Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY)

 - Class of 1953

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Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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UM ,U U J Hwrxngm ,NIR ig I I ix ' 1 .N 'X , ay' .1 . V X 6 . It , mx 1 " .1 'J tm + J N 'Nd , . ' . if lf':K"' A ,Lx A Q A L 9 , K Q, ' ' s ,E f L i - A ,MA Q' Y' 'A J " K' Eu 5 , 'YJ l ' f IAN? A ,- 1 R1 M , - 'J J I XXI ,- , ! A , 'X A ak 1 lf: p .. A - 1 A Xi, Aff' Q! Al,f' f' 'xxx ,K f v I ,IQ ,1 , In A N L 6, A -4-L Q f ff If V! V , A A I A. ,X yw ,, in I 4' .. f , f , A , , ,I '3 . ' ff 1 1 b J z L vi 'V l 'L' O47 xx iq l I Y X", K N-J ll ' Bd , P K Ia ,p 9, ' F' mi A ' .1 fi- -u ,x . "' W f ' x 3' x X 1 x J P1 gf V' ' 1 VY K, V wf'Qf ,ay Q N F Y -Y Xxx 9 . f L 1-4 V ,N x- K Q 0 X 0' 15 Q A 'hx df V if 1, x P1 1' X 3 -. ,, Q Q K V. 'xx xi " V" ' V X g, - 5 .F f Q fm" if X UQ i 2 F J 1 1+-' 'P X N 1 K ' s , w. ks. N if ,Cf 1' 'fit , Vx yi '15 -1 . H J , i F 5 n s K -.f N Lv ' 1. 5 BP? Vt 5' 'x H i '.r Sf Q il 1 x V 'MI 1 L t 0 ' k Parrette has worked at the Bronx C G cl W oclsf uor Coptcun T 53 Speck A1 FCS Graduation I Xlttmhlt Capt Robert Nelson Parrctte of the US Coast Guard 1953 grxduate ot I' llconer Htgh School w1ll be the commencement bpealter durmg graduatlon 3,9 'VT' CAPT ROBERT PARRETTE Connect IL ut Ht gr: Ucerctsu at I' S Nlondax June 2 Thls xlll be he 35 annuxl its trtct commence ment cerernons Pirrcttt is cur rentlx on acttxt dutx as a aentor phwttul thtraptxt L1 the LS-LU s nsxrx n t Xian 'NJ Parrztte hx ocen lxccnsed fxxnnnl n and tndorbemutt tn New Xork hm S S duated from Ithxcl College School of Phxslcal lherxpx a S grtt lt art t Unlxersxtx ot North tarollnx School ot Publlc Health mth NIS degree 1972 HL hae rent tcd LXILIISIXQ add t onu umtxon md n L lou format l prott tor tt cor ez enceb and -.rrr n tru and tw pubh ltd x pn 5 an S 1 rt Q He has been glven mllltdfy and cull commendatxons and aw ards for merxto FIOUS aclmement Munlclp zl HOSplt xl Center ln the Bronx the state Hehabllttatton Hospital at W Haxerstravt IN X the Neteranb Admm letratxon Neuropsxthmatrxc llobpxtal at Peekktll N Y VNLA Hospital ln James to n Vt lford H ll L S Alr Po Hospital and at Nltsblon Road Home tor C hlldren both tn San -Xntomo Tex llxs held lsslgnrncnts durmg htm at me duty wth the L S Publ c Health b1l'YlC,P haw. been vuth the DlXlSl0X't ot thromt Dxseasu at 'lopeka lxanms and Proxldence Rl the central of hu stroke SKKUUII l S Publlt Health Scrum, IH Washmgton the Lmxersltw ot North Carolma at fhapcl H111 the lnxlronmcntal Prottttton Xgencx He sf. lrch Trlanagc Park Nor th Carolma and chuf phxslcal therapht LSCG Xtadtznx Nut london tonn He has also been responsxblc for addmonal toast tutrd kc xdcrnx resport:,1b1l1t1es 1 d tor multiple professtonallx related tommunttx actxwlttu He ts an actne t X11 ruin Phxat lneripx Xasouatur tn man tate th xpters and db a natlonal rnembersht thatrman 1 . . ,V I . . 'D ,T -- f' . f .' ' 1 ' ' . 1 ' , ai - ' ' - ' ' 't . ' - A .... ,- . . . . 2515222-. " ' . 'litiiieiii - ' lv 4 . . ' - ' - ' ' .i ' t-' 1 , Y , , . , , . I Q A - b ,.... :ith ' 1 c , , . 5 ' , . , , 4 ,. -75' , -' w , '1 a . ' ' rce 225155, 1gQ1Q?fSij:Q:j1jQ,-V. .t V - I 4 W . , , . . , V ' -- .3 5.5, 5:55535-:f-gzggggi-A pc Il V' 1 ape '1 f ' 1 " ' : A z ' - 1 ' 1 5 - ' " , , , ,g .l ' - --gf by ztxo : 1: H . 5 Qu., X lfgllllil and -I ' 1 ' -' ,- 1 - ' " . X z ' ei ' " ' - ' ' ': ' f Q . ' z Q 4 - '1 2' ':, " with ' BQ de H in 195.4 ' 11 th - 1 " - .W , , t , .q " " ' an . Q ' 1' in ' if 2 L .5 :L X D' .' 'N I . ' in - , ' A :KJ , .. . ed -4 ' . 1:1 ning, pre-st-nf -tl nu nxt-nthcr ot th- .V 1 e ll .fcal me' LS ' "ant ' 'ras .Q " ffl- fi v' 1' " 1. my S' ."t11" Ez: -1 ",' 1 9 , f 7 I a Viif'lCl,' ot ncqslt al gtu lx --gortf - ' ' , , 1-J' 4 fx, X! l' -, Q 'v 1955 ADMINISTQATKON .Li QSENWBQSQ 2 Z ns X, JDQLASS' 3 TS IQAOCERQ -i -2? Aov Em-151 we if 5 W7XVw ? vijA?fi, gf? W 'Q?BXQT -D! gf T, Q 5 Q3 W cLuBS 2-:iii ' M i'if1 Qi 5 MJT M FORE ORD E are proud to present th1s log of the classes and 3Ct1V1t1ES of the School year 1952 53 to the students and faculty of F C S In thls log you w111 have a permanent, p1ctor1a1 record of the past year faculty classes, clubs and the Golden Falcons It IS our s1ncere w1sh that by turnmg the followmg pages many fme mem ones of th1s year w1l1 return to you now as ln future years -lr,--f 'I2- -'-'Ng' 11: 45. -Pig, i- -3.. 5- .t'5T+' ' ' B- ! X ri? 2 l Rs, DEDICATIO EDITH WEAVER DEDICATION T is with great pride and pleasure that we dedicate this log of our Journey to our guide Miss Edith Weaver All along the way she has opportunities Taking a deep personal interest in each, she devotes each day to working out our problems and planning material which will help us to determme our careers Although her Job is immense and her time precious, she is always a patient and sympathetic listener when we need her We are happy to have this opportunity to say ' thank you H 3 x r so helped us to get to know ourselves - our real interests, abilities and . . , E OR! N November 12th of this year the Falconer Central School was greatly saddened by the death of our beloved supervising principal, Harvey C Fenner Mr Fenner had served in the Falconer Schools for the past 25 years and was dearly loved and respected by all his pupils and associates Born in Rochester, July 8 1904, Mr Fenner attended Albany State Teachers College and then became vice principal at Briarcliff Manor High School He came to Falconer in 1927 as science and math teacher and later became vice at several different colleges and universities He was named first supervising principal of the Falconer Central School District Mr Fenner was an active member of his church and commumty and will long be remembered by the students of F C S for his fine spirit and personality It is the hope of these students that the grace of God rest upon him forever more 4 , . principal. In 1937 he received his master' s degree after graduate extension study MEMORIANI HE sudden death of Mr Iullan S Blgelow at the flrst of thls school year came as a great shock to the faculty and students of F C S Mr Blgelow was born October 18 1902 1n Portland Malne He attended Bowdoln and Bates colleges, and took h1s master s degree at St Bonaventure C01 lege He came to thls school flve years ago as head of the Engllsh Department He taught Engllsh III dramatlcs, publlc speakmg and llterature Mr Blgelow was also an actwe faculty member of the Honor Society and took part ln the Llttle Theater of Jamestown Mr Blgelow s classes were always llvely and mterestmg w1th hls quotmg from varlous dramas and poems as well as actmg out passages from them He was truly a great frlend of the student body as well as the faculty and they wlll long remember hlm for h1s sense of humor and many quotatlons 5 S it i lap, Jlf BOARD OF ED CATIO Row2 G Benson L Baker L Anderson W Steele C Stowcll HE school board stands ready at all tlmes to render 1ts servlces It approprlates money for the Corrldor, Falcon and other school projects The members devote much trme and effort to provlde us wrth the proper educational oppor tumtles For these and other reasons the Corrldor wlshes to express 1ts smcere apprecratlon to the Board of Educa txon 6 I N ,N J X A Row 1: M. Russell, M. Swanson, J. Henderson, E. Larson, A. Scoma. - 9 ADMI ISTR TIO Y Carl Stowell High School Principal Gregory Benson Supervxsmg Pnnclpal XX HE adrmnistration and faculty of Falconer Hlgh stands ever ready to serve the student body The1r Job conslsts not only of teachmg, but of glvlng personal guldance actlng as chaperons, and settmg a good example to hlgh school students At thelr fmgertlps must at all tlmes be kept methods of proper dlsclpllne, unpartlallty, and w1th thxs they must pos sess a sense of humor and a hkmg for the students 7 S is O,k ' e 'V 'ls -1 X f 2 ,Xxx kv? v", X' XJ a i1 N Q: W is J',I I !-' , KQN' ax .v l s v yn, X . X. ,Xu x lf 51: 'X sul' V x M xx 54.3 x 7 s A. I .- K . - - X7 . .. . , . G f' Qi if I Rx 1 1 J I I F JI If X X v v X . a Jxvl I f K5 ,FU 1 t me LFY rs' Q5 I ART B Wray AG H Shoup SOCIAL STUDIES R Smlrh M Johnson MUSIC W Huesus E Andersen HISTORY L Anderson E von Reyn X X HOME EC A Thelander B Morey IND ARTS R Nosu-ant J Eklum 2 if 139 Xa 4 2 V X ,fi Z7 FAC LTY L -I? rf SCIENCE I GOHSIOISR I Matthews I DSIUYCTI ENGLISH L Peterson R Llndholm K Johnson MA'1'H E Reno L Matteson D Yauchzy I Dugan LANGUAGE B W11ts1e ii' COMMERCIAL P Levato E I-Ioene PHYSICAL NURSES M Marker B Johnson LIBRARIAN M ED N Berg B B1shop N Fedorka Thomas GUIDANCE E Weaver 9 DE T COUNCIL Rowl B Calabrese J Lxndquxst C Rlgby R Le Roy J Wensley D Malm E Weaver Row? B Boe J Rossmg C Anderson G Wrllrams K Matteson R Lodestro J Everett C Shoup B Rossmg B Taylor F Vrncent M Huckleberry X 'NN , , 10 PRESIDENT Robert LeRoy VICE PRESIDENT Cynthla Rrgby SECRETARY J2.Ckl6 Wensley TREASURER .T Lmdqurst TUDENT Councrl IS the law mak mg body of Falconer Central School. Permrssron has to be grant ed by thrs body before any school or gamzatron holds a soclal actrvrty or a money makrng pro1ect. Each home room elects a representatrve, thus all laws that are passed have the full backrng and consrderatron of the stu dent body. 4' I Q A Q Q , L, . , i , : K ,C -H E 5 , 1 K . H f A K n K R., I A- f 1 X rw' Q5 H A K , fs ,Mi 5 - , ' -. r , f A ,4 , - I ,ai no L. , . gy A I .. if 7 K Y. 6' . I wi' ,e - 5 I' f : . . . ' ' . - . - . - . - . - - : . . , . , . , . . . , . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q . . . . . . . . Q . Q . Mrs Leonard, Mrs Inwood, Mrs Healy 11 w ff: Q XSYIJ7! li S, J' ilw X Wg? Zn IX Qji if fy! ,vi X iv -A v LQ .7 M ,' - 4 l X Xsfx wx V 4' I ? . X' 'fb A fa 2- - Vv,-: Y f gf vkvjfi 7 K 1 V X 7, N N" f if j K f ,v I f ' ' KW' fl xx- Q" .f ' X , ,mg Qf ,314 7 r l' .1 x af IWW' -ikls K-Txx I N , i V f R I V". 'xx MX -'Y - Y, -.f' 'ff W 0 1, -2 4 f W .14 41' 7 y "Lf .Y 7 Y, 'Z , v' 5.-fy! 1 ! "1 ','-, XX l .1 f .' f'7m! 2. ,g DVISOR E IOR OFFI ER VICE PRESIDENT W Holmburg TREASURER I Everett PRESIDENT D Sage SECRETARY M Thompson 13 GARY ABBOT llGary!9 Quiet, reserved, one of Shoup' s boy' s, one of our Sf ROBERT ALEXIS Bob Class gemus Dugan s boy math whlz, 'Mr Rogers grease monkey at Phllllps garage IANICE ANDERSON an Hails from Elhngton, co operatlve, good frlend, con scientlous M MJWHL NJ' ""'17"?f"' DONALD BLASHA Don Good lookmg Vivlan, has h1s moods, basketball fan 1, vt ,W A younger class mates. , 4 'eff X ' . LOIS ADAMS KCI-Ioisll Home ec. major, loves to argue, s111y, "Queenie", a w111mg class mate. HOLLIS ANDERSON 0 IS Xu WW One of th more xfetlcent members of our class, 11k brush cuts Q5 L 161 fQ7 ,AW OR ANDERSON Norma Red blushes easlly, s111y, Macky 8a I, always roller skatlng SHIRLEY BURCH A Sh1r1ey" xx F con edltor, smart gurl, 5 ioves .to square dance ' Come on, klds, let s get that news ln ' at as W1 CC 73 gg 11- yy - I Q Ojnl bhqv 7 ' K 5, . . . . . . g . C um 171615 . A lx LQ ' J l Id A f I I v 1 f r W yi AX CCI 77 CC ,I l ' O 1 , . . .. . I x . a N U I . .I M 1 ' :kk , My ' U O ' cc 77 1. c - D . 7 . I . . x fs ' L . . ' ' ' , 4: fd , A ':' N l - INA xx X l In 1 nt! 1" NJ ,, uh' Qu 'J 14 17 4 yd, I l,3JMf RICHARD BUSH Dxck Full of dev11try, women, buzzlng here and there, blg wheel ln Boy Sco ts 3149 AHA ROGER COBB Rog Cute, Marjorle takes up all h1s spare time chlef occupatlon loaimg ROGER COWAN H Rog Busmess manager of Fal con, photographer typlng whlz, pal to all chle of school po11ce gui POLLY CULVER Pol Cheerleader, cute, full of energy, sewing Sz kmttmg Allen, Stephens bound PAUL CAMARATA HBIRCKIG Basketball Sz track star, a , dark, and sllent frlendly lady klller LUCILE COLBURN Luc11e" -J-vt. Bram, ghiligzmne of our more hard workmg Semors, always ln llbrary, co oper atlve K K Q A IE,AN CRAPQ jf e n Expert flutest, blushes eas 11y, Bradford lnterests retty halr, frlendly GL EN ENG MAN Glen ' Future Farmer of Amerlca, always late, La Dare 'yi-6 Ny 4, fl M12 41,1 f 'N x 3042. J fslwffit. NANCY SIJNEQUIST Nan Artlst, everyone s pal Kennedy crowd, Anyon w nt a spud nut?" cute blonde, expert actress IUANITA EVERETT Squlrt MY Y pres , Senlor class money holder, athletlc, pal to all .lfjwy yu' ff! I If ,ff jgfifllogseiy French Clu pres ,qu1et sweet, Falcon reporter, In dustrlous, plays the plano ROSEMARY FUNCELL Rosey' T1ny, cute, beautlful halr Where s Beryl?" Ellmgton roo r J -1.1 xiii... X xkvki-l yuskax -5914. ll , 7 X I I K , I N I - x , I IANICE ERICSSON an Sllly, soda Jerk, always wllllng to help Kennedy gang LUCILLE FONTI Lucy Star Market blues, nn Lorrame and I, men, mad chemxst, always happy CARL FUNCELL Sp1ke" Handsome, athletlc, halls from Elhngton, qulet, has a hard tune keeplng away from the glrls MONICA GAGE MOHICH Honor Soclety, cute, cheer leader, muslcal, sllly, qulz kld lot sa pep xi DLX ' x . A ' ' 1 cc as T' ul ar , I . -. . gl , 1 J i 9 9 a - . , . - 0 ff ' 5, lf ,Y - . ' Q A , . -r ' . Qu-IVA' 9' di! I A I t r . I 0 f' i I 5 F' fx , .41 - ,L , ' ' J, ' A M6 I 4 far-'ll af! M2 ef". . t ,fffq J - 1 ' ffji' rc - lf", fly' '. 11:1 if ll 1 -A . . 2 . . . . A f . IC 7 1 46 ' 77 N gg I I , , L' . . . - . . , ' I , ' j X 'kj 1 L! - In I F I 1 J' . L . l f ' LJ I ' A 5 g l x N I ' , ' . Q I' . I ' 16 ' X , g6'fJ.1l41-A'efX"lL"G L64 W tj-A v " IOYCE GREEN I yce Quiet, reserved, a Kennedy irl, Randolph interests WALLACE HOLMBKERQ Lek Wally ,Z M donor Society all around athlete, Veep of Senior class friendly 'Westmgh use 9 H len M4 rl1LL7X?J7CfCt1 DONN W OD nn Hang ville ' as ' her d there, cute o e A red Erighxrl LAWRENCE Eileen ' Athletic, likes to square dance, Ellington rooter, tlisaymd h interests. ' nl , fi- ' ,Y C4614 may Nb f13zIc1-JAmJVi5I6DoE,s Dick' 1 Honor Society pres our advertising mgr Cute silly and athletic Pitts burgh Kenmore X BE-RYLX HOWARD "Bch-yl Silly, cute, nice shape English girl, ' 'Letts skip- school, R.0S16'U Rough on boys I UARLENE KEITH y .Dar" I Honor Society 'cute, cheer- leader, sig , men are er hobby, coII-favge boundf ANNIS LeBARON nnis Cute, petite, Mike and I, works at Harold' s, Arlie' s side-kick. 1 2 3 bww, .. ,J .J V ,, A are :X ' I 5 X VJ 1 V7 X 1, . V, jf I ,n A ' AROBERT LeRoY f 1 X' "Booby" Honor Society, shy, Student Council Pres., trombone player, bound for college. I v-f , corawnfxgj I' Mei fd X THOMAS NEATHERY Tom Tall dark handsome, silly, likes the girls, me, the car and Webeck JACK PETERSON ack Future farmer, girls, bas ketball fan, sings in choir, ambitious cop LORRAINE MALENGA "Lorraine" Works at Murphy' s, likes basketball 8z softball, Ann, Lucille and I, full of fun. x an X QJQLIE MEABON s h oey ' Tiny, hkeable, quiet al ways with Anms, loves to roller skate ,W J ROBERT PARRETTE Bob Parlez vous franca1se?, very musical, works at Pug S, toots French horn MAXINE PETERSON Mack Honor Society the bass viol Sz I, sells tickets at the State, actress n , I 11A - N 1 . - f DORIS PHILBRICK Doris Red head, shy, good pal, Oh those blushes reliable lives in library N GENE SA X ff' Gene" Hunting expert, girls good looking, those eyes, athle ic, future truck driver kia RICHARD SAMPSON Dick Me 8: Einstein, sleeps in biology, studious, Upsala here I come Chemical engineer g,,y?,Zlfflf MMA, IAMES SHIELDS AAA im Friendly, likes to read sports fan, those Irish eyes " , ff 4 ' KL A , W jg I J J CYNTHIA RIGBY Cee" Honor Society peppy cheerleader pal to all, cute, usher at State, wise cracks DARRELL SAGE Darrell ' Honor Society, class pres football man, sense of hu , on to colle -.1.f 797 W, ,afii .Zdfvf-A16-1.."'.2Tt jf! 'KA tt WJ! -f R fv MARILEE SHARP Marilee' ' Kennedy gang, future Flor- ence Nightingale, loves to bowl ll g .f ' ' L ROBERT SMITH Bob Basketball player, My Ford Tall, Woman shy I 4 , -Jrf flee GERTRUDE STAHLMAN ' Trudy Fllrt, stubborn, cute, tmy, talkatlve, hkes to roller skate, artlst GLORIA SWANSON Glorla Engaged to Jerry, s111y, always dolng somethln easy golng I0 INKTHDMPSON Jehu Wlt pop corpfsellexl, flirt fufl of deviltry Gage Ki I rx , ROXANNA THOMPSON 'Roxy Engaged to Norbert, - ways happy peppy likes to argue 124 N J MARCELLA STUDD une Athlete, sxlly, works at Eckerd s, easy to get a. long wlth MADE YN SWEET: 1 Madelyn Z Sully, forgetful, always losmg thmgs works at hospltal, Alfred bound MARJORIE THOMPSON ort' Cute Roger I fastbowler employed at Murphy's likes to drive. A -U47 M :WW MARGARET T GERSON ' Maggie' Cute, tiny, blondie, doesn say much, blushes easily ' 1 ,f' f I A N . , . " ANN VICARIO f nn Nlce dresser cute fun fashlon shows ambltlous artxst ROGER WA LDEN Rog Nancy and I me and my car comlcal 5-X1 ROBERT ROSE NBORG Bob Southwestern mterests qulet type setter at Post Iournal Fredoma bound , Jr 0 " 1 21 PATSY WAI ' a Honor Soclety Ye olde edltor, college bound that Enghsh accent VIVIAN WESTERDAHL Vxvlan S111y hot bowler Don m ploied at Murph RW 'Lp xv ...KS Qnzor cfuperlafl V25 . . . ' -14 lj U V Friendliest-Cynthia Sz Roger A Most Ambitious-Lucille 81 Roger Best Looking-Rosie Sz Carl ' Best All-Around-Juanita Sz Darrell' Most Reliable-Juanita Sz Roger ' Best Personality-Cynthia Sz Dick - Most Typically American-Patsy gl Dicls Most Likely to Succeed-Patsy Sz Darrell 22 1? Most Athletic-June 8: Paul -C utest-Arlie Ka Roger Most Popular-Cynthia Sz Darrell Best Dressed-Polly KL Bob- Best Dancers-Polly Sz Dickx Most Musical-Monica Sz BobN Biggest Flirts-Beryl KL Genet Most Comical-Ioan gl Don 4-W7 ,,ksQ CLASS OF 19 4 if 9-., Rowl Mr Dugan G Ness D Kedlng S Llttle J Clayton R Huckleberry C Mead Row2 J Plano R Lodestro D Schrllxng M Chrpman C Selrn B Ramsey C Strandberg C Robblns R Durphy G Westphal 'JLG Row 1 Mrs Matthews B Crespy J Pond P Page E Spenser Row2 D von Rotenhan R Stearns H Howard D Buggs L Thompson D Wane Row3 D Baker M Frtzpatnck R Wuertzer R England B Matteson D Adams I Proudman 24 I 'ik X , A ' .1 "W P' A if 1 , , ' X ' V 'nf 5. K 1 4 sv ' 1 A I , K: 4 4, -L D. Le Roy,-E. Stenstrom, C. Vollentine, J. Cameron, P. Mata, S. Robbins, Row 3: F. Schrader,.D. Elleman l E3 Ag 23 Row 1 I Eklum D Nelson G C1r1nc1one C Ecksn-om L Lodestro P Buck P Matlock N Snow Mr von Reyn Row2 L Johnson J Bardo M Cowan J Carlson D Maln H Saxton A Green Row3 D Letson I Turner I Wensley H Schnars S Rich J Kennelly J Camarata Row4 M Faubanks C Ames L Dennson B Gunnell D Brunner K Kessmger B Guts PRESIDENT Jackle Pond VICE PRESIDENT Boyd Matteson SECRETARY Donna Le Roy TREASURER Fred Schrader CHE Iumor Class IS one of our buslest classes because of the preparatlon for the Iumor Senlor Banquet and the Prom In order to ralse money for these events the class charges each member one dollar a year ln dues It also manages a concesslon stand at a game and has bake sales A Turkey Sock Hop was 1ts dance for the year and was held ln November The major source of ln come IS the sale of magazme subscrlptnons A contest IS held and awards are glven to those who sell the most subscnptlons Iumors may order their Class rmgs ln January and recewe them ln the Sprmg All Iumors have a share m the work and fun that thls year brmgs 25 CLASS 0F 1955 Rowl C Covedale V Everhart W Rowland D Abbott N HOW'1g R Frank D Anderson Row2 L Anderson G Carlson C Edlngton N Carlson A Russell E Wrckstrom M Young Row3 R Cross R Shoup D Anderson S Norbert L Woodard Row4 A Fay R Stahley S Keefe D Johnson R Baker F Vlncent P Runfola Y gs :Iwi Rowl J Amenta S Palmen N Johnson J Olson R I-Lltchcock K Penhollow C Baker Row2 P Levato J Babcock E Parsons P Wlnslow S Lodestro L Marsh J Dahl Row3 I Dahl B Morton R SCO!! R D1CkS1'S0I1 I Bardfb J Perluns E DIMBIO M Rum1ano Row4 G Stevenson B Rossmgs D Larson F D1m1n1co I Town 2 Rowl E Hoene B Calabrese I Axken P Beck 1 Holland M Falrbanks B Cornwell S Selln Row2 L Stearns S Matteson L Peterson I Sampson J Cobb L Cronk E Platt Row3 R Palmerl R Yachetta R Young W Peterson R Elf J Graham J Anderson G Roberts Row4 D Johnson V Clupman B W1n slow R Beach D Larson W Snuth R Jones L Schnars FQ" Nr, Im E -55' rff' 3' Hr-x5 I X L A 'c. .Q 1 I KA I :U x I 3 v xg- "' Q is SECRETARY . . . Joanne Dahl f 4 U X ff f Q- Zigi- ,V a ,H I 27 PRESIDENT Gary Stevenson VICE PRESIDENT Chuck Larson TREASURER Dick Scott CLASS OF 19 6 Rowl S Mc Mxllen R Me1qu1st M Vanstrom M Sard A Prrce D Young L Jolmson J Saxton M Walker L Mc Elprne Row2 E Reno P Sm1th S Nelson S Matteson E Mays M Tubbs B Swanson F Vme N Norman P Rlcherson Row3 G Platt C Youngberg J Wrseman D Young I Sm1th P Smano L Schrader M Thompson D Stomes Row4 H Walker R Steele C Shoup I Carter R. Terry D Lefford R. Wxden R W11l1ams L Marn '1 Rowl I Clayton L Berggren A Booke S Carlson I Babcock D Crandall C Chxpman J Anderson C. Craw. Row 2: G. Debell D. Davis R. Gust S. Covey B. Cowan B. Abbers D. Crandell C. Anderson N. Carlson. Row 3: R. Case E. Boe M. Crone W. Hotelling W. Traine R. Brands I. Jones C. Golding Row 4: G. Bloss R. Burch B. Taylor 'vl. Guy V. Boyd C. Fredrica P. Fonti R. Montgomery. , za Q. N Rowl I Klem I Bardo M Lannger P Funcell K Larson L Fratemgo J Hoene N Johnson B Delahoy E Whrpple Row2 M Johnson J Johnson D Adsrt D Custer R Frederxcks C Larson V Gardner P Kedmg J Lrndqlust I Lamb D Hallett Row3 W Saulsgrver J Lmdstedt I saff R Porter D Fuller W Sadler F Schol1no G Robbrns J Palmen L Rumlano Row4 T Roberts F Rowan W Hanson C P13223 R Sadowslu C Maloney I Parrette R Txtus B Ralg N Raymond Lfyfn 'I EC. PRESIDENT Charles P13223 ,1 VICE PRESIDENT Beulah Cowan SECRETARY John Sa.ff TREASURER J ack .Tones 29 L gg R 2' R if R Q -3 of 5 7 ' 5 '5 ll if - 0 sffj 1 Q 5 Ix fl: ' ' 4. I 1' , gazff X ..,.. F X Xl f y , . . EIGHTH GRADE 1 Rowl J Speas S Kerth R Lodestro C Cooper G Benxntende E LeBaron J Mxller Row2 S St1mson P Plano M Sandberg A Marlatt N Hallett L Mc Chesney C Vollentrne Row3 A Johnson L John son N Reed F Shetters L Berghtol D Dake Row4 B Hanson W Chandler I Johnson L Walker R Cooper J Parsons Rowl K Johnson M Meanon 5 btenstxom S Colera D Scott N Wakefreld I Hallberg D Camprsano Row2 L Lrttle M Powell B Rowan D Beebe M Marn I Peet H Crandall Row3 D Larson rg Hulun I Henderson B Jones H Pangborn B Srruth K Matteson S Brrggs Row4 A Wrlson B Dowd S Van Gurlder I G1rts E johnson K Dahl 30 My -. . F P N . Q -F qt I I .K nf' -,V 'K " f , '41 . ' 9 K. i f K A 'g Q jx Rowl J Hahn R Bardo S Fumcello S Helm N Lmdqulst M Rlch K Mc Cool Mr Peterson Row2 G Burress B NICOSIS S Chambers M Huckelbery C Johnson N Plrne S Schell Row3 J Parsons B Smxth C Wrlght V Marsh B Johnson P Pearson B Weden Row4 B Goodw1l1 W Doud C Stearns B Vollentme D Camarata X Rowl B Wray C Sage C Abbey B Green ,, Hallett S Parment V Jones Row2 B Burch S Holland P Sears K Lodestto D Malm D Wonders Row3 R Alexls V Matuson D Prrnce J Ed mgton S Stevens K Van Natter D Graham Row4 A Leach D Mee D Walker D Phrlrps H Hopkms 31 , I X ,In X f N"' - :YJ-J Q A .- .V .4 l K -. V 4 . 6 1 I l L - p Qi Q L 5 A . N L. bf : - . . . . ' . - ' . . ' ' , . ' , . , . . - . - 1 - . - , . , . , . . : . , . - , . , . , . , . . : . . . , . , rg' Y S f, , X as .I , , .- . y ' , '45, 5 .1 in - . ' , 7,1 , 'Q ' - af , 4 r- ' C17 - , A ,A ' ' 'gg ' ,v Q " A V, 2 V 1' 5' by V' nl f ' ff s , ' A J . I V x if S . V2 S f . W 5 : . , . , . , . , '. , . . . . : . , . , . , . . . , . . : . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . . . SEVE TH GRADE Rowl L Matteson D Colburn I La Duca L Peterson D Plulbrxck B l-lousler L Prazza V Dowd Row2 C Anderson D Abbey S Abbott P Norman D Wxckstrom D Mays I Conner Row3 M Goodwell V Swanson P Cornwell B Grrts D Foster D Raybuck S Ackley Row4 G Parsons G Johnson J von Volen H Stevens B Everson I Sadowslu Ifif Row 1 B Morey L Ferry M Overturf S Gaeta S Khote A Everson V De Mare B Clupman Row2 D Johnson D Frankun B Hallberg B Van Gurlden K Larson M Muellerschon I Ramsey I Rossmg Row3 R Gustafson I Smrth L Lodestro R Camarata R Arnold R Jones C Swanson Row4 G Colburn F Dake J Perry L Wrlcox L Wlutmore C Baker 32 'HQ .-mv- .L fy Rowl R. Smuh S Stomes C Brands W Johnson T Rxcotta R Vrne L Fuller H Walker Row2 I Frankhn J Caswell L Babcock G Damelson D Smxth J Wrdmark R Morton Row3 I Olsen J Card R Le Barron G Wrllrams D Dye D La Momca R Pxazza Row4 I Parsons L Tubbs B BCCkVV1Ih C Anderson C Brant B Felt , ' 1 K L , 4 a' ' B -1 1' A . . I , ,M R V - - ,, -at '5 ' Q , EQ ,im , 'mfr wr? W by i ' , I I ' jaggf ,- g ' , . awe . .A I 5 w - U . . , , , u I 1 4, V . V , 0 . Q 7 " E ' V, . h . . , T 5 we rx r X . w ' , , '4 -3 ' 4 . xx, 3 ' D fi - ' R of-w,.QQWH ' ' ,ff l 1 ' ' . ,,, . an "" '4 Hina, 1, w 'Q VM , " JW, ,WSW - , , Hr- wa-.,,.,., yi A f i 'V HC I ITIQ f'X If 4 rf X Killlm f Muff i X QQW 3-1' HM2 X ww T P .A . . 'Q Q Z at , ,mfcgczf-ff 2, Kiel? ,. ,, ,, b - h , 1 4, .Q ,f l , . Q gt 1 , JI: , , J-,it-.Q X .. f .1 u-Nz. -5 t ,f X - E, USXHEE L, , f ' - -- 1 fi . 1 , 3- 1-X . .., 21511 fl - zgiizl ff " "fi S Q' 15 ,Q ,f 4 ,JL 1,55 'L 39.3. 14 ' 'FP 5,3 X1 A ,e. ' " x-N3 1 ' , X 0 I I J N P if Z Je. I - Mt, fy.. I , I "Q x ,-1"' "mlb E 1 I , 1--.u.1... All X 4 1 fr! XA 1 ,L 'I 1. j V Q 9? xx 5 . . - - V-'M f -Q A-5 - . X WWA, W MNNA 1 1 Q ,Aj x ,47W fl nn1Ul'l W! l I' ,,,.-:f,gfI ,I ggqnffnglllw I X 4-If .f .-r -1 ,ggw , , , - - -'f-fn' fum 1. Y iffZ4f7,Lz741'b' F-'sf-.1 1 f.213575-61ZCf's::1,aQzluaflmnu,,.L.mlW11m-M5 ., few-'lvl - W" N the following pages of our log you will find pictures of our clubs and organizations. There is the Corridor Staff which edits this annual the Falcon Staff who puts out our school paper once a month, the Honor Society composed of our better Junior and sen lor students the Student Council our student governing body the School Police our law enforcing body, the MI Y a branch of the Y W C A theHI Y abranchoftheY M C A,the F Club our athletic organizations the French Club composed of 2nd and 3rd year French students the Future Farmers of America our Agriculture students the Library Club which assists Miss Thomas in the library the Staff Club composed of our music students, the Ski Club whose membership includes our skiing enthusiasts the Bond and Stamp Club which takes charge of the sale of defense stamps and bonds to the students the School Bank which offers small loans to students who may have forgotten their lunch money, the Wrestling Club another athletic organization, and our music organizations, choir glee club, band and orchestra 55 if IZ 35 1 ,Fill ,. I . J - . S . . . .5 - - . . . .' . - S I ' a S . . . . 5 ' ' I S . I ' , . , f ,ri 'X ,J HQXXX 4' f' , f' 3 5 X lf I l in xx Q, .ai X .nw ff.: 1,1351 x 5 ' gil?-EEEEKQW , ' .N!:i31S'3?" 1 a - ' isf- -f 1 I Ymnnoolc ART EDITOR Ann Vlcarlo E DIT OR Patsy Walte ADVERTISING MANAGER Rxchard Hodges PHOTO EDITOR Roger Cowan BUSINESS MANAGER Wally Holmberg Row 1 N Engqmst M Sweet S Olson I Everett K Johnson I Proudman P Culver E Frank Row2 R Stearns S Robbms B Wray S Rxch F Schrader B Le Roy G Stevenson C Strandburg H Saxton B Matteson L Thompson 1 Clayton 36 AL H0 0R OCIETY 1 Rowl M Thomas C R1gby D Kexth M Gage R Hodges M Peterson C Stowell Row2 E Weaver Ch1ef Roger Cowan PRES Rlchard Hodges Ass t Chlef Jack Peterson Clerk Mon1ca Gage V PRES Darlene Kelth Judge Wallace Holmburg Judge Cynthla R1gby SEC Ka TREAS Mon1ca Gage CHO0L POLICE Rowl W Holmberg J Peterson R. Cowan P Waite C Rxgby Row2 C Stowell R. Hodges R Le Roy D Sage D Kexth M Peterson J Encsson E Lawrence 37 if L 5 L S sas F . 1 j ,P 7? SDD if .. J: , K ' A Fl a , 4 I t L P. Waite,'R. Le Royl, Holrnberg, D. Sage, E. von Eeyn. . I ' I I i . . , . . Q .... .... . F LCO TAFF 1 I ? 5' g S Rowl L Adams J Green D Kerth D Sage B Parrette J Crapo S Burch L Colburn Row2 M Thompson V Westerdahl G Mc Mlllen E Frank I Clayton G Swanson M Gage I Thompson Row 3 H Schnars I Kennelly R Frednco P Buck D Phllbrrck M Sharp N Anderson E Lawrence C Se11n Standrng left to rrght Mr Levaro C Sage D Anderson B Swanson N Johnson I Dahl R Cowan G Stevenson M Frtzpamck D Letson I Camarata K Kessmger F Schrader D Bush G Westphal D Brunner D Johnson F Schleno D Prrnce A Marlette H Crandall D Abbey B Smrth B Hallberg M Sandberg R Llndholm Rowl N Berg M Rumrano B Calabrese J Babcock H Saxton C Rxgby B Crespy C Eckstrom M Gage G Ness G Crrmcrone L Lodestro N Snow Row2 J Anderson J Arken D Nelson R. Huckle berry R Funcell B Howard S Palmer: D Waddrngton G Swanson, D Inwood B Cornwell D Le Roy I Pond M Thompson Row3 L Fonu J Thompson D Marn J Carlson N Anderson M Peterson D Kerth P Culver E Lawrence J Everett M Sweet I Studd Row4 J Dahl N Carlson I Sampson P Wmslow E De M310 H Schnars C Selrn J Kennelly D Elleman R Lodesuo S Lodesno S Mat uson E Wrckstrom Row5 R Shoup R Letson A Russell V Westerdahl I Larson M Shoup N John son E Parsons I Dahl L Adams J Errcsson R Cowan D Sage Row6 D Blashaw W Holmberg C Funcell D Hodges H Sadowskr N Cross P Camarata C Strandberg J Johnson B Gunnell K Kessrnger I Camarata D Johnson 38 M Rowl N Snow R Huckelberry R Funcell B Crespy E Frank M Sweet C Mc M11len J Everett P Culver G Crrmcrone I Green J Anderson Row2 A Vrcauo G Ness L Johnson B Howard G Stahl man D Cameron M Thompson S Robbrns C Vallenune P Mata H Saxton S Lrttle E Spenser Row 3 E Stenstrom B Cornwell D Le Roy G Swanson D Inwood J Thompson D Waddrngton J Pond D Ma1n J Carlson M Sharp J Plano Row4 M Gage N Contr J Bardo N Anderson D Elleman V Westerdahl N Engqurst M Peterson C Rlgby J Kennelley D Brrggs I Larson L Lodestro Row5 J Wensley C Sel1n C Eckstrom E Lawrence H Howard R Lodestro S Rxch H Schnars L Adams J Errcsson D Nelson Row 1 L Matteson R Parrette D Larson R Letson M Frtzpatrrck G Stevenson B Morton I Town Row2 F Drnuurco, B Matteson F Schrader R Le Roy D Sage J Proudman, R Englund ROW3 K Kessrnger C Robbms R. Stahley P Runfola W Smxth F Vmcent N Cross J Camarata 39 LIBR RY LB , M.. M M. .Q su J c Q ,, M Rowl F Schrader B Cowan B Abers N Engqurst C Strandberg M Thomas Row2 M Howrg J Anderson C Chrpman J Turner R Frederlcks E Mays G Westphal I Errcsson A Pnce S Covey B Delahoy L Johnson I Saxton AD 4 l Dahl A Prlce S Matteson D Hallet I Peet D Prmce Row3 I Jones L Denmson J Sm1th D Letrsrn D Dye I Parsons J Graham Row4 D Johnson R Durphy L Schnars C Strandberg B Terry B Taylor D Fuller Row 1: E, Reno, S. Nelson, G. Swanson, J. Hahn, C. Larson, D. Scott, D. Malm. Row 2: G. Robbins, J. 40 SCHOOL BA K 'fair Rowl E Reno L Johnson G Westphal F Schrader B Rossmg Row2 D Stornes C Sage D Malm C Suandberg D Wonders I Saxton V Jones FRC "'f 'bf Rowl B Wrltsxe R Lodestro J Clayton P Page E Frank Row2 S Olson J Plano L Lodestro D Anderson N Snow Row3 R Cowan J Babcock L Peterson M Sweet D Inwood C Rlgby B Rossmg 41 FUTURE FARMER i""F Rowl D Adams J Peterson G Engman C Ames L Woodward D Young D Shoup Row2 E Boe R Wonders C Shoup D von Rotenhan D Young M Young H Shoup Row3 D Anderson A Leach H Walder R Baker G Abbot B Wlnslow C Youngberg Row4 G Robbms M Thompson B Cross D Baker R Wllhamson D Warte KI CLUB Row 1: M. Thompson, D. Keith, J. Thompson, C. Strandberg, R. Parrette, L. Thompson, B. Saulsgiver, G. Stahlman. Row 2: R. Cobb, D. Dake, C. Mc'Mi11en, V. Westerdahl, J. Studd, B. Smith, K. Mattison, D. Yauchzy. Row 3: P. Sirianno, M. Guy, J. Camarata, K. Kessinger, V. Boyd, E. Johnson, J. saff, I. Par- rette, A. Leach. 42 WRE TLI G LUB Rowl F Dake J ohnson B Mmhael D Yauchzy Row2 F Pangbom K Matteson Row3 W Doud D Stornes B Wmslow D Dake M Guy L Schnars GLEE CLUB Pres G Swanson V P M Sweet Sec J L1ndqu1st Llbrarlans L Bergre B Swanson SKI CLUB Pres. C. Strandber V. P. --D. Ke1th Sec. -J. Thompson Treas. R. Parrette FRENCH CLUB Pres. -E. Frank V. P. -P. Page Sec. -J. Clayton Treas. -R. Lodestro NII-Y Pres. -J. Everett V. P. -M. Sweet Sec. P. Culver Treas. -C. Mc M111en LIBRARY CLUB FALCON STAFF Pres N Engqulst Ed S Burch V P B Abers Bus Mgr R Cowan Sec C Strandberg C1rc Mgr R Rosenburg Treas B Cowan Adv F Schrader HI Y CORRIDOR STAFF Pres. R. Englund Asst. Ed. -S. Olson V. P. -J . Proudman Llt. Ed. -J. Everett Sec. Sz Treas. -F. Schrader Make Up Ed. -M. Sweet Chap1a1n M. F1tzpatr1ck F CLUB FFA Pres. H. Saxton Pres.--J. Peterson V. P. -C. Rlgby V. P. C. Ames Sec. Sz Treas. J. Babcock Sec. -G. Engman Treas. L. Woodard SCHOOL BANK SENIOR CHOIR Pres. -B. Rossmg Pres.- P. Culver V. P. J. Saxton V. P. -M. Gage Sec. -L. Johnson Sec. Sz Treas. J. Thompson Treas. -G. Westphal 43 if :" nj' 5 1 E . A X z . , .I , . ' , . . : . . . . : . ' ' -- . n Sz 0 . -L . E HHiCHOR Rowl L Berggren D Abbott P Matlock J Thompson P Culver M Gage I Pond P Page A Booke L Lodestro Row2 N Norman S Matteson J Clayton G Stahlman I Lamb J Clayton N Howxg E Stenstrom H Saxton I Lrndqulst C R1gby Row3 A Russell J Dahl L Johnson B Swanson L Peterson C Anderson M Sweet M Peterson D Inwood C Vollentxne G Swanson C Selm Row4 G Robbms M Young W Sadler I Town R Porte D Sage G Stevenson S Keefe P Runfola W Sm1th F V1ncent D Larson R Burch P Passanrse GLEE CL B awpnn Rowl I Lamb L Berggren D Abbott P Matlock I Lrndqurst G Swanson M Sweet P Page L Lodes tro J Clayton S Matteson N -Norman Row2 L Johnson M Walker N Carlson S Nelson N I-Iowlg T Stahlman A Booke P R1chardson P Smrth I Holland Row3 D Anderson M Gage J Thompson P Culver D Inwood D Custer I Johnson B Swanson C Craw J Pond C Rlgby I Hoene Row4 C Sehn I Crapo B Abers R Hxtchcock I Wensley A Russell I Dahl J Babcock M Peterson L Peter son C Anderson E Stenstrom C Vollenune 44 BOY 'CHOR s. S- 1'-h Rowl P Passanrse I Town W Sadler M Young G Robblns Row? F Vrncent R Burch D Larson R Porter D Sage Row3 S Keefe G Stevenson P Rumfola W Smrth UNHHRCHOR N 3 Rowl R Lodestro S Colera S Stenstrom N Mane S Chamber C Sage S Kerth R Huckelberry B Larson S Hehn N Hallett B Van Gullder V De Nlare B Chrpman B Hallberg J La Duca R Vrne Row3 C Vollentrne B Rowan V Swanson G Johnson D Larson A Johnson P Sears S Brrggs I eet S Gaeta J Parosns G Danrlson D Camprsano Row4 S Rrch S Parment L Pxazza S Schell F Dake P Norman C Anderson B Weden B Hanson I Rossrng D Malm D Beebe K N1cCool Row5 Jones L Lntle R Arnold D Wrckstrom F Wrlson I Guts R Johnson C Stearns L Berghtol F Reed 45 'gf' - c 'B Y. ' A . 1, sg 9 . Beckwith, C. Brant, E. Le Baron, L. Peterson. Row 2: N. Lindquist, D. Crandall, D. Scott, S. Khote, K. . , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . . . : V. BAND ORCHESTRA N ww ififf lf-r I I V I 'INV 5 FNB 1 f FO0TBAl.L Row 1: G. Sadowski, D. Sage, D. Blashaw, D. Waite, C. Funcoll, C. Fraterrigo, C. Strand- berg. Row 2: D. Johnson, W. Holmberg, D. Hodges, D. Shoup, V. Boyd. Row 3: R. Cobb, E. Rumiano, C. Maloney, B. Matteson, D. Brunner. I. Camarata, M. Guy, R. Jones, J. Johnson, L. Stearns, D. Adams, C. Piazza, M. Fitzpatrick, I. Green, C. Robbins, B. Morton, D. Dickerson, D. Fuller, manager. 20- ' . . . . . . . - 26- . . . . . . . . -6 4- X 0- ' , , -6 - 14- . . . - - 0- . . . , -'1 - 26- . . . . - - 5 at I Co Captains Wallace Holmburg R1chard Hodges Fredonxa Gowanda Westfield Sugar Grove Salamanca Southwestern 48 Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer 3 015 d 404' 1 5-fx BQQQEQBQJQQQ QQI"" Q Q ' 3' Q,Q'Q' Q-4 1 AJ C HARLIE' ' DON DON I Q Q .Ja QQ: Q Q Qkh: Q':2Q. sis" 'I Q FOOTB LL BOB QQ 7' ji 'Q Q Q.Q,Q,Q Q Q ,Q Q, QQ Q Q Q l Q Q Q Q Q Q - 'SQ:Q-Q.aiiagsisgmQ:::Q'g5z5:Qg:-.,.-, Q'QlQ'Q, l',l Q, .QQ Q Q QQQQ, l.55l'. , Q B5i'Q3'Q' 'QQQQIQPLQ QJSQQ ::N'gl. Q,l"! 'Q Q'i'!'i'2Q'Q ' ' ' Q' ' ' :':"!:'l'! Q ' ' ' 53:3 - "i' "Q'f:"'i"! 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Q C Suandberg R Wuertzer R Snuth D Johnson B Matteson T Neathery Olean Dunk1rk Fredon1a Randolph Jamestown Olean Gowanda Southwestern Dunk1rk Westfleld Fredon1a Jamestown Randolph Gowanda Southwestern Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer 471 45 -C 6105 56 J 451- 244' aotd 461 Falconer-50 J Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer 35X 514 411 72 W 51 R' 48,1 mm,07-'V i 5 . of " N X . V 5. K 1, Row 1 I Camarata, P. Camarata, K. Kessinger, K. Matteson. Row 2: J. Peterson, D. Englund, R. Brunner Westfield. . . . .Falconer-550' BOE: VARSITY TON BUYD V 5, JACK PAUL CHEERLE DER Rn. sh' 13:1 W nu- Jiri' A' mf' f' su X' 2 -, TQ Dtqwirx W ML .Adfig M no f... M Gage D Kexlh P Culver C Rlgby J Pond f KX .1 325 S. Lodestro, J. Babcock, C. Selin, H. Schnars, J. Kennelly, B. Comwell 52 HEERLEADER V saumwxwg Rowl I Clayton S Nelson J Saxton J L1ndqu1st Row2 I Babcock J Hoene N Carlson LOIS Johnson Sandra Rlch Jeanette Carlson 53 UNl0R VARSITY Rowl G Stevenson V Boyd R Terry C Maloney W Morton Row2 R Stahley R Scott R Letson J Anderson R Elf R Shoup Row3 D Adams D Baker L Woodward C Ames UNIOR HIGH BA KETBALL ck. Rowl H Stevens R Sadowskl I Saff C Prazza L Lodestro R Camarata Row2 P Passanrse B Chandler B Everson L Schrader P Fonu R Morton Row3 D Cammrata D Lefford M Guy C Fraterngo C. Shoup R, Steele R. Case. 54 JU IOR HIGH FOOTBALL W 1 -up rw Rowl D Mee W Doud J Palmer J Wxseman C Shoup B Saulsgwer R. Case Row2 P Passamse J Henderson R. Johnson D LeBa1-on R Steele D Stornes K Matnson Row3 R Camarata H Stevens L Tubbs I Saff W Vollennne R W1111amson B Hanson Row4 F Reed B Everson L Lodestro D Camarata D Dye P Fonu P Smanno D Dake COACHE P Levato K Johnson B Blshop N Fedorka 55 TBA RL. ' T 'D' -cr? Y Rowl B Delahoy E Lawrence Capt L Adams J Anderson R Frank Row2 C Sehn D Abbott J Sampson E Parsons I Larson Mrs Berg D Adslt L Cronk D Abbott Mrs Berg L Colburn B Delahoy L Adams I Babcock C Edxngton 56 sw, fl!!! A If KE - fgfy ,1-vf M. X fi Gjwu .4 'nn' "-NJ' 5 ,J0-lfclf C7Mf'mfV 4' NOKMA A fl f Q ANN V. DORIS P JOAN T it 1? HADEL YN 5 v-.. 150611-E C f 1 Dons HAXINEP ll! 714757 'POLLY MADELYN YOXCY T LOIS A JEAN C NANCY E MIHCGIE T' 57 Quxss ov -XSS" JANNLE L5 JANICEA LOISA .EILLEN L AUDREY R I MADELYN NORMH A me HYDE AUAS WATSY W MAOLLVN SQL: u U' HELEN SQUIRT BOB P 'ROBERYY MIXEGWE ANN + NPsNCf Ts-ce Came, BOB L GENE 5 58 if y f L ' ' ' "K: 14 ,gl X Q 3 . , ' I 1 fl g 4 Q N., f 2 M V7 L an Y WL in A QR ,I - I I , n i ,. v n . A 4-1, 4? Q' :" Q 1 is 'Q ":"' ,Vi Ni ' . V ve ,X QS, X' gil, 5 . ' . N h 0 ' G I SH IELE K OUP. EXC H A NSE STUDENT' ? QERlE my ?uTH H DONNA E i' APAT5 LORRHINL O von 'R o'1'e n han OUR HoMeRooM SOPH GANG- EOSE MARIE MQNXCH- JUST fwrrsw TRUDY 5 QY DAR , MDNIQIK, .BORN DONNA 1. Qolvrvzn Q ' 'E-vi J ,gt-I-.",f J if Lnuvmm L. E G LUQIUE , LORY 59 " -I 151511. . x 0 0 'fi ' 'L .. ' X N -U., Mf g 39" V , ii 7 - Q 1 w wb ,A vs -5 -ff K .I ' I , fi. ' iff. gli Y 6' . 1 u ,QW 9 D . '1k. VN: V1 K ' V.. NN ,ff bl X - ,Ti N 4 - ' vi. K ,fm ' . -'N 'L , V W 4 ' X ,MF ,w,,W,Tp., GLORIA S emmsa 'F POLLY C X , v 0 K 5 1 -I: E' x Q , H fQ!mQ amylli . . , QIV' , , ' E I . . ' f M, ,.41,,g.f1 . . Q12 - m fx ,ff W if ef b il I ,. , , Q 'Q 'L s ,W F W Q M 3 I - f I 1 .. A ' xi I- i I Y - X i, fy P , DLL Q A li 7 N M, f ffl? 5 j 'N ff "" M' 1 gf ,- QL., Q 2 3 1 . 0 1 C . I - Q 'L F, i33ig.1jx , 0 I 1.oRY -A-ANN rv ' .53 ff- 9 4 Q N 1 i Aix A 4 wuz MAY FESTIVAL JOHN w sm-I-Xl ,J Q. J 1305 5 -rom rv B05 A Wu DUHNE L MADEDHVS, Lows P Jw X QOANM Q POLLYC -v SH IRI-EY O- 60 m 1. GENE -3- DICK Oow F3 -MSIMC Cen You Imagine Them With or Without WITH Rlchard Sampson Roger Cowan Bob A1ex1s Beryl Howard J uan1ta Everett Polly Culver Lucille Font1 Rxchard Hodges Patsy Waite Madelyn Sweet Margaret Torgerson Roger Cobb Wally Holmberg Ann V1car1o Elleen Lawrence Maxine Peterson Ho111s Anderson Don Blashaw Glorla Swanson Lorra1ne Malenga June Studd WITHOUT With Mar1lyn Monroe Loafmg With a zero 1n math Wlthout Rosy Flxrtmg Wlthout a boy frlend Not late for school Bemg ser1ous In a k1tchen In a hurry Not blushmg Wlthout Margle Gettmg kxcked out of class Wlth long halr Bemg passlonate R211S1Ilg cam Startmg a conversat1on Wlthout VIVIBH Wlthout .Terry Not gomg to the show Not athletlc Ideal ehler Girl and Be GIRL Ha1r Teeth Complexion Flgure D1sposit1on R Funcell M Gage M Peterson A V1car1o J Everett BOY Ha1r G Sadowski Teeth C Func ell Physlque R Hodges D1spos1t1on W Holmberg 0 0 Eyes. . . ..... . D. Keith Eyes. . ..... J. Schields 61 Q fcivfnyfznlifzif Qdefzwnmwmjawgz fi0 55MJw gif WMM Zwffvffffff .11 X955 aaa L0 -- .1 ,1O WZOQJQX 01.1 0, 7 6 FALCONER PRINTING COMPANY Commercial and Job Printing 66-68 East Main Street Falconer, New York The Home of Good Printing CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS 'k'k'k'k1l' JAMESTOWN FABRICATED STEEL NC JAMES B SCHWAB CO 3l West Main Street Falconer N Phone Jamestown 3892 BEST WISHES REGAL LUMBER COMPANY FALCONER NEW YORK BUILDING SUPPLY CO VISIT OUR MODERN DISPLAY STORE BEST WISHES fo the CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS CLASS OF l953 THE COQUETTE BLOCKS CONROE Celocre te Concrete Cinder Allen Ext Falconer Phone 3 836 BROSSMAN LUMBER CO Builders Supplies and Hardware Phone 2095 Kennedy I . I I . I - - - , .Y. I YOUR LOCAL I I by - - - - - - ' I 63 FORSBERG FURNITURE 8. APPLIANCE TV our specialty Crosley, Hallicrafter, Zenith The newest store in town 33 to 35 East Main Street Falconer, N.Y. Phone 34-0I5 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1953 WESTERN AUTO FALCONER, NEW YORK Congratulations to the Class of l953 J Emil Anderson Grocer 8 East Elmwood Avenue Falconer New York WE EXTEND BEST WISHES to the Class of 1953 JAMESTOWN METAL PRODUCTS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 MILLERS BAKERY Falconer New York BEST WISHES TO THE Class of I953 BUCKWHEAT S Blue Sunoco BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF I953 Jamestown s largest Men s and Boy s Store CARNAHAN -SHEARER CO. 64 Congratulatnons to the Class of 1953 BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE 5 and IOC I 00 and Up 13 I5 East Mann Falconer New York Take Your Doctors Prescrlptlon CARLSON PHARMACY 11 West Mann Street Falconer New York Phone 36 375 Gunnard S Carlson Reg Phormaclst ROYAL ELECTRIC AND APPLIANCE CO Furmture and Applnances Electrical Contractor Falconer New York Phone 3 027 C J FRENCH 21 West Mann Street Falconer New York PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR Phone 8 938 rt s plumbmg or heating, we furmsh It JACOB ANDERSON DRY GOODS STORE ESTHER J ANDERSON Footwear Men s Work Clothes Notsons BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1953 TORSELL S GROCERY KENNEDY NEW YORK Compluments to the Class of 1953 THE MAYFAIR SWEET SHOPPE Home Made Candles Ice Cream 8. Fruuts I To S . - ' St. ' lllf ' I ' ' I 65 Clutton W Thorpe Paul H Kung Jamestown 83 225 Lakewood 5191 THORPE 8- KING INC Sheet Metal Works eavestroughnng copper flashing roofing heating mstallatlons 33 West Mann Street Falconer N Complnments To The Class I 9 5 3 JOE ALESSI S BARBER SHOP Joe AI less: Prop Congratulatuons To The Class of I 9 5 3 FALCON ER KENDALL STATION Art Olson, Mgr Phone 5 857 COLLINS SPORT SHOP Sportmg Goods for all occasnons EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS Jamestown New York BEST WISHES BUSKIST S NASH East Second Street Jamestown, N Y Nash Sales and Servuce Congratulatlons to the Class of 1953 LUDWIG CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Falconer New York General Contractors Congratulatuons To The Class of 1953 KENNEDY RED 8- WHITE Earl Cross Phone 2652 - ' of Office Phone 63-391 I' ' ' , .Y. 66 fwylfvfzfcfzsfzf Qcllczoof yffid of J m'PpfcL,ffCLO'P'z.zf-cf? 7? S56-'vo' -74,0 0 620105 - JLUU CONGRATULATIONS BRIGGS' FLORIST SHOP I8 E. MAIN STREET Congratulations PEJO'S Angeline Scarry George F Path 344 West Main Falconer CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of l953 KENNEDY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT Phone 27 45 Kennedy GIFFORD S DRUG STORE 2Il N Mann Jamestown PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 69 74 JOY FARM SUPPLY JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 25 550 Levant BEST WISHES To The Class Of I953 ANDERSON S RESTAURANT Falconer New York Congratulahons to the Class of l953 Red and White Store A N Johnson Prop Self Servnce Low pruces keep us busy Best Washes to the Class of I 9 5 3 Chautauqua Platnng Falconer New York Electroplatlng Service IIPUGISII . K . 68 FALCONER CO OP SERVICE INC Fee See Ferhl lzer Phone 4 948 BEST WISHES LEVANT RED 8. WHITE Phone 74 360 VALENTINE S MEAT MA PHONE 24 45 E Best Wushes To The CIass of I953 SUPER MARKET Falconer New York Congrafulahons To The Class of I953 LESLIE JOHNSON Food Store I7 I9 West Mann Sf Falconer New York Complnments To The Class of I953 T Tedesco 8. Son Fruuf and Produce BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I 9 5 3 GEER DUNN CO West Thurd St Jamestown " " " New York d - d - . . I ' RK T I KENNEDY, NEW YORK I GOLD STAR - I I I 1 I I 69 4215 4,f4z1fl429x7ZJ0f fa UW 2962-47 wJLf9fZ437Q'C! 7??MlZO!3 GJZIQJ Q vw 9g 2 U ,, J ,Clif Jf4f'f'44j6JZ!QJ NED E. WAITH Jeweler Falconer New York Watches for Graduatlon Buy at Home Save Money We Support You You Support U .IOHNSON'S FRIENDLY SERVICE L N JOHNSON MOBILGAS 8 MOBILOIL 34 EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS The C I ass of I MAIN DINER East Mum Street FALCONER NEW YORK Congratulatu ons to the Class of 1953 PETERSON S CENTRAL MARKET E I mer A Peterson proprnetor G E PETERSON 8. SON Falconer New York MEATS and GROCERIES Sugar curmg and smokxng of ham and bacon a specialty EVERYTHING FOR THE TABLE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 HILDOM CINDER BLOCK CO FALCONER FREWSBURG RD EARL S DINER 457 W Mann St Falconer N Y Fme Food Fast Service Popular Truck 8. Toursst Stop FOY S GENERAL MERCHANDISE ELLINGTON NEW YORK - s To 953 I HI8 S. Work Street 71 CHARLES M. SMITH, INC lnsurance, Bonds Notary Public Flrst National Bank Bulldmg Falconer New York Phone 8 996 TERRY LUMBER Ellmgton, N.Y Buyers of Timber and Logs Phone Elllngton 2585 Health Comes From Wuthnn The Bod BAKER AND GIDDY CHIROPRACTORS 25 W Mann Falconer Everything possuble was not clone unless chlroprachc was Included Y Best Wushes to the Sennor Class ELLINGTON HOTEL Ellington New York FAMOUS FACES IN THE SENIOR CLASS Sam Spade Kathr1ne Hepburn Nancy 8a Sluggo Llttle Lulu. Helen Rose Florence Nlghtmgale Llttle Iod1ne Baby Snooks B1l1y Graham Jeff Chandler Babe Dedrlckson Zaharls Judy Canova Jackson TW1ns Sad Sack th p t gli th dt th Jack Peterson Patsy Wa1te Margle Thompson Sz Roger Cobb Lucllle Font1 Polly Culver MOHICH Gage Joan Thompson Darlene Keith Roger Cowan Carl Funcell .Tune Studd Elleen Lawrence Beryl Sz Rosle Hollls Anderson l l - T 1 - - 4 g i H . b .... . . . ,, Tweedle dum gl Tweedle dee . . . . Hodges XL Sadowski , This ook rin e y Velvatone, a special process o . printing. Sole roducers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffa o er tin in rm is au orize ouse e eva b p tdb flthg h p l NY Vl thd H 5-x X' . 'gf ,, AL., ,.x:' 3-Q X' rf ki X 1. F xQe is 'Q ,+- ga' ' if 4' 'ii Y , .: f Fe CC 5 at , J' QA .. 1 X 1 L A K' 7 JA X X6 C'1--. Z' cd, Y QQ , '- K Q f I' 11 I fu p 4' maxi' ' KX -. W J N K Q 4 . ' . w Y' A Fx ' ' 'Lx rr' 1' A LWK' U, "'-7 P Q ' - ' Xt' ' if - Q ' fw- Q ' rg X C J m YQ 1 :P .. ,X lr V W gk 4 , " - NT- ,.,,. bf , iff- 1, ,ki P V, A , Y C. , , if- K .- A 'L :L ,L c , ff V ., M' 7 ff 1 " - ,, L , ' .M ,if fn f' ,Q , f Q, V f . ' 'rx - f , , In -.lf ff '- ,1 fl : J- Tf+"v1"f "f'- ' f 1 s , 1 ,ff R 5 1 I x., , M, V I I- A N2 Y ' - V l , 1 f' A X I ' GJ. hw, 1 Q Lay V G . J K S 1 HQ ex 1 . ix L gi, J V up A 1 ' ., 1 f 'Z F1 9 ' .L ff' ' 1 K X, ' f' -gf' ' V Q K X Q V ,L if , , K . 1 x s I x VA ' SH' x six Q V P ' K Inf" x. V., if v X' , 5' xv kk ,K f if f Y ky kxxxq, W tx Av . x 7 I, X ' 3 1.7 X' ' JA ef . lg 'N I I l 4 v l ' .. X: ' I V J. J N E n, ix X ' I ' fi . I' . 4' 1' ,W 41 H3 3 ,vw M ,Af H 4 , KJJNV .N PV "1 V! 2 J' ' , - I 'I Ay 1 I -. :

Suggestions in the Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) collection:

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Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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