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, ,mmu,,3:Aurn,,1,,w'luxwi1n LH' ,,,. ww f ,11ln7,M..',,+,, 11 mlm, ml Ib: 5 I ' rt H X XL , L ' ik fi -, " 11 M, I - W ,L i K! W ,V 5 . . G.. ' ,Q 'ii 2 . U: 3 ,-1144.-1-4 JT Fiig, Q3:KrI,.PT1! 1 1.-I 7 i g -WF' "- .4 1 Foreword We, the members of the Paw Paw Staff, .have tried throughout this yearbook to remind you of the "good old days." It is our aim to make a book that you will cher- ish in future years. We want you to remember your own "good old days, " not so much those portrayed in the title pages of this book, but your own high school days. your former teachers and friends. 1 Dedkiation WE, THE 1951 PAW PAW STAFF, WISH TO DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL TO ALL OF THE TEACHERS WHO HAVE AIDED US IN OUR WORK AND OTHER ACTIVITIES DURING OUR TWELVE YEARS OF ATTENDING SCHOOL Z Fairview High School TRIBUTE All hail to Fairview High School, The fairest in the land. We'11 always pay her tribute, And may she ever stand. So sturdy does she stand there, In grandeur and in grace. g Her twin towers ever upward, To God she turns her face. Fair Play shall be her motto, And fair she'll always be. Three cheers to Fairview High School A guardian of the free. - -Kathleen Rinehart 3 The Journalism Class FIRST ROW: Mary Eddy, Helen Jones, Delores Spasoff, Julia Belotsky, Lila Boore, Thelma Hurt Edythe Wells. SECOND ROW: Jean Sh3l'P. Mary Harris, Joyce Collins, Nancy Straight, Martha Morris, Mi 5 St m. THIRD ROW: Rita Wiens. Dessie Warner, Helen Neer, Tom Bowers, Jane Robey, Karen Fortney The Journalism Class publishes a paper every two weeks called the Twin Tower Times it gets its name from the two towers at the front of our building. When the paper comes out four times a new staff is elected. We publish our paper on a mimeograph machine Each year the Journalism Class puts' out an annual called the Paw Paw. This name comes from Paw Paw District in which our school is located. The Pa-w Pa-w Stab' Editor -------------- Assistant Editor- - - Senior Editors - - - ---------------------Nancy Straight ----------------Dessie Warner Delores Spasoff and Lila Boore Artist --------------- ------------------ T helma Hurt Organization Editor - - Photographer ----- --- -- ------- --- ---- Jean Sharp --------------Karen Fortney Business Manager ---- ----------------- E dythe Wells Circulation ---------- ---Julia Belotsky and Jane Robey Sports Edito r --------- Adve rtising Manager s Calendar ------------- Junior Editor ------- Sophomore Editor ---- Freshman Editor ---- Eighth Grade Editor--- Seventh Grade Editor ---- Faculty Editor -------- ------------------ Rita Wiens ---Helen Neer and Mary Eddy -------------Martha Morris ---------Mary Harris ------Dessie Warner -----Joyce Collins ----Helen Jones ----Tom Bowers - --- Julia Belotsky 4 IFQCULTH Al ben 5EaxMrLes :.A+1B'r4AB 35- 1811- B A+loA'r HR ,?'? A 8 ,WA English Com ?5S1'f'ioN Dug To Mveeow X f P E 43 Q 9' N Km, fXW Aff M if 1- x SX fp my 4 A In qw - -W Q f 9 J 47 J N WW 4 X M NE j Z,f '12 6 v',f f ,ff is N , f 'ff' I xK ,R J ,R ca. 511. vsu W UHTTE 'flqc inc up f TIHUF-T ,Rffnlwng-ITC-. 0 3 h"CKory SWQK EDWARD WILLARD MALCOLM West Virginia Wesleyan. A.B. West Virginia University, M. A. Principal Fairview High HERSHEL B. STRAIGHT Wes! Virginia University, A.B. Agriculture Drivers' Education Industrial Arts r:1.vmA MAzzA ROTH MARY 51-URM' YVOSI Virginia University, B.S. Wgsf, Virginia Univgrgily, A,B Commerce Columbia University Social Science Counselor Dramatic: Journalism Library 6 MARJORIE BROOKOVE R Music MARY JO FARIS Physical Education S c ienc e ARTHUR B. FAULEY Biology Chemistry Science ROBERT J. GROVES 7, 8, 9th Grade Mathematica Algebra I and ll Plane Geometry Fairmont State College, A.B. West Virginia University, M. Fairmont State College. A.B. Fairmont State College, A. B. West Virginia University, B.S A. LUCILLE TENNANT Class of 1948 Secretary- 48- Sl FRANCES R VlNL.ENT , 3 Fairmont State oollege A sl' Cafeteria Home Economics 5 7 lu' V-1 X LILLIE MAE TOOTHMAN Fairmont State College, A. B. History Problems of Democracy RAYMOND HEDRICK Fairmont State College. A. B. Physical Education JOHN O. BOLAND West Virginia University, B. M. Band Public Speaking ' LOIS WILSON Fairmont State College, A. B. University of Michigan English Latin l and ll EDNA PARRISH Fairmont State College, A. B. English WILLIAM REPPERT, JR. Salem College, A.B.. 1939 University of Maryland West Virginia University, M.S.. 1949 C0lch Physical Education Social Science 8 SIEIVHUSRJS ,, , 1 if ' KT- "Nl ' , .ll A : Mb Kxk xx af' .-v Q.. ,W Ny Q51 f, QV yr I N' ' T F5 141 f' ,, , .ww " m y I, v ,r jf 1 ' 'W fx " f f! I ts 45 P, l I ' l 4 '-ly 9 ,125 t ' ' I I xg- ,f ' M? s, ' 1 . M WX ,v M W V 11 num' OUJ I LOW T5 BCEQCK WLICTCI M35 5 SCl10la 71 The Dawg O7c'ja'r-C." GARY B. DENNISON "Where an opinion is general, it is usually correct." President, 45 Vice-President Thespians, JULIA ANN BELOTSKY 45 Vice-President Student Body, 45 Prom C91-lfl. 35 Latin Club, 3-4: Jr. Red Cross, 3-45 Student Council, Z. I A MARY LOU INGHRAM "All argument will vanish before one "A cheerful look makes A dish a feast. " touch of nature. " Paw Paw Staff, 4: l-Z5 Class Plays, l-Z-3-45 Drivers' TTT Staff, 4, G.A. A., l-45 Jr. Red Cross, Educ. . 3. EDWARD THOMAS TEKIELI "Play up, play up and play the game. " Vice-President, 45 Varsity Club, I-Z-3-45 Latin Club Pres. , 45 Latin Club, 3-45 Football, l-Z-3-45 Basketball, Z-3-45 Jr. High, 15 Baseball, l-Z-3-45 Jr. Red Cross, Z-3-45 Prom Court. 3. Majorette, l-Z-3-45 Glee Club, I-35 May Festival. I-Z-35 Prom Court, 35 G. A. A. , I5 Secretary. 4: Jr. Red Cross 3-45 "Uncertain Wings, " 3: "Meet Me In St. Louis," 3, Drivers' Educ. , 4. 10 K WALTER JACK TENNANT "Handsome is that handsome does. Football, l-Z-3-4: Jr. High Team, lp Basketball, Z-3-4: Baseball, Z-3-4: Vice- President, Class, l: Student Council, Z: Vice-President, Class, 3: Varsity Club, I- Z-3-4: President Student Body, 4: Prom King, 3: Latin Club, 3-4: Jr. Red Cross, Z-3-4. LILA NELL BOORE "The girl that loves and laughs must do well." Glee Club, lg G.A.A.. 1: Y-Teens, Z: May Festival, l-Z-3: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4: Girls' State, 3: Thespian, 4: Drivers' Educ.. 3: "Angela's Surprise," 1: "High School Daze," Z: Seven- teenth Summer," 4: "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps, " 4. CHARLES H. MERICO "Patience and shuffle the cards." Varsity Club, l-Z-3-4: Jr. High Team, l: Basketball, Z-3-4: Football, l-Z-3-4: Base- ball. l-Z-3-4: President, Class, 3: "Un- certain Wings," 3: Prom Court, 3: Student Council, l-Z-4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4. DOLORES SPASOFF "ln each cheek appears a pretty dimple. " Glee Club, lg Secretary, Class, lg G. A. A., lg President, Z: May Festival, l-Z-3: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Secretary J. R.C., 3: Latin Club, Z-3-4, Prom Court, 3: Majorette, 3-4:Secy. Majorette Club, 4: Student Council, 4: Pres. Library Club, 4: Senior Editor Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 43 "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps," 4. WILLIAM GlLl.EbPlE "O Pilot! 'Tis a leariul night, The-re's danger on the deep." Varsity Club, l-Z-3-4. Latin Club, 3-4: Sergeant At Arms, Class, 3-4: Football, l- L-3-4, Jr. High Team l: Basketball, Z-3: Jr. Red Cross. l-Z-3-4: Student Council, 4. ROSE MARIE SABATINO Wit now and then, struck smartly, shows S if , " - 45.1. A spark... G .A.A., l-Z, Band, 3-4, Glee Club, l: May M W 1 , .y , 'S,1 Festival, Z-3: Prom Queen. 3: Jr. Red Cross, SLNJ. ,,t,- ff 1-z-3-4, student Council 4. 5 If nl gg- 51 3 Q if Al ll THOMAS HENRY BOWERS "Time for work-yet take much holiday for arts and iriendship's sake." Sergeant at arms, Class, 4: Student Council. 3: President, Class, lg Minstrel, I: Drivers Educ. , 3: Industrial Arts, I: Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4. PATRICIA ANN MORRONE "Wit is the food of conversation." Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Jr. Red Cross Council, 1: Glee Club, I: G.A.A., 1: May Festival, l-2-3: "Uncertain Wings." ROBERT LEE MERCER "The shortest answer is doing. " Vo.-Agr. President, 4, Vo. -Agr.. Z-3-4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-34, Industrial Arts, I. THELMA MAE HURT "I would help others out of a fellow- feeling." Glee Club, l: Jr. Red Cross, l-2-3-4: May Festival, I-Z-3: Drivers' Educ., 4: TTT Staff, 4: Artist Paw Paw Staff, 4: "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps. " 4. RICHARD B. RUTKOWSKI "Though he was rough, he was kindly." Varsity Club, Z-3-4: Student Council, 4: Industrial Arts, l. FRANCIS JOANN GUMP "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." Thespian, Z-3-4: Latin Club, 3-4: May Festi- val, 1-Z-3: Jr. Glee Club, l-Z: Senior Chorus, 4: Band, l-Z-3-4: Jr. Red Cross, I- Z-3-4: Y-Teens, Z: G. A.A. . l: President and Assistant Director of the Band, 4: Secretary and Treasurer of the Thespians, 4: "Murder In Rehearsal, l: "The Divine Flora, " I: "Night Of January l6th, " Z: "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers, " 3: "Uncertain Wings," 3: "Meet Me In St. Louis," 3. ll THOMAS G. MASON "A joke's a very serious thing. " Student Council, 43 Band, l-Z-3-4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4, County Band, 4: Audio- Visual Club, 3-4: "Uncertain Wings, " 3, Student Director "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps, " 4, "Seventeenth Summer. " 4. HELEN LOUISE NEER "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep." Glee Club, lp Jr. Red Cross, l-L-3-43 Drivers' Educ. , 3: Advertising Manager Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4. ALBERT N. CLELLAND "O, I am stab'd with laughter." Vo. -Agr., Z-3-4: Treasurer, 33 Jr. Red Cross. 1-Z-3-4: lndustrial Arts, lg Min- strel, l. VlRGlNlA LEE HUFFORD "l worked with patience which means almost power." Glee Club. lg May Festival, l-Z-3, Math Club. 4: Secy. Math Club, 4: Vice-President. Class, Z3 Drivers' Educ., 4: Jr. Red Cross, I-Z-3-4: Treasurer, Class. 3. JOSEPH ADAMS "That one small head should carry all it knew." Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-45 Drivers' Educ., 3, Audio-Visual, l-Z-3-4: Pres. Audio-Visual, 4. LOIS ELVARIA MERICO "Come, sing now. for l know you sing well." G.A.A., l: Cheerleader, Z-3-4, Varsity Club, Z-3-4, Secretary, 3, Jr. Red Cross, l- A-3-4, Glee Club, lg Thespian. 4, May Festi- val, l-Z-3, Senior Chorus, 4: "Meet Me ln St. Louis, " "The Divine Flora." 13 .GMO mn w..,,,,.,o BERNARD D. EDDY "Nothing is more useful than silence. " Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4, F. F.A. Treasurer, Z-3: F.F.A. Reporter, 3-4: Vo. -Agr., 2-3- 4. MARY DELORIS EDDY "For she was more than over shoes in love." Majorette, 3-4: Glee Club, lp Senior Chorus, 4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Y-Teens, lg May Festival, 1: Student Council, 4: Paw Paw Staff, 45 TTT Staff, 43 Cafeteria, 3, Usher "Night Of January 16th, " Z: Usher "A Date With Judy, " 1. HENRY J. CLAYTON I am a great friend to public amusements. " Jr. Red Cross, 1-Z-3-4: Sergeant At Arms, Student Body, 43 Latin Club. 3-4, Audio- Visual Club, 3-45 Student Council, 4. MARTHA JEAN MORRIS "Obedience is the key to every door." Glee Club, 1: Jr. Red Cross, I-Z-3-4: May Festival, I: Minstrel, lg TTT Staff, 4, Cafeteria, 3, Paw Paw Staff, 4. MARTHA ELLEN TOOTHMAN "Let me hear from thee by letter. " G. A. A. . li Glee Club, I: Band, 35 Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: May Festival, l-Z-3: Cafeteria, 3: Minstrel, l. MARY REBECCA HARRIS "We should agree as angels do above." -Glee Club, lg Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: May Festival, Z-3: Y-Teens, lg Minstrel, lg TTT Staff, 4: Paw Paw Staff, 4: Cafeteria. 3: Senior Chorus, 4, Drivers' Educ. , 3, Prop- erty Manager "A Date With Judy," 1. 14 v JANE LOUISE ROBEY "Friendship is a sheltering tree." Glee Club, lg Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Band. I-Z-3-4, Vice-Pres. Library Club, 4, Latin Club, 3-4: May Festival, l-39 Student Council, 1: County Band, 4: Treasurer Band, 4, TTT Staff, 4: Paw Paw Staff, 4:"'Uncertain Wings," 3, "The Divine Flora." RITA KINCELL WIENS "Marriage is destiny, made in heaven. " Band, 1-Z-3, Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4: Glee Club, 1, Y-Teens, 1, Cafeteria, 3: Business Manager "Meet Me In St. Louis," 3: Advertising Manager "Seventeenth Summer," 4. DESSIE ELLEN WARNER "For knowledge, too, is itself a power." Glee Club, lg May Festival, l-Z-3: Prom Court, 3, Thespians, 4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z- 3-4: Drivers' Educ.. 4, Jr. High Cheer' leader, lp Assistant Editor Paw Paw Staff, 4, TTT Staff, 4: "Uncertain Wings, " 3: Property Manager "Angela's Surprise, " lg "Seven- teenth Summer," 43 "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps," 4. HELEN MARIE JONES "She who is pleased herself, must always please." May Festival, l-Z-3-4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z- 3-43 TTT Staff, 4, Paw Paw Staff, 4. NANCY CARROL. STRAIGHT "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." Glee Club, lg May Festival, I-Z-3: Thespians, 4, Jr. Red Cross, I-Z-3-4, Editor Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4: Drivers' Educ.. 4: Business Manager "Uncertain Wings," 3: "Seventeenth Summer," 4: "Angel:-i's Sur- prise, " lg "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps. " 4. ELEANOR ROSE ADAMS "Silence is deep as eternity. " Glee Club, lg Minstrel, lp Jr. Red Cross, l- Z-3-4. 15 DOLORES ANN HAUGHT "So much one girl can do, that does both act and know." Majorette, 1-Z-3-4: Glee Club, l-Z-3-4: County Chorus, Z-3: W. Va. State Chorus, 4, Girls' State, 3: May Festival, l-Z-3: Prom Court, 3: Latin Club, 3-4: Secy. Latin Club, 4: Thespians, Z-3-4: Pres. Thespians, 4: G.A.A., l-Z-3: Secy. G.A.A 3: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: Y-Teens, Z: "Seventeenth Summer," 4: "Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers, " 3, "A Date With Judy," l. NORMA JEAN SHARP "Skating well is the great art of social life. " Glee Club, l: Band, 1-Z-3-4: Band Librarian, 4, TTT Staff, 4: Paw Paw Staff, 4 Drivers' Educ., 3: Minstrel, l. - EDYTHE DOLORES WELLS "A short saying oft contains much wisdom." Glee Club, l: Jr. High Cheerleader, l: May Festival, l-Z-3: Jr. Red Cross, I-Z-3-4: Cafeteria, 3: Drivers' Educ. , 4: Business Manager Paw Paw Staff, 4: TTT Staff, 4: Business Manager "Uncertain Wings, " 3: Prompter "Angela's Surprise, " l: "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps," 4. BONNlE ELLEN PARKER "Happiness seems made to be shared." Glee Club, 1: Library Club, 4: Jr. Red Cross, l-Z-3-4: May Festival, l-Z-3: Usher "Meet Me ln St. Louis," 3: Usher "Night Of January l6th, " 2: "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps." KAREN DAUN FORTNEY "l like work: it fascinates me. " Jr. Red Cross, 1-Z-3-4:G1ee Club, l: Majorette, 1-Z-3-4: Reporter Library Club, 4: May Festival, I: County Chorus, Z: Senior Chorus, Z: TTT Staff, 4: Photographer Paw Paw Staff, 4: "The Divine Flora," Z: Prop- erty Manager "Uncertain Wings, " 3: Stage Manager "Seventeenth Summer, " 4. JOYCE LAVERNE COLLINS "We must laugh before we are happy." Majorette, l-Z-3-4: Glee Club, l: Senior Chorus, 4: Minstrel, 1: Jr. Red Cross, l- Z-3-4: Y-Teens, l-Z: Cafeteria, 3: May Festival, l-Z: TTT Staff, 4: Paw Paw Staff, 4: Class Play, l. 16 Class Will We, the Seniors of '51, who have had our share of good times and fun, Leave to dear old F.H.S. , this our last will and testament., To the faculty who are about to go crazy, We will them each, a bouquet of daisies. To the Juniors we leave with great cheer, Our hard-earned Senior privileges to have next year. To the Sophomores we leave our new lockers and library, So they won't be lonesome and contrary. To the Freshmen who are small and new, We leave all our classes, wouldn't you? I, Mary Deloris Eddy, will my majorette shorts so bright, To my sister, Edna, who will look all right. I. Lila Boore, will my height so small, To Lillian Kaider who is so tall. l, Dolores Spasoff, will to my girl friend, Pat Dulin, All my male admirers and I am not foo1in'. I, Eleanor Adams will my great height, To some little squirt to grow overnight. l, Julia Belotsky, who is so plump, Will my fun-loving nature to Lester Gump. I, Tom Bowers, will my big feet, To Jimmy Swisher who is so neat. 1, Henry Clayton, will my quiet ways, To a rowdy Freshman, who will find it pays. l, Albert Clelland, who likes to hunt, Will Mr. Malcolm a loving black skunk. I, Joyce Collins and that is no shock, Leave Andy Lepock to Mary Brock. I, Gary Dennison, will my little green truck, To Robert Conaway along with some luck. I, Mary Lou Inghram, will my wavy black hair, To Sue Mason to handle with care. I Karen Foietney, will my dad's blue Chevrolet, To my brother Jimmy to drive to school someday. 17 I, Virginia Hufford, will my smile so neat, To Phyllis Knisely who can't be beat. I, Dolores Haught, a majorette so "hePPY. " Will my place to Rosella Haught who is so peppy. I, Mary Harris, will my place in Journalism class, To Sally Carrg I know she will pass. I, Joe Adams, will my seat in P.D. , To some "unlucky" Junior, who will surely love me. I, Helen Jones, will my ways so shy, To Joe Clark who is as tall as I. I, Thelma Hurt, will my short black hair, To Betty Smith who is 'so fair. I. Joann Gump, will to Margaret Haught, My yellow Mercury so she'l1 never get caught. I, Bernard Eddy, who lives on a farm, Will to Bud Eddy my ability to clean barns. I, Jean Sharp, with work always in on time, To Carl Wiens to help along the line. I, Nancy Straight, leave to any Senior, my place in P. D. I couldn't be any meaner. To Mr. Fauley who is so small, I. Ed Tekieli, leave my height so tall. I, Jack Tennant, leave my good looks with no trouble To Anthony Buzzy who finds all girls a struggle. I, Martha Toothman will to any Sophomore lass, The trouble I have had in Chemistry class. I, Edythe Wells, will my long red tresses, To Deloris Salina to go with all her dresses. I, Rita Wiens, will to anyone all my books, Because they just don't go with my wifely looks. I, Tom Mason, will my height so tall, To Joe Clark, who is so small, to use next fall. I, Bob Mercer, will my work on the farm, To Joe Toothman whom it wbuldn't harm. I, Charles Merico, will my athletic fame, To any Freshman to build up his name. 18 I, Lois Merico, will my place as a cheerleader, to Margaret Pauleck, I am sure no one can beat her. I, Martha Morris, will my blonde hair and brown eyes, To Minnie Davis who will have a surprise. I, Patty Morrone, will my jokes so many, To Joann Morris who hasn't any. I, Helen Neer, will my curls so many, To Miss Parrish who hasn't any. I, Bonnie Parker, will my giggles and laughter, To Edith Yost to use ever after. I, Jane Robey, will my nice friendly ways, To Mary Trumpka to use through her high school days. I, Rose Sabatino, will my black eyelashes that can't be any longer, To all the Freshman girls so that their charms will be stronger. I, Richard Ruthowski, will my place on the football team. To anyone who thinks football is pie and ice cream. l, Dessie Warner, will my height so tall, To Ramona Santee who is so small. 19 Class Prophecy y One day as we, THELMA HURT and JANE ROBEY, were sitting on the lawn of F.H.S. talk- ing about an assignment, we heard a buzzing sound. The buzz, we discovered, came from a fly- ing saucer. It landed and a funny little man stepped out. He was a man from Mars who had lost his way while taking his family for a drive. We showed him the way home and in return he gave us a future-scope, a machine that resembled a television set except it showed future events. Since we had been elected to write the class prophecy, we decided to use this machine. We turned it on. The first place we saw was Fairview High School. Mr. Malcolm was sitting in the office pulling out what was left of his snow-white hair. EDDIE TEKIELI, the assistant coach, must have had something to do with it. Other members of the faculty were JOE ADAMS, the bashful Biology teacher, and BOB MERCER, who took Mr. Straight's place when he retired. Then we saw a bus with "Frog Pond Transportation Co. , HENRY CLAYTON, owner," written on the side. It was picking up passengers in front of the Fairview Chemical Works where JACK TENNANT was head engineer. ln Fairview we saw an exclusive dress shop which was owned by JOANN GUMP. As the result of an election, RITA WIENS was the first lady of Orchard Hill. Junior had been elected Mayor of Fairview. At Keystone we saw DESSIE WARNER TENNANT and EDYTHE WELLS TENNANT: they livefd side by side. HELEN NEER ROBEY was talking to her neighbor, MARTHA TOOTHMAN HAUGHT, about the new TV set Osborn had bought her. Then the future-scope showed us Daybrook where KAREN FORTNEY OWENS helps Terry manage the Owen's General Store. Karen was arguing with PATTY MORRONE NEELY about the price of steak. Another customer was NANCY STRAIGHT YOST who seemed to be having a time with Junior II. Next Robinson Run flashed onto the screen. A large sign said: "Lazy Dazy Mink Farm. ALBERT CLELLAND AND BERNARD EDDY, Co-owners. " After that we saw the Grant Town Post Office. JULIA BELOTSKY, the postmistress, was talking to ROSE SABATINO ALLENBY who had twin boys in sailor suits. LILA BOORE came along then. She was still single. LILA must not have found the right one yet. CHARLES MERICO was helping his father at Merico's Place in Grant Town. ' Then we saw an Air Force Base. MARY DELORIS EDDY PETTIT was talking to MARY HARRIS. MARY DELORIS had Merle Jr. with her. MARY only had one stripe on her WAC uniform. She never did like to take orders. We had a glance at GARY DENNISON, a famous portrait painter in New York. Also promi- nent in New York was TOM MASON, who played a cello in the New York Symphony Orchestra. ln Philadelphia we saw JOYCE COLLINS, who was taking dictation from RICHARD RUTKOWSKI. "RICHIE" was a famous lawyer. At his father's lodge in Canada, we saw TOM BOWERS, a famous novelist, with his cute French wife sitting on his knee. The scene changed to the West. DC....'LRES ANN HAUGHT and MARY INGRAM lived there. DOLORES was head of the English department in the 'University of Nevada and MARY LOU was Mrs. Jack Tuttle. Then we were back in West Virginia. HELEN JONES was working at Westinghouse and LOIS MERICO had married Jim Binnix, when he returned from Africa. g DOLORES SPASOFF is head stenographer at the First National Bank: she still had as many admirers as ever. We saw JEAN SHARP as owner of the Bellview Rollerdrome. Living in Fairmont near the Rollerdrome, was ELEANOR ADAMS TENNANT. VIRGINIA HUFFORD was seen in an airplane as a stewardess for Pan-American Airways. MARTHA MORRIS' knack for baking must have paid off for we saw her as manager of the Select Bakery at Grant Town. Just as we saw ourselves on the future-scope, THELMA as head buyer for Kaufmann's in Pittsburgh and JANE as owner of a chain of restaurants that always featured spaghetti, the little man returned. His children wouldn't go to sleep without. their future-scope. We didn't mind giving it back because now we could write the prophecy. 20 Name Tom Mason Bob Mercer Charles Merico Lois Merico Martha Morris Patricia Morrone Helen Neer Bonnie Parker Jane Robey Richard Rutkowski Rose Marie Sabatino Jean Sharp Dolores Spasoff Nancy Straight Edward Tekieli Jack Tennant Martha Toothman Dessie Warner .Edythe Wells Rita Wiens Eleanor Adams Joe Adams Julia Belotsky Lila Boore Tom Bowers Henry Clayton Albert Clelland Joyce Collins Gary Dennison Bernard Eddy Mary Deloris Eddy Karen Fortney Bill Gillespie Joann Gump Mary Harris Dolores I-laught Virginia Hufford Thelma Hurt Mary Lou lnghram Helen Jones Nickname Favorite Sport Favorite Song Weakness ' Lem ' Wrestmig "My Heart 'Cries Big Bass Horn For You" Farmer Basketball "Tennessee Women Waltz" l-lusher Basketball I "So Tired" Love Lo Basketball "I'll Never Be Jimmy Free" Mar Basketball "l!ll Never Be Army Free" Patty Basketball "My Heart Cries Wayne For You" Hel Basketball "Home" Dancing Shortie Basketball "Harbor Lights" Glenn Stupe Football "Ain't Misbe- Spaghetti havin' " Richie Football "The Thing" Women Sabby Football "I Can't Begin Spaghetti To Tell You" Slim Skating "Tennessee Boys ' ' Waltz" Pinky Basketball "My Heart Cries Basketball For You" Players Nance Basketball "l'll Never Be Junior ' Free" Easy Ed Football "Polka" lee Cream Fireball Football "My Heart Cries Girls For You" Dickie Football "Thinking Of Air Force You" Des Basketball "l Cross My Bill Fingers Tee Dee Baseball "All My Love" Vaughn Red Basketball "lf You Got The Junior Money" Butch H Basketball V "Old-Fashioned James Walk" Split Football "The Thing" Comic Books Jewelie Basketball "l'll Get By" "Slacker" Nellie Badminton "To Think You've Marines Chosen Me" Lang Hunting "l'1l Never Be Whiskey Free Henry J. Basketball "All My Love" Women Abe Basketball "The Thing" Sports Joy Basketball "Harbor Lights" Spaghetti Boris Hunting "Stardust" Perfume Junior Basketball "The Thing" Women Dee Skating "l'll Never Be Merle Free" Fortney Basketball "Are You Lone- Terry some Tonight?" Billy Football "Nevertheless" "Baby Domicol' Specks Basketball "Harbor Lights" Men Harry Basketball "Sometime" "Dickie" Klux Basketball "Stardust" Joe Duane Toadie Basketball "Tennessee Airplanes Waltz" Patty Basketball "My Heart Cries Food For You" Shortie Basketball "Harbor Lights" Jack Shortie Basketball "Mona Lisa" Writing Letters Zl Favorite Pastime Slug 513 Ladies With A Ball Bat Rabbtit Hunting Chew Tobacco Eating Listening To The Radio Riding ln A Green Dodge Movies Listening To Records Eating Spaghetti Loafing Going Down To Marietta' s Skating Daydreaming Running Around With Junior Movies Sleep Renovit's Place Seeing Bill Seeing Vaughn Reading Reading Comics Reading Cooking Dancing Women Singing Reading Eating Drawing Hunting Writing To Merle Banging Fenders Seeing My Girl Dear Hunting Sleeping Dancing Skating Reading Sleeping Visiting Ambition Be A Millionaire Farmer Coach Housewife Beautician Get Married Work Housewife B e B eautiful Enginee r Nun Get Married Get A Man Housewife Mechanic Stay Single Housewife Housewife Housewife A Be A Millionaire To Get Married 'To Get A Job Teach History To Grow Taller . Go To College Get A Job 'ro Be A Millionaire Secretary Artist To Be A Sailor Housewife Get Married To Go To College To Go To College To Join The WAC'S Go To College To Graduate Department Store Buyer Learn To Drive Secretary Grant Town Cute Pigtails Ain t He Cutev 5 f 77 iw . 1 , g kykr -Q myzw Fvkajsf. I n i l' ,E Ei i" f1i. -W: use Q L E ' 1 , .5 .': 5. 1 9 S sm P lm -,, Friends Mary Lou 4-Mis 7 Q Raw H, 7 , ' i L5 ji ww A A V QQ at , . ,. ...,. ,, 5 asketball Team Pals ' Env Y Men , S , wg W G 5 if 55? Electricians Snow N4 W Liga, M gfk ex , A aifg L56 ' 'QL' 52...f?' .- . G QQ , 2 M 1 UVUYIDJERGRHIUS Tl WL Skouu Have, Beam Lea.-r-'m'71' Abou.-f'7'1ie CJOL-,,,Rufe, 0 HCQTT9 We 'TL ldC0.'1'711"rz'1Co1-7ZIe SuJsLrn'nqi11',R90! Juniors CLASS OFFICERS Don Darrah-Vice-President Jack Binnix-President Virginia Brasuk-Secretary NOT PI-IOTOGRAPHED: Joe Clark, Mary Joan Wilt. Z4 VIRGIL TOBIN CARRIE MITCHELL PAUL VINCENT JOSEPHINE KOVACH ROBERT SMITH RXELLA GREENE RUTH FOLEY JAMES WEAVER FLORENCE ZABOLOTNY RONALD WALLS PATRICIA WILSON BEARL REED TRACY LOUGH PI-IYLLIS LAKE THOMAS PRICE JEAN TENNANT FONDIA KNOTTS PATRICIA DULIN PAUL WILKINSON MARIE TOOTHMAN sw 4 as ibm 'Sf f Ki. ik 'fi . M' . , 1, QE Hewwivlv Myyfk ---.g1fa:'Nv rl 2155? k 1 'Z1fw,W z Am A , Vff Q Wi . L Y e 3 ' UE .4 . ,s N W ' "Q f . . L .,?.,..E,i 52' 7 311'- '. V ' any . ,js .wiv f Mm-- iq 5 fiwisfi. X llfi isp.. ' 1 V: Q ,. xx 5423? ff. I H , if 'r:'fr+NM EN Q , YI-gfggw FQ' .ik A W:- J .Sify , 4 - , , 525 "rg, fdfgigfy . T ,, .15 ix, f N , X , Ei A l W , A T5 ggi - -'gil .,A., ' ,, Milf? N12 u ,, 1:1 , Pfewfiiagfsae PVT? 22211515 gs, ,. ,ggi-,. . ,Af :ins si? 4 -, 324, if, , Sew ' , j ' if i V a ,.: V if . 5 JI 1. X Q X A ,1- wfnagy 1 f Y 5 . - . - . aff V 53, eg gl, ,, 9' , 'QQ' , 1 2 Aiig., erigfgyzszy gg 1 mag: f aff Li. l 33' .512 ,. wi, .K .yu M511-za 1, ,,i1.,. 755 nl wi, , ., ,wivef K In f'134,:.1i1" K - NIMTT' Y X. V. ff 1. A . .G . . ' . K in ,. Q Ni' :,,. My k'-- 1112 .-I1 r '32 few kgk ,W ww:--2 .. ,gg ,F .L ,,',, X 'E 3. ,S-43-ff" ,wfslimfsi . '55 1 .3 , 7 ,M-f, , if . - Jwif'-"ii?fi?sf7f, ax.. 5 K Sophomores Vxce-Presideni-Bob lnghrum P1-esxdent-Erley Robison Serretary and Treasurer-Stella Tarasuk NOT PHOTOGRAPI-u-:Di John Mapes. Jr. 26 BILL ANDERSON JUNE GREGG DORIS BOORE LUCY TOOTHMAN BUDDY HAUGH I' HELEN DE VONA LESTER GUMP MONA MUSGRAVE JACK HENDERSON SHIRLEY HAUGHT MARY TRUMPKA LEE PRATT BOB BELL JIM VILLINGER KATHRYN GERBA KENNETH TENNANT MARY LEA BOORE ALBERT ALLENBY SUE PRICE JOE LUKETIC . - V41 1 ,, M831 ' - .M Q, .. . c lik ,,.:'-:Q ,,, Q i Z , ,ff , W, krafggym . ., : 31 sa, .,x' ,., . X ., ww Fu! Av QQ, ,. f, Q - 1 1 7 gif P-iii, x - fiiiifir .. v,,V i. ,Q Lv 1 ,mlfffiiiii , elif -'ilvv 5, 1 ge- 1 . f .ww new 3 Li 'Q ii-T 552-L , J ff .. ' 355251 N, 1 , ,- 3' A V ' E lf '- . ,,'x., W, M , ,.4:L2135ff - .g5g:f.,,,,,g:ge- , ' wffgiafw' Q ,A.,lhz 1, 3,333-,1 Q ,,, I 152. 4,1 1 S , W , ' ,:., , fi, as ,fb Q ,..-, 3 M , ,,.43M, viw3Q, A, 'K Vu' if" ' , veriuyww. ---f 2 1 .J , Haw W? - .. , vm? www, ' J ' ,Mm 4,5 Ql- ,-,W1 1 . 1 ffm , f J- 1'-5 ,, ,. .Q ,291 , 5 mffv ff 1' -1,4 , 7 1'ligKtiA':ir ,,LL 4 WMAY., .mmwi A V. V ,V K ,, - wzsgggfi. ., 3 ,sg . ivgfqgjczeii - . , 'r if A Y, it ,,.?5jf'f441,i Mggfi A A A , fysgiv Wigsxxfk'-4 , ,,,, A .13 551-M. ,I M ' ff: :., f, J f K L so ' I.. , , . , , f , -sa-45" gf.. W. , K, Q , ,,, 2 ,f7f 1 , f ' V 22113 A , X H -fi , apr . qi., ,Mm ,, A .ww 't k - 3. 8 , 1i'Qih.f? iswii? J., .S 5, , Freshmen President. John Marshall Vice-President, Jimmy Salina Student Council Representatives, Secretary-Treasurer, Gloria Guido Sergeant At Arms, Clifton Tennant Robert Conaway and Kancho Spasoff 'e s ."s.. I . . . , .. ., ri.,,L. .. . .. . ,. ,,,'. W. S V A ,.e, , U A k ff iiififrf- E .. zu ffif' ' f1,,i!f ' ' H2 A . QQ Y - ' . 411 Lf ,.,, Zlfag. .V Q K ,.-wg 2 ' A , E, ' ,L Y, g,Lf::,: A S : I:., 2+a.xia, 4 ' iff. 'ip A .- , iwzgs: W - a , ' A ' K r W' , 'E A in 'km A 4' of A in ' f l of A V Q' ' .P H 1 5 tr i. .2 ' -1 4. , .gj :px M ,.,. ' 2 - . .qw '-hY.wi.i,y ff G 45? ., " . 11' ' f- 1 . ,. N W7 'V , ,gr , F Lg? 7-1 my X eg . . .. .' - 1, H254 5.42 ww " 'ir Qu' itz., x , Q A EW . 1- . .,.::.- x4 mx' I www fi.. . .1 .,,r,r.1 QT? mf! .. ue. af, . -mg.-.4 .Y,,,.,.:5 I, K m.,,:g,....,,,..,,,, .. .. ..M,.v. ,,ff . - . er.-ffA,,vQ.:,,g-VW ru, M- mm? . . .wif M, . . .fo . .-tr Qf... ff ' -fizww Qvgsfigg, 2.42132 -a4QfHsiQ.f.,. - H . qvigkgwefvf f 1 ' , ., -234 X. -'Et,wf.:,1w:w . . .12 21- 'iw ,,f -.. mg yi-z '- wi, . ..., . .5- ' P. . -. ff . A ' EW N., W ' 'iffif ' 1' I 'i . 9' 'E Q ' , ,K ' uv JW wwf ,w:qw, '--- '4 wwmwg ' -.,3Ww. Q S iff g'4,14 ' 53' WM iq, ai-N3 3 . 33 . , QM A K "'?kv" f ffl. mil? .4 ,J a :-f:5. , i"' f ,, 1 - ' " ,mr QAM' .f N . -K" A Mig M A,,,- new .5 W V. x z gqgycuz. If , ., .. L k..ii? x 55+ . :sv - pagan M7 ,A N ii 1 51.2-3 ' V .. X " . . ' A , ,A .. ,... . W f w r i "5'?riE.i':'Q2:sp ' W' Q 5.1, A Wi: W g mw A 7. 1 .riff ff.g:w,3 ..,lQ 'z H ii Af - A -, A - V, ,vi i H ,V--V ,, wig 1, . f .E 5 . vga 3. wa, Qmii:- 55,23 fpggsf' it. 5.5 me ff ' ,Q Q99 'f 9,213 A N 2.?t'51 ..,es.5g. . TP' Y 29 "" ? Q- . 5 , 1 L V who M' ' wx vi fi , L "" . QQHwQ,t'W'1 Ew?fGSNQWH ..f11 RQQEE EEW 551' Mm .1-Qvtswwmwtkwmkf -.t" +'fuf1:: we pmmwf w Q.. .,, . ,B if ww 1 .: ...eff 7,1 - If JOHN CLAYTON LOUISE EDDY GEORGE BENEDIKTY SALLY CARR DAVID WEAVER JOANN KOLAR JEAN SANTEE NORMAN Baooxovmz SANDRA HAUGHT JACK PENNELL PM-'rv HENDERSON EUGENE HAMILTON JAMES BURETZ CAROLYN TOTH THOMAS SIBRAY MARY ANN POPP JIMMY JONB ANITA CRAIG V Ekfijrs me , -mA My V . ..M,,M. .,,M,, umm ww. M- ww. V Wm.wwW-fwswrhwqweiiiwfii' W NW , 1 WF. K A xx .MV f if, 5, Wiki' if ?'f'33LlMiQ?.C!",5.'. .. gf 'WSW , W' Q ,,Q R 'isw-nfiifybfh , WI' if W. .. , ity, , , ,M M ,,,,,f , A.... M.+.x.mv f 1 YQ asv, ww ..m..,,,f1HfMf.ww4wswm, ' MAX' QQ A. 45 . --5.5931 : 3 fm! 511-- i ,. If 4 I .-I , ' . QW. W Wm. X, Y EL, W, -M af fm ,-M fm 515' iii? - L: iff? -f , ' EE- ? X A N ,N . .Q 5 56585 , giggvf K K .ff -- 5 7 'lf ml P 1 wg ,--1455? A S.wfKt2za,:'szf if pg, 'f-Wim 2' . ,L f -L A VWY, , , ,,,V J, W " -3 V ,.m,,,A.w :fwfr 1 " Q f f X ,i M 1.-. o L11?h7'?' ff . ,, W W-if 4-Y 5 .M-Q'33'J4sf,. ,mf x,44wia.f i' . 1 ' ba , ,wigig I --1 NC Q -'a,Q:i,xxffrrV -A igj.-g Q. w, .4 , . 'L M, wzwk, Q, K 5 X .L ,rf K . W ,A M K. wfw. . 'WW ,,.,. .WS 1 Am... .LW k 51159551 3 1292 " Q 553 :N . 5 X fs, .Y W gs fw... , mmm,-. if ' , ' weft ii' if Gi, T 'SNL -- Wx ffm 2 ,-PJ Af, -1' 'V I 4 I vw Seventh Grade . My ""i:ar 416 as L..-Maw' 8-GETS! 4 . WST 'vw President ---------- Jerry Jones Vice-President ----- Jimmy Fox Secretary ------ Ruth Ann Burns Treasurer -------- Terry Wilson 0? we -,ev .0 ,,,-ff --ww' 'J' as 'LY ...nf BOBBY SINES RAMONA SANTEE BOBBY WHITE LORETTA PARRISH NORMAN YEAGER CONNIE HARKER JUDY WILSON CARL MURDOCK PAULINE HARKER ROSS TENNANT SHIRLEY FLUHARTY MARSHALL KNOTT5 GEORGE HINDS KAREN MOORE GEORGE YOST MABLE HINDS JACKIE HAUGHT SHIRLEY BROOKOVER ROSEMARY SAUNDER5 JUNIOR FREELAND PATTY INGI-IRAM DON WILSON BETTY JONES DONNIE OSTRICH JIMMY URSE GERELDA UNDERWOOD OLAN TENNANT VERONICA MOCSARY JACK BARR NANCY GREASER SYLVIA BARR DELORES AUSTIN MARY WYER ELLEN PRICE SANDRA MOORE RUTH ANN MERCER MARGARET JANE JONES ROSALIE MOCSARY FRANCES MCKAIN MARILYN THORNE Old Man Winter 'wks 3' . ,- Q . ,--- M. , -A ,, ' - wx ,1 .'e: -,ar a i f -fin, gy, I ' Q + -." 1 - , . 2, f R Q wma 32 , :Mmwwm YCIWE-UVllHES vgfimq E WQXSZQ bw S:94.Kfumf? A Sh Fi X 5 X ,iff ,v W 'ep NX QV' "' f9? '7 fem ou. were l'Yl QQ-ef, fn C' j,-C LUQ51-204-0' lain-Euf fDcz'refla7i bgiu, 0 LIOU- Luv-oe n fny 5fa'f'ElI Lavcj 11,0 QL when l,Ue. Lucrc 0. Coufolg 015A',:J," 40 Junior High Boys' Glee Club Latin Club 34 Junior High Boys' Glee Club FIRST ROW: Louis Basile, Jimmy Tobin, Frank Puskas, Kancho Spasoff, Raymond Kolozy, Thomas Sibray, Jack Pennell. SECOND ROW: Richard Green, Robert Conaway, Jimmy Jones, Jack Moore, David Weaver, Junior Marteney. THIRD ROW: George Benedikty, Jim Buretz, Jack Dobbins, George Marko, Marion Rodriquez, Mrs. Brookover. Latin Club FIRST ROW: Miss Wilson, Patty Woods, Virginia Brasuk, Bernadette Bell, Margaret I-laught Sally Coffman, Jean Masters, Patty Jones, Margaret Sloan, Dolores Haught. SECOND ROW: Patty Dulin, Delores Spasoff, Rose Sabatino, Jane Jackson, Phyllis Knisely, Viola Reynolds, Diana Sibray, Frances Parker. THIRD ROW: Joe Clark, Joann Gump, Patty Wilson. Jane Robey, Bill Gillespie, Jack Binnix, A Ruth Keefover, Anthony Basile. FOURTH ROW: Paul Vincent, Jim Swisher, Pat Sheppard, Ronnie Walls, Eddie Tekieli, Joe Krevosky, Jack Tennant, Bob Smith. FIFTH ROW: Jesse Tennant, Gary Dennison, Henry Clayton. The Latin Club sang Christmas Carols in Latin in the halls at Christmas, and awarded red and black jackets with Fairview Latin Club written on the back to the Senior members with two years of Latin. The officers of the club are: President, Eddie Tekieli: Vice-President, Joe Krevoskyg Secretary-Treasurer, Dolores Haughtg Sergeant At Arms, Bill Gillespie. 35 Band Majorettes 36 Band FIRST ROW: Jack Mitchell, Jimmy Urse, Cecil Heater, lkey Dodd, Jack Lundy, Carl Murdock, Mary Wyer, Joe Pogue. SECOND ROW: Ellen I-Iaught, Sally Carr, Mary Boore, Bob Jamison, Sue Mason, Agnes Mocsary, Mona Musgrave, Sylvia Barr, Joann Gump. THIRD ROW: Jean Sharp, David Tennant, Shirley Bailey, Dean Sharp, Ruth Burns, Jane Reynolds, Sally Coffman, Mr.. Boland. FOURTH ROW: Bob Smith, Alice Ammons. 4 FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Rinehart, Bob Inghram, Jane Robey, Betty Smith, Tom Mason, David Sloan. The Fairview High School Band under the direction of Mr. John Boland, played for home football and basketball games. They attended the W. V. U. -Fordham game at Morgantown. This year officers were elected who are: President, Joann Gump: Vice-President, Tom Mason: Secretary, Betty Smith: Treasurer, Jane Robey: and Librarians, Jean Sharp and Bob Smith. Several of the members participated in the County Band. The Band Mothers purchased a new bell lyre and bass horn. Cymbals and other instruments will be purchased later on. The Band is planning a skating party and will give two more concerts. Archie O. Houhland, professor at W. V. U. will direct one concert. The Band has two assistant directors who are Joann Gump and Tom Mason. The Band will attend the Band Festival at Morgantown in the spring. Majorettes Delores Haught, Bernadette Bell, Mary Lou Inghram, Frances Parker, Delores Spasoff, Karen Fortney, Mary Eddy, Joyce Collins, Patty Wilson. The majorettes performed at the football and basketball games. They also performed with other majorettes from the state at the W. V. U. -Fordham game at Morgantown. They will attend the annual Band Festival at Morgantown this spring. New uniforms of red corduroy shorts and vests with white blouses were purchased. 37 Senior Charus Junior High Glee Club 38 Glee Club The Senior Chorus, Junior High Glee Club and the Junior High Boys' Glee Club particiapted in the Christmas program, and sang at various assemblies. Several members went to the County Chorus. Delores Haught, Mona Musgrave, and June Greeg will participate in the State Chorus. The organizations are planning a concert and will sing for baccalaureate and com- mencement exercises. ' FIRST ROW: Mrs. Brookover, Rosella Green, Delores Haught, Joyce Collins, Mary Harris, Suzanne McCray, Mary Eddy, Joann Gump, Lois Merico. SECOND ROW: Frances Hurt, Lucy Toothman, Jean Masters, Sally Coffman, Mona Musgrave, Ruth Keefover, Patty Cale, June Gregg. THIRD ROW: Tom Price, Paul Vincent, Lera Ice. Sylvia Less, Patty I-Iufford, Lester Gump, Lee Pratt. FOURTH ROW: Richard Snyder, Etley Robison, Franklin Jones, Melvin Williams. Junior High Glee Club FIRST ROW: Barbara Hamrick, Sadie Hawkinbex ry, Ruby Clayton, JoAnn Toothman. Sue Mason, Peggy Knisely, Dorothy Stiles, Freda Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Connie Sabatino, Frankie Kirkpatrick, Regina Haught, Esther Domico, Sally Carr, Bonnie Graves, JoAnn Ostrich, Jean Santee, Sarah Yost, Loretta Storey, Mary Ann Hlusko. THIRD ROW: Mary Coen, Louise Eddy, JoAnn Kolar, Sandra Haught, Mary Ann Popp, Anita Graig, Gloria Guido, Carolyn Toth, Patty Lambert, Lillian Kaider. FOURTH ROW: Dolores Salina, Edna Eddy, Edith Yost, Agnes Mocsary, Shirley Bailey, Helen Zabolotny, Betty Smith, JoAnn Neer, Mrs. Brookover. FIFTH ROW: Ellen Haught, Rosella Haught, Patty Henderson, Margaret Pauleck, Frances ' Serdich. 39 Library Club Varsity Club 40 Library Club FIRST ROW: Bonnie Parker, Karen Fortney. Jane Robey, Francis Hurt, JoAnn Ostrich. SECOND ROW: Miss Sturm, Lucy Toothman, Delores Spasoff, Lera Ice, Viola Reynolds, Paul Vincent. The Library Club is made up of student assistants in the library who are assigned different types of library work such as: circulation, shelf reading, helping to catalog, and mending. Dur- ing National Book Week they gave a tea for the faculty and student council members. It is planned to visit some larger library during the year. The club officers are: President, Dolores Spasoffg Vice-President, Jane Robeyg Secretary, Viola Reynoldsg Reporter, Karen Fortney. Varsity Club FIRST ROW: Paul Jezioro, Jean Tennant, Joann Neer, Suzanne McCray, Lois Mez-ico, Jack Binnix. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hedrick, Jack Tennant, Etley Robison, John Marshall, Richard Pribble, Bill Gillespie, Don Darrah, Mr. Reppert. THIRD ROW: Mike Popp, Jim Sloan, Bill Anderson, Junior Renovits, Joe Toothman, Anthony Basile. Joe Krevosky. FOURTH ROW: Richard Ruthkowski, Eddie Tekieli. The Varsity Club sold refreshments at the various games. Sweaters were awarded to the outstanding athletes of the various sports throughout the year. 41 Student Council Th esp ia ns 42 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Student Council Jack Tennant. Patty Woods, Gerelda Underwood, Rose Sabatino, Delores Spasoff, Mary Eddy, Margaret I-laught, Charles Merico. Miss Toothman, Henry Clayton, Gary Dennison, Kancho Spasoff, Robert Conaway, George Darrah. Jim Villinger, Richard Rutkowski, Bill Anderson, Eddie Tekieli, Tracy Lough, Tom Mason, Bill Gillespie. The purpose of the Student Council of Fairview High is to promote a better, more wholesome relationship between students and teachers: to promote a sense of fair play among the students themselves: and to present well-rounded, interesting assembly programs. The Student Council has a constitution, sponsors locker inspection, enforcement of school rules and laws of the constitution, plans assembly programs and discusses school problems at' their meetings. They are planning to buy pins for the members and will leave a gift to the school. The Student Council officers are: President, Jack Tennant: Vice-President, Gary Dennison: Secretary-Treasurer, Rose Sabatino: and Sergeant At Arms, Henry Clayton. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: Thespian Troup Delores Haught. Joann Gump, Miss Sturm. Gary Dennison, Margaret I-laught, Tom Mason. Mary Lou lnghram. Nancy Straight, Frances Parker, Dessie Warner, Viola Reynolds, Lois Mex-ico. NOT PHOTOGRAPHED: Lila Boore. The Fairview High Troupe is No. 34 in the National Thespian Society whose membership numbers more than a thousand schools. Before becoming a member it is necessary for the student to have earned fifteen points through acting, helping with staging, or working on the business part of the production. The Thespians have added so far this year nine new members to the troupe. They did not produce aplay of their own but assisted generally other groups who did. Whenever possible they attended productions given in neighboring schools and colleges. 43 Audio- Visual Club Dri-vers' Education 44 Audio- Visual Club FIRST ROW: Glendon Shriver, Joe Adams, Tom Mason, Mr. Groves, Bob Smith, Henry Clayton, Norman Brookover. SECOND ROW: David Mercer, Duane Shriver, Kenneth Tennant, Jesse Tennant. The Audio-Visual Club was organized for the purpose of showing movies to History classes, Physical Education classes, guidance and assembly groups, Woman's Club, and any other classes interested. Movies are obtained for use at the high school from the Marion County Film Library in Fairmont, Esso, West Virginia University, and Ideal Pictures Corporation. Drivers' Education The Drivers' Education class learned the fundamentals of driving. The class counts a half solid. During the first semester they study a book on driving: the second semester is devoted to learning to drive an automobile. FIRST ROW: Doris Clayton, Patty Tennant, Jean Masters, Delores Quisenberry, Fondia Knotts, Ruth Imes, Edith Foley, Wilma Barth. SECOND ROW: Nancy Straight, Dessie Warner, Marie Toothman, Jane Jackson, Mary Lou lnghram, Thelma Hurt, Phyllis Knisely, Virginia Hufford, Edythe Wells. THIRD ROW: Mr. Straight, Bear1Reed, Virgil Tobin, James Swisher, Jesse Tennant, Earl Reed. 45 Math Club Vocational Agriculture 46 Math Club FIRST ROW: Lloyd I-Iunter, Sally Carr, Viola Reynolds, Virginia Hufford, Mary Musgrave, Mona Musgrave, Glen Warner. ' SECOND ROW: Mr. Groves, Danny Henderson. Jesse Tennant, Duane Shriver, Eddie Musgrave, Johnny Knisely. The Honorary Math Society of Fairview High School was organized during the first semester of last year. The object of this club is to promote the study of higher mathematics in this school. The requirements for membership are two years of higher mathematics with an average of ninety, or three years of high school mathematics. A mathematics award will be presented to the out- standing student of the year. They have ordered slide rules for its members. They sponsored a math contest and movies during noon hour. They are learning to use the slide rules as a project. Officers are: President, Duane Shriver: Vice-President, Jesse Tennant: Secretary-Treas- urer, Virginia I-Iufford. Vocational Agriculture FIRST ROW: Eugene Hamilton. John Clayton, Norman Brookover, Clifton Tennant, Jim Nine, Virgil I-Iibbs, Albert Allenby, Franklin Jones, Bearl Reed. SECOND ROW: Earl Reed, Andrew Laya, Jimmy Tennant, Jack Mitchell, Jimmy Yost, Bob Baker, Bob McCoy, Max Burke, Robert Eddy. THIRD ROW: Junior Renovits, George Lomas, Andy Lepock, George Opron, Tracy Lough, Mike Marko, Benny Long, Paul Wilkinson. FOURTH ROW: Albert Clelland, Bud Eddy, Jesse Tennant, Paul Jezioro, Jesse King, Bernard Eddy, Duane Shriver, Bob Mercer. FIFTH ROW: Melvin Williams, David Mercer, Donald Toothman. The FFA plays basketball with other schools, attends the Ohio State Fair, and has an annual field day. Meetings are held on Friday. The officers are: President, Bob Mercer: Vice-President, Bob McCoy: Secretary, Bud Eddy, Treasurer, Tracy Lough, Reporter, Bernard Eddy: and Watchdog, Charley Underwood. 47 Home Room Mothers FIRST ROW: Mrs. Harry Mason, Mrs. Ted Fortney, Mrs. John Barth, Mrs. Robert Carr. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Woodrow Sloan, Mrs. Clyde Haught, Mrs. Willard Moore, Mrs. Willis Conaway, Mrs. John Snyder. THIRD ROW: Mrs. M. G. Flowers, Mrs. John Burns, Mrs. Raymond Hufford. The Home Room Mothers for 1950-'51 are under the direction of Mrs. E. W. Malcolm. Two mothers were selected for each home room. They meet once a month in the town hall for a study course from a PTA magazine and a social hour. At Christmas and Easter they give treats to the children in their home rooms. The Home Room Mothers are: Mrs. Willard Moore, Mrs. John Burns, for the seventh grade: Mrs. Ted For-tney, Mrs. Woodrow Sloan, for the eighth grade: Mrs. Robert Marshall, Mrs. Robert Carr, Mrs. Lon Weaver, Mrs. Willis Conawayj for the ninth grade: Mrs. Carl Gregg, Mrs. Raymond I-Iufford, Mrs. John Snyder, Mrs. Clyde Tennant, for the tenth grade: Mrs. M. G. Flowers, Mrs. Clyde Haught, Mrs. Willis Darrah, Mrs. Merle Walls, Mrs. Albert Bell, Mrs. Harry Brasuk, for the eleventh grade: Mrs. Harry Mason, Mrs. John Hurt, Mrs. Clarence Sharp, Mrs. Kenneth Eddy, for the twelfth grade. Cafeteria The cafeteria at Fairview High School is under the direction of Mrs. Frances Vincent, the Home Economics teacher. It operates under the Federal Hot Lunch Program serving the Type A meal with milk for 254. These meals usually consist of a hot dish salad, dessert and sand- wiches. The cafeteria staff includes the two cooks, Mrs. Ora Gump and her mother Mrs. Lewis Ammons, and the members of the cafeteria class composed of Junior girls. The location of the cafeteria has been changed to the bottom of the gym. New tables and chairs were purchased along with some other equipment for the cafeteria. 49 Popularity ontest I g,1"w MARY JO COEN vmcmm BRASUK Guns, Most Studious GARY DENNISON Most Likely To Succeed Prettiest Hair Be st Dressed Best Actor ..:. f , V ' BILL ANDERSON LOIS MERICO Most Popular Prettiest Biggest Flirt DOLORES HAUG Best Actress H JACK BINNIX Best All-Round Junior JACK TENNANT Most Handsome JOHNNY MARSHALL Most Popular Best All-Round Senior CHARLES MERICO aes: All-Round Best All-Round RONNIE RE-I-TON Most Friendly Sophomore Freshman LILA BOORE Best All-Round . , r K,., 31 ,3:,:.., prettiest Hair Eighth Grader Q -PPVA 1 - ' ' QP! Si 3 BP I JERRY JONES RUTH BURNS MIKE POP? ANITA CRAIG JOANN MORRIS JOANN GUMP ROSE SABATINO Best All-Round Couple Most Seen Together Quietest Best Dressed Prettiest Eyes Seventh Graders Best Dancer 50 Qim mxsw ll b3V 4WW5' IK263 mtv" EW Q If 4, aj 9 1 yrwgggg , y! ,ffag gt" e'w f .' ,Vg X I ff f 4 f7iyP2' 4 fi ? F 3 1 f' . "us ' I, f fr! 'I A ff MQ ' ' X f f ,1 I' Q SIPUIIWS FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Joe Krevosky, Richard Rutkowki, Eddie Tekieli, Jack Tennant, Billy Gillespie, Mike Popp. Ronnie Retton, Bucky White. SECOND ROW: Left to Right: Coach "Bill" Reppert, Assistant Coach Ray Hedrick, Paul Jesioro, Tommy Price, Junior Renovits, Anthony Basile, James Swisher, Etley Robinson. Bill Andrewson, David Sloan. THIRD ROW: Left to Right: Jack Binnix, Jim Salina, Jim Sloan, Bill Flowers. Benny Long, Johnny Marshall, Richard Pribble, Dale Gowers. -0' -- Football ' 'W 1950 Sept. 8 FHS 0 Doddridge Z0 gym, XQ, 18 FHS 6 at Mannington 0 jyf Xi' ZZ FHS 6 at Rivesville Q ",!, 29 FHS 0 Farmington f Oct. 6 FHS 7 Barrackville X 13 FHS 6 Monongah 1' 4 zo F1-is 39 Lumberport E' Q 27 Fx-is 1 Clay-Battelle X ' Nov. 3 FHS 7 at Tyler County 10 FHS 0 at Pine Grove - X 52 Opponents They Opponents Alumni 42 Barrackville Lost Creek 40 Hundred East Fairmont 54 West Fairmont West Union 50 Rivesville Hundred 41 Barrackville Monongah 45 Farmington Rivesville 60 Clay-Battelle Mannington 50 East Fairmont Farmington 46 Monongah Mannington 54 Clay-Battelle Lost Creek 75 74 SEASON RECORD Points Scored - FHS - 1271 OPP0U9nt5 Average Per Game - FHS - 60. 5 OPP9nent5 We 43 69 44 56 54 65 64 68 70 60 994 47. 3 They 38 49 50 38 46 53 47 44 32 41 Fairview won the Region Il, Section V, Tournament played at Chalfont Field House February Z0 Z4 by defeating Farmington 46-48 and then in the final round eliminating Clay Battelle by the score of 64-89. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Joe Toothman, Charles Merico, Paul Jezioro, Don Darrah, Jack Binni SECOND ROW: Left to Right: George Opron, Jack Tennant, Mike Marko, Eddie Tekieli, Joe Krevosky. 53 JOE KREVCBKY JACK TENNANT JOE Toon-IMAN MIKE MARK0 State Champs Champs Undefeated ,50- CHARLES ME RICO GEORGE OPRON if Q' 3 we Y' ,Wwuaw I .ww Nw .,:Q,wk JACK BINNIX DON DARRAH EDDIE TEKIELI KENNY TENNANT 54 FIRST ROW: David Weaver, Keith Jones. Jimmy Salina, Johnny Marshall, Danny Henderson Ronnie Retton, Coach Ray Hedrick. SECOND ROW: Gerald Jones, George Marko, David Sloan, Kancho Spassoff, Lloyd Lee Hunter Opponents Daybrook Alumni Wade stown Hundred Monongah Rivesville Mannington Farmington Junior High Basketball We They Opponents 24 Mannington 22 Bari-ackville 31 Hundred 18 Rivesville 42 Farmington 48 Clay-Battelle 27 Daybrook 31 Monongah Clay-Battelle 81 39 Offensive Average 44. 94 Defensive Average 32.82 SEAS ON RECORD Won 12 Lost 4 They 34 29 30 44 42- 31 41 25 Fairview Junior High Basketball Team was runners-up in the Region II, Section V Tournament and were eliminated in the finals by Rivesville with a one point margin, the score being 37 38 55 Varsity Cheerleaders-Lois Merico, Jean Tennant, Suzanne McCray. Joan Neer. How Fairview Won W. Va. State Basketball Championship 1951 5 Sectional Tournament - Fairview Fairview 48 Farmington 46 'N Fairview 89 Clay-Battelle 64 I Lg Regional Tournament - Jane Lew Fairview 90 Glenville 52 Fairview 56 Salem 42 Northern West Virginia Area - Fairview Fairview 56 Kingwood 42 Fairview 58 Newell 51 West Virginia State - Morgantown Fairview 42 Greenbank 40 On Ye Redskins, On Ye Redskins On to win the game Some we win. and some we lose But we'll cheer you just the same Rah! Rahl Rah! We are proud that we are Indians And hail from Fairview High With pep and might, we'll fight right on To V-l-C-T-O-R-Y. Junior Cwheeflealiers-Sue Mason, Regina Sue Haught. 56 LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Jezioro, Andy Lepock, Jack Tennant. George Opron, Eddie Tekieli, Mike Marko, Charles Merico, Joe Toothman, Coach "Bill" Reppert. Him" ? . April ll F1-is 5 East Fairmont o 6 -. 1, 18 FHS 8 Clay-Battelle 0 i wi, zo FHS I5 Rivesvi11o 5 4 Q ' 1119 X 25 FHS 3 Monongah z 1 - IE' Z6 FHS 10 at Rivesville o 3 iw M' L, Z7 FHS 4 at West Fairmont 7 ' , X X A May Z FHS 5 at Morgantown 3 , iff 5 5 FHS 9 Bari-aoiwilio o 133 F 6 FHS 18 at Monongah 4 X .5 io FHS 3 west Fairmont 1 1 4 ll FHS 3 Farmington o ' FHS 3 Farmington 3 L f' SEASON RECORD Won lZ Lost 3 LETTERMEN NOT PICTURED: Lou Clark, Don Luketic, Tom Kaider, Cecil Rutkowski. 57 Calendar SEPTEMBER 7 8 IZ 15 17 Z7 OCTOBER 6 10 18 24 30 NOVEMBER 3 .... 7 .... 10 ---- 22-27- 27 to Dec. 4- DECEMBER 1 6 .... 7 IZ 14 15 ZZ 27 JANUARY Z 4 5 8 9 10 24 Z5 26 31 -4-- First day of school. West Union and Fairview tangled in football at Fairview. Band went to Mannington. Fairview traveled to Mannington for football game. Fairview plays one of its closest rivals in football, Rivesville. The movie, "Deep Waters," is presented. Barracksville meets Fairview in football game. Senior pictures were taken by Ideal Studio of Clarksburg. The movie, "Boomerang," is presented. Group pictures were taken by Ideal Studio of Clarksburg. Puppet show is given at Fairview High School. Fairview travels to Middlebourne for football game. Election day, no school. The show, "Green Grass Of Wyoming, " is presented. Thanksgiving Holidays. No school. lt began snowing on the 24th of November and continued until the 27th. There was forty-two inches of snow that fell and all transpor- tation was at a standstill. Big snow stops school. Student Council practice for Pearl Harbor Day. Assembly is given by Student Council. Matinee for "Seventeenth Summer," is presented. Fairview P. T. A. presents, "On Top With Flight Seven" for students. Fairview Junior High Basketball Team played its first game of the season. Christmas Holidays begin. Fairview played their first basketball game of the season with East Fairmont. Fairview meets Hundred in basketball game. Fairview meets Monongah in basketball game at Monongah. Junior meeting is called. Senior meeting is held for planning Donkey basketball game. Student Council meeting. Fairview Indians beat Rivesville Rams, 93-60. A movie is presented to the student body. W. M. M. N. made a recording of the Fairview Band and of Coach Reppert. Fairview High School receives a new school bus. Students enjoy the movie, "Laurie. " 58 FEBRUARY 5 .... 6 .... 7 .... 7 .... 3 .... 9 .... 14 ---- l5--- ZZ ---- Z8 ---- MARCH 14 --.. as ---- 26 ---- MAY 1 .... is --.- zv -.-- za ---- 29 ---- Jack Binnix and Florence Zabolotny, Juniors, return from visiting state capitol for "Know Your State Day." A movie, "Atomic Bomb," is presented. Assembly program, a one-act play, "Mrs. Apple And Her Corps" pre sented by Senior home room. Fairview basketball. team won a trophy for winning Mason-Dixon Con- ference. Student Council meeting is held. World Day of Prayer is held for a minute at IZ o'clock. Journalism class delivers singing Valentines. Barracksville orchestra presents the assembly. -The movie, "Sickle And The Cross, " is presented. Fairview plays their last home game with Clay-Battelle. The May Festival court and queen are selected. Dolores Ann Haught wins County American Legion Oratorical Contest. Paw Paw went to press. Tentative Dates The movie, "Fury Of Furnace Creek," to be presented. Good Friday--No School. Easter Holiday--No School. May Day Festival. Junior-Senior Prom. Baccalaureate Sermon. Class Night. Commencement Exercises. 59 Boosters Miss Toothman Lucille Tennant Miss Parrish Monford Wilson Leroy Binnix Delmar Hunter Howard Tennant Leo Dodd Jackie Sue Dodd Thelma Hurt Dolores Spasoff Joann Gump Betty and Sally Mary Lou Lough Karen and Terry Patty and Wayne Nancy and Junior Edythe and Vaughn Dessie and Bill Bill and Margaret Ann Dolores Ann and Joe Duane Charlie and Juanita Lois and Jimmy Denzil and Mary Mary Deloris and Merle Pettit Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Dodd Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Morris Mr. and Mrs. Roy Haught Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mason Mr. -and Mrs. Jack Gump 60 HHUVIEIRHSEIUWSEIIWS aes .. fb J. L Havin' MUSTACW Tkou bLE 7 -'A MSE wGinudn Mvsfach CU? A' 9 CDP AT SH A STGRE L DE Bam 53 GX mm my News 4, VW 9-T ir.. i 5 . f1 I ,f , 1 1 I ,?A i , 5 Y s 5 I K I 3 :JEL 'Q ' i , - I , Lv ".- C , wr 1, A E . A '11 ! X419 Q . . I 1 I 9 'I J , , . ,Y x Q I 1 ' qi". 4 VZ ,E , v, i '- 5' - A ' 1 T 1 1 .V . ' ,,,, 'Jr ' ' 1 1 1 1-1 X 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 U " W 1' 1 W 1 1 1 1 W W .. 11 1 1111 1 1 1 M 1' 23:1 1 G YN! 1121 1111 W 1171111 X '11 .,, XY wi- I 1 1L1W 3,-- 11 1 X11 N1. 1 V K .111-.1 MF I 111 1111 1 .N 4111 11,1'! 1 11' H 1 1 11+ 111141513 . W 11 4 if .. 11, 1 1 "LC ,,s 1 1 N N "M 1 ., . w, X11 W H 1 1+-r ? 1 1 11 1 1 , 1,11 J 1 1 1 ... 1 . 1 N H X 1 1 , Y km ljwarlxxl- U, 11 Q ,Y '11 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 Q W 1111 1 1 11 37 2 111 f' ,. 1 JL 1 ' ' 11 1 1 ,wg '1 lf ' u111Uf-41W1,11fS'7 Qfdfl '.Fr:1- ' 1 11 1 1151, 1 1 L1 , .11 ,Q rf ff' 11 ' 1 '11 ' " 1, W 11, 111",1!N1f,,,,'111 1,1 15-aw- M 'af-1 !11111f-11191 11111 ,lx 1 11 N ,1111,:. i' ,,g11111"' 1. f' '1'1'11N"1's 1511111-1-1'f'111 ' ,"11y,11 '13 11i"'L 11 1 11 1111-mf 'W' W' Vw' ' ' Y' V ' U Y' ' -1 -1llu1::1111l23!lH11w u411w1111111L1ff"HSwM 911: U 1114 w 1 ' vi E 11. 4 1 ' THE BANK of WADESTGWN Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of BELL'S MARKET Phone 3702 Compliments of BUZZY MARKET Grant Town, West Virginia L E V I N E S Clothes for Graduation Fairmont, West Virginia BROOKS SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family Fairmont, West Virginia G. C. MURPHYS THE FRIENDLY STORE Newly Enlarged Fairmont, West Virginia THE CANTOR TAILORING CO. From the Cheapest that is Good TO The Best is Made 418 Main Street Fairmont, West Virginia Compliments of YOST BROS. WILSON - EDDY and SON Gas - Oil- Service Fairmont, West Virginia LEE'S PLACE Sealtest Ice Cream MAZURE'S GROCERY Fresh Meats and Fine Foods Phone Fairview 2491 Grant Town, West Virginia BURNS' RESTAURANT Fairmont, West Virginia 1 GOLDEN BROTHERS Phone 662 331 Adams Street Fairmont, West Virginia S U T T O N ' S Cards and Gifts for A11 Occasions Westinghouse Appliances Phone 2942 Fairmont, West Virginia WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE si' 'y tif? 96 Y n X 42231. :IGH '59, 1'- I .,,,., '-I. , xr If :f HL - Q -:Y-Hmm' eww.: A , .. , ,. ,,..,,,. . .i Nl- F - .-:W ,..-, c,,5',fi , ,,,m.:, -,,.,, 14 ni, ,,- ,. , ., f grim. f "' -J' HL ff 1-Ii3':aXi'f - ,f - n ,afgf rmL:.'-'fa A f , 1 f If,-v .5115 .2 2.4: 453. , 1 X-4 7+-1 ,uf 'QV .E.?.'1.lv"-like." 1' if , .-ln, ' ' :': -. 'A-"X wil, .Lb 1 'V H-V-, WL.-I gLQ',gA?L--r.. 1 1 ., -. 'ffl' 91 ' YW " A 1, . f,-g..,.:'- F., Q A -1 ,f . ,rv-:wzuy . , -, -1 ,4. 'fl If , ' 2. " 4 43-A:. Ur' , 'rw' g-.gi -L' , 5,22 uri 5,3 , A-ET3'f'.-T 24:23. 1:11 ' if V V.. ,,1gA.. .. 5: Ansar-vw.'uL,1 ,fHw.wu.-m ,,,, uwzwwalmwwwwmulwmamx' 1 ,, Iuwuwmumm lhallmwmmmnmw

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