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x v X ' M, v ' .ZW x' -1 , n . x X -.HH r " Q 1 ig-.V 1 lr H..5.f,L, , MY N, F -rim A n . 1 1 . Q ' f . V W 1 . M J if 'f1,,.,,, Q, ,, ., . , A , , x Nw , 5 mn.wu.rmw..m,m. giinor ggfoomcjuisi Editor-in-Chief e f1eSSi14G Liierary Editor Qfnamrice Cglliifips Business Manager Q46 QQRORIJQUR The ANNUAL of the STUDENTS of the FALCONER I-HG.-H SCI-IGOL FALCONER, NEW YORK - IUNE, 1945 jig :lm l-IYSICAL Education in schools today is emphasized greatly and rightly so for it prepares the student to enter the future, assured and confident of being both physically fit and mentally balanced. V In the curriculum of Physical Education, there are teams for the various sports. The different classes and clubs, therefore, can be compared to these teams. Thus, the following pages have been arranged in order to resemble a basketball, football, or baseball team, with the teachers as coaches, the students as players, and the main events of the year as the schedule. To have perfect physical and mental fitness should be vitally important to every one. Any graduate leaving high school realizes that to have a healthy body and mind is of great advan- tage in gaining desirable jobs, and in being able to compete against others for higher positions. Therefore, it is now more than fitting that the theme of this book be dedicated to Physical Education, especially since We are engaged in a great War in which being physically fit is most important. TABLE of CONTENTS DEDICATION COACHES TEAMS INTRAMURALS SPORTS SCHEDULE OF EVENTS with coMPL1MENTs of F. H. s. sUPPoRrERs .741 CS mf QM, to Those Who Have Gone Out From Falconer High to Serve Their Country ' , f S - Ag 'o5:?"'Arf4sr will .4 T I1 MEAN rv: 'Y I Un E primed the pump of memory with graduation punch and felt its tingle grow into a sting at that first gush of familiar faces. This one crossed the Rhine that we might cross the street unmolested, that one helped close the Normandy Peninsula that we might close our doors instead of lock them and he, he lay shrinking with malaria that we might expand in knowledge. How Coach used to yell at this one for singing so loudly in the shower, but he's certainly proud of his record on that submarine. I-lere's one who walked daily three miles to and from school,- never could understand how he did it. He's a sergeant in the infantry now tstill can't understand ith. And they never knew what it was to fear anything bigger than a history test, never stormed any objective but the Home Economics Department on pastry day, never sustained any wounds save those from football spikes or Mary's hat-pin, seldom aimed at anything but the Frog Bottle in the Chem Lab and usually missed that. Yet Uncle Sam has seen fit to enlarge on these boyhood endeavors: teaching them how to storm a beach, how to treat their wounds with sulfa and penicillin, how to kill. God grant the cause worthy of the transformation, God grant not the concentration of their dreams into single golden stars to burn themselves out in this eleventh hour, but instead the expansion of their dreams on the blue hori- zon that heralds tomorrow. ' DR. GERALD A. WILBER OR the past fifteen years, Dr. Wilber has been our super- vising principal. There is no uncertainty whatsoever that he has held his position with high esteem and dili- gence. The students of Falconer High School and also those who have been previously graduated owe much to him. We have been very appreciative of his indefatigable spirit in furthering our interests, his genial personality and above all his willingness to assist us in solving our problems in work- ing toward our ultimate goal-graduation. Through his efforts and ability, the school has made wonderful progress in many ways. A great deal of credit is due him for the high standard the school now has. lt is with sincere regret that We learned of your resigna- tion as principal, Dr. Wilber, The students of Falconer High School will miss you greatly and will be thinking of you often in the future. We extend our deepest wishes for hap- piness in any and all of your future plans. -lgl KATE E. DAVIS OR the past twenty-five years, Mrs. Davis, through diligence and hard work, has done a great deal in improving the library and literature department of Falconer High School. Much of the credit is justly due her for our well--developed library system. Previous to her position in the school, Mrs. Davis managed the affairs of the first public library in Fal- coner which was at her own home. Later this library was moved to the Community Building where it has since been increased greatly. Being a member of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, Mrs. Davis has steadily broadened her literary knowledge, using this knowledge to extend the progress of the school library. Then, too, many of her summer vacations have been spent at Chicago, studying for further im- provement and advancement along this line. We were filled with regret upon learning of your departure, Mrs. Davis, and we assure you that you will long be remembered by the many students of Falconer High for your ability and willingness to co- operate fully with both students and faculty. 1Ql MARY CRITOPH EING a person with outstanding artistic ability, Mrs. Critoph has been a decided asset to our school as head of the Art Department for the past nineteen years, During these years, she has willingly rendered her assistance to the Corridor Staff by contributing her ingenious ideas to the art section. One can readily see that she has made great achievements in the field of art by noting the following. Her art class has designed booths for the Eastern Ari Conference at Philadelphia and New York City. She has put on exhibits at the Iunior High School Convention in Washington, D. C., the Northern Zone Teachers Meeting Convention, Chautauqua County Fair where her display received first awards and many other in- dividual prizes were awarded to the students. One of her exhibits was sent to Cleveland, to the National Teachers Association Convention, and some exhibits have circulated through the East, South and California. From a personal viewpoint, Mrs. Critoph has shown unusual ability in her own personal paintings, some of which were displayed at the Albright Art Gallery of Buffalo, in the Western New York State Artists' Exhibit. Each time her work was submitted, it was accepted by the jury as outstanding, Mrs. Critoph has had the opportunity of studying at the International Summer School of Art and work- ing with internationally famous commercial artists such as Ioseph Bender and Emmy Zweybruck. It is with a great deal of regret that we learned of your decision to leave the faculty, Mrs, Critoph, May you be happy in any andlall of your future plansl Ccominued on Page 14-J 6 PERPETUAL INTEREST OF PRINCIPAL IN F. H. S. Falconer, New York Dear Falconer Students, Past and Present: April 10, 1945 HIS message to you bids well to be a final one from me in the official capacity of your principal. It is always difficult to express one's feelings by little black and white marks on paper but it seems to be the custom to do so. The period from 1930 through 1945 has been a decade and a half in which the Falconer schools have gone through the period of growing up and have now reached their majority. After the opening of the new high school in 1930 there was quite a lot of discussion about dropping athletics particularly foot- ball. That hardly seems possible now but it was seriously considered in those days. In music, the band, choir and orchestra were just starting and having a rather rugged time getting instruments and uniforms. Shop and home economics were infants and just be- ginning to attract students to their courses. During the years we have had excellent teachers in Falconer. The success of the schools has been largely tied up with the successful efforts of this staff. These teachers have been your friends and have given of their best efforts in an attempt to develop the best possible type of citizenship in you boys and girls. That they have been successful, is evident by the long list of scholarship winners, athletic team winners, music group winners and last but not least, the unsullied records of all of our young men and women in the war. We are extremely proud of the achievements of all these young enlisted men and officers and, regardless of rank, everyone has done his or her part in the best possible way. All of these good things have been accomplished by perfect cooperation between the administrative officers of your schools, the board of education, the faculty and you students. If any one of these groups had been recalcitrant, it would have shown up by lowered standards somewhere along the line. This same team work must prevail in the future. In the very near future you young folks will be the leaders in Falconer and it will be your civic duty to see that the same relationship continues to exist in your schools then. Your new principal will do a good job. I have every confidence in Mr. Fenner and I assure you that he is the man for this place. He knows all of your faults and foibles and will start out with a wide knowledge of local conditions. Perhaps he, too, will perpetuate the type of general school organization under which you have lived all your school lives. There will be many changes, of course, but I am sure that Mr. Fenner is imbued with the philosophy of good school administration. His most difficult task will be the organization of a new staff of teachers next September to take over the duties relinquished by those leaving this Iune. You students can help him here and remember that all of these things will be new to him and to your new teachers. So be patient and the details will work out just fine. For Mrs. Wilber and me a new type of life looms ahead. We are looking forward to it with keen interest since we feel that the challenge it offers will add the spice and adven- ture which all of us seek. We know that you young folks will carry on, and do so in the best possible way. We shall return to visit you and shall be pleased by your successes and rejoice with you in your conquests. The standards of the schools are high but they can always be improved upon. There is always room for change and opportunity for revising and refining of our ways of life. Falconer schools have come of age and we shall look forward to their doing great things in the days of peace ahead. May the best of all good things be ever yoursl In classroom, study, field and track, may you excell You have definite civic and social responsibilities. Be sure to accept theml May God bless your every effort both as a school and as individuals! Your friend, 190. I -v I QA, E6Zl:C6lil:0IfL O Coach Maben C. Cameron Who will never be forgotten by the Class of l945 as a sincere teacher and a loyal friend. In the year of l936, When "Cam" first entered upon his teaching career in Falconer a majority of the Class of '45 Was attending fourth grade. Thus, for eight years, Coach Cameron faithfully taught us good sportsmanship and kept us physically fit. It was "Cam" Who trained the undefeated football team of 1944, "Cam" Who taught us to be good losers when our basket- ball team lost the Championship by a few points. The Class of '45 thinks of you often, "Cam", and Wishes you all the luck in the World. ' 8 JPL il!J!9'C6Cl:dtl.0lfl 0 MARY IANE BUSCH NEWCOMER, both in Falconer High and in the field of teaching, Miss Busch has done much toward the furthering of our Physical Educa- tion Program. Her cooperative spirit and democratic ideas are disclosed in her willingness to talk things over. With her patient attitude, Miss Busch has carried out a schedule of events, bringing all the students into participation, making sure that they understood fully the rules and practices of the game. We, of the Corridor Staff, appreciate very much, the cooperation and help that Miss Busch has given us in working out the theme of this book. In her original ideas, which were unseliishly shared with us, we have found many improvements and additions to our own. Q,, CGACI-I BRADLEY BISHOP N his own silent way, Brad carried on where Cam left off, taking the foot- ball team through, undefeated, and successfully training our basketball and baseball teams. Although this has been his first year at Falconer, Coach Brad has made many friends among the students and faculty. ln his practice of good sports- manship, Brad has been an example in teaching the students that to be good sports, regardless of the circumstances, is most important. Since Coach specializes in Physical Education, he has been able to give us a great deal of aid in the make-up and planning of this year's book. There- fore, we wish to take this opportunity to show our appreciation for his wil- lingness to help. 9 THE VALUE OF GOOD HEALTH AVING had a thorough physical and mental education, these four young men reveal in their countenances, sucf cessl The sailor willingly serving his country, the businessman, making pos- sible the efficient functioning of large concerns, the doctor, offering his services to people in need, and lastly, the laborer, perhaps the most common, who regard' less of his overalls and shovel, is over to stand among the professional men, all of these are confident that their previous training, both physically and mentally, has prepared them to meet, and over- come the many hardships of life. THE RESULTS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION HESE two young men are products of a good Physical Education. fn acquiring their physical fitness, they have gained self-control and mental alertness with the cofordination of their muscles and minds. Therefore with fully developed bodies and minds, they are able to enter the future, fear- less, and with confidence of being able to stand eaual with their fellow men. WHAT LIES IN THE FUTURE? VERY graduate in the world has the future ahead, and inust choose his or her profession. Through Physi- cal Education, these girls have learned poise, which will enable thern to face the future with a happy outlook. Their bodies and iriinds are trained so that decisions will be rnade quickly and hardships will be borne with grace and fortitude, ,'! A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE N a glimpse of the future we are able to observe success in these four differf ent professions due to the inental and physical education received in school. The Nurse, who spends rnost of her time helping other people, the housewife, who is contented with fulfilling the duties of a home-maker, the business woman, who is able to carry on business transactions while at the same tirne possesses poise, and eauanirnity, and lastly, the WAVE, who serves her country all are physi cally fit because of their training in High School. PHYSICAL EDUCATION HE value of physical education does not lie in a pair of satiny blue and gold trunks, an "F" or a banner, it lies in the honest sweat beading Frank Gattos brow after that Fal- coner Football feud among the "Seven Hills", in a student ability to add "congratulations" to "you won", in the combination of youthful- ness and poise. lncidentally of interest is the declaration of a seventh grader who experi- encing gym for the first time this year declares, "I like it because it exercises my bones." A girl in the same grade expresses it more form- ally, Hlt gives me confidence and an urge for the great outdoors." Our 'told timer", Ioe De Marco points out that, "The physical fitness program has en- abled me to prepare myself for the enjoyment of competitive sports after l leave school and has fitted me for entrance into the service, if necessary" and Marge Kennedy advocates it because "lt builds you up for future work- gives you pride in your own accomplish- ments." Dr. Wilber supplies that missing link between gymnastics and the sixteen credits- or should we say the relationship of the physi- cal program to the academic courses by stat- ing: "Physical education has a primary func- tion of preparing young men and women for an active and healthy life after leaving school." However, it has another very definite effect on other aspects of school life beside that of building strong, healthy bodies. This is the function of the art of the habit of obeying di- rections and doing so alertly and without argu- mentative discussion. One of the best things which have come out of this war is the readjustment of youth toward life and its demands for obeying directions. One Cannot do what he or she wishes in this life of ours, particularly if there is some inter- ference with the lives of others. Therefore, it is a prime function of physical education to adjust young people to the ideas of "team work" and working together, not for personal glory or grand stand play, but rather for the team and the school. We might add to this notion the relaxation aspects of physical education and point out how gross bodily exercises relieve the tedium of mental strain and cramped muscles. We might also add that there is no greater "level- ing influencef' in our high schools than the athletic teams, either varsity or intramural. Everyone stands on his or her own merit and not on family or social position. "lf you are good you make the team, if not you sit on the bench ."' As we take stock of the benefits from physi- cal education, we take pride in the program which brought them about. With new instrucf tors come novel ideas andefjust in case you mistook all that hopping and jumping for Leap Frog every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, "hear ye": those were Rhythmic movements. The boys werent exactly playing Tap the lce- Box either, that was boxing. Both boy and girl schedules Urunneth over" with stunts, football, basketball, softball, volley ball, soccer, drill, exercises, dancing and track. Surely good health and posture will follow them all the days of their life and they'll dwell in the heights of clean living forever. ELSIE A.. POTTER GREAT faculty addition to F. H. S. during the past five years has been our cheerful, capable, friendly Miss Potter. We who have been her students can truthfully say that we have benefitted a great deal by her style of teaching, for she has developed our interest in world affairs and she has also taught us to "be specific". Knowing Miss Potter as we do, we can say that she has cheerfully undertaken the responsibilities as adviser of the Mi-Y. A great deal of credit for its success during the past few years is due her. Also worthy of recognition is her advisership to the Senior Class and Honor Society to which she has rendered her valuable service. Of particular significance during the past two years in F. H. S. has been the Bond Drive that has been administered under the able leadership of Miss Potter. She has worked diligently and with an indefatigable spirit which has resulted in our eligibility to fly the minute-man flag. We, your friends, will cherish our many happy days spent with you and wish you happiness in your new position, Miss Potter. la-...- ADAH P. REDFIELD OR the majority of teachers who are leaving, we can tack a list of acknowledgments on to our goodbyes-specific ways that they have helped us-but Mrs. Redfield is dif- ferent. You can't lay your finger on appreciation of beauty, the fire in an orator's eye, or the thrill of a Senior Play. You can't say, "Thank you," for the taste of finer things of life which her presence here has contributed. ln two years she has won a spot in the student heart! Any member of the Falcon Staff would describe her as the most consid- erate person they have ever met. Shall we wish you success, Mrs. Redfield? That's a cold wordl How about luck? That's too vague. Let's wish you happinessp that covers everything. lQi MARY PHYLLIS SOMMERHOF AILING from Erie, Miss Sommerhof, who seems to be quiet and shy, is one of our ' most likable and efficient teachers. Her personality is one which cannot readily be forgotten along with her cheery smile. We all Wish you, Miss Sommerhof, the best of luck in your future plans. -ig-.i RUTH SMITH LL of us are sorry to see Mrs. Smith leave F. H. S. She has taught several years in the North Side, being principal for a year and a half. She plans to return to that position again next year. Our best Wishes, Mrs. Smith. 14 1 X.. 1 'th COACHES O team can gain success without the aid of cooperative ore. it may be con- coaches. Theref cluded. that much of the success f Falconer High School during o this past year is due to the amiable the members of the Administrative Department to work with the students. giving ' ' and coopera- willingness of particular attention tion to the Seniors. Mn. 1-iswss Mn. MA'r'rrsoN Mas. PLINE pg, wlrggg i --.ne 34115 ,JU if -Q-J' if MRS. LINDSTROM MR. HENDERSON MR. PETERSON MR. DYE MR. HAROLD L. HEWES Prrnvitlnll 14 East lames Street, Falconer, N. Y. Mr. Hewes, President of the Board of Edu- cation, was elected in Iuly, 1941 and was re- elected in 1944. His present term expires in 1947. He attended Lakewood and Chautau- qua Public Schools, and is at present Assist- ant Superintendent ot the Chautauqua County Highway Dept. and the Treasurer of Falconer Fire Dept. MR. FREDERICK E. MATTISON Vin' Pm-rifl--uf l44 W. Falconer Street. Falconer. N. Y. Mr. Mattison, Vice President of the Board of Education, was elected in 1942 and his term expires this year. He attended Bemus Point and Kennedy Grade Schools and lamestown and Falconer High Schools, grad- uating lrom F. H. S. in 1935. He is Director of the Falconer Funeral Home, He is chair- man ot the purchasing committees and serves on the lanitors and Buildings Committee. MRS. FRANCES PLINE Clrrk 37 Almet Avenue, Falconer, N. Y. Mrs. Pline, Clerk of the Board of Educa- tion, finishes her term on the Board this year. She was educated in Falconer Public Schools and Jamestown Business College, and is, at present, employed as a stenographer. Mrs, Pline is chairman of the Teachers' Committee. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. RALPH A. PETERSON Axxixlunf Clrrlz 200 E. Elmwood Avenue, Falconer. N. Y. Mr, Peterson, assistant clerk ot the Board ol Education, was elected in 1943, and his term expires in 1946. He was educated at Iamestown High School and lamestown Busi- ness College and is, at present, employed as a toolmaker at the Iamestown Metal Equip- ment. Mr. Peterson serves on the Purchasing and Auditing, Assessment and Collection ot Taxes Committee. MRS. XSABELLE LINDSTROM 100 Hickory Street, Falconer, N. Y. Mrs. Lindstrom was elected to the Board ot Education in 1944 and her term expires in 1947. She received her education in the Falconer Public Schools and the Millard Fill- more School ot Nursing. Mrs. Lindstrom is chairman ot the Committee on Visits to Schools and serves on the Auditing, Assess- ment and Collection of Taxes Committees. 16 DR. GERALD A. WILBER 115 W. lames Street. Falconer, N. Y. Dr. Wilber, Supervising Principal of the Falconer Public Schools, attended Dunkirk High School. Assuming his responsibilities here in 1930, he has added the jobs of Chair- man ol the Americanism Committee, member- ship on the ration board, Co-chairman of the Oratoricals ol Chautauqua County, and Chairman ot the American Red Cross to his accomplishments. MR. LAWRENCE G. DYE 244 E. Elmwood Avenue. Falconer, N. Y. Mr. Dye was elected to the Board of Edu- cation in 1942 and his term expires in 1946. He obtained his education in the Falconer Public Schools and is now Supervisor tor the Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company, Mr. Dye is Chairman of the Committee on lanitors and Buildings and the Athletic Coun- cil, also serves on the Teachers' Committee. MR. IOHN HENDERSON 40 W. lames Street, Falconer. N. Y. Mr. Henderson was elected to the Board ot Education in 1943 and his term expires in 1946. He obtained his education in the Fre- donia Public Schools and is, at present, Vice President of the Clark Hardware Company. Mr. Henderson is chairman of the committee on Auditing, Assessment, and Collection of Taxes and serves on the Purchasing and lan- itors and Buildings Committees. Third Row-G. Bennett, H. Fenner, L. Anderson, E. Hoene, B. Bishop, S. White, G. A. Wilber. Second Row-A, Ortolano, B. Morey, R. Smith, L. Anderson, M. Johnson, M. Critoph, I. Anderson, A. Thelander, H. Shoup. First Row-K. Davis, E. Potter, E. Turner, M. Busch, M. Sommerhof, E. Reno, A. Redfield, E. Miller. GERALD A. WILBER S.B., Ed.M., Ecl.D. Supervising Principal Syracuse University University of Buffalo HARVEY C. FENNER S.B., A.M. Vice Principal Science, Mathematics N. Y. State College lor Teachers GUY R. BENNETT Dept. Head Junior H. S. Division Fredonia State Teachers College MQIEY SOMMERHOF Science Mercyhurst College LAWRENCE ANDERSON AB. Social Studies Houghton LILLIAN ANDERSON Commercial-Dept. Plattsburg Normal MARY IANE BUSCH Physical Training Slippery Rock State Teachers Head KATE DAVIS Librarian Chautauqua Library Schools College THE FACULTY MARY CRITOPH Art Supervisor Fredonia State Teachers BRAQLEY BISHOP B. . Physical Education Syracuse University EIERLE HOENE .B. Commercial Subjects Whitewater Teachers College College MILDRED IOHNSON Social Studies, Science Cortland Normal BELVA MOREY Sciences Home Economics English Fredonia State Teachers EDYTI-IE MILLER A.B. Languages University of Buffalo College ANTHONY ORTOLANO BS. Instrumental Music Fredonia State Teachers New York University IULIETTE ANDERSON Music Supervisor Fredonia State Teachers College EVELYN RENO College A.B. Social Studies Mathematics Pennsylvania State College l 7 MARY SECOR R . N. Health Rochester General Hospital HARRY I. SHOUP M.S. Agriculture Iowa State College A?-IIALENE THELANDER Home Economics Battle Creek College EDNA TURNER A.B. English Seton Hill College RUTH SMITH English Fredonia State Teachers College STANLEY N. WHITE Industrial Arts Mechanics Institute, Rochester ADAH B. REDFIELD B.A. English State College lor Teachers, Albany ELSIE POTTER AB., A.M. History N. Y. State College for Teachers Cornell University THE STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President ,...... ..,... R ichard Nunn Secretary .,,., ,.,. . , . Phyllis Whattler Vice-President . . ...4... Eddie Naslund Treasurer . . . ....,. . . . . .. Iim Culver Advisers ......... Mrs. Redfield and Mr. Bennett Second Row-Mrs. Redfield, M. Phillips, F. Caffoe, G. Hunt, R. Everett, A. Gustafson, Mr. Bennett, L. Clark. First Row-E. Stewart, F. Peterson, P. Whattler, R. Nunn, E. Naslund, I. Culver, R. Den- nison, M, Seekings. HE organization known as "The Falconer High School Student Association" is the stud- ent governing body. The general purposes of this organization are: to unify all student organizations under one general control, to aid in the internal administration of the school, to foster sentiments of law and orderg to promote the general activities of the school, to develop in the student a growing appreciation of membership in a democracy by pro- viding the educative responsibilities of, and privileges of participating in, such a democracy in the school, and lastly, to promote in all Ways the best interests of the school. The Student Council has the power to: make and enforce any rules necessary for the betterment of the school, its life, and interests, grant charters to clubs and organizationsp have final decision in matters concerning the extra-curricular activities of the school, recom- mend the appointment of necessary committees, investigate and report on matters referred to it by faculty or administrative officers of the school, and have charge of all the financial matters pertaining to extra-curricular activities. Perhaps you would like to know exactly what goes on at a Student Council meeting. First of all our president, Dick Nunn, calls the meeting to order. He then asks Phyllis Whattler, secretary, to take roll and to read the minutes of the previous meeting, After this is done, President Nunn, asks for any old business that needs further discussion. Every- one takes part in the discussion and gives further ideas concerning the matter being dis- cussed. New business that might have come up during the week is also discussed and if necessary voted on. When the business of the school has been taken care of, some one makes a motion that we adjourn at that timeg if the motion is seconded, we close the meet- iilg. The Student Council meets regularly every Tuesday morning first period, unless previ- ous announcement has been made. 18 TEAMS ITH our victorious goal of graduation now in sight, we varsity playing Seniors can well appreciate the five years of train- ing which we have undergone in preparation for this main event. Every team, from the Varsity play- ing Seniors to the scrub-seventh graders is working with ease but determination in view of one goal -graduation. MAURICE W. PHILLIPS President Maurice is the one and only President of our Class of '45. This honored position has been accepted by Maury with mod- esty and its duties carried out with in- creasing skill. He hopes to join the Navy upon being graduated. We are with you in your desires and hope to see them fulfilled, Maurice. IOSEPH G. DEMARCO Treasurer Although short of stature, this does not keep Ioe from participating and making good in all sports. He has been success- ful as Captain of the basketball team, and has done a wonderful job as Chairman of the "Roost" Knowing you as we do. we make the prediction of a brilliant and successful future for you, Ioe. MARY SOMMERHOF Adviser Miss Sommerhof, a newcomer to our school, has won many friends, as she has gone about her duties as science teacher. Her willingness to assist others and her cheerful attitude are an added attraction to her pleasing personality. We sincerely regret that you are leaving the faculty, Miss Sommerhof. May you be happy In your future plans for our loss will be someone else's gain. EARL HOENE Adviser With a keen sense of humor, Mr. Hoene, who teaches commercial subjects, has won the good-will of his many friends and students. It is obvious that he takes an active interest in sports and is truly school-spirited. The Seniors have enjoyed having you as an adviser, Mr. Hoene, and we wish you happiness in the future. ROBERT W. ANDERSON This tall, lanky, ambitious young man desires to be a dairy farmer after gradua- tion-and a good one he'll make too. Bob is often heard discussing present day world affairs rendering his decisive argu- ments with tact. We send our best wishes along with you, Bob, as you undertake future endeavors. LOIS BASTIAN Smiling, joking, talking-these character- istics portray Lois as an indispensable member of the class of '45. With bowling as her favorite recreation during her leis- ure time, Lois has acquired an enviable record in this sport. Being a commercial student, Lois is planning to attend busi- ness school upon graduation which will prepare her for the opportunities of the business world. IAMES BENSON Sure you know him. He's that short fellow with the bright yellow suspenders- and best of all-that winning smile. More- over, Iim is very well-liked by his friends and schoolmates because of his sunny dis- position. Upon graduation he expects to become an aviation mechanic. We all know you will be of the best, lim. DELORES KOLSTEE Vice President Cute, dependable Dee is the member of the Class of '45 who deserves our un- varnished thanks. Dee's loyal participa- tion in school affairs and cordial sincerity towards all have made us realize what a valuable classmate she has been. We hope your dream of becoming a future airline hostess comes true, Dee, for our implacable loss will be their gain. PATSY NELSON Secre tary Who is the girl possessing big innocent eyes and a radiant smile? This is our own Patsy and class secretarv. When with her, one never realizes a dull moment, for she is always laughing and having a good time. Her friendliness and pleasant disposition have gained her many friends. We are certain that success will not pass her by. HARVEY C . FENNER Adviser Mr. Fenner, F. H. S. Science and Math teacher, is everybody's friend. The Sen- iors have discovered his versatility, and his readiness to lend a hand in various school affairs. It is to him that we owe a great deal of credit for the success of our "Corridor", The students wish you much happiness and success next year. when you become their new principal. MARILYN ANDERSON Although Marilyn is of a quiet, reserved nature, she is a very conscientious worker. Sobriety, modesty, and politeness are but a few of her many valuable assets which help her to make life pleasant for others. With complaints for none and a ready smile for all, great respect is due you. Marilyn. E. STUART BARNES "A pleasing personality" are the words that sum up our one and only Stu Barnes. Although he has already answered Uncle Sam's call, he will never be forgotten by his fellow classmates. Stu is one of us graduates for he received a Victory Di- ploma. Your class sincerely wishes you the best of everything in the future. LESTER L. BENNETT Although Lester hails from out of town, that affords no drawback on his ability to attend many of the various school func- tions and clubs. In becoming acquainted with Lester, we have found that he is more or less quiet and reserved. With the Army as a future we, his fellow class- mates, are certain that success will favor him in later life, DONALD B . BIERWERTH With flashing brown eyes and a genial personality, Don has proved himself a very worthy member of the Class of '45. He is a truly ambitious person of un- bounding energy, who is often seen rol- ler-skating. He has gained many friends in F.H.S. We all wish him the best in his future career, which is undoubtedly pre- pared for him by Uncle Sam. ELINOR BLOOMQUIST Elinor is a workerl Being a member of the Honor Society speaks for itself of her ability to achieve supreme success. Her energetic partici tion in cheerlead- ing has acquired for hir the reputation of being truly school spirited. After gradua- tion, Elinor hopes to continue school and we, your classmates, hope that you will enjoy everlasting happiness. IERRY C. BONDI Ierry is an indispensable debater in Miss Potter's history class where his ideas are held in the highest esteem. Besides being able to present progressive argu- ments, Ierry is also a bit of all right on the dance floor. He does not allow the fact that he is rather short of stature to interfere with his ability to have a good time. Our best wishes are yours for the future, ferry. GORDON CARLBERG A well-built athlete, "Satch" has played an important part in our football team throughout his high school career. His many amiable qualities have won him a number of lasting friends in Falconer High. In following with his High School agricultural training, "Satch" hopes to attend an Ag. College, in which sure success is his. BERNICE CLARK This vivacious brunette is our rendition of Lauren Bacall. This fact along with her sparkling brown eyes and cheerful smile undoubtedly attracts those of the opposite sex. However, Bernice may choose a ca- reer in the business world in which We wish her loads of luck. ROSALIE CRAPO Rosalie in her portrayal of Carol, the invalid, in our Senior play, showed def- inite talent in the field of dramatics. How ever, her main interest centers around Home Economics, and upon graduation she desires to P. G. and later attend a Home Ec. College. May your future success and happiness be great, Rosalie. WALLACE R. FEE Wally is ready, willing, and able to debate with anyone, on any subject, at any time. Also, beware, because he car- ries with him a large storage of facts with which to argue. He always upholds the same ideas and ideals. We hope that your desire to join the Merchant Ma- rine is fulfilled. Wally, as we send you on your way with our best regards. LAURA FRANCIS Brilliant, efficient and diligent-is our Laura. Her training in Commercial sub- jects has taught her to cope with prob- lems in a business--like way. Laura's mod- ern outlook on life is revealed by her in- terest in aeronautics. May our hard- working classmate be rewarded by a de- serving success. -....n.. -..v....-.,....... Efficient, cooperative, friendlyl These are but a few of the many admirable char- acteristics which Gene possesses. Through hard work she has obtained a knowledge of business procedure which will aid her in her future ambition to become a suc- cessful business woman. She enjoys clas- sical music, especially "The Warsaw Con- certo". Best of luck, Gene, in acquiring the position you desire in the business world. HAROLD W. BUCK Harold is a sports conscious young man both in participation and as a spectator. He likes aviation and airplanes, and is often attracted by Frewsburg's fairer sex. With the intention of entering into the service of his country, Harold leaves Fal- coner High School in the best regards of many friends and classmates. FANNIE CIRINCIONE Fannie is recognized by her mischievous dimples and dark hair. A conscientious student of the Home Ec Department, Fannie will naturally make an ideal homemaker. Her interest in school activities proves her willingness to cooperate. Accept our best wishes as you enter the pathways of success. CATHERINE COLBURN This studious individual likes being out- of-doors, but also working and caring for things indoors. Her desire is to become a hospital dietitian. Catherine is one girl who dislikes brush cuts and bobby soxs and swooning over Frankie. We under- stand she would like to do a bit of trav- eling after the war. The class ol '45 wishes you luck. ALICE DELAHOY That short, friendly, blond-haired girl who likes to dance-why that is Alice Delahoy. She usually is seen with her good friend "Vanny". Upon graduation she hopes to do her bit for the war effort. Good Luck, Alice, in the days ahead. DOROTHY FORBES Quiet and sweet, Dot possesses the domineering characteristics which have held her in high regard by her fellow- classmates. Her ability to hold Mi-Y Presidency is only one example of wil- lingness to cooperate and assume respon- sibility. With such distinguished qualities, we are sure the wealth of success will be yours. LEE R. GALLAHER Lee's romantic side was revealed in his excellent interpretation of Howard, the color-blind lover in "Pink for Proposals". A mathematical and scientific genius, Lee spends a great deal of his time in the Science Lab. His being a member of the Honor Society gives proof of his trust- worthy character, and assures us of his future success in whatever field he chooses to enter. FRANK R. GATTO Another member of the Armed Services, Frank also had the perseverance to ob- tain a diploma before entering. Frank will always be remembered in F. H. S. as the successful captain of a very successful football team. We have missed Frank greatly since he has entered the Services of his ccuntry but we are assured that our loss is Uncle Sam's gain. SHIRLEY HALE Brilliant and with a surprising sense of humor, we assure you that Shirley's high scholastic record is one to be envied. Her ability to do things well is shown by the fact that she has been a successful editor- in-chief of our 1945 Falcon. In sympathy with her desire to become a chemist, we wish her the best of luck, being grateful for the fact that we have had her as our friend and classmate. KATHLEEN HAWKINS Charming Pat, your over-flowing friend- liness has engraved a long and lasting impression which we will always take pleasure to recollect. Pat's main interest and enjoyment lie in nursing and we hope her desires are fulfilled with deserved suc- cess. Good Luck Pat. ROBERT HINE As an indispensable member of our Senior Class, Bob has willingly given up a great deal of his time for advancing the sale of War Stamps and Bonds in F. H. S. Enjoying debates, Bob always takes an active part in them. With your aimiable characteristics and optimistic outlook, we are sure you'll be a success in life. RICHARD C. IOSEPHSON An ambitious, good-natured senior is Dick. He seems to be over-flowing with original ideas. Although his hair is of a true red, we have noticed no outstanding temper during our acquaintance with him. Your desire to be an explorer is typical of you, Dick, and as you have been suc- cessful during your High School career, continuation of the same is certain for you in the future, MARGARET KENNEDY Possessing an enviable personality has enabled Marge to procure and retain true friends. She participates in school activ- ities and sports with ardent interest. We wish your future life to be filled with prosperity, happiness and complete suc- cess. RONALD G. LEROY The solid drummer boy of F. H. S.- that's our Ronnie. He surely can beat the rhythm out with those pieces of wood. Ronnie also takes an active interest in sports, and is both attracted to and at- tracted by the members of the fairer sex. In his hopes to be either a drummer or a mechanical engineer, we wish him loads of luck. DORIS GUSTAFSON Doris is our idea of a gracious individ- ual worth knowing. She has a sincere smile and a cheerful "hello" for all. After graduation she hopes to enter nurse's training or an occupation dealing with the public. NVe feel that there are great things in store for Doris Qmd take this opportunity to wish her future happiness. MARY IEAN HALL A slim, trim, modern edition of a popu- lar girl is Mary lean. Her keen sense of humor and air of sophistication are added attractions to her pleasing personality. Knowing Mary as we do, with her ability to get things done, and determination to attain final success, we give her our best regards, assured that later life will favor her in whatever field of work she enters. IOYCE HINE With a nursing career in mind, practis cally all Ioyce's school work has been centered around this profession. Being one of our active cheerleaders, she has done much to bring out the true colors of F. H. S. Her friendly gestures and warm smile will live as an unforgettable memory in the album of l945. GERALDIN E IOHNSON Long known as the "Poet of the Class of '45" this young lady has a natural ability for journalism. Friendly, capable, humorous, are some of the characteristics which made her an asset to our class. To be an English teacher is her ambition and we know she cannot be other than a suc- cess in her chosen profession, IOHANN IULL Taking preparation for a career as a stenographer, "lo" is one of our ideal business women. When describing our cheerful brunette, we'd say efficiency un- doubtedly is one of her outstanding char- acteristics. Not one to shirk duties "Io" will arnbitiously reach great heights. May you have your share of happiness, lohann. HERBERT G. LEBURG This jolly happy-go-lucky senior is often heard to be called "Porky" by his many friends. With an interest for sports Herb has faithfully attended and supported the games in the various sports all-year-round. lust as he has supported his school we know he will support his country by be- ing a good citizen in future years. VINCENT LOMBARDO Breathes there a soul in Falconer High who does not know "Chinks"? If not let's introduce him, To begin with he partici- pates in Band, Orchestra, Choir, Octette and lazz band. His hobby is collecting popular music, listening to jazz bands and jitterbugging. Upon graduation, "Chinks" would like to organize a band of his own. F. H. S. wishes you success and happi- ness in your future plans. ROY LUCE For his chief recreation, Roy enjoys roller skating. However, his main inter- est lies in the field of business. Because of his business like attitude, we expect some day to see him as a ranking officer in an outstanding corporation. With your pleasing personality and willingness to help, success will surely follow you in the field which you have chosen. LUCILLE K. MALM Speaking of blondes-here'5 one to re- member. Interested and trained in art work Lucille has proven her skill by her part in the arrangement and painting of the beautiful scenery for the Christmas Vesper service. Realizing your ability to achieve paramount success we predict a brilliant future for you Lucille. BETTIE MOREY Dignified, ambitious Bettie has talents in many fields. Her writing ability has made her a valued member of the Falcon staff. With a smile tor every- one she meets, this vivacious brunette ex- cels in dancing and roller-skating. We cannot help liking her and wishing our classmate the best of everything. GENE NILES Here's a quiet, brilliant girl who gets her studies done with enthusiastic effi- ciency. Although a newcomer to our class, she has become an expedient member and deserving of our admiration. We encour- age you, Gene, to advance into this world ot opportunity and accept the success and happiness waiting for you. RICHARD R. NUNN Dick is the holder of one of the most honorable positions for which a senior is eligible-the presidency of the Student Council. An all-around fellow, Dick par- ticipates in basketball, baseball, and foot- ball. He also takes a very active interest in the various school activities and clubs. A5 a member of the "Stardusters", he gives out with the "solid jive", and he will long be remembered by his class- mates as a true friend. GERALD N. OSGOOD Although quiet and reserved, Gerald is a man of unbounding energy, Already, he has learned to manage a farm, and has done a great deal of work in this field. With this training and practice, he will be able to undertake with confidence his future ambition--to be a successful farmer. As your classmates, we wish you the best of everything, Gerald? H. GORDON PETERSON Another honor student, Gordon is a wiz- ard in science and mathematics. His char- acter portrayal ot a Nazi agent in "The Brave Shall Serve" proves his dramatic ability. Gordon is very much interested in Genlogy, and plans to enter into that field of work upon being graduated. With his ability to study efficiently, and to pre- sent his material with precision, we are sure he will gain his well-earned success. DORIS LYON With an unbounding, gay spirit and wel- come laugh, Doris goes about her daily routine with enviable poise. Being a true friend and loyal companion, she is very popular among her fellow classmates. Having recognized her many admirable qualities and amiable characteristics, we assure her that the doors of success are open to her. HOSE MESSINA Brilliant? Popularl Dependablel Thats our Rose. With the willingness to lend a helping hand to all, she goes about her daily routine retaining a cheerful and optimistic attitude toward life and its problems. Rose, the girl with so many friends, is an unusually active participant in school activities, Your classmates, Rose, predict for you a brilliant future which is none other than what you deserve. EDWIN N. NASLUND This tall, good-looking senior is an ac- tive participant in football, basketball, and baseball, earning varsity letters in all three, Ed is a good-natured young man who, despite his red hair, retains a very genial personality. Upon being graduat- ed, he expects to enter into the services of his Uncle Sam. Your many friends and classmates wish you best of luck, Ed! NORMAN L. NORBERG With a very likeable personality and a good-natured spirit, Norman is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever it is needed. Nor- man and his reliable "Ford" are insepar- able. Because he is ambitious and ener- getic, his success as a iarmer seems assured. IENNY OGNIBENE With a natural specialty of stunning hairdo's and flashing dark eyes, lenny will long be remembered as a valuable member of the Class of '45. Her ever present smile and sunny disposition keep her in the constant good-will of her nu- merous friends. Because of her ability to make lasting friends, we are certain that success will be hers in whatever enter- prise she undertakes. NATHALIE PATTI Dark eyed and friendly, Nat is all that is needed for a jolly time. Her excellent dancing ability has made her many friends. Being a student of the Home Ec. Department has given her experience in making a home comfortable and cozy. Nath cannot be other than a success in later life. IANICE B. PETERSON This new-comer to Falconer High, lan hails from Ashville, and being a very quiet and modest individual, one hardly realizes her presence. Ian is a Consci- entious individual who gets her work done with efficiency. We sincerely hope that your stay in F. H. S. has been as pleas- ant for you as it has for us, CLARA M. PIAZZA With a combination of sparkling brown eyes and shining black hair, it is no wondner that Clara has gained many friends and admirers in Falconer High. Enjoying all kinds of activities, Clara shows a spirit of true sportsmanship We are grateful for having had the opportuni- ty of knowing Clara and of being able to share with her the many happy memories of F. H. S. IENNY RIBAUDO A dark-haired beauty with snappy brown eyes-that's our Ienny. Her sincere atti- tude and everlasting friendship have proven her to be an indispensable citizen of F. H. S. Her active participation in the choir is a natural result of her talented voice, which, we are sure will carry her on to a successful future in the field of music. EVANGELINE SHORT Regardless of her tiny structure, "Van- ny's" energetic ability is certainly not limited. Because of her patience and willingness to make friends, she has been an indispensable assistant in the cafeteria. We know her chosen path will be a suc- cess. GORDON STAFFORD This tall, quiet, blond-haired fellow is better known to our school as "Gordie." In his spare time one would find Gordon hunting or fishing. With his bright, pleas- ing personality, he is well-liked by every- one. After graduating he hopes to join the Navy. Here's wishing you much luck in your future days as a sailor, Gordon. HELEN SWANSON Here's a girl who could make any gloomy day turn into a happy one, all that would be necessary would be for her to turn on that sunny smile of hers. Helen, the girl with so much personality, likes attractive clothes and dresses accordingly. Her idea of an interesting future is one that will be in the line of an occupation dealing with the public. F. H. S. predicts an interesting future, Helen. If '38 LEE PLANO Remember Mr. Cranshaw in the Senior Play? This part was played by our own Lee Plano, and he with Aunt Maizi brought forth the laughs from the audience. Re- member too, the "special guest" at the spring concert of the band? Yes, Lee is a natural comedian and his being short is only one reason for being a successful one. In his desire to be a pharmacists mate in the Navy, we are with him, wish- ing him the best always. MAURICE ROACH Here's an ambitious individual who does a bit of printing as a sideline. He is bet- ter known as"Hirfa"by his many friends. A very congenial individual, we have found "Hirfa" to be a true friend who is always willing to cooperate fully. When, sometime in the future Maurice becomes a Civil Engineer, his friendly attitude will prove to be a valuable asset. ROGER SPRAGUE This tall lanky senior is an active par- ticipant in sports, especially track. His desire and ability to do well designate him as a conscientious individual, who takes advantage of opportunities close at hand. His ready smile for everyone is a decided asset to him, and will undoubted- ly be a most important factor in his future life and inevitable success. Our best wishes are yours, Roger. GERALD STIMSON Better known as Stimp, the Class of '45 will never forget this husky, broad-shoul- dered sailor. A star in football, and a loyal friend, Stimp has won an irreplace- able spot in the memories of his fellow classmates. With his L'il Abner physique, Stimp makes an ideal sailor, and we are certain that with his winning personality, Stimp's future is Coursed along the path- ways to success. IOYCE TITUS Our own Ioyce with her dark hair, soft voice and cheerful smile is always ready to do her part and a little more. So many of us have taken advantage of her wil- lingness that we will always -remember her. With a unique personality, we are certain that success will be yours, Ioyce. RICHARD WALKER You've guessed it-that dark, good-look- ing lad who had a smile for everyone is none other than Dick Walker. You'll find Dick square-dancing when it is at all possible. By the way his hobby is square dancing. Dick's future plans are to own gndk operate his own farm. Good luck, ic . SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS MARILYN ANDERSON-Mi-Y 4, 3. ROBERT ANDERSON-FFA 4, 3, 2, 1. LOIS BASTIAN-Senior Play Committee, Intramurals 4. LESTER BENNETT-Hi-Y 4, Senior Play Committee. IAMES BENSON-Hi-Y 4, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, F Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Football Manager 4, 3, 2, l. DONALD BIERWERTH--Football 4, 3, 2, l-li-Y 4, 3, Vice President 4, Activities Club 4-Vice President 4. ELINOR BLOOMQUIST-Senior Play, French Club, Pres. 4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, 3, 2, Girls' State 3, Mi-Y 4, 3, Activities Club 4, 3, Corridor Staff 4, 3, Student Council, Sec. 3, Falcon Staff 4, 3, Honor Society 4, "F" Club 4, 3, Cheerleader 4, 3, 2, l, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, l. GENE BLOOMQUIST-Mi-Y 4, 3, 2, Senior Play Committee 4, Operetta Committee 3, Corri- dor Staft, Chairman of Finance Committee 4, Secretary of Iunior Class. GORDON CARLBERG--FFA 4, 3, 2, Football 4, 3, 2, Activities Club 4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, Band 2, l, F Club 4. FANNIE CIRINCIONE-Mi-Y 4, Dramatics Club 4, 3, 2, Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Senior Play Com- mittee, Intramurals 3, 2, l, F Club 4. BERNICE CLARK-Senior Play Committee, Intramurals 1, Mi-Y 4, 3. CATHERINE COLBURN-Dramatics Club l, Bible Study Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Senior Play Com- mittee, Intramurals l. ROSALIE CRAPO--Corridor Staff 4, Choir 4, 3, Glee Club 2, l, Mi-Y 4, 3, Chairman Red Cross 4, French Club 4, 3, 2, Double Octette 4, Senior Play, Oratorical Contest, Oper- etta 3. ALICE DELAHOY-Senior Play Committee. IOE DE MARCO-Football 4, 3, Basketball 4, 3, Captain 4, Baseball 4, 3, 2, l, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, F Club 4, 2, Vice President 4, Dramatics Club 4, Choir 4, Hi-Y 4, Chairman Recre- ation Center 4, Treasurer Senior Class. WALLACE FEE-Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Track 2, Football 2, Hi-Y 4, 3, Albany Conference, Senior Play Committee. DOROTHY FORBES-Corridor 4, Mi-Y 4, 3, President 4, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, l, Class Treasurer 3, Glee Club 2, 1. LEE GALLAHER-Corridor 4, 3, 2, Advertising Manager 4, Falcon 4, Business Manager 4, Honor Society 4, 3, President 4, Science Club 4, 3, President 3, Senior Play, Band 4, 3, 2, l, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, 1, Choir 4, 3, 2, Bible Study 4, 3, 2, l, President 3, Activities Club 4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, 3, 2, Iazz Band 4, Hi-Y 4, 3, Secretary 3, Octette 4, Boys' Choir 4, 3, Male Quartet, M.T.C. 2, l. DORIS GUSTAFSON-Glee Club 2, 1, Iunior Mi-Y l, Dramatics Club l, Intramurals 2, 1, Mi-Y 4, 3. SHIRLEY HALE-Honor Society 4, 3, Falconer Staff 4, 3, Editor 4, Science Club 4, 3, Choir 4, 3, 2, Orchestra 3, 2, l, Mi-Y 4, 3, l, Intramurals 3, 2, l, Glee Club 1, F Club Z, Double Octette 4, Senior Play, Operetta 3. MARY IEAN HALL-Activities Club 4, 3, 2, F Club 4, 3, 2, Dramatics Club 2, Orchestra l, Corrgdor Staff 4, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, l, Candy Stand 4, Senior Play Committee, Operf etta . KATHLEEN HAWKINS-Corridor Staff 4, Mi-Y 4, 3, l, French Club Z, Glee Club 2, l, Choir 4, 3, Dramatics Club 2, Intramurals 3, l, F Club 4, 2, Announcer of Oratorical Contest, Senior Play Committee, Operetta 3. IOYCE HINE-Corridor Staff 4, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, l, F Club 4, 2, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, Mi-Y 4, 3, Senior Play Committee, Glee Club 2, 1, Vice President Iunior Class, Sports- manship Brotherhood 4, 3, 2, May Festival 4, 3, Business Manager 4, Orchestra 4, 3, Z, I, Operetta 3, Cheerleader. RICHARD IOSEPHSON-Hi-Y 4, Vice President 3, President 4, Activities Club 4, Dramatics Club 4, Senior Play Committee Chairman, Oratorical Contest, Senior Vigil Committee, War Stamps and Bonds 4, Red Cross Representative. GERALDINE IOHNSON-Corridor Staff 4, 3, Falcon Staff 4, 3, Assistant Editor 4, Senior Play, Mi-Y 4, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Choir 4, 3, Bond Drive 4, National Anthology of High School Poetry-poem published. IOHANN IULL-Corridor Staff 4, Mi-Y 4, 3-Secretary 4, Chairman Operetta Ushers 3, Glee Club l, Red Cross Treasurer 4, Art Club l-President. MARGARET KENNEDY-lntramurals 4, 3, 2, l, Mi-Y 4, 3, 2, l, Activities Club,4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, 3, F Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Cheerleader 4, 3, 2, l, Orchestra 2, l, Senior Play. DELORES KOLSTEE--Corridor Staff 4, Senior Vice President, Sophomore Vice President, Orchestra 2, l, Glee Club 2, l, Intramurals 3, 2, l, Mi-Y 4, 3, Activities Club 4, 3, F Club fgf12i7SZportsmanship Brotherhood 4, 3, Assembly Chairman 4, Senior Play, Dramatics u . 25 SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS CCont.J RONALD LEROY-Basketball 4, 3, Oratorical Contest, Activities 4, 3, 2, Hi-Y 4, Senior Play Committee, Dramatics Club 4, Band 4, 3, 2, l, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, 1, President 4, Iazz Band 4, Sophomore Class President, Football Manager 4, Choir 4, Red Cross Representative 1, Chairman Iunior-Senior Banquet. VINCENT LOMBARDO-Football 4, Basketball 4, Baseball 4, 3, Activities Club 4, 3, Z, Pres- ident 3, Secretary 4, Band 4, 3, 2, l, Orchestra 4, 3, Z, l, Choir 4, 3, 2, l, Librarian 4, 3, Ouartette 4, 3, 2, Director 4, 3, 2, Boys' Choir 4, 3, Octette 4, 3, 2, l, Iazz Band 4, 3, Falcon Staff 4, Dramatics Club 4, F Club 4, Senior Play 4, Operetta 3. DORIS LYON-Orchestra 4, 3, 2, Band 3, 2, Glee Club 2, 1, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, 1, Mi-Y 4, 3, Activities Club 3, F Club 2, Red Cross 3, Senior Play Committee. LUCILLE MALM-Glee Club l, Senior Play Committee, Corridor Staff 4, Falcon Staff 4. ROSE MESSINA-I-Ionor Society 4, 3, Vice President 4, Corridor Staff 4, literary editor, Science Club 4, 3, President 4, Activities Club 4, Mi-Y 4, 3, Vice President 4, F Club 4, 2, Dramatics Club 4, 3, French Club 4, Intramurals 3, 2, l, Senior Play Committee, Glee Club 2, l, School Court 4, Iudge, Chairman Invitation Committee-Iunior-Senior Ban- quet. BETTIE MOREY-Corridor Staff 4, Falcon Staff 4, 2, F Club 4, Z, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, Senior Play Committee, Intramurals 2, l, Mi-Y 4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, 2, Glee Club 2, l, Red Cross 2. EDWIN NASLUND-Corridor Staff 4, Student Council 4, 3, Vice President 4, Football 4, 3, Basketball 4, 3, Z, Baseball 2, Falcon Staff 4, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, Hi-Y 4, F Club 4, Sportsmanship Brotherhood 4, Choir 4, Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, l, Senior Play, May Festival 4, 3, Chairman 4, Secretary Sophomore Class, M. T. C. 2, l, Activities Club Pres. 4. NORMAN NORBERG-FFA 4, 3, 2, l, Senior Play Committee, Operetta Committee. PATSY NELSON-Secretary Senior Class, Senior Play Committee, Commencement Usher 3, Intramurals 2, l, Dramatics 2, Activities 4, 3, Mi-Y 4. GENE NILES-Orchestra 4, 3, Mi-Y 4, Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus. RICHARD NUNN-Corridor Staff 4, President Student Council 4, Football 4, 3, Basket- ball 4, Baseball 4, 2, Falcon Staff 4, Activities Club 4, 3, F Club 4, Choir 4, Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, President 3, Senior Play, Iazz Band, Boys' State Representative, President Iunior Class, Operetta 3. IENNY OGNIBENE-Senior Play, Intramurals 3, 2, 1, Dramatics Club 4, 3, Z, President 4, Glee Club 3, 2, 1, Choir 4, F Club 4, Mi-Y 4. GERALD OSGOOD-FFA 4, 3, 2, l, Vice President 3: Mi-Y 3. NATHALIE PATTI-Glee Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Dramatics Club 4, 3, 2, F Club 4, Commencement Usher 3, Intramurals 2, 1. IANICE PETERSON-Band 2. R. GORDON PETERSON-Corridor Staff 4, 3, Senior write-ups 3, Falcon Stalf 4, 3, 2, Hi-Y4, 3, Fredonia Conference, Lockport Conference, Older Boys' Conference, Treasurer 4, Senior Play, Honor Society 4, 3, Science Club 4, 3, French Club 2, l, Vice President 2. MAURICE PHILLIPS-Corridor Staff 4, 3, Business Manager 4, Senior Class President, Student Council 4, 2, Honor Society 4, 3, School Police 4, 3, Hi-Y 4, 3, Sportsmanship Brotherhood 4, 3, 2, Choir 4, 3, 2, 1, Double Octette 4, Ouartette 4. CLARA PIAZZA-Corridor Staff 4, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, l, Dramatics Club 3, F Club 4, 2, Sec- retary 4, Activities Club 4, Mi-Y 4, 3, Senior Play Committee, Choir 4, 3, Double Octette 4, Glee Club 2, 1, Oratorical Contest. LEE PLANO-Oratorical Contest, Activities Club 4, 3, Hi-Y 4, Senior Play, F Club 4, Foot- ball Manager Z, 1, Choir 4, 3, Dramatics Club 4, Boys' Choir 4, 3, M. T. C. Z, l. IENNY RIBAUDO-Glee Club 2, l, Choir 4, 3, Octette 4, Operetta 3, Senior Play Committee, Mi-Y 4, Dramatics Club 4, 3, 2, F Club 4. MAURICE ROACH-Hi-Y 4, 3, Secretary 4, Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Orchestra 4, 3, Z, 1, Ticket Com- mittee Chairman Senior Play, Chairman Invitation Committee 4. EVANGELINE SHORT-Senior Play Committee. ROGER SPRAGUE-Band 4, 3, 2, 1, Orchestra 4, 3, 2, l, Hi-Y 4, 3, Basketball 3, 2, l, Track 2, l, Older Boys' Hi-Y Conference 3, Senior Play Committee. GORDON STAFFORD-Senior Play Committee, Choir 4, Hi-Y 4. HELEN SWANSON-Corridor Stall 4, Sportsmanship Brotherhood 4, 3, 2, l, Vice President 4, Activities Club 4, 3, 2, Intramurals 4, 3, 2, l, F Club 4, Sophomore Secretary, Senior Play Committee, Candy Stand 4, Glee Club l, Senior Vigil Committee. IOYCE TITUS-Corridor Staff 4, Mi-Y 4, 3, Treasurer 4, Glee Club 2, l, Intramurals l, Senior Play Committee, M. T. C. Z, Senior Gift Committee. RICHARD WALKER-FFA 4, 3, 2, l, President 4, Secretary 3, 2. 26 FOUR YEARS WITH THE CLASS OF "45" 41-42 One of the best freshman classes started in l94l. We all agree with this especially when we think of work OJ. ln our freshman year, we remember doing about the usual things. To begin with, we elected officers: President-Harold Caswell, Vice-President- Gerald Stimson, Secretary-Edwin Naslund, Treasurer-Ioyce Hine. We held the skating party at the usual place-Celoron Park, just average "school kids." 42-43 Our "soph" year started off with a bang and we were all very much determined to make good use of our valuable time. Ronald LeRoy was elected President, with Delores Kolstee, Vice-President and Helen Swanson, Secretary-Treasurer. Square-dancing had become the fad and our dances and skating parties seemed to have been enjoyed by all even though there was an inadequate supply of males. However, we know now that we gained much knowledge by experience which helped us to more ably play our roles as 43-44 Becoming Iuniors, we felt rather prominent. Here was the year our headaches began. To start our job well, we elected Dick Nunn, President, Ioyce Hine, Vice-President, Gene Bloomquist, Secretary, Dorothy Forbes, Treasurer. We were happy to find that so many fellows were learning the art of "cutting a rug." We appreciated the fact that all the kids were supporting our class by attending our dances, theatre and skating parties. Then on a beautiful night in Iune, the date of that long-awaited Iunior-Senior Prom arrived. We enjoyed a chicken dinner and afterwards, we danced to the irresistible music of Pat Nor- man. The girls made their appearance in lovely gowns and the boys looked sharp in sport jackets with light pants. lt seemed like a dream to think that by the next year we would 44-45 How could one help noticing those boys and girls strutting around with brilliant faces and looking so important? Of course they were no other than our intelligent, indispens- able seniors. We used very good judgment in our selection of officers. Our capable Maur- ice Phillips held the office of President: Delores Kolstee, Vice-President: Patsy Nelson, Sec-- retaryg and Ioe DeMarco, Treasurer. The majority of Seniors were employed part time or on weekends. They proved to be efficient in lessening the acute labor shortage. Then on a cold night in December, the first, the Senior Plays were presented to a capacity crowd, The plays were entitled, "Pink for Proposals" and "The Brave Shall Serve." Due credit is attributed to Mrs. Redfield, director, the superb casts, and the committees for the success of the play. We appreciated the "play supper" treat given to us by the advisors and play director. Uncle Sam seemed to have his eyes cast on the "men" of the class. Frank Gatto, Gerald Stimson, and Stuart Barnes left to join the Armed Forces. We again attended the lunior-Senior Prom as guests, rather than hosts. The Seniors say "Au Revoir" and the best of luck to all. Iuniors. be Seniors. THE POST GRADUATES MARY LOU MARGARETTE IUNE ARMSTRONG OLSEN MARTIN 27 THE CLASS OF '46 OFFICERS President ....... ..,..... R oy Hine Secretary . . Marie Van Buren Vice President ,....,...., Vic. Digirolamo Treasurer ..........., Herbert Harrington Advisers ..,.,.,........ ...Mr. Bishop, Mrs. Miller Third Row-R. Peterson, M. Lawson, O. Segerlin, S. Schultz, I. Reed, W. Stanton, I Schwartz, B. Bird, F. Aiken, R, Callihan, B. Carlson, F. Schell, I. Culver. Second Row-W. Newton, C. Waite, B. Wallace, I. McMurray, M. Collin, I. McChesney, Mrs. Miller, B. Peterson, M. Ecklund, L. Leyman, B. Peterson, L. Mxstretta. First RoweG. Young, I. Trummer, I. Webster, H. Harrington, V. Digirolamo, R. Hine, M. Van Buren, V. Gaeta, B. Malta, B. Waith, P. Ognibene. Third How-D. Wakefield, A. Edstrorn, M. Nelson, I. Funcell, R. lsaacson, G. Brckeman, K. Birch, D. Nelson, F. Catfoe, H. Carlberg, G. Gustafson, D. Wilson, H. Bennett, L. Walrod. Second Row-A. Clark, R. Iohnston, E. Clyde, M. Seekings, M. Sears, Brad Bishop, B. Fiddle, C. Fairbanks, M. Raymond, A. Conti, C. Walker, D. Coe, S. Ribaudo. First Row-B. Swanson, L. Reynolds, L. Dunning, B, Louae, P. Iohnson, M. Hanson, C. Iohnson, K. Buckman, N.Walker, B,Frazier, M.Fitzpatrick, P.Bcrker, D.Spaulding. HE Iunior Class has been toiling all year raising money for the all important annual Iunior-Senior Banquet. Up to press time, their endeavors included a Skating Party, a Spaghetti Supper, a Theater Party and a Dance. All ot these were successful. Reports inform us that a school directory is contem- plated also. Seniors be assured Falconer High School couldnt be left in better hctndsl 28 THE CLASS OF '47 OFFICERS President . .. . Lois Petersen Secretary .... Iosephine Alessi Vice President . ..... Hollis Petersen Treasurer . . . . . Alberta Van Tilburg Advisers .,,.,..,.. Mrs. Smith, Mr. Anderson Third Row-E. Shultz, G. Shures, N. Torsell, E. Cannon, M. Murch, D. Seeley, H. Benson, F. Denni- son, D. Ecklund, R. Polizzi, T. Ognibene, P. Sturns, C. Wigren. Secpnd How-P. Lundquist, D. Newton, D. Short, L. Lodestro, R. Wheeler, I. Chase, Mrs. Smith, S. Bennett, I. Blackmar, D. Clark, A. Gregory, L. Luce, M. Ball. First Row-R. Muscarella, R. Lopresto, B. Phetteplace, P. Whattler, F. Larson, H. Smock, D. McKillip, M. Iohnson, F. Francis, M. Nelson, S. Brown, B. McCullor, R. Peterson, l Fourth How-B. Iohnson, L. Anderson, G. Waite. Third Row-L. Adler, R. Hudson, D. Andrews, I. Piazza, S. Calabrese, R. Ortendahl, D, Oaks, R. Everett, N. Cornell, D. Hopkins, G. Williams, R. Heintz- man. Second Row-D. Unger, S. Heath, M. Stearns, D. Verquer, I. Cirincione, A. Iohnson, L. Lund, L Anderson, P. Stone, S. McGee, P. Beebe, V. Larson, W. Griffin. First How-C. Becker, E. Harrington, M Nelson,g.hCook, I. Alessi, L. Petersen, H. Petersen, A. Van Tilburg, G. Anderson, E. Anderson, M. Stan- ton, B. a l. T basketball games this year, the Sophomore Class has served Mhot dogs" and pop and they expect to hold a skating party later in the year. The Sophomore Class is rather large, having forty-two girls and thirtyfsix boys, none of whom have entered the services. .29 THE f CLASS OF '48 OFFICERS President ..., . . . Robert Hoaglund Secretary . . . . . . . . .IoAnn Newton Vice President ....,......, IoAnn Anderson Treasurer .........,..,...,. Evelyn Blaze Advisers ........ Mrs. Iuliet Anderson and Mr. Bennett First Row-P. McCall, O. Wickmark, I. Newton, I. Anderson, R. Hoaglund, E. Blaze, R. Naslund, N. Iosephson. Second Row-M. Vives, A. Skinner, D. Allen, L. Cox, I. Sorenson, I. Anderson, I. Latona, M. Newton, M. Stahlman, E. Clark, N. Ericson. Third Row-I. Fairbanks, D. Fisher, A, Rosetti, V. Ri- baudo, C Anderson, I. Castiglia, L. Rice, B. Mee, H. Baker, D. Abers, K. Cisco, M. Marsh. Fourth Row -F. Smith, H. Mareri, I. Gatto, R. Fargo, G. Bastian, H. Elleman, D. Olson, C. Hanson, H, Ball. First Row-M. Shoup, V. Clark, M. Anderson, B. Carlson, E. Edtngton, S. Nelson, I. Freeman, P. Edington, D. Clark, C. Zetterman, M. Funcell. Second Row-S. McGee, D. DeBell, R. LeRoy, A. Fields, I. Potwin, B. McKee, I. Hewes, R. Dennison, K. Hopkins, R. Olson, R. Buck, F. Williams, H. Stearns, Third How-B. Olson, D. Fosberg, O. Hadley, C. Dickenson, I. McMurray, G. Wensley, Mr. Bennett, M. Studd, G. Hunt, D. Shaw, D. Webster, D. Nelson, S. Iones, L. Lodestro. LTHOUGH the year l948 seems a long way oft, it really isn't. The Fresh- man Class is quite large this year, with 77 members of which 32 are girls and 45 boys. Among their activities this year, was the sponsoring of a roller-skating party. lt was a success as many tickets were sold and every- one had a good time. Their advisers are Iuliet Anderson and Mr. Bennett, with Bob I-loaglund as President. I-lere's wishing you success in the years to come, Freshmen! 30 THE CLASS OF '49 OFFICERS President Robert Woodard Vice President . . Fred Crespy Secretary . Agnes Rumiano Treasurer . Arnold Holmberg Adviser . ,.... ... ...Mrs. Smith OOM lOl has been proud of its activities this year for at the very beginning they drew up a constitution for the newly organized "Colin Kelly Club." First term officers in- cluded R. Shoup, President, R. Ralg, Vice President, I. Randall, Secretary, and M. Cheney, Treasurer. Second term officers consisted of N. Sprague, President, T. Lindberg, Vice Presidentg I. Randall on the report list as Secretary, and W. Brunson, Treasurer. Club meetings were held every Friday with an interesting program. Halloween and Christmas parties were held, and they achieved a new high in February of 97 per cent in the War Stamp Drive. Mrs. Iohnson was adviser. Third Row-R. Wieler, R. Iohnson, C. Devine, I. Delehoy, R. Saxton, D Randinelli, I... Baker, D Giddy, I. Wallou, E Walker, I Aiken, B. Woodard, L, Becker, T. Lindquist, D. Finch. Second RowAC Scheleno, M. Cornell, A. Everett, B. Lloyd, M. Fee, B. Roach, T. Rigby, E. Kelly, D. Gustafson, I Morley, M. Culver, C Hale, L Nelson, Mrs Smith, D Pline First RowfP. Callahan, F. Peterson, N Brunson, R. Webster, A Holmburg, F Crespy, R, Woodard, A Rumiano, L. DeWyne, E Long, M Allen. Third Row-D. Gaeta, N. Sprague, G, Sanderson, H. Rounds, I. Van Tilburg, E. Holmquist, W. Brun- son, I..Ferrar, R.Fargo, T.l..indburg, H.Buck, l.Schell, H.Beardsley, R.Caffoe, R.SWeet.'SeCondRow-W.Dlb- ble, D. Anderson, G. Tranmer, B. Iohnson, N. Neatherly, F.. Hill, Mrs Iohnson, C. Oaks, L. Burch, H. Swanson, M. Dahl, B Argran, H. Coe. First Row-V. Mason, I. Peterson, E. Walrod, I. Randall, R Shoup, R. Ralg, M. Cheney, B Gustafson, I. Fonti, I Anderstrom, M Howard OFFICERS President . Robert Shoup Vice President . . Ronald Ralg Secretary IoAnn Randall Treasurer . . Marilyn Cheney Adviser ..... . . Mrs. Iohnson OOM lU2 believes in variety, for their advisers this year were Mrs. Wilder, Mrs. Alice Smith and Mrs. Ruth Smith respectively. The officers, however, were stationary, being R. Woodard as President, F. Crespy, Vice President, R. Rumiano, Secretary, and A. Hoimberg, Treasurer. ln the War Stamp Drive the room maintained an above 90 per cent average during the semesters and were very active in basketball and checker tournaments. 31 THE CLASS OF '50 OFFICERS President Bard Anderson Vice President Dewane Barnes Secretary Laurence Fitzpatrick Treasurer . . . Peter Canaley Adviser, .. .. . Mrs. Morey N Room lU3 democracy has been at work throughout the year and Bard Anderson has had the position of President with Dewane Barnes, Vice President, Dean Morley, Secretary, and Peter Canaley, Treasurer. All members of the room have taken part in parties, Red Cross work, the War Stamp Drive, and a spelling bee. They held Christmas and Valentine parties with programs and refreshments. Note should be made of the excellent job they did in the Stamp Drive for the average buying ranged between Q0 and lUO percent most of the year. Mrs. Morey is the faculty adviser. Third RowfM. Beardsley, R. Proudman, A Gustafson, R Clark, I Bloomquist, B Morey Second Row--D Miller, I Iohnson, P Schoonover, V Bae, B. Gustafson, A Wensley First Row-'D Pope, A Kaliwaske, N Clark, P Canaley, B. Anderson. Third HowfI Titus, L. Pline, R. Cox, C. Muscarella, R. Mason, I. Buchanan, C. Pratt, L Saxton, R Carlson, M, Anderson, I. Hopkins, B. Bloomquist, M. Roberts. Second Row-R. Morgan D Clark, G. Brunner, C. Cavallaro, R LaDuca, D Fluent, L, Studd, S. Kimball, D Hudson, E. Spence, I. Ogren, C Lindquist. First Row-Miss Reno, I. Pentycofe, I. Blaze, R. Cre-spy, L. Latona, I. Seeley, M. Peterson, l' Stewart, D Mathews, K Iohnson, R. Dickenson, D. Lindburg. OFFICERS President Lois Latona Vice President . Robert Crespy Secretary Rolland Dickenson Treasurer Ioseph Blaze Adviser. .... . . .... Miss Reno NOTHER room in which representative government has been at work is Room 3 of which Miss Reno is adviser. This room has a judge and jury, changing monthly, to penalize any offenders. They also have officers chosen bi-annually and President Lois. Latona and Secretary Ronald Dickenson have held office both terms. Vice-Presidents were l. Blaze and R. Crespy, and Treasurers K Iohnson and I. Blaze. 'With the advisers guidance this room has taken active part in presidential election, debates and various parties throughout the semesters 32 X.'Zr 'z' ' 'Xijifriy ft' Intramurals UST as Intramurals are intend- ed to provide practice for and aid the sports player. so do the various activities carried on out- side of school give the student a better understanding of and out- look toward life. THE FALCON STAFF V OFFICERS Editor . .. ..,., . ...... S. Hale Headline Editor ,....,.,. . ..,. V. Gaeta Assistant Editor ,...,, G. Iohnson Typists .,,........,. V. Gaeta, R. Malta Make-up Editor ,..,..,. .. . E. Bloomquist Business Manager . .. ..... .L.. Gallaher Sports Editors. ..V. Lombardo, E. Naslund Advertising Manager .,..,.. . .. R. Nunn Alumni Columnist . .. ,.,..... B. Morey Exchange Columnist . . . ..,,. G. Peterson Club News .. . . ...R. Malta, E. Clyde Faculty Advisers: Feature Editor ........,,. F. Caffoe Editorial .,...,.,.........., Mrs. Redfield Art Editor ..,.......,,..,,,,. L. Malm Business .. ................ Mr. H. Shoup HE Falcon is known as the official newspaper of Falconer High, lt is published ten times yearly. lt has kept up with the activities going on around the school, such as club news, Bond Rallies, and important items. Also it publishes the letters of the Fal- coner High boys who are overseas. Third Row-Mrs. A. Redfield, I. Ricotta, D. Matthews, F. Catfoe, L. Gallaher, R. Nunn, W. Brunson, P. Canaly. Second Bow-E, Clyde, G, Peterson, B. Morey, R. Malta, V. Gaeta, V. Lombardo, E. Naslund, G. Iohnson. First Row-S. Hale, E. Bloomquist. Q. . Fourth How-G. Brakeman, R. Peterson, D. Oaks, L. Gallaher, D. Wilson, E. Naslund, R. Hine, F. Cafe toe, F. Schell, H. Harrington, R. Nunn. Third Row--R. Olson, G. Bloomquist, B. Morey, I. Robbins, R. Webster, Mr. Fenner, I. Hine, C. Piazza, R. Crapo, G. Iohnson, R. Catfoe, P. Canaly. Second How- M. Collin, E. Clyde, M. Seekings, L. Reynolds, P. Ognibene, Mrs. Critoph, Mrs. Redfield, I. Titus, B. Pet- erson, H. Swanson, B. Waithe, M, Peterson. First Row-D. Verquer, K. Hawkins, M. Hall, B. Peterson, E, Bloomquist, M. Phillips, B. Carlson, G. Peterson, R. Messina, G. Peterson, THE CORRIDOR STAFF OFFICERS Editor ......,...... Elinor Bloomquist Assistant Editor ........ Barbara Peterson Business Manager ...,.... Maurice Phillips Ass't. Business Manager. .Burdette Carlson Advisers ..........., Mr. Fenner, Mrs. Redfield, Mrs. Critoph HIS organization is concerned solely with editing and publishing the school yearbook. By the hard work and effort of its members, the "Corridor" which results helps to bring back memories of school days in "good ole F. H. S." 34 THE HI-Y OFFICERS President .,.,. Richard Iosephson Vice President ........ Donald Bierwerth Secretary . . . ........., Maurice Roach Treasurer . .....,....... Gordon Peterson Adviser ....,...,..,..............,.., Mr. Fenner HE purpose of the Hi-Y Club is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards ot Christian character." The meetings this year fea- tured speakers, discussions, athletics, social evenings and emphasized business schol- arships and clean living. To be specific, the Hi-Y went to the Y.M.C.A. for a swim and took in a movie on another night. At some meetings after the business had been discussed, we played in the gym. Also the Hi-Y and Mi-Y held a joint Valentines Party. Third Row-D. Wilson, L. Gallaher, R. Sprague, Mr. Fenner, F. Catioe, R. Callihan, D Segerlin. Second Row-C. Walker, R. Peterson, D. Nelson, L. Bennett, G. Brakoman, A. Edstrom, M. Phillips. First Row-E. Naslund, L. Plano, M. Roach, R. Iosephson, D. Bierwerth, R. Peterson, R. LeRoy, G. Stafford. Fourth Row-M. Collin, R. Frazier, R. Crapo, G. Niles, M. Hanson, G. Iohnson, B. Clark, G. Bloom- quist, K. Hawkins, M. Armstrong, C. Iohnson. Third Row-B. Peterson, M. Sears, M. VanBuren, D. Spaulding, P. Baker, M. Anderson, I. Trummer, B. Morey, P. Nelson, I. Hine, E. Bloomquist, I. Ribaudo, K, Ruckman. Second Row-D. Kolstee, M. Ecklund, L. Leyman, E. Clyde, C. Waite, M. Seekings, R I-'adale, M. Raymond, M. Fitzpatrick, I. Oanibene, F. Cirincione, C. Piazza, S. Hale. First How-B. Waith D. Lyon, I. Webster, Miss Potter, I. Iull, R. Messina, D. Forbes, I. Titus, Mrs. Miller, V. Gaeta, R. Malta, P. Ognibene. THE MI-Y OFFICERS President . ........, .. Dorothy Forbes Vice President ............ Rose Messina Secretary ,....... .. ..... Iohann Iull Treasurer ........... ........ I oyce Titus Advisers ...... Miss Potter, Mrs. Miller, Miss Thelander, Mrs. Morey ROMOTING friendship, cooperation, and high standards of Christian character, this organization attains its goal. This year's activities were numerous, consisting oi parties, speakers and discussions. The highlights were centered upon the Preliminary Confer- ence at Fredonia and Erie Conference at which delegates are sent to represent the Falconer Mi-Y. 35 THE HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President .... . . , . . Lee Gallaher Secretary-Treasurer . . . Elinor Bloomquist Vice President . . .. . Rose Messina Advisers ....,.. Dr, Wilber, Miss Potter, Mrs. Redfield, Mrs. Miller HETA XI Chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of students chosen in the latter part of their lunior year by the school faculty. Students are admitted on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, Membership is limited to not more than fifteen percent of the class. Special privileges are granted the members. Projects for the library, tutoring students, work concerning scholarships and other matters which are not delegated to any specific organization are undertaken by the society. Second Row-Dr. Wilber, Miss Potter, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Redfield, M. Phillips. First How-S. Hale, R. Messina, L. Gallaher, E. Bloomquist, G. Peterson, Second Row-Dr. Wilber, V. Digirolamo, l. Culver, H. Carlberg, B. Carlson, F. Schell, M. Phillips, Mr. Bennett. First Row-L. Mistretta, H. Swanson, R. Messina, R. Hine, B. Peterson, C. Walker, R. Everett. THE POLICE COURT OFFICERS Chief . ..,., ..,...,.. R oy Hine ludges ,...... Rex Everett, Rose Messina Secretary . . . , ..... Barbara Peterson Advisers ......,........,...... Dr. Wilber, Mr, Bennett HE judicial department of the student body is the police court. lt is comprised of a chief, two judges, the police and two faculty advisers. The purpose of the court is to establish student discipline, cleanliness, and honesty. Cases concerning students given tickets are tried each week and sentences imposed upon those found guilty. 36 THE RED CROSS OFFICERS President ., ..... Rosalie Crapo Secretary-Treasurer . .. Iohann Iull Advisers ....,.,..,. Mrs. Secor, Mr. Bennett I-IIS year, because of a greater patriotic feeling among the students, the Red Cross has been a success. In the Iunior Red Cross drive, S49.5U was collected and in the Senior Red Cross, SIOQUI was received. A great deal of credit is due to Iohann Iull and Ros- alie Crapo tor their eiiorts. Second Row-G. Sanderson, M. Giambrone, A, Clark, F. Cattoe, Mr. Bennett, V. Digirolamo, D. Morley. First Row-A. Rumiano, D. Allen, M. Iohnson, I. Iull, R. Crapo, N. Iosephson, M. Collin, I. Seeley. Third Row-L. Gallaher, H. Carlberg, G. Carlberg, D. Verquer, I. Cirincione, M. VanBuren, I. Trum- mer, I. Hine, V. Lombardo, R. LeRoy, F, Schell, F. Cafloe, I... Mistretta. Second Row-L. Lodestro, R. Fadale, F. Larson, M. Collin, M. Ecklund, E. Clyde, Mrs. Turner, R. Messina, I. Ribaudo, F. Cirincione, E. Bloomquist, M. Raymond, L. Plano. First Row-R. Lepresto, I Alessi, B. Waith, B. Peterson, L. Leyman, I. Ognibene, P. Ognibene, S. Brown, V. Gaeta, R. Malta, L. Peterson, R. Peterson. THE DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS President ...... Ienny Ognibene Secretary-Treasurer . Lola Leyman Vice-President ........ Pauline Ognibene Adviser ........ ....... M rs, Turner O achieve the acting ability of many of our popular movie stars, the Dramatics Club is an excellent starter for our many ambitious students. A play written by two members ot the club was presented in assembly in the early part of the first semester. It turned out to be a great success tor the members were all very enthusiastic. Heres hoping the Dramatics Club keeps up its good work in the years to come. 37 THE C. C. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS President . . . .....,.... Rose Messina Secretary-Treasurer ...., Marianne Collin Advisers .....,.,... Mr. Fenner, Miss Sommerhof HIS is a recently organized club, composed ot students who are interested in various fields of science. ln order to be eligible one must have an average of not less than 85923 in all science subjects. The club meets twice monthly and the members work on scientific projects. First How-Miss Sommerhoi, M. Collin, R. Messina, S. Hale. Second How-F. Catfoe, L. Gallaher, Mr. Fenner, F. Schell, G, Peterson. First Row-R, Messina, M. I. Nelson, C. Waite, M. VanBuren, E. Bloomquist, M. Collin, F. Larson, R. Crapo, B. Phetteplace. THE FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS President ...... Elinor Bloomquist Secretary-Treasurer . Marianne Collin Vice President. .,.. Marie VanBuren Adviser ...,.,.....,............ Mrs. Miller HE purpose of the French Club is "to promote better understanding of France and its language and its customs." lt meets twice a month when business is transacted, games are played and songs are sung. During the meetings, French is spoken as much as possible. 38 THE FUTURE FARMERS OFFICERS President ,.,. Richard Walker Secretary ..,,..., .. Allen Clark Vice President ., .. Gordon Carlberg Treasurer .,.....,... .. Charles Walker Adviser ..,.,..... ,...,... M r. H. l. Shoup HE Future Farmers of America serves as a medium through which the students oi our school interested in farming, may learn proper and better methods of farming. During the past year, they have participated in a poultry show, paper drive and other agricul- tural activities. They have shown themselves to be truly great farmers Worth much recog- ziition. Third Row-B. lohnson, G. Shure, D. Olson, D Wakeiield, E. Shultz, G Bastian, D. Wilson, L. Wal- rod, B. Anderson, K. Burch, B. Mee, N. Ericsson Second How'-D.Short, K.Sischo, F.Dennison, N.Nor- berg, H. Ball, Mr. H, I. Shoup, F. Smith, H. Elleman, H Baker, M. Marsh, W. Cvriliin. First Row-fG. Gus- tatson, M. Nelson, C. Walker, G. Carlberg, R. Walker, A. Clark, M, Ball, l Fairbanks. i . f A n A s ,iffl A i 5 if Fourth Row-Coach Bishop, L. Gallaher, B. losephson, H, Petersen, D. Andrews, B. LeRoy, F. Schell, B Hine, B. Carlson, l, Culver, l. Piazza. Third Row-H. Carlberg, D. Wilson, G. Carlberg, D. Newton, I. Benson, L. Plano, V. Digirolamo, l. DeMarco, R. Nunn, L. Mistretta, L, Adler. Second Rowell Messina C. Piazza, D. Kolstee, B. Morey, P, Ognibene, H. Malta, V. Gaeta, B, Peterson, L, Leyman, M. Ecklund E. Bloomquist. THE ACTIVITIES CLUB OFFICERS President . . . . ..... . Eddie Naslund Secretary ,........ .. Vincent Lombardo Vice President. .. .... Donald Bierswerth Treasurer . , ........ ...... B ertha Waith Advisers ......... Coach Bishop, Miss Busch HIS club's purpose is just what its name implies-activities, and plenty ol them. Meet' ings, held Thursday nights in the gym, are presided over by President Eddie Naslund. Among their numerous activities are dancing, basket ball, softball, games, calisthenics. Although this club is an excellent example ot a student directed organization, there are two advisersenamely, Mr. Bishop and Miss Busch. Sometime during April, the members are putting on a radio show, consisting oi the Choir and there are many talented people. 30 THE SPORTSMANSHIP BROTHERHOOD OFFICERS President ...,... .. ....... Iim Culver Secretary-Treasurer Romaine Peterson Vice President .... . ...... Helen Swanson Advisers ,..... Coach Bishop, Mr. Hoene HIS organization has done its part in everyday lite to help each one to become a better citizen. The former president, Stuart Barnes, called by "Uncle Sam", is missed a great deal but the problem of a new president was quickly solved, tor Iim Culver was chosen to fill his shoes. Parties and movies are held to make possible the awarding ot medals at the end of the year. Many look forward to these awards for it proves to be a great event. Medals are awarded to the Senior girl and boy who are voted as the best all around sports in the Senior Class. Second Row-M, Phillips, E. Naslund, Mr. Hoene, Coach Bishop, D. Wilson, R. Hine. First Row- D. Newton, D. Kolstee, R. Peterson, I. Culver, H. Swanson, P. Ognibene, I. Hine. Third Row-Coach Bishop, I. Benson, V. Lombardo, B. Hine, E. Naslund, B. Nunn, L, Plano, I. Culver, V. Digirolamo, Second Row-G. Carlberg, H. Swanson, D. Kolstee, E. Clyde, M. Collin, I. Hine, I. Ogni- bene, E. Bloomquist, L. Mistretta. First Row-M. Armstrong, M. Hall, B. Morey, C. Piazza, I, Demarco, THE "F" CLUB orricizns President .,... . . . ....... Ioe Demarco Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Clara Piazza Advisers ..,.... Coach Bishop, Miss Busch R. Messina, F. Cirincione, K. Hawkins. HIS club has been reorganized alter having no meetings for two years. lts purpose is to promote school activities, stimulate school spirit and provide major athletic awards, such as sweaters. This year the "F" club has eight members eligible for sweaters. 40 THE STAMP AND BOND CLUB OFFICERS Treasurers ..,. ,,..,.,, R obert Hine and Roy Luce Advisers ,..., ........, Miss Potter and Miss Reno URING the past school year, this patriotic organization has done very fine work in the selling of stamps and bonds to support the war effort. Every Wednesday morning, the representatives of each home room take the orders and collect the money. ln the afternoon, they distribute the stamps-sometimes bonds, The Government has given our school a Minute-man Flag for having at least 9O'C of our students buying stamps or bonds during the month. This group has done a fine job in backing up our boys. Fourth How-F. Caffoe. Third ROWRL. Pline, R. Fargo, G. Hunt, D. Nunn, l. Culver, F. Schell. Second How-P. Stone, E. Kelley, B. Gustafson, I. Potwin, G. lohnson, M. Hanson. First Row-Miss Reno, V. Clark, F. Peterson, R. Dennison, P. VVhattler, L. Lodestro, R. Bloomquist, R. Everett, R. Caffoe, S. Muscarella, R. Anderson, M. Seekings, Miss Potter. Seated-R. Iosephson, G. Brakeman. A 49' 4 fi i P Third Row-D. Matthews, G. Williams, R. Hudson, T. Lindquist, C Hanson, L. Gallaher, R. Peterson, R Olson, T. Lindberg, R. Proudman, A, Holmberg Second How-M. Roberts, R, Bloornquist, G. Ogren, R. Ralg, C. Colburn, Miss Reno, B. Roach, L. Baker, D. Clark, C. Lindquist. First Row-M Torgerson, B. Lloyd, M. Dahl, B. Ogren, D. Anderson, C. Hale, D. Lindberg, M. Howard. THE BIBLE STUDY CLUB OFFICERS President . . . ....... Catherine Colburn Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . Rita Fadale Vice President ......... . . . Marilyn Dahl Adviser . . .... . .. . . . . .. Miss Reno MEETING is held every week for the purpose of learning parts of the Bible and study- ing together. The class is headed by Miss Reno. lt helps the students to become better citizens and joins them in Christian Fellowship. 41 THE ORCHESTRA OFFICERS President .. .....,.., ,.. R. LeRoy Secretary ... .. . M. VanBuren Librarians . ,....,. I. Newton, M. Latona Director .,..........,,. Mr. Ortolano HE orchestras activities this year were confined to the Alma Mater because of war- time restrictions making impossible county and state county contests. However, the orchestra can claim a splendid performance in the annual spring concert held March Ze besides furnishing musical highlights for Various other programs throughout the term. Fourth Row--L. Gallaher, E. Naslund, M. Hanson, C. Iohnson, Mr. Ortolano, R. Lehoy, H. Carlberg, F, Caffoe, H. Bennet, R. Sprague. Third Row-M. Roach, V. Lombardo, M Anderson, B. McCullor, D Unger, M. VanBuren, H. Nunn, H. Haglund, S. Heath, H. Harrington. Second Row-B. Lloyd, B. Roach, I. Hine, D. Forbes, L. Fredrickson, R. Heintzman, R. Olson, M. LaTona, L. Adler, I. Newton First Rowf D, Lyon, B. Iohnson, L. Anderson, M. Dahl, P. Mason, C. Green, L. Saxton, K. Iohnson, I. Niles. X Fifth How-L. Gallaher, R. Sprague, E. Naslund, H. Harrington, Mr. Ortolano, R. Nunn, H. Carlberg, Fourth Row-C. Iohnson, V. Lombardo, S. Heath, S. Iones, G. Brakeman, R. Shultz. Third Row-M. Roach, L. Adler, R. Hudson, B. McCullor, D. Unger, R. Peterson, S. Calabrese, W. Tedesco, D. Webster, D. Fos- berg. Second Row-V. Clark, I. Sorenson, M. VanBuren, P. Baker, I. Hewes, D. Morley, H. Shoup, R. Hoaglund, K. Anderson, P. Canaley, G. Williams. First Row-M. Shoup, D. Anderson, G Brunner, G. Sanderson, P, Mason, C. Green, R. LeRoy, R. Dickenson, B. Anderson. THE BAND OFFICERS President . . ......... Herbert Carlberg Secretary . . . . . . Marilyn Ecklund Librarians ,...... Ioyce Hewes, Margaret Director ...... . .... Mr, Ortolano Shoup, Virginia Clark ND the band played on-on what? Well, on Memorial Day, on Fridays, on election rallies, on the football bleachers, on the concert stage-just on and onl And there's something about the beat of a drum that makes our hearts skip a beat: something about the toot of a trumpet that's made our tutors forget second period many times, some- thing about the flight of a flute that gives us wings. Oh, there's something about our band, kids, that is fine, fine, finel 42 THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS President .. Alberta VanTilburg Librarians Iosephine Alessi, Sally Brown Secretary .,.,.. Ruth Randall HE Girls' Glee Club meets twice a week the first period in the morning. The girls sing popular songs and pieces in three part harmony under the direction of Mrs. I. Anderson They will act as ballet chorus for the television show. Third Rowelil Naslund, B. Phetteplace, I. Sorenson, M, Anderson, F P Larson, H. Muscarella, M Steins, F. Francis, M, Iohnson, L. Cox Second Row-L. Lodestro, V, Clark, E Blaze, M Vevis, E Clark, I. Hughes, D. Allen, R. Wheeler, M. Newton, I. Newton, C. Zetterman. First Row-M. Latona, P. McCall, N. Iosephson, M Staton, C. Becker, A. VanTilburg, S Brown, F. Cirincione, E, Edmgton, I Alessi ' a i 1 I' il. . E, 5 sf' . Fourth How-G. Stafford, M. Phillips, L, Gallaher, E. Naslund, D, Nunn, V, Lombardo, P. Caffoe Third Row-D. Newton, G. Hunt, G, Peterson, H. Carlberg, M. Studd, D. Wilson, H. Ortcndahl, G Waite, R. Trummer, L. Plano, R Hientzman, B. Hoaglund Second Row-I. Hibciudo, M. Ecklund, M, Nelson, I. Chase, S Hale, C. Piazza, P. Whattler, H. Malta, L. Peterson, B. Peterson, P. Ognibene. First How- C. Waite, I, Ognibene, K. Hawkins, R. Crapo, C. Iohnson, L, Adler, M, Armstrong, K. Huckman, V Gaeta, B. Waith, H Peterson, THE CHOIR OFFICERS President . . .,.,.. Louis Adler Librarians . . . Vincent Lombardo, Vice President .......... Bertha Waith Eddie Naslund Adviser .... .. . Mrs. Iuliet Anderson F some of you have wondered where those beautiful voices were all coming from on Thursday mornings the answer is it is the F. H. S. Choir at their regular rehearsals. In addition to having a Quartette this year, we are fortunate in having a Double Octette also. The Octette has sung on numerous occasions for the school and also for out- side organizations. During April the Choir is putting on a radio show with Louie Adler and "Chinks" Lombardo as toastmasters. ln it will be featured such numbers as solo dances and vocal solos. The "Stardusters" will furnish popular music, Under the direction of Mis. Iuliet Anderson, it is certain to be a success. lt is to her that we owe our apprecia- tion for her patience and willingness to work with us. 43 THE IUNIOR CHOIR orriclsns Adviser .,.....,.,.,,.,.... Mrs. Iuliet Anderson HE Iunior Choir is a vocal organization of lunior High students. It has been singing for various organizations which include: North Side P.T.A,, South Side, Rotary Club, Victory Club and Methodist Church. Second How-I. Blaze, D. Morley, P. Canaley, L. Pline, B. Anderson, P. Mason, R. Dickenson, R. Caf- lce, K. Iohnson. First Row-E. Kelly, C. Hale, M, Cheney, D. Peterson, R. Webster, L. Frederickson, B. Meadows, F. Stuart, I. Morley, First Row-L. Gallaher, R. Nunn, V, Lombardo, R. LeRoy, H. Carlberg, R. Hudson, R. Trummer, L. Anderson. Standing-F. Calloe. THE STARDUSTERS orrrcsns Leader ..,.. ........... . . ,Vincent Lombardo Treasurer ....,.,. ...... F rank Calfoe Business Manager ..................,..... Richard Nunn HE "Stardusters" as the members call themselves is a new endeavor of the F. H. S, students. Playing for noon social hours, school dances and at the Recreation Center makes up most ol the program of the Bancl. Since the picture was taken, some changes have been made. Donald Anderson now plays the alto-sax and Robert Trummer, who was the leader has left. Vincent Lombardo now wields the baton, lt is one of the most popular organizations in the school and has a promising future. 44 THE MAIORETTES AYBE you've noticed an increase in the number of baton twirlers this year-oh, there have been four new ones added. They are Donna Peterson, Lois Latona, Ienny Fonti, and Ioyce Morley. They were chosen from a group of about 12 prospective candidates. Both old and new ones twirled at the lamestown game, and Band Concert, and for various other occasions. The four new ones have snappy looking uniforms which are blue taffeta jumpers with white blouses. The old taithluls, Barb, Lola, and Marilyn, also have new outfits. Theirs are blue velveteen trimmed with gold sequins. All in all they are really an important port of our Alma Mater. Second How-I. Fonti, I. Morley, L. Latona, D. Peterson. First Row-M. Ecklund, B. Peterson, L. Leyman. Second Row-L. Petersen, D. Allen, M. Latona, P. McCall, I. Alessi, I. Newton. First Row--l. Hine, E. Bloomquist, R. Peterson, M. Kennedy. THE CHEERLEADERS URING the year, our cheerleaders have done much to enliven our school spirit. Their new cheers have added pep to our games. Furthermore, the Booster Club, led by the cheerleaders, has provided a good cheering section tor all our contests and no doubt deserves some ol the credit lor our undefeated football season. 45 zfojmf 1 , SPORTS PORTS play a very important part in our American Way of Living. They teach the student good sportsmanship whether it be during basketball practice in a Physical Education Class or dur- ing an International Basketball Game. V. rt 5 ' JOE. DEMARCO f-'uLLBAc14- F 2 i use ty" gm . EDDIE? ' 7 NASLIJ ND -END- TACKLE fhiavyf .pw-A 1 al' Q 'if ,vw 5 nu DlCK NUNN ,ff 'GUARD' vf 'Hn . VINCENT LOMBARDO - END' Third Row-E. Naslund, R. Hine, R. Fargo, E. Hoene, B. Bishop, D. Oaks, R, Everett, D. Nunn, V. Diqirolamo, I. De-Marco. Second Row-I. Gatto, G. Carlberg, D. Bier- werth, C Walker, D. Newton, L. Lodestro, L. Mistretta, V Lombardo, I, Benson. First Row-l. Bardo, N. Cornell, H. Carlberg, B. Callihan, B LeBoy, F. Glambeluca, F. Schell, G. Sanderson, I. Piazza. 'Sam Digirolarno fnot in ptcturel Half back fNavyl. THE FOOTBALL TEAM Captain . . . ... Frank Gatto fArmyt Coach ..,. .... . . . Brad Bishop Asst. Coach . . . .,.. . . .. . . Earl Hoene Managers... ..L. Mistretta, B. LeBoy, L. Lodestro, I. Benson, D. Newton SCHEDULE F H S. OPP 19 Sept. 30 Fredonia there 7 14 Oct, 7 Warren here 3 13 Oct. 14 Gowanda here U 77 Oct. 20 Lakewood there 7 34 , Oct, 26 Iamestown there U 39 Nov, 4 Youngsville here U HE football team completed its first undefeated and untied season. Falconer scored a total of l46 points against Z7 for the opposition. As a reward for the successful season, the team went to Cleveland to see a professional game. In assembly, gold footballs were presented to all lettermen through the courtesy of the Falconer Rotary Club. Pvt. Frank Gatto being home on furlough from the Army made these presentations. JO HN BARDO -GUARD STUART BARNES - FRANK GATTO Cftffnv .r ,. 16 ' '7f4CKLE awww F H.S. 39 . Dec. 24 , Dec. 30 . Dec. 24 Ian. 45 lan. 27 Ian. 31 . Ian. 42 . Ian. 51 Ian. Coach ......... Assistant Coach Managers .. .. 8 Olean l3 Bradford . 21 Dunkirk . . . 3 Bradford 9 Fredonia l2 Iamestown 16 Lakewood 19 Silver Creek 26 Westfield . SCHEDULE OPP. F.H,S 27 23 40 28 .28 36 60 34 34 33 48 32 29 49 24 35 41 30 THE BASKETBALL TEAM Brad Bishop ,,. , . . Mr. Anderson L. Lodestro, R, Olson Ian. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar. Mar Dunkirk Fredonia . Bemus Point Iamestown Silver Creek Bemus Point Westfield Cwowanda Amherst OPP 26 23 23 41 24 25 30 23 36 Second Row-L. Anderson, V. Lombardo, D. Nunn, R. Hine, B. Carlson, I. DeMarco, E. Naslund, I. Culver, V. Digirolamo, B. Bishop. First Row-L. Lodestro, F. Fargo, D. Andrews, R, LeRoy, L. Mistretta, I. Gatto, M. Studd, B. Olson. Back Row-B. Nelson, L. Walrod, I. Piazza, D. Wilson, D. Coe, D. Nelson, C. Wigren, I. Bardo. Second Row-L. Lodestro, R, Ortendahl, B. Carlson, C. Walker, R. Fargo, D. Andrews, D. Newton, A Fdstrom, B. Bishop, V. Lombardo, F. Schell, I. Demarco, V. Digirolamo, L Mistretta, R Hine, M Marsh May May May May THE BASEBALL TEAM Coach... ..... Brad Bishop Managers.. .R Bloomquist, I. Ricotta, R. Crespy, L. Pline Lakewood Celeron . . l' rewsburg Panama SCHEDULE here Mav there May here May there lune lB Lakewood 22 Celoron . . 25 Frewsburg l Panama there here there here THE SENIOR HIGH SOCCER CHAMPS Second Row-Miss Busch, B. Peterson, First Row-L, Petersen, I. Alessi, S. Brown, I. Hine, E. Bloom- quist, B. Waith, C, Piazza. Second Row-Miss Busch, I. Brunson, M. Allen. First Row-E. Kelly, F. Stewart, T. Rigby, R. Web- ster, B. Iohnson, N. Neathery, C. Hale. THE IUNIOR HIGH SOCCER CHAMPS LTHOUGH soccer is perhaps not quite as popular as basketball or softball, everyone who plays it becomes interested because it demands so much in alertness and activ- ity. The "Falcons" and the "Falcon Yankees" proved themselves capable in the sport also, by defeating their opponents. 50 THE GIRLS' SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Captain . . .,.,,..,., .. ,......, .. .. Ioyce Hine Adviser ,.,........ . ,,.. .......,. M iss Busch Buck Row-N. Patti, C. Piazza. Front Row-M. Hall, I, Hme, S, Brown. Back Row-B. lohnson, N. Brunson, M. Allen. Front Row-T. Rigby, N. Neathery, R. Webster, C. Hale, F. Kelly. THE GIRLS' IUNIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Captain , ..........,,.,....,...... .. . Ruth Webster Adviser . . . .. . Miss Busch ECAUSE it is a fast, clean game which requires thought behind every play, basketball is thoroughly enjoyed by all members of F, H. S. The "Falcons" and the "Falcon Yankees" of the Senior and Iunior High respectively, surpassed all others in a fair and competitive manner. S1 TI-IE GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL IRLS' intramural tournaments are played annually ciuthough this year, unlike previ- ous years, the girls chose their own captains and selected their own teams and names. Many times we have heard over the address system announcements of games between the "Falcons" and the "Flying Eagles", or maybe the "He1lcats" and the "Spitlires". During the tall and winter, Soccer and Basketball were played respectively with Volleyball coming in the spring. A very successful and enjoyable year was ended with the favorite sport of Softball. dl S2 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS WITH COMPLIIVIENTS OF F. H. S. SUPPORTERS ANY events have taken place during this year, 1944-45. and in order that these events may be recalled in future years, the pages of thisf section are de- voted to the scheduling of these events with the compliments of the Falconer High School Supporters. GRADUATION TIME IS PI-IGTOGRAPI-I TIME T Graduation photographs do not seem important to you nowg but-in years to come, you will treasure them more and more. In tact, many former graduates Who didn't have theirs taken, have repeatedly stated that they wished they had a Graduation Photograph of themselves. Graduation time is the ONLY time these photographs can be taken. So that there will be no regrets, phone 56-133 for an appointment or stop in and see our samples. A05 WILLIAMS STUDIO FALCONER, N. Y. Phone 56-133 Mzvzzlfvr of flat' Pbolograplacrx Axxoriuiiou of Anzffrivu 54 OZLQ, HE4ZlT5 WERE YOUNG QAYKZD GAY: " Miss Dowel Mrzs.ReDFaa1.o M95-5M'TH 5' - ' I Mmss' SQMMERHOF ' MR. FENNER ' A N Mas. MILLER ,. Ml2s.STP.1cs4s.AND .Q Q Q A K N ,S , N- " - iLJ, MR. Home Mus. L. ANDERSON Miss QENO MRS. Sricorz DP. VVILBER MRS. M. Jon N5oN MR. SHOUP Moz L4 ANDERSON Mus. TURNER M155 DER Mas. MOREY LATER when furniture becomes real importcmt in your life We would like to show you our complete displays. Or come cmd see them ony time. "Where Good Fumiturc' Is Noi EXIJC'IlSi1.!l',, FIELD 8: WRIGHT CO. 100-108 MAIN ST. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. 56 LIFE IN F. H. S. ALCONER High is not a schoolg it is a home. Twenty-three parents serve seven meals a day and no use asking them, "what's cookinl" either! Yes sir, twenty-three and 500 students-twenty-one and seventeen twenty-thirds off-springs apiece. Hmm, now I know why they're so many half-witsl Getting back to the food, it is served buffet style in 25, 27, 22, 26 and various other rooms whereupon, it is carried to 24's large dining-tables. As expected in such large families, survival of the fittest reigns. Some severe cases of "in- detention" and "collar-burn" have been developed, but no fatalities reported as yet. More- over, those robust individuals with the cast iron stomachs leave the dining room satisfied and "rarin' to go." Architecture suffered a set-back during that period around 1930 and engineers forgot to remember the bedrooms for F.H.S,, but did that trouble our resourceful family? Quicker than Dick Nunn could say, "Ioyce Hine", they converted 23 into an air conditioned slumber- center complete-with chaperones who switch every hour on the hour to prevent monotony. Moreover, since all work and no play makes for bad boys and girls, we dedicated a portion of our house for a recreation room where gay young things may flit and fling to fancy-chinning bars to keep their "chins up" and exercise to keep everything else down. Due to popular request, no peering pioneers glare down on us from the walls. But so revered are they that we keep their very names under glass by the great front door. By the way there seems to be about the place where brotherly love may appear too potent to some. If so, check it to the friendly atmosphere, or "As You Like It". We like it because F.H.S. is not a school: it is a home. Compliments PEARL CITY PAINT 81 GLASS CO., INC. Dealers ACME QUALITY PAINTS Style Perfect Wallpaper o Artist Supplies o Picture Framing CORNER 4TH AND MAIN PHONE 3196 IAMESTOWN. NEW YORK 57 -f?'w:'f 4,5 ' 55.-.Ti W----f'm:g'2.-fi: film ' J l BEN FRMIKLIII STURE 4Ab pf H. T. Pugh, Prop. ..A 5', 5 and ' 51.00 and up 13-15 E. MAIN STREET . FALCONER, N. Y. msn' MESSINA' ' . W . cmmgs 1.omssAsoo . Q - Compliments Q ,Gena 5wo qusQuxsfr. .J LfE,w-v-AHS.K . i. A ANDERSONS . . ' RESTAURANT .SHlRLE.Yf--HALF ff-. . .- 7 E. MAm FALCONER. N. Y. 58 Where Competent ,spat DEMARCO Pharmacists ee,e , Compound Prescriptions Accurately, Quickly and at a Reasonable Price DRUG STORE FALCONER IVIILLING CO. A Farm Service 150 You FOR OVER 60 YEARS C! FEED SEEDS FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES .I I. , .. 5 1 Y ' ? K u N 1 :Q QUE: acon.s-rszig, 5 I 5. 3 ,. ' 1 Congratulations to the Class oi '45 qalcanm funcfz Snacks After Games Good Meals Open 24 Hours GWMKD Merlin Foe - Proprietor 5 WEST MAIN STREET Congratulations fo floe Class of '45 LESLIE JOHNSON'S FOOD STORE v Quality and Service Always v 17 WEST MAIN STREET FALCONER. N. Y. I0 "BOOST" O you students of Falconer High recall that during the first part of the school year, a certain group of students were doing their best to obtain some place in which we could have a recreation center? Well, you all should, and now that we do have it, how about a little inside information on it. To begin with, our rec center, better known as the "Roost", is located in the large hall on the second floor of the Community Building. In order to get it well organized, the student body elected Ioe Demarco as chairman with Eddie Naslund and "Chinks" Lombardo as co-chairmen. Through the cooperation and aid of the Rotary Club we now have a Iuke Box, refreshment stand with a painted blue and gold FHS on it, ping-pong table, card games, and a coke container. The "Roost" is open on Friday and Saturday nights and also when there are games. Now, as long as we have told you about its organization and the facilities we have, how about being little mice with the Corridor Staff, and peek in on an eventful, hilarious, evening's program. First, as we enter this great hall of music and fun, we hear none other than the "Stardusters" playing their favorite rendition of "Boogie Woogie". Good old FHS certainly does have more than its share of jitterbugs, doesn't it? By the looks of the couples dancing, one might get the impression that there is a man shortage. But that's not true-for our able-bodied men just haven't got on to the knack of "jitterbugging". It's not that they couldn't if they would try, but they have trouble keeping up with the music, Notice though, there are some fellows over in the farther corner who are trying their best to catch on. Good Luck! ls that food we smell, or are our smellers deceiving us. Oh, yes, the refreshment com- mittee's serving hot dogs, along with potato chips, cokes, pop, and cheese-sandwiches. Must be the music tempo has changed as there certainly are a big number of fellows danc- ing now. Look over here-those two inseparable Iunior girls are just getting in the groove when they're cut in by-well, you guess for yourself. We'll tell you one thing though, the girls are Bert Waith and Barbara Peterson. If you look around a bit, you're liable to see a few strange faces-yes they're from out of town, mostly from Iamestown. There is one tall, light fellow who seems to have a keen interest in Pauline Ognibene. Well, I think we've covered most everything tonight- oh wait, there must be something else coming up. Could it be a floor show? Yes sir, that's just what it is. In case you're wondering who the announcer is, We'll inform you that he is one of the trumpet players, Dick Nunn. If any of you girls are interested, ask Ioyce Hine. lt looks as though the first number was going to be ci piano solo by the jazz band's pianist, Lynette Anderson. Very good, Lynette, and now comes a tap dance by Hose Marie Lopresto. Well, we haven't time nor space to ramble on much longer but a song by a trio, drum solo, vocal solo, and a comedian act brings us to the end of tonight's "Roost" program. But thanks for being nice with your Corridor staff--did you enjoy it? Compliments and Best Wishes CONGRATULATIONS of the to the Class of '45 HARDWARE co.lnc. PETE't50"'5 0 eznrnu. runner Elmer A. Peterson, Prop. 61 Waifh N La ana I ij L. Pei Cui HOdgil.Lh ag' E . 1 V fi er-son ' 'So Spee n D. PS O fl Compliments ERNEST SMITH IEWELER li. 104 EAST THIRD STREET IAMESTOWN, N. Y. GET THE HABIT of TRADING Qt LUNDQUIST HARDWARE IAMESTOWN, N. Y. V K X O W L E D G E Y is an asset l T that can be y materially l enhanced by i regular and thorough reading of your newspaper! PCPST - JOURNAL GEER-DUNN CO. Stationery Office Supplies Greeting Cards Gifts Wedding Engraving it iii? 22 WEST THIRD STREET IAMESTOWN. N. Y. MEATS FRUITS GROCERIES VEGETABLES OFFER YOU- With This Pledge To You l To give every customer an equal opportunity to buy. 2 To spread our supply of scarce items among all our customers. 3 To limit sales per person when necessary. 4 Not to exceed ceiling prices. 5 Not to misrepresent any article We sell. HAND PACKED ICE CREAM FILMS DEVELOPED 6 EAST MAIN PHONE 7-049 64 INFORMATION PLEASE - EMBARRASSING MOMENTS Iohn Schwartz N the way back from a trip to Texas, we stayed at White City one night. It isn't much of a place, considering its name. All there is to it is about seventy-five to a hun- dred cottages, a gas station, a restaurant, and a few small buildings. That morning after breakfast we were standing outside when the gasoline attendant approached us. He asked us if we had been down to the spring to have a drink of water. We hadn't so we went down to get one. The word was spread around and soon everyone was going down to the spring. It turned out that "The Spring" was only an old automobile spring in a box. l4..T Q Lois Dunning . . E had been making paper masks in art class, and I had mine nearly completed. When one day later, I went down to class and I happened to look in the cupboard where I had left it to dry, I noticed something odd in its appearance. On second glance I noticed a mouse had enjoyed a hearty meal off the nose, mouth, and eyebrows. The worst part was that the mask had been remodeled only three times previously because of dam- age done to it. "If it is not man, it has to be mouse", was Mrs. Critoph's solicitous com- ment. 65 1. Scene from "The Brave Shall Serve" CSenior Playj. 2. "Rose Marie" and "Bart" at the "Roost", 3. Winners of the Oratorical Contest. 4. Roy and Joe behind the stand at the "Roost", 5. Alumni Servicemen at a Basketball game. 6. Devilishness in the Corridor. 7. The Brave Shall Serve Cwhat againlj. 8. Our Old Friend, Sam Digi. 9. Marge Kennedy in "Pink for Proposals."' 10. "Chinks" and "Dee" fHuba! Hubalj. 11. Mr. Bennett, doing his bit at a game. 12. just a "gang" putting up scenery for the Sen- ior Plays. 13. Oratorical Contestants. 14. Good Ol' "F. H. S." 15. Scenery Commit- tee for Senior Plays. 16. Cast of "Pink for Proposals." 66 ZUe'ae fm Une Qlafu of '45! Congratulations on your achievement and Best Wishes for the coming years IOURNAL PRESS, INC. IAMESTOWN. N. Y. MERLE H. COLBURN FRED F. DALLAS REGAL LUMBER CO., INC. C 0 A L C 0 K E W 0 0 D BUILDING SUPPLIES PHONE 3-933 145 soU'rH WORK STBEET FALCONER, N. Y I DIEGIS 81 CLUST 17 Iohn Street NEW YORK 8, N. Y. C A L A ' S GROCETERIA RESTAURANT U. S. POST OFFICE Station No. 2 O Phone 4-050 IAMESTOWN, N. Y. exe Manufacturing Specialty jewelers Q15 CLASS RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CONGRATULATIONS TG CLASS OF 1945 j. Emil Anderson Grocer 8 EAST ELMwooD AVENUE FALCONER. N. Y. LINDSTRGM AND MEYER 223 West Third Street Flowers H EELAS FLOWER SHOP 214 Cherry Street RADIO SHOW OMETHING new in the form of entertainment in Falconer High School was presented in April by the Choir and Glee Clubs of the school-a Radio Show, complete with an- nouncer, commercials, orchestra, choruses, dancers and comedians. After the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" Maurice Phillips, the announcer, gave the station identification-station F,L.O.P. and gave a commercial for the Peter Pan Beauty Salon. The chorus accompanied by the "Stardusters" Orchestra sang "There Goes That Song Again" after which an important news bulletin stating Hitler's death was read. To comply with the news, the Glee Club sang "This Will Be My Shining Hour" accompanied by Lynette Anderson at the piano. The F.H.S. Rockettes danced to the number. However, as found out after the number, the bulletin was false-Mrs. Hitler had killed a rat in the cellar and the news had been misinterpreted. There was more music to which Rose Marie Lopresto and Geraldine Ceresa did solo dances. Later in the program, a melodrama, "Iohn's Other Life" was presented with Rich- ard Nunn and Margaret Kennedy playing the leading roles. The Barber-Shop quartet composed of Eenie, Meenie, Minnie and Mike next gave out with a medley of old favor- ites. In reality, they were Robert I-Ioaglund, Lee Gallaher, Maurice Phillips and Frank Caf- foe ably directed by Vincent Lombardo. The audience had a prominent part in the next part of the program. A honeymoon couple was interviewed by the emcees to the delight of everyone and the embarrassment of the couple. A real trolley was used for the "Trolley Song" number with Eddie Naslund, Lee Plano, Mary lane Nelson, and Ianet Chase sharing the seats. After more musical numbers by the choruses and the double'octette, the finale, the real climax of the program was present- ed. A poem, "Ballad of Bataan", was read with the choruses breaking in singing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" with sound effects and maiorettes. With the entire company taking part, it made a fitting end to an excellent program. WE EXTEND CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1945 FALCONER HIGH SCHOOL U THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FALCON ER FALCONEH. N. Y. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System 69 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '45 7 C LLIIIS sPon'r sl-lop SPORT SHOP Learn to Fly at Falconer Airport Dzml Ifzstrucfion 357.00 1 hour S010 Flighl 56.00 1 hour 5 E. W. JQHNSQN OPERATOR Sell Your Car SERVICE at AUTO RADIO S I N ES SOUND SYSTEMS PHONE 73-561 S . EASQOSLTSZJSE T V IAMESTOWN, N. Y. "THE FUTURE MR. AND MRS. AMERICA" Herbert Harrington Frank Caffoe ....... Rose Messina . . . Lee Gallaher ...., lennie Ribaudo .... Dick Nunn ......., Rose Marie l..oPresto Ronnie LeRoy ...4,... Pauline Ognibene . Rosalie Crapo ........ ..., Chinks Lombardo . Bertha Waith .,... Franklin Roosevelt ...... Fats Waller . ,. Madame Curie . . . Tommy Dorsey ..,., Kate Smith .... Harry Iames ,. . Eleanor Powell . ..,. Gene Krupa . . . . . Dinah Shore Katherine Hepburn Frank Sinatra lame .l4 SENIOR PLAYS HE class oi '45 enjoyed the experience of making the annual event in Falconer High another traditional success. Regardless of the depth of snow, every one came to the darkened auditorium to see the budding actors and actresses give a brilliant perform- ance in both plays entitled, "Pink for Proposals" and "The Brave Shall Serve." The former name tells the story in itself, for in that household of women each was after a marriage license and when one accidentally tripped upon an article which read the color pink would do the trick, the climax came with a decided "red pastel" rush in wardrobes. Remember, though, in '44 and '45 that increasingly evident man problem? And remember how typical the second play was which dealt with the war and Fifth Columnists? What all-American patriots were portrayed in that tense drama that brought the audience so much suspensel Yes, both plays were very outstanding, and credit goes to all participants and to Mrs. Red- field for her sincere and steadfast directing. Congratulations to the Class of '45 FALCONER KENDALL STATION ART OLSON. MGR. PHONE 5-857 71 THE MMP ART GUMPMIY Portrait, Commercial and Field PHOTOGRAPHERS Home Portraiture and Child Photography DEWEY-DAVIS BUILDING 121 Wesi Fourth St.. at Washington IAMESTOWN. N. Y. W A T C H E S F OR GRADUATION Buy at Home and Save Money We Support You- You Support Us NED E. WAITH IEWELER FALCONER. N. Y. I. Stuart Husband Ellen A. Husband Compliments to the COMPUMENTS Class of '45 QF RIDERS DINERS LANDY BROS., Inc O FALCONER, N. Y. and PHONE 7976 2215 WASHINGTON ST. Icrmestown. N. 213 HOPKINS AVENUE CAN YOU IMAGINE? Ioe De Marco without his "Muscles?" Phyllis Whattler getting a zero? Clara Piazza without her long black tresses? The library without the usual loafers? Dick Iosephson not liking to argue? Sally Brown or Rose Messina without their idol-Frank Sinatra? Miss Potter without her "specific clause?" F. H. S. without cliques? Iohnny Bardo without his "C. l. O." eyebrows? Ienny Ognibene being quiet? Stuart Barnes being bashtul? Lester Bennett a wolf? "Duffy" Anderson CI city-slicker? 1-Qti OUR PIN-UP BOY - VAN IOHNSON Hair-Dick Iosephson. Grin-Dick Nunn. Muscles-loe De Marco. Physique-Maurice Phillips. Way-with-the-women-Stuart Barnes. Perfect Image-Bobbie Hoaglund. Congratulations to the Class of '45 STATE THEATRE P Compliments Of ELDRED OIL CO Three Gables Service Station KENNEDY. N. Y. 73 Best Wishes to the Class of '45 QUALITY CASH STURES 2 EAST MAIN ST. E9 "Whorf You Tlaiuk of Food, Think of Quality" L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Mass. Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas-wPersona1 Cards W Represented by SG.UE 230 Boylston St. BOSTON, MASS. Congratulations fo the Class 0 f '45 ULSDN BROS. GoodGu1fGas U Tires, Auto Accessories and Batteries HOME BAKED GOODS OF QUALITY HAWKINS' BAKERY 5 South Work St. FALCONER, N. Y. BOND AND STAMP DRIVE OMETIMES it's love of personfsometimes love of country, and sometimes a combination of both that induces and encourages us to buy bonds. And because of that insepar- able, and subconscious bond between brothers and sisters, parents and their sons overseas, we are more than willing to buy the bonds to bring them back to their homes and under the government lor which they are fighting, It is the bond between the students of F.H.S. and those who have graduated and gone into the service. Perhaps it was be- cause of this bond that our school of over 500 did even more than a few of the larger schools in the Bond and Stamps Drive. It was definitely because of this "tie" that we raised our Minute-Man Flag in February for having a month's average of 90 per cent or more. Our Robert Morris Committee and Paul Revere Committee have worked constantly and with untiring effort, so to them, to Miss Potter, and Miss Reno, to the cashiers Robert Hine and Roy Luce, and the messenger boys George Brakeman and Albert Edstrom goes the credit where credit is deserved. An excellent result was accomplished and it made our school "tops" in the district. CTORY l'I'A1'l I WAR ONDS Arm BUY IJNITID STAMPS G- E. PETERSUH Q SUN CONGRATULATIONS 168 S. Work Si. - FCIlCOI'1eT TO THE CLASS OF '45 Iust Across the Bridge MEATS and GROCERIES v Everything for the Table Q Wait On Yourself at PUG'S Our Smoke House Service is Appreciated by Many 81 Sugar Curing and Smoking of Ham and Bacon a Specialty A N Johnson Prop 75 COMPLIMENTS TC THE CLASS OF'45 'ifril' if STATE DAIRY LUNCH . B E S T W I S H E S to "CLASS OF '45" from GARNAHAII-SIIEARER GUMPAIIY Q23 Jamest0wn's Largest Men's and Boys' Store golf gb Wars "Congratulations Graduates" Q7 V Bcxssetfs Feature IEWELRY IIELSUN MID BUTTS, ING. 9 Noam MAIN STREET IAMESTOWN. N. Y. Phone 6-888 DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CLOCKS BASSETTS 302 N. MAIN STREET IAMESTOWN, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '45 VA! SCtJDIDEI2'S GAJQACSE Compliments W H.E.ANDERSON KENNEDY, N. Y. JAMES M. SPRAGUE Cvmpffmefffs Iohn Deere of the Quality Farm Equipment H U M I D 0 R 32 EAST FALCONER STREET FALCONER, N. Y. 3:5 PHONE RES. 53-425 C. 1. FRENCH 21 West Main Street FALCONER. N. Y. Phone 35-555 Plumbing and Heating We specialize in automatic electric and automatic gas heaters PROBST ROOFING 8: SHEET METAL 00. BUILDERS' HARDWARE PHONE 3-734 216 EAST SECOND STREET IAMESTOWN. N. Y. CROGHAN NAME CARDS A complete line superior in material and craftsmanship The Croghan Engraving and Printing Co. FREMONT, OHIO LYNN'S JEWELRY H. E. LYNN. Prop. WATCHES, DIAMONDS AND IEWELRY Expvrf Watch, Cloak aml Ifwrlry Repairing 11 N. MAIN sr. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. A Good Place FASHION CLOTHES, INC. To BUY 14-16 NORTH MAIN STREET GQOD SHOES IAMESTOWNNY 35 nnosrnom-couuen C6 18 E. THIRD sr. E I. S I E , S LEEDS DRUG INC. 318 PINE STREET v IAIWESTOVVNI N- Y- Congratizilatzons 6ll'1 Congratulations to the 1945 Class Featuring Dresses and Sport Clothes for the Iunior and Besf Wishes fo Class of '45 114 E. Second Street the Miss IAMESTOWN. N. Y. Congrafulazfioiis I Class of '45 LAUNDRY CD. For "The Home of the Marvelous" Ph h th t l C1 'll 01032.12 Sfheategteffetrfnl W1 ODORI-ESS DRY CLEANING GLGBE STUDIO 309 N. Main St. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. PHONE 4067 20-26 FOREST AVE. IAMESTOWN. N. Y. Compliments io the Class of'45 JUE ALESSI'S BARBER SI'IOP Congratulations fo the Class of '45 v J. S. AUTO SUPPLY 00. 1082 E. SECOND sr. TOE ALESSI Propriem IAMESTOWN, N. Y. E S S 0 G A S and O IL COMPLIMENTS 4 OF M I STRETTAS FALUUIIER ESSO SERVIUE con. MAIN 6. wonx Fruit Marleef THE MAYEAIR SWEET SHOPPE Good Wishes To the Class of '45 QWW9 UNGER'S Home Made Candies WHOLESALE F0005 233 James St. lee Cream anel Fruits FALCONER, N, Y, C- W- LIL-IA CREAMERY Congratulations fo the Wholesale ana' Retail rv Class Of '45 PASTEURIZED V MILK and CREAM 135 E. Elmwood Ave. FALCONER, N. Y. SURPLUS 8: SALVAGE 00 109 NORTH MAm sr. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Photo Finisloing and Portraits of Distinction GLEN:RAY PHOTO SERVICE 228 E. Second St. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Phone 78-351 Compliments of 4 BOTTLINO CO. 131 Institute St. IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Congratulations to the G R A N D I N T, S C1055 Of '45 Fine Footwear T R I A N G L E A9 STQRES z'1w.Mainsf. O. T. Rcxwson. Prop. FALCONER' N' Y' Compliments Best Wishes of For Your Future Sueeess CENTENNIAL BQWIIQDRQME M. W. BAKER. DC 10 SOUTH WORK STREET F ALCONER, N. Y. C00 Ottoys Restaurant H. A. Meier, Proprietor Opposite Sheds Theatre PHONE 7-028 15 EAST SECOND STREET IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Compliments of LARRY'S MARKET 37 EAST MAIN STREET M W. LLOYD, Proprietor BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OE '45 U BLUNIEllTl'IAL'S 21sMAmsTREET IAMESTOWN R I CH IVIAN BROTHERS FINE CLOTHES Standard Quality 3524.50 Super Quality 529.50 213 NORTH MAIN STREET IAMESTOWN. N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1945 Best Wishes to fbe Class of '45 JAMESTOWN Q FUR C01 JACOB ANDERSON ExeluszveFurr1ers DRY GOODS STORE S T A R IVI A R K E T MEATS GRQCERIES THE SPINNING WHEEL Everything for the N eed lewomalz PRUITS INEANTS' WEAR t GIFTS 204 EAST SECOND STREET PHONE 5-024 IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Phone 3-065 JAMESTUWN R PHARMACY C0'13"'ful"f'0'75 William T. Krause, Pharmacist Class of 745 8 EAST SECOND STREET V IAMESTOWN, N. Y. Prescriptions Cosmetics Fountain Service The lowest prices that the maintena ol highest quality will permit ALLEN L. GALLIIIAII AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING F ALCONER, N. Y. JAMESTOWII OYOLE SIIOP, IIIO. Bicycles, Velocipecles and Wheel Goods Exjuwf ana' Prompt Scrvicc' 123 EAST SECOND STREET IAMESTOWN, N. Y. SOUTH WORK STREET G A R A G E AUTO PARTS AND GENERAL REPAIRING Phone 54-122 STANLEY GILBERT. Prop. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class ot l945 VALVO'S SHOE STORE 114 NORTH MAIN ST. Corner of Second--Downstairs IAMESTOWN. N. Y. cnnurnuqun cs. 1.. F. SERVIOE PHONE Falconer 66-545 Kennedy 2455 Ashville-Lakewood 3170 FEED SEED FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES D R I N K Compliments of BESH-GE-TOURS MUSIC HOUSE ln Bottles 8IEAsT Fggagl johnson 81 Bedient SERVICE STATION Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication Goodrich Tires Delco Batteries EAST MAIN STREET FALCONER, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS from the Bakers ot 69 1317.60-LL "GOODBYE" OR 'TAREWELL FALCONERU -lg-.L HERE is no proven way to say goodbye, All etiquette cmd form are cast aside The heart reaches the throat, yet cannot pry Its way out of the mouth in verbal tide. Goodbye is feeling all that has been felt- It is comprising all that has been prized, Goodbye is trumping after all is dealt- It is reviving things never revised. And so we shake the patient, guiding hands Changing our views from teach me to I've learned, And saying each, "goodbye" break off the strands That sewed living to life-esteem to earned. 83 mww.m,i,,M,,.,:., uw :L-,,1,,. ., mv. N- 4.5 . f,. al, .V v 1, .m..-,- ,.,-MW., M.-M., -Y A -h fr' - 1 f. ., - . . Wg., -',, Y, .A-fmm. A-Q. fmw,,Q:.:, wmw,.w..mm,wm

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