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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1943 volume:

" 5'L.n.ilT'v!'B5w 5. a'.K2fJ2fQ:.i1ix:'f:'f'"7x'5N?5'?'f.b- 'J M..-,' .'.f5L-T.'hl-f-'+f1.t Xi3 W':UL lQ.tMr+1'll '-"1jfiI"ifQ'T.'5?'f'5.1'f-26699155-I" .fKdiWkifiimII!EE? 'kQ1"'P'w, "rx my Midi-fh9'PKl!l5C MCHALLENGE iw 1943 Cljublication of the Fairview CBoro and Township joint High School 4 4 Fairview, CPenn5yl"Uania MSTAFF TOP ROVJ, left to right: Mar' ion Rosenberg, Business Mgr., Thelma Taylor, B, A, Walleit, Assistant Bus. Mgrs., Sue Wei.sf logel, Activities Editor: Dirk Sample, Fred Kruse, Dick East, Asst Bus. Mgrs. SPONSOR M iss Betty B. Britton LOXVER RUXV, lelt to right: Ida Mae Stork, Art Edg Roger Kruse, Photographer: Evelyn Pastorius, Asst Ed., Seymour Baslqm, Ed.fin'Chiel: Bob Grd' ner, Elma Hotclilqixx, Sports Editors, This year, we of the CHALLENGE Stag have shyed away from the current theme of militarism and instead, have chosen one to portray the joy of living in our high school for the past four years. We have tried to display everything in this vein, for high school days are really that way. We hope that this pulwlication will hring you the happiness intended, and know that it will hring hack many pleasant memories to all or' you, and to us. THE EDITCRS. Page 3 Rosenberg, Max Niebauer, Gilbert We Honor OUR ALUMNI IN THE SERVICE Allen, Lloyd Baker, Abe Bardsley, John Barker, Robert Baskin, Jerome Baskin, Phil Benedik, Francis Busi, Robert Cochran, Robert Cohen, Edward Cohen, Harold Cohen, Stanlev Colton, Richard Daub, James Dill, Vincent East, Sidney Essick, Howard Fall, Irwin Ferguson, Perry Getz, Wilbur Gidner, Robert: Gomolchak, Edward Grubbs, Owen Gustafson, George Gustafson, Wilbur Harkins, Bernard Hauck, Lawrence Hermanson, Rolf Hetz, Neil Hinkle, Amos Hinkle, Curtis Holland, Allan Holland, Jack Klemm, Lewis Kreider, Frank Krupa, joseph Lewis, Joseph Magee, Chester Merritt, Everett Miller, Richard Munch, William Niebauer, Lorenz Orr, Blaine Csterberg, Kenneth Pieper, Doris Pieper, John Place, Oliver Pogson, Charles Rood, Charles Ruhl, Floyd Schwartz, David Skelley, Alton Stuntz, Merle Von Treptow, Wilbur Waldo, Marcus Waldo, Melvin Walker, Harry Williamson, jack Winnie, Darrell Winnie, Robert Winnie, William 'ik' We, the Class of ,43, proudly dedicate this "CI-IALLENGE' ' to OUR ALUMNI IN THE SERVICE who have taken up arms in the defense of their country and a free world. -the Editors Page 4 MPRINCIPAL THE CHALLENGE OF 1943 REACHES US As a student-are you preparing yourself as faithfully as possible for your share in this A1lfoutfforfVictory effort? As a graduating senior-are you ready to step into the whirlpool action on any front you may by needed? As an adult-are you doing your best and your most? In later years when we look back on this book, may all of us be able to cite with pride-our answer to this Challenge! The FACULTY DONALD HAUCK, Principal EARL LAWRENCE Allegheny College, B. A- University of Pittsburgh, Mathematics, Phys. Science Edinbgrg, Mugig BETTY B. BRITTON C. I. KELL, jr., Grove City College, B. A. Penn State College, B. S. English, Latin, Librarian Agriculture JOSEPH R. AMENDLDLA Lenoir Ryhne College, B. A. Social Studies, Phys. Ed. 0LlVE J. SCHROYER ELIZABETH SUMMERVILLE Mercyhurst College, B. A. Grove City College, B, A Mathematics, Science, Phys. Ed. English, History, Speech A. L. HETZ-President. A. H. IHSEN H. G. HCLLAND-VicefPresidcnt. HOMER E. STUNTZ MRS. C. WEISLCGELfSecretary. MRS. RALPH MCCRAY BERT. G. WILKINSfTreasurer. N. C. LEFFLER DR. FRANCIS G. CARDOT GLENN W. DUNCAN Page 6 'NSENIORS lp G 3" 1411 2' ' SQ -5 X T"fSENIORS MILDRED ELIZABETH ANDERSON Glee Club 4, Operetta 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, Letterman 3, Varsity "F" 3, 4, Secretary' Treasurer 4, Tri'HifY 2, 3. Our sportsfminded young lass Who likes dancing And going to Girard. SEYMOUR BASKIN CHALLENGE Editorfin-Chief, Class Secretary 1, VicefPresif dent 4, School Play 3, Business Manager 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, All-County 3, 4, EastfWest 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, CofCaptain 4, Baseball 1, 2, Letterman 1, 2, Spring Festif val 2, 3, 4, Varsity "F" 1, 2, 3, 4 President 4, Science Club 3, Literary Contest 2, 3, 4, Scholf astic Letter 1, 2, 3, 4, C. B. A. 1, 2. On the field, in the classroom, Or on the stage "Baldy" keeps things hum- ming. ANTHONY DESKO Class Treasurer 1, F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. Quiet, wellfmannered lad With a smile For everyone. Page 8 RICHARD EDGAR EAST CHALLENGE Business Staff, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, AllfCounty 4, EastfWest 4, Spring Festival 2, 3, 4, Varsity "F" 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Presif dent 4. Our fveckle-faced tackle And future farmer, Who blushes easily. ROBERT ROY GIDNER CHALLENGE Sports Editor, Glee Club 1, 2, Operetta 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Manager 3, Baseball 1, F. F. A. 2, 3, C. B. A. 2, HifY 2, 3, 4, Varsity "F" 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Science Club 3, Literary Contest 3. A mathematical genius Possessing a mania For breath-taking driving. ELMA MARIE HCJTCHKISS CHALLENGE Sports Editor, Class Treasurer 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, Pianist 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Letterman 2, 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Drum Corps 4, Spring Festival 2, 3, 4, All-County Chorus 3, Librarian 3, 4, Varsity "F" 3, 4, Treas' urer 3, President 4, TrifHifY 2, 3, C. B. A. 2. A slight, speedy basketball guard. With bookkeeping tendencies And a love for red. T"fSENlORS DOROTHY ROSE KAUEEMAN iTransfer:fEntered Senior Yearl Glee Club 43 Operetta 4. "A friend in need is a friend indeed" Describes our new addition From Cleveland. FREDERICK WILLIAM KRUSE CHALLENGE Business Staff: Class President 4: Clee Club 4: Operetta 4: School Play 3, 4: HifY 3, 4, Vice-President 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, President 3: Spring Festival 2, 3, 4: Student Body Council 4. Glamourous, blond and witty. His interests lie In our feminine majority. ROGER DONALD KRUSE CHALLENGE Photographer: C. B. A. Z: HI-Y 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4. Photographer fiend XVith a grin And a drowsy disposition. NINJX GRACE LEWIS Glee Cluh 1, 2 3: Operetta lg Spring Festival 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3, 4, AllfCounty 3: TrifHi-Y 2, 3: C. B. A. 2. Cay and frivolous, Nina giggles The dark clouds away. EVELYN JOAN PASTORIUS CHALLENGE Assistant Editor: Class VicefPresident 2, Presif dent 3: Basketball Manager 2, 3, Letterman 2, 3: Glee Cluh 2, 3, 4: Operetta 2, 3, 4: School Play 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Let- terman 2, 3, 4: Spring Festival 2, 3, 4: Drum Corps 4: TrifHifY 2, 3: Varsity "F" 3, 4: Science Cluh 3: Literary Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholastic Letter 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: C. B. A. 1, 2, President 2. Efficient and sincere Only half describe A pretty and popular lass. ESTH ER LILLIE PAYNE iTransfer :-Entered junior Yearj A snappy debater and fiery speaker, Esther also supports The gum industry. Page 9 T"fSENIORS RICHARD E. PAYNE fTransfcr:+Entered Junior Yearj Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta 3, 43 Football 3, 4, Letterman 43 Bas' ketball 33 Spring Festival 3, 43 Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4. A rolyfpoly member Who plays A mean game of football. MARION RosENBERG CHALLENGE Business Mana' ger3 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Spring Festival 2, 3, 43 Scholastic Letter 1, 2 3, 43 Tri' HifY 2, 3, Secretary 33 Science Club 33 School Play 3, 43 Liter' ary Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Head Librarian 3, 4g Student Counf cil 4: C. B. A. 1, 2. Giggles, snappy eyes, and a ready smile Make "Rosie" A friend to all. RICHARD RoI.I.o SAMPLE CHALLENGE Business Staff: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 43 Spring Festival 2, 3, 43 Football 23 C. B. A. 1, 2. A smoothfstyled lad Who has a gay, careffree manner And an aversion to hooks. Page 10 BERDENA PEARL SCHLURAFF fTransfer:fEntered Senior Year, Dreamy air and quiet manner Make this miss A pleasant companion. IDA MAE STORK CHALLENGE Art Editor, Class Secretary 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Operetta 43 Spring Festival 33 School Play 43 TrifHifY 2, 3, Treasurer 23 Scholastic Letter 33 Librarian 3, 43 C. B. A. 1, 2, Secretary 2. Slim stature, laughing eyes And a gay, colorful air- Thafs Ida Mae. THELMA ADELE TAYLOR CHALLENGE Business Staff: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Operetta 1, 2. 3, 43 Spring Festival 2 ,3, 43 Al1fCounty Chorus 33 School Play 1, 3 45 Drum Corps 43 Cheerleader 3, 4, Letterman 3, 43 Scence Club 33 TrifHifY 2, 33 L brarian 3, 4. Acting ability and love for nursing Give this darlqfeyed young lady A bright future. T"fSENIORS BETTY ANN W.aLTER CHALLENGE Business Staff: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Spring Festival 2, 3, 4: Bas' ketball 1, 2, 3: Trifl-ii-Y 2, 3: Drum Corps 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4. Our flaming redliead, A ready lielper And a superfsaleswoman. JEAN EDNA VJALTER Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Gperetta 4: Spring Festival 3: Orchestra 3, 4: Drum Corps 4: TrifHifY 2, 3: Librarian 3, 4. Funfloving St. Louxfliounil pianist Wliose eves radiate Ripples nf laughter, SARENA ELLEN WEisLciGEL CHALLENGE Activities Edi' tor: Class Secretary 4, Treas' urer 3, VicefPresiclent l, Presi' dent 2: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Gperetta l, 2, 3, 4: Spring Fes' tival 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Letterman l, 2, 3: Cbeerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 1, 2, 3, 4: Scbool Play 2: TrifHifY 2 3: Varsity "F" 3, 4, Secretary 3, VicefPresident 41 Science Club 3: Drum Corps, 3, 4: Literary Conf test l, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 3, 4: C. B. A. 1, 2. Sweet, all-around personality, 'Typifies this bluefeyed miss Of unusual ability. THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Faifiiizifucx Kniisis, Smmoiia BASKIN, SPIE Wi5isLoc:izL, President Vice President Secretary ELMA Horcri Kiss Treasurer Page 1 1 T'S Q10 ll MCLASSES X , , W I W glam-fl I , teach? +9 2 9? -QQ, . , 5 M 1 gba: 5 'L E Y r-9. pg .f 9 I La' ffliiimi QQQQQ Q fU1,Mx4,!71lW4" fm-' IL T"flUNI0RS BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Betty Saint, lane Cooper, Jeanne Muller, Marian Brown, jean Holland, Monta Vitter, Opal Disen, Eunice Fails, Elizabeth Miller, Marion Weigel. SECOND ROW, left to right: Fred Wilson, Harold Cooper, Raymond Brozell, Donald MeCray, Melvin Waldo, William Walker, Merrill Grubbs, George Sample, Harold Donor, Herbert Aulenbaclier, Mr. Amendola. THIRD ROW, left to right: Benjamin Levy, Robert Levy, Leo Balla, Edward Getz, Leo Getz, Merten Hinkle, jacob Isaac, james Tingley, Delbert Cochran, Ross Scliluraff. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We began our junior year with a purpose: to give the seniors a successful prom. For this purpose, we held various dances and other moneyfmaking ventures. Under the following class ofhcers we think that our purpose has been achieved: President jean Holland, Vice' President Opal Disen, Secretary Jeanne Muller, and Treasurer Merrill Grubbs. Uncle Sam won over two of our members-Edward Gomolchak to the U. S. Coast Guard and Melvin Waldo to the Seabees. Among the other members whom we lost were: Nancy Turner, Harold Donor, Virginia Farnham, and jacob Isaac, while we greeted Eunice Fails, Betty Saint, and Ross Schluraff, at the beginning of the year. We thank Mr. Amendola for his many suggestions and his help in making our junior year a successful one. As this year is coming to a close, we are looking forward to our senior year as being more joyous, more cheerful, more successful, and financially the best. JEANNE MULLER Page 14 TWSOPHOMORES BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Dorothy Lawrence, Audrey Kastner, Lila Platz, Kathleen Vigrasx, Mary Hart. April Hinlgle, Elizabeth Hartley, jean Bowen. SECOND ROW, left to right: Gloria Lucas, Mary Cochran, Elaine Hartley, Sophie Koniisarxki, Margaret Deslqo, Sarah Stuart, Miss Santomen-aa. THIRD ROW, left to right: Hazen Lewis, Robert Busi, james Ritchie, Mel1'111 Bardsley, Donald Huxeelq. Samuel Graff, Charles Plautz, james Robinson, Owen Waxllarn, Elmer Donor, Donald Miller, SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Each year as one grows older, he finds more new experiences. This is exactly how, I hef lieve, each sophomore in the class feels this year. We were no longer classed as Hgreenf horns", hut were a part of the "upperclassmen". Miss Gloria Santomenna hegan the year as our advisor, however, at semester time, Miss Elizaheth Summerville took her place. The class has missed jean Bowen, Sarah Kennelly, and Norman Dill who have all left our class. The climax of our year's activities was a hayfride at the White Swan Farms. The evening was spent in games and dancing, after which refreshments were served. Miss Britton and Miss Schroyer were our chaperones. The oflicers who guided us this year were: Gloria Lucas, President: Sam Graff, Vice' President: Mary Cochran, Secretary: and Owen Waxham, Treasurer, As we close this school year, we are looking forward to our junior year as one full of more new experiences and successes. MARY Coc:uRAN Page 17 TWFRESHMEN BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Patricia Hannah, Gloria Hinkle, Ida Kauffman, Dorothy Dill. SECOND ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Gresh, Helen Michalchelq, Marilyn Miller, Ruth Walter, Shirley Holland, Mary Ann Boetger, -lulra Hahn, Edith Brown, Winifred Moser. THIRD ROW, left to right: jane Tingley, Ruth Barker, Elaine Graff, Arlene Lewis, Marie Schmidt, Mary Theresa Klier, Rosemary Getz, Nellie Hotchkiss, Mr. Kell. FOURTH ROW, left to right: Roger Miller, Raymond Sherman. Harry Sherman, Raymond Waldfr, Richard Walker, Fred Michael, Edward Yarrington, Delva Blodgett, Miriam Wihton. FIFTH ROW, left to right: Norman Horowitz, David Weitzenhoffer. Howard Robinson, Orville Vtfeislogel, Boyd Payne, Charles Morgan, Robert Sample. FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY On Scptemher lst, forty enthusiastic freshmen entered the halls of Fairview High School, excited and yet a hit timid ahout starting their first year as high school students. Although we came from various grade schools, we soon hccanie acquainted and, as our first duty as fresh' men, elected the following class officers: Ore Weislogel, President, Richard Walker, Vice' President, Miriam Wihtcuii, Secretaryg and Dorothy Dill, Treasurer. After several "snappy" dehates, we chose the American Beauty Rose as our flower, aquafhlue and heige, our colors, and as our motto--"We have crossed the hayfthc ocean lies hefore us". In the latter part of Septemher, we officially hecame a part of F. H. S, as the sophomores honored us with a wellfrememhered Hpartym. In Novemher we returned their friendliness hy giving them a party, hut of a very different nature. As our freshman year now comes to a close, we are looking forward to hrighter and happier days as sophomores. MIRIAM WIHTON Page I6 MSPORTS Af' ' ., , 4 + ' 75 a" ?fE,E::Ff'f in -H CWNX5 'fQQMj TWFOOTBALL SEASON BOTTOM ROW, reading from left to right: Del Cochran, Iim Ritchie, Robert Levy, Seymour liaslqin, Robert Bust, Leo Getz, Merrill Grubbs. SECOND ROW, reading from left to right: Ed Getz, Richard East, Robert Gidner, Merteii Hinlgle, Meltwin Bardsley, Harold Donor, Sam Graff, Donald Buxeck, THIRD ROW, reading from left to right: Mr. Kell, Mr. Hauclq, Dick Payne. james Tingley, james Robinson. Ore Weislcmgel, Don McCray, Mr. Amendola. FOURTH ROW, reading from left to right: Elmer Donor, David Weitzenliiaffer, Ben Levy, Norman Horowitz, Harry Sherman. FOOTBALL SEASON With the task of living up to the brilliant championship record of previous Tiger teams, the 1942 edition of Fairview's football machine began its first practice on a sunny August 25th afternoon under the direction of another new coach, Mr. Joseph R. Amendola. In an effort to master yet another system, practice settled down in earnest. With the aid of nine returning lettermen, other experienced members, and a small host of promising newcomers, the Tigers set out in earnest to turn out another well-oiled combine. judging by the results of the first game, Fairview awoke to the realization that another hardffighting team was in the ofiing, but after the next tussle, wondered if it were the "dead locked wonders". In answer to such criticism, Fairview rose to the heights of old and bat' tered their first league opponents into submission to the tune of 31f0. After finding them' selves, the Tigers then proceeded to roll over the remaining league rivals. But "what goes up must come down", and so came true the timefworn adage when Fairview bowed to the champions of the Class A League, Girard, but only after a bitter and courageous uphill fight. But we had carried on the tradition of the Fighting Tigers the Championship was ours again! Page 18 The schedule and a brief summary of the games follow: Game Opponents F. H. S. Sept. 5 - Millcreek O O " 19 - East Reserves O 0 " 26 - Edinboro O 31 Oct. 10 - Cambridge Springs 0 48 " 23 - Waterford O 63 " 30 -- Strong Vincent Reserves O O Nov. 7 - Girard 13 6 Totals: ...... 13 148 The preceding record vividly displays Fairview's great defensive power throughout the whole season, and its breaking offensive force after mastering its newlyfacquired system. The first game of the season found the Red and Black tangling with a highlyftouted Millcreek Hi, last season's Class A champs, and coming off with a brilliant Of0 deadlock in a hardffought battle which found a sturdy Fairview defense pitted against a continuously' stalled Millcreek offense. The second game of the season found Fairview in a nonfleague contest with the East High Reserves who checked the Tigers' offense on various occasions, creating another score' less tie. Though this was disappointing to many, the boys had gained valuable experience and awaited only a striking chance. And it came! Fairview, versus their first league opponents, the Edinboro Turtles, broke the ice and romped time after time over the Turtle goal line to a 31fO victory. In the first half Baskin and Busi accounted for a touchdown each, via short line plunges through huge gaps in Edinboro's forward wall made by Fairview's fighting linemen. In the second half we accounted for three more scores on passes from Baskin to Ed Getz. This game showed per- fect cooperation among all the boys and clearly pointed out that they had mastered the func- tions of the Amendola system. Fairview took on another helpless league opponent the following week as it shellacked the Spa of Cambridge 48-O. Bob Busi had his field day, scoring three touchdowns on long, deceptive runs. Leo Getz, Bob Levy, and jim Ritchie also tallied on long scampers while still another score came on a Baskin to Getz aerial. It's another championship as the boys of F. H. S. down Waterford 63'0. Baskin and Levy scored on a trio of touchdowns. The boys in the forward wall, led by Gidner, Graff, and East, paved a fourflane highway to touchdown town for anyone who could hold an oblong sphere known as a football. This was the game for the reserves as they took over in the second half and kept things rolling. The boys took Mr. Amendola to heart when he told them not to show anything at the Vincent Reserve Game as the Girard coach was present as referee. The result of such obed' ience resulted in another OfO tie. Nov. 7th! The day we had long awaited had now arrived and with it came the annual FairviewfGirard struggle. We were all rudely shocked as Bob Davern of the Yellowjackets ran by an uncertain end and half-back and raced down the sidelines for a 73 yard touchdown, only one minute after play had begun. Early in the second period this action reoccurred, but this time for a distance of only 7 yards to make a 13f0 score in favor of our rivals. But that was the end for them. The Tigers began their prowl at this moment and until the final whistle blew never admitted defeat to the Class A champs and then a defeat by only a few points. I It was a very successful season and our hats are off to Coach Amendola for his fine job of coaching and to all our loyal followers. LETTERMEN: Seymour Baskin, Robert Gidner, Dick East, Dick Payne, Mert Hinkle, and Ed Getz, all of whom have donned their last football tags for Fairview Hi, and Don Buseck, Bill Walker, Sam Graff, Harold Donor, Del Cochran, Melvin Barclsley, Leo Getz, Bob Busi, Bob Levy, jim Ritchie, and Mgr. Ben Levy. Other valuable members of the squad were: Don McCroy, Charles Morgan, james Tingley, Leo Balla, Ove Weislogel, Melvin Waldo, jim Robinson, Merrill Grubbs, and Ray Waldo. Page 19 DoN Busiirtk 1EJ SAM GRAFF fTj Bois GIl1Nl'QR QGJ Ml'1RT HINKLH QCJ DHL Coctimars: 1 fix Eixsr TJ Colvin AMIZNIBCJLA SiiYMoi'R Bixsiani QQJ Bois Busi fl-IE-3 Bois Liavv 1Fl fMix.vmgnL. Giarz and E. Givrzl FOOTBALL BANOUET Fairview's Class B Champions were honor guests at the annual foothall hanquet, sponf sored hy the P. T. A., in the school gymnasium. The squad enjoyed a delicious dinner and then heard their record lauded hy a list of speakers including Principal Donald J. Hauck, Faculty Manager, C. J. Kell, Ken Westlake, President of the Erie County Athletic Association, Coach Amendola, and Kenneth fRedj Cochrane, assistant foothall coach at Strong Vincent High School, who was the principal speaker. Seymour Baskin, captain, served as toastmaster and introduced Sam Graff, the chosen 1943 captain. Mr. Westlznke then presented Baskin with the championship trophy which was accepted on hehalf of the squad, and ended another successful season. FOOTBALL HONORS The following were elected to he on the Class B AllfCounty team: Bill Wailker and Ed Cetz at ends, Sam Graff and Dick East at tackles, Del Cochran at guard, Mert Hinkle at center, Boh Busi at halffbackg and Seymour Baskin at quarterback. East, Hinkle, and Baskin were also chosen to play in the annual EzistfWest AllfStar Game and were memhers of the West team which won hy a score of 13f0. CHEER LEADERS Fairview Highfv Top row, left to 194243 Snappy right: ' Kathleen Vigrass, Clieeflfflllmll Manta Vitter, Secmmv Thelma Taylor, O l DL' . who did a swell pa new Kneeling, left to right: Wlwlf NWT- Shirley Holland, Betty Saint. job tlwougli the Page 20 The BASKETBALL SEASON BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Don McCray, Seymour Baskin, Bill Walker, Mart Hinkle, Ben Levy. SECOND ROW, left to right: Del Cochran, Ore Weislogel, jim Robinson, Bob Levy. Ray Waldo. THIRD ROW, left to right: Coach Amendola, Norman Horowitz, Don Buxeck, Dick Walker, Ed 'Yarringmn BASKETBALL SEASON This is a war year! Accordingly, everything took on a different aspect, including our haskcthall season. To conform with government request, the Erie County League was formed into four separate groups of four teams apiece. Fairview found itself in a tough Section l with Millcreek, West Springfield, and Girard as their opponents. We played each of these teams four times, and though the season was not too successful in the won and lost column, the hoys had a lot of fun and appreciated heing ahle to play interfscholastic haskethall in this present emergency. Fairview started its season with the return of hut three lettermen and a scarcity of ref serves. Much credit must he given Mr. Amendola for his untiring efforts in aiding the hoys and giving so much of his time in what others thought was a lost cause, hut he developed a spirit of cooperation and fire that will stay with the hoys under his guidance. With a little more height, and the hope that there will he haskethall again next year, Fairview should come through with its tirst championship since it inaugurated this sport. This year's lettermen were: Seymour Baskin and Mert Hinkle, the only graduating members, and Bill Walker, Don McCray, Ben Levy, Don Buseck, Ray Waldo, and Ore Weisliugel. Much credit also to other memhers as: Boh Levy, Don Miller, Norman Horowitz, Mgr. letterman Del Cochran, and other managers, Dick Walker and Ed Yarrington. Page Z1 SEYMOUR BASKIN QGJ MERT HINKLE QCJ BILL WALKER QFE BEN LFVY CGD DON MCCRAY fFj SCHEDULE LL,LL LL LLLL 1 . Alllynni --vv-------A Z In Springfield -- --- 45' F. H. S. 30 2 1 Girard -- Millcreek --- L-, 37 F. H. S. 1 26 .W Springfield Girard .,.... --- 19 F. H. s. are 27 Springfield Springfield --- ,L 27 F. H. s. A 17 - Millcreek Mnlmek L- -N 25 F. H. s. H 17 4 Girard -- Girard -- --- as F. H. s. A so S K ' Alumni COACH AMENDOLA BOYS' INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL The annual boys' intrafmural basketball season was more than exciting this year. The season reached a point of high intensity and rivalry at the end when the seniors, juniors, and sophomores, ended in a threefway tie for the championship. This came about when the three involved teams had two victories and one loss apiece, while the freshman team lost all encounters. A playfoif was agreed upon in which the juniors were pitted against the sophomores, as the seniors drew a bye. The sophomores came through victoriously to enter the finals against the senior team. In this game, the sophomores were also triumphant and marched off with a wellfdeserved championship for the 194243 intrafmural basketball league. GIRLS' INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL For the past few years, interfclass basketball has been entirely forgotten by the girls. This year however, due to gas rationing, the schools were divided into four leagues rather than two. This put us in a league with Millcreek, Girard, and Springfield. The only school here which had a girls team was Girard, so it was decided that there would be only intra' mural games between the four classes of our school The first game saw the junior class evenly matched against the senior class. After the battle, the juniors were victorious, 12fl0. The second game proved that the freshmen had a better team than the sophomores as the former won, 194. Since the juniors and the freshmen had been the winners of the two previous games, they were to battle it out for the championship. On Jan. 29, the game was played with both teams struggling to defend their classes. The juniors collected twelve points in the first half and were successful in making three more baskets in the second half, while the freshmen could only manage to garner a total of ten points in all. Thus, the juniors became the champions of the 194243 girls' intrafmural league. Page 22 'WACTIVITIES A X Ja 633 S of ' I V E i gel W f'iV 0 Q O 'O..:g ' v5o,o J , 7 " 5xgxffC'1!!VL7Mim TWGLEE CLUB BOTTOM RUVU. left to right: G. Hinlqle, IW. Anderson. E. Brown, M. Deslgo, M. Rosenberg, E. Paxtormx, E. Hozelilqixx, Mr. Lawrence, O. Disen, M. Brown. j. Muller, Tingley, D, Dill. I, Kauffman, M. Hari. SECOND ROVJ. left to right: Cooper, S. XVeislogel, T. Taylor. S. Komisarxlqi, K. Vigrass P. Hannah. R. Barlqer, M. Hoettger, D. Kauffman, Walter. E. Fails. G. Luras, E. Graff, M. Cochran. THIRD RLUW, left to right. j. Tmgley. B. A, Walter. M. Miller. B. Saint, M. Weigel, I. M. Slorlq, R. XValler, E. Ikiiller, A. Lewis, S. Holland, M. Vilter. Holland, M. Schmidt, j. Hahn. FOURTH ROW' left to right: R. Miller, R, Vthllqer. D. Miller, R. Sample, K. jolinson, R. Payne. M. Clruhlwx, F. Vvfilxon, B. Levy, R, Leiw, U. Waxliain, O. Wfcixlogcl. S. Baskin, R. East. D, Buscclq, F. Kruse, NV. XVallqer, Robinson, M. Hiiilglc. C. Sample. MUSICAL ORGANIZATIONS Turn hack the hands of time to the year 1933. Now start reminiscing and see what results you find in the music department. Of course you are correct there was only the mixed chorus. Now turn your thoughts to the present year and see the remarkahle progress that has taken place in a few short years. The Hrst organization to get underway was the orchestra. Under the direction of Mr. Lawrence, this group has played at the Literary Contests, the Christmas program, the annual Spring Festival, and is now practicing for the concert which will he presented in the spring. The hand the second oldest of the musical organizations-has made splendid progress and now is looking forward to the spring concert. Did you attend any of the home foothall games this season? If you did you saw the newest addition to the music department-the Drum and Bugle Corps. Last year it was composed of six drummersg this year. it was composed of six hugles and a larger numher of drummers. This group has proved its ahility, and it has added greatly to the spirit and color of Fairview Hi. Page Z4 The DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Marie Schmidt, Jeanne Mzcller, Eimzce Falls, Tlielma Taylor, Jean Holland, Elaine Hartley, Elma Hotclilqiss. SECOND ROXV, left to right: Marian Brown, Miriam Vxfihton, Mfvvita Vilter. Arlene Lewis, Sue Weislogel, Betty Ann Walter, Kathleen Vzgrass, Dorothy Lawrence. Audrey Kastner. THIRD RONV: left to right: Mr. Lawrence, Edith Brown. Ida Kauffman, Ruth XValter, Ida Mu: Storlq, Jean Walter, Evelyn Pustoriils, Opal Disen, Dorothy Dill. THE OPEBETTA Bringing back the beauty and allurement of the old South for one evening, "An Old Kentucky Carden" was presented by the musical department on Tuesday, December 22nd, under the combined direction of Miss Gloria Santomenna and Mr. Earl Lawrence. The story takes place in the garden of Col. Staunton's home in Kentucky. His niece, Jeanie fJean Hollandj and his nephew Phillip, CMerrill Crubbsj live with the Colonel fFred WllS4DI1J, and, on this particular day, Jeanie is celebrating her birthday, The Colonel has planned a surprise party in Jeanie's honor and the party is made more thrilling when Stephen Foster lJim Robinsonj visits the neighborhood and calls on the Colonel. Complications set in when the Col. disapprovcs of Jeanie's friendship with Richard Morgan CMerten Hinklej and orders him to leave his house in the morning, Unknown to the Col., Phillip is in Hnanf cial trouble and when Joe Buzzard fBill Vxfalkerj comes and demands immediate payment, Richard comes to Phillip's aid and lends him the money. Things reach a higher peak of excitef ment when Jeanie receives a family heirloom as a birthday gift and when a Hindu magician fSeymour Baskinj notices the jewel and disappears with it. The Col. then learns about the debt which has been paid by Richard, and he gives his approval of Jeanie's suitor when Richard ref turns with the stolen jewel. There is high comedy in the sudden attachment of Widmmw Hannah QThelma Taylorj, who has already buried three husbands, and Henry Blow QDon McCrayJ, a gold rusher. A joyous finale is reached when Phillip marries Joy QMary Hartj and Richard and Jeanie are busy making plans of their own! Our thanks to our directors and pianist, Elma Hotchkiss, for their patience and support in putting over a great financial and dramatic success. Page Z5 MUSIC AND DRAMA FESTIVAL The fifth annual Music Ei Drama Festival was presented on March 19, under the direcf tion of Miss Elizabeth Summerville and Mr. Earl Lawrence. This program consisted of three divisions: the instrumental, the vocal, and the dramatic. The first play, "Sadie Socks the Saboteursn, relates the speedy action of Sadie's getting the sheriff in superfquick time while apprehending two saboteurs. The second play, "Swept Clean Off Her Feet", relates the attempt of a salesman to become acquainted with a girl, who later proved to be the boss's daughter. Participants in the dramatic section were: Monta Vitter, Jane Cooper, Jean Farnham, Betty Miller, Marion Weigel, Ben Levy, james Tingley, Don McCray, Betty Saint, Merrill Grubbs, Bill Walker, Eunice Fails, and Jeanne Muller. The orchestra played "The War March of the Priests", "Chanson sans Paroles", and "Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me". The double glee club rendered the "Alma Mater", "Dear Land of Home", "Deep River", "Country Garden", and "Bells of St. Marys", being followed by a selection from the boy's glee club, "Don't You Hear Me Callin', Lady Lou", and the girl's chorus singing, "Wood- pecker". The finale of the evening was fittingly administered by the combined glee clubs singing the "Star Spangled Banner". This performance was probably the most spectacular event for the school this year. Thru the cooperation of Mr. Lawrence, robes were purchased for the glee club and this festival was the "outcoming" for these beautiful robes. They not only add color to the glee club, but they produce a beautiful stage for the entire school. SCHOOL PLAY As sure as September marks the beginning of school, we find October ushering in the school play. Laughs, action, and romance! All this and more was found in this threefact comedy, "Correspondence Courtship" which was presented on October 14th, under the di' rection of Miss Clive J. Schroyer. "Correspondence Courtship" tells the rollicking story of a young business man, john Randolph, jr., QBi1lWa1kerJ who for two years had been writing to a girl, Ann Gregory flda Kauffmanj, whose address he got from a shipment of merchandise. Action begins on the day that Ann and her aunt QThelma Taylorj are expected to arrive in town. john Sr. fFred Krusej and his foreman, Bill Gordan, fMerrill Grubbsj contrive a scheme to keep the lovers from meeting, but the situation becomes even more complicated when the aunt, whose name is identical to Ann's, is mistaken for the young girl. Adding one difficulty to another, Paul Jackson QDon Buseckj -a detective reporter, and his accomplice, Miss Carlson fMonta Vitterj -try their best to destroy john Sr's. cam' paign for mayor of the town. But the play ends happily when Ann and john, Jr. plan to be married, and John Sr. successfully wins the election for mayor. The comedy for the play was supplied by Bessie fMarion Rosenbergl, the efficient gumfchewing secretary, Mrs. Sheffield, fAudrey Kastnerj a nosy head of the Women's Civic League, and an officer of the law, QBen Levy, who was blind to all gangster techniques. Page 26 GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserves, a new organization for girls, under the supervision of Miss Betty B. Britton and Miss Olive J. Schroyer, started at school the second semester. The motto of the club is: "Try to face life squarely". It is an organization run primarily by the Young Women's Christian Association. Some of the projects which the Club undertook are: Mak' ing scrapbooks for soldiers, a silk stocking drive, and sewing for the Red Cross. The ofiicers for this year are: Sue Weislogel, President, Opal Disen, VicefPresidentg Jean Holland, Sec' retaryg Kathleen Vigrass, Treasurer, and Evelyn Pastorius, Program Chairman. Since the club was just started the latter part of the year, it was not possible to accomplish great things, however it is hoped with the good foundation the club built this year, that it can really be classed as the outstanding club for girls. CS'-IRL'S VARSITY The Girl's Varsity "F" Club is a comparatively new organization, started last year for the benefit of all girls who had earned varsity letters. The ofiicers for the new year were chosen at our first meeting and the following were elected: Elma Hotchkiss, President, Sue Weislogel, Vice-President, and Mildred Anderson, SecretaryfTreasurer. The club has undertaken several projects, two of which were the building of targets for archery, and helping to plan and take charge of the girls' activities on Jumbo Night. The other members of the club are: Evelyn Pastorius, Monta Vitter, and Jean Holland. Our,thanks to Miss Schroyer for her help and cooperation in making this Girl's Varsity "F" an important part of this year. Mrtonsn ANDERSON BOY'S VARSITY "F" This year, under the direction of Mr. joseph Amendola, the Varsity Club has reor' ganized in an effort to set up a firm foundation for the future years, and it has succeeded. The boys in the Varsity Club are those who have been admitted to the club after winning a varsity sports letter. These boys, though few in number, did much this year to make our club a tradition and organization of true merit. After the election of ofhcers, who were Seymour Baskin, President, Robert Gidner, Vice' President, and Merten Hinkle, SecretaryfTreasurerg the boys set out to accomplish a number of wellfperformed deeds. The first job was to set up a regular constitution. We then under' took an assembly program for the high school, after which we began individual projects. Before the end of the term we will have accredited to our club, the accomplishment of what we know will be a successful Jumbo Night, the showing of athletic movies to the students, a dance, a beautifullyfdesigned plaque by two of our members, and a fine radio skit to be presented in a forth-coming assembly. It has been a successful year for us, and we hope that we have built an organization that will, in the future years, carry on the fighting tradition of Fairview athletics and the respect of a fine upstanding club. MERTEN HINKLE Page 27 F. F. A. The F. F. A., Future Farmers of America, a new organization in Fairview High School, is composed of those members taking vocational agriculture who wish to join. Under the capable leadership of our teacher and advisor, Mr. Kell, the members of the Vocational Agriculture Class have attained much credit and success. Our first project was to enter an exhibition booth at the annual Wattsburg Fair. We received the alloted first prize of S40.00. Ben Levy, Leo Getz, Orville Weislogel, and joseph Desko took places in the judgf ing contest while John Gresh, Richard East, Hazen Lewis, and a few others received prizes on fruit-s and vegetables. In all, Fairview was wellfrepresented in the Wattsburg Fair and re- ceived ample credit in the Erie newspapers. The elected officers of the F. F. A. Club are as follows: Richard East, President, Delbert Cochran, VicefPresidentg Tony Desko, Treasurer, joe Desko, Secretary, Ben Levy, Reporter, and Leo Getz, Watchdog. Vocational Agriculture, being a new course in our school, had to start from scratch. With the fine assistance and direction of Mr. Kell, practically a new shop was made for the boys and a new extension to the tool shed outside of the school was made. The F. F. A. Club has given many boys an opportunity to participate in an organization in which they are interested and which will be beneficial to them in later life. We hope that Vocational Agriculture and the F. F. A. this year has established a strong foundation in the Fairview High School and community, and hope it will be a success and a benefit to everyone. 1-11 -Y , This year, the Boys HifY Club was under the direction of Mr. J. R. Amendola. At the first meeting, the seventeen former members elected Fred Wilson, President, Fred Kruse, Vice-President, and Merrill Grubbs, Secretary'Treasurer. The first problem was the initiation of new members, and on January 4, eight new members were taken into the club. As one of our projects for the year, the HifY took charge of the Victory Book Campaign in Fairview High School and met with great success in collecting one hundred and eleven books during a twofweek period. At the present time, our personnel consists of the following members: Seymour Baskin, Bill Walker, Sam Graff, Don Buseck, Bob Busi, Del Cochran, Ben Levy, George Sample, Bob Gidner, Dick East, Dick Payne, Melvin Bardsley, Don McCray, Harold Cooper, James Tingley, Jim Ritchie, Owen Waxham, Fred Kruse, Roger Kruse, Fred Wilson, Merrill Grubbs, and Robert Levy. MERRILL Gnuans JUNIOR I-IISTORIAN CLUB This, a new club, is one of many such Pennsylvania history clubs. These clubs have a determination to know more about Pennsylvania and to obtain a working knowledge of this state's government. Our club intends to learn more about our local surroundings and community. As we find out more of this, by tours, meetings, and reports, we will relate the importance and conf nection of our section to that of the whole state of Pennsylvania. Through this club it is our hope to know and have a better understanding of the state in which we live. BETTY SAINT Page 28 LITERARY CCN TEST This year, our "Battle of Wits" was held on November the 14th. This performance marked the twentyffifth anniversary of the annual literary contest and, in accordance with the times, a patriotic theme was dwelt upon. In order to make the contest more informal and interesting, Marion Rosenberg acted as the announcer and introduced the subjects. The program was opened with two very appropriate essays: "The Symbolism of the American Flag" given by Sue Weislogel, a senior: and "The High School Student's Part In National Defense" given by a junior, Merrill Grubbs. Although it was very close, the seniors won the first round of the contest. The winning poem, "The Murder of Lidice", was given by Donald Buseck, a sophomore, while plenty of competition was supplied by the freshman representative, Patricia Hannah, who ably read the poem "Hail Columbia!" "See Here, Private Hargrove", given by Richard Walker, and the tragic story of "The Raft", reviewed by Mary Hart, were close choices for the book reviewg but the latter came through to receive the nod of the judges. The final event was a timely debate on a subject of future importance: RESOLVED: That at the end of the present world conflict a United States of Europe be set up as a step towards world peace. The affirmative senior team was composed of Evelyn Pastorius and Seymour Baskin with Marion Rosenberg as alternateg and the negative junior team boasted Opal Disen and Fred Wilson as speakers with Jean Muller, alternate. The debate resulted in a tie for the participants. Our judges were: Attorney Richard Agresti, of Erie: Dr. M. J. Relihan, Prof. of Ed. at Mercyhurst College, and Mrs. Wm. Lowstetter, Fairview Boro Grade School teacher. After debating, they gave 53 points to the winning Sophomores: the seniors and the juniors tied with 50 points each, and the freshmen held fourth place with 48 points. THE HIT PARADE School opens-"Here I Go Again" Homework-"'You'll Be So Nice To Come Home To" Freshmen initiation-"Coming Out Party" Glee Club-"Let,s All Sing Together" Surprise Tests-"That's Sabotage" P. O. D. Class-'Tm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep" Candy locker fno morej-"Sugar Blues" Excuse Blanks-'Tue Heard That Song Before" Exams-'Tm Having Myself A Time" Ban on Recordio-"I Said No" Pleasure Ban-"Don't Get Around Much Any More" Srs. Aid Gas Rationing-"Why Don't We Do This More Often?" Colonial Inn-"Juke Box Saturday Night" Health Classes-"I Walk With Music" Trig Class-"I"ve Got a OnefTrack Mind" Physics Lab-"Out of This World" New Chorus Robes-"Something New Has Been Added" Dates for the Prom-"Last Call For Love" Graduation-"At Last" Fritz's Graduation-"Black Magic" Senior School Days-"Thanks For the Memories" Alma Mater-"Miss You" School Closes-"Who's Sorry Now" Page 29 THE SCHOOL Page 30 SENIOR SECTION YN N .ek 'ei ' W i f-55 , 'flax' ff 45, 5229 ,SEWNDRE DN nge, Qkpan to 50-C-Giivv SENIORS NAME NICKNAME AMBITION USUALLY SEEN Anderson, Mildred Millie Join the W. A. F. S. IN Girard Baskin, Seymour Baldy Be a football coach Sleeping Desko, Anthony Tony Join the Army Playing checkers East, Richard Richie Be a farmer Blushing Gidner, Robert John Raise mink Taking curves on two wheels Hotchkiss, Elma Nelma To travel With class money Kauffman, Dorothy Dot Be a typist At home Kruse, Frederick Fritz Own the Titan Tool With Sample Kruse, Roger Rog Be a great photographer With Nina Lewis, Nina Neena Be a success With Roger Pastorius, Evelyn Pasty Learn to drive Telling moron jokes UI Payne, Esther Peggie Be a Jr. Dietician Arguing Payne, Richard Fatty Have a pension Coming to class late Rosenberg, Marion Rosie Learn to fly At the airport Sample, Richard Dick Join air corps Wolfing Schluraff, Berdina Dena Be a success Riding a bike Stork, Ida Mae Storl-rie Be a perfect secretary Dancing Taylor, Thelma T. B. Be a nurse Being coaxed Walter, Betty Ann B. A. Get a B. B. letter Selling Walter, jean Blondie Be piano teacher Walking nephew around Weislogel, Sarena Sue just guess! In the library Amendola, Joseph Joe Have tall B. B. players Preaching Bdnon, Beny Beny B. Be pdndpal Knhdng Hauck, Donald D. I. Run P. I. A. A. In a hurry Kell, C. J. Professor Be Sec. of Agriculture With chickens UQ Lawrence, Earl Earl Have allfstring orchestra Smiling Schroyer, Olive O. I. Teach at M. I. T. In the lab Summerville, Elizabeth Liz Have stuclious Srs. With tests Whipple, Edmund Ed Be Congressional janitor Sweeping Page 32 WHO'S WHO PET PEEVE PET SAYING WEAKNESS THEME SONG Coach Oh, my gosh! Dancing "I Came Here to Talk For Ice" T. Taylor Now what! Sport movies 'Tm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep Studies Hi-ya Flirts "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" Excuse blanks Hi Slug! Women "I Had the Craziest Dream" Work Heck - Lucas "Moonlight Mood" Science class Oh, bugs! Red "The Lady in Red" Sarcasm For Pete's Sakes Eating "Woodpecker Song" Sr. Class Meetings Whaddya mean? Jr. Girls "I'm Fit To Be Tied" Gas rationing Yeah? Cameras "I Love You In Technicolor" No joy riding Gosh! Movies "Be Honest With Me" Coke bottles in locker jeepers Sue's Potato Chips "Little Girl" Salesmen Oh, Yeah? Uniforms "There's Something About a Soldier' Exercising Did You Hear That? Banquets "Mr. Five by Five" Carrying books ' So what? Giggles "Rosie, the Riveter" Miss Britton O. K. Doc Lipstick "Army Air Corps Song" Teasing You're not just saying it Skating "Bicycle Built for Two" Sermons fFacultyJ I Tho't I'd Die That Certain fellow "Touch of Texas" Small fellows You kiddin? Clothes "Begin the Beguineu Silly people No! Food "Any Bonds Today?" Exams Ye Gads! Candy "I Got a Pocketful of Dreams" Being called "Butch" Hey! Potato Chips "This Love of Mine" Swearing Know Thyself Milk "You Talk Too Much" Lazy kids Alrightee Chocolates "I'm Having Myself A Time" Unpaid telephone calls Yes, sir! Hearty Jokes "All Alone By the Telephone" Interruptions in class Howdy Girls "Out on the Farm" Fooling in glee club Hifya Good music "I've Got Rhythm" Sr. Class Tardy students Chalk on the floors Quiet, please Don't Say I Told Ya Ya Don't Say Good Times Bowling Checkers "I've Got that Mathematical Rhythm' "As Time Goes By" "Whistle While You Work" Page 33 Sept. Sept. Sept. - Sept. Sept. 1 1- Sept. 14 Sept. 16 Sept. 17- Sept. 18 Sept. 2 5 Sept. 29 Oct. Oct. 12 Oct. 14 Oct. 17- Oct. 19- Oct. 21- Nov. Nov. 1 1 Nov. 13- Nov. 16- Nov. 17- Nov. 18- Nov. 20- DEAR DIARY -School opens and we starr the "old grind" for the last time. -We get to know the faculty and give our stamp of approval. We take it back! -Miss Britton teaches girls to knit one, pearl two. Cdrop three?J First football game and we hold Millcreek scoreless. -Freshmen become part of F. H. S. as "Sophs" give them a party UD. -East decides that he is the "intellectual type" in P. O. D. class. Miss Britton shows her tennis ability as she falmostj beats Mr. Kell. -We miss English test by being measured for caps and gowns. -First league football game and Fairview "blitzes" Edinboro 31-0. -Seniors dazzle everyone as graduation pictures are taken- Our theme song, "We ll Never Smile Again." -Scrap drive. Question about throwing in Coach's Model A. -"Freshies" find out that slugs w0n't work in the coke machine. -School Play. It's a WOW! Eighteen and nineteen year olds to bc drafted-just missed Mr. Kell. Mr. Hauck plays "Motor Policeman," but he lost his man-or men. Gidner and Lucas take over Holland and Weislogel's job of patroling the halls for '42-'43. -We bow to Girard-in score-13f6. -Meatless days start. Sue asks knitting class if too much knitting will make them "nitwits?" That ain't the reason, Butch! Q Seniors aid salvage drive with "tin can" dance. l Enough is enough! T. B. Test and air raid drill in one morning. , Tramp, tramp, tramp . . . we sell ads for yearbook. How does Sample rate an extra lump of sugar? Waldo quits school for the navy. Junior Thanksgiving Dance. Nov. 26f29We vacation to gather strength for more school days. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 1 1- Dec. 14- Dec. 1 5- Dec. 2 2- Dec. 2 8- Jan. jan. 6f7 Jan. 18- Jan. 29- Feb. 5- Feb. 1 5 Feb. 1 7 Why is everyone so sad? Oh, gas rationing. Mr. Amendola gives his opinion of our study UQ halls. Blizzard comes to our aid as school busses can't make trips. Mr. Hauck uses his "head" in Solid Class. QBaldifhedron?j Poor seniors! We learn that we don't own school yet. fFive more monthsj. Postmaster tells us about Xmas mailing. Operetta goes off after one postponement. Christmas Dance . . . 5 S 3 S S 4-School reopens-Do we see diamonds? -Seniors work for the gov't.-Gas rationing. Exams bring on many worried looks. Mr. Hauck vs. girls' boots-again! Eighth wonder. D. J. erases blackboard in Trig Class. -Where, oh where are our red flannels? It's 22 below. -D. J. wages war on unpaid telephone calls-could it be our faculty? Feb. 22-27We laugh as teachers work, handing out "points" Mar. 9-Miss Schroyer directs electricity experiment and three girls go to hardware for fuses. Mar. 22-Farewell! We're off to press! Page 34 The SENIORS AS FRESHMEN BOTTOM ROW. left to right: ,lean XValter. Rose Lipinski. Nina Lewis, Berniece Rulil, Ida Mae Storlq, Evelyn McCray', Evelyn Pastoriiis. Mildred Anderson. SECOND ROW, left to right: Eileen Dill, Helen Selimelter, Elizabeth Bond. Elma Hotchkiss. Sue XVeislogel, Helen Semoelq, Marion Rosenberg, Lucille Mooney, Mrs. Becker. THIRD ROW, left to right: Ellen Fisher, Betty Ann Vvfalter, 'Thelma Taylor, Roger Kruse. Charles Kalie. FOURTH ROW: left to right: Richard East. Seymour Baskin, William Dauh, Theodore Leopold, Leon Greenhlatt, jacob Goldberg, Rohcrl Gidner. Richard Sample, Tony Deslqo. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September, 1939, thirty eight of us entered high school for the first time, ready and waiting to hecome a part of F. H. S. At iirst we were selffeonscious and hashful, hut the so- phomores helped us get over it hy giving us an initiation party. But revenge is sweet, and as sophomores it was our turn to he helpful to the incoming freshmen. Through the jumhle of stationery sales, hake sales, dinners, dances, etc., we finally reached our financial goalvthe juniorfsenior prom. We worked hard to give our prom and now that it is over we credit it to work well done. Four years sound like a long time, hut with plays, cluhs, operettas, literary contests, and sport events, they soon go quickly. And now we realize it is 1943, the year we graduate. Through these four years we've lost a numlwer of classmates until now there are hut twenty' one of us left. Whoever said that high school life was one of the hest parts of life was certainly right---we've enjoyed every hit of it, even the darker moments. And now we leave F. H. S., hoping we can fully live up to our motto, chosen as freshmen: "Today we follow, to- morrow we lead!" Suri WElSLOCiliL Page 35 ? iw ? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF? 'P 'P Q Page 36 Mildred Anderson went to Union High? Seymor Baskin weren't athletic? Tony Desko didn't use hall passes? Richard East didn't get stuck in the snow? Robert Gidner didn't have a mathematical mind? Elma Hotchkiss made the treasurer's report balance? Fred Kruse could sing on tune? Dorothy Kauffman said something mean? Roger Kruse couldn't take pictures? Nina Lewis didn't have Roger? Evelyn Pastorius didn't have a telephone? Esther Payne couldn't argue? Dick Payne came to English Class on time? Marion Rosenberg lost her giggles? Dick Sample could read his own writing? Berdena Schluraff came to school every day? Ide Mae Stork refused to make a poster? Thelma Taylor lost weight? Betty Ann Walter couldn't talk? Jean Walter lost her bass fiddle? Sue Weislogel didn't have a smile and a cheery word for everyone? Mr. Amendola didn't have Baldy? Miss Britton didn't have Mr. Davis? Mr. Kell got a raise? Miss Schroyer had no study halls? Miss Summerville really saw a blizzard? Mr. Hauck took out the telephone? Mr. Lawrence lost his rhythm? Mr. Whipple didn't have a broom? SENIOR SIX Most Popular Boy ...................... Fred Kruse Most Popular Girl --- .... Sue Weislogel Best Boy Student .... .... S eymour Baskin Besz Girl Srudenc .... --- Evelyn Pastorius Best Boy Athlete --- .... SCYIHOUI' Bi1SkiI1 Best Girl Athlete .... --- Elma H0tChkiSS SEN ICR CLASS PROPHECY As our huge transport was about ready to take off, two people hurried up to the door. As the stewardess, Thelma Taylor, helped them in, we recognized Congressman Frederick Kruse and his invaluable secretary, Ida Mae Stork As they claimed their seats, which of all things were just behind Mrs. Holland Qyou used to know her as Sue Weislogelj returning to her home in California after visiting her parents, Pilot Bob Gidner entered to check over the passenger list and then returned to help co-pilot Dick Sample inspect the controls. I won' der who that fellow is sleeping in the front seat? Gosh, someone just dropped a briefcase of music on the floor. Why Jean Walter! When did you get back from St. Louis? Did you see Esther Payne at the airport? She was on her way to Chicago to take part in another roundftable discussion. I see Roger Kruse is still taking reconnaissance pictures for the government, and his assistant fit's permanent nowj, Nina Lewis, is always with him. Ouch! We must have hit an air pocket-or maybe Mildred Anderson is up forward trying to take over the controls. She evidently didn't get enough flying with the W.A.F.S. Isn't that a huge farm down there? Whom did you say owned it? Richard East! That's right, I remember nowg Tony Desko is his foreman, isn't he? Hello, Seymour. Congratulations on your team's fine work. It must feel good to be the coach of the champions of the eastern colleges! Just about everyone from old F. H. S. is here. I see Evelyn Pastorius must have decided flying was safer than learning to drive. She and Elma Hotchkiss have had some great times traveling around the country together. We must be stopping to pick up more passengers. Shall we get out and walk about a bit? Isn't this a beautiful airport? Do you see who the manager is? Marion Rosenberg. She just can't keep away from them. She even has Dorothy Kauffman as her typist. There goes our signal to take off again so we must be getting back to the plane. Our new passengers are already seated. Isn't that successfulelooking woman very familiar? Yes, she is, it's Berdena Schluraff. She tells us that Betty Ann Walter has just become head sales manager for a large mailforder house. This, a fleeting streak of silver into the vast blue sky, symbolizes our journey into the deep, unknown future. Oh, yes. That fellow sleeping in the front seat? That's Dick Payne, going fishing in the West on his government pension. EVELYN Pasrokum SENIOR PLAY This year's senior play, "Don't Look Now" by J. Dan Fairman and directed by Miss Elizabeth Summerville, will take place on May 14th. The play revolves around the expected visit of a rich nephew to the Sherman family, but on his way he is attacked by gangsters. He escapes in tramp's clothing and makes his way to the Sherman house, only to be unidentified and treated in the manner of a tramp. The com' plication set in with the remainder of the family and friends taking part, but everything turns for the better in the final scenes. As yet, the cast has not been chosen, but we feel sure that the play will be a huge success and that it will be long remembered as a happy senior farewell by the audience and the mem' bers of the senior class. Page 37 SENIOR CLASS WILL Lying here in a state of moronic disability and with the last will and testament before us, we, the Class of '43, write this last symbolic evidence of our existence in the past fourfyear world of torture. Being of questionable sanity, we do hereby submit our last desires, and place them in the hands of our Rt. Honourable Executor, The Little Moron. Article I-To the community, we leave our sincere thanks for so faithfully supporting our activities and making this book possible. Article II-To the Alma Mater we leave four years of pleasant memories, and may her noble teachings guide us through the right paths of life. Article III-We leave the faculty running the school, hoping they are capable, and a small sum of money for future bromofseltzers. Article IV-To the future seniors of '44, we leave our seats in assembly, our cooperative ability in staff meetings, and the fellows to the draft board to do as they wish. Article V-To the sophomores we leave our "wolves" and hope the girls can handle them as well as we did. We also leave them our "integral honesty" in quizzes. Article VI-To the freshmen we leave our moneyfmaking ability and our democratic UQ way of running class meetings. Article VII-The following are individual bequests: MILDRED ANDERSON leaves her basketball ability to Marie Schmidt, and she leaves Dot Lawrence to go to Girard alone. SEYMOUR BASKIN leaves his brains to Sam Graff, his allfaround personality to james Tingley, and his "good looks" to Oscar fMiss Schroyer's Goldfishj. TONY DESKO leaves his shyness with Eunice Fails and his slow, easy smile to Mary Maude Cochran. RICHARD EAST leaves his tackle position to Fred Wilson and his freckles to Pat Hannah. ELMA HOTCHKISS leaves her musical talents to Ray Brozell and her ability to handle money to the future senior class treasurer. DOROTHY KAUFFMAN leaves her studious ambitions to Sammy Graff and her small feet to Don Buseck. NINA LEWIS leaves with Roger so she may take care of his photography accounts. EVELYN PASTORIUS leaves her name on the honor roll to all ineligible football players and her coke bottles in the lockers of Fairview Hi. ESTHER PAYNE leaves her arbitrary ways to ring through Fairview's halls and her gum chewing to David Weitzenhoffer. RICHARD PAYNE leaves his waist line to Mr. Kell, and his freshman subjects. FRITZ KRUSE regretfully leaves the girls and his "Chevy" to join Uncle Sam. ROGER KRUSE leaves his photographic ability to anyone who would like it. QP. S.-Watch it kids, the expense is greatj. ROBERT GIDNER leaves Miss Schroyer searching for a better physics student. MARION ROSENBERG leaves her sparkling eyes to Sophie Komisarski and her giggles to Winifred Moser. DICK SAMPLE leaves gladly-especially his books and his way with the women to Bob Levy. BERDENA SCHLURAFF leaves her science class and her tininess to Monta Vitter. IDA MAE STORK leaves Ruth Walter hunting for another friend and her Florida "Sunf shine." THELMA TAYLOR leaves her dancing ability to the Fairview boys, and her build to future football players. BETTY ANN WALTER leaves her selling ability to aid all classes and her red hair to start the school fire during an acute fuel situation. JEAN WALTER leaves to study music and hands her math brains to Ore Weislogel. SUE WEISLOGEL leaves a host of friends and her bass drum to Lila Platz. Page 38 The ADVERTISEMENTS A WAS J Q 12 0 if elf Eok THE ARMED FORCES .L A N OWOQ H 0939? Q. rf' ' p 'E 0 Q 0 p E F01' Ygu Yes, despite our large production for the fighting fronts, Protane. the finest cooldng fuel you can find, will be available to our regular customers on the E home front. Your cooperation in conserving gas and your gas appliance will greatly aid the war effort . . . help the boys at the front by your united efforts at home. . . BUY Mona U. s. SAVING STAMPS AND BONDS PROTANE GAS SERVICE CO. POWELL AVE., ERIE, PA. Phone 38-211 it's the real thin X BOSTON STORE Erie, Pa. Page 40 W5 COMPLIMENTS OF FAIRVIEW FIREMEN cus COMPLIMENTS OF , FAIRVIEW EVERGREEN , I NURSERY General Line of NURSERY STOCK Catalog on Request VISIT OUR RIDING STABLE and See our String of First Class Saddle Horses I I 1 u Save Tires and Gas by Having Your Refreshments and Sunday Dinners at he WHITE SIIVAN FARM R. E. DRURY Girard Confectionery "In A Class By Itself" PARKER PENS EASTMAN KODAKS 133 West Main St. Girard P I. W. COOK 6 SONS LUMBER, COAL, BUILDERS' SUPPLIES PROMPT SERVICE Girard, Pa. - - Plated, Pa. Compliments of GIRARD PHARMACY GIRARD, PA. Pg 41 Life - Fire - Accident Insurance HERBOL'S INSURANCE AGENCY OLDEST INSURANCE AGENCY IN ERIE Fairview, Pa. West Side Feed 6. Fuel Co FEED, COAL, HARDWARE and SEEDS 1355 West 26th St., Erie, Pa. Phone 99-651 VAN ATTEN Dry Cleaners "WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER" 520 Rice Ave., Girard, Pa. Phone 48-M It Costs So Little to Look Your Best EPP FURNITURE CO. 1307-1311 stare si. WHERE GOOD FURNITURE IS NOT EXPENSIVE Let Epps Serve You COMPLIMENTS OF MRS. T. WOODS STERRETT Iacob Haller Company WHOLESALE Gnocsns Almost Everything from Individual Sizes to Gallon Cans for BAKERS, HOTELS. RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, HOSPITALS. INSTITUTIONS, CAMPS P. O. Box 898 ERIE, PA. "THE BEST WITHOUT EXTRAVAGANCEH REESE'S Department Store MOST EVERYTHING Girard, Perma. Page 42 CLASS RINGS COMMENCEMENT MEDALS 6. TROPHIES ANNOUNCEMENTS THE HERF F - IONES CO. Manufacturers cmd Stationers 1411 No. Capitol Avenue, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA H. I. Schaefer, Repr. - Beaver Falls, Pa. Compliments of B. P. COBB Groceries, Gas and Motor Oils We Serve You With A Smile Compliments of FAIRVIEW WATER SUPPLY CO. Compliments of R. R. LEININGER Fairview, Pa. Page 43 Chrysler - Plymouth Sales and Service Now Specializing MOTOR OVERHAULED MOTOR TUNE UP FACTORY APPROVED GREASING Wash and Polishing. Simonizing. Everything to make your car last until after the war. FAIRVIEW GARAGE C. P. STORK Phone 480-Fairview. Pu. H. L. wA1.'rEn The Cosmopolite Herald FIRCH'S COMIVIERCIAL PRINTING MA - MADE BREAD of the Better Class "Buy the Best" GIRARD' PA. I FAIRVIEW HARDWARE HEADQUARTERS Fon FRIGIDAIRE - ELECTRIC RANGES - ZENITH RADIOS LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES - - - EASY TERMS Phone 440-R Fairview, Pa. SCRIVER LUMBER CO. Buy U. S. Defense Bonds i The Best Investment in the World NOW or Ten Years From Now EVERYTHING FROM THE GROUND UP LUMBER AND MILLWORK Paints. Glass and Building Hardware Sash and Doors RUBEROID ROOFING AIAX EXPANDER CO. FAIRVIEW, PA. Under Powell Ave. Viaduct Page 44 Www QUALITY CLEANERS 61 DYERS Cold Storage Vault 402 West 3rd Street, Erie, Pa. ECOMA Iohnson's Pancake Shop SEALTEST ICE CREAM "Opposite the Airport" ON THE WEST LAKE ROAD Erie County Milk Association DINNERS A SPECIALTY Call on us Anytime Ph 22 255 I Open Evenings one - Wa1ler's Dairy Store Compliments of GROCERIES AND ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS i TITAN TOOL CO. Sandwich Meats of All Kinds j i FAIRVIEW, PA. Ecoma Ice Cream Compliments of Fairview Service Station Compliments of GIRARD RECREATION Corner ot Routes 98 6. 20 Bowling Open6A.M.-l0P.M. and Tires Changed Emblem Oil . . B ll rd FRED ALLEN. Prop. 1 la S Page 45 Compliments of Compliments of THE GLADYS LEOPOLD GIRARD NATIONAL B FINGER - WAVES MANICURES GIRARD PA PERMANENT WAVES Member oi Federal Deposit Insurance Phone 466 Corporation 20 W. Main St., FAIRVIEW, PA. SCHEIWER SERVICE STATION Sandwich Restaurant ALL AUTO ACCESSORIES, OIL, KEROSENE, STOVE GAS Official O. P. A. Tire Inspection No. 11 "that Good Gulf Service" Corner Routes 5 6- 98 Phone 9292 Girard HOWARD'S TAVERN Route 20 Fairview, Pa. A Good Place to Eat and Drink HSPAGHETTI A SPECIALTY" HOWARD LANDON, Prop. SHOP AND SAVE AT THE RED AND WHITE FAIRVIEW, PA. We Deliver A. L. OSTERBERG Phone 423-M Compliments of PYRAMID OIL CO. GIRARD, PA. GROSSHOLZ FEED AND FUEL CDirect From the Minej Phone 407-I New York Central Railroad Depot FAIRVIEW, PENNA. Page 46 Compliments of Compliments of PARKEE's GARAGE RED LANTERN West Ridge and Cemetery Road WEST LAKE ROAD ERIE' PA- ERIE, PA. Compliments of Compliments of BEA'S BEAUTY SALQN ERIE WHOLESALE CO GIRARD. PA. Phone 3-R ERIE, PA, RALPH'S DINER 104 East Main St.. KIMMEL AUTO PARTS New and Used Parts for All Makes of Cars GIRARD' PA- BUY FROM KIIVIMEL AND SAVE MONEY A Good Place to Eat Ph 93 209 1536 W. 26th St SANITARY 1Ns1s'r ON BARBER SHOP HAIRCUTTING STERLING MILK A SPECIALTY 3330 Peach St.. Phone 99-B91 FRED PIEPER. Prop. FAIRVIEW, PA Pg 7 College In the s 1 d A' """"""" n Q. - ' tye 5 Y QALITT Meyer Quality Clothes an 41 .. Manner 1 ,tv I 5 Suits ' Topcoats ' Sport Ensembles College Shirts "' College Shoes " Underwear " Hosiery College Neckties ' College Hats ' All Types " All Styles Always Reasonably Priced 817-819 Erie. We S, P. A. MEYER 6. soNs C l' t t Compliments oi omplmens 0 Gem City Ice Cream ANDERSON PATTERN Company Inc' Manufacturers of "ERIE'S FINEST MADE" ERIE, PENNA. Office and Factory. 503 East 8th Street, ERIE, PENNA. Prisci11a's Cape Cod Compliments of Kitchen . Girard 5c to S5.00 Store WEST LAKE ROAD W. E. PLUM, Manager Entrance to Presque Isle State Park Wholesale and Retail Private Parties Accommodated GIRARD. PA. , Atlantic Service Station Compliments of Complete Lubrication Service Corners Routes 20 and 98 Harvey Tingley, Prop. Page 48 Compliments of EMLING'S CLEANERS 6. DYERS 811 West 26th St.. Lucy's Kitchen Phone 58-386 CABINS IVIEALS LIGHT LUNCHES ERIE' PENNA- zsss west 12th se.. sms. PA. BROWN BROS. SANIDA ammersy Milk Ice Cream I00'Ma Pork Products Home-made Sausage - Hams Bacon - Home Rendered Lard FAIRVIEW. PA. R. D. No. l products of SANITARY FARMS DAIRY Erie Owned - Erie Operated CHAS. SCHWARTZ Flour - Feed - Grain Custom Grinding Cider Making FAIRVIEW. PA. R. D. No. 1 Compliments of A Friend Best Wishes New Shur-Set Mountings Up-to-date Bifocal Lenses Most Modern Shell Frames HESS BROS. A Friend PRESCRIPTION 6 MFG. OPTICIANS Prices Reasonable Phone 22-382 133 W 9th St., Erie Page 49 THE Quality Specialty Shop OF ERIE Ghz Malls Bras. Qin. Compliments of THE Stadium Dinor Compliments of WHITEROCK QUARR S IE BELLEFONTE. PA. Branch Office - Fairview, Pa. F. A. Bausch, Manager To grow better crops. contact eithe Y. Compliments of DR. R. S. BAXTER DENTIST GIRARD. PENNA. Compliments of Estok's Service Station GIRARD, PA. Route 98 Compliments oi Amy's Service Station Merle L. Bennett Mgr. STERETTANIA. PA. 401-M2 Page 70 Compliments oi Amy's General Store STERETTANIA. PA. 401-M2 Compliments of H. G. HALL CO. CANDY BARS Box CANDIES BUSINESS EDUCATION PAYS LARGE DIVIDENDS FOR THE TIME AND MONEY EXPENDED Summer Classes Start Iune 28 Fall Term August 29 ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE State at 8th Street T. D. KRUM. President '-" NICHOL KOLA AMERICA'S TASTE SENSATION -1 vitamin B Added MEHLER'S BEVERAGES Compliments ol ERIE SPORT STORE Distributors for Wilson's Athletic Equipment 723 State St.. ERIE, PA. TRASK, PRESCOTT 6: RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE ERIE. PENNSYLVANIA ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY IN EVERY PRICE LINE Page 7 1 ERNEST TESTO. Prop. Phone Girard 9272 FAIRVIEW HOTEL 3 East Main St., Fairview. Penna. 12 Miles West of Erie on Rt. 20 DINE AND DANCE ONLY CLEAN AND PURE FOOD SERVED I I I C. C. FRENCH Ieweler -- 15 West Eighth St., Erie, Penna. Next to the Columbia theatre WE WILL BE GLAD TO SERVE YOU AS ALWAYS THE ERIE PRINTING ITINIPANEI PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS Catalogs, Broadsides, School Annuals, Books, Periodicals, Form Work Phone 22-020 14th and State Street ERIE, PENNA. Maxson's SUPER SERVICE WE SERVICE ALL MAKES OF CARS ELECTRIC :S ACETELENE WELDING 344 E. Main St.. Girard Phone 115 B. K. S. Flying Service Erie Co. Airport Fairview, Pa. Flight instruction Passenger hops Page 52 WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Maurice D. Lowe Inc. Girard. Pa. FORD SALES 6 SERVICE FORD TRACTORS USED CARS Compliments ol R. S. Battles Bank Established 1859 GIRARD. PA. Compliments ot Evan's Esso Station Compliments of C0mPlete Girard Coal 6: Supply Lubrication Service GIRARD' pA. GIRARD, PA. Phone 242 OLIN HAUCK PASTORIUS General Store E550 -STATION DAIRY BAR Groceries - Meats - Dry Goods Route 20 SWANVILLE, PA. COAL AND COKE We Deliver Phone 413-R Butternut Knoll Dairy PURE: DAIRY PRODUCTS Locally owned and operand Phone 114 - GIRARD. PA. Compliments of Dr. Ios. T. O'Leary Dr. Bertha P. O'Leary DENTISTS GIRARD. PA. Page 53 Compliments of McCray Motor Sales Western Auto Association Store Oldsmobile Service D. H. BOINE 6. SON FAIRVIEW, PA. GIRARD, PA. Phone 112-W x WHEN IN ERIE GIRARD DINOR EAT Home Cooking at the It Always Pl euses Y. M. C. A. COFFEE SHOP GIRARD, PENNA. Compliments oi IERRY SALSBURY SALSBURY 6 NASH HARDWARE - PAm'rs Modern Hardware at Modern Prices 3406 WEST LAKE ROAD ERIE, PA. Phone 41-240 Compliments of Arthur P. Zuck and Son Compliments of Clothing and Equipment For Nickel Plate Sand and CAMPING. RIDING, HUNTING Gravel Co. L. PRESS 6 CO. FAIRVIEW, PA. 1208-1216 State Street WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL ERIE' PENNA- Page 74 We Place Every Graduate in A Good Position FULL DEFENSE COURSE PROGRAM FOR Typists - Stenographers - Secretaries - Accountants Key Punch Operators - Comptometer Operators Your Government Needs YOU - Hundreds ot positions open in Washington. D. C. all Defense Areas throughout the United States. Lowest Cost and Shortest Time Possible for Best Results. Phone or Write ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 220 West Ninth Phone 23-814 Erie. Penna. and in I C 1' I , amp ments O Comphments of RED TOWER DICK EAST A Good Place to Eat DICK SAMPLE West 26th Street ERIE. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF ERIE CREDIT IEWELERS A ' . sT1NsoN's RESTAURANT SSN Erie, Penna. A' C' STOUGH CONRAD'S HIRSCH'S MOTOR TRANSIT Movmc AND FREIGHT HAULING DAR!-ING'S MACICS SEYIVIOUITS 959 West 12th St. Phone 23-866 Page 5' 5 Compliments ot KENDALL REFINING COMPANY FAIRVIEW, PENNA. KENDALL POLLY POWER GASOLENE KENDALL 2000 MILE OIL School Photos M SPECIALISTS IN scHooL PHOTOGRAPHS FRANK SCHAUBLE STUDIOS 113 West 10th St., Erie, Pa. ACROSS FROM THE "TIMES" Compliments of C. E. WEISLOGEL 6. SON QUALITY MEATS AND Gnocsnnas Phone 430 FAIRVIEW, PA Compliments of COLONIAL INN Girard, Perma. Page 5' 6

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