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an we ,,1f l ' .4kwd1.y 5 Av ' uf i if A W, M ww f g ff .r f g K if 0 1191, ii, .JM M W , ,M LV? I ,,3,,,j,a'A A ' . 4 L, r Eg lain U 5 F !ffjl:w?5EI'QfIs.4i?23if A ' Wei xk fag, v is . I 1 9 S' 1' sf-- ai A 1 hos." 'Ulu 954 If I 'I fi. O I ' s A up .3 , W M.. I. ,1.:d,'i, .. N M Q . . . . I 'fl-,, js fb I l. .AN -2, .4 V in' ryl I Alf Q -if iw 5- fa ' THE I-57? Clzaflenge 'I Pf..,m+ea bg Jrke. class .S x Q 4 Q X1 5 'w 'Q .wx ,wdiifrfiiffaf W Wx 6 M 142 4 For a lifetime of devotion and friendship we, the class of 1957, dedicate this Challenge to you, Mr. Joseph B. Tim- mons. 3 ADMINIS1 RA1 ,UN X N x ,K QQIf1f:A:xw v' N an ff . :X-Rx 'Ox I 1 N I LLOYD E. BAUMAN- Supervising Princi- palg BS Lockhaven State Teachers Col- lege, M. Ed Penn State University. .-'Hgk CHARLES T. WOLL- High School Principalg BS Bloomsburg State Teachers College, M. Ed Penn State Universityg Typing, Student Council. i 3- RUTH HEDDERICK- School Secretary. IRENE DAGGETT- School Nurseg R.N. Hamot Hospital, Villa Maria College, Edinboro State Teachers. 7 Elan... JOYCE HETZ- English S eechg M.A 2 P ' . JOHN TOMIKEL- POD comm. ceog. Aneghefly College 12 Homeroomi Semor I-list., Science, B.S. Clarion State Teichers Class Play' TU-H1-Y' College, M. Litt University of Pittsburgh, 1113.1-Iomeroomg Yearbook, School Patrol. s. fi..9'x. JOSEPH TI.MIv1ONS- Sciences, B.S. Pennsylvania State University, Edinboro State Teachers College, 10A I-Iomeroom. MARGARET MCEVOY- Commercial, B.A Villa Maria College, 10A Homeroom. 2' if gf j :P W A -if ts 'HTL 55 get ,-gggfvm K A N imma, .J -1' DONALD PAULSON- Artg B.S. Edinboro State Teachers College, University of Pittsburghg 9A Homeroomg Sign Painting. GEORGIA DeMARCO- Girls Physical Educationg B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers Collegeg GAA, Twirlcrs, Cheer Leaders. Avis MCCLINTOCK- English, Historyg Bs. Mansfield State Teachers College, Edinboro RALPH SHEPARD- Advanced Mathematicsi State Teachers Collegeg 8B Homeroomg B.S. Edinboro State Teachers Collcgeg 7A FTA, Homeroom. I www: . wp-qi, YE E.,,.F'3'e. f F T JOHN RIMMEY - Boys Physical Educationg B.S. De- gree, Lock Haven State Teachers Collegeg 8-3 Homeroomg Football Head Coach, Varsity Basket- ball Coach. MILDRED ENDRES - Latin, Guidanceg B.S. Degree, Edin- horo State Teachers College and M,A. Degree, Allegheny College, Villa Maria, Pennsy vania State University, Wes- tern Reserve. 1- JANE WHITTAKER - History, PATSY STELTZER - Librariang B.S. Degree, Clarron Civicsg B.S. Degree, Edin- State Teachers Collegeg Library Club. boro State Teachers Collegeg Senior Homeroom. 8 MARY JOHNSON - English, Spanishg B.S. Degree, CAROL SISAK - Home Economicsg B.S. Degree, In- Clarion State Teachers Collegeg 9-B Homeroom. diana State Teachers Collegeg F.H.A. WILLIAM VAIL - Mathg B.S. Degree, Clarion State MORRIS YOUNGDAI-IL - Mixed Chorus, Band, Musicg Teachers Collegeg 8-1 Homeroomg Photography B.S. Degree, Pennsylvania State University. Club. 9 HOWARD CAMPBELL B.S. California State Teachers College Industrial Arts, Driver Training 11 Homeroom Jr. High Basketball RAYMOND HEDDERICK B.S. Penna. State University History 7 Homeroom Baseball Coach Asst. Football r CAFETERIA STAFF STANDING: M. Amos, S. Payne, F. Hotchkiss, M. Tresler, F. Hershehnan, and M. Shilling. SEATED: E Stancliff, A. Johnson, L. Leslie fdieticianj, E. Vitter, and L. Miesel. I0 BERT WILKINS MAINTENANCE AXEL IBSEN W BUS DRIVERS BACK: R. Manchester, F. Olmstead, and D. Miller. FRONT: L. Weidler, and L. Traut 1 1 BOARD OF EDLICATIO Mrs. L. Kuntz, P. Stephany, H.G. Leininger, A. Miles, E. Leopold fPres.l, C.J. Kell Jr., T. Fergu son, Mrs. R. Bremmer fSec. non-mernberj, Missing Donald Hervey. HAROLD HOLLAND Sorrow invaded our school when Mr. Harold Holland, member ofthe school board for 27 years, was fa- tally injured following the Fairview -Waterford Ft. Le Boeuf football game on September 21, 1956. 12 SENIUKS SALLY ANDREWS - "ACADEMIC" GAA 1,2,3,45 Letter 1,2,3,45 Pres. 2,3,45 Basketball 3, 45 Capt. 35 Volleyball 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Letter 35 Sec'y5 Pres. 45 Dist. Band 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Drum Ga Bugle Corps 15 All Star Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 25 Music Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 253,45 Challenge Staff 45 Jr. Rep. 35 Hall Monitor 1,45 Class Treas. 25 Class V. Pres. 3. CATHERINE BLAHM - "COMMERCIAL" Photography 15 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4. DAVID L. CLOSE - "COMMERCIAL" Mixed Chorus 1,2545 Basketball Manager 253,45 Score Keeper Football 3,45 Hall Monitor 2 5 Sport Club 1. MARCIA COLE - "ACADEMIC" Flag Twirling 3,45 Captain 45 GAA 2,35 Vice Pres. 35 Hall Monitor 35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Class Secretary 253,45 Chaplain 45 Photography Club ' 15 Sec.-Treas. 15 Challenge Staff 45 Jr. Rep. 3. 14 'SN RONALD CORBETT - "GENERAL" FFA 1,25 Library 45 Gym Club 3. FHA 2,3,45 GAA 15 Hall Monitor 3. ROBERTA DUDAS - "ACADEMIC" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Letter 45 Majorette 1,2,3,45 Head Majorette 3,45 Letter 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Letter 15 FHA 1,35 Tri.Hi-Y 2,45 Girls Basketball 2,3,4, Girls Volleyball 3,45 School Column 253,45 Twirling School 45 All Star Twirler 1,2,3,4. ROY EATON - "GENERAL" Basketball 15 Letter 15 Science Club 15 Football 2,3, 45 Letter 45 Varsity F 25 Photo Club 45 Treasurer 4. 15 JANICE CURRY - "COMIvfERCIAL" STEVE ESTOCK - "GENERAL" Varsity F 15 Football 1,2,3,45 FFA Treasurer 2. SUE FERGUSON - "ACADEMIC" Tri-Hi-Y 45 Treas. 3,45 Class Treas. 45 Band 3,45 Sec 3,45 GAA 3,45 Volleyball 45 Chorus 3,45 Hall Monitor 4 LOIS ANN FIESLER - VOCATIONAL" FHA 1,2,3,45 Vice President 3. DAVID GREGORY - "COMMERCLAL" Basketball Manager 1,2,3,45 FTA 45 Sports Club 25 Challenge 45 Sports Editor5 Hall Monitor 3,4. 7 16 :fr E Z 5. ff x li' THOMAS GRESH - "GENERAL" Sports Club 15 Hall Monitor 4. TED HETZ - "ACADEMIC" Baseball l,2,3,45 Lettennan 253,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 A11-County 3,45Basketball 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,45 A11-County 35 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 45 Vice-Pres. 35 Pres. 45 Distzict Chorus 35 Band 15 aristy F 1, Art Club 1,25 Sign Painting Club 3,45 - Pres. 45 Vice Pres. 3. PAUL HOGLE - "ACADEMIC" Basketball 15 Letterman 15 Football 25 Photo Club l,2, 3,45 Pres. 35 Vice Pres. 45 Sec.,Treas. 25 Class Parlia- mentarian 3,45 Challenge Staff 45 Photo Editor 45 Monitor 25 Yearbook Photographer 4. CATHY HOLLAND - "ACADEMIC" ht Challenge Staff 45 Subscription Manager 45 Mixed A Chorus 1,2,3,45 Piano 1,2,3,45 District Chorus 3,45 ,,V5, ' Student Council 1,35 Secretary-Treasurer 35 Cheer- ii leading 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,3,45 Let- terman 1,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Chaplain 35 State Rep- resentative 35 Music Club 15 Pres. 15 Band 1. I7 GARY HORTON - "GENERAL" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3g Music Club 3g Sports Club 1 LARA JOHNSON "COMMERCIAL" C - FHA 1,2,3,45 School Column 3,45 Class Treas. 15 GAA 2. JACKIE JONAS - "ACADEMIC" MARY NES - "COMMERlCAL" FHA 1,25 GAA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 4. 1 2 3 4 Ma'orettes 2- GAA l,25Tr1- Mixed Chorus , , , 5 J , Hi-Y 2,3,43 Art Club li Hall Monitor l,2,35 Drum 8: Bugle Corps 1. 18 INA KAUFFMAN - "ACADEMIC" FHA 1,2535 Pres. 25 FTA 45 Historian 45 Challenge 45 Class Editor5 Volleyball 3,45 Girls Basketball 45 Drum Gt Bugle Corps 1. PEG KREIDER - "ACADEMIC" Band l,2,35 Chorus 15 FHA l,2,35 Sec. 25 Treas. 35 FTA 45 Pres. 45 Challenge 45 Activities Editor Girls Basketball 45 Volleyball 3,45 Drum :Sz Bugle Corps 1. BETTE KRUSE - "ACADEMIC" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Letter 45 FHA 1,35 Majorette 1 253,45 Letter 45 Fire Twirler 45 All Star Twirling 253, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 School Column 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Girls Volleyball 3,45 Twirling School 45 Pittsburgh Twirler 25 Hall Monitor 45 Office Staff 1,2. CHUCK LESLIE - "COMMERCIAL" Art Club 1,25 Hall Monitor 25 Sign Painting Club 2,35 Wrestling 2,35 FTA 45 Librarian 4. 19 FLOSSIE LICSKO - "COMMERCIAL" FHA 1,2,3,45 Sec. FHA 35 Pres. FHA 45 GAA 35 Ma- jorette 2,3,45 Letter 45 All Star Twirling 3,45 Pitts- burgh Twirling 2 5 Twirling School 45 Basketball Man ager 35 Challenge Staff 45 Assistant Business Manager Prom Committee 3. LOUANNE MCDOUGAL - "ACADEMIC" Mixed Chorus 3,45 GAA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Pres. 45 Class Treas. 3. EDD MCKEAN - "ACADEMIC" Football 1,2,35 Letter 35 Basketball Statistician 1,2,3, 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vice Pres. 45 Class Pres. 45 Student Council 45 Challenge Staff5 Business Manager 5 Hall Monitor l,2,3,4. FORREST C. MISCHLER - "ACADEMIC" Class Officer 1,25 Sportsman's Club 15 Student Council 3,45 Student Council Pres. 3,45 Challenge Staff 45 Ad- vertising Manager5 Football 1,2,3,45 Letterman 3,45 Basketball Statistician 2,3,4 5 Mixed Chorus 15 Baseball Statistician 2 53,45 Hall Monitor 25 Prom Committee 35 Vice President North-Western District Student Coun- cil 4. 20 I in JUDY MUNCH - "COMMERCIAL" QQ' FHA 1,4. OSCAR NIEBAUER - "ACADEMIC" Sport Club 15 Art Club 25 Hall Monitor 25 Sign Paint ing Club 3. RALPH NIEBAUER - "ACADEMIC" Sports Club 15 Student Council 2,3,45 Vice President 45 Sign Painting Club 35 Class President 35 Football 2, lil 3,45 Letter 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Let- ter 2,3,4. SHARON OWENS - "ACADEMIC" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Music Club 1,35 V. Pres. Music Club 35 Sign Painting Club 25 FTA Club 45 FTA Sec- retary 45 Challenge Staff 45 Majorettes 1,35 Hall Mon- itor 1,25 District Chorus 4. 21 GEORGE PANGRATZ - "ACADEMIC" itor 1,2,35 Student Council 25 Bowling 3. LARRY PAYNE - "GENERAL" , A Football 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,4i C0-C2Pf2m.4s Basketball l,2,35 Letterman 1,25 Baseball 1,24 Mixed - char-at 1,2 5 Art Club 1, Varsity Club 25 Photography Club 35 Wrestling 3. SHARLENE PAYNE - "ACADEMIC" Cheerleading 35 Majorette 2,45 Drum and Bugle 15 Office Staff 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,45 Girls Basketball 45 Referee 35 Science 15 Pres. 15 FHA 2,35 Vice Pres. 35 Historian 25 FTA 45 Parliamentarian 45 Girl's Volleyball 3,45 Jr. Girls Chorus 15 Mixed Chorus 253,45 School Column 3,45 All-Star Majorette 1,2,3, 4. GERRY PLATZ - "GENERAL" FHA 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 3. 22 Football 1,25 Baseball 45 Sign Painting 1,25 Hall Mon- -Q' JOHN RALPH - "GENERAL" Football 1,2,3,45 Letter 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Letter 3,45 Student Council 45 Hall Monitor 2,35 Music Club 'Band 1,2,3,4. FHA l,2,3,45 FHA Secretary 45 GAA 2. FHA l,4. GERRY ROBIE - "ACADEMIC" GAA 1,2545 Girls Basketball 45 Girls Volleyball 3,45 Majorette 1,2,3,45 Letter 45 All Star Twirling 2,3545 Pittsburgh Twirling 2 5 Twirling School 45 FTA 35 FHA 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Letter 45 Hall Monitor 2,45 Office Staff 15 Library 2. JANET SHYLER - "COMM.ERCLAL" DONNA SMITH - "COMMERCIAL" 23 KEITH STAINBROOK - "GENERAL" MARLENE STANCLIFF - "COMMERCIAL" FHA 1,2,4. HOWARD STOL'I'Z - "ACADEMIC" Entered Junior Year Football 45 Letterman 45 Photography Club 45 Pres. 4. SPENCER THORTON - "GENERAL FFA 1,z,a,sp0frs crub 1. 3 24 JACK TIMMONS - "GENERAL" Football 1,2,3,45 Letterman 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,43 Letterman 2,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Photography Club 15 Varisty F 2. TOM TITUS - "GENERAL" MARY ANNE WALIACE - "ACADEMIC" Band 1,2,3,45 Letter 33 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Music Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 District Chorus 4. VIC WAISLEY - "ACADEMIC" Football 1,2,3,45 Letterman 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Letterman l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Letterman 2,45 Student Council 1,2,3g Class Pres. 1,25 Varisty F lg FTA 4s Hall Monitor 2,4. M WALT WEISS - "Academic" Baseball 2,45 Letter 2,43 Basketball 2,3,4g Letter 2,3,4g Football 3,43 Letter 3,4g Hall Monitor 3,4g Sign Paint- ing Club 3. KENNETH WORLEY - "Academic" Football 2,3,4g Letter 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Letter 45 Baseball 2,3,43 Letter 2,3,4g Photo Club 43 Sportsman Club 1. silk '11 CLASS OFFICERS Edd McKean, President, Teddy I-letz, Vice President, Marcia Cole, Secretary, Sue Ferguson, Treasurerg Paul Hogle, Parliamentarian. 26 SENIOR Surmnnvss fm N ff 5 fri' Z 675' X- E - ll h Q. S 5 4 'f Fhhldic. Q' ., lQEg,:., . f HKJ fo svc.ce,e.J A:'L YS? ..e::... , N I I ' f X as n X sf Dressch mvsf' orvli-1' A 41, ' x I N is 'Besf Loo 'B' 'f F'l'f I lr s w ' QD 'B'5f D4-WC-CYS' J Cfass Cfogms P. Hollywood Ruffians .E Sweet Adeline ,S . W Elvis Whoops! Three Musketeers Mmmmmmm Hardy Boys Look! 2 EL Muscles N. tlt W S H , ,- ..'- P Q . X K f , ' :-li -.S r e 5 gh L: ..V . A 5 ff at--Y rx 5 4 Q fs 5 ,N 'E-Q? '7 "5 'I' 3 -1 'es sy? N " Xv,,. 5 Solid Foundation CLASS PROPHECY Perched on a cloud high above earth, Itrained the lens of my telescope on the newcomers to the Pearly Gates. I recognized the character trying to pick the lock as my fellow classmate, Walt Weiss, who was formerly the president of the Sealtest Milk Company. His milk deliverers, who were Ralph and Oscar Niebauer, were trying desperately to climb over the gates but failed to succeed when Gerry Robie, with the help of Bette Kruse, both compt. operators with the McKean Kc Holland Corporation, found a slate of buttons with several names at- tached to it and hastily pushed the one labeled "receptionist". Presently the receptionist came who was none other than Peg Kreider, who did such a good job on earth that she was permanently appointed receptionist for St. Pete.r's gate. As I watched them straggle in, I noticed someone sitting far off in the distance on a cloud with a drawing board and pencil, working away. Iflew down and met my good friend, Louanne McDougal, who was rearranging the structure of Heaven. It was then that I realized my old gang was going in to meet St. Peter and I decided I'd follow along with them. Just then, far off in the distance, I though I could hear a voice behind me, saying, "don't close those gates!" I waited, realizing I recognized the voice of the class cut-up, Roy Eaton. After Roy caught up to me, I asked him what kept him so long and he explained that he had been a janitor at Fairview High School and he had to work overtime. "Well, come on," I said, "or you'll be late." Down the great halls lined with marble, which a well known mason, Jack Timmons, constructed, until we came to the end where St. Peter was arguing with Forrest Mischler about the marks in his little black grade book. Forrest, once a great doctor, won out as usual and was awarded his pair of wings. At St. Peter's right elbow sat his efficient secretaries, Florence Licsko, Janet Shyler, Gerry Plan, Mary Ives, Clara Johnson and Lois Fiesler. At the left, his accountant, Dave Gregory, who was formerly employed in Steve l'1stok's grocery store. Next two stewardesses, Donna Smith and Judy Munch, who already had their wings, traded them in for larger and more flexible ones. When Tom Gresh stepped up, St. Peter congratulated him on his fine work as a mortician. Lawyer, Howie Stolz began pleading his case for Teddy I-Ietz, President of the United States, who was impeached. Found not guilty, was the verdict and Teddy received his wings. "Well, I guess that's all," said St. Peter. "Ahem," said a weak voice beside me. It was Roy. "Oh, yes," said St. Peter, "we forgot you." "I'm sorry, there are no more wings." Roy sadly turned away. Just then Spencer Thorton, a mail order clerk on cloud 57, rushed a new order of wings, constructed by a successful engineer, George Pangratz. "Sorry I'm late," Spence said, "but air traffic hadbecome congested when several angels locked wings at the corner of Milky Way and Vine. They even called in Dave Close, the head of the FBI, because the traffic cop, Gary Hor- ton, was on his yearly vacation. I decided to stroll around and see how my old classmates were adjusting themselves. I walked under a ladder and looked up and there was Jackie Jonas hanging out the Stats. "Hi, Jackie," I said. "Hi," was the reply, "I've done such a good job on earth as a housewife to Bob, and I hung his wash out every week that St. Peter placed me on this job permanently. I decided I was pretty well off with nothing to do and so I started on my way." The next thing I knew a star had hit me on the head and I was picking myself up. Then Iheard Larry Payne, former coach from Notre Dame, bawling out his star player, John Ralph. "I'm sorry," Moose said, "but those new fangeled balls up here have five sides and I don't know which side to catch it on." Rearranging my halo back on my head, I found I badly needed a fitting for a new one, so I approached a little halo shop that read, "Janny's Shoppe." I entered the little door and seated myself on a cloud and awaited the halotician. To my surprise, Janice Curry came to wait on me. I was glad to see she was another one of my old school chums. She told me she was a beautician down on earth but graduated when she came up here. Suddenly the door flew open and in walked Sally Andrews. "Hi, Sally," I said. "I hear you used your training as a Physical Therapist to reset Ina Kau.ffman's back." "Yeah," Sal said, "she slipped on a block in her Child's Care Technition." "Hey," I said, "have you seen Keith Stainbrook around?" "Yeah," she said, "I just passed his farm on the way over and he was picking heavenly peaches." After Janny reset my halo I was on my way again. As I approached the corner I noticed Roberta Dudas and Marcia Cole sitting on the curb commenting on the food our head cook serves up here Marcia was a late Medical Secretary and Bobbie was a Medical Technologist both on the Angelic Hospital "For twenty-five cents," Bobbie said, "you'd think our dietition, Mary Anne , Wallace could serve better meals." "Yes, but for twenty-five cents, what can you expect to have?" Marcia asked. Idecided not to enter into that subject so I proceeded on my way. Ithen entered a familiar building, which was the high school of angels. Ifound our rincipal, Ronnie Cor- bett, was discussing some very important matters with the school nurse, Marlene Stancligf. One of the most prominent students, Tom Titus, was sleeping on the couch in the nurses office because he had to catch falling stars in his fish net to study for a Biology assignment. I went on further down the hall and Ipassed a room in which I glanced in and saw Sue Ferguson busy teaching her elementary class. Sharon Owens and Chuck Leslie were the head of the art department and were busy instructing their students on the fundamentals of art. Banging away on the typewriters were the commercial angels and at the head of the class was their teacher, Cathy Bahm. The last room I passed was the History room and the door was shut. On the door it read, Kenneth Worley, History. I thought I'd better get back to my regular job and so I headed down the hall to the end and entered a door reading, Gymnasium, St. Victor Waisley, Boys Phys. Ed., 8: St. Sharlene Payne, Girls Phys. Ed. But just before entering my office, a light flashed in my eyes. True to form, behind the camera peeked Mr. Paul Hogle, cub reporter for the Evening Star Herald. l:t's my guess that tomorrow's edition of the heavenly news will feature headline pictures of our Clestial Reunion. 29 SENIOR NAME WHO'S NICKNAME WEAKN ESS PET PEEVE Sally Andrews Sal Sports Elvis swooners Catherine Bahm Cathy Clothes Snobbish people David Close Clancy Food Shorthand Marcia Cole Marcy? Moonlight People who smoke cigars Ronnie Corbett Ron Courage Living ....... Janice Curry Jan Billy Air Force Roberta Dudas Frenchie Chocolate milkshakes Elvis Presley Roy Eaton Chyenne Weddings Unmarried woman teachers Steve Estok Blow Sioux-Z Big ugly dogs Sue Ferguson Soupy Fun Third Eye Lois Ann Fiesler Loe Boys Uniforms David Gregory Dave Food Teachers Thomas Gresh Greasy Pretty girls English Ted Hetz Slats Sleeping Getting up in the morn- mg Paul Hogle Zombie Pizza Weak hypo Cathie Holland Vibrater Dancing Red Roses Gary Horton Horty Model Planes McKean girls Mary Ives Mary Rock and Roll Music Two faced people Clara Johnson Tootie Roger The Navy Jacqueline Jonas Jackie Bob FOF's Ina Kauffman Ina Tiger tackle Jackie's jokes Peg Kreider Peg f Fairview fullback Jackie's jokes Bette Kruse "Chief" "Smokey" Those who like Elvis Charles Leslie Chuck Art Typing Florence Licsko Flossie Dancing Being stared at Louanne McDougal Buzzard Cider Simian boys Edd McKean G1-ouch Female gender Excitable persons Forrest Mischler Misch Red Roses Certain study hall teachers Judith Munch Judy Jack Get married Oscar Niebauer Osc Teasing People who ridicule others Ralph Niebauer Dimples Football Those who tease him Sharon Owens Sharon Music Victor George Pangratz Flirt A girl with blond hair Short hair Sharlene Payne Shar Gym Classes Competition Larry Payne Fuzz Peg Bossy teachers Geraldine Platz Gerry Boys Two faced people John Ralph Moose Football Alarm clocks Gerry Robie Hobo Stuffed animals Rats Janet Shyler Buggy Jerry People who tease her Donna Smith Jaws Pizza Staying at home Kieth szainbrook Big K John Deere tractors City slickers Marlene Stancliff Sue Boys Going to school Howard Stolz Tiny Beards People who steal pencils Spencer Thorton Spence Joyce People who agree Jack Timmons Marc Navy Typing Tom Titus Tom Snuff School Vic Waisley Dobin Sports Lousy referee Mary Anne Wallace Wally Roller skating People who hurry her Walter Weiss Snipe Sports Girard football team Ken Worley Pork Sports Miss Whitaker AMBITION Physical Therapist To be a Teacher Get a job with the F.B.I. Finish college Yes! To get married To marry a millionaire To be an actor Watch people work Finish college Get married To be an accountant Own a new Buick convertible Be a tree surgeon Take one good picture Grow up gracefully Test Pilot Secretary Start a family To be a good wife Child care technician Be a teacher See Jerry home Art Teacher Receptionist Get a Mrs. degree Not much Have a harem Get married Live regretting nothing Postmaster General Teacher Successful in life Get to Heaven To get rich Toget a job Fisherman Never grow old Interior Decorator To visit Africa Be an onion farmer None Gain 10 pounds Get rich Build a house None Coach like Rimmey Dietition Very little Make a million dollars HO FAVORITE SAYING USUALLY SEEN No Kidding! My Word! Well ..... Honest to Pete! No! Oh Brother! Doesn't That Get You? One More Class May I Be Excused? No, Seriously .... Chip -Chip Can You Believe It? Get Out of the Hall! Can I? the Lights What a Fit! Pea Picker! That's the Way the Ball Bounces! 'I'hat's a Right Heavens! He's So Sweet He's So Darling I Guess Probably Oh-h-h I'll Never Tell Haw, Haw But 'I'hat lsn't Fair! You Clown! I'1l Never Tell! Two bucks worth? Punk! Give me the paint I'm Busy That's What Makes Me Mad! Tough. . . Chip-Chip Hello, Ugly! Gees Oh Man! No Kidding! What Do You Think? Haw and Gee I was Absent Because. . . You'd Better Believe It! MY- MY I Don't Know At Least Make It a D! Want a Fight? Fine! Clown! Clown! In the cemetery Doing shorthand At home ln a fog Hanging on the drinking fountain At the Post Office Talking In study hall Hanging out of broken windows Giggling In the typing room At home Stag Coming in late In the dark Flirting Sitting on radiators In a pink and black Ford At her in-laws Telling jokes With John With Larry Writing letters In the room Thinking And Heard And Heard ln the office With Jack With a smile With Misch Art room Flirting Talking At Peg's house ln typing room With Ina Goofing off With Judy In blue 8a white Chevy Around barns Not Out behind the bam 1956 Chevy convertible Carrying absentee slips Wearing boots ln the gym With the gang Visiting Tom Leopold Studying? ?? CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and fifty-seven, do hereby commit this, our final will and testament, to the hope that our memory will never be for gotten. To the Faculty we leave Qif they will let usj. To the Juniors we leave more dates on the calendar. To the Sophomores we leave more empty lockers. To the Freshmen we leave an empty fruit machine. To the Seventh and Eighth grade we leave a quiet study hall. Sally Andrews leaves her brain to FHS. Cathy Bahm leaves her shorthand ability to Sally Kramer. David Close leaves for the outside world with pleasant memories. Marcia Cole leaves her flag twirling ability to the new flag twirlers Ronnie Corbett leaves his witty remarks to anyone who can remember them Janice Curry leaves her quiet manner to Judy Payne. Bobbie Dudas leaves her flirtation to Anne Timmons. Roy Eaton leaves his clowning a.round to John Stolz. Steve Estok leaves a new window in the study hall room. Sue Ferguson leaves her dimples to Mr. Youngdahl. Lois Fiesler leaves the Home Economics room with scorched pans. David Gregory leaves his secret of success lost in the corner of the Commercial room Tom Gresh leaves the Commerci al course. Teddy Hetz leaves his height to Rody Badykefer. Paul I-logle leaves what is left of the Chemistry room in one piece. Cathie Holland leaves her cheerleading ability to Nancy Baird. Gary Horton leaves his books behind gladly. Mary Ives leaves the boogie for Miss Steltzer to learn. Chuck Leslie leaves the Art room empty. Jackie Jonas leaves her stories to the 30th chapter of H.J. 's life. Tootie Johnson leaves to start a family. Ina Kauffman leaves her quietness to Joyce Titus. Peggy Kreider leaves her smile to Mrs. Johnson. Flossie Licsko leaves her place at the typewriter to Shirley Mantz. Louanne McDougal leaves her dramatic ability to Milo Raub. Edd McKean leaves his way with the girls to Dave McKean. Forrest Mischler leaves wronged by the little black book. Judy Munch leaves Kathy Findley in peace. Oscar Niebauer leaves his Chemistry apron to Bob Kidon. Ralph Niebauer leaves his skill in athletics to Tom Leopold. Sharon Owens leaves her art talent to Linda Regelman. Larry Payne leaves his football uniform for Doug to grow into. Sharlene Pay-ne leaves tempermental. Gerry Platz leaves her typing speed to Helen Marie Downing. John Ralph leaves with the nickname Moose. Gerry Robie leaves less competition in the Junior class. Janet Shyler leaves her gift of gab to Rita Niebauer. Donna Smith leaves her naturally curly hair to Judy Feldbinger. Keith Stainbrook leaves Susan Teetzel behind. Marlene Stancliff leaves her sincereness to Carolyn Parlson. Howie Stolz leaves an empty space on the line. Spencer Thorton leaves in a hurry. Jack Timmons leaves his position of collecting absentees to whoever wants it Tom Titus leaves his badly battered halo to Kent Barron. Vic leaves his self confidence to Jim Sawdy. Walt leaves the eighth grade sadly behind. Ken Worley leaves to make his mark in the world. Mary Anne Wallace leaves her dnun to Harry Kokko. 32 R. Adams B. Angus G. Antolik W. Baldaufi J. Barner D. Brandon M. Brozell R. Devine E. Enslle B. Ferguson D. Flick B. Freeman R. Grace B. Gresh P. Hanisek C. Hinkle S. Hawley C. I-Iudak S. Jamieson J. Johnson R. Keiper G. Kidder B. Kidon J. Kostrabanic S. Kramer S. Mantz M. Maxwell J. Maynard M. Myers B. Michaelson . .- I,-as K , . is sk J .M .4-Q 2 F Er NRE . 5' Kb., is 'iii 35" m "Ge k k ..... 5 ,.., I YI.- A Y i s Q-vw 3 Sere ffffif , , .., f., . :" l gf IJ- f' -, - .J ' 'V Ml,- Q Qin. , F? f an A 1"a'w N . J. was-.M M... Qi an ...S 'A M' A f- . s f. ' ill 5 f. 'N-aw -L 3 . is 'Quan-. 2 , ., s will F. . . 5,5 N. fi M A , is Q -' -N .Nz ' -Y X. 5 3, 'X A M.. S. I ' 'N 5 J -vw NYM, I ts, gm, A' ., lj-if . J ',, .. K - KI"' DWF' J ' J IN 'lf A 1 152 Qaax ' Al 1 -we - . QQ '75, 0 A. . In I .X ...ff Y V 7 ny. 'il' R I 1 5 x .3 as 5 Q '5-W X - A' K ,ig VM "' 'o"' d N' F ..l J "Q E JY .., 'W oo .. . 'k" aw ...K fa- -Q 'el W - 1' -K . mx . x f.-gt -2 gfk jf, ,,AL mm' .. , .gifkv kg? tx, K' 1 Ll . . . I ' 'N W' fo . in wg.. ' C 'lb -ms... 9 W- -. w.."' 7 K . 'Q 5, ,A Y , 'W D 'YW' 'QW . 7 f'l'3",,. J f Q. ar, J Q P. Wright f-I-Il. ,Q W D. Miller R. Mischler R. Niebauer K. Oliver A. Olmstead N. Osterberg J. Paulson D. Percio J. Platz J. Pratt D. Strubel R. Sturdivant M. Raub L. Regelman P. Reilly R. Rudolph C. Shaffer M. Scholton J. Stolz J. Taylor S. Uhl D. Veith D. Vogt B. Yarrington G. Yarrington Wk W 4,..5 K 1 l .:,b.: 1 - QI.. jgh k 95: " ' wg, A My J .fwiwsiizb -.5:f,..gm 2. . L Q E.. P S K K .. Q ..,, ffijl k ui" 5' 1- :gf -Q fm -:.x - 'W ,, ' s ,gr 1 sf' J' Q2 ,H Q-fm -ix 1. I K + fm it x If S' .af 159' Y ff fe no Some Fender ovess sd + ' L., f -' ..,1Ex,,. 4 VL., 5 L. 229-if Friends K mf' li fi use ' 5 , . 1, Z, ' ' Hfiei? MWF 1- 23 Corn Flakes Ste adies in Beautiful Two Suspects Ummm! 36 CLASS OF I9 9 . my ' 'Q -," LL. f. in L as e 3' Q -3: -V L Q fn LX L L . Q as X -J L, K, Q. ILL L ,gk - fir. QL x fi Wx- s-. J- , ixhl wg. X LL ,Q A , -. bl Si. ...pear f H' P.. r ff.-A . Q Y L 7 J. j D, . if- S.. L L L, M . .., J' L 9 'S'-' D P2 'il If in -sz. .' J -. -. hx . .L E 3 'Q' ' 3 A M ' 'L L., Xyy.. QP' H' L' Q 'wr L- , ff Lkrr MTL L 4 Y LL LL L L f wx .,.q., 'I 'Q ' DWF W 'A 'ea 1. -- 4 A ,L L L L L . LL ., L N-WL, A L Qs' , . e 'LL a D "L A LL LL ax L L L! VL V fr LL 3 of .he -...rf L.. es' 1 IQ' ,,'lL... ...af Q if J . L Q P :,.--" L is A S.. L :L .gh LL N L L L L. L A L L , ...L ,,, L L 5 L ' ' , fi A 'W 'N Q 'N' N'3"f.f Yi' "' Y, fox' QELIKN' L M' L f . if """'s J , so "f:'J1v 'S' Q" -- .... -. . WY L , A as FN il L ' L L WL 'Q' ga 7 , 1... L33 'Sv 21: -rf -3, A 'Zi 22. L .- N' A . , . r Lx- xj D ig.--f 3 , ' K -....-in 'ts E , 5 I A , ' M -f A - . Sis f ' 4n?.."..... . L Nb-A 5 ' A 37 G. Barron D. Bean T. Bean D, Cassell D. DalLe W. Davis R, Douglas H. Downing A. Dudas D. English E. Estok J. Ferguson K. Findlay Y. Fiesler G. Fiesler D. Fitting J. Foster J. Getz R. Gwilliam S. Horton P. Jackson N. Johnson B. Kovaly M. Lazarow R. Leopold T. Leopold D. Mayer D. McKean M. Nystrom A. Miles J . Payne C. Powers K. Prather S. Rock W. Shenk C. Stephany P. Struchen B. Wagner M. Waisley J . Worley J. Worley iii 'j.,,h.k W s V s iw 3 J' 5. is if N '15 Q ,Q ss .Ji P V Living it up Lwel , Tastes good 1 ' I .54 3- V is Smile pretty wr f s 'FF' L P You're Out . .sf A J I Twins s SQ Go CAT! Working? 38 ,..aull"""' 1 CLASS CF l960 N... ,ig r 8 :QA -. V,LLL J' y X W 'Hn K Q ., Q s W VN' V ii Ky N.- f's "Q we has in fx: H7 ssrrr A A. s,s , X M A f f Q ' ,lf EIA A C , J :'f ' N s J he . H J .M N as .M 's K N. X N any Li S . ss. E 7 . i H' A ,I P Lihriik f- 2 wr. J 'N - . :Q.:Q::'h E' . A W lk K. A Q A A ss ... ig ., i Jgrg kxi. kk x . L Y ,-.w'..l P To 5 Xi: - 9' A y C or o Q C A S' A S 72- l JJ' 'f A 'V 5 1 Q- C ax ., ,Q - .:,- J- is y CCJJ. Q: is y y y. sss so A sssss A , 5 J J A . xl 1 i Yr' ,S 5 ik- A. Andreason R. Bahm N. Baird K, Baldauff K. Barron B, Brandon R. Brozell ' P. Bendure A. Chorney M. Cobucci S. Conley C. Corbett T. Dash B. Downey S. Eaton J, English K. Fagan J , Felbinger M. Fiesler J. Hetz G. Hook G. Ives N. Jackson R. Jackson D, Johnson L. Johnson C. Knott R. Kovaly T, Kreider B. Kuntz R. Mangold L. Maynard A. McCal1a T, MacDonald N. Moore L. Niebauer W. Oxener C. Paulson A. Perseo N. Petri T. Pfeffer M. Phennegar 5 .1 ,ins M N -V. 'ima a qs J. gjmr , Vkr, A Oh-My! J ,awfs E A 1, f K QQ' ws. fa. 'F i' .,., W , . .El i Z . ' . - Q. , , 'T KW 'Z . -'hr-Q fl J - ff 4 f W . J ss' ,,,-N, X A I, V .ss f:. .W - YN X. 31 fl , : f ,J slll LG ss T 221441. 21 .. f ' , wwf. .- :.f-..T.Z. -' ss? - 3: my W 4 sk M A M. Pierce C. Platz L. Platz N. Pokosh J. Porter R. Pyle E.. Robie N. Silvis T. Stancliff S. Stroul J. Struchen A. Taylor M. Taylor E. Testo A. Timmons D. Valiga S. West E. Wickwire R. Williams P. Wright T. Young Judy 40 Nlggsll CLASS OF I96I FIRST ROW: D. Termey, L. Leininger, K. Illig, C. Angus, C. Cole, M. Maxwell, A. George. SECOND ROW: L. McDougal, F. Vanderveer, C. MacDonald, P. Licsko, T. Hogle, D. Davis, S. Hetz, M. Ferguson, B. Liuhart. THIRD ROW: Advisor, Mr. Vail, J. Vitter, J. Gustafson, G. Kostrubanic, R. Morin, W. Lawrence, P. Dunn, T. Miller, B. Miles. .v-Q1 FXAQ f if 4 ss g:w"fX.- Qi ' xv 'Q . Wi FIRST ROW: N. McKean, R. Rermer C. Dash, B. Findlay, S. Pierce, A. Mischler, K. Oxeher. SECOND ROW: J. Teetzel, A. Otteni, G. Pratt, R. Lewis, M. Ferguson, L. Statzer, J. Scobey, H. Kokko, E. Lind- berg, J. Bamer. THIRD ROW: Advisor, Mr. Rimmey, R. Angelotti, J. Fairchild, P. Payne, J. Johnson, P. Filutze, L. Salada, D. Hicks, J. Teetzel. -H fi .gba s- . .om 1 as FIRST ROW: J. Reed, J. Silvis, S. Leslie, J. Robbins, N. Waite, J. Johnson, S. Foster, J. Galuska. SECOND ROW: D. Pratt, L. Leopold, R. Batykefer, G. Gregory, C. Maynard, J. Sawdy, R. Latimer, R. Stephany, F. Johnson, J. Ives. THIRD ROW: D. Payne, L. Kline, G. Miller, J. Post, T. MacDonald, W. Veith, T. Payne, E. Wadding, J. Knott. :5fY L K Y ...K F Glamor Gir1s?'?? Who Dropped the Nickel? Ohhhhh! Awk-k-k! Where'd it go? 42 CLASS OF l962 2 FIRST ROW: J. Payne, S. Austin, J. Roney, J. Filutze, J. Rock, B. Tompkins, R. Smith, M. Rose, M. Richards, B. Batykefer. SECOND ROW: R. Abbott, R. Ploss, S. Freeman, G. Pangratz, H. Strayer, S. Shyler, W. Bendure, J. Paul, D. Paulson, J. Frazer, P. Ferguson, J. Gregory. THIRD ROW' G Varich T. tapping, D. omni, G. Fuck, c. Amy, D. curry, J. smith, J. caidweu, J. Diveu, M. oeorge, Ad-' visor, Mr. Hedderick. FIRST ROW: B. Thompson, R. Huddy, S. Miller, L. Walker, P. Osterberg, K. Porter, P. Vitter, L. Illig, H. Maxwell, D. Sirak. SECOND ROW: M. Staton, M. Alday, B. Bowes, L. Authurs, J. Jackson, S. Jamieson, G. Oliver, M. Dusicsko, D. Kostrabanic, J. Bacik. THIRD ROW: D. Rudolph, T. Taylor, B. Lindenberger, J. Keiper, P. Grimes, C. Dunwoody, L. Wright, J. Vargo, K. Pyle. FOURTH ROW: Ad- visor, Mr. Shepard, B. Saint, P. Alberstadt, D. Amos, L. Sedler, D. Koontz, J. Dale, T. Palmer. 43 HALLA GE TAFF e""s i i Q , Q ,dwskri if Q . . 1 :rt 'sffsf wiv ff? ks S it tfiivi S ' i V- A 9 Q .335 A I If I In , E , K f Q for 1 2 f 'A Q . . 2 9:1 Y ' A 1 3 A ' X R' ' ' A -.'f4":j'gf'. if ww L4 X .tm q' , j' .A,, . .,' ' .,: .qui '- Editor ..... . . . Asst. Editor . . . if Business Manager . . . Advertising .... Photography . . Subscriptions . . . Art ........ Classes . . Sports .... Activities ..... Typist ......... Jr. Representatives Advisor . . n 1 . . 1 . Q . o . - . eu .- Sally Andrews Marcia Cole Edd McKean Forrest Mischler if it Paul I-Iogle is ' ' f Cathie Holland ' -3 is Sharon Owens af it Ina Kauffman Dave Gregory Peg Kreider Flossie Licsko Dennis Veith Ioyce Paulson Mr. Tomikel 44 1 ,a uw N. Ng A 3 P N kngt' A I' Jw aff T EST!! fi FOOD!! INTERESTING!! n BACCALALIREATE-SUNDAY MAY 20, I956 Father F. J. Carrick opened with the Invocation. The main address was given by Rev. Adolph Abele. The Octet sang and the band played appropriate selections. The Junior ushers were Marcia Cole, Louanne McDougal, Teddy Hetz, and Ralph Niebauer. COMMENCEMENT-TUESDAY MAY 22 I956 The speakers and their topics were: Donna Rosenburg - "Youth Faces Marriage", Jack Osterberg - "Youth Faces Col- lege' , Marilyn Jonas - "Youth Faces the Morals of Society", Garth Hetz - "Youth Faces a Changing Society", Don Herz - "Youth Faces Our Expanding Population", and Janet Strubel, Valedictorian - "Youth Faces His Creator". Rev. D. E. Bloomster gave the Invocation and Benediction. The Octet under the direction of Mr. Morris Youngdahl. sang "No Man is an Island", and "In Peace and Joy I Now Depart" Mr. Bauman presented the "C1ass of l956" to Mr, A. S. Miles, president of the Board of Education, who presented each of the members of the graduating class with his diplo- ma. Mrs. Fred Ralph presented the special awards to the outstand- ing members of each course on behalf of the PTA: Academ- ic - Marilyn Jonas, Girl's Academic - Janet Strubel, Com- mercial - Helen Bamer, Boy's Vocational - John Antolik. Mrs. Endres presented Helen Bamer an award in behalf of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Girard for her out- standing all around achievement. Special awards were given by Mr. Woll for: Student Council - Donna Rosenburg, Attendance - Janet Strubel. Don Hetz presented me school with their class gift, a trophy case in the hall. Audrey Vogt and Jim Massello received the Babe Ruth Award. Junior Ushers were Cathy Holland, Bette Kruse, Gerry Robie, Jack Timmons, Edd McKean and Walt Weiss. 47 5 e H N: if JA . ans! SPRI GTIME SERENADE It finally came, the biggest event of the year, the Jun- ior - Senior Prom. Everyone, looking their best, gathered at the homes of Lou Anne McDougal and Cathie Holland for the swell coke parties. From there everyone went to the Lawrence Park Union Hall where they danced to the music of Neil Charles in the large beautifully decorated ballroom. The queen, Donna Rosennurg and the king, John Shenk were crowned and presented with roses. Attendants Sally An- drews and Walt Weiss crowned the king and queen, along with Flossie Licsko, Forrest Mischler, Lou Anne McDougal, Ralph Niebauer, Peggy Kreider and Larry Payne. The tribute to the Senior Class turned out to be a won- derful evening for all who attended. pn-O -19 if 5 I TLIDE T COUNCIL S Advisor C . T . WOLL fi by g z , The Student Council is a student governing body at the present time five years old in Fairview High. These are our pLu'poses: To promote a high degree of co- operation among students and between the faculty and students. To stimulate pride in the Fairview School and to promote its interests to the highest degree. To constitute a medium for expression of initiative in the management of student affairs. To develop a well rounded program of school life and encourage students to participate actively in it, To constitute a medium whereby a student of Fairview Junior-Senior High School may be assured of justice. We hope that we have fuJ.filled these purposes to the best interests of our students and school. We shall to the best of our ability continue good government and aid the students in all their problerrs. F lxiigig1?3fER 5 0 ., I, fa .Ci MIXED CHORUS DISTRICT CHORUS GIRLS BASKETBALL G. A. A. " LlLTLlRE" EO F uf . 3. 'nf' W lf 44 T 'ti 2 rm A kg ",, fy ., A A ',,, f' Q W - 'f J - if EwfP J ET 514 A TOP: Sign Painting MIDDIL: Photography QCu1ture? ?j BOTTOM: Library 53 "LETTERS" X -.fgjynyaur-6 had FTA FHA 15 TRI -HI -Y LAC5 TWIRLERS MAJGRETTES 55 'Q K igsm.-gym g ! na an- 211531 'RTD ,Ai 5 1 . x, Lg V N- S , , , 5 1 K3 x . Q H HI Q A Q 5 Z? Qi ' I QT Q , u K -K 4. Q .s A S3-YS if ' E5 if Q G - QQ. ATHLETICS 1 LEAGUE CHAMPS ERIE CGLINTY FOOTBALL I956 .242 J' mv' Q1 4-Q ms'-. 9, 4. , My A q 1,, f.g,? ,.g:4?..r.-1:-am-.a1.:'asl1am 2 I f-' ' , 44 cg '5"x ?qm, X'-'4'f"'r:',, , X i f ' TTA A W' 3 ' I 5 4 I . - ,ZA ' 444, 11 . I1-tis' Q , ru . , " -- ...4 N x.x 4,12 Q 1242- , ,.' -----,--5 -ffm.. R 'X -2.4 271319 ,,,f,:r' X5 -,---"" 'SSNN - W -'-14, M' -24,1 .- 1559" 1414? ' - - ' -N ' 1 ' ' "+- ,4 PL 4 ' N 4 x , 29,1 If' ' pi- ' - , , -M iN ffl: , . ' ."-f,,,K '- Pg.: JI: ' . 'm 1521 4' 151, 4 O p Fairview 16, ' Albion -1 -4 '- Waterford 4 Edinboro North East . Wesleyville Union City Law. Park -l XX 4 4: :. 215- if f'-L3-Ig 1lTg Q2E f"" 7 5" f3:""k jj P. Lx 6 31 14 o 31 'N o 21 13 20 6 28 13 34 20 34 - mi Girard 14 35 k , 4 I 'A 4 A " 44-1 , 4f?'wJ c Ava.-f 1, 1-I f If ,N Y 4: 11 ' ' 4. 4 ' Q- , g4 44,ep:4-4.1fm.44q441.w4g4f4fg1g44,5,W1-,f1f2s14. , ,,.,x5,s-rggz.. .. 44 f,. 444.,..,W:3, ..3,g.w,4z44 ,4.h ,Ep 4, X 4 4 4 4 4 4..444wvf 4Q44:,4.fzf1ft 4314511 114 .. , , 4' 4' 1 44 44.41 -f ,4 1 4' 4 '- - ,. 4 - 4 - 4 .Tj A A i 5-14 gfgffij345'ifii'E:'?i3!3lE:?ff??fs?rfx? .Wffglzs'ii?.E9fE1sf5 44554 1 514' 1. 2 N ' ' . 7 "'.f4f -4 zf., ' I: '. ' ' - . - .- - 1 4 - ' ' fgifiss A 11.ffv9i4ia is f 44 44 . 1 4 I ' 1 - - - ' 1 . 2 f'-f ..::4. ., 4 'g 11.-15 g- -. .4 4., 4. ., 1 I ' 4 A K 1:2gs.1f2f3ggf'i. 'f,i'1'i24f'zf2 , . 44.4 as ,4 V A 1, 2 , .TH 44"ffi 1 ki . ' 2 , . 'V 1 .iz . .4.s4 . . 23' i ' .fs fi 14: ' K g K .4 4 . . 1 4'Q'sf1..4ffgfQ41.4. 4. sffg - 4. . 1 . gwf 4 4- . 4 '4 . 2' . . 4 - ' A . K4 K K , Ai 4,4 ,VKV1513..kL4.4A4g5w?1?i3 54585 44 1 4 .. , ., .. K5 T 4 , K . K .1 41 , .- .,, g:.- , A-,X . 1 ' .L if Er, A i 1 . ,IPS -2.'T441w1' M.:15..?lL,EVl-5 . ' . . V.. BY .1535 F A21 ra v IE Wf fSQ,r.1Si1rifEH'IfY TIGERS, who 4 f 61285 aww in tim Em iifrwmf Fwmbaii :His year, 1 ' 442 l r5 ... . 2.4 4. . 4.f, .. Q H! ,Q T X ' 'tg 4. f 4 Xrrorr 2 c-my 4.11.41-miwisz is 31144- BRI!! 59 ggo You" Daddy-Long -Legs Good For Six Somebody throw a block .... quick! HEER LE DER ww ak' A -H Q - . MJ... .. W, , ,,,.,gm: K .. ,W ,,...N..-. ,,f..- . W ,K 8 El ik Becky Nanc y Nancy Mary Carolyn Carol .,. .x.-M, QQIPXN R ome Shin B .5 LL,,.- Shir! onnie Cathy Jan '? H .1 Alger COL! TY CHAMPS W ,, NFA pw 4 . wg 1, ,fr iw' Q. 1 lj 'V 'Y 1 ,.... ......... A ,'l,,,..-,.-.-1 -1-.QQNS ,,g5'qxqf , 1 I W , 4 gxs Sf QW f , x A 'Y N, , vm? ig 1 . 94 fx .i N. 1 -5-5,.'lx, . ' V i . G M, y , ' N, 1 ' rr. vu, fr X . 4 5415 1 -...... 4 1 ' 'fa Tffr, f'f,ff-f-"- Y we liuyii 'II x fgzg -Q1 . -7 0 , , -. . Ffa -il "' . 1 V3 rr QL Ni? ir- M iw -W""f""w,,...w,.wm1r 4' ' l lfbylgda f . I .,f. xg-'Q 55' in 6 A .,"ff.r mmf 4 , v rea' tf' s' ' A , Lg? 9 Sgr 4 .' -13355 - Q' M VK ri - hx? x 22 1 H, if ' W N IQ -H! an -' "' '55 r"5 .3 in QQ f 1 f-si' L- NT. .. if-1 if :iff w A ,-jwmwxffr . ur f,,.f,, . " , 'u .31 ,,,. ,,xf,' :au y ' 6 5 A vim -5 F652 A A '.5,iTff,? ,... Y, a 4.3 5 fig' ,,'r?y',-' 1: f 'I f -54 2 fi 1 f ' 1 1 2 -- V 1:25291 ' ' iff? ' f .ru 'SW f . .. iq ...r SL- ix 1 Ngjg? 2512111 41 f 1 mii- vir ' A Y, Tv gf-xi Frvw. Seagertown 63-65 Girard 54-58 Alumni 33-57 McKean 63-68 Wesleyville 57 -63 Albion 46-51 Saegertown 41-40 W. Springfield 48-66 Waterford 38-93 Edinboro 52-56 Albion 51-42 Lawrence Park 59-'70 W. Springfield 56-53 McKean 61-80 Lawrence Park 69-'71 Girard 67-65 Edinboro 43-48 Albion 61-'75 Wesleyville 63-64 Lawrence Park 58-69 Waterford 34-73 L... w Big Ted It's Tipped .IU IOR AR ITY Kin, 'Nw 63 .x.-0.-Q-.- Qs XwS Up! Vic Walt's Jumper THESE BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS CONTRIBUTED TO THE FINANCING OE OUR YEARBOOK AIRPORT RESTAURANT Intersection Rt. 5 dz SA. "Good Food at Reasonable Prices" Compliments of AMY'S GENERAL STORE Sterretania, Pa. Compliments of ANCHOR RESTAURANT West Lake Road ANDERSON PATTERN WORKS West Lake Road Fairview, Pa. Compliments of ANDERSON'S MOTOR SALES Chevrolet Cars Bc Trucks Fairview, Pa. ANDREWS' KENNELS Cocker Spaniels Maple Drive Fairview, Pa. ANN 'S BEAUTY SHOP Rt. 98, Fairview, Pa. Phone 2451 AVENUE CLEANERS 520 Rice Avenue Girard, Pa. Phone 3751 Compliments of AVONIA FARMS J.W. Jonas, Prop. AVONIA MARKET Rts. 5 6: 98 Avonia, Pa. Compliments of EEA'S BEAUTY SALON Girard, Pa. BOINES WESTERN AUTO Associate Store Girard, Pa. Compliments of BOSTON STORE Erie, Pa. Compliments of BRUCE HICKS BURKE 'S NURSING HOME 335 East Main St., Girard, Pa. State Licensed for Convalescenrs Senile and Post Hospital Cases CARTER'S SHCI STORE West Erie Plaza Perry Plaza Compliments of CHARLES DECORATING SERVICE Fairview, Pa. CHRISTINES Jewelry and Gifts of Distinction West Erie Plaza C.L. PARRISH Jeweler 28 West Main St., Fairview, Pa. Phone 4792 Compliments of COLLYES dt HEl.MI'S GIFT SHOP West Ridge Road COLONY RECORD SHOP 2616 West 8th. Street Erie, Pa. Phone 3-8017 COMMERCIAL PRESS Quality Printing Girard, Pa. Compliments of A FRIEND CONIGLIO'S RESTAURANT "Visit Mom and try her pizza." Rt. 5 Fairview, Pa. Phone 4338 COSMOPOLITE HERALD "Covering the Tri -Boro Area" Phone 4210 Girard, Pa. Compliments of COSTELI.O'S TAVERN Fairview, Pa. CRAIG JEWELERS Colony Shopping Center 2614 West 8th. St., Erie, Pa. Phone 3-5331 DON HINKLE and SON Building Contractors Fairview, Pa. Phone 3894 E.G. MILIER G.L.F. Agent Girard, Pa. Phone 3531 ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOE STORES 1006 West Erie Plaza 1112 State Street Erie, Pa. ERIC PAULSON AGENCY "For insurance of all kinds." 70 East Main Street Fairview, Pa. ERIE COUNTY AIRPORTA Cessna Sales and Service Charter Rentals 8: Instructions Fairview, Pa. ESTOK'S SERVICE STATION Rt. 98 Sz Sterrettania Road Fairview, Pa. EVANS FUNERAL HOME 19 East Main Street Fairview, Pa. FAIRVIEW BUILDER'S SUPPLY Rt. 20, opposite Fairview Airport Ph. 3881 Fairview, Pa. Lumber - Dupont Paints FAIRVIEW EVERGREEN NURSERY "It's not a home until it's planted." Fairview, Pa. FAIRVIEW GARAGE, Inc. 53 West Main St., Fairview, Pa. Chrysler - Plymouth Sales dz Service Compliments of FAIRVIEW HARDWARE S.C. Buseck, Prop. FAIRVIEW HOME SUPPLY Paints and Building Materials Phone 2683 FAIRVIEW HOTEL Treasure Island Dining Room Fairview, Pa. Phone 9981 Compliments of FAIRVIEW MARKET H.G. Downey FAIRVIEW STORM SEAL Ralph Hogle, Prop. 72 East Main St., Fairview, Pa. Phone 2041 FAIRVIEW SUNOCO Danny Miller Bob McDonald Fairview, Pa. FELIX'S BODY SHOP Painting and Auto Body Repairs Fairview, Pa. Compliments of FERD NIEBAUER Your Postmaster "Be Good", Seniors. FLOYD'S AUTO SERVICE R.D. No. 1, Fairview, Pa. Phone 2533 Complimenm of FRED C. RALPH FISHERIES G.C. MURPHY CO. "Big Downtown Store" 914 State Street Erie, Pa. G.C. MURPHY CO. West Erie Plaza Open every night till 9. GIRARD BATTIES NA'I'IONAL BANK Offices in Fairview, Lake City dz Guard Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. GIRARD CAB COMPANY Girard, Pa. Phone 4584 GIRARD COAL Ga SUPPLY CO. Pyramid Oil Co. Girard, Pa. Phone 3811 GIRARD DEPARTMENT STORE "The Family Store" Girard, Pa. Phone 3580 GIRARD ELECTRIC SALES Hudacky Brothers Girard, Pa. Compliments of GIRARD DISTRIBUTING CO. Girard, Pa. GIRARD MOTEL 16 miles West of Erie on Rt. 20 Phone 3188 Girard, Pa. GIRARD PHARMACY Drugs and Prescriptions Girard, Pa. GRAVELY TRACTOR SALES "The most versatile tractor on earth 19 Different Attachments 5553 West Ridge Road GREENE 'S SUPERETTE West Lake Road Erie, Pa. HANDLE BAR "Home of the Pig's Dinner" Girard, Pa. Compliments of HAROLD'S BARBER SHOP Fairview, Pa. Phone 4222 HARRY J. AMOS FEED STORE Phone 2311 - Res. 3984 Fairview, Pa. I-IERBOL'S INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 3235 Fairview, Pa. Mr. 8: Mrs. LERAY HESS Birds-Ceramics-Supplies Rt. 20 Fairview, Pa. Phone 4581 HOSSMAN MOTOR SALES Pontiac-G.M.C. Trucks Girard, Pa. HULLMAN FORD SA1.ES 424 East Main Street Girard, Pa. Phone 3121 Compliments of JACKSON AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Complete Automotive Service J .B. TIMMONS Electrical Wiring Phone 2853 Best Wishes from JOANART SHOP 116 West Main St., Girard, Pa. Phone 3504 JOHN A. GRODE, FDORIST Corsages - Cut Flowers Rt. 20 at Asbury Phone 3-4506 JOHN E. FILIP Jeweler West Erie Plaza JONES SHOE STORE "Shoes for the Entire Family" Ed Belknap, Mgr. Girard, Pa. Compliments of K.ARN'S ATI.ANTIC SERVICE Fairview, Pa. Compliments of KELL FRUIT FARM Fairview, Pa. IAKE CITY HARDWARE Plumbing and Heating Lake City, Pa. IAKE CITY I.G.A. SUPER MARKET 7 Rice Avenue Lake City, Pa. Phone 4352 LILA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 10 North Garwood Fairview, Pa. Phone 4793 L. PALAS SCHOOL of MUSIC 23 Myrtle Street Girard, Pa. LYNWOOD NURSERY "Evergreens our Speciality" 6202 West Ridge Road Compliments of MACK'S CONVALESCENT HOME Fairview, Pa. MADISON HOUSE Fine Furniture Exquisite Gifts Girard, Pa. MANN COAL dz OIL COMPANY ll Vine Street Girard, Pa. Phone 3811 McCARTYS Groceries, Meats, General Merchandise Lake City, Pa. Phone 3908 or 4564 McQUILLEN OLDSMOBILE 343 East Main St., Girard, Pa. Phone 3762 MERRITT SUB-DIVISION "Quality Homes at Reasonable Prices" Lakeview Ave., Fairview, Pa. Phone 3101 Compliments of MICI-IAEL'S GARDEN PRODUCE Main Street Fairview, Pa. MIESEL'S TEXACO SERVICE 5260 West Lake Road Al Miesel, Prop. NASON'S MEN SHOP 20 West Main Street Girard, Pa. Phone 3721 NICKEL PLATE SAND Q GRAVEL Fairview, Pa. Phone 2345 OLLIE'S CUT RATE "For the best gas for less" 1317 E. Lake Rd. - Ph. 4-9541 5715 W. Ridge Rd. - Ph. 4-9814 ORR JEWELRY 8: GIFT SHOP "Gifts for all occasions" Girard, Pa. OSTERBERG'S RED gl WHITE Groceries - Ice Cream Film Service - Magazines Fairview, Pa. Compliments of PARSON'S STUDIO 917 State Street Erie, Pa. Compliments of PIEPER'S BARBER SHOP Main Street Fairview, Pa. PLA'l'Z'S RED Sz WHITE MARKET "Fine Groceries and Meats" Girard, Pa. RAY SILVIS SADDLERY Custom Made Leather Goods R.D. 1, Erie, Pa. Phone 3-3741 Compliments of RED LANTERN John McC1inton, Prop. Compliments of R.J. WALLACE General Reparis Sz Welding ROOT'S USED CARS 1929 Water Street 1206 26th Street Erie, Pa. ROY MAY'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Route 20 8: Townline Road Erie, Pa. Phone 3-3241 "Good Luck, Seniors" R.R. LEININGER Compliments of SEEBACHER'S BAKERY Girard, Pa. Phone 3718 SHAMROCK TRUCK STOP Home Cooked Meals Rr. 20, R.D. 1 Erie, Pa. SKY HAVEN RESTAURANT Route 20 at Airport Fairview, Pa. SKYWAY Route 55 Walnut Creek Hill Phone 3457 Compliments of TITAN TOOL CO. Fairview, Pa. TONY'S TAVERN Fairview, Pa. Compliments of VALLEY BRAND POTATOES Al Miles R.D. 1, Fairview, Pa. WAIDLEY Sz HESS Rt. 20, Fairview, Pa. General Auto Repairing WALLACE C. MULLIGAN FUNERAL HOME 336 East Main St., Girard, Pa. Phone 3603 WEISLOGEIJS I.G.A. "Low Prices Everyday" 26 West Main St., Fairview, Pa. Phone 3255 WHITE MANOR RESTAURANT 5442 West Ridge Road "Home Cooked Food" WILKINS' Needs 81 Notions Fairview, Pa. WOHLGEMUTH FLORISTS "Flowers for all occasions" Middle Road Lake City, Pa. YATES SERVICE STATION Rt. All U S. Rt. 98 Fairview, Pa. YOUNG'S CLEANERS Kc DYERS 3675 West Lake Road 29th. Sz Hazel - 6th. 8: German Erie, Pa. Cubmast er Chief Home Sweet Home! Sir Charles 8: Better Half Big Help 68 Primping Snowbirds For the Road Young at Heart 1-. ZR fx K. P-. A X X L X X w in All-American .,4 ,avi . digg K ' JM: I X. K ue' A -vi. 5 q. -,, ,Q x W, Q .f ,Y Hi Put Me in Coach ia, 3 gig Q 4, X. A- oy h v 2' .1 . 1 4 9u1'f : ,,,h? V ,A 1 V ,. 1 Bawquo's Ghost Lady and the Tramp 69 ,Q pe, if Kitten? 1 Make-Up! .. - KAW K s l if Riding High! Fans! "Waiting Patient1y" The Line-Up 70 Victory! 'a I 1 if Ji J as-'K-. if J ..eS" ffl fn "Tag .K 1F - .edt on af Q V . "A 'r . N A .gi Y A ' ii ' u I ,gy - - Mgfiv-1+ , . 'f K W T ,, N in " fx E 'H--. ,Hsin NE ,, WQHK ' rsh, k A sv 3, 6 "Uh 1 ,Yew Q mi, , W ., 1 1, W ' -:slug H H ,, gs: Mk 'gf' - MM as ' ,H A L. -X Q' w, R " if 'Y - 5 , .,,. 3 ' aw dm ' ,?' i , 'Q 'Was ,: 5 M 1' i 4 Rl J . if 3? ..---f a' an Q -i nuff' 'Q jf' All Xlc.'lil-5.-.uz:.si.3fiEx:J5lT1f'k:hiYLat1tFFJ,'HL

Suggestions in the Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) collection:

Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 55

1957, pg 55

Fairview High School - Challenge Yearbook (Fairview, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 52

1957, pg 52

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