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L. P l N' A le Jg' J ' ..-:P-.n er Ex . LI Bn is Bernard Marmaduke Chalfont M VVE, THE MEMBERS OF THE PAW PAW STAFF, VVISH TO DEDICATE OUR 1947 PAW PAW TO A LOYAL AND TRUSTWORTHY FRIEND, WHOSE UN- TIRING EFFORTS VVERE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR VVONDERFUL GYMNASIUM, MR. B. M. "DUKE" CHALFONT .... HE NVAS KNOWN BY ALL THE STUDENTS AS "DUKE" AND NOT A DAY OF SCHOOL WENT BY THAT "DUKE" DID NOT ATTEND. THOUGH HE IS NO LONGER WITH US, HIS MEMORY WILL STAY WITH US FOREVER. 71131947 - PAW PAW Q Z g'?'-'-:QAY5-5, AUX X . ,OW "'m g f FAIRVIEW HIGH F W v g -MM FAIRVIEW SCHOOL OIGWOI We, the Pau' Part' Staff, have labored to make this yearbook something which you will cherish in the future. In addition to recording our happenings in the past year of school we have tried to show you something of the industries which have been, and yet are playing a great part in our lives. Witllout the coal, oil, and gas industries located in this vicinity we probably would not have our conlnlunities of Grant Town and Fairview and our line high school. The school cannot divorce itself from the business and social life of the communities in which it is located, for we are a part of them. The 1947 Paw Paw Edward Willard Malcolm Principal Mr. F. VV. Malcolm, our friend and principal of Fair- view High School, received his A.B. degree from iNest Vir- ginia VVesleyan in l937. He taught at Farmington High School tior eight years from 1930-38g was principal at Down's lilementary School from 1940-413 andthas been principal of Fairview High School since 1941. For the past three years he has been principal of all Fairview schools. The 1947 Paw Paw FACULTY HERSHEL B. STRAIGHT A.B. West Virginia Universityg Chemistry, Vocational Agriculture, Biology, Science, Fairview High 1923-47. LUCILLE RICHNER MALCOLM A.B. West Virginia Wesleyan 1930, Science, Civics, Mathematics: Fairview High 1944, 1947. LILLIE MAE TOOTHMAN A.B. Fairmont State College 19375 Marion County Elementary Schools, American History, Geography, Problems of Democracy, World Historyg Fairview High School 1944-47. WILLIAM REPPERT JR. A.B. Salem College 19395 University of Maryland, Mathematics, Spelling, Physical Education, Coach, Fairview High School 1944-47. 6 LOIS VVILSON A.B. Fairmont State College 19393 University of Michigang English, Lating Fairview High School 1940-47. ANN SHREVE NORRIS A.B. Fairmont State ,College 19453 English, Cafeteria, Nursing, Home Economicsg Fairview High School 1946-47. MARY STURM A.B. VVest Virginia University 1930, Columbia Uni- versity, Library, Dramatics, Public Speaking, Jour- nalism, Counselorg 1930-47. HENRY THORNE JR. A.B. Fairmont State College 19413 Band, Fairview High School 1946-47. A The 1947 Paw Paw Q K Xkyxe st 'sf 1-sflvf?-gg Str. ' 5 FACULTY DORIS XVEEKLEY BURNS AB. Marshall College 19445 Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand, Fairview High School 1944-47. ' REGINA MILANO BS. in Physical Education, West Virginia University 19453 Physical Education, Biologyg Fairview High School 1945-47. . EDNA PARRISH AB. Fairmont State College 1937: English, Spelling, Geography, History, Marion County Elementary Schools: Fairview High School 1945-47. DOROTHY MJQINTYRE EDGAR A.B. Salem College 19453 Music Diplomag Double Major Musicg Glee Club, Spelling, Musicg Fairview High School 1944-47. The 1947 Paw Paw RHODA MOSS GROVES AB. Fairmont State College 19443 Mathematics: Plane Geometry, Civics, Algebrag Fairview High School 1945-47. VELMA SHUMAN 11'est Virginia Business College: Secretary, Fairview High School 1946-47. EVALEE ANN LINGER B.S. X'Vest Virginia VVesleyan 19475 Home Economics. English, Nursing, Cafeteriag Fairview High School 1947. MARJORIE COFFMAN AB. Fairmont State College 19475 Music, Fairview High School 1947. 7 J OURNALI SM CLASS lufct row, left to riglzf-f-Ross Maruka, Mary Amendolia, Wilda Lough, Suzanne Wliite, Carl Robison Stroud' 1'nwvFlorenee Clair, Helen Amos, Betty Jean Jones, Ruth Swiger, Betty Suite, Miss Sturm llllflli row-Arthur Puskas, Bill Tootlnnan, jimmy Straight, Ed Tubridy. Editor ........,..........r...., Assistant Editor ......,... Business Manager Paw Paw ta Assistant Business Manager ......... Advertising Manager ....,...,........ ...,,,,..w Assistant Advertising Manager ..,. ,,..., Circulation Manager Sports Editor ....................,....... Assistant Sports Editor ...rr,r,. Club Editor ..,......................... Society Editor ....,,,... Feature Editor .rr.,..... Photographer ....... Art1 st .........,,...... Calendar ........... , ...,,., Ross Marulca r,,..,lXl'tllLlI' Puskas ..: ......... Ruth Swiger .,,..Suzanne VVhite ,Betty jean jones .,,,ji1u1ny Straight ..............rBetty Suite ......,...Car1 Robison ,,..Billy Toothman Mary Aniendolia ...........Wilcla Lough ...,,.......Florenee Clair ,..,.,,...Eclward Tubridy ........Junior Moran ..,........lHelen Amos The 1947 Paw Paw Gk iQ X fd Q U X A I Z QQ Q X SS S CLASSES X SENIORS .ARTHUR PUSKAS Varsity Club 3-43 P. D. Club 43 Student Council 2-3-43 Sec'y- Treas. Varsity Club 33 Pres. Senior Class3 Sec'y-Treas. Fresh- man Class3 jr.-Sr. Prom Court 33 Basketball 2-3-43 Football 3-43 Twin Tower Tiuzrs Staj' 43 Paw Paw Staff 4. MARY TUREK Dramatics Club 13 Gun Club 33 G. A. A. 23 Vice-Pres. Gun Club 33 May Festival 33 Band 13 Glee Club 1. VICTORIA TEKIELI Gun Club 33 Dramatics Club 13 May Festival 3. VVILLIAM B. HANES Varsity Club 2-3-43 Dramatics Club 13 Thespians 2-3-43 P. D. Club 43 Pres. Thespians 43 Vice-Pres. Senior Class3 "Time For Everything" 13 "Letters To Lucerne" 23 "Pro- fesor, How Could You l" 23 'AThe Fighting Littles" 33 Base- ball 3-43 Football 43 Mgr. Football Team 1-2-3. EDWARD TUBRIDY Jr. Red Cross lj Dramatics Club 13 Bio-Chem. Club 33 Clean- Up Club 23 Camera Club 23 Science Club 33 Latin Club 43 P. D. Club 43 Sec'y-Treas. Senior Class3 Student Council 43 Paw Paw Stall 43 Twin Tower Timrs Staff 4. MARY AMENDOLIA G. A. A. 13 Dramatics Club 33 Majorette 2-3-43 Twin Tower Timrs Staff 43 Paw Paw Staff 4. RUTH HALL SWIGER Glee Club 1-33 Dramatics Club 1-23 Latin Club 2-3-43 Jr. Red Cross 13 Thespians 3-43 Majorette Club 43 Student Council 43 Sec'y-Treas. Student Council 43 Vice-Pres. Thespians 43 Pres. Latin Club 43 Sgt.-at-Arms Latin Club 33 May Festival l-2-33 Majorette 2-3-43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Court 33 Twin Tower Timf'.s' Staff 43 Bus. Mgr. Paw Paw 4: "Brother Goose" 33 Asst. Director 'tThe Fighting Littles" 33 Prop. Mgr. "Letters To Lucerne" 23 "Why the Chimes Rang" 3. HUGH STRAIGHT Varsity Club 43 Football 3-43 Pres. Varsity Club 4. ROSS MARUKA Varsity Club 3-43 Latin Club 43 P. D. Club 43 Bio-Chem. Club 2: Dramatics Club 13 Jr. Red Cross Club 13 Pres. Freshman Class3 Pres. Junior Class3 Vice-Pres. Bio-Chem. Club 33 Edi- toi Paw Paw 43 Twin Tower Times Staff 43 Student Council 43 Jr.-Sr. Prom Court 33 Baseball 3-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Foot- ball 3-4. BARBARA ROSIC Dramatics Club 1-23 G. A. A. 13 Gun Club 33 Pres. Gun Club 33 Majorette 3. The 1947 I'l1'ZC' Paw sENnoRs MILDRED TOOTHMAN Dramatics Club 1-.IZQ Latin Club Z-3-43 Glee Club 2-3-43 P. D. Club 43 Guidance Council 33 Student Council 43 May Festival l-Z-33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Court 33 Bus. Mgr. "Letters To Lucerne" Z3 Prop. Mgr. "The Fighting l-ittles" 33 "Why The Chimes Rang" 33 Pres. P. D. Club 4. JUNIOR MORAN Varsity Club Z-3-43 P. D. Club 43 Senior Dramatics 13 Clean-Up Club Z-33 Student Council 43 Vice-Pres. Varsity Club 43 Twin Tofzver Times Staff 4: Paw Part' Staff 43 Football 3-43 Basketball 2-3-4. CHARLES TENNANT Camera Club 33 P. D. Club 4. FLORENCE CLAIR Dramatics Club 1-23 Latin Club Z-3-4: Glee Club 33 Jr. Red Cross Club 13 Feature Ed. Paw Paw 43 Twin Tower Times Staff 43 "Why The Chimes Rang" 33 Prop. Mgr. "The Fighting Littles" 3. Q BETTY JEAN JONES Dramatics Club l-Z-3: Latin Club Z3 Glee Club 13 Majorettc Club 43 Thespians 43 Sec'y-Treas. Junior Class3 Adv. Mgr. Pau' Pau' 43 Twin Tower Time.: Staff 43 May Festival 33 Drum Major Band 2-3-43 Maid of Honor Jr.-Sr. Prom 3: "The Fight- ing Littles" 3: Stagehand "Letters To Lucerne" 23 "XN'hy The Chimes Rang" 3. DORA LEE HURT ' P. D. Club 43 Glee Club Z-43 G. A. A. Z3 Dramatics Club l-23 Jr. Red Cross 13 May Festival 1-.Z-3. GEORGE BROCK F. F. A. 1-Z-3-43 Sgt.-at-Arms F. F. A. 2-3-4. ANITA RUSH Dramatics Club 1-Z-33 Latin Club Z3 Thespians 3-43 May Festival l-2-33 "Black Hawk" 23 "The Fighting l.ittles" 33 "Time For Everything" 1 3 "Brother Goose" 3. SUZANNE POWELL WHlTE Latin Club 2-3-43 Dramatics Club 1-23 Thespians 3-43 G. A. A. 13 Glee Club 1-33 Jr. Red Cross 13 Band Club 43 Student Council 43 Vice-Pres. Latin Club 4g Band 1-3-43 May Festival l-2-33 Guidance Council 33 Twin Tower Times StafT 43 Putt' Paw Staff 43 "Brother Goose" 33 Asst. Director "The Fighting Littles" 33 Prop. Mgr. "Letters to Lucerne" 33 "Why the Chimes Rang" 3. JAMES RICHARD STRAlGHT Varsity Club 43 P. D. Club 43 Sgt.-at-Arms Student Coun- cil 4g Jr.-Sr. Prom Court 3g Football 4g Twin Tower Times Staff 43 Paw Paw Staff 4. . The 1947 Paw Paw SENIORS RACH EL EDD Y Glee Club 15 Dramatics Club 25 G. A. A.'15 Latin Club 3-45 Thespians 3-45 jr. Red Cross 15 Student Council 1-45 Vice- Pres, junior Class5 Sec'y-Treas. Thespians 45 Majorette 15 May Festival 1-25 Stage Mgr. "Letters to Lucerne" 25 Prop. Mgr. "Professor, How Could You!" 25 Bus. Mgr. "Brother Goose" 35 "VVby the Chimes Rang" 3. GENE ATKINSON P. D. Club 45 Vo.-Ag. Club 2-35 Dramatics Club 1. ROY KYLE TUTTLE Sec'y-Treas. F. F. A. 1-25 Vice-Pres. Camera Club 35 Vice- Pres. Freshman Class5 Vice-Pres. Student Council 45 Band 1-2-3-45 Boys' Quartette 35 Basketball 3-4. WILDA LOUGH Glee Club 15 Dramatics Club 1-Z5 -Ir. Red Cross 15 Latin Club 2-3-45 Twin Tower Times Staff 45 Paw Paw Staff 45 "Ghost Wanted" 4. NANCY BOORE Gun Club 35 G. A. A. 25 Dramatics Club 15 Glee Club 35 May Festival 1-2-35 "The5F1hting Littles' 3. SARAH HIBBS , G. A. A. 2: Gun Club 35 Glee Club 25 May Festival 35 Basketball 3. CARL ROBISON Ir. Red Cross 15 Dramatics Club 15 Bio-Chem. Club 25 Clean- Up Club 25 Science Club 35 Camera Club 45 Parliamentarian Latin Club 45 Basketball 3-45 Twin Tower 711.11108 Staff 45 Paw Paw Staff 4. HELEN AMOS G. A. A. lg Dramatics Club 25 Latin Club 45 P. D. Club 45 Sec'y-Treas. P. D. Club 45 73'lC'1'Pl Tower Times StaH 45 Paw Paw Staff 4. BETTY SUITE Dramatics Club 1-2-35 Glee Club 1-35 Latin Club 45 Student Council 35 May Festival 2-35 Twin Totwr Times Staff 45 Paw Paw Staiif 45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Prompter 4'The Fighting Littles." DORIS ANN STRAIGHT G. A. A. 15 Dramatics Club 1-Z5 Glee Club 1-45 Jr. Red Cross 15 Pres. Sophomore Classg May Festitval 15 Band 1-3-4. Thr 1947 Paw Paw 1 SE'NlORS Dramatics Club l-25 Glee Club lg Gun Club 3, May Festitval 1. BILL TOOTHMAN ' Dramatics Club 1: Clean-Up Club 33 P. D. Club 43 Var- sity Club 4: Tzuin Town' Times Staff 4g Paw Paw Staff 43 Baseball 3-4. HAROLD DEBOLT Dratratics Club l-Z: Bio-Chem. Club Z: Thespians 3-4: P. D. Club 4: Pres. Student Council 45 "Black Hawk" lg "Soap Opera" 3. BLENDINE MORRIS G. A. A. l-Z. CARL RlNTY Twin. Tower Tinzvs Staff 45 Paw Paw Staff 4 Cunphoto- graphedj . .nr HISTORY OF THE SENIOR -CLASS OF '47 Four year ago last September school was again assembled at Fairview High School with fifty-nine new faces. How happy all we fresh- men were! VVe didn't mind being called "freshies" by the upper-classmen because we knew they had all gone through the same thing. The first day we met our class sponsors, Mrs. Mary Ann Muir and Miss Phoebe Louise Coombs. Our freshman class officers were: president, Ross Marukag vice-president, Roy Tuttle, and secretary-treasurer, Arthur Puskas. Rachel Eddy and Eugene Paugh were selected as stu- dent council representatives. We chose blue and white as our class colors with the violet as our flower g and "Great oaks from little acorns grow" as our motto. Then came initiation week when the seniors exercised their superiority at the freshies, ex- pense. Gilbert Marple went out for football this year. Mary Turek, Suzanne Wliite, Bob Parrish, Roy Tuttle, Letha Yost, Doris Ann Straight, Gil- bert Marple, Leola Rinehart, june Clevenger and Rachel Eddy represented our class in the band this year. The "freshies" who showed their acting abil- ity in the fall play, 'lTime for Everything", were: Bill Hanes, june Clevenger, Anita Rush, and Gilbert Marple. Appearing in the spring production "Black Hawk' were: Harold De- Bolt, Anita Rush, and june Clevenger. The May Festival under the direction of our class sponsor, Mrs. Muir, was a great success with the help of most of the girls in our class. The 1947 Paw Paw September 6, 1944 saw fifty of the original fifty-nine meek little "freshies" back as worldly sophomores with Sarah Hibbs, Betty Suite, and Roxie Sole adding their names to our enroll- ment. Officers elected to guide, the class through the next two semesters were: presi- dent, Doris Ann Straight: vice-president, june Clevengerg and secretary-treasurer, Betty june Dalton 3 Mary Turek and Arthur Pnskas helped in the government of our school as members of the student council. Miss Mary jane Stevens replaced Mrs. Muir as one of our class spon- sors. This year the Fairview Graded School moved to the third floor of our building with the sev- enth and eighth grades combining with the high school, thus making it a six-year school. Martha Toothman, Ruth Swiger, Mary Am- endolia and Betty june Dalton became major- ettes in the band with Betty jean jones step- ping into the lead as drum majorette. Going out for football this year were: Arthur Puskas. Fred Clevenger, Bob Parrish, jimmy Straight, Gilbert Marple, with Billy Hanes as manager. Our class was also represented in basketball by Ross Maruka, Arthur Puskas and junior Moran. Bill Hanes had a leading role in the fall pro- duction "Professor How Could You!" Those in the spring play, 'letters to Lucerne", were: june Clevenger, Ruth Swiger, Bill Hanes, Su- zanne XN'hite, Rachel Eddy, Mildred Toothman, and Betty jean jones. This year Bill Hanes had the honor of being the lirst member of our class initiated into the Thespians. i 13 HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF '47 C Continued j Those holding offices in various clubs from our class were: Roy Tuttle, secretary of F. F. A., Bob Parrish, treasurer of F. F. A., Ed Tubridy, treasurer of Bio-Chem Club, Ross Maruka, vice-president of Bio-Chem Club, June Clevenger, secretary and treasurer of the Glee Club. Gilbert Marple, Eugene Paugh, Andrew Slobodzian, Charles Haught, Pat Clelland and Lee Floyd quit school to join the armed forces. The Junior Year of this class began Septem- ber 8. 1945 with the following class officers: president, Ross Maruka, vice-president, Rachel Eddy, secretary-treasurer, Betty jean Jones, and Arthur Puskas and Betty Suite. student council representatives. Again our class spon- sors were changed with Miss Toothman and Miss Milano taking the responsibilities. This year was quite successful with the juniors being given their first chance to display their abilities by sponsoring a Halloween Party on October 25th. The football season came and went with Jim- my Straight, Junior Moran, Fred Clevenger, Ross Maruka and Arthur Puskas carrying the ball for the Indians. Leading our basketball team to many victories were: Ross Maruka, Arthur Puskas, Carl Robison, Junior Moran and Roy Tuttle. This year Fairview High or- ganized its first baseball team in many years. lt proved its ability by winning the Mason- Dixon League championship. Helping to win this title were: Bill Toothman, Bill Hanes and Ross Maruka. The fall production, "Brother Goose", in- cluded: Suzanne White, June Clevenger, Ra- chel Eddy, Ruth Swiger and Anita Rush. Dur- ing this year June Clevenger, Ruth Swiger, Rachel Eddy, Suzanne White, Anita Rush and Harold DeBolt gained entrance into the Thes- pians. Because V of their participation in various sports Ross Maruka, Carl Robison, Roy Tuttle, Arthur Puskas, Bill Hanes and Junior Moran were made members of the Varsity Club. Those holding office in the Latin Club were: Mildred Toothman, secretary and treasurer and Ruth Swiger, sergeant-at-arms, Roy Tuttle was president of the Camera Club, Harold De- Bolt was vice-president of the Senior Dramatics Club, Arthur Puskas was treasurer of the Var- sity Club, Letha Yost was vice-president of the Junior Red Cross, Bob Parrish was presi- dent of the F. F. A. and George Brock was sergeant-at-arms. The Gun Club officers were: Barbara Rosic, president, Mary Turek, vice-president, and secretary, Helen Pribble. Martha Toothman was a member of the Pau' Paw staff. ' Then came the week of excitement when student council officers were elected for '46- 47. The successful candidates were: president, 14 Harold DeBolt, vice-president, Roy -Tuttle, secretary, Ruth Swiger, and sergeant-at-arms, Jimmy Straight. The defeated candidates were Junior Moran, Rachel Eddy, Ross Maruka and Arthur Puskas, who according to our constitu- tion, were made student council representatives for their senior year. ' Betty Suite, Betty lean Jones, Suzanne White, Ruth Swiger, Mildred Toothman, Flo- rence Clair, Anita Rush, Bill Hanes and Nancy Boore had parts in the spring play "Fighting Littles". The night of the Junior-Senior Prom K May 105 came off in grand style with june fPar- rishj Clevenger presiding as Queen and Fred Clevenger as King. Members of this court were: Betty Jean Jones, Jimmy Straight, Ruth Swiger, Harold DeBolt, Mildred Toothman, Arthur Puskas, Leola Rinehart, and Ross Mar- uka. The music for the prom was furnished by Jimmy Morgan and his orchestra. Fred Clev- enger left for the Navy this year. It was a happy day when on September 4, 1946 we entered the halls of Fairview High School as dignified seniors. This year only forty of the original fifty-nine students suc- ceeded in reaching their final year of high school with several G. I. veterans joining our class. Our class officers for this last year were: Ar- thur Puskas, president, Bill Hanes, vice-pres- ident, Edward Tubridy, secretary-treasurer. Student Council representatives were: Edward Tubridy, Suzanne White, Mildred Toothman and Hugh Straight. Q- Those serving on the Paw-Paw staff were: Ross Maruka, editor, Arthur Puskas, assistant editor, Ruth Swiger, business manager, Su- zanne White, assistant business manager, Bet- ty .Iean jones, advertising manager, Jimmy Straight, assistant advertising manager, Betty Suite, circulation manager, Wilda Lough, so- ciety editor, Carl Robison, sports editor, Helen Amos, calendar, Ed Tubridy, photographer, assistant sports editor, Bill Toothman, club ed- itor, Mary Amendolia, feature editor, Florence Clair, artist, Junior Moran. Betty jean jones was initiated into the Thes- pians. Betty Suite and Wilda Lough appeared in the fall play "Ghost Wanted". Seniors who dropped out of school during the year were: Martha Toothman Tennant, Le- ola Rinehart Haught, june Parrish Clevenger and Dolores Stanchek. The Senior play was given early in April with several seniors participating in it, and May was Hlled with the excitement of the coming graduation activities. With our diplomas in hand we, the class of '47, bid farewell to the school and teachers we have learned to love and respectlto take our place in the future world. RACHEL EDDY AND RUTH SWIGER. The 1947 Paw Paw SENIOR PROPHECY We, Mildred Toothman and Anita Rush, elected to write the class prophecy of 1947, de- cided in order not to wrack our brain to con- sult Madam Zugie, better known as Ruby, about what the future will bring for our class- mates. We will try to tell you the future as she told it to us. The first face that the Madam saw in her vision was that of Rachel Eddy, now head dietician in the famous johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Now the faces become clearer and before us is the future of all. Doris Straight is now the assistant girls' physical education instructor at Fairview High School. The coach is none other than junior Moran who is leading the Indians into fame in the sports world. The dairy that supplies Fairview and Grant Town is located on Robison Run and co-owned by Carl Robison and George Brock. Sarah Hibbs is private secretary to Edward Horton Tubridy who is president of the Tub- ridy Chemical Works located in the great metropolis of Grant Town. Betty Suite is making her American debut as a concert pianist in Carnegie Hall this win- ter. Suzanne White and Wilda Lough have be- come nurses and are holding responsible po- sitions as supervisors in Fairmont General Hospital. Madam Zugie now takes us to Peacock Park in Fairmont and there standing "gabbing" over the fence is Mrs. Donley Rinehart: we knew her as Betty jean Jones. The owner of nationally known drug stores is none other than Harold DeBolt. Remember when he was a soda jerk? Ruth Swiger Helmick is in Panama where her husband, Bill, is reconstructing the Panama Canal. Bill Hanes, well-known F. B. I. man, is now hot on the trail of jim Straight who has recently robbed Hollywood of Hedy LaMarr. Helen,Amos is secretary for Charles Tennant and Carl Kinty, co-presidents of the K and T Power Company. The 1947 Pau' Paw "Apie" Puskas is owner of the famous 52-20 Clubs and working for him is the well known vocalist and dancer, Mary Turekg it looks as if they are going to join forces. Mayor Ross Maruka has greatly improved Grant Town, they now have a city jail and sidewalks. Bill Toothman, a would-be author, published his first book, a sequel to "Forever Amber." Mary Amendolia and Nancy Boore, who have tired of their career in beauty culture, have come back to Grant Town to marry childhood sweethearts. Hugh Straight has tired of civilian life and has rejoined the Navy for a long and colorful career. The head buyer for Jones Department Store is none other than Dora Lee Hurt. Florence Clair has finally fulfilled her am- bition to be a nurse and is now head supervisor of the new Fairview Memorial Hospital. Gene Atkinson and bashful Blendine Morris have joined the "Chain-gang" and are doing big business on their fur farm in northern Can- ada. Wilth a well known name band, Roy Tuttle is leading the "bobby soxers" of today with a new rhythm in swing. Stella Belotsky and Victoria Tekieli have gone into the hotel business and have just opened another one, I believe this makes the third. Barbara Rosic has married Alfred and is helping him milk cows on their farm in Tennes- see. Mildred Toothman has taken Miss Milano's place as physical education instructor and with the help of Coach Moran has greatly improved that department. Anita Rush and her husband, Marvin, have just finished a tour of the world, he is now president of the Rush Coal Company. Madam Zugie, better known as Ruby, had a vision of herself being married to "Kilroy" and then she died. MILDRED TOOTHMAN AND ANITA RUSH. 15 ke' " wx' A.- x WILL OF SENIOR CLASS OF '47 The Senior Class life a bitter pill, Leave to F. H. S. their last testament and will. To the faculty to whom much trouble we have caused, VVe give our farewells, for we know now they are boss. 1 XVe. the Seniors, leave to the Junior Class our place in assembly, IVhich we know they will hold, right till the last. To the Sophomore Class, sponsored by Coach and Straight, VVe hope with them you always rate. To a large Freshman Class, we leave most of this place, I For dear F. H. S. they must never disgrace. The individual seniors with valuable possession. Do bequeath the following at this confession. I, I-Iarold DeBolt, will my manners bashful and mild, To my brother Kenny who sometimes acts wild. I, Bill "Hotdog,' Hanes, will my way with "dames", To "LaI.a" Merico, who knows the game. I, Ross Maruka, fsaid with a sighj, Will Doris to .some other guy. I, "Apie" Puskas, will 1ny women so many, To Jack Cliburn who hasn't any, I. Junior Moran, will my ability to play pool, To one Harold Atkinson who loves to skip school. I, George Brock, of whom much is neverisaid, VVill to Sam Retton my darling blonde head. I, Bill Toothman, will my place on the staff, To Lester Tuttle who will do his half. I, I-Iugh Straight, will Katherine, who has been my steady date, To any Junior who thinks he will rate. I, Carl Kinty, will my V o-Ag knowledge, To some one who thinks he can use it in college. I, Charles Tennant, and this is no foolin', Will my "brain" to some 'ffreshiei' to help hn- ish his schoolin'. I, Ed "Horton" Tubridy, will my middle name, To any one who will take it without shame. I, Roy Tuttle, will my trumpet so dear, To Joyce Suite who will play it loud and clear. I, Jim Straight, will my "lots" of hair, To Mr. Malcolm who hasn't much to spare. I, Gene Atkinson, will my ability to sleep, To someone next fall who may have it to keep. I. Ruth Swiger, will my musical skill, To Jewell Wise who will fill the bill. I, Rachel Eddy, will my giggle so loud, To Marietta Retton and hope she will be proud, 16 I, Helen Amos, whom we think very Fine, VVill my nice way to the next one in line. Q I, Anita Rush, who wants them only as a friend, VV ill to Patty Quisenberry my interest in men. I, Mildred Toothman, who is never late, VVill my ability to study to Howard Straight. I, Suzanne White, so little and-cute, VVill to Nancy all my titles and my long hair to boot. I, Mary Amendolia, 'who was always right there, - . VV ill all vacant rooms to the next loving pair. I, Florence Clair, will my old Latin book, To Madelyn Krevosky so she can take a look. I, Dora Lee I-Iurt. who hails from the farm, VV ill to Doris Parker my genius and charm. I, Nancy Boore, with boy friends so many, Will them to Vera Rush who hasn't any. I, Barbara Rosic, with my love for Barrack- ville, Leave my ability to "gab" for someone else to fill. I, Wilda Lough. with my ways so gay, Will them to John Marko to use some day.. I, Stella Belotsky, will my height so tall, To Ruby Price who is so small. I, Victoria Tekieli, who likes to smile, Leave it to anyone for a while. I, Mary Turek, leave my fun so great, To Irene Kupreanik with Jack as her date. I, Blendine Morris, who loves all sports, Will to Doris Ann Davis, my blue basketball shorts. - I, Doris Ann Straight, will my ability for parkin', To Lucille Tennant who doesn't believe in sparkin'. I, Carl Robison, will my work on the farm, To Jack Luton whom it will do no harm. I, Leona Foley, will my beautiful red hair, ' To some young lassie who will take it with care. I, Sarah I-Iibbs, will my ability in basketball, To a nice Junior lassie, Evelyn Hall. I, Betty Suite, with my work in any play, VVill it to Eugene Rowe, who can use it some day. - VV e, June Clevenger and Betty Jean Jones, who wrote this will, with skill, Will our ability to some Junior, who next year will have to fill the bill. Hoping now that you have your fill, We appoint Mr. Malcolm and our sponsors as executors of this will. BETTY JEAN JONES AND JUNE CLEVENGER. The 1947 Paw Paw R H Il SCI PE SENJ Ambition Favorite Pastime Weakness Favorite Song Favorite Sport Nickname Name In 0 : L.. CU H E sf? H250 OOO .55 Ove-I Hznzn no an EEE -ca-uv Nd: ood MMD S :CE :eva USA. bi W M 5 U1 IA we fam EE- L-img Q 1: :gg CDW: EEE Oi-'un ,.. T6 'E 'ES un :::? GNN 555 U00 .xxx 3322 CDC-1150 Q ll! S33 Cd,-II .2 I-4 I-Q O vi Eta wg :CII Bei fu""- Om EQm rsing ng Nu ci I cv Q Alfred C th Be Always U P O n-I 1-1 ... I" :1 o D1 Gne ng Skati Do Do Dolores Stanchek 6 S Q l V S I1 5 GJ ,S Qs 'U Q, .2 Q O Q, ::: E 2 S B2 e E GJ arg Uwe: O'm Q vw '- 3:50 5 -51, ..C'.x- O GJ 5 Ld Ou- ...as Ufu ,,, en Q 3---: "' V13 2 " x- Q... SUE ,515 -rv U .Ho -- O wg"-'I vz oD-4 25200 'U :wi-OWU :Q P-at :ere e "ta'EmwU I-'4"E'a'5f' "5"aE NU E+-'cu ,u2E:E'uf5QQJJ:owUQaQJQ.ax6Q,:"" 33Q'g-Dmromwwwumgmvmggfgfg FU0ooo0oPo3ooeoiEoOO:1or1.e ...Qs Q , .1mmwHm2mHHmwf-we-of-mmzmzu no s: -cs ...E as Q ga 'U :Q .... pq .,. CLD-4 , D-4 UD on meow U0 N1 ew U, EEgia??EEEgEeEiaiEg2 Ee eecvciacbiagcavsvin 'MZ .i.'.i.'fQ3mQeQcv0Q.aoocso.'2m.2.xfvO .ill- me-.mwr.wJ..4QQ2n:o:o:m..:mLmnmQ2ct.aiQ , ua an C1 C7 o "' o m S m 'cu 8 'ua U 2 5 E 5 Q3 Q 5 Q 5 Em o Q-.5 .2 E 2:0111 3 5 :w?'.2o 5,1-2 Laiomcbog 2 seolxepcp v 0502 v E'5'Ug,9ggC1'UECJC-.:'5EbD -U....E S: QC!2,,oQQ,:1C5,q-N--...Combo--4-'O:.- fe an Q cu o Q. Omg... 3Uh2252hwEH2H303w3wH m3 0 ' In Q45 -5 'D 05' 2 51 4 . g as! Eg Q 2 22 sw u w - 33m on H372 HyE 5 E Banya eb EQ8amM 2w8 E H 'cw Mm QOQQ,-, aah -Sumo rl: G 0 PUD E . "w: Oaks? 32 Ueaifk :Em '- td .ae Q.: 3.2-CH3Q4E3H'g:"'.-GENE-40 AAU vzQ.a"'m I-"1-i Qu Z be E when :S U05 Qs WN -- o-wVlQ5Qr-4""E 5 muem --?1,,JU"" .203-5,,wO,5QQ-5uLL1CQE,:.5Q'5:-N in EeFSga5gsEEgeg2gE:S2z:8 umSi ammomumomzwmcwfomz O 0 LL' Q :::::::f.': ::: gf-1 mg NCVNNCUN NN ' ::.c:.n.o.o.a,n2b12.::.n2:22b0"'mw2:"'P- Basmszsefasivwigai'-EE.s.sBi'EF-S ....x.ue.:e.ae..1.a:o .::.x-...--.-E ..-........E.:: Qcnrnmunmmm3v1mO-4-.OO:""rBCdOO""u ONNNNNNNONCUOOO'O 3.::..zoo31- mmmmmm-mmmmmmwmmmmmmmmwst E Q43 ... E 35 E 5' CQ 35 'SO Qu an C Bgmi vg Qm 55 g5gmmxwg8 ,..--1 -'-1 U..-1 .H 5e?8E?::aE?G38ewSESE6sS Q4mm5mmmOmHMm4wmm2mm!mI - s: "' ns +-' "' .2 5- g s. :agucg Q.. vi..-,M3E'5 E Ewa 58325 E xiisfiaa sg 00050 'QJEENP-,UBNIQE Urimba eizswzmfnabasaem Bessie 34C5mm:f8'cWmQFr-m0g'5qiA"UlE ... - cv S5g22i5i9?E:5Ei?EiiEEEg ,qw :lf-fezfvoocqfvs-Sqap'-""::-o umi4i4mmEmQu24mwm223mmm sewife O11 H US Danci Marines ng to ou By ..- -C1 Vw it U Vin Remem Tennis U E U :a 6 Shorty Nancy Boore La 58 OE 'Bu go. 'EO me ig.: LG w..'!. ...Q, it-f on .E U z: N Q QB 2.5 QE 4:0 mc! an EE U... N Sm B-1 E-14 Em EE Q... ML!-1 --8 rd E4 U1 EE 05 was Ts' 2:1 UB iv '4-1 mo mm .2 .x 3.2 DGP E ,x 55-U 'UH mes BT -C8 3.2 mb Betty Jones Blonde Job Basketball Night And Day Donley Eating and Sleeping Housewife Gene Atkinson Minnie the M her Hunting Buttermilk Sky Hunting Loafing Tcjqvyggrglxggnliggge In Carl Robison Shike Basketball Old Buttermilk Sky Food Loafing Go to School Jimmy Straight ' Stringbean Football Old Buttermilk Sky Women Loafing To Be a Football Star Ross Maruka Rooskie Baseball Old Lamplighter Food Loanng Be an Engineer Florence Clair Tommy Basketball Night And Day Log Cabin's Barbecues Bowling Nurse Roy Tuttle Bud Basketball H ixvfllf bcgrcainly Mary Lou Moran Movies Mechanic 1. Fairview "hangout." 2. Cafeteria 11:30. 3. Ladies' man. 4. "Slick-Chick." 5. May Festival-46. 6. Sweet XYilIiam. 7. Nicotine Alley. 8. Southern Methodist. 9. K. S. 10. "Hubba, Hubba." 11. Sharp. 12. "Has becn's." 13. "Custodians.,' 14. Study hall-11:30. 15. Zubridy. 16. Catholic Church. 17. "High-Stoppers." 18. Chemis- try-11:30. 19. The Mob. 20. Three Queens and a Joker. 21. "Boss" ZZ. Typing--11:30. 23. Hotdog. 24. hfiliost XN'anted." 1 1 13 T110 1047 Paw Paw JUNIORS OFFICERS: President, Eugene Roweg Vice-President, Lester Tuttleg Secretary and Treasurer, Mary Lou Warnerg Sponsors, Doris Weekley Burns and Rhoda Moss Groves. Mrs. Burns' Group First row, left to right-Berling Hurt, Junior Knisely, Tommy Fortney, Robert Gregg, Frank Adams, Donald Jones, Lester Tuttle. Second row-Katherine Kupreanik, Josephine Tilko, Patty Toth, Dorothy Zieminski, Aldine Yost, Doris Wil- son, Mary Lou VVarner, Helen Donaldson, Martha Barr, Doris VVeekley Burns. Third row-Evelyn Hall, Zelda Jamison, Bonnie Gene Frisen, Lula Mae Foley, Rosalea Tennant, Lucille Ten- nant, Mary Louise Lowe. Fourth row-John Marko, Charles Less, James Binnix, Larry Merieo, Jack Cliburn, John Brasuk. Fifth ron'-Osborne Rolaey, Dale Conaway, Harold Lough, Roy King. ass ssfsgainui - 1 Mrs. Groves' Group First row, left to right-Mrs. Groves, Edna Lake, Bonnie Neer, Jacqueline Wilson, Irene Kupreanik, Patty Toothman, Pola King, Helen Burke, Mary Lou Lomas. Second row-Leonard Eddy, Vera Rush, Betty Marple, Doris Jones, Violetta Morrone, Leona King, Eugene Rowe. Third row-Jackie Lee McCoy, Donald Clayton, Tom Krevosky, Bill Tennant, Junior Wieils, Jack Luton. Fourth row-Gerald Atkinson, Harold Atkinson. COLORS Morro FLOWER Red and White It's steep, but we are climbing." Carnation Tha 1947 Paw Paw 19 SOPHOMORES OFFICERS: President, William Hurdg Vice-President, Joe Rettong Secretary and Treasurer, Merrell Clair, Sponsors, Mr. VVilliam Reppert, Mr. H. B. Straight. Mr. Repperfs Group First row, left to right-Joann Barnett, Madeline Morris, Jeanette Barr, Betty Sanson. Mabel Retton, Fatty Quisenberry, Jean Gump, Virginia Carr. Shroud row--Marvin Austin, Harry Popp, Peter Pratt, Bill Barth, Nolan Foley, Olan Tennant, Merrell Clair. Third raw-Bill Inghram, Florence Renovits, Dixie Harris, Sadie Ice, VVanda Trumpka, Rose Horab, Mary Jo lines, Claude Swiger. Fourth row-Mr. Reppert, Bill Clark, Patty Cliburn. Mary Lois Harker, Jack Storey. Mr. Straight's Group 1"z'r.ct row, left to right-Clyde Cottrell, Jess Toothman, Bill Hurd, Albert Lee Reed, Joe Retton, Howard Straight. Svfond row-Bonnie Henderson, June Villinger, Martha Sue Price, Mary Louise Marple, Doris Jean Parker, Mary Lou Moran, Norma Ruth Jones. Third row--Mary Lou Price, Jean Walls, Marguerite Toothman, Martha Mercer, Jane Yeager, Eleanor Wells, Mildred Less. Fourth row-Patty Jones, Rose Marie Villinger, Wilmadean Price, Mary Lou Gump, Marcella Zieminski, Joyce Suite. Fifth row-David Straight, Sammy Retton, Tommy Wilson, Bobby Wright, Carl Hauglit, Glen Jarvis, Mr. Straight. Co1.oRs Morro FLOWER Blur and White "Make better by doing." White Rose 20 The 1947 Paw Paw FRESHMEN CJFFICERSI President, Cecil Layman, Vice-President. Kyleen XYhiteg Secretary and Treasurer, Doris Shep- pard, Sergeant-at-Arms, james Puskasg Sponsors, Miss Edna Parrish and Miss Lois Wilson. Miss Wils0n's Group Iiirarl row, left to riglzf-Nellie Fuhier, Glenda Dennison, Mary Ann Fox, Christine Kupreanik, Madalyn Krevosky, Lois Burke, Marietta Retton. Second rms'-Miss VVilson, Kathryn Pienkos, Georgia Baker, Lois Lough, Thelma Statler, Betty Knisely, VVilla Jean Haught. Third row-jimxny Mitchell, Donald Haught, Tom Kaider, Virgil VVilliams, Wilbur VVare, Donald Heater, Cecil Haught. lfnzwtlz row- Jack Michael, Tommy Rinehart, Donald Lnketie, Bill Vl'are, Earl VVayne Yost, Kenneth DeBolt. Miss Parrislfs Group Iiirsf row, left io right-Jimmy Puskas, Peggy Nine, Margaret Clark, Doris Shephard, Dorothy Rosie, Patty Townsley, Mary Francis Powell, Bonnie Elza, Donald McCoy. Second row-Cecil Rutkowski, Kyleen VVhite, Patty Xlfells, Juanita Tennant, Nancy VVhite, Jewell Wise. Mary Lou Lough, Sarepta Ann Darrali, Doris Eddy, Ray Gerba. Third fmt'-Miss Edna Parrish, Kara Jo Hamilton, Betty XValls, Cloreece Coffman, Mildred Mae Michael, Doris Ann Davis. Ruby Price, Evelyn Imes, Mary Jane Toothman, David Malcolm. Fourth 1'0w4Louie Clark, John Hibbs, John Toth, Cecil Layman, VVayne Morris. CoLoRs MOTTO Fi.owER Blur and Gold "l'Ve are building flu' steps by which we are climbing." Viale! The 1947 Paw Paw i 21 EIGHTH GRADE Orrifnasz President, Vonda Tuqleg Vice-President, Dolores Haughtg Secretary, Jack Binnixg Treasurer, George Morris, Sponsors, Mrs. Norris and Miss Linger. COLORS MOTTO FLOWER l'vI1mv and Grfmz "Make better by doing bctfM'." Sieve! Pea Mrs. Norris, Group First row, loft fo right-Andy Haught, Jack Mitchell, Mearl Inghram, Albert Clelland, Jack Tennant, Francis Mitchell, Duane Shriver, Bob Mercer. Srrmzzz' row-Ann Shreve Norris, jo Ann Gump, Dolores Haught, Jane Robey, Virginia Hufford, Betty Berry, Bonnie Parker, Mary Lou lnghram, Henry Clayton, Denzil Kitzmiller. Tlzird mic'-Janice Lemley, Edith VVells, Mary Delores Eddy, Rita Kincell, Dessie VVarner, Vonda Tuttle, jean Deleruyelle, Thomas Mason. Mrs. Malcolm's Group First row, left to right-Roiuiie Walls, Jimmy Yost, Asa Mercer, Earl Reed, Robert Baker, Pat Sheppard, Tommy Price. Srmnd rorvgjess Tennant, Patty Tennant, Betty Ware, Carrie Mitchell, Doris McCoy, Viola Reynolds, Francis Parker, Roberta VVilson, Lucille Richner Malcolm. Third raw-Robert McCoy, Mary Santee, Margaret Sloan, Marie VVilson, Patty Tennant, Joyce Shaver, Paul Raymond Vincent. Fourth ran'-Joe Mercer, Billy Joe Stiles, Jimmy XVeaver, George Morris, Bobby Smith, Burl Reed, james Sloan, Tommy Joe McCoy. SEVENTH GRADE LJFFICERSI President, Frances Parker, Vice-President, James Layman, Secretary and Treasurer, Jo Ann Gump, Sponsors, Mrs. Malcolm and Mrs. Edgar. 22 The 1947 Paw Paw SEVENTH GRADE F1.owEk COLORS Carnatimz Green and ifiillffc' Morro "Not at thc top, but climbing." ' Mrs. Edgar's Group First row, Icft to right-Millie Delernyelle, Jean Masters, Ruth Keefover, Phyllis Knisely, Bernadette Bell, Kathryn Levelle, Patty jones, Editl1 Foley, Jane Jackson, Ruth Foley, Sally A1111 Coffman, Dorothy Mclntyre Edgar. Svcnzzdrow-Ro1111ie Haught, James Layman, Rose Lough, Ruth lmes, Doris Clayton, Margaret Ann Haught, Priscilla Green, Rosella Green, Delbert Floyd, Virgil Levelle. Third row-101111 Gump, junior Hinds, Jack Donaldson, D011 Darrah, Tracy Lough, Jack Binnix, Rex Eddy, Jilnmy Lowe, Carl Exline, Dennis Jackson. SIXTH GRADE First row, Ivft to right-Jane Rush, Janet Suite, Alice Ammons, Bonnie Rinehart, Sue A1111 Price, June Knisely, Ruth Ann Statler, A1111a Eddy, Patricia Villinger, Sue Harker, Minnie Alice Davis, Patty Hufford. .SAUFYOIIIT rim'- Junior Haught. Donald Eddy, Stanley Billingslea, Joe Pogue, Delores Mason, Mary Mercer, ,lane Reynolds, llene Kitzmiller, Shirley 1-latxht, Suzanne MeCray, Juanita Lowe. Betty Hawkinberry. Third ?'U'ZC'7Cl1Hl'lCS Under- wood, Earl Do11aldson, Joe Luketic, Bobby Bell, Lee Pratt. Jimmy Villinger, Leroy VVilson, Kenneth Tennant, Kenneth Hibbs, Eddie Robey, Lester Lee Gump, Melvin VVilliams. Fourth rote-Jack Henderson, Bobby Hunter, Bobby Michael, David Mercer, Dale Berry. Teacher: Mrs. Mae Robinson. The 1947 Paw Paw 23 FIFTH GRADE First row, Irff to righf4Louise Eddy. Violet Barr, Nancy Billingslea, Ellen Ruth Haught, Regina Sue Haught, Shirley Jean Santee, Freda Nicholson, Sadie Hawkinberry, Peggy Lou Knisely, Jo Ann Ostrich, Joann Tooth- man, Agnes Mocsary. Second row-Rosella Haught, Sara Margaret Yost, Sue Mason, Dorothy Stiles, Loretta Storey, Edna Pearl Eddy, Evelyn VVilson, Phyllis Michael, Edith Yost, Elizabeth Ann Smith, Frankie Kirkpat- rick, Sally Ann Carr, Ruth Tennant. Third r0w+Robert Conaway, Nolan Mercer, Jackie Moore, Cecil Heater, Johnnie Marshall, Jimmy Jones, Fay Edward McCoy, David Weaver. Iiourth row-Norman Brookover, Junior Lemley, Clifton Tennant, Larry Layman, Ollen Harker, Richard Green, Jesse Mercer. Teacher: Mrs. Arthur Ammons. FOURTH GRADE liirst raw, left lo right-Sue Summers, Anne Mercer, Frances Cunningham, Mary Sue Musgrave, Rita Jo Skidmore, Margaret Jo Davis, VVilma Jane Michael, Glenda Jean Toothman, Patricia Michael. Second row- Lloyd Lee Hunter, Bobby Jamison, Ellen Gay Price, Carol Ann Saunders, Doris Mason, Patty Sue Mason, Jerry Parrish, Ruth Mitchell, Delores Yeager, Betty Mae Wells, Carol Jean Luton. Third rowADona1d Wilson, Danny Henderson, Raymond Eddy, Glenn VVarner, George Hinds, George Darrah, Gene Haught, Billy Foley, Jack Barr, Johnny Knisely. Fourth row-Ralph Shriver, Vernon Williams. James Mitchell, Dick Deleruyelle, Bernard White, David Sloan, Leroy Lough, Donnie Ostrich, Donald Haught, Junior Boyce. Teacher: Mabel Shuman. 24. The 1947 Paw Paw THIRD GRADE First row, Ivff lo right-Judy Shaver, Lewis Villinger, Betty Jones, Norman Yeager, Sandra Moore, jinnny Urse, Margaret Jane jones, Terry VVilson, Loretta Parrish. Second ram'-Shirley Fluharty, Deloris Austin, Har- vey Nicholson, Pauline Harker, George Yost, Ruth Ann Mercer, Bobby VVhite, Rosemary Saunders, Danny Toothman. Third rim'-Carolyn Haught, Jackie Haught, Sylvia Barr, Olen Tennant, Shirley Brookover, junior Freeland, Rosalie Moesary, Gerald Jones, Karen Moore. Fourth rim'-Patty lnghram, Nancy Ann Greaser. Mary NVesley VVyer, Gerelda Underwood, Ruth Ann Burns. Teachers: Sarah Gilleland. SECOND GRADE lfirsf raw, lrff 1. riglzff - Franklin Tennant, Carol Rinehart. Jackie Sheppard, Donna Walls, Darwin VVhite, Connie VValls, ledllllil' liarrish, Rosemary Bell, Ronnie Haught, Billy joe Fluharty. Svrmzzi row-Adam Mocsary, David Blair Tennenit, Sharon Roberts, Gene Statler, Betty Riggs, Ronald Postlethwait, Gail Dragoo, David Beryl Tennant, Elizalwth Polansky. Third row-Bobby VVilson, Connie Hunter, Eugene Lough, Helen Machesney, Freddie Harker, Billie jean Miller, Ronnie Joe Henderson, Fred Mercer. linurlli row-Dale Haught, Lyle Mer- cer, Clifford Heater, Leonard Santee, Melvin Ammons, Norman Toothman, Donald Green. Uujvlmtogri1phvdwAnn Yost, Archie Green, jack Statler, Sue Parrish, Anne Dodd. Teacher: Esther Wilhelm. The 1947 Paw Paw 25 FIRST GRADE First row, left fo rightAIohn Robert Gump, Gary Billingslea, Blendine Hibbs, John Yeager, Mabel Gum, Carl Lee Gump, Susan Malcolm, Charles Fluharty. Second row-Fred Morris, Gary Baker, Alberta Hinds, Darrell Conaway, Linda Hunter, Martha Ann Jones, Robert DeBolt, Harry Dennison. Third row-Danny Summers, Teddy Luketic, Alice Bell, Carl VVilson, Janice Tennant, Ethel Mae Fluharty, Dale Barr, Marion Brookover. Teacher: Mrs. Gilbert Mason. FIRST GRADE First row, left to right-+Roy Kirkpatrick, Jimmy Shaver, Dickie Mason, Rillie Henderson, Lois Williams, Wanda Parrish, Dickie Johnson, Billy White. Second row-Alice Jones, Peggy Wilson, Alberta Roberts, Jean Sloan, Judy Yost, Luella Parrish, Phyllis Luketic, Ganelle Tennant. Third row-Dickie Mercer, Danny Tennant, Bobby Moore, Bobby Layman, David Haught, Wendell King, Bobby Greaser, Richard Luton, George Stiles. Fourth row-Billy Haught, Jack Lowe, Donnie Haught, Edward Wilson, Bobby Villinger, Billy Statler. Teacher: Mrs. Ruth Burns. 26 The 1947 Paw Paw Q 'Wlllllr W I X ANR, Q2 Q 'c if 4 f Q ix HSN ,3 PEJ. J f Xxx! 24 , W Z, 'lg Q D Lf N Xi,,,g.a FEATURES STUDENT COUNCIL fJFF1CERS2 President, Harold DeBoltg Vice-President, Roy Tuttleg Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Swigerg Ser- geant-at-Arms, Jimmy Straight. First row, Ivft to right--Mr. Malcolm, Ruth Swigcr, Harold DeBoIt, Roy Tuttle, Lois Burke, Jimmy Straight. Svrond row-Ross Maruka, Suzanne VVhite, Mildred Toothman, Phyllis Knisely, Nancy Wliite, Edward Tubridy. Third fora'-Hugh Straight, Rachel Eddy, Norma jones, JoAnn Barnett, Arthur Puskas. lfaurth row-wBobby McCoy, Thomas Mason. First row, left to right-Ross Maruka, Dora Hurt, Helen Amos, Mildred Toothman, Bill Hanes. Second rmvf-Arthur Puskas, Junior Moran, Miss Toothman, Gene Atkinson, Charles Tennant, Carl Robison, Third row---Bill Toothman, Harold DeBolt, jimmy Straight, Edward Tubridy. PI DELTA CLUB OFFIcERs: President, Mildred Toothmang Vice-President, Jimmy Straightg Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Amos, 28 The 1947 Paw Paw f LATIN CLUB OFFKERS: President, Ruth Swigerg Vice-President. Suzanne NYliiteg Seeretary-Treasurer, Mildred Tuutli- many Sergeant-at-Arms, Tom Krevosky. First rare, left fn right-lioss Maruka, Ruth Swiger, Suzanne XYltite. Mildred Tlltltlllllglll, lfclwartl 'l'nlJridy, Carl Robison, Mary Lou Vl'arner, Doris Vlfilson. Sfrmzd rim'-4Miss XN'ilson, Florence Clair, Xlfilda Luugli, Mary Lou Marple, lfleanur XX'ells, Helen .'X1iius, jane Ann Yeager, Patty Toth, Doris Parker. Third rwze f-llunnie Henderson, Marcella Zieniinaki, Rachel liddy. lletty Suite, Virginia Karr, Lucille Ten- nant, juann llarnett. Fmfrllzmtv'-liliarleuLess,FrankAfla1n5,'l'im11i1yXX'ilmn. llill llurd, Irene liupreanilx, june liettun, jolm Hrasuk. lfiflh 1'0zu--'funn Fortney, Jack Clilmnrn, Bill Clark. ' ang A i Bw r IQNNW " First row, lrfl to right-June Clevenger, Rachel Eddy, Bill Hanes, Ruth Swiger, Miss Sturm. Srfond r0wYAnita Rush, Harold DeBolt, Suzanne XVhite. Untplzofograplzfrlvjaek Cliburn, Betty Jean Jones, Katherine Kupreanik, Eugene Rowe, Lester Tuttle. THESPIANS KJFFICERSZ President, Bill Hanesg Vice-President, Ruth Swigerg Secretary-Treasurer, Raeliel Eddy. The 1947 Pam' Paw 29 GLEE CLUB First rote, left to riyhl-Patty Cliburn, Dorothy Rosie, Margaret Clark, Peggy Nine, Patty Townsley, Doris Parker, Nancy VVhite, Mrs. Edgar. Second ron'-Dixie Harris, Juanita Tennant, Patty VVells, Kyleen VVhite. Mary Lou Lough, Jewell Wise, Evelyn Hall, Mildred Toothman, Dora Hurt. Third row-VVancla Trunipka, Sadie Ice, Florence Renovits, Rose Horab, Lucille Tennant, Rosalea Tennant, Mary Jo lmes. Iiourfh roww-Mary Frances Powell, Martha Barr, Doris VVilson, Helen Donaldson, Mary Lou VVarner, Bon- nie Elza. Iiirsf rote, left fo riyl1tfDavid Straight, Jack Luton. Albert Lee Reed, Jack McCoy, Leonard Eddy, Donald Clayton, Mr. Straight. Svrmzd nm'-Hill Barth, Jesse Toothman, Harry Mason, Lester Tuttle, Bill Inghram, Marvin Austin, Carl Haught, Bob VVright. Third ra1i'wDale Conaway, Harold Lough, Roy King. F. F. A. CLUB Orricmsz President, Lester Tuttle, Vice-President, Harold Lough, Secretary, Gerald Atkinson, Treasurer, Leonard Eddyg Reporter, Jack McCoy, Watch Dog, Roy King. 30 The 1947 Paw Paw VARSITY CLUB Orriemtsz President, Hugh Straightg Vice-President, Junior Mnrang Secretary and Treasurer. lrene Ku- preanik. lfirst rmv, left In right-Larry Merieo, junior Moran. Irene Kupreanik, Mr. Reppert, Katherine Knpreanik Hugh Straight, Ross Maruka. .Srrmxd mix'-I3ulm Gregg, Bill Tnothman, Berling Hurt, Harolcl Lough, Carl Robison, Arthur Puskas. Third row-Sammy Retton, Bill Clark, Junior Knisely. Donald Jones, John Marko, joe Retton. MAJ ORETTES First mtv, left In right-Leona Rinehart. Jacqueline XN'ilson, Patty Quisenberry, Bonnie Neer, Phyllis Knisely, Martha Toothman, Betty Jean Jones, Patty Townsley, Mary Franees Powell, Christine Kupreanik, June Cleveiier, Mary Amendolia, Ruth Swigcr, Edna Lake. The 1947 Paw Paw 31 1 2 ' v ' BAND First row, left to rigllitf Patty Quisenberry, June Clevenger, Mary Frances Powell, Bonnie Neer, Mary Lon Moran, Martha Mercer, Betty Jean Jones, Zelda Jamison, Jeanette Barr, Bonnie Henderson, Edna Lake, Ruth Swiger, Jacqueline VVilson, Martha Toothman, Mary Amendolia. Second row-Martha Sue Price, Bobby Smith, Joyce Shaver, Rita Kincell, Tommy VVilson, Osborne Robey, Patty Wilson, Lucille Tennant, Mary Lou Price. Third rawAChristine Kupreanilc, Mary Lois Harker, June Villinger, Mabel Retton, David Malcolm, Joann Barnett, Doris Straight, Mary Ann Fox, Suzanne NVhite, Phyllis Knisely. Fourth row-Mr. Thorne, Virginia Carr, Dale Conaway, Roy Tuttle, Cecil Rutkowski, Joyce Suite, Mrs. Edgar. Fifth row-Eugene Rowe, Lester Tuttle. .S'i.1'lh row-Cecil Layman. BAND PERSONNEL Hurnom' Cymbals lirmzclz horns Lester Tuttle Eugene Rowe Maftlla MCTC01' Bonnie Henderson Bells Drum.: Szixnfvliouc Joann Barnett Mary Lois Harker D319 Conan-ay Jane Robey June Villinger Tmmlmws Clarinet Zelda Jamison Bobby Smith Joyce Shaver Rita Kincell Tommy Wilsoii Osborne Robey Patty VVilson Lucille Tennant Br Mabel Retton Doris Straight Suzanne White Joan Gump Kyleen VVl1ite Juanita Tennant Iss Drum David Malcolm 7. Jeanette Barr Vl'illa Jean Haught I. Virginia Carr Roy Tuttle Cecil Rutkowski Joyce Suite Dirrrlor Henry Thorne, Jr. The 1947 Paw Paw ,- First row, Ivff to right-Billy Tennant, Kenneth DeBolt, Billy Harker, Jimmy Sloan, Frances Mitchell, Jack Tennant, Charles Harker, Mearl Inghram, Duane Shriver. Pat Sheppard, Bobby Baker, Doris Clayton, Ruth Foley, Patty Jones. Second row-Miss Toothman, Virgil Williams, Thomas Mason, Henry Clayton, Albert Celland, Denzil Kitz- miller, Bobby Mercer, Jack Donaldson, James Layman, Ronnie Haught, Jane Jackson, Millie Deleruyelle, Sally Ann Coffman, Rose Lough, Ruth Imes. Third row-Tommy Joe Rinehart, Andy Haught, Ronald Walls, Jimmy Weaver, George Morris, Bobby McCoy, Tommy Price, Paul Vincent, Tommy joe McCoy, Francis Parker, Bobby Smith, Jimmy Lovye, Christine Kupreanik, Phyllis Knisely, Ruth Keefover. Fourlh row-Cecil Ray Haught, Jack Cummings, Betty Ware, Patty Tennant, Carrie Mitchell, Roberta Wil- son, Margaret Sloan, Joyce Shaver, Viola Reynolds, Patty VVilson, Mary Santee, Margaret Haught, Bernadette Bell. l Fifth row-Billy VVare, Jack Mitchell, Wilbur Ware, jimmy Mitchell, Vonda Tuttle, Jane Robey, Virginia Hufford, Rita Kincell, Mary Delores Eddy, Edythe Wells. Catherine Levelle, Jean Masters. 5xl.l'H1 row-Jack Michael, Bonny Elza, Mary Ann Fox, Frances Powell, Betty Knisely, Kara ,lo Hamilton, Sarepta Darrah, Priscilla Green, Rosella Green, Edith Foley. - lllvmbers of tim Junior Red Cross not pImtograpIzrdHHelen Donaldson, Rosalea Tennant, Bill Hurd, Sam- mie Retton, Mary Lowe, Bill Clark, Margaret Clark, Dorothy Rosie, Nancy White, Don Darrah, Pat Townsley, john Sihray, Asa Mercer, Doris Wilson, Mary VVarner, Doris 'Wilson, jackie Binnix, Tommy Wilson, Bonettzl Graves. JUNIOR RED CROSS Oflicers . President ............... .......... ll lary Lou Warner Vice-P1-esitlcm ..,.,..... ..... ,,,......., R i ll Hurd Secretary ......,,... ..,...... l Zosalea Tennant Treasurer ......... ..,,r . .Lucille Tennant The 1947 Paw Paw 33 0 HOME ROOM MOTHERS First row, left to right-Mrs. Thomas Levelle, Mrs. Roy Kirkpatrick, Mrs. VVorley Powell, Mrs. Guy Jami- son, Mrs. Uriah Tennant, Mrs. Lawrence Wilsoii, Mrs. Kenneth Deliolt, Mrs. Arthur VVarner. Second row-Mrs. Virgil Wilsoii. Mrs. Oral Eddy, Mrs. Kenneth Eddy, Mrs. E. E. Quisenberry, Mrs. Paul Toth, Mrs. George Kupreanik, Mrs. Richard Dragoo, Mrs. Raymond Walls. Third row?-Mrs. Arnold Reynolds, Mrs. Glen Fox. Mrs. Robert Hibbs, Dr. Genevieve McCray, Mrs. Paul Shaver, Mrs. Tony Urse, Mrs. Robert Moore, Mrs. VVilliam Townsley. Ifourth row-Mrs. Rose Toothman, Mrs. Albert Toothman, Mrs. Roy Tuttle, Mrs. Alfred Knisely, Mrs. Jack Gump, Mrs. Lester Haught, Mrs. Jerry Summers. PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Officers President ...................... .......... ........... ............ lN l r s. H. B. Straight Vice-President ............ ......... l Dr. Genevieve McCray Secretary ..,.,....,.,..... .......................... E dna Parrish Treasurer ,........... , .,,.. Mrs. Edna Yost The P. T. A. as well as the home room mothers met once each month and discussed problems that arose in school and attempted to help in school affairs. At the beginning of the school year each of the various home rooms elected a home room mother. These mothers formed a club and elected as chairman, Mrs. Grace Warner. In September the organization held a reception for the teachers. At the October meeting Mr. Glenn A. Keister, assistant superintendent of schools, and Dr. David K. Allen, pastor of the Presby- terian Church, Fairmont, were the speakers. They explained the proposed educational amendment to the state constitution to be voted on in the November election. At the December meeting a Christmas program was presented by the Fairview Won1an's Club. The home room mothers assisted with the Christmas parties in both the grade and high school. In January slides of different school buildings throughout the county that were in need of re- pairs were shown. Mr. E. C. Witliers, a member of the Marion County Education Council, explained the slides and spoke on the school levy election. ' 34. The 1947 Paw Paw wq,,, h W 4' i PUPULHRU 0 as 8 S ONE' QM CONTEST u Tesfti CuTes'C Cevfaiee. Moi? Lou views Fw lt ST Nos BQST ln QYOUOA Senio r Mos? Tifglgggted ,1Eff T'P1' Fliri' Tlzc 1947 Paw Paw uf " I Q 53km Mosffao Mu mfr Lsaely TQ Swans! ' Frsendliesi' zz? Rtndsficial ' v was , , X EEST ali around Senior A BB Stlketor Bei-:l3xfQ"'d 35 TIPPLE, KOPPERS FEDERAL NO. 1 COAL MINE Thr 1947 Paw Paw KOPPERS FEDERAL NO. l MINE Federal No. l mine, located in our neighboring conununity of Grant Town, is the largest mine in Northern West Virginia and produces more coal than any of the other 24 mines operated by lfastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Koppers Coal Division, in West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Daily production capacity is 8,000 tons, enough to till l60 railroad coal cars. This high volatile bituminous coal comes from the famous Pittsburgh seam which extends from Maryland, through Western Pennsylvania into the eastern edge of Ohio. lt is the most valuable mineral deposit in the world, including the diamond mines of Africa. There is great demand for this coal to produce steam power for many types of industries, to generate electric energy in numerous United States cities, and to power the principal railroads of the nation. It provides the steam that drives ships around the world and is shipped abroad for use in many foreign countries. The mine has been operated for many years and extends six miles under ground. Another century will be with us before its supplies are exhausted. Federal No. 1 is known as a shaft mine since the coal is reached by descending a 258 foot elevator shaft. The seam is about eight feet thick. This is considered high coal in a bituminous mine since seams frequently are as thin as 36 inches. Not all of the eight-foot vein is mined. liighteen inches are left under the roof rock as a safety factor. This prevents air from getting to the roof and weakening it by slacking the rock. The mine roof is sound and high and there are no steep grades. These and other favorable conditions of safety and convenience make this one of the best mines in which to work. This is a modern mine in that it is fully mechanized. Machines do the heavy work which once was done by a minerls brawn with pick and shovel. Machines cut the coal in the seam, load it into six-ton electric trucks which carry it to the under- ground "loading heads" to be transferred by elevator to mine cars. These go to the preparation plant above ground where the coal is mechanically sized and loaded into railroad cars. As many as six sizes are loaded at one time, each in a different car, and at the rate of 700 tons an hour. H. J. MANDEVILLE. 37 DERRICK NEAR FAIRVIEW Thr 1047 Paw Pau F' ,?'. " Eiarly History of Fairview's Oil and Gas According to Paul H. Price, state geologist, the Mannington-Fairview area is historically one of the most important in the state from the point 'of view of oil and gas development. The discovery well of the Mannington oil Held, which is in reality a continuation of the Mt. Morris-Fairview field, was located by Dr. I. C. White and established the validity of his anticlinal theory of oil and gas accumulation. It was during the spring of 1889 that five men, Col. C. L. Smith, Dr. I. C. White, T. M. Jackson, Major A. L. Prichard, and A. VV. Prichard, composed a company called the jackson Oil Company, and entered a contract to drill a test well with Mr. A. Montgomery. - After considerable thought, drilling was begun on the test well, located on the D. F. Hamilton farm, July 22, 1889. The well was drilled on November 11, at a depth of 1,925 feet, within a few feet of the bottom of the 'tBig Injun" sand. According to Dr. White, the Mannington oil discovery in 1891 had a great effect. Since the test well was drilled, about 200 others have been sunk along the belt between Mt. Morris anlfl Mannington and that has become one of the largest and most valuable oil Fields in the country. Following this production, a new company was formed under the name of the Flaggy Meadow Oil and Gas Company. The next well drilled was on Salt Lick Run, where Dr. White located it strictly for gas. Again this was a pioneer adventure. After much trouble with the tools, the well came in and this was the first well drilled for gas in the Mannington and Fairview district. The gas was piped and sold to residents at very low rates. Prior to this, all boilers for drilling had been Hjed by wood, but from that time on they have been Fired by gas. This well is still producing gas, but the wells drilled by the F laggy Meadow Oil and Gas Company have been sold to the Hope Natural Gas Company. The following table furnished by the Hope Natural Gas Company shows some- thing of the early history of the wells drilled in close proximity to Fairview I Cu Ft. Dale Original No. Name 0fFCl7'1l1 Completed Drilled By Volume 740 J. L. Tennant ...,....... ......... 9 - 1-05 South Penn? 5,500,000 1272 Price Heirs ............. ......... 1 -31-09 Fairview Gas 3 1821 David Thompson ......... 1-13-09 Fayette Co. ? 825 Geo. W. Blaker ....... ......... 6 -11-06 Hope Gas 849.054 870 A. E. Morgan ........... ......... 3 - 2-07 Hope Gas 5,499,000 1819 C. R. Rice ............. ......... 8 -21-08 Fayette Co. ? 871 C. R. Rice ......... ......... 1 -22-08 Hope Gas Oil Well 423 O. Tennant ......... ......... 5 - -03 South Penn 1,271,260 449 Susan Yost ......... ......... 6 - 9-03 South Penn 1,428,067 4001 P. W. Yost ........... ......... 7 -19-15 Fairview Gas 299,000 778 O. L. Wilson ....... ......... 1 -13-06 Hope Gas 2,898,700 166 E. Michael ....... ......... 6 -23-92 Flaggy Meadow F 210 B. F. Thomas ..Z ............................................... 1901? Flaggy Meadow ? 202 U. M. Billingsley ............,................................. 1-15-97 Flaggy Meadow ? The oil and gas industry played a more important role in the early development of Fairview than at the present day since production on most of the old wells has reached a low ebb. . The writer is indebted to the Hope Natural Gas Company and to Mr. Paul H. Price, state geologist, for the material used in this article. The 1947 Paw Pau FLORENCE CLAIR. 39 CHEERLEADERS Katherine Kupreanik, lrene Kupreanik Fairview Girl Scout Troop No. 33 The Girl Scouts in this troop were organized in November, l946 and given their troop number and registered with the New York Council in February 1946. The troop attended camp for one week at Camp Pokhawen in August 1946. They are working on activities to become First Class Scouts. They are celebrating their first birthday in this month, being one year old. They nnance their expenses by the sale of Christmas cards, greeting cards, etc. The group, although not a regular high school club, hold many of their meetings at the school, and the scout leader, Miss Lillie Toothnian, is a teacher in the high school. Members of the troop are: Alice Lee Ammons Bernadette Bell Patricia Hufford Virginia Hutlord Rita Kincell lean Masters Mildred Michael Frances Parker Mary Frances Powell Janet Suite 40 Lucy Toothman Betty Walls Betty Ware Dessie Wariier Edythe Wells Sallie Ann Carr Virginia Carr Bonnie Rinehart Millie Delereuyelle Jeanne Delereuyelle Jane Robey Jane Rush Phyllis Michael Juanita Lowe llcne Kitzniiller Bonita Graves Bonnie Groves Peggy Knisely Patty Tennant Mary Mercer June Knisely Thr' 1947 Parc Paw X f3Q T, f Y'X 2 m Z QQ- N ""' 'i-:"' -4-"':?.1 "Q: ATHLETICS FOOTBALL TEAM, 1946 1 mst row-Managers. junior Knisely and Donald jones. Second ron'-Bill Hanes, "Hotdog", Halfhackg Ross Maruka, "Maruke". Halfbackg Larry Mc-rico, "LaLa" Quarterbackg Jim Straight, "String Bean", Centerg Arthur Puskas. "Al", Fullbackg Harold Lough, "Gunner" Tackle Hugh Straight, "Scratch", End. fhzrd rmv-Jim Binnix, "Jim", Guard: Bill Clark, "Stooge", Tackle, Berling Hurt, "Peanut,', Halfbackg Joe Ixetton Jojo", Quarterbackg and Coach William Reppert. fourth row-Bob Gregg, Managerg Eugene Rowe, "Gene", Tackle: Sammy Retton. "Jiggy", Fullbackg Dalc Lonaway "Red Tornado", Tackle: Frank Adams, "Butterball", Center, Merrell Clair, "Flash", End, Claude Swi- ger Farmer", Guard: Harry Popp, "Popsicle", Tackleg and Cecil Rutkowski, "Zeke", Halfback. Rowlesburg ..,....... Pruntytown .......... Farmmgton .....,..,.. Rivesville ........... ..... University High ...,,,,,,,.. Barrackville .......... Monongah .,,...... Mannington ....... .. Clay-Battelle ...,,..,. FOOTBALL RECORD 12 " Fairviewn... O l7airview...,.,,t l 3 Fairvieww.. l 3 Fai rview........,.., Fairview,,.,.,., 6 Fairviewm... Fairview........ Fairview............ Fairview........ ........l9 The 1947 Paw Paw vw m wb ix, wk xx NX , X A Q Ns K N wars X :k"Nw Y ,Maw M I I . ,:., 4-:KL wzmmw 42 Q2 'Lain' -:.::::Z::E".: "" i :ig M sax., . , lf, E' :I1': 5 'QE -V f A 'E' ""' , " . az.-,.. ' ..l Q A ,, :www 1 .mfr ii . Tha 1947 ffm' Paw S A BASKETBALL TEAM First ru-rv, Ifff to riglzf-Junior Moran. Svfmzfl' l'IJ'Ik'fAAI'ti1UI' Puskas, Ross Maruka. Third rnfuflfarl Robison, Harold Lough, Roy Tuttle. l'iU1ll'f1l rnru-Coach Reppert, Joe Rettou, Berling Hurt, Nolan FL Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview .A,....... Fairview Fairview Fairview .......,.. Fairview Fairview Fairview If airview ...,i,e... Fairview Fairview Fairview Fairview ...,,.,... 4-4 BASKETBALL SCH EDU LE Aiunmi......,,,,,,,,,i ..,,,.,,,,,29 NVay11eslmi11'gi,, 20 Fast Fair111o11t.,...,,,,. , ,i,...,., 29 VVest i:Zlil'lNUl1t,,, H und1'eci,,,.,,,i,,,,,,... iYLOll011g3,il.,,,, Rivesville.........ii LT2Ull1ilAlgLlJ11....,,.. Farmingtrm.......... , ,,,....., 27 Maimingtcm ,,,..... , VVaynesburg .........,.. HL111dfCCi....,,,,,... Rivesville........... Ba1'rackville...,e,,i. H42 Farmingt0u.......... A ,,,,ee,,, 49 Clay-Battelle ...ee,e., .. ley, Manager. 44 ...W44 54 ..v,i,,.36 The 1947 Paw Paw ArThur Puskas Roy TU Wie ROSS MQYURG Car! Robinskm Junuov Moran B Qrhm3 HMT Hawk! Lough Joe Refkfon ll I!! l'tI'ZUlIfIZU BASEBALL, 194-6 First row-Larry Merico. Second rowvRoss Maruka and Joe Retton Third row-John Marko, Sammy Retton, Bill Hanes. Fourth, row-Bob Gregg, Bill Toothman, Bill Clark. Fifth row-Manager, Donald Jones, Coach William Reppert, Manager Junior Knisely. Un-ph0I0graphcdADick Retton, Hack Retton, Delbert Lake, Delmar Lough. Farmington ...,,,,, Rivesville .,,.,,.... BASEBALL RECORD KNO Hitter Fairview .......... Fa1rv1ew ........, Dick RettonJ Smithfield. .......... . Barrackville ,,,....,.... Rivesville .........,..... Manuington ......., Hundred, ........,, . Smithfield .,,..,.,..... Barrackville ............ Barrackville .........,.. Wallace ............,............... West Fairmont .i.......,..i l Fairview...,...... 0 Fai1'view.....,.... 4 Fairview.....,,.. 0 Fairview.......... 0 Fairview,,.....,., 0 Fairview.......... l FairvieW.......... Tournament Games 0 F airview.......... QNo Hitter-joe Rettonj 4 Fairview....,...,. 2 Fairview.......... The 19-I7 Paw Paw CALENDAR September ' School started. Fairview High played Pruntytown at home in football. Fairview High played Farmington. Rev. MacQueen spoke at assembly. First school paper appeared. Fairview High played Rivesville. YVe lost. . October "Tin Pan Alley" starring Alice Faye and Betty Grable was presented for assembly. The Problems of Democracy class visited West Virginia Penitentiary and the Grave Creek Mound at Moundsville. Second school paper came out. Fairview High played University High. Student Council meeting. Varsity Club meeting. Special assembly was called to organize clubs. Latin Club members and future members have meeting. "Thuse" meeting at 11:15. Problems of Democracy class forms a club. Students take initiations for Latin Club. Pictures taken for the yearbook by the Ideal Studios of Clarksburg. Talent Show presented for assembly. Seniors receive their picture proofs. Report cards given out. Guidance held. No school. S. E. A. meeting at Clarks- burg. Assembly presented by the freshman class. Orders taken for pictures. Guidance held. School paper comes out. Juniors decorate the gymnasium for the Halloween party. Pi Delta meeting. November 5 No school. Primary election held. 12 Pi Delta meeting. 13 Measurements for the class rings for the The 1947 Paw Paw Juniors and Seniors taken. Show pre- sented for assembly entitled 'Stanley and Livingstone." Guidance held. Visitors' Day. Records made of different students' voices on the new recording machine. Practice for the play, "Ghost Wanted." Group pictures for sale in the lower hall at noon hour. Pi Delta meeting. Practice for "Ghost Wanted." "Ghost Wanted," a three act play pre- sented. Seventh Grade Travel exhibit on display in Room l. Thanksgiving Day-A school holiday. December Mrs. Powell substitutes for Mrs. Burns. Pi Delta meeting. Show presented for assembly entitled "Lillian Russell." Mr. J. Straight visits school. Mrs. Gump burns the hamburgers in the cafe- teria. Guidance held. Senior pictures ar- rive. Miss Toothman finds her picture on her desk with the sign "Reward Sl,OO0." Journalism students get several laughs from past yearbooks. Jarvis Conaway drives the school bus g everyone's life is at stake. Student Council meeting. Pi Delta club plans chicken dinner at their sponsor's home. Assembly sponsored lgv Coach Reppert. jimmy -Debrucque and Bob Powell, two popular intercounty referees, speak con- cerning new rules for the coming basket- ball season. Latin Club members begin to learn to sing Christmas carols in Latin. Booster campaign for the yearbook starts. Several students start working in Fair- mont for the Christmas rush. You should have visited Murphy's if you don't be- lieve us. Guidance held. Booster Campaign is be- ginning to progress. Today is the dead- 4-7 '.. CALENDAR C Continued Q 1 line for the ordering of class rings and pins. Today was Friday the 13. All Latin club members meet in Room 12 to practice singing Christmas carols. Sev- eral Senior students decorate the halls giving them the Christmas spirit. The girls' shower room in the bottom of the gym is getting a remodeling. Several students are working in different stores to help with the Christmas rush. The Booster campaign is progressing slowly. Jarvis Conaway returns to school with a new addition to his family. Jarvis is one of the school's janitors. A Christmas tree was placed on the second floor and decorated by members of the student council. Tonight the bas- ketball season opened for the Indians by playing the Alumni. We won. Popular- ity contest held. Some one hides one of Miss Milano's gym shoes. I wonder who? Glee Club presents assembly. Latin Club carols through the halls of F. H. S. and also makes records of their carols. Today at 3:10 Christmas vacation starts, to last for two weeks. The basketball team traveled to East Fairmont and was beaten 36-20. January Basketball team played West Fairmont. We lost 54-29. School resumes after two weeks' vaca- tion. School paper is discontinued tem- porarily because of the work on the year- book that had to be completed. Mrs. Powell is substituting for Mrs. Norris. Everyone is bragging about the Christ- mas presents he received. It seems as though a rubber boot got into Betty Suite's locker. I wonder how? Suzanne White took quite a tumble this morning. It couldn't have been icy, could it, Sue? Special assembly after home room to explain the new bus schedule. It is rather icy around F. H. S. this morningg 48 at least Joyce Suite hit the pavement and how! Now we have a "toughie" on the teaching staff of F. H. S. It's Mrs. Burns. At least she is strong enough to tear the binding of a typing book into. Tonight we play Hundred High on the home floor. A play entitled "Rumple- stiltkin" was presented for the grade school. 10 Educational shows were presented in history classes. Booster campaign ends today. 13 Subscription campaign for the yearbook begins. There was an important meeting of the P. T. A. at the town hall with slide pictures showing the conditions of vari- ous schools in Marion County. 14 Pi Delta meeting. Tonight we played Rivesville on their floor with a hard fought battle all the way through. Score 42-34. 15 Show entitled "Heidi" was presented for assembly. 17 Game with Mannington there. 21 The social studies classes see educational picture during class period. Journalism class distributes pamphlets around Fair- view concerning the school levy. 23 Two new members have been added to the teaching staff. They are Miss Evalee Linger and Miss Marjorie Coffman, who are replacing Mrs. Norris and Miss McIntyre. 25 We played Mannington High, losing 36- 27. 30 We lost to Rivesville here by 51-36. February 3. Special assembly at 1 210 for the purpose of discussing the "booing" of the referees at basketball games. 7 We played Farmington on the home floor tonight. '12 Show entitled "Jessie James" was pre- sented for assembly. Varsity meeting at 12:45. .' 15 PAW PAW GOES TO PRESS. The 1947 Paw Paw 'a s s e s nlv 1 s w ssa s in 100 s a w s 1d e ss if Q69 You . M QQM QSS Q now' as s sss ss "Why bother all those busy persons? Probably not more than one of them would know the answer, because itis something they take for granted. . . . Letis just print it here and save a lot of timeli' So here's the question: "What's the smallest item and BIGGEST bargain in most family budgets?,, And here's the answer in one word: '6Electricity. Look at the last item in the recent cost-of-living figures from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Cre- printed at rightb. Considering how many household jobs electricity does daily, that's a rather startling statistic. Then remember that electricity is still sold at low 91 WHERE me wonxsns- Monsv 9053 fWarHme Cup ,H ' - I I I :age earners, 56 cllilg. 'iff ureau of Labor SQQHSHCJ soon , , . pre-war prices-remember that the average U. S. fam- RENT . ' ' ::'W' ' - - - .3 ily gets about twice as much electricity for its money :l-OTFUNG. . . . 12.l ' l'l15 fl ,ll 1- 1, Q 1. 'Sail'-ANEOUS. .im as lt c u years ago an you rea :ze t ere s no ng- FUEL AND Ice, 4 7 ger bargain today! "'0USEFURNlsHmss 3.1 ELECTRICITY , , I3 QOf course, if you already knew all this, you're T ' ' o1'Al. , , pretty smart. In fact, you're that one in a hundred.j mm' Listen to the New Electric Hour-the Hour of Charm, Sundays, 4:30 P. M. EST., CBS MONONGAHELA POWER COMPANY General Oilices, Fairmont, W. Va. The 1947 Paw Paw 49 YOUNG FASHIONS FOR A YOUN G WORLD - RATES FOR :E ---- DATES I HARTLEYS 'iii iw W7 4 N X EN , ' X I I . fy-Q2 My Qff Olow fi' f J :':-:-5 T T Y h FAIRMONT, W. VA. Th J d dBy BOOSTERS FOR 1946-7 PAW- '5Coach" Berling Hurt Wilda Lough Miss Sturm Monford Wilson Miss Edna Parrish George Brock Harold DeBolt Ross and Doris Miss Lois Wilson Florence Clair E. W. Malcolm Mrs. Rhoda Groves Roy and Mary Lou Miss Lillie Toothman Leonard Eddy Lester Tuttle Dale Conaway Mr. Thorne Velma Shuman Junior Knisely Bill' Hurd Bennie Henderson Carl Haught Bill Clark Howard Straight Mr. and Mrs. William Burns Mary Frances and Jimmy Christine Kupreanik Gene Atkinson Roy King Tommy Fortney Mabel Retton Coach Reppert Bonnie Frisen Jack Cliburn Patty Toth Eugene Rowe Kara Jo Hamilton Miss Mclntyre Mr. and Mrs. Worley Powell Mary Ann Fox The 1947 Paw Paw Nancy White Rev. E. E. Suite Mary Ann and Stanley Claude Swiger Mr. H. B. Straight David Straight Hugh and Katherine Josephine Simcic Betty Lee Suite Nick Bellish Mike Salina Phyllis Knisely Harold Lough Mary Lou and Bob Jo-Jo Retton "Midge" Tootman Mr. and Mrs. James Maruka "Sue" White Rachel Eddy Betty Jean and Donley Patty and Russell Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tennant Edna Lake Jackie Hamilton Bill Yeager Billy 6'Hotdog', Hanes Mr. William Reppert, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Yost Vincent P. Belotsky "Tadpole" Pringle Junior Wiens Mr. and Mrs. Glen Gump James E. Quisenberry Gilbert Marple Daniel Less 66Peewee" Harry Mr. Guy Barnett Shine and Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Mayo 0'dell Walter Smiers Eleanor Smiers PAW ' Mr. Leroy Binnix Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haught Dorothy Rosie Delma Mercer Doris and Helen Lucille Tennant Eldora Floyd Jimmy Straight Mrs. Ruth Burns Sarah Gilleland Joan Barnett John Tennant Paul Tarasuk Mrs. E. W. Malcolm Leo Dodd Mrs. Mae Robinson "Barney" Clayton Delmar Lough Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Conaway and Son Bill Parrish Joe Levelle Merrell Clair Irene Kupreanik Evelyn Hibbs Patty and Dickie Mason Ed Tubridy Denzil and Mary Charles Tennant Zelda Jamison Dora Lee Hurt Miss Milano Martha Lee Barr Bill Toothman Bill and Ruth Eleanor and Gene Mrs. Ora Gump John Brasuk Evelyn and "Duc-kfeet 51 AS IS A TALE, SO IS LIFE: NOT HOW LONG IT IS, BUT HOW GOOD IT IS, IS WHAT MATTERS. Seneca. C""""i"'e"'s Globe and Anchor Of ICE CREAM . . . SANDWICHES Gront'Town Pool SOFT DRINKS Room VINCENT BELOTSKY, Owner Phone 75,1 Main Street Fairview, West Virginia The 1947 Paw Paw Adam's Office Supply Adams Street Fairmont, West Virginia FOR BETTER FURNITURE Rugs White Star Ranges Lane Cedar Chests and Complete Home Furnishings Shop at Standard Furniture 'Company 312 Jackson Street Fairmont, West Virginia Osgood's Smart Shoppe COATS, DRESSES AND SUITS 312 Adams Street IT PAYS T0 BUY AT KAY' Clothes for the Entire Family '5Graduation Giftsv Kay's Credit 'Clothes 325 Adams Street Fairmont, West Virginia S The 1947 Paw Paw 53 The BANK UF WADESTUWN . FAIRVIEW, WEST VIRGINIA Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The 1947 Paw Paw KUPREANIK'S STORE FRESH MEAT AND GROCERIES Phone 3092 Grant Town, West Virginia DE LUXE CLEANERS AND DYERS Telephone 4136 Grant Town, West Virginia Agency for De Luxe Cleaners ROBEY'S BARBER 'SHOP FAIRVIEW, WEST VIRGINIA The 1947 Paw Paw CHECK THESE MARKS OF A BETTER STORE Courtesy V Honesty V Value V Service V AND YOU'LL FIND THE REASONS FOR BUYING 'satan YOST BROS. Fairview, West Virginia Compliments of BeII's Market Fairview, West Virginia Frankie Buzzy's Place FOR BETTER ENTERTAINMENT Dancing . . . Soft Drinks Grant Town, W. Va. The 1947 Paw Paw Compliments of BURNS' RESTAURANT HOME-COOKED MEALS HAGAN'S ICE CREAM Dine . . . . Dance FAIRVIEW WEST VIRGINIA Compliments Of White Fox Barber Shop Grant Town, W. Va. Wilson Eddy and Son FOR QUICK SERVICE Main Street Fairview, W. Va. The 1947 Paw Paw ai . FOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCES Shop at G. C. MURPHY'S 5 AND IOC STORES 313 Adams Street Fairmont, West Virginia GROCERIES u tto n'S AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE GIFTS , , , CARDS , , , TOYS , , at , , WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES Gifts Wrapped Free Howard's Grays Flats Store -- R. F. D. 2 Fairview, West Virginia Farmington, West Virginia Phone 84-W ln 58 The 1947 Paw Paw BUZZY BROTHERS GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES A Phone 3126 Grant Town, West Virginia Lee's Tellingis Seal Test Ice Cream ' SOFT DRINKS SANDWICHES : HOT DOGS SCHOOL SUPPLIES I Compliments 0,f Hardware Store Located on Main Street -in- Fairview, West Virginia Fairview, West Virginia The 1947 Paw Paw ' ' -'ff ig f - :-', ' L ', 5 fi pr-1 - - -. ' ' ' - ,. .l E Q. 1, V f Q Q , ff I .Q - I - s ' J , .Y- 9 onqos' ANDsBQSELY Q g ' . GENERAL -MERCHANDISE - , Grant Town, West Virginia 5 f . 4 f . D v ' Phone: Fairview 9673-F-12 , Say It With Flowers G3 BGHOUI' ECO. Attleboro, Mass. FASHIONED BY R' b CLASS RINGS AND'PINS - I '- H aug els COMMENCEMENTIL INVITA'liIONS I . DIPLOMAS '. . . PERSONAL CARDS A CLUB INSIGNIA MEMORIAL PLAQUES 4 ns, h 5 IHU 505 Fairmont Avenue . A f Represented by Fairnloni, W. Va. C. JOSEPH RICHARDSON ' - P. o. Box 195 Phone 541 A, Sistersville, W. Va. A Twinco Yearbook, Twin City Printing Co., Champaign, Illinoi S y 1 xx ,if i S . fjFi.54vj?g.,,. , . ., ,V f .3 ., YQ--,Q,5L:fQF , ,. 5' ."'K95"'Qf:' , -.mf '34--4'-1 1' 'sv L , a.e X 43 .f 4, , k Q KK f ' 'iff 'E-QQ! ' fp, ,.-1 - , , I , 4 ' ' ff ., 'ffm A. Tw' - H gg . - . ..""2 iw ., 1. . '4 K-1, Q , Q, ...af .Qui-454 .,f-IN-. ,, .JXAWXA he .05 .4 511 -- " ., ,., .Q ffQ,igh.t .3 V 4f,,1,1f,,V,.,-' .. If 4-A, ,...,.,,,7m,, g ,N A "' ' " 4. jp! li' 4,'ff','g?f'2,5:,-ffrftnf , R .A .,v..l1.f5 ibn? yn'-fi' 'Q 'f - ,A pp ,' . vw-,LI - H fy- rf. , 'Y 5 ,Ac'f,f,gg- .Buff-J -1..,,,e,m..5 ,fig A ,5,.u5'.f 451. A A 'af -'xg -' K? A " E-. Ill"-.f '. 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Suggestions in the Fairview High School - Paw Paw Yearbook (Fairview, WV) collection:

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