Falcon High School - Peregrine Yearbook (Peyton, CO)

 - Class of 1975

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Falcon High School - Peregrine Yearbook (Peyton, CO) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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v v v V cy V - -,1 (7 ' ttteB IS ' V ytf A Or- V w . ; ' wp ,Cj tf-yj ■ i ' J$ y. -sf 7 i 9 oq jU Ov % 3.9 " -A 3 % a- »ii V V) " ' } ' - V ■V V: KV htf . " ■- ' ft 4 ' « »; • J V -»js tfv -.:■ ■- » - - , f«j «•_ . ■« But we ' ve done All we can do Now it ' s time For a Bolder crew So take head Seventy-six They need your help It ' s all up to you Now is the time for last good-byes Our final impressions Of how we tried Seventy- five The year we ' ve been waiting on We ' ve made our mark We stood up- Fell down- Started again. With the passing of time, We ' ve earned our respect We learned strength And peace of mind. T) e d I c ir r i o rv ds edh-Vor o£ 4k S ijear book. , rr vj .i-CL-P- olac 31 u_ Sh cer j rvvixck -fo dedicate 4hiS vjecir book 4o fArs. C aro. Tra vj lor } oar cxdoisor, ar cA Pats j 6oles. P -ts cir e o c S-ke oliinsio pa es S vxv are tin o ix-r v €ar boo W. nr rs . " " fra ioc and Pccts j uoe. 4 0. vk 4 ' vm.e to€ Cor S Urn ed . T7iar k l o ; fefec -(XJ K ADMINISTRATION 3 u .18,1974 ■ : TZS ' TJ Dr. Donald Tolbert Superintendent Mr. Stephen Helman Secondary Principal Mr. Ronald Marten Elementary Principal Mr. Helman and Mr. Marten FACULTY Donald E. ne Balh M«ta Bart arick BarrUleaiix Bissell Campbell English Math 5th Grade Special Ed . t ! Grade Cocpa Libr.ui.in Jim P. i vis Biology, P. E. Louise Garrison 4th Grade Wilford King Psychology •da Cormier :-.: Gradc K erst in Edgar P.E. Alma G ossage 4th Grade Dave Lawson 6th Grade Phyllis G ourt Gounselor Maria m Eigsti ' . s: Grado Dorothy Halvorson 5th Grade Frances Lesco Math English Su.-anne Hawkins Kindergarten Cynthia Livingston E.H. 1 est er Christina Gi-.rtiss Da is Social Stu. English Kathleen Ewald 3rd Grade Kathleen Kidd 4th Grade Beverly Marsh Reading Sharon Tthlin 6th Grade Ladine 3rd Grade Debbie Sanders 5th Grade Judith Thomas Home Ec. FACULTY pum John Mcintosh Social Stu. Joy Nixon 2nd Grade Frank Sarek 6th Grade Bonnie Thompson 1st Grade James lvey Social Stu. Marcia Oppermann For. Lang. Connie Skelton 4th Grade Clara Traylor Eusiness ' i .in Megel Science J oar. Pieper 2nd Grade Pat Smith Science Cecilia Vella Kindergarten Todd Literature Wanda Raynor 2nd Grade Mary Tetley 5th Grade Sue Wallace Art James Waters Music Terry Watkins Shop Rochelle Weiss 6th Grade Arleen Williams 3rd Grade Gloria Witcowich 1st Grade STAFF Mary Everson Secretary Helen Looper Secretary Diana Wisdom f Bookkeeper C , jJ ' mS Sharon Bateman Teacher Aid Mrs. Mildred Douglas Study Hall Cooks Smart, Ferguson, Murr, Adams Mr. Don Nail Janitor Mr. Paintin Janitor Bus Drivers Welty, Babcock, Preston, Davis, Dobbs .SENIORS M»- ' UH«, tiAsHA, i j M ,i i . y-v n 1 S l kmjkMK imm » ±j L+±a- miu .M ' K ROBERT BEASLEY ORGANIZATIONS Choir- 2, 3 Newspaper Staff- 2 F.T.A. - 2 10 JEAN CABRERA SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS Gymnastics- 1 Yearbook Staff -4 Choir-1 CLUBS Varsity Club-3 FAMOUS SAYINGS Cheerleader-3 " O-O-O-O-That ' s Neat 11 LARRY COLLINS SPORTS Wrestling: 3 ORGANIZATIONS: Newspaper Staff: 3 FAMOUS SAYING: " WOW! ! ' 12 TONYA DeBUSK SPORTS: Basketball: 1,2,3,4 Track: 1, 3 Volleyball: 1,2,3,4 CLUBS Pep Club: 1,2,3 Cheerleader: 3 Bowling Club: 3 4-H: 1 ORGANIZATIONS: F.H.A.: 1 Band: 1 Choir: 2,3,4 N.H.S.: 3,4 F.T.A.: 2 Newspaper Staff: 3 OTHER: Vice President of Class: 3 FAMOUS SAYING : " SHUT-UP! 1 13 LINDA EDWARDS ORGANIZATIONS Secretary of Yearbook-4 Newspaper Staff-3 FAMOUS SAYING: " That ' s dead! " 14 PHILLIP FRICK SPORTS Baskeball: 1,2,4 Football: 3,4 Baseball: 1 Track: 2,3,4 CLUBS 4-H: 3, 4-Treasurer Letterman ' s Club: 2,3,4 Skating Club: 4 FAMOUS SAYING " When are you kids gonna grow up! " 15 FAMOUS SAYING: " Chomp on my shorts " ART GALLEGOS SPORTS Football- 1,2, 3,4 Basketball-3,4 Track- 1,3,4 CLUBS 4-H-l Letterman ' s Cliib-3,4 Chess Club -2 ORGANIZATIONS Choir- 1 1b JOEL GASCHLER FAMOUS SAYING: " WOW !!!!! " 17 CHERYL MALLOW SPORTS Gymna sties- 1,2 Track-3,4 CLUBS Pep Club-2,3,4 Cheerleading-4 ORGANIZATIONS N.H.S.-3,4 Choir-3,4 Yearbook Staff -4 treasurer F.T.A.-3 Newspaper Staff- 3 OTHER Class Treasurer-4 Winter Sports Oueen-4 FAMOUS SAYING: " I ' m sure " 18 JERRY MANLEY SPORTS Basketball-1,2,3 Baseball-1,2 CLUBS 4-H-1.2, 3,4 Bowling Club-1 Letterman ' s Club-1, 2 ORGANIZATIONS Newspaper Staff-3 19 FAMOUS SAYING: " That ' s really bad. " JOANNE MASSON SPORTS Track-1,2,4 Volleyball- 1,2 Basketball-1,2 CLUBS Pep Club-1,2 Hiking Club-4-Vice President ORGANIZATIONS F.H.A.-l Band-1,2, 3 Choir- 1, 2, 3 Newspaper Staff-1, 2, 3, ' F.T.A.-2.3 20 GAYLE MITCHELL ORGANIZATIONS: Editor of Newspaper: 2,3 Editor of Yearbook: 4 Student Council Rep. : 4 FAMOUS SAYING: " Oh dear, I ' m not ready! ' 21 BILL OLIVER SPORTS: ORGANIZATIONS Football -4, 3 N. H. S. -3,4 Basketball-1,2,3,4 4-H-l Track-3 Chorus-1,2, 3,4 Publications- Newspaper-1, 2 Annual-3,4 Lettermans-3,4 Vice President-4 FAMOUS SAYING: " Get Bent " 22 RANDY SCHLACKE SPORTS: Basketball: 1,2 Softball: 1,2 ORGANIZATIONS: Newspaper Staff: 3,4 FAMOUS SAYING: " Your ' re really hateful. " 23 FAMOUS SAYING " REALLY!!! " TERESA SHAW CLUBS Pep Club-3,4 Bowling Club-1 OTHER Class Cabinet- 1,2 Class Secretary-4 ORGANIZATIONS F.T.A.-1.2 Girl ' s Athletic Assoc. -1 H.S. Band Color Guard - All City Colorguard-4 Yearbook Staff-4 Newspaper Staff- 3 ,2 1,2,3 24 FAMOUS SAYING " F-A-R-out " SCOTT SMITH SPORTS Football-3,4 All Conference-4, All City-4 Basketball-1,2,3,4 Captain-4 Baseball-1,2,3 Track-4 CLUBS 4-H-1.2, 3 Letterman ' s Club -2, 3, 4 ORGANIZATIONS Student Council-3,4 Treasurer-3-President-4 NHS-3,4-Vice President-3 President -4 Choir-2 President of F.T. A. -2 OTHER Class President- 1, 3 Class Treasurer-2 FAMOUS SAYING: " Hel-lo! o-blee, o-blee, o-blee!! " RANDY SOLBERG SPORTS Basketball-l,2,3,4-Captain-3,4 All conference in basketball-1974 Baseball-1,2, 3 Football-1,2,3,4 Track-3,4 ORGANIZATIONS N.H.S.-3.4 Student Council- 1, 2, 3 Choir-2,4 President of Class-4 CLUBS El Paso County High School Rodeo-1, 2, 3, 4 Vice Pres. -4 Letterman ' s Club-2,3,4 Pres. -4 Bowling Club -3 26 GARY SPURLING SPORTS Basketball-1,2,3 Captain 2,3 Football-1,2, 3,4 Baseball-1 CLUBS 4-H-l President 1 El Paso High School Rodeo 2,3,4 Pres. 4 Lettermans Club-2,3,4 V. Pres. 4 Bowling Club-1 ORGANIZATIONS NHS -3, 4 Student Council- 1, 2, 3 Pres. 2 Yearbook Staff-4 Newspaper Staff- 2 OTHER V. President of class-4 FAMOUS SAYING: " a " t! 27 FAMOUS SAYING: Kee-Hah!!! " JEAN WEST SPORTS Track-1,2,3 Basketball-1,2, 3,4 Volleyball -1,2 ORGANIZATIONS: Class Sec. -2 Pep Club-1,2 Choir- 1, 2 28 CATHY WHITNEY SPORTS Basketball: 1,2, 3,4 Volleyball: 2,3,4 CLUBS Pep Club: 1 4-H Club: 1,2 Bowling Club: 3 ORGANIZATIONS F. H. A. : 1 Choir: 1, 2, 3 Cheerleader: 2,3,4 H. Cheerleader: 4 N.H.S.: 3-treas., 4-sec. Yearbook Staff: 4 Asst. Editor-4 Newspaper Staff- 3 OTHER Class Officer: 2,3,4 President-2 Treasurer-3 Student Council Rep. League Queen Candidate Homecoming Queen: 4 -4 3 FAMOUS SAYING: " Boy, that ' s really neat! " 29 ■ ' ' 4ii E I wr k W fT - " -4 I ; - N m Cathy Whitney Most Likely to Succeed Nicest Personality Class Worker Scott Smith Most Likely to Succeed Class Worker Best Dressed Randy Solberg Nicest Personality Gayle Randy Happy- Co- Lucky Class Officers Cheryl Mallow, Gary Spurling, Teri Shaw, Cathy Whitney, Randy Solberg Bill Teri Most Talkative 30 Gary Spurling Class Flirt 1 A fit Bill Oliver Class Clown Jeanne West Best Dressed BABY PAGE Teri Shaw Cathy Whitney I " ' imiiu ' . ' Tii UIP ' V 4 f. . j- i - Bill Oliver Gayle Mitchell Linda Edwards SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS ji SENIOR WILL , Gary Spurling, will my spot on Rio Road, that was willed to me two years ago by Rod Masse, to anybody who can find it. , Cheryl Mallow, will my pick up to Donna Mallow, who will need it next year to muck stalls. My ability to do a back-hand spring to Jennifer Vinall, to use at basketball games next year. , Jean Cabrera, will to my sister Ann, my clothes and happiness through out her two years of High School. My long nails to Alma Kancilia. To everyone who will be here next year Lot of Luck " and the priviledge of smok- ing where ever they want. , Bill Oliver, will my ability to run the football to Fred Murr. , Teri Shaw, will my big mouth to Cheryl Greenwood and Liz Shaw to help in their Senior year. , Cathy Whitney, will to Donna Spurling all the gum Wrappers I own, to Kelly Jaworski my position on the girl ' s basketball team, and I will not my friendship with Becky Gallegos because I need and treasure it. , Randy Solberg, will my ability to make a lay-up to Kenny Jackson. , Scott Smith, will my ability to make a tackle to Dave Johnson and my ability to use a slide rule to those who don ' t know what it is. , Art Gallegos, will my notebook to next year ' s seniors so that they, too, can become as knowledgeable as I. , Randy Schlacke, will some of my weight to Debbie Wisdom and my math ability to Emily Darr. , Jean West, will my ability to protect myself to Julie Snyder. , Tonya DeBusk, will my position on the girls ' basketball team to Shari Adams, my pink Cadillac to Jennifer Vinall and my ability to be able to with stand scary movies to Cathy Chandler. , Gayle Mitchell, will my last year and best year at Falcon to Donna Mitchell and Alma Kancilia for their remaining time here, my best friend, Linda, to anyone who needs a good friend. , Keith Mangham, will my Freckles to Gina Jackson who could wear them well. , Phillip Frick, will my driving ability to Ben Novey and my letter jacket to Gary Garica. , Larry Collins, will my old Levis ' to my brother for his next three years for grub day. , Bob Beasley, leave to anyone in the Junior Class with adequate need my constant late to school excuse that I had to milk my cows or my chickens got out. 32 JUNIORS H X6 roRY| D Anderson, Brian Ayer, Mike Blackburn, Kathy Bojorquez, Richard Boring, Doug Casteel, Dave Chandler, Cathy Darr, Emilie DeBusk, Audie Freeman, Ronnie Callegos, Becky Garman, Cecilia Greenwood, Cheryl Hendrickson, Karen Hilton, Lynette Hollaway, Becky Huismann, Mark Jaworski, Tracey Johnson, Dave Lietzke, Donna Martin, Cheryl Novey, Ben Parson, Machelle Roberts, Betty Ruybal, Wayne Shaw, Liz Smith, Kevin Solberg, Kelly Spurling, Donna 35 ' ;» ■ -t .si Class Favorites Wittiest Jolly Juniors Audie Debusk Becky Gallegos Cheryl Greenwood Becky Gallegos Ben Novey Dave Johnson Happy-G o- Lucky Ronnie Freeman Class Officers Happy-Go- Lucky Cheryl Martin JUNIOR AUTOGRAPHS 36 SOPHOMORES MATH Looper, Ricky Lucas, John Mallow, Donna McQueery, Rosland Messer, Hank Mitchell, Donna Nelson, Bill Raia, Linda Rankin, Nelson Redford, Ivan Rock, Randy Sedlak, Monty Smith, Becky Solberg, Rusty Synder, Julie VanDyke, Roxanne Veith, Roger Vinall, Jennifer Walton, David West, Ann West, Vicky 38 Adams, Shari Ayer, Susan Batts, Barbra Borjas, Jim Cabera, Ann Cisneros, John Dawson, Cheryl Fagan, Eileen Founds, Michelle Garcia, Gary Gaschler, Kathy Hays, John Hernandez, Bob Hernandez, Lonnie Houser, Susan Jackson, Gina Dawson, Kevin Jaworski, Kelly Jourdant, Joe Joyce, Cindy Kancilia, Alma 39 Ivan Redford Wittiest Class Favorite Jennifer Vinall Class Favorite Cindy Joyce Wittiest Ricky Looper Happy-Go- Lucky Cathy Gashler Happy- Go- Lucky Ann West Struggling Sophomore Class Officers SOPHOMORE AUTOGRAPHS 40 FRESHMEN Anderson, Sheila Arnold, Bill Bell, Crystal Bryant, Doug Canter, Tom Cisneros, Lloyd Collins, Gary Dawson, Carol Douglas, Charles Dowdy, Vicki Founds, Randy Frick, James Gallegos, Paul Garlets, Jenny Harris, Mark Harrison, Randy Hawkins, Dennis Henniger, Sylvia Jackson, Kenny Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Keith Jones, Tracy Karney, Kathy Lazor, Jody McArdle, Dave 42 McStruw, tllB McQuery, Jackie Murr, Denise Paintin, Jody Parsons. Gail Perkins, Vicki Peterson, Sandy Pramberg, Debbie Rankin, Kent Ray, Curtis Redford, Sue Reining, Lisa Schlyer, Lori Schlyer, Wendy Severns, Eric Shaw, Tim Shook, Joe Smart, Sylvia Spurling, Kevin Sullivan, Kevin Tracy, Mary Thomas, Mike Trujillo, Janice Whitney, Jackie Wisdom, Debbie Wood, Brian 43 Friendly Freshman Gary Collins £ Debbie Wisdom Wittiest Brian Wood £ Debbie Johnson Class Officers: K. Sullivan, J. Whitney, B. McStraw, D. Bryant Class Favorites Kenny Jackson C Kevin Sullivan Happy-G o- Lucky Gary Collins G Tammy Toler 44 JUNIOR HIGH W EIGHTH GRADE Allen, Stephanie Batts, Tom Beasley, Bonnie Bell, Tonya Carlisle, Freddy Co ate, Tammy Davis, Kim Dowdy, Patti Dukes, DeWayne Ellis, Linda Fetterman, Laura Fierro, Doreen Gaddie, Mark Garlets, Jennie Garmen, Mark Gaschler, Kenneth Gonzalez, Camille Guilloshon, John Harper, Jani Hauser, Gary fir , Hawkins, Donald Hays, Lee Howell, Everington Jourdant, Jamie Joyce, Debbie Lee, Paul 46 3 Lucas JVlcStraw, TimV ' -v MnTc?TSte7e5 7 Of Murr, Collette Murr, Fred Nelson, Gary Owens, Greg berg, Yvette .Jljejs, Glenn els, Lynn we, Mary Elle Rubal, Donna Sedlak, Teddy Shaw, Sue Skaggs, Chad Smith, Kitsen Sucharski, Mark Sullivan, Tanda Titus, Darlene 11 . " ,1 Trujillo, Cynthia Ullum, Scott Van Dyke, Morrisa Veith, Rhonda Wasinger, Chester Wehrenberg, George Whitson, Steve 47 SUVUJNTH UKADE Adams, Kenny Allen, Cheryl Beard, Debbie Bell, Mary Branham, Clinton Coll, Steve Cox, Shelly Crawford, James Culberson, James Daily, Corie Dawson, Cathy Diehl, Lisa Douglas, Mark Douglas, Mathew Dowdy, Kristy Dukes, Melinda Ellis, Richard Freeman, Randy Freeman, Ronette Freeman, Sonja Frick, William Garlets, Eva Garlets, Michael Glaze, Todd Grigsby, Patricia Hansen, Pete Harris, Charles Hazelhorst, Gwen Henniger, Mark Homeyer, Sheila Howell, Cecil Hunter, Melanie Irwin, Bobbi Jackson, Crystal Jackson, Kenneth 48 Jaworski, Robert Johnson, Annette Johnson, Benny Kamey, Robert Kruppa, Brenda Lee, Carlos Mackinder, Sherrie Macon, Michelle Marczynski, Sherri Meiers, Tom Murphy, Jesse Murr, Tammy Nothstein, Barbara Outler, Chana Paintin, Kenny Perkins, Brian Piechota, Robert Pramberg, Yevette Rochrohr, Irving Sehlyer, Heidi Scherler, Mike Sedlak, Laurie Smart, Herb Smith, Janet Smith, Kerry Spurling, Rhonda Thomas, Tim Titus, Barbara Trammell, Eddie Trujillo, Marshell Usher, Annette Ward, David Wood, Daniel Wooldridge, Marce Wright, Tracey 49 o o R 02 CO W fe W Q Comemos en el restaurante El Burrito Nous allons a Denver Trabajomos En la clase cw 5 3a26 " Ff Profesora Cantamos en espanol 50 Comemos Comemos Comemos UNDERCLASSMEN SIXTH GRADE FALCON 51UH Wasinger, Larry Becker, Joe Bennett, Joe Bryant, Charlie Coate, Brenda Coll, Cathy Cooper, Danny Daily, Delbert Eakin, Pam Egbert, Derick Egge, Amy Fagan, Mike Gallegos, Ricky Gonzales, Vivian Hawkins, Lisa Hilton, Mike Hilton, Richard Homeyer, Amber Huismann, Gene Humphrey, Terry Hunter, James Jackson, Tammy Lashley, Tammy Miller, Kelly Nothstein, Kenny Parson, Jeff Redford, Tim Roger, Tim Schroder, Kim Sedlak, Lisa Solberg, Greg Stelik, Roseann Titus, Vernon Toler, Cheryl Van Dyke, Morris Van Dyke, Yvonne 52 SIXTH GRADE EVANS Allen, Bernadette Anderson, Dondra Cabrera, Faith Cisneros, Melissa Crocker, Beth Darr, Valerie Dickson, Kenny Dinnebell, Cindy Dudley, Kim Greenwood, Junior Guillochon, 4ike Hauser, Robert Hendrickson, Bryan Henniger, Tom Holm, Debbie Isgar, Scott Johnson, Beverly Jourdant, Cindy Jourdant, Sandy Kancilia, Kirk Landherr, Bill Langdon, Kathy Lazor, Kris Lee, James McArdle, Carol McQuery, Paulette Muldren, Verlon Niemeyer, Yvonne Peters, David Pool, Keith Reese, Brenda Rockrohr, Randy Stephens, Lori Tate, Curtis Taylor, Bobby Trujillo, Ida Whaley, Stella Whitson, Scott Winkle, Tinker Wood, Leon Wooldridge, Angela 53 FIFTH GRADE FALCON Beck, Gary Bogner, Scott Boulder, Oran Boyer, Bobby Branham, Steve Bunck, Kim Chapman, Tracy Cooper, Sherri Crawford, Elizabeth Daily, Sandy Dowdy, Pam Freeman, Carl Gaddie, Clark Gillings, Robert Guy, Lee Henningsen, Mike Howell, Carmen Joyce, Mike Karney, Kurt Kauffman, Curtis Labota, John Mallow, Trie i a McCune, Mary Sue Murr, Brent Nothstein, Allen Paintin, Johnnie Peterson, Steve Preston, Roger Redford, Don Rutledge, Todd Smith, Becky Stelik, April Strate, Rodney Titus, Eugenia Vinall, Julie Walton, Jennifer 54 FIFTH GRADE FALCON Bell, Bridget Bowie, Anthony Bynum, Mondy Caddell, Mike Carlisle, Gary Clark, Dennis Davis, Alisa Devitt, Jan Elcm, Jeff Founds, Dee Dee Freeman, Carmen Carmen, Maria Grosso, Karen Hauser, Lesley Hazelhorst, L. Holm, Teri Howard, Linda Jackson, Keith Kruppa, Jeff McArdle, Brian McCrum, Mike Marczunski, S. Norris, Tammy Piechota, Cheryl Preston, John Robertson, Michael Smith, Rob Sontag, Alfred Staggs, Scot Tate, Jenny Thomas, Debbie Tursi, Janet Wehrenberg, Pattie 55 FOURTH GRADE FALCON Alfstad, Melonie Bennett, Clara Boyer, Richard Branham, Troy Christiansen, Tammy Cizek, Jorell Dunfee, Kay Gonzalez, Jan Hall, Scott Harris, Chad Hibbitts, Richard Horton, Leslee Jardon, Shelly Lashley, Barbara Marriott, Rodney McFarlin, Robin Murr, Joe Parmenter, Lesley Pate, Mary Anne Skaggs, Jobie Tilley, Gloria Van Dyke, Lorna A STOPz 56 FOURTH GRADE EVANS Abbott, Diane Anderson, Charolotte Batts, Bill Bononi, Robert Bowie, Abbott Caddell, Rhonda Conrad, Tammy Davis, Bobby Dinnebiel, Clinton Garman, Gayle Crosso, Stephen Hazelhorst, Martin Henniger, Bettdna Jackson, Bruce Johnson, Patricia Julevich, Joanne Kruppa, John Martin, Richard McQuerry, Bruce Messer, Cindy Muldrew, Chiryl Nelson, Stan Orth, Karl Reese, Jody Roberts, Sheldon Schuler, Billy Schuler, Stephanie Snyder, Paul Steele, David Stephens, Ron ?ifc .4ki Stone, Ralph Stone, Randie Stoops, Karen Swanson, Karen Tuijillo, Martin Tursi, Diana VanNordon, Buzz Whaley, Harry Wooldridge, Robert 57 THIRD GRADE FALCON Alfstad, Malinda Alfstad, Ross Beck, Jimmy Baker, Jay Bunck, Kristi Butler, Jeff Boulden, Brad Brown, Kimberly Carney, Kirsten Castor, Tiffany Coll, Paul Ellison, Karson Green, Kimberleigh Glaze, Becky Guy, Beverly Hawkins, Patty Hibbitts, Steven Johnson, Angela Johnson, Dwight Kirkwood, Sherry Leitch, Kenneth Loboda, Stacie Looper, Darrell Mays, Ann Nichols, Mark Parmenter, Cordy Pate, Donnie Rankin, Donna Smith, Melissa Thompson, Kenneth Thornton, Lynne Tilley, Eric Turney, Jodie Wasinger, Rhonda 58 THIRD GRADE EVANS V : I K ' , Anderson, Kristi Anderson, Sean Bunton, Debbie Bynum, Kelly Cabrera, Arigelica Caldwell, Jerry Cox, Alan Dudley, Dawn Freeman, Dana Fry, Billy Garcia, Bridgette Garret, Tammy Graham, Tony Hall, Jeff Hays, Sharon Hinkle, Tammy Isgar, Jenann Jackson, Chauncey Langdon, Diane Lawson, Debbie « ? " Lietzke, Missy Logue, Heidi McCrum, David Mangham, Lance Morris, David dLA Niemeyer, Jimmy Norris, Tommy Orth, Scott Porter, Robert Preston, Vicki e k 6 1V4 Rennaker, Wayne Ruybal, Kelly Singleton, Mike Smith, Mindy Steuben, Laura Usher, Jeff Wacker, Chuck Williams, Gena Wood, Frances 59 Bagner, Annette Baker, Scott Becker, Ronnie Boyer, Janice Cotton, Michael Doubet, Brian Frick, Robert Guy, Jeff Hackel, Doris Harris, Carol Hawkins, Gary Hibbits, Hollis Keese, Debby Kibler, Robert Lefebare, Lisa Luce, Gene McCusition, Karl Murr, Melissa Preston, Paul Shade, Gregg I Smart, Donald Smethers, Jeff Strate, Brian Thompson, Dustin Thompson, Roxanne Titus, Deborah Wallace, Brian Watkins, Bowdie 60 SECOND GRADE EVANS Alfstad, Matthew Eric, Chapman Cox, Gary Devitt, Flsyd Houck, Robin Jaworski, Gary Johnson, Jacqueline Lee, Robert Letterman, Lome Lewis, Eric Long, Barbara McStraw, Susan Michael, Scott Muldrew, Vonda Murdock, Chris Long Parson, H. Perry, Caroline Peteis, Marie Pool, Brian Robertson, Debra Reese, Mark Sontag, Steven Stone, Hope Thomas, Julie Trammell, Kevin Tribbey, Joey Turner, Daryl Tursi, Mark Van Norden, T. Wagnen, Craig 61 FIRST GRADE FALCON Alfstad, Renae Boyer, Alona Bums, Wayne Butler, Steven Canter, Kenneth Castor, Angela Castor, Buddy Chirstiansen, G. Dickson, Chirstop Douglas, Theresa Fox, Laurie Geiger, Terry Hatfield, Brian Harrison, Alan Hickerson, Leslie Hilton, Neal Homeyer, Chris Horton, Jerry Kauffman, Sharon Keese, Bobby Lashley, Dale Lower, Donna Luce, Michael Mallow, David Martin, Diana Murr, Jeff Murr, Keith Nichols, Christina Of fill, Heather Poole, Daniel Shade, Bradley Shaw, Opal Shupe, Jeff Stengel, John Toler, Virginia P PPPPPP Vessey, Roxanne Warner, Kimberly Watkins, Kimberl 62 FIRST GRADE EVANS Blackburn, Bruce Borjorquez, Susan Caddell, Robin Elem, Steve Fetterman, Donna Godwin, Jeffrey Hallaus, Jeffery Howard, Christine Jegg, Nathalie Lietzke, Laira McArdle, Tom Oles, Phillip Peters, Jim Rennaker, Kieth Spinelli, Brian Starks, Jarome M a 63 KINDERGARTEN FALCON Babcock, Tawnia Baker, Lisa Feiguison, Judy French, Danni Gallegos, Eddie Green, Pam Guy, Kim Hackel, Ray Harris, Corlun Henningsen, Thelsla Hiatt, Chris Hildebrandt, Keri Jardon, Stacie Johnson, Jeff Johnston, Shane Kebler, R yan Lane, Terry Mays, Nick McCuistion, Karla McFarlin, Mary Murr, Ann Murr, Jenny Poole, David Smethers, Aubyn Smith, Doris Sprouse, Cheyenne Strate, Brigitte Thompson, David WEM Turner, Ronnie Van Dyke, Charla Watkins, Lori Willard, Scott 64 $ » f r J B ft £ 1 A A, fc Anderson, D. Beaston, M. Bell, H. Bolin, R. Bowie, N. Bunton, J. Chapman, W. Christy, D. Cisneros, L. Cross, A. Denney, D. Diamond, C. Diamond, M. Disney, H. Dub, J. Estredge, K. Ferlin, D. Ferlin, D. Garcia, A. Gonzales, M. Graham, S. Hall, B. Hall, L. Hazlehorst, H. Hibbs, D. Houck, K. Imhoff, S. Ingham, K. Jackson, B. Johnson, C. Johnson, C. Landry, C. Logue, T. McCrum, A. Maidment, D. Marczynski, M. Mason, M. Michel, J. Mingee, B. Murdock, B. O ' Malley, I. Palmer, A. Pool, D. Starks, M. Stoops, J. Swanson, K. Thompson, S. Tramell, D. Tribbey, J. Vickers, D. VVehrenburg, V. White, D. 65 SCHOOL LIFE 66 ORGANIZATIONS rv a c v - ; ' i 1° CO 6 Q$ A-DhuniSMP e o m : p ill 67 Mountain £ Backcountry Club Tennis Club Student Council High School Pep Club b8 • fc National Honor Society Advanced Band Annual Staff I W Lettermen ' s Club High School Chorus 69 GYMNASTIC CLUB GOLF CLUB M4 n £ Am HP im JUNIOR HIGH PEP CLUB SKATING CLUB 70 ACT! ■ s- fr HOMECOMING 1974 75 Cheryl Mallow, Senior Cathy Whitney G Bill Oliver Tonya DeBusk, Senior Cathy Whitney, Queen Cathy Whitney Bill Oliver Donna Spurling, Junior Jennifer Vinall, Sophomore Jackie Whitney, Freshmen 72 Jennifer G Scott Candidates Jackie G Kenny 73 HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS TOP: Varsity Cheerleaders, CENTER: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, BOTTOM: Varsity GJr. Varsity Cheerleaders. 74 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS 75 WINTER SPORTS NIGHT 76 Shari Adams Ricky Looper Kevin Sullivan Ivan Redford ATHLETICS FALCON FOOTBALL 74 75 STATS! Cripple Creek 36 South Park 6 La Veta 38 Deaf Blind Simla IS Miami 18 Calhan 14 Peyton 9 Most Valuable Player: Gary Spurling Outstanding Offensive Player: Bill Oliver Most Improved Player: Ricky Looper Outstanding Defensive Player: Scott Smith 66 8 55 16 6 49 78 VOLLEYBALL Volleyball Team with Coach Davis 5 I - v, s 79 BASKETBALL Coach Mcintosh Coach Davis 80 IN ACTION 81 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Eighth Grade Seventh Grade STATS League Teams Outcome Calhan Loss Ellicott Won D GB Won Simila Won Peyton Won Maimi Won Elbert Won Won Team Record 15 Wins 1 Loss 82 WRESTLING John Lucas State Contender All -Conference WRESTLING RECORD Dave Johnson State Contender All -Conference Wins Loses Doug Bryant light wt. 3 Paul Gallegos 98 lbs. 7 4 Jim Bojorques 105 " 6 4 Kevin Spurling 112 " 8 5 Brett Bateman 119 " 5 Richard Bojorques 119 " 2 8 Kevin Smith 126 " 5 8 Jay Daily 132 " John Lucas 138 " 17 2 David Johnson 155 " 11 3 Charles Douglas heavy wt. 2 10 Kevin Spurling All -Conference Paul Gallegos Jim Bojorques Kevin Smith Brett Bateman Doug Bryant Coach: Terry Waktins Charles Douglas 83 BASKETBALL 1974 75 Opponents Calhan Simla Elbert Peyton Ellicot Deaf Blind Miami STATS Outcome Lost Lost Lost Won Lost Won Lost 84 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL BFL CHAMPS!! The Team with Coach Mcintosh STATS TEAMS Calhan Peyton D B Simila Ellicott OUTCOME Won Won Won Won Won CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPS! 85 SCHOOL LIFE 7 86 ADVERT WING . i MURR • DITCHING • CO. 7615 Maverick Road Colorado Springs, Colorado 495-2690 88 CD h _P The Voice of the Rockies CBS 1500 AM FM Stereo 95 KVOR 89 Paul E. Smith Skilled SMITTY ' S NO. 1 GARAGE 2601 E. Willamette Ave. Colorado Springs, Colo. Ph. 634-3308 PIZZA Small, Medium, and Giant 596-3682 DAVE ' S PIZZA 664 Peterson Rd. . Cheese Steak Panino . Sausage 8c Green Pepper Panino . Steakburgers Above Sandwiches with Salad and Chips . PLUMBING . HEATING . ELECTRICAL 3135 E. PLATTE AVENUE Colorado Springs, Colorado Phone: 636-3322 Plumbing Fixtures, Faucets, Traps, ETC , Plastic Pipe Fittings . Copper Pipe Fittings . Submersible Pumps . Electrical Wire 90 FREEMAN ' S QUALITY WELDING Welding Precision and Custom Work Arc - Gas - Heli Arc Ron Freeman 10815 E. Highway 24 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80831 495-2603 FALCON TENTEL CONVENIENCE STORE CANDY CIGARETTES GASOLINE MILK POP 3.2 - BEER ELBERT TRANSFER CO Bulk Sack Cement Prestress Concrete HEAVY DIVISION HEAVY HAULING Pipe L.A. McELHINNY Steel Machinery 6020 Galley Road Peyton Off. Phone: 597-3124 Res. Phone: 749-2115 91 WATER WELL PUMP SUPPLY CO., INC. HARDWARE . Complete Water Systems - Chlorinators . Pump Service Installation . Ditching, Pipeline Septic Systems . Pipe - Galvanized, Plastic . Complete Hardware . Pittsburgh Paints 6314 E. Platte (East U.S. 24) Colo. Springs, Colo. 80915 WREATH ' S PHARMACY DOWNTOWN Locations 128 South Tejon RUSTIC HILLS AREA 596-4650 1304 North Academy 24 - HOUR EMERGENCY PRECRIPTION SERVICE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ONLY 92 93 BROOKHART ' S BUILDING CENTERS MAIN OFFICE: 2423 EAST PLATTE PLACE Colorado Springs, Colorado 471-4500 Also: Woodland Park, Colorado 80863 687-9205 Calhan, Colorado 80808 347-2585 HARDWARE JAMES J. MAY INSURANCE Walker Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service v THE ST. PAUL COMPANIES SAFECO INSURANCE V 591-0900 3604 Galley Road OLYMPIC BEAUTY ACADEMY 2320 EAST PLATTE AVENUE PHONE: 636-1641 1739 NORTH ACADEMY BLVD. PHONE: 591-9191 RUSTIC HILLS NORTH SHOPPING CENTER COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO 80908 94 PHONE 598-3992 4215 SINTON ROAD fno OR UNITS- PRe-a t-T STA F(S COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. 80904 SPERRY MOCK Floor Wall Covering 634-8871 2741 E. Monument Colorado Springs, Colo. FLOOR FASHION CENTER Armstrong Floor Tile Ceramic Vinyl Formica Linoleum Carpet Wallpaper Drapery Interior Decorating Service 95 INVESTMENT MINDED BERNINA SEWING CENTER Sew Your Family ' s Clothes Yourself And Return More Than The Investment You Made In The Machine -It ' s Possible With. BERNINA! Phone: 596-0456 3937 Palmer Park Blvd. Colorado Springs 80809 The precision Swiss -made Bernina offers a super selection of stretch stiches to handle any modern fabric, including polyester. These in NO major stitch the Bernina 830 cannot sew. Sew with ease on all modern stretch fabrics from the sheerest lingerie to heavy material. Your Bernina will pay for itself many times over. And think of the fun! You and you family will be wearing clothes that fit and look right. SEE BERNINA AND BUY BERNINA NOW -ON EASY BUDGET TERMS! Foster Lumber Company Inc. FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS BUILDERS • CONTRACTORS SUPPLY CENTER QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL ESTIMATES CITYWIDE DELIVERY 597-4656 5925 OMAHA BLVD. (Omaha at Powers) J H HAY AND GRAIN 575 Ford Street Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 Phone: 591-1158 % CRISSEY FOWLER LUMBER COMPANY 117 West Vermijo Serving the Building Need of COLORADO SPRINGS For Over One Hundred Years Visit our Showcase at 130 West Vermijo Phone 473-2411 I NEW AND USED CARS C TRUCKS NORMAN MURPHY PHIL LONG FORD INC. Phone 635-2541 1212 Fountain Creek Blvd. Colorado Springs, Colo. " SOMEWHERE RESTAURANT " 6940 Highway 94 OPEN " 24 HOURS 97 Our Bulls have satisfied Our Customers for 40 years BANNING-LEWIS RANCHES r All dogs are not created equal... .. requirement vary ■ .,.,.. re I ' ■ ' D ' ET- ;an.ne foods a i , ! aianr;eo " formulas GROWTH ■ I UA1NT1 NAN ■ MAXIMUM ' Of puppies piegnanl and laclaiir. , ' ' or the heaHhyaduii dog nighty stressed ot working dog i , . ' DieP lood combinw high digcstibilily »vith manmum calcic ■ Uki ' la iubslaniial fedociion m alool I i.inded SCKIN ,S HOUNDS I ■,. i.M.i Did Di-ai ( " BINGO ' S DCS SADDLE SHOP 506 W. Colo. Ave Everything for Horse and Horseman THE POTTERS WHEEL CERAMIC CENTER INC. 2410 E. Platte Ave. (Hwy. 24) Colorado Springs, Colorado . KILNS . SUPPLIES . WORKSHOPS . INSTRUCTIONS Phone: 635-9221 98 ft COCHRAN HARDY ? u Pt uuau LINOLLUM-TIL.h-CARPET V 1 611 E. Fountain Blvd. WALL TILE PLASTIC CERAMIC VINYL Colorado Springs, Colorado Phone: 473-0454 THE BEST IN LINOLEUM AND FORMICA CARPET m QUARTER HORSES AND LIMOUSIN CATTLE Bulls and calves for sale STANLEY GLOVER 9550 Falcon Rd. Colorado Springs, Colorado M H BREEDING TRAINING SHOWING 99 HEATING PLUMBING ENGINEERS. INC. 5 i aLjdMMifi ™ -E I HEATING, PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS 407 West Fillmore Place Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907 Phone 633-5571 K. L. WRIGHT CONSTRUCTION, INC. COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL REMODELING FREE ESTIMATE 7680 Maverick Road Colorado Springs 80908 495-4361 100 EAST BANK OF COLORADO SPRINGS THE EAST BANK 500 North Circle Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 Telephone 303 473-5500 Telephone: 591-9546 GOLDEN HAIRPEN BEAUTY SALON Cimarron Hills 620 Peterson Road Colorado Springs, Colo AMERICAN AVIATION INCORPORATED Rudy Welch - Pres. Georgianne Sage - Sec. Aircraft Sales 24 Hr. Aircraft Maintenance Fuel Instruction Office 683-2547 Home 598-1790 101 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1975 SENIORS!! THE FALCON ATHLETIC CLUB (Parents Supporting our Athletic Department) DEL-RAY RANCHES Peyton Colo. 80831 Quarter Horses Phone: 749-2219 Area Code: 303 102 635-3501 DIAMOND COMPLETE HORSE PELLETS SIMPSON CO. Colorado Springs, Colorado MASTER POOLS OF COLORADO SPRINGS JOIN THE MASTERPOOL WET SET COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL Exclusive Turbo -Clean - fllfc. Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning BILL WIENER -ENGINEERING -CONSTRUCTION -DESIGN -CONSULTING Over 30 Years Experience -CHEMICALS ACCESSORIES -POOL SUPPLIES -COVERS 471-0112 or 471-3480 806 South Tejon ENCLOSURES -REPAIRS EQUIPMENT " For the Discriminating Horseman " Sp acializing in Dressage CRESTONE MEADOW Jumpers Hunters Indoor Riding Arena - Outstanding Boarding Facility 495-2313 103 I ,, I ,. ' l " . » • s SUTHERLAND MR. CONTRACTOR. MR. DO-IT-YOURSELF. MR. FARMER . AVF BUY AT BUILDERS PRICES ... OR LOWER , BY CASH AND CARRY AND GET PERSONAL SERVICE MATERIALS ESTIMATES FROM YOUR PLANS - COURTEOUS SERVICE ALWAYS! PLYWOOD - HARDWARE - PAINT - MILLWORK - KITCHEN CABINETS FENCING - PLUMBING ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES EVERYTHING FOR THE JOB AT A HANDY LOCATION master charge 411 s. wahsatch 475-2596 AD CM m - ,hrou 9 h FRI - VrCn SATURDAYS 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. WINTER HOURS NOV. 1 - MAR. 1 TIL 8 P.M. SUTHERLAND LUMBER SPONSORS OF PAGES DONALD J. MORRISSEY, D.M.D. LARRY POTTS CUSTOM AUTO TRIM MOONEY ' S BATTERY AMERICAN HERITAGE BANK MOBERLY ' S BOOT SADDLE SHOP WESTERN NATIONAL BANK AIRWAY VETERINARY HOSPITAL ROLOFSON ANIMAL CLINIC 104 0- 4 i f ° 10 Uj (TUJ . fiu) jcj$ W Xv OiJbdx Jtoy te Dam uoUj Itx 7 fc ° I ( 7- u uN ft l .- i 7 7. o ' ' - I ■ w Q( Ofcfc ; P I I ' JL ft ' I A w. ■

Suggestions in the Falcon High School - Peregrine Yearbook (Peyton, CO) collection:

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