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1 J 0 1 13 2 H .24 4'l 1-' z ,KY W' Y 2, .rw .NI .nd 3?- 'vpw ML ,lu L. u R- ' o 1 r- w : .V 3 .,. Q V w lf. -ez ., .fm ' ' Q RJ I 4-I M THE SENIOR CLASS OF FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA PRESENTS The Wildcat of 1955 FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER jj !J:I55.LQ11J-'AJ' A JIWJJ. -6 JI Hdl :aI P 4 gl FVIFI 1 HF I 'IILI1' ' -eb 4 A- lare he QQU-Zuifxvji uongiaw? Ta. H3irru3Avi?2TdEEiporEanjEv11g-h?L A J Lfv F F VT I , I IJ g .lla Qty "gJ,x1.,31fJIPdQd ffi-fi, fir-.1i:A1iIv-r'hnf'ff'lFff I' ,4.JJ2TP?F1Jlg, ,,gfffL'541J A 47rrrr r 52, If 2 P A f f' , - , . fffgffr 1 I 'fl A 'I JT' JAKIIDI T V V 1 I 1 I7-V .7 1 6 I CILISS- mates of Fairview School, Wc're loy-al and we love you more each day. f I i A f A 2 I 'zffff fm, If -V v - ----'.5--urn-,.-'uvwrw- ur--v-'pr-r' ' -fr' . . A 0 s i '-. i i 0 'Q 0 0 ' s 5 U. O T s 1 Dedication . . .to him the deed is everything, the fame of it is nothing. . .politeness costs him nothing, yet, For him it gaines everything. . .his c ha ra c te r is simply a habit long continued . . . because of these valuable traits which are so graciously shown every day, we, the Senior Class of l955, dedicate this volume ofthe Wildcat to. . . . . .Mr. Murray Boyd Williams HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY 7"""-4 1 r RALPH C. WILLIAMS, A.B. MRS. LATTIE G. BAUCOM, A.B. East Carolina College English, French, and Librarian Wake Forest College Principal, English, and History i ss- ks ,, , T fs 'QI ee, i' S - 1,2 .g . 'i DAVID E. TAYLOR, B.S. Carson-Newman College Science, and Biology NUMA R. MARTIN, JR. B.S. Western Carolina College Coach, Moth and Physical Education 'G' ' A ,. X 'xl MRS. NUMA MARTIN MRS. RALPH C. WILLIAMS, B.M., Western Carolina College M.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Typing Music, Glee Club and Piano li-Q Q5 Tix!! Woman's College University of North Carolina Home Economks and Social Stodies MURRAY B. WILLIAMS, A.B. N. C. State College Agriculture .. A g '-' ' 4 ' - Y' . , if it ' Q MR. HAUK, B.M., M.M. Columbia University Band v-1-uv- wv ---gxviy ELEMENTARY FACULTY AND SUPERINTENDENT 1 4 O DAVID E. TAYLOR, B.S. Carson-Newman College Eighth Grade I MRS. AUTA S. LONG, A.B. University of N. C . Fifth Grade ,fX.., MRS. JACQUELINE SELLS, B.S. Appalachian Teachers College Girls Coach and Seventh Grade MISS PATSY GRIFFIN, A.B. Winthrop College Fourth Grade t . E .. K X I MRS. BERNICE BROWN, A.B. W. C. T. C. Sixth Grade MRS. LUCILLE BIVENS, A.B. Meredith College Third Grade W- MISS JEAN GOUDELOCK, A.B. MRS. ANNIE M. TEAGUE, A.B.,M.A. DAN S. DAVIS Woman's College, U. of N.C. University of N. C. Superintendent of Schools Second Grade First Grade Union County um Il SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION f?2?95Nwt lfwhl Artis . 'ann Left to Right: Mr. Grant Duncan, Mr. Hoyle Biggers, Secretary, Mr. Carl Price, Chairman, Mr. John Neil Haigler, Mr. George Griffin. FAC U LTY First Row, Seated, left to right: Miss Griffin, Mrs. Teague, Mrs. Bivens, Miss Goudelock, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Ralph Williams. Second Row, Standing, left to right: Mr. Ralph Williams, Mr. Martin, Miss Irvin, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Sells, Mr. Murray Williams, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Baucom and Mr. Taylor. ,ill SENIOR OFFICERS .,,,r.-f- ff C7 ,aug Seated: Shelby Simpson, Secretary. Standing, left to right: Laura Watkins, Treasurer, John Neil Haigler, Vice- President, Aldon Baucom, President. CLASS MOTIO If you can not win, malce the one ahead break the record. CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS American Beauty Rose Blue and White F5 MASCOTS , .Lk VENIA PRICE HARRY HAIGLER CRAVEN AUSTIN F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H Club l,2,3,45 Band l5 Bus Driver 2,3,45 Junior Play5 Best Sport5 Baseball I5 Paper Staff. F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Class President 2,3,45 Most Likely to Succeed5 Baseball 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 President 45 Junior and Senior Play5 Marshal 35 Best All Round5 Basketball 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Band 25 4-H Club 25 Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 45 Science Club 3. ALDON BAUC OM L, SENICRS WILLODENE BAUCOM F.H.A. l,25 Dramatics 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Most Polite5 4-H Club l,25 Library Club 45 Most Qu i et5 Cafeteria Worker 2,45 Paper Staff 35 Home Economics Club l,2. KEE BIGGERS F.F.A. l,2,3,45 4-H Club l,2,3,45' Senior Play5 Basketball l,2,3,45 Co- Captain 45 Band l,25 Most Energetic5 Class Officer l,25 Valley Ball5 Junior Play5 Baseball l,2,3,45 Paper Staff 35 Carnival King Senior Yeor5 F.F.A. Officer 3,45 Beta Club 4. --..-vuuu1- DON DUNCAN F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,25 Class Officer 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Most Attractive5 Volley Ball 15 Most Popular5 Mr. Fairview, Senior Year5 Paper Staff 35 Basketball 1, President of Band 4. JULIA MAE EUDY Glee Club 45 Wittiest5 Cafeteria Worker 45 Best Sport5 Softball 2,3,45 Cap- tain Basketball Team 35 Jolliest5 F.H.A. 1,25 Dramatics 45 Most Dramatic5 5 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 35 Home Economics in Club 1,2. -aiu-ny. 'hiv'- neva' CDF 1955 BETTY LEE FLOWE 1 Beta Club 3,45 Library Club 45 Senior Play5 Most Likely to Succeedp F.H.A. 'iis 1,25 Beta Club Treasurer 45 Cafeteria Worker 1,25 School Store Worker 45 Most OriginaI5 Annual Editor 45 Marshal 35 Glee Club 1,45 Dbramatics 2,35 Most lntellectual5 Home Economics Club 1,25 Paper Staff 35 Junior Play5 Volley Ball 1. Q, .W 9' 1 DANNIE FREEMAN F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 4-H Club 1,25 Jolliest 45 Captain of Baseball Team 45 Junior Play5 Wittiest. JOHN NEIL HAIGLER F.F.A. l,2,3,47 Student Council 47 Basketball 1,2,3,47 Band 1,27 4-H Club l,2,3,4f Beta Club 3,47'Class Officer l,3,47 Junior and Senior Play7 F.T.A. 47 Most Versatile 47 Sports Editor of Annual7 Science Club 37 Paper Staff 37 - V , Bus Driver 4. , HUGH HELMS Q F.F.A. l,2,3,41 Baseball I7 Most Pleasant 47 Basketball 17 Junior Play7 4-H gig, t V N club 1, Paper Staff 3. 4,9 71 Q ...J ,Xp-1 X Z X 2 Ball I,2. PAUL HELMS lui as lug. A N. SENIORS F.F.A. l,2,47 Bus Driver 2,3,47 Basketball l,37 4-H Club 1,27 Most Polite 47 Baseball l7 Volley Ball l7 Paper Staff 3. CLYDE MULLIS F.F.A. l,2,3,47 4-H Club l,27 Junior Play7 Baseball l,27 Quietestp Volley OF 1955 ,Z fm F1 DONALD HERMAN PRICE SUNEL POLK F.H.A. 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3,4,Captain Basketball Team 3,4, Chief Marshal 3, Junior Play, Senior Play, F.T.A. 3,4, Class Officer 3, Best All Around, Cafeteria Worker 1,2, Most Versatile, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Most Talkative, Band 1,2,4, Most Energetic, Softball 1,2,3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Secretary of Student Council 4, Student Council 3, Co-editor of Annual 4, Miss Hi Miss 4, Carrousel Princess 3, Paper Staff 3, Piano, School Pianist 1, Miss Fairview 1, 4-H Club, Homecoming Queer 1955. CRAVEN CLAUDE PRESSON F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Bus Driver 4, Basketball Mgr. l,2,3,4, Baseball Mgr. 2,3,4, Most Dramatic, F.T.A. 4, Most Original, School Photo- grapher 2,3,4, Junior Play, Senior Play, 4-H Club 1,2, Science Club 3, Annual Staff, Paper Staff 3. 19"- 'Q-...Q 2 SP1 ' 'Q' da . F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4,BasketballCo-Captian q,,.,... 3,4, Band 1, Junior Play, Senior Play, Beta Club 3,4, Class Officer 1, F.T.A. 4, Bus Driver 3,4, Vice-President of Student Council 3, President Student Council 4, 4-H Club 1,2,3,4, Most Athletic, Co-Editor of Annual, Science Club 3, Paper Staff 3. SHELBY JEAN SIMPSON F.H.A. 1,2, Dramatics 1,2,3, Student Council 4, Beta Club 3,4, Secretary Senior Class, Library Club 4, Marshal 3, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Junior Play, Senior Play, Most Popular, School Store Worker 4, Most Attractive, Cafeteria Worker 2, Beta Club Secretary 4, Paper Staff 3, Home Economics Club 1,2, U-II..... l:-ll 1. L.l-..---..:-- Axmb -r In SENIORS OF 1955 . -nn" ' 1 1. I ' 90715 'Wu Y"""I" LAURA WATK I NS F.H.A. I,25 Most PIeasanf5 Softball I,2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Basketball I,2,3,45 4-H Club I,2,35 Junior Play5 Most AtI1Ietic5 Senior PIay5 Glee Club 45 Cafeteria Worker I,2,3,45 Class Treasurer 45 Paper Staff 35 Beta Club 45 Piano5 F.H.A. Club I,2. SENIOR SNAPSHOT B X I M GARY LEON YORK F.F.A. I,2,3,45 Basebal I 2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 Bus Driver 45 Glee Club 41 S I Q so I 4 QP' I ,av H232 Y 'fi Kei' SN Qa3'w.I'IIlHL - ...J in 31:1 1 111511 MQ' .I- u 1 W""'Y" ' 'Q'-v-ug.-v i'q' CLASS HISTORY ln July, l95l, we started out on what was to be the most important educational journey of our lives. We had at last entered high school, which promised to be four unforgettable years for us. Excitement and enthusiasm were everywhere, now we could do departmental work, and become a real part of all the high school activities. We began our first mile with Mr. E. B. Deese as our home room teacher. Twenty-seven green but eager Freshmen started this trip of many new but thrilling experiences. Although we realized how "green" we really were from an educational standpoint, most of us were dauntless and determined to reach the end of our fourth mile. This was a grand year for usl We boasted of seven members being on the basketball team. Our girls won the championship trophy. Also one of our girls was chosen "Miss Fairview High." Sophomores, already. Miss Sylvia Jaynes was our home room teacher. Much to our sorrow we lost some class members this year. Having several class parties and a lovely basketball banquet, we really lived up to our name "Jolly Sophomores." Another year has passed. My, my, time really flies. Here we are "Carefree Juniors." This year was indeed a year of many thrills. Our sponsor, Mrs. Doris Maness, helped us along our ioumey in a million ways. Finally, in November the big moment arrived, we ordered our long-awaited class rings. lt seemed that time slowed down. Then on February 23, our rings came by mail amid much excitement. Another important event was the presentation of our Junior Play, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick" very suc- cessfully directed by Mr. Ralph Williams. Next on the list of important occasions was our Junior-Senior Banquet, given in the school cafeteria. There was lots of fun planning 8. decorating for this happy event. Being our first chance to dress formally and to honor our beloved SeniorClass, this experience will never be forgotten. Again we were honored by having six members initiated in the National Beta Club. The girls basketball team brought inthe Runner's up trophy this year, while our boys won the coveted Sports- manship trophy. Our class had three members placed on the all-county team. We were certainly proud of our class. With all these wonderful things that happened to us, we were still made sad by the loss of seven of our mem- bers. Two of our girls, Dean Baucom 8. Phyllis Ann Mullis, launched out onto the ship of rnatrimony. The others we lost were Patsy Garmon, Keith Baucom, Ray Thomas, Gary Purser, Betty Moses. Dignified Seniorsl Just think one short year and we were now on the last mile. Approaching the end of our journey, we were keenly aware of the responsibilities and duties that accompany one's last year in high school. Ordering invitations, getting measurements for capsdgowns, producing an annual, all these things made our last year a busy, but happy one. For our mascots we selected Venia Price 8. Harry Haigler. Making money for our all important trip to Washington was another of our tasks. Play time again, we presented "Adams Evening" ably directed by our Senior Sponsor, Mr. Ralph Williams. Since we were guest of honor as the Junior-Senior, we had a wonderful time. We were honored this year by having one of our members win the National 4-H award, a trip to Chicago, and a scholarship. In addition to our six old Beta Members, Uohn Neil Haigler, Don Price, Aldon Baucom, Betty Lee Flowe, Shelby Simpson, Sunel Polkl we happily welcomed Kee Biggers and Laura Watkins into the Club as fellow Betas. Aswe brought our high school days to an end, we could look back and be justly proud of all the accomplish- ments of the Senior Class of 1955. suNEL POLK, Class Historian If '. CLASS PROPHECY "Drink the magic water and dream up your future life--drink the magic water and dream up your future life--drink the magic water and dream up your future life--" It got mighty monotonous to the senior class as we were trying to watch the funny little monkeys do tricks. Yes, the con- tinuous shriek of the natives voice got our goats, but we didn't understand what he meant. He iust stood there--with a big bone extended from both sides of his nose--shrieking the sharp voice from his throat and sweat from his brow. We were spending a week at Washington, capitol of the United States. This seems mighty strange for a scene like this, but we were visiting the National Zoo. Chills tickled our spines as we tumed from the monkey's and focused our vision on the strange African native who stared at us and shrieked out his even more-puzzling speech. We kept our distance for a few moments. Then, we saw a large box at his feet. It was partially open. From the port that was uncovered, there came a sparkle of light. "Ah--that's just sowenirsI" said one of the class members. As we edged closer, bit by bit, we saw that our predictor of souvenirs was wrong. There was nothing in the box but hun- dreds of glass bottles. They were about the size of your little finger and the bright lights of the zoo were glittering from the clear glass. This caused the sparkle we saw earlier. "Let's go over and talk to him. I'm curious about what's in those little containers, " urged another of the class. We all are of the curious type, so we agreed. When we were but a few feet from the dork-skinned man, he held out a bottle and said in a savage tone, "You take--you be much wiser man and woman." We had stepped back a bit by now, but the old native kept mumbling something at us in English. "This magic water from famous 'Dream Pool' in Africa. If you drink, as you sleep, you dream up everything about your future life." The whole class laughed at first, but as the old 'screwball' kept talking, we couldn't help but listen attentively. We couldn't prove he was wrong, or he couldn't prove that he was right until we tried his medicine. Things like this has happened. Men laughed at the thoughts of flying when the idea first originated. New inventions and discoveries have come along all through our history that were at first thought of as fictional. We had heard of the 'Fountain of Youth,' but the 'Fountain of Dreams' was a new one on us. Who knows, this water may contain certain unknown substances of great importance to man. Well, anyway, we decided there was no harm in the strange old man, so we each bought a little bottle of his magic water. It was as we started to leave with our water when he began saying something. "Wait," he spoke earnestly, if you don't drink the precious water in the presence of these monkey's, it will have no effect on you. The famous 'Dream Pool' is in the heart of the iungle. There are also many monkeys there. If it were not for the strange invisible power of the monkeys, the dream water would be iust as other water. " Part of us were afraid ta drink the water at first, but we began sipping until it was all gone. It looked like all other water and didn't taste much different from other water, but iust to be funny, one of the gang made a face and said that it tasted too much like a monkey. Night was growing near. We left the zoo and rode back to our hotel. When we got back we were almost exhausted from walking all day. In our exhausted stage, we told jokes and laughed for two or three hours. When everyone had told every ioke he could think af, it was ten o'cIock. We then discussed what we were going to do and where we were going to go the next day. We then went to bed. When morning finally dawned, everyone was so overwhelmed with excitement that he couldn't get dressed quickly enough to suit himself. When everyone was dressed and assembled in the hall, Mr. Williams, one of our chofferons, called us monkey's for speaking and chattering at the some time. He didn't go to the zoo with us the day beforel Well, to remedy this, he suggested that we go to our rooms and write on o piece of paper what we had to say that was so important. We did. When all the papers were handed in and Mr. Williams read them, he looked worried. He wanted to call a doctor for us, but we wouldn't let him. In his puzzled state, he continued to ask questions like a psychiatrist. He wasn't sat- isfied with just reading about our dreams. When we had all told him about the native of Africa, he insisted on going back to the zoo. Maybe he was anxious for one of these dreams to see how he would get along with his wife in the years before him. Well, anyway, we went back to the zoo. As soon as we walked up before the mean looking African, he raised his head and began talking. "Howl l've been expecting you. I knew you were coming." "But how did you know," inquired Mr. Williams curiously. "l drink much magic dream waterl I know all that will comel I drink so much dream water, that I know everything that will happen to myself and all of you." "Do you sell this water," Mr. Williams asked 'P "Oh Yesl I sold all of your friends here a little yesterday. They were so nicel They drank my water and had a dream last night. I know what they dream tool They all have nice dream. All their dreams will come true too. This little girl here, Julio Eudy, she have dream that she will be a happy housewife." "Ah--and this cute little blond, Shelby Simpson, she will do much good work in office. She much good secretary." 'Ohl This dream make my toe hurt. In my dream that is dated 1961, I mash my toe with heap big monkey cage. I go to hospital to get it wrapped. This nice girl, Betty Flowe, wrap up my toe and it get well. She much good nurse." "My children will be much smart. They will go to school here in America. When they get to high school, they have much smart teacher in English. Her name is no-vi, Sunel Polk." "When I make my flight back to Africa, in 1960, I will be treated very nicely by the stewardess on the plane. She will be be wife of pilot of plane, but you now call her Laura Watkins." "Yes, this little girl here, Willodene Boucom, will fly on the some plone I do to Africa. My people like here. She much sweet little missionary." "In my dreams dated 1961, I see the All-American basketball player. Yes, I see Kee Biggers. He is star guard for the Milwalkee Hawks. Oh yas. Frank Selvy is his coach." "When I get back to Africa, I will eat wonderful American turkey. I will eat some delicious turkey that is grown on the farm of John Neil Haigler. It best of alll He great farmerl" "In his dream, Craven Austin become big dairy farmer. He milk many cow--furnish good food to many people. " "This big boy here, Craven Presson, make career in U.S. Air Farce. Him much big muscle man--wrestle with other meh in air force--never loose a match." "Chug-chugl When your car isn't running right, take it to Clyde Mullises garage. He make it purr like kitten." "If you like racing, go out to the race track. You may have the pleasure of seeing the famous Hugh Helms race. He hasn't lost a race this year and this is September of 1962." "Ahoy there--when you are out at the race, you may see Don Duncan, the promotor of the drivers. He big cog in wheel. Own garage and many race cars." "Wham--ln the year of 1963, Donnie Freeman, the catcher of the New York Giants, broke all records of Babe Ruth. His name rates 'headlines' in all newspapers." - "When a toothache makes you feel low, go to Aldon Baucorn, the dentist, and don't be slow!" "If you like good basketball, drive out to see a winning team play--see the great team of Milgrove High School break all high school records. They win because they have Don Price as a coach." "Last of all, the dreams of this class goes far away. Yes, Gary York goes to the army and is shipped to Hawaii. He falls in love with a grass dress and marries the one wearing it. He still lives there in 1975, the date of my last dream." "l'll take o full supply of your dream water," Mr. Williams answered, in a full tone of voicel "Now, class lets go back to our hotel. " BY: Aldon Baucom ' P. S.--The African is no longer at the zoo, if you ever decide to go see him. JUNIOR OFFICERS Front to Buck: Ann Haigler, Presidentg Arlie Baucom, Vice-Presidentg Lucille Helms, Secreturyg Donald Baucom, Treasurer. SNAPSHOTS - Y . 'M , ,vw -. mfg M J qswg , ' --is 'H . - f. f ,F L 55' 2 'S me Ari: .V ls, , HRT.. '34 -W' Q wif- F ,SblE:'ar ai' V " . H J rm N-ms - i. 7- -T -v-,,,t,- vw-. . .- Ii gh V , I I , W iw ff' f 1 I' I I I Lv' - 5 I I SN ' W-Q1 ' W Ab- Q-r 'I A I I I-I :iff Ji ,fri I 5 Ifxgiig Q Q I .xxx W X 5 I ' Y We I I 1, V TI' R. M X if wa I MARY ELLEN AUSTIN ARLIE BAUCOM DONALD BAUCOM EDDIE BAUCOM KEITH BAUCOM GLENDA BLACK MARLENE CARTER DEAN CLONTZ FRANCES CONNELL BILLY N. FREEMAN GWEN GREENE HAROLD GREENE MARGARET GREENE OCIE MAE GRIFFIN AN HAIGLER LUCILLE HELMS WARREN HINSON R. A. KINDLEY IDA RAMSEY BRYTE RUSHING MARJORIE SIMPSON SOPHOMORE CLASS AND OFFICERS TOMMY ALDRIDGE JANET AUSTIN HAROLD BELK JANE CROWELL CATHERINE FAULK BOBBY FERGUSON MAGDALINE FERGUSON SHIRLEY HAIGLER JOHNNIE KERR DANIELLE LITTLE LINDA POLK JANICE PORTER LINDA ANN PRICE NORRIS PURSER LINDA RUSHING PHYLLIS SIMPSON TROY THOMAS LINDA POLK President JANICE PORTER Vice-President DANIELLE LITTLE Secretary CAROLYN HINSON Treasurer f 2 ,,1'f'. '3' ' Ewa ' in 'KK ' wo.: ' . , xl .Q - Q' --us Q -1 Q' A A K I IA f W iz , i ' I Wa, 5. ,- v 1 M ' 4? ' ' K , Ik .Y E, 5 I 'IN' Ia I"r -ax' I , 'Na' I 6 . 5' I ? ,-af: - XY, AI I' I-I xx'-',. Rf, in 3 ici?-Ks ' 'wx-Q3 V1 . ' 'C N - Rx.. Y XIV, -". , f 5 ' , f Wg.1.'r.4j.pa,itw: N 1 I 5 xXxvQ,g:,tI9'11I: 4 - I I 1 -1 riiffzi " I -. ,-at :Tii"r I -' FRESHMAN CLASS AND OFFICERS 3 B. B. HAIGLER President JUDY AUSTIN Vice-Presidenf KAREN SIMPSON Secretory ALAN BIGGERS Treasurer in 2 I :sw 4-' -f fu.. I C' f - 0. I , ,,.... A. WI-Lf ,., M N I I TI? II I f .Ik ,S X W ,fm ri? ff--v I ,I U UA , 5. ' - I. KD! ji, 3 jf, 2 ', iv , +. ., In H I 5 I If , II Q a 1- I I Q If , 4 F S - I. 14.1 I""'-A If ,SA I I , , , -' N . 'fix ' I X V. gl, ' " I ' ' f l 4 kk,,A r .15 i JUDY AUSTIN BUREN BAUCOM EDITH BAUCOM MILLIE ANN BAUCOM ALAN BIGGERS JANE GREENE B. B. HAIGLER POLLY HAIGLER HAZEL HELMS B. C. HINSON WATT LITTLE MARIE MEDLIN CAROLYN PURSER HENRY PURSER WILLIE RUSHING FRANK SUTTON BILLY THOMAS SUE WATKINS CLAUDIA WILLIAMS MYRA WILLIAMS 'UHQQNM is hun fn- , , fri, ,ai , J, A N ..,A , mm M"""""'-sn.. Q-"'P"" +--Q.. .,... Q xb D Y J s. H ,. X , . IN X Q N f R QW Q 5 A X A. - ww 5- A A X N n A 1' ,. x as x 'HW , Q 1 1 , ' ii 4' ' f . , W X' M '1Q'5"MM 7 gn mm W 'Hi' af' 5 ' K , " ' hu U - 1 J J J" N, wi N v X, A '34 ' I if ' 'Q K, an 'K A -1 WN - nn- X w 'mv . 'N 1113 .4 n P I SNAPSHOTS N x 'Z A K rx -an , uf W , "'1?P'in J, ' Q . K, 'A , 0 hm -of? . ,W ,Q .. .,'i'?',f 4 I 1 ,J ma ' uuq 1 I Q 1 -an Q XJ m 5 -B w SNAPSHOTS Q! 0 few! .X xx 1 , 1 4 T. 4 Pm tim if E 5. ' , i' ls xt - N ' 1 34,72 '9 A ' MR. DAVID TAYLOR CATHERINE AUSTIN DOVE ANN AUSTIN IRA DEXTER AUSTIN TILDEN BELK HUGH MAC BLACK MO HE BAUCOM BILL CLONTZ BRENDA CLONTZ BRENDA CONNELL JOHN CROWELL JUDY CONNELL JOE DEESE LARRY HASH DELAINE HASTY SARAH HELMS WANDA LEE DEANNA LITTLE EUGENE LITTLE GERALD LONG JERRY LONG PHYLLIS LONG GLORIA MEDLIN EDWARD MILLS KENNETH PORTER PATSY PRESSON DONALD ROWELL AUSTIN RUSHING BARBARA SIMPSON JOE SIMPSON EIGHTH GRADE mewvwnn 'FIf1"""'N ' "J , , :I I A ,.,, I ' ,TL E V. , 1.. , ! v us, - xl S' j g I1 L Mfg I - -f A Ts f " I 1 w-4 ,. fw1qg3fw 1 ' viftIL . 2 M K M - U -I W -,,. f 3 551,-I ' T 35, I ' Q I A - . -38 I A .I I I Y E I N... . ' I . .. , I QEESI ,I , IEE I , ,. -2 M 'J J Lv ,, ex f" , .. E 'Wlif 'N ' . . R .1-- , f-",, A I I , - ,SJ . I . H v ' - - X I - ,,gf's-V, ' -' . 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SELLS KENNETH BAUCOM MYRA CLONTZ DAVID CRAIG BRENDA SUE FREEMAN BOBBY GARMAN DAVID HASH FRANCES HELMS LOUIS KING BONNIE LEE BRENDA LONG GERALDINE MEDLIN GAIL POLK WANDA PRESSON HANK PRICE KELLY ANN PURSER NORMAN ROWELL SYLVIA ROWELL CLINTON'SASSER JOYCE SIMPSON ROBERT STEGALL JIMMY THOMAS REBECCA WILLIAMS MRS. BROWN PEGGY BAKER HUBERT BAUCOM GEORGE BROWN BOBBY CLONTZ LINDA CLONTZ DONNIE HAIGLER PEGGY HELMS DERYLE HINSON FAYE KINDLY DORIS LITTLE EDITH LITTLE JACKIE LITTLE CAROLYN LONG LINDA LONG RONNIE LONG MARGARET MEDLIN BARBARA MILLS PEGGY EARL MULLIS JERRY PORTER MARY VERNE PRICE RONDAL PURSER CRAVEN RUSHING HEATH SIMPSON KEITH SIMPSON LILLIAN THOMAS TOYE WATSON ANNIE LEE WILLIAMS LISETTE WILLIAMS n SIXTH GRADE ., - , . - - , V, , .5 4' I 1 Y If , I f an h N I , A A, I' r 5 at ,jf '.'.- . ,f I Q, ?f..L,a-p. , ,ff -i . ' V , S 'Qgk 's . Q . . .I I ' . ', I . A- ' in f.. J I -:JS t' V I X "" ' 'I' 'fr vw -E 4 V! ,X ' 3 Q .1 In yy, .Q jf - QQ nw ,L Q1 I ' Q - 1., -. N X . I , A-I XY A .. I -. -. -gl 5 Q Xxx X x z,,, V X N ' I I qffiuk E i -CN -Q V. X , - I ' A f N . I I H- NL If , 5 is N f 1 - ' K 1 ' .5 - f, Q R I ' rn-Q 'T-4 I, fi Q -I , g 1 'f - 1 5 3 xi ax 1 X 'Q-....,,.f RI P , .f , ' rx IK. L A ,Q I 1,,, -UUV 3 S UQ., I I 63 'I r my fam T "IF 1' 1 I FIFTH GRADE fm A E' ,L N, im' I7 X W Q i 1, W ,--ij A ' '. I F" , , If ,ff E' O -:-Q"" . J I f , xr r 4 0 xx .X If , pi I ,N 1 ' 'I' I '1 "" , " ' ' I ' - JN if I gn' M A I 1 M -'Q -f '- ' ' - x , 1 -lff Y ' . ' ' gi f. ' T A S- K V.,. A .Y U . . ' "I " A ' I I' E, . ' I Z f . I I -- . ' ,fi L Q 1? 7 X XJ' I -- ' 'i '1,.5',,a?,,, -. bk 1 " I . . P ' - - E I f -LIE f 'NJ Ax, , 1, Qi 9 In A Q 'I ...E JI EE , M R 5' s V A. I I , ar. E- . k. K W Q, f y 'A ff- , Aga! ' -1 - J ' I ' . H H A '1 n . , . . i I W W X fi ' , ,. ,M J V :gilt I I 'Q -6 A raw 11r'."f ' -ff. 1 ' , . 'Q " A N' ff T ' ' I , Y f . . ' I I1 -' 41" "S ' , I A 1. XX! K- .I x -f ,L., if I A I , I I. ,L f N' . I in ladies Q I I..u,,,i, ,, V r.M,5,gE' I ,gg if K -I . ,4 ,L ,A N 7 'L' I ,Er -:"" EEL -. iw ' ,EQ V. I - ' 4 vi ' 1 , ' ' S ' ' Y Q, I Q : "" ' - Jw , I f L , . ' xi I q E-h a: A I I ,. - . N f' ' I Y ' .E 4 . - . IW 1 I E L A g , , Y. ' 1. if'I'L' W" ' .I ' gf' -I . V .,- , AA I , ,E .jk , t. ,Ah , i . L' A ., - z : ... I , I ' I ' "3 ' Ulllfwblu .11z:t:., I I I MRS. LONG '- BRENDA AUSTIN DOUGLAS AUSTIN - BETTY BAUCOM 4 LINDA BAUCOM ' DELANE CLONTZ ' G. W. CLONTZ " JANE CLONTZ " MYRA CLONTZ ' NEAL CONNELL ' JOE CUTHBERTSON ' MARIE GARMON ' LORAINE GREENE " BETTY RUTH HAIGLER KENNETH HARTSELL -- JAMES LEE HASTY ' TONY HELMS " COLON KIKER ' BOYDENE LITTLE ' JUDY LITTLE -- VNIAN LONG ' JAMES MEDLIN - DEVON PRICE " DELORIA PURSER-E DORIS PURSER - SANDRA PURSER A ROGER RUSHING " HELEN SIMPSON V KATHLEEN SIMPSON CAROLYN STEGALL GRADY SUTTON f RONALD WILLIAMS - MISS GRIFFIN KAY ALDRIDGE JOYCE BAKER JAMES BAUCOM NELLIE BAUCOM PHYLLIS BAUCOM GLORIA BEACHUM BARBARA BELK DIANNE BURRIS VIRGINIA DRAKE JO ANN HARPER LOUISE HELMS JERRY HINSON MARGARET KERR DENNIS LITTLE KENNETH LONG J. W. McMANUS BILLY MEDLIN JUDY MILLS TERRY MULLIS KAY POLK WAYNE POLK MILDRED PRICE 'LINDA PURSER BRENDA RAMSEY VANN ROWELL HERMAN SASSER, JR GARY SOWELL CAROLYN THOMAS RUTH THOMAS , , SUE WELCH 'T ,LLL I I 1 FOURTH GRADE ---on .- - - -1-----nu1c...v -sir I ,523 I '-IIE , I ' -A Av I Z -'ark 'V' A' 4 fix ,, E. 4- t ,' 'N 'lm L v N . n A X W f,, , ,,, L .,:,, 2 ' 'TT AI" I" I . . .V 'IH 1 , f .Q , . ,: , R P-.,, Hfe' A- .- wi L- 4, . 1 I ' 'W A Q x ffj I 4 - .hid T I-in .I y U X Qt, In , I I I 1- A F F - ' ., I 1 ,, f' I , f I 'fg,"v 'L' I A I 'W' ' ' I A I -.- -Ln: - T, . . I , --- . , .,:JI': N 'I r Mgr I,i::3g,? K - I in-f ,1-I - " A - 1 A .f '- 'W WAI' ' 'K .I., Y ' ' 'It' IL' ' I vm QI f f ' S -I l I ' f -Q' it g 2 F- I- x. ,rf-.bi V' I - , 24'-2-11,-M if I I I, f ' f 'T' 55335 :Z p E 13 I'. 5 V- 9 M 1 X II ' - 14' I ' fi-iw I ' w ' 'E 5 TII A Q 3' ' I ' x 'A - ' f 'f fn? , I 1 ,K he , ky .-vi, . if 3 If-A .H,,,. H , ,. was . - ,SI - . '-S IILJ :I- Wm 1. "' L L-QE :f 2? 9 " 'W'w:.,. . , wzzfzepz: - : X, 1, . viii-2"f5Z'W?I4ii 2. ' 'JJ I I my Y Wggwvi' A ,N , 1 ,J-33' YW' I . naw, r THIRD GRADE as I M 5 fax I W I1 I Sri .5253 'lf N II . In L L, EJ ' 1 , A u -fwzqsag :.2 ,, it fl 4' - vi I 5j'5,' E. Y 1, . V,'L J. , K ., 1 W uw. I 'W' ww .am ' my A 1' ,, .4 V - ,Z , , .1 . A K Y I f . ,f u f ' is 1 -- . , i I i fi 3 ,L N! F . 4' ll' .R I .. I 5 A I QQ , D5 4, - , I V ! . I -Fm ,I I A' 'Qivm' '. iz 'A I J ,I ' QS ' , x.,' ,QI 'If I 'r . 5 ax 'Sz M2 - "A 1 213,155 '::' ' Pa' ' I U Y I f V l. , 1 lui, vV-, In I V fi? -' '- Q, , I :'-Q ' A , h ui- ,4 S- 'T ,x.. f 'T' 1. -I' - P1--,. Nt'-" y A Q 5 Iliqlf' J: X 3 ' ' .. 1 I ' 2'I'..i fjg--e 'LE Af, . . ' , , .X E Q in ., 1, ,- . fm, , f. LV. ...,, I I M K. . V fl gg, gifs C LO., . xnxx 1 wa. ' 'N sa L ,E 'swf 1 ' K pr - I A ' f ff ' 1- ' I , 'fr I 1 , m A V :Cf -:X A My ,L - I :A A f X ' 5 .1-Q-Q -,R ,I , -I . ' V .54-I nb: U1 I 5 , . ' I I 5.1 1-rf -sqm x 5, L? AI I H YE If MRS. BIVENS GALE ADCOCK JENNINGS AUSTIN WANDA BAUCOM SANDRA BLACK LARRY CLONTZ LONNIE CLONTZ VIVIAN CUTHBERTSON HAROLD DOSTER MICHAEL GARMON CAROL HAIGLER BRENDA HELMS NELLIE HELMS JOHNNIE LONG EUGENE MEDLIN HASKEL MULLIS LANCE MULLIS GARY PURSER JIMMY PURSER MARY ROWELL JOE NEAL SIMPSON OLIVIA SIMPSON ELIZABETH SUTTON EDWARD TAYLOR BOBBY THOMAS TERRY TUCKER -MISS GOUDELOCK LYNN AUSTIN 'I'BONNIE MAE BAUCOM LGLENDA BAUC OM LARRY BAUC OM 1-MARY LOU BELK 1 WILSON BLACK -YDIANE CLONTZ I-JERRY CLoNTz + SUE CLoNTz I-Rov DEESE IJERRY DRAKE lDOUGLAS DUNCAN YJUANITA ELowE +MlKEY HASH -BENSON HASTY SHARON HELMS IRONNIE HINSON CAPPY KIKER ROBERT EARL KIKER DEAN KINDLEY VIVIAN ANN LOVE FLOUISE MEDLIN 'ITENA PIGG QKAYE PORTER I-HARRIETT PRICE 'DONNIE PuRsER 'DOUGLAS PURSER f-KATHRINE PURSER LIBBY PURSER TGREG RUSHING 'CHARLES SASSER LOUISE TARLTON -CHERYL TUCKER -KENNETH WATKINS SECOND GRADE Wpf-'WHO-ing, 5 Tk. I O X 'A . . ,N A sk:- 6 IXQLLA , A Q 'T p ' II P II' 1:'? . A I I A A I I ', , f :'I ' RALL I I III I +L, 5Qf-RFI? I if I I I v AI I ' I5 K.: A ' f :A BST! 1 .79 N., . 11 , - L , 5. I, FIRST GRADE fn' JJJ A Af , I SA...a'I T' V .ISV , x 91 ' f . . .x r I I I1 I ki,-1 ' V .AI ,I I ,H 5 1 rj 1, 71 I Q ,WS n S 9 .. Q Lf! .I .,a..t' ni' 2,4 I IQ ,W H MRS. TEAGUE JOYCE ADCOCK GEORGE BAKER BONNIE LYNN BAUCOM LANA KAY BAUCOM GARV CLONTZ JIMMY CLONTZ JUDY DIANNE CLONTZ MARY DEESE JOHNNY EUDY JUDY KAY GARMON FRANKIE GREEN ROGER KEY HAIGLER KAY HARTSELL DARLENE HASTY BRENDA HINSON FRANKIE KIGER RICHARD LITTLE JANNETTE LONG KAY LONG DELANE MULLIS IRA JAY MULLIS DENNIS RAY SIMPSON JUDY SIMPSON LAZETTE SIMPSON SARA SIMPSON B. F. TARLTON MILDRED TAYLOR SUSAN TUCKER HARRY WATKINS h RICHARD WILLIAMS rar vw-f1w1:c"'vs, . " n - . ANNUAL STAFF 7531 it -W., QV -o.:'r'-'ev' W ,N BETTY FLOWE Editor SHELBY SIMPSON Assistant-Editor 4 if. -----fin---nv EDITORIAL STAFF First Row, Seated, left to right: Aldon Boucom, Business Moncigerp Don Price, Assistant-Editorp Betty Flowe, Eclitorj Sunel Pollc, Assistant-Editorp John Neil Hoigler, Sports Editorg Mr. Rolplw C. Williams, Sponsorg Craven Presson. Photnnmnlw Fflifm- It I, iv ii ai Q5- m 4 PRESIDENT Don Price Q, ' " ri ,...,, g R y STUDENT COUNCIL 1'- OFFICERS . Bfy C lk, Secrelolf' Secfe""Y ' Sunel PO Hoiglefl olwn I RUSIWINQI V l C ei- pfesidenli -l K' ADVISOR Mr. Ralph C. Williams REPRESENTATIVES First Row, left to rigl1t:Vivian Long, Ronnie Long, Lesefte Williams, Boydene Liftle. Second Row: David Hash, Myrna Clonfz, Shelby Simpson, Tommy Aldridge, Ann Hai l ' ' Greene, Gerald Long, Alan Biggers C h ' ' g er, Myra Williams, Gwen , of errne Aushn. HN, ,L o no 1533 fa 14 f4l" SCIENCE CLUB First Row, Seated, left to right: Brenda Clontz, B. B. Haigler, Gerald Long, Mr. Taylor, Sponsor, Judy Connell, Judy Austin, Jane Crowell, Linda Polk, Alan Biggers, Claudie Williams. Second Row: Dove Ann Austin, Marlene Carter, Deanna Little, Barbara Simpson, Brenda Clontz, Sarah Helms, Catherine Austin, Marie Medlin, Dean Clontz, Jane Greene, Phyllis Lang, Phyllis Simpson, Johnnie Kerr, Linda Rushing, John Henry Crowell. Third Row: Austin Rushing, Patsy Presson, Willie Rushing, Norris Purser, Mo He Baucom, Catherine Faulk, Edith Baucom, Karen Simpson, Myra Williams, Magdalene Ferguson, Danielle Little, Carolyn Purser. l 4-. 4. , , W . ' 'H ig. " .'fi 34 "t' .1 l l s I -l BETA CLUB First Row, left to right:Mr. Ralph C. Williams, Sponsor, Shelby Simpson, Secretary, Ann Haigler, Lucille Helms, Betty Flowe, Treasurer, Gwen Greene, Frances Ann Connell, Sunel Polk. Second Row: Bryte Rushing, John Neil Haigler, Reporter, Don Price, Vice-President, Aldon Baucom, President, Arlie Baucom, Donald Baucom. HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB P fs -.1 ,, 1 .l 1HQ .l First Row, left to right: Sue Watkins, Phyllis Long, Glenda Black, Deanna Little, Willie Rushing, Danielle Little, Dean Clontz, Marie Medl in, Ccie Mae Griffin, Frances Ann Connell, Linda Rushing. Second Row: Willodene Baucom, Janice Porter, Lucille Helms, Sunel Polk, Ann Haigler, Gwen Greene, Julia Mae Eudy, Betty Flowe, Patsy Presson, Linda Polk, Laura Watkins, Wanda Lee, Catherine Austin. Third Row: Johnnie Kerr, Phyllis Simpson, Marlene Carter, Karen Simpson, Sarah Helms, Judy Connell, Delaine Hasty, Judy Austin, Mo He Baucom, Myra Williams, Dove Ann Austin, Millie Ann Baucom, Ida Ramsey, Claudie Williams, Linda Ann Price, Shelby Simpson. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 559' . Ll First Row, left to right: Judy Austin, Myra Williams, Linda Rushing, Dean Clontz, Sue Watkins, Marie Medlin, Johnnie Kerr, Ocie Mae Griffen, Frances Ann Connell, Carolyn Purser. Second Row: Karen Simpson, Jane Greene, Claudie Williams, Danielle Little, Linda Polk, Catherine Faulk, Edith Baucom, Willie Rushing, Millie Ann Baucom, Gwen Greene, Linda Ann Price, Miss Irvin, Sponsor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA jf, First Row, Seated, left to right: Ann Haigler, Gwen Greene, Frances Ann Connell, Linda Rushing, Danielle Little. Second Row: Sunel Polk, Laura Watkins, Lucille Helms, Linda Polk, Don Price, Aldon Baucom, Craven Presson, John Neil Haigler, Miss Irvin, Sponsor. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: Watt Little, Billy Thomas, Kee Biggers, Craven Austin. Second Row: Harold Belk, Norris Purser, Buren Baucom, Frank Sutton, Alun Biggers, Henry Purser, Tommy Aldridge, R. A. Kindley, Charlie Drake, B. B. Haigler, B. C. Hinson, Billy N. Freeman. Third Row: Mr. Murray Williams, Sponsor, Dannie Freeman, Bryte Rushing, Eddie Baucom, John Neil Haigler, Don Duncan, Troy Thomas, Craven Presson, Paul Helms, Gary York. Fourth Row: Hugh Helms, Aldon Baucom, Arlie Baucom, Warren Hinson, Don Price, Donald Baucom, Harold Greene. D RAMATICS CLUB First Row, left to right: Jane Greene, Edith Baucom, Mflfle Meilllnf MY- Rdlph C- Wlllloms Sponsor Ocre Mae Griffen, Marlene Carter, Dean Clontz. Second Row: Mora Williams, Millie Ann Baucom Willie Rushing Moriorie Simpson, Glenda Black. A A i 3.-ffj""'M-I-L iw . LIBRARIAN First Row, Seated, left to right: Catherine Foulk, Phyllis Simpson Rushing, Moriorle Simpson. Second Row: Willodene Baucom, She Linda Polk, Betty Flowe, Mrs. Baucom, Sponsor. N105 4' g A , -.S S , Marlene Carter, Magdalene Ferguson, Willie lby Simpson, Jonice Porter, Jane Crowell, gf Vx 'R' 5' . fn: A ,,-r v ' , 5, OFFICE CLERKS l. Dean Clontz 2. Billy Neal Freeman 3. Mr. Ralph C. Williams, Principal 4. Sunel Polk 5. Millie Ann Baucom ELEMENTARY GLEE CLUB First Row, left to right: Linda Clontz, Kathleen Simpson, Myrna Clontz, Deloria Purser, Boyd Dean Little, Myra Clontz, Kay Polk, Doris Little, Jane Clontz, Lisette Williams, Kay Aldridge, Vivian Long, Mildred Price, Sue Welch, Betty Baucom, Barbara Belk. Second Row: Dwight York, Brenda Austin, Gale Polk, Peggy Helms, Audrey Hinson, Sylvia Rowell, Rebecca Williams, Wanda Presson, Faye Kindley, Marie Gorman, Dennis Little, Gloria Beachum, Judy Mills, Callie Stegall. Third Row: Mrs. Bivens, Sponsor, George Brown, David Hash, Kenneth Baucom, Jerry Hinson, Hank Price, Brenda Long, Mary Verne Price, Joyce Simpson, Tony Helms, Bonnie Lee, Edith Little. CHEERLEADERY :fir Claudio Wllllcms' Kenneth Poller ' xNKlll0m5' ro MY .ue Helms. HClSl'l I Lucl ' . Price' l-any M Quret Greene' Mlldled or Sue Welch ' Q BALL CAPTAINS Left to right: Kee Biggers, Co-Captain, Don Price, Captain, Mr. Numa Martin, Coach, Mrs. Sells, Coach, Ann Hoigler, Co-Captain, Sunel Polk, Ccpfain. GIRLS' BAS KETBALL TEAM Left fo right-Mrs Sells Coach D ' ll . . , 5 anne e Little, Sue Watkins, Sunel Polk, Laura Watkins, Ann Haigler, Frances Ann Connell, Gwen Greene, Edith Baucom, Judy Austin, Millie Ann Baucom, Ocie Mae Griffen, Jane Crowell, Julia Mae Eudy, Dean Clonfz, Manager. aoY'S BASKETB n Billxl Xglwt1Craven Pigjmld Buucom' Le. Q0 Lxdon BT2:C3:LAorHn' COGCLK. PUC .I Mr I U Aidndgef ALL TEAM . ' X r Don com, John Nelibizlgljj fommy . BOD HGQQLBYI Kee te Rughmg' B. B. . , BYY H'nS0"' . Alon Wggers emom B' C' l Manager, N- Pre . 1954-'55 BASEBALL TEAM First Row, left to right: Donald Baucom, Donnie Freeman, Kee Biggers, Eddie Baucom, Billy N. Freeman, Alan Biggers, Bryte Rushing. Second Row: Craven Presson, Manager, B. B. Haigler, Aldon Baucom, Don Price, John Neil Haigler, Mr. Numa Martin, Coach. h A M A , PIANO STUDENTS , i.m.1...ma1n..n First Row, left to right: Phyllis Baucom, Kay Aldridge, Devonne Price, Gail Polk, Mrs. Ralph C. Williams, Teacher, Harriett Price, Carolyn Thomas, Mildred Price, Wayne Polk. Second Row: Brenda Sue Freeman, Sunel Polk, Ann Haigler, Linda Polk, Patsy Presson, Marjorie Simpson, Marie Medlin, Catherine Austin, Wanda Lee. BUS STUDENTS sc:-moi. BU HU' 'MM , L- :TT S l t l Left to Right: Mr, Ralph C. Williams, Principal, Craven Presson, Don Price, Paul Helms, John Neil Haigler, Craven Austin. LUNCHROOM STAFF Front to Back: Mrs. Letha Watkins, Wilma Bost, Beulah Jacobs. N ,. A I 2 X if MOST POLITE MOS T ATTRAC TIVE SENIOR 'Uv--fr K Nz MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL ROUND iUPERLATIVES fgm 53 gr-1" VW MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST VERSATILE WITTIEST MOST POPULAR 4444444444444444444444444444444-44444444444444-4-444-444 AMERICAN BANK XI TRUST COMPANY Complete Banking Service Monroe , North Carolina 44444444444444444444444444-.4444-.444444 44444 4 444 444 4 4 4 4 4 44 4 444444:4444444444444::444444:::::4444444-44444444 Bigger's Bros. Grocery Flour, Feed, Meats Esso Products Route 2 Monroe, North Carolina :::::::::::::::::::::::::.-.-:4::.-::::::::::::- :-:::4:4::4 7 I 'I 'I 'I S 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I S 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I S S 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 P 1 'J - - - 4 v - - - ...vvv v ::::::::::::::.-:v-:::::,:::4::, , ,,: I J - -.,'::::.-v-'f::::::,f' f", B. E. HOLBROOKS COMPANY, INC. Hardware - Electrical Appliances Plumbing And Heating Phone I Standfield, ',,',, , ,O ,,:.-4-::,:::::':.-::::0Q"': ROBERT O. HELMS Superior Blocks Sand and Gravel Crushed Stones for Driveways Phone 1395-R Office 688 :::.'::: Silver Crest Bakery Burrele Bakery Albemarle, North Carolino 'I '04,-..""o f 'Q'1A",,Q-,-,--,'a,,-,,'-,,,-,,'.? 1 -I 1, 1 -- 1, :I 1, I I :g SELL S BEAUTY SHOP 'I 1: 1 ff 1 Monroe N.C. 'I 1 ' " I 1 , I :I if I 1 :I 1: I 1, 1, ,I 1, 1 1 I 4 '--",4,,-,,,',,-',,-,,,',,",'',Q ,-..,, ,.,,,,..,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,.,. 1, 1 'I 1, If 'I 1, :I 1, ,I 1 McLEAN CLOTHING 1 I 1: 1 -- I 1 1 . I If "Best of Men's and Boy's Clothing 1: 1: :I I' 1 -I Mmf Hill, NC. jg I' 'I I 1: oc.,,,-,,-.-,,----,-,-,,,-,,,---,-... A A - .... - - -:,:,,,,,,,::..:,,.., ,- -,,,,, ......v v - - 1 1E 1' 1' 11 1, 1, 1, 1 1: MIDLAND FURNITURE 1: 1 it 1 1, 1, 1: COMPANY 1 1 1' 1' I I 1, 1, 1: "Where Every Customer Becomes :I 1 , 1 1: A Friend" if I 'I 'I I' I' I I :I P. Box I O9 I 1 , 1 ,: Midlond, NC. :I I I 1 if 1' I :I Phone 8 :1 1, H. L. Love Bill Hortsell 1: 1 1 1: 1: 1- :- If Highwoy I5I 81 6OI :I I I 1 TC -I 1 1 :I :I I 1 1 I 1 U--- .... ,,,,,:,3 Lr-:::::::::::::::::- - - f - - v - ' "'p','4',QQQQQQQ4-4',p',,4,QQQQQQ. BEATTY MOTOR COMPANY "Ford" Soles Service Midlond, North Corolino A - - - - ,,.. - Q4-QQ", 0:::::.-:::- - - - - v - - - v GRIFFIN MOTOR COMPANY Pontiac Cars - G.M.C. Trucks Largest Selection of good used cars in this section Phone 743 I4II Concord Ave. Monroe, N. C, - - - - - - - -:.-::::::4 ,,, QQQ4-.4-,QQ-.'.,-.,-.1-4"'4-4-a v 7 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 11 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I J 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I L --Y- --sv-v wvcwrwu-rv vu- -1.-vv -vii: vvvv- .if-,. tqwlv av--vo--vve:ovv:4-.'v-0' ffpavffp ,-.,,.-00-.0-.QQQQQQ4-v""0 .... -- -a--. ROBERT'S "Distinctive Clothes for Men" Phone l49 lO6 E. Franklin Street Monroe, N. C. FLOWER'S GROCERY GAS - OIL Phone 7092-M Route 2 Monroe N, C, -------,AA-------A--A-::::: :::'::o04oooooeo 0 ----v.'---- v--- BRUCE M. SIMPSON FEEDS Route 2 Phone 7086-M Monroe, North Carolina R. J. McEWEN 8iSON Hardware 8. Appliances Mint Hill, N. C. f:::::::0'0'Q",0'4 CLARENCE CLONTZ EARP-FREEMAN 84 SON AMOCO STATION Route One, Indian Trail, N. C. Gas -- Oils --Washing -Greasing Tires - Tubes and Batteries Tractor Work Equipped to Do Boiling, Combing, and Cutting For The Public Mint Hill, N. C. ::::::::::::::::::.ao-0 - ..... A - --A--- A --+- -0f::-0 EVANS L. CAULDE REPRESENTATIVE lmperiol Life Insurance Company Educational Saving and Retirement Plans With Insurance Protection Route One Midland, N. C. WILSON'S FOOD Wilson's Food Store and Drug Sundries Mint Hill, N. C. - ............. -Qoov eo.. 0-4- Y I I l I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I If 'I 'I 'I I 'I I I 4 'I I 'I 'I 'I Q, T 'I 'I 'I 4 I 4 4 4 4 4 I I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I I I 4 4 4 I I 4 4 I I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4 ,,,,,,-,,,,,-,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,- - Griffin Implement and Milling Company McCormick Farm Machinery Manufacturers of I, H, Refrigeration Equipment Poultry 8. Livestock Feeds International Trucks From Locally Grown Grain . Fresh from our plant to your farm " ' " I l Phone 92 ,,,,,,,,,,4,',,Q"'0'f'0"',04'-'Q' QQQ40,1044Q,4Qf""'00,4v"0404v4 Genuine Parts "Union County's Pioneer Form Equipment Dealer" Office Phone 70 Phone 459 Mon rae, North Ca ral i na ,::::::::-:::-v------ ..... Q-- ,......v --v------- Hartsel Funeral Service Ambulance Service Midland Phone 3 Albemarle Phone 87 ,,, ------A---- ..... ---,,,::::::::,,,,'0o"0,,- ,,:::::::::::::: :::::: ::::::: --::------------- w l 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 4 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I P 'I 'I 'I 'I S I .3 .::Jz:'J 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 3 ',, ',,', ' ,,', MULLIS 8. GRIFFIN SERVICE STATION Mint Hill, N.C. ,Q4-040,04-Q"vp,p4'4",', f40., ,c4-.,-.,-.,-.'-.,-.4-.,4-'Q."'.""",,,4"4-p-"',.4 CARRY WATKINS CROWN SERVICE STATION Albermorle Road North Carolina ra- f1,,,, ,.--.-,,,,',",,,,-'4-pvpv-' '-' Radio Service - Television Service Oscar W. Faulk Company "Known For Their Service" Complete Line of Home Appliances IIO W. Franklin St, P.O. Box 256 Monroe, N. C. Doy Telephone's Night Telephone 762 - 673 903-L Q 40,,,,,,,,.f,Q4-'4,,,0,0"',4,000 H. I. TUCKER Real Estate Phone FR7-3703 Mint Hill - - -0,004,404-.,0,,44A4,Q4',Q,QQQQQQQQ f ..,., "'4----o,-oa-'--4-Q 4-:,--0 :::: --A+- :::::.-:::::::4s0:::::4-'Q ASHCRAFT GIN 8. MILL CO. Cotton Ginning Seed Cleaning Cotton Seed Delinting Monroe, North Carolina I I 'I :I :I I I 1, 1, 1, 'I 'I 'I 'I 1, 1, 1, 1, II 'I I I' I 1 I', 'I 'I 1, 1, 'I 'I I I I I 'I 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 'I II J L r I 'I 'I I 'I II 'I I 'I I 1, 3 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 1, x 1, 2 'I 'I 1 'I 'I II I J t '7 F 'I 1, I, ,I 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1 I 1 'I 1, 'I 1, 'I 1, 1, , 1, I 'I 1, 'I 1, :I 1, 'I 'I I, 'I 1, 'I 1, I I I 1 ' 1 I 1, 1, I ll I I' 'I 1, 'I 1, 1, ,I 'I 1, I 'I 1, 1, ,, 1, I 'I 1, :I 1, I 'I 1: 'I 1, 'I 1 I 1, :I I, , I l, ll I I I 1 1' 'I J S FARMERS DAIRY Form Fresh Dairy Products CHARLOTTE, N. C. - ,'-,4,,,,,0QQ.'-,,4Q,40-,,0 , -,4','0'4,,"'0w POLK'S GROCERY Esso Products FLOUR, FEEDS, MEATS Route I Midland, North Corolino -A----A-,'----,------4"'-'0"',,",0 ",,Q,Q"QQ00'04f----'vv------4-------v vvv- ------ QQQQQQQQQ Q,", -E KEN'S JEWELRY SHOP SALES 8' GENERAL REPAIRS Monroe, N. C. ,,,,,,,4""',"4",00',W,JM Austin Bros. Tire Store 8. Recapping All Type of Good Tires WORK GUARANTEED HWG No. 27 Locust, N. C. .,,.. - , L ,,, -.---....-- ,,,, -- E z 3 I WHITE OAK ACRES Processing 84 Cold Storoge i Q IN - Monroe, N.C. 1 2 s , i -',4'0,,4,"'0'0""4"'v "'4':" .0Qo"Qv,f0"000',00"'4 f 3 EOR YOUR A FARM EQUIPMENT NEEDS l SEE 1 2 Fred Denson Farm 2 EQUIPMENT 3 3 Allis-Chalmers ond DeLovol 2 X Soles ond Service 5 i Hickory Grove-Newell Rood E v , 1 E Phone ED 4-1238 3 5 " '994f' 999994""779 '7 o-anno.:-.0-0.90 0 0,440 4-.0-f.,Q, Q4-Q-5044, 4-.,,,,,',--,,,,,--',,,,-,,-,--"'. LEMMOND'S GROCERY Gas - Oil Meals - Feeds Lowyer's Rood Route I Indian Trail, N, C -----,------A-------4---AA--:: 4-if-W-Yi"i'v--.-v-vm -- -----,,,-----,--,-,-----,-,---, T 'I 'P 'r 'I 'I 0 1: CASCIOS RESTAURANT 4+ 'r if Seo Foods If U 1: Curb Servlce tb 'u 0 Wu 4+ Wu 'n 4, Locust, NC. "----v-----vv---v---- v-v--v- THE END cv.-.A,,",,',,-,,,-,,-,,-,,,,,',,,,,,,,, ,,,-------Qov-v-4- .vvvvv vo4'o00o f ,M , W I ,I rf' . -Q ' :H ' . ' :lx-l. , 7514! .K 'Qiifh ' W, ,A . ,u",3:"f ' 6,51 .. 'i7"'.'. f A pn.-J 1 girl? FJ, 1 I .lf-I VA - - A65 .. : HQVYE' 1 ws ,311 1. gifs S f fafgg af, Y A NF'--'f ,-uL'.i Q ivy. . ,QV . ,, . , gi-,v.U , . , :"fsQk' ' .. ?Y?,z'Q. . R115 gi. M 5. 'iw J i fl-v ' . W ,U- '5 "cfm V' x 7 V,g:...lA ',,:z-J- - 1-E'.l-cgi. 4. W an 1 H . J":.r ' .H --xy: ' '-4.4. ' 21, ,1 Y 5-'M 'Qu'.g'?. 1 f ,y :E-rt: . V-1 "mf i " .. '-T",ff- tl 'f Eff" " -r - lf, 'fix , . 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I r llflknlfl of In 'I' ' SERVICE VIAKKDOK PUBHXNIRS PHONI 4 785' U18 'JQXJYH HAWTHCXNE ROAD xc M001 rwHUn,RAlw4Ils WUNSYONYSAUM, 'KX YH CAROLNA aff- 'tl L . fi tw . L . H? 4 mu .42 M , fx I' 'rx IMI ,ff , ,. IW' N Pj .- k . . 'Q L ag !'zJ:N .L 1. 9- 'rl 'V ' -3 I .QI . IV, ,.a. -'TT51 .. . -M , . 1- .1 'UYJVN' I 'I . ,xu ' 5,3 ' --rrp Y ' , ,Le . -, X- , - 4- .t - , ' Lg. . - ' , ' 5 1 we-5 , , 1 4 . ,- 7 I ' , , ,vfj mtg, ' 1 ,-'. w" 1 ' ' .. 1. ,- , , 6 . 1 'Q . ' I - . I -.A .. f 'I tw. ' V I l '.',' Q Y I 'X I" ll '-. ' - , " ' 1: 'I .. , -fl' I -I ' - I iQ. J I-Yfffj, ' , 2, I- f- -. ' I. 4.--f - I v V . , -IH, -fi'-A - I ., 1,, K V.. - , - .. -. A X ' -N '- ,'3 . I , ,' 3-' ' ..I,1f,w-JJ .. 4-fl.,--,i,. -, 'fu'- ,4,- I - ,, r .V I ,in -4 4 V ',- Rl '., I. ., .-I 1 'I-. ,,- Ll- -,,I. ,V , . , . ,, Y' '.:' , an . -er, - .----I-'.,--gf, 31.- ' - ' 1,-.-'yi-I. - 5 , N ,wr-..V X .fs,..3. , . . -,I ,V '-...---,,--kgm Q, - - In ,, 14' --5,,,,QA3-L-,117 " - I . X Q' -l3.gI'2, via. Y ,lf .lv '- - vin 1 I '. ,,:' ' 4 x -- . 4 4, f Z, ,. , ,,1 , ,'-L f, ' 1 -, --. g .- 5 - Ai . 1 '. .- . : ' - 1 -4 WLI,-i'I '. 1,-.-,N ,J I 4. ' ' 41. ,IQ v ' f rwz' . -,n N ,r . X . 1 A x I , ,V .. 5 ,.. 5, .,, 1 I I I ,hy I I r 5. I ,I I I '- f I I I I ,--I 'TY I I I I A , : 3, I- -X ,. ..,x,,-. ,Ju . -, , .1-,.i.g -, I 1 ,L v - ,-A , , -. ". - f,:"': ' , I ' -. , I- ' . 1, .L 1 ,-, ,if - -, . I , . g:'.j,Lgg. 7 I, JI! ,HAI I , . I ' 1 H' ., ' " 'I .-4 I ,I I M 1 - ' Av I . . ' " ' . '. ' ' 'vt'-' .7. .' .- - , I 'I fi' -I 'I' 'I A' I '?. fm- " 51 7' fxaiv- avg-N 1 'nfs 12175 I' ! I " " - .,-,V -- gy.,-., I -X .,,f.-,, y-k ...a J,q,f , ,I.g:,-43251-. .:f', N ' I-. ,11 ,f , 1. H 1 Iffn--Q . 2' i f-

Suggestions in the Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) collection:

Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 49

1955, pg 49

Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 32

1955, pg 32

Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 45

1955, pg 45

Fairview High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Monroe, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 14

1955, pg 14

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