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Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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,. V5 :S 'H ,F .. g. f wv 5 CORRIDOR STAFF' Seated-I. Rcndall, Editor- Mr. Brqelowy Miss Tedcsco, M. Anderson, T. Lindquist, C. Oaksq W. Anderson. Standing- H. Callce, W. Brunsonp R. Woodardg R. Ralgy M. Roberts, Business Managerg A. Anderson, Assistant Editorg B. Huckelberyg P. Canaleyp D. Matlesony M. Ecclesp lvi. Allen: l. Andezsung C. Crandall, R. Crespy, Under the capable supervision of Mr. Clements, Mr. Bigelow, and Miss Tedesco, this group ol students has been working all year long to make this book possible. They all deserve to be congratulated on their fine Work. Special thanks go to Mr. Clements for his endless patience in giving advice and help, Terry Lindquist for all his time and Work spent on photography, and Melvin Roberts for directing the business department, even though he is a junior. 6X1 4 iyw 1:!'x IYX' A N Qtlixifffx tifffiif K ,isqfvj .N 5 lf'-- . iz!!- Xf s-S b is .1 X XX xX .- - ...J 'ze 'PE :xxx Ru X -E: ' Q xx uw ,si-.X xlfuv-my ... M.- DYRQ Q!! as .cv- f'!'r,:xxvS 5 L FEW' , . , 2 . Kr, x ,gfiiig - 'E gnu 6 AJ AL scno L rALcoNEk cw oak FA CQIIER N Q. IN MEMORIAM To the memory of Neil Sprague, who was taken from us by a tractor accident in the spring of 1945, the Class of 1949 wishes to pay this last glowing tribute. Although we were only in the 8th grade and still very young at the time, Neil had won a permanent place in the hearts of his classmates and innumerable friends. His cheerfulness, ability to get along with others, and his optimistic attitude, had already made him an outstanding and invaluable member of our class. We, of the Class of 1949, know that Divine Provi- dence will always shine His eternal light of peace and sanctitying grace upon so great an asset, not only to our class, but to the human race as a whole. Gerald Sanderson Neil Bryant Sprague P In the fall of 1947, another great trag- edy came upon the Class of l949, when Gerald Sanderson was called to a final resting place by an unfortunate rifle acci- dent. By his overflowing personality, "Sandy" had won his way into the hearts of his classmates and friends to a place that could never again be filled. His wil- lingness to serve at all times, his joyous spirit and laughter have been a source of inspiration to all who knew him. May the perpetual light of Our Saviour shine upon him and may his soul rest in eternal peace and happiness. DEDICATIQN To Mr. Lawrence Anderson, adviser to the Class of 1949, the Corridor Staff proudly dedi- cates its work. In Mr. Anderson, the students have found a true friend, an inspiring teacher, and a wonderful person with an admirable sense of humor. Mr. Anderson could always find a solution to problems that formed seem- ingly unsurmountable obstacles to the success of our class. Filled with splendid foresight, and a tenacious ''perseverance-to-the-end'' attitude, Mr. Anderson has won a permanent abode in the hearts of the student body. Always willing to give up his own time and serve wherever he was needed, Mr. Anderson is certainly the model teacher for all young people in America to respect and honor. 7 . 1-'OIQPWARD The yearly annual of any high school is usually Written along the same pattern. The staff tries to make a clear record of the preceding year of school, so that everyone may have a permanent book containing photographs, names and recollec- tions. However, the Corridor staff hopes that you Will find this issue something more than just a book of recollections. We are confident that you will cherish these pages and look upon your Corridor as something that will be a keepsake in the years to come When time may have taken some of your recollections from you. CONTENTS Administration Page 9 Classes . . Page l3 Activities . . Page 31 Sports . Page 45 Advertising . . Page 55 - 8 BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated-T. H. Necrthery, M. Swanson, I. Henderson, E. Larson, E. Terry. Standing-L. Anderson, L. Boker H, Fenner, F. Clements, L. Dye. 10 FACULTY From-B. Morey, E. Andersen, E. Weclver, F, Clements, M. Fedorko, L. Mottison, K. Eosiing. Second Row-L. Tedesco, M. Iohnson, C, Reno, I. Adams, N. johnson, A, Thelomder, E. Reno, F. Wcrith. Third Row- M. Thomas, P, Levoto, H. Shoup, E. Von Reyn, I. Bigelow, W. Huesiis. Fourth Row4E, Hoene, L. Anderson, B. Bishop. Absent-H. Fenner, S. White, T. Shreiner, N, Fedorkcx, A. Rich, E. Aldoy. 11 STUDENT COUNCIL Sealed-R. Funcell, W. Brunsoiml Blc1ze,R. Cc1lfoe,Pres., Miss Ecxslirig, Mr. Mcltisori, M. Eccles, S. Scxfl R. McCullough, Sect. Standing-S. Olson, K. Gregory, M. Bader, C. Lindquist, R. Moloney, V. Pres., D. Cul- foe, Treosg M. Motu, G. Swanson, P. Frame, S. Rich. 12 ROBERT WOODARD President "Mr, McIntyre," track, "my car," musician, smooth dresser. AGNES HUMIANO Secretary Cute, Cheerleader, silly, collector of hearts, petite. MRS. ADAMS Advisor MR. LEVATO Advisor MARY ALLEN Cheerleader, "Frankie," soda-jerk, ambitious, flirt. IO ANN ANDERSON Kennedy, giggles, men, friendly, silly. SENIORS THELMA RIGBY Vire President Peppy, "State," friend to all, likes all the men. RONALD RALG Treasurer "Ge orgie McIntyre," cxccordian, cute, artist, happy-go-lucky. MR. ANDERSON Advisor IOHN AIKEN F a rm e r, hard working, serious, football. DONALD ANDERSON Saxophone, "Red," going steady, mad scientist. HAROLD BALI. Office, always busy, willing worker. NANCY nnuusou Horses, sensitive, all the sports, friendly. LOUISE BURCH Quiet, smart, nursing, loves to gossip, typing shark. PATRICIA CALLIHAN Ray cmd I, temperamental, industrious, friendly. MARILYN CHENEY "Scooter," diamond, "Chee- chee," singer, silly. FREDERICK CRESPY Quiet tyge, won't give the girls a c ance, baseball. MARILYN DAHI. Engaged to Clarence, cafe- teria. always has the giggles. WRIGHT BRUNSON Stubborn, "Brian," basket ball star, Annapolis popular. RONALD CAFFOE Student Council Pres., bas ketball, cute, fun. IOYCE CARLSON Home ec., quiet OJ, gig gles, impulsive, happy. CAROL CRANDALL Peppy, fun, "Bunny,' happy-go-lucky, pal to all MARILYN CULVER "Mernie," bashful, clothes pre-med, ambitious. LAURETTA DQWYNE Violin, "Rett," "Norm,' Civic orchestra, lots of fun WESLEY DIBBLE Sincere, magician, good natured, gentleman. MARTHA ECCLES Popular, "Herb," buddy, cute, wedding bells. IENNIE FONTI Drum majorclte, smiles, de- pendable, pal. DONALD GIDDY Baseball, wolf, qrin. friend- ly, wavy hair, buddy. BERTHA GUSTAFSON "Bert," studious, Falcon Ijd., silly at times. ' CAROL HALE Vlith Swanson, clebater, cmbitious, plans to be a nurse. NILES DOUD Ex G. I., reserved, hand- some, physique. MARILYN FEE Debater, always in a hurry, lawyer, peppy, ROBERT FRAME Kennedy, shop, friendly, easy going, never worries. BARBARA GLIDDEN "Aldens," spitfire, lunch tickets, piano, lively. DORIS GUSTAFSON Cafeteria, hard working, home maker, slow and easy going. EUNICE HILL Coins and butterflies, cap- able, always happy. IOHN HOWARD Basketball manager, pal to all, skier, football. GENE HUNT Horses, sports, convertible, women. Pugilistic. ROGER IOHNSON Mad scientist, guitar, band, wise cracker. THEODORE LINDBERG Traveler, "Mommy," loves to talk, pal, comedian. BONNIE LLOYD Piano, knitter, dependable, "Blondie", generous. EUGENE MALENGA Quiet, "Gene," friendly, cars, with "the boys". MARILYN HOWARD Live l y, sports, choir, "Elsie," talkative. BEVERLY IOHNSON Roller skating, orchestra, Rulh 5: "Rett". IOHN LAWRENCE Guitar player, "Tex's Band,' never worries, easy going. TERRY LINDQUIST Those eyes, cameras, smooth dresser, shoulders. IANIS MacFARLAND "Mac," sewing, gossip, devilish, fun, silly. PAT McCULLOUG!-I "Pat," mechanic, Irish, sailor boy, my car. lORNNE MORLEY Senior Play - "Terry McIntyre," comedian, silly, fun, always talking. IOHN MYERS Wavy hair, Cornell bound, neckties, strong silent type. LOUISE NELSON Secretary, smooth dresser, reserved, men, Gean and I. IOSEPHINE OGNIBENE Mr. Bigelow's right hand man, talker, gum. FANCHON PETERSON "Bob," "Mrs, McIntyre," Honor Society, oh, that hair. RICHARD PLINE Radio man, gentleman, " F o r d s , " philosopher, sincere. 515 IOYCE MORLEY Voice, majorette, petite, "State," men, dancer, clothes. Y NANCYE NEATHERY Happy go lucky, "All State," Falcon, dependable, ambitious. CECIL OAKS "Cee," heartbreaker, ticket seller, loves to dance. ROBERT OLSON Brains, works at "Pugs," orchestra, Honor student. GEAN PETERSON Engaged to Bud, silly, works at Carlson's. ROGER PORTER Farm boy, judging shark, worker, Iohn and 1. YO ANNE RANDALL Ye Editor, "Io," Honor Society, personality plus. ROBERT REIMONDO Works at "Clill's," buddy, easy going, that smile, IOYCE ROBBINS Candy stand, somebody's secretary, reserved, cheer- lul. CHARLES SCHOLENO Pint size-big at heart, huntin' and tishiri'. ROBERT SHOUP Eyes, Empire State Farmer, football, band. ROGER STAHLEY Ticket- taker, basketball, "Bones," physique. 'i l l 1 1 4 NIH DONALD RANDINELLI Always talking, peppy, cars, always in a hurry. BARBARA ROACH Quiet, choir, violin, amiable, IRVING SCHELI. Scientist, arguments in history class, curly hair. PHYLLIS SHARP Clarinet, giggles, courteous, plans to go to W. C. A. OLETA SKINNER Future housewife, silly joker, looks, happy. HAZEL SWANSON Honor Society, debater Carol and l, dependable discreet. IOHN SWANSON Ccxlrn and collected, hcxppy with the world. GERALDINE TRAMNER Quiet, homemaker, industri- ous, Pat cmd I. DOROTHY WALKER Smooth clothes, Albert, candy stand, giggles. PATRICIA WALKER Always smiling, depend- able, reserved, friendly. RUTH WEBSTER Silly, Bev 6- Lczurettc, sports, determined. CORALYN ZETTERMAN RODERIC SWEET Math, going into forestry, deviltry in English class. YAMES VAN TILBURG Everybody's pal, worker, women, good sport. l EUGENE WALKER Sleepy, Kennedy dcnces, "Dutch," always in dutch. EULA WALROD Clark's Corners, Dano, cxrguer, choir, mad about driving. ROBERT HOAGLUND FAREWELL, SENIORS Front4M. Howard, O. Skinner, I. Carlson, A. Runiano, Sect., T. Rigby, V. Pres., R. Woodard, Pres., R. Ralg, Treasg I. Morley, D. Gustafson, Mr. Levato. Second How--M. Eccles, E. Walrod, B. Gustafson, B. Lloyd, M. Culver, P. Walker, G. Tranmer, I. Robbins, D. Walker, B. Roach. Third How--C. Crandall, P. Callihan, L. Burch, I. Lawrence, R. Olson, R. Sweet, R, Cattoe, I. Morley, I. Anderson, I. Fonti. Front--B. Glidden, L. Nelson, A. Rumiano, Sect., T. Rigby, V. Pres., R. Woodard, Pres., R. Ralg, Treas., M. Fee, N. Neathery. Second Row-D. Anderson, H. Swanson, C. Hale, I. Randall, C. Oaks, F. Peterson, M. Allen, I. Aiken, Mr. Levato, Advisor. Third Row-E. Walker, F. Crespy, I. Ognibene, R. Webster, P. Sharp, E. Hill, I. Maclrarland, L. DeWyne, D. Giddy. Fourth Row-R. Pline, T. Lindberg, T. Lindquist, R. Porter, R. Shoup, R, Stahley, I. Howard, I. Swanson, l. Shell, W. Brunson, R. Iohnson. Zl THE CLASS HISTORY A century ago men were rushing to the Pacific coast in search of gold. This year another treasure is being unfolded--a whole senior class of9"little gems". For what other senior class can boast the memorable events that have been'packed into four years of high school life? As we look back now across the intervening years it seems to have been but a very short time, but when we were freshmen the road ahead really looked long and hard. As I remember, Io Anne Randall was president of the freshman class, with loyce Crandall as vice president and Don Giddy assuming the role of secre- tary. Everything was new to us then, it was a distinction to sit in the big study hall, and we thought that we were quite superior to the seventh and eighth graders. Sc into the sophomore class we Went, ever looking upward to the final goal, the senior year. There was a change of political goals that year because I noticed that all the class officers were boys. Don Giddy was promoted to the rank of presidentg the vice president was Wright Brunson, and Dick Pline was the secretary. Fred Crespy took care of the money tif there was anyj. One of the highlights of the year was the Sadie Hawkins Day danceg everyone seemed to grow up a little at the prospect of having to ask someone to dance. By that time, we had evolved into juniorsg we thought, "Well, it won't be long now . . . " The senior year was just ahead! Everyone was waiting for the Iunior-Senior Prom to come. The girls were buying or making new formals, and the boys were hurriedly trying to learn the old two-step. Wright Brunson was president of the class that year, and Iohn Howard was acting in the capacity of vice-president. Thelma Rigby did a swell job as secretary and Don Giddy was elected to the post of treasurer. The Prom turned out to be a success, and everyone went home that night with memories of a won- derful evening. There we were! Seniors at last! But we found that it was just a little less exciting than We had thought that it was going to be. We found that it was going to mean a little less play and a lot more work to make that final grade. We settled down after the first few weeks and waded through the year, making plans for graduation. The senior play took some of us into it's hand, and with evening rehearsals and schoolwork too, we found that some of us were seeing more of old F. H. S. than we were of our homes. The final curtain "rang" down and it was all over before We realized it. The audience had really enjoyed "Growing Pains." In February two of our ambitious Seniors, Marshall Studd and Lewis Rice, were graduated. Later, in the Spring, Louis Ferarr was able to retum after a serious accident in the fall. We immediately started then to think of other worlds to conquer, and with President Bob Woodard's help We set our sights for New York City. To some of us, the trip to New York was the longest trip that We have ever takenp we came home almost "broke" and completely tired out, but, boy what a time! We immediately started hearing remarks like, "Sure, it's nice to go there on a visit, but I wouldn't want to live thereg no sir, you couldn't sell me the place!" or "Everyone there rushes around all the time . . The Class Night exercises were lots of fun, and then came baccalaureate. Thelma Rigby, the vice-president, Agnes Rumiano, secretary, and Ronnie Ralg, treasurer, decided that it was time to pack up the old Class of '49 relics and make way for the junior class, which was getting all ready to move in. The president of the Board handed us our diploma, and we walked back to our seat: "It was a hard fight, Mom, but we won." 22 vl CLASS PROPHECY Here I am, way off up on the Arctic Circle. In spite of the excellent communication system here in 1969, I don't very often get much news, but I really hit the jackpot today. I recently received some issues of the "Post-Express" and a nice newsy let- ter from the editor, Bertha Gustafson-she always did have a nose for news and she's really making it pay. Well, let's seep think I'll start with the paper- hmm-so Marilyn Fee is defending Gene Hunt on that horse theft charge by Howard Coe. Think I'll place my bet on her, because since she went into partnership with Carol Hale, their law firm has really gone to town. Wright Brunson has been given another promo- tion I see. He's now commander of the Northern Atlantic fleet. Well, what do you know: Ronnie Caffoe and Don Giddy, also of the class of '49, have commands directly under himl "Wandering Ted Lindberg," as they now call him, has just returned from the forbidden city of Mecca . . . Brought back some valued treasures, seven kids and four more wives. He turned Moslem a whlie back-guess he decided that he couldn't break all the rest of the gals' hearts by marrying just one. Terry Lindquist went with him as his photographer, on leave of absence from "Live" magazine, you know. Dr. Marilyn Culver has just discovered a new anaesthetic which really gives sweet dreams, and now Fred Crespy, D.D.S., is using it on all his patients. Ronnie Ralg has sold out his famous comic strip, "Rick Dacy," to Lauretta DeWyne at a tremendous profit and had already started his new strip, "Dicky and the Boleshevicks," based on the travels of the famous explorer, Richard Pline. Here on the sport page I see that Falconer Cen- tral has won another basketball championship. Now that Rog Stahley and Cecil Oaks' five boys are all in high school, the coach, Don Randinelli, has really had an easy time of it-did okay in track last year too when Mar Studd's youngest boy threw the discus so far that it took Robert Woodard, who's teaching history there, all afternoon to get it out of the school roof. Iohnny Howard just broke another skiing record and his other leg while in London for the '69 Olympics. Nancy Brunson didn't do so bad eitherp we now have proof that she can out wrestle any other female in the profession. Phyllis Sharp and Eugene Malenga's oldest boy has just been given a scholarship for Cornell from a fund set up by Iohn Aiken, Robert Shoup, and Iohn Meyers. Those gentlemen Cat lastj farmers have the cabbage by the haystackl Roger Iohnson has finally perfected his new tele- vision set. Now you can smell as you watch and hear the program. Ioyce Morley, star of stage and screen, is now appearing with "A Perfume Named Desiree." The biggest news from Hollywood is that Niles Doud has replaced Humphrey Bogart as the tough- est guy on the screen. His latest release is "Cut My Nails With a Blowtorch." Hmmm--see here that Io Anne Randall, Dean of Eastpreacher College, has finally consented to run for President on the Vegetarian ticket. I remember way back in '49 when the Seniors went to New York City and Beverly Iohnson got lost in the Museum of Natural Science-now I see she's finally turned up--a prominent designer of women's hats under the name of Rosie Dashay- they say she has such original designs, and they go so well with the types of dresses that Dorothy Walker creates. The critics say that Marilyn Cheney and her all- girl orchestra, currently playing at Pat Cal1ihan's fashionable restaurant, the "Province," has tri- umphed again with such stars as Oleta Skinner and her magic viola: Bonnie Lloyd and her baby grand, and, last but not least, Louise Burch and her electric basson. Another member of the group, Barbara Roach, was hospitalized recently when she caught her little finger in her piccolo while playing "The Plight of the Bumble Bee." While wandering aimlessly over the keys on her piano, Barbara Glidden suddenly found "The Lost Chord." Upon hearing it, Donald Anderson, a fellow musician, promptly reburied it. Mary Allen, world-famous love-lorn column writer, recently wrote a novel based on her work entitled, "Tears and Gripes." It is predicted to be the year's best seller. ln a recent world-typing contest in New York City, Ioanne Morley walked away with first prize, in spite of the fact she dropped her gum in her typewriter and it took her fifteen minutes to dis- lodge it. Even then every time she hit the tabu- lator key, it blew a bubble. Because of the recent decision of the Atomic Energy Commission to locate their new project. "K-Day," at Kennedy, New York, Martha Eccles, Carol Crandall, and Io Ann Anderson have acquired huge fortunes by selling their valued property. They have all been made honorary Vice-Presidents by the Head Director, Professor Robert Olson. Here l see that next week's "Town Meeting on the Air" is featuring Nancye Neathery and Hazel Swanson, Pro, and Gene Walker and lim Van Til- burg, Con, on the subject, "Should Every Year Be a Leap Year?" That seems to be all the paper has to tell--now to see what Bertha has to say. Hmmm-she seems to know all the stuff. Irving Schell has taken his drawl and moved out west. Now he's playing the bull fiddle with the "Sunrise Gamblers." Aggie Rumiano has really built up her plumbing business -she works around all the "joints." Roger Porter has grown a beard and spends all his time singing American ballads and folk songs. Dr. Ruth Webster, who's an up-and-coming psychi- atrist, has diagnosed it as a Burl Ives fixation. Ioyce Robbins and Eunice Hill, both W. A. C. 1Continued on Page 53.2 SUPERLATIVES Best Personality-W. Brunson, M. Eccles. Best Dressed-T. Lindquist, D. Walker. Cutest-R. Ralg, A. Rumiano. Biggest Heartbreakers-C. Crandall, R. Cciffoe. Biggest Flirts-D. Giddy, M. Allen. Laziest-T. Lindquist, G. Peterson. Most StubbornaW. Brunson, C. Oaks Best Sports-T. Rigby, R. Stahley. Wittiest--T. Lindberg, l. Morley. Most Likely to Succeed-R. Woodard I. Randall. Peppiest-D. Rdndinelli, T. Rigby. Most Popular-M. Eccles, W. Brunson SENIOR SNAPS 1- Top ll Handinelli, R. Rulq, G. Walker. Second Row---R. Rolg, C. Oaks, T Lindberg, D Glddy, H. Hulg l. Lawrence, M Stndd. Third Row-W. Brunsson, M, Allen, D Giddy, R, Woodard, T. Lindquist, R Rolg F. Peterson, R, Olson. Fourth Row-I. C. Morley, l, E. Morley. 1" CLASS OF 1950 Fronteli. Vollentine, D. Fields, I. Davis, I. Titus, R. Crespy, Vice Pres., A. Main, Pres., B. Meadows, Sect. R. Dickenson, Treas., B. Olson, C. Lindquist. Second Row-Mr. Bigelow, E. Beers, I. Wallace, L. Fitzpatrick I. Blaze, I, Reimondo, B. Conti, L. Pline, I. Ricotta, Mr. Von Reyn. Third Row-F. Lawrence, N. Blashall E. Weilder, P. Mason, D. Matthews, W, Tedesco, D. Morley, S. Gaeta, R. Carlson. Fourth Row-A. Holml burg, R. Proudman, M. Roberts, R. Wickmark, K, Iohnson, P. Canaley, R. Bastian, F. Waith, R. Weiler A. Anderson. Front-A-D. Matteson, M. Togerson, I. Pentacote, R. Crespy, Vice Pres., A. Main, Pres., B. Meadows, Sect., R, Dickenson, Treas., L. Latona, D, Wheeler, D, Speas. Second RoweMr. Von Reyn, S. Engquist, W. Ander- son, F. Stewart, B. Iohnson, B. Ogren, M. Peterson, D. Fluent, G. Brunner, Mr. Bigelow. Third Row4A, Lo- presto, R. McCullough, B. Verquer, B. Benson, F. Frazer, I. Philbrick, E. Everson, I, Montgomery, M. Walker. Fourth Row-WD. Tranmer, B. l-luclcelbery, I. Anderstrom, D, Speas, H. Rurniano, D. Iohnson, I. Seeley, D. Hud- son, L. Fredericlcson, R. LaDuca, D. Lodestro. 26 I 1 I CLASS OF 1951 Front- fl. Hitchcock, M. Allen, P. Tranielo, W. Snow, D. Leonard, Vice Pres., R. Sage, Pres., C. LeRoy, Sect, T. Anderson, Treas., Miss Easling. Second Row-A-Mrs. Waith, P. Clark, A, Main, R. Whitney, M Bader, G. LeRoy, l. Digilarrno, G. Crespy, D. Arnold, W. Frick. Third Row--K. Kenny, R. Delehoy, R. Stahlman, I. Ogren, S. Allen, R. Reed, R. Porter, A. Raymond, A. Bish, R. Shultz. Fourth Row---A. Sischo, R Sweet, A. Tompon, F. Hall, D. DeHaven, R. Maloney, I. lohnson, I. Crapo, C. Schnars, S. Micheal. Front-E. Benson, I. Polizzi, A. Perraro, S. Covedill, D. Graham, B. Case, D. Leonard, Vice Pres., R. Sage Pres.: C. LeRoy, Sect., T. Anderson, Treas, E. Cameron, Miss Easling. Second Row---Mrs. Waith, R Turner B. Mason, B. Wakefield, B. Sischo, G. Mognolia, M. Hedges, N. Carlson, M. Forbes, M. Adams, Mr, Shriner Third Row-D. Anderson, D. Crandall, M. Beightol, C, Golding, M. Gustin, l. Ellernan, V. Fraterrigo, R Gus talson, M. Rhodes, B. Trollan, B. Anderson. Fourth Row-l... Rigby, K. Becker, E. Fargo, H. Ball, E. De Haven, C. Anderson, A. Francis, N. Clark, B. Dowd, S, Main, B. Anderson, B. Callihan. 27 CLASS OF 1952 Front- AS. Burch, D. Iohnson, S. Beardsly, A, Funcell, C, Iohnson, D. Swanson, I. Nelson, A. Malm, I. Briggs D. Buck, P. Eckstroin, R. Rigby, I. Proudinan, M. Crespy, B, Chipinan, Miss E. Reno. Second Row-R. Kline S. Saft, A. Harding, I. Bastian, N. Brattlof, H. Cook, H. Misk, P. Reimondo, l. Rossetti, S. Gaimbronel M. Frances, M. Wilder, Mrs. Iohnson. Third Row--C. Hendrickson, S. Crouch, W. McCullough, B. Crespy P. Hine, K. Gregory, L. Lodestro, R. Giarnbrone, B. Price, I. Custer, S. Fairbanks, D. Dowd. Fourth RowQ I. Studd, Sect., K. Shoup, D. France, B. Obert, P. Walker, B, Gustafson, C. Dalryrnple, I. Fredrickson, D. Rar- rick, A. Winn, P. Iohnson, C. Iohnson. I I Front- -W. Howard, I. Castiglia, I. Sirianno, D. Hullquist, B. Howe, P. Brink, C. Price, I. Rawson, D. Valen- tine, G. Malone, R, Robins, B. Thomas, R. Thompson. Second Row-Mr. Rich, C, Caswell, A. Abers, C. Pot- win, Vice Pres., I. Green, R. Lewis, R. McChesney, R. Colburn, D. Beach, F. Monroe, Mr. Madison. Third Row - AD. Rhodes, R. Linquist, I. Fitzpatrick, Pres., D. Stenstrom, I. Walker, B. Eckstrorn, F. Philbrick, R. Stearns, I. Whittiker, K. Olson, R. Kolstee. Fourth RowfD. Caftoe, P. Cronk, G. Thornas, R. Crandall, D. Miller, N. Anderson, I. Pickup, T. Fiske, P. Hawkins, I. Schnars. 28 CLASS OF 1953 Front-D. Keith, G. Swanson, R. Euncell, N, Engguist, A. Clements, I. Anderson, L. Colburn, E. Spencer, R. Thompson, I. Crapo, V. Bisco, S. Callihan. Second Row-Mrs. Waith, M, Clark, L. Saxton, M. Gage Y. Goulding, C. McMillen, A. LeBarron, I. Green, A, Meabon, M. Thompson, V. Westerdahl. Third Row- M. Fish, S. Beightol, N. Anderson, B. Howard, C. Rigby, E. Frank, P. Culver, I. Ericsson, M Peterson, M. Sharp, S. Rowan, Fourth Row-I. Schilling, M. Colburn, R Glendenning, C. Snow, I. Sorenson, B Smith M. Sweet, P. Waite, L. Eonti, I. Everett, E. Howard, D. Inwood, E. Lawrence. Front-G. Sadowski, R. LeRoy, P. Camarata, D. Sage, H. Anderson, D. Blashow, C. Euncell, N. Carlson R. Cobb, G. Abbott, D. Klein. Second Row-T. Neathery, R. Smith, M, Short, R. Parrette, R. Walden, I. Cam arata, L. Eehlman, R. Sampson, R. Alexis, R. Rosenborg. Third Row--H. Green, R. Hodges, W, Gustin E. Cornell, C. Schnars, R. Freeman, P. Ricotta, H Green, A. Case, V. Eddy. 29 CLASS OF 1954 Front B, Hcintzman, A. Luce, S. Little, M. Cowan, B. Fuller, A. Green, I. Fadale, B. Boe, P. Buck. Second Rowe--S Patti, S, Robbins, E. Pearson, N. Snow, C. Mead, L. Iohnson, D. Nelson, I. Carlson, I. Cameron, C. Hckstrom, I. Plano, I. Clayton, B. Crespy, P. Frame. Third Row-I, Larson, H. Howard, R. Hucklebery, M. Fairbanks, I. Dennison, D. Main, L. Ventura, M. Cliipinan, D. Briggs, D. Keding, Mrs. Fedorka, Fourth Row- fN. Carlson, C. Selin, S. Olson, I. Ness, P. Page, P. Lindstedt, I. Ponds, P. Mata, L. Lodestro, R, Stearns, D. Waddington, E. Stenstrorn. Fifth Row-M. Iohnson, C. Dickerson, I. Bardo, D. LeRoy, S. Rich, G. Scoma, H. Saxton, D. Schilling, B, Sweatman, R. Cox, C. Selin, C. Walrod, H, Schnares, C. Vollentine. Front f--R. Iones, L. Thompson, C. Ames, R. England, R. Brunner, W. Vine, S. Norberg, F. Traniello, E. Iohnson, T. Edington, Mrs. Fedorka. Second Row-M. Meabon, I. Green, C. Strandberg, R. Palmeri, G. Kelly, T. Fos- ter, M. Fitzpatrick, I. Proudman, D. Iohnson, M. Fairbanks, G, Westphal. Third Row--R. Gustafson, D. Baker, R. Montgomery, B, Matteson, F. Schrader, B. Clark, S. Kieft, R, Gertz, W, Hitchcock, S. Hitchcock. Fourth Row' -R. Gunnel, I. Henry, R. Phillips, I, Nelson, G. Smith, L. Dennison, R. Baker, C. Dowd, D. Payne, L. Fields. 30 X W WANT ,JV HONOR SOCIETY Secxtedw W. Brunson, R. Olson, Pres., F. Peterson, H. Swanson, Vice Pres., Miss Cora Reno Standing -M. Allen, Sect.vTreas., B. Gustafson, I. Randall, M. Eccles, R. Woodard. Seated--M. Howard, Mr. Rich, R. Conti, Bus. Manager, F. Crespy, B. Gustafson, Editor, R. Cat- toe, M. Allen, N. Neathery, L. Burch, l. Randall. Standing--B. Verquer, E, Everson, D. Lodestro, M. Peterson, F. Frazier, B. Benson, N. Brunson, R. Crespy, C. Lindquist, R. Ralg, R. Bastain, W. Brunson, C. Hale, H. Swanson, M. Fee, L. DeWyne, M. Eccles, I. Anderson, T. Lindberg, C. Crandall, H. Rurniano. FALCON STAFF SENIOR PLAY i ' "lt isn't as if an automobile was a luxury-it's an absolute necessity . . "Officer you can't arrest my brother. He's just had his tonsils out." Not too long ago those familiar phrases were carried out to the audience as they watched the play, "Growing Pains," on that Thursday and Friday in November. "Growing Pains," written by Aurania Roverol and directed by Mr. I. S. Bigelow, was proclaimed by many one of the best plays ever put on by a Senior group in this school. All of the members of the cast and Mr. Bigelow admit that it was a long and grueling task-forfeited movies and parties, neglected homework, disgusted boyfriends and girlfriends, who at times got tired of sharing their main interests with the stage, tired, worn-out cast members, and, last but by no means least, determined Mr. Bigelow, who, he confessed, held his breath until Ronnie uttered his last "Hot diggety dog!" But was it worth it? Ask anyone who had a part in it-stage hands, scenery crew, cast or director and tl'1ey'll tell you, "It sure was a lot of work, but somehow I'm 'kinda' sorry it's all over-it sure was a lot of lun!" George Mclntyre Mrs. Mclntyre Professor Mclntyre Terry Mclntyre .. Brian ...,........ Hal ....,..... Omar ........ Dutch .......... Mrs. Patterson Elsie Patterson . ,. CAST Un Order of Appearancej , , . . Ronald Ralg Fanchon Peterson Robert Woodard .. Ioanne Morley . Wright Brunson .. lack Lawrence Ted Lindberg Gene Walker Barbara Glidden . Marilyn Howard Prudence Darling . . . ...,.. , Mary Allen lane .....,,...... ..., N ancye Neathery Miriam , . , . . . Martha Eccles Patty . . . . . . . . loyce Morley Pete ........ Sophie .......... Traffic Officer Vivian .,.... , Terry Lindquist ,. Marilyn Fee , Gene Hunt Carol Crandall Extra Couple ,..,.. Agnes Bumiano, Ronald Caffoe 33 Mi-Y Front W- A. Lopresto, H, Rumiono, B. Huckelbery, D. Matteson, M. Culver, Treas., C. Crandall, V. Pres., M, Eccles, Pres., D. Gustafson, W. Anderson, S. Engquist, L. Latona. Second Row-A. Main, B. Verquer, R. McCullough, R. LaDuca, B. Roach, A. Rumiano, I. Montgomery, E. Everson, M. Howard. Third Row- D. Lodestro, I. Robbins, M. Allen, F. Frazier, I. Pliilbriclc, L. Burch, D. Walker, D. Iohnson, I, Ognibene, I. Morley, I. Morley. Fourth Row-B. Gustafson, B. Glidden, M. Peterson, P. Callihan, B. Benson, N. Neath- ery, E. Walrod, I. Anderson, B. Lloyd, L. Fredrickson, D. Hudson, B. Meadows. Front 7 R. Wiclcrnark, W. Dibble, Sect., E. Walker, Treas., F. Crespy, Pres., I. Wallace. Second Row- M. Bader, G. Crespy, G. LeRoy, R. Whitney, I. Digilarino, R. Crespy, Mr. Mattison. Third Row-I. Law- rence, R. Caifoe, A. Anderson, M. Roberts, D. Matthews, R. Vlfoodard, C. Lindquist, A. Main. Fourth Row- R. Maloney, W. Brunson, M. Lombardo. Hi-Y 34 SCHOOL POLICE Front4R. Bastian, Chief, R. Caffoe, R. Woodard, Iudge, F. Crespy, Iudge, W. Brunson, Iudge. Back-Mr. Cleinents, Mr, Bishop, P. Canaley, I, Howard, D. Matthews, F. Peterson, Clerk, T. Rigby, M. Eccles, I. Morley, I. Ricotta, I, Randall, W. Tedesco. Seated-ell. Swanson, I. Blaze, Mr, Von Reyn, M. Fee, N. Neathery, R. Woodard, C. Hale, M. Howard. Standing -R. Olson, R. Pline, M. Anderson, W. Anderson, L. Burch, C, Zetterman, M. Roberts, D. Matthews. DEBATE CLUB SCIENCE CLUB P. McCullough, R Woodard, W Ccnnefon, D Matthews, l. Schell, W, Brunxson, H Olson, Treau, T, Lrnd- horg, V. Press., R. Pline, Pres., M. Anderson, D. Rhodes, D. Anderson, R Iohn..son, Sect, It Swoet, I. Bldzo T l.indq11i::t, Mr. Clements, Front--Mr Shoup, I. Swanson, R. Porter, Ft. Shoup, I. Aiken, R.Porter. Second Row-JK Hohnherq, G. Niede: C, Price, B. Howe, I. Hitchcock, H. Schnors. Third Row--R. Proudrnan, K. Beightol, P Clark, D Coe I, Myers. Standing'-M. Beardsley, A. Sischo, R. Carlson, P. Crank, F. Obs-rt, R. Doud, R. Delahoy, K. Vol lentine. F. F. A. LIBRARY CLUB Seated f'-- -I, Briggs, D. Buck, Vice Pres, P. Eckstrorn, Pres., V. Besco, Seclg M. Lindsiedi, Treos, B. Cre-spy, M. Clark, M. Peterson, E. Frank, S. Collihdn. Stcmding4D. Klein, R. Nelson, D, Hultquist, I. Henry, W. How- cxrd, R. lones, F. Schroder, Miss Thomas, D. lnwood, I. Cropo, l. Nelson, M. Torgerson, D. Sworison, S, Croucli, N Engquist, H Cox, I.Fc1dole. Front---W. Tedesco, D. Anderson, M. Robe-ris. Second Row-P. Ccxnoley, D. Morley. Third Row---G. Lelioy Pianist-f-B. Glidden. TEDESCO'S TUNESTERS BIBLE CLUB Seated-M. Torgerson, M. Hedges, C. Anderson, M. Beightol, B. Wakefield, I. Cameron, I. Fidale, M. Cowan B. Fuller, N. Engquist, E. Pearson, D. Nelson, D. Main. Standing-eC. Ames, M. Fitzpatrick, T. Eddington M. Chipman, Mrs. Adams, B. Boe, Miss E. Reno, B. Sweatman, C. Iohnson, M. Torgerson, A. Main, L. Col burn, R. Olson, S. Beightol, N, Anderson, C, Hale, H. Hanson, H. Swanson, S. Little, S. Callihan, C. Selen P. Frame, C. Selen, D. Rhodes, R. Sampson, Miss C. Reno. Frome-S. Callihan, A. Clemenls, P. Frame, M. Peterson, C, Rigby, N. Engquist, B. Crespy. Second Row- Mrs. Fedorka, C. Eckslrom, A. Malm, B. Boe, M. Cowan, I. Carlson, D. Main, D. Nelson, I. Clayton. Third RoweC. Selen, E. Pearson, N. Carlson, B. Chipman, P. Mata, M. Chipman, I. Proudman, M. Crespy, L. Lodestro. Fourth Row-G. Scoma, I, Pond, P. Lindsteclt, M. Francis, E. Frank- Y-TEENS BAND FrontgB, Price, I. Morley, D. Crandall, R. Wickinork, P. Mdson, G. Crespy, G. LeRoy, L. Thompson, Mr Huestis, Director. Second Row'-L. Ortenddhi, I, Sirioinno, M. Roberts, W. Tedesco, G. Moglioid, P. Sharp B. Troilcin L. Thompson, P, Woite. Third Row-- D. Mcxttesson, I. Ellemon, H. Boll, M. Fee, D Anderson G. Brunner O Skinner, C, Anderson, B. Worster, R. Turner, S. Covediii, Fourth Row'----L. Mottenson, B. Huck- elbery, R. Rriinner, D, Reed, K. Iohnson, R. Woodard, P. Cdndley, L. Chiozze, I. Proudmon, G, Abbott Fifth Row-D. Rhodes, L. Saxton, I. Crdpo, B. Shoup, D. Morley, R. Hocxgiund, C Cobb, D. Grohom B. Pcxrrette, W. Howard. SS QSM, 3 .,.............. iw D ,... 2, Vx: If W dag f f J 1.524 .... 7 39 ORCHESTRA ..!l..... L., Front-L. DeWyne, R. Olson, B. Lloyd, L. Fredrickson, R. Gustafson M Gage E Benson Second Row B. Roach, L. Saxton, W. Howard, R. Englund, R. Turner, B Worsler .B Price Thomoson L Ortendalg M. Fee, D. Anderson, R. Woootor, B. Iohnson. Third now4D. Rhodes, M. Forboo, A. Moio, i. Whittiker C. Zetterman, P. Paige, W. Tedesco, I. Siriano, M. Roberts, R. H l d R. P oag un , arrette, P. Ccmaley, R. Wood- ard K lohnson R Shou D M 1 R R b , . , . p, . or ey, . ig y, B. Crespy, I. Clayton. Fourth Row-l. Morley, Mr. Huestis G. Crespy, R. Wickmark, D. Crandall, R. LeRoy, P, Mason, M. Peterson, D. Hudson, F. Peterson. 40 SENIOR CHOIR ' ' 512 Front-C. Anderson, A, Rumiano, R. Turner, M. Cheney, I, E. Morley, I. C. Morley, M, Allen, E Walrol B. Lloyd, E. Benson, Second Row-M. Howard, M, Dahl, B. Glidden, C. Crandall, B. Meadows, B. Iohnson N. Neathery, M. Culver, L. DeWyne, F. Peterson, D. Crandall. Third Row-B. Gustafson, I. Randall, C Calm M. Forbes, N. Carlson, D. Hudson, L. Fredrickson, B. Roach, Mrs. Anderson. Fourth Rowe D. llliodorz R. Wickmark, R. Reed, W. Tedesco, D. Randinelli, T. Anderson, G. Hunt, D. Morley, I. Pickup. Fifth How-- P. Hawkins, A. Main, P. Canaley, R. Hoaglund, K. Iohnson, F. Hall, L. Saxton, H. McChesney, G Thoinazz R. Stems. 'IQQAS 41 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Front-I. Alman, B. Trollan, C. LeRoy, N. Carlson, R. Turner, M. Crespy, I. Proudman, I. Nelson, D. Swanson, Mrs. Andersen. Second Row-S. Saff, N. Brattlol, D. Madison, B. Crespy, R. Rigby, L. Thomson, M. Lind- stedt, C. Iohnson, B. Huckelbery, K. Gregory. Third Row-S. Fairbanks, B. Glidden, R. Giambrone, L. Lodestro, A. Winn, B. Price, D. Crandall, R. Gustafson, E. Benson, B. Callihan. Fourth Row-C. Ander- son, S. Fairbanks, I. Custer, W. McCullough, B. Ogren, B. Iohnson, H. Ball, D. Anderson, C. Iohnson, F. Stewart. Fifth Row-B. Wakefield, K. Shoup, I. Studd, E. Fargo, I. Fredrickson, M. Francis, B. Lloyd, D. Rarick, B. Anderson, B. Worster. Sixth Row-B. Mason, M. Dahl, K. Becker, L. Rigby, L. Ortendahl, M. Forbes, G. Magliolia, L. Fredrickson, D. Hudson, I. Seeley, B. Chipman, S. Main. QD Front-L. Lodestro, P. Eckstrom, R. Klien, D. Iohnson, D. Buck, C. Iohnson, M. Gage, D. Swanson, I. Nelson, M. Crespy, K. Gregory, I. Proudman. Second Row-Mrs. Andersen, S. Fairbanks, D. Dowd, B. Gustafson, I. Bastian, C. Dalrymple, M. Wilder, A. Harding, A. Winn, M. Lindsteclt, S. Burch, M. Frances, D. Rarrick, B. Chipman. Third Row-I. Custer, R. Giambrone, B.Price, K. Shoup, I. Studd, D. Caffoe, A. Abers, R. Mc- Chesney, I. Pickup, P. Hine, L. Ortendahl, I. Fredrickson. Fourth Row-HD. Frances, G. Thomas, R. Colburn, B. Thomas, R. Crandall, I. Snares, G. Malone, R. Robbins, W. Howard, P. Hawkins, C. Iohnson, R. Stearns. JUNIOR CHOIR F CLUB Front-B, Meadows, D. Graham, B. Huckelbery, D. Giddy, Pres., F. Crespy, L. Latona, Sect.-Treas., G. Brun- ner, R. LaDuca, D. Lodeslro, T. Rigby. Second Row-I. Morley, E. Fargo, H. Guslafson, R. Webster, I. Morley E. Iohnson, M. Allen, E. Walrod, M. Eccles, C. Crandall. Third Row-A. Main, M. Howard, B Glidden F. Peterson, C Oaks, L. DeWyne, D. Hudson, I. Seeley, D. Tranrner. Fourih Row-N. Brunson, M. Allen B. Woodard, G. Hunt, M. Lombardo, W. Tedesco, R. Bastian, M. Mata, R. Crespy, I. Digilarmo, I. Anderson Front--S. Main, I. Fredrickson, Standing-L. Lodestro, R. Rigby, W. McCullough. CLI, Q' JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS -CQQ. bff SNAPS Top Row-S. Allen, M. Allen, P. McCu1Iough's Cary The Cheerleaders. Second Row-P.McCu11Ough, W. Brun- son, M. Anderson, R. Pline, R. Iohnson, I. Shell, "Rec"Commi1tee: R. Ccrffoe, I. Henry, C. Hcrle, M. Fee, R. LeRoy, H, Swanson, N. Necxthery. Third Row-D. Keding, S. Rich, L. Iohnson, At The "REC". Fourth Row-K. Kessingerg The Bus Drivers. FOOTBALL Front-D. Matthews, I. Huckelbery, I. Aiken, K. Vollentine, H. Green, R. Bastian, P. Mason. Second Row- M, Allen, Manager, R. Hoaglund, M. Lombardo, C, Green, G. Hunt, M. Bader, Manager. Third Row- W. Tedesco, F. Waith, E. Wilder, K. Iolfinson, R. Sage, l... Saxton, S. Muscarella, G. Creepy, P. Ricotta F. Crespy, R. Creepy, C. Lindquist, R Reed, I. Ricotta, M. Mata. MAJORETTES l... Latona, I. Fonti, I. Morley. 46 935456 I A , 3 - 1 M 4' -, I ' QQ . if Q gk N C F021 f' Ch-qfmg ZX QBXVTX 5 'CROIX GX i X 5 JK GI' Q74 3 T H L M .44 BASKETBALL TEAM Front I Ricotta, D Giddy, R. Ccittoe, F. Wciitfi, W Brimson, R. Stcfhiey, F. Creepy, W Tedcssco, R Rugtimi, M Roberts, R Hocfqliirid Second Row M Bc1df2r,U.Mf1ttiiew:s, R, Maloney, A IioIi'ii:iiz'q, R Cilxziiy, L Pliiio, P Ricotta, M. Allen Third Row I Crfipo, R. Sciqo, S. Woirod, C. Lindquist, R Whitney, I. Ioimgori. Fourth Row K Ioiinson, P. Coriciiey, K. Voiieritirie, R, Shultz. Cheerleaders Front -T. Rigby, M. Allen, A. Main Standing- A. Rumicmo, S. Covedill, B. Huckelbery. 48 Vx, 22 Q, 5 Zigi. Y . 3 5 3 9 1 4 5 W ...-A.. ...- ...M ,.,........J JR. HIGH BASKETBALL Front-- V. Larvik, D. Klein. Second Row4C. Potwin, I. Green, I. Schnarz, E. Maloney, I. Fitzpatrick, N. Cross R. McChc:sney, Third Row-v-B. Brunner, R. Montgomery, R. Gurnell, W. Gustin, W. Thomas, T. Neathery R. McAdoo, R. Stearns. Fourth Row--Mr. Anderson, R. England, C. Ames, R. Robbins, P. Camarrotta R. Hodges, D. Calloe. Fifth Row-V D. Iohnson, F. Philbrick, A. Abers, L. Pellman, I. Camerretta, I. Pickup P. Hawkins. Sixth Row--G. Thomas, D. Rhodes, D. Sage, I. Henry, W. Howard, I. Whittiker. Front-I. Henry, B. Mattison, K. Kessinger, A. Abers, R. Lindquist, F. Traniello, R. Gurnell, R. Waldin T. Neathery. Second RowwMr. Anderson, I. Proudman, S. Walrod, P. Obert, B. Eckstrom, R. Montgomery C. Potwin, R. Robbins, Mr. Levato. Third Row-B. Brunner, I. Fitzpatrick, F. Philbrick, I. Schnarz, E. Maloney W. Gustin. Fourth Row4W, Thomas, D. Baker, C. Caswell, T. Fiske, I. Pickup, D. Sage. JR. HIGH FOOTBALL BASEBALL FrontvR. Bastian, R. Hoaglund, D. Giddy, R. Caffoe, R. Crespy, R. Maloney, R. Sage, R. Clark. Back- F. Crespy, M. Allen, R. Dickinson, G. Hunt, L. Pline, VV. Tedesco, I, Ricotta, I. Digirolamo, M. Bader, Mr. Bishop. Front-L. Fitzpatrick, S. Gaeta, I. Ricotta, R. Reed. Standing-A. Main, I. Ogren, R. Shoup, I. Wallace R. Hoaglund, R. Ralg, A. Holmburg, I. Crapo, R. Bastian, G. Thomas, R. Stahley, F. Waith, G. Hunt T. Lindberg, D. Randinelli, D. Matthews, G. Smith, R. Olson, Mr. Hoene, H. Green, K. Vollentine. TRACK GIRLS' BASKETBALL CHAMPS Front-I. Fredrickson, B. Meadows, A. Main. Second Row-D. Graham, S. Main, M, Gustin, W. McCullough. Front-HI. Briggs, S. Main, B. Gustafson, B. Anderson, B. Ccrllihcm. Standing-M. Howard, E. Fargo, L. Burch, E. Wcxlrod, N, Brunson, G. Mcrgliolc, D. Iohnson, D. Lodestro, Miss Iohnson. GIRLS' SOCCER CHAMPS CLASS PROPHECY cCont.5 privates, have recently been decorated for sharp shooting by General Thelma Rigby. The "Friendly Undertaking Establishment" has been set up by Harold Ball. His motto is: "l'll be the last one ever to let you down." Robert Frame, star salesman for the Buller Brush Company, has proclaimed "Knock on Every Door" as the best book of the year. Iosie Ognibene has recently been graduated from the "Simon Legree School for Truant Officers" and has taken over for Falconer Central. Roderic Sweet has been entertaining the residents of Falconer by his rendition of "To Each His Bone" while on duty as the dog catcher. Iennie Fonti, Charles Scholeno and their four children have just returned from Bolivia, where they've been looking after their tin mines. Fanchon Peterson, who joined the Waves a while ago has had her first novel, which is about the Waves, published. lt is called "Down to the Sea in Slips," Wesley Dibble and Iohn Swanson have just opened another branch of their dancing school in Chicago-their specialty seems to be the new inter- pretation of the ancient ballet. Marilyn Dahl and Ianis MacFarland are two of their most sought-after dancing instructors. Geraldine Tranmer is now marketing Gean Peter- son's latest time-saving device, an instrument which will condense all movies into half-minute blurs so that you can save all the time you usually spend in the movies. Seems that Bob Reimondo and Pat McCullough have really been doing big business in their garage since Eula Walrod became a taxi driverg she keeps forgetting she's not in New York City. Doris Gustafson and Pat Walker recently opened their new restaurant in the suburbs of Ross Mills, their specialty: "Braised Squirrel Tongue with Orchid Sauce." That seems to be all the news I have for this time. Ahh-as I remember the fun we had back in '49 and the four years preceding it, it seems such a short time ago. Who ever thought, back then, that we'd be where we are now, doing what we do! Guess you never can tell what the future will bring, but I think ours is pretty nicel SNAPS A f L 'A :ix I ,Ns ,f Top Row-I. Siriuno, L. Pline, B. Verquer, M. Lombardo, N. Neclthery, E. Kelly. Second Row-1948 Moy Festival, R. Serge, R. Maloney. Third Row-Mrs. Inwood, Mrs. Healy, Mrs. Matthews, I. Thompson, G. Swanson, K. Kessinger, A. Main, B. Meadows. Fourth RowwI.V's in action, The "REC", F,H.S. Varsity vs, Dunkirk, Fifth Row-R. Hoclglund. 1 s s' .A E gb tv, If ' 'LVD 0 5 f W 'UN 40' CHQ . fmf' :I X 4 Aa VCFVJ Unk, ,ft is M R tl' YI PA' ,vw W7 If 15 .tu ff , ' 10" N5 Ihcfo Z PQI X ? Eagan OOHW -gm , W' gy Fo 'flopfig M 3 Y li' co . . and In and " MW -.nad-yawn l!"Ce " ' A w ,,"' O A f Mad pr lv QD 996, bbqflsy 4 P Jil ,gifs X X CO1 90 L1 -:X cf o A -i'- O 4 9 , I qlxox 74" Noe!-I+ Z j ilk X O' 3 o ' E ,X Q 'L 415 KEND A K-34 ,R 9 l 4:6 X 4x40o0'?.v 41 ul N W , 5 JMB eww 'S ' rf QD' ,au Y 3? 'RQ-Yggg mfs Qu xW"Qlwq"' 0 X RFK DLS wr 6 A O5 5 'V .X K f f K9 N' AG Eg X 6 X .L X QDQQ-V, XX Qgma fx Sw -9 '22,,,e S C'anfmlfn!afian4 fo Me C-!a.4.4 of 1949 NATIONAL WGRSTED MILLS, INC. FALCONER. NEW YORK A GQOD PLACE To WQRK Best Wishes to the Class of 1949 Sf? GULD STAR SUPER MARKET FALCONER, N. Y. Best Wishes fo the Class of 1949 U SCUDDER'S GARAGE EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER, NEW YORK .55.?.,.8,.Eg,.C..,.,ga.,g,,.g.g4.. We extend g tulazfions and b t lo If the class of 1949 FALCGNER CENTRAL BCDARD CDF EDUCATION e +??.,..8,,,g4.,,.,gQ,4g,,.g.g4.. Congratulations to tloe Class of 1949 MAIN DINER EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER, N. Y. S453 Ronald Nunn, Prop. "BEST FOOD IN TOWN" Best Wishes to the Class of 1949 are extended by the following sponsors: KENNEDY GRILL SHORT'S GULF STATION REGAL LUMBER SOUTH WORK STREET GARAGE IACOBSON AND CLASSON LEVANT RED AND WHITE STORE KIMBALL STAND INN TORSELL'S GROCERY DEWEY'S FLORIST 59 XVe Extend Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Falconer High School Class of 1949 ici THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK GF FALCONER 3 FALCONER. N. Y. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System 60 We Exfvmz' Besf Wishes fo fbi' Class of 1949 Wm N Home Owned and Operated by C. R. D EMAY O 23 E. MAIN ST., FALCONER, N. Y. Q5' E i Q LESLIE Joi-1 F-'ooo STOREISON 61 CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of '49 IIIEEI III EHHMHIH III EUMMIHEI GOOD IOBS Invite You To IAMESTOWN SPLENDID STORES- OUTSTANDING RECREATION- SKILLED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ,nl Out Best Wishes to the GRADUATES OF '49 as they face the future with confidence and enthusiasm. t l JOURNAL PRESS, INC. Letter press Printing o Offset Litbograploy 212-14-16 WEST SECOND STREET Compliments fo the Class of 1949 Ieweler FALCONER, N. Y. FALCONER KENDALL STATION Art Olson, Mgr. W t h For Graduation M IIIIII Buy at Home A Save Money Support You - You Support Us Phone 5-827 63 Cozfzplifzzwzfs to the Class of 1949 J. EMIL ANDERSON GROCER M 8 EAST ELMWOOD AVE. FALCONER, N. Y. Congrafulafions fo fbz' Class of 1949 LA BARON'S NATION WIDE STORE 9 il? SOUTH WORK STREET FALCONER, N. Y. C!IlIlQfdfIl1dfI07l.Y fo flu' Class of 1949 BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5 and lO Sl.0U cmd up 13-15 E. MAIN STREET FALCONER, N. Y. GEER DUNN CO. "The Gl't'Fffl1.Q Card Canter" :I A Suitable Gilt for All Students- Royal Portable Typewriter Arrow Model - 584.48 Tdx Included Deluxe Model - 95.08 Tux Included G. E. PETERSON 8z SON isa s. worm sm-:Er FALCONER. N. Y. Meats and Groceries O Sugar Curing and Smoking of Ham and Bacon a Specialty "Everything for flue Tabla, Compliments to the Class of 1949 THREE GABLES SERVICE KENNEDY. N. Y. V. R. Crandall, Prop. 5hQM'iX3E Mobil Gas Lubrication Ice Cream Soda Bar Congralulations fo the Class of 1949 FALCONER LUNCH . 'Y U En Always Pleased To Serve You TERRY LUMBER CO. ELLINGTON, N. Y. Hard and Soft Lumber Coal, Timber, Logs EJ Hmm' Ofifz' uml Suu' Mill Ellington, N. Y. Ph. Kennedy 2-585 Coal Yanl Kennedy, N. Y. Phone Kennedy 2-360 EARL'S DINER Home Cooking 24 Hour Service 457 W. MAIN ST. FALCONER. N. Y. JACOB ANDERSON DRY GOODS STORE Esther I. Anderson F twecir, Men's Work C1 th Notions Compliments to floe Class of 1949 T. TEDESCO 5: SON LYDELL'S FOOD MARKET 6 E. MAIN ST. Phone 7-O49 Fruit and Produce Meats, Fruits, Groceries Vegetables Congratulaiions fo the Class of 1949 ALLEN'S CREAMERY 219 N. WORK s'r. FALCONER. N. Y. By the North Side Sch I ROYAL ELECTRIC AND APPLIANCE CO. Furniture crnd Appliances Electrical Contracting FALCONER N Y Ph 3 027 Congraiulafions fo Ilan' Class of 1949 DAVIS AND ANDERS SUNOCO STATION 24 Hour Service Complimcnfs of the PARAGON PRESS CO. E. MAIN ST. FALCONER, N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1949 CAMP ART CO. 121 WEST FOURTH STREET IAMESTOWN. N. Y. Porfraif and Field Photography I. H. HUSBAND Congratulations fo the Class of 1949 scPUG!Sn RED AND WHITE STORE A. N. Iohnson. Prop. Self Service Low Prices Keep Us Busy Congralzilafions fo ilu' Class of 1949 OLSON BROS. Good Gulf Gcis Tires Batteries Auto Accessories Comjzlirncnfs io Ihr' Class of 1949 LARRY'S MARKET 37 E. MAIN STREET FALCONER. N. Y. Take your doctor's prescriptions to CARLSON PHARMACY 11 W. MAIN STREET FALCONER, N. Y. Phone 36-375 GUNNARD S, CARLSON Registered Pharmacist Comjwlinzmis fo fhc Class of 1949 JOE ALLESSl'S BARBER SHOP Ioe Allessi, Prop. Congrafnlaiions io the Class of 1949 PETERSON'S CENTRAL MARKET ELMER A. PETERSON Prop. Bvsf Wislafs fo the Class of 1949 QUALITY CASH STORES 2 EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER. NEW YORK When you Think of Food Think of Qualify Cnngrafulafions to the Class of 1949 F I N C H Milk and Cream Best Wishcs to the Class of 1949 CARNAHAN:SHEARER C0. Iamestown's Largest Men and Boys' Store Bas! W'islJf's io the Class of 1949 RED AND WHITE STORE ELLINGTON, N. Y. Crmgrafulafions fo ibn' Class of 1949 RED 8: WHITE STORE KENNEDY, N. Y. EARL CROSS, Prop. Groceries, Frosted Foods, Hardware Boots and Shoes Colfzjzlilrzerzfs fo flav Class of 1949 FALCONER MILLING CO. FALCONER, N. Y. C!ll71!7lllNUI7fS fo flu' Class of 1949 THE MAYFAIR SWEET SHOPPE Home Made Candies Ice Cream cmd Fruits Cozzzjnlizlzcnfs fo flu, Class of 1949 JOE'S ESSO STATION MAm AND WORK sr. Complete Lubrication Service Tires, Tubes, Accessories Bas! Wisbrs fo flyc' Class of 1949 Foy's General Merchandise and Drugs Dry Goods, Drugs Sealtest Ice Cream Congrafulafions to Ike Class of 1949 BRUSSMIN LUMBER 00- KENNEDY. N. Y. Phone Kennedy 2-309 Complete Building Supplies Best Wishes to the Class of 1949 FALCONER MILLING C0. FALCONER. N. Y. Compliments fo flee Class of 1949 BOB'S TEXACO SERVICE Iunction Rt:-1. 17 - 62 KENNEDY, N. Y. Phone Kennedy 2-533 C. J. FRENCH 21 W. MAIN ST. FALCONER, N. Y. Plumbing QS Heating Contractor Phone 3-5555 "If It Is Plumbing or Healing We Furnish lf .W , . X -1 ,P

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