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Fairview Township Karns City High School - Afterthought Yearbook (Karns City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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,. 1 Fi 5 14 W5 VOLUME X publixbed by THE SENIOR CLASS of the FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP-KARNS CITY JOINT SCHOOLS KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Foreword This, the tenth volume of the AFTERTHOUGHT, aims to present a brief summary of the various activities and organizations of our school. Introducing the sections of our book, we used characters and scenes from the well-known fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarff. We discovered that the names of the dwarfs provided excellent examples of the traits and moods displayed by each of us at one time or another. Naturally, "Happy' is the dwarf whose personality everyone should strive to match. However, it is generally agreed that each of us has had occasion to be a little "Grumpyg" and certainly at some time in our lives, we have all been a bit "Bashfulf' Two of our very common afflictions, of which none of us is proud, are those of "Sleepy', and "Sneezy." Only a small majority of persons may be called "Doc," and the least desirable trait of all is "Dopey." As you look at these dwarfs and the write-ups and photographs of school events, we hope you will find this yearbook a source for many moments of pleasant reminiscence by calling to mind cherished friend- ships and associations of your years at F.T.-K.C. A1 IIILII W .. I oo be 'Qu Q I- Dedzbation MR. ROBERT MCMICHAEL In appreciation of your enduring friendship, guid- ance, and helpfulness throughout the past years, Mr McMichael, we, the graduating class of 1953, dedi- cate this tenth volume of the Afrerthought to you ...3.. fha I J W I I X N 4 Table of Contents Page ADMINISTRATION .. ,. . . ,, 5 SENIOR CLASS , .. I3 UNDERCLASSMEN . . .,,.. , .,.,. , 29 ORGANIZATIONS , , . 35 SENIOR PLAY ,II,.. I ,..,,.,. 40 ATHLETICS , .I,I I ,..,,,, 42 MUSIC ,,...I , ,.,..I,. 51 SNAPSHOTS .I......, .,.... ,..,..T..T, 5 8 ADVERTISING .I ,,4, ..,, 61 -4.- Admmmzm Centainflg thoae in the teaching! lpnotehhlon, Have aometlmea near-zmlnrfecq ".Snse3L5'A" exlpna-:Mionp HLA alplpsanance cfm-:notch that ot cflabnhaauna, aqa an lnhtnucton whom: patience U1 tnlecfl BELQUYLCQ meaaune 'I 1 3 ,Q Q 2 E Seatecl, left to right: Emmett Shakley, Mrs. Bertha Say, H. A. M. Cross, D. W. Kelly, L. T. Black, P. G Turner Wm V Rigney Robert Stroup, Raymond Emery, Paul Ruclish, James McKinnis, Mrs. Edna Eherhart. Standing, left to right Harry Sigworth Mrs. Blanch Mildren, Frank Bowser, Wheaton Thompson, Charles jewel, Charles Say, George Hays, O M McCollough Austin Vensel, john Beck, R. C. Sherrard, Craig Thompson. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS i Mr. james Salsgiver, Supervising Principal, Muskingum College, A.B.g University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. Mr. Charles Hillarcl, Grove City College, A.B.g Pennsylvania State College, M.A.g University of Pitts- burghg General Science. Mrs. I.aVonne Jack, Karns City High School, Secretary. KARN S CITY GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS Standing, left to right Mrs. McCo11ough, Mrs McLaughlin, Miss Sween- ey, Mrs. Walker. Seated left to right: Miss McCol- lough, Mrs. Swain, Mrs. Yough. CENTER GRADE SCHOOL MCINTYRE SCHOOL W, , A A , rum' ' ml-n Mrs Robinson Mrs Frantz WPETROLIA GRADE SCHOOL TEQCHERS Left to right: Mrs. McGinnis, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Horner. il x ' z igz ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss Florence Craig, University of Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock College, B.S. CSecondary Educationjg Eng- lish I and II, Latin I and II. Mrs. Pearl Myers, Slippery Rock State Normal, Geneva College, A.B.g Allegheny College, English Cjunior and Seniorb, Literature Cjunior and Seniorj, Library Sci- ence. Mrs. Lena Vogt, Slippery Rock State Normalg Thomas Normal Train- ing Schoolg Grove City College fGraduate Worklg University of Pittsburgh CGraduate Workjg English CGrades 7-83, Literature CC-irades 7-89, History CGrades 7-85. Miss Shirley Brittin, Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S., Art. Miss Nancy Markel, Capital University, A.B.g Eastman School of Music, Music C Vocal J . Mr. Robert Banks, Indiana State Teachers College, B.S., Pennsylvania State College M.S.g Music fBandJ. Mr. James Conrad, Duquesne University, A.B.g Fort Hays Kansas State, Biarritz American University, Physical Education, World History, American History. Mr. Robert McMichael, Slippery Rock College, B.S. qEducationkg Pennsylvania State College, M.S.g Geography, American History 18th Gradel, junior High Science CC-lrades 7-85. Mr. Charles McCollough, Thiel College, B.S., Slippery Rock College Qliconomicsjg Pennsylvania State College, Clarion State College, Civics, Biology, Pennsylvania History, Problems of Democracy. VOCATION AL DEPARTMENT Mr. Fred J. Nicaise, University of Pittsburgh, B.S. CBusiness Educa- tionbg Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II. Mrs. Marian Bell, Seton Hill Col- lege, B.S., Pennsylvania State Col- lege, Home Economics. Miss Alice Mitsos, Westminster Col- lege, B.B.A.g Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II, Business Arith- metic, Bookkeeping. Mr. John Williams, California State Teachers College, B.S.g University of Pittsburgh, Industrial Arts. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. William Sutliff, Pennsylvania State College, B.S. CHealthDg Columbia University, Health, Physical Education. Mrs..Emma Sherwin, Western Pennsylvania School of Nursing, University of Pitts- burgh CWorking for Teacher's Certificationhg Slippery Rock State Teachers College, School Nurse. Dr. Richard Smith, School Dentistg University of Pittsburgh, B.S., D.D.S. Mr. Arthur Black, Slippery Rock State Normal, Grove City 1 College, B.S., M.A.g University of Pittsburgh CAdvertis- i ing Workj, Algebra II, Refresher Mathematics, Chem- i istry, Physics, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry. Mrs. Lois McCormick, Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. f82 hours of grad- uate workjg University of Pennsylvania, Clarion State Teachers College CHas Elementary Principal's Certifi- catej. CUSTODIAN . . . Mr. Sherwin if senden H444 Uaontnamflnq the Senlona ot 1953, CIM-: chow: the dlwant we woufldl CLQQ Qike to lve, uJ'I'CLb'JplA,n Aeema to Ault oun CQQAA, Hia cheentuf Being ia hand! to Aunlpalm. iw C '91, -Qi, es? a eil 'S J ,si A S -if 1 Q- in P U! .- in H In U 1 1 as Q K 5 1 '59 3 2 5 ff! Ei FSLJ S23 f 1455! ll Senior Clam' Ojficem Left to right: Joann McFadden ,, Secretary Donna Bauer .,,,.. ,. ., President Shirley Reep . .. . ,. ...., . ,..... Vice President Pat Burns ,. ,,., , .... , , Treasurer ... 13 - GRACE BARNES Here if a girl who har a mind of her 01171. Anything rhe hay, rhe ir willing to loan. Grace hoper to he a Home EC. teacher .mme zlay. We with her luck ar Jhe goer on her way. Advertising Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Basketball Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 45 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Orchestra Committee for Prom 35 Prompter for Senior Play 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Welcoming Committee for Junior Square Dance 35 Usher for Class Night 3. DONNA BAUER Donna if a talenieal lan. Churen to he prerizlenl of oar clan. Next year .the planr lo go lo college. To make neu' friend! and increare her hnmrledge. Basketball Band 1, 2, 35 Class President 1, 2, 3, 45 Clar- inet Quartet 3, 45 Chairman of Ticket and Advertising Committee for Play 45 Chairman of Reception Commit- tee for Parents Day 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 District Contest 35 Editor of Yearbook 45 Entertainment Com- mittee for Banquet 35 General Chairman for junior Square Dances 35 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Trio 3, 45 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. MARY BOGOVICH With a friendly .rmile and :lark hrown She thinkr Leppy ir quite a prize. Mary alwayf har romething to ray, She war Mfr. Roni in our senior play. MARGARET BARNES Peg is one from Donegal, For getting heaux .the heair them A secretary rhe hoper lo he, I het .rhe'll Ji! on the hortlr knee. Publicity for Senior Play 45 Ticket Commi Square Dance 35 Decorating for Prom 3., eyef. all. tree for Junior Advertising for junior Square Dance 35 Afterthought Staff 45 Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 35 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Girls' Chorus 45 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Play Cast 45 Usher for Commencement 3. 14- ROSE MARIE BURKE Rorie ir a quiet little lan. Shorthand if her favorite clan. She also likef to cook and Jeux And if a :wonderful girl to lwmux Banquet Committee for Prom 3g Committee for Registration 45 Decoration Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Latin Club 2, 3, 41 Publicity for Senior Play 4g Usher for Baccalaureate 3g Usher for Class Night 3g Usher for Concert 3. PATRICIA BURNS Patty it a hlonde with hright hlue eyei, She maker quite a hit with all the guyr. A Jeuior from out Chicora way. She'J alwayf smiling and very gay, Afterthought Staff 4g Athletic Council 3, 4g Banquet Committee for Prom 3g Entertainment Committee for Prom 31 Girls' Chorus 1, 3, 4g Girls' Sextet lg Latin Club 2, 3, 43 .Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Orchestra Commit- tee for junior Square Dance 35 Parents Day Committee 35 Play Cast 45 Secretary of Class lg Treasurer of Class 2, 3, 4g Usher for Parent's Night Zg Usher for Com- mencement 3g Vice President of Latin Club 3. cert 1. l -15- 1 PAULINE CONERTY A girl u'h0'J the leader of our hand. We think Jhek the finer! in all the land. Pnlly has hlae eye: and jet-hlack hair. Shelf alwayr happy with never a care. Advertising Committee for Junior Square Dance 33 Atl- vertising Committee for Prom 3g Afterthought Staff 43 Candy Committee for junior Square Dance 3g Drum Majorette 45 Girls' Chorus lg Latin Club 2, 3, 4g March- ing Band 2, 3, 43 Play Cast 4g Silhouette Dancing 33 Twirler 2, 31 Usher for Commencement 3. ALVERA CROYLE Alvera if a friend of everyone. She'J alzvayr happy and hazing fuzz, Twice the left ur and mated away. But the came hack for graduation day. Art Craft Club 25 Candy Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Girls' Chorus 45 Play Cast 4g Table Committee for june Prom 35 Usher for Baccalaureate 33 Usher for Con- JAMES DELANEY jim it a hoy who ir not very tall, He'.r one of the .feniorr who if liked hy all. Hi: favorite hohhy is to drive hir car, Although he never goer very far. Cleanup Committee for Banquet 3g Decoration Committee for junior Square, Dance 33 Stage Crew for Senior Play 4. RICHARD DONALDSON Here it a tall, blond fellow we call Dick, Around the girlr he certainly doe! click. To go square dancing if hir delight, And whatever he does, he doer it right. Afterthought Staff 4g Decoration Committee for Prom 3g Play Cast 43 Refreshment Committee for Junior Square Dance 5. HAROLD ELLENBERGER Harold if a senior who is rather thy, The girlf all Jwoon ar he goer hy. Hunting it hir favorite recreation, He'll get along anywhere in the nation. Afterthought Staff 4g Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 53 Decorating Committee for Prom 53 Junior Marshall for Graduation 33 Stage Crew for Senior Play 4. JAMES GEIBEL Jim ir one of the Jenior hunch, He will Jucceedg we have a hunch. When we mention Parherfhix head'J in a whirl, Becauxe that'r the home of his favorite girl. Banquet Committee for Prom 33 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Deco- rating Committee for Prom 33 Play Cast 43 Table Committee for Prom 3. -16- VIVIAN GEIBEL To he a houxewife is thi: girl'J aim, A guy named Dale if to hlame. We know Viv will he a good cook, Became of a Home Er. eourfe .the took. Advertising Committee for Prom 31 Advertising for Junior Square Dance 3g Afterthought Staff 4g Banquet Committee for Prom 33 Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 35 Properties Committee for Senior Play 4g Usher for Class,Night 33 Usher for Com- mencement 3g Usher for Concert 3. KENNETH GRAZIER A fellow who'J prone lo fait driving. For him to drive stock cart will not he rurprifiug. A: "Old Doc" in our Jrhool play. Ken really had a lol to Jay. Afterthought Staff 4g Athletic Council 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Basketball Band 1, 25 Concert Band l, Z, 31 Dance Band 2, 33 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 3g Decorating Committee for Prom 33 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 31 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Trumpet Trio 1, 2, 3, 4. X .3 DONNA GROVES A cheerleader of the Senior Clan, Don hat cheered her way through the part. A mime tome day she wantr to he, To make the palienlt .fmile happily. Cake Walk Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4g Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 4g Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Patrol lg Sound Effect Commit- tee for Promg Ticket Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Treasurer of Latin Club 3g Team Captain for Maga- zine Drive 4g Usher for Concert 3. RITA GROVES A Jmart Jtiiderzt we all admire, To hecome a heauticiarz it her defire. Yer, Rita ha: a .ferret flame. But the u'orz'l lell at hir name. Advertising for Prom 33 Advertising for junior Square Dance 35 Afterthought Staff 4: Decorating Committee for junior Square ,Dance 33 Hi-Lite Staff 4g Librarian 2, 3, 43 Make-up Committee for Senior Play 4g Usher for Commencement. MARJORIE KELLY Alzvayr lending a helping hand. Willirzgly to zrhamerer .the can. Margie ir the editor of our Hi-Lite. And ar a rtuderlt the ir very bright. Chairman of Banquet Committee for Prom 3g Chairman of Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 3: Chairman of Registration Canvass 45 Editor of Hi-Lite 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Patrol 15 Publicity for Play 4g Usher for Baccalaureate 5g Usher for Concert 15 Welcoming Committee for junior Square Dance 5. TWILA HILLWIG Tzrila if alirayf hright and cheery. Rwfrfiek learing marle her dreary. A J'fll!lll2ll,f irarlefit, ar you can see. Alzvayf ar bllij' ar a hee. Advertising Committee for Junior Square Dance 55 Basketball Band 2, 5g Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Decoration Committee for Prom 35 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Sextet 5, 45 Hi-Lite Stall 45 junior Band lg Librarian 25 Marching Band 2, 5, 45 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 45 Play Cast 45 Usher for Concert 3. DOROTHY JACK Dot if a rheerleatler anzl ha.tu't a rare. A plearaut rmile that ir alivayr there. Sparkling eye: and a pretty hlomie, Of all her clarrrrzater .the ir quite fond. Afterthought Staff 45 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Sec- retary 25 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Girls' Sex- tet 45 Girls' Chorus 5, 45 Make-up Committee for Play 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Poster Committee for 'junior Square Dance 31 Usher for Parents Night 2. HAROLD KEPPLE Girls. girly. gzrlf are on hz: mznd. He reemr to he the marrymg kind. f V 5 . , Q: Always ready to diragree. - - - . . . Chair Crew 35 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Properties Committee for Play 45 Stage Crew for Play 4. 'ff ' . . - :aww 5" v f-it 4. 4 i'2'Ef'.:! ..' :' :z3':Z"""5:: WAYNE KING A handsome lad from our clan. And Donna D. .feernr to he hir favorite lan. Hit rating among the fellows if high. We think Wayne ir quite the guy, Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Stage Crew for Senior Play 4. DOROTHY KLUGH A girl who'J very cute and gay, With Dave the certainly has a way. Telling joker ir her delight, We all thinh Dot'.r all right. Advertising Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Deco- rating Committee for Prom 33 Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 3g Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Hi-Lite Staff 43.Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 4g Sextet 3, 43 Usher for Concert 3g Yearbook Staff. MABEL LEVIER Here if a girl who ir good hearted, We recognized that when .fhe rtarted. To become a honrewife ir her desire. Her Jplendid :hill this ioh requirey. Cake Walk Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Deco- ration of table for Prom 33 Property Committee for Senior Play 4g Usher for Baccalaureate 33 Usher for Class Night 3. JAMES MCCLURE lim thinhx hir car ir quite the thing. Har given many girl.r a "ring," A rather quiet and indnxtriour hay. That Jthool uforh never Jeernx to annoy. ,2. Chair Crew 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Stage Crew for Concert 1 19 -- BETTY MCCOLLOUGH Secretarial work the can really do. I5 good in her subject! and neat too. She alwayf har a flashing smile, Wbateifer rlae doe: ir always worthwhile. Basketball Band 1, 2, 33 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 43 Clarinet Quartet 3, 43 Decorating Com- mittee for Junior Square Dance 33 Decorating Committee for Prom 33 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Sextet 33 Hi-Lite Staff 4g Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Director of Senior Play. MARILYN MCCOLLOUGH Braz ir on thir girl'J mind. Marilyn thinkf he if the marrying laiud. A very friendly girl if the. And very nice. we all agree. Basketball Band 1, 2, 33 Concert Band l, 2, 33 Decoratf ing Committee for Prom 33 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 March- ing Band 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Ticket Committee for Junior Square Dance 33 Usher for 3 Baccalaureate. 3, 3 ,f 'xfl ff... .wi WILLIAM MCCOLLOUGH ,FV Bill. who if a bot rod man. Play: a trumpet like a ufloiz in band, 'Q Of courre he har a favorite lair. ' And it ir Carol from the junior Clafr. , L. ' 3, W Afterthought Staff 43 Band 1, 2, 3 43 Boys' Quartette 3: fsi-ff? ' ' Co-Chairman of Magazine Drive 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3. ,Qg5,,. t 43 County Chorus 35 Dance Band 2, 33 District Band 2, Q itr f -,"Q 'rf'. 1 -- ' ,.: 43 District Chorus 2, 33 Marching Band I, 2, 3, 43 'V 'il"i 733 fee Trumpet Solo 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Lite Staff 43 Trumpet Trio -A , 3, jj QQ rk"-- gy f A fi ,- Q 'X' i'.. "' Q 113 JOANN McFADDEN joan. we all know ar a quiet min. Pretty brown eyer you car1't rerirt. Never a worry and newer a care. A plearant Jmile that if alzvayr there. Advertising for Concert 33 Class Secretary 3, 4g Class Treasurer lg Decorating for Junior Square Dance 33 Entertainment for Freshman Party 43 Entertainment for Parents Night 43 Entertainment for Prom and Banquet 33 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Sextet 3, 43 Hi-Lite Reporter 2, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Shadow Dancing 33 Student Director for Senior Play 43 Team Captain for Magazine Drive. ..20.... JANET MCMILLIN janet ir a very cute little lan, The Jmallert girl in the Senior clan. To marry jack if her delight. She never ufarztf to get out of his fight. Posters for junior Square Dance 33 Property Committee for Senior Play 43 Ticket Com- mittee for Senior Prom 3. ESTHER MILLER A happy go lucky, carefree min, She'll get by, u'e're Jure of this. Alway: huxtling and hurrying around, A girl like her is hard to he found. Advertising for Senior Play 43 Chairman of Decorating Committee for junior-Senior Prom 33 Entertainment for Freshman Party 4g Entertainment for Parents Night Girls' Chorus 43 Librarian 2, 3, 43 Poster Committee for junior Square Danceg Tickets for junior Square Dance 33 Usher for Baccalaureate 33 Usher for Concert 1, 2, 4: 3. 55 fl- ,ft E 312 W we 1? a af W 4 Tgigfyy .1 'SEQ ' .e'fzQfs .2 f.. J .frfaesz-rf Qt: ' " ,fr .-were .. , . -a Mm ff X' ' ff22f1!L-1 .iiibpefwf '1' if iafilkk g li fljfi M ' f 'E1s'4ffi-,'EllQ6f ge3 ff 'if Q. I - ., : J ' 1. .LQ -F his f. fw3W9S32E'Z9'fYff 1 9 was if rw Baccalaureate 33 U Dance. Decorating Committee for Chorus 2, 3, 4g Newspap . 2' t , ,... Shirle JOHN Mooius john if no bigger than a minute. When there'r trouble he i.r in it. He Jay: gym il hi: favorite course, Want: to join the Army Air Force. Afterthought Stal? 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Baseball 3, 43 Boys' Quartette 33 Chair Crew 3, 43 Clean up for Prom 33 County Chorus 33 District Chorus 33 Hi-Lite Staff 43 junior Band 13 Marching Band 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Refreshment Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Senior Play Cast 4. SHIRLEY MOORE y har a very plearant Jmile. Her boy-friend. Chuck. ir away for awhile. 1 Singir g and laughing all the day, Whenever you ree her, :he is gay. Sher fo - 21 junior-Senior Prom 33 Girls' Chorus 4g Hi-Lite Staff 43 Mixed er Reporter 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Cast 43 Sextet 43 Usher for r Parents Night 2, 33 Welcoming Committee for junior Square MARY ANN OLSON Mary Ann is rather Jlender and tall. Liber Jquare dancing hex! of all. lr good in her Juhjectx at you can ree. She'll he a housewife eventually. Afterthought Staff 4g Girls' Chorus 4g Latin Club 2, 35 Table Committee for junior'Senior Prom 33 Ticket Committee for Senior Play 43 Usher for Commencement. DARRYL PARKER When .fehool if 01'ef. he'5 Fairrieu' hound. No nicer perxon can he found. He ufaxhex car! in hir Jpare lime. And thi! it the end ofthe little rhyme. Afterthought Staff 4g Decorating Committee for junior- Senior Prom 3g Stage Crew for Senior Play 4g Ticket Committee for junior Square Dance. SHIRLEY REEP Shirley it gay and bright af a dollar. She i.r really a very good Jcholar. She it one who if always' on the go. IJ real pleafanl and nice to know. Advertising for Senior Play 4g Banquet Committee for Prom 33 Chairman for Magazine Drive 41 Class Presi- dent lg Class Vice President 2, 3, 4g Decorating Com- mittee for junior Square Dance 4g Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Hi-Life Staff -43 Librarian l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Publicity for Senior Play 43 Ticket Committee for junior Square Dance 3. RALPH RITCHEY Ralph if one of our senior hoyf. Who is accurtomed to making noiJe. Alwayx working rain or Jnow. Ar the pumpx where the ga: d0e.t flow. Decorating Committee for Prom 33 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Senior Play Cast 4g Stage Crew for Concert 4. Maxine hay a diamond ring. Which the thinhr if im! the thing. A good houyezvife for Johnnie we kllllll' .the zrill make. Shea good at Jeiving or haking a calfe. Banquet Committee for Prom 53 Candy Committee for junior Square Dance 53 Decorating for Junior Square Dance 33 Hi-Lite Staff 4g Make-up Committee for Senior Play 41 Table Committee for Prom SQ Usher for Baccalaureate 4. WALTER RUMBAUGH Walter ir full of fun. A hoy who if alzwayr on the run. Like: to work ar you can fee. I.r employed at the Bury Bee. Chair Crew 5, 45 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Decorating Committee for Prom 31 Sound Effects for Senior Play 4. MAXINE ROSS tm1iQ:,Nw- . 1... 1 ye ax. , as 2 7:" ROBERT SANICH , With the girl! he ir quite a riot. , He'r one of our lzoyr who ir never quiet. , 1 Alufa 5 'a 'ing home from Jchool. A mg ,W ., y A 1 I 4 J Vi Si And getting into trouble aJ a rule. 'V Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 3g Deco. B i rating Committee for Prom 3g Stage Crew for Senior r,V -',- Play X 2 A Q 4, - 'N' Pg if K S if DONALD SCHRECONGOST Don playr center on our haskethall team. We think he it really on the heam. The mort devilish hoy under the Jun. He teafer ana' tauntr and conriderr it fun. Afterthought Staff 4g Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Band l, 2, 5, 45 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Decorating Committee for Prom 3g Hi-Lite Staff 4g Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew for Senior Play 4. MARGARET SHAKLEY Margaret, a nice girl to know, To a Jquare danre the ir ready to go. She ir well liked hy one and all, Alwayr talking in Jtady hall. Advertising Committee for Senior Play 45 Decorating Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Girls' Chorus 43 Poster Committee for Junior Square Dance 3g Ticket Committee for Junior Square Danceg Usher for Commencement 3, Usher for Spring Concert 1, 2, 33 -Usher for Class Night 3. LOUISE STEINER Loaire ir quiet but plearant and kind, Her :mile ir friendly and eary to find. With the Chicora fellow: the ir really a hit, But we all agree, we Cdlllf hlame them a hit. Afterthought Staff 43 Hi-Lite Staff 4, Latin Club 2, 35 Orchestra Committee for Prom 3g Prompter for Senior Play 4g Usher for Commencement 4. JOHN STIMAC We think Johnnie if a true friend, One of our hoyi from Bradyfr Bend. He ir rhy and quiet, we mart conferr. But we think he if grand, neuerthelerr. Chair Crew 3, 45 Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 3g Decorating Committee for Prom 3g Stage Crew for Senior Play 4. BONNIE TRIBLEY Bonnie ir tall and a very cute girl, Whore clarinet keep: the hand in a whirl. Sbeij' alwayr trying something new, No one knowr iuft what fhe will do. Advertising for Senior Play 43 Afterthought Staff 4, Basketball Band l, 2, 3, 43 Clarinet Quartet 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4g County Chorus 33 Decorating Committee for Junior Square Dance 31 Decorating Committee for Prom 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lite Stall 4g junior Band 39 Latin Club Z, 3, 4, Librarian l, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Poster Committee for junior Square Dance 3g Publicity for Senior Play 4. SARA VENSEL Sara it gay and full of fan, She would square dance till the night war done With thore hlue eyer and shining curlt, She rates among our neatert girls. Decorating for Prom 35 Decorating for junior Square Dance 35 Girls' Chorus 45 junior Marshall for Graduation 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Usher for Concert 3. CARMA WARD Carma it a hard girl to heat, N0 nicer friend could anyone meet. In hand :he play: her Jax with zert, Sheff always there to do her hext. Afterthought Staff 45 Basketball Band 1, 2, 35 Candy Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 County Chorus 35 Dance Band l, 2, 35 Deco- rating Committee for Prom 35 Girls' Sextet 35 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Junior Band 35 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 March- ing Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Prompter for Senior Play 45 Saxophone Sextette 1, 2, 35 Saxophone Quartette 45 Saxophone Solo 15 Secretary of Latin Club 3. DONALD WIGTON Don Wigton or Don, a flirt if he, Likes the girl: as we can ree. A manager of our hafkethall team, He get: things done, ating a clezfer Jcheme. Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 45 Cake Walk Committee for junior Square Dance 35 Chair Crew 3, 45 Clean up Committee for junior-Senior Prom 35 Hi-Lite Staff 45 junior Band l5 Stage Work for Spring Concert 1, 2, 35 Stage Manager for Senior Play 45 Refreshments for junior Square Dance 4. MARJORIE WOOD There are11't many thingr that Marge tan't do, For the artf. Jingf. and if a cheerleader, too. A cate little larr with short hrown hair, Her appearanre if never in need of repair. Basketball Band 1, 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Decorating Committee for Prom 35 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Hi-Lite Staff 3, 45 junior Band 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 45 Senior Sextet 45 Ticket Committee for junior Square Dance 3. DONNA ZAHNIZER Donna if az cute lillle blonde, Of whom the boys are very fond. She haf Hue eye! zvloicb .the Jhall treaxure. To be with ber if quite zz plearure. Cake Walk Committee for junior Square Dance 33 Decorating Committee for Junior- Senior Prom 35 Hi-Lite Staff 4g Librarian 2, 33 Properties for Senior Play 4g Usher for Commencement 5g Yearbook Staff 4. CLASS SONG-"TILL THE END OF TIME" 1 CLASS MOTTO-"ALWAYS READY" 0 CLASS COLORS--GREY CLASS FLOWER-ROSE AND BLUE ' 4 J Luft WUI! and Testament of the Clam of 1953 When, at the end of our four years of "hard," "hardi' work at F.T.-K.C., we find ourselves to be the graduating class, it becomes necessary to gather together our wealth, whether obtained lawfully or unlaw- fully, and to make arrangements for its distribution after our departure. Therefore, we, the graduating class of 1953, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. I, Grace Barnes, will my quiet ways to Donna Duespohl. I, Peg Barnes, will my curly hair to Violet Dun- kle. I, Donna Bauer, will my dresses to Shirley Lari- more and Harriet Day. I, Mary Bogovich, will my driving ability to Joyce Deets and Carol Tribley. I, Patty Burns, will my blushing complexion to Myrna King. , I, Rose Marie Burke, will my ability to behave on the bus to Alice Olcus. I, Alvera Croyle, will my freckles to Delores Marshall. I, Pauline Conerty, will my flirty blue eyes to Ruth McCollough. I, Vivian Geibel, will my boyfriends Call except Dalej to Yvonne Constantine. I, Donna Groves, will my foolishness to Barbara Sheakley and Lemoyne Andre. I, Rita Groves, will my artistic ability to Gladys McKinnis and Vonda Walker. I, Twila Hillwig, will my Irish accent to Joe McCloskey. I, Dorothy jack, will my small waistline to Peg Black and janet Ross. I, Marjorie Kelly, will my ability to talk in study hall to Doris Gaiser and Gladys Gibson. I, Dorothy Klugh, will my cheerful manner to Don jack. I, Mable Levier, will my small stature to jenna Mae Olson. I, Betty McCollough, will my typing ability to Floyd Barger. I, Marilyn McCollough, will my letter writing ability to Kay Crawford. I, Joann McFadden, will my hearty laugh to Bonnie Sheakley and Emma Rogers. I, janet McMillin, will my neatness to Mary Wulfert and Catherine Young. I, Esther Miller, will my way of getting along with the teachers to Richard Gamble and Ed Smith. I, Shirley Moore, will my long, blond hair to Carol Hobaugh. I, Mary Ann Olson, will my height to Carol Snyder. I, Shirley Reep, will my behavior to Pat Deal. I, Maxine CRossQ Becker, will my housekeeping ability to Pat Miller. I, Margaret Shakley, will my excuses to Dick Fleeger. I, Louise Steiner, will my way with the Chicora boys to Bernadette Knoll and Ruth Waltman. I, Bonnie Tribley, will my interest in sports to Saunie Hovis. I, Sara Vensel, will my personality to Harold Hays. I, Carma Ward, will my broken saxophone reeds to Rosella W'alker and Carole Moyer. I, Margie Wood, will my ability to flirt to Don Wigton. I, Donna Zahniser, will my height to Dan Gold- inger. I, Jim Delaney, will my alertness to Nancy Trim- ber and Vaunda Shakley. I, Dick Donaldson, will my jalopy to Neil Shiv- ley. I, Harold Ellenberger, will my physique to Bill Yusko. I, jim Geibel, will my hours of studying to De- lores Ritzert. I, Ken Grazier, will my place on the basketball team to Bob McCollough. I, Harold Kepple, will my shyness around girls to Bob Hile. I, Wayne King, will my bright red shirt to La- vina Miller and Waunetta Fink. I, Bill McCollough will my beard to Ed Allen. I, jim McClure, will my intelligence to Marjorie Stevens and Connie Claypoole. I, john Moore, will my dignity to Ed Ritchey. I, Darryl Parker, will my dimples to Ruby Burk- hard. I, Walter Rumbaugh, will my dancing ability to Francis Ritzert. I, Bob Sanich, will my crew hair cut to Richard Schnell. I, Don Schrecongost, will my playthings to Don- na Yough and Peg Ellenberger. I, john Stimac, will my secret flames to Bill Hile. I, Don Wigton, will my job as Senior Manager to Dean Shakley. Witnesses: Prof. Ed. U. Cation Mr. B. Specific Dr. I. O. You Mr. T. V. Set 127.. P. O. D. Class Typing Make out ten questions, please! Put your feet flat on the floor! Bookkeeping Class Shorthand Would tht be called an asset or a liability? Hope I get this dictation! Solid Geometry Physics Class Who has a proof for this? Now how did we get off the subject? YMz' FL 3 'T 7lwlezaZa44mea AA "Uf1aAHtuQ" aa thla dlwant uou Aer-:Q 'Thane la no doubt that aa time almeag P So LUUUZ the tlmidlneaa ot the-:Ae CQCLAAEA. 6? 2 wb Plough the unc,Qz:ncQaAAmen mug not lie, unior Clmf First row: Mrs. Bell, Marjorie Stevens, Vonda Walker, Saundra Hovis, Nancy Trimbur, Margaret Ellenberger, Jenna Olson, Doris Gaiser, Margaret Black, Lavina Miller, Gladys McKinnis, Violet Dunkle, Kay Crawford, Joyce Deets, Myrna King, janet Ross, Delores Ritzert, Carol Tribley, Carole Hobaugh, Alice Olcus, Mr. Black. Second row: Patricia Deal, Patricia Miller, Ruth Waltman, Carole Snyder, Gladys Gibson, Ruby Burkhard, Donna Duespohl, Carole Moyer, Connie Claypoole, Yvonne Constan- :ine, Emma Rodgers, Wannetta Fink, Vonda Shakley, Bonnie Sheakley, Barbara Sheakley, Rosella Walker, Ruth McCullough, Mary Wulfert, Catherine Young, Bernadette Knoll, Harriet Day, Shirley Larimore. Third row: Neil Shively, Eugene Yough, Floyd Barger, Fred Patsy, Dean Shakley, joseph McCloskey, Frances Ritzert, Richard Schnell, Donald Wigton, Daniel Goldinger, Edward Ritchey, Robert McCollough, Edward Allen, Donald jack, Roland Bly, Harold Hayes, Edward Smith, Robert Hile, Fourth row: Richard Fleeger, Donald Rupert, William Hile, William Yusko, Lemoyne Andre, Robert DeBacco, Richard Gamble. Motto: Tonite we launch, when shall we anchor? Song: "Always" Flower: White Carnation Colon: White and Blue President ,....,. ...,........ J oe McCloskey Secretary ...,......,....... ,....,.,.... C arol Snyder Vice President ......,. ,,...,...... D on Wigton Treasurer ...,..,,....,, .......,., L emoyne Andre Sophomore Clary First row: Carol Young, Louise Clark, Peggy Gibson, Marilyn Bly, joan Levier, joan Malinak, Ruth Young, Shelva Sleigher Faye Northime, Donna jameson, Helen Stimac, Linda Miller, Glenda Kamerer, Bernadette Conerty, Virginia Rurnbaugh, Patty lman Mr. Charles Hillard. Second row: Blanche Oesterling, Patricia Laughlin, Gertrude Little, Kay Sherwin, Wilma Daubenspeck, Carol Jack, Shirley Miller, Darlene Hoch, Barbara Freiters, Ruth Kifer, LaVaun Campbell, Virginia Coleman, Doris Hillwigl Brenda McCollough, Pauline Peart, Anna Barger, Catherine Young, Phyllis McElravy. Third row: Kenneth O'Donnell, Dale Gib: son, Donald Ward, james Ferris, Sidney Whittaker, Clifford Andre, james Andre, Richard Williams, Ronald Schrecengost Fred Greenawalt, Meade Grazier, Robert McCloskey, Dale Double, james Wagner, Clinton Simpson, james Reese. Fourth row 1, john Evankovich, Ronald DeBacco, David Zang, Lee Rumbaugh, Grant McCollough, Paul Lentz, Richard McElroy, Gene Hile Den. nis Roudekbush, Gerald Robinson, Gary Groves, james Simpson, Art Leighton, Dale Shakley, Marlin Morrow, Thomas Iiehner Blaine Gi son. l a successful liar. Song: "Down Yonder" Flower: Yellow Rose C olon: Maroon and Grey Motto: No man has a good enough memory to be President ,. ,,... ...., .,,........,.. J a mes Ferris Secretary .... ,.,....r,. ..,......,....,..,,,. H e len Stimac Treasurer ........,.. ..... ,...,...... G e rald Robinson Vice President .. ,. ,.....,.,.,,. Dale Double Freshman C lam Motto: Preparation Guarantees Success Flower: Red Rose Colon: Red and White First row: Mr. Conrad, Marjorie Sherwin, Joyce Day, Loretta Brothers, Gloria Pennington, Maxine Welsh, Sandra Evans, Lois Mayich, Beatrice Messina, Louann Kamerer, Edna Plunkard, Marie Trimbur, Ruth Hicks, Bernadette Campbell, Patty Thompson Phyllis Crawford, Ilene Shakley, Mary Jane Jameson, Miss Craig. Second row: Margaret l-liles, Nancy Moore, Elaine Campbell: Susanne Burns, Carolyn Hepler, Anita Rottman, Frances Bratkovich, Gerald Bell, Joseph O'Donnell, Robert Malinak, Delores Tack, Myrna Lucas, Barbara Malinak, Betty Blumer, Velma Geible, Mary Burkhard, Kay Barger, Lucille Grazier, Jean Claypoole. Third row: Ross Grazier, Dale Ellenberger, Don Baker, Robert Ferris, Richard Crosby, Regis Hayes, William Barnhart, Darel Murrland, James Burns, William Miller, Robert Zanella, Ed Schrecongost, Bernard Geibel, Kermit Bartoe, john Deirz, Robert Collier, Vincent Bacho, Norman Risinger, Joseph Roudebush, David Snow, William Barger. Fourth row: Ken Rumbarger, David Paoli, Ed Brown, Leroy Rodgers, Bernard Michael, Arthur Rodgers, jack Blystone, james Rumbaugh, William Rossiter, john Lee, Donald Shakley, Carl Kepple, Dean McElroy, Keith Morrow, Donald Moore, Raymond Stahl, Ronald Early, Terry Corbett. President .,,..,.,,.. .. ......, .............,...,... T erry Corb Secretary .. .,......,, .,....,,,..,.,....... Bernadette Campb Treasurer ........... .. ..,,.,.. james Burns, Nancy Moc Vice President ,....... .,,..,.. .,.,..,....,.. ..... ....,............ J o h n I Motto: "Forward Ever, Backward Never" Song: "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" Flower: Yellow Rose Colon: Maroon and Grey President ,....,..,... .....,.,...,, R obert Williams Treasurer ,.......... ...,.,.,...,..,,,,...,,. J udy Ekas Secretary .,,,.......,...... .,........... G lenda Larimore Vice President ........ .......... D ennis Masters Ezlglatb Grade First row: Robert Corbett, Ronald Eury, Charles McCollough, Richard Zimmel, Robert Kaylor, Terry Deal, Dallas Craig, Earl Dean Geibel, Don Shakley, Howard Barnes, John Walley, Robert Williams, Floyd Zang, Paul Rudish, Dennis Emery, Steven Miller, Sheldon Rankin, Dennis Masters, Ralph Steiner. Second row: Mr. McMiChaelS, Kay GllDS0fl, Jean UH1SiC2d, Marv Ann Double, Kay Fleeger, Gloria Sutton, Kathlene Bailey, Wanita Haley, Joanne BUUIS, BOHIUC Bly, Ruby CfaWfO1'Cl, Marjorie Roude- bush, Esther Bowser, Glenda Larimore, Helen Barres, Kay Karnerer, Mrs- MCC0fmlClf- Third 1'0W3 BCUY YOURS, Judy Elias, Viv- ian Grazier, Elaine Bevevino, Ruth Dunkle, Dixie Smith, jean Northime, R056 Marv KlOl4Cr, Barbara Biedenbach, GlO1'lH Miller, Sara Ann Williams, Glenda McFadden, Barbara Bowser, Sandra Sl1CCSm3l'l, Alva MHC Hiles, Gilaflfla ClaYPOOlC. F0urtl'l tow: Thomas Nolan, Charles Freiters, James Kifer, Paul Benninger, David Hicks, Don Snyder, Thomas Rotrman, Bernard Bowser, Douglas Williams, Robert Dunlap, Arthur Gibson, Richard Cooper, J0l'm Hegburg, Dennis Laughlin, Donald Gifford, Thomas Knoll. Fifth row: Chuck Wigton, William Snyder, Fred Campbell, Robert SUOUP, John Creel, Donald Gaiser, Ronald Hawk. Seventh Grade 4 Motto: "Finish what you attempt" Song: "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" Flower: Red Rose C olom: Green and White President ,.......... ....,.. ..,.... ,......,,...,.,.,. ..,..,.,.,. W i l l iam Sutliff Secretary ....,.........,... .......,........,... D onna Delaney Vice President .,.. ..... ......,,,,... K a therine Radaker Treasurer ....,.,..,.. ,,,...,......,,... 1 can Reighy First row: Joanne Emminger, Velma Shakley, Selma Gallagher, Donna Delaney, Beverly Whittaker, jackie Hawk, Anna Barger, Grace Snow, Rose Young, Marilyn Garing, janet Fair, Ruth Brown, Vera Marshall, jean Righy, Helen Osmer, Mary Bowser, San- dra Claypoole, Mary Etta Moore, Mrs. Myers. Second row: Bertha Serich, Silvia Rottman, janet Beck, Shirley McElravy, Marie Olenchak, Mary jo Williams, Caroline Anderson, Betty Grossman, Delores Gooden, Sylvia Collier, Mary Barger, Glenna Knoll, Virginia Kamerer, Kay Radaker, Barbara Nolan, Betty McGrady, Joan Rottman, Mary Vensel. Third row: Shirley Paslawski, Mary Joyce McCollough, Margaret Crawford, Samuel Brothers, William Sutliif, Mervin Bowser, Ronald Ekas, Charles Waldroup, Thomas Coleman, Guy Pistorius, Randal Parker, Richard Barnhart, Terry Dunmyre, Thomas McCloskey, Joel Calhoun, Leroy Bowser, Larry jack, Roberta Barnes, Donna Young. Fourth row: Gerald Sleigher, Ronald Gifford, Charles Rottman, Denny Gais- er, Norman Young, james Snow, Richard Responts, Richard Moore, Calvin Hiles, Lemoyne Bly, Bryan McGinnis, Ross Ripper, Frank Claypoole, William Hackbarth, Robert Uenking, Donald Stewart, Ferdnand Rottman, David Rankin, Donald Day, How- ard Kamerer, William Hicks, James Rottman. Ozgcmcgcztiana .Snow White hah onqanlgedl Hen tnlencqh, aqndl appanentflf enjolja wang moment M16 Alpendlh, 0515 onqanlgatlon and! co-olpenatlon, 'Thr-:Ae nou A A and Hovuna in uae ufl occu ation. 9 IP P P Sf,-13? -fm 5 . bf A-NIV : T K ixxxf, 'Av--zz, The publication of our Hi-Lite was supervised by our Editor-in-Chief, Margie Kelly, and Asso- ciate Editor and Typist, Twila Hillwig. Maxine Ross and Dot Klugh distributed the Hi-Lite each month to our readers. Bill McCo1lough was our music editor, Grace Barnes, Home Economicsg Don Schrecongost, one of the sports committee, and Shirley Moore and Donna Zahniser were Feature Editors. Donna was also a typist. Exchange fthe joke sectionj was written by john Moore and the covers for the Hi-Lite were designed by the art committee, Ken Grazier and Rita Groves. Here you see two of our typists: Donna Bauer and Betty McColloughg our Mimeograph Super- visor, Louise Steinerg and one of the sports com- mittee, Don Wigton. Margie Wood, Bonnie Tribley, and Mary Bogo- vich took care of the class news. Bonnie and Mary also worked as proof-readers. Another proof-reader, Shirley Reep, was absent from the picture. 5 E K Afrmlaouglaz Staff Our staff wishes to present to you under the man- agement of Miss Mitsos, the 1953 edition of the After- thought. Production began when members of the staff were selected by the Senior Class. Donna Bauer was to be the Editor and William McCollough, the Associate Editor. These students were in charge of having the yearbook published. The Business Manager, Louise Steiner, was in charge of the financial problems. The Literary Edi- tors, Donna Zahniser, Carma Ward, Pauline Conerty, and Mary Bogovich worked diligently on the class will and verses about the Seniors. The baseball and basket- ball teams were well represented in our Yearbook as Donald Schrecongost, Kenneth Grazier, and Bonnie Tribley brought you the scores and exciting events of all the important games. Rita Groves, Harold Ellen- berger, john Moore, Pat Burns, and Dot Jack cleverly drew the pictures introducing the various groups. The Advertising Staff, Dot Klugh, Darryl Parker, Richard Donaldson, Vivian Geibel, and Mary Ann Olson, kept reminding the people to bring in their money for the Yearbook and also collected the ads. We wish to take this opportunity to commend the students of the Afterthought Staff on the fine job they have done in producing the Yearbook. air H-"5 c Seated, left to right: Donna Zahniser, Carina Ward, William McCollough, Donna 4 25. Bauer, Louise Steiner, Dorothy Klugh, Rita Groves, Bonnie Tribley, Miss Mitsos. I I Standing: Darryl -Parker, Patricia Burns, Richard Donaldson, Harold Ellenberger, Vivian Geibel, Pauline Conerty, Dorothy jack, Mary Bogovich, John Moore, Don- ald Schrecongost, Kenneth Grazier. First row: Patty Burns, Louise Steiner, Marjorie Wood, Carma Ward, Miss Craig, Donna Groves, Joann McFadden, Donna Bauer, Bonnie Tribley, Betty McCollough, Carol Snyder. Second row: Carol Moyer, Vaunda Walker, Paul- ine Conerty, Lemoyne Andre, Bob McCollough, Floyd Barger, Kay Crawford, Marjorie Stevens, Ruth McCollough, Rosella Walker, Doris Gaiser. Third row: Patty Miller, Ruby Burkhard, Marilyn McCollough, Nancy Trimber, Peg Black, Marjorie Kelly, Rose Marie Burke, Dorothy Klugh. Lama Club "Pugna Justitiaef' This is the motto of the Latin Club. Translated it means "The light for justice." A stu- dent may become a member of the club when he has completed one semester of Latin, and his membership continues until he has graduated. Some of this year's activities were as follows: A spe- cial assembly program was presented on February 24, as a part of the Annual Latin Festival. Following the Devotional Hour, there was special music-and two plays-"Thanksgiving for Latin," and "Living Statues from Classical Mythology." All students participated in those presentations. A trip was made to the Buhl Planetarium in Pitts- burgh during the Festival. The students reported a very pleasant excursion and are looking forward to a similar trip next year. Latin I-First row: Blanche Oesterling, Pauline Peart, Ruth Kifer, Barbara Frieters, Linda Miller, Miss Craig, Louise Clark, Peggy Gibson, Glenda Kammer, Carol Young. Marilyn Bly. Second row: Brenda McCollough, Kay Sherwin, Gertrude Little, LaVaun Campbell, Wilma Daubenspeck, Virginia Coleman, Doris Hillwig, Betty Blumer, jean Grossman, Helen Stimac, Carolyn Hepler. Third row: Arthur Leighton, Paul Lentz, jim Ferris, Dick Williams, Donald Ward, Meade Grazier, Dick McElroy, jim Simpson, John Evankovich, Dale Shakley. First row: Shelva Sleigher, Barbara Bowser, Gloria Miller, Esther Miller, Rita Groves, Donna jameson, Faye North- ime, Carol Hobaugh, Peg Black, Ruby Burkhart. Second row: jenna Olson, Margaret Hiles, Myrna Lucas, Margie Sherwin, Barbara Freiters, Mrs. Myers, Gladys McKinnis, Bonnie Tribley, Delores Marshall, Carol Tribley, Bill Rositer. Libmmklm The librarians, students of the high school, are chosen by Mrs. Myers, the librarian supervisor. The students work in the library during their study halls and are responsible for keeping a record of all the books, maga- zines, and reference work that go out of the library. The librarians are noted for their cooperative attitude. Chair Crew The "Chair Crew" is made up of volunteer workers from the high school. These boys set up the chairs for all programs in the gym and take the chairs down when the programs are over. They are rewarded by free passes to everything held in the gym. We wish to express our thanks to the boys for the wonderful job they have done. The chair crew is under the direction of Mr. Conrad. Richard Williams, Dale Gibson, Lee Rumbaugh, Meade Grazier, Bill Rossiter, Earl Dean Geibel, James McClure, William Hile, james Wagner, Don Ward, Don Shakley, Don Gaiser, Bill Oppelt, Walter Rumbaugh, Robert Hile, Ross Grazier, Ed Brown, jim Rumbaugh, Charles McCollough, james Kifer, john Moore, Sid Whittaker, Don Bak- er, Blaine Gibson, Don Moore, Terry Deal, Bob Williams. mas, -- S THE SENIOR CLASS PLAY 'Ula' Doc" On November 6 and 7, the Senior Class presented the nationally known drama, "Old Doc," written by Jean Lee Latham. It was produced under the direction of james O. Conrad, dramatic instructor. THE cAsT ' 'f Dr. John Hillary COld Docb .,l..,,,,.. l.......,...,,,,,,.,......,....,,......,,..., K en Gfazlef IJ Dr. Robert Hillary Chis sonj .... ....,..., .........,........l..,.,,........,..... J i m McClure Pa Brown Ca neighborj .......,,... ....,.,.....' . , ,.l.. Jim Geibel, Ralph Ritchey Ma Brown CPa's wifej ,,,.,,........,,l.,, ,........,,,,,..ll..,,l..,.,...,,,, i .,,........ Sara Vensel Margaret Burns CBob's fianceej .....,.........l..,. ...l....,, . ,. Shirley Moore Dick Burns Cher kid brotherj ....,,..,... .........,, D ick Donaldson A janet Martin COld Doc's nieceb ,.....l...,.. ,,...,. . .. ...,....., Dot Klugh Mr. Hepple Ca lawyerj ..........,.,....l..,,,.......,,........,,,.....,.....,,,l.......,.., john Moore Dr. Edmond Brand Cfriend of Bob'sJ .. , . ,. Bill McCollough 4 Helen Brand Chis daughterj ......,,,., l.,l.., . ..,,,..,,l.,.... ,,......,..,....,,,, . . Pat Burns Mary Selby Ca timid patientb ,, .. .... ..... , ..., .. Marilyn McCollough Mrs. Rossi Can Italian patientj ,, Alvera Croyle, Mary Bogovich Mrs. Cronin Clrish friendp .... ,..., , .. .... ,, ..........Twila Hillwig Mrs. Mellon la rich snobj ..,.. ....,,, ...,,. M a rgie Wood ' Lois Warner Ca big flirty ,, .,,, Polly Conerty E L ..40-. l 1 --...Mt Ula' Doc Old Doc Hillary thinks his son Bob is coming home from medical school to practice with him. Young Doc is still in love with his home town girl, and he doesn't have nerve enough to tell his father that he isn't going to practice with him. The home town girl breaks olif her engagement when she hears of his plans, and Bob goes off on a trip with the Brands without facing his father. He leaves a note and when Old Doc reads it, he suffers a stroke. Then a neighbor, Ma Brown, takes things in hand. She fakes a telegram to Old Doc, that makes him think Young Doc is taking over the home town practice after all, and Old Doc dies believing that. Young Doc has no intention of doing any such thing and says so when he hears what Ma Brown has done. Ma shows Young Doc what half a century of practice with the home folks has meant, and he decides this is the life for him after all. 3 fi"z'4Zez'6c4 cWe know oun Qnemfllna can not lure, n am, wal, Qike thia weQQ-known ugfleeplt Ht they expect to neaclm theln aim, 'To be qoodl Aboonta and! win each game. Q Q V Nag D 1 B 1' 'IM I at I f 'fl Em! MANAGERS ATHLETIC COUNCIL Left to right: Dean Sheakley, john Lee, Seated, left to right: Carole Snyder, Donald Wigton, Pat Burns, Kenneth Grazi Donald Wigton, Arthur Leighton. er. Standing: Mr. Black, Mr. Salsgiver, Mr. Sutliff. Three faculty members and four students Qtwo juniors and two seniorsb make up the Athletic Council, which is responsible for: the passing of laws which govern the letter and sweater awards, the sponsoring of an annual Athletic Banquet, and the management of the Dairy Bar. This was their eighth year as an advisory body, and we think they have done a wonderful job. The managers of the basketball teams are selected in their Freshman year, and they serve for four years. They take care of the basketball equipment, clean the coach's room, keep the score-book for the games, work the scoreboard at the home games, and help in the Dairy Bar. Each manager has certain duties for which he is responsible. The Dairy Bar is operated by the junior and Senior Varsity Cheerleaders, the Athletic Council, and the Managers. They distribute ice cream and chocolate milk at noon time and after school. The money made by the Dairy Bar workers has bought cheerleaders' jackets, steel lockers, awards for cheer- leaders, basketball and baseball players, and the ath- letic council. Seated, left to right: Ed Brown, Ed Schrecongost, Don Wigton, Don Schrecongost Gerry Robinson LeMoyne Andre Standing: Raymond Stahl, Don Shakley, John Moore, W'ayne King, jim Simpson Ronnie DeBacco Coach Sutliff Baseball Team The Baseball Team had a perfect record in league play in their 1952 season In the playoffs, Karns City was finally defeated by Worthington after a hard fought season The team will lose three players this year through graduation. They are Don Schrecongost Wayne King and john Moore. Karns City 10 Karns City 5 Karns City 5 Karns City 10 "'Karns City ll 'Karns City 1 'Playoff Games SCORES Bruin Chicora Chicora Bruin Harrisville Worthington 4 5 1 2 2 7 Ken Grazier, Captain Guard Left to right: Don Wigton Center jim Ferris Forward Lemoyne Andre Guard Don Schrecougost, C apmin Forward off, tfenior Vvm'z't Coach Sutliff will lose only two of his starters this year. They are Don Schrecongost, 6'1" forward, and Ken Grazier, a guard who is 5"8'. Other starters are Jim Ferris, a forward who is 5'11", Don Wigton, a center, 6'1M", and LeMoyne Andre, a guard, 5'7". Basketball T mm The vacancies will probably be filled by Ron Schrec ongost, 5'l1", Bob McCollough, 6' and jerry Robin son, 5'9". The honor of being captain this year was shared by Ken Grazier and Don Schrecongost. First row, left to right: Coach Sutliff, James Simpson, jerry Robinson, Ron Schrecengost, Bob McCol1ough, Paul Lentz, Second row: Ken Grazier, jim Ferris, Don Wigton, Don Schrecongost, LeMoyne Andre. Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns City City City City City City City City City City SCORES OF INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS Games F.G F. F.Att. F.Pct. Don Wigton ...,..r........ ....,... 1 9 so 75 140 64q, Don Schrecongost . ...... ,..,.... 1 9 60 55 96 5796 L. Andre .......,...,...,....,.,..,, ,....... 1 6 46 56 83 6712 Ken Grazier .,........,,. ..,.,... 1 8 45 42 70 6015 jim Ferris .........,...,..,,....,, ......,, 1 7 32 29 54 54W Ron Schrecengost ,.......,.. ......., 1 7 18 12 41 29fZy Bob McCollough ....... ,......, 13 7 19 33 58178 Jerry Robinson .. ,.....,. 4 1 5 11 4596 jim Simpson ....,...,. 1 0 1 2 505 Paul Lentz .......,... ,..........,............ 1 0 O 0 O95 SENIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 62 ..... .... C larion Limestone 41 Karns City 54 42 ......... ....,........,..,...., E vans City 46 Karns City 54 ,...,,....., 43 ....... . ....... Shannock Valley 42 Karns City 35 .. ......, 37 ,........ ............,.,............. C oncord 39 Karns City 48 ,,.. ...... 49 ......... ....... S hannock Valley 41 Karns City 48 .... 52 ...,,... .,.....,............,.. W infield 41 Karns City 56 ............ 25 ......... ,..........,.. Z elienople 30 Karns City 49 .. 44 .....,,,.. ...,,..,.... S lippery Rock 51 'Karns City 42 ..,...,.. 37 .... .... .,.......,,... E a st Brady 60 'Karns City 43 ,...,.... 48 ...,,.... .,..,....,..... C oncord 38 'Playoff .4L T. Av. 235 13.1 175 9.2 148 9.3 132 7.3 93 5.5 48 2.8 33 2.5 7 1.8 1 1.0 0 0.0 Evans City Clarion Limestone Chicora ,. Winheld Slippery Rock Parker East Brady Slippery Rock East Brady III ,-,-.'--- ----,'L., ..-I.-1. -- -..--- fumw' Vlzryzzy Bmkewuu 1 eozm "I" i Recognition is herewith made to our gallant jayvee season. Although they didn't win all the games, they team which has played many a tough game this past played steady ball all through the season. First row, left to right: Raymond Stahl, Marlin Morrow, Grant McCollough, Donald Shakley, Edward Brown. Second row Coach Sutlili, Edward Schrecongost, Bob Zenella, Bernard Geibel, james Burns, Kerm Bartoe. Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns City City City City City City City City JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Clarion Limestone Evans City Shannock Valley Concord Shannock Valley Winheld Zelienople Slippery Rock Karns City 29 ..,.,.,....,..... Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns Karns City City City City City City City City l7...,. ,, 18 ..., Z5 ...,,.. Z8 ..,. 15 32 .,,..,. ,. East Brady . ,..,,. ,....,,. ,... C o ncord Evans City Clarion Limestone Chicora Winheld 31 ....,... ,. ...,......... ........, S lippery Rock 28 .......,...................... East Brady 27 Parker .V Q . if 'pxa 5.5-,f Eff? 'L . ' Q 'Lf iid- u 9 Q' - . ef Q at A Vi 'Qfi'5Wfgs3 sff:f 45? Y. '41 .hx ,, , f., T, . 1' 3? N- 1 ' x fa' I 4, gal' fi 'kxlk Left to right: Donna Groves,' Ruth McCollough, LaVaun Campbell, Dorothy Jack, Virginia Coleman, Marporie Wood, Patty Miller, Shirley Larimore. Senior Vmzfify Cheerleaders We are very proud of the peppy cheering the jayvee cheerleaders have done during the basketball season. The cheerleaders are girls who tried out to be cheer- leaders at the beginning of the year. They were selected by the members of the Athletic Council. There are two new members of the jayvee cheerleading squad this yearg they are Shirley Paslawski from Seventh Grade, and Vivian Grazier from Eighth Grade. The uniforms of the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders were purple jumpers, gold pullover sweaters and black and white saddle shoes. The Senior Varsity Cheerleading Squad was com- posed of Dot jack, the captain, Margie Wood, co-cap- tain, and Donna Groves, three Juniors: Ruth McCol- lough, Shirley Larimore and Patty Millerg and two Sophomores: Virginia Coleman and LaVaun Campbell. The Senior Varsity Cheerleaders' uniforms were pur- ple skirts, gold sweaters and black and white saddle shoes. . Accompanying the team at its home games and also on its journeys to other schools, the cheerleaders always gave considerable amount of moral support to the team. fumbr Vmffigf Cheerleader! Left to right: Vivian Grazier, Nancy Moore, Shirley Paslawski, LaVaun Campbell, Judy Ekis. The Senior girls of Home Economics met twice each week. They took cooking one semester and sew- ing the other semester. The majority of girls made sporvriackets thzrsecondsemester, while the Est irmde dresses. The girls also learned how to prepare delicious pies and cookies and they served two tempting dinners during the year-one for their mothers, and the other for the school board members. Home Economics The Mechanical Drawing class meets the fifth per- iod every day in the shop. This subject is open to Senior boys only. In class, the boys learn to make scaledilrawmgs arid haveWn 'severaliovies diring the year. Those Seniors taking Mechanical Drawing are: Jim Geibel, Harold Ellenberger, Dick Donald- son, Darryl Parker, Ken Grazier, Walter Rumbaugh, Harold Kepple, Wayne King, john Stimac, Bob San- ich, john Moore, and Don Wigton. Meclaanzkal Drawing -50- Hana ia "fDo1pa-33" Anowinq ijou, what one Az-:ction ot oun Brandi can dio, aqiionq with the lvandl in oun muaic Aection, Ana cnonuhea andl enaemluliea who tnain on an action IP 7'-"""" li, ,.. 9 53? mx? V Senior Bama' The Senior Band is made up of approximately 60 -students from the junior and Senior high schools. Their first activity of the year was the Armistice Day parade in Butler, on November ll. This year the band featured two concerts: the special Christmas Concert and the Annual Spring Concert. Much interest was added to the organization by the new plan of exchange chapel programs and by the County and District band groups. Five of our students attended District Band and nearly twenty-five participated in County Band. The band also furnished music for several chapel programs in our own school. The activities of the group, however, were somewhat limited this year due to the construction work in the auditorium. Twirlers: Patty Miller, Mary Lou Wulfert, Pauline Conerty QMajorette7, Harriet Day, Ruth Waltman, Donna Duespohl. First row: Brenda McCollough, Pauline Peart, Ruth McCo1lough, Gertrude Little, Carol Tribley, Myrna King, Bob Cor- bett, Dennis Gaiser, Ed Brown, Betty Blumer, Carol Snyder, Arthur Gibson, Grace Barnes, Arthur Leighton, Vivian Grazier. Second row: Donna Delaney, Linda Miller, Judy Ekas, Gladys Gibson, Elaine Bevevino, Margie Sherwin, Vaunda Walker, Bonnie Tribley, Betty McCollough, Mr. Banks, Ronald Hawk, Carma Ward, Donna Bauer, Rosella Walker, Dale Gibson, Bill Snyder, Dale Shakley, Joel Calhoun. Third row: Bonnie Bly, Carolyn Hepler, Saundra I-Iovis, Doris Gaiser, Gladys McKinnis, Ed Schrecongost, Bill Rossiter, Neil Shivley, Don Schrecongost, Dale Double, Doris Hillwig, Jim Rumbaugh, Carole Moyer, Bill McCollough, Paul Lentz, Margie Stevens, Kay Fleeger, Paul Rudish. Fourth row: Blanch Osterling, Twila Hillwig, Meade Grazier, jerry Bell, Ross Grazier, Margie Wood, Kay Sherwin. Absent: Donna Groves, Marilyn McCo1lough. '13 " Ba ml The "B" band serves a two-fold purpose. Its primary function is to train young musicians to play together and to learn how to read all types of music. The secondary purpose is for students in the Senior band to learn to play a different instrument. The band appeared in the Elementary Christmas Chapel program and in the Christmas Con- cert. Their final appearance of the year was at the Annual Spring Concert in May. Twirlers: Francis Sherwin, Charlotte Oppelt. First row: Carolyn Gibson, Joyce Claypoole, Christine Bevevino, Fred Lehner, Leslie Osmer, Martha Crawford, Tom Campbell, Ethel Umstead, Ronald Ekas, Don Baker, Chris Bevevino, Robert Unking, Richard Stroup, Joann Burns, Marilyn Garing, Peggy Rotman, Edna Calhoun, Chuck Mahood, Craig McAnallen, Helen Bulman. Second row: Carol Day, Nelson Barger, David Beck, Paul Rudish, Richard Moore, Robert Kaylor, Dennis Emery, Mary Vensel, Chuck Wigton, Bonnie Bly, Billy Sutliff, Robert Stroup, Don Stewart, janet Fair, Terry Dunmire, Anna Barger, Chuck McCollough, janet Simpson, Tom Sweeney, Ronald Gifford, Beverly Williams, Tom ShoupicMr. Banks. Third row: Robert Thompson, Dennis Roudebush, Larry jack, Tom Bell, Elenor Emerick, Sandra Wal er. First row: Ruth Waltman, Donna Duespohl, Marilyn McCollough, Sara Vensel, Shelva Sleigher, Ruby Burkhard, Patty Laughlin, Kay Sherwin, Saundra Hovis, Miss Markel, Carole Hobaugh, LaVaun Campbell, Doris Hillwig, Pauline Peart, Wannetta Fink, Ruth Kifer, Ruth McCollough, Gladys Gibson, Linda Miller, Donna Bauer. Second row: Rosella Walk- er, Margie Wood, Dorothy Jack, Peggy Ellenberger, Delores Ritzert, Brenda McCollough, Virginia Coleman, Myrna King, Doris Gaiser, Peg Black, Delores Marshall, Carol Tribley, Carma Ward, Vaunda Walker, Margie Stevens, Bar- bara Sheakley, Carole Snyder. Third row: Patty Miller, Carol jack, Gertrude Little, Bonnie Tribley, Shirley Moore, Twila Hillwig, Betty McCollough, Violet Dunkle, Gladys McKinnis, Dorothy Klugh, Joann McFadden. Fourth row: Dale Double, Dean Shakley, Ronnie Schrecongost, Bob McCollough, Don Wigton, Don jack, Ed Smith, Lemoyne An- dre, Neil Shively, Paul Lentz. Absent: Donna Groves, Shirley Reep. Mzked Claoruf The Mixed Chorus, under the direction of Miss Markel, gave two very inspiring performances dur- ing the year. Accompanied by Rosella Walker, they First appeared at the Christmas chapel program, and again at the Spring Concert. This group met each 0 Thursday afternoon in the auditorium and worked hard on all types of music. Several members of the group participated in Midwestern District Chorus at Hickory School, Sharon, Pa. They were: Donna Bauer, Doris Gaiser, and Myrna King. s' First row: Donna Duespohl, Marilyn McCollough, Sara Vensel, Shelva Sleigher, Saundra Hovis, Ruth Waltman, Ruby Burkhard, Alice Olcus, Bernadette Conerty, Miss Markel, Patty Deal, Shirley Larimore, Harriet Day, Mary Lou Wul- fert, Wannetta Fink, Linda Miller, Ruth McCollough, Gladys Gibson, Donna Bauer, Donna Jameson. Second row: Patty Miller, Margie Wood, Joann McFadden, Dorothy Klugh, Peggy Ellenbetger, Dot Jack, Brenda McCollough, Vir- ginia Coleman, Kay Sherwin, Myrna King, Doris Gaiser, Carole Hobaugh, Peg Black, Delores Marshall, LaVaun Camp- bell, Carma Ward, Vaunda Walker, Margie Stevens, YvonneConstantine, Barbara Sheakley, Rosella Walker, Carol Sny- der, Bernadette Knoll. Third row: Glenda Kamerer, Carol Young, Patty Laughlin, Gertrude Little, jenna Olson, janet Ross, Delores Ritzert, Marilyn Bly, Faye Northime, Connie Claypoole, Kay Crawford, Esther Miller, Margaret Shakley, Carol Tribley, Nancy Trimber, Bonnie Sheakley, Alvera Croyle, Carol Moyer, Doris Hillwig, Emma Rogers, Catherine Young, Ruth Kifer, Pauline Peart. Fourth row: Grace Barnes, Carol jack, Ruth Young, Joan Mallanack, Shirley Moore, Pat Burns, Bonnie Tribley, Twila Hillwig, Mary Bogovich, Betty McCollough, Violet Dunkle, Gladys McKinnis, Alice Young, Phyllis McElravy, Joyce Deets, Lavina Miller, Anna Barger. G1'1"I.l'J Chorus This group of girls met once each week in the pate in the Girls' Chorus. Directed by Miss Markel auditorium. They practiced many novelty numbers and accompanied by Linda Miller, this group per- and some serious ones. Any girl who likes to sing formed at the Christmas Chapel Program and at and is in Senior High School is eligible to partici- the annual Spring Concert. -55- TRUMPET SOLO TUBA SOLO HORN SOLO William McCollough Gerald Bell Kay Sherwin TRUMPET TRIO Left to right: Kenneth Grazier, William McCollough, Paul Lentz. CLARINET QUARTET SAXOPHONE QUARTET Left to right: Pauline Peart, Betty McCollough, Bonnie Trib- Left to right: Carole Snyder, Carma Ward, Berry Blumer ley, Donna Bauer. Rosella Walker. GIRLS' TRIO JUNIOR BOYS' SEXTET Left to right: Myrna King, Doris Gaiser, Donna Bauer. Front row, left to right: Dorothy Klugh, Shirley Moore, Joann McFadden. Last row: Dorothy jack, Twila Hillwig, Marjorie Wood. BRASS CHOIR Left to right: Marjorie Wood, Kay Sherwin, Gerald Bell, Kenneth Grazier, William McCollough. Kneeling: Dennis Gaiser. Left to right: Ed Smith, Dean Sheakley, Don Wigton, Rob ert McCollough, Lemoyne Andre, Neil Shively. SENIOR GIRLS' SEXTET SOLOISTS Alto--Donna Bauer Mezzo Soprano-Myrna King Soprano-Doris Gaiser W-if 3' ,s2,f i I: . Q. W AV: . 1 'fu fg- .. 111+ 1 dkvsei f4damZ64emenZ4 44 Heantlff thanka goal: to them: ot yfou, who gave to has oun yfeanlvook thnouqhp 'gun Atatt ta-:Qt Qllfza "Qnum1pL3" ton a whlfe, Uzlut then, Aoflcitedl ada with a Hr-zantlg Amlfle N ' e Q' 7 - 255 W M553 Ejy??223.,U ' TX 'QQ -ff, iam W. jf? TiG5ffZQE QM Q W if f QM. 5 6' ob WW! J ggkpi Nga WMM gffikww 4999 Q N253 iii wwe? iififj Q25 is Q W Wwe 621352 2 Sgwfgww S new G Q?fZfg5V?Q44JM eW RUSSELL BENNETT U hotogmlblry GAISFORD PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS - SODAS - DRUGS CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA UBERS SHOES for the ENTIRE FAMILY CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA X-Ray Fitting THOMPSON'S ICE CREAM We Have Your Kind 400 West North Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA MILLER'S SHOESTORE Butler County's Largest Shoe Store 215 South Main Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA CONRAD SOUND SERVICE SALES - SERVICE - INSTALLATION Public Address Systems for All Occasions P. O. Box 1051 221 Rockenstein Ave. Phone 75-875 Electrical Appliances Butler, Pa. Compliments of ARMCO STEEL CORPORATION Compliments of JUNIOR CLASS Compliments of HILLTOP ROLLER RINK EMLENT-ON, PENNSYLVANIA Free Bus Transportation on Friday Night Compliments of CORNER GARAGE KEPPLES CORNERS P. G. FREDERICK COMPANY Compliments oi IOHN R. YINGLING Authorized FORD Dealer COMPLETE LUMBER AND SUPPLY SERVICE DI'-'I 1371 EMLENTON. PENNSYLVANIA Phone 3-610 I. H. STEVENS CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA IEWELER Since 1883 WatchI3:g::1ngegL-xigzzraving EMLENTON, PENNSYLVANIA ,64- Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1953 PENN DRAKE REFINING CO. KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of LEWIS DAIRY DeSoto and Plymouth PARKER EQUIPMENT CO. PARKER, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 3131- 3231 Compliments of KELLY AUTO CO. Sales - CHEVROLET - Service Gas - Oils - Accessories BRUIN, PENNSYLVANIA Henry F. Kelly, Owner PHONE 2251 RUDOLPH'S GREEN HOUSE and SPORT SHOP BRUIN, PENNSYLVANIA DAUGHERTY REFINERY PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of NATION WIDE STORE BRUIN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2361 MCELVAIN-ELDER INSURANCE AGENCY PARKER, PENNSYLVANIA Box 127 Phone 3374 HEPLER FUNERAL HOME PETROLIA. PENNSYLVANIA Compliments ot EIGHTH GRADE Compliments of 7-1 - 7-2 RAY'S GARAGE Gas. Oil. Tires. Auto Parts General Hauling Phone Brcrdy's Bend 2425 BRADYS BEND, PENNSYLVANIA I. A. Rcxy, Prop. Compliments of SONNY THE BARBER BRADYS BEND, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments oi HOMER I. HUNTER EAU CLAIRE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of CAPT. SAMUEL BRADY SERVICE STATION Wm. H. Robertson. Prop. Compliments of ELGINS DRY CLEANERS EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of STERLING GARAGE EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of FRIEFJD Compliments of MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ROCKET HOTEL EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of REX-HIDE EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of LONG'S DRUG STORE EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments ot CENTRAL HOTEL EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA RAY MCELROY SERVICE STATION KEPPLES CORNERS, PA ALICE TURNER BEAUTY SALON CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA MCCLOSKEYS SUNOCO SERVICE PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 3321 Compliments oi HAWK'S STORE PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of I OE PINCEK and RHYTHM MAKERS Compliments of EDNA IAMESON cmd MARGARET FAIR BEAUTY SALON IONES BARBER SHOP PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA SNYDER'S RESTAURANT PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Phone zaoo - 3071 Compliments ot HOTEL PETROLIA Phone Petrolia 2320 Compliments of ANDY YARACS ORCHESTRA Compliments of DELANEYS Compliments of MUSKEES BARBER SHOP KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of ANDY'S BODY SHOP Compliments of HAYS AND HAYS SERVICE STATION KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA ETNA GARAGE Friendly FORD Dealer CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA FREDDIE'S RADIO SERVICE KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA HAROLD P. EKAS SUPER MARKET Phone 2650 Groceries, Produce and Quality Meat Compliments of DUNLAP BARBER SHOP CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA PAUL KIRKPATRICK'S Sporting Goods BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA FIDELITY TRUST COMPANY Butler Office UNION TRUST CO. BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Member oi Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation M C C A R R E N ' S BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of EAST BRADY LUMBER COMPANY "WHERE CUSTOMERS BECOME FRIENDS" EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2491 "For Lumber Call Our Number" Complete Building T H E H U B Clothing Fumishings BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of KELLY-ASH BY ELECTRIC COMPANY NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of A FRIEND I IEG- US. PAY. OFF. BOTTLING COMPANY BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of PARKER EQUIPMENT PARKER, PENNSYLVANIA Storm Windows Plumbing - Heating compliments oi Aluminum Compliments of siding - Awnings CARL R. BAUER Phone 55-835 McCcmdless Road Mounted Route 10 BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA JOSEPH DELLANA COGLEY'S JEWELRY EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA -53- Compliments of SOPHOMORE ROOM T A P E R ' S Your Ieweler Diamonds - Watches Phone 53-109 102 North Main Street BUTLER. PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations to Karns City High School Very Best Wishes PETROLIA MOTOR COMPANY Compliments of from Your FORD Dealer ISALY DAIRY Members and Officers COMPANY PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA No. 962 Compliments of GROVES MARKET R A D A K E R A Meats - Groceries Appliance FRIEND and and Produce Gulf Service Telephone 2300 PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone 3940 PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA LINCOLN BAKERY The Best Baked Goods in Town 119 East Iefierson Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA DR. A. H. STRAUBE Phone 3451 CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA G. H. MILLER EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA CLEELAN DS Docrons or opromzrnv BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA DR. I. ZUCKER Compliments of BILL and JOHN PURDUM DR. G. A. 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Phone 23-012 BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA TRACY OFFICE EQUIPMENT 147 East Iefierson Street Phone 75-815 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Manual - Electric - Portable TROUTMAN'S Butler County's Greatest Store Distinctive Clothing Fine Home Furnishings Compliments of MORRISON 'S DRUG STORE BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA A. B. MANN 8. CO. Guild Prescription Opticians Quick Repairs 251 South Main Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA BEN FRANKLIN STORE CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Charles McCoIIougI1 Service Station CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA TRADER'S MUSIC SHOP 115-121 East North Street BUTLER. PENNSYLVANIA .-71.-. Butler Office 300 SOUTH MAIN STREET MELLON NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. Other Convenient Offices in Butler County: CHICORA - HARRISVILLE - LYNDORA SAXONBURG - ZELIENOPLE MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of GEROLD BOYLE Compliments of CENTRAL HOTEL cHIcorIA, PENNSYLVANIA DeSOTO - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service GROCK MOTOR CO. Phone 2283 CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments ci H. O. PARKER 6. 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SMITH AGENCY "Everything in Insurance" PETROLIA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments oi LEW-MARKS TH EATRES PARKER DRUG COMPANY Dm, mo Peffolw THE REXALL STORE Norman F. Smith Chicgyq and PARKER, PENNSYLVANIA Arthur I. James Rimersburg Agents MILLER'S DAIRY BAR CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA BRADYS BEND ESSO SERVICE EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA R. D. I -- Phone 3-789 Groceries, Gas, Oil, Batteries, Tires, Tubes Compliments of SHAKLEY'S DAIRY STORE BRUIN, PENNSYLVANIA SAM'S RESTAURANT DINE AND DANCE BRADYS BEND, PENNSYLVANIA UNION SUPPLY CO. General Merchandise BRADYS BEND, PENNSYLVANIA -731 THE BUTLER FLORIST Chas. A. Bortmas Telephone 42-401 143 East Jefferson Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA WILLIAM FRAZIER TIRE SERVICE Phone 2429 EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA THE FASHION Popular Priced Wearing Apparel 223 South Main Street Dial 39-500 We Give S. 6 H. Green Stamps Compliments of SNYDERS HARDWARE STORE KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of V. PEZZUTTI ESTATE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 4064 BRADYS BEND, PENNSYLVANIA WORSLEY Butler's Largest Paint and Wallpaper Store 132 West Cunningham Street BUTLER. PENNSYLVANIA HEROLD'S DAIRY BAR soDAs - SUNDAES Also Gallons and Half Gallons of Ice Cream 122 East Iefterson Street BU'I'I.ER, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of IOHN'S STORE RATTIGAN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2199 UNITED BLOCK CO. Concrete Blocks - Septic Tanks Building Material Phone 2584 - Box 291 West Slippery Rock Street CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA MILO R. WILLIAMS IEWELEII 114 South Main Street BU'I'LER, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments oi WALTMAN GROCERY STORE CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of GEORGE HOBAUGH'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA THE IAY SHOP Butler's Exclusive Children's Shop Complete Line oi Infants' and Children's Wear 112 North Main Street Compliments of PEPPER'S FLOWERS 112 West Cunningham Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 2-905 WHITE CHEVROLET CO. EAST BRADY, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of LONG'S CLEANERS CHICORA. PENNSYLVANIA SEE E. C. MEYER COMPANY, Inc IEWELERS 106 North Main Street Phone 75-565 BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA 1, 1 1 R W 1 N 3 KAYLOR GRANGE Comp lmems O Decorators - Home Furnishers SUPPLY CQMPANY Dial 74-042 MARILYN and BRUZ KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA 112 North Main Street BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Groceries - Flour - Feed KAYLOR, PENNSYLVANIA B. 6. W. STERLING SERVICE KARNS CITY, PENNSYLVANIA DEAN'S GREENHOUSE PARKERS LANDING, PENNA. FOREINGER'S GROCERY Meats - Groceries Phone: Chicora 2298 CHICORA, PENNSYLVANIA BOOSTERS cferzior C lan H irtory Frefbmmz As timid Freshmen, we overflowed Room 13, where Mrs. Gulyas was the teacher, and those remain- ing were placed in Room 14, Mrs. Vander May's room. Later, when Mrs. Gulyas became ill, Mr. Uber came to replace her and stayed with us the rest of the year Cremember the beard he grew for the Sesqui- Centennial Paradel. At the end of the year we journeyed to Kennywood Park, and everyone reported an enjoyable time. Sophomore Once again our class occupied Room 13 and 14. That year, however, Miss Craig had charge of the greater number of us, with Mrs. Vander May again "blessed" with those remaining. At the beginning of the year, we elected Donna Bauer as president, Ken Grazier as Vice President, Dot Jack as Secretary, and Patty Burns as Treasurer. This year we picked a new class song, "Till the End of Time," and changed our class colors to blue and gray. I think we shall always remember the deep snow in November, when we were "compelled" to miss a week of school. COf course, we made it up the next spring.J Toward the close of the year, Patty Burns and Ken Grazier were elected to the Athletic Council. junior This year shall -be remembered as one of "trials and tribulations" for both our class and for our advisor, Mr. Black. Our goal this year was to obtain sufficient funds to sponsor the annual Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, and, somehow, with much hard work, our goal was reached. The money was raised through the junior Bake Sale and the two round and square dances which we sponsored. This was the year that many of us got our driver's license, and some of the boys became the proud owners of "jalopys." During our Junior year, we also got our class rings, and elected our junior-Senior officers: Donna Bauer, President, Shirley Reep, Vice President, Joann McFadden, Secretary, and Pat Burns, Treasurer. Senior . Finally we reached the day when we were no longer known as underclassmen, but as Seniors. just think, only nine months until graduation day! Once again we overflowed Mr. McCollough's room and those remaining were placed in Miss Mitsos' room. Our first activity of the year was our play, "Old Doc." It went oh' with a "bang," despite our worries. And think of the fun we had going to Bruin to practice! Next came the yearbook, which also took much hard work. Another function was the Hi-Lite, which was published each month throughout this busy year. Our graduation pictures, announcements, name cards, and class pins all make up a part of our Senior Year. Then came those long awaited days: Baccalaureate, the Prom and Banquet, Class Night, and last but not least, Commencement. Lois Vensel Mary Ann Geibel Arthur Barnhart Patty McElravy Doris Vensel Gray Roberta Campbell Wanda Snyder Kenneth Bauer Wanda Reep james Barnes Robert McElravy Harry Rumbaugh Betty Gershak Dean Bauer Nancy Ross Phyllis MCElravy -75 Richard Vensel Don Crawford Dave Kelly Mr. and Mrs. F Clyde Hillwig Mary Collier H George Ross Betty Ross rances Steiner illwig Here and There Around F T-K C 'Whats so funny folks, the program? We'll really lay them in the aisles! What if the scenery fell down or the sofa collapsed? "Girls, that's a pretty nice Hi-Lite." Oh, Happy Day! My, what an attentive audience!

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