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Fairview Township Karns City High School - Afterthought Yearbook (Karns City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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A M ,WX Q ,w-M' 'Y 13 ,,x'QfE'. ,.,. as in ' , k,,,w 35 E THE 1949 EDITION OE THE AETERTHOUGHT IS A PRESENTATION OF THE 'QEORTY-NINERS" OF FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP KARNS CITY HIGH SCHOOL "DEDICATION" Q w nga aug., As a token of our sincere appreciation for your leadership, guidance, and outstanding exam le P of justice and honor, Mr. Hillard, we the Grad- uating Class pf 1949 affectionately dedicate this 6th Volume of th Af l'1 e tert ought to you. ww W SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL JAMES SALSGIVER "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" BOARD OF EDUCATION From Row: Wm. V. Rigney, R. C. Sh-errard, J. T. Salsgiver, R. N. Hays, C. Wheeler O. Nl. lVlcCollough, G. Hays. Second Row: R, A. Stroup, P. D. Sherwin, S. Stoops, Gaiser, Beck, H. Jameson R. Emery, Absent: L. L. Gamble, L. W. J. Campbell. "Our World Begins and Ends With You" OUR FACULTY ROBERT McMICHAEL ROBERT BANKS Literature and English Music "When Irish Eyes "For H93 A jolly Aw Sm""'g DOROTHY MACKEY Good Fellow" Commercial Subjects "Take a Letter Miss Brown" CHARLES HILLARD Science and History "A Hunting We Will Go" MARIAN BELL Home Economics "Buttons and Bows" CHARLES McCOLLOUGH Social Studies "Money Song" ARTHUR BLACK Physics and Math 'Mr. Five by Five" PEARL MYERS Literature "Macbeth" OUR FACULTY l WILLIAM SUTLIFF Physical Education "Our Boys Will LENA VOGT Shine Tonight History and Geography "Leaping Lena" JOHN WILLIAMS Industrial Arts "Woodchcppers Ball" LOIS McCORMICK Arithmetic "Hail Pitt" ELEMENTARY TEACH ERS Front Row: Mrs. Stcops, Mrs. Meixelberger, Mr. Salsgiver, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Horner. Back Row: Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. Swain, Mrs. Walker, Miss Mcffollough, Mrs. Yough, Miss Sweeney, Mrs. McLaughlin, Miss Taylor. OUR STAFF M X E x CHARLES W. O'HARA BETTY MCELRAVY MARGARET McELROY ROY SHERWIN School Dentist Secretary to School Nurse Custodian "The Yanks Are Mr. Salsgiver "Pvc Got a Pain "Old Lamplighter Coming" "Merry Secretary Song" in My Sawdustn 1 EEN I UW , iii E, el ROBERT SMITH "Snuif" Class President I-2-3, Boys Quartet Z-3-4, Boys Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-Z-3-4, Basketball 1-Z-3-4, Hi-Lite 4, Aft-erthought 4, Stage Crew "Baby Sitter". Prom Committee- Chairman. Decoration Committee for Junior Dance, Baseball 3-4. BARBARA HAYS "Barbie" Class President 2, Vice-President 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4. Chapel Pianist 3-4, Accompanist for Boys Quartet and Girls Trio 3, Mixed Ensemble 4, Basketball Band 1-Z-3-4, Band Librarian 2, Band Jury 4, After- thought Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Sec- retary to Mrs. Myers 4, Junior Senior Prom Decorations, Cinderella Ball 3. KENNETH BAUER "Ken" Basketball 1-Z-3-4, Boys Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, Boys Quartet Z-3-4, Clarinet Quartet 2-3-4, Athletic Council 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Senior Play, After- thought Staff, co-Chairman Junior- Senior Prom, Class Treasurer 3-4 JOSEPHINE RICE "Sis" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Girls Ensemble 2, Girls Trio 3-4, Class Secretary 3-4, Basketball 1, Secretary to Mr. McCullough, Cinderella Ball, Orchestra Commit- tee for Junior Prom, Advertising for Senior Play, Afterthought Staff, Hi- Lite. Bob Smith is another one of our Boys Quartette, But he's more to sing about than that, you can bet, It's a certain Senior lass of the cheer- leaders' team Yelling loudly for "Smitty" to "Get on the Beam". She's used to slow motion, no hurry or speed, Yet, she wins more than others who rush-yes, indeed. A friend who's worth having, lots of fun she displays, A pal of all classmates, she's Miss Barbara Hays. He's one-fourth of the voice in our Male Quartette, It just wouldn't sound right without him you bet. He's there with good looks, fine voice, he's polite, Kenneth Bauer, need I name him? Every one could guess right. Introducing just now a neat Fairview Miss, Her three proud brothers just call her "Sis", Of course, her diploma will read Josephine Rice, She's one of the girls trio, she's cute and she's nice. K Audrey Campbell of Fairview-such a cute high school lass, And so tiny to be graduating with the forty-nine classg But size doesn't count when you've credits to earn, And even wee Audrey was in there to learn. Roberta Campbell, we all call her "Bert", Hair of gold, eyes of blue, she is- w-ell quite a flirt. If she types like she talks, she'll dry up the ink, And melt all the letters, that's speed -don't you think. Phyllis Colbert is cute in her own comic way, Flitting about in her dance of balletg She's popular and fits in any act that she tries, And there's nothing she does ccmes as a surprise. Maxine Craig is the flightiest of Class '49, She's in love or she's not, she's sick or she's fineg She changes her mind many times in one clay Wfith narry a worry, she's happy that way. -11 I 3 If 453, G ,.,, .,,., ,,,,,.,., b ,A i I AUDREY CAMPBELL "Audrey" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-2-3, Ticket Ccmmittee for junicr Dance, Orchestra Committee for Junior Prom, Secretary to Miss Sweeney, Ticket Committee for Senior Play, Hi-Lite Staff 4, After- thought Staff 4. ROBERTA CAMPBELL "Bert" Girls Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Usher for Concert 1, Senior Play, Secretary to Miss McCcllough, Afterthought Staff, Hi-Lite Staff, Prom Committee 3, Junior Fall Dance, Commencement 1. PI-IYLLIS COLBERT "Phyll" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Basketball 1, Chairman for Harvest Moon Dance 3, Prom Com- mittee, Hi-Lite Staff 1-4, After- thought Staff 4, Senior Play, Secre- tary to Mr. McMichael. MAXINE CRAIG "Max" Girls Chorus 1, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Senior Play Committee, Junior and Senior Prom Committee. EVELYN CRAWFORD "Shot-tie" Chorus 1-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1, Hi- Lite Staff, Secretary to Mrs. Meixel- berger, Junior Prom Committee, Usher for Senior Play. CARL DAUBENSPECK "Daubie" Boys Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Stage Crew for Play 4. JOAN DAY "Nonie" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Usher for Baccalaureate and Com- mencement, Prom Committee, Cinder- ella Ball, Secretary to Miss Sweeney, Senior Play Stage Crew, Hi-Lite Staff, Afterthought Staff. AUDREY DONALDSON "Audrey" Girls Chcrus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Afterthought Staff, Usher for Senior Play, Decoration for Junior Prom. She's short and shels chubby, but nice, she is too Our Evelyn Crawford, know what she can do? She can giggle and laugh in her original way, Makes anyone feel good on the gloomiest day. Carl Daub-enspeck's a boy who must be immune To insomnia, especialfy in the POD Room, For he sleeps right through class, but I guess it is true There are others snore with him and quite loudly too. Her first name's Joan, her last one is Day, Drawing is a hobby, in her own kind of wayg She used to draw paper dolls but has outgrown this art, Miss Day draws a knight that may win Joan's heart. Introducing, Audrey Donaldson, a ' nice friendly lass, So quiet you hardly know she's in the class Except for her looks, she's a cute blue-eyed blonde, Attractive as though fairies waved their magic wand. Mary Double her name sounds like twine, but not so, She's slender and tall and still single you know, But some day for sure, along comes a "He" Marry Mary, neither "single" or "Double" she'll be. O Audine Eisenhuth has joined our Senior group, She has one art we know of, and this is a scoop, It's her skill with the skates on a roller-skating floor. She has the grace of a fairy as she skates o'er and o'er. Who's the lover of lovers in our class, do you think? Could be no one else except Miss Doris Fink. Who now can we lag as her latest heart-throb? I can guess who he is and his first name is Bob. Another small Senior is Miss Shirley Fleeger, She would still be quite small if she was a bit bigger, She accomplishes much though small she may be She'll be famous some day, just wait and you'll see. :C 'Q' -ur MARY DOUBLE "Honey" Girls Chorus 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1 Usher for Commencement and Bac- calaureate, Secretary to Mr. Mc- Collougb. AUDINE EISENHUTH "Audine" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Afterthought 4, Ticket Committee for Senior Play, Photo Club 3, Home Economics Club 1, Secretary to Mrs. Bell, Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3, Ad- vertising Committee for Junior Play. DORIS FINK "Dode" Square Dance Committee, Decoration for Cinderella Ball, Banquet Com- mittee for Junior-Senior Prom, Band 2-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-Z-3-4, Parents Day Usher 3, Afterthought Staff 4, Music Li- brarian 4, Senior Play, Basketball l, Secretary to Mr. McMichael. SHIRLEY FLEEGER "Shirl" Band 1-2-3-4, Basketball Band Z-3-4, Girls Chorus I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Hi-Lite, Secretary to Mr. Hillard, Prom Committee, Advertis- ing for Senior Play, Cinderella Ball. ANITA GAMBLE "Anita" Girls Chorus 1-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1, Banquet Committee for Junior Prom, Usher for Senior Play, Hi-Lite Stff, Afterthought Staff, Secretary to Mrs. Myers, Program Committee for Senior Play. JOAN HAYS "Joan" ' Girls Chorus 3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Hi-Lite 4, Senior Play, Junior Ban- quiet, Cinderella Ball 3, Secretary to Mrs. McCormick. CLYDE HILLWIG "Percy" Band Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Boys Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Boys Quartette Z-3-4, Mixed Octette 2, Basketball Manager 1-2, Prom Decoration Com- mittee, Senior Play, Midwestern Chorus 3-4. YVONNE HOLBEN "Yvonne" Band 1-2, Girls Chorus 1-Z-4, Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3, Clarinet Ensemble Z. ,aff 4 i ---, I , e i E .t--e U M Ag, a. X, is ' X if , , There's one girl we think will be changing her name, For she loves a certain someone who loves her the same, If marriage is the career she has chosen for life, Anita Gamble will succeed, and she'll be a fine wife. P Is there a girl in the midst of that manly group, Who is making each heart simply loop the loop? Of course, and Joan Hays is the popular lass, Who receives most attention from the men of our class. When a kid riding bikes, one wheel was at ease, Now driving a car, it's on two if you pleaseg If he ever gets up there flying planes in the sky We'll know it's Clyde Hillwig when one wing flutters by. Yvonne Holben said "Goodbye", as a junior went West, But she must have found F.T.K.C. was the best, For again, she's a part of our "Class '49", We're glad she's with us as we march down the line. 8 She sings alto solos, and plays the clarinet, She went to Midwestern Chorus and liked it you bet. Though music is her hobby, she hopes by next year, To continue her education in a nursing career. From her home on the hill in Kaylor each day, Frances Matijak travels down and then up the same way. The weather n-ever keeps her from school you can bet, As for health, she has never been sick a day yet. Dorothy McMillin is a wee senior tyke, But she has every reason to feel "Big as Mike"! She's Aunt Dorothy now to a cute little boy, Who'll be a Senior, himself, in the sw-:et by and by. Was h-e named for "Dan Cupidn? It doesn't quite fit, Or "Daniel in the Lion's Denn? That couldn't be it, Just where did Dan Morgan's folks find such a name? Oh, I'll bet 'twas from Ireland our Danny Boy came. DIXIE JORDAN "Dix" Girls Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Girls Ensemble 1, Mixed Octette 2-3-4, Alto Solo 3-4, Band 3-4, Junior Prom Committee, After- thought Staff, Hi-Lite Staff, Secre- tary to Mr. Banks, Midwestern Penn- sylvania Music Festival Z-3-4, Senior Play. FRANCES MATIJAK "Bashfu1" Girls Chorus 1-4, Chairman of Ban- quet Committee 3, Usher at Com- mencement and Baccalauret-e 3, Ad- vertising and Usher at Senior Play, Hi-Lite Staff, Afterthought Staff, Class Treasurer 2. DOROTHY McMILLIN "Dot" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Secretary to Mrs. McElroy, Make-Up Committee for Senior Play, Ticket Committee for Senior Play, Junior Square Dance, Cinderella Ball. DAN MORGAN "Dan" Band 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4, Boys Chorus 1-.2-3-4, Boys Quartet 2-3-4, Mixed Octette 2, Basketball 1-2, Basketball Manager 3-4, Clarinet En- semble 2-3-4, Senior Play 4, Decora- tion Committee for Junior Prom. EILEEN MURTLAND "Eileen" Girls Chorus 1-4, Mixed Chorus 1, U:her for Senior Play, Junior Ban- quet Commlttee 3, Secretary to Mrs. McLaughlin. MARGARET RANKIN "Flirt" Girls Chorus 1-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Afterthought Staff, Hi-Lite Staff, Secretary to Mrs. Swain, Senior Play Stage Crew, Decorating Committee for Banquct 3, Usher for Commence- ment and Baccalaureate 3, Ticket Ccmmittee for Vicrrola Dance 4. ABNER SHEAKLEY "Abby" Senior Play. EDITH SMITH "Edith" Mixed Chorus 1-2-3, Girls Chorus 4, Girls Reserves 2, Y-Teens 3, Pen and Key 3, Junior Play 3, Afterthought, Hi-Lite, Make-up Committee for Senior Play, Program Committee for Senior Play, Secretary to Mr. Black 4. A very tall girl but as neat as you'll see, The type Powers picks for his models to beg Sheis Miss Eileen Murtland of Petrolia, R. D., But has spent all twelve years at F.T.K.C. Margaret Rankin is one who could really succeed, She has looks and ability and all else that sheid need. Will she choose a career or accept someoneis ring? She will choose for herself-may it be the right thing. Abner Sheakley could rightly be kidded this way, "Lil Abnern, a lover of blonde Daisy Mae. Heis just a small fellow, but like the biggest and best, l-le's a Senior of forty-nine and graduates with the rest. From Avalon there came a new girl, Edith Smith, We like her a lot, and she's nice to be with. Q, A popular Senior, from the day that we metg Seems we've know her for ages, and it's not a year yet. Another Cheer-leader who is fun in the class Is Miss Wanda Snyder, a Karns City lass. She plays in the band and sings in Octette, As popular a Senior as there is, you can bet. ' Every Class needs an artist and forty- nine can't be beat, Bernard Stevens takes the honors, and boy is he neat. His art with the drawing board, isn't all he can do, He can sing and play baseball and basketball too. Marilyn Stroup, is she gay? Is she cute? She can act, she can sing and she flatters the flute. She's one of our Cheer-leaders and "hep to the jiveug She has some one to cheer about on the "Kearns City Fivenl We must now rhyme a line, for lest we forget, She's a most popular drum majorette. A slick Senior chick every one will agree, She's one Anne Sturges, of Chicora, R. D. WANDA SNYDER "Wanda" Band l-Z-3-4, Secretary Z, Girls Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Cinderella Ball, Junior-Senior Ban- quet 3, Secretary to Mrs. Meixel- burger 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Make- up of Senior Play, Clarinet Quartet 3-4, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Cheerleading 3-4, Basketball Band Z. BERNARD STEVENS "Steve" Vice-President Z, Basketball I-2-3-4, Boys Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4, Band I-2-3-4, Mixed Octette 3-4, Baseball 3-4, Senior Play, Hi- Lite 2-4, After-thought Staff, Prom Committee 3, Cinderella Ball. MARILYN STROUP "Marilyn" Girls Chorus l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-Z-3-4, Girls Trio 1-2-3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Girls Ensemble l, Basketball 1, Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Senior Play, Prom Committee, Hi-Lite Staff Z-4, Afterthought Staff 4, Decoration Committee for Junior Dance, Ath- letic Council 3-4, Secretary to Mrs. Yough, Soprano Soloist. ANNE STURGES "Anne" Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus Z-3-4, Majorette 2-3, Drum Major 4, Cheerleader 3, Junior Marshall, Ad- vertising for Senior Play, Hi-Lite Staff, Secretary to Mrs. Swain, After- thought Staff, Decoration of Cinder- alla Dance. MARY ANN TODORICH "Mary Ann" Senior Play, Advertising and Ticket Committee, Hi-Lite Staff, After- thought Staff, Junior Prom, Cinder- ella Ball, Usher at Commencement and Baccalaureate 3, Secretary to Mr. Sutliff, Flow-er Committee, Decora- tion Committee for Junior Square Dance. DORIS VENSEL "Doi-tie" Band 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Afterthought Staff 4, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Junior Prom Ticket Committee 3, Mixed Ensemble 4, Basketball Band 1-Z-3-4, Secretary to Mrs. Bell, Decoration Committee for Junior Prom 3, Advertising Com- mittee for Junior Play 3. BOB WHITMER "Pee-wee" Basketball 1-Z-3-4, Baseball 3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Boys Chorus 1-3-4, Marshall for Commencement and Baccalaureate, Senior Play, Decora- tion for Junior Prom. PHYLLIS WILLIAMS "Phyll" Girls Chorus 1-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1, Advertising Committee for Senior Play, Secretary to Mrs. Walker, Junior Banquet Committee. . "V'g I LW K . t- fi iii.. 'X W fiii . 'ag K - ' Mary Ann Todorich, Bradys Bend is her home, Loves to tell jokes but laughs most at her own. She sings Hillbilly Songs, till no one's at ease, Her favorite on the bus is "No Vacancies". She can drive an old wreck, or a swell brand new car, Doris Vensel who travels from near to afar. She does not believe that all roads lead to Rome, But the longest way round is the sweetest way home. Now just lower the mike and I'll introduce one, Knee high to a grasshopper, but just twice as much fun. He's Bob Whitmer, or "Pee-ween, and will he get a surprise, I-Ie'll get the same kind of diploma as guys twice his size! Phyllis Williams of Kaylor, a for- getful lass, Forgets books or purses, till POD Classg Then up goes her hand, "May I leave the room?" I forgot this or that in the Commerial Room. A guy with ambition and a will to succeed Is our classmate, Bill Woods, whom we all are agreed. He's friendly to everyone, girl or boy, young or old, But a certain freshman lass has his heart we are told. Fairmincled forty-niner is Miss Gloria Yough, To her Clarinet Solos, we all talce a bow, Her reed-splitting art will lead h-er to fame, And we'll lcnow her by sound as well as by name. WILLIAM WOOD "Bill" Boys Chorus 1, Band 1-Z-3-4, Prom Decorating Committee, Hi-Lite 4. GLORIA YOUGH "Gloria" Band l-2-3-4, Girls Chorus 1-Z-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Marching Band 1-Z-3-4, Band Librarian 2-3, Trio 3-4, Mixed Octette 2, Clarinet Solo 2-3-4, Clarinet Quartette 2-4, Hi-Lite 3-4, Afterthcught 4, Senior Play, De- claimer 3, Junior Square Dance, Junior Prom Decoration, Cinderella Ball, Band Judge 4, Basketball 1, Magazine Campaign Z-4, Secretary to Mr. Williams. S E N I 0 R C LAS S With an able executive force in command, we, the grand old Seniors, were led eventfully and successfully through the grand finale of our school life. Bob Smith, as President, wielded the iron rod at our numerous meetings, with Vice President Barby I-lays as his assistant. Sis Rice sharpened her pencil and acted as a secretary should-composing the minutes and sending out letters. Ken Bauer, our competent Treasurer, was kept busy collecting money for our name cards and graduation announcements. After having been informed that we were to select our class motto, colors, song, and flower, we got down to work and came up with the following: "Enter to learn, go forth to serve," as our mottog our colors, blue and gold, our very appropriate song, "After Graduation Day," and our class flower, the yellow rose. Included in the goings on of our Senior year was a very interesting and educational tour of the Pullman Standard Car Company in Butler. We,ll never forget our class play, "The Baby Sitter." Is was a hilarious success as a comedy. The auditorium walls nearly caved in with the resounding echoes of laughter. The Music Department would have virtually collapsed without the aid of the musically in- clined Class of '49. Of the thirty-eight Seniors, thirty-four were engaged in musical activities. Whether this record has ever been or ever will be surpassed. it is doubtful. Since we had a terrific man shortage, fonly nine men as compared with twenty-nine girlsj we are extremely proud of the fact that five Senior men went out for sports in a big way. The Senior Class was well represented in Athletic Council by Marilyn and Ken. Marilyn and Wanda are to be complimented on their splendid job as cheerleaders. Marilyn served faithfully in that capacity for four years and Wanda for two years. Yes, you must admit that in Athletics and Music the Class of '49 excelled. We put forth our noble efforts during the magazine subscription drive. With Gloria and Doris at the helm, F.T.K.C. went soaring over the top. As we somberly march down the aisle to receive our diplomas, from whence we go forth out into the wide-wide world, we happily look back over our years at F.T.K.C. The happiest years of our lives are behind us. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of the CLASS OF 1949 We, the Senior Class of Fairview Township-Karns City I-Iigh School, county of Butler and State of Pennsylvania, being in sound mind and memory and realizing that we are to pass from High School life into a higher world, make this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by us. To the dear, honored, and beloved faculty of Karns City High School we leave our brilliant sayings, our cute ways, and our gentleness. To the Juniors we leave all our half-chewed wads of chewing gum flook for 'em under the seatsJ. To the Sophomores we leave all our old nightwork papers, pencil stubs and our worried looks before test time. I, Phyllis Colbert, will my ballet routine to Bert Kepple. I, Phyllis Williams will my neatness to Tom Sanich. I, Marilyn Stroup, will my faithfulness to one boy to Elsie Quest. I, Evelyn Crawford, will my hair to Roy Earley. I, Ken Bauer, will the position of treasurer to Tom Olcus. I, Frances Matijak, will my speed at shorthand to Naomi Jordan. I, Carl Daubenspeck, will my comfortable sleeping position in P.O.D. class to Wilma Betros. I, Josephine Rice, will my love story magazine to Richard Sheakley. I, Edith Smith, will my good nature to Jeanette Ellenberger. I, Yvonne I-Iolben, will my study halls to Leon Geibel and Ed. Corbet. I, Doris Vensel, will my long finger nails to Marian Olcus. I, Anita Gamble, will my dancing ability to Jim Barnes. I, Roberta Campbell, will my light hair to Norma Lowers. I, Shirley Fleeger, will my shyness to Jim Morris and Lon Coverdale. I, Mary Ann Todorich, will my square dancing ability to Bill Wulfert and Ronald Bowser. I, Bob Smith, will my typing abilities to Marilyn McKinnis. I, Doris Fink, will my flirting nature to Dixie Larimore. I, Eileen Murtland, will the mimeograph to Harry Runbaugh. I, Audine Eisenhuth, will my faithfulness to Fred Rupert. I, Abner Sheakley, will my height to Ferdinand Hawk. I, Barbara Hays, will my driving speed to LaVonne Shively and Harriet Stroup, I, Joan Hayes, will my unruly hair to Mary Collier. I, Maxine Craig, will my good attendance to Cleora Campbell. I, Gloria Yough, will my good grades to Kenneth Gifford. I, Audrey Campbell, will my size to Earl Craig. I, Dorothy McMillin, will my trips to Baltimore to Jim Olson. We, Joan Day and Margaret Rankin, will our talking ability to Loretta Hanold and Alice Barger. I, Clyde Hillwig, will my singing ability to Raymond Gray. I, Mary Ann Todorich, will my soft-mellow voice to Sandra Barger. I, Bill Woods, will my basketball ability to Bob McElravy. I, Audrey Donaldson, will my curly hair to Margaret Kusner. I, Wanda Snyder, will my agreeableness to Wanda Reep. I, Mary Double, will my baby sitting abilities to Randon Holben. I, Dixie Jordan, will my dramatic abilities to Wade Wilson. I, Bernard Stevens, will my childishness to Ken Burke. I, Dan Morgan, will my building muscles to Jo Anne Jameson. I, Robert Whitmer, will my devilishness to Shirley Barger. I, Anne Sturges, will my drum major abilities to Robert Stahl. We, the Forty Niners, do not wish to will Mr. Banks to any future Seniors. We, the Senior Class of 1949, hereby appoint Charles McCollough, who has so patiently been our Senior Advisor. to be the executor of this our last will and testament. CLASS PROPHECY OF '49 I prepared for my trip to New York to see the production "Rio Ritan by boarding the Trans World Airline. Much to my surprise there was Anne Sturges as hostess. She gave me a copy of the New York "Daily News" in which appeared a love lorn column by Audine Eisen- huth and Mary Double. As I read on I saw an advertisement which stated that Audrey Don- aldson had taken over "The Blondex Hair Tint Company," I also noticed an article in "The News" which stated that the paper would be taken over by a new company, The Automatic Mimeograph Company, owned by Eileen Murtland. I looked up from my paper, and there was Dorothy McMillin boarding the plane. She sat beside me and informed me she owns a Beauty Salon in Baltimore and has Evelyn Crawford as her manicurist. Dorothy asked me if I had seen any of the paintings made by the famous artist, Bernard Stevens. Joan Day is his efficient secretary. I told her that I was the proprietor of an exclusive dress shoppe in Pittsburgh, and was taking some dresses that Josephine Rice designed to Hawthorne Modeling Studios where Joan Hays works. I disembarked from the plane at La Guardia field and took a limousine for the Astor Hotel. As I rode along Times Square I noticed a sign at one of the cinemas that the play "Macbeth" was running, and the part of Lady Macbeth was being portrayed by Doris Fink. Riding on further, I noticed that Wanda Snyder was giving skating exhibits at the Rockefeller Plaza. At the White Turkey Restaurant, which is owned by Phyllis Williams, I stopped to chat with Yvonne Holben who had taken the day off from her duties as a lawyer to see the performance. She told me after the psrformanse she was going to a party which was being held in honor of the 10th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sheakley. Mrs. Sheakley is the former Audrey Campbell. Yvonne and I hailed a taxi, and to my surprise the driver was Carl Daubenspeck, who took us to the Roxy. As we entered the lobby we were greeted by Margaret Rankin who ushered us to our box. As the lights dimmed, soft music was heard from the orchestra under the baton of Jerry Hames, whom we knew as Bill Wfoods, and he had as his first trumpeter Shirley Fleeger. Next on the program was Marilyn Stroup, Metropolitan Cpera soloist, who sang the lead in "Aida," she was accompanied by Barbara Hays at the organ. Then the first Male Quartette composed of Ken Bauer, Clyde Hillwig, Dan Morgan, and Bob Smith rendered their version of "The Ranger Song." After intermission Gloria Yough mounted the podium and played "Rhapsody in Blue" on the clarinet. For the hnale, "Dying Swan" was presented by Miss Phyllis Colbert, the now famous ballerina who teaches in Paris. After the performance, I went backstage to Phyllis' dressing room to invite her to my apartment to talk over old times. She told me that Edith Smith is a receptionist to Dr. jones, whom we knew as Abner Sheakley and Doris Vensel is his nurse. She also told me that Maxine Craig is now happily married. I was glad to hear that Bob Whitmer had finally fulfilled his ambition and is now doing professional refereeing at Pitt Stadium. It was nice to know that two of our friends are working together, Mary Ann Todorich is an ele- mentary teacher in a school on the North Side of Pittsburgh and Frances Matijak is a Physical Education teacher in the same school. Phyllis gave me a clipping from the Chicora Herold in which I read that Anita Gamble and Dixie Jordan had a double wedding at the Chicora Methodist Church. We walked a short distance to my penthouse and retired after an exciting and en- joyable evening talking about the "Forty-Ninecsf' Roberta Campbell 20 :Z Q x NL-If A if V1 . H571 ME JUNIORS "Feudin' Fussin' and A Fightin' " Back Row: B. Keppl-e, B. Stahl, W. Wilson, F. Hawk, E. Craig, R. Holben, T. Sanich, K. Gifford. Third Row: R. Shcalcley, Olson, K. Burke, Morris, R. Earley, L. Gicbel, E. Corbett, R. Gray, R. lVlcElravy T. Olcus, R. Bcwser, Barnes. Second Row: L. Coverdale, B. Wulfurt, S. Barger, Ellenberger, M. Kusner, Mr. Black, W. Reep, L. Shively H. Stroup, H. Rumbaugh, F. Rupert. First Rcw: M. McKinnis, N. Jordan, D. Larimore, E. Quest, S. Barger, M. Collier, C. Campbell, W. Betros, A Barger, M. Olcus, jameson. Front: N. Lowers, L. Hanold. To guide us through our active life as Juniors we chose Wilma Betros for President, Wade Wilson, Vice President, Loretta Hanold, Secretary, and Marilyn lVlcKinnis, Treasurer. La Vonne Shively was news reporter for the Hi-Lite. "Far-Awa Placesv was selected as our class son 5 our motto was "Build for Y g character not for fame", ra and maroon were our colors' and our class flower v g Y 1 was the white rose. Our numerous activities included the sale of Christmas cards, Junior Square Dance, participation in the magazine drive, Junior-Senior Prom, and Junior Ban- quet. With our eyes wide open and hope in our hearts we shall step into the places of the Class of '49. SOPHOMORES "Sophomore Philosophy" With President Betty Eresnahan, Vice President Nlyrna Robinson, Secretary Van Double, and Treasurer Betty Lou Shakely steering us around the rough spots, we soon reached the end of our Sophomore year. Betty Bresnahan composed our class news for the Hi-Lite. Our class flower white carnation' colors reen and white' son "You'll Never 9 a s g a ga Walk Alone,', and motto, "Prepare Today for Tomorrow," were all chosen after very careful consideration. We didnlt sit and twiddle our thumbs this year. We gave sixty-five books to the library and helped to sell magazine subscriptions. The quick thinking girls won all the volleyball games they played. We have some very accomplished basket- ball players in our midst. just think how those boys will play basketball when we get to be Seniors!! With another year behind us, we eagerly look forward to our junior year. Back Row: V. Double, B. Heeter. D. Myers, B. Bishop, B. Logan, G. Miley, E. Goodgasell, Burkehart T. Reese. Third Row: E. Walker, S. McMillin, C. Bishop, L. Curto, D. Hayes, Garing, D. Bauer, D. Byers, Dunkle C. Wigton. Second Row: A. Klugh, A. Humsburger, D. Barger, Barnhart, T. Ellenberger, S. Kaylor, A. Logan, B Sheakley, M. Daubenspeck, M. Robinson, B. Gershak, Gamble. First Row: T. Andre, J. Rudish. A. Duesphol, M. Stahlman, J. Hobaugh, Robert McMichael, B. Todorich, P Schrecengost, A. McFadden, B. Bresnahan, V. Serafine. Front: M. Evankovich, Shirley Fair. FRESHMEN "School Days" Back Row: Hiles, H. Earley, W. Sheakley, T. Snow, D. Barger, R. Srahlman, R. Wigton, H: Jordan, R. Venscl, T. Buzzard, C. Snail, Olcus, L. Shealcley. Fourth Row: B. Day, W. Emery, V. Snow, D. Biy, D. Michaels, C. Graiser, H. Vensel, R. Barnhart, L. Delaney, B. Snyder, D. Quest, R. Rankin, C. Bullman. Third Row: V. McGrady, M. Fleeger, E, Kelly, M. Miller, B. Craig, Jack, D. Klugh, M. Campbell, V. Hawk, D, Delana, G. Sherwin, E. Osterling, B. Miller, Colbert. Second Row: XVilliam Sutliff, P. Smith, L. Lowers, P. Kepple, C. Rcdgcrs, M. Wiles, E. Jordon, S. Anderson, M. McMillin, P. Livermore, M. Lipinski, P. Johns, Charles Hilliard. First Row: S. Osmer, D. Pettigrew, L. Robinson, R. Wile, G. Adams, R. Young, W. Morrow, T. Barney, J. Calhoun, B. Sherwin, C. Rottman, O. Double. Front: R. Doddge, Barger, R. Young, C. Ric-e. President Richard Wigtoii, Vice President Patricia Livermore, Secretary Eetty Craig, and Treasurer Howard Vensel guided us through a very successful year. Patricia Livermore was our capable Hi-Lite reporter. "Unity worlceth wonders" was chosen for our class motto, "So Tired," our songg our colors were blue and pinlcg and red rose was our class flower. Having spent our final year in junior High School, we are enthusiastically looking forward to entering Senior High this fall. EIGHTH GRADE "It's the Little Things That Count" During our second year in Junior High we chose the following class officers: President, Shirley Reep, Vice President, Marjorie Kelly, Secretary, Donna Bauer, and Treasurer, Carma Ward. Bill McCullough was our Hi-Lite reporter. Our class colors were blue and white, class song, "Lavender ljluzng motto, "Always Ready", and flower, roses. The members of the Eighth Grade wholeheartedly participated in the band, school patrol, magazine drive, and basketball. Chalk up another successful year for our class. First Row: Delaney, D. Donaldson, D. Thompson, Klingensmith, F. Terwint, Fleeger, D. Schrecengost, D. Parker, H. Ellenberger. Second Row: D. Wigton, B. McCollough, D. Wagner, H. Blystone, Geib-el, B. Miller, K. Grazier, H. Kepple, J. Moore. Third Row: M. Roos, K. Blakley, G. Barnes, D. Jack, L. Reddinger, A. Ace, B. McCollough, M. Olson, C. Ward, S. I-Iolben, J. Blystone, M. Kelly. Fourth Row: M. Wood, D. Klugh, D. Groves, D. Bauer, McFadden, Mrs. McCormick, McMillin, E Miller, M. Shakley, P. Young, S. Reep. Fifth Row: V. Snyder, B. Wulfert, V. Geibel, B. Tribley, A. Crolle, J. Welch. SEVENTH GRADE "There's a Long, Long Trail A Winding" lust Raw: B. Hilo, R. Schnell, E. Edwards, L, Barnhart, C. Fink, L. Michaels, D. Williams, D. Wigton, G. Bargcr, D. Shakley, B, Hile. Fourth Row: G. Thompson, D. Rhoda-bush, F, Barger, D. jack, C. Dunkle, B. lVlcCollough, D, Edwards, N, Shively, lf. Smith, l.. Andre, D. Fleeger, R, Gamble. Third Row: G. lVlcKinnis, M. Haley, C. Moyer, V. Walker, M. Stevens, Ross, E. Koenigsman, D. Gaiscr, Qlson, G. Gibson, M. King, K. Crawford, E. Andre. Second Row: P. Young, H. Day, M. Ellenberg-er, C. Tribley, M, Terwint, E. Rodgers, S. Hovis, B. Shaklcy, R. , Burkhart, B. Shakley, C. Harmon, N. Snow, C. Hobaugh, D. Duespohl, V. Shakley, P. Deal. First Row: C. Snyder. R. WalkL'r, R. XVL-il, M. Wulf-ert, R. McCollough, lVlrs. Myers, Mrs, Vcgt, P. Miller, V. Dunkle, C. Claypoole, W. Fink. A. Corbett, M. Ehenberger. GRADE 7-1 ln order to make our First year in junior High School memorable, we carefully selected class officers to lead us. President I.e Moyne Andre, Vice President Gladys Gibson, Secretary Mar- lene ffllenberger, and Treasurer Carol Sue Har- mon all served faithfully in their respective capacities. Marlene Elienberger was our Hi-Lite reporter. Something new was added. Yife chose as our class motto, "Tonight we launch, where shall we anchorng our colors were blue and white, our flower, the white rose, and for our class song we selected the ever popular "Star Dust," We shall endeavor to do our best so that when we reach the goal we are all striving for-to be Seniors at F.T.K.C.-we shall have many happy and successful years to look back on. Grade 7-2 President Carol Snyder, Vice President Margie Stevens, Secretary Vonda Walker, and Treasurer Jenna Olson led us very skillfully through our first year in Junior High School. We selected Rosella Walker to report our class activities for the Hi-Lite. The following members of our class added their musical talent to the band: Vonda Walker, Rosella Walker, Carol Snyder, Margie Stevens, and Neil Shively. Shirley Larimore, Patty Miller, Ruth McCul- lough, Emma Rodgers, and Rugh YVeil added attraction to the basketball games by very art- fully twirling their batons. We chose the lily of the valley for our class flower, green and gold as our class colors, "Powder Your Face with Sunshinel' was our song, and we selected as our motto, "Build for character, not for fame." Yes, our first year in Junior High School has been a very exciting one. mini A 'Ev C7 9 f M 1.4-f Q CONCERT BAND "Alexander's Ragtime Band" This growing group has continued throughout the years to be an ever constant source of pleasant music. From the simplest tone scales to overtures, each instru- ment joins in the harmony of cooperation. Some of the activities of the concert band wereg fall concert, spring concert, contest, band show, a uhobo party," and music for parents' night and several chapel programs. Back Row: I., Barnhart, B, lVIcCoIlough, A. Klugh, A. Logan, C. Hillwig, B. Kepple, Barnes, R. Wil:-, K. Grnizcr, B. Stevens. Third Row: S. Flceger, D. Vcnsel, M. Wfood, Ruclish, D. Fink, B. Hays, E. Goodgasell. C. Ward, G. Barnes. D. Myers. SL-cond Row: R. G. Banks, B. Trihlcy, D. Morgan, G. Yough, R. McColloug,h, C. Rottman. J. Flccgcr, D. Schrecrngost, N. Shively, Hobaugh, M. Stroup, V. Walker, E. Corhctt. Firs' Row: W, Snyder, B. McCullough, K. Bauer, D. Jordan, Barnhart, M. King. 28 MARCHIN G BAND "Marching Along Together" The lively marches in parades, the sparkle of the majorettes' baton, precision of the drills at basketball games, all contributed to make this group the showpiece of the music clepartment. The band marched on,Armistice Day, in Butler, for basketball games, Memorial Day, and entered the contest. 29 we CONCERT CHOIR "With A Voice of Singing" Back Row: B. Sherwln, L. Gcible, B. Kepple, Olson, C. Hilwig, R. Smith, E. Corbett, F. Hawk, W. Wilson, K. Bauer, D. Wigton, B Stevens D. Morgan, R. Whitm-er. Third Raw: C. Daubenspeck, L. Robinson, C, Rice, A. Klugh, Hobaugh, D. Fink, B. Shakcly, B. Hays, P. Colbert, W. Snyder, M. Stroup, M. Robinson, R. Wiles, R. Gray, E. Gooclgasell. Second Row: G. Adams, S. Bargcr, A. Campbell, L. Hanold, Barnhart. S. Fair, Ellen- bcrgcr, M. Campbell, A. Logan, G. Yough, D. jordan, D. Venscl, M. Rankin, Day, Ellenbcrger, M. Kusner, Calhoun. First Row: N. Jcrdan, R. Campbell, G. Sherwin, Hays, A. McFadden, P. Schrecengost, B. Brcsnahan, R. G. Banks, A. Ducspohl, Ruclish, A. Sturges, Y. Holben, S. Flefegcr, H. Strcup, Rice. , A 15 Work and fun were successfully blended to- gether to form a symphony in voices. Gay folk songs, Negro spirituals, and religious numbers made up the colorful repertoire of this group. The choir sang in fall concert, spring concert, is 5-4,- contest, and went for a hayride at Christmas time to sing carols. fl! 4. 242' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB "The Monotonen This group enjoyed another wonderful ysar. The girls proved that a lot of work can be done by a small group. Although few voices of out- g6th61'Q 63.Ci'l CI'1OLlgl'1 C0 PFOAUCC fllll """' I W . standing ability can be found, they all work to- , 1 quality. ., ' .4 . Fourth Row: S. Barger, M. Evanlcovich, A. Eisenhuth, D, Jordon, A. Logan, G. Yough, E. Murtlancl, M. Stahlman B. Hays, P. Colbert, W. Snyder, M. Stroup, D. Barger. Third Row: M. Clcus. S. Barger, E. Crawford, P. Daubenspeclc, E. Smith, B. Sh-ealcley, J, Jameson, M. Campbell, T Ellenberger, J. Ellenberger, M. Kusner, D. McMillan, M. McKinnis. Second Row: R. Campbell, D. Fink, A. Gamble, A. Klugh, S. Fair, B. Gershalc, E. Quest, P. Schrecengost, M, Robin- son, Hobaugh, Day, S. Fleeg-er, L. I-lanold, G. Sherwin, Hayes. First Row: A. Campbell, N. jordan, 1. Barnhart, M. Collier, C. Campbell, A. McFadden, M. Rankin, R. G. Banks, B Bresnahan, A. Duespohl, A. Sturges, Rudish, Y. Holben, H. Stroup, S. Rice. BOYS' GLEE CLUB "Stout Hearted Men" The old fashioned barbershop quartet coulcln't compare to the "sweet and lowy' harmony of the boys, glee club with songs ranging from the gusty sea to soothing lullabies. The activities of this group were: spring concert, fall concert, contest, chapel programs. Third Row: E, Corhetl, R. Gray, B, Keppl-e, Olson, F. Hawk, D. Wigtoia, H. jordan, E. Gooclgasell, C. Graizer. Second Row: C. Rice, L. Geihel, C. Dauhenspeck, W. Wilson, B. Stevens, B. Sherwin. First Row: I.. Robinson, R, Whirm-er, R. Smith, C. Hillwig, R, C1, Banks, K. Bauer, D, Morgan, R. Wile, Calhoun, .52 GIRLS' TRIO "The Three Cavalierosv BOYS, QUARTET "The Rangers Song" Dan Morgan, Ken Bauer, Clyde Hillwig, Bob Smith Marilyn Stroup, Josephine Rice, Gloria Yough, MIXED OCTETTE "Without a Song" Wfacle Wilson, Ed Corbett, Wanda Snyder, Cleora Campbell, Dixie Jordan, Jean Rudish, Raymond Gray, Bernard Stevens. l . VOCAL SOLOISTS SSS MARILYN STROUP MARLENE CAMPBELL DIXIE JORDAN Soprano soloist lVlLzzo soprano soloist Alto soloist 4 w l D. MORGAN K. BAUER GLORIA YOUGH W. SNYDER G. YOUGH Clafmf soloist Clarinet quartette 34 xf 3 if QA f5....A-X A .haf fms ' R QQ , X Nf - l ,N if Lwi 91 Q., sc fn fa? f I X JN K H X N , ff T W X J " 1 x Af, X X X 's xv -i 'Q ' . X .5 1 ' E "Nf- -2-2' '23 Z' ru... A sSl' ATHLETIC COUNCIL What Am I Going to Do About You?" Back Rcw: Mr. Salsgiver, Mr. Black, Mr. Sutliff. First Row: K. Bauer, M. Stroup, L. Shively, l... Geibel. Accepting the fact that baseball has become a major sport in our school, the Athletic Council voted to recognize it as such and to grant awards for partici- pation on the same basis as basketball. We believe that this has been a definite step forward. The number eligible to receive awards has been enlarged and will not be confined to those fortunate few skilled in only one sport. Ir is the purpose of the Athletic Coun- cil to constantly keep in mind the prob- lems of the Athlete and those of the school. Often it is difficult to Find a middle ground upon which each can meet with complete accord. But, all can be assured that we will constantly strive to improve athletics at F.T.K.C. TEN GREMLINS "Ten Little Gremlins" "I Know That You Know" 1949 GREMLIN S Front Row: Managers, D. Morgan, Olson, C. Bullman, Garing. Second Row: L. Robinson, R. Whitmer, C. Grazier, D. Myers, G. Miley Coach D Wigton W. Campbell, D. Vensel, R. Barnhart, R. Day. Third Row: R. Early, R. Gray, C. Wigton, R. Smith, R. McElravy, B. Stevens E Corbett L. Geibel, D. Bauer, D. Stahlman. B Bishop B Kepple Fourth Row: K. Bauer, R. Holben, R. Logan, E. Walker, F. Hawk, E Craig W Wilson F.T.K.C. .... ..,..... . F.T.K.C. .... ........ . F.T.K.C. F.T.K.C. .... ........ . 'FF.T.K.C. .... ........ . :':F.T.K.C. .... ........ . 1"F.T.K.C. .... ........ . "'F.T.K.C. "'F.T.K.C. .... ........ . xF.T.K.C. .... ........ . F.T.K.C. .... ......., . F.T.K.C. "4F.T.K.C. .... .....,.. . "CF.T.K.C. .... ........ . XF.T.K.C. zFF.T.K.C. 'kF.T.K.C. .... ........ . "'F.T.K.C. .... ......,. . F.T.K.C. .... ...,..,. . F.T.K.C. .... ........ . ,""'F.T.K.C. League? 1 Kittanning ..... ...,.... East Brady ....,...,....... Evans City ..... ........ Chicora ,..... ., ...... .. Parker ....................., West Sunbury .......... Slippery Rock .,..,..... Emlenton .....,,........... Winfield ...,... ....... Concord .....,..........,.. Evans City ...,........,... East Brady ......... ..,... Parker ..........,.....,.... West Sunbury ........, Slippery Rock ...... Emlenton ......,........ .. Winfield ...............,.. Concord ..,...... ........ Kittanning ................ Chicora .................... Penn Township ...... Championshipwf I BASEBALL TEAM "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Back Row: B. Day, D. Wigton, B. Lcgan, L. Geibel, D. Bauer, Olson. Frou: Row: R. Earley, B, McEfravy, B. WhiIm'2Y, R. Smith, Coach Sutliff, B. Stevens, K. Bauer, E. Corbet, C. Wigton. F.T.K.C. .,.... .... . F.T.K.C. ....., . F.T.K.C. ...... ,... . F.T.K.C. ...... ....... . F.T.Ik.C. ...,.. .,., , F.T.K.C. ....., .... . 4 Chicora .... 3 5 Concord .... .. 4 0 Penn. ...,. ,..,... Z 9 Chicora . ...,... 0 3 Concord ..., ....... 0 7 Penn. ..... ....... 8 39 X Qu 4 O D x I ini FIGHT GREMLINS FIGHT CHEERLEADERS The spirit of the Karns City High School student body has been spurred on this year under the able leadership of our cheerleaders. Marilyn and Waiida were out Senior cheerleaders this year. Marilyn has served four years on the squad and Wanda has served two. Glenda has served three years and Betty two years. Dorothy and Marlene have just finished their first year. The student body is very thankful to these girls for the spirit and ambitions aroused by their never tiring efforts. I I - i' 2 E-ina fb WXE QJ fgfx My UQ LJ EE .f HOME ECONOMICS 4 secs! "She's just a Home Girl" 1 " "2-fl: p 1 t LJ X, v ' '- The first semester we took up sewing in Home Economics. 7th grade made ballerina skirts, 8th grade made blouses and grades 9 to 12 made dresses, suits, gowns, jumpers, skirts and blouses. After the garments were completed, the girls sponsored a fashion show for their parents in the High School Auditorium which was followed by a tea. The second semester we took up cooking. The first six weeks were spent in taking up such subjects as family life 17th gradej, making friends f8th gradej, grooming 19-10th gradesj, and kitchen planning Q11-12th gradesj. Then we learned how to cook various dishes, such as ground beef patties, salads, etc. After we learned how to prepare individual dishes, we put them all together to make a meal. The 7th grade pre- pared breakfast, 8th grade food for special occasions, 9th grade lunches, 10th grade suppers, and 11 and 12th grades prepared dinners. We decided we wanted to improve our Home Economics Department, so we made new drapes for the windows from muslin. We placed de- signs on them with stencils, and we painted these designs with textile paints. This made the room brighter. We had a wonderful year in Home Economics. As for the Seniors, we just wish we could go back for another year. WEEK E 1-4 113 :ffl QE S - WWE- jx X N M' fp K ' fx J i A J JIL ,3Z1 gf, 554 Q INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT The Industrial Arts Department had its be- ginning in the basement of the Karns City Build- ing during the school year of 1939-1940. Under the able supervision of Mr. George Sligar the shop was completely planned and furnished. After seven years the basement room became too small for the enlarged classes. A new build- ing was erected in 1946 and located to the rear of the present Karns City building. Industrial Arts is a compulsory course for the Junior High School classes. In their words, they received instruction in the handling, care, and use of all the hand woodworking tools. During the latter part of their eighth grade year, they receive instruction on the wood turning lathe. All senior high school students may take In- dustrial Arts courses as electives. Among those courses offered to them are: advanced wood- working, engine lathes, foundry work, mechanical drawing, and some sheet metal and electricity. At the present time Mr. John Williams is in charge of the Industrial Arts Department. I-Ie has been with us for the past three years. I-Ie is a graduate of State Teachers College at Cali- fornia, Pa., and is now doing work on his Masters Degree. ,rf Qhyf 03, !v' 00000089 , h C, , ' ' 9 A UL 1 e 'A 2 2:52:ni.a'p.:eE: ' 1 bl f mg X' X L- L AFTERTHOUGI-IT "Among My Souvenirs" The Afterthought Staff, better known as the gold diggers of '49, worked their fingers to the bone trying to achieve the quality of former yearbooks, if not to sur- pass them. Co-Editors Gloria Yough and Mary Ann Todorich threw their whole heart and soul into the job of making the sixth volume of the Afterthought a suc- cess. Business Manager Frances Matijak and Advertising head, Mary Ann Tod- orich, allowed no business establishment to escape their search for new ads to complete the back pages. Literary Editors Phyllis Colbert and Roberta Campbell sharpened their pencils and their wits to compose the numerous writeups. On the Circulation Committee was Edith Smith, Audrey Donaldson, and Audine Eisen- huth, Their duties were to take orders, remind everyone to bring their money, and distribute the books when they arrived. Ken Bauer showed his literary ability by recording the information about sports. Barbara Hays, Josephine Rice, and Bill Woods were kept busy typing and retyping the copy before it went to press. I suppose you are wondering who composed the poems about the Seniors. That talented young poetress was Dixie Jordan. Every time anything of prime impor- tance occurred Audrey Campbell was there with her little black book to write it down. Thus, the calendar grew little by little. Photo Editors Doris Vensel, Mar- garet Rankin, and Marilyn Stroup were kept busy planning and identifying pictures. Thanks to talented Bernard Stevens, little gremlins and other works of art appear from time to time in this book. Yes, it was through the co-operation of many that this sixth volume of the Afterthought is a success. The Senior Class wishes to ex- tend our deepest appreciation to Miss Dorothy Mackey, our able and competent advisor, the alumni page, and the advertisers whose ads appear in the rear of the book. 46 HI-LITE STAFF Probably the most popular time during the past year was the last day of every month when the latest edition of the Hi-Lite came fresh off the mimeograph ma- chine. The Editorial Staff, with Gloria Yough, Editor-ine-Chief, and Associate Ed- itor Bob Smith, in charge, buzzed like a swarm of bees around the commercial room for several days prior to the completion of the newspaper. Undoubtedly the most popular page was "Wagie,', with its latest morsels of gossip. Mary Ann Todorich did a fine job of composing the features. Shirley lzleeger gathered the class news from grade school, Edith Smith wrote the Senior news and filled the remainder of her page with the latest happenings of the other Junior-Senior High classes. The Petrolia news was collected and typed by Audrey Campbell. The latest sports news came from the pens of Dixie Jordan and Doris Vensel. Marilyn Stroup, one of our musical classmates, most naturally took charge of the Music page. Phyllis Colbert was always reading newspapers from other schools to obtain choice wit for the Exchange page. Anita Gamble filled her portion of the paper with news of the alumni. Art Editors Bernard Stevens, Maxine Craig, and Joanne Jameson did their part by creating the novel covers. Joan Hayes kept us well informed of the latest library news. Margaret Rankin delved into poetry books and came out with some pretty good poems for her page. Aicling the girls in running off their stencils was Mimeograph Supervisor Evelyn Crawford. Frances Matijak and Wanda Snyder took care of the busfnzss problems. On circulation were Joan Day and Ann Sturges, who busily distributed the papers. Typists Eill Wood and Josephine Rice always had plenty of work to do. Thanks to Roberta Campbell, the Home Economics Department received its share of publicity. The success of the Hi-Lite was largely due to the co-operation of the Editorial Staff, faculty, students, and last, but certainly not least, the careful supervision and advice given by our faculty advisor, Miss Dorothy Mackey. 47 "THE BABY SITTER" Lullaby of Broadway ,. Mrs. Myers, Director, Mary Double and Doris V-ensel, Promptersg Roberta Campbell, Doris Fink, Bernard Stevens, Phyllis Colbert, Clyde Hillwig, Marilyn Stroup, Gloria Yough, Joan Hayes, Dan Morgan, Barbara Hays, Ken Bauer, Dixie Jordan, Mr. McCullough, Director. Front Row: Abner Sheakley, Bob Whitmer. On the evenings of November 4 and 5, 1948, fourteen members of the Senior Class polished up their acting ability to present a comedy in three acts, entitled the "Baby Sitter." Directed by Pearl Myers and Mr. Charles McCollough the play kept the audience in gales of laughter. Junior fBob Whitmerl, a holy terror, and Lefty fAbner Sheakleyj, his pal, produced an eve- ning of unending torment for baby sitter Carrie fMarilyn Stroupl. Bob fClycle Hillwigj, who was Carrie's one-and-only, was forced by his mother and father fDixie Jordan and Ken Bauerl to break an important date with Carrie and go on a double date with Eunice fPhyllis Colbert, and his sister, Helen, and her boyfriend, Carl fDoris Fink and Bernard Stevensj. During the course of the evening, two friends of the regular baby sitter, fMidge and Dot, portrayed by Joan Hayes and Gloria Youghl, whose place Carrie was taking to prove her excellent character to Bob's Mother and Father, dropped in to raid the ice box. Junior, running out of devilish things to do, got into Bob's sister, fRoberta Campbelll, Jane's biology specimens and ate a poisonous toadstool. VUhile Carrie was forcing antidotes down Junior's throat, his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Gorgan, fDan Morgan and Barbara Haysj, arrived. Misinterpreting her actions they upbraided her severely, also condemning Bob's mother and father for ever hiring her. Carrie was asked to leave and the doctor was called for Junior. Carrie, wanting to hear the doctor's report, returned to talk with Bob. When his mother came into the living room to straighten up the terrible mess made by Junior and Lefty, Carrie hurried to hide behind the sofa, only to be discovered. A state of chaos and screaming followed. All this was interrupted with Mr. Gorgan's sudden proclamation of the doctor's statement that Carrie, with her quick think- ing, had saved -Iunior's life. Apologies and an evening at the country club for Carrie and Bob followed, and the play ended with a much needed spanking rendered to Junior by his father. ' 48 X X Ain't we putty? Is my lipstick smeare We have to start somewhere to clean up, and it might as Weil be right here. NO! POP! OUCI-I! STOP! PLEASE! OI-II-II-II-II-II-II-II-I! August 31 CALENDAR School Opens Sept. 3 ..,. School Party Sept 6 ,..... Labor Day Sept 14 ,....... Basketball, Chicora Sept 17 , ,.,, Slippery Rock, baseball Sept 17 ,..,. Scott picture Sept Z4 ,. ...., Baseball, Penn, Home Sept 25 ........ Institute Sept 28 ..,..... Baseball, Concord Sept Z9 ...,..,. Pa. History Test Sept. 30-Oct. l Educational Congress Oct. l ,..,.,.. Baseball, Chicora Oct. 4 ..,...., Motion Pictures Oct. 5 ...,.... Baseball, Slippery Rock, Home Oct. 7 ......,. Athletic Council Square Dance Oct. 8 . ,.,. Midwestern, no school Oct. 12 .....,,. Baseball, Penn, away Oct. 13 . . Vagabond Trio in Chapel Oct. 15 ......,. Baseball, Concord Oct. 15 . Record dance Nov. 4-5 ...... Senior Play Nov 9 ,..,.... Visiting Day Nov. ll ,.,, Armistice Day Nov. 19 .,... Square Dance Juniors Nov. 25-26 , Thanksgiving Vacation Dec. 3 .,...... Music Concert Dec. 7 .....,., Basketball East Brady, Home Dec. 9 ,... Basketball Evans City, Home Dec. 14 ...,.,.. Basketball Chicora, Home Dec. l7 ,. ,.,.. Basketball Parker, ldome Dec. 21 ,, ,... Basketball West Sunbury, Home Dec. 24-Jan 3 Christmas Vacation Jan. 7 .,....,. Basketball Slippery Rock, Home Jan. 11 . .. Basketball Emlenton, Away jan. 14 .... . Basketball, Winheld, Away Jan. 18 ..,..,.. Basketball, Concord, Home jan. 21 . .. Basketball Evans City, Away Jan. 26 .....,.. Basketball E, Brady, Away Jan. 28 .,..,.,. Basketball Parker, Away Feb. 1 ..... .. Basketball W. Sunbury Feb. 4 ,..,.... Basketball S. Rock Feb. 8 Basketball Emlenton, Home Feb. 11 Basketball Winheld, Home Feb. 15 ....,. Basketball Concord, Away Feb. Z2 ,....,., Basketball, Chicora, Away March 18 .. County Contest April 15 ,.... Good Friday April 18 .. Easter Vacation April 25 ..,,,. State Music Contest May 22 ,....,.. Baccalaureate May 24 . . Commencement May 27 Last Day of School X X. 0 A Dx x fix x i " 'i : xx . fv"" 'V X! 6' " ll f xx M W I , f if Q "EEE" ,X X j N S212 - , 'Z 'van' X 'iff 6 S 1 ' May' 1 , 2 , ff s Q K5 . 7 x -5 w.,au ,Kb , ff Q 1. oi B.-.-....... 3-un' 5 V ws 5 lf! i 14 Q54 vb A 7: sl' it 1 iw 44-nf-.ar 1-0. Q., Vw 14 at . Ethel lCampbelll Kranrz .... Edyth fWardj Scott ...,.. Ethel fLarimorel Day .....,. Ralph fTayj Campbell ..A... Edward Ward ...........,.... Thomas Patterson .,.. ..,.. Charles McCollough Hope fByersj Gamble ,...,.,. June fMarshallj Larimore .. Charles Hilliard ...,...,..,....... William Marshall .,.,, .,.. Mildred Work ...,.,.,.,.......... Kathleen fRoclge1-sl Stoner . Donald Rodgers ..,,..... .................. ' Katherine fRodgersj Summerville Lena fSindonej Mattace ....... William Miller ....,.,.,.,..,.. Eleanor fLucasj Yeager .,..... Edith fRodgersj Hartman ....... Clarence Yeager ..,..... .. ..,.... .. Perry Lewis Day ...,, joseph Bailey ,.......,. ,....,.,,...., Doris fsnyderj McKissick ..,..... Betty McElravy ....,.....,...,........ Le Roy Andre ....,... .. Ralph Richard Day .... Bernard Rodgers Bob McElory .......,... .,.. .,.. Thelma fStroupj Fennel ,....... Frank Rodgers .,.., .. .......,.,. .. Glenn Christy . .i,. . Mary fRobertsonl Christy .,...,. Henry 'Bratkovich ...,..........,...,.. Margaret fCampbellj Rankin ,...r. Viola Colbert .....,.. ,,.........,...,.... Grace fHertwickj Pederzolli ...., James Salsgiver ,...,.,. .......,.,.. Ruth Adams ,..........,..... .. Bertha fReepQ Christy ...., Peg fSherwinj McElory .... . ALUMNI June fDayj Griffiths .... Kenneth Griffiths ....,.,. Dale Campbell .......,., James Kamerer .......... Dorothy Mackey ,..,..... Etheleen fSisj Jackson ., Gladys fWardQ Moore ., Jean Morgan ...,.......,...... Marion fScottj Hagerty Edwin Leadbeater .,.,. ,,.. Frances Colella Dick Snyder .... ....... Thomas Rice .................. Kathleen fFlanaganl Rice Jackie Logan .................... Regis fBizj Day ..,.,... Edward Snyder ..... Joan Campbell ..,.... Yurkie .....,........... Doris Olcus .,.... Ramona Early .,... Ethelene Myers ..., Allene Campbell ,.....,. Darrel Daubenspeck ..... Doris Vensel .............. Lloyd Sheakley ...,... Edna Brown ...,.., Oma Jean Miller Lyle Campbell ...,.., Shirley Andre ,...,,.., Edith Oesterling ,,.,.... Patty Cooper ......... Ben Rice ,....,...... Myron Barger ..... James Leadbeater .. Hazel Sherwin ....... Grace McClaine ..... Twila Leighton ,...,.. Aleta Leighton ....... ENXWJ EWU 'tw I9 Q El 5 W 4 '17 4 bmlw Q -.M ir 2 Fr -'21 an -an M119 19 cv 3 11 K' Swag W ' f .-e' . fa 4. 4 My , K Ze A ' -3 3 H341 r 1 ng A ,M in , wa- I I A A ' K 4 , , . , - -, A f v J 1. wg if i'g,., N- ' K X ' k I I 4 f v 5 g X . VX up hr-3..- v--vfgw .faq M, .. .11 fi X X an ,,,....... u 0 5 fi. ' ' x ? l um E .... 4 W 65 ka m, Q up 'ii T-2 FV M XX!! ff, X ff ff iff'f X M wf ff f f X Q33 ff VW 4 1 ffl? , . ' s7'?2L"'2.D I - . fi Y W A ' 'N .. fn i ' EWLT' 1' "' " ' X 4 , W7 Jim X II:-1 'HMM 'AI lu Illu 59 ff xxx gf xg 1 N SME ::::a:::: Q PA L J. OLFE Pl-IGTOGRAPHY 9 Congratulations to the Class of '49 COGLEY BROTHERS IEWELERS East Brady, Pa. Phone: 2783 PENN DRAKE REFINING COMPANY Kams City, Pa. RIDGEWAY INN Mobil Gas-Oil General Hauling Phone: Chicora 3313 59 504-.0-:veal-04000,-:: :: :Q::: - Z 2 t 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'I 1+ 11 1 'r 'n 1a BUTLER OFFICE 'l 800 SOUTH MAIN STREET 1, Other Convenient Offices in Butler County 1 Chicora, Harrisville, Lyndora, Saxonburg, Zelienople 1: MELLON NATIONAL BANK ln 'r ' AND TRUST COMPANY MILLER'S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family X-Ray Fitting 215 South Main Street Butler, Pa. Daily 9 to 5 Saturday 9 to 9 Closed Thursday Noon 1: l1b0lll4snllkpoenlnnurmelC0fD0flk Evenings Appoinimen' +I DR. I. zucxsn 1, DR. G. A. ZUCKER 1 1 Optometrists 1 1, 11 North Main Street 'l Butler. Pa. Phone 32-132 11 ,, .. , ,,,.,.,,,, ,YW WK,- ll iv- T71 YAAW rvnkm- Q ,v-v virkd 1 1 I fl Compliments of BEAVER COAL CO. 1 1' BOOKS SHOES Kayla, pa. 1, LADIES STORE ', 229 S. Main St. 1 South Main Street Mfiin Office l Butler' Pa. Butler' Pa' Punxsutawney 1 1 l 1 W A-W Wifi' WAV Wig ? A7i ,?4 SYS. ,Ve,t ,S WEE SMF, ': I Compliments oi I: Compliments of Compliments oi ' STAR LIGHT .L REFINING CO. 1' H. c. LEWIS DAIRY PIFERS GROCERY Division of STORE . Kaylor, Pa. Sherwood Refining Co" Inc' Meats, Groceries, and Feed If Karns City. Penna. 1 L A--A ----,--,---- --- 60 'P 1 Compliments of JUHN ALTMIRE GARAGE Kaylor, Pennsylvania GAISFORD PHARMACY Prescriptions Sodas Drugs Chicora, Penna. Congratulations For cz Sure Future Insure With ARTHUR 1. IAMES and NORMAN F. SMITH Congratulations KENTS IEWELRY 116 Market Street Kittanning. Pa. Enroll September 6, 1949 For specialized training in ACCOUNTING SECRETARIAI. SCIENCE STENOGRAPHY OFFICE MACHINES Write, phone or call THE BUTLER BUSINESS COLLEGE 313 S. Main St. Butler. Pa. The House of Service MATEERS FURNITURE STORE Hardware and Furniture 200 Market Street Kittanning. Pa. Compliments of FREDDIE'S RADIO SERVICE Frigidaires. Radios Washers, and Appliances Karns City 2159 Chicora 3664 Parkers Landing 2159 TRACY 6. KIKEL trading as Mannas Office Equipment Co. Butler County Representatives ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Portable and Otiice Size 236 West Iefterson Street Butler, Pa. Phone: 5-632 ARCADE L. H. Nevens 15. Co. Kittanning's Greatest Store EIN STEIN 6 CAMPBELL 245 Market Street Men and Boys Wear Kittanning. Pa. Compliments of LEWIS GROCERY Frozen Foods-Fruits-Meats Phone: Chicora 2298 Kaylor. Pa. '1 41 '1 '1 1 41 41 41 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 lt 41 1 1 41 41 1 1 41 1 1 41 41 41 1 1 41 1 41 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 1 41 41 I 9 41 41 41 1 1 41 1 1 1 41 1 41 1 1 1 1 41 41 41 1 1 1 41 1 41 61 ---- -------,--------------- Complete Line ol Builders Supplies Cl-IICORA BLOCK CCDMPANY Phone: 2584 Chicora, Pa. Bricks Flue Lines Bondex Waterproofing Paint tall colorsl Cement Blocks Sand Steel Windows Cement Cleaned Sl.50 Watches and Clocks We Salute The Seniors ot 5990364 This Years Class, The New Balance Statt Pocket 52.00 World of Tomorrow Wrist 52.50 Used Watches For Sale All Work Guaranteed RUSSELL B. DEAROLPH Flne Diamonds At Low Cost Parkers Landing, Pa. Return Postage Paid on Mail Orders Crystals 25c 75c Mainsprinq 51.25 Estimates Free DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH CARS PARKER EQUIPMENT CO. Parkers Landing, Pa. Compliments ot UNIVERSAL TRACTOR I SALES Your Tractor 6: Implement Dealer Butler, Pa. Phone: 4705 Compliments of TASTY BREAD Compliments oi the SOPHOMORES Now more than ever All trails lead to THE SPORT SHOP 321 South Main Street Phone Butler 5729 Hunting and Fishing Equipment Wilson Sporting Goods. Boats and Motors, RCA Radios Television :: ::v-4-::.-::: Compliments ot l OE YOUNG Chicora. Pa. PARKER DRUG CO The Rexall Store Parkers Landing. Pa. Compliments of MAPLES RESTAURANT H. W. Ekas Phone: Chicora 3287 Compliments ot HOTEL PETROLIA Phone: Bruin 27ll --- vvvov-- 62 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L '1 11 '1 '1 Compliments ot 1 I LEW-MARK Comphments oi the THEATRES 1 Petrolia Chicorcx fl Rimersburg Compliments of , Compliments Of RITZERT BROTHERS , MRS. MYERS' ROOM . . 1, 17th Grcxdel I Compliments of 1 DR. DE WOLF Chicora, Pa. Phone: 2100 Compliment oi 1, MRS, Your Westinghouse Dealer mb G,,,de, THE 1-'RANK TITUS 51 SALES ' 336 South Main Street .1 Butler, Pa. 1 WATSON and '1 acca ' 0 G FERGUSON BOTTLING COMPANY Union Trust Building 1' Butler, Pa. , 63 ov-or-00' "Q,","4'00440Q4-.004-4444444-Q ---- A A A ---vc-,--- For Delivery Service at your door or at the store Milk Cream Cottage Cheese Phone: Butler 2741 OLSON FARMS INC. But1er's Modern Dairy Box 870 Butler, Pa. On U. S. Route Eight "Stop and Gas With Us" E. Sz H. GULF SERVICE Butler, Lubrication, Washing, and Accessories KRent a Trailer Servicel Phone: Chicora 2357 Karns City. Pa. I-IUTCI-IINSON'S Cleaners 6: Dyers 331 Negley Avenue Pa. Phone: 3731 RAY R. ZEDIKER Distributor of Soft Drinks Phone 3134 Chicora. Pennsylvania 0'Q'4000-Q00:::.- -::- -v,---- -ao,----- Compliments of McCOLLOUGH RADIO SHOP Maytag Appliances Phone: 2135 Chicora Karns City. Pa. Compliments oi CORNER GARAGE Courteous Service Groceries Automotive Accessories Your Patronage is Appreciated Phone: Chicora 2311 Compliments oi WONDERLEY'S MARKET Bruin. Pa. Phone: 2161 Compliments of GEORGE I ONES Barber Shop Compliments ol Edna Iameson Margaret Vensel BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 2717 Petrolia. Pa. Compliments oi "Old Fighting Bill and Sylvia" 64 Compliments oi LEE,S DRUG STORE Phone: Bruin 2504 Petrolia, Pa. Compliments of PETROLIA HARDWARE Petrolia. Pa. Phone: Bruin 2636 HARCLIFFE COAL CO. Pittsburgh 1. Pa. Compliments oi V. PEZZUTTI ESTATE General Merchandise Bradys Bend Phone: 2064 PARADISE SHOP Where Quality and Fashion Prevail for the Iunior Miss Butler. Pa. Compliments of TONY B. COLELL Bradys Bend Hotel Bradys Bend. Pa. WILLIAM FRAZER Tire Service Recapped and Retreaded East Brady, Pa. Phone: 2429 PARKER BROTHERS Electric Appliances Phone 2594 East Brady. Pa. Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN 5c 6 l0c Phone: 2313 V East Brady. Pa. It is our pleasure to serve you. THE FASHION WHITE CHEVROLET CO. East Brady. Pa. Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION Bradys Bend Round and Square Dancing Every Sat. Night RUDISH RESTAURANT Fine Home Cooked Meals Petrolia. Pa. Compliments of W. P. WOLCUTT General Merchandise Bradys Bend. Pa. Congratulations to the Class ol ROCKET HOTEL E. C. Reitler G Son Bradys Bend '4 Compliments of COGLEY ELECTRIC SHOP Petrolia, Pa. Hotpoint Appliances assi' LUCK 'Io THE CLASS or EAST BRADY FLORIST '43 UNION SUPPLY CO. General Merchandise No. 69 Bradys Bend. Pa. SAM'S PLACE Dine and Dance Bradys Bend. Pa. C li 1 i Congratulations omp men s o WALTMAN'S CLOVER HELEN ZIMMEL FARM Chicora. Pa. Beauty Shoppe Groceries Meats 65 0.44-.04 of-Q.,-,.4.'.pQ'0' 404-04- De Soto-Plymouth Sales and Service GROCK MOTOR CO. Chicora, Penna. A. Groclr, Owner Phone: 2283 PIANOS Spinct Pianos from S395 up Home of the Connsonara Organs Instrument Repairs Solovox THE BUTLER MUSIC STORE 304 North Matin Street Phone: 44890 Butler, Pa. Compliments ot ALICE TURNER Beauty Salon Chicora, Pa. Compliments ot EKAS CLOVER FARM STORE Meats, Groceries. and Feeds LONG'S Main Street Chicora, Pa. Phone: 2155 Cleaning. Altering, Pressing Shoe Repairing Laundry Service THE BUTLER FLORIST Chas. A. Bortmas Corsages-Weddings 143 E. Ielterson Street Phone: 42-401 Butler, Pa. LON O'DONNELL Jeweler H. H. Weylman Bldg. Kittanning, Pa. Compliments ot LONG DRUG STORE East Brady. Pa. peeoopvfa 4 oooaoafv-'or-ff, 4 ,iv vvfsf.-.1 ,vw .v,a'Q,-,J-040' 0 f"0'0Q.,' ,,,.-., 4-00,,,4-44, Compliments ol G. C. MURPHY Butler, Pa. Grohman's Prescription Drug Store We have tllled over one hall million prescriptions Corner Norlh Main 6 North Streets Butler, Perma. KAYLOR GRANGE SUPPLY CO. Groceries. F lour, and Feed Peoples Phone: 2297 Bell: 2071 "'Ihe store that saves you money" "You pay me and I pay others" Compliments ol MUSKEES BARBER SHOP Karns City, Pa. Compliments ol CONCFLLAS Chicorcz. Pa. Cangratulations Forty-Niners FRlEDLANDER BROTHERS Butler, Pa. KITTANNING AUTO PARTS Kittanning, Pa. Phone: 960 Auto Parts Auto Glass Permanent Anti Freeze PARKER HARDWARE CO. General Hardware Oil Well Supplies Automobile Accessories and Electrical Supplies Parkers Landing. Pa. H. B. Moore 66 -v-------a-----vv--- RONALD R. MCCANDLESS Ph. G. Professional Pharmacist 138 W. Ielterson Street Butler, Pa. H. O. PARKER 6: SONS Plumbing and Heating Electrical Appliances Phone: Shop 2472 Res. 3384 Chicora, Pa. Ccmpliments ol ADAM'S SHOE REPAIR Karns City, Pa. ETNA GARAGE Chicora, Pa. "Your Friendly Ford Dealer" UBERS Outfitters ot the Family Chicora, Pa. Compliments ol MAXINES Kittanning, Pa. Compliments ol IIM MCINTYRE Dial 2624 On the Flat MRS. CORA E. GATES Dry Goods Clothing Notions Parkers Landing. Pa. Q.f'.'.Nf-ea-4-00.4-4-.f.a-..f-Q-var --,--.f 1' 41 1 41 41 41 1 41 1 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 1 1 41 41 41 1 1 41 41 1 41 1 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 4 4 I 41 o ::.-::.- 1 41 1 1 1 41 1 41 41 41 I 41 41 I 41 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 1 41 41 41 I 1 41 4 41 41 41 41 41 4 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 I :: :::o:::,0Q::: FRE ::::4:::: :::0oo:: COMPLIMENTS OF HME CLASS IRWIN'S Complete Home Decorators 1l2 North Main Street Butler, Pa. PARKER FARM SUPPLY Feed, Fertilizer, and Farm Supplies Phone: 2248 Parkers Landing, Pa. Compliments of DR. STRAUBE Phone: Chicora 3451 Chicora, Pa. Congratulations Class of '49 McCOLLOUGH'S RESTAURANT Chicora, Pa. Food Worth Stopping For 7 A. M. to I2 P. M. LOUIS CORSO Gull Service Station Gas, Oil. Accessories Tires. Tubes, Lubrication Phone: 2586 Parkers Landing, Pa. L.G.BAUTlm.COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins-Commencement Invitations- Diplornas-Personal Cards-Club Insignia Memorial Plaques Representative: C. M. Klinqensmith 424 Greenhurst Drive, Mt. Lebanon Pittsburgh 16, Pa. In Butler TROUTMANS Butler County's Greatest Store Distinctive Clothing Compliments of ROBIN S FURNITURE CO. 119 New Castle Street Butler, Pa. Fine House Furnishings Compliments of BEN SON 'S Nui-ced Men's and Boys' Store Home of Rizhman Bros. Clothes 142 South Main Street Butler, Pa. -::::::::0:.-:- ---- --------- A... ,--:v,,::,--Y 67 4-.,-.'-,-.,.p".'Qf00oQ4- - -0- - A A+- - - f7""' " "" "" : ::: 1: 'I 1' RELIABLE 5 FURNITURE COMPANY C"""""""""" 0' if Magic Chef Stoves Sirnrnon's Bedding JUNIOR M DOWELL ' CC 1 161 Nonh Main sueea 1 11 Butler' pq, MUSIC CLUB 1 1 "Where Customers Become Friends" P 1 I ,WW W aww , A-----iv-----' ' ' Y 'YW' Y " "" 7" -M "H " W' 'wfii' 11 1 D 1 Compliments ot j' PAUL KIRKPATRICK .E Sporting Goods Luggage ' UNION TRUST CO. 1, 130 East Ieiierson Street 1 Butler, Pa. MIG" Pa' 1 1 D 11 1 1 Skate for Health and jr Pleasure Compliments oi qi 1 II CASTLE ROLLER DAUGHERTY REEINERY RINK 1, Opposite Fairgrounds I 5: Petrolia. PG. Rates to Parties 1 Phone: 25-974 Butler, Pa. 1, ' -E W W YA 1, 1 A. B. MANN and co. 11 Compliments of 1 WAYNE HEIST Guild Prescription Opticians 1 I1 Dunlop Tires and Batteries 1, THE HUB Quick Repairs R Phone: 29-492 2 Clothing and Fumishings 251 South Main Street 1 1 l30 East Wayne Street 11 Butler. Pa. 'I Butler' Pa' Bane" Pa' Phone- 41023 ' I Q, :::57:::: ::: 68 SHAFFER'S Dependable Iewelers Penn Theatre Building Butler. Pa. Compliments of HAWK'S STORE Bruin 2591 Petrolia, Pa. Compliments of U D. O. HOLBEN COAL CO. Chicora, Pa. THE SHOE BOX Fine Shces From Fine Sources 110 West Ietterson Street Butler. Pa. Shoes For The Family Dry Cleaning C. A. MCNAUGHTON TAILOR Clothing Made To Order For Men and Women Gent's Furnishings Parkers Landing. Pa. Compliments ot GROVES MEAT MARKET Phone: Bruin 2505 Petrolia. Pa. Compliments ot FAIRLAWN STORE Austin Morrison Phone: Bruin 2718 Petrolia, Pa. Compliments to the Class o E. M. HEPLER Funeral Home Petrolia, Pa. Compliments from THE HOUSE OF IAFFE'S Butler, Pa. DR. F. F. YOUNG Chicora. Pennsylvania Phone 2450 t '49 P. l. OESTERLING 6 SON INC. Distributors ol Sunside Feeds Famous tor Fine Quality and Freshness H. C. Murphy Mgr. Phone: North Washington 2442 'Hue gagle pfzinfefzxp' gnc. 116 W. Diamond St. tilirge ' THE EAGLE: In Eqypt the sign of Eternity In Home the sign of Conquest In America the sign of Liberty In Butler the sign of Better Printing ---,,,,,---.---- 69 E s s K: S 5 lf i E T! S 2 A . P II A,,, , , .. ,..i .u. ,L Q 5, sf Aa' 1 D B X 4, W f ,pl f

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