Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY)

 - Class of 1950

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Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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fLIB Q QCP if 34 10 E K jiffyyypkl gr 5 1:5 J? ... SJ E mfg Mgfiflm Q TI-IE CORRIDOR STAFF Seated Mr Clements L Fredrrckson L Chlazze N Carlson P Canaley M Bader R D1ckenson M1ss Tedesco Mr Blgelow Standmg G LeRoy R Crespy A Anderson M Engqmst Not Shown M Anderson L Saxton Echtor Peter Canaley Asst Edltor Norma Carlson Bus Manager Marv1n Bader Asst Bus Mgr Leonard Ch1azze 225 Roberts, I., Ricotta, M. Forbes? D, Crandall, B. Hucgellnery, Dl Matteson,l Andersonl N ix LAS DEDICATICDN The Corrrdor Staff takes great honor m ded1CG'llI'1g 1lS yearbook to Mr Earl Hoene the adv1ser to the class of 1950 Through the years Mr Hoene Was not only the gu1d1r1g hght of the class but also a true frrend of each member of the class We thank you, Mr Hoene for domg all yau have done for us . , . , , . , . FCDREWQRD The yearly annual of any h1gh school IS usually wntten along the same pattern The staff tnes to make a clear record of the precedtng year of school so that everyone may have a permanent loook con tarnlng photographs names and recollectlons However, the Cornolor Staff hopes that you wlll tmd thls lssue somethrng more than lust a book of recol lectlons We are conholent that you Wlll chensh these pages and look upon your Corndor as some thlng that Wrll he a keepsake ln the years to come when tlme may have taken some ot your recollec trons from you , . TABLE QF CGNTENTS DEDICATION EOREWORD ADMINISTRATIQN ACTIVITIES 29 37 SPORTS 39 49 ADVERTISING '69 , . . I I 7-IU CLASSES .I.,.,. II-27 . . . . . . . 51 We aj? K . JL- fi BOARD OF EDUCATIGN Seated Edward Terry Merlm Swanson Iohn Henderson Ioseph Clayton Ehzabeth Larson Siandmg Leslre Baker Lawrence Anderson Harvey XX Fenner, Howerion Neatheryf- I I Y 50 FACULTY Front Row B Morey M Fedorkci M Thomas L Carlson I D91tI'1Ch L Tedesco E Anderson Second Row C Reno E Thelonder E Reno M Mclrker E Weaver M Iohnson N Iohnson Thxrd Row E Hoene H Fenner I BIQGIOW B Bxshop N Fedorkcx Fifth Row L Anderson S Whlte VV HU9Sf1S K Iohnson F Clements XXX H.. Shoup, Mc11teson,IP. Levcxto, T.lScnriner. Fourth Row- E. VlonRe-yn: 7 50 STUDENT CGUNCIL Seated Mr Matteson A Holmberg R Bast1an S Salt D Leonard MISS D1etr1ch Allen C Crandall D Schxlhng N Anderson W McCollough B Huckelbery N Bratlof C H9HdT1CkSOH X33 Standirg-F. Traniella, Bl Winslow, IG. 'Stevenson LeRoy, Brunnexql B. Matteson, M Y 50 Nb KN NX Jr Q! N 7 X X 429 , -2 x SQ vp 5"-Z? G 4,-8.53 X X f? 1 I N 'XS MARVIN ANDERSON Marv Hot Rod Hap py Mad Sctenttst My Camera and I WANDA ANDERSON Blondre Nursrng Plans Neat Ltve and Let L1ve IANE ANDERSTROM Frxendly Efhcxent D pendable D1 st1n ctxve Laugh Secretary ROBERT BASTIAN Bob Fhrt, Heart breaker Sports Farmer Popular ALLAN ANDERSON Presxdent Honor Socrety Tall Dark and Hand some Elhngton Bram Neat Dresser SENIORS JOSEPH RICOTTA DONNA IOHNSON Vice President Secretary Sport Lover Handsome Toni Rochester Ambr undle State Interests trons Career Gal Grg ges LAURENCE PLINE Treasurer Durantee Botstrous Laughter Loads of Fun to be Around MR EARL HOENE MISS NAOMI IOHNSON Advxser Advxser 593 . A MAIN' . - . I - A B ' ' .1 .' ' I' ' 4 4 it 51 1 I A I .. I 6- iso I OSEPH BLAZE L1ttle One W1tty R marks Happy Go Lucky Sc1ent1l1c Demon GLONE BRUNNER Honor SOCISYY Beauhful Travel Plans Ofhce Work ROBERT CRESPY Honor SOCl9lY Meat ba Cute N1mrod You Don t Say ROLLAND DICKINSON Ro Easy Go1ng Wmme andl Ou1et SENIORS BEATRICE BENSON Bea E a S y Go 1 n g Dornestu: Ideas Flashy T Shmrts One an Woman EDWARD BEERS MARILYN BEIGHTOL Ed Mane Qu1et PJ Qulet S1lly Though Some One Nxce to Have Cute Grm Graceful L11 Around tle Homemaker NORBERT BLASHAW Bombshell Roxys Man Anr Force My Car PETER CANALEY RUSSEL CONT! Honor SOC1SlY Mus1c1an Russ Always Women Troubles Dano Hurry Beautxful Dancer mg Dream Sports Clothes XR ' '. ' ' ' . I I , V ' M I ' N . H 1-mir, Efficient, Athletic, . A .. I .. A in G H 11", , ' A , 750 H Hui - I A I LORRAINE FREDRICXSON Henle Honor Soclety May I Take Your Order Engaged V101 mzst C73 Ch9IH1SYI Blues SAM GAETA Beauhful Han' Track Loafer Wltty One ARNOLD HOLMBERG Scratch Cool Calm cmd Collected Ta Blonde and Popular BERYI. HUCKELBERY Cute, Freckles Cheer leader New York Cxiy Arnbrtrons ELLEN EVERSON RICHARD EVERSON Ambzhous Glggles Mrs Dlck Farmer Boy En RICHARD FAIRBANKS Meltz Dependable Joys Damg Lots of Nolh Rather Quxet Up and mg Gonna Work Some Commg Farmer day Hopes qi -VI' Mrghty Physrque LAURENCE FITZPATRICK Gomg Steady Humor ous Kayo Noon Es capades Aan A 3 HUBERT GRAHAM CLYDE GREEN ubxe Sleeplng and Boxmg Gloves One f Fmshxng S111y at Tlmes the Boys Football XX ECS lr I , - ' - He , " 4 I h O , .- --:fgZ3::, . ,, Q E: " W . ' "" 35525135 I I A V V H1 I I V - - , Y , , UH . . , I O . ll, LOIS LATONA Honor Socrety Always on the Go Chatterbox Full of Fun Cute Lough CHARLES LINDQUIST Chuck Freckles Wom en Troubles L brcry Blues ALICE MAIN Honor Socxety Cute Cheerleader Fnendly PAUL MASON Cors, Easy Going, Sportsman, Fun Loving, SENIORS IAMES HUCKELBERY DIANE HUDSON KERMIT IOHNSON ROSALIE LADUCA Huck Brush Cuts Dee Flrrtotrous Wcxys Kerm Wolf ot Work Sxlly Vrvocrous Former Kennedy Chlcugo Interests Pret H1 yo Honey Nrce Youse Kr ds Men Women ty Eyes Lookmg Troubles DOLORES LODESTRO Speed Star Market Efhcxent Honor SOCISIY ANG ELLA LOPRESTO Gum Fxend Skcxtrng Workmg Gul Noon Es ccxpcxdes IDC! IOAN MONTGOMERY Swtng your partner Freckles Kennedy Capers DEAN MORLEY Nice Harr Svudtous 177 Cute Heartbreaker D uxe IOYCE PENTYCOFE Qutet Candy Stand Freckles Nxce Clothes IANICE PHILBRICK Ian Domestlc Type I Forgot Cute SENIQRS DEFOHEST MATHEWS Everybodys Pa Con scxentxous Honor Socl ety Frosty DARLENE MATTESON HOSE ANN Ducky O n e M a n Woman Beryl a d I Roste Hard Worker Stlly Fun Lover Personality MCC ULLOUGH 5 my is 1 SAM MUSCARELLA BETTY OGHEN Full of Fun Sllly Ioker Cute Blondle Fnendly Nice Halr Stlly Men Men Men BETTY MEADOWS Qulet Athlettc Pretty Hatr Men Ethctent XXX IX! H .4 L 6-1 , -- A ' ' ' A 'ei L' - T A 1 1 7 t'f'V-: D50 r LLOYD SAXTON Man About Town N1ce oxce V1Ol1Il1Sl Those Eyes IOYCE SEELEY loy Blonde Exlenswe Wardrobe Flrrtatlous Eyes FLOHETTE STEWART Dmer Frxendly Always W1'l1ng to Help Others WILLIAM TEDESCO Ted Banana and hrs Bunch Swell Guy B1g elow Blues ROGER PROUDMAN The Three F' FFA Football Flxri SENICDRS IUSTIN REIMONDO MELVIN ROBERTS HELEN HUMIANO lust Nxce Eyes Prob Me Honor SOCIETY lem Chlld Cute S1lly Wrangler Dance We Moderns Band 5, Q ww DELORES SPEAS One ol Two Swell Dan Ca DORIS SPEAS feterxa Good Dancer IX! Angel of Mercy Hap py Go Lucky S1lly All the Tmme F 'V K Av l . I 'W la. Q X7 . I , . . I I fi 'W T W , Xl g, Q' ' 1 , cer, Cute, Al-'riendIy. - Cute Clolthes, Twin. I . I ..:.- - SENICDRS DORIS TRAMNER Smcrll cmd Pethte F ture Plans Cute Quret MARION TORGERSON Short and Sweet An other Angel of Mercy JACK TITUS Tclkattve Motorcycles Nlce Guy Grrls as Ig KIRK VOLLENTINE The Mtghty M1dget Fhrtcttous Wcxys Full of Fun FRANK WAITH Tuba My talented Toe Honor Socrety Women MAXINE WALKER RONALD WEILER Max Frxenuly Freclc Square Dances Fcrrmer les Men Troubles B1gB1g Car Qutet DEMARIS WHEELER Sxlly Gxggle Sen1or Play Lusctous Hcnr Wxtty RAYMOND WICKMARK Red Shy Grln Fllff 1ng cxll the T1rne Good sense of Humor em.,-L and l Sportsman I BETTY VERQUER Twmkhng Eyes Pretty Hcnr Srlly One of he G1rls 3 si!! HQ EUGENE WILDER NICG Eyes Quxet Paul E , Q , U . - ' , bu- ', ' , I t .. ,.., - i f bfffK 1 YQAQEQ - W .. faswkivss ' .2 j . . N .gs x 'ze .W A? L, .Pix K A :HMM ' Wm, K t,' 1 Tviwf S A f - hifigf-V' I kr gg' f rs pl 1- Sgr A 56525 ' 'Sm K '9 t'i I I - 1-42:-1255 1 'Y-.:: f ...,., , ,.., +L? - -r":' .. I ':: 521. g5E5?2gErttggg53M ,, V .,., f SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 1-.5 Best Personcxlxty A Holmbe-rg B Huckelbery Best Dressed R Conir D Hudson Cutest M Robert B I-luckelbery B1ggestFl1rts K VOllSHl1F6 D Hud on Lazzest S Gcretc A LoPresto Best Dancers l. Lotona R Contr Most Stubborn L Plme I-I RUITIIQFC Best Sports I Rrcottcr A Mom Most Llkely to Succeed A Anderso L F edr ckson Pepplest K Volentme H Rumrcmo Most Popular M Roberts B Huckelberv Wxttlest D Wheeler I Blaze Prettlest Hour G Brunner S Musccx e to Most Tcxlkcxtxve W Tedesco L Lcrtono Fnendllest R Bcrstlcm A Mom Best Athletes I Pucottc E Meadows PCST GRADUATES HSUW ffwlilxxx Front Row-Miss Reno, Second Row-M Culver, C. Crandall. Third Row-R. Sweet, R Fe-hlmcm, I. Howard. 7 Thrs year the senror play whlch was presented was entltled lanle a comedy rn three acts wrrtten by losephme Bentharn and Herchel Wllllams The productron was drrected by Mr Blgelow Somethrng new was added thrs year to the productron of the senror play namely a student dlrector Allan Anderson by name You can be sure that thls eased the tasks of Mr Blgelow to a great extent harles Colburn Elsbeth Colburn Lucllle Colburn Rodney lame Colburn Bernadlne Dodd Paula Ralney Scooper Nolan CAST OF CHARACTERS Un Order of Appearcmcej Lawrence Plme Nancy Norman Lorra1ne Fredrrckson Frank Walth Arnold Holrnberg Lots Latona Dernarls Wheeler Helen Rurmano Melv1n Roberts Thelma Lawrence D1ane Hudson Dlclc Lawrert e Holland Drckmson Tlna Florette Stewart Andy Frank Oscar Hortense Bennlngton Dead Pan Haclcet Carl Lornls Ioe Ie orne Carr1e Lou Bet y Lou Mlckey Malone Uncle Poodgxe Robert Bastlan Sam Muscarella Charles L1ndqu1st Beryl Huckelbery Robert Crespy Lloyd Saxton Joyce Seeley Do 'ma Iohnson Krrlc Vollentme DeForest Mathews - - ' A ' lk -ll . , , , , , A . A . . V .. .. ,...,.. .,,,,,,,.... . lohn VanBrunt .... . ..... .... ' - , H V y H Q M Dean Morley . . r .,., ,.,., , ., .... ., ,. . A "' - 1 r..,, ,, . H. FAREWELL SENIQRS Seeded I Tltus D MG'ieQCn 1 s B Hucxe DW Rlcottc A Anders P D Iohneon N BIQIQ aw To 3 on E Beers Second How B Verquer S GG G Q nz I Montcrcvew C Lmdqulst D Trcrmne Mr Foere F Q I o W n R r u rn 'x H H laro Saxo O r DCISTIGU I Ande str 'W A 5 Icnneor- Fourth Row rrondo D utnefw M F Wm H W Seated K Vollemme I Pentycoie L Plme I Rmcottcm A Anderson D Iohnson L F1tzPctr1ck D Lodestro I Blaze Second Row Mr Hoene G Brunner D Specs I Phxlhnck D Specs B Meadows B Benson R McCoIlough A Mem L Lctonc Mlss Ionnson Thxrd Row C Green Fx LcDuco R Creepy D Hudson P Ccncley L Fe lckson D Morley I Seeey S Musccxrelkx I -. , . . ., Fmrbaik , 'I ltery, r .-, L fvegcr, M R berts, I-xncersc , . P O 3 L lf, I , . '- C . . , . -h ., CI., fur: . L in, B gre I, F 'I , , M . rders , , - , et , ,er O.- T is , . - . -I Fez .. , . L ryqwzst, I .. rj, A , . . r, H M. , rt., , Andersen . Th, A flttibezg, H r-1Ier Dxckmsorz, F Stewart B Olson M Eemqntol Third Row- I Hucki-Ibery in 1 I i i 5 ' Q I S S 2- J ' 5 I , x - 5 'Lf 1 'il ' f ' 5 ' T ' . " Q ' If -, Y 1 . . if CLASS CF 1951 Firsi How-A Funcell, W FTICX, I Thompson, H Sage, M Forbes, G. LeRoy, M Adams, M Allen, N Carlson. Second Row-V Fraterrxgo, C Anderson, B Worsier, B. Anderson, K. Becker, C LeRoy, I Elleman, C Gouldxnq, B. Wakefield. Third How-M. Rhodes, F TTGHIGIIO, B Dowd, C. Sxmmons. , It 5.5 4.1529 vfi f E DeHaven, M Bader, L. Hrqby, I Burgesson D Craniarl Fourth How-Mr. Laurance Anderson, I, Dlgxra a o A I3 y mond, L Chlazze, H Maloney, G Crespy D C Snow, Mr E, Vonneyn Fu-si Row P Ca k I Hrtc coc-c G Va o R Sage Bexgh ol B rsco S AI n 'n n ee M Forbes G L H y M A1 n Second How C Paxrbanks Fargo S Mmchael D Anaersor Fourth Row M L Jason B Call Han F Gus c Tu n E Benson n erson M Bea dsIeV I Og er R S B lr na M H Thxrd Row D G aha'n K D Leonard A Maln B Por r Mr J ,e CLASS CF 1952 Front Row-I. Green, M, Lrnostedt, I. Costczgnino, B. Prrce, D. Rurich, D Coifoe, P. Iohnson, P. Brrnk M Fruncrs, H. I. Freclrrckson, A. Abers, K Gregory, N Cross, L. Thompson, Delohoy, S Crouch, I Iohnscn, C. Hendrxckson, Mr. Levafo, R Lewrs Second Row-D. Swonson,I Nelson, D. France Fourth Row-D Holqulst, D De!-loven, G Nerdor, I M 'vVe11er,C.Iohnson,I. Ortendohl, C. Iohnson, I. Proud- Schncxrs, N. Anderson, P. Kronk, P. Hcwkms, R. Sweet, rncrn, E. Chrpmon, I Crespy, Mr. Schrrrier. Third How- C Price. I ,,.,g.,N 1 1 4 Freolkson P McChesney D Dowd 3 Lmdqulsf P Bea dsley D Iohnson S Brrcr H Cook Fourth How P cn o R Thompson M Schrme Second Row P B Pckstrorn S Wulrod I Whxttocker R Secrns I P114 E -astro ro T af' S Fcnbomcs C Burke G Moloney C Frtzpotrrcx I Srrrcxnnc 3 Thomas W Ces L Lodes ro A New Mr Lexao Third Row Hoxfrrd T Frsrc 7 ' I 5 , . . I 1 , , . r I I I rv , Q I I I K , ' f I I 3 ...C f Q 5 7 'xx , '1 W rm s Front Row-D. Beach, R. Rrgby, H Pobb1ns,,B Pr-ice, I. P, H:ne, K. Shoup, A. Wrnn, A. WensIy, I Roseiti, S .elrnfio , I . I A , lr, I ' 4' I , I V, . . A' I, T' , 'dup cl- m, N. B 110, S S . r Q , ,B. b , cz ' ' ,. ' . , , r fy, .J , , . 'f ' - , . I CLASS GF 1953 Firsi Row-G. Abbot, D. Phxlbrlck, M Short, R Frederrlgo, R Cobb, R Funcell, D. Blashaw, C Rigby, G Sadowski, L Saxton, F Parrette, G. Swanson, R. Walden Second Row-Mlss K Easlxng, A. Maebon, I, Anderson, A. Clements, B. Howard, I Crapo, N Engqulst, S. Callxhan, E Frank, B 'WS1lGCkSY, D Kellh, Miss E Reno. Third Row-G. Stahl- rnan, I EYICSOD, I. Sclmlllng, N. Anderson, S Rowan, E Howard, P. Culver, P. Waite, M. Gage E. Sfarnes, L. Farm, I Everett. Fourth Row-G. Engmen, R Bush, R. Smllh, I Camarata, L. Fehlrrien, B. Harnrltcn Crandall, R Dickerson, N. Carlson, R Nelson. E 1 I 5 .E I Vi . I.IF.2'f?w, , is I- 'ff- .. NL , , 5 4 1 R288 AEE'- Q First Row E Erlnk E Spence D Kern R Thorn san D S C Q Y Y I Green C Funcell Second Row Mlss K Ecs ng M Peterson C Da y"1,.le B Gus II son F. Glendennmg I Nornpson 'V Weste dahl A Warn M Thorrps n C McM1llen Y Gouldlng Mss E Reno Third How A Vccarlo I Smdd M Qweet B r"1 Colbun M L Kem E ags Fourih How Case e e P Carrafata Green R1 o a Q Hod HC D g R a Aexls H Ge rx I1 Hosn be g C Fennovv H Ande 4' X L P V W . 1 H i I I .gf 2 A , F L T . 1 3 S 5 I A ' 5 1 - . , , . Z K 5 ., Y . I , Q I 15 - EMC r g , ' - . , . r, I ' , . .. 53- , . , . , .. ' , . S... th, L. V r , . Bla haw, . R: b , G. SGd.OVJSlC1 A LeBaron, F LeRo , Torgerscn, L. Malenga, E Laurence, L. Adams, M. Sharp, . , . ' . -- . I1 , ., D. E 'Clc, R I , I. rad . --A , I , Ir .ne , 1 I ., , . , , P 1 rscn, , . . , H. , P . c tt , . ges, W.. . , ' r , . er, . .. O , . W lin' er , . C rlson, F l , r e., .'. e - , . ' , i . ' - . r , . ', rson. CLASS CF 1954 First Row-L. Thompson, S Olson, I, Green, G. Ness, H. Englund, R. Huclclebery, I, Proujrnon, C, Meod, C, Stran- berg B Crespy, B, Matteson Second Row-L Carlson D Wccldlngton, S Rxch, H Saxfon I Pond, I Carlson, B Bee, B Sweoimon, I Denmson, M Cowon, G Scomo D Keddmg. Third How-I Fmdole, A, Green Kennelle-y,B.Corr1we11,l3 Rzx, P Lmdstedt, Iohnson, S Keele, Cv. Kelley, I Nelson, K, fe Poyne, S Norberg, F uzrts K Iohnson R Seams, I S RODIHS E Kessinger D F1rsi Row I Con bel l'1tzpc1r1ck D e od to r an 1 l'1 B HSIHZ C Lclcstom M F1 mtogro F 1 C D1 as-rbo'1 Fourth ow nls C mrneron C P :mo Second Row ch oem D e Cv nn R n H L Ile C oyton Q lson I1 Brun F Scl' CI 11Ar:1 C L, Page D Le O lVllC'lG l L Mc: Th1rdRow 1 Snow C '1 e tenefr 11 . as Q 1 - R , I Q .V 1 f .. Ugg Q ' .YY L J N I 1 fi I Q 3 no I , 5 I , i . ffl?-1 -V 2. I lg 4 M, I ' 4 I A ll' . Y I, I I r is 'L ' 'I ' - ' z p l, D Mom M ,1 t , N :son son, L L es rx, P Moto, M Clmpn , D Br ggi, P Buck G VVesf:' ol, t than C Amee, I : ,, .Lf F Cox, Fl P S 311, cl 1 ' 1 R - bl, lr I or . . , Meghan I Q . - A H15 C l, Iol11i'::i R Cu, 1 ell, Io es, Fi Dplrghy H ovfcrrd, S, lf , D. Heinz: I Bards, I . ' , L E C r , D. ner, D Esker, .r der, l3r111lLjQ' 'fert' , Selm, C Se.1n C Vfclroj, F , H y E ., .. es, tteson ' -Y' lfclle. ti: , lf S 1 orn, L Islin- CLASS CF 1955 Front Row-I. Perkins, I. Aiken, P. Runlola, C. Covedell, S. Hamilton, B Winslow, D. Larson, E. Fuller, R. Beach. W. Morton, C Baker, R, Fredrickson, M Bumrano, C. Fourth Row-I. Aldrich, B. Cross, V. Chipman, F. Diminuco, Wares, R. Frank, I, Anderson. Second Row-Mrs. Fedorks, R. Stahly, G. Dickerson, I. Henry, D. Iohnson, C. Bish, L Peterson, I. Dahl, I Sampson, I. Dahl, A Russel, I, R. Montgomery, G. Stevenson, F. Bowen, W, Smith, L. Wickstrom, G, Dickerson, S. Lodestro, A. DeMaio, P. Woodard, G. Carlson. Winslow Third How-L. Stearns, I. Bardo, R. Dickerson, .5 -4 Mays 1 Dillon M Youna C Bea dsley B Rhodes N' C e ents Frankson I Babcock D Ande son B Brrnk W Peterson Eli S Iirerson G Heat Second How I C bins B N F e d Fourth Row B Sho C F l aniello R Wrlr Ee lund L McMas er L Iohnson C Eding on C P rker n I S F ed Ba er E Barr P Fairbanks I A enta O son S Pa rre IN How ioen T Edrngton R Pa er ine Sco t D Abbott L Cronk Third Row S Matti n lv' e en Schnars n rt 'P 7 ' .2 ffm-'fret if 2 A I ' f W Q s . 2 i I . I rf . :V t R ., kg, Wm. C 1 1 1 h Front Row-Mrs, Fedorka, V VanElla, I. Hollana, ll Town, D. 'l:o:'sell, K Thompson, P. Cox I Smith, L. Marsh, D A I. .. 'I .V ' I 4 on , il I A . H+: -. lCIU1' r , . t , , .. , . t , a , so, Barao, G. mith, B r rzck, F k , . , ,, M. , . qrn ,I. l , . l.. ri, '.-H 'ig, W , . , . lr: i, H V , R, t., L. D0 YOU REMEMBER? lim Huckelbery Beryl Huckelbery Allan Anderson Lois Latona Mr Lawrence Anderson Holland Dickinson Donna orandall loyce Crandall Martha Eccles ' , , 5. . , Peter Canqleyr 6. Charles Lindquist, Rodney Lindquist. - , 7. ' ' . V I f" l I xv! x RSM 2' ,Q M W ! X X US 7 K ' J c a.J.:"'XX Dx X 2 ff. 2? Zffffff f if 'Q fl x xr! 9 :eq :rj f f y Y H 7 ,X ' X V S - BAND Front Row--M Roberts, I. Srrranno, B. Prrce, L. Thompson, P Warte, L Ortendahl, I. Crapo, B Worster, B. Turner Second Row-D. Mat teson, C. Anderson, L. Thompson, G. Magliola, G. Brunner, G. Abbott B Matteson, D. Graham, R. Parrette, I. Proudrnan, L. Chiazze, B Brunner, P Canaley. Third Row-H, Ball, I. Elleman, B. Trollan, B Elf, F. Diminuco, W. Smith, W. Tedesco, I. Crapo, D. Morley, R LeRoy, W. Howard, K. Iohnson, R Gustafson, L Saxton D Iohnson B. Huckelbery, R. Reed, I Town, W. Holmberg, R. Shoup, D. Larson Standing-H. Howard, D. Sage, Mr. Huestzs, G Crespy, D Crandall G LeRoy. 5 5 Row-L Saxton, M. Forbes, H. Gustafson, M Sweet, M. Gage, L Ortendahl, R. Turner, B. Worster, C Anderson, AI R Engluna, A. Marn, H Rugby, B, Crespy, M Roberts, Vwl Tedesco VJ. Hot-:ara Second Row-L. Fredrrckson, P Page I. Clav- F Canaley, Parrette, L Chrazze, D Larson I Crapo, D Morley X , Frank, I Whrttalcer. Standing-M Peterson, D. Hudson, G Crespy, L. TDCZQSOH, B. Price, I. Sampson, R. Sampson. Third Row- D. Crandall, G, LeRoy, H Howard CDRCI-IESTRA SENICR CHOIR Front Row-L Thompson, C, Gregory, F. Stewart, C E. Anderson, A. Wxnn I Seeley, D Hudson, L Frednckson Anderson, R Turner M L1ndstedt,N,CorIson,D Crcrnfioll, D Horlch, D Anfierson Fourth Row--I Peterson, W E Benson, B. Pnce, B. Trollon, M. Gage Second Row-L Howard, R. LeRoy, I Prckup, H McChesney, F Robbins LOCICSIYO, I Proudmcn, H Boll, K Shoup, I Sfudd, D G. LeRoy. Fifth Row-M Bader, P Hcwkxns, L. Saxton Horxch, B. Colhhcln, E Mason, G Maqmolo, Mrs. Anderson D. Cclifoe, D Morley, H, Steornes Third How-M Forbes, B. Worster, S. Scif, I. Ortenuohl, I ront Row 1 vo Thxrd How H 4U ow D n Fourth Row -" D rf C "IH r I' IUNICR CHOIR F -IC Klelr F Thyipson, I T?,o:i1gr5:: F G Su' neon A M1121 C Rrgloy ' -E Frorx :1csf.ni:or'g, G 3:23.-.sf:. P 3:-.f1 5 F. Hodge: D Keg: M Crespy E Ci.g:t1:n D Finch, S F':1:'b':r.ks T' G Sonlziion D Irj.-323: I. Szxtcn M Gage Second Peterson, K Skim. '.'.'eFt+rj3hI, A Cerients Lf R - France D T'I'.I'.i'QK D EQFI1 S Bfozzseg' F Mtg Adore-.2 . -T. Fr:r1:'.s F Le?-.oy D Ligby Lek. E Cvsgy C ,A:,.I.:., .. fhcrigstr. C1359 I f3L:fa',g' F MfCrMsr1ey, ' Styli ' S::i1.,Qr.: BUYS' CI-ICIR D. Caffoe, l.. Saxton, D. Morley, B. Vlickrnark, G. B Robbins, R. McCl'1esney, P. Hawkins, M. Bader, Sadowski, R. LeRoy, R. Hodges, D, Klein, W. Mrs. Andersen at piano. l-foward, I,Peterson, I. Pickup, G.l.eRoy, B.Stearns, Front Row L Thompson K Gregorv 'vf Thompson I Row B Thompson C Biaby L Lodestro B Weiacker Anderson F Stewart E F ank C Anderson B Turner B B Crespv K Becncer M Peterson K Shout, B Nason Tre lan A 'vfalrn I Tlnorrpson E Benson C Rigby I. I N lson G Swan on D Keith Fourth How P Cu ver ough M Lindsted M Crespv B Ccllih n M Sweet A Wakefield S Main D Arde son l. 'Rigby l Elernan Clements C M Nfillan I Studs I Seeley D Hudson S B Pi e Faibarks D Pa ich G lvfagnioa Nrs Andersn Third GIRLS' GLEE CL UB l P, V... ., .I i . I, ,I -. ,I ef . I, I I I-. Al Saxton, M Gage, D. Swanson. Second How-W McCol- I Crapo, I Proudrnan, S Saff, A Winn, I Everett, B. ' ' t a , . , , . ., . . r , . ' . I . . , . C. , A , . , . , . r c . 'r . , . . r , i l , i . e . ' HGNGR SCDCIETY Seated-R. Crespy, D. Lodestro, L. Latona, L. Fred- Mr. Bigelow, M. Roberts, D. Mathews, Mr. Hoene rickson, G. Brunner, F. Waith, A. Main, C. Anderson, A. Anderson, P. Canaley, Mr. Fenner, Miss Reno M. Forbes, R. Sage. Standing-Mr. Clements, Seated Mrs Carlson D Lodestro B Benson L Lrndqulst K Iohnson R Contl D Crandall I Huckelbery, D Matteson R Crespy R Sage C Pentycofe FALCCDN STAFF Latona. Standing-C. Brunner, Meadows: B. Fredriclcson, 'Mr. Levalo, D. Hudson, I. Seeley, I Front How-Mrs. Iames, L Latona. Second How-R. A. Funcell, B. Verquer. Sixth How-I. Montgomery, S LaDuca, R. McCollough, B. Benson. Third Row-K. Becker, Famrbanks, E. Everson, I. Seeley, H. Ball. Seventh Row- A. Matn, W Anderson, C. Goulding, D. Matteson. Fourth M Forbes, B. Worster, D Hudson, D Iohnson, L Fredrtck- Row-C. Cobb, N. Carlson, L. Rigby, I. Elleman, H. Fargo son, G Magliola, B. Anderson, S Maln, B Trollan, E M Adams, D Graham. Fifth Row-R Gustafson, I. Phtl- Benson buck, D. Lodestro, C. Anderson, B. Meadows, H Rumtano Front Row D Mathews C l.1ndqu1st G l..eEow G Ces 3 ck M Roberts R Cresuv l D galar' sor S lv' :xr la K Vol en me Bac ow z A Anderson M Allen Center M Ma es HIY I I l Q - . ', ' , . r pi Pain , . jj,I Szrzzrtno , lf . .to M Bader I Helrr1ondo,W Tedesco, R l.1noqu1st,rI Iohn C Green,I Crapo, D Morley, R Wxckrnzrk, P Canals-y 5 t, A .pxscf el l t k R -tn F11- ., ' , - .1 . TT ion SCHOQL PGLICE Front Row I R1cotta M Adams N Carlson B Row H Ball F Mathews Third Row A Holm Huckelbery C Green R Maloney H Sage Second berg R Bastlan I Huclcelbery B Blshop au mama Front Row K Vollentme R Proudman P Kronk Nerdor K Be1gl'1tol G Abbot Thxrd Row H P Clark R Porter R Delalioy D Coe Second Shoup F Nelson C PTICE R Bush A Mam Row G Engmen R Carlson l Burgeson G FUTURE FARMERS CDE AMERICA 1. l , . , . , . ' , , . . -' . ' , , , , , . . , - .- , - - ' 1. , 'z 2 '- " Q. " S . yr '3 , . ' 53125 l Y' A lx , I a v - ,Q A Z ws I Q .f - X l Q. ! , E U-'1 . ' ,A 1 13' . J- , X, kk . ' AGN Nf' VY. - i f lv , -3 ' '-nd . fit fl' y A , ' 'M' 1 , 8 Y fm l . - , . , . , , 4 , . . 1' l . , , , , , . LIBRARY CLUB Seaied-I. Briggs, T. Edington, M. Peterson, I. Standing--Miss Thomozs, R. Nelson, D. Klein, B. Fodcrle, F. Schrader, M. Torgerson, E. Frank, B. Michaels, B. Brunner, H. Englund, L. Thompson, G. Howard, C. Selin, A. Clements, I. Aiken, R. Frank. Westphcxl, I, Crclpo, I. Carlson, B. Crespy, M. Chip- mcm, S. Pcxlmeri, A. Green. Seated G Magholo B Worster N Carlson M Stcmdmg D Bcrrxck I Pentycofe I Ellemon Forbes B Turner MISS Eclsl ng B Anderson FRENCH CLUB -.Veg If 15' .' 7Uf' YZQSTR' sybwrewgslfqkfwwalxli. fl 1 k , I' - . i I - I I . 1 .A I - I I I 2- 1- "1 1 J' ' ,I ,4 3 we , ge ' M. 4 ' ii. I ' x ' -:S 'NeQ9f, F CLUB Front How A Mam Ft Crespy B Huckelbery Second Row B Reed B LaDuCa B Gustafson K Shoup B Rxgby G Maghola E Fargo L Latona I Blcotta Thxrd Row R Sage H Rumlano I Studd D Anderson G Brunner W McCaIIough D Matteson S Main K Vollen txne Fourth Row C Lmdqutst M Francis B Gustafson I Fredrlckson B Callxhan I Elleman L Lodestro E Cameron M Bade Fxfth Row P CanaIey D Lodestro udson I See ey B Bastlan I Huckelber Meadows L Ortendahi B Crespy I Dxrgalamo Sxxth Row S Cwaeta D Mathews L Plme F Faxth K Iohnson A Holmberq W Tedesco M Allen P Htcotta R Maloney Coach B Btshop va::"1-Q "' Front How Mr C son C Bu ke A Ma m I Cres y a C s r Lctcson D France I 9 oudmgn Fourth B Chlpman P Lcks ofw L Thorrp or' Second Row K Row W ThOI""I rm I Scwa G Nerdor D egcry L Lod sro M L dstelt I son D Ranch Caftoe Fairbanks D S urs xr ow ani Pr Dtstqyn, -',.A"y,.Bf . -1 5 t C, K t 4 i ,t f X , Q ' 3 Iv , Zh ,H 1 ,NI K I :Vs X .ywfq 5 ' I Q I Y I I 3' I . ' l . w frg ,. , I - s arlo , . r , I , . p , M Fr rx 11 I F ed: " , . , .7 ' , ' . tr . 5 . - - . nts, C P ce, ' I . , , Gr , ef ID f , Nei: , . , S ', '.-f. von Th' d R -D D "' , B Lce, SNAPS M "' R' MOYV1 Anderson Wally Snow DeForest Mathew-2 Frank Walth Iohn Howard Ioe Blaze lack TITUS Honor Soclety Kerrmt lohnson Mrss Ted 'eco Polly Culver Monlca Gage LOIS Saxton May Fesnval FOOTBALL Kneelmg D Mathews R Bastman E W11der R F Waxth I F1tzPatr1ck P R1cotta R Maloney Sage K Vollentrne I Huckelbery P Canaley K Fourth Row I Green G Maloney I Iohnson I Iohnson M Bader Mgr Second Row I Wallace Schnars R Wh1tney G Crespy R Crespy B C Green N Erlckson H Green I RICOIIG Thxrd Thomas I Whlttaker I P1ckup R Robbms C Row D Morley C L1ndqu1st I S1r1anno I Crapo Potwm September October 1 October l October 2 October 2 November 5 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1949 Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer I Salamanca Westheld Southwestern Gowanda S1lver Creek Alleghany 24 ......t...,.., 20 .,r,...... . October8 ,.,............... l2 .......... Fredonia 5 .....,.4..,..... 13 ...4...... 2 .,...4.....t,.., 7 ...,...,.. .. 9 t....,,......... 13 ,...,.,,.. ' 5 Pete. :Bob 'Tic-ev " Clxjde. .Toe ! 3 Howle KCYYVI , ... Hut. K, 'Phil Gene fm., YO Tuba. 7 5-,E E BASKETBALL f A? .11 g A I .U ll 'J ts N' , 5' 'I ' 1 Front Row Ioe R1cotta Rod Maloney Arnte Holmberg Mel Roberts Bob Bastlan Second Row Frank Wallh I1m l-luckelbery Bob Sage Frosty Mathews Bob Crespy Ierry F1tzDatr1ck Mel Allen Thxrd Row I Strtanno I Crapo I Schnars G Maloney P R1cotta N Cross Fourth Row R Robbtns I Green H Green I Ptckup R McCnesney C Potwrn Fxtih Row I Iohnson P l-lawkms B Thomas BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1949 1950 November December December D ce mber December December December Ianuary 5 Ianuary 20 Ianuary Sl February 3 February lO February l7 February 2l February March 3 March l8 March 27 Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer Falconer 28 Randolph Olean Gowanda Srlver Creek Westfreld Southwestern Salamanca Dunlcrrlc Iamestown Stlver Creek Gowanda Westtleld Southwestern Dunktrlc Fredonla Iamestown Randolph Hamburg N M I MX I 1' I Q 'I X ku rf ll f . if I . I f' , a A Q 2 .,., .. ..... , 42 .. .,......., .. e l3. .... .. 36.. ' 16. .,,. ,..,. .... . 3 9.. .. .... . .' .. l9.. . .. ...,.......,.. 51... 22 ...........,........., 46... ......... . ...,.......,.. ...... 3 8.. ............. ' Ianuary l3 ........................ Falconer 48 ..............., Fredonia . . . .. .......... 54 ......, ..,.....,.... 42... .,... ' 24 .... ............. . .. 42 ..,..,....,.... ' an "' 1 ban 3Q jg I 3 Q TBM Bob H uSc.fatc,X1, ,H W DA Me. f W "' 9 E if Ra. V35 IUNIOR HIGH FOGTBALL Flrsi Row K Kessmger E Iohnson R Bush C lfnglund B Matteson R Walden P Runlold G Funcell P Montgomery G Srnlth G Engrndn Abbot D Kllne Fourih Row R Gunnell G Ke ly Second Row H Green R Hodges G SCKdOWSk1 ndersor R Glrz R Brunne l. vdto N Cross Thzrd Row F Tronlello I Prouclrnon R He y G Sewenson QUE F1rstRow I Comdrolo l. Fehlmdn G Scxdowskr Second Row G Stevenson R Brunner, H Green R Hodges B Hormlton P Comdrolo A Case R Srfuth G Kelly I Henry P Tron1e'lo IUNIGR HIGH BHSKETBFILL ' f 'I .' 'Q LAI ' f w, .-I r,P.Ve. ,Elf 3HQE1g.sfg,'fi jk 42 E , I ig S E ?'?fiff6? ,' G fel . 5 g H, .II 2 1 . ,4 5' 'J x CI 1 xxx:-'-1. A I 122' 1" .. f it ' Y J 23 1 255 E sr BASEBALL Front R Crespy H Green I DIQIYOIGIHO G F112 Standing M AI1en I Huckelbery R BQSIICIH M Potrlck N Cross C Potwm I Green F TTGHIGIIO Roberts R Maloney K Kessmger C LIHCICIUISI JE Front A Mum A Raymond F Mc1thews,S Gcietci, H Green, R Wlckmcirk M Roberts F VVc11th, K P R1cottc1, I S1r1c1nr1o R Bustlcln R Crespy, G Iohnson,I R1COTfG,P Ccrn-:11ey,F Hull D Morley Crespy, R Reed W Holmberg Standmg I Henry, I Moloney TRACK .bl I I A .V I I' '. V I ' ' A 'I 'A . I' .', . . V A I ' X I I 2 V ' I B r , f , f I X r I ' f .ar A f f A x J 1, I ,- 1 x 2 I Q R' I If r I f ' . If I ' 2 A J I A Mr, 4 ,U I 41 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ontRow-B.HuCke1bery. Second Row-W. McCoHough A Main Third Row I Fredrickson SM IUNICR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. Lodestro, P. Culver, D. Keith, B. Crespy, R. Rigby, JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS First Row-C. Rigby. Second Row-M. Gage. Third Row-L. Saxton. Fourth Row-I. Thompson, D. Enwood, G. Swanson, MAICRETTES I. Carlson, D. Keding, L. Lcltoua, I. Iohnson, S. Rich. GIRLS' SOCCER CHAMPS Seated-L. Mollengo, B. Verquer, A. Vicorio. M. Francis. Standing-P. Reimondo, R. Thompson Kneeling-H. Rurniono, I. Proudmcm, R. McCoHough, D. Anderson, L. Fonti, I. Montgomery. GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS 1 P. Eckstrorn, I. Ellemcn, A, Funcell, I, Studd, L. Lcxtono, E. Fargo, N. Anderson, GIRLS BOWLING CHAIVIPICDNS RSOW Kg? I I. Thompson, B. Worster, S. Main, R. Thompson, B. Trollon, N. Anderson, D. Iohnson, B, Anderson. 7 Nkh4f' X 0 Wifw X VN R s XQWE X xx 4 f X X ff A T' 7 X x XR - X K :Q NN S X lui' X Ek X XX-Jqdgx bxx ., 1' wi - xxx X N n onqrafufafions fo flze Gigs 0 1950 NATIGNAL WORSTED MILLS INC O K A GOOD PLACE TO WORK 5 f 5 n FALC NEB, NEW YOR HHHHHHH'hHH'-5555555'-'h"u".'h'-'u'u'u'n'n'u'u'u'u'n'n'u'u Wa Izxfwm' Cwzgrafzzlaflozzs and Bvsf W1sfJ4s fo fbc Palcwzcr Clllfflll ScfJ001Clasv 0 1950 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FALCONER FALCONER N Y CELEBRATING OUR SUTI-I ANNIVERSARY I 9 O U I Member of Federal Deposn Insurance Corp Member Federal Reserve System 'n'u'u'J'n 'n'-'n'u'-'u'-'fn .HH '-'n - 950 'I'I'lH'l'i'I'l'l'I'I'l'l5H'l'I'i'I-I ?hHH CONCRATULATIONS To the' lass of 50 M f afnesfowfz 8 GIYZAEI' 0 QOIYZIYZBPCZ GOOD IOBS F SPLENDID STORES OUTSTANDING RECREATION SKILLED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES -.-.-.'.-A 1 The embers 0 f be Invite You To I A IVI E S T Q W N or .r.-."-ln-.' -.'.-.'.u-.'.'.-.uu.-.'.'--.'.-.u'.u-.-.u'.'.w.'.'.'.-.-.'.u'.'. 1.-H-'.'.'n'.'.'. -.'.'.'.'.-.-.-.u-fu.---.'.'.'s Best Wfzsloes I0 the Class of 1950 SCUDDER S GARAGE EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER NEW YORK Congrafulaizons fo flae Class 0 1970 MAIN DINER EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER N Y BEST FOOD IN TOWN .r.'.'.-. .'.-.'.'.'.-.w.-.-.a'.-.-.-.u-.-.-.1.-.-.uuu.'.'.-.'.'.-.'u -.v -.'.'.'.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.'.-.-.uw.u 1 S369 Ronald Numl, Prop. I-'J'Hu'M'n'u'n"-'n'h' 'u'-'n'u':'h ClIIlI!7IIlIILllf5 1 flu Clan 0 1250 J EMIL ANDERSON GROCER 8 EAST Euvlwoon AVE FALCONER N Y ff: l-I-I-lil-l xf Wfulux I0 lb: Clan of 1970 GOLD STAR SUPER MARKET FALCONER NEW YORK C1111 Hlfllltlflfllls If ffm Claw 0 1150 FALCONER KENDALL STATION Phone 5 827 TERRY LUMBER CO ELLINGTON N Y dard cmd Soft Lumber Cool Tlmbe Log X Ellington N Y Ph Kennedy 2585 C0 f H Kennedy N Y Phone Kennedy 2 360 '-'-'u'n"-'u'h'u"-'u u'n'u 'u'n'n'u'u'n'nH'u'n'u '-'u'u'u'- 'n'u'u'- n". '.'u'u'u'u'u'uF-'u' 'Q I I . 4 , ' BLT ' , - Il .' , f 1 t QQ , ' f 1' , Art Olson, Mgr. 5525? , . Holm' Offll'L' amz' Suu .1111 u 'um' I -I I- I-- -- C011 lafzzlzflolzs 10 112 Clas 0 1950 W LEE BULL INC GeneraI Cantractmg Washed Sand and Stone JACOB ANDERSON DRY GOODS STORE EeIAde Footwe r M rx Vvorx Clothe 0 o Il 411111111 111 lt 1 GISSLIN BAKERY FALCONER NEW YORK AND APPLIANCE CO F r xture ana Appha ce Electrlca Cont actmg FALCONER N Y Phon 3027 Bfsf Wzslym to Ibc Class of 1950 QUALITY CASH STORES 2 EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER NEW YORK Wl2r11 you Tbmlz 0 Food Think of Oualzfs Congrafulafzons I0 tba Class of 1950 THE COQUETTE SODA BAR FALCONER NEW YORK Comjwlimz nfs fo Ihr' Class of 1950 THE NIAYFAIR SWEET SHOPPE Home Made Candies Ice Cream and Fruits Brsf Wislvcs fo tba Class of 1950 THE STATE THEATRE FALCONER, NEW YORK -'n'-'In'-'n' '-'u'-'u'u'n' Iu'n'n'n'u'u"i'u5'i'u"u'uH'M'h5H'nH'u'uH'uH'fu'uHH':'u5'i'n'u'n'u5H'h5'u'u'u'u5'n55H'iHH'u'J'u':'n'u5 Nga 4'. Vxs, ' ' 9 ' sIh r . n rson I a, e s ' ' s N U ns ROYAL ELECTRIC Cn gr 1 'r s fo IJ' Class of 950 u n' ' ' n s . 1 Y . e . 1' , , - 1 4 ' f N usuwwaammuvunvurnumvwfnmuuuuvnuu COI1SfflfIl1llfIOlIY fo fbc Claw of 1950 MORSE ENGRAVINIJ CU 100 HARRISON STREET IAMESTOWN NEW YORK We Exif 1111, B651 W1slJcQ fo flu Class 0 1970 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE C R DEMAYO 23 E MAIN ST FALCONER N Y 'u'-'- 'u'n 'u'n 'u 'u'u'u '-'u'-'n'u'-h'u 'u'n'h'u'u 'u x ' 1 ' 1 , O I Home Owned cmd Operated by l I I l l -I lui!!-l'lnllIulllul.l .I-I .I -.I .I .'.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.-.-.v.-.-.w.-.-.v.uw. -.I-.-.-.'..'.'.'.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.1 Congrafulafiozzs fo flaw Class of 1950 Gold Tone Studios FK WEST THIRD STREET IAMESTOWN NEW YORK Best W1shes to the Class of 1950 MILLIES SODA BAR EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER NEW YORK p i I Op osi e the High School Il.lu-I-flvlwlu5llIl-I-l-l-lIm-lII-lIl-l-In-lllunanll-l-l-IIlIIN-HIIIII-I-I-I-I-lllu-I-I-I-A-l-l-J G E PETERSO 8z SON 168 S WORK STREET FALCONER N Y Meats and Grocene N Sugar Curmg and Smokmg of Ham and Bacon a Speclalty llc 'fu' Best Wishes to fbf' Class 0 1970 GEER DUNN C0 'if WEST THIRD STREET IAMESTOWN NEW YORK Complmzuzfs to flu Claw 0 1950 THREE GABLES SODA BAR KENNEDY N Y Phone 2438 Ice Cream MOD11 Cas a d MOb11 O lx BRUSSMAN LUMBER 00 KENNEDY Phone 2 095 RANDOLPH Phone 2 915 ooo A Couzfwfcff Bnllzfux Scrzlzc 'n 'Ju' 'u"'-'M u' 'u'-'n 'u I' 'fu' 'M 'L NEWER'-HHH 'n 'n'u'n'u'n'n"u'u'-'u'n'u5H'M'u'u'H-'M'- .TX 0 UElc"P'j'fl7i7Ig for J Tabla", 1 V. R. Crandall. Prop. .I -I I I -I - I I-I -li-I-I -I .I -- ll-INIIE-III-llllhhlllh C'ongraf1z1af1w1v to fb: Claw of 1950 BEN FRANKLIN VARIETY STORE 5 and 10C S100 cmd up 13 15 E MAIN s'rRr:E'r FALCONER N Y .fl-In-I-I-I-luvlll-l.l-I-I-III-I-alll!! Cou,ruf1z1af1w1v fo lbw Claws If 1950 LESLIE JOHNSON FOOD STORE 17 19 WEST MAIN ST FALCONER NEW YORK Conglafulafzofzs fo 1111 C1a99 0 1990 FRANCHINA S SHOE REPAIR SHOP FALCONER N Y KENNEDY N Y KENNEDY HARDWARE KENNEDY N Y TORSELLS GROCERY KENNEDY N Y SOUTH WORK STREET GARAGE FALCONER N Y BUCKWHEATS BLUE SUNOCO FALCONER N Y VERMEE S CORNER SERVICE ELLINGTON N Y h'u'h':H'u'n'h'fu'l'u'u'n'-'h'u'-'n'uHH'n'-5'u'u'.'-55H'uHHHH'.' "-'-'n'h'u'u'i'-'-'n'nH'-'n'h"u'h'n'n'u'u'u' 1 I , K1 ' . ' I f' ' . . 1 ' , ' ri , .Q , 5 lf, DEWEY'S FLORIST V A 4V" 'P ' . 1 . . . 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Watches For Graduatron Buy at Home Save Money We Support You You Suppor Cougraflllafmm fo fb: Clan of 1970 LUDWIG CONSTRUC IION COMPANY FALCONER NEW YORK General Contractors Best W1shes to the Class of l95U CHAUTAUQUA PLATING FALCONER N Y Electroplatlng of All Types Buf W1 bu lo flu Clan 0 1950 BUSKIST S NASH East Second Street IAMESTOWN NEW YORK Nash Sales and Servrce C011 fzlfllldflllfl lo flu Clan of 1950 RED 8: WHITE STORE KENNEDY N Y EARL CROSS P p OCETIQS Frosted Foods Hardware Boots and Shoes C rnnplnm nh if Hn Clan of 1250 BOBS TEXACO SERVICE Iunctxon Rts I7 62 KENNEDY N Y Phone Kennedy 2 533 Congratulatrons to the Class of 1950 Pm Tnnforx 111111 PLIIHI 1:11111 Hlltllf Sfllllflfl Goods for All Otltlilflllt KENNEDY TRACTORS 8: IMPLENIENTS CO KENNEDY NEW YORK ' , - t Us 3 I , I'O , I Gr ' , 1 , ' 9 1 lu'u'u'n'u'nH'u'u'u'H':'nHH'n'n'u'n'ln'u'u'u'-'n'.H'M'n'u'n'u'u'i'r'n'n'n'nHN'u'h'-'u'n'u'u'u'.'-'-'n'u'u"nH"n'u'u'u Bm! 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