Fairview High School - Paw Paw Yearbook (Fairview, WV)

 - Class of 1941

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Fairview High School - Paw Paw Yearbook (Fairview, WV) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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,ff- ,- 4.2 if N -w I .5 ' -is 1 .Q . k- -v Q: ' , . f X. s ,.,.v ..1.., 1.9. YS ,,.sr4 f - . Y 44,555 :r . . W - . k -'Ei .-:Sl ,lin iff Vx .ggi ' ui 551: ,f. . . , - f 52 '7 V2 -4-'L' ' ,.,,i -415.24 5 J,L A v , , . w 1 n Y Q ' 4 - r -1 .--1 .hugh A' , . ,,. , U. I? I MH, w. 'MAN 5-5 A F 1'g-,qsmgiff qfifl' -2 ,. , '. U", Z., .' . -af --ia- ,, , . v1':,x '. 5,4 .4 . U R ,X D ' in L. 1 .Hui .. 'u N" " ,kv .1 . .ea ' -'N ' '--- ff, -1 - '.4 '- ' nunlgn .anno Q. IEE O V Q ml N7 U'-F ' ,-'1' ' .' M"1'f .- A . f "'fZ4 'I itil", if : ---., Qagfyghffffzny '-- -' ' ' Q '-' 521,17 1 T f?s,ff,fM,'Y4Yie1 fflllfy. Li? iff' A -'r-, 7-ig .. rf:-or .wif A ff-Q 1-Hiafffffff . A.-- + ki . .. --7.1--4 - , H '-riggf-554 'W' --L45 9-f V Q- - .Vg M "---f--,. i7HAA.,'?wl' nA... I ff , - .,-M I- V V "U75"50"'-- '-4 1 Q' "-'x?'0v'g V 77" V' 'X 0' ' '- - ' 'gd .igfigcffigfi ,. 1519! 'r' Qiih 12 H7 fi 1925? 427' gf? ' 4 4 . gf -,il Egliiigtluh FHM G i il: WI t,'QE,S4Q PS5 ,qi 111241 '93 g'j'i'y,i.l. -'J' f ' : 5, ',' '7 fin, A ' , ' fair T W n'i'2ff'!f1g"9"':'f - ' "i aqeJT21Hg??AfUf13G 5 V sifirwf' sill af EQEJMQ " IM iyqjl' fuliflf A at Ag? ' :ff 'leranigfizf " nz w fwiwqfff, fn2!'4s1'j'ff!1 JY-A' ' . . ' 'A A' 'V 55 ' ' Ns . i: if T' x - .3 X' S'-Tr' I EAAKL A Yygmmfgizizq ' .sxl Q" . -. F Ami Y :'T-'1'4iQgI,.1,.."dQrNQivH, V: xp-L! . A kits - S' ., U X. --. 1Q..,f"h "x J I- - 0- ', -Q. -,, ' - , ' ' AVWA . ' -, Nb ' .' . "- ' 4 N . .. -, Q 5512,-t' I ' . ,,,J.:, 'lil WJ.-14 1. I- E ,, h 'afifi 2,1413 Ez fat Tam 31955, gina? WW my I r" f ,, 7? I 'F e-:ggi vlxx " ' Ani l , . . 5 X 4 I . 3 'L ' 4 ai' , , "L "-Q P WKM- '- If --.4 :K - .,.,.-E-. . , .,,, 2,3 V.-. ,5 -fi w "4"""'aQf?f3:nmf?5' 1' M t x'N"" Q s , fi f'+ f wif' 6 f 'Eff 3: I Pl 'wi A, I Ig .'. :N WI Q '! FV X7 I e FOREWORD We, the members of the l9Ll Paw Paw Staff, have attempted to bring to you the activities and organizations of the past school year. We'hope that we have done this in such a Way that it will some day in the future help you remember your happy school days at Fairview High School N1 -Equ- Au-ug, 'I I -H'-. . 'U .twi- 2: , 2,1 ,T- , , L . 1, v,, 4- A . , 1 . -L+ ,H A- -fzzrs-ff .. 1-31-.Q ,751 .pf "" 1 fI5,z4f" "1-r' , 0 -n -' - " " -5. .'5f"'- , . 'jJ,.fisf1.' " , , . na. , .L ,E miqi' ' s urgz, sf'- sw .gd ug-.K- A w ,, . Q wil-' 1 Wy 1 N. , S 1 .W I 0 . v J 1 V ' w , "4f..J'f " WQWgHw1 -, 1 ' . :J i1",' 312' ' 1 1 .-s.rHF,'5: 1 . . 1' ' i ' x:'g'rgg:'-TjQQiE,'fE'J IL, " Jigr. , 1 b 'Vee' ".45:'f'. 1 ' '. ' .4 uwhiqf gf - ' 'fmvfm f Q ' ' 'H 'ff '-i?g51 .'-,T ,nf ' f ' ' I 1 .f35L5'gQ'iQ-f'-:.g1k- ,Q 0 ' 5' 45 - 25,2 if f Q - ,f1i:".K- '. ' ' N. .1 'r ., , 1 .4 :, Ji Q QI' Ula' 'Y lid V4 v I ,-. , V, L: l - 4':i-+L ,. - , . Ag-V+ , ' "-'Emil-gllr ' ,Pj " ,f lin ? 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V k 5 Q 7 ,, f 2.51 1 ,,+:A A ' 1 Ta'-Sf, 54. Q r 1 U .1--V,-N-za.:-,,..r - ' va- .Q 1: ffwgrg I , 1 , A f. ,I 1f"k rgel-kx L,L hE.U " 'f fL,.5 '1f .11-. Al - " . " U1 N"?-ff'-Q, 4- '+.- +. 455-X New " :Y W J 1 ,?+H4+mwQ,wi,i-wI3vA , f N-W ' ' .u'i' F '7 X f , fufniwffsfuyfwi f 2 , ,, 1 ' ' "1-4-g '55-i 'f'- inf Q ,V-..'.. 1 , L H , . wg -w hMf A - , 4 - ,fm '- gm-.H "f"' ,y.:..A-,L .1 yghA.i.,ib1'4: 'L-Q5if5 .......m:L, .3.mT' 'Sui K' ' 'Ili' "u,1..."wlq ppm. DEDICATION The members of the Paw Paw Staff have thoughtfully and devotedly dedicated this book to Mr. Eugene Rogers who has been a splendid teacher and who has made countless friends in our school. He has only been with us for three years, but during this time he has accomplished much. "" tri, 1 -my I M 'L ' ,,:q Q gg.: - -,,..- 9 ,- ! X ' 2:2-Z. ". '.' .- '3 1 ' " " " " N71W"A9 39" ".' . "FT" ' . :-:-1-21...-:,:-.2-..:..-if-2 ,. C" .. . . . . . . ss fl' . -:2eQI:-:-:I:Y:If1:I:5?T:2:71-225127?:'?f?1:1:1?:4:3:E:g:E:1:15:7:1:1:1:'.-:flzfi . g. -. .g.,, ., ., '-'- n'- n'n'-'v'n'n'n'4'I'u'-3'u'n'n'u'-'-'-'-'-'.'u'- p a -'f-:a'n'-'u'Q'f.' ' ?'v'n':'s c'a':'b'n'v 0 Q' 1.9.4 I u mr.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,. , ...i.,...,..:+.,.,.,.v.g:,.,,.,:,: -.'.:. . .-.... .-if. .g.g.'.g.g.'f'ig.j.g ja.1.3.1.'.g.1.:.g.j.g.g.Q.g.'.'.g.g.'.-.'.:.g.'...:.','.'.g.'.5. -J:-QITGI-1'-.-,-'0I.' . Y , . .. .,,, . . . . . . . .- . .- " .- -:-'. 4- -, 1 Q . . " '3'I"'I-I... . , ? ., eng, -, 44-R ... 3. I . 'M "',' '...x..C.. " ... ' -R .--.-1sh.si.:43,4.g.':er.,Qg1-1g::.-:,.55g:g:.:.:fg51gg..,,g-:,.,, '- s ..,, . '.' of 'ww .g. -.-.,.1 :'i15'1 : ' ' . ' 'f-' : : t. . .-5 -. ::ff233-'53-Wseiriniinwizigizizi5:21-3.211:155-5:5-1E1:r:z1f'g55i.yaf.:gsss.gg:::.'.'.'1':-:1s. Q131312331:-:IEEQTZi51Ef515152E1EfS2E2i1E-:iiliiilil515151:-:2:1:2:1115ff?-fi-1-ZzkfiiliiillliffiE':""" .-'.H' -'--,,. ' '. '." ."".' "'-'.'.g-,.g.3,y.j.:.-.y'.'.'.'.j.:.j.j.j...1.:.1.- 5 . P' ' ?w .f. : .. -5 , 11i2f- - . .. . ., w g ' A' EW 7Q"F.i ":1 :Tr 4.1 M 1. ' V :'. . -n -f f I ' , -:-:-:'.-zz... .V H '34 '- .v . w -,5:5:1:1.2:fE5Eg:3:5fk1--1-'- ,- - i hh- A Y A .- '.' Ij.:"Z:f'f::::...f':jIj' . .-'31 . Eff: . '5.-:- :- lj w'u's' V- n'- n H .. U ...,":'2.."" '.".'.'..'.'.. . ... I . ., 4 " rl' ...,!' " - - - 's'n'n I - . .... . -I 6,5-+::::. ................ ' gg'?1n5Q?5Pi3--lifligr-E a.'QageQZiQ.31:s?g1i1Lf--gfzlggg ., 1-:-. : :-: 2-Y -A --:-.-:-:g,-.215-.-.-.3 -.-.g.g.g.g.g,E.E 2:2:Q.Q:1:I:,.Q" ,5l.'.,.5'2'.-a7.'.- 3.5.3 '-,n1r.:-j..,'.. 3 .11 I, ,.., . . , ma- " , - V ,,. ..l .I U ' 2 :Qj:Q:3:f:3:Q.Q:2.-17" 'A . .. 1. K 'ul' .'.-'-1 :.:.:.:n:n..:....n4 -I I ' -za... -cl--.I 1-'21'.1-:f4fSrY2e.:.:-fem?555scsgig..,s:.ice-5..q1Z2?2E?s:Q?E:gfg1--.- " " ' 4 'm'w '''tj-3'S'C'2-I-',Ej'.g1,.'-I'-1+ .. ., , '14'-9-:-.nf-1 - , W., an . ' I -, . . ... -. s 3 4. A is ' 1 E 1 F" .:.. If Q.: W .1 V fy. . fin' :iq C K5 C. .gm , . W' 'x . ,it .. -. PM ,E if PM kg, 1. rt ., S. ,-,L . N ' A r 1 ' " "1 ' ' aff... N: Z.-Eg K ,' ,, ny, ' I lx ,, ,1 ' -I. I 1 ... -I 1 -L. ull.: Q- :I p: X15 . gi ' 4 'U . I . ' ' n'i.',. v , 'I g - r-:L . 1-.'.: 5.5 'H ' :'.'1." ' '. ." " ..' . 1" ' -". "1 . .'. N .,.. XS, . I :jf '- ' "gr-., ,P " ,"' .,.- .:- .Eg ...J 4 U I . . !"', . K . '. ., -1 .. ' .rs' .' ,, 5'-.,. .""'.',', I... -:.- - . . - - - -' - .' '- ' 4-f-' "'-.k,- 2.5. f -2-.'-'3'-:-:lx-1-:liz-.1': : . . 4 i, - ' - "1 .-ja - , .g . 2: ' 36.1. V. .. . , - 'g f , , ' f ' ' -ff N . x . .- - -'.j"'f..: '-'- .f.. 5: , . ,' f- U. I' '-:. -.JT it ik I Vg.. -. . G, . .. . 'N ....: '..:.g.,'.. IP . . . . . . .. 5. . ' .-r' gg 3, . 1 - --. ,.H.-.,., ,. 31" S.. .A . . .. 5, ' . ' '. ' , ,." 'g, . ' . ' , " . " ,y I ' " - 'v qv ' -.r. , C, '.. .. 'Z-.,.,Z,-Qggggq lga 'D - -'-:wa-. 1 3 1 1 -..qv .ff In X' 4 . 3 Nj I '- "-1 rf 111:59 m X5 ' .if54552:Eff5555535229522?f?f?f2fi?3f55-.. 8- - AQ:5'f'f:fi:Qfff:f:f:frQ:f:,: fffffQfzQ:Q4!" ri? ' ' : . : .',.:E:E:E::::::::E:E: ul. . , 3. - - ,, .- . -.-:-:': ' :-:-:-:f'- 'V .4 " 1 :5rI1S' '':2:f?iE'Er:--:.1I'H-. .. i :g:.- -. D :M . -. ":I:'5f-rzgfggzt, -.: ':-:-:-:-' If :':-:: -.1f1:55fffSffSE55f55:55'2' .. , ....,.... 1-s-2+:3:f:1:1:'FIE:f:':':f:2:1:L:f: :-:':-:ff'5'E:525'?"2:I:2-lEI?I?1VFi- - -' ' 'ffifEfEQQ1i+f'.52:.. ' ' '5r'1Z:is-:Sag :rear If-:'gfrr:f:1,r1r5fl1flf' '7'Z'3'17' 3: '-.'-53 , .-...,., 'f f ' 'ff -2-1- H" L "W" '+A' "'-.-2' '?,l"'y?1 .gg ,- 'j 'Q,,,.'.ggf-1.25: . . : ff ,515 .II ,51F?5:g55gegggr"' M "f534f3?2 57' ' 5353325323: Em . 1114? lewton G. Michael Principal Mathematics A. B. West Virginia Wesleyan A. M. West Virginia University Evelyn Brooks Typing Shorthand Bookkeeping A, B, West Virginia University Eugene F. Rogers Biology Chemistry A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College M. S. Fairmont State Teachers College Loi: Wilson English A. B. Fairmont State Teacher: College Ralph Michael Mathematics History A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College Lois Roth Physical Education General Science A. B. West Virginia University QW ,fig Corrine Clayton 5-ii! Home Economics English ' A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College L ' 3 f a? University of Wisconsin fy a.B. su-aight Industrial Arts Vo-Ag B. S. West Virginia University Mary Sturm sl ',5fQ Languages Library Dramatic: K .,.. A 1317. A. B. lest Virginia University Columbia University A f. I A 1,- , Q ,f fi A , l W , , william Randall " --aa - A V- 'mic f,' yah - my V' A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College A W L Elizabeth Rice 4? ff. JF Q j x ' kxglish ,X U, T, , . ,Wm , 1..,, 4 . 'A A. E. Fairmont State Teaehere College Q' 35?QQwfi5:W ' 'if West Virginia University A 3, A.T. Hickman A' :Q . 'L coach n.y.1ca1 Eaueanon ...Q 11 , Civics Hu , i A. E. Salem College West Virginia University v 1 W I w F A ' XX ' f 55213 X xXx ag ' 'I ff' ,- . XXX. A ' - Q I 3-+1 , X: , l ' In ' 4 Al -M 'ls 7' H ' .f,! Lf , L -fx' ' ' Q fy X if Q- ,f 5 i if if XM E? f f II N K gf X I 'N 1' Q ff f ', 1. Af-f-- .r C" ' A T f' " A if If I, I ,lf I 1 In E I3 1, jf' . I . , I i ' ' .- 1, 1 1-Af.-: fs F' tu f Him J. ' I f' lr! 1" '3' a ff, ' ' 'I 1 , ll ! ! V V. ll! -f P X X . 'K l I I 1 A :f f 1 . Ay I I I X! ' il X f 1 f lf' f RNS V ff f y I X 'X ' xx 'xx XX X X 1" RX 'K' xx-, , SE N 9,135 - .. ,111 'truer f I Senior Class Officers President...... .. Daniel Vingis Vice President.... . .. .. Howard Taylor Secretarygbocoo li O to60E1-O5-Se Treasurer.. . .. . . .. .... ... Norma Henderson Poem I J We, the Seniors of Fairview High, Think the last years have gone by Much too quickly for the fun And the many goals we've run. But we've liked them, And we'll miss All the sorrows, joys, and bliss Of the many, many trials We've endured the last few miles. --Wilde Parrish Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: Sweet pea. Glass Motto: WWe are not at the top, but climbingn Elouise Ruth Baker Fairview Secretary of Class 2-3-L3 G.A.A. 2-35 May Festival l-21 Cheerleader 3-45 'Hulda of Hollandng 'Night of January l6th' Bernell Lough Fairview F.F.A. 2-3-L. Zlmffwfffiffgvffe Dominick A101 Grant Town Football l-2-3-bi Chemistry Club Lg Pres. hi Vice Pres. of Varsity Club bg Basketball 2-3 . Frances Slobadzian Grant Town May Festival l-2g Press Club 3-L. J Josephine Zablotony Grant Town Glee Club 1-2g Student Body Vice Pres. Press Club 3-bi Dramatics bg 'Hu1da of Hollandn 'Rose of the Danuben WSeven Sistersnnf , 2 7"'t'Mf Wayne Straight Grant Town F.F.A.g Treasure 2-bg Varsity Club 3-ug Baseball 3-L. Wyse James Czika Grant Town Orchestra 1-2-3-Lg Dramatic Club 3-Lg Glee Club 2-33 Thespian 3-L: Science Club Lg Vice Pres kg Paw Paw Staff 3-Lg Editor Lg Football Lg Student Council 3-bg 'Hulda of Holland' W0ne Mad Night' 'What a Life". 9 . Q Naida Elizabeth Zanko Grant Town Girl Reserves 1. 2441.02-49 5:11 gf 5 , li I1 .f. Y. g . vga H I ! 'r i -i V 1 X V E I, I I i 5 I r gh Q. i ' dh Uk 5 v ,I My Margaret Varney Grant Town Dramatic Club bg Press Club lg Clee Club 2-33 May Festival 2-33 'Rose of the Danube' 'Hu1da of Hollandn. W,-67 Pauline Lough C Girl Reserves 33 May Festival 25 Home Ec Club A. 7Z...L....f,.,.71, Edith Knisely Baxter Clee Club 1-2-33 Paw Paw Staff 1-2-3-Lg May Festival 1-25 WHulda of Hollandn. flea" Dora Tennant Fairview Girl Reserves 1-2-3g G.A.A. 23 Home Ec. Club Secretary kg fs! ,A..eAf.......v Chester Glen Baker Fairview Varsity Club ug Football 2-3-Lg Basketball 2-3-by Student Council 2-3. 1645150601 Julia Sabatina Crant Town Dramatic Club 35 Lay Festival 2-33 Pep Club A. W Melvin Barr Fairview F.F.A. 2-33 Press Club Ag Clee Club 2. Glen Cosner Grant Town Basketball 23 Varsity Club 1g,.15ep Club Lg Clee Club 23 Baseball L. Ann Hlusko G.A.A. 53 Dramatics tra 2-5-hz 'Growing Grant Town 1-2-5-Mg Orches- Pains' 'Molly O' Shaughnessey . Ervin Beatty Price Fhirview Glee Club 3-by Chemistry Club kg Var- sity Club Lg Basketball 2-3-Lg Base- ball by Football 35 Pep Club L. zi1ICas.cEE244i4L Monnard Coffman Fairview Glee Club 1-2-55 Press C1uD Ass't Ed. Eg F.F.A. M-5: 'Rose or the Danube' Hulda 0 f Holland' Josephine Smiers Faifvie' Girl Reserves 1-23 Pres. 2: Student Council Mg Dramatic Club 2-5-M3 Sec. Thespians 2-2-hp Sec. M: 'Two Crooks and anLady' What a Life' 'Growing Daniel Vingis 1 Grant Town Pains Vice Pres. of Class l-23 Glee Club l Science Club 5-M3 Varsity Club 5-hp Senior Class Pres: Basketbal 1 5-hi Football 1-2-5-A. Katholeen Parker Fairview Girl Reserves lg Dramatics Club l-55 Science Club 55 May Festival l-2-hz 'Molly 0'Shanghnessey'. Marion Jean Barth Fairview Glee Club lg May Festival 1-2-5-by Pav Paw Staff ug student Council up Press Club Bus. Mgr. My Dramatics Club 5-M3 'Rose of the Danube' ' 'Molly 0'Shangnnessey'. I 'W'-'gm-'6-xL, Junior Ice Grant Town Glee Club lg Dramatics Club 23 Pep Club bs F.F.A. 9614, 8 - , X 3 5? , ,gl Q 1 1 N In .V- I lid! l 1: kr. r Lynn Tracy Moore Fairview F.F.A. Secretary 5g Basketball My Paw Paw Staff bg Glee Club 1-bg HAn Old- Spanieh Customn Margaret Caste Grant Town Girl R6S81W6S lg Glee Club 13 nHulda of Holland' May Festival 1 fiwjwrfwzs Lena Adams Grant Town Girl Reserves 13 May Festival 1-2-3 Dramatics 53 Press Club hgnThe Night of January l6thn .e,,,,., ?- John Pitrola Grant Town Varsity Club l-2-5-Lg Science Club 23 FO0tb8.l1 1-2-5-ll fvlxwfafh Hannah Katherine White Grant Tovm Girl Reserves 53 G.A.A. 5-L, Pros. Lg Press Club L ,WML Howard De'l.mnr Foley Fairviev: Glee Club 1-2-53 Press Club M We-M..4,!'f' Loma Maxine Lough Fairview Glee Club lg Girl Reserves lg May Festival Www X72 Betty Hazeldine Haught Fairview Girl Reserves lg Glee Club 13 May Festival 5 WWW ,an- A5 l Wilbert Howard Wright Fairview F.F.A. 33 Press Club L. Wilde Parrish Fairview Mary Glee Club Vice Pres. l-25 May Festival l-23 Press Club Adv. Mgr. L: Paw Paw Staff bg 'Rose of the Danuben HHu1da of Holland' 'Molly 0'Shaughnesseyn. .sakabzsisl-"l5-dlrt-i.JLLJaif Margaret Simmons Grant Town May Festival l-2g Girl Reserves 1-2. James Harry Mazure Grant Town Glee Club 2g Dramatics Club L: Pres. of Student Body L: Science Club 3-bg Glee Club 23 Football 3-Lg Basketball 2-3-bi WHulda of Holland' nSeven Sistersn JWWM Helen Frances Dragoo Fairview May Festival 1-2-3-L3 Glee Club 1- Minstrel 3g Dramatics Club 3-h Sec. Lg Thespians L: Orchestra l-2-3-L 35 Pres. L3 Paw Paw Staff 3-hi HRose of the Danuben WOne Mad Nightn Wwhat a Lifen nseven Sisters' 71914.41 Adk1.L1?a.J Julius Brachbk Grant Town Varsity Club Lg Baseball 2-3-A. Howard Kenneth Taylor Fairview Mary Glee Club 1-2-3-L5 Sec 2g Vice Pres. Senior Classg Dramatics Club 2-3g Th9SPi8RS 3-bi Baseball bg 'Rose of the Danuben WHulda of Hollandn None Mad Nightn 'An Old Spanish Customu. l.. 7 'sf Agnes Tilko Grant Town Press Club 33 may Festival 2. 777 JLZL John Toothman Grant Town Press Club 3-hi F.F.A. 3-bi Vice Pres. ,,Q,L.,.z..a-Ln., Norma Helen Henderson Fairview Girl Reserves 1-2-33 Home Ec. Club L Pres. Lg may Festival 1-23 Paw Paw Staff by Senior Class Treasure. l+fm4f.2f1m44vzawf Pauline Shenlosky Grant Town Press Club 3-bi May Festival 1-2. ' J Otmer Brookover Fairview Glee Club 1-23 Camera Club 33 Press Club hg Editor of Twin Tower Times Lg Chemistry Club Lg Student Council 33 'Hulda of Holland'. HMMMX Julia Jo Pitrola Grant Town Girl Reserves lg Glee Club 2g Science Club 23 Dramatic Club 1-2-3-Ag Student Council bg Thespian bg nwhat a Life'. 24421, 9131245 Lester Lough Fairview F.F.A. 3-L5 Basketball 2-3-h. W611S GOTHIBII I Fairview Dramatics Club l-23 Science Club lg Glee Club lg Varsity Club l-2-3-Lg Theapians 2-3-by Paw Paw starr 2g Class Pres. 2g Basketball l-2-3-Lg F00tb8l1 1-2-3-bi 'Growing Pains' 'Ghost Mani Eva St8tl81' Fairview May Festival 1-2g Girl Reserves lg G.A.A. 2-3. lm, Juanita Cummings Grant Town Glee Club Sec-Trees. lg Girl Reserve Vice Pres 33 G.A.A. 33 Press Club Lg Pep Club Sec-Treas Lg May Festival 2- 3g 'Rose of the Danube'. . C217 . George Wilson Feirvlew F.F.A. 2-3-hi Reporter L. jfydnv Gerald Shuman Fairview Glee Club 2-3' Varsit Club 3-L y . Chemistry Club Lg Basketball 2-5-ug Football 2-3-L: WHulda of Hollandn ,224az4zQ2Zfsl4iZe4aaaa1af Daisy Pearl Moore Fairview Glee Club lg G.A.A. 2-35 May Festival QS ' Q,w.1.Q VX-fex,v., Mildred Harker Fairview Girl Reserves lg G.A.A. 2-3-bg Sec.- Treas. by Press Club by Pep Club Lg May Festival 2-3. 77214541.44 Michael Buzzy Grant Town nMolly 0'ShaughnesseyW . LW Lester Lyle Walls Grant Tgwn Press Club 2g Varsity Club 3-L3 Sec. Trees. L: Football 1-2-3-Lg Student- Couucill Lg Marjorie Quisenberry Grant Tgwn Girl Reserves li Glee Club 25 May Festival l-2-3. jf . Paul Parrish Fairview Dramatics Club 25 Science Club 35 F.F.A. 25 Pep Club L5 Glee Club 25 'The Night of January l6thW nmolly O'Shaughnessey'. 474406 o04w..z,.J., Junior Toothman Grant Town F C Z Donald Hibbs Grant Town Mike Pringle Fairview Glee Club 35 Press Club 35 Football 3-L5 Varsity Club by 'Rose of the Danuben. William Whetzel Fairview F.F.A. 2-35 Pres. L5 Paw Paw Staff L5 Student Council 1-25 Football 1-2-3-L5 wan, M4514 MST GRY f Early in th fall of 1957 ninety seven students enrolled in Fairview High School as Freshmen. We Freshmen were very happy and d1dn't mind being called nFreshiesn because we knew we would be dignified seniors some day. In order to be a successful class we elected officers to guide our destinies through that first exciting year. They were: Bill Lloyd, president, Daniel Vlngis, vice president, James Czika, secretary and treasurer, and John Pitrola, William Whetzel and Daniel Vingis, student council representatives. Our motto ls nNot at the top but cl1mb1ng.n We selected our colors which are blue and white and our class flower, the sweet pea. This was the first meeting with our sponsors,Miss Clayton, Miss Young, and Mr. Straight. One of our students, Wells Gorman, acted in the play, nThe Night of January l6.H Near the end of school we spent a very enjoyable ewening at Reservoir Park. This ended our first year of school. Our Sophomore year was even more successful that the first. Our class officers were: Wells Gorman, President, Daniel Vingls, vice president, Eloise Baker, secretary and treasurer, and Esther Wilson, William Whetzel, and David Van Meter, student council representatives. Again our class took an active part in all school activities--Josephine Smlers and Wells Gorman played a good part in the play nGrowing Pa1ns.U Our class held four offices on the Paw Paw Staff, the organization which makes our annual possible. There were several Sppnomores out for foot- ball and basketball. They were: Wells Gorman, Lester Lough, Mike Pringle, Chester Baker, John Pltrola, William Whetzel, Dan- iel Vlngls, Dominick Aloi, Lester Walls, James Mazure, Gerald Shuman, James Czlka, and Glenn Cosner. Several Sophomore girls took part in the annual May Uestival. During the year the class enjoyed a skating party at Nannington. Again in June we took leave of our schoolmates and teachers. ln 1959 we were together again. This year welcomed some new members to our class who came from Rivesvllle. We also had with us two new sponsors, Miss Brooks and Mr. Robert Michael, Our class officers were : Raymond Moore, president, Eloise Baker, secretary, Alice Rachel Yost, treasurer, and James Czlka, Otmer Brookover, David Van Meter and Chester Baker, student council representatives. The class as a whole was very active in all sports and clubs. Josephine Smiers won second place in the dis- trict for poetry Interpretation in Public Speaking Contest. Marlon Jean Barth won first place in the HHartley'sn Dress . Making Contest.' Our class also won the class tournament which was held March 6 and 7. Officers of the Student Body for the following year were elected May 7. They were: James Mazure, President, Josephine Zabolotny, vice president, and Josephine Smiers, secretary and treasurer. Although we were sorry to learn that the Rivesville students would not be with us next year, we looked forward to our last year which, withour a doubt, would be our most impor- tant year. l9LO we were back in school as dignified Seniors. We elected our class officers September 25. They were Daniel Vingis, president, Howard Taylor, vice president, Eloise Baker, secretary, Norma Henderson, treasurer, and Marion Jean Barth, William Whetzel, and Julia itrola, student council represent- atives. The senior class initated the HFreshiesN and put the boys through theuhbelt line.H On October 16, we sponsored a Student Mix in order that all students might become better ac- quainted. Thirteen senior boys ron jackets for their splendid work in foorball, basketball, and baseball. They were: Lester Walls, James Mesure, Lester Lough, Wayne Straight, Uilliam Vhetzel, Gerald Shuman, Dominick Aloi, Julius Brachok, Wells Gorman, John Pitrola, Daniel Vingis, Mike Pringle, and Chester Baker. James Czika was editor of the Paw Pav Annual. There were eleven other seniors members of the Paw Paw Staff. Otmer Brookover was editor-in-chief of the Twin Tower Times. Again this year we won the class tournament and several prizes. On March 27, we presented our play, WMollie O'Shaugh- nesseyn, which was a great success, The Seniors who took part were: Wells Gorman, John Pitrola, Bill Whetzel, Paul Parrish, Mike Pringle, Glenn Cosner, Ann Hlusko, Katholcne Parker, Hilda Parrish, Mike Buzzy, Elouise Baker, Hannah White, and Marion Jean Barth. Josephine Smicrs entered the Interscholastic Public Speaking contest in the field of interpretation of poetry. Having von the District contest at Fairmonc she was eligible to enter the State contest at Morgantown. For winning second place in the state contest she was awarded a silver medal. Josephine Zebolotny was crowned Queen at our May Day Fes- tival. Her attendants were Katholcne Parker, Helen Dragoo, Marion Jean Barth, Juanita Cummings, Elouise Baker, and Josephine Smiers. Te, Seniors, went to Pittsburgh on HSnoak Dayn. This was the last time that we enjoyed ourselves as a class on a trip. As we approach Commencement week our hearts are filled with sadness, because we realize that the good times which we have had at Fairview High School, with our teachers and many friends are coming to a close. Yet we are'looking forward to the future with determination, for 'we are not at the top but climbing.W Historian ---- Dora Tennant HQRQSQQPE Name Lena Adams WArsolan Hannah White NShortieN Margaret Casto UCastoN Helen Dragoo llHal?! Norma Henderson HBabe ll Edith Knisely UBlondieH Daisy Moore nPoodleH Katholene Parker HKateN Hilda Parrish WWillieH Julia Pitrola HJewelW Margie Quisenberry 'MargeU Julia Sabatina NJewelU Mary Margaret Simmons HSimmonsW Josephine Smiers NJON Margaret Varney NRitzlH Josephine Zabolotny nJol1yn Elouise Baker HBlaokie' Marion Jean Barth HLessieN Jaunita Cummings HNitaH Mildred Harker nmuggsn Betty Haught 1'Bet" Anna Hlusko HPe:gyH Weakness Sailors Home Ee. Money Mike Buzzy Tony Night Clubs Roy Bunner Blake Darrah Convertible Philadelphia Elwood City Nursing Poetry Music HSkipH Cheer Leading Soldier Boys Bob Martin Lewis Current Events Basketball Ambition Travel Grow taller Nurse School Teacher College Artist Beautician Beautician Marry Blake Social Butterfly Beautician Nurse Nurse College Travel NStenoH Music Major Cashier Get married Beautioian Waitress Sports Woman I Q r .'1 V- r"v' 1 g , ' X, ,Q, Mm ' w..,, x ,: AY V- ,'Hjl a,"""- E"'1j"M' 1 s'ff.-mf ' V,-' P 41: H ' ,- I-Ji -vf. 'I '4- 1 1 ,,f Af, rg., , ,,,4i.7-X1-Q' L D I' 1 ig" :Vt-ia? " "' 'jigq' J A 1 ' :-zi L ' J ' A 5'lbf 1 .5 W 1 , 1' ! 11 ,S1 ' f, ' Y 5 -Q09 JF fr 4 , VG! jp. . ' w '16 3 Q - 'L- .i a' T, 1, 1 14 f - w- ' -wg vs- '+ .u:,,v,f T 3 new , gg - . f,gafgpQ. ,ggem.:gz: I J 11, W' v-v -i '-'N , ,:, -'ff' "' . ' 'I 51 """9' W' '1 ,fqf 1 r ' 31 M N " 4 ' , , , eh' N ,H 4 -, J", H .'- . 1 "'. ..,r.f f. I ff 5 'H ' Wrrix :LMA , , ,f1 'x 1,9 iL' v . .ni H 3' f?x?5'i1gt1g, :1 .: ' 1. pl ,V .A, I, -.-15-,-1J ..A, A :mV.? 1F M , if 1:1234 Eff M , A - My 1, 75,1 I if-fivff-'iv ifffigsii f '1'4 I If 1 Vlrl-wc! N X '., ' 'fr y - . . 1 4- ' f ' fi fi ' li -'L , -1 1481 .lgl r YW . ,. U ni, , , I w-" .!,w,., v.. -, - M,- "'imv.1tki4?i " 4 ,Q " ,E . mf, 7 , ff, - s1J ' . taz1 41fgeqp1igQg . ,V ? 5'i:' if "if'iiEs3insL3 mn fl V , gif: ,I .4 ? '?f?4?'9"sB!,Af ainwii l xmf-fwf g .s J 4Q N Q 1 1 w -- --uw: f is ,,, ,. ' 1 'N V -W1 '.,vp:5- W V .A .Vg 13 H ig. '--15' 1 fart- M4-. P' 1 ,K ry, . gg, I iizj-'.. I ,5 y X A T- iiiieif I gin ' l Name Maxine Lough nMaxieU Pauline Lough llpollyli Pauline Shenlosky nShorticn Frances Slobadzian NFI,an!! Eva Statler IIEVC II Dora Tennant nDorrieH Mary Tilko "Mare " Naida Zanko f!Nndj N Domicick Aloi ilDOmif Chester Baker nBlackoeH Melvin Barr nmelvieu Julius Braehok IIJI11- OH Otmer Brookover llRGdH Michael Buzzy WMikeH Glen Cosncr nCaswclln Howard Foley HHOWH Wells Gorman 'Pretty Boyu Lester Lough NLG S I? L n Moore Zgraeyn Mike Pringle nKnuten John Toothman nToothieH Weakness Sewing Baking Plymouth truck Dancing Ed Studying Wassil Jokes. Books Bernice Ticket gir Baseball Arguing Dragoo M.J.B. Boy Scouts Martha Getting le P.D' War News Doris ' - 3 .. J-', U ls ssons Ambition Scamstress Nurse Beauticiun Benutieian Nurse Nurse Secretary Be rich Detective Be a great athlete Editor Major League Reporter Business Man Grow taller Scout Master Coach Poet Ambassador Couch Game Warden Name Junior Toothmnn HJFH Dunidl Vingis nDQnnyn Lester walls nHackH Tilliam Whetzel nBilln Wilbert Hright Ilvnribii James Czikn HZCKCW James Hazurc nnSkipn Junior Ice Hwhctzclh Paul Lnrwish nPu:nutu John ritrola 'LhockH Gerald bhumnn 'B HBO-'byil Wayne Dtraight HRichn hrvin frice nhrview Berncll Lough nBernH George Tilson nMrbclW Uonnld Hibbs ilDonH Howard Taylor Itslimil Menard Coffman nLovesickn Weakness Dancing Dancing Eroving his speaking Candy Connie-last nJO1lyn Comic 3ooks Girls Night Cluis Fairmont Lucille Milk Blushing if ord Shirley Whcezcr Woodpeckers joint el shades Ambition Jittcrbug Coach Author Sheriff Candy Mfg. Brchestra Lender Chemist Chemist G-man Travel Cowboy Engineer Milk Man Salesman Mechanic Mechanic Chemist Mechanic rn fs- v ml PI f"'N f I 'Y-nfl" rl 113 o Dear Helen, . With all my work as an interior decorator I do not have much time for letter writing, but I wanted to tell you about the very strange dream I had last night. I usually read before retiring but last night I could find nothing to interest me so I looked through the nWho's Who in America. Some of the names were familiar, and among those were James Czlka, Edith,KhlQ9l!v, and Norma Henderson, James is playing ln moving pictures now and Qlso on the stage. Edith's drawing of women had made her famous while Norma is noted as the second "Florence Nightingale' because of her great nursing ability. Reading this brought back memories and made me dream. I dreamed that there was a big parade, and I was watching from the window of my office. I noticed that there was an un- usually large band, directed by Lynn Moore, who always liked music. Down the street behind the band came Eloulse Baker with a trouP of fancy dressed Indians who did come dancing. Do you remember how in high school she was always teaching the kids how to do Indian dancing? There w9re several floats re- presenting various states. West Virginia was represented bv a mound and several mound builders. Some of the mound builders were John Toothman, William Whetzel, and Monard Coffman, all prosperous farmers of the state. A group of people represent- ing different sports followed the floats. Dan Vingls, a famous football coach and his assistant Lester Walls, lead the group with Gerald Shuman, Chester Baker, Wells Gorman, and Lester Lough all sharing the spotlight for baske?-ball. CIt seems strange that I would dream about Wells still bein? a basketball player when I read ln the paper only last night that he was run- ning on the Democratic ticket for Justice of Peace of the small town called Farmington., Julius Brachok, the second Babe Ruth, represented baseball. Ann Hlusko, the tennis champion, was also there. The remainder of the sports were WGQPESCUIVA by people that I didn't know, so I thought that I would glance through the iii M d t A f I k I th f l 1 2 tgola? gglllng Chg3golgzg?eJul1asgltrola Sndogdgg Adggg? prom- inent society leaders in their big car driven by that impressive looking chauffeur, Michael Buzzy, Mike is also their bookkeeper. Jufmita Cimninas Martin?'M!.ld!'el'HHrkePl?Wb1tc, and Kstholene Parker Banner, all modern housewives, were dressed for the occa- sion, as were James Mazure, an important statesman, with Josephine Zablotony, who manages his house and his heart, and his secretary, Margaret Caste. More floats followed, one was with girls who were modeling ' 'Hannah White Frocks.W Some of the models were Pauline Shenlosky, Frances globodzian, Margaret Varney and Mary Tilko. I might add that all the girls looked very chic with hairdresses by Margie Quisenberry, manicures by Daisy Moore, and make-up by Julia Sab- atina. ' A float with men modeling all the latest clothing also passef me, and some of the models were familar. They were George Wilson, Richard Straight, Ervin Price and Howard Taylor. There were several orators there speaking'on the subject of democracy and among them were Josephine Smiers, who looked very charming in a frock made for her by the famous seamstress, Marion Jean Barth. Other urators were Junior Ice who always talked in school, Paul Parrish, the state senator, and Otmer Brookover, the editor of the great magazine, NKnow'It All.n Secretaries taking down the oratiohs were Dora'Tennant, Betty Haught, Mary Simmons, Maxine Lough, Pauline Lough, and Naida Zanko. I also saw Eva Statler dressed in a nurse's uniform wheeling an old woman, who had been injured in an automobile accident. The only comedians I saw were Mike Pringle and Wilbert Wright. They were dressed as cowboys. Do you remember how hand- some Mike looked in his cowboy outfit in the Senior play? Donald Hibbs was dressed as an organ grinder and was doing very good business, Dominick Aloi was selling newspapers on'one corner and Melvin Barr was selling groceries on the other. Bernell Lough was'playing the piano for Junior Toothman, the famous jitterbug. The only other person I sal that I knew was Glenn Cosner. He is'still playing Romeo only his Juliet was not Marion Jean this time. I didn't know the latest, this one was a blonde. I suppose knowing that you are a famous dress designer is the reason for your not being in my dream. This has been a rather long letter, but I Know you would be interested, Yours sincerely, Wilda Parrish A E1 Us A 51 Q F CLASS WILL I, Dominick Aloi,'my football ability leave, To Glen Avery Fox, if he can make the team. I Michael Buzzy, my long legs do will ' To Shrimpy Smires who never stands still. I, Gerald Shaman, will my height so tall' lo Ralph Parker who can use it next fall. I, Wells Gorman, will my basketball career To Mason Brenham who could use it next year. I, Lester Walls, who wants to be a bum Will Pete Dembrosky my handy thumb. I, Julius Brachok, with many a sigh Will my pranks in school to Jackie Frye. I, George Wilson, new I don't mean no harm Will Elizabeth Ann Knisely my ability to farm. I, James Czika, leave my place on the staff To Kyle Swisher who likes to photograph. I, Mike Pringle, and I do mean this Will anyone my P. D. book which W n't be missed. I, William Whctzol, a friend to all Vy studying ability to Denzil Wall. . 1 I, Ervin Price, will with pleasure Uv cheerful ways to Nick Mazure. xv . . I, Danny Vingis, will my women so many To Carl Kinty who hasn't any. I, Otmer Brookover, will my flock of red hair To Mr. Rogers who didn't get his share. We, Bcrnell and Pauline Lough, our qui tness will To Fred Kupernick who oan't keep still. I, James Mazure, who likes to work Will my position in assembly to Tommy Burke. I, Glen Cosner, who likes to play dice Will all my friends to Twila Ice. I, Howard Taylor, who can drive a our Will that ability to Phyllis Barr. 4 4 I, Lester Lough, and this will bring me pain Will my basketball paints to Jack Hanes. 1 1 I Junior Teothman, and this I do mean Will my love for dancing to Eva Weins. I, John Pitrola, who never says much Will Flora Jean Parker my tactful touch. 1 I Z, Lynn Moore, will my big bass voice re Keith Cesncr, who is Mr. Randall's choice I, Paul Parrish, who will never marry Will the boiler room th Steve Harry, I 1 I, Menard Coffman, with many good wishes ' Will my place on the times to Betty Swisher. I, Chester Baker, who is never fussy Will my personality to Dorothy Gussie. 4 1 I, Melvin Barr, will with m. My ability to skip class to I Margie Quisenberry, will Pauline Davis who hasn't Margaret Varney, will my Verna Tarsauk who always 1, To I, To any a groan John Morrone. my rouge and lipstick any yet. make-up kit borrows it. I Julia Pitrela, will my black curly hair, 7 To Eleanor Baker who hasn't 4 1 Io Jackie Am ens who hasn't I, To I, To I, My Maxine Lough, will my quiet way Jackie Hamilton any day. I, To I, To much there. Marion Jean Barth, with my likeness for boys much choice, Wilde Parrish, will my rides with Blake Dorothy Teethmen who is always late, Juanita Cummings, will my place in the ha any set of lovers who wants it next fall. Hannah White, will Ann Oreskevich noted talent to sew and to knit. Mildred Harker, will my love for clothes Ann Savich who likes te sew. ll I, Dora Tennant, whose so quiet and still Will my books to Shirley Harris te use if she will 1 s Slobdozian, rs to fillg 4 Wc, Paulinc Shonlosky and Franci Our dancing ability for two otha adicu o Dragoo. I, Norma Hondorson, bcforo I say Will all mf high grndcs to Conni I, Holcn Dragoo, will my ability To Botty Null who is always day-dreaming. for singing I, Elouisc Baker, to Iona Ammons lcavc My chcor loading place, I hope sho'll rcccivc. J 1 1 I, Annic Hlusko, but this Will my basketball abilit imUtaM,"' v to Hclcn Call. I, Margarct Casto, my musical ability lcavs, To Mary Bordr who's cute onough to pl rss. I, Joscphinc Zabolotny, with plamsurg do will To Charles Plasx tes my typing skill. I, Edith Knisgly, whoss talant is wrt Will to Sammy Adams wgcn I dcpart. I, Waync Straight, will my'charming Way To Loo Dodd as I go my way. I, Wilbcrt Wright, as I lcavc this school Will Ralph Pringlq my manual training tools. I, Daisy Moorc, will my placo on thc tcam To Lotha Knisoly who likes to day-dro m. '.i' I, Mary Simmons, will my sharp littlc tongue To Wanda Smiors who has just begun. I, Kathloon Parker, whosc boyfriond is Bill Will Joan Conwcll my hairdrcssing skill. Lcna Adams, will my lovo for black Chasic Charleton who's a likcabls chap. Twnior In , ill my gift of gab Edward Kaminsky who likcs to act mad. Julia Sabatina, will my likoncss for awccts Louisa Taylor who's always so ncat. I, Eva Statler, who dances with caso Will Bud Bakcr my limbcr knccs, I, To I, To I, To I, Mary Tilko, will my slcndor form To Rosa Clayton so sho won't morn. 1 I - , 'Ia . .4 I do will I, Nnida Zanko, will my lovc for fun To Betty Ann Cosnor whose nlwmys on th: run, I, Botty Hought, whom mvcryonc thinks nicc Will my English book to Miss Rico. I, Josophina Smiors, so intolligcnt and so slow Will my blondo curly hair to Sara Jo. I, John Toothmon, will my half of thc Pymouth To Dolbcrt Bnkor who couldn't fit in it. I, Donald Hibbs, with much rcliof Will Shirloy Harris to that Junior culled Keith I, Howard Foley, bcforc I say furowoll Zlill Glen .ivory Fox my ability to spoil. To our Principal, Tumch rs, Studcnts and all Loavo tho will which w, hop: will bc uso by ncx 1 1 To tho Juniors wc, Seniors of '41, loavc Our place in assembly thoy will have to rocoivc Katholcno Parker t f , , 5--i1A1.r xg' ' , l""-"'----.n-1- If JS. f K 7' wi W 4 ,L 1 f 'Tv X K ypqynxx r, f . .. 1 ' V. . ' ilvifz "I ,L A , 1- T u" " 1 A J' -.1 4 :- Hv f J . ok , ,T I . , I iQ'11g?:i?'f' . .i..i?:,Mr'-' ,X 1-L N .J fy 14.14 1 , n. f:A""" U A E 'mx -N ,V ,f , V E J f I i N ' x . il X .I 655157 1 X J xx -, v el g xpfl '-'fi ,ff ' XX X! l -, tQSf',f-W, 1,5 A' ,. I H' K . ' N' . ' W ?" ' ' 'lfaf'f,ff,f.14,.iQl:"'flwgffviibs ,, , " ' F ' ,I " ' ' -5" . .,-15Q'f,.A.', 'iff-A ff ,lf a " W'-5 if Q 53424-'rf?k3f"Q'53'Z95f7'!ff.'2- 1 'X , , f N w. V'WffI'i 5F?5if"9"' 5-"M , . -, ',q:,,g:w!:j, 1li,I62?7YIA,ff!. 4 - 'ff' W41921.14-"iL'-2fv.'? "YZ ' f "J ' 'ff' ," 3 li - f Z" Y i,Q,4?,.1. ' " . ' ': ,.. .- - R L fimgf f-g,.35f3iif ..'!f"'Al,.."'A' 7 x 1 1 vt? I rf, IN 42,9 'If , . Q, .' L, X ,e l fri! , , f , f 1?- . I-L X f x ,f f . ,e .ff X27 79 FQ, M 1 gf x ,elf - F71 f I in I, . If '5'-T392 'QTL f X " if Xwzz " :j,4'42f 7 X X mf Wf , 1, . f D JUNHQR Junior Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Elanor Baker Edward Kaminsky Helen Call Florence Bodnar Class Poem To some it may be the joy of love Or a smile through an augmented tear But to me its the joys and memories Of this my Junior year. This year as a Junior I have had much fun, But now my days in F. H. S. are nearly done, It's true we have diminished up to the present day By those Wanderers who have gone astray, But those who have kept our bright colors clear Will always treasure the Joys of our Junior year. Keith Conner Class Colors: Gold and Blue Class Flower: Class Motto: 'We have crossed the bay, the ocean is before us.' Iris First: Second Third: Fourth MR. ROGERS HOME ROOM Dorothy Toothman, Mary Catherine Tennant, Pauline Davis, Madalyn Gump, Anna Savich. Robert Martin, Henry Kolar, Jack Haught, Leon Sharp. James Hibbs, William Swiger, Harold King, Edward Kaminsky. Carl Kinty, John Haught, Nick Mazure, Paul Davis, Denzil Walls, Billy Davis. First: Second Third: MISS STURM'S HOME ROOM Joe Ammendolia, Swisher, Amelia Kuzminchuk, Joe Miss Sturm, Shirley Harris, Betty Rose Zieminski, Elanor Baker, Elsie G'l.1id0o Betty Null, Leo Johnnie Selan, Kyle Fordyce, Kyle Swisher. Dodd, Connie Dragoo,Jackie Hamilton Pete Dembrosky, Omrie Taylor, Elizabeth Ann Knisely, Jackie Ammons, Keith Cosner. First: Second Third: Fourth MISS WILSON'S HOME ROOM Gerald Engleka, Charles Charlton, Joe Aloi, Jack Hanes, Quentine Quisenberry, Nola Santee. Audra Moore, Helen Call, Alberta Rinehart, Mary Gregg, Madeline Rabish, Miss Wilson. Charles Clair, Mildred Toothman, Madalean Haught. Bill Toothman, Florence Bodnar, Letha Knisely, Virginia Lawlis, Jean Conwell, B111 Hacker. I -----'-- -.-..,. I N V- fx I if, 1 A ff: ' . I if I 7 . I f ,f 1' I f -fs. 3 X55 f f W 7 . XX f X' L. AN! Q ' ,f L- 'fl' 9 ,J ,- -ff? KN I ,f X ..u'-t,-',,.x3j f l .NL x h 'J 1k ' .YN W7 I iffy ' -iq I x 5 I If 1 ,. , UA, fl. .f -XQ f , , I' ,f"'T?X 4 , ff "Q R g I. ' 1' k'x --in-71412, . V- ,ff ff """f' " . . b 5, J- xl fr f ' ' I ,' :L:.,.A f -us 5' I , A" V 1 - , 35. 1' ,J -I1 ,' 1' P ' I QI ,J 4,5 N ,f f f i5'fW 1' .Affff ffju . X ,I ' -f Q . -. xi" I, 111.1 If fl 1 .I-fr, , 7 'XF 5 1 ' 7 6 " A ' vvka Q " IJJ' ff ,f A 05? 3 7" 1, " - 43, . . .-I -1, .A.11fj'TTS-i-JH! L ,- 1, I . , All l. ' fl ' 'J "Q" ff f -' - 'fc' 'L-'I 1' .ff if " -' f 25 ' f in 5 f 42,2 'f""T-: 5' f ' in "" -IT, -f Q ' + S QTl?W 1lflHf LD L 5 QL' AM , L - '-3 rl.. 1 I gi -'1 Sophomore Class Officers President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Mason Brenham Joan Eddy George Krevosky C1883 POSH1 Another year is almost gone, A We think how fast the time has flown, And wonder when the end draws near, If we will be Juniors when we meet next year. We know we've caused a lot of trouble, But last year that was double, Next year improvement will be made, For we'11 work harder to make the grades. We work and play and have our fun, But first our work is always done, And when we are Seniors you can guess, We'1l hate to say farewell to F.H.S. ' Betty Ann Cosner Class Colors: Green and White Class Flower: Red Rose. Class Motto: 'Look up, not down, look forward, not backward, and lend a hand. First: Second Third: Fourth MISS RICE'S HOME ROOM Mary Jean Gorman, Eva Wiens, Ammons, Helen Hunter, Anna Zieminski, Betty Jean Price, Betty Ann Cosner, Helen Spadara, Mary Louise Miss Elizabeth Rice. Betty Alice Yost, Alice Ann Jean Wilson, Eva Mae Popp, Coffman. Radford, Betty Lough, Rosa Clayton, Marjorie Delbert Baker, Rose T1lko,Joan Eddy,Rosemary Weaver, Twyla Ice, Mary Borda, Helen Harry, Lucille Casto, Cora Jean Snider. Valentine Zabolotny, Glenn Carpenter, Randall Lough, Von Luton, John Talkington, Herbert Wright. First: Second Third: Fourth MR. MICHEAL'S HOME ROOM Billy Cummings, John Amos, Phylis Barr, Ardella Davis, Mason Branham, George Krevosky, Carl Lake. Adam Viniok, Patty Ann McCray, Thelma Zanko, Josephine Verge, Myra Moody, Melba Jean Harris, Mr. Michael. Russel Lake, Eugene Kidd, LeRoy Berry, Walter Smiers, Ralph Parker. John Gorman, Charles Belotsky, Ralph Pringle, J a m e s Paugh, Curtis Storey, Glen Gump. 'T' ' , 'C' f'v'f ,f ' , '4'Lf' :f1 12,-3 1 Iwgfgf I 9 ,"f:ff,,.9fp?fQff' my f , 1 , I, I in I.I I, I . If III!! Q., I, Ifsfff If I, If II ff In - XA ' f ,Mi f, ,' .fpf -ff' M i Q ' ff 'I f'f '7'f'Qff X ' ,Q-'JZ-'!.', V? I fl: Q ,I ,X fl 1 ,. I. 1' X' , '. 'IW' I I' " ,J ,, Im! If ,' ' if If X 1 I'1I,::- L ' X if If," I4 .ff ff H , -x fp 1 i P2295 f ZZ' K4 -J xx V j - If X - , t , I - X ' , . .' V. Q I Q,,,4Q ,' II ' ! ,- I - Il I I - I, . I 'I I , 1 :If 1 , . I II I,,II IIjI,III. ,II ,f ' ' I ' .' 1 , 1 ' . ' ' ' y b 'VQC4 fff, ,ff , 1 3.1 ' f 1 ' , ', f , f f .-7,411.1 ! 1 ' 9 V- f L Q ff' II 1 . A .' . X. , I I 7 I I- . 2 VI' Ifjfj , 5 f - , 1 IIN! I I I ky I X! V 1,3 J' gm' I - I I I f ' W- -I,-"f . 'f f , 1 I x f'Q.dI,"' , 'If I i ' 1 ,V .' ff' I' I fig! 5: fi f f I - i 2 F1 1 if I, I I , - . II,?I,f w Y ' . 1' 'I .,Q:"f . JL' I - , - ? , ' - 1 ' 1 f f ff! f"".'f"- ' v i I 1: f X - "'4 1 Q I 5, A if f v .- Q f'Q. + 4 : iig I ' w ' gi , I 'I,",f . ",' ' ,2' I J 5" -Q .' 3 4 U fr iff viz? , . Q 2 i 3 i if EH -f' I fxff. X 11' ,f ' 3 : f 1 . :P -' fA'F ,fZdWH ' f ' "',,'f"fff' .f' , 3 I I v II I I ,Cay II,.,I!iin.k ,I:jII2.: J?,f1:I:3,.III,I ,. ' ' ' f I "1 f LQ Q- I.I ' .IIIIZIX II f I.-gf' f - ',,fff A, 49, I .- f i ' fir' ,:!fi' .l- ' V , If I Iii If A I2?,- ',1II,L,f,II ,f I I . -I III ,,II , II ."'iti.i!,f,, I , ' K f' .f p-" I :'::f..f'X fr M", If , I I ,f 7: :ll . ,.,II'K,,I:?I4. II ,fIII,!!IfIII,,f - if I II,-ffyf, ' 1, ,,.- I II, 9 4 I , ' f' ' I. ' - 1 If X. Q I I A 5 -A ,.! Q I 1 , f Yr f . f ,I 1, , A I ," . f 5 ff Freshman Class Officers President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Charles Loudin Melina Krevosky Steve Nemeth Class Poem Our first year of entrance to F.H.S. We Freshies, have tried to do our best, In studies, sports, and things that aid Our mind for knowledge and better grades. Though a year has quickly passed by, In coming years, we'l1 always try To do our best, so we may pass Another year till wefve reached the last. Initiation is our entrance fee But on our leave we are awarded our degree, We were full of spirit, in our first year class, But we won't be Freshmen, in years that pass. We Freshies are all a part of this school, We, like the rest, thrive for a goal, Then when finished, we will always remember, The everlasting towers of eternal ember. Verna Tarasuk Class Colors: Red and White Class Motto: Wwe are the fence around opportunity.n First: Second: Third: Fourth O MR. HICKMAN'S HOME ROOM Iona Ammons, Willa Jean Toothman, Jane Callahan, Wanda Smiers, Edith Merico, George Bizic,Mary Theresa Adams, Ann Oreskovich, Stella Kolbash. Lester Darrah, Anna Klara, Bonnie Jean Charlton, Lila Lee Toothman, Betty Toothman, Joe Villinger, Meline Krevosky, Mr, A. T. Hickman. Emalene Robison, Betty Robison, Lucille Haught,Char1es Tennant, Kuni Kuneff, Samuel Jarvis, Donley Rinehart, Paul Tennant. Iohn Bizic, George Oreskovich, Eldena Tennant, Walden Toothman, Eugene Eddy,Hayward Moore, Paul McCoy,Virgil Lough. First: Second Third: Fourth MISS ROTH'S HOME ROOM Charles Plasketes, Jackie Call, Wilda Loudin, Zieminski, Verna Tarasuk, Wilma Clair, Louise Sarah Jean Haught, Charles Loudin. Dorothy Taylor, Eugene Straight, Warren Barth, Victor Popp, Parrish, Maybelle Nine, Sarah Jo Powell, Zieminski, Bobby Wright, Miss Lois Roth. Joan J 0 e Flora Jean Parker, Henry Storey, Hilda Rose Wiseman, John Morrone, John Chrislip, Merleen Neer, Eddie White, Kyle Eddy. Marion Opron, Jean Wise, Alice Toothman, Ruth Stiles, Bernice Engleka, Jack Swiger, John Nebera. QRGANIZATIQN 'gm x 1 M wh' Xmsvf Kew: w,f"-ff, 5 1 'Db' + 1.1, NX xx X 1 51 l fr. 4 ' s, . - ', 0 ,535 ' L' - 5 , x ,L y , 3 'S ' "7 . . . 'NX ,v Aoi' ? - rj If 16 ' 'qui' QQ, ii? a 'j 9 fb SRU? ' O . A -A ' r ,,. . . rg -, ,, .- , 3: A it 'UN M sfmx: 'Ev A 2 7" Mg, .1 X Q?-Q f "gm-' , 4 f wwf N ff-,K ff .gl gfjh 4l ",vQ55' 1. Y . t Q , g S' fl J , . X, J ,1 1 .1 .1 1 11 1 . . 1 1 1 . 1 1, ,1 .1 1,131 541141, IQLLI1 'ilffx , 11 1 .1 I 1:4 I .-L" L 1 1 '1 '1 1.1 1, 11,1 .n Lf... 1 ,rag .41 111411 , 1 1 11" 'Y 'v 41 I f1 T1 1 .14 .1' 1.1111 11 .1?P'. 51151 rv tvhx ' 1 -111 11' 4.1. 1 , ,1 . . lcv , 1-11' 1 4 W 1 1112? '1 1, 3 1 1 E... -1 1511 1 '11 ' 4 Q 1 1 k W 5 U I 'fxisiy ' Y '11 Q' ' 1' Y ,MPL 1. L V. 1. 1 ,lf 1, 1 1 1 11,1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1. 11 9 1 1,11 - 1 gm 1: '11 ., .y Mn 1 - . '11 ' .I . ,".,1f,'H.5 . ,.11, .J 1 .11 ,111-11'11' ., A-"1 Ili 3 '1 . Lk' , X: 1. Q 1 11 ,:!:q!,:1,,':11.11 1 Q '1 11:11. ,1 . ...W JE, '11 V, ,., .,: ,,,, A , .Sq , 11.11.d':.1l1N- -- U- 1 ., all '5 1 IH. . , ' 1 '1?:' .. 11' S,"1-"f x-11" - 4. " .j1.,T' Q iii! I 1' -. ' L .P ig --115312, .f ,1- : 4 -.1.,.,1fL-wg . 1'T1,f. V P f'f,,f':Ilf ' 1 -1 1. e'Ef5.f'1'.1 'gil'--15 1"a-7'1"1q' 'I 1 -" L X155 .111 11'X 1 , 11. ' W-,zg ,ff l'.- . 1' 1' , ,,1. Sf' ,,,1,1. , 13? .1 , Tab ' 'C' -1.311.151-L1KQ.' 21- 1,1 3, Q., 11 1 -111'-.a..1 4221. 4 :".1.'v:'111 1 1. ' .r.3'5N ' i:vJ11'fUW?'fffglftffi' -1. .- -11.1 1 11 -.M ' 1 1f n A. l 31f"":. 11' Nl." V-15,33 11, .25 1rU'-',13?!..i,,,1 1 g4:.1y:f 15 b . .1 'i: W ffk,-, 15 1 .1 .2 g 1' 3 g ,,,' 1. - - fm". 3 -' H, . fLy1'1,K',fffY 111 1 5041 ,41'11Q5I 11.'.-".1. i. -' --".'.,1 '1, 1 1 1 Q X1.-.M -. U 11: .1 ' 14 1-1111 1 i',gf111.g51 ' Z. rn. - Q 11' Wk 1 :V ' 11 . 'im . ff :TN 31 1 M' , ,I V7 1 Y - I '11 'f K 1 A 1 1 . . - I gg . 1 '92 J ref 1 . 7 F L.+v-1-4.1 .. ,1 .1 . 9' -'Ev . ,1 1 ' 'I 1' I p " ' 1, :wg Q f 'Wi r 313 ,Q .df 1 4 , O ' o 1 . 1, ' 1.1 -' , ,314 F X . 3.3111 Lb...-.. -- ' GY .A l 1- 1 1 111' L If -Me. -1.'1s-1.- ' 1 1 'I 1,-, -111 A Pre tif' 1+11a1- 11, ,1 A r 1 '., 'Q 1 1 14 11111- 1 4 1,,.41,' . J. -1 1 J-11 1 ffziifaif-av? ' 1 ff ,.'J 14 g .'..1 1. 315,13 11' M Q' 1. - q 31113-'1' "' . 1!.'.f ' . HL' :-yi,14- k r 11,13 1 1 'iz "fri A RAI l1- I . f71ff2?:ji"Q11 " lf -41.11 L- 3 1, rf-. 1,g':.vi.J ,P-Lei-Q.. ,111 -' 11- : 1111 1 2'f'l?.'f 1. 'vi gr-'-V: '1 1, . -1 ,.1 ,, Ji' 1141...,X "35'f'.11 V1 1 1 4 1 . 1 1 THE 1941 PAW PAW STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . 'ssistant Editor . Business Manager ..... Assistant Business Manager . Advertising Manager ..... Assistant Advertising Manager Society Editor' ....... Sports Editor ..... U Assistant Sports Editor . Organizations ..... Calendar . . . Typists . Art Staff , . Joke Editor . . . . Mimeogrophers . . Advisors . . . . .James Czika . Dominick Aloi . William Whetzel . . . Joe Guido . .Eleanor Baker . . Helen Call . .Helen Dragoo . . . Leo Dodd . . Pete Dembrosky . . .Wilde Parrish Florence Bodnar . . Norma Henderson Josephine Smiers . . .Betty Swisher Josephine Zabolotny Amelia R. Zieminski . . . .Henry Kolar Edith Knisely . .Jackie Ammons . .Henry Kolar Nick Mazure . . Miss Mary Sturm Mr. Eugene Rogers The Press Club was organized in 1933 by the English teachers of the High Schoolg The purpose of the organization is to publish the newspaper, WTwin Tower Times,N which re- ceived the name because of the twin towers on the front of the school building. The Press Club also encourages those interested in journalism. The paper contains news of in- terest to students of Fairview High School. There were eight copies of the paper published the 4 first semester of this year, and there will be ten copies edited in the second semester. The members of the staff are as follows: EDitor-in-chief---- Assistant Editor--- Advertising Manager Business Uanager--- Sports Editor ------ Girls' Sport Editor Society Editor ----- Lrt Editors ---- ---- Mimeographer--- --- Typists ------ - Advisor ------------ Members as photographed: can an---u-nunu-nun-p..,. up----Q----nqponaug ------------------Otmer Brookover -- ---------------- Menard Coffman ------------------Wilde Parrish ------------------Marion Jean Barth Raymond Berry Hannah White ------------------Jaunita Cummings Henry Kolar Nick Mazure -- ------- ----- Melvin Barr Josephine Zabolotny Mildred Harker Pauline Shenlosky Lena Adams ----- ----Miss Rise First Row-Wilda Parrish, Hannah White, Mildred Harker, Betty Swisher, Frances Slobedzian, Pauline Shenlosky, Josephine Zabolotny, Marion Jean Barth, Patty McCra Second Row-Joe Zieminski, Otmer Brookover, Menard Coffman, Charles Plasketes, Raymond Berry, Glen Carpenter. . e Third Row-Charles Clair, John Toothman, James Hibbs, Bill ' Toothman, Melvin Barr, Bill Hacker, George Wilson, Mike Pringle, Wilbert Wright. STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council of Fairview High School is to promote closer friendships and a sense of fair- ness in the relations between the teachers and students. An aim to produce moreactive and intelligent students has been adopted in order to m.Ke ours a better school. The organization also strives to produce more interesting as well as educational assembly programs. The Student Council is made up of a representative of each home room and the defeated and undefeated officers elected at the end of preceding year. The main event of the year was the sponsoring of the WMarch of Dimes Campaignn as part of the WFight Against Infantile ?lr1ylsis Program.W They contributed twenty-two dollars and forty-eight cents to this worthy cause. Officers are: President ------------------ James Mazure Vice-president ------------- Josephine Zabblotny Secretary and Treasurer ---- Josephine Smiers Faculty Advisor ------------ Mr. N. G. Michael Members as photographed: First Row: Julia Pitrolog Marion Jean Barth, Josephine Smiers, James Mazure, Josephine Zabolotny, Mary Theresa Adams. Second Row: Howard'Taylor, Wells Gorman, Lester Walls, Randall Lough, James Czika, Mr. N. G, Michael. Third Rowg Bobby Wrightg Keith Cosner, William Swiger, Eugene Kidd, Jack Hanes. FARLIERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America Club was 321233, in Virginia, where it was known es the Future Farmers of jgybigia At the same time there were several similar organizations in the United States, but none of them came under a definite name. In 1928 the Federal Board for Vocational Eduaction took over the Virginia Club 'nd made a nation wide organization called the Future Farmers of America. Since then the growth of this organization has been steady and rapid, extending as far as Hawaii and Porto Rico. The F.F.A. has a constitution on which all meetings are based. Each year the stote has a field ment at Morgantown where the boys par- ticipate in activities such as cross-cut sawing, dressing chickens driving nails, and many other events. In 1939 the Fairview Chapter won the horse-shoe pitching contest at Morgantown. Club also attends the annual calf-sale it Jncksen's Mill. summer there is n state camp for F.F.A. members held also et Jock- The Every son's Mills. The members attending the camp this year were Blake and'Chestcr Derrah. The camp, which has proven to be very success ful, is held to snible tl bays to make friends among the others at the camp. Several members of the Club this year hppe to attend camp this summer. OFFICERS ARE: President -------------- Vice-president --------- Secretary -------------- Treasurer -------------- Reporter --------------- Faculty Advisor ---------------- Members as photographed --------William Whetzel --------John Toethman --- -----Monarnl, Coffman --------Wayne Straight --------George Wilson Mr. Hershel Stra ight lst. Row---Paul Davis, William Whstzel, John Toethmnn, George 1 1 Wilson, Bernell Lough, Junior Ice, Jack Haught. - 1 2nd, Row---Glen Gump, John Gormen, John Haught, John Pitrola, I 1 Lester Lough, Wayne Straight, Billy Davis. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic association was organized in the year 1938 under the supervision of Miss Lois Roth, physical education instructbr. The purpose of the club is to further the field of physical education, The club takes part in various campus activities. Annually they present a carnival to raise money for gymnasium equipment. This year they presented 1 very interesting pro- gram in assembly January 30, l9Ll. They also take part in the annual May Festival. The officers are: President -------------------------- Hannah White Vice President --------------------- Mary Edith Gregg Secretary-treasurer ---------- ----- Mildred Harker Members as photographed: First row: Betty Alice Yost, Hilda'Rose Wiseman, Ardella Davis, Sara Jean Haught, Betty Null, Mildred Toothman, Mary creggg Quentine Quisenberry, Elsie Kuzminchuk, M ldred Harker, Hannah White. 1 1 4 Second row: Virginia Lawlis, Verna Tarasuk, Merleen Neer,' Jean Wise, Flora Jean Parker, Sara Jo Powell,' Dorothy Zieminski, Alice Toothman, Jackie Call, Rosa Clayton, Wilde Loudin, Mary Louise Ziew minski, Miss lois Roth. 1 f 4 Third row: Maybelle Nine, Helen Ammons, Alberta Rinehart, Letha Knisely, Audra Moore, Bernice Englekag Helen Hunter, Ruth Stiles, Betty Jean Price, Wilma Clair. VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club of Fairview High School was organized in 1932 by William Anderson, a former coach. The Club was organized to protect the athletic equipment and to award each member who meets the requirements of the club constit- ution a sweater or jacket for his performance in athletics. All members of the Varsity Club are lettermen before admitted. All persons who wear a sweater, jacket, or let- ter must earn their awards, or risk punishment. Sweaters or jackets are awarded only to seniors who have earned two or more letters in football, basketball, or baseball and who have been in sports all four years. Jackets or sweaters are awarded by the club to the cheer leaders, if they have served in that position for three years or more. The meetings are held every Tuesday of each week that school is in session. The club officers are: President--Wells Gorman Vice President--Dominick Aloi Secretary k Treasurer-Lester Walls Faculty Advisor--Mr. A. T. Hickman Members as photographed: First Row: Mike Pringle, Wells Gorman, Lester Walls, Gerald Shuman. Second Row: Julius Brachok, James Mazure, Glenn Cosner, Mr. Hickman. Third Row: Dominick Aloi, Chester Baker, John Pitrola, Daniel e LONE ECOYQNICS CLUB The Home Economics Club of Fairview High School was organized under the supervision of Miss Clayton at the beginning of the school year l9bO. Officers were elected and a constitution was made. The purpose of this club is to further interest in the home and to share in its responsibility. Each girl in Fairview High School who has taken Home Economics or is taking Home Economics is eligible for mem- bership. A club msstinj is held once each week. OffiCCI'S President ....... .......... ....Norma Henderson Vics President... .... Cora Jcan Snider Secretary. ...... ........Dora Tennant Treasurer .......... ....Alice Ann Radford Program Chairman... ..........Lucillc Cssto Advisor.. ...... ........ .... Miss Corinne Clayton Members as photographed: V First Row: Alice Ann Radford, Lucille Casto, Norma Henderson, Wanda Smiors, Dora Tennant, Lila Lee Toothman. Second Row: Wilda Loudin, Cora Jean Snider, Shirley Harris, Jackie Hamilton, Bonnie Jean Charlton, Miss Corinne Clayton. ' Third Row: Josephine Verge, Eva Mas Popp, Pauline Lough, Betty Toothmsn, Rose Tilko. PEP CLUB The Pep Club of Fairview High School was organiztd under the supervision of Mr. Hickman in the year l9hO. Duc to difficultius the surorvision was turned over to Miss Wil- sons The nurpose of this club is to further the school soirit. There is a definite amount of dues to be paid each month and this goes to pay for the transportation of students to tho games. The club also gave two pennants during basketball and football season for the best boy and girl booster for the tc- am. Any student enrollad in Fairview Fifh School is eliaihlc for membership. 1 G Q A club meeting is hold once each week. Officers President ......... ......Glen Cosner Vice President .... ......Wclls Gorman Secretary .......... ...Jaunita Cummings Publicity Manager ...... ...Raymond Berry Members as photographed: lst.Row L. to R, Jackie Hamilton, Iona Ammons, Emilia Robinson, Betty Ann Cosner, Helen Ammons, Connie Draaoo, Elouise Baker, Mary Greai, Anna Savich, Howard Taylor, Jack Hanes, Glen Carpendera ' 2nd.Row L.to R: Raymond Berry, Joe Ammendolia, Glen Cosner, Delbert Baker, Elizabeth Knisely, Ardella Davis, Rose-' mar Weaverv Jackie Amnons Jean Conwell Georae Bizic, 0 y I , Q A , . , Miss Wilson, Juanita Cummings, Wells Gorman, John Amos, 3rd.Row L. to R: Von Luton, Jack Swiqer, James Hibbs, Steve ' Nemeth, Pete Dembrosky, Gearld Enqleka, Omrie Taylor, Kyle Fordyce, Meline Krevosky, Joe Villinqer. Lth. Row L to R: Kunie Kuniff, George Oreskovich, Bill Tooth- man, Glenn A. Fox, Kyle Swisher, Robert Martin, Ervin Price, Charles Plasketes. INDIAN DANCERSMDCHEER L EADERS BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA HISTORY OF BOYS' GLEE CLUB The purpose of the Glee Club is to learn and appreciate good music. The club has participated in several programs this year, namely: Evergreen Sing, Armistice Day Program, " Christmas Pageant, Baccalaureate and Commencement Ezercisesz. The members also participated in the operetta HAn Old Span- ish Custom.n They also composed the high school Alma Mater song which was introduced in assembly on January 2O,'l9Al. The music was composed by the director, Mr. Randall. There are six ' members in the organization which meets two days each week, Tuesday and Thursday. MEMBERS OF THE BOYS' AND GIRLS' GLEE CLUB AS PHOTOGRAPHED: Madalean Haught,'Anna Savich, Mary Edith Gregg, ' Dorothy Toothman, Emalene Robison, Betty Robison, Leona Lake, Edith Merico, Anna Klara, Mary Catherine Tennant 0 First row: 1 4 1 1 Johnie Sclan, Joe Guido, Lynn Moore, Howard'Taylor, Pete Dembrosky, Keith Cosncr, Connie Dragoo, Jackie Ammons, Madalyn Gump, Mr. William Randall. Second row: Willa Jean Toothman, Iona Ammons,'Eldena Tennant,' Mary Thresa Adams, Stella Kolbash Ann Oreskovich, Betty Toothman, Jean Conwell, Lucille Haught. Third row: GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The purpose of the girls' glee club of Fairview High School, is to encourage an interest and appreciation of music and musical activities, During the year 1940-Ll the Glee Club took part in many musical activities. At the beginning of the semester they sang in the Evergreen Sing. They also presented with the Boys' Glee Club the Christmas assembly program for the High School. 4 At the beginning of the second semester, the Glee Club presented an operetta with the Boys' Glee Club, and at the close of the semester, they sang in the all county music festival conducted in Fairmont. They also participated in the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises, The officers are as follows: President: Dorothy Toothman Secretary: Mary Tennant Treasurer: Anna Oreskovich Director: Mr. William Randall Members of orchestra as photographed: Front Row: Von Luton, James Czika, Leo Dodd, Anna Hlusko,HG19n D.'AmSli8 Zieminski, John Talkington, Anna Spadara. Back Row: Joan Parrish, Mary'Thresa Adams, Marjorie Coff- man, Connie Dragoo, Hilda Rose Wiseman, Louise Zieminski, Mr. William Randall. DRAMATIC CLUB NATIONAL THESPIAN DRAMATIC SOCIETY National Thespians The National Thespian honor society for high schools was founded in 1929 by a group of teachers interested in dramatics. The purpose of the society is to create a more active and intelligent interest in high school dramatics. The motto for the society is HAct well your part: there all the honor lies.H Membership in the society is granted to those students in dramatics who have met certain stand- ards. The Thespians hold a meeting every two weeks either at the school or in the home of one of our members. Early in the year the Thespians went to Morgantown to hear Elissa Landi speak at the University. They are presenting WTwo Crooks and a Ladyn in the West Virginia one-act play Festi- val this year. The Fairview club participated in the district play festival held as a preliminary to the State festival. The play presented was WThe Perfect Gentlemen.n The club as a group attended the State Festival in Morgantown on April L. When school first began we had eleven members, having lost several by graduation. We increased this number to twenty during the year. Each year our organization presents an award to the best Thespian of the year. This year it was Helen Dragoo. Thespians as photographed: First Row-Howard Taylor, Josephine Smiers, Kyle Swisher, James Czika, Charles Charlton. Second Row-Miss Mary Sturm, Kyle Fordyce, Keith Cosner, Jack Hanes. Third Row-Helen Dragoo, Leo Dodd, Wells Gorman, Omrie Taylor, Connie Dragoo. Thespians not pictured: Joe Guido, Glen Avery Fox, Julia Pitrola, Elizabeth Ann Kniseb - . Katholene Parker, Anna Hlusko, Jackie H8miltO1, DRAMATlCS DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club is composed of those who are inter- ested in dramatics. We have eighty-four members this year. Each week a program committee plans a program consisting of group'Work such as group pantomime, acting of stories, charades, writing short original plays, and producing them. Other varied programs are given on modern drama, readings, and reports. The aim is to have each member of the club appear at least once during the year on the stage. This year the club members have tried their hands at directing one-act plays. Helen Dragoo was the student director of HThe Red Lampn and Keith Cosner for NThe Ghostly Passenger.n' During the first sememster we presented two one-act plays UThe Red Lampn and HSparkin.N For one of the annual three-act plays we gave NSeven Sisters.N The second sem- ester we presented one-act play entitled NThe Ghostly Passen- gern and a three-act play, NJune Madn. OFFICERS President ---------------------- Kyle Swisher Vice-president ----------------- Keith Cosner Secretary-Treasurer ------- ---Helen Dragoo Faculty Adviser --------- - ---Miss Mary Sturm Members as First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: DR.'..M.l TIC CLUB , CON TINUED photographed: Pete Dembrosky, Jack Hanes, Keith Cosner, Jack ' Swiger, Bobby Wright, Kyle Swisher, Kyle Fordyce, Fred Kupreanik, John Crislip, Joe Guido, James Czika, Leo Dodd, James Mazure. Miss Sturm, Louise Taylor, Verna Tarasuk, Dorothy Zieminski, Betty Swisher, Amelia Rose Zieminski, Nola Santee, Marion Jean Barth, Mary Louise Zieminaki, Jane Callaghan, Wanda Smiers, anne Oreskovieh. Johnie Selah, Joan Parrish, Edith Merico, Cora Jean Snider, Anne Spadara, anne Klara, Lucille Caste, Eva Mae Popp, Sara Jean Haught, Connie ' Dragoo, Twyla Ice, Jackie Hamilton, Helen Harry, Mary Borda, Glen Carpenter, Josephine Zabolotny, Stella Kolbash, Margaret Varney. Glen Avery Fox, Eddie White, Warren Barth, Delbert Baker, Rosemary Weaver, Omrie Taylor, Hilda Rose Wiseman, Sara Jo Powell, Josephine Smiers, Beiry Lough, Jean Wilson, Shirley Harris, Wilda Loudim Eva Veins, Von Luton. Charles Charlton, Helen nnmons, Jean Wise, Jean Cenwell, Bernice Engleka, Helen Dragoo, Eliza- beth Knisely, Flora Jean Parker, Jackie gmmons, Bill Talkington, Betty ann Cosner. J CASTS FOR PLAYSY HThe Red Lampn by Hilliard Booth The Cast of Characters 4 Matilda Deering, a rich spinste Harold Deering, her nep1ew..... Llice Deering. Earold's sister. Archie Clarke, a young lawyer.. Bill Worth, a man of all trades T... ll OOO! 0 I OO I Annie 0'Shane, maid at the D'erings Stage Hanagers....... .Amelia Rose Zicminski .Joe Guide .Ann Oreskovich o .Pete Dembrosky .Jackie Hamilton .Kyle Fordyce Oliililillilli Charles Charlton Synopsis Act I Living-room of tke Deering louse. In a suburb of New York. Act II The same. Five minutes later. nSparkinH bi E.P. Conkl The Cast of Characters Susan Hnnna....... . . . .. .........Josepnine Smiers Lessie Hanna......... . ..Detty Ann Cosner Granny Painsberry.... . . ... ...Connie Dragoo Crry Sparks........ . .. . ... ...Bill Talkington Stage Managcr....... ........ ..... ...Delbert Baker Setting: Kitchen of Tude Hanna's farm heme. WSEVEN SISTERSW A farce comedy in 3 acts by Edith Ellis Cast of Characters Mrs. Gyurkovics, a widow Jackie Hamilton Josephine zabolotny Her Seven Daughters Katinka ....... .. ............. ... ..... .....Helen Dragoo Ella.... ......... Sara Jo Powell, Elizabeth Ann Knisely Sari-QQ!!! 000809000 lillll lll0llOlll1lJea-n Mitzi.... ........ ...... .....:......Connie Dragoo Terka .... ...Betty Ann Cosner, Hilda Rose Wiseman Liza. ....... .......... .....Wanda Smiers, Jean Wise Klara........ .....Sara Jean Haught, Joan Parrish Colonel Radviany.... .... . ......... .... .... James Mazure Gida Radviany..... , ... . ....... ......Omrie Taylor Ferenz HorKoy....... ..........Joe Guido Michael Sandorffy... ....Glenn Avery Fox Toni TeleKi....... ....Pete Dembrosky Ja-nkollliliilli.O.IIClllliCOOlOllCll.'.O..lOlQ.CNicK In some instances two students are assigned to the same role, one student playing at the matinee, the other at the evening performance. The entire action takes place in the dining room of the home of Widow Gyurkovics. A small garrison town not far from Budapest, Hungary. WSeven Sistcrsn, cent. TIME: The Present Act I A morning in June. About 10:30 A.M. Act II Three months later. Neon. Act III Three mnnths later. About 1:00 A.H. Technical Staff Faculty Director... ............. ..... .. . ......Mary Sturm Stage Menager..... .. .. . . .... ............Luther Hensley Stage Assistants... . .. .. .. ....Beb Wright, Warren Barth Lg-,Kilim-.'3::I'llllllll OOO lllll CCUOII Ollii 0003.111-ia Advertising Manager.. .... .......,Amelia Rose Zieminski Stage Preperties..... .. . ...Anne Hluske, Flcru Jenn Parker Prcmptcrlloloucqoooo 0 00000005o00nocccnooolJaCkiC AMHOHS Ilfako-upIOUICOlClllillllilllbl ll IICIOI 0OlOllOll0OJ.C1-Ines 4 OIOIOIICOOIIOOII n Barth, Shirley Herr ns, Verne Tarasuk, Le Rabish, Rosemary Weaver. Program Design..... . Ushers.......Mnrien Jea Helen Ammo WThe Perfect Gentlemann by Anna Best Jeder The cest of ciarecters Robert Ames... . .. . . . MTSU Amssnpaeou Q Q nouns Margaret Ames.. ..... Alicia Amlsqooc o on on a o soooocEli IO Oillililllllliillllllllil Scene: The livin?-diuin. reem of Mrs. Ames. J J IISOOIOIIJOG is, Twyla Ice, H na Adams, Madeline ....Jeck Hanes ....Helen Dragoe ....Cennie Dragee zebeth A. Knisely oonuanJHmGS Czika S WThc Ghostly Passengcrn by Millard Crosby Cast of Characters: Clinton Owens, who Mrs. Owens iBethJ, Spike'Owcns, their son-Glenn Avery Fox sees the ghostly passenger-Delbert Baker his devoted wife-Jackie Hamilton Dixie, the Owens colored maid -who fears ghosts-Edith Mae Merico Mrs. Theodore Stillman KKittyf, who believes in ruling the roost-Elizabeth Ann Knisely Erica Stillman, her daughter-Betty Ann Cosner Edgar Hoff, who'adds to the mystery-Pete Dembrosky Clarice Jackson, his attractive partner-Louise Taylor Stage Managers: Warren Barth and Bob Wright The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Owen's summer home in Vermont Time: The Present. HJune Madn A Comedy in Three Acts on a July evening. by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements Characters lln order of theirkippcarancel Penny Wood.. Chuck Harris... , Mrs. Wood... Elmer Tuttle... . Dr. Wood.... Effi-CODOIOIO Q UOOOCIICOIOOOOOODIUIIOOOIOCII .Betty Ann Cosner .Glenn Carpenter :Josephine Smiers .....Omrie Taylor ....Delbert Baker ..Jackie Hamilton HJune Madn, Cont. Milly LOu........... '........ ........Sara Jean Haught G. Mervyn Roberts... ' ' ..........Leo Dodd Roger Van Vleck.... ...Glenn Avery Fox Mrs Harrisogooooooc Q 0990 QQ oo99Kyle Swisher Shirley Wentworth... Ralph Wentworth..L. Julie Harrisaoooooo oooooooo o ....Ann Oreskovich l.Pete Dembrosky ...Connie Dragoo Act One A Wednesday afternoon in June. Act Two Scene One: The following Friday night. Scene Two: Saturday afternoon. Act Three Saturday evening. The action of the play takes place in the living room of the Woods' house in Lynbgook, a small town in the Middle-West. Thmez The present 'Mollie O'ShaughnesseyW A Comedy-Drama in Three Acts BY Dorothy Hood Stewart Characters Sheriff Mike O'Shaughnessey .......... Tobacco Pete ............... Olaf Hansen... .. Freed Beamis .... Herve Dietrich ....... Mollie O'Shaughnessey... Katie Richmond ....... Mrs. Loftus ....... Jed O'ShnuQhnessey... Pat Clancy ........ Mrs. Richmond.... Amanda Weisheimer... ....Wells Gorman ....John Pitrolo .William Whetzell ....Paul Parrish ....MiKe Pringle ....Anna Hlusko ....Kate Parker ...Wilde Parrish ...Mike Buzzy ....Glen Cosner ...Elouise Baker ....Hannah White Tessie Weisheimer... ....Marion Jean Barth SYNOPSIS The entire notion takes place in the Kitchen of the O'Shaughnessey ranch, Oregon, in the early ActI: A Sunday afternoon in early fall. '9O's. Act II: The following Saturday night, just before Mollie's dance. Scene 2: Dawn, the next morning. Act III: Late afternoon in early fall two years later. Directed by Miss Corinne Clayton. , - . .-- , - V, - - W - - -- MAY QUEEN JOSEPHINE ZABOLOTNY HELEN DRAGOO JOSEPHINE SMIERS MARION JEAN BARTH ELOUISE RUTH BAKER KATHALEEN PARKER JUANITA CUM INGS MAY FESTIVAL On May nth was given our fourth annual May Festival. It was held on the front lawn and we were favored with warm weather. A large crowd witnessed the ceremony and a pageant of dances which followed the coronation. The ceremony began with twelve girls clad in long summary frocks entering to form an aisle throughpwhich the court proceeded to the throne. Heading the procession was Helen Ammons as the jester who cavorted about the lawn in an amusing manner. She was followed by the Page Boys, Jane Callahan and Edith Merico. Then came Msrgarwt Ann Michael and Mary Frances Powell, thc flower girls, scattering flowers in the path of the queen. Following them was Freddy Parker who was crown bearer. Next calc Queen Josephine, gowned in white net and carrying an arm bouquet of tulips and bridal wreath. The Queen was follow- ed by her court,'hho were: Elouise Baker, Helen Dragoo, Juanita Cummings, Katholeen Ptrxzr, Josephine Smiers and Marion Jean Barth, all becomingly gowned in party gowns and carrying bouquets of tulips and bridal W1'GHt3f1S. Queen Josephine was crowned by Dan Vingis, senior class president. The Dances given were as follows: May Pole Dance, Stunts and Tumbling, Page Boys' Dance, Spanish Waltz, Aerobatic Dance, Irish Lilt, Jesters' Dance, Soldierettes, Spanish Tango, Chinese Dance, and Finale. At the conclusion of the pageant the May Pole d RIICCTS again formed rn aisletthreughwhich the Queen and her court exited. Those taking part in the dances were members of the Physical Education Department with Miss Lois Roth as director The costumes were supervised by Miss Corinne Clayton and music was arranged by Mr. William Randall. MAY DAY DANCE ' Friday night after the May Festival, the Girls' Athletic Association gave a dance in honor of Queen Josephine and her court. Music was furnished by the nickelodian and the Irowd enjoyed an evening of dancing. A 1 ,. I ll, A 4 .4 g ' t ' ' h?'?'1':': 7' 1:16, FE .M ,hh ,.,, . , , I V ., 1' 1 1,21 9' fx, A EJ 7"r 'B' 3" '- - J, , ,V Q . 1.1 H' ' - WHA MM ' " - f.,e,.,..-, W ,. -,.- .5-'Nh v ., W, , L. f ..: L x """ Qs! xr' I is V Mfg' ,nitiaft "- H- -X1 .-1' nn. V 'W ':'.- 1 .N :,,, u-' - v J- iff Ji, 1 , M1212 4 ML fvmafd ,hfgnvi Vnpwzkgqgfi 'mum 7 lk: 1-...' 7 : ' 41111 w 4' 4 ., I' ",..,,,,+x, " ix' IFIMW -4 MS?'f . filigf' 'M 5 ' 'f :M siiiiiiifiji X '::1 q:fgig?f '.iulewifM ew ibfiwf Pfi ' fWfG142- W'A: lfff V .' 'Q-I V. 1 ' qw. 4, f 'x '11 .ZZ"?ffi ,:'f,,.Ii gjwiilifb Ja -561163 1 M 1 F21 en Mui fm-:H ff' " ' ' A A if , iBlQh,,.,iQ 552,14- i V .I V 4 qi. 5 gg E L :fx ' .'f.K. 4:Y:1R!::Zg:1-5-Ak ' ,,,K1:,5i . Y fg g--R -.iiszfttnya -,v, A L - -T W 1r'3ff',i99YfJ 5g.af5i3fpig+,gg31p' 41 wi.: sd-f 555.lf:' Q?I'g1g:fiQ'1Z.aS5! f.a?!fs? 'ij' K'M'1f'V:T f,' 'SHI ,pn . ' S 1:-fi -- ,md me "f ffr ' ' + 3 ri .tri ff -1 ' ' I if Y!" r, . .Wa-Jil' if ii f'w,'QiQff if . .5..4fif'T'. ak ::5Tif23LQi'2:.j 1 ,. , 9 - If 1- f 5? "'f: 55 1. ,.1?fj g+ziim5 Pf2s?f'FE-Fl-r -Stiff' gm: Mfr! ' ' in W Q' 5 A Y-f 4LaJTe,if.i-f'?1zi: t-3.11.gFT'i'L., ,. W 1 iw 1,..x.:4"1ve1.gnvg5, ? ' 4, f5t1l 13 fa T, I 4. 1 l 1 A .wh , ' "+"'Tf N 1 lf: I . A September 16 September 2L October 9,10 October 15 October 18 October 24 October 25 October 30 October 31 November 7 November 12 November 15 November 22 November 25 November 26 December 13 December 17 December 19 I SCHOOL CALENDAR l9AO-Ll First day of school. u WFreshman Week? proves a big success. Evergreen Sing. u Assembly program consisting of Student Talent. If you wished to see some boys fight hard, it was Fairview's football team fighting against Barrachsville, The Senior partyl and did everyone have a good time, i Dramatics Club presents a one act play, WThe Red Lamp.n I I Fairview-gs-Monongah. Honongah won. G. A. A. Carnival. U Senior Pictures taken for the Paw Paw Annual. Dramatics Club presents a one act playl NSpa:b Sophomore Party. 0 Hyde Marionette show WSing Fu and the Dragon.N Junior Party. a Varsity Club Dance. ' Basketball practice starts today, Public Speaking Class presented the assembly program. Dramatics Club presents a three-act play: NSeven Sisters.' . Pep Club Skating Party at Twelfth Street. Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented assembly December 20 J amiary 1 8 J anuary 22 , 23 January 30 February 3 February 7 February 10 February 13 February 20 February 27 March 3 March 6 March 7,8 March 12 March 18 March 2l March 24 March 27 1 Basketball game, East Fairmont vs Fairview. Fairview won. ' The Junior Class sponsors a movie. . Grade School operetta, UTw1ight Alley.W G. G. A. gave assembly program. h First order for Senior Class rings. Picture show. U . Fairview vs Rivosvillc. Fairview won. Dramatics Club presents a play, WGhostly Pas- scnger,n American Legion Contest in Assembly. Leo Dodd won. Assembly program consisted of debatcrs from Fairmont State Teachers College and West Virgini University. Fairview vs St. Peters. Fairview won. . Public Speaking contest directed by Mary Sturm. Miss Sturm holds preliminary, state public speaking contest. Junior Hi Tournament. Movie for assembly. 1 Farmintton Glee Club presented the assembly. Spring began. , Last order for Senior Class Rings. Senior Class presented the three act play, HMollie 0'Shaughnessey.n March April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May June June June June June 39 3.1. 8 16 17:18 Zh 25 'J N 3 7 8 13 15 16 21 28 LOPO XDIOPJCDNO V'-P One act play festival at East Fairmont High. Independent Bahketball Tournament. Movie, the HSinging Cowgirl.n u Order for cards and invitations, v High School Operetta? WAn Old Spanish Custom.H Ping Pong Tournament. Fairview ysaRivesville in a baseball game. 1-O, Fairview. May Festival presented by Physical Education Classes. U Boosters'Day. Seniors visit Fairmont College. Fairview gs Mannington, 7-3, Fairview. Spelling Contest for assembly. Marion Opron was the Winner. G. A. A. party. Rogers Jewelry Dance with Joe La Rosa's orehest Seniors take trip to Pittsburgh. Glee Club party. Commencement Play NJune Madn presented by - Dramatics Club and directed by Miss Mary Sturm. Junior and Senior Prom. Thespian Banquet. . . Baccalaureate Sermon by Rev. Jennings Fast. Sophomore Party. Senior Class Night. Alumni Banquet. Last day of school and graduation night. Q.. N -r 4'sv1X'm1-Lqsfg LF-,312 mr 'E w .. 'Q . "W73'fH F1fff'1f" fiA 1' "f'f77 Yfizi .1121-, fmii- '- M ' A Q, " ,, XX , . XX 'F - ji' -' Z ,5Y,,:' ,'f,.H., ',,""A,Q'm Q' X- ?eA A iQ .T""- X - y, n + " 4 ' " if . F . f ' E w '1' 5i"5' if , 11. 441' --X '--' f Qwf g-wie J A :. .-mi.,-if Q-QX ay ., ,1 X " , X ,"'X71"" X - " 1, .'.x' . '1 wg ' '-gf? X gg L? X"X"',,X,'-1."'4f'f,Q'T'Xf,',H'.'Xfg,."gXQiXX- Y ww mm a 5 1 "' .T' ' ' ' "X" 1. '. - U T" . .',' ",!P. ' '.MlP".1 1 ,J f -4' F' 1 ,. ' A A X 3 A I 1-,q3j:,.m.:X mi? , -+df:54,g4bi:Cg gggigg, ' ? 'W 'fwqf' ' ' ' . ' '? Y fl ' V'-' 'W 'gl-JR1,?jQ': RH Qgrirtif: ,Xhjf ' 5 ff L X "X R,!',L4., 5- f,1.,Xx:. ' W . I 'A 'J' , K. ,'yA V "-1, .' " :lf . j"i'lIr-fi W 1 M -,wwf ' , X .. 13-53 - fi! . V?-' ' Xfw ' 'W 21-' N A I I f . -' 1 ' ' W . ' ' ' '4a?H? , i r,1.', ' - f, -"M-Eg 315fL3V 131'-kffl'Wafipeqiizwi- CfqXg:Xf qi g f XX A :VW 's1i'W4ff3??1 ff .V X XX lf X -X .L ff? I X X- Xi:3,,.X':' X 'Q , - 1 :XXX : "?"'f ff' iA'A A T 1 ' in -in mXXX.XX"sg:mnykg:X -:dsx , ,: 9- . . --Af , ' f HH . QMIMN - Tess X .nf - X. .- X-If 1 X Xt: Xi, 'X 0535: : N--.:j1,.' X ,L 5 . .h1mw, .aJf QH g15,m ,n 1, .I4 'fi' "f'A .1 W 1- - T ' A "'fFI f?f ffftf ' 51 1 V ' . '- f'fR','1-'uf - ,A if 1 A ' ifjwif? 511.53 G971-5:5-"Q ' Ei '- ii fgjizm s XX X 2 'f - : f 3"'1-IW 'MiyX12fl- '-', 1, 'ff' ifwiii SQA,-Vfmrhmm Hz, fx' -, q:1if+i.fs ' 1.14. - -'1I ' ff. ' 1 5 ., . I . 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" -m. 5- il t HQ? , wmv "2lI?I..' "-fzgg., ' , ,X ' . 'N 5. , 21:7 I j iktb F, 5 , I X ' sz-:-1-1 .z2:2:T:1:-1?2:-'Wiiiiii-gl:-.- -'-1'!:11E2:1::,1:1: :f:-:-.-:- -C-1- ' -'- ' ' ' HN ., -. - A '""f1?'.fH'R hl-iE..2z'f11l51E'51:1:15liiilizi-EC:-rk1'1'fEi:'2-1 .-A. - .- - .ffnf:':?r75'-" 5''::71fn'?i2iP?PT:'5rl-1i:':f'515C-Ctiltifltfi'3 .- .V wq.!4w-qizkl'-Wff53'5'f"" '- Lwi- Rf- Q-.-.p,uQ'.,-.-.3.'.g--- ---.-.5gjA,-:-b,.g,.4.j--- -93.3.--5.' ,I '31-EE-I-5 lf:-1-. - 'i5S:T:-2-I:f:3zf1F:':Pa2r 'Wi' ' ' ' 'Nw-rzccirf-fnwfwz'-12:11-1.:.1 -. 111:':1:f:-13.-FHnqufifmwa ' " 550f"''EI''L'-2iig.jflQE':KgEj:..I'Z-I12:1j'gLglg:,g,fZ:-Q.:-'lfifmi ' ' ' f -HJ' I y u 1 if X ,wx A J i4 .. -1 ,J anm Ik I 'ws f a 4-QM, . fif- ,I -'i Q Fimux " ' 'mf .4 M . 'K ,M - ' 1 , sv, 1 -. ..e - . . .-1 -sg '.. "Ti ' ,, , .V 3 ., -,...,,,, , A ,, 1., 1 J jny,:..I.., Q, u r ' ,gh .1, 3 if ' ?'f2fE 'K ' V f- LV "Sv 3 1.','f.161'i 1 . J' vs -G V1 Q . .AJLB w ,fm ..-.v-. -:.---. r is iz ..i.-Y ww.. fi. A-. .x w 1 ' 4 1: V Ly N ,?"'v . W. Q. dpfflw W W all ., ' lp , V .. iv- ' ..,'- , , ,- .il 6 aw .V ikjf' 1- K v -.I w ..! My f ' , '--Q. Lf , 133+ N JV- .IL. 1 , 1 3 , ,iq rx ,, fi' if ri '- .,jA::, Ll.. 1, gms l-1+-'If iii " 1 'rm L' A" I ' .,1,,1qu. Q q- - yr Wg ' 1 -Kami - ., i 5-5, .2 , f v -I, .Le QL, -rg , ll-,,. . Al.- ,., Mxff' "w F.: 1 A , I L, If FOOTBALL First: Edward Kaminsky, Gerald Shuman, Sammy Adams, William Swiger, John Pitrola, Chester Baker, Mike Pringle, George Krevosky, William Whetzel. Second: Lester Walls, James Czika, Denzil Walls, Dominick Aloi, James Nazure, Daniel Vingis, Joe Aloi, Wells Gorman, Charles Charlton, Mr. Hickman. Third: Bill Toothman, Steve Nemeth, Thomas Burke, Keith Cosner, Leo Dodd, Curtis Storey, Paul Davis, Handel Lough, Jack Hanes, Nason Brenham. Manager: LeRoy Berry. FOOTBALL SEASON OF 1940 The Fairview Indians opened their 1940 by playing the East Fairmont Bees in the first quarter netted the Indian served Touchdown, but the Indians just click after the first quarter and lost football parade of A 60 yard march eleven a well de- could'nt seem to 13 to 7. Next the Indians tracked to Farmington to meet the Farmers in a tough struggle. Shortly after the initial kickoff the Indians caught the Farmington defense napping with a triple reverse with D. Aloi dashing down the side- line for 39 yards to set the stage for Fairview's touchdown Bouncing back from an early first period touchdown by the tribe, the Farmers unlcased a powerful netted them two touchdowns, the final score being 13 Then came the first home game, with Rivesville, most thrilling game of the season. The Greentowners the football dope bucket by defeating the Indians 19 The Fairview eleven just could'nt seem which ground attack to 6. the rocked to O. to click. The game came with Blacksville, the only game the In- dians won. The Indians played their best ball of the seaso with everyone clicking. The score was 19 to O, Fairview, Next came, what usually is the most the year, with Barrackville. The Bisons razzle-dazzle right off the bat to score exciting game of uncorked some a touchdown, but then the Indians went on the warpath mid-way in the third period when they combined a smooth-running attack with Vingis crashing through for a touchdown, the game ending with a draw 7 to 7. Thr Lions marched to Fairview for our next game, The Indians marched 54 yards for their score in the third perio Dom Aloi cracking the line for the counter, but the Lions came from behind to win 13 to 6. Then the Indians struggled to Cameron to bow before the Dragons. Playing in the steady rain which turned the playing field into a sea of mud, the Cameron team trounced I1 d Fairview 19 to O. The Indians tracked to Mannington in their closing game The Fairview eleven just could'nt stop the running attack launched by the Big Green, with the Indians going into de- feat 20 to 0. Although Fairview did'nt win many games this season, we predict a much better season next year. Dominick Aloi Halfback 'Lightning Domn, was one of the most outstanding players of the season. 'His swiftness in running earned him the name of W1ighting.W Dom, playing outstanding ball in the East Fairmont and Farmington games, won great admiration among the sport fans. We will all miss him next season. James Mazure Quarterback NJim,W was a very dangerous man to his opponents, being a hard man to bring down and never stopping until he was on his back. He was of much value to the Indians. There will be a great loss to the future team without Jim. James Czika Halfback WZekeW, only his first year playing football, proved to be valuable to the team because of his kicking ability, Our hopes are for him in his future career since he is graduat- ing this year. Edward Kaminisky End WTootsieN, the flying tackler, played sensational ball this year. Our predictions are WAll Countyn for him next year, as he is only a Junior. He handled himself well and was tough to take out by blockers. Daniel Vinqis Fullback WDannyN, had one of his best seasons this year. His swift- ness in running and calling plays made him most outstanding on the team. He was the captain also. Leo Dodd Quarterback WPupW, out for football for his first year and rated as a good blocker, should prove viluable in his senior year to the Indian lineup. Mike Pringle Guard WKnuteW, a hard man to take out, will be missed on next year's lineup because of his fastness on his feet and be- cause of his hard hitting power. g Bill Whetzel End "Whetz", the fastest runner on the Indian lineup, proved most valuable to his team and will be missed by everyone next season. Joe Aloi Halfback WJoeN, the lightest, most hard hitting boy on the team, is expected to shine next year. Despite the fact that he had trouble with his back, he continued playing excellent ball. Gearld Shuman Tackle NShumanN, seldom ever let a man go through him or over him, and his loss will be keenly felt. Randall Lough End WRandallW, was a valuable end to the team this year, He also participated in many of the games this season. George Krevosky End WMoxieW, one of the first stringer ends,proved very valuable because of his hard fighting. We predict WAll-Countyn for him in his senior year. Lester Lough End 'LesterW, started after we had played a few games, but proved very successful for the Indians. He participated in many games and will be missed on the next scason's lineup. Keith Cosner Halfbaek WCas-welln, proved to be a snappy liffle Hhalf.W He was noted especially for his swiftness in running. The Indians will welcome him back next year with much joy. Steve Nemeth End WSteveW, although small and inexperienced in football,we ex- pect him to be a valuable player in future years. 1 Mason Brenham Center WHankW, played very good ball at center this year. We pre- dict he will play in the backfield next season and make WA1l Countyn in his senior year. Jack Hanes Fullback WHanesH, was the signal caller for the second team and will prove superior'next year in the backfield. Sammy Adams Guard . 1 nFrickyW, was one of our valuable substitutes this yeargand he also shows much promise for the future. Charles Charlton Center WChasieN, was a substitute center and showed up much in the second team lineup. He was also able to get through the opponents line and break up plays. Curtis Storey Halfback NCurt', was small but proved himself a valuable player. He is expected to prove a great Nhalfn in his future years. Wells Gorman Center . NCopperheadW, made his expectations in playing football his senior year come ture. Being a good passer and blocker he will be missed next season. Our hopes stand out for him in his future career. Chester Baker Tackle NBlackieH, because of his big build, was able to break through the opponents line to make him valuable to the Indians lineup. John Pitrolo Tackle WJayN, because of his ability in warding off his opponents' made a permanent berth on the squad this season. His hard, clean fighting will be missed next year. BASKETBALL SQUAD First: Ervin Price, Lester Lough, Glen Cosner, Daniel Vingie, Wells Gorman, James Mazure, Gerald Shuman, Chester Baker. Second: Joe Guido, Lynn Moore, Dominick Aloi, B111 Hacker, B111 Swiger, Sammy Adams, Charles Charlton, Mr. Hickman. Third: Ralph Parker, Jack Hanes, Keith Cosner, Randal Lough, George Krevosky, Charles Plasketea, Howard Taylor. 1941 Basketball Season The Indians' 1941 basketball season proved much more successful than did the football season. Many from last year's team were back to start for the new season. Fair- view's first encounter was with the East Fairmont Bees, winning by a two point margin. The usual starting lineup' was Shuman at center, who had a very high scoring average, Mazure and Baker at Guard, and the sensational rookie for- wards'Cosner and Gorman. The Redskins get off to a bad start, but finally came through with nine victories and eleven defeats. Again the Indians participated in the sectional tour- nament. The Redskins were'nt so fortunate, drawing Vest Fairmont for the opening game, and lost 56 to 29. Home Games Fairview Opponent Y Mannington...... .,...39..... ......39 Barrackville.... ....l6.... .....34 St. Francis... ....29.... ....2l Farmington... ....16.... ....24 Hundred .... ....LO.... ....A2 Rivesville... ....37.... ....25 C3-Ineronlo looul ocoo35uaoo oooo28 B lacksvi1le.... ....62.... ....L8 Monong flhoo oonns ooo eouaea uae neuaqlp-2000. oooo32 Stl PetCrSOlOIDIOIOOOQCIIOIIQODOOll5lIvIlOl ICOOIPB 'Forfeit to Mannington in dressing room Games Away Fairview Opponent East Fairmont.... .....21..... .....19 St. Petcrs..... ...36... ....32 St. Francis... ...39... ....25 Farmington... ...31... ....37 Nloflongflhqg q ova-028 c o o c c 0314- Cameron. ..... ...3O... ....34 Mannington.... . ...38... ....39 B1acksvi11e.... ,..47... ..,.3O Barracksvi1le.... ...4O... ....41 'West Fairmont... ..,29,,, ,,,56 'Tournament First: Second: Third: BASEBALL SQUAD Richard Renovits, Jack Haught, Keith Cosner, John Morrone, Marion Opron, George Krevosky, Pete Dembroaky, John Chrislip, Russel Lake, Charles Loudin. Carl Goff, Julius Brachok, Howard Taylor, Sam adams, Junior Toothman, James Vazure, Charles Hensley, James Hibbs, Glen Avery Fox, Joe Guido, Glen Conner, Joe Aloi, Gerald Engleka, Coach Hickman. Wayne Straight, B111 Hacker, Ervin Price, Leo Dodd, Lester Lough, John Bizic, George Krevosky, James Czika, Daniel Vingis, Dominick Aloi, Charles Plasketes. Q 9 X A .. I f 'I gang 'f . f . .Vpd C? QP' Q Q v - 1 K- P Q E TAT? .1 0 CHAMPS 1940 is n year to be remembered especially by baseball enthus- iasts, for during the spring of this year the hard-hitting Tair- sw Indians under the management of the able Abe T. Hickman forged ahead facing fires of unforetold competition ind wan his State Baseball Championship of West Virginia. The game was played at Norwood Park, Clnrksburg, W. Va. Kinsston the o posing team, exercised its various baseball LJ 7 P tilents to the limit. Displmying unexcolled sportmanship they offered n very noble and vigorous contest. The stir-studded lineups were as follows: KINGSTON AB R H Pirsons Wriston Cottrill Plusha Seagroves Neely W. Wriston Edwards Walker Surrett A O l 1 O 2 O O O O O FAIRVIYW AB F. Goarde S. Genrde Hdrden Adams Czikd Rakosky Rcnovits Ywnuke Campbell Rrachok Ad 1 r f I I ,' ,'.. , 7" I f " gif!! ,I f' fjgffuf f f fix, 'lf' . , Ag?" ,ff ,ff ' 1 . A ,, ,..-,- -,,...-uw --D ,,,,,...-- , ..,,...- .,.s,,....-Q 0 1 ,ff If A t 'qfa if 1 f' 1 I ,,,,... N1-1. xxx N X ,W 4 EERE, f 11.1. . STUDENT MIX On the night of Friday, October the twenty-fifth, the seniors opened the social season of Fairview High with an annual affair-- a WStudent Mixn. The admission was 101 and it began at eight o'clock. Everyone enjoyed playing games and dancing to the Nickelodian. Some of the games played wereg NHand Seated, WClotL- es Relayn, NCand1e Walkn, and HGum Band Relayn. HFive o'clock Whistlen seemed to be a hit with the dancers. Ice Cream, cookies, and orangeade were served. The HMixW ended and all went home feeling that the first party of the year had been quite a success. G.A.A. CARNIVAL For the last three years the Girls' Atheletic Association has had a Carnival, and it has always been better and attracted a larger crowd. This year it was on the night of Wednesday, October 30th. The gymnasium was decorated in keeping with Halloween. There were several attractions at the carnival, some of them wereg witches broom, fortune telling, and pitching pennies. Popcorn, candy, hotdogs, and pop were sold. Several prizes were given. The door prize was won by Gordan Haught. Connie Dragoo won a lovely cake by guessing what was in it, the cake was white with G.A.A. written on it in red letters. Jack Frye guessed the near- est to the amount of corn in a jar and was given a prize too. The main diversion of the evening as usual was dancing to the music of the nickelodian which, incidentally, I don't know what we would do without. SOPHOMORE CLASS PARTY The Sophomores had their party Friday, November 8th, in the gymnasium. The hours were from 7:30 till 10:30. Dancing was enjoyed by quite a few while others had fun at sticks, Chinese checkers, and Ping Pong. After the games came the refreshments which consisted of Ice Cream, cookies, and ginger ale. The committees in charge of arrangements who, I might add did a good job, were: Games and decorations, Betty Ann Cosner, Tommy Burke, Glen Carpenter, Helen Hunter, Carl Lake, and Freddie Kuperanick, Refreshments, Helen Ammons, Ardella Davis, and Patty Ann McCray. The teachers present were Miss Roth, Mr. Hickman and Miss Sturm. H V In JUNIOR CLASS PARTY On Friday evening, November l5th, the Junior class, not to be outdone by their classmates,had their party. It was held in the room where the cafeteria formerly was. The first part of the evening was spent in playing HContactH and WMurderN and in giving impersenations of thecpeople whose names they had drawn. After the refreshments, which consisted of sandwiches, cookies, and punch, th ey all went to the gymnasium and danced for the remainder of the evening. The lateness of the hour when they departed gave proof of their enjoyment of the evening. THE VARSITY DANCE The Varsity Dance sponsored by the Varsity Club was one of the biggest events of the year. It was held in the gymnasium Friday, November 22. George Morgan and his orchestra furnished the music and the hours were from nine to twelve. Decorations were in keeping with the school colors, and were very pretty too. There was a large attendance and all present enjoyed themselves. THE NPEPN CLUB SKATING PARTY The HPCQN club which was just organized this year had its party at the Twelfth Street Skating Rink Thursday, December 19th. They left in cars from the high school at 6:30, and a livelier crowd you never saw. The price was 30d and the club received 104 from every ticket sold. There were 75 students and boosters present. They started home at l0:30. Mighty tired, but enthused by the good time, they were ready to go again THE NPEPW CLUB SKATIUG PARTY The WPepW club had its second party Thursday, February 13th. It was another skating party at the Roller-Rink on Twelfth Street The price was the same--30e, but this time there was a much larger attendance, 106 in all, including students and boosters. They skated with much vim from 7:30 to 10:30, and when they left for home, they were even more enthusiastic than before. ROGER'S DANCE Roger's Jewelry Company gave their fourth annual dance for the Seniors on Thursday, May 15 in the armory. Dancing was from 9 to l2,and music was furnished by Joe La Rosa and his orchestra. During the evening he dedicated numbers to the seniors of every high school in the county. It was pleasant to watch the many girls in pretty summery gowns dancing with their partners. There were about sixty seniors and their guests present from our school. The song they dedicated to Fairview High was WMy Sister and I.N :rw THESPIAN BANQUET The Thespian Society had their annual Banquet this year at Martin's Restaurant in Fairmont. Kyle Swisher, as president, presided as tocstmaster. At this dinner the NBest Thespinn of the year W was awarded. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The biggest effair of the year, last but not least, was the annual Junior-Senior Prom. It was held in the prcttily decorated gymneeium on May 29. It was quite different this year, thanks to our energetic crowd of Juniors. It was semi- formal and the girls looked espeeirlly lovely with their best benux dancing to the music of Buck Shaffer's orchestra. An outstanding event was the crowning of Queen Elizabeth Ann and King Leo. They were attended by six ladies and gentlemen of the court, namely, Jackie Ammons, Connie Dragoo, Jean Conwell, Quentine Quisenberry, Alberta Rinehart, Florence Bodnnr, Jack Hanes, Kyle Swisher, Keith Cosner, Joe Guido, Edward Kaminsky, and Nick Mazure. 6 FAIRVIEW SEVENTH GRADE FAIRVIEW EIGHTH GRADE Seventh Grade of Fairview Top Row. Left to Right- Mr. Randall, Leona Moore, Mrs. Wilson. Second Row- Left to Right- Josephine Sloane, Pat Burns, Margie Gump John Tennant, Ida Warner, Presley Haught, Eleanor Smlers, Lee Floyd, Betty wr-ight. Third Row- Floyd Jones,Lenna Lou. Powell, Lenza Rinehart, Helin Miohe'l Delmar Lough Patty C ll Junior Yeefover Lucy Leve le, ,L .a'lWe1.'5tune. ' S ' xl it ' Jonrth Box- Nolan Gump, Joann Swlger, Glenda Hunter, Audra Jones, Jane Swisher, Betty Conwell, Wilma Tennant, Doris Parker, Charles Hunter. Eighth Grade of Fairview First Row- Left to Right- Wise Wilson, Mr. Knisely, Betty Jo Wright, Norma Jean MoBee, Phyllis Jean Toothman, Dorotha iaught, Paulyne Kinty, Chester Wilson, Glenna Pratt. A Second Row- Billy Brown, Martha Haught, Roselea Davis, Velma Shu- man, Helen Parrish, Mary Belle Swiger, Kate Haught, Virginia Sloane, Jlm y Toothmen. Third Row- Delores Barr Jack Jamison, Juanita Pyles, Junior Darrah, Alberta Floyd, Jack Toothman, Jane Darrah, Eugene Thomas, Madlyn Moore. ' Fourth Row- Albert Amos, Nedra Toothman, Joe Levelle, Jean Dodd, Billy Parrish, Dorothy Clayton, Don Conwell, Wanda Lee Tennant, Junior Floyd, 1 4 , fr 'mi ri., LW4 ,, I' w 4 r" I 1 www wleslfw vu W M, 1 1 'IH if Q N"4"6'!H w Q- ,fu ,"'fw. .A f",f g J n . ,Q ln' M4 V, I w 1 .,',: .4 ,.- Y 1 iw.:- ,Q -' ,JW 1 .1 r , .14 HJ' ha. ,. - mf .MW ' A 'I rl Jem 1fffiIAQe':l' 934: T ,543 ' ' 3' ,ffsasiygw : A ig 1 'fiifii H .nf ,'-' . lf ,1 5,-r-- 1,9 W Lp- f ',.r ' l ' 1-QT' T?, 12 44 av A X 21' w ' W1 rg- 'iff A: fu Tilly? W ggjgad, j' 'nf 2' QA? 1 1': - W w 1 Q .N 1 N fx . TSM? ., ,z f ali 11-fi x vm V' 'lil nf A ' 1' - 'GLM 'QQ t x 3, gg if 1 I 'ifaw' i ' -VH Q' !.I1.'-Q, 4-,gm ' : ' . " N , 7 , 1. Q-' . '?i1,G.fJ!Qg li I 1' ' ." X "H 1T1L!f"4,.i-' u, 1 1 :N "Ii 'A ni' '-L '- 71 I V img' i ui' Q35 mai , 1 ,4 ,ge 5.15 V A 7.1. , -,-- N, lwii , '5 Ev V.,.-.-gm: - ., , ...nr 1' 2f',?:L 343 , . ii- N ,H Q E Ill' P 7. L . 'v E, , fx 1 4 l . ' f 1 f 1 i L 4 RF., ,. :l -1. ,,.. ',. n WM L , , N , M -f'-:WMZQM ,. -, 21. In -'J -N. : 51.11" Ei: ' .f df? f.-1?z"g ' if H544 A .11 - -'1,rr,.'Y'?'i, gagmi 1 nl.,-1 ,jf. QM iff' , ' "Nfl 1 F --I 2 - -' . x . V 5 p gp P 1 ,H :,g.1 "51u.qE'iif'51. i , 1+ s . A .' Q-.iq Ywvi-"1:LV. f '51 iff: -I - -A ..: "5 x" 1 N . , . 11 1',2:,3i , A12 ' - we -- -Ji: ' T: at 47.4, ,. 3 " e' ' 1' , ' ' r ' 5, 1 . li. 5 ,I , , 1 Q 1' ' ' ' r,4':f :"1. ' qv . ,I . -:gunz fy:- ue ' 1 a . 'N 1 I , 1 ,, 5 5015 V n. Q.. .A.-'-lifpgw W F . 1 rv? -1-'ww ..3". ,, l Af-ilkzariu ' L 1, gms"' "5 , 5" L ' wrj' -W"'J. iz, ' 5' Liik' ii f i gl ll -f Q T T IX I- GRANT TOWN EIGHTH GRADE ' T -P K4 5' Q Qi ci! -N Jw Q2 J ' MW if L., Q9 T W -+-" , 'I 4 2- 4 hgg , Tk, Q -A it , .. J . Ld GRANT TOWN SEVENTH GRADE Seventh Grade of Grant Town Top row. Left to Right- Mary Neer, Robert Spadaro, Margaret Bennett, Mr. Gump, Joe Bock, 'Bertha Moody, Joe Retton. Second Row- Hugh Straight, Frances Less, Delbert Lake, Mildred Kre- vosky, Joe Merico, Joan Zleminskl, Calvin Hibbs, Bernice Zieminski, Joe Tilko. miird Row- Mildred Blzic, Melvin Yost, Wilda Hacklsh, John Nemeth, 'lice Kuzminchuk, Harry Brasek, Dora Lee Hurt, William Clair, Rose Horab. Fourth Row- Jack Dodd, Theresa Retton, Helen Pribble, Robert Hibbs, Agnes Gerba, Frank Retton, Norma Jean Toothman, Eddie Kovick, Bar- ba-' Jean Rosie. Eighth Grade of Grant Town Hirst Row- Left to Right- Mr. Harner, Miss Little. Second Row- James Quisenberry, Fay Callahan, Ross Guido, Elizabeth Ammendolla, Geonge Kupreanick, Virginia Less, Ernest Czika, Edna Oinos, Anthony Buzzy. Third Row- Martha Morrison, Sam Becca, Anna Wiens, Thomas Varney, Pauline Devona, James Meer, Helen Kuzminchuk, Carl Qu plff,A11ce Gre SE- Fourth Row- Geraldine Pitman, Paul Tarasuk, Mary Retton, Richard Endler, Joyce Welmer, Hilbert Quisenberry, Mary Ann Maruka. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES 8.xY'YICwHigxh Samoa! D WN Nh ER - ,3v+.-,i,,l ,ii s..- - .-..... ,,...,.. ,,,, . , , . -- 4 Y . , H Fair-view High, my Al-ma Ma-ter Alma Mater brave and true, Red and black we'll always cherish Love and wor- i shit we'll be true When the day is over And the sky is s To JT me blue We will all remember The days we spent with you Laila-E J 'Q-J .ak el When the shades of night are falling And the cares of day are through Fairview High, my Al-ma Mater, We will ever think of you. PIANQ Mm mi .sr Sym W 3.1 VN!! 1,,'l M mimi ff JP- 3,16 h ' 4.5! 'Tfh' Hmg D' F Q54 ,num 'ff ',f'ff ' fi if N: 0, f, yi W1 'RH Af'1"2fii 4, 44 HH., .. ' ...-... 41: I L - '11 an-'Au-.n4-M ' 1 gi W N WELDING SCHOOL FOR DEFENSE As a part of the National Defense program of the federal government of the United States an eight week's course in elec- tric and acetylene welding is being given in Fairview High School beginning March 10, 1941. The course is six hours long with classes from 6 a. m. to 12 noon, 12 noon to 6 p. m., 6 p. m. until 12 midnight. A wall in the oasement of the Qvmnasium was removed to make room for the welding booths. Those who take the course must be within tne age limit from 17 to 25. no high school students can take part. The instructors for the course are: Mr. John Riley of Morgantown and Mr. James Stewart of Fairmont. F! ' NM' ' Aff?'sqxN WHS' li 5 , 3 928, , . I w- ki mi K Q-gi 0, : . Q4 MQ' 9' f -X K J Wx f -Q g.f+ij: Ei: A 'X 1116 qigif' gx w- x "M"i-,X , 3 - ff-ff K'.?'f!W!f I 1 'S gf' I X1 .is :C Q X , V71 - vw 5 -fx" .X . Z ' 'A' J X 10' ," I X Sl x X , Y 5 A V ': 0 ' ! 1 f ak "5 ' AS N 'sn X . -,N XX V' X ff! in 5 'Q f 5' :Q gff 'A ,J K ,Z M 1, V sa I 5.1 fffkgy ' V Q A -15? , '-:A ' ,V - at , . :gg 1 ,. ' 'f-Z1 -I v 4' V' -I f . - xx is if jr, Q in 4 'A A as x I 4 .-1-Z lg Y I I If fl KQ . , , 'f '7 WJ- :L ,f Ys ,, 1- I I K 5: 'AJ 0 , N J' ax g 0.7 09 1 Q' x 9 -f N . 42 I x p QQ? . fxv ,pl 1 -fy . Q ll' X ,- ,rf Q ,' ' Ht' N Q L 'Q NU 5 f iq? '- Kam f YU f- - f AL, 1 A me I xx -ll erik? , bs if '-:vw Q 'vp - sf Q X x A, fig! j C, ji li I X-I jf: ,I 1 I ' li ix l 4' lf I 970 I -C' J sk '77 9 D W -T ' ' 9- I , --. ' ' Wg ,t , hcl! f-1 Jiri " N ff 1"f:91 ' R74 ' ' 35' 1 g - V .- - ' .. , f v Q fg Ig u . if 'h-pb I :ATV V A A 7 : MVJL nga. fr f -M ' N-ba' ,,-,' fp" ge. -7 .,,, ff ,, -... ' US WZ?" Y if ' fb - 'f wT':., .:,'-im ' -55? L i ff fi?-Tiff' ' '15 U-J A4 f lil'-, ,, , . . 916' H1 f 'i .. z -A ,,, ' 'I L I 9 +41 .55 5!r:5.E?gSiiiig,, M, 5 X 55525, g55ggf'iV5fii'iif?e::5:,, "4 B5-gagiiiillligfff-:':.1 j k ,J , , - ,,, ,.,. 1' . . xh U, -Dx ' 'C' N f O I .N ,IZ ,,,, N43 1 'ya ,O " 'F ri' J, 0 0 5,12 , Q0 xl L J . , pf V 'IZ 0 'Q ,LV As ' ' . X0 nv 0 ' ,, J 4- L,--. 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SMERS RESTAURf1Xrl'V Meats to Order' Soft Drinks Regular Dinner Candy Saniiary Ice Cream Cfgaaveft Sanitary Nil K Tobaccas Beer S School Supplies 5horL Une of Grades-5 ' Our lvlcvtffo: A COURTESY AND Queer SERWCE Your patronage ftpprecfated JOE SPHERS PROP. ofanfvrewo- VV-av, oueu -e u eu Phone o E Adaiii5OffiC9fiiippiy SMP in duke i0.W'i.eiicii'iiS Sireet i ifmiiioril ,We at Va. i QN0 geek., i ice cream Plteiunches i Dancing 5 it D ' Hs SCP10ol airici O rm Sports Supplies Vlain Street Fairview WW . ,, , W ., ,, nl , Y- CQMPUMENT S or , WiLSQN,EDDY A N D i SUN Clf-XRAQE Ph0ne1I7 Fairview W.Vd- , ,, I , JOKES Nlcelandgn said the teacher, His about as large as Siam.n NIceland,W'wrote Charles Charlton afterwards, His about as big as tesehor.n Professor ifinishing a long algebra problem covering the whole blaekboardjg NAnd we find that x equals zero.N Kupie: NAll that work for nothing.W Mr. Straight: NAren't you afraid the birds will eat your seeds? You ought to put up a scerecrow.H Dcnzil Walls: NOh, it's not worth it. in the garden.n Marion Jenn Barth lin Home Ee. rooml: pin. Where do they all go anywny?N There's always one of us WI ean't find a single Helen Dragoe: WIt's herd to tell, because they're pointed in one direction and they're heeded in another.W, Mr, Rogers: WEvery day we breathe oxygen. What do we breathe at night?W Mary Tennant: WNitrogen.n Tommy Parker: NIS it true that it is good luck to have a nntse Mr. M1chael?n follow you, Mr. Michael: NThat depends on whether Tommy 0 n Miss Wilson: WI'm always tired on the 'Why?W WWho wouldn't be after a Miss Rice: Miss Wilson: Reporter: Wwhat shall I say about the made such a fuss at the game?H you're a man or a mouse, first of April,N march of thirty-one daysln two peroxide blondes when Editor: Wwhy, just say the bleachers went wild.N Love Letter I This is the way a vegtable farmer proposed to his girl, My darling sweet potato: Do you carrot all for me? My heart beets for you alone, You are a peach, with your radish hair You are the apple of my'eye, But if we lettuce be married soon, for I know we hnd your turnip nose. cantalou e now, then ' w m- e Q happy pear. Amelia Zieminski: WHow many other girls are in on our secret: Bette Swisher: WFour ell told.H Amelia Zieminski: NThey would--the mean thingsln Jim Czika: WWhat a sad-looking library.W Leo Dodd: NWhy+-because it has panes in the windews?N Jim Cziko: WNo, because the books are in tiers.n in , ,,,,,l14...n.4A h I Q , FAH4?V!EV AUTQ Compfimemgs SUPPLY' CCJVTFVXNYF of Liberal trade-ins I I Dodge 41 Plymoufh Dealer 3 Good used Cars A ll Q VIEW Street Phonem Compliments of Swing R 5 BARBER SHOP l Hain Street fainfviex4WV.z, MINNSE AHRE DMS Complimenfs of JLXCJQ V JA CQ nwhere fcomomy Rolesv ' ' ' ' V"l gf , , :gif ' Vx J Sv. 9' -1. .--sg: . ' Ng ' f .,, w 1'-1 Q A! x .5 . :ff P . X X. NX L 1 f 1. ,, 3 idx . g N, '-. 11, , J 'Z A 41- , . A-zu aku' ' f N WF'

Suggestions in the Fairview High School - Paw Paw Yearbook (Fairview, WV) collection:

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