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MEMORIES OF '57 '58 TABLE OF CONTENTS 's a ' ' x ,V A DEDICATION HISTORY TY DON D LOIN GINECKER l""" THERESA FOLGER DEDICATIO The graduatmg class of 1958 affectxonatelg. ded1cates t 15 Memory Book to Don D Longnecker and Theresa Folger who have gmded us so wlsely duung our hxgh school years Respect admlrauon and fondness are only a small part of the grautude wlth whxch we dedlcate thxs pUb1lC3I1OIl -C' 7 J 5 I 5 O l X 1, m ,WN if J X X . . , . h. WE ARE ALWAYS PROUD OF THEE In the fall of 1957 I-'arrvrew Hrgh School began a new era rn 1ts long and memorable hrstory For the first trme srnce the foundulg 1n 1909 rt became a four year hlgh school The ongmal Fauvrew met rn the Old Court House at the corner of Thrrd and Mam Streets wtth a graduatrng class of four In 1909 the new burldmg at the comer of Catalpa Drrve and Fan' v1ew Avenue was completed w1th the offrcral trtle of a city school Classes were conducted there until enrollment outgew the burldmg facxlmes Our present burlding was dedrcated rn 1929 w1th the addruon of twenty classrooms, a new audrtonum cafeterra and an enlarged gym nasrum completed U1 1954 Ever growrng, ever changmg, Frrendly Farrvrew 15 mstrtuted tn the hearts of IIS students and w1l1 remarn as such through spurt and loyalty lr ia, I s., , f , ' ' V W ' 1,11 I n , - g Q . . . . - o n f . . ' . - a - . - . ,, . . . ,, . . . . U Q F' L... -I rm y ,- ,L h wr-wr V- I-179 -an nl L.. FAIRVIEW S BLUE AND GOLD Our colors gaxly showmg, 1n vrctory or defeat The Blue and Gold are glowmg, two thousand strong to greet Two thousand greet the banner, although rt rs not new, Uphold tts prrceless honor and ha1l dear old Farrvrew, Let us hall dear old Fauvrew, rn truth and loyalty We w11l march ur one pro cesslon when the Blue and Gold we see Let us proclalm thy vrct r1es, wherever we may be Hats off to Farrvrew, to dear old Fauvrew, We are always proud of thee r V rf 4- 15 , 75" .-. . -A . In 1 .1. 135m ' ' 'Z -997 E FACULTY I A Allen D Ashworth D Barge: P Barker M Belcheff M. Belma W BOORWBIICI E. Brandenburg R. Bruggeman J Combs C W Detnck I Demck C Eck M. Fabxan N Farnlacher L Ferguson N Feuer H Gallaher F Garretson M, Gorham C Harnngton R. Hendncks D Herbs! N Hoover F Kehoe M Marts I Moodler Secretanes B Kzrk N Krtzes A Kramer M. Kuzma I Lugrnbuhl D McKee R. Mayberry A Mrller C Mumma R. Nres D Nrsonger I N1SWOnger V Prugh P Ressler E Rinehart F Rowe M. Scheuer P Scott M Self I Sharkey R. Starr L Stooksberry D Todd B Vance C Warner E Wrens I Wrrght FAIR VIEWS Freshman Registratlon Vxctory Dance Senior Play Rehearsal E Kitchen B Cosner P Hale N Kerr at F H S Col W 1te game Orientation program for freshmen I 1 I SENIORS Q gf SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 HGJOEMY- p 'fyN'y!f A ' , 5" f " ff' RICK GRIMES Presrdent I-hs lxfe was gentle and the ele ments so mxxed rn h1m that nature mxght stand up and say THIS WAS A MAN BARBARA KEMP Vlce ljresircint Secretary I am only one ut st1I1 I am Talent IS nurture m solxtude char one acter 1S formed H1 the stormy I cannot do everythmg, but strll I brllows of the world can do somethrng I w111 not refuse to do the some thrng that I can do 'M Lf 1 STEIZN ,JP I Mn 1 ft JAMES BLOCK DAVID NEFF Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Let us then be up and domg, He laughs best who laughs last, Wxth a heart for any fate The WISCBCICS vow St1l1 achrevlng st11l pursumg, But I am lmpatrent Leam to labor and to wart I want to laugh nowl ' 11' 'J' 'LV ,fi , , .LA ' ri VJ V ' -I -A 'A J, ,ff , W , ,M L4-1 A Life ay iff If ' le 4 'J 1 ,' J I f, , ' 17, V6' Alf, by - A 'L . 1 If . ,I Q ff " A " V . 11' ,z gy L 1 L J j I C, LL A ' 1 . . . I W f,?,,- -I U ' I v . - I . . . ,, ' ll f , it - f 7' ' 49 , 1 I 'f-- ' s1ff7'L -. I , AN , f , A I fl' lf , . '-M jf? I A ,io 5b n 6 I '1 ,ff fc , v L 614f iff if ,I 1 ' ' fi 1 ' ' A I 'V' 'P f' ln, ' 3 ND ,.l I I f' , , ty I V, , E A 'V U Ali, ,X lf' ' : ' : . . . , . . . . . I 1 Ulf' 59424, OPAL ADKINS "Perfection is the foundation of all virtue KATHERINE ANAGNOS She s a busy gal and everyone s pal JEAN ANDREWS Always leave them laughmg when you say good e SUSIE APPLE These are excit mg times' NL Lf DIWVWY KEITH AUKERMAN An all round guy complete in him self fzffify fzffff 4 SHEILA ALCORN "Sweet and de- mure, she's sure to allure gif? Mix? SUSAN ALLAMAN "A sweet smile influences all. " ffffffff Hff l,,AI1lVFrQ5'TY fy ffl, f .TUDI BALDWIN With smiling lrps and eyes 64 L L M gpm Joe BALLING Life is one great adventure DONNA ALLEN "A soft answer turneth away wrath STEVE ANDERSON He meets todays requirements sets tomorrows stand ards SA LLY ANNIS Sophistrcation spells Sally DAVID ASTRACHAN He profits most who serves best f f ,, RONALD BARRETT A good man con tams calm thoughts - .. .. -. .. vt I ' n W ' . .f - ' I .. , V ' , - .. by l V. V 7 I ' ' , ' .' .F f, 'F 17' 7' " Aff ' ' A Alf- - V ff ,'f y ,ff 1756 7f,,'4 ,, - ' f. . , . . ,, . . .. - . 4 - ll ll ' DALE BAUBLITZ But what wxthm 15 good he sees w1th the heart MARY BECKETT Her spun IS ex ceeded only W0 her perso al ty YJ ffw I ELKA BAUM W1se to resolve and pauent to perform -+ff-- Zfffdflrf J!-7 7! IAN BERNIE Lxke a poet h1d den 1n the l1ght o thought DENNIS BIDDINGER I ll do anyth1ng for a laugh' ROCHELLE BLUMBERG Gentlemen pre fer blondes 91,017 GARY BLUME Good thmgs come tn small packages BERTON BAUM Straxght onward to hrs goal he tro Pncfure Noi Avallable DENNY BLUMER Thought IS the wmd knowledge the sall RAYMOND BECHOLT By Jestmg danc ing dnnklng spms the heavy world around WILLIAM BERKE The only way to get rid of tempta non is to yield to TOM BEST The world loves the sp1ce of the best ANN BLANDFORD Take l1fe as ll comes and enyoy every mmute of SHIRLEY BOCOOK Not a care LD the world Fl" , Q D 'ff il .M ff L W , , ,, . ,, . n - . ' g ' , , ' . . ' , I ,, . n d. n ' Lx ' A ' x 6' . - ! r 1' ' ' 1 ' X V J' .f il! " V! I I Av A L' 5 ' 'f ' 9 1 ' V 1 JN-ff 'lui X417 L H V, , H ' Q ,, . . - a , A" " . . f I j A 5 - ir. " X I X L . r ' jlf 4 'V f ' ,Q ' r , n g . ! A I' A ss. ' K , f V. A 'Z' ' ' '. 1 BETTY BOGART Tranqutltty thy better name PETE BOOHER An honest man IS the noblest work of God ROSANNE BRATEMAN A llght happy heart IS cuptd s 0 BERNIE BRENNER The sun rises bnght m France and fan' sets he JANET BRIGGS A work of art ts a thmg of beauty 'V' I - .v Q , 1 . ,r ' LA L' - ,- P' R I If ' s ll A L CAROL BOLINGER She ments all the trust her fnends have 1n her I! Y' OVIS BRIGGS For he s a Jolly good fellow Ll, 1 1' 3 LOUISE BOLLECHINO There s a quxet grace rn all she does JOHN BOOGHIER He has combmed qual1t1es of kmd ness and fr1endl1 ness MELANIE BORTON The rnnocent gui that nothrng does but shrne ANN BREMER A smtle th t wtns a host f MDM OM! ,UN I 215764 v 1. if CASSIE BROCK Warmth and pleasantness lun dles a smtle BILL BRETZFELDER L1fe 15 far too portant a thmg ever to talk serxously about MARGIE BROCKMAN An angel 1n shrnlng S1017 J I if Lv L 4 ' I ' . ' Q 75 A . I Jo V V f I "X A -wt 4 sw f-' u . . , u . n I ' " ' nf W .. . - , O V if iff ., . . , if . a . . 'I J' . I ll Q L ' - ' ' sf" . N I iv , EL J Y. I M380 5,1 Q7 4. M . I ,, - 0 V L34 'rx ,4 sf- - fha -' - ' im- I , 'vig-a,,,-, ..1V pw ' 'G' E I4 PL Q DICK BROOKS Hrtch your wagon to a star CARLA BRUNS The xndissoluble connectron beauty and good ness DANIEL BURKE Wrt makes its own welcome LOWELL BURNS Arnbmon has no r s BRUCE BURROWES Wrrte me as one who loves hrs fel low men ffl Pucfurc o Available JUDY BROWN WILLARD BROWN JUDY Such 8 blllhe Everythmg comes BRUMMERSTEDT spurt 1nV1g0r8IeS lf a man wxll only Gemus 15 pauenoe ,pfffwj 3 DALE BUSH The groundwork of all happxness IS health Wall ELLIOT BURI HERE IS a nlanl fi mil' l EARLINE CALAHAN Sugar and sprce and everythrng mce J' Yfls CONNIE BURNS To l1ve life to ns fullest have un JOHN B BURROUGHS A keen rntellect rs us own reward JUDY CALDWELL Aglow mth hap prness sgwmazad-df " 1 C L QJqPXGx,igfx X 1 V' ze N i 2, VW Kyo LVL ffm' ff? A 7X -I jf L ,Q L L V ll. " ' . " . ry I V I' 1 5 J 'iq 3 JJ J J fi . of Q A ,, . u D 4 V'-Yf JILXU4, Jr fflfv 'K Y L ff C f V' A A i k. " ' . " . A 5 l g y P J ' Q XL, 1,1 4 4 If ff fa W1 rrp 0 W . D 1 , W . W f yy " VJ ll r' ffl Lf! J 7 V f 1 A ,rf If , - . yy' ,' ,J 1 L I K I' 'W J f V ' X. I l 'I Jil" rs! V' ' ' 'Ulf' lf V WL Y JUDY CANTER Beauty rs power a smtle IS rts sword HELEN CARROLL Her s the sllence and the calm KENNY CAVERLEE No matter what gtrl thmks h1m an angel , aff JOYCE CARNEY Wrth drmples tn her cheeks and a sparkle 111 her eye :WV ffff MARY CHILDRESS Thought alone IS eternal M114 f7f V JERRY CIRCELE There s a method rn hrs madness' H71 Nfl BRADLEY CLA PP who 1S talented can ask for no more JIM CARPENTER He ll f1nd a way to attam hrs heights BILL CLARK A constant fnend IS a rare thmg SARA CARPENTER The ltght of love the punty of grace AILENE CARTER Imagrnatron rules the world ROGER CHATTERTON Youth IS confldent JIM CHRISTIAN Trs no ume to ta k BOB CLARK Of sp1r1t unhamp ered X v ff ' n 'v 1 ' ., . . .. 5 Q ,, - 5 - i A R -' -at he does, every A s H , , H .0 VN ,4 A X ,I ' 2 ,M . I H L - 6 1 . " , Y, I ' as I , l v L' ' .. . .He - .. - .. - - Q L PAT CLARK V1m vrgor an vltaln JM G' ANITA CLAYMAN ray Beauty more out ROSE ANN CLARK So sweet the blush of baghfulness f3 '3 NORMAN CLAY and JUDY IENNINGS CLAY Lastrng rs the song of love ROBIN CLIPPINGER Beauty and porse wdgq 1 W standrng because L, L U Vof rts accompany , 'V' " ta A I ff A f 'fig 77 fl . ' - ' d li " ' ' ." .L nw! ' 1' ,L 'fl ' .1 V .U Lb wow 1.59055-! A . W WML. l W, EOM' , ML, WV L Ap N ns A WX wr .V V " ' 'R " ' , J1x!V'.iy1hN. . E N or fa U' V Aff . boys-" LN llf f , . " ,f VJ JUL' N xf f he X , y lu V .L 1,1 B ,uw l- + ff ff U I 'I . . ' A " ' ' N . N' .. ' IL. TH uifflffflb . ' L ' ik X v W G+!! L mg charm LARRY CLUTTER I ve taken my fun wherel ve found it DAVID COLLEY Eat drrnk and be merry! JOYCE CORSON "Laugh and the world laughs w1th you. " fffffff fl BEVERLY COSNER "Wreathed 1n smrles and a gen tle glory. " wuvefgyw 07 MMI Pudurc o Avmlablo I T JOHN COSTON "Hrs fnskmg was at evenmg hours." capture all the RONALD COLEMAN Speech is srlver sllence IS golden YVONNE COOPER In her glowmg face shown sum mer days SY LVIA CRAWLEY "All for fun and fun for all." JULI QURTNER Sm s and laugh NQ GJ t rever after Y 'lp XTGP I LMC: RICHARD DAVIS A man s worth IS as he esteems PAM DEBOLT There rs language rn her eyes ELIZA BETH DODDS Long eyelashes and lots of fun hear gay laughter? Shes ALICE DAVIS Lmle 1n s1ze but mxghty rn heart Hffllflf ,QEIYL RAY DAVIS MARY LYNN DAVIES S1ncer1ty 15 quah Style follows her ty worthy of all pace pralse fin wwf! df?-Wff' 17X PENELOPE DEAL Daffodlls 1n the sprmg a quxet Joy a smxle of warmth RON DENNY In hrs face shmes happlness CAROL DOWNING Sunshme golden ln her heart and sunshme golden ln her hair M 15951 Y MARVIN DOWNING NAOM1 DORROUGH CAROLE EADS TOM EATON To l1ve to one s Sweet pure and And sweet gxrl A good many self IS to l1ve tn fan' graduates tn therr Ihl11gS g0 2l'0l1l1d the world not of golden hatr IH lhe dark except I1 ll Santa Claus ctv V 1: I U 1 ' MIAA ' "KSN himself." g ' In ' A XX y 1 AM It , ini.: ,,,f. , nz ' Ml TRUDY ECKEIT Oh rt s moe to get up rn the mommg but ll s meer to he rn e TERRY EMRICK Fond of fast and furious fun ROGER ERNST Simplicity of character rs no hmdranoe to subtlety of mtel ect XJJLL I ve got a lot of l1vin to do M s. ELLEN EHRLICH IDIS ELIAS Wrth a song more The srlent type soft and sweet and mee to all 47 fflffz Vlfyrfj '7f fl M XP' LINDA EVERSOLE Stars m her eyes and rubtes tn her I8 harr yw ANN FARQUHAR KRUG You only 11ve once W!!! SHIRLEY FARVER Like champagne but with more sparkle rf' NLS Aunt . "La, J' 4. Nw LQ f .',vf'1kxJN 'I I MARCIA ELPERN Sweetness has no bounds MORTON EPSTEIN Trs 1n the clouds that pleases him DONNA EUBANKS Fun and frolrc frll the day KENT EVANS If no one knows the answer he doesn t erther BEVERLY FA ULK A good sport who lrkes all sports b a.' 1 ELIZABETH EVANS l vs-'P .. A A ,. I f I A A W lg is H W L f W 1'-A ' 1 ll 7 , 1 V ' Y, 1 -L! YZF MMM A ADRIENNE FHDMA HYLES FERBER It IS nature I love and The Present 15 SIGN IICXI I0 IIZUIIC, BII DEANNA FLATTER The blue of the sky captured Ln the blue of her eyes MARTHA FLECK Nothmg 15 lmposslble SANDY I-'OGEL Everythmg happens to everybody sooner or later MIKE FRANK A Imle nonsense now because of the future 3 ,pe 'Sa JOE FITZHARRIS Defuutely, a lady s man ,419 44f4 RICHARD FLAGEL Mus1c rs my m1dd1e name JOY FLAUGHER We dream in Joy and wake in love JOYCE FLOYD She does much m her own quiet way WARREN FRANCISCO The w111 to do the soul to dare X 0417 IN MDA: ff'-f'f'?"27" ARLENE FRANIGJIEIJ IANE FRANZ BOB FREEMAN No wonder k bo e e s lovely she s The herght of w1sdom and then IS rehshed by h s e MJ i 1 15 to take thmgs as they the clever men sly J flrwlija 44 5 I 5 Q. "' I ' ff. lf iff - X 1' LAN' ,iq 5 1 1, tffffwcff-ff'! ,, . .. - ,, . . , ,, . . . :O- " - Lx ' Q Q7 - . ' -f I , , , ' tj , I .II if Y I A I ,VV A ,, . ' 'Q ' . H ' 5 .ll 5 . r x ly l I w F i . 1' K ' I 4 -n ,f i' X 1 L',ZfI5ffJj71 of I A -1 " ' fb .. - .. " 1 L, " ' . ' -v - ' 1 x , ' . . er . .,. 5 , J N eo.. . . .H 1 -L, Ky ares' I . v I N 1' RICHARD FREY Success follows the qu1et man DANIEL FREEMAN Happy sp1r1ts wm many fnends PETE GALLE stouthearted man 771' lwcff 7 SUSAN GEBHART There rs no season such ehght can brmg 45 1 Clef ROBERT GERSON Intellect brrngs clarrty to 11fe -9 tl 7 BILL FRIEDMAN The good humor man df f zmfm f Ucffc 4-r 1 27ff STEPHEN FRY The future belongs to them who prepare for ERVIN GARA He came he saw he conquered GARY GERSH The mmd IS the geat lrver of all thmgs KATHERINE GESKE Such precrous smrles are fortunes of true worth ROBERT GG..DBERG JERRY GOLDMAN SOP!-IIE GOODMAN BOBBIE GRAY Fun for all fun to Happy IS he who knows Sweetness IS a qualxty A radlant, glowmg hlmself of the heart charm wlth ha1r to 20 match K ,1"4,1A?i - - cg A A T' 'PC I 4 z if ff,7j,f,"' it, " 5 ll A ' N . H I I . ,', fl ' ' ,V si.. 4. . s ff' ll ' - t ls' ,fi u . . 1 Cf A10 Q . I 'X' I' ,,' , If 'RX - 'N ffyjr S lk df' f ,'4', ,-f.frfx"'f, nf - K ' ' ?' I f . . .. If x . .w 'IQ a H A7 A , A ' Aj . f . -,wr 7- l 1 a- ' . Q - K I. . . W .1 ,' I." ' - X , I . 'V ' ll ' ll ' - ll - . all. u - . n . .1 . . TF MV Liff had 1 Mfffff Mfr 11 LOIS GREEN ED GREENBURG BILL GREED BEN GREEN Nrce out for a good He was a wrecker o Depth of character I don t know any txme women s hearts HM GREENE Worth IS not measured tn quanuty but quahty COLLIN GRISSEAU How can someone so beauuful be so smart? V YJMWW LOUISE HABER Fun! I-'unl Fun! Lxfe -' IS radxantl ffl N ff!!! Jffff-'5 Lfffb O I P0714 1 si Jw: L the soft murmur of angels fl! 244 DON GRETHER Knowledge IS power PEGGE HAAS Personahty plus What brg eyes you h ve! JUDY HAGEDORN Her lrfe IS ftlled wrth sweet words and kmd deeds 4 f7L! we 7CfN 'fffo b CAROLYN HAGER PATRICIA HALE SUE HAMMEL I GAU- HAMMER 'A S0051 laugh 15 sun "Her flammg hgu gets " Sparkling SlTl11eS that "V1V3Clty that bubbles - shme on 3 :amy day." all hearts on fue." bnghten all. " JOY- Pep and Chafms-" 2I I "WL" I 4' 3 I of 1 A 'tw 'Wing 3 , L , ' , 1 ILL jg , - A S ,., . 1: Qi.. 0 ., 5' T1 , r, t omo A fa: uf rv ' . n f n ... " ' - .-- - . -- the beauty blessed by thing but fun," ! . N , ' ff A tg A G rw - f ' U f X I U 'f' I ,I ,pvc ' f .XSVU V . iffy, r f f 4,024 C Mm aff e ALAN HARRIS where dr you g at d1d you WK W ff R B RT HAUGHEY t IS a hrgh grfr to 1 ssed w1th a thxrst fo fun THOMAS HAWK Everythmg nourrshes what 1S strong already HEIDE HEGELE Her favorrte task IS to be sweet ANDREA HENDRICKS "Pleasantness 18 not bounded by anythmg less than the best. " 22 :I ROBERTA HARRIS DON HASKIN She keeps a beammg Perpetual smrles and snule to cast all care shmy shoes are h15 Plcfure of Avaulable lf? 71 1 fwzf4!f'ff7 'fr -'vJ'? 1 we ANN HERBY ED HERCHIG "Such smrles and fun "Happy 15 he who bless all. " knows 11f6'S meamng. " 4 fi gif 4147 1mffw.4ffJf7f IANI E HATCH Dreams are smlles from hearts of worth CA TH'Y HAUTT To be of real value one should be of worth to others ANN HECK Steady and constant as the ncxthem star MICHAEL HENDERSON A sense of humor makes for laughter fun, and frrends JOHN HERMAN "A more rare mdul- gence tn pleasure eu hances. " W ,' , ' , - -,LZ ff ,f J X! 1 Q 4, UL ff "3 if , ' 1 , 3 C ' p KV ' fe, ,1,' 5 X . . ,6 ' .. - O? ,. . ,, . ,, . Out. . . . . . .,, do? E- " away." trademark." rf' fbi! , ,, . . . be ' " , j . . N 1 -.. ' ." l I I . H Zi -' Pucfure aw. O Avanlable Q .SWK 'S 1744! gffffpl' ff? DEWANDIA HIGGINS LINDA HILL RON HILL Success ts counted An nmderstandrng I LIKE excitement! sweetest! heart 15 to be treasured above all else CAROL HOHENBRINK Good sense IS a gft from heaven LINDA HOPKINS Ma What devthsh eyes C N What angelxc curls! 0 What perfectronl LL QV ff ff U-ff PAT HOWERTON Sweetness and truth make her comparuon shxp a Joy I f if lv fyffyf Huff Y sus HITTEPOLE what could be more complete than perfec non? ALISON HOLMES Sunshtne rn her srmle JUDY HOUSER A personalrty that s full of v1ta11ty RICHARD HUCHISON I say what I beheve I belleve what I say I INA nf LOIS HULL RONNIE HUNT JUDY HUTTON BILL IIAMES Smg Ha11e1uJah! His 11fe rs fxlled wlth Beauty and frohc are He s the man behmd Come on get happy! kmd words and noble old compantons the Green Door l deeds." 3 V r - ith-V-AVJA-. , . l . .af IA I X V at X.. A p ,wfvf 1 , A, ' , 7 '1 M777 jg, I i -H5117 "Y , , , .L N 13' Il ol. V L ' X I' ' ' ' ll , D f' A I wx ff ff H , - to " ' S . . ,, tv KR, I 'N fi ' 47 . A , A 4 in JA, ,y ' 2 Af f PM E DONIMBUS A lync touch of solxtude JANE IAMISON A heart of gold BOB JOHNSON Known as the happy wanderer MORRIS KEMPER He s the man behmd the scenes DOYLE JACOBS He who 1S fum rn wx molds the world to hlm S8 f V!!! J X L ADELE JAFFE The words flow her golden pen 'iv eww- 5' 124776 7' JOCELYN JAMES fl'0m There s stardust IH her eyes GARY JESSEE He IS truly happy who makes others happy .TERRY KAPLAN What s the good word? FUN! NANCY KERR There IS nothxng half so sweet m l1fe as love s young dream BEVERLY KIMMIG KATHY KIRKENDALL EVELYN KITCHEN MARILYN KITCHEN Sweetness pleases one Llke sweet thoughts The quxet unassuming True charm that and all rn a dream beauty glowlng xn her lends gage and beauty smxles to all she does MICKEY KITTREDGE MARTHA KLINE There IS no subsutute she 15 not drffrcult to for qualrty please 1-mg5gf'seQ KENNETH KNOST To be awake IS to alrvel JUDY KOS How near to good Qs, what IS fan!" , I HAVEY KRUMHOLZ Live rt up! DAVID KUHLMAN HARLAND KUNK He w111 do much m I lrve for the future the years to come rn the dlstance MIKE KLING Patience and gentle ness are power fy 1 ff ff x DORTHY KNOBLOH She who makes others happy rs happy herself RICHARD KOERNER I11 find a way or make rt! CATHERINE KRUEGER Fond of fun as fond can be MARIS KUGA A man rn earnest fmds means creates them PICTUFB o Available JEAN Kumz MX JIM KURTZ A sm11e m her heart what 15 worth domg that shmes m her eyes 31 H11 IS W0l'Ih 1101118 4 A ff 1 well 25 tp, ta X , ll ' ' ll ' ' ' ll - Il ll ' ul U ' ll ' ll '2 , gt-' .5 . e '! 'T , np . I , ,ff I' , V' ,Z e , V ' i L ' ,, ' 1 V - M ij' ' 'hwlw -, I -32" ts N ILQ- x . ' X , nxt- , - g AJ . A n,ff4Qf:' fflifpf ff V' ' n " ' Q ' ...or 'lf er n L 1 I I I "J N Lf ff JW' vs h Al' N" SXJEN Y 'y All . J 'xy N f , Y 9' ' X ,sw dig- J .LX ' HJ vo ' ' n ' n - - 4 1 W ' ' ,g - - n ' ' n 4 ' ' 4 , F ' V ," X9 JW Jilin MICHAEL LACEY ROBERT LANDIS WILLIAM LANGE MARY LOU LAWSON what we frankly grve Speak to the earth A lrttle body often For wrth face all forever IS our own and xt shall teach harbors a great soul steeped m srmles MU! Lhee LINDA LAYMAN A soul of power a well of lofty thought J Jaw PHIL LEHMAN Take 11fe easy the sun w111 always shme DARLANN LEIS R1ch rn savmg com mon sense, as the greatest only are CAROL LEET So tmy and peute very very sweet JAMES LEMASTERS They who have stnven succeed W W W CARU. LESLIE W A sweet attractlve kmd of grace IUDITH LEFFEL ROBERT LEVY RICHARD LEWIS SUE ANN LEWIS The great end of hfe Been shavmg for 2 The mdustrrous are Quahty rs not accx IS acuon years now cut hmm one step closer to thexr dental self both nmes goals fi L Q df Q!! 1' L Alf-L ff! ff ff: '-A I ' f ' JJWL-Ax ' I qw, J 4 , 3 , m , 'xhlffvl ,uj.V',X ll ' II Il ' ll ' I f ' fl ' ll ' ' U' . 0 0 zkmpffffz' f OV ," V 1 if . .F wrff .. , .. . . wiv I I , n w Q w I v X, . g . XXX. u .K XV, X1 BJ, .gf 57' KV 7,9 I bd :I n - H - I - - H ' If ' JT . A X7 '. - J! ' 1 .' fi ff ,, 1,1 .. - W y 2,1 1 ' V ,V u I' 'el .lv ' N 'NIL' .I ' Y N ' 1 w : , 1 rl ,, f ' ,. . ,, . ,, . . ,, . . .- - - .. - . - . ,, 9 l 26 ' . u - . u 4L, ,1 4 4 6 I I ' I IUDITH LEIBOWITZ 43443 L l.4J'LQA ,IfP'Xf .rel ,gb 1 f7 Jg fn DAVID LILE BARBARA LINK GARY LOCKER Beauty 15 everlasting, Please do not shoot As pure as unsunned He is always in a and hath its own strange the pianist he IS domg SHOW power his best 171 Xf!1Jf:J VIVIAN LCXIKWOOD WU She 15 well paid that f V 'V small satis led lw IUDITH LOWERY She haste s jhjimwly ,,f,f THOMAS MCCUNE Caution is the eldest child of wisdom 1 hurry NANCY LOWE A midsummer knight s dream ,L 4 A ffl W UQ' P W M X! 7! My ,jKJ! RICHARD MCCON NA UGHEY S0 little time in which to do so much IAMEQ MCDONALD Giving is true having Klwobqyj -1vLl XCJV 1' XLLEGF JOHN MCDONALD EILEEN MCGILL ELLA MAE MCKEE LETA MCNALLY The first test of a Back of the job - he You have to believe Pep with a capital eat man is his hu- dreamer. " in ha iness or ha - PP P mility." piness never comes." P!' 27 rx! J J' 1 RETA MCNALLY 65 L1fe seems to be one sweet delrght IOYCE MARTIN If you lrsten to them you w11l be llstened to PEGGY MEEKER I shall laugh myself to death LES MARTIN LIVES only for week ends and card games JACK METZGER Talks hlmself tnto trouble 'P' NORMAN MAHAN I would be brave for there 1S much to dare JO ANN MEYER make my Joy a secret thmg , f MARTHA MALBERG LORRAINE MARKS A wrrter s food IS love I never met a man and dreams Ptcfure Noi' Available 035 is SHIRLEY MICHAEL Thought rs deeper than all speech don t l1ke ROBERT MAXON The days that make us happy make us WISE DELNO MERRICK Every man IS the arclutect of hrs own fortune SANDY MET The Golden Rule works llke g1'av1tat1on SUSAN MICHEL Be swlft to hear slow to speak slow Qu'-ff tim wrath 3 Helm! ws My I ' V 'i U 3 H A ,, - .diy gg' , 'I 1 ' I ,gl ffl 4 iq, ff! ,I , 1757! 'mfr I : 5,031 7' I . , . n - n u - Q - n O ' n - wr u 1 . ,, X . . Y l U A ' U ll 4 1 A 7 'f f" 71 L'f:'!f'yIj! 7 ,. .if ' 'se If SA' rg K' .. - .. .. I , ' ' ' 4- - . u - . 1 A K!" " I ll S, . Z t -1 - - u I - u - f - I 11 ' , . A, W r ...Auf ' to 28 I I 5 1 1 : Lf Q H . L L . . JOHN MILLER LEIGHTON MILLER The fau sex IS hrs GIVE me the tools and delrght I wtll do the Job CA ROLYN MOHR She has a never fadmg serenrty of cheerfulness SONIA MOREY Great persons are they who see that thoughts rule the world THOMAS M Let the wor we ll neve young I 1:1 -l 1 A QM WILLIAM MYERS 'A Plcf 5 ure No+ R Avallable ROBERT MILLER when Duty wluspers low Thou must he youth replres I can' I Lf 4-QW. J f0wl?44f 7, I !ZH5AJJf GAYLE MINKIN She prayes openly wil SUSAN MOODLER A lovely lady gar mented rn llght from her own beauty 1fwL47r DONNA MORITZ Grace rs 1n all her steps heaven 1n her eye MARCIA MURR She walks 1n beauty l1ke the nrght 'L L fur X g Q""v CKY!! L MYERS RONNIE MYERS KAREN NEHER X He who rs well hked 'The world belongs to Get thee behmd me, Physrcal Beauty IS the W QL by all has achleved a the SBUIUSIRSI who keeps Satrn! sxgn of an xnterror worthy goal cool! beauty X 5 X 1 pf! -A . , , , f L t ,, . . . ,, . ,, . H - Y I . .. . " " 2 ' . ,, , 0 4" n Jq','gH,'ny fi fwzf , , 6' 07' . "'..m!0 " sf ,f AVI .5 . V: "' - E ' 9 ' Q. Q X .Q 1' ' ' . V . 1 nv , 1 ,A " u ln If ,Jima JL I I , WW 1 ww 2 n fu I ld : u R. q - . - U . , , Q er.-v ij S K ,fit , . I gp, Z f. t I A in-,A-41: V flik LLLLJU 'M'-'A 2 IL ' , 1 , v Lf, ' X f ,' fy, K4 xl W f,l, - fy',' ',:f X-- . tw' MLW ' f' WJ Y L ' 7 f 'rv X K f . L, X. k vb V, ,L or LA! x L N. 4 X- for , . f, 4 , v Q - ' , 'H ' ,E W .VL vt X if I A . A .x ' ' lv I. -V NV ,jf Q Ll' in ' , ' y f ,L , , l ,v X V B06 y. QA, I .sv xp ' , N N 1 f I .y A 'U . -, .... i , 5 Wx C 5, , dy xx 1, . 93 ' Ut L, L. , . , F w. sf' P L X' 'JJ .I 'rxrjf 4 l 4 I J f tv w V'1 'K L ' I gy , io. E-F 1 NK -I - - - S .1 - -f - - ' N1 W V . ' . . ,, , . . . K' J n fx V n jf u ' X 1 .L ' X, rl. 5 l , 1 es A ' l , , ' f ' ,' fy - ill?-' ef I,V,:,ff7'l' f' ,2fJf,', cbgj lp Ltgtficiw 174 I, H 7 X 1112 I VL J ,lfvcff NANCY NELLIS I have a dream wrth rn my heart SEAH NISAM The cautrous seldom 61' CLA UDETTE NUNNELLEY Wlth a dream as fect as a star IA MES ORIHOOD Master of corny Jokes per S3 IOE NEUBAUER I count only the sunny hours 73 -9 jzzf THOMAS NEWTON Poker faced lover laughter sf if IWMTPJWWJTEHN 0 SANDY NIES We are all bor Love JOAN NORTON Melody rs best ex pressed by pause G B OGLE When you call me that, SMILE' OI JOY OSTROV iff! llcfffz JL f Thou art the star for ,fd gn! whxch all evenmg Q 6,864 Q WRIIS if ff! ,L L 1' " DONALD OUSLEY KENNETH OWEN WILLIAM OWEN GRETCHEN PAHUD " L M 09' Eamestness rs en 1 m no angel! I am the vorce of Fan' and softly goes Lhusxasm tempered by today the herald of fe350l'l I0l'll0lTOW it S. ,, 1 I A E f I s rf: 52,515,721 V lr- HU: n - - .- .. - f .. n f ' u n H I' . ' . O O 0 N ' ff: ' " ' n - - N r. .4 un Q . .' fwf1"g,l,'fIf . . .. " ' ,, I u ll sa' . xx i I , ' A V Y , 2' , at . kk in 1 A , c ft " ,fs I' no u V 3. f' . i, . . ,A X . H 4 . ,f . , . 1 2 , Q x,' P . sq f ,L 4 if 1 13, X -A 1 fffr, il ' L, . V l , , , flqff L 7 Muff 1' 7--if XM ,-lwy. 'L J . ', L .Af 2 '. ,' L 4 -':, . I afiafii'-li 4' f 2. V . V A X! , liz' I x of' X'- , vxtff' N-fly. XJ s ' . li , V. V L . K r V '44 ' ' ' V , " ' - n I u u - n - . it L f ' E , far." I 39' . .n ,MJ ' .' 4 +I - ' , , ,f , J K VL l L 'R fb 'T 1 Q I WILLIAM PARKS MARIORIE PASHKOW CLAUDIA PASSWATER JUDY PATRICK He made 2 thousand Musmc hath charms to Paradlse ts formed I m mlghty glad I m f!16l'ldS and kept sooth the savage beast wlthm her eyes llvmg them IUDITH PAYNE It IS no t1me to talk K fjgf THOMAS PETREY He should he could he would he d1d h1s best ,ff KENNETH PHELPS Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow ffftff gf! 1 fl MARTHA PILCHER Nothmg IS xmposslble A good heart s worth He s a chaxmmg to a wamng heart gold rascal 5 Y VALDA PILSUMS LARRY PORTNEY SUSAN PEPPER Her ltfe ts fomfted by many frtendshtps MARY PETTIT I make the most of all that comes ANNE MARIE PHILLIP The best of luck IS always waltmg for her FY! ai-!0A LINDA POT'I'ERF There IS a great force ludden ln sweet com mand . f 'at J f' Q I f 5 5- Fg' 91, H, J ,f777C, , 37' ff! .. .. - .. - - n v - 1 ,A J wikis, ,, . . ,, K ' G 'V ,, . . . . QV ,,' . . - ,g 1 . .A V1 tx 1 f f ' , ff f 'f 'f 7 f Z ' X I L A,f, I n D ' A 4' H 9 I ' X I n K 7113 7 473 " A JV' . . . 1 5 , .N ' A ' : 'a V ' I IV , ,X fd , W . ,. W, a if ,, A A - Y - n A 6 " Q h ,H 'P A 1 C l 4' AAL. 4 Y If ' ' ' ' ll I UI l ' ll ' ' ' fl If H ' ' - xl I Wg if , .N 3' 1 up ffl DONNA POWELL MICHAEL POWELL THOMAS PRICE T1s vlrtue makes the I hope I shall have Enthuslasm 1S the b11ss 1e1sure to make good genlus of smcerrty GRETCHEN PROOS I belleve that 111 the end truth will con quer i BEVERLY MOORE Luck to all of the F H S students left 1ntheUS 3 JANE RAMBY Always t1me for a httle laughter 4 f It P1114 f PAT RANNES Thxs 15 she that 15 the A heart for any fate world s delxght SHERRIE RA USC HER L QQ, BONNIE RECK Such Joy ambrtxon fxnds ., 'l r , + l .J-f" ll fc, 'gd' 5j!f'ja!ff N I X ', .-" 3 ,OV X DOUGLAS PROBST All men of actxon are dreamersl KENNETH PUCKETT The way of the most fun always seems the more reasonable ROBERT RACHF ORD He who knows hmm self Ln learned RosLYN RAN nel, Though she be httlfe, she be f1erce 44? MA, CHARLENE REECE An easy mmded soul and always was 2 , tr- I '7 444' U J-f L. ff' u - - u n ' ' ,, . ' u - sv - - - I1 H n Q o ' V If . - id fi wr If W7 A l Q 4 I 7 ' 1' I I if X QQQL I I QI . n ff O ' P1 ,195 rj hw, jffjz 'X J fd .K- . I 1 . '.'!1'jfi'1' if urs. " ' " I ' ll . . U n JANET REED The understandrng to direct SUSAN RICHISON She s lrke glrmpses of forgotten dreams FARALD RIEGEI.. woman but a good crgar rs a smoke! VICKI RIVIN For knowledge, too itself a power CAROLYN ROBERTS I Just thrnk that dreams are best W' LEE REEDY Fearless rmnds clrmb soonest unto crowns MELINDA ROBISON She could be moved to sm11e at anythmg Qu-S' ffl JUANITA REID Her wants are few her Joys are many lIf71-fp fail MARY RICHA RDSON To know her rs to love her JA MES RICHTER Skrll and confrdence are an unconquered army ALETHIA RINUS Ambrtron 1S the parent of vrrtue PETER ROBBINS A good man happy IS a common good MARSHALL ROSEN DONALD ROSS SWEET The person who has A bundle of Joy farth rs powerful rn strarght from heaven? hrs power I Q f 'W A ' Q. tj u M 1 ' X 1 v fs ' E' L' 1 df ,, . ,, . - .. , .. - . n 1' ' " n - 0 u . n I - ' ,, . . .sr X M 7 a ' .. ' " an , ,Qin V W, I if 1 A A I, "A woman is only a " , ' ,, . . . - - C v 9 - -' ' ' -- ' H4 ' V' N A K ,v ll . I ll ' IS Sy a D .. Q - . 1 Y : ' vi' I I 1 f ' ' r . , 9' 1' ' N A f -f,, f , ll ' ' n " N ' ' ll ll ' ' ' ' . . ' ll ' ll . . 33 14:5 , 41- Q ' ' , ' 'S' ALICE ROUSH "She can because she thmks she can LINDA RUETSCHLE Naught venture naught have GARY RYERSOH Every man has his place in the world IAMES SANDY Cautron 13 the eldest child of wisdom HARRY SCHREADLEY I d lrke to get away from earth awhrle JACK ROWLANDS 'Never do today what you can put off U11 tomorrow L.. Hl5Q,uix,5U" SHELIA SCHRIBER Trmely servxce ts doubled mn value 1. C. 'B- BOSTON SUSAN RUBLE "So many worlds, so much to do L J fl XV!! lb ,A MARY ALICE SCHUTTE No one reaches a hxgh pos1t1on wrthout darmg NANCY RUCKER "A celestial brightness shone on her face DORTHEA RUSH The charm that hngers MARTHA SANDERS Success IS rts own reward DA RLENE SANFORD Humor rs the harmony of the heart 'Q PHILIP SCOTT An upnght Judge! learned Judge n N f 5, , ' ." 0 5-. 571471 ' I7 X540 1 H .N J, 3 37 X .H SX 15 I i 'ur . ' I 'x A rv 1 - . ,, . . . ,, . . A 15' K If fffdli 411 fmf MV! IUDITH SCOULLER 70' SONDRA SEEKAMP GALE SELF TED SELZ Logic 15 the grammar Those eyes affec A face with gladness He that can have of reason tionate and glad overspread patience can have what he will GERALD SENSENBA UGH 5 ,p He has both feet firmly planted in the WANDA SERGENT ff ,, Sweet grave aspect CHARDIE SHATTO GEORGE SHAW A merry heart doeth "" Life is the game that good hke a med1c1ne must be played ARLENE SHERMAN DAVID SHIPLETT That jewel knowledge The good man makes ts great nches ,1 others good es. an f 1 1 14.511494 zffffi HOWARD SHOKLER SUSAN SHORT IUDITH SICHTER HAROLD SLOBOF Wit makes its own A good mmd pos My world is always He is a bummg and .Q A O. 4 A a " v -O .. .. air." ,W N f N ,f Q 'I ' li r, b 1 : My A , 1: ,e, N . 1 ,Q 0 Q T' T a I E lv .f " ip A welcome. " sesses a kingdom. " his." shining light." 35 xx. 'P Q KENNETH SMILEY "As merry as the day is long." IUDITH SMITH Happiness makes u in helght for what it lacks in length. PATRICIA SMITH The faculty of listening is a fine thmg. THOMAS SMITH Iron hand m a velvet glove -wr L, ff 1 CHARLOTTE SMALL 'A song will outlive all sermons in the memory " M Q ' v LINDA SMELTZER "There's language in her eye, her cheek, her smL1e " HARVEY SMITH "Truth is more pre cious than time." MARILYN SMITH V1rtue is bold, and goodness never fear 4? ,771 4 1 ff'fA?Jffy RICHARD SMITH Tnfles make per fectlon v LOUIE SNELL gf' x Silence IS the perfect herald of Joy TONY SOMMERS BONNIE A SORTMAN BONNIE B SORTMAN KENNETH SORTMAN To rule the world One today rs worth Let not advantage There IS a ume for quietly, keep it two tomorrows 3 p every purpose 35 amused ,fr W, Vamp: ,7, T' - 'I p 7 V YI ' n ' ,Jr - N A- ful." kk x j," ,f N I " ' - X I ll . ,, . Q - ' .- A 1 .. - A 1 . ,, If I I U . I I ,f A A f .A if rs v 1 .f,.,E, Y X: t J Q 1 K 'V 'I S ,sl VJ- J 'k xr- 9 .' 5 Z' , xg -Q 7 Qi. VJ ' N- X, X ,KJ , ,. I . A " 'Y --Q, A - I QA G ffl- .I u , MN54 I .. .. . ,, ,, , . . 'NY K X, 5, U I V ... li ... .n rm -xiii, .n BARBARA SPITLER LOUISE SPIVACK GARY SPIVEY wonder 15 the basis Discrenon, the best One s outlook is the of knowledge part of valor main portion of hrs BETTE LYNN STATEN Youth mms like marigolds to the sunny side IUDITH STAUTNER Indrvrduality 15 the salt of common life JEANNINE STELNER How forc1ble ar right words c U10 1 ffltffjlly V 5F 9750141 virtue 2 CARQYN STINES KENNETH IOANNE SUCH A really busy person STRICKLAND "The uncertain glory never knows how much "He's defmitely un of an Aprrl day. " she is valued. " predrctable. " 0 ' J' If 1 J MM J if 1 ,u ',z ,fi , ,Mlfefw ' , vv I A I I 'Ct ,, yy, 5 , ,lf . ij lr' . ... , lv .WV wf'ff?f'7f' fwr.!,7 ' ll ' ll U I' ' - ,, C7' ' I r ' 'KJ rv - ' ' J I H . -- I ... . .,, A N ' Q n e n 19' jf fff f jf' M W' ,I Af Lffwfl L, bm BROOKE STA FFEND Fairer than the eve nmg air GERALD STAUFFER The bravest are the tenderest IUDITH STEBLETON Love is h1gl'l8SI above all thmgs LARRY STEINKE Better to wear out than rust out RICHARD SULLIVAN "The smile that won't come off." 37 IOAN SUTPHIN She IS not of an age but for all nme SAN SWISHER Thmkmg IS but an 1dle waste of thought LYNNE TAYLOR Trs wrse to learn N but magrc to reatzbc' QM 1" jd slvulffv WVU!- JANICE SWANSON I ll hope and be happy that all s for the best s JOYCE SWANSON NANCY SWIGART Thought IS deeper There IS no defense than all speech 1 si GHIO sr -Af uf HA WILLIAM THOMSON Every rnan 15 a volume if you know how to read him GEORGE THORNTON The secret of success rs consistency to pur 38 pose IA MES TODD If they can take it, I can! LEE TODD I Reason and Judge ment are the qualr ties of a leader lrke courtesy ROBERT TAYLOR To a senslble man there is no such thing as chance THOMAS TEMPLE Who knows useful things is wise JOHN THOMPSON Because of you we will be glad and gay DENNIS TRAIN Yours is the earth and everytlung that s init g s. A ... . .a-ii' L ll ' . II U " ' I' ' ' . ll ' ll U' ' ll H , , , Q' " ' 4 x . ' n 12 f K V ' uf 4'!1f'f7f7'4'7 Ly? G ,gg 1 s A X K if . I . If 4 . pu V -4, T Q- ' b G f F ,Q W 'L L9 QD? Y , O QL. J 1 I I K A f f x I vt N T -1 N L l LM NL' A b K Jf io YL , I NNW ' if X ' . .xi ' r V 'A ' - I T 1: . f 1 n ,, so Pudure o Avanlable ROBERT TREVE He has committed the Golden Rule to memory and lrfe MEL TRUMBLE True nobrlity is exempt from fea DORIS TURNER She has a generous trust rn mankind RALPH TUSSEY The world will re ward those of ment fzfmzuzfff LELAND VANCE Good humor the sunshine of the mrnd 1 ,by P' ,rf - , 'J PATRICIA TRITSCH Her blue eyes sought the west afar, for lovers love the western star gf fffc 14-rlliylfv iff, ff V0 W ROBERT VANCE The march of an rntelligent mind rs sure and steady EVERETT TROST Of two evrls I try to choose the least 3' IUDITH 'I'ROUT She hears the low murmur of tender dreams DAVID TURNER The wrse Judge directs opinron JACK TURPIN Man is a brilliant piece of the universe, made alive JOYCE ULLERY Keep true to the dreams of thy youth. JAMES VANDERGRIFF VIRGINIA VAN KIRK Books thmk for me Kxndness rs the golden chaxn by winch socrety rs bound together 3 9 N + sb Y! A ' A 'R . QQ, f QA , 14 - u f-WN ' R ' Q' Z N . s - W I ' H f, I . I' .. ne " " -'., f- ' n .-,-' A, w ' N .. X A I I V ll 'av or 4 . . . On. . N . DN. 9 40 RONALD VINSON Have you ever had the measles? If so how many? BARBARA WAGNER Because the years are few, I must be glad! ROBERT WARSHAWSKY He has a message o the world GLORIA WATKINS Nothmg great was ever 3Ch1CVed wrthout enthusrasm lf JUDITH WEAVER The deepest r1vers flow wrth the least sound A ftfi RONALD WEIR BYRON WELLS EARLENE WAGNER My heart rs like a singmg bud ALICE WALLER Conversation rs one of the greatest pleasures of life ED WARWICK He profrts most who serves best. LLOYD WATROUS His greatness is a ripening. FRANK WEBER A gentleman and a scholar ,f 1 f f I 7 I I ' GUIDO WERNICKE DONNA WEST "W1th hrs eyes rn Flood 'Thou hast made lum 'His wcrth is warrant "One ought to see wrth laughter. " a lrttle lower than the for his welcome." everthing that one has angels." a chance of seeing." 43 -1' 7 6 l , u so n - ,, , - ll ' ' ll ' C .. ,, ' o , ? . E577 , ' , , ' fi. , 4 ' f r j " ' U ' . ,, .I f 1 5: f n ' ff ,, Q 1 'fx .I ' ll ' . - f L , - X h IHFCN ff K ll .t H I1 X I , , . 1 "lA.L',1'L' G 2 ,QQ PD!!! 52 as ' l , .M . N R U17 MICHAEL WHEELER I say the very tlungs that make the bxggest JOHN WINGER What I can t see I never will believe TIMOTHY WITTLINGER Cleverness LS servrce able for everything. I ask tolknbw N9 JOHN WYSOR He IS as full of valor as of kmdness THOMAS WHITT Moved gr- 40' rx. av! zz fruwf 4 '51 JOHN YENSEL He can because h thrnks he can SARAH JANE WILLIAMS The grass stoops not, she treads on xt so 11ght IUDITH WILSON They who can laugh can wm PAT WISCHNER A faxr exterror IS a s11ent recornmenda IIOII PHYLLIS WOLF Her vo1ce was ever low gentle, and soft ,iff J! sm' A dream as perfect as a star 'Wifi N1 A RICHARD YOUNG DEAN YOUNG That Jewel knowledge Young in hmbs m rs great m rxches judgement old 4' It ' x '- 1.. v , stir." ' .,. Z ff I 4 W " ' ' . I ' W f - m." 'f , ,, . V,. N W 4 4: ,, . . - lx V M x n -1. h , 1 1 N Y ,: ' , ., fy V 'A T , . .y,',' A I, an LOIS WCIZFE ,JVC If , FRANCINE WRIGHT YI .W I 5 II 'J'.6".f-J el, 1' Pt .. , 1,, Y, ,lg -, A - ff uf tf fi H I-ff' I j, ' 0 , LU J 1!-J , L " -' . fy T, , V , 1 if , ,, K 7 V , M ii , rlh N A u I ' A 2 ' 4, Q . I , I . ' 1 of , I 'li' x if E-T 4 , V f . W ' I' e n ' ll ' : ' avf' THOMAS ZIEGART Every moment 111 lxfe lS a great adventure DON ZULANCH Humor IS gravity con cealed belund the jest CARL BG.TZ A ,R The world IS always ready to recelve talent w1th open arms DALE BUSH To turn chance to ac count IS the glft of the ew. RM Wigs U in , I., 1 , I' 5 ' 4' , . . 511 ' A. ' .1... -' I , H ' Zz . .I 'jg .gr ' " , 5 ? J ' C' ssl' W ,iw-.Ir n ' - h ' . . . ,, , 9 . lr. , ll ' Y ' ' 6 , ,L . .- - .. - 5 f I1 ORGANIZATIONS M FRENCH CLUB Seated left to rrght I Lerbowrtz Secretary M Bunck, V1cePres1dent L H111 Presrdent A Raymond, Treasurer Flrst row B Watt D Greenf1e1d,J Horwrtz K McNee1ey C Werner I Speert R. Ran Mrs Ferguson Advrsor R. Braternan, E Ehrhch, M Pashkow S Mohn B Spltler D Eubanks Second row M Lowe S Goldman S Solomon, C Raymond M Eberhard A Huddle, A Jaffe N Lowe S Apple, N Nellrs A Clayman A Sherman G Watkrns R. Flagel Tlurd row A Bremer I Vangrov D Paul C Thomas J Breedlove, C Blumenfeld D Paulm M. Kloeters, D Truxal M, Hagenbuch, S Surrel1,J Brurnmer stedt Fourth row S Sherry, K Klosterman E. Gray B Doty, H Wrse C I-'eltzrn L Pack N Scranton N Green G Proos, H Hegele I Zavakos Frfth row B Nrcoll S Surface D Donoff I Horwrtz, D Chrtrum B Lobo R Chasman, D Morgan,J Sherry, T Ham mond B Brenner Absent from prcture Mrs K1tzes Advrsor JUNIOR CIVITAN in Frrst row G Gersh Treasurer B I-Tledman Pres1dentC Small Secretary D Astrachan Sergeant at Arms Second row S Poynter A Hagenbuch A Froug B Goldberg B Sort man Thrrd row! Miller R. Levrne H Krumholz B Pmsky M. Shaprro Absent from prcture R. Botwrn Vrce Presrdent FAIRVIEW AUTO CLUB I 1 Y ...L ll I Frrst row T Temple J Houser M1ssEck I Garverrck I Carpenter Second row J Thorne L Crrss R. Soter, C RICE J Payne B Sprtler J Orrhood T Garrrson K Anagnos D Evans Thud row B Bunn P Atkmson C Baud, B Barley I Lowery M Coppock B Wagner, L Ruetschle D Sanford P Carmack Fourth row G Alberrsch J Prchler R, Lompe M Oxendme,J Patrrck K Sortman D Elsner L Parton I M111er SCIENCE CLUB ee 0 Frrst row Mr Nlsonger Advrsor R. Barrett Presrdent D Young V1cePres1dent D Kuhlman Treasurer Second row S Mohn, C Alllson B Subler, S Speelman S Cummrngs H Hegele G Froehck R. Lohrey B Barrett I Holland G Epperley Thrrd row I Gurm B Hoch R. Chatterton A Wmston, T Murph Bob Vance G Gersh L Applegate, E Whrtacre Fourth row W Berke, D Astrachan S Surface T Wrtt11nger,J Bernre B Clapp, D Grether D Surface M. Garlekov P Robbrns 45 CAVAl1ERS 1-vs f Frrst row J Kaplan, Treasurer B Burrowes Chaplam D Imbus Presrdent I Thompson, Secretary D1ck Young, VICE Presrdent Second row A Schultz A Dohner D Huchrson, M Torrence G Iessee Thurd row I Newbauer J Metzger, D Baubhtz D Srrface F Wall M, Garhkov P Lehman R. Barrett Fourth row B Barrett P Booher J Yensel, B Burroughs L Portney ADELPHI Frrst row B Rodgers Junror Rep I Ramby Sergeant at Arms I Ostrov V1cePres1dent P Deal Presrdent M Secy P Rannes Treasurer C Bruns Chaplarn Second row P Smrth J Ullery L Sp1V3Ck P Hale A Clayman P Meeker, D Montz M. Robrson Thrrd row B Lrlly C Mumrna, B Lehman L Allaman, B Schear S Sutton O Adkms, K Gershow Fourth row B Gray, B Lewis S A111115 A Farquharkrug, M Murr, B Lroyd, L Kuknam S Young Frfth row B Doty P Lantz,J Stewart M. Brubaner C Lapp, S Hurwxtz C , , .Kg , B W 1 A N' X 4 'M' ,. il ' J S . it W ' 1 El' 4 V, 9, I . ,B 1 A' b en ,ff S ' : . : . . ': . , ' : . 3 ' ' ' . : . , . . . ' . , . . ' :. , . . ' . . , . . ' , . , . : . , . . . . , , J! A ,. H , r B if 7 . ' fV 4 . 5 - A b .. F' , E Q 'X J. - ' : . . ' .: . , - - : . , ' ' : . . ' 3 . : . . : . . '. : . ' . . . . ' , . . . , . . ' . ' . ' : ' I U 0 O I O O l I I I . I I I 1 u bg Q .5 u 1 u s U s 0 o . Z n 9 o a 9 g 4 n - 9 a 46 Steiner, S. Kein. THE PLA-NOS Frrst row N Lowe Soc1a1Cha1rman S Alcom Treasurer C Downmg Secretary C Stmes Presrdent I Baldwin, Vrce Presrdent J Hutton, Sergeant at Arms Second row I Donoff M Malberg, D Rush,J Sichter, A Jaffe R. Blumberg, Tlurd row S Hoffman N Foreman, H WISE I Weprm TOWER NEWS STAFF I Iamrson, Busmess Manager G Mrnkm A Jaffe Edrtor rn-Chxef Mrs C Hamngtou, Advr sor M Malberg, Assrstant Edrtor A Harrrs Sports Eduor M Powell Photographer Second row L Taylor I Wrlson I Hatch I Curtner D I-'latter L Potterf D Zulanch C Boltz Th1.l'd row A Holmes, M P11cher,I Srchter R. Chppmger B Levy S Young B Gray, D Levene Fourth row B Doty M Loose C Shaw, A Krug J Stautner, M Hunter, B Thlery Frfth row R. Dye,J Stauffer,J Rron Absent L Dodds I James P Lehman, S Klginm' : . .'. :. .. .. . 47 48R' FUTURE TEACHERS Soi' uv-6 O Adkins Treasurer D Rush, Secretary B Vance, President B Evans, V1cePres1dent D Tram Sergeant at Arms R. Sherwat, R. Ran,J Scouller P Wolf I Srchter G Ahrens, S Speelman S Cummings B Subler B Lloyd, C Lapp, D D115 J Ioefreda B Kemp I Zavakos Second row I Hatch C Krueger, E. Ehrlich C Mohr S Apple, N Lowe, K. Neher C Strnes, L H111, S Schriber M Eberhard M Anstaett M George F Rogers Thlrd row I Lett N Dorrough D Tram M Wheeler B Taylor S Swisher, R. Vinson, B Wolfinger C Raymond, D Green C Love,I Wilcox, G Welch Fourth row B Appelblatt G Slulzky B Shamanl Mashioff J Joseph L Newton I Norton,I Stauffer, G Locker P Trrtsch S Hittepole R. McNally S Ruble, J Caldwell L Dodds Fifth row I Payne L Bollechmo J Martin S Crawley I Ostrov I Lerbowitz, A Clayman M. Burick L Marks L Sherman, G Proos B Schutz L Randa11,J Weaver Ni Selmerer CAMPUS CLUB BOARD First row: M. Trumble, S. Moodler, President: P. Haas, Secretary: L, Allaman, Treasurerg Dye. Second row: B. Block, T. Stanley, B. Rodgers, B. Byrum, C. Downing, B. Schermer. EXCALIBUR Frrst row I Ballmg Sergeant at Arms B Taylor Treasurer R. Vlnson V1ce Pres1dent T Newton, Presrdent P Scott Secretary B Levy Chaplam Second row M Wheeler B Wells R. Darley B Northcutt, R. H111 B Parks B Vance,I Stauffer Thud row T McClelland B Kasch E Bunck B Wolfrnger, F Cxrcele I Rlon D Aukerman I Estes, D Olszewskl Fourth row K Rxllrng D Neff D Tram R. Gumes M Rogers J Offrce R. Mauon R. Matusoff I Maxwell, Frfth row M. Norvell N Clay K Aukerman B Green M. Trumble T Woolery T Applegate FUTURE NURSES Frrst row B Spltler, Treasurer S Moodler Sen1orV1cePres1dent L Layman Presrdent I Clark, Iun1orV1ce Eresrdent L Sprvack, Secretary Second row I Brummerstedt C Hohen bunk E Baum I Conley C Rrce D Allen,I Ostrov I Ramby Thrrd row I Mehaffre C Ullery, M Morrrs B Corwrn, M Neal M. Loose S Young Fourth row L Slaughter I Yost C Reece K Geske,I Kos, G Hammer I Patnck I l ' nu O Q . ' ' Q on I no I I n vo . I I l 5 no p po , . .Q go . . . . po gn ga n . .Q g Q gn ps . pc pe 9. . :Q po pn g yo la p p I 0 D9 - le no no 0 l ,D I -ur A sw , 1 ..n. - Q3 Q " t , 7 ,f 1 . Q , " :O 9 in , Q, so n :U pq ' lv IU 9- as Q go . Z. , ' ' I' v 9 gn . In g U lv pn n . ,. . OFHCE Asslswwrg FAIRN IEW MM A5 1 Stemeton C Roberts E Cahhan C Wexss S Powek C Evans C Mob! N Second :ow S Sergent B Levus L wagner E Baurn,3 ouon X G Nhnkln Thud tow D Pov4eXX M Carney I Short, A Hoknes M. Bnnck hner S Young C Ken, B Cosne B B0ga!1 N Dottougb B R Vhlson P Passvlateni VJo1ie W Setgent R. Fouuh :ow S Suueu, D wagner 1 Srnnh, L Poueri 1 Sue ohn, S Bates I Baldwm, Exim tow 3 Hutton, S Kem C Shaw P Lantz I Wncox, B Eh!hatd,l Biumrnetstedt P C1atk,l Weaver Bohnget First row M Ro sensweet Ass lsfant Chau man T E ZIOI-1 Chau man T rs Cwton Tfeas UILI- L MCNa11 Y Secret ary MI Stooksberry Ad V1Sor Sec Ond row M Low e S Go ldman N Low C C Sim C5 M Malber S S A pple: A C layman Thlfdr Ow R. D ve T McC1e11and R. Dalley H Duunger, D Neff 7 I B fd N f 1 A . fx X 1 First- tow: a 9 o Q a 9 n I 1 o Q o l o Q a . r, 1. Carney. z . , . ' , . . . . N , . . . , . erik, D. Di S, . ' ' . ' : . . . , . ' , , . , . , Stee1e, S. . . ' - : . . . . ' . , . h, P. Wise , . . S. S a 1 o I . 1 o - 9 o 1 0 1 L- Evetsoles Q35 Flfgf to W dent S S left I0 nght M Deelm D liaker K Raj: Secrefafyavges T'e-isuref V 1,11 61' p eco V Four mms' P Sr TeYber nd row H MIKE Pr th 'OW D mes L L E Baum Gebel B esldenr A LY1111 0U8fe11 ' L C A S Mash T Davrs J ow I Stoch USS I Ramb ortman C H 'Off Vrce pr Moorman B J ,ay M Y Thu-d ,ow ohenbrmk I CSI Block Fleck L Ma WO1fe J KH V P fks C Odej R. USU1-115 Bryn Goodsail B Baile S Johns y OH STAGE CREW Q..-Vi 4-r" Frrst row left to nght I R1chter Treasurer T Wxttlmger V1CCPl'CS1dCI1I S Mrchel Presr d nt I wllsofl Secretary G B Ogle, Sergeant at Arms Second row L Potterf P Smrth 9 9 B Owen D Flatter R. Tussey M. Kemper, Stage Manager K Evans Thrrd row S Crawley D Sulhvan, B Burroughs, D Huchrson D McConnaughey Sound Eng D Baubhtz Techm cal Dlrector 5' 9 , ,L 3 b .JL ,G B 9 , 1 ' , Q V - .. va no A B. 5' .u : ' ' L. ' .' ' . ' g . .' ' ' : . . lk, . , F , " 'f ,i C3 n up .I A ' iw VALTRUA First row left to right C Bolinger Sergeant at Arms L Green Chaplain Miss Combs Advi sor P Tritsch Pres1dent I James V1ce President G Hammer Secretary M Prlcher Treas urer Second row S Cummmgs B Subler, L Kipp, C A1l1son N Snell M. Lawson S Logel I Kuntz Thrrd row S Farver B Staffend, L Taylor M Smith S Hammel, A Franklin L Layman Fourth row I Gray, M Ruble C Brock S Michel VAVIS 'Mil First row left to right: S Wischner Treasurer- C Rice Secretary- A Feldman, President Wischner Vice President Second row-K Smith C Cramer D Allen K Anagnos S Clague P Demitxoula K McNeeley C Schriber, S Hoffman H Gebel Third row I Patrick, C. Love, K. Moist, L. Wolfe, H. Carroll, S. Bratten, S. Bickel, S. Holsapple, . Uhrig. Fourth row: T. Pancake C. Hibbit, S. Jolm, L. Frankart, A. Mehaffie, M. Hunter. N. Foreman, L. Linderman, S. Becker. I. Metzger. AC RE CHRON A-A Fust row L Haber Secretary H Hegele Treasurer R. McNally Presrdent E Krtchen Vrce Presrdent I Kos Sergeant at Arms L McNally Assrstant Sergeant at Arms Second row A Sherman L Slaughter N Kerr A Raymond G Srnger D Wernlcke I Clark P Ernst V VanKrrk Thrrd row C Knerr P Sage I Curtner S Hrttepole M Elpern S Surrell I Conley N Nellrs M Krtchen B Evans Fourth row I Clark D D11s B Cosner J Hatch R. Brown B Conley M Ernst S Moodler, C Krueger LIBRARY .A F1rstrow.M. Eberhart D Krrmsevrg G Ganger Mrs M. Fablan Advrsor K Backs K Snyder Second row: R. Wilcoxen D Eubanks A Hendricks D Franz S Bocook I Zuppin- ger, C Werner B Lairmore Thi.rd row- M Bryan I Croghan M Richardson B Burke K Anagnos L Sherman B Shaman N Sears B Brown Fourth row. T Pancake D Reck D Haskin, J. Conley, B. Nesbett, D. Newlon, I. Zavakos, M. Kline, W. Sergent, B, Sortman. SCXJTfIiE1vFES Fust row P Hale Secretary P Trrtsch Vrce President J Kos Treasurer G Watkms Drrll Sergeant L Hopkrns Captam S Taylor Lreutenant E Kxtchen Presrdent P Meeker Ser geant at Arms S Alcorn I Kohl L Longfellow P Hass N Kerr J Wrlson B Cosner L H111 L Hale B Byrum L Lauer Thtrd row C Dowrung S Lager S Apple S M1115 J Curtner B Pabst M Mumma B Kemp S Sutton J Qutre Fourth rowl Payne M Krt chen K McL1n G Hoffman N Sampson L Kukham B Lloyd G Hammer P Ernst M Carney D Kelso Frfth row N Nellis P Strnes M Loose I Grrmm L Lrvrngston S Kern G Van Krrk S John S Young ESORA Nwnjiya ig Fust row Donna West Chaplarn Absent B Sprtler V1cePres1dent M Sanders Presrdent S Met Secretary Treasurer D Flatter Sergeant at Arms Second row S Short E Baum R Brateman Ehrlrch L Nlanuel J Zupprnger W Sergent A Feldman Thrrd row G Proos J Yost L s S Crawley L Potterf J Kershner J Wrlson L Young Fourth row R Steele D ebb I Brown J Stelner V OGrosky J Marun 5 - , S a . 3 , . 3 - , I - , I - . I - , 3 . , ' ' ' I . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . - . ' . . , . , . , . . . , , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . - , . - - , - , - . - . - , - 1 - , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . 3.7 fy ,. 4 9-E' fi . - . O ' v ' ' 3 ea - ' . S? . '4 xv-K , 4 - X . K x ,Sq Q W v 1 ' ' J. x , 1 ,, L4 ff rf., N X ,, . I K 7 . . G . , I - , 5 - , ' I . , ' ' . . I , , . ' . - . , . A , . , . , . . I . . .- 1 - . . , - , . , . , . , . , . . . . - , , . , V . 9 ' ' n D , 1 , - , u I DEVOTIONS COMMITTEE if Fust row G Thornton L H111 B Kemp I Ramby Mrs M Fabian Advrsor C Grrsseau E Ehrlich M Burick Second row J Rrchter T Wrttlinger B Owen I Long D Lile L Taylor Third row L Todd I Payne G Proos D Truxal B Staffend C Small DRAMATIC CLUB J. Richter Sergeant- S. Ruble, President: Schriber, I. Norton, liarns, K. Evans, N. Lewis, L. Potterf, P. Rice. Fourth row: L. wood, R. Goodlot, I. ture: Alan Harris. at-Arms- T. Wittlinger L. Green Secretary' D. Flatter Vice President- D. Lile, B. Schear. Second row: M. Burick, R. Ran, R Brateman, S. A. Waller, L. Dodds, B. Kemp, D. Krimsevig, C. Thomas, S. J. Wil- Lowe. Third row: B. Janka, J. Iofreda, A. Holmes, S. Michel, S. A. Smith, S. Crawley, O. Adkins, D. Sullivan, B. Owen, I. V 'J5on, D. Taylor, Treasurer, B. Staffend, J. Patrick, J. Kloepbey, S. AQ., S. Small Lipot, M. Kemper, B. Pinsky, M. Pashkow, R. Tussey. Absent from pic- GAA Frrst row S cretary L Potterf V1cePres1dent M Pettrt Advisor Mrs Belrna President B Spttler Treasurer I Brown Sergeant at Arms M Sanders Second row B Asch S Ater Calahan J Joe Freda D Webb J Stelner B Faulk E Beam L Slaughter D Green Ganger B Guermey S Lttle Thtrd row S Clague L Dodds S Met B Anderson S Jones P Shearer M Scherman P Shearer V Lucas A Stephens C Rrce K Snyder B Elle man H Hegele Fourth row S Crawley J Clark J Smrth L Young A Vore J Wrlcox N Danyt P Trncher A Feldman S Wrschner P Wischner C Cramer J Breedlove D Eubanks Frfth row P Hartley G Truax J Smrthson D Harshman B West N Sharrlt I menfeld Absent S Armstrong J Albers S Brckel P Drmrtroula C Graham J Schultz S Hale B Janka R Wall M Mrller A Mclntosch E Neace M Neal 15? as SENIOR PLAY CAST Frrst row D Flatter Student Drrector B Owen Lead Mrss Combs Drama Drrector L Taylor Lead A Bremer Student Director S Morey Student Director Second row J Rrchter L Green S Ruble O Adkrns D Lrle B Staffend Thtrd row J Floyd M Pashkow T Wrttlrnger L Dodds A Waller D Sulhvan 56 . Q J, V X P ' : e , . 3 ' ' , . ': , . ' : , . ' : , . 5 - - , . . : . , . , N. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , G. Ostrov, P. Wolf, M. Fleck, G. PaHud, J. Leffel, L. Wolfe, M. Kline, J. Leibowitz, C. Blu- ! CJ- 9 1 i 6 l Q' .1 N Q Q. U K t. , . N' ' - Wi , 0 ., I .' V s "., x P . .fr Q - A ' Y' ' ri: . 5 - HIC Fust row L Watrous Recorder l Rerd Presrdent L Manuel Secretary G Jessee Vrce Presr dent Second row S McGrrff B Human B Hess S Short I Kuntz A Phrllrpp D Carroll D Wernrke M Mclnure P Carroll Thrrd row D Estrrdge D Radclrffe E McG11l V Rxvin G Proos L Bollechtno S Allaman D Knoblock C Ullery Fourth row C Pass water V Alley L Rodgers G Proos J Jamison A Herby E Herchrg J Hollrs P Harbr son Fifth row D Block D Wood P Colhns PC Crabtree M Seth C Wrlson K Smrth s00 - SERVAMUS Fust row Mrs M Schever Advtsor J Stautner Secretary L Dodds Vrce Presrdent karen Neher Presrdent S Gebhart Treasurer M Davres Sergeant at Arms Second row S Taylor A Mashroff L Hrll J Lerbowrtz L Lauer K Chpprnger S Mohn V Prlsums M Loose Thtrd row M Carney L Wagner S Apple B Staten J Brrggs B Kemp L Lrvrngston S John J Grlmm E Lrght I. Harbison, J. Leffel. - - , . . t K A ., L f -HR. 'W' JCOWA First row T Wittlrnger Sergeant at Arms M Pashkow, Treasurer D Young, Presrdent B Staffend V1ce President C Grisseau Secretary Second row A Mashioff, L H111, N Kerr J Leibowitz S Mohn C Allrson S Poynter E Baum,J Martin Thrrd row A Blandford M Burick A Clayman M Smith A Bremer, B Kemp, G Proos L Bollechino, C Knerr Fourth row B Subler S Speelrnan S Cummings B Hoch, B Clark, A Harr1s,J McDon a J Richter fa JW-7 KEY CLUB First row: D. Ousley, Sergeant-at-Arms, D. Blumer, Treasurer, B. Clark, Vice President, J. Richter, Secretaryg D. Young, Chaplain: missing: S. Fry, President. Second row: J. Possel, T. Wetzel, P. Copp, S. Raynes, R. Davis, B. Treue, D. Lile, B. Myers. Third row: R. Lipot, S. Conners, D, Flagel, D. Schierloh, J. Christian, F. Weber, D. Vance, I. Mapp, D. Ross, R. Frey. Fourth row: H. Shokler, J. Young, R. Ernst, P. Galle, G, Quivey, T. Sidle, L. Steinke, R. Fowler, A. Geisler. Fifth row: M. Powell, R. Myers, A. Harris, L. Myers, G. Ryerson, J. Dole, M. Henderson, J. Knodel. SPANISH CLUB pm 010 0f5n'W Xk,,- I-'rrst row C Hohenbrmk Secretary S Crowley V1cePres1dent D Colley Presrdent Mrs M Belcheff Advrsor I R1on Treasurer M Rosensweet Sergeant at Arms Second row D Zulanch L Gnffrng L Haber S Hoffman M Lawson B Anderson D Akers I Sclnller, S Russell I Hatch Thrrd row S Mer R. Wrlcoxer D f Garlekov I Davrs C Strnes L Marks R. Garhkov K Crawley M Bryan R. Faus Fourrhrow I Mrller, V Rlvm I Payne I Marun E Whrtacre D Brgony S Smallwood d T 1 Kloephy V Frank S Mrlls S Young B Schear Frfth row 1 Kaplan B I-'ue man M Corum B Shawen I Moorman R. Meyers B S Schnber N Kerr L 'vlanuel Sommers I McClelland 1 Copp Smlth M Ruble L Kerpham MUSKETEERS P Tv., QI' FUSI l'0w G B1 D C Ume S olley Secy G gt at Arms S And 3, R.Dye C Dm Wermcke Ch erson Treas K row I Levi P linger 1 Fuzhams Japlam L Todd ParhT Baron V Pres G Peffey Fourth merlck K Haack Lawrence R- Sch: Zmemarlan Second Thornton Pres ro C K Ot r M Frank T Sorzn? Hawthorne B shaCaver1ee,J Toddeffer B Stalter G 0:34 Rosenswcet ers I Noss wen D Probsr H S1 :ull D Brddmger Jgle Thud o of D Neff B Le,w1sB1?Clg T tanly 59 ' H cs ,A- - 1 ' 1 - Y, A x U 1' . I , ,1 x . ' 2 - ' . : . . ' ' : - . ' : . . , ' 3. ' . : . , -' - . : . 1 n I . 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 I 1 - 1 v I 1 . , . . . ' . . . . ' : . , ' , . 1 - .1 1 I 1 0 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 I I g 1 1 1 I g a ' g a . 1 1 . , . . . ' , . , . . ' :. . . ' , . 1 1 1 - 1 v 1 1 1 - 1 1 - ' f I I O I C fi' B, H 1 L . Q VY 4, V t, I" , 4 I 1 - I ' - B x 'N Q ,sn H, y y , ' fix, , 'it 51. . ' A ., , 1, . K if i vv-li:-1'v-,TW l I I. -I ,ix :.,,-E.. ' V " vw ' 1 .1 pu . . . 1 - KJ' " V-it , ' , ' ' . X ,' ' 'A ' 1 'I , - ' - . , ' l . ' 1 ' Q -' -Fha 3. . 1 . ' '. F , .1 ' , ' 1 - 1 . ' . ' -S , 1 ' 1 1 . , , I I . g " . 1 1 , V. 1 . , . . . D , D . I ' I Q D , . . ' . 0 . , . 1 , ' , . 1 , - . O 1 CHOIR fr- Fust row E Powell B Lewxs, B Reck I Rerd Secretary A Herby Preszdent Mr C W Detrrck, Instructor D Trdxal V1cePres1dent K Puckett, Treasurer '3 Byrum L Lauer, B Hess Second row P Howerton G Mtnkrn, B Martm, B Lehman, S Met A Ph1111pp S Rauscher S Mrchel E Enrlxch I Ramby, S Sutton P Deal P Trrtsch Thrrd row P Wolf S Lewrs, R. Clark, D Powell I Payne, M Moms, P Hartley, P Hale, E Krtchen, A Qu1ck,J Caldwell S Murphy P Haas Fourth row C Small, C Burns, M. Fleck. J Smlth C Knerr M Krttredge J Upham B Heppeard,I Jamrson S Spechman, D Webb V OGrosky Frfth row M Wheeler W Squrres, B Vance, D Wh1I6S1dC, L Watrous, D Ollne J Thompson A Flora I Curtm P Clark, S Cummmgs, P Wrschuer, D Schrer loh Srxth row R. Horn, T Watkms, K Caverlee, L Pormey D Neff G Locker, K Burns, B Owen E Herchle, R. Chasman, D Morgan, T Best, M Torrence DAWN PATROL Ftrst row D Smrth B Lange D Freeman Second row H Smrth J Turpm L Martin IMMIGR LXNTS MS First row B Taylor S Crawley S Swisher L Potter D Tram Second row M Torrence D Knoblock D Carroll I Breedlove P Teyber M Pashkow N Rucker Third row M Chunn P Carroll B Dennis B Owen P Robbins B Ehrhard Fourth row K Kautz J Wolfe I Croghan S Sherrye MUSIC APPRECIATIQN First row: C. Mohr, E. Ehrlich, A. Roush. M. Morris, B. Martin, K. Rayner, S. Mousaian, P. Phillips, C. Passwater, S. Mohn, S. Sutton, Mr. Derrick, Advisor. Second row: 1. Leibowitz, B. Bogart, M. Lawson, C. Rice, L. Manuel, R. Wilcoxen, S. Met, D. Powell, R. McNies, M. Simpson, I. Andrews, M. Pashkow. Third row: S. Wischner, L. Dodds, P. Deal, B. Lehman, M. Kloeters, I. Wilson, M. Hagenbuck, I. Caldwell, I. Hatch, J. Evans. D. Wood, I. Miller Fourth row: C. Small, S. Murphy. I. Patrick, M. Fleck, V. Sower, D. Whiteside, A. Flora, S. Morey, P. Collins, R. Goodbar. Fifth row: L. Bollechino, G. Proos, J. Payne, P. Wischner, J. Jamison, A. Herby, P. Clark, C. Knerr, E. Herchig, G. Locker, M. Torrence, J. Kovach. g STUDENT COUNCIL Frrst row M Maloney, K Haacke, M Trumble Member at Large L Todd Treasurer S Apple Rec Secretary R H111 Presrdent P Scott, V1cePres1dent P Meeker, Correspondmg Secretary B Parks Sergeant at Arms I VanK1rk Sophomore Executrve Board P Deal Mem ber at Large Second row S Claugue, P Francrs, P Phrlllps I Clark S Hrttepole, L Lay man, A Clayman, K Gershow L Ruetschle I Brown, K Rayner B Thompson Thrrd row D BIQODY M Maloney, D Peters M Corum S Levrtt B Wells, B Barker J Goldberg, P Smrth L Lauer Fourth row D Lynn I Swrsher, D Aukerman, Pete Galle, R. Schrot berger, T Wheeler, R. Krdd Frfth row B Goldberg, R. Horn, R Marlon Absent I Offrce, G Staffend, L Robbrng FRESHWIAN SOPHOMORE HI Y Fxrst row D Haztett J Bowerman T Rust G strocbcl B Barker J Rron W Wilson Second row T Smrth D Leverrng T Gardner R Meyers J Van Krrk B Nesbrtt Thrrd row D Whltesrde G Staffend lx Oldhum B Schcnncr J Moorman L M1l11gan LATIN CLUB if First row Mrs Wright T Wittlinger President I Richter Vice President Program Chairman I Bernie Treasurer Second row Heldl Gebel, David Rankin, Richard Walters, Arlene Mashi off J Hoback, F Zerwekh W Sergent Third row S Wagner, A Clayman, M Torrence, L Duberstein N Oldham V Sower Fourth row R Morre,J Leibowitz J Redman, T Rounds FRESHMAN Y TEENS First row H Gebel, B Haller P Webb M Kerr K Selz M Anstaett M Lowe, S Gold man. R. Wall, L. Robison. Second row. S. Powell, C. Evans, C. King, M. George, V. King, M. Eberhard, A. Huddle, K. Rayner, L. Speake, B. Thompson, S. Mousaian. Third row: C. Arnett, S. Sergent, S. Becher, S.Bicke1, S. Wischner, N. Rigg, S. Sherrye, J. Jenkins, K. Weaver, E. Bundy. Fourth row: C. Nicholas, S. Foland, M. Miller, N. Sharrit, B. Wall, A. King, I. Zavakos, I. Allison, M. Scherman. LANCERS sz 91 Frrst row Les Martrn, Ken Owen, Harvey Sm1th, Mr Barger Second row Jrm R1der, M Down mg Ted Selz, Raymond Bechtoh Tom Smrth Thrrd row J Booghrer D Burke J Kramer H Schreadley, D Shrplett, T Best Fourth row Gene Bauer, John Bogner Doug Garrett, Rrchard Davrs D1ck Smith SOPHOMORE Y TEENS 64 F1rst row Offrcers Leslxe Hale, Program Charrman, Leslre Galle Devotrons Paula Teyber Freshman Sergeant at Arms Sue M1lls Sergeant at Arms Jane Quue Secretary Jerry Kohl Presrdent, Connre Copeland Vrce Presrdent Gretchen Hoffman Treasurer Ann Ferguson Serv1ceCha1rman Karen McL1n Soc1alCharrman Lrnda Longfellow Publrcrty Charrman Sec ond row Gall Proos, Drana Carroll Judy Wrlson, Darlene Rhoades Sandy Murphy Ian Partmg ron, Judy Kloepfy Vrckr Frank Lrnda Randall Ga1l Ganger Bonn1e Guernsey, Judy Joefreda, Kay Kautz Thrrd row Vlrgrnra Truax, Marrlyn Norrrs Mary Lou Mumma, Pattr Stmes, Lrnda Murph, Jean Dxtmer Patue Craddock, Joan Breedlove Susre Bates, Nancy Musselman Bonn1e Schultz, Deanna Krrmsevrg, Drana Kelso Lura Grrffmg, Arleda Smlth Fourth row Judrth Smrthson, Sharon Reynolds Nancy Sampson Joyce Sanders Susan Logan Mary Stocker, Caro lyn Thomas, Sandy Turner, Nancy Sears Judy Stuck Anna Mclntosh Judy Strllwaught Jackre Strllwaugh Dorxs Estrrdge Sharon Lager JLNIOR SENIOR Y TEENS 9060 ?? Fust row B Lilly V1cePres1dent P Haas Presrdent L Llvrngston, Secretary P Hale, Pro gram Chauman absent Kathy Krueger Treasurer Second row M Smith, N Kerr, Blue angle Rep B Lewis, L Wagner, M Carney S Taylor Sergeant at Arms S John C Lapp B Lloyd S Sutton, B Kemp, C Rice P Deal S0c1alCha1rman Thud row S Lewis Wolf M Loose,J Srchter, B Evans M Kttchen, Service Chauman A Farquharkrug I Stautner E Ltght I Smith, L Hill Dayton, I C C Rep Fourth row L Taylor S Hltte pole S Apple, M Davies C Downmg, Senior Sergeant at Arms C St1nes, A Blandford S Gebhart, S Alcom, G Van Kirk D Rush Fifth row S Kun,I w1lson,J Caldwell Mus1cCha1rman J Hatch J Curtner, G Watkins, Chaplarn L Lauer Publiclty R. McNally S Harnmel, N Lowe, L McNally JUNIOR HI Y e 1 Ein' A 53" I 1 l .N , TA - First row: D. Hawthorne, Sergeant-at-Arms, M. King, Treasurer, J. Lawrence, President, J, Noss, Vice President, J. Long, Chaplain. Second row: L. Criss, R. Schrotberger, S. Raynes, T. Sidle M. Torrence. Third row: D. Aukerman. J. Estes, B. Cook, K. Haacke. .' ,' ,f V W S C R O, O W H E 9 N f Sunes CoCapta1n Lowe Captam L Allaman Hammel K Nener 0 Davles B Lewis --4 MAIORETTES Randall I Harper P Lantz S We1mer D Rhoades I James audi Clark 12 QL V1k""'9'w"9' FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL BAND ROBERT GRIEP Dlreclor ' - ' ' E E A N. - ' A H L lx V ' 'Ax F ' . ,549 Q YP J N O xx 9 L .53 Xlf f Ma ' . ' , t 5 L f i O L. , . . . . . ' . . , . . . .Q L Li X t E Vvf Q. L f T rf " O O R sv U A Q 'ew M -' WE' J., "'ii1 ""112L-V-- L ACTIVITIES Twas a beaut1ful srght for all to see MAY D Y 57 -" 'rr-?r"1 s'J'1.,, QQ, 'Q"3er.-U2 THE QUEEN AND HER COURT The bearers May Day Sara Jane W11l1ams Martha Longsueth Sonja Jenson Sharon Krnney Bessre Rogers Y Center Queen Mary Kay Offrce and her escort Larry Smalley Left Junror Attendant Patsy Hale and her escort Mel Trumble Rlght Semor Attendant Cmdy Shaw and her escort Charlre Reeder Flower G1r1 Terry Schalnat NSEVEN SISTERS" CLASS OF 1958 Srster Mltzr comes home Katlnkal My heart s 1do1! One two three to the house a vrsnorl CAST LYNNE TAYLOR BILL OWEN OPAL ADKINS MAIUORIE PA SHKOW Mltzr Ferenz Horkoy Katma Terka LIZ DODDS understudy LOIS GREEN DAVE LILE HM RICHTER PETER ROBBINS SUSAN RUH.E BROOKE STAFFEND DICK SULLIVAN ALICE WALLER TIM WITTLINGER Student DIICCIOIS DEANNA FLATTER. ANN BREMER, SONIA MOREY Dlrector MISS IOANNE COMBS San Colonel Radvrany Mlchael Sandorffy Grda Radvlany Mrs GYl1l'kOV1CS E a Tony Teleke Klara Janko All s well that ends well 1' I I b V I X x Pd 4 ff, ,S Q3 N , X f Liza ------------- -------- J oYcE FLOYD 11 -------- - - ---- - - HOMECOMING DANCE Dott1e Rush rergns over the dance on October 26 as Steve Anderson The attendants were MARCIA MURR senror PENNY LANTZ, Jumor LINDA LONGFELLOW, sophomore SHARON WIEMER, freshman I her escort, admires his queen. I N OF E Eh ,U 41? 15 if if LINDA ALLA MAN 4.4 George Thornton, presxdent of Hard workrng Muskres and Musketeers, awards the newly members of AcReChron begrn crowned Queen wrth a luss to prepare the mam decoratron for therr dance Attendants and Escorts Connre Copeland and Sam Swrsher, Marcxa Murr and Rlck Grlmes' Dottre Rush and Dave Colley, Lrnda Hopkrns and Jerry Offrce. F OLLIES P Smlth M Carney mv C Downmg S Kern K L Potrerf L Taylor and C Stemer max, zzz... M Rosensweet, R. Dye D Neff D Tram D Z.u larlch J L1pot and T Eaton The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was presented by a cast of 125 on Dec 6 and 7 1957 Tom Newton was cast m the lead of Ichabod Crane Also mcluded IH the cast were Deb ble Truxall, Jerry Stauffer Marcla Bunck and Lo1s Green f f l 5 , 5 1 A 3 0 ' 1 o 9 I fix "' 3 lf?-1 1, 4 '- '- . ' I I f I ,gi 7 'X f ' . X' D , I 0 ff- 'L ' 4 . f gf T . W - 7 x ' ' . jul 'ru' I, , A, n y V, it if I ,Q 1 SH ' Ly, 1 1 at 'tl . 'QM . ' , 7 f - - ' ' 0 l Q " .. .. U U D . . ' . . ' . I ! 1 C 1.5, 72 D. Truxall, I. Stauffer, L, Potterf, B. Wells, S. Moodler, E. Herchig and T. Temple. ATHLETICS COACH FRED GARRETSON 'La 93- RON VINSON All-Clty Tackle SCHEDULE Belmont-Premier Wilbur Wright Colonel White Chaminade Dunbar Cinc. Western Hills Roosevelt Stivers Toledo Devilbiss Kiser BILL PARKS All-Crty Lmebacker QQ Frrst row kneelmg B Haughey T Sommers R. Vmson D Tram B Parks S Swrsher R. l-1111, B Taylor I Block F Rregel Standmg. M. Wheeler Manager I Wysor R. Gr1mes M. Frank, E Gara,J Gara I We1senberger B Northcutt M, Rogers R. Shetterley D Peters, P Schondelmyer K R11l1ng, B Bance, Coach Garretson Back row standmg. S Fogel P Galle I Maxwell B Cash, T Taylor T Galllher W Heapay I Estes D Young, Manager and Mr Powers 74 ? -.' - ."T:i. few" gf ' ---' f' 'ff , . . , . . . . , . . , . . . ' . ' ' , : . U I I 9 I 0 I I a 3 o D D s n - , . Q 0 0 I n I 1 n 9 1 . . . 236 N 1 I LS: af. ,IJ HXNJ f my A .A ii r,:. .. IQ? S 'Q a FKA A gx, N jf 9.4- 2 f fr, . fm! CLAY F -M E B GREEN 4 haf Q 9 '- L I fQjh,I I Dow BARGER coz B TAYLOR h K AUKERMAN I BALLING Lrma Mramrsburg Oakwood Randolph Brookvrlle Patterson Xenra Roosevelt Krser Prqua Stxvers Wrlbur Wrrght Belmont Sprrngfreld Chammade Colonel Whrte Tecumseh Dunbar I-'ust row B Taylor B Green J Balling, N. Clay, K Aukerman Second row Coach Barger B Wolfmger R. Matusoff, D. Neff and G Ogle Manager Tlurd row I Thompson M Ntcol T Taylor and D. Boudreaux 5.4 GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM First row: Judy Lowery, Treasurerg Judy Wilson, Presidentg Margaret Coppack, Secretary. Second row: Captains Barbara wagner, B. A. Sortman, Cindy Rice, Mary Stocker. Third row: Swabbies: Gayle Minkin, B. B. Sortman, Nancy Foreman, Alice Roush, Sandy Hoffman. Absent: Judy Houser, Sergeant-at-Arms. BOYS BOWLING TEAM NUMBER ONE First row Dennis Biddmger Co-Captam Jerry Stauffer Standrng. Cari Boltz Cap tam Denny Peck, Bob Gerson 2 3 AIP?-PIER Y ,RJ , In IE? P zllv is ifiifvv CROSS COUNTRY TEAM First row L Watrous, K Owens D Neff, G wermcke Second row J Thompson D Hmkle I Holmes Third row R. Chasman,I wolfmger, E Stone Fourth row Mr Farnlacher, Coach and T Temple I . : . . . , . : . , ' l ' 3 . G, ,snr n mx .31 . . "rR5xL,'5 L A n -A-5: ' 1 I a Q 1 o ,M y fp . ' . Z . , ' C 'S 4' . ' , . . ' : ' tffim- ' . ' . . , I X ,VARJ I Md,-,,, ,lg . . 'X fm ,X 6 WM, f . . . ,X 'x'x .' , 1 'xii 0 Kneelmg. D Eubanks, G Pahud, B Faulk, S Stemer Standmg. P Shearer, S Jones, L Wolfe, G Truax, A Stephens, B Spxtler, S Crawley I Brown, M. Lawson, K Weaver First row A Vore Captam of Reserve team P Tlncher, Co Captam ofRe serve Team Mrs Mary Behna, Coach D Eubanks, Co-Captam, Varsity I E. Beam, S Ate: L Potterf, S Craw ley, M Pettit, G PaHud, B Faulk, B Sprtler, M Sanders, I Steiner, D Webb 'I'h1rd row J Wxlcox, D Ossen berg, B Anderson B Asch C Cram er V Lucas P Shearer, N Danyr, L Young, S Met, S Jones Fourth row B Elleman, G Truax P Hart ley, P Shearer S C1ague,J Albers 66' I I I I 0 I a 3 a I Q Q ' I Q . " 1 ' . wg U o 9 , . - f iq? N P u I Q V . x U QV 1 Brown, Captain, Varsity. Second row: v y s I s s ' . 1 0 I . . ,vnu ' V, Qu' wwf' . : . . - ig' 17 o 1 s g n '- l U I U 0 . : . . , . ' . , . . . THE LAST WORD This final page of'your memory book signifies two things. It is the end of this book, but more important - the conclmion of high school, A11 the fun and friends you have had here at Fairview will soon be a thing of the past. We have worked to make this book literally a memory book. . .one which will remind you of these good times: a book which will, in the future, make your high school days spring to life, and bring pleasant memories of your classmates, dances, games, teachers, and club activities. We sincerely hope that the test of time will prove we have succeeded. To the following people we offer a humble thank-you for their understanding aid. Mr Longnecker and Miss Folger Mrs Harrington and Mr Hoover Matt McCormick and Taylor made Yearbook Mike Powell Friedman Easterhng Studios and Lynn Taylor Mattie Malberg absent C Staff: Robin Clippinger, Julie Curtner, Bobbie Gray, Janice Hatch, Editor: Adele Jaffe,

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