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1 ,321 L: A 4' E 1 l , 1 A This Book Belongs To 31,8 MM 9 of 1944 fue Editor-in-Chief ......... Associate Editor ..... Senior Reporter ...... Sports Editors ...,.. Literary Editor .................. ay Siu Associate Literary Editor ......... Humor Editor ......,.,......., Advertising Managers ...... Girls' Sports Editor .......... Associate Sports Editor ..,...... Typist ..,..,.,........ Iurrioi Reporter .......... Sophomore Reporter ...,... Freshman Reporter .,....... Iohn Cerny loyce Geipel Bill Postle Hoyt Smither lim Rodebaugh Gene Blacklock La Verne Broyles Richard Schulte Donald Pauls Bolo Conreux Marion Vivani Norma Knowles ....,..,l-larold Potts Frank Manion Gloria Adler Frances Graf Eileen Wapelhorst Snapshot Editor ......... .,....,,............., ........ We, the annual staff of 1944, wish to apologize for the ornission of some ot the boys' names in last year's annual who were at the time serving their country, ff airuiew ,AligA .S7cAoo! Presents Volume VII of the Fairview Blue Jay of 1944 E rg inqs by Centr IE Q q C P Inq by Mode1Prmt q Co. Confenffi ,ML ibbclica Administration Faculty Classes Sports t Activities q by I. Lewin Bookbinclinq Co. ia gfue ay une, 1944 We dedicate the 1944 edition of the Blue lay to the boys and girls who have given up their homes, jobs, school- ing, and other interests, to answer the call of their country and unite together against a common foe to bring victory and enduring peace to mankind. 1944 Conreux, Robert .......... ................. Hoffman, Georges, ..... ...... . Loseman, Edward. ......,................... 1943 Anderson, Kenneth .................... .......U.S.N. .......U.S,N. .......U.S.N. .........,U.S.M.C. Doerr, Iames .....,.......... ..... . .... ........... U . S.A. Faupel, Arthur ..,....... Fennel, Louis .......,,.,... Henze, William .......... Hunt, Robert .........,... Lause, Fred .................. Mattingly, William ....... McClain, Don .............. Moore, Ted .............. Newton, Iames .......... Rapp, Arman ........... Rau, Paul ...................... ,.......U.S.N. .......U.S.N. .......U.S.A. .......U.S.N. .......U.S.A. .....,.U.S.N. .......U.S.A. U.S.N.A.C, Schlueter, Gordon ....,.... ....,......... U .S.N. Shepack, Robert ........,. U.S.N.A.C. Sperando, loseph.. ...,.. .......... ....,......,.. U . S.N. Vogt, Leroy ............... ................,. ........... U . S.N. 1942 Anderson, Norman ......................... .......... U .S.M.C. Cole, Leonard .............. .......... ........... U . S.A. Goellner, Al ................... ....... U .S.N. Heinrich, Herman ......... Hillmeyer Earl ............ Hohlt Arthur ..........,.. Kline, Melvin ........... Kralemann, Iohn ........ McGinnis, Melvin ....,..,.. Mattmann, Lloyd ,.,..... Meeker, Ralph ......... Merod, William .......... MurphY, lames ........., Shank, lack ............... U,S.A.A.C. U.S.N.A.C. .....,.U.S.N. Shaw, Al .....,......... , ......... U.S.M.C. Trotta, Frank, .......... ........... .......... U . S.M.C. Toombs, Robert ...,...... ,... ............. ........... U . S .A. 1941 Adderley, Boyd.. .................. ......,.... .............. U . S.N. Cerny, Bill ..................,................., .................. U .S,N. Colletti, Steve ............................ U.S,N.A.C. Gottschamer, Lawrence ....,..... Hitchings, Allen ............,... Hough, Dan ........................, Hough, Bill ........... Johnson, lulian ....... Iost, Oliver ......,.... Kast, Paul. ......,....... .. Killbrew, LaVon .......... Manion, lack .....,..... Otto, Seth ................... Rau, Leverne ............... Rekowski, Stanley ......,. Rogers, Earl .................... Shank, Ray ........ ...,... . .. Sinqen, Mary ................... Thieheimer, Charles ......... " Killed in action. .......U.S.A. .......U.S.A. .......U.S.A. .......U.S.A. .......U.S.A. . ...... U,S.N. .......U.S.A. ........WAVES ..........U.S.M.C. , ....,..... U.S.A. ..........SPARS .......U.S.A. Bieber, Phil .............. Baureadux, Don ....... .. Foley, Iames ................. Gondran, Kenneth. ....,.. .. Graf, Robert ................... Grib, Raymond ......... Hartinq , Irving ........ McGuire, Robert ........ Murphy, Maurice .......... Schauman, Robert ....... 1940 ..........U.S.N.A.C. Simpson, Iohn ........................ . Sprinqmeir, Rosand ....... Stiver, Harold ..,......................... Bell, lune. ....,......... .. Cavin, Robert ........ lohnson, Edwin .......... Looser, Tom ................. Manion, Ioseph ......... Meeker, Clarence ........, Perry, Edward .......,.. Stein, Marie ................ Voqy, Elmer ................,.., Watkins, Mercedes ......... 1939 Williams, Fred ............... ........... Winder, Ted .... ........... ................. 1938 Hitchings, lean ......................... Hoff, Elmer ....................,......... Koeneman, Norman ......... McCo1-mic, Andrew ......... Ochs, Norman .................. Overhauser, William ......... . Pearce, Robert .................... ........U.S.A. U.S .M.A.C. .........U.S.M.M. . ................ U.S.A. .........U.S.M.A.C. BEES NAYY NURSE ....,.,...U.S.A.A.C. ......,...U.S.N.A.C. .......U.S.M.C. ........WAVES . .... .,.SEE BEES ........WAVES .....,..U.S.N. ,.......U.S.N. .......WAACS . .....,..... ...... U .S.A. ..........U.S,A.A.C. ..........U.S.A.A.C. ..........U.S.N.A.C. Phelps, Franks .......... ,.... . .. 1937 Auer, Fred ......,.......... ..... Barkey, Randoli ........... . Handler, Martain ......... lost, Martam ............................,.. Koeneman, Clifford .......... Trieman, Claud ...... ,... ........ 1936 Conreux, Oliver .......................... Mattmann, Lawrence .... ,... Sprinqmier, Edward. .,.... . Clodfelter, Max ........ ........U.S.A. . .,..... U.S.A. ,, ...... U.S.A. ..,.....U.S,A. ......,U.S.C.G. ..........U.S.N.A.C. 1935 Hopper, Iunior .................... Wapelhorst, Gregory ....................... 1934 Purdy, Russell ................,. 1933 Owens, Charles ........................,........ 'Cronce, Paul ....... Lordan, Myron.,....., 1931 1930 Tuschoff, Miiord ....... .... . ..........U.S.M.C. .....,..U.S.A. ........U.S.A. ........U.S.A. ........U.S.A. ........U.S.A. .......U.S.C.G. ........U.S.A. ........U.S.A. MILTON W. BIERBAUM Superintendent Milton W. Bierbaum, Superintendent ot Schools of West Walnut Manor, has been at Fairview tor sixteen years. He at- tended Central Wesleyan College at War- renton, Mo., Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. and Teachers College, Colum- bia University, New York City. His de- grees are AB. and M.A. Eric M. Hohn, Principal of Fairview High School has been here for fifteen years. He studied at Central Wesleyan College and Missouri University at Columbia, Mo. He holds AB. and MA. degrees. Mr. Hohn, in addition to his administrative duties, teaches a class in physics, coaches the basketball team and sponsors the Student Council. Administratic ERIC M. HOHN Principal District oi West Walnut Manor The West Walnut Manor School District was formed in 1916 by separation from Iennings. In 1916 Fairview's first grade school building was erected. lt consisted of six rooms including two which were located in the basement. In 1927 our grade school was enlarged by adding another four classrooms. Another six rooms were added in 1935. ln 1940 four rooms and a play-room completed our grade school building now having a total of eigh- teen classrooms, two basement rooms, and a play-room. The building of our high school began in 1931. At that time there were twelve rooms and a gymnasium. Five rooms were added in 1938, and four more were added in 1940. We now have a total of 21 rooms and a gymnasium in our high school building. West Walnut Manor School District has three portable schools. One is located at Hodiamont and Harney, another at Helen and Theodore, and one on Unis near College. Board ot Education The School Board of West Walnut Manor consists ol members who have been in office for terms ranging from two to fifteen years. Mr. Leonard Cole was elected to the school board in 1929. 1-le has been an active member of the board for fifteen years. He is serving in the office oi the Treasurer. Mr. William E. Kline, President of the board, has been on the school board for a period ot 14 years, being elected in 1930. Mr. Oliver Koenerrian, Secretary of the board, has been a member for thirteen years. He was elected in 1934. Mr. Arthur B. Blacklock, Vice-President, has served on the board for ten years. Mr. Blackloclc was elected in 1934. Mr. Robert Nolte, a board director who has been a mem- ber for nine years, was elected in 1935. Robert Nolte, Wm. E. Kline, Leonard Cole, Arthur B. Blacklock, George Rudolph, Oliver Koeneman. Q3 up Miss Ye-lion Miss Miller Miss Hirsch Mr. Kukal Mr. Crain Miss Gehrinq Miss Doubikiu Miss Marshall Miss Saxon Miss Tedford Miss Cowqill Miss Perry Pixqm, Light Miss Dschei' Miss Grammaticoll Miss Stein Mr, Hill Miss Hagan Miss Taylor Frances Decher, Secretary to Mr. Bierbaum, graduated from Fairview High, Iune 1938 and started to work Iuly 1, 1938. Since then she has made many friends and is a very efficient and capable person in her work. Miss Catherine Gehring is well known at Fairview. She attend- ed Washington University and has a B.S. degree. Miss Gehring teaches Iunior High and High School Music and sponsors op- erettas and musical numbers. She also teaches Iunior High Litera- ture and American History. Miss Louise Hirsch has been at Fairview since 1933. She at- tended Missouri University and has a B.S. degree. Miss Hirsch teaches Iunior and Senior High Physical Education and sponsors all girl sports as well as Carni- val Queen Crowning. Miss Frances Marshall receiv- ed her B.S. degree at Ottawa University and Masters degree at Kansas University. She teaches Algebra and Geometry. Her first year at Fairview was in 1942. Mr. George K u lc al, attended Southwest State Teachers College and received a B.S. degree. Mr. Kukal's first year at Fairview was 1941-42. He teaches Me- chanical Drawing, Wood Work- ing, Advanced Algebra and Aeronautics. He is sponsor of the Sophomore class and also has charge of building the scen- ery tor school plays. Miss Mildred Miller came to Fairview in 1942. She received a A.B. degree at University ot Missouri. Miss Miller teaches English, Speech, Debate and Dramaticsg she also sponsors the Freshman class and Speech Con- tests and Dramatic Club. Miss Ethel Perry is known at Fairview for her knowledge and experience in Home Economics. She received her B.S. degree in Education at Kirksville, Mo. She also attended Missouri Univer- sity. Miss Perry sponsors the Home Economics Club and the Iunior Class. Miss Laura Ye1ton's first year at Fairview was in 1941-42. She obtained her B.S. in Education and B.S. degree at Central Mis- souri State Teachers College. She teaches Art and Sophomore Eng- lish. She has charge of all the painting in stage work and pos- ters. Miss Mary lane Hagen has been a faculty member at Fair- view since 194O-4l. She received her B.S. in Education from the Southwest Missouri State Teach- ers College and is now teaching Typing, General Business and Eighth Grade History. She is the sponsor ot an Eighth Grade class. Miss Nada Grammaticoit has been a faculty member of Fair- view since l941-42. She received her B.S. degree at Southern Ill- inois Teachers College. She teaches Commercial Subjects and Io u r n ali s m . Miss Grammaticoft sponsors the Senior Class and has charge of the Senior Play each year as well as editing the school paper. Mr. Ned Crain came to Fair- view in 1934 and is now teaching American P r o b 1 e m s , Chemistry and Physical Education. Also in- cluded in his busy schedule is coaching the Fairview Athletic Teams. He obtained his A.B. de- gree trom Central Weslyian Col- lege. Mr. Leslie Hill attended the Teachers College at Springfield and obtained a B.S. in Educa- tion. His first' year at Fairview was in 1942 and now he teaches Iunior High Science, Geography and Physical Education. He coaches the Iunior High boys in all sports and takes a great in- terest in the boys as a whole. Miss Mary Ellen Saxon is a new member oi the faculty. This being her first year. She obtained her B.S. in Education from the Southeast Missouri State Teach- ers College and is now teaching Literature to Iuniors and Seniors. The Faculty She also sponsors the Iunior Class, and has c h a r g e of the school annual. Miss Anna Stein, also a new member of the faculty is spend- ing her first year at Fairview. She teaches lunior History and sponsors the Pep Club. Miss Stein obtained her A.B. at Wash- ington University. ' Miss Ieanne Taylor attended the University of Missouri and received a B.S. in Education and is now teaching her first year at Fairview. She teaches Spanish, Latin, and Iunior High English. Miss Taylor has charge of the Eighth Grade Library and man- ages the detention room. Miss Dorothy Doubikin came to Fairview this year from Sullivan High. She obtained her B.S. and A.B. from Knox College in Illinois. She teaches Biology, General Science, Practical Mathematics and Geography. Miss Doubikin also sponsors the Scientific Club. Miss Sabina Tedford attended the University of Missouri B.S. in Education and M.A. degree. This is her first year at Fairview. She teaches Seventh, Eighth and also Freshman English. She is spon- sor oi the Ninth Grade, also Junior Red Cross Chairman. I 2 .5 1 2 .5 it 25 it fi .I sl Ely. 'il ti Fil frf i .. 1-'I . V-'Q".5 , f. X, :. ,,, 1- fv- X ' H V9 2 We as J 'A s J ii AWE., - W Mb , , Q Q S+ S5 5 4 ,- . L J 5535 F If t L, . . ,def :ge Hiwfmfilnn Conqer Henze Vivicmi Fiebxq Moore Mcqee Clay Huher SYl11Th91' Skxllinqton Rodebuuqh Sperundeo Buck Reed Scott Gnoiewskl Gottschcxmex Nelson Phillips Roeckel Huff Homes Burke-y When we first assembled on that bright September day four years ago we find that we were a class of eighty-seven pupils, the largest class in the history of Fairview. Our first order of business was to elect our officers. W. Knowles was chosen President, F. Arconati, Vice- President and E. Barkey, Secretary-Treasurer. I. Cerny was our Student Council Representative. After we had all been assigned to our classes and We were well acquainted came time for sports tryouts. ln boys' sports we find B. Reed and G. Blacklock on the volleyball squad: L. Sperandeo, V. Fiebig and G. Blacklock, basketball, I. Rodebough and B. Sieger, freshman track stars. ln the girls' sports N. Knowles, I. Clay, and P. Iones made the soft- ball, volleyball and basketball teams and E. Barkey made the softball team. Now we turn to the Fine Arts Department. Three of our girls, V. Bost, I. Clay and L. Broyles, appeared in the opperetta. And our freshman class could boast of their band players, E. Nelson, M. McRoy, B. Roeckel, L. Sperandeo, I. Cerny and G. Blacklock. In May came the Carnival and M. Skillington received the honor of being maid to the May Queen. At the beginning of our second year we again, chose class officers, W. Knowles, President: B. Conreux, Vice'Presidentg M. McGinnis, Secref tary and E. Barkey, Treasurer. We found that we had added an important new member, H. Smithers from Tennessee. He was on the football team, in the Speech Club, F.F.A. Club at the school he had been attending. V. Fiebig and R. Schulte made the volleyball squad: H. Smithers, B. Postle, R. Schulte, G. Everhardt and V. Fiebig were on the second bas- ketball team with B. Reed as manager. Class of Nineteen Forty-Four Sophomore girls also had a basketball team made up of I. Heuer, I. Clay, P. Iones and N. Knowles. Another extra-curricular activity was organized this year--band, glee club and mixed chorus. B. Roeckel, G. Blacklock, L. Sperandeo, I. Cerny, and E. Nelson were band members. E. Phillips, V. Posey, F. Accetta, D. Rubar, E. Waplehorst, I.. Broyles, I. Heuer, P. Iones, N. Knowles, M. McRoy, V. Bost, I. Clay, M. Conger, T. Newton and D. Lind were mem- bers of the mixed chorus and glee clubs. This year also our poet G. Blacklock was third place in the poetry class with his poem "Pondering"g and M. McGinnis had a part in the play "Fixit Inc." Nineteen girls were active members of the Pep Club, V. Best, M. Mc- Ginnis, I. Clay, F. Accetta, N. Knowles, L. Broyles, I. Giepel and B. Cappell were a few of the members. And a new club, The Camera Club was organized, E. Waplehorst was elected Secretary-Treasurer and F. Accetta was an active member. ln May at the Carnival, M. McGinnis was chosen Maid of Honor. At the beginning of our third year W. Knowles was for the third time elected to lead us, however, at the end of the first semester he left to join the armed forces and was succeeded by Shirley Martin. I. Cerny and E. Knapp represented the class on the Student Council. All the Iuniors were members of the Victory Corps, a newly-organized club which was quite active all year and there was a real Iunior rep- resentative on the volleyball squad. R. Schulte, B. Reed and V. Fiebig lettered in this sport. ln basketball the Iuniors donated H. Smithers, I. Cerny, I. Rodebaugh, V. Fiebig, B. Reed and R. Schulte to the team. And in girls sports, I. Clay, B. Moore, N, Knowles, I. Heuer, M. MCROY, M. McGinnis, F. Accetta and E. Barkey were all active. Page Eleven , 6 1 'A - I k . iii, 1 l 1 fF4 f N .. l .5 ' " 1 ' 5 - "- ' .SK J- my JA Q 1 "s5,,fg.QaMza S f- -- H X , 1 - ' ' 32:5 5 . il' - i H ' I' f ' 9. ff 5 V li., ' iii' '. Y .. r iff gg 7 P ,, i ff l - 4' , 'W 1' ,L 'il' 'f 1? A f X, lhk' 11 ' 2 - x A 1 W 75 ih' P . . Bcrchs Wqpelhorst Cerny GQ-15,91 Accettcx Polls Bost Evellmrdt Pauls Arconmi Schulte MFRCA1 P Cappel Newton lVlcGeuniS Seigez nge Tvlmlvw Losemcm Knowles Coureux B1 l lylwfr Lewis Postlp Ili-I-ir l.mcl F Q . . 1 I , 'eu " -11 'Q , Russell Rubur Blfxckloc-lt BLlI'lllllfl xx , lx z V. Lewis and H. Potts were two newcomers to our class and this year V. Lewis belonged to the mixed chorus, and the Debate and Dramatic Clubs. In the Camera Club, L. Sperandeo, B. Conreux, G. Blacklock, F. Arconati and E. Waplehorst were interested members, while I. Heuer, L. Bunting, D. Rubar, E. Nelson, P. Iones and I. Giepel learned all about cooking and sewing in the Home Economics Club. We were well rep- resented in the Dramatic Club with F. Accetta, V. Bost, N. Knowles, F. Arconati, E. Phillips, H. Potts, L. Broyles and V. Lewis and in March when this club presented its annual play N. Buck, D. Pauls, I. Clay, I. Giepel and D. Lind were the Iunior members of the cast while C. Henze was sound effect man. I Near the end of the year We entertained the Seniors with a banquet at the Forest Park Hotel and at the Carnival, F. Accetta and M. Mc- Ginnis were the Iunior Maids of Honor. Finally it came-our Senior year. We started off in a business-like way by electing I. Cerny to the position of President of the Student Council with G. Blacklock and H. Smithers as Representatives and I. Clay, Secretary-Treasurer. H. Smithers was chosen to lead us as a class. Looking over our roll we found that four new members had been added, R. Back, from Blewett, D. Magee, from Bloomfield, Mo., F. Huff, from Riverview and R. Scott, from Beaumont. All had been active in extra-curricular activities at their respective schools. We were well represented in sports this year with B. Conreux, H. Smithers, I. Rodebaugh, R. Shulte, G. Blacklock, B. Postle and D. Pauls on the volleyball squad and H. Smithers, B. Postle, I. Rodebaugh, R. Schulte, G. Blacklock and B. Reed on the basketball team. The girls' team had I. Clay,'N. Knowles, F. Accetta, P. Iones, L. Broyles, E. Barkey and M. McGinnis. Class of Nineteen Forty-Four The Courier Staff, made up entirely of Seniors, put out fine papers all year. The staff consisted of L. Broyles, B. Cappel, M. Viviani, E. Barkey, M. Skillington, R. Scott, I. Giepel, B. Gottschamer, M. McRoy, E. Nelson, T. Newton, L. Sperandeo, H. Smithers, B. Roeckel, H. Potts, G. Blacklock and B. Sieger. The Blue Iay Staff had as its Senior members, I. Cerny, I. Giepel, H. Smithers, N. Knowles, E. Waplehorst, L. Broyles, G. Blacklock, D. Pauls, H. Potts, R. Schulte, B. Postle, I. Rodebaugh, B. Conreux and M. Viviani. In December the members of the class had another chance to show off their dramatic ability in the all-school play, "What a Life." Seniors who had a part in it were G. Hofmann, F. Arconati, I. Clay, D. Pauls, R. Scott, G. Blacklock, D. Lind, L. Broyles, B. Sieger, E. Loseman and E. Waplehorst. Then on Ianuary 20, three Senior boys, E. Loseman, B. Conreux and G. Hofmann were graduated and went immediately to join the armed forces. On March 24, the Senior play, "Arsenic and Old Lace," was pre- sented. R. Halter, L. Broyles, F. Arconati, D. Lind, G. Blacklock, D. Pauls, L. Sperandeo, H. Smithers, D. Russell, R. Riffel, I. Cerny, B. Postle and V. Fiebig played to a large audience. - In May we were entertained by the Iuniors with a Prom which was the highlight of the social life of the year. Then, finally, that fatal night arrived and we, the class of 1944, were graduated from dear old Fairview. It was an occasion we had looked forward to for twelve years and when it finally came we were sorry to go. However, we all knew that night that we would never lose the memory of twelve happy years of schooling and always look back upon them with tenderness and sentiment. Page Thirteen f Top Row: Hiwdrr., fgjusxfwxmln 'H",f'1,rcf1, P rltflrxlwfluner, L'-14, Nlml wif! Vinh, Mn'Mu1lsr1, Ruse, Txuyrmg- Third Row: Hfwnxxv'-1, I-limp 'Ftwllrwfz-1, Hwmtir, Mfiwfr M1 Flwixwxr Gfukwk, F-.11:thf,s, Bxsffhoff, Imrsxf. Second Row: Shaw, Blrtefm, Um:- uw-xptw, Flnfzi, Rxfhfl, f"1A1ufg, Bluff fix 11rvgwf11H', O'N1QN, Hufihff. First Row: Mclfmnon, Kulxrzfif.-:sr:1 "if H 11- Adlar,S:1cie1,S1'7'vx1l1z l',:,w:1tf-1, F-izrst, Hlfzx, Irvgllriw. Top Row: Qzfksou, Gm-xr, Shy, L 1109--r, Vluwn, Miflfzm, Klutz, HN M. Mf'.Qly:11om, Bruton, Vrgm, Third Row: Aubuchon, Hwnz Vfllhizms, Gmzier, Robinson, Russsd Mvizmon, Erick, Newton. Second Row: Trnpgz, I. Iv'IcQ1y:norv1 B. Lmuspx, Fnmth, 'Wyqxlla Cclerzm Cnlllug, Bewkfvr, Hltrhlmzf, When. First Row: IF-Qrk, Morrxs, Vvfmkf Klfziflxz,-111, Hmmzzr-21, NIu:5l,y, SPN :mmf Fovui, Hddlwuszx Class of Nineteen Forty-Five We the Iunior class, which numbers eighty-five pupils in all, have had one of the happiest, sentimental, and yes, even sad- dest years at Fairview. Happiness came in the form of social life, especially the Iunior Party, and the Iunior-Senior Prom. Sentiment came when we thought of this being our second last year in our dear old Fairview. And saddness came when we lost three of our classmates to the armed forces. Yes, O. Looser, Ft. Kintz and W. McClain are gone but not forgotten. We have been fortunate in having three capable sponsors, Miss Saxon, who taught us English IH, Miss Perry taught the girls Home Economics and Miss Stein, who taught us American History. We will always be grateful for the help they have given us throughout our Iunior year. Many of the outstanding boys and girls that have helped our school to many of its victories in sports are members of our class. Out of a possible 10 boys on the varsity basketball team, five of these were from our class. Some of the boys are: B. Kintz, Basket- ball: B. Murphy, Volleyball, Basketball: B. Murphy, Volleyball, Basketball: L. Schulte, Basketball: B. Kralemann, Basketball: I. Hummel, Track: B. Becker, Volleyball, Bas- Page Fifteen ketball, Baseball: I. Bruton, Track: B. Vinson, Volleyball, Track and O. Looser, Basket- ball. All the following girls played on the girls' basketball team: I. Schaefer, E. O'Nie1, P. Walker, B. Trolinger, S. Bischoff, S. Spring- meier, I. Hays, A. Gruebel and M. Shaw. The three cheerleaders this year were also representatives of our class. They were S. Bischoff, D. Wren and F. Manion. We can be proud of them because of their faithful- ness in attending games. Our class officers were of the highest quality and capability. They were: President ................................................ B. Vinson Vice-President ................. ............... F . Manion Secretary ............................................ I. Schaefer Treasurer ................................................ F. O'Niel Student Council Representatives D. Wren, S. Bischoff D. Wren, who distinguished himself as Student Council representative and cheer- leader, also won the American Legion Ora- tion Contest at Fairview this year. We have now passed our third milestone in high school. We will not let the memories of these wonderful days pass from our minds. P mf- f:1X1"F',! Fourth -Row: F1133 , Rudd, M rink, Gzuly, Stikffa, Ph-913':,, LH-vllw, PL.-M rl 11:4 , Will 12, the-wif. Th1rd How: iizuoz-: Tfirlfvr, K.,-,',,,L Cli'w.'.'rc1 LQV-Qui, xnzz 1, Elmxznfx, L"-1 -xzzin, A QQT1 1, Second Row: V'-If':,lYQQ, Gxirhxxzz Lfff:'.'1x1 lszupx, Bud Keffiy, E'.'.'i:1'1 HL11:h1n:2 Kcvilh, VMI"-x. First Row: Butler, Adler, Exxbanzfy, Eixrlzh Silly, 5:56,-fl, Poiii-x Lum,- -' 91,..' lwifzz 1, H1'fi'r:xr: fi Fourth Row: , --1, Gu mfg-1 :r.1n'---li.-11, Iiy 13,1 F 1.31, I 'L1:,Z1, L1V1,1m Third Row: Ffwxzzfr, R. Fe'H"'1 'Affzumz-1. K1 11',f"- Ju '. P-i-urw' Enz Secorrd Row: 'vR'l.r-,E-,, GI?1EI'.df' MHS: E':rnv.'f.l, Hemkf Gains v Firsi Row: nz 2211! ','11w.1! rl'-11:-, TVX" ', ' XVI! 1 '. Q W1 MI" f-. 5. Class of Nineteen Forty-Six President .................... ........... M arian Phelps Vice-President .............. .......... R ichard Pearce Secretary-Treasurer ...................... Gloria Adler Student Council Members Dorene Stokes, Pat Kelly The Sophomore class of 70 students has its sponsors Miss Marshall, Miss Yelton and Mr. Kukal. This year, 1943-44, has been a busy one for the Sophomore class as they were rep- resented in sports, clubs and plays. We were represented at basketball games by such players as R. and D. Pearce, L. Barn- well, E. Canin, R. Ganninger and B. Ochs. The Sophomore girls also have a great lore for sports. Our volleyball team consists ot players like D. Glowski, L. Ewing, D. Stokes, M. Phelps, D. Mattox, M. Miller, R. Hutchings and G. Adler. They lost the only game they played to the Iuniors. The basketball team consists of the same players with the exception of M. Miller. S. Coleman and L. Dueing also play on the team. We lost to lennings and Normandy. Page Seventeen The Sophomores are also blessed with dramatic ability. This was made known by the acting ot P. Kelly and H. Graf in the play "What a Life." One of the school's outstanding musicians, D. Stokes, is a Sophomore. She has enter- tained the students of Fairview at assemblies and at other programs with her beautiful soprano Voice. The membership roll of the Pep Club re- veals that most of its members are Sopho- more girls and all of its officers are from this class. The Sophomores, after careful considera- tion, decided against a party which would use too much ot their treasury and agreed to save all their money for their Iunior year when they will be hosts to the Seniors and faculty at the annual Iunior-Senior banquet. All in all the sophomore class has had a good year and is looking forward to being Iuniors with all their responsibility and privi- leges. c1I1tf3i12 Fourih Row: Vvnto, H111:1nq, A1-1l21o11y, R6111bc,13fi1, Fxuflz, Peuy, U::y'1e, L1c1s11w11, W1'11s1b1i1 BI xyws, Liesfi-11, F-156-llc, Pf3P1lk'11:11,. Third Row: LTXZIGT, W111sf511, fp11111..,:11, Suri, P:rtF:1l1:1111fT1', Edm- wal, GQ11i1d1:1'11., Vvfmkler, Anderson L111,b11f5-11, 1'g..1'1sf-rg, C:u111eL:y, Puts. Second Row: Sl'1f1J1:11:1i, Flcwers, Syl: ffl-1, Gp,ltsw!ac1111e1, F'e1cuso11, 03115, H, Thczmius, G1-wi, G1e'zQ1, J?'i?'.",l!Qf', ii111,111'f1c111f1:1. First Row: Grxmfl, M11:phy, T1f,115, E C1151 11, ,iw-111, S11f'1w, Smhl, Cross P. '11'r::l"1r., l!l"1'11-,!. TI121111151, U1 7:3-111. Fourth Row: A11-'a-t11,S'N1L1od1 j'1QIHi :lg Iviixliz, 9191111-311 C-111, M 1it1nq.y, A. Ind--Ldfgkiz, Kmq, Tvfpy-41, 03121 Ha-1131-111, B1 1:1515 Clfwz, Third Row: Sf-xg-1-1, Lawrence E. L'1:1f1:d1:.k1,1, Cilos, Mf:K'1,1u1el, Slliiiil Bcisz, Nglgan, Tri1:y, Slefk, Wh11e11Qf1d Y,"-V w M'17wWf:1--1 Second Row: Furs, Asim, Cmulk, "11.l- y Hxidilph, Stifferi, Tffyla, fr 11.7111 1'1g111, C11"11,1, B1i111'.if1qe. First Row: IJ1.1111'f1s, If1uql1P11y, L1 'x'1fj1111, 91111.15--:hq1m1, LLI?C'E1GIfI1h, Lual, T'1l::11,1111f1 I am-15, F'1e-11391, Si-scial Class of Nineteen Forty-Seven The Freshman Class of 1943-44 is one of the largest ever enrolled at Fairview having an enrollment of lO3. Class meetings are brought together by President F. Accetta but in his absence R. Tracy takes over. The minutes are taken down by G. Dailey, and when the money problem arises A. Harding is on hand. The class is represented in the Student Council by K. Drysdale and A. Anthony. The Freshmen take in most of the extra- curricular activities offeredg for instance in the Pep Club many ol the girls are from the ninth grade and likewise the membership ot the Science Club and Sewing Club shows a nice assortment of Freshmen boys and girls. But getting down to the fine points of the class we find that V. Amos, T. Asaro, and F. Lueckerath can give out some jive on their musical instruments, but not only in- strumental music is given out, for there are H. Meyer, D. Lawrence and S. Swaboda who get right in the groove with their vocal chords. Along with the playing and the sing- ing there are some dancers, A. Potts, P. Barn- well, and some others who could give a few jitterbug pointers on the subject. Music isn't Page Nineteen the only thing that is practiced by these Freshmen, for when it comes to art there is C. Callas and F. Accetta who rank at the top of the list. The scenery for the Senior dra- matic hit, "Arsenic and Old Lace" was painted by A. Ladendecker, B. Bramlage and F. Accetta and a very fine job it was. Turning now to the athletic part ot the class we find we have the boys well repre- sented in all sports. First there was the vol- leyball team which included K. Drysdale, B. Moritz, H. Meyer, and P. Mattingly, F. Ac- cetta, B. Springer, R. Tracy, H. Meyer, F. Nelson, K. Drysdale, B. Moritz, G. Dailey, and P. Mattingly made up the basketball team, which had a pretty fair season. The track squad had B. McDaniels, F. Nelson, C. Callas, P. Mattingly, F. Accetta, and S. Swo- boda on the list. And the baseball team in- cluded K. Drysdale, B. Moritz, G. Dailey and B. Caulk. The feminine sports which included volley ball and basketball had on the Freshman squad P. Gondran, S. Gondran, V. Amos, I. Vento, L. Moore, L. Thomas, I. Stahl, V. Anderson and R. Perry. Now as the school year comes to an end we'll wish the Freshmen of '43-'44 even greater success as Sophomores. Fourth Row: .HVlYK'?71I1S, fiflxfxefsfr. KY'Il5'IH'IU!'1, Phlllxps, Ehsfhnq, Eelnueti, Rmdebwvlcfh, Come-qys, Kurum, Mfmrf Haemassy, Rlwfk, MWQSSO11. Third Raw: Allen, Crgtz-ir, Zirgr, Sixmmflr, Grfzce, Mf'MuHm, Srhrwrxmu, Bruer, Cxmncilvr, 7!v'h1rQ, Ebxxxewr, ML- Gmms. Second Row: Trmq, Hand, Millar, Nlfnhaws, DUYSOD, Bolthfisnr, Harris:-n, Cotirf-11, Humcr, Gutfly, Kuxclf-r, VV111f:: Enz, First Row: Zxki, Mfxwwk, Fllwru, Ciwrmer, Summer, Hildebrfxndt, Gim- bm:-, Mirvfll, Grefnl, Efsx, Chustrtmri. CTf15":'f1, Andrviws. Fourth Row: Mf'ML1li1n, Rmmafrll CmwzlI1 Lfglluxs, Z1I1.1meru:N1n, ShQg1'1r'k Czzzwnzlnd, Nvfivd-, Clm 1, Cxmfz, Fulkx Pcxfrr. Third Row: Rpm, Vdliskm Lcsom-111 McRoy, Slebar, Hclhut, Nmtvhmfm Hide-brfxnni, L'JT0ur, Vrlker, Srhrmmu V-2-rtrpss, Rupp, Second Row: V,'1lSo1'. King, Ulfit Meyer, Aslrcf, Pear, Hump, Russell Murylly, TAIIIIIHQF, LeBei1u, Sf:hfm"k. First Row: Gove, Vmcem, Rivcrfx Lmd, Eevkzxrznzx, Evwk, Hlffhlxws, Arm wrong, RUSS, Obsv, Antcxua Rlabfel I-Dmfilirz. The Eighth Grade history to some people wouldn't be much different from other classes. But we Eighth Graders think that we have a very peculiar background. Most of the children in the Eighth Grade have been together from first grade on up, but each still treats the other like a brother. In the fifth grade the room got to be so big that it had to split up, and it has been that way up to now. Each room has its own opinion of the other room, but yet the two stick together. When the class had the election this year, everyone was pulling for someone else. But when all had voted, Pat Kinder had become Student Councilorp C. Schramm, who's been in with the class a long time, came up with Vice-President and L. Loseman, also an old member of the group, came along and took the Eighth Grade Presidency. Some of these children are getting into trouble frequently, but still they are a nice group, when you come down to earth, be- cause everyone can't be an angel all the time. When we came into this class, we thought that we owned the world, just because we were going to graduate into high school at the end of the year, but we learned differ- Page Twenty-Ofne Eighth Grade ently, for before we graduate We have to be fit. There were many new comers this year, but when We got to know them they seemed to have been with us from the first of the year. Some have contributed to the brillance of the Eighth Grade. The most unfortunate thing happened to our class president of last year. He had to move and now he has to go to a school called Iennings. We all wish that he were here. When all these people were back in the sixth grade they had a hard time keeping time so they bought a clock with the money they had. At the end of the year they left it for the teacher. However, he is in the armed forces now. When Miss Gehring had a small play, there were many people out of the Eighth Grade who had very important parts in it, so you see there are really some actors who are very good tthey think? out of the Eighth Grade. There is not much you can say about the history of the class, because after you get from one grade to another you try to forget what a horrible time you had working in the grade before. Third Row: Rxvelu, Eneis, VVh1!fixker, CAxr11l,-And, ijminf-1, V.'111z:::1ps, Fresh- wuipx, Vextnffs, Innes, Eiebex. Second Row: Mues, Hufi, Graham, Suhwxnq, Voqi, Rhodgs, KI'11EII1.lH, ILM, Szzmhfx, Antoine, O'Nex1. First Row: Mcmoe, SIFAQPH Htmii, Mlchel, Deny, Wxlson, Shepuck Tgyiel, Fwluglfz, Sflirzwn, Filter I-'ourih Row: ffclllrxs, Lf,1dend434gker liwxxlo-3' H 1L1!1-Juflmrx, Green, Rmpy Htmy, I-E zxvey, Cisieffl, Rfxy, Sul 1 m-.ww Hn., Kwlvztzsz, Vavavml, L,11xf.H, Third Row: W. Hlll, Ccxzmg, Purim 'Nzns Ifipxnsfxeld, Glcwski, Ilcksou Mfilllulte, Hamer, Giddends, Alles, Haha TTSI, I'fICfDY.l,"1Tk, Bone, G. Vlvmm. Second Row: Rfwdrhmlqh, Graham Cockrcn, O'EIl'l'I1, Bexcgzxfm, Sfzchsen EIGIIHGX, M'xrshQ1E, Host, Brandt E1fihhllZ, Falk JS, Chlsolzz., Seiflprymz Elucksixxn. FirstkRow: Dlfizel, Mwxesserx, Smhl Twine, Cfflliffl, Stfizuffer, Rose, Nlifhfllfifl Ewuxi, Sempra, Schfxiler, Sxnqcn, Vv'f1lFs, PL-iflsfu, RUSSQ-11, Npv-11. Very few of the pupils in the Seventh Grade were together in kindergarten and the first grade. Most of the class has been attending Fairview since the fourth or fifth grade. The class is made up of thirty-seven pu- pils. The girls have a hard time holding their own, being outnumbered almost three to one. An example of the power of the boys is apparent in the officers of the class. They are I. Heuer, President: L. Cochran, Vice- President: Pt. Harvey, Secretary: R. Cottner, Secretary-Treasurer and C. Viviani, Student Councilor. There are quite a few mischiefmakers in the room. The main one may be seen in the detention room every night or so. On coming into the high school l believe that most' of the students felt rather shy, and out of place, because of the many different rules and regulations. After the class got used to the change, the inferiority complex vanished. We now, proudly feel we are a part of Fairview High. As for talent in the Seventh Grade it has been widely distributed among the children. Most of the talent displayed is musical, how- ever, as we have not had a chance to show our acting avility. Page Twenty-Three Seventh Grade The class still remembers Miss Gordon, and is glad to have her back, even if she is no longer its teacher. The seventh grade is interested in a wide variety of subjects. In intermural sports the class had boys' basketball and baseball teams coached by Mr. Hill and a girls bas- ketball team coached by Miss Hirsch. There is also a first aid class which meets after school and is instructed in bandaging, artificial respiration and other emergency care by Mr, Hill. The seventh grade has also participated in other Red Cross pro- jects by donating money, knitting and serv- ing in any way possible. Whenever the opportunity to help the school was presented to them the seventh grade cooperated fully. This was evident in their help in the scrap and paper drives and in their willingness to buy war stamps and bonds. The children are looking forward to their graduation in Ianuary, l945. The class is trying to conduct itself in such a way so that the high school will be proud of it. We hope that we will be successful in our efforts. r9 9 ,rw if "-QW' As Others See Us Around Fairview 5?aorf4 Girls' Volleyball The girls' l943-44 Volleyball team were in good practice when they answered their op' ponents' calls. Class teams played a number ot games with neighboring schools and sev- eral ot these games were re- peated in Spring volleyball. The schools which were met in contest most were Normandy, lennings, University City, Wells- ton and Biverview. The varsity made a good showing tor itselt although they did not win any high honors. ln the intermural tournament the Senior girls were winners. Boys' Volleyball Much needed talent seemed to be lacking at the opening oi the volleyball season as only four boys, B. Schulte, B. Vinson, V. Fiebig and B. Beed returned from the undefeated lt-342 sauad. But Coach Crain took what he had and molded them into such a spirited, cooperf ative team that they went through their regular season un- defeated. The Blue lays' only loss came at the hands of Meht- ville in the finals ot the Fer- guson Tournament. This was one of the upsets ot the season. Top Row: Duemq, McGennis, Stokes, Cole, Eroyles, Walker, Clay. Bottom Row: Giowski, Accetta, Scott, Miss Hirsch, Trollinger, Scitatier, Gruebei. Top How: Monroe, Fiebiq, Blacklock, Schulte, Virtson,Post1e, Reed. Bottom Row: Conreux, Murphy, Pauls, Mr. Crain, Bod-ebgugh, D. Pearce, B. Pearce Page Twenty-Six First Row: Miss Hirsch, Iones, Hayes, McGinnis, Bischoff. Second Row: Sprinqiueier, Knowles, Cole, Clay, Shaw. Front Row: Conreux, Murphy, Pauls, Coach Crain, Rodebauqh, R. Pearce, D. Pearce. Back Row: Monroe, Fiebig, Blacklock, Schulte, Vinson, Postle, Reed. Page Twenty-Seven Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball season was pretty successful with what games they could obtain. The more frequented opponents were lennings, Riverview, Maplewood, and other county schools. The varsity consisted mainly of luniors and Seniors. Miss Hirsch had a dependable team with four of the members who were to receive master letters for outstanding work in sports. They were: E. Barkey, I. Clay, P. Tones and N. Knowles. The interclass games left the Seniors the victors. Boys' Basketball Undoubtedly the full support of the student body acted as a tonic for the l943-44 Blue lays. Their record of seven wins and six losses is pretty fair, consid- ering the competition and the bad breaks that befell the team. The Navy took D. Looser, B. Kraleman and I. Rodebaugh dropped because of sickness and B. Kintz went into the Ma- rines. Out of the team emerged the year's scoring ace, B. Schulte, who scored l53 points in l3 contests. This year's B team finished their season with a record of 8 Wins and 7 losses. Track Due to the beckoning ot Uncle Sam our track team has been very hard hit by the loss ot several key men. Notwith- standing these losses Coach Crain has put together a fairly good track team considering that most of them lack experi- ence. The team is largely com- posed ot Freshmen and Sopho- mores. These boys should, in the next year or two, develop into fine track athletes. There are only four letter men return- ing from last year's team. Baseball The season for the lays looks good with Mr. Hohn being coach of the baseball team again this year. The team should be much better than it was last year because they have experience which it sorely lacked before. The team as a whole is largely composed of Sophomores and Seniors. There are six letter men returning. They are D. Pauls, R. Schulte, B. Becker, H. Smither, B. Postel and I. Rodebaugh. The only change in the schedule this year is the dropping of Nor- mandy and Wellston and the adding of Berkeley and Coun- try Day to the schedule. Front Row: Coach Crain, Whipple, Hartweck, Rodebaugh, Oclis, Fiebig, Bruton, Henke, E. Swaboda, Callas, Nelson. Back Row: McDaniel, Accetta, Hummell, Covin, Walters, Shy, Vinson, Mattingly Iay Doerr S Swaboda , , f - , Zimmerman, Mgr. I First Row: Drysdale, R. Pearce, Pauls, Rodebaugh, Postle, Smithers, Becker, Barnwell, Sperandeo, Rein, Mgr. Mr. Hohn, Coach. Back Row: Monroe, Aubuchon, D. Pearce, D. Russell, Reed, LiVigni, Moritz, B. Russell, Obst, Vincent, Dailey Page Twenty-Eight All In a Day's Work at Fairview Humor Romeo: "Somebody loves me, too." Iuliet: "Who loves you?" Romeo: "Don't you know that beautiful girl who moved into the corner house last week? I sang a serenade under her window last night, and she threw me a beautiful red, red rose." Iuliet: "ln a moment of mad love?" Romeo: "No, in a three-pound pot." Senior: "lust think, some of those ruins are five thousand years old." Freshman: "Say I'm not that dumb." Senior: "Don't you believe they are five thousand years old?" Freshman: "How could they be? lt's only 1944. 1.1 Fritz: "Washington sure must have had a great memory." Gene: "Why do you think he had a qreat memory?" Fritz: "Well, they built a big monument to it." ,..i. Two soldiers who had been buddies before they were separated by the fortunes of war met again on Foreign shores. "What ever became of Henry?" inquired the first about a third pal. "He was dishonorably discharged," said the second. "I-low did it happen?" "He was loading a bunch of soldiers on a boat, marching them onto the dock. Four hundred of them went over the side and got drowned before he could say: Halt. You know how he stuttered." Page Thirty Teacher: "That's a comet." Small Boy: "A what?" Teacher: "A comet. You know what a comet is?" Small Boy: "No." Teacher: "Don't you know what they call a star with a tail?" Small Boy: "Sure-Mickey Mouse." Teacher: "Now, class, what do we mean by plural?" Bill: "By plural we mean it's the same thing, only more of it." Preacher: "What is the opposite of sor- row?" Farmer: "Ioy." Preacher: "The opposite of woe?" Farmer: "Giddap! " Conductor: "Do you want the porter to call you?" Passenger: "No, thanks. I awaken every morning at seven." Conductor: "Then, would you mind call- ing the porter?" Miss Marshall: "If I tear a peice of paper into four pieces, what do I get?" Postle: "Eiqhths." Miss Marshall: "And if I divide it into eight?" Postle: "Eights." Miss Marshall: "And if I divide it into eight thousand parts?" Postle: "Confetti." .xdcfiuified Student Council The Student Council, under the sponsorship ot Mr. Hohn, nieets whenever the necessity ftrises to tronsdct business ond decide upon its policies. The president l. Cerny, hos niony duties besides presiding over Council nieetings. lt is he who introduces speolcers dt os- sernbly ond indkes ctnnouncef rnents to the student body. The secretoiyetrectsurer, l. Cloy, is busy with bookkeeping cxnd re- cording ot Council business. The rneinbers ore in chorge ot most ot the sociol lite ot the school ond hctndle rnony other problems. Annual Stall ln the Poll of l943 the Blue lcfy stfttt, sponsored by Miss Saxon, niet to orgonize ond to plon the T944 edition. I. Cerny was inode Editor-in-Chief ond the rest ol the group wus inode up ot Seniors with reporters troin the other cldsses, Meetings were held ot interf vols during the yeor. After dll the vorious plcrns were cdrried out ond hundreds ot detoils dttended to the l944 Blue Toy wus reody for distrif bution ond the stoit could take fl well deserved rest. Top Bow: Cerny, Smitner, Wren, Mr. Holm, Blgclclock, Urysdcxle, Rein Bottom Row: Vxvirztm, Bxshoft, Kelly, Stokes, Cloy, Anthcny, Kinder Top Row: Knowles, Postle, Schulte, Geipel, Blrlcklock, Eroyles, Sntirher, Potts Bottom Row: Conreux, Wtipelhorst, P-Iuls, Miss Sdxon, Cerny, Vivmni, M imon Fr A tl 1 P PT" Thirty 'Two Top Row: '.,1ri1-ii.-1, E' 1 , 1 , . 1 H 11' lf- - " 'f-1 f , t' l,. r., rl. ,,. ,, A---l , -1, H ..,,r ,.., , .wi -fi 41.111 '1. Boiiom Row: lwl1l't'1y, 'Luth l,1':'1, Iii-11.1111-1":L Mist Gi-rr1i1.z'r1"'1lt, Viv: mi, Ewzkify, ati, 5111- i, ll- rth Row: Bird, swf swift PM 1-1 f M - fl- is-.fi f-1'1,M 1 i ., , A .,.., F. .,., , 4.11 rd How: Fosellfz, Lirftzler, Fi 1,-' l , .fu-,1 ,.1..1 ,, Ei-illixii rl, Sei G rpl'1,T:3.1:13+1r', Iyi' ll tl Schultz. :md Row: l..ltZ1i'I,CQI rt, l'1."1r1lgle3' X i ll1l1,lvlZ.i--1 l 2-,. Le 1'v'!l,, i-' .zx1'::, Verifc, .1-ind-irffcfrz, Qciis, E,rrzxe'f-ll at-iii: 1 Row: Murg hy, Gczidzlzn, FX: ,412 l' "rx, F v rar, Eisilic 'I ixixz,Postll,Adi-ir,G1:11cl11i1,Leii mfg Trai'-1 P me Thuty-Tlxrf-e Journalism Class The lournalisni Class of l944 is proud to he the first orqanif zation ia present to the students a printed paper. Heretofore the Courier was published lay mim- eoaraph. Durinq this current year the paper showed marked irnproveinent in style, copy and size. Because the enrollment of Fairview was increased it was the opinion of rnany that it rnerited a printed paper. Through the eitorts ot the pres- ent class, funds tor the financ- ina of this enterprise were raised. Pep Club The Pep Ciuh, under the sponsorship of Miss Stein and Presidency of Shirley Levitt has shown itself as Cf very irnportf ant factor in suoportina the cheer leaders who are honor- ary members oi the club. Members oi the Pep Club are easily distinguished by their emblems which consist of a Blue lay on a rneaaphone. Meetinas were held hi- rnonthlyg the dues collected aof ina to the Leap Year party where the airls aciea as escorts to boys whorn they invited and entertained lor the evening. What A Life Clay, Wapelhorst, Hunter, Walker, Pauls, Kelly, Scott, Maher, Graf, Rhodes, Hofmann, Arconati, Blacklock, Lind, Broyles, Robinson, Seiger, Loseman. Henry Aldrich, tamed personality ot radio, stage and screen, made his appearance at Fairview in the all school play directed by Miss Mildred Miller. The principal characters were Henry, CG. Hotmannl, Barbara Pearson, CF. Arconatil his volatile girl friend, G. Bigelow, CG. Blacklockl Henry's enemy who almost gets him into real trouble: several teachers, including Miss Pike, Ch. Hunterl, Miss lohnson, CH. Ghapmanl and Miss Wheeler, CE. Waplehorstl with their worries about Easter vacations, and Mr. Nelson, CD. Paulsl, the assistant principal who straightens out Henry's problems. Other characters include R. Scoot, P. Walker, M. Maher, R. Seiger, H. Grat, P. Kelly, C. Robin- son, D. Lind, L. Broyles, V. Fiebig and S. Rhodes. Stage setting was designed by D. Wren and F. Manion. Page Timmy-Your Arsenic and Qld Lace Russell, Fiebiq, Smither, Ceiny, Pouls, Arconczti, Bldcklock, Postle, Spercmdeo, Hifile, Halter, Broyles, Sieqer, Lind. The 1944 Seniors under the direction of Miss Noida Grcxmmdticott, presented ds their onnuol ploy, "Arsenic ond Old Lace", one ot the most successful ot the newer Brood wcty comedies. The story tells how two elderly refined lctdies ndmed Abby cmd Mctrthot Brewster, lived in cz shctdy ldne in Brooklyn ctnd cdrry on o shddy bit ot business commonly cctlled murder. ll iq U- There ore numerous other chorotcters, such cts cr nephew who imdqines he is the lczte "Teddy" Roosevelt, onother who vies with the sisters in their dmusinq dvocotion dnd hos his tcrce lifted every time he knocks ott ct victim ond still ctnother who tries to be CI sdne drctmotic critic despite his hysterical surroundings. Featured in the lectdinq roles were L. Brpyles, B. Holter, G. Blocklock, D. Lind, B. Postle, L. Sperdndeo ond F. Arconoti. Tliii ty-Five The IQ!-L3 Carnival at which Lorraine Fcrhien, '43, was crowned Queen P q Th WS EVergreen 8700 KNODEL BAKERY OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 10 INCLUDING SUNDAY 6715 WEST FLORISSANT AVE. St. Louis, Mo. VOMPLIMFNTS OF KRALEMAN'S MARKET 5243 Helen Avenue EVergreen 9539 E. L. QUICK HARDWARE AND PAINTS Builders' Electric and Plumbmg Supplies 6806 West Florissant Ave. EVergreen 2810 CQMPLIMENTS OF THE VILLAGE INN B 6 B ICE CREAM SHOP ICE CREAM E- COMPLETE EOUNTMN SERVICE 6817 West Florissant Ave. O. L. C O N R E U X GROCERIES, MEATS AND VEGETABLES We Give Eagle Stamps 7036 Emma Avenue EVergreen 8871 RAY'S CLEANERS AND DYERS GEO. H. MITCHELL Expert lV0l'kIIZll1lSh.'l17 in Our Own Plant 6719 West Florissant Ave. EVergreen 8809 Th ty HOVEN BROTHERS MARKET MEATS, VEGETABLES AND GROCERIES FLORISSANT HARDWARE CO Builders' Hardware, Paints, Glass, Electrical Supplies, Pipes and Fittings FLOOR SANDERS FOR RENT We Give Eagle Stamps 6720 West Florissant Ave. 6902 West Florissant Ave. Evergreen ssae JEWEL SERVICE EAT AT G0odfellow 8175 EVergreen 9089 Ask Your Neighbor TlRES!-BATTERlES-ACCESSORIES 8301 Jennings Road Plate Dlnrters and Sandwiches -- HOME COOKING 681 l V2 West Florissant Ave. ELVlRA'S BEAUTY SHOP 5539 Helen Avenue EVergreen 7373 LElBBRAND'S MARKET GROCERI ES-MEATS-ICE CREAM-CANDY 540l Helen Avenue EVergreen 9684 F or Fuel Conservation Your Government Suggests That 5,355 You lnsulate Your Home F I X LUitH'?.'1'E C O. 5836 HELEN AVENUE EVergreen 2580 Th t E qht "OUR BEST WISHES ARE OFFERED FOR A SPEEDY RETURN FOR EACH OF YOU BOYS ENTERING TI-IE ARMED SERVICES AFTER YOUR GRADUATION." "Good Luck To All Of You" KINAMORE'S DEPT. STORE 6804 WEST Ei.oRissANT AVE. HODGE'S MARKET Groceries, Meats and VegetabIes-Freezer-Fresh Ice Cream Helen and Emma Ave. Goedfeiiew 6545 - WE DELIVER COIVIPLIMENTS OF MAACK AUTO SERVICE EVergreen 9465 Residence: EVergreen GAS, OILS, ACCESSORIESiREPAIRS FOR ANY CAR 670l West Florissant Ave. Speed Victory . . . Buy More TVar Bonds 4653 IT'S RUCKER'S DRUG STORES Eok PREsckiPTioNs EVergreen 2964 YOU'LL MAKE NO MISTAIQE BY TAKING TI-IEM TO JOE'S SHOE HOSPITAL 5204 Helen Ave.-Jennings, Mo. FLOR-DEL BEAUTY SHOP SHAMPOO and SET S60 and S70 We Specialize On Permanente, AIso I-IeIe-me Curtis CoId Waves OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS BEN FRANKLIN STORES EVERYTHING FROM Se TO 51,00 AND UP 6808 West Florissant Ave. EVergreen 8277 7032 W. FLORISSANT 'NDEPFNDFNTLY OWNER Page Thirty-Nine S A N D S I MORTONS CUT RATE DRUGS J PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 7020 West Florissant Ave. ODORLESS DRY CLEANING MUIberrY 4445 EOR CLEANING WORTHXYXHILE ANDSERVICEXWITHASMILE 5424 HELEN AvE. 3 STORES Muierfy szoo 5440 Helen Avenue 7205 EASTON cAbany szoo 8604 NATURAL BRIDGE ENterprise 89 fVe'9'ee" 8894 COMPLIMENTS OF McGUIRE'S SERVICE STATION 5662 Jennings Road J. KNOWLES EVe'9'ee" 8250 EVergreen 98I6 35I JENNINGS ROAD Jennings, Mo. COMPLIMENTSOF 5 JIM KINNISON'S INCLUDING KATHLEEN, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS, HIGH GRADE Helen Avenue CLEANER HEAT COAL ALL SIZES AND GRADES OE COAL FOR FURNACE STOVE AND STOKER P F Boosters Of The Blue Jay DR. and MRS. ALBERT WALL WILLIAM H. FINKE, Realtors Autographs Eff 1 SEQ 1 If

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