEN ALBRIGI-IT "Homer', The less men talk, the more they think 4 I 5 X a 2 e is 5 it lbw sg f X , JEAN ANDERSON 4CGypsy77 Sweet in voice and sweet in nature PAUL ANDREWS L'Flash" The world was made to live in, so lefs live. gpm- Www- PATRINA BARDO "Trina" A quiet friendly manner brings many friends. 36 ANTHONY ANGILELLA CCTOHYS7 F ull of fun and wild ideas. GEORGE BECKERINK "Beckerink" A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. GAYLE BEDIENT '4Bedient" Friendly, cheerful, happy, and gay. SANDY BOYD '5Sandy,' Your conscience, like a buzzing bee, can make you feel uneasy without stinging you. LEON BEIGHTOL HCYW Happy is the man who keeps out of strife , :71'im,gi'f' PATRICIA CHASE u llPat77 She adds a precious sight to the eye. JAMES CHIPMAN 44Chippy37 He can resist anything but temptation. JAMES COOPER CCJim,, Homeroom comedian. DONNA CRANDALL 66DOnna77 Her only fault is that she has no fault DONALD CRANDALL CCDOH77 He blashes: all is safe. 58 GAYLE BEDIENT uBedient,, F rienflly, cheerful, happy, and gay. SANDY BOYD "Sandy,' Your conscience, like a buzzing bee, can make you feel uneasy without stinging you. W LEON BEIGHTOL HCYD7 Happy is the man who keeps out of strife PATRICIA CHASE x iCPat77 She adds a precious sight to the eye. LAURA CRAW 4'Laura" Though you search the world over, you will find none so good natured. hug.. KATHRYN DAHL GGKathy57 Good in sports and a good sport too. SARAH CUSIMANO "Sarah" Never a dull moment in her life. 1 E CAROL DAHLIN 'LCarol,' With a devilish look in her eye, a mischievous thing she'll always try. 39 NANCY DI MAIO 5CNanCy,7 Isn't life exciting! DWAYNE DUSTIN 6'Dwayne7' I never let studies interfere with my education. 5 3 LINDA FELT uLin" She has a beaming eye, but no one whom it beameth. knows for WENDY ENGSTROM 66Wendy77 First to the mirror in the morning, first to join the fun, and first in the hearts of everyone. 401 DAVID FREDERES 44Fred77 We shoalaln't be lazy, but there is nothing else to do. CYNTHIA GABLE MCindi" A personality thatls really grand - always there with a helping hand. CLEO FULLER CGCle077 Be gone alull care! Thou and I shall never agree. SANDRA GAETA "Gator,' Since life is brief, we need to keep it bright and gay. 4 1 'Wie GEORGE GUSTAFSON ujorgen He looks serious, but donlt let him fool you. IRENE HENDRICKSON HHenry,7 Quiet, but quite friendly and always willing to help. 42 JAMES GUSTAFSON GGGUS77 You are an agreeable person if you agree with me. JUDITH HIRSCH CGJudy,7 Always laughing, no matter what the time of clay. RUTH HITCHCOCK "Ruth" Quiet at first, but look again. I lov MARSHA HOLMES "Marsh', e to .spend my time in fun, and frolic. RICHARD HOLLAND "Dutch', It may be a long grind but I'll never get an ulcer. JOYCE HORN uKookie" A little work, a little play, keeps her going all the way. 43 KENNETH JACOBS G6J'ake97 A little mischief now and then adds a bit of spice. WILLIAM JONES "Bill,' Speaks not too often, but what he says he means. 44 DOUGLAS JOHNSON CCDOug77 Knowing him is liking him. MARY ALICE JOSE CCMary,, Quiet in manner, merry of heart. L. BRIAN KAHLE C4Quail77 A joke and a smile are his trademark. LESLIE LA BARON "CrasI1,, When he's thinking, mischief is brewing. Q LINDA KLANG "Linn Quiet and reserved, she has a way all 0 her own. CHARLES LAMB "Chuck,' When he smiles, the world smiles back. 4 f 1 LINDA LAMB 4'Lambch0ps7' Step after step the laclcler is ascencleol. DANIEL LATHROP 6LDan77 Hard working and serious. MARY LAMB CCMary77 Her shining red curls are symbols of her jest and jollity. JANICE LINDQUIST 6EJan77 Always ready, always there, always willing to do more than her share. NANCY LOMBARDO CGNanCy77 Happy and cheerful, a friend good anfl true. JOSEPHINE MARCHIANDO CCJO79 Although study is enlightment she prefers more excitement. gy far V V9 1 ll? W 5 fi 1 '-54 5 z r 535 V 5 1 Q , Q , LEE LUCE HLee77 Don't take life too seriouslyg you may never get out of it alive. THOMAS MATTESON "Madman" Always laughing, always gay, no matter what the time of day. 47 .saw ,J GAIL MC CHESNEY 6CGail97 In silence, there is strength. MARCIA MELQUIST CGFOX-y77 A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. DAVID METCALF "Dave" How do you pronounce this word? MICHAEL MENDRICK 'GMM' The automobile is man,s best friend. W I J ON NELSON GCJOn77 I will not say that women have no characterg rather, that they have a new one every day. SALLY NORD CITiger77 Always reafly for a good time. DAVID NORTON 56Dave77 Cheer up, the worst is yet to come. 5 BARBARA OLSON I4Barb75 If a woman were on her way to her execution, she would flemanrl a little time to put on her make-up. -49 DONALD PANGBORN CCDOHY7 H is way to be happy is to make another happy. PRUDENCE PATTISON uPrud" As carefree as the day is long. 50' TERRY PANGBORN "Terry" The two days about which nobody should worry are yesterday and tomorrow. KAREN PETERSON uKaren" Her smile is the key to her personality. RONALD POWELL CCROI177 Always ready with a smile. WALTER ROGALSKI '4Walt" Rests well in all his classes. EDWARD RAYNOR S6Ed97 It's a great thing to know when to speak anal when to be silent. BONNY ROOT "Bonnie" In each cheek appears a pretty olimple. 51 CLEMENT ROSSI 'solemn What he wants to get out of school most is himself 52 DENNIS SHELTERS iCDen,7 Life is to be lived. NANCY SCHWAN "Nancy,' True eloquence consists in saying nothing except what is necessary. K CYNTHIA SHREVE "Cindy" If you don't say anything, you won,t be called on to repeat it. ink, L HAROLD SMITH GCSn1itty77 Good things come in big packages. ali 14 Ax ROBERT STORMER CCB0b,7 little man often casts a long shadow. JERRY STIMSON cqerryvu Women like a strong silent man, because they think he is listening. JUDITH THORP ccJudy,97 It matters not how long you live but how well. I LINDA TOWN 'LLinda', She never met a person she dioln't lilce. WILLIAM WAITE 46Bi-1197 Talent forms the road to success. 54 .IAGK WADDINGTON '4Wadd" Football and fun are what he lives for. DONNA WILLIAMS "Willy" I believe in getting into hot waterg it keeps you clean. RAYMOND WILSON CCRay97 There shouldn't be school on Monday. GERALD YOUNG ccirerryas I'm just movin, along. THEO WORSTER "Theo,, Gossip is what nobody seems to like but every- body enjoys. PETER ZELIN KA '6Pete" An abundant wardrobe. 55 CUTEST Sarah Cusirnano and Dave Frederes MOST ARTISTIC Sarah Cusimano and Bill Waite MOST POPULAR Karen Peterson and Brian Kahle BEST ALL AROUND Janice Lindquist and Bruce Anderson BEST SPORTS Donna Williams and Clem Rossi MOST SENIOR SOPHISTICATED Sally Nord and Jim Gustafson PRETTIEST HAIR Barbara Olson and Cleo Fuller SUPERLATIVES MOST MUSICAL Linda Lamb and Dwayne Dustin BEST GROOMED Cindy Gable and Pete Zelinka MOST TYPICAL SEN IORS Janice Lindquist and Brian Kahle MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Schwan and Bruce Anderson BIGGEST TALKERS Jane Abbey and I im Gustafson BEST LOOKING Sally Nord and Jim Chipman MOST STUBBORN Nancy DiMaio and Paul Andrews BEST DANCERi Sarah Cusimano and Dave Frederes MOST ATHLETIC Janice Lindquist and Jack Wadclington BIGGEST FLIRTS CLASS DEVILS Donna Williams Sandy Gaeta and Anthony Angilella Judy Hirsch and Jim Gustafson QUIETEST PRETTIEST EYES Gail lVlcChesney Linda Felt and and Bill Jones Tom Matteson Cesar Arango ,laramillo Colombia Herman Avila Ecuador FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT Rosa Otero, Peru, Rosa Duarte, Colombia, Nibia Duarte, Colombia. Teresa Durini Ecuador Since the school year of 1960-1961, Falconer has been host to a number of South American students under International Fellowship, Inc. This has been an especially fruitful year in this aspect. We have been privileged to have adopted into Falconer's school and social lives eight exchange students from several of our neighboring countries to the south. ln addition to this accomplishment, we also sent two Falconer students to South America. We know of no better way in which to dissolve regional and national prejudices, exchange cultures, or understand the political machinery of other American democ- racies than the system of which we are presently a part. It is therefore the sincere desire of the Falconaire staff to have this program develop along a course which will assure the quick fruition of a more friendly, understanding community of nations in the Americas. Jorge Miifiiz Acosta Peru Hernan Davalos Ecuador SENIOR Abby Brewster Nancy Schwan The Rev. Dr. Harper Kenneth Jacobs Teddy Brewster Paul Andrews Officer Brophy Carol Dahlin Officer Klein Steven Albright Martha Brewster Joyce Horn Elaine Harper Linda Klang Mortimer Brewster Brian Kahle V PLAY Mr. Gibbs Donald Crandall jonathan Brewster James Gustafson Dr. Einstein A James Cooper ND Officer O,Hara James Chipman L Lieutenant Rooney Lee Luce Mr. Witherspoon Michael Mendrick I ENIOR SNAPS SMS ,Z- ,ff F fn-'.fl!i "H Z Jfx , 1: 2--L? ' .r we F' 1 ff .- -,fl HM . g w I 'D g ,- -L'-mt i , . K 1965 Rr? f -' Patricia Sheila J oeseph Hermes Bruce Marcia Ronald Abbey Albright Allette Ames Anderson Anderson Ball 4 K x Cary Constance Donald Sherry Carolyn Judith Bon ald Barnes Barton Beckwith Boyd Bryant Bryant Blanchard David Judith Bush Card President ..,..a....a,a, Robert Rissel Vice President - ,a., ,, -,,William Krieg S ecretary- - , ., - - , ,,,a. Marcus Waite Tfeawfer .,.s..a..,.,. Dawn Johnson Kathleen Edith Cannon Carlson Ellen Susan J S Louise Robert Carlson Chapman Devine Dispenza James Dennis Donald William Marjorie Francilia Steven Dustin Erickson Everett Forbes Franklin Frost Funcell 1. Evelyn Theodore Edward Wayne Molly Esther Randall Grover Henderson Hoene Houston Howard II1gCTS0ll J 210055 Heidi Dawn Gary Vaughn Thomas William Sam Jarrett Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Krieg LHBHIIJCM Vivian George Gary John John Sharon Linda Lamb Lee Lefford Livermore Maguire MHSIGIS MHUC0 Beverly Greta Marie Rose McKoon Mee Newton Norton Here the juniors celebrate the most successful magazine sale in years. - Gloria Mary Bruce Cheryl Overbeck Pantall Peterson Peterson David Paula Darlene Frank Linda William Robert Peterson Potwin Raeon Raeon Rhoades Rice Rissel Beatrice Raymond Shirley Rae Anne Barbara Janet John Rogalski Rogalski Rosetti Sandberg Scoma Sears Sleigh Suellen Irene Judith Thomas Johanna Larry Arthur Smith Stohl Strain Teft Thompson Vance Vincent - I A E . Darlene Marcus Gary Sheryl Harold Kenneth Lloyd Waite Waite Wakefield Walker Watson Weaver ' Weineft Q . '-W' Carol Gayle Douglas Adelbert Wllitcome White Wiles Winn CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORES President - Jeanne Lindquist Secretary - NHHCY Ecclcs Vice-President - Cynthia Anderson Trcasurcr F' Barbara Sprague Wesley Sharon Cynthia Valerie Dennis J oan Philip Abbey Aldrich Anderson Anderson Ayers Baker Baker Patricia Steven Mary Gay Kenneth Lucille CHT1 Barton Beers Bloomquist Boyd Boyd Brady Brigiotta Charles Marion Dena Kathryn Ruby Russell Marjorie Butman Cameron Carlson Carlson Caruso Ceflerquist Chipman Barry Beryl Charles Mary Ann Pauline Sally Cynthia Clark Clark Cobb Courtney Cowen Cramer CUSYCT , Bernard Barbara Dalrymple Daughenbaugh Gary Nancy Coulfl this he some Biology stu- dents looking for some germs? Robin Teresa Dickerson Dispenza Donald Diane Drake Eccles Erickson Ericsson William Elizabeth Larry Robert .lohn Kent Patricia Felt Fenton Foulk Foy Fuller Gable Giddy Stephen Larry Sh aryn Mark Ronald Ron ald Susan Gilbert Green Hallquist Haskins Heclman Hotchkiss Jacobson 'I , 3 0 xl Jefbgbr' ,f cw ., Donna Joyce LaRell Sharon Johnson Jones Johnson Johnson it WS F Sally Robert Ann Samanthee LaValle Lawson Leach Lewis 15 .k., ifi 3, "Q it J ' 7' L km B Suzanne Daniel Shirley Johnson Kent Lang 1 if L Barry Nancy Stephen Leyman Leyman Littlefield NEIUCY .Jeanne Linderholm Lindquist Donald Peter Lyon Madison Concentration is the key to success. Linda Lynne Lord Lord I Jean Janet Macey Mason O Carol Sharon Beverly Elaine McGee McMillan Mead Melquist Sandra John Chloe Cynthia Nelson Olson Pangborn Pangborn L Jeanne Carol Linda Merchant Morey Nelson .t,t- ,. if sg .q -,gf -at Q. , . Deena Keith Thomas Pellegrino Peterson Phillips Lorraine Brenda Piazza Pickard aaiaa a w as , :gb ji m, Q YN fl y r i QA Elgrblir , f : if 1 filuffra-x ii 4, Dennis Betty Riffel Rissel Linda James Schuwerk Schwan QE lx N I + ll: G N " x x Thomas Powell 2'ii ' 5. eeae , Helen Rogers Marion Steven Gary Linda Price Pugh Raclspinner Raim0Hd0 Patricia Marilyn Thomas Janice Roth Russell Scarborough Scholeno A typical clay in 210. wr f H5 ,?'53i5a" vtgegf it-if rl- 4 I we ilsi fr : J ,, ,Es V .X .gr ww, :- ff - H Q Larry Wayne Sheline Silvernail Katherine Barbara Snyder Sprague yrqyk "-.. rht. David Timothy Sherry Douglas Patricia Terry Michael Stearns Strickland Swanson Swanstrom Timblin Trainer Ulrich Robert Janice James Judy Gloria Alice Donna Van Every Van Rensselaer Vanstrom Werner Wgtsel Williams Wiltsie , . Philip Edith Larrie Sheila Linda Janice Rebecca Alessi Allen Anderson Anderson Arrance Baker BHSHHH Martha W'illiam Karen Darlene Becker Beckerink Bedient Beightol Bruce Candy Sally Cheryl Benson Benson Benson Bentley OFFICERS was D L ' W C h' Biggzg Bigglzi President ..s,.. Sheila Anderson Briggs 15311113 Vice President ..ss .lack Kingsley Secretary ..Y... Marian Johnson Treasurer - --- Darlene Beightol Kathleen Peter Ricky Cynthia Burch Butryn Cannon Card srt or David Donald Sheri Nancy Madeline Angeline Sharon Carlson Carlson Carlson Carlberg Caruso Calabrese Calabfese sq Yvonne Maureen Joel Cattley Chandler Clark -X ea ,Q 5139? X as in 5, QL fa 33 K ww H L XY ff R fs fijl v as 'MES' K ft ,e fs .MH . r af .m..,:. vw Y W- we gl ,- Ln" f fgzqggggigiiti .sgggqgfg L 2 an E 'Q George Josephine Barbara Delora Conner Conti Courtney Couse 2 mm f DHTYI Gregory Stephen Judith Betty William Paula Crandall Crandall Crawford Cresanti Daughenhaugh Dewey Dickerson Charles Karen Di Vincenzo EUgblO0U1 Dwight Anthony Engstrom Franchina Linda Deborah There is always time for fun before that late Gary LHVYTCHCC Franzen Frederes bell. Frederes Giddy 0 eg 1 -l iii? .Q I Rx "P: es- . Gregg Diane Dean Gllbeft Gustafson Haglin ,:,.f' ,a:,,. rm ,srl fi lifll-wi fit-.1 . ,-rem? 7. f ifiiiflxlf :ii . ' :I . Iii"-:, - ' 1' - if :J ' i :x.."fE5'5:SISfEE f ' -is ' 'fi-55 E : Q w w . Magix fi? K ig Cynthia .l on Glenn Hallquist Hansen Hanson Donald Haglund , ,asf 1 . lf, 35 ,fy X :za-, A 4 fs X X R sm X ' N fa fs ,, 2 x S jf 5:8222 1 Q W 2 T ,, 2 .r,i..1,,.J,fssfg 5- . , V fli-fu:-F368 X 'X A L ,,,,,,tf k.,LL- -:W ,. ggi? X ! William Haskins . se Q Eugene Diane Ellis Haley Hall Hallenheck .lames Candice Gloria Hayes Heath Heilman Karen Richard Wayne Dennis Donald Joseph Daniel Hine Holland Hopkins Houston Hulin gs Jezigrski Johnson ' ' 1 Marian Roger Bon adel JOA-nn Stephen I ack John Johnson Johnson J 01165 Jones g Kimball Kingsley Kotar Donald J ames Linda Thomas Landquist Lange LaRoy Larson Linda Richard Mr. Seasteclt faces another eager English class. R0dUeY Clmthia Latone Lawrence Lawrence Lawson Leslie Barbara Nancy Patricia Henry Steven Carmella Axford Leyman Lindstrom Lindquist Lodestro Lord Madonia Frank Sam Susan Frank John Donna Clarence Manfrey Manfrey Marsh Mauro McCarthy McKain McKee llgJ"x'lmil' ESV?" i ' QFSJ.-'Ili if 'i - -5922 i e . i U , it-,w,,Qg. iii ! ass: .55 ,X age - t V - J. . iv w a -7 . t -am., h e +434 .. 2 yy, V,:fw:. gwgz A David Terry Ronald Michael Linda Janice Sylvia Meacham Mee Merchant Meyer Mosier Murray Newton ...firm 'fit if x fs Saw: 1 X X 3 'L - li CfflSiTffC Sandra Carole Rayon David Barbara Gregory NICOSIH Niles Nord Norton N oyd Olson Olson Linda Lynford Mary Jane AI1th0l'lY Olson Osgood Palrneri Pascatore QGEISS : f : f I . Ji- A . ra 'li . nam. I 'S H ai I me-5 .- Beverly Charles Lockers attract many conversational- Barbara BOIQHY Pence Pierce ists. Pintagro Price w we Richard Donna Joseph Ronald Louis Fred Linda Raeon Rarick Ricotta Robbins Rosetti Rossi Rounds A . .N 'fe is elm '5 gg? wi ' i 'ft ' J Larry Lawrence Judy Jerrie Gary Jeffrey Diane Rowland Rublee Saulsgiver Scarborough Schwab Schwan Shelters W 4: fr . ,fW,.::. 1 . i C , 1 4 '-fir-gfgfg?gffg, ' . M ,.., f ff , wig: f K ' S , Q -w -, s s ls X. Frances Georgette Kenneth Ronald Cheryl Thomas Donald Shields Smith Smith Spangenburg Stenstrom Strain Swanson Lee Dianne Shirley Frank Bruce Connie Ruth Swanson Swanstrom Thompson Tilam Town Trainer Vanstrom Ronald Cheryl Wakefield Warner Brian Wendy Westerdahl Wheelock Valerie Alton A busy schedule is followed eighth periods. Michael l0l1I1 Williams Willis Wilson Yannie EIGHTH GRADE HOMEROOM 204 ROW ONE: M. Anderson, W. Beers, S. Russell, R. Jeziorski, D. Gilbert, D. Cummings, S. Engdahl. ROW Scott, L. Meabon, R. Tanner, D. Newton, J. McCarthy, THREE: K. Cauclill, D. Barrus, J. Sprague, J. Parsons, R. Mendrick, Mrs. Morrison. ROW TWO: E. Cobb, C. Young, K. Honey, L. Weinert, M. Brightman. H. Heinke, R. Kiencll, C. Wakefield, L. Bunce. B. HOMEROOM 205 ROW ONE: B. Barnes, P. Lee, W. Wares, S. Mauro, Hardner. ROW THREE: P. Ames, A. Newman, M. D. Caruso, .l. Beebe, M. McMillan, D. Hamilton. ROW Franklin,T. Johnstom, D. Pope, L. Brown, R. Brainarcl, TWO: J. Russell, D. Swanson, S. Overbeck, E. Hitch- C, jessey, cock, C. Melquist, K. Cronk, S. Kiecll, W. Dunker, Mr. 75 HOMEROOM 202 ROW ONE: G. Foulk, S. Piazza, S. Sundberg, D. ROW THREE: T. Madison, C. Schultz, J. Myers, J. Vance, L. Johnson, L. Wilson, S. Smith, S. Smith, Mr. Rosenbourg, L. Hall, R. Drake, .l. Buck, D. Engstrom. Black. ROW TWO: ,l. Mee, J. Norton, C. Spangenhurg, ROW FOUR: G. Knorr, D. Wilcox, N. Lincoln, B. R. Casamento, B. Thorp, R. Beal, D. Davis, C. Strunk. Lange, R. Barrus, M. Allette, L. Ongley, E. Steere. HOMEROOM 117 ROW ONE: T, Alexis, C. Devine, R. Lindahl, 1. Wood, Short, D. Eaker, J. Forbes, R. Willover, R. Lamb. ROW K. Thompson, W. Hubbard, C. Carlson, K. Timblin. THREE: J. Bloomquist, S. Sandberg, C. Miller, D. ROW TWO: L. Peterson, D. Martenson, V. Caeta, L. Stimson, R. Nelson, J. Ricotta, J. Olson. 76 HOMEROOM 105 ROW ONE: D. Krieg. P. Walker, C. Cannon, B. Phillips, E. Horton, S. Overbeck. ROW THREE: E. Mclntyre, O. Mee. S. Davison, R. Steck, D. Johnson, Wilder, L. Rarick, R. Hallenbeck, D. Milliner, R. Mrs. Cilhert. ROW TWO: K. Beckerink, D. Hitchcock, Ashley, L. Brink, R. Brady, K. Adams. P. Lewis. F. Erickson, C. Coggiola, R. Bragg, B. HOMEROOM 104 ROW ONE: E. Haley, M. Leach, S. Bova, D. Miller, R Jimerson. S. Main. J. Prechter, K. Hencik, J. McCarthy Mr. Johnson. ROW TWO: E. Erb, J. Barton, J Dalryrnple. T. Hopkins, P. Mead, L. Town, R. Scott, G. Walker. R. Peterson. ROW THREE: J. Bush, J. Cochran, R. Squailia., D. Kilmartin, W. Abbey, L. Brink, S. Anderson, J. Sandberg. SEVENTH GRADE HOMER ROW ONE: L. Beightol, R. Miller, D. Brockman, T. V . . ' . . 'e, Sischo, R Bush, D. Gilbert, S Thompson, S. Yanni OOM 110 Piazza, S. Bardo, Mrs. Brown. ROW THREE: E. Frederick, D. Tanner, C. Wion, L. Repine, C. Overturf, T. Willett. ROW TWO: P. Powell, M. Clark, S. Hine, D. Heilman, D. Brant, P. McKain. D. Larson, S. Horton, C. Couse, R. Digirolamo, J. HOMER ROW ONE: S. Cobb, B. Melquist, D. Wilder, M. Bunce, R. Tanner, J. Parsons, P. Bardo, R. Giclcly, C. Anderson, Mrs. Lewis. ROW TWO: B. McElyea, B. Dgnker, C. Dickerson, V. Walker, J. Olson, J. Horton, 78 OOM 109 R. Chambers, B. Russo, J. LaBardo. ROW THREE: M. Thompson, E. Shongo, R. Fairbank, S. Livermore, M. Haskins, H. Brown, C. Hine, P. Brant. HOMEROOMIOS ROW ONE: B. Bepine, W. Haskins, K. Heintzman, C. Roth, D. Kent, T. Nicosia, Pm. Deloy. ROW THREE: Hallenbeck, C. Mellage, P. Allen, S. Cowder, J. Cessna, C. Keller, R. Watson, N. Pangborn, C. Sprague, M. R. Torsell, Mrs. Sage. ROW TWO: G. Casten, G. Overturf, B. Brandt, J. Horn, C. Wakefield, W. Powell. Wood, P. Brake, T. Brown, P. Fonti, L. Erickson, H. HOMEROOMIO7 ROW ONE: D. Boughton, C. Ericson, P. Willis, K. C. Cooper, C. Page, L. Timblin. ROW THREE: M. Erick, P. Crawford, M. Allette, C. Meacham, T. Smith, Newman, R. Hitchcock, G. Card, S. Piazza, D. Warner, E. Alessi, Mr. Matteson. ROW TWO: C. Butman, D. D. Fanale, D. Stohl, J. Engstrom, J. Wood. Reed, D. Johnson, D. Haskins, R. Bianco, R. Brown, 79 HOMEROOM 106 ROW ONE: Mrs. Rositer, D. Peterson, D. Niles, J. Conner, K. Prikryl, R. Westerlund. ROW THREE: P. Roth, D. Jacobs, D. McCullor, B. Gustafson, A. Lund- Daughenbaugh, R. Rublee, L. Johnson. R. Stearns, C. gren, D. Bernhardt. ROW TWO: D. Frost, D. Carlherg, Wiltsie, lVl. Eccles, K. Nieder, C. Brady. D. Youngren, D. Heldom, K. Steere, C. Triscari, D. HOMEROOM 102 ROW ONE: D. Perdue, T. Blanchard, P. Wilson, G. Cavarretta, lVI. Fenton, P. Trainer, C. Jolglinlscin, Ig Wehorg, A. Jaroszynskl, S. Torsell, R. Rlffel, D. Peterson. ROW THREE. R. Carlson, T. utz, Mclntyre, W. Near, Mr. Anderson. ROW TWO: J. Olson, I. Doud, L. Hooper, P. Roach, J. Barnes, M VanRensselaer, K. Steere, S. Ball, B. Heilman, N. Leonard. Qn i I 81 'X"'Xf X' .XX , s X f-ij ' Qi, Vx, . 'ie- Jw ,P Qs 9. xi: up .- :Eh QE Ei. f be '3 H15 '.-E 4' iii 'E gf. 'K R . s, J s sq ,X N, C-X N su ' ' '- - K3 W -- - f .----l""f'F'Y fs 5 X X 'Tim ,IL . ACTIVITIE 2 4' WW ,Z 2 QW 5 V n .., x ff gt' " Q46 If ng" 'WL 11' K ig! 'Qi ff I ,fr A 1 V "ig-,,.,-i - 1 E Q x x ?1A 1.7 VT X 7.1:-wif QLU5 fm NN WS!! Q X - -XX '57 f. 3 "1?,,, Xi 1963 i SQ fx X , 5 K 1 I log .WV .XV . f W1 ew I 3- g- YEAR BOOK STAFF ROW ONE: Mr. Lindholm, P. Pattison, C. Gable, M. An derson, W. Waite, K. Peterson, D. Crandall, J. Dustin. ROW TWO: N. Schwan, S. Smith, L. Lord, S. Ieziorski, V. Johnson, S. Boyd, N. Eccles, J. Sears, K. Carlson, H. Jarrett. MR. LINDHOLM Faculty Advisor The production of a yearbook is more difficult than is realized by most of the members of the student body. Long hours of hard work by the staff are necessary to make the yearbook a reality. Money-raising projects must also be carried out to insure the complete success of the finished yearbook. Our advisor, Mr. Lindholm, through his encouragement, inspires the staff to Work on even though deadline dates seem impossible. At times our work seems in vain but, in J une when We realize the experience we have gained, we feel proud to present to the Faculty and student body the completed Falconaire. J AMES DUSTIN Staff Photographer KAREN PETERSON Business Manager PRUDENCE PATTISON Advertising Manager MARCIA ANDERSON Editor WILLIAM WAITE Art Editor DONALD CRANDALL Sports Editor CYNTHIA CABLE Literary Editor STUDENT COUNCIL CANDIDATES LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Anderson, P. Bardo, G. Bedient, G. Beckerink. President Bruce Anderson Vice President James Chipman The Student Council is one of the most important organizations of the school body. The Student Council meets to make decisions on the smooth running of the school, just as the president and his cabinet keep our government running smoothly. This organization distributes dances and concession stands evenly to the other school organizations. A member from each homeroom is represented in the Student Council. The President of the Student Council is elected in his junior year by the entire school body. This year's president was Bruce Anderson. Secretary Gayle Bedient Treasurer Patricia Abbey ROW ONE: Mr. Felton, C. Benson, P. Abbey, G. Anderson, B. Barnes, N. Cavaretta, B. Dunker, C. Beckerink, B. Anderson, G. Bedient, S. Anderson, Butman, A. Lundgren, C. Sprague, C. Barton. ROW V Williams, T. Dispenza, T. Bardo. ROW TWO: THREE: P. Bardo, T. Phillips, E. Strickland, M. J Lindquist, C. Anderson, P. Roth, C. Trainer, Allette, D. Jacobs, S. Bardo, R. Lindahl, P. Allessi, B Utegg, E. Melquist, J. Jones, D. Kilmartin, M. O. Mee, F. Manfrey, B. Rissell. FALCON STAFF Ever since time began, people have Wanted to know what was going on outside of their homes. The purpose of the Falcon is to let the students and teachers know what is going on in and out of the school. It has everything from editorials to baby pictures. This year the advisor is Mrs. Morrison. FIRST ROW: I. Hendricksong S. Nelsong S. Jacobsong J. Merchantg L. Feltg B. Pickardg C. Panghorng V D. Williamsg R. Sandbergg V. Spragueg B. Rissel. Andersong N. Leymang J. Wernerg B. Mead. SECOND ROW: W. Engstromg G. Bedientg V. Lambg NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society inducts five percent of the Junior Class in the spring and ten percent of the Senior Class in the fall. This is the greatest honor bestowed by Falconer High School, for not only must a student be in the upper third of his class but also he must exemplify the ultimate in character, leadership, and service. With such a great honor goes also great responsibility to the inductee and to his classmates. Throughout our entire nation such chapters recognize qualified students. President ------ .... B ruce Anderson V ice President -M U- Janice Lindquist Secretary -e---- --..- Cynthia Gable Treasurer -s --------- Linda Lamb Advisor -a --- Miss Edith Weaver ROW ONE: L. Lamb, C. Cable, J. Lindquist, B. Anderson. ROW TWO: I. Hendrickson, P. Bardo, L. Town, D. Crandall, N. Schwan, I. Anderson, K. Peterson. FALCON STAFF Ever since time began, people have wanted to know what was going on outside of their homes. The purpose of the Falcon is to let the students and teachers know what is going on in and out of the school. It has everything from editorials to baby pictures. This year the advisor is Mrs. Morrison. FIRST ROW: I. Hendricksong S. Nelsong S. Jacobsong J. Merchantg L. Feltg B. Piekardg C. Pangborng V D. Williamsg R. Sandbergg V. Spragueg B. Rissel. Andersong N. Leyrnang J. Wernerg B. Mead. SECOND ROW: W. Engstromg G. Bedientg V. Lamhg G.A.A. The purpose of the G.A.A. is to allow more girls to participate in various intramural sports. Girls in grades 9 through 12 are eligible to join the organization. When a girl has completed her four-year membership in the G.A.A., she receives a pin which shows she has been an active member of G.A.A. OFFICERS Preszdent .,...-.... Vice President ..,h. Secretary ....... ---------Janice Lindquist -----Josephine Marchiando -------Nancy Lombardo Treasurer .........-..--. ...,,,.--,------.,....-.. J ane Abbey ROW ONE: L. Lord, C. Gable, D. Johnson, D. Raeon, L. Devine, B. McKoon, S. Masters, J. Saulsgiver, L. Olson, S. Thompson, J. Korcyl, J. Marchiando, M. Pantall, B. Rogalski, J. Baker, P. Giddy, P. Timblin, J. Card. ROW TWO: D. Frederes, B. Leyman, P. Chase, K. Peterson, P. Bardo, J. Abbey, S. Allen, B. Olson, S. Nord, S. Lange, M. Courtney, B. Rissel, B. Mee, B. Pickard, L. Craw, C. Pangborn, L. Lord L. Raimondo, S. Nelson, G. Wetsel, S. Jacobson, Ji Merchant, C. Benson, D. Hall. ROW THREE: P. Barton L. Nelson, C. Custard, C. Card, C. Nicosia, G. Bedient W. En strom E Carlson E. Carlson V. Lamb S Bo d g 9 ' 9 g , - Y , R. Norton, S. Albright, G. Overbeck, G. White, B. Fenton, B. Clark, S. Aldrick. S. Marsh, S. Carlson N. Carlberg, K. Bediem. ROW FOUR: S. Johnson, Jf Lindquist, J. Werner, A. Williams, M. Chipman, K. 7 7 Carlson, V. Sprague, G. Mee, L. Rhoades, S. Chapman C. Peterson, C. Whitcome, J. Bryant, L. Matteo, S Jeziorski, S. Rosetti, B. Scoma, P. Abbey, L. LaRoy D. Beightol, B. Bastian, M. Newton, M. Franklin, M Howard. ROW FIVE: L. Latone, R. Vanstrom, J Scarsborough, l. Stohl, S. Gaeta, S. LaValle, .l Scholeno, C. Lindahl, T. Dispenza, L. Piazza, E. Grover J. Strain, S. Benson, N. Lindstrom, C. Hallquist, M Becker, C. Lawson, L. Arrance, D. Ericsson, C. Ander- son, S. Hallquist, S. Lewis. ROW SIX: M. Palmeri S. Calabrese, P. Dickerson, D. Bianco, J. Cresanti, P Pattison, C. Dahlin, L. Felt, D. Williams, C. Bentley V. Williams, B. Pintagro, M. Chandler, M. Russell, D Wiltsie, B. Sprague, C. Morey, K. Bloomquist, B Daughenbaugh, S. McMillan, B. Daughenbaugh. 7 F -CLUB FRONT TO BACK: R. Rissel, ,l. Waddington, G. Lefford, A. 'Angilella, C. Butman, D. Beckwith, T. Pangborn, J. Dustin, W. Waite, T. Matteson. ROW ONE: H. Jarrett, P. Bardo, C. Gable, K. Peterson. ROW TWO: J. Chipman, R. Dickerson, E. Hoene, C. Lamb, G. Beckerink, D. Metcalfe, B. Peterson, D. Norton. The F-Club is composed of about 25 members who have earned a letter in a Varsity sport. The F-Club works throughout the year to raise money for letters and sweaters which are given out at the end of the year. At football ancl basketball games, they run the popcorn machine. They have dances and sponsor parties for members during the year. Mr. Matthieson helps them with all our projects. Karen Peterson TRI-HI-Y The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The organ- ization is affiliated With the Y.W.C.A. All sophomore, junior, and senior girls are eligible to join. ROW ONE: D. Johnson. ROW TWO: K. Peterson, P. Bardo. ROW THREE: N. Leyman, E. Grover, G. Wetsel, K. Cannon, C. Whitcome. ROW FOUR: H. Jarrett, J. Van Rensselaer, M. Bloomquist, S. Jacobson, S. Merchant, L. Devine, P. Abbey. ROW FIVE: T. Dispenza, J. Scholeno, B. Clark, S. Gaeta, M. Melquist, C. Cable, T. Worster, M. Anderson. ROW SIX: S. Swanson, B. Rissel, M. Courtney, S. Aldrich, J. Marchiando, J. Korcyl, G. Bedient, W. Engstrom, L. Matteo. ROW SEVEN: P. Pattison, S. Cusimano, B. Olson, G. Overbeck, B. Fenton, G. White, S. Boyd. ROW EIGHT: L. Piazza, B. Sprague, L. Rhoades, S. Chapman, C. Peterson, V. Lamb, E. Carlson, E. Carlson, J. Horn, M. Jose. ROW NINE: L. Schuwerk, L. Nelson, J . Lindquist, S. Johnson, C. Custard, L. Lord, L. Lord, K. Carlson, A. Williams, C. Morey, S. McMillan, J. Werner. ROW TEN: P. Potwin, S. Squalia, D. Wiltsie, P. Roth, C. Lindahl, S. LaValle, S. Nelson, L. Raimondo, J . Thorp, M. Holmes, C. Shreve, N. Eccles, S. Lewis. President Vice President Heidi Jarrett Secretary Sharon J eziorski Treasurer Patrina Bardo Chaplain Prudy Pattison Historian Judith Thorp Advisor Miss Johnson Marcia Anderson Sergeant at Arms LIBRARY STAFF OFFICERS President .................... , ..................R....,. Diane Ericsson Vice-President ......... .......,........ P hilip Baker Secretary ................ .,..,4,.............. S andra Boyd Treasurer ............ ........... M ary Bloomquist The purpose of the library staff is to help Miss Thomas keep the library running smoothly. The staff members, students in- terested in library work in grades 9-12, are required to spend at least 50 periods during the school year in the library to earn a letter. They do such work as keeping the magazines and books in good condition and in order on the shelf, and checking books out. In addition to helping Miss Thomas, the members also learn how the library functions. ROW ONE: D. Bush, R. Cederquist, J. Boyd, S. Boyd, P. Baker, D. Ericsson, M. Bloomquist, C. Shreve, B. Price, Miss Thomas. ROW TWO: G. Lee, D. Raeon, D. Carlson, M. Meyers, M. Franklin, L. Devine. F. F. A. ROW ONE: J. Fuller, D. Norton, L. Weinert, L. Beightol, B. Anderson B. Forbes, Mr. Norton. ROW TWO: E. Raynor, D. Haglin, S. Kimball G. Frederes, R. Ball, B. Haskins, R. Carpenter, E. Hollenbeck, G. Drake I. Yannie, J. Kotar, D. Miller. ROW THREE: G. Wakefield, R. Hotchkiss G. Hanson, D. Metcalf, H. Smith, C. Lamb, T. Powell, J. Maquire, D. Landquist. 92 9 9 7 OFFICERS President .................. .................... L eon Beightol Vice-President ........... .............. B ruce Anderson Secretary .................. ................ D ave Norton Sentinel ..................,....... .............. B ill Forbes News Reporter ..... - ..... .............. I ohn Fuller The Future Farmers of America is an or- ganization designed to create a love and fondness for farm life and develop an understanding of it. The club develops character and citizenship in hopes of pro- ducing world leaders. It is mainly com- posed of students from the agricultural classes. This year the members attended a farm show at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. HI-Y OFFICERS p President .............................. Richard Holland Vice President ...4............,.......... James Dustin Secretary ........................... Ernest Strickland Treasurer ............. ......,.............. L arry Vance The Hi-Y Club is made up of boys in grades 10-12. Mr. Battaglia, our new advisor this year, has shown a great interest in promoting fellowship in the organiza- tion. The boys fine character demonstrated to the student body will help main- tain our American Heritage. The members get together,for fun nights in the gym, where everyone participates in basketball and other sports. OW ONE: L. Vance. ROW TWO: E. Strickland. ROW THREE: . Scarborough, T. Phillips, J. Dustin. ROW FOUR: G. Beckerink, IB. Peterson. BOND AND STAMP he Bond and Stamp Club is an organi- ation made up of a representative from ach homeroom and a supervising teacher. ts purpose is to help the students save oney to further future plans. The stu- ents money is exchanged for stamps and ter may be changed into a bond. In help- g the student save money, this plan also elps to make our government stronger nd, in that way, preserves our American eritage. ROW ONE: J. Cochran, H. Brown, B. Clark, A. Wilder. ROW TWO: C. Warner, C. Jessey, B. Pintagro, L. Johnson, K. Carlson, A. Williams. ROW THREE: C. Peterson, J. Saulsgiver, P. Potwin, D. Shelters, C. Wakefield, C. Wakefield, S. Johnson, C. Wion, Mrs. Gilbert. 93 FUTURE TEACHERS OFFICERS Advisor ................ ........................ M r. Rose President ....,............................ Nancy Schwan Vice-President ........................ Judith Thorp Secretary-Treasurer...Prudence Pattison Composed of students in grades IO-I2 who are interested in the teaching profession, the Harvey C. Fenner Chapter of Future Teachers of Amer- ica is a valuable aid in helping young people choose their future. At each meeting a new facet or field is dis- cussedg often it is led by Mr. Harry Rose, the advisor, or by a representa- tive from one of the numerous teachers colleges throughout the state. All across America similar organizations give advice about the why's and how's of teaching. ROW ONE: Mr. Rose, Nancy Schwan, Judith Thorp. ROW TWO: Cynthia Gable, Jean Merchant, Elaine Melquist, Sherry Boyd, Vivian Lamb, Paula Potwin, Alice Williams. SCHOOL SERVICE ORGANIZATION The School Service Organization is made up of students who perform such tasks as delivering attendance sheets and making morning announcements over the public address system. These students willingly render their services for the efficient operation of this school. Recognition of their responsibilities makes the school a better place in which to live and Work. Pat Abbey Sharon Aldrich Dennis Ayers Bruce Anderson Becky Barnes Ronald Blanchard Judy Bryant Donald Carlson Jim Cooper 94 Nancy Di Maio Cleo Fuller Donna Johnson Shirley Lange Sally Lavalle Cindy Lindahl Linda Matteo Beverly Mead Cindy Miller Chloe Pangborn Cheryl Peterson Lorraine Piazza Shirley Rossetti Janice Sholevo Judy Werner Randy Wilson DRAMA CLUB President ....... Heidi Jarrett Vice-President---Suellen Smith T reasurerr ...,- Darlene Waite Secretary ....... Paula Potwin Lights! Curtain! Action! Here, on the stage, the members of Drama Club grow in poise and grace. Under the capable di- rection of Mr. Steig Olson, the members learn everything from make-up to speech. ROW ONE: D. Raeon, L. Devine, S. Smith, H. Jarrett, P. Potwin, D. Waite. ROW TWO: S. Beers, D. Carlson, K. Bloomquist, R. Cederquist, P. Madison, S. Masters, S. Walker. ROW THREE: E. Carlson, K. Peterson, E. Carlson. The Yorkers Club is composed of students in grades seven, eight, and nine who have aver- ages oi 80 or above in citizen- ship education. They study about New York State and its history. At meet- ings films are shown and speeches are given. Several trips have been made this year. Through studying this history, students can become better versed in our American Heritage. YORKERS CLUB ROW ONE: R. Carpenter, B. Olson, J. Ricotta, V. Williams, J. Carlberg. ROW TWO: W. Wares, C. Strunk, R. Beal, P. Lindquist, L. Rounds, G. Smith, C. Cogiolla. ROW THREE: D. Swanson, J. Olson, C. Bentley, L. Short, B. Barnes, E. Steere, J. Forbes. ROW FOUR: D. Johnson, D. Carlson, F. Manfrey, S. Manfrey, S. Sandberg, D. Kimball, L. Olson. ROW FIVE: Mrs. Gilbert, S. Anderson, R. Nelson, D. Haglin, N. Lincoln. 95 96 97 W Ig jf fda ,f A X W fiffffffi ,.f"f" if MUSIC Ei ff 1 H 1 L , ff- 00 Sw f , A ., , ff' Cf , wx Sn LLM f ff .-V? Ogg X X g Hkiiwi L,--:-g-,,,.. W 1963 7 2 , ': X nv " a i' 'rl -il'-Z,--lf' Z SENIOR BAND ROW ONE: T. Worster, K. Peterson, L. Town, C. Barton, P. Barton, S. Johnson, V. Anderson, S. Aldrich, L. Nelson. ROW TWO: J. Thorp, L. Rhoades, M. Johnson B. Dauvhenbauffh , D g , B. Van Every, W. Silvernail, T. Strickland, C. Dahlin, R. Wakefield, D. Raeon, B. Leyman, G. Mee, N. Leyman, E. Ingersol. ROW THREE: N. Schwan, P. Cowen, R. Norton, C. Pangborn, B. Kahle, B. Anderson, G. Drake, D. Swan- son, H. Watson, D. Dustin, B. Town, D. Johnson, B Daughenbaugh, S. Littlefield, C. Fuller, J. Olson, P Madison, P. Roth, D. Wiltsie. ROW FOUR: N. Carl berg, D. Hall, B. Fenton, J. Van Rensselaer, C. Morey L. LeBaron, F. Raeon, T. Larson, D. Crandall, L. Giddy T. Strain, K. Gable, J. Gustafson, S. Crawford, C. Cobb B. Anderson, G. White, T. Matteson, D. Everett, D Haglund, S. Pugh, J. Baker. STANDING: E. Melquist The senior band is composed of students in grades 9-12. It is a highly active musical group which performs many times during the school year. The band contributes to the school spirit by playing at our football games and our pep rallies. They march in the Memorial Day parade and also perform for many concerts and school assemblies. One of the most popular concerts held each year features national music. The choir and orchestra also participate. One of the highlights of this year is the overnight trip to Scottsdale, New York. OO 9 SENIOR ORCHESTRA ROW ONE: C. Gable, V. Lamb, B. Pickard, S. Thompson, D. Martenson, R. Lamb, F. Rossi. ROW TWO: E. Carlson, D. Johnson, E. Steere, B. Thorp, E. Carlson, T. Worster, V. Johnson, K. Peterson, N. Leyman, E. Ingersoll, D. Wiltsie, L. Lamb. ROW THREE: J. Anderson, T. Trainer, M. Courtney, D. Eaker, J. Thorp, L. Rhoades, M. Johnson, G. Mee, B. Van Every, W. Silvernail, T. Strickland, C. Dahlin, R. Wakefield, J. Lang, L. Johnson. ROW FOUR: E Melquist, S. Lange, P. Dickerson, B. Kahle, B Anderson, D. Dustin, C. Fuller, B. Daughenbaugh, R Wilson, J. Gustafson, T. Matteson, D. Haglin, S. Pugh J. Baker. Falconer has the distinction of having one of the few orchestras in the county. The orchestra is composed of musically inclined students in grades 7-12. Under the direction of Mr. Walton Huestis, the orchestra plays a varied selection of music. Highlights of the year include the annual Mid-Winter concert and the County Music Festival, which is held at Chautauqua. 7 10 SENIOR CHOIR ROW ONE: E. Carlson, E. Grover, D. Moreland, J. Baker, J. Strain, L. Olson, P. Giddy, C. Bryant, L. Lord, C. Custard, J. Schwan, R. Cedarquist, L. John- son, R. Wilson, V. Johnson, J. Jones, I. Hendrickson L. Lamb, S. Jacobson, L. Piazza, L. Matteo, S. Allen E. Carlson, Mr. Heglund. ROW TWO: K. Petersoni P. Pattison, B. Scoma, C. Morey, L. Rhoades, J Marchiando, L. Felt, J. Cooper, K. Gable, P. Madison, 9 . A. Pascatore, D. Crandall, F. Raeon, S. Pugh, W. Eng- strom, D. Johnson, V. Lamb, S. Gaeta, S. Walker, S Johnson, D. Williams, T. Worster. ROW THREE: C Gable, S. Masters, B. McKoon, J. Anderson, L. Town T. Strain, M. Allette, H. Watson, M. Wilson, D. Carlson W. Waite, D. Dustin, C. Fuller, B. Peterson, J. Dustin, M. Courtney, S. Boyd, N. Lombardo, J. Lindquist, H Jarrett, J. Sears, P. Potwin, L. Craw. OFFICERS President ..-...... Vice-President ..... Secretary ........ Treasurer ..... ------William Waite -----Janice Lindquist -----Karen Peterson ------Linda Lamb Under the direction of Mr. Heglund, you will find busy students practicing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the Christmas season, the choir joins in to present the annual Christmas Concert. To add to the joy of the season, you will hear these carolers singing well known hymns of the season. These lively voices help brighten the spirit of Christmas. Another big event arrives in the Spring when the Spring Concert is presented at Chautauqua. Students from the neighboring schools join in to present a fine program. Their cheerful voices always welcome the arriving of Spring in America. O2 1 LUCIA COURT Every year at Christmas time, one lucky girl from the senior class is chosen by the senior choir as the Lucia Queen. The queen is crowned at the annual Christmas Concert. This year the queen was Janice Lindquist. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Allen, P. Pattison, l. Hendrickson, C. Gable, W. Engstrom, L. Felt, L. Craw, J. Anderson, J. Lindquist, N. Lombardo, L. Town, D. Williams, S. Gaeta, T. Worster, J. Marchianclo, L. Lamb, K. Peterson. 10 CHOIR ENSEMBLE The Ensemble group of Falconer is a select group of students from the Senior Choir. They are under the direction of Mr. Gerald Heglund. The ensemble consists of 3 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, and 3 basses. They perform regularly at various functions : of importance which are held through- Q out the community. E 4 'rw ROW ONE: C. Fuller, D. Johnson, D. Dustin. ROW TWO: C. Gable, J. Anderson, C. Custer, W. Waite, P. Madison, R. Wilson, L. Johnson, J. Jones, JUNIOR ORCHESTRA ROW ONE: E. Steere, D. Eaker, J. Rosenberg, C. Vance, B. Hielman, P. Daughenbaugh, D. Martenson, R. Lamb. ROW TWO: N. Lincoln, J. Bloom quist, R. Brady, J. Lee, M. Fenton, W. Near, J. Ricotta, P. Trainer, B Courtney, C. VanEvery. ROW THREE: B. Thorp, C. Spangenburg, B. Olson D. Shelters, L. Latone, C. Trainer, P. Roach, B. Dunker, L. Franzen, C Benson, R. Drake, J. Buck, L. Roblee, S. Piazza, W. Hubbard, D. Johnson J. Olson, J. Barnes. ROW FOUR: P. Mead, D. Davis, J. Wood, T. Alexis? D. Engstrom, M. Allette. 104 5 The Junior High Orchestra cor of students in grades 7 through 9 is under the capable direction of Mr. Huestis. They practice hard, lear the fundamentals of music in h of attaining a position in the Sf Orchestra. They take part in several concerts during the course of the school year, and their efforts are always appreciated by the members of the student body. JU 1011 HIGH BA D ROW ONE: C. Bentley, D. Hildom, P. Roach, C. Triscari C. Steere, R. Beal, K. Thompson, L. Hall, D. Beightol, N. Cavaretta, L. Franzen. ROW TWO: B. Olson, L. Latone, D. Shelters, C. Trainer, C. Strunk, D. Gustafson, D. McCullor, D. Jacobs, J. VanRenssalaer, S. Pugh, T. Schultz, G. Weborg C. Wiltsie, C. Schultz, R. Norton, C. Benson, R. Drake J. Kotar. ROW THREE: J. Murray, L. Short, G. Smith, T. Madison, R. Lindahl, G. Leonard, C. Johnson, S. Sundberg, A. Lundgren, C. Warner, J. Barnes, C. Devine, J. Olson, R. Squailia, L. Meabon, R. Stearns, J. Ricotta, L. Johnson R. Casamento, D. Niles, D. Wilcox, L. Rublee, R. Nelson, J. Buck, S. Piazza. ROW FOUR: D. Carlson, G. Knorr, D Peterson, S. Ball, K. Steere, R. Westerdahl, D. McIntyre, R Rublee, B. Gustafson, C. Sandberg, C. McKee, M.. Hubbard D. Johnson, A. Jaroszynski, B. Town, D. Stimson, M. Eccles S. Crawford, l. Doud, L. Hooper, D. Carlberg, D. Bernhardt J. Roth, R. Vollentine, J. Yannie, K. Peterson, D. Meacham D. Haglund, D. Perdue, R. Carlson, M. Leonard. STANDING? Mr. Rasmussen, P. Wilson, S. Torsell, D. Connor, T. Blanchard D. Engstrom, T. Alexis, M. Allette, F. Rossi, M. Bloomqulst R. Merchant. JU 1011 HIGH CHORUS ROW ONE: L. Timblin, W. Wares, L. Wilson, J. Murray, C. Spangenburg, G. Faulk, C. Carson, D. Frederes, C. Benson, C. Thompson, S. Piazza, D. Johnson, F. Mauro, D. Carlson, M. Meyer, G. Leonard. ROW TWO: J. Norton, S. Smith, L. Johnson, S. Carlson, L. Arrance, C. Lawson, J. Mee, E. Steere, V. Williams, C. Schultz, J. Forbes, B. Benson, J. Bloomquist, J. Buck, D. Eaker, L. Anderson, J. Kingsley, R. Drake. ROW THREE: J. Myers, L. Short, L. Brink, C. VanEvery, S. Marsh, D. Gustafson, J. Saulsgiver, Y. Cattley, L. Angley, T. Madison, S. Sandberg, D. Caswell, G. Frederes, W. Lange, R. Nelson, J. Ricotta. ROW FOUR: C. Bentley, G. Smith, R. Willover, M. Palmeri, C. Warner, B. Barnes, L. LaRoy, L. Peterson, C. Nord, L. Latone, R. Vanstrom, J. Scarborough, D. Bianco, C5 . Card, J. Cresanti, S. Calabrese, M. Becker. 10 1 9 9 1 -X!-,,..... SPORTS i "X ff' 1 X QijLfi ,Eg-'ii-15 jj' f- ir If ' I, 1111x771 lllflf '11 111 if ff!" if ' -E-"" 1 1!1f,, 1 : Lili I ' Liffp., - ll ' AA 1 A ' 1s 2 " ' ' 3' gi' fff- 'ti' 1963 kx -Lib O8 As we review the "Golden Falcon's" record, we find that that recordiis one of which we may be proud. Each member of the team and its coaches, 6'Skip7' Mathieson and Bill Race, gave the team his own special contribution. This teamwork resulted in a three way tie for the league championship between Falconer, Salamanca, and Gowanda. There were times when the "Falks" had their letdowns. The greatest of these was their defeat hy Salamanca, however, they quickly regained their confidence. Showing this very well, even while under emotional strain, our "Golden Falconsn regained their glory by defeating Gowanda. Thus, for the third consecutive year, our Alma Mater has a share of the league trophy. We congratulate you for a season well played. FIRST ROW: C. Rossi, J. Dickerson, T. Phillips, R. Hotchkiss, B. Waite, D. Melcalfe Scarborough, J. Vanstrom, J. Waddington, D. C. Lamb. THIRD ROW: Coach Mathieson D Norton, T. Matteson, C. Wakefield, B. Peterson. Stearns, B. Foy, T. Pangborn, A. Wynn .l SECOND ROW: D. Beckwith, G. Lefford, T. Olson, T. Strickland, Coach Race. VARSITY r FOOTBALL X MXN ,. ""?l":- 'gg I 1.- -f ' 1 I ' if JH, flf, ll!!! fffflff ,lf-Y-, 1141111111 5, ih 1.-1:11 ' X ff fi " Qlf,-,II ' in-11 'Y I!!! -sss-.eg-g!"1" !!!' ' ' I -ff' ff! A. Zggggifffff' 1963 -LQL 3:-f 7 IPX Q X Clem Rossi J im Dustin ,J,,,5f,,., .4 Q ' Rim, o . ' ' 'SM' I -9 M' 4: 73 Don Beckwith ' . P J91iiiifE?kif7iTS35?lC?fi K i Mmm.m25M:zg21ffWrms g g,','3xxx,-,A 5''vf,'Kl'5,w15'l,1w . .5 X ,img W i.-,,K,,, W 3 ,v,1ggAg,'gig'gigs'g.3,IQ::1ggQg1g.gg 3 il,,.-.a:m,,-.fxjef ' " "L, - i.!'N,IA,'S' -.',,a1s"f?Q'5T""wvE15 , -li is mfslp2w.Q o . ,,s, , ,A,,-,Z Q l13lf 1 1 ae A 4 5 mix, .- , V-pl 275155 1hf,51g,Xg.f, wg: ' RQ 15 9511325 - - I sf Terry Pangborn ' 'L QQ V, 552545 V I W Mig? - ssl 1:33552 , A -fggwgn msgs! 'f,.,l,w3?YS gf. ge M i . . Bill W alte fV5?iS',f -55' JW" , 5, "' t. W, 2-fm" ' ,QT i X . .1 -1 31.1 ' W ' ' .45 n g, , f . ' 1 Gary Wakefield k . :f .,, .. ' 5'ifff.f.:af5?7f?f-f ,-is ' ' m a i f i , ,,s.,,. ., ,L 1 'ii . -- fQM.n1Mru,2,,1, ig, . ':f:D.,r b fl lilnlnwe L 1 "'- , -. 35,14-ff - Yi W , . - f " ' 5 ' ' T. : ' . Q "-" S ,l , L, sin , A wa, W .. at ,.., , , ,..,.. 4 35- t 1 350 Chuck Lamb Ron Hotchkiss Tom Matteson . ii. W W .MW .5 J im Vanstrom J ack Waddington V .,,,, . ,, :,Z,.l,,, mmm Q ' f ' ,,,q,,, in nil? 5 if s N aw A, fe, cg f u gflfagi W, 'lg .- ' . w i A -, 55?,f,35iM Ji' is mlwfz' :gn -, ' if SL Fw-me S " " Q 'W W, My elm , ...,, .. .. ., 492 ufELfif,a251533if:gv ,... 424- igaexilf mmgkyyvmsgf -H4an-hge.ggi,31335H,Z.,:-:11,:.aggig, g: E- LL4fgvfV,5.iigS,i ift',?5.fffif'f?f-ff 5 N '1g f?W'iff -f wi , frgem , f A. 2x,,:,f,:sglg, a ww -fi,-Q 1-W, f,.-15' i , ' i f:.:,x?K i Larry Green ak 'V W fi Q W ' l 1'ii,n,. A M, , ..,. ua -. . ,rg M A .jngl 1 l 'V' .1 fi: H, va 41' 1 'gg-is if is , s x p , My - f i 253-2- . gym' r " L I K Robin Dickerson ' ' Tom Scarborough Tom Phillips A' Dave Norton , ,,,, .... UL - .... , - f M-N . Rm .Z1411.f,zx'.5 . . .N - -' 5:21229 iiiixr szwf - :TF-I 'I S' x - gi ai i fb Q. ,Q ' 1 H f im 1. s Q x M Y of Vw i 'U ' YF 2 X ' Q Q5 Q Q + ff L 5 1 X' ' ,F K g A :K H' 1 fa 4,9 U .f 5? ,Q A Q 1, , J , fs J' 13533 1 A " a ' Q' ggi' ga Q J Q3 ,Q W. , , 19' " 4 jg r 25 ,, I ,, gf , b can ' fi My J fkj' 3 1 as ,,, Q 15 'iv mask? f 22? ,E 1 sv. 1 1 Q li i,r., . ' Ernie Strickland -'e' 1 175211 ," if Q ' 25 may y mg V 45: 1" mi, gm iw - L ' fl M. 7 .4 ,. 1 1,1553 1 Q X31 K 5553? 'Q r Wg 2 M ,N ,W 451 , X vr Q i lsr hifi W sf 451 K 'If 7,4 QW 'iw' J, iw W 9 X92 w 5555 ' We am 'il X ,wg Q ,fn 1 1 5 ailggggfggak f f A Mk Wm. , K W vfww Q , Kr? ,K s A ei iq fx Q 1 1 X .5 if lu .Q 1 5 L .W , L Q 4 42 A ' f ,W 5, 5,5-gy 4 ,Q , g f? Q f 4 ,S G 'Q f z.2f,,w11 .1 -,,.- --JN - qw if ...,,,,,, Y ,... ., .... V, .,,, . 1 . 6 . I ' 4, ww f " eV,gwgmWk jk, . W A Qui., asm-. . , M ,,.. -' - 2,'zL:gzffff1 uf' H rf, K' f ' A X 'mei-:nik I 'fwfr . 5 3 " . il f if ' - ' ' 5' Gary Lefford 1 0 VARSITY BASKETBALL Although the Varsity won only three games this season, they have shown greatness in an ideal called sportsmanship. Even though it is important and elating to have a winning team, it is even more pertinent and uplifting to be able to "take itw when plays and plans fail. Sportsmanship, too, is an integral part of our American heritage, and We many times fall short of meeting this. For this and for the determined efforts of Coach Black and the team, We of the Falconaire give our congratulations. H-limi, 4'Ernie" ROW ONE: A. Angilella, R. Rissel, T. Phillips, M. Waite, T. Matteson. ROW TWO: B- PBWTSOU, W. Rice, D. Metcalfe, S. LaBarbera, E. Strickland. Mr. Black CLT0nY77 '6Bruce,, 4'Tomn ccDaVC,, 110 WRESTLING ROW ONE: G. Woods, manager, J. Mc- M. Allette, S. Funcell, W. Silvernail, C. Carthy, G. Connor, C. Brigotta, R. Cannon, Butman, D. Engstrom, G. Radspinner, B. G. Lefford, T. Strain, M. Cameron, G. LeBaron, S. Graham, D. Wiles, D. Swan- Drake. ROW TWO: D. Norton, C. Fuller, strom, .l. Yannie. Mr. Lounsbury and David Norton. Wrestling is one sport which has just recently become popular in our school. Students are finally aware of the fact that this sport involves more than brute strength. These do, of course, have their place in the sport, but more important are agility, balance, and a thorough knowledge of appropriate wrestling holds. Under Mr. Daniel Lounsbury, the wrestling team nearly always has had a successful and praiseworthy season. Several of our wrestlers competed in this year's sec- tionals and were successful in holding their titles. 111 FOCTBALL SPCRTS STANDINGS Falconer 18 Cassadaga 97 7 Fredonia H 0 Salamanca 3 Southwestern 19 Dunkirk 13 Gowanda 14 Bolivar Falconer WRESTLING Falconer 31 Wattsburg ll 15 Union City 10 Cowanda 26 Randolph 3 Southwestern 23 North East 13 Cassadaga 12 Cattaraugus 24- Pine Valley 9 Gowanda 16 Southwestern 31 Wattsburg 30 Salamanca " 31 Silver Creek " 31 Salamanca 112 BASKETBALL Cassadaga Pine Valley N ofthern Area Northern Area Southwestern Pine Valley Chautauqua Jamestown Gowanda Fredonia Dunkirk Salamanca Gowanda Southwestern Cassadaga Jamestown Fredonia Dunkirk '6Cindi" 4'Janice" 4'Abbie" 4'.ludy" Sharon" "Trina" 4'Karen,' VARSITY CHEERLEADERS "Heidi" The Varsity Cheerleader's main objectives are to support the team to victory and to encourage school spirit. This means not only to encourage the students attendance at the games, but also to support the cheerleaders in the cheers. The squad consists of eight cheer- leaders: four seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore. Throughout America the cheerleaders, with their agile bodies and smiling faces, help to create a high spirit in both the players and the audience. What is true for other football teams is also true for the Junior Varsity team. They practice and play hard. Football is a sport in which one must have both physical stamina and mental alertness. They must continue tackling, pushing, passing and running and at the same time' plan their next play. Everyone gives these boys a lot of credit for their efforts this year, with the hope that this year's ex- perience will be an asset to the Varsity team next year. j.v. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: R. Robbins, A. Cavallaro, C. Di Vincenzo, F. Manfrey, R. Raeon. SECOND ROW: T. Mee, L. Foulk, C. McKee, J.. Hanson, W. Silvernail, S. Graham, D. Carlson, L. Swanson, Mr. Battaglia. j.V. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: D. Lanquist, T. Strickland, D. Kent, T. Franchina, T. Mee, B. Beckerink. SECOND ROW: D. Wilder, B. Leyman, B. Foy, T. Scarborough, J. Schwan, K. Gable, D. Brant. 114 We had an exceptionally fine .lun- ior Varsity Basketball team this year. During this yearas basketball season, we, the fans, enthusias- tically cheered our .l.V. players. Each player worked with his team- mates in a co-operative manner, which resulted in an effective and often victorious team. For as we cheered the J.V.'s as they "dunked" a basket or regained the ball, We saw Mr. Iowett, their coach, encouraging the boys on to victory. We therefore not only con- gratulate our team, but also its capable coach, Mr. Jowett. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ROW ONE: ,ludy Bryant, Shirley Lange, ,ludy Strain, Chloe ROW TWO: Brenda Pickard, Dawn Johnson, Greta Mee, Barbara Scoma. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are either sophomore or junior girls who are chosen both for their ability in cheering and for their character. These girls are considered to he the finest exam- ples of our school, either at home or away games. The players are given spirit and encouragement at all times by these girls. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS This is the exciting start in cheer- leading for many girls. These energetic girls are the main sup- port of our .lunior High teams. The entire squad consists of QFreshman girls. They work with and for the other squads at con- cession stands, with the enthu- siastic hope that someday they will be Junior Varsity or Varsity cheerleaders. KNEELING: Wendy Wheelock, Debbie Frederes, Candy Benson, Linda Franzen. STANDING: Donna Bianco, Cindy Card, Barb Leyman. 115 JR. HIGH FOOTBALL This team consists of the youngest members of our school-the sev- enth, eighth, and ninth grade stu- dents. For most of the players, it is their first experience on an or- ganized football team. During their after school hours of hard prac- tice, they learn and practice playsg get tackled and elbowedg and in general learn that football has not only its joys but also its bruises. They even sometimes doubt the joys of such a sport until they have a game. lt is then that all those aches and bruises acquired in prac- tice give way to the joy and pride of hearing the cheerleaders and fel- low students cheering them on to do their very best. at N 4 ROW ONE: W. Abbey, G. Melquist, S. Piazza, D. Brant. ROW TWO: Manager G. Wood, F. Tilaro, J. Kotar, G. Leonard, S. Manfrey, T. Strain, L. Rosetti. ROW THREE: L. Brown, M. Overturf, D. Stimson, R. Nelson, T. Larson, W. Brown, D. Tanner, Mr. Anderson. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL LEFT T0 RIGHT: T. Willet, F. Tilaro, O. Mee, F. Rossi, S. Piazza, D. Engstrom, J. Buck, R. Lindahl, R. Lawerence, G. Clark, D. Tanner, L. Bianco, L. Brown, R. Nelson, R. Hardin. 116 As we review the Junior High Bas ketball record, we see that the tearr did admirably well this year. Most of these seventh through nintl grade students have had little pre vious experience in inter-scholastic competition, but before the seasor has terminated each member is much better versed in the funda' mentals of basketball. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: H. Iarret, T. Bardo, K. Peterson, J. Card, S. McMillan, C. Gable, P. Abbey, J. Lindquist. MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Gaeta, S. Cusimano, W. Engstrom. Falconer Central School is proud of its majorettes. This group consists of three senior girls. The majorettes accompany the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders with their routines at football and basketball games. Besides these school activities, they also lead the band in the traditional Memorial Day Parade. SPORTS SNAPSHOTS M ,, , Xkfff k ij 2-Z-Q X- !,.2 Q W2 jf J W Biff? 35? 4 f , 'H .1 mmuiin K '- : x7 ADS N XX 0 Q Z 31 E'-'l i hind 4 r Q. ' Sgqg i n S X ,, N s Q".-5 QKY xv E' 2- N Q ffggligffi Z ,lf Z' f H M W x 'iw 1963 BCDARD OF EDUCATICN THE JAMESTGWN AREA CHAMBER CDF CGMMERCE INC. GOLD STAR SU PERMARKET The Lorgest, Most Complete Super k t i Western N Y k BUSTY'S BARBER SHCDP 324 M S Fl NYk Fl I' N Yrk THE CASUAL SHOPPE Lodies' Speciolty Shop 25 West Main Street Falco r N k UNGER'S "Wise Potato Chips" BAKER AND GIDDY CHIROPRACTORS "A normal spine helps To maintain good health" Phone 93-637 Falconer New York 23 East James St. Falconer New York Phone 67-695 SHINE'S SUPER SERVICE A. TEDESCO 8g SONS 337 West Main St. Falconer New York W W 23363 . me-1 f fK,.., ,,,t4 5 K W "Old used car dealers never die, they just "The Home of Good Melons" trade away." 2 KING'S HEATING AND S-I-A-I-E LANES SHEET METAL INC. I6 Eost Main Folconer New York Eovestroughing, Copper Floshing Roofing, Heoting, Instollotions Off ice Phone 63-391 33 West oin "Y0u're invited to sto at our snac ar" P M if b Falconer New or k ASHLAND OIL TOYLAND AND REFINING COMPANY Kennedy N Y SAL-MARIE HAIR FASHION SHCDW 27 West Main Street .lOHNSON'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Falconer, New York 34 E051-mon Sf. Specializing in All Falconer, New York Beauty Services 55'3':.2S2S2!' Qi1,?1f'i,'i,s T-'szeasifaiz ' I -::. ' :sm ,aww I , , c ,. ' --i s. ' - . M , ze . r I - , ,,,,, , 1 S I ,lv - N W tg .cg . I 'I if ' 5 I .azz i , r fi 9? V rsfxwff 19.,.lI'!H1 i?i1f'iFH ,'f? w fzziff. lf!1',fLf1fl-will' f , I '1 Q,IwITllmIfs3i'l1'rlI 5,-for-EixfizfiglIffilkgs'f, in-Qg1iQ, 5. fttsff- .1 " I Q. A ,j1f,:'LiiZ?ffTl'gsf,, I lit-.iw-igleililrt I g2f1:X'i,!-r1ftfw,,'wi 1,311j5,,:i,2Islmfgg,43,5,, ,L , ' ,f-, 'Hi ll-"', '14,-s.,,fZq::vim:1fffm r 7 "sr 7" - ' I ' T3 Q 579f'7',-2'-fffllifl-'5li'f 'i' , f ' FOYIS Mums TEXACG VARIETY STORE Ellington, New York Phone 2-541 .I-f"" General Merchandise Motorola Sales and Servlce Kennedy, New York 2 WHIRL-IN VALENTINES MEAT MARKET RAY WILSON PROPRIETOR K NNEDY, NEW YORK ENNEOY, NEW YORK A. A. WALROD Y8. SONS REX THE FLCDRIST NXXXW E H A A' KW wh r qw GC, 9 EAS MAIN STREET , ve- Q we - FA CONER, NEW YORK The Modem Fu-Jig BOTTLED L.P. GAS KENNEDY, NEW YORK W HERE BEN FRANKLIN Feeds, Seeds, 'I' d F I' 5C and mc S1100 and Up Fertn lzers, an 'arm Supp les 13-15 E. Mom sf. Falconer, N. Y. 43 EGSf Mf-Im Sffeef Falconer New York RALSTGN-PURINA CO. ALESSI'S GEORGE'S SHOES BARBER 51-'gp 655095 f0f the entire familyu Completely Air-Conditioned Falconer New York QUOIIIY Work I7 East Main St. Falconer, N. Y. "Sara and Vincev 12 PETE'S KENDALL East Main Street Falconer New York 5'ii,TQ55E4?fi.'?l?2??YF5i'W5!5593 "Y " WW' 4 53551384 ' A fz9-'Y-.?g5?eQaEwEr :Mig A 1.1 ff 2-wer e Eff fe .,,r.x1 evvw f r,.. , , Y rr r r rrrr COMPANY AN DERSON'S RESTAURANT 7 East Main Street - Falconer New York Kennedy New York 0 C. W. LILJA CREAMERY CO. INC ww iiiwiiili IMMIGI ' PM Cross Street and EI d mwoo Falconer New York CAVALLARO'S MARKET "Specializing In Italian Sausag 319 West Main Street Falconer New York O E I9 PATRICIA'S BEAUTY SALON IOI East Main Street Falconer New York Phone 9-7936 CITY VIEW DAIRY Ice Cream Bar - Dairy Products Grade A Pasturized Milk Jamestown New York 3 TWIN AUTO WRECKING 1,001 LATE MODEL CARS AND TRUCKS F b Q N Y k Ph H ld dH 5233 yJl1 BROSSMAN LUMBER COMPANY ' "medY New York FALCONER PRINTING COMPANY 68MS FI N JAMES B. SCHWAB CO. "DiipZicizti01i H eiziiqziizrte1'J" 223 West Main Street Falconer New York FONTI'S RESTAURANT 37 West Main Street Falconer New York FALCONER HARDWARE DIVISION WEEDEN HARDWARE CO. INC. I5 West Main Street Compliment! of WARREN'S BARBER SHOP 29 West Main Street FQ Icgner New York Fo ICOFIGI' New YOFIQ eww-mm 92 V ksIi2fI5 ,, WWII Y In Iitfiittli TWIN AUTO WRECKING 1,001 LATE MODEL CARS AND TRUCKS F b Q N Y k Ph H ld dH 5233 ryJI1 BROSSMAN LUMBER COMPANY -FMwingi . ...A -1f T' A VWTSCIY New York FALCONER PRINTING COMPANY 68MS FI N Y VERBLAW INTERNATICNAL TRUCK SALES INC. Folconer, New York We Service All Makes-See Us for Your Trucking Need TH REE GABLES 3 5. SPRAGLJ E' S STORE New York dy New Y BESH-GE-TOOR'S MUSIC HOUSE 8E F S J N Y k CROSS'S RED 8g WHITE Kd NYk B 8g R RESTAURANT K nedy New York HWY CARLSON'S PHARMACY West Main Stree F N Y Y Prescr p H :iq PHIL'S ESSO STATIGN Corner of Moin cmd Work Folconer r New York C on mmlationy from MAIN STREET BARBER SHOP F I oner New Y all E f? ROCKET OAS 400 West Main Street ork Falconer New YO I4 CHARLES M. SMITH INC. Village Plaza FORSBERG'S FURNITURE STORE Phone 75-695 COYIGI' CW Quality mer b af' be lowest price" Best Wifbef to the Clfm of 63 RCDYAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY g PI F I N Y I4 31 O27 EV-LEE C ndy cmd Gifts VIIIa9e PIOZ0 Congmmlatiom F N Y mm CHAUTAUQUA PLATING" . FQI N 1 is lm Compliments of PLAZA LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING VILLAGE Falconer Village Plaza Falconer, N. Y. We Sell Car Safety CHILI AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY "Chautauqua C0unty's Muffler Kingv Jamestown and Falconer ELLlsoN BRONZE COMPANY, INC. I25 West Main St. Falconer New York Best Wishes JAMESTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE Jamestow New YOVI4 O CITY VIEW DAIRY Jamestown, New York HAGGERTY at 3 5 ANDERSON INC. Q 5. 2IO Washington Street E I Jamestown New York S E "Good Equipment Makes W A Good Farmer Better" E P D R I D o I M N S G S Music For All Uccasions BILL TEDESCO'S ORCHESTRA Falconer New York Phone NATIQNAL woRsTED MILLS N MWW ,ff ' f - MQ swf ,Ji JCM' fy Q4 WP swf fjjwm U ,wwf OHVHSQYJQM QQ YJxxl, I. J iwpggfjjgfy jf 0,4 J Qof if 5969! M325 WWW? FRIEND X FALCCDNER GLF BARNES SERVICE, INC- CONSTRUCTION CO O "C0rigriztiiZizti0m to the Class of 1963" BERTHOLD STUDIOS tSpeciaIists in Yearbook Photographyl Akron, Ohio Canton, Ohio Erie, Pa. Jamestown, N. Y. Meadville, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Troy, N. Y. Warren, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Lockport, N. Y. Pittsfield, Mass. Williamsport, Pa PAUL W. STEARNS "Complete Friendly Imiirizrice Service With Your Future In Mimi" Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE and HERITAGE SECURITIES INC. 22 West Falconer St. Falconer Phone 97-838 New York N N PHYSICIANS OF FALCONER J. E. SERVIS . ,, E .xi ,I PLUMBING BEM at HEATING ca., LANDSCAPE ,NC SERVICE 21 W. Main 'Street North Main St. Ext. oner New N XX COMPLIMENTS OF TED JOSE Residential - Suburban Rentals - Appraisals MARIGN FARGO REALTOR 70 East Main Street FI er NewY - 1 1, '7 J I 5 IJ!! . f l1Jaw' i ,ff u97fLJf'VWqj , 1, K I, f 'LD 1, il if 4 377W 795 l W ffif 7 3,9 DU' if V ' v li' 'fx ' f' .f 1 .f f J x f' .J 1 v r Q.. W , . f. G ing? if ff! Wi' 1 92' Q UW if Mfkf . M ,Q J I 71 'X' L fi 1 jjj J 5 3' xg f U J' gi . 1 1 ff 1 ' - -1 , x f?!w!Y2 M' 't Q' I A . s , 3 'nf WWQWG Qjf s f' ,UV '2.f!,' V ufvl i if , M J !CfWfff'jMNMjlU,,,,ff'f'!fV,f JJJ3 Wdidwwfjawwm' 9,QJfMfffQfQ,Qfff'QUJQ' I Qmfdcwp 52 WD Nf gkfwq MW WVQQ EWJHQV df' M 7 J My WW 5,WJjjllpIgfUQA,JfQl U GJ X! M dwwww fm WNW W ,ffm W CV w J M WW DJJ. PM ' 1 SSZWN fgqyx , -vain! 2 QW 'P fy .x in wig Uwidfuf iw no 04 X A . MEMS wif FJ Kwfvkm ZW? M A- if "' ,X Y A f 4390 :ff 'fi' ' wb F 7 D I i J JU' Ml. PW 'ix-"W l Qf OQVK mf A J J i 'QIFCUQJ ' of VX NJ P VCVJCB ff x -1 F I P A ', If x . ! ff cw Aff? Off ff J 6,9 QQ kia 20 fi If I -237 Ka 0 O ' E 3 ,, JP C - g GV f'WlX5-.ag-gh, H QJJ9-f my -QKXV M y K I 4 ,GFX fy UQ? i?Vz,QTQ ,jf 1 f ,X Qfaqxig W Wffmbwfzffif Md q 1 - Wi fijf?3jiM3W RQEHE, yM9'5i l RW LE-Q 0531+ M' ML W2 ' . gfmwv QWM ,N 4 A: fx U.-'v fi by w ,xv x .4 7 if I 'I A xx. QJNJJJKU I ,-fV!Z4J J I fi I V iv 577 I , .WUUF M fw ,Q dwwwf ., M 9, UU, ,, ul ,M F .JU-'U .1 Uflfg iff! Q ' j Sly! 1 f' N' Www f .any -. x A A fm KJ J I' V- AL! U vlfbij 5 Milf, xy l Xvv I . fp-'V .' fy LA A, y h MX., X L' . ljfff f 'f XXV X ,zcjlfaj XJVVWJ fx 0 XL' 1 J, J , bLI"'U X' fb 1 iubx ' 1 jj U wg, V J V ww 'f rMVX If , 3 w 0 of ' Q M + 'N wif MXFZWMM wim gj yy 6,545 Ag lwffc 10 QM ' ff'LM.g4,6-Axfi 65f'772,b97Z-A'l'!fJ2biLZ, IQMO " lbftffi' Jag' bww - cuyaaf ' ' ,zfguzgjx 14,12 ff- GJYJ Jim Vffawfw. 'dm Qbffwf Www RMQLL BDLUVCA L L4L,wl7J Q iw -22? muwf 1 WK ufvwfij ! 7B"z ,4-fjs2f73Lf ffL.7ff' ' M " ygQff14f?5 wff r2v2ffwffl'f"1f"W' WV? . gffvjfffif y bf bf , 'ggJ 'iZ?1 5,4 Z, fwfvi' ' a-f1fV"", ' 1 A ' Cflffxlf , -U -fb TQ V 'DWW7'7ff7' Z7"TymQ'f "7' " 7'f7f3fY5 W fmyl' fm 'QI ' "?fz'LQ.fyz,04ffW' QV-ffdiza A, , . f"1'3JQ'LlfN gr. A 7,9-7f6f7' '17o .,yfQ QHAZUHOCfZjjZJCfi"7!f'2i-22' Lf r2'p'f'07Q L F O 11' U IR' '31 A'27'N'D'ED Hcjfuqyv Aafwwffqqvf '0L'iQNfA7"'ZT 'Q mfcfc,-" Q fl f pgifyjyvggy filqjfzffw V fy f Q, . Ln 47 ,, .V ffl' K 9 ,gli 4444 Ln-12-67 ygfyf2fbQ2"2ff,Wff2J "" 2JnZ'64'f7QD VVV7 L,ff'2f-"4 ,1fp.pffZw MQ' IDT 97 'ayfafzfzjiy Ffa f if 2 Kg' ' M nil, V T, M11 K , xs - 7 - V f'f E B Q L W .,,, , ff c'YG,,,ff ffff-6CJ'Qf'i7!. - , 53 I 1 71 f ' ,,y,.,f -Xfity ?4L,J B Z f "wifi, -.,,444,4'fJ M-f U'ff' b Ca c- A fl L 4645 !,.'Z.,ff:fQCXL443' xg Ng' . A ' kd! W A ll", Q. fr ,f ,LJSJ ,, ' ATTQZL. ',9" PVC! fb! 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