Fairview High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Jennings, MO)

 - Class of 1958

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Fairview High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Jennings, MO) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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4 '23 l .s 3 ,l E 5 fs 9 ,i 4 if 5 CL Yr! 5 2' 4, S81 E S nm 59 ?f as 56 5 E' 22 fl fi ff 7 4 f I E I ,.. . .. . i . . .- 1. .. .. ' , . " ' ' ' i'E'7hLQ1.2"5 , 4, MM if 4 , ,. .M K 1 1 .Ng Q H I Q ww QNX ai mf www FX w Nw. ww N wx 5. 9-x wt' Q5 X. Q Y, . x , x ,H W . xx S ,.i N 23.,,i,,xm , ' .xx wx SNR X S S , wk QM Q X, - QS' S . xx. A 'eftain Published by The Seniors of FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL Jennings, Mo. Volume XXI Uhieltain Stall EDITOR Gail Porter ASSOCIATE EDITOR Mary Schwing BUSINESS MANAGER Judy Strubbe STAFF MEMBERS Bernadine Bauer David Berg Madge Bierbaum Dorothy Bollinger Jessie Carter' Pat Collins Carl Erech Carol Gasperson Judy Gnau Al Heck Larry Heflin Judy Horvath Pat Inglish Ronnie Lee Gene Martens Jackie Meeks Greg Myers Janet Newhouse Lois O'l-eary Judie Otten Alan Sheppard Darlene Smith Carolyn Smotherman Bob Solos Cecelia Vedell Bob Wagner Frank Walsh Joyce Waltman Bette Jean Yackey i Lee Zimmer Vera Zimmer SPONSOR Mr. Fred Dahlberg LL'L7 Dedication Wioa Qllouifse imc To that winsome little woman. Miss Louise Hirsch, guardian angel of the old "Blue Jay" for three years, we, the senior class of one thou- sand nine hundred and fifty-eight, dedicate with loving appreciation this first edition of the "Chieftain". Throughout her quarter of a century at Fairview as women's athletic coach, Miss Hirsch has striven diligently to instill within her students the qualities of loyalty and fortitude, as well as sportsmanship- and co-operation. ln addition to her apparent love of young people, Miss Hirsch possesses the rare abil- ity of winning their confidence and trust. As a consequence, she is among the best loved and most respected of Fairview's faculty. Not only is this book dedicated to the woman, but also. it is dedi- cated to those high ideals, deep devotion, and intrinsic values which make her a teacher in every sense of the word. Thru Board ol Education Mr. Milton VU. Bicrbaum, Supt., Mr. Norman Ochs, Mr. Leonard Cole, Treas.. Mr. Robert Nolte. Pres.. Mr. Arthur Blacklock. Seca Mr. .loc Moore, Vice-Pres.. Mr. Dana Corey. The board of education is the most important organization in the school district. It is the duty of the members of the board to uphold, among many other things, the responsibility of intel- ligently appropriating and disbursing school funds, discriminantly choosing leaders and teach- Seoretaries SECRETARIES Charlotte Matthes, Frances Decher. Shelia Zimmermann. Four ers, and providing desirable conditions conducive to learning. The most important project this year was to have the new building ready for classes. All are very grateful for the boards readiness as the new addition allowed for greater convenience. The secretaries are a vital part of the behind-the-scenes functions at Fairview. Besides doing their secretarial work, they assist students in making tickets, pro- grams, etc. Working in the principals office is Mrs. Shelia Zimmerman. In the superintendents office is Miss Frances Decher, a veteran of a number of years. Mrs. Charlotte Matthes was again as- sisting in the superintendents office. The work of these three secretaries is i greatly appreciated here at Fairview. This year completes his 30th year of service to Fairview. Coming in 1928, he acted as High School Principal for six years and has been Superintendent for the remaining twenty-four. During these years he has seen many modern improvements in our school: the in- creasing enrollment has made it necessary to have three additions to the school buildings. Mr. Bierbaum himself has attended state and national conventions to promote great progress in the field of education. We regret to say that this is his last year as Superintendent of Fair- view Schools. Yet we can be proud that Fairview has had this man to guide the way, and moreover that he will go on to serve the handicapped children of St. l-ouis County. MR. IZRIC M. HOHN A.M. Missouri University MILTON W. BIERBAUM A , M. Washington University Mr. Hohn has been at Fairview since 1929. He coached baseball, basketball and track and has taught all of the science courses ever offered at Fairview. He became the principal in 1934 and now after twenty-four' years is going into the superintendancy, Mr. Hohn has sponsored the annual and the pho- tography club. A few of his many in- terests are as follows: Photography, mountain climbing and wilderness ca- noeing. Mr. Hohn is going to have three picture articles of his printed in national magazines this summer. Admini trator Five Faculty MRS. WINIVRED GOODWIN MISS LOUISE HIRSCI-I MR. KENT SAVAGE MRS. CEDONA KENDALL Mathenvatics Girls' Physical Education Science and Driver Training Home Economics AB., Washington U. B.S., Missouri U. B.S., Missouri U. A.B.. Indiana State Teachers M.A.. Washington U. College MR. FRED DAHLBERG MISS ELLA SCI-IULTZE MR. JACK BLAKE MR. ALBERT COOPER Social Studies and Literature Commercial Studies Social Studies Social Studies Missouii U. BS., Missouri U. B.S., Arkansas State College M.A.. Washington U. MISS RUTH COWGILL MRS. ANNA TRESTIK MR. LILBURN I-IOEI-IN MISS ROSEMARY CHILD Mathematics History English Instrumental Music B.S., Washington U. A.B.. Washington U. B.S,, Missouri U, Mount St. Joseph Col ege Six v Fauult MISS I-RANCQIQS MARSIIAI I. MR. CIISORGIQ RURAL MR. THOMAS MAIION MR. HAI, MOORI2 Ciuiilumi um! Mulliwmiliis M I .. K.iux.ix U. ll7llll.SII'l.tll riffs und ix,l'L'17LlI7 lfrigzliish um! Sfwvrlv fffff llfffwfiv Bs.. xv.iQiiangi.m U. M.IfD.. Missouri U. Hoya' IJITIISIVLKIII Ifdzmzliimi HS., Central Missouri Slat Collcgc. M.S., XV.ishingion L I MR. CII I NN IiAMMI1RI:R ISIIVINI' ISS., Suiiliiunl Missouri Sldlc Cullvgc. M.S.. Stilllilffll Illi nuis U. MRS, MARIIIA WURIZ Iliiul Mimi um! ililffll-IN! IIS. fiL'llll'.lI Miswuri Sinn' Ciiwllugc MRS. ROSALIND MII.I.IfR MR. HOMI2R MCCRAKIQN MRS. RIIA McCRAKIfN l.IIJHll'ILll7 Scicrifu lfnglish um! 1.i'lvi'uILu'i' AIS.. Drury Cullcgc BS. Sourhmsl Missouri Siaxc IES., Suurlicnxi Missouri Smu Collcgc Cuilcgu MR .JOHN I5ARRIQ'I"I' MRS. ZIIA CANTXVIQLI, DR. EDGAR MII.I,I2R Ar! Ifnglixh and I,uIin lfnqlixh cmd Juurnulisni AB.. Svmcusc U. AB.. Maryvills: Collcgc MIT.. Sl. I.ouiS U. l'h.D.. St. Iuuis U. Siwvn i enior . . Class rings, sparkling in the sunlight . . . gleaming flasks, copper oxide, and volumi- nous "chem" aprons . . . aristocracy in knee socks and oxfords . . . postcards, souvenirs, and the Washington monument . , . frothy net, White ties, and dance cards . . . gradua- tion invitations and "Pomp and Circum- stance' '... shining eyes in child-like faces, turned towards the world. Eight Nine JUDY AGRICOLA Chorus Z: Girls Glee Club l, 2: Home Ec. Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4. BERNADINE BAUER Student Council 2, 3, 4: Courier Club 4, Courier Staff 4: Chorus 1, 3. 4: Novette 3: All County Chorus 3: F.T,A. 4: Class Sec-Treas. 1: Pep Club Z, 3. 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: May Queen Coronation Z, 3: Class Basketball 3, 4: Class Volleyball l, Z, 3: Class Softball l, 3, 4: N,C,C.J, 1. DAVID BERG Student Council 4: Chieftain Staff 41 Class President 2. 3: Class Sec-Treas, 4: Tbespians Z, 3, 4: All School Play 2. 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Student- Faculty Play 2. 3: Chorus 1, 3: Boys Glee Club 1, Z, 3: Band 2, 3. 4: Track 1: Debate 3: Courier Club 2: Science Club 1: Art Club 1. DOROTHY BOLLINGER Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Courier Club 1, 3: Home Ec. Club 2, 4: Pep Club 3. 4: F.T,A. 4: Girls Glee Club l, 2, 4: Human Relations Club l: N.C. C.J. 1: Art Club 1: Senior Play 4: Chieftain Staff 4. Ten ll lllll FRED ALLEN Track l, 2. BARBARA BELOW Art Club 1. 2: .Class Volleyball 1: Home Ec. Club 2, 3. MADGE BIERBAUM Chorus 1, 3, 4: Girls Glee Club l, 3, 4: Novette Z, 3, 4: All County Chorus 3, 4: Girls Ensemble 4: De- bate 3, 4: F.T.A. 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Courier Club 1, 4: Courier Staff 4: Editor 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: N.F.L. 3. 4: N.C.C.J. 1, 2: Human Relations Club l, 2: Class Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Class Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity 3, 4: STEVE BOLLINGER Track 1, 4: Senior Play 4. S'IlANI.IiY CAPPS Sli.-:wr I lub I, fvurirr Club Ig 'I'r.wlx I, 1: .lr .'Mlm'vvlm'nl lg IH.lslwlh.lll IS 'l'f.1m Mgr, PAT COIIINS tlnrus I ' I -ll lull: lllvr lxluh I, -lg All luuuly Vlmrus 4: SI-xll-1 l: Pop Klub 2, I, 4: Klux Ilmxkl-lb.xIl .', flux X'-llln-vb.ull l, i.l.nsx Suttbnll I I . library Klub M I, 4: I: 64 Club 1, Iluuur IL I lub l. ,Ir. 1'u'birvcxm-nl .', I, 'l, IVIARSHA CRAIG llnuw II, flulv 1, I. .IOYCI2 DlIi'I'RICH Pvp C.Iuh Z, ll 4: NC! ,.I. 2. I ihmry t'luh lg Couric-r Vlub l, Z, 3: I--tn-I Cflub lg Ilomr If. Club l, Z, I, 4. .Ir. Aclmivvvnlcnt I, lg Iflnx Softball l: All Sclwul Play 4: Scniur Plnv 4. ll IIIR JESSIIE CARTER Student Council -I, Clam Src-'l'rv.mx. Z, 3: Choruu I, 3. 4: Girl: Glcc Club l, Z: Novcrrc 1: Clxuvrlmllcr l: Claw IR.nkrtb.1Il l. Z. I: Clam Sol'lb.xlI I, 1,1 3: Nv.l..l..J. I: I'.'I,A. 4: Llncl- um bull 4: Dcbmtc 1. '41 Lourwr Club l. 1, I, 4: Vuuricr Stall' 4: Izdilnr -l: Art Club I: N.ll'l lloxmr Sucicly I. -I1 Quill .md Scroll 3, 4: 'lklwnpunu l, I, 4: All Sclmul Play l. 3. 4: Senior Plnv -I: Studrur- I-.ucullv PIM' l, I: lN'I.1jurcllc l, l. I. 4: NIM' Quccu lxurmmliun I. 2. RICHARD COOPER 'Inn-.xc lx l. BILL DcJOHN Ilvhntr -I. EDDIE DOYLE XVilhdrcw. E Ieuen ANTHONY EBERT Science Club Z. LOWELL, FEARS Senior Play 4: Track 4. CARL FRECH Band 1, Z, 3. 4: Swing Band 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Chieftain Staff J. Achievement 4: Student-Faculty r Play 3. JOANNE GARNER Library Club 2: Jr. Achievement Z Pep Club 2. Twelve SE Iilli DOUGLAS EGGER F-64 Club 1, 2. 3. 47 Boys Glee Club 1, 23 Science Club I: Debate Club 2. 4: Jr. Achievement 3. RICHARD FOX Tennis 3. 4: Track 3. JUDY GALE Jr. Achievement 2, 3. CAROLE GASPERSON Chieftain Staff 4. HILDA CILRDIES K,l.ns Snllhnll I, Z, 4: Narsity 4: Cl.:-.Q I'uxlu'tb.xll 2, 4: Varsity 4: Cllnn Vullrvbnll 1, 43 Varsity 4: Jr. llclm'vn'1m'nI l. ALBISRT HISCK Class Ilrrsiili-nl 4: Class Sec-Tren. Z: Slumlcnr Council I, 3: Jr. Achicwnwnl 2. 3, 4: llii-'flnin Staff 4: Ifffu-l Club I: II.ixch.ill I. Z: l5.nkvlb.lll I5 Team I, 2: 'I'r.ick I. llUGliNli HODGIZ lhnil 1, 4: N.1l'l Ilnnnr Society 3, 41 'I'hespi.xn: 3, 43 All School Play 4: Senior I'l.1y 4g Student-I:.lcully I'lay 3. GLIZNN HOI'II.2 E lllll JUDY GNAU Girls Glvv Club 1: Art Club I. Z: Ilumc lic. Club 1: Pep Club 2, 4: Jr. Aclxicvcnwul 3. JAMES HENRY I3.'I'.A. 4: Cnurivr Club 43 Courier Stall 4: I3 l'r.lxlu'll1.1ll Mgr. BETTY HOGU ET llumr lic. Club 2, 3: Jr. Achievement Z: All Club I: Library Club 1: Girly Glu' Club 1: Pep Club 1, 3, FRANK HOLLIS Track I: Jr, Acliicvcnwnl 3: Scholar- nc Art Context l. Thirleen JUDY HORVATH Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls Crlee Club 1, 4: Pep Club 2. 3, 4: Jr. Achievement 2, 3. 4: Homc Ec. Club 2: Chieftain Staff 4. GUST JENSON GENE KAMP JEANNIE KRALEMANN Jr. Achicvrmcnt 2. 3. Fourteen ll lllll PAT INGLISH Pep Club 2, 41 Cheerleader 4: Jr. Achievement 2. 3: Class Softball 1, 2. 3, 4: Class Basketball 2, 3, 41 Class Volleyball 3, 4: Varsity 4. DON JOHNSON Withdraw. TIMOTHY KIELY Student Council 2. 3: Class President I: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball B Team l, 2: Boys Glec Club l, 2, 3: Boys Quartet 3: Track 1: Baseball 3, 4. DIANE KUEHL F-64 Club Z, 3. 4: Home Ec. Club Z. 3. 4: Library Club 3, 4. RONNIE LEE Student Body President 4: Student Council 2, 4: Class Vice President 1. 3: Baseball l. 2, 3. 4: Basketball Varsity 2. 3, 42 Basketball B Team l: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Achieve- ment 2, lg Science Club 1: Chieftain Staff 4: Senior Play 4. EUGENE MARTENS Baseball 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Track '51 Jr. Achievement 2: Chieftain Staff 4. JACKIE MEEKS Student lltxly Sec-Tteas, 4: Student Council l, 3. 4: Courier Club l, 3. 4: Chorus 2: Pep Club 2, 3. 4: Lhecrleader 2. 3. 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Art Club l: Jr. Achievement 3: 'llrespians 4: Senior Play 4: May Queen Coronation l. 3: Class Basket- h.ull l, Z. 3. 4: Class Volleyball 43 Ilan Softball l. 2. 3, 4. ROBERT MORRISON Seienee Club l: li-64 Cluh l, 2. ll lllll CHARLES MCGAVOCK Jr. Achievement 2, 3. EILEEN MARTIN Chorus 1. Z. 3: Band 1. Z, 3: Girls Cilee club 1, 2: Novette 3: Class Softball l, Z. 3: Varsity 3: Human Relations Club l: Debate 1: Courier Club 1. 2: Courier Staff 4: Art Club l: Home Ee. Club I. 2: Thespians 2, 3.4: All School Play l, Z, 3. 4: Senior Play 4: Student-Faculty Play 3. JIM MOHAPP Basketball B Team 2, F164 Club 3: Science Club l. BERNARD MUNDY Basketball Fr Team 1, Z: Track 1, Z. 3: N.C..CJ. l. Fifteen GREGORY MYERS F-64 Club 1, Z, 3: Science Club 1: Class Vice President 4: N.C.C.J. 2, 3: Student Council 4: Courier Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4. KENNETH NOBLES Pl-IYLLIS ORTYL Band 2, 3, 4: Student-Faculty Play 2, 3: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity 3, 4: Class Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Varsity 4: Class Softball 1, Z, 3, 4: Varsity 3, 4: Jr. Achievement 2: Chieftain Staff 4. PAUL PFEIFER Trask 3. Sixteen All l lllll JANET NEWHOUSE - Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Achievement 3: Class Volleyball l, 2: Class Soft. ball 2: Girls Glee Club l: Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4: Art Club l: Chieftain Staff 4: Library Club 1, 2, 4: Courier Club 2, 4: F.T.A. 4. LOIS O'LEARY Chorus 2. 3, 4: Girls Glee Club Z. 3, 4: Girls Ensemble 4: Class Volley- ball 2, 3, 4: Class Basketball Z: Class Softball 2: Pep Club 2. 3. 4: ghieftain Staff 4: Nat'l Honor Society , 4. J UDIE OTTEN Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 4: Class Volleyball 3: Class Softball 3: Chieftain Staff 4: Courier Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Courier Staff 4: Home Ec. Club 2, 4: Jr. Achievement 2. 3: Quill and Scroll 4: Thespians 3, 4: All School Play 3, 4: Senior Play 4. 1 DIANE PIEL Art Club I. Z: Library Club l, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Achievement 4: Class Basket- ball 3: Class Volleyball 3, 4. ROBERT PIKEY RALPH PULLEY Track Z, 3. DORLIS ROSE Girls Glen Club l: Ar! Club l, 2, 4: Library Club l, 4: Jr. Achicvcmt-nt 2, 3. F-64 Club 4. JUANITA RYON Girls Glen- Club 2: Home Ec. Club 2: Jr. Achicvcmrnt 3. E lllll GAIL PORTER Chorus l, Z: Band l, 4: Girls Glce Club l. Z: N.C,C.J, 1. 3: F.T.A. 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Editor 43 Courier Club l. Z, 3, 4: Courier Staff 3: Library Club 4: Art Club l, Z: Scholastic Art Contest l. Z: Nat'I Honor Society 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Thespians l. Z, 3, 4: All School Play 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Student-Faculty Play 3: N.F.l.. 3. BARBARA ROCHE Band l. 2. 3. 4: Class Softball l. 2, 3, 4: Varsity Z, 3, 41 Class Volley- ball l, Z. 3, 4: Varsity 4: Class Basketball l, Z. 3. 4: Varsity 3. 4. l.OWELl- ROTH Track 1. 3. DICK SCHLUETER Track 2, 3: Jr. Achievement 3. Seventeen MARY SCHWING Student Council 1. 3: Chieftain Staff 41 Asst. Editor, Courier Club 1. 3, 43 Courier Staff 4: Debate 3, 4: Library Club 1, Z, 3: Home Ec. Club 2: Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: All School Play 4: Senior Play 4: Girls Glee Club 1: N.C.C.J. 1, 2. 3: F.T.A. 4: Human Relations Club 1, 2: Class Basketball 1, 3. DARLENE SMITH Girls Glee Club 1, Z, 4: Courier Club 1: Art Club 1: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Achievement Z, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Volleyball l, Z. 4: Varsity 4: Class Softball 2, 4: Class Basketball 4. ROBERT SOOS Track 3, 4: Human Relations Club 1, 2: N.C.C.J. 1. 2: Thespians 2, 3, 4: All School Play Z, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Chieftain Staff 4. GENE STOKES Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball B Team 1: Basketball Varsity 2, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Eighteen E lllll ALLAN SHEPPARD Track l: Chorus 3. 4: Boys Glce Club 3, 4: F-64 Club 3: Nat'1 Honor Society 3, 4: Senior Play 4. CAROLYN SMOTHERMAN Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Volleyball 1, Z, 3. 4: Varsity 3, 4: Class Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity 3. 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Courier Club 1, 2: Chieftain Staff 4: Home Ec. Club 2. 3: Jr. Achievement 2, 3. 4: Senior Play 4. JUDY STRUBBE Chieftain Staff 4: Business Mgr. Stu- dent Council 2: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Courier Club 1, 3, 4: Courier Staff 4: Art Club l: Band 1. 2: Library Club l: Girls Glee Club 1: N.C.C.J. 1: Class Basketball l, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 41 All School Play 3: Senior Play 4: Student-Faculty Play 2, 3: Thespians 3, 4: Prom Reporter 4. 1 DAVID TAU Courier Club 1: Jr. Achievement 2, 3. THOMAS THIERHEIMER F-64 Club 1. 2: Science Club l. CECELIA VEDELL Chieftain Staff 4: Courier Club 1, 4: Courier Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 1. 4: Debate 2: Library Club l. Z: Science Club l: F-64 Club 'lg Arr Club l, Z: Scholastic Art Contest l: Human Relation: Club Z: F.T.A. 4: All School Play 4: Senior Play 4. FRANK WALSH F-64 Club l. 2, 3: Cuurier Club l, 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Bawketball Var- sity 'l. 4: Basketball B Team Z: Tennis l: Track l, 'iz Chieftain Staff 4: N.C.C.J. l: Band l: Jr, Achieve- ment 2. 3, 4: Prom Reporter 4. BEVERLY WEBER Science Club l: Art Club l: Library Club l, Z. 3. 4: Jr. Achievement 3: Home fic. Club 2. ll BILL UNWIN Baseball l. 2. 3: Basketball Varsity 3: Basketball B Team l, 2: Track l, 2. 3, 4. ROBERT WAGNER Baseball 2. 3: Basketball Varsity Z. 3: Basketball B Team l: Track l. 3, 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Jr, Achievement 2: Senior Play 4. JOYCE WALTMAN Senior Play 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Jr. Achievement 4: Nat'l Honor Soci- ety 4, BETTE YACKEY Courier Club l. Z, 3. 4: Courier Staff 4: Pep Club Z. 3, 4: Class Softball 4: Chieftain Staff 4: Jr. Achievement 2. 3. 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Hrme Ee. Club 2. 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 4. Nineteen LEE ZIMMER Girls Glee Club 1, 4: Pep Club 2. 3, 4: Jr. Achievement 3. 41 Nat'l Honor ocie c. S ry 4 C ft St ff Lb y Club l. 2, 3, 4: F-64 Club 23 Home E Club 2 ll0R 3 hie ain A 41 i rar VERA ZIMMER 4: Jr. Achievement 2, 3: Nat Society 4- Chieftain Staff 4: Cl Ec. . l E l0R ULASS PRUPHEUY As a result of the present recession and the forthcoming atomic war, it is a well-known fact to many professional prophets that in the mat- ter of ten or twelve years, our country will be once again in the midst of a second "dark age," not unlike that period following the decline and fall of the Roman empire. Being professional prophets ourselves, we, Porter and Strubbe, sole owners and proprietors of "Prophets for Hire- Cheap," have decided to reveal, without cost, the future of the class of '58 during this romantic era. Since crystal balls have long been out of use, we are employing the aid of a tubeless television set which we have enchanted to bring through the year 1970 strong and clear. Before us we see, in living color, a long procession of prancing white steeds mounted by the finest knights and ladies of the lower Mississippi Valley region. Among them, we recognize Ken Noble and Rob- ert Pikey, quite manly in their visored caps and breast plates, leading the horses o-f their fair sweethearts Diane Piel and Judy Cinau. Over the hill lies their destination, the castillated Manor of King Al Heck. From the barred win- dow of the turret on the left, the woeful face of Jessie Carter gazes longingly towards: the open road. She dreams of her lover, Alan Sheppard, who was stranded on an island in the middle Twenty of the moat by his fiendish rival, David Berg. By this time the procession has reached the moat, and Fred Allen, Keeper of the gate, lowers the drawbridge. The members of the procession cast a few curious stares toward the dejected Alan Sheppard, then turn their attentions to the wel- co-ming committee, which is headed by Judy Agricola, Tom Thierhiemer, Diane Kuehl, and Richard Cooper. The banquet has already started in the Great Hall, under the supervision of Greg Myers, master of the Dance, and his fair dancing part- ner, Jackie Meeks. While Ronnie Lee, court jester, is slyly whispering a joke to the giggling Betty Hoguet, Bob Wagner sits sulking in a corner, vowing that tomorrow he will certain- ly rescue Cecelia Vedell from that dragon. He gulps down another jug of ale at the thought. As the members of the procession enter and mer- rily take their seats, Judy Gale rises to make an announcement. As attendance taker for the MN CMedieval Nationsj , she is happy to report that the golden medal for perfect attendance has been awarded to JoAnn Garner. However, she is sad to report that Lowell Fears, delegate from Tex- as, has missed the last five meetings of the MN, which is now discussing the provocative ques- tion, "Should Bow and Arrows be Banned," because he is busily chasing the Amazons, who Girls Glee Club l, 4: Pep Club Z 3 ub 1, i, 3, 4: F-64 Club 2 H e Club Z ll lllll GLASS PRUPHEUY inhabit northern Missouri and are headed by Hilda Gerdes and Carol Gasperson. Dorothy Bollinger eagerly copies this down for her gos- sip column which appears quite irregularly in "Good Castle Keeping." The Editor of this ladies' Magazine, Madge Bierbaum, is seated at the King's table, next to her good friend, Queen Mary Schwing. On Madge's right sits the fashion editor, Barbara Below, gazing with ad- miration upon Marsha Craig's new "spider- web" veil. Although many other ladies, Barb- ara Roche and Phyllis Ortyl among them, have similar veils, Marsha's is the only one with a genuine Black Widow perched on top. Her beau, Charles McGavock, is somewhat less en- thusiastic over the idea, and indeed is somewhat nervous, but philosophically shrugs and mur- murs "Oh well, if she's not worried, why should I be." Stanley Capps, Douglas Egger, Glenn Hohe, and Ralph Pulley, with the grace of Prince Ranier, rise and lead forth four lovely damsels. Beverly Weber, Juanita Ryo-n, Dorlis Rose, and Gloria Kralemann, in the dance. Suddenly the gaiety of the festive occasion is interrupted by the loud querulous note of Joyce Waltman's voice as she marches into the hall and demands silence. "How do you expect a person to get any sleep!" she cries. Immediately the silver tongued orator, Bill DeJohn, rises. "Madame, please reconsider." With a delight- ed sigh, Joyce swoons into his arms and the pair vow to fox trot together forever. From the banquet hall, the party strolls in little groups onto the tournament field. At the far end stands the stake where Bernadine Bauer was to be burned as a temptress on the previous day: however, in the nick of time, the dashing knight from Kentucky, Gust Jenson, rode up and carried her off. The participants prepare to begin the tourna- ment and to compete for the fair hand of Prin- cess Pat Inglish. While Bill Unwin and Tim Kiely begin the jousting co-mpetition in o-ne corner of the stadium, Dick Schlueter a n d Lowell Roth ride forth on their souped-up stal- lions and begin charging toward each other from the far ends of the field. In a third section, Gene Stokes and Gene Kamp, with gritted teeth and loud moans, wrestle strenuously for Princess Pat's lovely hand. But while Judges, Dave Tau, Steve Bollinger, Paul Pfiefer, and Anthony Ebert, and the other spectators, eagerly watch the competition, crafty Gene Hodge gallops up, snatches the princess, and carries her off, com- pletely unnoticed. In one co-rner of the stands, Eileen Martin, the fortune teller, councils a group of love-lorn young maids including Carolyn Smotherman, Joyce Dietrich and Pat Collins, while at the other end of the stands, Bob Soos, the sorcerer, similarly predicts the future for Bob Morrison, Jim Mohapp, and Jim Henry. Since Bob and Eileen are married, this is not so difficult a task as it may seem. For a moment, an interruption in the tourna- ment occurs while Judy Horvath commercializes upon her thriving termite-extermination busi- ness. Her assistants, Frank Hollis a nd Bud Mundy, to demo-nstrate their remarkable abil- ities as termite exterminators, wield spray-guns filled with D.D.T. and besides killing every termite in sight asphixiate half the audience. With wild coughing and choking, the merry- makers retire once again to the banquet hall where Frank Walsh begins his magic show. Frank mystifies the group momentarily by ap- parently making the audience see double, until Carl Frech and Richard Fox, members of the Royal Guard, soon discover the secret of his success - the Zimmer Twins, Lee and Vera. After an exhibition by Judie Otten, the snake- charmer, Janet Newhouse and Lois O'Leary sing their latest hit "Catch a Fleeing Knight and Put Him In Your Armor." Upon the close of this ballad, Bette Jean Yackey and Darlene Smith, with Gene Martens as a model, interrupt: the program with another commercial expounding the virtues of new "Can't rust" armor. Upon this note, Porter and Strubbe think it wise to uncharm the TV set, replace the tubes and tune in something a little less fantastic like "Superman" or the "64,000 Do-llar Question." Twenty-one Undergrad . . . Giggling groups clustered about the water fountain . . . hamburgers and Warm soda pop . . . jazz played on a hi-fi . . . crowded lock- ers, overflowing with ragged tennis shoes, lunch menus, and crumpled-up newsprint . . . enthusiasm in a letter sweater and White bucks . . . crewcuts and sunburned noses . . . eager- ness embodied, dreaming of tomorrow . . Twenty-two Lurrlzf I 17111 Twenty-four Juniors OFFICERS Vice-Pres. ..,.... ..Jim Hammack President ,. . .. . .Scott Pollard Sec.-Treas. ......,. ,Barbara Axley Almaleta Allan Barbara Axley Betty Bania Dean Boucher Dick Brauch Nancy Byington Jim Carroll Roberta Clubb Gail Collins Danny Dandino Dale Davis John DeClue Ernie DeVeydt Gerald Dickhans Glen Dickhans Ronnie England Mary Ann Fears Elfriede Eeller Sandra Fox Bill Frost Linda Gaddis Marie Hackman Marilyn Hamilton Jim Hammack Judy Haney Lee Ann Hardwick Bob Harms Elaine Henneberry Mary Henze Jim Hinkle Bob Hodge Steve Hoette Kathy Hohn Betty Humphries Wayne Hutcherson Jim Jackson Bill Kinderman Neil Klocke Ron Kraus Judy Kunstmann Kenny Le May Larry Liter Dennis Loraine Jane Loraine Elaine Ludy Gerald McAllister Maureen McChesney Jerry McDowell JoAnn Marlin John Marino .luninrs STUDENT COUNCIL MIQMBIERS Gary Matthcs .Iohn Marino Dottie Sommerich Kathy Hohn I.ar'r'y I.iter Ramona Marsanick liunice Martens Barbara Masters Gary Matthes Dave Meinell Pat Murphy Dan Napier Jim Natelsky Bill Neukom Virginia Noblic app il I Cunard Novelli Ray Ogier Jim Phillips Scott Pollard . Mary Prange , bzbul Ca rol Pu I axki ':" I tx .lutly Risinger Norma Robinson Mike Russo Marie Santino Marilyn Sawicki Carol Scharf Sherry Scott 'Iiom Sears Barbara Scntman ' Kathy Shaughnessy Dale Shinaberry Carolyn Simpson Dottie Sommerich Marcia Sliver Sue Stone M Betty Sturdivant Eddie Tomali Sandra Trantham Bill Ummelman Sandra Vancil Billie Vedell Maurine Venator Dave Vierck Brenda Vincent Rich Volkmann Rich W.1llcer I ,, John Wasmer ii. ' Rosemary XX'ende A j ' Allan White Sziz- ! t ,. ,,.- Q X 'Q Qi ,V . X if Q xt it , ' A New i Q2 .if X X i S' R 5,1 X fn I Pat XVisa Sid Wilscin Ken Vv'orley , -5 wc, 'M Betty Wonish an 1, ""' ,P John Vlood W 1" Q Norman Zwiefel WW iii ,. fli. XP' dw in Q VSWQP' 5 J .c rxewc www X... t Twen ry- five Twenfy -six llPll0M0llll OFFICERS Sec.-Treas. .,......,. Barb Slcdingk President ,. . ..., Rich Cioslin Vice-Pres. . . . .. .Bill Hoth Shari Ackfield June Bischoff Nancy Blackelcdge Sherrie Bostwick Pat Bollinger Joyce Brockmeier Nancy Bro-dak Judy Carlson Dan Casey Diane Chrismer Terri Colletti Bill Chriswell Mary Ann Dabrowski Gary Davis Linda Davis Nanciellen Davis lflenor' Deller Paul Dickinson Diana Dierberg Ciene Dressel Sharon Drysdale Shirley Etheridge Reinhilde lfeller Gerhard Flegel Doris Frazier Gary Gann l,ar'ry Ciann John Grilw Rich Goslin Bob Hackman Mark Hagemann Maryanne Hagemann Marcia Hager Gail Hansard Jim Harding Ron Haverner Ann Hearst Ken Heck l.arry Heflin Janet Hcjna Carol Helems Barbara Hinkle Dave Holland Jane Hollis Judy Hollman Bill Hoth Mary Huber Rich Hydzik John Jarvis Tom Johnson Bonnie Kern Jcrrie Kirchcr Joyce Kuehl '0Pll0M0llll' S'I'UDliN'I' COUNCIL Rlfl'lilfSliN'I'A'I'lVlIS Nanciellen Davis Sue Shy Steve Shaughnessy Ciail Hansard QM.- Mary l.oraine Carol Luelxe Suzanne McGrath Doug Marsani-:lx lilvera Martens Susan Mason 5 3 ti. Dixie Montgomery Sharon Natelsky Bob Neuperl A xx -.-Q.- l Jim Noell 'V J - 'A "' John llardo V " V' A I f A I E . . I' .ludy Piel ...e ,.,,,, ,E If Q.. A . j' "" 2 fm Clary Pitler r " ., ..."' it W -,. ,L', ' ' 1 bqq' 3 M --:-. iz. s :Z M: X . - Barbara Polt ' 'A "jE1Q' in ,. ' '- Di' Doris Porter " .iv WMF j' ':'1 E , .f - ' , fm YQ -5: -" - ' :.. X' x - sf- y sw r Wt 'vs Bob Rittenhouse . l,eo Ross - E " Ray Russell - ' XR X ., Diane Schaefer 5 in - It 'A V .. -' M ' 2, "N "" ' 'K' 'i . ' X .loe Schrader " -My 'gn 298 'Q ' A . 'J Sew 'L Sk. Steve Shaughnessy ,ff "' ' 1-1' ' 5 1':' P 'B' "M" Q ,- lll 1 1 I I YXQW iid Shelton P ' Sue Shy , ' ' . U 1: Ricltarel Slusser 35? ZQA Q" :' - if fi- 13. 'Z' Q E 'E L.. gg . Katie Snider 3 M my ' -5 lzz' " "" it '- if X Q i Mary Ann Spink 5 ,. , vw- , Xml . M, X " Linda Sfmf ' . ,., ' it -r'-: " W L A 'iff F 'uzuglz A iifs :,. yi, " Q Augusta Steels Barb Sledingk N Jerry Stephenson e ,N Z, Bob Stillman '- an Vic Thebeau Ya' Betty Tippett ii P Anthony iliosto .lerry Turner Q, .lanet Utnage V I ' Carol Volltman ' 'W ' 5' Ralph Waltman NM was W , Q J Sar.1Wantz Q 4' X P X ' - he i. ff- l t X is Jane NVegman I if W V. ' ' D leon Vwlhite W I 51 . X Clary NVilhelm "' " . - -Q , z "2-iff c- Wee v K Margie Vv'illiams E i, ,A jg? W 'A 1. QE? 3 N S a Barbara Willis - lf" ':'--. 'W r , x Q 'L lilla Wirtz 2 "': ' " - " 2 i 'wav Diane XVull'e rt V- , zzu " P I I ,. .. Vicki lraete , V ,:." z ii' ' A ,....,..' i 1: -' - .,-' ,N Q ' , ' .loan Yorty ---- .... Q r F " W ' :-:- . 4:75 .lerry Zeller , mfg, ,W b ge. 255. vw- ,fflg se. Q , ew. lid Zeusehel 4 'KW' ,. ' ' gt ,. 5- : NW 'Hs - "WW if Ig- -., . .. ,W s - y A t . 5 X Twenly -seven Twenfy-eight Freshmen OFFICERS Sec.-Treas. ..,...,......,. June Piel President ..,..,..,.., Beverly Foland Vice-Pres. ............ Larry Leavitt Shirley Adler Elaine Albrecht Venita Axley Mike Andrews Judy Behrens Nancy Boyd Carol Bramlage Bob Brauch Jerry Canner Barbara Cary Bob Castro Pete Churchill Steve Coco Jerry Cooley Joe Crowe Al Darst Joann D'reon Bob Duncan Phillip Egger Kirk Fiebig Lesle Fleming Beverly Foland John Garner Sandra Gasperson Judy Gaterman Mike Glowcywski Diane Gnau Bob Grayson Marsha Hagemann Ray Hanley Loretta Hoffman Sid Holland Karen Hollman Gary Holtzclaw Charles Jobson Don Kane Bruce Kruckeberg Bill Krueger Larrv Leavitt Barbara Lewis Betty Lieneke Dave Little Joyce Lock Mike McDonald Sandra McKenney Carol Matthews Tom Moynihan Bob Metcalf John Mittrucker Ray Moeller John Monick Nancy Morgan Shirley Mosbacher Freshmen . STUDENT COUNCII RlZPRliSl2NTATlVES Carol Bramlagc Pam Wincler Ray Hanley Cheryl Simpson Ronnie Maltola Dennis Moul Marty Murphy Lois Myers Marge Nobbe Bud Ochs Nancy O'llarc Penny Pfeifer .lunc Piel Forest Pinger Diane Pipliin Bob Pointer Bill Presncll Norman Ramponi Barbara Reid Violet RClllI1gl10llSC Susie Rick Ray Ruby Belly Russell 2 ' Sieve Sabo Arthur Sage , ' .5 N. ,Q Cheryl Simpson " R Sharon Smith ' "",,,,, M In ,::' f if Uaud Stubhleflelcl 3 Q lfclwina Sfarwinski larry Terry Par Thcbcau H Donna Thornton '," ' Bob Tomazi 5 Cleo Tranlham Q N Rifh Trigg ' ' 1 .lcrry Tuma 9 ,,::, ,,.--2: , . M 'H Grace Urso Q 'M Tony Valenti 'V 1. Q' Dennis Vancil Barbara XValkcnhorsi 1 Don XValker - ':" ' .Y Ron Walker u . Sandra Welmer , f' A .Q "" Sandra l,ee Welner I :uz iff, i if Q Uelores Xveidner V -V .A :M 5 lfrank XX'crsching ' John Xxillllf ' ' Liary Willielm Kathy Wilbcliii Pam Winder , A Q- gp.. Dorothy Wirll ,E E ,fill Q I , ' , '23 Tom XVood 5 Carolyn Yarbrough 1 Bob Yuede i .loann Zielman Ak My .,:,.V. ii 'fbi wwe X ,W X X by XX as X N -.ak , Q 5 1 -, Rig' " L ' ? you Tulenly-nine i Thirty Eighth Grade OFFICERS Vice-Pres. ,.,....,.. Dennis Pitzer President .Ruth Ann Beglcy Sec,-Treas. ., Sue Frost Gale Adams Mel Allen Johin Baldwin Carol Bania Ruth Ann Begley Richard Bline Vera Booher I.arr'y Booher Jim Brooksbier Ronnie Brueggeman Jim Burke Ronnie Caul Linda Ciolek Patricia Cole Jackie Collins Jim Cooper Bill Cramer Jill Cramer David Davis Connie Delaney Jackie Eades Donna Evans Ursula Flegel Sue Frost Janice Gibson Carolyn Gilman Charles Gilman David Green Pat Greenwell Nedra Gross Barbara Hall Eddie Harris Genevieve Hatfield Barbara Helmkamp Tom Henneberry Bob Henry Diane Hilker Joann Hilker Ronnie Hoff Dave Hohenshell Margaret Hogan Betty Horn Eighth Grade R S'I'UD'lfN'l' COUNCIL Richard Bline Ursula lflegel David Green Tom Henneherry Ora l.ea Hudson Selma Johnson Barhara Jones Richard Kennedy Gladys l,ay Bill Lewis Art Masters Beverly Meives Carol Sue Metz Carol Miller Glenna Milton Kathy Mirth Paulette Montgomery Sharon Moore .lim Morton Betty Moss Pat Myers John Nagel Sandy Nenninger Dave Noble .Iohn Palmer Pat Pipkin Dennis Pilzer .lane Price Iisther Pulley Kathy Reese Danny Rogers Paul Roszwki Donna Schmitt Iidith Shelton Cheryl Shepard Rusty Sinas Billy Smith Ronald Smith Sandra Spellaza Jack Stillman Barbara Stokes Charlene Venator Barbara Weigel Jackie While Bette Williams Don Wtnnish Thirty-om i Aotivitie . . . Tin boxes, painted green, filled with de- bate cards . . . footlights, greasepaint, and scenery . . . galley proofs and red pencils . . . a gold Quill and Scroll pin fastened to the lapel of a blue blazer . . . paint brushes, berets, and water colors . . . blue crepe paper, pink balloons, and a swing band . . . the smack of gavel against desk, calling the student council to order . . Thirty-two Thirty- three T First Row: Carl Frech. Dotty Bollinger. Darlene Smith, Cecelia Vedell, Mary Schwing, Jackie Meeks, Janet lNeu house. Bernadine Bauer, Pat Inglish, Ronnie Lee. Second Row: Mr. Fred Dahilberg, Joyce XValtman, Judy Strubbe. Carol Gasperson, Lee Zimmer. Vera Zimmer Judy Otten, Betty Jean Yackey, Gail Porter, Bob Soos. Third Row: Frank Walsh, Judy Gnau, Allen Sheppard. Richard Fox. Madge Bierbaum, Bob XVagner. Lois O'l.eary Al Heck. Uhieltain Stall This year's Chieftain, as our annual is now called, had Gail Porter as editor, Mary Schwing as assistant editor, and Judy Strubbe as business manager. Mr. Dahlberg did a fine and much appreciated job as sponsor. The Chieftain was financed by the sale of magazines, ads. boosters, candy and soda, and by the dance. The title of the dance was i'The March Hare's Hop," and it was carried out with an Alice-in-Wonderland theme. Student Council The Student Council under the capable guid- ance of Miss Marshall has had one of the busiest years in its history. Ronnie Lee, Student body president, headed the Council with Jackie Meeks taking minutes. The Council sponsored the first dance of the year, gave apples to the teachers, collected for C. A. R. E. and held a basketball game between the faculty and students to raise funds for Polio. The biggest event which the council sponsored was the Sayings Stamps Sale, which will be carried on in future years, First Row: U. Flegel. D, Sommerich, G, Hansard. N. Davis, J. Meeks, B. Bauer. C. Bramlage. Second Row: B. Bline, J. Marino. G. Matthes, T. Henneberry, S. Shaughriessy, R. Lee, L. Liter, D. Green. Third Row: Miss Marshall, R. Hanley, C. Simpson, P. Winder, K. Hohn. S. Shy, J. Carter, D. Berg. G. Myers. llourier Stall The Courier Stall members are selected from the Journalism Class. This years Co-l:ditors were Madge Bierbaum and Jessie Carter. The various editors chose members of the .lt'SSlk'c1Jl'lt'f. .lim llenrv. Circg Myers. Judie Ullen. Mary Schw .ludy Strulilie. Jessie Carter, Dr. Miller. Madge l3ierbaum. Courier Club for reporters. Each reporter is assigned a story and a deadline date. NVhen the stories are completed, they are returned to the editors where they are headlined and sent to the copyreader and to the Editor-in-chief. They are then ready for the printer. The Journalism Class is then responsible for the papers circula- tion. ing. Bernadine Bauer. lfileen Martin. Cecelia Vedell. irst Row: .l. Meeks, N. Davis, M. Schwing. C. Vedell. li. Martin, M. Bierbaum. J. Carter, J. Newhouse. B. l75.llICl'. .l. Cramer. .l. Price. tciind Row. S. Vx'ant1, li. Sletlingk, Nl. Veneator, J. Strulihe. D. Sonimerich, A. Allen. J. Otten. B. Yaclxey. Ci. Porter. iird Row. .l. llenry, Ci. Matthes. J. Marino. K. llohn. S. Smith. B. Sentman. P. Murphy. Ci. Myers. li. Vw'er- sching. Dr. Miller. Courier Club Because of the three lunch hours, the Courier Club was not able to meet at noontime as they have in previous years. However, this did not prevent them from carrying on. The Courier dance "Sputnik" was presented on November 22. The decorations for this "out ofthe world" dance included a flying dog house and an earth satellite. The March issue of the Courier was a spe- cial one put out by the club. The co-editors of this issue were Kathy Hohn and Scott Pollard. Thirl q-l'z't'e Library Club The Library Club was under the direction of the new librarian, Mrs. Rosalind Miller. Vera Zimmer was elected President. Each girl helped Mrs. Miller during her study hall and after school. The members did various types of work, such as repairing books, straight- ening shelves, keeping both files and books, seeing that the daily paper was available. keep- ing the magazines in order, helping other stu- dents obtain books, arranging the bulletin board, typing, and other chores. This year if a member worked two hours a week, he received one-fourth credit. lfirsl Row: S. Fox. A. Sleek, Pa. Russell. D. Piel. J. Newhouse, J. Kuehl. Mrs. Miller. Second Row: D. Kuehl. DI. Bollinger. B. Sentman. li. lieller, ll. Bollinger. J. Vv'egman. Third Row: M. Nobbe. B, Reid. C. Seharf. R. lieller, V. Zimmer, B. Sturdivant, D. Rose, l.. Zimmer. liirst Row: K. Vvlilhelm. C. Simpson. M. Veneator. K. Hohn. M. Bierbaum. M. Schwing. B. lfoland. Second Rowt Dr. Miller. J. Baldwin. J. Marino. B. De John. Dk Egger. Debate As in the past years. the Debate Club, under the direction of Dr. Edgar Miller. participated in debates at Missouri University, Washington 'l'l71'1'Iq-six University. and at high schools in the surround- ing area. Earlier in the school year, some mem- bers attended a very enlightening debate be- tween Cambridge University and a local uni- versity. Towards the end of the year the de- bate team visited Kansas City for a tournament. QF 5 gig it 'E' W i lirst Row: Mrs. Kendall. S. lfox, N, Bo 'd, M. Santino, S. Drtsd 5 y ale. C. Matthews, D. Bollinger, D. Smith, J. l Newhouse. lf. l,udy. M. Sawicki. Second Row: ID. Ruehl. J. llreon. J. Agricola. li. Shaughnessy. B, Below. J. Utnage. P. Murphy. R. XVende. B, Senlman, M. Cates. B. Yackey. 'l hird Row: M. Craig. J. Carlson. J. l ock, D2 Dierherg. M. McChesney, A, Allen. C. Scharf. J, Kuehl, V. Nohbe. K. Snider. Ilome Economics Uluh Under the direction of Mrs. C. Kendall, the Home liconomics Club elected Bette Jean Yack- ey. President: Marilyn Sawicki. Vice-President: and Janet Nev-Jhouse, Secretary-Treasurer. 'liheir activities included, making Christmas ornaments for the State Mental Hospital, spon- soring a Simplicity Pattern Company fashion assembly and a style show where the students modeled the clothes they made. On Wednesday afternoons they held sewing sessions. lirst Row: Reinhilde lfeller. lfllredie lfeller, Gary Matthes l.udy. Clary Willielni. Second Row' XV al I nt a n . 'lihird Row Ioyc ll-lil Ulub lf you want to learn the facts about photog- raphy, the li-64 Club is for you. This group of shutterbugs, sponsored by Mr. Hohn picked up v a l u a bl e information on photography through field trips and expert instruction. Several members of the F-64 club entered the regionals of the National Scholastic Contest this year. Those placing were: Diane Kuehl, Dave l.ittIe, and Ralph Waltman. Gary Matthes, Janice Gibson, and Diane Kuehl received gold key achievements. e Kuehl. Virginia Nolibe, Margiean Cates, lllaine Sandra lfox. Diane Kuehl. Barbara Cary. Dorlis Rose, Diana Dierberg. Bill Ummelmann, Ralph 1 Mr. llohn, Jerry Canner, Douglas ligger. John Cirib. Bill Kinderman. John Pardo, Dave l,ittle. S First Row: C, Trantham, B. Weber, M. Spink, J. Risinger, D. Dierberg. S. Trantham, E. Henneberry. P lnglish. J. Horvath, C. Smotherman, B. Bania. S. Fox. Second Row: G. Collins. E. Feller. S. McGrath, N. Brodak. A. Heck. C. Ciasperson. J, Crib. M. Hagemann K. Heck, D. Rose, J. Jarvis, D. Piel. T. Sears. M. Loraine. G. McAllister, B. Yackev. J. Otten, S. Stone R. Feller. Third Rowi D. Tau. C. Frech. A. White. F. Walsh. D. Davis, J, Noell, J. Pardo, J. Schrader. R. Russell. D Eggers. J. Natelsky. Junior Achievement J. A. companies are sponsored by St. Louis and St. Louis County businessmen to teach students business procedures. Each company is given three advisors to- help them name their company, select a product, and advise them. Student officers and managers are elected to carry out transactions. Achievers sell stock to raise funds to produce their products. At the close of the year, stock- holder's investments are repaid - and, maybe dividends. The remaining money is divided among the achievers. A product that can be sold fast and with a profit is desirable. J. A. Ball and Coronation was held at the Thirty-eight Chase. Candidates representing all centers were voted on. The seven high were honored as Queen and Maids. Among the many products made and sold by the Junior Achievement Companies this year were: TV Trays, yarn dolls, plastic key covers. cookie sheets, and various decorations. Many Fairviewites served as officers in their various companies. The experience gained in Junior Achievement is very valuable. Many of the members. of Jun- ior Achievement Will be the businessmen and women of tomo-rrow. lrl Uluh l 'l he Art tflulw, designed to provide pleasure lor interested students, elected Kenneth NVorley llresident, and lillriede lieller Vice-l7resident. Secretary,-'l'reasurer, Under the able direction ol' Mr. Barrett. these students have entered a sef lected number of their better things in the Na- tional Scholastic Art Contest at Stix, Baer and lfuller. 'l'he biggest event of the year was the Art lfxhihition given especially for the P. 'lf A. lttst Rr--xv ti Cmlltns. l. l'ellet. .l, f,l.lINt'I'. li. ltllei. ll. Kose. Setund Row Mt. l'uatri'tt, M. Nolwhe, .l. Collins. li. XX'orlev. li. Reese. l. llellin. liist Row: B. l5ol.ind. ll l tidy. M. Schwing, lf Martin, B. Bauer. ID. Bollinger. Second Row Mr. lltvhn M Yeneator. .l. l cult. M. l,JlUl'l5.lllFl1. .l, Carter, Ci. Porter, .l. llenry. Future Teacherstd lnnuioa lfuture 'lieachers of America is a nation wide organization lcnr those students interested in be- coming school teachers. Students in l5.'l'.A. discuss the problems of teaching and also the qualities needed in a good teacher. Members attended teachers meetings and conf ventions and a few had practice teaching in the grade school. Dr. Miller. Mrs. Miller. and Mr. Hohn are the sponsors of this worthwhile or- ganization. Officers of this year's club are Madge Faier, baum, president: Mary Schwing. vice-president: Jessie Carter, secretary: Gail Porter, treasurer. and Maurine Veneator, librarian. 'lihtrltl-mm has-M 1 First Row: L. Zimmer, J. Waltman. J. Agricola. M. Bierbaum. M. Schwing. G. Porter. V. Zimmer. Second Row: G, Myers. l.. O'l.eary. J. Struhbe. J, Carter. Mrs. Goodwin. G. Hodge. A. Sheppard. ational Honor ociety Being selected for the National Honor So- ciety is the highest honor that can be paid to a student. Students who are selected must have the outstanding qualities of scholarship, service. leadership, and character. Students are nominat- ed when juniors: and if they maintain an "S" First Row: M. Bierbaum. G. Porter. Second Row: B. Bauer, J. Otten. C. Vedell. Third Row: M. Schwing. B, Yackey. J. Strubbe. K. Hohn. Fourth Row: J. Marino, G. Myers. S. Pollard. Forty scholarship average, they become members when seniors. They are chosen by a vote of the teach- ers and administrators of Fairview. The Na- tional Honor Society is a nation-wide organ- ization. Here at Fairview, it is sponsored by Mrs. Goodwin, lluill and vroll Quill and Scroll is an international honorary organization for juniors and seniors who have done superior work in the field of journalism. This includes writing, editing, or business man- agement for either the Chieftain or the Courier, A member must have a scholastic standing in the upper third of his class and have the recommen- dation ofthe principal or the journalism teacher. Membership in the Quill and Scroll is some- thing to be cherished by each junior and senior who is accepted as a member in this society, as it is the highest literary honor any high school student may be awarded. ,lll School Plat., il lie play took place in the home ol' lDr. Ora and llester liontaine tUayid llerg and liatliy llolinl in llngland. 'lille story revolved around Roane Sliepl perly tiiail Porter! a blind girl. and her eliange lrom a young girl into a woman, lay the events that occurred. An accidental death was proven to be mur- der. 'lhe stabbing oi' 'l'on1my tliobert llodgel the retarded son ol the servants Margaret and Herbert Pmiller tJessie Carter and liugene Hodge! made it obf vious that the murderer was intent upon getting rid ol' all those who were im- perleet, making lioane the next in line. llester lfontaine. C3 e r a l d Clayton t.lolm Marinol the fiance ol' Roane and the maid lessie ldudy Ottenb tried lo ease the tension upon her, but the comments ol' Augusta Garvey tSue Smitlm a society girl and the continuous questioning ol' inspector Rodney Cfhurcli tlionald liraust added to her struggle. An alletttpl on her lile was made. Slowly, but surely all those in the house were taken care ol' until lioane laced the murderer alone a blind girl against .1 mentally unbalanced killer, Mr. llmonias A. Mahon directed the play. Mr. llolmn, Mr. Kulxal, Clary Nlatthes. liolw Soos, and others helped set the stage. Thespians This was quite a year for the Thespians, In November, they held an initiation at Mr. Ma- hon's house, ln the spring, they held another party for the purpose of initiating the new 'enior Play i'Meet Me In Saint Louis," under the able direction of Mr, Thomas A. Mahon was set against the colorful back- ground of the World's Fair. David Berg a n d Jessie Carter gave sympathetic in- terpretations as the parents of five strong-willed children: Gail Porter, Judie Otten, Ei- leen Martin, and Barbara Polt were the four quick-tempered Smith sisters: Bob Wagner played their brother, who had forsaken h is faithful girl friend lJudy Strubbel for a siren from the East lJoyce Dietrichl : Gene Martens and Allan Sheppard were the col- legiate, All-American types, intent upon winning t h e hearts of the elder Smith sis- ters: Mary Schwing played Katie, the lovable Irish house- keeper: Eugene Hodge was Grandpa, an inveterate spin- ner of i'yarns": Joyce Walt- man portrayed the shrewish neighbor, Mrs. Waughop: as business associates of Mr. Smith. Lowell Fears and Steve Bollinger p r o V i d e Cl much of the comedy: Ronnie Lee displayed h i s talents briefly as the conductor. Forty-two l liirst Row: J. Carter. M. Schwing. J. Meeks, J, Ollen. S. Smith, J. Strubbe. C. Vedell. ll. Martin. Second Row: Mr. Mahon. D, Berg, B. Hodge. B. Soos. G, Matthes, J, Marino. R. Kraus, G. Hodge. Thespians from the Senior Play. Officers of this organization for l958 were: President. Jessie Carter: Vice President, Kathy Hohn: Sec- retary-Treasurer, Gail Porter. Pictures taken during rehearsals of "Meet Me in St. Louis." Moments To Remember ...fx f'Nur'ILl'lf Left to Right: Venita Axley, Sue Shy, Marilyn Siewing, Barbara Axley, Jackie Meeks, Nancy West, Pat Porter, Dick Robertson, Sylvia Harrell, Barbara Doskal, Linda Wells. Bernadine Bauer, Faye Bohringer, Barbara Gann, Nanciellen Davis, Beverly Poland. May Queen Uoronation Climaxing the near-end of another school year was Fairview's annual May Carnival. At this gala affair, held on the first Friday of May. the school work of students ranging from kin- dergarten to Seniors was displayed. Many ac- tivities including the presentation of a one-act play by the Dramatics Class lent interest to this special evening. Highlighting the evenings events was the crowning of Fairview's new May Queen. The Queen, chosen from the Senior Class, was crowned by the student body president. Two special maids of honor, also from the Senior class, and eight other maids, two from each class, 8th grade through Junior, took part in the Coronation. A Page and crown and train bearers from the first grade completed the Queen's court. Forty-four Every girl in the Senior class. was eligible for May Queen. After an elimination by the student body, six candidates were chosen and from this group, the Queen and her special maids were elected. Until the actual crowning, the Queen's identity remained unknown. To conclude the coronation, the Queen and her maids were joined by their escorts in a Court Dance. The girls, arrayed in lovely pastel-colored gowns and carrying multi-colored bouquets were attractive against a royal blue background. All the decorations and details of this majestic event were under the direction of Miss Louise Hirsch. The picture above is of last year's ceremony. Because of our deadline, we were unable to show a picture of this year's event. Q Q Q C Mui . . . Blue robes with flowing sleeves and starched white collars . . . the sound of a pitch pipe, high and clear in the hushed silence . . . gold braid and silver buttons . . . tuba bells, brilliantly reflecting the sun on picnic day . . . batons, short satin skirts, and tasseled boots . . . the mellow, distant voices of glee club, drifting from the music room into the deserted corridors . . . the Alma Mater, sung at the close of assembly . . . Forty-six x. li mr! gl Y sm lfirst Row: B. Roche, J. Monick, L. Davis, J. Cramer. Second Row: Shy, S. lfrost, K. Snider, G. Porter. K. Hohn, J. Palmer, V. Axley, P. Ortyl, B. Hodge. I Biermann. Third Row: C. Veneator, S. Spellaza, C. Frech. A. Darst, G. Hodge. L. Leavitt, Dt Berg. B. Cramer. l.. Liter S. Sabo. B. Kruckeberg. B, Pointer, l.. Booher. B. Prcsnell. P. Egger, D. Coleman, Miss Child. M. Hogan R, Kraus. G. Hansard. B. Hinkle. Band Miss Child, the director, is to be commended for the excellent performance of the band this year. Something new to the Fairview bands activ- ities developed this year when the band began marching at the halves of the home basketball games. They also. as usual, marched in the pic- nic parade. The band played at several assemblies, held their annual concert in March, and participated at the County Music Festival held at Jennings High School. The purchase of a few new uniforms necessi- tated the need for fund raising projects such as the bake sale and two doughnut sales. Medals were awarded to those earning a total of five hundred points accumulated during the course of the year. Officers of the band, who were elected at the beginning of the year, were: President, Carl Frech: Secretary, Ron Drausg and Librarian. Larry Liter. Majorel.tes Leading the band formations at the basket- ball games and in parades are majorettes, Sue Smith, Sue Stone, Nancy Brodak, Sandy Weber. and Drum Majorette, Jessie Carter. Once a girl becomes a majorette, she retains that position throughout her high school years. Vv'hen the Drum Majorette graduates, the next girl in line takes over that position. Try-outs are then held and a new twirler is selected. These baton twirling girls practice once a week from 7:30 a.m. till 8:l5 a.m., except before concerts and parades. Then they prac- tice daily, working up rhythmic baton twirling routines. lforlu-eight lpn! Row Doris l'tfiter. llarhira l'olt, llaine llennt-lit-rrv Dot Suninirrirli. l'at iollins. Sherry Scott, Carol lueke, Iiilit' Ye-lell, Sue Stone. .lntlv lfanev, Henna-line liautr, farol llranilage. Ihervl Snnpwn, Yenita Axley, Ilonna Thornton S :intl Nou llt-Itv llnniphriex Nlaurinr Kitt liesiirx' Marita Sliver, .leuie K artrr. Susan Nlawn. .lutlv llurvath, llean llonrher. Marx' :Xnn l't'.lls lllant lhiixnier. lhvlix lralier Madge liierlmttni Nur Shy, Sandra lee XX'eber, luis WI vary Ihiu-I li--w lauv lite: Sill XX'nlson, Ml--n XX'lnit- lem Sears Rav llanlrv lion thin- time ,Nllan sir.-,Witt i....nt xx.ft.ii.,.. tat tml. tim I.-.n-.tt Uhoru The Chorus. under the direction of Mrs. Martha Wttrtz. consisted of forty-four members this year. Many performances have been presented, in- cluding the fall concert. the spring concert, sev- eral assembly programs and performances for the Mothers' Club and for the P.T.A. Christ- mas Program. A selected group of Chorus members repre- sented fiairview in the 400 voice All-County Chorus. The group sang for the annual All- County lfestival Concert and the Suburban Teachers Meeting. On April lo the Chorus participated in the St. l.ouis Suburban Music Festival. This year Uaroler' This year's Christmas Caroling group was composed of 20 members who were selected and directed by Mrs. Wurtz. The carolers practiced during the two weeks before the Christmas holi- days, and they inspired the students with many traditional Christmas Carols they sang in the halls. This year, instead of singing in the cafe- teria, the carolers sang in the grade school. The carolers have often been complimented for their fine singing and especially for helping to brighten the spirit of the holidays. The grade school particularly enjoyed their entertainment as the carolers have never before sung there. lfoz Ill-V71-171' Kraus .Nltred llarst, linit- l5eX't-yilt, .lun llauling Tutu Kielt: they were judged by Robert McGill and were given favorable comments. Membership in the Chorus is won by compe- tition and audition. Eliminations are held in the Spring. Nancy Hoing and Kathy Hohn played as ac- companists this year. Pat Collins and Dot Som- merich took over the job as librarians. The at- tendance officer was Maurine McChesney. Busi- ness affairs were handled by Jessie Carter. The robes were kept in good condition by the robe custodians, Sherry Scott and Mary Ann Fears. The property managers include l-arry Liter. Allan Wlaite. Tom Sears, and Ciary Ciann. as 3 be liirst Row: Doris Porter, Diane Chrismer. Sue Shy. ovette Novette is a girls' musical group selected by Mrs. Wurtz through com' petitive tryouts. The novette partie .ags cipated in all the vocal musical con- certs, plays, a private banquet, and S545 5 also at the annual music festival for small ensembles. The group met once a week for rehearsals. Some of the songs they have performed are the 'Skylark Song," A'Sing We and Chant lt," '4XVith Drooping Wings." "A Nonsense Song," and many Chorf dette Arrangements. Second Row: lilaine Henneberrv. Barlmra Polt. Sherry Scott. Doity Som- merich, Madge Bierhaum. Kathy Hohn. Girl' lllee Uluh The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of lVlrs. Martha Wur'tz, is an extracurricular group which meets twice each week after school. Any girl desiring to sing is eligible to be a member. All types of music are sung by this group in- cluding many up-to-date songs and spirituals, as well as classical pieces. Judy Horvath was li- brarian and attendance officer was Billie Vedell. First Row: Billie Vedell. Dolly Bollinger, Darlene Smith. Shari Ackfield, Doris Porter. Marilyn Hamilton. Barbara l'oli. Karol l.ueke, Judy llanev. Judy llorvath. Berry Lienekr. Flnine l.ucly, Second Row' Rmemary XX'ende. l.ee Zimmer. Vera Zimmer. PM Collins, Mary Spink. lidwina Smvnrwinslty, lglnine llenueberrv. llisilv hom merich. Sue Stone, Sherry Scott. Marv Ann Fears. Lois O'l.c-ary. Vrnim Axley. Virginia Nobhe. Third Row: Nancy Byington. Mary llenze. Judy ilnau. lklnryanne Hageman. Marcia Sliver. Mauine McC'hesney. Dean Boucln-r. l7mne Vlxrmn r Sue Slw Madge l'Eierb.xun1, Diane Gnnu. Marge Nobbe, Filly llirls' Ensemble A new group was organized for the fall semester this year. The new or- ganization, Girls' Ensemble, has four- teen members. Rehearsals were held once each week after school. Places in the group were won by audition. The group performed in assembly and at the fall concert. The press of conflicting schedules caused the department to drop the group. Plans include this group again for next fall. lleys' Ensemble The Boys' Ensemble. an extra-curri- cular course, meets regularly twice a week, both for learning and enjoyment. Under the ahle direction of Mrs. Mar- tha Wurtz, the Ensemble learns to sing songs of all kinds: sacred music, serious secular music, and novelty songs. The boys perform at the regular concerts as well as assemblies and meetings of par- ents groups. Places in the group' are won by audi- tion. These try-outs are held each spring to place boys in the group for the fol- lowing year. Any boy in high school is eligible. Back Row: Marcia Sliver, Maurine McChesney. Dean Boucher. Diane Chris- mer. Sue Shy, Lois O'l.eary. Middle Row: Iilaine Henneberry, Dottie Sommcrich. Carol I.uelie. Sherry Scott, Madge Bierbaum. Front Row: Doris Porter, Barbara Polt, Sue Shy, Judy Haney. X ...... Back Row: Ray Hanley. John White. Ron Kraus, Larry Liter, Allan White. Front Row: Frank Wersching. Gary Gann, Allan Sheppard, Larry Leavitt. Fifty-one port . . . Tennis racquets, propped against the coke machine . . . the hot, sticky smell of the locker room on a summer afternoon . . . the shrill cry of a whistle, smothered by a Wild, continuous roar from the bleachers . . . track shoes and sweat pants . . . a knot of dripping umbrellas, clustered about the high jump . . . pep talks, delivered around a crackling bon fire . . . the rousing cadence of a victory song chanted by the mingled voices of five-hundred students . . . Fifty-:wo Fil!-ly Y Ihrvf' BOB HARMS RONNIE l.EE JIM HAMMACK FRANK WAl.SH DALE DAVIS Varsity Basketball The 1957-58 EI-l.S. basketball season ended with our popular Warriors fighting to the end. Small of stature but great in determination and tenacity this team refused to quit. An obvious attribute of this years team was its excllent morale. Time and again in the face of adversity the "red and blue" came fighting back. Known throughout the area for their integri- ty, spiirit, and sportsmanlike conduct, the mem- bers of the team, and the school, were honored to receive, for the second time in three years, the Carl Burris Sportsmanship Award. Ron Lee, Bob Harms. Dick Biauch. Scott Pollard. lfranlc Walsh, Jim Hinkle. Dave Viercla. Dale Davis. Gene Stokes Jim Hammack, Coach Moore in Center. lv owls STO-KISS SCOTT PoL1.ARo DICK BRAUCH JIM HINKLE DAVE VIPRCK RONNIE LEE Captain Ronnie Lee was elected to second team North County All Stars and selected by his teammates to receive the "Most Valuable Player" award. Ronnie, this season's top scorer with 238 points, swished the nets for 28 points in one game and ended the season with an 11.3 average. BOB HARIVIS Bob Harms, a junior. was elected to second team North County All Stars. Bob developed tremendously this year, and was second highest scorer with 217 points. Smooth, jumping, twisting Bob set a blistering pace in the Hazel- wood game, scoring 32 points. to break the five year old school record of 29 points set in I953. DAVE VIERCK Dave, a letterman since his sophomore year, was the team's top rebounder. Bringing down 206 rebounds, Dave made himself conspicuous in many games. With senior maturity, and the determination, Dave could be the big man on the boards next year in the North County League. DICK BRAUCH Dick, as predicted last year, has gained the poise of the varsity player. Using the experience gained on the varsity last year, Dick has found has way in basketball, and become a polished player. A husky lad, and rugged player, Dick is respected by his competitors. DALE DAVIS Dale, another junior, though in a supporting roll this year, has done a terrific job. DaIe's easy manner, intelligence, and deliberateness make him an asset to any team. JIM HINKLE Jim, a junior with a fine touch for shooting. added experience in other departments, and be- gan to show the rebounding prowess of a future center. Jim had the third highest shooting per- centage. GENE STOKES Gene, a ready and willing competitor, when- ever called upon did a spectacular job in relief. Regardless of circumstances, Ciene gave his ut- most and was known for his relentless and un- ceasing efforts. Perfected a fall-away jump shot. FRANK WALSH Frank, a senior and veteran ball player, proved to be a fighting rebounder. He seemed always able to strengthen the team in this de- partment when necessary. Although Frank took few shots, his 5075 speaks for itself. JIM HAIVIMACK Jim, a junior, participated in I2 of the 21 games this year and served in a supporting role. His speed and vigor give him the promise of an interesting future. SCOTT POLLARD Scott's coordination is rapidly catching his early growth. Tall and slender, a favorite team- mate off the court as well as on, Scott is the type of player who could fill out and become a star overnight. He participated in I2 of the 2I games this year, Fifty-fi't'e "ll" Team Basketball This year the "B" team under the coaching of Mr. Kent Savage, had a rough season from start to close. The squad consisting of l7 un- derclassmen, seven of which were freshmen, played a good hard season. Playing first string were Steve Shaughnessy, Bill Hoth, Jim Hard- ing, Ron Havener, Bud Ochs and Rich Goslin, ably assisted by the other team members. Emerging high scorers from the 17 game sea- son were Jim Harding with l75 points, and Steve Shaughnessy and Bill Hoth, with 103 points and 97 points respectively. These HB" team boys filled with the "fight- ing" spirit and good sportsmanship gave even their toughest opponents a fight to the end, gaining much skill and experience. The last game of the scheduled season ended in an overtime win for Fairview over Hazel- wood, the final score being 56-52. Finishing the season with a total of five wins and 12 losses, these boys show good promise for a Varsity future. Gary Wilhelm, Bob Brauch, Rich Goslin. Dennis Maul, Ron Havener, Gary Davis. Jim Harding, Wayne Sanford John Monick, Jerry Stephenson, Bill Hoth, Larry Leavitt, Steve Sabo. SCHEDULE Nov. 26 .,.,.. .,,.... S t. Charles Dec 3 ..... ,,,,... F erguson Dec. 10 .,.,.. .,.,.., W ellston Dec 1 3 ....... ...... B ayless Dec 1 9 ..,.,..........,.,..,...,,.,..,......,.,.,.... Hancock Dec. 26 Normandy Christmas Tournament Jan 7 .................,,.....,,.............,...... Berkeley Jan Jan 14 17 Fifty-six ...,.,.Maryland Heights ............Pattonville Jan. 21 .,... ....... J ennings Jan. 24 ..... ...,...................,.....,. R iverview Jan. 28 .... ..,... N orth County Tournament Feb. 4 ..... .,....,......,.,........,. H azelwood Feb. 7 ,... ........,.,.,.,.,. B erkeley Feb. 14 ..,.. ,.,.,.. M aryland Heights Feb. 18 ..,. ..,,.,....,. P attonville Feb. 21 ,.,.. ....,. J ennings Feb. 25 ..,., .,..... R iverview Feb. 28 ...,. ........ H azelwood Mar. 3 .,..... ........ R egionals luhn Palmer, Ronnie Brueggeman. Paul Rosywski. Bob Henry, James Sinas. David Hohenshell. Dave Nobles, Ron- ald Smith, .lim Burke, Tom Henneberrv. l.arry Booher. Dennis Ilitzer. .lames Brookshier. Bill lewis. David llavis, th Grade BaskethaH This year the eighth grade basketball team was capably coached by a newcomer to the coaching staff, Mr. Jack Blake. The team con- tinuously progressed through the year, fighting hard and DOI admitting defeat. The defensive ex- hibited good team work on the tricky plays: yet, the offensive needed that last bit of spark to win. Certainly the boys gained much helpful experience and learned the rules for good sports' manship. The team members should indeed be congratulated for their continuous efforts and team loyalty. Uheerleaders This year's eighth grade cheerleaders were chosen at an assembly. After tryouts, six girls were chosen to cheer for' their team. The girls, in keeping with our new school colors, wore red felt skirts. white turtleneck sweaters, white shoes, and blue Fairview letters. Sponsored by Mr. Blake, they strove to perfect their cheers. They attended every game and did a commendable job. The girls had fun and ob- tained experience in cheerleading and in pro- moting sportsmanship. Charlene Venalor, Sue l-mst, Carol Bania, Jackie lfades, Barbara Hall, Carol Miller. BI RINADINIE BAUER JACKIE MEIEKS Pep Uluh The 1957-58 season has been one of the best seasons for the pep club. In order to become a member of this organiza- tion, the students were asked to pay 25 cents in dues at the beginning of the year, which would keep them in for the entire season. November 26, the pep club participated in an assembly. They conducted a yelling contest, in which the Eighth grade won the prize of penny suckers, DOTTIE SOIVIMERICH PAT INGLISH The first game of the year November 26. the club chartered two buses to take spectators to St. Charles. Several money-making devices were employed this year. Warrior badges, printed game pro- grams, and sock hop held January 21, were among the methods used to take in money for the club. Iwrst Row' I. Szwarwinxlxy. Ii. XX'.ill-ienlmrxr, 13. Thornton. M. Spink, lb. Somnwriclm, D, Smith, I.. Zimmer, N' Zimmer. J. Ni-wlnmw l.irnekc. S. Rick. Second Row Ii, Russell. .I Kircher. K Rei-sc. IR Stokes, K. Shaughncssy, M. Santino, I O'I.e.1rv. .I. XVt-gninui. .l, Urnage. ll. Murpln Smith. S. Tmnlhnm, M. Pmnge, lf. Simpson. Third Row: S XVebur, B. Sledingk. S. XV.inlL. CQ Volkmann. 15. Senlman. M. Yenmtor, A. Sleek, lf. Sheppard, .l. Ollen. .l. Slrulxbc IR Yailwy, .l, Meeks. N H'll.uie S XX'rlwr, IS. Ri-id Iinurlh Ilow S. Stone. C, Matthews, S. Mtiirnlh, V. Trnclwte, S. Nlason, .I. Marlin, S. Shy, Ii. Snider. Mrs. Md.r.1clu'n. ' QBARA S'lilil7INCili VIQNITA AXl.lfY SUI-' STONY .IUDIIZ 5 llhieerleaders Heap Big lndian l.ittle ljapoose liairview Warriors Just Broke l.oose To become eligible for Cheerleading. Pep Club membership is required. After several hard days of toil. the election was held on October eighth. Different from previous years, students first performed in groups and then individually be- fore various faculty members. The l957-58 cheerleaders are: Bernadine Bauer, Pat English, Jackie Meeks, Judie Otten, and Dottie Sommerich with the two alternates, Venita Axley and Barbara Stedingk. The outfits this year consisted of red culottes with red Udickiesf' white Vfneck sweaters, and white lndian moccasins. liiwt Hin X Limp.-:wiv lI liiliei Y Inxix II lheilwig I Iloxvlllt l' follins ll liulliilgri li, lilantl t lIi.1nil.lgt' ,I l5lt'mi l I lrniiiiyf Svttiittl Kim l lltftuiaii ti Iliuxiitl Xl Ilulwi X1 Ile.-i I llititltivit-ici l lIt'llt-i ll l'i.iut-i Y .Xxlt-v lI II.ini,i K llollmaii llviitl lion l 'olliivx Xl lltigan, .I liaiviel .X .XIlt'ii I limp.-ut-it li lltxiwmei .l lltilln Nl ll.igt'm.tnu Xlalslva Il.igem.mn, li Linau ll itil.- louith Knit I Intl I lmlv. l' lviglixlu K lu.-ke I liittlutill TN lHl.itltlt--let-, II lx.-in Nl ltwmiiit- l a Front Row: Bud Ochs, Carl Frech, Sid Wilson, Rich Goslin, Neil Klocke, Bob Duncan, Jerry Zeller. Second Row: Jerry Stevenson, Ronnie Lee, Dale Davis, Gene Stokes. Back Row: Mr. Blake, Gary Davis, Tim Kiely, Jim Hinkle, Dick Brauch, Baseball This year Fairview's baseball team, under a new name, the Warrio-rs, and a new coach, Jack Blake, suffered several hard knocks, but still managed to come up with a respectable record of 3 wins against 4 losses and one tie. The infield consisted of G. Martens, D. Da- vis, lb: Hinkle, The G. Freck, S. Wilson, Zh: R. Lee, ss: J. 3b. outfield situation was handled by G. Pitching was placed in the able hands. of N. Stokes' R' Godin' and D' Vieffk' Klocke and the ace ofthe staff, T. Kiely. Hats Off to G, Davis, B, Duncan, J, Zeller, Catching was handled by D. Brauch and B, and all other subs who stuck with the team Ochs. throughout the season. ! Sixly l rt nt Row: Bob Soos, Bob Harms. Gene Stokes. Ronnie Lee. Steve Bollinger, David Stubhlefield. Lowell Fears, David Holland. Second Row: Dick Brauch. Jim Harding, Dave Vierck. Larry Leavitt, Rich Volkmann, lid Shelton, Niel Klocke. lhird Row: Ron Havener, Bob Pointer, Bruce Kruckeberg, Rich Goslin, John Jarvis, John White. Rich Hyd1ik. Bob Duncan. Bob Hackman, Bob Hodge, Jerry Stephenson. U lourth Row: Bob Yuede, Sid Holland, Ray Moeller, Dennis litler, Bud Ochs. Bob Tomazi. Tom Moynihan. Dennis Moul, Bob Brauch, Mr. Kammerer. 'Prank As Spring once again came to Fairview High, track season was on the minds of forty-four Fairview boys. Although they had a late start this year, the track team of 1958 was confident that their school would be highly represented in the county. The enthusiasm of the participants stood out in everyday practice, and this attitude was continued throughout the season. Most of the boys participating were in their first and second years of high school, and were anxious to show their best for the school. was fi Sixty-om' Tennis The tennis team this year was made up of ten players under Coach Kent Savage. The team has membership in the suburban league. This year's season opened with a victory for Fairview over St. Charles. The tennis schedule included ten games. The tennis team was encouraged greatly by the large turnout of spectators who cheered the team on. This team looks encouraging for fu- ture years as the majority of the players are un- derclassmen. First Row: D. Davis, J. Hammack, D. Napier, A. Sheppard, G. Davis. Second Row: A. White, D. Little, J. Mattola, D. Kane, R. Fox. Third Row: D. Egger. L. Terry, R. Ruby, J. Zeller, S. Sabo. April 8-St. Charles here April l0-Ladue here April 15--Ferguson there April 17--Clayton there April 22-U. City here Sixty-two April 23-St. Louis U. April 24-Normandy April 29- Kirkwood May 6-Affton May 8-Webster Groves here here there there there A el- liirst Row: 13. l3.iuer. M. 13ier'laaum. D, Smith. C, Smotherman. B. Bania. P. Wis.i, J. Marlin. S, Stone, S. NV.inlz. li. Martens, M. Hager. B. Stedingk. D. Wirtz. K. Wilhelm, D. Wiedner'. Second Row: .l. Meeks, P. Ortyl. H. Gerdes. U. Nobbe, 12, 1.udy, B. Axley. B, Hinkle, C. Volkmann, J. Brack- meier. J. Piel. N. O'Hare, J. Behrans. Third Row: P. lnglish. J. Slruhbe. M. Veneaior. J. Hejna, N. Brodak, S. Vkleber. P. Winder. lfourth Row: 13. Roche. A. Allens, S. Shy, C. Bramlage. Girls' Basketball Senior and Freshman basketball class teams set the better records this year. Seniors won 3 out of 4, Riverview 14-13: Hazelwood 22-13: Hazelwood 14-3: losing to Ritenour 18-14. Freshman won 2: Riverview 43-6: Ferguson 15-13: and tied with Hazelwood 21-21. The sophomores lost 3 games: Hazelwood 7-20: Ritenour 22-26: and Clayton 27-32: winning the game with Riverview 17-7, Juniors won their game with Riverview 13-6: yet lost 3 games to Hazelwood 10-21: Ritenour 13-22: U. City 13-28. This year's varsity of 12 girls has a fine sea- son. Varsity played 5 games, won the game with Riverview 34-26, won the game with Ritenour 33-31, won the game with Patton- ville 31-29 and lost to Hazelwood 50-49 and to Ferguson 35-34. GIRLS' BASKISTBAIJ. VARSITY lfrom lelt In right: P. Vv'is.i, M, Veneaior, li. l.udy, B. Roche. C, Bmmlage, S. Shy, B. Sledingk, P. Ortyl. H. Cierdes. M. Hager. 12. Martens. C. Smotherman. Q aa.. .. -6 li First R0-W: D. Piel, M. Bierbaum, D. Smith, C. Smotherman, B. Bania, D. Sommerich, A. Allen, J. Marlin. B. Kern, M. Hager, C. Lueke, E. Martens, B. Ried, D. Wirtz, J. Piel. Second Row: J. Meeks, P. Ortyl, H. Gerdes, C. Pulaski, M. Henze, J. Risinger, M. Spink, J. Brockmeier. N. Brodak, D. Pipkin, N. O'Hare, K. Wilhelm. Third Row: P. Inglish, L. O'Leary. S. Stone, E. Ludy, B. Hinkle, S. Shy, S. L. Weber, P. Winder. Fourth- Row: B. Roche, Du Boucher, J. Hejna. C. Bramlage. ' 7 Girls Volleyball GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL VARSITY First Row: D. Smith, P. Inglish, B. Bania, A. Allen, J. Marlin. Second Row: S. Shy, C. Smotherman, S. Stone, C. Pulaski. Third Row: B. Roche, H. Gerdes. Top Row: P. Ortyl. Sixty-four As in many years past, the volleyball teams proved very successful this year. From a total of eighteen class team games they won thirteen. The seniors won from Ritenour 27 to 24, Pattonville 22 to 16, Hazelwood 28 to 12 and lost to Riverview 30 to 26 and to Normandy 19 to 9. The juniors defeated Ritenour 17 to 15, Riverview 36 to 17, Normandy 23 to 12, Pattonville 21 to 26, and were defeated by Hazelwood 21 to 18. The sophomores won from Patton- ville 17 to 14, Hazelwood 23 to 20 and lost to Riteno-ur 24 to 18, Riverview 23 to 18 and Normandy 34 to 5. The freshmen came in with a perfect record, as they won from Riverview 42 to 22, Pattonville 34 to 5, and Hazel- wood 22 toll. The varsity played against Jennings, Riverview, Hazelwood, Normandy, Pat- tonville, Ritenour, and Ferguson. The varsity consists of seven seniors and five juniors. A A Iiirst Row: P. Ortyl. D. Smith. P. Inglish. B. Roche, P. Wisa. J. Marlin, A. Allen. P. Murphy, J. Loraine, S. Shy, B. Willis, M. Hager, D, Chrismer, B. Stedingk, M. Hagemann, Ci. Urso. D. Wirtz, B. Russell, C. Bramlage. Second Row: L. O'Lear'y, B. Bauer, l.. Hardwick, M. Cates, V. Nobbe, M. Spink. J. Hejna. B. Hinkle, J. Piel, P. Winder. B, Walkenhorst. Third Row: J. Meeks, B. Yackey, B. Axley. E. Martens, C. Wolkman, N. Brodak. S. Weber, D. Weidner. J. Behrens. Fourth Row: H. Gerdes, B. Bania, E. Martens, K. Wilhelm. Softball, another sport much enjoyed by a number of girls at Fairview, has a rather limited interscholastic schedule. This fall many ambitious girls, anx- ious to prove their skill and earn posi- tions on class teams, flocked to- the dia- mond. After a series of try-out and pre- liminary games, the class teams were se- lected. In the fall play-offs, the Sophomores won over the Freshmen with a 9-ll score. The upperclassmen game was a real thriller with the Juniors edging the Seniors in a 9-I0 victory. In the final game, the underclassmen Sophomores trounced the Juniors, I0-7 to become Fairview's Fall Softball Champs. The various activities and social events occuring in the spring has cur- tailed the softball schedule, not yet com- pleted in time for this publication. How- ever, it is certain that all the remaining softball games will be played with great enthusiasm and true sportsmanship. Girls' Softball GIRLS' SOFTBALL VARSITY First Row: C. Bramlage, C. Smotherman, B. Bania. A. Allen, J Marlin. Second Row: S. L. Weber. E. Martens, K. Wilhelm, P. Murphy. Third Row: B. Roche, P. Ortyl. Top Row: H. Cierdes. Sixty-five Class . . . Wall maps and a pointer . . . note book covers and desk tops, thick with initials . . . tissue paper patterns, pin cushions, and cloth tapemeasures . . . freshly sharpened yellow pencils . . . compasses, rulers, and plastic pro- tractors . . . chalk dust and wax . . . mimeo- graphed copies of "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and 'lSt. Agnes' Eve" . . . Latin conjugations, scribbled on the back of an envelope . . . Sixty-six x Ml p sm Sixty-eight Senior Ulasses ENGLISH LITERATURE SHOP HOME ECONOMICS II PSYCHOLOGY AMERICAN PROBLEMS MUSIC APPRECIATION CHEMISTRY JOURNALISM .luninr Classes I AIVIIZRCIAN HISTORY ENGLISH III 'IYPINC1 IJRz'IMA'I'ICIS Sophonlore Classes LATIN I SHOP WORI.D HISTORY ENGLISH II lu-n Seventy Freshman lHasses ENGLISH I ALGEBRA I CITIZENSHIP I GENERAL SCIENCE Eighth Grade Ulasses ARITHMETIC SOCIAL STUDIES, SECTION I SOCIAL STUDIES, SECTION II BAND FAIRVIEW MOTHERS CLUB 1957-5 8 OFFICERS President , , Mrs. Lois Wild Vice President , Mrs. Jackie Setchfield Secretary , . ,Mrs. Mary Hoff Treasurer , Mrs. Florence Eickermann Meetings The Second Friday of Each Month in the Assembly Room of the Fairview High School Building l 1 15 P. M. EVERYONE WELCOME! Seventy-one FAIRVIEW PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATIQN OFFICERS President .A,....... ..,...,..,................. M rl. Wm. Otten Vice President .....,.. .....i.,... M r. Robert Harris, Secretary ....,...... .,...,,,. M iss Rosalie Scheppers Treasurer ..... ..,,i. ,...., M r . Martin Peacock Meetings The Third Monday of Each Month in the High School Gym 7:30 P. M. Executive Committee Mr. Hal Moore Mrs. May Barton Mr. Homer McCraken Mr. Ken Wild Miss Pat Decher Mr. Frank Walsh Mrs. Abie Knox Mr. Bruce Chant Seventy-two ED BELLM PLUMBING CG. Plumbing, Heating '25 Sewering New Work, Remodeling 'ii Repair Work EV. 3-1436 5826 Helen Ave. EV. 2,3289 Compliments of Clardy Newhouse R E I-I I A N C E Contractor R E A L T O R S Specializing in Alsynite and Teclum Patios 6306 W. Florissant 'k 'A' 7302 Jenwood JENNINGS zo, Mo. EV. 5-2550 Compliments Compliments of of a 1-2oULDs TooL co F R I E N D Stroll s Confect1onery DUTCH MAID GRILL COLD CUTS - FRESH EGGS Open from 7 to 11 6723 W. Florissant 7 days a week HOdi3mO'HI 8744 Jennings Ro-ad 5620 Delmar St. John's Tobacco Store 6608 W. Florissant J A N E T Zephyr Station 5211 Janet Ave. ABEL DRUGS Lillian 8 Jennings Rd. TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES Hours Weekdays-6 a.m. to 10 p.m. EV, 3-2964 Hours Sundays-8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Jim's I.G.A. Super Market DQN JANIS We speczalzze In nothmg but good tender meat For delivery cal1EV. 3-9918 EV' 19995 5475 Helen NORTH -WAY MARKET 4756 Jennings Rd. at Lillian MAACK AUTO PARTS 6701 West Florissant COlfaX l-8871 COlfax 1-8872 Jennings 20, Mo. Soda Malts KAM'S KOTTAGE Dairy Products and Ice Cream 8506 JENNINGS RD. Pints Quarts Jennings Automotive Service 8740 Jennings Road EVergr'een 3-9027 Seven ry -four "CHASE ORIGINALSH Beautiful Creations in Fine Wedding Announcements We Carry A Complete Stock of the Mo-st Modern Panels, Cards, Folders and Sheet Announcements - Matched to the Most Popular Type Faces. Samples and Prices Mailed on Request CHASE PRINTING COMPANY 7017 Dawson Ave. EV. 2-9780 St. Louis 20, Mo. UNITED CGNSUMER FINANCE 6614 W. Florissant EV. 2-7025 JENNINGS, MO. SUPER BI RITE MARKET 6912 W. Florissant EV. 2-6464 COMPUMENTS OF THE RECORD MART R B 6919A Florissant EVergreen 1-6226 Al-r Conditioned Popular Records and Classical H1-E1 RECORD PLAYERS AND RADIOS 4 CHAIRS Gifts - Hallmark Greeting Cards 6715 W. Florissant Ave. k I EV. 3-8700 Chambers '25 W. Florissant bakery in Schnuck's Market JA. 1-9119 S ZIMMERMAN DRUG 6800 W. Florissant Ave. Professional Pharmacists A complete line of school supplies at all times. "Always a' Pleasure to Serve You" EV. 3 -5 6 3 O Bus. EV. 1-9177 Res. EV. 2-5236 Green Thumb Flower Shop Flowers For All Orcasions 6523 W. Florissant St. Louis 20, Mo. LAVON MARTIN BILLS, SERVICE STATION Your Friendly Mobilgas Dealer Jennings Road at McLaren EVergreen 3-9785 Compliments VINCENT PRICE Studios EVergreen 5-1910 Pick up 25 Delivery PIONEER CLEANERS oDoRLEss DRY CLEANING Certified Fabric-Safe Finishing We Own and Operate Our Own Plant 7 5 21 W. Florissant EV. 2-1200 Watch S5 Jewelry Repairing BRADFORD J EWELERS WATCHES - DIAMONDS - JEWELRY 60 Northland Shopping Center Jennings 21, Mo. CODIE J. BRADFORD' PORTS AUTO Z6 SPORTING GOODS 6902 W. Florissant JENNINGS, MO. p , Complete line of sporting goods PORT REECE Phone CO. 1-5 3 61 Seventy-six Compliments of FREUND BAKING COMPANY 920 South Taylor Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Compliments Compliments of of JENNINGS Midland Reclamation DEPARTMENT Company Help Prevent Fires 5841 Hamilton Ave U U U Jennings 20, Mo. Compliments - of - THETA GAMMA RHO Compliments of The NORTH SIDE BANK 'k 6605 W. Florissant Ave. Jennings 20, Mo. Compliments of ROLING PRINTING COMPANY School Publications Yearbooks Commercial Printing Serving St. Louis and St. Louis County Schools for Over 40 Years C om pl imen ts of William H. Finke REALTOR 1932 - 1958 Our 26th Year Best Wishes to Fairview Seniors C U Q U E T Jewelers and Optometrists 524 Arcade Bldg. JANET MARKET Meats - Grocery - Frozen Foods CO. 1-5301 5300 Janet Ave. 23 3 1 P' S CE wtgeet PLoRENc:E's ' CONFECTIONERY . . . . . . 5255 Jennings Road EV. 3 -8519 yht A' Compliments Tax Consultant - Bookkeeping Service oi THE GINGER-ETTES 5750 Helen Avenue EV. 2-7878 Compliments of THE PEP CLUB CLINT '25 I-IACKNEY COmP"'me'm0f TEXAC0 SERVICE Drew Shade '25 Palnt Co. Riverview PAINTS--VENETIAN BLINxf-iHADES EV 1-9130 6816 West Florissant ' Colfax 1-3155 QUALITY FUEL BUILDING MATERIAL FIX MIX CONCRETE MATERIAL n FIX WAND CO EVergreen 3 -2 5 8 0 583 6 HELEN AVE. Lou's Zephyr Service Tires - Batteries -- Lubrication Wheel Balancing 8727 Jennings Road EV. 5-8905 Greetings from the new management of "THE PANTRYH 6515 West Florissant Compliments of P H E L O S DALE S. FASHION SHOP McGuire's Auto Service For Dzscrzmmatmg Women Sinclair products Coats - Suits - Dlesses 5662 Jennings. Rd. Flordell Hills, Mo. Sportswear if Accessories Evergreen 3-9199 6918 W. Florissant CO1fax 1-5953 Seven ty- nine The Editors of THE CHIEFTAIN present Their Loyal Advertisers PAUIQS MARKET 7200 Harney Quick Hardware '55 Paint Co Hardware for any purpose Paint for every surface 6806 W. Florissant Open 'til noon JENNINGS 20, MO. PLAZA BAKERY Riverview Plaza Shopping Center Cakes for all occasions . , UN. 8 - 3 8 3 8 JENNINGS FLORAL SHOP 5758 Helen Ave. EVergreen 1-3112 EVergreen 3 -83 3 6 FLORISSANT HARDWARE CO. 6720 W. Florissant Ave. Jennings 20, Mo. We Give Eagle Stamps Paint-Glass-Electrical Supplies-Steel Goods Jennings Maytag Laundry-Ette One Stop Laundry and Cleaning Service 6920 W. Florissant Ave. EV. 3-8888 BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. George Lock and daughters R. Hansen Cozy Corner Confectionery Mayes-Sloan Variety Store Nolte's Food Shop Fro-m a Friend Norma Stanek Mr. Quade Mr. Stan Schuermann Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Strubbe Mr. and Mrs. George'FOulds G. F. C. LOAN COMPANY 6907 W. Florissant Ave. Jennings, Missouri VIVIAN GALE, Cashier EVergreen 3- 1 627 Compliments Ben Franklin Store Locally Owned Nationally Known 6806 W. FLORISSANT AVE. Jennings 20, Mo. Eighty Free Pick Up 55 Delivery EVergreen 5-2436 DRY CLEANING SPECIALISTS We Clean Anything From Gloves to Rugs MELv1N's CLEANERS, INC. 8752 Jennings Road at Hord Avenue COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE PRESSING - DYEING - ALTERATIONS Melvin Tuepker, Pres. Viola Tuepker, V. Pres. M. C. Wild, Secretary We Trade High - See Us before you Buy Parker 'Ed Angelo, Inc. P 3 A SALES Furniture fd Appliances 5138 North Broadway Open Mon., Wed., Fri. till 9 p.m. E. Parker - V. Angelo GArfie1d 1-0393 Hours EVergreen 3-9738 6 a.m. to ll p.m. daily 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sun. FRAN'S SHELL SERVICE MOTOR TUNE-UP - ROAD SERVICE Brake 8 Muffler Service 5201 Janet Ave. at Jennings Road Rosner's Kitchen Mart Complete Kitchen Remodeling Plastic Wall and Floor Tile Sold and Installed ' 7026 W. Florissant Ave. COlfax 1-9670 GODDARD MOTORS INC. De Soto Plymouth 7302 West Florissant JENNINGS, MO. ALBERT FUCHS, President Bus. EV. 2-6100 Res. EV. 1-6448 BARGAINS Compliments of MEN'S , Dress 8 Work Shoes S R, Air Conditioned 5 204 Helen 5 613 Jennings Road Colfax 1-4685 COMPLIMENTS Jefferson Furniture Co., Inc. OF Mon., Thurs.. Fri. till 9 FURNITURE FOR EVERY BUDGET Easy Terms WooDY O'NEAL, President 6812-14 W. Florissant St. Louis 20, Mo. Lavin fd Rupprecht Sporting Goods Co. 6719 W. Florissant O Eighty-one -N A, ,VY AV 7 A 52 if ' ' ,S a - "'.A-V,-'j'Fxf- .. V, ' ' . -'L ,ff K : ,v-zfjwf wif?-.fE55,11.',i.in .w h 4 , .4 -f ' v. ,Riff J -,H ,-,wa fig, A ?" ff. 1 . Y ' Q-1 x , - 1 . V L zggji 1 . 1 0, ' , 4 ' V 'V' ' V 4:52-'4 'N ' ' Q 'fl' X 'A .K N f NL ., gg , X L l E ' ? Q SLU h 15' e K? '7 I K MU 1 v A vw 3 7 CZQU i .tffjlfi . A E. l lm NH X l A 5' ' KN . J 74 , V, ,,,1 , , wb - Qjgjzyj . Q4vQQwywQ wmyUWwff MN vfdo Q QU K fb' S Q - Fa. . , MAE! 5 f D '4 if if Wi Q9 Z9 1' 34 'J z XZ ' ' C, , U C 0 I fe. 5, V F - ' X 2 5 . + E.. ' , M- TY" 2 F N 3.51. 3 2 ffl. Z1 , w-V 21:1 ,fl . '- 1 ' big 7 'cg'- 1-215,111-. 3455- gif: -ff f Q -V if Ei. AQ'- 'f f yi . . V 5f9hFV'fW9 En v . , x , W mfjyg :rf 3 . '::.1,.,':u1 uf: it Qi ' x ' N- A " '3931 55", 1i'f" f ' - ' -' ' N 'iffy-QF: . ', , " 1 irfiixl i LLM!! f LA I' A gr -I 1 s , -,4 ,A I A 1, , A f L, - :gh I L , 4 I . Pl' Vaci x 1: ' 11" V 'Q lf , 5, , f . fr' X. :' , . v 4 - iN ,, ,. , V hm: u ., I , . .s . An, ' ' '., f . A !".' 1' I E A 'N -14 ' Til , . QW' -nfyfa W ,SW 5 My QUE W M mW5W Www vfgyffwy QM 59 4 " 1- C'-'C-Wrffffff? igjgL,,,,,L.0f Sv ff , . . , If of fxu , , ' - fffiiffflj ' 57 f a is -0 A . A . Gig Qfjoiwff X ld 045673 6 Q VEB - R2 . "1'f? E '55 f Q, is X 6? of-P 75? we Q A DS f 3 2 f' , ' fa,,Wfvw?ffwEi , . ' ' 1 Q g 'E ' E 12" - 'F . w ggsw ,. Autographs Qaf4Zfffig?sQggg5 Q . 0157 u 1 .. I, I .,, ,, 7 W ik , r t 1 ACT! :R f WQMW XWW 1 if X Efigg f A RE Sis? my fiaikx is if RH EFF 35? ii 35 3525? '21 4 ' - 4 Qxx3 ggqcvlw ggxgb 22iQtEigQiEE??,Qgii5iE?b S 1 .si if Q ' LP 'Sl Eighty-four , " Y ,U Algafig., :gg .1 , 'I-, Q 'x f , ! V . , dif1-Q-d-g- K 1, , , v- . -A T , . ., -,Qs,5:Q614f-.,11.,-,,hg ' , FHM , -h, 8 . . j v '-' 9t.1',,"' I , ' ,4 1 3.5 E Q , W. .V -, -- fr L' -, M..44Qzai4.i:taH.1iw.1uLfx',f,U-M .r 4 w if 5 3QLvd.Jvws55 4fi,,,,,,,Qmf:,DwQ4MQwE Hygifi il liijwggs wffffw if Qgw W WM M Q W,iffQ 3 kqgggiif www an M nf W, , M :ww - QL ,959 'M ww-W W fffgi 4+ vs gazwif' v ' f' ...rf

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