Faith High School - Song of Faith Yearbook (McCalla, AL)

 - Class of 1975

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Faith High School - Song of Faith Yearbook (McCalla, AL) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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. H- U ""','h' ., A W .Q 'W "n""'n"'nT"'5 -W .vga-J 'EH M "f"W"vi"L"s nf1' '11-w".':' :W wi '::"'1."+' -fw- .' '- 5 U , Q' 51' ' :SF ,"'f'mifnfln'?Qtl"?':! ' n Qs, N p'ux"1'5l'Pu:"'v,Q' t 95:55 yum' lffwtn s :::i" .Mm .-ww' .w:s.:-.- ,ww h L"-" -' ' - new ,i:,1::f'i QI.:-if ' ,M ' .ggrgh :g:.g::r.-rpr-- V .w:--::,z:s:- tj! gif!! W Q.: aff,-:f,i.'ag:a!u2g1 V U. Q K. Q..-.,:.,::I.z:':'.. xiao --:aff sri- v-Si it 1'-Wi'-:-' ,,-e.'5:- ,,.:5g.i':-gg ,aft-333, eq. -!.:f.yg5:5- 'Q'.sn 'n""'S'1 ' K' 05' I ' -1' ' 4 v 's Nl, W f 'ri N 'fn 0455" if' v":!'."--gf v-up v 'eh 'p. :uv vw ..r ,7-,4'.f.-qu, 13-, '.Fv,-.wr U 619 5'."" T .W 1, Q' '51:',',1J'll,'Ql'r hh' Q' s'vliw'?. .Q " c 'L ' A K 'r'v1Y+ uv' ' .'C:I'-"M '--"-'-' J"-v -35. sgyf, A " 925 02, lg'w It vw-'ngIl.w53":l1' 'Nile' ' 'Q ' ' I g V 1 , . Q 1 'uk DQS -5 Y Ubi". tsnvqf N. " J 'fer 323: .5319 .- :ibm .-'Cin 1-.1?35r2f5"' ' W!-, no sh ' 'Ps A"."'v ' ' ',s'g I ' N , gg, , 'QA I gl of .T-Q.5E'3u ,:.'.i,n, g iw ,qvfg -U , M WO ': :qu 1'-' flu' 'Nn"""" u"g",'x:'l ' ve- ,,i'n':US'Hg," Ffh -s- 1 lm, 0 1 'vw '.'--"-' v.'.v.v 2- 'v W ' 'W--UweM'w'w 'bv ' 'a"'n, 1 1' ' '4' v'v"23' Q" 'lv ""5""" ' uf"" 1'L""Q"'!-LW "' ,im Us ug, w, ..1 .sm ' ,gm h,.o,.v.1g4y,,,Ar, MM. ,QMW - ui! "U . -- :hay 'nl' 'tim' 0 X llslgzdn 3 lu N 12" G' 'V 'Q N1 "N 'Elf' q,"'L' t.'bn V' mm""" gf, wiv A Q. U. qv LW M, . 'Q nu,-:pai ww- . s. mg -.,-v . .Sag , 1 Qu on ,rn v ,. , Q , ., an 'M Og! llg,imlv QF". 'wh N sph: 2 "PQ " v ur. 'rv- I iflu as ' I' U"u - ' I Q og 'I' 'W.:2'.2:.. 1.35. 7:'?5:13 52255.12 ,.-'f'tz'g6:5:g2' , "s n g .do w ,' ' 1 "1 Q 'o'l5,'l o 'u' U' .ix 'u.g 01' ' , 'Q' ,'-zolfi 9 ",l.Q,O.f .'g'l. 'r H' :sry HJ ' R ' . nv" ':',':f' 2 p:eo'QOpf' ,l,'o Qc' gg, 1494! .au ,Q ,Q',',Q .2 nuhkn .'gg',gf' ul. -104,0 zu. , ,nv ,, vuufo- P gp . U' c.1o. t.s .I 4, , nl, ,. Dlmnxf .l.l,.., "V """ 'mls "5 A 125. rn' 'vO?':' I t:':'a'l:' 5:-:I "2" QDVQD 'iv .-'nf 0.5 .'.' u' .5 'hu ie .-lv, -" '."q gg on o. .3 . n Q .No H s'.--. Q ,o!ss2'5. Oh' ,ls n ,Pg C, U' A p ' 52.5. Q ,L f 349, ,ff .,:-xg. ,,:2:,,:5:-- l 1 l D I K -R'5:F:., 231- . .-nu'-" -:frm-5' ,v:::,.' 'o.1.:o.-Q-52, , .31 "'l," .gffaffr xv" ' 'sun ' l ll"'P I ' au"-' -'fl-." - . . . . . s'n:n Difbf'-' stzfyv 1, ,fix ...-.,..............,..,, .W 'E ' : ' s 5 'sh' w':'n' :bfi ff.g:.'.'.'1f.1'- fig' . wks a-.q"g'.' ,R , I in ' :ERE gn 1 if My ,win . 1 U qaztrilf , .taste '21 I ' Q' if-k 5, . V 2 if' J 5 f' s ai' Q' 40" ,tw nj? M . 5 in 5 .w......-ww ' hu g. ....1.....AQx 1 '.'f..'.", P w,gT-,gvzwzzckat ',"f'.'.','1nsfi 11, linux-.::xzn.s: gm shiggzj f 'A ' if . 5 2, v LJ ' Vs 15 , 1' at S' f. is vfrn ' wh 'Hx:.:':":'oi:'i tw'f'i'721".'f f '- H wa , 'J v ,. e '.l..,'a'..f ',"E' u ,gud Vi, Q., kiln 'ix -'nigh ii, wif, 'diszbnut 's',g'n,'." 0,9 :NN L'w,srgf , Haul-'he 5 a . vw 'nl ru -, s 0, ,n,' ,"f-QCVW, w.,oNU',w".'w 'M I' '.o'nr l"u5i7f'F5' '5"'n' 'kv N v'0l' , A :gy Q, 19, U bugugi' 1' 1 511054. , city, fi, p,'fJ" ' 'n's:'w'i ' 2f:uf"m" ' ' b un ' va, 1, -wa fn NWN 'In 1 ' Univ, w:'4,.4a! ,W 4159313 'W if M an FAITH scnom THE CR USADER Faith H igh School McCalla, Alabama I 974- 75 Volume 5 Editor: Janice Pack Sponsor: Vanessa O. Carter 'T 2 . , Q , We, the 1974-'75 yearbook staff, would like the effort put forth by Mrs. Dorothy Reed. Mrs. Reed received her degree from the University of Alabama and is a prominent member of the Forest Hills Baptist Church. She has been teaching at Faith for the past six years. She is well known for her true dedication to the art of teaching. We, the yearbook Staff, would like to make this year one of the most memorable for her. The 1974-75 yearbook is hereby dedicated to Mrs. Dorothy Reed. W M'-ws-we-u-Q14 I 'cl like to build the world A home, and furnish it With love, :Y I . .,, n MW -P 6 Grow apple trees and honey bees And snowwhite turtle doves. I. , I 'cz' like I0 teach the world to sing In perfect harmony . . . yi f' e i 23, x H 1,--H I 'cz' like to hold it in my arms, And keep it company. I'd like to see the world for once A ll standing hand in hand vw, llllnlnqg- I, 5' ,A l ,IW ., - Y Illini, V , I. "' v wr ' "' ,,,,.,..1nr J ,WWA X W' ' if 2 . ,f VVXX N fy: 1 .ff W yu 5 Q 1 1 , , gui: 3 , wg.. I 4 ' in .uv Wil , , tA.x Q- -4' ,H F .,: ' 7' ,s w A--up il' 5. And hear them echo through the hills For peace throughout the Zonal Im 'B 1 A A r e. Thafs the song I hear, Let the world sing today iii . Q 'ru nu' A song ofpeace - that echos on And never goes away ai ut your hand in my hand 'Q' 'rr'- ns, 4, 'Qi Q3 4' 1-.1 . - '1, ,ga '- Wig? W figs- 15:1 541 I . .- 1375- , -5.22 ,- , 3 Q--' Efsa.: , . .b .. 3521 1:21. ,.. t.. :P .L , - .E .1 M5 W , fy - ,wiffvfgx fm: 'T , 4.1245-f Af," f , ev EQ EW ,,'fff"wg5Il?'i?2 ,fft .- uw' -u - ,gn 521' . A , ' . H' 1, u x gg , , f wx qw 3. f ' V, -MM .. .. ', A1 ww '- 'A -' 2 P555 A gf' , ' "Puff .ev Y. " I , :CHA 1-' J at lag A 'eff-JI. - ng as 44- I: 1, F' r ,Y f ""' 'L 4 ju ,J R .1 1 ,wwe 'Wi 5 WMM f 3 f x Y' ,b-,.. ,V z Let's begin today Putyour hand in my hanal f ff Rx vs.. n 5 1 I' y 0- .wir PM '-ifgfiif Wwe" H elp me find the way - M- -i. -wb . g -P-1 Gi. Q : www The End POP ULA TI ON Miss Jan Parton Editor I7 New Administration Displays Leadership DONALD B. BRISTOW Mr. Donald Bristow received his B. A. degree from Auburn Uni- versity. He taught Agricultural Business three years before com- ing to Faith. He has offered our school organization , discipline , Christian leadership and improved academic standards. Ah!!! if 1' Ifff? MRS. INA MAE VICK B . S . Elementary Education , University of Ala. in Tuscalooosa MRS. SARAH F. PRIESTLEY B . S . Elementary Educationg B.A. Music, Samford University MRS. PEARL ROCKWOOD DUN- BAR B . S . Elementary Education , West Illinois University: M . A . Remedial Reading, University of Chicago X 1 X X .Cl T15 K ' , 2 A. I i , ' 0 'G D t.,.2 MRS. CLARA L. HARRIS B . S . Elementary Education , West Illinois University MRS. KATHY D. ROBERTSON B. S . , M.S. Elementary Educa- tion, Auburn University MR. JOE T. SPAIN B.S. Christian Education, South ern Bible College Enthusiasm Is Portrayed in the . MRS. VANESSA O. CARTER B.A. , Spanish, Univ. of Ala- . . . m bama in Brrmrngha MRS. HAZEL ASKEW B.S. , Social Science, Florence State University MRS. IRENE W. ATCHINSON B.S. English, Math. Samford University MISS MARGARET JANE GRIMES B.S. Biology, Psychology, Bir- mingham Southern MISS BONNIE K. KACHAROS B. S. , Business Education Univ of Ala. in Tusc MRS. JUDY C. STEVENS B.A. , English, Speech Theater University of Montevallo GC. , . f if-E3 22, zz'-5 X is J' 6- ' . za at ' , , ,V 3 0' 6 ,,,. . W rea 3 J J, 'Y 3 Za Vic 5 .. ,. A. 20 f1ffg:' f at ':GW'-:,'L., ZQL I f f , Fe "' 5:21222 - ,' -,i'i:,1, Tl: vi iff . f V ' A I Q ff-9 .5 ...,.,...-1-wr 2 . . Faces 0 Our Faculgf MRS. KAREN A. JACKSON B.S. , Math, Univ. of Alabama in Tusc. MR. MARVIN WILLIAM TROTT B.A. , History, Bible, B.D. Lan- guages and Theology, Tennessee Temple, M.A. Social Science and Psychology , Azusa Pacific Col. MRS. DOROTHY E. REED B.S. , Library Science , English, Univ. of Ala. in Tusc. MRS. NANCY H. BROWN B.S. , Phys. Ed. , English, Liv- ingston University MR. JOHN L. MCCARVER B.S. , P.E. , and History, Jack- sonville, Secondary M.S. , Edu- cation, Samford University MRS. BEVERLY A. SMITH B.A. , Art, Glassboro State Col- lege x450,'N 1 hx SQ C Q wsfiw , I W 'LH Zu". MWJQYWJ X X ,A., dw N Q4 KX, N05 f 2 N 1 54? ' AMW T 5 N'-Wyljjfrjc gxwbi U" f!' . Mfr? fy' +a , g , Q fc Q9 U X2 1 if 35 f'Pf . . ,A gf j W , JA fu if, ' .vid AAKUT, LW'1 fy! . . 'X J ' ray If .' A W Z Q f Q ' 5 fy? LWCLK ' ff 'ig fix Q2 f Wafvw Sk U i x QW QX5fN Q gl aj LWMQ KN F.. '- G37 X ,V 2 A g., . fi, XT, -xx ' k Q 1 M M Qfi? li . .x , P - L? I 297 N FO 9 4? Q ,QD S E 'hf' 1 , cw gqfyq i 5 YQ ggi c KA , VW Us .,4 q ffjf A XA, M 1 xf iw W ii ':, x Q Yi xv , QQ ,fi K Z X T A X A' mx? X lc 1 QV' Q E X I, Q uk Z cd Q25 . - Q 5, ex X, fc, 2 Cqcfi, Q31 C Q N 5 S ii T Z 1 ,X C Z K JQ X 1 ,, K f fp m 6 270,-Q J 9,7 f .Q 7 f , fr 49 L AQ QQ? Q . 'NJ I f UN "', L' KC' , ii R W5 is X K GD QQ? G1 I We F Q f .Jw V ' M6271 wwf " f V XXQJQWQZM u df, JQWLVZ 413 fXOJ 0k AA Q9 amd? Qing, L 30' s W W My Hwy Q3 Ng W wi XLLQW --Z. Q QQQQW WW JNL ' f v.va75M'KQ X WXW 59701 MMM M X 7 Jaw, 6,66 QMMJZV A LZQ,j74? T?QQ,4Lf. 70 if Ziyi? X , K 5fwwk'WWQ Kindergarten FRONT ROW, L to R - Kathy Lambert, Donna Thomas, Cindy Head, Jamie Garrett, Sheryl Davis, Shannon Hollon. BACK ROW, L to R - Sharon Key, Ste- phanie Manning, Nicki Ryder, Sharon Hughes, Matt Diffley, Steve Clevenger, Lee Smith, Ken Gamble, Mrs. Whisenant. First Grade FRONT ROW, L to R - Ray Kemp, Audra Johnson, Lori Champion, Sharon Hewitt, Jerry Culp, James DeFreese, Cynthia Passmore, Carol Bigham, Jean- nie Askew, JoAnn Willis, Allen Gamble, Cassey Ford. BACK ROW, L to R - Sonya Wyatt, Ste- ven Knox, Jeffery Spradlin, Craig Alexander, Adrian Scrog- gins, Rick Howton, Cheryl Kirk- patrick, Keith Nichols, Mrs. Vick. Second Grade FRONT ROW, L to R - Ginger Kelly, Roland Harris, Jay Morri son, Lori Collins, Brian Reaves. BACK ROW, L to R - Curry How ard, Christy Kornegay, James Curren . Jesslyn Thornton , Tammy Bittle, Greg Weaver. Third Grade FRONT ROW, L to R - Lisa Mor- ris, Judy Owens, Susan Keily, Kristy Fullbright, John Knight, Rebecca Jackson, Carla Snider, Melinda Snider. BACK ROW, L to R - Scott Minor. John DeFreese, Mrs. Dunbar, Jimmy Adams, Matt Wood, Stephen Reaves. Fourth Grade Phyllis Bigham Shannon Blackwell Jan Blankenship Michael Brown Jeffrey Carter Norman Carter Greg Hand Mark Harris Kathy Hayes Shelia Hayes Velvet Kennedy F zfth Grade Marie Ash- Connie Bigham Ray Blankenship Robbie Champion Greg Childers Burton Dabbs Mary Nell Diliberto Bonnie Downey Becky Goodwin Terry Herring Robert Hewitt Kevin Massey Wayne Mcree Tracey Radney Diana Reaves John Weaver Teresa Malone Amy Parsons Brian Pitts Allen Russell Bernard Shattuck Chris Stanley Ronnie Stephens Billy Stivender Carla Trammel Kendolyn Vance Sixth Grade Danny Arin Barry Atkins Lisa Brown Valorie Burnette Lisa Cochran Lolyd Colvin Brian Finnen Jan Howton Bobby Jones Claude Keily Kathy Kirkpatrick Tammy Knight W' Wayne Kornegay Tammie Malone Joey McDaniel Regena McDonald Callie Palmer Greg Parson Clay Radney Penny Scroggins Danny Smith Scott Stephens Cynthia Wallace 'T' C I MIS- Mitcham Mrs. Whisenhunt Mrs, Key A MIS- Farr Mrs. Allen Mrs. Whisenant 7th Grade Begins H i gh School Journey Kevin Alexander Ierrie Lynn Carter Joe Chesser Debbie Cummings Billy Finnen Tracey Ford Tena Gentry Bennie George Angelia Guy Mary Harrison Shawn Hayes Jerri Langford Tonya May Kathy Mize Ross Mize Virgil Morrison Gary Smith George Watkins Mark Watkins Annon Weaver Mike Woodruff 8th Grade Exhibits Most Interest in Skating Pczry I , . T V T T Steve Langston Robyn Manning Gary Martin Sharon Mayo Debra McRee Natalie Reaves Darla Scroggins Tony Shoemaker Mike Smith Dean Sullivan Teresa Wallace 5 t 5 5 3 Bill Brewer Billy Brown Jeff Gray Lady Hill , H' ony Huddleston Mike Hunt alerie Johnson eresa Keily im Kornegay Linda Densmore Walter Harrison We 'jjsfiiif' K. V, -H Roger Abbott Jimmy Blackmon Johnny Blackmon Carol Bowen Jimmy Brasher Mike Cook Lucy Diliberto Victoria Durrett Terrie Eubanks Nancy Flowers Blake Hayes Bob Hayes Cleon Headley Mart Hill Perry Hogue Rhonda Brewer Vicki Brown Dewayne Casey Dewight Casey Vicki Gamble Billie Gentry Lisa Goodwin Sam Guy Jackie Howton Kay Jones Jimmy Ledbetter Glen Mahan Freshman Class Shows Earl Sparks Q Marlon Spradlin Laura Young Pam Morrow Ed Pitts Debbie Rosser Don Rosser Ricky Rosser Kim Roy Gary Scott Valerie Scorggins Kenny Sizemore NOT SHOWN - Nick Diliberto, Lisa Harbison , Ronnie Jennings Freshman Class O fcers President - Kay Jones S -Wi QM 13,1 I I .,M - 15e4f" fi -- ,. 1 EM r ,y-,,f1.-'L' if gif :V t,, 'J' ' V F" ' 4 ' V " ' W B .. , """' ,V -vw ' - '-fr. I ' 5 1 - .':fl?.r: 1' 'i . f " r3s'fL..,' - 1 Vice-President - Kenny Sizemore Sec. -Treas. - Rhonda Brewer M ost School Particgvation Keith Alexander Pam Ashworth Mike Brown Jeanine Burgin Timmy Campbell Preston Church Shawn Clevinger Kim Cochran Mark Corn Lee Davis Terry Densmore Teresa Doyle Glenda Ferrell Tony Fisher Tu? Mike Franklin Leigh Ann Higgonbotham Patsy Ingram Harold Irby Stan Jarrett Eddy Johnson Eddy Kines Mack Kornegay Susan Lambert Terry Ledbetter Charles McCree Mike Naramore Renee Nelson S ophomores are proud of largest class Ana' most school S-P-I -R-I -T Dennis Noble David Odom Jill Oglesby Van Oglesby Johnny Patterson Mary Jane Phillips fins' I Kenneth Pike Gary Postell Joel Powell Kathy Prince Sonya Radney eed Keith Ross Allen Roy Roy Savage Chris Shaw Peggy Shrove Marcy Sims Diane Smith Cindy Stephens Linda Watkins Sindy Watkins Rodney Whited Connie Williams My George Willoughby Carlton Young fxx -,cf 4'li' J Sophomore O jicers President - Paul Reed Vice-Pres - Van Oglesby Sec. -Treas. - Cindy Stephens 33 unior Class Boasts V . . Kathy Barger Karen Bartlett Beverly Burchfield Leo Casey Alan Chesser Cathy Chesser Johnny Cooley Cheryl Cornelius Keith Crawford Joey Eargle Randy Foust Pam Garner Junior Offcers l President - Glenn Pierson Vice-President - Karen Bartlett Secretary - Treasurer Sharon Weston ff? fx 40 'Q r .39 fd' .riffs Essay Winner - Tim J ones Starling Hardwick Vicki Hunt Tim Jones Phyllis Key Letha Kornegay Rickey LaFoy Peggy Langston Dwight Mahan Dan Martin Tony Martin Kathy Mayo Bill Morrow Marty Norred Robert O'Nea1 Debbie Patterson Juniors Maintain "Spirit of 37633 Glenn Pierson David Roper Teresa Sanders Leon Shelton Edward Smith Denise Stone Sharon Weston Brenda Wilson NOT SHOWN - Wendell Harbison, Jim Scogin 3. f .J ver' ...Q-ul fvjfig 5k AVVV 5 Organization MISS IEANINE BURGIN Editor Science Club The Science Club appeals to students i who seek a unique perspective of science. By offering scientific concepts in a less formal manner. They hope students will see that science can be fun. The club also offers entertaining programs which at the same time , are instructive. L. to R. - Johnny Blackmon, Bo Brasher, Ronnie Jennings, Gary Scott, Jackie Howton, Valerie Johnson, Tony Fisher, Darla Scroggins. Jerri Lang- ford, Tonya May, Tena Gentry, Billie Gentry, Miss Grimes, Kathy Mize, Lady Hill, Perry Hogue, Timmy Campbell, Sponsor - Miss Grimes. Student Council The purpose of the Student Council is to achieve a better relationship between the students and to effectively assist the school in any way possible. The council sponsored a party and caroled at Estes Nursing Home during the Christmas holidays. The candidates motivated the elections with witty campaign slogans and posters. From their speeches one could tell that all were fully qualified for the jobs they seeked , however not all could be elected. The council hopes to succeed in furnishing needed audio-visual equipment for the school. PRESIDENT - John Reed. L. to R. - Mrs. Jackson, Sindy Watkins, Sharon Weston, Jeanine Burin, Nancy Flow- ers, Kim Cochran, Bill Brewer, top row - L. to R. - John Reed, Joey Stra- chan, Miss Kacharos, Ricky Posey, Kenny Sizemore, Van Oglesby, Kavin Bishop, Steve Bradley 39 , 3 Beta Club The National Beta Club is an honor service organization whose main goals are to promote academic excellance and to serve both the school and the community. To be eligible for membership, a student must be of excellent moral character and he must also have and be al: to maintain a "B" average. As a service to the school, the Beta Club is in the process of raising money for audio-visual aides for the school. OFFICERS - L. to R. - Paul Reed- Chaplain, Patty Hulgan-Vice President, Cathy Langston-President, Sponsor-Mrs. Stevens, ai Janice Pack-Secretary. L. to R. CRow 19 - Cleon Headley, John Reed, Steve Bradley, Rodney Hayes, Joey Strachan, CROW 23 - Billie Gentry, Cindy Warren, Patty Hulgan, Linda Watkins, Patsy Ingram, CROW 37 - Jeanine Burgin, Pat Edmonds, Kathy Mayo, Jan Parton, Nancy Flowers, Janice Pack, CROW 43 - Paul Reed, Sherry Goff, Randy Foust, Glenda Ferrell, Diane Smith, and Beverly Burchfield. lf -t , C C , 2 s 5 r si 1 E The Letter Club consists of those who receive recognition for participation in interscholastic athletics such as football, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading. Its major goal is to furnish a trophy case for Faith High School. OFFICERS - L. to R. - Treas. - Glenn Pier- son, Sec. - Sherry Goff, V. Pres. - Kelly Dial, Pres. - Terry Ledbetter, and Sponsor Coach McCarver. F. to B. - Terry Ledbetter, Jimmy Black- mon, Van Oglesby, Alan Chesser. Dennis Noble, Kenny Sizemore, Eddie Johnson, Tim Jones, Paul Reed, Randy Hale, Glenn Pierson, Tony Martin, Kavin Bishop, Keith Casey, and Steve Bradley. L. to R. CROW lj - Patsy Ingram, Peggy Langston, Sherry Goff, Cindy Stephens, Rhonda Brewer, Anette Brewer, Cathy Langston, Patty Hul- gan, and Sindy Watkins. CROW 23 - David Roper, Chris Shaw, Kelly Dial, John Reed, Kenneth Pike, Donny White, Marty Norred, and Coach McCarver. ROW 3 - Bobby Pat- terson, Mike Noble, Mack Kormnegay. Mike Franklin, Durrell Smith, Johnny Coo- ley, and Keith Crawford. Sponsor - Coach McCarver. 43 Pep Club The purpose of the Pep Club is to provide an organized body of enthusiasm and spirit that can be readily identified as belonging to the students of Faith School. This organization also provides a focal point of the school spirit around which the students can rally. The Pep Club strives to bring out the "pep" potential in all students. Sponsor - Miss Grimes. L. to R. - lst ROW - Natalie Reeves, Susan Lambert, Darla Scroggins, Pam Ashworth, lerrie Lynn Carter, Lady Hill, Valerie Johnson. ROW 2 - Dean Sullivan, Sonya Radney, Vickie Hunt, Pam Martin. Sponsor: Miss Grimes, and Jill Oglesby. E Q' sl W law A Spanish Club Que tal, alumnos! El arculo magico es para los estudiantes de espanol. The Spanish Club links students' studies with cultural and social aspects of the language, while participating in school activities. The club provided a "junk car" project for the Fall Festival and later sponsored a skating party. The club also initiated a Valentine "mail service . " A club highlight is the annual "fiesta with Spanish and Mexican cuisine. Club membership encourages students to appreciate foreign customs and to realize that a foreign language is an important , practical tool for life . ' "f t L. to R. CROW 13 - Bill Brewer, ' ' Darlene Newton, Kim Cochran, Q, , p:'p y Kathy Mayo, Pat Edmonds, and bpqpt ,:..: p pp.. Sharon Weston. CROW 23 - Paul R, 'izi ' P n is 'ffi M: q"" 5 Reed, Mike Hunt, Kevin Alexan 'f""k Q If der, Walter Harrison, Jeff Gray. llzg R .fiil mow 35 - Robin Manning, Jill hs pfg, ,.p, i oglesby, Linda Watkins, Glenda A Ferrell, Jeanine Burgin, Keith 'l'iL i:Jli" p,,.ii ' C5' s lf' K Harmon, David Roper, Sherry V ! Goff, :Kenny Sizemore, Keith Crawford , Stan Iarrat , Diane rr was r . Smith. Vicki Hunt. and Marty - S. . , .3 t. Q .1 Q XM 5 ' - ' ' Norred . f T 1 i OFFICERS - L. to R. - Chaplain - if 5 U Keith Crawford , President - f ff' Q Marty Norred, Secretary-trea- M surer - Vicki Hunt, and Sponsor - an A Mrs. Vanessa O. Carter. The Art CLub is an initiative which gives interested students an opportunity to work on creative art projects of their choice. They decided to work with dyes, previously finishing a "tie dye" project and working with some batik. The Art Club also represented Faith School with projects to the State Art Show in March, 1975 . The Art Classes constructed a float, designed by the students, for the 1974 Merry Christmas parade of Bessemer. OFFICERS - L. to R. - Mrs. Smith, sponsor, President - Timmy Camp- bell, Treas. - Tony Fisher, Vice-Pres. - Cathy Chesser, and Sec. - Art Club Renea Nelson. L. to R. - Kathy Prince, Billy Brown, Renea Nelson, Alan Chesser, Cheryl Cornelius, Tony Fisher, Sonya Radney, Harold Irby, Natalie Reaves, Johnny Patterson, Rodney Hayes, Virgil Morrison, Cathy Chesser, Mark Watkins, Debbie Patterson, Timmy Campbell, Tony Shoemaker, Brenda Wilson, and Leatha Kornegay. wi, I Zi , I Q Why' 1 ,wg 'M I Nuff 9 s O Q Q - 0 Sami U X 552 5 A U .ff ,' is ,,, - W Kimi I C... Companion MR- KEITH HARAQ Editor ON 277 V W in V ' x . I , 1 7- W, 1 - 48 1974 Crusaders ROW 1, L to R - Randy Hale, HB: Mike Noble, QB: Dennis Noble, HB: Mack Kornegay, FB: Keith Casey, C. ROW 2, Lto R - Many Norred, SE: Teny Ledbetter, SE: Tony Martin, TB: Jimmy Black- mon, LG: Eddie Johnson, LG, Johnny Cooley, LT. ROW 3, L to R: Gary Brown, SE: Jolm Reed. FB: Chris Shaw, TE: Glenn Pier- son, RT: Wendell Harbison, SE: Paul Reed, DB.: Vann Oglesby, RG. Page 51. 19 ,JK r HK ' I fh a ' f , at X X., 1 Competition began on a sad note as Faith traveled to Lanett, Ala. . to meet Sprlngwood. To say this opening game was sloppy would be an lmderstatement, and that doesn't mean just the weather. In an evening- long rainstorm, A During the August heat wave , Crusaders were sprinting through practice sessions. preparing for a TOUGH SCHEDULE against some or tne top teams in the Alabama Private School Association. The Crusaders' season got underway with a new coach. John McCarver. The team was young and had few experienced players. as the 0-10 record indicated. F UMBLES SPELLED A 33-0 DEFEA T FOR FAITH The team not only came home with dampened spirits. but also dampened uniforms. However, a big plus was that the defense held Springwood to one touchdown in the second half 1 J. - 0- Ugfffffk-546 , YL as ' fif mir -Q T 1 uv is 3,9 ii , '1' ' , i f .-ff " fl V ,, .1 S as a 1. " V 1 4 . ' H 4 , he 1 V I 4 gl , X A Us 1 A 4,7 A t w offs' V L-'f - - me a fm' Avi' ,. K Q f?i', l",w33j',.fL,Q ' a C OOSA VA LLE Y REBELS The team played hard-nosed football , but just couldn't quite put it all together. Even though the score did not reveal lt, the defense played well at times and looked as lf it was going to prevail. but it finally broke down. The final score was Coosa Valley 29, Faith 0 . Faith then met Inglenook in its first home game of the season. The Crusaders played well against this big rival and had many exciting plays, including s some electrifying kick returns by Mike Noble. These provided the f' crowd a spark of ' A ff E A W wg 'wgxghg' " fs HOPE FOR VICTORY However, the Big Green's opportunities to score on big s drives were fizzled away by costly penalties. Inglenook won by the score of 13 to 0. ' gs-54. ff -fr- el -on The Crusaders then , J 0 U RN E YED C h Q' T0 , s DADEVILLE f a tsta where they played Tallapoom ll d h in ' C5-Q C Academy. It was a bruising game in " which several players were injured. ' a 11 t ' Thiswasacostlyblowtothefinal , hsew I outcome, what was. Tallapoosa 26, ' f C , as ' A aa w Faith o. Q ' 'sl a t , 1 . C . The following week Faith traveled to Tuscaloosa to take on West End Christian. Although the Crusaders were fired-up and had a hard week of practice, Faith came home defeated once again, 35-0. u Faith hit the road on a long joumey to Phenix City to play Glenwood . one of the top-ranked teams in the state. Faith took HEARTQ SPIRI71 AND C O URA GE onto the field . But lt lacked the muscle that Glenwood had. This was fatal, as Glenwood proved to be too much for the Crusaders to handle. High hopes of upsetting Glenwood diminished. as the Crusaders fell 55-14. In the second home game of the year, Faith's Crusaders moved to Shelby Academy to battle the Eagles of Talladega Academy. In a very physical game, LA CK OF DEPTH caused a decisive defeat for the exhausted Crusaders. The story of the game was told on the scoreboard, which read: Talladega 35, Faith 0. I Q - ,Q ' I .4 4 un the road agatn. the Crusaders raced a very rugged Shelby Academy defense which held them to only six points. Taking advantage of the young. inexperienced Crusaders. Shelby built up a 31 to 6 lead, which they held to the end of the game. HOME- COMING WEEK ended dismally as the Crusaders went down into defeat once again. The DEFENSE PLA YED WELL until the fourth quarter. when the Cahawba Christian offense began to roll. This was the margin of victory because the Crusaders were never able to generate a consistent offense. The defense spent more time on the field and it eventually collapsed, as the Crusaders were defeated 22 to 8. X In the finale, the upset-minded Crusaders visited the Bessemer 4 Academy Rebels. The Crusaders drew first blood as Terry LEDBETTER INTER CEP TED A PA ss and raced untouched into the endzone for the game's first score. However. the offense sputtered and perished because of the inability to execute soundly and consistently. Although the mighty Crusaders fought gallantly, Bessemer Academy just would not be denied a victory. The score , 50-22, does not justly reflect the efforts put forth by our team and coaches in the most spirited game of the season. 55 PRA C TI CE PEP RALLIES, AND SCHOOL SPIRIT have always characterized Falth's cheerleaders and tl' z 1974-75 squad was no exception. The squad was led by Miss Cathy Langston, head cheerleader, through a long hot summer of practice. They planned original pep rallies for each game, including special skits produced in cooperation with the Pep Club. The Homecoming Pep Rally outshone previous ones. with a faculty cheering team and the "Mtmchkins. " The cheerleaders were also responsible for providing the spirit stick competition each week , which sparked student enthusiasm. ' Mrs. Nancy Brown and Mrs. Audrey Goff served the cheerleaders as sponsors. C1 .af N 3 4 ,Q 1 w 'f V Misses Annette Brewer, Sr.: Sherry Goff, Sr.: Patty Hulgan, Sr.: Cathy Langston, Sr.: Peggy Langston. Jr.g Patsy Ingram, Soph.g Cindy Ste- phens, Soph.: Sindy Watkins, Soph.g and Rhonda Brewer, Fr. made up the 1974-1975 CHEERLEADIN G SQUAD 1 f Ma isy J R 'ID X , V' " SQOMQ 'WV' " sl I " . '--: f f F 1974 District 7, APSA, Champions Page 58 - Kelly Dial, Kevin Bishop, Don Rosser, Gary Brown. Page 59 - John Reed, Bobby Pat- terson. The 1974-'15 "net-strippers" of Faith High, coached by John McCarver, continued to exem- plify the fundamental but superb basketball. The defending champions of District 7 , main- tained descipline and poise in the fight for yet another district crown and a birth in the state play offs. B Bob Patterson and Kelly Dial sup- plied the major offensive power, while Rosser, Casey, and Bishop applied the defensive pressure on opponents. Faith's hoopsters, trying for their second district championship in a row, aimed at another state playoff spot. In some big games of the district race, the ability Ccont.J 59 B-Team LEFT TO RIGHT - Dewayne Casey, Allen Roy, Chris Shaw, Cleon Headley, Glen Pierson, kenny Sizemore Gary Martin. KNEELING - John McCarver Cheerleaders - Kathy Mize, Valerie Johnson. KNEELING - Tracey Ford. Natalie Reeves. Jerri Lynn Carter. CCont. from p.59j to move the ball around in a set- up offense proved victorious for the Crusaders including two big victories over arch-rival Bessemer Academy. The Crusaders competed in the Shelby Invitational Tournament with Bob Patterson and Kelly Dial being named to the all tournament team. for their excellent play in competition. IU '--Q i Celebration MISS KAREN BARTLETT Editor The Ineffable Beaugf of Miss Patgf H ulgan Highlighted The 1974-75 H omeeoming Festivities 1464? .. Q f Y .A fs s - , , , . . Y ' ' A ' - 6 v 7. "i I , n ev ' 0 ' ' Q ' I -'11-f,fa,.,, . s xi' N W., ,,...., .- ..W ' was , l - "tm"- v,,1" In -N wwf. . fav, .1 Homecoming 1974-'75 was concluded with the crowning of the beautiful Miss Patty Hulan as Homecoming Queen of Faith' High School. Patty accepted the scintillating crown from Mr. Don Bristow during the convivial half -time festivities of the Cahaba Christian game. The seventeen year old brownette, whose hobbies are cheering and motorcycle riding, also received a bouquet of roses. Her Lady-in- Waiting was Miss Peggy Langston. These two were selected by popular vote of the student body and endorsed by the faculty. L. to R. QTOP ROWD - Lady-in- Waiting Miss Peggy Langstong Sophomore - Miss Connie Wil- liamsg Freshman - Miss Vicki Brown: 8th grade - Miss Valerie Johnsong and 7th grade - Miss Tracey Ford. Competition Carries the Limelight L. to R. CTOP ROWJ - 'Irh grade - Kathy Mize. CBOTTOM ROWJ - Seniors - Pat Edmonds, Robin Marlow and Cindy Warren. L N, J .wi N . or other Homecoming festivities were highlighted by Stomp 'Em Day, sock-it-to- 'Em Day, Mourning Day, Green and White Day , and finally the pep rally. During the pep rally, seven of our teachers, decked in bobby socks , cheered our team to victory. However, that man called "Victory" was not on hand for the game, which ended dismally. So much for Homecoming Week 1974-75. L. to R. QTOP ROWJ - Sophomore - Jeanine Burgin, Junior - Denise Stone, Junior - Sharon Weston, 8th grade - Natalie Reeves, Freshman - Kim Roy, and Sophomore - Sindy Wat- kins. ga.. x' "'1 ops! and Downs At the Stupendous S katin g Pary The first Annual Skating Party , held in October, was sponsored by the yearbook staff. Its objectives were to bring out the togetherness and participation of our students and to reward all those fortunate ones who purchased yearbooks. Needless to say, both of these were accomplished. However, there were always those painful ups and downs. Steve Bradley, the worst skater, and Rhonda Brewer, the best skater, were awarded prizes for their excellent performances. ,tgp V. Q l 5 ,, " - Z W' a .s I HMMN- I I ,,-ax r ,-2 vii x ' ' W , 'kl' I ' ' A 4 I Q - -W f V 4 A X N f Q. I .' A' ,' . ,A f 'L fi ' . '91 f, ' ,i.a,-"' 'JF' ,U ' I , . I J . . ,fp , ' X X Our traditional Fall Festival continued to be one of the school's greatest highlights, as in past school years. Each grade participated and many others were associated with pro- jects in the event. The 10th grade seemed to be the best "money makers," raising 3163. 33. The most widely accepted of all projects were also the most peculiar. One was a junk car sponsored by the Spanish Club - a great smash in more ways than one! The other was a nerve-racking spook house spon- sored by the Seniors. The Fall Festival is always a great opportunity for each class and club to relieve itself of financial worries. . A Fa!! Festival Hosts Lucrative Events Crus 974 75 x 4 Y' I I C A b ,A F 15 A I I' .. R 'sw safe: its-fr H Y . Q The 5th Annual Miss Crusader Beauty Walk was held on December 13th at the Bessemer Auditorium. The pageant is sponsored each year by the yearbook staff. The Master of Ceremony was Mr. Larry Adcock of WDJ C radio station. Patty Hulgan, selected Miss Crusader 1975 by a panel of judges, is a member of the Letter Club and the National Beta Club. Patty received a crown, a S50 gift certificate, a silver bracelet, and a bouquet of Christmas carnations. She competed with the other contestants in sportswear and evening appearance, poise, beauty, personal interviews, and scholastic average. L. to R. CTOP ROWJ - lst-runner-up - Miss Sherry Goffg 2nd-run- ner-up and Miss Congeniality - Cathy Langstong 3rd-runner-up - Miss Connie Williams: and 4th-runner-up - Miss Vicki Brown. Competitive Spirit Portrayed by Contestants Page '70, L. to R. - Karen Bartlett, Lady Hill, Jerrie Lynn Carter, Tena Gentry, Renea Nelson. Jeanine Burgin, Janice Pack. Dean Sullivan. Sharon Weston, Cindy Stevens, Robin Marlow, Teresa Doyle. Tracey Ford, Kathy Mize, and Kay Jones. Page 71, The Top Five: Judges, Mr. Roger Smith, and Mrs. Barbara Porter. 'lr-.I kv.- ev .J X , ff . 1 t. 'gg H 1 Quail fi fi fi , Q 13 ' I A1 n . 'L a K ' 'fl' ' 4 - if QT lun. ' 'ze 'W L 1 ',:: . 22 I -2 ag, Y ,gk ,, MSW. , , iw .. gm it 4' 'P .iw ur' 5 if . rv , ., -, V1 ., ..,u, ,,,,. W W., ,MW ,L ' . 4 5 A :PAQ I ' Q' fly an M I 1 1 X f int 'N Beiwsessw in v wa GL? Jas. V, ay I 1' 4 . 'Wo' V, I 4, 5 fwux, .-' , 1, .warp was sei. el -n vig. 4, an 1 ' Q ,uwwya A 'jr il qv.: .U 4 Q u Y rf.: mf . f ""' 'm v 2533 814' - WM 4 ,v v K 1, . 5 S r 7" Q .-J- - we . Q. an The 1974-'75 Miss Crusader is the ever-popular Miss Patty Hulgan. She is a member of the Beta Club , Letter Club, Pep Club, and a varsity cheerleader. She was also selected "Most Beautiful" in the Senior Who's Who, and is this year's Homecoming Queen. l-' '41-vivid X in NK fox A 'Q fr . ' 3 K A . 9 x Senior representatives , and five of the top ten are L. to R. - Senior - Janice Pack, Junior - Beverly Burchfield, Freshman - Kim Roy, Senior - Robin Marlow, 8th grade - Darla Scroggins. Junior - Peggy Langston, and Sophomore - Kim Cochran. 'Aix'-fk?f 1 ' .. in if 5 X : i . 5' Li Y' K X 1 gx,J 1 .1 In I 4 . ,. 1 L 1 A N- . - 4 I gi i i L 2 i ip , xi M15 S0 Ends the Year, 1974-75, With Smiles and Fond Memories r ar 2 in iii ,su s"f"'M' , . .L u f . ---f . X, .wh T-.W-...... Tru 0 1 mf!-gggfgug Ill .Il I " pg I' I, . f n :WQK I ', ' it ,LSA ir. 4 I ' I 1' 5 'f A ' gui . 3 .-X 2 ,A A . E: bf 1, I mf la. i U W' Ui 'l ' 5 . T 'Q Q il Graduation MISS KAREN BARTLETT. Editor .9 5 3, .,, f ii if Q Zi Y ww MH! .,x,.f,,,,.4 sf if ffl 'x ' , 5 'K 3 ,, 'Xa 2 - 2 Q N . , i 'Y 3' f .',q IW ,.s.., ,,....., .-fx'-iw I X -. , W 4 Q., Xi H Q :Z 'X Z . . Lf'- f 5 WQH5 " N S x , MRL, t C. g - - 'Y W WHO,S WHO Page '78, L to R, CTOP ROWJ - The 1974-1975 Who's Who are as follows: Most Athletic - Denise Spratt and Bob Patterson QNOT SHOWJ - Best All Around - Cathy Langston and Steve Bradley: Most Studious - Annette Brewer and Steve Minor: Most School Spirit '- Mitchell Guy and Janice Pack. Page 79, L to R, QTOP ROWJ - Best Christian Character - Robin Marlow and Greg Harmony Most Talented - Darlene Newton and Donny White CNOT SHOWN Most Beautiful and Most Handsome - Durrell Smith and Patty Hulgang Best Dressed - Joey Strachan and Sherry Goff Who's Who Ccontinuedb Wittiest - Keith Harmon and Pat Edmonds: Most Likely to Succeed - Cindy Warren and John Reed: Biggest Flirts - Joy Allen and Johnny Knox I , Xe-. f A J i 4 m 4 is O 1. Mir'-:BV H Rh? df' S I .,W,,g,, - '30, W Q 3 Senior F avorities ROW 1, L to R - Patty Hulgan, John Reed , Cathy Langston. ROW 2 - Robin Marlow, Sherry Goff, Bob Patterson, and Pat Edmonds. ROW 3 Steve Bradley, Kavin Bishop and Kelly Dial x ? gvv-an Q, 'L :if V I1 f Ss dc,.o f 82 K I Class Offcers X 'Xi' Page 82, ROW 1, L to R - Poet - Cindy Warren: Class Officers - CTOP ROWJ - Keith Harmon, Terry Ledbetter, Bob Patterson, Steve Bradley. CBOTTOM ROWJ - Janice Pack, Sherry Goff, Dar- lene Newton, Greg Harmon, Mitchell Guy, Cindy Warren, Annette Brewer, and Pat Edmonds. CROW 25 L to R - Trea- surer - Pat Edmonds. and Secre- tary - Annette Brewer. Page 83, L to R, QROW lj - His- torians - Sherry Goff and Mitc- hell Guy: President - Bob Patter- song Vice President - Steve Brad- leyg Lawyers - Terry Ledbetter and Janice Packg Prophets - Keith Harmon and Darlene Newton Joy Renee Allen Beta Club - 10, 12: Newspaper - 8: Pep Club - 9: Biggest Flin - Senior Who's Who: Cheerleader - 9. Kavin Lynn Bishop Letter Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball - 9,1O, 11, 12: Football - 9,10, 11: Student Council - 12: Favorite - 10: Senior Favorite . Carl Stephenson Bradley Beta Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Letter Club - 11, 12: Football - 11: Senior Class Vice-Pres. : Senior Class Favorite: Senior Class Who's Who Best All Around: Student Council Vice-Pres. Patricia Annette Brewer Cheerleader - 12: Senior Class Secre- tary: Beta Club - 9, 10 fSecretaryJ, 12: Pep Club - 9, 101Vice-Pres.J: Spanish Club - 9, 10 fVice-Pres.J: Crusaders for Christ - 9: Annual Staff - 9, 10: Girls Basketball - 10: Powder- puff Football - 10: Senior Who's Who- Most Studious: Nominee for Society of Outstanding American High School Students. Bertha Denise Brooks Who's Who - 10: Pep Club - 11: Tri- Hi-Y CTreasurerD - 12. Gary Lamar Brown Football - 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball - 9, 10, 11, 12: Letter Club - 9,10, 11, 12. B4 Roger Keith Casey Letter Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Baseball - 9, 10, 11, 12: Football - 12: Basket- ball - 9, 10, 11, 12. Brian Curtis Dabbs Annual Staff CAd-Selling Awardp - 10: Beta Club - 11. Robin Lorraine Dennis Hobby Club - 9: Future Business Lead- ers of America - 10: Journalism Club - 11: Tri-Hi-Y - 12. Ivie Kelbz Dial Letter Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Senior Favorite - 12: Baseball - 11: Basketball - 10, 11, 12: Football - 11. Patricia Lynn Edmonds Annual Staff - 9, 10: Homecoming Court - Clst Alternatel 10: Class Repre- sentative - 12: Miss Lipscomb Contest - 9: Student Advisory Staff - 9, 10: Spanish Club - 11: CPresident5 - 12: Journalism - 11: Class Treasurer - 12: Senior Favorite: Wittiest. Senior Who's Who. Sherry Lynn Goff Spanish Award - 10: Beauty Walk - 9, 10th-Grade Beauty: First Alternate in Miss Crusader Contest - 12: Beta Club - 9, 10 CSecretaryD, 12: Cheerleader - 9, 10 CCo-Headj, 12: Athletic Club - 9, 10. 12 fSecretaryJ: Homecoming Court - 10: Best Dressed - Senior Who's Who: Spanish Club - 10, 12: Student Advisory Staff - 10: Historian - 12: Project Committee - 12. 85 Linda Kay Green Pep Club - 10: Newspaper Staff - 10: lournalism Staff - 11: Tri-Hi-Y - 12. Jesse Randall Hale Football - 10, 11, 12: Basketball - 11, 12: Baseball - 11: Letter Club - 11: Annual Staff - 11. Neal Gregory Harmon Tri-Hi-Y - 12: Wittiest - Sophomore Who's Who: Best Christian Character - Senior Who's Who: Senior Class Chap- lain. Keith Edward Harmon Spanish Club - 12: Wittiest - Senior Who's Who: Class Officer - 12: Annual Staff Photographer and Section Editor - 12. Rodney Murray Hayes Beta Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Annual Staff - 10: Art Award - 11. Patgf Ann H ulgan Pep Club - 9: Beta Club - 9, 10, 12 Vice President: Cheerleader - 10, 12 Co-Head: Geometry Award - 10: Ath- letic Club - 10, 12: Most Beautiful - Senior Who's Who: Homecoming Queen - 12: Miss Crusader - 12: Senior Favorite. 86 'bw I Phil? Douglas Kemp Johnny Floyd Knox Beta Club - 9: Pep Club - 9: Biggest Flirt - Senior Who's Who: Tri-Hi-Y Vice President. Cathy Lynn Langston Cheerleader - 8, 9, 10 - Co-Head, 11 and 12 Head: Sophomore Favorite: Beta Club - 9, 10, 11, 12 - President: Athletic Club - 9, 10, 11, 12: Beauty Walk 10, Miss Congeniality and Sec- ond Alternate - 12: Girls' State - 11: Student Council - 9: Activity Council - 11: Homecoming Court - 11: Teach- ers Aid 10, 11, 12: Best All Around - Seniors Who's Who . Gerrie Lynn Lawson Cheerleader - 9: Student Council - 9: News Paper Staff - 9: Annual Staff - 9: Tri-Hi-Y - 12. Robin Lynn Marlow Best Christian Character - Senior Who's Who: Senior Favorite: Home- coming Court - 12: Tri-Hi-Y President - 12: Beauty Walk - 12: Office Assist- ant - 12: Pep Club - 11: Nominee for Society of Distinguished American High School Students - 11, 12: Mixed Chorus - 10. Cheryl Annette Miller Junior Beta Club - 9: Tri-Hi-Y - 12: Journalism Staff Page Editor - 12: Jun- ior High Choir - 9: Science Club - 9. 87 Steve Alan Minor Theresa Darlene Newton Pep Club - 9: Choir - 9: Choir - 9: Art Club - 9: Student Council Representa- tive - 9: Red Cross - 9: National Junior Honor Society - fPresidentJ - 9: Ser- vices to School Award - 9: Beta Club - 10, 12: Spanish Club - 9, 10, 12: Honor Roll - 9, 10, 12: Teacher's Aid - 9: "Most Talented" in Senior Who's Who: Senior Class Prophet. Mike Noble Football - 11, 12: Athletic Club - 11, 12. Janice Marie Pack Senior Class Lawyer: Most School Spirit in Senior Who's Who: Beta Club - 9, 10, CSecretary-Treasurerj 12: Annual Staff - 9, CCo-Editorj 10, fEdi- torb 12: Office Assistant - 9: Beauty Walk Contestant - 12: Crusaders for Christ - 9: Serve Our School Award - February "l4: Nominee and Society of Outstanding American High School Students: DAR Good Citzenship Award - 12. Janice Anita Parton Pep Club - 9: Spanish Club - 11: Teacher's Aid - 11: Journalism Staff Reporter - 12: Beta Club - 12: Annual Staff Section Editor - 12. Robert Earle Patterson Football - 9: Basketball - 9: Student Council - 9: Good Citzenship Award - 9: Basketball - 10: Football - 11: Bas- ketball - 11, 12: President of Senior Class. 88 :P sr Vg, M 7 inf' -qw-149 7311 Samuel Thomas Piazza Journalism - 10, 11. John David Reed Basketball - 9, 10, 11, 125 Football - 10, 11, 12: Baseball- 11, 125 Class President - 10, 115 President Student Council - 125 Beta Club, Spanish Club5 Athletic C1ub5 Spanish National Honor Societyp Who's who - Most Likely to Succeed. Theresa Darlene Riley Library Assistant: Choirg Journalism Staff: National Honor Society at Huey- town5 Beta Club - 11, 125 Tri-Hi-Y - 12: Teachers Aid - 12. Denise Lynn Spratt Teachers Aid - 12: Presidents Physical Fitness Award - 125 Tri-Hi-Y - 125 Who's Who - Most Athletics - 125 Girls Basketball Team - 10. John Joseph S trachan, Jr. Who's Who - Best Dressed - 125 Beta Club - 125 Senior Representative to Student Council - 125 Band at Jess Lanier - 95 Serve Our School Award - September, 1974-125 31 in Jazz Band Competition - 95 31 in Marching Band Competiton - 95 Kappa Club at Jess Lanier - 9. Tina Hogg Strong Hobby Club - 95 Drama Club - 105 Journalism - 115 Who's Who - Best Mannered - 105 Beauty Walk - First Alternate - 11. B9 FAITH "lt is the substance of things hoped for, The evidence of things not seen." with Faith, We hope for security for unity for happiness but first for love . Love cannot be heard , seen, or handled. Only hoped for. Is it in vain? the evidence is'not seen. But with our FAITH Love can be achieved . Cynthia Warren Beta Club - 10, 12: Samford Swim- ming Team - 12: Senior Class Poet, Most Likely to Succeed - Senior Who Who: 12th Grade Representative in Homecoming Court. Debra Susan Warren Annual Staff - 95 Pep Club - 9: Sophc more Class Secretaryg Tri-Hi-V - 12 Cindy Warren, Senior Class Poet will Class istory To us seniors, September 1973, will always be a time well worth remembering as we excitedly began our junior year in a new building at Coleman Lakes. We were brought together from various walks of life to form the future senior class of 1975. As we ordered class rings we began to realize that we were soon to become "Big Seniors." The following year brought even more excitement. Our senior class, totaling 44, was to be the best yet. Spirit was high with the seniors winning the spirit stick several times. Seniors were well represented in athletics: four senior cheerleaders, several senior football players, and all players were seniors, except one , on the basketball team. A number of seniors held positions in school clubs such as: "F" Club, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, and Student Council. Our Homecoming Queen and our Miss Crusader along with lst and 2nd alternates were seniors. We learned to accept responsibility, in order to raise money for our Senior Trip, through our successful magazine sale and other projects. Too soon came the time to order invitations and caps and gowns. We then realized our senior year was coming to a fast close and we would never pass this way again. It was up to us to make the most of our last few months together. True, our walks of life were different but we left with a very, close bond of friendship. Last Wi!! and Testament We the class of 1975 being of sound body and almost sound mind do hereby bequeath the following to those sadly left behind: To: Mrs. Askew, Cindy Warren leaves her current events notebook with the hope that she'll have to read all 562 articles word for word. To: Retta Cottingham, and Linda Watkins, Susie Warren and Tina Strong leave their first year of married life in school. To: Teresa Doyle, Steve Bradley leaves all his secrets. To: Rhonda Brewer, Annette Brewer leaves her engagement ring. To: Don Rosser, Bob Patterson leaves a victorious basketball career. To: Mike Naramore, Patty Hulgan leaves the famous words - "What am I gonna do?" To: Everybody, Cathy Langston leaves her most frequently used words, "Tell me!" To: Sharon Weston, Janice Pack leaves her ability to get out of class. To: Wendell Harbison, Sam Piaza leaves his previous bus driving experience. To: Mrs. Edwards, Gary Brown leaves a stack of old absentee sheets. To: Mr. Bristow, Donny White leaves a doctor's excuse not to shave. To: Kathy Barger, Joy Allen leaves her thumb nail. To: Leo Casey, Kavin leaves a natural high. To: Joey Eargle , Gary Mann leaves his southern accent. To: Karen Bartlett, Keith Harmon leaves a thought to dwell on. To: Mrs. Carter, Keith Casey leaves his ability to sell ads. To: Mrs. Brown, Joey Strachan leaves the elementary P.E. classes. To: Renea Nelson, Kelly Dial leaves his new car. To: Keith Crawford, Greg Harmon leaves a pocket full of tracts. To: Peggy Langston, Linda Green leaves the ability to be the toughest girl in the school. To: Debbie Patterson, Ricky Johns leaves a box of crayolas. To: Sindy Watkins, Terry Ledbetter leaves a nephew. To: Tony Fisher, Robin Dennis leaves a hug and a walk to class. To: Kenny Sizemore, John Reed leaves his body. To: Vicki Hunt, Mike Noble leaves a way home from school. To: George Willoughby, Steve Minor leaves his hair. To: Robyn Manning, Cheryl Miller leaves her ability to be shy. To: Jan Parton leaves her ability as a journalist to Kim Cochran. To: Denise Stone, Lynn Lawson leaves a bottle of "Nice 8a Easy. " To: Connie Williams, Sherry Goff leaves her ability to avoid wrecks. To: Beverly Burchfield , Darlene Newton leaves her cut giggle . To: Mrs. Street, Teresa Riley leaves her typing ability. To: Dwight Mahan, Phil Kemp leaves another year of typing. To: Jeanine Burgin, Pat Edmonds leaves the ability to date Don Hartley. To: David Roper, Mitchell Guy leaves a crumpled fender. To: Blake Rodney, Hayes leaves his skating ability. To: Tim Jones, Donald McBrayer leaves his quiet ways. And, Denise Brooks and Johnny Knox leave fighting. Prophecy Here we are celebrating, the ten-year reunion of Faith's graduating class of 1975. This is really a great event for us since the world renouwned newspaper reporter, Janice Pack, is covering it. The reason for the greatness of this event is that so many of our classmates' names have become household words. The most famous being President of the United States, Johnny Knox and the lovely First Lady, Denise Brooks. There is Kelly Dial who is the mayor of Lipscomb and Linda Green, local policeman. Many of our fellow students went into the religious ranks. Among them, Phil Kemp who is Mother Supe- rior of the St. Shannon Convent and on of his most devoted nuns, Joy Allen. Mike Noble, who surprised us all by becoming minister of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, is here. Also, Greg Harmon after many years of hard study has moved far up on the religious ladder: he is now polishing Billy Graham's shoes. Joey Strachan has gone into the medical field and is now experimenting on how to build the perfect woman. Cindy Warren who is his assistant, also serves as his chief model. Steve Bradley just pulled up in his 1985 Cadillac after getting his hair styled by Steve Minor's Hair Fashions Inc. As Bradley walks in the door he seems to be mumbling, "It will look better when it grows out. " That looks like Terry Ledbetter over there by the door. Terry just recently came out with the book "The Do's and Don'ts of False Labor." He seems to be conversing with Susie Warren who owns a computer dating service. Another of our famous classmates, Roger Keith Casey , just finished his latest movie entitled "The Born Boozers. " Keith is discussing his movie with Donny White , President of Alcoholics Anonymous and Kavin Bishop, head judge over Brighton Juvenile Court. At the punch bowl we see Annette Brewer, a famous scientist, working on a cure for hang nail. She appears to be making eyes at Donald McBrayer, who only yesterday won the lower Brownville Chess Championship. I think Annette will move on because Denise Spratt who just won a gold medal at the Olympics for boxing, just walked up. Over there is that cute couple who recently became engaged , Sam Piazza and Cathy Langston. Sam has a very secure job as treasurer of the American Tight Wad Association. It is rumored that Sam broke up with Tina Strong, local snake charmer, because of Cathy's inheritance of a million dollars. Among the menial workers other class are Randy Hale, local garbage man and Gary Mann, librarian. Rickey Johns, a Karate instructor, is here with one of his students, Gary Brown. I see Robin Dennis who works for Burger King talking to Lynn Lawson, a Marine Drill Instructor. Robin seems to be saying "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce . . . " Bob Patterson just came bouncing in, having just purchased the Harlem Globe Trotters. He is escorting Sherry Goff, the P. E. instructor at Abrams High School. Coming through the door is that lovely couple Rodney I-iayes and Teresa Riley. Rodney just discovered a diamond mine to satisfy Teresa's wants. Dashing in behind them is Janice Parton, Fire Inspector for Roo- sevelt City, screaming "False Alarm." Sitting near the entrance to the men's room are those two very beautiful, very single young ladies, Darlene Newton and Pat Edmonds. Pat seemed to be doing pretty well for herself before she was hit by that steamroller, but Darlene is learning a worthwhile trade from Robin Marlow. Robin is employed by the Pleasant Palms Massage Parlor. Last, but by no means least, there is that superduper, good looking man-about-town, the 1985 Mr. Universe , Keith Harmon. What a man! ! Ruefully, three of our classmates could not make it to the reunion. They are Cheryl Miller who was placed in prison for child abuse toward the fifth graders of Faith. John Reed , employed by a mirror factory for the past 10 years, hasn't been seen or heard from since he kissed a mirror and it shattered. Finally, the lovely Miss Patty Hulgan who weighed 275 pounds, recently passed away. Her doctor said her heart couldn't carry the load. As the day closes and the reunion draws to an end, I look back and say "I should have burnt the crummy place down. " 1 HERRING SERVICE 731 No. 19th Sue Bessemer, Al Gas Tires GOODWIN S JEWELRY BORDEN PRINTING AND RUBBER STAMP CO Compfimenfs ofA FRIEND FIRST WESTERN BANK 1719 4th Avenue No. essemer. Alabama 28-7391 of five of MR. AND WISHFUL MRS, DIGGERS PAUL HESTER GARDEN AND TRACY Aa'-Edition CL UB Ron PM Ron Miss PAMELA GARNER, Editor ' COmPl'.me"'f5 I l Complimenfs W. C. RICE OIL CO. Powderly , Alabama Distributor of Arco Gasoline. Diesel, and Motor Oil Phone Business 787-0305 Home 798-1693 BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON 400 10th Street Midfield, Alabama Phone 744-7589 BETTY LOVVORN - Owner LOUISE WELLS - Operator 96 WEL DON PHAR MAC Serving H ueyfo wr 1280 Hueytown Road Hueytown, Alabama Phone - 491-2805 FAIRFAX RADIO - TELEVISIGN SER VICE CGMPANY 715 N. 19th Sueex Bessemer. Alabama Phone 428-1223 , CompIImenfs of FRIEND WESTLAKE EXXON PAUL DRUMMOND - Owner 830 9th Avenue No. Bessemer, Alabama Phone 426-9845 FOUNTAIN BUILDING Xf SUPPLY INC. 1924 'hh Avenue Bessemer, Alabama BELMONT STUDIQ I433 D Monfgomery Hiway Birmingham, Alabama 35216 PRINTING FORMS 8: SYSTEMS FURNITURE ' ' SU,,,,L,ES awww mc. uffcce TYPEWRITERS 'eh JB f AND AJE BE ,Mfr ALA Q ADDING MACHINES A1 Co MCCALLA BEA UTY Sl-IGP P.O. Box 248 McCa11a, Alabama 35111 Phone 477-6061 Owner - NELL BLACKMON Operators - RUTH MOSS, TIZ HUMPHRIES, JUDY SMITH, CHARLOTTE WILLEFORD, MARY LAWRENCE, LUCILLE FIELDS Located at :he McCa11a Post Office Tl-IE BIRMINGHAM COCA-COLA COMPANY Post Office Box 2006 Birmingham , Alabama 35201 99 NORRELL HEATING Xf AIR CONDITIONING COMPANYINCORPORA TED 2I I4 Third Avenue Norfh Posf Office Box 3 93 Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Phone 428-4I52 HUGHES J8fJ MOTOR PHARMACY CQ. 601 No. 18th Street Professional Service Bessemer, Alabama low-Discount Prices 1409 Avenue K Clf you're tired of riding around in the Lipscomb Alabama same old heap go to Hughes Motor Co.J ' E , "" 0 f . W,,, VV and H+ V ewan: e,,, K ', ,',, .e,,' ",- N, 4: ,..,, ,,,, V A,,r rfr, ., ,.,, -g,,,,,f - , , ,nm A W L Z- 1+ DIXIE ATSU Home of the Small Car Expens 3430 Bessemer Super Highway Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Quality Cars and Quality Service IOI MARINELAND INC. Accessories, Poulan Chain Saws 3800 Bessemer Super Highway Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Telephone 425-5205 Johnson Motors, Boats , Trailers , JACICS T. V. 201 Fourth Avenue Nonh Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Prize Contributor for the Yearbook Ad Campaign. BESSEMER TRIM INC. 1804 6th Avenue N Bessemer, Alabama Phone 425-8242 or 425-4961 102 Compliments of FIRST FEDERASL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of Bessemer Bessemer Pe1Ham Hueytgwn 428-8472 663-2112 491-3391 PINE VIEW Besf W1'sf'1es KENNELS PETRQ 2139 Morgan Road Bessermer, Alabama 35020 Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Eargle I Phone 425-5317 Saint Bemards, Irish N Y Setters Boarding - Sales - Trainging Stud. Service 812 2nd Avenue Birmingham, Alabama BESSEMERAREA YMCA 1815 4th Avenue Bessemer, Alabama D. BROOKS WELDING CGMPANY 512 N 12th Street Phone 322-1977 Pipe Bending Fabricating, Pipe Threading Through 12" in Diameter 103 Q 9999 Q 3 HI L,.,,1- V OY ' 'hw Ni K X-N, . xxx 1 xx W -L .. ,, . A .W t I 3 " 'N-.NN FW' ' aarfw-5 ALABAMA UTILITY SUPPLY CQ. Wa fer and Gas for UHfiHes 810 Sfh Avenue N Birmingham, Alabama Phone 324-6695 1' J f -wwe, SPF QWQSQ' RH GOOD YEAR TIRE CO. 2010 Avenue D Ensley, Alabama Keep Your Wheels Rolling Prize contributor for Lhe yearbook ad campaign. NORMAN FOUNTAIN CONTRACTINC5 INC. Bessemer. Alabama Phone 428-4173 1924 '7th Avenue 107 DA VIS AND HOWTCDN INC 1413 lst Avenue N Bessemer, Alabama Phone 426-3162 WESTLAKE STARLING G. STANDARD HARDWICK IVY ROMAGER - Manager Truck Professional 909 9th Avenue N. Roy Buckner Chevrolet, Inc. Bessemer, Alabama 35020 2829 Bessemer Super Hwy. Phone 424-2240 Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Phone-Bus - 428-4121 Res - 491-2960 CHEVROLET MICHAEL 'S SIRLQIN CO,.,p,,.,,,e,,.. ROGM nsmen meet 'n eat" Street , Alabama 419 , If of DR. AND MRS. EARL PA TE JR. .JEFFERSQN COUNTY RESQUE SQUAD L. L. Goff - Chief f"We'1lg agood bo C-EOODWINQS GROCERY 16 owder Plant Road Be er, Alabama JOE 'S RANCH WAGON BESSEMER FEED 81 GRAIN 1914 7th Avenue N Bessemer, Alabama Phone 428-4279 W. O. "BlLL" DONALDSON Owner ATLANTIC RICHFIELD CO. Powderly Station Birmingham . Alabama 35221 ALLRED'S CLOTH BARN 901 5th Street Lipscomb, Alabama W. B. SEYMOUR JEWELRY CO. Expert Watch Repairing 415 N. 19th Street Bessemer, Alabama Phone 426-3281 VlCK'S TIRE SERVICE INC. 1918 6111 Avenue Bessemer, Alabama Phone 428-4111 BANK PAWN SHOP 2023 2nd Avenue Bessemer, Alabama BROWN SERVICE FUNERAL HOME 1300 4th Avenue Bessemer, Alabama I. C. CURRY 8a COMPANY 501 N 20th Street Bessemer, Alabama Phone 428-3241 sn' "1 ROCKING XR, RANCH at Bucksville Breeding Stock and Show Cattle Registered Polled Herefords RUSSELL AUTO PARTS P.O. Box 37 McCal1a, Alabama 35111 DECQRA T10 Mr. Kenny Sizemore. Editor Of the many awards presented each year to the students of Faith High school. the "Crusader" staff congratulates Miss Janice Pack. senior, winner of the 1975 D.A.R. GOOD C I TIZEN SHIP A WARD. This award. Presented annually to a senior girls recognizes scholastic excellence , outstand1ng'leade1ship in school affairs. love of country. and Christian character. Janice, selected by a faculty committee through the Iones Valley Cahpter of the Daughters of the American g Revolution. exemplifies good citizenship through her involvement in church. community. and school activities. Janice is a member of the Senior Who's Who and the Society of Distinguished American High School Students. She is also a S.0.S. recipient. has served as both editor and co- editor of the yearbook and fs secretary of the National Beta Club. I ! 1 if .L W7 4 J The students of Faith displayed their spe- cial ability as they were decorated with many fine honors and awards. The sub- jects ranged from COLORING T0 PHYSICAL FITNESS. Others showed their literary talent SPEECH WRITING AND SPELLIN G. Sharon Hughes, a five year old kinder- gartner of Faith School, was first place winner in a coloring contest sponsored by Grant's store. In the Voice of Democracy Contest, sponsored by the V .F. W. , Tim Jones, a junior, won first place for his speech, through "My Responsibilities as an American Cit- izen. " In the Alabama Private School Associa tion District Seven Spelling Bee, three students placed as winners in the compe- tition. Second place winner in the fourth grade level was Ian Blankenship. Second place winner in the seventh grade level was Jerri Langford. First place winner in the eighth grade level was Sharon Mayo. The Ladies Auxiliary of the V.F. W. sponsored a Handicap Poster Contest, in which Deborah Patterson won first place . Norman Carter, a fourth grader, was named Lightweight Wrestling Champion in the Y.M.C.A. Fun Club. He also won first place in riflery. Denise Spratt, senior, won the Presi- dent's Physical Fitness Award. 113 The Society of distinguished American High School Students allowed the faculty of Faith to select twelve students as members of America's OUTSTANDING STUDENTS. Eight were seniors and four were juniors. The students were Joy Allen, Annette Brewer, Patty Hulgan, Ricky Johns, Robin Marlowe, Steve Minor, Janice Pack, John Reed, Keith Crawford, Randy Foust, Pam uarner, and Teresa Sanders. Those which were chosen filled out a scholarship candidate information brochure with information concerning their previous academic and social achievements and family background . Each had to be in the top ten grade level of his classes. This information was compared with that of students from schools in other sections of the country before the awarding of scholarships. All candidates were recognized in the 1974-1975 volume of Distinguished American High School Students. Mack Kornegay, a sophomore defensive tackle, was selected to the Central Alabama Conference All-Conference football team of 1974 . : A fm ' Lui ,gud A .. , V f' - mv 2 31. 2 . '? 955113 i I - 1 ,-' aff,-' 3,-"-". . f WS?" Life fr - Q L W m? " fi? 4 3 ,, M J . an A -H' r . A di , W 1 Y x ,M I K-Q X R , I K 3 4' Q " 3 X 'N 1 , f I Eiii'-Maa'aa'f': "if, W fi--A ,'2icz.sw1i,15,- 5w52iE5!'kfl63 , V A ' me 'ff' fifytgk K yy: W 36:9 A in m 3, 4 L. A 'QP sf 'Qx W gy X " 'W X5 J ,gr .W Q QW ,M ' ' if P ' '- A 4 1 1 5 5 , Y ,W 1. ,U J . 1 1 sw W M, Q, vw , F h r 'V 1' ,ia M- 5' , men: ' J Q' lim DECLARA TIO MISS IEANINE BURGIN. Editor 6 62 'Q 51 'iv 5 ,W 1 ':5?' Ur Yearbook Sta 1 . M2 1 5? AE c.E :gf ' ,pg , n M KM ,KA 6 .Y F A 5 Q-va Sponsor: Mrs. Carter Annual Staff - page 117, L to R - Starling Hardwick, Marty Noered, Stan Jarratt, Preston Church, Roy Savage, Gary Scott, Earl Sparks, Joey Eargle, and Cheryl Cornelius. Not Shown: Van Oglesby, and Leigh Ann Higginbottham. Section Editors hard at work. L to R - Jan Parton, Kathy Mayo, Pam Garner, Jeanine Burgin, Karen Bartlett, and Keith Harmon Editor's Staff - page 117 - Editor - Janice Pack: Co-Editor - Kenny Sizemore. Photographers Staff - L to R - Kenny Sizemore, Mark Corn, and Keith Harmon, page 116. BH . We , the people of fifth period, in order to improve the yearbook, give special thanks to all the people who purchased a yearbook and risked their lives at the skating party . We thank our teachers who stood and skated above and beyond the call of duty. We shall remember all the effort put into our ad sales and the headaches we gave out advertisers. Never forgetting our sore feet and our advisor's famous words, "two hundred dollars by two o'c1ock or you'1l die. " i st I 3' . x We spotlight the eighth grade for being 100070 in subscriptions, H remembering their famous words, "When are you going to buy us a coke?" We close this proclamation with gratitude and appreciation from the "Crusader" staff to all those who purchased yearbooks and patiently awaited its arrival. - Roy Savage , on behalf of the yearbook staff ' 1- M. 6 -- Ein, ,, 'W' I ,, , 1 .9- 120 , 2 - v CON CL USI ON MISS JANICE PACK. Editor ---.-..- Sing! Sing ci Song. Sing out Louol Sing out Strong. Sing of Good Things, Not baof' Sing ofHappy, Not Sad. Qs ' ,uf 5-4. J I X ...fl S ing! Sing a Song. Make it Simple, To last your whole Ije long. Don'I worry that ifs not gooo' enough, For anyone else to hear. e L S . W of A . E V1 of I Sing Sing cz Song Let the world Sing along. Q? i 'N , 'E S in g the love there Could be - S ing for you and For me. 'll X Sing! Sing a Song. M czke it simple T0 Iastyour whole Ije long. Q e X 'H Don ,Z worry that ifs not good enough F or anyone else to hear, Faith! Sing cz Song! f'-wwe: fix, 4, I N' ,, , ii Sum k ?t'i , Credits We are indebted to the many people who helped in making this yearbook a success. First, we are grateful to Taylor Publishing Company and Mr. Roger Smith, who is our representative. Second we would like to thank Belmont Studios for their dependable service and co-operation with us. Then , our thanks are due to all those who participated in the Beauty Walk, including the emcee, Mr. Larry Adcock. the judges, Mrs. Joyce Simmons, Mrs. Barbara Porter, and Mr. Roger Smith, Mr. Ross Mize, who was the custodian, and all others whom we have failed to mention. Within the school we thank Mr. Don Bristow, our administrator: Mrs. Faye Street for allowing us to use the typing facilities. Mrs. Carter our advisor, all of our advertisers and photographers. Finally, we thank the hard-working section editors for the unending hours they spent preparing their sections. The section editors were Janice Pack, Kieth Harmon, Karen Bartlett, Kenny Sizemore ,'Pam Garner, Jeanine Burgin, and Jan Parton. Janice and Keith are to ' be thanked for the many special trips they made to Belmont Studios, and Kenny Sizemore for writing all these crisp, quality words. 128 '. - . sf-:. D . .'I,'n'l .fb ..,. . .-, .. I. an .. :iw . v-, 5: 'B ,'u. nf Q., . I, .1 - wi Q .150 "' .':,3'- ,'r'.'l I 'I 4 5... nz '1' I w '. I :v ' 0. - u "M hw. A... o-,... , A J .that NN., ,'.1'- ,h' ' Apu Q, . ll --. .-f. X gf rl. V., ,- ' ,' . n V.-.H I A . - Y. ..' ,.!-,::. , ,L .I-M., .',s 1 "' '. ' 'A 'r, , r .A , .1 V -. .X v f V2 , S f 5.11. ,. , Y i, ,. 1.1 , ,,..u . ,Q ,nv 'ff +4 IH if U F4 vl- hd 'Nl' I fn gi if-. .'.'.jq- - We-,zx1'-S5':5m Q "nv am QW 14 fi 'f' 'Q ' maui' "" T 1 'Pg 'fl ,6 AQEJ1 - 4' fs il E "nf

Suggestions in the Faith High School - Song of Faith Yearbook (McCalla, AL) collection:

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