Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY)

 - Class of 1938

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Falconer High School - Falconaire / Corridor Yearbook (Falconer, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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N V EX LIBRIS 5 .ibedwnw . . . 7a fm. Qmzff 4. mmm, ww4wpwwmnqf1fww4WLwJeJfwieZAuAaaA faafzMw4faLfd44qLffLZ'me4Zlnowwqem4of4l'uclq ...THE... CORRIDOR presented by TI-IECLASSGF 1-9-3'8 FALCQNER HIGH SCI-IQQL FALCQNER - NEW YORK .5. l FOREWORD Falconer High School has been approved by Jrhe New York Sfale Board of Re- genis as a six year high school, Falconer is honored in being one of +he for+y-six schools chosen for lhe six year plan in New York Slale. The principles ihal' lead +0 ihe organ- izalion of 'rhis 'rype of school are a rna++er of record. Some of fhese ideals are 'ro be found in our fealure secfion. We have fried in a small way lo indicale by 'rhe organ- izafion of lhis book Jrhal' we are a six year high school. This book is divided in'ro six seciions and 'rhe classes are designaled as lhe class o1f'38, The class of '39, and so on. This six year plan has been made possible only because of 'rhe skillful guiding of our able principal and The loyal supporl and vision of our Board of Educalion. THE I938 CORRIDOR .6- The Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS FEATURE ADVERTISING THE I938 CORRIDOR .7. The plaza is +he scene of our biqgesl feslivify, lhe May Feslival. May Day The May King and Queen are crowned, our 'rerrace is filled wifh moving crowds, 'rhe band plays and feslivily reigns. Soon school will be over and 'lhe plaza will be complefely cleserfecl. Then only memories remain of May Day! E I938 CORRID -8. Winler, in all Hs glory! l-lere 'rhe camera 'ralces a shof af Jrhe beaufiful shrubbery. In midwinler The ferrace is Covered wifh a few inches of dazzling while snow, and 'rhe shrubbery is glislening and sparkling wilh icicles. The Terrace, which in lhe spring and aufumn is Jrhronged wifh sfudenls, is, in win- fer an inspiring piclure of laeauly. E 1938 CORRID f9' f 22 Q. ug sr 2' -4 Though we all complain a qreal deal abou? lhe work, leachers and olher sludenfs, deep down in each of our hcarfs fhere is a feeling of pride for our school. Perhaps This picfure is jus? 'rhe candid camera- man's way of showing how we look up 'lo our alma maler. E I938 CORRID OR .IO. -a ,ff Xxx V, Above fhe shrubbery we see The familiar plaque over Jrhe enlrance. A symbol of our school-a place of educafion, where we learn for life. And an open window as if +0 lei in +o rhe sludenfs 'rhe lhoughrs of Franklin, his ambilions, his ideals, worlhy ro remember. l l THE I938 CORRIDOR .II- ' ADMINISTRATION II's a preIIy good +I1Ing +0 remember And a be+Ier I'I1ing Io do To work WIII1 Ihe cons'rrucIion gang Ins+ead of The wrecking crew. TI-lE BOARD OF EDUCAUQN 1 Top Row-Chester Peterson, Samuel Edson, Arthur Hoagland. Bottom Row-Frank Ruckman, Mrs. Dorothy Sprague. OFFICERS Franlc Ruclcman . President Mrs. Frances Pline . . Clerk l Mrs. Frances Pline Walter Turner We, the Student Body ot Falconer l-ligh School, teel deeply indebted to our Board ot Education tor its liberal and tair policy. Certainly, we could not ask for greater privileges than have been given in physical and intellectual education. We greatly appreciate all ot their etlort and instruction. THE l938 CORRIDOR .I4. ' ' ' Tl-lE FACULTY ' ' ' Too Row-Bennell, Cameron, White, Thiel, Hoene, Fenner, Orlolaio, Panzarella, Naslund, Wilber. Middle Row-Carlson, Burqefl, Crifoph, Thelander, Sackeff, E. Anderson, Turner, Faulhaber, Johnson. Bofiom Row-J. Anderson, Morey, Davis, L. Anderson, Buckley, Dunshee, Forgrave, Fox. OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Vice Presidenl . Secrelary-Treasurer GERALD A. WlLBER ....... .... HARVEY C. FENNER, Vice-Principal ,,.. EDWlN R. NASLUND GRETA SACKETT ...... .. .,.. ,. MARGARET DUNSHEE MARION A. BUCKLEY EDNA B. TURNER .... MARION A. PANZARELLA .. LlLLlAN B. ANDERSON EARL E. HOENE ..... FRANCES THIEL ...., ATHELENE THELANDER STANLEY W. WHITE .. MABEN CAMERON .. LONAURA FORGRAVE KATE E. DAVIS ......, JULIET M, ANDERSON MARY M, CRITOPH .. ANTHONY ORTOLANO ..,. EVELYN B. ANDERSON GUY R. BENNETT ..... MAUD E. FOX ......,. MILDRED P. JOHNSON BELVA MOREY ....... LUCY A. CARLSON ....,... DOROTHY L. BURGETT Gerald A. Wilber Mazella P. Lawson . Cora Finch ... Supervising Principal .. Mafhemalics, Science .. Maihemafics, Science English Hisfory Languages ..,..... English, Social Science Science .... Commercial Deparfmenl Head Commercial Commercial Home Economics . lndusrrial Arfs .. Physical Educalion .. Physical Educafion Librarian Music Supervisor Arr Supervisor Direclor of lnsfrumenlal Music Nurse ...Principal Junior High School English ,.... Social Science, English ..,.l-lislory, Spelling, Science Social Science Social Science, Spelling THE l938 CORRID OR .l5. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row-Mr. Benneff, S. Ribaudo, C. Tilloison, G. Eccles, Mr. Hoene, J. Wilfsie, C. McNeil. Second RowQJ, Gallaher, R. Turner, J. Stevens, J. Nelson, C. Rich, M. Wolfe. Boffom Row-R. Finch, A. Agnew, F. Harringfon, B. Sprague, R. Rizluio, P. Sanderson. Presidenf . Vice Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . . Assis'ran'f Treasurer Bookkeeper . Advisers . OFFICERS . . . . Burnell Sprague . Frances Harring+on . Rose Rizzufo . Phyllis Sanderson . . Jean LeRoy . . Richard Shannon . Mr. Hoene, Mr. Benneff TH E 1938 CORRIDOR .I6. ! m.. X , . 1 .wef- CLASSES One, Two, H's only begun Three, Four, H begins fo be fun Five, Six, We're sorry if's done. :I7: Q:-' r , ' ' ' SENIOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS ' ' ' JAMES ALESSI Ozobrife, the perfect genlleman, llttle man you've had a busy year, Hi-Y delegate lo Albany. JEAN LEROY Joy for three yearsg now the Lyons al the door, red-head, pert, HARVEY C. FENNER Adviser. E l938 CORRID LESTER JADER "LiHIe black bag", sound effecfs, Swede club Nora, life of the parly. ELLEN LOUISE NEUENDORF Clark, always fun, personality girl age of innocence. LUCY A. CARLSON Adviser, l .I8. WARREN AMES Love thy neighbor, trumpet trio, Oualit Cash Store, blushes. ROBERY BACKUS Y Spi'e's lots ol luiw, independent walk, Hamlet, HELEN BAKER Ames, reliable, play guitar, always had her lessons. LAWRENCE BASTIAN Quiet, Kennedy, gas station, sleek. AUDREY BECKER Baptist church, loyal friend, always smiling. BYRUM BENNETT Big chief" uses "Curall", pencil on his ea dimples, B square. fi HARRY EENSON Curly", Spikes Diner, trucking business, swell physique. KATHRYN BLOOMQUIST "Cousin", Country qirl goes to town, good daicer, attractive. LORETTA BUCCOLA Eskimo Pies, art, likes to read, agreeable, CLAIR BUTTERWORTH Shines in English, Gerry, dependable, quiet. BENNIE CARDINALE Nice dresser, good skater, hearlbreaker, handsome. HOWARD CARLSON Comedian of English IV, farmer, Proteus the second. ROBERT COWDEN Gretcheri's Kitchen, old Ford, short people, Dorothy Dix. CLARENCE CRANDELL Policeman, Bird, clever, independent. RUTH norv Gerry, only amid, reliable, mizbi ne". HELEN DuBOlS Jean, January graduate, worker, nice, VINCENT ELARDO Little man-big voice, biq shot, diminutive, JOE FERRARA Paper boy, pretty hair, end ce'iter-tackle- guard, l l iz EVONETTE FINCH VINCENT FREAY Blonde, Margaret Moyer, big shot, lanky. JENNIE GIARUSSO Gracie Allen, likes to cook, "Wim, wigor and witalify", vitality. THOMAS GREGORY DoulJting?, "l'm from Missouri", go the limit! BERNARD GRODECKI The comedian, "Corridor Cracks", cynicism, stubborn. ELLSWORTH HALE Boy sprout, "Grit", boyish, I gallop. ochester, likes green, knits, "I love life". FRANCES HARRINGTON Brillfant, book shelt, library, always studying. VERLA HERRICK Biddler, prim, responsible, "the old fashioned gm". ARZELLA HOUSTON Main Restaurazf, new bride, good manager, LUELLA JAMES Tiny, prornpter, culottes, lively. IRENE JENKINS Virginia, three's a crowd, giggles, stubborn. ALVERA JOHNSON My violin, Lucretia, all-high orchestra and choir, true blue. MARIAN JOHNSON With Luella Jarnes-the inseparable two, can cook supper, Clare. MILDRED JOHNSON "Peaches and cream", fluttery, sweet. EVELYN JONES "One of the Jones girls", demure, sedate. STEPHEN KARKULA Drums, baby face, "variety is the spice of life", cocky. DONALD KEDING Shop, grocery delivery, a walk of his own, nice. JESSIE KERR "Steady", all-high, better late than never, knitting bag. GERTRUDE LATHROP "Sax", Iirsf division, "full of Ihe d,ckens" adequae. EEATRICE LAWSON 6 IL, 5 im, "Swede", differcnf, ambifious. LESLIE LAWSON Murals, Shell qas slafion, "molasses in Jan- uary", surprising. LENORA LEBURG Girls' sports, always in a hurry, family girl, LULU LEONARD Sfranger, sfudious, nice Ieauves, CARL LINBLAD Never grew up, "I'he fhird of fhe Linbladsu. VINTON LUDWIG North Work SI., Irumper Irio, buck upl, nice clofhes. LEONARD MACC! IIARELLA "Krlnky", scores for boIh sides, "I cerfainly ca 'I qiaduale on my French". BETTY MARTIN Piano, all-high, efficient, irdiv'dual, "BuIch". EDNA MCCHESNEY Oralory, hard worker, dignified. ALICE MCCOY Tim, Pearl Sfreet, bri-ghl-eyes. ANNE MCDONALD Library, debulanle, ee eye ee eye oh. MELVIN MILES 4H, college hair cut, always grinning, THALIA MOREY Chautauqua, originality, "Can I strut rn stuHl" DONALD MOSH ER News room, curious, ambitious, argumentative. EUGENE MOYER State Theater, Eagle Scout, we want a basket, joker. KATHERINE MURCH Candy stand, bypityewigit, Benny Goodman, early bird, vivacious, PAUL MYERS Sonny-Boy, bicycle, silly, the boy ol the class. MARTHA NORDSTROM Pet, shy, music, winner ol Poppy poster Contest. RUSSELL PASCATORE 'Whistle while you work", good-natured, humorous. LELAND PETERSON Stage-manager, blue Ford, dependable. LAURENCE PROUDMAN Feature Editor, likes the girls, sucker, always happyago-lucky, English. GLENN QUAINT "I still am handsome", brilliant, cousin, Canteryille ghost, star basketball player. ALBERT RAIMONDO Orator, Eagle Scout, Meat Market, friendly. , SAM RIBAUDO Nifty dancer, popular, singer, cameraman. PORTIA RIZZUTO Movie Star, dancer, comes part time, sweet. PAUL ROUNDS Farmer, individual walk, talker. ARTHUR RUCKMAN Lord Archibald, Roberta, practical ioker, tun. JOHN RUDOLPH 575435--manager, agreeable, tall, light and handsome, RICHARD SHANNON Papereboy, athlete, quiet, Milk contest winner, PAULINE SHORT Pretty hair, ambitious, reserved, studious. BURN ELL SPRAGUE Initiative, leader of men, County Oratorical Winner, Spraque Hill. MARY STRICKLAND Muddy, costumes, a nice person. LILLIAN STUDD Basketball star, regal, attractive. WILLIAM SWANSON Likes to read, bashtul. CARRIE SYRACUSE Nice dresser, pleasant, studies, cheerful. MARIAN TAYLOR A true pal, trustworthy, plays guitar, MADELON VAN TILBURG Aviva in iiitrnmurals, always smiling, good cook, LORRAINE WAITE Oratory, sweet, smart, typist. DOROTHY WILCOX Big Appler, Wilson Hollow, original, Falcon. FRANCES WAITH Wants to be a missionary, loyal, first violin always a good word. LUCY WALLACE Bride-to-be, giggles, lcnlts. ALICE WAYENPAW Translerred from Randolph, always laughing active. ,, ' ' ' SENIOR ACI-IIEVEMEN' ' ' James S. Alessi Kafhryn Bloomquisl Evonelle Finch "Jimmie" "Killy" "Finch" Foolball I, 2 Sporhmanahip Brofhorhood 2, 3, 4 Track I, 2 F Club Uroasurorl 4 F Qllfkf 2- 3 II.n:II.:IH lz French Clair b 1 3 2 eigzllluaglub 2 Bas of a . Aclivilies u , , . V School Police 2 lVice-Prosidanll 3 M"Y Micnninnnni Ch um. Thaalra Club 3 fxfrtuvmilhlfum 3 a Fexlivl a'rman Mi-Y , Aisixfanl aChairrrlan Intramurals 3, 4 l-'fllu Tllialff club Choir Corridor Sfaff 1, 3 Falcon slag 3 Junior Cllass Presiidanl gludlril Souncil 5 Senior Can Prosi anl ur la ar HI-Y 2 Vincenl Freay I5,c,,,,,Y, Lorella J, Buccola U A D H lPmidun1I .I .I Vinnie Acliviliex Club Lellv Sporlsmanxhip Brolhorhood I 2 arf' Cgb cl b Z, ?, Q I:-IedYCron F Club I iff 0' l-l I l' Slnior Play aliolr 3. 2 I. Warren Ames E"P""l"" club 3 , Joan Elizabellw Giarusso gn: O I. 2 Clair Bullerworllw 'flenniel' rc ss ra ,, , ,, Hlsruiddnll Blll 2:15, cgub l' Ch ' oir llfliillfifl frailllarrod from Lalayoih Hiqh School Bubblo Slafl flxlfsand tunic cgwb S MI-Y 5 uncing u Frlnth Club BennIe Cardmale Thomas Gregory Roloerl Backus .,B .. ,, ,, "Bob" o II I en I 2 Gregg rc ax ra . Aclivilios Club Z Baslmlball 4 F CI b 2 Fflnfh Club 3 Bernard Grodeclci lVi:o-Prssidenll N ,I Freshman Class Prufdonl Howard Carlson Ben Sophomore Class Secrolary ,, ,, Foolball I 5 Buddy ronI:.II I, 2, 3 S II I P ' I, c C oo om k Clarence Crandall sgimni Policu Helen Ba er I-Di 'I F Club 1- 3 999' Fronch Club Ml-Y F fb II 1, 3 F lc Staff 3 Franch Club Tgsgka 34 4 B on lhcrgtary and Traaxurnrl gchwl pong. 3, 4 E'P"""" Club I Ellsworlli C. l-lale L B V Roberl Cowden HL H awrence as lan "Close 'ro +lIe Ground" Z "LOW" I-Ii-Y I 2, 3, 4 Foosball I Q-Cgrigu Club 2 3 3. 2 Frances l-larringlon U I I I ,, ,, Audrey Becker 137351, 1537, '- 1- 3 Fm "Aud" Band l, Z Sludenl Counsil , 3 lVice Presi enl Glue Club Ruth F. Dol French cub lVica rr..IaenII Shaw cl b R h Y oem. Club 'Q als II 'V Ui' lem Falcon Slaff 2 LMI' Wulf' club Exprouica Elub l5scrularyI 2 Q h 4 Byrum Bennell' xii-iii: cm: 4 Verla E, Herrick ,,Brmey,, grime Club I, 2 HV ill C' olr 3, 4 er Aclivilios Club Gill 55003 l. 1. 3. 4 G, l GI C' b I F Club Ir x on u l'll-Y Club 2 Helen Du Bois Choi' 3 Ikqpgngyj Orcliesfra I, 2, Sophomoru Clasx Prnidonl "Jean" lLlbl'f1fI-illl kifflo Tg7afrcvClub d Ar, club 3 4 Elagusiggn glub 2 ' ' .p ' f - ren an cmgllgor 5:5 Ics run an Glu Club I, Z McS.c,.,Mn . gy ggdbfgfsglncil Vincenl Elarclo ' 'lf "H ll P' I" 'Hub-Ill M-In-190 Trick Manuw B in I 2 Arzella l-louslon nzeeii Harry Benson Joe Ferrara -IJUMOTII l Qclwnhn Club 2 HI-Y 4 LIMIQ Thnalar Club Foolball Foolball 4 Choer Leader Yranllorrod from Celoren F Club 4 Exprqggion Club THE i938 CORRIDOR .26. ' ' ' SENIOR ACI-IIEVEMEN ' ' ' Lester Jader Jessie Kerr Carl R. Lindblad "Les" "Jay" "Bob" ecre ary ecretary . , W HI? + 1 2' Bal? I " Z' ii v' I H L d ' Acnvieies Club rrfesidenn 4 'n on U I9 lPresidentl Orchestra I, 2, -3, 4 "Vint" Foagbav D I. 1. ghoir h h h d l. 5. 3. 2 Band I 2 ap ain p rtsma s 'p B ot er oo , . . . ' ' Corridor I. l,Vice-Pilesidentl 2,3 oIq'55'?IIani Dnedorl I 2 lAssistant Business Managerl lPresidentl 4 Cries la I' 2' lBusiness Managerl Senior Play 4 Gtlsidenn ' ' F Club' I, 2, Activities Club 3, 4 Jan Band I Z Spbiihgxghghip Brotherhood Mi-iecremryl 4 illmoi Tim? 5'geLa'Y I Senior Class lVice Prcsidentl F Club 4 sznigr PE: re u , Track String Trio 3, 4 F Icon Ska? School Police Quintet 3, 4 Sfuden' council 'ISU Band 4 Boys' Quartette little Theatre Club 3 -,a,,,es,,,w,, Symphony Luella James Intramurals 3 F club .. . .. Basketball Jaflue Stephen J. Karlcula Track Activities Club 2, ,, ,, Volley Ball Team F cihlblh ci is SIMS Litte eatre u B nd I, 2, 1, 4 - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cQc,,e,,,a ,I 2' 3' 4 Leonard Macchiarella Prompter Senior Play Choir 4 ncyick.. Alvera Johnson Lesue Lawson 3:::slbaII Ind mm I' -rparmerrf Football Manager "ANY" H. Y 3 French Club Freshman gist lTreasurerJ A5 Club 3 SchooI Pehce Erpfessivn U sketch Club 4 . Ortheitfd I. 1. Corridor Statf 3, 4 Belly INAGFIIVI Glee Club Choi, 4 Choir Strinq Trio 2, Corridor Stafl Falcon Staff Senior Play Marian G. Johnson 'llohnn ie" Activities Club Choir I. 2. 3 Mi-Y Little Theatre Club Senior Play Mildred Irene Johnson "Millie" Expression Club Evelyn G. Jones "Ella" Irene Jenkins "Wee Wee" Girls Glee Club Expression Club Choir Mi-Y French Club Activities Club Corridor Staff Dramatic Club Senior Play Donald Kecling IIDOFIII School Police Track Beatrice C. Lawson ..Bea.. Expression Club Z, 3 Gertrude L. Lathrope "Trudy" Expression Club Z Band l. 2. 3 4 Orchestra 3. 4 Choir 4 Jazz Band I, Z, 3, 4 Little Theatre Club 3 Photographv Club 3 French Club 3, 4 Mi-Y 4 Corridor Staff 3 Leanora L. Lelourg "Liny" Intramurals 3, 4 Lula Luella Leonard "Lou" Trnsterred trom Ellington 4 Glee Club 2 Library Club 3 Girl Scouts 2 Mi-Y 4 Jean LeRoy "Shorty" Glee Club I, 2 Choir 3, 4 Freshman Class Secretary I Junior Class Secretary 3 Senior Class Secretary 4 Little Theatre Club 3 Debate Club 3 Business Manager of May Festival 3 "Bet" Corridor Staff 2 lAssista nt Ed itorl lEditorl Girls' Glee Club I, 2, Choir Orchestra I, lSecretaryl Little Theatre Club French Club lPresidentl Student Council lSecretaryI Mi-Y Sportsmanship Brotherhood Bubble Staff Senior Play Edna L. McChesney "Eddie" Expression Club French Club Mi-Y Winner of W. C. T. U. Prize Glee Club Bubble Staff Falcon Staff Anne McDonald "Annabelle" Mi-Y Science Club Glee Club Transferred from Ja mestown Alice McCoy "Mickey" Mi-Y Chorus Transferred from Frewsburg Melvin L. Miles "Mel" THE i938 CORRIDOR .27. 1 , SENIOR ACHIEVEMENTS I l l B. Thalia Morey Laurence Proudman "Flea" l'Pf0UdYH Expregwn Club Baskelball Manager I, 2 Lillle Thealre Club French Club 3, Donald Mosher HDOH.. Hi-Y 2, Band I, 2, Avialion Club Eugene Moyer "Gene" Sophomore Class Treasurer Band Orcheslra Aviafion Club Aclivilies Club 2, Lillie Thealre Club French Club Hi-Y Phofography Club Baseball Basketball Track Foolball F Club Kalherine Murch -.Kamp Sludenl Council lTreasurerl F Club Mi-Y French Club Band Z, Choir Liflle Thealre Club Expression Club Glee Club Ellen Louise Neuendor --n.,Hy'- Expresson Club Ureasurerl lVice-Presidenll Glee Club Choir lSacrelaryl Mi-Y French Club Aclivilies Club Lillle Thealre Club Corridor Slaff 2, lSecrelaryl Senior Play Senior Class Treasurer Paul Leroy Myers Senior Play Marlha Nordslrom 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 l f 2 I 3 3 3 "Mari" sand I, 2 2, sl.. club i, Skelch Club Senior Play Russell Pascalore "Russ" Red Cross Leland C, Pelerson nl-ee.. Foolball 3, Hi-v 2, 3 Aclivilies Club Z, 3 Corridor Slaff Senior Play Lilfle Thealre Club Falcon Slaff 2 Corridor Slafl Glenn Quainl, Jr. "Buddy" Hi-Y 2 F Club Acfivilies Club 2 Varsify Baskelball 2 Baseball Z Track Tennis l, 2 Senior Play Lillle Thealre Club Debale Club Falcon Slaff Sporlsmanship Brofherhood Choir Sam Ribaudo "Cooney" Foolball Team 2 Baseball 2 Track I, 2 Baskelball Manager Acfivlies Club 2 Chapel Program Chairman Corridor Slaff F Club I, 2, Volley Ball Chairman Pinqnunq Tournamenl Lillle Theafre Club Falcon Slaff Choir Alberf J. Raimondo "Burch" Senior Play Red Cross Track Corridor Slalf Debale Club Porlia J. Rizzulo "Corky" Choir Glee Club lLibrarianl French Club lPresidenll Cheer Leaders Aclivilies Club 2, F Club Corridor Slaff Paul O. Rounds "Buzz" E. Arlhur Ruclcman "Ari" Hi-Y 2, Aclivilies Club Choir Foolball Aviation Club Senior Play John E. Rudolph "Johnny" Foolball Manager Football F Club 2, Falcon Staff Senior Play Richard Shannon "Dick" F Club Sporlsmanship Brolherhood Foolball Manager Sludenl Council Bookkeeper Pauline L. Shorl .. Pussy.. Glee Club chair Burnell Sprague "Sprague" Sophomore Class Presid enl Assisranl Chairman of May Feslival Chairman of May Feslival Senior Play Sludenl Council lPresidenll Debale Club Counly Oralorical Winner Mary Srriclcland "Sfrick" Glas Club I Z J Mi-Y Lillian Sludcl "Lil" Girls' Baskelball Aclivilies Club F Club William A. Swanson, Jr "Bill" Carrie Syracuse Mi-Y Marion Taylor Mi-Y Expression Club Madelon I. Vaniilburq "Tillie" lnlramurals Loraine E. Waile ..S k ., Falcon Slaff par Y Mi-Y Lucy Grace Wallace "Sue" Glee Club Choir Falcon Slaff Frances Wailh "Fran" French Club Orcheslra I 2 Lillle Thealre Club Mi-Y Sporlsmanship Brolherhood Dorolhy Eslelle Wilcox French Club Mi-Y Alice Emma Walenpaw ..Peq .r Expression Club gy M' Y ,. Glee Club Chorus TH E l938 CORRIDOR :28: Tl-IE PGSTGRADUATES Top Row-J. Murray, J. Willsie, B. Morey, L. Anderson, H. Lyon, L. Venlura, P. Frederes. Bottom Row-Mr. Wilber, M. Coleson, R. Person, L. Fuller, M. Mal Zson, W. Wilber, K. Wilcox. OFFICERS Presidenl' . . . . Lewis Fuller Vice Presidenl . Benjamin Morey Secrelary-Treasurer Marllwa Mallison Adviser . . . Mr. Wilber fHE I938 CORRIDOR 129' ' ' ' THE CLASS OF '39 ' ' ' Top Row-C. Pehys, S. Kimball, C. Baslian, R. Williams, M. Price, R. Shreve, C. Melcalfe, L. Lyon, R. Page, H. Carlson, M. Peasley, O. Strickland, L. Lombardo, M, Ericsson, C. Mosier. Fillh Row-R. Darling, G. Page, L. Tiffany, H. Schmul, W. Nance, V. Ognibene, J. Muscarella, E. Anderson, D. Jacobs, W. Johnson, R. Jacobson, W. Mee, L. Towne, J. Frederick, S. Spalaro. Fourlh Row--Coach Cameron, E. Holmer, A. Benson, J. Patfi, F. Hilchiner, J, DiMaio, E. Reynolds, A. Williams, G. Johnson, C. Corey, Miss Buckley, Mr. Panzarella. Third Row-P. Pahison, M. Hedrick, R. Riuulo, M. Bernardo, O. Van Tilburg, R. Piaua, F. Felanm, B. Kinne, R. Beck, M. Mee, J. Eckbloom, O. Kolleley, A. O'Brien. Second Row--J. Triscari, R. LeBarron, D. Lawson, M. Hilliker, S. Boyd, G. Morgan, D. Gilberl, A. Lopreslo, E. Biralh, P. Sanderson, E. McCall, R. Doloway. Bollom Row-E. Eccles, I. Kelly, E. Lydell, P. Turner, B. Hall, O. Alexis, C. Tillolson, G. Wickmark, B. Bird, S. Peferson, E. Crapo, E. Cool. OFFICERS Presidenl . . Berl l-lail Vice-Presidenl . Clare Tillolson Sec'y-Treas. ...... Olive Alexis Advisers Miss Buckley, Mr. Panzarella and Mr. Cameron THE l938 CORRIDOR ' ' ' THE CLASS OF '40 ' ' ' Top Row-N. Walerman, R. Runfola, H. Lindquisf, W. Meade, H. Holrnquisl, C. Gugino, A. Anderson, P, Bennell, G. Eccles, H. Nor- fon, D. Frederes, F. Giddy, R. Blanchard, T. Burns, H. Ream. Si.:ih Row-E. Eckess, A. Everefl, E, Cobb, C. Samuelson, D. Jordon, D. Phillips, A. Macchiarella, E. Hale, G. Ololson, M. Leliarron R. Woods, W. Dennison, T. Lawson, L. Swanson, W. Finch, J. Riffel. Fillh Row-B. Allen, J. Ribaudo, M. Ventura, J. Lyon, D. Vanderbeck, G. lludson, D. Jennings, R. Owens, D. Guslalson, E. Johnson E. Filzpalrick, C. McNell, R. Douglas. Fourih Row-Miss Dunshee, C. Fonli, K. Mocker, F. S--Non, E. Ecklund. R. Mahison, V. Hall, L. Malenga, S. DePasquale, J. Ayling, M Scrdder, T. Aiken, D. Forbes, D. Anderson, K. Cederquisl, G. Walker, Mr. Thiel. Third Row-E. Marsh, H. Larson, P. Holm, V. Benson, I. Delahoy, F. Love, C. MacDonald, E. Bedienl, M. Buccola, V. Hill, A. Agnew R. Rounds, T. Thomas, D, Willis. Second Row-B, Johnson, L. Cardinale, S. Poliui, L. Gaela, L. Conklin, F. Haight, W. Eackman, D. Walker, G. Wample, G. Johnson S. Mason, A. Barger, D. Boyd. Bollnr-1 Rnw-J. Figirolamo, G. Ross:-Hi, M. Giarusso, E. Slevens, P. Kolleley, L. Walih, J. Bloomquisl, C. Rolh, E. DeVore, E. Fuller lxl. Wallean, F. Barger. OFFICERS Presiclenl . . . Richard Lawson Vice-Presiclenl Shirley Burman Sec'y-Trees. . . . Lois Johnson Advisers . Miss Dunshee and lvlr. Thiel THE I938 CORRIDOR .3l. ' ' ' TI-lE CLASS OF '41 CGIRLSD ' ' ' Top Row-M. Trusler, V. Farrar, B, Gown, L. Hilliker, C. Thompson, V. Edingfon, D. Johnson, Mr. Naslund, Mr. Benneff, A. Valvo, J. Cimo, W. Sievens, B. leBarron, P. Doloway, J. Carlson. Fourlll Row-A. Carpenfer, C. Fuller, I .Hine, E. Walrod, M. Scudder, L. Carlburg, A. Eccles, N. Gailo, S. Mauro, M. Moyer, C. Raimondo, B. Towne, C. Gilberi, D. Ross, V. Shorf, R. Passanise. Third Row-S. Nordstrom, B. Suiton, E. Sfone, P. Swan, R. Fiorella, R. Gaefa, J. Messina, R. Fulcher, C. Nelson, T. Raymond, T. Rai- mondo, T. Knighf, R. Carlson, C, Nickerson. Second Row-R. Juliano, R. Finch, B. Lydell, E. Harding, M. Benneff, A. Larson, . Pelerson, L. Hudson, A. Beck, A. Clark, J. Cale, A. DiMaio, K. Jader. First Row-S. Benneff, F. Crick, E. Bedienf, R. Johnson, J. Walker, R. Lawson, L. Johnson, S. Burrnazz, M. Miller, Ll. Windsor, R. Meyers, D. Mason. THE I938 CORRIDOR ' ' ' Tl-IE CLASS GF '41 CBOVSD ' ' ' l r Top Row-Mr. Eefnell, C. Proudman, M. Smilh, N. Weslerdofl, R. Hodges, E. Hodge, R. Hind, E. Ecklund, K. Main, C. Jambliler, C. Palli, J. Harding, P. Weler, Mr. Naslund. Fourth Row-R. Kennedy, J. King, W. Williams, J. Runfola, C. Johnson, D. Boyd, D. Pelerson, W. Tranmer, C. Van Tilburg, F. Palmeri, J. Elardo, X. Palmeri, J. Slevens. Third Row-J. Welle, R. Riffel, R. Harman, J. Forbes, H. Pugh, C. Olson, F. Jenkins, H. Hill, T. Rizzufo, W.Rizxo, S.Adler, J.CaIabrese. Second Row-R. Barnes, H, Milligan, R. Benson, R. Slahley, C. Torselle, R. Lawson, E. Crawford, N. Haskins, S. Confi, A. Clapper, J. Ringsback. FirsfRRoLw-A. Shaw, A. Sorman, G. Dominey, H. Digerlamo, S. Muscarella, C. Bierworih, C. Swanson, L. Coiggola, I. Luce, H. Ames, . awson, OFFICERS Presldenl . . . Richard Lawson Vice-Presidenl Shirley Burman Secfy-Trees. . . . Lois Johnson Advisers . Mr. Bennell and Mr. Naslund THE I938 CORRIDOR .33. I l Z .. ' ' ' THE CLASS OF '42 ' ' Top Row-J. Osfe, R. Clark, L. Dean, M. Dickinson, M. Mallocks, R. Turner, J. Hine, F. Tooze, M. Jacobson, L. Gaela, T. Cali, B. Roach, V. Hine, J. Gassman, K. Larson, R. Hall, J. Hillerby, U. Kennedy. Fihh Row-D. Cook, E. Anderson, T. McCall, K. Anderson, H. Swanson, H. Johnson, R. Forsmark, B. Shaver, F. Ps-g'i, L. Hale, J. Paugh, J. Gaela, M. Cra dall, F. Walker, B. Van Every, J. Bloomquisf, F. Bird, D. Kennedy, L. Buccola. Fourih Row ellrs. Burqzfl, D. Eckess, L. Phillips, V. Frick, V. Harding, L. Harding, V. Burns, C. Michael, E. Phillips, B. Luce, M. Cleric, D. Anderson, R. Piazza, J. Ferrara, E. Sweglcs Third Row-J. Oallagler, V. Holmburg, R. Weiler, B. Roach, F. Varmee, J. Gunnel, B. Balder, M. Jacobson, K. Harr's, J. Wald, J. Brunson, D. Carllom Second Row-ll. Hillerby, M. Becker, M. Gustafson, V. Prali, M. Wolfe, J. Colburn, V. Cheney, I. Johnson, D. Kennedy, M. Lawson, N. Malm, R. Delahoy. Boflum Row' B. llollz, M. Dailey, B. Hildom, B. Kennedy, B. Augusla, A. Conli, N. Pace, J. LaPIaca, N. Jamblilor, N. Cavallero, V. Wiltsie, H. Sprague, Miss Fox. THE I938 CORRIDOR 4 ' ' ' Tl-IE CLASS OF '43 ' ' ' l Top Row-V. Crandall, E. Day, C. Johnson, W. Morris, F, Olsv J. Nelson, A. Segerlin, B. Brunner, J. Seminaiore, D. Frank, E Covey, L. Sherman, S. Ferrara, W. Sfudd, C. Wood, T. Mislreha, C. Cavallero. Fourlh Row-C. Rich, R. Johnson, M. McCuIIor, Q. Peierson, E. Johnson, R. Beich, S. Ericsson, T. Oakerland, L. Lord, H. Knappen- berger, D. Hill, E. Ericsson, R. Beich, G. Wallace, D. McLernon, C. Buck. Third Row-Mrs. Morey, D. Johnson, A. Nance, D. Morris, I. Mosher, M. Metcalfe, E. Webeck, I. Webeck, C. Ceresi, J. Peierson, N. Gusiafson, M. Paplow, Mrs. Johnson. Second Row-C. Peierson, L. Brakeman, H. Gleason, J. Holmes, T. Hillerby, I. Mocker, B. Johnson, D. Nelson, J. Gaela, J. Chrisiian, S. Cimo, B. Siewarf, J. MacDonald. Boffom Row-D. Durphy, G. Adler, C. Rizzo, V. Nelson, R. Carfson, R. Towler, V. Kolsiee, L. Norton, E. Town, B. Olson, M. Gaeia, G. Becker, M. LeRoy, M. Lawson. l TH E I938 CORRIDOR Hs I F7 I ' I - ' 4 , , , r , W ,f , Y f V fffvgg I . vw - ' 5::1g1:E.si': I7 f ig fy? ' I .fer y 'WJ Q , 2 ' W W o ' F 'A I :E s' ,- 1 qv SY , , In j' K f ' 09 if .f 'IYITA f 121,91 f I I A ' px: f . Is., 3 - J 'F AA ' , , Z1 , 25.-'f , ., A M I ' ' .55 I +9 2 1 , ' li ' .. 1 , ' f 2 'I ' ' ACTIVITIES ' SIQIII, drama and II1riIIs on display every second. Every organizaIIon OI Ihe school is a beehive of ac'rivI'ry. ' ' ' Tl-lE CORRIDCR STAFF ' ' ' OFFlCERS Editor-in-chief ,,,, Betty Martin Assistant Business Manager ,,Pl1yllis Sanderson Business Manager .. ...Lester Jader Secretary ,,..,.....,,...... Ellen Neuendorf Assistant Editor ......... ,.... O live Alexis Advisers ....... Mr. Fenner, Mrs. Critoplt Top Row-S. Ribaudo, C. Eckbloom, R. Page, B. Hall, Mr. Fenner, H, Schmul. Middle Row-E. Neuendorf, E. Birath, B. McCall, R. Riuuto, I. Jenkins, A, Johnson, C. Corey. Bottom Row-M, Nordstrom, S. Peterson, L. Jader, B. Martin, P. Sanderson, O. Alexis. Top Row-W. Nance, G. Page, V. Ludwig, J. Rudolph, Mrs, Carlson, L. Proudman, L. Ostrander, L. Lyons, H. M'lliqan. Middle Row-J. Ayling, L. Wallace, A. Barger, E. Bedient, D. Lawson, M. Hilliker, A. Johnson, B. Lawson, F. Hitchincr, P. Turner, E. Finch, V. Che-iey. Bottom Row-V. Kolstee, E. Cool, L. Fuller, K. Wilcox, B, Grodecki, M. Mee, G. Quaint, L. Waite, G. Adler. ' ' ' Tl-TE FALCON STAFF ' ' ' EDnoR1AL STAFF Editor-in-cliiet .... .... K atliryn Wilcox Sports Editor .. ......, Glenn Quaint Associate Editor ..... Eleanor Cool Feature Editor .. Bernard Grodeclci BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..,.,......... Marian Mee Exchange and Filing .... ...Mary l-liliker Assistant Business Manager ...Lorraine Waite Home Room Reporter ...Wesley Nance Subscription and Advertising ..... Lewis Fuller TYPISTS Dorollty Lawson, Frances l-litcliiner, Mae Coleson, Beatrice Lawson. REPORTERS John Rudolph, Alberta Bargar, Donald Bucls, Lewis Fuller, Alvera Jolwnson, Laverne Lyons, Vinton Ludwig, Lyle Ostrancler, Pauline Turner, Lucy Wallace. THE I938 CORRIDOR .38. l ' ' ' THE SCHQCDI. POLICE ' ' P OFHCERS Chairman . . . James Alessi Advisers .... Mr. Bennell, Mr. Willoer Back Row-L. Jader, M. Shannon, C. Eckbloom, L. Mazchiarella, Mr. Bennell. Frcnl Row-L. Towne, H. Johnson, J. Alessi, R. Backus, J. DiMaiu. Top Row-J. Muscarella, L. Lombardo, M. Price, L. Venlura, E. Moyer, Miss Buckley, R. Runfola, J. Bloomquisl, G. Ololson, D. Anderson, Third Row-D. Wilcox, K. Bloomquisl, B. Bird, W. Beckman, T. Morey, R. Doly, M. Bernardo, R. Doloway. Second Row-R. Leliaron, G. Morgan, E. Biralh, J. Ayling, F. Wailh, E. McChesney, I. Jenkins, B. McCall. Bollom Row-E. Marsh, H. Baker, F. Harringlon, B. Marlin, P. Turner, E. Neuendorf, K. Murch. ' ' ' THE FRENCH CLUB ' ' ' OFFICERS Presiclenl . . . . Belly Marlin Vice Presidenl Frances Harringlon Secrelary-Treasurer . Helen Baker Adviser . . Miss Buckley THE I'-738 CORRIDOR .39. ' ' ' Tl-IE ORCHESTRA ' ' ' OFFICERS Presidenl ..... Vinion Ludwig Secrelary-Treasurer . Dorolhy Gilberf Librarians . . Lillian Wailh, Eileen l-lolmer Direclor ...,. Mr. Orlolano Top Row-W. Ames, H. Ream, M. Price, V. Hall, J. Kerr, D. Gilberf, Mr. Orlolano, A. Johnson, G. Lalhrop, O. Alexis, S. Karkula, R. Williams, V. Ludwig. Third Row-B. McCall, L. Phillips, E. Crapo, L. Hilliker, V. Herrick, R. LeBaron, W. Wilber, P. Turner, F. Waiih, E. Hale, P. Bennelf. Second Row-H. Larson, C. MacDonald, E. Phillips, S. Nordsirom, F. Varmee, B. Hildom, E. Sievens, E. Cool, R. Turner, D. Anderson, R. Turner. Bohom Row-E. Holmer, B. Marlin, T. Burns, H. Milligan, T. McCall, L. Wailh. Top Row-J. DiMaio, E. Ecklund, M. Smith, G. Olofson, M. Price, S. Karkula, Mr. Orlolano, H. Ream, O. Slrick- Iand, C. PeNys, W. Ames, V. Ludwig, A. Anderson. Thirdnkowl-5. Benneff, R. Lawson, R. Williams, V. Hall, J. Kerr, H. Pugh, T. Burns, F. Sulfon, M. Hilliker, R. anc ar . Second Row-B. Allen, J. Colburn, O. Alexis, D. Gilberl, K. Murch, M. Nordsfrom, B. Roach, M. Wolfe, D. Forbes, D. Willis, W. Wilber, G. Lafhrop. Bohom Row-C. Rich, B. Brunner, R. Roach, M. McCullor, F. Pugh, H. Knappenberger, A. Sorman, F. Tooze, L. Hale, K. Anderson, R. Turner. ' ' ' Tl-lE BAND ' ' - OFFICERS Presidenl .... . Jessie Kerr Secrelary-Treasurer . . Virginia l-lall Librarians . . Mary Wolfe, Doris Forbes Direclor . lvir. Olrlolano THE I938 CORRIDOR Tl-lE TRIQ Direcior . . . Anlhony Orlolano l938 APPEARANCES Boy Seoul Banquel. Clwrislmas Vesper Service. New York Slale Dislricl Superinlendenlk Convenllon al' l-lolel Jameslown. Clwaulauqua Counly Sclwoolrnerfs Club. Norilw Side P. T. A. S. l-l. G. Teo. Johnson, J. Kerr, H. Milligan. L ff Oo Riqhl-D. Gilberi, J. Kerr, R. Williams, W. Wilber, R. Turner. ' ' Tl-lE QUINTETTE ' Dlreclor ..... Anllwony Orlolano I938 APPEARANCE Band ancl Orclweslra Concerl a+ Falconer l-ligln School, Feb- ruary 9, l938. THE I938 CORRIDOR .4I. ' ' ' THE JAZZ BAND ' ' ' OFFICERS Direclor . . Mr. Orlolano Presidenl . Vinlon Ludwig Back Row-O. Alexis, M. Price, W. Ames, V. Ludwig. Frou? Row-J. Kerr, E. Holmer, G. Lalhrop, M. Hilliker, R. Williams, T. Burns. Top Row-D. Johnson, L. Phillips, E. Roach, F. Varmee, V. Burns, J. Gunnell, M. Paplow, Mrs. Anderson, E. We- beck, I. Webeck, B. Luce, C. Michael, E. PI:il:ips, B. Balder, E. Swegeles, D. Morris. Yhird Row-V. Wilfsie, M. Becker, L. Norlon, J. Peferso 1, I. Mocker, J. Gaera, J. Chrislian, A. Cimo, A. Morley, N. Guslafson, D. Nelson, B. Johnson, J. Ferrara, L. Harding, D. Anderson. Second Row-C. Rizzo, C. Pelerson, H. Gleason, B. Hildom, M. Guslafson, M. Dailey, M. Wolfe, V. Prafl, V. Cheney, J. Johnson, H. Sprague, J. Colburn, J. Gallaher, R. Piazza. Firsl Row-J. Holmes, D. Durphy, V. Nelson, R. Carlson, V. Kosesfee, L. Brakeman, E. Town, G. Becker, N. Pace, N. Jamblefer, N. Cavellero, M. LeRoy, G. Lawson, G. Adler. ' ' ' ll-llf JLlNlQl2 GLEE CLUB ' ' ' Direclor Mrs. Anderson THE I938 CORRIDOR .42. ' ' ' TI-IE CI-IOII2 ' ' ' OFFICERS President ..... Vinion Ludwig Secretary and Treasurer Ellen Louise Neuendorf Librarian . . . Katherine lvlurch Director ...... Mrs. Anderson Top Row-C. Metcalfe, S. Karkula, A. Everett, C. Eckbloom, R. Williams, R. Shreve, C. Butterworfh, A. Andor- son, O. Strickland, B. Hall, H. Ream, W. Ames, M. Price, H. Schmul. Middle Row-P. Riuuto, V. Hall, R. Doty, I. Jenkins, B. Martin, A. Johnson, V. Ludwig, B. McCall, J. Kerr, M. Johnson, O. Alexis, J. Eckbloom, E. Cool. Bottom Row-L. Buccola, E. Neuendort, W. Wilber, P. Short, G. Lathrop, Mrs. Anderson, D. Gilbert, P. Turner, S. Peterson, V. Herrick, K. Murch. Top Row-B. Bird, E. Johnson, D. Walker, E. Bedient, F. Crick, S. Bennett, V. Edinglon, Mrs. Anderson, B. Martin, C. Mocker, D. Boyd, C. Nickerson, E. Walrod, E. Fuller, E. Crapo, J. Walker, E. Holmer, S. Mauro. Fifth Row-J. Patti, L. Malenga, M. Buccola, E. Ecklund, V. Ferrar, M. Trussler, K. Thompson, C. Fuller, E. Birath, E. DeVore, J. Ayling, E. Bedient, O. Kotteley, L. Waith, E. Harding. Fourth Row-C. Fonti, E. McChesney, J. Triscari, I. Kelly, G. Wample, J. Cimo, R. Juliano, R. Finch, M. Moyer, S. Burman, C. MacDonald, P. Doloway, S. DePasquaIe, T. Raymond. Third! Rjavg-H. Larson, P. Holm, S. Nordstrom, B. Towne, V. Short, R. Gaeta, A. DiMaio, C. Gilbert, J. Carlson, . a er. Second Row-W. Backman, B. Johnson, L. Cardinale, J. Haight, M. Giarusso, J. Diqirolamo, L. Gaeta, A. Back, A. Clark, VL Benson, C. Roth, N. Gallo, T. Raimondo. Bottom Row-C. Raimondo, L. Conklin, R. Johnson, P. Sanderson, R. Riuuto, M. Mee, A. Larson, M. Bennett, L. Hudson, A. Watenpaw. ' ' ' TI-IE GIRLS, GLEE CLUB ' ' ' OFFICERS President . . . Rose Rizzuio Secretary Phyllis Sanderson Librarian Marian Mee Conductor Mrs. J. Anderson THE I938 CORRIDOR .43. ' ' ' Tl-lE l-ll-Y CLUB ' ' ' OFFICERS Presideni . James Alessi Secrelary . Roberl' Lehman Vice Presideni . . Glenn Quainl Treasurer . . Warren Ames Adviser . ..... Mr. Fenner Top Row-L. Peterson, E. Moyer, L. Fuller, S. Liffle, L. Anderson, A. Evereli, Mr. Fenner. Third Row-J. DiMaie, G. Page, J. Ferrara, D. Mosher, C. Eckbloom, V. Freay, L. Lawson, S. Kimball. Second Row-S. Spaiaro, J. Muscarella, H. Johnson, B. Bennefi, R. Cowden, M. Ericsson, L. Jader, A. Ruckman. First Row-L. Swanson, W. Ames, R. Shreve, J. Alessi, G. Quainf, R. Leyman, T. Lawson. Top Row-R. Piazza, K. Bloomquisl, R. Rizzuro, V. Hall, B. Kinne, C. Corey, E. Fuller, R. Persons, B. Marlin, l. Jenkins, E. Holmer, E. Birafh, P. Sanderson, B. McCall. Fiffh Row-Miss Dunshee, D. Wilcox, H. Baker, M. Taylor, E. Johnson, C. Mocker, J. Triscari, J. PaHi, L. Ma- Ienga, R. Maifison, M. Coleson, S. DePasquale, J. Kerr, B. Bird, Miss Buckley. Fourih Row-L. Buccola, M. Mee, M. Johnson, R. Doiy, R. Doloway, D. Lawson, H. Larson, P. Holm, L. Cardin- ale, M. Slrickland, R. Beck, A. Lopresro, F. Felanzo, T. Aiken. Third Row-B. Johnson, P. Turner, E. McChesney, A. Waienpaw, R. LeBarron, J. Giarusso, L. Leonard, C. Fonfi, V. Herrick, A. Bargar, E. Bedieni, J. Ayling. Second Row-V. Benson, W. Hackman, F. Haighf, M. Giarusso, G. Rossihi, L. Waifh, F. Waiih, G. Laihrop, K. Murch, S. Peterson, L. Gaefa, J. Digirolamo. Boffom Row-E. Finch, E .Cool, F. Hiichiner, M. Bernardo, W. Wilber, L. James, E. Neuendorf, J. Eckbloom, G. Wickmark, L. Waiie, M. Buccola. ' ' ' Tl-IE Ml-Y CLUB ' ' ' OFFICERS Presideni . . Winogene Wilber Vice Presidenl . . Luella James Secrelary-Treasurer . . lvlary Bernardo Advisers . . Miss Dunshee, Miss Buckley THE I938 CORRIDOR .4,4. ' ' ' Tl-lE RED CROSS ' ' ' OFFICERS Chairman . . Harold Schmul Secrelary Berl Hall Adviser lvlr. Bennell' Top Row-Mr. BenneH, R. Lawson, C. Mosher, A. Anderson, T. Burns, T. Raimondo, R. Blanchard. Middle Row-C. Bierworrh, Miss Anderson, O. Alexis, F. Crick, J. Walker, E. Fuller. Bollom Row-L. Norlon, J. Wald, B. Hall, H. Schmul, R. Johnson, B. McDonald. Top Row-M. Riuo, Coach Cameron, B. Hall, G. Quainl, R. Shannon, R. Sandeen, L, Jader, Miss Sackeh Middle Row-D. Anderson, Miss Forgrave, B. Marlin, B. McCall, M. Mallison, W. Johnson, J. Alessi. First Row-P. Holm, R. Rizzufo, K. Bloomquisl, J. Kerr, O. Alexis, C. MacDonald. ' ' ' Tl-IE SPORTSMANSHIP BROTHERHOOD ' ' ' OEElCERS Presidenl . . . Jessie Kerr Vice Presidenl . Olive Alexis Secrelary-Treasurer .... Rose Rizzulo Advisors . lvliss Saclcell, Coach Cameron, Miss Eorgrave THE Yl938 CORRIDOR ' ' ' TI-IE ACTIVITIES CLUB ' ' ' OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Lesler Jader Vice Presidenl . Melvin Shannon Secrelary-Treasurer . . Jessie Kerr Advisers .... Mr. Cameron, Mr. Thiel Top Row-Coach Cameron, L. Fuller, C. Tillolson, S. Ribaudo, E. Moyer, H. Gilbert, Mr. Thiel. Third Row-J. Bloomquisl, L. Pelerson, C. Eckbloom, R. Backus, G. Ouainl, B. Bennefl, A. Ruckman. SecoEudHR?mTE. Neuendorf, P.. Rizzulo, W. Wilber, K. Bloomquisl, B. Bird, R. Riuulo, I. Jenkins, J. Eckbloom, . ic mer. Bohom Row-V. Benson, J. Kerr, L. Jader, M. Shannon, R. Cowden, L. James, G. Wickmark. Top Row-Coach Cameron, J. Rudolph, H. Gilberl, E. Moyer, R. Shannon, S. Ribaudo, V. Ludwig, L. Anderson, R. Mee, A. Barnes. Fourlh Row-B. Hall, B. Grodecki, J. Ferrara, C. Tillolson, H. Johnson, B. Bennefl, H. Lyons, J. Frederick, M. Shannon, A. Eccles, J. Wilfsle. Third Row- R. Cowden, M. Rizzo, H. Schmul, J. Alessi, L. Towne, C. Mosher, M. Ericsson, S. Spafaro, G. Quainf, J. D'Ma'o. SecondIRowL-W. Wilber, M. Marlison, P. Sanderson, P. Rizzulo, B. Bird, E. Holmer, R. Rizzulo, J. Kerr, B. Mc- Cal, E. Finch. Boffom Row-Miss Forgrave, B. Backus, L. James, K. Murch, L. Jader, K. Bloomquisl, L. Weilh. - - - THE "F" CLUB - - - OFFICERS Presidenl . . Lesler Jacler Vice Presiclenl . Roberl Backus Secrelary . . . Kalherine Ivlurch Treasurer . Kalhryne Bloomquisl Advisers . Mr. Cameron, Miss Forgrave THE l938 CORRIDOR .46. ' ' ' Tl-lE Cl-lEER LEADERS ' ' ' Adviser Mr. Panzarella Leif to Riqhf-R. Rizzuio, F. Hiichiner, T. Lawson, G. Wickmark, L. Swanson, J. Eckbloom, P. Riuuto. Siriing-R, Leyman. 1. Top Row-Mrs. Criioph, S. Bennefi, M. Nordstrom, L. Hudson, A. Beck, S. Larson, R. Persons, F. Bargar, A. Bar- gnr, D. Johnson, l. Webeck, V. Cheney, J. Wald, J. Carlson. Fourth Row-D. Kennedy, R. Hanson, D. Durphy, R. Marlin, J. Peierson, J. Holmes, B. Hildom, J. Co".nrn, H. Gleason, L. Brakeman, B. Kennedy, V. Prail, L. Lord, T. Oakerland. Third Row-A. Clark, A. Hanson, L. Miles, D. Lyon, P. Hawkins, I. Culver, B. MacDonald, G. Adler, B. Sfewari, N. Paiii, B. James, J. Hine, W. Gilberf. Second Row-W. Sorenson, K. Ruckman, E. Clyde, K. Swanson, J. Marlin, B. Rich, E. Meabon, M. Rich, D. Forbes, D. Kolstee, S. Hale, W. Evereff, R. Shultz. Bollom Row-T. Russo, G. Brakeman, D. Seigerlan, D. Leyman, A. Palmeri, R. Palmeri, R. Fadelle, L. Leyman, C. Johnson, B. Waifh, A. Edsirom, M. Leroy, W. Couse. ' ' ' Tl-lE ART CLUB ' ' ' Adviser Mrs. Crilopim THE I938 CORRIDOR , - 4-7 MOTHERS RANDULPH " N FIRST GAME 0f K x W x ww WSE wx WWXQW ' SPGRTS ' Mfflf- EC, p 'rl Lune-up! Our coacH's fam f fy d T b I + f II u on' ei GVGI, OOWUS e is ar around. ' ' ' TI-IE FOOTBALL TEAM ' ' Top Row-R. Jacobson, I. Luce ,L. Peterson, G. Quaint, J. Grcdecki, R. Barnes, E. Moyer, W. Nance, J. Bloomquisi, J. Pace, C. Tillofson, Benson, Third Row-W. Coleson, R. Runiola, J. Frederick, W. Wrighf, A. Eccles, J. Riffel, H. Johnson, C. Mosher, R. Sanden, H, Benson, C. Guqino. Second Row-Mr. Hoene, Mr. Wilber, J. Alessi, P. Digerlamo, M. Rizxo, S. Ribaudo, J. DiMaio, Mr. Cameron. Boffom Row-M. Shannon, A. Barnes, R. Backus, H. Gilberf, L. Jader, B. Grodecki, J. Farrara. Capiain . Lesier Jader Coach . .... Maben Cameron Managers . Joe Diiviaio, Walier Coieson, Bob Benson, Charles Gugino, Roger Jacobson. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Dafe FHS, Opo. Sept. -WARREN .............. There . 7 I9 Sepf. -ERIE STRONG VINCENT.I-Iere . 20 O OCT. -SILVER CREEK ......... There . 33 I3 OCT. 9-WESTFIELD .,.... .... T here . 7 6 OCT. I6-SALAMAV A ... .... I-Iere . 6 O OCT. 23-LAKEWOOD .... .... T here , O O Nov. FREDONIA .. ....I-Iere , 6 O Nov. GOWANDA ... .... There . 6 b CAPTAIN LESTER JADER THE I938 CORRIDOR ' ' ' THE BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM Hop Row-Mr. Wilber, L. Proudman, M. Rino, V. Ludwig, L. Macchiarella, E. Moyer, W. Mee, Coach Cameron. Boitom Row-R. Mee, R. Shannon, L. Anderson, G. Quainr, H. Johnson. Caprain Leon Anderson Coach . . . . Iviaben Cameron Managers . . Lawrence Proudrnan, Ralph Runfola, Joe Muscarella, Lory Muscarella, Donald Anderson BASKETBALL SCH EDU LE RESERVE SQUAD Dare Fi.sI' Row- 5. Spafaro, C. Gugino, C. Mosher, O. Strickland, D. JGCJUV Dec. 3fBandolpI1 . There las" Raw-ffl. M::s:a:e!I?, A. Macc'1iareIIa, L. Lomba'do, Mr. Thiel, Dec! 7-Gowanda , There V. Frazier, E, Caxdnuale, R, Runfola. , Dec, 10-Mayville .. There Dec. I4-Lakewood . Triere Dec. I8-Lakewood .. .,., Here Dec 72fRandolph .. .... Here Dec. 30-Ex-High ,. Here Jan, 7+Dunlciric ... There if Jan. I T-Mayvilie ., .,.. Here f Jan. 14-Fredonia . There K Jan. Zlfdarnesrown , ..,., Here i Jan. 25-Silver Creek Th. re , Jan. 28-Wesrfield . .... , we Feb. 4gDunkirk ..., ,... H ere Feb. I I-Fredonia ... ..... Here Feb. 18-Jamesfown There - Feb. 22vSilver Creek .. .... Here Feb 25-Wesifield There THE i938 CORRIDOR May May May May May ' ' ' THE BASEBALL TEAM ' ' ' Coach ...... Maben Cameron Managers . Rober+ Leyman, Joe Ferrara, Huberi Linclquisi, Roger Jacobson, Jimmy Pace. BASEBALL SCHEDULE 3 Souih Dayfon . ........ There May 20 Sourh Dayion .. 6 Cassadaga ,.... .,,. H ere May 24 Cassaclaga ..,.. I0 Cherry Creek .. ...There May 27 Cherry Creek ... I3 Foresivilie .... ..., H ere May 3I ForesIvilIe . . . I7 Open .,..............,......,. There June 3 Open ......... Top Row-J. Pace, H. Lindquisf, R. Leyman, Coach Cameron. Third Row-J. Rifiel, M. Boyd, H. Milligan, C. McNelI. T. Gregory, R. Sanden, E. Cobb. Second Row-O. Strickland, R. Mee, W. Mee, S. Ribaudo, R. Shannon, G. Eccles, E. Moyer. Dofiom Row-J. Alessi, L. Town, M. Shannon, G. Ouainf, M. Rizzo, M. Ericsson. Top Row-W. Coleson, C. Jambiliter, J. DiMaio, Coach Cameron, J. Lyons. Fourfh Row-B. Grodecki, L. Jader, J. Pace, R. Riffsl, J. Murray, P. Frederes, J. Shorf, G. Eccles. Third Row-S. Spaiaro, R. Darling, L. Ventura, J. Riffel, R. Shreve, W. Trammer, E. Cobb, R. Sanden. Second RowQI. Frederick, B. Haas, S. Ribaudo, O. Sfrickland, H. Schmul, W. Wilfsie, W. Mee. Boiiom Row-C. Mosher, G. Ouainf, V. Ludwig, L. Anderson, A. Eccles, M. Riuo. ' ' ' THE TRACK TEAM ' ' ' Coach ...... Maben Cameron Managers Joe DiMaio, Waifer Coleson, Joe Muscarella TRACK SCHEDULE May I4 .. .............,.. Jamesiown, Lakewood May 2I .. .... Souih Wesfern Conference aI Silver Creek May 25 .. ... ........... Eranklinville, There June 4 ............ Counfy at Dunkirk ...Here ...There ...Here ...There ...Here THE I938 CORRIDOR -52. ' THE BOYS' VOLLEY BALL TEAM Co-captains Leon Anderson, Sam Ribaudo Coach . . . . Maben Cameron ww- . i au o, L. n erson, R. Shannon, G. Ouainr, Mr. Cameron. T R S Rb d A d F nr Row-W. Mee, C. Mosher, G. Eccles, J. Ferrara, E. Moyer, L. Ventura, M. Rizxo. p Row-E. Crapo, Muss Forgrave, B. Bird. F ont Row-A. Williams, J. Walker, M. Mee, O. Van Tillburg, G. Wickmark. ' THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Caprain . Marian Mee Coach ...... Lonaura Eorgrave I938 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS THE l938 CORRIDOR .53. ' TI-IE GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM CapIain Rose Lombardo Coach ...... Lonaura Forqrave I938 IIXITRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Top Row-Y. Aiken, E. Fuller, C. Fonii. Fronf Row-5. Pcliui, R. Lombardo, L. Gaefa, E. Ecklund. Top Row-I. Kelly, P. Sanderson, E. Holmer, B. McCall, Miss Fargravs. Iloifom Row-S. Peierson, R. Riuufo, J. Eckblccm. ' TI-IE GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM ' Capfain . Rose Rizzufo Coach ,...,. Lonaura Forqrave I937 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS THE I938 CORRIDOR .54. .51 Bi ' ' ' FEATURE ' ' ' Liglwfs, Camera, Aclionl Here +l'1e candid cam- era picks up a few slwols of Falconer l-liglw School al ils besl. And 'flue linesl is always flue leader. ' The Origins oT the Six Year Secondary School in Falconer ' Cl-TRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF EVENTS. AugusT I6, I936: Dr. l-larryson l-l. Van CoTT, Supervisor oT The iunior high schools oT New York STaTe, wroTe To lV1r.Wilber, inviTing The Falconer school To consider The reorganizaTion oT iTs curriculum so iT mighT conTorm To The six year secondary plan approved by The Board oT RegenTs oT The STaTe oT New York. This plan was careTully considered by The TaculTy and Board oT EducaTion during The Time beTween The opening oT school in SepTember T936 and . . . OcTober 9, T936: Dr. George M. Wiley visiTed The Falconer schools and expressed his appreciaTion oT The Tine organizaTion. Ocfolber 29, l936Z Dr. Van CoTT visiTed The school and checked over The planT TaciliTies, The course oT sTudy and general organizaTion. December I, I936: The Tormal applicaTion was sTarTed in Falconer. These Torms were very deTailed and Teachers checked over apparaTus, maps, charTs, library books and shop equipmenT. They were Tinally submiTTed To The sTaTe deparTmenT on January l7, I937. SepTember 27, I937: Dr. Van CoTT paid us a second visiT and spenT mosT oT his Time in The new social sTudies labora- Tory. l-le sTaTed ThaT he was well pleased wirh Falconer's organizaTion and would recommend ThaT iT be designaTed as a six year school. OcTober I9, I937: The Tormal cerTiTicaTe was issued To The Falconer l-ligh School designaTing iT a Six Year Sec- ondary School. The Philosophy of a Six Year School In a six year school There is a relaTively long period oT Time during which sTudenTs are in one building and under The direcTion oT one TaculTy. This makes Tor uniTy oT individual programs oT sTudy and conTinuiTy in The work oTiered by The school. Teachers learn To know pupils very well and can do a beTTer iob oT guidance and counselling Than They could iT Their conTacTs were more limiTed. Since promoTions are made on The basis oT individual needs and are noT resTricTed by preliminary, RegenTs examinaTions, There exisTs a beTTer opporTuniTy To help each pupil do his besT work wher- ever he is happiesT and can do his besT work. The six year secondary school Tries To serve as a sTrucTure To n'1eeT pupils' needs. lT Tries To escape The process whereby pupils are made To conTorm To a seT paTTern regardless oT Their abiliTies or desires, To do This iT supplies a wealTh oT courses and many diTierenT Tields in which sTudenTs can work. The Social STuclies The social sTudies courses are illusTraTions oi The TuncTioning oT a six year school in acTual prac- Tice. A wealTh oT maTerials is presenTed To The sTudenT To use. All pupils work TogeTher in a hap- py, purposeTul group. buT each does someThing, which To him is valuable. FacTual knowledge is noT The chieT goal buT pupils acTuaIly do learn a greaT deal Trom Their conTacTs wiTh The areas They are sTudying. This is noT "sugar coaTed" educaTion buT learning by doing Those Things which have ele- menTs oT inTeresT and which you can see will be useTul To you as a ciTizen in a democracy. ln The social sTudies laboraTory emphasis is placed upon sources oT inTorrnaTion, large libraries, currenT publicaTions and all sorTs oT aids in doing a real good iob. The Teachers recognize The TacT ThaT goals may be achieved in many diTTerenT ways and while each pupil works aT a diTierenT raTe he is expecTed To work aT The raTe which expresses his besT eTTorTs. G. A. Wilber. l'HE I938 CORRIDOR .56. E l938 CORRID SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY Came The dawn, SepTember 3, I934, and room 23 was packed To The rooT wiTh exuberanT Fresh- men. WiThin a shorT Time, Mr. Fenner had broughT abouT someThing resembling order and Bob Backus was elecTed presidenT. ThaT year marked The beginning oT Melvin Miles' heroic sTruggle wiTh The LaTin language. l-le won ouT aTTer Tour years oT sTrenuous eTTorT. The class managed a successTul l-lallowe'en pa rTy and won The Red Cross drive, nosing ouT The Seniors by The narrow margin oT one cross. ln '35 The class was spliT inTo Two groups. One in room 30, The oTher under The waTchTul eye oT Miss Dunshee -in room 22. The "wise Tools", To use Mr. Fenner's name Tor Sophs, appeared To be an older, Though liTTle wiser group. KiTTy BloomquisT and Jessie Kerr bounded Trom one boy Triend To anoTher wiTh gay abandon while Frances l-larringTon and BeTTy MarTin were The mosT indusTrious. "GenTleman Jim" Alessi and LesTer Jader esTablished Themselves on The TooTball squad while Glenn QuainT obTained a berTh on The basl4eTball Team. A larger-Than-average Junior class was divided inTo Three groups in The Tall oT I936. Jimmy Alessi was awarded The oTTice oT presidenT by popular approval. The boys and girls branched ouT socially, holding one hilarious parTy and The Junior-Senior ban- queT. "Cooney" Ribaudo became our besT male dancer, wiTh EvoneTTe Finch leading The girls in Trip- ping The lighT TanTasTic. ElizabeTh Mce leTT our ranks To ioin The graduaTing Seniors. The word is Thar Ludwig is going To waiT a year and join our class. We won'T be surprised if he does, because There's 5 cerTain young lady who is planning To graduaTe in I938. We move baclc To room 23, buT now we are Seniors! Oh happy day, oh year oT ioy, oh l-lisTory C. WhaT a combinaTion! Two oT our Tormer members are no longer wiTh us. We mourn The deaTh oT l-lerschel Hawkins and David Severance, who sTarTed wiTh us as Freshmen. The Senior class This year boasTs oT several Tine aThleTes. Les Jader and Benny Grodeclci were chosen Tor The all-conTerence TooTball Team. Joe Ferrara emerged Trom nowhere To play a loT oT TooT- ball aT leTT end, and Glenn QuainT earned a guard posiTion on The all-TournamenT baskeTball Team. Miss Dunshee despaired oT Tinding Leslie Lawson or Don Mosher wiTh Their l-lisTory compleTe. Warren Ames and Byrum are now in The grocery business. The Senior boys are cerTainly good aT geTTing Thrown ouT of The library. Byrum BenneT and VinTon Ludwig are The besT, buT I-larry Benson is preTTy good. The winTer monThs are livened by The amazing dances originaTed by Ribaudo, Jader, Alessi and QuainT. AT TirsT we ThoughT They were aTTempTing The Big Apple, buT now we're convinced. lT's The "War Dance oT a Wooden Indian". By The middle of June we'll sTop malcing l-lisTory Tor F. l-l. S. and Try our luclc in a liTTle wider Tield. THE I938.CORRlDOR .58. Nl I SS SACKETT 2. GLENN QUAI NT 5 MATTISUN BAILEY , 5 g N ET BRUNSQN LUCILE SARIJING E I938 CORRID .59- l With or Without HARVEY FENNER STEPHEN KARKULA LESLIE LAWSON .. ELLEN NEUENDORF LEON ANDERSON JOE FERRARA .... COONEY RIBAUDO VINTON LUDWIG . GLENN OUAINT .. LAWRENCE PROUDMAN LES JADER ..,..,..,... JIMMIE ALESSI BOB BACKUS ...,.., MISS FOX ............. MARY STRICKLAND GERTRUDE LATHROP .. HELEN BAKER ...,.,,., FRANCIS HARRINGTON MISS SACKETT ........ THALIA MOREY ....... KATHRYN BLOOMOUIST without without with his without his Ford. his cud ot gum. history done. a giggle. in the study hall. unable to answer Miss Dunshee. without staying .,not wor ....passing an arrntul ot books. in the library a whole period, king. a history test. not blushing when asked a question. . ...without some girl. in school. without without without without without . . . .without without without Comparisons Harvard Basketball Team .,....... Leo Martha Raye .,...,..,.. .... Michaelangela ... Abe Lincoln ..... Ned Sparks .,..... Franklin Roosevelt . Adrian .,..., . Mae West . . Dorothy Dix ,.... . Charlie McCarthy These Miss Sackett ,..... Miss Buckley Mr. Wilber ,,.. Lillian Anderson Mr. Ortolano Juliet Anderson Mrs. Turner Miss Thelander .. Earl Hoene Miss Dunshee .. that I937 Chevy. Muddy. her Sax. Warren Ames. her books at the candy stand her "Pssssst". something to say. her cousin. nard Machiarella ...Thalia Morey , . .Leslie Lawson Burnell Sprague .,Vinton Ludwig ... Jimmy Alessi Kitty Bloornquist Ellen Neuendort .Robert Cowden Paul Myers Future -l-CdCl'1CI'S Clarence Crandall Katherine Murch Frances Harrington Jean LeRoy Alvera Johnson ,... Jessie Kerr , Beatrice Lawson Eyonette Finch , .... Lawrence Proudrnan Johnny Rudolph THE I938 CORRIDOR 160' - , . .1 Z 1.,,w.Lf3,5l .- TILLUTSUN ALICE ug Mi Haumcvx MR. HOEN MR.CA!615ERQ N5 l4. 'ff MRDRTOLAQQ, E I938 CORRIDOR 6 I I mass nu N M155 -af: MELVI N gumrq ware csfla LELAN u HARRY BENQ Y . J 0 E UI M .Q . QV Se v S at vi' 'ky 'Y :ian 4 454 l, KQSS . 00,9 X35 nil 1-. fy fx .w Emu sm. s mum a vs ' ADVERTISING ' ' ' Alerf business men know Hue value of good ad- verfising. They unders+and H1a+ here is Jrhe place +0 get busy se++ing fhe sfage for Hwe business and profifs inc-ai come once Hwe show is on. PHOTOGRAPHS ,'l,g'Qu,,1io Fa Icom.-rg NY 591 2 NN JW 13 'v 'Ui 'r 2 QM f '17-0 oi. PHONE 56-133 .64. ICE 81 GAS f- a - - .5 M REELECTING TASTE l-iii? gf IN IIOMEFURNISHINGS E , u.: Q IW, rr -W "Eli" lf' ll w xv ' 14 C '11 rl- - f mf- r ret . rrg.t .o. ui we come an out tunity to be of service in furnishing your . home. Our four floors of smart up-to-the-mlm gms A .1 . C Q. i ute merthandiae permit a selection that will 5 M W 71- ' always reflect your Own taste. QW" "Where Good Hzmzefzmzishingf Are Not Expensive FIELD 81 WRIGHT CO. 100-108 Main St, -1- klamestown, N. Y. THE MOST FOR YOUR DOLLAR LEVANT 'M THE CAKE SHOP Hot Rolls and Bread Every Hour All Day Phone 74-369 A. j. WASSINK, Owner ZZ East Third Street JAMESTOWN, N, Y. Compliments of BONNET SHOP 308 North Main Street KIAMESTOWN, N, Y. Thrills Of a Graduate lst Thrill-When you receive your Diploma Znd Thrill-When you receive your Watch Purchased At E. E. BASSETT 302 Main Street JAMESTOWN WHY NOT BE CLOTHES CONSCIOUS as well as SCHOOL CONSCIOUS A neat appearance is essential for social or business suc- cess. Use our Cleaning, Pressing, and Repairing Service regularly. LANDY BROTH ERS 213 HOPKINS AVE. PHONE T976 Ilere in our store you will always find EALCONER AGENCY, INC. ve'l known brandsgat fair prices Plus Friuzzlly Service, Honest Weight Insurance E. A. WI BORG 'Ieeplione 64-805 First National Bank Building john Deere Implements IVI. L. CRAN DALL East I7a'coner Street FALCONER, N, Y. Day in and day our. Year in and year out, Red and White Vacuum Coffee Remains consistently uniform. A. L. ANDERSON We Extend Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Members of THE CLASS OE 1938 if if THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OE EALCONER EALCONER, N. Y. Member Ifenleral Deposit Insurance Corporal Member Iietleral Reserve System GUY SAXTON'S IVIEN'S SHOP HOTEL JAIVIESTOWN BLDG. For Maximum Mileage and Perforniunce and Ifor Minimum Cost Use Super Shell Gasoline and Oil OLSON BROS. SHELL SERVICE M EATS GROCERI ES PAUL jonusou Williams St. FALCONER JOHNSON Sz SON CO. General Insurance 315 Pine St. Jamestown, N, Y l Falconer Milling Co1npany's Farm, Home Sz Garden Store l-3 Fzilconcr Headquarters for Radios, Mixers, lroners and many other household needs Poultry Equipment Baby Chicks V 45 Er Main St. Phone 3-085 FALCONER, N. Y. BEN FRANKLIN STORE ll. T. PUGH, Proprietor Sc and l0c, 351.00 and up Full Line of School Supplies sir l5-l5 East Main Street FALCONER, N, Y. JAKES RESTAURANT Main Sirrct FALCONER, N, Y. Congratulations to the Class of '38 CARL E. JOHNSON DAIRY Congratulations to the Class of '38 TEDESCO FRUIT AND PRODUCE Congratulations Class of '38 BICCO lt's the Best Ice Crea1 HOME COOKED MEALS GRETCHEN'S KITCHEN Gretchen Teudesmann CHAUTAUQUA G. L. F. SERVICE CO. Feeds, Seeds, Mixed Fertilizer Superphosphate V Flour Cereals 7 East Main Street Dial 64-H2 -1- l'alconer, N, Y. . FALCONER KENNEDY Accommodations for Large Parties ASHVILLE Manicuring Facials COM PANY, INC. DUART WAVES Merle ll. Colburn lfred F, Dallas Coal Coke Wood Shoppe Building Supplies 145 south work sr. Phone 3-935 H4 North Work Street Falconer, N4 YA FALCONER, N. Y. Compliments of Compliments of LARRY'S MARKET O J RAWSON FALCONER, N, Y. WESLEY LLOYD, Prop, :69' i SOCIAL and WEDDING ENGRAVING GRI:'l:'TING CA RDS Compliments from LOU I li COLLINS Party Supplies SPORT HOP 000-00 GEER-DUNN lllfl lizist Third Street sl-XMI:S'I-QXVNV Nl Y. ,l.'XlVlliS'liOVv'N, N, Y. FALCON ER BEAUTY SHOPPE l lelen Stafford, llroprie' or C, J. 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R, Tracks Phone 45-I65 ll, Morley, M Kendall Gas 81 Oil lVIcCreary Ti Washing Polishing Greasing Cars called for and delivered promp gf FSS tly .7l. Greetings to the Seniors Robert R. Street Your Horne Druggist LUCI ES' Fashions of Distinction -IAMESTOWN, N, Y. Ladies, and Childrenls Ready-to-Wear and Millinery ZUCKERMAN lill E, SECOND STREET JAMESTOWN, N. Y. "If lfs Made of Wood, We Make It" Peterson Millwork Company ITALCONER, N. Y. Conrplinzents of QUALITY CASH 2 lfnft Main Street Dial 54-312 We Deliver Wakeiield 81 Carlson Ford Sales and Service I0 South Work Street ITAICONER. N. Y. Richman Brothers liine Clothes All 322.50 Prep Suits 316.50 Pants 353.50 2l3 N, Main Street jAlVlES'l'OWN, N. Y. May Your School Motto Be 'flinter to Learn, Leave to Serve" Ed? gimodfi .72. jAlVlESTOWN CYCLE SHOP, INC. Bicycles, Velocipedes and Wheel Goods lixrert and Prompt Service Phone 75-805 Open Evening johnson 81 Bedient Service Station E. Main Street FALCONER, N. Y. Mobilgas Mobiloil Mobilubrication Goodrich Tires, Tubes Delco Batteries Conzplirrzrrrts from ROY ANDERSON Kennedy, N. Y. GROCERY AND MARKET Best Wishes To the Class of '38 South Work Street Garage SU I TS and TOP COATS Made to Order in Our Own Shop at 322.50 and 326.00 Odd Pants at 553.95 Llp Made To Your Order Fashion Tailors I4-I6 N. Main Street Jamestown, N. Y. FRANK GRANDIN Shoes and Hosiery Main Street FALCONER Compliments to the Class of '38 jacob Anderson Dry Goods Store jewelry and Watches Repair Work Ned Waith Main Street FALCONER, N. Y. 1038 CORRIDOR Printed in the Modern Shop of THE FALCONER PRINTING COMPANY DESIGN LAYOUT COMPOSITION PRINTING 30 West Main St, Phone 55-54l Falconer, N, Y. Best Wishes! CLASS OF '38 Carnahan-Shearer Company ltlHIL'XfI7'I1.'!1S Largest Mens nm! Boys' Slore Clothes Make the Man We Ilave the Clothes jessup-Turner- Scharf ZIU Mann Street -IAMITSTOWN, N, Y, More Stylish Clothes For Young Folks" Sizes to I6 at STACY'S 3-5 West Third Street -IAIVIESTOWN, N. Y. "E'L'erytbi11,g Hui tbe Cbildn GOOD HARDWARE and Sporting Goods Lundquist Hardware AIAMESTOWN, N, Y. .74. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OE 1938 Sir Sears, Roebuck Sz Co. IOII East Second Street JAM ESTOWN, N, Y. VINTON LUDWIG RUTH DOTY .,.... GLENN OUAINT .... LUCY WALLACE ..,. .IOSEPHINE PIAZZA ... JESSIE KERR ....... HARRY BENSON .,., COONEY RIBAUDO .. ANN MCDONALD .., BETTY MARTIN .... EVONETTE FINCI-I JOHN RUDOLPH I Wiant to - - gel a job Thar pays big qei Io school early. learn Ihe "Big Apple". move Io the ciry. be anorher Red Grange. be in Ihe Coasi Guard. ride Io school wifh 7 dividends ....qrow up. ....qeI married. ,...be a coach. ,, .qraduaIe. ....swinq and sw BYRUM BENNETT , GLENN OUAINT LESTER JADER BETTY MARTIN ...,.. ARTHUR RUCKMAN COONEY RIBAUDO FRANCES WAITH , VINTON LUDWIG ..., ALBERT RAIMONDO GENE MOYER ....... DICK SHANNON ...... RUSSELL PASCATORE CLICK ,,..,......, Favorite Sayings ....,BoeufaHs. .....Keep the Tour chins up. .....Yous'r a liille .....Ihe yearbook .....By Jove. bissness. is going To be 1-. .....I-Iow'd you like io Iove me? . . . . .Have you any crayons? .....I'II punch you. , .... Be prepared. . . . . .Which one. .....Wha+ say. Jo .....NoI rne. . . . . .You can'i Tree Senior. .75. hnny? p me our of class, l'rn a ay wilh Sammy Kaye. AUTOGRAPHS THE I938 CORRID 76

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